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Constitutionally-mandated elections

PPP blisters coalition Govt’s “duplicity” on …as President continues to blame GECOM GECOM for not setting elections date Pages 3 and 12

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saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

GDF medic delivers baby on Several streets to be closed off vessel en route to Region 1 today for expansion project

The mother and child with officers of the GDF after the delivery


(GDF photo)

he Guyana Defence Force’s medic on Friday assisted with the delivery of a baby on a vessel en route to Mabaruma in Region One (BarimaWaini). According to information from the GDF, the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) vessel registered as MV Barima was on its course to Mabaruma at about 01:30h when the mother, Aloma Roberts, went into labour.

By that time, the vessel was some several miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, which prompted the patrol’s medic, Lance Corporal Nickel Charles, to deliver a healthy baby girl. The coast guard was immediately called and after the delivery, both mother and child were transported to the Mabaruma Hospital via a GDF Coast Guard high-speed patrol craft which went to the T&HD vessel.

The vessel, MV Barima, on which the baby was delivered

Works ongoing at the Sheriff Street-Mandela Avenue Road project

Members of the patrol returned to the hospital later in the day to check on the newborn baby and the mother. In 2017, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) recorded its first known mid-air delivery when 18-year-old Susan Williams of Fairview, North Rupununi, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl midair. A medical student of the Texila American University played the heroic part in spearheading the delivery.

o facilitate works on the Sheriff StreetMandela Avenue Road expansion project, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has announced that some key roadways will be closed to facilitate construction today. Dennis Street, from Delph Avenue to Sherriff Street, will be closed from 06:00h to18:00h. Adding to that, the Sheriff and Dennis Streets intersection will be

The sequence of events began when Susan Williams developed complications during delivery and had to be air-dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for immediate attention. She had reportedly gone into labour and was told that the infant was in a breeched position and she would have to be air-lifted to the GPHC. Both mother and baby were healthy.


restricted to single lanes at intervals on the eastern and western sides of Sheriff Street on Sunday from 06:00h to 18:00h. These modifications were made to facilitate road cutting and pipe relocation. Commuters traversing along Dennis Street are, therefore, asked to utilise Middleton Street into Durey Lane on Sunday to avoid any inconveniences. Turn to page 7



saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Saturday, March 16 – no retraction and Sunday, March 17 – 10:00h-11:30h with no marine retraction. The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Saturday, March 16 – 11:55h-13:25h and Sunday, March 17 – 13:05h-14:35h.

FERRY SCHEDULE Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily


Light cloudy skies will give way to sunny intervals in the afternoon, followed by clear to partly cloudy skies in the evening. Overall temperatures will range between 21 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius. Winds: East North-easterly to North-easterly between 2.23 metres and 4.47 metres. High Tide: 12:34h reaching a maximum height of 2.28 metres. Low Tide: 06:00h and 18:49h reaching minimum heights of 1.08 metres and 0.87 metre.

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Constitutionally-mandated elections

PPP blisters coalition Govt’s “duplicity” on GECOM


he Parliamentary Opposition has called out the Government for its duplicitous statements regarding the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the no-confidence motion. In a statement addressing the nation on Friday, President David Granger claimed his Government has been complying with the Constitution and the rulings of the judiciary, and has even been respecting the independence of GECOM. However, following the address, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party came out with a stinging statement in which it pointed out to the Granger-led administration that GECOM has not done anything to demonstrate its independence since the passage of the no- confidence motion on December 21, 2018, which should have triggered elections within three months. “The President’s claim that he has urged the ‘readiness’ of GECOM to conduct ‘credible elections at the earliest possible time runs contrary to the actions of Coalition-appointed GECOM Commissioners, who have been insisting on national house- to-house registration – a process that would delay Elections until 2020,” the PPP statement noted. The party added that holding of General and Regional Elections is not of paramount importance for the Grangerled Government. It added that for the President to claim he is acting “responsibly, not recklessly, because he did not receive “guidance” from GECOM to allow him to proclaim a date for Elections – having met with GECOM on March 8, 2019 – is another fiction, as that meeting largely focused on national houseto-house registration.” The PPP also noted that, at the very meeting, President Granger rejected a work plan put forward by the Opposition-nominated GECOM Commissioners, which had proposed the holding of General and Regional Elections on April 29, 2019. “The President has insisted that he is waiting on GECOM to be ready, while his own Commissioner, Vincent Alexander, has said that GECOM is waiting on the President to name a date before it can begin to ready itself for Elections,” Jagdeo noted in the statement. “The President’s comments on the issue of GECOM underscore the duplicity with which he continues to act on this issue.” This duplicity, the PPP said is evidenced when the President claims that GECOM is ‘insulated from political interference’ – when in fact it is none other than the President who violated the balance of GECOM

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

by unilaterally appointing a GECOM Chairman and transforming GECOM into a partisan body that dances to the tune of his Government. The Opposition cited as an example GECOM’s actions when it initially declared on December 27, 2018 that it would be ready to deliver Elections. Following this declaration, it backpedalled on that position weeks later. “The Office of the Opposition Leader maintains that President Granger abdicated his responsibility to name a date for General and Regional Elections when he, without constitutional cover, hides behind GECOM and says that it is the Commission that must determine an elections date. GECOM is subservient to the Constitution.” According to the PPP, the President talks about ‘collaboration’, but has not acted in good faith when engaging the Parliamentary Opposition.  Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo proposed an option that would have seen Elections being held on or before April 30, 2019 – and made clear that if the proposal was accepted the Opposition would support an extension of the Government’s life in office. This was rejected by President Granger,” the Opposition revealed. It added that after March 21, the coalition Government becomes “unconstitutional, illegitimate and illegal.”  Sole responsibility for this impending constitutional crisis, according to the Parliamentary Opposition,

rests with President Granger and his Government.

Defiance of judiciary

The Parliamentary Opposition also made it clear that despite Government claiming it respects the judiciary, it is still in defiance of Chief Justice (acting) Roxane George’s ruling that cabinet is resigned. Instead, a plenary of Ministers with the power of cabinet is still being used. “The Chief Justice also ruled that ‘the President and the Ministers cannot therefore remain in Government beyond the three months within which elections are required to be held in accordance with Article 106 Sub Article 7, unless that time is enlarged by the National Assembly in accordance with the requirements of said Article 106 Sub Article 7.’ Therefore, the President’s claim that his Government “continues to comply” with the ruling of the Chief Justice (ag) is another fallacy,” it stated. According to the PPP, the President refers to the January 3, 2019 ruling of House Speaker Dr Barton Scotland selectively, to suggest that the Speaker directed the Government to approach the court. What he fails to admit is that the Speaker refused to reverse his December 21, 2018 ruling (after a ‘request’ made by the Coalition Government) and said: “…a court of competent jurisdiction will place beyond doubt any question which may exist and serve to give guidance to the Speaker and to the National Assembly for the future. The Legislature upheld the validity of the vote

on the no-confidence motion,” the statement also read. Additionally, the party added that the President insists that the legal challenges were not “calculated to frustrate the implications of the no-confidence vote”, but it is clear that the cases advanced represent an abuse of the judicial process. The President claims that the Government’s move to legal action was a move to bring clarity to “contentious” issues. On this point, the party said, it must be underscored that: *Prior to the vote on the no-confidence motion, the Government claimed that their 33 votes would be enough to protect them – after the vote, questionable mathematics relative to 33 not being a majority of 65 found its way into Government’s legal arguments; and * Prior to the vote on the no-confidence motion, Charrandas Persaud’s votes were validated by the Coalition Government itself; after the vote, the legitimacy of Charrandas Persaud sitting in Parliament found its way into Government’s legal arguments.  The Parliamentary Opposition also debunked the President’s statement that GECOM would need additional funding, noting that the very Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (Amendment) of 2015 that he signed into law allows GECOM to use money from its lump sum for the elections. The Opposition also reiterated that the life of the Coalition Government can only be extended by a two-thirds vote in the National Assembly.  “If there is no such vote, the life of the Government ends; the maximum timeline set by the Constitution (three months after the passage of the no-confidence motion) will have expired. The clock has been ticking since December 21, 2018, and there has been no stay of that timeline by the Court,” the party said. It added that the President’s failure to address the fundamental issues has been addressed by the Parliamentary Opposition repeatedly, and the Guyanese people have “witnessed the disparity between the platitudes offered and the actions of the Granger-led Government.”


saturday, MARCH 16, 2019

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

The “rum culture”


here have, in the past, been many public debates and discussions on alcoholism and the negative effects it has on individuals and society as a whole. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), alcohol kills a whopping three million people worldwide each year — more than AIDS, violence and road accidents combined. It was stated that men are particularly at risk. WHO’s global status report on alcohol and health 2018 presents a comprehensive picture of alcohol consumption and the disease burden attributable to alcohol worldwide. According to the WHO, the alcohol death rate for Guyana is 5.95 per 100,000 (globally ranked 70). This is still quite high, and urgent action must be taken to further reduce this figure. In the past, several letters to the Editor of this newspaper had expressed the view that alcohol is being promoted by some chutney singers in their songs. A few years back, Guyanese were being bombarded with “rum songs” which featured characters who resort to rum drinking to ‘end’ their sorrows. Some of these songs are still being featured at concerts and parties across the country. One letter writer proffered that alcohol is considered to be a “downer” type of drug, so it should not be consumed if one is in a depressed state of mind. In essence, drinking while in a depressed state will certainly contribute to feelings of more depression, and do more harm than good. The negative effects of drinking too much alcohol can be divided into short-term and long-term categories. The short-term effects of drinking too much alcohol are loss of judgment, loss of coordination, blurred vision, slurring of speech, and loss of balance. These negative effects can cause one to make bad decisions while being under the influence. The long-term effects include loss of brain cells, liver failure, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, contraction of certain types of cancer, epilepsy, nerve damage, and heart failure. If the abuse of alcohol does not cause immediate problems, then excessive use over a period of time can cause major problems down the line. Further, alcoholism contributes to a range of social problems; for example, there has been an increase in cases of domestic and other forms of violence in our society. Official statistics show that one in four Guyanese women has been physically abused in a relationship. The increase in domestic violence has been blamed on several reasons, including children being socialised in a society that propagates violence and abuse of alcohol and drugs. While there are many solutions that have previously been put forward to protect our women and girls from experiencing the level of violence we see in our society today, what we know for sure is that there is no one solution to the problem; there needs to be a combination of ongoing measures with the involvement of Government, the Police and the judiciary, religious bodies and other non-governmental organisations, and the communities as a whole, to holistically address the problem. In addition, research shows that alcoholism contributes to suicide, which has been, and continues to be, a major social problem in Guyana. In Guyana, official statistics show that suicide deaths average between 150 and 200 annually. The effects of alcohol abuse are well known. Citizens should therefore be encouraged to make better judgments in every situation, in the interest of themselves, families and communities; and ignore the messages that encourage rum drinking. While it is not our intention to place on alcohol the blame for all our problems, one cannot dispute the fact that it is indeed a contributory factor to some of the social ills we face in our country today. There is therefore urgent need for all stakeholders to redouble their efforts and step up the campaign to spread more awareness and education about the dangers of alcohol abuse. While the Government must play a crucial role in designing the relevant programmes and policies, and putting in place the necessary legislative framework and other support mechanisms aimed at addressing the harmful use of alcohol, this burden must also be shared by other stakeholders; such as religious groups, the private sector and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) etc.

Thousands of pupils worldwide abandoned classrooms for a day of protest against climate change. India, South Korea, Australia and the US are among the countries where teenagers were on strike. In photo, students protests in New Delhi, India on Friday. The students were inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who protests weekly outside Sweden’s Parliament (BBC photo)

Govt has not demonstrated any seriousness about holding elections Dear Editor, I am responding to this view that is emanating from the President and those on his bandwagon that he remains President until the next President is sworn in. Is President Granger seeking to preach that he will be President for life? Because he and his Government have not demonstrated any seriousness as it relates to the holding of elections. Article 106 (6) and (7) says the following: a) the President and Cabinet shall resign upon the successful passage of a no-confidence vote. Their final day on the job is 90 days or three months after, in this case, March 21, 2019, since the no-confidence motion was passed on December 21, 2018. b) They remain in office purely for the purpose of holding an election. Article 106 (7) envisages an election in three months at which time the presidency shall be handed over to the newly-elected President. To be defeated by a no-confidence vote and not hold elections within the constitutionally mandated timeframe of three months and in bravado style declare to people of Guyana “I remain the President until the new President is sworn in” is pure nonsense. The President’s henchmen are perfectly correct when they say that the “President should remain in office until the next President is sworn

in.” However, what they omit that subject to Article 106 (7) of the Constitution and in keeping with the ruling of the Chief Justice, elections had to be held before March 21, 2019, and a new President sworn in by that date or shortly thereafter. Their perverse logic seems to suggest that Granger can ignore the Constitution of Guyana, have or not have the election at his will and the people of Guyana must keep him as President. For example, the President can or not hold the election in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and we must accept him as President. We reject this. Editor, this Guyanese will publicly declare for the President and his merry band that I will not sit idly by and allow this abuse of power and I encourage all decent, sane, right thinking and independent Guyanese to reject this nonsense and to see this action of the President as a misuse of the trust that was given to him by the people of Guyana in May 2015. President Granger and his Government lost their mandate on December 21, 2018. Their only reason for continuing in office was to facilitate the holding of elections and the maintenance of good order. Bill Number 14 of 2000 Explanatory Memorandum Clause 5 alters Article 106 to provide for the resignation of the Cabinet and

the President following the defeat of the Government in the National Assembly on the vote of confidence. Although defeated, the Government shall remain in office for the purpose of holding an election. They have done everything to frustrate the holding of elections. We don’t have a date and we are six days away from the constitutionally mandated deadline. The only business that this President and his Ministers should be engaged in, is ensuring elections are held, it’s not business as usual. Any attempt to stay in power beyond March 21 can be deemed a reckless and irresponsible action by this Government. This claim that the doctrine of necessity kicks in can be deemed an absurdity and to date the most visible act of desperation. The Constitution never contemplated a defeated Government remaining in office beyond ninety days without a two-thirds majority of the National Assembly. That is to say, the opposition defeated you facilitating an extension beyond ninety days, because of some reasonable and rational ground. No such grounds exist; it is clear for all to see the intention of the APNU/AFC coalition Government was not to have elections by March 21. So whether it was the National

Assembly, the courts or GECOM, they sought a refugee. GECOM with its unilaterally appointed Chairman and the three Government-sponsored commissioners have provided that much-needed smoke screen. We are not allowing this asinine behaviour from GECOM. For the purpose of all Guyanese, the Constitution envisages a GECOM on any of the three eventualities: a) a no-confidence vote b) the President at any time during the fiveyear term proclaiming a dissolution of the National Assembly on calling a national election and c) the end of the five-year cycle of the National Assembly. On every occasion, elections are to be held within three months. Stop the charade, the “mamaguying” and the bravado behaviour, call elections now. On March 22 you are illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional; you will no longer be the President, Mr Granger. Editor, while at it may I express my utter disgust at the misuse of State resources that funds the DPI which has now become the propaganda and political attack arm of this coalition Government. Further erosion of governmental institutions and a harsh return to party paramountcy is evident. Yours truly, Bishop Juan A Edghill

saturday, MARCH 16, 2019


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Guyana or

What has the coalition done to stimulate job creation in Guyana? Dear Editor, The current state of affairs necessitates a restatement of certain facts pertaining to the current materialisation of job opportunities via several major investments and projects in Guyana. With over 30,000 jobs lost over almost four years under the APNU/AFC coalition Government, the question must be asked: What has the coalition done to stimulate job creation in Guyana? What investments produced job creation that Guyanese have benefited from recently? In dealing with the latter first, hundreds of Guyanese have benefited from job opportunities that have been created as a result of work done by the former People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Government. In the area of projects, work on the East Coast Demerara Road and the West Coast Demerara Road, are only two of the major projects that stimulated job creation. Incentivised multimillion-dollar investment deals negotiated by the PPP/C,

which also stimulated job creation, include: *First Bauxite Corporation; * Reunion Manganese; * Guyana Goldfields; * Troy Resources; * Teleperformance; * Qualfon; * Santa Fe Farm; * Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown; * Texila American University; * Giftland Mall; and * MovieTowne.

Editor, the opening of MovieTowne took place on Thursday, March 15, 2019, and to my surprise, four APNU/AFC coalition Government Ministers graced the event with their presence. Editor, this is the same project that was met with delays because of the APNU/AFC coalition. The headlines that made the news a few months ago were clear: “Foreign Investor blames Government for delay in MovieTowne opening” (June 12, 2018 – Newsroom); “MovieTowne owner decries red tape in US$40 million Turkeyen investment” (June 13, 2018 – Kaieteur

News); and “Gov’t ordered to pay TPL $1.7 billion in damages over Turkeyen land” (April 21, 2019 – Stabroek News). Yet, Ministers Joseph Harmon, Winston Jordan, Carl Greenidge, and Dominic Gaskin all talked up the investment during Thursday’s opening. Is the coalition Government not shameless? I have to also point out that the land sale on which MovieTowne was built – an investment that is now being talked up by the coalition – is the same land deal that former Minister, Ashni Singh and former National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Head, Winston Brassington were charged for. Will the charges now be dropped since top coalition Government Ministers now tout the merits of the investment? Editor, I also must point out that in addition to the projects that were envisioned and started by the former PPP/C Government, as well as the investments that were successfully pursued, the coalition Government inherited over

All Guyanese must stand united Dear Editor, As expected, there is a storm in a teacup conjured by what Jagdeo said at Babu John. This time by a Government which has no claim to upholding the laws of this country. All Jagdeo did was that he made an emotionally loaded utterance which graphically depicts a course of action to deal with this coalition’s barefaced violation of our Constitution heralding a new type of dictatorial rule in Guyana. The late Jagan would have done the same! Since December 21, this coalition Government has done everything possible to destroy ethnic relations in Guyana. Therefore, It is quite hypocritical for the APNU/AFC and the MP Barbara Pilgrim to complain that Jagdeo’s statement runs counter to the country’s values of ethnic relations and social cohesion and “will only serve to create ethnic tensions and confusion in Region Six where I reside...I am, therefore, asking the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) to apply its strongest possible sanctions available against the maker of this statement”. The coalition has done so many things to cause ethnic divisions when they closed down the sugar estates, yet the people remained united and the continued violations of our Constitution have yet to spark racial divisions so Pilgrim’s statement to the ERC is utter rubbish. On the other hand, the PPP’s Executive Secretary and MP for Region Six recognised that the current ac-

tions of the coalition have the possibility to create ethnic conflict and could have grave consequences for Guyana, its people and national harmony. This is not nit-picking like the APNU’s MP but based on realistic consequences. The coalition’s ‘acts and omissions’ with regards to the violation of Article 106 will have serious implications for ethnic relations and not the “chase them out” statement made by Jagdeo. Already, this violation and the refusal of the APNU/AFC Government is creating racial tensions as is evidenced by posts on social media. The statement did not connote violence against any particular ethnic group, it was a statement made against those who hold office in Government and who are of diverse ethnic bearings. This ‘condemnation’ of Jagdeo’s statement is an attempt to silence the voice of the PPP’s leader so that civil society remains docile not unlike the PNC’s dark era from 1964 to1992. They feel that if you muzzle the leader then you can muzzle his followers. On many occasions, PPP officials were not only chased out of PNCdominated areas but were physical manhandled and brutalised. Jagdeo is not asking for that, he is simply saying to tell them ‘you are no longer the President or the Prime Minister or a Minister and you should not be here in that capacity…you are illegally usurping that position, so get out of here!’ This will be done by mass protests and

demonstrations not by violence. The PPP is not a party of violence and has never pursued that path, it has always been one of non-violence and non-co-operation. It will really put a strain on a reasonable man’s imagination to conclude that Jagdeo’s statement promotes ethnic conflict and disharmony. There was no ‘call to violence or a breach of public order’ and to interpret the statement as such is to take away of our democratic right to reject what is illegal and unconstitutional. All Guyanese must stand united and reject this Government which becomes illegal after March 21, 2019. Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf RDC Councillor Region Six

US$500 million in concessional resources secured to finance development initiatives, including: * US$130 million from China Exim Bank to construct a new international airport; * US$66.2 million from Inter-American Development Bank to fund a road network upgrade and expansion project; * US$64.6 million from Inter-American Development Bank and European Union to fund a power utility upgrade programme; * US$50 million from India Exim Bank to fund the East Coast to East Bank bypass road – a project that has not even stared as yet; * US$34.4 million from the Caribbean Development Bank to fund the West Coast Demerara highway upgrade project; * US$31.7 million from Inter-American Development Bank and European Union to fund a water and sanitation infrastructure improvement project; * US$15 million from

Inter-American Development Bank for a new citizen security project; * US$12 million from the World Bank for a flood risk management project; * US$10 million from the World Bank for a new secondary education improvement project; * US$10 million from the World Bank for the UG science and technology support project; and * US$7.5 million from the Caribbean Development Bank to fund a sugar industry mechanisation project. All of these developments provide ample testimony to the stewardship of the Guyanese economy discharged by successive PPP/C Governments and the strong position of the economy, as the PPP/C demitted office. Even Guyana’s burgeoning oil and gas sector was the vision of the PPP/C. ExxonMobil came to Guyana under the PPP/C. Oil was found in Guyana under the PPP/C. Editor, returning to the first question I asked –

What has the coalition done to stimulate job creation in Guyana? –The answer is clear. Nothing. There has been no major new project to stimulate job creation. There has been no major new foreign direct investment to stimulate job creation. Their policies have resulted in the loss of jobs. The David Granger-led coalition Government is bereft of ideas and have instead advanced initiatives that were envisioned and started by the former PPP/C coalition Government. The coalition Government, for almost four years, have busied themselves untying bows and cutting ribbons on PPP/C gifts. With the increasing likelihood of the APNU/AFC coalition Government being illegal after March 21, 2019, the resultant increase in loss of jobs is to be expected, as is the deleterious impact on the local economy. Sincerely, Dr Peter Ramsaroop

Detriment of GECOM Dear Editor, Stan Lee in his prophetic self has foreseen the events in Guyana and described them in his character Thanos in the movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos is a direct fictional representation of the GECOM Chairman, James Patterson. The six infinity stones represent the six GECOM Commissioners and the Infinity Gauntlet is GECOM as an entity. We see Thanos adopting a young child after her planet was ravaged. This is a brilliant use of analogy by Stan Lee as the child represents the young Guyanese Constitution born of conflict in Guyana’s past. In his quest for complete control, Thanos has to sacrifice the child, ie the Constitution. Stan, again, by his use of circular poetic plots, allows Red Skull to meet Thanos and convey

unto him the message that to get the stone, he has to sacrifice the thing he loves most. Red Skull is a glaring parallel of the Leader of the Opposition, who is both bald and red-aligned. The GECOM Chairman then sacrifices the Constitution. In the final showdown at Wakanda, this is a direct metaphor for High and Cowan Streets which have seen a lot of protests. Thanos then clicks his fingers and wipes out half of the universe, also causing damage to the Infinity

Gauntlet. This scene is the equivalent to the Chairman of GECOM wanting to remove half of the list (probably by random) but at the detriment to GECOM. Stan Lee did not forget the international committee and Caricom in this his masterpiece on Guyanese politics, this community is represented by the DC Universe, they are all silent, not acknowledged and probably does not exist. Yours truly, Shan Singh


saturday, march 16, 2019



By Pamela B Paresky, PhD

including creating fake athletic profiles, writing application essays, bribing coaches to “recruit” students for sports teams (even if those students didn’t play sports), facilitating donations to athletic departments, and even taking online classes for students in order to raise their GPAs.


ew York Times columnist Frank Bruni once wrote that the “competitive frenzy” of the college admissions process “warps” students’ values. Clearly, they’re not the only ones. In what is now being called the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted, more than 30 parents are alleged to have paid enormous sums to William (“Rick”) Singer for “admissions consulting” in order for their children to gain admission to colleges to which they would not otherwise be admitted. In total, 50 people are implicated, including an accountant, a private school counsellor, two standardised test administrators, an exam proctor, a college administrator, and nine athletic coaches at elite schools. Admission to highly selective, elite, liberal arts colleges today is less likely than it has ever been. To put it in perspective, in 1979, roughly 27 per cent of freshmen applicants to Yale were admitted. In 2000, Yale’s admission rate shrunk to about 18 per cent. In 2018, only 6.3 per cent of applicants were admitted. Last year, many colleges’ acceptance rates plummeted to half what they were a decade ago –and some have fallen to even less than half. Until fairly recently, students who were intellectually gifted, but had learning disabilities such as ADHD or dyslexia were denied access to highly selective schools because standardized testing presented a barrier. Now that accommodations are available for these “twice exceptional” test-takers – such as the ability use computers rather than paper tests, to have questions read aloud, and to have extra time to

complete tests – schools can accurately assess a wider range of students’ academic abilities and increase the applicant pool. But these accommodations also create opportunities for the unscrupulous to take advantage of the system, and this is how the recent cheating was accomplished. Fears Singer, the mastermind of the complex fraud and deception, appears to have capitalised on parents’ fears that the game isn’t fair, and that other people are cheating to get ahead. He told parents that “all the wealthy families figured out that if I get my kid tested and they get extended time, they can do better on the test. So most of these kids don’t even have issues, but they’re getting [extra] time.” Singer helped parents find a doctor who would do the same thing: recommend accommodations for extended time. This allowed their teens to take standardised tests over two days instead of one.

Singer’s “proctors” took the tests for the teens, gave teens answers, or after students took the tests, used the extra day to change students’ answers, resulting in whatever chosen scores the parents wanted. Parents paid between US$15,000 and several million dollars for Singer’s “help.” Often, people who cheat believe that it’s what everyone else is doing, so if they don’t cheat, too, they will be at a disadvantage. They justify their own cheating by telling themselves that they are just levelling the playing field. In the current climate of extreme competition for college acceptance – what former Yale professor William Deresiewicz called “the resume arms race” – persuading these parents that other wealthy people were titling the playing field might not have been difficult. To level the playing field, Singer told families that he created what he called “side doors”. The “front door,” he explained, is how students get into college on their own. This

is a statistically unlikely path. The “back door” is how wealthy families get an advantage: by making substantial legitimate donations to schools. This option has been publicly derided as another way for families to cheat, albeit legally – a difference in degree, not in kind. Wanted guarantee However, as someone recently pointed out to me, the opportunity to attend highly selective, elite, liberal arts colleges is available to students who rely on scholarships because of the donations of wealthy families. Singer warned parents, however, that this would cost “ten times as much money.” Also, colleges want to ensure that the students they admit are capable of succeeding there, so making donations, Singer explained, is “no guarantee”. And the families he worked with wanted guarantees, so Singer provided a suite of illicit services in addition to cheating on standardised tests,

Deceived children Court documents reveal that in many cases, parents deceived their children into believing that they had earned their test scores and earned their own admission to college. One applicant was unaware that his father was paying to get him an unearned spot at the University of Southern California by sending photos that Singer said he would photoshop onto a photo of a football kicker, to create a fake profile for him as a superstar athlete. Told that acceptance was 90 per cent guaranteed, the father expected that his son (who did not play football) would be admitted as a recruited football player before he even applied. In addition to the US$50,000 for a phony ACT score of 34 (which his son appeared to believe he earned), the father agreed to pay US$250,000 for admission to USC. This father made it clear that he wanted everything to be done for his son “in a way that he doesn’t know [what] happened.” Given the boy’s obliviousness to the scheme, he separately sent an application to Northeastern University, not realising that it included an inflated ACT score he did not legitimately achieve. Another set of parents refinanced their family home in order to pay US$100,000. They opted for the recruited athlete scheme to get their daughter into USC. Apparently, however, the daughter had not even decided that USC was where she wanted to go. The father fretted to Singer that his daughter was “extremely upset as to why [her father was] pressuring her to make a decision” about going to USC. Although she didn’t know about the fraud, she was becoming suspicious that she wasn’t getting in “on her own merits”. One teen appears to have had so much anxiety about testing (which she believed was legitimate) that her mother reported “she was gonna throw up,” and during the testing session, “started having heart palpitations but she said [the scam proctor] was so sweet, he let [her] walk around the hallway.” This young woman earned a composite score on the ACT of 23 (69th percentile). The score she was led to believe she earned was 35 (99.9th percentile), high enough to apply to highly selective schools. According to court documents, Duke University appears to have been the goal. After paying US$50,000 for the fake test score, the student’s parents paid an additional US$75,000 for Singer to have

someone alter her daughter’s two SAT subject tests. The scores reported were 710 on the English literature test and 800 (a perfect score) on the Maths test. (Her actual scores were in the mid-600s.) Singer claims to have “helped” over 700 students. There may be college applicants, current college students, and college graduates who are wondering whether they were unwittingly part of this scam—or are finding out now that they were. Even in an era of what’s known as “lawnmower parenting,” in which parents believe that their job is to clear all obstacles from their children’s path, the parents involved in this scheme seem to have completely lost all perspective. Yet, today there are students enrolled at Georgetown and USC (and potentially elsewhere) who were admitted as a result of this fraud, and at least three of them may have knowingly participated. Student athletes who, for years, spent countless hours every week practicing, playing, and hoping to be recruited were denied the opportunity for which they worked so hard. And other students were rejected who would otherwise have been admitted. It is unsettling that these parents chose to trade their integrity, their reputations, their careers, and even potentially their freedom for their children’s unearned college admission. This choice is especially perplexing because although attending an elite college can have a significant impact on future earnings for students from low-income backgrounds, it has virtually no effect for people from affluent families. Unsettling No doubt these parents thought they were doing something that would benefit their children. But although those who kept their children in the dark intended for their children to be innocent beneficiaries of their cheating, those children are now their innocent victims. If those children thought their parents were people of integrity, they are discovering that their parents were willing to cheat. If they thought their parents were truthful, they are learning that their parents were willing to lie. If they thought their relationships with their parents were founded on honesty, they are understanding that they have been betrayed. And for those teens who believed that they were admitted to college as a result of their own efforts, they may be grappling with the idea that they are not exactly who they believed themselves to be. What must it be like for these teens to find that their parents created fictional versions of them that they presented not only to colleges, but in part, to the teens themselves? What message does a young person take from this? (



saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

Conspiracy to breach Constitution charges

Chief Magistrate dismisses charges against GECOM Chair, Govt Commissioners without hearing case …lawyer says Magistrate’s actions “unheard of”

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan

Sanjeev Datadin

hief Magistrate Ann McLennan on Friday morning dismissed private criminal charges filed against Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Justice (retd) James Patterson, and the three Government Commissioners: Vincent Alexander, Desmond Trotman and Charles Corbin, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Magistrate McLennan

“You can’t breach a Constitution; but if people get together and say that is what they are doing, then it is a criminal offence at common law, and under section 21 it carries (a penalty) of one year imprisonment; but of course that’s not mandatory. But when the no-confidence motion was passed by the National Assembly on the 21 of December, it meant 90 days later they should have had an election. Everyone in Guyana



GECOM Chairman Justice James Patterson making his way to court on Friday

Government to call elections. According to one protestor, she has lost faith in the APNU/AFC coalition Government, and is calling for them to do as is mandated. Another protestor, Jermaine Gentle, said that as a citizen of Guyana, he is calling on the leaders of the country to respect the Constitution.

and Prime M i n i s t e r M o s e s Nagamootoo had initially committed to following the provisions outlined in the Constitution, facilitating early elections and engaging in dialogue with the Leader of the Opposition, B h a r r a t Jagdeo; but Some of the protesters outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts they have since changed their is Attorney Nigel Hughes, the High Court, acting Chief position. a former AFC Chairman Justice Roxane George ruled Since the passage of the and the husband of sitting that 33 is the majority. motion by a vote of 33-32 Minister Cathy Hughes, The Government has on December 21, 2018, how- who told State media that since challenged the Chief ever, persons aligned with half of 65 is 32.5, but when Justice’s ruling in the Court the coalition have sought to rounded to the nearest of Appeal. question the motion’s valid- whole number, this would Five days remain unity, even as the vote has al- be 33 as there is no half til the constitutional deadready been certified. member. line for holding elections exThe original proponent Following this reason- pires. of the 34-vote argument ing becoming a challenge in

Several streets to be closed...

Government Commissioners: Desmond Trotman, Vincent Alexander and Charles Corbin

dismissed the charges even without hearing any submissions from the lawyers on the matter. The charges filed against the four were for conspiracy to breach the Constitution of Guyana by not following Article 106, which stipulates that elections are to be held within three months of the passage of a no-confidence motion. The defendants were represented by Attorney-atlaw Rex McKay, Neil Boston and Robert Corbin. The chief magistrate, in her ruling, said the charge has no purpose and appears to be frivolous. Further, she told the court that to bring such a charge against the defendants is an abuse of the court. The charges were brought by Marcel Gaskin, the brother of Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin. He was represented by Attorneys-at-Law Sanjeev Datadin and Ganesh Hira. However, Attorney Datatin has said he would be moving to the High Court on Monday to refile the challenge. He added that the move by the chief magistrate to dismiss a case of national importance and with grave implications without a proper hearing is unheard

is aware that that is not happening, the people who are charged with bringing an election is the Elections Commission and they are not taking any steps to do what they should be doing,” Datadin said. According to Datadin, his client was not partial in filing the charges against the four defendants, but did so because the Chairman and Commissioners are those who voted to not conduct elections as is constitutionally mandated. As the matter was being heard in the Magistrates’ Courts, several protestors stood outside of the court calling for the coalition

With the Government’s defeat, the next steps are spelt out in the Constitution of Guyana. Clause 7 of Article 106 of the Constitution of Guyana states that, “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.” President David Granger

Meanwhile, northbound motorists who are intending to use Sheriff Street are asked to use Garnett Street to Middleton Street, into Durey Lane; while southbound motorists are asked to use First Street to Stone Avenue into Garnett Street. These changes are only for Sunday, March 17, 2018. The Public Infrastructure Ministry had said a US$31.03 million contract for the project was awarded to Sinohydro Corporation Ltd back in November 2017 and the contract was signed the following month. The two-year project which will cover approximately seven kilometres of road is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and involves the following works: relocation of utilities, lane and shoulder improvements, placement of sidewalks and paved shoul-

ders, traffic signals, traffic signs, streetlights, drainage, a pedestrian overhead walkway, culverts, bridges, and a roundabout. Residents living close to the road as well as road users and the wider community may be inconvenienced by traffic delays, dust, and general construction activities during the period of construction, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has cautioned. The IDB had, earlier last year, revised the scope of works on this road project, putting it on hold and delaying the opening of tenders for the project. This was done following discussions entered into with the Finance Ministry aimed at achieving completion of the project before the loan deadline set by the IDB had expired. Initially, Loan-2741 was signed in 2012 to the tune of

From page 2

US$66 million, with a completion deadline of March 2018. The revised scope, which is anticipated to cost US$35 million, would include the relocation of utilities, for which the GTT and the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) have been contracted. The initial project was tendered twice: first in 2014, and then again in 2015, both times under the previous administration. The previous Government had been working on the project for a number of years after it became clear that the Sheriff-Mandela link was becoming too congested. The plan was to upgrade the entire Sheriff Street to the National Cultural Centre, then from the National Cultural Centre, a four-lane road, the Banks DIH Junction at Thirst Park.

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saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

Mechanic Taxi driver jailed for illegal gun, ammo remanded for D rape of 6, 7-year-old girls

Rape accused Chandipaul Mohabir being escorted to the holding area at the Magistrates’ Courts on Friday


Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara resident was on Friday remanded to prison on two charges of rape. Chandipaul Mohabir appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The 47-year-old man is accused of raping the children between January 1, 2017, and March 20, 2017. Another charge alleged that between the same period and at the same location he also sexually penetrated a seven-year-old child.

evon Porter of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, who was nabbed by police during a high-speed chase in August 2018, was on Friday jailed for two years after he was found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition possession charges. The ruling was handed down by Magistrate Dylon Bess, who found Porter guilty of the charges after the trial was completed at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Porter, a taxi driver, had denied both charges when they were read to him by Magistrate Judy Latchman during his first court appearance. The court heard that on August 9, 2018, while he was in the vicinity of Howes Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, he had in his possession a .38 revolver without being a licenced firearm holder.

P Devon Porter being escorted by a Police rank

The second charge stated that on the same day, he also had in his possession one live matching round. The prosecution had informed the court that the 38-year-old man was arrested after a high-speed chase with police through the Charlestown, Georgetown area. According to police, upon observing the “suspicious movements” of mo-

torcar PWW 149, the lawmen signalled the driver to stop the vehicle, but instead, the accused accelerated and ended up crashing into a lamp post in Lying Street, Charlestown. As police approached the car, Porter was seen throwing the firearm through the window into a nearby drain. The car accelerated and eventually crashed into a light post.

Businesswoman charged for giving friend counterfeit US$100


woman who gave her friend a counterfeit US note found herself before Magistrate Leron Daly on Friday at the Georgetown Magistrates’

Day of…

Courts. Ally Williams, 36, denied the charge when it was read to her by Magistrate Leron Daly. The businesswom-

an of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, denied that on October 12, 2018, at North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown, with intent to defraud she gave Roshonda Burnette a forged US$100 bill knowing it was counterfeit. The prosecution is contending that on October 12, 2018, at about 15:45h, the Virtual Complainant and the defendant were at a salon when Williams asked if anyone could change the foreign currency that she had in order to pay for the services that were offered to her. According to the prosecution, Burnette, who is the woman’s friend opted to give the woman the local currency in exchange for the United States money. The VC then went to the Cambio and was told that the money was a counterfeit. Subsequently, Burnette went to the Brickdam Police Station and reported the matter. Williams was contacted and later arrested. In court on Friday, Attorney-at-law Sanjeev Datadin in a bail application told the court that his client has been cooperating with the police. He said that his client has been to the police station no less than “50 times” since the matter was reported. According to the defence lawyer, his client, a mother of two young children professed her innocence in relation to the accusation and is willing to continue cooperating with the police. She was released on $15,000 bail and the case will continue on March 25, 2019.

…constitutional supremacy resident Granger’s handlers have gotten their collective undergarments in a knot, and are squealing about the Opposition Leader’s announcement that, come March 21, Granger ceases to be President; and as such he’ll be addressing the fella living in the “Green House” as plain, old “Mr. Granger”. “NO!!” they shriek, “the President will continue to be President until another one is sworn in!!” Now, once again, the PNC Government spokespersons are following the lead taken by their leader, to insist that their “perception” of what the Constitution says is what it ACTUALLY says!! But it doesn’t take much to separate “sense from nonsense”…all we gotta do is go to the Constitution and read what it says. Article 106 (6) declares quite unambiguously, “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.” Now, isn’t this “defeat” by an NCM exactly what happened? Didn’t the PNC Government already return to the National Assembly and had the Speaker reiterate that “boat done gone a watah”?? Didn’t the court already add its voice to the obvious import of Art 106 (6) - that the President and his Cabinet were “gone with the wind”?? Well, the PNC diehards might say they’ve appealed the judgement. Well…duh!! The appeal wasn’t about what the President and Cabinet had to do…it had to do with whether the NCM was actually carried! And only IF the Appellate Court rules otherwise can anything change. So, in the meantime, the workings of the Constitution – which is the SUPREME law of the land – holds: there’s NO President and Cabinet once the NCM was passed!! Sayonara!! At least the Cabinet acknowledged this reality, since they’ve been referring to their meetings as a “plenary”!! Jagdeo was being kind on the President’s status until the Day of Constitutional Supremacy, since technically he was a “resigned president”.   But the President’s handlers went on to jump on a second limb – Art 106 (7), which says, “Notwithstanding its defeat, the GOVERNMENT shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.”  But they pretend to be blind to the fact that the Constitution is not an ass! It’s making a DISTINCTION between the “President and Cabinet” and “the Government”! And of course the GOVERNMENT continues…but NOT the President and Cabinet.   That’s why we have “government departments” and “heads”!!   …infamy  Your Eyewitness is predicting that March 21, 2019 – which is the day the Opposition has presented the Government with the opportunity  to acknowledge supremacy of the Constitution – will unfortunately go down in history as a “day of infamy” for our young republic. A “day of infamy” because ignoring the crystal-clear dictates of the Constitution will cause incalculable harm to its sanctity. And this, we know, is the only line dividing us from reverting to the law of the jungle. We are a young nation, but if we need to know how we can survive to become an old nation, we can do worse than look over to the US, the most powerful nation on earth, and reflect on the fact that their respect for their constitution is the most significant reason for their success. Sure a constitution might not be perfect – nothing that man creates can be. We aren’t omniscient, but there are built-in amendment procedures to make changes.   But we don’t just dump all over it. One day “we may look to the rock for rescue, but there’ll be no rock!”

…retribution against hubris Was it just serendipity that March 21st is also “Holi” – the day that a tyrant was given his comeuppance by the greatest “Rock” there is? Or was it a warning?? Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



saturday, MARCH 16 2019 |

Govt praises launch as MovieTowne opens to public …even after PPP officials before courts for sale of very land

Former Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and former NICIL Chairman Winston Brassington were charged last year for the sale of the land to MovieTowne’s owner


he long-awaited local branch of MovieTowne opened on Thursday evening with much fanfare, cocktails and the presence of several senior Government Ministers. The complex, which is a US$40 million investment, was built by Trinidad entrepreneur Derek Chin. Minister of State Joseph Harmon, one of several Ministers in attendance at the ceremony, lauded the initiative. He was also optimistic of MovieTowne carrying its brand throughout Guyana. “This project here is just one step in a journey that will take you to other parts of Guyana. We have 10 administrative regions. It represents 10 countries, so when you go to one region, just imagine you’ve actually crossed one area and gone

into the other.” “There are some real opportunities here in Guyana for investments. We are an investment destination. So I welcome MovieTowne,” Harmon added. Meanwhile, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin acknowledged the role Government plays in creating an enabling environment for the Private Sector. Gaskin also noted the importance of customers coming away with a good experience. “The consumer experience is [essential] and this is a constantly evolving part of business. Particularly for the services sector, but even for the goods sector because there’s a service that goes along with the provision of goods and an after sales service as well,” Gaskin said, also going on to congratulate

Chin on the investment. The proprietor, Derek Chin, spoke of the challenges that he was faced with but noted that in the end, it was worth it. The proprietor also informed the attendees that the facility would be the starting point of great things. “This has been a tremendous journey, it is one that I can say at long last, but you know, at the end of every good thing and every great challenge you do have these great things that happen. I want to see great things for the Caribbean and let’s make this, particularly MovieTowne, be the starting point of that turn,” he said. Also in attendance was Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, who also lauded Chin for his investment and Social Cohesion Minister Dr George Norton; Opposition Leader and former President Bharrat Jagdeo, former President Donald Ramotar, PPP Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Transport Rohan Sinanan, Mayor of Georgetown Ubraj Narine and other dignitaries.

Bumpy road

While Government Ministers turned out in support of the MovieTowne complex, it has been a bumpy road leading up to the launch. Officials from the former People’s Progressive Party Administration have paid a heavy price for facilitating what has turned out

Cutting the ribbon. From left; MovieTowne proprietor Derek Chin, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Business Minister Dominic Gaskin

to be a multimillion-dollar investment. Former Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and former National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Head Winston Brassington are currently before the courts regarding the sale of the very land the complex sits on. They were charged last year by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), which alleged that the 10 acres of land were sold below market value. Both parties, as well as Chin and the parliamentary opposition, have defended the sale. They have argued that it was to ensure foreign in-

vestment and the benefits that come with it including local jobs. The specifics of the charge are that on May 14, 2011, while Singh was the Finance Minister and Brassington was the Chairman of NICIL, they sold a tract of land of 10.002 acres, letter A-A being a portion of Plantation, Turkeyen, situated in Greater Georgetown and property of Guyana for the sum of $185,037,000 without procuring a valuation of the said property from a competent valuation officer.


Ever since its establishment in 2002, MovieTowne has been credited with boost-

ing the creative arts industry in Trinidad and Tobago, while providing several hundred employment opportunities for Trinidadians. MovieTowne Guyana has been promising that when it is opened, it will provide hundreds of job opportunities for locals. It is understood that when the complex was still in its construction phase, it had already begun attracting the attention of internationally recognised entertainment franchises. The ultra-modern complex is ideally positioned on 10 acres of prime land, with a 200,000-plus square foot building, standing along the East Coast Demerara (ECD) corridor.

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saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

New US Ambassador meets with Opposition Leader


pposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday met with newly-accredited United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch at his Church Street, Georgetown office. During the meeting, the two discussed a range of issues and at the top of the list was the current political situation the country is facing following the successful passage of the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly back in December and the events that followed. This meeting with the US diplomat comes on the heels of the Opposition Leader disclosing that he has updated former US President Jimmy Carter on the situation in Guyana

“I did not mentioned it last week that we had a conversation because President Carter said to me he was trying to get on to President [David] Granger, and did not want, as soon as I get the call [to] go in the media and talk about. So I give him enough time for that and I thought it was necessary for Guyanese to know that I received a call and I spoke with him but I prefer to keep a little quiet on the content at this point in time until I hear back from him as to whether he had spoken to President Granger,” Jagdeo revealed at his weekly press conference on Thursday. It is unclear whether the former US President has since contacted the Guyanese Leader.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jadgeo and new US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch

Furthermore, the Opposition Leader had noted that he will continue to lobby the diplomatic community here on the treatment of the coalition Government after the constitutional 90day deadline expires without a date for elections set. The constitutional deadline will expire next Thursday, making the Government illegal and throwing the country into unchartered waters.

In fact, he noted that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has written several international bodies – including the Commonwealth, Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) – asking them not to recognise the coalition Administration after March 21, saying that they have acted “in bad faith” since December 21, 2018. He noted that these international bodies have acknowledged receipt of the letters but did not indicate their position of the treatment of the Guyana Government post-March 21. Since the passage of the motion against the APNU/

AFC coalition, calls have been made by various stakeholders including foreign diplomats here for the Government to abide by the Constitution. In fact, earlier this week British High Commissioner Greg Quinn, in an exclusive interview with Guyana Times, said that the clock is ticking on the constitutional three-month deadline for holding elections. “The Constitution is the supreme law… There is the three-month clock, which is still ticking, it hasn’t been stayed yet…,” the United Kingdom envoy told this newspaper on Monday. Moreover, representatives from the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) have also echoed similar calls for the Guyana Government to adhere to the Constitution. In February, the EU’s local mission warned of the need for constitutional compliance, urging in a statement that democratic procedures and the rule of law be respected and upheld. The EU also called for free and fair elections to be held and for Guyana’s Government to follow all requirements outlined in the Constitution of Guyana following the December 21, 2018, no-confidence vote. The day before, however, United Nations Resident Coordinator Mikiko Tanaka urged the State to demonstrate its integrity and respect Guyana’s Constitution. “Recent political developments triggered by the no-confidence vote in the National Assembly are a

test for Guyana’s strength and integrity with regard to the effectiveness of the rule of law and governance,” Tanaka had said. Meanwhile, Ambassador Lynch during remarks at her accreditation ceremony on Wednesday had recommitted her country’s support to “genuinely free and fair elections” in Guyana. In response, President David Granger had emphasised that the two countries had built a strong bilateral relationship over the years that was founded on, among other things, “mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs”. But the Government has contended that the coalition has not resigned and President Granger, despite facing mounting pressure to set a date for elections before the March 21 deadline, insists that he has to await guidance from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) before he executes his presidential responsibility. Last week, the GECOM Chairman and six commissioners, as well as Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, met with the President. Almost one week later, the Head of State on Wednesday asked GECOM to submit a work plan for elections as soon as possible. With less than a week before the constitutional deadline expires, the elections body is adamant on going ahead with house-tohouse registration, which will conclude sometime in November.



saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

Region 3 Chair fumes after Govt land handed to AFC Councillor


n what is seen as a “blatant” disrespect to authorities at the local democratic organs, Region Three (Essequibo IslandsWest Demerara) Chairman has raised concerns over the

allocation of Government properties to a private citizen. Regional Chairman Julius Faerber in a letter to Guyana Times on Friday, stated that an

Alliance for Change (AFC) Councillor from the regional body was granted a piece of land at Tamarind Pasture, Leonora, on the West Coast of Demerara without permission from

Zeelugt Cemetery tomb raided


ess than one day after the body of 58-yearold Jadgeo Jagdeo of Zeelugt on the West Coast of Demerara was laid to rest, his coffin was removed from the tomb and several items were stolen. Speaking with Guyana Times on Friday, family members explained that the man was buried on Thursday afternoon at the Zeelugt Cemetery. His son, Jai Jagdeo, said he received a call the following morning, indicating that someone had broken into his father’s tomb. The man said he went to the cemetery shortly after and found that the tomb was vandalised and the coffin was removed and tossed outside with the body inside. A wristwatch and $2000 were removed from the coffin. “…when I come, I see all the clothes outside [the tomb]. The coffin was open and they take the watch and some money that went there and the body was still in the coffin,” he said. The police were called to the scene and statements were taken from relatives as investigations continue. Last Wednesday, the tomb of 60-year-old Roopnarine Kowlessaw was found vandalised with the man’s body outside and the money that was pinned on his clothing missing. The

The coffin after it was returned to its place in the tomb by relatives

man was buried on March 1 at the Number 65 Village Cemetery. The body was reportedly found lying in front of the tomb with the casket alongside it. Residents in the area recalled hearing banging sounds and dogs barking. His son, Budram, told Guyana Times that when he and other relatives visited the tomb on Wednesday,

there was a small hole which was executed with a chisel. However, they returned on Thursday and found the coffin outside of the tomb. He explained that in excess of US$300 was missing but GY$400 was found on the ground next to the body. Kowlessaw, the dead rice farmer and businessman, was reburied on Thursday morning.

the Regional Council or the Stewartville-Cornelia Ida Neighbourhood Democratic Council. Guyana Times understands that the plot of land houses several governmental buildings such as the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), a post office, living quarters for overseas doctors, magistrate’s court, Guyana Police Force’s D Division (West Bank Demerara-East Bank Essequibo) and the Leonora Diagnostic Centre among others. The distribution of the parcel of land to the said Councillor was reportedly granted by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) in January of this year. Faerber condemned this action, stating that it threatens the security of these buildings when private per-

sons are given permission to access these properties. “As a private citizen, he should not be given permission to occupy a parcel of land within the confines of a Government compound since it can pose as a threat to security of this compound,” he said in the letter. The StewartvilleCornelia Ida NDC and the regional body have both objected to the allocation. Further, the Chairman alleged that the matter was brought to the attention of the GLSC and President David Granger. “Objection was made by the mentioned Neighbourhood Democratic Council and the Regional Democratic Council of Region Three to the Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission and

Region Three Chairman Julius Faerber

His Excellency, Brigadier David Granger,” Faerber said in his letter. Calls to GLSC for a comment on the matter went unanswered.

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saturday, MARCH 16, 2019 |

President continues to blame GECOM for not setting elections date


aying blame for his delay in calling an election date at the feet of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), President David Granger on Friday addressed the nation in a statement calling for calm and more collaboration across the political divide. In his address to the nation, President Granger claimed he was “constrained” from naming a date for elections because GECOM has not provided adequate information about its readiness for holding elections. Referring to recent meetings with GECOM Commissioners, Granger said he has not received the guidance he needs to proclaim a date for elections. According to the President,

it would be “reckless” for him to announce a date for elections without being satisfied that the Commission can guarantee credible elections. “I expect that, with the advice of the Commission and with the support of the Opposition in the National Assembly, I shall be able to proclaim a date as early as possible for the conduct of General and Regional Elections. I have written to the Chairman of the Commission again, demanding the presentation of the ‘work plan’ to me and re-committing the Government to doing everything possible to support the conduct of credible elections…in the shortest time possible,” he informed. “The Government of Guyana is committed to

President David Granger

support the rule of law and respect for civil rights. The Government will remain committed also to ensuring respect for the Constitution and the independence of the institutions of the State,”

the President stated. Granger called for collaboration, and not confrontation, noting that he is prepared to do his part to ensure credible elections within “the shortest time possible” in 2019. But he made it clear that such decisions are not his alone. The President also complained about the recent walkouts from meetings by Opposition- nominated commissioners of GECOM, who have been justifying taking this route because of the delaying tactics and insistence on house-tohouse registration by the Government-nominated commissioners, which could delay elections by months. In his statement, however, Granger explained, “The

Government side, during its engagement with the Elections Commission, gained the impression that considering the small size of the national population, the existing list of electors was ‘inflated’ and needed to be sanitised. It is the Commission’s responsibility to determine how efficiently and how quickly this could be achieved.” Since the December 21, 2018 passage of the motion of no- confidence against the APNU/AFC Coalition, calls have been made by various stakeholders, including foreign diplomats here, for the Government to abide by the Constitution and set a date for elections. In fact, earlier this week, British High Commissioner Greg Quinn, in an exclu-

sive interview with Guyana Times, reminded that the clock is ticking on the constitutional three months’ deadline for holding elections. This deadline expires next Thursday. Additionally, representatives from the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) have echoed similar calls in February for the Guyana Government to adhere to the Constitution. With less than six days remaining before the 90day deadline expires, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has written several international bodies, asking that they do not recognise the Coalition Government after March 21.



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DSL commissions $1B warehouse at Diamond

The new DSL state-of-the-art warehouse facility at Diamond, EBD (From left) DDL Chairman Komal Samaroo, former Chairman Yesu Persaud, acting Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, Finance Minister Winston Jordan and Business Minister Dominic Gaskin joining a Sixth Form beneficiary of the DDL Foundation in cutting the ribbon at the commissioning ceremony of the new DSL warehouse


s part of its ongoing multimillion-dollar expansion programme, Distribution Services Limited (DSL), a major subsidiary of the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) Group, on Friday commissioned a stateof-the-art warehouse. The new facility was constructed over a 17-month period at Plantation Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD), to the tune of more than $1 billion. The warehouse is about 43,000 square feet and is outfitted with modern stor-

age facilities with capabilities to store both frozen and chilled goods. At the commissioning ceremony, General Manager of DSL, Bryan Prittipaul explained that the company’s success as a leading distributor of fast-moving consumer products in the country as well as moves to diversify into retail has pushed the need for such a massive distribution warehouse to serve its four “Cash and Carry” stores and other customers. “The distribution busi-

ness currently reaches 2300 retailers in Guyana through our effective sales course and strong distribution network. However, these efforts were stymied to an extent as the rapid growth of DSL resulted [in] to our existing warehouse and this provided a key justification to our state-ofthe-art warehouse facility,” he stated. According to the DSL General Manager, the company is now positioned to continue its growth through the development of current

Traffic ranks trained to use breathalyser, speed guns …after increase in complaints filed by citizens

Traffic ranks at Eve Leary, Georgetown (DPI file photo)


n light of the high number of complaints filed against traffic ranks in recent days, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has embarked on a new initiative which will allow officers to not only be trained but certified to use the breathalyser gun and tachometer, popularly known as the speed gun. In an interview with the Traffic Chief, Linden Isles, on Friday, Guyana Times was told that the sessions would also allow for ranks to be trained to better communicate with the public as there have been numerous complaints surfacing against the cops, who are supposed to be examples and moreover, fight crime and not participate. A senior rank, who is responsible for the supervision of the training sessions said that so far 79 ranks have been trained in Georgetown. He explained that those persons were trained in two batches so far, with training being held during week-

days usually from 08:00h to 18:00h. He said that a lecturer from the University of Guyana (UG) was brought to help the officers with their communication skills while persons from the Guyana Bureau of Standards were also invited to provide the certification on the equipment usage. Ranks were also trained in professional ethics of law enforcement as well as how to better conduct themselves in appearance as well as on accident scenes, whether minor or serious, the officer said. The officer was keen to note that the training for ranks is not new, but having them certified is a new initiative which only began this year. Asked if only certified officers will be allowed to conduct breathalyser tests, Jack responded in the negative. According to him, the objective is to have each traffic rank in the various Policing Divisions trained at the

Georgetown Police Training Centre. In the past, persons have complained about being mistreated by the police while a breathalyser test is being conducted. Moreover, the recent matter between Attorneyat-Law Ryan Crawford and a police officer has made the communication and conduct aspect of the training even more important. In September last year, a video went viral of the attorney shouting expletives at the cop while refusing to comply with the requests of the cop. The 48-year-old attorney, who was slapped with five charges, denied all when they were read to him by Magistrate Peter Hugh and was released on his own recognisance. In his apology, Crawford stated that it was his frustration that was the cause of his expletive rant, noting that he was only attempting to get his point across which is that he was illegally stopped.

brands as well as the acquisition of new brands and categories. Meanwhile, Chairman of the DDL Group, Komal Samaroo noted that the construction of this warehouse is part of a much larger expansion programme that the company has undertaken. Last year the company announced a $10 billion expansion programme and this had already seen the construction and completion of a state-of-the-art warehouse for ageing 30 barrels of rum to support its international brand development. “Not too far from here, we are building a new modern blending plant, which is scheduled for completion later this year; we are in the middle of a modernisation of Demerara Shipping port and office facilities at Water and Schumacher Streets, Georgetown, and we are commencing a major expansion of our TOPCO operation –

an expansion which I think bring very interesting linkages to the agriculture sector in Guyana,” Samaroo posited. According to the Chairman, DDL has always been forward-looking and capitalises on opportunities. He explained that even though the company is recognised, a branded market would pose major challenges because of what was taking place on the international market but the company still went ahead with divestment plans and giving birth to the DSL subsidiary. “Our goal was to take Guyana’s best-known product to the world while bring some of the best-known products from the world and the region to the Guyanese market and consumers. That is what we’ve been doing further past 27 years,” he asserted. Samaroo went on to outline that DSL’s growth is a sure projection and this

new facility will prove to be an ease to do business especially because of its strategic location in a community which will be the origin of the much-anticipated bypass road that will link the East Bank and East Coast Demerara corridors. On the other hand, Finance Minister Winston Jordan lauded the expansion the company has undertaken over the years, noting that these investments are a testament to the confidence investors have in Guyana. The Finance Minister noted that Guyana is now looked at as the “preferred destination”. This, he said, was highlighted at the recent Prospectors and Development Association of Canada Convention – the largest mining convention in the world – where over 275 investors attended the “Guyana Day” with interests shown by “extremely high-level investors”.


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Union submits conditions for RUSAL workers’ reinstatement …awaiting response from company as impasse stands


he Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GBGWU) on Friday met with officials of the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI) for another round of discussions to put an end to the ongoing friction between the company and its dismissed workers, which ended with no possible solution to the problem. The meeting was held with GBGWU President, Leslie Gonsalves; General Secretary, Lincoln Lewis; Assistant Secretary, Sheldon Thomas; and BCGI branch leaders Ephraim Velloza and Sheldon Thomas. BCGI – owned by Russian Aluminium Company RUSAL – presented its delegation comprising of company representative, Permyakov Vladimir; Personnel Manager, Mikhail Krupenin and Labour Adviser; Mohamed Akeel.

However, after amicable talks, RUSAL’s representatives chose to return to their Russian counterpart for advice on the way forward and no agreement was arrived at. The discussion circled around the reinstatement of the dismissed workers and the removal of the blockage on the Berbice River. The Union would have also submitted terms and conditions for which normalcy can be attained, to which the company is yet to respond. While concerned about the “absence of decision-making” on the company’s side, the Union said that they are looking forward to the next engagement on Tuesday. “The Union, while concerned about the absence of decision-making, is prepared to wait on a response expected at the next meeting as this will determine the

RUSAL representatives during a previous meeting with the Union and Labour Department

way forward and the genuine commitment of BCGI of engaging the Union with in-

tegrity and willingness for mutually acceptable decision. Until such time the im-

passe remains.” BCGI had dismissed 61 workers on February 19, 2019, for protesting against a one per cent wage increase and since then, employees blocked a section of the river which leads to the company’s operation located at Aroaima, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice). A further 30 persons were dismissed since the affected section of the operation had to be temporarily closed. The Berbice River has been blocked with wire rope, preventing bauxite-laden barges from passing. This publication understands that as a result of the blockages, the Russian company has lost millions already. During a meeting with GBGWU and representatives of RUSAL, the company said it failed to recognise the Union. However, the Union and the company

met with representatives of the Labour Department and recognition was given to the workers’ union. Even as the issues with the bauxite workers are being discussed, loggers in the area on Wednesday reached out to Guyana Times pointing out that they have been left in a quandary, as the current blockage of the waterway by dismissed workers and residents is having a negative impact on their operations and businesses. For now, the loggers are not allowed to use the river and have been stranded for almost two weeks. One local sawmill owner from Canje, Berbice, Imtiaz Hoosein, explained to Guyana Times that while attention is being placed on the deadlock between RUSAL and its employees, consideration must be given to other stakeholders who are notably affected.

Ogle Airport tests readiness to respond to emergencies


he ability of the Eugene F Correia International Airport, Ogle, East Coast Demerara, staffers and relevant stakeholders was put to the test on Friday morning when an emergency exercise was conducted at the facility where the team was exposed to responding to a firsthand mass causality incident and bomb threat. Director of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Egbert Field told the media that such an ex-

First aiders responding to mass casualties at the Eugene F Correia International Airport during the emergency preparedness exercise

ercise is supposed to be conducted at least once per year. During the emergency exercise, the Guyana Fire Service and the Police Force were summoned and promptly responded, he said. “I think the response time was could, could have been better. We commenced the exercise and within I think three or four minutes the Fire Service was out there so like I said we

will look at the stopwatches. From my vantage point in the tower I would say that the response was in accordance with standard operating procedures,” Field explained. Although the activity was lauded a success, the Director warned that persons must not get complacent but rather, continue to work hard to be ready to manoeuver in the event of an actual emergency. Meanwhile, Captain Jack McGovern of Virginia, who has been participating in the exercises since 2006, pointed out that the session was intended to examine the preparedness of various departments at the airport. According to him, “The exercise today (Friday) was meant to test many varying levels. In years past we have dealt with one specific issue, whether it be a mass causality incident, a bomb threat or a fire”. McGovern noted that this year the airport was

tested to respond to a mass causality incident and a bomb threat at the terminal building which went exceptionally well. He said too, “I think we will come away with things that we can learn from and implement as we move forward to build a better plan to respond even better in the future”. Participating in the emergency exercise were airport staff, the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), the Police Force, Fire Service and others. The need for airport personnel to be attentive to their surroundings and be prepared to offer help and even exit the building in an orderly manner was highlighted only last November when an aircraft crash-landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. About 10 persons were hospitalised after the Boeing 757 aircraft crashed after it encountered hydraulic problems.



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As time runs out…

UK envoy reiterates call to respect Guyana’s Constitution

British High Commissioner Gregory Quinn


ith the parliamentary Opposition requesting that the international community withhold recognition from the coalition Government after the March 21, 2019 deadline passes without elections being held, the United Kingdom’s envoy to Guyana is hopeful for a timely resolution to the situation. Gregory Quinn was at the time being interviewed on Friday on the side-lines of an event at his residence, with less than a week to go before the three-month deadline expires. According to UK High Commissioner Quinn, it is actually too early to conclusively say what the British Government’s next move would be when the election deadline passes. “I think it’s too early to talk about that. I think we’re not there yet. There is a process that is ongoing, an ongoing discussion between the President and the Leader of the Opposition. So I think we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he said. The High Commissioner related that at the moment he is hopeful that there would be a resolution to the political stalemate. But he noted that if the worst does come to pass, the United Kingdom still has to have relations with the country. “It’s important to remember we recognise coun-

tries, not governments. I am accredited to the country of Guyana, not the President. Former President Donald Ramotar was there when I first arrived. So, obviously, we would have to maintain a relationship with the country of Guyana if we ever get into that situation,” he declared. This is the second time for the week that the British diplomat is calling for a resolution to the issue as he urged respect for Guyana’s Constitution.

International community

During a press conference on Thursday, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo revealed that letters were dispatched to various members of the international community, calling for countries not to recognise the Government beyond March 21, if there is no extension of the elections timeline. Since Government was defeated by a no-confidence motion in December of last year, which should have triggered early elections, it has sought recourse through the courts. In fact, the Court of Appeal is expected to rule on the no-confidence matters before it any day now. Calls have repeatedly been made by various stakeholders, including foreign diplomats based in Guyana,

for the Government to abide by the Constitution. It is understood that even former United States President Jimmy Carter has become involved in the matter, seeking to hold discussions with both sides. Earlier this week, British High Commissioner Quinn, in an exclusive interview with Guyana Times, reminded that the clock is ticking on the constitutional three months’ deadline for holding elections. This deadline expires next Thursday. Additionally, representatives from the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) have echoed similar calls in February for the Guyana Government to adhere to the Constitution. Article 106 (6) of the Guyana Constitution states: “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.” Article 106 (7) goes on to state, “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.” So far, there has been no word on when a sitting of the National Assembly would be called to seek an extension. When asked at a previous press conference, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, had informed the media that there must be pressing issues for the National Assembly to be called. When asked if elections were not a pressing matter, he conceded that it was.

Georgetown and Aberdeen sign historic MOU Mayor Crockett said that Guyana has tremendous prospects and he is looking forward to working with Mayor Narine to make life better for the people of Georgetown. “We have had a long experience in oil and gas. I grew up in Aberdeen before the oil industry came so I remember what it was like, I remember some of the errors that we made but also some of the good things that would have happened so I hope with that history, Guyana can …be part of an international world where there are opportunities for Guyanese,” explained Mayor Crockett. He pointed out that Guyana must avoid risking its natural resources for a forthcoming industry no matter how lucrative it may seem. “You do not want to risk the enormous reputation that Guyana has; its eco-tourism, pristine nature, its wonderful wildlife in order to have a positive development of is natural resources.” In order to reap the benefits of the emerging sector, Mayor Crockett noted that Guyanese must be prepared for the rapid development and growth while at the same time balancing the tremendous attributes of Georgetown. He noted that planning for the infrastructural needs of the city, cooperation between the city Administration and the national Government will be vital. Mayor of Aberdeen Barney Crockett


he Mayors of Georgetown and Aberdeen on Friday signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU, inked at City Hall on Friday by Georgetown’s Mayor, Ubraj Narine, and Lord Provost, Mayor of Aberdeen, Barney Crockett from Scotland, aims to adequately prepare Georgetown for production in the emerging oil and gas sector expected to begin in a few months’ time. According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), some of the key areas of focus for the MOU include stimulating and supporting offshore energy business interactions between the two cities. Also, capacity-building and developing skills in the offshore energy industry in Georgetown, including facilitating university links and exploring opportunities through co-designed initiatives for funding priority Georgetown city projects, including healthcare services, solid waste management and green open spaces.


saturday, MARCH 16, 2019


Venezuelan students use risky crossing to get to Colombia school


ielo leaves her home in Venezuela at 04:30am every day to get to school in Colombia. For two years now, the 11-year-old student has been crossing into Colombia using the Simon Bolivar foot bridge for access to education as many teachers in her homeland have migrated or refuse to work for the little money the Venezuelan government can pay them since the country’s economic crisis began in 2015. But this bridge, along with others, was blocked off last month for two weeks by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after Juan Guaido , the opposition leader and self-declared interim president, attempted to lead a US-backed aid caravan across the border. Maduro, who has routinely denied that there is a humanitarian crisis in the country, maintains the aid is a ruse to remove him from power. After days of protests by parents and children on the Venezuelan side of the border, a “humanitarian passage” was opened on Monday, allowing only schoolchildren and the critically ill to cross into Colombia using the formal border bridges. This border closure led to an emergence of informal crossings, known locally as “trochas”, that are dangerous and controlled by armed groups from both countries charging people money to pass through them.

Armed groups control the unofficial border crossings, known as ‘trochas’ [Steven Grattan/Al Jazeera]

Venezuelans need to cross into Colombia to buy basic items that are scarce in Venezuela, like food and medicine, or, in Cielo’s case, to get an education. Even though the bridge is now open for certain groups, the Venezuelan National Guard does not let parents cross with their children, who must go alone. People are also not allowed to transport products from Colombia into Venezuela on the bridges. “I still use the trochas, because my mum has a disability and I need to get food in Colombia,” Cielo said on Wednesday. “The soldiers don’t let

you pass with anything, so I have to keep using the trochas to get it home.” The young student, a biology and sports lover, said she did not like using the trochas, but more importantly for her, she did not want to miss school. “Sometimes we have to run to get through [the trochas] because they close them off,” Cielo said, walking her way to the crossing through the bustling border town of Cucuta after school, dressed in her school uniform. “It’s very dangerous. People say there are paramilitaries and guerrillas and sometimes there are confrontations”.

Anger management root cause of juvenile offenders


nger management issues have been identified as one of the root causes of the high rate of juvenile offending in this country. The Judiciary’s court executive administrator Master Christie-Anne Morris-Alleyne made the statement while addressing an inquiry into the feasibility of widening the availability of non-custodial penalties in the criminal justice system, hosted by a Joint Select Committee of Parliament on Finance and Legal Affairs on Thursday. Speaking from her experience from the Family and Children Division, Morris-Alleyne said she was struck by the fact that many juveniles are “so angry”. “I have seen anger and embarrassment, with embarrassment comes a defence mechanism which causes the anger to grow,” Morris-Alleyne said, as she called for a national con-

versation on children to be considered by Parliament. Stating that there were too many children before the courts, Morris-Alleyne pointed to statistics from when the division was established in 2016. She said while the Judiciary expected approximately 1,500 cases to come before the division within its first year, it received one-third of the figure within the first two to three months. “For a society as small as ours that does not augur well,” she said. Despite the high rate, Morris-Alleyne still maintained that the division was fulfilling its mandate and is an example of the positive use of non-custodial sentencing. She noted that in the division prison sentences are an absolute last resort with a focus on counselling, peer resolution and community service. (T&T Guardian)

Brazil school shooting: Thousands attend wake for victims

Jamaica mourns with New Zealand – PM Holness


rime Minister Andrew Holness has described as a “horrible tragedy”, the terrorists attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. Forty-nine people were killed, and 48 others seriously injured early this morning in New Zealand where reports say that at least two gunmen opened fire at two mosques. Holness has condemned the deadly shooting, asserting that terrorism has no place in society. “I received the news with shock and great sadness. This heinous act must be condemned by every nation as it strikes at the heart of the values of freedom and democracy. I join with the Government and people of New Zealand in condemn-

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

ing, in the strongest terms, this incident and all acts of violence, terrorism and extremism, wherever they occur. Jamaica mourns with New Zealand,” said Holness.

A formal letter has been dispatched to the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Adern conveying the Government of Jamaica’s deep sympathies,

a statement front the Office of the Prime Minister said. Holness said that Jamaica stands in solidarity with New Zealand as both countries uphold and cherish values of democracy. “The people of Jamaica extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of these attacks in Christchurch New Zealand. We in Jamaica stand with the Government and people of New Zealand in support of peace and tolerance against terror. We also express our hope for the speedy recovery of the injured and pray for comfort to all the people of New Zealand during this time of national grief,” Holness was quoted as saying. (Jamaica Observer)

T&T$.8M bail for man charged in tourist attack


34-year-old Arouca man on Thursday appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates’ Court facing several charges in connection with an attack on two female British tourists. Artherly ‘Ratty’ Fraser, a PH taxi driver who was staying at Young Street, Canaan, appeared before Magistrate Duane Murray in the Scarborough Third Court charged with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of robbery and two counts of grievous sexual assault on two United Kingdom tourists aged 33

Artherly "Ratty" Fraser

and 35. He was not called upon to plead as the charges were laid indictably. The court heard that around 1.30 am on Monday the duo hired a PH driver to transport them from the Sunday School festivities at Buccoo to their guest house located at Black Rock. Along the way, however, the driver allegedly stopped at Grafton Beach and proceeded to sexually assault them and rob them of their cellphones. He then escaped in his vehicle, leaving them behind. The women immediately made a report to the Shirvan Road Police Station.

An investigation was carried out and a suspect was arrested at his apartment on Tuesday around 7 am. On Wednesday, the suspect was positively identified by the women during an identification parade at the Scarborough Police Station. Fraser was unrepresented when he appeared yesterday and bail was set at $800,000. WPC Phillip-Radix of the Shirvan Road Police Station laid the charges. Fraser is scheduled to reappear in court on April 5.

(T&T Guardian)

Four teenage boys and two school staff members were remembered at a local sports stadium


housands of people have attended a wake for victims of a school shooting near the Brazilian city of São Paulo. Two former pupils, aged 17 and 25, killed eight people on Wednesday, in an attack police say was planned for more than a year. Family members and friends wept over the open coffins of four teenage boys before their funerals. The young gunmen killed a total of five pupils, a school administrator and a teacher before killing themselves. Earlier, they had shot dead the uncle of the 17-year-old. A state official said the younger gunman “had never shown any problems” at school, but his mother said he had been bullied. Seventeen-year-old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro and 25-year-old Luiz Henrique de Castro arrived at the Raul Brasil school in Suzano at 09:30 local time (12:30 GMT) in a white car stolen from his uncle’s car rental agency. A recording from a CCTV camera at a nearby house shows the passenger, Monteiro, getting out of the car and putting a rucksack on his back before calmly walk-

ing through the school gates. Castro follows him at a much faster pace 30 seconds later, also with a rucksack on his back. Neither is masked or hooded at the time. As it was break time, many pupils would have been in the school yard. The school has about 1,000 students aged between 11 and 16. Twenty seconds after Castro runs through the school gates, pupils can be seen fleeing in panic. CCTV footage recorded inside the school entrance hall shows Monteiro wearing a baseball cap calmly walking into the building. He briefly turns his back to a group of pupils who are milling about before pulling a gun from his trousers. The footage shows him pointing the gun at pupils’ faces. Investigators think the first person to be killed inside the school was Marilena Ferreria Umezu, the educational co-ordinator of the school. They think the gunmen next headed to school yard and then to the school’s language centre, where some pupils and teachers had barricaded themselves in a classroom after hearing gunshots. (BBC)

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Around the World

Christchurch shootings: Attack suspect “Influenced by politics”: Economists Brenton Tarrant appears in court slam India for tweaking data


he main suspect in the mosque shootings that killed 49 people in New Zealand on Friday has appeared in court on a single murder charge. Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, appeared in the dock in a white prison shirt and handcuffs. Further charges are expected to be made against him. PM Jacinda Ardern said Tarrant had five guns and a firearms licence, adding: “Our gun laws will change”. Two others are in custody. None of those detained had a criminal record. Tarrant was remanded in custody without plea and is due appear in court again on April 5. The first victim of Friday’s attack has been named by his family as Daoud Nabi, 71, who moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan in the 1980s. The identities of the other victims have not yet been released.

Brenton Tarrant, 28, appeared in court on Saturday in relation to the mosque attacks

PM Modi is vulnerable over his economic record in the national election starting on April 11

A total of 48 people were wounded in the shootings. Among those injured are two young boys - aged two and 13. On Saturday, Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel expressed “revulsion” at this “act of terrorism” and voiced solidarity with the victims. Security remains tight across Christchurch. All mosques in New Zealand have been closed. The first report of an attack

group of more than 100 experts have sounded a pre-election alarm over Indian economic data, accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government of tweaking or burying unwelcoming numbers. Modi is vulnerable over his economic record in the polls starting on April 11, in particular over a  failure to meet promises to create enough jobs for the million

came from the Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch during Friday prayers at 13:40 (00:40 GMT). A gunman drove to the front door, entered and fired on worshippers for about five minutes. The gunman, who livestreamed the attack from a head-mounted camera, identified himself as Brenton Tarrant in the footage, which showed him shooting at men, women and children. (Excerpt from BBC News)

North Korea may suspend talks with ‘gangster-like’ US, rethink nuclear test freeze

File photo: Hyon Song Wol, Head of the North Korean Samjiyon art troupe takes a photo of Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son-Hui (C) ahead of the welcoming ceremony of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un (not pictured) at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam March 1, 2019. Luong Thai Linh/Pool via REUTERS


orth Korea is considering suspending talks with the United States and may rethink a freeze on missile and nuclear tests unless Washington makes concessions, a senior diplomat said on Friday, according to news reports from the North’s capital. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States wished to continue talks with North Korea and had “every expectation” that its Leader, Kim

Jong Un, would stick to pledges not to resume nuclear and missile testing. Pompeo gave no sign of US willingness to soften its stance in demanding that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons. North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui blamed top US officials for the breakdown of last month’s summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump in Hanoi, Russia’s TASS news agency

and the Associated Press reported. “We have no intention to yield to the US demands (at the Hanoi summit) in any form, nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this kind,” TASS quoted Choe as telling reporters in the North Korean capital. Choe said Pompeo and US national security adviser John Bolton “created the atmosphere of hostility and mistrust and, therefore, obstructed the constructive effort for negotiations between the supreme leaders of North Korea and the United States,” TASS reported. Kim would make an announcement soon on his position on the denuclearisation talks and North Korea’s next steps, TASS quoted Choe as saying. She said Washington had thrown away a golden opportunity at the summit and warned that Kim might rethink a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests, AP reported. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Brexit: DUP welcomes “renewed focus” on their concerns after talks


he DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) has welcomed the Government’s “renewed focus” on addressing its objections to the Brexit deal ahead of next week’s third Commons vote. The party has twice voted against the deal over concerns it would see Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UK. After talks with Ministers in London, its Westminster Leader Nigel Dodds said it was still seeking extra guarantees. Dodds spent Friday afternoon in meetings with key Cabinet figures - in-

cluding Chancellor Philip Hammond and Environment Secretary Michael Gove - as the Government seeks to persuade MPs to support its deal when it returns to the Commons. The third “meaningful vote” on May’s deal is expected by March 20 and, if agreed, the Prime Minister has promised to seek a short extension to the Brexit departure date of March 29, after MPs voted in favour of a delay. If it fails to gain support, having already been defeated in the Commons by large margins twice, May has warned a longer exten-

sion may be needed and the UK may have to take part in European elections. Some Tory Brexiteers who have also criticised the backstop - a fallback arrangement designed to avoid the return of physical checks on the Irish border - and voted against the deal are now pledging their support to avoid a long extension. However, as things stand, the law has not been changed, as Wednesday and Thursday’s votes were not legally binding. That means the UK is still set to leave on 29 March - with or without a deal. (Excerpt from BBC News)


Indians entering the labour market each month. The warning comes after India’s  central bank chief quit in December following a spat over alleged Government interference. His successor, a Modi ally, oversaw an economy-boosting cut in interest rates last month in his first monetary policy meeting. The 108 economists and social scientists said in an open letter on Friday that

Indian statistics were “under a cloud for being influenced and indeed even controlled by political considerations”. “[Any] statistics that cast an iota of doubt on the achievement of the Government seem to get revised or suppressed on the basis of some questionable ideology,” they said. The opposition Congress party of Rahul Gandhi, who has called Modi’s record on employment a “national disaster”, jumped on the letter. “How much more can this Govt embarrass us on a global level?” the party said on its official Twitter account. Economists in fellow emerging Asian giant China and abroad have long suspected that data there is also massaged, often noting that full-year gross domestic product hits Beijing’s pre-set targets with suspicious regularity. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Climate strikes spread worldwide as students call for action

“We can’t drink oil, we can’t breathe money”: Students protest next to Rome’s Colosseum


housands of school pupils worldwide have abandoned classrooms for a day of protest against climate change. India, South Korea, Australia and the US are among the countries where teenagers are already on strike. The day of action is expected to embrace about 100 countries. They are inspired

by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who protests weekly outside Sweden’s Parliament. Scientists say tougher measures are needed to cut global warming. The Paris climate agreement of 2017 committed nearly 200 countries to keeping global temperatures “well below” 2.0C (3.6F) above pre-industrial times and to striving for a

maximum of 1.5C. The globally co-ordinated children’s protests - promoted through posts on Twitter and other social media - have been going on for several months. On Thursday Greta Thunberg’s campaigning earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. In January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the 16-year-old told top executives and politicians that “on climate change, we have to acknowledge that we have failed”. Ministers in some countries have voiced concern about children skipping classes. But UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove backed the protesting children, saying in a video: “Dear school climate strikers, we agree.” “Collective action of the kind you’re championing can make a difference, and a profound one,” he said.

Trump issues veto over border emergency declaration


resident Donald Trump has vetoed a measure from Congress revoking his declaration of a national emergency at the USMexico border. Lawmakers, including 12 Republicans, had passed the rejection resolution on Thursday in a surprising rebuke of Trump’s pledge to build a border wall. Congress will now need a two-thirds majority in both chambers to override him, which is unlikely to happen. This is the first veto of Trump’s presidency. “As President, the protection of the nation is my highest duty,” Trump said on Friday.

Standing behind the President were law enforcement officials, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Vice-President Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr and “angel parents” - the parents of children killed by illegal immigrants. “Yesterday, Congress passed a dangerous resolution that if signed into law, would put countless Americans in danger. Trump repeated his claims that illegal immigrants from the southern border were mostly criminals, bringing drugs into the country. The Democraticcontrolled House of

Representatives had passed the resolution to overturn the emergency last month, and 12 Republicans sided with Democratic Senators to clear the Senate in a 59-41 vote on Thursday afternoon. Trump had declared the emergency in February after Congress refused his requests for $5.7 billion (£4.4 billion) to construct a border wall - a campaign promise. By doing so, he opened up access to billions in military funds that do not require approval from lawmakers. Democrats - and a handful of Republicans - were quick to label the move presidential overreach. (Excerpt from BBC News)


saturday, March 16, 2019


ARIES (March 21April 19)


TAURUS (April 20May 20)

Alter your current living arrangements. How you live and the way you treat others will determine how happy you are. If you work to please others, you will be treated well in return.

GEMINI (May 21June 20)

Sit still if you feel uncertain or you can’t keep up. Don’t measure your success or happiness by comparing yourself to others. It’s likely someone is offering you a false impression.


If you share your ideas with a loved one, you’ll develop a plan that will help you both get what you want. A joint venture looks promising.

(June 21July 22)


LEO (July 23Aug. 22)

Calvin and Hobbes


Don’t press someone to make a decision, as you wouldn’t like the results. Patience will be in your best interest. Spend time developing a hobby or enjoyable pastime.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22)

Channel your energy into something productive instead of fretting over something you cannot change. Personal improvements and relaxation will help ease stress and give you a chance to review your options. Spend time with people who encourage you to think more, laugh out loud and live in the moment. A promise or commitment can be made that will alter your mode of being.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Work on a project you enjoy. Hiding out where others aren’t likely to find you will give you time to think and provide a shelter from negativity and criticism. Avoid emotional drama.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22)

Arguing is a waste of time. If you gravitate toward innovative people, you will discover a way to let go of what isn’t working for you and find workable solutions.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21)

You’ll be torn between what you want to do and what you should do. Don’t be mesmerized by someone bragging about what he or she can do for you. Be realistic.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19)

solution for LAST PUBLISHED puzzle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19)

PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Take control and bring about the changes you want to make. Rely on your experience and get people you enjoy spending time with to help you reach your goal. Take good care of your health. Trying to do the impossible will lead to injury. If you need help, ask for it. Forgo being a hero or a martyr. Participate in functions that interest you. Others will be inspired by the way you do things. A moderate yet enthusiastic approach will encourage success and popularity.

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Mercedes bank on Lewis Hamilton’s 6th sense in record-seeking season


here are no illusions at Mercedes as to that means he remains razor-sharp when it how tough a Formula One season lies matters. ahead as the team principal, Toto Wolff, Wolff points out his exceptional qualifying lap calmly sets out the scale of the challenge. They in Singapore last year, coming just after Hamilton are attempting to become the first team to had flown between fashion show launches in claim six consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ Shanghai and New York. “He produced the best lap championship doubles. Ferrari would like I’ve ever seen. No such thing as being distracted,” nothing better than to deny them and in doing he says. “He is someone who understands he so end their title drought. As they begin what is needs to live his life and to let his creativity flow, likely to be a season-long struggle this weekend to do his thing.” at the Australian Grand Prix, Wolff was, however, The contrast with Vettel, who revels in the relaxed and assured of one vital facet. He has Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes taking part in practice for Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. quiet life when he is away from the track, could the man behind the wheel who will make the not be more marked. It makes their rivalry all the difference. He has Lewis Hamilton. more intriguing, especially given they have defined work with nary a chink in his armour. His motivation in his 13th The British driver took his fifth title last year and only season appears stronger than at any point in his career and is almost all of the past decade of F1.“They are two greats of our Michael Schumacher has more with seven, a once seemingly allied to a touch and judgment that at times is sublime and was time,” Wolff says. “Sebastian is a four-time world champion, Lewis insurmountable tally that now looks to be achievable. Hamilton notably lacking at key moments for Vettel. a five-time world champion. It’s a rivalry that has determined the and Mercedes managed to secure both titles in 2018 despite a During winter testing Ferrari appeared to have the advantage last nine years. They are two very different personalities that I resurgent Ferrari. That the 34-year-old had it sewn up with two and Hamilton was circumspect at Albert Park, acknowledging enjoy seeing compete and I expect it to be another tough one races to go reflected errors by the Scuderia and their driver that he and his team might be on the back foot; but they once between the two.” Sebastian Vettel, but equally just how strong Hamilton and his again looked strong in practice in Melbourne. Wolff joined Mercedes in 2013, the same year as Hamilton team were in the second half of the season. “It’s not difficult to read it. I think it was quite clear,” he said. jumped ship from McLaren. The pair have shared their journey Wolff always insists victory is a team effort but recognises “We said we have work to do and we weren’t talking BS. We have ever since and it seems only grown closer and closer. The Austrian that, in Hamilton, he has a driver operating on a different level work to do.” does not deliver any judgment without careful consideration and to his rivals. “It is one of the key differentiators, that the best guy There is an unmistakable air, however, that this a challenge to is thoughtful as he leans back before averring that the Hamilton out there first assesses and criticises himself, and then internally be relished rather than a daunting prospect. “Just after the test that climbs behind the wheel in Albert Park is the best he has criticises the team, all in an environment of brutal honesty and I went back and Toto rallied the troops, we all sat together,” he seen. transparency,” he says. “This is the difference, mentally and said. “It’s really impressive to see so many people so passionate Tellingly he describes the “easiness” of his man’s demeanour emotionally, between all the rest and him. His mental strength. about their jobs and so passionate about racing and wanting to even going into what promises to be a thrillingly close season. “That brutal honesty within yourself and the team is so do better. I just know they’re the soldiers. They’re the real, true Hamilton knows this may prove to be his toughest title fight yet, important – if you made a mistake, you had a bad day, or you fighters within the team.” but this is one challenge Wolff is in no doubt has been gleefully could have reacted better – and that honesty with himself is one His enthusiasm towards his team is matched by a personal accepted. “Lewis was at the Super Bowl,” Wolff says. “I made the of his strengths.” determination to not be simply defined by the sport to which mistake of staying up all night. I texted him and said: ‘I guess we Last season Ferrari enjoyed the better car for a long period he has dedicated his life. Other sports (skydiving is the latest), have to do the sixth one now Tom Brady and the New England but it was Mercedes who won the development war in the final fashion and music occupy his time but he has struck a balance Patriots have made it six.’ He said: ‘Absolutely. Now it’s on.’” (The Guardian) third and Hamilton, always a strong finisher, stood astride their

“How can people be this cruel?” – Bangladesh squad in shock after Christchurch horror


f we had arrived there even five minutes earlier, we would all be killed.” Almost every Bangladesh player who had been on the fateful bus to the Christchurch mosque had these words on their lips, from the moment they got out on Deans Avenue to escape from the scene of the shooting, and then back at the team hotel later that evening. The seventeen Bangladesh cricketers had been planning to perform their Friday prayers and then return to training at the Hagley Oval when all hell broke loose. The wild swing from their calm surroundings at Hagley Park to a near-death experience was too much to take for all the players. Some cried, and were inconsolable. One player said that he saw a dead body lying on the street. “He was just in front of me. How can people be this cruel?” he said. In the 20 minutes it took for them to walk, as briskly but calmly as possible, from the location of the mosque to the Hagley Oval, many of them had tears in their eyes. You couldn’t tell them to be calm. It was unfair on them. Hours afterwards, back at the team hotel in central Christchurch, everyone was still shaken to their core. The TV was constantly showing live coverage of the attack, and with the death toll rising and new details emerging, the Bangladesh team room and the surrounding areas,

normally bustling with activities, became sombre. Tamim Iqbal, the player who had phoned this reporter when it first became apparent what was unfolding, tried to lighten the mood. “What were you telling me on the phone?” he said. “I was telling you from a bus, while being near such an attack, and you thought I was pranking you? Come on!” Soumya Sarkar tried to pull the leg of his manager, Khaled Mashud, by asking him what he had been thinking while sitting in the front of the bus. Mashud, always ready with his wit, had said that he was trying to decide whether he should video it, or see it with his own eyes. But the jokes died quickly. The topic changed back to what had happened earlier in the day, and how incredibly close they had come to the shooter in the mosque. The players ate in silence mostly, none of them really talking a lot. Mohammad Sohel, the team masseur, had been sitting on the right side of the bus, and saw almost everything unfold in those 20 minutes, including the sight of two passers-by trying to stop the bus from proceeding any further. “When the first lady stopped us, we all thought she didn’t know what she was doing. When the second lady stopped us, we knew something had happened because apparently her car was shot at. That’s

Bangladesh’s Mahmudullah (L) and Kane Williamson share a light moment. Their tour was cancelled

when we were panicking,” he said. Mashud, the manager, recalled how he had been sitting in the front of the bus, trying to make sense of what was going on. A usually bubbly character, he looked at his grimmest when he was heading back to Hagley Oval. Later though, he was back to joking around, making sure the mood wasn’t too bad around the team. By late evening, with confirmation that the tour had been cancelled in the wake

of the attack, the focus had shifted to the team’s flight back home, and the players were anxious to know about it. There were calls from all over the world on Tamim’s phone. He was talking to his son and wife, but after that, he also didn’t want to go to his room alone, so he was planning to be with Mahmudullah for a while. It wasn’t a night to be alone.



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24 teams confirmed clubs’ boycott threat F

ifa has approved a revised 24-team Club World Cup starting in 2021 despite top European clubs saying they would boycott the tournament. The new competition is expected to include eight teams from Europe. It will run every four years and take place from June to July in the slot currently used for the World Cup warm-up event, the Confederations Cup. Fifa president Gianni Infantino said he was “extremely happy” after the Fifa Council backed his plan on Friday. “Now the world will see a real Club World Cup where fans will see the best teams in the world compete to be crowned the real world champions,” he said. The Club World Cup is currently held every December and features seven teams from six confederations, but the competition is largely ignored by European fans. As well as eight European clubs, the new tournament would see six teams from South America, three each from Africa, Asia and North and Central America and one from Oceania. It has been suggested each club could earn £50m from taking part. The European Club Association (ECA) says any new competitions should be part of an agreed framework for the international match calendar post-2024. ECA board members, including Manchester United’s chief executive Ed Woodward, signed a letter expressing concerns, which was revealed earlier on Friday. “[We are] firmly against any potential approval of a revised CWC - no ECA clubs would take part,” it said. When asked if he was concerned about staging a new Club World Cup without any of Europe’s elite clubs, Infantino said: “We hope that all the best teams will participate and we’ve had some very positive discussions with Uefa. “But it was our responsibility to take a decision because we have to deal with the organisational matters - it is only two years away.”

Real Madrid beat Al Ain to win the 2018 Club World Cup

The Fifa Council also decided that it would be “feasible” to expand the Qatar 2022 World Cup from 32 to 48 teams. World football’s governing body voted to expand the 2026 World Cup - which will be hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States - to 48 teams in 2017. The council will now discuss potential additional hosts to Qatar and a final decision will be made at a Fifa congress in Paris in June. “If it happens, fantastic. If it doesn’t happen, fantastic also,” said Infantino. The ECA’s letter was addressed to Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin, who has been asked to explain the position at the Fifa Council meeting, which is taking place in Miami. The letter, obtained by BBC Sport, stated that there should be no changes to the current fixed international match calendar (IMC), which runs until 2024, and raised concerns about fixture congestion. It said: “We wish to restate the position of ECA: (a) ECA is unwilling to consider any new or significantly revised competition prior to a holistic assessment of the IMC post-2024 being conducted and an agreement as to its underlying principles being reached; and (b) in any event, a Club World Cup in June 2021, as proposed by Fifa, is not acceptable in light of the existing competitions and the IMC, which is fixed until 2024.” According to a Fifa document seen by Associated Press, it has been proposed the tournament would run from 17 June to 4 July, with 2022 World Cup qualifiers (31 May to 8 June) preceding it and the African Cup of Nations and Concacaf Gold Cup possibly taking place from 5 July to 31 July. Fifa said it was aware of concerns of “serious interference with critical matches” but added that members of its own task force “felt that it was feasible to play the Club World Cup” during that period. (BBC Sport)

Title dreams shattered: Hurricanes concede defeat after dramatic declaration against Pride


bizarre second innings declaration by Leeward Islands Hurricanes captured the headlines and overshadowed a brilliant spell from Jamaica Scorpions pacer Nicholson Gordon in the West Indies Championship on Friday last. The Hurricanes – trailing by 101 on first innings – declared their second innings on 83 for two about 40 minutes after lunch on the second day of their rescheduled fourth round match at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground here, thus conceding defeat and handing Barbados Pride an innings and 18 runs victory. More importantly, Hurricanes’ bid to hold onto second place in the Championship failed, as the result moved the Pride into that position on 134.2 points – a mere 0.2 more than their hosts – who will secure third place, regardless of the

outcome in the other match taking place. In that game – Gordon followed up his destruction of the Red Force top-order batting the previous day by leading the demolition of the bottom half, finishing with career-best figures, before the Scorpions’ stayed in contention with defiant batting before stumps were drawn on the second day of their rescheduled first round match at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Trinidad. Opener Montcin Hodge was not out on 40 – carrying his aggregate for the season to 711 and second only to the 745 of veteran Windward Islands Volcanoes left-hander opener Devon Smith – and Akeem Saunders was not out on five, when the decision to declare was taken. The Hurricanes had lost Keacy Carty caught at second slip off Marquino Mindley for four in the second over, and almost an hour later, Devon Thomas was caught at first slip off Keon Harding for 21 – and were looking to rebuild before their decision to concede defeat. Earlier, starting the day on 154 for four, the Pride declared their first innings after the first 45 minutes of play Captain Shamarh Brooks finished with the top score of 82 – after resuming on 79 – and overnight partner, WINDIES wicketkeeper/ batsman Shane Dowrich was dismissed without adding to his overnight 28. Keon Harding made 21 and was only one of the remaining batsmen that got into double figures, as WINDIES fast bowler Alzarri Joseph ended with 4-28 from 12.5 overs and his captain, champion off-spinner Rahkeem The Pride team celebrate during their contest against the Hurricanes

Cornwall finished with 3-86 to end with a Championship-high 54 wickets. Red Force and Scorpions notch up big scores   Gordon claimed three of the last five Red Force scalps – including top-scorer, WINDIES international Jason Mohammed for 94 – to end with an impressive 7-70 from 22 overs. Starting the day on 338 for five, the home team could find little stability from the rest of the batting, after Mohammed was dismissed in the second over of the day. Part-time leg-spinner Nkrumah Bonner brought the innings to a close, when he trapped

WINDIES strike bowler Shannon Gabriel lbw for nine, finishing with 2-43 from 10.5 overs. Test batsman Jermaine Blackwood propped up the top order of the Scorpions batting with 66 – his third half-century of the season – and shared the same number for the fourth wicket with Guyanese lefthander Assad Fudadin. But the visitors stumbled to 187 for five and required a stand of 81 – unbroken – between Bonner, not out on 42, and Brandon King to beef up their total. King fell for 59 in the four overs before the close, as Gabriel and new-ball partner Anderson Phillip ended the day with two scalps apiece.

Tottenham face Manchester City in Champions League quarter-finals


ottenham will play Manchester City in the three times in 11 days. Their quarter-final first-leg will likely be one of Champions League quarter-finals, while Manchester United have been drawn against Spurs’ first games at their new stadium on 9 April, before the return leg on 17 April and then their Barcelona. Last year’s beaten finalists Liverpool will play Premier League encounter at Etihad Stadium on Porto, and Ajax will face Juventus in the other ties. 20 April. Manchester United’s draw sees a return to The semi-final draw was also made and Manchester United will meet Liverpool if both win the Nou Camp for interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, 20 years after he scored a dramatic their last-eight ties. The quarter-final first legs take place on 9 April injury-time winner at the stadium in their 2-1 and 10 April. The semi-finals start on 30 April and win over Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final. (BBC Sport) 1 May. City and United were both drawn away in the first leg of their ties, but they are not allowed to play at home on the same day or even consecutive nights. Therefore, as United finished lower in the Premier League last season, their first leg will now be at Old Trafford, with the second leg at the Nou Camp. The Champions League final takes place on 1 June at Madrid’s 68,000-capacity Wanda Metropolitano, home of Atletico Madrid. Premier League leaders Manchester City beat Tottenham 1-0 in Manchester City will face Spurs the Premier League in October

SATURday, MARCH 16, 2019

Guinness “Greatest of the Streets” Berbice…


Bragging rights at stake as East and West collide W ith the reality of an East side coming up against a West side, Berbicians on both sides of the river will have the opportunity to see which side of the divide will emerge from this contest with bragging rights when the final of this year’s Berbice Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition climaxes this evening at the New Amsterdam Ferry Stelling. Defending champions Trafalgar are still strong favourites to retain their crown, but East Berbice teams New Amsterdam Kings and East Bank Gunners would want to be instrumental in disrupting the Trafalgar reign at the top. Champs Trafalgar will first have to get past Lichfield in the first semi-final, while NA Kings will face East Bank Gunners in the other encounter. The respective winners are to meet in the final. All four semi-finalists have to date displayed impressive form; and while it is difficult to predict which two teams will survive the respective semi-finals, fans are virtually assured of two riveting games before the championship showdown. Trafalgar have quality players the likes of Kevin Layne, Olvis Mitchell and Delwyn Fraser to lead their quest for a final spot; but the same could be said of Lichfield, whose pursuit of victory will be spearheaded by Allan Garnett, Shelton George and Carlos Grant. In the other semi-final,


Part of the action in this year’s event

the Kings will be hoping that Quinn Hazel and Jamal Butts produce the kind of performances that would result in victory. Conversely, the Gunners’ chase for a place in the final will depend on how well Sherwin Nicholson and Joseph Giddings combine in offense. The winning team will receive $300,000 and the championship trophy; while second, third and fourth place finish-

DCB Under-17 Inter-Association…

East Coast defeat East Bank to claim championship



LAND for sale Transported land 11.6 Acres. Lot 15 Public Road #2Village West Coast Berbice. Price $18 Million. Contact: 686-4818, 648-7109



VACANCY Vacancy one cook – 624-0033 Vacancy one maid – 624-0033 Vacancy driver for water truck – 680-3863 Vacancy handyman/porter – 6803863

VEHICLES FOR SALE For sale Toyota Corrolla/left-hand drive, good condition - $480,000 negotiable. One small bus - $280,000 negotiable 680-3863.


East Coast Demerara Under-17 Captain Chanderpaul Ramraj is seen collecting the trophy from Kavita Yadram


ast Coast Demerara have emerged champions in the final of the DCB Under-17 Inter-Association Cricket competition, having defeated East Bank Demerara by a whopping 51 runs. Similarly, Georgetown crushed West Demerara by a massive 121 runs. Facing their East Bank counterparts on home turf at the Lusignan ground, East Coast won the toss and chose to bat. They scored a well composed 165 for 8 from 50 overs, with Chetram Balgobin scoring 57, Romel Datterdeen 25, and Chanderpaul Ramraj 25. Bowling for East Bank Demerara, Elnathan Sukhandan took 2 for 19, as did Jaafar Prinder; and Mathew Nandu took 2 for 41. In replying, East Bank appeared to have had the title in their hands, until they lost the wicket of Mathew Nandu, who topscored with a well composed 54, supported by Rivaldo Phillips who chipped in with 21 and Taddeus lovell who contributed 10. Reynoldo Mohamed was the most instrumental East Coast bowler, collecting 4 for 17; while Rudranauth Kission, Ajay Gainda and Edmond Pearson each took a wicket. East Coast won by 51 runs. Over at Wales, Georgetown won the toss and elected to bat, scoring 161 for 5 from 39 overs reduced due to rain. Brandon Jaikaran top scored with 50, Zechariah Mootoo scored

34 not out, while Niran Bissu made 29. Bowling for West Demerara, Daniel Roberts took 2 for 25 and Nityanand Mathura took 2 for 27. In reply, West Demerara struggled to reach their target, and fell for a meagre 40 from just 21.2 overs. Andre Seepersaud was the only batsman to reach double- figures, with 12. Daniel Mootoo was the most destructive bowler, grabbing 4 for 9, while support came from Joel Gilkes who took 3 for 9. Georgetown won by 121 runs.

Brandon Jaikaran

ers will take home $150,000, $100,000 and $75,000 respectively. It is expected that a number of Banks DIH officials along with media representatives will be on hand to witness the finals of this year’s tournament. The other sponsor on board is Colours Boutique of Robb Street.

MYO Guyana Inter-Jamaat Softball Cricket…

Diamond New Scheme ease past CI T

he highly-anticipated Inter-Jamaat Softball Cricket Competition sponsored by the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) of Guyana kick-started on Sunday last at the MYO Ground on Woolford Avenue. The thrilling 15-over-per-side tournament saw Diamond New Scheme defeat Cornelia Ida (CI) Masjid in the first encounter, while Cornelia Ida/Hague Jamaat got a walkover from La Grange Masjid, whose players failed to turn up. Despite one team failing to turn up, the competition went ahead as per norm, and CI won the toss and elected to bat first. They eventually ended on 133-9 in their allotted 15 overs, with Nazim Azim scoring 30 and Naeem Khan scoring 20, being the top scorers. Bowling for Diamond were S. Mohamed, with 3-20 and Keisho Ramsarran, with 3-15. Needing 134 for victory, Diamond played smart cricket and were successful with the chase to reach 135-5 in 14.2 overs. Leading the way for Diamond were Ajay Kishun with a brilliant 51, Ameer Khan with 20, and Raul Reid with 16. The competition will continue on Sunday at the same venue, with the first match starting at 09:00 hrs. MYO would be doing battle against New Amsterdam, while the second fixture would see New Mosque duking it out with New Amsterdam at 11:30 hrs. The final fixture for the day will see LBI face the in-form Diamond New Scheme at 14:00 hrs to culminate the day’s play.

Part of the ongoing action in last Sunday’s fixture


saturday, march 16, 2019


Team Mohamed’s GT-R arrives in time for drag meet The new EKanoo Nissan GT-R


eam Mohamed have added another GT-R to their racing fleet -- in time for the drag race meet scheduled for March 24th at the South Dakota Circuit at Timehri, East Bank Demerara. This new addition, an EKanoo Nissan GT-R, arrived in Guyana on Friday, and will without a doubt be taken for a test run in the new week. Team Mohamed now own three Nissan GT-R vehicles, including the ‘Goliath’, which holds the local speed record of 7.52 seconds, and is thus far undefeated on the strip. Team Mohamed’s new motorcar is described as one of the fastest in the world, and the Team would definitely show off

its power, come March 24. Being record-keepers of the drag strip, Team Mohamed’s Enterprise would definitely endeavour to maintain their winning streak with the new addition. In a brief comment, an official from Team Mohamed explained that the new car is to more or less boost the competitiveness of the sport. In addition to their impressive record in the drag racing category, Team Mohamed’s are the defending Caribbean Motor Racing Champions in the SuperStock Category. Bryce Prince has won that title in 2017, and Matt Truelove took it over in 2018. The team’s management personnel

are presently financing the extension of the drag strip, which is expected to be completed for the March 24 meet. The extension is taking the length of the strip from 1000 feet to a full quarter mile. President of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), Rameez Mohamed, has thanked Mohamed’s Enterprise for their continued support to the local motor rac- ing fraternity. According to sourc- es, the investment is approximately $3 million. This is not the first time Mohamed’s Enterprise have donated to sport. A lengthy list of sponsors has confirmed their interest in supporting the Championships. The list is headlined by Mohamed’s Enterprise, which have made a significant contribution to the event, according to a correspondence from the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), the organisers of the drag meet. The names of other sponsors released by the club late last Thursday evening

included B.M. Soat Auto Sales, Motor Trend Service Center, Delco Ice Factory, Trans-Pacific Motor Spares & Auto Sales, Supreme Ventures, Air Services Ltd, Powerline Automotive Products, Cyril’s Taxi Service, Omega Brokers, E-networks, Prem’s Electrical, Miracle Optical, Choke Gas Station, Super Bet, and R. Kissoon Contracting Services. Sponsorships would definitely be a welcome push for an event that was postponed by one week, and for a club which has placed the infrastructure of racing on the front burner for 2019. Already, the GMR&SC has constructed new sections of the pit area to ensure that more competitors can be housed during its year-end international circuit racing event. Construction of the launch pad and extension of the drag strip were objectives set out by the Rameez Mohamedheaded club to be completed this year, and the infrastructure is set to be in place for the March 24 event.

Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Female tournament…

Providence matches will be streamed online

– Captain Matthews, Taylor hail CWI


uyana will host the annual Windies Women’s Championships. The double format tournament featuring the Colonial Medical Insurance Women’s Super50 Cup and the Women’s T20 Blaze will play concurrently from March 17- April 4 across four grounds in Guyana. The National Stadium in Providence, Georgetown Cricket Club, Everest Barbados Cricket Club and Enmore Captain Hayley grounds will host Matthews the Colonial Medical Insurance Women’s Super50 Cup, with three (3) matches per day across for five (5) rounds. All five (5) rounds of the T20 Blaze will be played at the National Stadium in Providence.

All four (4) Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Cup matches being played at the National Stadium will be streamed via www. and on the WINDIES cricket YouTube channel, as well as the night match of each round of the T20 Blaze. The teams welcomed this added feature for the first time in the WINDIES Women’s championship, signaling Cricket West Indies continued plans of developing the coverage of women’s cricket in the region. Hayley Matthews, Captain of Barbados, the defending Super50 Cup Champions said, “This is quite pleasing to see that CWI has really stepped up the support and improvement for the women’s tournament this year. It shows that we have the backing as players from the board to improve our games on the field while the board grows the sport off the field.” Her Jamaican counter-part Stafanie Taylor, Captain of the defending T20 Blaze Champions and WINDIES Women’s captain, expressed similar

sentiments, “It’s reassuring to us as regional players and ultimately Windies Women’s players to see CWI improve the existing exposure of the tournament, especially after the successful hosting of the first ever standalone Women’s World T20. This is a step in the right direction to grow our women’s cricket to the levels of teams like Australia and England. CWI’s Commercial Director, Dominic Warne highlighted the organization’s mandate to foster and grow the women’s game in the region. Warne stated, “As we continue to invest more in the women’s game and especially after the excitement and success of the Women’s World T20, we’re ensuring fans have the opportunity to see the region’s women cricketers battle to be champions and push for selection to the Windies women’s side. It is an exciting time in West Indies Women’s cricket and we at CWI are committed to fostering all possible developments and improvements in Windies Women’s Cricket.”

Colonial G r o u p

Jamaica Captain Stafanie Taylor

International’s Chief Executive, Naz Farrow, said, “The recent Windies ODI Home Series was full of excitement and we’re delighted to be supporting the region’s women cricketers as title sponsor of both the women’s and men’s Super50 Cup as we continue to build Colonial Medical Insurance’s profile across the Caribbean.” (CWI)

60 horses confirmed for Kennard’s Memorial Phagwah Meet T he horse-racing season for 2019 has already kicked off in emphatic fashion, and the much-anticipated Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) Phagwah Day Horse Race Meet will be held on March 17 at the Club’s facility at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice. Some of the horses confirmed for this event are: Isnt’t She Charming, Settling Star, T&T, Goodwill Boy, Sitar, Awesome Warrior Sheriff, Miss Olympic, The Rock, Just in Time, Secret Flyer, Release The Heat, Delila, The Cash Blue Eye Boy and many more. The main event for the day will feature the G1 race classified for F3 and Lower horses, which will see the winner carting off $320,000 and a trophy. The seven-furlong race involving three-year-old Guyanabred horses will see the winner taking home $250,000 and a trophy; while the seven-furlong race classified J&K Class will see the winner bagging $200,000 and a trophy. The five-furlong race classified L Class Open will carry a winning purse of $180,000; while the five-furlong race for L Class non-winners will see the winner claiming $150,000 and a trophy.

There is also a five-furlong race for L Class non-earners, which will see animals racing for a top purse of $130,000 and a trophy. Some of the entities on board for this meet are Ansa Mc Al Trading Ltd, Demerara Distillers Ltd, Muneshwer’s Ltd, Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd, Hand in Hand Insurance Co; Dalip Trading Ltd, Horse Shoe Racing Service, Nand Persaud & Co, Mike’s Pharmacy, Patsan Trading Enterprise, J.P Ghamandi, Mattai’s Supermarket, Khanai’s Guyana Electrical Agency, Silvie’s General

Store, Kissoon Dyal, Rohan Oditt of M&B Contracting & Co, D. Gobin of Agri Spares (Essequibo), Goodwood Racing Service, Mohamed’s Enterprise and L. Seepersaud Maraj & Sons. Interested owners/trainers and handlers can call the following persons for more information: Niketa Ross, 662-4668; Justice Kennard, 623-7609 or 225-4814; Ivan Dipnarine, 3310316; Fazal Habibulla, 657-7010; Dennis Deroop, 640-6396; and Campton Sancho, 691-1174.

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Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Female tournament… “Swing queen” Tremayne Smartt sending one down during her net session

By Brandon Corlette


uyana’s most elite female batter, skipper Shemaine Campbelle, is confident ahead of this country’s first round clash in the 2019 Colonial Medical Insurance Super 50 tournament against the Merissa Aguilleira-led Trinidad and Tobago side, on Sunday March 17, 2019 at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara. Speaking exclusively with this daily publication at the Enmore Community Centre Ground, where her team held their practice session on Friday last, Campbelle explained that the Guyana team is required to stick to the basics in their matches this season. Sharing her sentiments on the training camp, which commenced from

STICKING TO THE BASICS essential ingredient for Guyana’s success – says Shemaine Campbelle

March 11, 2019, she said, “So far so good! The girls have been working hard, but there is still room for improvement”. The 26-yearold Campbell, who played 77 ODI matches and 91 T20I matches for West Indies, declared that playing against Trinidad and Tobago is nothing new. “We have to stick to the basics, and play the cricket that we know,” she disclosed. Earlier this week, the Guyana Head Coach, Bharat Mangru, told

this reporter that the Guyana team is a strong bowling unit. Campbelle added that ‘pace queens’ Tremayne Smartt and Erva Giddings would be looked upon to provide Left-arm seamer the team Erva Giddings w i t h g o o d starts as they share the new ball. “Over the past years, Guyana has been performing well with the ball. We, as a bowling unit, need to bowl in the right areas and things will fall into place,” Campbelle told this reporter. The Guyana team is

well equipped

Sheneta Grimmond cutting one during the nets

Gilgeous, who offer support in the seam-bowling department. Sharing some

w i t h spinners: Plaffiana Vice Captain Akaze Millington, Thompson M a n d y (Brandon Corlette Mangru and photos) Sheneta Grimmond are right-arm off-spinners. The spin bowling unit also contains left-arm spinner positives on the batting Kaysia Schultz, department, Campbelle who is among said, “In recent Regional the brightest tournaments, the batting prospects in the has been a concern, squad, which includes but during the ongoing many teenagers. encampment, the Apart from the batters have improved experienced fast significantly”. bowlers Smartt Campbelle, who has and Giddings, the one century for the West Guyana team have Cherry Indies in her 77 ODI matches, Ann Fraser, Shabika Gajnabi, said that for her personally, she Akaze Thompson and Lafona would be looking to score runs

for her team. “I will be looking to stick to keeping my batting simple and s c o r e heavily

t h i s season,” she said. Te a m G u y a n a squad reads: Shemaine Campbelle (Captain), Akaze Thompson (Vice Captain), Tremayne Smartt, Erva Giddings, Sheneta Grimmond, Plaffiana Millington, Lashuna Toussaint, Shebika Gajnabi, Cherry Ann Frazer, Mandy Mangru, Kaysia Schultz, Melanie Henry, Lafona Gilgeous, and Afruica Gentle. This team will be led by Manager Carol Nurse and Coach Bharrat Mangru.

Performances in IPL 2019 may earn players selection in World Cup

Nicholas Pooran

By Brandon Corlette


ommencing one week hence, Saturday March 23, 2019, cricket of the highest quality will be played across India in the 2019 edition of the Indian Premiere League. World Class players from across the globe will be featured, including three of Guyana’s brightest prospects, the youngsters having flown to India with the purpose of announcing themselves on the most popular stage in T20 league cricket. Shimron Hetmyer will be playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, while Sherfane Rutherford and Keemo Paul will be representing the Delhi Capitals. They earned selection for participation in this elite tournament after registering mind-blowing performances in the 2018 Caribbean Premiere League (CPL), and after performing for the West Indies at the highest level. Paul and Hetmyer have played ODI cricket for the Windies, but solid performances in the upcoming IPL would give them confidence to represent the Windies

at World Cup. Rutherford would be looking to further announce himself as a limited overs specialist, and if he performs at the apex of his ability, he may be picked ahead of the likes of Rovman Powell and Carlos Brathwaite. With the International Cricket Council’s (ICC’s) 50-Over World Cup scheduled for May 30, 2019, players from different nations would regard the 2019 IPL as the perfect forum to earn a ticket to the World Cup. The first match of the 2019 IPL season features Chennai Super Kings taking on the Royal Challengers Bangalore. These teams both have a composition of world class players, with Chennai Super Kings having a lone West Indian in retired Windies star Dwayne Bravo. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has the lone West Indian in Hetmyer. Apart from the Guyanese trio, Oshane Thomas, who recently picked up a five-wicket haul against World Cup hosts England, will play for the Rajasthan Royals. Thomas has express pace, but his skill-set requires fine-tuning. The IPL provides the perfect

scenario for Thomas to improve his bowling, with Jofra Archer being his Royals team mate. The forgotten Keiron Pollard is once more with his home team in IPL 2019, the Mumbai Indians. Pollard is partnered by fellow West Indian Evin Lewis, who would need game time ahead of the Tri-Nations Series in Ireland and the World Cup, since he did not feature in the recent ODI series against England due to injury. The Kolkata Knight Riders have three West Indian players in Sunil Narine, Carlos Brathwaite and Andre Russell. With the exception of Narine, the other West Indians in the Knight Riders will be aiming to book a spot in the World Cup team. Brathwaite has been an inconsistent performer in recent times, and his place in the Windies squad is in jeopardy. Andre Russell has been beset by injuries in recent times, and the IPL may set the tone for his World Cup berth. Kings XI Punjab have two West Indians -- Chris Gayle and Nicholas Pooran. Gayle is certainly the opening batsman for West Indies at the World Cup, since his home ODI series against England was remark-

Evin Lewis

able. Questions will not be asked of Gayle’s selection to participate at the World Cup. Pooran, meanwhile, may not have much opportunity in the IPL, but the flamboyant left-hander will be seeking to announce himself and grasp the Windies selectors’ attention in order to earn selection as one of the two Windies wicket-keepers in the World Cup squad.

Jaguars trio in the 2019 IPL

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Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

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Captain Shemaine Campbelle batting during a net session at Enmore (Brandon Corlette photos)

Off-spinner Plaffiana Millington

Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Female tournament…

STICKING TO THE BASICS essential ingredient for Guyana’s success – says Shemaine Campbelle

Team Mohamed’s GT-R arrives in time for drag meet

Page 22 The new EKanoo Nissan GT-R

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