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THE BEACON OF TRUTH Saturday, OCTOber 5, 2019

Encoded H2H data will be ready before C&O ends – GECOM Commissioner Elections 2020 Intervention by int’l community “wholly necessary” – Jagdeo See story on page 3

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President will decide on coalition’s PM candidacy – PNC P9 executive GuySuCo 2nd crop production behind schedule P2 – GAWU

Substandard work detected at Region 6 schools – RDC informed P11

Taxi driver jailed 18 P7 years for raping child

CANU high-speed chase

Cop slapped with damage to property, P9 dangerous driving charges

In this composite photo, enthusiastic Guyana Amazon Warriors fans in support of their home team at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara during Match 30 (GAW v TKR) on Friday evening (Dexter Ceres photos)

T&T man who faked kidnapping in Guyana jailed See story on page 8

Govt still P7 hoping for lifeline from Opposition in Parliament …AG says “crisis” looms …no need for Opposition to return – Jagdeo


saturday, october 5, 2019 |

GuySuCo 2nd crop production behind schedule – GAWU


everal issues are currently affecting the production of sugar at the few estates and factories that are operating, resulting in the second crop’s production target being far behind expectations. This is according the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), who, in a press release on Friday, stated that the second crop is already in its seventh week of the 18week schedule and “very much behind the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) production schedule”. GAWU— along with another union, the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) — recently held a meeting with the GuySuCo after the alarmingly low rates of sugar production came to their attention. According to the Union on Friday, the Corporation’s aggregate second crop production reached 21,869 tonnes of sugar but should have reached some 33,892 tonnes in keeping with the schedule set out by GuySuCo. It noted that GuySuCo, at that time, was in a deficit of 12,023 tonnes or was nearly 35 per cent below its anticipated production.  At Albion Estate, the GAWU said that it learnt that since the commencement of the crop, the factory has been plagued by several breakdowns. Information reached the Union indicates that nearly a week of operations, so far, has been lost to various maladies that brought the factory’s operations to a halt. GAWU noted that the hindrances occurred at various sections and were not limited to one area at that sugar estate; meanwhile, at the Blairmont sugar estate, the

that urgent needs can be met”. But the GAWU is arguing that on this matter, it appears there is no plan regarding the utilisation of the monies, though there is reference to “a so-called plan by GuySuCo and Government officials”. According to the sugar workers’ Union, although President Granger told the audience at Albion in June 2019

factory has defective components which are contributing to sugar losses there. “At Albion, a breakdown resulted after one of the wire ropes that hoists cane into the factory burst, this issue, we heard, was drawn to the management’s attention by the workers. Astoundingly, if our information is indeed correct, senior personnel of the estate told the workers to leave the rope as it were and they would deal with the consequences later. At Blairmont, the workers, through their shop stewards, have raised their concern with the management, which apparently is hamstrung from really alleviating the issue,” GAWU said on Friday. Additionally, at the Blairmont sugar estate, the GAWU stated that workers have expressed concern about the quality of canes available for harvesting as they pointed out that cane yields were below estimates. “This, they lamented, is one of the chief reasons for the lagging production at the estate. At Uitvlugt, while the estate, over the last two weeks, has managed to surpass its weekly production target, it still continues to experience difficulties with the factory. For the last few crops, the Uitvlugt factory has been plagued by several problems”.

The Workers Union is contending that when it will confront the GuySuCo with the situation, it will “almost instinctively point out that its capital programme has been hamstrung by lack of finances”. However, it was noted that the Corporation would have received a $30 billion bond and, therefore, funds should have been or should be utilised from this source to safeguard sugar production in Guyana and the jobs of the remaining thousands of sugar workers. “We understand that notwithstanding public pronouncements that the apparent rift between NICIL-SPU and GuySuCo was being healed, the reality is that the chasms persist. In fact, GuySuCo disclosed that its punt rehabilitation programme is being held up as NICIL-SPU is refusing to release funds to purchase the steel required. It seems that the sugar industry is being conveniently, or maybe willfully, ignored by the powers-that-be”. The Union further pointed out that on June 8, the Guyana Chronicle reported that the President told those gathered that this Government was working to ensure“…that the $30 billion syndicated bond… is transferred to GuySuCo within a short space of time so

“…a stronger, smarter, sustainable and more profitable sugar industry is built and workers’ jobs are safeguarded,” that statement lacked any substance from the Head of State. According to GAWU, there is now, with urgent need, a necessity to arrest the situation. “The sugar industry has all the tools to succeed. Of course, we hasten to point out that the

industry’s turnaround cannot be delinked from a motivated workforce, which in this day and age, is working for ratesof-pay last adjusted in 2014, we need not to allow the specter that haunts Skeldon, Rose Hall, East Demerara and Wales spread to other villages and people,” the statement from GAWU added.

Guyana’s environment must be protected – Frontera VP


uyana is known for its vast natural resources, including pristine waters and endangered wildlife species, which must be protected against external forces and manmade activities. This was shared by Vice President of Operations Development at Frontera Energy Corporation, Duncan Nightingale during a recent engagement at the University of Guyana. According to him, “Your country is rich in its diversity, not just in the environment you have but also in the forest…I expect, with the density of those forests and the amount of wildlife that you have in those forests, you’ve got a very rich environment that must be protected”. Nightingale, who has worked in various parts of the world, lauded the importance of sustainability. He referred to programmes in Colombia which managed to remove persons from poverty by providing them with jobs in agriculture. “The most important part, for me, is the sustainability part. We went into the jungles and we put in different agricultural programmes that allowed the communities to transition basically from slave labour [and] working for drug cartels and moving into sustainable agricultural development and revenue generation for their families. We lifted, in a very short period of time, 220

Frontera Energy Corporation Vice President Duncan Nightingale

families out of poverty,” he explained. As Guyana moves into oil production in 2020, there have been talks on not just the country’s natural resources but other major problems and preventative measures. Last month it was announced that Guyana’s National Oil Spill Response Contingency Plan is 90 per cent complete. Consultation development of the oil spill response plan commenced in 2017 with technical support from the United States Coast Guard. In February of this year, more emphasis was placed on the development of the plan and a National Oil Spill Planning Committee. The committee

comprised representatives from the CDC, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Guyana Energy Agency, Maritime Administration, Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency. It was noted that operators in Guyana’s basin are also required to have an oil spill plan which must be approved by the CDC. In the event of a spill offshore, each operator is responsible for responding and managing that spill. Regional advisor from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Colin Young had also indicated that efforts must be made to protect marine life through acquisition of the IMO standards, which also govern safety and security of exploration vessels. He said the Government “is urged to consider that implementation is critical to safeguarding Guyana’s marine environment within which port-state inspection plays a crucial role in ensuring that shipping takes place securely, safely, and efficiently on clean oceans”. The IMO is considered a global agency, which creates standards and regulates the performance of international shipping. Through a regulatory framework, it ensures that these standards are adopted and implemented, eliminating a pathway for ship operators to cut costs by running unsafe operations.



saturday, october 5, 2019 |

BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Saturday, October 5 – 10:00h – 11:30h and Sunday, October 6 – 11:30h – 13:00h.

Encoded H2H data will be ready before C&O ends – GECOM Commissioner

The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Saturday, October 5 – 08:50h – 10:20h and Sunday, October 6 – 10:25h – 11:55h.

FERRY SCHEDULE Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily

WEATHER TODAY Sunshine with intervals of light rain showers are expected during the early afternoon. There will be clear skies at night. Temperatures should range between 21 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius. Winds: Northerly to North North-Westerly between 1.78 metres and 4.02 metres. High Tide: 09:04h and 21:20h reaching maximum heights of 2.18 metres and 2.20 metres. Low Tide: 02:31h and 14:51h reaching minimum heights of 0.87 metre and 1.11 metres.

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Opposition-nominated Commissioner Bibi Shaddick


he seven-member Elections Commission on Friday afternoon met again as they try to streamline preparations for next year’s March 2 General and Regional Elections. Following the more than two-hour long meeting at the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM), Opposition-nominated Commissioner Sase Gunraj told reporters that they are currently discussing the use of the data gathered from the scrapped House-toHouse (H2H) Registration exercise. “While [the H2H data should not be used] remains my position, the aspects of it is what I’m now trying to clarify because we don’t have that as yet… We have to see what aspects they are trying to use before I find a position on [its use],” he posited. GECOM was forced to bring the controversial H2H Registration to a premature end on August 31, by which time it had obtained in excess of 370,000 registrants. It was then decided that the new data obtained will be merged with the existing National Register of Registrants (NRR) Database – something which the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has been against. Fellow Opposition Commissioner Bibi Shaddick further explained to reporters on Friday that what needs to clarified is what part of the 370,000— plus new registrants gathered during the H2H— is going to be put up for public scrutiny. According to Shaddick, while they believe that only the data on first-time registrants should be used, the Elections Secretariat cannot disaggregate that information because they are still in the process of encoding (entering in the GECOM database) the H2H data. “So the CEO [Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield] is to provide us with some clarity on how they’re disaggregating and what aspects of it they are proposing to put up for pub-

lic scrutiny,” she noted. But even as GECOM is still in that encoding phase, Government-nominated Commissioner Charles Corbin assured that the encoded data will be available for scrutiny before the Claims and Objections (C&O) exercise – which is currently ongoing— concludes. “What we can tell you is that it will be for 21 days [for scrutiny]. So we’re assured that all of the [H2H] data will be available 21 days before the end of the C&O processing period for public scrutiny,” he stated. In addition to encoding, however, GECOM is awaiting the data which was sent overseas for cross-matching of fingerprints. This was done to ensure that there is no duplication of the data obtained from the H2H exercise and those already in the NRR database. According to Corbin, the first set of data sent for cross-matching by fingerprint experts, that is, 180,000 registrants, is expected soon. “The first set is going to come in, I think, within a week or two… as soon as the second set is completed that will go out,” he indicated. The GECOM Commissioner explained that the delay in getting the second and final set of data encoded and ready to be sent for cross-matching was a result of preparations for the conduct of the C&O exercise. “In order to commence the current [C&O], you had to disrupt the equipment around to allow the production of the list for the PLE

Government-nominated Commissioner Charles Corbin

(Preliminary Voters’ List). So during the process of a week or so when that production was in progress, you had to stop your encoding. So now that has recommenced and as soon as that is finish, it will go off,” he noted. On the issue of duplication, Corbin was asked for those who re-registered during the H2H, whether their recent information obtained during that exercise or their existing information in the database will be used. He posited that the protocol is that more recent data be used since that is more up to date. Also questioned about this, Commissioner Shaddick contended that they are concerned that registrants appear on the voters’ list just once. “Your name must be there only once and nobody must be left off,” she asserted. Having started on October 1, the C&O exercise will run for a 42-day timeline as against the 35-day period previously agreed to by the

seven-member Commission. On Thursday, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said that if GECOM continues to back-pedal on decisions it takes then it will lose its credibility. The Commission had recently announced that the timeline for the C&O was increased from 35 to 49 days. “So when we sought to find out how this happened, we discovered that Mr Lowenfield… inserted these two features into the order... So when we sought an explanation, he said ‘Oh, I did it on my own’,” Jagdeo posited. According to the Opposition Leader, while the Elections Commission has since reversed this, it was still influenced to extend the timeline to 42 days instead of the agreed 35. He noted that it is worrying that the CEO can change decisions taken by the Commission without any repercussions. “…the Commission, everyone, agreed that it should be 35 days. [So] I found it extremely strange that having made that decision with a vote, that a CEO can come and then change the decision of the [Commission] without consequences,” Jagdeo asserted. Nevertheless, the Opposition Leader noted that he still has confidence in the GECOM Chair, Retired Justice Claudette Singh. In the same vain, however, he said that the PPP will continue to be vigilant and guarded against “rouge elements” within the elections body regarding the operations of GECOM going into the March 2020 elections.


saturday, october 5, 2019

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

Attracting and retaining the best at UG


he issue regarding the challenges the University of Guyana (UG) continues to face in attracting and retaining highlycompetent and qualified staff was once again brought to the fore at an event last Thursday. Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Paloma Mohamed was quoted in this newspaper as saying that the institution has been suffering from lack of resources for many years and as such, some of their operations are being stymied. Dr Mohamed related that the current salaries paid to staff, especially lecturers, are incapable of financially sustaining them and as a result, they end up leaving for greener pastures. It was also pointed out that this situation has affected the level of the institution’s output in terms of research and publishing of academic papers etc. “The University’s own kind of dysfunctional faculty distribution is something like that and it is not like this in most other places. We have about 63 per cent of the people working with master’s degrees and below. We have about 30 PhDs in the whole University, which is about 10 per cent and about 50 per cent of those are in higher administration and not teaching,” Dr Mohamed was quoted as saying. Certainly, the views expressed by the Deputy VC are nothing new. For years, the nation was told of these same challenges, but it seems as if a solution is nowhere close. Certainly, everyone wants to see UG advance into a better and more modern learning tertiary institution— one that would take its rightful place in terms of helping in nation-building and one that both students and lecturers and all others associated with it would be proud. The University’s current financial constraints have adversely affected its ability to offer staff much-deserving compensation and research facilities. There is urgent need for the authorities to continue to explore ways in which the current remuneration and benefit packages for lecturers and staff could be improved since UG cannot, at any point, produce the “best of the best” if it cannot retain the minds that are responsible for the moulding of those who seek higher learning. The University’s administration should seek to aggressively engage governments, international development partners, private sector organisations and civil society in an effort to garner support for the development of the university. The institution seriously needs to look beyond central government and to some extent, donors for its finances; it would need to examine alternative ways in raising funds to sustain itself as other international learning institutions have been doing in order to remain competitive. As we had stated before, the demands of the University are significant and ever-changing, and to continuously meet them, there must be a sustainable source of financing. Sustainable financing must be able to do more than just meet the basic expenses. Financing must be there to upgrade the University’s infrastructure in order to give it an appearance of a modern learning institution, provide students with the latest books, technologies and knowledge; provide modern research facilities that enable students to probe and test existing knowledge and to find new ones, and offer students more disciplines to choose from and that includes a wider variety of masters and doctorate programmes. On this basis, we agree that there is need to establish a platform where the public, the private sector, Government, and the University can form crucial partnerships to fund research, the delivery of technology, student services and other necessities. With Guyana being on the cusp of becoming an oil and gas economy, UG should be at the forefront in providing the skills and knowledge needed to allow our policymakers to make the right decisions in moving the sector forward. That said, it is encouraging to see that the University is now offering courses in Petroleum Engineering. These offerings must be widened to include other areas of expertise that would be needed to allow Guyana to develop into a modern, developed country. We believe that UG could indeed become a ‘forward thinking’ institution that can attract a large number of foreign students and serve as an authority on national, regional and international issues for governments, private individuals and businesses, but the sore issues, once again raised by the Deputy VC last Thursday, must be addressed once and for all.

Energetic Guyana Amazon Warriors fans at the Guyana National Stadium on Friday evening during Match 30 (GAW v TKR) of the CPL 2019 games (Dexter Ceres photo)

Claims and Objections welcome, but! Dear Editor, Guyanese welcome the long-awaited Claims and Objections cycle, which commenced on Tuesday, October 01, 2019, and continues for forty-two days after an adjustment to the initial period, agreed by the Commissioners. It presents the speediest approach by GECOM to cleanse the Preliminary List of Voters and the opportunity for citizens who are not on the list to register. The time has come for all citizens to have their say in halting this downward slide of our treasured country under the hands of this dictatorship APNU/AFC regime. It is very interesting that the GECOM Secretariat extracted the Preliminary List of Electors from the Database that was effective at the end of April 2019. The same database that Government Commissioners and the Secretariat knew all along was valid. Yet, they deliberately put up a persistent and systemic approach of false representations of the facts, focused on deliberately effecting delayed elections and extending the life of the fallen and now illegal APNU/AFC regime. The surreptitious defiance of our revered Constitution by this cabal and the blatant game playing accommodation by Mr Granger fly in the face of the level of fairness and objectivity required at GECOM. It also highlights the level of ingrained deceptiveness and untrustworthiness in his leadership. This brings to the forefront, the generally undesired abuse of the autonomy granted to GECOM that is being advantaged by the likes of Keith Lowenfield, who leads the Secretariat, and the infamous hard-nosed quartet of Mr Granger’s anointed James Patterson and the three PNC/

APNU Commissioners. All will recall that the main Opposition PPP/C was consistent in their call for GECOM to use the list, which the forces in the then GECOM Commission and Secretariat deliberately allowed to expire on April 30, 2019. Of course, this was given its continuous update over the years by GECOM in accordance with the legally approved framework, leading up to various elections including 2015 that brought the Government to power. It is a fact that the validity of the list subject to the required update was never in question. This was on numerous occasions admitted by the Public Relations Officer, Legal Officer and Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield. It is, therefore, unacceptable that Keith Lowenfield shamelessly and inexplicably embarked on the infamous House-to-House cycle in the absence of a Chairman of GECOM and in rejection of the rulings of the CCJ regarding the instructive position of Section 106 of the Guyana Constitution. The irrationality and tenacious emphasis of unconstitutional breach by this Granger PNC-influenced clique highlight their unfitness for the position they currently hold in GECOM. Lowenfield’s lack of enforcement of the most appropriate of the Continuous Registration and Claims and Objection approach places every action authorised by the Secretariat up for microscopic scrutiny. The seemingly innate “corrections when exposed” design applied by Lowenfield raises too many questions for acceptability, trust and transparency. From some of the recent outputs of the Secretariat, it must be clarified regarding who created the deliberate false alarm and published in the Official Gazette that

the duration of Continuous Registration will be forty-nine days. Who in GECOM Secretariat sent out an Order from GECOM for all registrants to go to the GECOM office and verify their name on the Preliminary List of Voters? The contaminated and misleading environment that the Secretariat creates is a recipe for mass protest and action against all those who are wilfully playing with the lives of our people. All citizens must vehemently condemn these unnecessary and unpardonable sins by key actors in the GECOM Secretariat and the perpetrators of these woeful and most damaging actions must be fully sanctioned. Requests by numerous media outfits have sought explanations as it relates to this particular and several most disgusting acts of the GECOM Secretariat. The callous treatment by offering another correction without explanation is most disgusting. I wish to emphasise the deliberate attempt at confusion caused by the GECOM Secretariat’s release, which state: “During the exercise, every person whose name appears on the Preliminary List of Electors (PLE) must visit the registration office in their respective area with their National Identification Card to verify their registration record to be included in the Official List of Electors (OLE).” Aside from the retraction, we condemn this wicked statement as fake, false, and wicked; and the Chairperson, Madam Justice retired Claudette Singh should take the necessary steps to ensure the responsible source from GECOM Secretariat is dealt condignly with the full force of the law. GECOM’s image is on public trial and the evidence

points to strong untrustworthiness of the controlling staff at the Secretariat, who are continuously proving their liability to this country and the Commission in particular. It is, therefore, imperative that GECOM recruits an independent evaluator, whose job will be to evaluate all official systems for the day-today activities and to ensure the achievement of all targets. GECOM also needs a technical assessor, whose function should be to monitor the electoral system to ensure maximum and accurate output within the confines of the law. Further, there is recognition by the public that GECOM is in desperate need of more than one information technology specialist. It is of note that the imposter, pensioner Patterson, who Granger had catapulted at the helm of GECOM, surreptitiously and irrationally rejected the IT specialist offered by the UNDP. Without hesitation, GECOM should accept the offer by the international community to assist in offering technical assistance and monitoring of the various phases of the preparation of the elections. One has to be cognisant of the fact that GECOM has rogue elements within is confines who could compromise a free and fair election. The Chairman of GECOM should act with urgency to protect the integrity of the elections, knowing that trust is questionable in the Secretariat. The situation at GECOM is rotten and more and more people will continue to focus on and speak out on all the skullduggeries at the office, thereby affecting the credence of the organisation and its role. Sincerely, Neil Kumar

SATURDAY, october 5, 2019


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Guyana or

AFC is dead UG’s hiring practices may also be questionable meat and Dear Editor, I write this letter with reference to your recent article “Resource-trapped” UG fails to attract qualified staff – Deputy VC. Not to disagree with the Deputy VC, but there is an added perspective that is missing in the analysis of why UG lacks qualified staff. Due to a dying relative and after hearing the unfortunate news of the death of a younger fellow, QC student named Courtney Crum-Ewing, and learning about the current situation in Guyana from our former QC Head Prefect Ashni Singh, I decided to remigrate to Guyana in 2015. I was enthusiastic to contribute to the country of my birth where I could leverage my over twenty years of international business experience within the

Fortune 500, my Master’s Degree from a top 20 university focused on Business Management where I also was a Teaching Assistant and my Bachelor’s Degree from a top 10 university (based on global university rankings). Another past QC student, who is a current professor at UG, had helped me approach the University concerning an open position in their Business Faculty. This is the same University of Guyana where I was once accepted after requiring special permission due to age and became the youngest student to ever attend the University at that time. Just prior I had taught for free at Queen’s College due to a teacher shortage. It was an honour to do so and the Headmaster, Mr Trotz, had approached a

number of us who had recently topped the country at CXC exams. Teaching at QC was an opportunity which I gladly pursued, but others dismissed it due to other commitments and wanting to be paid for their efforts. After attending orientation at UG I, however, opted out, and instead pursued my studies at an Ivy League university overseas. It was a rare opportunity due to its history of producing Presidents for the USA, such as President Theodore Roosevelt and President Franklin D Roosevelt. President Barack Obama would later add his name to the list. When I had applied to teach at UG, I later discovered that the University did not even consider my application, but had considered other candidates. I

guess there must have been a very qualified candidate pool. However, given my experience, I am not sure that the University has pursued recruitment in the most professional manner and has vetted candidates primarily based on qualifications. To put it quite simply, the phone never rang nor was an email received. Thus, in my humble opinion, the current shortage of qualified staff at our University of Guyana may also be an issue due to the University’s recruitment process. My impression may be incorrect, but this may be an area that the Deputy VC may want to further review for improvement opportunities.

Dear Editor, The competition and feud between PM Moses and AFC party leader Ramjattan is like competing for first mate on the Titanic. It’s almost comical that they are kissing up to Granger and the PNC so much to see who would be a better lapdog, as the PNC’s ship is sinking. It was Ramjattan who brought Moses into the AFC, and now that he is in, life is good, and Moses does not want to step aside and make space for the man that made him what he is. The PNC will get a good walloping by the PPP in March 2020. They lost the 2016 LGE by 25,000 votes and the 2018 LGE by 45,000 votes. They were defeated in a No-Confidence Motion in which their own MP delivered the fatal blow. That is why Granger was in slow motion to call elections. The evidence of the resurgence of

a chastened PPP is undeniable. Not only was the PNC walloped at LGEs; the AFC was obliterated. All the crossover votes from 2015 went back to the PPP after they noticed the PNC coalition was on the wrong trajectory and they were taking us back to the dark days of Burnhamism. True, it was the AFC that caused the PNC to win, but it was the same AFC that caused them to be defeated. Can the PNC take that chance again and give up so many MP seats and ministerial slots? The AFC took up positions that should have gone to diehard party loyalists, and it seems unfair to those loyalists to make way for a party that now brings nothing to the table. What happens if the PNC loses, does the AFC still get 40 per cent of the MP and committee slots? The PNC may do better

going with an Amerindian, such as Hastings, as a PM candidate to checkmate Shuman. Notwithstanding, whatever their slate, the PNC will be solidly defeated by the PPP. The PNC and its coalition have shown that unlike the PPP who peacefully demitted office twice, they are bent on staying in power by crook or by crook, and never to give up once they get in. That’s bad for democ-

racy which took 28 years to regain. A party’s willingness to abide by the Constitution has now become the litmus test for voters who cherish democracy. As one of those crossover voters, I will never, ever vote for the PNC coalition again. I can trust that the PPP will follow the Constitution, as they have demonstrated indelibly.

Best regards, Jamil Changlee

Granger now owns the AFC

Sincerely, Jerry Singh

useless to PNC

Dear Editor, The Cummingsburg talks are underway and the AFC is getting its turn to deal with the doyen of duplicity, David Granger. The main issue is the position of (PM) prime ministerial candidate; the AFC wants it and Granger has other plans. In the terms of the 2015 Accord, the PM slot on the ticket was guaranteed to whomever the AFC nominated, this time around, Khemraj Ramjattan is the nominee but Granger said “I cannot say now, who I would be running with, but I can assure you that the two groups are reviewing the 2015 accord and we hope to come up with a revised accord” and “It is not prudent to anticipate the outcome of negotiations,”. Based on months of listening to Granger prevaricate and temporise following the successful No-Confidence Motion, I can safely pronounce that “Prak cork duck”. He will not be the PM candidate; he can go

all the way to the CCJ, win, and still not be the candidate. It is with a sense of karmic satisfaction that I watch Granger put Khemraj et al on his ‘merry-go-round’. The country experienced Granger’s  no-confidence duplicity that included “awaiting the outcome of the Judicial process”, “abide by the provisions of the Constitution”,  “credible elections in the shortest possible time” and “GECOM is responsible for setting the date, not me”  while Khemraj Ramjattan and his AFC cohorts cheered him (Granger) on. Prak should now cut a rod and go learn to fish in the backdam because he must know that you can only sell your soul to the devil once. That is the ‘accord’ the AFC signed in 2015. Granger now owns the AFC and will do with them what he will. Respectfully,   Robin Singh


saturday, OCTOber 5, 2019


By Hannah Lipman


ow does a teen leader look different from an adult leader? What are adults missing when they identify teen leaders? What things are we NOT doing to foster leadership in adolescence? These are important questions and teens themselves may be well equipped to help us find answers. Each summer in the PADlab, we bring in a co-


Foundation hort of four high school summer interns. The summer interns spend a few months hanging out with us, learning about how the research process works, training in on some of our ongoing research activities, and learning more about the lives of Northwestern students. They also teach us. A LOT. As our research programme has migrated into the world of adolescent leadership, this has only

become more true. All of us, me included, look forward to having these fresh young students join us for the summer months. This past summer, our high school interns were given a new sort of task – learn a little about the world of scientific blogging. And, at the same time, spend some time thinking about questions like the ones at the beginning of the post. All four of our in-

terns took our longer set of prompts, thought hard about them, and put their own spin on the topic of adolescent leadership. In this two-part series, you’ll read each of their contributions on this topic. In the first part of this series, we will hear from Mary Slowinski, who focuses on the role of passion, and Hannah Lipman, who warns us about the illusion of popularity.

Passion to action: Why passion is an essential catalyst for teen leadership

hat is passion? Why is it imperative in shaping teen lead-

ers? Passion is visible everywhere – especially in teens leading their communities. It is in the Parkland survivors’ pleas to end gun violence. It is oozing from the actions of young figures such as Nadya Okamoto, Little Miss Flint, and Yara Shahidi. Within my own youth activist network, I have noticed strong leadership born from radical passion. Close friends organise rallies at school, represent their state’s political candidates, create magazines dedicated to an immediate call for change, and make pieces of art. Their passion fuels them to become strong leaders. It starts with an interest in topics such as mental health, human rights, or political activism, and spreads into something much deeper. For many young teens, the challenge is sometimes finding their passion in the first place. It took me years as a teen to locate my passion for mental health before I created my company, Self EsTeen, and dove into the world of public speaking with a goal to raise aware-

ness of practical techniques for self-development. Reflecting on my own experience and consulting with peers, I have compiled some pieces of advice to help teens find their passion:

Here we come: Gen Z leaders take action in today’s political climate


ur society’s concept of leadership has evolved over time, but it typically involves a socially influential person, in a position of power, confident in themselves and their ideas. A leader is often outspoken, passionate, and driven. Can you think of someone who fits these categories? Let me guess: they are older than 18, presumably over 25 years old? While a leader is someone who should be looked up to, it is time for us to look “down”. The models our adult leaders are using are failing. They are failing to create change and pave the way for the next generation. So, teens are working on their own: on their own social media platforms, on their own stages, and within their own communities, to create change.

Look around the classroom

There are hidden gems within each school community. These can be found in teachers, in after-school clubs, assignments, or even in other students. My counsellor helped me realise that I have a passion for helping people with mental health. My friend Jack found his passion for politics during a school visit to DC oriented towards justice. Your school environment could be your place for the discovery of your own passion.

Learn from mentors

Mentors matter. They guide you, influence you and encourage you to keep moving forward. They can be anyone: teachers, friends, co-workers, bosses, or even a family friend. One of my mentors, Richard Tirman, helped me connect my passion for Self EsTeen to psychology. He offered me his resources, became my sounding board, helped me learn more about myself, and sup-

By Mary Slowinski pas·sion /?paSH?n/ -- noun My definition: An emotion that feels like fireworks and makes you a leader

ported my ideas and vision.

Let your physical outlet help you release outside noise

A physical outlet is essential for a passion-seeking person. It creates space within your mind and stimulates creativity. When you are practising a sport, working in rehearsal or even walking your dog, you are giving yourself the chance to open your mind to new possibilities. When your mind is open, you might be able to see your passion where you would not have been able to see it before.

Self-reflection is essential

As teens, it is VERY easy to get caught up in a web of test scores, college applications, social dynamics, grades and so on. Sometimes you can be chasing something for the wrong reasons. It is important to ask yourself, “Am I doing this because it’s my passion, or am I doing this to create material for my college application?” Once you find your passion, flow with it and let it shape you into the leader you were meant to be. The world needs you. (Excerpt from psychologytoday. com)

The new normal

Greta Thunberg is one of many teen activists creating change on the global stage. Greta began protesting at age 15, advocating for action to combat climate change. Greta exemplifies successful leadership because of her focus, persistence, and drive. While her cry for action has often been met with the closed minds of adult leaders, she continues to stay true to her goal by using her passion and leadership qualities. Like Greta, the Parkland students are sick of hearing that they are “too young” to make change and engage in politics in the same way as their adult leaders. Since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Emma González and her peers have shown us what leaders look like. Teen leaders matter, and I have witnessed this firsthand in my own high school. Instead of just talking the talk, student leaders at Evanston Township High School walk the walk. While we have achieved many goals on different levels as student leaders and activists, one of the most influential moments of student leadership that I participated in was our walkout aimed towards encouraging stricter gun control laws. This National Walkout was created by student activists and leaders of the Women’s March. It was even more powerful that we were students following something created, in part, by other students. At 10:00 am on March 14, over 3300 students filled the bleachers

of our football stadium and listened as our student representative and other students spoke, yelled, and cried. Some even performed poetry. All of them moved us emotionally as they spoke of the problem of gun violence right now and the history of gun violence disproportionately affecting communities of colour. Lastly, we were called to action. We were urged to pull out our phones and call our representatives at that moment, and we did. Being surrounded by fellow teen leaders has inspired leadership in me. I strive to be a leader in and out of the classroom – formally, by applying for leadership positions and informally, by setting a good example and understanding the impacts of my actions. Ultimately, teens are better leaders than we may think; we just need to give them a chance before it is too late. (Excerpt from



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Govt still hoping for lifeline from Opposition in Parliament …AG says “crisis” looms …no need for Opposition to return – Jagdeo


he parliamentary Opposition has firmly stated that they will not return to the National Assembly for the extension of Government’s life, but Attorney General, Basil Williams is still hoping that this will be done, stating that he foresees a “crisis” situation in Guyana. During a People’s National Congress (PNC) press conference on Friday, Williams said that the Government will make a decision on returning to Parliament after discussions in ‘Cabinet’ (which, according to the Caribbean Court of Justice, stands resigned). He added that if the Opposition does not return to Parliament, then caretaker President, David Granger would have no oth-

er choice than to “dissolve Parliament”. However, even as Williams is hoping for the Opposition to return to Parliament, there are already calls for Granger to dissolve Parliament. These calls started when the proclamation was issued for General and Regional Elections, which were constitutionally due since September 18. The elections are to be held on March 2, 2020.

No need to return

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had debunked claims made by the Government that the Opposition needs to return to Parliament before it can be dissolved. It is a requirement of

the President to issue a proclamation to dissolve Parliament when an election is impending. However, Government is seeking to extend its life by ordering the parliamentary Opposition to return to Parliament. The former Head of State clarified that an extension of Government’s life is unnecessary since it is not linked to any decisions that should be taken to facilitate the polls. Moreover, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) would have bestowed the coalition Administration with a caretaker status, indicating that its main function is to host elections. “He sought to link the date with the return of the parliamentary Opposition to Parliament to extend the life of his Government…Therein

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

are several fallacies. One, there is no link to the extension of his Government, which has been illegal since March 21. He never sought that extension before,” Jagdeo had related. He added, “Secondly, the extension is wholly unnecessary for him to discharge the caretaker responsibility that had been accorded to him by

the CCJ. Because a caretaker Government is only vested with one responsibility, that is, holding elections and having the authority to do all the things necessary with the holding of elections. By virtue of being caretaker, he can proclaim the date and he can dissolve the Parliament.” According to Jagdeo, Government is looking at the extension as a legal footing for activities which are not authorised under a caretaker Administration. “We believe the real reason for all of this [is] they want legal coverage for all the criminal acts of theft and transfer of resources that they have committed because they believe if we extend the life of the Government, there will be no prosecution. There can’t be prosecution,” he signalled. In this regard, he reaffirmed that there is a zero per cent chance of them returning to the National

Attorney General Basil Williams

Assembly. “We have no intention of going to Parliament to extend the life of his Government. Absolutely none. No intention whatsoever,” Jagdeo positioned. In order for Government’s legitimacy to be restored, they would require a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Taxi driver jailed 18 years for raping child A

fter being convicted and placed on remand for little over two months for the rape of a minor, 41-yearold Morris Johnson was on Friday handed down a sentence of 18 years behind bars by Justice Brassington Reynolds. Johnson was found guilty of the charge by a 12-member jury back in July, after being on trial before Justice Reynolds at the Sexual Offences Court at the Demerara High Court. Johnson was slapped with the charge, which detailed

Jailed: Morris Johnson

that between August 12 and August 13, 2017 in the county of Demerara, he engaged in sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16. The probation revealed that several persons in Johnson’s neighbourhood firmly believed that he was involved in such acts; however, his wife described him as a “hardworking and caring” husband, who cares for his family. Attorney Keoma Griffith in a plea of mitigation told the court that his client is the sole breadwinner for his

family, is a father of two, and is currently expecting a third child. This, he asked the court to consider when handing down the sentence. However, State Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs

contended that a sentence be passed on Johnson, which will deter others for committing such an offence and also given the negative impact the experience had on the victim.

As such, Justice Reynolds imposed the aforementioned sentence while informing that the convict will be eligible for parole after serving 15 years.

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IN THE COURTS T&T man who faked kidnapping Cash in Guyana jailed transfers… A Trinidadian man, who faked his own kidnapping in Guyana, was on Friday found guilty and jailed by Magistrate Fabayo Azore. Sawak Maraj, a 33-yearold chemical engineer, who was given a $1 million bail, was found guilty by Magistrate Azore after she found that the prosecution provided sufficient evidence for a conviction. The prosecution’s case contended that on October 27, 2017, at Madewini Resort, Timehri, East Bank Demerara (EBD), Maraj gave false information to the Police that he had been kid-

Sawak Maraj

napped and US$700,000 was demanded for his release. However, after a probe was launched into the kidnap-

ping, it was discovered that the incident was staged. He was also charged for conspiring with others on the same day and at the same location to commit a felony, that is, to obtain US$700,000 by false pretence. Reports are that the Trinidadian arrived in Guyana and was scheduled to check in at the Ramada Hotel, Providence, East Bank Demerara but never went to the hotel. According to reports, the parents of the victim were contacted in Trinidad via telephone by an unknown person, who indicated that

their son was taken hostage in Guyana and the money was demanded for his release. A photograph of the man shirtless with a cutlass to his neck was sent to his parents as proof of his detention. However, following investigations by Police in Guyana, the ranks swooped down on a house at Madewini Resort and found the man relaxing comfortably with his alleged accomplices. Detectives then began to unravel an apparent scheme by the man to extort money from his relatives.

Businessman who allegedly attempted to bribe GRA employee charged


35-year-old man was on Friday hauled before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and released on $50,000 bail after denying a forgery charge. Sewdharry Sookraj, a businessman, appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly and denied that be-

tween May 28, 2018, and May 30, 2018, at Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) at Camp Street, Georgetown, he attempted to incite Christopher Ramlagan to commit a felony, that is to say, to forge three GRA motor vehicle licence for himself, by paying him $25,000.

Attorney-at-Law Trenton Lake informed the court that his client is the sole breadwinner for his family and, therefore, bail should be granted. According to the prosecution’s case, the businessman contacted the GRA employee to get three vehicles li-

cences. The court heard that the officer informed his superiors about what he was told, which resulted with the matter being investigated and the defendant arrested. The Magistrate released Sookraj on $50,000 bail. The case will continue on October 15.

2 years jail for man who robbed former reporter


30-year-old man was today sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for robbing a former INews reporter.

Albert Defreitas, 30, of Leopold Street, Georgetown, was on trial before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown

Albert Defreitas

Magistrates’ Courts. He was accused of breaking into the reporter’s car in 2017 and carting off with articles value $550,000. Defreitas had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on January 31, 2017 at Parade Street, Georgetown,

he stole a quantity of articles and cash. The prosecution contended that the vehicle was parked while the reporter and her fiancé were conducting a pre-wedding photo-shoot at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel, a short distance away. Nonetheless, after the incident, Defreitas attempted to sell a laptop which was stolen from the car, but the prospective buyer, a woman, cancelled the transaction after she became suspicious of the actions of Defreitas. Instead, she contacted the Police, allowing for ranks to intercept the suspect, who was nabbed with the stolen items in his possession.


…for “vulnerable groups” couple of months ago, Clive Thomas threw out the proposal that once the oil revenues start flowing, the State should transfer US$5000/GY$1 million to each household in Guyana. He was addressing that “Eusi Kwayana Emancipation Symposium” in Buxton, organised by the Buxton First of August Movement on the topic, “The Coming Oil and Gas Economy: Prospects for Empowering the Poor and Revitalising the Village Economy”. With him estimating that there are some 200,000 households in the country— this would amount to US$1 billion annually. This set off quite a heated debate among the chatterati on the blogs and letters pages. For the average Guyanese, they were always in favour of “free money”. In fact, Guyanese have been receiving “free money” for the past three decades, at least, in the form of “remittances” from overseas-based relatives. And the amount hasn’t been chickenfeed: averaging US$400 million annually during the last decade. There should be a study done to investigate how this money was used by the recipients and this should inform proposals for making cash transfers from oil revenues, going forward. As for Thomas’ proposal, analysts quickly pointed out that the quantum and spread of the free money just wasn’t justified by the numbers the oil company were projecting. The 1.5 million bpd assumed, for instance, wouldn’t be reached for another decade and the US$70 per barrel price was just speculation in a notoriously volatile market. The WPA, of which Thomas is a member, picked up the proposal, but it was APNU coalition – led by Granger – that rejected the unconditional handout and dubbed it as giving folks a “fish for dinner”. He preferred teaching folks “to fish”.  But that just exposed Granger’s penchant for speaking in banal homilies that bore no relationship with ground realities. The fact of the matter is that cash handouts have been used in many other countries in the world for decades to deal with poverty and equity. So apart from our own experience with remittances, we should have a lot of data as to what approach is most effective if we want to go down this road. Well, the PPP just announced their take on cash transfers. They explained, “The PPP has to keep its mind open to any method that would reduce poverty, get more jobs to people, get more children to school, and getting the best quality education and healthcare, and in our manifesto, we are going to be talking about conditional and targeted transfers to vulnerable groups right at the beginning”. “Conditional and targeted transfers”. That, at least, demonstrates that the PPP is sensitive to some of the concerns that have been raised on this issue. We need a national discussion. …and demotivation One of the concerns raised about cash transfers has been its disincentivising  impact on the poor, who they are supposed to “help”. And this isn’t a myth: numerous studies and anecdotal evidence right here in Guyana show that the handouts encourage the recipients not to accept low-paying jobs that the economy can afford. Thus, wage rates are artificially raised, causing local products to lose their comparative advantage. And that’s why handouts must be “targeted”. It’s been shown that single mothers, for instance, will spend on their children but not, in general, single fathers. Conditions can be attached like insisting that children attend school, or the single parents upgrade their work skills. The GY$10,000 handout the PPP awarded to schoolchildren was a very successful targeted programme – which we should note, the same WPA as a member of APNU poo-pooed as an “election gimmick”. The source of the funding should also be made clear: Alaska, for instance, allocates its handouts from interest earned from its Sovereign Fund, and not from the principal. Let’s talk cash transfers. …and the future  While there’s resistance against “handouts” – and that’s why they’re now referred to as “cash transfers” – there are cultural imperatives at play that give credence to such sentiments.  Those imperatives can’t create a sustainable new economy. Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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President will decide on coalition’s CANU high-speed chase Cop slapped with damage PM candidacy – PNC executive


ith elections slated for the first quarter of 2020, the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition is still deliberating on who will fill the spot of its prime ministerial candidate. However, Attorney General, Basil Williams indicated at a press conference on Friday that caretaker President David Granger will be making the announcement, as to who will be contesting alongside him for the polls. While there have been suggestions that State Minister, Dawn HastingsWilliams is one of the likely candidates, Williams said, “I won’t preempt President Granger. To answer such a question, I would be preempting him...What I must say is that my colleague (Hastings-Williams) is very competent. I think we will really be undermining President Granger, who has the remit to make such appointments.” The Cummingsburg Accord, which has since expired, dictates that the presidential candidate must be sourced from the APNU, while the AFC is responsi-

President David Granger

ble for providing the prime ministerial candidate. But the Attorney General hinted that all aspects of their agreement are under negotiation. Presently, the Accord is under review, since it will expire next year May. “Everything is being reviewed in the Accord…It took an adjournment because I was out of the country but now that I’m back, we’ll see.” While the AFC has chosen Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan for the

post, Granger on Thursday affirmed that Ramjattan has not been given the green light by APNU and the prime ministerial candidacy would be determined after negotiations between the two parties. In fact, it is uncertain if the prime ministerial candidate position will be granted to the AFC in the elections slated for March 2, 2020. When asked if the PM candidate would be selected from the AFC, Granger had noted: “It is not prudent to anticipate the outcome of negotiations.” Earlier this week, Ramjattan had told the media that he remained confident in his supporters ensuring that he was formally declared the prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming elections, regardless of the fact that APNU had not endorsed him to date. After Ramjattan’s selection as the AFC’s prime ministerial candidate-in-waiting a few months ago, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson had indicated that APNU was duty-bound to accept Ramjattan as Granger’s running mate as long as the Cummingsburg Accord was

in effect. The major party in APNU, the People’s National Congress (PNC), has shown a strong preference for the incumbent, Moses Nagamootoo. This has manifested when APNU officials made public statements in support of Nagamootoo Throughout this AFC/ APNU marriage, the AFC was criticised, especially by the parliamentary Opposition, for what many describe as the submissive role it has been playing since joining forces with APNU. Decisions such as the closure of sugar estates, which put thousands of sugar workers out of jobs, were passed unchallenged and even been supported by the AFC. In addition, there has been the strategic reallocation of responsibilities away from Ministries headed by AFC officials, to other Ministries. There is also the fact that despite the Cummingsburg Accord stipulating the Prime Minister, in this case Moses Nagamootoo, has responsibility for chairing Cabinet and domestic issues, this was not followed through.

approached police officers there and handed a rank a pair of black sneakers requesting that the policeman ensure that her boyfriend, Alexander La Cruz, receives the footwear. However, during the initial examination of the footwear, the rank became suspicious since the soles of each sneaker appeared out of place.

He then proceeded to examine the items further which led to the discovery of a compressed plastic wrapper with 360 grams of cannabis in the form of leaves, seeds and stem in the inner sole of each sneaker. The 29-year-old female was immediately notified about the discovery and began to behave in a disorderly manner inside of the police station. However, the ranks continued with their investigation and weighed the narcotic in her presence before taking her into police custody. Magistrate Ally-Seepaul remanded the woman to prison. The case will continue on November 14, 2019.

Woman who tried to smuggle drugs into prison for lover remanded


he lover of a prisoner, who is on remand for murder, was slapped with a possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking charge and made her first appearance in court on Thursday. Twenty-nine-year-old, Wondika Sandiford appeared before Magistrate Zorina Ally-Seepaul at the Wales Magistrate’s Court,

West Bank Demerara (WBD), without an attorney and pled not guilty to the charge. It was alleged that on Wednesday at about 13:00h, the 29-year-old female visited the Wales Police Station, West Bank Demerara (WBD), where prisoners were being held. According to the prosecution’s case, the woman

to property, dangerous driving charges


he policeman who evaded arrest by ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) a few weeks ago during a high-speed chase which damaged a gate at the Demerara Harbour Bridge is now on bail after appearing in court on Friday. Ryan Morgan, a constable attached to the Special Branch Unit (SBU) of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) appeared before Magistrate Zorina Ally-Seepaul at the Wales Magistrate’s Court, West Bank Demerara (WBD). He denied the charges of damage to property and dangerous driving. Defence Counsel Dexter Todd made a successful bail application. On the damage to property charge, he was released on $20,000 bail and on the dangerous driving charge, he was released on $30,000 bail. The cases will continue on November 28, 2019. It was alleged that on September 15, 2019, a highspeed chase took place between ranks of the CANU and Morgan, who was driving a motorcar that allegedly had four other passengers. In the wee hours of that Sunday morning, the CANU ranks proved unsuccessful in their pursuit to nab the suspects, as the cop and his passengers made good their escape on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) after crashing through a gate at the Demerara Harbour Bridge. Reports are that the chase commenced along the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) roadways at about 01:20h sometime after the CANU ranks had been “tailing” the vehicle. According to a senior Police source at that time, the CANU operatives had contacted the police in D Division (West Bank Demerara-East Bank Essequibo) shortly after

01:00h on Sunday to have them cordon off the area at the end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge. “They wanted the police here to help to close off the route at the bridge so that the people could not escape. Basically, to block off the access of the bridge from the suspects, and to set up ranks in the perimeter at the end of the bridge on our side. Even though we did what they requested as soon as they notified us, the people got away,” the source said. The suspects escaped from the narcotics agents by smashing through a gate at the side of the Harbour Bridge, damaging the infrastructure, before proceeding along the WCD route. Although the CANU ranks continued in hot pursuit, their efforts in nabbing the suspects proved futile, as the occupants along with the driver of the motorcar managed to make good their escape. It is unclear as to what information the CANU ranks had been in receipt of that led to the chase and if the occupants of the motorcar were in possession of illegal substances. However, after several searches were conducted by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in D Division some hours after the chase occurred, the police were able locate the missing vehicle. Police ranks discovered the car parked at the home of a mechanic who owns and operates a “body work repair” shop at Vreed-enHoop, WCD. Investigations continued after information revealed that the driver of the vehicle was a policeman and his identity was made known to investigators. Shortly after, Morgan turned himself in at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary.

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Elections 2020

Intervention by int’l community “wholly necessary” – Jagdeo

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo


pposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has said that the recent intervention by the international community regarding the hosting of General and Regional Elections here was “wholly necessary”. Before caretaker President David Granger set the March 2, 2020 elections date last week and his subsequent issuance of the elections proclamation earlier this week, international pressure was continuing to mount on him and the Government. The United States, United Kingdom

and the European Union, as well as the Commonwealth and the Organisation of American States (OAS), all issued statements urging the naming of an election date and for the Head of State to issue the proclamation. However, Foreign Affairs Minister Karen Cummings said that the pressure from the international community on the coalition government for constitutional compliance was “uncalled for”. “… We met with all stakeholders and members of the diplomatic corps and the President would have out-

lined the way forward. So all this agitation is uncalled for. We are a Government and we remain in power until another President is sworn in. March 2, wherever the chips fall, that is it,” she contended at a press conference earlier this week. But the following day, the Opposition Leader argued that it was necessary since it was the mounted pressure both locally and overseas that forced President David Granger to finally name a date for the much-anticipated elections. “It was unnecessary,

that’s their view but for the whole country, this was very necessary because they were supposed to call elections since March 21, 2019 and they were unwilling to set a date until the international pressure and we stepped up the process. It was wholly necessary to get Granger to comply with the Constitution and to obey the ruling of the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice),” Jagdeo posited. The CCJ on June 18 had validated the December 2018 passage of the Oppositiontabled No-Confidence Motion against the coalition government, and in its subsequent orders on July 10, had stated that the NCM had given effect to Article 106 and triggered early elections. In fact, elections were due since March 21, 2019 but with the legal battles that ensued, that timeline was on pause and according to the Trinidad-based regional court, the elections timeline

took effect from its June ruling, thus, making September 18, 2019 the new deadline for elections to be held. During Wednesday’s press conference, Minister Cummings said ‘Cabinet’ (which legally stands resigned following the Caribbean Court of Justice ruling in July) had “decided” that they will obey the law and has set a date as soon as possible for the holding of polls. A statement which did not sit well with Jagdeo. “Imagine, at the Cabinet level and the caucus they’ve decided that they will obey the rule of law. Can you imagine this, as though they had an option…,” he asserted. According to Jagdeo, “Paranoia has taken over Government and this happens to people who are embattled. They feel that everyone, the whole world is against them”. Furthermore, the Opposition Leader contended that President Granger did not do the country or anyone a favour by naming a date for elections or issuing the proclamation since he was constitutionally bound to do so. “Let us be clear that it was no favour to Guyana. In fact, if we trace how the proclamation was issued, it had to be dragged out of him. It took several acts of protest and also several statements from the international community, threatening the withholding of aid and declaring him unconstitu-

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Karen Cummings

tional to get him to do what he should have done a long time ago… and to get him to do what is legal and constitutional,” Jagdeo stressed. On this note, he reminded that setting the date and issuing the proclamation does not change the status of the caretaker coalition government, which he said remains unconstitutional. In fact, he added that even now the coalition administration is in “flagrant violation” of the Constitution and the rulings of the courts when the Cabinet, with impunity and almost in an ‘in your face’ kind of way, meets almost every week. Article 106, which the courts ruled was activated via the December 2018 passage of the No-Confidence Motion against the coalition, states that the Cabinet including the President shall resign and call elections in three months.



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Substandard work detected at Region 6 schools – RDC informed

Faulty electrical work at Linepath Secondary


ven as World Teachers’ Day was being observed, the Region Six (East BerbiceCorentyne) Administration has expressed concern over substandard work at schools in the region and the frequency in which Parent Teachers Associations

are endangering the lives of children and on one occasion, a child was injured, the RDC was told. Head of the Regional Works Committee and Regional Vice Chairman, Dennis DeRoop told the RDC that poor quality work is coming from the contractors who have been handpicked to carry out work for the Administration. DeRoop explained that most of the contractors, even though they would submit the names of technical personnel for the projects; when the worksites are visited, no such persons are found. He said what he has found is that juveniles and apprentices are carrying out the work and on some occasions, the person in charge cannot even read the bill of quantities. At the Linepath Secondary, on two occasions the teachers and students were forced to flee the school

“This is happening because we are not tendering for contracts and we are giving them to the wrong people” – Vice Chairman (PTAs) are asking parents to make financial contributions to assist schools. Those issues were raised when the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) met on Thursday. Some of the work done by contractors at schools in the region

because of shabby electrical work which resulted in wires sparking in the ceiling. “This particular contractor is saying that ‘jumbie’ is at the school and he can’t fix the problem,” DeRoop told his fellow Councillors. “This is a very serious situation and we need to look at it. The other thing is that the contractor has removed the expensive ceiling fans that we had in the schools and he replaced them with some cheap fans; the ones like you use in your homes. I don’t know [where] he took the fans from the school to. Our electrical people went there and the only thing that they could have done was to take off the power from the main switch but we are still having the sparking.” In the Black Bush Polder, the sanitary block at Johanna Secondary is also a cause for concern. Polythene was used to hold up the pluming and the contractor has used hollow blocks where vent blocks should have been used.

“I would recommend that we pull the entire thing down. I have never seen a sanitary block so ugly. The work is so substandard if you look at that building it is shoddy. This is happening because we are not tendering for contracts and we are giving them to the wrong people,” the Works Committee Head said. He added that there was never a technical person on site when the Works Committee visited. “There are several other contract sites, when you go there and talk to the person in charge on the ground, they can’t interpret the bill quantities so it is useless that you speak with them,”

Committee, Zamal Hussain in presenting the Regional Education Report called for an investigation into the Berbice High School where he said $1 million is missing from the school’s coffers. After several months, there has been no report forthcoming. Turning his attention to the PTAs, Hussain noted that at the Number 36 Primary, a senior official of the teaching staff demanded $150,000 from the PTA before proceeding on leave. That teacher, he said, left the country to go overseas.

“Many parents are refusing to attend PTA meetings because at every meeting they are being asked for money” – Regional Chairman

The sanitary block at Johanna Secondary in the Black Bush Polder

DeRoop added while explaining that a student was injured at another secondary school because of the poor quality work done by the contractor. “At Manchester Secondary School, it was reported that a window fell out and injured a student,” he related.

Missing money

Meanwhile, the Regional

Head of Education

He said while President David Granger has been placing much emphasis on education, many PTAs have been asking parents to make huge contributions to schools. President of the Number 56 Primary PTA, Anita Boodram told this publication that it was not true that the Head of the school had taken the money. She said the treasurer balanced the books on Thursday.

However, the treasurer, Ashmani Loy, said the issue is now settled but she refused to provide any details.

Parents’ refusal

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman David Armogan said many parents have expressed concern about the issue and parents are now refusing to attend PTA meetings because at every meeting they are being asked for money. Armogan is of the view that many PTA bodies are not aware of their function. “What the Education Committee needs to do is to educate the PTA on how it should operate and what are the rules that govern such bodies and how they are to raise finances and to account for monies that they would have raised. That is what they need to do so that no Head Teacher can come to them and say they want $150,000. This means that the PTA does not know what it has to do. I think that is where the problem is – with the PTAs not knowing what are their parameters of operation.” The Chairman has since instructed that training sessions be held for officials of PTAs to inform them on how they should operate. (Andrew Carmichael)


(Photos by Dexter Ceres)


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GBTI Hurricane Fund musters Outliers Zone targets educating 11,000 households close to $2M for Bahamas on financial strategy


GBTI Executive Director Richard Isava presents the Hurricane Relief Fund-Bahamas to Director General of the Civil Defence Commission, Col Kester Craig at the CDC office


he Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited (GBTI) has generated close to $2 million through the GBTI Hurricane Relief FundBahamas, which was initiated shortly after Hurricane Dorian ravaged several islands in the Bahamas early in September. Following the hurricane, the Bank committed $3 mil-

lion and encouraged its customers, staff and members of the public to join the relief efforts by donating to the fund. The fund was closed on October 1, 2019 and the total was handed over on Friday to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), which is coordinating the national support efforts here. Meanwhile, GBTI had donated its $3 million di-

rectly to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) of the Bahamas to also aid their relief efforts. GBTI expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the fund as it anticipates the complete transformation of the island back to its original state and the relief of the Government and people of The Bahamas.

ith the aim of educating some 11,000 households in Guyana on how to break away from generational poverty and embark on a journey to being financially stable, Outliers Zone— a financial management training institute— is expanding its services countrywide as it launched its national financial literacy campaign on Friday. The campaign, titled “Get money-smart Guyana”, is aiming to educate local households in order to end the usual paycheque-to-paycheque lifestyle and is expected to be activated through a series of workshops aimed at enabling adults, youths and children to be money-smart. At the campaign launch on Friday, Outliers Zone Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Athalyah Yisrael shared what should be expected from the initiative and what it is intended to do. “We found that when employees were exposed to this information, they were able to take action, immediate action, to improve it for their

Chief Executive Officer of Outliers Zone, Athalyah Yisrael

generation; hence the reason for launching this specific initiative that will be able to help 11,000 households in Guyana get clear on whether they are creating a legacy of bills or wills,” Yisrael asserted On this note, the CEO divulged plans for the organisation’s first workshop, which is a part of its Get Money-smart Guyana campaign. According to Yisrael, this session is anticipated to help employees, among other things, to develop pru-

dent habits in saving, investing, donating, spending and tithing. “We will be taking our first step, specifically with a mega-employee money management workshop. This is set out to help 600 employees end that paycheque-to-paycheque lifestyle. So what we will be focusing on specifically is helping employees identify where they are….not just to identify, but understand, what they can do now to begin recreating that financial identity,” she stated. The Mega-employee Money Management workshop is slated for November 3 at the Guyana Marriot Hotel under the theme “Mission Break Free: Ending the paycheque-to-paycheque life and taking control of your financial future now”, from 12:00h to 17:00h. Additionally, the workshop is expected to roll out in Linden, Berbice and Essequibo, while the organisation seeks to also partner with the Government, banking and industry stakeholders, private and public sector to ensure that the campaign meets its 11,000 household goal.

Teachers’ Week

Region 10 teachers rally through the streets of Linden

This group of teachers displayed full support for the Guyana Amazon Warriors during the rally in Linden on Friday


eachers and prospective teachers from across Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)

on Friday took to the streets of Linden in the form of a grand rally in honour of the current observance of

Teachers’ Week and World Teachers’ Day 2019. Decked out in various unique costumes, hundreds of teachers and students from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), led by staff of the region’s Department of Education, jubilantly marched along Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, to the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground (MSC). The atmosphere was quite a festive one, as the teachers, who were drawn from nursery, primary and secondary schools, gyrated through the streets to the sounds of music. Leading up to Friday’s rally, the teachers partic-

ipated in several activities over the course of the week. A “cookout” exercise was hosted on Thursday which saw the participa-

tion of teachers from across Linden and the rest of the region. October 5 is set aside as World Teachers’ Day each year.

This year, World Teachers’ Day is being observed under the theme, “Young teachers, the future of professions”.



saturday, october 5, 2019 |

National Industrial Policy to be formulated – Granger …aims to complement efforts to build a skilled workforce


National Industrial Policy (NIP) will be formulated to support existing industries, modernise the industrial sector, establish low-carbon industries, provide training in industrial skills and generate employment as the Government continues to take steps to ensure that Guyana has a skilled workforce that will lead its economic transformation. This is according to President David Granger, who is quoted by the Public Information and Press Services Unit of the Ministry of the Presidency at the Board of Industrial Training’s (BIT) graduation ceremony, which was hosted at the National Cultural Centre. Granger, who was accompanied by First Lady Sandra Granger said in light of Guyana’s impending revenues from the petroleum sector, the policy will rest on four main pillars: infrastructure, investment, innovation and integration. “Infrastructure, the first pillar, is essential to promoting industrialisation. Transport infrastructure – aerodromes, bridges and roads – are necessary to reduce investment and pro-

duction costs and facilitate easy access of goods and services to markets,” Granger is quoted as saying, He noted that investment, the second pillar, is essential to industrialisation, while noting that the most important investment is the investment in human capital. Innovation, he said, the third pillar of the NIP, is aimed at being a driver of growth and information and communication technology is boosting innovation. The Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) envisages the development of a “modern knowledge economy where ICT systems are the backbone of efficient public service delivery, support a more informed and active citizenry, and drive innovations in the business and creative sectors”. He posited that the digital state, by applying ICT to add value to production and service sectors, will trigger economic transformation, adding that the digital state will also revolutionise the delivery of education, including distance education. Integration, the fourth pillar, he added, aims at integrating the various parts of the economies of the re-

Graduates of the Board of Industrial Training’s National Training Project (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

gions. “Regionalisation will allow national development to take place horizontally, across all of our regions. It will stimulate the demand for more skilled persons,” the Head of State said. The policy, he said, will promote industrialisation, diversify the economy, stimulate employment, harness people’s potential and promote skills training for national development.

He commended the BIT for the work it has been doing in equipping our people, and particularly young people, with employable skills. He said the commencement of petroleum production or “first oil” will result in an increase in economic growth and in public revenues. Oil revenues, he said, are not ends in themselves but are a means to realise objectives such as better educa-

tion, improved communications, decent and affordable housing, healthier population, safer communities, higher wages and increased employment. The President said oil represents an opportunity, for the country’s 50th Republic Anniversary, to lay the foundation for a safe, secure and sustainable future for present and future generations.

“Guyana must never be poor again,” the President told the 260 graduates. “The oil is not a bonanza which we must waste. It is an opportunity for the nation to build a stronger, to build a resilient economy. Your Government is committed to manage oil revenues for the benefit of present and future generations prudently. The Government intends to use oil revenues to expand and to diversify the economy, strengthen the non-oil sectors, build human capacity and generate employment,” the Head of State said. The National Training Project for Youth Empowerment (NTYE) was launched in 2006 and its programmes are being delivered across Guyana. These programmes are designed to target vulnerable groups such as the school dropouts and youths from depressed and/or hinterland communities. Chairman of BIT, Clinton Williams said the programme started with 600 graduates in 2005 and has since expanded and has seen some 24,000 persons being trained in ICT, forestry, home economics, health services among other skills.

Honda brush cutters, outboard engines now available at Marics …company’s Xmas promotion “Six Fuh Six” competition kicks off


wo new Honda products are now available at Marics and Company Limited’s Honda Department, adding to the complement and wide range of Honda products that Marics and Company Limited sells to the Guyanese market as the company officially launched its Christmas promotion on Friday. According to the company’s General Manager, Anand Kalladeen, the Honda brand has proven durable over the years and the new outboard engines and brush cutters will live up to the test. “At Marics, we offer quality products and exceptional customer service. Honda products are known for its

Marics and Company Limited’s General Manager, Anand Kalladeen

high quality and eco-friendly. Marics will continue to offer new products as it becomes available. Today

(Friday) we are extremely happy to launch the new brush cutter as we have here and a wide range of outboard engines displayed on the other side there to our Honda portfolio.” He reiterated that his company will continue to provide the best after-sales services to its customers. “Marics and Company Limited has been a part of the Guyana for over 50 years. It is truly the home of Honda in Guyana. We take pride in helping our communities develop, caring for the environment, at Honda, starts with a simple desire to leave blue skies for our children…as a company, we will continue to provide the best after-sales service to our customer.”

Meanwhile, Marketing and Sales Manager, Anjanie Hackett stated that the company is already in the Christmas mood and as such, it has already launched its Christmas promotion called “Six for Six.” “And the reason for that theme is because we are giving out six Honda brush cutters and we are giving out six Honda generators and that is the reason we say six for six. And so all customers have to do to enter the Christmas promotion is shop $6000 and over and you will get a coupon. And with that coupon you are going to enter to have a chance to win, every two weeks there will be a draw.” She added that each draw will result in two lucky

Some of the Honda outboard engines and Honda brush cutters now available at the Marics and Company Limited Honda Department

winners who will receive either a Honda brush cutter or a Honda outboard engine. There are six draws scheduled, and the promo-

tion commenced on Friday, October 4, 2019, and ends on December 31, 2019. The last draw is slated for January 3, 2019.


saturday, october 5, 2019


Haitian protesters clash with Police in new push for President’s ouster H aitians armed with rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails clashed with Police on Friday as they called on President Jovenel Moise, blamed for a deep economic and political crisis in the troubled Caribbean country, to step down. The clashes broke out as helmeted Police with shields used trucks, water cannons and tear gas to prevent protesters from marching on the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping and justice

force in Haiti near the Portau-Prince airport. Video images showed large crowds and black smoke billowing from burning tires in the streets. Protests were also due to take place in several smaller towns outside the Haitian capital. Andre Michel, a political Opposition Leader, told Reuters this week the demonstration had been called to send out a “very strong message” that Moise needs to step down.

Many Opposition Leaders and disgruntled Haitians have called for Moise’s ouster, blaming him for a failure to address problems including widespread food and fuel shortages, a weakening currency, double-digit inflation and graft accusations made against public officials. Protests in the most impoverished country in the Americas last week were among the largest and most violent in months. Specialised units of the UN-

backed Haitian National Police were ransacked and looted, and two Police vehicles set on fire, during some of the unrest. Anti-government demonstrations turned especially violent in February, when the United Nations said 41 people were killed and another 100 injured. Police say at least five people have been killed in clashes in the People take pictures with their cell phones as protesters march past few weeks, but Moise during a demonstration to demand the resignation of Haitian has given no indication he President Jovenel Moise, in the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti intends to resign. (Excerpt from Reuters)

[Photo by: REUTERS/Andres Martinez Casares]

Ecuador fuel protests: 350 arrested Jamaica, Bahamas help establish Inter-American Network as demonstrations continue on Counterterrorism P

rotests over fuel subsidy cuts paralysed transportation around Ecuador for a second day on Friday as authorities held 350 people in jail for unrest triggered by President Lenin Moreno’s belt-tightening fiscal package. Witnesses said bus and taxi services remained on strike after fuel prices soared on Thursday following Moreno’s fiscal measures earlier in the week. Moreno – putting Ecuador on a more market-friendly track after years of left-wing rule and aligning policies to conform to a $4.2B International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan – has scrapped decades-old fuel subsidies and announced tax reforms. That has infuriated transport unions, whose action has been joined by Indigenous groups, students and other unions.


A demonstrator is detained during clashes which erupted during a transport strike against the economic policies of the Government of Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno [Photo by: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP]

As the Government declared a state of emergency on Thursday, Police deployed armoured vehicles and used tear gas to beat back demonstrators and keep them from reaching the presidential palace. Truck drivers’ leader Luis Vizcaino called for dialogue with the Government on Friday. “All Ecuador’s transport sectors are in cri-

sis ... we have to reach a halfway measure,” he said. Officials say the elimination of fuel subsidies was necessary to lift a struggling economy and stop smuggling. “I have the courage to make the right decisions for the nation,” Moreno told reporters, praising the security services for quelling violence. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

he Bahamas and Jamaica are the only Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries that have agreed to establish the Inter-American Network on Counterterrorism that will “facilitate immediate exchange of information on terrorist threats”. The Organization of American States (OAS) says the other countries that have agreed to establish the network, through the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, United

States, Mexico and Uruguay. The Washington-based hemispheric body said the project is aimed at “strengthening cooperation between member states to prevent and address terrorist threats”. “The information-sharing network, the only one of its kind in the Americas, will operate on a 24/7 basis among OAS member-states. By facilitating communication among points of contact designated by each member state, countries of the Western Hemisphere will be able to respond more effectively to terrorist threats,” the OAs said. It said the 24-month project will be developed under

a US $395,000 grant using United States government foreign assistance funding. The OAS said that the CICTE, created two decades ago to prevent and counter terrorism in the Western Hemisphere, has “extensive experience in establishing information exchange networks,” and has “successfully operated similar networks,” such as, a network that brings together Cyber Incident Response Centers (CSIRTs) of the Americas, including the Caribbean, for the exchange of information on threats and cyber risks. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro said it is important to share information “that helps to prevent more effectively any kind of terrorist threat”. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Rains, military response helped curb Barbados: UN promises resources fires in Brazil’s Amazon in September to fight climate change T


he United Nations is about to forge stronger partnerships and bring all of its resources to bear in the battle to at least slow down the effects of climate change. That promise came yesterday from the UN Resident Coordinator for Barbados and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Didier Trebucq. In a courtesy call to the Nation Publishing Co

Limited’s Executive Editor Carol Martindale yesterday, he said the UN had the backing of most of the world’s leaders, who were ready to put around US$7 billion into the fight against global warming. While meeting with Martindale, Publication Editor Bryan Walker and News Editor Barry Alleyne, Trebucq said he had already met with many regional leaders who fully understood how vul-

nerable small island states like Barbados had become in recent decades to threats posed by major hurricanes and rising ocean temperatures. These were putting marine life at risk. Trebucq, who was also in New York last week taking in the presentations made by regional leaders at the UN General Assembly, said he was quite impressed with the passion displayed by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, in her 37-minute speech about the threat facing small islands in the Atlantic. (Barbados Nation News)

Antigua: Lawmen destroy over $5M worth of drugs


ntigua and Barbuda Police officers, other law enforcement officials and Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh witnessed the destruction, by fire, of approximately EC$5,550,288 worth of illegal drugs at the Burma Quarry, yesterday, in the first drug-burning exercise for 2019. Officers attached to the Antigua and Barbuda Fire Services were on standby

to deal with any eventualities as the Police set alight cocaine, cannabis, hashish (cannabis resin) and ecstasy tablets. “It consists of matters that were disposed of in both the High Court and the Magistrates’ Court, as well as seizures made by the Police Narcotics Department … In all, we saw 23 kilos, 176 grams of cocaine, 538 kilos (1,184

pounds) of cannabis, 13 grams of hashish and three ecstasy tablets,” Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Frankie Thomas told the media. The wholesale value of the categories of the drugs destroyed amounted to $813,478 in cocaine, $4,736,400 in cannabis, $260 in hashish, and $150 in ecstasy. (Excerpt from Antigua Observer)

he number of fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has receded, falling 36% in September from August to well below a 20-year historic average for the month, amid improved weather conditions and containment efforts by the country’s military. Fires during the first eight months of the year had surged to their highest since 2010 in August, according to data from Brazil’s space research agency INPE. That news drew a global outcry that Brazil was not doing enough to protect the world’s largest tropical rainforest, a bulwark against climate change. But in September, the blazes were at the lowest since 2013, dragging down the number of fires year-todate compared to previous years, according to INPE. From January 1 through October 3, this year is now the worst for fires in Brazil’s Amazon only since 2017. The fires in the Amazon are largely man-made and not natural, likely set by farmers to clear land for agriculture, according to scientists. In the dry season – roughly from May to September, although it var-

Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) fire brigade members attempt to control hot points during a fire at Tenharim Marmelos Indigenous Land, Amazonas state, Brazil [Photo by: REUTERS/Bruno Kelly]

ies year to year – the fires often get out of control as the vegetation is dry and there isn’t enough rain to help curtail the blazes. The drop in September is likely partly due to President Jair Bolsonaro authorising the military to fight the fires in efforts that began on August 24, and partly to improved rain conditions, said Maria Silva Dias, a professor at University of Sao Paulo, who has studied the interaction between forest fires and the weather.

“In the more populated areas you might have a greater effect of the army extinguishing fires and putting some sense into people who would just burn the land to clear it with no care whether this fire will spread,” Dias said. But the Amazon is so vast that the military is unable to fight fires in much of it, she said. “The weather helped in some sense. Where it rained, it extinguished fires,” the atmospheric science professor said. (Excerpt from Reuters)

saturday, october 5, 2019


Around the World

Teenager shot as violence flares hours after Hong Kong imposes emergency powers H ong Kong Police shot and wounded a teenage boy on Friday, as violent protests erupted across the Chinese-ruled city hours after its embattled leader Carrie Lam invoked colonial-era emergency powers last used more than 50 years ago. Lam, speaking at a news conference, said a ban on face masks would take effect today under the emergency laws that allow authorities to “make any regulations

whatsoever” in whatever they deem to be in the public interest. Nearly four months of anti-Government protests have plunged Hong Kong into its biggest political crisis since its handover from Britain to China in 1997 under a “one country, two systems” formula that granted it autonomy and broad freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland. The Beijing-backed leader said the banning of face

Anti-Government prostesters block a street in Central Hong Kong, China October 4, 2019

masks was necessary to quell escalating violence and didn’t rule out the prospect of further measures if the unrest continued. But the move only enraged protesters, who took to the streets as darkness fell to vent their anger. Sirens echoed through the streets as protesters set fires, hurled petrol bombs at Police and burned the Chinese national flag, in a direct challenge to authorities in Beijing.

Police said an officer in Yuen Long, a district in the outlying New Territories that saw fierce clashes in July, had fired a shot in self-defence after a protester threw a petrol bomb at him, setting him on fire. Local media reported a 14-year-old boy had been shot and the city’s Hospital Authority said a 14-year-old was in a serious condition, without giving further details. (Excerpt from Reuters)

India’s services sector contracts Tanzanian President backs official in Sept on weak demand – PMI who beat students with a stick


ndia’s dominant services sector slipped into contraction in September as new business orders fell for the first time since early 2018, according to a private survey which also found business optimism at its lowest in 2-1/2 years. Friday’s survey adds to the deepening gloom around businesses and consumers, underlining the broadening cracks in the economy as growth slipped to a six-year low in the April-June quarter The IHS Markit Services Purchasing Managers’

Index INPMIS=ECI fell to a 19-month low of 48.7 in September from 52.4 in August. It was the second month this year the index had fallen below the 50-mark separating growth from contraction - the last one being in June. A manufacturing survey earlier this week also showed a cooling in activity. The weak manufacturing and dismal services sector activity dragged down the composite PMI to just below the 50-mark for the first time since February 2018.

India’s economy has been hobbled by a demand slump, prompting policymakers to step up fiscal and monetary stimulus to revive growth. The Reserve Bank of India, which has already slashed rates by 110 basis points so far this year on the back of the low growth and below-target inflation, is expected to ease further later on Friday. Input costs grew at the slowest pace in over 2-1/2 years last month but firms raised prices to clients a touch faster than they did in August. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Italy presents plan to accelerate expulsion of migrants

Italy presented a scheme on Friday to accelerate the expulsion of migrants who have no right to stay in the country, cutting the time it takes to decide on whether an asylum seeker must return home. Immigration flows helped fuel the rise of Italy’s far-right League party, whose leader Matteo Salvini imposed a crackdown on arrivals while he was Interior Minister until August. Salvini closed Italy’s ports to migrant rescue ships, threatening the charities operating them with fines of up to 1 million euros (US$1.10

million) if they tried to dock. The new Government has already agreed with four other EU states a scheme to distribute people saved in the Mediterranean, and it hopes its plan to send back those already in Italy will defuse accusations by Salvini that it is soft on immigration. Under the new decree, the time to examine asylum requests of migrants who come from a list of 13 “safe” European and African countries, including Tunisia and Albania, will be reduced from two years to four months. If the request is rejected,

the expulsion procedure will be immediately triggered. Fewer than 8000 migrants came to Italy by sea in 2019, down 62 per cent from 2018 and down 92 per cent compared to 2017, official data show. However, expulsions fell far short of Salvini’s electoral promises. The League leader said he would repatriate 100,000 migrants in his first year in power, followed by another 400,000 during the rest of his five-year term in office, but Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese told Parliament this month that only 5244 people had been repatriated this year up to Sept 22. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Brexit: Boris Johnson will send extension letter – court document


oris Johnson will send a letter to the EU asking for a Brexit delay if no deal is agreed by October 19, according to Government papers submitted to a Scottish court. The document was revealed as campaigners sought a ruling forcing the PM to comply with the law. But the Prime Minister said the UK would still be leaving on October 31, deal or no deal, “but no delay”. Talks between the two sides aimed at resolving differences over the Irish border will

resume on Monday, with the UK urging the EU “to work with us at pace to agree a new deal”. The so-called Benn Act - named after Labour MP Hilary Benn who spearheaded its passage into law - requires the Government to request an extension to October 31 Brexit deadline if a deal has not been signed off by Parliament by October 19. Any extension to the Article 50 process - the mechanism taking the UK out of the EU - would have to be agreed by all 27 other EU leaders.

The European Commission said its position that the UK’s proposed new deal did “not provide a basis for concluding an agreement” had not changed after a day of talks with UK officials, but discussions would continue on Monday. The Scottish legal action has been initiated by businessman Dale Vince, QC Jo Maugham and SNP MP Joanna Cherry. They want the Court of Session, Scotland’s highest court, to rule on the extent to which Johnson is bound by the Benn Act. (Excerpt from BBC News)


anzanian President John Magufuli on Friday backed an official who sparked outrage and violated the country’s rules by beating more than a dozen students with a stick, and Magufuli urged parents and school teachers to do the same to build a disciplined nation. “I congratulated the regional commissioner for caning the students. I told him that he didn’t beat them hard enough,” Magufuli told a public rally in Songwe region, in the southern highlands. Magufuli, nicknamed “Bulldozer” for his focus on discipline, said the students deserved punishment because they were accused of setting fire to dormitories. Critics, including the Local Government Minister, had said the official violated the students’ human rights because they had not been given a fair trial, and only teachers or Head Masters are authorised to administer corporal

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli addresses a news conference during his official visit to Nairobi, Kenya October 31, 2016

punishment. The East African nation’s leader has courted controversy before. His Government refused to share information on Ebola, it’s economic growth figures were disputed and he once told Tanzanian women to “set your ovaries free” and bear more children. Magufuli said the students, accused of torching dormitories, got what they deserved. Some western diplomats have complained that

Tanzania is giving short shrift to due process, human rights and rule of law. The Government rejects the criticism. Magufuli’s backing of the official appeared to overrule any possible action by Tanzania’s regional administration and Local Government Minister, Suleiman Jafo, who told journalists earlier that he would demand an explanation from the official for whipping the students. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Iranian hackers targeted a US presidential campaign – Microsoft


hacking group that appears to be linked to the Iranian Government targeted a United States 2020 presidential campaign, Microsoft Corp said on Friday. Microsoft saw “significant” activity by the group that also targeted current and former US Government officials, journalists covering global politics and prominent Iranians living outside Iran, the company said in a blog post. In a 30-day period between August and September, the group, called “Phosphorous” by the company, made more than 2700 attempts to identify consumer email accounts belonging to specific customers and then attacked 241 of those accounts. Hacking to interfere in elections has become a concern for Governments especially since US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia ran a hacking and propaganda operation to disrupt the American

The Microsoft sign is shown on top of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California [Mike Blake/Reuters]

democratic process in 2016 to help then-Republican candidate Donald Trump become President. Moscow has denied any interference.  In addition, tensions between the US and Iran have risen since May 2018 when Trump withdrew from a 2015 international nuclear accord with Tehran that put limits on its nuclear programme in exchange for easing of sanctions. Trump has since re-instated US sanctions, putting increased pressure on the

Iranian economy, including its oil trade. The attacks disclosed by the company on Friday were not technically sophisticated, the blog said. Hackers tried to use a significant amount of personal information to attack targets, it said. Microsoft has been tracking Phosphorus since 2013 and said in March that it had received a court order to take control of 99 websites the group used to execute attacks. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)


saturday, OCTOber 5, 2019



Let anger dissipate before you get into a discussion. It isn’t worth fighting over beliefs. Getting along with others and finding a way to work around your differences will encourage growth.

TAURUS (April 20May 20)

Learn, explore and find unique ways to make your dreams come true. Don’t let ego, vanity or stubbornness lead to a stalemate. Be agreeable, or be prepared to do things alone.

(March 21April 19)


GEMINI (May 21June 20)

CANCER (June 21July 22)


Calvin and Hobbes

Use your intelligence and discipline to get things done correctly. Avoid getting into a disagreement with someone over something that doesn’t really matter. A change will be beneficial.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22)

A trip, meeting or interview will go well. Make plans to celebrate with someone you enjoy spending time with. Love is on the rise, and good fortune is heading your way.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22)

Do something creative, use your imagination and explore new avenues. A change will be enlightening and will lead to transformative ideas.


Don’t mix personal and professional matters. Put everything in its place and compartmentalize what you want to achieve before you get started. Preparation and organization will lead to success.

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)



Taking short jaunts to places you enjoy or seeing people you love will help put your life in perspective. A personal adjustment will encourage you to let go of the past.

(Oct. 24Nov. 22)

Express your thoughts to the people affected by your decisions. Choosing a unique lifestyle is favored, but only if you can do so in a budget-friendly way.

bove all else, be honest. SAGITTARIUS Whether it’s about a solo or (Nov. 23joint effort, the truth matDec. 21) ters and will make a difference. Romance is encouraged.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19)


solution for LAST PUBLISHED puzzle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19)

PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Speak your mind, but spare other’s feelings. Diplomacy will be required if you want to avoid damaging your reputation or a meaningful relationship. Proceed with caution and avoid arguments and injury. Accept change and keep moving forward. Trust your instincts when dealing with health or money matters. Put more energy into what counts and ignore what you have no control over. Keep your life simple. The less fuss there is, the easier it will be to get things done. Lend a helping hand to someone who has been there for you in the past.

saturday, october 5, 2019


The glory is in the graft for Dean Elgar I

t was a six that took him to the "most important" century of his career. He picked a loopy delivery on middle and off and slog swept it over cow corner - a shot he'd attempted for the first time against Ravichandran Ashwin on Friday (October 4). Given the helmet yank and the roar that emanated, you knew it meant something. Anybody that tells that it is the numbers, and not moments, that make up Test cricket doesn't know what it means to middle a slog sweep to go from 94 to 100. Especially not to Dean Elgar. Let's rewind to 2015, to Mohali when Elgar prepared to face his 123rd ball on a similarly warm, unforgiving Test match afternoon in India. Close-in fielders formed a ring around him in a venus flytrap setup. Sweat beads dripped over the peak of his helmet, a badge of the battles he had fought to score each of his 37 runs until then. But as Ashwin released the ball, Elgar sensed an opportunity to accumulate six runs in one go. He'd picked a loopy delivery on middle and off for his premeditated slog sweep. Here, the ball spun and instead of landing beyond cow corner, it ballooned to backward point. If the dismissal wasn't enough punishment for that singular slip, Ashwin saw it fit to sprinkle some salt on the wound. "This is not Johannesburg," he'd remind him. Elgar remembered those words, during India's return trip. And then again today. Unlike four years ago, this pitch is not a rank turner. Not yet. It is typically Vizag in that it offers slow spin only from slighter shorter lengths. But even that had been enough for Ashwin to knock over Aiden Markram and Theunis de Bruyn late on Thursday evening. When he ripped one past Elgar's defensive prod and then shaved the paint coat of the off-stump within the first four balls of the day, there was a familiar foreboding of 'here we go again.' Of course, to Elgar, the 'here we go again' holds a whole different connotation. It is when he tightens his helmet strap, rolls up his sleeves and prepares for a battle. No player since the days of Steve Waugh has relished a scrap as much as Elgar. "I think a lot of times in Test cricket you fight with yourself. You've got to find another way to put your mind out of your current situation," he'd said after the ill-fated Wanderers Test of last year, when he carried his bat through with an 86 despite wearing several blows to his body and another full-frontal hit to the face. Barring a possible dehydration, Elgar was no similar physical danger here. But at 43/3 on a Day 3 pitch, South Africa required him to dig once more into those deep mental reserves and previous Geography lessons. And thus Elgar began grafting; a little push here, a prod there. He connected with a few off breaks with the outside half of his bat, got a leading edge to one and then missed another He'd faced Ashwin only a couple of months ago in a County Game at Trent Bridge and got out to the offie in each innings. But on a similarly subcontinental pitch in Centurion, he'd found a way to keep Ashwin at bay and score a match-changing half-century. As in that game, Elgar looked like he was going to get out to every other Ashwin delivery because he was playing it impossibly late. But

he could afford to do so because the pitch (and the turn) was slow. This way he followed the ball's trajectory all the way and even after it pitched, eliminating low percentage shots along the way. His methods may have defied style, but not understanding. When the odd ball bounced out of the rough, as it did occasionally, he smothered it by taking his top hand off the handle or by adding an exaggerated downward jerk in the followthrough of his defence (ala Steve Smith) to bunt the ball. "It is tough playing Test cricket in India. You are always up against it, they are always coming at you," he would later say. "But I felt with previous experiences of playing against them that if you apply yourself, you give yourself the opportunity, you can get there. The previous stats and history of playing against them proves that if you allow yourself time, you give yourself a bit of opportunity with your defensive game, your attacking game will come naturally and you will be able to get into the position that you are now." Elgar's early graft gave him enough time to rediscover attacking game. Incidentally it came back through the same tossed-up full delivery that had him falling to Ashwin five times previously in Test cricket. But this time, instead of playing the slog against the spin and across the line, he used his reach to loft the ball straight over midon for four. While cow corner remained open to target against Jadeja with the spin, the loft back over the head of Ashwin provided the bulwark against the disintegration that had seemed imminent at the start of the day. He would finish with six fours (out of 18) and two sixes (out of 4) towards this area. It was a big momentum shift in the innings as Ashwin, the tormentor-in chief, began to concede one boundary an over. His first 10-over spell in the morning cost him 42. This forced Kohli into bringing on his fast bowlers back for their second spells earlier than they'd anticipated. Given India were playing only four frontline bowlers, this was a significant setback on a sultry day. Elgar, though, rallied on in his ways. He was able to stay out of harm's way when Ishant Sharma bowled in the channel outside off, even if it meant having to leave the ball at the last minute with his front foot in the air and pointing awkwardly towards backward point. But when Ishant got too straight, he found a way to clip him past two catching mid-wickets. In many ways it transformed into a very atypical Elgar innings - because while he made ugly blocks, he scored


India 1st Innings 502/7d South Africa 1st Innings D Elgar c Pujara b Jadeja 160 AK Markram b Ashwin 5 TB de Bruyn c †Saha b Ashwin 4 DL Piedt b Jadeja 0 T Bavuma lbw b I Sharma 18 F du Plessis (c) c Pujara b Ashwin 55 Q de Kock † b Ashwin 111 S Muthusamy not out 12 VD Philander b Ashwin 0 KA Maharaj not out 3 Extras (b 8, lb 4, nb 5) 17 TOTAL (118 Overs, RR: 3.26) 385-8

Yet to bat: K Rabada Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Aiden Markram, 7.1 ov), 2-31 (Theunis de Bruyn, 16.3 ov), 3-34 (Dane Piedt, 17.3 ov), 4-63 (Temba Bavuma, 26.1 ov), 5-178 (Faf du Plessis, 57.3 ov), 6-342 (Dean Elgar, 99.3 ov), 7-370 (Quinton de Kock, 109.3 ov), 8-376 (Vernon Philander, 113.2 ov) BOWLING I Sharma (14-2-44-1) M Shami (15-3-40-0) R Ashwin (41-11-128-5) RA Jadeja (37-4-116-2) GH Vihari (9-1-38-0) RG Sharma (2-1-7-0)

pretty runs. By the time Ashwin had had enough rest for another bite, Elgar had reached 76 and the field had spread out further away from him. Now he milked India's lead spinner for singles. It was a clinic in playing spin in India. It was only when reached 94 did he grow confident enough to step out of a self-imposed leash. The slog would be his only boundary against Ashwin through mid-wicket, and a telling one that in the context of their underrated rivalry brewing since Mohali 2015. As Kohli passed Elgar at the end of the over, he patted the South African on his back in way of acknowledgement of a fine innings. Not too many visiting batsmen can claim to have handled Ashwin in India on a day he'd taken a five-fer. Ashwin, Elgar would reveal, didn't have anything to say to him through the innings, but the India spinner did doff his hat to Elgar in the press conference thereafter. Elgar would go on to add another century stand with Quinton de Kock, guiding his partner to a fabulous century of his own before eventually falling, ironically, to a slog sweep against Ravindra Jadeja. South Africa may yet struggle to save this Test from here, but whatever happens from here, it will remain a self-contained moment of Dean Elgar's methods triumph for a man who may have defied style, loves staring in the face but not understanding of adversity. (Cricbuzz) ©AFP

GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power U-17 League – EBFA…

7 matches to be contested this weekend A

total of seven (7) matches would this weekend be contested in the East Bank Football Association leg of the GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power U-17 Intra- Association League, and play would be held at the Guyana Football Federation’s National Training Centre at Providence, East Bank Demerara. The three matches that would be contested today(Saturday) involve Herstelling Raiders vs Samatta Point/Kaneville from 12:00hrs; Grove Hi Tech opposing Mocha Champs from 14:00hrs; and Diamond United taking on Swan Football Club of the Linden-Soesdyke Highway thereafter. On Sunday from 09:00hrs, Grove Hi Tech will again be in action, this time against Timehri Panthers ‘B’. Friendship All Stars will be opposing Swan FC from 11:00hrs, while Samatta Point/Kaneville come up against Mocha Champs from 13:00hrs; with the final match of the day, which starts at 15:00hrs, bringing together Timehri Panthers ‘A’ and Agricola Red Triangle. Meanwhile, in latest play from Sunday last, Grove Hi Tech edged Agricola Red Triangle 3-2 in a humdinger of a clash. Rasheed Evans had given Grove the lead in the 30th minute, but Brian Lambert netted twice for Agricola -- in the 37th and 58th minutes -- to draw them level before they took the lead. But Grove fired back in like manner when Orwin Hunte

Grove Hi Tech's Samuel Garnett in control against Agricola Red Triangle on Sunday last

equalised in the 60th minute, before a well-placed shot from Samuel Garnett seven minutes later ensured that Grove Hi Tech walked away with full points. Timehri Panthers ‘B’ and Samatta Point/Kaneville battled to a 2-2 draw. Panthers ‘B’ got their first goal from Alvin Heralall in the 28th minute and their second from Joel Williams in the 55th. Samatta Point/ Kaneville’s first goal came off the boot of Dustin Ifill in the 18th minute, and their second came from Denzel Garraway in the 40th minute. Diamond United were in ripping form in their clash against Soesdyke Falcons, winning 9-0 on account of a helmet-trick from Romeo Bradford (7, 19, 34, 46) and a hattrick off the boot of Devil Gentle (24, 55, 70), while there was one each from Daniel Da Costa (43rd) and Ronaldo Grant (57th). Mocha Champs and Herstelling Raiders took full points via the walk-over route, since their opponents, Swan, did not show up. On Saturday, Samatta Point/ Kaneville trounced Soesdyke Falcons 6-0, thanks to a brace each from Kareem Richmond (32nd, 51st) and Denzil Garraway (36th, 40th). There also was one each from Kareem Richmond (59) and Dustin Ifill (65). Timehri Panthers ‘B’ won against Friendship All Stars by walkover.



saturday, october 5, 2019

BCB 80th anniversary 1939-2019…

Successful 80th anniversary celebrations wrap up in ancient county “T he transformation of Berbice Cricket over the last nineteen months has been remarkable. The situation in early 2018 was our cricket was leaning over a cliff, but in September 2019, we are now on firm footing and on the way to greater success. The 80th Anniversary celebration was an overwhelming success, and all of our objectives were achieved. “The 70th Anniversary celebration in 2009 and 75th in 2014 were great (successes), but the 80th anniversary surpassed all expectations. As President of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), I can proudly say that never, in the history of Guyana, has a Cricket Board worked so hard to develop the game during a two-year period.” Those were the words of BCB President Hilbert Foster as he officially ended the month-long celebration of the board’s 80th anniversary. Foster, along with Public Relations Officer Simon Naidu, visited the home of the President of the Berbice Cricket Umpires Association, Joseph Simon, to hand over a Tribute to Hero Award and also donation of a water pitcher, grocery hamper, a pair of crutches and several gifts. Simon, an umpire for over 43 years, recently lost his left leg due to complications from diabetes. That presentation officially ended the month-long celebration of the 80th anniversary. Foster has repeatedly stated that, under his leadership, the BCB would be a compassionate organization, and would not only organize cricket, but would also make a positive difference in the lives of others. He committed the BCB and his club, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), to assisting the ailing umpire on a regular basis. Foster also urged other clubs, NGOs and cricket associations to assist umpire Simon. The 80th Anniversary Celebration started with the

presentation of a bicycle to every Under-13 female cricketer in Corriverton, while among the other programmes were Tribute to Heroes, Television programmes, 256-page Anniversary Book, Berbice Greatest Cricketers, Tribute to Retired Cricketers, Hall of Fame for Cricketers, Administrators’ Hall of Fame, Honouring of West Indies Debutants, Youth Information Booklet, Trophy Stall Under- 13 Cricket Tournament, Stag Beers 50 overs’ First Division Tournament, NBS 40 overs’ Second Division Tournament, Let’s Bet Sports 100 Ball Tournament, UCCA Inter-Secondary School Tournament, Somwaru Tribute Tournament, and publication of a four-page newspaper pullout. The BCB also assisted fifteen young cricketers with more than $300,000 worth of cricket gear; clubs benefited from $400,000 worth of water pitchers, and three educational competitions were organized for nursery, primary and secondary students respectively. Eighty less fortunate students collected school bags. Donations were made to several places, including the Port Mourant Public Hospital. Anniversary souvenir cups were distributed, while clubs and players received scorebooks, bicycles and cricket balls. The main project was the upgrading of the BCB office, which would be completed in late October. The upgrading includes tiling of the floor; sealing of the roof; purchasing of brand new furniture, including plastic chairs, plastic tables and folding chairs. The BCB President was also to obtain a new three-piece chair suite, table top computer and printer, fax machine and phone set, 32- inch television set, water dispensers, electric fans, kitchen utensils, water cart and stationery. The main objective of the upgrading project is to improve the BCB’s general service to the general public and to cut back on operational expenses.

BCB President Hilbert Foster visiting Umpire Joseph Simon

The Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh Wall of Fame would also be unveiled on October 26th by Dr Singh, who would be visiting Berbice. The BCB was established in 1939 by two former West Indies players, LS Burkett and CR Browne, who hailed from Barbados but were employed as senior managers at the Blairmont Estate. BCB’s President Foster would like to express gratitude to all the sponsors who made the anniversary programme a success, including Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh, Dr Puran Singh, AH&L Kissoon, University of Guyana, Food for the Poor, Massy Industries, Ansa McAl, Poonai Pharmacy, Balram Shane General Store, Devindra Bishoo, Anthony Bramble, Gudakesh Motie, Caribbean Nations Group, Rodwell Jagmohan, Sentinel Security, J’S Printery, Ministry of Finance, Caribbean Indo Federation, RHTY&SC, Colin Elcock, A Hamid and Sons, Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan, NCN, Sukhpaul Gas Station, RDC Region 6, Metro Office Supplies, Trophy Stall, Republic Bank New Amsterdam, and the Management and Staff of GuySuCo Albion Estate.

Demerara Mutual Fire & Life American Muhammad breaks own Group throws support world record to win 400m hurdles behind Windies Over-50 team ꟷ two practice matches to be held in Florida


ore than 12 teams will be competing in the Over-50 Cricket World Cup, set for Cape Town and Stellensbosch, South Africa from March 10-24, 2020. The West Indies will be vying to topple all teams as they battle for supremacy. In a simple ceremony held in the boardroom of the Demerara Mutual Fire & Life Group of Companies at Avenue of the Republic and Robb Street Georgetown, this West Indies Over-50 Team received assistance to aid their preparation for the games. Speaking at the simple presentation was Media Officer on the West Indies Over-50 Organising Committee, John Ramsingh, who said, “As we prepare for the O-50 World Cup 20/20 in South Africa, it’s basically a situation where it’s not an ICC- sanctioned event. We are ensuring that we have representation in South Africa, so one of the things we are doing is raising our own funds. So we are happy that DemLife came on board in support of our initiative.” Echoing similar sentiments, Chairman of the West Indies O-50 Committee, Rajendra Singh, said the committee is in the process of organizing two practice matches in Florida on November 2 and 3. Noting that everything costs money, Singh disclosed that there are players who need sponsorship, since it would cost approximately US$100,000 to facilitate

Dalilah Muhammad of the US celebrates after winning gold and breaking the world record (From right) Chairman of the West Indies O-50 Committee, Rajendra Singh; Committee Member Dave Narine and DemLife Executive Marketing Manager Clarence Perry

the 20-man team, which is equivalent to US $5000 per person. Singh disclosed that after the practice matches in Florida, the committee would select a final 16, and the team would them wing out to Cape town, South Africa on March 6, 2020, where they will compete against some of the top teams, such as India and Canada. It is Singh’s desire that, come 2020, the players will be match-ready when they hit the field. The Executive Marketing Manager of the DemLife Group of Companies, Clarence

Perry, said, “Demerara Fire and General would be the official sponsor for this tournament. As a contributor, what we are basically doing is sponsoring one player, as we have a history of being involved in cricket as far back as when the West Indies were in their glory days. “As we have a history, we felt that it’s something that we would want to be a part of, as it would remind us of some of the great players West Indies had. That is why we are happy to contribute to be a part of this meaningful process and historical process.”


OHA (Reuters) - American Dalilah Muhammad broke her own world record to win the women’s 400 metres hurdles at the world championships with a time of 52.16 seconds on Friday, edging out compatriot Sydney McLaughlin in a gripping race. The 29-year-old Muhammad, the 2016 Olympic champion, crossed the finish line 0.04 seconds faster than her previous world record set in July. The American attributed her two world marks to her work ethic, and said she was focused on successfully defending her title at next year’s Tokyo Olympics. “It’s just how I work,” she told reporters after the race. “I go out there every day and just try to give it my all. It feels good to have it come when it matters.” Muhammad was only slightly ahead of silver medallist McLaughlin over the first 100m of the race, but her lead grew as they came through the

second bend. When she crossed the finish line, Muhammad had no idea she had set a new record. “I didn’t even know who had won the race,” she said. McLaughlin, 20, closed in on her team mate on the home stretch but she could not quite catch up as she finished second in 52.23 seconds, a personal best. “She is amazing,” McLaughlin said of Muhammad. “She has been doing this for a long time. I constantly try to learn from her. We knew it would be fast, but we didn’t think it would be another world record.” The two Americans completely dominated the race, opening up a large gap on the rest of the field. Rushell Clayton of Jamaica took the bronze with a personal best time of 53.74 seconds.

saturday, october 5, 2019

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15th annual Hand-in-Hand Cycle Race set for today T

he inner circuit of the National Park will come alive when the 15th annual Hand-inHand Mutual Fire and Life Insurance Companies’ 11race cycling programme pedals off from 9:45h today, Saturday October 5th. The feature event of this programme, the 35-lap School Boys and Invitational Race, will roll off from 11:00h, but those wishing to participate in this activity must register before 9:30h. The late registration fee is $500. For the first time ever, a new race category will be added to the event: the novices’ category, for which participants will ride six laps. In today’s racing event, cyclists will benefit from refreshments provided by the Hand-in-Hand Group of Companies. When the 35-lap School Boys and Invitational Race was held last year, Michael Anthony of Linden Bauxite Flyers took the title by winning that event in a time of one hour, 19 minutes, 14.36s. Other 2018 winners were Adelia Hodge (10-lap Juveniles), Ozia

Action from last Saturday’s race at the inner circuit of the National Park (Brandon Corlette photo)

McAulay (Mountain bikes), Jude Bentley (Veterans Under-50) and Jaheme Henry (12-14 Boys and




in your area? Contact our

Circulation Department on

Phone: 223-7230 EXT: 55

Girls). As had obtained over the last 14 years, representatives of Hand-in-

Hand Mutual Fire and Life Insurance Companies will be on hand to witness the riders in action, and later

assist in the distribution of prizes.

Cool action to intensify Region 4 Sports Community to host horse- in Limacol semis race meet on October 27 F Story and Photos by Jemima Holmes




he Region 4 Sports Community will be holding a grand oneday horse-race meeting on Sunday 27th October at the Turf Club at Mocha, East Bank Demerara. This meet is slated to commence at 13:00 hrs, and seven (7) races are on the card, the feature event of which is the race for horses classified J and K. Winner of this race will collect $180,000, while second-placed horse will collect $90,000, third-placed will collect $45,000 and fourthplaced will collect $22,500. Other events on the card are as follows: I/Open, L NonWinner, the Unclassified, the L3, the 2-year-old maiden and the first-time starter. Over three million dollars in cash prizes and trophies are up for grabs in this meet. Work is currently ongoing at the venue to have it ready for race day. Race management will be assisting horses coming from Corentyne, East Berbice with their bridge crossing. Most of the country’s top I and K Class horses will be in action at this meet. Horse owners are asked to ensure their register their animals with the correct name and in the correct class. It has been posited that this venue would ideally facilitate people living at the new Herstelling Housing Scheme witnessing horse-racing

Promoter of the event, Compton Sancho

action. The main goal of the meet, according to the Region Four Sports Community, is to reintroduce horse racing in Demerara County, since most horse racing events are held in Berbice and it is costly for individuals to travel there to have their horses participate. Promoter of this event, Compton Sancho, has disclosed that the event would also feature some of Guyana’s top horses coming out to do battle for supremacy. Interested persons are asked to note that no late entrant will be accepted to participate in this meet. Among the horses that would be in action on race day are Red Regent Release, The Heat Victoria, Lucky Lucky, First Prince, Byron Call, She's Royal Up Front, Amazon Warrior, Up Top Boss, Uprising, Red Jet, School Boy, Poor People Money, Quick Kiss, Early Bird and Unruly.

our teams will this evening each put on their best showing of football skills in order to book a spit in the final of the fourth edition of the Limacol Football Tournament. Three of these teams are from Georgetown; two are under-20 teams while the third is a senior team. The fourth team hails from the East Bank of Demerara, but they all will converge at the Ministry of Education Ground on Carifesta Avenue; where, at 19:00hrs, either Pele FC or Santos FC Under-20 team will experience their first loss of the 2019 season when they clash for the first spot in next weekend’s final. Riddim Squad will then look to end Fruta Conquerors FC Under-20 team’s unbeaten run in a match that commences at 21:00hrs. While Pele FC have to their credit three wins and a draw, Santos are yet to finish on the losing side. And while the Santos Under-20 component ensures that the team is filled with agile youths, Pele FC boasts a similar makeup, with almost half of the team being young players. As such, the ‘clash of the youth-men’ will prove an interesting one to watch. Santos FC will presumably be accustomed to the nervousness and uncertainties that attend such a crucial level of competition, given that they are the inaugural champions of the KFC Independence Cup Under-20 tournament hosted earlier this year. Contrastingly, this is the first time that the revamped Pele FC have ascended to this stage of any competition since their resurrection. Thus on this basis alone it would be intriguing to witness how the Pele boys deal with the Santos experience. One certain development is that each team would look to build up a solid defense based on the explosive strikers in their respective line-up, such as Santos’s Brandon Solomon and Pele’s Dorwin George. The track records of the two teams in the second encounter are very similar to those in the first, with Fruta Conquerors Under-20 remaining unbeaten while Riddim Squad have three wins and a walkover. Hailing from the football-crazy Georgetown ward of Tucville, Fruta Conquerors FC have

Fruta Conquerors FC will seek to extend their unbeaten run

been exceptional this year, with wins as large as 8-1 against Buxton Stars. This is testimony that Nicholas Mc Arthur and Ryan Hackett have greatly utilized their international experience to bring a sense of tactful coordination and quick-fire scoring to their games. Riddim Squad have conversely been around for a very long time, and are no strangers to such competitions. They bring age and experience to the table with their roots grounded in Mocha. Kevin Gordon et al will be crucial players for this East Bank team. Giving the contrasting nature of these two squads, a fascinating encounter is afoot, and one can expect a lot of defensive work. Now in its fourth staging, the Limacol Football Tournament is sponsored by pharmaceutical giants New GPC. The tournament is also supported by WJ Enterprise, sole distributors of Croxley Paper. The final of the Limacol tournament is expected to be held on Sunday, October 13, after which the newly crowned champions will walk away with $400,000. Second-place team will pocket $200,000, while third- and fourth-placed teams would receive $100,000 and $50,000 respectively.


saturday, october 5, 2019


Warriors treating each game as a final – Keemo Paul G

uyana Amazon Warrior (GAW) premier fast bowling all-rounder, Keemo Paul, has revealed that as the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament approaches the business end, the GAW will be taking every game step by step. “We are just playing our brand of cricket (while) sticking to what we know, and we just want to play each game as a final,” Paul told media operatives after GAW defeated Tallawahs by 77 runs. Reflecting on the start the GAW had with the bat against the Tallawahs, Paul had this to say: “We didn’t have the start we wanted, but at the end of the day, players stepped up who hadn’t a bat before, (and) played to the situation. “Sherfane (Rutherford), who (previously) had not played (in) a situation as this, was demanded to play a responsible innings; and he did”. Speaking on the playing conditions against Tallawahs, Paul said the team was confident of defending that total, and getting early wickets was key. The GAW had a dream

start when Chris Green bowled Chris Gayle for a golden duck. Looking ahead into the playoffs, Paul opined that there is always room for improvement. “The top order (have) been giving us some good starts, but they wouldn’t do that every game, so each player needs to step up”, he detailed. As was seen in the GAW match against the Tallawahs, the other players showed they were up to the task. Paul highlighted that this is what keeps the team going strong. Speaking about the emotions in the GAW camp, Paul said the team is just looking to take the game one day at a time. “We are just looking to take it step by step, sticking to the basics and focusing on what we have to do as a team”, Paul explained. Having taken 2 wickets for just 2 runs in one over in the match against the Tallawahs, Paul said his confidence is high as the business end of this CPL tourney gets underway.

“I have been working with ‘Griff’ (Rayon Griffith) and I am feeling confident. Hope I can help produce wickets for the team,” Paul declared. A s time

Keemo Paul

approaches for that daunting final game, Paul was reluctant to state which team he would prefer the GAW face then. “As I said, we are not focused on

that; what we have to play we will play”. This West Indies T20 player has said the GAW players would not let complacency

overtake them while there are matches remaining to be played. (Brandon Corlette)

Gajnabi, Grimmond donate to RHTY&SC/RHT Thunderbolt Flour team

NSC launches "Chess in Schools" grassroots initiative ꟷ pensioners among beneficiaries at Fort Wellington Secondary


Children participating in a game of chess


he National Sports Commission (NSC) has launched its ‘Chess in Schools’ grassroots initiative at the Fort Wellington Secondary School on the West Coast of Berbice (Region 5). This venture is the rollout of a nationwide initiative that aims to inculcate the playing of chess in schools not only as an extracurricular activity, but also for educational purposes. ‘Chess in Schools’ is a worldwide programme that is mainly being pushed by the World Chess Federation (WCF). There are, worldwide, more than 100 countries that promote the playing of chess in their schools. Countries such as Russia, China, Armenia and a host of European countries promote the playing of chess within their school systems. Director of Sports, Christopher Jones, and FIDE National Instructor Wendell Meusa visited the Fort Wellington Secondary on Friday to launch this programme. There, Jones told his audience, "Chess contributes to mental development (mental education) such as critical thinking, which has (been) proven to

help students academically and ultimately in life". Jones also said, "NSC realizes the additional value chess can add to Guyana's school system, and will continue to promote this initiative nationwide.” Following up on his last-term visit to Region 6 schools such as Berbice High School and New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School, National Instructor Meusa will be hosting a one-week training programme for teachers and students from Byvegal, Bush Lot, Fort Wellington and Mahaicony Secondary schools. This one-week training programme will commence with training for students on Monday October 7, and run until Thursday October 10; while teachers’ training will be on October 11th with a one-day beginner’s tournament to be held on October 12 at Fort Wellington Secondary. The top two teams will go on to play against Berbice High School in New Amsterdam, as they ultimately aim to represent Region 5 at the intended Guyana National Inter-Schools Chess Championships.

he Rose Hall Town Metro Female Cricket team, Guyana’s only female cricket team, was established in 2008 with the main objective of nurturing the talent of female players in Berbice and Guyana. That club produced Shemaine Campbelle and Erva Giddings for the West Indies, and in September 2019, Sheneta Grimmond and Shabika Gajnabi made their club proud by becoming the 3rd and 4th members of that team to play international cricket. Metro Office and Computer Supplies has been the official sponsor of this team since its formation, and over the years has pumped into it more than $1.5 million to develop female cricketing talents. Grimmond and Gajnabi both joined the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) more than eight years ago, and have developed their skills under the watchful eyes of Campbelle, Giddings, and the club’s cricket management group headed by veteran administrator Robby Kissoonlall. They both have represented Berbice and Guyana at the Under-19 and Senior levels. Gajnabi, moreover, has successful led Guyana to the Under-19 Championship in Trinidad. These West Indies players have expressed their gratitude to the RHTY&SC on Thursday last by donating a laptop computer. Costing $110,000, this computer was handed over to RHTY&SC Assistant Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu by Gajnabi at the Club’s Office at the Area H Ground. The promising allrounder has said that she and

West Indies female player Shabika Gajnabi presenting the laptop to RHTY&SC Assistant Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu

Grimmond would forever be grateful for the vision of the RHTY&SC in establishing a female team, which allows females to fulfill their personal dreams. She noted that she is now a West Indies player because of the visionary planning and respective financial investment of both the RHTY&SC and Metro. Naidu, who received the donation on behalf of RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, expressed gratitude to the players, and said the laptop computer would assist him in discharging his duties to keep record of club assets, player performances, updating the RHTY&SC Facebook Account, and issuing media releases. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster said it is always pleasing to management when players remember where they came from. He told both players that the club

was very proud of them, and wished them success in the future. Meanwhile, members of the Club’s Namilco Thunderbolt Flour First Division team treated in excess of 200 old age pensioners to breakfast as they awaited to uplift their October pension. Led by Organizing Secretary Robby Kissoonlall and Naidu, the players treated the pensioners to a cup of hot tea, cold drinks, sandwiches, a variety of fruits, biscuits and Namilco’s wheat-up porridge. The programme is the first of several personal development projects that the team would host under the Thunderbolt Flour brand. Other programmes would include a medical outreach, hampers for senior citizens, youth inspiration forums, anti-drugs posters, feeding of the less fortunate, and school bags for less fortunate students.

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Hero Caribbean Premier League…

Table-toppers tumble TKR toward terrific ten By Brandon Corlette


n yet another display of dominance, table-toppers the Guyana Amazon Warriors (GAW) tumbled defending champions Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) to defeat as they took their tenth win of the Hero CPL 2019 tournament at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara. Nicholas Pooran’s blistering 54, which was constructed with five fours and three sixes, sealed a 7-wicket win for GAW as they swept the 10-match League phase.

13 reasons to spin

With the second match being played on the same pitch at Providence where-

on the Tallawahs were totalled on the previous night, there were more reasons to go with spin on the spin-friendly pitch, which is slow in nature. In the first innings of play, it was 13 overs of spin for the GAW after Captain Shoaib Malik continued his winning ways at the coin toss. On this occasion he opted to bowl first. The GAW spinners came to the forefront again, but it was Chandrapaul Hemraj who picked up the first three wickets. TKR tried another experiment at the top of the innings with Javon Searles, but Hemraj rattled his stumps at 18-1. Lendl Simmons continued his fine form in the tournament as he watched the craftsman Hemraj at work.

The left-arm spinner removed Denesh Ramdin for a golden duck, but Simmons ensured TKR reached 40-2 in the power play. Hemraj struck gold for the third time, removing the prize scalp of Simmons for a shot-filled 30 from 24 balls. The right-handed batsman was Hemraj’s third victim via the clean-bowled route, as TKR trickled to 41-3 after 6.2 overs. Darren Bravo continued to have difficulty scoring freely. His painstaking innings of nine from 17 balls ended when Malik won the tense battle. TKR were reduced to 63-4 in 10.5 overs, but Captain Kieron Pollard and Colin Munro revived the innings with a promising 39-run partnership. It was a smart catch by Shimron Hetmyer at the edge of the boundary that led to the demise of Munro. The Kiwi batsman had struck a composed 43 from 40 balls, decorated with two fours and two sixes. With the score on 1025, Pollard and Jimmy Neesham were tasked with the responsibility of taking

King off to flyer, rain interrupts

GAW’s leading run-scorer this season, Brandon King, continued his dream season, racing away to a 23ball 33. The right-handed King smashed seven fours in a classy innings, but it was cut-short by Neesham who trapped the Jamaican leg-before. Prior to King’s dismissal, Hemraj fell for 12 when he held out to the deep fielder off the competitive Ali Khan. Hetmyer struck two fours, but on the ball prior to the rain interval, he gifted his wicket to the impressive Khary Pierre, presenting a simple catch to Simmons at short cover. At 22:37h, the heavens opened with GAW on 593. At that point the scores were tied on Duckworth Lewis System (DLS) but the rain ended at 22:45h. Roughly 30 minutes later, play resumed without any overs lost.

Pooran propels Warriors

Nicholas Pooran partnered Malik, and the dynamic duo played with ma-

Colin Munro of Trinbago Knight Riders hits 6 during his high score of 43

while Malik was at his supportive best with an unbeaten 28 from 29 balls. The playoff matches will commence on Sunday

October 6 with GAW meeting Barbados Tridents from 15:30h while St Kitts and Nevis Patriots will tussle with TKR from 11:00h.

Marquee player Nicholas Pooran boosted Warriors’ chase nicely Kieron Pollard hits 4 while Nicholas Pooran watches on







Shoaib Malik remained unbeaten once again


10 0




































the team to a respectable score. Pollard struck some lusty blows in his dramatic 27-ball 36 which was decorated with four boundaries and two maximums. Pollard and Nicholas Pooran had a mini-confrontation earlier in the innings, and Providence enjoyed the battle of the Trinidadians. Neesham ended unbeaten on 12 as TKR posted 1435 after taking 18 runs off Odean Smith’s over. Hemraj ended on 3-15 while Malik and Laughlin had one wicket each in yet another dominant bowling effort.



turity, battling against some disciplined TKR bowling. GAW reached 100-3 in 15.4 overs, after a slow start; but Pooran upped the scoring rate, taking Neesham to the cleaners in a 19-run over. That was the game-changing over, as Pooran shifted gears with some entertaining shots at Providence. The batting sensation reached his half century in 34 balls with an authoritative boundary into the sight screen, and finished the match with a crisp boundary over cover point. He ended on 54 from 35 balls,

Trinbago Knight Riders Innings (20 overs maximum) LMP Simmons b Hemraj 30 JPR Scantlebury-Searles b Hemraj 1 D Ramdin † b Hemraj 0 C Munro c Hetmyer b Laughlin 43 DM Bravo c Hetmyer b Malik 9 KA Pollard (c) not out 36 JDS Neesham not out 12 Extras (b 2, lb 2, nb 2, w 6) 12 TOTAL (20 Overs, RR: 7.15) 143-5 Did not bat: CJ Jordan, K Pierre, Ali Khan, AJ Hosein Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Searles, 2.2 ov), 2-19 (Ramdin, 2.3 ov), 3-41 (Simmons, 6.2 ov), 4-63 (Bravo, 10.5 ov), 5-102 (Munro, 16.4 ov) BOWLING C Hemraj (3-0-15-3) I Tahir (4-0-33-0) CJ Green (4-0-18-0) S Malik (2-0-10-1) OF Smith (4-0-32-0) B Laughlin (2-0-23-1) KMA Paul (1-0-8-0)

Guyana Amazon Warriors Innings (target: 144 runs from 20 overs) BA King lbw b Neesham 33 C Hemraj c Jordan b Ali Khan 12 SO Hetmyer c Simmons b Pierre 9 Shoaib Malik (c) not out 28 N Pooran †cnot out 54 Extras (lb 2, nb 1, w 5) 8 TOTAL (18.4 Overs, RR: 7.71) 144-3 Yet to bat: SE Rutherford, CJ Green, KMA Paul, B Laughlin, OF Smith, Imran Tahir Fall of wickets: 1-35 (Hemraj, 5.4 ov), 2-53 (King, 7.2 ov), 3-59 (Hetmyer, 8.4 ov) BOWLING AJ Hosein (2-0-18-0) CJ Jordan (3-0-24-0) K Pierre (4-0-25-1) Ali Khan (3.4-0-27-1) JDS Neesham (4-0-35-1) KA Pollard (1-0-7-0) C Munro (1-0-6-0)

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Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Hero Caribbean Premier League…

Table-toppers tumble TKR toward terrific ten See story on page 23

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Guyana Times - Saturday, October 5, 2019  

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