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Monday, June 16, 2014


Granger details Rodney’s “Civil Rebellion” and GDF’s “obligations”

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De Willem P2 man crushed by motor lorry

....but denies Eyewitness’ justification conclusion Taxi driver’s killing…

Suspect’s father in P10 Police custody

Pastors throw weight behind McGarrell P10

Father's Day frenzy

... but against “gays on island” gaffe

A group of men enjoying a game of 'fathers against sons' football as they celebrate Father's Day their way in the National Park on Sunday (Carl Croker photo)

Elderly woman Man dies in ECD found murdered hit-and-run crash ...was relative of in house murdered taxi driver See story on page 3

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Chinese P12 medical team bids farewell, Guyana welcomes another

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monday, june 16, 2014|

Man dies in ECD hit-and-run crash

...was relative of murdered taxi driver


51-year-old father of three is dead following an early morning hit-and-run accident at Annandale Public Road, East Coast Demerara on Fathers’ Day, some distance away from where he lived. The man, who has since been identified as Mustak Alli, also known as “Patak” and “Glumsy” of 179 Rabindra Street, Annandale, was on his way home from work around 06:00h when he was struck down by a speeding Toyota Allion, bearing licence plate PRR 1607. The man’s distraught wife, Rajpattie Basdeo related that after hitting her husband, the driver fled the scene before abandoning the car in the vicinity of Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. She told Guyana Times that she last saw her husband alive on Saturday afternoon around 16:00h when he was preparing to head off to a warehouse in the nearby vil-

lying on the road. The now widowed woman recounted that by the time she got to the scene, her husband was already dead.

Spoiled celebrations

Dead: Mustak Alli in his younger days

lage of Lusignan, where he worked as a security guard. She related that the family was informed of the accident by a passerby who called upon the now dead man’s brother, Imtiaz Alli and told him that his brother was involved in an accident and was

“I see he lying on the road and he look like he done dead. When I hold him, he body stiff, stiff like when he was dead for a while, so it look like the accident happen early and he been on the road a long time. He doesn’t normally come home so early. He does come home like 07:00-07:30h, but he was coming home to help me cook… he wanted me to cook so many things to celebrate Father’s Day,” she cried. Basdeo recounted that it was only on Saturday morning that the man told her that he wanted to make his children happy for Fathers’ Day and they should have a feast at home, with all of his children and their families present. “Same time he was getting ready for work, I tell him

Ali’s reputed wife, Rajpattie Basdeo relating what transpired

I going to the wake of this taxi driver they murdered because is my cousin’s son and he said ‘okay’. He tell me he gon come home early to help me cook because he call all he children and them come that he want make them happy and it’s

Fathers’ Day, and he wanted to spend time with them. He call my daughter to come and spend the night, all because she don’t live with we, and as soon as we wake up this morning, that’s the news we get,” the woman cried. A source close to the driver in the accident told this publication that he (the driver) was not the owner of the vehicle. He related that the owner, along with the alleged driver

and several other friends had gone to a wedding celebration, after which he took the keys from the owner on the pretext of dropping home a female acquaintance. It was while he was on his way to drop off the female, he reportedly struck Alli down. The source disclosed too that the man then drove to Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, where he abandoned the car and has not been seen or heard from since the incident. Guyana Times was reliably informed that the father of the driver has been held by the Police for questioning, while the owner of the motor vehicle has turned himself in to assist the Police in their investigations. The man’s wife related that it was only last April that Alli lost one of his brothers Altaf Alli in a similar hitand-run accident on the said East Coast highway. Alli leaves to mourn his wife and three children aged 30, 28 and 26 as well as several grandchildren. His body is at the Lyken’s Funeral Parlour where a postmortem is scheduled to be conducted today.

De Willem man crushed by motor lorry

Imran Mohamed and his reputed wife, Surujdai Ramsarup


55-year-old man was on Saturday killed during an accident on the De Willem Public Road, West Coast Demerara. Dead is Imran Mohamed of Lot 16 De Willem North. According to Police reports, the pedal cyclist was attempting to cross the public road when he was struck down by a motor lorry around 15:00h. He was subsequently admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. On Sunday, family members flocked his De Willem residence, offering condolences to his common-law wife Surujdai Ramsarup. Ramsarup, who had been living with Mohamed for the past 14 years, said she learnt of the accident shortly after it occurred. “He does work with a boy name ‘Papalow’ and Papalow wife call me and tell me Mohamed get an accident on the road.” She was also told that her reputed husband was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital by the driver who struck him down. “When I went to the hospital, they tell me he critical,

he deh bad, so I went with him in the ambulance to the Georgetown Public Hospital.” Upon his arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital, Mohamed was placed on life machine. Ramsarup was reportedly told by doctors that it was mandatory for him to get a head scan, however, she was unable to pay the full sum. “I pay them the $4000 I had and promise them that tomorrow (Sunday) I would pay them the rest,” she recalled. Even as doctors worked vigorously to save the 55-yearold man, he succumbed hours after, without getting the opportunity to do the head scan. Mohamed drove for a living, but on the day of his death, he had proceeded to hang out with some friends. “Saturday morning he came home from work after tekking a lil drink. He lie down in the hammock, eat and then sleep, then wake up and tell me he going wall,” Ramsarup said as she recalled the last moments with her husband. As Police investigations continue, the driver of the lorry is in custody assisting the investigators.



monDAY, june 16, 2014 |

BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, June 16 from 05:00h-06:30h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, June 16 from 06:30h-08:00h


Elderly woman found murdered in house …Police arrest son

Countrywide: Thundery showers can be expected in the morning with partly cloudy conditions in the evening.

the house through the back door, since it was discovered open. He also believes that Sumintra’s killer(s) might have been known to her. “It got to be the person who came there at the door, she know them that’s why she opened the door, it wasn’t a forced entry.” He added, “She had on her nightgown, so it got to be this person came when she was already in bed but she opened for them.” Questioned whether neighbours heard screams, Dinool said no one has stepped forward thus far,

Winds: East north-easterly between 4.9 metres and 3.5 metres per second. High Tide: 06:43h and 19:16h reaching maximum heights of 2.76 metres and 2.61 metres respectively. Low Tide: 12:46h reaching a minimum height of 0.46 metre.

Dinool have been divorced for more than 25 years, he said he was truly moved by her death. “If you make four children with somebody, you must have feelings for that person and so I am hurt. I am shocked especially how she died,” he said. Sheik Dinool Jr told Guyana Times in the presence of his father that his mother might have been killed since Saturday night between the hours of 19:00h and 22:00h. “Maybe she went downstairs to full up water through the back door and it was then she was at-

Sumintra with her eldest son Sheik Dinool Jr and her daughter-in-law in happier times By Svetlana Marshall

Saturday, june 14, 2014


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42-year-old man is now in police custody in connection with the alleged murder of his 65year-old mother who was found dead Sunday morning. The body of Sumintra (only name given) of Barr and Sussex Streets, Albouystown, Georgetown was found tied up in the upper flat of her two-storey house at approximately 04:30h on Sunday. When Guyana Times visited the scene, Sumintra’s ex-husband, Sheik Dinool and their eldest son, Sheik Dinool Jr were present. Dinool told this publication that his former wife was discovered by another of their sons, Shah Dinool, who was the only person living with her at the time. Dinool said Shah was out drinking with his friends on Saturday and had only returned home only on Sunday morning at approximately 04:30h when the discovery was made. The 65-yearold woman who had been a

market vendor for the past 35 years, was found with her hands and feet tied to her bed. A piece of cloth was also stuffed in her mouth. A 32-inch flat screen television and a magic jack box were among the items listed as missing. “He come calling at meh gate, Daddy! Daddy! Come see somebody kill Mommy,” Dinool recalled his son saying. The Police were subsequently informed and Shah was taken into custody to assist with the investigation.


He had told his father that upon entering the house via the front door, he realised that something was amiss. “The entire house was ransacked, his room was overturned and it was then he said ‘something wrong’. When he go in her room, there she was tied up,” Dinool said. While there was no sign of forced entry, Sumintra’s ex-husband is firmly of the opinion that the killer(s) entered the upper flat of

Sumintra’s Albouystown residence in which she was found early Sunday morning

adding that her screams might have been drowned out by a nearby church service. He complained bitterly that loud singing and shouting would often emanate from the church and Saturday evening was no different. Although Sumintra and

tacked. Maybe she left the back door open and went into her bedroom and it was then she was attacked,” he opined. Investigations are currently ongoing. Up to press time, Shah was still in Police custody assisting with investigations. (svetlanam@


monday, june 16, 2014

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Martyrs and traitors


oday the talk of “Martyrs” will be in the air with the commemoration of “Enmore Martyrs’ Day”. With heightened interest in the killing of Walter Rodney because of the sitting Commission of Inquiry (CoI), the talk actually started on Friday 13, the anniversary of that gruesome incident. While we await the verdict of the CoI, it is clear to most impartial Guyanese that Walter Rodney was also a martyr. A martyr towards the cause of the creation of a more just Guyana. That the five Enmore Martyrs were sugar workers was not surprising. The extraction of profits from sugar at the lowest possible cost was the raison d’être for the colony. The institution of slavery to deliver that labour led to numerous martyrs such as Cuffy, Accrabe, and Atta. The indentureship arrangement succeeding slavery has been called “a new form of slavery” with its attendant martyrs. The struggle for justice in this period saw sugar workers shot and killed in 1872, 1896, 1898, 1903, and 1914. The contradictions between the demands of colonial capital and the workers were most intense in sugar because of the structural continuities from slavery. Even the end of indentureship in 1917, precipitated in part by the 15 workers slaughtered at Rose Hall, Canje in 1914, could not change the exploitative fundamental social and economic relations. More sugar workers were killed in 1924, 1939, and finally those at Enmore in 1948. The 1939 massacre was at Leonora after the formation in 1937 of a trade union, the Man Power Citizens’ Association (MPCA) and, ironically, while a British Commission was sitting in Georgetown to investigate the dire conditions in the sugar industry. The MPCA was recognised after the killings of the Leonora Martyrs, but introduced a new and persistent corollary element – traitors. The top executives of the MPCA were bought out by the Sugar Producers Association: it was revealed they were receiving a monthly salary from that body. A new union, the Guiana Industrial Workers Union (GIWU), was formed under the leadership of Joseph Latchmansingh and Jai Narine Singh. And it is this union that was heavily involved with the Enmore sugar strike of 1948, as against the toothless, traitorous poodle of the “recognised” company union, the MPCA. “Recognised”, that is, by the sugar barons and not the workers. Cheddi Jagan made his oath at the Enmore Martyrs’ funeral to fight for the poor and powerless, which led to the formation of the PPP in 1950. But sadly, history repeated itself – with the leaders of GIWU aligning themselves with Burnham as the latter split the PPP in 1955, as the agent of the British colonial power. Burnham’s PNC, with Latchmansingh, supported the MPCA and the sugar barons. Birds of traitorous feather. After Burnham’s split, the site of Martyrdom merged into the overt political realm – even as Kowsilla was killed at Leonora in 1964. This was during the sugar workers’ supported successor to GIWU – the Guyana Agricultural Workers’ Union’s (GAWU’s) – struggle for recognition versus the traitorous MPCA. GAWU was finally “recognised” by the PNC Government, which had been ensconced into power by the British-US combine, only as a quid pro quo for the PPP’s support of the PNC’s nationalisation of the sugar industry in 1976. But by the following year, however, GAWU had to stage the longest strike in the history of Guyana to demand their fair share of profit sharing that had been in place since 1968. The traitorous PNC used scabs, including members of the House of Israel (recently confirmed at the Rodney CoI) and the army to break the strike. And we arrive at the betrayal of Rodney who was in Guyana during the sugar strike and was organising in the bauxite belt. How can they who witnessed his sacrifice so close up, be now in bed with the PNC? The cycle of martyrdom and betrayal continues.

Fathers and their children seen in the National Park and Botanical Gardens on Father’s Day, celebrated on Sunday (Carl Croker photo)

Every law student knows that failure can be instructive Dear Editor, Allow me to respond to the learned Senior Counsel BTI Pollard’s letter. Pollard’s institutional knowledge is rich and his great service to the genesis of the UWI/CLE Law Programme is praise-worthy. But to turn a quote from a text of English literature, “Julius Caesar”,  the esteemed Counsel’s recollection and recommendations ‘might fire the blood of ordinary men, be not fond to think that I bear such rebel’s blood’ and that my own humble submission for a local law school can be so easily dispatched. Allow me to point out some concerns with what was laid out in the missive under the Senior Counsel’s measured pen.  I humbly submit the section , “The Guyanese Situation”, of the Barnett Report of 1996, which is a Council of Legal Education (CLE) official document, and in particular the paragraph 3.G.7., which reads: “In September 1993, the Attorney-General of Guyana informed the Council that the Faculty Board of UWI had granted approval for UG to proceed with the Year Two LLB programmes in Guyana for the academic year 1993/94, but did not advise of the stipulations which had been agreed. Neither the UWI Faculty of Law nor the Council of Legal Education was formally advised by UG that as from the 1994/95 academic year, it proposed to proceed with its own LLB degree. However, the Chairman advised the Council at its meeting in September 1994 that UG intended to proceed with the full LLB programme with effect from the 1994/95 academic year.” The same section (supra) at 3.G.8 reads: “Guyana had under the inter-governmental agreement an annual quota of

15. It is not clear how this quota came to be treated as 25, but in any event there was already a backlog of over 100 Guyanese students. The decision to admit non-Guyanese to their second and third-year programmes aggravated the problems, particularly as one of the academic factors to be dealt with was the disproportionate number of students to that of permanent, full-time staff to students in the Guyanese programme and as to which concern had been expressed.” Senior Counsel Pollard favours Attorney General Anil Nandlall’s position on a local law school, but does not offer us why a position in the affirmative is negative. How could a position which enjoyed the CLE’s and Cabinet’s support in 2002 and the support of a task force put in place to examine such a proposal, administered by none other than the likes of then Chancellor of the Judiciary, Desiree Bernard; University of Guyana Vice-Chancellor, James Rose; Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Mark Kirton; a representative of the Bar Association and a member of the AG’s chambers and the late Attorney General Doodnauth Singh become “superficially attractive” all but a decade later? How have the pervading circumstances of that era changed substantially as to negative a local law school when our entire quota has been “effectively abandoned” (words attributed to Chairperson of the Counsel of Legal Education Jacqueline Samuels-Brown), and the entrance examination route no less in doubt because of “space” (according to AG Nandlall, when he met with law students in March)? I humbly submit that if Guyana has the capacity for “financial discipline”, it has the

capacity to apply the requisite skills with the discipline needed to convince the Region of the “soundness of its programme content”. Every law student knows that failure can be instructive if its lesson is gleaned in the correct light. I humbly submit that at this juncture, what might be called for is re-examination of the CLE’s mandate; to reinvigorate the institution; it is a time for us to be innovative; and re-interpret the dream of the founding fathers. Finally, I submit here Trinidad’s position, documented in the “Report on the Development of Legal Education and the Practice of Law in the Caribbean Community: Comments of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago”: “It was anticipated that the number of places available at the law schools must be increased to keep pace with the inevitable growth in demand. The Council was created to ensure that this demand was met. “In seeking to restrict entry to the profession…the Council perpetuates the belief that the Council was created to control the number of students entering the legal profession. This is not so. The Council of Legal Education was created ‘to undertake and discharge general responsibility for the practical professional training of persons seeking to become members of the legal profession’. In seeking to restrict entry to the profession, for whatever reason, the Council is exceeding its mandate. Nowhere in the agreement is such power conferred upon the Council of Legal Education. “The agreement therefore recognises the fact that the need for law graduates within the Region will never be satisfied by the University of the West Indies alone.

“It was the duty of the Council of Legal Education under the agreement to provide practical professional training for all qualified persons seeking to become members of the legal profession. Instead, the Council has taken upon itself the power to prevent qualified law students from obtaining professional training and, thus, denying the students their inherent right to pursue the career of their choice. “Nowhere in the agreement is such a power conferred upon the Council of Legal Education. Their solution to the problem was not planning to create additional places, but instead, to restrict the numbers of persons to be admitted to practise as lawyers, thereby denying law students their right to further their professional careers. “But more than this, I believe firmly the line that concludes the document, that, 'Continuing legal education is a matter for individual territories to implement in association with the law societies of their countries'. If we agree on anything, let us agree with the Legal Affairs Committee, a body of Caricom, as stated in its “Recommendations of the Legal Affairs Committee (LAC) at its Fourth Special Meeting, Grenada, June 2-4, 1999, regarding the Report of the Committee of Experts on the Development of Legal Education and the Practice of Law in the Caribbean Community and comments of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago thereon”, in relation to the demand for legal education, LAC agreed that “these institutions are unable to meet the demands for legal education”. Sincerely, Sherod Avery Duncan

Monday, june 16, 2014

Mayor Green must go Dear Editor, I am 100 per cent behind any move to make Mayor Hamilton Green and his entire City Council cohorts leave office. Enough is enough! Mayor Green does not engender trust and foster well-being. Let me remind all Guyanese that, in 1992, when fair and free elections were held in Guyana for the first time (thanks to the Jimmy Carter Centre), this said Green was not a happy man. He had to demit office, as the expected PPP/C victory was realised. During his 1985-1992 tenure as Prime Minister, he was reportedly quite subversive and it was no surprise that he was rejected and ousted by Desmond Hoyte. Even the PNC could not tolerate him! He did try to make a court case in

1993, to the effect that there was a violation of his constitutional rights, by his expulsion from the party. He then launched his own party, the For a Good and Green Guyana Party (GGG), but this never really amounted to anything. This kind of background alone makes for a very dissatisfied and vengeful man. In fact, many cannot see how he is fit to serve as Mayor of Georgetown. Then there have been some recent terrible and troubling developments and these again suggest that Mayor Green must go. People at large are deeply bothered with issues surrounding Mayor Green’s alleged efforts to write off taxes for people. The current acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba is feeling the brunt of Green’s ven-

detta and wrath, as she is the one, who is seeking to bring decency and proper order to the entire City Council. Now along with Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, the Mayor is not shy about making things ugly. The threatening remarks and the many walkouts from statutory meetings, all point to immaturity, ill-fittedness to lead and suspicion. It is hoped that the relevant authorities will pay keen attention to the behaviour of both Mayor Green and his Deputy, as it seems that both are most willing to get violent. All for your consideration, Todd A Morgan

GPL customer service is as lousy as its service

Dear Editor, In previous letters, I have been critical of the management of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL). Over the years, nothing has changed. Understandably, our Government continues to pour monies in the form of subsidies to allow GPL to improve its service to Guyanese consumers with very little results. While it is true that the electricity supply has vastly improved from 20 years ago, and while it is also true that Guyana desperately needs to develop the Amaila Falls Hydro Power Plant, I wonder how much longer the Government of Guyana will continue defending constant demands for subsidies? Every subsidy given to GPL by the taxpayers is intended to prevent an increase in consumer rates and to provide a better service to the Guyanese people. Unfortunately, just when we’re led to believe that our electricity woes will soon be over, there is always something more that is needed . GPL is becoming notorious for creating excuses for their incompetence. For the past year, I have been paying to GPL, an average of about $22,000 per

month for my electricity consumption. Suddenly, my consumption for the month of May increased to $41,458, although I am consciously trying to conserve electricity, and have done nothing unusual to justify such an increase. I called GPL Customer Service about 08:10h one morning, only to hear from an automated attendant, “The operator is not available, exiting the system.” I persisted until finally I was connected to a GPL customer service representative. During my brief discussion, I became convinced more than ever, that with very few exceptions, quality customer service is sadly lacking in Guyana. I had reason to remind the representative that consumers pay his salary, and the tone of his voice was totally unacceptable. He sounded rude and arrogant. I then proceeded to visit GPL to get some answers. I took a ticket from the dispenser, and proceeded to wait my turn. My number was G24. I looked up on the monitor, and observed that the last number called was 04. In total, 21 persons were waiting to be served. Of the 11 stations, only five employees were available to deal with consumer problems. In 45 min-

utes of waiting, I began to get impatient for the number on the monitor had only moved two places from 04 to 06. I then left. After lunch, I went back to GPL and waited another 30 minutes before my number finally showed up on the monitor. The young lady I spoke to was pleasant and very professional in the way she addressed my problem. Although she could not definitively identify the source for the increase in consumption, I was extremely pleased with her demeanour, and left with the feeling that there is hope for GPL after all. I was instructed to switch off the mains to check for a faulty meter, and to report my findings before a GPL technician could be dispatched to check the meter. However, I am convinced that the frequent power surges that occurred every time electricity was restored after blackouts are directly responsible for the increase in my Maymonth consumption. This coincided with a record number of blackouts that affected the Great Diamond area where I live. There were just too many blackouts for this explanation not to be credible. A power surge that occurs after a blackout, is often responsible for damag-

Develop a frame of mind that caters for peace, progress Dear Editor, I would like to remind my fellow Guyanese that bringing up the past, as seems to have become the norm for many of us, has serious consequences that we should try to avoid. It is a fact that reminiscing on the experiences of the past can serve a useful purpose when the primary objective is to learn the lessons that this can engender. But, when we regurgitate history for the express purpose of recrimination or revenge or from some other ulterior motive, this not only results in damaging our relationships with others, thereby thwarting any efforts at developing harmony among our associates and in our society, but also develops in our own personalities this habit of looking back, which obstructs us from making adequate and effective

preparations for the future. I have previously warned of the dire consequences for our national unity and harmony that the enquiry into the death of Walter Rodney can produce, and I am suspicious of the intentions of those who conceived this process. Added to this, the letter-writers and columnists in our newspapers have as a matter of course indulged in a continuous tirade of negativity and finger-pointing that does nothing constructive, but rather widens the rifts between our various groups. Positivity and goodness have been vigorously promoted by all the world’s religions, philosophers and behavioural scientists, as well as those in our own society who are genuinely interested in peace and unity among our people. When we collectively face our problems, whether at the

personal, communal, national and international levels, accept the situations in which these arise, study and analyse them in a frame of mind that is unbiased and liberal, then we place ourselves in the best position of getting the most effective solutions acceptable and beneficial to everyone concerned. I would like to further remind my fellow Guyanese that our country will not be peaceful and progressive unless we all develop a frame of mind that caters for the peace and progress of each and every one of our fellow citizens. Let us start along this road of positivity and goodness and we will be sure to achieve this seemingly elusive goal in the not-too- distant future. Yours sincerely, Roy Paul

ing consumers’ appliances in homes and offices. I doubt I will ever be reimbursed by the cash-strapped GPL, but I intend to closely monitor the meter-reading on a regular basis to ensure that my bill accurately reflects my electricity consumption every month. A consumer should not be burdened with this task. The people and Government of Guyana are not getting value for money from GPL. Guyanese deserve better service! Sincerely, Harry Gill


Who are the Blue Caps trying to fool?

Dear Editor, Who are the prime movers behind the so-called Blue Caps trying to fool? Blue Caps claims to have no political agenda, but everything its founder-leader is doing and saying is suggesting otherwise. If the Blue Caps do not have any political agenda as they are saying, then how is it that its founder-leader is taking partisan positions in the media on the issue of local government elections, positions which coincided with that of other groupings, including some of the foreign missions in the country? Could it be that Blue Caps is nothing but a front organisation to carry out the wishes of certain foreign bodies that seem bent on influencing the political processes through a back door mechanism, after having failed to get their way through approved channels? This raises another question as to the source or sources of funding for this outfit which seems to have quite an ambitious national programme. According to a letter written by one Marissa Lowden in her capacity as Chief Executive Officer, the aim is “to provide a platform for young Guyanese citi-

zens to leverage opportunities available for developing their own roles in helping to shape and articulate public policy and finding solutions for problems affecting communities and country”. These are objectives which cannot be achieved without strong institutional support and networking structures which the organisation clearly lacks. Moreover, there is already a multiplicity of organisations with similar organisational goals and objectives operating in the country such as the National Youth Parliament and the National Youth Empowerment Project ,which transcended the boundaries of partisan politics. The Blue Caps ought to come clean as to their true motives and not seek to hide under the fig leaf of being apolitical and non-partisan. Indeed, there is already speculation that the organisation will be used to launch the political ambitions of one of its prime movers, who it is believed has his eyes set on contesting the Mayorship of Georgetown and hopefully higher political office. Sincerely, Narindra Persaud


monday, june 16, 2014



Parenting For Success

When a sibling must be the parent – ChildLink’s vision is a Guyanese society where every child enjoys the right to a childhood in a safe and caring family, free from poverty, violence, and exploitation


hirteen-year-old May lives in an urban environment with her two siblings, eight-yearold June and seven-yearold August. May attends a high school in the city while June and August attend a primary school within their community. One day, the Headteacher from June’s and August’s school visited the office of a ChildLinK counsellor attached to the school to share her concerns about the two children. She spoke of her anxiety over June and August, whom she suspected are living without parental care or adult supervision. The teacher indicated that her suspicions rose when August was involved in an incident in the school and a letter was sent home requesting the parents to visit, but no one visited. After this, two other incidents occurred and letters were sent, but once again

no one visited the school. The Headteacher said she had decided to send the children home until their parents came, but she realised something may be wrong. She had noticed that May

brings them to school in the mornings and they wait in school until she comes in the afternoon to walk home. On one occasion, June fell ill in school and was taken to the office for treatment. All attempts made by the teachers to contact the parents were unsuccessful. When June and August were questioned as to the whereabouts of their parents, they appeared frightened and did not respond.

ing school every day and, therefore, did not question what was happening. When the counsellor returned to school, she arranged a session with August and June to further assess the situation. During this session, the counsellor noticed that August and June were acting very fearfully and secretive as though they were not going to share information. June kept looking nervously

August and June were on the veranda playing, while May was inside completing an assignment. The house was a mess; there were paper, candy wrappers and dirty clothing on the floor, the sink was filled with dirty dishes and there were pots and pans useless on the breakfast table. During the assessment with May, it was discovered that their mother and father

at August before she spoke and the two children were very reluctant to answer questions. Realising that no information was being garnered from the children, the counsellor decided to visit the home after school to meet May. When the counsellor showed up at the home,

had been separated for four years as a result of infidelity on the mother’s part. There had been no contact with their mother since she left and their father now works in the interior as a gold miner to maintain the family financially. May related a family friend had volunteered to cook and wash

No parent in the home Upon hearing of the teacher’s concerns, the counsellor made a home visit to further assess the situation, but there was no one at the home. Checks were carried out with neighbours in order to gather information on the family. Neighbours shared that ever since the children’s mother had moved out, their father has been the sole provider for the

children. However, neighbours did admit that it had been almost two months since they had last seen the father. Nevertheless, they noted, they would see the children attend-

for them while their father was away, but she stopped coming after the first two weeks. She stated that just before her father left, he had brought groceries for the home and that is what they had been using. The counsellor collected names and telephone numbers of family members and immediately reported the matter to the relevant authorities. A message was sent to the interior for the father to make urgent contact in relation to his children’s welfare. An aunt who resides out of the region was then contacted to stay with the children until their father returns. Tough situation When he returned, a meeting was scheduled. The father passionately related that he loves his children and does not want them to be taken away from him. He felt frustrated because

he was trying to provide for them but does not have family that can care for the children. He stated that due to the dispute between himself and his wife, he lost his job and was forced to seek employment as a miner to provide for his family. He shared that it was not his desire to leave his children in the care of a family friend ,but he had little choice due to the unavailability of family members. He made contact with the children’s mother to care for them, but she refused, stating that she does not want anything to do with him and the children. The counsellor and the father started to make arrangements to get a caregiver to care for the children while he was in the interior. A relative was located who was not working and without responsibility who was willing to lend support to the children. She agreed to live with the children while their father sends the funds to pay bills and provide meals. They also agreed that he was going to pay her a monthly salary. With this new arrangement, the counsellor had responsibility for visiting the home twice per month to ensure the children were being cared for. Today, May still lives with her siblings in their urban home, but with the support of the relative who lives with them. With fewer responsibilities for the house and siblings, May is able to focus on her studies. The children are receiving the protection and care that are necessary while their father is away working. The counsellor continues to offer support by making visits to the home for routine checkups at their school and providing counselling sessions with the three children. Please contact us on telephone number 231-7174 or at for any support you may need on parenting and any other challenges that you may be experiencing with your children.



monDay, june 16, 2014|

Fire destroys Subs and Salads kitchen


fire early Sunday morning destroyed the kitchen of the Regent Street branch of fast food franchise Subs and Salads. The fire began just before 04:30h at the branch located at the Shell Gas Station at Regent and King Streets, Georgetown. According to reports reaching Guyana Times, the fire scorched most of the equipment in the kitchen, destroying them. Speaking to this newspaper, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle related that the Fire Service received a call at about 04:32h and firefighters from the Central Station in Georgetown went to the scene, where they managed to contain the blaze before it further spread. He noted that based on the little information he received, the fire was confined to the interior and most of the damage was contained to the kitchen. Gentle noted that an investigation has commenced into the cause of the fire, and investigators have found something which has led them to believe that the fire might have been deliberately set. In addition, he revealed that investigators are concerned about the gas lines being misplaced. “it ap-


Obtaining money by false pretense


Disobeying Police siren


Assaulting wife

ipchand Prahalad, 53, of Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne was sentenced to one year in prison on Friday when he appeared at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh to answer to the charge of obtaining money by false pretence. The charge stated that on March 7, 2013 he met Patrick Ramnarine at Number 79 Village, Corriverton and offered him a quantity of jewellery valued at $500,000 fully aware that the same were fake. He collected the sum of $500,000 in cash and went away. The matter was reported by Ramnarine after he discovered that the jewellery was fake. The defendant was subsequently arrested on November 5, 2013 and charged. The case was tried and he was found guilty. The defendant broke down in tears when the sentence was handed down to him.

The Subs and Salads outlet at the Shell Gas Station on Regent Street

pears as though something went wrong,” he said. The Fire Chief went on to say that an oil-like substance was found in the kitchen, but it was not the type used for cooking. This fire has left franchise holder Shareef Mohamed, counting millions

of dollars in losses. Workers stationed at that branch will now be relocated to the fast food chain’s other branches at Sheriff Street Subryanville, Georgetown, and Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara. Efforts to contact Ahmad proved futile.

Region One school to re-sit NGSA

… after irregularities uncovered


egion One (Barima/ Waini) students who recently wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) will now have to re-sit the entire examination after it was revealed that there were irregularities in the results of one of the students. This was revealed by Education Minister Priya Manickchand at a press conference on Thursday, when she announced the results of the 2014 NGSA. According to the Minister, the examination will be written on July 2 and 3. She noted that this will allow the students sufficient time to prepare. “We have to act in the best interest of the students who are affected… we have to give them sufficient time to prepare,” the Education Minister stated. She noted that the decision to have the students re-sit the examination was based on irregularities which would have “affected the integrity of the results” of the students attending the school. While it still has not been revealed which Region 1 school was involved in the matter or the nature of the irregularities, Manickchand pointed out that “an investigation is ongoing to minimise the likelihood of this happening again as well as determining what really happened”. The Education Ministry had issued a statement late May, disclosing that the irregularities were detected at a Region 1 school. “It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Education that there were irregularities in the conduct of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) in a particular school in Region 1 that has affected the integrity of that school’s NGSA results,” the

Around the Court

Education Minister Priya Manickchand

statement said. The Education Ministry has launched an investigation into the matter. The Ministry is actively considering various options and will make interventions where paramount consideration will be placed on what is in the best interest of the affected students.

Quality assurance mechanism

In recent years, the Education Ministry has established a number of quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that examinations and their subsequent results are of the highest integrity. In fact, it was these measures that allowed the Ministry to identify this problem in the affected area and school. No other irregularities were found in any of the other schools in Guyana. The Education Ministry had assured stakeholders and members of the public that this irregularity will not be allowed to affect either the integrity or the timely release of the NGSA results. On the other hand, it was also disclosed during Thursday’s press conference that the four students who were involved in an incident while on their way to write

the NGSA on the second day will not be required to re-sit the examination. This is according to Superintendent of Examinations, Sauda Kadir, who noted that these students would not have to be re-assessed; instead, other statistical methods would be adopted to place the students in suitably qualified secondary schools. Students attached to the Academy of Excellence in Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, were involved in an accident on their way to write the NGSA on April 17. The students were hospitalised and unable to complete their exams. The revelation of the country’s top performers at the 2014 NGSA saw an improvement in students’ performance in Region One. Mareisa Nascimento of Santa Rosa Primary was the region’s top student with 510 marks. She was awarded a spot at Bishops’ High.

Second spot was taken by Alex Abraham of Karaburi Primary, with 505 marks and he was given placement at the St Rose’s High School.

ver in New Amsterdam, six drivers were charged on Friday for failing to obey police sirens. Drivers Aaron Abren, Joel Singh, Adesh Ramjewan, Dennis Mcom, Basil Joseph and Omadat Ramnarine were all charged with the offence. The charges stated that in separate incidents, the driver, failed to give the right of away at the Number 19 Public Road to the Police vehicle with their siren on. They were arrested and charged. The matter was called and three drivers Abren, Singh and Ramjewan pleaded not guilty and were placed on $5000 bail each while warrants have been issued for drivers Malcom, Joseph and Ramnarine.

andradat Pareshram, 36, of Albion Front, Corentyne was on Tuesday placed on $10,000 bail after he appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court to answer the charge of assault. The charge stated that on June 8, on the Albion Public Road he assaulted his reputed wife, Tejpattie Persaud, 39, a vendor of Lot 13 Albion Front, Corentyne . Police reported that the defendant allegedly slapped the woman several times about her body. He pleaded not guilty and was placed on $10,000 bail. He is to return to court on July1, 2014.

8 News

monday, june 16, 2014|

Sooba on rainy season readiness assessment Eyew tness I Getting to the nub... n light of the pending rainy season, acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba has undertaken an inspection tour of pumps and kokers around Georgetown to assess the city’s readiness. According to the acting Town Clerk, the inspection was done to gain first-hand information about the situation on the ground and what measures are needed to deal with the effects of the rainy season. She added that she would have done it sooner and more frequently had it not been for recent security issues. Sooba visited approximately eight drainage systems with a few of her staff members, senior officers, her bodyguard and members of the media, ranging from Riverside, East Bank Demerara, to Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. She noted that most of the systems were intact and in excellent working condition. However, about three of the sites visited needed some work to be done, as some channels needed maintenance. The acting Town Clerk also stated that the pollution of the waterways by the dumping of plastic bottles and bags is one of the

...of student loans he vexed matter of student loans for students to attend UG is on the front burner. Again. President Hoyte had introduced tuition fees under IMF pressure 25 years ago. Before that, both Jagan and Burnham and their parties had been as one on “free education”. How else were fellas to break out of their post-slavery chains called “poverty”? How has the programme fared since, and why is it getting renewed attention? Well, though fees were introduced, no one was turned away for a first degree because of poverty. The government introduced a loan programme that never lacked takers. But a number of problems soon surfaced. Right up there was the sorry fact that most of the students didn’t repay their loans! And if we are to go by the statistic that 85 per cent of all UG grads move on to greener pastures abroad, we’re talking of this country making a huge investment to subdise other countries. We don’t have the numbers as to how large the outstanding balance on those student loans are. But if we are to go by the $450 million that had been requested this year in the budget for the programme (which incidentally was not approved by the Opposition) we’re talking about some real money here. As Carl Sagan was fond of saying sonorously about the number of stars: “billions and billions”!! The Minister of Finance promises he’ll be pursuing new methods to collect from delinquent students. Well, good luck to him with tracking down those deadbeats in NY unless he’s willing to go after the guarantors of those loans here. Or stipulate loans must be cleared before students can go abroad. But we’ve another suggestion. Sure Guyana needs its youths to become educated...all the developed and emerging economies went down that route. But we should learn from them too, no? In the US, outstanding student loans are one of the major causes of their credit crunch. Secondly and more importantly for us, with no worry about costs, students took all sorts of degrees that had absolutely no market value as far as jobs were concerned. And this is the reality in Guyana today. Do you know how many students enrol in UG’s School of Humanities or Social Science rather than in Technology or Engineering or whatever qualification the market demands? Now why should a poor country like Guyana – with limited funds – not choose which subject areas to steer youths into? Whatever comes out of the ongoing student funds discussion, we hope that student loans will be used as an inventive tool to also develop Guyana.


Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba, Senior Officers and City Hall Staff during the inspection of a pump system

main problems affecting the activity of pumps and kokers, and is pleading with citizens to desist from this activity, for the good of their country. Sooba also said that the Public Works Ministry were putting provisions in was to help with the sea defences so as to prevent flooding around the country.

Albion man jailed for break and enter, larceny


amnarine Jaikarran also called “Fry Rice” 45 of Lot 245 Albion, Corentyne was refused bail and sentenced to 15 and 12 months in prison respectively when he appeared on Tuesday, June 10 at the

Whim Magistrate’s Court to answer to two charges of break and enter and larceny. The charges stated that on April 10, he committed the act on Christopher Sudit of Chesney Housing Scheme where he unlawfully broke and entered the home of the victim and stole a quantity of items valued at $170,000. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 months in prison. On the second count, the charge stated that on June 6, he unlawfully broke and entered the home of Anand Seepersaud of Lot 17 Kilcoy Squatting Area where he stole a quantity of articles valued at $161,000. He also pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Rose Hall man refused bail on larceny charge


cross at the Whim Magistrate’s Court, Ryan Persaud also called “KK” 17 of Rose Hall Town was on Tuesday last refused bail when he appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh to answer to a charge of simple larceny. The charge stated that on November 5, 2013 at Rose Hall Town, armed with a knife, he stole a gold chain valued at $350,000 belonging to Lalta Subendradass 26 of Lot 219 13 Street Whim Village, Corentyne. It is alleged that on the day in question the victim was conducting business in the town when the defendant approached him and with the use of the weapon snatched his gold chain from him. Persaud was unrepresented.

...of the political “apology” First, the newfound converts to the PNC’s cause - exAFCites Donkey-Cart Economist Khemraj and Flower Boy Ramsaroop - said the PNC shouldn’t be making any apologies. They discovered that the PNC wasn’t really the PNC. There were actually two PNCs - Part I and Part II. Part I was baaaad...rigging elections, snuffing out opponents, breaking up meetings and such things. Part II was all peace and joy - under Hoyte. Slow fyaah never happened. Was a baaaaad dream. And Granger is the successor to Part II. Never mind Hoyte bypassed Granger as Chief of Staff and he had to live out his days as a “soldier” in the classroom at UG. Check it out, wankers. But anyway, here comes an authentic, dyed-in-the wool PNC - and one afflicted with Graphomania, the obsessive compulsion to write - Emile Mervin, who says the PNC should apologise. But so should the PPP!! Why aren’t we surprised? False equivalency is always an escape hatch for the morally damaged. ...of marijuana use Jamaica just decriminalised the use of small amounts of marijuana. For up to two ounces, you just get a ticket. Enough for a good spliff. If decriminalised, the price of ganja should be so cheap, it’ll take care of the ticket.



monDay, june 16, 2014|

Granger details Rodney’s “Civil Rebellion” and GDF’s “obligations” ....but denies Eyewitness’ justification conclusion


ast Thursday, June 12, this newspaper conducted an interview with Mr David Granger in which he detailed what he defined as a “Civil Rebellion” and offered several actions of Rodney and the WPA to prove his contention. He concluded by saying, “members of the Defence and security forces had an obligation to defend the State against threats to the State” by Rodney. These contentions were satirised by yesterday’s Eyewitness column as serving as justification for the murder of Rodney. Yesterday, we received a letter from APNU demanding a “retraction” of the Eyewitness’ column,

Opposition Leader David Granger

asserting that Mr Granger never used the word “justification”. We issue the following verbatim quotes from Mr Granger to let readers decide if indeed the Satirist was out of line. We remind readers that a Satirist, according to Wikipedia, “ (In) Satire ... vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, Government or society itself, into improvement.” Quotations of Granger “Ten years after that rebellion in Rupununi, there was something called the Civil Rebellion launched by the WPA...there was a rebellion against the Government...Just like the ranchers launched a Civil Rebellion in 1969, WPA was launching a Civil Rebellion in 1979.” Mockery of Burnham “Through this rebellion, these were some statements made by Dr Walter Rodney, right? (Rodney) “We will extend the zoo to take in the residents that is where

is now Castellani house. Then you will have one of the most prized exhibits of any zoo in the world. People will come from all over the world to pay to see King Kong. There was a King called Midas, he had the Midas touch, which was the touch that made everything touched into gold. There we have a creation in this society “the Burnham touch”, where everything he touches turns into shit. “ “This is the way you speak? This is the Prime Minister (Burnham) he talking about you know. This is this great academic right!” Willingness to use violence Quoting Rodney: “PNC must go and it must go by any means necessary. Well if you really intend to assassinate dem fellas, I tell you something, you gotta join the queue.... Then violence becomes the supreme political weapon.” Granger : “This is what Rodney was saying and Dr Roopnarine himself in 2010, this is four years ago 'we were accumulating weapons, we were accumulating equipment of various kinds, a certain amount of that was coming from the military.'” Strikes, street protests, rallies, front organisations, penetrating GDF “I was appointed Commander of the Guyana Defence Force in July 1979, and I was Commander still in 1980. As far as my memory goes or as far as my memory serves me, during that period 1979,1980, there was something called the Civil Rebellion and during that Civil Rebellion, we knew that political forces were involved in instigating strikes against the Government. There were street protest and rallies against the Government, there was arson in which the headquarters of the People’s National Congress was destroyed by fire in July 1979. There were several organisations launched against the Government. The Defence Force was being penetrated and they are credible reports that weapons was being accumulated by a certain political party. And I know very well as Commander of the Guyana Defence Force that bulletins were being printed a certain party aimed at demoralising soldiers and am trying to ,

I would say, prevent them from performing their functions as protectors of the State. Imitating disturbances in other countries I must also call your attention to the fact that there were disturbances in other countries. In Suriname, a coup was led by a group of Sergeants, a group of non-commission officers really, in the Surinamese army, who seized power in the state and in March 1979, an organistion called “The New Jewel Movement” seized power in Grenada by force. And of course, there were other acts in Nicaragua and in some of the other Islands in the Caribbean.

And there are some people who felt that they could imitate that kind of behaviour, could imitate those revolts, particularly those in Suriname and Grenada, and they could have a similar situation in Guyana Conclusion “So the Civil Rebellion was a very serious threat to law and order, a very serious threat to country at that time. “As I told you, there was a Civil Rebellion taking place in Guyana and members of the Defence and security forces had an obligation to defend the State against threats to the State. I cannot say what all of their actions were as Commander of the Guyana Defence

Dr Walter Rodney

Force , we had a responsibility to maintain order in Guyana and to protect the borders of Guyana. So we were quite aware there was a rebellion, we

were quite aware that we were under assault as a Defence Force and we took any reasonable measure to protect our soldiers from being subverted.”


m onday, june 16, 2014


Taxi driver’s killing…

Suspect’s father in Police custody T Lookin fuh de

he father of murder accused, 18-year-old Ashraf Alli and uncle of 19-year-old Shazim Alli has been detained by the Police for questioning into the kidnapping and murder of 17-year-old Dhanraj Latchman. According to a reliable source close to the case, the man was detained by the Police on Friday evening after it was discovered that he had allegedly tampered with the evidence, which would have implicated his son and nephew in the murder of the taxi driver. The source related that the teen’s two cell phones and his car keys were discovered in a drain some distance away from Alli’s home. Upon further investigation by Police, it was revealed to them that it was Alli’s father who had disposed of the evidence after the Police had visited the home and arrested the duo on Wednesday evening after Latchman was discovered missing. Questioned on what could have been the motive for the two murdering the young man, the source explained that it has been reported that one of the accused, Shazim Alli had been residing in the Parika area before moving to Lusignan

The dead teen, Dhanraj Latchman

and was involved in the business of carjacking. The source further related that after the cars would have been hijacked, they are usually stripped and sold as spare parts, an activity which provides lucrative returns. Guyana Times was told that the two disclosed to investigators that their motive for taking the teen to Parika was for the car to be hijacked and sold, but the deal they had made had fallen through. After allegedly killing the teen, the two reportedly drove the car and parked it at the Hubu Backdam before taking a bus back to the city,

and then travelled home to Lusignan. Latchman, of 115 Lusignan, East Coast Demerara and a former student of the Institute of Business Education (IBE), was last heard from on Wednesday afternoon around 20:00h, after leaving his home to transport the two accused to Parika, under the pretext of uplifting some money. Tarmattie Daby, the dead teen’s mother told Guyana Times that after time had elapsed and Latchman has not yet reached home, she visited Alli’s home and inquired about what had transpired on their trip, when it was told to her that as they were heading back to Georgetown, Latchman reportedly picked up two boys in the vicinity of Zeelugt to drop to Enmore.

Inconsistent stories

The two accused told Latchman’s mother that he had dropped them off at the road head of their village, after which he related to them that he was heading to Enmore to drop the other two boys off. However, she noted that the two were not giving consistent stories and had fumbled multiple times.

The parents thought this was fishy and informed the Police who subsequently arrived at the home of the two and arrested them for questioning before a search was mounted for Latchman. The taxi driver’s car was found abandoned at the Hubu Backdam on Thursday evening with the windscreen broken and with pieces of wood and sand in the back of the vehicle, while his swollen and badly beaten body was discovered Friday evening in the Parika backdam, buried in a shallow grave, some two miles from where his car PNN 9823 was found. According to the dead teen’s distraught mother, it was related to her that the two boys, ages 18 and 19, confessed to Police that they had murdered her son by strangling him with his seatbelt. She related that it was after the two had confessed to the murder, which they said took place on Wednesday evening, that the Police escorted them to the area where they were able to point out the exact location of the body, which was hidden in a shallow grave. A post-mortem is expected to be conducted today after which funeral arrangements will be made.

real fathers


esterday was Father’s Day and de fathers dem do all kinda tings to have a good time. Some stay home and drink. Some go out and drink. Some start de drinks at home then go out and continue. Some start de drinks outside and come home and drink more and then fight even more. Some had drinks and pick fight since from de night before so dem can mek excuse not to deh home Father’s Day. Some ain’t stay home at all because dem got pickney all over de place. Some got pickney and dem don’t even know wheh dem deh, or how many dem got. Some got other people pickney and tink is dem own. Some is pickney mekkin pickney, and some ain’t even turn father yet, but dem playin like dem is other people father. Dem two lil boys pun de East Coast beat and kill another lil boy like he ain’t got a father. Now de pullice got dem and dem father and all of dem bawlin fuh de Almighty Father. And talkin bout that, Pastor Run was lookin fuh a chuch to go and pray to de Almighty Father, who is de greatest Father. But the Almighty Father vex with Pastor Run now because Pastor Run run he mouth lil too much and had wanna play like he is de Almighty Father by telling people when dem must live. But not even de Almighty Father does do that so He don’t ever tolerate Pastor Run kinda behaviour. That is why Satan deh wheh he deh because de Almighty Father He self had to throw he out. Now it look like de Gee-R-P-A gon soon throw out Pastor Run and he ain’t got no where to run. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Some body at de Enmore Martyrs’ Day rally seh Cheddi is de father of de nation. But whah dem fuhget to mention was that Burnt Ham used to wanna play like he was Cheddi father, and now Green Ham playin like he is de father fuh de whole of GT.

Pastors throw weight behind McGarrell ... but against “gays on island” gaffe By Jomo Paul


n light of the “gays on an island” controversy and the resignation of Pastor Ronald McGarrell as a board member of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA), members of the Christian community have thrown their support behind the clergyman. Speaking to Guyana Times on Friday, Pastor Colin Edghill of the New John Street

Church of God maintained that the religious pillars must take a “Biblical” stance on the whole issue of homosexuality in the community. While noting that he does not support McGarrell’s gaffe to banish gays on an island, Pastor Edghill said that according to the Bible, homosexuality is a “sin” and should be treated as such. “The church’s position on homosexuality comes from the Bible... homosexuality is de-

viant...there are a lot of concerns about homosexuality such as paedophilia... it is a progression from one thing to another,” said the pastor while speaking to Guyana Times. Further, Pastor Edghill noted that McGarrell’s comments are not the problem, but rather homosexuals seem to be untouchable and not open to scrutiny. He maintained that the position expressed by McGarrell was

his personal opinion that he later dismissed as a joke and McGarrell should not face chastisement from all sides for expressing his views.

Need all the help

Also weighing in on the subject was a pastor from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who explained that homosexuals need all the help that they can get. The pastor, who requested anonymity, noted that homosexuals should seek corrective “counselling and guidance” which a church would be able

to provide, since homosexuality is not condoned from any Biblical standpoint. “Homosexuality... we don’t recognise it as a natural behaviour... but in terms of homosexuals coming to church, we respect that, we won’t turn them away,” said the pastor while speaking to Guyana Times on Friday evening. He too noted that he does not agree with the notion to banish gays. Subsequent to being chastised by the GRPA for his remarks, Pastor McGarrell reportedly tendered his resignation to the board. McGarrell had reportedly taken full responsibility for his anti-gay comments that were deemed outrageous by the gay community and its supporters. Executive Director of the GRPA, Patricia SheerattanBisnauth, said that McGarrell’s opinions are not those of the GRPA and he was not speaking on behalf of the organisation. She noted too that McGarrell’s utterances are in serious conflict with the core values of the GRPA. “McGarrell is a board member of the GRPA and has signed up, without reservation, for sexual and reproductive rights. His statement is in serious conflict with the values of the organisation which is a leading provider of sexual and reproduc-

tive health in Guyana” said Bisnauth. In a release issued to the media, the executive condemned the statement, noting that on his accession to the board of directors of the GRPA, McGarrell swore to uphold the rights of all persons irrespective of their race, creed and more importantly, sexual orientation in tandem with the values of the organisation. “A precondition for persons who express interest in serving on the board or in any staff position in the organisation is to clarify that their values vis-à-vis those of the organisation. "Pastor McGarrell signed up for sexual and reproductive rights. He will need to take full responsibility for his statement from which the GRPA distances itself.” Bisnauth maintained that the GRPA continues in pursuit of its original remit, in that it supports universal access to sexual and reproductive health irrespective of gender, age and other characteristics. The GRPA executive further called on McGarrell and like-minded influential persons to be cognisant of the damning effects that their statements might have on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) population.

11 Around the world monday, june 16, 2014

Santos retains Colombia’s presidency

Iraq steps up offensive against rebels


raq says it has intensified a counter-offensive against Sunni rebels who have taken control of large parts of the country. The rebels, lead by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, have seized one entire province and parts of three others, since they launched their offensive last week. The US has responded to the crisis by sending a carrier strike group to the Gulf, led by the George WH Bush aircraft carrier, as Iran warned against any intervention in Iraq.

Iraqi security forces had collapsed in face of the initial onslaught, with many abandoning their vehicles and weapons caches to the rebels Iraqi commanders said the army had started to push back Sunni rebels and that soldiers had recaptured two towns north of Baghdad. Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan, reporting from Baghdad, said there was heavy fighting between rebels and security forces in Tal Afar, a mainly Turkmen Shia town 60km west of

Mosul, and in Diyala province, which borders Iran. There were no confirmed figures on casualties, but Shia tribal militias had suffered heavy casualties in Diyala, Khan said. Attempts to subdue the uprising will be bolstered by a flood of civilian volunteers, encouraged by a call to arms by the country’s leading Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. The Government echoed the call, asking all military-aged males to sign up to fight the rebels. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

‘Islamists’ attack Kenyan coastal town Supporters of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos celebrated his victory at their campaign headquarters in Bogota (Reuters)


olombian President Juan Manuel Santos has won a second term, beating right-wing challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in a vote that will allow peace talks with FARC rebels to continue and seek an end to five decades of war. With more than 98 per cent of the runoff vote counted on Sunday, centre-right Santos led over economist Zuluaga with 50.8 per cent compared with 45.1 per cent. Santos, who hails from one of the country’s most influential families, opened talks with rebel leaders of

the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in late 2012 to end a conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people and forced millions more from their homes. He made the pursuit of peace the centrepiece of his campaign, and cast the election as a choice between peace and war. Although they have shown more progress than previous failed efforts, the peace talks in Cuba have been divisive. Zuluaga supporters fear a peace deal could hand FARC leaders political pow-

er without punishment for their crimes. Zuluaga has accused Santos of negotiating with “terrorists” and in his campaign, he pledged new conditions on FARC, like prison terms, for serious crimes and a ban on political participation. The rebels have said they will not go to jail and refuse to down their weapons until peace is signed. Santos announced this week that preliminary talks had begun with the nation’s second biggest insurgent group, the National Liberation Army. (Al Jazeera)


uspected Islamist militants have attacked hotels and a police station in the Kenyan coastal town of Mpeketoni, military officials say. Witnesses reported seeing buildings on fire and hearing gunfire in the town, which is near Lamu Island. It is not yet clear if there are any casualties. Kenya has suffered a number of militant attacks since 2011 when its forces entered neighbouring Somalia to combat alShabab fighters. Kenya’s Standard newspaper said on its website the attackers had stolen weap-

ons and vehicles from the Police station, which was on fire. It said local residents had fled to nearby forests. The paper also quoted a witness as saying he had counted six bodies in the street, but this could not be confirmed. Kenyan army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir said gunmen entered Mpeketoni, a busy trading centre, and started “shooting people”. The “assailants [are] likely to be al-Shabab,” Major Chirchir said. He said surveillance aircraft were looking for the attackers. Local Police Chief

Hamaton Mwaliko told Reuters that the gunmen had hijacked a van in nearby Witu town to carry out the attack. “They raided Mpeketoni Police Station first,” he said. “Some hotels in the town are on fire. We don’t know how many casualties are there for now. We understand the attackers have already fled, but our officers are pursuing them.” Mwanaisha Hamisi, Kenyan Red Cross coordinator for the region, said gunfire was first reported at 20:30 local time (17:30 GMT). (Excerpt from BBC News)

Al-Qaeda video urges Muslims in China spends billions to fund Kashmir to wage jihad on India

Caribbean ambition

China’s ties with the Caribbean have strengthened because of the region’s proximity to the US and major maritime trade routes (AFP)


hina’s rising interest in the Caribbean is being backed by billions of dollars in fund flows that are giving Beijing a strategic foothold on the doorstep of the United States. While loans for infrastructure projects are being extended across the region, boosting China’s economic and political clout, funds in the form of outward Foreign Direct Investment are typi-

cally finding their way back to China after being rerouted from the offshore financial hubs of the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands. The two jurisdictions account for the bulk of Chinese investment in the Caribbean, with a US Government body saying that of the US$62.1 billion in such flows amassed by 2012, all but US$282 million went

to the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Excluding the two hubs, Chinese investment flows to the Caribbean amounted to only US$31 million, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said, highlighting the growing appeal in China for investments targeted at home and elsewhere in the region to be facilitated through companies set up in the Caribbean centres. Reflecting the scale of the fund flows, the British Virgin Islands has become the second-largest destination for mainland Chinese overseas direct investment after Hong Kong. “It is clear that [British Virgin Islands] companies are not only the vehicle of choice for structuring investments into Asia, but also a preferred vehicle in structuring investments out of Asia,” said Stephen Adams and Kristian Wilson, lawyers for Bedell Cristin, in a report. (Excerpt from South China Post)

A man clears debris from the tarmac of Jinnah International Airport, after Sunday’s attack by Taliban militants on Sunday, in Karachi on June 10


enior militants from alQaeda’s central command have released a video calling on Muslims in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir to follow the example of “brothers” in Syria and Iraq and wage a violent jihad against Indian authorities. The video, which cites the “new Afghanistan being created in Syria” as inspiration, is the first to specifically target Kashmir. Entitled “War should

continue, message to the Muslims of Kashmir”, the video was uploaded in recent days to a website where statements by other leaders of al-Qaeda and its affiliates have been released in the past. It is unclear when the video was made, although its production apparently preceded the advances made by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) in Iraq this week. However, the timing of its release will under-

line the impression that senior al-Qaeda leaders based in Pakistan, who have suffered heavy losses in recent years, are increasingly marginal to the global jihadi movement. Led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian-born veteran militant who took over after the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, the group has made increasing efforts in recent years to mobilise the nearly half a billion Muslims who live in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s army says it has launched a “comprehensive operation” against militants in North Waziristan, near the Afghan border. It comes hours after fighter jets carried out air strikes against militant strongholds in the area. Officials said scores of insurgents were killed in the air raids, but this has not been independently confirmed. Among them was a suspected Uzbek leader of the deadly attack on Karachi airport a week ago, they added. (Excerpt from The Guardian)

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monday, june 16, 2014 |

Chinese medical team bids farewell, Guyana welcomes another

Smartaid Pharmacy opens third branch in Mahaica

Owners Rajiv Singh and Fazeela Baksh with their staff at the opening of Smartaid Pharmacy’s third branch in Mahaica on Saturday President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Mrs Yvonne Hinds and Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Zhang Limin, and the 10th and 11th Chinese Medical Brigade at the farewell and welcoming reception at the Chinese Embassy, Mandela Avenue


he 11th medical team from The People’s Republic of China was welcomed in a grand celebration by members of the Government of Guyana and China’s Ambassador to Guyana, at the Chinese Embassy on Saturday evening. The current team consists of 14 medical practitioners and two chefs. Four of the team members will be placed in Linden while the other 10 will work around Georgetown. Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin congratulated the outgoing 10th medical team on their successful tour of duty here and thanked them for their outstanding contributions in furthering the friendly relations between Guyana and China. Limin also expressed his gratitude to the relevant departments of the Government of Guyana for their care and valuable support of the Chinese medical teams. During the last two years, under the leadership of Dr Zhu Xingguo, the members of the 10th medical team devoted themselves to cordially serving the locals. They have carried out several medical outreaches in local communities, treated over 27,000 patients, saved the lives of over 2900 critically ill patients, and performed more than 5000

operations. Having made important contributions to the development of local health services, they received wide acclaim from all walks of life of Guyana. Dr Zhang Yueming was appointed Director of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department

has been actively supporting the progress of Guyana’s health service undertaking. Nearly 150 medical experts of 11 Chinese medical teams have worked in Guyana since the first team arrived in 1993. Limin believes that the 11th medical team will carry forward the fine tradi-

President Donald Ramotar delivering brief remarks at the farewell and welcoming reception for the 10th and 11th Chinese Medical Brigade at the Chinese Embassy, Mandela Avenue, Georgetown

of the Georgetown Public Hospital, which was unprecedented in the history of Chinese medical teams in Guyana. The Ambassador also stated that China and Guyana enjoy time-honoured friendship, as China

tion of healing the wounded and saving the dying. “Great love knowing no boundary,” he said. President Donald Ramotar shared his sentiments by expressing his gratitude to the ongoing medical team for their ser-

vice to Guyana, and wished them the best of luck in their future endeavours. To the 11th team, the President expressed hope that their experience in Guyana will be rewarding as they assist in the delivery of important medical services to Guyana, and enrich their own experience and education so that when it is time for them to depart from this great nation, their time here would have been of great success. Ramotar lauded the fruitful relationship between Guyana and China, since the establishment of bilateral ties more than 40 years ago. But, he pointed out that before the establishment of diplomatic ties, the Chinese indentured servants had made a sterling contribution to the development of Guyana, in every sphere of life. The President also made mention of the significant contribution China has made to stabilising the global economy during the financial and economic crises in 2008. Ramotar thanked and bade farewell to the 10th ongoing team, and wished the 11th team all success during their tenure in Guyana. Members of the 10th medical team spoke of the hospitality and warmth of the Guyanese people during their stay here.


esidents of Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, and surrounding areas will now have top-of-theline over-the-counter (OTC) drugs readily available to them as Smartaid Pharmacy opens its third branch there. The pharmacy is located at Lot A Belmont, Mahaica Market front, and was commissioned on Saturday by Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony. Speaking with the Guyana Times, part owner of the entity, Rajiv Singh explained that he and his fiancée, Fazeela Baksh, who is also his business partner, decided to expand their business because they want to reach areas where pharmaceutical services are needed. Singh pointed out that since the opening of their first branch in Barr Street, Kitty, they knew that their business would grow and expansion was imminent hence the opening of their second branch in Diamond. The entrepreneur revealed that the business has long been a dream of his fiancée, ever since she was in school, so last year they both decided to make her dream a reality. “We were going to invest in a business of some sort, but with all the other fields of businesses out there, we decided to follow her dream and venture into it,” he stated. The newly-opened pharmacy in Mahaica will be offering more services than the other branches. There will be a doctor available every Saturday to tend to patients

and arrangements are being made to have a full-time doctor placed at the pharmacy. Trained and experienced pharmacists will be there to assist persons. The pharmacy will be open from 08:00h to 17:00h during the week and from 07:00h to 17:00h on Saturday. Some of the services to be offered there include testing for glucose, blood pressure, malaria, typhoid, and dengue. “We are offering professional services by trained professionals,” Singh said. He added that given the fact that the closest hospital is some distance away, they wanted to locate the pharmacy where it would benefit the residents. “It is not just about making profits but also benefiting the people who we are offering these services to and so we put our third branch where it is needed,” he stressed. He believes that location is very important when it comes to expanding or even establishing a business; as such, having the third branch of Smartaid Pharmacy in Mahaica will serve the people there since they will have access to all top-of-the-line and basic drugs needed. Singh went on to point out that the branch they have in Diamond is next door to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and so when doctors prescribed OTC drugs, the pharmacy is just next door for patients. The branch in Kitty is offering 24-hour service to residents.

Works Ministry completes $4.5M road work at Stabroek


The upgraded road at Donkey City, Stabroek Market Square

ommuters and motorists, who frequent Donkey City, Stabroek Market Square, can traverse the road with ease now that it has been resurfaced. The Public Works Ministry’ Force Account Unit (FAU) completed overlaying a large section of the square on Friday, June 13, with asphalt concrete to bring the area to a more acceptable standard. Works Minister Robeson Benn was approached by the City

Engineer’s Department to execute the rehabilitation works. Prior to the facelift, the road surface was filled with potholes -- making navigation difficult for vehicular traffic and commuters. The project, which lasted three days, cost the Ministry approximately $4.5 million. Meanwhile, the FAU will commence resurfacing a section of the main access road that leads to the University of Guyana on Monday.

The road was in a deplorable state



monday, JUNE 16, 2014 |

Times Notebook The ‘Rodney’ revelations M

ost in Guyana think they know who was responsible for the murder of Dr Walter Rodney, although they may not know all the players involved and the minute details of the brutal murder of one of Guyana’s finest sons. It was a cruel political conspiracy that ended the life of Rodney. The Leader of the Opposition said there was civil unrest and it was the Army’s responsibility to protect the country. We know David Granger was the Commander in the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and that he had sworn allegiance to the PNC and its leader Forbes Burnham at the time of Rodney’s murder. Norman Mc Clean in his testimony confirmed the leadership role of Granger. Guyanese want to know what role David Granger

might have played in the killing of Walter Rodney. On June 13, Guyana observed the 34th death anniversary of Walter Rodney. He died way too young and not of natural causes. This death anniversary was different from others. This time around, we have as a background,the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into Rodney’s murder and the revelations are damning and shocking. No one has ever seriously denied that Rodney was assassinated. There were weak assertions by the then PNC Government that Rodney was killed by accident with a bomb he was planning to detonate. But even the PNC Government did not bother much to promote that theory. The CoI into Rodney’s death is now in full swing. The revelations so far, with

Dr Walter Rodney

much more to come, confirm what most Guyanese and other interested persons and parties suspect – that the PNC implemented a wellorchestrated conspiracy to murder Walter Rodney. Many are shocked by

what is coming out of the CoI. Many do not really fully fathom the extent of the police-state Guyana was in. The authoritarian regime did not tolerate dissent and took drastic steps to eliminate dissent. Granger now says that the army’s role, in this effort, was to protect the nation because of civil unrest. Joseph Hamilton must be commended for his candid admissions. The CoI is intended for this purpose. The President made it clear that the CoI is only intended for the truth to be revealed formally. No one is to be charged because of the findings of the CoI. Guyana owes much to citizens like Hamilton, Eusi Kwayana, Karen DeSouza and others. David Granger has refused to cooperate with the Rodney CoI. He has given one excuse after another not to come before the CoI. But

his Guyanese sisters and brothers want him to do the right thing – make himself available to the CoI and tell his story. Was he a part of the murder conspiracy?What does he mean now when he says it was the Army’s duty to protect the nation because there was civil unrest? Granger has denied he was present when the ‘ballot box’ murders occurred at Number 63 Village on the Corentyne in 1973 when the Army was in full rigging mode to steal Guyana’s freedom and democracy. He is now in a refusal mode to talk about Rodney’s murder. Will he open himself to questions about Father Darke? We are eagerly waiting to hear from Dr Rupert Roopnaraine to tell the Guyanese people all of what he knows. We remembered him immediately after the

Rodney murder marching from Buxton and telling the world who killed Walter. Will he now say that he lied and he did not really know? Will he tell us how he feels sitting next to Granger who was in the Army as a leader when Gregory Smith, from the GDF, so brutally killed Walter? The CoI has much more to tell. Very little of what it tells would be new. But the confirmation of these truths is what is shocking. Walter was not the first to die because of political conspiracies in Guyana. But the shocking truths that are being confirmed in the Walter Rodney CoI are good for the soul and portray vividly the road we travelled that we never want to see again. Readers are invited to send their comments by email or Facebook to times.

Region Five top NGSA student sets Role of Regional private sector highlighted at OAS conference eyes on becoming a teacher


t was a double for Grace Etwaru of Rosignol Primary. First she was told that she was in the top 100 NGSA students but more importantly she topped Region Five (Mahaica/West Berbice). As a cricketer for her school, the bowler unfortunately did not take any wickets in Friday’s game but they won thus adding to the joy on her birthday. Etwaru who said she was overjoyed and in disbelief when her teacher gave her the news, had to get it directly from the head teacher for confirmation. She has not only made the school proud as a cricketer, the shy young lady who wants to become a teacher recently helped the school to win the National Library Quiz and was the runner-up Best Speller in the National finals. According to Etwaru she is not pleased with her performance and had expected to obtain more than the 518 marks that she got to top the region and wanted to place higher upon the top 100 list. She was number 41. Her favourite subject is Mathematics but she also did well in Social Studies and says that it was hard work. In addition to Etwaru who scored 518 marks and will be heading to Queen’s College there was Zenefa Mohamed from Latchmansingh Primary with 512 who awarded Bishops’ High; Preya Singh from Blairmont Primary with 511 also Bhisops’ High; Sarah Codogan from Bath Primary

Grace Etwaru Region Five

with 508- St. Stanislaus College; Abudul Subhan from Latchmansingh Primary with 508 St. Stanislaus College; Marissa Singh from Zealand Primary with 507 St. Stanislaus College; Devkumar Gangaram from Bath Primary with 507 -St. Stanislaus College; Kerisa Wade from Latchmansingh Primary with 507 wa awarded St. Stanislaus College; Nicholas Persaud from Blairmont Primary with 504 was given St Rose’s High and Gregory Walters from No 29 Primary with 502 St. Joseph High.


Meanwhile, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has congratulated all students who were successful at the NGSA. The party also recognised that behind the individual successes are long hours of toil and hard work by not only the students themselves, but the supportive hand of their parents and teachers.

“But even as we celebrate this, the AFC recognises that a large percentage of our students are still falling through the cracks and completing their primary education with an insufficiently strong foundation in the core subject areas namely English and Mathematics on which to build in the future.” According to the party, revelations by the Ministry of Education itself have highlighted that overall passes in Mathematics amongst our students have declined to an alarming rate and “we urge that an urgent analysis of the methods used in teaching this core subject be re-examined and a comprehensive programme of remedial education be instituted across our country to address the problem.” This year’s results also suggest, the AFC said, that “our children who have the misfortune of attending a public school with insufficient facilities and resources, and reduced parental guidance are at a much greater risk of failing". "We must in this technological age find ways to guarantee that all our young people are given a solid basic education that includes the ability to read, write and understand the principles of mathematics at an above average level. This is fundamental to the future development of our country.” The The AFC said it stands ready to assist in any way it can recognising that only a proactive approach will correct the current situation.


ecretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza last week spoke on the role of the private sector in addressing “the great tasks” of the Region in the coming years, during a conference of the Latin American Business Council (CEAL) held at the headquarters of the OAS in Washington DC. Secretary General Insulza began his address explaining that the Region is beginning a new economic era, in which growth will be slower than in the past decade. “Latin America went through, from 2002 to 2012, a very exceptional phase in its history,” said the Secretary General. “Now, in contrast, we are in a slow growth phase.” In this new era, the OAS leader set forth four “great tasks” for the Region: generating economic growth, decreasing inequality, reducing violence, and increasing accountability in politics. In terms of economic growth, he emphasized that “to achieve it, we will need to take advantage of publicprivate sector cooperation, it cannot be done by the state alone.” “Latin America is the most unequal Region in the world,” recalled the Secretary General, who pointed to the need to improve the “social protection floors” in the countries of the region, and to increase the distribution of income. This should go hand in hand, he said with an unprecedented effort to reduce violence. In politics, added the

Secretary General participates in CEAL Conference at the OAS

OAS leader, Latin America “has far more democracy than before,” but important challenges remain such as corruption, the improvement of governance, and the lack of accountability. “The great challenge is accountability, which allows for horizontal control,” said Secretary General Insulza. “This has to do with the independence of the judiciaries, the freedom of press and of expression. They are the ways in which a democracy produces greater accountability or horizontal control by the other political actors in society.” In concluding his presentation, the OAS leader set forward his conviction that “with the efforts and disposition of the state, civil society and the private sec-

tor, our region will be able to meet all the challenges we face in the development of our countries, and do so in an environment of democracy and social inclusion. "And I hope that we reach the necessary consensus, that we learn to respect one another and to accept that democracy and legitimacy do not belong to any one person, but to everyone together.” CEAL is an organization that includes the most important private entrepreneurs in Latin America, created 24 years ago to promote its members participation in the current exchange and cooperation tendencies, in every aspect in which private companies can contribute to the economic progress of their countries.


monday, june 16, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Don’t give up on your dreams. Success doesn’t happen by accident. Be prepared to work hard and make the changes needed to fulfil your ideals.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Don’t have any qualms about speaking your mind. You may receive some negative feedback, but trying to hide your feelings won’t help resolve a situation that is puzzling you.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Rumours and gossip will spread like wildfire. Don’t repeat or believe what you hear. Your intuition will help you decide how to handle what’s happening and what to do about it.


ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Run your ideas by your peers and colleagues. Networking is an excellent way to discover how you can make a work-related improvement. An alliance will develop with someone you meet.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Be a participant, not a spectator. Get into the spirit of the moment and agree to take on a new challenge. Having the right attitude is just as vital as the skills you possess.

Saturday's solution

CANCER (June 21July 22) Get together with friends or relatives and figure out how to care for a loved one who needs assistance. Sharing responsibilities will help you develop greater respect for each other.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) If you are faced with opposition, consider that it could be your fault. Your intentions may be good, but if you are too aggressive or demanding, you only create friction. Diplomacy will be required.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Implementing a new nutritional regimen into your daily routine will have health benefits if you practice moderation and monitor the results until you reach a perfect balance.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Take time out to socialise and nurture your personal dreams, hopes and wishes. If you are single, mingle, and if you are part of a couple, plan a romantic evening.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) You can’t please everyone, so do what you can to satisfy your own needs. Don’t fall prey to guilt being directed at you by others. Updating your image will give you a positive boost.

GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Ignore anyone making derogatory comments. It’s your turn to be in the limelight. Someone with similar views will be interested in you personally and professionally.

If you are unclear about what is happening around you, get involved. Check out the doings at your local community centre, or sign up for a special-interest course.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

monday, June 16, 2014


Jeffrey wins Castrol Bishop’s High Father's Day cycle race YBG B/ball tourney...


aynauth Jeffrey broke away from the lead pack with approximately a mile to go, winning the Guy Oil/ Castrol Father's Day 50 -mile cycle road race on Sunday which began at Wales. Jeffrey, a part of Team Coco, clocked one hour, 55mins and 17 seconds to ride away with the event ahead of club mate Hamza Eastman. Marlon Williams finished third, while Akeem Arthur was fourth and Robin Persaud fifth to round out the top five finishers at the event. With 46 starters on deck for the start of the event, the race pedalled off with a blazing start with Jeffrey, Eastman and club mate Junior Niles who was sixth in the race, forming the lead group. While several cyclists made moves on the way to Bushy Park, the Team Coco riders remained com-

Raynauth Jeffrey

posed working as a team to regain the lead before turning for the latter part of the race that ended at Schoonord in front of the

Demerara Harbour Bridge. However, as the race settled into a 10-man peloton, it was Jeffrey’s burst of speed with about

a mile to go that proved to be the turning point of the race as nobody was able to keep up with the rider who won the event last year as well. Toshwanna Doris won the female side of the race facing little competition at the event, as she tried to keep up with some of the men at the event. Meanwhile, Akeem Arthur won the junior aspect of the race finishing ahead of Michael Anthony and Stephano Husbands. Wasim Hasnoo won the Veterans’ event while Davendra Ramnarine was second and Talim Shaw was third. Ozia McAlley continued his winning ways in the Mountain Bike category, while Lennon Dick finished second and Emmanuel Gayraul third. Jeffrey was dominant throughout the race winning four primes, while Eastman won two and Orville Hinds one.

Carter beats Blake; Ohuruogu finishes last


ritain’s Christine Ohuruogu struggled on her first start of the outdoor season, finishing last in the 400m at the Diamond League meeting in New York. The double world champion’s time of 53.14 seconds left her three seconds adrift of winner Francena McCorory. Elsewhere, Kenya’s Olympic champion David Rudisha continued his comeback from injury with victory in the 800m. But Yohan Blake was surprisingly beaten in the 100m by fellow Jamaican Nesta Carter in 10.09. Double London 2012 silver medallist Blake stumbled out of the blocks to finish second in 10.21. It was a disappointing performance from the 2011 world champion, who was troubled by hamstring problems last season. In the absence of Olympic and world champion Usain

Nesta Carter defeats Blake

Bolt, who has not yet recovered from a foot injury, Blake said he wanted to show he is the man to beat in the event in 2014. Rudisha was far more impressive, recording a time

of 1:44.63 in only his second race in more than 12 months. Britain’s Tiffany Porter finished fifth in the 100m hurdles behind Queen Harrison of the United

States. And James Ellington finished seventh in the 200m on his first appearance on the circuit this season, with Jamaica’s Warren Weir winning. (BBC Sport)

hand UG first defeat

– St Rose's continue to build momentum By Treiston Joseph


ikail Brooms swished a threepoint dagger to put Bishop’s High School up by five with 27s remaining to hand the University of Guyana (UG) their first loss when the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) regional conference continued on Saturday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The University of Guyana, up by four with 1:48s to play in the game, looked on their way to victory when they committed a turnover that resulted in mid- range jumper on the other end. With UG looking to burn the clock, Daniel Haynes came up with a big steal and went coast to coast to tie the game. Bishop’s continued rolling as UG turned the ball over again, resulting in another easy conversion for Bishop’s to put them up by two. With 48s UG looked to make the tie as Jonathan Pooran, who was having an off night missed an easy reverse lay-up before Brooms knocked down a dagger of three with Pooran in his grill, which resulted in a foul on Pooran. Brooms was unable to convert the four- point play but did enough with his three- point to hand UG their first loss of the tournament in gut- wrenching fashion. Marvin Durant had a quiet night on the offensive side of the ball, scoring a team- high 12 points, while Daniel Haynes had 11 points inclusive of the game changing steal and bucket in the final two minutes of the game. Brooms ended with eight points. Lashawn Hooper led all scorers with 15 points, while grabbing seven rebounds for UG in the losing effort as UG seemed

tired and fatigued in the final minutes of the game. Meanwhile, Nathan Saul had another huge offensive performance to lead St. Rose’s High School to a one- point 34-33 win over Marian Academy. Saul drove the lane in the final minutes with Marian up one and drew and defensive foul that looked like charging but held his composure to knock down the clutchfree throws and hand St. Rose’s the win. Saul ended with a game- high 18 points and was the only player in the entire game to reach double figures. President’s College (PC) routed Plaisance Academy 57-45 in a game that was won by PC outplaying Plaisance in the paint. Plaisance was too small to hold off the PC players from getting in the paint and scoring the basketball. Shakeel Garnett had a game- high 21 points for PC, while Shaquille Adonis contributed 15 points as both players combined for 36 of PC’s 57 points in the lopsided win. Kelvin Yorrick was one rebound shy of a double-double with 12 points and nine rebounds, while Terrence Daniels had 12 points in the loss. In the under-16 tournament, Nathan Saul was effective again scoring 16 points to lead St. Rose’s High School to a 39-16 routing of Plaisance Academy. Loncel Martin had 10 points as well for St. Rose’s. The one under-14 match-up was won by Marian Academy, who defeated Bishop’s High School 16-15. The tournament which is sponsored by Digicel, Banks DIH and the Beharry Group of Companies will continue on June 21.


monday, JUNE 16, 2014

Today’s Games: Germany vs Portugal (12:00h); Iran vs Nigeria (15:00h) and United States vs Ghana (18:00h)

Bosnia beaten by Messi marvel L

ionel Messi created one goal and scored a brilliant second as Argentina kicked off their FIFA World Cup™ campaign with a 2-1 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Barcelona star provided the spark in a largely tense and evenly matched encounter at the Maracana, which ended with La Albiceleste having taken an early lead in Group F. The Bosnians, meanwhile, will reflect on their dream World Cup debut having turned into a nightmare after just two minutes and eight seconds, when Sead Kolisinac scored the fastest own goal in the tournament's history. In fairness, the Bosnia left-back had next to no time to react after Lionel Messi's free-kick was flicked on by Marcos Rojo, with the ball skidding off his shins and beyond the helpless Asmir Begovic. The debutants, though, are made of stern stuff and refused to be demoralised by

Lionel Messi of Argentina controls the ball against Sead Kolasinac of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group F match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Maracana

that sickening early blow. Within a few minutes, they were threatening an equaliser, with Sergio Romero called upon to race quickly

and courageously from his line to save at the feet of the on-rushing Izet Hajrovic. And though this game was not as open or inci-

France win WC opener


Karim Benzema

arim Benzema scored twice as France became the first team to benefit from goalline technology at a World Cup in their victory over 10-man Honduras. The moment occurred in the 48th minute for France’s second goal, when it ruled keeper Noel Valladares nudged Karim Benzema’s shot over the line. The Real Madrid forward gave France the lead from the spot after Paul Pogba had been fouled by Wilson Palacios. The match will be remembered for that historic moment when the GoalControl tool was called into action. Brazilian referee Sandro Meira Ricci awarded the goal straight away as Benzema’s sidefoot effort came off the far post, rolled across the line, bounced off Valladares and appeared to fully cross the line before the keeper could claw the ball back into play. At first the system ruled ‘No Goal’, causing confusion inside the Porto Alegre stadium when that message was displayed on the big screen.

But that was for the initial hit off the post. A second judgement then came on whether the ball crossed the line after coming off the Honduras keeper. Despite the technology showing the ball had clearly crossed the line, Honduras players and coaching staff remonstrated with the officials. They were already down to 10 men following Palacios’s red card for pushing over Pogba, and this was another bitter blow. But they had little to complain about regarding the end result. France were brilliant, and should be rightly considered as strong contenders for the title. They had already gone close before the penalty through Blaise Matuidi, when his shot was pushed over by Valladares, and through the exceptional Antoine Griezmann, whose header struck the bar. France can now seal their passage into the knockout round with victory over neighbours Switzerland, who earlier defeated Ecuador, in what promises to be an exciting clash at the 2014 Fifa World Cup on Friday. (BBC Sport)

dent-filled as most of those that have preceded it at Brazil 2014, Safet Susic's side went close again five minutes before the interval

when Senad Lulic's powerful header forced Romero into another smart stop at his near post. Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella had clearly seen enough to concern him, for he made a double half-time substitution, introducing both Gonzalo Higuain and Fernando Gago to the action. It was, though, his starting forwards - Messi and Sergio Aguero - who combined for La Albiceleste's next opportunity, with the latter blazing wildly over from the latter's clever through ball. Messi had been fairly subdued in the first half but came to live again soon after when he jinked away from a couple of challenges and slid in Aguero for a shot that, on this occasion, forced Begovic into a solid save. The Argentina captain would not be denied, though, and with 65 minutes scored an early contender for goal of the tournament. Bursting pur-

posefully forward from midfield, he worked an incisive one-two with Higuain, skipped around Ermin Bicakcic and curled a perfect left-foot shot low into the net off the inside of Begovic's right-hand post. The Maracana rose to salute a truly superb goal and, for Bosnia, there was no way back. Messi was now relishing the occasion and, having scored one and made another, he set about carving out a third, chipping through for Higuain, who sprang the offside trap only to head over. However, the debutants did at least ensure a dramatic finale when Vedad Ibisevic raced through and squeezed a left-foot shot between the legs of Romero with five minutes remaining. The damage had been done, though, and Susic's side will now hope to regain some ground in their remaining group matches against Iran and Nigeria.


Sub seals Swiss victory S ubstitute Haris Seferovic scored in the third minute of stoppage time to earn Switzerland a dramatic win over Ecuador in their opening Group E match. Seferovic turned in Ricardo Rodriguez’s low cross as Ottmar Hitzfeld’s side came back from behind to claim victory. Fellow substitute Admir Mehmedi headed Switzerland level after Enner Valencia had given Ecuador a half-time lead. Valencia’s header from a Walter Ayovi free-kick was his fifth goal in successive games for his country. Hitzfeld’s two substitutions were key to turning around a match that looked to be slipping away from his side after a poor first-half display. The coach, a Champions League winner with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, is retiring at the end of the World Cup - and has set himself the target of guiding Switzerland to their first quarter-final since 1954. Enner Valencia has now scored in five successive appearances for Ecuador They arrived in Brazil as Group E seeds and ranked sixth in the world, but struggled in the face of an energetic first-half Ecuador performance. Reinaldo Rueda’s side are keen to make an impact in Brazil to provide a fitting tribute to forward Christian Benitez, who died of heart failure last summer. They restricted Switzerland to threatening with long-range shots and set-pieces during the opening 45 minutes, with keeper Alexander Dominguez keeping out efforts from Xherdan Shaqiri, Rodriguez and Gokhan Inler. And Ecuador went in front

Haris Seferovic of Switzerland shoots and scores his team’s second goal

midway through the first half, helped by some poor Swiss defending at a free-kick. Hamburg’s former Arsenal defender Johan Djourou - preferred at centre-back to Basel’s Fabian Schar - was culpable as striker Valencia was left unmarked six yards out to head in Ayovi’s delivery from the left midway through the first half. But Ecuador’s lead was wiped out early in the second half from a near-identical set-piece as their defence switched off. Rodriguez whipped a corner towards the near post and Mehmedi, Freiburg’s leading scorer in the Bundesliga last season, got above Carlos Gruezo to head in - 121 seconds after coming on at half-time. Ecuador’s exciting but inconsistent winger Jefferson Montero threatened to restore their lead by sprinting past Stephan Lichtsteiner to power in a shot that keeper Diego Benaglio beat

out at the near post. Switzerland then enjoyed a good spell of pressure as their opponents appeared to tire, and Josip Drmic turned the ball into the net from a Rodriguez throughpass, but was ruled offside. Then Bayern Munich forward Shaqiri fired wastefully into the side-netting from a tight angle with two men in support after being played in by Mehmedi. Switzerland had to survive several scares in the closing stages, though, with Valencia almost grabbing a second after a mix-up between Djourou and Benaglio, before the keeper pushed away Michael Arroyo’s deflected freekick. Hitzfeld’s side pulled through and clinched victory on the break as Valon Behrami made a brilliant defensive block before Rodriguez charged down the left and crossed low for Real Sociedad striker Seferovic to convert at the near post. (BBC Sport)



England v Sri Lanka...

monday, JUNE 16, 2014


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Gary Ballance ton gives hosts control


ary Ballance struck a brilliant maiden Test century as England survived a scare to set up a tilt at victory over Sri Lanka in the first Test at Lord’s. The Zimbabwe-born Yorkshire batsman smashed Rangana Herath for six in the final over of the day to bring up his hundred in only his second Test and guide England to 267-8 in their second innings, 389 ahead. On a riveting fourth day which began with Sri Lanka being bowled out for 453 in reply to England’s 5759 declared, the tourists had roared back into contention by reducing their hosts to 121-6 in their second innings, a lead of just 243 with almost four sessions of the match remaining. But the cool-headed Ballance led England’s recovery from number three with a vital innings of courage and skill. He put on 78 for the seventh wicket with Chris Jordan (35), a rapid 57 off 44 balls with Stuart Broad, and finished unbeaten on 104. After appearing to receive a message from the dressing room that England would be declaring overnight, he pulled off a series of reverse sweeps, drives and cuts before memorably hammering the first ball of the last over into the midwicket stand. With the Windies’ 344 in 1984 the highest fourth-innings run chase at Lord’s, England have all but extinguished Sri Lanka’s chances of a win and will now hope to bowl out the tourists on the final day to take a 1-0 lead in the two-match series. A match that had appeared destined for stalemate when Sri Lanka passed the follow-on mark on Saturday afternoon exploded into life when the tourists ripped through England’s top order after lunch on day four. Bowling a full length with a hint of swing, Shaminda Eranga took 3-3 in 21 balls and left-arm spinner Herath weighed in with two wickets as the batting frailties that plagued England through their 5-0 Ashes whitewash resurfaced. Kevin Pietersen, who was dismissed from the team in the wake of the debacle down under, watched from a corporate box as England reached 27-0 at lunch before falling apart. Captain Alastair Cook’s run of Test innings without a hundred extended to 22 as he played a firm-footed drive and got a faint edge through to the keeper. In Eranga’s next over, Sam Robson played around a full ball and was bowled via an inside edge. And Ian Bell was out in similar fashion, playing an expansive drive and nicking onto his

Gary Ballance recorded his maiden Test hundred

off stump for nine. Joe Root, England’s double centurion in the first innings, could only add 15 before he was deceived in the flight by Herath and rapped on the pads directly in front of middle stump. Debutant Moeen Ali nonchalantly lofted his first ball over the infield for four, but was undone on his next ball as Herath spun one through the gate. When Matt Prior, who was reprieved from a marginal lbw from his second ball for the second time in the match, was caught at gully for 16, England were wobbling badly. But Ballance, first through steady accumulation and later through thrilling strokeplay, restored England to a position of au-

thority and one from which they will fancy their chances of winning the game. Earlier, England had taken the last three Sri Lanka wickets for the addition of only 38 runs, but not before Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews had joined team-mate Kumar Sangakkara on the Lord’s honours board with his third Test ton. After Herath had been yorked by James Anderson, Mathews brought up his landmark by driving the same bowler through the covers for four. Soon afterwards, Liam Plunkett trapped Mathews lbw and Jordan wrapped up the innings in bizarre fashion when Nuwan Pradeep was struck by a bouncer and collapsed onto his stumps.

(BBC Sport)

SCOREBOARD Sri Lanka 1st innings FDM Karunaratne c †Prior b Jordan 38 JK Silva c †Prior b Anderson 63 KC Sangakkara c †Prior b Ali 147 DPMD Jayawardene lbw b Broad 55 HDRL Thirimanne c Robson b Anderson 2 AD Mathews* lbw b Plunkett 102 HAPW Jayawardene† c Bell b Plunkett 6 KMDN Kulasekara c †Prior b Jordan 9 HMRKB Herath b Anderson 2 RMS Eranga not out 5 N Pradeep hit wicket b Jordan 4 Extras: (b 7, lb 5, w 6, nb 2) 20 Total: (all out; 138.4 overs) 453 Fall of wickets: 1-54 (Karunaratne, 12.3 ov), 2-151 (Silva, 48.2 ov), 3-277 (DPMD Jayawardene, 81.4 ov), 4-289 (Thirimanne, 86.6 ov), 5-385 (Sangakkara, 109.6 ov), 6-400 (HAPW Jayawardene, 116.1 ov), 7-413 (Kulasekara, 121.6 ov), 8-430 (Herath, 130.5 ov), 9-442 (Mathews, 135.4 ov), 10-453 (Pradeep, 138.4 ov)

Bowling: JM Anderson 317-93-3, SCJ Broad 29-8-671, CJ Jordan 27.4-4-102-3, LE Plunkett 32-2-116-2, MM Ali 16-2-56-1, JE Root 3-1-7-0 England 1st Innings: 575 for 9 dec England 2nd innings SD Robson b Eranga 19 AN Cook* c †HAPW Jayawardene b Eranga 28 GS Ballance not out 104 IR Bell b Eranga 9 JE Root lbw b Herath 15 MM Ali b Herath 4 MJ Prior† c Thirimanne b Kulasekara 16 CJ Jordan c Sangakkara b Herath 35 SCJ Broad c & b Herath 24 LE Plunkett not out 2 Extras: (b 3, lb 4, w 2, nb 2) 11 Total: (8 wickets; 69 overs) 267 To bat:JM Anderson Fall of wickets: 1-46 (Cook, 13.2 ov), 2-51 (Robson, 15.5 ov), 3-69 (Bell, 19.4 ov), 4-98 (Root, 26.6 ov), 5-102 (Ali, 28.2 ov), 6-121 (Prior, 37.2 ov), 7-199 (Jordan, 59.2 ov), 8-256 (Broad, 66.4 ov) Bowling: KMDN Kulasekara 15-2-65-1, N Pradeep 13-337-0, RMS Eranga 18-7-63-3, HMRKB Herath 23-2-95-4


saturday, JUNE 14, 2014

New youth club opens in East Bank Berbice

Superintendent of Police Stephen Mansell presenting sports equipment to HM of Plegtanker Primary Monalissa Dukie while others


new youth club was last week Tuesday launched on the East Bank of Berbice, by police in B Division. The Plegtanker/Police Youth Club was formed when Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division Superintendent Steven Mansell and other senior officers visited the community. Explaining one of the reasons behind the initiative Mansell said statistics have shown that youths are being targeted by criminals these days and police were taking a proactive approach to prevent this. According to Mansell the establishment of the club is one of the mechanisms the Police Force is using to foster partnerships with communities. “In partnerships you can have so many things done… the police cannot operate in a vacuum. We need to first bridge the gap that exists between the police and the public and rebuild the con-

fidence.” He said doing so they will be able to build healthy partnerships with the formation of youth clubs and have youths engaged in useful activities. As it relates to the newly formed club, Mansell noted that it will not only be about sports, but the facility will cater for the all round development of youths which could eventually lead to scouting. “Out of that same scouting when they attain the age of 17-years nine months we can take them from there into the Guyana Police Force or any of the Joint services.” However the focus now will be to mould the youths in the community. After the formation of the club a quaintly of sport equipment was handed over to acting head teacher of the Plegtanker Primary School Monalissa Dukhie who is also part of the new club.

Burnham Park to get lights, lawn tennis hard court


he recently resuscitated Burnham Park is to have lights installed shortly. That is according to Region Six Chairman David Armogan. Additionally, the recreational facility which is expected to become one of the featured areas for physical activity when the lights are installed will also see a lawn tennis hard court being constructed. The lights will be used for the playing of night games, mainly football. Lawn tennis will also be played after dark when the facility is equipped with the lights. Currently, there is only one tennis court in the town which is privately owned. Meanwhile, the lights at Albion Sports Complex are yet to become available for use. The Chairman says although installed, they cannot be used commercially. The recent local promotion (Independence Cup) could not use the lights because they were not as yet under guarantee. “It is still not under guarantee as yet; it has to be tested before.” He is of the view that the Independence Cup was a good occasion for the lights to be tested. On June 28, the Albion lights are expected to be commissioned.

monday, JUNE 16, 2014


Four advance to semi of Mackeson “Keep your five alive” – Media win exhibition game

Some of the action during the quarter-final game (Marceano Narine photo) Esan Griffith controls a ball during the 4-1 drubbing of Qualfon

By Treiston Joseph


he Mackeson “Keep your five alive” got a bit more interesting after the quarter-final round concluded on Saturday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) tarmac. Tigerbay performed sensationally to make it to the semi-final and closer to the

$500,000 first place prize by defeating Melanie 4-nil. Tigerbay did not waste any time in showing their attacking intention with an opening goal in the first minute of the game from Dennis Caldeira. Caldeira was definitely in form, taking another shot this time closer to the goal in the fourth minute to put his

team up 2-0. Just before the half-time whistle, Solomon Austin made it 3-0 with a brilliant strike to end the half with Tiger Bay in a commanding position. On resumption, Tiger Bay spent most of the half defending their lead as Melanie made countless efforts to score.

However, Jamal Blackman would drive the final nail in the coffin with an 18th- minute strike to give Tigerbay the 4-0 win. Sparta Boss survived in thrilling fashion to advance to the next round as their game against Texas ended in a nil all stalemate. The sudden- death kicks between the two teams dragged out going all the way to 6-6 before Texas missed their first, while

Sparta Boss was able to score another to win 7-6. Alexander Village was also able to make it to the semi-final round, defeating North East la Penitence 1-0 via penalty kicks. West Front Road also advanced to the semi-final round as their battle with Albouystown ended nil all. West Front was able to win 3-2 on sudden- death kicks. Meanwhile, in an exhibition game, the media team

showed that they can play as well as they can write or broadcast, trampling all over Qualfon 4-1. Mark Young opened the scoring in the first half for the media boys ,while Okeshi Crocker scored the second goal. Duncan Saul would score the third with a stunning goal and a Rick Flairlike celebration before Esan Griffith would score the final goal for the media men.

Guyana’s CBC squad Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy... hard at training BEI and East Ruimveldt Advance

To Scotiabank/Pepsi School Final

By Treiston Joseph

The Guyana National Basketball squads are working hard in training to put themselves in a position to be victorious at the Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC) scheduled for July in the British Virgin Islands. On Saturday when Guyana Times Sport visited the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the male team was engaged in a heated five on five scrimmages as their ball movement seemed fluid while the communication between the players seemed to be in great shape. The women on the other were going through some of their offensive and defensive sets before playing five on five scrimmages. However, the chemistry between the females is not quite on par when compared to how well the men were communicating and moving the ball during their scrimmage sessions. Guyana Times Sport was able to talk with the head coach of the male team Mark Agard who shed some light on the way the sessions has been going for the national side.“Today we got a great response, the intensity level raised higher, so we at something like 75 percent, today because some of the overseas players came in, the local players had to step up a level,” Agard told Guyana Times Sport. In addition, Agard highlighted some of the areas that his boys could improve on in time for the championships. “What we need now is a bit more maturity in the game, a little more patience and a little more execution of the system and once we get that we are on the road to success,” Agard mentioned. Agard during the interview with this publication also related how well the overseas players have been gelling with the local guys on the team.

By Andrew Carmichael

B Mark Agard

“When they first came it was a little bit out of trend with them in terms of how our basketball to their basketball is played and then they got to understand that we are at a level similar to them but just a little off and they came up with some suggestions and we reached a level with them and I think we can go a long way,” Agard noted. However, Agard revealed what he envisions for the team at the CBC, “with the team that we have at the present, it’s a smaller team so we got to be faster, we got to be quick, and we got to be thinking more. “Basketball is 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical, so what I see with my team here is that the athleticism is great, so with that taking us to another level and if we can put out this type of athleticism at the CBC we are up there with Jamaica, Bahamas, BVI, USVI, but it is just how we go out and execute and I think with the addition of the overseas players we got a real shot at the title this year,” Agard highlighted. Meanwhile the females were hard at training as none of the coaches for the female squad was available at the set time to speak with this publication.

erbice Educational Institute (BEI) boys’ team has qualified for the Nation finals in the Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy, while East Ruimveldt Secondary (ERS) girls have also booked their place in the final with a 4-2 win over Berbice High School (BHS). Both schools won their respective semi-final matches played at the All Saints Ground on Princess Elizabeth road in New Amsterdam Sunday. BEI got past Charlestown Secondary 2-1 on penalty after both schools played to a nil all draw at the end of regulation time on a soggy outfield. Both teams found the going tough and could not make the best of the numerous scoring opportunities because of how slippery the playing surface was. When the referee blew the whistle and pointed to the penalty area it was a relief for both teams as players were tiring from running of the heavy outfield. Both teams missed their first goals and then Charlestown went ahead after BEI missed their second goal. Then goal-keeper Kelon Castello came into his own with two excellent saves to ensure that not another shot went between the uprights when he stood in goal. BEI scored off their third shot and went ahead with their final shot, leaving Castello to save the final shot which came straight at him. In the girls’ game some of the

Saudia Smart failed to make the save as East Ruimveldt take the lead

water had dried off the ground but it was still soggy making it very tough for the girls. It did not appear so when the game started as it took only 38 seconds for BHS to go ahead off the boot of Ayiana Kelman. ERS equalised just before the half -time whistle when Maryann Roach scored after goalkeeper Saudia Smart was put under pressure as the BHS defence started to crumble. In the second half, BHS again went ahead with the aid of an Abigail Walker goal. Striker Chante Leacock failed to utilise several excellent passes she got from her fellow striker Emily Ramsucit. For the girls from ERS, it was not the same as Christine Thomas took things into her own hands as

the heavy conditions started to take a toll on the BHS girls. Thomas put in the equaliser in the 42nd minute and continued to break up BHS’s midfield and defence. So tired they were that on two occasions the defenders just held the ball, not being able to move swiftly enough to get it. Unfortunately for the home team on both occasions it was in the 30- yard box and penalties were awarded. The first one was taken by ERS goalkeeper Dacaycin Norville who scored the ERS’s third in the 48th minute; and then Thomas put in the second one off the penalty spot with two minutes left on the clock. The game was moved from the Esplanade Park because the ground was under water.    

monday, June 16, 2014

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business


YBG B/ball tourney...

Bishop’s High hand UG first defeat M

ikail Brooms swished a three- point dagger to put Bishop’s High School up by five with 27s remaining to hand the University of Guyana (UG) their first loss when the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) regional conference continued on Saturday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The University of Guyana, up by four with 1:48s to play in the game, looked on their way to victory when they committed a turnover that resulted in mid- range jumper on the other end. With UG looking to burn the clock, Daniel Haynes came up with a big steal and went coast to coast to tie the game. see full story on page 19

Bosnia beaten by Messi marvel See stories on page

France win WC opener


Mikail Brooms releases the dagger over Jonathon Pooran in the waning seconds of the close game

Jeffrey wins Castrol Father’s Day cycle race Se e on story pag 1 e


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Sub seals Swiss victory

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