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Monday, December 2, 2013

No payment of royalty for five years See story on page 3

– Bosai says in response to query


$60 vat included


Plight of army veterans highlighted at memorial P2 service Ramotar lauds P7 Roraima Group’s contribution to tourism sector Guyana not on track to close AIDS resource gap by 2015 – National AIDS P9 Committee

“Watch De Ride 2” wins $1M purse at drama festival See story on page 17

Winners! The cast of "Watch De Ride 2" pose with Culture Minister, Dr Frank Anthony as they were declared the winners of this year’s National Drama Festival in the open full-length category (Carl Croker photo)

One dead, two Another miner injured in Foulis found dead in mining pit accident See story on page 8

See story on page 3

Suspect in Moblissa double murder P10 arrested City Hall, vendors in cleaning exercise P12

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monDay, december 2, 2013 |

Plight of army veterans highlighted at memorial service military institutions, and members of the public for donations without which it would not be able to meet its obligation to those in greatest need.

Meaningful recognition

Brigadier Mark Phillips in solemn contemplation just prior to laying a wreath at the Veterans Monument


cores of Guyana Defence Force (GDF) veterans on Friday braved inclement weather, to attend the force’s Veterans Day observances held in their honour. The main activity was the wreath-laying ceremony which occurred at the Veterans Monument on the northern lawn fronting Base Camp Ayanganna, the GDF said in a report. Leading the charge was GDF Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips. He was followed by Guyana Legion General Secretary Kingsley Nelson; X-GDF Association President, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) George Gomes and the Benevolent Association’s Johnny

Douglas, who also laid wreaths on behalf of their respective organisations. This was in honour of the memory of all who gave yeoman service to the force and to the nation and, in particular, the veterans who served in World Wars I and II. In brief remarks, Nelson said as the veteran and serving military communities took time out to honour those who had walked before, they needed to be aware that the number of surviving World War veterans was dwindling every year, and survivors were becoming increasingly fragile with some even living in “economic poverty”. He noted that the Legion was dependent on the goodwill of agencies,

“This observation should be viewed as a time to sharpen our awareness of our heritage. A heritage based on freedom. This is a time to remember that freedom is always earned and must be defended. We must never forget their selfless contribution and our own moral obligation to care for our veterans,” he said. “Work must continue long after our pre-Independence veterans have departed. There must be continuity to ensure that we never forget!” Echoing Nelson’s call for meaningful recognition of veterans, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Gomes emphasised that the soldier is a special breed of citizen. “The nurse, the teacher, the public servant can all tell off their bosses and walk off their jobs at will. The soldier cannot risk this. If he leaves, he can be picked up. He belongs to the government. His is a very different requirement of dedication and service. It is because of this, that we cannot lump the soldier with other government workers. We have a greater commitment, we faced more danger, and we were on call 24 hours a day during our service. Veterans deserve to be treated specially and differently!” he remarked. He recounted times past when special consideration was given to

providing housing for members of the Joint Services in housing developments and lamented the fact that this was no longer the case. He urged the authorities to make such special allocations saying, “These should be basic rights for those serving in the military.” Gomes called for a more robust approach to the provision of infrastructure and services for veterans nationwide, and emphasised that the GDF must be also about training and equipping its serving members for life beyond their service to the force. “There should be no reason why any old or disabled soldier ought to be living at the Dharam Shala or at a night shelter and there can be no excuse for a soldier serving for in excess of 12 years only to end up working as a security guard,” he observed. In closing, Gomes assured the chief-of-staff that because of their depth of experience, veterans were prepared to contribute toward the further development of the GDF.

Exemplary service

Addressing the gathering, Brigadier General Phillips thanked the veterans for their service to the GDF and the nation and lauded the contributions of those who have passed on. “We are fully aware of your sacrifices, hardships and inconveniences endured by you, our veteran officers and soldiers, as you made your contribution to the maintenance of law and order in Guyana and the preservation of our territo-

rial integrity, especially during the incidents at Ankono, Rupununi and New River... You have rendered exemplary service, safeguarding our national patrimony!” he said. “All chiefs of staff, notwithstanding the defence and national security priorities of their time, remained preoccupied with the welfare issues of our veterans. I assure you that, the present leadership remains aware of the challenging existence of many of our veterans.” The chief-of-staff revealed that he had secured assurances from the Defence Board that the monthly operational costs of the Veterans Home will be provided for in the nation’s 2014 budget. “The GDF will, therefore, continue to work with the government of Guyana and our veterans’ organisations to address welfare matters of veterans.”

Veterans Home

He also made a call encouraging veterans who are in need of assisted-living care, to make use of the Veterans Home and pointed out that the facility was open also to veterans of the sister services of the Joint Services. “I recognise and support the work of the veterans’ organisations and am committed to working with them for the welfare of all our veterans. May we all reflect and reminisce on our service to the GDF and our nation on this Veterans Day,” he said. Following the wreath laying ceremony, the veterans were hosted to a special luncheon at Base Camp Ayanganna.

3 No payment of royalty for five years News


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, December 2 from 14:30h to 16:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, December 2 from 15:45h to 17:15h.

WEATHER TODAY Heavy rain showers are expected to prevail during the day, with cloudy skies in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Winds: Easterly between 3.12 and 4.02 metres per second.

High Tide: 15:55h reaching a maximum height of 2.84 metres. Low Tide: 09:29h and 21:58h reaching minimum heights of 0.54 metre and 0.34 metre respectively.

saturday, november 30, 2013

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monDay, december 2, 2013|

– Bosai says in response to query


he Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) is operating under a mineral agreement which provides for a five-year exemption in which no royalty is paid, Company Secretary, Major General (retired) Norman McLean disclosed. He was at the time responding to allegations that Bosai is indebted to Guyana in excess of US$50 million. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarian Joseph Harmon had made the allegation during a parliamentary Special Select Committee sectoral meeting last week in the presence of the Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud. But McLean in a letter to Guyana Times said the claim is outrageous. “We are operating under a mineral agreement which provides for a five-year exemption period as a development incentive to most companies when no royalty is paid,” the company secretary stated in the release. BMGGI will however be

BMGGI Company Secretary Norman McLean

required to pay royalty at 1.5 per cent on the free on board value. This incentive scheme is not only applied to Bosai, but other bauxite operators in the country. “There is no exception,” he said, explain that after the five-year exemption period, the company is required to pay royalty; however, if the company’s operation is profitable, the royalty rate is set off by corporate tax. According to McLean,

this system has been designed to encourage companies to be profitable and pay corporate tax, which is much higher than the 1.5 per cent royalty. “This is exactly what has happened in the case of Bosai. These conditions are set out in the mineral agreement at articles nine and 12… Bosai was profitable over the last four years and therefore did not have to pay royalty,” he explained. BMGGI has not only paid up its corporate taxes, but has also lived up to its corporate, social and environmental responsibility, McLean said. He pointed to the establishment of the two dust collector systems. “Over 40 years has passed and nothing was done by Guymine and Linmie. The company castes no blame on anyone or any company. Bosai has done and continues to do what it considers to be the right and proper thing for the people of Guyana.” McLean also used the opportunity to respond to comments made by Charter

Accountant Christopher Ram in a July 29 article captioned “The economics of Linden and electricity rates – Part 1”. Ram was quoted as saying, “If only we are courageous enough to negotiate a fair deal with Bosai, and apply Guyana’s tax laws, including the anti-transfer pricing provisions as necessary, the country will be better off”. But McLean pointed out that bauxite was in doldrums when Omai Bauxite Company rescued the ailing industry. “The previous companies, Linmine and Guymine were failing and having to be subsidised by the government to the tune of US$10 million and more annually.” However, now, two of the largest bauxite companies in the world are operating in Guyana – Rusal of Russia and Bosai of China. “Do not let us shoot ourselves in the foot and seek to castigate good and courageous companies unfairly and unjustly,” McLean pleaded.

One dead, two injured in Foulis accident


he driver of a motor car was on Sunday morning killed after he lost control of the vehicle he was driving and slammed into a utility pole at Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD). One person in the car was admitted to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital while another was treated and sent away. Trevor Wilson, 22, of Burma Road, Mahaicony, ECD, died on his way to the Mahaicony Cottage

Hospital. The injured men were identified as Almond Smith and Earl Miller, both of Mahaicony. Police in a statement disclosed that they are investigating the fatal accident, and based on information received thus far, Wilson was driving motor car PRR 3473 and was accompanied by Smith and Miller when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the utility pole. The police added that the three men all received inju-

ries and were taken to the Mahaicony Hospital where Wilson was pronounced dead on arrival. Two weeks ago, Brimchand Rampaul of Number 19 Village, East Coast Berbice was killed by a speeding car while he was walking along the Number 19 Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice. It was reported that Rampaul, a labourer attached to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), was hit by a speeding car

and died on the spot. The car was reportedly driven by Deodat Ramnarine of Number 7 Village, East Coast Berbice, but the vehicle bearing registration number PNN 8167 is owned by his mother. In a release, police said about 18:00h, Rampaul was walking along the roadway when he was struck down by a car after the driver lost control of the vehicle. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital.


monday, december 2, 2013

Views Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Raising rice yields


he record rice harvest just concluded has catapulted production for the year to a record-breaking half-amillion-plus tonnes (529,000 tonnes). Utilising the favourable weather conditions and improved drainage and irrigation, the farmers have produced almost equal quantities in each of the two crops: eliminating the old distinction between “big crop” and “small crop”. According to one report, it was stated that the equivalent of 165,000 hectares of land was utilised during the two crops, producing an average yield of 3.3 tonnes of rice per hectare. This is a far cry from other reports that claim we have reached five tonnes per hectare, which would have been more in line with the averages from the more efficient producing countries.   Another report, however, stated that the land cultivated was 142,000 hectares which would translate to a somewhat more credible average yield of 3.7 tonnes per hectare. And in this ambiguity as to what should be a basic statistic to be monitored, we can begin to analyse what might be necessary to keep our production rising and at the same time, increase the profits that could go to farmers who take most of the risks in this venture. Good and reliable statistics are key to identifying what interventions might be necessary to achieve the aforementioned goals. Anecdotal evidence suggests, for instance, that Essequibo farmers deliver its rice at almost five tonnes per hectare. Why is this so? The rest of the country’s farmers would want to know. One factor could be that almost all of that county’s rice lands are irrigated and across the world, irrigated land consistently delivers a greater yield than rain-fed lands. Should we then invest in creating more conservancies to boost the yields in the present cultivated acreage? A cost-benefit analysis should be conducted to give policymakers an answer. In the meantime, greater research ought to be conducted to develop varietal resistance to abiotic stress related to uncertain water supply on rain-fed farms. On the other hand, the yield from Black Bush Polder Scheme, which is irrigated and has more than half of the total land under rice cultivation as the entire Essequibo Coast, does not even approach that of the latter. But there are no hard statistics to explain why. Is it a greater usage of nitrogenous fertilisers in Essequibo, or greater and more solicitous husbandry practices? We need to know. The point is that the varieties of rice we cultivate – semidwarf indica rice varieties – which are one of the products of the ‘green revolution” from the 1960s, have produced yields as high as 10 tonnes per hectare in some locations. Those countries are now seeking new strains that would surpass this yield. While we might not be able to reach that plateau immediately, it does suggest that the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) and other agencies responsible for the rice sector must keep addressing the variables that prevent us from reaping higher yields. The cry for new lands to be opened up will take a far greater amount of initial capital investment and should be left to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), such as the one proposed by Trinidad and Tobago. It is our contention, which should be investigated by the authorities that the 25 per cent increase in the actual production versus that projected for the last crop came precisely because of better husbandry practices and better supply of water. These would include smooth and level soil surface, use of registered pure seed every season, precise control of water levels, high plant density, need-based/timely/ balanced fertiliser application and high-quality post-harvest management. Just after the end of the last crop, there were credible reports in the newspaper that the seed supplied by the authorities were not up to standard. Greater quality control in this area could boost yields by as much as 10 per cent. Rice can rise if we care for it.

Bumper crop: Guyana has produced a record-breaking 529,000 tonnes of rice, with the Essequibo region leading the way in terms of yields

The overall presentation of the police Dear Editor, I must commend the Home Affairs Ministry for generously investing its time, effort and money in aid of enhancing and upgrading police knowledge and performance. Just recently, several members of the law enforcement unit attended specialised courses. Training was received

from India’s Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) in Advanced Fingerprint Science, in addition to training in identifying strategies to combat illegal drug trafficking and also courses in cybercrime in Florida and Jamaica respectively. Aside from exposure to comprehensive training, police officers should

have good communication and interpersonal skills. These skills may not necessarily be taught, but are, instead, often manifested and developed during an individual’s lifetime. Their attitude and approach in handling a matter can determine the way in which they are addressed by other people,

in addition to the overall outcome of a situation. A police officer should never be intimidating, unapproachable, and disrespectful. It is the responsibility of every unique police officer to manifest proper courtesy and professionalism at all times.   Yours faithfully, Lance Felix

The risk of breeding and minding pit bulls

Dear Editor, Just recently in Ogle, two pit bulls attacked and mauled their female owner who had to be rescued by several members of the community. After the woman was subsequently rushed to the hospital, enraged citizens, inclusive of police officers, decided to take matters into their own hands and proceeded to slaughter the pit bulls. The woman’s husband describes the pit bulls as loving animals and be-

lieves that the neighbours and police may have overreacted to the entire situation. Personally, I believe that pets should be manageable. Many families have dogs as companions and for security purposes, but pit bulls in particular have demonstrated a sheer number of vicious attacks on people and even other animals. I recall an incident where one man had one of his pickup tyres completely punctured and destroyed

by his pit bull. It baffles me how the attacked woman’s husband could refer to his dogs as loving. As it relates to the manner in which the dogs were slaughtered, I really think that it was uncalled for.  The matter could have surely been dealt with in a better way, particularly for the other pit bulls that were still in their kennel.  Ideally, I believe that owners of pit bulls should require some kind of licence to breed and foster

such animals. They should meet a criterion that requires them to have knowledge and competence, in addition to proper facilities for breeding these animals. People who breed pit bulls endanger the lives of themselves and others around them. It is a risk that they take of their own free will.    Yours truly, Lorrie Percival

Societal woes

Dear Editor, Approximately two months ago, a man was fatally killed in an accident on Mandela Avenue. His body was sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary and has, up to this date, not been identified by any family member. This is indeed a sad situation if the family members of this homeless man refuse to acknowledge any existing relationship with

the now deceased man. I was recently accosted by a good-looking vagrant in front of St Agnes Primary School and I couldn’t help but question his background.  The man went on to say that he was from a good family, but after being continuously involved in multiple acts of delinquency, his family chose to abandon him. He now goes hungry for days and is subjected

to the harshness of reality. It is evident that he is also on the verge of losing his mind. As it relates to the accident, the driver of the car who is responsible for this vagrant’s death is too easily escaping the consequences of his actions. He should be dealt with accordingly.  On another note, the city is becoming more and more plagued by vagrants of all ages. Many of these

individuals have a history of being users of marijuana and other illegal drugs that they source from amateur dealers. I strongly suggest that the suppliers of these substances be confronted and dealt with, primarily since they are steadily contributing to a breakdown in society.     Yours sincerely, Orin Batson

monday, december 2, 2013


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Mayor responds to president’s Addressing non-compliant drivers comments on recent flood

The St George’s Cathedral seems to be situated in the middle of a lake at the height of Wednesday’s flash flooding

Dear Editor, I refer to the statement made by His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar to the effect that the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is run by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). He blamed APNU for the floods on Wednesday November 27, this was extremely unfortunate and unworthy of any head of state. First, he is totally inaccurate. If the city was indeed managed by APNU or perhaps better put, the representatives of 73 per cent of the voters in Georgetown, the city would have been one that we could be proud of. The council is de facto managed, or mis-managed, by the Local Government

Ministry and an acting town, clerk Carol Sooba, imposed on the council by the said ministry for reasons which are not obscure. If according to the president, the administration is not functioning, then it is his chosen administration: the administration is headed by the person his government appointed. Going through the South and other areas of the city, one would expect that a caring government would have addressed the dislocation, inconvenience and health hazards that face thousands of our citizens, particularly in the Albouystown and La Penitence areas. He should, by now, have mobilised the substantial resources at his command to

bring some relief to the suffering people in Georgetown and other areas. A president in a crisis must be able to be Presidential and rise above partisan petty politics. What the president needs to do is sign the remaining local government bill into law so we can have local government elections at the earliest time. Sincerely, Hamilton Green Mayor of Georgetown PS: Many of the people I have spoken to in those areas adversely affected are disappointed by the president’s remarks, and government’s failure to provide them with real assistance.

Power by any means necessary Dear Editor, Do permit me space in your publication to make and share my observations on matters of grave consequence to this dear land of ours, and its peoples. I have no political imperative, but as a patriotic Guyanese, it is my duty to highlight the gross disrespect and contempt being fostered on this noble nation by the oneseat majority in Parliament. You see, deception is the foundation of military strategy and tactics, which simply means, by any means necessary, and the A Partnerhsip for National Unity (APNU)/ People's National Congress/ Reform (PNC/R) leader, David Granger, and his batman, Joseph Harmon, are both schooled in this. For example, look at the way he won the leadership of the party, the reneging on the Linden agreement on electricity tariffs with government; touring the Amaila Falls project at government’s expense, expressing his satisfaction with the overall project, then voting against its implementation, relegating hundreds of workers jobless, yet getting

in the media and blowing his trumpet about youth unemployment; cutting two years’ budget of the government’s developmental projects, again relegating thousands of workers including his own constituents just to stimulate his super-inflated ego and gross arrogance as his economic terrorism continues, with his batman Harmon who is also afflicted with the same dreaded disease of arrogance; and daring to threaten the banks with not honouring any obligations made by the present People's Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) administration. When and if they get into government, the supreme leader Granger should hold a parade with his APNU members of Parliament with Harmon as parade commander and he taking the salute with the music of the Everley Brothers “Dream, dream, dream”, playing. This individual can only dream of being president and commander-in-chief, and continue to perpetrate his economic terrorism on this nation by trying to frustrate any positive programme the state pro-

poses and implement since the programmes and projects put forward for development are in keeping with their manifesto. The success of which is like a thorn in APNU’s side, for which there is none that the APNU can project and must hide behind their perception of corruption, for which they can only rave and slander without providing facts and figures when on previous occasions they were given the opportunity of placing their facts and evidence before the nation. Meanwhile, the parliamentary abuse continues with the stalling of the anti-money laundering bill and firearms bill. It is my feeling that when the Specialty Hospital is built, a special wing must be given over for the known basket cases from APNU, and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee will still be there to open the new wing to be built. Meanwhile, dream on Granger and Harmon. Then awake and cry over the nation’s progress. Sincerely, Concerned citizen

Dear Editor, It has been quite evident recently how some drivers continue to breach many traffic rules. On a daily basis, I witness many of them undertaking, driving through red lights and encroaching in lanes, and further obstructing those whose paths they have infringed upon. It may not be practicable to mount cameras on every road corner, but it is possible to establish a few, particularly at major junctions and prime intersections. Additionally, traffic wardens can also be appointed to aid in monitoring major intersections. Drivers caught and found guilty of breaching traffic regulations should be dealt with accordingly. Instituting charges against non-compliant drivers will, over time, force them to be

more responsible and courteous road users. The Home Affairs Ministry, in collaboration with the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC) and the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department, recently launched National Road Safety Month 2013. This year’s theme, “Alcohol, Speed and Inattentiveness Cause Accidents; Drive Wisely and Save Lives”, is one that should be emphasised to many drivers. Though it should be every driver’s responsibility to exercise caution as it relates to drinking and driving, it is still a matter that the relevant authorities need to undertake. There are prime drinking spots where many individuals park their vehicles and further indulge in the consumption of alcohol.

I can only recommend that some approach be taken to scope out these areas and confront such drivers that can be potential culprits of driving under the influence (DUI). Additionally, shops and bar owners who continue to sell alcohol to those who are already intoxicated and are driving should also be held accountable. I am in full support of the prime minister’s optimistic statement that accidents can be decreased by 50 per cent or more in Guyana. We are all responsible for what happens on our roadways and so we must exercise caution and desist from breaching traffic laws that were initially put in place to maintain order. Sincerely, Timothy Vieira

A mayor hopeful? Dear Editor, This is about a man, who because he constantly dresses in a suit, irrespective of the weather, thinks he is suitable to be the mayor of Georgetown. This is a man with serious issues, some of which are public knowledge, like being charged for treason, but for the magnanimity of Bharrat Jagdeo, the then president of Guyana, he would still be languishing in the steel bars environment. Of course, he would have

had time to interact with his iron bar pals and on release, re-establish connections with his former iron bar associates. This individual always tends to insinuate himself on issues that will give him high visibility, for example, the Marriott issue, the Regent

Street Chinese issue, the Amaila Falls hydro project, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion project, the Berbice bridge and the Specialty Hospital. Sincerely, Concerned citizen


monday, december 2, 2013



Parenting For Success

Denied a mother’s care, some children act out - ChildLinK’s vision is a Guyanese society where every child enjoys the right to a childhood in a safe and caring family, free from poverty, violence, and exploitation Case study – names and places have been changed to protect persons’ privacy.


ucy lives with her extended family in a big yard in an urban area. Lucy and her mother live in a small wooden house at the back of the yard, while her grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins lived in a twostorey house in the front of the yard. Lucy’s mother was only four months pregnant with Lucy when she separated from her husband, so Lucy was used to having her mother all to herself. When Lucy was seven years old, her mother remarried and four years after, she gave birth to three more children. This meant Lucy had to start sharing her mother with a step-father and three other siblings and this situation was upsetting for Lucy. Lucy’s grandmother, the sole decision maker in the family, believes that all stepfathers abuse stepchildren and decided that Lucy should live with her in the front house. The situation then grew worse for Lucy because the only periods she was allowed to spend time with her mother was when her stepfather was out of town. Lucy could never understand why her brothers and sisters were allowed to live with her

mother and stepfather and she wasn’t. On weekends and holidays, Lucy would look at her brothers and sisters being taken on special outings to the park and the market by her mother and stepfather. And she had to stay at home with her grandma. This new family arrangement was bringing out the worst in Lucy; at home, she began to express her anger towards her brothers and sisters by hitting them and calling them names. At school, Lucy was withdrawn and did not participate in the classroom activities. Her class teacher was concerned about her behaviour and reported her case to a ChildLinK counsellor at the school. She had noticed that Lucy never spoke in class and was always in a corner by herself. Lucy’s mother came to visit the counsellor and expressed her own concerns for her daughter. She shared that Lucy had taken a piece of iron bar and hit her brother over the head and she had to rush him to the hospital. Lucy’s mother couldn’t understand why she was displaying such violent behaviours towards her siblings. Uncommunicative The counsellor decided to conduct a session with Lucy to assess the situation based on Lucy views.

Lucy was invited to the session with the counsellor and every effort to communicate with her was futile. Lucy just sat in the room and stared at the ground and did not respond in any way to the counsellor. This situation went on for two weeks. The counsellor recognised the importance of building a relationship with the child and she was invited to visit the counselling room whenever she felt like talking. Whenever Lucy visited the room she was allowed to play with the toys, read the books or simply sit – anytime she felt the need. This gave the counsellor an opportunity to observe Lucy’s behaviour. Lucy came along with other children and started playing with the toys and reading the books. Even though Lucy still wasn’t speaking regularly to others, she appeared to be comfortable with the other children in the room. Whenever she needed something, she would ask her friend to ask the counsellor’s permission instead of doing it herself. The counsellor addressed Lucy’s shyness by encouraging Lucy to practise approaching her and asking what she needed. It took a while, but soon Lucy began to ask the counsellor directly for whatever she needed. The relationship was building and Lucy’s trust in

the counsellor was growing. One afternoon, the counsellor asked Lucy if she’d like to draw a family portrait, Lucy replied yes and began to draw. Lucy drew her mother and stepfather standing close to her siblings and they were all smiling. Feeling unloved The counsellor noted that Lucy drew herself standing far away from the family with a sad look on her face. The counsellor also noted that everyone’s face, except Lucy’s and her mother’s, were coloured in black with darts pointed at their heads. The counsellor then asked Lucy to tell her about the picture she drew. Lucy expressed how much she wished her stepfather and siblings would just die. Lucy became emotional and started to cry as she related to the counsellor on how she feels left out, neglected and unloved by her mother who had chosen her new family over her. Lucy expressed her sadness about not having a father, only a mother, who is no longer there because of the new family. Lucy spoke about missing her mother and how she wanted things to be as they were before. The counsellor then asked the child to draw a happy memory. Lucy drew a picture of herself standing next to her mother

holding a cake on her third birthday. Three generations in turmoil After the session with Lucy, the counsellor invited Lucy’s mother and grandmother in for a discussion. During this discussion, the counsellor realised that Lucy’s grandmother is the decision-maker and that it is because of her that Lucy is not living with her mother. The counsellor reminded Lucy’s mother that she has a responsibility for her child’s well-being and any decision that is made should be made in the best interest of the child. Lucy’s grandmother said 15 years ago, two of her daughters had been raped and as a result, she was scared that Lucy will also be raped. For that reason, she is trying to protect Lucy. The counsellor stressed that by not allowing Lucy to live with her only parent, her grandmother was acting outside of the child’s best interest. It was also discovered that whenever the stepfather is around, Lucy is told to avoid her mother’s house completely. The grandmother strongly expressed to the counsellor that she did not want Lucy to have any contact with the stepfather. In order to tackle this family’s difficult situation, the counsellor suggested that the mother, stepfather

and grandmother attend the parenting sessions at Lucy’s school in order to build their capacities. However, only Lucy’s mother turned out to these sessions. After attending the parenting sessions, there were some changes in Lucy’s mother’s behaviour towards her daughter. She began to spend more time with Lucy and take more interest in her school work. She implemented this change by allowing Lucy to visit her home, play with her brothers and sisters, and being a part of family outings. Reunited After some time, Lucy’s mother visited the counsellor once again to let her know that the child had been asking about her biological father. Lucy now has an interest in what her father might look like, if they have the same hands, and whether she resembles him. The counsellor asked the mother to be honest with Lucy about her father. In order to show that she was willing to do so, Lucy’s mother provided a name and telephone number and asked the counsellor to help her find Lucy’s father. Armed with this information, the counsellor was able to make contact with the child’s father, who was very happy to meet his daughter. Lucy’s newfound father was thankful for the rekindled relationship. He said after his wife left him, he tried to make contact with her about the baby, but she had been incommunicado. The father admitted that after a while he had given up trying to contact her, but he had always thought about his baby. On Valentine’s Day, Lucy and her father went out for dinner and spent some quality time together. Lucy just couldn’t stop smiling when she told the counsellor about the wonderful time she had with her father. Lucy still lives with her grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but because she is no longer excluded from her immediate family’s activities, she is happy. She gets to spend time with her mother every day and visits her father on weekends and holidays. Her relationship with her siblings is much better and her class teacher enthusiastically reported that Lucy is no longer withdrawn at school. Please contact us on telephone number 231-7174 or at for any support you may need on parenting and any other challenges that you may be experiencing with your children.



monday, december 2, 2013 |

for Humanity to observe Ramotar lauds Roraima Group’s Habitat Volunteers Day contribution to tourism sector I

President Donald Ramotar

Captain Gerry Gouveia

resident Donald Ramotar on Friday night commended the Roraima Group of Companies for its sterling contribution to the tourism sector and Guyana’s economy. The president made the comments while addressing the audience at the Roraima Group’s 21st anniversary ceremony held at Duke Lodge, Kingston. Ramotar congratulat-

ed the company on its milestone and service to Guyana, noting that, “Captain Gerry Gouveia, and his team, has done enormous amount of work not only in growing the business but also in creating employment for people and promoting tourism in every respect”. The president also lauded the level of service provided by the Roraima Group. “I want to thank him and


his staff for the many medivacs they have flown, bringing people from the deep interior for medical attention at the wee hours in the morning. If Captain Jerry doesn’t go, he sends one of his trained staff to bring persons for medical services where they are not available, to Georgetown.” Gouveia, the proprietor of Roraima Group of Companies, expressed gratitude to his supportive wife, Captain Debra Gouveia and his dedicated staff. He stated that the company will be in the safe hands of his two sons who are concluding their studies in aviation. His wife noted that flying is indeed in their family’s blood. Roraima Airways was established in November 1992, commencing its operations as a domestic airline doing charter flights in Guyana, and the Caribbean with an emphasis on executive clientele. Over the years, the company has expanded its range of services into 10 divisions.

Visual Arts Competition 2014 launched


he Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry on Friday launched the 2014 Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition at Castellani House, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown. The competition was established to give recognition and support to the creative work of Guyanese in the visual arts, and to provide a source of inspiration to local artists, thereby stimulating the development of the finest expressions of the visual imagination among Guyanese. The various categories for this competition are painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, fine craft and photography. To be eligible to enter this competition, persons must over 16 years old and of Guyanese descent. During 2014, there will also be art sessions including workshops and lectures starting from January for the artists. The deadline for submission of art pieces will be November 13, 2014.

Successful competition

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony congratulated the Visual Arts Committee for working very hard to ensure that the previous competition was successful. He added that this competition would not have been possible without President Donald Ramotar, who has lent his support, and continues to show commitment towards the competition. “Apart from people coming here, we also want to go out into various regions, and I know that we’re actually planning some of that next year, so we will be closer to some of the other persons

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

outside of Georgetown so that we can bring art closer to people because at the end of the day, we want more people in Guyana to appreciate art and we’ll be developing a wider audience,” Minister Anthony emphasised. Persons should submit their information when registering for the competition as it will be documented in a catalogue, and will allow for recognition of the artists.

Comprehensive event

“This competition and exhibition in a way is a very comprehensive event. It is well thought out and its mainly something that we can all be proud of… I think it has earned its recognition,” the minister stated. Persons are encouraged to participate in the competition and students who are preparing to make visual arts a subject at Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) to come out and view this exhibition which will give them many more ideas. The works will be judged by a panel of five from Guyana and overseas. Judges will have a period of three days to view the art pieces to determine the winner.

The competition will award the following prizes in each of the six categories: first prize, $500,000 and a gold medal; second prize, $300,000 and a silver medal; and third prize, $200,000 and a bronze medal. In addition, a promise award of $200,000 and a bronze medal will be bestowed on a young artist (25 years or younger) whose work in the judges’ opinion displays exceptional promise. Persons can uplift their application forms at the Mash Secretariat, ER Burrowes School of Art, education officers in Regions One, Seven and Nine, and on the ministry’s website gy.

n commemoration of International Volunteers Day which will be observed on December 5, Habitat for Humanity Guyana will be hosting a charity event which will promote youth volunteerism. On December 7, Habitat for Humanity Guyana will be hosting its second annual charity event. This year’s observance will be celebrating the work of young people who engaged in volunteerism and will be held under the theme “What Will Youth Build”. Habitat for Humanity Guyana Resource and Development Manager Carlette Hytmiah told Guyana Times that the purpose of the event is to create an environment for young people to interact with each other, engage and be able to share their voluntary efforts. “It is Habitat’s way of rec-

ognising the work of the volunteers, especially those who have been a part of the Habitat volunteer programme which was launched in August,” Hytmiah said. There was a logo competition for the programme which saw youths working together to build homes and restore communities.

Youth volunteerism

She said that the activity is promoting youth volunteerism because in the organisation’s efforts to develop communities and to fulfil its mission of providing adequate shelter for the less fortunate, the key elements used in the projects were the youths and their efforts. Persons attending the event can look forward to poems and entertainment done by youths attached to the or-

ganisation. The resource and development manager also spoke about the many projects being undertaken by the organisation, one of which was in collaboration with Scotia Bank Guyana. The project saw youths attached to Habitat for Humanity and staff of Scotia bank Guyana coming together to assist in building a home for a disabled person. Hytmiah disclosed that the house will be completed in two weeks. She also spoke about the Beharry Build Project which she stated is going smoothly. The Beharry Build Project is a collaboration between Edward Beharry and Company and Habitat For Humanity Guyana, which sees part of the profits made off of Beharry products going towards funding the construction of homes.

Suspects in businessman’s murder still on the lam


s police intensified their investigations into the murder of Mahdia businessman, Vanderlei Keinen on November 20; they are still hunting for two men who were implicated in the murder. Robert Paul was charged but the police subsequently issued wanted bulletins for Rayon Anthony Gilford called “Romel”, and a man known as “Ratta”, but to date, they have not surrendered, nor have they been arrested. A senior police rank stated that all efforts are being made to apprehend the two men whom they believed are hiding in the interior. He added that police ranks at various locations have been on the alert, but explained that it is very difficult to find the men. The last known addresses for Gilford were given as

Lot 18 Belladrum Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB) and Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice, while the last known address for Ratta was given as Number 5 Village, WCB. Kienen was knifed to death at his business place at 111 Miles Pataro Road, Mahdia, Region Eight, during a robbery. It was reported that on the day in question, around 18:45h, the three men went into the home of the deceased who operates a money transfer business. Upon entering, they confronted the businessman and demanded money and gold. The businessman reportedly put up a fight but was stabbed in the neck by one

of the men. The robbers escaped with close to G$17 million in cash and gold. The businessman was discovered by a customer who went to the location to barter gold for money and immediately raised an alarm. The injured man was rushed to the Mahdia Hospital where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries. Paul was arrested while trying to evade police while Ratta and Romel made good their escape. The police are calling on anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Gilford and Ratta to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2722, 225-8196, 226-1333, 911 or the nearest police station.

8 news

monday, december 2, 2013|

Conference seeks to advance midwifery profession T

he 2013 annual Midwives Conference was held on Friday at the Regency Suites Hotel in an effort to increase awareness among midwives about the key and current issues with regards to maternal health. midwifery practices and education and to develop strategies to advance the midwifery profession. The conference brought together midwives from the 10 administrative regions and was aimed at highlighting proper health care practices among them as they are considered key health care providers for achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Five, improving maternal health. Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran in his address to the midwives, pointed out that they are invaluable to the health sector with regards to the assistance they provide to doctors. He added that 500 more new doctors will be deployed into the health system and urged the midwives to assist in training them. He explained also that the Maternity Ward Inspectorate Unit is concentrated in finding where the problems are with-

Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran

in the hospital wards so things can be improved. The unit is made up of members of the Women’s Affairs Bureau, the Gender and Equality Commission, Red Thread and the Women’s Progressive Organisation, among others. Unexpected visits are paid to the ward by the units to determine if all is going as it should and required standards are met. Minister Ramsaran observed that maternal mortality has been stabilised and commended nurses who were called to go on emergency trips into the regions.

He also commended regional midwives who follow up on their patients who disobey their medical instructions. The minister said that 99 per cent of maternal deaths are caused by hemorrhaging and lauded the fact that the Blood Bank is ahead in its collection rate which helps with safe motherhood. The health minister also explained the twinning of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation with the West Demerara Regional Hospital is being under utilised. This, he said, was obligatory since the heavy

workload of the nurses, as well as overcrowding at the Georgetown Public Hospital would be eased with moving or transfer of patients. Presidential Advisor on Governance and former Health Minister Gail Teixeira, who also addressed the 2013 Midwives Conference, said in no uncertain terms that midwives are specialists. She explained that their work involves dedication, advocacy, and assessment and experience, which all help them during the course of their work to determine if everything is right or something is wrong. She urged the midwives to continue their work with the aim of moving ahead and becoming better. The conference was held under the theme “Midwives: Improving Women’s Health in Guyana”. Topics covered were cultural practices and beliefs in pregnancy and childbirth, respectful maternal care, maternal death audit and surveillance, ruptured uterus and malaria in pregnancy, bathing the infant and what is affecting midwives in the performance of their role and possible solutions.

Another miner found dead in mining pit


ust over a week after a miner was found murdered in a mining pit at Long Island, Middle Mazaruni, Region Seven, another was on Sunday morning discovered dead

with chops wounds about the body in Port Kaituma, North West District. Terrance France, of Oronoque, Port Kaituma, was found by his colleagues about 06:00h in the min-

ing pit at 8 Miles, Port Kaituma. According to information, the man may have been killed hours before he was found. Guyana Times understands that the man was last seen consum-

ing alcohol in the company of his friends at a nearby shop but he reportedly left alone. The circumstances surrounding his death are sketchy, but attempts to get additional information from police in the area proved futile. All the questions were directed to the police’s public relations officer, Ivelaw Whittaker. However, the police in a statement said they have launched an investigation into the incident, and thus far no one has been arrested. The body of France was taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital mortuary to await a post-mortem. About a week ago, the decomposed body of Andre Hercules was found in the mining pit at Long Island. His feet and hands were bound. Two weeks ago, another miner, Michael Morris, 45, of 1544 Cummings Park, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, was beaten to death at West Park Backdam, Cuyuni by a group of men with whom he had an altercation. It was reported that during the incident, one of the men allegedly dealt him a blow to his head with a piece of wood resulting in his death. To date, the police have not yet arrested his assailants.

Eyew tness Sports...

...not sporting n our Sunday edition, we carried a report of schoolchildren from one city school organising an entire sport event focusing on the relay event of track-andfield. It’s part of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) curriculum requirement this year for the subject of physical education. Now there’s a whole lot of folks who’ll sniff superciliously about whether “phys ed” is a worthy subject or not. This just shows how our education system has gotten all bent out of shape. We’ve forgotten that our education system, inherited from the British, was actually modelled on the Greek, and later Roman, system. This emphasised – in no uncertain terms – that the goal of any proper education that’s worth a damn is “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. They had the academic subjects the kids do nowadays to strengthen the mind but they insisted on sports to strengthen the body. Not “sporting”. Now this is not just a Western idiosyncrasy: the Chinese, for instance, always had their martial arts for their warrior class and their physical exercises for everyone else. But nowadays, we – especially ambitious parents – stuff children with books for hours on end, including the now standard “lessons”, and nary a second for phys ed. And they’re surprised the kids end up as nerds who can’t touch their toes. Then they grow up, become couch potatoes and end up with hypertension and diabetes. And the state has to pay thousands to keep them alive – while their employers and the country lose millions in lost productivity. While in the early days the focus on phys ed might’ve been to have the citizenry ready to wage war...that fitted in with our evolutionary path that makes us succumb to so many diseases unless the body is regularly exercised.  But sports don’t just keep us healthy – as if that weren’t enough! – it can teach kids in and out of high schools how to organise events. It can keep wayward youths – who haven’t been socialised into the straight and narrow  through the failure of parents and society – out of trouble. It can also bring a whole nation together – do you see those Jamaicans hug each other when Usain Bolt wins a race?  So let’s get off our haunches and start exercising. And while we’re at it, give thanks to CXC for introducing sports into the school curriculum in a structured manner.  The government should make phys ed compulsory in secondary schools – as the Americans have done. Why should we only import their unhealthy fast foods?


...and cutting one’s nose The American promoter Phineas T Barnum maintained that “there’s a sucker born every minute”. And he proved it with the razzmatazz he used to pull huge crowds to his events. And proved also that “a fool and his money are soon parted”. It appears there’s a whole lot of folks in the executive bodies of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) who are suckers for the bitterness and bile of the owner of the MuckrakerKN, Mohan “Glenn” Lall. Well, they’ve been parted from a whole heap of money – not to mention the city of Georgetown that would’ve been pulling in major rates and taxes. And how did this sorry state of affairs come to pass? Lall, with his jealousy at someone doing better than him in business – persuaded the sports officials that the folks over at Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) and their local franchise holder, NEW GPC INC, were actually robbing them by offering to invest US$30 million to rebuild Bourda!!! And giving them a piece of the action. There will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth now that the deal’s been called off.  We’ll see what the Muckraker will offer them now. Larwah! the water Looking at the pictures of Bourda, maybe the GCC and GFC can promote water skiing on the grounds. Might bring in some needed cash. Might. 

9 Guyana not on track to close AIDS resource gap by 2015 – National AIDS Committee T news

monday, december 2, 2013 |

he National AIDS Committee (NAC) said Guyana is not on track to close the AIDS resource gap by 2015, despite prolonged calls for the government to plan for the scaling down by donors. NAC in its World AIDS Day statement said it is still awaiting the release of a report emanating from consultations organised by the Health Ministry, the National AIDS Progamme Secretariat and UNAIDS on this issue. The NAC said that such findings or recommendations (in the report) could contribute to innovative thinking, not only around new sources of funding, but on how best to reduce and/ or retain the HIV qualified and committed personnel, either on special and/or normal contracts.

Adequate monitoring

“The unprecedented cost of the epidemic in human and financial terms required stringent and precise measures of effectiveness, expressed in adequate monitoring and evaluation indicators of HIV/AIDS programmes and strategies.” NAC stated that there is little or no information on the current National HIV Strategic Plan (NSP) regarding the integration of personnel and the strategic transition planning process being implemented to support integration of Anti-retroviral (ARV) funding and procurement into Health Ministry. “The governance dimensions based on principles of informed consultation, accountability and transparency are still to be put in place within the national HIV framework. Perhaps this will become more achievable given the recent calls for local ownership from the government, donors and international agencies. This may well result in People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and other vulnerable groups becoming more knowledgeable and discerning as to who really owns the HIV national programme and response, despite the rhetoric and technical lingo.”


The local committee pointed out that the fears and concerns expressed by the individuals and representatives from HIV networks and support groups, focused on access to and sustainability of Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART); increased vigilance over stock-outs and inadequate mechanism of delivery; reduction of or absence of testing of CD4 levels count and viral load; lack of care and support in rural, riverine and interior communities; higher incidence of tuberculosis; unequal relations between men and women reflected in high levels of interpersonal and

positive Amerindians, women and people with disabilities whose access to jobs, education and HIV treatment are already reduced by virtue of discrimination on grounds of being indigenous, women or people with disabilities”, and that “the most at-risk of all vulnerable groups are Amerindian women, due to the gold rush taking place in interior areas” since “large numbers of itinerant miners have ready access to Amerindian communities in remote areas; young Amerindian girls are being trafficked into mining camps for sex work purposes while doctors rarely visit communities, at most on a quarterly basis”.

sexual violence, which impact directly on infection rates; condom use not only to be seen as a marketing problem but the inability of women to negotiate their use in disordered power relationships with men; challenging religious values which still sustain male dominance; poverty, and government’s unwillingness to give positive leadership on sexual orientation; and striking out punitive laws on, for example, sodomy. The NAC explained that stigma continues to prevent HIV-positive victims from playing a public role in combating the disease. It pointed out that PLWHA, at a recent meeting, noted the lack of an enabling environment which would encourage the “more educated” and “more economically-stable” HIV positives and individuals in other “key populations” in taking on advocacy roles.

Anti-local values

“It was also felt that impact assessment is yet to be made on lyrics that ‘commercialise women’, encourage ‘gay-bashing’ and ‘higher levels of alcohol and drugs consumption’, particularly at entertainment events utilising public space. It was felt that little or no information is available as to the sponsorship of these events, whether by government or private entertainment agencies, especially when known ‘anti-local values’ ‘wine and grind’ entertainers are imported from Jamaica and Trinidad.” According to NAC, PLWHA from the interior and rural communities, where poverty was “really biting in”, stated that they are at a great disadvantage not only in accessing the HIV normal and specialised services, but also basic services, for example, Old Age Pension, Public Assistance, and other health and welfare referrals given to people suffering from substance abuse or mental illness. The NAC further highlighted that the recent meeting also confirmed the extent of Amerindians’ vulnerability towards the infection, while adding that there

was re-affirmation by the PLWHAs in the 2012 consensus that “while all HIV positives still remain vulnerable, the most at-risk groups in terms of discrimination in Guyana are HIV


The NAC placed emphasis on the fact that Amerindians are the most vulnerable sector in Guyana, and are excluded as a “key population at

higher risk”, whereas “miners and loggers” are now formally included. The NAC also noted the incorrect and discriminatory statement in the NSP 2013-2020 publication: “HIV prevalence in the interior is low; however, there are significant numbers of vulnerable groups within these areas including miners, loggers, and the populations that live adjacent to these mines and forests.” On World AIDS Day 2013, the NAC and regional AIDS committees (RACs) are reporting a reduction in the various levels of stigma as presented by the various religious organisations and urban health practitioners, which foretells the development of a more effective response since stigma remains the single biggest obstacle to achieving accurate estimates or reliable statistics. “Religious leaders and religious communi-

ties showing more openness and understanding will not only ensure, for example, spin-off effects of a more caring family environment, but also would create an atmosphere in which all PLWHA can operate openly, whether as housewives, sports and business people as well as politicians and religious leaders. "The impact would be resounding, breathing new life into the prevailing social atmosphere, which robs the struggles against HIV and AIDS of the services of PLWHA, who ought to be its natural leaders,” the NAC stated. The World AIDS Day observance will continue until December 8 for which several activities have been planned such as “pinning the Ribbon”, from workplaces to transit urban/interior bus-stops, and holding discussions with HIV support groups and students .


monday, December 2, 2013


BRHA hosts candlelight vigil in observance of World AIDS Day


he Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) on Saturday held its annual candlelight vigil in observance of World AIDS Day. Staff lit diyas on a red ribbon symbol which was placed on the BRHA tarmac; the ribbon symbolises solidarity and a commitment to fight the deadly virus. BRHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo said with the implementation of a mobile testing unit, community outreaches, counselling, among others, Guyana has made commendable strides in reducing the number of HIV/ AIDS cases. Dr Mahadeo related that previously when persons were asked to do an HIV test, they would feel they are infected; however, persons are now willing to do the test without any fear or discrimination. He expressed gratitude to all the persons who played an active part in the fight against this virus, and

BRHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo

urged them to continue their work. Dr Mahadeo also renewed his call for the embrace and support of persons infected and affected by HIV. A minute’s silence was observed for the victims who have succumbed to the virus. BRHA Chairman Poonai Bhigroog said Guyana has been winning the battles against AIDS, but that is not enough, it must win the war.

Nevertheless, he commended the Health Ministry, and more particularly BRHA for their outstanding work. Bhigroog said persons infected with HIV should use Magic Johnson as their inspiration: the famous basketball player has been infected with the virus, but has not given up hope in life. “Johnson is the living example of life force that inspires us to face hardships of life with strong determination to overcome it,” he said. According to Dr Vinashri Khirodar of the Port Mourant Hospital, the medical fraternity will continue to provide new hope for a better tomorrow in terms of treatment and care for infected persons. “We have upped the border services that are afforded to patients, we have significantly improved the lives for them to integrate back into their community so as to work and function as normal persons without discrimination and restriction

in society,” he said. Guyana joined countries the world over on Sunday in observing World AIDS Day held under the theme “Getting to Zeros – Zero New Infections, Zero AIDS related death and Zero Discrimination”. National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) Programme Manager, Dr Shanti Singh, in a message, said though Guyana has come a far way, it must not be complacent, but must build on the momentum gained in reversing the epidemic. “We appreciate that only the combined efforts of our partners, stakeholders, people living with and affected by HIV and every Guyanese will bring us to the end of AIDS.” Dr Singh said as Guyana reflects on its achievements, NAPS has acknowledged that the journey is far from over; pointing out that stigma and discrimination remained an issue. After 26 years, people and especially persons from the key populations are still hesitant to access HIV prevention and treatment services for fear of discrimination. This has the potential to increase new infections and AIDS-related deaths. “We at the ministry recommit to employing a comprehensive combination prevention approach that will include enhancing the structural and other related environments directed at reducing stigma and discrimination,” Dr Singh said.

De Met Office and de mayor-fuhlife tekkin advice from de Mook


o matter how much people tell de mayor-fuh-life Green Ham that he is de cause of de problems in GT de garbage town, he ain’t tekkin that. No matter how much advice he get from people, he ain’t tekkin that either. De only ting Green Ham tekkin these days is whah dem boys who seh dem is boys does give he. And de chief of dem is Mook Lall. That is who givin de mayor-fuh-life advice and a lotta other tings whah dem boys know bout. When a Mook could be de boss or de chief fuh any body, yuh know that is blind leadin de blind, aka dotish leadin de paglee. De Mook got two of dem under tight control. Well, may not be tight any more, but control fuh sure. Dem is de mayor-fuh-life and de headitor. People know a long time that Green Ham ain’t got plenty brains and that he head hard since de PEE-N-SEE days when he was a big one. De whole Guyana know he was and still is a fool, but he was still a big one. But is now people findin out that is not only de mayor-fuh-life head hard. He ears also hard. Old people does call it hard of hearin. De whole GT flood out and de mayor-fuh-life in front of a mic blamin guvament and blamin people fuh de garbage instead of comin out to clean up some kokers and drains. So when every body got on long boots, de mayor deh in he green shirt and kickers. Now de Met Office gettin dotish like de mayor-fuhlife. When dem tell people rain gon fall, is no rain. When dem don’t tell people rain gon fall, then is plenty rain. Christmas comin up and Link Show does be till in the New Year. But people want to know if Robbin Robinson bring forward Link Show to Christmas because de Met Office already performin. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! It musbe that de mayor-fuh-life and de Met Office tekkin advice from de Mook! Just when people used to tink was GT alone in trouble, now is de whole country!

Suspect in Moblissa double murder arrested


rin James, 17, of Moblissa Creek, who allegedly stabbed his sister and her son to death at their home at Moblissa, Linden/ Soesdyke Highway, was on Sunday morning apprehended and was taken into custody at the Mackenzie Police Station. The teenager’s father Ignatius James told Guyana Times that his son returned home on Sunday morning and upon seeing him, he immediately summoned the police. He explained that his son returned home as if nothing had happened and thought that his son was not in his senses when he committed the heinous act. He added there were blood stains on his clothes and he did not have the opportunity to speak with him. The frustrated father who lost his daughter and is on the verge of seeing his son being sent to prison for the murders, disclosed that the “Lord only give you how much you can take”. James explained that the police went to his home on Saturday evening and threatened to arrest him if his son does not surrender.

“After I hear that, I prayed to God to show me the way… I prayed and prayed and a few minutes after, I see meh son turned up at the house. I called the police right away.” Now that the teenager is in police custody, he is expected to be slapped with two murder charges as soon as Tuesday. The police were up to late Sunday afternoon grilling the young man. Mourning The small Amerindian community was plunged into mourning on Saturday morning after a mother and her teenage son were hacked to death at their home in Moblissa by Orin. Molly James, 34, and her son Aaron James, 15, of Moblissa Public Road, Linden/ Soesdyke, formerly of North West District (NWD) were brutally killed by the young man who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. As the news spread about the gruesome murder, relatives of the dead woman and residents rushed to the scene, and many wept when they saw what happened. The quiet vil-

lage was left in a state of shock. According to information received, the woman on Thursday reported to the police that the suspect had allegedly raped her 13-year-old daughter, while she was washing clothes at a nearby creek. As a result, a report was made to the police, who went in search of the suspect, but he was not found. Upon learning of the complaint lodged against him, the young man went to the James’ home and fatally stabbed his sister. The woman’s 15-year-old son reportedly went to his mother’s assistance and was also stabbed to death. The teenager, who was allegedly sexually molested and her five other siblings managed to escape into the bushes. They were subsequently located and taken to the Mackenzie Police Station. The dead woman’s father also revealed that the children were subsequently released into the custody of him and his reputed wife. The bodies of Molly and Aaron were transported to the Lyken’s Funeral Home on Sunday to await postmortem examinations.

11 Feature

monday, DEcEMBER 2, 2013

Times Notebook

Cultural terrorism has no place in society


here is an abuse by singers and songwriters today. It is increasingly evident that the beloved art form of music, meant for enjoyment and soothing escapism, is being used to promote hate and violence. This problem is emerging as controversy stirs in the Jamaican parliament where a select committee is considering an antigang bill. The bill includes a controversial proposal to criminalise production and singing of songs which incite violence against homosexuals, police, informers, and other groups and this proposal has caused a split among parliamentarians. This controversy has invigorated the debate about “hate” music and the promotion of cultural terrorism. Music intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability – hate music is hate speech and has no place in society. Free speech There may be occasions on which free speech can legitimately be restricted. We are guided by international conventions such as the United Nations (UN) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Free expression does not mean anything goes. Music has a very prominent position in social and cultural life – a core element of rituals and ceremony – but also a companion in everyday life, a pedagogical tool, a memory aid, and an expression

of private emotion and of the public bonds between people. Music is a direct link to gods and ancestors. It is the directest link to our earliest memories and emotions. Inciting violence The call to ban music because it incites violence is controversial, because it is a sign of unwillingness to tread into difficult moral and legal terrain where the protection of fundamental freedoms leads to an apparent conflict between those freedoms: one person’s right to freedom of expression, and another person’s right to be protected from incitement to hatred and violence against them. Many people are concerned that music is being used to incite people toward violent behaviour, as some promote homophobic, racial and ethnic and antiwomen sentiments. Earlier in the year, Guyana’s Red Thread petitioned against concerts in Guyana by R Kelly, Onyan and Burning Flames. Burning Flames is presently creating a storm in Trinidad for the song “Kick ‘een’ she back door”. There have been aggressive campaigns to censor

Jamaica has become the centre of attention when it comes to music and lyrics that incite violence and homophobia

what some call murder music – the work of dancehall and reggae artistes such as Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, and others. They have been accused of inciting the murder of gays and lesbians through their homophobic lyrics. Worldwide phenomenon There are examples in virtually all countries. Even in conservative India, there is an increasing demand for certain songs to be banned for promoting violence and hate.

People are calling for a ban of songs that contain violent lyrics and incite aggression. A public interest litigation to ban a song has been filed in the Kerala High Court. Recently, another popular song from the film “Housefull 2” has been getting flak for its seemingly immoral lyrics. The song entitled, “Anarkali Disco Chali”, from a Sajid Khan flick, is said to have upset the sentiments of a certain segment of society in India. The song “Get Out” by Zimbabwean-born hip-

hop artist Zubz has been banned on the South African Broadcasting Corporation. In its ruling, the Complaints Tribunal stated that the “song threatens imminent violence and is accordingly prohibited”. A famous Rwandan singer and composer, Simon Bikindi, has been sentenced by a UN’s International Tribunal to 15 years in prison for inciting the murder of Tutsis through his songs and speeches during the 1994 mass killings in Rwanda. Among friends and fans at his boozy 29th birthday party in March 2010, the South African youth leader Julius Malema cocked his right thumb, pointed his finger like a pistol and chanted “Dubulu iBhunu” (shoot the white farmer). The crowd sang along merrily.    Jamaica has become the centre of attention when it comes to music and lyrics that incite violence and homophobia. On August 6, during the Grand Gala held at the national stadi-

um to mark the culmination of Jamaica’s 51st independence celebrations, Queen Ifrica used her performance to denounce gays and same-gender unions. Imitating rhetoric used by Tony Rebel, at the same event in 2012, Ifrica declared that Jamaica is only for straight people. In 2006, Times Magazine called Jamaica the most homophobic society in the world. It is the music of its artistes that most incite people to be homophobic in Jamaica. The singer Sizzla is one of the Jamaican artistes who has contributed to this reputation. In many of his songs, he calls for the killing of homosexuals. The time has come for an open debate. Music and musicians must be more responsible. Let’s sing of love and harmony, even of broken hearts, but let’s say no to hate and homophobia. Readers are invited to send their comments by email or Facebook to times.

12 news

monday, December 2, 2013 |

GDF rewards 263 ranks with incentives


wo hundred-odd members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), including several civilian employees, received monetary incentives after being honoured as best soldiers/ workers for 2013. They received their incentives at the GDF 2013 incentives ceremony held at the auditorium at Base Camp Ayanganna last week. Those honoured were drawn from all units of the force and included, infantrymen, caterers, mess staff, drivers, signallers, office administrative personnel within the force and special projects personnel from the force’s Project Execution Unit. Members of the force’s various sport teams also received awards for their outstanding performances

Lance Corporal Onika Emanuel receives her incentive from Lieutenant Colonel Ramkaran Doodnauth

during the year. Rounding out the incentive awardees at the ceremony was the hardy 76-member GDF Inter Services Athletics Championships (ISAC) team. The provision of these incentives was in recognition of the hard work, dedication and excellent performances of members of the force. The efforts of many at different levels were recognised. Congratulating the awardees for their hard work, Chief-of-Staff (CoS), Brigadier Mark Phillips encouraged them to continue striving for excellence. Remarking that the force believes in rewarding excellence, he also challenged all others to emulate the high standards of their peers. He indicated that the focus was on recognising the per-

formances and dedication of other ranks. Brigadier Phillips, an avid sportsman, lauded the track record of the sporting teams, signalling out the rugby team for high praise for having swept the berth of competitions in which they participated this year. The footballers and boxers also came in for high praise. Noting that the Christmas season had already commenced, the CoS entreated all the troops to be prudent with their finances. More importantly, Brigadier Phillips indicated that all ranks were to remember that a heightened security posture will be evident during the upcoming festive season and emphasised that they were to remember that the hallmark of their service was professionalism.

City Hall, vendors in cleaning exercise O

peration “Make old Georgetown new again” began Sunday morning around the Stabroek Market area, with scores of vendors helping to move tonnes of garbage they had left there over the years. This activity saw City Hall councillors and vendors cleaning the blocked drains in an effort to remove the build-up of garbage and avoid major floods. Speaking with Guyana Times, Councillor Gregory Fraser said “the council decided to mobilise vendors from the surrounding Stabroek Market area and

A vendor removing garbage during the cleaning exercise

The scene on Sunday morning around the historic Stabroek Market, where City Council joined forces with vendors to remove tonnes of garbage

A vendor clearing a clogged drain at the side of Demico Qik Serv, Stabroek

Water Street, to aid in the clearing of kokers, drains and gutters around this area”. Fraser added that the vendors were positive about this initiative and some of them have lived up to their expectations. The councillor further stated that the council is working on initiatives which will see persons who litter being charged. “We are hoping to institute some measure which will see persons who litter will be fined $2000 and if they refuse to pay the fine, they will be taken to court where they will have to pay $10,000.” City Hall is hoping that this campaign is expected to occur every fortnight and is encouraging more vendors to put their hands collectively in helping to make old Georgetown new again. Last Wednesday, Georgetown was greatly affected by the heavy rainfall which caused severe flooding in some areas. The Stabroek Market was flooded quickly due to clogged drains and the progressive build up of excessive garbage.


monday, decEMBER 2, 2013 |


monday, December 2, 2013


Jamaican govt says J$20M spent Thousands take to the streets in Honduras to protest election result on PM’s China trip


he Jamaican government has confirmed that it spent more than J$20 million on the official visit to China of a Jamaican delegation headed by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in late August. Leader of Government Business in the Senate, AJ Nicholson, made the disclosure in answers he provided on Friday to questions tabled by opposition member Senator Robert Montague. According to Senator Nicholson, the trip cost the government J$19,680,537, including payments for “travel, subsistence and contingencies”, which were paid from the budgetary al-

location in the ministries of foreign affairs and foreign trade; water, land, environment and climate change; national security; and the Office of the Prime Minister. He said, however, that the figure did not include costs incurred by the embassy of Jamaica in Beijing, which amounted to US$3461.84 or J$366,869.52. Senator Nicholson said that the prime minister was accompanied by 17 persons. He said that four agreements were signed: a Letter of Exchange to facilitate construction of two early childhood institutions in Tower Hill, Kingston and Morant Estate, St Thomas;

a Letter of Exchange for expansion of the Confucius Institute at the University of the West Indies, Mona; Economic and Technical Agreement Grant Aid valued at US$16 million (J$1.6 billion) for projects to be mutually agreed between both countries; and a Preferential Buyer Credit Loan Agreement to finance the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP) valued at US$300 million (J$30 billion), which will replace the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) which ends this year. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Region joins international community in observing World AIDS Day

Thousands of protesters on the streets of Honduras


onduras’ defeated leftist presidential candidate, the wife of ousted former leader Manuel Zelaya, led thousands of supporters onto the streets of Tegucigalpa on Sunday to protest an election result she has called fraudulent. The demonstration by a crowd estimated at several thousand people passed off peacefully, which analysts said offered some hope for political stability. The Central American country is plagued by violence and has

the world’s highest murder rate. The ruling National Party’s Juan Hernandez, who is head of Congress, won last week’s election with 36.8 per cent of votes, according to the country’s election tribunal. He has vowed to tame drug violence. Xiomara Castro ran as the candidate of the Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE) – a coalition of leftist politicians, unions and indigenous groups founded by her husband. She came second with 28.79 per cent

of the vote. But Castro and Zelaya, who was ousted in a 2009 coup that plunged Honduras into a deep political crisis, have refused to acknowledge the results, demanding a recount and setting the stage for a protracted conflict. “If we revise the ballot boxes, LIBRE won the election,” Zelaya told Sunday’s protest, the first called by LIBRE since the election. “We don’t want fraud in Honduras. We don’t want a government born out of cheating and deception.”

(Excerpt from Reuters)


he Caribbean has joined the rest of the global community in observing World AIDS Day by issuing a reminder to the region of the commitment to work towards creating the conditions for equitable access by every citizen in the region to adequate health care. In his message to mark the day, Caricom Secretary General Irwin Laroque hailed the work of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) for the strides made in confronting the epidemic. “While I look forward to being part of history in the making, with respect to the Caribbean being the first re-

gion in the world to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015, I am very conscious that the promise of an AIDS freegeneration, characterised by Zero new HIV infection, zero discrimination, zero AIDSrelated death, though a real possibility, is yet some distance off,” Laroque said. He noted that during Caricom’s 40th year of existence, the regional body has renewed and heightened its focus on its reason for being. “A Community for All is much more than a tagline! Rather, it reflects the “lifeline” extended to us by the Founding Fathers, at Chaguaramas in 1973. This

25th World AIDS Day observance under the theme: Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infection, zero discrimination, zero AIDS-related death, in many ways speaks to this lifeline and could not be more timely,” he added. The secretary general in referring to the theme for World AIDS Day – Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infection, zero discrimination, zero AIDS-related death said it resonates with the spirit of that Nassau Declaration, “the Health of the Region is the Wealth of the Region”. On this World AIDS Day, let us renew our commitment to creating more of that wealth. (CMC)

15 Around the world

MONday, dECember 2, 2013

Ukrainians stage mass rally against New York train crash kills four Yanukovich’s U-turn on Europe


krainian opposition leaders on Sunday called for President Viktor Yanukovich and his government to resign at a huge pro-Europe rally of about 350,000 people, marred by violent clashes between protesters and riot police. In the biggest protest in the capital Kiev since the “Orange Revolution” of nine years ago, opposition leaders denounced Yanukovich for walking away from a pact offered by the European Union and swinging trade policy back toward Russia. “They stole the dream,” heavyweight boxer-turnedopposition politician Vitaly Klitschko told crowds on Independence Square. The opposition urged people to demonstrate

People supporting EU integration hold a rally in front of the Mikhailovsky Zlatoverkhy Cathedral (St Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral) in Kiev

peacefully and avoid being provoked by the authorities into antagonising police. But violence erupted nonetheless with police using tear gas and stun grenades near the presidential administration. Police

later clashed with a group of masked protesters trying to pull down a monument to Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians swept on to Kiev’s Independence

Square, chanting “Down with the Gang!” and waving the Ukrainian flag and EU standard, in condemnation of Yanukovich’s U-turn away from the EU. The scale of Sunday’s protest, which also marked the anniversary of Ukraine’s 1991 referendum on independence, evoked memories of the 2004-5 Orange Revolution which overturned the established political order and doomed Yanukovich’s first bid for the presidency. After months of pressure from Russia, Yanukovich last month suddenly backpedalled from signing a deal, long in the making, on closer relations with the EU in favour of renewed economic dialogue with Moscow, Ukraine’s former Soviet master. (Excerpt from Reuters)

China launches Moon rover mission


hina has launched its first lunar rover mission, the next key step in the Asian superpower’s ambitious space programme. The Chang’e-3 mission blasted off from Xichang in the south at 01:30 today local time (17:30 GMT Sunday). The Long March rocket’s payload includes a landing module and a six-wheeled robotic rover called Yutu (or Jade Rabbit). The mission should land in the Moon’s

northern hemisphere in mid-December. Chinese state TV carried live pictures of the launch of the Chinese-developed Long March 3B rocket carrying the lunar probe. This will be the third robotic rover mission to land on the lunar surface, but the Chinese vehicle carries a more sophisticated payload, including ground-penetrating radar which will gather measurements of the lunar soil and crust.

The 120kg (260lb) Jade Rabbit rover can climb slopes of up to 30 degrees and travel at 200 metres (660ft) per hour, according to its designer, the Shanghai Aerospace Systems Engineering Research Institute. Its name – chosen in an online poll of 3.4 million voters – derives from an ancient Chinese myth about a rabbit living on the moon as the pet of the lunar goddess Chang’e. Last week, Professor Ouyang Ziyuan told the

BBC’s science editor David Shukman that the mission would test key technology and carry out science, adding: “In terms of the talents, China needs its own intellectual team who can explore the whole lunar and solar system – that is also our main purpose.” The lander’s target is Sinus Iridum (Latin for Bay of Rainbows) a flat volcanic plain thought to be relatively clear of large rocks. (Excerpt

from BBC News)

The train appeared to be going “a lot faster’’ than normal as it approached the curve, one passenger said


our people have been killed and more than 60 have been injured in a passenger train crash in the Bronx area of New York. Eleven of the injured are believed to be in a critical condition in hospital. The Metro-North train’s locomotive and carriages derailed as the train went into a bend in the railway line near Spuyten Duyvil station. At least one eyewitness said the train – the 05:54 from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station – was travelling much faster than normal at the time. None of the carriages went into the adjacent Hudson or Harlem rivers – although pictures from the scene suggest this nearly happened. The train appeared to be going “a lot faster’’ than normal as it approached the bend coming into the station, passenger Frank Tatulli told WABC-TV. M e t r o p o l i t a n Transportation Authority

spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said the bend where the derailment occurred was in a slow speed area, and that the train’s “black box” recorder should be able to tell how fast the train was travelling. Later on Sunday, federal investigators said the derailed carriages would be turned upright to check for any other possible victims. National Transportation Safety Board official Earl Weener said his teams would be on site for several days documenting evidence. “Our mission is not just to understand what happened but why it happened, with the intent of preventing it happening again,” he said. Speaking to the media near the scene, New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed the casualty figures, adding that the National Transportation Safety Board was beginning an investigation. (Excerpt from BBC


“Fast & Furious” actor Paul Biden on delicate mission to Walker dies in car accident defuse tensions in East Asia


Walker with co-star Vin Diesel (left), who said the actor’s death had left him “speechless”


ans, friends, and fellow stars have been paying tribute to U.S. actor Paul Walker, who has died in a car crash. Walker was best-known for playing Brian O’Conner in the “Fast & Furious” films. The 40-year-old died on Saturday when a Porsche being driven by a friend, who also died, crashed near Los Angeles. Walker’s co-star Jordana Brewster said: “Paul was pure light. I cannot believe he is gone.” Fellow “Fast & Furious” actor Vin Diesel wrote that “heaven has gained a new angel”. “Brother, I will miss you

very much,” Diesel said on Twitter. In a second message, he said: “My heart is hurting so sad. Paul Walker was a good man. RIP my friend... Sorry to the Walker family.” Walker starred in five of the six movies in the popular “Fast & Furious” franchise and had started filming the seventh. The accident happened while Walker was attending an event for his charity Reach Out Worldwide. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department said deputies found a car engulfed in flames when they responded to a report of a collision. Two people found

in the car were pronounced dead at the scene. Images showed the burned-out wreckage of a red Porsche by the side of the road. “It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organisation Reach Out Worldwide,” a statement on the actor’s Facebook page said. “He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We... are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news.’’

(Excerpt from BBC News)

.S. Vice President Joe Biden will try to strike a delicate balance of calming military tensions with China while supporting ally Japan against Beijing on a trip to Asia this week that is being overshadowed by a territorial dispute in the East China Sea. Aiming to counter criticism that the United States is neglecting Asia, because it is distracted by domestic politics and the Middle East, the White House has long been planning a visit by Biden to Japan, China, and South Korea. Those countries are at

the heart of a quarrel over two tiny islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing that descended into military brinkmanship after China in late November declared an “air defence identification zone” that includes the islands. In Tokyo on Tuesday, Biden will likely assure Japan that a military alliance with the United States dating back to the 1950s remains valid as the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrangles with China over the islands. Yet he will also try to calm tensions between the

United States and China over the same territorial dispute when he goes to Beijing later in the week. “It’s especially important ... that we continue to amplify our messages that we are and always will be there for our allies, and that there is a way for two major powers in the U.S. and China to build a different kind of relationship for the 21st century,” a senior Obama administration official said. Although Washington takes no position on the sovereignty of the uninhabited islands, it recognises Tokyo’s administrative control. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Thai protesters step up action, PM forced to leave building


bout 30,000 protesters launched a “people’s coup” on Thailand’s government on Sunday, swarming state agencies in violent clashes, taking control of a state broadcaster and forcing the prime minister to flee a police compound. But after a day of skirmishes between protest-

ers hurling stones and petrol bombs against riot police firing back with teargas, the demonstrators failed to breach heavily barricaded Government House, office of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. “They haven’t seized a single place,” National Security Council Chief Paradorn Pattanathabutr told Reuters.

“They go to different places and they go back out.” The protesters sowed chaos in one of Southeast Asia’s biggest cities, breaching a police line, seizing seven police trucks, and forcing Yingluck to move to an undisclosed location from a building where she had planned to give media interviews. (Excerpt from Reuters)


monday, DECember 2, 2013



All state entities must comply with Rwanda: Mining surges as minerals are certified “conflict-free” new TT governance code


tate enterprises in Trinidad returned a combined profit of TT$5.3 billion in 2012, Finance and Economy Minister Larry Howai said on Tuesday evening at the Hyatt in Port of Spain. He did not give the comparative figure for 2011 to determine if this was an increase or decrease. Speaking at the launch of the T&T Corporate Governance Code 2013, Howai said: “Of the 60 state enterpris-

es, less than 20 per cent have experienced problems. I suppose it is similar to our view that all state enterprises lose money when, in aggregate, the sector is actually profitable, returning a net profit of TT$5.3 billion in 2012. “Having said that, though, I would emphasise that we need to make more state enterprises profitable as we need to ensure that the corporate governance framework is not flouted by even one state en-

terprise.” He continued: “But with the T&T Corporate Governance Code, I believe that we have gained partners in the business community for encouraging enforcement and monitoring. Here in Trinidad and Tobago, we have tended, in the past, to take the view that the private sector cannot be held to the same level of accountability as the state sector. After all, we think, it is private money.” (Trinidad Guardian)

North America

Black Friday shopping in U.S. marred by violence


everal outbreaks of violence have marred the U.S. Black Friday shopping frenzy, as bargain-hunters besieged malls across the U.S. In Chicago, police shot an alleged shoplifter; a robber shot a shopper in Las Vegas; and a California police officer was injured in a fight. Black Friday, the day following the Thanksgiving holiday, is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. This year it began even earlier amid a trend for Thanksgiving openings. Twelve national

chains opened their doors on Thursday, advertising aggressive discounts. Some 15,000 shoppers stormed the flagship Macy’s in New York City as it opened for the first time ever on Thanksgiving evening. Pointing at the mobbed department store, Brazilian tourist Luis Figueiro told Reuters news agency: “This is madness. “There are so many people here, you can’t see any of the things on sale.” There were several incidents of retail-related disorder across the U.S.

Workers’ groups have protested that the trend towards Thursday opening means retail employees can no longer spend the day at home with their families, which is supposed to be the point of Thanksgiving. Some retail analysts have begun to dub the holiday Black Thanksgiving, or Grey Thursday. Workers held demonstrations on Friday outside Walmart stores in the city of Ontario, California, and in Elgin, Illinois, demanding better pay and conditions. (BBC News)



ndustries worldwide are taking a closer look at their supply chains for minerals exported from Africa’s Great Lakes region. They are worried they could be penalised for buying conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo that are labelled as other countries’ production. To counter those fears and build confidence among importers, Rwanda has started issuing regionally approved certificates for exports from its own mines.

A large delegation of mining experts, journalists and others visited the Rutongo tin mine in central Rwanda this month and were greeted with a song of welcome from miners and other employees. The message of the song is that industrial mining has improved people’s lives in this area and that the products exported from here are not conflict minerals. Rutongo is the first mine in Rwanda where mineral exports have been given “con-

flict-free” certificates by the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, a body representing 11 countries including Rwanda and the DRC. It is one of Rwanda’s largest tin mines with nearly 42 kilometres of tunnels. Companies like Rutongo Mines Ltd do not want to fall afoul of U.S. legislation, part of the Dodd-Frank Act, that could penalise buyers of minerals from this region unless the products can be shown to be conflict-free. (allAfrica)


Yen remains under pressure as China PMI, U.S. data eyed


apanese shares could get support from a weaker yen today, while investors were generally cautious as they awaited a Chinese manufacturing survey later in the session as well as key U.S. data this week. HSBC will release its final report on China’s manufacturing sector, after its preliminary flash reading came in at 50.4. Official data released over the weekend showed China’s factory growth held at an 18-month high last month on

firm domestic and foreign demand. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan .MIAPJ0000PUS was down slightly in early trade, while ASX/200 index .AXJO was up about 0.1 per cent. Last month, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei .N225 rallied 9.3 per cent, spurred by strong earnings and a weakened yen, with the index hitting its highest closing level in nearly six years on Thursday. The dollar rose about 0.1

per cent to 102.55 yen, moving back toward a six-month high of 102.61 yen touched on Friday. The euro was steady around 139.35 yen, not far from Friday’s five-year high of 139.70 yen. “The dollar finished November at its highest level against the yen since May. It appears to have broken out of the six-month consolidative pattern,” Marc Chandler, global head of foreign exchange strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman said in a research note. (Reuters)


UK PM promises China “growth ANZ class action suit set to begin in Australia partnership”


nited Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to create a “partnership for growth and reform” as he visits China on a trade mission with more than 100 UK business leaders. The prime minister also pledged to put his “full political weight” behind a proposed

agreement to free up trading between China and the European Union. He is due to hold talks with Premier Li Keqiang on a separate China-UK deal said to be worth £1.8 billion a year. Some EU states fear a flood of cheap imports if a wider pact is approved. However, the European Commission is

due to begin investment treaty negotiations in the New Year. Meanwhile, Labour leader Ed Miliband is to warn the government not to compete with China in a “race to the bottom” on pay, but to focus on creating a “high-skill, high-tech, high-wage” economy. (BBC News)

Market statistics Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana Cur






















Indicators as on November 29, 2013 Live Spot Gold

USD Per Once













1245.25 763.07 915.29

1253.00 767.25 921.05



Nov 28


1241.75 760.46 913.12

Last: 16086.41

Price Silver


London Gold Fix

Nov 29

Indicators Crude Oil

1245.50 761.59 915.54 Changes: -10.92

US$ per barrel $111.31

USD per Ounce

$20.03 $1358.00

Change %

+0.39 Change %

+0.27 +2.00


class action suit filed against Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), one of Australia’s big four banks, will to begin on Monday. Some 38,000 customers have taken the bank to court over claims that it charged them “exorbitant fees”. These include ‘dishonour’ fees on bank accounts, as well as overlimit fees and late payment fees on credit cards.

A lawyer representing the customers estimated the total fees charged by ANZ to be around A$50 million (US$46 million). Andrew Watson, the head of class actions at Maurice Blackburn, the firm representing the customers, told the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) that the size of fees varied, but that “$25 to $35 is the sort of range for fees that are imposed”.

“So you might be a dollar over on your account, or a day late in your payment and the banks will slug you with a fee that’s out of all proportion to what it costs them for that minor transgression. Maurice Blackburn said on its website that “if they’re proven during the trial to constitute a penalty, rather than a fee for service, then those fees are lawfully recoverable”.

(BBC News)

Investors' guide

Holiday weekend sales dip on discounts; e-commerce jumps


eavy discounting took a toll on U.S. retail sales during the Thanksgiving weekend as shoppers spent almost three per cent less than they did a year earlier, according to data released Sunday by an industry group. That could be an indication of a more difficult season for many retailers. One bright spot this weekend, according to the data, was e-commerce as online sales soared. The National Retail Federation estimated the average shopper spent US$407.02 over the weekend, or 3.9 per cent less than dur-

ing the same weekend last year, because of lower prices it said would persist through the rest of the season. “Retailers will continue to aggressively promote their in-store and online offerings, looking to entice today’s very budget-conscious and valuefocused shopper,” said NRF Chief Executive Matthew Shay. The NRF said 141 million people went shopping at least once during the holiday weekend, up from 139 million last year. But total spending was expected to reach US$57.4 billion for the four-day period – which includes Black Friday,

the biggest shopping day of the year – down 2.8 per cent from US$59.1 billion over the same weekend in 2012. The big deals will also dent profit margins, analysts said. “Sales will go up, but gross margins are going to be down. Doorbusters were what people were shopping for, more than the regular-priced stuff,” said Ron Friedman, retail practice leader at the consulting firm Marcum LLP. The Thanksgiving weekend is an early gauge of consumer mood and intentions in a season that generates about 30 per cent of sales and nearly 40 per cent of profit for retailers. (Reuters)

Business concept – Information economy

Open: 16108.25


% Change: -0.07 Low: 16074.14

% YTD: 22.76

52Wk Hi: 15721.00

52 Wk Lo: 12471.49

An economy in which knowledge is the primary raw material and source of value. It is characterised by convergence and integration of communication and data-processing technologies into information technology (IT), and the pervasive influence of IT on economic activity such that most workers are information workers and most products are information products.



monday, December 2, 2013 |

Canadian charitable organisation dents child mortality rate cure monitors, IV pumps, pump monitors and incubators procured from funds (Cdn$100,000) raised by the GHTK. Prior to the commissioning, the unit was in dire need of incubators, a machine which supports the breathing of premature infants while they are still hospitalised, so they can have a better chance of living.

Critical demand

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and health professionals inspecting the refurbished Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when it was commissioned in March 2012 at the Georgetown Public Hospital


he Guyana Help the Kids (GHTK) continues to make significant strides, as it seeks to reduce neonatal and infant mortality rates in Guyana by 50 per cent. Already, the organisation has assisted in the 50 per cent reduction in neonatal death rate at the Georgetown Public Hospital; some 83 babies were saved. The GHTK is a Canadianbased charitable organisation led by president and chief of paediatrics at Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Dr Narendra Singh. During an exclusive interview with Guyana Times, Singh said the organisation is accelerating a series of health care programmes in Guyana in a quest to fulfil its objective. With major emphasis placed on capacity building, the GHTK is providing comprehensive education to local physicians, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. Additionally, it continues to secure specialised equipment to raise the bar of neonatal care in the country. The GHTK collaborated with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s Institute of Health Science Education, the University of Guyana, the McMasters University and the Humber River Regional Hospital in

Toronto to introduce a paediatric post-graduate residency programme in 2011. Earlier this year, Dr Clive Bowman and Dr Seepersaud Chatterdeo were the first to graduate with a master’s degree in paediatrics under the programme.

High standard

“The examiner, who came from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, she felt that the two paediatricians can function independently at a very high standard in Canada and the

doctors in training are utilising the services of specialists from the University of Toronto, McMasters University and other universities in North America. These specialists have been travelling monthly to provide didactic and bedside teaching in keeping with the uniquely developed curriculum. In addition to the paediatric post-graduate residency programme, the GHTK and Georgetown Public Hospital in March 2012 reconstructed

According to Dr Singh, from the more that 15,000 babies born in the country yearly, approximately 6000 are delivered at the Georgetown Public Hospital, hence, it is critical for the hospital to meet the demands of the neonatal and infant population. With the inclusion of the four regional hospitals: Suddie Public Hospital, the West Demerara Regional Hospital, the Linden Hospital Complex and the New Amsterdam Hospital, approximately 85 per cent of all babies born in a given year was delivered at the central health institutions. As a result, the GHTK is in the process of incorporating the regional health institutions. “If we want to impact neonatal mortality in the country, we have to ensure that all babies that are born in Guyana have access to the best possible service, so we are expanding our pro-

GHTK President and Chief of Paediatrics at Humber River Hospital, Toronto, Dr Narendra Singh

tial pieces of equipment. Meanwhile, a feasibility study is being conducted at the Suddie Public Hospital. The GHTK is hoping to commission the facility at Suddie in March 2014 and similarly a unit at the West Demerara Regional Hospital by August 2014. Medical practitioners at the various institutions in which NICUs have been installed, are responding positively to this level of development, Dr Singh said.

Good nurses

“We have a generation of nurses and physicians in our programme, that are extremely excited about what they are doing and I think that lends itself well five and 10 years from now, for

A batch of nurses who completed the paediatric nursing programme at the Linden Hospital Complex. With the nurses are their instructors

U.S., so I think it gives some support to the quality of the programme we are providing here,” Dr Singh noted. Meanwhile, the other

a 24 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The facility at the GPH was brought up to standard with the installation of pro-

gramme,” Dr Singh said. According to him, the GHTK has opened a NICU in Linden and New Amsterdam and has provided essen-

these same individuals to take leadership in the programme. And that’s what I am particularly excited about. ”

Recognising the need for biomedical and respirator support to ensure the functionality and longevity of the very sensitive equipment, technical experts from the Humber River Regional Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Hospital For Sick Kids have signalled their willingness to assist with this aspect of the programme. Meanwhile, turning his attention to the work of the Health Ministry in meeting the needs of the neonatal and infant population, the chief of paediatrics at Humber River Hospital said the government of Guyana is doing a very good job. “I strongly believe over the last 10-15 years, the government of Guyana has implemented many policies nationwide, that has resulted in a pretty remarkable drop in mortality and morbidity of the paediatric population.” He said this level of development is a step in the right direction, noting that Guyana’s ability to reduce the under-five mortality rate is extremely encouraging. In the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Guyana has already met the target of reducing the underfive mortality rate by twothirds by 2015. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the under-five mortality rate in Guyana has drop from 120 per 1000 live births in 1991 to 17 per 1000 live births in 2008, resulting in early achievements of the MDG target.

“Watch De Ride 2” wins $1M purse at drama festival


onald Hollingsworth and Sharon Taylor’s “Watch De Ride 2” on Saturday evening walked away with the grand $1 million prize at the National Drama Festival 2013 award ceremony. The big cash prize was sponsored by Digicel. In at second in the Open Full Length Category was “Anybody See Brenda” while “When Chocolate Melts” written and directed by Neaz Subhan earned the third spot. In the Open Short Play Category, “Before Her Parting” directed by Tivia Collins brought first and pocketed $400,000 while “Mommy” directed by Sonia Yard was placed second and “Farepicker” under the directorship of the Theatre Guild

Banks DIH representative Carlton Joao and the cast of "Fare Pickers", who were second runner-up in the category Best Production (short play). They were also adjudged best performing cast

was in at third. In the Junior Category, “Creative Burial Ground”

written by Rae Wilshire and Directed by Nickose Layne captured first place.

“Deep Wounds” written by Melinda Primo and directed by Marissa Primo was

placed second and “Planned to Perfection” written by Mark Luke-Edwards was in

at third. Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony noted that this year’s festival has shown much improvement and encouraged the participants to work around the challenges. “I think while we, with any festival, we have to keep looking at what we’ve done right and we also have to look at what didn’t go right, and those challenges I think we have to learn from them and move forward.” Digicel’s head of marketing Jacqueline James encouraged the actors to develop their dreams and visions as they have laid out the foundation. This year’s National Drama Festival saw the submission of 52 plays, of which 32 were short-listed for the finals.


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thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Interact with a variety of people. You will gain popularity if you are benevolent. Others will be interested in your plans and support your efforts. Romance is on the rise.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Seek sound advice from someone you respect. You need an impartial opinion. Take a long, hard look at your motives. Selfdeception is apparent. Rethink your next move.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Direct your energy into physical activities or furthering your objectives. You will accomplish a lot if you are determined. Your creative ability will be replenished, so use it.



CANCER (June 21July 22) Enjoy the company of someone you think is special, but don’t feel the need to pay or to do too much in order to win favours. Keep the relationship equal.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Avoid taking unnecessary risks. Don’t let someone you love goad you into taking on an expense you cannot afford. It is you who will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Network, learn and communicate all you can with individuals who have the know-how and information you need to get ahead. Don’t let your emotions stand in the way of your advancement.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Rewards will head in your direction if you offer help. You will be appreciated and recognised for your attributes. Expect lots of activity at home. Early preparations should be underway.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Jealousy and stubbornness must not be allowed to take over. Spend quality time with the people you love. Career moves that will give you greater freedom can be made.

Concentrate on work. Personal relationships will interfere with reaching your goals. Take advantage of a chance to learn from someone with a different background, skills or expertise.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Focus on people, places and pastimes. The information you acquire will contribute to something you can use in the near future. Someone from your past will influence a decision you make now.

Saturday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Making new acquaintances will be entertaining. Get involved in a worthwhile cause, and you will open up doors to business partnerships. People from your past can change your future.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) You may be charming, but before you try to convince others to give you their support, make sure you have your facts straight and you know what you are talking about.

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Natural resources and environmental sectors under review

monDay, december 2, 2013

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Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud, who was accompanied by senior managers of the various agencies under his ministry’s portfolio to the meeting with the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Natural Resources


he Natural Resources and Environment Ministry was recently invited by the chairman and members of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Natural Resources to examine the management and functioning of the natural resources and environmental sectors. The meeting, which was convened at Parliament Building, was chaired by Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, and witnessed a presentation by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud, who was accompanied by senior managers of the various agencies under his ministry’s portfolio. During his presentation, Minister Persaud reemphasised that the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry was established out of a direct desire to harmonise and better coordinate the natural resources and environmental sectors. He pointed out that the mission statement of the ministry is to facilitate the effective management and development of Guyana’s resources through improved policy-making, inter-agency coordination, and administration, based on the principles of environment, economic and social sustainability for the ultimate benefit of all Guyanese. In an effort to improve governance and management of the natural resources and environmental sectors, several pieces of legislation and regulations are already before the National Assembly, while oth-

ers are being reviewed, he added. Further, the natural resources and environmental minister updated members of the parliamentary sub-committee on the developments that are taking place in environmental and wildlife management, mining and forestry, and protected areas and land administration. Notwithstanding, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarian Joseph Harmon sought to clarify whether it was a conflict of interest to have the environmental and natural resources sectors managed by one ministry. However, Minister Persaud assured the meeting that the current management of the various sectors allows for greater collaboration and coordination. The current dispensation, he said, has improved the level of interaction between several agencies on sharing technical expertise and resources. The meeting concluded after several clarifications regarding the mandate and management of the ministry were sought by the chairman and members of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Natural Resources. Dr Roopnaraine and Harmon expressed satisfaction with the presentation by Minister Persaud and the work of the natural resources and environment agencies and indicated that the committee looked forward to the submission of additional reports and future engagements.

‘Cyber-Hindus’ – India’s new breed of political activists


our men chatting in a Delhi bar are not, by their own admission, natural drinking buddies. The young professionals in their 20s and 30s come from vastly different regions of India and varied backgrounds. They first “met” on Twitter, spotting each other on the micro-blogging site where they voiced a common desire – to see Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi become the next prime minister. After online introductions, they met face-to-face on their own initiative, and, finding they had plenty in common, gather monthly in the nation’s capital to talk about life, work, and, most importantly, how to make

a difference in India’s upcoming election. The men insisted they paid for their own expenses, and only one of them was associated with Modi’s party. Tiny cells of friends like this one are being created up and down the country, they say – a rare instance of India’s politically apathetic urban middle class getting drawn into activism. Many come together of their own volition, others with a nudge from Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It’s another arrow in his quiver ahead of a general election that must be held within six months, and opinion polls are already predicting he and the BJP will win more seats than the ruling Congress party.

(Excerpt from Reuters)


monday, december 2, 2013

Root tells Australia to "bring it on"

Joe Root


ngland batsman Joe Root says he eager to resume rivalries with Australia and bowler Mitchell Johnson in the second Ashes Test, which starts on Thursday. England suffered a resounding defeat in the first Test when they failed to deal with Johnson’s pace as he took 9-103. “It’s great - that’s why you play Test cricket, to get in confrontations and battles like that and try to be successful,” said Root, 22. “Bring it on. It should be good fun. I’m really looking forward to it.” Root was dismissed for two in England’s first innings in Brisbane, before scoring a resolute 26 not out in the second innings. His latter knock from 118 balls appeared to frus-

trate Johnson as the Aussie bowler aimed a sarcastic smile at Root, who refused to get drawn into the type of verbal confrontation which overshadowed the first Test. “Guys are out there to win, and it’s all part of the game,” added Root. “Whether you like it or not, you have to deal with it on the field and find your own way to cope. “If the ICC want to step in when they think things have gone too far, that’s up to them. But all we can do is control what we’re doing, and try to win the game for our country. “I enjoy being out there, and the battles you get are all part of the game. I’m sure it will continue the whole series.” “If we perform well

that’s best way of counteracting it. Root opened with captain Alastair Cook in the summer Ashes series before batting at number six in the first Test. Batting coach Graham Gooch has confirmed that either Root or Ian Bell will move to number three as England reshuffle their pack after Jonathan Trott returned home with a stress-related condition. “It doesn’t matter to me, I just love playing for England,” said Root. “Regardless of whether I’m opening, three, five, six, it’s been brilliant. “If I get the chance to do it, it would be a great challenge for me - and I’d love to do it. “I don’t think it makes much difference. “When you go out there you can face a number of different situations, and it’s just making sure you’re well equipped to deal with them.” Bowler Tim Bresnan’s fitness will be assessed before the second Test in Adelaide. The 28-year-old was promoted to the senior squad after posting figures of 4-31 for the England Performance Programme against Queensland Second XI on Thursday. Bresnan is making his way back from a stress fracture of the back diagnosed after England’s win in the fourth Ashes Test of the previous series in Durham in August. (BBC Sport)

McIlroy wins Australian Open by one shot from Adam Scott


Rory McIlroy

orld number six Rory McIlroy birdied the final hole to win his first tournament of 2013 with a dramatic one-shot triumph in the Australian Open. The Northern Irishman, 24, began the final round four behind Adam Scott, who had led all week at Royal Sydney. But McIlroy carded a fine 66, with an eagle at the seventh and four birdies in total to win outright on 18 under. World number two Scott bogeyed the 18th for a 71 to finish on 17 under, six clear of fellow Australian John Senden. Scott, who broke the course record with a 62 on the opening day, was seeking to become only the second man, after compatriot Robert Allenby in 1995, to complete the Australian triple crown, having won the Australian PGA and Australian Masters titles last month.

But in an intriguing final day tussle on the par72 Championship course it was McIlroy who captured his first event since the World Tour Championship in Dubai in November 2012. Scott three-putted the first green and his fourstroke advantage had been eroded by the eighth after a fine start by 2011 US Open and 2012 US PGA champion McIlroy, who produced some sparkling iron play. Having missed a birdie chance from four feet at the seventh, Scott’s putt from similar distance lipped out at the next and McIlroy was level after holing from six feet. The Australian, who won the title in 2009, reached the turn one shot ahead after he converted a six-footer for birdie and McIlroy’s putt narrowly stayed out. The final two rounds of the tournament had become something of a matchplay contest between the two big-

gest stars on show and holes 10 to 12 were parred by both players. Both had eagle chances at the 13th, Scott’s putt shaving the edge of the hole. Scott had further opportunities to go two ahead, but three-putted from the front of the green at the 16th after McIlroy found a bunker, and then lipped out again at the par three 17th following a superb tee shot. In addition McIlroy holed a key 10-footer for par at the 17th to ensure that Masters champion Scott was only one ahead with one hole to play. However, the Australian’s approach to the 18th green trickled past the flag and down the steep slope behind the putting surface. His chip back was overhit and raced 40 feet past and the effort for par finished fractionally short. It gave McIlroy a 10foot putt for the title and he calmly rolled it into the centre of the cup. (BBC Sport)

Nasri stars as Man City ease past Swansea S amir Nasri struck twice as Manchester City moved into third in the Premier League with victory over Swansea on Sunday. Alvaro Negredo scored an early 25-yard free-kick but Swansea were on top in the first half as Costel Pantilimon saved from Jonjo Shelvey, and Jonathan De Guzman fired over from 12 yards. Those misses proved costly as Nasri steered in after a mazy run. The France midfielder then finished Pablo Zabaleta’s low cross and was inches from hitting a hattrick. Nasri’s second was Manchester City’s 29th home goal this season and helped maintain their 100% home league record. Manuel Pellegrini’s side sit two points behind secondplaced Chelsea, who beat Southampton, and six points adrift of leaders Arsenal. And although they were not at their fluent best against an impressive

Caption: Samir Nasri (centre) scored for Manchester City

Swansea team, who controlled large parts of the game, they will be happy to remain in touch with the title contenders before hosting the Gunners on 14 December. Before then, the 2012 Premier League champions face trips to West Brom and Southampton, games in which they will hope to improve on an away record

that has produced only four points this season. Swansea were without injured strikers Michu and Wilfried Bony and at times it showed as they chased a first win at Manchester City since 1951. Pellegrini’s side put six unanswered goals past Tottenham last week, but it was the visitors who dominated midfield possession in

the first half at the Etihad, in addition to shackling the hosts’ attacking fullbacks Gael Clichy and Pablo Zabaleta. After Negredo curled his free-kick into the top corner for his 12th of the season, Shelvey twice tested Manchester City goalkeeper Pantilimon - back in the side after Joe Hart was preferred in the midweek Champions

League victory over Viktoria Plzen. The giant Romanian had to use all of his reach to deny the Swansea midfielder, whose second shot from nearly 30 yards was superbly tipped around the post. Sergio Aguero had another shot stopped by Gerhard Tremmel in the Swans’ goal, before Martin Demichelis

headed the resulting corner onto the crossbar - but compared with Swansea, the hosts looked ponderous in midfield. The visitors then had a decent penalty appeal turned down when Demichelis appeared to pull Pablo Hernandez’s shirt and they should have equalised just before the break. The impressive Shelvey cut in from the right and slipped the ball through to De Guzman, but the Dutchman fired over from 12 yards with only Pantilimon to beat. Aguero was guilty of a similar miss for the hosts after the break when he ran the ball out of play rather than shoot, but the game looked safer once Nasri ran onto Yaya Toure’s pass, rounded the sliding Ashley Williams and steered the ball in. The Swans were less effective after that, and Aguero was twice denied before Nasri grabbed his second, this time finding the bottom corner from Zabaleta’s cross. (BBC Sport)

MONday, DECEMBER 2, 2013


Windies looking to bounce back against NZ D

UNEDIN, New Zealand – West Indies captain Darren Sammy and head coach Ottis Gibson said they were looking forward to the three-Test series against New Zealand over the next month.   The first Test opens on Tuesday at the intimate University Oval in the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and the principal city of the Otago Region. Sammy said the quick turnaround from India, where the Windies spent the last month, and getting used to the temperate conditions in New Zealand will pose a challenge. “It’s the life of a professional sportsman,” said Sammy. “One minute, you are in the hot and crazy fan atmosphere of India, and the next day, you are in New Zealand, Dunedin, where the breeze can blow you off your feet. We won’t make any excuses. We will have to come and hit the ground running. “. . .The last time we played New Zealand in a Test series, we won on home soil, so now is the return leg and we expect them to really come hard at us and probably take revenge from what

happened in the Caribbean.” He added: “But we have our own ideas and we have come here to play good, competitive cricket. People might say India did not go well for us, but this is a new challenge, a new chance to focus and finish the year on a high. “We have a lot of respect for our opponents and we know New Zealand can be a very competitive side, especially at home. We recall that England were the No.1 side in the World when they visited last year and they drew 1-1, and they found the cricket difficult, so we expect the same.” On the challenge facing the side, Gibson said: “The toughest thing will be getting accustomed to the weather. It’s not something that we encounter every day in our travels around the Caribbean, and India as hot and humid, so it will be a mindset thing. The cricket will be the same, but the mindset to overcome the weather will be our biggest challenge. “Our preparation has not been ideal. It’s been a bit disjointed, but it’s up to us to accept that it’s still cricket and we have to prepare our minds to do what we have to do. If we can do

West Indies head coach Ottis Gibson addresses the media

this, once the Test starts, I think we will give ourselves the best chance to do well. The easy thing would be to blame the preparation, but we have been playing cricket and the conditions are really the only major hurdle.” West Indies have won just one series win in New Zealand in the last 50 years, when Courtney Walsh’s side led them to a 1-0 victory in a two-Test series 18 years ago. In three subsequent trips however, the Windies were beaten 2-0 in 1999 and 2006, but drew 0-0 in the previous series five years ago. On the importance of the trip, Sammy said: “Being confident as a team will be key. . .I don’t think we did too well in India and [that]

was a lesson for us, to show us where we are compared to the top teams in the World. “Now, we are playing a team, where we are evenlymatched. . .We have to adapt quickly to conditions. They will know conditions very well and it’s the first time in New Zealand for three-quarters of our squad.” He said: “This is a different environment. In India, it’s cricket-crazy and it was all about Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell from the game and the media was all crazy. But here, it’s a bit more peaceful and guys can relax, not so many cameras in their face, and we can focus on the game of cricket. “There are a number of guys that want to bounce back, myself included. I

did not have a good time in India and I want to come out and reassert myself as a Test captain and player, and many of the players want to do the same following the humiliation in India.” In the corresponding Test at this venue, West Indies fast bowler Jerome Taylor struck a maiden Test hundred of 106, as the Caribbean side were bowled out for 340, replying to New Zealand’s first innings total of 365. Veteran left-hander Shivnarine Chanderpaul, along with Denesh Ramdin, one of two survivors from that match, batted almost five hours for 76 and Chris Gayle, captain at the time and who was supposed to play his 100th Test here, made 74, as the Black Caps’ champion left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori grabbed six wickets. The match ended in a draw due to rain with the New Zealanders 44 for two in their second innings. On the relative inexperience of the players in New Zealand conditions, Gibson said: “It’s a learning opportunity for them, but there are enough people around us from whom we can get some good information though. “It will be up to the guys

to go out and assess what’s happening around them and make good decisions. If they can do this, plus apply the basics very well, we give ourselves a good opportunity to be successful in the series.” Gibson arrived on Saturday from Perth, where he accompanied Shane Shillingford and Marlon Samuels to the independent testing, after they were reported for suspected illegal bowling actions during the second Test against India last month. WEST INDIES (from): Darren Sammy (captain), Tino Best, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Sheldon Cottrell, Narsingh Deonarine, Kirk Edwards, Shannon Gabriel, Sunil Narine, Veersammy Permaul, Kieron Powell, Denesh Ramdin, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford, Chadwick Walton NEW ZEALAND (from): Brendon McCullum (captain), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Peter Fulton, Aaron Redmond, Hamish Rutherford, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, Bradley-John Watling, Kane Williamson

Gibson hopeful over bowlers’ actions


ttis Gibson, the West Indies coach, is optimistic that Shane Shillingford and Marlon Samuels will receive positive news on their bowling actions following tests conducted in Perth, but it is not yet certain whether Shillingford will play in the opening Test against New Zealand after what Gibson conceded had been a tough time for the pair. Samuels is all but certain to line up in the middle order as his primary role is with bat rather than ball, but Gibson wants more time to assess Shillingford’s mindset before making the final decision over which frontline spin option to go for in Dunedin. Although both players are free to continue their international careers pending the report on their actions - which is expected in 14 days - the cloud surrounding them has taken its toll. Sunil Narine, who was a late addition to the squad, and left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul are the other slow bowlers available. “When we travelled back on the plane we spoke about it. It’s tough for them, but I thought they coped with it quite well and will definitely come into the reckoning for this Test,” Gibson said. “Marlon bats for us more so

Shane Shillingford

than bowls so it shouldn’t be an issue for him, but with Shane I’ll speak to him again tonight and see how he is. He’ll have a good training session tomorrow and we’ll judge from there which of the spinners will play.” Shillingford, Samuels and Gibson only arrived in Dunedin on Sunday morning - shortly before West Indies’ first training session of the tour - having travelled directly to Perth after the one-day series in India. Both players had their ac-

tions reported during the second Test against India, in Mumbai, and the ICC regulations required them to be tested within 21 days. “The initial feedback from the people doing the testing was positive,” Gibson said. “The ICC set these rules or guidelines and the players have adhered to everything they were asked to do. We get a report in 14 days and we hope it’s a positive one so the players can put the episode behind them and focus on their cricket.” West Indies will be desperate for Shillingford to be mentally ready for the Test otherwise they will have an even more threadbare attack.Tino Best will be partnered by either Shannon Gabriel (four Tests) or Sheldon Cottrell (one Test) with Darren Sammy as third seamer and Gibson has put the onus on Best to shoulder the responsibility. “It’s a good chance for Tino to show his leadership, he’s been around international since 2002, and with Kemar [Roach] and Ravi [Rampaul] missing he can show his true self. He’s a quality bowler and will have to step up on this trip so the young bowlers can feed off him.” The members of West Indies’ squad who arrived from the one-day series in India are still struggling to

shake off jetlag (and a temperature change of about 20 degrees). Coupled with the inexperience of the squad - only two, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Denesh Ramdin, have previously toured New Zealand - it has made for a haphazard buildup for a team that does not have a record of travelling well but Gibson has urged his players to not look for excuses. “The biggest problem at the moment is getting ev-

eryone sleeping properly,” Gibson admitted. “They are still up at 2-3 am. It’s been a bit disjointed but it’s up to us to accept that, that’s all I’m asking the guys to do - forget about the flights and stuff and focus on the cricket. The easy thing to do would be to sit back and blame the fact that we didn’t have much preparation but we’ve played a lot of cricket.” To add to the problems, Kraigg Brathwaite, the re-

placement for Chris Gayle, has still not arrived in New Zeland due to what is understood to be visa issues. It is hoped he will join on Monday, but with just 24 hours to prepare for a Test it seems highly unlikely he will be a viable candidate for the top order meaning that Kirk Edwards, who played his previous Test against England at Trent Bridge in May 2012, would partner Kieran Powell. (Cricinfo)

63 Beach Regatta 2013

Part of the action at the Regatta at 63 Beach, Corentyne


monday, december 2, 2013

Colts top Melanie as Phillip George Legacy II tip off


olts withstood an offensive onslaught to top Melanie Patriots 85-79 when Phillip George Legacy II basketball competition tipped off on Saturday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in the Division One category. Full court defence in the final quarter erased a 19-point lead to lead Colts to the win as Shelroy Thomas’ 27 points and play in the fourth proved to be the turning point of the game. Throughout the game Melanie was a force, playing strong in the paint while passing the ball well before collapsing in the fourth. The offense went stagnant as the Colts rallied for the win. The final five minutes of

Shelroy Thomas

the game was the turning point that saw the best defence from the Colts.

However, earlier in the game Melanie pounded the ball inside as they continually tormented the defence of the Colts who were smaller and found it hard to defend the interior offence of the East Coast side. Dave Causway and Sheldon Thomas scored 14 points apiece while Lloyd Burnett also pitched in with 10 points for the Colts. Sherlon Legal led Melanie with 17 points while Kurtley English had 14 points and Ashton Adams contributed 12 points. Floyd Arthur also had 11 points with Ewart Smith adding 10 points in the loss to the Colts. Meanwhile, Ravens routed Plaisance Guardians 64-44 as Dominic Vincente was the point man with 13

Pacers 16-1 after 105-100 win over Clippers

points while Darrion Lewis added 12 points for Ravens. Ron Campbell was the only player with any meaningful contribution to the Plaisance score, scoring 50 percent of the team’s points with 22. Guardians’ Division III team defeated Buxton 58-43 in the tournament. Colwyn Nurse scored a game high 18 points while Nduko Horatio added 14 points for Guardians. Devon Roberts had 16 points and Quasie Newton 10 points for Buxton.  The University of Guyana (UG) Trojans also secured a walkover win over the number one ranked Division III club in Georgetown, Trinity Grid Holdings Pacesetters in the first game.

Chelsea recover to beat Southampton


ohn Terry marked his 400th Premier League appearance with a crucial goal as Chelsea recovered from conceding inside 13 seconds to beat Southampton and go second in the table on Sunday. The Blues had actually moved up a place on goal difference before kick-off, following Liverpool’s defeat at Hull earlier in the day. But their hopes of staying there took an instant hit when an inexplicable Michael Essien volley allowed Jay Rodriguez to run through and put the visitors ahead. However a vastly improved second-half performance, full of purpose, saw Chelsea take the lead through headers from Gary Cahill and his centre-back partner Terry. And half-time substitute Demba Ba sealed victory in the final minute, sliding the ball home from close range after a Ramires cross. Saints, who could have gone third with victory and had conceded just seven league goals in 12 games before kick-off, played with greater confidence and composure in the opening period. The Blues, clearly mindful of the need for extra creativity against the most miserly defence in the Premier League, started with both Eden Hazard and Juan Mata. But it was Essien - a surprise inclusion, making his first league start of the season - who had the immediate impact. The Ghanaian’s first touch saw him volley the ball aimlessly towards his own goal, straight into the path of Rodriguez, who calmly shot beyond Petr Cech.

Paul George (right) and David West were instrumental in the Pacers win


John Terry marked his 400th Premier League appearance with a crucial goal

It was a dream start for any side facing title-chasing opposition and helped Southampton erase any lingering self-doubt following the comprehensive 2-0 defeat against leaders Arsenal last time out. The imposing presence of Victor Wanyama in the centre provided a solid base, and the equally muscular attacking threat of Rodriguez kept Terry and Cahill occupied. But the Blues slowly regrouped and started to pose an occasional threat in attack, with Oscar the most likely source of a goal. First the Brazilian went close with a fiercely struck 18-yard strike that was beaten away by Artur Boruc - later taken off injured then he was unable to direct a close-range header wide of the Polish keeper after good work by Fernando Torres. In between Oscar’s attempts, the impressive

James Ward-Prowse went close with a free-kick for the visitors, while at the other end a Torres header produced a fine save from Boruc. An increasingly frustrated Jose Mourinho was forced to tinker with his system, replacing the injured Oscar with Frank Lampard before the break. The Portuguese, who headed for the dressing a good couple of minutes before half-time, also cut short a miserable afternoon for Essien by bringing on Ba and playing two up front in the second half. The change produced the desired effect. Suddenly there was urgency and constant threat, as the hosts dominated possession and territory, buoyed by a supportive and passionate Stamford Bridge crowd. Cahill reacted superbly to bundle in the equal-

iser, craning his neck to head home after Branislav Ivanovic’s header was turned onto the post by Ba. And Chelsea found themselves ahead when Cahill’s partner Terry guided a towering near-post header beyond Saints’ replacement keeper Paulo Gazzaniga and into the far corner. The Londoners looked to seal the win and, with Mata increasingly influential, they probably should have done so sooner than they did. He almost teed up a simple header for Torres, while Ba went close with a low strike across goal from the left. Jose Fonte’s mis-kick when well placed in the Blues box was a rare Saints attack in the second half, and Ba finally added the third after a bustling run by Ramires to take Chelsea back to within four points of leaders Arsenal. (BBC Sport)

OS ANGELES David West scored 14 of his 24 points in the third quarter and grabbed 12 rebounds, Paul George had 27 points, and the league-leading Indiana Pacers improved their best start in franchise history to 16-1 with a 105-100 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. Roy Hibbert added 19 points to the Pacers’ seventh straight win. Jamal Crawford led the Clippers with 20 points. Chris Paul had 17 points and 10 rebounds, while Blake Griffin scored 16 and pulled down 12 rebounds - equaling teammate DeAndre Jordan’s total. The defending Pacific Division champion Clippers played their first game since finding out that J.J. Redick will be sidelined six to eight weeks because of a broken bone in his shooting hand and a ligament tear in his right elbow. Redick will be re-evaluated on Monday by hand specialist Dr. Steve Shin to determine what further course of treatment will be necessary. His injuries, which occurred in Friday night’s 104-98 overtime win at Sacramento, complicated things even more for the Clippers with reserve forward Matt Barnes missing his sixth straight game due to an eye injury. Los Angeles used the same starting lineup in each of its first 16 games before Paul sat out Friday’s game with a right hamstring strain. Rivers opt-

ed to continue using Jamal Crawford off the bench despite his 31-point outing at Sacramento, so Willie Green started in Redick’s place and scored only two points in 15 minutes. West capped a 13-3 run with an 18-footer and two free throws to give the Pacers their biggest lead, 74-60, with 4:48 left in the third. Los Angeles closed to 93-89 on Jordan’s dunk off an alley-oop lob from backup point guard Darren Collison with 7:12 to play. Collison then hit an 18-footer and made one of two free throws before Crawford intercepted a pass by George Hill and set up a fast-break dunk by Collison that tied the score at 94all with 4:52 remaining. But Hill responded with a three-point play, then sank three free throws with 3:04 left for a 100-96 margin after Collison fouled him on a three-point attempt. Another alley-oop dunk by Jordan pulled the Clippers within 102-100 with 1:05 to go, and they had a chance to tie it again after a missed 3-point shot by Lance Stephenson at the other end. But Paul missed a 15-footer that rattled around the rim, and the Pacers made three of four free throws in the final 6.9 seconds to put it away. George powered the Pacers to a 53-47 halftime lead with 18 points. The Clippers trailed by 11 late in the first quarter before taking their only lead, 41-40, on a dunk by Griffin with 3:05 left in the half. (AP)

MONday, DECEMBER 2, 2013


It would be unfortunate if the Bourda sports academy doesn’t materialize – Clive Lloyd L

egendary former West Indies captain and Clive Lloyd said it would be unfortunate if the proposed Bourda sports academy at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and Georgetown Football Club (GFC) grounds does not materialise. The comment came in wake of the of the NEW GPC INC/CPL OP CO withdrawing its plans for merging the two facilities into a “world class stadium, with all its amenities” due to some misconceptions carried in the Kaieteur News on November 30. Lloyd believes that the architects of the academy and stadium have the development of sport at heart, especially cricket, and therefore all Guyana should embrace the idea of the merger. He told Guyana Times Sport on Sunday that this idea was floated some 25 years ago to some influential people in society, but it was not followed up on.

Another chance

However, he opined that this is another chance for this project to come to fruition, stating that he is confident in the architects of the merger, NEW GPC and owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors franchise. The idea of a merger was also proposed for the two facilities to be merged in 2007 for the International Cricket

sport has always been on the cutting edge of progress and the vehicle for fostering peace and unity,” he added. “As a nation we must seek to create such an environment and provide opportunities and facilities for purposeful and meaningful participation by our students and youth in the various disciplines of sports. Such an investment in our youth is a worthy down payment on Guyana’s future,” Lloyd concluded.


Clive Lloyd

Council (ICC) World Cup in the Caribbean. The two-time World Cup captain of 1975 and 1979 emphasised that Executive Chairman of Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII), the parent company for NEW GPC, Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop, through the acquisition of the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the massive investment in the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) brought back cricket to people of Guyana, referring to him as a “man of action”. The 69-year-old Lloyd insisted that what Dr Ramroop and the NEW GPC/CPL OP CO are doing is paving the way for a “worthy downpayment on Guyana’s future and no one should be allowed hamper that progress”.

Further, he believes that all stakeholders should sit with the government and opposition to ensure this project doesn’t “fail or flounder”. Lloyd believes that if the merger should go through, it has the potential of creating one of the best stadia in the Caribbean, equipped with a Velodrome, football pitch, hockey and tennis courts, and an arena for international cricket to return to Bourda. “Sport provides scholastic opportunities for wholesome human development. It is also a catalyst for good health. A healthy society is the underpinning of for a productive nation,” Lloyd said. “On every continent of the world, even the casual observer would discern that

Meanwhile, clearing up the misconceptions published in another section of the press the principals of the LCPL T20 league noted in a statement as follows: (1) It was the members of the board of GCC, who initiated the discussions with representatives of the Limacol brand to have a number of LCPL games scheduled at Bourda. (2) During subsequent discussions, it was pointed out that as far back as the scheduling of the International Cricket Council (ICC) T-20 World Cup cricket tournament of 2007, the facilities at Bourda could not satisfy the criteria for international cricket at the highest level. It was conceded that subsequently, the facilities had continued to decline in an exponential fashion. (3) The principals of the

Limacol brand reiterated their concern over the impact of this decline on the city of Georgetown in general and on its cricket and football heritage in particular, from economic, social and sport development standpoints.


(4) The Limacol brand then submitted a proposal that addressed these issues: (a) The world class stadium, with all its amenities, would have returned international cricket and football to Georgetown along with an economic resurgence; (b) The financial structure of the endeavour would have ensured that GCC and GFC share in the profits generated, which would have enabled these clubs to return to their glory years. (c) The principals of Limacol are particular proud of their proposed cricket and football academy. The youths of Georgetown, as with any city in the world, need positive outlets for their energy. The academy could have been one of the institutions that would have provided the support and guidance to the many who are talented in the sports. The overall countrywide development of cricket and football would also have been facilitated. (5) The question of financing for the proposed stadium has been raised. The Limacol brand is proud

that it put its money where its mouth was on the idea of professional T-20 Cricket in the Caribbean. There were many who doubted the venture would be successful. We demonstrated that the private sector could deliver a world class tournament second to none. Based on this demonstrated success, the financial community and CPL OPCO Guyana Inc have indicated that they stand ready to back the Limacol proposal. (6) In light of the misrepresentation of the proposal, the principals of Limacol have decided that they will not proceed further with its offer on the Bourda project. In the world of business, into which cricket had ventured in the present millennium, the issue of confidentiality is crucial and it is evident that this requirement will pose a problem for any joint venture between the Limacol brand and the GCC and GFC. (7) Finally, the principals of the Limacol brand would caution those that would continually deride those from the business community that seek to develop their companies and in so doing benefit the country. The Limacol Bourda Stadium and Sports Academy is an opportunity lost to all Georgetown, Guyana and to the country’s youths who are inclined toward sports.

'on Manchester United battle back to draw at Tottenham Bahamas track' to stage


wo Wayne Rooney goals earned Manchester United a point on Sunday at White Hart Lane as they fought back twice to deny Tottenham a much-needed victory. Kyle Walker put Tottenham ahead with a free-kick that flew under the United wall, but his mistake from a Phil Jones cross saw Rooney pounce to level. Sandro fizzed a 25-yard shot into the top corner to restore Spurs’ lead. But United responded quickly when Hugo Lloris fouled Danny Welbeck in the box and Rooney fired home from the spot. Rooney, who also played in Welbeck in the move that led to their penalty, has now scored five goals in his last five Premier League games and was a bustling, buzzing menace throughout. The England striker’s form, and the fact their unbeaten run in all competitions now stands at 12 games, gives United genuine reason for optimism, despite them sitting nine points behind leaders Arsenal at the start of December. Tottenham are only a point below David Moyes’

IAAF Relays


Wayne Rooney (centre) scored two goals for Manchester United

side in the table but came into the game with manager Andre Villas-Boas under growing pressure after a run of three games without a win, including last weekend’s 6-0 mauling at Manchester City. Spurs’ response against United, who they have not beaten at home since 2001, will not have answered all of Villas-Boas’s critics but they showed plenty of spirit and far more attacking verve than they have mustered in recent weeks. Both sides had spells on top in an open and entertaining game, but it was Spurs who struck first.

Jones let the ball drop over his head on the edge of the area before Jonny Evans sent Paulinho tumbling. From the free-kick, United’s wall jumped over Walker’s shot and it flew past David De Gea. Tottenham’s fans roared their side on in search of more goals but £26m striker Roberto Soldado blazed a good chance wide and the lively Aaron Lennon was denied by De Gea. United had done little going forward in the first half hour but were gifted an equaliser with their first real sight of goal.

Walker did not expect Jones’ searching cross to reach him at the back post and inadvertently played the ball into the path of Rooney, who slotted home. United looked stronger at the end of the first half but found themselves behind again after the break when Sandro escaped Tom Cleverley and beat De Gea with an explosive strike. Typically, Rooney led their fightback and had a pivotal role in their second equaliser three minutes later, playing in Welbeck and then drilling his penalty down the centre of the goal. (BBC Sport)

ASSAU, Bahamas – The Bahamas has reassured the International Association of Athletics Federeation (IAAF) that it stands ready to stage the inaugural World Relays next year. A delegation from the IAAF World Relays Bahamas 2014 local organising committee (LOC), including sport minister Dr Daniel Johnson recently provided an update to the IAAF Council in Monaco. Bahamas will host the World Relays at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium in Nassau, May 24-25, 2014 and members of the LOC have been updating the governing body about the preparations. During the meeting they also confirmed that transportation between the team hotels should be swift and smooth and the main route will incorporate a dual carriageway between the hotels and the stadium, with police escort. The LOC said that access to The Bahamas’ capital, Nassau will be

smooth as the new wing to the local international airport has recently been opened. The LOC Bahamas 2014 also reiterated that plans for a junior relay meet, incorporating The Bahamas’ top teams, would take place before the main competition programme each day immediately before performances by the elite athletes. The IAAF World Relays Bahamas 2014 is expected to welcome more than 700 athletes and 300 team officials, from more than 40 nations. “I congratulate the organizing committee for their professional presentation of high quality,” said IAAF Council Member Nawal El Moutawakel, in praising The Bahamas LOC. Noting that she was impressed with the caliber of the delegation, she added that the IAAF has rarely had the presence of past international athletes and high-ranking government officials for a progress report.


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business


It would be unfortunate if the Bourda sports academy doesn’t materialize – Clive Lloyd L

egendary former West Indies captain and Clive Lloyd said it would be unfortunate if the proposed Bourda sports academy at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and Georgetown Football Club (GFC) grounds does not materialise. The comment came in wake of the of the NEW GPC INC/CPL OP CO withdrawing its plans for merging the two facilities into a “world class stadium, with all its amenities” due to some misconceptions carried in the Kaieteur News on November 30. Lloyd believes that the architects of the academy and stadium have the development of sport at heart, especially cricket, and therefore all Guyana should embrace the idea of the merger. He told Guyana Times Sport on Sunday that this idea was floated some 25 years ago to some influential people in society, but it was not followed up on. see full story on page 23


Colts top P22 Melanie as Phillip George Legacy II tip off

A water-logged GCC ground Bourda in its current state of disrepair

Windies looking to bounce back against NZ See story on page


West Indies during a training session on Sunday at University Oval (photo Adriel Richard/WICB Media)

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