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U.S. backs Amaila hydro project Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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WHAT'S INSIDE: Agricola accident

One dead, P9 eight remain hospitalised

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Best commissioned as rear admiral See story on page 13

GCCI drafting plan to help businesses protect P10 themselves PSC urges APNU to accept final meeting on hydro P11 with govt

Beaming Rear Admiral Gary Best is being decorated with his new badge of rank by Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Ramotar and head of the Presidential Secretariat and Defence Board Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon. The ceremony was held at the Office of the President (Carl Croker photo)

Rohee elected PPP general secretary See story on page 7

Agri Parts opens multimillion-dollar Mandela branch See story on page 17

SVN records 92 per cent pass rate at CSEC P12 APNU P13 concerned about criminal attacks on businesses


tuesday, august 20, 2013 |



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, August 20 from 14:30h to 16:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, August 20 from 15:50h to 17:20h.


Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected during the day, with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius. Winds: Easterly at 4.02 to 3.12 metres per second. High Tide: 03:42h and 16:09h reaching maximum heights of 2.72 metres and 2.70 metres respectively. Low Tide: 09:42h and 22:01h reaching minimum heights of 0.48 metre and 0.49 metre respectively.

saturday, August 17, 2013

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tuesday, august 20, 2013 |

U.S. backs Amaila hydro project – urges all parties to work in country’s interest


n its strongest statement yet on the Amaila Falls project, the United States government on Monday urged all political parties to come together in the national interest to support the investment “that will improve the lives of its people with less expensive and more reliable energy”. In an op-ed column, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana D Brent Hardt said the demise of this project is likely to diminish Guyana’s future attractiveness to international investors, and make future investments in the energy sector riskier and more costly. He prefaced his column by referencing the recently concluded investment conference organised by the Canadian high commissioner with the support of the U.S., EU, and UK diplomatic missions and an array of local private sector organisations and enterprises. He said at the conference, participants were able to examine both the investment opportunities available in Guyana and some of the obstacles investors face in pursuing opportunities here.

Guyana’s political parties. Such a commitment was necessary to ensure that the investment required would not become subject to a loss of support in the event of shifting political configurations, the U.S. ambassador asserted.

Sad situation

U.S. Ambassador D Brent Hardt

development and progress. “Until recently the project, which has been under development for six years under Sithe Global, appeared to enjoy the implicit support of all political parties. In recent weeks, however, the project suddenly

“Sadly, the country’s political parties have thus far been unable to come together to support a project that offers all citizens – of all parties – the prospect of lower electricity rates and more reliable energy. The demise of this project is likely to diminish Guyana’s future attractiveness to international investors, and make future investments in the energy sector riskier and more costly.” Hardt said while the

Sithe Global, a New Yorkbased company had cited the lack of political consensus for it not going forward with the project. The project secured the votes of the government and the Alliance For Change (AFC), but the main opposition, the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) voted against it, citing a lack of transparency by the government and the need for more information. It is also sceptical as to whether the project will succeed. In its statement, Sithe Global had said that because the project was not supported by all three political parties, it cannot move forward, despite 16 years of work and over US$16 million of independent Sithe Global expenditures and more than US$15 million of

Political stability

Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily Millions

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“One of the most critical elements for investors is political stability and reliability over the term of an investment. They need to know that a project, once launched, will enjoy continuing support regardless of potential political shifts. Such political stability and reliability requires political leadership that is willing to pursue policies that will advance long-term national interests, create new opportunities for people, and improve the standard of living for all,” Hardt said. According to him, over the past month, the apparent demise of the Amaila project had vividly demonstrated just how these issues can directly affect economic

An artist’s impression of the Amaila Falls hydropower plant

became enmeshed in political battles that had little to do with the potential of the project to generate cheaper, more reliable, and more environmentally-friendly energy for decades to come.” Hardt said that to mitigate potential political concerns for a project that represented 25 per cent of Guyana’s GDP – the biggest single investment in Guyana’s history – the investors determined that they would require a unified commitment from all of

window to prevent such an occurrence is small and closing fast, “we call on all political parties to come together in the national interest to support a project that all parties have long agreed is necessary to boost Guyana’s competitiveness and improve the lives of its people with less expensive and more reliable energy.” Since Sithe Global pulled out of the project last week, government had been trying all out to get the initiative back on stream.

government expenditures. “We had hoped that the project’s 40-91 per cent reduction to power prices for consumers, its significant environmental benefits and material positive to impact on the economy via access to low-cost reliable power would have been sufficient for all political parties to support such a non-partisan project that would have served as a catalyst for growth for generations to come,” Sithe Global had said.


tuesday, august 20, 2013

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Social inclusion G

uyana joined the rest of the world in observing International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on August 9, 2013. The day is usually set aside by the United Nations to promote and endorse the rights enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). It also presents an opportunity to honour diverse indigenous cultures and recognise the achievements and valuable contributions of an estimated 370 million indigenous peoples worldwide. This year’s commemoration was observed under the theme, “Indigenous Peoples Building Alliances: Honouring Treaties, Agreements and other Constructive Arrangements”, which was inspired by the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, an educational advocacy campaign organised by the Haudenosaunee First Nation People to honour their first treaty concluded with Dutch immigrants in 1613. For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), human development is not possible where discrimination, injustice, and social exclusion prevail, and where there is a lack of recognition that all groups bring value to society with their different worldviews. Therefore, expanding the rights, voices, participation and opportunities for indigenous peoples is essential, not only as objectives in their own right, but also crucial to any society that aims to generate the kind of inclusive development that will build communities that are more just, diverse and cohesive. Further, empowerment and meaningful participation of individuals and civil society in governance systems are necessary to tackle inequality and promote social inclusion. As pointed out by the UN, there is a general view that a key building block of good governance is empowerment, with enhanced and meaningful participation in decision-making processes, and that in particular, a focus should be placed on populations who may in fact lack access to power including indigenous peoples. The theme was quite fitting as in most parts of the world indigenous peoples are not given the kind of recognition they deserve. They are not included as part of national development efforts and in effect they are treated as ‘second class’ citizens. In some cases they face annihilation and are heavily discriminated against, killed, and forced to leave their lands. However, this is certainly not the case in Guyana as the government here has put the necessary systems in place where indigenous peoples’ rights are protected fully. The constitution of Guyana, the supreme law of the land, and the Amerindian Act of 2006 provide the legal basis for the protection and promotion of indigenous people’s rights and their self-determination. Additionally, Amerindians here are provided with countless opportunities to progress and benefit from the national pie just like the rest of the population. For example, there is evidence to show that there have been tremendous improvements in the areas of education, health and infrastructural development over the past two decades. Presently, Amerindian people have access to services that were once denied to them or limited, and life is general is better for most of them. However, this is not to say that all is well or all the goals have been accomplished. There are still Amerindian communities that remain in vulnerable positions. Persons are still complaining that they do not have access to basic social services. For example, there is need for more health facilities and health professionals to provide quality care and treatment to persons; government still has much more work to do in terms of infrastructural development in these communities so that every day life for indigenous folks would become easier; and there is still need to explore additional ways and means of improving the economic fortunes of indigenous peoples. That said, Guyana has indeed come a far way and could in fact be used as a model by other nations with similar experiences. Amerindians here can boast of the fact that they are included in every aspect of national development and their views are well respected and noted in the national conversations.

Agri Parts proprietor Deonarine Sugrim (right) looks on as Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul (second right) examines one of the many agricultural spare parts available at the new Agri Parts branch, which was officially opened at Mandela Avenue on Monday. Also in photo is local contractor Brian Tiwari (See story on page 17)

Deal with minibus issues once and for all Dear Editor. This minibus sore continues to ooze and I am really angry about this. The Tourism, Industry and Commerce Ministry is advising that there is no minibus fare increase, and that there will be none. However, for the past two weeks a document with the ministry’s stamp has been in circulation, indicating a $40 increase on all minibus fares. The listed routes so far are Numbers 32, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 63A, 63, 72 and 94. This document is dated August 6 and it has a signature affixed on the sheet

of paper. So how am I to respond? It seems to me that this is some kind of forged or fake document. If it is that the governing body is not behind this hike in bus fare and did not put out such a document, then how come it is remaining so passive? The bus operators are legitimising their fare hike and the ministry is calling this illegal, yet nothing visible is being done by the police. The people who always suffer are the hard working commuters. The ministry needs to instruct the traffic department to go out and

check on the busses. This can be done right at the various parks. The next thing that concerns me is all the unnecessary gadgets that these busses have. If the work is not paying, then how come these buses have fancy rims and very elaborate music systems? I thought by now that the loud music capacities of the minibuses would have been done and over with. Everything is wrong about loud music on public transportation. Public transportation is about comfort and safety and not entertainment. The tout situation fur-

ther worsens the scenario. There is need for an urgent solution to our transportation crises. If the bus operators cannot comply and live according to the rules of the land, then it is time for the implementation of big buses. This was supposed to go on stream already. We do not need to go full scale as yet, but a start will not hurt. For sure, this move will help keep the minibus posse in check. Too many operators are feeling overly important and even indispensable. Sincerely, Dorian Blair

Deportees have to take responsibility for themselves Dear Editor, I note with concern that one U.S. deported Guyanese is claiming that he didn’t commit the crimes he was convicted of. He then goes on to enumerate some of the things he went through during his 29 years in Queens, New York. Now here, he is most indigent and, according to him, he has no money, lit-

tle clothes and has been left to depend on strangers. My question is, did he have to stay in the U.S.? He had a choice. Guyanese suffer all over the world. We cannot force other governments to take care of us. We have to go and make the best of our situation, even if it means starting from the bottom. Many have successful stories in this regard. When

I think of what so many people complain about when they leave these shores, I keep asking myself when will they wake up. Our problems in Guyana are seldom that of mistreatment. We complain about bad roads and electricity supply and I support pressuring the relevant authorities when they fail to deliver. But we are never denied

fairness of treatment and the right to access jobs for which we are qualified. If we are prepared to do here the things we do in other places, our lot personally and collectively will be so much better. As we make our beds, so must we lie in them. Life is about choices. Yours truly, Karen Ramsaroop



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Amaila Falls project Tackling HIV/AIDS calls should be pursued for all to be involved Dear Editor, Government boldly announced that Guyanese will not have to pay back any debt on the Amaila Falls hydro power project to any foreign company. There has been considerable confusion in recent weeks concerning the costs of the Amaila Falls project to be borne by Guyana. I think that if this project is most vital, then I see borrowing as no problem. We have borrowed for smaller things and the country, for the longest while now, has been manifesting eco-

nomic stability and growth. So again, why the big fuss about borrowing? It should be noted that hydropower is produced in some 150 countries, with the Asia-Pacific region generating 32 per cent of global hydropower. China is the largest hydroelectricity producer, with around 721 terawatt-hours of production, representing around 17 per cent of domestic electricity use. The cost of hydroelectricity is also extremely low, by the time it reaches the homes of citizens. So the

project has every reason for it to be completed. Planning to make Guyana a dream country is not about today and tomorrow, but about generations to come. Small minds always think of the now and this small-minded approach is going to cost us. We like to praise other nations, but we tend to forget their hard and patriotic investment. The Amaila Falls project should be pursued.    Yours sincerely, Jeremy Rodrigues

Getting out of abusive relationships Dear Editor, Getting out of abusive relationships is not that easy for women. I know of two women, who are scared to speak out. They have little confidence in the system here. They want assurance of protection, even if they have none for provision of their needs. I think that restriction orders must be meted out and they must be enforced for abusive men. It is not far-fetched to banish a man from a house for any form of physical abuse. Somehow, abusive men have no fear and this must change. They

realise that in most cases, they are the sole income garner for the home, so they use this to evil advantage. They also know that many women will not leave their children, as most men are inept in the area of child care. Many men see women also as maids and bearer of children. Even if this is so, then the value of women should be elevated. Raising children and taking care of the home are vital tasks. I am glad that one minister is incensed about women and their predicament, but there are many issues to attend to. I am talking es-

pecially a place to take care of the abused – that shelter for them is needed. The children too have to be considered – they are in the middle of all this. I believe abuse cases must be exposed and that the various services and counselling sessions that are on hand must be utilised. I also believe that outsiders must tell on abusive partners. I think we need to realise that domestic violence is indeed everybody’s business Yours truly, Colleen Fredericks

Dear Editor, We cannot give up fighting HIV/AIDS. This is the spirit I am seeing from the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS). It recently launched Guyana’s National HIV Strategic Plan 2013-2020. “HIVision 2020” hopes to reduce the social and economic impact of HIV and AIDS on individuals and communities and simultaneously reduce the spread of HIV. Implicit here is the all-important concern for the improvement of the quality of life for persons living with HIV/AIDS. We have victims and we must help them. If the disease is spread by victims, then this is where we must do some serious work. These days, counselling in HIV and AIDS has become a very core element in the holistic model of health care, in which psychological issues are recognised as integral to patient management. HIV and AIDS counselling has the general aims of the prevention of HIV transmission and the support of those affected directly and indirectly by HIV. So it is vital that HIV counselling should have these dual aims, because the spread of HIV can be prevented by changes in behaviour. Lifestyle is what is so important. One-to-one prevention counselling, that is highly recommended, has a particular contribution in that it enables a frank discussion of sensitive aspects of a patient’s life – such discussion may be hampered in other settings by the patient’s concern for confidentiality or anxiety about a judgmental response. Also, when patients know that they have HIV infection or disease, they may suffer great psychosocial and psychological stresses through a fear of rejection, social stigma, disease progression, and the uncertainties associated with future management of HIV. We cannot deny the reality of stigmatisation. At the physical level, we need to know that HIV can actually alter people’s brain and nervous system, causing psychological disorders. Psychological disorders associated with HIV include HIV-associated dementia (HAD), which includes symptoms

such as forgetfulness, apathy, difficulty concentrating, speech problems, tremors, and delusions; minor cognitive-motor disorder (MCMD), which includes mild impairments in memory, movement, and concentration, mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and brain tumours. What this is really telling me is that we need to have as many people as possible become knowledgeable both medically and psychologically, where dealing with HIV/ AIDS is concerned. I am calling on all leaders, parents/ guardians, teachers and church leaders to make themselves available for training so that they can be of great help to these people, who must still be allowed to have lives of fulfilment. Yours faithfully, Emmerson Walters





Opt-in to having children By Mercedes Schlapp


recently picked up a copy of Time Magazine where a couple lounged on the beach with smiles on their faces and the title read “Having it all without having children.” For a moment, I yearned for the days when my husband and I were child-free and drinking a piña colada by the beach or poolside. Those days are temporarily over for us after deciding to be open to having children. While childless couples are constantly asked, “Why they are NOT having children,” my husband and I are bombarded with a different set of questions: “Why would you have SO MANY?” or “Are you DONE having children?” We have five daughters ranging from the ages of 10 years to 18 months, and most people find it shocking that we are raising a big family, especially when the cost of children can be so expensive. The constant judgment is difficult for all couples that struggle with the decision of whether or not to start a

family. Of course, deciding whether or not to have children is a personal decision, but I would encourage couples to stay open to the idea that having a child or adopting provides both personal and societal benefits. My couple friends who have decided not to have children argue that they lack maternal or paternal instincts. I am a perfect case

study for the transition from no maternal instinct to the love of motherhood. I remember being one of those women who never imagined I would get married and have children. You ask any of my high school friends, and I would have been voted in the class to be the least likely to get married or have

children. My single focus of pursuing a successful career changed when I met my husband. He was from the Midwest where families are quite large, and he is one of four children. I warned him that I had no maternal instincts, but was open to having children. When my first daughter was born, she was placed in my arms, and I was changed forever. My need to protect and raise her to the best of

my abilities became my top priority. Although my career was temporarily placed on hold, I had a new focus, which was to love this child unconditionally. All of our children were created out of such deep love between my husband and me, and each child has added so much to our lives. Childless couples argue that children are expensive. They are right. The USDA Cost of Raising Child report stated that the price tag is US$241,080 in 2012 dollars or an inflation-adjusted US$301,970 by the time adulthood arrives. Those numbers are discouraging for couples that believe that they simply cannot afford a child, especially during these uncertain economic times. Sure, my husband and I may be working until we are 80 years old so we can pay for our children’s expenses; however the everyday smiles, hugs, conversations and

memories with our children are priceless. Although having children changes one’s career options, they teach parents to become better crisis managers, multitaskers and effective leaders. Parents not only impact their children’s lives, but bring a different perspective to the workforce. I understand that childrearing may not be for everyone. However, if I had not taken the risk of having children, I would have missed out on the greatest, most unexpected experience that has transformed my life and defines who I am today. For a moment just think of how a child adds not only to a couple’s life, but what it means as an added value to our society. We are seeing a steep decline in birth rates the United States partly due to an economic downturn, future financial uncertainty and fewer immigrants entering the country. Add to that women waiting longer to have children or not having them at all. This means the economic burden on a child born in 2015 will be nearly twice that of a child born in 1985, according to a University of Southern California study. Our greatest investment for the United States is our children – the human capital and future innovators of our country. They are the next generation of workers, leaders and mothers and fathers who will define the future course of our nation. A recent study also showed that an increasing number of women measured to have higher IQs are deciding not to have children. But what a benefit to our nation if women who are prepared and educated are able to pass along their foundation and knowledge to their children. I know plenty of couples or single individuals who have chosen not to have children and are happy with their decision, but I will continue to encourage those who may be unsure of whether or not to take the giant leap of starting a family. I am the prime example of having a change of heart. Having children has been the best decision of our lives. While I may not be lying on the beach with my piña colada, I know that my husband and I are investing in our nation’s future. (



tuesday, August 20, 2013 |

may probe open Rohee elected PPP PPP campaigning for CC general secretary posts at congress – Ramotar declines re-election By Michael Younge


ong standing People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP) member Clement Rohee was unanimously elected to serve as the party’s fourth general secretary when it recently installed 35-member central committee met on Monday to renew its leadership team. Rohee won the committee’s support after incumbent secretary President Donald Ramotar declined re-election and backed his candidacy for the helm of the party, explaining that he was unable to bear the burden of managing the affairs of the country and the party simultaneously. Ramotar stated that since he became president on December 3, 2011, “the task of managing the party had become extremely overwhelming”, and he was no longer in a position to give his full attention to party matters. He said he was cognisant of the need for the party to be given the necessary leadership and management to ensure that it remains viable, strong and vibrant to take on the challenges which could confront it in the short term and the long term.


“I have every confidence that Comrade Rohee will do a good job. I have known him for most of my political life and we grew up in the PYO together. I know his ability... and I believe the PPP is in extremely capable hands,” President Ramotar told a late afternoon media conference at the party’s Robb Street headquarters. He said he remained a member of the party’s central executive committee and will retain his member on every standing committee of the party as he is entitled to do. Ramotar was the party’s third general secretary and assumed the post in 1997. His predecessors are former Presidents Janet Jagan and Cheddi Jagan in that order. Rohee joined the PPP in 1967 and was the party’s executive secretary until 1992 when he became the foreign affairs minister. Before that, Rohee was also the party’s international secretary and held other portfolios under the leadership of the Jagans. In his maiden address as the new PPP general secretary, Rohee said he was “humbled” by the decision of his comrades. He stressed

Clement Rohee

Irfaan Ali

Gail Teixeira

Dr Frank Anthony

that the task of managing the party was a “heavy responsibility”, which would require the collective efforts of all of its leaders in moving forward. He also gave the undertaking to work assiduously towards restoring more vibrancy within the ranks of the party, while ensuring that the new policies are “implemented smoothly”. Asked whether he would be resigning or stepping down as home affairs minister, Rohee said “not in the immediate future”. He also said that that would be something for the president to decide on and “something that will have to obviously

be looked at sometime down the line”. At the press conference, Ramotar said that the party will come up with its own timeline as to when it would make its decisions on this matter. However, there was no conflict of interest on this matter, according to party officials.

New executive

The central committee also elected a new executive, which includes

Donald Ramotar, Dr Roger Luncheon, Zulfikar Mustapha, Gail Teixeira, Alli Baksh, Bharrat Jagdeo, Bheri Ramsaran, Mohammed Irfaan Ali, Navin Chandarpal, Komal Chand, Robert Persaud, Dr Frank Anthony, Clinton Collymore, Pauline Sukhai, and Kellawan Lall. Those persons who are not returning to the party’s executive committee for various reasons are Harripersaud Nokta; Janet Jagan (deceased); Reepu Daman-Persaud (deceased); Ralph Ramkarran; and Ulric Ramanah. Three persons were also elected as candidate members. They are Shyam Nokta, Neil Kumar, and Dharamkumar Seeraj. A new secretariat was also established with Zulfikar Mustapha being re-elected as the executive and organising secretary. Clement Rohee will be responsible for membership, Kellawan Lall for propaganda , Komal Chand for trade unions, Hydar Ally for education, Seeraj for mass organisation, Gail Teixeira for international affairs, and Irfaan Ali for finance. Additionally, Lall was elected as the editor of the party’s organ, the Thunder.


he ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) could conduct a probe into a recent incident which saw some delegates engaged in open electioneering aimed at influencing the outcome of the voting process to secure positions on its 35-member central committee (CC). The incident took place at the party’s 30th Congress, which was staged at the JC Chandisingh Secondary School in Port Mourant, Corentyne. A letter was allegedly being circulated with a list of names by a known group of persons, which sought to lobby delegates at the congress to vote for those on the documents. The list reportedly targeted longstanding members of the party and made a subtle appeal to delegates to not support the candidacy of some individuals. No one has come forward to take responsibility publicly for what the then general secretary, President Donald Ramotar described as an “unhealthy development”. He said on Monday, following a meeting with the 35-member CC, that he had confirmed that the list was indeed being circulated and penned a letter to delegates urging them to ignore it and vote for whomever they wanted. “The idea of campaigns to me was not something

healthy and that people should know their leaders and elect them according to how they see them, by merit,” Ramotar said. He was adamant that while he does not have concrete information, the way was clear for the new general secretary, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to set up a committee to probe the incident if he saw it fit in bringing closure to this issue. “I think that people should have been elected, in my own view, according to their merit and I don’t think that we need to have campaigns as some other political organisations,” the president said, explaining that the business of campaigning so openly for votes was not in line with the principles of the party or its definition of democracy. But Rohee said that any decision to pursue this issue would have to be made as a collective, as the party usually takes a unified position on these kinds of matters before implementing the “appropriate action”. It is not clear whether the party will take any action in the immediate future or if the central executive is desirous of probing the matter fully, with the aim of publicly releasing its finds which could be detrimental to the party as an entity.



Woman remanded on trafficking in persons charge T he 24-year-old woman arrested for running a forced prostitution ring in the interior after the Guyana Women Miners Organisation rescued four teenage girls from her premises, was remanded on Monday on a trafficking in persons charge. It is alleged between March 14 and April 1 at Tiger Creek, Puruni, Ann Maria Carter engaged in trafficking in persons, that is, she recruited, transported and harboured a 17-yearold girl for sexual purposes. It is further alleged during the same period, Carter unlawfully assaulted the said teenager, causing her actual bodily harm, by punching her in the face and hitting her to the head. She pleaded not guilty to both charges read against her by Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Ann Maria Carter being escorted out of the courthouse by a police officer

Attorney Haymant K Ramdhani represented the defendant and told the court that she has an eight-yearold child and is the sole breadwinner for her family. He added that this is the second time his client has

been charged with such an offence, noting that she was granted bail in the sum of $100,000 when she appeared at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court. Carter made her first appearance at the Georgetown

Magistrates’ Courts on June 28 before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after she was arrested. It was alleged between March 28 and April 22, she harboured girls for sexual exploitation. Magistrate Sewnarine-Beharry transferred the matter to the Bartica Magistrate’s Court for July 5. Prosecutor Seon Blackman objected to bail on the grounds of the nature of the offence, the punishment attached to such an offence and the fact that the defendant has matters of similar nature pending at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Azore granted bail in the sum of $50,000 for the assault causing actual bodily harm charge, before remanding the defendant on the trafficking in persons charge. The matter was transferred to Court One for September 18.

National basketball player among injured in Mahaica accident


ational basketball player and Pace Setters Basketball team member, Siland is among three persons who are still in a serious condition in the High Dependency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital following an accident at the Mahaica, Airy Hall Public Road on Sunday evening. Royston Siland, 34 Bibi

Seegobin, 55; and Sanjay Bakridi, 13, sustained severe head injuries as a result of the collision and are being monitored closely by medical personnel. A relative of the basketball player stated he is stable, but his condition is being described as serious. He refuted claims in certain sections of the media that Siland was driving at

the time of the accident and was on his cellular phone. The basketball player, he said, was in the front passenger seat of the car and indeed, was on his cellular phone, but he was not the driver. He explained that Siland and the driver were returning to Georgetown from New Amsterdam, while the other vehicle, with at least eight

Royston Siland

passengers, was heading to Berbice. He further stated that from reports he received, the car was travelling at a fast pace and ended up in the other lane of the road while negotiating a turn. The other vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction when the collision occurred about 18:30h. As a result of the collision, the 10 occupants of the vehicles were rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where five were subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Two of the five were described as critical. Guyana Times reported that Ishwar, Maharani, Vinod Kumar, and Sanjay Bakridi along with Bibi, Andrew, Kevin, and Patsy Seegobin were in the other vehicle when the accident occurred. The driver of the Toyota Carina 192 was identified as Clement Blush.

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ony Vieira represents one of the worst kinds of critic: a fella who has failed abysmally and then wants to lecture others on how to succeed at the failed endeavour. Vieira got into business – the broadcasting business – after the People’s National Congress (PNC) nationalised the sugar industry. He immediately lost his manager’s job on his father’s former estate at Versailles. The new managers, not blinded or influenced by filial affections, wouldn’t put up with his “all talk and no action” habits. So he got into the broadcasting business – because of his father’s influence. His father, Joseph Vieira, was a great sugar maven and was retained on the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) board till he passed away. Tony Viera, however, ran the broadcasting business into the ground because he insisted on acting like the “big manager” on a sugar estate. He sold the business and eventually migrated. Looks like he’s pi55ed away the proceeds of his sale because he’s back in Guyana, giving gratuitous advice on how to run not only businesses – but the government! A touch of megalomania, you say? More like being touched in the head. Anyhow, in his latest letter he starts off by referring to two dudes “Habeeb Khan and Jerry Lewis”. Your Eyewitness didn’t know these two fellas – but the context suggested that they were comedians. So we looked them up. No wonder we were oblivious to their existence – they were from at least half a century ago! We knew Vieira was old – older that Freddie Kissoon whom he’d once cussed out as an “ugly Indian”. And Mark Benchop, who knows Kissoon intimately, assured us he (Kissoon) was in “his late 70s”. So what does that makeVieira. Early 80s at best?? Anyhow the rest of his letter demonstrated beyond a scintilla of doubt (like that, eh?) that when you reach that age, you remember “old time story” better than the recent ones. In his letter, Vieira claimed that before being voted out in 1992, Desmond Hoyte wanted to privatise the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) – then called Guyana Electricity Corporation (GEC). And that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) should follow up with that privatisation in the present. It has to be senility. Has he forgotten that the PPP/C first attempted to privatise GEC to SaskPower, and when that failed, a partnership between CDC and ESBI bought 50 per cent of the corporation in 1999? And that they couldn’t fix a single thing and had to return the now renamed GPL to the government for $1 by 2003 after injecting US$20 million?  Apparently in business, those who can, do; and those who can’t, write letters to the press. history

Well, they’re at it again. Many of the folks who’d marched in Linden to encourage the folks down there to block access into the interior and burn down buildings are back at it again. This time to build “their own monument” to the 1823 East Coast Rebellion. One report claimed there were no “politicians” present. Is David Hinds no longer an executive of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA)? What about Aubrey Norton? We know as a partisan of Carl Greenidge against David Granger, he’s on the fringes of the PNC. But not a politician? Pleeeease!!! But what exactly are these “non-politicians” (wink, wink) marching for. They say they already have permission from Hamilton Green to build their monument at the Parade Ground. Since it seems that Green’s word is the law in Georgetown, why don’t these “non-politicians” go ahead and build the monument? Since the government-sponsored monument has no support from African Guyanese, and theirs do, (they say) it shouldn’t be difficult to raise the sum they’re seeking, right? No need to march in the (hot) sun.

...from Trinidad

So the government sat down once again with Caribbean Airlines Limited execs who listened to all our complaints. They’ll get back to us in a few weeks, they say. You mean they can’t say immediately they’ll stop treating us like dirt??



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No life is disposable! Groups in plea to end all violence

Agricola accident

One dead, eight remain hospitalised R

Grieving relatives of Shawn Bourne at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Monday upon receiving the news of his death


ne of the persons injured in Sunday’s night horrific smashup at Agricola succumbed Monday afternoon while being treated for severe head injuries in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital. Shawn “Blackie” Bourne, 31, of Dazzel Housing Scheme took his last breath about 12:00h. Eight other injured persons remain hospitalised: Niketa Moore, one; Rocky Moore, 44; Kevin Granderson; Kenwin Isaacs, 18; Shania Bourne; Waylele Park; Avid De Younge and the driver, Howard De Santos. The injured persons were occupants of a route 45 minibus, which was heading to Georgetown from the Splashmin’s Fun Park when it collided with a route 32 minibus in the vicinity of Alpha Hotel, Mc Doom, Greater Georgetown. Upon impact, the minibus toppled several times before it came to a halt. No serious injuries were incurred by the occupants of the route 32 minibus. The driver was taken into police custody to assist the investigation. At the hospital on Monday, Winston Bourne, brother of the dead man, explained that he lives in Linden and got the news about the accident on Sunday evening about 21:00h, but travelled to the city on Monday morning. The grieving brother disclosed that upon reaching the Georgetown Public

Hospital on Monday, they were waiting for the visiting hour to see Shawn, but minutes before the stipulated time, they received news that he had succumbed. Since Bourne was taken to the medical facility on Sunday evening, he had been unconscious. Hospital sources confirmed that he passed away about 11:55h and was not responsive up to the time of his death. His brother stated that other relatives, including his sister, Althea, and nieces, have suffered injuries. He added that his sister is crying out for pain in her chest and head. Althea, who was also a passenger of the bus, was discharged from the medical facility after treatment. The woman attempted to recall her experience but was too traumatised. She was consoled by her relative who were in tears. At the hospital on Monday, relatives of the dead man flooded the facility upon receiving the news. Some of them described him as a very loving person who took care of his three children without their mother. His daughter, Sineth, was seen sitting in a wheelchair with her legs bandaged. There were also bruises on her face and other parts of her body. This newspaper learnt that Bourne, who was formerly from New Amsterdam, took up residency on the East Coast Demerara about a year ago. His wife died three years ago. He leaves to mourn his three children and 21 other siblings.

epresentatives of several interest groups on Monday met to discuss the issue of violence in all forms as concerns mount about the apparent rise in aggression within Guyanese society. The Guyana Rainbow Foundation (GuyBow) and the Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Women’s Network of Guyana were joined by victims and other stakeholders in an activity dubbed “Call to Action” at the Moray House Trust, located on Camp and Quamina streets, Georgetown. They have all declared the need for a more compassionate society as means of addressing the scourge. One of the organisers told Guyana Times that this event is part of a Caribbean initiative started by the CatchAFyah Feministe Network as a day to call Caribbean governments’ attention to the issues of transphobic and homophobic violence. The mandate was expanded with the numerous instances of various forms of

abuse, which often result in deaths. Colleen Mc Ewan of the GuyBow organisation opened with a plea for personal action against violence of all forms. She made specific reference to the recent deaths of transgender individuals. Dellon Melville, whose body was discovered earlier this month in Mocha Village, three days after he went missing, was the most recent of such deaths. According to the human rights activist, lesbian, gay, and transgender issues are treated with disregard and disrespect in Guyana. Making reference to the Bible verse “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”, Mc Ewan declared: “If you believe you are without sin, continue to judge us, but if you believe otherwise, support our cause… make a personal commitment.” The mother of the Agricola teen Shaquille Grant also joined the discussion speaking about her son's death. Shonette Grant related the

story of her son’s death last September, but moved on quickly to call for love and unity as a means of addressing the issue of violence in Guyana. “Violence must stop!” she exclaimed. “It’s about me and you, all it takes is love and unity. Stand together for what is right.”

Double jeopardy

Being a disabled woman is perhaps “double jeopardy”, as Tiffany Ward from Youths with Disability puts it. She described a recent experience of sexual harassment that could have ended badly had it not been for ‘divine intervention’, as she was followed and harassed by a persistent male for several metres on a city street. The young woman, who is confined to wheelchair, is now calling on family members to pay closer attention to those who are differently able and could be subjected not only sexual violence but other forms of abuse. However, violence to fellow humans was not the only

concern for participants as mistreatment for animals was found to be equally important. The Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has, for years, been battling with this issue, said Oliver Insanally of the society. He believes that for too long Guyanese have seen the lives of animals as disposable, noting that the solution may lie in early childhood education. “If more children are taught to properly care for a pet, this world would be a better place, because caring for an animal intrinsically develops compassion in someone,” he opined, while suggesting that compassion can be learnt. “Treating animals well is one such issue; treating each other with respect, affection and compassion is another, and there are many such issues that need to be taught, like an understanding of sexual and reproduction health and even how to identify situations of abuse within the home and community.”


tuesday, august 20, 2013


GCCI drafting plan to help businesses protect themselves T

he Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is drafting a plan to help small, medium and large scale businesses detect and prevent potential security threats. In an effort to evade petty theft or dishonesty, the chamber said businesses should ensure that their employees are well compensated for their services and operate in a comfortable environment, positing that workers would likely develop a sense of loyalty. “With loyalty, an employee feels a sense of belonging to and responsibility for the well-being of the company. In this situation, the employee is less likely to contribute to crime and more

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

likely to take measures to protect the company against it,” the GCCI explained. In wake of concerns raised by business proprietors and the Guyana Police Force that employees may

have had a hand in the recent spate of robberies, the GCCI is advising that the transfer of cash be done by key persons, noting that financial information and transaction should not be privy to all levels of staff. “When transferring cash, use cash transit security services, as this transfers the risk to them and would be covered under insurance in the risk of an unforeseen incident. It would be extremely unwise for a businessman to refuse cash transit services in a bid to save a few thousand dollars, (less than $10,000 per trip) when millions can potentially be lost,” the chamber further advised.

Detection of losses

According to the chamber, effective accounting systems must also be instituted to give way to easy detection of losses. In a few cases, surveillance cameras have led to the arrest of criminal elements who executed daring robberies. On this ground, the GCCI is calling on medium and large scale businesses to install surveillance cameras. It was opined that bandits are less likely to attack businesses with surveillance cameras, because of the high risk of being caught. “Security measures taken will differ among businesses as owners need to make security decisions based on what is held and the cost to replace what can be lost. For instance, an ice cream parlour’s security system will be different from that of commercial bank.” Staff members should be trained on the importance of being alert to the suspicious behaviour of customers and vehicles, in and around the premises, as these can all be key factors which lead to an attack on a business.

Illegal Firearms have been in frequent engagements with private sector representatives, noting that the Guyana Fire Service, the Guyana Prison Service and the Guyana Police Force are no exception. Recently, former Private Sector Commission Chairman Ramesh Dookhoo complained bitterly about the impact of drug trafficking on the commercial sector, as he advocated for a sterner monitoring system. The security seminar organised by the GCCI was held to sensitise the business community on issues relating to security in Guyana. In addition to the home affairs minister’s presentations, presentations were made by representatives from the Guyana Police Force, the GEB Security Services, the Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations and Republic Bank. According to the GCCI President Clinton Urlin, the initiative has proven to be successful, positing that similar initiatives are in the pipeline.

Tings down fuh Green Bridge


reen Bridge is a man who look like he want to bruk de world record fuh talkin de most. Just that de more he talk, de less people listen. But he got big competition from both of de old Rams. Sus Penders and Ram Bow might be very old but dem seh dem not cold. In fact, if any ting, it look like dem old Rams very hot fuh one another. Any where one of dem surface, de other one close by. Dem livin like a young couple who can’t do wid out one another. It only leff fuh dem start holdin hands in public. But more than that does go on in private anyway. De Kocheur got Suru and Duru mekkin out, but now de old Rams behavin like bamzee and po. It look like Rum Karran join de talkin competition too, and he is a strong contestant, especially when Rum talkin more than Karran. Ever since he get kick out and claim that he walk out, he start openin he mouth. Now that de Stabber tek he over and Hanand in control, no body know what else he openin. No Gel Hughly too shame fuh even mek an appearance. He bubble get buss up so much that he can’t bubble again. Freddie Kissmansoon woulda be a good contender too, but he too busy lookin fuh man to kiss. Ole people seh when people don’t do much or can’t do much ,dem does try to mek up wid plenty talkin. Well, Green Bridge talkin down every ting these days. Before time he use to run down every ting. From de economy to de whole country, any ting goin down, Green Bridge was de man behind. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Now de man still behind and every ting fuh he still down!

Georgetown Rotary Club appoints new board

Security systems

“Review security systems in place and ensure any potential faults are identified and corrected as bandits may use this as an opportunity. For instance, a malfunctioning door can be used to gain entry into a business for robberies,” the chamber said. These were among the key recommendations put forward during the staging of the recently concluded security seminar held at the Pegasus International Hotel with key stakeholders. At the seminar, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee had renewed his ministry’s and the Guyana Police Force’s support to the private sector. He said the Taskforce on Smuggling and Contraband and the Taskforce on Drugs and

Persons awaiting treatment at the Georgetown Rotary Club’s medical outreach at Viva La Force, West Bank Demerara


arry Parmesar has been appointed president of the Georgetown Rotary Club when the body recently met to appoint a new board for the 2013 to 2014 period. According to a release, those appointed are Khalil Alli (immediate past president), Ronald Burch-Smith (president elect), Liz Cox (vice president), Amanda St Aubyn (secretary), Peter Peroune (treasurer), Ralph Persaud (director of administration), Michele Ming (director of foundation), Christine King (director of service), Pradeep Samtani (

director of public relations), Lisa Foster (director of new generations), Clyde De Haas (director of membership) and Aubrey Roberts (sergeant at arms). The public relations team consists of Cedric Joseph, Affeze Khan, Compton Peters, Fritz Mclean, Kit Nascimento, Ariane Mangar and Alfred Abdool. The release stated that Ron Burton, a member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A., is the president of Rotary International for 2013-14. The Rotary International theme for this year is

“Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. The club is requesting collaboration with the media on a project that will make a positive impact on the lives of the citizenry. “This challenge also goes out to all leaders in their business community and other professionals to come up with a project, support our projects; together we can surely change some lives,” the release said. The new board recently conducted a medical outreach at Viva La Force, West Bank Demerara, its first project since coming into force. 

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tuesday, august 20, 2013

PSC urges APNU to accept final meeting on hydro with govt


he Private Sector Commission (PSC) has urged the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) to take up the invitation by President Donald Ramotar to have a sit down meeting to discuss their misgivings about the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. APNU and Opposition Leader David Granger said the coalition could not support the hydropower project in its current form, and called on government to revise it. In this regard, President Ramotar, via a statement on Friday, said: “To help build consensus on these two outstanding points, I suggest that Mr Granger’s team and a team from the government meet to, once and for all, settle these issues, and to publicly communicate the meeting’s outcomes.”

PSC Chairman Ronald Webster

President Donald Ramotar

He expressed hope that the meeting will result in the two sides agreeing on the fact that “Guyana is incurring no debt from the Amaila Falls Hydro project”, and “Amaila Falls will reduce the tariff paid by GPL for electricity by 40 per cent

for the first 12 years after operations begin... Ramotar said if the leader of the opposition and his team could agree that their concerns have been addressed, “Then Guyana can put the rancour of recent weeks behind us, and forge

Opposition Leader David Granger

a strong, unified, national consensus in favour of the Amaila Falls project”. Once there is national consensus on the project, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will be able to complete its due diligence to

publicly validate the facility’s costs and benefits. The PSC said it believes the president’s offer to be fair and reasonable and a genuine effort on the part of the president to seek consensus on the hydro project. “It is the PSC’s clear understanding that APNU is still of the opinion that the Amaila Falls project will lead to unsustainable debt and will not result in a reduction in electricity tariffs. We believe that the only fair and reasonable way to address these concerns is for APNU to engage the president’s offer. We wish, therefore, to encourage Granger to accept the offer.” “We believe that much harm has been done to the project by the peddling in the media of uninformed opinions by self-styled pundits, who have based their

analyses on incomplete or outdated information. We feel that this project is too vital to the future of our nation to allow such spurious analyses to determine its fate.” According to the commission, it has been the consistent position of APNU that the government has failed to provide the opposition with all of the information needed to arrive at an informed decision while at the same time criticising the project. “What better way, therefore, to resolve APNU’s concern than a meeting with the government’s negotiating team, with nothing withheld and everything on the table. The commission calls upon the opposition to take up the president’s offer and let the talks continue in good faith in the national interest,” said.



SVN records 92 per cent Berbice Bridge Company Inc assists youth in need of kidney operation pass rate at CSEC T T he Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) Hindu Secondary School located at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, has recorded an increase in their overall pass rate at the 2013 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination. The private school sent a total of 53 students to write the examinations, of which 19 were males; however, it was the females who dominated the top positions. Eleven of the 53 students were among the country’s top performers with a minimum of 11 grade ones. The school offers a total of 15 subjects, of which nine are compulsory. Four students wrote all 15 subjects. Rafena Mustapha and Parmeshivanie Seodat, both of whom acquired 15 grade ones, along with Anuradha Sookdeo and Romini Sukhal, are the school’s top performers. Mustapha told Guyana Times that she is overwhelmed by her accomplishments. The young lady said she did not make any plans for her future since it was depended on how she performed at her exams. Now that the results are out, she is looking to further her studies. Mustapha disclosed that she has an interest in psychology and will most likely steer her tertiary studies in that field. Seodat explained that prior to exams, she did a lot of studying and encountered some difficulties in some of her experiments, but in the end, it all worked out. The teenager credited her success to the support she received from her family and teachers.

Hard work

The young lady said leading up to the examinations, students were given a lot of pass papers to work and went to school almost every weekend to study together. Seodat disclosed that she wants to further her studies in medicine. An elated Sookdeo stated that she found some of the subjects difficult, some easy and some manageable. She disclosed that she plans to apply at an overseas university to study law and journalism. Sookdeo noted that the key to her success was “a lot of studying”, and is advising those who will be writing the examinations next year to study hard. Meanwhile, Sukhal was no less excited about her grades. She explained that prior to the examinations, she had many sleepless

Rafena Mustapha

Parmeshivanie Seodat

Anuradha Sookdeo

Romini Sukhal

nights, studying and completing her school-based assessments. She disclosed that she wants to further her studies in accounting; however, she is yet to decide whether she will do so locally or overseas. Some 85 per cent of SVN students, who wrote the 2013 examinations, can matriculate at the University of Guyana. The school recorded a 92 per cent pass rate in English and an 88 per cent pass rate in mathematics.

98 per cent passes in principles of business, social studies and information technology and a 92 per cent pass in English. The other subjects recorded a pass rate of 80 per cent and above, with the exception of Caribbean history which recorded a pass rate of 79 per cent. The school’s principal, Swami Aksharananda said while he is satisfied with the student’s performance, he is of the view that there is room for improvement. “The students tried their best, but there is always room for improvement,” he said. The principal noted that the batch that will be writing the CSEC examinations next year will find it more difficult since the school will be additing more science subjects to its curriculum and the students are expected to write all of them. He noted that with this “adding challenge and difficulty”, only then can one truly assess students’ performance. Swami Aksharananda explained that the school’s strength is its ability to work with students who obtained low marks at the NGSA and make them successful at the CSEC examinations. The principal went on to say that the school or the students could not have been successful at the examination without the effort of its dedicated teachers.

Positive change

The SVN accepts students who gained very low marks at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and is very proud of its students’ accomplishments at the examinations. There was one particular student who was accepted into the school with a mere 388 marks at the NGSA, but obtained 12 grade ones and three grade twos at this year’s CSEC examinations, an official said. The school acquired 311 grade ones, 252 grade twos, 146 grade threes, 46 grade fours and 13 grade fives. The school also disclosed that eight of their students failed to matriculate, and of the eight, six failed mathematics and four failed English. The school recorded a 100 per cent pass rate in electronic document preparation and management and principles of accounts,

Man dies after tractor topples


man died after a tractor toppled and pinned him at Orealla, Region Six on Sunday.

Police said about 15:35h, Richard Alpin, 58, of Orealla, was driving a motor tractor down a hill when the vehicle toppled and pinned him.

Alpin succumbed to his injuries. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

he Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) has donated $30,000 to Satish Gobin to undergo a kidney transplant operation in India. The company last Thursday honoured a requested assistance for the medical procedure cost, air fares, meals and accommodation costs made by Satish’s mother last Tuesday. Satish was diagnosed with renal failure in 2010 and had a kidney transplant in Dubai, India in 2010. However, despite strict adherence to recommended treatments, diligent medical follow ups at both the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and his renal surgeon in India via correspondence, Satish’s transplanted kidney started to show evidence of transplant rejection. As such, it is imperative for Satish to be assessed by his renal transplant surgeon based in India. After verifying the information submitted and further communications between the BBCI and Ragbeer, the company agreed to make a donation to the worthy cause. The cheque was handed over to Satish by BBCI Administrative Assistance Bibi Alli. “The company was privileged to have the opportu-

BBCI Administrative Assistant Bibi Alli hands over the cheque to Satish Gobin last Thursday

nity to make a donation towards such a worthy cause and encourages other business entities and personnel to make donations to assist Satish Gobin’s kidney transplant operation in India.” The BBCI said it does not only play the role of collecting tolls and facilitating vehicles crossing the Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the retractor opening and under the high span, but also discharges its corporate responsibilities and more importantly, plays an integral part in the development of education and sport. It also supports national

events and has made donations to charitable and noncharitable organisations in proximity of the bridge, or in Regions Five and Six. The company has also sponsored events in other counties, and as far as the hinterland. In the past, the company has sponsored many events that benefited communities both on the eastern and western sides of the Berbice River Bridge. Thus far in the year, the company has received 64 public relations requests and has approved 57 ranging from sponsorship of Mashramani events to cricket tournaments.

New UNICEF representative presents letter of credence


ew United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) representative for Guyana and Suriname, Marianne Flach on Monday officially presented her letter of credence to Foreign Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, signalling UNICEF’s continued commitment to improving the lives of children and women in Guyana. Flach is a national of the Netherlands, and previously served as UNICEF’s representative in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), before being assigned to the Guyana-Suriname Office. She has over 20 years of experience in rural development, with more than 12 years in management positions, in both Africa and Asia, in the area of food security, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, a statement from the UNICEF office here said. One of her key areas of focus is the mainstreaming of UNICEF’s multi-sectoral work with indigenous populations, as well as ensuring a more systematic approach to social and child protection. Prior to joining UNICEF, Flach was the deputy re-

New UNICEF Representative, Guyana and Suriname Marianne Flach

gional director for Helen Keller International in the West Africa region and also in DR Congo. She has also spearheaded a World Food Programme food aid and training programme in Bangladesh, which focused on policy development and empowering women. Marianne Flach succeeds Dr Suleiman Braimoh, who completed his assignment in Guyana earlier this month. She takes the helm of the UNICEF Guyana and Suriname office, during in the second year of the new programme of cooperation between the government of

Guyana and UNICEF for the period 2012-2016. During this five year Country Programme, UNICEF is working with the government of Guyana to develop capacities for results based on planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of equity and gender-sensitive policies, legislation and programmes for children and women. This support is organised around Guyana’s established national priorities for human and social development. UNICEF is on the ground in over 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. The world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. For more information on UNICEF and its work, visit:



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Best commissioned UG students back from OAS programme as rear admiral

Members of the University of Guyana International Affairs Association. From left: Kadasi Ceres, Donette Gilbert, Keon Thom, Latrecia Belle, Le-Shante Marks, Kirly Bacchus, Latoya Garraway, Abigail Adams, Travez Daly, and Derwayne Wills


Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Defence Board Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon shares a light moment with Delicia Best, the wife of army chief-of-staff and newly-commissioned Rear Admiral Gary Best in the presence of Best and President Donald Ramotar (Carl Croker photo)


resident of Guyana and Commander-inChief of the armed forces Donald Ramotar has promoted Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Chief-of-Staff, Commodore Gary Best to the rank of rear admiral. Best is the first Guyanese to be promoted to rear admiral; a naval commissioned officer rank just above that of a commodore. He was bestowed with the badge of rank by head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon at the Office of the President on Monday, in the presence of his wife, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, senior GDF officials and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarians Winston Felix and Joseph Harmon. In offering congratulatory remarks, President Ramotar said Rear Admirable Best has offered an exceptional service to Guyana by creating a safe haven for Guyanese and visitors. This, he said has helped the country to move forward with nation building and development of the economy. “Mr President, it is a dis-

tinct pleasure on my part to thank you for the confidence the government of Guyana has invested in me, over the past six years as the chiefof-staff,” Best said. According to him, he could not have done it without the support of his wife and the staff of the GDF, as he expressed optimism that others would follow his footsteps. “I trust that I will be setting a path for others to follow. So for me, this is a fulfillment for my years of service, and testimony of the confidence the government of Guyana has in me, also the confidence of my own officers in me to rise to this level,” he said. Rear Admiral Best has served the GDF for 33 years, with the last six years being as chief-of-staff. He is set to retire on September 17. Asked about the current state of GDF, the new newly-promoted rear admiral told the press that it is ready for transformation and modernisation. Since the commencement of the year, Best has been calling for a reformation in the policies governing the GDF. At the ar-

my’s conference in February, Best said in this current era, there should be a shift from the “conventional construct of territorial defence”, and a move towards “writing and defining of new missions for the Guyana Defence Force”. According to him, the GDF must modernise its strategies and systems, positing that no amount of sophisticated equipment could enable a more professional and progressive defence force if it is not done in a strategic manner. “The preliminary findings of the force’s strategic defence review, already submitted to the defence force also point to the need for the force to be more strategic, adoptable and well-coordinated in the way that we advance our interest and protect national security,” he was quoted as saying. In an effort to reap success from the “new and necessary missions”, Best said there must be an increase in maritime and air resources allocated to the GDF. He also lamented the need for the repositioning of the force’s interior based location.

APNU concerned about criminal attacks on businesses


he A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has noted with grave concern the increased attacks by bandits on business owners, especially those who conduct their operations in rural communities. The coalition called on the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Home Affairs Ministry to act now to restore confidence in the business community and the general public. “Business owners, potential entrepreneurs and all citizens need to feel a sense of safety and security, something that is sadly

lacking in Guyana today,” APNU said in a release. According to the grouping, the recently released crime figures, by the GPF which indicate that 472 cases of violent crimes were reported as of June 2013, shows that much more needs to be done to address what has clearly become a national epidemic of violence. Recently, APNU said it called for the establishment of an Inter-personal Violence Unit as it believes this can address the problem. The APNU said it is of the opinion that enough is not being done to comprehensi-

bly fight crime, especially violent crime. It claims the evidence has shown that the community policing groups as presently configured and tasked countrywide cannot, and will not solve the crime problem. According to the coalitions, members of the Guyana Police Force at all levels must be given the leadership, equipment and relevant training, so that they can meet their mandate of service and protection. “APNU calls on all responsible parties to act now to secure a reversal of this trend of armed robberies and violence against persons.”

he University of Guyana International Affairs Association (UGIAA) students recently returned from an enlightening and rewarding experience at the Model of the Organisation of American States (MOAS) held last month in Washington DC. Representing the UG was a delegation comprising nine international affairs students who were selected after a stringent process. The group attended the MOAS from July 23-26 held at the OAS headquarters in Washington, DC. It was the first MOAS for universities of the hemisphere to be held in Spanish in the United States.

Group sessions

The students represented Paraguay and its position on various issues relating to politics, international affairs, and human rights developments. They discussed the issues through working group sessions with other delegates from more than 100 other universities who all gathered to address the issues of global politics and human rights activism. The working group sessions were done in the four main committees: the first dealing with legal and political issues, second –

hemispheric security, third – committee on summits management, and fourth focusing on the administrative and budgetary aspects of countries in the hemisphere. Members of the delegation included outgoing UGIAA President Travez Daly, who was in the general committee; Derwayne Wills; outgoing UGIAA Vice President Kirly Bacchus; Donette Gilbert – first committee on juridical and politics affairs, UGIAA Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Latoya Garraway; Keon Thom – second committee on hemispheric security; Abigail Adams and Le-Shante Marks – third committee on InterAmerican Summits management and civil society; and Latrecia Belle – fourth committee on administration and budgetary affairs.


The students were accompanied by their faculty adviser and lecturer Kadasi Ceres. The focus of the model was application of the principles of the Social Charter of the Americas to strengthen democracy. The model was attended by some 500 students from over 34 countries of the Americas. MOAS is a simulation ex-

ercise of the proceedings of the OAS Permanent Council and the annual regular sessions of the General Assembly that provides students in the discipline of international relations with the experience of participating in a replica of a functioning OAS General Assembly.


It is aimed at engaging students of the hemisphere in debates, lobbying, negotiations and working groups experiences, while familiarising them with important topics of interest and problems affecting the region. Over the years, the UGIAA has helped UG students to develop their knowledge and skills of participatory democracy through the experience of representing a member state at the model general assemblies of the United Nations and OAS. The UGIAA has also been grooming students who have a drive for academia and an interest in the fields of diplomacy and social activism. The university body through its selection panel has propelled students to the MOAS, allowing them the privilege of representing the UG and Guyana at the international level.

LIAT services to get boost with return of new plane to fleet


IAT, a Caribbean airline is expected to improve significantly with the return of a new plane to its network. LIAT announced that its service was boosted by the return to service of one of its two newly acquired ATR aircraft which was grounded in Barbados for about a week due to a technical issue that has now been resolved, according to a statement. “Nothing is more important to us than the security and safety of our passengers,” said LIAT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ian Brunton. The ATR 72, a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional aircraft, is one of two such planes recently acquired by the company in its fleet modernisation programme.

“Unfortunately, in the aviation business aircraft, both old and new, experience technical issues from time to time, but safety is our major concern and we apologise that our passengers were inconvenienced, especially during the peak summer season, ” Brunton added. Reiterating LIAT’s safety focus required immediate action on maintenance concerns, the CEO reported. “The new parts that were needed have arrived and been installed in Barbados – our maintenance team has given the aircraft the thumbs up.” The ATR-600 brings new operational capability to the ATR family through outstanding performance at take-off on short runways, increased max payload, reduced maintenance costs,

redesigned cabin, and latest avionics technology. To improve passenger comfort and operational efficiency, LIAT is replacing all of its Dash 8 aircraft with the ATR aircraft. Later this week, LIAT expects the delivery of its third new ATR 72 from the France-based manufacturer. The re-fleeting programme is expected to be completed next year and will see the ageing fleet of Dash 8 aircraft being replaced with 12 brand new ATR-600 series aircraft. The new fleet will include a mixture of 68and 48-seaters. By the first quarter of 2014, more than half of the new ATRs are expected to be operating throughout LIAT’s network, with the remaining airplanes expected to come on line by the end of 2014.




90 arrested as police crackdown Spain asked to probe death of Cuban activist Oswaldo Paya on east Port of Spain


he family of a Cuban dissident who died last year have filed a complaint in Spain alleging that he was killed by senior Cuban military officers. The family of Oswaldo Paya filed a case in the High Court asking for an inquiry into the official account that he died in a car crash. According to Cuban officials, Paya and another dissident, Harold Cepero, died in the crash in July last year.


nder the cover of darkness, 300 heavily armed police officers accompanied by 100 soldiers descended on the streets of east Port of Spain Sunday cordoning off several streets in what has been described as one of the largest manpower exercises for the year. At about 03:00h, the 300 police officers, along with K-9 dogs, took up strategic positions at Duncan, Nelson, Prince and George streets while Defence Force soldiers ensured that there was no entry in or exit out of the cordoned off areas. The mission was to flush out criminal elements and seek out arms and ammunition, also drugs, believed to be hidden in Housing Development Corporation (HDC) apartments along those streets. As officers searched every single apartment along east Port of Spain soldiers kept close watch ensuring their colleagues had full back-up. During the exercise, persons were jolted from their sleep by the sound of officers knocking on their doors

A soldier stands watch on Duncan Street, outside the cordonedoff area in east Port of Spain known as “The Plannings”, during a joint police/army exercise Sunday morning (Photo: Nicole Drayton, Trinidad Guardian)

while others who were liming on stairwells looked on and subjected themselves to searches. For close to seven and a half hours the 300 police officers, some using K-9 dogs, searched several apartments while others even used metal detectors in an effort to ascertain

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell


of crimes against humanity committed abroad when Spanish citizens are involved. Paya had Spanish and Cuban nationality and a Spanish politician, Angel Carromero, was convicted of vehicular manslaughter for driving the car when Paya died. Carromero was jailed for four years in Cuba, though he has been allowed to serve most of his sentence in Spain. (Excerpt from BBC News)

TT govt owes $1B for land development if any arms and ammunition were buried under the ground in the areas being searched. Also during the search, the roofs of all the apartments were also checked for concealed arms and ammunition and drugs. (Excerpt from Trinidad Newsday)


he government has incurred a debt of more than TT$1 billion to local contractors with more than 50 per cent of that cost being owed to contractors working on lands being developed for residents who will be displaced by the construction of the San Fernando to Point Fortin Highway. For more than a year, the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBD) has not paid contractors developing lands at

Bahamas defends UK official alarmed at decision to repatriate Jamaica’s high rate of Cubans, says others extra-judicial killings will be repatriated soon

he Bahamas government says there is “quite a lot of misinformation” regarding the detention and repatriation of migrants in the country and would not participate in any discussions with protesters in Miami. Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell in a statement said he would also hold the protesters responsible “if something should jeopardise the safety and security of our personnel and facilities in Florida. “They have engendered an atmosphere of hostility which has led to physical threats against our property there. The United States government has assured us that they take these threats

Paya was a prize-winning campaigner for civil rights. His family have long dismissed the official account of his death, alleging that the Cuban security services killed him. “[His death] was not an isolated incident, it was the result of a continuing process that started a long time ago,” Paya’s brother, Carlos, told the Spanish news agency Efe. The Spanish court has jurisdiction over allegations

seriously and will be acting appropriately to protect our people,” Mitchell said. His statement comes as media reported indicate that Nassau has repatriated 24 Cubans to their homeland despite reports that others countries, such as Panama, were will to take them. Mitchell confirmed that 24 people, all Cuban nationals were repatriated to their home country on Friday, August 16, making a total of 64 for the year so far. He said there are 20 others who will be returned home shortly and that 275 Haitian migrants were returned to Haiti last week as well, making a total of 1848 repatriated so far this year. (Excerpt from Antigua Observer)

Baroness O’Loan: "In this beautiful country, somebody is shot dead almost every day by the JCF"


ember of the United Kingdom House of Lords Baroness Nuala O’Loan has expressed alarm over the reported high number of fatal shootings by the Jamaican police. “In this beautiful country, somebody is shot dead almost every day by the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force), whose role is to protect the citizenry,” bemoaned Baroness O’Loan.” “There is an unparalleled level of police shootings in Jamaica,” she added. She cited figures in a 2002 paper presented by the local human rights group Jamaican for Justice, which showed that “police killings of civilians were running at around 150 a year.” “In the 10 years since

then that number has almost doubled. In 2011 there were about 210 shootings, in 2012, 219 police fatal shootings and between January and June this year there were 147 fatal shootings by police,” lamented Baroness O’Loan. “What is happening? When men, women and children are dying in these numbers, shot by the police, it is clearly important to find out what is going on,” she further argued. Baroness O’Loan said she has worked across the world, even in places like Liberia and in Timor Leste when there was an attempt to assassinate the president, yet she has not seen police fatal shootings in the numbers as she has seen them here. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Petit Morne, Ste Madeleine and Cedar Hill, Princes Town, which will be allocated to residents living along the path of the controversial TT$7.2 billion highway project and ex-Caroni workers. And the figure is likely to increase because of cost overruns and delays on the project. Outstanding debts are just a few of the issues plaguing the EMBD sites as allegations of shoddy work and inflated claims are expected to increase the cost of the

project. In a telephone interview with the TT Guardian, Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal admitted that the government owed the contractors over TT$1 billion. Already, he said, the government had forked out TT$250 million in the last eight months to pay off contractors, with the contractors at the Petit Morne development still being owed TT$300 million for that project alone. (Excerpt from Trinidad Guardian)

Jamaica to host firstever venture capital conference in Kingston


amaica will be hosting its first-ever venture capital conference in September. The conference, which is being launched by the Development Bank of Jamaica, will be hosted at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston. It will take place on September 9. It will mark the beginning of the new Jamaica Venture Capital Programme, an initiative aimed at “developing the environment to mobilise long term equity funding to enable greater access to alternative financing sources for high potential, small and medium size (SME) enterprises, and entrepreneurs,” the government said.

The plan, which will cover a three-year period, is being supported by the InterAmerican Development Bank. The IDB will provide about US$150,000 in grant financing under its Multilateral Investment Fund facility. The DBJ will put up counterpart funds totalling US$128,000. “I think that the Venture Capital industry represents an important plank in the thrust to grow the Jamaican economy, and all stakeholders, whether public or private, will be called on, in the course of this programme, to play their part,” said Joseph Matalon, chairman of the Development Bank of Jamaica. (Caribbean Journal)

Haiti’s Sunrise Airways to launch Cap HaitienTurks and Caicos service


aiti’s Sunrise Airways will begin regularly-scheduled passenger service from Cap Haitien to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The service will begin on August 26, the company said, the first international service for the airline. “Haiti is moving forward, and Sunrise Airways right along with it,” said Philippe Bayard, the airline’s President. “All of us at Sunrise and Haitians everywhere can all take pride in the type of modern, professional airline we’re building from the ground up here in Port-au-Prince to enhance air travel options throughout the region.”

The service will depart daily from Cap Haitien at 08:10h, arriving at around 08:50h. The flights will depart from Providenciales at 09:15h and return to Cap Haitien at around 09:55h. “Our Providenciales schedule has been carefully designed to fit the needs of both business and leisure travellers,” said Hamish Davidson, COO of Sunrise Airways. “Portau-Prince originating corporate travellers arrive in Provo at the start of the business day, while those travelling in the opposite direction can make meetings downtown or in Petion-Ville ahead of the lunch hour. (Caribbean Journal)

15 Around the World Egypt’s Mubarak to be freed French socialist leader hits back at “coca from jail, lawyer says leaf chewing” leftist E T

gypt’s disgraced former President Hosni Mubarak will be released from jail soon, after prosecutors cleared him in a corruption case, his lawyer said on Monday, dropping a new bombshell on a nation in turmoil. The most populous Arab country is already enduring the bloodiest internal conflict in its modern history as the army, which deposed President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 after huge protests against him, cracks down on his Muslim Brotherhood. Mubarak, 85, was arrested after a popular uprising overthrew him on February 11, 2011 as unrest spread across the Arab world.


Egypt’s ousted President Hosni Mubarak sits inside a dock at the police academy on the outskirts of Cairo, in this file picture taken April 15

In scenes that mesmerised Arabs, the ex-strongman appeared in a court-

room cage during his trial on charges that ranged from corruption to complic-

ity in the murder of protesters. More than a year on, the only legal grounds for Mubarak’s continued detention rest on another corruption case which his lawyer, Fareed el-Deeb, said would be settled swiftly. “All we have left is a simple administrative procedure that should take no more than 48 hours. He should be freed by the end of the week,” Deeb told Reuters. Without confirming that Mubarak would be freed, a judicial source said the former leader would spend another two weeks behind bars before judicial authorities made a final decision in the outstanding case against him. (Excerpt from Reuters)

he leader of France’s Socialist Party on Monday mocked left-wing critic Jean-Luc Mélenchon by asking if he had “chewed too many coca leafs” on a recent trip to Latin America, after he claimed that the country’s Socialist-ruled government had a right-wing agenda. “He’s just trying to draw attention to himself, even if that means dividing the left… When I heard him, I asked him if he hadn’t perhaps chewed one too many coca leafs during his holidays in Latin America,” Socialist Party chief Harlem Désir said of firebrand leftist Mélenchon. Mélenchon, a former presidential candidate allied with France’s Communist Party, spent

much of the summer visiting South America, where he met the left-leaning presidents of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. On his return to France, Mélenchon told the prominent weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD) that President François Hollande, a Socialist, had turned his back on left-wing ideals and was encouraging voters to seek out the farright National Front (FN) party. He added that Interior Minister Manuel Valls had been “contaminated” by FN leader Marine Le Pen, in reference to the minister’s suggestion in early August that the government debate a ban on the Muslim veil in universities. (Excerpt from France24)

“Angry” Idaho fire spreads to 126,000 China: Floods death toll acres, threatens luxury resort homes passes 100


ore than 10,000 homes are threatened by a furious Idaho wildfire, including getaways owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis, after an all-out “ground and air attack” failed to stop the blaze spreading to more than 126,000 acres, according to latest reports from the U.S. Forest Service. “Take your essentials, belongings and pets and GO NOW,” a news release on inciweb warned those in the path of the lightningsparked Beaver Creek fire. Despite an army of more than 1200 firefighters, the blaze continues to spread across parched sagebrush, grasslands and pine for-

A helicopter tanker drops fire retardant near a home threatened by the Beaver Creek wildfire outside Ketchum, Idaho, Sunday

ests in the Sun Valley area. The fire now covers an area larger than the city of

Denver. “Every fire has a personality, and this fire has

an angry personality,” Beth Lund, and incident commander with the U.S. Forest Service team managing the blaze in central Idaho told Reuters. The fire has displaced occupants of at least 2250 homes in posh developments outlying the Sun Valley Resort – an allseason vacation getaway famed for its world-class skiing and rich-and-famous residents – and the towns of Ketchum and Hailey immediately to the south. Another 7700 homes are under what is known as pre-evacuation, giving residents time to pack up essential belongings and get ready to go at a moment’s notice if the fire grows closer. (Excerpt from MSNBC)


evastating floods at opposite ends of China have left 105 people dead and another 115 missing in recent days, state media said Monday. Flooding in the north-east which left 72 people dead was described as “the worst in decades” by state news agency Xinhua, while another 33 people died in the south as a result of the weather, it said citing the ministry of civil affairs. Liaoning, the worst-hit province, had 54 fatalities and another 97 people missing, Xinhua said. President Xi Jingping “has demanded all-out efforts in putting people’s lives first”, the agency added. The worst-hit province in the south, battered by

Typhoon Utor last week, was Guangdong where 22 people were dead and eight missing, it added. Transport links were severely crippled, affecting tens of thousands of travellers. Some services from Guangzhou railway station, Guangdong’s most important transport hub, were suspended due to rain and landslides. State media said 80,000 passengers were stranded over the weekend because of the disruption. Services were beginning to return to normal from Monday, the station said in a statement on its website. More than 2800 soldiers have been drafted in to help with the relief efforts, Xinhua reported earlier. (France24)

Fresh Egypt protests 17 executed Zimbabwe’s Mugabe should not follow prisoner deaths in Iraq – face sanctions – Sadc ministry S A nti-coup marchers are back on the streets of Egypt amid calls for an international probe into the deaths of 36 protesters while in police custody. Crowds were gathering on Monday evening in areas including Helwan in Cairo, Assuit, Zagazig and Gharbia. Troops and armoured vehicles were deployed to areas of Cairo, to guard government buildings. The protests come hours after the Anti-Coup Alliance, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded a formal investigation into the deaths of 36 men being transported in a police van. The alliance called the deaths an “horrific crime, in addition to other crimes committed by leaders of the 3rd of July coup”. The men were killed on

Sunday while being transferred on Sunday to Abu Zaabal prison near Cairo in a convoy of about 600 detainees, sources told Al Jazeera. “The true account is not out yet, we have received three contradictory statements,” the alliance said. “We approached the chief attorney and requested a commission be formed and as we speak, the chief prosecutor has not taken any steps.” Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna, reporting from Cairo, said: “The initial reports from the Interior Ministry said that armed attackers had attempted to free the prisoners. This was then amended to the fact that prisoners being transferred from a police station to another prison had overcome one of the escorts, and they had to be attacked to free that particular escort. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)


raqi authorities executed 17 people, including an Egyptian man and two Iraqi women, most of whom were convicted of terrorism, Iraq’s Ministry of Justice said in a statement released Monday. “The ministry carried out the executions against the terrorists after it was approved by the presidential council,” the ministry said in the statement. The prisoners were put to death in what appears to be the latest of several executions carried out by authorities in recent months, despite a United Nations call for restraint. Nearly 70 people were executed in Iraq in 2013, according to CNN tally. (CNN)

outhern African leaders have called for the West to lift all sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe after endorsing President Robert Mugabe’s victory in disputed elections last month. Zimbabweans had “suffered enough”, Malawian President Joyce Banda said. The EU and U.S.-imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 after accusing Mugabe of brutally cracking down on his opponents – a charge he rejected. Mugabe, 89, is due to be inaugurated for a seventh term on Thursday. The European Union (EU) has a travel ban in place against President Mugabe and nine other of officials of his Zanu-PF party and has sanctions imposed on two companies. The U.S. also has a travel ban on Mugabe and other top Zanu-PF officials, and has blacklisted compa-

President Robert Mugabe has faced a travel ban for more than a decade after the U.S. and Europe imposed sanctions in 2002

nies linked to them from doing business with U.S. companies. Mugabe won with 61 per cent of the presidential vote against 34 per cent for Morgan Tsvangirai, the outgoing prime minister and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. On Friday, the MDC dropped plans to challenge Mugabe’s victory in court, alleging it would not get a fair hearing. The MDC had alleged that

the poll was marred by widespread fraud, a view rejected by African Union (AU) and other international observers. Ending a meeting of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) in the Malawian capital, Lilongwe, on Sunday, regional leaders said in a statement that “all forms of sanctions” imposed on Zimbabwe should be lifted following the holding of “free and peaceful” elections. (Excerpt from BBC News)





Republic Bank unable to take Ethiopia’s Ethio Telecom over HFC Bank anytime soon signs deal with China’s ZTE


epublic Bank cannot take over HFC Bank anytime soon, Managing Director of HFC Bank Asare Akuffo has stated categorically. In an interview with a newspaper in Ghana, Akuffo said HFC Bank and Republic Bank have an agreement which stipulates that the TT bank will not go further than a 40 per cent stake. Currently, Republic Bank has a 32 per cent stake in HFC Bank. “I don’t expect Republic Bank to take over HFC any-

North America

time soon, because we have agreed that they can get a maximum of 40 per cent,” Akuffo said. “More so, the Bank of Ghana (BoG) has written to them and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that in the meantime it will not allow Republic Bank to go beyond 40 per cent; so I can stand on that and say that they are not going to have a majority in HFC in the nearfuture.” Akuffo said he hopes HFC remains a private bank,

as sometimes there is a limit to the level of private capital available in the country, so bringing foreigners in helps maintain the private-sector profile. “It is not the plan of management that the bank will be sold completely to Republic Bank, or for them to have a large stake that would make local participation insignificant. I think that as a country this is the kind of thing we should be doing,” he said. (Trinidad Guardian)


thiopia has signed an US$800 million (£510 million) deal with Chinese telecom giant ZTE to expand its mobile phone network, state-run Ethio Telecom has said. The agreement would help double the number of mobile phone subscribers to more than 50 million and increase 3G Internet access nationwide, it said. Most people in Ethiopia do not have access to phones or the internet. Ethio Telecom is the only mobile operator in a country still under tight state control. Its deal with

ZTE, China’s second-biggest telecoms equipment maker, is part of a telecommunications expansion project worth US$1.6 billion. “The expansion is vital to attain Ethio Telecom’s objective of increasing telecom service access and coverage across the nation, as well as to upgrade existing network to new technology,” Andualem Admassie, acting head of Ethio Telecom, said in a speech at the signing ceremony. The project aims to introduce 4G broadband Internet in the capital, Addis

Ababa, and increase mobile phone and 3G Internet access across the country. Less than one per cent of Ethiopia’s 85 million people have access to the internet on mobile phones and 23 per cent of the population subscribe to mobile phones, AFP news agency quotes the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as saying. Ethiopia’s decision to enter into a deal with ZTE shows China’s growing influence in Africa, rivalling the investments of Western firms, correspondents say. (BBC News)

U.S. court gives lawsuit over Barclays Asia Japan's trade deficit worsens disclosures a second chance


U.S. appeals court on Monday said investors may revive a lawsuit accusing Britain’s Barclays Plc of misleading them in a 2008 stock offering about its subprime mortgage exposure and ability to manage credit risks. Reversing a lower court, the second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said investors may sue Barclays and its underwriters over a US$2.5 billion offering of American deposi-

tary shares in April 2008 that lost much of its value within a year. The lawsuit is one of many accusing major banks of inflating their share prices by concealing or being too slow to report deteriorating credit conditions on their balance sheets. Barclays’ offering came just four months before the London-based bank took a 2.8 billion pounds (US$4.4 billion) writedown on subprime mortgages and other risky

debt. Soon after the writedown, it announced a large capital-raising plan. “In a quickly deteriorating credit market, we believe the particulars about a firm’s exposure to that market could assume a level of importance, and hence materiality, that may not have been the case in less economically stressful times,” Circuit Judge Barrington Parker wrote for a two-judge second Circuit panel. (Reuters)


on back of weak yen


apan’s trade deficit worsened in July, almost doubling from a year ago, as a weak yen boosted import costs. The deficit for the month rose to 1.02 trillion yen (US$10.billion; £6.7 billion), as imports surged 19.6 per cent from a year ago. The yen has fallen nearly 25 per cent against the US dollar since November 2012, as policymakers unveiled a series of aggressive measures to revive growth. Analysts said

that despite the growing deficit, the government was likely to stick to its aggressive policies, “In the short term the government will focus on its weaker yen policy as its priorities are very clear,” Junko Nishioka, chief Japan economist at RBS Securities in Tokyo, told the BBC. “They want to revive growth in the Japanese economy and a weak yen is key to achieving that goal,” she added.

According to data released earlier this month, Japan’s growth rate slowed in the April to June quarter, from the previous quarter. The world’s third-largest economy grew at an annualised rate of 2.6 per cent during the period, down from the 4.1 per cent annualised rate in the first three months of the year. A weak yen has its advantages as well, the biggest one being that it makes Japanese goods cheaper for foreign buyers. (BBC News)

Nitrate find hits NZ’s dairy cred Middle East UK body brands Saudi hajj packages ‘a total rip-off’


ew Zealand’s reputation as a first-class dairy producer has taken another hit with Hokitikabased Westland Milk Products saying a small amount of lactoferrin powder had been quarantined in China after tests there showed it contained higher-than-permissible nitrate levels. Lactoferrin is a protein used in a wide range of products, from infant formula to yoghurt. Nitrates, which occur naturally in the environment, are used as a food preservative but have been linked

to cancer. Westland Milk chief executive Rod Quin said the cooperative was of the view that the elevated nitrate levels were the result of an isolated incident in the lactoferrin plant only, where traces of cleaning products – which contained nitrates – were not adequately flushed from the plant. “Our investigation is under way to establish the root cause and we have implemented corrective actions,” he said, adding the raised nitrate levels did not constitute a food safety risk.

Market statistics

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Cambio Rates Bank of Guyana


A Westland Milk spokesman said the cooperative’s “best information” was that the product did not reach shop shelves. He said the higher nitrate levels did not show up in local testing but came to light when one of its customers in China conducted an individual batch test. The Westland announcement follows news early this month that China had temporarily suspended imports of whey powder from Fonterra after three batches were found to contain clostridium, a bacteria that can cause botulism. (NZ Herald)

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity






















Indicators as on August 19, 2013 Live Spot Gold $1365.60










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Low: 15005.42

% YTD: +14.55

52Wk Hi: 15658.43

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09


kingdom during the holy month of Ramadan. A statement read: “It is highly regrettable that these service providers do not have any regard and respect for the values and teachings of Islam.”They are preying on vulnerable pilgrims including sick, elderly and the disabled cheating and charging them at extortionate and unjustified prices for the Hajj and Umrah packages and the profits made by these service providers are absolutely outrageous.”

The association did not give any specific details regarding price hikes but called them “a total rip-off”. The statement added: “This situation has worsened significantly in the last few years to such an extent that the Muslim Ummah is now looking towards the Custodian of the two Holy mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to take stern action to stop financial exploitation of millions of pilgrims from around the world by these unscrupulous service providers. (Arabianbusiness)

Investors' guide

Keeping an eye on your competitors


t is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but in the world of business, imitation is inevitable, and hardly flattering. For example, Apple’s iPhone and iPad products have been imitated by a number of competitors, such as HTC and Samsung, which have incurred the legal wrath of Steve Jobs and company. Meanwhile, in the video game industry, cookie cutter genres are the norm, with each studio imitating a popular franchise – such as Call of Duty,

World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto – in an attempt to cash in on current popular trends, rather than shoulder the inherent risks of innovation. Competitors in China have taken imitation to extreme levels, with fake iPods, iPhones and iPads freely available at any major street market. In this world which relies on low-risk and highrewards, imitation clearly trumps innovation. However, truly learning from competitors doesn’t mean flat out imitating them.

While there is no fault in following the successful trend of a market leader, such as Apple, there is a flaw in slavish imitation. In Apple’s case, its cheaper Android imitators have given Apple the unintended gift of free advertising. People buy Android phones because they resemble iPhones at a cheaper price, but it ultimately fails to satisfy their desire for the real iPhone, which leads to a high turnover rate which benefits Apple. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Leadership

1369.25 875.42 1024.96 Changes: -70.73


1360.75 870.10 1020.59

Crude Oil


London Gold Fix

Aug 19


USD Per Once



n organisation working for the wellbeing of hajj and Umrah pilgrims from the UK is calling for action to stop their “financial exploitation” when buying package to visit Saudi Arabia. The Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH) has voiced its concern regarding what it calls the “extortionate increase” in Hajj package prices demanded by operators. The main pilgrimage season begins in October this year but hundreds of thousands also visited the


The activity of leading a group of people or an organisation or the ability to do this. Leadership involves: * establishing a clear vision, * sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, * providing the information, knowledge and methods to realise that vision, and * coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.



tuesday, august 20, 2013 |

Agri Parts opens multimillion- CBU confab opens with calls for credible media dollar Mandela branch

Caribbean Broadcasting Union members pose with Prime Minister Samuel Hinds at the opening of the CBU’s 44th Annual General Assembly at the Guyana International Conference Centre By Leana Bradshaw

Deonarine Sugrim, his wife and two sons cutting the ribbon to open the latest Agri Parts branch at Mandela Avenue on Monday in the presence of Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul and local contractor Brian Tiwari


o mark 20 years in the machinery and spare parts business, Agri Parts has commissioned a brand new multimillion-dollar location on Mandela Avenue, next door to Guytrac. At a simple commissioning ceremony on Monday, owner of the company, Deonarine Sugrim called “Haro” said that he started the business at the lower flat of his Sheriff Street home with the “little” he had, and then expanded by opening a Kitty location, where his business saw a lot of success. He said he further expanded the company with a Mandela Avenue location where he had a workshop, and now, 20 years later, he opened another location and will continue to expand in the future.


A proud Sugrim explained that his business did not rise to success without a lot of challenges, and problems; however, he overcame all of that with perseverance. “My motive is striving, my motive is work hard, work honest and you will get there,” the businessman said. He added that since its existence, Agri Parts has been serving persons in the various industries, notably agriculture, mining and construction. The businessman dis-

closed that he ventured into this recent expansion because of his children. “I have two children and have to provide for them to the best of my abilities.” Meanwhile, Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul was also present at the opening and told the Sugrim family that the government of Guyana is proud of their development, which not only benefits Guyana’s economy, but also created scores of new jobs.

Proud of development

“We are always pleased when investors and Guyanese show confidence in the country and in the economy and expand their business to this magnitude,” the minister said. He reiterated the fact the business started at a “bottom house” and has now developed into a multimillion dollar enterprise, noting that this was due to the hard work, dedication and perseverance displayed by the Sugrim family, who had sacrificed a lot and put in long hours to ensure the success of their business. “I have watched this family develop over the years because of hard work and dedication, and this, to my mind, is necessary if we are going to make a success story ourselves. We must look at this family and see what they have done in such a short time, emulate them and a success story

will follow,” Dr Gopaul stated. The minister noted that Agri Parts will continue to serve the people of Guyana by offering top quality parts and top brand machinery at affordable prices. He noted that farmers, contractors and gold miners will also continue to benefit from the good, efficient and reliable services from the business.

Good employer

The minister pointed out that Sugrim has proven to be a good corporate citizen and a good employer as he has adopted the new minimum wage policy. With this new location, Agri Parts now has four branches, three of which are on Mandela Avenue. Over the years, the business has developed into one of the leading supplier of agricultural spare parts. The company offers different type of parts and commodities for various equipment used in the agriculture, mining, construction and forestry sectors. Agri Parts has also expanded its services to include importation of heavyduty equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders and road rollers. The company has also created jobs for over 100 Guyanese in various fields, including store assistants, sales representatives, mechanics, welders, operators, among others.


he ability to deliver objective and credible information in an era influenced by opinion-led social media is an advantage mainstream broadcasting entities should recognise as they move towards a digitalised future. This was noted by Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) President Shida Bolai, during her address at the opening ceremony of the CBU’s 44th Annual General Assembly, held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown, on Monday.

Media standards

“Credible information is the life blood of information on public opinion, which is the rock on which democracies are built,” she pointed out. “Our role as professional broadcasters; we cannot fail our region by lowering standards and running with the herd.” As such, the CBU, she said, continues to lobby for independent public broadcast entities that are free from partisan influences and control. “In this era, democracy demands media that is accessible by all, fair, responsible and unbiased.” She also highlighted the need for entities to continue in their discussion and drive to transition from analog to digital transmission of information, as they seek to keep up to date with the advancing technological era. “As a union, the CBU

is concerned that policymakers recognise that pace and structure of the digital switchover”, bearing in mind the economic realities and the absorptive capacities of consumers. She added that democracy demands media that is accessible by all, fair, and free from partisan influences. “Staying relevant means … a review of our membership to ensure that with the waking changes occurring throughout the industry, the CBU remains the unchallengeable authority as a true and valued representative of the industry,” Bolai noted. In this regard, she recommended a review of the membership categories of the CBU, to include newspapers for full membership, since such entities utilise audio and visual media. Magazines, journalistic websites, and other related bodies are also up for review for associate membership. The CBU president also urged leaders to ensure the union is not marginalised by the emergence of new formations and that they embrace the expressions of 21st century broadcasting.

Digitalised media

Meanwhile, giving the keynote address, President Donald Ramotar said it was important that Caribbean media houses transform, since the development of technology is affecting every aspect of life and they cannot afford to be left behind. “I’m in full support of the move to con-

vert to digital and hopefully, we in the Caribbean can meet the timetable by the International Telecommunications Union for this to be implemented,” the president said. The head of state also highlighted that Guyana has played its part in the evolution of the CBU, reminiscing on the days when it was housed at the Caricom Secretariat.

Broadcast spectrum

National Communications Network (NCN) Board Chairman Prem Misir said the 44th AGA highlighted the deadline of 2015 given by the International Telecommunications Union for developed countries to implement the analog-digital switchover. In this regard, he said the region needs to be proactive in moving in that direction, which allows for freeing up of the broadcasting spectrum. Commonwealth Broadcasting Association General Secretary Sally Ann Wilson, in her remarks, reiterated the need for broadcasting entities to keep up with the transforming media. She highlighted that it is always hard to gain funding for broadcast-related activities, since it is sometimes viewed as an old form of media. The CBU was formed in 1970 with a view to stimulating the flow of broadcast material in radio and television in the Caribbean region. (

Guyana enters 11 short films at CARIFESTA


preview of a documentary highlighting the life achievements of St Lucian Noble Prize Winner Derek Walcott was the first to be shown at the Film Festival on Sunday, part of the events at CARIFESTA XI being held in Suriname. That film is scheduled to be shown in its entirety, next month in Trinidad and Tobago. This was followed by the old Surinamese film “One People”. Film coordinator for the Guyanese delegation, Richard Pitman noted that Guyana has entered

11 films into the festivals. “Most of them are Cineguyana films which the president sponsored two years ago and under the present film endowment project,” he said. These films include “To the Night” and “Beached” by Kojo McPherson; “You Are Not Alone” by Stanley Bennett Clay and Antoine B Craigwell; “Luck Beat Handsome” by Errol Chan; “Hope” by Shaundel Philips; “Three Cards” by Michael James; “Tradition” by Margaret Lawrence; “The Encounter” by Bonny Alves;

“The Bottle” by Smolana Varswyk; “The Back Yard” by Denise Harris and “Look In A Different Way” and “Flambeau” by Errol Brewster. There are several workshops which touch on low budget film making, animation, challenges of film making and stop motion, and sessions that target children who are interested in animation. Pitman explained that the festival presents a good opportunity for local filmmakers to gain exposure in light of the growing Guyanese film industry.

He stressed that being able to view the films from other countries, and the networking, are also very important for the Guyanese filmmakers. Surinamese Foreign Minister Winston Lackin emphasised that the concept behind CARIFESTA is exactly what his country is addressing due to its geographic location and regional integration. “CARIFESTA is one of the most important vehicles to improve and ensure that we reach the objectives set for integration,” he said. The minister il-

lustrated that the name of the Surinamese film “One People” is a reflection of Caribbean and South American integration. Organiser of the Film Festival, Hennah Draaibaar in her remarks highlighted that there are many reasons why filmmakers do what they do. “One of the reasons is filmmakers love to share, and making a movie means sharing because it is a gateway to countries and cultures through the lives of those who live far way,” she said.

Draaibaar emphasised that such is the purpose of the CARIFESTA XI Film Festival which will see the sharing of the celebrations of cultures and the passion and determination of filmmakers. Over the next few days, patrons will be able to view short films, music videos, animations and documentaries. The festival also includes productions from Chile, Indonesia and the Netherlands, the Government Information Agency (GINA) said in a release.





By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Consider an alliance that will help stabilise your position or bolster your reputation. What’s offered can be beneficial if it’s tailored to the skills and knowledge that you can provide.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You’ll face emotional deception when dealing with business or personal relationships. Ask questions if you feel you aren’t getting the whole truth. Consider making changes to accommodate your position, but stick to your principles.


PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) If you have something to offer, now’s the time to pitch it. Your innovative and inventive mind will dazzle those you encounter. Expect to be offered help or suggestions that will contribute to your success.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Follow your plans through with a disciplined attitude. Cut back where you can and be moderate in all that you do. Focus on positive change, not on your failures.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Get out and mingle and you’ll make some interesting contacts. You have much to learn from your experience dealing with people from different backgrounds. Talks will lead to a new way to utilise your skills.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) A partnership’s success will be proportional to what you put into it. Your unique contribution to something that helps others will bring you recognition.

PEANUTS ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Your indecisiveness may upset someone, but it will help you come to a conclusion that works in the end. Weigh all the pros and cons before making a commitment.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your generosity will be taken advantage of by a coworker or colleague. Step back and look at what’s required, then offer no more than necessary. Spend time with loved ones and nurture the relationships that count.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Don’t pay much attention to what others do or say – trust your own instincts. Taking time to observe how things unfold will be to your benefit. A bit of needed romance will improve your attitude.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Knowledge is key, and opening your mind to a variety of interesting concepts will result in positive changes. Not everyone who knows you will agree with your choices, but that’s OK.

Monday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Home is where the heart is, and it should be your main concern. Fixing up your place with the best interest of loved ones in mind will bring some much-deserved harmony. Plan a fun-filled evening.

Travel plans or a visit to someone who makes you happy will brighten your day. A personal proposal will lead to a change of plans. Prepare to make a sudden move and to roll with the punches.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)



CAPE top student heads into medical field




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n aspiring cardiothoracic surgeon, this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) student, Shalita Appadu is all set to pursue an associate degree in Biology at the University of Guyana, Tain Campus, come September. Appadu, a former student of the New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS), achieved six grade ones and one grade two. She studied a combination of science and business subjects at the sixth form level at President’s College, but has decided to build her career in the medical field, the Government Information Agency (GINA) said. She added that even though her time at President’s College meant living away from her family in Berbice, it was a wonderful experience. “I made a lot of friends and met a lot of interesting people; President’s College is a great environment,” Appadu said. She explained that living in the dormitory has its advantages, as it enables group studying and discussions, which she and her peers often did. She credited her success

Shalita Appadu, top 2013 CAPE performer

to God, her family and her teachers at President’s College, who she said are extremely dedicated and hardworking. This year, 748 candidates from eight secondary schools and two private centres in May/June 2013, wrote the CAPE in Guyana. Appadu said that President’s College being placed in the top will motivate the students there to challenge themselves more to perform even better. The top student is excited to commence the new UG academic year in her

hometown. She explained that attending the Tain Campus will allow her to be close to her family from whom she has been way for the past two years. “It’s a marvellous thing to have that Campus at Tain, now a lot of Berbicians are not settling for CSEC level jobs, they are aiming for better paying jobs because they are pursuing higher education,” she said. Speaking about this year’s overall performance both at the CAPE and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, she

said that it is clear that the education system has improved greatly over the years. However, she agreed with Education Minister, Priya Manickchand that much more emphasis should be placed on the two core subject areas, mathematics and English. Queen’s College has also come out shining at this year’s CAPE exams with six of its students copping five grade ones each and five others, four grade ones each. Of the latter category, three of them got one grade one each and other a grade three. Some of these outstanding performers include: Melodie Lowe, Kaleshwar Singh, Prashant Shivdas, Deowattie Narine, Anuradha Dev, and Benedict Sukra all of whom secured five grade ones each. Overall, Guyana has recorded a slight increase in performance at the CAPE exams with improvement in the number of grade one and three passes. In 2012, the number of grades ones attained was 266 or 9.31 per cent, this year it is 314 or 10.55 percent and in grade threes, from 621 or 21.74 per cent in 2012 to 657 or 22.07 per cent in 2013.

A fiery earth where a year lasts just 8.5 hours discovered


wo unbelievable discoveries of exoplanets were announced by scientists on Monday – one was of a fiery ball of lava that goes around its star in just eight and a half hours, and the other a dense ball of iron that goes around its star in just four and a quarter hours, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said today in a statement. These are one of the shortest orbiting periods ever found. Earth goes around its star – the Sun – in one year. Both discoveries were done by an international team of scientists drawn from MIT, Caltech, University of Hawaii, Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astronomy and the Copenhagen University. The small fireball planet called Kepler 78b is 700 light years away and about the size of Earth. It is extremely close to its star and the scientists have estimated that its surface temperatures may be as high as 3000 degrees Kelvin, or more than 5000 de-

The small fireball planet called Kepler 78b is 700 light years away and about the size of Earth

grees Fahrenheit. In such a scorching environment, the top layer of the planet is likely completely melted, creating a massive, roiling ocean of lava. Scientists were able to detect light emitted by the planet – the first time that researchers have been able to do so for an exoplanet as small as Kepler 78b. The group was able to detect the light given off by the planet by measuring the amount by which the overall light dimmed each time the plan-

et passed behind the star. The researchers say that the planet’s light is possibly a combination of radiation from its heated surface and light reflected by surface materials, such as lava and atmospheric vapour. The discovery of Kepler 78b is reported in The Astrophysical Journal. In a separate paper, published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, members of that same group, along with others at MIT and elsewhere, observed KOI 1843.03, a

previously discovered exoplanet with an even shorter orbital period: just 4 1/4 hours. The group, led by physics professor emeritus Saul Rappaport, determined that in order for the planet to maintain its extremely tight orbit around its star, it would have to be incredibly dense, made almost entirely of iron – otherwise, the immense tidal forces from the nearby star would rip the planet to pieces, the MIT statement said. (Excerpt from Times of India)


Tuesday, august 20, 2013

Asif shares spot-fixing Man City thrash 10-man Newcastle details with PCB M

ohammad Asif, the former Pakistan fast bowler, has had a meeting with the PCB’s vigilance and anticorruption department to share information related to the spot-fixing saga. His first meeting with the PCB was the second major step towards his rehabilitation programme following his public confession last week to his part in spotfixing during the Lords Test in 2010, vowing to make amends in order to revive his international career. “I had my first session and will do more,” Asif told reporters in Lahore after a two-and-half-hour meeting with the PCB. “Although it’s a beginning, I am following the ICC directives for rehabilitation and will work further with the PCB. I have already apologised in public and today had given a formal written apology too.” Asif, who was found guilty of bowling a deliberate no-ball, will be 33 by the time the minimum of five years from his ban are complete and will work through the final two years under suspension, on the condition that he commits no further breach of the Code of Conduct throughout that period and participates in an

Man City put on a superb display to thrash Newcastle Mohammad Asif

anti-corruption education programme under the PCB. The apology is not expected to have any immediate implications but Asif will have to undergo rehabilitation and present the whole truth to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) and PCB. “I am following the ICC programme and will share all sufficient information with the ICC,” Asif said. Asif was among three players involved in the spotfixing scandal, along with the former captain Salman Butt and the fast bowler Mohammad Amir. Amir was given a five-year ban and Butt was slapped a 10year (five year suspended)

ban from any involvement in cricketing activities. The trio have apologised for their part with Amir having already completed his rehabilitation programme while Butt and Asif are set to go through the programme. The PCB will investigate the information shared by Asif during the meeting before chalking out a rehabilitation programme for him. “He met with the PCB chairman and the vigilance and anti-corruption unit,” a PCB spokesman told ESPNcricinfo. “It was a basic meeting after he voluntarily made a public apology and was here to share information ahead of his rehabilitation programme.” (Cricinfo)

Pistorius South Africa murder trial set for March


date has been set for the trial of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at a hearing at Pretoria magistrates’ court. The prosecutor in the case said the dates of March 3 to 20 had been mutually agreed for the trial. The prosecution handed a copy of the indictment to Pistorius. Pistorius denies murdering Steenkamp. He says he shot her after mistaking her for an intruder. He was granted bail in February and has since resumed some low-key training. During Monday’s brief hearing, prosecutor Gerrie Nel said he planned to transfer the case to the high court: “We have prepared the indictment.” Oscar Pistorius looked stern-faced as he appeared in court, says the BBC’s Andrew Harding at the hearing. Before proceedings started, he could be seen crying and holding hands with his siblings. Pistorius was also indicted on a charge of illegal possession of ammunition. The double amputee won gold at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and also competed at the Olympics. His arrest in February


ew Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini enjoyed a dream Premier League start as his side swept past 10man Newcastle with a superb display on Monday. City began at a frantic pace with an energised Edin Dzeko crossing for David Silva’s early opener. Sergio Aguero steered a shot past Tim Krul for City’s second before Steven Taylor saw red for a swipe at Aguero. Yaya Toure curled in a free-kick after the break before Samir Nasri scored late on as City cruised to victory. It was a resounding performance by an irrepressiblelooking City, with summer signings Fernandinho and Jesus Navas handed starts and appearing accomplished throughout. Fellow debutant Alvaro Negredo also came on in the second half and was denied a goal after being ruled marginally offside. Indeed, had Krul not been in inspired form, the margin of victory could have been even greater for Pellegrini’s side, who have

won their last eight games against the Magpies. Although the new additions adjusted well, it was Dzeko who was City’s outstanding performer as he created two goals and peppered the Newcastle goal with several efforts. City have been the biggest spenders in the close season, investing nearly £87m on four new players, and their performance at a buoyant Etihad Stadium will give their Premier League title rivals plenty to consider with the transfer window shutting on 2 September. In contrast, Newcastle suffered a nightmare start to their campaign, and the mood of Newcastle manager Alan Pardew will hardly have improved after Arsenal made a £10m bid for midfielder Yohan Cabaye in the build-up to the game, with the Frenchman being left out of the squad. The hosts, whose only sour note was losing captain Vincent Kompany with what looked like a groin injury, could easily have been

two goals to the good before they went ahead. First, Aguero, and then Dzeko, drew fine saves from Krul after penetrating runs down the right by Pablo Zabaleta, who signed a new four-year contract before the game. Pellegrini only had to wait until the sixth minute of his Premier League bow to see his team take the lead, though. Dzeko was involved again as he collected Silva’s through ball down the left side of the penalty area and crossed for the Spaniard to head home after the ball took a deflection off Taylor’s shoulder. Newcastle, who only secured their Premier League status in their penultimate game of last season, could not cope with City as the hosts poured forward with pace and width. The combination of Moussa Sissoko and Cheick Tiote in centre midfield gave the Magpies back four little protection and Dzeko dragged another chance wide before he cleverly set up City’s second goal after 22 minutes. (BBC Sport)

Michael Carberry given England call for Australia T20 series


Reeva Steenkamp, 29, was shot dead in the early hours of Valentine’s Day

stunned many South Africans who saw him as a national sporting hero after his long legal battle to be able to take part in the Olympics.

Ballistic evidence

State prosecutors are arguing that the killing was premeditated, a charge which carries a sentence of life imprisonment. They say he killed Steenkamp intentionally after a fight. But Pistorius says he shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door of his home in Pretoria after mistaking her for a burglar. The prosecution handed over details of its case against

Pistorius at Monday’s hearing, including a witness list and forensic reports. Much depends on ballistic evidence from the bathroom where Steenkamp was shot, our correspondent says. South African newspapers have reported that at least some of that forensic evidence appears to back up Pistorius’s version of events, he continues. However, the prosecution is expected to call witnesses who will say the Olympic runner was preoccupied with guns, and had been arguing with his girlfriend. Last week, the police wrapped up their sixmonth investigation into Steenkamp’s killing. (BBC Sport)

ampshire’s Michael Carberry has been called up by England for two Twenty20 internationals against Australia. The 32-year-old opener, who won his only Test cap in 2010, scored 502 runs in this season’s FLt20. Captain Stuart Broad, Steven Finn and Joe Root are the only members of England’s Ashes winners in the 14-man squad, Root having been added three hours after the original announcement. The series begins in Southampton on 29 August and ends in Durham on 31 August. “With only eight international T20 matches until the ICC World T20 next April, this NatWest series is an important chance for players to show they are capable of performing well at this level,” said national selector Geoff Miller. “The two matches will also allow [limited-overs

Michael Carberry

coach] Ashley Giles and Stuart Broad an opportunity to look at a number of different options. “This squad combines players with plenty of international experience with players who have impressed at domestic level and who deserve an opportunity to test themselves in an international environment against a strong Australian side.” (BBC Sport) England squad

for T20 series against Australia: Stuart Broad, (Nottinghamshire, captain), Ravi Bopara (Essex), Danny Briggs (Hampshire), Jos Buttler (Somerset), Michael Carberry (Hampshire), Jade Dernbach (Surrey), Steven Finn (Middlesex), Alex Hales (Nottinghamshire), Michael Lumb (Nottinghamshire), Eoin Morgan (Middlesex), Boyd Rankin (Warwickshire), James Tredwell (Kent), Luke Wright (Sussex)

tuesday, august 20, 2013


Actor Gerard Butler Cotterell’s salute to the Limacol CPL supports Tallawahs S K

ingston, JAMAICA – The excitement and fun of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League continues to appeal to Hollywood celebrities with officials announcing that actor Gerard Butler has taken an equity interest in the Jamaica Tallawahs team, and hopes to be supporting his team at the semi-final and final in Trinidad & Tobago. “My good friend Ajmal Khan has been telling me about the Limacol CPL and I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of the matches. It is obvious that this tournament is the home of the greatest party in sport so I wanted to get in on the fun,” said Butler.  “Having said that, as a Scotsman I definitely have an appreciation for cricket and I also recognise that the LCPL is a great combination of sports and entertainment.   I’m excited about joining the Jamaica Tallawahs franchise, and hopefully being a part of the team that wins the inaugural tournament.” Ajmal Khan, Chairman

Gerard Butler

of Verus International and Founder of the Limacol CPL stated, “Celebrities owning sports teams is nothing new but to have two Hollywood actors taking a vested interest in cricket teams is quite novel. The Limacol CPL continues to attract that ‘star power’.   I think it’s a testament to the quality of the tournament, the carnival party atmosphere, the music, the entertainment, the fans, and the experience that only the Caribbean can deliver.  We’re just a few days away from the semi-finals and final but the interest in, and desire to be a part of the Limacol CPL is still there because the tournament just keeps getting better with every game that’s played. I am excited to have

my good friend Gerry come to the Limacol CPL to join the party.” “We are thrilled that Gerard has seen the enormous potential of the Limacol CPL and has taken an equity interest in the Jamaica Tallawahs,” said Limacol CPL Chief Executive Officer Damien O’Donohoe. “Now that the tournament has actually started, I think more people are realising its global appeal, and how it is an experience like no other.  Celebrities such as Gerard further raise the profile of the tournament, and expand the fan base to reach new markets.  We look forward to seeing the many ways in which this partnership will benefit both Gerard and the LCPL.” Butler’s next movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2, comes out in 2014.  He is best known for his roles in films such as Olympus Has Fallen, 300, Law Abiding Citizen, The Ugly Truth, P.S. I Love You, and sports themed movies - Chasing Mavericks (surfing) and Playing for Keeps (soccer).    The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League began on 30 July in Barbados, and concludes on Saturday in Trinidad. (CPL)

Barbados and Guyana maintain their unblemished record


t George’s, GRENADA – Barbados and Guyana have maintained their unblemished record in round three of the West Indies Women T20 tournament in Grenada on Monday Barbados thrashed St Vincent and the Grenadines by four wickets at Tanteen playing field while Guyana demolished host Grenada by eight wickets at Progress Park. The Vincentians were unable to build a competitive total and found themselves struggling on 81 for six when the overs ran out. Sheree Ann John (15) and Crystal John (10) were the only batsmen who survived to take their score into double figures. The Bajans lost six wickets on the chase but were always in control as Shaquana Quintyne 20 not out guided them safely to 82 in 17.2 overs. Kyshona Knight contributed 16 before she was trapped lbw. At Progress Park, Grenada also found the going tough as Guyana prevailed to post their third straight win. The Grenadians, batting first, was only able to muster 66 for 7 in their 20 overs as their second straight defeat loomed. The most impressive Guyanese bowler was

t John’s, ANTIGUA – Antigua Hawksbills birthday boy Sheldon Cotterell may not be getting ready for a Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) semi-final in Trinidad this week but left-arm pace bowler has still written his name large on the inaugural tournament. The man who celebrated his 24th birthday on Monday has seen his profile soar after enjoying a tournament that, from a personal perspective, has been an unqualified success. The recognition he has received, however, has not been due simply to his ability to bowl in excess of 140 kilometres per hour or the eight wickets he took, but also thanks to his distinctive celebration – a straightbacked military salute. “I am a Jamaica Defence Force soldier and I take pride in my work,” he said. “In Jamaica we would say that it (the military) is my bread and butter and my saluting is just to show my co-workers and my superiors I respect them very much.  I respect what I do and I enjoy it.” Cotterell says the celebration was just a sign of his enjoyment, and was not planned but instead something he just did. Jamaica-born Cotterell slotted in easily to the Hawksbills squad and admitted there were aspects of the tournament that were cricketing heaven. “As I said in our final team meeting to (former Australia captain) Ricky Ponting, I was just being born when he made his international debut.  Playing with him has been wonderful and so has having Sir Viv (Richards as coach). They have both been inspirational to everyone and very motivating.” “Franchise cricket is all about professionalism and I think I have been strictly professional. I have played with a wonderful bunch of guys and I have enjoyed my time working with my coaches. “Phil DeFreitas (the assistant coach and former England fast bowler) has given me some little pointers and it worked. And whenever I have made a mistake, he has been the person there to see it.” Cotterrell’s ambition now is to make the step up to the next level and with the squad for a West Indies A team tour to India soon to be announced, he has done a great deal to put himself well and truly in the frame for selection.

Antigua Hawksbills Sheldon Cotterell “My ambition? I only have one ambition and that is to play cricket at the highest level (I can),” he said. “West Indies Test cricket – that is my pride and joy. Whether playing for my club or my country, my goal has always been to make it to the West Indies senior team.” For now though, Cotterell is set to be a spectator as the LCPL reaches a climax at the Queen’s Park Oval. “I was hoping to spend my birthday travelling to Trinidad but that was cut short (by defeat to Guyana Amazon Warriors on Saturday in the side’s final league match),” he said. “I was hoping my team could make the semi-final but unfortunately we did not.” An audio interview with Sheldon Cotterrell is available for download for free editorial use here: boos/1555600-sheldon-cotterrell-the-jamaica-and-antigua-hawksbills-fast-bowler-onhis-experiences-in-the-inaugural-limacol-caribbean-premier-league The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League runs until Saturday with the two semi-finals on Thursday and Friday.

Jamaica on course to do the double


Phaffiana Millington

June Ogle

Phaffiana Millington with 3 for 6 from her 4 overs. Opener June Ogle continued her run spree with an unbeaten 29 while Shamaine Campbelle scored 16 as the visitors cruised to 67 for two in 15.3 overs. Meantime Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago have scored their second straight victory following opening round defeats. Jamaica scored a crushing 49 run win over St Lucia at Progress Park while Trinidad and Tobago hammered Dominica by ten wickets at the Tanteen playing field. A powerful half century from Stefanie Taylor brought Jamaica to 108 for the loss of one wicket in a match reduced to 15 overs because of rain. Taylor counted seven boundaries in a 46 ball

top score of 61 not out while Shanel Daley hit two fours while adding 38 not out. St Lucia stumbled to 59 for four in their 15 overs with Paulina Francis scoring 13. In the other game, Trinidad and Tobago bowlers were ruthless, as Stacy Ann King, Kirbyina Alexander and Alisa Mohammed ran through the Dominican innings which collapsed for 38 runs. King took 3 for 7 from 4 overs to be the leading wicket taker while Alexander and Alisa Mohammed picked up two each. Trinidad and Tobago raced to victory reaching their target of 39 without loss off 5.5 overs in less than 25 minutes. Amanda Samaroo was not out on 13 and Selene O’Neil unbeaten on 18.

asseterre, ST KITTS – Jamaica have moved closer towards capturing the Regional under 19 50 overs title after dismissing the leeward Islands by four wickets in Round six on Sunday. Ramaal Lewis grabbed 3-31 as the Leeward Islands were bowled out for 142 runs just inside 50 overs at Molineaux. Ashawn Hodge (27), Shaquille Martina (26) and Saeed Williams (22) all got starts but failed to convert it. Jamaica stumbled along the way themselves in the chase but recovered sufficiently to get home by four wickets, and with 13 overs to spare. Tristan Colemon led the Jamaicans charge towards victory, hitting 53 runs from 81 balls. In his 109 minute stay at the crease, Coleman hit three fours and two sixes. There were also good knocks for Odeane Mc Catty

(25) and Ramaal Lewis (21). Trinidad and Tobago, meanwhile, surrendered any chance of winning the Regional Under-19 Tournament falling to a heavy seven wicket defeat at the hands of the Windward Islands. After being asked to bat first, the Trinis limped to 129 all out from just under 43 overs at Conaree. Larry Edward, Ray Jordan and Gidron Pope all led T&T’s demise, taking three wickets each. Camillo Carimbocas top scored for Trinidad with 25 while Tion Webster made 23. Al Small also made a small contribution in 22. But 129 runs was not enough as the Windward Islands stormed to their victory target with 15 overs to spare. Taryck Gabriel led the charge with 60 runs from 87 balls, striking three fours and six sixes. He was aided by Keone George who struck 47.

Bryan Charles was T&T’s best bowler, taking 2-18 as the Windward Islands won comfortably by seven wickets. At Progress Park, Barbados thrashed the ICC Americas by six wickets to register their second win. Shakeel Ahmmad who top scored with 30 and Steven Taylor 22 were the main contributors as ICC Americas were bowled out well inside 37 overs for 104. Barbados lost four wickets in their chase of 105 runs to win. Though they approached the target cautiously, Lee Germon-Gaskin hit an unbeaten 49 to lead his team to victory. Jamaica currently top the table on 31 points with one game in hand, while Trinidad and Tobago are second on 24.9 points after playing all their matches. Windward Islands are third on the table with 22.2 points and one game to play.



tuesday, august 20, 2013

Hinds wins Bryden and Fernandes feature race

Raikkonen ‘wants Ferrari return’ claims Eddie Jordan

Kimi Raikkonen

Bryden and Fernandes’ Marketing Manager Mark Kendall (centre) congratulates winner Orville Hinds, while other top performers and members of the Roraima Bikers Club share the moment


indener Orville Hinds outgunned his rivals on Sunday to win the feature 30-lap race of the Bryden and Fernandes 10race programme around the seawall bandstand, Kingston, Georgetown. Competing in the Roraima Bikers Cluborganised event, Hinds pedalled to victory ahead of Michael Anthony, Godfrey Pollydore, Robin Persaud, Shaquille Agard and Alanzo Greaves, who shared second to sixth positions respectively. The top six performers in what was dubbed the Bryden and Fernandes Classic were

all rewarded with cash incentives, compliments of Bryden and Fernandes and the Roraima Bikers Club. Pollydore had earlier enjoyed a successful outing, winning both the Win and Out and Category 1-3 races. In the eight-lap Win and Out, Pollydore won ahead of Greaves and Warren McKay, while in the fivelap Category 1-3, Hinds and John Charles finished second and third respectively. Delroy Hinds took top honours in the Category Four/Juveniles category, crossing the finish line in the three-lap event be-

fore Akeem Wilkinson and Hamzah Eastman. The in-form, consistent Jamal John copped pole position in the 12-14/Juniors (five laps), beating off competition from Ray Rawle and Christopher Griffith in second and third positions respectively. Ozia Macually topped the Mountain Bike race ahead of Stephano Husbands and Julio Melville, with Team United beating off a challenge from Continental Cycle Club and Linden Bauxite Flyers to take the Team Time Trial. Ian Jackson, Kennard Lovell and Ralph Williams

were 1-2-3 in the Veterans Under-50, while Virgil Jones, Lancelot Rose and Monty Parris were the top three in the Over-50. In the lone female race, Hazina Barrett got the better of Toshanna Doris. The event was organised by the Roraima Bikers Club, whose president Brian Allen, thanked the management and staff of Bryden and Fernandes for their support in making the day’s activities a success. The company was represented by Marketing Manager Mark Kendall who assisted in the presentation of prizes at the conclusion.

Lazio ordered to close stand after racist chants


talian side Lazio have been ordered to close part of their home ground for the opening Serie A weekend as punishment for alleged racist chanting by fans. League bosses have shut the north stand of their Olympic Stadium for Sunday’s visit of Udinese after Juventus players were abused in the Supercoppa final. Paul Pogba, Angelo Ogbonna and Kwadwo Asamoah were all targeted during Lazio’s 4-0 loss at the weekend. Lazio fans were found guilty of racist behaviour by UEFA four times last term. “We heard it, they’re ignorant,” said former Manchester United midfielder Pogba. “What can I do? I’m alone against 30,000 fans. They do that even though there are black players in their team. “It’s also a lack of respect towards their own players. It’s really not nice to come to a football match and hear those sorts of things, but I’m a player, I concentrate on my job.” In February, the Rome


imi Raikkonen is targeting a move to Ferrari following Red Bull’s decision to sign Daniel Ricciardo, BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan says. A deal for the Finn to return to the team for whom he won the 2007 title may be announced as soon as next month’s Italian Grand Prix, Jordan said. Ferrari said the claim was “not true” and that no decision had yet been made. Jordan added that Ricciardo, 24, had already signed to partner Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next season. Ricciardo’s promotion from junior team Toro Rosso is to be announced at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, Jordan said. A Red Bull spokeswoman said: “We don’t have anything to announce at present but will advise when we do.” A Ferrari spokesman said the Italian team were concentrating on improving

their car to boost Fernando Alonso’s title challenge. He added: “This is the exact same scenario as last year - with not only Kimi but a long list of other drivers allegedly going to Ferrari. “At the moment our priority is produce the car for Fernando and Felipe (Massa) and a decision on the 2014 line-up will be made at the appropriate moment, which is not right now.” On Monday, Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson told BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson that the 20-time grand prix winner, 33, would not be driving for Red Bull next year. Robertson said: “Talks broke down. We haven’t spoken for a little while and it’s clear Kimi won’t be driving for Red Bull in 2014. “Kimi’s a free agent. He still has options out there. “There’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes and I’m pretty confident he will be in F1 next year.” (BBC Sport)

RBAC dethrone Police to take...

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Lazio fans were found guilty of racist behaviour by Uefa four times last term

club were ordered to play their next two home European games behind closed doors following crowd trouble. They were also fined £120,000 by UEFA following racist chanting in a Europa League game against Tottenham Hotspur. “(Lazio) are obliged to play one game with the ‘Curva Nord’ closed to spectators,” said a statement published on Serie A’s official website. “Fans from the nomi-

nated stand directed racially discriminatory chants to three opposition players between the 16th and 28th minutes of the first half and the 20th to 43rd minutes of the second half.” Lazio’s city rivals Roma, who also play in the Olympic Stadium, have already been punished with a partial stadium closure after fans racially abused AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli in May. The heavier sanctions have been made possible by new anti-racism legisla-

tion passed by the Italian Football Federation on 4 June. Referees can now stop matches to allow fans to be warned about their behaviour, while clubs and individuals face increased fines and longer suspensions. AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng walked off the pitch after being racially abused by Pro Patria fans in January, while team-mate Kevin Constant did the same during a pre-season tournament last month. (BBC Sport)

Police’s Alita Moore upsets sprint queen Alsiha Fortune to take the women’s 100 metres at the 2013 edition of the Boyce and Jefford track and field classic

The men’s 800m international race ended with Trinidad’s Mark London, who lost last year’s race, winning comprehensively in a time of 1:57.40s. Police’s Kevin Bayley was second in a time of 1:57.90s while Cleveland Thomas, who earlier won the men’s 1500m in a time of 4:13.20s, clocked in at 1:59.40s for the third spot. RBAC then dominated

the relay events, winning the women’s 4x100m relay, the women’s 4x400m relay, the women’s 800m sprint medley, the men’s 4x400m relay and the men’s 1500m medley. GDF captured the men’s 4x100 metres relay in a time of 44.30s while RBAC was second in a time of 44.70s. Police Sports club was third in a time of 45.30s.

tuesday, august 20, 2013


Mangar urges participants to take advantage of ECCB’s academy By Rajiv Bisnauth


istorian Tota Mangar urged participants of the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) cricket academy to take advantage of the opportunities being offered to them during the fiveday programme. Mangar was at the time delivering the feature address for the board’s convened its 13th cricket academy for aspiring cricketers on Monday morning at the Lusignan Community Centre ground, East Coast Demerara. “I would like you to take this very seriously, take full advantage of the academy, you will benefit in the long run because cricket is not only played nationally but also internationally,” Mangar said. The former deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana spoke of the benefits of the academy and stressed that

in addition to the technical aspects of cricket, the youths will learn other important aspects of life skills. He said unlike the old days when cricket was played as recreation for the white slave masters, cricket is now very commercialised and is serious business. Mangar applauded the ECCB for organising such academy: “This initiative by the ECCB is very laudable. It comes against a background of a lot of problems facing national cricket administration in Guyana. However, the ECCB remains committed to the development of the game, despite the challenges and that is indeed laudable.” President of the ECCB, Bissoondyal Singh, during his address stated that 40 young cricketers, including 10 females, have registered for the programme.

He believes that the academy will aid in the improvement of each participant and also the general standards of Guyana’s cricket from the youth level to the senior cricketers. “I don’t want at the end of this academy you have a certificate on your wall to show your friends that you attended the ECCB academy. We want to ensure that each of you become better citizens who can make a contribution to our beautiful country,” Singh stressed. Singh indicated that cricket now is not only a game, but big business where millions are invested and at the same time has created numerous job opportunities. “You cannot only become well paid cricketers but also scorers, umpires, journalists, commentators, curators, coaches where you can make a liv-

Participants at Monday’s opening ceremony

Members of the head table at Monday’s opening of the ECCB cricket academy (from left) Davteerth Anandjit, Judister Rampersaud, Shame Kumar Singh, Bissoondyal Singh and Tota Mangar (Rajiv Bisnauth photos)

ing from cricket,” Singh believed. He also took time to urge other boards to conduct like exercises in an effort to help aspiring cricketers to hone their skills in the correct manner. Singh also appealed for systems to be put in place to have Friday afternoons put aside for sports in schools as was the case in the 1980s. Former ECCB president and founder of the academy, Shamkumar Singh told the young cricketers that they were fortunate to be part of such a programme. He told the participants that the academy will teach them skills outside of being a good cricketer. The former ECCB president said the content of the programme is good and urged the youngsters to take advantage of what will be offered to them. Coaches Daniel Richmond and Latchman Yadram will be the persons working with the

youngsters during their training stint. Activities will be held under the theme “CricketProfessionalism and Healthy Lifestyle”, and is aimed at instilling in young cricketers the values of sportsmanship and education, the dangers of substances abuse and knowledge, skills and attitude required to pursue a career in cricket. Participants between 12 and 16 years old were drawn from Ogle to Abary. Several resource personnel will conduct thought-provoking discussions on cricket related and other topics during the seminar. They include statistician, Edwin Seeraj, who will speak on the history of West Indies cricket, while national umpire Davteerth Anandjit will discuss the laws of cricket. International book scorer Sidartha Anandjit will deal with the intricacies of the scoring system. Officers from the Cove and John Police Station

will tutor the participants on road safety practices, while former executive of the Guyana Cricket Board, Ronald Williams, will discuss careers in cricket and discipline. Participants will also receive lectures on drugs and sports by Darshanand Rampersaud, the importance of education by former school senior master Judister Rampersaud, Leadership and Sportsmanship by Colin Stuart, HIV and Teenage Sex by social worker Ms. Runuka Anandjit, Food and Nutrition by officials of the Ministry of Health and Social Etiquette/ Grooming and Discipline by Dr Richard Persaud of Suriname. They will also enjoy interaction with senior and former national cricketers who will attend on occasions. The academy will conclude on Friday when the participants will be presented with certificates of participation.

BM Soat, Madewini Villas on board with Guyana Cup


M Soat Auto Sales and Madewini Villas have become the latest companies to throw their support behind the seventh staging of the annual Guyana Cup horse race meet, billed for Sunday. The event, which is a collaborative effort of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and the Port Mourant Turf Club, will gallop off at noon with close to 100 of the country’s top horses set to battle for over $30,000,000 in cash and prizes. Irshad Mohamed, a member of the organising team, was at the offices of both entities recently to seal the sponsorship deals ahead of the highliy anticipated event. Mohamed expressed gratitude to BM Soat Auto Sales and Madewini Villas for their support, noting that it is critical to the successful staging of the meet. Accountant Bibi Rohoman of BM Soat Auto Sales and Ashley John of Madewini Villas were

Irshad Mohamed of the Guyana Cup receives BM Soat’s sponsorship from accountant Bibi Rohoman

Ashley John of Madewini Villas presents her company’s sponsorship package to Irshad Mohamed

pleased to come on board with what is arguably the biggest horse-race meet on local soil. Meanwhile, dozens of jockeys from Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S.A. and

with $3,500,000 and the Guyana Cup trophy for the winner over 1700 metres. The main supporting race is a 1600 metres event for three-year-old horses born and bred in Guyana and the West Indies. A tro-

Barbados are expected to match strides with their local counterparts come Sunday. The feature race is for horses classified B and Lower with a staggering $7,000,000 prize package

phy and $2,500,000 will be a stake during this race. The two-year-old 1000 metres event for West Indies bred horses carries a top prize of $1,500,000 and trophy, while the E Class and Lower 1400 metres

event has a winning take of $1,000,000 and trophy. Other races carded for the day include the F Class, G3 and Lower, H and Lower, I and Lower, an event for winner of the JKL events and another three-year-old event for Guyana bred horses. Apart from the rivalry among the horses and jockeys, the organisers have put together an entertainment package catering for both adults and children. Musical entertainment will be provided by the Slingerz Family, while there will be several giveaways for patrons. Meanwhile, interested horse owners, stables and jockeys have a few days more to register for the event. They can do so by contacting Chandu Ramkissoon (624-9063 or 232-0633), Kris Jagdeo (624-6123 or 3220369), Rajendra (618-7278), Ramnauth (337-5311), Romel Jagroop (624-1798) or Campton Sancho (6900569).

tuesday, august 20, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Jamaica Tallawahs 134-7 beat Red Steel 133-8 by three wickets

RBAC dethrone Police to take crown at Boyce and Jefford Classic

Broken finger forces Guptill out of Limacol CPL

– Guyana Amazon Warriors to name replacement

…sprint queen Alicia Fortune dethroned by Moore after eight years


npredictability was the defining trait of the 2013 edition of the Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic. The Running Brave Athletics Club (RBAC) came from behind to upset and dethrone defending champions, Police Sports Club on Sunday at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, Eve Leary. RBAC came from 18 points down after the first day and made a late push to win five out of the six relay events that went for 30 points each to finish on 448.5. Police ended second with a total of 422 points, Christianburg Wismar Secondary School, third, with 172 points, Mercury Fast Laners, fourth, with 160 points and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF,) fifth, with 134 points to round out the top five clubs in the country. Meanwhile, pandemonium broke out when Alita Moore of Police made a late surge in the women’s 100m final to pull off a stunning upset over sprint queen

By Treiston Joseph

The Running Brave Athletic Club celebrates their victory after winning the championship on Sunday evening in Linden

Alisha Fortune who has not been beaten since 2005. Moore clocked 12.00s to break the game’s record of 12.20s to win the event while the 36-year-old Fortune clocked 12.20s to finish second. Carifta 200m bronze medalist Tirana Mitchell was third in a time of 12.40s. Moore went on to capture a sprint double and female champion athlete as she won the female 400m event in a time of 58.10s to break the game’s record of 58.70s, previously held by

Shannah Thornhill. Moore also ran second to Fortune in the female 200m event clocking a time o 25.60s while Fortune clocked 25.20s to win the event. Triple Carifta gold medalist Jevina Straker out of RBAC was also in the thick of things, winning the middle distance double of the 800m in record time of 2:21.40s to eclipse her own record of 2:22.80s and the 1500m in similar fashion with a time of 4:56.40s to top the meet record of 5:02.00, previously held by

Police’s Jonella Jonas. Meanwhile, South American Under-23 bronze medalist Stephan James of RBAC captured a sprint triple to be named the male champion athlete. James won the men’s 100m final in 10.70s to finish ahead of GDF’s Davin Fraser, 10.90s, and Upper Demerara’s Winston Caesar, who clocked 11.20s for third. James won the men’s 200m in 21.90s and the men’s 400m in a time of turn to page 22 49.60s.


Martin Guptill

pening batsman Martin Guptill has returned home to New Zealand after breaking a finger in the Guyana Amazon Warriors last match against the Antigua Hawksbills on Saturday night at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua. The Amazon Warriors won that game by five wickets in an exciting last ball finish, with Mohammad Hafeez leading the way for the Warriors with a quickfire half century. Guptill was stuck while batting in the Warriors’ chase of 167 for victory. Guptill made his One Day International debut for New Zealand on 10 January 2009 against the West Indies in Auckland, becoming the first New Zealander to score a century on his one-day debut. He made his Test debut against India in the first Test in Hamilton in March 2009, scoring 14 and 48. The Warriors will name a replacement shortly in advance of their semi-final clash against the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel on Thursday at the Queens Park Oval, Trinidad.

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