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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ramkarran harbouring “residual bitterness” – source close to Jagdeo See story on page 13

Greenidge, Ali clash over GuySuCo provisions See story on page 7


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APNU whips up support base in P2 Bartica

Red Dragon murder P2 accused freed Children P8 were poisoned – PM report Seelall P11 Persaud now acting Police Chief

Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali and Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge on Monday set the tone for what the Opposition predicted would be a “difficult” debate on the $220 billion National Budget presented by the Government last week (Carl Croker photo)

Lavish Lindeners Rodney Secretariat urge to conserve flooded with on electricity use statements See story on page 10

See story on page 3

Berbice P16 teachers urged to be proper role models

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tuesday, april 1, 2014|

APNU whips up support base in Bartica


he A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) conducted an outreach exercise in Bartica, Region Seven on Sunday trying to whip up its support base for the impending Local

Government Elections. A team of eight Members of Parliament (MP), led by Opposition Leader, Retired Brigadier David Granger, participated in this exercise. The APNU MP, along

with regional leaders and supporters of the coalition fanned out into the community, going door to door, informing residents about APNU’s position on several matters of national and lo-

The Town hall meeting at the St John’s Anglican School, Bartica

cal interest. The door-to-door exercise was followed by a town hall meeting at the St John’s Anglican School, Bartica. According to a release by the coalition, the meeting was addressed by MP Joseph Harmon and Opposition Leader Granger. The APNU leaders addressed a packed hall that included residents from Bartica, Rivers View, Batavia, Kartabo and Dogg Point. In Harmon’s address, he gave the residents an explanation of what constitutes money laundering and APNU’s work in the Special Select Committee and the coalition’s position regarding the amendments to the current legislation. Harmon said that APNU was committed to ensuring that Guyana not only have strong enforceable antimoney laundering laws, but was working to ensure the autonomous governance of the critical agencies responsible for ensuring the effective efforts to combat the national scourge of money laundering surrounding the new legislation was effective and enforceable. Granger’s remarks focused on the need for Local Government Elections and

the neglect of Bartica and the Cuyuni-Mazaruni by the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic administration. He said that local elections were needed in order to give residents the power to run their own communities.


The Opposition Leader said that the poor roads, problems of solid waste disposal and inadequate water and light plaguing Bartica was a direct result of the PPP/C’s domination and mismanagement of the local government system. Granger said that Bartica was one of the oldest communities in the nation and deserves to be a township/ municipality. He told his audience that the PPP/C has neglected the hinterland regions of Guyana and made special reference to Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine. Granger said that APNU would use whatever clout it has in the National Assembly to make Bartica a town. During a very lively question and answer segment, the questions from the audience were incisive and covered several areas of con-

cern to residents including: trafficking in persons; poor transportation and security; inadequate electricity and water supply; the lack of vocational and technical education in the region – the immediate need for a technical institute at Bartica; the domination of mining areas within the region by foreign nationals (who push out the locals, depriving them of a livelihood); illegal drug use; and the PPP/C’s non-consultation with the residents on the proposed road from Parika to Goshen. Brigadier Granger said APNU was committed to the Cuyuni-Mazaruni region and urged residents to get registered in preparation for upcoming elections. He further urged residents to develop the agriculture potential of the region to provide cheap and abundant food and engage in agro-processing; thus developing a rich and diverse regional economy. The APNU team included MPs Amna Ally, Volda Lawrence, Dr George Norton, Joseph Harmon, Dawn Hastings, Annette Ferguson, Renitta Williams, James Bond and Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford.

Red Dragon murder accused freed


fter spending over three years incarcerated, Tiffany Clarke was on Monday freed of her lover’s murder which occurred outside of the Red Dragon Night Club, a few years ago. Clarke, 22, of Albouystown Georgetown, was indicted with the murder of 25-year-old Sonobia James of Lot 46-46 Rasville Housing Scheme, Greater Georgetown, between February 25 and 26, 2011. She had pleaded not guilty to the indictment when it was read to her before High Court Judge, Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed jury. During the trial, the prosecutor, led by State Counsel Dhanika Singh, had presented several witnesses to substantiate the state’s case that Clarke stabbed James to death in

Freed: Tiffany Clarke

a fit of rage sparked by jealousy while the two were out partying. The witnesses include the taxi driver who assisted Clarke to take the injured James to seek medical attention and the policewoman who arrested Clarke after her lover’s death. Clarke’s attorney, George Thomas, argued

throughout the trial that there was no evidence to show that his client stabbed the deceased, besides an oral statement allegedly given by Clarke to the police; however, he pointed out that there was no witnesses when the statement was taken, nor did his client sign the document. The attorney also highlighted that the alleged murder weapon was missing. After the prosecution closed its case last week, Attorney Thomas made a no-case submission in the absence of the jury; however, the trial judge overruled the application and sent the case to the panel. Clarke was then called upon to lead her defence on Friday and elected to do so by giving an unsworn statement, saying that James was “accidentally bored”. turn to page 7



tuesDay, April 1, 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, April 1 from 05:00h-06:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, April 1 from 05:00h-06:30h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Thundery showers can be expected during the day. Partly cloudy conditions can be expected in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius.

Winds: East-northeasterly to easterly at 5.36 metres per second. High Tide: 17:45h reaching a maximum height of 2.78 metres. Low Tide: 11:19h and 23:33h reaching minimum heights of 0.33 metre and 0.40 metre respectively.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Rodney Secretariat flooded with statements

– inquiry to commence April 22 By Alexis Rodney


ead of the Walter Rodney Secretariat, Hugh Denbow said the April 22 proposed date for the commencement of the Walter Rodney inquiry has been confirmed as there are enough witnesses and statements. During a visit to the Secretariat’s office on Monday, staff members were hard at work, putting together bits of evidence. Denbow said the Secretariat has been receiving an overwhelming number of witnesses’ statements, especially from overseas-based Guyanese, who were living in Guyana during the period Dr Rodney was killed. He said the Commission is in contact with the three Commissioners, and is waiting to hear from the Chairman, Sir Richard Cheltenham about the conditions under which these individuals will testify. Denbow said that locally, Guyanese have been flooding the Secretariat’s office with their written statements. There are cases Denbow said where persons would approach the office without written statements. In such instances, their statements are recorded. He said that the statements, which must be prepared in a particular format, have also been sent to the Commissioners overseas. The Secretariat had set a March 26 deadline for persons desirous of presenting witness statements. That deadline was later extended indefinitely, Denbow told this publication. At its last press briefing almost two weeks ago, the Walter Rodney Commission headed by Barbadian Queen’s Counsel, Sir Richard Cheltenham had told journalists that a certain amount of witness statements was required before the inquiry

could begin its work. At that time, there were insufficient statements. Cheltenham declined from sharing the specified amount. The Secretariat’s head had also refused to share the amount, pointing out that it was a sensitive issue. The day after it’s swearing in, the head of the Commission had told Guyana Times that close to 100 persons were expected to testify at the inquiry.


The Commission had later met with officials of the Guyana Defence Force. During its last visit to Guyana, the Commission had also met with a few stakeholders, including the Guyana Police Force and the Private Sector Commission. Commissioners had also met with leaders of the APNU/PNCR at its Hadfield Street office. Several issues concerning sections of the Terms of Reference (ToR) were raised by the party. However, Commissioners had informed that those issues would have to be addressed by the Commission’s sponsor President Ramotar. Similar issues were raised by the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), the political party that was partly founded by Dr Rodney. A letter, signed by the WPA’s head, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and executive member, Dr Clive Thomas was sent to the Head of State registering the party’s concerns. Dr Roopnaraine in a recent telephone interview had reported that the party had not yet received an official response from the President. The leaders had said that the incident was unfortunate since other reports were made public, while no formal contact was made with the party. The concerns raised by WPA broaden over paragraph four of the ToRs, which it said “strays a con-

Dr Walter Rodney

siderable distance from the precisions of paragraph one”. Section four of the ToR tasks the Commission with “examining the facts and circumstances immediately prior, at the time of, and subsequent to the death of Dr Walter Rodney”.


Questions were also raised about the granting of an absolute pardon to persons who may have been involved in the death of Dr Rodney. The letter said “it would seem to have the Commission of Inquiry tiptoe in the direction of a Truth Commission, even while the Terms of Reference and the prevailing conditions fall far short of the complex

requirements of a Truth Commission. Perhaps, it is enough, at this stage and in our conditions, that it pins the flag of reconciliation on its mast.” Last week, President Ramotar had declared that his administration had no responsibility to the WPA, and as such, was not required to respond to its letter on the Walter Rodney Commission ToR. The Head of State, however, said that he will soon respond to the party. President Ramotar said that he had seen no need to meet with the WPA, since the request for the establishment of the Commission was made by the late political activist’s family. The party, through another executive member Tacuma Ogunseye had recorded its disappointment over the decision made by the wife of Dr Rodney, Patricia, to have the WPA and PNC cut off from any consultation regarding the inquiry. Ogunseye had said that both the party and Patricia had a mutual interest in the inquiry as they had made a joint call for its establishment. When Guyana Times contacted Patricia via telephone yesterday, she declined to comment on the issue.


tuesday, april 1, 2014

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TB challenges C

ountries around the world, including Guyana, observed World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on March 24 under the theme, “Reach the 3 million” – the 3 million being referred to here are those persons who are “missed” by health systems in their TB response. Governments and policymakers used the occasion to engage in various activities, not just to spread more awareness about the disease, but to analyse where we are in terms of winning the TB fight. TB is curable, but current efforts to find, treat and cure everyone who gets ill with the disease are not sufficient. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), of the nine million people a year who get sick with TB, a third of them are “missed” by health systems. Many of these three million people live in the world’s poorest, most vulnerable communities or are among marginalised populations such as migrant workers, refugees and internally displaced persons, prisoners, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, and drug users. Progress towards global targets for reductions in TB cases and deaths in recent years has been impressive. TB mortality has fallen over 45 per cent worldwide since 1990, and its incidence is declining. Also, new TB tools such as rapid diagnostics are helping transform response to the disease and new life-saving drugs are being introduced. The global burden remains huge and significant challenges persist, and this is evident in the alarming numbers of TB cases, including fatalities, we are seeing, in spite of the numerous interventions at all levels. In 2012, there were an estimated 8.6 million new cases of TB and 1.3 million people died from the disease. Of note too is that over 95 per cent of TB deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. Poor communities and vulnerable groups are most affected, but this airborne disease is a risk to all. TB is among the top three causes of death for women aged 15 to 44. And there were an estimated 500,000 cases and 74,000 deaths among children in 2012. As stated earlier, around three million people (equal to one in three people falling ill with TB) are currently being “missed” by health systems. While it would be no easy task, the authorities should do all they can to ensure that this “missed” group is not excluded from crucial TB interventions. Further, WHO says that there is slow progress in tackling multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB): three out of four MDR-TB cases still remain without a diagnosis, and around 16,000 MDR-TB cases reported to WHO in 2012 were not put on treatment. Additionally, provision of antiretroviral therapy (ART) for TB patients known to be living with HIV needs to increase to meet WHO’s recommendation that all TB patients living with HIV promptly receive ART. Attracting the necessary funding for crucial TB programmes has always been a challenge for governments and policymakers. Last year, the WHO and Global Fund had identified an anticipated gap of US$1.6 billion in annual international support for the fight against TB in 118 low- and middle-income countries. The organisation had pointed to the fact that filling this gap could enable full treatment for 17 million TB and multidrug-resistant TB patients and save six million lives between 2014 and 2016. Funding agencies need to make bolder financial commitments and follow through with them as this is a critical part of winning the battle against TB. Governments and NGOs may have the best ideas to tackle TB, but if funding is not there to turn these ideas into relevant programmes of action and implement them accordingly, then they would be of no use. All partners can help take forward innovative approaches to ensure that everyone suffering from TB has access to TB diagnosis, treatment and cure. It is, therefore, hoped that stakeholders will utilise World TB Day to mobilise more political, social, and financial commitment for further progress in the fight against this dreaded disease.

The idyllic beauty of the Amatuk Falls

I do not support whitewashing faults and misconduct in the Police Force

Dear Editor, Since May 2, 2013 when I assumed the position of Head of the Strategic Management Department of the Guyana Police Force, I have been approached on several occasions by acquaintances and other persons stating that they miss my writings, and wanting to know why I no longer contribute to the letter columns. My response invariably is that I believe any continuation of those efforts might be viewed as self-serving – particularly if I am to write on the subject of law enforcement for which I believe I am eminently qualified. That thought, notwithstanding, I have decided to make whatever contribution I can to any debate of national interest. I am a strong advocate that one should do whatever one can to clear up misunderstandings occasioned from misinformation, deliberate or otherwise. I also strongly believe that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) can do with all the help that it reasonably can get from all stakeholders. What I do not support is whitewashing faults and misconduct which can lead to continued infractions of policies, procedures, and orders. I recall suggest-

ing in 1994 that members of the GPF involved in the use of deadly force should be given the opportunity to be psychologically evaluated and counselled. This, in my view, would serve to provide policymakers with a clearer understanding of specific and general situational factors where deadly force is used. The purpose was not to make the rank(s) involved feel that the process was anything other than an attempt to arrive at informed operational policies and standard operating procedures based upon actual experiences and an appreciation of the stress in those experiences. It was not proposed as a punitive measure. Having said that, Editor, it has been my experience that not enough effort is being made to highlight the perils inherent in law enforcement. Concomitantly, there seems to be no adequate system in place to assist ranks in coping with traumatic events. As is known, I once saw active service as a policeman but stressful events of those days cannot be compared to what obtains today in terms of their intensity and frequency. Which makes the cogent argument for a structured

programme to address the psychological needs for our men and women in the uniformed services. This is all the more important in light of the fact that stress may well be the most important factor which determines the outcome in situations of conflict and which places policing among the most stressful of occupations. It might come as a surprise that once upon a time the life partner of policemen were nurses. What is not surprising is that operatives in both professions operate in sometimes hazardous life-threatening environments which include dealing with the mentally unstable, or persons who may be chronically ill with a contagious infection. What makes policing challenging is the public’s expectation of protection through professional service from a body of men and women respectful of the integrity and human rights of the beneficiaries of that service and protection. Tyler et al (1997) argue that if people do not believe that they are treated with dignity and respect by operatives of the criminal justice system, they are far less likely to perceive any part of the criminal justice system as fair or legitimate.

Interestingly, Jaramillo et al on “The effect of law enforcement stress on organisational commitment” argue that the monopolistic structure that is the police may be responsible for the poor quality service from lack of competition. It is in that regard that it might be a good idea to consider their suggestion to examine several stressors intrinsic to role conflict, role ambiguity, supervisor support, group cohesiveness, and promotion opportunity. These, it is felt, if addressed could contribute to increased job satisfaction and reduce the attrition rate which bedevils organisations of similar nature. It is, therefore, incumbent on the administration to go the extra distance to positively influence the work environment as one factor towards controlling behaviour and managing outputs. Editor, these are but a few thoughts for which healthy debate could provide a better understanding of issues, and which hopefully can generate solutions to the problems and causes of stress which impact negatively on both the citizenry and members of the Guyana Police Force. Yours faithfully, Patrick E Mentore

tuesday, april 1, 2014


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown, Guyana or

Indo-Guyanese descendants of the 1964 Wismar massacre must get compensation from slave reparations Dear Editor, It’s true that millions of slaves faced horrific brutality and the din to be compensated has its merits. I have no problems with that. But Mr Eric Phillips’ letter in the press of March 29 is insensitive, completely wrong and most unacceptable. For 1600 innocent IndoGuyanese to be premeditatively massacred and brutalised for no other reason other than their race in the civilised 20th century makes it more despicable and inhumane. How is suffering measured to endorse and bring relief for some but at the same time does not apply to

others? Neither their religion nor humanity absolutely made any difference. Inflicted in revenge by albeit “superior” AfroGuyanese, the objective was to teach the others a lesson. Any good reason why the PNC held their party pioneering congress in that area, so confident those foreign interests had guaranteed their electoral victory with proportional representation or later still, select that dreadful May 26 in 1966 for Guyana’s independence? What path would Mr Phillips recommend to be followed with regard to the above?

Science fair was “spirit-lifting” Dear Editor, I have had the pleasure of visiting the Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair which was recently hosted by the Georgetown Department of Education and held at Queen’s College (QC), under the Mission Statement of “Providing Solutions for the 21st  Century”.   The QC Principal, Ms Benn, was kind enough to allow the exuberant Biology and Environmental Science teacher, Mr Elroy VanKannie to accompany me through the exhibition.  One could not help but be impressed by the students from several secondary schools in the  Georgetown  area.   Their lucidity of argument, boldness of presentation, and self-confidence were indeed admirable; and also spoke volumes about their teachers who guided them in their projects, which dealt with a wide palette of current problems in need of solutions.  These included initiatives associated with water purification systems, addressing climate change, combating pollution, organic replacement for chemical fertilisers, recycling, flood reduction methodologies, land reclamation techniques, multiplicity and versatility of usages of our indigenous plants and materi-

als, etc.   I was particularly fascinated (perhaps for obvious reasons related to the transmission of electoral results) by the use of electronic procedures to evaluate students’ test scripts; unfortunately, one can only use this method in grading answers of multiple choice questions.   A special mention must be made about, the ‘Green Vehicles Revolution’, the concept of which may not be new, but which was thought-provoking, not only because of the possibility of usage in Guyana, but because of the creativity and enthusiasm exuding from students Elliot and Faria.  Actually, the only shortcoming was that Corporate Guyana did not find it necessary to expose itself to interesting ideas, some of which could possibly find applications in their own enterprises.  Executive officers of companies that need scientific inputs have a chance to see Guyana’s best young innovators exhibit their prowess in Anna Regina during April 2225.  Finally, I must thank the organisers for affording me a most spirit-lifting two hours at the fair last Friday. Respectfully, Dr Steve Surujbally

The entire Caribbean real estate, lock, stock and barrel, was handed over to slave descendants and all emerging Caribbean black governments became the new primary gatekeepers for all when the colonials departed. Did automatic right of complete ownership ensue? What elevated governmental control had done was to lend initial courtesy to the myth of complete Afro-centric inheritance with subsequent total entitlement claims under the rule of law. An evident ethno-centric scale arose which casually allowed such empowerment to

define and decide who suffered more, that is, native Amerindians, Portuguese, Chinese and lastly Indians, but with Africans always impoverished by race unlike the others. Mr Phillips again commits the same entitlement mistake by his dismissal of Wismar’s atrocities as a “small village incident” because the quotient numbers killed, he has decided, is not enough. Will we remain mired in a problem that has no immediate solution, especially being subjected moreso by its media hypergraphia or more AFC instigated Lindens and Agricolas? How fair is Guyana’s contin-

ued pursuit of justified closure and atonement for the brutalities of slavery to dismiss the recent modern brutalities of IndoGuyanese at Wismar in 1964? Distribution of reparations to significantly remedy and improve the black dilemma should be speedily clarified, since Caricom’s mission is funded by all taxpayers, in effect a subsidy only to benefit one race excluding all others. Nowhere in Caribbean history has any other ethnic or race groups operated on a similar praxis. Wrong is wrong regardless. The Indo-Guyanese descendants of the 1964 Wismar massacre must get their due

compensation from the slave reparations. Necessary justice by the same principle is what governs the inquiry surrounding the assassination of Dr Walter Rodney. The offspring of ex-slaves, who would have legitimately secured their monetary compensation s some time in the unknown future, will certainly have much by which to be happy. In the meantime, federalism, not shared governance or even partition, can best serve our divergent aspirations. Sincerely, Vassan Ramracha

Why would a friend of Dr Rodney want his interview to be a private affair? Dear Editor, I read with some hilarity, but with great concern a letter penned by – I don’t know what political affiliation now – Tacuma Ogunseye on the Walter Rodney issue. At the time, he was backpedalling on an earlier interview he had given. In that interview with a Guyana Times journalist, he stated emphatically that “the WPA has evidence that Rodney was assassinated”, the evidence and knowledge of what took place that fateful night were fresh in his mind then. However, soon after that interview, Ogunseye apparently suddenly lost his mind – possibly after some threats from his newfound friends in the PNC/APNU – he now has a change of heart which caused him to refute claims made in that article. Ogunseye practically denies all previous statements made in the press, he did some fancy footwork with words such as “what he actually said and what was actually reported was not one and the same”, all semantics, which was meant to muddle the real facts of this case. So what did he say or what did he mean to say?

The same letter penned in another section of the press better explains his vacillating position when he states that the information he gave in that interview “was not for publication”. Why would a person who considered himself a “friend or close associate of Rodney” want his interview to be a private affair? Why the ‘hush-hush’ on a matter of such great national importance? Were I a friend of Walter, I’d be the first to shout it from the roof tops as I went about identifying the murderers. I would not be silent on this matter. But, here we have a set of guys who seem to have no shame. In the first place, he refuses to testify at the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) set up to look into Walter’s death, now this shocking display. Ogunseye and others whom I would consider staunch – or at least so it seems – members of the WPA have abandoned their leader? This is a traitorous act which I would like exposed for all it is worth. Walter would be turning in his grave to hear such utterances coming from some of his trusted associates. In like manner, Walter’s wife

and brother would stand aghast at this 180-degree turnaround from these onetime followers. Ogunseye was, in essence, denying any associations ever with Brother Walter. It was as if the name Dr Walter Rodney did not exist or he was some passing vagrant whose name should be blotted out of the landscape of Guyanese history. This is preposterous! And this is exactly what Burnham in his murderous plans wanted – a people who would deny that an assassination did take place and the people who carried it out. But try as this shameless bunch would, that is not going to happen. We will get to the bottom of this and the world will know how devious these people are. Rodney was and still is a national hero – a name that would be forever etched in our memory for standing up to PNC thuggery.  Over the years, I have come to understand the true meaning of the term “politics make strange bedfellows”. We are now looking at a classical case of this. These guys are heartless and would not openly say that they are out to sabotage

the CoI of the dead intellectual. So, they are doing the Burnham thing when they are faced with the truth – “play like it did not happen”. But try as hard and as long as they might, they cannot derail what we , as a people, all know, that is, our brother Walter was brutally killed by a hired thug of the day. The shedding of innocent blood would forever stain that party and no amount of denial can wash it away. But all of this was expected ever since Roopnaraine crawled out from under that rock he was hiding with the claim that Walter Rodney was building up an arsenal of weapons to fight the Burnham regime. I was never again in any doubt as to where they stand. That statement solidified what I feared – that these guys were out to erase the hard work done by the brother to restore democracy to this battered nation. Roopnaraine and others of his ilk would deny reality for a mess of political pottage. A shameless bunch of losers! Sincerely, Neil Adams

Telephone problems since August 2012 not fixed Dear Editor, As a regular writer on other people’s matters, I was hoping that I would not have to write this letter on my own behalf, but I have been messed around so many times and for so long that I feel the situation warrants a formal letter of complaint. My telephone mysteriously went dead in August of 2012. I say “mysteriously” because ever since that time the problem seems beyond the capabilities of GT&T to fix. I visited the head office in New Amsterdam numerous times over the said matter and nothing positive re-

sulted. The last time I visited the main office, I was issued with a new telephone number 333-4645. This too is non-operational, as my nightmare with the utility company continues. To add to my woes, when I was issued the new number, I was told to call and speak to (three names given) at telephone 333-2400 who would expedite things. To date, I cannot get a response from the other end when that number is dialled, nor is any telephone service available.  I submit particulars of my case while I seek your

kind assistance in having this matter rectified: Neil Adams, Plantation Lochaber, West Canje Berbice; 333-5003 (old number) out of service since August 2012; 333-4645 (new number). Yours truly, Neil Adams PS: As a postscript I must state that most of the consumers of the West Canje district that I have had an opportunity to talk to are without telephone and Internet service, some with problems stretching years before me.


tuesday, april 1, 2014



How pets spread infections


ike people, all animals carry germs. Illnesses common among house pets – such as distemper, canine parvovirus, and heartworms – can’t be transmitted to humans. But pets also carry certain bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can cause illness if transmitted to humans. Humans get these animal-borne diseases when they’re bitten or scratched or have contact with an animal’s waste, saliva, or dander. These diseases can affect humans in many ways. They’re of greatest concern to young children, infants, pregnant women, and people whose immune systems have been compromised by illness or disease. Infants and children younger than five years old are at risk because their immune systems are still developing, and some infections that might make an adult just mildly sick can be more serious for them.

Dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are popular pets but can carry infections such as: Campylobacter infection: can be transmitted by household pets carrying Campylobacter jejuni bacteria, which cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and fever in people. The bacteria may be in the intestinal tract of infected dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and certain farm animals. A person can become infected through contact

with contaminated water, faeces, undercooked meat, or unpasteurised milk. More than two million cases of campylobacter infection occur each year in the United States, and C jejuni is now the leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis. Campylobacter infections are contagious, especially among members of the same family and children in childcare or preschools. Infection is treated with antibiotics. Cat scratch disease: can occur when a person is bitten or scratched by a cat infected with Bartonella henselae bacteria. Symptoms include swollen and tender lymph nodes, fever, headaches, and fatigue, which usually resolve without treatment. However, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the infection is severe. Cat scratch disease rarely causes longterm complications. Rabies: a serious illness caused by a virus that enters the body through a bite or wound contaminated by the saliva from an infected animal. Animals that may carry the rabies virus include dogs, cats, raccoons, bats, skunks, and foxes. Widespread immunisation of dogs and cats has decreased the transmission of rabies in these animals and in people. Human rabies is rare, and a vaccine is available for treatment following a bite from a potentially rabid animal. Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF): is trans-

mitted by ticks infected by the Rickettsia ricketsii bacteria. Symptoms of RMSF include high fever, chills, muscle aches, and headaches, as well as a rash that may spread across the wrists, ankles, palms, soles, and trunk of the body. RMSF, which can be treated with antibiotics, is most common in the south central and the midsouth Atlantic regions of the United States. Ringworm: also called tinea; a skin infection caused by several types of fungi found in the soil and on the skin of humans and pets. Children can get ringworm from touching infected animals such as dogs and cats. Ringworm of the skin, or tinea corporis, usually is a dry, scaly round area with a raised red bumpy border and a clear centre. When the scalp is affected, the area may be flaky, red, or swollen. Often there are bald patches. Ringworm is treated with antifungal medications including shampoo, cream, or oral medicine. Toxocariasis: an illness caused by the parasitic roundworm Toxocara, which lives in the intestines of dogs and cats. The eggs from the worms are passed in the stools of dogs and cats, often contaminating soil where children play. When a child ingests the contaminated soil, the eggs hatch in the intestine and the larvae spread to other organs, an infection known as visceral larva migrans. Symptoms include fever,

cough or wheezing, enlarged liver, rash, or swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms may resolve on their own or a doctor may prescribe drugs to kill the larvae. When the larvae in the intestine make their way through the bloodstream to the eye, it is known as ocular toxocariasis, or ocular larva migrans, which may lead to a permanent loss of vision. Toxoplasmosis: contracted after contact with a parasite found in cat faeces. In most healthy people, toxoplasmosis infection produces no symptoms. When symptoms do occur they may include swollen glands, fatigue, muscle pain, fever, sore throat, and a rash. In pregnant women, toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage, premature births, and severe illness and blindness in newborns. Pregnant women should avoid contact with litter boxes. People whose immune systems have been weakened by illnesses such as HIV or cancer are at risk for severe complications from toxoplasmosis infection. Dog and cat bites: may become infected and cause serious problems, particularly bites to the face and hands. Cat bites tend to be worse, partly because they are deeper puncture wounds. Significant bites should be washed out thoroughly. Often these bite wounds require treatment in a doctor’s office or emergency room; antibiotics are sometimes necessary. (Kids


Pets – keeping yourself safe


here are lots of good things for children about having and caring for pets. Playing with and cuddling pets is part of the fun of having them, but there are some things to remember if you want to keep yourself safe.

Germs, worms and fleas

Walking the dog. Always wash your hands after playing with a pet, and be especially careful before eating, in case any germs have got onto your fingers. Don’t let pets lick your face – they may have been licking somewhere unmentionable just before they licked you! If they do lick your face, don’t panic – soap and water will get rid of any nasty germs. Pets get worms and fleas. They need to be treated regularly to keep them healthy. Animal fleas can bite you. Some skin diseases such as ringworm can be spread to humans from dogs and cats. [Ringworm is not really a worm, it is a skin infection

caused by tinea – a fungal infection. Some people can be allergic to animal hair or dander [the dry skin that rubs off pets and sticks in the animal’s fur.] They might get hay fever or asthma if they get too close to some pets. It sounds like a lot of problems, doesn’t it. But if you take care, pets can be great fun and not cause any problems!

Bites and scratches

Bird in a cage. Always wash any scratches and bites from animals with soap and water as soon as possible. If the bite or scratch bleeds, that means it is deep and you need to get mum or dad to check it. Never go up to a strange animal. You don’t know how it will behave towards you. Never try to play with an animal that is eating or sleeping. Even your own pet that you’ve had for ages may be startled and bite or scratch. Keep an eye on younger brothers or sisters when they are playing with your pet. Young children haven’t learned to treat animals with respect and they could be too rough.

Cleaning up

Regularly clean up after your pet in the garden, the cat litter tray or the area where your pet lives. Cleaning up after your pet Keep your sandpit covered when you are not using it. Cats like to use sandpits as a toilet and leave nasty germs and other things. To avoid getting germs, wear rubber gloves and make sure that you wash your hands well after cleaning up.

Sick pets

Sick dog. Some pets can get sick very easily, especially if they are taken to a place where they don’t normally live. Birds [including chickens] can pass on an illness to people called psittacosis. It is caused by breathing in dust which has dried bird droppings in it and causes people to feel like they have the flu. If your pet is not well, take it to the vet who will know how to make it better and can tell you if it has a disease that can be transmitted to you. Whatever pet you have, be sure to visit the vet regularly for vaccinations, worming and checking that your pet is healthy. (



tuesDay, april 1, 2014|

Greenidge, Ali clash over GuySuCo provisions – Govt maintains allocations geared at continued growth BY MICHAEL YOUNGE


ebates on the 2014 National Budget got underway on Monday with a clash between Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge as to whether this year’s estimates will have any meaningful impact on the lives of the local masses. Both debaters led the arguments of their respective sides when the 65-seat legislature met to analyse and present perspectives on the eighth consecutive budget presented by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh to the National Assembly. Drawing first blood, Greenidge who rose to the thumping of Opposition desks, accused the Government of doctoring figures in the $220 billion budget to make it appear as though significant economic progress has been made. “In looking at the budget and the figures in the estimates and at the various economic balances, one cannot avoid the impression that many of the figures have been doctored in order to facilitate balance… if you look at both revenue and expenditures, you will see this,” he said. Greenidge wasted no time in criticising the format in which the budget was brought before the Parliament, which he opined was illegal and unconstitutional. He argued strongly that the budget’s “drafters have deliberately

APNU MP Carl Greenidge on the floor

ignored the legal and constitutional issues raised in the budget” as he stated that the Government again failed to address a long list of outstanding policy issues. “The Government has an obligation to honour the Constitution and we, the Opposition, have an obligation to hold them to that,” Greenidge said amid heckling from the Government Member of Parliaments (MPs). The APNU executive member also dismissed the budget, explaining that it did not benefit from the input of the combined “majority” Opposition parliamentary parties. Greenidge contended that the Government failed to address the Opposition’s insistence for the Old Age Pension to be increased to at least $15,000. Other issues related to salaries for public employees, the appointment

Red Dragon murder... She said on the night, she and James were at the Red Dragon Night Club drinking and dancing. She recalled that James left with a stripper and after noticing that she was not returning, Clarke went to look for her and saw her talking to the stripper. She then confronted James by saying to her “baby why?”. While in the club’s washroom, an argument ensued between them during which she claimed James pulled her hair and began hitting her. Clarke continued that she pushed James away and she fell to the ground, causing her purse to drop and a knife to

of Regional Executive Officers, professional reporting by the National Communications Network (NCN), Government Information Agency (GINA) and the autonomy of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) were not “treated adequately” or even dealt with in some cases, he noted. “None of these matters have been properly addressed, let alone dealt with by the Government... some of the broader issues tend not to be adequately treated,” Greenidge insisted. The APNU Shadow Finance Minister warned Government about the continued bailout being offered to different sectors, warning sternly that a complete reversal of existing policies that are aimed at fuelling development was necessary.

Money to sugar

He also criticised the administration’s decision to give more subsidies to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), arguing that the entity and industry continue to be mismanaged by the Government. Greenidge said the problems confronting the industry were not new and had the Government piloted the necessary reforms and taken certain decisions, it would have been better off today. He related that neither the sugar workers nor the weather were the reasons the industry was failing, but rather poor Government policy and its

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fall out. The young woman recalled that she picked up the knife to scare James off; however, she ran into the knife and was stabbed. On Monday morning, both the prosecution and defence made their closing arguments before the mixed jury after which Justice Singh summed up all the evidence presented during the trial. The panel had then retired to the jury room to deliberate on a verdict and after some time they returned with a unanimous verdict of not guilty to murder. The lesser count of manslaughter was then put to the jury; however, they again found the young

woman not guilty. Before setting the young woman free, Justice Singh told Clarke that she is very lucky since she is having an opportunity to start over again and urged her to take advantage of it. Clarke was 19 years old when the incident occurred and was in a relationship with James for some five years. The then teen was reportedly constantly abused by the now dead woman.

Housing Minister Irfaan Ali during the debate

continued political interference at the highest level. Greenidge even boasted that under the People’s National Congress (PNC) Government, more lucrative and focused assistance was given to the industry, but it was based on performance and the results were better. “GuySuCo is important to warrant financial assistance, but the Government must show remedies to deal with the difficulty the agencies struggles with,” he reported to the Parliament.

More scrutiny

The APNU MP scuffed at the fact that there were troubling measures, included in the budget for the bauxite industry, which he said needed more scrutiny and lots of explanation. For him, the budget did not provide an opportunity for Guyanese to enjoy a better life as its theme had suggested this year. He argued strongly too that the size of the budget and increased public spending are not an indication of growth, and automatically, an effective indicator of real economic growth. The APNU Shadow Finance Minister offered that measures which treat specifically with poverty reduction and job creation would lead to a healthier economy as he continued to hint that changes will have to be made to the estimates. But Housing and Water

Minister Irfaan Ali did not share the sentiments expressed by the APNU MP. Starting his presentation with a bang as well as much energy and enthusiasm, Ali wasted no time in registering support for the measures contained in this year’s budget. The Minister said the budget was “realistic” and “speaks to the issues facing our population”. Striking back at Greenidge, Ali said the Opposition member’s presentation served as testimony that the budget presented is good for Guyana because he failed to strategically or specifically point to any measure or policy in the multibillion dollar budget that was undeserving of the Opposition’s support. Minister Ali cautioned Greenidge against speaking about the economic soundness of the budget presented by Dr Singh as he reminded Greenidge of his own track record as Finance Minister during the PNC administration. “When it comes to Ashni, his legacy in managing the economy is solid as a rock… but the Honourable member Greenidge stands on sinking ground.” He said despite the criticisms, Guyana’s econo-

my continue to outperform the economies of other Caricom, Caribbean and Latin American nations, recording another year of above average growth. “I rather have an accountant presenting my budget than an economist who took us to the poorest state in our history,” Ali remarked. He accused Greenidge and the APNU of failing to present any sound alternative to the budget presented by Dr Singh.

Size matters

“Size matters,” according to Minister Ali, noting the measures contained in the budget had the ability to transform the lives of Guyanese by creating thousands of new jobs while fast-tracking the investments made in infrastructure across the country. “We will build homes, hospitals, schools, hydro power… we have a responsibility as Guyanese and we will make sure that we keep our promise,” the Minister said to thumping of the desks. “We will not preside over the destruction of jobs; we are going to create jobs,” he further reiterated. On Monday, 10 persons were slated to speak, five from each side of the house.

8 News

tuesday, april 1, 2014|

Children were poisoned – PM report T he autopsies performed on the remains of one-year-old Jabari Cadogan and fouryear-old Odecia Cadogan have proven that they were poisoned, but samples were reportedly taken to be further analysed. The post-mortem was performed by Dr Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary on Monday. He gave the cause of death as insecticide poisoning. On the other hand, Mayon Hunte, a relative of the dead children, said that now that the bodies are handed over to the family, they will make funeral arrangements. The children are likely to be laid to rest on Sunday at Anns Grove, East Coast Demerara. Nevertheless, Awena Rutherford, the woman who is believed to be responsible for the children’s death is still in hospital,

Dead: Odecia Cadogan

Dead: Jabari Cadogan

but doctors are closely monitoring her condition. Up to late Monday afternoon, the woman was vomiting and from all indications, she would have swallowed the poisonous substance. A hospital official described her condition as serious, noting that it would take days before the full impact of the tablet takes effect, and as such, they are on the alert. Rutherford is currently

under police guard. Rutherford allegedly consumed the tablets at her Perth, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home after she would have fed the children several of the tablets. On Thursday last, Rutherford reportedly called the father of her children, Jabari Cadogan Sr, who resides in the U.S. and they reportedly got into an argument.

She then left and went to pick up the children who had spent the day at their father’s sister in Anns Grove, East Coast Demerara. While there, the woman reportedly told her children’s paternal aunt that she will get a surprise for her birthday which was the following day. Later that evening, relatives were informed that the young woman had allegedly poisoned the children and herself. The father of the children was reportedly trying to get the children overseas and relatives speculated that this might have caused the woman’s action, while others claimed that the woman was stressed from an abusive relationship with another man that recently ended. Relatives claimed that the man used to abuse Rutherford and had even threatened her.

Three men remanded for multimillion-dollar robbery


hree men were remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday charged with break and entry and robbery. Joshua Meredith, 19, a labourer of Lot 34 Queen Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown; Dennis Downer, 24, a vendor of Lot 12 A Rosemary Street, South

Cummingsburg and Delon Ally, 24, of Lot 13 A Water and Holmes Streets, South Cummingsburg all pleaded not guilty to the charge read to them. It is alleged that during the period of March 26-27, the defendants broke and entered the premises of Harish Baxani and stole a quantity of televisions, valued $2,465,000; one microwave valued $28,000; and other items, all worth a

total of $2,514,000. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the court that on March 26, the virtual complainant secured his store at 15:30h and retired to his home. On the morning of Thursday, March 27, Baxani received a call informing him that his store had been broken into. The police were contacted, and upon arrival, the ranks noticed three persons walking out of the store

with some of the articles mentioned. The police then gave chase and the defendants were apprehended in a house where more articles were found. The prosecution went on to object to bail, citing the seriousness and the prevalence of the offence. Bail was refused by the Chief Magistrate. The matter is expected to be recalled on April 13.

Another man charged for Attempted cellphone abuse of children’s mother theft gets man 18


Norton Street man appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Monday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with abusing the mother of his children. Nester Gilbert, of Lot 51 Norton Street, Georgetown, pleaded not guilty to the charge read against him. It is alleged that on March 13 at the Kitty Seawall Road, Georgetown, the defendant made use of abusive language to his chil-

dren’s mother, Germania Alleyne. This publication understands that the defendant and the virtual complainant lived together for some seven years. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant said his facts are as charged. The court then advised the virtual complainant to obtain a protection order against the defendant. The matter was transferred to Court 10 for report and fixtures.

months in jail


hirty-year-old Sheriff Ahmad on Monday was sentenced to 18 months in prison for attempted robbery when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. The defendant, of Lot 820 Grove, East Bank Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the charge read against him.

It is alleged that on March 27 around 09:00h at High Street, Georgetown, the defendant attempted to commit a felony, that is, a robbery. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the court that on the day in question, the virtual complainant Jennifer Asman was walking along the said street with a cellular phone held to her head. The defendant approached the woman from behind and snatched the phone. A scuffle broke out between the virtual complainant and the defendant. At the said time, police ranks on patrol heard the woman screaming and went to her aid, along with publicspirited persons. The accused was apprehended, told of the offence and arrested. The Police Prosecutor added that the defendant was previously convicted for a larceny offence. During his previous trial, the accused apologised to all the family members and was given a lenient sentence. On those grounds, the defendant was sentenced to 18 months by the Chief Magistrate.

Eyew tness Wailing Jeremiads... T

...from the rejects here’ve been calls for responsible responses from the Opposition on the Budget. Fat chance! With people like Lalloo “Suspenders” Ram lurking in the shadows for an opportunity to get some attention, not going to happen. The need for constant attention is right up there (down there?) with dominant urges and is just as strong. It’s a psychological as well as a physiological compulsion. The Stabber News had cast Lalloo aside for Ralph Ramkarran, who’s singing like a kiskadee about his life and times in the PPP/C. As usual, the Muckraker grabbed up their reject. So each of the rags have their native informants from the PPP/C’s “constituency” – who’re just happy to spill their guts. Both these fellas have so much bitterness towards the PPP/C in general and former President Bharrat Jagdeo in particular, that their lamentations just pour forth like the Kaieteur Falls during the rainy season. And lemme tell you, that puts the Old Testament prophet dubbed the “Weeping Jeremiah”, to shame.   Sadly, it’s all to do with their wounded ambitions – Ramkarran fulminated, jumped up and down and insisted he ought to be President. And Lalloo Ram, just so much craved to be Finance Minister, he’s waging a one-man war against the incumbent, whom he’d praised most fulsomely before. As the old people said, “they hang they hat too high fuh they hand”: their reach exceeded their grasp. Ramkarran insists that Jagdeo controls the PPP/C rather than President Donald Ramotar. So what does this make the new General Secretary Clement Rohee? Chopped liver? And if Jagdeo was able to do all the dastardly things Ramkarran accuses him of doing, what’s stopping President Ramotar?  Lalloo Ram, seeing as how time is running out for him because the law degree he acquired in his dotage hasn’t earned him the recognition he craves, has become even more strident against the Finance Minister. This time he’s flatly accused the fella of “cooking the books” on the inflation rate announced in the Budget. And the reason? The IMF, a few months ago, suggested a higher number. So suddenly, the institution that only last year admitted it “lowered its standards” for Greece by setting overly optimistic expectations for the country’s economy and underestimating the effects of the austerity measures it imposed, is the Oracle of Delphi?  Oh...what a web a pair of wankers can weave.  ...from the WPA The WPA’s mighty peeved they weren’t asked by the Government to help draft the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the Rodney CoI. Now, as we’ve taken the time to point out, the WPA’s down to four old men: Eusi Kwayana, Clive Thomas, Rupert Roopnaraine and Desmond Trotman. Until recently, it used to be five, but David Hinds has excused himself to team up with some other oldsters – including some fellas thrown out of the PNC – to form some group Cuffy 250. Roopnaraine had huffed and puffed as to how the party would absolutely not take part, but after Kwayana, their Guyanese version of the Weeping Jeremiah, allowed as to how he’s going to participate, the remainder fell into line. Threesomes are never as much fun as foursomes. So the WPA made an announcement that their members could participate if they want. But wouldn’t it have been better (and faster) to call up the four members rather than issuing a press release? Truth is, the WPA blew their chances when they could’ve totally controlled the ToRs of the CoI – back in 2005. But they were more interested in protecting the PNC – and teed off Rodney’s widow? Poetic justice? ...and surrender The unwisely named Sharma Solomon, after a string of Jeremiads against the Government and its broadcast authority, has meekly accepted that he would now submit an application for the broadcast licence. Wisdom at last? 



tuesDay, april 1, 2014|

No arrest for murder of taxi driver P

olice are continuing their investigation into the gunning down of 24-year-old taxi driver Roopchand Darsan of Logwood, Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD), but the killer remains at large. Police Spokesman Ivelaw Whittaker told Guyana Times that the police are working on several leads, but there have been no arrests for the murder. He added that the postmortem performed on the body of the taxi driver proved that he was killed by a single bullet to his head. The autopsy was performed by Guyanese pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh who gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage due to a single gunshot injury. The police, he added, will continue their investigation. Darsan’s mother, Latchmin, said the police have not briefed the family since Saturday morning,

Slain taxi driver, Roopchand Darsan

with respect to the investigation but they are keeping their fingers crossed as they are optimistic that the perpetrator will be caught. Her son’s body was handed over to the family, and as such, all arrangements are in place for cremation on Wednesday. Darsan was discovered with a single gunshot to his head in his car around 00:30h at the Strathspey Railway Embankment, ECD. According to re-

ports, the bullet entered the young man’s head just under his chin and exited the top of his head.  At the time of the discovery, his car was found with its fender in a trench with the young man slumped over the steering wheel. His hands were on the wheel and he was still wearing his hat. The engine of the car was reportedly running with music booming through the builtin speakers.


Hours after the incident, the deceased’s mother related that her son left home around 18:00h to go to work. Then about 21:15h, she saw him at the Enmore Junction, so she called him and he told her he will be returning home in 30 minutes since he was ill with the flu. The devastated woman recalled that she went to bed and was later awakened by voices calling out to her. Upon enquiring,

she was informed that her son was shot in his car at Strathspey, and as such, she called her husband who was at work and told him. The woman said she, along with her daughter and son-in-law, hurried to the scene where she saw him in the car, but the police did not allow them to get close to him. In tears, the woman related that after a while, the car was pulled from the trench and her son’s body was removed, placed in a hearse, and taken away. The police, she added, then towed the car to the Vigilance Police Station. As the woman pour out her emotions, she said her son never troubled anyone and was not sure of the motive behind the killing. However, she noted that a few nights ago, her son was reportedly threatened at Gajadar Service Station, Foulis, ECD, but was not sure if his death had anything to do with that incident.

Cocaine in awaras suspects released – hunt on for third person


aimraj Singh, 41, of Dundee, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara and a custom's broker who were arrested on Wednesday following the discovery of six kilograms of cocaine in fake awaras were released as the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) hunts for a third person. A senior rank of the drug enforcement unit told Guyana Times that the men were released over the weekend, but they are expected to visit the agency at regular intervals. The official added that while the shipment of awaras was in Singh’s name, they are still to establish whether the cocaine was actually his or someone elses. The official added that once CANU wraps up its investigations, charges will be instituted but as of present, it is concentrating on locating the third person for questioning.

The batch where the fake awaras was discovered

Singh and the customs broker were last Thursday morning arrested by ranks of the Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) after they allegedly attempted to smuggle the cocaine in fake awaras through the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). According to information received, the cocaine was wrapped in plastic in the shape of awaras and sprayed with a similar co-

lour as the fruit. Stems were then glued on to the fake awaras to make them look real. CANU ranks made the discovery as they were checking the fruits at CAMEX, a shipping company. As they searched the awaras, the ranks reportedly felt a difference in texture; thus, a decision was taken to examine the fruits further. As they examined them,

they realised that the fake awaras were placed among the real ones with the intention of shipping the cocaine. CANU’s head James Singh told this newspaper that the drug was destined for Canada and was supposed to be loaded onto a Caribbean Airlines flight. He added that during the examination of the awaras, one was ripped open and a whitish substance was seen. The shipper and the broker were questioned about the cargo which was registered in the shipper’s name. In the past, there have been many instances where drugs were intercepted by CANU hidden in pepper sauce, achar, star apple, pumpkin, cabbage, chowmein, among other items. For 2013, CANU has seized in excess of 90 kilograms of cocaine, with most of them being intercepted at the CJIA.

Teen charged for faking his abduction


teenager who faked his own kidnapping and demanded a $3.5 million ransom from his parents was on Monday slapped with a felony charge at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court. Ramraj Singh, 19, of Foulis, Enmore, East Coast was granted bail in the sum of $200,000 by Magistrate Zamilla Ali and will return to court on April 14. Police in a release

stated that on Tuesday, March 25, at about 15:45h, the young man relatives lodged a complaint with the Enmore Police Station that on the previous day about 19:15h, they received a telephone call informing them that their son had been kidnapped and the caller requested the money for his safe return. The young man reportedly left home on Monday evening to purchase a

phone card. The report was taken and based on police investigations which included tracing the phone call to his parents, it was of their belief that Singh’s “kidnapping” had been concocted. The police added that as a result of information received, a sting operation was set up and the “kidnap victim” was arrested on Wednesday when he turned up to pick up the “ransom

money” at the agreed location, where it was supposed to be dropped off. Additional information reaching this newspaper revealed that Singh faked his kidnapping in order to get the money to join his girlfriend who now resides overseas. He reportedly told investigators that he missed his girlfriend, but was not sure how to get the money to join her, hence, faking his kidnapping.

LIAT appoints new CEO


New LIAT CEO David Evans

IAT Airlines on Monday announced it has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The regional airline said the appointment of David Evans will be effective from April 22. Evans assumes the chief executive post, succeeding Julie ReiferJones, who had been Acting CEO since the resignation of Captain Ian Brunton in September 2013. According to LIAT, the British national is a results-driven executive with more than 35 years of experience in senior roles within the aviation industry. Between 1975 and 1997, Evans served as Airport Manager, Country Manager, and Area Manager with British Airways in East

Africa, Saudi Arabia, France, Philippines, China, Denmark, and the United States. In the latter role, he held responsibility for the airline’s activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 1997, he became Managing Director of British Airways Regional, a position he held until 2001 when he became Managing Director of British Airways CitiExpress and BA Connect, serving in that capacity for six years. He joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2007 and under its auspices served as Chief Operating Officer of Zambian Airways in 2007. In 2009, he joined Kuwaiti start-up airline Wataniya Airways as Chief Commercial Officer. Since then, he has provided strategic and commercial consultancy services to Egypt’s Nile Air and other organisations in the Middle East. Evans, who speaks English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese, holds a Master's in Business Administration from Lancaster University and Combined Honours in Modern Languages from Wadham College, Oxford University.

Soldier’s death consistent with drowning – autopsy


Dead: Private Dellon Nero

he post-mortem conducted on the remains of 21066 Private Dellon Nero, who met his demise on Sunday, March 22 after a boat capsized at New River, revealed that the cause of death was consistent with drowning. The autopsy was performed at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary by Dr Nehaul Singh. In light of the incident and speculations about the young man’s demise, a probe was launched and its findings were on Monday presented to the relatives of Nero, by a team of officials including Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips. The visit by the Chief-of-

Staff was to bring comfort to the family with regards to the loss of the soldier. The team was immediately dispatched to the New River area one day after the young man met his demise. At the time of his demise, the late Private Nero, was deployed to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) border base at Camp Jaguar, at New River. Two Saturdays ago, Nero, 24, of Lot 1036 Cummings Park, South Cummings Lodge, Georgetown and another rank were in a boat, and as they were manoeuvring on the water top, the boat capsized. In an effort to save himself, the other rank swam to shore leaving Nero, who could not swim behind. Nero’s body was subsequently recovered the following morning and was transported to the city. June Sancho, the mother of the dead private said that her son was stationed at Camp Stephenson, Timehri and was transferred about a month ago to the New River Area. She confirmed that her son was not a good swimming, but has been a member of the GDF for the past seven years. Nero leaves to mourn his parents and only sister. He was laid to rest on Friday last.


T UESday, APRIL 1, 2014


Lavish Lindeners urged to conserve on electricity use – average household pays $2000 per month ties that are yet to be executed by the Technical Committee.

By Svetlana Marshall


inden Electricity C o m p a n y Incorporation (LECI) said the annual multibillion subsidy offered to Linden can be reduced by 50 per cent if Lindeners conserve on electricity. In this year’s budget, Government allocated $3.2 billion to assist LECI and Kwakwani Utilities Inc for provision of electricity to 10,500 customers in Region 10. From the grand total, LECI will receive $2.830 billion while the remaining $345.7 million will be used to subsidise Kwakwani Utilities Inc. Speaking with Guyana Times on Monday, James said on average a household in Linden consumes approximately 280 kilowatts per month when electricity consumers in other parts of Guyana are consuming approximately 150 kilowatts per month, per household. While the consumption rate by residents has reduced from an average of 300 kilowatt per household per month, James said a further reduction to 150 kilowatts can result in the subsidy being slashed by almost 50 per cent. Guyana Times was told that the multibillion dollar subsidy can be removed completely and channelled towards other developmental activities, if there is an increase in electricity tariff to $60 per kilowatt per hour. Currently, residential consumers on the Mackenzie shore pay $5 per kilowatt while business entities are charged $12 per kilowatt. Meanwhile, James said LECI only managed to rake in a meagre $180 million in revenues from Linden consumers while $20 million was generated from the Ituni


Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

LECI CEO Horace James

branch at the end of the year. Additionally, in 2013, the corporation received approximately $24 million from the Linden Utility Services Co-op Society Limited (LUSCSL), which it sells electricity to. But even when all the revenues are merged, the LECI CEO said the money is still highly insufficient to manage its affairs, hence, Government subsidy becomes necessary. The revenues garnered are used for transmission, distribution, meter reading and billing while the Government subsidy is paid to Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) for the generation of electricity. With residents paying only $5 per kWh, their bills are less than $2000 at the end of the month, a source told Guyana Times.

keep its head above rough water as there is often little profit remaining, when the operational cost is billed at the end of the year. In 2012, the Donald Ramotar administration had announced a hike in electricity tariffs, but this announcement was met with a series of protest action. It subsequently evolved into deadly unrest when protesters and ranks of the Guyana Police Force clashed at the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge on July 18, 2012. To bring an end to the violent unrest, the Government and the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council signed an August 21, 2012 agreement which give rise to several committees. Among the committees was the Technical Committee, which was mandated to investigate the electricity situation in Linden, including the history, the costs, the tariff structure and the subsidies. A study on Region 10’s economic circumstances and its ability to facilitate an increase cost of electricity, consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the integration of supply of electricity in Linden on the national grid, and recommendations are among du-

Less dependent

With an increase in tariff, the mining town can become less dependent on Government’s subsidy. “Currently, residents are not paying for what they are consuming because their rates are highly subsidised by Government… if there is an increase, the company’s operation can become more viable,” the source added. The source said the corporation is struggling to

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during an interview with the National Communications Network (NCN) over the weekend said Government has maintained its promise to the people of Linden. The Government and the region have agreed that there will be no increase in electricity tariffs until the Technical Committee completes its work. However, he said the subsidy per customer will work out to be $291, 000 per year or close to $24,000 per month on the average. He too is arguing that Lindeners consume approximately 50 to 100 per cent more in electricity than persons in the capital city. According to the Prime Minister, if persons cut back on their electricity consumption, the state would have more but their consumption will not affect their comfort. Meanwhile, former Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) President Clinton Urling said in the 2014 Budget, the Government should have used the opportunity to tie subsidy and declare Linden as “an electricity free manufacturing zone” to encourage manufacturers to set up operations and pursue the industrial diversification of the economy. “These electricity zones could offer free electricity for a number of years and gradually include charges as companies’ financial and operational performances improve,” Urling suggested during a recent press conference.

It gotta lotta NFGs in de House I

t got people in this country who badly wanna be like other people, but no matter whah dem do, or how hard dem try, dem can’t be like de people dem really wanna be like. Dem same people does get friken bad if de people who dem wanna be like do de same ting whah dem friken. Dem is de kinda people who does end up being wannabes fuh dem whole life. Dem always wannabe this and dem always wannabe that. De problem is that dem always wannabe some body who dem gon never be so bad that dem does fuhget to be who dem really is. Is some ting like how de whole opposition does wannabe de guvament and dem fuhget is who really win de elections. Green Bridge does wannabe de Finance Minister. Green Jah and Rum Jhaat does wannabe de Prezzi. Even Lalloo does wannabe expert in every ting. And de fact that de Nagga Man also wannabe Prezzi from since long time is de same like sayin if s*it had wings it woulda fly from de Prezzi behind to de Nagga Man mouth. A certain former Prezzi done tell de whole world that he ain’t interested in being Prezzi again. But a setta people who friken that de former Prezzi gon be Prezzi again can’t get de ting outta dem mind. That is because dem wannabe like that Prezzi. In fact, dem wannabe Prezzi, period! That former Prezzi so busy doing tings on de global stage that he ain’t even got de time to answer dem. But that is exactly whah does bun dem inside out. Old people seh talk is cheap, but dem talk cheaper than cheap. And any ting or any body whah so cheap is a NFG. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! N fuh No, G fuh good, and F is fuh all de wannabes to guess. Eventually, de wannabes does end up bein NFGs, and de Mayor-fuh-life is a big NFG. But it also gotta lotta NFGs in de House and Green Bridge done start de ball rollin!

Dr Luncheon recovering – Teixeira

IDB sustainability lending hits US$2.8B in 2013


he Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) said it has committed US$2.8 billion in 2013 for projects that address climate change, sustainable energy and environmental sustainability. The bank made the announcement in its annual Sustainability Report, which gives a detailed overview of its progress in investing in and safeguarding sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean. That number accounts for 20 per cent of the bank’s overall lending last year, and puts the IDB on target to meet its goal of 25 per cent by 2015. The Sustainability Report is issued on the side of the IDB´s Annual Meeting, which this year is taking place in Costa do Sauipe, in

Brazil. The report provides data and context on the IDB’s efforts to invest in and safeguard sustainability by integrating environmental and social considerations throughout its project portfolio. For example, of projects with high environmental and social risks, 87 per cent rated satisfactory in the implementation of safeguard measures in 2013, exceeding the bank’s goal of 85 per cent by 2015. Additionally, the report examines the challenges of the rapid urbanisation of the region and the bank’s strategies to address them, including a newly-approved infrastructure strategy and advances in its Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative. A sustainable and effi-

cient infrastructure — the buildings, roads and services necessary for a modern society to operate smoothly — is essential for improving the quality of life for people in the region. Latin America and the Caribbean region faces major challenges in protecting its environment and tackling climate change. Demand for electricity is expected to double by 2030 and annual damages from natural disasters total US$3.6 billion. The new infrastructure strategy balances environmental, social and fiscal concerns, and new guidance on agriculture and natural resources, urban development and housing, is consistent with existing bank strategies including the Climate Change and Clean Energy

Strategy. In the past year, more than one million people have gained access to low-carbon forms of public transportation. Sixty per cent of the power generated by IDB projects was from low carbon sources. The report also features the accomplishments of the region’s people and environment. The case study of Mar del Plata, Argentina, shows the value of environmentally and socially inclusive infrastructure planning. In Brazil, the people of Serra do Mar offer an inspiring look at how community spirit and participation have improved lives and the outcome of a project to restore the natural environment. The IDB is the main source of multilateral financing for the region.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon


residential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira has refuted claims that Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon’s health is deteriorating. Contrary to reports, Dr Luncheon is said to be recovering well, she told Guyana Times in an invited comment. “Some people want to bury Dr Luncheon before

his time,” the Presidential Advisor said. While admitting that Dr Luncheon is sick, she maintained that the Cabinet Secretary is recovering. “Dr Luncheon is not dying, he just has some health issues and he is working with his doctors,” the Presidential Advisor added, noting that the People Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) administration is receiving regular updates on his health status. He is reportedly working from his residence in accordance with his job portfolio. When questioned about his post as Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), Teixeira said there is currently an acting chairperson. That person will work in that capacity until Dr Luncheon fully recovers. The Head of the Presidential Secretariat has been unwell for the past month. He is reportedly receiving medical attention at his home.

11 News Seelall Persaud now acting Police Chief

tuesday, april 1, 2014

– absence of service commissions holds up substantive appointment


etired Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell on Monday officially handed over duties to Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud, the longstanding Crime Chief. This was confirmed by Police Spokesman Ivelaw Whittaker, who said the handing over was done at a brief ceremony on Monday morning. Brumell, whose time as Commissioner officially ended in February, was asked to stay on for one month to facilitate a smooth transition. During that period, Brumell was tasked with ensuring that Persaud was au fait with the force’s operations and more so, as comfortable as possible with the helm. Ever since the announcement of Brumell’s retirement, Persaud, 50, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management and a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Studies from the University of Guyana

President Donald Ramotar had written him on an aspect of the Commissioner’s appointment but before this is done, there has to be consultations between the Government and the Opposition.

Acting Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud

Retired Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell

(UG), has been listed as the most suitable successor. His post as Crime Chief has been taken up by his deputy, Winston Cosbert, who also moved to his new location, Police Headquarters on Monday morning. Now that Persaud has been appointed the acting Police Commissioner, a substantive appointment can only

be done upon the reconstitution of the Police Service Commission and the Public Service Commission. Speaking on the issue, in a telephone interview on Monday, Opposition Leader David Granger told Guyana Times that the appointment of the new Commissioner of Police is hindered by the absence of the two commissions. Granger confirmed that

Constitutional conditions He said that while there has been an attempt to have talks about the appointment, the constitutional conditions have to be met. In addition, he posited that the Government can go ahead and appoint an acting Police Commissioner but reiterated that the substantive appointment has to be done with both the Police Service Commission and Public Service Commission intact. When asked about the substantive appointment, Subject Minister Clement Rohee concurred that the appointment of any disciplinary post has to be done through the Office of the President. Brumell’s retirement

comes at a critical time, especially with the preretirement of three commanders coming into effect, but Rohee said the void will be filled with competent members within the divisions. He said that while the situation is not reversible, the Police Force will not collapse. On Friday last, Brumell bade farewell to the Guyana Police Force with a very emotional send-off at the Eve Leary Sports Complex. Brumell was appointed in October last year. He served the Guyana Police Force for some 36 years in various departments and Divisions. In his speech, he said his long and rewarding years of service to the noble organisation has ended with him spending two and a half years in the highest office within the Force. He said his journey was not an easy one since he had gained and lost many friends. The outgoing Police Commissioner opined that over the years, the Police Force has changed drastical-

ly and has lost its pride and honour. “The honour of distinction of being an officer, male and female, has fallen. No longer is an officer respected in society; no longer is he trusted; no longer is our uniform worn with pride. I envision a Guyana Police Force where we would return to our founding principles to ‘Protect and Serve’ and to regain the trust of you (members of the public).” He noted that efforts have been made to reverse this deterioration and make the Guyana Police Force more efficient and community-friendly with a series of training courses. One of the legacies of the former police commissioner is the formation of the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Unit which he described as a new breed of officers who will be tasked with maintaining law and order and suppressing any activities that threaten the country’s safety.

GWI urges patience amid inconvenience caused by rehab project to the fact that three to four feet of road have been dug up and not repaired, the streets have become very narrow resulting in vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians competing for the limited space available.



One of the areas in which works are being carried out by Guyana Water Inc

ngoing rehabilitation works on the Georgetown sewerage system has left several streets in the city in a state of disrepair and though the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has acknowledged its responsibility to recap the damaged roads, the patchy work done so far has been a source of distress to some citizens. Some weeks ago, GWI had issued a public advisory that it would be conducting pipe-laying exercises in certain areas in Georgetown and citizens should be prepared to face some amount of inconvenience. What citizens in these areas were not prepared for, however, was the extent of the inconvenience that they have had to endure. The roads have thus far been broken, dug up and filled with sand and loam. Several loads of sand have been dumped at intervals along the parapets of the frequently used roadways resulting in a build-up of traffic and delays every day. Guyana Times visited several of the areas in which work was being carried out and it was observed that excavators have been digging up and placing huge piles of mud and dirt onto the roads and parapets. This adds up to huge quantities of sand, dust and dried mud on the roadways which now resemble rural backdams more

than city streets. Drivers complained that clouds of dust, sand and dried mud sweep into their cars as they traverse the streets. Neighbouring homes and businesses as well as passersby suffer the same fate.

Clouds of dust and particles

Before the digging of the roads commenced, the workers, who are employees of the sub-contractor, Nabi & Sons, engaged in a roadcutting exercise with a huge machine, which can best be described as a giant angle grinder. This machine had no shield or protection on it, and, as it reportedly cut into the road, clouds of dust and particles were sent flying as far as 20 to 30 feet away. The parapets on both sides of the road are badly damaged with huge piles of building and waste material, which will eventually prevent the drainage of water during heavy rainfall, into the drains. In addition, the huge tyres of the trucks and the heavyduty equipment have left craters in the parapets and it is now impossible for cars to be parked there. This dreadful situation is particularly evident in Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg; New Market Street, North Cummingsburg and Barrack Street, Kingston where road works were recently done. Owing

There is also existing danger for users of the roadways, as the sand and loam are eroding from the areas which were filled with those materials, resulting in depressions and drivers of vehicles now have to be particularly careful when using these streets. For example, driving south along Carmichael Street, as you reach the intersection with Quamina Street which was dug up and replaced with sand, a distinct depression in the road can be seen and this poses grave danger to road users. During the road works, the bridges of some citizens have been broken to accommodate the works. GWI has not advised citizens whether these bridges will be repaired by them. One city resident told Guyana Times that there was a time when such works on the roads would be preceded by trucks with water sprinklers to minimise the inconvenience to citizens.  However, this is no longer done and is further evidence of the continuing disregard for the welfare of citizens. One man who identified himself only as Orlando expressed his frustration at the situation, stating that while he understands that the utility company must do its job and the road works are in the interest of citizens, proper measures could have been taken to reduce the inconvenience that must be tolerated. “Every day, you have to travel to Georgetown to go to work and because of these works, you are stuck in traffic for hours. Even when there is no traffic, you have to contend with the damaged roadways and be very careful in

how and where you are driving. Secondly, in the very same way that an initial advisory was given to the public that there would be a pipe-laying exercise in certain areas, they could have spoken to citizens or issue follow-up advisories on exactly what was to be expected, what measures would be taken to fix the roads and parapets and what, if anything at all, will be done to remove the excess sand and mud,” he related.

Advisories issued

GWI Public Relations Officer Timothy Austin stated that the company had published advisories in all sections of the media

He related that the agency and by extension, the contractors are obligated by law and regulation to repair any damage which they incur during the process. ‘So, yes, all repairs will be made at the end of the process,” he reiterated. A senior engineer at the Public Works Ministry, Khiraj Bissessar told this publication that the Ministry was aware of the project and was aware of the inconvenience that would have arisen from the venture. He noted that before the venture had begun, the water company had informed the Ministry and was given the go-ahead for the project with the agreement that the agency,

One of the many depressions which were observed in Light Street where works are currently ongoing

and had warned that those traversing the areas where works are undergoing would be inconvenienced. Additionally, he related that the sand and loam fillings were only temporary measures taken by the water agency to ensure that the streets can still be used by citizens. “We are laying pipelines for the benefit of citizens and the streets and roads will be recapped when the works are finished. As of right now, works are still ongoing and it does not make any sense for us to do permanent recapping when we are not finished,” he emphasised.

through its contractor, will resurface and recap all damaged roads and bridges after the works would have been completed. “It was with this agreement that the project began and once it is completed, the agency will be standing the expense of resurfacing the roads. It is not the responsibility of the Public Works Ministry, but rather it is the responsibility of the Guyana Water Inc,” he related. The pipe-laying exercise is expected to last until the last quarter of this year and the agency is asking citizens to be tolerant of the process until then.

12 news

tuesday, april 1, 2014 |

$226M allocation to NIS to CPOG thankful for budgetary keep it alive – President allocation


he $226 million allocated to the ailing National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in this year’s budget is to assist the company in improving its efficiency and sustainability. That is according to President Donald Ramotar, who met with journalists last Thursday to discuss issues arising from the budget. Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh presented the nation’s financial plan on Monday, including the hefty distribution to the company, a whooping $116 million increase, when compared to the allocation it received in 2013. President Ramotar noted that while the insurance company remains “liquid”, Government still sees the need to render assistance “We know last year for the first time, its payout was more than its revenue, so those are things we have to take into consideration, because we have to prepare the NIS to be there forever," the Head of State declared. Ramotar said a significant portion of the funds will also be used to offset costs for research, which he hopes will help the company with a restorative plan. That plan, he said, should include new and improved policies and proposed ways of broadening the company’s net.

Financial woes

Chairman of the NIS Board and Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, last year acknowledged that the insurance company was experiencing financial woes; however, he cautioned that the situation had not yet evolved into a crisis. The company had complained of it not yet receiving the $5.2 billion that was pumped into the now liquidated in-

President Donald Ramotar

surance company CLICO. It also received a bashing from the Opposition last year for taking a huge risk in investing in the Berbice River Bridge project. A Partnership for National Unity had posited that the answer to NIS financial problems was reformation. In supporting the coalition’s call for reformation, Opposition Leader David Granger had said Government should swiftly implement the recommendations listed in the eighth actuarial review in 2011. However, Dr Luncheon had rejected this recommendation, saying stakeholders could not readily accept the proposal. The NIS operates out of 14 offices across the country, providing social security to more than 45,000 pensioners and medical insurance for thousands of Guyanese in the workforce.

Increase in pension

Late last year, NIS announced an increase in its new minimum pension. In his budget presentation, Dr Singh addressed the coun-

try’s insurance industry. He reported that despite the significantly negative impact on the industry’s financial potency after the collapse of CLICO in 2008, it has rebounded successfully. He said the recovery of the industry was evident by the significant increase in assets, capital and net premiums from the amounts reported in 2008 when the CLICO crisis hit the industry. For the year ended 2013, the insurance sector was adequately capitalised in keeping with the requirements of the Insurance Act 1998. Both the long-term and general insurance sectors had assets in excess of liabilities by 72.3 per cent and 103.8 per cent respectively. “This was complemented by the sectors’ ability to meet their expenses from growth in net premiums. As a result of the industry’s 2013 performance, positive growth in assets, capital, and net premiums are also projected for the year 2014,” Minister Singh said. He continued that the industry’s capital had recorded a positive rebound after the CLICO debacle, showing an increase of 115 per cent above the $11.3 billion recorded at the end of 2008 to $24.3 billion. Singh said the insurance sector is presently quite solvent and stable, even though the concentration of assets primarily involves only few companies. He noted that the systemic failures by CLICO have reinforced the need for enhanced regulation in the insurance sector. He pointed out that the drafting of the new Insurance Act and attendant regulations were currently being finalised. It is anticipated that the act would become law by the end of 2014.

Members of community policing groups on parade to mark their 36th anniversary last year


he Community Policing Organisation of Guyana (CPOG) has expressed gratitude to the Government for the $413 million allocated in the 2014 budget to boost its operations. According to the CPOG, the sum will provide additional and necessary resources mainly to groups and divisions to further enhance efforts in providing security and other services to communities. This allocation has significantly increased from the sum of $19.5 million, which was allocated in 2013. This has come at a time when the CPOG is in the process of restructuring the national approach by dividing traditional police divisions into (smaller) community policing divisions. “This is to reduce the

span of control of the divisional executives, resulting in greater efficiency within divisions. “This budgetary allocation will enable the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide more vehicles and equipment as well as additional training to members of the CPOG,” the release concluded. Community policing in Guyana commenced in the year 1976, with the objective to harness the energies of willing members of communities across Guyana in support of the work of the police; to achieve a crime-free society; and to be responsive, together with the police to the needs of the communities in respect of maintenance of law and order. Later the objectives were expanded to embrace development of youth clubs,

FFTP donates medical items to Health Ministry

Angels of Hope Programme gets boost

Electronics City General Manager, Radica Ramdeen hands over the shoes to FFTP Public Relations Manager Wayne Hamilton


lectronics City recently donated a quantity of shoes to Food For The Poor (FFTP) Guyana Incorporated to be distributed to the various children’s homes under the Angels of Hope Programme. The store’s General

Manager, Radica Ramdeen, said she was honoured to make the donation on behalf of the company as they were aware of what it was to be poor. She stated that the test of progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much,

but if we provide enough for those who have little. In closing, she remarked that Electronics City’s contribution to the FFTP will certainly not end with the donation of the shoes. In accepting the items on behalf of the FFTP, its Public Relations Manager Wayne Hamilton, thanked the company for its initiative in partnering with the FFTP to make life more comfortable for the children. He reiterated the non-governmental organisation’s commitment of assisting the underprivileged in our midst. Through its Angels of Hope programme, the FFTP provides support for orphan children. Persons interested in assisting the FFTP in its noble quest can contact the charitable organisation at 1999-2002 Blue Mountain Road, Festival City, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown or on 592-218-1553 (tel); 592218-1544 (fax), or at pr@ and

health consciousness, road safety, environmental enhancement and any other activities of benefit to the community. The membership of CPOG currently consists of 268 groups with 4244 members. Over the years, members were exposed to training in policing, administration, domestic violence, trafficking in persons, interpersonal violence, fire-fighting, road safety and First Aid Last year, the CPOG split the police division into smaller community policing divisions, revised the electoral processes for the election of divisional and national community policing executives, provided uniforms and vehicles to all community policing groups as well as safer vessels for river patrols.

Dr Rehad Rahman, on behalf of the Health Ministry, receives the donation from FFTP Public Relations Manager Wayne Hamilton. Some of the items are visible in the background


ood For The Poor (FFTP) Guyana Incorporated recently donated a variety of medical supplies and equipment to the Health Ministry for distribution to various hospitals and health centres throughout

the country. Dr Rehad Rahman, Director of the Health Ministry’s Vector Control Unit Malaria Department, received the items from FFTP Public Relations Manager Wayne Hamilton in a simple handing-over

ceremony. Some of the items handed over include oxygen tank holders, gurneys, stretchers, examination tables, and other medical accessories. In thanking the FFTP for the donation, Dr Rahman said the items would be of tremendous help to the poor who are unable to access the facilities of the private medical institutions. He said he would ensure that the less fortunate benefit from the donation and lauded the organisation for its continuous assistance to the poor. In his remarks, the FFTP Public Relations Manager noted that the entity was cognisant of the medical needs of the poor. Hamilton stressed that the non-governmental organisation was always willing to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate. The Linden Hospital Complex; East Demerara Regional Hospital, commonly called the Diamond Hospital; and West Demerara Regional Hospital are a few of the health facilities to benefit from FFTP’s benevolence.



tuesday, April 1, 2014 |

Ramkarran harbouring Scott urges re-crafting of budget “residual bitterness” A – source close to Jagdeo BY: JOMO PAUL

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo



x-People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Executive Member Ralph Ramkarran could still be harbouring “residual bitterness”, since he did not receive Jagdeo’s support for the presidential candidate’s post of the governing party back in 2011, a source close to the former President has said. A series of public statements have been made by a number of Opposition politicians and others following an article published by this newspaper, which released the findings of a ‘secret’ poll conducted recently by the combined Opposition. The poll found that the former President would be the most formidable candidate were the PPP/C to head to any snap elections now or in the near future. However, the poll further revealed that current President Donald Ramotar was also a top candidate should there be general elections. Ramkarran was the most recent political commentator to add his views. The source, who spoke exclusively with Guyana Times, noted that

the former Speaker appears to be still recovering from his failure to muster enough party support to run as the PPP/C’s presidential candidate in the last elections. “This is probably another attempt by Ramkarran to find favour with the current Government,” the source said in an invited comment on the matter. “Or it could very well be a case of quid pro quo by Ramkarran in his Conversation Tree column, which was picked up on by other sections of the press.” The source said, too, that given the current court proceedings surrounding fraud in which Ramkarran is embroiled, he would need Government’s support if the legal process does not end in his favour. The source also said that since, the Guyana Times, and later the Guyana Chronicle, reported on the combined Opposition’s poll, many have sought to speculate whether or not Jagdeo is seeking a third term “with no basis for their claims”.

For Change (AFC), four per cent. In the second, their support would rise marginally to 38 per cent for APNU and to five per cent for AFC, giving the PPP/C clear victory whether it is Jagdeo or Ramotar. In both instances, APNU’s presidential candidate identified on the poll was present Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), David Granger. The Opposition source, who provided Guyana Times with the polling data, said the Granger faction of the PNCR absolutely refused to place Carl Greenidge as a pos-


This newspaper understands that the ‘secret’ poll was conducted by the combined Opposition to test support for Ramotar and Jagdeo ahead of any possible election the Government could call. The findings of the ‘secret’ poll published by this newspaper may have clearly exposed the combined Opposition’s insecurity regarding any snap election called by the Government. If Ramotar were the candidate, the PPP/C would still emerge victorious in securing the Presidency/ Executive with 45 per cent of the votes. In the first instance, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) would secure 37 per cent of the vote and the Alliance

Ralph Ramkarran

sible candidate on the poll. The two have been locked in a bitter battle for control of the PNCR. The combined Opposition might have floated the name of Jagdeo as a candidate, even though he has indicated he would not be seeking a third term, to discern whether support for a Ramotar candidacy was “soft”. The results show that this was not significantly so. The Guyana Times source again confirmed that former President Jagdeo is not interested in a third term of office and that he may soon be making a public statement.

Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament (MP) Keith Scott on Monday called for a redrafting of the $220 billion budget, which he described as “fluff” as the 2014 debates got underway. Speaking just after his fellow parliamentarian and Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, Scott in his presentation challenged the Government to present the estimates when it is redrafted “without the active involvement” of the Opposition. Government has said that the Opposition blew their chances for consultation with a lot of dithering by Greenidge when it was time for meetings with him and Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh. Scott told the House that the People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is of the opinion that, their party alone can develop the country, an idea which he starkly opposed, contending that APNU has the best interests of the country at heart. He then opined that the APNU was not in the House to “quarrel” about the budget, but rather to urge the Government to return to the collective bargaining table. “It is not that we are against it, we want to see Guyana move forward,” posited the Member of Parliament, adding: “We are not attacking for the sake of attacking, but rather because the party has the nation’s best interest at heart.” He further maintained that it is not within the Constitution of Guyana for the Opposition to present a counter budget to the National Assembly, but rather to scrutinise projects that would have been presented to the National Assembly by the Government. “That is not the job of the Opposition, it is the role and duty of the Finance Minister

APNU MP Keith Scott making a point during his presentation

and Government to come to us with projects, our job is to help them, to point out the areas where it can be improved, and that is exactly what we do when we stand up and talk,” said Scott. The APNU MP further made reference to the apparent silence from members of the National Assembly on the budget, stating that “the sustained and unusual silence indicates a mighty struggle” within the confines of Parliament. “The Finance Minister himself is a victim of the somnolent mood that he had introduced in his budget titled ‘A Better Budget For All Guyanese’, when in fact, he really meant to use the APNU’s manifesto’s title and put ‘A Good Life For All Guyanese’,” Scott posited.

No hand in crafting

He then went on to elaborate on the initial position taken by APNU at the conclusion of the budget presentation by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, last Monday, questioning “how can you expect us to endorse something that we had no hand in crafting?” adding: “They seek to loft us with this budget that offers no relief to the poor, no increase for workers and no vision for good and accountable governance.” He maintained that billions of dollars allocated

to varying projects in the budget can be redirected to other areas where the need for the resources is greater. “Billions can be redirected and channelled in such a way that workers can live comfortably.” Scott further noted that the hefty sums of monies that have been given to the sugar industry and Guyana Power and Light Corporation were not a necessary measure, indicating that these agencies in fact needed to be transformed in that they should be “depoliticised”. He further referred to the proposals as “giving away taxpayers monies”. He then effectively compared the difference in allocations between the sugar industry, the rice sector and GPL, noting that rice which has been considerably successful over the years, has only been given $500 million. “Are we that rich to give handouts to GPL and not to rice?” Scott questioned. He noted that it was widely reported that APNU had suggested that the sugar industry be closed down, when in fact he related, the party merely called for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to diversify its operations. “The APNU is as committed to the survival of sugar as any PPP Government,” he contended.

Conservation International officials call on President


team of high-level officials from Conservation International (CI), along with CI Guyana Vice President David Singh, paid a courtesy call on President Donald Ramotar on Monday. Speaking to the Government Information Agency (GINA), CI Chief Operating Officer Niels Crone said they were pleasantly surprised at how much the Head of State knew about the operations of CI, and how the work that is done by this organisation fits into Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). The organisation’s Vice President of the Americas Fabio Rubio Scarano and Vice President Policy Americas Division Lisa Famolare comprised the rest of the team which will spend five days meeting stakeholders and conducting field visits to various conserva-

tion sites. This evening there will be a special screening of Guyana’s Green Gold, a documentary on the indigenous community of Surama in the Rupununi Savannahs. The short feature film will showcase the efforts of the community to participate in the LCDS programme through community-based tourism activities for sustainable livelihood and further development. CI is a non-profit environmental organisation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The organisation’s mission is to protect nature, and its biodiversity, for the benefit of humanity. It has more than 900 employees, more than 30 global offices, and more than 1000 partners around the world. Since its inception in 1987, CI has contributed to the protection of more than 260 mil- President Donald Ramotar with the visiting Conservation International officials. Also in photo, from left are: Head of the Office of Climate Change Shyam Nokta and CI Guyana Vice President David Singh lion acres of land and sea.


tuesday, april1, 2014


Venezuelan forces “clear” protest Mexico vigilante leader accused of murder city of San Cristobal

Many of the main streets in San Cristobal had been blocked by barricades


top Venezuelan Military Commander said the security forces have retaken control of the streets in the western city of San Cristobal. Many of the city’s roads had been blocked by barricades erected as part of anti-Government protests. The wave of demonstrations, which started in San Cristobal almost two months ago, has since spread to the capital, Caracas, and other cities. At least 39 people have been killed in protestrelated violence. The Head of the National Armed Forces Strategic Operational Command, General Vladimir Padrino,

said the police and the National Guard had “ended the curfew imposed by terrorists”. General Padrino said no one had been hurt in the operation to clear the barricades in avenues Carabobo, Ferrero Tamayo and Espana. The Governor of Tachira state, where San Cristobal is located, welcomed the operation. Governor Jose Vielma Mora of the governing PSUV party said “the best present we can give to San Cristobal is the return of our children to school and of our good people to work”. The Mayor of San

Cristobal, Daniel Ceballos of the Opposition Popular Will party, was removed from office and sentenced last week to 12 months in prison for failing to order the removal of the barricades. Venezuela’s Supreme Court ruled that Ceballos had not only failed to guarantee public order, but had lent his support to groups engaging in violent protests.

Growing dissent

The current wave of unrest started in San Cristobal on February 4, when students took to the streets to protest against the alleged attempted rape of a university student.

After the arrest of dozens of student leaders, the protests spread to Caracas and were joined by Venezuelans disgruntled by the country’s high homicide rate, skyrocketing inflation, and frequent shortages of staple foods. There have been almost daily demonstrations since, mainly in San Cristobal and Caracas, but also in other cities, such as Valencia and Merida. At least 39 people, among them both Government and Opposition supporters, have died in incidents linked to the protests. The Government says “fascists” backed by foreign agents are behind the unrest, while the Opposition accuses the security forces of using excessive force. Attorney General Luis Ortega said on Friday that her office was investigating 81 cases of alleged human rights violations. She said 17 police and military officers had been detained in connection with the allegations. The demonstrations are the largest in a decade and many of the protesters say they will not give up until the Government resigns. Government supporters have also been holding rallies to show their backing of President Nicolas Maduro and his Administration. (BBC


exican authorities have arrested a vigilante leader in the state of Michoacan, accusing him of ordering the death of a rival Mayor who opposed vigilante groups. Security officials for the western state said on Monday that Enrique Hernandez Salcedo, from Yurecuaro, had been arrested over the March 22 killing of Gustavo Garibay, the Mayor of nearby Tanhuato. Authorities believe Garibay was shot dead due to his opposition to the presence of vigilantes – armed self-defence groups established to fight the Knights Templar drug cartel. Three of the gunmen told investigators that they committed the crime under “the instructions of their leader Enrique Hernandez Salcedo”, according to Alfredo Castillo, Michaocan’s federal security commissioner. More than 50 vigilantes have now been arrested in the state for committing various crimes.

Authorities also arrested one of the most high-profile vigilante leaders, Hipolito Mora, earlier in March on charges of planning the double murder of two fellow militiamen. Mora organised one of Michoacan’s first vigilante forces in his hometown of La Ruana in February 2013 to combat the Knights Templar cartel, which had been terrorising communities. The self-defence militias grew and eventually took control of security in about 20 towns and joined forces with federal authorities earlier this year. The vigilantes say they have 20,000 people in their ranks. And Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s President, has deployed nearly 10,000 troops and federal police to take control of security in the agricultural state. The Government legalised vigilante groups in January by offering to fold them into a “rural defence corps” under the army. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Brazil’s President remembers coup victims 50 years on


TT Minister resigns amid assault probe


rinidad and Tobago’s Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma has stepped down as police investigate assault allegations made against him by a former girlfriend. Sharma is accused of physically assaulting the woman in a shopping mall’s parking lot March 12. Accuser Sacha Singh says Sharma shoved her during an argument. She claims she suffered a mild concussion after hitting her

head on a parked car. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said Monday she had accepted Sharma’s resignation. She instructed the country’s Governor General to revoke his appointment as Tourism Minister. Sharma’s resignation comes a week after the Minister of People and Social Development was fired for behaving aggressively toward a flight attendant.

Persad-Bissessar, in her statement announcing her acceptance of the resignation, said: “There has been some discussion on the number of times changes have been made in my Cabinet. I say that is a measurement of my commitment to maintaining the high ideals upon which we were elected. “I am not swayed by any other consideration other than that which is right and honourable. Each member of my Administration must be

mindful that we are held to different, higher standards than ever before, even by those who are our most bitter critics. There is no privileged escape, no allowance for arrogance, no forgiveness for indiscretion. Those days are gone, such compromise has expired. The responsible leadership which we promised to usher in a dawn of a new era is the new political currency.” (Excerpted from and TT Guardian)

No place for Govt in bedrooms — Jamaican Senator

Senator Noel Sloley


overnment Senator Noel Sloley has slapped an Opposition colleague’s proposal to restrict adults to having two children, arguing that the State has no

business dictating people’s bedroom activities. However, Sloley said that the statements by Opposition Senator Ruel Reid have returned the issue of planned parenthood

to the realm of public discussion. Reid drew criticism after stating in his contribution to the State of the Nation Debate in the Upper House, several weeks ago, that he was not averse to a policy restriction of two children per adult. The Jamaica College Principal argued then that the fact that almost 50 per cent of children are dependent on Government benefits was testament that persons were having children they cannot afford to support financially. But Sloley, in closing the State of the Nation Debate last Friday, said the Government would not be venturing into those waters.

“Senator Reid, you paid quite a price for saying you were going to be controversial. And controversial you were by bringing the State into the activities of the bedroom. While Government has a role to educate, we all can agree that, in this instance, to mandate or to compel is not what we are about,” Sloley said. Still, Sloley admitted that the issue fuelling Reid’s proposal was valid. “The problem you spoke about is real, as teens who should be in school are becoming mothers, and many of our less fortunate are having multiple births,” Sloley noted. (Excerpt from Jamaica


President Dilma Rousseff herself spent two years in jail for opposing the military government


razil’s President Dilma Rousseff has said the atrocities committed during 21 years of military dictatorship in the country must never be forgotten. A day before the 50th anniversary of the 1964 coup, she said Brazil was able to bear the wounds it had suffered because it was now a “solid democracy”. Her Government also issued an apology to the victims of military rule. Some 500 people disappeared or were killed after the coup. Thousands more were detained, including Rousseff. She spent two years in jail for opposing the military Government which was established after the overthrow of President Joao Goulart. At a news conference in the capital Brasilia on Monday, Rousseff said: “Our present day requires that we remember and speak about what happened.”

“We owe this to those who died and disappeared, owe it to those who were tortured and persecuted, owe it to their families. We owe it to all Brazilians,” she added. “Today we look at this period and learn from it, because we’ve overcome it.” Separately, Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo issued an official apology to the victims of the military Government. “[Previous] Ministers of Justice said for a long time that they had nothing to declare, [but] today the Minister of Justice apologises on behalf of the Brazilian Government, of the Brazilian people, for what was done during the dictatorship, for the deaths, for the torture,” Cardozo said. In 2012, President Rousseff established a truth commission to investigate abuses, including those committed during military rule. (Excerpt from BBC News)

15 Around the world tuesday, april 1, 2014

Russia in “partial” border pullout Climate inaction to be

Russia has said the troops deployed along its border with Ukraine are taking part in military exercises


ussian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a “partial withdrawal” of troops from the border with Ukraine, the German Government has said. Putin informed Chancellor Angela Merkel of the move in a telephone conversation, according to her office. Thousands of Russian soldiers are still said to be deployed along the border. Earlier, Ukraine condemned a visit to Crimea by Russia’s Prime Minister

Dmitry Medvedev and a delegation of Government Ministers. A Foreign Ministry Spokesman in Kiev said the highest-level trip to the Black Sea peninsula by officials from Moscow since its annexation by Russia was a “crude violation” of international rules. A note protesting the presence of an official in “the territory of another state without preliminary agreement” had been sent, he added Crimeans voted to leave

Ukraine for Russia on March 16, in a referendum condemned as illegal by the United Nations General Assembly. Medvedev announced that he would make Crimea a special economic zone, with tax breaks and reduced bureaucracy to attract investors. He also vowed to quickly boost salaries and pensions, and to improve education, healthcare and local infrastructure. Tensions between Russia and the West rose after the overthrow of pro-Kremlin Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February, following months of street protests. Russia’s subsequent decision to annex Crimea triggered a crisis in relations. The United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions on members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and other officials. Russia has retaliated with its own sanctions on U.S. lawmakers. (Excerpt from

BBC News)


Some impacts of climate change include a higher risk of flooding and changes to crop yields and water availability


he costs of inaction on climate change will be “catastrophic”, according to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry was responding to a major report by the United Nations which described the impacts of global warming as “severe, pervasive and irreversible”. He said dramatic and swift action was required to tackle the threats posed by a rapidly changing climate. Our health, homes, food,

and safety are all likely to be threatened by rising temperatures, the report says. Scientists and officials meeting in Japan say the document is the most comprehensive assessment to date of the impacts of climate change on the world. In a statement, Kerry said: “Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy. Denial of the science is malprac-

tice. “There are those who say we can’t afford to act. But waiting is truly unaffordable. The costs of inaction are catastrophic.” R a j e n d r a Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which produced the report, told BBC News: “Even in rich countries, the impacts of climate change could lead to greater incidence of pockets of poverty, even in rich countries could lead to impoverishment of some particular communities. “However, there is an equity issue, because some of the poorest communities in the poorest countries in the world are going to be the worst hit.” Some impacts of climate change include a higher risk of flooding and changes to crop yields and water availability. Humans may be able to adapt to some of these changes, but only within limits. (Excerpt from BBC News)

China summons U.S. Ambassador to Kerry in critical bid Manila envoy India resigns after for Middle East peace over South China diplomatic row T Sea legal case


hina summoned the Philippines Ambassador on Monday to lodge a strong complaint over Manila’s seeking of international arbitration in a festering territorial dispute over the South China Sea. The Philippines filed the case against China on Sunday at an arbitration tribunal in The Hague, subjecting Beijing to international legal scrutiny over the waters for the first time. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told the Philippines’ Ambassador that Beijing was “extremely dissatisfied and resolutely opposed” to the case Manila had brought to The Hague, repeating that China did not accept it and would not par-

ticipate. “The Philippines forcing of international arbitration is not conducive towards resolving the Sino-Philippine dispute over the South China Sea,” the Foreign Ministry cited Liu as saying. The case would not shake China’s resolve to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Liu added. The only way to address the issue was through bilateral talks, he said, repeating another of China’s standard lines. At the weekend, a Philippine vessel delivered food, water, and troops to the Second Thomas Shoal, an atoll, evading two Chinese coastguard ships trying to block its path.(Excerpt from Reuters)


he United States Ambassador to India has resigned following a row over the arrest of a junior Indian diplomat in New York that pushed relations between the world’s biggest democracies to their lowest ebb in more than a decade. U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf denied on Monday that Nancy Powell’s resignation was related to ongoing tensions after the December arrest and subsequent strip search of the Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade. But analysts said it was clear the position of Powell, a career diplomat who has held several postings in South Asia and became the Ambassador to India in 2012, had become

untenable as a result of the affair. The United States sees India as a natural ally on a range of issues and a potential counterbalance to China in Asia. In 2010, President Barack Obama declared that the U.S.Indian relationship would be “one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century”. Many Indian officials felt Powell had mishandled the case, which was related to the low wages that Khobragade paid a domestic worker. Both the Indian Government and Narendra Modi, the Opposition candidate who is favourite to become India’s next Prime Minister after elections that end in May, saw the arrest as U.S. hypocrisy and arrogance. (Excerpt from Reuters)

he U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has returned to the Middle East to try to salvage peace talks brought to the brink of collapse due to a dispute over the release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel. Kerry was holding latenight talks with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem on Monday evening. However, he has not met the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, speaking instead to the Chief Palestinian Negotiator, Saeb Erekat, in Jerusalem. It was not clear whether a meeting with Abbas was scheduled for today. Kerry flew in from Paris for what was expected to be little more than a 15-hour visit to push both sides to resolve a lingering dispute over Palestinian prisoners which threatens to derail

the negotiations ahead of an April 29 deadline. Israel has refused to free a group of 26 Palestinian prisoners, as outlined in an agreement which brought the sides back to negotiations in July 2013. Palestinian officials gave warning it could end the talks unless Israel changes its stance on the prisoner releases. “If we don’t get an answer from John Kerry on the prisoners tonight, we’ll begin to ask for membership in all UN agencies tomorrow,” Palestinian Member of Parliament Mustafa Barghuti told the AFP news agency after a meeting in Ramallah on Monday. U.S. officials said Washington has been talking to Israel about the possibility of releasing the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, early from his life sentence as an incentive. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Boy, two, dials 999 to save mom


two-year-old English boy has been praised for saving his mother’s life by dialling 999 after she collapsed. East Midlands Ambulance Service said Riley Ward told operators “mummy’s asleep”. Paramedics rushed to the house in Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, and took his mom to hospital for emergency surgery for a blood clot. He has now been awarded for his brave actions by the service who believe he is their youngest ever caller. His mum, Dana Henry,

described him as “mummy’s little hero”. The 27-year-old, who lives with her partner Rob Ward, said: “Rob was just as surprised as I was when we realised Riley had dialled 999. “We had drilled it into both of our children since they were old enough to understand numbers. “They know that if mummy and daddy are poorly and they can’t wake us up, they should dial 999.” She added: “It made me really proud that Riley knew what to do, we knew

he remembered 999, but were so shocked that he was able to put it into action.” Speaking of the day she collapsed, Henry said: “All I remember is the room getting smaller and smaller and then I opened my eyes when I heard a police officer trying to kick my door down. “When I gained consciousness, I could see that Riley was sat on his toy box looking out of the window at the flashing blue lights. “I managed to get up and open the door but then collapsed again.” (Excerpt from BBC News)

The 999 call Riley Ward, two, pictured with his mother, made to emergency services was released by the service

16 news

tuesday, april 1, 2014|

Berbice teachers Lall unaware of state urged to be proper media shakeup role models


eaching Service Commission (TSC) Chairperson Leila Ramson turned up the steam on teachers in Region Six last week, calling on them to be a little more proactive in their approach to their job, while at the same time, encouraging them to become proper role models for their students. She made the call during a TSC outreach programme in the region. The outreach was aimed at improving the delivery of education to Guyana’s children. The fostering of a closer, cordial working relationship with all stakeholders, getting hands-on experiences on education in the region, informing stakeholders of TSC policies and guidelines, and the listening and responding to teachers’ concerns , were also among the objectives. The twoday outreach saw a total of 1500 teachers converging at the Berbice High School in New Amsterdam, and the JC Chandisingh and Tagore Memorial secondary schools on the Corentyne Coast. Addressing the large gathering, Ramson told teachers that they needed to conduct themselves in such a way that would garner the effortless respect of their pupils, parents, peers, and community. She noted that professionalism is based on a teacher’s competence and performance in the classroom, as well as his conduct on and off the campus. Ramson further encouraged that Standard English be spoken at all times, pointing out that they should make an extra effort to become passionate readers. “Readers are leaders,” she

declared. Ramson also addressed the professional development of teachers and their classroom duties. She emphasised on the consequences for teachers who attend attending the university without release. Teachers were reminded of their responsibility of giving homework assignments, correctly marking all the students’ written work, and ensuring that students are given their end-of-term reports. “All of these are important since parents and students need regular feedback in order to gauge progress.” The teachers while being commended for choosing the profession were urged to give of their best since their success is measured by the success of their students.


Reinforcing the critique was Commissioner Conrad Kendall, who strongly emphasised that discipline is the hallmark of effective teaching and learning. He highlighted the three major functions of the TSC are to appoint, to promote, and to discipline. He told the huge gatherings of the unacceptable growing number of infractions brought to the TSC against teachers. In view of these reports, he emphatically deliberated on the inadmissibility of improper conduct, inappropriate dress, neglect of duties, insubordination, inefficiency, disallowed corporal punishment, verbal and physical abuse of students and peers, sexual advancements and assault, irregularity and tardiness, and criminal matters that would require court action.

Office of the President, Public Information Coordinator Kellawan Lall

TSC Chairperson Leila Ramson

Another Commissioner Maydha Persaud, in his presentation, cited the Japanese proverb “Better than one thousand days of diligent study is one day with a good teacher”. He pointed out that a “good teacher” is one who instils confidence and makes learning a fascinating challenge. Persaud dealt with pertinent pedagogical areas, including senior promotion, transfers, resignation, retirement, and permission to leave the country, leave taking, records, timetabling, acting appointments, upgrading of status, and induction of new teachers. He, like his colleagues, reminded teachers that education is the most important ingredient in life and living. “When we teach, we teach the future”. Teachers were extremely grateful for the information received and many responded that it was new for them. Regions Two and Three had similar outreach programmes and Georgetown will soon benefit from the TSC outreach.

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at March 31, 2014 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana





















Indicators as on March 31, 2014 Live Spot Gold $1281.80



USD Per Once

$1282.80 $1299.00




London Gold Fix

Mar 25





1294.00 777.78 939.86

1291.75 776.43 936.59



1295.75 779.68 944.15

1294.75 777.77 941.43

President Jagdeo will not be running for the presidency in any elections in the future. He further stated that the party stands 100 per cent behind President Ramotar. The poll was conducted earlier this month, according to highly placed sources in the combined Opposition. Evidently worried that the Government would call snap election in response to their controversial stance on a host of issues, the combined Opposition rushed through their polling exercise even as their leaders fanned out on outreaches in PPP/C strongholds. Showing broadly similar results to the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) poll conducted several weeks before theirs, and which they attempted to discredit, the combined Opposition poll showed that in head-to-head contests, the PPP/C would win the elections with either Jagdeo or Ramotar as the presidential candidate.

Making the jump to self-employment



GINA head Neaz Subhan

Investors' guide

Market statistics U.S.


oordinator of Public Information in the Office of the President, Kellawan Lall said he is unaware of any moves to reform the state media, despite widespread reports that new managers are to be appointed. Lall, when contacted by Guyana Times on Monday said that he had no knowledge of the alleged impending reshuffling of state media personnel. However, reports reaching this newscast revealed that acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Network (NCN) Michael Gordon will early next month take up the mantle as General Manager of the Guyana Chronicle. Sources at NCN have hinted two possible replacements for Gordon. Guyana Times was reliably informed that head of the Government Information Agency (GINA) Neaz Subhan is likely to act as the new Chief Executive

Officer. There are also talks that current NCN Sales Manager Raymond Azeez may be offered the position. The shakeup at NCN came a few weeks after Chronicle’s Sunday Editor Linda Rutherford was reportedly demoted to acting editor by the Office of the President. Asked to comment on this, Lall told this publication that he was also unaware of Rutherford’s demotion. The Sunday Editor was allegedly stripped of her post after a story appeared on the front page of the state-owned newspaper, declaring that former President Bharrat Jagdeo was favoured as People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) presidential candidate. The article seemed to have caused some discord at the Office of the President. Officials within the PPP/C have maintained that the former President is not eligible to run for another term and that they are resolute in their support for President Donald Ramotar. The combined Opposition-sponsored poll had showed Ramotar as the most liked eligible presidential candidate should a snap election be called. The poll also revealed that former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who said he will not run again for the country’s top post, would have been the most formidable candidate to contest the elections. Speaking at a PPP/C news conference recently, party General Secretary and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee told media operatives that former

Indicators Crude Oil

Price Silver


US$ per barrel

$101.58 USD per Ounce

$19.86 $1413.00

Change %

-0.09 Change %

-0.06 +7.00


ou need to pre-plan how much you’ll need to have on hand to survive and grow the business until it becomes profitable. Then you’ll need a back-up plan in case success does not come in a timely manner. Many business models do not generate actual profits for the first few years of business, and is exactly why many people start a business while working part time to keep a steady income coming in.

Planning for the future

Last: 16457.66

Changes: +134.60

% Change: 0.82



Low: 16480.85

% YTD: +1.16

52Wk Hi:16588.25

52 Wk Lo: 14384.43

Ideally, you’ll want to create a business plan that somewhat determines where the business should be headed and how money factors into that plan. Even if you are young when you start out on your own, you’ll need to consider how you’ll save for the immediate future’s needs, like health insurance,

and for long-term needs, like retirement. Married couples may be able to organise a plan using the employment benefits of those still in a nine to five job, but it is essential to see the big picture when planning to start your journey of self-employment.

Coordinate a starting point

Because the financial ramifications of a failure can be too costly to consider, you may want to consider attempting a solo venture on a part-time basis. While you still receive a steady income from your employment, you can experiment with different business concepts until you feel secure enough to let go of the reliable job and its income. If part time is your choice, be sure to remain discreet as some employers may not be appreciative of your perceived moonlighting and may be apt to terminate

your reliable income.

Weigh the pros/cons

If you do plan on going part-time, make sure you consider that investment of time away from other things in your life (ie, family) as you work to manage two jobs. If you choose full time over a trial run, you will still be deeply involved in the start-up process which may require significant sacrifices of your ‘normal’ life. Weigh the pros and cons of handling all aspects of the business and the entrepreneurial life before making the commitment. Self-employment takes dedication and effort if you plan for success. There are many more opportunities today for those who want to work independently and earn a living doing something they genuinely enjoy. (Business Dictionary)



tuesday, april 1, 2014|

Bulkan accuses govt of undermining local authorities BY MICHAEL YOUNGE


here are systematic attempts to undermine the authority of local democratic organs across the country by subverting the constitutional power bestowed upon them to manage their affairs in an environment of autonomy and independence. This is the position of A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Shadow Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ronald Bulkan, who has declared that central Government’s “addition to control is immoral”. Bulkan was at the time speaking during day one of the debates on the 2014 $220 billion National Budget presented by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh in the National Assembly. He pointed to what he said was widespread corruption taking place in the local democratic system and the mismanagement as well as misuse of the public purse to give perks and other luxury vehicles to the appointed members of certain local democratic officers at the expense of the residents of the various regions and

APNU Shadow Local Government Minister Ronald Bulkan addressing the House

their elected officials. He disagreed that the budget addressed the core issues affecting the country’s poor, but argued that one must question whether it is the masses that would benefit from the huge budget this year or the “small cabal”. “The income and wealth disparity continues to widen within our society... the poor, both employed and un-

employed and are being left behind. This budget does not present a vision to correct the structural inbalance of our economy,” he opined. Turning his attention to the budgetary allocations under the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry, Bulkan argued that there was no provision made for the hosting of local government elections this year or for the stat-

utory Local Government Commission, which is to be set up and made operational following the passage of the relevant legislation by the Parliament last year. Moves in this direction, according to him, is awaiting a commencement order from the Local Government Minister. He posited that despite this dereliction of duty, it is the Central Government that continues to starve the

elected local organs across the country of the resources they need to function by delaying the hosting of local elections. Nonetheless, he argued that it was the Central Government that had the responsibility of providing the requisite resources to empower the 81 local democratic organs to carry out their constitutional duties as outlined in the laws of the country. These organs are made up of 10 Regional Democratic Councils, six municipalities and 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in existence across Guyana. “The role of this Ministry is to provide support to these 81 NDCs, not to suffocate them or undermine or marginalise them as is currently happening,” he said during the debates. Bulkan alleged that Central Government is using Regional Executive Officers and overseers to subvert the authority of these bodies. The APNU MP also said the $1 billion allocated in the national budget to run a countrywide cleanup campaign is another attempt to make these local organs look bad and to wres-

tle away their authority to manage the affairs of their communities. He criticised the budgetary allocations from 2012 ($278 million), 2013 ($325 million) and 2014 (333 million), which was set aside to cover current expenditure and employment costs for the Ministry’s main office, which was tasked with executing policies of the administration when local organs were not benefiting from a fraction of these amounts. The APNU MP said the Government had given overwhelming authority and exorbitant responsibilities to the Sea Defence Commission, National Drainage and Irrigation Authority, Lands and Survey, and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in local communities. “They exercise erroneous authority without any duty or obligation to consult with local democratic organs in dispensing national resources in local communities.” He also slammed the anti-littering regulations introduced by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry.

Litter Prevention Regulations

Derelict vehicles will be removed from public places T

he Litter Enforcement Regulations cater for the removal of derelict vehicles, which is a vehicle or part of a vehicle which has been abandoned because of its dilapidated condition. Of note is that a vehicle that does not carry a licence issued by the Licensing Authority will also be considered a derelict vehicle. In accordance with the Regulations, if any derelict vehicle should be left in a public place in such a way so as to cause defacement of that place,

the Local Authority, ie, Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC); Regional Democratic Council (RDC) or other relevant body, or a Litter Prevention Warden will give notice to the person who placed it there to have it removed within 48 hours. Litter Wardens also have the authority to remove derelict vehicles and recover the expenses for the removal from the defaulting person. After removal of the derelict vehicle, the Litter Warden can dispose of the vehicle in an appropriate

manner. If, after removal, but before disposal, a person can prove that he/she is the owner of the derelict vehicle, and he/she pays for the expenses incurred for the removal and storage, he/she will be allowed to remove the vehicle from the possession of the Local Authority/ Litter Warden. If a Litter Warden disposes of a derelict vehicle by selling it, and an individual can show that he/she is the owner of that vehicle within three months of the date

Failure to remove the derelict vehicle within the stated time will be considered a contravention of the law and will result in the guilty person being fined $30,000 and a further $5000 for every additional day that the vehicle is not removed. of its sale, that person will be compensated for the sale of the vehicle, as long as the amount that it was sold for is more than the cost for its removal, storage, and disposal. If it can be proved that more than one person owned a derelict vehicle at the time of its sale, the Local

Authority/Litter Warden will treat one or both persons as owners as he/she sees fit for the purpose of compensation. Avoid prosecution and enhance the aesthetics of your environment by removing all derelict vehicles from public places today! Visit

gy for a closer look at the Regulations. You can share your ideas and questions by sending letters to: “Our Earth, Our Environment”, C/O EIT Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Ganges Street, Sophia, Georgetown; or email us at


tuesday, april 1, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Interacting and socializing with clients and co-workers will help you gain valuable business connections. Consider taking in a sporting event, or devise your own friendly competition.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You’ll face opposition regarding a decision that changes the landscape at home or your workplace. You will win in the end, but don’t go over- budget if you want to avoid being ridiculed.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Whether you are involved in group functions or meetings, compromise will be the key. Get together with loved ones and plan a trip or activity that everyone will enjoy.



CANCER (June 21July 22) Widen your social circle. Get involved in group activities or a club. Your generous nature will be put to good use, and you will make some interesting new friends.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Now is a favourable time to make a move. Use every resource available to you. Interviews and employment possibilities will have positive results. You will impress others with your professional insight.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) You may be hardworking, but you need some recreation also. Mix business with pleasure and you’ll make new allies. Stimulate your creativity by exploring different cultures and customs.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

A new moneymaking opportunity will develop. Unexpected bills will be incentive for you to explore new possibilities that could help increase your earning potential.

It’s time for a change. If an emotional situation is causing you anxiety or headaches, consider moving on. Take a look at available real estate or a community that interests you.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your skills and knowledge should be put to better use. Finding ways to budget better and to increase your skills and talents will help you get ahead financially and ease stress.

Monday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Don’t let restlessness be your downfall. Use pent-up energy to make improvements to your home or self. Updating your image can provide you with the inspiration that you need to move forward.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Spice up your love life with a little romance. Whether you go dining, dancing or just stay at home, tune out any distractions and devote yourself to someone you enjoy being with.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) Strive to get into a position that allows you to help others. Use any chance you get to improve your professional relationships and gain respect. Offer assistance and you’ll get high returns.

sports 19


World Champs Windies ready for big game

tuesday, april 1, 2014

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Chris Gayle during practise session

the semis as well, and the message is just to go out and do well against Pakistan and make sure we get to the semis and take it from there. Tomorrow is a very important match for both teams, like it was against Australia, and hopefully we could repeat the same thing by winning.” Sammy spoke of the Windies’ game-plan to combat the strong Pakistani spin attack. “Whatever approach we come with, we definitely have to rotate the strike. It is something we’ve been working on and hopefully we can rotate the strike and get the boundaries in between, and play much better against spin than we’ve done in the past. “We’ve prepared ourselves, and we knew coming down to our fourth game it would be Pakistan and we knew exactly what we have to do, and spin is something that we have to conquer in that game. With that said, we back ourselves, put our runs on the board and defend it, or if it’s the other way around, restrict them to a low total

and chase it down like we did against Australia, but hopefully it’s not 170 we chase.” Saqlain Mushtaq, the former Pakistan off-spinner, is the West Indies Assistant Coach and Sammy outlined that he has worked closely with all members of the squad, including Sunil Narine and Samuel Badree – who are the top-ranked bowlers in the ICC World T20 rankings. “Saqlain has been a good addition to us, especially with the spinners. We have the Number 1 and Number 2 spinners in our dressing room as well. We have been practising the way we want to go out and play, whether it be rotating that ball in the middle, we know we could get the boundaries, so we just have to do that,” Sammy noted. “You respect your opposition, but at the end of the day, we have shown that on any given day, the best bowler can go for many runs, like that final against Sri Lanka. We have our plans, we have to go out and execute them, and we believe we can do that.” (WICB Media)

Benn, Nurse spin Barbados to big victory

TO let


or West Indies captain Darren Sammy the equation is simple. As he told reporters on Monday, it is “go big or go home” as they looked forward to their match against Pakistan in the ICC World T20 2014 tournament. The two teams both have four points from three matches – two wins and one defeat – and will go head-to-head on Tuesday night at the Shere-Bangla Stadium. The winners will advance to the semifinals. First ball is 7:30 pm (9:30 am Eastern Caribbean Time/8:30 am Jamaica Time). “It’s a do or die for us... go big or go home. This is an important game against Pakistan, who are playing very well at the moment. But as we said before we left home, we came here to retain the title, so we will give this all we have. We’re going to do everything to defend our title,” Sammy said. “Tomorrow’s not going to be an easy game. The thing is when we left home, we said by the time we reach the final Super 10 match against Pakistan, we’ll know exactly what we need to do, and now we’re only going to focus on what we have to do against Pakistan to win.” Sammy was speaking after the defending champions had a full training session at the match venue. The captain played a crucial role in the team’s success so far. He scored a match-winning 34 not out off 13 balls – including 12 off the final over – to secure a huge victory against Australia last Friday. “The people of the Caribbean really enjoyed the win. Everybody was aware of the build-up towards the game. It was an exciting match, a match where West Indies had to fight to come out on top. But they are also aware that we are not into


Classified Ads

$5+VAT per word Call: 226-9921

ingston, Jamaica, CMC – Red hot Barbados marched to their second straight win of the Regional Four-Day Championship when they hammered Jamaica by 245 runs, on the final day of their fifth round contest here Monday. After declaring at their overnight 162 for two and setting the Jamaicans a massive 382 for victory, Barbados bundled the hosts out for 136 late in the evening, to maintain their winning momentum in the competition. Once again, the Barbadian spinners were at the forefront of the attack, with leftarm spinner Sulieman Benn picking up three for 30 while off-spinner Ashley Nurse finished with three for 40. Seamers Carlos Brathwaite (2-9) and Jason Holder (2-16) claimed two wickets apiece. Jamie Merchant top scored with 37 with four fours

and a six off 80 balls but no other batsman passed 15. Barbados started strongly when West Indies pacer Holder knocked over both openers, John Campbell (2) and Jon-Ros Campbell (4) cheaply to reduce Jamaica to 26 for two in just the tenth over of the innings. Wickets tumbled regularly leaving Jamaica on the brink of total collapse at 64 for six before Merchant and Nikita Miller (15) held up Barbados with a defiant seventh stand of 50. Once the partnership was broken, however, not even an 85-minute break for rain could save the Jamaicans, as they lost their last four wickets for 22 runs.

Summary Scores: Barbados 1st Innings: 423 All Out (142.3 Overs). Kirk Edwards 105, Shane Dowrich 102, Jason Holder 46; Ashley Nurse 40; Nikita Miller 47.314-95-4, Tamar Lambert 131-42-2, Nkrumah Bonner

5-0-10-1, Brian Buchanan 163-45-1. Jamaica 1st Innings: 204 All Out (84.2 Overs): Jermaine Blackwood 64, Nkrumah Bonner 50, Jon Ross-Campbell 31, John Campbell 21; Ashley Nurse 23.2-7-63-4, Jonathan Carter 11-3-15-2, Carlos Brathwaite 14-6-23-2, Sulieman Benn 16-7-27-1. Barbados 1st Innings: 162/2 Declared (46 Overs). Kraigg Brathwaite* 91, Omar Phillips 48, Kirk Edwards 21*, Jonathan Carter 0*; Jerome Taylor 12-0-31-1, Brian Buchanan 5-1-20-1, Nikita Miller 10-0-34-0, Jamie Merchant 8-2-29-0. Jamaica 2nd Innings: 136 All Out (85.5 Overs). Jamie Merchant 37, Nkrumah Bonner 15, Nikita Miller 15, Tamar Lambert 11; Sulieman Benn 36.5-20-30-3, A Nurse 25-11-40-3, Carlos Brathwaite, 10-8-9-2, Jason Holder, 8-416-2. Barbados won by 245 runs



tuesday, april 1, 2014

Curtain comes down on historic karate c’ships

– President Ramotar graces event with his presence

Part of the demonstrations of karate skills at the just concluded South American Karate C’ships at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall last weekend (Carl Croker photo)


he first ever South American Karate Championships being held under the auspices of world karate organization, the International Karate Daigaku (IKD), got under way at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue, in Georgetown at approximately 10:00h on Saturday. According to a media release from the Guyana Karate College, His Excellency the President of Guyana Mr. Donald

Ramotar, a 7th Degree Black Belt, graced the event with his presence and in his remarks, pledged his government’s continued support to the development of Karate-do, to sport in general and to the development of the youth of Guyana. Attending and officiating at the championships were top brass of the IKD including the Chairman and Chief Instructor Frank Woon-a-Tai; Vice Chairman and Deputy Chief Instructor Maureen Woon-

a-Tai; Shihan Keith Da Costa; and IKD Executive Treasurer Bernice Hughes, 6th Dan The tournament, which saw the participation of Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana was of a very high standard with competitors participating in individual kumite(fighting), kata (form), and the application of karate through team kata team bunkai, and team enbu.   The championships ended on Sunday.

T&T wrap up easy 10-wicket win over CCC SCOREBOARD Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings A Barath c Walton b Raymon Reifer 12 E Lewis retired hurt 0 Darren Bravo b Raymon Reifer 10 J Mohammed c Alleyne b Jacobs 220 K Pollard c Walton b Dewar 4 R Emrit* c Corbin b Jacobs 100 S Katwaroo+ c Alleyne b Raymon Reifer 10 I Khan LBW Hodge 4 A Jaggernauth not out 1 Total: Declared for 8 wickets 451 Extras: (29nb, 6w, 10lb, 19b) 64 Still to Bat: S Gabriel, R Jaipaul Fall of Wickets: 1-43, 2-56, 3-80, 4-307, 5-343, 6-397, 7-447, 8-451. Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings Bowling: D Sealy 18-0-91-1, J Levy 11-1-42-0, R Austin 27-5-64-0, Raymon Reifer 20-4-65-3, A Dewar 15-1-73-1, S Jacobs 11.5-2-52-2, S Thomas 5-2-11-0, K Hodge 9-2-24-1. Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings S Thomas c Katwaroo b Gabriel 5 A Alleyne run out (sub Richards) 16


rinidad and Tobago needed just 34 deliveries to complete an emphatic ten wicket win over Combined Campuses and Colleges here Monday evening. Resuming on the final day of their fifth round contest in the Regional FourDay Championship chasing a target of just 24 for victory, openers Evin Lewis (12 not out) and Adrian Barath (7) formalised the result with little fanfare.

K Corbin LBW Gabriel 14 Raymon Reifer not out 51 C Walton+ c (sub Richards) b Jaggernauth 12 S Jacobs* c Katwaroo b Pollard 26 K Hodge LBW Khan 6 A Dewar c Jaipaul b Khan 0 D Sealy LBW Khan 0 R Austin c Bravo b Jaggernauth 5 J Levy LBW Khan 0 Total: (57.5 Overs) All Out 144 Extras: (1nb, 2w, 1lb, 5b) 9 Fall of Wickets: 1-7, 2-29, 3-59, 4-78, 5-119, 6-130, 7-130, 8-130, 9-143, 10-144. Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings Bowling: S Gabriel 13-6-25-2, D Bravo 6-1-180, A Jaggernauth 13-2-30-2, R Jaipaul 12-3-27-0, I Khan 10.52-25-4, K Pollard 3-1-13-1. Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings (Trail; 307) S Thomas LBW Jaipaul 116 A Alleyne c Mohammed b Pollard 24 K Corbin c (sub Richards) b Mohammed 65 Raymon Reifer c Pollard b Mohammed  4 C Walton+ c & b Khan 73

The left-handed Lewis struck a four and a six off debutant fast bowler Jermaine Levy to hasten the end for CCC. For their efforts, T&T picked up 20 points while CCC managed just two. On Sunday’s penultimate day, Shacaya Thomas’s second consecutive hundred and halfcenturies from Chadwick Walton and Kyle Corbin lifted CCC to 330 all out in their second innings in the

S Jacobs* c Gabriel b Jaipaul 0 K Hodge LBW Jaipaul 15 A Dewar LBW Khan 1 R Austin LBW Jaipaul 3 D Sealy not out 10 J Levy LBW Khan 9 Total: All Out (95.4 Overs) 330 Extras: (3nb, 2w, 3lb, 2b) 10 Fall of Wickets: 1-61, 2-181, 3-99, 4-242, 5-242, 6-285, 7-288, 8-307, 9-311, 10-330. Trinidad & Tobago 2nd Innings Bowling: S Gabriel 12-2-580, D Bravo 2-0-18-0, I Khan 29.4-3-97-3, K Pollard 3-07-1, A Jaggernauth 15-258-0, R Jaipaul 22-4-56-4, J Mohammed 12-2-31-2. Trinidad & Tobago 2nd Innings (Target; 24) A Barath not out 8 E Lewis not out 11 Total: (5.3 Overs) 24 Extras: (1lb, 4b) 5 Did not Bat: R Emrit*, D Bravo, S Gabriel, A Jaggernauth, R Jaipaul, S Katwaroo+, I Khan, J Mohammed, K Pollard. Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings Bowling: R Austin 2.3-0-6-0, J Levy 3-0-13-0.

day/night affair at Queen’s Park Oval. Thomas, who slammed 176 against Guyana in the last round, hit 116 while Walton chipped in with a typically robust 73 and Corbin, an enterprising 65. However, left-arm spinner Ricky Jaipaul picked up four for 56 and leg-spinner Imran Khan captured three for 97, to leave T&T with a meagre total for victory on the final day.

Jonathan Trott set for first appearance since Ashes Phil Mickelson injured


onathan Trott is set to make his cricket comeback with Warwickshire on Tuesday, four months after flying home from England’s Ashes tour. He has been named in Warwickshire’s 12man squad to face Gloucestershire in a twoday friendly at Edgbaston. The 32-year-old batsman left the tour of Australia in November with a “stress-related illness”. Warwickshire also granted him time for a family holiday while the team went on a pre-season tour of Barbados. Earlier this month, Trott insisted was “burnt out, but not depressed” when he left the Ashes tour following England’s defeat in the opening Test in Brisbane, a game in which he only scored 19 runs in two innings. It led to criticism from former England skipper Michael Vaughan, who wrote in a newspaper column that he felt “conned” because everyone had been “allowed to believe that he


ahead of Augusta bid


Jonathan Trott

(Trott) was struggling with a serious mental health issue”. Trott has said he is now feeling “refreshed” ahead of the Tuesday’s meeting with Gloucestershire, and Warwickshire’s upcoming County Championship opener against Sussex, which begins on 13 April.

Following his hiatus and sessions with a psychologist, he has set his sights on reclaiming his place in the national team this summer. England went on to suffer a 5-0 whitewash in the Ashes series before losing the one-day internationals 4-1 and the Twenty20 series 3-0. (BBC Sport)

hil Mickelson’s bid for a fourth Green Jacket is in doubt after he pulled out of the Texas Open with a muscle strain less than two weeks before the Masters. The three-time Augusta winner withdrew after 11 holes of his third round after pulling a muscle in his side. “I pulled a muscle on my downswing on the first. It just killed and wouldn’t subside for 10 or 12 seconds,” he said. Tiger Woods is receiving treatment for back spasms and has said he is not sure whether he will be fit for Augusta. Five-time major winner Mickelson, 43, who won the Open at Muirfield last summer, has had a slow start to the season. A back problem forced him out of Torrey Pines in February, and he has not had a top-10 finish in eight starts. He entered the Texas

Phil Mickelson

Open for the first time since 1992 in a bid to play more competitive rounds before the Masters and had also planned to play in next week’s Houston Open, which he won in 2011. World number one and four-time Masters champion Woods withdrew from

this month’s Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill because of a back problem. Woods won the last of his 14 majors in 2008 and is still four titles short of Jack Nicklaus’ major record. The Masters, the year’s first major, starts on 10 April. (BBC Sport)

TUESday, APRIL 1, 2014

NZ v SL, World T20, Group 1, Chittagong...

Herath spins New Zealand out of WT20 with 5 for 3 Sri Lanka 119 (Boult 3-20) beat New Zealand 60 (Williamson 42, Herath 5-3)


angana Herath sprung from Sri Lanka’s dugout, watched his team-mates collapse, then crafted a Twenty20 spell of astounding quality to slam New Zealand into a wall, claiming five wickets for three runs as Sri Lanka defended 119 and made the semi-finals. He arrived at the bowling crease in the third over, delivered a wicket maiden first up, and had three scalps before New Zealand scored a run off him. By the end of his threeover spell, New Zealand were 30 for 5 - effectively 6, as a dislocated finger prevented Corey Anderson from batting. Kane Williamson batted gamely, hitting 42 off 43 - the game’s top score - but he could not overcome the carnage at the other end. The dew Brendon McCullum had expected at the toss in this must-win game did not materialise, and though an attack led by Trent Boult justified his decision to chase, his batsmen were stunned to a stall in the Powerplay. They managed 60 for 9 in 15.3 overs,

Rangana Herath

as Sachithra Senanayake and poor running contributed the remaining wickets.

SCOREBOARD Sri Lanka Innings119 all out (19.2 overs) K Perera c Ronchi b Boult 16 Dilshan c Ronchi b Boult 8 M Jayawardene b N McCullum 25 Sangakkara c Anderson b Boult 4 Thirimanne c Guptill b Neesham 20 Mathews c Ronchi b McClenaghan 6 T Perera c Williamson b Mills 16 N Kulasekara c N McCullum b McClenaghan 0 Senanayake c Williamson b Neesham 17 Herath not out 1 Malinga b Neesham 0 Extras: 1nb 3w 0b 2lb 6 Total: all out (19.2 ovs) 119 Bowling Figures: Mills 4.0-0 – 3- 1; Boult 4.0-0-20-3; Anderson 3.0-0-13-0; McClenaghan 4.00-24-2; Neesham 2.2-0-8-

1; N McCullum 2.0-0-8-1 New Zealand Innings 60 for 10 (15.3 overs) Guptill run out (Herath) 5 Williamson run out (Mathews) 42 B McCullum st Sangakkara b Herath 0 Taylor lbw b Herath 0 Neesham b Herath 0 Ronchi lbw b Herath 2 N McCullum c Mathews b Senanayake 2 Mills lbw b Senanayake 4 Boult c M Jayawardene b Herath 3 McClenaghan not out 0 Anderson absent 0 Extras: 0nb 2w 0b 0lb 2 Total: for 10 (15.3 ovs) 60 Bowling figures: N Kulasekara 3.0-0-15-0; Mathews 4.00-26-0; Herath 3.3-2-35; Malinga 2.0-0-13-0; Senanayake 3.0-0-3-2

One of those run-outs would provide Sri Lanka and Herath the opening they had been desperate for, with at least 30 runs too few on the board. Martin Guptill pushed a full Herath delivery gently towards mid -on, and though he set off for the single immediately, Williamson did not respond. Herath collected, turned and threw smartly to complete that first wicket, but it would be his next 11 balls that truly defined the match. Brendon McCullum was kept scoreless for four balls before Herath tossed one up slow and wide, reading McCullum’s advance, before he spun Ross Taylor in his web next over. Taylor survived a plumb lbw shout, but was out to a straighter one immediately. James Neesham played all around one that straightened, and when Luke Ronchi was trapped in front by another straightening ball next over, New Zealand had been knocked breathless.(Cricinfo)

World Twenty20 2014: Dismal England lose to Netherlands

Netherlands 133-5 (20 overs) beat England 88 (17.4 overs) by 45 runs


ngland ended their winter of discontent on a new low as they were beaten by minnows Netherlands at the World Twenty20 in Chittagong. With neither side able to reach the semi-finals, the Dutch raced to 84-1 in 11 overs before Ravi Bopara’s stint of 1-15 limited them to 133-5. In reply, England were all out for just 88 as Bopara top-scored with 18. “What a shambolic end to

a shambolic performance to end a shambolic winter. “There really are some questions to be answered here. Realistically, can they give the job to Ashley Giles now?” England’s 45-run loss echoed the four-wicket reverse they suffered at the hands of the Dutch at Lord’s in 2009. If 12 defeats in 13 matches against Australia on the Ashes tour was difficult to explain, a comprehensive

thrashing by a part-time team who do not play Test cricket was even more difficult to fathom. It was certainly difficult viewing for interim coach Ashley Giles in his quest to be given the job on a permanent basis. “Today was pretty embarrassing, it was a poor, poor performance,” Giles said. “I still believe I can do the job for England, it’s for other people to decide whether I can or not.” (BBC Sport)


Women’s World Twenty20 2014: Irish defeated by Pakistan Pakistan 119-6 (20 overs) beat Ireland 105 (19.3 overs) by 14 runs


reland are still without a win at the Women’s World Twenty20 in Bangladesh after a 14run defeat by Pakistan in their final group game on Monday. Isobel Joyce and Louise McCarthy each took two wickets as Pakistan made a modest 119-6, with Bismah Maroof hitting an unbeaten 48. Ireland were 46-1 but collapsed to 105 all out in 19.3 overs to suffer a fourth straight defeat. They face a ninth-10th place play-off after finishing bottom of Group A. Pakistan also came into the game seeking a first win in the tournament and elected to bat after winning the toss. They were struggling at 22-3 before making a steady recovery and Maroof’s 48 from 45 balls gave them a competitive total.

SCOREBOARD Pakistan Women Innings 119 for 6 (20.0 overs) Javeria Khan b I Joyce 4 Abidi c Waldron b McCarthy 11 Dar b McCarthy 0 Jalil c and b Tice 20 Maroof not out 48 Mir b I Joyce 16 Khan run out (I Joyce) 2 Iqbal not out 8 Extras: 0nb 5w 4b 1lb 10 Total: for 6 (20.0 ovs) 119 Bowling figures: Kenealy 3.0-0- 15-0; I Joyce 4.0-026-2; McCarthy 3.0-0-14-2; Richardson 2.0-0-11-0; Tice 4.0-0-28-0; O’Reilly 4.0-0-28-0

Elena Tice also claimed a wicket while McCarthy was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2-14. Mary Waldron fell early in Ireland’s response but Claire Shillington (19) and

Ireland Women Innings 105 for 10 (19.3 overs) Shillington b Jalil 19 Waldron b Iqbal 0 I Joyce c Fatima b Dar 32 Tice b Iqbal 17 Scott-Hayward b Amin 6 C Joyce run out (Javeria Khan) 3 Gray st Fatima b Mir 2 Richardson lbw b Iqbal 13 McCarthy run out (Mir) 2 Kenealy c Abidi b Mir 5 O’Reilly not out 1 Extras: 0nb 3w 0b 2lb 5 Total: for 10 (19.3 ovs) 105 Bowling figures: Iqbal 3.3-0-183; Amin 4.0-0-17-1; Siddiqi 1.00-12-0; Mir 4.0-0-20-2; Jalil 4.00-21-1; Dar 3.0-0-21-1

Isobel Joyce set a solid platform with a partnership of 44. However, the wickets started to tumble with the last eight falling for a paltry 39 runs. (BBC Sport)

Nadal, Djokovic rivalry not trendy but enduring

Rafa Nadal,left,and Novak Djokovic take a break from their intense rivalry to share some friendly moments (Reuters photo)


hile Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal may be the most trendy rivalry in men’s tennis, the most enduring may be top ranked Nadal and Novak Djokovic, who clashed for the 40th time on Sunday in the final of the Sony Open. Any final featuring the world’s two top ranked players automatically qualifies as significant but Nadal and Djokovic have elevated their clashes to something special. Despite Sunday’s loss, Nadal continues to hold a slight edge, 22-18, in their head-to-head meetings, 20 of the matches having come with a title on the line, including six grand slam finals. With Djokovic’s Miami victory, he and Nadal between them now hold all nine Masters series titles. “Definitely the biggest rivalry I have in my tennis career,” said Djokovic without hesitation. “It’s a great challenge always when I play Rafa on any surface, of course, especially on clay.

“That is his most preferred surface, his most dominant there.” Their meetings in recent years have especially been ones to remember, Djokovic said. “I have had some thrilling matches in last three or four years, and they were decided by few points,” he said. “Very few matches that were one-sided, so I knew what to expect from Rafa today.” Four times Nadal has finished runner-up on the Miami hardcourts, with Djokovic ending his title hopes twice. Asked if he enjoyed the challenge of playing Djokovic and was happy the two were playing in the same era, Nadal was quick to the point. “ No,” said the Spaniard. “I like challenges but I am not stupid.” Djokovic, however, when asked the same question, delivered a thoughtful answer. “I think the challenges, big challenges that I had in

my career changed me in a positive way as a player,” said Djokovic. “Because of Rafa and because of Roger I am what I am today. “All the big matches I lost to these guys was consistent, but not winning the big matches made me understand what I need to do on the court. “You have to win against the best players in the world. That’s the biggest challenge you can have.” Over the years, taking on Nadal presented Djokovic with his biggest and most enduring challenge, one he has met with continued excitement despite losing more often than he has won. “When he fights for trophy, he comes out with a great intensity from the first point, and he wants to make sure he sends the message across the net to his opponent,” said Djokovic. “That rivalry that we have is obviously great for the sport. “It’s great for us. I’m enjoying every single match.” (Reuters)


TUESday, APRIL 1, 2014

Stag Beer/EBFA Divison One League…

 rove Hi Tech, Timehri G Panthers are latest winners


imehri Panthers have taken over the lead of the Stag Beer/East Bank Football Association (EBFA) Division One League once again, following a solid 5-1 win over Herstelling when play continued with a double-header on Sunday last at the Grove Playfield. Sunday’s other match saw home team Grove defeating Kuru Kururu Warriors 4-1 to overtake them on the points table, having played one game less. Netting a hat-trick to guide his team to their second win of the season was the consistent Dominic Garnett, who found the back of the net in the 27th, 37th and 64th minutes. Lloyd Matthews converted the other goal for the home team. Grove’s win keeps the title race interestingly poised, as no team to date has a clear-cut edge for the first prize of $400,000. Kuru Kururu Warriors took the early lead through a ninth-minute goal off the boot of Ryan Scott. While they kept the home team at bay for some time, the Soesdyke-Linden Highway based unit found the task much more challenging as the game progressed. In the day’s opening fixture, points leaders Timehri Panthers found bottomof-the-table Herstelling a handful, as they not only

DCC, GNIC take first innings points in drawn games

Timehri’s marksmen! From left: Lawrence Steel, Collis Messiah and Rommel Myles

Grove’s scorers! Lloyd Matthews (left) and Dominic Garnett

conceded their first goal of the season, but it was also the first for Herstelling, compliments of Devon Winter in the 40th minute. Winter’s strike evened the score, since the Panthers took the lead five minutes

before through the first of a double from Lawrence Steele. At the half-way mark, the game was nicely poised at 1-1. No doubt, pressure was now on Timehri to keep Herstelling at bay, whilst

finding more goals to separate the two. The Soesdyke boys were able to do just that, find goals and that they did in rapid succession. Lawrence was back in scoring mode in the 54th minute to seal his double; proceedings were then turned over to Collis Messiah who netted a brace of his own in the 62nd and 66th minutes. The game was put further beyond the reach of Herstelling when Rommel Myles rocked the net in the 69th minute. While it was another defeat for Herstelling, they have been showing encouraging development with every game and with more football forecast for the remainder of the year on the East Bank, their continued development is assured.

Quantum leap envisaged for local volleyball


uyana volleyball is expected to catapult to new heights with help in several technical areas from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the South American Volleyball Federation (CSV) in the very near future. With renewed relations and new developments taking place in the world of volleyball, the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) will be working much closer and collaborating with the FIVB and CSV on several fronts with the aim of enhancing and developing Guyana’s sport infrastructure and exposing players, coaches and referees to world-class training. The construction of a new volleyball gymnasium is one of the major facilities to be built along with a new beach volleyball court and training in beach volleyball, referee courses and coaching. According to a release from the GVF, “Guyanese athletes are asked and encouraged by the new president Mr. John Flores to in-

GCA First Division TwoDay Competitions….

GVF president, Captain John Flores

tensify their training and to start thinking of tougher competitions to come as early as next year. The CSV is very much anticipating Guyana’s involvement at several of these competitions and hope Guyana will soon be a proud host of one of these tournaments.” It added, “The GVF and CSV are engaged in talks to execute some of these plans very soon. As part of the commitment by CSV to assist Guyana, first on the agenda is a referees training course which is set for May 16-22, 2014.Guyana

will soon be a recipient of a brand new playing surface for volleyball and measures are being put in place to accommodate it.” The newly appointed president of the GVF, Captain John Flores, is very optimistic for Guyana volleyball after fruitful discussions with key members of FIVB and CSV at the 68th Congress in Brazil. At that forum, he had presented Guyana’s volleyball programme for 2013 and highlighted the areas where assistance are most needed in progressing and fast-track-

ing that programme. According to Captain Flores, he made a commitment to CSV to give Guyana one year to prepare to reenter competition in South America . The release concluded, “The presidents of the FIVB and CSV are very keen on visiting Guyana later this year and plan to bring Brazilian national players for exhibition matches against Guyana. It is anticipated that the beach facility will be completed in time for their visit to Guyana and a beach tournament will be held. Other exciting activities on the agenda for Guyana volleyball will soon be the launching of several local second and third-division beach volleyball competitions by the Demerara Volleyball Association and Berbice Volleyball Association. Later in the year, teams will be travelling to Lethem, Bom Fin and Boa Vista to challenge teams there. Also, a secondary schools programme will be held towards the end of the school term.”

Shurfane Rutherford


he Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) and the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) both gained first innings points in their respective games in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)organised, Hadi’s Mall Inc.-sponsored two-day first division contest over the weekend. Fifteen-year-old Shurfane Rutherford was the key figure in DCC’s game against host GCC. Rutherford slammed his maiden first-division ton in his team’s first innings, before blasting his way to an unbeaten half-century, batting a second time. Batting first, DCC declared at 393 for 5. Christopher Barnwell hit an unbeaten 150 (12x4, 2x6) and Rutherford 111 (14×4; 2×6). Antonell Atwell chipped in for the Queenstown- based DCC lineup, hitting five fours in his 43 as he added 139 for the fifth wicket with Barnwell. In reply, GCC were bowled out for 230, with Paul Wintz taking 5 for 61 and Antonell Atwell 2 for 50, which rocked their hosts’ batting. Robin Bacchus topscored with 43 (7×4). He received support from Martin Pestano-Belle (33), Leon Johnson (27), Ellon Fernandes (26), Ricardo Mohammed Ali (21) and Treon Forde (20). DCC with a first-innings lead of 163 runs, increased the overall total to 367 in their second innings when bad light stopped play. Rutherford hit nine fours and two sixes in his unbeaten 79, while

Christopher Barnwell

Paul Wintz

Andrew Lyght Jr. struck six fours and two sixes in his 64. At the Malteenoes Sports Club ground, batting first, GNIC scored 202 all out with Dexter Solomon 37, Troy Thompson 31, Jermaine Grovesnor 28 and Alistair Ifill 22 being the principal scorers. Kellon Carmichael took 4 for 35 and Shaquille Williams offered support with 3 for 42. In reply, MSC were bowled out for 134 with Jamal Norton topscoring with 37 and Carmichael hitting seven fours in his 32. Ifill returned with the ball to take 3 for 30, and got support from Desmond Butts 2 for 9, Royston Simon 2 for 30 and Collis Butts 2 for 34, Batting a second time, GNIC reached 110 for 7 before the declaration came. Ejaz Mohamed hitting 51 and Ranole Bourne an unbeaten 44. Cordell Mars took 4 for 52 and Williams 2 for 24 for MSC, who were 31 without loss at the end of the contest.

TUESday, APRIL 1, 2014


WICB Regional Four-day Tourney...

Sweeping changes to Guyana’s squad for sixth round encounter – Hetmyer gets senior call-up, Deonarine, Barnwell, Bishoo dropped


Trevon Griffith

Shimron Hetmyer

Zaheer Mohamed

Narsingh Deonarine

Devendra Bishoo

Christopher Barnwell

he national selectors have made what could be described as “sweeping changes” ahead of the team’s Regional Four-Day match against the Leeward Islands slated to bowl off Friday at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket ground in Antigua. Narsingh Deonarine, Christopher Barnwell and

Devendra Bishoo have all been dropped by the selection panel. Openers, Trevon Griffith, West Indies Under-19 player, Shimron Hetmyer, and all-rounder, Zaheer Mohamed replace the dropped players, while Ronsford Beaton will return from injury. Veteran West Indies play-

er, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, will not be available for the rest of the competition due to his commitment to county cricket in England. Chanderpaul returned from injury and played two matches for Guyana in the competition, but did not flourish with the bat as many would have expected. He had scores of 26 & 18,

and 8 & 26. Deonarine took seven wickets for 179 runs in the competition, but had a nightmare with the bat. He had scores of 0 & 38, 0 & 0, 0 & 38, and 19 & 0. Barnwell did not deliver with the bat as well. He had scores of 34 & 14, 2 & 4, 13 & 4, and 22 & 11. He captured one four-wicket haul against

the Windward Islands (454), but nothing substantial in the other matches. Bishoo had mixed fortunes with a total of 13 wickets for 366 runs. He had one five-wicket haul (5-71) against Barbados, but nothing spectacular since. The team reads: Leon Johnson (captain), Assad Fudadin, Amir Khan,

Trevon Griffith,Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Zaheer Mohamed, Ronsford Beaton, Anthony Bramble,Veerasammy Permaul (vice captain), Shimron Hetmyer, Raun Johnson, Keon Joseph, Chandrapaul Hemraj. The Coach is Esaun Crandon and the Manager is Alvin Johnson.

Roraima champs Soa Raimundo to arrive on Thursday


urrent champions of the state of Roraima in the Portuguesespeaking nation of Brazil, Soa Raimundo Football Club is set to arrive in Guyana on Thursday for their scheduled encounter with Slingerz Football Club at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) ground on April 5. The encounter between the two teams is to test the mettle of the Slingerz FC, who defeated some of Guyana’s best clubs in the Georgetown Football Association (GFA)/ Banks Beer Cup on January 1 against a team from the nation that is said t o be the home of football in South America. With the Western Tiger Football Club scheduled to face off against Santos FC in the pre-game match set to whet the appetites of football -hungry fans, a dazzling display of football by the Brazilian players and the players of Slingerz FC is expected in an action- packed night of football, set to begin from 19:00h President of the club, Sergio Carvalho, has already guaranteed the Guyanese public fantastic 90 minutes of football from his club. Tickets for the game will go on sale from today (Tuesday) for the price of $1500 which will include free entry to a post-match party at the Blue Iguana night club.

Meanwhile, the Brazilians are coming with their full complement of players and are looking forward to the encounter against the Guyanese side. Soa Raimundo team list: David Roque Freire, Stanley Nobre Pacheco, Gabriel Silva de Oliveira, Antônio Carlos Oliveira Nunes, Jefferson Sampaio Lopes, Thalles Patric K Nunes de Almeida, Raimundo Oliveira Costa,

Richard de Sousa Braz, Wellington Rodrigues da Silva, Rafael Barros Silva, Ygor de Almeida Vasconcelos, Artêmio Alves da Silva, Thiago Monteiro de Souza, Marcos Raylson Pinheiro de Carvalho, Jeferson Williams Neres da Silva, Joseilson do Amaral Rodrigues, Lenon Geisson Matos da Silva, Leonardo Gabriel da Silva Gomes, Lennon Silva Souza, Kleyton William Borges da Costa, Dhyefesson Neris da Silva, Francisco Douglas Soares Alves, Darmison Nascimento Damasceno, Evandro Máximo da Rocha Costa, Francisco Moura Viana (Coach) and Jorge Nonato da Rocha Silva (Director of football for Soa Raimundo). (Treiston Joseph)

GCB U-15 Inter-County Tournament…..

Rain plays spoilsport B

oth first-round games in this year’s Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) sponsored Igloo Ice Cream Under-15 Inter-County Two-Day tournament, ended in a draw after persistent rainfall on Monday in the capital city had the final say. At the Everest Cricket Club ground, Essequibo were trapped at an agonising 20 for 5 batting a second time before the rain intervened with only 11 overs of play possible.

Faced with a first- innings deficit of 70 runs, Essequibo lost Shane Wonge (3), Daeshan Indar (8), Orlando Jailall (1), Punraj Coldhar and Joshua Jones without scoring. Steven Kalamudin and Junior Williams shared two wickets apiece bowling for Berbice. Over at the Demerara Cricket Club ground, the President’s X1 after resuming on 37-3 progressed to 97-7. Overnight batsman

Christopher Campbelle took his total to 57, while Chandrat Veerasammy, Khemchand Hardyal and Shivnarine Chattergoon were the other batsmen dismissed in the hour of play. Demerara’s first- innings hero, off-spinner Sagar Hithiramani, claimed 3-17, while Bhojnarine Singh, Colin Barlow and Mark Baptise chipped in with a wicket apiece. Both games were called off just after lunch. The second round of the

competition is slated for April 2 & 3 and Essequibo will come up against Demerara at the Enmore Community Centre ground, while Berbice will meet the President’s X1 at the Wales Community Centre ground. The third and final round will be held from April 5-6 when Berbice and Demerara do battle at the Everest Cricket Club ground and Essequibo and the President’s XI will play at the Demerara Cricket Club ground.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

tuesday, April 1, 2014


ICC World Twenty20: Netherlands 133-5,England 88; Sri Lanka 119,New Zealand 60; Pak Women 110-6, Ireland Women 105

Curtain comes down on historic karate c’ships See story on page


– President Ramotar graces event with his presence

See story on page


World Champs Windies ready for big game Darren Sammy

Webster wins Torginol Paints golf tourney I

n hot conditions on Saturday, Shanella Webster was on fire as she won the Torginol Paints golf tournament, which was played at the Lusignan Golf Course, East Coast Demerara, under the Medal Play format. Webster ended with net 64, having edged out Kalyan Tiwari on a countback. Tiwari also finished on net 64 and had to settle for second spot; Fazil Haniff took third with net 66, while fourth place went to Janice Prince after a countback with Vijay Deo and David Mohamad with scores of net 67. Mohanlall “Santo” Dinnanuth continued his good form, winning the Best Gross with 73, with Closest-to-the-Pin going to Brian Hackett.   Club Captain Chatterpaul Deo expressed gratitude to the groundstaff, saying “the good scores from players are a result of the excellent condition of the course.” He also lauded them for the excellent job they have been doing.  Kemraj Dhanraj and other members of the Continental Group of Companies, the producers of Torginol Paints, were on hand to present the trophies. In brief remarks, Dhanraj announced the company’s continued sponsorship during the coming years. Vice-president of the Lusignan Golf Club, David Mohamad, thanked Torginol Paints for its continued sponsorship of the tournament. He said the members look forward to playing in the Torginol tournament annually and next year would be no different.

Shanella Webster (seated left) pose with other top performers and officials of Continental Group of Companies

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