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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don’t blame us! – GWI tells BK Int'l on four-lane highway delays

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CFATF rejects one of three APNU proposals P11 Missing teen found alive P14

NA Market vendors P16 fed up with constant raid on stalls Works on the East Bank Demerara Four-Lane Highway have been stalled due to a delay in the removal of equipment belonging to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and Guyana Water Inc

Hijacker Court abandons escapees car in jailed for high-speed chase two years See story on page 8

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Craig woman died from P16 drowning – autopsy Girl who drank P16 poison over cousin succumbs


Thursday, may 22, 2014|



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The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, May 22 from 11:30h-13:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, May 22 from 11:00h-12:30h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Light rain showers can be expected during the morning and into the afternoon hours, with sunshine in the late afternoon and clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations.

Wind: North easterly between 4.47 metres and 5.36 metres per second. High Tide: 11:04h and 23:45h reaching maximum heights of 2.31 metres and 2.34 metres respectively.

Low Tide: 04:33h and 17:08h reaching minimum heights of 0.94 metre and 0.87 metre respectively.

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Don’t blame us! – GWI tells BK Int’l on four-lane highway delays


he Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has responded to statements made by the contracting company BK International, which is responsible for lot three of the East Bank Four-Lane Highway Project. The company on Monday, through its representative Julian Archer, had said that GWI and to a larger extent, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) were stalling the progression of work by their tardiness in removing their cables and pipelines from the roadway. BK International is among three contracting companies utilising the US$20 million granted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the Four-lane Highway Expansion Project. According to GWI, it was provided with the original plan for the Fourlane Highway and had executed all works required by the utility to allow for the progression of the project. The company said, however, that it was subsequently informed that there would be changes to the original plan for the highway. This involved the construction of concrete drains at specific sections.  The company, through its Public Relations Department, said that it had indicated to all parties involved that the construction of the drains would significantly reduce the space available for the utility’s PVC mains.   GWI continued that during discussions with

its Project Team attached to the Four-lane Highway Project, it was agreed that the company would relocate the pipelines behind the concrete drains which are to be constructed. It was also agreed that the water company would execute the plan upon completion of the concrete drains.  The water company explained that it was unable to relocate the pipelines since the construction of the concrete drains at specific sections of the highway had not yet been completed. GWI said it is therefore seeking a withdrawal of the statements by BK International's contractor representative. “The utility is in possession of documentation regarding the aforementioned facts and wishes to reiterate that the company has at all times responded to all requests by the Four-lane Highway Project Team and has provided all necessary assistance towards the success of the project,” the company said in a statement. No statement Meanwhile, GT&T, on whom most of the blame was laid, is yet to respond to the contracting company’s statement. When contacted early Wednesday, a representative of the telephone giant indicated that it was preparing a statement on the matter. However, the statement was never released, but the company’s PRO said it will be released today. BK International had

Julian Archer

laid most of the blame on GT&T on Monday, stating that it was slothful in removing its cables from the roadways. The project, which stretches from Providence to Diamond, East Bank Demerara and covers a distance of 1.2 kilometres, was expected to be completed close to two years ago. The contractor’s representative Julian Archer had said the company’s failure to act speedily has been costing BK International close to US$10,000 per day. He said, despite the countless efforts, little has been accomplished. Archer said the company was afforded some level of relief from the water company when it decided to remove some of its lines. However, it is still awaiting action from the

telecommunication company. Asked what the next move is by the contracting company, Archer said the company will have to wait until GT&T removes its cable. He said that if the telephone giant does not remove the cables on time, the project will have to once again be extended. He explained that GT&T and the Government were expected to sign a contract to remove the cables. Archer had posited that this may be the real reason behind the problem. He said the company had anticipated that GT&T would have removed its cables, since the water company had removed some of their lines. Government, through the IDB, had received US$20 million for the East Bank Demerara Four-Lane Extension Project. The project is partly financed by the Government. The main objectives of the project are to enhance urban and suburban mobility and safety by lowering transport costs and reducing accident rates via the expansion of the East Bank Demerara Main Road between Providence and Diamond from two lanes to four lanes. The project is divided into three lots and has been awarded to three contractors.


thursday, may 22, 2014

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Huge investments, unimpressive results


ore than a month ago, Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam took issue with an editorial in this newspaper addressing the salient matter of parity in student performance. In his view, the opinion expressed in the publication was unfair and promised to release the Primary Grades Assessments to justify his position. He contended that the “spread of secondary performance across Guyana” indicates “greater” parity in the school system, acknowledging that all is not perfect, but through well thought out plans, students’ performances have been “encouraging”. The drive to build schools throughout Guyana, which intensified over the past two decades to ensure universal primary and secondary education, has significantly closed the gap as regards access and parity in education.  “All is not perfect” is an empty statement and though the assertion that students’ results have been encouraging, taking into consideration the factor of parity, is a statement of fact, it must be taken in proper context. A pertinent question must be asked. “Is the ‘encouraging’ results that the CEO alluded to commensurate with Government’s heavy investment in the Education Sector?”  The CSEC results tell the story. Based on the Education Ministry’s reports on the results over the years, about 80 per cent of the students who secured Grades One to Three passes at the examinations are from Georgetown schools.  If one is to do the Math on last year’s CSEC results where the overall pass rate, counting Grades One to Three, was 59 per cent, a one per cent increase from 58 per cent in 2012, it would mean that just about 12 per cent of students who do not attend city schools passed with acceptable grades.     The national matriculation rate on average is below 20 per cent, and when one takes into consideration schools outside of Georgetown, it is below eight per cent, with Regions One, Seven, and Eight seldom, if ever, making the cut.  At the Primary level, the last time the Ministry released data of the break down on students’ performance in the various subject areas at the National Grade Six Assessments (NGSA) was in 2011. A release at that time stated that 62 per cent of students scored below 50 per cent in Mathematics, 59 per cent in English, 58 per cent in Science and 68 per cent in Social Studies.  The reason for the non-disclosure of the breakdown of the NGSA results over the past two years can be attributed to several reasons. Either the results have been worse; it has fluctuated, but overall did not reflect any notable improvement; or any other reason.  Notwithstanding, it would be prudent for the Ministry to release these statistics when it announces the NGSA results next month, along with a comparison over the past five years.  The break down from the 2011 release is a sordid story of students performing miserably, and any disclosure of the results in terms of parity in students’ performance is likely to be highly traumatic. One can understand why the CEO is yet to fulfil his promise to release the Primary Grades Assessments he made more than a month ago.  Any well thought-out plan should be producing better results overall. If not, there is a case of poor monitoring and evaluation. And from all indications, this appears to be a major problem in the Ministry, and the real ‘McCoy’ why the billions of dollars pumped every year into the sector is not producing the results envisioned.   A national pass rate of 59 per cent at the CSEC examinations and students overall scoring below 50 per cent in every subject at the NGSA are unacceptable, and for it to be accompanied by statements such as “all is not perfect” coupled with the non-provision of statistics to justify the assertion of greater “parity” is nothing but verbal gymnastics.  It also must be pointed out that the question is not from where we started, or how Guyana fares compared to other countries, but “are we getting value for money from the investments made?”

Youths were charged to take a firm stand on climate change as the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Vybzing 2014 commenced in Guyana at the Grand Coastal Inn on Wednesday. This composite photo shows two effects of climate change

Gandhi, Diaspora and NRIs, and Indian Arrival Day (Part two) Dear Editor, Americans were no longer real Englishmen. Their ‘Englishness’ was to be deemphasised. Britain’s primary interest was in trade and revenue. Although English American settlers were proud of their heritage, there was a budding sense of American nationalism. This nationalism eventually led to the American Revolution 100 years later. To add insult to injury, Britain added the stamp tax to its colonies, while failing to give them equal political representation in the British Parliament. History has shown that America has grown into the world’s mightiest superpower, which is the economic and military powerhouse that maintains the safety and high standard of living of the Western world. When I lived in Britain, and whenever I travel to Europe, I always experience a certain unexplainable jealousy on the part of Europeans towards Americans. These same Europeans expect America to protect them, and maintain a world that is safe for European trade and security. I have met many American-born Italians,

Irish, or African Americans, who have said that their cousins from the home countries come to America and enjoy its wealth and success. This America was built by previous generations of immigrants. However, these new immigrants often don’t consider the local American-born Italians, Irish, or African-American, as authentic Italian, Irish or Africans. Up to the Second World War, Jews used to fight among themselves as to who were the better Jews. German Jews, because of their economic success, considered themselves to be the best. German Jews seldom associated with other Jews. This division between German Jews and other Jews took place in Europe and America. All the nonsense about who is a real Jew or not a real Jew was put to rest after World War Two. Because of the experiences Jews suffered in the Holocaust, Jews became a united group. World War Two experiences taught Jews that they were all in the same boat. Today, Israel is successful because all Jews are united in support of their homeland. Jealousy is part of human

nature. If jealousy is not controlled, it can divide people into useless debates about who is real or authentic, and those who are not. This pettiness can last for generations. Usually, jealousy arises because some groups are economically more successful than others. When I visited my doctor in Trinidad, he had employed a refugee doctor from India. This economic refugee from India was very antagonistic towards the economic success of Trinidad. At the same time, this doctor enjoyed a standard of living in Trinidad that he could seldom expect in India. Yet this doctor displayed the utmost jealousy towards Trinidad. I guess it is human nature that many people will bite the very hands that feed them. Instead of embracing the contributions of the local Trinidad Indians, this doctor preferred to compete with them. NRI’s failure to comprehend that after 170 years, it’s the Diaspora Indians of Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, South Africa, the Fijis, Malaysia, East Africa, and North America, who made a place for all Indians outside India. The Diaspora Indians

are the ones who maintained Indian culture and heritage in this part of the world. We are the ones who have defined Indian heritage and been identified for 170 years, in the face of a hostile Christian Eurocentric environment. We will continue to do so in the future. NRIs would be foolish to follow the naïve and silly attitudes of jealousy towards Diaspora Indians. Instead of fighting with us, as to who is real or not real, join with us to build a better future for us all. We must build on what Diaspora Indians have already established. NRIs should not follow the history of the British in India, or adopt futile attitudes the British and the Spanish had towards their American colonials. Those attitudes could only lead to disaster. Indians all over the world should embrace each other. There is strength in unity. Follow the example of Jews. Jews all over the world support each other and Israel. Jewish unity is their main strength. As time passes, we will all be Diaspora Indians. Submitted by, Vassan Ramracha Rennie Ramracha

Deal with animals on the roadways

Dear Editor, The Home Affairs Ministry continues to pursue their assiduous efforts to enhance road safety on Guyana’s roads by all means necessary, inclusive of the impounding of stray animals. Though statistics show a very flattering accomplishment, I am not convinced that the count is reflective of permanent removal. In fact, I am convinced that a large

percentage of the animals seen on the roadways are actually animals that were once impounded and subsequently released and once again, found their way back on to the road. Additionally, the owners of these animals are not going to practice better monitoring of their animals unless they are forced to pay severe consequences for their irresponsibility. Many of them

see the current stipulated fee required for the release of their animal as a joke. Numerous complaints have been made to the Ministry regarding the inconveniences and threats that these animals bring to the nation and so it is important that we come up with better approaches to address this matter. Animal owners must be advised accordingly by the

relevant authorities as it relates to the proper supervision of their animals during their grazing period in order to enhance the welfare, wellbeing, and the safety of persons and properties. Failure to keep one’s cattle off of the roadway should result in severe consequences and fines. Sincerely, Annette Wilson

thurSday, may 22, 2014


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There will always be rich Letter made and poor people in society unconfirmed allegations of favouritism

Dear Editor, On May 1 at the GTUC rally, a man held a placard that stated this pathetic comment “One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich”. The holder of the placard gained front page caption in the Kaieteur News and inner page in the Stabroek newspapers respectively. This placard is an uneasy symbol of humanity’s precarious relationship with the material world. That insensitive placard was shocking. Frankly, it was so crass that a responsible newspaper should not have published it and by doing so, they are perpetrating an evil. The placard holder and those who instigated him are to be pitied. All over the world we see regional hate and discrimination, social and economic hate and discrimination, religious and cultural hate and discrimination, colour and tribal hate and discrimination. You do not right a terrible wrong with an insatiable spirit of perpetrating vengeance. So the man with his hate placard against the rich is dead wrong. You can kill, slaughter and eat the rich, thinking that will

solve history’s problem, you aren’t. Instead, you are adding to it. The logic of hate and unforgiveness perpetuates a lie and will destroy the possessor more than it destroys the victim. That lie has eternal consequences, beware of such inner deception for the man and the architect of the placard needs help. The biggest price he will pay is within his own soul that thinks the “rich” owe him something. The rich and the poor respectively are the causes of their own problems. Now let’s examine the media. The media is the most important medium of mass communication in a free and democratic society. In fact, the media brings freedom and sometimes its practitioners are treated harshly with their lives and jail time; my sympathy. The free media has an obligation to bring the truth in sincere and pristine purity; yes the media is not obligated to print a story that has the potential to create mayhem as we have seen in many parts of the world. Does everything have to be printed? What was the reason for publishing such a hate picture? The newspapers’ owners

are wealthy people too. Now let’s investigate the rich, there are good rich people as well as evil ones and throughout history the situation remains the same. People who are rich make great sacrifices in their life such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Satuar Gafoor, Yesu Persaud, John Fernandes, John Ashim and Courtney Benn just to name a few. Mentally and physically, they sweat for thousands of hours to make an idea or dream become a reality. Why should anyone be envious of their hard work and accomplishments? Don’t talk about their philanthropy! There will always be rich and poor people in society. God-Almighty had designed the world into two categories – givers and receivers, while richness is a blessing of God Almighty, it is how you use your wealth that will determine your ultimate future for it is not a guarantee to paradise. Wealth is a test from God Almighty. Rich people are not totally happy. If the placard holder thinks so he is deluded. The rich create employment, pay taxes, give charity, build schools and homes, and contribute to

social, educational and welfare activities. Only the rich can develop certain big businesses like BP, Exon Mobile, Bank of America and Shell Antilles, just to name a few. We have seen in many parts of the world entire societies destroyed when the rich were driven out. Let the rich and poor join together to fight injustice and some of the biggest injustices in the world are access to pure water, free education and health care. To the rich man who saw the placard on Labour Day, you can ignore it through your egotism or it can serve as a wake-up call to become someone who does good with his wealth because the only reason why you are not poor is “God’s enormous mercy”. I hope and pray that God Almighty causes us to be a people who are concerned about each other and for us (the rich) not to think mathematically, because God Almighty operates supernaturally. This economic mystery is not taught in business schools, but it is a law of supernatural economics. Respectfully, Nazar Moahmed

Several reports were made to GPL before Satyanand’s death Dear Editor, This is in relation to the unfortunate death of Satyanand Balkaran who was electrocuted. The GPL wire, which also serviced a back neighbour, fell on a shed, which connects to a zinc fence near to where Satyanand was bathing. The live wire was on the shed for almost six months.

Efforts to get GPL to rectify same prove futile. One week before the lad was electrocuted, the back neighbour pleaded with GPL to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, same result. GPL did not have the courtesy to visit the bereaved families. To add insult to injury, GPL claims it was an illegal connec-

tion, which was false. The families have legal connections and paid light bills, which prove that GPL released a false statement without no investigation whatsoever. The coverup was just blatant and unsubstantiated. However, the families are eagerly awaiting the PUC Chairman Mr Prem

Persaud to pursue the matter in an honest and timely manner, where justice can be fairly dispensed. GPL was just careless and negligent and now has lots of excuses. We do not want another innocent life to be lost. Yours truly, Rupert Balkaran (relative of deceased)

Dear Editor, Please permit me the space in your newspaper to respond to a letter that appeared in the May 14 edition of the Stabroek News. The letter headlined, “Clearing Customs and Immigration on both sides of Corentyne is chaotic”, was written by Ms Teshanna Cox and detailed her experiences while travelling by road from Guyana to Suriname and back. The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to clarify some of the inaccuracies contained in this letter. Ms Cox stated that she needed to leave home early in order to accommodate bridge closure for the Berbice Bridge and check in at Moleson Creek. Further, Ms Cox noted that after waiting for other passengers to disembark and the customs officers to finally arrive, the ferry was boarded. The writer further relates her struggles as she returned to Guyana and was faced with the sprint to Customs, among other things. Moreover, Ms Cox in her letter makes unconfirmed allegations of favouritism on the part of the Customs Officer, being meted out to some persons in the line. In addressing the comments made by Ms Cox, it should be noted that the GRA has no control over the Bridge schedules and check-in time at the ferry. Customs Officers are

always on duty so there should be no need for passengers to wait for our officers to arrive. Further, there is no sprint to Customs, but rather passengers are required to make their way to the Immigration Officers. Drivers are required to park their vehicles and also make their way to Immigration. This in itself would cause a delay to the driver because the ‘walk on’ passengers would already be ahead of them in the line. The GRA has no control over the Immigration process. As it relates to the unverified allegations of favourable treatment being meted out to some persons in the line by a Customs Officer, I wish to remind the general public that the GRA has established means by which taxpayers can report such occurrences. Reports can be made to the GRA’s Administrative Service Unit on telephone numbers 227-6060 or 2278222. Moreover, taxpayers are required to provide substantive details when filing these report. I sincerely wish Ms Cox all the best and hope that her next trip is hassle-free. Respectfully, Gavin Low Senior Manager, Communication and Tax Advisory Services Division Guyana Revenue Authority


thursday, may 22, 2014


By Dr Laura Markham


elp your child learn the value of hard work. Remember the days when children did odd jobs all summer to earn money for a bike? Those children knew the worth of a nickel, took care of their bikes, and felt enormously empowered. They knew they could realise their dreams by working hard. I’m not saying you can’t buy a new bike just because your child outgrew his old one, but all children need to learn that if they work hard at things, they can make their dreams come true. They learn more from earning than from just being handed things. Help your child learn how to hold a job. I believe that all children need the experience of working for pay, which teaches them real responsibility in the real world. When your eight-year-old wants something badly and her birthday’s still far off, let her earn the money for it by paying her to do tasks you wouldn’t normally ex-


(CONTINUED FROM WEDNESDAY) pect of her (washing the car, weeding the garden). This can easily expand as she gets older, to odd jobs in the neighbourhood (walk the neighbour’s dog or offer snow shovelling service in the winter), then to mother’s helper/babysitting jobs when it’s age appropriate, and finally to after-school or summer jobs. Even if your family has plenty and never needs your teenager to work, every teen should learn by experience what it takes to earn a dollar. Few settings teach as much about responsibility as the world of working for pay. Hold your child accountable for damaged goods. If children help pay for lost library books and cellphones, windows broken by their ball, or tools they’ve left out to rust from their own savings, they learn a valuable lesson about valuing what they have, rather than assuming someone else will simply “buy another”. You never have to be mean about it. You just expect your child to help make

things right. Every child deserves the pleasure of giving his own money to a worthy cause. This is a great way to educate children about others in need. Try giving a little extra weekly allowance that goes in a special “charity” jar, and letting her get that good feeling about herself by giving it away when she hears about a worthy cause. Cultivate gratitude. There are many ways to help children learn gratitude, which is the opposite of taking what we have for granted. The most obvious is including gratitude practices in your daily life by making a practice of sharing things you’re grateful for on a daily basis. Educate yourself. You aren’t raising your child in a vacuum. Our culture is centred around consumption – accumulating more and more stuff. You and your children are surrounded by messages that buying stuff will make your life better, and it’s so hard not to respond to that

(CONTINUED FROM WEDNESDAY) drumbeat. I highly recommend the short video “The Story of Stuff” which will make you laugh, change the way you look at things, and maybe change the way your family lives. Notice a trend here? If children today feel entitled, it’s not because they’re “bad”. It’s because we’re raising them in a culture of entitlement, one that values acquiring stuff over developing our unique gifts to contribute to the world, and even over being a good human being. And too often, we compound that problem by not ever teaching our children the value of hard work. To help children change, we have to examine our own lives and assumptions. The good news is that these practices do work to raise children who aren’t “entitled”. What’s more, they make your life better. Because when we take the emphasis off stuff, we shift it to where it belongs: Making a meaningful contribution, which is essential to happiness. (Aha Parenting)


By Dr Laura Markham

hildren “need” us to help them. Children do need babying from time to time. They have to work hard to keep it together at school all day, and they need plenty of opportunities at home to relax their executive selves and let their baby-selves come out. If they don’t get those opportunities, you can be sure the baby-self will surface as soon as you ask your child to help out, or even to put on his own shoes. Solution: Don’t be afraid to “baby” your child when he asks you for help, but be sure he gets plenty of other opportunities to be silly and “off duty”, including spending special time together. Then, when he asks for help with a task you know he can do, stay with him offering encouragement, but let him handle it. If you keep your sense of humour along with your expectation that your child actually can make his own peanut butter sandwich, he’ll be as-

tonished to find that he really can do it himself. Children “forget” their responsibilities or don’t do them the way you would. Children have a lot on their minds, from the upcoming soccer game to whether their sister got a bigger piece of pie. You can expect to have to remind children of their responsibilities. And you can expect them to complain a bit. Solution: Post a written routine that makes children’s responsibilities a habit, and be consistent about your expectations. When you teach your child the task, be sure to break it down into smaller steps and help your child master each one. Take photos of them doing it, even once your child can read, and make a small poster with each step. If your child complains about helping around the house, empathise – and then point out that in a family, everyone contributes. Once your child takes responsibility for a task, try to minimise your control over that task. So if your son’s dresser drawers are a shambles, at least appreciate that he’s putting away his own clothes. If your daughter takes forever to finish the dishes because she chats on the phone the whole time, consider that it’s really up to her how she makes the job palatable. And if there are streaks in the bathroom mirror, use them as a reminder that you didn’t have to clean the bathroom this week! Your six-year-old isn’t likely to serve you dinner. And yes, it will take more effort to get him to put his own clothes in the hamper than to do it yourself. But the repeated effort is worth it, because over time those tasks will become a habit, like brushing his teeth. Children really do rise to meet our expectations, as long as we stay connected so they want to please us. And one day he WILL serve you a meal he’s made, and you’ll realise you’ve raised a young person who makes a real contribution. Congratulations! (Aha Parenting)



thursDay, may 22, 2014|

GTM records 12.5 per cent increase in premiums ... $187M in profit

Members of the Board of Directors at the AGM on Tuesday


he Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Life Insurance Company (GTM) reported a 10.38 per cent growth in total revenue and a 12.5 per cent increase in insurance premiums in 2013, as the company continues to record strong growth figures. Chairman of the insurance company in Guyana, Harold Singh, in delivering the director’s report at the company’s 89th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at

the Georgetown Club on Tuesday, revealed that total revenue amounted to $1.45 billion, with a profit of $187 million, $83 million more than the $104 million recorded in 2012. There was an increase of $156 million in policyholders’ revenue, with a net profit after tax of $31.4 million. The company’s total asset base increased from $7.45 billion at the end of 2012 to some $8.16 billion at the end of 2013.

Singh, who was re-elected to the post for the New Year, said the insurance sector across the region continues to come under increased and stringent regulatory requirements, despite its annual financial reporting. These requirements include increased emphasis on corporate governance and a risk-based approach to conducting business for all insurance companies operating in the Caribbean region. He pointed out that the ultimate goal of the regulators is to have harmonised and unified insurance legislation across the region.

The company’s advisory team was lauded for its dedicated work toward the in-

Move ahead

Rookie of the Year Wazir Khan receives his award from Director RL Jordon

The GTM Chairman, speaking to the company’s performance in Guyana, revealed that GTM, in spite of raging competition, has been able to move ahead with the sale of 811 of 1460 new individual policies, sold with annualised premiums of $61.33 million. According to the report, at the commencement of the 2013 fiscal year, and after an adjustment for the change in currency exchange rates, there were 10,864 policies in force insuring $48,206,807,328 with annual premiums of $644,944,131.

Policyholders at GTM’s AGM

dustry. According to Singh, its consistency and performance over the years has become the cornerstone on which the company’s success continues to thrive. The Chairman highlighted Peter Bryan, an outstanding agent who has been a recipient of every award offered by the company. He spoke too of Guyanese Shonnette InnisHoyte, now Branch Manager of GTM Grenada, who had rightfully received the Prime Minister’s Regional Corporate Recognition award, for providing leadership as a non-National and another award for being the seventh most influential

woman in Grenada. Several highflyers were also awarded for their outstanding performances, including Bryan; Anthony Semple; Wazir Khan( rookie of the year); and Hansraj Singh. GTM aims to be the premier customer-oriented insurance service provider in Guyana and the Caribbean. Its mission continues to be to consistently provide sound, solid and reliable customer-oriented insurance services of the highest professional and ethical standard in Guyana and across the Caribbean.

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thursday, may 22, 2014|

Court escapees jailed for two years A fter creating some ruckus two days ago when they broke out of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts holding cel, two of the recaptured escapees were sentenced to two years imprisonment on Wednesday by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Steve Bacchus and Randolph Marks, both murder accused, appeared at the court under heavy security when the charges were read to them. The charges stated that on Monday, May 19, they unlawfully escaped from Police custody while at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Bacchus was facing charges for the murder of Constable Quincy Wright in January, 2014 and Marks was charged with the murder of the Patsan’s Trading Sales representative, Bharrat Ramcharan. Bacchus pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court that he did not plan on escaping but saw the op-

Jailed: Randolph Marks

Wanted: Keron Cummings

portunity and grabbed it. He went on to say that he had paid G$800,000 to his lawyer to represent him but she failed to appear in court; thus, he left frustrated and did not hesitate when the opportunity to have his freedom arose. Marks also piggy-backed on Bacchus’s statement, saying he too saw an opportunity for freedom and wasted no time to make the most of it. Bacchus was recap-

tured on Monday in his bid to escape while Marks was found hiding under a bed in his mother’s house. The two men were taken to court in shackles and as they entered the court room, it became deafeningly silent. Hours after creating pandemonium when they removed the grill work from the vents of the holding facility at the court, Vickram “Lil John” Persad was shot and killed in a Police confrontation at Fort

Wellington, West Coast Berbice. Persaud was charged with the murder of Constable Cumberbatch in September 2013. Police in a release stated that about 12:45h on Monday, the three men along with Keron Cummings were among others in the lock-ups at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, waiting to be taken before a Magistrate when they broke out and escaped after damaging the grill and wood work. Bacchus was recaptured in Hadfield Street. Meanwhile, Crime Chief Leslie James told Guyana Times that the Police are making every effort to recapture Cummings and all the Police stations are on high alert. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Cummings is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 227-1149, 225-6941-3, 2252227, 226-7065, 911 or the nearest Police station.

Eyew tness

On Clubs... ...joining to raise fee he conferring of “silk” is in the air...and noses are twitching in the legal profession. Which being the second oldest profession has some of the odour of the oldest – especially when in both, the payment for services go to the heart of the professions. In fact, in law, unless money changes hands (oneway from client to lawyer, stupid) before the service is provided, there’s no legal relationship. In the oldest profession, at least the service is rendered (?) before money is given. To be given “silk” is to be allowed to wear a silk gown, be called “Senior Counsel” and most germanely, to be able to charge higher fees, with the “SC” behind their names. There’s been all this bitching for the last 18 years about “silk” not being handed out – most recently by Ramjattan of the AFC. We just don’t know why. After all, it’s not that it’s like the Civil Service, where you’re bumped up just because you’ve only been around a certain number of years. For instance, in England, from where all this “silk” business originated, in addition to practising for at least 15 years, there are several criteria grouped under five categories that have to be satisfied. Right off the bat, Ramjattan and a host of his close associates would be barred from ever, ever receiving silk by only one of those English categories: integrity. This demands that the SC applicant (there it’s “QC” – Queen’s Counsel) must be “honest and straightforward in professional dealings, including with the court and all parties”. Can you see Ramjattan or Nigel Hughes in the same sentence as “honest and straightforward” in professional dealings? In case there were any doubts, the English offered some examples to make sure the SC wannabes know what they’re talking about. The attorney, they insist, “Does not mislead, conceal or create a false impression.” “Mislead”? What was that about Ramjattan playing ducks and drakes about whether he was paid a retainer by the Fedders Indian company that wants to build the Specialty Hospital? And for which cause he has stymied the developed of high quality medical care to Guyana? “Conceal”? Lordy, Lord!!! What was the story again about Nighel Highes being the Company Secretary for Sithe Global when the AFC he chairs, was supposedly opposing Sithe’s Hydro Project?? He even concealed that from Ramjattan himself!! Even Lalloo “Suspenders” Ram weighed in. But he should know he’s disqualified not by age... (He’s what? 70?) but because he hasn’t even passed the threshold issue of having served his apprenticeship.


...not joining and demanding services Your Eyewitness was just reminded of the old Groucho Marx quip, “I won’t belong to a club that’ll have me as a member!” Seems that the GMSA and the PSC didn’t want to lower their standards to accept the new sweetie-maker, Mook Lall, erstwhile publisher of the MuckrakerKN. Who could blame them? How the heck would they deal with a fella who doesn’t only use uses the “F” word as an exclamation continuously – (What the F...!!) but as noun – (“Ramesh is a real “F....”); verb – (Urling can go and “F....” himself); adjective – (Williams is a “F...” ass), and so on? But Lall has his bukta in a knot because even though he’s not a member of the two private sector organisations, he feels (strongly) they ought to join his vendetta against former President Jagdeo,who he can’t get out of his mind. Claims that four years ago, Jagdeo denied a visa to his sweetie engineer from India. So we’re to believe that a man (?) who cursed Jagdeo for everything under the sun and the moon – forgot to curse him for the engineer for four years? Pleeeeease.... ..for females Female MPs from both sides of the Parliamentary aisles are thinking of forming a Club for Women Parliamentarians. (CWP) No hair pulling and cat fights now!!!

9 Youths charged to take firm stand on climate change news

thursDay, may 22, 2014|

very proactive in climate change regionally and internationally, pointing to the country’s vision as outlined in the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). Dr Anthony stressed that climate change should not be underestimated, pointing to the increase in storms and natural disasters in the Atlantic region, which have claimed the lives of a number of persons while causing severe damage. He noted that in 2012, there were 19 storms and 10 hurricanes in the region, causing over 200 deaths and US$70.8 billion in damage. CDB Manager Angela Parris, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, CDB Vice President Yvette Lemonias-Seale and Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh at the headtable of the opening of Vybzing 2014


everal young persons were charged to take the issue of climate change seriously as the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Vybzing 2014 commenced in Guyana on Wednesday. Vybzing is a youth workshop hosted annually by the bank and covers various topical issues. This year’s theme for Vybzing Guyana 2014 is “Youth Voices for Climate Change”. The forum is being held at the Grand Coastal Inn and will last for three days. Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said climate change is real and persons, particularly young people, should have a vested interest in it since their future will be adversely affected.

The Minister urged youths to educate themselves on carbon management so as to become more climate conscious. He noted that the CDB has recognised the importance of climate change; hence, their decision to make it the topic of this year’s outreach. “I am very happy that this programme has been specially tailored not just to bring knowledge, but also to have a practical side of it, where you would be coming up with a project and the bank would be helping you to fund that project in a very practical way so that we would be able to do in our little part to mitigate the changes in the climate,” Dr Anthony stated. He noted that Guyana has been


Meanwhile, Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh commended the bank for choosing climate change as this year’s Vybzing topic, noting that it is a very important issue, not only in Guyana, but the Caribbean. He said climate change is the “gravest challenge” for humans. Dr Singh told the participants that Guyana has the strongest vested interest in climate change. “You are the policymakers, the legislators, the entrepreneurs, the farmers and the householders, whose lives would be more severely affected than anybody else’s by the onset and consequences of climate change,” Dr Singh stated. He pointed out that most Caribbean countries are low-lying and would disappear with a mere two inch rise of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea. “You and I are meeting today be-

Some of the participants in CDB’s Vybzing 2014 held at the Grand Coastal Inn, East Coast Demerara

low the level of the Atlantic Ocean… and we are protected by a physical wall constructed by man and maintained by man, maintained by your Government at a considerable cost, but maintained because so much of our economic activities, so much of our administrative capacity, so much of our human population resides on and depend on this coastal plane,” the Minister noted. Dr Singh added that Guyana is among the countries vulnerable to climate change, and is at the forefront of the global fight as he pointed to the visionary Low Carbon Development Strategy. CDB Corporate Service Vice President and Bank Secretary Yvette Lemonias-Seale said Vybzing is an outreach programme designed

to inspire, inform and engage youths on developmental issues. “We recognised, essentially, that there could be no equitable development without giving equal opportunity to all segments of society and that includes young people, so it is important to us to provide opportunities for you, the youths, to vocalise your understanding of key development issues, to hold that understanding and to actively participate in community-base development solutions,” the CDB official stressed. According to Lemonias-Seale, in 2009, Caricom had approved a regional framework for a resilient response to climate change and the outreach is part of the strategy.

Three injured in cutlass attack, one critical


ne teenager is critical while two other men are injured after they were attacked by a group of cutlass-wielding young men at Crane Village, West Coast Demerara on Sunday evening. Andy Rampersaud, 19, of Crane Village is nursing a chop to his head and other injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital. One of the other men injured in the attack, Gavin Persaud, 19, of 57 Crane Village, was on Monday discharged from the West Demerara Regional Hospital. He was chopped to his body.

The third, a security guard called “Jango”, said to be in his mid forties, was treated and sent away on the night of the accident. According to reports, the three men were sitting at a popular shop in the area when a group of about 13 men, armed with cutlasses, ran out of a yard and started to chop them randomly. The attackers were reportedly all teenagers. After the teens invaded the shop, Persaud and the security guard managed to escape, leaving Rampersaud behind, hence he sustained the most

injuries. He was chopped to his head, ears, legs and arms. Persaud, who was at home recuperating, told Guyana Times that about 21:00h, he left home and went to the shop to purchase credit for his cellphone. While there, he met his friend, Rampersaud, and as they were conversing, the men ran out of the yard and attacked them. He said that he managed to escape, and ran into a neighbour’s house with blood dropping from his body. The woman in the house, he related, telephoned a taxi and took him,

along with Rampersaud, to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where they were admitted. He explained that after the men committed the act, they ran towards the Public Road where some of them boarded a bus, but the quick reaction by members of the community led to the arrest of three of the men as they were about to cross the Demerara Harbour Bridge. After Police intercepted the bus at the crossing, some of the men jumped into the Demerara River and made good their escape.

The three men who were arrested were taken to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station where they were detained. Guyana Times understands that at least one of the young men had recently moved into Crane Village and from all indications, the others are his friends from outside the village. Persaud further stated that he has never seen the young men before, but he believes that they were going to commit a robbery. The Police have taken statements from the injured men and eyewitnesses, as they continue to investigate the incident.


t hursday, may 22, 2014


Hijacker abandons car in high-speed chase


andemonium broke out on the Corentyne Coast after a man who hijacked a car with registration number HB 8644, caused a wild chase on the Corentyne Coast. It all started approximately 18:30h when the owner of the White NZE Toyota/Corolla Leslie Latcha, a mechanic, stopped at a supermarket in Belvedere to purchase a beverage on his way home.

The hijacked car in Police possession

He left the engine running, as the battery was weak and had to be jump started a few minutes earlier. While in the shop, he heard tires screeching and someone shouting to him that somebody drove off with his car. He ran out and saw his car being driven away. He related that he was frozen for a few seconds as he realised what was happening. Latcha immediately flagged down a car and related to the driver what happened to him, and with the support of the driver, they pursued the hijacker, eventually catching up with him on the Number 19 Public Road. They reported pulled up alongside the car and tried to get the driver to stop, but upon realising what was happening, the hijacker accelerated, turning at the Guyoil Gas Station at Palmyra, heading in full speed back to the Corentyne. Latcha, on noticing what was happening, informed a businessman in Rose Hall Town and a road block was set up, using a car. But the hijacker came in full speed, hitting the car, flinging it into the corner of the road, narrowly missing onlookers at the busy Rose Hall Arch intersection. According to an eyewitness: “I was standing by the arch, I see the car blazing coming through, I didn’t know what was happening, all I see was a car, is the white car on its side, two wheels speeding through man, this was like a movie scene, if you see speed, everybody had to run in the corner.” Fell behind By this time, several other vehicles had joined the chase, but because of the collision at Rose Hall, they fell behind. The chase continued with several calls to the Police who set up a road block at the Number 51 station in anticipation of the car appearing there. However, the car turned into the Bloomfield Masjid Street, shutting off its lights and driving down the street, oblivious to a car that was behind which had also shut off its lights. Upon realising that he was being trailed, the driver started to speed again, and turned through one of the cross streets to get back to the

Square pegs in round holes


good while back, de guvament build de Railway Embankment Road when dem was buildin de main East Coast Road. Now ever since that Railway Embankment Road done build, it got problems. Every two or three days, is sheer holes showin up pun de road. Some a de holes bigger than some, as wid all other holes pun all other roads. So whether yuh walkin, runnin, ridin or drivin, it got holes fuh every body, according to de size of yuh wheel or de size of yuh heel. And that is not de only ting that de guvament build that got problems…or holes, as wid some a dem ferry docks like Supenaam. Dem start buildin another new East Coast Road, and that done got problems (and holes) too. De problem wid that East Coast Road is dem wuk men who wukkin pun de road, although some not wukkin. And de problem wid de wuk men is that dem head got holes bigger than dem ones pun de Railway Embankment Road. Now de guvament also doin de East Bank Road. And de whole country know that road start a long time ago, and it look like it gotta longer time to finish. And that is because de road gotta lotta problems wid people who head also look like it got holes just like dem ones pun de East Coast. On de one hand yuh got people who supposed to remove cables. Then yuh gotta next setta people who supposed to remove pipes. Then yuh still gotta next setta people who supposed to remove poles. When yuh consider all de holes, all de poles and all de cables, is every body gettin tied up, de poles leff stand up, and de holes ain’t full up. And Bee-Kay leff hang up wid he stones ready to throw up. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! But de guvament gotta hammer man who like to bruk up (or down?) ting whah people put up. And when it come to fullin up round holes, he only got square pegs under he hammer!

main road. In the process, it hit a minibus that was parked, pushing it into a lamp post. The street turned out to be a dead end and the driver exited the vehicle and sprinted away, with the Police and several persons giving chase. He was too quick for them and easily eluded their grasp. The hijacker was described as a slim “dougla” male with a pony tail. Police took control of the car and drove it to the station as investigations continued. Several persons converged at the station, including the owners of the damaged vehicles, who are questioning what will become of their vehicles. Also present were several businessmen who offered support and assisted in the chase by organising road blocks. The Police came in for high

praise for their quick response, even though the hijacker escaped. Just a few days ago, another hijacking took place when two persons hired a taxi to go the Berbice Bridge at Chesney. The occupants had placed a gun to the head of the driver and moved him into the passenger’s seat. The hijackers then headed to the Berbice Bridge where there was a road block, and upon realising that the Police were there, they drove straight without stopping and sped away. The Police gave chase, following which the driver lost control of the vehicle while manoeuvring a turn at Palmyra, toppling several times. The hijackers and driver are currently hospitalised as they suffered injuries in the process. They are expected to be placed before the courts soon.

11 News

thursday, may 22, 2014

CFATF rejects one of three APNU proposals


he Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has rejected one of the three proposed amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Act of 2009, contradicting reports by the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall that all the proposals were rejected. In a letter dated May 14, 2014, CFATF Executive Director Calvin Wilson said the proposed amendment to establish an AMLCFT Authority by the National Assembly “appears to undermine the autonomy of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)”. In addition to the establishment to the authority, this proposed amendment also seeks to remove the powers of the Minister to appoint the Director and the power of the President to dismiss the Director, thereby placing these powers in the authority. In defending CFATF’s position, Wilson pointed out that Recommendation 26 made by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) stipulates that the FIU have sufficient operational independence and autonomy to ensure that it is free from undue influence or interference. “The proposed amendment which gives the AMLCFT Authority the power to appoint and terminate the Director and

Deputy Director without parameters will raise serious questions about the ability of these officials to perform their functions without undue influence.” He further stated that the proposal for the establishment of the authority is not a “specific” requirement of FATF, noting that consideration should be given to determine whether the proposed structure and membership would result in the effective appointment of the Director and simultaneously allow for the termination of the appointment “on the basis of just cause and not allow for undue influence”.

Serious consideration

The CFATF Executive Director said too that serious consideration will have to be given to the composition of authority and whether or not members will be appointed within an appropriate timeframe. “Termination of employment will have to be based on just cause which can be stipulated in law,” he said, positing that the Director or Deputy Director could be terminated if he or she has become of unsound mind or incapable of carrying out the required mandated. It was also opined that the designated person could also be terminated if he becomes bankrupt or compounds with or suspends payment of his creditors, convicted and sentenced to a

term of imprisonment, convict of any offence involving dishonesty, guilty of misconduct, contravenes any provision of any prescribed Code of Ethics or fails to execute his duties. However, he made it clear that CFATF cannot indicate a preference for any of the proposals for termination, stating that the local authorities should review similar situations in other CFATF jurisdictions. “It should be noted that similar provisions apply with regard to termination of the appointment at the Bank of Guyana in Section 14 of the Bank of Guyana Act 1998.” But despite the picture painted by the Legal Affairs Minister, the first proposed amendment which was crafted to replace the Attorney General with a Director and the third proposal which seeks to extend the powers of a Police officer or customs officer to seize and detain cash (G$10 million or more) anywhere in Guyana, did not receive any objection by the regional financial watchdog. Wilson explained that FATF recommendations do not “specify any person or competent authority”. “CFATF cannot definitely advise any country on any particular alternative.” The first criterion of FATF Recommendation 26 is to serve as a national centre for receiving, analysing and disseminating disclosures of suspicious transaction reports.

Support being streamlined to achieve Aichi Biodiversity Targets


n observance of International Day for Biological Diversity 2014, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry in collaboration with stakeholders is hosting a three-day workshop to provide technical input for the streamlining of support for meeting the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. According to a release, the workshop is being attended by Protected Areas Management Professionals and international biodiversity experts. The agencies that will be participating are the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – Guiana Shield Facility (GSF), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) – Lifeweb Initiative, Iwokrama and WWF Guyana. Guyana, along with other member countries under the Guiana Shield, joins today in observance of the International Day of Biodiversity by pursuing policies within the structure of the Convention of Biological Diversity that highlights the importance of establishing biodiversity corridors to avoid landscape fragmentation and loss of species and habitats for biodiversity. The workshop being held

at the Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Centre is being attended by 30 participants from the countries under the Guiana Shield. The Aichi Biodiversity Targets consists of five strategic goals and 20 targets. The strategic goals are addressing the underlying causes of biodiversity loss by mainstreaming biodiversity across Government and society; reducing the direct pressures on biodiversity and promote sustainable use; improving the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity; enhancing the benefits to all from biodiversity and ecosystem services; and enhancing implementation through participatory planning, knowledge management and capacity building. The 20 headline Aichi Biodiversity Targets for 2015 or 2020 are organised under the five strategic goals. The goals and targets comprise both aspirations for achievement at the global level, and a flexible framework for the establishment of national or regional targets. Guyana joins with all the countries of the Guiana Shield to observe International Day for Biological Diversity on

May 22 each year by pursuing policies within the framework of the Convention of Biological Diversity that emphasises the importance of establishing biodiversity corridors to avoid landscape fragmentation and loss of species and habitats for biodiversity. To mark the International Day for Biological Diversity 2014, the Government of Guyana through the Natural Resources and the Environment Ministry in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – Guiana Shield Facility (GSF), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) – Lifeweb Initiative, Iwokrama and WWF Guyana will host a workshop for Protected Areas management professionals and international biodiversity experts. The workshop will focus on Biodiversity Corridors in the Guiana Shield to provide technical input for the streamlining of support for the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The workshop will be hosted at the Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Centre from May 21-23, and will witness the attendance of 30 participants from the countries that share the Guiana Shield.

“Countries should consider whether the Director of the FIU, given his main function is the appropriate official with respect to resources and qualifications

to ensure that entities are listed, evidence presented to Judges in connection with listing and orders by Judges in relation to listing are reviewed.”

However, he pointed out that the function has also been assigned to the Attorney General in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.


THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014 | guyan

MINISTRY OF NATURAL Beautiful Island life


slands are home to over 4,000 species of animals and plants. Many of which are endemic, i.e. they are found exclusively in a particular area. Since Caribbean Islands are isolated and far away from major landmasses, island species have unique characteristics including gigantism, dwarfism, flightlessness, loss of dispersability and defence mechanisms. Ecosystems on islands are also exotic and diverse, including; coral reefs, wetlands and forests. The variation in ecosystems mean that islands boast a myriad of insects, mammals, crustaceans, fishes, reptiles and plants including shrubs, hardwood species, butterflies, crabs, deer, turtles etc.



uyan estat ling and forms t is intricatel and water, n fight agains

Message by Hon. Robert M. Persaud, MBA, MP, Mini on the Occasion of International Day for Biological Div Authority. Access to Genetic Resources and Benefits Sharing (ABS) National ABS Regulations have been finalized and will soon be forwarded for parliamentary approval. Keen on enhancing its ability to manage Access to Genetic Resources and Benefits Sharing (ABS), Guyana will participate in a Caribbean Regional ABS Project, once approved for funding under the Global Environment Facility to implement the Nagoya Protocol on ABS.


May 22nd is International Day of Biological Diversity (IDBD) which this year, is being celebrated under the theme, “Island Biodiversity”. This year’s theme compliments the designation of 2014 as, the UN International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). As Guyana joins countries across the world in highlighting this theme, it is pertinent to reflect on our national achievements in biodiversity conservation. In the twenty years since the first international day of biodiversity was celebrated (following a decision by the UN General Assembly in 1993), Guyana has made significant strides towards managing its biological wealth for conservation and sustainable use. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Protocols In 1994, Guyana was among the first countries to ratify the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD), one of the three “Rio Conventions” emerging out of the UNCED Conference in Rio in 1992. This signaled its commitment to do its part to conserve national biodiversity. In 2008, Guyana acceded to the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety and then the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Sharing of Benefits from Biodiversity, early this year. National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs) Guyana has been working steadily towards meeting its obligations under the UNCBD and can boast of having developed its National Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in 1997– some seventeen years ago. This served as the base on which its first National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) 19992004) was developed. Since then a second NBSAP was developed and implemented during the period (2007-2011) and currently, the third NBSAP (2014-2018) is in preparation. By implementing these NBSAPs, Guyana has developed regulations and set up systems and processes to manage biodiversity for its conservation and sustainable use.

Value of Biodiversity

Undoubtedly, Guyana’s geographic location, rainforest and extremely low degree of deforestation, makes it a haven for biodiversity. Biodiversity plays a pivotal role in our country’s economy; supports livelihoods for much of the population and forms the basis of our agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors. Biodiversity is intricately linked to invaluable ecosystem services, such as purification of air and water, nutrient recycling, protection from natural disasters and an indispensable asset in the fight against Climate Change.


Biodiversity Research

To allow access to our biodiversity for research purposes, a biodiversity permitting process is being managed by the EPA. A National Biodiversity Research Information System (NBRIS) that allows on-line applications and postings of biodiversity research reports contributes to the effectiveness of the process.

Clearing House Mechanisms

Both a National Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism and a Bio-safety Clearing House Mechanism have been set-up. These allow stakeholders to upload biodiversity and bio-safety related information which would then be integrated into the Global Biodiversity and Bio-safety Clearing House Mechanisms. Biodiversity Regulations Biodiversity related Regulations have been developed under the Environmental Protection Act. These include, the Wildlife Management and Protection Regulations (2013) and the Access to Genetic Resources and Benefits Sharing Regulations.

Protected Areas

A Guyana Protected Areas Systems Project being implemented by the EPA with funding from the German Government has seen the development and enactment of the Protected Areas Act (2011), establishment of a Protected Areas Commission and the legal establishment of two new protected areas: Kanuku Mountains and Shell Beach.


Further, a Biosafety Bill and four associated regulations have been drafted under a Regional Biosafety Project being implemented by the EPA. It is expected that when passed the Biosafety Bill will pave the way for the establishment of a Biosafety

Turning to the theme of this year’s IDBD celebrations, you may wonder how “Island Biodiversity” is relevant to Guyana. After all, we are not an island and interestingly our islands in the Essequibo do not qualify as islands under the theme in the sense that they are not far enough away from the mainland to be considered isolated. However, make no mistake - Island Biodiversity is of significance to Guyana on many fronts. Livelihoods Firstly, islands are home to some 600 M people providing them with livelihoods and economies intricately linked to biodiversity. Threats to island biodiversity will ultimately reduce the standard of living of islanders - one tenth of the world’s population - and increase the need for global aid to alleviate their plight – thus diverting aid from other purposes which may be of benefit to countries like ours e.g. payment for our living forests.

Genetic Value

Secondly, islands are reservoirs of unique and endemic biodiversity which are not only of interest value but also of genetic value. It is often said that islands make a contribution to global biodiversity that is out of proportion to their land area. In this sense, they can be thought of collectively as biodiversity “hot spots”, containing some of the richest reservoirs of plants and animals on Earth. Islands boast truly unique species as a result of their isolation from other large landmasses. This isolation and its challenges, over time, resulted in island species evolving and becoming highly specialized with entirely new characteristics and unusual adaptations. Island biodiversity not only offer people the opportunity to see and learn about unique species found nowhere else but biologists can study them and add to knowledge about species adaptation. Moreover, island biodiversity may hold the genes that can lead to new medical and agricultural discov-

eries to improve health and food production.

Trade and Economy

Thirdly, islands and are trading partners which depend on their biodiversity for income to trade - in our case, the Caribbean islands trade with us. This dependence places island economies in jeopardy which in turn would affect our economy here in Guyana as


22, 2014 |


.e. far m, ds ysnd

Guyana’s biological wealth


uyana’s ideal geographic location, enchanting rainforest and extremely low degree of deforestation, makes it a haven for plant and species. Biodiversity plays a pivotal role in propelling the country’s economy. It supports livelihood for a significant portion of the population and forms the basis of our productive sectors of agriculture, fisheries and forestry. Biodiversity is intricately linked to some of the most invaluable ecosystem services, such as purification of air and water, nutrient recycling, protection from natural disasters and an indispensable asset in the fight against Climate Change.

Island Biodiversity


oday, May 22, Guyana joins with the rest of the International community to celebrate International Day for Biodiversity under the theme: “Island Biodiversity”, which alludes to the unique and discrete features of Island Biodiversity. This theme compliments the designation of 2014 as, the UN International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Guyana is considered a Small Island Developing State because of its economy, population size and susceptibility to environmental problems associated with SIDS. Although Guyana is not considered an Island in the same context as our Caribbean counterparts, its vulnerabilities as SIDS are numerous and extensive. Threats to biodiversity include; habitat destruction, overharvesting, pollution and climate change. These threats are real and have implications for food security as well as our health and well-being.

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment al Diversity 2014

the market for our vegetables rice and sugar for example would be reduced.

Climate Change

Islands are under direct threat of predicted sea level rises, with gloomy prognoses predicting large areas submerged, whole islands sinking and some completely inundated. This total submersion would completely wipe out these self-contained ecosystems and their inhabitants. Although not an island, the majority of our population and agriculture and business and considerable coastal biodiversity would face the same consequences as islands since the coastal belt would similarly be inundated as a result of increasing sea-levels. Given these implications we, like islands, have to plan conservation priorities that accounts for sea-level rise following climate change. Moreover, we need the support of islands to represent our case as small island developing states for consideration for separate and more adaptation funding. Overharvesting, Invasive Species, Pollution While climate change is undoubtedly, the most significant threat facing island biodiversity, other threats that are more localized do exist. Overexploitation of species also impacts on island biodiversity, for example, the population of Jamaican iguana was so depleted, it was declared extinct in the mid-nineties. Fortunately, more than

two decades later, a rare pocket of the species was found and its population revived through conservation measures. Invasive species present another big threat to island species which in evolving lost some of their defense mechanisms. Being less competitive than their mainland relatives, they are easily overwhelmed by invasive species. Today, more than twentyfive (25%) of the Caribbean’s endemic species are either threatened or have already become extinct. A case in point - the Cuban alligator faces severe competition by the South American caiman which was introduced into the environment. Pollution from human activities also affect many species populations, for example, mangroves are affected by effluents from agricultural and other land-based activities which cause sediments to clog their roots and hinder them from breathing. As islands implement conservation measures to address significant human activities that critically impact biodiversity there is opportunity for us here in Guyana to learn from their lessons and successes.

Global/ Regional Actions

The challenges and vulnerabilities of island biodiversity were articulated in the Barbados Programme of Action (1994) and supported by the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002) both of which called for

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to be considered “a special case both for environment and development.” In particular, the BPoA called for priority attention to be given to islands because of their high endemism and vulnerabilities to climate change. Monitoring and research were recommended as measures to track vulnerability, impact and adaptation. The BPoA calls for countries to develop strategies for: * conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; * provision of public education on biodiversity; * establishment of genebanks for in-situ reintroduction in case of disaster; * research on and inventories of biodiversity; * protection of intellectual property rights; * the involvement of non-governmental organisations, women and indigenous and local community groups; * regional action to protect biologically significant sites; * studies of the value of biological resources * regional exchange of information; * capacity-building; * protection of SIDS from the introduction of alien invasive species; and * improved access to financial and technical resources for the conservation and management of biodiversity. The BPoA has been endorsed and supported by the UN General Assembly (1999), the Millennium Declaration (2000) and the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002). The latter called for accelerated national and regional implementation and adequate financial resources, transfer of technologies and assistance for capacity-building. In 2005, the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, called for the “further full and effective implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action” and renewed the commitment on the part of the international community to assist SIDS in implementing the BPoA.

CBD and Island Biodiversity

The Conference of the Parties to the CBD decided, at its 7th Meeting in 2004, that a specific programme of work for island biodiversity was needed to squarely address the problems facing these unique ecosystems. This new programme was adopted at the 8th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties in 2006. It sets out almost 50 priority ac-

tions for Parties, organized under 11 goals and seven focal areas, aimed at achieving the three main objectives of the Convention and, more specifically, at reducing island biodiversity loss by 2010 and beyond as a contribution to poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of islands, particularly small island developing States. The implementation of the programme of work thereby contributes to the objectives of the Strategic Plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Barbados Programme of Action, the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States and the Millennium Development Goals. In 2008, COP 9 adopted decision that recognizes the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) as one of the mechanisms to implement the island biodiversity programme of work, welcomes the establishment of a coordination mechanism for GLISPA, to be hosted by the IUCN, calls on donors to assist island Parties and Parties with islands to implement the programme and requests SBSTTA 15 to undertake an in-depth review of the programme of work for consideration by COP 11.

Conclusion On this the 20th observance of International Day of Biological Diversity, Guyana has registered many advances towards the management of its biodiversity for its conservation and sustainable use. Guyana also has a stake in the safeguarding of island biodiversity, for loss and depletion can impact on our economy as a result of reduced trade between islands. Further such loss can divert much needed global funds from payments for our living forests, for example, to alleviate poverty in island states. Guyana also stands to benefit from any potential medical and agricultural discoveries from island biodiversity. The voices of islands in the case of SIDS being a special case for attention in relation to adaption assistance to climate change will make our case stronger because of our similar coastal reality. On this day we pledge our support to islands for committed global action to aid the fight against the threats to island biodiversity and to implement adaptation measures in the face of climate change.

You can share your ideas and questions by sending letters to: “Our Earth, Our Environment”, C/O EIT Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Ganges Street, Sophia, GEORGETOWN, or email us at:


thursday, May 22, 2014


Ministry launches Guyana market will Labour probe into Qualfon sickness be profitable – Copa T BY JOMO PAUL


opa Airlines Vice President of Sales Guillermo Gomez Wilches on Wednesday said that research conducted by the airline revealed that Guyana would be a profitable country for them to set up shop and offer flights to non-traditional destinations. Addressing a group of journalists at a brief meeting at the Pegasus Hotel, Gomez maintained that once Copa enters a market, it does so on an informed basis and has rarely made any hasty decisions in that regard. “We have those numbers, but unfortunately, I can’t share it with you because I don’t want to open the appetite for other carriers,” he said. The Vice President of Sales was adamant that with the exception of the peak seasons, it is expected that there will be a large influx of passengers going to destinations around the Caribbean, adding that it is taxing on persons to have to fly to several different destinations before they arrive at a destination that is three hours away via a direct flight.


“There are so much other places to fly within Latin America,” said Wilches as he explained that Copa will be providing premium service, affording Guyanese to visit parts of Latin America at competitive prices and at the same time offering the Latin American diaspora the opportunity to visit Guyana. “We are going to save you money, we are going to save you time,” said Wilches. When questioned about the possibility of drug mules using the airline as a possible cost effective way to ship cocaine and other contraband to Guyana, Wilches responded in the negative, opining that “we have one of the most advanced security model”. He explained that poten-

Copa Airlines Vice President of Sales Guillermo Gomez Wilches

tial traffickers would find it very hard to pass Copa screening undetected with controlled substances. Noting that over the past four years Copa has embarked on approximately 20 new destinations and those routes are still being plied by the airline, Wilches said: “Once we open a destination, we are not just testing to see how we go. We are sure that we are going to do well and, of course, our intention is that we are going to be for a long, long time in Guyana.”


Copa Airlines had announced in January its intention to begin operating two weekly flights out of Guyana in July. The flights will link Guyana to Copa’s hub of the Americas at Tocumen International Airport in Panama, thus increasing travel options and improving connections throughout Copa Airlines’ extensive route network. Additionally, the airline expects that this will allow Guyanese passengers easier access to 69 destinations in 30 countries, while opening up the country’s tourism products to more markets. According to the airline, in January, acting Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali said “we will be working closely with Copa and the travel trade to maximise the opportunity this partnership offers”. He emphasised that the Government of Guyana wel-

comes “the introduction of this reputable air carrier” as a “very important development for our tourism sector that brings with it tremendous benefits, as it provides a gateway for our guests to connect between Guyana and South America and with other destinations on Copa”. The new route promises to be more efficient while providing quicker access to destinations in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia, subsidiaries of Copa Holdings, are leading Latin American providers of passenger and cargo services. The airlines currently offer service to 69 destinations in 30 countries in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean. During Copa Airlines’ more than 65 years of uninterrupted operations, it has transformed the hub of the Americas in Panama into the leading hub on the continent. Copa operates one of the youngest and most modern fleets in the industry, consisting of 90 aircraft: 64 Boeing 737 Next-Generation planes and 26 Embraer190s. It has an on-time performance of almost 90 per cent, on par with the major airlines worldwide. Copa is a member of the Star Alliance, the leading global airline network, offering passengers 1328 destinations in 195 countries, with more than 21,900 daily flights and 900 VIP lounges.

Missing teen found alive


eenager Ruel Fredericks of Siriki/New Haven, Upper Pomeroon was on Wednesday found alive six days after he went missing at Lima Sands, Essequibo Coast. The teen, who went missing on May 16 after losing his way in the dense forest, managed to reach Lima Sands, approximately 2000 miles away from his home. The teen walked his way to a villager called Aunty “Shirley” (only name given), who contacted his relatives and the Police. He was given a show-

Ruel Fredericks

er, some food and then rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where he is under observation. The teenager, who was traumatised, told Guyana Times that he is thankful to

God to be alive. The teen did not say much at the Suddie Public Hospital, but told his relatives that he wants to see his parents. Many persons rejoiced on seeing him alive.

he Labour Ministry said it has launched an investigation into Tuesday afternoon’s incident at Qualfon where several staff members fell ill after the company’s Goedverwagting branch was struck by a power outage. Representatives of the call centre say too that they are awaiting the results of the official medical report from the Georgetown Public Hospital into the “freak incident” at its branch in Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara. According to Human Resource Manager Shaun Prince, prior to the incident, there was a power outage at the facility and senior staff took measures to evacuate the building since the backup systems failed to respond on time. In a statement, the company said it “lost electrical power due to a faulty breaker. Using a backup battery system, normal operations continued while technicians worked on fixing the problem. Due to the power drain on the battery, the air conditioning units stopped operating... in a calm and orderly fashion, approximately 250

Qualfon Human Development Manager Shaun Prince

employees exited the building through the front door and did not require the use of the other three emergency exits”. Prince explained that it was not until persons were outside of the building that employee’s started to become ill and were immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Prince related that 18 staff members were rushed to the hospital, but 14 of the employees were released just a few hours after being taken to the institution. The remaining four, he

added, were released on Wednesday morning after staying overnight at the medical institution, so that they could be observed in case their unknown medical conditions deteriorated. When questioned about the statement made by senior staff at the hospital that it was a mass “asthma attack”, Prince said: “It is just an assumption based on the symptoms, again we do not know for sure, we are awaiting the medical results.” When further questioned on what could have led to the condition of a female worker who was convulsing on arrival at the hospital, Prince explained that her situation was extreme and management could not pronounce on it. “This is an unfortunate series of events, and we feel terrible for those who got sick after the power outage. We assure our employees and the community at large that our offices are a safe working environment, and we will continue to ensure that the health and safety of our employees remain our first priority,” Qualfon Site Director Sherwin Welcome said.

Motion cleared for establishment of CoI into torture allegations


Partnership for National Unity (APNU) gained the Alliance For Change’s (AFC) support in passing a motion for the appointment a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate the alleged torture of persons by the Guyana Police Force between 2006 and 2013. In rejecting the motion, the Government said the period of investigation should have been expanded to include incidents that occurred from the time of Independence in 1966 to present. In presenting the motion, Opposition Leader David Granger said despite a series of reforms between the periods 1999-2013, the Guyana Police Force continues to face serious challenges due to the abuse of power by ranks, resulting in serious assaults on Guyanese, in particular young men. “Over the last 15 years, this nation has been looking forward to serious Police reform… I bring this motion today because the Police has not been reformed and we still face the torture of persons,” Granger told the House on Wednesday under the stewardship of the Deputy Speaker Basil Williams. Alluding to Article 141 of the Constitution of Guyana, the Opposition

Opposition Leader David Granger

Leader pointed out that no person should be subjected to degrading punishment or torture. Guyana also signed onto the United Nation’s Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in 1988. As Guyana approaches its 48th Independence anniversary, the National Assembly must stand against torture and more particularly the excessive use of force by some ranks in the Police Force. “Torture is inhuman, torture is cruel, torture is degrading but most of all, torture is illegal,” he said, noting that perpetrators

within the Force must be penalised for the inhumane acts committed against persons, some of whom have never been found guilty of an offence. “I therefore call on this House to investigate every single crime of torture, to bring this outrage to an end and to guarantee that our citizens live a good life to which they are entitled, without this cruel and degrading form of punishment.” In October 2009, the genitals of 14-year-old Twyon Thomas were burnt while he was in Police custody at the Leonora Police Station during the probe into the killing of former Region Three official Raminauth Bisram. The shocking discovery had sparked a series of debates on Police brutality. The Supreme Court of Guyana had awarded the teen $6.5 million. Last November, 23-year-old Colwyn Harding had accused ranks that were stationed at the Timehri Police Station of raping him with a baton. This too has resulted in widespread outrage, with civil society calling for serious reformation of the Guyana Police Force. Today, the matter is still engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force.


thursday, may 22, 2014 |

16 news

thursday, may 22, 2014 |

NA Market vendors Suspected thief caught redfed up with constant handed by Lima residents raid on stalls


One of the stalls that were broken into

endors at the New Amsterdam Market said they are peeved at the constant breaking and entering of their stalls and the numerous losses suffered, with the latest incident occurring between Sunday night and early Monday morning. Many of the owners suffered losses, while others thanked their lucky stars that fortified locks on the inside of their stalls were able to deter the criminals. According to the stallowners, when they turned up at the market on Monday morning to carry out their daily business, many were shocked to see their stalls wide open and items missing. Others observed that the bars and padlocks on the doors had been ripped off, but thankfully the stalls were still secure, owing to the additional locks and bolts installed on the inside. A total of eight stalls was affected, according to reports. Kameel Thakoor, 34, the owner of a jewellery estab-

lishment situated at Stall D6, told Guyana Times that she received a phone call from another stallholder about 06:00h on Monday, informing her that her stall had been robbed. “When we came, we saw the broken door and police ranks and a constable of the market were already investigating,” she said, explaining that the perpetrators took away every piece of jewellery that was in the stall. She estimates her losses to be approximately $1 million.

Ongoing trend

The woman said although this was the first time she has been robbed, there seems to be an ongoing trend at the market whereby vendors have been constantly robbed of their items. She said a report was made to the market authorities and the Police, but vendors were still awaiting a visit or word from officials on the investigation. Thakoor said she will now be forced to take her jewellery home, and this will pose additional

risk and stress with respect to security. Meanwhile, the proprietor of Rasheid Hack Haberdashery & Electrical Appliances housed in Stalls B10-B11 said his business has been burglarised approximately 11 times and he has endured over $10 million in losses. Attempts were made to break into his stall during this burglary spree, but the additional security measures installed rendered such efforts useless. Many stall owners were quite alarmed at the number of stalls targeted by the thieves this time around, and called for more security in the market. Over the years, they observed, they have repeatedly complained about the constant breaking and entering of their stalls, but the relevant authorities seem to turn a blind eye towards their plight. The agitated vendors called for all necessary actions and interventions to be taken. Some are also alleging that it is the security employed by the municipality who are carrying out the despicable act. “Dem security does be on duty, so how can thief man come and rob the market and go away and them na know and dem na see nothing… is some fishy business going on here, I tell you,” one angry vendor said. Efforts to contact the New Amsterdam Market Clerk (acting) proved futile, as this publication was told numerous times that she was not available, or was in a meeting.

Craig woman died from drowning – autopsy


n autopsy performed on the body of Marcel Cummings, 42, of Lot 183 Third Street, Craig, East Bank Demerara, proved that she died from drowning. The autopsy performed by Dr Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary on Monday was witnessed by her brother Ivor Cummings. Cummings, a mother of five was on Sunday morning found dead in a drain a short distance away from her home at Craig Village, East Bank Demerara (EBD). The brother said while the post-mortem showed that his sister had drowned, he was sure that it was more than that. He explained that the drain did not have enough water, but he was made to understand that as she lay in the trench with her face down, she was digging with her hands. Cummings was found lying face down in the drain with her hands to her face as

Marcel Cummings

if she was praying. Her body bore no physical marks of violence, leaving residents to suspect that she might have drowned. Moments after her body was discovered, relatives found three diaries belonging to the woman, one of which described the way she was going to die. According to information received, the woman had

started to act in a most abnormal way. Relatives say she gave the impression that she was a Messenger of the Lord, anointed to spread His Holy name and to cleanse the souls of her family so that they lead a Godly life. The former employee of Pritipaul Investment attended the Brethren Church in the area and was actively involved in church. Villagers and members of the Christian community are all in a state of shock, describing the actions of the woman months before her death as strange. The woman would get out of bed at various hours after midnight and would be heard praying from the top of her voice, followed by heavy stamping in the upper flat of the house where she resided with her children. She leaves to mourn her five children and five siblings. She will be laid to rest on Tuesday next.


20-year-old man on the Essequibo Coast who was caught red-handed in the yard of a resident on Wednesday is currently in Police custody at the Anna Regina Police Station. The resident, Vijay Sharma, who caught the suspect thief, said around 02:00h on Wednesday morning, he heard loud noises coming from downstairs. He said he got up and went downstairs when he

saw a young man in his yard with his zinc fence neatly cut. He said luckily he was able to stop the man from entering his house. The morning when he woke up, there were footsteps around his yard and signs of an attempted break and enter. According to Sharma, the young man, attired in a short pants with no shirt, was trying to break one of his bottom windows. He said when he

asked the young man why he was in his yard, he got no reply. Sharma, who is a Pandit, said he was robbed three times in excess of $300,000 in two years. He said previously bandits broke into his home, stealing groceries and other items. The Lima resident said Police were never lucky to catch the thief in the past and would be happy if the incident could be properly investigated.

Girl who drank poison over cousin succumbs


wenty-one days after Nishana Persaud, 14, of Paradise Village on the Essequibo Coast drank a quantity of poisonous substance, she succumbed. Nishana was pronounced dead around 05:30h on Wednesday morning by doctors at the Suddie Public Hospital. She ingested poison with her 16-year-old lover Shiva Persaud.

Nishana and Shiva are biological cousins. The two reportedly fell in love with each other but their parents rejected the relationship. After constant disagreement between family members, the two decided to end their life by ingesting poison. On May 1, they ingested poison together at Cotton Field, then called their parents. Both

teenagers were admitted at the Suddie Public Hospital and were under close watch. Shiva was discharged from hospital on May 20, while his lover succumbed. Nishana’s death is yet another on the Essequibo Coast, with the most recent being Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI) student Mahindra Narine, who hanged himself.

Harding sues Govt for $80.4M


lleged baton-raped victim Colwyn Harding has sued the Guyana Government for in excess of $80 million in damages for torture and breach of his constitutional rights. Harding had claimed that in November last, officers from the Timehri Police Station, East Bank Demerara, had inserted a condom-covered baton in his behind after they reportedly beat him unconscious while investigating an allegation of theft. The 23-year-old Harding, through his Attorney, had filed the court action two months ago, in which he named the Attorney General and two officers of the Guyana Police Force as defendants. In the writ, he is demanding from the State $80 million in damages caused after his fundamental right to protection from torture and/or inhumane and degrading treatment, as guaranteed by the Constitution, was breached. The young man is further claiming more than $100,000 each for breach of his fundamental rights to protection from inhuman treatment, arbitrary search of his person and

Colwyn Harding

personal liberty. Another $100,000 in damages is being claimed for torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment in violation of Guyana’s Constitution and the Convention Against Torture. He is also asking for $100,000 for alleged assault and battery committed on him by two Police Constables, whom he named in his court document, between November 14 and 22 at Timehri. Harding was charged with assaulting a Police officer and was remanded to prison after he could not raise his bail money;

however, he took ill while at the penitentiary. It was when he was hospitalised at the Georgetoen Public Hospital in January that the 23-year-old disclosed what had happened to him. He said that he was ashamed to talk about it. However, doctors at the GPH had diagnosed Harding with a severe case of hernia and after separate tests were done by private doctors, he was flown to Jamaica for treatment. Doctors there reportedly confirmed that a foreign object was inserted into Harding’s anus. Harding’s girlfriend, Teneisha Evans, and another woman were also charged with Harding but they managed to pay their bail. Evans was then recharged after she stole a relative’s television to sell in order to raise money to post Harding’s bail. She was subsequently sentenced to two years imprisonment but that sentence was appealed and the 19-year-old will be released from the New Amsterdam Women’s Prison on June 3 after serving a truncated sentence.



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Narendra Modi elected BJP Parliamentary Leader – bows to Parliament and Advani


he newly-elected Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Members of Parliament met at the historic Central Hall of Parliament to elect the leader of its parliamentary group on Tuesday. Senior leader and former deputy Prime Minister LK Advani nominated Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi which was seconded by senior leaders Murli Manohar Joshi, Sushma Swaraj, M Venkaiah Naidu, Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari and others. An emotional Advani said the historic victory of the party led by Modi is a historic occasion and will be etched in people’s memory. After he was unanimously elected the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party by the newly-elected Lok Sabha members and those of Rajya Sabha, Modi said in a 30-minute extemporaneous speech: “I accept the responsibility you have reposed in me. You will never get an opportunity to look down on what my Government will do.” Work with all purity “A new hope has arisen in the common man. This is the biggest significance of this election results. At the end of the day for whom is the Government? It is for the poor. “The new Government

Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi

will dedicate itself for the poor, crores and crores of youth, and for the safety and security of the mothers and sisters, those in the rural areas, oppressed and the deprived,” he said. Modi said the massive victory the BJP has got leaves its leaders with a lot of responsibility. “A position is not always important. The service to the nation is,” he added. Referring to the nature of the mandate, he said if it had been a hung or a fractured mandate, then one could have said that people had vented their anger against the Government and that it was anti-establishment. “But by giving BJP an absolute majority, they have voted for hope and trust. People have voted for hope and faith, and I will do ev-

erything to fulfil their aspirations,” he said, adding that he is a man full of optimism. There should be no room for pessimism, because with pessimism nothing can be achieved, he said. He asked party MPs to work with all purity not for designations but for the people of the country. “We are here in the temple of democracy. We will work with all purity... not for the designation but the people of the country. Work and responsibility are the biggest things.” “I want to assure people that there is no need for pessimism and they should not go by the past bad experience. The country has huge potential. If all countrymen take one step, the nation can

CGX plugs $2M into Police Impact Programme

move forward by 125 crore steps,” he said. “The new Government is dedicated to the poor of the country, its youth and its women. The Government is for their hopes and aspirations.” The PM-to be also took the opportunity to praise the work of the past governments, saying every Government and its leaders have contributed to the welfare of the country “and we will carry forward whatever good they have done”. Recollecting an earlier speech of his, he said his Government’s motto will be with everyone and for everyone’s development. “This is the time for new hope and strength.” ‘Serving the mother’ During his acceptance speech, the 63-year-old Modi broke down when he referred to Advani’s saying that he had done a favour (kripa) for the party by taking up the responsibility. “Can serving the mother be a favour? A son is only dedicated to serve the mother....The favour has been done by the party,” he said addressing the newly-elected MPs. “Like the country, my party is also my mother,” he said, regaining composure after being provided with a glass of water. Referring to his humble background, Modi said it was an ode to Indian democracy and its founding fathers that he was standing there, all set to be the new Prime Minister. “It was the strength of this Constitution that a common man like me is here today,” Modi said.

Female MPs to work closer together

– form Steering Committee to focus on critical issues


The female parliamentarians during the discussion

uyana’s female Members of Parliament (MPs), at a special meeting convened by Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman on Monday, discussed the possibility of establishing a local arm of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP). After much discussion, the meeting which was well attended by the female MPs saw them agreeing to form a Steering Committee. This Committee will run for one year and will have one person from each party acting as coordinators. These coordinators will be tasked with ascertaining issues for the Committee to focus on, in keeping with their respective party’s view. It was also agreed that these issues will not be limited to those affecting women and children, but will also focus on engendering the legislative process, creating awareness campaigns and encouraging lobby as well as advocacy, networking, resource mobilisation

and information dissemination. One of the key highlights of the discussion was that women MPs should aim to be a major contributor to a just and gender sensitive Constitution, and further legislation and national policies that enable political, social and economic empowerment of women and men in Guyana This Steering Committee will also provide a forum for women MPs to discuss shared experiences and support activities that would enhance women’s participation and effective leadership in all dimensions of politics. Government MP Indranie Chandarpal and AFC member Catherine Hughes have left Guyana on May 20 to attend a two-day CWP conclave in Nassau, Bahamas. It is expected that these women and others attending future conferences will have a forum where they can return to share their experiences and issues which emanate from the conferences.

Body of decomposed man found in Palmyra house


Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud receives the cheque from CGX Co-Chairman Professor Suresh Narine in the presence of Senior Officers of the Guyana Police Force David RamnarineAssistant Commissioner, Balram Persaud – Assistant Commissioner, Clifton Hicken – Commander ‘A’ Division and CGX Energy Inc personnel Tarachandra Khelawan – Country Manager, Trevor Husbands and John Wilkinson – Senior Security Officers


anadian oil exploration firm, CGX has donated $2M towards the Guyana Police Force Impact Programme which was launched in Albouystown recently. In a statement the company said it has embraced a progressive corporate social responsibility programme aimed at helping to bring about positive social change and development in Guyana. The donation was made on Monday. Despite the ini-

tial criticisms that the outreach programme has received, CGX believes that it is important to give it a chance, saying that such programmes have long-term goals that may not be immediately obvious to those who would wish to see immediate results. Co-Chairman of CGX Inc Professor Suresh Narine indicated that this support for the Commissioner’s Community Outreach Programme was prompted by the evident success of

similar programmes around the world in promoting positive role models for youth and providing viable alternatives to a life of crime. Professor Narine concluded by calling on the private sector to recognise, as CGX has, the direct benefits of this programme to law and order and the development of human resources and to join them in supporting the laudable efforts of the Commissioner and his Officers.

he body of a man which had reached maximum decomposition was discovered at his home at Palmyra Village, East Berbice on Wednesday. The body has been identified as that of 63-year-old Sunny Clifford. The man, who lived alone, was last seen on May 11 when he went to visit relatives a short distance away from his home. The discovery was made by his niece Nadira Persaud shortly before noon. According to Persaud, she and a cousin went to check on their uncle who they had not seen since Mother’s Day. Clifford had a daily routine of visiting his relatives at Canje to collect his meals. Prior to taking up residence at his brother’s house at Palmyra, Clifford lived with his wife and children at Alness Village on the Corentyne, until he and his wife separated close to a de-

The house where the decomposed body was found

cade ago. When the body was discovered, almost all of the flesh was gone and maggots were covering whatever flesh remained on the bones. The body was found on a mattress on the floor in a bedroom of the unkempt house. There was no stench emanating until the door to the house was opened.

According to neighbours, they did not get any foul scent from the house and could not see if Clifford was coming or going because of the thick overgrowth that surrounded the house. His remains were buried at the Alness cemetery on Wednesday. Police are continuing their investigations.


thursday, MAY 22, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Minor upgrades to your home will add to your comfort. If you work side-by-side with contractors or friends and family members, the job will be finished quickly.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Be leery of people looking for sponsors or donations. Even if the cause seems legitimate, ask for proper identification. Keep in mind that charity begins at home.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You will feel emotionally battered if you let someone take you for granted. The situation will not improve unless you do something about it. Stand up and be heard.

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Change is in the air. Your varied talents could lead the way to a rewarding career move. Your accomplishments are being recognised, so continue to stay on your path.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Special-interest groups or events will introduce you to new people and possibilities. Get connected with people who have the most relevance to you and your beliefs.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Reorganise your personal papers. You may have overlooked a way to increase your savings. Concentrate on reducing debt and setting up a reasonable budget. Fix up your personal space to suit your needs.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Irrational jealousy will cause problems in your personal life. Don’t say anything that you may later regret. Recognise your shortcomings and work at becoming the person you want to be.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Relationship issues can be successfully handled with finesse. Summon your self-confidence and make a move that will help you promote your desires. Don’t be hesitant to share your thoughts.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) You can spare yourself some grief by keeping quiet. You could get hurt if you are too open. Do not reveal personal information, lest someone use it against you.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Some changes are necessary if you plan to follow your dreams. Build up your energy level in order to help your self-image. Get active and make positive alterations.

Wednesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Lending or borrowing is likely to land you in hot water. Be cautious, and don’t believe everything you hear. Someone is likely to deceive you if you are too trusting. Protect your assets.

Show the ones you love how much you care. Someone may be feeling left out. Offer a pep talk that will help you form a closer bond. Adventure will beckon you.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

thursday, may 22, 2014


RHTY&SC hosts impressive 24th awards ceremony


he Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) on Sunday honoured over 40 of its members for outstanding performances in 2013 during a gala awards ceremony which was described by an overseas-based Guyanese as one befitting an international event. Talented batsman Ashkay Homraj copped the prestigious Cricketer-ofthe-Year award and walked away with over $600,000 in prizes that included a return trip to the United States of America (USA), compliments of Travel Span. West Indies female star Shemaine Campbelle copped the runner-up Cricketer-ofthe-Year and carried home $200,000, while national player Rajiv Ivan received 100,000 and a West Indies medallion, compliments of King’s Jewellery World for his benefit year. Addressing the capacity audience, which comprised club members, sponsors, cricket officials and friends of RHTY&SC, Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, described the period “January 2013 to March 2014” as highly successful, despite numerous challenges faced by the organisation. The long-serving secre-

tary, in delivering a comprehensive report, stated that the club was able to successfully complete 200 programmes/activities and a total of eleven of its members represented Guyana at the different levels. Other achievements included the sponsorship towards 32 sports tournaments in Berbice and assisted over 40 sports organisation with gears, uniforms and stationery. Guest speaker, Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edgill, praised the RHTY&SC on its remarkable history of achievement and called it a role model organisation which every other club and national sport organisation should emulate. He urged the management of the club to always strive for excellence. The Minister, speaking on the theme “The importance of discipline”, advised the younger members of the club that discipline is the foundation of success, as no sports person has ever been successful without discipline. He urged the attentive audience that listening to positive advice is very important and also to develop a culture of respect for others. He challenged the man-

Ashkay Homraj collects one of his various gifts after copping the prestigious Cricketer-of-the-Year award

agement and members of the club to always strive to uphold the high standards they have set themselves and to share their vast experience with others, as many view the RHTYSC and its membership as positive role models. Other speakers at the ceremony included club president Keith Foster; former Test great Basil Butcher; president of the Guyana’s teachers union Mark Lyte; and father Ramesh Vanan of the St. Francis Xavier

Roman Catholic Youth Club. The elder Foster, who is also the president of the BCB, expressed gratitude to every sponsor of the club and stated that more exciting items are ahead for the RHTY&SC, as more visionary programmes would be unveiled shortly. He also cautioned his members not to become lazy and visionless as success tends to make people complacent. Butcher expressed the view that in all his life as a

cricketer, he has never experienced an organisation that matches the unbelievable work of the RHTY&SC. He urged the club to share its experience with other cricket clubs and boards. Both Lyte and Vanan praised the outstanding work of the RHTYSC and for the positive difference it is making in the lives of youths, the elderly and less fortunate. The awardees: Farfan and Mendes Under-15 batsman 2013-B. Yadram Farfan and memdes Under-15 bowler 2013Brandon Corlette Farfan and Mendes Under-15 cricketer 2013B.Yadram Bake well under 17 batsmen- Brandon Prasad Bakewell Under-17 bowler- Azam Khan Bakewell Under-17 cricketer- Brandon Prasad Pepsi Under-19 batsman- Akshay Homraj Pepsi Under-19 bowlerKeon Sinclair Pepsi Under-19 cricketer- akshay Homraj Metro Female batsmanShemaine Campbelle Metro Female bowlerErva Giddings Metro female cricketerShemaine Campbelle

Bakewell second division batsman- Devin Baldeo Bakewell second division bowler- S.Shameer Bakewell second division cricketer- S.Shameer Gizmos and Gadgets first division batsman- Rajiv Ivan Gizmos and Gadgets first division Bowler- Clinton Pestano Gizmos and Gadgets first division cricketer- Rajiv Ivan Most Discipline male player Kumar Jeer Most Discipline female player- Shabika Gajnabi Most Committed member- Plaffina Millington Most Improve CricketerVeeramootoo Senwasie Most Promising Cricketer- Kevlon Anderson Fielder-of-the-YearDominic Rikhi Clubs Role Model of the Year- Assad Fudadin Worker of the YearMoonish Singh Benefit of the Year- Rajiv Ivan Runner up Cricketerof-the-YearShemaine Campbelle Cricketer-of-the-YearAkshay Homraj Most Committed Cricketer- Dominic Rihki

Kings XI v Mumbai Indians, IPL 2014...

Simmons ton pushes Mumbai to fifth


endl Simmons walked in with a strike-rate of 115 this season. It would have been adequate considering Mumbai Indians’ target was a relatively unchallenging 157. But he had other responsibilities to fulfill: Mumbai’s chances at a playoff spot not only depended on wins in every match they play, they would also need to drub their oppositions. He responded with the first century of the season, lifting Mumbai to as high as fifth in the table. Mumbai wavered from their course as the need to gain points on run-rate took a backseat to Simmons’ landmark. His own nervousness contributed to a lull in scoring and sympathetic team-mates, including the

big-hitting Kieron Pollard blocked for him. The chase was well under their control and victory could have been theirs well earlier but they waited for Simmons. Once the necessary single was taken calmly through square leg, Pollard immediately slammed the final ball of the 18th over into the crowd beyond long-on. Simmons drew impressive power from swift hands and a steady base. The cut was a frequent source of boundaries as he accounted for 55 of the opening partnership’s 68. Kings XI Punjab were unable to keep to one side of the wicket which allowed Simmons to unleash an array of slogsweeps and lashes down the ground to maintain a run-rate of nearly 10 for the majority of their innings,

well north of the requisite 7.85. The target seemed set to be far steeper in the wake of Virender Sehwag employing his see-ball-hit-ball-forget-about-feet method with telling effect. He had taken Kings XI to 23 after two overs, but a freak run-out left Sehwag ruing another start not capitalised on. Manan Vohra and Shaun Marsh, playing his first game of the season in place of the rested David Miller, weathered a brief spell of swing with the new ball. Their prudence was rewarded when spin was introduced. There were cracks on the Mohali pitch, but initial waywardness from Shreyas Gopal and Pragyan Ojha cost 51 in four overs. With their most potent weapon was still in

the shed, Kings XI were primed for another assault. But as had happened in the previous encounter between the two sides, the middle order was stymied and then sent back. Krishmar Santokie broke the 64-run stand for the second wicket as Marsh holed out. Gopal’s legspin was persisted with and the gamble proved dividends as Vohra and Glenn Maxwell were pried out. A slow pitch and a sudden dearth of big-hitters pushed Kings XI into a prolonged state of caution. Noticeable acceleration took as late as the 18th over and George Bailey strove towards a score that might offer some justice to their start. The eventual 156 did not, nor was it good enough.



Punjab T20 innings (20 overs maximum) V Sehwag run out (Kumar) 17 M Vohra b Gopal 36 SE Marsh c Pollard b Santokie 30 GJ Maxwell c & b Gopal 2 GJ Bailey* c Rayudu b Bumrah 39 WP Saha† run out (Rayudu) 3 AR Patel c Sharma b Kumar 6 R Dhawan not out 14 BE Hendricks b Bumrah 0 Shivam Sharma not out 1 Extras (lb 5, w 3) 8 Total (8 wickets; 20 overs) 156 (7.80 runs per over) Did not batSandeep Sharma Fall of wickets 1-23 (Sehwag, 2.1 ov), 2-87 (Marsh, 9.2 ov), 3-92 (Vohra, 10.4 ov), 4-93 (Maxwell, 10.6 ov), 5-105 (Saha, 14.4 ov), 6-116 (Patel, 16.1 ov), 7-154 (Bailey, 19.3 ov), 8-155 (Hendricks, 19.5 ov) Bowling OM R W P Kumar 4 0 20 1 K Santokie 4 0 40 1

JJ Bumrah 4 0 31 2 PP Ojha 4 0 28 0 S Gopal 4 0 32 2 Mumbai T20 innings (target: 157 runs from 20 overs) LMP Simmons not out 100 MEK Hussey b Patel 6 AT Rayudu c Sehwag b Dhawan 17 RG Sharma* c Sandeep Sharma b Hendricks 18 KA Pollard not out 8 Extras (w 10) 10 Total (3 wickets; 19 overs) 159 (8.36 runs per over) Did not batAP Tare†, JJ Bumrah, K Santokie, P Kumar, PP Ojha, S Gopal Fall of wickets 1-68 (Hussey, 6.6 ov), 2-111 (Rayudu, 11.5 ov), 3-148 (Sharma, 17.2 ov) Bowling O M R W Sandeep Sharma 3 0 37 0 BE Hendricks 4 0 33 1 AR Patel 4 0 27 1 R Dhawan 4 0 30 1 Shivam Sharma 4 0 32 0


thursday, may 22, 2014

Letter to the

Sport Dear Editor, The letter to the Sport Editor in the Guyana Times dated May 22 and headlined, “No Instruction was given to me to stop basketball training on May 14”, by Bashur A Khan is replete with inaccuracies. After reading Khan’s piece, the oft-used phrase by the famous England cricketer and commentator Geoffrey Boycott came to mind: lollipop bowling, a phrase Boycott used when he thought the bowling was weak. Unlike the clarity provided in the daily articles written by Eyewitness in the Guyana Times, the Eyewitness articles are a cornerstone of my local reading diet; as the Eyewitness writer has always intrigued me


with his mastery of the English Language, impressive grasp of history, latin, puns, play on words, general knowledge, and topical issues locally, regionally and globally.  I then browsed the rest of Guyana Times looking for Dilbert in the Fun Times Section of the Guyana Times, and spotted the Letter to the Sport Editor by the Superintendent of the Sports Hall, Mr Khan.  The article written by Mr. Khan is certainly misleading with regard to dates referenced, nature of communication with GABF Vice President of Operations, Mr Michael Singh, timing of telephone calls from GABF President, and other lollipop illusions; altogether a tortu-

ous read. The lock out of the basketball players from the Sports Hall occurred on Thursday, May 15 not May 14 as stated in Mr Khan’s letter. Further, mention was made in Khan’s letter on May 13 as it relates to the whereabouts of Mr Neil Kumar – a totally irrelevant date; as the imbroglio that occurred at the National Sports Hall originated from a Stabroek News article dated, May 14 headlined, “Simply Unacceptable GABF, not YBG, should be in charge of IGG basketball”, and a press release from GABF in Kaieteur News also dated May 14 headlined, “GABF names Presidential Squad for Inter Guiana Games”.   The information I re-

ceived on May 14 from Michael Singh was that Mr Kumar informed him that all basketball practice sessions had been cancelled with immediate effect. The male and female basketball squads in training were unable to access the Sports Hall when they turned up on May 15 for their practice session as the Sports Hall was locked. I will not rehash what has already been widely published in the local media; it is sufficient for me to say that Mr Khan’s epistle likely made Eyewitness think of one of his favourite terms, “ambulance chaser”. Nigel Hinds GABF President

UDCA, BCC laud government, APNU over passage of Cricket Administration Bill


Essie Peters

he Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) and the Buxton Cricket Club has lauded the Government of Guyana and their main Opposition Party, APNU of their efforts in ensuring the passage of the long awaited Cricket Administration Bill 2012. In a press release sent by the UDCA on Wednesday, the UDCA pointed out that the passage of the bill was important, deeming it as a means of bringing back, free and fair elections, proper accountability, resolution to the ongoing cricket crisis and more importantly, offers the opportunity for our youngsters to participate meaningfully in the promotion, and development of cricketers and cricket within our region and ultimately our country. The release stated that

the UDCA was disappointed with the opposition party, Alliance For Change (AFC) for not supporting the bill when taking into consideration they have always been very vocal on matters pertaining to accountability, legality, order, free and fair elections etc, all of which the Cricket Administration Bill 2012 seeks to correct within our shambolic cricket arena.  This policy inconsistency of the AFC leaves one to wonder if there is any sincerity in their many articulations. In recognizing the importance of this landmark legislation and what it means to our region which has been ostracized for too long, we once again thank both the Government and APNU for their obvious interests. Meanwhile, the Buxton Cricket Club in a release on Wednesday said that the passage of the Bill shows that goals can be achieve once there is unity and togetherness. The release further stated that it is indeed shameful that the other party in parliament, the Alliance For Change (AFC) did not support the Bill. The AFC seems to be on a course of irrelevance with their inconsistent pattern of party politics,” the release concluded.

Boxing showdown for Mahdia

Some of the trophies up for grabs


oxers from Georgetown and Essequibo will match skills with their Mahdia counterparts on May 24 in a pre-Independence boxing showdown at Vidya’s Courtyard, Mahdia . The one- night event will see boxers matching gloves in 12 bouts from 19:00h. According to chief coordinator Mark Young, the objective of the event is to have the people of Mahdia

have a better understanding of the sport, and more so to establish a boxing gym in the hinterland community. Some of the top amateur boxers from the city and Essequibo have already confirmed their participation, with the likes of Akeem Mounter, Cornell Willson, Stephon Smith, Brandon Lashley, Shane Skeet and Dellon Jeffrey among others. Admission to the venue is $1000.



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Vandals destroy replica World Cup near Brazil base


andals have attacked and burnt a six-meter high replica of the World Cup a few miles from where Brazil’s squad will be based for next month’s finals, officials in the town of Teresopolis said on Tuesday. The vandals destroyed the replica trophy, which was on display in one of the town’s main thoroughfares, in the early hours of Tuesday morning . “Every effort will be taken to find the instigator or instigators of this act of vandalism so this attack does not go unpunished,” the town’s mayor said in a state-

ment. The attack on the repli-

BHS Wallop N/A Multi 4-0

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Chante Leacock scored four goals

helmet trick by Chante Leacock ensured that Berbice High School (BHS) recorded a 4-nil win over New

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Amsterdam Multilateral (NAMS) as the Berbice leg of the tournament continued on Tuesday at the Esplanade Park in New

Amsterdam. A late start resulted in the match being played for only 30 minutes (15 minutes each half). Leacock scored in the 2nd, 6th, 17th and 28th minutes to dominate the game. It was BHS’s first game in the competition,while NAMS suffered their second consecutive loss after losing to Tutorial Academy (TASS) 3-0. TASS had also beaten Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) 6-2. The competition continues tomorrow with the males returning to do battle. Today’s game at the Esplanade Park in New Amsterdam will see BEI taking on Vryman’s Erven. Kick -off time is scheduled for 15:30h.

Michael Clarke regrets swearing at James Anderson in Ashes Test

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ca trophy was not the first on World Cup-related symbols in Brazil. Vandals have also attacked inflatable soccer balls and the cup’s mascot Fuleco. Last year, more than a million people took to the streets of dozens of Brazilian cities to protest against public spending on the tournament and a lack of investment in public services. Brazil’s 23-man squad will meet in Teresopolis later this month and will be based at the squad’s long-time base in Granja Comary, on the edge of the town. (Reuters)

Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football Academy...  

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Anderson. “I just regret that everybody heard it and the language I used. “The last thing I want is for boys and girls watching cricket to be going and playing club cricket and saying things like that to opposition players.” England lost the first Test by 381 runs, after which Clarke said of his comments: “I’ve heard a lot Australian Captain Michael Clarke is restrained by the umpire worse said on a cricket field during the confrontation with James Anderson in the first Ashes than what the Australia Test (Getty Images) players or the England playustralia captain ple,” Clarke said. “But I ers said throughout this Michael Clarke says don’t regret standing up for Test match.” the language he George Bailey one bit.” The incident at the used in an Ashes confrontaClarke’s comments to Gabba was one of several tion with England’s James Anderson, 31, were picked flashpoints during a series Anderson was “unaccepta- up by a stump microphone. England lost 5-0. ble”. He was found guilty of Australia batsman David Clarke, 33, was fined 20% breaching the International Warner accused Jonathan of his match fee for swear- Cricket Council code of con- Trott of being “poor and ing while telling batsman duct for “using language or weak” during the same Anderson to expect a bro- a gesture that is obscene or match, after which the ken arm, after Anderson’s insulting”. England batsman returned heated exchange with fieldOf the plan for pace bowl- home with a stress-related er George Bailey during the er Mitchell Johnson to bowl illness. first Test. short at Anderson, Clarke England captain Alastair “It’s unacceptable that told Cricket Australia: Cook described Warner’s the Australian cricket cap- “I don’t regret being ex- comments as “disrespectful”. tain is setting that exam- tremely honest with James (BBC Sport)


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thursday, may 22, 2014

Plans moving apace for Digicel schools football, says Hope - launch to be held outside Georgetown

Gavin Hope

Lavern Fraser-Thomas

lans are moving apace for the staging of the fourth annual Digicel schools football tournament, which will kick off later this year, according to Sponsorship and Events Manager, Gavin Hope. Hope, during an exclusive interview with this publication, said the Organising Committee has already hosted three coaching workshops and another one is planned for Georgetown soon. He said the response to the workshops has been overwhelming, with a high level of support and interest being shown by representatives of the participating schools. “We are heartened by the level of interest; we’ve seen in all the areas a good tunrout. In two of the areas we’ve visited we had in excess of 35 persons, which is excellent, taken into consideration some areas have five and six schools participating. For example, in Lethem we have seven schools, Berbice is much more, but we had in excess of 35 persons. We certainly look forward to similar turnouts in the other are-

company, Gregry Dean, had said at the presentation ceremony of the final last year that the Organising Committee will be targeting 160 schools this year. The boys from Wismar/ Christianburg are the twotime defending champions, having defeated crowd favourite Waramandong Secondary on both occassions. Since its inaugural staging in 2011, the Digicel schools football tournament has emerged as arguably the leading school competition, unearthing talent from as deep as the hinterland. While the on-field rivalry has given the relevant stakeholders a clear view of what the future holds, beyond the field has been a revelation with almost all the games being well attended by teachers, parents and ardent football fans. Last year’s final was held at the Police Sports Club ground, Eve Leary, which was full to capacity. If that trend continues, then the organisers may have to start thinking of an alternative venue for Guyana’s premier schools football tournament.


Flashback! Wismar/Christianburg will look to a three-peat when the action gets under way this year (Avenash Ramzan file photo)

as,” Hope posited. The Sponsorship and Events Manager added that unlike the previous three years when the launch took place in Georgetown, this year the launch will be held in a rural area that is yet to be determined. The official launch is fixed for June 6. “This programme is not a Georgetown- based programme, it’s a nationwide programme ,so we want to have everyone involved so that’s why it was decided by senior management that we take it to a different area this year for the launch, so we can include members from the different communities in all aspects of the tournament,” Hope highlighted.

Gaining momentum

Meanwhile, according to coordinator Lavern Fraser-Thomas, the number of schools to have already submitted their registration forms hover in the vicinity of last year’s total, while there is still a large number who have expressed interest and expected to submit their registration forms in the coming week. Speaking at a meeting of members of the Organising Committee recently, Fraser-Thomas revealed the company’s desire to have games played at new locations, thereby offering communities the opportunity to showcase

their culture, geography and diversity to participants in the competition. “We’ve started our work very early, visiting several new locations and doing inspections of their facilities to verify their capability and readiness to host matches,” Fraser-Thomas said. The experienced coordinator, who has held the responsibility since the event was conceptualised, said that in addition to highlighting and developing the skills of the students, another aspect of the tournament is to showcase the diverse culture and geography of the country to participants. “Schools are basically

getting an opportunity to benefit two-fold by participating in the biggest junior football tournament locally,” she stated. Among the new places that they have visited with the hope of staging matches are: Santa Rose in Region One; Wowetta in Region Nine; Siparuta and Orealla in Region Six; and Hauraruni and St. Cuthbert Mission in Region Four.

More schools

In 2013, the tournament attracted 147 schools from the 10 administrative regions of Guyana. In giving a commitment to sponsoring the event again in 2014, Chief Executive Officer of the

GUYTRAC on board for UCCA T20 competition


he Guyana Tractor and Equipment Inc. (GUYTRAC) has once again thrown its support behind theUpper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) ,which will be staging a T20 knock- out competition for the Upper Corentyne area. The competition is expected to feature over -20 teams from No. 43 Village to Crabwood Creek. At their last board meeting, the UCCA decided to only allow teams who are financially affiliated to the UCCA to participate in this competition, which is expected to start on June 1. The UCCA, in an effort to assist its financial members, will set matches at various venues where four teams will play on the same day, allowing the host teams the opportunity to raise funds for the club. The final and third- place playoff

is expected to be played at Crabwood Sports complex. At a simple presentation done at Crabwood Creek recently, Shamnarine Narine, proprietor of GUYTRAC, expressed gratitude to his company’s venture with the UCCA with regard to sponsoring the competition, pointing out that it is the same community which supports their various businesses over the years. Dennis De Andrade, president of the UCCA, thanked the GUYTRAC family for this much needed sponsorship and praised Narine and H.N.Sugrim for giving back so much to charitable events such as this one. The UCCA president also takes the opportunity to urge clubs to register with the UCCA no later than May 26, 2014 to be eligible to play in this competition.

Shamnarine Narine, Proprietor of GUYTRAC, hands over the sponsorship cheque to UCCA President Dennis De Andrade. Also in photo are HN Sugrim and other executives of the UCCA

thursday, may 22, 2014


Court order restrains new GCB executive from functioning - Judge labels last elections null, void and of no legal effect...

Anand Sanasie

Alfred Mentore

Savitri Persdaud


Fizul Bacchus,

Conde Riley

By Rajiv Bisnauth

Beharry, Hubern Evans, Julian Cambridge, Angela Haniff, Raymond Haniff, Romash Munna and Shabeer Baksh of the Berbice Cricket Board, brought the action against the new executive body, which includes Durbahadur, Fizul Bacchus, Alfred Mentore, Anand Sanasie, Virendra Chintamanie, Anand Kalladeen, Rajesh Singh, Rajendra Singh, Colin Europe, Andy Ramnarine, Lalta Digamber, Ramdeo Kumar, Rayon Griffith, Nazimul Drepaul and Savitri Persdaud.

The court order restrains the defendants by themselves, their servants and/ or agents and each and every one of them from holding out themselves as officers or representatives of the Guyana Cricket Board or in any manner whatsoever acting on behalf of or for or as the Guyana Cricket Board or performing any functions in relations thereto.” The order also states: “A declaration that the purported meeting held by the defendants on January 27, 2013at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion pur-

porting to be the Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Cricket Board in null, void and of no legal inasmuch as the said meeting and elections were held in breach of the constitution of the Guyana Cricket Board. More so, the order issued indicated that, “A declaration that the purported meeting and election of the office holders held by the defendants on January 27, 2013, at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion purporting to be the Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Cricket Board is null, void

and of no legal[effect]”. The GCB annual general meeting and election of office bearers were witnessed by two WICB officials; Conde Riley and Imran Khan attended the AGM as observers with Riley later pronouncing on the AGM and was quoted as saying he was satisfied with the process. The elections were held with only Essequibo’s nine delegates participating. The Berbice Cricket Board did not participate, while the Demerara Cricket Board was restrained from operating.

According to the GCB constitution, officials had mulled no less than two boards can conduct the elections and 14 of the 27 delegates were needed to convene a meeting and elections. Efforts to contact both Durbahadue and Sanasie were futile. The matter was put before the courts after many cricket officials had deemed the January 27 elections of the GCB unconstitutional and fraught with controversy.


ustice Sandra Kurtzious on April 14 granted an order restraining the current purported Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) executive from performing functions on behalf of the entity, as the saga in the embattled GCB continues. The purported executive is also restrained from representing the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). The order was filed on Wednesday. Keith Foster, Anil

Confident Media XI face scorers, umpires on Monday

TVG News Anchor Avenash Ramzan drives through the covers


port journalists, scorers and umpires attached to the Georgetown Cricket Scorers and Umpires Association (GCS&UA), will down their tools on Monday and square off in what has been dubbed a grudge match at the worldfamous Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda. A confident Media unit will confront the scorers and umpires in a feature 20/20 game, set to get under way at 10:00h. With the aim of getting in top condition for the match on Monday, the Media XI

has been in training under the watchful eyes of former national middle-order batsman and England ODI player, Monte Lynch. During the sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday last, the confident media men were involved in several drills, as well as batting and bowling practice. Lynch, speaking after the sessions, said he enjoyed working with the media team and wished the journalists well. “I find it most enjoyable. It’s nice to see people who write about the game look to come out and play it as well,

so when guys make fools of themselves you can understand how they feel,” Lynch joked, as he addressed the team at the end of the session. He added, “I’m looking forward to watching the game because like I said umpires, scorers and journalists have a part to play in the development of the game and I think the more you guys play the more inclined you are to understand how players feel when they get out or make mistakes.” Skipper of the Media team, Calvin Roberts, explained the genesis of the game, which will be a 20/20 affair played with red ball and white clothing. He explained that the game was formalised after the umpires and scorers had challenged media operatives to test their skills on the field of play. Roberts sent a strong message to the opposition, boasting that the Media team is a very balanced one with a solid batting line-up and a capable bowling attack. Meanwhile, senior cricket journalist, Sean Devers, will be using the game to get back into competitive action after a period of illness. Devers said he is looking forward to the match on Monday. After the sessions,

Rajiv Bisnauth faces up to Keon Blade

Devers said he was feeling “pumped up” for the game and will be giving his best to ensure the Media boys come out on top. The Media team’s batting will hinge on John Ramsingh, Rajiv Bisnauth, Ravi Persaud, Ishaka Jackman, Avenash Ramzan, Keon Blade and wicketkeeper/batsman Daniel Singh. Roberts will spearhead the bowling attack, which will include Devers, Persaud, Jackman, Kizan Brummell and Esan Griffith. Among the players slated to turn out for the GCS&UA

are former West Indies fast bowler Colin Stuart, Daniel Richmond and current regional umpires, Shannon Crawford and Nigel Duguid. Admission to the venue is free and members of the public are invited to witness the game. The Media fraternity wishes to thank Lifetime Realty, Trophy Stall, P&P Insurance Brokers, Christopher Matthias and the management of Georgetown Cricket Club for their tangible support in making the match a reality. The Media squad reads:

Calvin Roberts, John Ramsingh, Sean Devers, Daniel Singh, Ravi Persaud, Avenash Ramzan, Rajiv Bisnauth, Esan Griffith, Duncan Saul, Clifton Ross, Ishaka Jackman, Kizan Brummell, Reuben Stoby and Keon Blade. The GCS&UA reads: Delvin Austin, Ryan Banwarie, Shannon Crawford, Nigel Duguid, Zaheer Mohamed, Javed Persaud, Daniel Richmond, Trevor Ritney, Arleigh Rutherford, Colin Stuart, Mikoowanyah Yosef-Yisrael, Hortence Isaacs and Edward Bowen.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

thursday, May 22, 2014


Sunrisers 161/3,Royal challengers bangalore 160/6; Chennai Super Kings 151/4,Kolkata Knight Riders 156/2

Search on for Limacol CPL cheerleaders T

he Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has issued a rallying cry to budding cheerleaders across the region to form a twelve-strong Cheerleading Team for this year’s tournament in five of the franchise countries – Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and St. Lucia. The Biggest Party in Sport is not only represented through the world-class cricketers that participate in the game, but also in the beautiful Caribbean cheerleaders that entertain the millions of fans.  Cheerleaders will be selected locally from five of the host islands, where a specialist selection panel will be looking out for characteristics such as style, confidence and a warm, positive personality. Applicants will need to submit a set of photos and videos, demonstrating their good looks, flair, dancing ability and desire to earn a prestigious place on

the Limacol CPL Cheerleading Team. A three- person judging panel, including a beauty specialist, choreographer and Limacol CPL representative, will select a shortlist of 20 girls to participate in a three-day bootcamp with the FANA talent agency. During the three days, those taking part will develop their camaraderie, whilst learning skills key to cheerleading, such as dance routines, hair and make up, attitude, presentation and fitness training.  Following the bootcamp, twelve girls will be selected to form this year’s Limacol CPL Cheerleading Team. They will demonstrate the flair and energy of the tournament, and be responsible for bringing the Biggest Party in Sport to life beyond the boundary ropes.  James Wynne, Head of Marketing for Limacol CPL, comments; “The Limacol CPL

is about so much more than just cricket – it delivers a complete Caribbean entertainment package to excited fans across the globe. As such, we are on a star search across the Caribbean for the right girls to be the faces of Limacol CPL.”

The tournament returns in July and August 2014 when Jamaica Tallawahs will defend their title against the Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors St. Lucia Zouks, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel.

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The awardees pose with Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster (seated right)



Lendl Simmons was brutal through the offside (BCCI)

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