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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Govt stands by drug procurement policy

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...competitive with seven pre-qualification applicants

Two modern science labs on the cards See story on page 11

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…as National Science Fair opens

Abrams Zuil Secondary School students displaying their paddy husk project at the National Science Fair which opened on Wednesday in Essequibo

Early elections Bandits batter not on agenda Black Bush Polder couple – Dr Luncheon …escape with $1.7M cash See story on page 7

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thursDay, April 24, 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, April 24 from 13:30-15:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, April 24 from 12:45h-14:15h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Heavy rain showers can be expected followed by light rain showers during the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to range between 25 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius.

Winds: East north-easterly between 4.02 and 5.36 metres per second.

High Tide: 12:45h reaching maximum height of 2.34 metres. Low Tide: 06:14h and 18:47h reaching minimum heights of 0.94 and0.82 metre respectively.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Govt stands by drug procurement policy ... competitive with seven pre-qualification applicants


he Health Ministry said it is standing by its drug procurement policy, rubbishing claims that it favours the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (NEW GPC), pointing out that the local company was one of seven that recently submitted bids to be prequalified to supply drugs to the state’s medical facilities. In recent weeks, there have been a slew of articles from other media houses concerning the NEW GPC being granted contracts to supply drugs to the state, despite Government’s open bidding policy. Only recently, seven companies including ANSA McAL, Telcom Solutions (Guyana) Inc, Medi-tron Scientific Sales, International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA), Global Healthcare Supplies Inc and NEW GPC, submitted pre-qualification documents for the supply and delivery of medical and pharmaceutical supplies for Guyana’s health sector. This year, the total budgeted was some $5 billion. The prequalification for health supplies covers the years 2014 to 2016. Transparent prequalification criteria According to the evaluation criteria, which were modelled on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) criteria, bidders will be awarded points according to how they score on a number of questions in the categories of General Information, Financial Capacity, Infrastructure, Previous Experience, Established Linkages, Manufacturer/ Distributor Information, Quality Information and Product Information. It specified that out of 200 available points, all entities seeking to prequalify to bid must score 80 per cent. Preference will be given to pharmaceutical manufacturers in Guyana as is normal in every country in the world in their procurement prac-

NEW GPC warehouse

tices, including the USA. Companies should also have appropriate warehousing facilities in Guyana, according to the evaluation criteria document, to ensure that the Government does not have to receive all the pharmaceuticals at one time. It explained also that products required by the health sector that are manufactured in Guyana and certified by the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department automatically qualify and are eligible for a 10 per cent price advantage compared with imported items. Under General Information, the evaluators will review the financial wherewithal of prospective suppliers to supply the multi-billion contracts. It asks whether an applicant is a legally registered company in Guyana and will award a maximum score of five points for this. Under Financial Capacity, an applicant will earn maximum points for having a turnover of $1 billion, net assets of over $500 million and paying at least $50 million a year in corporate taxes to the Treasury. In addition, five points are awarded if a company has over 50 full-time employees with an average time on the job of three years.

Concerned that pharmaceuticals would be stored under the stringent WHO specifications, under Infrastructure, 10 points are given if the applicant has a warehouse facility of 30,000 square feet in Georgetown or its environs, with suitable equipment, staff, information technology, security, certification and sanitation. An additional five points are awarded if the facility has three separate temperature control zones for the storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Having a separate area for the storage of controlled substances, that is, narcotics, will attract a score of 10 points. AFC misinformation Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Guyana Times on Wednesday, Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran reiterated that the NEW GPC will continue to supply medical drugs to the Georgetown Public Hospital if it satisfies the established criteria. In a Kaieteur News article on Wednesday under the caption “AFC repeats call for end to drug purchases monopoly”, Alliance For Change (AFC) leader Khemraj Ramjattan renewed calls for a review of the drug purchasing policy. He incorrectly claimed that

the Government must stop “sole sourcing”’ when in fact the prequalification process for which seven companies have already applied, preclude such an eventuality. The Health Minister rejected the arguments put forward by the AFC leader, stating that they are baseless. “The AFC call is not justified,” he said when questioned about whether there is any need to review the existing procurement policy. In its quest to discredit the procurement policy and the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, the Opposition had been claiming that the NEW GPC is highly favoured by the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Government. “The relationship between the NEW GPC and Health Ministry is strictly professional. We ask for drugs, they deliver, we pay, the records are kept,” Minister Ramsaran said. The Health Minister made it clear that there is no “hidden clause” in the contractual agreement between NEW GPC and the Health Ministry, as he called on the AFC and APNU to desist from misleading the public. In a previous interview with this publication, Minister Ramsaran had said his Ministry will not sacrifice “quality for price” as far as the procurement of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals is concerned. Minister Ramsaran had said that the process through which companies, both locally and internationally are awarded Government contracts to supply pharmaceuticals and medical products is clearly outlined in the Procurement Act. This process, he said is highly transparent and takes into consideration the needs of Guyana’s rapidly developing health sector as far as securing wholesome medical supplies are concerned.


thursday, april 24, 2014


Queens in a row

Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


GM foods T

he brave new world of GM foods or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is about to reach Guyana. And in preparation for this eventuality, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is in the process of drafting bio-safety/bio-technology legislation, which is expected to be concluded by June month-end after which it will be sent for approval by Cabinet and then to Parliament. We agree with Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud who stated that for many people bio-safety and bio-technology are very complex issues and because of the lack of familiarity in various areas, additional work has to be done to lift awareness and understanding of the threats and opportunities. He emphasised that there are opportunities in biodiversity, but those cannot be explored if there is not the necessary framework to guard against the potential problems that can come about. Towards this end, we believe that we can benefit from the debate on GMOs in other countries. GM foods made a big splash in the news as long as a decade ago in Europe and the US, but the issue is still up in the air. India, for instance, banned a Monsanto GM ‘bigan’ (eggplant) over health concerns a year ago. European environmental organisations and public interest groups have been actively protesting against GM foods and controversial studies about the effects of genetically-modified corn pollen on monarch butterfly caterpillars have brought the issue of genetic engineering to the forefront of the public consciousness in the US. Some of the benefits of GMOs include increased pest resistance. Crop losses from insect pests can be staggering, resulting in devastating financial losses for farmers. Farmers typically use many tonnes of chemical pesticides annually. Consumers do not wish to eat food that has been treated with pesticides because of potential health hazards, and runoff of agricultural wastes, from excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers, can poison the water supply and cause harm to the environment. Another touted benefit is herbicide tolerance. For some crops, it is not cost-effective to remove weeds by physical means such as tilling, so farmers will often spray large quantities of different herbicides (weed-killer) to destroy weeds, a time-consuming and expensive process, that requires care so that the herbicide does not harm the crop plant or the environment. Crop plants genetically-engineered to be resistant to one very powerful herbicide could help prevent environmental damage by reducing the amount of herbicides needed. Drought tolerance/salinity tolerance is yet another benefit that might transform, for instance, our savannahs. But there are also the downside risks of which “allergenicity” looms large. Many children in the US and Europe have developed life-threatening allergies to peanuts and other foods. There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. In addition, there are unknown effects on human health. There is a growing concern that introducing foreign genes into food plants may have an unexpected and negative impact on human health. A decadeold article published in Lancet examined the effects of GM potatoes on the digestive tract in rats. This study claimed that there were appreciable differences in the intestines of rats fed GM potatoes and rats fed unmodified potatoes. There can also be unintended harm to other organisms such as when pollen from a GM species blows into neighbouring fields of “normal” plants. The aforementioned monarch butterflies were affected in this manner. Finally, even though GMOs are supposed to reduce the use of pesticides, they can also result in the reduced effectiveness of pesticides. Just as some populations of mosquitoes developed resistance to the now-banned pesticide DDT, many people are concerned that insects will become resistant to crops that have been genetically-modified to produce their own pesticides. Let the debate proceed in Guyana.

Stacy Ramcharan was crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2014 on Tuesday at a coronation ceremony held at the Umana Yana. In this photo, Ramcharan (centre) strikes a pose with Miss Guyana World 2013 Ruqayyah Boyer (left); Miss Guyana Universe 2013 Katherina Roshana (second right); and other beauties

Some thoughts about the Education Budget (Part two) Dear Editor, The PNC would by now have taken us back to the prehistoric days. Many teachers ran away. While many went to other countries in search of a livelihood, some teachers were cutting canes, catching ‘tilapia’ and planting vegetable gardens and doing whatever it takes to make ends meet! Now every year hundreds of teachers are being trained. Many children went barefooted to school and uniforms were worn until their backs were exposed! Children now have grants for uniforms. Many poor parents could not afford to send their children to school. They now have $10,000 to assist them. The Amerindian children in the hinterland were treated as aliens. Now they have well equipped schools and labs, trained teachers and there are dormitories which are fully financed by the PPP/C Government! MP Ally, please check out the schools and dormitories at Paramatakoi and Waramadong – the beneficiaries are over 1400 children! (But maybe the toilets are giv-

ing problems! Let us know!) Many young people from the hinterland are now qualifying as doctors as well. The children had to line the road side in the scorching sun and wave like robots to Burnham and his foreign guests. Those days are gone. Children are now treated as dignitaries in this country! They don’t have to line up in the hot sun to salute Kabaka Burnham friends! The pass rates in English and maths were in the single digits during the PNC days. Our rate of failure at CSEC was among the highest! Today we have won five out of eight CSEC awards! Our English and maths pass rates are hundreds of per cent higher – English is nearly 60 per cent and maths is nearly 40 per cent and will improve. The 2014 Budget has many strategies to drastically improve these! University students, including myself, had to face the indignity of National Service where they were starved and literally trampled upon by their illiterate masters. Many lost their self-respect and dig-

nity there! Now billions of dollars are pumped into both campuses and National Service/slavery is no more. MP Amna has a problem with the online application process and the toilet. Why do you think the UG has an administrative body? Only five per cent of the budget went to education under the PNC. The PPP/C has allocated 15.9 per cent of the 2014 budget to education and MP Amna has a problem with that. I call upon the PNC to make that comparison and provide evidence that your Government was doing a ‘fantastic’ job in developing Guyana socially and economically! We can only condemn someone if we are better! Our Minister of Education is a courageous and highly intelligent woman and she made a flawless presentation based on fact and figures and any CSEC student will know that you cannot write a good persuasive essay unless you use evidence backed by statistics. MP Ally’s emotional appeal to houses of defecation should be thrown right there!

Minister Manickchand has done an excellent job and her refusal to apologise to Jaipaul Sharma spoke volumes of her courage to stand up for what she believed in. But alas! The AFC must empathise with MP Sharma. I do fully understand why Khemraj Ramjattan led his band of ‘bloodthirsty scissors’ wielders marching through the exits of Parliament! I want MP Amna Ally to reflect on the words of Martin Carter written in the WPA paper ‘Dayclean’ in 1979. He said that ‘the PNC’s method of ensuring self-perpetuation consists of indulging in a deliberate policy of degrading people’. He further noted that ‘under the PNC corruption had become a way of life, in which people were made to accept that stealing, cheating, lying, bearing false witness…was a positive sign of loyalty to the regime….’ APNU’s MP Ally is still displaying that ‘positive sign of loyalty’! Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf, AFC Councillor, Region Six

The people of Essequibo have lost confidence in GPL Dear Editor, Over the Easter holidays, there was a high influx of power outages on the Essequibo Coast, due to kites falling on the power lines, mostly in the township of Anna Regina. Finding answers to power outages and load shedding is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century for Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc. And energy efficiency plays a key role in our development as a country. GPL’s efficiency to generate, transmit and distribute the power we need must improve, while drastically reducing blackout. GPL has to improve and maintain levels of

production to satisfy our local needs. How can GPL power a country hungry for electricity without damaging our good for the country and good for the people who depend on it to power their lives and business? It’s important to know if GPL can handle the challenge with bold thinking of engineering solutions tailored to our regions and country. As a service provider to the people of the Essequibo region, we have lost confidence in GPL, whatever the challenge. Boldness changes everything. We the people of this region believe in boldness that

inspires each and every one of us to transform tomorrow. That’s why GPL must provide us with affordable and sustainable energy. Today, GPL is not generating enough electricity to meet the needs of our businesses and households. The Wartsila generating plants that Dr Cheddi Jagan brought into this region are either not being used at all or producing below capacity. Both Wartsila engines have for the past years been producing well below capacity. The plants malfunction at times and operate inefficiently because of inadequate maintenance or they are too old and

need replacement with new ones. Much of the developing world depends on energy and is in a tumult of growth. Maybe the end of the Guyana economy is upon us, as some have warned for decades. The President can use the immense power of his Cabinet to restore stable power for our dollar’s value, economically, politically and geographically – as a significant driver for Guyana’s economy. With continued increases in generating capacity, the result will be a win-win situation all around. Yours faithfully, Mohamed Khan

thursday, april 24, 2014


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Dumping Garrido-Lowe downplayed Persistent noise can of garbage the voting down of the LCDS drive people berserk at Durey Lane and Sheriff Street Dear Editor, This letter is a heartrending appeal to residents and businesses located in Durey Lane and Sheriff Street, Georgetown and surrounding areas, to desist from dumping garbage in Durey Lane where it meets Sheriff Street. Over a period of time, this dumping of garbage developed into a dumpsite covering that entire section of Durey Lane, totally blocking any entrance or exit from the lane. Children attending New Campbellville School which stands at the corner of Sheriff Street and Durey Lane must endure this unhealthy environment and very importantly, those children who live in areas west of the school cannot use this lane and are forced to use the very busy Sheriff Street. Persons attending St Teresa’s Church – the young and the old – cannot use this lane to enter or leave the church. The church has used various strategies to assist in controlling this dumpsite. The church’s gardener, who gives great assistance in our efforts at reducing this dumpsite, has even had to dispose of dead dogs thrown in the garbage. Just over two weeks ago a team, led by a member of St Teresa’s Parish and coordinated by a priest and with the assistance of some residents and the support of several corporate agencies, made a tremendous clearing of this dumpsite with the hope of restoring the lane to its original state. Considerable effort was put into this exercise and we were very grateful to all who participated in this exercise. Lo and behold, a few days ago, I actually encountered a man dumping his garbage on the newly cleared area. I stopped and asked him to desist from emptying his garbage there. He responded with a gesture that made me drive away as quickly as I could. I am sure that I speak for many persons by pleading with persons to desist from rebuilding this dumpsite. Use your garbage containers. Show some concern for the schoolchildren and the presence of the church. Sincerely, Yvonne Stephenson

Dear Editor, Kindly permit me to state the following in response to a letter by Alliance For Change (AFC) Member of Parliament Valerie GarridoLowe in another section of the press on April 17. Garrido-Lowe’s letter was a shameless and baseless attempt at excuses for her party to deny the Amerindian communities of Guyana their absolute right through the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) to engage in their own social and economic development, which is a contravention of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). What Garrido-Lowe downplayed in her letter was the voting down of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) allocation of $18.5 billion by her party and APNU. This means as well that the Amerindian Land-Titling Project, the Community Development Plans (CDPs) and the Micro and Small Enterprise Development (MSE) Plan have all collapsed. The Amerindian demonstrators outside Parliament Building were, therefore, correct to have chanted that some Opposition MPs are useless and incompetent to represent Amerindians at the highest level of decision-making, which is the Parliament. They even chanted that both the AFC and APNU must go. Isn’t this a real

shame on the part of the parliamentary Opposition to use its one-seat majority in Parliament to deprive Amerindian communities of social and economic development? This was where the Opposition MPs could have used their status to effectively represent the people. But this never happened. Garrido-Lowe wants to know about the $500 million the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs received in supplementary funding in December 2013. The answer is simple. Garrido-Lowe needs to do her work as an MP – visit the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs where she will get all the information she needs. I think this is where the Speaker of the House needs to conduct training for the Opposition MPs where information gathering is concerned. When last did Garrido-Lowe visit the MOAA? Garrido-Lowe said that the $796 million allocation to the Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme (YEAP) is “far too much to be spent on this programme”. The budget estimates of expenditure are the Minister of Finance’s estimates and it is only he who can determine if the allocation is adequate. Garrido-Lowe further said that the AFC wanted to hold discussions with the Government to reduce the YEAP Programme to $200 million. Absolute trash! The Minister of Amerindian

Affairs provided all the answers and explanations to questions in relation to the YEAP and still the AFC and APNU voted against the ADF, which the YEAP falls under. It was, therefore, a recklessly anti-Amerindian position taken by the parliamentary Opposition, of which Garrido-Lowe is a part. Garrido-Lowe now seems to be lecturing to and advising Amerindians on the AFC’s role in cutting the ADF. I wonder why she and the other Amerindian Opposition MPs instead did not brave the storm by leaving the Parliament to speak to the Amerindian protest demonstrators. I guess that they were ashamed of their betrayal. The Opposition Leader, David Granger and three of APNU’s MPs were all booed by the Amerindian protest demonstrators when they were seen. The Ministers of Government were all welcomed by the demonstrators who joyfully chanted, “We love you”. Yours sincerely, Peter Persaud

Dear Editor, It is 12:30h on Monday, April 21, 2014 (Easter Monday night). I cannot rest. A gargantuan music set has been blaring at deafening (and vibrating) decibels since 14:00h. I am normally up at 05:00h. I have a meeting at 08:00h. I am affected by an event sponsor who is a businessman trying to make money at my (and others’) inconvenience. He has no care for others; his pocket is primary. At 20:00h I contacted the police at Cove and John seeking their intervention to have the noise turned down; not off – down. I was promised that intervention. I called again at 21:00h. Again, another promise. I texted a number seeking help. I am at my computer at this hour typing this email to you for very obvious reasons: The music is still intolerable; I cannot rest although I have downed a 10mg Valium. Mr Editor, this letter in your letter columns simultaneously appeals to magistrates to order in their approval that music must stop at 22:00h. I am also

asking the police to be responsible when just requests are made for their intervention, notwithstanding the 12 midnight cut-off time. When the police fail to address a matter as related above, and someone is affected to the point that it is unbearable and damages the offending instrument(s), the very police, who indirectly contributed to one’s mental state, would readily institute charges for damage to property, etc. It is a medical conclusion that persistent noise can drive people berserk. God knows I was tempted after seven hours of constant pounding. But I allowed better sense to prevail. I called the police instead. Nothing! Do people have to endure this punishment so very often and from a myriad of sources? The noise polluters, particularly if they are rich and connected, seem to have ALL the rights; the peace-loving persons none. Sincerely, Taajnauth Jadunauth


thursday, april 24, 2014

Page Foundation Five reasons why girls (and boys) should consider a career in IT


aving worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, and been the only female in the room on many occasions, I can say with some certainty that we haven’t yet resolved the challenge of attracting an equal balance of men and women into the industry. For instance, we run a training course called NetAcad at Cisco, which helps young people from all over the world learn IT networking skills – currently, only eight per cent of our students are female. This baffles me – I see so many young women absorbed with their smartphones and tablets. I want to shout out, “If you’re enjoying using technology so much, just imagine the fun you could have creating it!” April 24 marks International Girls in ICT Day so it seems the perfect time to address the true possibilities that technology presents for young girls and aspiring women. So here are five reasons why young women should consider a career in IT: The industry is crying out for talent Young people have taken the burden of unemployment more than most generations during the recent recession. Although recent statistics showed overall unemployment was falling,

Today is International Girls in ICT Day 2014. The Girls in ICT initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a global effort to raise awareness on empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs. International Girls in ICT Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every April, is an opportunity for girls and young women to get inspired about the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector by getting a first-hand look into the ICT institutions and listening to women role models. Hence, Guyana Times is pleased to reprint the words of one of the most powerful voices in the global ICT industry, Monique Morrow as she sought to persuade girls (and boys) to take up careers in ICT. the unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-olds is 19.8 per cent – much higher than the total jobless rate of 7.2 per cent. Yet, figures suggest that up to 900,000 ICT job vacancies will be unfilled in Europe by 2015 due to a lack of suitably qualified employees. In an industry set to continue expanding in the coming years, as ICT becomes even further embedded in our professional and personal lives, the number of jobs on offer is only going to increase. Simply put, if you choose a career in IT, jobs will not be hard to come by at the end of your studies. Work for your dream company (in any industry) Virtually every business now relies on technology of some form to operate and to succeed – whether its ecommerce, online innovation, customer analytics or systems maintenance, there is a whole range of technology job opportunities in all kinds of companies. Consequently, a career in IT extends far beyond the

dingy computer room, offering the potential to work in practically any industry and be part of its strategy and future. How many

and the constantly evolving challenges involved in this fast-paced industry. That’s what’s so brilliant about technology – the boundar-

dustry. Aside from the technical challenge, there’s also the opportunity to travel and meet some fascinating peo-

study paths provide that level of flexibility?

ies of what’s possible are constantly shifting and you can help to push them. If you have an aptitude for problem solving and logical thinking you’ll certainly never be bored in this in-

ple. My IT career has taken me from North America to Europe, Africa, India and China, attending global events and game-changing conferences, and brought me into contact with people

You’ll never be bored For me, real job satisfaction comes through the problem-solving nature of my job

Monique Morrow, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Cisco Services

from all walks of life. You can help change the world Think of the most significant inventions and business achievements of the last 15 years, and it becomes clear how much IT has shaped the world. Facebook, Google, the iPhone (and most other devices from Apple), 4G mobile connectivity, all define possibilities in how we connect with others and interact today. Over the next few years, wearable technology, 3D printing and augmented reality will all make big strides. The Internet of Everything (where every device can communicate automatically, be it a smartphone or a smartfridge) will continue to grow, further binding our consumer existence to technology. A career in IT could put you at the forefront of these important advances, changing people’s lives in dramatic ways. You’ll be financially secure Let’s face it: Money plays a role in every career decision. Entry-level jobs in IT provide very competitive graduate salaries with the potential to climb quickly as you progress up the ladder or accumulate more qualifications. Clearly there are some individuals with entrepreneurial flair and brilliant aptitude who have become extremely successful through the technology industry – the richest man in the world works in IT. However, for those of us with more modest ambitions, IT is still capable of providing a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. So for any young women (or men) unsure what career path to follow, or for anyone considering a change, IT should not to be dismissed. The industry rivals any other for employment opportunities, reward and dynamism. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to shape the world. Do you accept the challenge to do so? Cisco is one of many companies taking part in Girls in ICT Day, welcoming over 2500 girls in nearly 80 locations worldwide to spend the day at our offices to see what a job in IT is all about. (Huffington Post)



thursDay, april 24, 2014|

Bandits batter Black Police hunting suspects Bush Polder couple in DJ Casual shooting …escape with $1.7M cash

Baijnauth Niwaz was severely beaten by the bandits By Shiran Ramnauth


wo bandits – one of them a wanted man who escaped from the New Amsterdam Prison back in 2007 – on Tuesday evening allegedly gun butted a couple at Yakusari North, Black Bush Polder and carted off $1.7 million in cash. The incident occurred at 19:00h. Police said, in a statement to the media, that one of the men was armed with a gun, which was found at the scene. The men gained entry to the home through an open door and robbed Baijnauth Niwaz, 63, and his wife, Kalawattie, 58, at gunpoint. Police are continuing their investigations into the matter. Speaking to Guyana Times from their beds at the Anamayah Memorial Hospital, the victims recounted their horrific ordeal. Niwaz, who is self-employed, said he was sitting in his home when his wife told him that a dog had entered the yard. Upon investigating, he was accosted by the two guntoting bandits. Niwaz said he was about to secure the door of his home when the men pounced on him and proceeded to beat him mercilessly with a gun and a cutlass about his head and body. “Them nah even ask me nothing, they just start beating me on me head with the gun and broadside me with a cutlass…,” he said. Niwaz suspects one of the bandits to be a wanted man who had allegedly killed his father back in 2007 and later escaped from the New Amsterdam Prison. An arrest warrant had been issued for the man who was charged with the capital offence. According to reports, the couple who live alone had withdrawn a large amount of cash from the bank on Tuesday in order to pay their workmen and persons from whom they had purchased paddy. Kalawattie was still in

a state of shock when interviewed by this newspaper. She related that she was at the time of the incident sitting in a hammock in her premises when she heard her husband screaming. The injured woman recalled that she had cooked fish and had sent her husband to secure the front door since she suspected that a dog had entered

the yard. “When me hear he start hollering, me get frightened…me can’t move, then me see the two of them come in and they start beating me on me head,” she related, grimacing in pain. According to her, she had the bag containing the cash in front of her and the bandits grabbed it while attacking her. She said she fainted shortly later and when she regained consciousness, she was at the hospital being treated. According to medical sources, the couple suffered fractured skulls and other injuries about their body from the brutal attack. They are both listed as stable but are under close watch. Police sources said the firearm found at the scene of the robbery is an improvised shotgun. A cutlass and a pair of slippers were also found. An employee of the Niwazs, Sudesh Bennymadhoo, was seen in the company of the two bandits earlier in the day and, according to Niwaz, his employee was fully aware that he had made a huge withdrawal from the commercial bank to pay his outstanding debts. The man has since been arrested.

His wife, Kalawattie was also badly beaten

Injured: Deejay, Curtis Armstrong


rime Chief Leslie James on Wednesday said the Police are looking for two suspects in the shooting incident involving popular deejay and radio announcer Curtis Armstrong, who was shot twice in the wee hours of Monday morning. James told Guyana Times that while the Police have the description of the two men who allegedly committed the act, he is optimistic that the victim will cooperate. He also stated that once the men are apprehended, they will be prosecuted. On the other hand, the deejay said he is unable to identify the shooter, claiming that he is not familiar with them. It is not clear whether he is trying to obstruct the course of justice by not revealing relevant information to investigators. Nevertheless, the radio announcer is recuperating at in the Male Surgical Ward of the Georgetown

Public Hospital. He is out of danger, but according to a close friend of the deejay, he is still in a lot of pain. Curtis Armstrong, 34, also called “Deejay Casual” of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown, was shot twice during a scuffle in the Parking Lot of the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara on Easter Monday. Another man, Sean Hinds, 30, of North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, who intervened in the scuffle, was shot to his left leg and admitted to the same medical facility. According to information received, the shooting stemmed from an argument over an ice bucket while they were in the VIP Section of the Guyana National Stadium. He apparently went to a friend’s table to collect some ice, but another man who was at the table was not too pleased; hence, he warned the radio announcer not to re-

turn. This prompted an exchange of “disrespectful words” between the men which went on for a few minutes before the charade eventually ended with the intervention of a few friends. By this time, the rains came, leaving patrons scampering for cover. It was this time, the deejay decided to walk to his car, but he was confronted by one of the suspects again and another argument ensued. During the argument, according to reports, a high-tempered Armstrong punched the suspect to the face, and a scuffle started. A close friend of the deejay, who was at the hospital, said the suspect pulled out a gun from his waist and discharged a round on the ground in an attempt to scare Armstrong, but he did not back down. The deejay reportedly used explicit words, announcing that he was not afraid of guns and challenged the man to shoot him if he had “guts”. The man responded by discharging two rounds, one hitting Armstrong to the hand and the other in the abdomen. Hinds, who was close by, went to Armstrong’s rescue and was shot to his left leg by the man who was armed with a .32 revolver. The suspect, along with another man then boarded a Toyota Tundra and made good their escape. It is believed that the firearm used in the shooting might have been illegally obtained.

8 News

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Keith Burrowes appointed CEO of GO-Invest


rom the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), Keith Burrowes has now been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the country’s premier investment agency. This announcement was made by Head of the

Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon at his postCabinet press briefing at the Office of the President on Wednesday. Over the years, Burrowes sat on the boards of several entities, both in the public and private sectors. These include: Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Guyana

Chronicle, and head of theHealth Sector Development Unit within the Health Ministry. In August 2012, Burrowes was appointed advisor to President Donald Ramotar on financial matters. He is known for his work in the probe into the discrepancies at the Georgetown City Council.

GO-Invest was established under the Public Corporations Act of 1994 as a semi-autonomous body and falls directly under the purview of the Office of the President. The CEO answers to a Board of Directors, which comprises representatives of both the private and public sectors.

Eyew tness

Soul searching... W AFC’s Ramjattan hile old Sigmund Freud might be out of vogue at the moment, the eponymously named “Freudian slip” – when you blurt out something similar to what you really didn’t want to reveal – survives as one of the best indicators as to what’s on a person’s mind. Take Khemraj Ramjattan, who’s still leader of what’s left of the AFC. As the “go to” guy for the MuckrakerKN to get a quote on anyone who they’re “vex with” (Adam Harris’ word; he admitted Mohan Lall’s always vex with Jagdeo and his friends), Ramjattan took a swing at NEW GPC. He accused the Government of using “sole sourcing” to favour NEW GPC in the procurement of drugs. Not the type of “white powdered” drugs that the AFC financier was caught smuggling in achar with – he meant “pharmaceuticals”, this time. But surely, Ramjattan as a leader of a party that receives so much of its funding from his friend’s “cakeshop”-like pharmaceutical outfit that’s trying to compete with NEW GPC, he would know that NEW GPC is just one of seven international companies that are bidding to supply Guyana’s pharmaceuticals. Trinidadian giant ANSA McAL entered the fray this year as well as his buddy’s fly-by-night outfit. So he couldn’t very well mean “sole sourcing”. Unless, of course, he’s conceding the obvious that NEW GPC is so many light years ahead of his friend’s huckstering outfit that the bidding will be “no competition”. But what we think Ramjattan meant to say was he’s engaged in some serious “soul searching”, and not imagining any “sole sourcing” of pharmaceuticals. And damned time he did! Your Eyewitness is moved to ask you, Dear Reader, “How long shall be the cry?” As Rodney said of Burnham, everything the fella touches turns to sh*t. It ain’t pretty. A fella got to wonder when and where it’ll all end, no? Take the case of funding of his party, and not so incidentally of himself. Apart from the aforementioned drugs-in-achar smuggler who’s in the clinker, there was the wholesale walkout of his New York support group. Ramjattan didn’t mind the departure of the Donkey Cart economist and the Thunderbolt Thief, but what hurt him to the quick (and more to the point, his pocket) was the NY financiers flying the coop. The loss of those greenbacks wasn’t easy. Then there was the implosion of the AFC in Guyana. There’s the steady outward procession of Trotman and Hughes and so many fellas, he just can’t bring himself to say their names out loud. All he has left are those wankers from Whim: the Bush Doctor and the Bush Rum drinker. And the Bush Tea Pharma owner. GT&T Seems the Government and GT&T aren’t seeing eye to eye on the 911 issue. Which should’ve never been an issue. From its protestations, even GT&T accepts we need a functioning 911 system in Guyana. Minister Rohee says that his consultant gave him a rather technical evaluation of the system presently in place and that the non-response by police to cries for help is the fault of GT&T. GT&T on the other hand stoutly maintains what most people in the country believes – that the police just sit there, twiddling their thumbs, when the 911 number rings. But we have a simple solution that doesn’t need any cryptographer to break the foreign consultant’s code. Just have a few fellas sit next to the 911 operators, have some hired help dial 911. And observe what happens. But on a not-entirely-unrelated matter, some advice for GT&T. Hey...give up on the monopoly. March with the rest of the world. ...and PNC on Rodney CoI C’mon some soul searching as to whether you want to have the Rodney assassination hanging over your party’s head ad infinitum. Just confess. It’s also good for the soul.


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t hursday, APRIL 24, 2014


Guyana accredits new Spanish envoy the platform for solid collaboration between Spain and Caricom, and allow for the consolidation of technical cooperation. The President also praised Spain’s investment in several areas in Caricom, and advised that Guyana is actively considering that country’s request for support as it seeks membership to the United Nations Security Council.

France-Guyana ties

President Donald Ramotar receives Letters of Credence from new Spanish Ambassador Jose Maria Fernandez Lopez


uyana and Spain on Wednesday pledged to step up bilateral cooperation in various fields as President Donald Ramotar received Letters of Credence for the newly appointed non-resident Ambassador of that country to Guyana, Jose Maria Fernandez Lopez. The Government Information Agency (GINA) reported that the new Ambassador said Guyana would find in Spain a strong ally, and a reliable partner that wants to expand its bilateral relationship in several areas, including the establishment of a treaty, policies, political cooperation and in trade and investment. Spain is the second largest investor in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ambassador Fernandez Lopez said, it is, therefore, relevant and feasible for his country to increase the volume of its trade with Guyana, especially in areas where Spain has comparative advantages such as tourism, technology, industry, and renewable energy. President Ramotar said since

Guyana and Spain established formal relations on October 2, 1979, the relationship has been based on shared ideals and determination to work together for the development of the people of both countries in a climate of peace, justice, equality, respect for human rights and the sovereignty of nations. The President said the areas identified by Spain for expanding relations coincide with priorities on Guyana’s national development agenda that focus on building a sustainable economy, encouraging trade and investment and strengthening partnership with like-minded countries. The Guyanese leader said the nation, therefore, looks forward to developing a programme of cooperation with Spain that would enhance relations between the two countries, to their mutual benefit. As Guyana prepares to host the next Caricom-Spain Joint Commission in May, President Ramotar expressed hope that the mechanism will continue to provide

Meanwhile, also presenting his Letters of Credence to President Ramotar on Wednesday was the new Ambassador of France, Michael Prom. Ambassador Prom also pledged to deepen the links between France and Guyana. He identified the fight against global warming, as one area for strengthening relations, even as he noted that Guyana has been on the forefront of this fight. He also listed culture, education, sport and security as other areas of possible cooperation. President Ramotar said there was much that the two countries could do to build on their bilateral relationship. He noted that at previous high-level exchanges between the two countries, the Government of Guyana had underscored the potential of cooperation in tourism, environmental protection and sustainable development, and security and creating links. The President thanked France for its ongoing programmes of assistance for the country’s law enforcement officials. He said these were welcomed especially in these times of increased security challenges. The Head of State said Guyana looked forward to exploring mechanisms to implement activities in other areas that would take the bilateral relationship to a new level. The President also expressed Guyana’s appreciation for France’s approval of a Guyanese Honorary Consul in French Guiana. He was confident that the appointment would allow for the promotion of trade and business opportunities between Guyana and French Guiana.

Some people can’t get some people outta dem mind


n life, it got nuff people who like to aspire and achieve, and that is a very good ting. But while some wanna achieve by good means, some does choose to do all kinda scampish tings. In Guyana, yuh don’t have to go too far to see somma dem who involve in some kinda skulduggery. Dem all round de place walkin bout like normal people. Some does tek bribe like dem pullice, some does put cocaine in mail bag like de one at Gee-R-A, and some don’t pay taxes like de one pun Waterloo and de other one by a market on de road. Some does snitch pun dem friends and some does cut up and fix back pumpkins night time, especially in moonlight. Some doin backtrack and some in duty-free scam. Well, once yuh tink bout backtrack and duty free, de same names whah come to yuh mind is de same names whah de Bell Crier know. And when some people guilty of some ting, dem does be de fuss fuh talk bout that ting in de hope of mekkin people tink that dem would never get involve in de ting whah dem talkin bout. It got one who got a mud paper. But is really de man who is de owner who is de one that got de mud in he head. From de way he does behave, it look like de mud mix wid som a that ting whah does end up in dem GeeW-High big pipes whah dem runnin right now in GT that causin all de traffic jams. And these ain’t water pipes! He is a man who vex like how woman does get vex because he ain’t get whah he want from de guvament when a certain Prezzi was in office. Now he can’t get that Prezzi name outta he mind. Just ask de house slave. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And fuh sure, when he done read this, he gon call de house slave to write some ting fuh tomorrow. So look out fuh de name again

11 News Two modern science labs on the cards

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…as National Science Fair opens


he 12th Bi Annual National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair opened on Wednesday, with Education Minister Priya Manickchand announcing the construction of two modern science laboratories, one of which will be in Georgetown. The Minister said a location for the other is yet to be decided, as she addressed a gathering at the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School, Region Two. Manickchand said the fair seeks to stimulate interest in the sciences, pointing out that Guyana needs more scientists as science and technology hold the solutions for the 21 century. She said that Government, recognising the importance of science and technology, has drafted a policy for these critical areas, with the help of UNSECO. The Ministry has conducted numerous science programmes and seminars to assist teachers of the subject. These touched mainly on climate change, inquiry-based science and micro-science experiments. In 2013, Guyana hosted the Caribbean Science Foundation’s workshop, benefitting 40 teachers and 30 students. Only recently, the revision of the Primary Science Easy Path Series (books 1-6) was completed and placed

Stimulate interest Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary) Leslyn Edwards Charles emphasised the importance of science, and encouraged teachers to stimulate students’ interest in the subject. Charles said the commencement of the fair started several months ago, with a fair committee headed by National Science Coordinator Petal-Punalall Jettoo. She said activities were held in 11 educational districts, featuring some 388 projects. The best of the lot was on display during the science fair. “Young people, I want you all to know, each one of you is talented, I thanked all the teachers in making the fair a success, let’s celebrate today our future scientists,” Charles urged. President’s College students Kenia Maynard and Jetesh Sahadeo stole the spotlight, demonstrating the process of recycling plastic to make unique pieces of art

More suspects wanted for businessman’s murder


lthough five persons were charged for the murder of Foulis, East Coast Demerara businessman Rajendra Singh, the Police are looking for a number of persons who might have been involved in the kidnapping. Crime Chief Leslie James on Wednesday said once the perpetrators are arrested, they will be charged. So far Guyana Times understands that one of the masterminds is still on the lam, and the police are confident that he will be apprehended. This publication also learnt that the family has still being been receiving calls from unknown numbers, but no answers from the other end of the line. A relative of the dead man told Guyana Times that while the family is cautious; the police should be offering protection to them. On Thursday last, Doednauth Ketwaroo, 27, a contractor of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara; Tony Thomas, 27, of Bel Air Park, Georgetown; Michael Lewis, 36, a taxi driver of Sheriff Street, Georgetown; Adony James, 31, of Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown; and Sheldon Chase, 34, a miner of Pike Street, Kitty, Georgetown, were all arraigned with the murder of the businessman.

garbage disposal. There was another interesting project from students of Abram Zuil Secondary School, who demonstrated how processed rice husk can be used to make wood. The fair saw participation from schools in all 10 administrative regions.

online. The Minister said the micro-science programme will be expanded to more schools and will be implemented at the primary level. Meanwhile, Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud said Guyana needs more scientists to remain a competitive nation in the 21 century.

They were remanded to prison by Magistrate Ann Mc Lennon and will make their next court appearance on May 21. It was reported that the kidnapping stemmed from the sale of several of the businessman’s properties, which led to greed for money. It is believed that the men were business associates and would frequent Singh’s house, thus, they were well aware of his business deals. In an attempt to extort money from the businessman, the kidnappers’ plan failed. On the night in question, their main target was reportedly Singh’s teenage son whom they thought was in the car with him. On the night in question, the businessman would have seen their faces; hence, they were left with no alternative but to take him along. They also confessed to making contact with Singh’s wife, demanding $50 million for his safe return as they believed he had the money at home. After they realised the Police had gotten involved in the matter, they reportedly lowered the ransom to $25 million. After three days and their demands were not met, the suspects reportedly shot the businessman twice to the head aback the Le Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown.

President’s College students with their exhibits

and a fun park. The park was made from plastic bottles, disposed at the school. According to the stu-

dents, based on a survey, some 2700 bottles are being dumped at their school on a weekly basis, while the board spends huge sums for

Focus The projects focused on organic replacements for chemical fertilisers, technology to reduce furniture dust, uses of rice waste, flood reduction techniques, recycling floodwater, recycling paddy husk, water sanitisation, the uses of the bamboo plant, plastic shopping bags vs paper shopping bags, utilising wood waste and the importance of insects to the eco-system, among others. The fair was held under the theme “Providing solutions for the 21st Century” and

came as part of the Ministry’s effort to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in schools. Some 100 schools demonstrated the use of STEM in solving problems at the community level. The fair featured educational movie corner, mangroves awareness workshops, climate change, microscience experiments and interactive Mathematics. The occasion was attended by People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament (MP) Cornel Damon, Regional Education Officer Barmadai Seepersaud, National Science Co-ordinator Petal Punalall-Jettoo and Regional Vice Chairman Vishnu Samaroo, among other regional officers. The event was sponsored by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).

12 news

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Good Hope fire leaves seven homeless

The remains of the two-storey house after the fire


family of seven is now counting their losses after a fire of unknown origin swept through their two-storey Lot 10, Good Hope, East Coast Demerara home, reducing it to ashes. Faizal Ali Khan, who was at the time residing in the home with his wife, four children and another relative, told this publication that he was in bed around 22:00h on Tuesday evening when he heard shouts from his neighbour of fire.

He noted that he of immediately jumped off his bed to see what the commotion was about. Khan related that as he exited his room, he saw smoke billowing from the lower flat of the building, rapidly moving to the upper flat where family members were sleeping. He commended the Fire Service for their prompt arrival at the scene, but noted that their efforts were in vain as nothing was saved.

“I didn’t hesitate. I turn off the main switch to lock down the current and then I grab my children and my wife and we run to safety. Someone had already called the fire truck and within half an hour they had gotten here, but unfortunately, nothing could have been saved. The only thing I manage to grab when I was leaving the house was a pair of jeans. That is all,” the man said. Khan said the fire start-

ed from an apartment in the bottom flat, which was always locked. “Nobody lives in there; no one goes in there, so I really don’t know how the fire started there and what could have been the cause,” the man told Guyana Times. According to the distressed man, his home was well furnished. “My house had computers, laptops, microwave, refrigerator, television, everything. I cannot even begin to count my losses. That’s millions and millions of dollars that went up in flame,” he said. An eyewitness, who gave his name as Lalchan Mohan, told Guyana Times that he was at a nearby bar when he noticed a bright colour in the sky. “When I see the light, I tell me partner that is a fire. So we didn’t waste time. We get up and run across. But when we get here the house was almost burnt down,” Mohan related. The home was not insured. Khan and his family are now staying at a relative’s home.

Lodge man pleads guilty to possession of narcotics charge


torm Gouveia was charged on two counts of possession of narcotics when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. The first charge stated that on April 21, at Norton Street, Lodge, the defendant was found in possession of 3.5 grams of

cannabis while the second charge stated that on the day in question, he was also found in possession of 1.5 grams of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Gouveia was unrepresented and pleaded guilty to the first charge for which he was fined $3000 and ordered to do six months of community service. He told the court that

he smokes weed and was found with the substance after he had purchased it on his way home. Gouveia pleaded not guilty to the second charge and was remanded to prison by the Chief Magistrate. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the court that the defendant was standing on Norton Street when he saw the Police approaching, and

ran into a nearby yard. He was intercepted and a black bag was retrieved. The bag was subsequently checked and the cocaine and cannabis were discovered. Gouveia was arrested and the drugs were weighed in his presence. He will return to court on May 8 and will appear before Magistrate Fabayo Azore in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Jamaican nationals remanded for possession of narcotics


amaican nationals Benjamin Isaiah Carrington and Tamara Nicola Douglas were on Wednesday remanded for possession of narcotics when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on April 21, about 07:00h, the duo arrived at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on a Fly Jamaica flight, Number OJ152. As they were passing through the scanner at the airport, the Police observed a block-like substance in their suitcases. The Police then contacted Carrington and Douglas and the two were asked to identify their luggage, which they did. A physical search was carried out on the luggage and the search revealed that the suspicious substance was found concealed in a transparent plastic bag in the bottom of their suitcases. They were taken to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Eve Leary, Narcotics Section where the substance was weighed in their presence and sent for further analysis. The analysis revealed that the substance was narcotics. Carrington, 26, was charged for possession of 15.454 kilograms of cannabis, while Douglas, 30, was charged with the possession of 12.272 kilograms. Carrington, who is a father of one and vendor, has no fixed place of abode while Douglas is a mother of four and a hairdresser by profession. Her address

was given as 77 Silverstone, Portland, Jamaica. Both defendants, who were represented by Attorney Madan Kissoon, pleaded not guilty when the charges were read to them. Attorney Kissoon asked for bail for both his clients, stating that the narcotics was not found on their physical person, but in their suitcases. He also informed the court that upon their arrest, their passports were confiscated, so neither of his clients is at flight-risk. He also told the court that Douglas has health issues. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant objected to bail in both cases on the grounds of the nature, gravity and the prevalence of the offence. He also told the court that both parties confessed to having the narcotics in their possession, stating that they packed their suitcases by themselves. The two were remanded to prison until May 28, when they will make their next appearance and stand trial in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. In the national drug report for 2012, it was revealed that police seized 80.587 kilograms of cocaine, 16 grams of hashish, and 40 grams of ecstasy that year. In addition, 18 fields with an estimated total of 130,950 kilograms of marijuana were destroyed in 12 marijuana eradication exercises. There was an additional 513 cannabis seizures during the year, which yielded 1089 kilograms.

Taxi driver on bond for assault


taxi driver of 63 Norton Street, Lodge, Georgetown was on Wednesday placed on a bond to keep the peace by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry when he appeared before her in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that Royston Belfield unlawfully assaulted Michael Adams on April 11, at Norton Street, Lodge, causing him bodily harm. Belfield was unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He told the court that he had no previous brushes with the law.



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Man dies after Digicel launches Samsung Galaxy S5 today R sheet glass collapses on him

The Giftland Mall at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara


Dead: Jeremy “Tallman” Ames

father of two was on Wednesday crushed to death after a quantity of sheet glass fell on him at the construction site at Giftland Mall, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. The incident occurred about 10:30h. Jeremy “Tallman” Ames, 27, of Lot 74 Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara was pronounced dead on arrival at the Woodlands Hospital. According to information received, Ames and a group of workers were offloading a quantity of sheet glass from a container when the material accidentally collapsed, pinning him in the process. The other men managed to escape unhurt. When Guyana Times visited the site, the security guard did not give access to the premises, claiming that they were instructed not to allow any media operatives on the property. Work at the construction site was halted after the incident and workers were sent home. Denzel Washington, a cousin of the dead man who also works at the site, told Guyana Times that the container is situated in front of the complex and about 10 men were tasked with offloading the sheet glass, and it was while they were doing so, Ames met his demise. The cousin stated that it took them about 30 minutes to get the glass off of Ames and another 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the scene. Washington stated that Ames might

have been alive if they had rushed him to the hospital immediately after the glass was removed. The young man explained that after Ames was pulled, blood was oozing from his mouth and forehead. Washington estimated the weight of the windows at around 500 pounds. Another relative, who was at the man’s home, vented his anger at management, claiming that they should have handled the situation in a more humane manner. According to Washington, the manager was hostile to the workers as they attempted to remove the glass from the injured man. He too posited that the ambulance took about an hour to arrive at the scene, by which time Ames was far gone. Shaun Bevney, an aunt of the dead man stated that she was at home when she received a call from another nephew, informing her of the incident. Bevney said she rushed to the scene and when she got there; her nephew was already in the ambulance, so she followed in a taxi. While at the hospital, she said she saw her nephew whom she looked after for the past 14 years lying on the bed, but thought that he was unconscious. She called out to him, but got no response, so she decided to inquire from her nephew about his condition, only to be told that he was already dead. Guyana Times understands that the management of the facility met with the dead man’s father and promised to take care of the funeral expenses. Ames has been employed at the construction site for the past three weeks. Attempts to get a comment from management at the site proved futile. An investigation has been launched into the man’s death. He leaves to mourn his father, one sibling and two children, ages five and seven months. A post-mortem is expected to be performed on Friday.

enowned for delivering exceptional quality in products and services to the Guyanese public, Digicel, in building on the platform of excellence, will be offering the new Samsung Galaxy S5 today. The Samsung S5 comes equipped with a 16MP camera, selective focus and virtual tour shot. A release said Digicel is committed to enriching the lives of Guyanese by placing innovative technology in their hands, simultaneously with the rest of the world. The S5 will be available at all Digicel stores at $165,000 VAT inclusive. The Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone with a built-in heart rate sensor. “The enhanced health feature leads you through your fitness routines daily and consistently. Set your

goals and achieve them with the help of Galaxy S5’s pedometer and S health’s constant tracking of your condition, walking distance, calories, speed, duration, and so on. “With the continuing expansion of its network across Guyana, Digicel’s vision is guaranteeing that its customers enjoy nothing but the best, all of our handsets are brand new and comes with a one-year warranty and excellent after-sale services. When purchasing from Digicel, you are assured factory fresh handsets and quality customer service every time,” the release said. Some additional features include IP67 certificated dust and water resistant, emergency mode, ultra power saving mode, quick connect, private mode and kids’ mode.

Digicel head of sales, Nalini Vieira, said: “This latest addition to Android phones that we offer ensures that you have the latest innovative technology in your hands, we are continuously delivering on our promise to offer the best smartphones at competitive prices. The new S5 will give customers a better smartphone experience featuring the latest super-fast Android processor amongst a whole host of great features, the S5 will deliver an enriching experience to the lives of our customers and satisfaction is guaranteed.” The Digicel Group Limited is a leading global communications provider with operations in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific. After 12 years of op-

eration, total investment to date stands at over US$4.5 billion worldwide. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and best network. Digicel is incorporated in Bermuda and its markets comprise: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, El Salvador, Fiji, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Nauru, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Vanuatu. Digicel also has coverage in St Martin and St Barts in the Caribbean.


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Barbados will not TT’s sovereign credit engage in ‘trade war’ rating reaffirmed with St Lucia

Barbados will use the May 6-10 Council of Trade and Economic Development (COTED) to iron out a possible trade dispute with St Lucia, International Business Minister, Donville Inniss, has said


arbados says it will use the May 6-10 Council of Trade and Economic Development (COTED) to iron out a possible trade dispute with St Lucia, International Business Minister, Donville Inniss, has said. St Lucia has announced the imposition of a 70 per cent tax on Barbadian goods effective May 1 and local authorities there must be open

and frank indiscussions on the matter. But Castries has in the past pointed to a 2012 CORED decision which allows for Caribbean Community (Caricom) lesser developed countries (LDC) to implement the duty on products from the region’s more developed countries. Barbados has not issued an official complaint on the matter, but Inniss main-

tained that his Government will not allow the situation to escalate into a trade war. “The approach we’ve taken is to engage in quiet diplomacy and dialogue with our colleagues in St Lucia around this particular issue of their decision, to exercise their right under Article 164 of the Treaty of Chaguaramus, to adjust the rates of duties on these items upwards. “We have pretty much gathered what statistical information we needed to gather at my Ministry’s end and we’ve had early talks with the Ministry of Foreign Trade around the matter. What I do not wish to see happen is any all out trade war going between Barbados and St Lucia or Barbados and our friends in the OECS. I firmly believe that these matters can be resolved in large measure by having frank talks with each other across the oceans,” he added. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)

St Lucians cautioned over new foreign investment proposals


he Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has cautioned the people of Saint Lucia over the Government’s latest proposals aimed at wooing foreign investors, presented in the Tourism Stimulus and Investment Bill in the House of Assembly last Tuesday pending tangible proof that the strategy, which is to be employed both at home and abroad, proves effective. While acknowledging that, in terms of formulat-

ing a worthwhile policy, this is perhaps the most significant step taken by the Government to combat unemployment in its two and a half years in office. The LPM said in a statement that this initiative is just one of many that could be implemented to boost economic activity in Saint Lucia. The LPM pointed to a number of historical instances in which Prime Minister, Dr Kenny Anthony has

made similar pronouncements that promised much, but yielded little in terms of improving Saint Lucia’s economic outlook and thus reducing the rate of unemployment in the country. A case in point, the LPM said, was the disappointing 2007 Cricket World Cup, which bore the seal of approval of the then Anthony Government and to which enormous financial resources were allocated.


n Sunday, Finance and Economy Minister Larry Howai, confirmed that Moody’s Investors Services has reaffirmed Trinidad and Tobago’s (TT) Baa1 (medium grade/moderate credit risk) sovereign credit rating based on relatively high income levels, driven by the country’s large and diversified energy sector. The Minister noted that Moody’s also based their evaluation on the expansion of the economy which, the analysts identified, was mainly due to the performance of the non-energy sector, given the significant maintenance work that had to be done in the energy sector over the past year. This expansion has been driven to a large extent by an aggressive fiscal stimu-

Finance and Economy Minister Larry Howai

lus programme which was complemented by an accommodative monetary policy stance. The Moodys’ report stat-

ed that the economy is expected to maintain a positive momentum into 2014 and forecasted growth of 2.9 per cent in 2014, “further picking up to 3.2 per cent in 2015, driven by increased exploration activity and foreign investment in the energy sector, as well as, public infrastructure projects”. Moody’s noted too, that “The sovereign credit profile also benefits from a moderate and affordable debt burden and a very strong external position anchored by a sizable foreign exchange reserves buffer,” the report stated. Moody's further classified Government’s strength as being “Very High” due to its relatively moderate debt burden and comparatively high debt affordability. (Excerpt

from Caribbean News Now)

US fines Dutch travel agency for breach of Cuba embargo


he US Treasury Department has imposed a US$5.9 million fine on the Dutch CWT BV travel agency for engaging in commercial relations with Cuba. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) penalised the Dutch company for having promoted business trips from and to the island since 2006, when its capital largely went to American owners.

According to OFAC, possible violations of the US embargo by the Dutch company took place between August 8, 2006, and November 28, 2013, due to negotiations in which “Cuba or its nationals had interests” and these operations involved trips to Cuba by 44,430 people. This is not the first time that Washington has penalised a Dutch company for doing business with Cuba, which highlights the extra-

territorial nature of the US embargo against the island. In 2012, OFAC fined the ING Bank US$619 million and, in 2010, another four banks were required jointly to pay over US$502 million for similar reasons. The US embargo against Cuba has been overwhelmingly condemned by the international community over the past 22 years at the UN General Assembly. (Excerpt from

Caribbean News Now)

Bogota mayor Petro reinstalled

(Excerpt from Caribbean News Now)

Cubana Airlines begins direct flights to Martinique


ith the inauguration of a weekly direct flight from Havana to Martinique, Cubana Airlines strengthens connections between the two Caribbean islands. According to the Cuban Tourism Ministry, the new connection is part of actions to reinforce the influence of Cuba as a holiday destination in the Caribbean area by encouraging more visits by vacationers. Along with the traditional sun-and-beach modality, visitors from Martinique will also enjoy the local culture and history in a safe ambiance. The new flights between Havana and Fort

Gustavo Petro said his removal from office was politically motivated

C Through the inauguration of a weekly direct flight from Havana to Martinique, Cubana Airlines will strengthen connections between the two Caribbean islands

de France are scheduled to take place every Thursday and will be car-

ried out by AN-158 planes with capacity for 85 passengers. (Caribbean360)

olombian President Juan Manuel Santos has reinstated the ousted Bogota Mayor, Gustavo Petro, to his former office. The decision by the President comes just a day after a court ordered him to reappoint Petro within 48 hours. The Mayor was sacked by Colombia’s Inspector General in December over the alleged mismanagement

of the capital’s rubbish collection service. Petro, a former left-wing rebel, had argued all along that his removal had been politically motivated. President Santos said that he was simply complying with Tuesday’s court order. “I’ve signed the decree reinstating Mayor Petro. My obligation, as President of the republic, is to follow the law and what the justices

decide,” he said. The tribunal ruled that President Santos had acted wrongly when he had confirmed the removal from office of the left-wing mayor last month. The court said the President should have heeded a March 18 ruling by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that said that Petro’s rights had been violated. (Excerpt from BBC News)

15 Around the world thursday, april 24, 2014

Threats traded in Ukraine battle for control A contingent of US Army paratroopers arrived in Poland on Wednesday, the first of what will be a “persistent presence” of US troops as the crisis in nearby Ukraine continues to unfold. The company-sized contingent will conduct training exercises with Polish counterparts and is visiting at the request of Poland. The joint exercises are a symbol of force as the conflict in Ukraine between pro-Government and proRussian factions continues unabated. The United

States and Russia accuse each other of fomenting unrest in Ukraine. The US troops stood in formation at an airfield next to Polish troops as military leaders from both countries addressed them, reiterating the alliance between their nations. “Poland has been there for the United States, and today, as the transatlantic community confronts Russia’s unacceptable aggression against Poland’s neighbour, Ukraine, a sovereign and independent state, we have a solemn ob-

ligation in the framework of NATO to reassure Poland of our security guarantee,” said Stephen Mull, the US Ambassador to Poland. The US will maintain a presence in Poland at least through the end of the year, he said. Russia has deployed what NATO estimates to be 40,000 troops near its border with Ukraine, something that has made other countries like Poland nervous. The military exercises in the Polish city of Swidwin are “a result of what’s going on in Ukraine”, Pentagon

Plane search examines coastal debris

The daily search operation 1600km (990 miles) northwest of Perth involves some two dozen nations


uthorities in Australia are examining material washed ashore to determine if it is related to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The debris was found by a member of the public near the town of Augusta, some 300km (190 miles) south of Perth. Images of the debris have

been sent to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) for analysis. “It’s sufficiently interesting for us to take a look,” an ATSB Chief Martin Dolan told CNN. Dolan said the debris looked like sheet metal with rivets in it, but added: “The more we look at it, the less excited we get.”

The ATSB confirmed it was examining the photographs “to determine whether further physical analysis is required and if there is any relevance to the search of missing flight MH370”. The images have also been sent to authorities in Malaysia and the ATSB is expected to collect the material later on Wednesday. The material was metallic and about 2.5m (8ft) long, ABC News in Australia reported. The Malaysia Airlines aircraft was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it disappeared in March. Malaysia is running the investigation into the plane’s disappearance, but search efforts are being led by Australia’s Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC). (Excerpt from BBC News)

Pirates raid oil tanker in Malacca Straits


rmed pirates have raided an oil tanker sailing in the Malacca Straits and abducted three crew members, officials in Malaysia say. The pirates also pilfered a large amount of diesel from the tanker, which reports say was travelling from Singapore to Myanmar. Three Indonesian crew members were seized, officials said. The Malacca Straits, which run between Malaysia and Indonesia, are a key shipping route in the region. The raid happened early on Tuesday, Noel Choong, head of the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) piracy reporting centre based in Kuala Lumpur, was quoted as saying by AFP news agency. “IMB is aware of the attack on the Singapore-

Ships from across the region use the Malacca Straits, which lie between western Malaysia and Indonesia

managed ship in the Malacca Straits,” he said, adding that IMB was concerned about the kidnapped crew. Reports say that armed men boarded the ship and tied up crew members, including nationals from Thailand, India, Indonesia and Myanmar, also known as Burma. A Malaysian Marine Police Commander, Abdul Rahim Abdullah, told the

Associated Press that after the pirates boarded, two other tankers appeared. An estimated three million litres of diesel, out of five million litres on board, were transferred to them over several hours, he said. Earlier reports identified the tanker as Japanese, but Abdul Rahim said the ship had been sold to a company in Singapore. (Excerpt from BBC News)

spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said Tuesday. “What we’re after here is persistent presence, a per-

sistent rotational presence.” Four companies of paratroopers based in Italy will be sent to Poland, Lithuania,

Latvia and Estonia over the next few months for military exercises, he said. (Excerpt

from CNN)

16 news

THURsday, april 24, 2014 |

Sophia man electrocuted while retrieving kite GRA to clamp down on


Sophia man is clinging to life at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was electrocuted while attempting to retrieve a kite from a lamp pole on Wednesday. Clinton Clyde Charles, 20, of Lot 610 C Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, received severe electrical burns to his face and back and is said to be in serious condition. According to information received, the young man was flying his kite in the area when it got stuck on the electrical wire and as he attempted to cut the string of the kite with a pair of scissors, his body came into contact with the live wire. As a result, he was tossed from the pole and landed some distance away. The injured man’s sister,

Beverly Bailey, told Guyana Times that she had gone to visit her mother at her home in Sophia since she had asked her to plait her hair. Sometime later, she saw her brother running towards the house asking for a pair of scissors. After she enquired why he needed the scissors, he told her that he was going to cut down his kite from the lamp pole and she attempted to talk him out of it, but he ignored her. In tears, Bailey stated that she continued plaiting her mother’s hair and a few minutes later, there was a sudden blackout. She continued plaiting her mother’s hair until a friend rushed to the house informing them that her brother was on the ground trembling. Bailey

said she dropped whatever she had in her hands and rushed to the scene only to see her brother badly burnt.

Serious injuries

She said that she kept her cool and ran to get a car to take her brother to the hospital. Upon arriving at the medical facility, he was admitted to the burns unit. She added that from reports gathered, her brother was on top of the lamp pole and the scissors might have gotten into contact with the live wire which clung to him for a while. Luckily, she said, he did not fall into the nearby trench which could have meant even more serious injuries. Shortly after the incident, the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL), in a release, stated that they em-

pathised with the family of the injured man and wished him a speedy recovery. The release added that the incident speaks directly to the pubic disregarding precautionary warnings issued by the company on television, radio and online for the Easter season. “It is with this recent occurrence that we warn the public to never fly kites near power lines. This is the number one danger to which kite-flyers are exposed,” the release added. In a case where a kite becomes entangled in GPL’s network, the company warns that the public should never try to recover it, noting that tugging can affect the quality of electricity being supplied to nearby communities and result in loss of life and/ or injuries, as in this case.

GT&T donates to North Rupununi Youth Learning Centre


he Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has donated several pieces of equipment to the Bina Hill Institute/Youth Learning Centre in the North Rupununi. In a release on Wednesday, the company said it responded to a request from the principal of the institution for a television set and sports gear for students. The local telephone giant said it recently handed over a 32-inch flat screen television set and a quantity of sports gear, which according to the institute, will be used for some structured and meaningful leisure time activities. GT&T said too that last year, it also made a financial contribution to the institution as it recognises

North Rupununi District Development Board Secretary Virgil Harding and GT&T Public Relations Officers (PROs) Nadia De Abreu and Allison Parker with the new television set

its value in providing practical and instructional programmes for young people in the region, who have left school, but are willing to continue to pursue studies in areas such as forestry,

tourism, natural resource management and business studies. North Rupununi District Development Board Secretary and motivational speaker Virgil

Harding in accepting the token on behalf of the institution, said the television will facilitate access to the Guyana Learning Channel, which was launched there last year.

unlicensed businesses renewal of commercial licences commences


he Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) announced on Wednesday that it will be launching a campaign to target non-licensed businesses, and urged commercial entities to acquire their relevant documents. In a statement, the revenue collection body disclosed that it has begun renewing and selling Liquor, Trade and Miscellaneous licences. The GRA stated that owners of restaurants, off-licence establishments, spirit shops, members’ clubs, hotels and malt liquor and wine bars living in Georgetown can buy their licences from the revenue body’s headquarters located at 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown. Persons residing in Anna Regina and New Amsterdam can purchase their licences from the respective GRA Branch Offices in those locations. Liquor Licence holders are required to pay the relevant fees and present the necessary documents. These documents include: Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN); 2013 Liquor Licence; Valid Form of Identification (National Identification Card or Passport), and Completed Renewal Application Form. Trade and other miscellaneous licences can be purchased at the GRA Licence Revenue Office or at GRA Branches in Anna Regina, New Amsterdam, Corriverton, Parika, Linden, and Bartica. The required

Andrew Bishop to head Land Use Policy Committee – HPS

Model OAS for Interns concludes


Andrew Bishop


Officials at the head table during the launch of the programme

m b a s s a d o r Jacinth HenryMartin, Chair of the Permanent Council and Representative of St Kitts and Nevis to the Organisation of American States (OAS), on Tuesday launched the 18th Model OAS Permanent Council for Interns (18th MOAS/ CP). The event is one in which 84 young people from different countries of the Americas and around the world simulate a session of the OAS body, and that this year, it has as its

central theme the issue of combating Trafficking In Persons (TIP). In her opening remarks, Ambassador Henry-Martin said it was very “heartening to see young people participating in this kind of exercise which seeks to develop important political negotiation skills in our young participants”. She emphasised that the OAS was the only political forum where all the countries of the Americas can come together to openly discuss current issues af-

fecting the Hemisphere, being “the only political platform available to successfully address any issue brought by the member states to its attention”. On the theme of the event, the Chair of the Permanent Council said TIP is a phenomenon that reflects the importance of having a multilateral and regional debate, as it is a matter of security which affects the entire world. The event ended Wednesday with the adoption of resolutions on the

establishment of measures for the prevention of sex tourism involving children and adolescents; the identification and protection of victims in the Americas; and the prevention and eradication of TIP and illicit smuggling of migrants, particularly minors. The MOAS is designed to promote democratic values and disseminate the work of the OAS among the youth of the Hemisphere through exercises simulating the OAS political bodies.

documents for these licences vary according to the business type. For General Shop, Butcher Shop, Pharmacy, Cinema, Internet Café and Lumber Yard Licences, applicants are required to submit: a valid form of identification, their TIN, Sanitary Certificate, Business Registration, and Licence for 2013. As it relates to licences for other businesses such as Betting Shops, Insurance Companies, Video Rental Stores, Pawn Shops, Realties, Auction Houses and Rice Factories, applicants have to present the following documents: a valid form of identification; their TIN; Business Registration, and Licence for 2013. GRA is also advising applicants, who appoint Power of Attorneys on their behalf to renew Liquor Licences that sufficient proof must be provided to the licensing officer. The regulatory agency further noted that in accordance with the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act Chapter 82:21, failure to obtain the relevant licences when operating businesses will result in enforcement actions being taken and goods forfeited. Persons desirous of more information on the requirements to renew their Liquor, Trade and Miscellaneous Licences can contact the Licence Revenue Office on telephone numbers: 227-6060 or 227-8222 extensions 1018 – 1020 and 1023.

ead of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr Roger Luncheon on Wednesday announced that Andrew Bishop will head the committee that will be tasked with the drafting of a national land use coordination policy. The HPS explained that the aim of the initiative, which was approved by the Cabinet, is to prevent conflicts that arise from time to time. He said surface and sub-surface rights often overlap in areas pre-disposing to conflicts among leased and other rights’ holders. As such, this issue was deliberated on by the Presidential Commission on Competitiveness.

“The stakeholders under the competitiveness rubric presented President Donald Ramotar with a recommendation at the Presidential Commission, which was adopted by Government and has led to the formation of the Committee to draft the land use coordination policy,” Dr Luncheon said. The Committee will report directly to the Office of the President. Bishop holds degrees in Geography and Planning from York University and the University of Waterloo. He has worked as a Senior Planner in the Department of Land Use Planning in San Diego, and is certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners. He also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission as well as the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys of Guyana with responsibility for public land management, land policy and national land planning. More recently, he has been actively involved in the climate change arena, having been appointed as Special Adviser to the President and Lead Climate Change Negotiator.



thursday, April 24, 2014 |

Early elections not on South Ruimveldt man shot in buttocks during row over woman agenda – Dr Luncheon H

ead of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr Roger Luncheon said while elections are always possible, Government will not, by any means, seek to use elections as a weapon to resolve the budget issues in the National Assembly. In fact, he noted that the general election is not at the top of Government’s list. He was at the time responding to questions raised by reporters, regarding Government’s next step, given the decisions made by the combined Opposition to once again withhold its support for funding to major sectors. “I think as you might have read from reading between the lines on the budget woes and on the assumption that it somehow reflects Cabinet’s views and concerns, election is not at the top of the list, where the solution and arrival of compromises to address the situation is concerned ... I would suggest that the hint of election couldn’t be conceivably avoided, but let’s keep it as a hint,” Dr Luncheon responded. He revealed that the 2014 National Budget process in Parliament have come to an end. He said the Appropriation Bill is now awaiting the assent of President Donald Ramotar. He labelled the cuts “draconian”, pointing out that, when compared to the 2012 and 2013 budgets, this year’s estimates were treated more harshly. “In this 2014 version, the

Dr Luncheon said that that time is almost here. “It was equally unfortunate that the plan for even the time-restricted negotiation that was entertained were thwarted by Opposition neglect.” He told reporters that the 2014 Committee of Supply’s decision on the 2014 Appropriation Bill reflected the majority of the Opposition. He said the Opposition selectively disapproved funding, and essentially determined the provisions of the Appropriation Bill.

Little or no provision

Dr Roger Luncheon

Opposition in Parliament has not approved funding for Government sectors. And if non-funding remains unchanged, essentially it would prevent funding for all programme activities in all those sectors,” he explained. The Cabinet Secretary recalled the Chief justice’s rulings of 2013 and 2014, which reduced the Opposition’s ability to cut the funding of programmes. It should be noted, Dr Luncheon said, the Opposition intends to appeal the Chief Justice’s ruling. According to him, it is most unfortunate that the timeframe for negotiating a compromise between the Opposition and Government was curtailed by the Constitution, since an Appropriation Bill in Guyana is lawfully due at the end of the fourth month of the fiscal year.

The Appropriation Bill, he challenged, has made little or no provision for many governmental sectors and entities. Dr Luncheon noted that the Government cannot, by any means possible, execute its civic duty without financial resources. “We all know it pays to run the Government,” he remarked. In the absence of a negotiated solution, Luncheon said, the definitive answer lies in the hands of the interpreter of the Constitution – the judiciary, which is legally tasked with that mandate. The 2014 Budget presentation began on March 24, with Government, through Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, presenting a whopping $220 billion financial plan to the National Assembly. After days of examination and the Opposition’s non-approval of various estimates, the 2014 Budget was reduced to $182 billion.

Cabinet to follow up Easter Day antics by Mayor Green


ead of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon said it was the Government’s intention to follow up allegations that City Mayor Hamilton Green bullied workers of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council on Monday while they were collecting revenues from vendors. Dr Luncheon speaking at his post-Cabinet media briefing said Cabinet examined a number of current issues involving the City Council and high on that list was the reported action of the Mayor. “We reviewed accounts by documented sources detailing the offensive and ill-advised antics of the Mayor and Cabinet undertook to have that matter followed- up.” The Mayor has been accused of seizing the key of a vehicle the staffers were using and the money they had collected on Easter Monday. But he has denied the allegations, saying he is anx-

iously waiting to see what the police will do. Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba at a news conference on Tuesday blasted Mayor Green for his alleged actions. He was reportedly accompanied by his bodyguards along with Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green and another councillor, Gregory Fraser. In addition, the Mayor allegedly ordered and encouraged vendors and patrons not to pay the rate collectors. The tax collectors reportedly proceeded to the Alberttown Police Station immediately after the incident and lodged a formal complaint. When Green was approached for the key to the vehicle, he denied he ever had the keys. Green stated that the acting Town Clerk had her own agenda and was not telling the public the whole story. Meanwhile, Dr Luncheon announced that he was informed by Attorney General Anil Nandlall that an appeal has been filed against the recent decision of acting Chief

Justice Ian Chang on the appointment of the Town Clerk. City Hall’s Public Relations Officer, Royston King, one of the applicants for the Town Clerk position, has applied to the Supreme Court to have Sooba’s appointment nullified. While the Chief Justice’s ruling stated that the Minister no longer had the authority to appoint the Town Clerk, he did indicate that Sooba remains the de facto officer. Dr Luncheon also announced the administration’s intention to fund major rehabilitation works on City Hall. He said works on the building, which is considered a historical site, could run in excess of $200 million. “Cabinet also emphasised its resolve to fast track the planning of interventions into the rehabilitation of City Hall, as you may know or not know, the building is threatened structurally unsound and declared a dereliction by various knowledgeable experts…”.


n old grievance between two men led to one of them being shot on Wednesday afternoon during an altercation at the Festival City Exit, South Ruimveldt. Rawle Braithwaite, 20, of South Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital around 17:30h by a friend and was immediately taken into surgery. Based on reports gathered, Braithwaite and another young man have been at loggerheads over an old grievance involving a woman. The young woman is the child's mother of the man

who is now on the lam following the shooting. An eyewitness told Guyana Times that around 17:10h, Braithwaite was at the Festival City Exit when the young man turned up and accused him of trying to hit him down with his motorcar. This accusation was reportedly an excuse to start an argument with Braithwaite. During the argument, the young man, whose name was not immediately known, reportedly threatened Braithwaite that he will end his life. In responding to the threat, Braithwaite grabbed a piece of wood and headed in the man’s direc-

tion. Guyana Times was told that the man then pulled out a shiny object which turned out to be a gun from his waist and threatened to shoot Braithwaite. Upon realising that the suspect had a gun, Braithwaite attempted to run but the suspect pulled the trigger. The bullet caught Braithwaite in his buttocks and the shooter escaped on his bicycle. The injured man was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was taken into surgery. The eyewitness posited that the two men also had an altercation on Tuesday evening in the area.

Granger warns Police Chief about Impact Programme


pposition Leader, David Granger has warned acting Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud about the possible backfiring of the Impact Programme if it is not done with the support of the communities. Granger met with the recently-appointed acting Commissioner on Wednesday when he congratulated him on his new post and extended his support. “In a meeting that was reported to be cordial, the Opposition Leader urged the Top Cop to ensure that nothing is done to jeopardise public security,” a release from A Partnership from National Unity (APNU) stated. During the visit, Granger and Persaud discussed the recently-established Impact Programme in Albouystown and Agricola. The APNU Chairman told the Police Chief that while the intention behind these programmes is good, executing them without consultations

with, and the support of, the communities can have negative consequences. Granger further warned Persaud against the stigmatising of certain communities. Project Impact Albouystown was launched earlier this month by Persaud. Police, in a release a few days ago, said that the response to the project has been overwhelming, and are optimistic that the initiative will create positive change in the community.

Mixed reactions

The Police Force had rejected some of the criticisms that have been levelled at its operations and presence in the crime-prone community, stating that it was encouraged by the developments since the project was launched. However, residents have been reporting harassment by the officers frequenting the streets of Albouystown. Police have said this accusation is false. The Police Force maintained that a significant

part of its efforts in the initiative is aimed at empowering Albouystown youths to develop skills to become productive and meaningful contributors to society. The Force also said it did expect some resistance from persons who are benefiting from crime. During the courtesy visit, the Opposition Leader also told Persaud that he was aware of the state of the Police Force and encouraged him to do his best to improve this. He further informed the Police Chief that he was cognisant of the basic needs of the Force, citing the need for vehicles, boats and aircraft to counter narco-trafficking and gun running. Granger went on to highlight that he fully supports a better-paid, well-trained and properly-equipped Guyana Police Force. Granger was accompanied to the meeting by former Police Commissioner and APNU Shadow Minister for Public Security, Winston Felix.

Bartica teen accidentally shot by friend A teenager was admitted to the Bartica Regional Hospital nursing a gunshot wound to his left heel after he was accidentally shot by one of his friends at the Bartica Beach on Tuesday evening. The teenager, Andy Fraser, 16, of Sixth Avenue, Bartica, Region Seven, was reportedly at the Beach Bar around 19:30h when it is alleged that one of his friends whipped out a firearm and discharged several rounds, with one hitting Fraser to his left foot. He was taken to the Bartica Hospital where he was treated and admitted.

Shot teenager Andy Fraser

According to information received, the teenagers were all consuming alcohol at the bar when they decided to show off their shooting skills. It is not clear if the weapon is legal, but it is believed that it belongs to the father of one of the young men. Reports reaching Guyana Times suggested that the young men are popular in the area and would, from time to time attempt, to prove their popularity by engaging in various activities to draw attention. The teenager is said to be recuperating. He is a student of the Bartica Secondary School.


thursday, april 24, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Your curiosity and adaptability will lead to favourable changes in your life. Head in a new direction, and you will be applauded for your innovative and inspirational ideas.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You will be respected for your opinions and insight if you have the courage to speak out. Your clarity and vision will draw attention and lead to improvements.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Take a moment to adjust to the necessities of a demanding situation. A small respite from daunting responsibilities will help recharge your batteries as well as encourage innovative solutions.



CANCER (June 21July 22) Mull over an investment, but don’t wait until it’s too late to make your move. Be prepared to make the choice that is most likely to benefit both you and your family.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Your goals and lifestyle need a little adjustment. Be receptive to new ideas, and make a change if you want to feel better about the direction you are heading.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Your leadership qualities will help you gain control. You will attract individuals who want to support your plans. Much can be accomplished if you take action.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Get involved in a cause and interact with interesting people. You will fare best with a serious-minded group striving to implement positive social change. Your contribution will be valued.

You can gain valuable insight if you include youngsters or seniors in your plans. Opt for a creative outlet that will let you use your teaching skills.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Don’t get drawn into any arguments. Even though things may not work out as planned, you should accept the changes happening around you. Compromise will eventually lead to victory.

Wednesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) You are on an upward trend right now, so enjoy the ride. If you take advantage of your wealth of experience, nothing will hold you back. Embrace the future.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Don’t feel overwhelmed by your long list of chores or responsibilities. Negative thinking will only slow you down. If you take the tasks one at a time, you will accomplish what’s necessary.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) You should consider ditching your regular routine in favour of something different. A day trip or talk with people from different backgrounds will spark new concerns as well as a solution.

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Baird elated Royals v Super Kings, IPL 2014 over historic All-round Jadeja downs Royals O feat

Kadecia Baird

By Treiston Joseph


ust two days removed from the recently concluded Junior Carifta Games held in Martinique,US- based Guyanese Kadecia Baird could not contain her excitement on becoming Guyana’s first sprinter to win gold at the premier junior event of the Caribbean. “Oh My God it feels great!” Baird told Guyana Times Sport about her achievement. Baird, won gold for Guyana in the women’s under-20 400 metres at the track and field event, clocking 53.84s to win Guyana’s first gold medal in a sprint event at the games. “I’m happy, excited all kind of emotions, that [winning gold] was the mindset going into the race… get the gold and at that time it didn’t matter because the weather was on and off,” Baird told this publication exclusively. In addition, Baird ,who could have added to the feat by capturing gold in the 200 metres was still proud of her silver medal despite the disappointing fall near the fin-

ish line that cost her the top podium prize. “The 200 was an emotional race… that fall was a bit disappointing but I will say God has a plan for everything, I may not see it now but I will later. “To fall and still be able to run a personal record feels great,” Baird mentioned her 200 metres run in which she clocked 23.13s for the silver, while the winning time of the race was 23.10s. Meanwhile, with the junior Carifta games behind, the 19- year- old quarter miler has her sight set on accomplishing greater things for her native land. “I am now going to focus on my college meets and then the focus is all on World Juniors for Guyana,” Baird noted in delight. However, Baird was met with some confusion on her way out of Martinique as her flight had to be postponed for five hours due to a void ticket; and the flight being full dampened the experience of winning the gold. Further, Baird will be in action again with her next competition scheduled for over the weekend.

n a day that the usual Chennai Super Kings heavy batting artillery failed to fire, their bowling, led by the versatile Ravindra Jadeja’s four-wicket haul, carved out a seven-run win against Rajasthan Royals on a slow Dubai pitch. Defending a middling total, Jadeja’s two wickets in two balls in his first over swung the pendulum decisively in favour of Super Kings, the wickets being those of Shane Watson and Sanju Samson. Royals never really recovered from the jolt and despite some happy hitting towards the end, disintegrated to their second defeat. When Super Kings were asked to bat, Brendon McCullum mishitting a number of deliveries seemed a case of the batsman struggling but if anything, it was actually an indication of the nature of the pitch which wasn’t as batsmen friendly as thought to be before the start of the match. McCullum was eventually out to a stunning catch by Steven Smith behind midwicket, hitting a length delivery from James Faulkner higher than longer. That slowness of the pitch didn’t seem to bother Dwayne Smith, however, as he raced to his second half-century in three matches with a flurry of big hits. After carefully playing out his first 18 deliveries for 17 runs, Smith used the pace the seamers offered him and carted the ball around the ground, his next nine deliveries bringing him 33 runs. Smith reached his fifty with a six but was done in by the sponginess of the surface in the very next delivery as he tried to force the ball over the infield, but only spooned a catch to mid-off. What followed was a period of play controlled by the Royals’ slower bowlers. He wouldn’t have known at the time, but he did end up playing the defining innings of the

Dwayne Smith thumped 50 off 28 deliveries

match as no one from either team came close to his strike rate of 178.57. The canny Rajat Bhatia, who later joked he was probably bowling “slower than the pitch”, served up his most economical spell in the IPL of 4-0-13-2 all 13 of them in singles hardly giving any pace for the batsmen to work with. At the other end, Pravin Tambe removed the dangerous MS Dhoni to push Super Kings from a comfortable 59 for 1 to a perilous 74 for 5. Was it not for a fighting 36 from Jadeja, Super Kings would have had to settle for a much lower total than what they eventually got. The task at the start of the second innings would have been considered manageable given the skill-level in Royals’ batting and the knowledge of how the pitch was going to play. Though Royals lost Abhishek Nayar early to a suicidal run, Rahane appeared comfortable as he regularly employed late deflections to manoeuvre the ball. Samson was impressive, launching Ben

Hilfenhaus for two clean sixes to finish the fifth over on 37 for 1. The introduction of spin in the sixth over had the same effect as in the first innings with Rahane

top-edging a sweep to deep square leg. Dhoni tossed the ball to Jadeja in the next over that pushed Royals to the edge of the precipice. (ESPNcricinfo)

SCOREBOARD Chennai T20 innings (20 overs maximum) DR Smith c Watson b Binny 50 BB McCullum c Smith b Faulkner 6 SK Raina c Kulkarni b Bhatia 4 F du Plessis run out (Bhatia) 7 MS Dhoni*† c Faulkner b Tambe 5 RA Jadeja not out 36 M Manhas c Rahane b Bhatia 10 R Ashwin not out 9 Extras: (lb 2, w 11) 13 Total: (6 wickets; 20 overs) 140 Did not bat: BW Hilfenhaus, IC Pandey, MM Sharma Fall of wickets 1-35 (McCullum, 5.2 ov), 2-59 (Smith, 7.2 ov), 3-64 (Raina, 8.2 ov), 4-71 (du Plessis, 10.1 ov), 5-74 (Dhoni, 11.1 ov), 6-101 (Manhas, 14.5 ov) Bowling: DS Kulkarni 3-018-0, TG Southee 4-0-270, JP Faulkner 3-0-38-1, PV Tambe 4-0-27-1, STR Binny 1-0-10-1, R Bhatia 4-013-2, SR Watson 1050

Rajasthan T20 innings (target: 141 runs from 20 overs) AM Nayar run out (McCullum) 5 AM Rahane c Manhas b Ashwin 15 SV Samson† c & b Jadeja 16 SR Watson* c Hilfenhaus b Jadeja 7 STR Binny c du Plessis b Sharma 8 SPD Smith c du Plessis b Jadeja 19 R Bhatia c Ashwin b Hilfenhaus 23 JP Faulkner c †Dhoni b Pandey 4 TG Southee b Jadeja 4 DS Kulkarni not out 28 PV Tambe run out (du Plessis/ Ashwin) 2 Extras: (w 2) 2 Total: (all out; 19.5 overs) 133 Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Nayar, 1.3 ov), 2-37 (Rahane, 5.2 ov), 3-44 (Watson, 6.4 ov), 4-44 (Samson, 6.5 ov), 5-63 (Binny, 10.5 ov), 6-75 (Smith, 12.6 ov), 7-80 (Faulkner, 13.3 ov), 8-85 (Southee, 14.2 ov), 9-113 (Bhatia, 18.3 ov), 10-133 (Tambe, 19.5 ov) Bowling: BW Hilfenhaus 4-032-1, IC Pandey 4-1-22-1, R Ashwin 3.5-0-27-1, RA Jadeja 4-0-33-4, SK Raina 2-0-60, MM Sharma 2-0-13-1


THursday, april 24, 2014

New coach Peter Moores seeks fresh blend in England cricket E ngland coach Peter Moores wants to build a proud and committed national team alongside captain Alastair Cook. Moores, who steered Lancashire to the County Championship title in 2011, succeeds Andy Flower, who resigned in January after the Ashes debacle in Australia. Moores takes charge of Lancashire for the last time on Wednesday before leaving to take up his new role in the national set-up. He previously led England between 2007-09 but was sacked after being involved in a dispute with Kevin Pietersen. “It’s a sad day in some ways, it feels bit strange,” he told Sky Sports News. “I’ve been here for five years and I have loved every minute of it. I’m very excited about go-

Peter Moores says he is ready for the challenges ahead as England Cricket Head Coach

ing to the new job but very sad to be leaving here. “I think the challenge is always big. It’s a tough environment and England have had a tough winter. There will be some things to sort out and some things to keep.

It’s about getting things simpler. Getting out on the park and playing some good aggressive cricket. “I think the challenge is always big. It’s a tough environment and England have had a tough winter. There

will be some things to sort out and some things to keep. It’s about getting things simpler. Getting out on the park and playing some good aggressive cricket.” “To clarify exactly what Alastair wants from his team is crucial and to make sure that matches the things that I am looking for is important. “We will be trying to make a side that the nation are very proud of, that are committed to what they are doing. There are some exciting players, the Ben Stokes the Chris Jordans, and there is a lot of young talent out there. “There is a chance for young players to come through and the more established players to take responsibility as the team moves forward.” (Skysports)

Valcke: Don’t waste time at Brazil WCup stadium


IFA’s top World Cup official visited the delayed stadium that will host the opener in less than two months and said there is “not a minute” to waste to get the venue ready. FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke said yesterday there’s still a lot of work to do at the Itaquerao stadium, but added that it will be ready for the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on June 12. He said local organisers are “running against time,” but they know there is “no choice” and understand they have to come through with their promise to finish all the work in time. At the beginning of his latest tour of host cities, Valcke said there are “potential issues” with two other stadiums, one still being built in the southern city of Curitiba and the other in nearby Porto Alegre. He will visit Curitiba this week to receive updates

Jerome Valcke

from local organisers. The other stadium yet to be completed is the Arena Pantanal in the wetlands city of Cuiaba, where officials said yesterday that the official inauguration will not happen this weekend as scheduled because of a delay in the delivery of some 5,000 seats. The venue’s

opening should happen only in midMay. Valcke will be in the city today. “There is not a single minute we can waste, because there is still a lot of work to do,” Valcke said after checking the construction work at the Itaquerao. “We are running against time, but yes, the stadium will host the opening game and, yes, we will organise the opening game and all the other games in this stadium.” There will be five other World Cup matches in Sao Paulo, including one of the semi-finals. The only FIFA test event scheduled for the Itaquerao will be a Brazilian league match on May 17 or May 18, about three weeks before the opener. Only 50,000 tickets will be sold even though the opener will hold nearly 70,000 people. FIFA usually wants three test events at venues used in tournaments such as the World Cup.

SL in ‘difficult place’ after Farbrace exit

Sanath Jayasuriya


ri Lanka have been rendered “helpless” by Paul Farbrace’s sudden exit, weeks from their biggest overseas tour of the year, chief selector Sanath Jayasuriya has said. He suggested the team’s assistant coach, Marvan Atapattu, would become the interim head coach for assignments in Ireland and England, as the board was unlikely to make an appointment before the team departed in two weeks’ time. Jayasuriya played a key role in signing Farbrace in December, and his selection committee had been set to work closely with Farbrace to bring through a young group of players, in preparation for major retirements on the horizon. Farbrace was offered a role with England last week and resigned from his position with Sri Lanka on Tuesday. “Unfortunately we are in a pretty difficult place right now,” Jayasuriya told the BBC’s Sinhala service. “We had to face this problem just as the England tour was set to begin. We are thinking hard about what can be done. Marvan will have a lot of responsibility at this time and the bowling and fielding coaches will also have to

bear a lot of responsibility. “At the moment we won’t be able to find a coach quickly, and SLC is in a bit of a helpless state. But these things happen in sport and they happen in life. We’ll treat it as an experience, and hopefully the players will be able to turn this into something positive. I trust that they can do that.” There were rumours Farbrace had encountered issues with delays in pay during his 15-week tenure with Sri Lanka, and the past three months had also been characterised by upheaval around the team, thanks largely to a contracts dispute between the board and the players. Jayasuriya, however, said the board was clear of blame for his exit. “I don’t believe those things. Sometimes there are bank delays because of holidays and weekends,” Jayasuriya said. “As far as I know there were no serious issues like that, and as far as I know, there were also no problems between Paul and the board. We had tried to make him feel at home here. Maybe not everything was 100 per cent, but they were all things that could be discussed and resolved. ..” (ESPNcricinfo)

World Cup rush leaves gaps in Chelsea trio charged by FA after Brazil cell network Sunderland defeat R (Jamaica Observer)


helsea were hit with disciplinary action by the English FA on Wednesday as manager Jose Mourinho, midfielder Ramires and coach Rui Faria were charged following last week’s Premier League home defeat against Sunderland. Ramires, who could now miss their top-of-the-table clash with Liverpool on Sunday, was hit with a violent conduct charge after appearing to elbow Sunderland’s Sebastian Larsson off the ball. The incident was not seen by referee Mike Dean during their 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge. “In the Premier League, if an incident has not been seen by the match officials, a three-man panel of former elite referees will be asked

Jose Mourinho


by The FA to review it and advise what, if any, action they believe the match referee should have taken had it been witnessed at the time,” the FA said in a statement. “In this case the panel were unanimous that it was an act of violent conduct.” Ramires has until Thursday to respond to the charge. Sunderland’s victory

came courtesy of a contentious penalty decision that sparked a furious touchline reaction from coach Faria who was charged with using “abusive and/or insulting words towards the Fourth Official” as well as “improper conduct”. Mourinho sarcastically congratulated Dean as well as referee’s chief Mike Riley in the immediate aftermath

of the match, which landed him with a misconduct charge. The FA said: “It is alleged that Mourinho’s comments constitute improper conduct, in that they call into question the integrity of the referee appointed to the above fixture and/or the integrity of Mr Mike Riley, General Manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited, and/or the comments bring the game into disrepute.” Mourinho was fined 8,000 pounds ($13,400) and warned about his future conduct as recently as April 10 after being sent to the stands in last month’s defeat at Aston Villa. Both Faria and Mourinho have until Monday to respond to the charges. ($1 = 0.5960 British Pounds) (Reuters)

io de Janeiro’s legendary Maracanã stadium was in a frenzy. Brazil had trounced the Spanish world champions. Yet 73,000 soccer fans could scarcely send a text message to celebrate. The final of the 2013 Confederations Cup, a dress rehearsal for this year’s World Cup, was a promising 3-0 victory for Brazil’s national team but a bad omen for its cellphone network. Despite costly investments and another year to prepare, phone companies are still struggling to provide adequate coverage of key sites for the tournament starting in June. Several stadiums were delivered months late and work at major airports remains unfinished, forcing the telecoms industry to cut back and in some cases even cancel planned investments.

“Where we don’t have much time, we probably won’t be able to give complete coverage for the stadiums,” said Eduardo Levy, head of a Brazilian industry group tasked with preparing cellphone coverage at World Cup venues. If the problems from last year recur, it may be hard for fans to make a phone call at a big game, let alone upload photos or peruse social media. Jerome Valcke, secretary general of soccer’s governing body FIFA, said recently he was deeply worried that in most cases communications for fans and media will not be fully tested before the tournament begins. “We don’t want Brazil to be remembered as the worst World Cup of all time because the journalists could not get their stories out to the rest of the world,” Valcke said.(Reuters)




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Lancashire re-sign Pakistan seamer Junaid Khan


akistan left-arm seamer Junaid Khan will return to Lancashire this season as an overseas limited-overs signing. The 24-year-old, who helped the county to Twenty20 finals day in 2011, will join in time for their opening T20 Blast match against Nottinghamshire Outlaws on 16 May. “Junaid had a period with us previously and was extremely successful,” said cricket director Mike Watkinson. “He turned in some great performances and was very effective for us.” Worcestershire had also been after Junaid for T20, before the county eventually signed New Zealand’s Colin Munro.

Junaid Khan

Watkinson said Junaid’s left-arm pace would bring “something different”, just as it had done last season when New Zealand international Mitchell McClenaghan was part of the squad.

“Junaid has matured as an international cricketer of note,” added Watkinson in at interview with BBC Radio Lancashire. “He’s had interest from other counties, but his heart is with us.” (BBC Sport)

Williams sticking by Bravo, Barath


t was a forgettable regional season for both Darren Bravo and Adrian Barath, but national coach Kelvin Williams is sticking by them. Diminutive opener Barath, seeking to resurrect his stalled international career, was dropped for the last two games of Trinidad and Tobago’s Regional FourDay campaign. Bravo played throughout but averaged only 24.58, with three scores over 50. His dismissal on the third and what turned out to be the final afternoon of the four-day semi-final against the Windward Islands at the Queen’s Park Oval, was not dissimilar to his first innings first ball dismissal--caught in the slips, hanging his bat at a ball outside off-stump. This time, after being put down first ball, he got to eight with two streaky boundaries through the slip cordon. And when finally dismissed, Bravo left the crease swishing his bat not in agitation at his folly as he typically would, but in despair. “Darren struggled,” coach Williams acknowledged following his side’s collapse for 105 in their pursuit of 340 for victory on Monday. “He came back from New Zealand and I give him credit; he actually put his hands up and came out and played. He scored three 50s, twohundred-and-something [295] runs. We expect more from him and he knows that. He always mentioned it. He admitted that things didn’t go well for him so therefore he has to go back and work on the areas which he needs to improve on.” Williams admitted however that the West Indies left-hander’s problems were not just technical. “It’s more mental, mental application at the crease basically,” he said.  “We know he came back from New Zealand with a stress related matter. That’s what he came back from New

Adrian Barath

Zealand for. So therefore, sometimes a lot of things could go wrong, but as I said, he batted well in certain innings where he scored three 50s and then in certain innings where if you look at it (he would), wave at balls outside the off-stump which the old Darren Bravo would have left alone. So all these things are mental things.” Bravo left the West Indies’ tour of New Zealand during the one-day series for what the West Indies Cricket Board described as “personal reasons.” Howewver, Barath has struggled for form and confidence since playing his last Test against England back in June of 2012. This season, he managed a top score of 39 in nine innings and averaged 20.37. But Williams said the player’s failures were not the result of rash batting. “One thing about A.B, he wasn’t really getting out playing attacking shots. The old Adrian Barath, you know he’s gonna cut, he’s going to do this [but] that wasn’t happening. To me, he was consciously trying to bat for a long period of time but it didn’t happen for him. Again, he needs to go back and think about how he is going to approach things.” The struggles of Bravo and Barath, two of the brightest talents in the T&T setup, were symptomatic of the inconsistency prevalent

among all the batsmen. Despite four different players recording centuries during the season, no one averaged higher than opener Evin Lewis’ 39.00. And while Williams credited his bowlers for doing “a fantastic job,” he noted that, “sometimes you need to put a high price on your wicket. I always say I need somebody to do the dirty work for me, somebody to grind and grind and grind and accumulate runs.” T&T badly needed someone to drop anchor on Monday afternoon when the wickets began to tumble following an opening stand of 50 between Lendl Simmons and Lewis. But not for the first time in recent seasons, a top-order slump precipitated a dramatic innings crash. The 105 against the Windwards was their lowest total of the season, but their fourth below 200. Regular skipper Denesh Ramdin, who played only in the semi-final, hoped that the recent addition of a team psychologist and a longer regional season starting later this year would help his team. “I would say more cricket would help. It would be more experience, more guys being in certain situations that would help them. We have a psychologist with the team to try to help guys be more mentally ready...So hopefully our players could take advantage and work on that side, including myself. I’m always willing to learn and there’s room for improvement.” With the local season still in progress, however, Williams hopes the national cricketers take the opportunity to show some hunger. “The boys go back to play club cricket and I told them inside there (the dressing room) they need to dominate,” he said. “In terms of batting, they have to look for big runs and if you are a bowler, you have to get wickets...I just want them to go and dominate.” (Windiescricket)


THursday, april 24, 2014

Arm wrestling championship shifted to May – deadline for registration is Friday

John Ramsingh

By Avenash Ramzan


istory has been delayed as the firstever “Ultimate Arm Wrestling Championship 2014” will now be held next month, as the organisers are giving more persons an op-

portunity to register for the highly anticipated competition. The event, which is being organised and hosted by 704 Sports Bar at Lamaha and Albert Streets, was slated to get under way on April 14, but due to unforeseen circumstances could not commence on that date. In an invited comment on Wednesday, Public Relations Officer of 704 Sports Bar, John Ramsingh, revealed that interested persons have until Friday (tomorrow) to register to participate in the two-day event, which will be held on May 3 and 10 at 704 Sports Bar. Registration forms are available at the entity’s location, as well as at leading gyms across the country. Ramsingh further highlighted that each competitor is required to pay an entrance fee of $1,000 upon submission of completed

Hugh Ross

registration form. The championship is open to everyone 18 years and older in three categories: Males over 200lbs, Males under 200lbs and Female open. The organisers are hoping to attract a minimum of 48 competitiors

per category, and according to Ramsingh, they are still to achieve that target. The top three finishers in each category will receive $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000 respectively, along with gift certificates from Fitness Express, Guinness hampers and products from the other sponsors.

of Arms.” It is with this is mind that we at 704 Sports Bar look to host live competitive sports events at a sports bar, thus giving birth to Guyana’s first Arm Wrestling Championships “Ultimate Arm Wrestling Tournament 2014,” Barrow explained.

Alternative means

Patron of the tournament, Guyana’s world renowned and award-winning bodybuilder Hugh Arlington Ross, in endorsing the activity, said arm wrestling is one of the purest ways of proving one’s strength. He expressed elation at 704 Sports Bar embracing the concept and being bold enough to stage a competition in this regard. Ross wished the organisers and the prospective competititors well, noting that an exciting championship is envisaged.

Speaking at the launch of the championship last month, Project Manager of 704 Sports Bar, Dustanni Barrow, said the event will provide an alternative means of entertainment to the sports- loving Guyanese public. Barrow reflected that from since ancient Egyptian times, men always wanted to find new ways of testing their strength against each other. He added that over time arm wrestling has gained popularity around

Ross elated

Dustanni Barrow

the world with the first tournament being held in California in 1952. “The arm wrestling phenomenon has taken over the television with blockbuster movies like “Over the Top” and one of the highest watched series “Game

GCA/Brain Street U-15 Tournament…..

DCC ‘A’, Bel Air Rubis, TSC and GNIC secure wins


he Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) sponsored Brain Street Under-15 tournament continued on Wednesday with four games in the capital city. Demerara Cricket Club ‘A’ team, Bel Air Rubis, Transport Sports Club (TSC) and the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) came out victorious. At the Demerara Cricket Club ground, the hosts’ ‘A’ team bowlers put up a clinical display to crush Everest Cricket Club with a commanding seven-wicket victory. The visitors, sent in to bat, managed only 45 in 23.4 overs as left- arm spinner Ashmead Nedd (4-5), medium pacers Bhojnarine Singh (3-11) and Junior Phillips (3-10), wreaked havoc with the ball. DCC ‘A’ then strolled past the modest target to reach 46-3 in 15 overs. At the Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO), the hosts suffered a 19-run defeat at the hands of Bel Air Rubis. Asked to bat first, Bel Air Rubis rides on Josiah Butler’s top score of 84 (4x4s, 9x6s) and Nand Sanicharan unbeaten on 71, as they were bowled out for 215 in 41 overs. Tony Hargobin was the best bowler for the hosts with 3-11. In reply, GYO were bowled out for 196 with Navindra Persaud top- scoring with 62. Alex Chunilall (3-44) was the most pene-

(From left) Ashmead Nedd, Bhojnarine Singh and Junior Phillips, the key players for the DCC ‘B’ commanding victory

Joshua Persaud

trative bowler for Bel Air Rubis. At the Malteenoes Sports Club ground, the hosts were beaten by Transport Sports Club (TSC) by 144 runs. TSC after being asked to bat first were inspired by Anthony Antonio (36 not out), Collin Barlow (34), Devon Allen (26) and Tony Adjodha (25), as they managed a total of 208-8 in 48 overs. Jowan Cadogan (3-17) was the hosts’ best bowler on show. In reply, MSC were bowled out for 64 in 31.5 overs. Antonio (4-9) and

Joel Spooner (3-9) were the wreckers in chief for TSC. Over at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation ground, Joshua Persaud slammed an unbeaten century and Christopher Campbell stroked a half-century to power hosts GNIC to a crushing 177-run victory against the DCC ‘B’ team. Persaud smashed 142 (14x4s, 11x6s), while Campbell made 85 (9x4s, 3x6s), as GNIC produced a dominant batting display to post an imposing 281-2 in 21.2 overs when the declaration came.

In reply, DCC ‘s ‘B’ batsmen struggled under the pressure of the huge run chase and were bundled out for 104 in 42.3 overs. Persaud returned with the ball to snare 5-21 off 10.3 overs. Orlando Ghisiawan (2-22), Kurt Lovell (1-4) and Hifa Walters (1-14) were the

other successful bowlers for the winners. The tournament continues today with Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) hosting Bel Air Rubis; Demerara Cricket Club ‘A’ team will host the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC); Malteenoes Sports

Club (MSC) will play Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) at MSC and Everest Cricket Club will come against Transport Sports Club (TSC). That game is tentatively scheduled for the Everest Cricket Club ground. (Rajiv Bisnauth)

YBG regional tourney set for May


he much anticipated Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) Schools regional tournament will tip-off in May after issues regarding sanctioning and schedule coordination with the Guyana Amateur basketball Federation (GABF) were resolved. The regional tournament will be officially launched

in the second week of May, while tip-off will be later that month. Despite the late start to the tournament which was originally scheduled for April, a full complement of schools is expected to participate throughout the five regions in Linden, Georgetown, East Coast, East Bank and Berbice.

Some of the top schools expected to be a part of the only basketball school programme in the nation are powerhouse Kwakwani, defending champions Marian Academy, The University of Guyana (UG), Mackenzie High School, Port Mourant Training School and Linden Technical Institute.

THursday, april 24, 2014


Malinga named full-time NAMILCO One Love captain of Sri Lanka T20 team Classic produces L ‘best football product’

– but crowd support in Georgetown worrying By Avenash Ramzan


fter weeks of keen rivalry, the seventh annual National Milling Company (NAMILCO) One Love Football Classic will wrap up this Sunday with the final and third- place playoff at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, Bourda. Georgetown club side Fruta Conquerors and NAMILCO have collaborated for close to a decade to stage the inter-club tournament, which will come to a close with four top teams set to do battle. Defending champions Alpha United, the most successful team in the tournament’s history with three titles (2008, 2010 and 2013), will take on the Guyana Defence Force, who have won the title twice in 2007 and 2012, for the $1.2 million top prize. Fruta Conquerors and Riddim Squad will contest the third-place playoff. In giving a review of what has transpired during the past weeks, president of Fruta Conquerors FC, Wayne Forde, pointed out that they are generally satisfied with the quality of football that has been played, but a bit disappointed with the lack of crowd support, especially for matches in Georgetown. “Specifically with the conduct of the tournament itself, I think we’ve completed seven days of competitive football with very few incidents, both on and off the field, and I think that’s something to be proud of,” Forde highlighted during an exclusive interview on

Wayne Forde

Wednesday. He added, “If you ask me if I’m satisfied with the crowd support, the answer will be somewhat subdued. We have found over the past two years that crowd support for football in Georgetown has been declining. The exact reason for it is not yet known, but I’m hoping that for the final we can see a complete turnaround in that regard, and I hope that it can be the restart of fans regaining the interest in football.” In comparing this year’s 16-team competition to previous years, Forde pointed out that 2014 was the best year in terms of the “football product.” “Because what we did this year we organised the tournament between March and April, obviously trying to capitalise on the good weather we experienced during that period. The other years the tournament was played either in November or before; last year we played in February

and it was severely affected by bad weather. Bad weather affects crowd turnout and it also affects the quality of play because sloppy, wet condition [sic] is not the ideal condition to play football,” the Fruta Conquerors head explained. With crowd support being an issue during the Georgetown games this year, Forde highlighted that fans will be in for a treat on Sunday, as apart from the two football games, there will be added entertainment. “Well what we’ve done in trying to hype up the tournament and gain the interest of football lovers is that we’ve partnered with the Slingerz Family; and there is going to be an exciting after- party hosted by Slingerz Family, so we want to encourage the fans to come out and witness not one, but two games and also have some entertainment afterwards,” he mentioned. While the price for admission has not yet been decided, Forde promised that it will be affordable, as the ultimate aim is to ensure that the final night is well attended. The champion team will walk away $1.2 million richer, while the runner-up, third and fourth-placed finishers will receive $600,000, $400,000 and $200,000 respectively. Trophies will also accompany the cash prizes. NAMILCO has injected $5 million into this year’s competition, a sponsorship package that has steadily increased since the first year when the company had invested $1.6 million.

GFF appoints Electoral Committee


he Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has appointed a four-member Electoral Committee to organise, manage and supervise the electoral process of the Annual Ordinary Congress on Saturday. A GFF statement issued on Wednesday read: “Please be advised that consistent with a previous affirmation of Congress, the GFF has proceeded to identify the members to comprise the Electoral Committee whose mandate it is to organise, manage and supervise the electoral process for elections, which are scheduled for the Annual Ordinary Congress of the GFF on April 26, 2014.” The committee is being headed by Parliamentary Secretary in the Health

Joseph Hamilton

Charles Corbin

Ministry, Joseph Hamilton, who has been appointed Chairman, while Guyana Olympic Association Vicepresident Charles Corbin is the Deputy Chairman. Attorney-at-law Euclin Gomes is a member of the

committee, while fellow attorney Dawn Holder is the alternate. The Congress will be held on Saturday from 10:00h at the Regency Suites on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

asith Malinga has been appointed as Sri Lanka’s full- time Twenty20 captain after he led the team to the world title last month. The paceman took over from Dinesh Chandimal, who started the ICC World Twenty20 as captain before stepping down following a barren run of form. Malinga steered Sri Lanka to victory over India in the final in Bangladesh, and he will lead the side with Lahiru Thirimanne as his vice-captain for the next 12 months. His fellow seamer Angelo Mathews has retained the captaincy of both the Test and one-day international teams ahead of the tour of England and Ireland. Sri Lanka fly out next week for a busy schedule which features seven oneday internationals, one Twenty20 clash and two Test matches. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Cricket have resolved the pay dispute with their 13 contracted players over participation fees from ICC and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) events. The players had demanded 20 percent of the participation fees, but they have now agreed to accept 10 per cent and are now set to sign their contracts almost two months later than scheduled.

Lasith Malinga

The agreement was reached after an SLC committe featuring treasurer Nuski Mohamed, CEO Ashley de Silva and chief selector Sanath Jayasuriya held talks with Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews on Tuesday. An SLC statement read: “After discussions, the committee in consultation with the office bearers of the SLC’s Executive Committee, offered 10 percent of the participation fee from the ICC and ACC events to the players which will be applied for the next five years and will be non-negotiable. “The above offer was accepted by the players and they have agreed to sign the annual contracts in due course.” Sri Lanka one-day squad for tour of Ireland: Angelo Mathews

(Capt), Kusal Janith, Upul Tharanga, Lahiru Thirimanne, Dinesh Chandimal, Ashan Priyanjana, Kithruwan Vithanage, Chathuranga De Silva, Sachithra Senanayake, Thissara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Suranga Lakmal, Dhammika Prasad, Ajantha Mendis, Niroshan Dickwella. Twenty20 squad for match against England: Lasith Malinga (Capt), Lahiru Thirimanne, Kusal Janith, T.M Dilshan, Angelo Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Kithruwan Vithanage, Ashan Priyanjana, Thissara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Chathuranga De silva, Sachithra Senanayake, Suranga Lakmal, Seekuge Prasanna, Ajantha Mendis.

Mayweather preaches patience ahead of Maidana bout


ive-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he will take his time and “be smart” when he faces Marcos Maidana of Argentina for their welterweight title unification in Las Vegas next week. Mayweather, who has a 45-0 record with 26 knockouts, is widely regarded as one of the best defensive fighters of all time while slugger Maidana is known for his all-round skill and blistering power. “Maidana deserves the opportunity,” Mayweather told reporters at his boxing club in Las Vegas while preparing for the May 3 bout at the nearby MGM Grand Garden Arena. “He’s a champion with an 80 percent knockout ratio. “But everything isn’t about speed. Everything in boxing and life is about timing. I’m a fighter that likes to take my time and be smart. Some fighters like to be reckless. You see what happens when fighters are reckless. “Boxing is like chess. Every move has to be thought about before you make it. I like to study my opponents first. I’m not going to do a lot of moving when I get in the ring. I’m coming straight ahead.” Mayweather, who outboxed Saul Canelo Alvarez in his most recent bout in September to take the Mexican’s WBA and WBC super welterweight titles, praised Maidana for his skills in the ring while cautioning his opponent that his best was yet to come. “In 18 years I haven’t brought my best out yet,” smiled the 37-year-old American, who is nicknamed “Money” for his flamboyant and often extravagant lifestyle. “Being around the sport for so long, I have a lot of experience. “I’ve boxed my whole life and everyone on the team is ready to go out and do what we do best. Now it’s time for me to go out and do what I do.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

“(Maidana) is an extremely skilled fighter who brings knockout danger to the ring. This is a great fight for me and he deserves the opportunity to see if he can do what 45 others have tried to do before him - beat me.” Maidana, 30, has a professional record of 35-3 with 31 knockouts and won his most recent bout in December with a unanimous decision against the heavily favored American Adrien Broner to claim the WBA welterweight title. The May 3 bout in Las Vegas, scheduled for 12 rounds, will unify the WBC welterweight title held by Mayweather and Maidana’s WBA welterweight crown. (Reuters)

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

thursday, April 24, 2014


IPL Cricket: Chennai Super Kings 140-6, Rajasthan Royals 133; NBA Basketball: Washington Wizards 101, Chicago Bulls 99

Baird All-round elated Jadeja over downs historic Royals feat Royals v Super Kings, IPL 2014

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Dwayne Smith’s second halfcentury proved to be a matchwinning effort (BCCI photo)


Kadecia Baird

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Flying Ace cycling club names strong team for three-stage race T

he Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice has selected an eight-member team to participate in this year’s 32nd annual Independence Three-Stage Cycle road race. The two-day event is billed for May 17-18 and will be held in collaboration with the National Sports Commission, the Sport Ministry and the Guyana Cycling Federation. The cyclists named are Keith Griffith, Gary Benjamin, Ray Millington, Audrel Ross, Syborne Fernandes, Elijah Bijadder, Calet Bacchus and lone female rider, Maricia Dick.

Jamal Eastman

Maricia Dick

Founder and coach of the club, Randolph Roberts, made the disclosure on Wednesday. Meanwhile, when action pedals off on May 17, the riders will compete from the Corriverton Police Station to Alexander Street, New Amsterdam, covering a distance of 46.6 miles or 75 km. That leg is slated to start at 07:30h. At 14:00h on the same day, the cyclists will start at Rosignol and finish at Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown, a total distance of 60.4 miles or 97.1 km. The third and final stage, which will cover 64.5

miles or 103 km, will be held on May 18 with action starting at 08:00h at Kara Kara, Linden, and ending at Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown. Altogether, the racers will cover 171.5 miles or 275.1 km of Guyana’s roadways. At last year’s event, Barbadian Jamal Eastman, riding for local club Carlton Wheelers, won the overall title in six hours, 58 minutes, 13 seconds (06h: 58m: 13s). Eastman was in sublime form, winning stages one and two, while Guyanese Robin Persaud won the final stage.

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