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Friday, October 25, 2013

Non-passage of anti-money laundering bill...


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Ali deems it “economic sabotage”

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Rodney inquiry

Govt, family discussing P7 ToRs, commissioners Lindener found dead P8 on farmland Zorg fire P8 victim succumbs NATI student electrocuted while fixing washing machine P10 at home

East Coast lad killed by truck P10 on way to mandir Fashion models go through one of their routines Wednesday evening during one of the shows featured in the Guyana Fashion Week at Rahaman’s Park, Houston. Wednesday night’s show spotlighted young upcoming designers (Carl Croker photo)

Guyana Deportees demand refund captures five regional from Glenn Lall See story on page 3

– say thousands of U.S. dollars paid

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CXC awards

HIV/AIDS on the P13 decline in the Caribbean – PANCAP P15 George Washington University Hospital team on Guyana outreach


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The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, October 25 from 09:00h to 10:30h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, October 25 from 08:15h to 09:45h.


Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected during the day, with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius. Winds: Easterly at 2.68 to 4.02 metres per second. High Tide: 08:04h and 20:19h reaching maximum heights of 2.24 metres and 2.27 metres respectively. Low Tide: 01:25h and 13:52h reaching minimum heights of 0.84 metre and 1.03 metres respectively.

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Deportees demand refund from Glenn Lall

– say thousands of U.S. dollars paid


he notion that silence is perceived to be a mark of refinement seems to be the motto which Mohan Lall, aka Glenn Lall, owner and publisher of the opposition aligned, mud-slinging, scandal-riddled muckraking Kaieteur News, has adopted and lives by these days. Now, in the wake of a Guyana Times report on January 7, 2013 that some 750 Guyanese were deported from various countries, several of them are claiming they paid huge sums of U.S. dollars to alleged backtracker Lall, for arrangements to get them out of the country. But Lall has chosen not to comment – at least not in public. And not only now, but ever since an explosive WikiLeaks cable exposed his reported involvement in a long standing and complex backtrack ring, closely connected to criminals in the underworld, Lall is yet to even mutter a single word in defence. But now that some of the backtrack deals apparently did not work out, some of the deportees want their money back and have threatened that they will not give up. Horrendous journey One deportee said her family and relatives overseas came together and reportedly paid U.S.$20,000 to enable her to travel out of the country via “backtrack”. It was a horrendous journey, as she was seriously abused along the way, her passport was seized, and she was promised a Green Card and Social Security Number. The route took her through several Caribbean countries and eventually Puerto Rico, a U.S. island territory, and Mexico before crossinfg the U.S. border. Lall has been a wide-

Mohan Lall, aka Glenn Lall

ly accused backtracker for some time now, a charge he has strenuously refused to deny. But time might just be running out on him to remain silent in light of the revelation that some of the deportees are calling for their money back after suspected backtrack deals with them did not work out, and in particular, since they have been sent back to Guyana. Police report A Guyana Police Force (GPF) press statement, which listed crime statistics for 2012, said the persons were deported from various countries, including from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, for crimes ranging mostly from drug trafficking to illegal entry. Years after the explosive Wikileaks cable from the U.S. embassy in

Georgetown linked Lall to backtracking and other illegal activities here, the mudraking publisher has been in a state of eerie silence and is yet to come forward and categorically clear his name of the sordid allegations. In fact, Guyana Times was reliably informed that Lall’s sketchy past caused his U.S visa to be revoked in 2006. In 2010, Lall criticised Guyana Times and other local media for publishing authentic information released by Wikileaks in the U.S., which described him as a man with a sketchy past. “He translated a shoe trading business (and rumoured involvement with alien smuggling) into a muckraking independent newspaper,” a Wikileaks cable from the U.S. embassy stated. “He has a finger firm-

ly on the pulse of Guyana’s underworld, which serves his media enterprise well,” said WikiLeaks. In his effort to distract attention from the growing list of allegations against him, Lall’s newspaper has become the chief architect of the scandal industry, although without key allies, he would not have been able to pour out his misinformation in the form of news reports in his own muckraking Kaieteur News. In 1992, Lall was reportedly exporting salipenters and other items yet unknown, trading in contraband items and owned a shoe stall. Eerie silence Now he owns numerous properties around Georgetown and elsewhere in Guyana, as well as in Miami and New York, many of which were reportedly paid for in suitcases of cash containing hundreds of thousands of U.S dollars in $20 bills. He reportedly hired members of the notorious “phantom squad” to protect his shoe business, and has been described as a person with a sketchy past, who transformed a shoe trading business into a muckraking newspaper. With backtrack allegations continuing to loom over Lall’s facade, the demand for refund by some of those deported during 2012 – mostly from the United States – is likely to make his prolonged silence even more eerie.


friday, october 25, 2013

Views Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Extreme poverty T

he United Nations (UN) had set aside October 17 as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP). This year’s activities were observed under the theme, “Working together towards a world without discrimination: Building on the experience and knowledge of people in extreme poverty”. This is, indeed, quite a timely and relevant theme as the international community is presently pursuing twin objectives as it relates to sustainable development. These are intensifying efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and formulating the next set of goals to guide our efforts after we reach the MDG target date of 2015. Extreme poverty destroys the lives and spirit of people. Every day, people living in extreme poverty are challenged and threatened. According to a recent World Bank (WB) report, which for the first time gives an in-depth profile of the poorest people in the world, the number of people living in extreme poverty has sharply declined over the past three decades, but in 2010, it still included roughly 400 million children, or one-third of those living in such abysmal conditions. The WB report found that 721 million fewer people lived in extreme poverty in 2010 – defined as under US$1.25 a day – compared to 1981. But it also concluded that a disproportionate number of children were among them. Children accounted for one in three of those living in extreme poverty around the world in 2010, compared with only one in five of those living above the poverty line. In low-income countries, the percentages were even worse, with half of all children living in extreme poverty. It could be recalled that six months ago, the governors of the WB Group endorsed two global goals – ending extreme poverty by 2030 and promoting shared prosperity by fostering income growth of the bottom 40 per cent of the population in developing countries. The MDG of halving extreme poverty between 1990 and 2015 was reached five years ahead of time. But the recent WB’s analysis underscored the difficulty of reaching the goal to end poverty by 2030, finding that while the reduction in poverty moved significantly in middle-income countries such as China and India, lowincome countries showed much slower progress. It says that while extreme poverty rates have declined in all regions, the world’s 35 low-income countries – 26 of which are in Africa – registered 100 million more extremely poor people today than three decades ago.  In 2010, 33 per cent of the extreme poor lived in low-income countries, compared to 13 per cent in 1981. The analysts also found that the poor in 2010 were as bad off as they were in 1981, with the exception of India and China. The average poor person in a low-income country lived on 78 cents a day in 2010, compared to 74 cents a day in 1981. But in India, the average income of the poor rose to 96 cents in 2010, compared to 84 cents in 1981, while China’s average poor’s income rose to 95 cents, compared to 67 cents. The extreme poor also continue to lag significantly behind in access to basic services, the analysis found. Only 26 per cent of the poor had access to clean water in 2010, compared to 56 per cent among those living above the US$1.25 poverty line. Meanwhile, fewer than half – 49 per cent – of the extreme poor had access to electricity, compared to 87 per cent of the non-poor. And while 61 per cent of those above the US$1.25 poverty line had access to basic sanitation, just 20 per cent of the extreme poor had access to similar services, the report showed. We certainly believe that this post-2015 agenda, which is currently taking centre stage at most of the engagements of the international community, must have poverty eradication as its highest priority and sustainable development at its core.  As pointed out by the UN, after all, the only way to make poverty eradication irreversible is by putting the world on a sustainable development path.

Almost 100 toshaos; senior councillors; community development councillors, chairmen and women; and other Amerindian leaders were on Wednesday sworn in and administered the oath of office of rural constable (RC) by Assistant Commissioner of Operations, George Vyphius at the National Toshaos Council at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. The new RCs will function as peace officers, mediators, negotiators and mentors, supporting the efforts of ranks of the Guyana Police Force in maintaining law and order in their respective communities. RCs have the authority to conduct stop-and-search activities on vehicles and boats, and make arrests once their suspicions are confirmed.

Props to language learning Dear Editor, Guyana is improving as it relates to promoting a bilingual and multilingual society. Just recently, the Mexican ambassador recommended adding Spanish to every school’s curriculum. In addition, Portuguese is already on steam in most of the top schools and there is also an ongoing revival of teaching the Arawak language. These three avenues advocate that we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of language studies. Just a few years ago, there

were discussions pertaining to boosting the language drive by making English literature compulsory in schools. We need to appreciate that learning a foreign language will enable us to develop the potential for breaking barriers between people and countries. I strongly believe that the education sector should make teaching a second language mandatory in every school. As individuals, we should all see the need to embrace language on a whole. As an English speaking country we

should all aim to master our own language. As early as possible, young children should be taught to speak properly, use the right words and should be corrected when necessary. As it relates to the revival of the Arawak language in Guyana, I am glad to see that it is continuing to receive a lot of attention. This was reflected in a meeting held in French Guiana, where Guyana and Suriname joined in formulating plans that will soon be expressed to us in great detail. The Amerindian

Affairs Ministry, in collaboration with the government of Guyana, launched the Arawak language project in Capoey, Region Two. The intention of the project is to familiarise young children in the village with the Arawak dialect. Even though learning foreign languages is being strongly promoted, it is also necessary to ensure that we preserve our Creolese dialect while maintaining a balance to speak English properly and fluently. Sincerely, Zameer Hassan

Taxpayers have the right to chastise offenders Dear Editor, I refer to the unearthing of two suspected cases of fraudulent activities. An investigation was prompted shortly after and should it confirm the suspicions of the accused, I certainly hope that those individuals will face the necessary consequences. The matter concerns uncertainties as it relates to the management of an account of the Industry/ Plaisance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). Several complaints

were expressed and subsequently resulted in checks being carried out by the auditor general and the police. Irrespective of the outcome, it is good that this matter came to light. Many times people take too long to report an incident, if they choose to do so at all. The Better Hope community has for some time been experiencing difficulty as it relates to garbage disposal within the area. People have now resorted to dumping their

garbage in prohibited places as a means of dealing with the increase in garbage. This matter has plagued the community for quite some time now and no one is coming forth to address or report the issue. The relevant authorities need to be informed that the NDC is not performing as it should. Though it is a privilege to be considered in a reputable position within an institution, one also has

to be able to perform the responsibilities that they have been tasked with. Citizens have all right to highlight when key individuals fall short of their responsibilities. The government can then address the matter and handle it accordingly. As tax payers, we have a right to point out and scrutinise failure of the NDC to perform as they should.   Sincerely, Mortimer Wilson

friday, october 25, 2013


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Restoration of City Hall must be properly monitored Dear Editor, The Mayor of Georgetown Hamilton Green is once again soliciting the government, this time to aid in the restoration of the dilapidated City Hall building. Not so long ago, during the former president’s reign in office, a similar request was made and was subsequently granted. However, due to numerous inconsistencies, it resulted in withdrawal of the solicited funds. I strongly suggest that should the present government decide to support the mayor’s request, then they should choose to do so with caution. After all, the current charges against the

mayor and past discrepancies have raised many concerns. There are many issues plaguing the city that involve the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC). Improper waste disposal, tax issues, invasion of stalls and illegal street vending are just a few to mention. In April, a team of Grenadian architects identified multiple monumental sites in Guyana for significant restoration. The City Hall was considered as one of the most hazardous standing buildings that needs urgent work to be carried out on it.

The municipality is in the process of applying for funds through the Ambassador Funds for Cultural Preservation, via the U.S. embassy. The U.S. ambassador is mandated to nominate a ministry or nongovernmental organisation to support, and possibly offer funding. In my opinion, the M&CC should at least be able to perform credibly and efficiently as it relates to the daily dispensations of duties. Overall, the M&CC must instil confidence in the general public. Sincerely, Selwyn Moorehouse

Religious buildings serve the entire community Dear Editor, I applaud those who were able to make the La Jalousie Estate Mandir a reality. With approximately two years of vigorous construction, this structure is already being considered as a historic site built for generations to come. The establishment of the mandir has resulted in the revival of Hinduism within the area, which subsequently prompted the need for better and larger accommodation facilities for worshippers. It is common knowledge that Hindus use the mandir for worship. It is considered as a

consecrated place where they can find peace in showing devotion to their gods and recite holy mantras. Additionally, the mandir could not have been completed at a more appropriate time with the upcoming Diwali festival just around the corner. The festival will certainly add colour and liveliness to the mandir and the people attending. Over the years, a developing trend has revealed that many places of worship are built in such a way that they also allow for other activities other than worshipping. These compounds are now

being utilised as classrooms and recreational facilities for children. In fact, some religious organisations have even begun to offer child-care services. The idea of being multifunctional is great and what better place to nurture children than in a religious setting. The very presence of religious leaders and objects will promote well-being. Hopefully this initiative will be taken by others interested in constructing buildings of similar functions. Sincerely, Vickram Dwarka 

Unadulterated nonsense Dear Editor, I read with shock the contention of Bryn Pollard, SC, in a recent letter to the editor that defence counsel has no ethical obligation to disclose an association with members of the jury. The learned senior counsel (SC) claims he arrived at this conclusion after “research”–

the particulars of which he failed to disclose. The effect of this argument is that it is proper and ethical for defence counsel to have friends, colleagues, and possibly relatives on a jury! The outrageousness of this argument is plain to the rational mind. Perversity of justice is the obvious con-

sequence. No civilised justice system will permit such travesty. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I am not a lawyer, but Pollard’s contention is unadulterated nonsense by any standard. Yours faithfully, Sundar Nauth

Ideas for tourism Dear Editor, The concept of fish festivals have been in existence for many years. However, Guyana’s annual fish festival goes back to less than a decade, but has certainly managed to capture the fondness of many people. The eighth annual Rockstone Fish Festival is scheduled to take place on the last weekend in October. The event is anticipated to promote tourism in Guyana. Some of the many activities include camping, fishing, bird-watching, and exploring the Essequibo area. Rockstone is a small fishing community, located approximately 18 miles from Linden, Region 10. It is an ideal tourist destination where visitors can absorb nature’s scenic beauty, while taking

pleasure in observing the rich culture of the people. Tourism has for sometime been a leading endeavour for Guyana and it is therefore important that we continue to maximise our resources to its fullest. The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Tourism, Industry and Commerce Ministry are always subjected to recommendations. With Guyana Fashion Week 2013 currently taking place, the enthusiasm of the fish festival has caused one international professional photographer to become utterly engrossed in capturing pictures of the fishing event. At the festival, participants can look forward to an eventful day of activities including fishing, catching and deboning, a

cooking competition, individual paddle boat and cycle races, canoe tug-ofwar, watermelon competition and children’s art and essay competitions. As outstanding as the Rockstone Fish Festival has proven itself to be, I would like to personally recommend ‘feel for a fish’ as a new activity. Catching fish by hand may not be as popular as other methods but it will be a new and entertaining initiative. The tourism sector must continue to enthusiastically promote Guyana’s diverse culture, while continuing to also to discover and support new places and people who can contribute significantly to boosting tourism in Guyana. Sincerely, Orlando Augustus


friday, october 25, 2013



How to teach children to accept Ways to stop


for their actions your children By Sally Marshall

Stop the blame game

“I didn’t do it!” My sevenyear-old daughter, Coco, recites that phrase like a mantra. Her explanations for why she’s blameless fall into three main categories: Someone hit her first, it was the other child’s idea, or some adult (usually me) was responsible. I used to let these comments slide, figuring every child her age blames o t h e r s w h e n s o m e thing goes wrong. But when she said, “I didn’t break the cup – my hand did,” I knew I had to teach her to own up to her behaviour. “Children this age have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions and behaviour, especially when they think their parents would disapprove of something they did,” says Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, PhD, professor of child development at Columbia University Teachers College, in New York City. Since they are still not adept at anticipating consequences, admitting culpability can be daunting. For schoolage children, understanding rules and consequences is still a developmental work in progress, says K Mark Sossin, PhD, professor of psychology at Pace University, in New York City.

Even if you know why your child is reluctant to admit that she’s done something wrong, you may be baffled by the strange things she says when confronted with something that’s obviously her doing. Keep in mind that, for most children, accepting responsibility is a learned behav-

let him know the real consequences his doodling has for you – and him. You might say, “Now I have to print this whole thing out again, so I won’t have time to play checkers.” Then ask him to help you fix the problem or keep you company as you do it so he has an opportunity to make things right. Remember, from your child’s perspective, this probably was an accident in that he didn’t understand the impact of his actions. By allowing him to experience the results of his behaviour, rather than feel ashamed or defensive, you’ll help him learn to do the right thing.

It’s your fault!

iour, like manners or taking turns. So the next time you run into one of the following situations, use it as an opportunity to teach her how to react appropriately.

It was an accident!

Your son knows the rule is to never touch the papers you bring home from the office, but he doodles on them anyway. When you confront him he claims “it was an accident.” Resist the temptation to yell, punish, or try to force him to admit that he did it on purpose – none of those responses will teach him to own up to his mistakes, says Dr Sossin. Instead,

Your daughter is running around the house, falls, and then blames you because she tripped over her always untied shoelaces. Though it’s maddening to be the fall guy, don’t take it personally. Just ask, “What can we do so that doesn’t happen again?” says Dr Sossin. Listen to her ideas and then make a suggestion of your own like, “Why don’t we practice making a double knot so your shoes won’t keep coming untied?” Do this often enough and she’ll start looking for a solution when things go wrong – rather than playing the blame game.

She made me do it!

You see your son pull his sister’s hair. He says she made him do it, because she hit him first. “I tell my children that they’re in charge of themselves – no blaming others” says Lee MacKenzie, of Mason, Ohio. Don’t play judge and jury; just make sure your child understands that no matter what another child does he’s still responsible for his actions. When the heat of the moment has passed, ask your son what he thinks a good response might be the next time someone makes him angry. It’s more likely to stick if he comes up with it himself. Finally, encourage empathy: “How does it feel when someone pulls your hair?”

I swear it wasn’t me!

Your daughter ransacks your jewellery box and even though she denies it, you’re sure she did it. “I always tell my seven-year-old daughter that I’ll be angrier if she tells me a story than if she tells the truth,” says Amy Ramson, of New York City. How do you get a child to confess? Try a nonaccusatory statement such as: “That’s an interesting explanation, but I’m waiting to hear what actually happened.” Then matter-of-factly go about your business. Most children will come forward if they aren’t put on the defensive. But once you get your confession, make sure you applaud her honesty – even if there’s a consequence for her deed. (

By Jacqueline Burt Wang


s an enlightened mom, I know that bribing a child to behave is as foolish as washing a child’s mouth out with soap. It’s just that when I’m in the supermarket with my whining three-year-old son, Julian, a pack of chocolatechip cookies in exchange for some stress-free shopping doesn’t seem like such a bad trade-off. And when my seven-year-old daughter, Charlotte, throws one of her “I hate my hair and I’m never going to school again” fits, I’ve been known to promise her an ice-cream sundae later just to get her out the door now. I’m far from alone in doling out rewards. Lots of parents buy off their children – including my best friend, Jackie. “I can’t believe what I give them for the sake of a little peace and quiet,” she says, raising her voice to be heard over her bickering three-year-old twin daughters in the background. She interrupts our conversation to say, “Hold on a second. Girls, if you stop fighting and find your shoes, we’ll have time to stop for doughnuts.” Bribes may seem harmless, but they aren’t. “Bribery teaches children to expect rewards for basic behaviours,” says David Gruder, PhD, a family therapist and author of The New IQ: How Integrity

Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships, and Our World. Bribe buster number one: Make it your child’s call My first step was to come up with a game plan for dealing with my children’s recalcitrance, which invariably leads to a bribery breakdown on my part. I asked Kathy Seal, coauthor of Pressured Parents, Stressed-Out Kids: Dealing With Competition While Raising a Successful Child, how to get them to be more agreeable. Her advice: Give children reasons for your rules, and let them see the result of not obeying them. “Children are more likely to behave if they feel they’re doing something because they want to,” Seal tells me. Trying out the tactic – It’s a chilly day in Connecticut, but my daughter doesn’t want to adjust her outfit (short skirt, sleeveless top) to fit the weather. When I tell her she needs to put on tights for her playdate, she replies, “My legs never get cold.” Apparently her head and hands never get cold either, since she refuses to put on a hat and gloves. Charlotte’s got her stubborn face on and is about to make a scene. Plus, we’re in a rush. My mind wanders in a familiar direction: What sort of carrot can I dangle to get her to bundle up? Then I remember Seal’s approach and change course. Charlotte would agree to wear warm clothes if she understood how freezing it is outside, especially if she felt dressing properly was her idea, not mine. “Okay,” I say. “Go outside for two minutes. If you’re warm enough without a hat, tights, or gloves, you don’t have to change before we go to Grace’s house.” Charlotte dashes out to the backyard, eager to prove her point. I keep my eyes on the clock. Not a minute later I hear the door slam shut. “It’s cold!” my daughter yells as she runs to her bedroom. “I’m gonna find my scarf, plus all that other stuff!” Whoa. If the rest of my experiment has results like this, I’m sold. ( to be continued



friday, october 25, 2013 |

Guyana captures five regional CXC awards


uyana has again dominated the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations and will pick up five of the eight awards, which will be presented to top students at this year’s examinations. The announcement was made by Education Minister Priya Manickchand during a special press conference on Thursday. Manickchand expressed satisfaction with the performance of the students, noting that it was a proud moment for Guyana. “I am extremely pleased to congratulate these students on their momentous achievements…To the teachers and parents who would have worked incredibly hard to ensure that these children perform at the highest level, I thank you,” the minister said. Topping the list of awardees is Yogetta Persaud of Anna Regina Secondary School who will be presented with an award for Overall Outstanding Achievement. Rafeena Mohammed from the Saraswatie Vidya Niketan School copped the award for Most Outstanding in Humanities, Cecil Cox of Queen’s College for Most Outstanding in Sciences, Sasha Woodroffe of Queen’s College for Most Outstanding in Business Studies, and Zimeena Rasheed of Anna Regina Secondary School for Most Outstanding in Technical Vocational.

Goal to win all awards

The other three awards

Education Minister Priya Manickchand

for Most Outstanding Candidate in Visual Arts – Two-Dimensional Work; Most Outstanding Candidate in Visual Arts – Three-Dimensional Work, and Most Outstanding Candidate in Short Story Writing were won by students outside of Guyana. Manickchand said Guyana will be working to win all eight awards sometime in the future. The minister said the achievements of the students are a reflection of the investments government continue to make in the education sector. “The government remains committed to the development of the education provided to our students which means that as a country we will be producing more students of high quality who will be well equipped with the essential skills that will forge a devel-

opment strategy from which all Guyanese will benefit,” she added. Meanwhile, in addressing whether students should be restricted to writing fewer subjects, Manickchand said the Education Ministry does not encourage students to write large numbers of subjects. According to her, the policy states that a student would have to show remarkable competency before they are allowed to write more than eight to 10 subjects. She also emphasised that these students would also be required to pass the Grade Nine exams before they can sign up for the exams. She said, “The fact that we have students writing 20 means we have the capacity to write 20.” Manickchand stated that the ministry will not dictate how many subjects one student can write, if they are willing and able to, then those persons would be allowed to write the exams. She added that over the last decade, Guyanese students have proved that they have the capacity that will catapult them into world leadership. Within the last decade, Guyana has been consistently winning awards from CXC based on the excellent performance of students, dominating the regional awards. This country has copped the award for Overall Outstanding Achievement over the past 10 years, except in 2010.

Manickchand frets over cost of original textbooks


ducation Minister Priya Manickchand said the education system and by extension, parents are struggling with the cost for original textbooks across the country. According to the minister, the reality is that a country such as Guyana cannot pay the prices for textbooks. She believes it is too expensive and it is a calculated move to have poor countries suffer the consequences. “All the people who sexily called for the copyright laws to be upheld, and we must do what they thought was legally right without addressing what was socially just; all those same people should be made to face

all those people I face every single time I go out there for a meeting,” Manickchand said. She told media operatives that the ministry will now have to start writing its own textbooks, noting that this process has commenced. A nursery series is near completion and will be made available online soon. “We are looking at writing our own primary textbooks; a team has already been assembled, so these are some of the innovative ways to go about levelling these results to the place we would like to see them.” At present, the Education Ministry purchases five textbooks that are published by

overseas publishers, spending $50 million on these books. The exorbitant cost of procuring original texts was one of the reasons government was forced to procure copied books. Government came under heavy criticism last year for buying photocopied textbooks. Following court action, the books were removed from the shelves of a number of stores across the country. Copyright violations are rampant in Guyana. Almost all parents in Guyana purchase photocopied books. These “pirated” books are widely available and they are far cheaper than the copyright-protected originals.

Rodney inquiry

Govt, family discussing ToRs, commissioners By Whitney Persaud


overnment is in discussion with the Dr Walter Rodney Foundation and the late historian’s wife to determine the commissioners and the terms of reference for the international inquiry to be held into his June 13, 1980 assassination. Dr Rodney is believed to have been assassinated by agents working for the then Forbes Burnham-led People’s National Congress (PNC) government. During an interview with Guyana Times, President Donald Ramotar stated that final steps were being taken before the actual inquiry. The head of state said government has been in contact with the Rodney Foundation and the wife of the late academic to fast track the setting up of the commission. He said already an office has been established where materials are being gathered and a decision has to be made by the Rodney Foundation and Mrs Rodney, in particular, about the makeup of the commission. “Dr Luncheon and Anil Nandlall are the two government contact persons who are working with the family to get this moving. We are ready and we are just to agree on the finalisation of the terms of reference and so forth and then we will be ready soon,” Ramotar said. Recently, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA)

President Donald Ramotar

Dr Walter Rodney

and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) said their support for the Commission of Inquiry into the death of the WPA’s cofounder will be withheld until an examination of the terms of reference (ToRs) is done.

PNC administration. His brother, Donald Rodney, who was injured in the explosion, said a sergeant in the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) named Gregory Smith had given Dr Rodney the bomb that killed him. After the killing, Smith fled to French Guiana, where he died in 2002. Born into a working-class family, Rodney was a very bright student. He attended Queen’s College, where he became a champion debater and athlete. He got a scholarship to the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) in Jamaica, graduating in 1963 with a first-class degree in history, and winning the Faculty of Arts prize. Rodney then earned a PhD in African history in 1966 at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England, at the age of 24. (whitneyp@

Preparatory works

Neither the WPA nor the APNU has been formally invited to participate in the commission, even as government announced that preparatory works have commenced ahead of the establishment of the commission. It was in June this year that government announced that an international inquiry would be launched into Dr Rodney’s death to bring closure to the issue. Thirtythree years ago, the political activist was assassinated in Georgetown when a remotecontrolled bomb exploded on his lap as he sat in his car. At the time of his death, he was a major critic of the

Two hurt as minibus slams into horse


wo persons are now nursing injuries after a minibus allegedly slammed into a horse and its jockey on the Kilmanark Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice on Wednesday. The injured people were identified as Julius Haresh Singh, 26, of Lot 18 Maida Farm, Corentyne and Sherwin Jaundoo, 41, of Number 51 Village, Corentyne. They are both said to be in stable condition. The driver of the minibus, Fassad Baksh, 36, of Lot 100 Bloomfield, Corentyne who was allegedly responsible for the accident was taken into police custody. Investigations revealed that Baksh was driving minibus BHH 2730 along the Kilmanark Public Road at a fast pace when he was allegedly blinded by the bright headlights of a vehicle ap-

proaching from the opposite direction. As the vehicles were about to pass each other, Baksh reportedly saw a mounted dark brown horse. To avoid a collision, he applied brakes but in the process, he lost control of his vehicle and collided with the animal. As a result of the collision, Singh, the jockey, and Jaundoo, Baksh’s front-seat passenger, received injuries about their body. Jaundoo was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in a conscious condition and was admitted to the accident and emergency unit for observation, while Singh was taken to the Anamayah Private Hospital where he was admitted. Baksh remains in police custody, assisting with the investigation while the minibus was impounded.

8 news Truck driver remanded on four counts of dangerous driving O

friday, october 25, 2013|

ne week after the deadly accident at Coverden, on the East Bank Demerara, which claimed the lives of four persons and injured several others, the driver of the motor lorry was on Thursday slapped with four counts of causing death by dangerous driving at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Twenty-year-old Retesh Bagwandin of Lot 12 Hope, East Bank Demerara, made his first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry and was remanded to prison. He was unrepresented. Bagwandin, who was clad in a long sleeve white shirt uttered the words “not guilty” when the charges were read to him, which stated that on October 18 at Coverden Public Road, East Bank Demerara, he drove motor lorry GPP 8495 in a manner dangerous to the public, causing the deaths of Loretta Evans, 52, of Mahdia, North West District; Delroy Evans, 29, also of Mahdia; Felix Marc, 35, of 49 Victoria Road, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara; and Pulmattie

Retesh Bagwandin being escorted by a police officer on Thursday

Samaroo of Berbice. According to the facts, on the day in question, the accused was driving the motor lorry along the Coverden Public Road when he overtook another lorry, which was parked on the carriageway and as a result, ended up in the path of minibus BPP 3521 which was coming in

the opposite lane. The bus driver tried to swerve to avoid a collision, but the trucked collided with the minibus. The bus driver, Felix Marc, and passenger Delroy Evans, who was seated directly behind the driver were killed instantly. Six other persons were taken to hospital and Loretta Evans was pronounced dead on arrival, while Samaroo succumbed to her injuries late Friday evening. Prosecutor Bharat Mangru objected to bail based on the seriousness and the penalty attached to such an offence, along with the likelihood that the defendant will not return to court to stand trial. At the scene last week, traffic was moving at a snail’s pace with the truck in a nearby trench, while the completely wrecked minibus was on the parapet. Public spirited citizens were assisting the injured into a vehicle which subsequently sped off to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. The matter stands adjourned to November 15.

Accountant slapped with embezzlement charge


abindranauth Seenarine, 56, was on Thursday granted bail in the sum of $250,000 after he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry to answer to an embezzlement charge. Seenarine was not required to plead to the indictable charge, which stated that between February 1 and July

31, being employed as an accountant at Metro Office and Computer Supplies, he stole the sum of $10,578,094. According to Prosecutor Bharat Mangru, Seenarine is employed as an accountant at Metro Office and Computer Supplies. During the period of February 1 and July 31, he collected money on behalf of the company, which amounted to

$10,578,094 and converted it to his own use and benefit. Attorney Yoganand Persaud, who represented the accused, said that his client has been an accountant for over 25 years and has been attached to Metro for over 13 years. He went on to say that Seenarine is merely a victim of an Internet scam and added

Lindener found dead on farmland


he body of 34-yearold Manley Binning of 41 Constabulary Compound, Mackenzie, Linden was on Wednesday afternoon discovered by residents in a clump of bushes opposite Rainbow City area, Mackenzie. The discovery was made at approximately 12:30h.

According to information received, the land on which the body was found is privately owned. The body bore no marks of violence and was clad in a vest and knee high pants. Farmers who frequented the area were alerted by a foul smell, which emanated from the area in

which the body was found. One of the farmers indicated that he made the discovery while in the process of cutting bamboo branches. According to an uncle of the deceased, foul play was not suspected and the victim had suffered from tuberculosis. Police are investigating the matter

that he is willing to work this situation out. He also made a request for reasonable bail. Prosecutor Bharat Mangru did not object to bail but asked for conditions to be attached. Chief Magistrate SewnarineBeharry granted bail with the conditions that he lodge his passport and report to CID headquarters every Friday at 08:00h.

Zorg fire victim succumbs

Tameshwarie Narharry


he love affair of Tameshwarie Narharry and Patrick Seepaul ended tragically, with both losing their lives after Seepaul decided to set the house they shared on fire on Wednesday and then kill himself. Narharry, 51, of Zorg Village on the Essequibo Coast, succumbed to burns at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Narharry was doused with gasoline by her lover. She was discovered early Wednesday morning on fire by her daughter, Shareeda Mohamed. Narharry suffered burns to her body, legs, and arm. Seepaul was suspected of having set fire to the house of Narharry, with whom he shared a relationship of one year, about 05:00h on Wednesday. The upper flat of the building was destroyed and Narharry suffered burns about the body. Narharry was rushed by neighbours to the Suddie Public Hospital. She was treated for burns and was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Burn Unit.

Eyew tness


...politicians hemraj Ramjattan claims the report of the Parliamentary Select Committee considering the Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Bill is going to be “half-baked”. They say that to a hammer, everything is a nail. We guess to a fella like Ramjattan, who’s prone to getting his foot stuck in his mouth with ill-considered remarks, everything looks “half baked”. Now here’s the leader of a political party who has the chutzpah to say he won’t participate in crafting the AML/CFT until President Donald Ramotar gives in to his demand to set up the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) and passes bills that take away former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s pension benefits! This is not just outand-out political blackmail, but it betrays a totalitarian mentality. One that works from the premise that nobody’s opinions matter – just your own. President Ramotar, after all, has taken the trouble to explain that he believes the PPC should have a final Cabinet “no-objection”. Without it, the proposed mechanism is deficient. But what’s the gripe of Ramjattan and the Alliance For Change (AFC) with the AML/CFT? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. He hasn’t even bothered to read the 40+9 guidelines that were established by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and which Guyana has to comply with. He just wants what he wants. So he just simply refused to attend the parliamentary select committee’s meeting. Carl Greenidge’s excuse was he had to attend a “Shadow Cabinet Meeting”. Now we know Ramjattan doesn’t have any portfolio in that shadow cabinet. It’s probably not “shadowy” enough for him. But imagine they commissioned a full-fledged member of the opposition – Professor Clive Thomas, co-leader of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) – to submit his opinions on the legislation and then didn’t show up to discuss the man’s paper. Were they afraid their blatant act of cronyism would’ve been exposed for all the world to see? It could be, of course, they already knew what their cohort would say (“criminalised state”...”criminalised state”), but you’d think they’d pay him some respect. Hey!... the fella’s reports never come cheap. But that’s what cronyism all about, isn’t it? Anyhow, Ramjattan will never get the opportunity to be “full baked”. He and the rest of the opposition gonna follow (as Ramjattan would say) Professor Thomas’ conclusion about the government crying “wolf” on the AML/CFT, and vote against it. But not to worry. We know the electorate’s never gonna forgive them for hindering remittances from their relatives in Region 11. It’ll be payback time.


...criticisms The spit press Muckraker and its wannabe shock columnists have made heavy going about ex-President Jagdeo’ s recent advice that Guyanese shouldn’t be transfixed by little problems, but rather they should look at the big picture. From the way they’re carrying on, you’d think the man was saying we should follow Burnham and ban dhal and flour again!! What he was saying is what we all know: if you do 100 things right, no one says anything, but do even a tiny thing wrong, and those who want to pull you down will make sure the world hears about it. As an example, Jagdeo mentioned “potholes and bad drains”. Of course, the ex-president is saying, these things exist – and of course, they can cause us problems. But it’s not fair to judge the entire record of the government on just them. What about some of the big things that were done right? Aren’t our highways light years improved over those left by the People’s National Congress (PNC)? They didn’t leave “potholes”, they left “craters” – the size of those you can see on the moon. What about the economy? Jobs? Cars?...And the list goes on... ...accusations When you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones. What will Mohan “Glenn” Lall do now that he’s been exposed as one of the owners of the glass house at Camp and Lamaha streets? Sell it like the land at Eccles?


friday, october 25, 2013 |


friday, October 25, 2013


NATI student electrocuted while fixing washing machine at home


second-year engineering student of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) was on Wednesday evening electrocuted, while he was attempting to fix a washing machine in order to wash his school shirt. Seventeen-year-old Azam Mohammed Inshan, of Lot 30 A Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Fort Wellington Hospital just about 22:30h on the fateful night. Reports reaching Guyana Times revealed that about 10:00h, the young man was in the washing area of the home, while his twin brother, Azim Mohammed Inshan, was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. In the wash area, there is a transformer and several

Dead teenager, Azam Mohammed Inshan

pieces of electrical wires connected to a power outlet in the wall. Shortly after, Azim told investigators that he heard a strange sound and he rushed to the wash area and found his brother lying motionless. From all indications, the now dead teenager was try-

ing to splice an electrical cable that would have allowed the washing machine to become operational, but, apparently, he did not realise that the wire was plugged into the electrical outlet. He was picked up and rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a doctor. His body is at Anthony’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem scheduled for today. When Guyana Times contacted the relatives of the dead teenager, his father, Mohammed Inshan, explained that he was in his room, while his sons were in the bottom flat of the house. He added that after a while, he heard one of his sons screaming “Help! Help! Daddy come quick!” “I jumped out my bed and ran downstairs only to see

my son lying on the ground… He was moving a little, but, by the time I pick he up and carry he to the bottom house, that was it…” The father noted that he picked his son up and took him to the hospital, but it was too late. He described his son as a very jovial person who always explored new things. The younger Inshan studied internal combustion engines at the NATI. The grieving father also disclosed that his other son, Azim, after realising what was happening to his brother, pulled the wire from the electrical outlet, but he was also shocked in the process. Azim was seen by a doctor and sent away. The teenager is survived by his parents and three siblings. He is expected to be laid to rest on Saturday.

East Coast lad killed by truck on way to mandir


n East Coast Demerara lad was on Thursday around 19:00h killed after he was run over by truck on the Mon Repos school road. The second form student of La Bonne Intention (LBI) Primary School was identified as Mana Manoo of Lot 295 Marthyrsville, East Coast Demerara. According to reports, the teenager was riding his bicycle on which he had a bag containing fruits that he went to purchase to take to mandir as offerings when his jersey got caught in

the truck’s tray, he and his bicycle fell into the path of the truck. They were run over by the back wheel. His body was taken to the Lyken Funeral Home where it is awaiting a post-mortem. Navin Manoo, the dead lad’s brother, explained that Mana came home from school and his mother sent him to purchase bananas so that they could got to the mandir. He purchased the fruits and was on his way back when he met his demise, the brother added.

He disclosed that he was at home when they received a telephone call informing them that Mana was involved in a serious accident. His mother rushed to the scene, while he stayed at home with his other siblings. The young man related that the road on which his brother was killed is very narrow and it is difficult for people to walk when motor vehicles are traversing the roadway. The circumstances under which the young man died

appear unclear, as Guyana Times was given another version of events leading up to his death: the lad may have ridden into the path of the truck. An eyewitness said the boy appeared to have been in a hurry, noting that the driver of the truck was driving slowly on account of the potholes in the street. Manoo leaves to mourn his parents, two brother and two sisters. The driver of the truck was taken into custody to assist with the investigation.

Blows sharin like peas D

e Mighty Shadow sing a song bout de horner man dem whah gettin horn. Gettin horn mean de same as gettin blow. Some a dem who gettin blow does bawl like how dem bawl de day when dem mudda mek dem. These days it got a lotta men who just can’t tek it when dem gettin blow. Old people seh yuh is a real man only when yuh mek a girl pickney or when yuh can stand up and tek blow and give back blow at de same time. So a lotta de man dem who seh dem is man and is not real man, even though dem does dress like man and talk wid man voice. Some a dem is dem boys who seh dem is boys and does dress like boys, but dem is not really boys. Instead, some a dem does deh wid boys. And some a dem who does deh wid boys deh in de chuch. Even de Pope had to pull up one a dem de other day. He was blingin wid boys so dem call he a boy blinger. But de Pope tek way all he bling. Some a de man dem can only give blow and dem can’t tek blow. So dem is only half a man. Another set a man can only tek blow because dem can’t give blow. And dem can’t give blow because dem can’t stand up like man. So dem is also half a man. Most a dem who like this done turn over on de other side. And some a dem resortin to all kinda violence and beatin dem woman. Some even turn to extreme violence and killin dem woman. Some turn to burnin down house whah dem ain’t even own. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Some a dem own mud paper and some a dem doin backtrack. Some a dem tek backtrack to another level. Dem tek it so literally that dem have track in dem back, and dem can’t turn back. All because of blows!

11 News

friday, october 25, 2013

Judge reinforces Second batch of default taxpayers gag order on NICIL/ make court appearance – Ramjattan, Boston defending Glenn Lall, “Lalloo” Ram GSL court case examined by lawyers representing the respondent in the matter. During the previous hearing, Brassington was questioned about several pieces of correspondence between NICIL and Royal Investments Inc. In June 2004, the government holding company initiated legal action against Royal Investments Inc for the recovery of the US$2 million plus interest. The trial started in Presiding Judge, Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire


arlier in October 2013, the Guyana Times carried a series of articles about the annual returns of a public company, Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) and its shareholders and directors, as these were felt to be of public importance. This newspaper has since been advised that these matters touch and concern pending litigation before the High Court and the reports are therefore inappropriate. The Guyana Times therefore offers a profound apology to the court and to the litigants. The court case was brought by the government against the majority shareholder of GSL, Royal Investments Inc and is being heard before Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire in the High Court. The lawsuit was initiated by government some eight years ago to recoup US$2 million and interest owed after the privatisation of the company for US$6 million. When the matter was last called on October 14, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Executive Director and Privatisation Unit head Winston Brassington, returned to the stand where he was re-

NICIL Executive Director and Privatisation Unit head Winston Brassington

late 2010, and had almost a year’s break in court. Brassington, who negotiated the deal on behalf of government, has been on the stand for more than two years. The matter comes up again for hearing on December 2 and 5. Justice GeorgeWiltshire had previously stated that the matter is not being tried in the public or by the media, but in her courtroom. That ruling had stemmed from media reports following a hearing on February 22 during the cross-examination of Brassington. A newspaper had carried a number of articles that weekend and had also published an interview with Yassin, while Brassington had appeared on a television interview.


nother batch of persons being sued by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) made their court appearance on Thursday, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Faith McGusty. The first group made court apppearances on October 22. Among those being sued is Lallbachan “Lalloo” Christopher Ram who has three matters. Attorney Neil Boston asked to file a defence for the complainant and made a request for the particulars of each claim. Ram, who is closely connected to the Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc (TIGI), reportedly owes more than $1.4 million in taxes for sub lot D of 157 Waterloo Street, North Cummingsburg and $7 million for sub lot B, according to court documents. He is also believed to owe the M&CC another $2.9 million for sub lot C of the same Waterloo Street property. In total, Ram reportedly owes the M&CC more than $11.3 million. In a press release issued on October 11, Ram claimed that discussions on the matter go back to the 1990s when

Mohan Lall, aka Glenn Lall

Lallbachan “Lalloo” Christopher Ram

agreement was reached to have balances due for services rendered to the M&CC offset the millions of dollars he owes in rates and taxes. Ram claimed that the issue is essentially an administrative one, and suggested that the matter could be settled out of court. Mohan Lall, aka Glenn Lall, was represented by attorney and leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) Kemraj Ramjattan, who requested time to file a defence. Lalls and his wife Bhena Lall are accused of owing the M&CC more than $5.6

million in taxes for a property at 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, according to court documents seen by this newspaper. In a Kaieteur News report, also on October 11, Lall made a similar claim about off-setting the millions of dollars owed in rates and taxes by he and his wife with services provided by the newspaper. Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green and M&CC Public Relations Officer Royston King have claimed likewise in interviews with Kaieteur News in what ap-

pears to be a show of support for the Lalls. However, during a previous press conference, acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba said the council will continue its zero-tolerance approach in dealing with breaches of the city’s laws. She noted that a number of cases are before the court, as the council seeks redress, but declined to make specific mention of any case. Clinton Rollex who owes the council $2,340,583 acknowledged that he owes taxes, but claimed that he has already paid some of it. He was granted time to secure legal counsel and file a defence. Wraylite Engineering was a no-show and Magistrate McGusty stated that she will issue a notice, adding that, if by that date there is stilll no appearance, she grant judgement for the $21 million they owe. The matters are adjourned to November 15. Attorney Sandil Kissoon received correspondents from some attorneys requesting reconciliation, indicating that they had already made some payments. Those matters are fixed for October 31.

12 News

friday, october 25, 2013 |

Road safety body wants tougher UG Berbice campus actions taken against drunk drivers launches social work degree programme ture along the roadways is in place, including pedestrian crossings and signs that help to reduce congestion. “We have communities that come to us and say we need a few speed humps and we want to know how we can get the help to do so and we make arrangements with the Ministry of Public Works to do things like that,” she highlighted. The road safety council coordinator added, “So other than driver seminars and educational programmes, otherwise, we work with the other agencies and communities to see how we can assist with anything that is needed on the roadways.”

The latest accident in which four persons died was allegedly caused by speeding and driving under the influence


he Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC) has urged the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department to implement other mechanisms in addition to the breathalyser test, to detect the use of harder illegal substances by drivers. With drunk driving and speeding being the primary causes of accidents on Guyana’s roadways, the GNRSC is working to ensure stricter measures are put in place to curb this problem. As such, with Road Safety Month slated to kick off on November 1, GNRSC Coordinator Ramona Doorgen said it will be held under the theme “Alcohol, speed and inattentiveness cause accidents. Drive wise and save lives”. “We would like more testing other than for alcohol, we went to a conference in Barbados and we brought back a whole research on testing of marijuana so we’ll be seeing the testing of marijuana also, because the National Road Safety Council

will be pushing for the government to pass legislation for that… there is an equipment to test for marijuana,” Doorgen said.

More breathalyser tests

GNRSC Executive Secretary Earl Lambert said the breathalyser test has been proven to decrease the number of alcohol-related road accidents. However, he stressed that the test should be used with greater frequency. “While the police would be using it, you would not find the police all the time out there testing drivers and then there are times when drivers see police, they divert – so while it would have been effective in reducing accidents, I think more enforcement is needed along that line,” Lambert noted. As it relates to speed as a cause of accidents, Doorgen said the council has been collaborating with the traffic department and other bodies to ensure the requisite infrastruc-

Road Safety Month

Road Safety Month will get underway with a major launching activity in front of Parliament Square to guarantee wide public viewership. “We want to put a coffin with a mirror inside so that when you look in, you see yourself because there are times that you put the message, but people don’t get the message, because they feel it’s for someone else… so we want to let them realise that it concerns them also,” the GNRSC executive secretary explained. Other activities during the month include church services, first aid training, fundraisers, an awareness walk, and a rally at the Guyana National Stadium on November 29, which is the culmination of the month of observances. Eighty-three deaths caused by 77 road accidents have been recorded thus far for 2013, compared to 89 in 2012. The accidents, are said to have been the result of speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Impact of budget cuts still being felt – Amerindian leaders


fter experiencing major setbacks in plans to implement development projects last year, Amerindian communities experienced similar difficulties this year when opposition parties again rejected budgetary funding for the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). The indigenous people were saddened by the developments, even as they reflect on their achievements at the seventh National Toshaos Council (NTC) meeting, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported. Waramuri (Region One) Toshao Bernard Laud believes that the opposition’s actions in the Parliament were unconscionable and inconsiderate. “We want to know if the persons responsible for cutting the budgets, are they having we, the Amerindians, at heart or are they not interested in our development… if they had the Amerindians at heart they would have given us the kind of support to enhance our development,” Toshao Laud said.

Land titling on hold

As leader of a community that has plans to promote sustainable development, the Waramuri toshao said it was important for approval to be given. He explained that the cuts affected several projects already underway, like small-scale logging and farming which require significant funding. Land titling and demarcation, and community development plans that foster the economic transfor-

mation of Amerindian village economies were all put on hold last year after the combined political opposition slashed $18.4 billion of the funds allocated for the LCDS. Land titling, in particular, is necessary in a village like Wikki Calcuni in Region 10. Its toshao, Anil Wilson said the village can engage in logging, infrastructural development, and other initiatives without worry. He had words of encouragement for politicians who are at odds in Parliament. “What we need to do as Guyanese is to get together and support each other in whatever way it seems right, so that our country could develop and we could live as brothers and sisters. This, I think, will bring us together,” Toshao Wilson said. The funds for Amerindian community development allocated in the 2013 budget were slashed from $20 billion to $1 billion. As a result, among the programmes stalled were the Amerindian Development Fund, and the Micro and Small Enterprise Development and Building Alternative Livelihoods project.

Fewer solar panels

The distribution of solar panels under the hinterland electrification project also decelerated. Solar panels are the only means through which some villages can gain access to electricity. The arrival of solar panels was highly anticipated in Baitoon, Region Nine, but after the process was halted, Senior Councillor Keith Taruma

said villagers became discouraged. “We need solar, mostly for the students at nights… residents, particularly women, were depending on it for weaving and crafting at nights,” Taruma said. The majority of village leaders said their people are demanding answers on the current political situation, and hoping that toshaos will find solutions to its consequent ramifications.

Disappointed villagers

Quarrie (Region Nine) Senior Councillor Kevin John said it was tough explaining to disappointed villagers why important development projects were cut. Toka (North Rupununi) Toshao Jeff Singh said although information was not readily available in his village, he had been made aware of the situation in the Parliament and had strongly objected to actions that interfere with Amerindian development. “I don’t feel that anybody should cut projects intended to develop the hinterland communities, because we have been lacking those things for a long time now,” Toshao Singh said. Wowetta (Region Nine) Senior Councillor Bertie Xavier said the cuts have stymied major developments. He referred to the well-intentioned community development projects that Amerindians were optimistic about, but which were unfortunately delayed – a casualty of the disagreement in Parliament.

Students of the UG Berbice Campus at the launching of the programme


erbice residents now have the opportunity to obtain a degree in social work without being burdened by the financial and other costs of travelling to the University of Guyana Turkeyen campus to attend classes. This follows the launching of the programme at the Tain campus in Berbice on Tuesday. The move to offer the degree programme at the University of Guyana’s Berbice Campus (UGBC) has been lauded by students, many of whom were unable to pursue the degree after completing the diploma in social work. Some students have waited for as many as six years for the opportunity to further their studies.

Higher education

Speaking at the launch of the programme on Tuesday, Human Services and Social Security Minister Jenifer Webster noted that the government remained committed to ensuring persons continue to have the opportunity to lift their standard of living. “I know President Donald Ramotar is committed towards providing the requisite support to ensure that we improve the quality of higher education delivered in this institution.” She said social work was critical to Guyana’s development. “It is these social workers that will play a critical role in transforming this country as the social issues that confront and affect us daily keeps changing.” However, she warned that there was need for the social work programme to be accepted in other Caribbean countries and to have Caribbean students enrol in the programme. She said when the students obtained their degrees, it would not be the end of their training. “With the attainment of a social work degree, your training will now start as you will be tested each day as you confront the most vulnerable and seek to assist them.” Noting that sexual abuse, human trafficking and gender violence make headlines daily, the minister called on the Faculty of Social Sciences to consider the issue of suicide in Region Six. UG Sociology Department head Dionne Frank noted that offering the degree programme in Berbice is part of the department’s plans to reposition social work education and training in Guyana as tools to enhance economic development. The diploma programme was introduced at the university in 1971 and 18 years later, the bachelor’s degree

programme was added. “This is attributed to the fact that we say a growing number of graduants expressing a desire to continue their studies.” The diploma programme was a part of the UGBC course offerings from the inception. From an initial intake of 10, the social work class has been growing steadily since and this year’s freshman class has 75 students. “Those students from Berbice who were privileged to attend the Turkeyen campus constantly kept reminding us of the constraints that they face in attending that campus. Today, the university is excited to be responding to the needs of the growing number of graduates of the diploma programme in Region Five and Six who waited to have their legitimate expectation for opportunities for higher education in their field met,” the departmental head said. Frank explained that this will not only enhance the educational opportunities of social work students, but, in the long term, be an asset to social and other agencies as they seek to address critical social issues in Berbice. “The social work unit recognises trends and new and emerging social issues, and is, therefore, cognisant that it becomes imperative for graduants of the programme to be adequately prepared to combat the social problems that confront the nation and to design and implement programmes that would respond in a positive way to societal needs,” she said.

Postgraduate programme

Frank added that the postgraduate programme will be offered at the UGBC next year. Also speaking at the launch was UG Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi, who said two other programmes are soon to be introduced at the Tain campus. Noting that the social work degree is the third degree programme being offered at the UGBC, he said shortly a degree in biology will be offered, while a degree in banking will come on stream soon after. “We have to improve the educational capacity of the region.” The vice chancellor said the Berbice campus must be able to stand on its own and produce graduates who will be able to run some of the programmes that are needed in Berbice. “I am trying to reduce the amount of lecturers that come from Georgetown. The cost is exorbitant to bring lecturers from Turkeyen to Tain.”



friday, october 25, 2013 |

HIV/AIDS on the decline in Another Corentyne house burglarised the Caribbean – PANCAP O


here has been a reduction in the number of new HIV infections annually in the Caribbean. This was among some of the gains in managing HIV/AIDS highlighted by the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/ AIDS (PANCAP) meeting of National AIDS programme managers, senior health officials and HIV and AIDS regional partners held in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago this week. Other accomplishments outlined in the communiqué issued after the meeting, which was funded by the PANCAP Global Fund Round 9 Grant and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), included improved access to HIV treatment and care, and a high likelihood of eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV in the

Caribbean. It was further noted that significant progress had been made in reducing HIV stigma throughout the region. Participants were, however, concerned that recent studies showed that stigma and discrimination within the health sector still remained and needed to be systematically addressed and the practice of confidentiality reinforced. The communiqué noted that the region could benefit from more open acknowledgement and discussion of sex and sexuality, so that more accurate information flows to youths and maturing adults could be fostered. It was also expressed that the current approach to youth sexuality was impaired by personal discomfort and outmoded norms. The importance of

Parliamentary officers attend ICT workshop in Uruguay


wo parliamentary staffers are currently attending an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workshop in Uruguay. Public Relations Officer Onieka Walton and Systems Development Coordinator Deo Dookie are attending the workshop on “ICT strategic planning and use of social media in parliaments”. The workshop, which is organised within the framework of the Exchange Network of Parliaments of Latin America and the Caribbean through the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament, began on Wednesday and will end today. The regional workshop intends to respond to some of the challenges faced by parliaments of Latin America in planning strategically for the use of ICT – both to enhance the effectiveness of their internal processes and to improve their communication and information services towards citizens. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to a discussion among participants on the budget of their respective parliaments regarding ICT, and the process of prioritisation of the ICT projects by the legislature.

ICT strategic planning

The second day focuses on ICT strategic planning: the basic steps of strategic planning, their objectives and the tools that can assist in the process. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss the draft document “ICT Strategic Planning in Parliament” prepared through the Global Centre

for ICT Strategic Planning. The document aims to provide guidance to the political and administrative leaders of parliaments and their senior staff on the basic principles of strategic planning as it applies to ICT and on the steps to be undertaken by legislatures to devise their own ICT Strategic Plan. Today, participants will concentrate on the use of social media to engage citizens in the work of parliament.

Social media

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the “Social Media Guidelines for Parliaments” published by the InterParliamentary Union, with support from the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments (ASGP); the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Section of Libraries and Research Services for Parliaments and the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament. The objective of the guidelines is to encourage more widespread, more efficient and more effective use of social media by parliaments. The workshop was organised by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA); the InterParliamentary Union; and the Parliament of Uruguay through the Global Centre of ICT in Parliament. It is being attended by members of parliament who are responsible for the budgeting of ICT in their parliaments, directors of ICT, and the heads of communication services in the respective parliaments.

achieving universal access to HIV treatment and the value of providing earlier lifelong treatment for persons living with HIV, while ensuring that the quality of care and adherence to medication were maintained was also emphasised. Additionally, it was agreed at the meeting that through the PANCAP Justice for All Programme, the region had an opportunity to accelerate its HIV response and include persons at higher risk who continued to face real discrimination in their daily lives.

ne man is in police custody following a burglary of a residence and grocery shop at Number 60 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in goods and other articles missing. The act was committed between Tuesday and Wednesday last on the Lot 18 premises, which is owned by an overseasbased Guyanese, Vishnu Singh, but operated by a caretaker, Farieta Persaud, 38. Guyana Times understands that the burglars escaped with a quantity of

groceries, beverages, and confectionery to the value of $300,000; one 19-inch Sharp colour television valued $40,000; one full cooking gas cylinder estimated to be worth $15,000; one basket valued $15,000; two electrical stand fans valued $25,000; and one laptop computer. The upper flat of the house comprised six bedrooms, while the lower flat housed the grocery shop, along with a kitchen. Persaud secured the shop on Tuesday about 09:30h and went home to her Lot 10 Number 60 Village home. On her re-

turn the next morning, about 05:45h, she discovered that the grille and padlock of one of the doors were cut off. They were reportedly on the ground, and the door was open. Upon making checks of the house, Persaud realised that the articles mentioned above were missing. The police were summoned and an investigation was launched. Based on information received, the home of Shamkumar Ramnarace was searched and the television was found. He is assisting with the investigation.


friday, october 25, 2013


Non-passage of anti-money laundering bill

Ali deems it “economic sabotage”

Surinamese Speaker begins three-day visit

– says issue is about future of Guyana By Michael Younge


cting Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali said the opposition parties in Guyana were rolling out a systematic plan aimed at sabotaging the country’s growth, condemning the snail’s pace at which they are handling issues related to the special select committee’s work on the anti-money laundering bill. During an invited comment, Ali said the opposition parties were fully aware of the consequences hanging over Guyana’s head as the deadline for the passage of the critical legislation approaches. He accused the opposition of seeking to jeopardise the country’s reputation by stalling progress on scrutinising the legislation before the special committee, impeding its chances of reaching the National Assembly and being approved before next week. Saying “economic sabotage” was afoot, Ali called on all right-thinking Guyanese to condemn strongly the continued assault by the opposition on thousands of poor and working class citizens who depend on remittances and hence the services of money transfer agencies.

Access to finances

“This action by the opposition is aimed at denying them easy access to finances that their relatives may send or that they might earn,” he insisted. He said the ministry was receiving complaints from citizens who were already facing hardship in receiving and sending money, as Guyana remains noncompliant as far as having the legislative regime in place to tackle money laundering effectivelyis concerned. “This situation if prolonged further can only have a disastrous impact on our country

Acting Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali

and our investment climate,” Minister Ali noted, as he lamented the fact that the opposition was advancing conditions that could cripple all of the gains made in the local banking and financial sectors. “The condition that will be created is ripe for capital flight,” he opined. He explained that as financial agencies abroad tighten their regulations when doing business with Guyanese entities, investors will start looking elsewhere owing to the consequent increase in the time it takes to process and complete simple transactions. The amount of liquidity in the system would also be affected. “What reasons could drive the opposition to risk and jeopardise our economic future and the future of our people... what political benefit could be derived from creating hardships for our business community?” he quizzed. He warned that “the opposition was on the path of destruction” and was “out to destabilise the country”. Ali made no bones about outlining the other consequences looming for a noncompliant Guyana, pointing that the country would be lowly ranked on the International Doing Business Survey and other competitiveness measures.

“We must understand the implications that arise as a result of the irresponsibility of the opposition... Nothing that hamper or put at risk the economic viability and sustainability of our economy can be negotiated politically or otherwise,” he maintained. “As elected public officials, our first and foremost loyalty lies with the people of Guyana.” The minister believes that the damage has already begun and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) have opened a can of worms, which has the potential over time to bring the robust economy to its knees. “… they must re-examine their commitment to the people of Guyana, as even their own supporters will eventually feel the effects of their actions,” he insisted.

Impact of the sanctions

The minister rubbished what he called an attempt by the opposition to downplay the impact of the sanctions that loom. He said the government was not crying wolf or seeking to mislead its people when it continually exposed the lack of political will and commitment demonstrated thus far on this particular issue. Remittances to Guyana in 2011 amounted to US$401 million, an increase of 7.2 per cent over 2010’s figure, says a new report on remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean. It said remittance inflows to the region rose to US$61 billion, an increase of six per cent. This is according to the report “Remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2011: Regaining Growth”, which the Multilateral Investment Fund of the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) released back in March 2012.

Women artists open exhibition


he Guyana Women Artists’ Association opened its 25th annual art exhibition at Castellani House, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown Thursday night. Speaking at the opening, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony said Guyanese have to build a better appreciation for art and find new ways to get persons interested in the visual arts. “When we look across the Guyanese society today, this shows that this organisation has kept things together and there has been a resurgence of art in Guyana.” Dr Anthony said his ministry has been hosting workshops and was very happy that visual arts have been re-

instituted into the high school curriculum. There were more than 50 pieces of artwork on display from 13 artists. The works ranged from oil paintings to craft made from dried plants and cloth. The pieces on display depicted landscapes, nature, and there were vibrant abstract pieces, as well. Anna Correia, Lori Ann Jacobs and Jynell Osborne were among the artists featured, just to name a few. In an interview, Jacobs said her painting was inspired by Angela Mc Allister, the young teen who was recently chopped to death by her boyfriend. Jacobs stated that the painting should serve to empower women because they

are beautiful and valuable and should not be treated like anything less. Mc Allister said her painting shows the circle of life and was inspired by the protest in Agricola last year. She said as a mother, she felt pain over the chaotic situation. The exhibition is held in commemoration of the anniversary of the association, which was founded in 1987. It not only celebrates but takes a look back at the history of the association and its achievements over the last 25 years. The exhibition continues until November 16, and is open to the public. Some paintings are for sale, but the purchase must be made through the National Gallery.

President Donald Ramotar poses with Speaker Raphael Trotman and his Surinamese counterpart, Dr Jennifer Geerlings-Simons during an Office of the President engagement on Thursday


peaker of the S u r i n a m e s e Parliament, Dr Jennifer Geerlings-Simons has commenced a threeday visit here with a courtesy call on President Donald Ramotar at the Office of the President (OP) on Thursday. Dr Geerlings-Simons is being accompanied by a team of 11 officers. The meeting at the OP was also attended by Cabinet

Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon, Presidential Adviser on Governance Gail Teixeira and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett. “I expect to get a feel of what both parliaments feel like and to work with Guyana to decide on how we can work together,” Dr Geerlings-Simons said following the meeting. Her visit was in response to an invitation by

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. According to a release from the Parliament Office, Trotman has emphasised that the nature of the visit should go beyond “merely meeting” with key members of the government and the opposition. He posited that it should result in the establishment of a Guyana-Suriname Association to enhance relations between the nations’ parliaments and peoples. Among the activities planned for the visit are courtesy calls on the president, prime minister, ministers of government, leader of the opposition and the leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC). In addition, the delegation will also meet members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Committee, members of the Parliamentary Management Committee and members of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Relations.

Meten-Meer-Zorg family homeless after fire – second fire destroys Berbice home

The Meten-Meer-Zorg house after the blaze


ane harvester Phillip Trotz and his family are now left to seek refuge at a neighbour’s house after an early morning fire on Thursday completely destroyed their home at Lot 429 West Chatters Land, Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara. Among those left homeless were four children aged three, seven, nine and 11, who were at home with their mother, Anita Drepaul when the fire was sighted and an alarm raised. The fire started around 09:30h in the upper flat of the two-storey house, and based on reports, the wooden building was completely engulfed minutes after the blaze began. Despite desperate efforts to put out the flames, the villagers had to retreat as a result of the tremendous heat.

Reduced to rubble

Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle explained that the fire tenders from the Leonora Fire Service responded to the report, but by the time they arrived at the scene, the house

was already reduced to rubble. The blaze was caused by children playing with matches, according to fire officials At the scene, the owner of the home, Phillip Trotz, was puzzled as to what may have started the fire and said he was at work when he got the devastating news. He added that when he arrived, his home was already burnt to the ground. The distraught cane harvester, with tears in his eyes, related that he and his spouse have worked extremely hard to provide all the necessities for their children to live comfortable. “With this fire now, it will be hard to start back life… me lost everything but I can’t give an estimate to the losses.” His spouse, Anita Drepaul, a market vendor, told reporters that she was under the house sorting out greens to sell when a neighbour called and told her that her house was on fire. The shaken woman said the fire started in the back bedroom, but quickly spread through the two-bedroom house, as such they did

not get the opportunity to salvage anything. She said no one was in the upper flat when the fire started, and she had just returned from the market.

Berbice fire

Meanwhile, a fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the house of Taman Daljit, 45, of Zorg-enHoop, West Bank Berbice on Wednesday evening. Based on information received, no one was at home at the time of the fire. Crackling sounds were heard by neighbours and as they looked out, they realised that the house was on fire. They raised an alarm and a fire tender from Blairmont Sugar Estate arrived on the scene, but efforts to extinguish the fire proved futile. Another fire tender from the Number 66 Onverwagt Fire Station later arrived and quickly went into action, but the house was already gutted. Daljit has not been seen since the fire. Police and firefighters are investigating the blaze.

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friday, october 25, 2013

Manna Dey, legendary George Washington University Hospital team on Guyana outreach Indian singer dies


Indian singer Manna Dey

Members of the George Washington University Hospital medical team on arrival at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Third from right, on the lower level, is Dr Joseph Benjamin, a Guyana-born urologist who has returned for the first time since his migration to the U.S. as a boy


nder a strategic partnership with the Health Ministry, a specialist team from the George Washington University Hospital is in Guyana on a seven-day medical outreach. The 21-member team, which consists of urologists, anaesthesiologists, general surgeons and nurses, arrived in Guyana on Saturday. The team includes urologist Joseph Benjamin, a Guyana-born doctor who left this country when he was a child. This is his first trip back to his homeland.

The team, which has brought its own medical supplies and surgical instruments, will conduct complex surgeries in their respective specialisations at the Georgetown Public Hospital and the West Demerara Regional Hospital. Approximately 20 surgeries of the most complicated cases in urology, and approximately 40 general surgeries have already been scheduled. In addition, the team will hold several medical and nursing lectures accredited by the Guyana Medical

Council. These sessions aim to share new concepts and best practices within the respective professions. The medical team is accompanied by a video production crew that has been working on productions about the Guyana health sector. Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran invited the team to Guyana during a visit to Washington DC in September 2012 for the 28th Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Regional Sanitary Conference. The minister’s invitation was part of the

ministry’s ongoing initiative to forge new strategic partnerships with the international community to boost Guyana’s health services. Under the minister’s stewardship, similar outreaches have been done with Calgary University, among others. The university hospital team, which visited in January to conduct a preliminary assessment of Guyana’s health facilities, is financing its air travel cost, while the ministry is providing funding for housing, ground transportation and meals.

ndian singer Manna Dey has died in a Bangalore hospital at the age of 94. He had been ill for the past few months and was in hospital for a respiratory infection. His funeral is due to take place later on Thursday. Born Prabodh Chandra Dey in 1919, Dey was popularly known as Manna, and chalked up a number of hit Bollywood songs in a career spanning six decades. Tributes have been pouring in for the legendary singer from the government, the film industry and his fans. President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh led the country in paying trib-

Domestic violence killings second to gang murders in TT

T Embargo fails to stop Ivory Coast illicit diamond trade

The UN experts said Ivorian authorities are “consistently failing to address the issue of diamond smuggling in violation of the sanctions regime”


n eight-year-old UN embargo has failed to stop the illicit pro-

duction and trafficking of Ivory Coast rough diamonds that are continuously being

smuggled out of the West African country and could be funding illegal arms purchases, UN experts say. In an interim report to the Security Council, the socalled UN Group of Experts – which monitors compliance with the Ivory Coast sanctions regime – also said they plan to investigate a possible network based in South Africa that is involved in the trade of diamonds between Africa and Asia. The Security Council began imposing sanctions on Ivory Coast, including an arms embargo, travel bans and asset freezes, and sent peacekeepers there in 2004

after a 2002-2003 civil war. There was then a second civil war in 2001. “The fact that rough diamond smuggling has continued unhindered since the entry into force of the diamond embargo in 2005 suggests the activity of wellestablished and organised networks rather than individuals,” the UN report said. “First-step operators in turn sell rough diamonds to buyers who smuggle them outside of Ivory Coast, through neighbouring countries (mainly Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone),” the experts said. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Madagascar votes in first presidential election since 2009 coup


he people of Madagascar vote on Friday in a presidential election they hope will end a five-year crisis and rebuild investor confidence to mend an economy crippled since President Andry Rajoelina seized power in a 2009 coup. It is the first vote on

the huge, nickel- and vanilla-producing island off Africa since the upheaval four years ago triggered by mutinous soldiers that drew sanctions against Madagascar and prompted donors to freeze crucial budget support. Rajoelina, a former disc jockey, and the wife

of the man he ousted, Marc Ravalomanana, were barred by an electoral court from competing. With no clear favorite among the 33 candidates, the election is not expected to produce an outright winner, meaning a likely run-off in December. Polling stations open at 6:00h (0300 GMT).

Presidential hopefuls have crisscrossed the Indian Ocean isle famed for its exotic wildlife and threatened rainforests, making lofty promises of free primary education, better management of mineral resources and a crackdown on corruption.

(Excerpt from Reuters)

utes to Dey. India “has lost a veteran playback singer, a versatile artist of extraordinary ability and a creative genius who mesmerised listeners with his enchanting voice,” the president said. The prime minister described Dey as the “king of melody” and said with his death, the music world had lost one of its most talented artistes. “I am deeply saddened to hear of the demise of the King of Melody, Manna Dey. An accomplished singer with a unique voice, he was multi-talented and excelled in Rabindra Sangeet and various other forms of popular music,” he said in his condolence message. (Excerpt from BBC News)

he data related to gender-based violence is alarming, with homicides due to domestic violence second only to gang murders. Making the statement was Gender, Youth and Child Development Minister Clifton De Coteau who gave the feature remarks at a seminar on gender-based violence held at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (Napa), Port of Spain. This was De Coteau’s first public appearance since falling ill last month. He said in 2010 there were 940 reports of domestic violence, of which 68.2 per cent were for assault by beating. “The high incidence of

rape, including gang rape, is indeed horrifying. In 2010, police received 215 reports of rape, 22 reports of incest, 158 reports of grievous sexual assault and 278 reports of sex with minor females between 14 and 16,” De Coteau said. In 2013, to date there have been 266 reported cases of sexual offences involving female victims, which resulted in 116 people being charged. The figures provided by the Crime and Problem Analysis Branch of the Police Service represented the tip of the iceberg, as many cases of gender-based violence go unreported by victims for fear of being “re-victimised in the process,” De Coteau said. (Excerpt

from Trinidad Guardian)

Women gain as gender gap narrows


he gap between men and women has narrowed slightly in the past year in most countries, according to a World Economic Forum (WEF) report. Iceland, Finland and Norway top the list of 136 nations, based on political participation, economic equality and rights like education and health. The Middle East and North Africa were the only regions not to improve in the past year, with Yemen at the bottom. The Philippines and Nicaragua both feature in the top 10. The WEF has produced the report annually for the past eight years. The release of this year’s edition comes as the BBC rounds off a monthlong focus on women and gen-

der around the world with a major event at Broadcasting House in London. One hundred women from all around the world are gathering for a day of debate and discussion as the 100 Women season comes to an end. Iceland’s position at the top of the WEF rankings was the fifth year in a row the country has been named the world’s most equal. Report founder and co-author Saadia Zahidi told the BBC that since the WEF began compiling the index in 2006, 80 per cent of countries had made progress. “What’s worrying though is that 20 per cent of countries have made no progress or are falling behind,” she said. (Excerpt from BBC News)


friday, OCTober 25, 2013


BlackBerry boasts best private social network for Jamaica, region


lackBlerry in re-releasing its messenger service (BBM) across rival mobile platforms this week indicated that its the “best” social-network for Jamaica and the region. The Canadian based mobile company adds that its push to spread BBM to iPhone and Andriod mobile users will not relinquish its fight for mobile handset sales. “We feel that the opportunity to bring the best private

social network to Android and iPhone users has never been better,” indicated Richard Burey, Territory Manager Caribbean at BlackBerry in mailed response to Observer queries. “This is an opportunity for BBM to become a more competitive player in the rapidly growing private social network space. Users in Jamaica can invite even more friends and family members to their contact list from now.” BBM built its reputation as

a platform for secure business and social messaging since the mid 2000s. It was not without challenges – in 2011 the messenger service experience two days of unavailability in most of the world based on server issues at the BB company formerly known as RIM. Concurrently, rival messaging services led by U.S.based WhatsApp gained prominence as its use spread rapidly across faster growing mobile platforms. (Jamaica Observer)

North America

U.S. jobless claims stay elevated, manufacturing slows


he number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell less than expected last week, but a lingering backlog of applications in California makes it difficult to get a good read of labour market conditions. While other data on Thursday showed manufacturing growing at its slowest pace in a year in early October, economists said fundamentals for the factory sector remained fairly

healthy. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 350,000, the Labour Department said. “Underlying labour market conditions probably are not as bad as the recent claims data suggest,” said Daniel Silver, an economist at JPMorgan in New York. Technical problems as California converted to a new computer system have distorted

the claims data since September and a Labour Department analyst said claims from the backlog in California were still working their way through the system. Economists, who had expected first-time applications to fall to 340,000 in the week ending October 19, say claims should drop back to levels consistent with a gradual labour market recovery once the backlog in California is cleared.



Economics students aim to tear up free-market syllabus


ew mainstream economists predicted the global financial crash of 2008 and academics have been accused of acting as cheerleaders for the often labyrinthine financial models behind the crisis. Now a growing band of university students are plotting a quiet revolution against orthodox free-market teaching, arguing that alternative ways of thinking have been pushed to the margins. Economics undergraduates at the University of Manchester have formed

the Post-Crash Economics Society, which they hope will be copied by universities across the country. The organisers criticise university courses for doing little to explain why economists failed to warn about the global financial crisis and for having too heavy a focus on training students for City jobs. A growing number of top economists, such as Ha-Joon Chang, who teaches economics at Cambridge University, are backing the students. Next month the society plans to

Market statistics

publish a manifesto proposing sweeping reforms to the University of Manchester’s curriculum, with the hope that other institutions will follow suit. Joe Earle, a spokesman for the Post-Crash Economics Society and a final-year undergraduate, said academic departments were “ignoring the crisis” and that, by neglecting global developments and critics of the free market such as Keynes and Marx, the study of economics was “in danger of losing its broader relevance”. (The Guardian)

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana Cur






















Indicators as on October 24, 2013 Live Spot Gold

USD Per Once

Indicators Crude Oil










London Gold Fix

Oct 24 USD

AM 1336.25

PM 1344.75








AM 1333.00

PM 1331.25







Oct 23

Price Silver


US$ per barrel

Change %


USD per Ounce


Change %






Ethiopia building largest geothermal power plant needs to open summit Africa has to choose carbon emission until 2025. “ frica up to bring in the “appropriate strategies to The green strategy con-


benefits of accelerated development to its peoples through availing sustainable energy supply,” says Alemayehu Tegenu, water, irrigation and energy minister as he addresses the Great Rift Valley Energy Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He reminds the energy

build climate resilient economy in the face of uncompromising facts of declining resource base to support economic growth and livelihood”. His country set out, according to the minister, a climate resilient green economy strategy to achieve middle income economy with low

siders pillars like improving crop and livestock production practices, and protecting and re-establishing forests for their economic and eco-system services while it expands electric generation of renewable sources for domestic and regional markets.



Samsung Electronics apologises to Chinese consumers


amsung Electronics has apologised to Chinese consumers after a report carried on China’s state TV claimed some of its phones were malfunctioning. The report alleged the phones were crashing due to faulty memory chips and criticised its repair policies. Samsung, which generates nearly 14 per cent of its overall revenue from China. said it would provide free repairs for the seven models mentioned in the report.

In a separate development Samsung was also fined by Taiwanese authorities. Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission levied a fine of fined 10 million Taiwanese dollars (US$340,000; £210,000) over allegations that Samsung had paid money to people to criticise rival’s products. China is the world’s second largest economy and the most populous country. The combination of a growing economy, rising income levels and a large consumer base has

made it a key market for leading global firms. However, as foreign companies continue to grow their business in China, they have come under increased scrutiny. Samsung, which is the latest foreign firm to be criticised in the Chinese media, said in statement that it “sincerely apologises” to Chinese consumers for inconveniences caused by the company’s “management problems” and that it welcomed the media scrutiny. (BBC News)

Middle East

Emirates chief says keen on bigger A380 plane


irbus is poised to review its A380 superjumbo after a slump in orders and has not ruled out shaving output of the world’s largest jetliner while waiting for the economy to come to its rescue. Despite aggressive marketing, sales of the 525-seat double-decker are running at idle as in tough times many airlines are focusing on narrower, lighter, twin-engine models, including Airbus’s own A350.

U.S. rival Boeing said last week that it was cutting production of the latest version of its 747 jumbo, while nearing a decision to launch a 406-seat version of its 777 twinjet. Airbus has not booked a firm A380 order this year but has taken three cancellations. It has sold a total of 259. Its sales chief is confident Airbus will sign a number of deals in the next two months to avoid ending the year with more cancellations than orders – an embarrassment for an aircraft

hailed as a European wonder when it was unveiled in 2005. But in its factories, Airbus is approaching a crunch point despite the jet’s popularity with passengers after six years. The immediate worry is that gaps in the production line for 2015 will force airbus to build jets it has not been able to sell – known as “white tails” – tying up cash in planes worth US$400 million each at list prices, most of which is paid on delivery. (Arabianbusiness)

Investors' guide

Evaluating a business idea W hen you are looking to start a new business venture, it is essential that you not only have a good business idea ready, but you must also explore that idea to determine whether it will be a viable one. There are so many opportunities for a person to move forward with a startup business idea and see their way though to success. But without proper forethought on the business idea, success may be harder to come by. While there is no single way to evaluate an idea, there are some things everyone should consider when starting the process. Here

are a few ways to evaluate a business idea that is brewing in your mind:

business idea is not as viable as once thought.

Construct a business plan

Your most critical audience may be the same people you surround yourself with daily. Your family and friends want what is best for you and you can use their information for your benefit. Consider what kind of business you’d like to start and start discussing ideas with those around you. Other people that you are close with likely known you well and can give insightful perspectives about the viability of the idea as well as your ability to handle it. (Business

While many people want to skip the creation of a business plan and just jump in head first, it is one of the most beneficial tools a person can use to test their idea for a business – especially on a personal commitment level. A business plan essentially outlines how everything works, how profits are made, and where the business can go in the short-term and the long-term. For those who find a business plan too complicated to undertake, it may be the first sign that the

Test your thoughts



Business concept – Income

Last: 15509.21

Changes: +95.88

% Change: +0.62

Open: 15414.23

High: 15528.63

Low: 14414.13

% YTD: +18.35

52Wk Hi: 15709.58

52 Wk Lo: 12471.49

* The flow of cash or cash-equivalents received from work (wage or salary), capital (interest or profit), or land (rent). * Accounting: (1) An excess of revenue over expenses for an accounting period. (2) An amount by which total assets increase in an accounting period. * Economics: Consumption that, at the end of a period, will leave an individual with the same amount of goods (and the expectations of future goods) as at the beginning of that period.

friday, october 25, 2013



By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) A suggestion may appear to be a little unusual, but when you break it down, you will discover a sensible purpose. You should try to find a way to make it happen.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You may have to alter the way you do things or even take a different route to get to the destination that you are determined to reach. Update your look and you’ll set a trend.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Make a choice and proceed without looking back. You have more going for you than you realise. A financial gain is apparent, and it could prove quite a windfall.

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Don’t let restlessness be your downfall. Embrace change but don’t initiate it. You are best to wager the pros and cons before you leap into something you may regret.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Express your concerns and your plans. Meet in person with a concerned party if it will help you make your point. Explore the possibility of making your home life less expensive and more convenient.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Focus on the unusual today. Learn all you can about a situation that can benefit your environment as well as bring in extra cash. Good fortune is within reach. Make an offer and see what it gets you.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Someone is withholding information. You have to reach out and ask specific questions so you can base your next move on what’s real, instead of assumptions. A personal change looks positive.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Put your time and energy behind something or someone you believe in, and you will make your way to a very comfortable position. A judicious compromise will lead to success.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Expect to face someone who is overreacting or pushing boundaries. Don’t get bullied into something that you don’t want to do. Stand your ground and prepare to follow your own path.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Follow your heart and plunge into encounters that promise growth. Make changes at home that contribute to your goals, success and happiness.

Thursday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Keep a watchful eye on what others do. Advancement comes by using your skills to impress people and make a difference. Make your contribution count.

Listen carefully, especially to talk about financial matters. Someone may try to take advantage of your generosity or gullibility. Focus on home, love and making your personal life better.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)


friday, october 25, 2013


Fatman George

Nikki Crosby

Louis Antoine

Learie Joseph Jeffrey Iqbal

Gunjan Singh

ollywood singers Jeffrey Iqbal arrived in Guyana on Wednesday ahead of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Diwali Utsav which will be held on Saturday evening at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetowm. Gunjan Singh was expected to arrive in Guyana last evening. They are both excited to perform for their fans in Guyana and have promised an amazing selection of songs, which they have prepared specially for this show. In addition to his singing, Jeffrey will perform some of those energetic and rocking dance moves that have made him so popular with his younger fans. Apart from the two international singers, there will be Guyana’s outstanding dance troupe, Dharmic Nritya Sangh. There will also be performances from some of Guyana’s top singers. Musical accompaniment will be provided by immensely talented musicians from Mumbai and Guyana. This will be both Gunjan

and Jeffrey’s second trips to Guyana. Last year, the artistes performed with Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal respectively and were immensely popular with the Guyanese audience. Showtime is 19:00h and gates open at 17:00h. In addition to the fabulous stage programme, patrons will have an opportunity to do some preDiwali shopping, have their mehndi done and enjoy some delicious local and authentic Indian cuisine. As with all of the Sabha’s events, no alcohol will be allowed. Tickets for the event cost $5000 for stage front numbered seating and $2000 for reserved numbered seating. Paid parking is also available within the compound of the Conference Centre at a cost of $1000. Tickets are on sale at the Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra in Prashad Nagar, Georgetown; Red Mango, Robb Street; Bhagwan’s, Water Street; E-Networks, Camp Street; Murti Shop, West Coast Demerara; and Spready’s in Berbice.

B Linden "Jumbie" Jones

Kwasi Ace

Liza Singh

Kirk "Chow Pow" Jardine

ou witnessed some amazing comedy in the last Caribbean Comedy Festival and this year, it’s back with a bang that will blow your mind. LINK-UP Media, along with Banks DIH, is set to bring another edition of the event to Guyanese. This event is set to be the biggest comedy event to hit Guyana in 2013 and is once again sure to have patrons laughing and begging for more. The Caribbean Comedy Festival will feature the best of the best from across the region including Nikki Crosby, Louis Antoine and Learie Joseph

(Trinidad); Fatman George (Grenada); and Guyana’s best comedians; Jumbie Jones, Chow Pow, Kwasi Ace, Radica, Odessa and Chiney Man. The show is set for Demerara Park (opposite Thirst Park) on Saturday, October 26 commencing at 20:00h and Thirst Park on Sunday, October 27 starting 19:30h. Patrons will be able to come with their friends and family and relax in an open atmosphere as they enjoy two nights filled of laughter and excitement. The event will be hosted by comedian, historian, producer and more recent, singer/composer

“Sprangalang” from Trinidad. As was promised at the inaugural hosting of the Caribbean Comedy Festival in 2012 that the event would become an annual calendar event, the organisers are pleased to once again provide you with an enhanced level of entertainment in the comedy art form. There will also be a special comedy clash at intermission that will involve members from the audience who think they have what it takes to make the crowd laugh none stop. The winner will walk away with a monetary prize. Admission for the event

is $2500 regular and $5000 VIP (stage front). It is also the objective of the organisers to showcase the diversity and uniqueness of our Caribbean culture on one big stage. Tickets for the show are available at Nigel’s Supermarket, Giftland OfficeMax and Colours Boutique. For special group discounts, contact LINK-UP Media on telephone numbers 674-6971 or 686-4780. Some of the other sponsors for the event are Boutique, Rainbow Villas, Giftland OfficeMax, Safe TV Channel 2, HGPTV, Star Party Rental and Mr Johnny Hussain.

week. There, the four lucky persons will participate in various challenges that will see them winning fabulous prizes. In addition to this, shoppers who come down to the store during show time will benefit from other promotions and tremendous bargains. Courts will even treat its Friday morning customers to free breakfast. Of course, persons can visit the Main Street branch and get the opportunity to meet with the Jumpstart team and take photographs. Be sure not to miss this shopping extravaganza this and every Friday with Courts Jumpstart on HJ Boom FM!

ine young ladies who will be vying for the title of Miss North Georgetown Secondary School on Saturday evening are ready to entertain their fans and supporters when they take to the stage. The delegates have been training hard and promise that it will be a night to remember. The delegates competing on pageant night are Jehoshebeth Ferdinand,



isteners can now catch up with their favourite morning radio team downtown at Courts, Main Street branch this and every Friday when Jumpstart is taken to the streets. ‘Stop what you doing and shop at Courts today!’ From this week onwards, listeners must keep an ear out and listen to Hits and Jams Boom FM to get the opportunity to win big every week at Courts with the Jumpstart team – Gordon Moseley, Nurriyih Gerrard and Selector Green Dunks. Monday through Thursday, one caller will be selected to visit Courts the Friday of that


Jahdiel Harry, Shania Olton, Cindy Khan, Johnali Stewart, Zhoria Wilburg, Yonella Burkett, Nikita Bhoopa and Regena Lall. They will be competing in the introductory, talent, intelligence (based on platform), and evening gown segments, along with the final question. The pageant is slated for Saturday, October 26, in the auditorium of the North Georgetown Secondary School.

Apart from the pageant, there will be a school fair that will commence at 11:00h while the anticipated pageant will start at 19:00h sharp. Patrons will be asked to pay $300 to be admitted to the fair while they will pay $500 to gain entry into the pageant. The Caribbean Hot Shots Band will be heating things up with their versatile singers.

friday, october 25, 2013


Entertainment A

merican song writer, singer and actor, John Legend will headline an evening of music titled “Night of Love” slated for the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara on January 4, 2014. He will share the stage with Jamaican artiste Beres Hammond who is known for his reggae vibes but more particularly, his romantic lover’s rock and soulful voice. While his career began in the 1970s, he reached his greatest success in the 1990s. John Roger Stephens, better known by his stage name John Legend, was born on December 28, 1978. He is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He has won nine Grammy Awards, and in 2007, Legend received the special Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Prior to the release of his debut album, Stephens’ career gained momentum through a series of successful collaborations with several established artists. Stephens added his voice to those of other artistes, assisting them in producing chart-topper hits.

for NCC November 9-10

Chris Gopaul

Mahadeo Shivraj

Nazimul Hussein

Tonya Singh

Sonia Yarde

Shawn Budhna


hen Chocolate Melts” will be held on November 9-10 at the National Cultural Centre commencing at 19:00h on both evenings. The theatrical presentation is promoted by the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC). The play, which is written and directed by Neaz Subhan, examines some thematic areas with regards to family while emphasising the challenges faced when confronted with aspects of domestic abuse and its related effects. It juxtaposes one’s responsibility to the family while grappling with the trauma he/she experiences from such abuse, while bringing to the fore the vulnerability of children who become trapped

Neaz Subhan

in these scenarios. Other aspects of how such situations should be dealt with given the pressures of culture, stigma and law enforcement are also examined. Given the many unfortunate incidents of

gender-based violence in Guyana, the IAC believes that this play presents an important and effective medium not only to reinforce messages, but to empower with the desire to engineer behavioural change. The IAC does not condone gender-based violence in any form and has always made its position known publicly. The eleven cast members are Chris Gopaul, Nirmala Narine, Mahadeo Shivraj, Nazimul Hussein, Tonya Singh, Sonia Yarde, Simone Persaud, Keisha Narine, Romel Edmundson, Shonna Chowtie and Shawn Budhna. This is not the first play the IAC would have produced that examines aspects of domestic violence. In 2009, it staged Vijay Tendulkar’s “Kanyadaan”.

He lent his voice to Magnetic Man’s “Getting Nowhere”; Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”; Slum Village’s “Selfish”; and Dilated Peoples’ “This Way”. Other artistes included Jay-Z’s “Encore” and he sang backing vocals on Alicia Keys’ 2003 song “You Don’t Know My Name”; the Kanye West remix of Britney Spears’ “Me against the Music”; and Fort Minor’s “High Road”. Stephens played piano on Lauryn Hill’s “Everything Is Everything”. Legend’s recent performance was on June 1, when he performed at Gucci’s global concert event in London with their campaign, “Chime For Change”, an event aimed at raising awareness of women’s issues in terms of education, health and justice. At a press conference before his performance, Legend identified himself as a feminist saying, “All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights ,the world will be a better place.

Experience magic this weekend at Hotel Tower


otel Tower will be transformed into pure magic and fun this weekend when Extreme Entertainment presents one of the biggest children’s shows which will definitely be a memorable one. The show will comprise of a number of magical acts featuring Trinidad’s Magical Venus, which is expected to thrill not only the children but the adults as well. The group is known for its remarkable magic skills that will keep its audience in suspense. The shows which are slated for Saturday and Sunday evening and will also feature some


he Tuschen Community Centre ground will be illuminated with some of the best lit vehicles and designs on Saturday evening as Westsiderz Entertainment host its 2nd edition of the Auto Expo and after party. The competition will be judged in four categories – overall, artwork, audio and unique. In the overall category, judging will be done for the best car, best SUV, best bike (small) and best bike (super). In the artwork category, prizes will be awarded for the car best, SUV and bike with the best artwork while prizes will be awarded for the best sound systems in a car, bus and SUV.

favourite cartoon characters including SpongeBob, Dora and the most popular Barney and friends, among others. Apart from the magic shows, there will also be lots of games and the more popular face painting exercise by Bravo Arts. It is expected to be a packed two-days of fun and excitement. Admission to the event cost $1500 for adults and $1000 for children. Tickets are available at Hotel Tower (front desk); Vinu’s Shoe Box, City Mall; and Kids Closet. The action starts at 17:00h and will end at 21:00h. This is one that you cannot miss!!!

In the unique category, luxury, extreme and classic vehicle will be judged. The results will be released on November 9 at the Aracari Resort, West Bank Demerara where the prizes will be presented followed by a cocktail party. There will be over $2 million in cash prizes and trophies to be won. The previous auto show was well received by thousands of patrons under flood lights in the cool of the night with excitement to the max. The organisers are anticipating large crowd support and additional vehicles and bikes from across the country to converge at

the Tuschen ground for this massive and exciting event. However, after the show, there will be live performances by new reggae and dancehall Guyanese artiste “Lil Million” and Guyana’s Chutney star, Prince JP. Tickets for the event cost $1000 and are available at Full Range Record Bar, Hinck Street, Georgetown; Avon DVD Club, Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and Westsiderz Entertainment, Vreed-en-Hoop Junction, WCD. The gates will be open from 16:00h and the show will commence at 17:00h. For further information, please call Ravi from Westsiderz Entertainment on 690-3210.




friday, october 25, 2013

dentistry Dentures provided in 72 hours from as low as $4500. Contact Dr B Stuart, 209B Charlotte St, Lacytown. Tel: 225-5034

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at Club Monaco this Saturday

t is Halloween time in the United States and Guyanese seems to be celebrating the event in grand style with the scariest parties to the sexiest parties right here in Guyana. This year, Club Monaco will be giving Guyanese the opportunity to experience Halloween like never before

on Saturday, October 26 with a party called “Fright Night”. Be prepared for the scariest Halloween party. The nightclub will be transformed to give you the full Halloween experience. Everyone will be admitted free until midnight. Selector Carl from 94.1FM will be

providing the entertainment with all the latest hits. Prizes will also be given for the best male and female costume. Don’t be afraid... Come enjoy lights, confetti, costumes and everything spooky this Halloween. Just follow the light in the sky and head to Monaco this Saturday.

Two modern apartments at Campbellville, hot & cold water etc. Call: 219-4535


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Halloween party @ Princess Hotel poolside


alloween parties have become a part of Guyanese partyholics list of activities for the month of October and from all indications, everything is in place for the sexiest Halloween party – “Thriller Fallen Angels” – at the Princess Hotel poolside this Saturday. Last year, Pulse entertainment hosted one of the wildest Halloween parties where patrons were given the opportunity to sail on the high seas with the majestic Black Pearl and this year will be no different. This year, they are making Heaven here on Earth with “Fallen Angels”. Experience heaven-like décor with angels hovering among the clouds and shining stars as patrons sit in heavens VIP section. Advance tickets for the event cost $2500 while VIP tickets cost $7000 but for the first time there will be “free drinks for everyone”. These early bird tickets last up to October 24 and afterwards, patrons will pay $3000 for general admission and $10,000 for the VIP experience. All costumes will be allowed into the venue. Meanwhile, purchase any pair of shoes from Shoe Heaven and get a free ticket to “Thriller Fallen Angels” sexiest Halloween party!!! Tickets are available at Glamour Designer Brands (only VIP ticket re-seller), Gizmos and Gadgets, Shoe Heaven, E-Networks, Giftland OfficeMax, Princess Hotel (front desk), Seeta’s Bar; Ashmin’s Trading; Movietown DVD Club; Lifestyles Boutique and Street Styles.

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uinness Good Times” is a back in time party like no other to be held on Saturday October 26, at The Loft Night Club, Third Street, Alberttown, Georgetown. In capturing the true essence of the retro era from the 70s and 80s and to some extent the early 90s as witnessed in the Caribbean, “Guinness Good Times” will showcase music from a variety of genres that we as Caribbean people grew with and helped shape who we are as a people. Through a superb mix of disco, funk, dancehall, soca, calypso, soul, ska and other genres, “Guinness Good Times” will truly take patrons

on a musical journey to their past as they relive timeless moments of the parties of yesteryear. Admission is $500 and it entitles patrons to a bottle of Guinness or possibly a bottle R1 WHITE ICE while stocks last. This way, the true element of Guinness greatness can be experienced and enjoyed immediately upon entering the party. “Guinness Good Times” will be a memorable experience for all patrons. The concept of a true back in time party that covers the wide variety of music that ruled the 70s, 80s and 90s in the Caribbean, will mesmerise the audience as they relive their better party days.

Friday, OCTOber 25, 2013


FIFA World Cup trophy arrives next Wednesday – a “historic” moment says Banks DIH communications manager By Avenash Ramzan


fficials of Banks DIH Limited are working feverishly to ensure all systems are in place for the grand arrival of the FIFA World Cup trophy next Wednesday in Guyana. The trophy will touch local soil for the first time and the historic event is being facilitated by Coca Cola, an official partner of football’s world governing body, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The trophy, which is on a nine-month global tour, will arrive in Guyana at 09:00h next Wednesday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport where Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony, Guyana Football Federation president Christopher Matthias and high ranking executives of Banks DIH Limited will form the core of the welcoming delegation. According to Communications Manager of Banks DIH Limited, Troy Peters, a press conference

The FIFA World Cup trophy is on a global tour Thirst Park will be a hive of activity next Wednesday and preparations are already gaining momentum

will be hosted immediately upon arrival of the trophy at the airport, following which a day of novelty events will be hosted at the Banks DIH ground, Thirst Park. The activities at Thirst Park, which will not be open to the public, are being organised by Banks DIH Limited and the Guyana Football Federation. “It’s by invitation only because of the limited time the trophy will be in Guyana; so it’s very limited in terms of the amount of persons

we can accommodate during that time. But one of the good things is that Guyana as a country will be one of the destinations to actually host the trophy,” Peters remarked during an interview with this publication on Thursday. Peters said given the nature of the event, strict security systems will be implemented throughout the day, adding that the arrival of the trophy, which is made of solid gold, is a “historic” moment for Guyana.

GCA launches Carib Beer T20, Noble House Seafood two-day tournaments


he Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) Carib Beer T20 first division and Noble House Seafood second division twoday cricket tournaments were launched on Thursday at the Malteenoes Sports Club. The Carib Beer T20 first division tournament is set to bowl off Sunday while the Noble House Seafood second division two-day cricket tournament gets underway next week Saturday. The T20 tournament will attract nine first division clubs and will be played in two zones. Zone A consists of Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO), Transport Sport Club (TSC), Guyana Defense Force (GDF) and Police while Demerara Cricket Club (DCC),

Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC), GNIC and Everest Cricket Club are slotted in Zone B. The champions will collect $100,000 and trophy while the runner-up gets $60,000 and a trophy and At the launching ceremony, GCA President Roger Harper congratulated both entities for the continued support of the game in Georgetown. He said the tournaments serve as opportunities for players to showcase their talents. The former West Indies Vice captain urged the players to play the game in the true spirit and maintain proper discipline throughout the tournaments. ANSA McAL Public Relations Officer Darshanie Yusuf said that her company was happy to be part of

the T20 tournament which is a stepping stone for young cricketers. Personnel Manager of Nobel House Seafood, Piercy Corlette was asked to be excuse due to other engagements. For the Sunday’s T20 fixtures, GDF will play Police from 09:30h while GCC tackle TSC from 13:30h at the Police ground. At the Everest Cricket Club ground MSC will clash with DCC from 09:30h with the host playing GNIC in the afternoon encounter. Meanwhile, the competition will be played on a league basis in the zones. However, teams in Zone B will play one team in their zone twice so that each team in the competition will have the opportunity to play four preliminary round matches.

Flex Night Berbice, Mini Expo set for Saturday at Port Mourant


he Corentyne Comprehensive High School at Ankerville, Port Mourant, will come alive on Saturday from 19:00h when 24 male and female bodybuilders take the stage to vie for the Mr and Miss Flex Night Berbice 2013. The bodybuilders in contention are drawn from gyms throughout Berbice as the Mr and Miss Flex Night Berbice committee celebrates what is being seen as a renaissance of bodybuilding in Regions Five and Six. This is the second year that the contest is being staged under the banner of Flex Night Incorporated. In 2012, the event was held at the Berbice High School and the planning was spear-

headed by Winston Clement of Windero Gym, and then Flex Night Berbice Regional Coordinator. This year, to stress the extent to which bodybuilding has ignited in the Corentyne area, the event is being held in Port Mourant, and local planning is being coordinated by Raheem Ali, the new Berbice Coordinator and owner of House of Pain Gym. The event has won the support of Gizmos and Gadgets, who will be sponsoring the trophy for the overall winner as well as having a display of their line of bodybuilding supplements and attire. Pooran’s Pharmacy will be having a similar display. These companies are seiz-

ing the opportunity to make the Corentyne bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts more aware of their product offerings. The following gyms will be sending athletes to the Flex Night Berbice event: Fitness Zone, House of Pain Gym, Power House Gym, Power Flex Gym, Skeldon Community Centre Gym and Windero Gym. So far, two ladiesCandacy Lynch and Janica Sandy- both from Windero Gym, will be contesting the Miss Flex Night Berbice. The Mr. Flex Night Berbice will see both veteran and new competitors taking the stage, in what promises to be a night to remember at Port Mourant.

“I can speak for Bank DIH Limited and I can also speak for the country because I know it’s very historic. In fact, Coca Cola and FIFA have made arrangements for 50 countries to be added [to the tour] this year, so Guyana is on the penultimate leg. The trophy will be coming from Suriname to Guyana and from Guyana it will head to Trinidad and Tobago for the final leg,” the Communications Manager pointed out. The trophy has been on

a journey across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean on its ways to neighbouring Brazil where the 2014 World Cup finals would be hosted.

Sprucing up

When Guyana Times visited Thirst Park on Thursday morning, workers were busy preparing the ground for the highly anticipated arrival of the trophy on Wednesday. The outfield has already been marked, while painters were seen sprucing up the parameter fence. Huge posters have also been placed on the lamp posts as Banks

DIH looks to create a sea of red, indicative of the Coca Cola brand. Peters also used the opportunity to clarify that the trophy that will arrive in Guyana is not a replica, but the iconic gold trophy that has become the image of football for decades. “It’s the real gold trophy, not a replica. It’s the real FIFA gold trophy that is presented to the winners of the FIFA World Cup finals,” Peters assured. The trophy is currently visiting 22 Caribbean countries and Guyana is the penultimate leg.

NAMSS win District 15 InterSchools championships


ew Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School (NAMSS) were crowned champions of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU)/ Ministry of Education District 15 Inter-Schools championships after competition on Thursday and Friday at the Edinburgh Community Centre ground. NAMSS secured 822 points, pushing TASS into the second position. NAMSS scored 469 points on the track and 353 in the field events while TASS scored 421 on the track and 345 in the field. Occupying the third spot was Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) with a total of 565 points, having scored 283 in the track and 282 in the field while New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) was fourth with a total of 431 points. In the fifth position was Berbice High (BHS) with 319 points, followed by Vryman’s Ervin Secondary (VESS), 255, and Canje Secondary (CSS) with 238 points. The other schools to compete were School of the Nation NA (SON), 179 points, Royal Academy, 40, and Overwinning Primary Top, five points. Among the outstanding athletes were Ryan Bramble of NAMSS, who was unbeaten in the boys’ U16 100m, 200m, 400m and triple jump with Carlos Trinidad of SON who won the U18 100m, 200m and 400m; he placed second in the long jump. Other outstanding performances came from Melisa Byass of NATI who won the girls U18 400m, 800m and

Ryan Bramble

Carlos Trinidad

Torencca Moses (left) strikes a pose with her teammate Donella Joe who had to wait for her time to shine in the 200m U16

1500m. Her sister and national cyclist Merica Dick rode away with the sprint evens in the 800m 1000m and 1500m; Dick also ran to place second in the U20 400m race. Kareem Southwell of BHS won the boys’ U14 100m and 200m events. Torencia Moses of TASS won the girls’ U16 high jump, long jump and 100m, beating her schoolmate Donella

Joe into second place in the three events. However, when Moses got to the starting line for the girls’ 200m U16 she pulled up with cramps and could not compete. Joe comfortably won the event. Outstanding athletes from the championships will move on the National Schools’ Championships next month. (Andrew Carmichael)


Friday, OCTOber 25, 2013

GT&T Indoor Hockey Championships...

Hikers maintain unbeaten run

Better Hope defeat Golden Grove by 102 runs

Ravi Singh

Suresh Budhu

etter Hope defeated Golden Grove by 102 runs last Sunday at the Better Hope Community Centre ground when action

in the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) 40-overs competition continued. With high winds on the sunny day Better Hope, bat-

B Michael Harding of the Cadets clears the ball after a Hikers shot at goal


he Hikers hockey team sent a strong signal to all challengers as they continued their unbeaten run throughout the Men’s first division competition of the GT&T national indoor hockey championships with a 6-5 defeat of second placed Cadets. With last year’s finalists, GCC and Old Fort struggling to find form, it was the clash between pool leaders Hikers and their junior counterparts the Cadets which took center stage in the matches of Wednesday evening as the two sides battled to an exhaustive climax with the winning goal coming in the final minute of play. Hikers captain Robert France was the star of the show as the tireless striker

Hilton Chester added a single to the Cadets total which grew to 5 including the four goals from Branford. GCC and Old Fort played to a lackluster 2-2 draw in the other Men’s first division tie of the evening. With both teams missing key players in Aderemi Simon and Dwayne Scott, the match seemed there for the taking for the team willing to make a determined effort. Old Fort’s Tony Cole steered a deceptive play into the GCC goal just after the 15-minute mark and GCC had to wait until six minutes into the second half to draw even through Steven Xavier. Old Fort pulled ahead once more through overlapping defender Dwight Sullivan only to be tied by a neat de-

the evening as they battled both Old Old Fort and GCC Vets. In their early match against Old Old Fort, the Hickers managed to pull off an exciting 8-5 victory with former junior national James Munroe, normally known for his defensive prowess, surprising the opposition with a hat-trick of goals in the first five minutes of play. The Hickers would score three more goals through Sheldon Corlette and Robert Fernandes with a double to secure a comfortable margin before Old Old Fort finally got off the ground. Dwayne Allen opened the Old Old Fort account with a double, while Sonia Gordon, Ivor Thompson and Dexter Wyles scored one goal each to complete their total. The

ting first, scored an imposing 287 for 6 from their allotted overs. Suresh Budhu topscored with 108 not out (5x6, 4x12) while Chris Deonarine contributed 47 (5x4), and Ravi Singh, 44 (2x6, 4x4). Bowling for Golden Grove, O. Gordon took 4 for 48 and W. London, 2 for 41. In reply, Golden Grove were bowled out for 186 in 33 overs with Richard Wolford, 43 (5x4), being the only batsman to take the attack to the Better Hope bowlers.  Bowling for Better Hope, Ravi Singh had 3 for 31, R. Rohoman, 3 for 38, and Suresh Budhu, 2 for 25.

Beach football facility under construction in Linden


he Cool Runnings Beach FC is currently constructing a beach football facility at the Bayroc Sand Reserve, Sports Club and Fitness Centre at Wismar, Linden. The construction started after the club was awarded a grant of $1 million under the Sport Ministry’s community grounds development programme. The project will see the construction of a 50ft concrete bleacher, a 30ft concrete wall for advertising and signage and the laying of the sand pitch. It is expected to be completed by mid-next month. President of the club Rollin Tappin, who is also working along with the project, said that when the facility is completed it will certainly boost the growth and development of beach football and volleyball in the community. He also noted

Ongoing construction works at the Bayroc Sand Reserve, Sports Club and Fitness Centre

his satisfaction with the progress being made with the construction of the facility. “We are in the process of completing the block work by next Wednesday. The seating decking is expected to be completed by Wednesday. The work is moving apace however we

are awaiting another set of funding to procure more materials to complete the seating area. The project is on schedule to be completed by mid-next month,” he said. Currently, football and other clubs in Linden utilise the sand reserve for practice daily.

WI cricketers need to ...

Shane Samuels battles between the Cadets challenge

poured in four goals, including the final match-winning effort that sealed the narrowest of victories for his side. Aroydy Branford of the Cadets also came in for high acclaim with four goals of his own and almost did enough to foil the efforts of the Hikers. After opening their account in the seventh minute, the Cadets seemed destined for victory as they regained the lead each time the Hikers managed to draw even throughout the first half. The Hikers however, proved the better finishers on the night as France’s swift counter-attacking goal seconds before the final horn would take his team’s tally to an unmatched six which included four goals from France and one each from penalty corner specialist Shane Samuels and Travon Younge.

flection on the far post by GCC’s Raphael DeGroot to end the match at 2-2. In the Ladies competition, the GCC Tigers brushed aside Revelation 6-0 in a onesided affair that saw captain Sonia Jardine and national left back Trisha Woodroffe scoring a double each. Kerensa Fernandes and Shebiki Baptiste each added a goal to round out the GCC total of six. The Hikers Divas hardly broke a sweat as they cruised to an 11-0 drubbing over new-comers Old Fort Heat. National striker Cora Towler and captain Marisha Rodrigues each scored hattricks for the Divas, while Avonda James scored a double and Kenesha Wills, Amanda Garnett and Latoya Fordyce scored one each. The Hickers, the veteran representatives of the Hikers, had mixed results on

Hickers however, with closing goals from Devin Munroe and Sheldon Corlette, would emerge with the 8-5 victory. The Hickers found the going much tougher when they returned later in the evening to face the GCC Vets. Philip Fernandes continued his fine goal-scoring form with four goals in the match, including a deft deflection past the advancing goalkeeper, and brother Alan added one more to complete GCC’s five-goal total. Devin Munroe managed to pull one back for the Hickers in the dying minutes, but failed to make much of an impact to the outcome as GCC secured the easy 5-1 victory. Matches will continue on Friday evening from 17:30h at the National Gymnasium until Sunday when the finals for all four divisions will be contested from 16:00h.

T20 cricket is an exhibition while Test cricket is an examination, according to Lloyd. “Obviously, people might think that not a lot of intelligence is attached to this format, but T20 isn’t just a matter of hit and giggle. You have to put some thought into your game. Nowadays, players get a lot of information, which wasn’t so before...what’s pleasing is that there’s much

improvisation in T20,” Lloyd explained.

School system

On the other hand, Lloyd expressed that cricket in the school system is also a critical element for the development of the game. “School cricket is very important, but you don’t see a lot of that. We need that system back,” Lloyd said. Meanwhile, Atherton, who

Smith and de Villiers flatten Pakistan


fter bundling out Pakistan for 99 on the first day of the second Test, South Africa served them, on Thursday, a lesson on how to grind out an opposition with the bat on the second, as Graeme Smith and AB de Villiers put on a mammoth 326-run unbeaten partnership to close doors on any thoughts of a series win Misbah-ul-Haq might have had after the success in Abu Dhabi. Smith scored an almost chanceless double-century - his fifth - while de Villiers

brought up his 17th hundred and with three days still to go, the two put South Africa in a dominant position with a lead of 361 runs. It was Smith’s first century - his fourth against Pakistan - on return from a five-month lay-off during which he underwent an ankle surgery. If there were any lingering doubts about his fitness or form, he dispelled them with nimble use of the feet against the spinners and assured strokeplay against the seamers. (Cricinfo)

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led England in 54 of his 115 Test caps, reinforced that the limited formats have definitely made it easier for players to earn more without putting in as much work. Examples were made with players such as the Australian fast-bowler Shaun Tait, who is a force to be reckoned with in the limited aspects of the game, but is not physically fit to bowl 15 to 20 overs in a day.

SCOREBOARD South Africa 1st innings A Petersen lbw b Zulfiqar Babar 26 G Smith* not out 227 D Elgar c Azhar Ali b Saeed Ajmal 23 J Kallis lbw b Saeed Ajmal 7 D Steyn b Mohammad Irfan 7 AB de Villiers† not out 157 Extras: (b 4, lb 7, w 2) 13 Total: (4 wkts, 134 overs) 460 Fall of wickets: 1-37, 2-91, 3-119, 4-134 Bowling: Mohammad Irfan 27-4-84-1, Junaid Khan 272-99-0, Saeed Ajmal 43.4-5132-2, Zulfiqar Babar 31.22-112-1, Azhar Ali 5-0-22-0

Friday, OCTOber 25, 2013


Guyana denied entry to NACRA c/ships after missing deadline for registration tive Unions on those islands were also ignored by NACRA.

By Avenash Ramzan


uyana’s Men’s Sevens rugby team has been denied entry to the upcoming North America and Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) Championships on the grounds that the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) missed the deadline for registration, albeit by a few hours. At a press conference at the Guyana Olympic Association headquarters on High Street on Thursday, GRFU executives- president Peter Green, Senior Vice president Mike McCormack and member Captain Earl Edghill- concurred that the treatment by NACRA is “grossly unfair” to Guyana. Green said the Union is shocked at the severity of the punishment over a month in advance of the tournament, which will be held at the Truman Bodden National Stadium in the Cayman Islands on November 9-10. He noted that the GRFU had given assurances to NACRA on several occasions of its firm intention to participate in the tournament, the last time being less than 24 hours before the ban was imposed. This publication learnt that the deadline for registration was 12 noon on October 8. “Exclusion to the championship closes off entry to the Commonwealth Games, the Central American Games and is a major blow to Guyana’s hopes for Olympic qualification. Appeals to the NACRA Executive Committee and the Chairman of the International Rugby Board to the effect that the punishment is grossly unfair were turned down,” Green, who is also president of the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation, explained. Green reasoned that denying Guyana entry to the tournament is a blatant disregard for the contribution that the GRFU has made to NACRA over the years. These, he highlighted, include the hosting of the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2009 when no other territory in the Caribbean was prepared to do so, and putting the Caribbean on the world rugby map by qualifying to compete in the World Sevens Series in Hong Kong and Las Vegas. During that period, Guyana dominated Sevens rugby in the Caribbean, with the Men’s team winning an unprecedented six consecutive NACRA titles. “Similarly mystifying is the tournament administrator seemingly waiting anxiously for the deadline to arrive in order to immediately fire off an e-mail eleven minutes afterwards, ordering the GRFU to take no

Important tournament

GRFU president Peter Green (centre) makes a point during Thursday press conference. Sharing the head table are Senior Vice-president Mike McCormack (left) and GRFU member Captain Earl Edghill

more actions, thereby reducing the number of competing teams to three pools of 12. Tournament organisers are usually anxious to attract the best teams they can find. Not so NACRA, who have expressed no regret at having to exclude the team that has dominated NACRA Sevens for six of the past seven years,” an aggrieved Green declared. The Guyanese Men’s have dominated Sevens rugby during the past decade, winning successive titles from 2006 to 2011 before finishing as runners-up in 2012.

Change of rules

Questioned on the reason for missing the deadline, the GRFU head pointed out that the answer lies in the change of rules within NACRA. “Traditionally, participating unions informed NACRA of the flights they were taking and the costs; NACRA then remitted 75 percent of the fares in the form of the subsidy provided by the iRB to assist poorer Unions. This year, the tournament organiser went to great pains to make clear that flights had to be bought and proof of payments submitted prior to subsidies being paid - the reason offered, being that some Unions had taken funds in the past and subsequently not turned up at the tournament,” Green explained. He added, “The GRFU did not object to the rule. What NACRA overlooked is the burden this placed on poorer Unions to first raise the funds, before booking tickets, or alternatively to seek loans, which defeats the purpose of the subsidy. In the case of the GRFU, a key sponsor was late by a few days in making a promised donation available, with the knock-on effect that we were also late in buying the tickets.” Initially, the GRFU was hoping to send both a Men’s and Women’s team, but a decision was made to pull the Women’s team from the tournament as funding had become a bugbear. The GRFU had to raise over $11 million in total;

$6.4 for the Men’s team and $5.4 for the Women’s unit. “The Union was only able to raise funds that would have seen participation of the Men’s team in time for the booking,” Green revealed.

According to the GRFU top brass, Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia also face a similar scenario as Guyana, after they also missed the deadline. Like Guyana, appeals from the chairmen of the two respec-

This year’s tournament was viewed by the GRFU as critical to Guyana’s rugby development as it serves as a qualifier for the 2014 CASCO Games in Veracruz, Mexico. Meanwhile, the top four Men’s Caribbean teams at the championship will join hosts Mexico, while the top three Women’s teams, plus Mexico, will compete in 2014. To add further incentive, the top Men’s Commonwealth team at the NACRA Sevens is likely to be invited to participate in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, along with Canada.   Despite the setback, Green said the GRFU will work assiduously to as-

sist the Men’s team recover from the blow by seeking participation in one of the prestigious Sevens tournaments, either in Uruguay at year end or the Las Vegas Invitational in early February. A good showing in either tournament will allow the GRFU to apply for a wild card entry to the CACSO Games next year. Senior Vice-president of the GRFU, Mike McCormack, said the move by NACRA is a major blow for rugby in Guyana, but certainly not the end of the road. Green described the episode as a “setback” for rugby in Guyana, one that would not deter the GRFU from working in the best interest of the game, as the focus in the interim will be to strengthen local rugby, starting in the schools.

friday, october 25, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

South Africa 460-4 (Smith 227*, de Villiers 157*) lead Pakistan 99 by 361 runs; Bangladesh 269-3 (Mominul 126*, Tamim 70) & 282 lead New Zealand 437 (Anderson 116, Watling 70*, Shakib 5-103) by 114 runs

WI cricketers need to show more loyalty, says Lloyd …as Moray House hosts “A Conversation about Cricket” By Rajiv Bisnauth


ormer West Indies Captain Clive Lloyd says the current crop of West Indies cricketers need to display more loyalty and discipline if the game in the Caribbean is to return to its glory days. Lloyd comments came during an “A Conversation about Cricket” hosted at the Moray House Trust (MHT), Camp and Quamina Streets, on Thursday evening with former England Captain Mike Atherton and local historian Dr Winston McGowan. Present were cricketers, both past and present, who engaged in talks about cricket in the olden days and its changes today. The event was sponsored by NEW GPC INC/Limacol, the official sponsor of the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) T20 tournament earlier this year, and the franchise owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors. INSIDE TODAY’S SPORT

Guyana denied entry to NACRA c/ships after missing P23 deadline for registration

Former England captain Mike Atherton (left), former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd and local historian Dr Winston Mc Gowan at the Moray House Trust (MHT) on Thursday evening

“I think our cricketers must start thinking about the West Indies; they need to start showing more loyalty to their country and once that is being displayed, West Indies cricket can

move up the ladder. We have the talent here, but we don’t have the players who are discipline,” Lloyd said. The left-handed Guyanese, who scored 19 tons from 110 Test match-

es and led the West Indies to World Cup titles in 1975 and 1979, opined that discipline is perhaps the most critical element for the success of a young cricketer.

“Natural talent is just a part of it. You must have discipline to succeed. You must have discipline in your fitness, training, bowling, batting, fielding and all other aspects of the game,” he emphasised.   Lloyd also stated that a young cricketer must have the discipline to know he is playing in a team. He said that such attributes were the hallmark of his teammates he led and they dominated world cricket, making the people in the Caribbean proud. Meanwhile, the former middleorder batsman stressing on the comparison of Test and limited overs cricket, he noted that while some players are well rounded and adapt to all three formats of the game, (Test, ODI and T20), others find themselves limited within the realm of the longer version of the game, either due to fitness or fiscal reasons, declaring that “the limited overs take away from Test Cricket”. Turn to page 22

GCA launches Carib Beer T20, Noble House Seafood two-day tournaments

ANSA McAL Brands Coordinator Nigel Worrel (third right) hands over the sponsorship cheque to GCA Treasurer Dennis Wilson while GCA President Roger Harper (left), GCA Chairman of Competitions Committee Shaun Massiah (second left), Deborah McNicholl (right) and ANSA McAL PRO Darshanie Yusuf (second right) share the moment (Rajiv Bisnauth photo)

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