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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Guyana, UK sign antidrug trafficking pact See story on page 17

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70 being P2 trained to respond to sexual abuse Probe launched into looting during Charlestown P2 fire

New Ombudsman sworn in

18 shortlisted for Soca Monarch P7 semi-finals See story on page 14

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall, President Donald Ramotar, newly sworn-in Ombudsman Winston Moore and Opposition Leader David Granger after Moore was sworn in on Monday at the Office of the President

Finance minister Full Court says perturbed at APNU’s cannot hear questioning of Alexei Granger’s appeal Ramotar’s competence Budget cut case

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Touring cyclists P17 recover stolen bike

Wrong man arrested for Moraikobai murder P


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tuesday, January 14, 2014|

Probe launched into looting 70 being trained to during Charlestown fire respond to sexual abuse – Gentle says blaze was electrical in origin S F eventy professionals and service providers from government agencies and civil society are being trained in the areas of forensic interviewing of survivors of sexual abuse and multi-disciplinary responses to sexual abuse. According to a release, the training is part of a partnership under the theme, “Break the Silence: Child Sexual Abuse”, between the Labour, Human Services and Social Security Ministry and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Forward Guyana and ChildLink Inc, with support from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). This training pro-

gramme, being facilitated by international facilitators in the field of the child advocacy, began on January 13 and concludes on January 18, at the Guyana Police Force Training Complex, Camp Road, Georgetown. This capacity building exercise is instrumental to operationalising aspects of the Sexual Offences Act, 2010 In September 2013, the Labour, Human Services and Social Security Ministry and NGOs Forward Guyana and ChildLink Inc signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to establish the Child Advocacy Centre, Guyana’s first. “The centre will offer a well-furnished; child-friend-

ly environment staffed by forensic interviewers, counsellors and parenting skills educators. The centre will lead the way in ensuring that survivors of sexual abuse only have to relate their experience once. This mechanism can be seen as an opportunity to reduce trauma and any fear of victimisation or stigma,” the release said. The partnership with civil society and UNICEF represents only one in a number of planned actions to decentralise child protection services, which includes child protection mapping and development of the vision and strategy for child protection.

Embrace the teachings of the holy prophet – PPP/C urges


he People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) has extended Youman Nabi greetings to all Guyanese, especially the Muslim community. Youman Nabi is celebrated throughout the Muslim world in observance of the birth and death anniversaries of Prophet Mohamed, who is regarded by Muslims as the last and final prophet of God. “This is indeed a good occasion to reflect on the life and teachings of the Prophet

Mohamed, who continue to inspire millions of people throughout the world,” the party said in a release. It said there can be no doubt that not only Muslims, but humanity as a whole has benefited from the great teachings of the prophet with his universal message of peace and brotherhood. “As we reflect on this significant occasion, we can take pride in the fact that we in Guyana enjoy religious tolerance and complete freedom of worship which cannot be said of sev-

eral countries in the world where there is religious persecution and harassment of those who embrace religious beliefs that is different from what is considered dominant. “The PPP/C calls on all Guyanese to embrace the virtues of peace, unity and brotherhood, which is central to the teachings and beliefs of the Prophet Mohamed. Once again, happy Youman Nabi greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters,” the release concluded.

ire Chief Marlon Gentle on Monday confirmed that the fire which ripped through two buildings at Charles Street, Charlestown, Georgetown on Sunday morning was electrical in origin and announced that an investigation has been launched into allegations that firefighters looted items from the victims’ rooms during the blaze. Gentle in a telephone interview told Guyana Times that fire officials after investigating the circumstances sounding the fire concluded that the blaze started at the main electrical outlet which was located in the lower flat of the building. He added that the flames ignited as a result of a short circuit but due to the materials in the house, the fire spread rapidly. However, he stated that they are exploring other avenues as they continue to conduct their investigations.


Meanwhile, addressing the allegation of theft committed by firefighters, Gentle stated that an investigation has been launched. He pointed out that when the fire tenders arrived on the scene, persons from the community had access to both buildings and it highly possible that the place was

The aftermath of the Charlestown fire

ransacked by persons who purportedly went to ‘assist’ the distressed tenants. He went on to say that it was after the police cordoned off the area that persons were restricted to enter. That process, he noted, took some 30 minutes after the fire started. Nevertheless, he stated that once an accusation has been made about the fire service, the matter is investigated. Gentle revealed that upon arrival at the site on Sunday morning, the dwelling house was fully engulfed in flames; thus, the firefighters concentrated on saving the apartment building on the east, a church on the west and another house to the south.

Excellent job

The firefighters, he noted, did an excellent job in curtailing the inferno to one location while noting that the apartment building received severe damages, but the church and the back house were scorched. The fire which stated sometime after 03:00h has left at least 25 persons

making alternative living arrangements. The blaze started on the house owned by the Lietch family at Lot 8 Charles Street and quickly spread to a nearby building on the same lot. Thirteen people were at the time occupying the twostorey wooden and concrete building while another 12 were tenants of the 11-room apartment building. The fire reportedly started at the front of the house and rapidly spread throughout the building, leaving no room for the occupants to salvage any household items. The house was completely gutted with losses estimated to be over $20 million. The tenants of the apartment building have also suffered tremendous losses as most of their personal belongings were either scorched or completely ravaged by the fire. The apartment building is owned by overseas-based Guyanese Ofari Simon, but is being overseen by her brother Carl Simon. The house occupied by the Lietch family was insured.


Meanwhile, commenting on the fire at Zeelugt, West Coast Demerara, which left 10 people homeless, Gentle said after the fire service received the call, tenders from the Leonora Fire Station responded, but by the time they arrived, the house was already burnt to the ground. Based on investigations carried out by fire officials, the house was made of a combination of materials including pieces of wood, plastic, cardboard, ply wood and salt bag. He said the woman confirmed that she was preparing meals when the kerosene stove exploded. In an attempt to put out the fire, the stove tilted, and the fuel and fire made contact with the old materials. The fire spread rapidly and within a few minutes, the house was reduced to ashes.



tuesDay, January 14, 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, January 14 from 14:30h-16:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, January 14 from



Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected during the day with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius.

Budget cut case

Full Court says it cannot hear Granger’s appeal

Wind: East north-easterly between 2.77 and 3.05 metres per second. High Tide: 03:17h and 15:30h maximum heights of 2.34 metres metres respectively. Low Tide: 09:04h and 21:32h minimum heights of 0.86 metre metre respectively.

reaching and 2.48 reaching and 0.72

Opposition Leader David Granger


saturday, january 11, 2014

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Monday, January 13, 2014 Daily Millions

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Draw De Line


he Full Court on Monday ruled that it does not have jurisdiction over a case on whether Opposition Leader David Granger should be excluded from a case on whether the opposition had a right to cut the 2012 national budget. It therefore said that acting Chief Justice Ian Chang’s ruling stands, but Granger’s lawyer Basil Williams said the matter would be taken to the Appeal Court and if possible, the Caribbean Court of Justice. Justice James BovellDrakes and Justice Rishi Persaud in a brief ruling said that the Full Court does not have the jurisdiction to overrule or go against a decision handed down by the chief justice. The two judges had presided over the Full Court hearing of an appeal filed by Granger, challenging the ruling of Justice Chang. Justice Chang on June 18 last, ruled that Granger and Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh will be barred from the 2012 budget cuts case. The two judges ruling concurs with initial contentions expressed by Attorney General Anil Nandlall that the appeal was ill conceived. Nandlall said that the order made by the acting chief justice was fi-

nal and brought all matters of contention to an end between the attorney general and the two defendants in the High Court. He explained that the law states that when a final order is made by a High Court judge, the next court to approach is the Court of Appeal; however, the opposition appealed to the Full Court. As such, he noted that his first submission was for the Full Court to satisfy itself whether it has jurisdiction over the decision of the acting chief justice. “A court has a duty first and foremost to ensure that it has jurisdiction to hear and determine a case before proceeding to hear and determine a case and that was the initial submission I made. "The judges at the time did not rule on that first jurisdictional point and they said they would like to hear arguments on everything,” Nandlall stated while adding “in the final analysis, they accepted my submission that the court had no jurisdiction, that acting Chief Justice Chang’s order was a final order and the appeal lies to the Court of Appeal,” said Nandlall.

Final judgement

The attorney general noted now that the appeal is concluded, the substantive case will continue with the hope of a final judgment as soon as possible. On the other hand, APNU Attorney Basil Williams expressed his dissatisfaction at the ruling, stating that other than the ruling being short, the judges only ruled on the question of jurisdiction and undermined arguments advanced on right of fair hearing for the opposition leader. “Could the winner of an issue in the independent Parliament be shut out in the courts, when the loser goes to the court to question the winning? Could the leader of the majority in the Parliament in

a hearing even if we have to seek the Court of Appeal or the CCJ,” Williams said. The attorney noted that he will be appealing the matter within the stipulated 14 days period. “We are going to appeal because we are convinced that we are correct. The Parliament is independent and so when it makes a decision, it should stand,” he stated.


Attorney General Anil Nandlall

this country be shut out by our High Court and refuse a hearing in a matter which he won in the Parliament?” questioned the attorney. Williams went on to say that his party is of the view that the ruling of the Full Court is unfair as he discloses his intention to take the matter further. “We are very confident we will be vindicated, we are very confident that we will have

Williams said the law states that until a matter is completed then it should be appealed to the Court of Appeal; however, in this case, the matter was still ongoing before the acting chief justice. In 2012, the combined parliamentary opposition used its one-seat majority to slash $21.9 billion from the proposed national budget. The government subsequently moved to the court to block the National Assembly from cutting the budget. In a preliminary ruling, the acting chief justice stated that the opposition can only approve or disapprove of the budget in its entirety.


tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Regulating the media


hen an American gun enthusiast, who was famed for his regular columns in several gun-advocate publications, wrote in a magazine about current American gun policies, he was fired, and the magazine issued an apology to its pro-gun readers – the editor who approved the article was also fired. Now, the writer is considered a pariah among gun proponents who expressed their fury at his article by writing angry emails and issuing death threats against him, while commercial companies threatened to yank their advertisements from the publication company if he remained with the magazine. The writer’s article apparently amounted to betrayal among gun enthusiasts, as the idea that a pro-gun publication can feature what is considered “anti-gun” sentiments is unacceptable. In his most recent interview some two months since his firing, he revealed that no one will hire him – even his television show was pulled off the air. He now joins other once well-known gun enthusiast writers whose pens were permanently put down after they had written what was considered anti-gun sentiments by gunpros and their advertisers. This is in a world where partiality and prejudice are stridently denied, and all media clamour to be viewed as understanding and tolerant of different points of view, and where significant importance is supposedly attached to the idea of freedom of speech and the necessity for law and order. The article libelled no one, it carried no subversive statements, nor did it cast aspersions or a bad light on anyone or any organisation – private, public or governmental. Its headline suggests its focus: “Let’s talk about limits: Do certain firearms regulations really constitute infringement?” This brings to point the similar reaction when governments suggest regulations for journalism that often at best can only be called gutter journalism. The very question (paraphrased) can be put to journalism: Do certain media regulations really constitute infringement? The writer makes a valid observation when he writes that too many gun owners seem to believe that any regulation of their right to bear arms is an infringement, an idea prevalent among journalists who also seem to believe any regulation of their right to report is an infringement. Without a doubt it is important to report news. However, a news report is not usually an opinion piece. It is also important that such a report sticks to facts rather than stray to personal feeling, and is sensible rather than sensationalised. This is the aim of most democratic governments’ media regulations, but remains a controversial area for many journalists themselves. All writings can and do have regulations: whether writing stories for children or writing for science journals, etc – all are regulated for language and appropriate content. So too do writings for newspapers and magazines. It especially becomes hazy and bitterly debated for the latter when politics are involved. But regulations have to be applied among media, since there are too many persons who, in some way or another, have the ability to influence society or a section of society, and use the media to further selfish and destructive agendas rather than promote altruistic and societal ones. Like the gun laws that aim to promote order and security within a society, media laws are necessary to promote accurate distribution of information to society. This is because it is necessary for every individual in a society to competently make educated decisions from media information, among others, rather than simply regurgitate inaccurate information fed by someone or some group with selfish and private agendas. And while it is undoubtedly extremely difficult to know precisely where limits end and censorship begins, in the interest of civil responsibility it is also urgent that media regulations are introduced and stringently enforced, and the current, often anarchic media structure end.

President Donald Ramotar during a meeting with members of the private sector at the Office of the President Monday. Also in photo are Presidential Secretariat head, Dr Roger Luncheon, Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, and acting Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali (GINA photo)

The minister has to present all the facts concerning the NCC Dear Editor, Over the past few days there has been a lot of ‘brouhaha’ about the functioning of the National Cultural Centre (NCC). Having produced approximately 200-odd shows at the centre since 1981, each year producing one of the longest running shows, I have decided to have my say. The minister on two public occasions, within the last three months and at other occasion, complained about the centre losing money and that it cannot sustain its operations because, he claims, of its low rentals. The minister, however, fails to present all the facts. What he does not reveal is that the rental is but a fraction of what the centre charges producers and a small percentage of the real income of the centre. Perhaps the minister has not been properly advised by his permanent secretary. I would like to state some figures that my company and other theatrical producers pay to use this facility. The NCC charges a $80,000 flat rental for the entire building, including 27 staff seats in the back of the auditorium which the ministry and NCC staff use to invite their families and friends to see your show at no cost and the 14 or 16 VIP seats in the balcony front (which we are not allowed to sell) and are used by the administration to seat their friends and families or anyone else who need a free seat to your show. In addition to the basic rental of $80,000, the producer pays a surcharge of 20 per cent on all ticket prices, rental of bars (even though you are competing with the vendors at the main entrance who do not pay a cent), the printing of tickets, a charge for the use of your video camera to film your own show, for rehearsals (only one rehearsal is given at no cost),

for ushers, for front of house staff and security (additional security personnel required to secure patrons' vehicles), have to be paid on a nightly basis. Calculated on ticket prices of $2000, $1500 and $1000 and a full house, the producer pays approximately 26 per cent of the gross income to the NCC, plus 16 per cent VAT to the GRA. Altogether 42 per cent of each night of the producer’s gross income is paid over to the government. From the remaining 58 per cent, (and the producer has to hope for a full house) the producer has to pay the following: fees to performers and production team, publicity, cost for building set and props, costumes, makeup and hair, royalties, photocopying, rental of rehearsal space, transportation, photography, videography and refreshments before realising a profit. Given all of the above, the producer has to hope for sponsorship from the private sector and a good audience turn out to make it. The fact is that there is no real assistance for theatre in Guyana from the ministry. Producers cannot take the risk of staging serious dramatic productions for fear of going into the red as I have often experienced. Hence, comedies are the only option producers have to keep the theatre alive at the NCC. The grand mega concerts, bringing in foreign artists are given waivers of VAT under the pretext of tourism. How many tourists come to Guyana to see these shows then take a holiday to see our flora and fauna? A word to the minister... If you want the NCC to be financially self-sufficient, then introduce a policy for allocating production dates which give priority to profitable productions for the centre. It is not rocket science to figure out

the productions that bring in huge income to the ministry’s coffers. Ensure that these productions are given good dates, such as weekends, especially Saturdays, which are premium nights. Inexplicably, over the last few years, the centre has penalised producers renting the theatre on holiday nights by imposing punitive charges like over-time for all NCC staff working on the production which includes security, maintenance and cleaning and technical staff. The minister needs to make up his mind either to have the NCC run as a business or subsidise it as a staterun institution, used for a number of governmental and national events, which do not bring in an income and then have the private producers feel the squeeze by the imposition of excessively high rental and other costs to pay for the ‘freebees’ . The sound system has also attracted public comment and it continues to be a sore point. Patrons paying their hard earned money for tickets cannot enjoy a show because they cannot hear. This has been happening for years, even when the sound system was new because of the technical incompetence of the staff. The lights have suffered a similar fate for the same reason. Productions have suffered from technical staff not doing their jobs. Lights are turned off or on at the wrong time ruining a scene, in spite of lighting scripts provided by the production for rehearsals. I have travelled and have been to theatres all over the world. You can dress up or dress down as you please but at the NCC, every night patrons have to be hassled by a ‘dress code’ rule for a theatre that cannot provide proper sound, lights and an operating air

conditioning system. We need to get our priorities right. The current AC unit has collapsed and plans are afoot to replace it, but when? We continue to lose audience over these issues. I have seen families of five or six persons spending $10,000 to $12,000 on tickets having to return home because one member is wearing a denim pants or a track shoes in the group. These theatre goers will not return. They are being driven away by an antediluvian policy. Which world are the creators of these foolish rules living in??? This is the 21st century. I fully support the observations of the artistes of the drama festival (letter in press on 13/1/14) and feel it is time for professional respect to be shown to all performing artistes. I close by giving kudos to the ministry for the National Drama Festival in which I participated and now have the pleasure of being a judge and the National School of Drama in which I am a tutor. I hope the standard and level of these two much needed programmes improve with years and help to advance the quality and standard of theatre in Guyana. It should be mandatory for all staff of the NCC to attend the drama school or recruit new staff from the school. I have written numerous unacknowledged letters, left many unreturned phone messages and suffered cancelled appointments, over the years in an effort to sit down and discuss these matters with the minister. I remain at his service should he wish to draw on my experience. Yours sincerely, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento Managing Director GEMS Theatre Productions And G.E.M.S. Inc

tuesday, January 14, 2014


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A tribute to ‘Mr Dependable’ – Terry Holder Dear Editor, “Mr Dependable”, “cool cat”, “raconteur”, “humanitarian”, “motivating leader”, “sheer class” , “a number one in a number two”. These descriptions are but a small sampling of how the late Terry Holder was viewed by many persons of all walks of life. With admiration, I watched this virtuoso do ‘his thing’, his accomplished way, while I closely interacted with him at the Guyana Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) now GMSA, and later, the USAID/GHARP project via the Private Sector Advisory Board on HIV/ AIDS which birthed the Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/ AIDS (GBCHA); long acclaimed as a leading example in the Caribbean of how donor funded project outcomes could be sustained after closeout. At both the GMA and GBCHA, Terry served as vice president and vice chairman respectively; very content to walk a step behind, while simultaneously functioning as the wind beneath the wings of elected or appointed leaders. He was unquestionably an acknowledged heroin the arena of organisation dynamics mainly because of the finesse with which this distin-

guished Guyanese embraced, and naturally executed the concept of servant leadership. And yet, he was comfortable in displaying a proclivity for the emotional frailties which demonstrate manly strengths, including those that perpetuate unadulterated, lasting loyalty and affection. I shall refer to two examples. In mid-June, 2007 Chris Fernandes, Terry Holder and I travelled to New York to attend among other activities, the Global Business Coalition on AIDS Awards Presentation Dinner. We were joined by Kwame Asiedu, GHARP’s chief of party and Sylvia Delafield, GHARP’s private sector advisor who was instrumental in the GBCHA having access to the prestigious event at a very concessionary price – far, far below the $10,000 per plate paid by some guests. During the day, the three of us took a walk in downtown Manhattan. Terry did not turn up at our prearranged assembly point outside Macy’s for the trek back. So after waiting for some time, Chris and I went back to the hotel. About three hours later, in comes a beaming Terry, full of excitement. “Guess who I just ran into and had a long conversation?” he asked. Chris and I re-

mained silent. I suppose like me, Chris had the dilemma of narrowing down the guessing game to groupings of personalities connected to either Rotary International, sports – mainly cricket and athletics, the world of communication, Caribbean integration, private sector organisation, media and the list goes on. So eventually Terry proudly announced with glee, “I had a good gaff with my dear friend Wordsworth Mc Andrew”. Still bubbling, he added “I am going to ensure I keep in regular contact and also formulate a programme to guarantee he gets the requisite support he needs.” I stared at Terry in admirable awe as reality sunk in: This man with a heart of gold was displaying more excitement over reconnecting with a friend than the euphoria which consumed us in anticipation of having dinner and breathing the same air later that evening with international ‘superstars’, led by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, along with Sir Richard Branson, Jaime Foxx, Charles Barclay and other NBA greats. I surmised by his prolonged elation that, for Terry at that moment, his trip to New York acquired more significance in ‘finding Wordsworth’ than the pros-

Congrats to DTV on 20th anniversary

Dear Editor, DTV recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and the management and members of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) would like to extend our heartfelt congrats on this historic achievement. For the two last decades, DTV has provided clean and family oriented entertainment to thousands of Berbicians in the comfort of their homes. Berbicians are also kept abreast of developments in the ancient county. DTV has assisted the RHTY&SC in a huge way and today is one of our biggest sponsors and for this

we are very grateful. We have hosted dozens of television programmes on DTV, while the company also cosponsors our “Mother of the Year” programme, annual awards ceremony, annual review magazine, pro-education campaign and charity programmes. DTV every year donates free air time to us for our Mother's Day essay competition, our schoolbags project in August and our toys collection drive in November and December. Even right now, it has donated airtime for our membership expansion campaign. The Rambarran family truly represents the caring nature of

humanity and all of us at RHTY&SC are grateful. As DTV celebrates its 20th anniversary, we wish them more success in the future and it is our hope that they would strive to upkeep the high standard they have set themselves. The entire Berbice population is grateful for your service. The effort that DTV makes in choosing the programmes they air is quite amazing. Once again, congrats and a big thank you to DTV. Moonish Singh Public Relations Officer RHTY&SC

pect of ‘Dinner with Bill’. In late 2004, I resigned my position with the GMA to contribute directly to the national response to HIV and AIDS. Terry sought me out to discuss in detail the rationale for my move. Toward the end of our conversation he suggested arranging a farewell ceremony. I firmly disagreed and he backed off, however he emphasised I could call on him at any time for support in my future endeavours; a promise he so consistently upheld, that it would take a book to adequately capture many of the instances. Suffice to say, Terry’s word was without a doubt, his devoted bond. My departed friend and mentor was persistent in the

pursuit of positions he adopted which overwhelmingly, bode no ill will against his fellow man. The GMA Annual Presentation and Awards Dinner (APAD) 2004 was held a few days after my resignation was accepted. While standing in the foyer outside the grand Savannah Suite at Pegasus during the event, Terry approached me in a polite but no-nonsense manner saying “I cannot in good conscience allow you to leave without publicly saying something, you are the first executive director. You presided over a successful institutional strengthening project of the association...”. He continued to reel off a set of accomplishments in quick succession.

Thereafter, he immediately made an about face in military ramrod fashion and started for the door to rejoin the proceedings. After taking about three quick steps, he half turned, with that trademark smile, looked me straight in the eye, and, displaying his penchant for etiquette and decorum quipped “And by the way, don’t forget to button your jacket when the MC calls you to the front”. I extend a heartfelt sympathy to the family and sorrowing relatives of the late Terrence Ormonde Holder. May his soul rest in peace! Yours faithfully, Derrick Cummings


tuesday, january 14, 2014



Seven easy ways to make school more fun and productive


he beginning of the year is an exciting time. A time to get back into a routine, see friends missed over the holidays, and look forward to cooler weather and a fresh start. But once the newness has worn-off, how do we keep the positive attitude and productive energy going? People function best when they feel good physically, are well rested, and have calm, focused energy. They learn and work better when they are organised and can think and remember easily. Of course, everyone would agree with this, but in our high pressure, fast-lane society, it’s hard to imagine how it might be achievable. Here are seven everyday life ideas that can impact how we feel, function, and learn. Drink water! Did you know that the brain is thought to be 85 per cent water? The brain works by transmitting electro-chemical signals that control our thoughts, movements, and everything we feel or do. Since water conducts electricity, good hydration (plenty of water) supports faster transmission, which, in turn, supports faster thinking and learning. When we dehydrate our brain with soda and coffee, we make our thinking slower and less productive. Teachers should encourage students to have water bottles at all times. And par-

ents, get your children in the water habit! Include protein in breakfast and snacks nutrition has an important influence on learning, attitude, motivation, and productivity. The high sugar content of many of today’s breakfast choices results in fluctuating blood sugar. This can cause high energy followed by low energy and sleepiness, making it difficult to focus, learn, organise, and think. Not a good recipe for a productive morning in the classroom or at work. White sugar and white flour are real culprits, so avoid them as much as possible. Parents, help teachers out by supplying children with a breakfast that includes some complex carbohydrates and some protein. (How about a protein shake, a breakfast burrito, or a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter)? For snacks, think about sending a handful of nuts or a slice of cheese. Teens are tough because they often don’t like to eat in the morning, but as parents and teachers, we at least need to educate them about brain healthy choices. A SUGGESTION FOR TEACHERS: Educate your students about how eating right can improve their grades. (You may want to educate your school lunch com-

mittee as well!) Add movement to your day I had a parent of a four year old ask me what she should do to get her child ready for kindergarten. I told her to take him to the park and let him run and climb and swing. She was disappointed in my answer as she really had in mind getting him started on reading and math. The body and brain need movement to function properly. Movement is a must for establishing a sense of self as a reference point and spatial orientation. Listening skills, visual skills, motor skills, coordination, and an understanding about the environment are all impacted by movement. We all need exercise (adults included, and not just for the purpose of losing weight)! Movement and exercise provide energy and integration to focus, work, and learn more productively. Short periods of homework interspersed with short play breaks that involve movement (not video/computer games!) are often much more productive than marathon homework sessions. A few minutes of movement exercises in the classroom at transition times or during long periods can reenergise for better listening, attention, and learning.

Boost the Omega-3s. Researchers are reporting that dietary supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids appear to markedly improve attention, concentration, reading, spelling, and behaviour, and reduce impulsiveness and hyperactivity. These “good fats” are found in fish and plants. Researcher, Alexandra Richardson of the University of Oxford says, “…omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and seafood…are absolutely essential for brain development and function, but are often relatively lacking from modern diets in developed countries.” You can boost your intake of omega 3s by taking fish oil capsules as a daily supplement. Nordic Naturals ( is a wellrespected, research-based company that has fish oil supplements for children, teens, and adults. Help your children get (and stay) organised. Some people love structure and routine; some thrive in organised chaos, but regardless of personal style, people need some kind of intentional organisation to manage the demands and paperwork of school and work. The sooner students learn to manage their time and their “stuff” the better, but it’s never too late. (Learning


How to teach division to children


n order to learn division, the student must first have a good understanding of multiplication. The child doesn’t need to be perfect but should know the majority of the facts or have a reasonably quick strategy to figure out the answer. When teaching division, we will be going in steps. Step A: Have the student understand the concept of division and be able to solve division problems with manipulatives. For example: Given 12 dollars. Have the student evenly divide the 12 dollars between two people. From that practice writing the division statement 12 / 2 = 6 and have the student explain the meaning: “12 dollars divided into two groups gives

six in each group.” Then have the student divide the 12 into three groups and repeat the math sentence and the explanation. Next, divide 12 into four groups, then six groups. Repeat with other numbers such as 16 (divide into two, four, and eight groups) until the student shows mastery of the concept and writing the corresponding math sentence. Step B: Have the student understand the concept of a remainder. You will continue with manipulatives in this exercise. Give the child five dollars. They have to share the pennies between two people. Let them try, if they split the dollars into two and three then discuss how that isn’t fair. If they divide it two and two with one left over, explain that happens sometimes with division: we don’t have an even amount to divide and therefore get a remainder. Have the student write the problem as: 5 / 2 = 2 with Remainder 1. Continue this process with other numbers: nine divided by two. 11 divided by three, etc. Step C: Have the student understand the link between multiplication and division. Go back to your manipulatives and have them show you 3 x 4 = 12 with manipulatives. Remember that multiplication should have been taught as the X means “groups of” so 3 x 4 means three groups of four. Put your three groups of four equals 12 to the side. Now have them take 12 and divide it three groups as you did in step A. 12 / 3 = 4. Show them that their result is the same as their multiplication piles they made. In the end they have three groups of four items. Have the student write the fact family: 12 / 3 = 4; 12 / 4 = 3; 3 x 4 = 12; 4 x 3 = 12. Show them how if you read a division problem “backwards” you have a multiplication problem. Also show them that they can think of 12 / 3 as “what times three equals 12?” Continue with practice – a) writing fact families and b) finding missing factors: 4 x ___ = 16 (After they get the answer, convert to a division problem – 16 / 4 = 4). (Apex-math)



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18 shortlisted for Soca Monarch semi-finals – first prize same as last year


ighteen semi-finalists will be competing in the first leg of the the 10th Carib Soca Monarch competition slated for New Amsterdam on February 14. And for the second year running, ANSA McAL has kept the first prize competition for the Carib Soca Monarch at $1.5 million, drawing unfavourable reactions from some artistes, who said their preparations for the event could cost as much as the award. The 18 semi-finalists were chosen from a total of 32 entries. They are Lady T, Shelly G, Roger B, Money, Ernesta, Ahzula, Avalanche, Mysterious, Natoya London, Vanilla, AJ, Magga Man, Kemmy, Lil Red, Bones Man, Ace, Passion, Ivelaw and reigning monarch Jumo Primo, will be joining the competition in the finals to defend his title. The artistes are expected to commence rehearsals with the Heatwaves Band on Wednesday. ANSA McAL

Marketing Director Troy Cadogan said the company disclosed that this year, the committee has received some excellent entries. Cadogan was happy to announce that this will be 10 years since the Carib Soca monarch is hosting the competition, noting that they were pleased that they have been a part of the evolution of soca music in Guyana. He added that from the beginning, the company envisaged that with the competition, it will provide the music to drive the Mashramani celebrations here in Guyana. The marketing director added that as part of the plan to elevate soca music, they have had at least two workshops to assist the artistes in making their music more marketable.


This year’s first prize remains at $1.5 million, the second prize $500,000 and the third prize $250,000. A fourth prize of 100,000 has

wins the Guyana leg of the competition will be heading to represent Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago.” Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer Darshanie Yusuf, reminiscing on the competition over the past 10 years, said a lot has been achieved. One such achievement, she added was to get more people to become involved in the process.

Kes the Band

Some of the artistes of the 10th Carib Soca Monarch contest with ANSA McAL officials on Monday

been added to the competition. The $100,000 given to the best newcomer remains. In addition, this year, there will be a People’s Choice Award sponsored by Digicel. Cadogan explained that Digicel will give fans the opportunity to vote for their favourite artistes via a voting process. A number will be released in time for the com-

Man on attempted murder charge gets bail R a m k u m a r Ramnarine, 67, of Belle Plaine, Wakenaam Island, Region Three, was charged for attempted murder when he appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s Court on Monday. He appeared dazed and confused when the indictable charge was read to him. Ramnarine was not re-

quired to plea. It is alleged that on January 9, at Belle Plaine, with intent to commit murder, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Yahnana Bissessar called “Bagon”. The complainant sustained wounds about her body and was hospitalised for a few days. However, the accused said the virtual complainant was out of hospital and resting at a West

Coast Demerara relative. Ramnarine told the magistrate that he is living alone. There were no objections to bail by Prosecutor Krishnadat Ramana. The accused was granted bail in the sum of $200,000. The matter was adjourned to January 29 at Wakenaam Magistrate’s Court for commencement of the preliminary inquiry.

petition. Another announcement made at the press briefing at the company’s headquarters was that reigning Carib Soca Monarch Jumo Primo will be representing Guyana at the international leg of the competition in Trinidad and

Tobago. He will participate in the semi-finals on February 8 and if successful, will be heading to the finals in Trinidad and Tobago later in the month. This, Cadogan told the artistes will be an annual feature. “Whoever

She added that this year, Carib Brand Ambassador Kes the Band is expected to perform live on the night of the finals slated for February 15 at the National Park. Yusuf added that it has been a fantastic journey thus far, and is certainly sure that the years ahead will be much more exciting as the company continues to provide an avenue for young and striving talents in the music industry.

8 news Minibus driver Men charged for sentenced to six in prison attempted murder months for assault O “I tuesday, January 14, 2014|

n January 8 at North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Lloyd Saloo and Andel Ford walked into a yard occupied by Kelly and Kevin Aaron. It was alleged that the men, brandishing handguns, approached Guy Morrel who was sitting under the house with Kevin Aaron and dealt him several gun butts about the body while enquiring about five pounds of marijuana that they claim Merrel had stolen from them. Kevin intervened and was shot in the leg in the process. Meanwhile, Kelly Aaron who was upstairs heard the commotion and proceeded downstairs to see what was happening. Shots were then fired in his direction, but missed him. On Monday, both Lloyd Saloo and Andel Ford appeared in the Georgetown

Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with the attempted murder of Kevin Aaron, discharging a firearm at Kelly Aaron, and the assault of Guy Morrel. The men were not required to plead to the first two charges, however, they pleaded not guilty to the third charge. Attorney Mark Waldron, who appeared on behalf of Saloo, told the court that his client is 32 years old and has no prior convictions. He further told the court that his client resides at 6 Quamina Road, Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara. Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru objected to bail citing the seriousness and prevalence of the offence. Both of the accused were remanded to prison and are to make their next court appearance on January 31.

didn’t steal anything, My Worship.” Those were the cries of Shomal Shivnarine, as he appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday. The magistrate quickly instructed Shivnarine to remain quiet as she read the charge to him. The charge alleged that on December 16, 2013 at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Georgetown, he assaulted Alancia Howard, a postal officer. The 47-year-old minibus driver, of Dowding Street, Kitty pleaded guilty to the charge. Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt told the court that the virtual complainant (VC) is a postal officer attached to Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPO) and previously shared a relationship with the defendant. He said that on the day

in question, the VC was on duty at Sandy Babb Street, when she was confronted by Shivnarine who told her that he cannot forget what she did to him. An argument ensued and he dealt her several cuffs about her face and body. According to the defendant, he was recently convicted for a similar matter against the same VC. He said on the day in question, after serving six months in prison, he asked Howard to return his NIS card and drivers’ licence, a request which she refused to fulfil. This angered the defendant and he assaulted the VC. He revealed to the court that the previous assault occurred after he caught Howard in a compromising position with a policeman. Shivnarine was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison.

Eyew tness Crocodiles and snakes... T Parliament he Speaker of Parliament expressed fears there might be “crocodiles and snakes” at the back of Parliament Building. That might very well be. But he should be even more concerned about the crocodiles and snakes INSIDE the chambers over which he presides. In fact, he can even be more specific and be worried about the “caimans and vipers” that sit in those hallowed halls. Since he’s such an admirer of Forbes Burnham, the founder leader of the PNC and the big daddy in APNU, he’d know that Burnham’s Presidential Standard had a huge black caiman lurking at the base of a palm tree. The message, of course, was that all his followers (who rallied to his standard) should see themselves like caimans when it came to politics. The black caiman is the largest member of the alligator family...and in fact is the largest predator in this part of the world. It’s a real nasty piece of work that shows no mercy to its prey. Now you can begin to appreciate the mindset Burnham inculcated in his followers. David Granger, of course, is a hand-picked acolyte who was placed in the most critical institution in a Third World state – the army.  Burnham wanted loyalty from this particular caiman – and he surely got it. In 1979, when Walter Rodney (Are we even going to have that Commission of Inquiry?) was making waves that lapped at the Kabaka’s feet, he placed caiman Granger at the head of that institution.  Burnham trusted this caiman. And the vipers? Well, this was the default mindset of all the other PNC  “creatures” (Hoyte’s term)  who couldn’t measure up to being a fullfledged caiman. A viper, as Guyanese would know, is a person who can’t help being treacherous to others who might’ve even helped him in the first place. Hence the phrase having a “viper in one’s bosom”. Burnham led the way on viperous treachery in which his followers followed. Brought into the PPP by Jagan, Burnham began plotting from day one as to how he could throw out Jagan and become the maximum leader. He finally split the PPP when he couldn’t have his way...and the PNC was born. The “caiman and viper” double whammy was exhibited as early as the ‘60s when the PNC literally devoured its erstwhile partner, the United Force. Nothing the PNC has done, since, has suggested any genetic engineering to alter its viperous genes. We wish the Speaker well in his mission to rid Parliament of these vicious, feral carnivores. action David Granger illustrated what we’ve just said about the followers of Forbes Burnham being “caimans and vipers”. The PNC/APNU’s actions last year, according to the new maximum leader, “prevented a government disaster”. Really??? So what did the opposition parties do last year? Well, for one, they whipped up that protest in Linden, which the Commission of Inquiry dubbed “illegal”. We guess the billions that went up in smoke (including a primary school that’s scattered the children like pollen) and three persons dead weren’t their “disaster” – which they could’ve prevented. It’s the same tactic that played out in the 1960s and 2000s. What a nest of vipers!! Then, of course, there’s the boast about chasing away investments in hydroelectric power generation (Amaila Falls), Specialty Hospital, hotels, airports... and any other project that would push Guyana’s production-possibility frontier by a quantum leap. From their perspective, of course, these projects would be “disasters”. APNU will never be voted into office, if they go through. 

...with monies The opposition parties’ve signalled they’re going after the president’s son’s qualifications for his ICT job. Their case would be more credible if they’d announced Aubrey Norton’s credentials for becoming principal of Critchlow Labour Institute’s school. Wasn’t this the fella who PNC Leader Desmond Hoyte had thrown out of the party for “conduct unbecoming...”?


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tuesday, January 14, 2014


Former policeman charged for taxi driver’s murder


ess than a week after a teenager and another man were charged for the murder of Rafael Campbell whose body was found at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara (ECD), an ex-policeman was on Monday also slapped with the same murder charge. Shawn Edinborough, 21, was remanded to prison by Magistrate Alex Moore when he made an appearance at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. He was not required to plead to the charge which stated that between January 2 and January 3, they murdered Campbell, 30, of Lot 33 Simpson Street, Beterverwagting, ECD. Campbell was found in a clump of bushes in Liliendaal, ECD, with a gunshot wound to his face and other injuries about his body. He will return to court on

Murdered: Rafael Campbell

February 14 with his two accomplices, Sean Collins, 16, of Charlestown and Michael Bishop, 21, of Albouystown, who were on Thursday last also arraigned with the murder of the taxi driver. The former policeman was arrested on Friday last while he was in the

vicinity of Water Street, Georgetown. Edingborough, according to reports, joined the force in 2012, but left a few months later after getting into trouble with senior officials. He was held at the CID headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, but was subsequently sent to the Sparendaam Police Station. The case file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Bibi Shalimar Ali-Hack, who recommended on Monday that charges be instituted against the ex-police. Based on reports, the suspects reportedly boarded the man’s car two Thursdays ago while they were on Camp Street and asked to be taken to Bel Air Gardens. Upon arriving at their destination, the man told them the fare but they

were in disagreement. This spurred an argument between them which led to the fatal shooting. After the incident, they panicked and reportedly drove the car to Liliendaal where they depose of the man’s body. The five young men are holding out that another person who is still at large committed the act. The teenagers were intercepted on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway last Friday during a routine road block and search. It was about 18:00h; the police ranks stopped and searched the black Toyota Premio with six youths inside. During the routine questioning, the driver who was not a holder of a driver’s licence, attempted to get away, but crashed the vehicle. He later made good his escape while the others were arrested.

Two people still feel cold, but dem feelin de heat too


eople from de hot countries like Guyana does run from de cold. Even people from dem cold countries does run from de cold. Dem does love to come to de hot countries and feel nice and warm. But it always got exceptions to de rule. It always got people who always wrong sided and always back to front. Dem is de ones who does always do de opposite of whah ever mek sense. Most of de times is just because dem ain’t got brains. And that is exactly de case wid one boss man who decide to tek a trip to de cold de other day. Well, he ain’t exactly decide by he self. That was decided fuh he well in advance. In fact, that bossman went wid a one-way ticket because he wasn’t sure if he woulda get to come back. So when every body runnin from de cold, he had to run to de cold. Of course, that boss man had to travel along wid he second boss man. Dem had to keep each other warm. Plus de second boss man had to write de mud news fuh de mud paper, as de boss man can’t write any ting. And imagine this is a man who always want to be like a former prezzie and now he want to be prezzie. After all, de boss man head big, but is only air deh between he ears…from a long time now. But de boss man and de second bossman was feelin cold long before dem reach de cold. And after coming back, dem feel more cold. So de boss man prayin to de almighty to keep he warm because de second boss man can’t keep he warm alone. That kinda cold whah de boss man feelin need a lotta heat. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Well, de real heat coming soon and de boss man already feelin de heat. He not only scramblin all he apron bank account to pay, he even raise de price fuh de mud paper!

ICT in ministerial spotlight in Grenada this week


aribbean Community (Caricom) ministers with responsibility for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will this week be preparing recommendations for the heads of government for the development of the sector. The ministers’ recommendations will come out of discussions in Grenada this week at the 48th special meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development. The prime minister of Grenada and Caricom lead head of government for science and technology, Dr Keith Mitchell will chair the proceedings on Friday, January 17 following discussions by sector officials on January 14-15. A presentation focusing on key growth and development objectives as identified by the community and the related challenges and opportunities in applying ICT as an enabler to meet these objectives will be made at the

meeting. There will also be a presentation on possible elements of a single Caricom ICT space. Such a space could use the resulting economies of scale to the region’s advantage, by developing an open and competitive Caricom business market, stimulating growth in the ICT sector, boosting competitiveness across the Caricom Single Market and Economy and promoting opportunities for research and innovation. Also down for discussion is the draft implementation plan (phase one) and progress to date of the Regional Digital Development Strategy, which was approved by the Community Council in June 2011 and finalised in December 2011. Attendees will also be invited to discuss and identify opportunities for linking similar or related projects as well as discuss next steps with regard to obtaining financial and technical assistance for regional ICT programmes.

11 News

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finance minister perturbed at APNU’s questioning of Alexei Ramotar’s competence

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh


inance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh is perturbed by the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for questioning the competency of head of the e-governance project Alexei Ramotar. In a statement on Sunday, Dr Singh among other things, said between the APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC), there is a collective effort to rid Guyana of all its human and financial resources. This, he said has become even clearer with recent events that are unfolding before the public. “So far we have seen the joint opposition’s consorted effort to chase away investors from Guyana. In less than six months, two major international investors, Muri Brasil Ventures and Blackstone

Group which pulled out of the Amaila project, were forced to walk away from doing business in Guyana as a direct result of opposition hostility. "As if chasing away investors is not enough to satisfy their lust for power afforded by their one-seat majority, they now move to attack and ultimately chase our human resources: our young qualified professionals working in government,” the minister charged. According to him, just months ago, the AFC waged a campaign to discredit the head of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) Dr Mahender Sharma, son of CN Sharma.

Odious copying

“Now APNU’s Joe Harmon is copying from his AFC’s friend playbook, by doing the same thing to Alexei Ramotar and the project he leads,” said Dr Singh. The finance minister said it is not by coincidence that Harmon and APNU chose to publicly question the merit of Ramotar, noting that this was strategically done because Alexei Ramotar is the son of President Donald Ramotar. He said Alexei Ramotar was hired in 2010, prior to his father’s run for presidential office and was deemed the most qualified for the job at that time. “Today, he remains one of Guyana’s most qualified

nel, politicians and policymakers alike, should support and encourage young professionals to remain and contribute to Guyana’s development and not attack them and render them collateral damage of personal political vendetta,” he said. The minister questioned how can Guyana attract qualified skilled personnel to stay when they are vilified, much the same like international investors, by the opposition.

ment of the project. Harmon’s first question is based on the cost overruns related to the E-Governance Project. Additionally, he is calling on the prime minister to provide the resume of Ramotar, the project coordinator, as it relates to his prior experience with fibre-optic cable installation, designing and management.


Political gains

E-Governance Project Coordinator Alexei Ramotar

in his field, with a master’s in computer science from the University of Waterloo, over a decade of work experience where he led numerous projects in his field, and several academic awards and publications,” said the minister. According to Dr Singh, APNU has called on government to provide jobs for young people and to utilise Guyana’s local human resources, “but when young professionals return to work for government in a field of expertise that is sought after internationally and are not paid at a competitive rate they otherwise would receive in developed countries, they are attacked and demoralised by the opposition”. “Therefore, at a time where there is a high global demand for skilled person-

He charged that the AFC and the APNU have made every effort to stagnate the development of Guyana for their personal political gains via their one-seat parliamentary majority. “In addition to chasing and vilifying investors and qualified young professionals, the joint parliamentary opposition has gone as far as to ensure Guyana is now internationally blacklisted by international financial institutions by their nonsupport for the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill. "These resentful and vindictive acts by the AFC and APNU are clear indicators

APNU MP Joe Harmon

that they have no intention to foster financial, professional or investor credibility for Guyana, and similarly have no intention of doing what is best for the good of this nation,” the minister said. Late last week, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds told this newspaper that he was more than happy that the APNU has concerns about the US$32 million project. Alluding to the fact that the project has suffered from extensive delays and now requires modification, APNU executive Joseph Harmon has tabled two questions in Parliament surrounding the delays and the manage-

The APNU Member of Parliament said there is clearly an issue of competence, emphasising that the project is two years behind schedule. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon had disclosed that the multibillion-dollar project, which includes the laying of fibre-optic cable from Guyana to Brazil, will be completed this year. The project was slated for completion since 2012 but had encountered a series of problems. While detailing the work completed thus far, Dr Luncheon said installation of the LTE system from Moleson Creek, Corentyne to Charity is progressing faster than the cable being installed between Lethem and Georgetown.


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Youman Nabi

Teachings of holy prophet continue Prophet’s birth FITUG extends Youman Nabi greeting to inspire all – first lady time for reflect to all Guyanese F T


he Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) has joined Muslims the world over in celebrating Youman Nabi, the birth of Prophet Mohamed, mankind’s shaper of history and spirituality. The umbrella trade union body in a release said on this special occasion, it recognises the teachings of the prophet having to do with peace, racial tolerance and wealth. Reportedly, the prophet taught that “we are all one and the difference in our complexion, language and culture are only a sign from Allah and a means of know-

ing one another”. FITUG said it is certain that the prophet would want his followers and all of humankind to behave in ways which stress all that is positive in all human beings. “From racial prejudice to the use of wealth, Prophet Mohamed utlised all his faculties – from birth to death – to teach messages of tolerance and co-existence – so necessary in today’s Guyana. “May Youman Nabi inspire reflection and consequent demonstrations of the founder’s teaching for Guyana and the world around us,” FITUG concluded.

irst Lady Deolatchmie Ramotar has extended joyous and holy greetings to all Guyanese, especially the Muslim community on the occasion of Youman Nabi. The first lady in a release said on this special occasion, a public holiday to mark the birth of Prophet Mohamed, that his teachings continue to inspire and direct the lives of all believers. “The rapid growth of Islam in recent times attest to the continued relevance of the teachings of this great religion and the tremendous impact the Holy Prophet Mohamed has had in distilling its truths and vir-

First Lady Deolatchmie Ramotar

tues to humanity. “As Muslims throughout Guyana observe the Youman Nabi, The Day of the Prophet, I wish to encourage them to reflect deeply and profoundly on his teachings and on example of his life, the quintessence of which is engraved with courage, humility, kindness and absolute and unconditional devotion to Allah. “May we all take example from the life of the Holy Prophet! May we all aspire to live our own lives with the same wholesome submission and obedience to God as did the Prophet Mohamed. Happy Youman Nabi!” the release concluded.

he Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) said it is now beyond repute – and dispute – that the Islamic Prophet Mohamed, is one of mankind’s most seminal and life changing figures. GAWU in a release saluted Guyana’s Muslim community, including hundreds of its own members, on the occasion of the birth of their prophet – Youman Nabi. “The celebration of a birth is always tinged with joy of hope, new beginnings, fresh starts and the advent of things to come. However, it is what actually transpires after a birth – that period until death – that we must concern ourselves with. “The history of the proph-

ecy’s birthd around AD served duri tury, the e used up on to do this. sound teach nitions of which schol ful study to serve his m GAWU said GAWU s the teaching with respect personal and The trad recent confli even the win hearts not change ences with and bombs, prophet tau


y 14, 2014 |

abi greetings

s birth anniversary as Rekindle inner light lit by the prophet – IRO reflection – GAWU

al rs it nd ic of nd

tuof cir

h of h of is fil n


ecy’s birthday is traced to around AD 570. First, observed during the 13th century, the earliest Muslims used up one whole month to do this. Later, it was the sound teachings and admonitions of Islam’s founder which scholars and the faithful study to meaningfully observe his momentous birth,” GAWU said. GAWU said it embraces the teachings of the prophet, with respect to the search for personal and universal peace. The trade union body said recent conflicts illustrate that even the powerful cannot win hearts and minds, cannot change people’s preferences with the force of guns and bombs, pointing out the prophet taught humility and

peaceful engagement is the way to understanding and mutual respect. “If there is one precept the followers of Islam can perpetuate, it is the pathway to peace. GAWU invites Guyanese Muslims to both disseminate and implement messages and techniques of peace. If peace is promoted and achieved – from the political and constitutional to the local and national – everything else our society needs can fall into place – increased production, security, investment and national well-being. May the celebration and worship on this glorious birth anniversary be used to engender and maintain Guyanese peace,” GAWU said.


he Inter Religious Organisation (IRO) on the occasion of Youman Nabi is urging all to follow the teachings of the holy prophet and rekindle their souls with the light lit by him. The IRO in a release has extended greetings to all Guyanese, especially to the Muslim community on this special occasion, and called for the strengthening of national unity by emulating the foot-steps of the holy prophet. Youman Nabi, which literally means “Prophet’s Day”, and referred to as Eid Milad-un-Nabi or Mawlidun-Nabi, is the celebration to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The occasion is celebrat-

ed on the 12th of third month of Islamic Calendar Rabi-ulAwal. From the point of view of Muslims, this date marks the most important event in the history of world. Muhammad is regarded as the chief of the prophets, the perfect man on whom the Holy Quran was revealed, the best exemplar and the greatest benefactor of mankind. He is the person for whom God had proclaimed: “Allah and his angels send blessings on the prophet. O ye who believe! You also should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace. [33:57] “ The extent of event, on this occasion, is restricted because of the fact that the same day marks his death

anniversary. On this occasion, public meeting are held in the mosques, where religious leaders make speeches on the different aspects of the life of this great man. “The stories of the prophet’s birth, childhood, youth and adult life, character, teaching, suffering and forgiveness of even his most bitter enemies, his fortitude in the face of general opposition, leadership in the battles, bravery, wisdom, preaching of his final triumph through God’s mercy over the hearts of people, are narrated in detail,” the IRO said. Salutation and song in his praise are recited. In some countries, streets, mosques

and public buildings are decorated with colourful buntings and pennants and are well illuminated at night. Devoted Muslims give large sum to charity. Feasts are arranged and rice and meat dishes are served to guests and also distributed among the poor. In some cities, large processions are also formed and people in jubilant moods chant verses in praise of the holy prophet. Some Muslims, however, do not celebrate his birthday or death anniversary as they believe celebrating birthdays and death anniversaries are not part of Muslim society. They instead hold meetings where speeches are made on different aspects of the life of the holy prophet.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


New Ombudsman sworn in

Concrete bridge donated to BV/Triumph NDC


Former Judge Winston Moore taking the Oath of Office of Ombudsman in the presence of President Donald Ramotar


ewly appointed Ombudsman, Justice Winston Moore was sworn in on Monday at the Office of the President and was assured of the government’s full support in the discharge of his duties. Moore, took the Oath of Office in the presence of the Head of State, Donald Ramotar, Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall, representatives from the legal fraternity and his family members. The president, in congratulating the new Ombudsman, said that this

post had been vacant for a long time and as such, some of its functions were being executed by the constitutional court. He urged the public to make full use of the services that this new office. Meanwhile, he also informed that his government is working aggressively to full the other constitutional posts that are still vacant. This process, he said, should be completed in the near future. The new Ombudsman, a former judge sought to clear up a few issues surrounding his office with regards to staffing and resources. He has

been working closely with the Public Service Ministry and has since submitted a list of requirements for the office to function effectively. He also informed that staffers who had worked at the office in the past were given an option to return and many of them have agreed. Moore said, “I have no qualms or misgivings about personnel or resources that will be provided.” Guyana has been without an Ombudsman for eight years. The last person who held this post was Justice Sheik Mohammed in 2005, a former Supreme Court Judge.

ormer Deputy Chief Education Officer Bibi Shariman Ali, on behalf of the Ali Family from Leonora, West Coast Demerara, constructed a bridge that would give access to the BV/Triumph Muslim Cemetery. This is a cemetery that is utilised by residents from Better Hope all the way to Annandale on the East Coast Demerara. Access to this cemetery was severely curtailed, with persons having to withstand unkind conditions to conduct the burial of their loved ones. The Ali family, which has contributed for more than 120 years to public service, embarked on this charitable project, the first in a series of projects like this to be executed in various communities. The family is pleased to have been able to make this contribution to society. Ali, who represented the family, noted that it is critically important for us to change our culture in the way Guyanese maintain our cemeteries as this is a representation of our collective neglect in the way we treat not only our deceased but also a great part of our history, which is sometimes sealed in the cemetery.

Former Deputy Chief Education Officer Bibi Shariman Ali, the mother of Minister Irfaan Ali, hands over the key to the bridge to the NDC chairman, while other members of the organisation look on

This cemetery is the home for quite a few Islamic leaders, and persons who have contributed significantly. It deserves a respectful burial place in their own community as a mark of respect and honour for the contributions they had made. The facility, though handed over to the NDC,

will be managed and maintained by a small committee. Ali made the presentation on behalf of her family: Mohamed Osman Ali, her husband and retired headmaster; Mohamed Aqtar Ali, her son; and Honourable Mohamed Irfaan Ali, her son and housing and water minister.

GWI disinfects Eccles water plant


he Guyana Water Inc (GWI) said it commenced a routine disinfection exercise at the Eccles Water Treatment Plant on Monday and is putting some of its East Bank Demerara customers on

alert. According to GWI, customers of Eccles, Bagotstown, Peter’s Hall, Nandy Park, Republic Park, Providence and Continental Park will notice the presence of chlorine in their wa-

ter supply that will last for the next three to four days. “This is not harmful to health and the exercise is meant to improve the quality of water provided to customers in the aforementioned areas.”

Youman nabi greetings continued


tuesday, January 14, 2014 |

Use the teachings of Prophet Muhammad to live better lives – PNCR


he People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) has extended Youman Nabi greetings not only to the Muslim community, but all Guyanese. In a message, the party said Youman Nabi or Mawlid al-Nabi or Eid-eMilad, fixed at the 12th day of the month of Rabi al-Awwal in the Muslim Calendar, is a celebration of the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The day is marked by sermons, recitation of litanies, honouring of religious dignitaries, gift giving, and a feast. The occasion also serves as a reminder that whatever trials and tribulations one face, the prophet of God faced even greater and yet he never allowed anger and hatred to determine his actions. According to the PNCR, it takes particular note of the fact that the Holy Prophet Muhammed has left a legacy of a religion that is universal in scope and purpose, which promotes an end to human suffering, disease and poverty. More particularly, this legacy is consistent with the promotion of peace and harmony and the rest of the world. “This legacy is important not only for the

spiritual development of this nation but also for its commitment to ending disease, poverty and backwardness and the promotion of harmony in Guyana. Guyanese can benefit from this legacy by using it as an instrument not only for the promotion of understanding among our various ethnic groups but also and more importantly for bringing a healing touch to the dilemmas and challenges which afflict the nation at the present time.” The PNCR said it is referring in particular to the spiralling drug culture, the scourge of violence and the spate of brutal murders, a situation which has scarred the social landscape and has earned a certain degree of regional and international disrepute. “The PNCR, therefore, wishes to suggest to the nation that as we reflect on the significance of the birth of the holy prophet, we take to heart the message and lessons of the doctrines of this great religion and use them as important instruments for improving our society in such a way that we can begin to see the end of the vicious cycle of violence and witness the creations of conditions for racial harmony, peace and the real development in Guyana.”

Let us emulate the life of Prophet Muhammad – AFC


he Alliance For Change (AFC) extends greetings to all Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of Youman Nabi, the observance of the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad. The teachings, life and work of the prophet are examples that millions around the world have followed faithfully and rewardingly and one that all Guyanese can emulate, the party said. The prophet’s commitment to the poor, widows and orphans, truth and justice are lessons which are relevant today as they were during the time of life of the prophet. “At a time when our women are being slaughtered and abused, we can do well to emulate the examples of Prophet

Muhammed in honouring our womenfolk. His humility and passion for justice remain relevant in a country where justice seems to be out of reach for so many. “As we strive to promote unity amongst ourselves and promote peace in our land, we must also find the courage to accept and respect each other’s cultures and religions to strengthen the fabric of our own nation.” The AFC hailed Prophet Muhammad’s life as an example of devotion, love, and sacrifice and urged all, whether they are believers or not, to join in celebrating the birth of this prophet whose teachings will live on forever as a shining example of how to live with oneself, and with each other.


tuesday, january 14, 2014



CreativeTT links with Vogue-Italia Universal approval greets new minister of mines


T will take a significant step in establishing key relationships in the international world of fashion. On January 26, the TT Creative Industries Company Ltd (CreativeTT) will warmly welcome editor/producer, Marilena Borgna and her team from Vogue-Italia magazine – one of the most influential fashion publications in the world, which enjoys a monthly readership of close to one million. Under the purview of the Trade, Industry and Investment Ministry (MTII),

one of CreativeTT’s critical objectives is to develop a fashion industry in TT and connect the country’s design talent to the international marketplace. As a first step toward this goal, CreativeTT confirmed Vogue-Italia to include TT in its Spring/Summer Issue, which will be published in May 2014, featuring a fashion layout photographed in locations throughout TT. In addition to this exclusive editorial photoshoot, the Vogue-IT team will view a designer showcase for editorial content by Borgna and

Vogue-Italia’s stylist, Giulio Martinelli, featuring clothing and accessory collections from both TT’s established designers, as well as the country’s newest talent, including graduates from the University of TT’s Fashion Academy. Additionally, this visit launches the first in a series of “building block” events and programmes. CreativeTT’s Industry Event for Fashion and Design, titled Masquerade will host VogueItalia with a “living lookbook” of TT’s designer collections. (Trinidad Guardian)

Wall Street falls on caution ahead of earnings


that may see growth stall. Almost 10 out of 11 earnings pre-announcements from S&P 500 companies lowered estimates, according to Thomson Reuters data. Various companies that cut forecasts on Monday, including SodaStream, Lululemon Athletica, Express Inc and Aaron’s saw their stocks get hit. “People have moved to the sidelines waiting for earnings to get a little more clarity,” said Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at

JonesTrading in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Fundamentals are going to have to support gains in the future,” he said, pointing to the gradual decline in the stimulus from the Federal Reserve that has pushed U.S. equities as an asset class higher. After the stellar year stocks had in 2013, “there’s no need to be aggressive in 2014 until the companies you care about have reported earnings and given you an all-clear,” said O’Rourke. (Reuters)


Volkswagen plans US$7B North America investment


erman carmaker Volkswagen has said it will invest US$7 billion (£4 billion) in North America over the next five years as it looks to boost its sales in the region. The firm will also launch a new sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the U.S. – one of its biggest markets – in 2016. It also reiterated its goal of selling a million Volkswagens and Audis – its luxury brand – in

the U.S. by 2018. Volkswagen has set its sights on becoming the world’s biggest carmaker by then. It is currently the world’s third-biggest manufacturer, behind Japan’s Toyota and U.S. carmaker General Motors. “As a group, we will be investing over US$7 billion in North America over the next five years,” said Martin Winterkorn, chief executive of

office last month and has reportedly been assigned to head Ethiopia’s diplomatic mission in one of the world’s emerging economies, Brazil. It would make Sinkensh the first Ethiopian ambassador to the South American nation. President of the Federal Supreme Court, Tegegn Meles, led the oath ceremony. Before securing the endorsement Tolossa had served as the state minister of mines since 2011. Government

Whip of the House, Roman Gebreselassie, presented the credentials of the newly appointed minister, whose nomination was endorsed with an absolute majority vote. After hearing Tolossa’s profile MPs praised the nominee during the discussion session. According to the profile presented before the House, Tolossa has spent all his educational career and working experience in the geological and mining sectors. (allAfrica)


Thailand protests highlight risks in Asia

North America .S. stocks fell on Monday on caution ahead of an onslaught of corporate results as negative pre-announcements pile up, leaving a lackluster profit growth outlook. Wall Street has seen a slow start to the year following a gangbusters 2013. After the S&P 500’s jump of almost 30 per cent last year, its forward price-to-earnings ratio is the highest in nearly seven years and investors are weighing the risk of paying such a premium for earnings


tate minister of mines and former chief of the Ethiopian Geological Survey, Tolossa Shagi Moti, has been sworn in as the new minister of mines before the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR). Upon the approval of the Council of Ministers, the prime minister presented Tolossa’s nomination for the House’s endorsement. He takes over from Sinknesh Ejigu, who resigned from her

Volkswagen. Volkswagen’s plans to boost investment in the region come at a time when the U.S. car market has been recovering from the slump seen in the years after the global financial crisis. Analysts expect 2013 to be the best year for the U.S. auto market since 2007, with total annual sales expected to reach nearly 15.6 million units. (BBC News)


rotesters surged into the streets of Bangkok Monday, closing major intersections and snarling traffic in an effort to force Thailand’s democraticallyelected prime minister from office. The protests, which have been gathering momentum for months, have agitated financial markets and weakened the country’s currency, underscoring the financial cost of political instability in

Asia. Markets were calm Monday, but Thailand’s benchmark stock index has plunged 14 per cent over the past three months. The Thai baht has plummeted to multi-year lows, dropping almost five per cent against the U.S. dollar over the same period. Exports have contracted, and the tourism industry – which contributes about seven per cent or roughly US$25 billion of the country’s GDP – has

taken a hit. The situation is likely to remain complicated as anti-government protesters have vowed to boycott elections scheduled for February 2, raising the possibility of further turmoil in a country prone to military coups. Organisers say the latest round of demonstrations in Bangkok, a city of 10 million, will include efforts to cut off electricity and water supplies to government offices. (CNN)

Middle East

Ajman Luxury Resort to open February 1


tarwood Hotels and Resorts has confirmed that Ajman Saray, a resort that will join its Luxury Collection, will open February 1. HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, crown prince and chairman of the Executive Council of Ajman, said the opening of the UAE’s first beachfront Luxury Collection hotel is a welcome addition to the emirate. “We feel that Starwood embraces and shares our vi-

sion of positioning Ajman as a distinguished destination for Arabian hospitality and exceptional service while remaining respectful of our rich heritage and natural beauty,” he said. “By attracting affluent international travellers, we expect Ajman Saray to set the benchmark for luxury hospitality in the region and to also contribute positively to the GDP and economic health of Ajman as a whole.” It marks the U.S. hospi-

tality giant’s first property in Ajman and could be a shrewd move as it enters a relatively less developed market, one that’s distinct from fiercely competitive Dubai and Abu Dhabi where Starwood already operates a plethora of brands. Ajman Saray becomes the third Luxury Collection property in the UAE, complementing Grosvenor House and Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. Opening rates are from Dhs1050 a night. (Gulf Business)



tuesday, January 14, 2014|

Guyana, UK sign anti-drug trafficking pact


t a time when the Guyana government is at odds with the United States over a multibillion-dollar governance programme, the Donald Ramotar administration on Monday signed on to a major agreement with the United Kingdom to fight rampant drug trafficking here. The agreement is seen as very significant, coming amid the standoff between Washington and Georgetown over the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) programme and given that the UK had withdrawn a £3 million security reform programme back in 2009.


According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release, the agreement reached on Monday will enhance cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking between the two countries. The agreement was signed by Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr Roger Luncheon and British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre. The agreement will also facilitate the deepening of ties between the law enforcement agencies of both

Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr Roger Luncheon and British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre signing the agreement at the Office of the President

countries, and provide significant technical assistance and training for Guyanese law enforcement personnel by the administration of the UK. Back in 2009, Guyana virtually walked away from the security reform programme, saying that aspects of the project threatened to encroach on Guyana’s sovereignty. However, the British contended that the Guyana government proposed a “fundamentally different” programme, focused on police modernisation rather than the holistic reform originally requested. The UK’s proposed project had aimed to build a sustainable foundation for improving national security and reducing serious crime in Guyana by 2011.

To this end, it spoke to the need for implementation of a national security plan and the security sector reform and to increase public confidence in government’s response to security issues. It had also explained that developing a national security policy, as well as establishing management and oversight structures and building capacity within the police force are all crucial to responding to serious crime. The proposal had set out almost three dozen activities with detailed milestones and specific timelines until 2011. Towards the development of the security reform strategy, the targets include a series of public stakeholder consultations and training to strengthen parliamen-

tary oversight, throughout the lifetime of the project. These were aimed at building government capacity for managing the reforms, developing a national security policy and a reform strategy, establishing accountability and oversight of the security sector, strengthening the professional standards and service delivery of the police force and establishing an effective structure for managing the reform project.


The proposal lists specific activities to be carried out in each area, ranging from the recruitment of staff, the design of legislative strategies, parliamentary programmes to public consultations and workshops. The proposal also had identified potential risks to these processes, including “weak” government and police force commitment to and ownership of holistic reform; the unwillingness of civil society to participate in consultations and/or consultations that are not inclusive and therefore compromised; and a lack of commitment by Members of Parliament (MPs) to their oversight role.

Touring cyclists recover stolen bike – to continue South American tour

Touring cyclists Soledad Sasia and Pablo Mercker


cycling tourist couple recovered one of their stolen bikes in Georgetown just as they were about to purchase a new one in order to complete their South American tour. Pablo Mercker and Soledad Sasia arrived in Guyana three weeks ago via Lethem and peddled to Georgetown arriving last Saturday. According to Merker, they arrived in the city and headed straight to the sea wall, because they “wanted to get as close as possible to the ocean”. They were camping there, but moved, after being advised that it was dangerous to camp there. They went to the Everest Cricket Ground which was in their minds a safer place since it was next to the police headquarters. Mercker said both cycles were secured and covered when they

retired to bed Saturday evening. “Both bikes were secured and covered, when we woke up on Sunday morning, her bike was gone and a camera,” he said. On Monday, a city businessman, in an effort to help, arranged to have the couple visit cycle stores with the intent of making a purchase. According to Mercker, in the process of doing so the lost cycle was found. “We saw this guy sitting on her bike so we ran up to him and ask where he got the bike from," he explained. The man was not arrested and made no fuss in handing over the cycle. “We have to rebuild the bike because we lost the racks and we need a couple of days to do that and maybe some adjustments to my bike,” Mercker said Mercker, a German, and Sasia, an Argentine, met three months ago in

Brazil. Sasia had started a trip around South America three years ago studying music and had visited Peru, Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil researching Afro music, while Mercker left Los Angeles in October 2012 on bike to tour Central America. His tour took him through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador until he got to Panama. “From Panama, I took a boat because there is no road that connects Panama with Columbia. From there, I continued riding along the coast into Venezuela. From there, I rode to Brazil where I met Soledad,” he said. He said she was planning on doing more research in Brazil, but he was able to convince her to come with him to Guyana and Suriname where there are many African descendants. “We also want to do some touring, as well as visit the museum and find out a little more about the different types of cultures in Guyana,” he said. Describing Guyana as very different from the rest of South America, Mercker said his ultimate objective was to get to know Latin America and visit Brazil for his 30th birthday. He added that after peddling for 8000 miles, he was forced to make his first tyre change while in Guyana. Those tyres, he said, cost US$1200 each.


tuesday, january 14, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) What you offer friends and family will bring you greater love, happiness and stability. Your skills and business sense will garner additional popularity and respect. Success is within reach.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) The more you can pack into your day, the better you will feel. Speak up and share your plans. There is an increase in your earning potential due to an unexpected change.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Your imagination and insight will help you suggest ideas that will raise your profile and enhance your reputation. Make an offer and enjoy the ride.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Control your emotions and protect your relationships with others. Anger is the enemy, and common sense your ally. Build a solid base and choose quality over quantity.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Secrets may cost you if you don’t participate in surrounding events. Offer your skills, courage and strength in order to turn an idea into a reality.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Network, share your thoughts and show your strengths. Speak from the heart and present what you have to offer with clarity and persistence. Prepare to celebrate.

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Avoid temptation. Overspending or excessive behavior will cause stress and worry. Concentrate on what you can do for others and how you can better build relationships with important people.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Raise your profile to ensure that you will be considered for a project that you really want to be a part of. You need to attract positive attention if you hope to be chosen.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) You’ll be criticised if you don’t finish what you start. Take a stance, even if you don’t feel prepared. Decisive action will help you overcome a stalemate.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Complete anything that has been left undone. An unusual change at home will turn out to be a creative and fruitful choice. Follow the path less traveled.

Monday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Keep talking until you get your point across. Your ideas are good, and your ability to bring about change will enable you to make a difference.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) You may be anxious to make a financial move, but proceed with caution. Revisit what’s happened in the past and make adjustments to avoid making the same mistake twice.

news 19

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Rohee blasts opposition’s stance on SWAT unit


ome Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has condemned the position taken by the opposition to discredit the establishment of a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) unit in Guyana. Rohee, who also serves as general secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), was at the time addressing reporters at the party’s weekly press briefing. The minister noted that the country is in dire need of the additional security. “I don’t see how the SWAT team would take anything away from the Guyana Police

Force. I see it contributing, not negativising anything,” he said. The PPP/C general secretary said the opposition parties have been fighting for improvement in the security sector and it is somehow strange that they are divorcing themselves from the idea. “What is even more contradictory is that you would read and hear them say, that the police must have the best in training that is available. The police must be up to scratch with what obtains in the 21st century,” said Rohee. Minister Rohee said the corps of officers of the SWAT

TEG Director, Ambassador Dennis Hays had hinted that the programme will be fully implemented by August of this year. Minister Rohee pointed out that the concerns of possible corruption has been taken into consideration and according to him, “when we come to that bridge we will cross it”. The minister, at the ceremony last year noted that the initiative was in keeping with global standards and that it was long on the cards for the government, which has national security among its priorities.

Wrong man arrested for Moraikobai murder


olice Public Relations Officer Ivelaw Whittaker on Monday confirmed that the perpetrator who brutally killed his teenager lover at Moraikobai Village, Mahaicony Creek, is still at large, claiming that the arrest was a clear act of mistaken identity. “The people in the village contacted the police reporting that someone that resembled the suspect was seen in the area and that they arrested him… the police, went into the village late on a Sunday evening and brought out the man but they subsequently learnt that it was not the suspect.” He reiterated that the

suspect is still at large and called on persons in the area to desist from harbouring the man since by doing so; they are committing an illegal act. The father of two allegedly shot 17-year-old Theiana Andrews of the Amerindian settlement after she requested that he leave her home and never make contact with her again. Andrews was shot once at close range to her left side chest with a shotgun. A post-mortem examination performed on the body of the teenager proved that she died as a result shock and haemorrhage due to gunshot wounds. Guyana Times understands that close to 21 shotgun pellets were recov-

ered from the teen’s body. It was reported that the teenager ended the relationship she once shared with the suspect, seven months ago after she found out that he was married and has children. He refused to accept that the relationship was over and continued to make contact with the teen on several occasions, but she would most times ignore his calls. On the fateful night, it was reported that everybody was asleep when the man unexpectedly visited the teen’s home and asked her father to see her. His wish was not granted and instead, he was asked to leave. The man was left standing and the teen’s

father reportedly went to purchase cigarettes. He explained that after buying the cigarettes, he was heading home and suddenly heard a loud explosion emanating from within the house followed by the frantic suspect running with a gun in his hands. The father attempted to retrieve the gun, but he was threatened and out of concern, he ran into the house only to find his daughter lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The injured teenager was picked up and rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, but unfortunately, she succumbed.

Nigeria outlaws gay relationships N igeria has outlawed gay marriage, public displays of same-sex relationships, and belonging to gay groups with the passing of a law that has sparked international condemnation. President Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abatim said on Monday that the president signed the bill because it was consistent with the attitudes of most people towards homosexuality in the west African nation. “I can confirm that the president has signed the bill into law,” Abati said, without specifying a date but adding that it happened earlier this month. “More than 90 per cent

Amnesty International has warned that the law could have “catastrophic” consequences for Nigeria’s gays of Nigerians are opposed to same-sex marriage. So, the law is in line with our cultural and religious beliefs as a people,” he added.  “And I think that this law is made for a people and what [the] government has done is

consistent with the preference of its environment.” Amnesty International urged Jonathan to reject the bill, calling it “discriminatory” and warning of “catastrophic” consequences for Nigeria’s lesbian, gay, bisex-

ual and transgender community. Under the terms of the law, anyone who enters into a same-sex marriage or civil union can be sentenced to 14 years in prison while any such partnerships entered into abroad are deemed “void”.  It also warns that anyone who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisations or who directly or indirectly makes a public show of a same-sex relationship will break the law. Punishment is up to 10 years in prison, it adds. “Only a marriage contract between a man and a woman shall be recognised as valid in Nigeria,” the law states. (Excerpt

from Al Jazeera)

India hails polio-free "milestone"

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team will come from the Guyana Police Force, who have had military training and the unit will also be controlled by that disciplined force. In October last year, Minister Rohee and the U.S.based security and justice reform consultancy firm, The Emergency Group (TEG), had signed a contract to this effect. The objective at the time was to create additional crimefighting strategies to deal with serious crimes in the country that are apparently beyond the scope of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

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More than 2.4 million volunteers vaccinate some 170 million children in India during every immunisation round


ndia is marking three years since its last reported polio case, a land-

mark in the global battle against the disease. It is seen as confirmation

of one of India’s biggest public health successes, achieved through a massive and sustained immunisation programme. India’s health minister hailed it as a “monumental milestone”. In 2012, the World Health Organisation (WHO) removed India from the list of polio-endemic countries. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria remain on it. The list refers to countries in which the virus is circulating freely and the transmission of the infectious disease has not been stopped. Despite India’s success,

health experts fear a resurgence of polio in other parts of the world. “This monumental milestone was possible due to unwavering political will at the highest level, commitment of adequate financial resources, technological innovation... and the tireless efforts of millions of workers including more than 23 lakh (2.3 million) vaccinators,” Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad told reporters. The WHO is expected to formally certify India’s poliofree status next month after testing its last samples. (Excerpt from BBC News)


tuesday, january 14, 2014

Hope’s XI prevail over Jacobs’ XI in CCC trial

Women’s Test, Australia v England, Perth, 4th day…

Shrubsole bowls England to 61-run win P A ustralia Women were left 61 runs short of their 185-run target as England Women took the five wickets they required for victory for the addition of just 24 runs, thereby sealing only their fifth Test win in Australia. Anya Shrubsole, strangely not brought into the attack until the eighth over of the morning, struck in only her second over to remove the key wicket of Ellyse Perry, caught at square leg for 31 hitting out at a ball she could so easily have left. Perry had hung around for 54 balls, but without her at the crease, victory for the hosts looked increasingly unlikely. Shrubsole, following her successful performance in the first innings, was once again the most dangerous England bowler today, as she bowled in tandem with Jenny Gunn on a pitch with inch-wide cracks and the two routed Australia’s tail. Shrubsole followed up the wicket of Perry in her very next over, removing Erin Osborne for a fourball duck after she chipped one straight to Danielle Wyatt (substituting for the injured Arran Brindle) at extra-cover. Gunn, brought into the attack to stem the flow of runs after a wayward few overs from Katherine Brunt and Kathryn Cross, was the next to strike, trapping Sarah Coyte lbw for 7. Australia were left at 106-8, on the

verge of defeat. Three overs later, Shrubsole struck again, removing Rene Farrell for a five-ball duck, with a fuller ball that went straight through and bowled her. That left Australia with the inexperienced Holly Ferling at the crease and Sarah Elliott attempting to retain the strike. The England fielders successfully put Elliott under pressure throughout her innings; she had a lucky escape on 17, just making her ground running to the striker’s end after a direct hit from Wyatt. Soon after, Brunt was brought back on to bowl and in her second over finished the job for England, bowling Elliott off an inside edge to the leg stump. Elliott was out for 29 and Australia were bundled out for 123. Resuming this morning on 57-5, the day had start-

ed well for the Australians, as Brunt and Cross, opening the bowling, struggled to find the right length. Brunt’s first over went for 11, including two fuller balls which were driven to the boundary by Perry. She was lucky, in fact, not to be called up for another waist-high full toss, and was removed from the attack after just one over. With the first three overs going for 24 runs, it was an ominous start for England, until Shrubsole put England into a winning position. Thanks to the new format, the Ashes are not in England’s hands just yet, with three ODIs and three T20s still to play. All the same, England are now 6-0 up on points, and it will take a monumental effort from Australia if they are to come back and win this series.


SCOREBOARD England Women 1st innings 190 Australia Women 1st innings 207 England Women 2nd innings 201 Australia Women 2nd Innings Villani c Sciver b Brunt 21 Lanning c S Taylor b Cross 15 Elliott b Brunt 29 Cameron c Knight b Cross 0 Blackwell c S Taylor b Cross 0 Fields st S Taylor b Gunn 13 Perry c Gunn b Shrubsole 31

Osborne c Sub b Shrubsole 0 Coyte lbw b Gunn 7 Farrell b Shrubsole 0 Ferling not out 5 Extras (2-lb) 2 Total (all out; 48.1 overs) 123 Bowling: Brunt 6.1-2-25-2, Shrubsole 14-4-48-3, Cross 14-5-35-3, Gunn 14-8-13-2 Fall of wickets: 28 (Villani), 40 (Lanning), 40 (Cameron), 40 (Blackwell), 55 (Fields), 99 (Perry), 99 (Osborne), 106 (Coyte), 109 (Farrell), 123 (Elliott)

laces in the Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) squad are apparently tight for the WICB NAGICO Super50 championship in Trinidad and Tobago from January 30 to February 16, but left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican again stood out with the ball in helping Kyle Hope’s XI to defeat Steven Jacobs’ XI by 24 runs on the DuckworthLewis method in the third CCC trial match. Playing in another rainaffected match at 3Ws Oval, Warrican, a former West Indies Under-19 team player, who has also turned out for Barbados in a couple firstclass matches in his debut season in 2012, took 3-24 off seven overs as Jacobs’ side, chasing a revised target of 164 in 35 overs, were limited to 139-8. Guyanese Jacobs, the newly-appointed CCC captain, topscored with 34 off 39 balls including four boundaries and one six. Dominican spinner Kavem Hodge picked up 2-29 off seven overs. The 21-yearold Warrican snatched four for nine off 8.2 overs in the first trial match and conceded just 17 runs from ten overs despite being wicket-less in the second. If he is left out of the 14man squad, it would be most unfortunate. Hope’s XI made 138-6 off 35 overs after winning the toss. Former CCC captain Kyle Corbin, who scored a century in the first Barbados trial match at Desmond Haynes Oval on December 10 but fell

Steven Jacobs

cheaply in the first two CCC trial matches, showed a return to form with the topscore of 49. He faced 64 balls and struck three sixes and two fours. Corbin and Trinidadian Nicolas Alexis added 69 off 91 balls including four sixes and two fours for the third wicket. Alexis scored 20, also off 64 deliveries, with one four and one six. Kesrick Williams, a fast bowler from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, took 2-17 off five overs and off-spinner Jacobs, 2-23 off six overs. The CCC squad is to be announced soon. (

SCOREBOARD Kyle Hope’s XI innings J. Brathwaite c wk Smith b Williams 6 S. Moseley c & b Williams 2 N. Alexis c Ramsaran b Jacobs 20 K. Corbin c Austin b Jacobs 49 N. Parris c wk Smith b Ramsaran 2 K. Hodge c Brooks b Clarke 7 K. Mayers not out 18 *K. Hope not out 17 Extras: (lb-2, w-11, nb-4) 17 Total: (for six wickets; 35 overs) 138 Fall of wickets 1-8, 2-18, 3-87, 4-94, 5-94, 6-109 Bowling: R. Reifer 3-1-5-0, Williams 5-1-17-2, Greaves 5-0-12-0, Austin 6-1-33-0, Jacobs 6-0-23-2, Ramsaran 6-1-24-1, Clarke 4-0-22-1

Steven Jacobs’ XI innings S. Thomas c wk Worrell b Sealy 18 A. Alleyne c Ferdinand b Mayers 5 J. Drakes c Brathwaite b Warrican 19 R. Reifer run out (Sealy) 5 S. Brooks b Warrican 13 *S. Jacobs b Hodge 34 F. Reifer c Brathwaite b Hodge 17 H. Henry b Warrican 7 J. Greaves not out 3 +J. Smith not out 0 Extras: (lb-7, w-8, nb-3) 18 Total: (for eight wickets; 35 overs) 139 Fall of wickets: 1-7, 2-34, 3-59, 4-60, 5-87, 6-116, 7-133, 8-138 Bowling: McClean 2-0-120, Mayers 3-0-14-1, Hodge 7-1-29-2, Sealy 3-0-15-1, Warrican 7-1-24-3, Holder 7-1-24-0, Parris 6-0-14-0

tuesday, january 14, 2014

Australian Open 2014...

Pooran slams hundred in T&T trial

Djokovic, Serena through A to second round Wawrinka said. “I was feeling good. I think it’s one of my best starts in a Grand Slam. I was moving well, playing strong, playing OK. I made some mistakes, but for the first match it’s never easy.”



Serena Williams

Novak Djokovic

efending champion Novak Djokovic overcame the stubborn resistance of Slovakian Lukas Lacko to reach the second round of the Australian Open. The Serbian second seed battled through the first two sets but cruised through the third to win 6-3 7-6 (7-2) 6-1. Women’s top seed Serena Williams thrashed Ashleigh Barty 6-2 6-1. Sixth seed Petra Kvitova lost 6-2 1-6 6-4 to Thai world number 87 Luksika Kumkhum, while Germany’s Julia Goerges beat seventh seed Sara Errani 6-3 6-2. Watched by his new coach Boris Becker, Djokovic required one hour, 50 minutes to beat the 96th-ranked Slovak. Djokovic, who is seeking his fifth Australia Open title, will next face Argentine Leonardo Mayer. “I know that I haven’t played my best, especially in the second set,” said Djokovic. “But credit to my opponent who was playing really nice tennis from the baseline. “On the other hand I was a little bit too passive in some stages of the match and was trying to find the proper, I would say, setting and proper balance and footing in the

court.” Williams took 57 minutes to overcome 17-year-old local hope Barty in the showpiece evening match. The American world number one, who is seeking an 18th major title, extended her winning streak to 23 matches. “I was so ready today because she’s such a good player with such a good future,” said Williams. “I would love to have a win here but there are so many tough opponents in the tournament so I have to come out and enjoy myself.”

Light work

David Ferrer, a semi-finalist in Melbourne in 2011 and 2013, made light work of beating Colombian Alejandro Gonzalez, taking just two hours and five minutes to reach the second round. Stanislaus Wawrinka, who lost 12-10 in the fifth set to eventual champion Djokovic in the fourth round in Melbourne last year, had no need for a marathon match on this occasion, with Andrey Golubev succumbing to a calf injury. “We never want the opponent to retire for injury, but that’s what happened,”

Dottin suspended; will miss tour of New Zealand


t John’s, Antigua- The West Indies Cricket Board on Monday announced that Deandra Dottin has received a suspension. This follows an incident during last year’s Women’s Tri-Nation T20 Series in Barbados. The charge was that under Rule No. 6 of the WICB’s Code of Conduct she did “engage in behaviour unbecoming that could bring the game of cricket into disrepute or be harmful to the interests of cricket.” On December 16, 2013 Dottin met with the WICB’s Disciplinary Committee where on review of the presentations and evidence presented to the Tribunal she was found guilty of the charge. The WICB’s Disciplinary Committee confirmed that she has since offered an apology for her actions. Miss Dottin has been sentenced as follows: (1).  That between January and February


2014 she undergoes evaluation, followed by a continued counselling programme; (2).   That she undergoes continuing monitoring for a year, and that periodic reports from her counselling sessions be sent to the Disciplinary Tribunal and the WICB; (3).   That she miss the upcoming tour of New Zealand tour in February and March and (4).   That she is allowed the opportunity to meet with her two biggest cricketing idols as a means of mentorship. Miss Dottin is one of the leading cricketers in the women’s game. She was Player-ofthe-Series during last year’s Women’s Tri Nation T20 Series which the West Indies won. The 22-year-old became the first woman to make a century in T20 cricket when she blasted a record 112 not out for West Indies Women against South Africa Women in St Kitts during the 2010 ICC Women’s World T20 Tournament.

After beginning the year by reaching the final of the ASB Classic in Auckland, Venus Williams was hopeful of putting recent injury problems behind her. She began well, breaking her opponent’s serve three times in taking the first set, but Ekaterina Makarova responded to take the second. Williams led 3-0 in the decider but 21 unforced errors in the set proved her undoing. “My level was a little bit too up and down. Obviously my error count was a little high,” Williams said. “I have to give her a lot of credit, though, she was very determined and played hard.”

fter missing out on a place in the Trinidad and Tobago Super50 squad, teenage wicketkeeper-batsman Nicholas Pooran made a strong case for his inclusion in the four-day squad after slamming a chanceless unbeaten 130 on the final day of the second T&T Cricket Board three-day trial match at the National Cricket Centre in Balmain, Couva, on Sunday. Pooran created a buzz with his big hitting in last year’s Limacol Caribbean Premier League Twenty20, slamming 54 off 24 balls with six sixes and one four to draw the attention of the commentators during his first match in the tournament against the Guyana Amazon Warriors. On Sunday in Couva, the left-handed batsman had a similar type innings for the Yannick Ottley XI against the Jason Mohammed XI. He reached his half-century off 58 balls before getting to triple figures off 96, as he guided the Ottley XI to 459 all out in reply to the Mohammed XI first innings of 276 all out. Batting a second time, the Mohammed XI reached 161-6 to earn a draw with all-round-

Nicholas Pooran

er Daron Cruickshank hitting 78 off 69 balls and Steven Katwaroo making an unbeaten 25 off 68 balls. When the Ottley XI resumed their innings from an overnight position of 228-5, West Indies pacer Shannon Gabriel quickly removed the overnight batsmen--Yannick Ottley, bowled for 15, and Imran Khan, lbw for one. They slipped to 240-7 when Pooran and Emrit— who were both part of the T&T Champions League T20 squad last year—came together. Pooran, smashed 11 fours and four sixes and faced a total of 125 balls during his two and a half hours in the middle and shared a 154-run stand with Emrit to put the Ottley XI in

the lead. Emrit, who recently returned to action following a shoulder injury, scored 72 before he retired hurt. His half century came off 61 balls with seven fours and three sixes. T&T coach Kelvin Williams said that Emrit came off as a precaution and said that it was nothing to be concerned about. Speaking about the performance of the batsmen, Williams said: “I am quite pleased with what I have seen so far and it was what exactly what we asked for after what went on in last trial match last weekend. It is nice to see runs on the board and it was quite pleasing for us.” Commenting specifically on Pooran’s knock, Williams said, “I thought he batted extremely well. It was one of the better innings I have seen from the player and when you look at it, yes it was more than a run a ball but at the same time he took his time to build the innings and he played within his limitations. I think it shows the kind of talent that the young man has and what he is capable of and I think he will move from strength to strength.” (


tuesday, january 14, 2014

Fudadin, bowlers set up Ronaldo takes Ballon d’Or big win for National XI R N ational middle-order batsman Assad Fudadin scored a patient half-century before the bowlers buckled down to a tight line and length to guide the National XI to a commanding 150-run victory over a Rest combination in the third practice match on Monday at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) ground, Bourda. The warm-up game was the third of six for the senior national cricketers, who are preparing to compete in the West Indies Cricket Board’s NAGICO Super50 tournament, starting January 30 in Trinidad and Tobago. Batting first, the National XI racked up 230-7 from a reduced 42 overs with Fudadin, who opened the batting, enjoying his time in the middle, hitting a top score 70 from 111 deliveries. Fellow left-hander and vice-captain of the Guyana team, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, stroked 41 before national skipper Christopher Barnwell

launched a blistering assault during the closing stages of the innings, smashing 41 off just 16 balls with four fours and three sixes. West Indies A team batsman Leon Johnson (28), opener Trevon Griffith (12) and wicketkeeper Anthony Bramble (10*) were the other batsmen to reach double figures. Earlier, former West Indies captain Ramnaresh Sarwan was dismissed without scoring. Bowling for the Rest Team, fast bowlers Keon Joseph, who was surprisingly left out of the 14-man touring squad was again among the wickets, taking 3-46. His opening partner, left-arm fast bowler Andre Stoll, claimed 2-27, while spinners Amir Khan and another surprise omission from the national squad Zaheer Mohamed had 1-18 and 1-46 respectively. The National XI bowlers then dominated with the ball to skittle the Rest Team for just 80. Rajiv Ivan top scored with 47, while Robin

Bacchus, who is the lone new face in the national squad, made 10. Paul Wintz (3-14), Ronsford Beaton (2-17), Devendra Bishoo (2-12), Royston Crandon (2-16) and Barnwell (1-21) were the wicket-takers for the winning team. The fourth practice match is scheduled for Friday at the same venue. Meanwhile, Guyana’s 14-man squad for the tournament reads: Robin Bacchus, Trevon Griffith, Leon Johnson, Shivnarine Chanderpaul (vice-captain), Narsingh Deonarine, Christopher Barnwell (captain), Ramnaresh Sarwan, Royston Crandon, Assad Fudadin, Anthony Bramble (w/k), Devendra Bishoo, Veerasammy Permaul, Ronsford Beaton and Paul Wintz. The Guyanese will be hunting their 10th regional 50-over title, having last won in 2005. Prior to that, Guyana won the title in 1980, 1983, 1985, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2003. (Rajiv Bisnauth)

Hawaiian Arctic eyes more success with Guyanese cricketers


resident of Hawaiian Arctic Cricket Club (HACC) Narchand Mohan is eyeing more success in 2014 and they have already begun preparations for this year’s season in the continuation of the Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA) limited-over competition. After being triumphant in the Premier League for an unprecedented four successive years, Mohan is highly optimistic that his side will emerge as a champion again later this year given the fact they have been using the indoor facility to fine-tune any technical faults. He strongly believes in hard work and total commitment and once his players can show the same work ethic, lifting the trophy will be nothing difficult. The club has been in existence for 20 years now and the achievements have been dedicated to several founding members who demonstrated great leadership skills and the passionate willingness to succeed. “I want to applaud each and everyone for accomplishing this momentous task and they have proven that through perseverance, hard work, and determination and that is why success [is] inevitable,” Mohan mentioned. Having held on to the trophy since 2010, the long-serving president declared that a number of seasoned cricketers have contributed significantly in both departments of the game and they must be commended for their effort. Former West Indies oneday all-rounder Royston Crandon has been a member of the team over the past three years, while Guyana’s fast bowlers Trevon Garraway

Royston Crandon

and Keon Joseph have also featured in the team. Ex-Guyana and West Indies Under-19 opening batsman Hemnarine Chattergoon also played a pivotal role for the club during the period of domination, while his younger brother Harrinarine Chattergoon, who represented Guyana at the youth level, was attired in the club’s colours last year. Wicketkeeper/batsman Azib Ally Haniff, who played for Guyana at the senior level, is among the established players of HACC’s success.


“Obviously, with the presence of these players we can be confident of doing well and with the other members over the years their sacrifices and dedication have placed them at the pinnacle of the SCA and their continuous achievements will surely serve as an inspiration for others, so it has been a privilege and honour to be the president of this unique club for the past 20 years,” Mohan highlighted. Notably, in last year’s one-sided final, HACC humiliated Bawa XI by a comprehensive ten-wicket margin,

compliments of Garraway’s destructive spell where he picked four wickets for six runs to help bowl out the oppositions for 25 runs. In 2012, they beat Victoria Park Cricket Club, while in 2011 and 2010, defeats went to East West XI and Panoli Cricket Club respectively. Secretary and player of the club, Eon Gunraj was very delighted to say that his team played positive cricket over the years and deserved all the trophies. He reserved special accolades for the overseas cricketers and for their vital contributions towards the success of the club. “I would like to thank all the players for their input in all aspects of the game and these performances are admirable and I am confident we will make it five in a row; I would also like to thank all of the members and supporters for their contributions, commitments and the sacrifices they have made and hope together we can accomplish more success in 2014 with five titles in succession,” the Guyanese Gunraj related. At last year’s presentation ceremony, the entire team was a given a diamond (artificial) ring for their winning display while many players received other wards for their outstanding, individual performances. At the night’s activity, Consul General to Toronto for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. VidyaTotaMaharaj was in attendance and praised the work by the club while several other cricket personalities expressed similar sentiments. (

eal Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich to win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or. The Portugal captain, 28, was named as the world player of the year for the first time since 2008 by national coaches, captains and journalists. Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer won the women’s world player of the year. Former Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes picked up the coach of the year accolade. Ronaldo claimed the award with a total of 1,365 points, ahead of Messi (1,205) and Ribery (1,127), with the votes cast by 184 coaches, 184 national captains and 173 members of the global media. Messi, 26, had won the award for the last four years, however Ronaldo had been viewed as the front-runner this time after scoring 66 goals in 56 games in 2013 for club and country. They included a sensational hat-trick for Portugal against Sweden in their World Cup qualifying playoff second leg, which sealed a place in the finals in Brazil. “First of all, I have to say a great thanks to all of my team-mates with the club and the national team,” Ronaldo said as he cried dur-

ing his speech. “Without all of their efforts this would not have been possible. I am very happy, it is very difficult to win this award. “Everybody that has been involved with me on a personal level, I have to thank. My wife, my friends, my son. It is a tremendously emotional moment. All I can say is thank you to everybody that has been involved.” Women’s player of the year Angerer, 35, saved two penalties in Germany’s 1-0 win over Norway in the 2013 European Championship final and was named player of the match. “I have to say that I’m a little surprised, but very thankful,” the Brisbane Roar goalkeeper said. “You never get a success like this on your own. I have to thank my team-mates and my goalkeeping coach who raised me to a level that I never thought I’d get to.” German national manager Silvia Neid won the women’s coach award, while Heynckes, who retired at the end of the last season after guiding Bayern Munich to a historic treble , said: “Maybe 10 years ago, I wouldn’t even have dreamt of this. I am humbled and happy to be standing here.” The Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur was awarded to Brazil legend and threetime World Cup winner Pele . “I promised to my family that I would not cry but I am

emotional,” he said. “I got so many trophies and prizes but I was jealous of all of those guys who got the Ballon d’Or, which I couldn’t get because I didn’t play in Europe. Now I thank God that I can complete my trophies at home.” The Puskas Award for goal of the year went to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for his 30-yard overhead strike for Sweden, his fourth goal of the game, against England in November 2012. Former president of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge won the Fifa presidential award, while the Afghanistan Football Federation won the fair play accolade for the strides they have made advancing the game in the war-torn country. It emerged afterwards that neither Ronaldo or Messi voted for the other in their top three. The Portuguese selected Radamel Falcao for first place, followed by Gareth Bale and Mesut Ozil, while the the Argentine opted for Barcelona team-mates Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Neymar. England manager Roy Hodgson chose Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Robin van Persie as his top three, while captain Steven Gerrard picked Ronaldo, Messi and Liverpool team-mate Luis Suarez. (BBC Sport)

Arsenal jump to top of Premier League

The victory carries Arsenal to the top of the Premier League


rsenal leapfrogged Manchester City and Chelsea to return to the top of the Premier League with a 2-1 victory at Aston Villa. It was a win that was, for the most part, comfortable in the extreme as goals from Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud inside a minute in the first half gave Arsene Wenger’s team the lead their superiority fully deserved. Villa had spent much of the game chasing shadows and being outclassed but finally managed to give the visitors some anxious moments when Christian Benteke scored his first goal since 14 September with a diving header 14 minutes

from time. The Gunners held on for what was a vital, and deserved, win as they extended an unbeaten record at Villa Park to 15 matches stretching back to December 1998. And there was further good news, especially with Theo Walcott ruled out for the rest of the season, as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain returned for the first time since the opening day as a late substitute after recovering from a knee problem. Oxlade-Chamberlain came on for another substitute, Tomas Rosicky, who suffered a nose injury in a challenge with Gabriel Agbonlahor. If Wenger had any com-

plaints on a night when the Gunners went a point clear at the top of the table, it will be that they did not turn their dominance into more goals and somehow allowed Villa the chance of an unlikely point in an uncomfortable spell near the end. The hosts, meanwhile, only came to life when it was too late and manager Paul Lambert must somehow find a way of injecting confidence into a side desperately needing the menacing figure of Benteke to regain last season’s form. It was all a far cry from the opening day of season when Villa left The Emirates full of optimism after beating Arsenal 3-1. (BBC Sport)

tuesday, january 14, 2014

Local marksmen in training W

ith the aim of assisting in the growth of rifle shooting locally and improving the abilities of the country’s riflemen, the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) in partnership with the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), is presently conducting a twoweek training stint for local marksmen. The training is being conducted by Great Britain’s rifle shooting coach, Ian Shaw, who on Monday said that he is pleased with the progress of the riflemen to date. The sessions, which will cover all areas including team building, are aimed at improving the overall game of the each individual, as well as Guyana’s rifle shooting team. “What we are looking to do is to look at individual performances of shooters and also look at the team as a whole and to address areas which need work that were already identified,” Shaw said on Monday at a press conference hosted by the GNRA at Olympic House on High Street, Georgetown. According to Shaw, the individuals are keen to learn which he said is very heartening for the success

of the sport here. While Shaw did not go into the different techniques the marksmen are part of, he pointed out that the shooters went through their paces on the electronic Scatt Training System. This system, according to Shaw, analyses every element of what the shooters are doing and they’ve been looking at how they can make small improvements which overall would make vast improvements over time. Speaking also at the press conference, president of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), K.A. Juman Yassin, said rifle shooting for Guyana will be a very important component at the Commonwealth Games. “We have been doing well in rifle shooting and [we] hope that with the input with Mr. Shaw that our team would be able to rise higher than what they have been doing,” Yassin said. Yassin is also looking forward for more cooperation from other members of the Great Britain rifle shooting team. Meanwhile, national captain Mahendra Persaud expressed profound gratitude to GOA for the making the training a reality. (Rajiv Bisnauth)

Jamaican sprinter Powell to appear before anti-doping panel


Asafa Powell

printer Asafa Powell will appear at a Jamaican Anti-Doping Committee disciplinary hearing today. The former 100m world record holder, 31, tested positive for the banned stimulant oxilofrine at the national championships in June. Training partner Sherone Simpson tested positive for the same stimulant but denied being a “cheat” at her hearing. Powell was one of several witnesses to testify at Simpson’s hearing, which was adjourned until 4 February. The pair are among five

Jamaican athletes who failed drugs tests at the national championships. Discus throwers Allison Randall and Traves Smikle and highjumper Demar Robinson had their disciplinary cases heard last month. Powell and Simpson, who won silver in the 4x100m relay at the London Olympics, have been provisionally suspended since the positive tests were confirmed and missed the World Championships in Moscow last August. They both blamed the positive tests on a new brand of nutritional supplements given to them to them by a recently hired physical trainer, Canadian Chris Xuereb. Xuereb has said he did not give Powell and Simpson any performance-enhancing drugs and only purchased major-brand vitamins, claiming in July that “both athletes are clearly looking for a scapegoat”. Powell was the last man to hold the individual 100m world record before compatriot Usain Bolt broke it in 2008. He later helped Jamaica win 4x100m relay gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. (BBC Sport)


CONCACAF introduces antiracism protocol for matches


O N C A C A F ’ s Executive Committee has passed a comprehensive protocol for dealing with racist incidents during matches in CONCACAF tournaments, which enters into force with immediate effect. The protocol outlines a three-stage method for dealing with any serious racist and/or discriminatory behaviour in football stadiums, such as racist chants, insults, screams and banners. “We congratulate our 41 member associations for safeguarding a culture of diversity within football. Even though the history of CONCACAF shows a great track record when it comes to diversity on the field, the Confederation is committed to creating standards to continue promoting good practice across the region,” said CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb. Under the protocol and as a first phase, when a ref-

eree becomes aware of serious racist and/or discriminatory behavior committed in a stadium, he or she shall first stop the game and order a stadium announcement urging the behavior to cease. As a second phase and if the behavior continues, the referee shall suspend the game for 5-10 minutes and send the teams to the dressing room while another stadium announcement is made. Finally, and if the behavior continues, the third phase shall consist, as a very last resort, in the referee declaring the match abandoned. CONCACAF will provide training to Integrity Officers, Match Commissioners and Referees to assist in monitoring for incidents during high risk games. However, referees will ultimately be responsible for implementing the approved protocol during each game played throughout the Confederation’s tournaments. Regardless of whether a game is declared

Jeffrey Webb

as suspended or abandoned, CONCACAF’s Disciplinary Committee will still establish whether disciplinary measures should be imposed to sanction the undesirable incidents. “The procedure outlines a clear and precise approach of zero tolerance for racist or discriminatory incidents that may arise during matches,” said Webb, who is also Chairman of the FIFA AntiRacism and  Discrimination Task Force. “By safeguarding the basic principle of respect amongst all individu-

als in our stadiums, we hope to make sure that nothing steers the focus away from the talent displayed by our players during each game.” This protocol is part of the Confederation’s Embrace Diversity campaign, launched during the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which will include strong educational initiatives throughout 2014 and beyond. Sessions on awareness of diversity and discrimination issues will be included in CONCACAF’s ongoing grassroots development courses and other training for coaches, referees and officials across the region, starting with the program in St. Lucia on January 25. The Embrace Diversity campaign was created to provide a strong, recognized, effective and influential voice to promote inclusion and tolerance within the football community and society. (CONCACAF)

tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business


Fudadin, bowlers set up big win for National XI

See story on page


See story on page

Assad Fudadin gathers runs on the off-side during his top score of 70 INSIDE TODAY’S SPORT

CONCACAF introduces antiracism protocol for matches


Christopher Barnwell was at his destructive best, hitting 41 off just 16 balls

Local marksmen in training See s to on pa ry ge

Ronaldo takes Ballon d’Or




A tearful Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or award

Great Britain’s rifle shooting coach Ian Shaw (left), national captain Mahendra Persaud (center) and president of the GOA K A Juman Yassin, at Monday’s press conference (Photo: Rajiv Bisnauth)

eal Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich to win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or. The Portugal captain, 28, was named as the world player of the year for the first time since 2008 by national coaches, captains and journalists. see full story on page 22

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