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Friday, January 24, 2014

Minister Ganga Persaud resigns

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Jamaican national wanted for woman’s death


Opposition P7 says too late now for budget talks Cliff Anderson Sports Hall not a slaughter- P7 house – Dr Anthony

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Students of Queen's College perform a choral piece at its Speech Night and Prize-giving Ceremony Wednesday evening

Tourism Ministry Harding’s probe rolls out 2014 findings for DPP review plans See story on page 9

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Finance P9 minister secures parliamentary approval for supplementary spending Comfort Sleep fires were P10 maliciously set

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friday, January 24, 2014|

Local Govt Minister Ganga Persaud resigns I

n what could be viewed as a surprise move, Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud on Thursday announced that he had tendered his resignation, citing personal reasons and additional responsibilities. “I, Ganga Persaud, do hereby announce my resignation as minister of local government and regional development with effect of January 31, 2014,” the minister, who was appointed in December 2011, said in a press statement. “My resignation as minister of local government and regional development is based on personal issues presently engaging my attention, as well as some additional responsibilities to which I am committed,” he explained. It was a pleasure to serve in the capacity of minister, Persaud said, as he extended gratitude to President Donald Ramotar for invest-

ing confidence in him to execute his ministerial duties. Reflecting on his tenure, he opined that the ministry would have made tremendous strides. According to Persaud, he has worked to strengthen the Local Government Department, centrally and regionally. He pointed out that the Local Government Department now gives support to neighbourhood democratic councils (NDCs) and municipalities across the country. “I am extremely proud that together we, at most times, worked as a team to achieve all that have made us proud” he posited. The local government minister expressed gratitude to the junior Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker, the ministry’s permanent secretary Collin Croal, personal assistant Chitra Singh and confidential secretary

Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ganga Persaud as he took the oath of office (GINA photo)

Geetanjali Curicca among others. As he demits office, Persaud has pledged his continued support to the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) government. “I wish to reiterate my full confidence in His Excellency,

Mr Donald Ramotar’s ability to lead our country to greater heights and bring more opportunities for success to all Guyana. His Excellency’s leadership styles are admired by many and I am always amazed at the ease with which he deals with is-

sues, particularly delicate and sensitive issues.” He has also offered his commitment to work with the PPP/C during the staging of the next general and regional elections, with the primary objective of reclaiming the majority in the National Assembly. Persaud was among 19 ministers appointed as Cabinet members by President Ramotar on December 5, 2011. Previously, he served as the permanent secretary of the Legal Affairs Ministry, Education Ministry and the Local Government Ministry respectively.


After the news broke, Opposition Leader David Granger said while the resignation came as a surprise, Persaud had done much damage. In an invited comment to reporters, Granger said: “I’m quite clueless. We know that the local government elections are in the offing and we know that Minister

Rohee has been made general secretary of the party, but I don’t have a clue why Mr. Persaud would go off at this time.” He said politically “we felt that he had done a lot of damage to the local government system whilst he was the point man in dismantling the neighbourhood democratic councils and installing IMCs [interim management committees], so he has done a lot of damage.” As a possible replacement for Persaud, Granger suggested Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. In the National Assembly on Thursday, Persaud’s absence was noted. He was scheduled to move a motion for the second reading of the Local Government (Elections) Amendment Bill 2014. The bill was designed to amend the Local Government Authorities (Elections) Act to provide for the postponement of elections for councillors of local democratic organs. It was read for the first time on January 16, 2014.

Jamaican national wanted for woman’s death


he Guyana Police Force on Thursday issued a wanted bulletin for Jamaica national 37-year-old Anthony Lloyd Neville Morrison for questioning in relation to the death of his countrywoman Beverley Anesta Gardner who was found in a city hotel on Wednesday morning. Gardner was found in one of the rooms of the New York Car Wash and Hotel, Camp and Princes streets, Georgetown after the owners became suspicious and contacted the police. Upon arrival, the police ranks went into the room and discovered the woman’s lifeless body. There were no mark of violence immediately evident, and investigators suspected that she might have been poisoned or suffocated. The woman reportedly arrived in Guyana a few weeks ago and checked in at the hotel with her partner who has since disappeared.

Wanted: Anthony Lloyd Neville Morrison

An autopsy is expected to be performed on the body today. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Anthony Lloyd Neville Morrison is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2227, 226-7065, 227-1149, 911 or at the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.



friDay, January 24, 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, January 24 from 10:30h to 12:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, January 24 from 09:30h to 11:00h


Private sector upbeat ahead of budget talks

Weather: Thundery showers are expected to prevail during the day over coastal regions and near inland locations. Partly cloudy skies can be expected during the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius. Wind: East north-easterly between zero and 3.33 metres per second. High Tide: 10:02h and 22:40h reaching maximum heights of 2.37 metres and 2.28 metres respectively. Low Tide: 03:30h and 16:07h reaching minimum heights of 0.89 metre and 0.86 metre respectively. PSC Chairman Ronald Webster By Michael Younge


Wednesday, january 22, 2014


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rivate Sector C o m m i s s i o n Chairman Ronald Webster is “upbeat” ahead of scheduled talks between the commission and the government about the 2014 national budget, which is to be presented to the National Assembly before the end of April. Webster told Guyana Times during an interview on Wednesday that while talks have not yet begun, he is optimistic that they will be as cordial and productive, as the consultations which have occurred over the past few years. Questioned on when the talks are scheduled to commence in light of the fact that the budget must be in an advanced stage of preparation, Webster responded “very shortly”. “What we’re looking for is an exchange of ideas... and we will be seeking clarifications on some issues related to the past budget,” Webster informed this pub-

lication. When pressed further on what issues may be discussed, he declined to speak in a detailed manner. However, he later stated that there were some concerns about pensions and pension funds, but fell short of explaining the scope of these concerns and their direct relations to the proposals that the private sector would make when it meets Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh. Webster added that the commission was concerned about the investments lost last year and was positioning itself to exchange views on a budget that could address these issues with the government. “One of the major issues will have to be incentives for investments. We have lost a lot of ground last year. We need to change the environment and bring investment into the country,” he declared.

issue that the commission missed, the chamber would raise it. Speaking broadly, Urling alluded to the need for the talks to centre on the expansion in consumer spending, new initiatives to tackle the cost of living, tariffs on imported meats and other bread-and-butter issues.


He advised that the talks may also focus heavily on the need to beef up both internal and external security, given the crime situation and several recent developments on the borders.

Infrastructural development

Guyanese can also expect discussions between the two sides about construction of the much-discussed deep-water harbour and a renewed attempt to push government to make more investments in infrastructural development. Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Clinton Urling has also expressed his team’s willingness to work along with the other private sector body, as has traditionally been the case, in arguing the case for several things to be included in the budget. He said if there was any

GCCI President Clinton Urling

Tax reform was another issue that the chamber president hopes would be given comprehensive attention this year. Asked to comment on the situation involving the bickering between the government and the opposition over the talks and the fact that a stalemate would be the end result of no discussions, Urling said the current state of affairs was

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh

expected. “Look, it’s almost become expected. I am normally an optimist, but this year, I had to be cynical... based on what I’ve seen last year in terms of the performance or the inability of both sides to reach to a centre position and compromise on various important issues, which can affect the economic and social development.” “I knew there would have been complaints and excuses from both sides as to why the negotiations are not happening,” he told Guyana Times on Wednesday. He pressed the need for a change in the status quo and urgent meetings to address the concerns of the opposition and government, warning that there is much to be lost if the budget is cut yet again. “So this does not bode well for the economy and does not bode well for Budget 2014. I expect again to see the opposition cutting the budget and this leading to lock-jams this year,” he warned.


friday, January 24, 2014

Views Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Syria’s neighbours T

he Syria crisis has dominated the international news agenda for some months now, not only because of the number of twists it is taking, but the kind of impact it is having on that part of the world. Over the past few months, experts have started to focus on the huge impact the crisis is having on neighbouring countries as a result of the thousands of refugees fleeing to those shores and how they can best tailor their national responses. According to the United Nations (UN), the Syrian crisis involves the largest forced movement of people since the end of World War II. It has forced 2.3 million people to flee Syria into neighbouring countries. Most of them (80 per cent) do not live in refugee camps, but amid host communities, severely impacting social cohesion in those communities, as well as municipal and social services, such as health, education, sanitation, housing and socio-economic infrastructure. It is indeed shocking to learn that refugees now make up more than 20 per cent of the population in Lebanon and approximately 10 per cent in Jordan – both figures are expected to rise throughout 2014. The conflict in Syria has rolled back human development achievements by 35 years, leaving more than 50 per cent of the population (12.6 million people) living in poverty, 9.3 million in need of humanitarian and development assistance, and 6.5 million displaced from their homes. Last week, the UN Assistant Secretary General and Chair of the Arab States/Middle East and North Africa Regional United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Sima Bahous appealed to the international community to scale up investment in national development processes to mitigate the impact of the Syria crisis on neighbouring countries. Bahous made her appeal at a special event organised a few days ago in Kuwait City, within the framework of the Kuwait II International Pledging Conference for Syria. Co-organised by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the UNDG, the event featured presentations by the governments of Jordan and Lebanon on their development response plans to the Syria crisis and their priorities for international support and financing. Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey were also given the opportunity to share their priorities in relation to the Syria crisis. Bahous emphasised that to prevent the conflict from sowing decades of poverty in the region, the international community must increase support for immediate relief while also bolstering development efforts focused on strengthening the medium- and longer-term outlook and helping countries impacted by the crisis to return to their development pathways. The UN in its analysis has pointed out that the protracted nature of the Syria crisis and its impact on its immediate subregion has galvanised an international consensus that this is not only a political crisis nor a humanitarian crisis, alone, but also a development crisis. The resilience-based development approach adopted by the UN and other international development partners supports communities in Syria and neighbouring countries to cope with immediate needs emanating from the crisis, to recover from its impacts, and to sustain recovery and build stability over the longer term. It preserves development gains and supports social cohesion, which is necessary to prevent conflict and achieve stabilisation within countries. It is clear that the situation in Syria is a complex one to deal with. Experts have pointed to the fact that the narrative is not as simple as a country’s oppressed majority fighting against an authoritarian regime. In addition to having extremist elements among its ranks, the opposition is fragmented and lacks a clear directive. That could lead to further instability should the Assad regime lose power in the general elections expected in the latter half of this year. We hope that there will be much progress in the peace talks between the government, opposition groups, and Western diplomats in Switzerland this week. The Syria crisis may be far from over, but with some flexibility from both sides – government and opposition – the ‘talks’ can set the stage for an ongoing dialogue that would hopefully see an end to the conflict.

Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Chief Executive Officer Pete Russel greets President Donald Ramotar during a courtesy call at the Office of the President on Thursday. Looking on is Digicel Group Marketing Operations Director Kieran Foley, who is also a Limacol CPL director (Sandra Prince photo)

Would football return to the court of law? Dear Editor, Esoterically and philosophically, I am not one of those persons that would say. “It’s good for the entire executive of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA)” following the unconstitutional suspension by the General Congress/Council of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), when an Extraordinary Congress was called on Friday, January 17, at the GFF secretariat in contravention of Article 27 of the Constitution, Editor, apart from the decision to impose suspensions on the UDFA president, and his entire executive for eight years and five years respectively, being autocratic, dictatorial, undemocratic and unprofessional. In essence, it smacks of social decorum; accountability and transparency that the GFF President, Christopher Matthias had pledged to uphold upon being elected as president. That the suspensions had emanated from the UDFA, purportedly defying an earlier ruling of the general council, not to play its Banks DIH sponsored GT Beer finals on January 1, at MSC. My, oh my! Herein lies the pinnacle of crass stupidity, which continues to be displayed as a “badge of honour”, by the general council members. And I dare say that they are the ones who should have been sanctioned, along with the principal players and instigators! Whereas the UDFA, like any other association, is tasked with the responsibility of

“developing and promoting” the sport of association football. Suffice to say as a semiautonomous body, no association has to seek approval of the GFF to organise a competition for its own affiliates. Rather it’s out of formality the GFF is informed. Meanwhile this applies to the GFA, since it involved additional teams from outside the jurisdiction of Georgetown. By the way how is Banks DIH, the sponsor of both tournaments, reacting to the entire scenario? Would they attempt to mediate? Further, in accordance with the agenda of the Extraordinary Congress, was roll call an item? Since this would have enabled true and meaningful representation of affiliates, based upon previous written submissions of three names; two regular and one alternate! By the way does GFF have a functioning Disciplinary Committee? Whereby any act of indiscipline is forwarded to the committee, which in turn summons a hearing for the offending individual (s) to appear, represented or unrepresented. Then proceed to arrive at a decision based upon cross examination and oral submission. It’s unbelievable that this important aspect was overlooked in defiance of the constitutional requirement – re: Sub Committees: Once again the “pinnacle of crass stupidity” unfolds. That associations in an active state of dormancy is allowed to vote. When in actuality their

status should have relegated to an associate member without voting rights! Isn’t it hypocritical for the GFA to vote, after upholding indiscipline? When a member of Riddim Squad, one of its affiliates, spat at a referee and was also verbally abusive, for months he was never summoned to a disciplinary hearing. As a matter of fact, the issue only received attention after the Referees Council had refused to officiate in any match involving Riddim Squad with the player. And the powers that be need to be reminded that Alpha United, as a host of a tournament a few years ago, played a doubleheader on the East Coast. While two foreign national teams were engaging each other in a CFU playoff at the National Stadium, Providence, which also involved Guyana, who were not playing the evening! And there was no sanction. Finally, with administration being the most important aspect of any sport. Football, however, still remains in a sad state, more so, in relation to the authenticity of convening the extraordinary congress! Listed below are a few points of observation: i. Why minutes of the GFF executive meeting were not attached with the notice for the Extraordinary Congress? Surely this would have enabled the General Council to ascertain if the relevant procedures were in order! ii. Were affiliates of the GFF, given ample time

to consult with their respective membership of the impending issue, for additional input? iii. Why was there no objection when both semifinals were played at MSC and Tucville respectively on December 29, 2013. iv. With no Linden side in the third place playoff or the finals, in the GFA Banks Beer KO! What adverse effect (if any at all) would it have had on the attendance at the National Stadium? So, in actuality with both finals being played 65 miles apart, why is it a big issue. Meanwhile the players, clubs/executives and other stakeholders of the sport within the UDFA and elsewhere must all in unison denounce this “dastardly act” by Matthias and his lackeys! An immediate withdrawal from the National League by the three Linden clubs, along with players from the select squad of 50 players, to pursue national training. In addition to filing an injunction in the High Court to nullify the sanction/suspension. Football must not be allowed to have a few individuals in support of an unjustified ruling to pursue their own agenda of becoming a “vice president”! Are the presidents of Georgetown and East Cost not bold enough to sanction their respective representatives, towards flouting their directive and contribution to undemocratic principles? Respectfully yours, Lester Sealey

friday, January 24, 2014


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown, Guyana or

Say no to suicide and yes to life GFC is doing nothing illegal or unconstitutional Dear Editor, I read an article in a local newspaper on January 22, written by Janette Bulkan and John Palmer, under the headline, “Why the National Assembly should hold public hearings on the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC).” Bulkan and Palmer have once again emerged to unleash fallacies about the GFC in their efforts to regain relevance in Guyana’s forestry sector. Bulkan and Palmer are currently living in Florida and not in Guyana and are totally unaware of the GFC’s operations relating to its mandate of sustainable forest management of Guyana’s forests. Bulkan and Palmer are known supporters of the People’s National Congress (PNC)/A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) coalition from abroad and should not make pronouncements on public accountability in Guyana. Rather it is the at-

torney general who should do so. Where were Bulkan and Palmer when the PNC illegally ruled, if not misruled Guyana and never submitted reports to Parliament? The problem with Bulkan and Palmer is that they are politically biased against the government of Guyana. They are not independent and are totally unprofessional in their mode of operation where Guyana is concerned. They need to familiarise themselves with the GFC’s act, which allows the commission to manage its own resources and to make its own payments. So there is absolutely nothing on the part of GFC that is illegal or unconstitutional. The problem with Bulkan and Palmer is that their political bias is responsible for their silence on the rampant corruption which took place under their party, the PNC, when it was in government.

It must be noted by all that Bulkan and Palmer are against the transformation taking place in Guyana’s forestry sector. Bulkan and Palmer mentioned Guyana’s Low Carbon Strategy (LCDS) and its requirements such as the REDD+ Initiative and the EU-FLEGT. They are not aware that all of these forest protection schemes are closely monitored and studied by international forest experts and partners to bring about success and sustainability. The extractive industries transparency initiative (EITI) is in the process of being studied by an international expert who will ensure that there is transparency in the extractive industry of Guyana. This is also a requirement of Guyana’s LCDS. Yours sincerely, Peter Persaud

The realities of domestic violence Dear Editor, A mother of five was recently beaten to death by her lover after what is said to have been a jealous encounter. The man, who is neither her husband nor the father of her children, became enraged when he saw the woman talking to another man. The victim, only 26 years old, had apparently lost her husband and the father of her children in a tragic river accident sometime back. She was quite vulnerable and happened to encounter a man who was able to provide for both her and her children. Unfortunately, after becoming the sole breadwinner and the person who was solely responsible for looking after the woman and her children, the man subsequently began to feel a sense of ultimate control. Though it may not have been his intention to become that person, certain circumstances may have forced the situation.

Moreover, a woman in such a situation becomes obligated to comply with the every need and want of the man in the relationship. She is forced to live a controlled and sometimes unhappy life, with absolutely no say in her relationship. In most cases of domestic violence, the victims are often uneducated and lack independence, and even though some may choose to leave their abusive relationships, low paying jobs are the only source of income that becomes available to them. Additionally, the trouble of having to find someone to look after their children while they work is also another problem that many of them encounter. These two reasons, when combined, are often the main causes of women choosing to stay in an abusive relationship. Though many of them know that leaving their partner is the best option, it is often more easily said than

done. In today’s society, abusive men have very little fear for the law and the issuance of a court ordered restraint often appears irrelevant and meaningless to them. In order to protect women and be able to sustain both the needs of themselves and their children, better facilities need to be put in place to assist them. There is an urgent need to address this societal illness that is quickly developing in our country. I have noticed that measures have been taken to engage and orient children of all ages and further bring awareness to them about the unacceptable issue of domestic violence and the need to respect each other. Hopefully, the next generation will be able to better embrace and express mutual respect, love and understanding for each other. Sincerely, Name withheld by request

Dear Editor, It's a new year, we all made promises and plans to make our new year prosperous, but I was very saddened to know that some persons didn't have a year which started well. Their joys and happiness were cut short by the acts of their loved ones or friends who committed suicide or tried to take their own lives. Some persons who did such acts either died the same time or many days after. I am very saddened to know that these perpetrators in the majority were teenagers and young adults. And the rate of suicide is relatively high, mostly in Regions Two and Six. We all know that suicide is not the solution to any problem, no matter what the problem may be. Whether it is family problems, relationship problems, financial problems or peer pressure, one must not think that suicide is the way out! I'm writing just to let you – the teenagers and young adults out there – don't take matters into your own hands; talk to someone; let your feelings out; and don't resort to committing suicide and ending your life, putting your loved ones in distress and hurt. Look at all the good and wonderful times you had in your life, look back at all the times you were happy and had the courage to move on and live everyday towards your goal in life. We all need to be strong and supportive of each other; call up a friend; talk to your parents or even your school teacher; let them advise you and guide you through the way,

so you could be who you want to be and secure a bright future for yourselves! I'm appealing to you the public; lets join together in raising awareness against suicide! Let us help those in need, especially teenagers and young adults; educate them; let them know the consequences and help them to build their confidence; and help them to boost their thinking of how life works. We all can do this; all we need is co-operation and teamwork. I'm also appealing to teenagers and young adults out there; don't let suicide be an option – more so it should never

be an option in your life. Be positive, think positive and be who you want to be. Don't let the devil get inside of you and lead you astray. I am 17 years old and I worry about my fellow young people and this alarming suicide rate in Guyana, which is why I am writing this letter to help raise awareness and let people out there know how I feel about this ongoing situation. I am pleading to you youngsters – stay in school, be who you want to be. Say no to suicide and yes to life! Sincerely, S Somwar


friday, january 24, 2014



A guide for teachers:

Asking questions to improve learning (Continued from Thursday)


ven though they go to school all day, many children have a lot of free time. The Afterschool Alliance reported in 2009 that more than 15 million school-age children are on their own once school lets out. If you’re a parent, you might wonder about the best ways for your children to spend those hours between school and dinnertime or bedtime. Do you load them up with activities? Do you leave them to their own devices (maybe not the best idea)? Should you be involved with them during every free moment? Obviously the answer lies somewhere in between. Today’s children have tons of after-school activities to choose from – community programmes or school-sanctioned activities. And if those aren’t available to you, there are many things you can do with your child at home. The most important thing, after all, is making sure your child is always engaged, learning and having fun. Sitting in front of a TV or computer playing video games might be a way for your child to kill some time. And although there’s nothing wrong with those activities, they should be done in moderation. Here are a few ideas for more active – both physically and mentally – after-school fun: If your child’s school doesn’t offer an after-school programme, look around the community. Sometimes your local YMCA or church/mosque/temple will have good programmes where children

By Debra Ronca

are supervised and play games or receive help with their homework. And there are always the old standards – music lessons, sport or dance classes. Or, if you’re able to be with your child after school, you can spend productive time together by planning out activities. Here’s one idea to get you started: Each month of the year has a theme, and you can celebrate it in different ways. For example, the month of December has a lot of multicultural holidays. You and your child can learn about these holidays together, make recipes that tie into the festivities, and play themed games. Also think about pooling your resources with neighbours of similarly aged children. Plan play dates, or take turns watching the children after school. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to incorporate some physical activity as well. Weather permitting, you can take bike rides or just run around outside to blow off some steam. During the rainy, indoor months, you can keep your children (and yourself) moving with active video games or even an impromptu dance party. Research shows that children benefit greatly from participating in after-school activities. In a 2008 study, research found that the 17 per cent of children who didn’t participate in activities were more withdrawn and socially immature and had lower self-esteem in comparison to their more busy peers.

Children respond well to routine, so make sure you have one. Your child should know what to expect – it makes him or her feel more secure and in control. Establish your own after-school routine together. One thing we recommend is an after-school snack. Children come home hungry after a long day. The after-school snack ritual is a good way to establish healthy eating habits, and it also gives you some time to connect and talk about the school day. Homework is also important. Some parents have their children complete their homework first thing, before they’re allowed to go play or visit with friends. Try to make yourself available to assist your child if he or she needs it, and check the homework afterward. It helps you keep tabs on how your child is doing in school, and keeps you involved in the learning process. Many parents also limit what they call “screen time.” If you’re concerned about your children spending too much time with video games, the computer, or television, give them a time limit each day and let them choose which “screen” they want to watch. The best way to make the most of your child’s free time is to keep a balance. Don’t overschedule your child, or worse, pressure her or him to achieve too much. You don’t want a fun activity to become a burden. Remember, sometimes a child just needs to be a child. (The Learning Channel)

Why ask “open” questions? Here are 12 objectives, with sample questions To assess learning * What is the most important idea that was generated in today’s discussion? * Can you explain this concept in your own words? * Can you draw a diagram to illustrate this idea? To ask a student to clarify a vague comment * Could you elaborate on that point? * Can you explain what you mean? To prompt students to explore attitudes, values, or feelings (when appropriate) * What are the values or beliefs that inform this argument? * What is your initial reaction to this argument? To prompt students to see a concept from another perspective

* How do you think that this issue is viewed by those with whom you disagree? * How does that concept apply to this new problem? To ask a student to refine a statement or idea * When does that principle apply? Always? Only under certain conditions? * Would you say, then, that you disagree with the author? To prompt students to support their assertions and interpretations * How do you know that? * Which part of the text led you to that conclusion? To direct students to respond to one another * What do you think about the idea just presented by your classmate? * Do you agree or do you see the issue differently? Explain. * Can you think of another way to solve that problem? To prompt students to investigate a thought process * What are the assumptions that informed the design of this experiment? * What are the assumptions that these two arguments share? To ask students to predict possible outcomes * What might happen if this practice were to be outlawed? * What would be the result if a different set of assumptions were used to set up this experiment? * Would you get a different result? To prompt students to connect and organise information * How does this article shed light on the concept we studied last week? * Can you develop a graph or table that organises this information in a helpful way? To ask students to apply a principle or formula * How does this principle apply to the following situation? * Who can suggest how we might use this new formula to solve the problems we examined at the start of class today? * Under what conditions is this equation not valid? To ask students to illustrate a concept with an example * Can you think of an example of this phenomenon, drawn from your research? * Can you point us to a specific part of the novel that led you to that conclusion? * Can you identify a painting or design that exemplifies that idea? (



friDay, January 24, 2014|

Opposition says too late Cliff Anderson Sports Hall not a slaughterhouse now for budget talks

APNU leader David Granger By Samuel Sukhnandan


oth of the opposition political parties say it is too late to hold budget talks, especially since there are only a few more weeks left before the actual budget is to be presented. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Chairman David Granger said there has been poor communication on the part of government as it relates to budget talks, which led to a delay in the process. Granger told Guyana Times on Thursday that the party’s finance pointperson Carl Greenidge has always been ready and willing to enter into talks with the government on the 2014 national budget, but the delays have caused grave disappoint-

AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh

ment. In referring to allegations made by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, as it relates to him sending a letter requesting that Greenidge commence talks on the budget, Granger said this too was not properly communicated. He said Greenidge was, however, able to trace the communication from Dr Singh. He believes that the problem does not stem from that one issue, but the government’s continuous delays since July 2013, which was the time agreed to by all parties to commence discussions surrounding the budget.

Inadequate communication

“I maintain my view that the communication has been inadequate coming from Dr Singh. Greenidge has always been ready to participate in talks and we maintain that position. However, at present, it’s coming to the end of January and we feel that the budget preparation would have gone very far, much to the exclusion of the APNU,” Granger added. Alliance For Change (AFC ) leader Khemraj Ramjattan told Guyana Times that there have never been any budget talks. He explained that while talks were initially set to begin in July 2013, this never happened. He said sometime in

September 2013, arrangements were made to set a new date to meet, but this too did not come to pass. Ramjattan said, “I understand from ministry officials that the budget has already been completed. It’s just a waste of time. It is absolute nonsense now to talk about any budget and to get inputs from the opposition. He has closed the deal and he deliberately wanted to do that.” According to Ramjattan, the AFC would have submitted a number of proposals, but was never contacted for its input.

Greenidge to be blamed

Dr Singh, however, said the stalled budget talks are the doing of Greenidge and not him as was suggested by a news article. He said the article was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public on the matter of the ongoing budget talks between government and the parliamentary opposition. According to him, Greenidge wrote him a letter stating that the date set for the meeting was not suitable and offered to propose a suitable date. Greenidge subsequently indicated that he would be unable to attend on the date proposed, and Greenidge offered to suggest an alternative date. Greenidge, Dr Singh, said is yet to propose that alternative date. The finance minister said the opposition, seems to be interested in derailing talks and prejudicing the public perception about the tone of the meetings, when it comes to Budget 2014.

Cliff Anderson Sports Hall


llegations that the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall has been used as a slaughterhouse were refuted in the National Assembly by Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony on Thursday. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarian Christopher Jones on Thursday posed a series of questions to Dr Anthony based on reports that the facility was being used to slaughter goats. In his first of many questions, Jones asked, “Could the Honourable Minister inform this House whether in addition to sports the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall can be used to slaughter goats and other meat products?” Without hesitation, Dr Anthony said “No.” He told the House that the sports hall is primarily used for sporting and cultural activities, making it clear that he has no knowledge that the facility was used to slaughter goats, although admitting that he “heard” of the allegations. He said an investigation into the allegation was launched, but no evidence was found. Nonetheless, Jones, as he waved a printed

version of a Kaieteur News article on the subject, said he is strongly of the opinion that goats were indeed slaughtered at the sports facility. According to the article published in the Kaieteur News, which was written by Demerara Waves, several goats were slaughtered at the facility. The article stated that children who were present at the time were “traumatised”. They were at the time attending the National Schools Table Tennis Championships.

“Do not believe everything you read”

In the presence of the Director of Youth and Sports Neil Kumar and the president of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA). the meat was reportedly transported in a vehicle with registration number PGG 9139. According to reports, the vehicle is the property of the National Sports Commission. The story was accompanied by a picture showing three persons who aided in the slaughtering of the goats, which were laid on a table. However, People’s Progressive Party/Civic

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

(PPP/C) parliamentarian Bibi Shaddick, who presided over the sitting of the House as the acting Speaker of the National Assembly, told her colleagues that “you cannot believe everything you read”. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds had nominated Shaddick as acting speaker following the absence of the Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman and Deputy Speaker Debra Backer. The nomination was seconded by APNU MP Amna Ally.

8 news

friday, January 24, 2014|

Shopkeeper charged for human trafficking


45-year-old shopkeeper of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was on Wednesday placed on $1 million surety after she appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry charged with trafficking in persons. Loretta Hyman was not required to enter a plea to the charge, which alleged that between January 13

and 20, she recruited and transported two women to Mowasi Backdam in the Potaro District for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant had told the court that the daughter of the accused had recruited the two women and told them they were going to be working as a shopkeeper and cook respectively at the shop in Mowasi Backdam.

On arrival, the women were told that no such vacancies exist and they were being hired to work as prostitutes. The virtual complainants had refused to engage in such activities and managed to contact their relatives who in turn contacted the Human Services and Social Security Ministry. Grant objected to bail, citing the seriousness of the matter. He added that the

police are trying to locate the daughter of the accused who will also be charged. Defence counsel Lyndon Amsterdam had made an application for bail, saying that the matter was prematurely prosecuted, since investigations are still ongoing. His application was denied by Magistrate Sewnarine-Beharry. The accused is to return to court on February 3.

18-year-old remanded for illegal firearm


lex Mendonca, an 18-year-old resident of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown was remanded on Thursday after he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with the possession of illegal firearms. Mendonca, who was represented by Attorney George Thomas, pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on January 21 at West Ruimveldt, he had in his possession one .32 Taurus pistol and 26 rounds of matching

ammunition. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the court that acting on a tip, ranks had proceeded to the residence of the accused where they found the articles mentioned in his bedroom during a search. He added that the search was conducted in the presence of the defendant. Mendonca’s lawyer argued that the search, which was carried out in the wee hours of the morning, was improperly conducted. He said the police ventured into

the defendant’s home and woke up his mother who confronted them inside of her home, already conducting their operation. He further alleged that his client was threatened by the police officers who told him they would ensure he spends 10 years in jail for possession of the firearm. The defence counsel claimed that at this point, his client’s mother told the police with tears in her eyes that they should charge her instead of her son. The matter was trans-

ferred to Court Three where a date was set for a report on fixture. Mendonca had previously appeared in court charged with robbery with violence after it was alleged that he robbed Wendy Williams of one gold band. The charge was later dismissed after the virtual complainant declined to bear witness. He was also previously charged with possession of an ice pick without lawful authority or reasonable cause and placed on $5000 bail.

23-year-old sentenced to 58 months for illegal gun and ammo


wenty-three-year-old Terry Phillips was on Wednesday sentenced to 58 months in prison at the conclusion of his trial before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Phillips was charged for the illegal possession of ammunition and firearm.

The charge stated that on September 16, 2013, at the Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, he had in his possession a Taurus .32 revolver and three matching rounds without being the holder of a valid firearm licence. Attorney Melville Duke, who represented Phillips,

told the court that his client is a vendor and a father of two. He added that his client has no prior convictions. Phillips had earlier told the court that he went into a car, along with two other males, and just as the driver pulled off, he was stopped by police. The defendant claimed that police ranks

conducted thorough searches of the occupants of the vehicle and nothing was found. He said there was a gun lying on the grass besides the car and the police claimed that he threw it there. Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt stated that the ranks had seen the defendant throw the weapon onto the ground. After considering the evidence presented by both parties, Magistrate Judy Latchman found the accused guilty as charged and handed down the sentence.

Airy Hall farmer fined for threatening to kill brother


ugrim Bijadhar, a cash crop farmer from Airy Hall Village on the Essequibo Coast, was found guilty of the offence of threatening behaviour on Thursday, when he appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court. He first appeared in court on June 13, 2013. According to the charge, on June 1 at Airy Hall Backdam, he made use of threatening behaviour to his brother, Chamish Narine. Bijadhar was represented by Attorney Singh. Bijadhar was fined $15,000, with an alternative sentence of one week in jail.

Eyew tness Mother of...

...ideology? ooks like Professor Ivelaw Griffith held a seminar this week in our Parliament. He would’ve done this thousands of times with his graduate students in international relations classes. Brought in by the U.S. State Department to pick the brains of the local politicians, he deployed the verbal equivalent of the Rorschach test to the dozen or so parliamentarians who showed up. Gimme a word, he said, about your feelings about Guyana’s “security”. So up chimed the Co-Chairman of APNU, Rupert Roopnaraine. He segued into a comment by PPP’s Joe Hamilton that while lots of people blame criminal behaviour on poverty and other social factors, there’s a neglect of the role of the mother...who might’ve been neglectful. Roopnaraine, who was for years in Griffith’s side of the professorial chair (albeit in the more arcane field of literature), gave vent to his party’s feelings on that subject. And it was quite revealing. Maybe out of respect for the sensibilities of the sponsors of Griffith’s trip (and the U.S. ambassador certainly hovered nearby to emphasise the relationship) Roopnaraine didn’t expatiate on the possible “imperialist” design of the “democratisation” project being pushed down Guyana’s throat by the U.S. Or more specifically, the International Republican Institute (IRI). This would’ve been the stance of the organisation called WPA. But those were the days, no?  Can you imagine Rodney not deconstructing the aims and objectives of the U.S. initiative from a radical Marxist perspective?  So Roopnaraine played it safe (remember, there’s funding in American greenbacks, in the offing) and cried: “Poverty is the mother of crime!!” He was obviously echoing the socialist Proudhon, who’d cried out in similar tones more than a hundred years ago:   “All property is theft!” And to make sure we all knew where he was coming from – and save his credentials in the Socialist International – Roopnaraine offered us the profound insight that if we’re talking about poverty, then we have to speak about wealth!! The root of all evil and all that. Seems we now have the explanation why APNU’s been going hammer and tongs at the business community! Notwithstanding their protestations, Granger and Roopnaraine think it’s all the fault of that stinking, filthy rich bourgeoisie! That is, the people who own businesses and are “exploiting the toiling masses and crushing their spirits under their jackboots”.  And you think we just dragged in Granger? Please remember post-IMF agreement in 1989, Hoyte had to sideline him along with all the other socialist types such as McDavid, etc. 


...poverty But let’s go back to the connection Roopnaraine made between poverty and criminal behaviour. This is a very widespread belief, but it betrays a fundamental confusion between “correlation” and “causation”. Very simply, not because two things occur together means that one caused the other. And the proof of this assertion is also very simple. Just look at the contrafactual. In this case, there’s a whole lot of people who can be classified as “poor” and haven’t resorted to criminal behaviour. We know Roopnaraine’s only an English major, but surely he remembers his party’s accusations that quite a swathe of the wealthy are “thiefing”. And the last time I looked this counted as criminal behaviour. Point is, criminal behaviour is not monocausal and for people like Roopnaraine to blame it all on “rich people” is just not reductionist – but downright inflammatory.  We all began poor in Guyana. We don’t think there’s any of the old planter class still hanging around. Let’s just reflect on what made most of us emerge from poverty. Good values and hard work. Let’s return to basics. ...grammar murder Looks like the MuckrakerKN gets so caught up with its scandalising, it couldn’t be bothered with basic grammar. So it claims in its headline: “Harding leaves...” But in the story “Harding will be leaving”.  So the present and the future continuous tenses are now the same?



friDay, January 24, 2014|

Tourism Ministry rolls out 2014 plans F

Finance minister secures parliamentary approval for supplementary spending inance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh on Thursday supplied the National Assembly with a breakdown in relation to the utilisation of the $4.4 billion, which was allocated under the head “Revision of Wages and Salaries” in the 2013 national budget. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Basil Williams had posed the question to the House for a written response by the finance minister. Williams in the House sought explanation of allocations with regard to the increase in wages and salaries, new employment, and promotions. In response, Dr Singh stated that $1.6 billion was used to facilitate the pay-

Acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali addressing guests at the Tourism Ministry’s Stakeholders’ Cocktail at Palm Court


he year 2014 will be the year of tourism, acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali said, as he unveiled the major activities planned for the year at a reception hosted by the ministry on Wednesday at Palm Court, Georgetown. Noting that the industry has the potential to drive the country’s economy, Ali pointed out that the year has started on a high note with highlights such as the John Legend concert, the launch of new hotel Park Vue, and now the introduction of Copa Airlines. “This tells a story, a story of the sector that is rising, a sector that is seeking to push forward and what it calls for now is for some serious critical thinking as to how we move forward; what are the areas we want to focus on and how we are going to frame government fiscal incentives and policies to ensure that we promote those events and to ensure that we give those events the comparative and competitive advantage over other competing events of similar nature,” he stated.

Guyana Gold Festival

In detailing the calendar, Minister Ali said first, there will be the Guyana Gold Festival, an entire weekend dedicated to promote Guyana as El Dorado – the lost land of gold, a marketing strategy the country has failed to utilise to its advantage until now. “We are hoping that the gold festival will be built around a fiscal regime that would bring high-end tourism into Guyana for a fourday package in which they can shop, eat and visit our destinations,” he said. The ministry, Ali added, will also be launching the Tourism Ambassador Programme, under which a show will be held entitled “Sound and Lights”, highlighting Guyana’s rich history and culture. In addition, the ministry’s Fort Island Dinner will be held for the second time this year after the inaugural event last year

was well received. “Drive Guyana” will be another exciting venture undertaken by the ministry. According to the minister, this will focus more on the diaspora and having them drive through the country. Ali explained that many persons come to Guyana, but they confine themselves to the city and do not get to experience the beauty of environs outside Georgetown. According to the acting tourism minister, there will also be the launch of the “Rum, Riddim and Food Festival”. He said the ministry has written Caricom for the event to be regionally credited; however, it is yet to receive any response. “We know we have the best rum, the best food and the best riddim, so we believe we should be the venue for the event and we are going to pursue this aggressively,” he stated. Additionally, the Tourism Ministry will be promoting the yachting industry in Guyana. The minister further disclosed that several foreign investors will be building Guyana’s first marina and boat yard.


Ali added that the restoration of heritage sites in the city is another area that should be looked at. Ali also highlighted that the ministry has to create a plan on how the country can benefit from the Football World Cup and Olympics, which will be hosted in neighbouring Brazil. “We want to ensure that Guyana is the transit point of major loads going into Brazil both for football and Olympics… we know there will be large population travelling and it is very important that our marketing strategy targets that travelling population that will be going to Brazil,” he noted. In terms of sport tourism, an all-inclusive ticket and accommodation package is also being considered for the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL), Guyana's top sporting event.

The minister said while the tourism sector is heading in the right direction, there is need for cooperation among stakeholders. “We just need one important ingredient and that is for all of us to work together, to commit together and to dedicate ourselves towards improvement of the sector. He cited the lack of communication between stakeholders and coordination as a major setback to advancing the tourism sector. The highlight of the night was the introduction of Copa Airlines to the local market. The initial announcement was made earlier in the day. The airline will begin operating flights in July from Guyana, transiting in Panama City, Panama. Stakeholders alluded to the fact that the airline will benefit the tourism industry, since it will bring a different type of visitor to the country.

Huge bonus

According to Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana President Kit Nascimento, the tourism industry has become a huge bonus for the development of Guyana. He pointed out that focus is placed on the North American and Caribbean markets, while Latin America is neglected. “Latin America is a very big target for us,” he pointed out. Also speaking at the event was President Donald Ramotar, who acknowledged that tourism has a great future in Guyana and is a major contributor to the country’s economy. “ “For a long time, Guyana has been the best-kept secret, but now more people are becoming aware of the tremendous possibilities that we have,” he stated. The president disclosed that he has asked the tourism and finance ministers to prepare proposals for incentives the country can utilise in order to rapidly develop the sector. Ramotar noted that this is an exciting time for the industry and told stakeholders now is the time to invest.

ment of the five per cent increase in wages and salaries, while $1.3 billion was used as “employment cost shortfalls” arising from new recruits. Additionally, employment cost shortfalls arising from promotion totalled $0.3 billion. The onemonth bonus paid to the Disciplined Services totalled $0.5 billion. Additionally, $0.7 billion was used to pay employment cost shortfalls at subvention agencies. Finally, other employment cost shortfalls arising from payment of salaries in lieu of leave accounted for $0.1 billion. “Note that some agencies met part of the five per cent increase in wages and salaries from their own voted provision where available,” Dr Singh said in his state-

ment. The APNU parliamentarian had expressed concern about the “Revision of Wages and Salaries” following government’s announcement that it was issuing a five per cent increase to public servants. APNU has expressed disgust over the increase offered in 2012, tagging it as meagre and insufficient. The coalition had sided with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) that had objected to the imposition. GPSU President Patrick Yarde in December complained bitterly claiming that the government of Guyana has been imposing increases on public servants for the past 13 years without arriving at consensus with the union.

Harding’s probe findings for DPP review – to be flown out for overseas treatment By Bhisham Mohamed


he Guyana Police Force on Thursday disclosed that the probe into the Colwyn Harding saga has been completed by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and its findings will be sent to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Bibi Shalimar Ali-Hack for legal advice. The DPP, in turn will advise whether or not charges will be instituted against the police ranks who were accused of brutalising the young man. Guyana Times understands that before the file reaches the DPP, it will be sent to Police Complaint Authority (PCA) Chairman, former chancellor of the judiciary, Cecil Kennard. Up to late Thursday evening, the file, however, was still with Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell.


In an invited comment, the former chancellor posited that once the file reaches his office, he will take his time to peruse the statements before he puts his recommendations forward to the DPP. He added that he was aware of the delay, claiming that there were several other witnesses who were still to give statements. Now that the investigation has concluded, he is optimistic that the public will be briefed on the recommendations shortly. Meanwhile, Harding is expected to be flown to Jamaica to undergo medical treatment today. This publication understands that Harding is still in immense pain. Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, in an invited comment, explained that he did not see a need for the young man to go to Jamaica to seek medical attention.

Colwyn Harding

He reaffirmed that the local hospitals were well equipped with the necessary drugs and personnel to treat Harding. Dr Ramsaran said the government will not be footing any of Harding’s medical expenses while he is overseas. Opposition Leader David Granger in Parliament on Thursday evening expressed his satisfaction that Harding will now receive proper medical treatment, especially since there were great fears that the environment here with respect to the attitude of some officials was not conducive for his full recovery. He added that the APNU is not happy with the statement that was presented to the National Assembly by Ramsaran last week that Harding suffered an “incarcerated” hernia. He also expressed the party’s dissatisfaction with the way the matter was handled from its inception 10 weeks ago. Also venting its concerns about the issue was SASOD Chairman Joel Simpson who picketed the National Assembly in support of Harding. He reconfirmed that the movement is in support and solidarity with Harding who was allegedly raped and beaten with a baton in the latest in a series of police excesses.

Simpson joined others in calling for an independent and immediate probe into the matter so that the perpetrators who are responsible for committing the act can be brought to justice. “Police officers are not immune to the law because they are police officers, they also need to be brought to justice for perpetuating this heinous crime”. He said if the crime had been committed by civilians, he was sure that they would have already been charged and placed in prison rather than being placed under close arrest and transferred.


Charlene Wilkinson, another member of the organisation, stated said that this action by the police who are supposed to serve and protect (if true) has turned Guyana into one of the most monstrous states on the planet. The woman stated that the entire Guyanese population have to come together and end police harassment and brutality, asking the public to be part of the solution. The Guyana Prison Service recently concluded that Harding suffered a hernia after jumping off a flight of stairs in the prison compound where he had been incarcerated. Harding alleged that he was raped by a police rank attached to the Timehri Police Station. He accused the police rank of sodomising him with a condom-covered baton while he was in police custody for a theft allegation. Since the incident, the young man has been hospitalised. The matter was first brought to the forefront after the mother of the young man decided to approach the media. (


friday, January 24, 2014


More roads to be upgraded in West Dem this year


everal villages in Region Three have benefited from road upgrades, but residents of a number of others continue to fret over the impassable state of their streets. In an interview with Guyana Times, Region Three Chairman Julius Faerber acknowledged that there are still a number of roads to be fixed, but said 15 roadways across the region were repaired last year. He noted that this year the region has budgeted for funds to do additional works. “What people need to understand is that before we can do any work on the roads, we need money so we are now waiting on the budget to pass so we can get funds to do more roads,” he stated.

Community Roads Improvement Project

The regional chairman highlighted that there are 14 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) in the region, all of which have presented their 2014 subvention proposals. Faerber noted that all the NDCs requested funds for maintenance of roads.

The deplorable main road in Stewartville

Faerber explained that NDCs cannot afford to rehabilitate entire roads so they just ask for money to maintain them. Several villages within the region have also benefited from the Community Roads Improvement Project (CRIP), a programme spearheaded by the Housing and Water Ministry. Faerber pointed out that the region also benefits from the CRIP with works done on some 60 roads in three NDCs. These roads include those in Stewartville, whose residents last week protested the deplorable condition of the village’s main access road. An

elderly female resident pointed out that the road leads to the village’s nursery, primary, and secondary schools and its condition is getting worse, especially since it is the rainy season. The state of the road, she told Guyana Times, has even caused parents to not send their children to school. “The other road is the sideline dam... it get some holes in that dam, if I go in nobody would see me,” the resident lamented. “…Stewartville is a forgotten community. The village on the eastern side of Stewartville all the roads well done, well tar, the roads on the western side was a dam,

but if you see it now, well done,” she pointed out. Many taxi drivers also complain about the damage that is done to their vehicles and the money spent to have them repaired. Taxi drivers would even increase their fares in the nights, while some would refuse to go into the village, altogether forcing the people to walk. A few months ago, residents along the railway embankment of the village complained bitterly about the condition of the roads. According to the residents, the roads were in a bad state. A construction company came in and began work on the Stewartville railway and embankment road, stripping it down to loam; however, the May/June rainy season forced a stoppage, and the company has not returned despite a lengthy period of good weather. Residents told this publication that the bad roads cause much inconvenience in their day-to-day lives, and vented their anger at the village’s NDC for not paying heed to their plight.

Comfort Sleep fires were maliciously set – owner declines comment, says “doesn’t want trouble” By Anara Khan


he Guyana Fire Service said the two fires that devastated mattress manufacturer Comfort Sleep late year were maliciously set. The police have begun a criminal probe into the matter. Fire Chief Marlon Gentle told Guyana Times on Wednesday that the fire ser-

It got people who obsess with people success


ome people in de press fuh good tings and some people in de press fuh bad tings. Some people in de press just because dem like to be in de press. It got some career letter writers who can only express dem selves in de press. But dem just tryin to impress. It got nuff politicians people like to impress like that too. Lalloo Ram is one of dem who like when he name appear in de press. But Lalloo don’t like he real name Lall Bachan, so he get depress since he real name start appearin in de press. Lalloo is a vain man. He does admire he own photo whenever dem put he in de press. It got de Harding fella name appearin every single day in de press. Even de police had Harding name all over a press conference. It look like some police even had a hard-on fuh de Harding fella. That could be de only reason why dem depress and dem not releasin de report to de press. Now, it got de Carol girl name appearin in de press. De police was lookin fuh she, but after whah de Harding man seh happen to he, she go to de press, and no one coulda blame she fuh going to de press. Every day, it got certain people gettin target in de press. Is because certain people can’t get certain other people outta dem mind. Old people seh when yuh got people name pun yuh mind and yuh can’t get dem off yuh mind, yuh obsess. When yuh got dem pun yuh mind to bad talk dem in de press because yuh jealous of dem success, that mean yuh depress. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Dem boys who does dress like boys like to oppress people in de press. Dem can’t handle some people success, so dem get depress. Now dem obsess. Yet dem same people got de Water Street store in a mess!

GRDB commences extension outreaches

vice’s investigations have been completed. Although stating that the fires were maliciously set, Gentle did not want to disclose what was used to start the infernos, insisting that the criminal investigation is ongoing. When Guyana Times contacted the owner of the factory, he declined to give a comment, beyond explaining that he “does not want any trouble


The Comfort Sleep bond was destroyed by arson, the fire service said

with anyone”. The last fire occurred on November 28 at the business’s Industrial Site, Eccles, East Bank Demerara bond. Officials were initially puzzled as to how the fire started. At the time of the fire, the guard was in the security hut and unaware that smoke was billowing from the building until workers at a nearby establishment alerted him. He scampered to safety, but after it was realised that two vehicles were in the compound, persons assisted him in pushing them out of the compound, since the keys were with a supervisor who had left. The rescuers reportedly broke the windows in order to put the vehicles into gear so that they could have been saved. One worker, Shinera, explained that they had left the building sometime after 17:00h and double-checked all electrical outlets to make sure nothing was plugged in, a precaution they were warned to keep after the first fire. After checking the place twice, the workers left. She added that about 17:45h, her brother-inlaw rushed home in tears and

informed her that the bond was on fire, so she immediately contacted her other colleagues and then went to the scene. An eyewitness, Andell Adams told this newspaper that he was about to park his truck when he saw heavy dark smoke coming from the back of the building and he initially thought that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) was burning cane. He said as he approached his place of employment, he realised that it was the Comfort Sleep factory on fire and immediately contacted 911. Preceding that fire was another one on October 30 that was started by chemicals. It ravaged the Comfort Sleep and Payless bonds, causing millions of dollars in losses and leaving at least 35 workers jobless. The security guard on duty that night claimed that he heard a loud explosion in the Payless bond about 18:35h, and then saw a huge flame. Subsequently, the back of the building became engulfed in fire, which spread to the Comfort Sleep bond.

n keeping with its mandate to ensure rice farmers receive the necessary knowledge, technology, and rice varieties, the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) has commenced outreaches throughout the country. According to GRDB General Manager Jagnarine Singh, the board’s extension department will continue its farmer’s outreach programme in the different regions throughout the course of the year. The programme aims to reach out to farmers and discover their concerns about the rice industry, the current rice crop, and marketing strategies. Singh said extension officers in the various regions are currently engaged in field school training. He noted that farmers’ views on the progress of the crop and their challenges are solicited and demonstrations are done at the training sessions. A technical team of officers would usually visit the farmers experiencing difficulties, and their findings are reported to the GRDB head office. Those reports are then forwarded to the Agriculture Ministry. Extension services Extension Manager Kuldip Ragnauth told Guyana Times in an interview that the extension outreaches are focused on seed paddy distribution; technology transfer

(training farmers); data collection on sowing, paddy bug infestation and distribution, as well as planned activities. The key objective, he said, is producing quality seed paddy for farmers. Ragnauth said the present field school training is ongoing throughout Guyana. Speaking specifically of the field schools in Region Two, he noted that five field schools are presently being facilitated. The first was started at Dartmouth and continues in Henrietta, La Union, Vilvordeen and Evergreen. This field school focuses on educating farmers on the six improved practices. Farmers are also being enlightened on the effective use of fertiliser, soil test analysis, and recommended soil types, in addition to techniques to control red rice and paddy bugs. The extension manager explained that feedback from the field schools has been heartening and farmers are reaping as many as 50 bags of paddy per acre as a result of the practices and techniques being taught to them. In Region Two, 36 paddy bug demonstrations, along with 30 demonstration planned meetings, are scheduled. Farmers told Guyana Times that they were happy that GRDB commenced its paddy bug programme at an early stage so as to combat the infestation before much damage is done.


friday, January 24, 2014 |

12 News Co-op wants Abdul-Jabar, others charged for sale of Lamaha playground friday, january 24, 2014 |

By Svetlana Marshall


he Civil Service Association (CSA) Coop Housing Society said the former Chief Coop Development Officer Kareem Abdul-Jabar, liquidator Cecil Ramnarine, businessman Terrence Taljit, and acting Chief Evaluation Officer Compton Outar should be charged for the illegal sale of the Lamaha Gardens playground. Official reports indicate that on January 13, 2013, the playground situated on Lot 142 Durbana Square, Lamaha Gardens was sold to Taljit for $25 million, without the knowledge of the co-op. The chief co-op development officer had played a leading role in the transaction that has been dubbed “illegal.” His services have since been terminated. On Wednesday, the CSA Co-op Housing Society Attorney Steven Fraser filed an injunction against the illegal sale of the playground. It is the intention of the coop to have the transaction rescinded. The call for legal action is based on the release of two reports submitted by the Guyana Police Force in May and August 2013.


Executive member of the housing society Ronald Alli said the final police report indicated that AbdulJabar, Ramnarine and Taljit should be charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

CSA Co-op Housing Society executive member Ronald Alli addressing residents during the specially convened meeting on Wednesday

The police report was handed over to the co-op by the Labour Ministry. Alli contended that rather than advising the co-op to resort to the courts to regain land, the Labour Ministry should have acted within the confines of the police report and should have had charges laid against the accused. Reflecting on the transaction trail, Alli said on November 3, 2012, a public notice indicating that the CSA was liquidated on June 6, 2011 was published in the gazette and newspapers. It also indicated that Ramnarine was appointed the liquidator on June 5, 2012. Subsequently on December 8, 2012, the liquidator published a statement of “claims of creditors and members”, which was

extended to December 29. However, during the period November 16-23, an ad was placed in the press seeking tenders for the sale of the land. According to Alli, on December 6, 2012, a determination was made and a contract was signed. On January 7, 2013, the land was reportedly transported. In the police report, Taljit said during the period July-August 2012 former Education Minister, Dr Dale Bisnauth arranged a meeting for him with Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud. After expressing interest in the Lot 142 Durbana Square property, Taljit was advised by Persaud, who explained that the land was owned by the CSA, to contact AbdulJabar. After two series of interactions in a short timeframe, Abdul-Jabar reportedly told Taljit that he was in the process of liquidating the society and appointing a liquidator. The businessman was advised to keep checking the newspapers for information on the sale of the land. However, the information gazetted and Taljit’s report conflict. The businessman also told police investigators that he was in the chief co-op development office when the liquidator was contacted and asked to have the acting chief evaluation officer evaluate the controversial plot of land. In the police report, acting Chief Evaluation Officer Outar said, after be-

ing visited by the liquidator (Ramnarine), he allegedly surveyed the 11,980 square foot plot of land and valued it at $25.5 million.

Grossly -undervalued

Based on the police reports, Alli is contending that the transaction is null and void. “In our opinion, AbdulJabar, who is the chief co-op development officer, after receiving expression of interest from Taljit, conspired with Taljit and Ramnarine and

ground was established in the 1950s. It was explained that in the 1950s, housing was a major problem in Georgetown. “The civil servants who were members of the Civil Service Association discussed this problem and the Civil Service Association agreed with the consent of the members to address the problem by establishing the CSA Co-op Housing Society,” he recalled. In 1958, members were invited to sign a register and

The plot of land, which was controversially sold for $25 million to popular businessman Terrence Taljit

Outar to make all the necessary arrangements to cancel the registration of CSA, undervalue the land at 142 Durbana Square, and ensured that Taljit purchased the property at a grossly deflated value.” The society’s chairman, Roy Mc Arthur said the play-

by 1959 there were more than 200 registrants, agreeing to pay the co-op a monthly instalment for the purchasing of land. “By 1959, we had raised a considerable amount of money, so we went and bought lands from Bel Air Estates. Outside of Georgetown

meant that it would be like living in the countryside, but we said ‘no, we are going to build a community for the people to a standard equivalent to or better than what existed in Georgetown’.” A plan was subsequently submitted to the Central Housing and Planning Authority. The society was advised that the housing scheme would have required a recreational area which could not be resurveyed or sold. “So we incorporated that into the land and we identified 142 Durbana Square as the playground,” Mc Arthur said. In addition to playing on the ground, children back then were allowed to play on the streets; however, times have changed. “Now the streets are a problem, the children cannot play on it anymore because they are exposed to all kinds of dangers, because the area feeds Sophia which is east of Lamaha,” the elderly chairman said. He added that criminal elements even hide in old vehicles dumped nearby to launch their attacks on passersby. To safeguard the children of the neighbourhood, the chairman said the playground should be handed over to the co-op and used for its original purpose. (

Region Two RDC hands over $11M ambulance to Suddie hospital

Region Two officials handing over a new $11 million ambulance to health officials in the regional office at Anna Regina


mergency services at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two will see a significant boost as the Region Two administration, in collaboration with the Health Ministry, handed over a modern $11 million ambulance to the medical facility.

The ambulance was purchased under the region’s 2013 capital programme. In handing over the keys to Regional Health Officer Allison Brown, Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud said the new ambulance is testimony of the government’s commitment

to improving the health services in Region Two. He said the ambulance will provide efficient and good health care services to residents living on the coast. Region Two Vice Chairman Vishnu Samaroo, who was also present at the handing-over ceremony, told the media that the ambulance will help transport patients from the Essequibo Coast to Georgetown on referrals. Samaroo advised drivers of the ambulance to be careful while transporting patients around the coast. Accepting the keys of the ambulance was Brown who said that the ambulance will definitely boost the healthcare delivery at Suddie Public Hospital.



friday, january 24, 2014 |

QC rewards top performers

Among the officials at the ceremony were Queen’s College Principal Jackie Benn; Chief Education Officer Olato Sam; Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony; Dr Shanti Singh; and Education Ministry Technical Coordinator Melcita Bovell

Students of Queen’s College at the award ceremony By Alexis Rodney


he exceptional performance of students of Queen’s College continues to take centre stage in Guyana’s educational push. Great minds moulded at the institution soon develop into the “brain trust of the nation”. Many doctors, lawyers, and other elites found their footing at the college. Wednesday afternoon was a momentous one for students, past and present, as well as teachers and parents. For teach-

ers, it was gratifying. Many stood proudly in random applause, cheering on the highflyers for their outstanding achievement, accepting that they played a role in the successes. Tearyeyed parents could hardly contain their joy as they witnessed what used to be their suckling babe evolve into promising young men and women who would soon take their first major leap into the world of work or higher learning. A huge crowd filled the college’s auditorium and was treated to a number of

cultural items. The Queen’s College Steel Orchestra serenaded the waiting audience with the sweet sound of steel pan music, and two female students captured everyone’s attention with an amazing Indian dance. It was the school’s annual speech night and prizegiving ceremony for the year 2012-2013. Apart from the excellent performance of students at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), students of the lower forms were also awarded for their outstanding academic performance during the year. Fifty-six students from grades seven through 10 were awarded for achieving 75 per cent and over in their in-class examinations.

“Take your rightful place”

Queen’s College top CSEC performer Cecil Cox receives his prize from his father

The school’s top CSEC performer, Cecil Cox received his award for securing 16 grade ones. He was followed by Philippe Walker, Akeila Wiltshire, and Akash Jairam who also secured 16 grade ones respectively. Top CAPE performer Jonnelle James was also awarded for taking the top spot in

Chief Education Officer Olato Sam delivering the feature address

Guyana. Chief Education Officer Olato Sam, in a riveting feature address, spoke directly to current students, urging them to “rise up and take your rightful place as the top school in Guyana”. Sam, who himself received his secondary education at Queen’s College, said that the school, though not popular in the area of sports, has always been the envy of other secondary institutions. And for that, students should be proud. “It must be stated; however, that this institution’s

mandate is to produce the best when evaluated against world-class standards. Not national, not regional, but world-class standards,” he said to loud cheers from the audience. Sam reminded the students that true education is not only confined to academia, but encompasses almost every other facet of life.

Brain trust

“You, my young friends, are the brain trust of this nation and as such, great are the expectations regarding your performances

in every area. I would hasten to say that such expectations should not be limited to being academic.” He continued: “This institution should be the embodiment of all that is educationally sound. You must set the standard of every aspect of what education must be in Guyana”. Queen’s College Principal Jackie Benn, in delivering the principal’s report, alluded to the fact that the institution has thrived over the years because of the unswerving support of the Education Ministry. She commended the 44 member staff for their commitment and hard work, in instilling practical knowledge and values to the 741 students. The school has a 98 per cent overall pass rate at the CSEC examination, with grades one to three. The school has also seen major improvement in performances in mathematics, Caribbean History, French, Spanish, and electronic data processing machine (EDPM). Present also at the ceremony were Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and his wife, National AIDS Programme Secretariat Director, Dr Shanti Singh.


friday, January 24, 2014


UWI students excel at U.S. Black Fire knocks out power in west Trinidad Students Leadership Conference P T

wo members of the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Department of Government High Achiever’s Society, Renee Osbourne and Cleopatra Parkins, placed in the top five of the 26th annual Charles E Williams II Advanced Leadership Oratorical Contest, at the Southern Black Student Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas, January 16-19. The four-day conference focused on developing the youth leaders skill set and characteristics to aid in motivating them to achieve goals and objectives, despite

Successful UWI students Cleopatra Parkins (second left) and Renee Osbourne (third left) flanked by Head of the Department of Government (UWI), Dr Lloyd Waller (left) and facilitator Shinique Walters

societal and personal limitations. The oratorical contest is aimed at challenging and stimulating the minds of participants, and providing them an opportunity to display their talents of speaking and interpreting their ideas on a specific subject. The students were accompanied by facilitator, Shinique Walters. The opportunity was made possible through the efforts of the Office of the Principal, which assisted in sponsoring the students to attend the conference. The theme of the conference was‘Leaders over Limits’. (Jamaica Observer)

arts of west Trinidad, from Diego Martin to Chaguaramas, were left in darkness last evening after a fire broke out at the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission’s Westmoorings sub-station around 18:08h on Wednesday. Firefighters brought the fire under control just before 19:00h and T&TEC corporate communications manager, Annabelle Brasnell, said power was to be restored to all the affected areas by midnight. “Once they have brought everything under control, we expect that we can transfer the load to another transformer and return service to affected custom-

ers,” Brasnell said Asked about the cause of the blaze, Brasnell said: “We have no details. We can’t determine the cause until the blaze is out and the Fire Service give us some more information about the situation.” Around 18:30h on Wednesday, people started tweeting about a loud explosion in the Diego Martin area. Minutes later, people were posting photos of the blaze at the sub-station, which is near West Mall. The fire was extinguished about an hour after it started. The affected areas included Diego Martin, Shore Lands, Carenage and “Down the Islands”. (Excerpt from Trinidad Guardian)

Chile president-elect’s reform Jamaica's police chief transfers police plans have broad backing involved in controversial shooting


hile’s president-elect Michelle Bachelet will embark on a second term riding a wave of popular support that includes widespread backing for her key policy proposals, according to a poll released on Thursday. Center-left Bachelet will take office on March 11 with a mandate to hike corporate taxes to pay for an education reform, and will push to overhaul the constitution, which dates to General Augusto Pinochet’s 19731990 dictatorship.

Almost 80 per cent of those surveyed said they agreed with education reform, pollster and research centre Cerc said, while 63 per cent approved tax reform and 71 per cent a new constitution. The proposals enjoyed support across the political spectrum, including those identified with the conservative Alianza coalition of outgoing President Sebastian Pinera. Nearly three-quarters of Alianza supporters backed Bachelet’s education reform proposals, and around

half endorsed her proposed tax and constitutional changes, the poll found. Bachelet’s bloc clinched a narrow majority in both houses of Congress, which is enough to pass tax reforms. But for the four-sevenths majority required for education reform, Bachelet will need to enlist independent or opposition legislators in the Senate and House of Representatives – from some of whom she has already received hints of backing. Constitutional change needs two-thirds backing. (Reuters)


olice Commissioner Owen Ellington, on Wednesday ordered the transfer of all police who were involved in the fatal shooting of a man in downtown Kingston on Monday. Ellington issued the instruction during a highlevel security meeting that was prompted by two days of demonstrations by residents from the community of Orange Villa who claim that Nakia Jackson, 27, was killed in cold blood by the police. The police report that

they were on patrol when they got wind of a robbery carried out by a ‘Rastafarian-looking’ man who ran into the vicinity of Orange Villa. They claimed they accosted a man fitting the description given to them. They alleged that the man pointed a firearm at them, which forced them to take evasive action and fire two shots in the man’s direction. They also alleged that a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol was recovered. The residents mount-

ed two fiery roadblocks on Monday and Tuesday to voice their disgust at the killing and accused the officers of lying about the incident and planting a gun on the dead man. On Wednesday, Ellington, National Security Minister Peter Bunting and the member of parliament Desmond McKenzie, visited Orange Villa where Ellington assured residents that all is being done to ensure that the matter is thoroughly investigated. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Progress being made in breaks six-week silence fight against cholera


rgentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has made her first public speech in six weeks, ending a long silence that led to questions about her health following brain surgery. Fernandez was welcomed by hundreds of supporters at the presidential palace in Buenos Aires. In a televised address, she announced a plan to help unemployed young people. She dismissed speculation about her health and criticised Argentina’s media. Fernandez had an operation on October 8, 2013 to

The president had not spoken in public for more than 40 days

remove a blood clot from her brain and returned to work on November 18, 2013. But she had not spoken in public since a high-profile ceremony in Buenos Aires on December10, 2013. “They wanted to create the impression among the Argentine people that I couldn’t do it anymore,” she said, referring to the media, which is largely hostile to her government. “The truth is I had some problems, but I would like to see who, facing the same problems, would have continued to govern for 40 million Argentines,” said Fernandez. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Jamaica and Panama deepen relations


ooperation between Jamaica and Panama in the areas of education and training continues to deepen as it relates to the development of the Logistics Hub Initiative. This was revealed by Industry Minister Anthony Hylton, at the close of a logistics hub symposium in Barbados on Wednesday. “We (have) talked about

the multilingual skills that have to be developed and we are working already with Panama to train them to come here for English and we go there for the Spanish. Training (is) already beginning in the zones in the areas that are critical to the success of our logistics hub,” he said. According to Hylton, Jamaica stands ready to collaborate with partners both

locally and internationally for the continued development of the island, noting that “Jamaica is friends with everyone and enemy to none”. Director of Marketing, Colon Free Trade Zone, Panama, Sonia Antón, stressed her company’s support in assisting Jamaica to become a key player in the logistics hub industry.

“We are going to give 100 per cent of our support to your country and all the countries that need (it), our hands are open,” she said. The Colón Free Trade Zone is a large entity near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal, dedicated to re-exporting a wide variety of merchandise to Latin America and the Caribbean.

(Excerpt from Nation News)

A Haitian boy getting his first dose of the anti-cholera vaccine


ealth officials have announced plans to vaccinate 500,000 people in at risk areas with the aim to eradicate cholera. At the same time the authorities are reporting a significant decrease in cases of cholera so far this year, when compared to the number of cases reported during the same period last year. Director-general of the Public Health and Population Ministry, Dr Raymond Guirlaine Charite, said that as of the third week of this year, 119 cases, including 75 hospitalised and three deaths were counted, compared to 1460 cases that include 955 hospitalised and 12 deaths for the same period in 2013.

“This proves that the strategies we have put in place are providing results in the fight against cholera, ” Charite said while inviting the population to be cautious given the ongoing threat, particularly in certain regions considered at risk. ”We find that there still are points where the effects of cholera are felt and we call on the population to be cautious,” said Dr Charite. ” At the beginning of this year, we have already registered 17 towns where there are people who contracted cholera.” Those districts are located in the West department, the Artibonite, the Central Plateau, the Southeast and South regions. (Excerpt from Antigua Observer)

15 Around the world

friday, January 24, 2014

Ukraine president hints at compromise, but PM slams protesters U krainian President Viktor Yanukovich called for an emergency session of parliament to end political crisis and violent unrest, in a sign he might be ready to soften his hardline stance and strike a compromise. Yanukovich was due to hold talks on Thursday with opposition leaders including heavyweight boxer-turnedpolitician Vitaly Klitschko, and anti-government demonstrators in the capital agreed to a truce with police until 20:00h pending the outcome. The parliamentary website said the special session would be held on Tuesday. Underlining the level of

Violent protests in Ukraine have spread beyond the capital, Kiev, ahead of a crisis meeting between President Viktor Yanukovich and three key opposition leaders

mistrust between the government and opposition, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov accused protesters of trying to stage a coup d’etat, and dismissed the possibility of an early presidential election to resolve the standoff. “All those who support this coup should say clearly, ‘Yes, we are for the overthrow of the legitimate authorities in Ukraine’, and not hide behind peaceful protesters,” Azarov said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “A genuine attempt at a coup d’etat is being carried out,” Russian news agency Interfax quoted him as saying. (Excerpt from Reuters)

India: Woman gang-raped on orders of village kangaroo court

Police said the latest incident on Monday night was prompted by the relationship between a woman belonging to the Santhal tribal group and a non-tribal man from a nearby village in Birbhum district


olice in India’s West Bengal state have arrested 13 men in connection with a gang rape of a woman, allegedly on orders of village elders who objected to her relationship with a man. The 20-year-old woman has been admitted to a hospital in a critical condition. Unofficial courts in India’s villages often sanction killings of couples deemed to have violated local codes. Scrutiny of sexual violence in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus. The government tightened laws on sexual violence last year after widespread protests following the attack. But violence and discrimination against women remain deeply entrenched in India’s staunchly patriarchal society. The suspects were produced in court and have been remanded in custody. They have not yet made any public comment. “The relationship was going on for almost five years. When the man visited the woman’s home on Monday

with the proposal of marriage, villagers spotted him and organised a kangaroo court. During the ‘proceedings’, the couple were made to sit with hands tied,” Birbhum police chief C Sudhakar told the BBC. He said the headman of the woman’s village fined the couple 25,000 rupees ($400; £240) for “the crime of falling in love”. The man paid up, but the woman’s family were unable to pay, police said. The headman, who is a distant relative of the woman, then allegedly ordered the rape, Sudhakar said. “Her family could not pay, so go enjoy the girl and have fun,” the headman reportedly told villagers, according to a complaint filed by the woman’s family. The 13 men arrested in connection with the incident include the headman. Although the attack took place on Monday night, the family of the woman gathered courage to go to the police on Wednesday afternoon. The woman was admitted to a hospital only on Wednesday night. (Excerpt from BBC News)

South Sudan rivals sign ceasefire agreement


outh Sudan’s government and rebels have signed a ceasefire agreement after talks in Ethiopia. Under the deal, signed in a hotel in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, the fighting is due to come to an end within 24 hours. In the past week, government forces have recaptured the two main cities under rebel control. More than 500,000 people have been forced from their homes during the month-long conflict. “These two agreements are the ingredients to create an environment for achieving a total peace in my country,” said Taban Deng, head of the rebel delegation, AFP reports. However, the South

Sudanese government has expressed scepticism over whether the opposition will be able to control all the militias involved in fighting, the BBC’s Anne Soy reports. The talks have now been adjourned and are due to continue on February 7. What started out as a political dispute between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar on December 15, 2013 escalated into fullscale conflict, with reports of ethnic killings. A ceremony to mark the signing of the agreement on the “cessation of hostilities and the question of the detainees” took place at the hotel where the talks were hosted. (Excerpt from BBC News)


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Barbados seeks more TT investment Tanzania: Tanga gears up for oil exploration


ow is the time to invest in Barbados, that country’s Industry, International Business and Commerce Minister Donville Inniss said on Wednesday when he addressed the quarterly luncheon meeting of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce. “Members of this chamber, I say to you, what may seem as challenges in the Barbados economy... is an opportunity. Now is the time to invest.”

Inniss said people from around the world are buying up multi-million dollar properties in Barbados. He acknowledged that investors are “not on a mission of charity” and assured chamber members that they would get returns on their investments. He urged the private sector to lead development in Barbados. “Barbados is open and ready for your business,” he said his opinion that Barbados is now ripe for investment was shared

by past and present presidents of the TT chamber. Over coffee before the start of the event, former president Andrew Sabga told reporters now is a good time to invest in Barbados, consistent with a “buy low and sell high” strategy. Current president Moonilal Lalchan said although credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s had lowered its “long-term rating on Barbados,” TT investors should not be deterred. (Trinidad


North America

Wal-Mart creates US$10M fund to back U.S. manufacturing


al-Mart Stores Inc, the world’s largest retailer, said on Thursday it has created a US$10 million fund to support manufacturing in the United States, and that one of its bicycle suppliers plans to start production in the U.S. this year. Bill Simon, Wal-Mart’s U.S. president, said at the United States Conference of Mayors’ winter meeting in Washington, DC, that Wal-Mart and its philanthropic arm, the Walmart Foundation, will provide the

funds for the five-year programme, offering grants to innovators in U.S. manufacturing. The announcement was the latest in Wal-Mart’s yearold push to boost U.S. manufacturing. It has vowed to buy an additional US$50 billion in U.S.-made products over the next decade. number of the company’s long-time suppliers are returning production to the United States, as rising wages in China and elsewhere have made offshore production less lucrative.

Kent International, a New Jersey-based bicycle maker, announced with Wal-Mart on Thursday that it will move its production to Clarendon, South Carolina, and create 175 new jobs and assemble 500,000 bicycles annually by 2016. Kent said it had moved all of its production overseas in the 1990s because of lower costs of production abroad. The company’s bicycles are sold at Walmart, Target and a variety of other retailers, according to Kent’s website. (Reuters)


Eurozone recovery strengthened in January, survey says


he recovery among eurozone private sector firms gathered pace in January, a survey has indicated, with growth at its fastest pace since June 2011. The latest Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the eurozone economy rose to 53.2 from 52.1 in December. A figure above 50 indicates expansion. Growth accelerated in Germany while the rate of decline slowed in France. Separate figures from the

The recovery among eurozone private sector firms gathered pace in January, a survey has indicated, with growth at its fastest pace since June 2011

Market statistics

Bank of Spain showed the country’s economy grew by 0.3 per cent in the last three months of 2013. It was the second quarter of growth in a row for Spain, although the economy shrank by 1.2 per cent over the year as a whole. Figures from Spain’s National Statistics Institute showed that the country’s unemployment rate edged up slightly to 26.03 per cent in the fourth quarter of this year from 25.98 per cent in the previous quarter. (BBC News)

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana Cur






















Indicators as on January 23, 2013 Live Spot Gold

USD Per Once










London Gold Fix





1244.25 749.91 912.88

1263.00 760.71 924.19



1239.50 749.67 915.57

1241.00 749.13 915.19

Indicators Crude Oil

Price Silver


US$ per barrel

$108.27 USD per Ounce

$20.02 $1254.00

Change %

+1.42 Change %

-0.07 +0.22

Last: 16197.35

Changes: -175.99

% Change: -1.07



Low: 16140.58

% YTD: -2.29

52Wk Hi:16174.51

52 Wk Lo: 12471.49


anga Region’s economy is soon changing for the better, if a UK company which is currently doing oil exploration strikes that precious liquid this year. Afren East Africa Exploration which has been conducting studies in the region for the last three years has finally decided to start exploration this month. Authorities in that region believe that for an investor to invest millions of dollars in the project, it means there is ‘something’, so the local busi-

ness community should start thinking how to benefit economically once the drilling begins. “Though the exploration is still in the preliminary stages, the amount of money and resources invested by the company gives high hopes for the discovery of the resources,” the region’s energy Eng Amaon Kyombo says. Tanga’s former Regional Administrative Secretary Benedict Ole Kuyan (recently transferred to Mara Region) says that the region is expect-

ing to thrive in the extractive industry especially given its profile of underground natural resources. He said Afren East Africa Exploration has been doing the study for three years and they intend to set up the first exploration block this month. In such a case, they would either get gas or oil, he says adding that by the time an investor puts 100 million U.S. dollars into an investment, then he/she knows that there is something underground. (al-



Lenovo buys IBM’s low-end server business for US$2.3B


hina’s Lenovo – the world’s biggest PC maker – has agreed to buy IBM’s low-end server business for US$2.3 billion (£1.4 billion) in a widely anticipated deal. About US$2 billion will be paid in cash with the rest in Lenovo stock, it said. Whlie IBM is selling its x86 “low-end” server business, which includes the System x, BladeCenter and Flex System products, it is retaining its powerful mainframe and storage business.

Lenovo bought IBM’s PC business in 2005, featuring the ThinkPad range. It has since diversified into smartphones and tablets, and overtook Hewlett-Packard as the world’s top PC maker in 2012. “This acquisition demonstrates our willingness to invest in businesses that can help fuel profitable growth and extend our PC Plus strategy,” said Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s chairman and chief executive. IBM recently announced

that it would invest more than US$1 billion in a new division based around its Watson supercomputer, and US$1.2 billion expanding its global cloud computing business. “This divestiture allows IBM to focus on system and software innovations that bring new kinds of value to strategic areas of our business, such as cognitive computing, big data and cloud,” said Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive of IBM Software and Systems division. (BBC News)

Middle East

Impact of Saudi labour crackdown spreads through economy


he impact of Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on illegal foreign workers is spreading through its economy, moving beyond the labour-intensive construction industry to sectors as far afield as banking and telecommunications. Nearly one million foreign workers, out of a total of roughly nine million, are estimated to have left Saudi Arabia between last March and November, as authorities enforce work permit

rules and corporate quotas for employment of local citizens. It is the most far-reaching shake-up of the Saudi labour market in many years. In the long term it may well be good for the economy, cutting the number of marginally productive jobs, reducing the jobless rate among Saudis, and limiting the amount of money which flows out of the country in the form of foreign workers’ remittances. However, fourth-quarter

earnings announcements by listed Saudi firms since last week suggest the crackdown is now having a broad and serious impact on corporate profits, as companies struggle with labour shortages and have to pay higher wages to hire local citizens. While the Saudi stock market is still near five-year highs, it is up only 2.2 per cent so far this year, the weakest major Gulf Arab market. The labour issue is one reason. (Gulf Business)

Investors' guide

Qualitative vs quantitative


hen analysing a company from an investment perspective it is important to assess it from both a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. So what does this mean? Qualitative analysis means looking at the intangibles. The factors about a company that are not purely numbers driven can be just as important as crunching the numbers. Quantitative analysis means looking at the actual numbers. Looking at different financial metrics and ratios is

fundamental to the analysis of any company being looked at. A comprehensive analysis of a company should include looking at both the qualitative and quantitative factors that would impact decision making. Common quantitative factors include calculating different ratios (debt/equity, current ratio) and considering different financial metrics (net income, net assets). Qualitative analysis can be far more subjective and really depends on the company that is being looked at,

and the purpose of the analysis overall. Perception of management effectiveness is important, do you think they can run the company effectively and take advantage of opportunities? Customer and supplier relationships are important also, you can’t really quantify a company’s leverage with suppliers but you would want to know about something like this. Qualitative assessments require a degree of professional judgement in terms of what’s relevant and what should be discussed or looked into. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – All purpose statement Financial statement that satisfies the requirements of all its intended readers, such as management, investors, creditors, and regulatory and taxation authorities. The statements filed with an annual report are usually all purpose statements.

friday, january 24, 2014



By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Your confident approach to finding solutions will be irresistible today. You can form alliances and persuade others to support your plans.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You may not feel like working, but doing so will keep you out of trouble on a personal level, and you will manage to make progress professionally as well. If you feel restless, examine your options.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) It’s a good idea to be as active as possible today. Meet up with informed and likeminded people. Travel will lead to a creative opportunity.



CANCER (June 21July 22) This is a great day for love and romance. Do something thoughtful for your special someone. You can also meet potential partners through a trip or by attending events.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Don’t take any personal or professional chances today. Changes are inevitable, so prepare to accept them and move on with grace.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Your pragmatic but tactful approach will help you get along with everyone, and that will make it easy to ask for assistance. Finding solutions to practical concerns will be simple.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

You will likely have to face an older relative’s difficulties. It’s an opportune time to check out real estate or other long-term investments. Financial opportunities are likely to manifest.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) A partnership can improve your life, but don’t let your fears or your stubbornness get in the way. Love should be your focus. If you are coy or distracted, your partner will not be pleased.

Life can change in an instant, and sometimes all you can do is just try your best. Professional and financial gains are likely, so if you have a chance to apply for a better position, seize it.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) You will be emotional, and self-control will be an issue. Less talk and more positive action are what is needed. You will meet someone appealing.

Thursday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Find an opportunity to get closer to a colleague or superior. You can gain ground if you form alliances, but be careful whom you choose.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) You may find yourself stressed by a deadline if you are trying to complete paperwork before the weekend officially begins. Be persistent, and the concerned parties will comply.


friday, january 24, 2014



uyana’s Chutney Monarch 2014 is expected to be crowned on Saturday evening at the Bath Settlement Community Centre ground when 15 contenders take to the stage before an anticipated massive audience. The artistes have been putting their pieces together and are making sure that their props are in order for the grand evening. One of the props that will be a vital role on Saturday evening will be the dancers who will accompany the artistes, but, more importantly, the way they use the stage and their overall presentations. As the countdown to crunch time begins, the stage is being erected and the official band, Shakti Strings Orchestra is already geared to entertain the audience as they accompany the competitors. The 15 finalists are: Pooran Seeraj, Steven Ramphal, Prince JP, Danny Bholaram, UuvinSukho, Bunty Singh, Goonwattie Persaud, Paramdai Willi, Savitri Li, Fiona Singh, Haresh Singh, Michelle Gobin, Harvey Gobin and the final two contestants, who are both named Aamir Khan.


ince 2002, Stereo Sonic Sound Company has been bringing to Guyana the biggest Mashramani celebration with the best dancehall artists the Caribbean has to offer and this year will be no different, with one of the most requested musicians of recent times, Aidonia. T h i s

Mash, patrons of the Guyana Football Club ground will be treated to a dynamic combination of music by Aidonia out of Jamaica, Guyanese Lil Million and James Bond. With 2013 hits like “Fi Di Jockey” and “Bruki”, Aidonia has been made one of the most in-demand artistes and now Guyanese will get what they have been asking for. Sheldon ‘Aidonia’ Lawrence, with his distinctive raspy tones and smart lyrics, has become a favourite among fans across the Caribbean. He will be headlining this event; however, also performing will be Guyana’s very own Lil Million, James Bond and Super Ray one-man band. Lil Million was made popular with “The Dangles” and later released “Rub it and Go Down”, “Eddo Leaf” and “Front Door”, among others. Meanwhile, James Bond recently stepped on the scene and has created quite a buzz with his

Reigning Chutney Monarch, Young Bill Rogers will be defending his title with his tune, “Ge Me More Chutney”. This year, there are fabulous entries that will do well and have a chance to win the competition. Out of the 15, the possibility exists that the reigning monarch, Roger Hinds has the potential to successfully defend his title but close attention is also being placed on former Chutney Queen, Fiona Singh with her entry, “Blow”; Steven Ramphal with his song titled “Indian Queen”; Prince JP with his tune “Indian Drums and Shakti Strings lead singer, Pooran Seeraj with “Under the Maro”. However, during the performances, a panel of judges will have their score sheets ready and eventually they will have to make the final decision. The winner of the Guyana leg of the competition will be representing Guyana at the International Chutney Competition slated for the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago on February 1. The event starts at 20:00h. Gates will be opened at 18:00h.

debut “Wine Pon De Button”. The Stereo Sonic Mashramani Concert has over the years evolved into the most anticipated and attended event with an estimated 10,000 patrons annually. Among artistes who have headlined this event are the Mighty Crown, Tony Matterhorn, Mavado, Kiprich, RDX and Shal Marshall.

friday, January 24, 2014




ith all the entertainment buzz lurking around, the possibility of witnessing another breathtaking act from R&B International singer, Ne-Yo is on the cards for the upcoming Easter weekend. This is definitely one of the surprises for Easter weekend and is promoted by two major entertainment groups in Guyana. With fingers crossed and lips sealed, contracts are presently being prepared and a confirmation will be garnered as soon as possible. Accompanying the R&B sensation will be Jamaica’s own Jah Cure and Sean Paul. It has been a while since Sean


or the very first time, true revellers will be able to enjoy the ultimate Mashramani party experience when Hits and Jams Entertainment takes to the streets and creates a massive celebration in commemoration of Guyana’s 44th Republic anniversary. Over the years, many have asked for it and now it is finally here with two huge trucks, the biggest speakers, food, drinks and the most energetic group of revellers. That’s what Hits and Jams Entertainment plans on bringing to the table come February 23 when Guyanese everywhere come out to enjoy a great fete after hard work. Palancing this year in HJ BOOM FM costumes, the entertainment giant promises its supporters the best bacchanal event offered during this celebratory period. Revellers will be decked out in T-shirts

Paul has performed on Guyana’s soil and with his new hits such as “Outside of Love” and “Body” and other recent collaborations with Pit Bull, Beenie Man and Lucenzo among others, he is expected to create quite a stir. Jah Cure, also famous for his reggae hits has performed in Guyana on several occasions. Nevertheless, more focus will be on Ne-Yo who left a mark during his performance in 2010. The artiste has had a string of hits to his name such as “Beautiful Monster” and “Champagne Life” which are mostly known by Guyanese. If the buzz is indeed true, Guyanese can brace themselves for another epic show by the 31-year-old heartthrob. With Ne-Yo, Sean Paul and Jah Cure, Guyanese will definitely be in for a treat on Easter Sunday at the Guyana National Stadium.

and vests boasting the company’s logo and will be partying with Fusion Sound System and Hits and Jams Boom FM which will be streaming live from the streets all day long. What’s more, regional artistes like Aidonia and others

yet to be announced will be partying on the Hits and Jams trucks and enjoying the day’s affairs. VIP tickets cost $6000 while general tickets will be sold at a cost of $3000.

ready to give you the


ith less than a month before Mashramani 2014, Designer Surida Nagreadi is not taking any chances and is already creating a stir as the mash fever intensifies. With several costumes pieces already completed and ready to hit the streets, the designer thinks that this will be an unforgettable year. Coming strong with a band called XCITE, she is hoping to draw a crowd as her revellers take to the street on February 23. Persons who are interested to be a part of the style, vibes and bacchanal experience are all welcomed. Let’s take it to the streets with intricately designed costumes in vibrant colours. These costumes were launched in three categories namely Allure, Serenity and Fusion depicting the designers’ theme for 2014: “LOVE AND COLOUR”. Look out for live performances by two local artistes, Prince JP and Aamir Khan who are expected to thrill their fans. To be a part of the group, kindly contact Surida Nagreadi on 647-4694 and Alana Singh on telephone number 643-2497.


eigning Chutney King, Roger Hinds also called Young Bill Rogers is all set to defend his title come this Saturday at the Bath Settlement Community Centre ground, West Coast Berbice when the finals of the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry’s Chutney competition is held. In a recent interview, the reigning monarch admitted that this year’s competition is not a walk away but he is in the final stages of his preparations for the grand event. He promised that come Saturday night, he will entertain his fans to the fullest. He explained that his song “Ge meh more Chutney” is a continuation of “Chutney fuh meh larkhi” which tells a story of an Indian girl in Guyana who attends an Indian wedding and is left amazed with Guyana’s culture. He said that his tune will showcase a mix of Hindi and Filmi rhythms and is sure that he will do well. He, however, noted that he has great respect for the other contestants in the competition and wished them well. He said that Fiona Singh, Prince JP, Aamir Khan, Haresh Singh and Steven Ramphal are good at what they do and is certain that they will bring their A game on competition night. If he successfully defends his title on Saturday evening, he will be representing Guyana at the International Competition w h i c h starts on Februar y 1 in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. With his experience at the last international competition, he admitted that he has to step up his game if he is selected to represent Guyana. He is also cognisant of the fact that he will have a short time to get prepared for the competition but he has sent his

song to SouthEx International and it is already being played on the radio in Trinidad. Reflecting on his reign, Hinds said that he has done some singing at various events and had the opportunity of being interviewed live on a Canadian radio station. He was featured on another programme with Deejay Rocky who has a chutney programme in Canada as well. Being featured on the radio in North America was an accomplishment and Hinds feels the ministry should have done more to promote him and his monarchy. He recalled when Shirley Persaud won the chutney competition and Adrian Dutchin won the soca monarchy, they were given the opportunity to promote themselves in the form of advertisements. He is of the opinion that he should have the same opportunity as well. He also expressed his concerns about not being contacted when the huge chutney shows were being held in Guyana and thinks that whether he is favoured or not, he is the reigning chutney monarch and should have been called irrespective of people’s perceptions. However, Hinds is of the opinion that chutney music has lost its tradition and now chutney soca is taking over. The chutney soca he said is more about women and rum… He also feels that more should be done for thriving chutney artistes in Guyana and not only during Mashramani celebrations. He suggests that a programme b e implemented to promote the music throughout the year.




friday, January 24, 2014

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friday, january 24, 2014

Australian Open…

Stanislas Wawrinka reaches maiden final

BCCI puts ICC events on the line

- Li Na and Dominika Cibulkova reach final

Giles Clarke

Wally Edwards

he BCCI today virtually served notice on any ICC Full Members opposed to a makeover of the ruling body, indicating that India’s participation in ICC events was subject to approval of the radical draft proposal by the ICC’s executive board. The proposal recommends a structural overhaul of the ICC and proposes bigger revenues and more executive decision-making powers to the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECB.

for discussion and amendments as long as the BCCI’s central plank - redistribution of the ICC central revenue being proportionate to the income generated through each member board - was not diluted. The BCCI working committee was insistent on not yielding ground on the matter revenue distribution. The proposal recommends a maximum allotment of 21 per cent of the ICC’s revenues to the BCCI on the grounds that Indian cricket helps generate 80 per cent of ICC’s global revenues. The draft proposal, when handed out to the Full Member nations at a specially called board meeting in Dubai on January 9, did not however contain any supporting documentation for its current revenue distribution percentages or future estimates. The ICC’s current broadcast deal expires after the 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand but the new tender document for media rights cannot be floated without the all the member boards signing the Members Participating Agreement. The BCCI has made that signature conditional to the re-organisation of the ICC, which automatically implies that no progress on the broadcast deal will be possible till this proposal is cleared.

T Stanislas Wawrinka

Li Na

Dominika Cibulkova

tanislas Wawrinka beat Tomas Berdych to reach his first Grand Slam final and raise the prospect of an all-Swiss title decider at the Australian Open. The 28-year-old, seeded seventh, defeated the Czech eighth seed 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-4). Wawrinka said: “It’s amazing, I’m so happy to be here. I didn’t expect to make a final in a Grand Slam.” Compatriot Roger Federer, who beat Andy Murray in the last eight, faces Rafael Nadal in Friday’s second semi-final. “It would be amazing,” said Wawrinka of potentially playing Federer in Sunday’s final. “Roger is the best player ever. He texted me last night. He is happy it is the first time two Swiss guys are in the semi-finals. I told him for you it’s normal, for me it’s not normal. “I have two days to enjoy this win and then get ready for my first final.” After breaking new ground by reaching last year’s US Open semi-finals, Wawrinka is into his first major final. He followed his five-set win over defending champion Novak Djokovic with another high-class performance that tested his once suspect nerve. “The match was extremely even and it was really so

close,” said Berdych. “It’s really hard to find what could be the difference. We both played great. We played a good match. Stan was the one that just took it, and that’s it.” As expected in a match between players next to each other in the rankings, a desperately tight contest turned on a few key points. Berdych faltered first, smashing a towering lob into the tramlines on the first break point of the match and dropping the set in the following game. It was the only service break of the match, with both men neck and neck in all key statistics as the contest unfolded over the next three hours. Berdych saved a break point in the second set before dominating the tie-break, and seemed to have the momentum at times in the third set but could not convert his first chance on Wawrinka’s serve at 4-4. Another tie-break was required and this time it was the Swiss who took charge after crucial double-faults from Berdych at 3-2 and on set point, leaving the Czech player’s team - decked out in blue and white stripes, like their man - looking forlorn. His serve had impressed for two-and-half hours but Berdych looked vulnerable

early in the fourth set, narrowly escaping a break point after three double-faults in the opening game. It came down to the shootout of a third tie-break and, with much of the Rod Laver Arena crowd behind him and a few shouts of “Come on Aussie Stan!” - Wawrinka stepped up a gear. After moving to two match points, the Swiss doublefaulted on the first but saw Berdych fire long over the baseline on the second to confirm his place in a first Grand Slam final in 36 attempts. Li Na and Dominika Cibulkova Meanwhile, Li Na and Dominika Cibulkova will compete for the Australian Open title after both enjoyed convincing semi-final victories. Li dominated against teenager Eugenie Bouchard, racing into a 5-0 lead in 14 minutes before winning 6-2 6-4 to progress to her third Melbourne final. Cibulkova produced a stirring display to shock fifth seed Agnieszka Radwanska 6-1 6-2 victory and reach her first Grand Slam final. The Slovakian needed just 70 minutes to see off the world No 5, recording her fourth successive victory over a higher-seeded opponent at Melbourne Park.


(BBC Sport)

Draft will need "extraordinary majority" to be passed - ICC vice-president


ustafa Kamal, the ICC vice-president, has said an “extraordinary majority” will be required to approve ICC Finance & Commercial Affairs working group’s increasingly controversial draft proposal. He does not believe, at this stage, that it would be right to bring such changes to the world of cricket. Kamal was apparently not present at the meeting in which the proposal was first discussed during the January 9 meeting. He said that it would take a long time for such a revamp to take place. He doesn’t think it would happen at such short notice, though there are reasons to believe that it

will be the main topic of discussion at the January 29 ICC meeting. “One must also remember that there are clauses that one will have to follow for making amendment to the constitution,” Kamal told ESPNcricinfo. “They will need an extraordinary majority to make the amendments. There are so many discussions that will have to take place before such things happen. It is a long path. “Anything that will affect the world of cricket should not be done,” he said. “Cricket progressed a lot in the last decade, in terms of popularity, revenue and administration. I think it won’t be right to bring changes.”

His veiled stance against the draft proposal is a fair reflection of opinions in his home country, Bangladesh, and indicative of how rest of the ICC feels about it. Kamal said that he has discussed the matter with other board members, who have expressed similar surprise at what has been put in front of them. “I have talked to members of different boards from around the globe and they are surprised too,” he said. “No one had an idea of this proposal. “I don’t even regard this as a proposal at this stage, until it comes to me as a proposal in official form. I have no further comments to make.”



The BCCI, in a threepoint release following an emergent working committee meeting in Chennai, said the committee had formally approved the proposal, terming it as being “in the interests of cricket at large”. The message as regards ICC events was then sent out to the other members, stating that the committee has “authorised the office bearers to enter into agreements with the ICC for participating in the ICC events and hosting ICC events, subject to the proposal being approved by the ICC board”. The BCCI’s working committee also cleared the way for its leading officer bearers to sign bilateral agreements with all other Full Member boards, including Pakistan. The draft proposal contained commitments from the ECB and Cricket Australia over legally-binding bilateral agreements with eight Full Members. The absence of such a guarantee from the BCCI in the draft document had raised apprehensions among smaller boards who subsist on tours from India. Such a commitment could not have been made by the BCCI without approval of the its working committee, a formality completed on Thursday. While the ECB and CA have committed to undertake tours to the top eight countries, in principle, the BCCI’s proposal covers all Test playing nations. “We have never said that it [the draft proposal] was set in stone or a ‘take-it-orleave it’ proposition,” a BCCI official said. “It is clear that it is a draft and members can discuss it with their respective boards and it can be discussed in the ICC board meeting.” The draft proposal will be presented to the ICC executive board during its quarterly meeting in Dubai on January 28 and 29. It is also understood that the draft proposal, put together by a working group of the ICC’s Finance & Commercial Affairs committee was open

Cricket Nations

Cricket South Africa is the only board to have publicly opposed the proposal, and the Pakistan Cricket Board have made their opposition privately known. The West Indies Cricket Board is yet to make a statement, but was engaged in a teleconference over the week and has stated that it has “taken a position in the best interests of West Indies cricket”. It is understood to be negotiating a deal with the Big Three. Cricket South Africa argued the idea was “fundamentally flawed” and “in breach of the ICC constitution”, while New Zealand Cricket said it was wrong to jump to the conclusion that the proposal would be bad for cricket. FICA, which represents player associations in seven of the ICC’s ten Full Member countries, declared itself “extremely concerned” with the proposal. One of the key governance changes proposed in the position paper, pertained to the creation of a proposed Executive Committee (ExCo) - a security-council style group with three permanent members, the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECB. While the Big

Three will insist on being founding members of this committee, the possibility of enlarging it from the recommended four to more could be discussed. “It must be understood however that this another committee just like an F&CA committee that currently works under the IDI (ICC Development International), the ICC’s commercial arm,” the BCCI official said. “It will report to the ICC board, which will have the right to approve or reject its recommendations.” The draft states that the ExCo will act as a “sole recommendation committee … on all constitutional, personnel, integrity, ethics, development and nominations matters”. The BCCI working committee meeting, which took place in Chennai, was chaired by one of the board’s vicepresidents Shivlal Yadav, in the absence of BCCI president N Srinivasan, who could not attend due to the death of his mother early on Thursday morning. It was not Yadav who did the talking, though. Sundar Raman, the IPL chief operating officer, explained the details of the ‘position paper’, outlining the revamp of the ICC and why it was necessary. The proposed revenue model, according to which India stood to earn a bigger percentage of the ICC earnings, was also explained to the members. The other big advantage of the proposal, Raman highlighted, was that India could be more free to negotiate bilateral series with another Full Member instead of being obliged to follow the FTP. Financial strength The members were also made aware that under the new structure India would host at least one ICC tournament almost every two years, further enhancing its financial strength. Most BCCI members were happy to hear about the move to deal directly with other countries’ boards, which would result in India hosting more international cricket. It was explained to the committee that with this move the BCCI can take even Test cricket to the new stadiums in the country, with one committee member stating that “all the unutilised stadia in the country will be able to host more big matches”. The document was drafted by a “working group” of the ICC’s Finance & Commercial Affairs (F&CA) committee comprising Giles Clarke of the ECB, Wally Edwards of Cricket Australia and N Srinivasan of BCCI, who were assisted by a clutch of commercial executives: Dean Kino (general manager of legal and business affairs, Cricket Australia), John Perera (commercial director ECB) and Sundar Raman (chief operating officer, IPL). Kino and Raman also form a two-man technical committee in the Champions League T20, one of the world’s wealthiest cricket tournaments. It happens to be one of only three committees listed on the tournament website. (Cricinfo)


friday, january 24, 2014

Limacol CPL ‘L’ house takes Queens College Volleyball tourney 2014 to begin ‘ L July 10 By Treiston Joseph

By Rajiv Bisnauth


he much-anticipated second edition of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament will commence on July 10 and concludes on August 16 with Guyana hosting four of the 30 matches to be played. The announcement was made by Limacol CPL Chief Executive Officer Pete Russel during a reception hosted by the Ministry of Tourism on Wednesday evening at Palm Court. Russel disclosed that the cricket tournament which took the region by storm in July and August last year will be no less different this time around. He disclosed that this year’s tournament will be bigger and better with a more broadened scope of international viewership as well as much more renowned international and West Indies players participating.“For us it has been an international property that resonates for cricket and fans over the many cricketing countries. We are determined in 2014 to ensure that …develop the product and ensure that it is successful in the six countries that it is going to be played,” Russell said.

Success story

The CEO noted that approximately 240,000 persons in the Caribbean witnessed the tournament live while some 36 million worldwide had the oppor-

tunity also to watch the games. The games were featured in 25 countries around the world on 29 different television stations. Russell pointed out that the tournament was a phenomenal success. “At the end of the tournament we realized it was an impact, an impact across the whole Caribbean and we wanted to study that and make sure we learn from it going forward,” he stated. To do this, he added an Impact Study, which revealed that that in excess of US$100 million was generated directly from the CPL tournament itself from the six countries that were featured. “For that we are very excited and we will build on that in 2014,” he exclaimed. The inaugural tournament featured players from New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and Sri Lanka playing alongside the West Indian players. However it was not until the end of the tournament that some big names in Sri Lankan: Lasith Malinga, Kumar Sangakkara, Tillakaratne Dilshan and Mahela Jayawardene were added. Jamaica’s Tallawahs won the inaugural tournament when they defeated the Guyana Amazon Warriors by seven wickets in the final in Trinidad and Tobago on August 24.

’ House played undefeated to win the inaugural Limacol Queen’s College Volleyball tournament on Thursday at the school’s auditorium. ‘L’ house defeated ‘F’ house in straight sets to claim the first ever Queen’s College volleyball tournament which

was a part of a School Based Assessment (SBA) project. Two nil was the final score as L house dominated the game with superior striking and sets that F house simply could not read to block. The setters in combination with the strikers had beautiful chemistry as they pulled away in the final periods of both the first and second sets

to dominate the game and win emphatically. However earlier in the tournament ‘L’ house trashed ‘H’ house 2-1 to advance to the final easily after ‘F’ house fought hardly to win against ‘C’ and ‘K’ in their semifinal that ended 28-21 and 22-10. Physical education teacher of the top school in the nation Tyson English expressed grat-

itude to New GPC- Limacol for their support noting the company was top flight in every facet of things they support. The tournament was a part of an SBA project that will be marked and looked at by The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) that will have the students gaining marks for the Caribbean School Education certificate (CSEC).

Under-19s start pre-World Cup camp


he West Indies Under-19 team started their camp in Barbados on Wednesday as they get ready for next month’s start of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The 15 players are under the guidance of longstanding Head Coach Roddy Estwick, as they intensify their preparations at the Sagicor West Indies High Performance Centre. As part of the camp they will play a warm-up match against Combined Campuses & Colleges on Saturday afternoon at the 3Ws Oval. CCC will use the match as part of their preparations for the NAGICO Super50 tournament. “We have to make the most of this camp here as we prepare for the World Cup. The boys know they have to

Guyanese Tagenarine Chanderpaul in action during the West Indies Under-19 team camp in Barbados

work hard and look to tick all the boxes for what is a very prestigious event on the cricket calendar,” Estwick told WICB Media. “What we are aiming for is to peak when we reach the UAE for the tournament – when it really matters. We have to hit the ground run-

ning in February and make sure we have the right combinations and chemistry.” This year’s ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup will feature 16 teams in four groups. The Windies have been drawn alongside South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada in Group C. Their

opening preliminary match is against the Proteas on Friday, February 14 at the Dubai International Stadium. The second match is on Sunday, February 16 against Zimbabwe at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. The third match is two days later against the Canadians at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery Ground 1. Full squad reads: Ramaal Lewis (Captain),Nicholas Pooran (Vice Captain/Wicketkeeper), Fabian Allen, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Bryan Charles, Tristan Coleman (Wicket-keeper), Jonathan Drakes, Shimron Hetmeyer, Jerome Jones, Ray Jordan, Brandon King, Preston McSween, Marquino Mindley, Gudakesh Motie and Jeremy Solozano. (WICB Media Release)

Ajantha Mendis returns to Sri Lanka’s Test squad


jantha Mendis has been named in Sri Lanka’s Test squad to Bangladesh, after he had been directed to return from the Big Bash League at short notice this week. Batsman Kithuruwan Vithanage has also been named in the 15-

man squad, which leaves for Bangladesh on Thursday morning. Mendis replaces offspinner Sachithra Senanayake from the squad that toured the UAE, while Vithanage is in the team for Lahiru Thirimanne, who remains sidelined with the ankle injury he sustained during the ODI series against Pakistan in December. Kusal Perera had been Thirimanne’s replacement on that tour, but having not got a game against Pakistan, Kusal has been overlooked. The

13 others in the squad for the Pakistan series are unchanged. Mendis has been increasingly regarded a limited-overs spinner, but on this tour offers variety from the orthodox spinbowling styles of left-armer Rangana Herath and offspinner Dilruwan Perera. Both Mendis and Vithanage last played Tests in March 2013, also against Bangladesh. Positive left-handed batsman Vithanage has not been in great domestic form over the past months, but is con-

sidered among Sri Lanka’s brightest middle order prospects. He had hit a half-century on Test debut against Bangladesh, in Galle. Squad: Angelo Mathews (capt), Dinesh Chandimal, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kaushal Silva, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Kithuruwan Vithanage, Prasanna Jayawardene (wk), Dilruwan Perera, Rangana Herath, Ajantha Mendis, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Pradeep, Shaminda Eranga, Vishwa Fernando. (Cricinfo)

Johnson pleased with team’s preparation... He added “We have achieved most of the goals and objectives we set out regarding the overall readiness. What was most heartening was the commitment and dedication by the players”.

Camp concludes

Meanwhile, the training camp concludes today after the final day/night warmup game at the Guyana National Stadium. The Guyanese have been in intense training over the last month and a half and given the fact that the Guyana Cricket Board has employed the services of two GDF fitness trainers, Patrick King and Carl Stephenson, it is expected that Guyana should be among the fittest teams in the competition.

Alvin Johnson

The tournament will feature hosts Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands, the Combined Campuses and Colleges and ICC affiliate side Ireland.

from back page

Guyana will open its quest for honours against Ireland in a Zone A match on January 31. The other two teams in Zone A are Jamaica and defending champions the Windward Islands. The Guyanese will then play Jamaica on February 4, before taking on the defending champions on February 8. Guyana’s 14-man squad reads: Robin Bacchus, Trevon Griffith, Leon Johnson, Shivnarine Chanderpaul (vice-captain), Narsingh Deonarine, Christopher Barnwell (captain), Ramnaresh Sarwan, Royston Crandon, Assad Fudadin, Anthony Bramble (w/k), Devendra Bishoo, Veerasammy Permaul, Ronsford Beaton and Paul Wintz.

friday, january 24, 2014


LCPL franchises can retain up to six players, says CEO By Avenash Ramzan

and as you rightly pointed out the FTP [International Cricket Council’s Future Tour Programme] is kind to us with its timing so we don’t have a lot of conflicts. We’ve had great interest and we expect the quality of international players to be that much higher this


ith the second Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) confirmed for July 10 to August 16 this year, the organisers have commenced work to ensure the region’s marque T20 event surpasses the resounding success it was in 2013. During an exclusive interview with this publication on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the LCPL, Pete Russel, announced that there will be several new dimensions to this year’s tournament, among them a large draft and the retention of players. “There will be more players in the draft, there is no doubt about that, but each team will have the same amount of players, so you have 15 players….and the same rules appy as in four internationals and of course there is a quota that will come from the local region,” Russel outlined. He added, “The one thing obviously that has changed is that teams will be able to retain players from last year. So what we’re saying is that six players can be retained from your last year team and two of those players can be internationals if

Pete Russel

Kieran Foley

you so desire. The draft process went well last year so we’re happy to stick with that.” Over 200 players were in the draft last year, and when that process was completed each of the six franchises- Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Jamaica Tallawahs, St Lucia Zouks and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel- was allotted 15 players.

cricket will be played during that time. “One of the big focus for us last year was to create an environment not just for the international players, but all the local and the regional players. When you look at it and see the IPL [Indian Premier League] and the Big Bash that’s occurring at the moment all their best players are our players; West Indies players are with the main franchises amd we’re world champions, so why not? So were very fortunate we have a great crop of players right now,” he explained. He further stated, “The feedback we’ve had from the international players who were here has been exceptionally well received

Best players

Digicel Group’s Markerting Operations Director, Kieran Foley, explained that the league will attract a cadre of high quality T20 stars, given the fact that not much international

Hockey star pays courtesy call on Sport Minister

Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony presents the Pan American Hockey Federation certificate to national hockey goalkeeper Alysa Xavier in the presence of (from left) Guyana Olympic Association representative Deion Nurse, GHB president Phillip Fernandes and vice-president Ivor Thompson (Photo: Avenash Ramzan)


he lone Guyanese on the Pan American Elite hockey squad, Alysa Xavier, on Thursday paid a courtesy call on Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony at his office. According to president of the Guyana Hockey Board, Phillip Fernandes, the Pan American Hockey Federation selects an all-star team from players from all of the Americas every two years, based on their performance during that time. Xavier is the first Guyanese to be selected in the history of the arrangement, and has landed a hockey scholarship at the Miami University in Ohio in 2013. She is the lone Guyanese among five players from world champions Argentina, three each from the USA and Canada, two from Chile and one each from Mexico and Uruguay. Fernandes said, “Alysa finds herself in esteemed company and is the only player from the English speaking Caribbean to be selected.This is a significant achievement and is the first time a player

from Guyana has ever been selected for this accolade.” He added, “Alysa began playing hockey at 13-yearsold. She excelled both at goalkeeping and field play, but chose to pursue the former as she was also a keen football player. Being one of those gifted athletes to whom all ball sports seem to come easily, Alysa excelled at hockey goalkeeping, rising rapidly in the ranks to earn her first national selection less than two years later. Since 2007, Alysa has been a fixture in the women’s national hockey team as its first choice goalkeeper and was one of the key players responsible for Guyana’s rise in world ranking over the past few years including a record 20 place jump in 2013.” Fernandes noted that Xavier is known in the Caribbean as one of the top hockey goalkeepers, winning more individual awards for goalkeeping than any other active goalkeeper in the English-speaking Caribbean. “Alysa continues to represent Guyana with distinction in international competition as evidenced by her selection

to the 2013 PAHF elite team. The Guyana Hockey Board hopes that other young men and women can follow Alysa’s example of maximising their potential through hard work and dedication to the sport or any other pursuit that they love. The hockey board also wishes to thank the Ministry of Sport and the Guyana Olympic Association for their support, especially throughout the past few years which has enabled the Guyana women’s team and Alysa to showcase their talents on the international stage,” Fernandes disclosed. Dr Anthony lauded Xavier on her achievement and also had a few words of encouragement to offer. He is hopeful that her elevation to the Elite squad will serve to inspire more females to get involved in not just hockey, but other disciplines as well. Xavier, speaking briefly, said that is enjoying the scholarship thus far, and although managing studies and playing hockey is “hard”, it is not beyond her ambit.

year.” The 2014 tournament will comprise 30 matches, an increase of six from the inaugural tournament, which attracted players from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa and Ireland.

When action bowls off in July, the Jamaica Tallawahs will put their title on the line. The Chris Gayle-led side defeated pre-tournament favourites Guyana Amazon Warriors, led by Ramnaresh Sarwan, in the final at the Queen’s Park Oval in August 2013.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

friday, january 24, 2014



Limacol CPL 2014 to begin July 10 See story on page


The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament attracted large crowds

Johnson pleased with team’s preparation, as camp concludes today with final warm-up game – says players’ commitment, dedication heartening

‘L’ house takes Queens College Volleyball tourney

See s to on pa ry ge


National cricketers during their final phase of preparation on Thursday at the Guyana National Stadium (Photo: Richard Jagdeo)

By Rajiv Bisnauth


ith the national senior cricket team’s training camp set to conclude today with the final warmup game, team manager Alvin Johnson declared that he is satisfied with the team’s preparation ahead of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)

NAGICO Super50 tournament which is set to bowl off on January 30 in Trinidad and Tobago. The manager said on Thursday during an exclusive interview with Guyana Times Sport that the players had prepared hard to face the coming challenges, adding that the team has had adequate prep-

aration for the tournament. “I don’t think the preparation could have been any better. This has been the best preparation for a long time; all the areas have been addressed so we don’t have any excuse to say that preparation was not adequate,” Johnson said. turn to page 22

The winning ‘L’ house team poses after receiving their winning trophy after the finals (Photo: Treiston Joseph)

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