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Monday, June 23, 2014

Interior awash with fake malaria drugs … Dr Ramsaran tells Pharmacists

IDB warns of lower growth rate


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Unscheduled blackouts P2A frustrating Berbicians Ramsaran rates Linden Hospital Complex as P7 “best run” in Guyana

Guyana loses out at Miss India Worldwide Pageant P8

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… if AML/CFT Bill not passed

MP urges P8 stricter alcohol control measures

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and IDB Representative in Guyana, Sophie Makonnen share a light joke during the launch of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Fifth Annual Business Magazine last Friday evening at the Pegasus Hotel

Marxism is still relevant – PPP See story on page 9

“Style Mission” wows Pegasus audience


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monday, june 23, 2014|

MBA grads urged to challenge status quo T

hirty-six individuals who successfully completed studies in various programmes offered at Nations University, accredited by the Australian Institute of Business, graduated on Saturday at the Guyana International Conference Centre. Six persons graduated with Certificates in Management, seven with Diplomas in Management and 23 with Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Private Sector Commission (PSC) Chairman Ramesh Persaud reminded the graduates of their responsibility to the corporate environment. He noted that the acquisition of their certification is not the culmination of a journey, but rather the commencement of it. Persaud noted too that their successes in this regard will largely be dependent on the application of the knowledge that they would have acquired. “The light that you are seeing at the end of the tunnel today is the beginning of a long road with many twists, turns, and obstacles before you meet the end of the journey,” said Persaud. He opined too that having an MBA or certificate in business management does not necessarily mean that a person knows more, but rather the person has been exposed to different cognitive methods.

addressing the second batch of graduates from Nations University, noted that the graduates are now equipped with internationally recognised qualifications. “The roots of education are often bitter but the fruit is sweet, well, you have made it all the way to the fruit, you have your success, values it, remember though, one of the lessons of study is that as much as we learn, we come to realise that there is a lot we don’t know, and a lot more we need to learn,” said Oxenberry. He said the graduates should use the skills and knowledge they have acquired and embark on a

The graduates of the Business Management course with their lecturers

“All you were exposed to were different ways of thinking by different authors and the different ways in which each of them see and interpret an issue, that is what your programme would have taught you… not knowledge but wisdom… having an MBA means you have to start thinking differently, because that is what having an MBA means. Having an MBA means you have the ability to identify the real factor that gives you, your company the competitive edge and how to challenge the status quo.”

Well quipped

Meanwhile, Academic Board of Australian Institute of Business Chairman, Professor Rod Oxenberry in

journey to solve the problems that plague the global economy and society. “Now that you know what Michael Porter’s strategic advantage is, now that you know why Warren Buffett is truly an investment guru, now that you know why Peter Drucker is considered the father of the study of modern management, and what Stephen Covey’s habits for highly effective people are, as well as knowing a little bit about the rest of the library of business scholars, share that knowledge and help people through their business dilemmas,” Professor Oxenberry implored the graduates.

More needs to be done to tackle mental illness – Dr Faith Harding By Jomo Paul


ental illnesses have long been stereotyped and have been stigmatised by the general public. This should be sufficient grounds for the Government to put the matter on the front burner and take steps towards alleviating the effects. This is the view of practising psychologist, Dr Faith Harding, who said enough is not being done to tackle mental illness in Guyana and urged the recruitment

of mental health professionals at health centres and medical facilities across the country. Speaking to Guyana Times in an exclusive interview on Wednesday evening from her home, Dr Harding said attention needs to be paid to mental health, since it is a large contributor to the high incidence of suicides in Guyana. “The health centres ought to have mental health personnel working there like a unit… we have the health centres created already, we need the skills, we need the tools, people trained in the therapies,” Dr Harding said.


She lamented that this need was necessary, because often people visit medical centres for physical injuries and simultaneously have a mental issue that goes unreported and in most cases, unobserved. Dr Harding also suggested that the Government put in place the schematics so that every teacher, before graduating from the Cyril Potter College of Education or being employed by the Education Ministry, is subjected to a behavioural assessment test. This way, she explained, teachers would be able to detect or deduce from body language and other telling signals that a child may be under stress and in need of some form of mental support. Dr Harding told Guyana Times that in her work as a psychologist, she has noticed that depression is one of the most prevalent forms of mental health issues affecting Guyanese. This is closely followed by anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which, she explained, is noticed mostly in children. The psychologist also

Psychologist, Dr Faith Harding

noted that with respect to schizophrenia, which is often characterised by abnormal social behaviour and a failure to recognise what is real, she has noticed a decline. She explained that this decline can be attributed to the availability of medication and advice to combat the mental issue.


Dr Harding told this publication that for too long having a mental illness has been stigmatised to mean that a person is “mad” and not everyone with a mental illness is insane or “mad”. “The whole socialisation to mental health has not been a good one; we see mental health as something to feel bad about… a physical illness is more accepted than if you have a mental incapacity,” Dr Harding noted. Further, she noted that the prevalence of mental illnesses and disregard of the issue by the Government is having an appallingly negative effect on the Guyanese populace. Guyana Times understands that persons who suffer from mental illnesses are prone to committing suicide, as they see this as a way of ending their mental suffering. “It’s scary” exclaimed Dr Harding, when ques-

tioned by Guyana Times on the high rates of suicide and what role mental health plays in this scourge. She explained: “That says to me we have a serious problem if we have the highest rates of suicide” in the Western hemisphere and second highest per capita in the world. “That has to do with not only the economic circumstances, but the mental health of the nation, when you have such a high percentage of persons committing suicide and such a high percentage of suicides in our nation,” said Dr Harding. She contended that the mental stability of the country should be paramount, since there seems to be so much “anger and anguish” in the society, which is fuelled by the current economic crisis and a plethora of other social factors. The psychologist contended that “too many teenagers are thinking of ways to hurt themselves or to hurt people… we are having men murdering women, women murdering men… we are having so many accidents on the roads.” All of these, she explained, point to the mental health status of the country and they do not reveal promising results. Dr Harding stressed that the Government, the Opposition and members of the private sector have a social and corporate responsibility to see that such issues do not plague the nation, but that is not the case, which contributes to the lack of social responsibility in this regard. A recent study by the Oxford University revealed that the recent recession can be linked to more than 10,000 suicides across Europe and North America between 2008 and 2010.



monDAY, june 23, 2014 |

BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, June 23 from 14:40h-16:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday, June 21 from 13:55h-15:25h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Heavy rain showers can be expected during the day with partly cloudy conditions in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. Wind: East north easterly between 5.81 metres and 6.25 metres per second. High Tide: 01:09h and 13:42h reaching maximum heights of 2.40 metres and 2.31 metres respectively. Low Tide: 07:13h and 19:32h reaching minimum heights of 0.82 metre and 0.89 metre respectively.

Interior awash with fake malaria drugs … Dr Ramsaran tells Pharmacists BY GOMATIE GANGADIN


ealth Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran has expressed grave concern over the influx of counterfeit products on the local market, noting that it has not spared the hinterland, where the malaria tablet Chloroquine is widely sold at shops. Every day, hundreds of patients are duped into purchasing substandard, falsified products. Dr Ramsaran made this disclosure while addressing the opening of the 14th Annual Pharmacists Convention held on Sunday at the Ocean View International Hotel Convention Centre under the theme “Improving the quality of life for all in 2014”. Speaking to a gathering of University of Guyana pharmacy students, practising pharmacists, medical doctors and other stakeholders, Dr Ramsaran stated that it has been observed by

Guyana Pharmacist Association President Megan Barker (second from left), along with her executives and Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran at the convention

as the Pan American Health Organisation and the World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) who have grave concerns for the false, falsified, falsely labelled, spurious, counterfeit items available on the local market as it relates to medications, especially in the tablet form. A typical example

Saturday, june 21, 2014

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Some of the products on display at the booth of the NEW GPC, Guyana’s leading pharmaceutical agency, at the convention on Sunday

his Ministry and even international agencies that tablets and other forms of medication are being falsified and sold to unsuspecting patients in the country, but most particularly, in the interior locations where there is always a demand for medical treatment. “We have noticed as well

is the Chloroquine which is used for the treatment of malaria. There is a falsified, substandard one coming into the local market and this is being sold and consumed largely in the interior areas of Guyana. It is available at almost every corner shop in these areas and people are not aware that it is

a substandard product they are utilising,” he said.

Exposing traders

He, however, noted that while the trade is currently flourishing, his Ministry is closely monitoring the situation and will be taking action against those found culpable. “The Ministry had initiated a campaign in the past under my stewardship to expose companies and persons who are in the habit of fostering this illegal trade and we will continue to do so. The Ministry will be cracking down and exposing those who are soliciting and participating in the sale of the products,” he declared. Meanwhile, the Health Minister urged delegates at the convention to be quality conscious at all times, and to put the health and wellbeing of their patients and consumers before personal gain, as it was a matter of their lives. “We must always strive to maintain high quality standards at all times. High quality can resonate through the products we have on our shelves, on the markets; high-quality products are needed. We must understand how important it is for us to maintain those high standards. There

is a common saying we use and that is “small bites, big threats”. It means that our small mistakes or the little changes we make like offering a substandard drug to a patients can have dire consequences and so we must at all times be aware of our practices and actions,” the Minister advised. He also advocated for them to be even more aware and vigilant of the products, which are on the market since it is their vigilance which can help to curb the widespread availability of the falsified products. “You must be vigilant; always remain vigilant because if you don’t, it will be your Ministry which will be responsible for the products in the system. You must not bow in any way along this path. You know anyone who is in the trade of the counterfeit drugs, encourage, advise them to desist,” the Minister told the gathering. On this note, he disclosed that his Ministry will be embarking on an extensive education programme not only for pharmacists and pharmacy owners, but also for consumers and patients so that a level of awareness is present so that they can differentiate between the original and falsified products. Turn to page 9


monday, june 23, 2014

Views Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,,


Marxism in Contemporary Society


t would appear that the reports of the death of Marxism have been greatly exaggerated. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and with it the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the rise of the neo-liberal market fundamentalism, and globalisation, Karl Marx appeared to be a quaint affectation from a bygone age. But with the collapse of the most advanced capitalist economies in 2008 and the failure of all the nostrums within the neo-liberal economic toolkit to turn them around, Marx and Marxism suddenly found a new audience. And it is, therefore, not surprising that the PPP held a symposium last Saturday with the theme, “The Relevance of Marxism in Contemporary Society”. The PPP, of course, was founded by Cheddi Jagan, and had been inspired by the analysis and critique of capitalism by Marx and its operationalisation by Lenin in Russia. The PPP was explicitly declared a “Marxist Leninist” party as far back as 1969 and while it inherited and accepted the neoliberal premises of the US promulgated “Washington Consensus” from the PNC, there had never been a formal reappraisal of the articulation between the two models of economic development. Unlike what had been assumed in the past, however, the experience of China has demonstrated that an overtly Communist Party can utilise capitalist principles to develop its economy. The PPP, therefore, now has a choice in going forward, especially since it has long graduated from the IMF’s programme conditionalities. In that bastion of conservative economic thinking, the US, even a mainstream economist such as Paul Krugman, with credentials confirmed with a Nobel Prize, declared: “I think our eyes have been averted from the capital/ labour dimension of inequality, for several reasons. It didn’t seem crucial back in the 1990s, and not enough people (me included!) have looked up to notice that things have changed. It has echoes of old-fashioned Marxism — which shouldn’t be a reason to ignore facts, but too often is. And it has really uncomfortable implications.” So Marx’s influence cannot be gainsaid and if all modern philosophy can be seen as footnotes to Plato, then all modern economics – indeed all modern social sciences and social practices – are definitely footnotes to Marx. Who would doubt that even the “welfare state” – now considered nostalgically as a utopia – was an ameliorative riposte to Marx’s accusations that capitalism immiserises the working class. This does not mean that Marx was correct in all his polemics. Even if he were, the world has moved on and the challenges of the 21st Century are certainly different from those of the 19th Century. And different circumstances need different answers. But Marx can be a powerful starting point. For poor, underdeveloped countries like Guyana, even Marx conceded that there is no system more effective in developing an economy than capitalism. The question of redistributing wealth can only be posed after wealth has been created – and the capitalist system is the way to go. As is being shown by China. However, we do not have to recapitulate all the horrors of the Western industrial revolution in our quest for growth. The modifications in economic practices introduced since Marx’s magnum opus was published have to be reintroduced after their jettisoning by the neoliberal order. It was precisely the dismantlement of the regulatory system in the West that led to the greatest inequalities seen since the French Revolution – and not coincidentally the collapse of their economies. Recently a French economist, Thomas Piketty, working within the non-Marxist canonical tradition, released a 700-page book that has beguiled economists in and out of Government and academia. Even though Piketty is firm in not considering himself as being influenced by Marx, the title of his book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” selfconsciously invokes Marx’s magisterial “Das Capital”. We hope that the PPP symposium also builds on the great man’s work.



Faydeha King, Miss Guyana Jamzone Soyini Fraser, and Onesha Hutson moments after Fraser was crowned, after being voted the best delegate during the reality series that decided the competition (Carl Croker photo)

Religious leaders must attend to the needs of their constituents Dear Editor, In a nation where professional first responders and referrals relating to suicide prevention are very few and far in between, and where cost becomes a deterrent, faith-based associations can play a critical role, especially given that most Guyanese subscribe to one religion or another. ARISE has noted a number of initiatives in this regard over the last few months, and we firmly believe that such efforts should be ongoing and extended to every region and district of Guyana, especially since doing so requires basic organisation and very little financial outlay. In fact, planning and execution are just a matter of will and timing. Given this reality, we are appealing to centrally based religious entities, especially the Guyana Council of Churches (GCC); the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (GHDS); and the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), to run with the ball. Pastors, pandits, moulvis, and imams can enhance their capacity to engage in counselling through

training sessions that include clinical inputs via the Ministries of Health and Social Services, the Guyana Association of Professional Social Workers, and the Guyana Psychological Association, all of which can also catalyse a network of referrals. Furthermore, our Facebook page, ‘The Suicide Epidemic at www.facebook. com/groups/suicideepidemic has more information about suicide, especially as it relates to Guyana, than any other single source, on the web. We also have a youtube channel – www. – with useful videos. Armed with this training, priests, pandits, moulvis and imams can address suicide and related issues in their sermons and interactions with their various congregations and sending communities. Possibly also, churches, mandirs and mosques can set up special committees to reach out to those who may display suicidal behaviour and/or experience abuse, relationship issues and so on. The grapevine usually identifies such individuals, and in this respect, any sort

of behaviour or language change should be cause for outreach, initially focused on empathetic communication and building of self-acceptance. Given the pervasiveness of suicide and related issues and the urgent need for action to arrest these practices, we are certain that the wider community would be more than willing to help with resources to make these training sessions possible. Also, we know that many religious institutions do receive assistance from overseas thorough various linkages and that many Diaspora-based individuals and entities are more than willing to donate their time, efforts and even resources in voluntary work in the areas of suicide and related issues, if facilitated. In keeping with the Diaspora initiative launched some time ago by President Donald Ramotar, perhaps such linkages, entities, and individuals can be tapped to realise training sessions. Additionally, the youth sections of religious institutions can embark on a series of activities to highlight suicides and related social issues – grass

roots theatre, songs and music, debates, essay and poetry writing, and whatever else is possible. This campaign would ensure that youth sections become more active, are engaged in activities that would hold their interests, and enable them to bring in other young people into the fold, as well as provide opportunities for the institutions themselves to reach out to wider communities within which they are located. Media coverage can be sought for such activities and winners of various contests can be given prizes and/or certificates. In the final analysis, religious leaders and institutions have an obligation to attend to the material, physical and social needs of their constituents. After all, faith is not an abstract concept but rather one that is exemplified through concrete service in the manner of Mother Theresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Satya Sai Baba, Malala Yousafzai, and so many others of faith throughout time. Norkah Carter Devv-Ramdas Daniel Judy Deveaux Annan Boodram

monday, june 23, 2014


Share views Denigrating a culture and India unacceptable in a mutually Dear Editor, Writing in another medium, Barrington Braithwaite was downright nasty and denigrating to Indian culture and people of Indian descent as well as to the Indian High Commission and to India. He penned demeaning comments about Indian people and even went so far as to explicitly tell Indians to go back to India. Such language is unacceptable. Indians have made significant contributions to Guyana and to the Caribbean Region. They are not going back to India and those who harbour such racist feelings should cleanse their minds. The great country of India has been very kind and generous to Guyana and to other Caribbean nations as well as to African countries. And it boasts one of the oldest recorded civilisations that have contributed enormously to global development and economic growth. It is unbelievable that a publication would allow nasty comments about

an ethnic group or a civilisation and a culture. No one should put down another person’s culture or country based on its cultural practices. Ethnocentric behaviour should be condemned. And in Guyana, ethnocentrism has been a source of ethnic conflict.  Some individuals can’t get over their ethnocentric behaviour. No culture is superior to another.  Braithwaite condemns certain practices in India, but other countries have social practices that may be considered “worse” than India’s.  Instead of focusing on social inequality in India, Braithwaite would be advised to spend time examining and seeking to end certain practices in Darfur, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, and by Boko Haram in Nigeria, etc. Contrary to what Braithwaite thinks, the evidence would show that India has been very generous with its educational grants and other forms of developmental assistance to

Guyana, Trinidad and other Caribbean/Latin countries; and poor countries in Africa, the Pacific, and Asia. Guyana is among the largest recipients of developmental assistance from India. Aside from China, virtually no developing country provides any significant assistance to poor countries. Virtually no African country provides developmental assistance to Guyana or to the Caribbean Region. Thus, the people and governments of the Caribbean Region should be most grateful to India for rendering developmental assistance to them to attain objectives. But there are individuals like Braithwaite who are most ungrateful and would go out of their way to cast aspersions on India and denigrate Indian civilisation and culture – a kind of “nimakharamism” (as my nanni would say) eating your food and when they finish, they ‘bust’ your head with the plate. These are the kinds of people one could never trust

– no matter how much you give them or seek to appease them, they are never thankful. Imagine, he complains about India giving a scholarship to someone of Indian origin while ignoring the fact that of every 25 scholarships India gives to Guyana, half is given to non-Indians.  Most Afro and Amerindian Guyanese are very grateful for the opportunity to study for free in India. Guyanese are still waiting for scholarships to study in African countries. The overwhelming majority of people and governments in the greater Caribbean Region are grateful and thankful to India for helping them. But there are the nimakharams in Guyana who could see nothing positive about India beyond their racist tincture denigrating Indian civilisation and culture.  For them, a good Indian is a dead Indian. Yours truly, Vishnu Bisram

Promoting disaster risk management by utilising proactive tools Dear Editor, The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) on June 19 hosted its National Public Education and Information Campaign Programme on Disaster Risk Management for Region Seven in Bartica. The event was hosted in the Boardroom of the Regional Administrative Building of Region Seven, First Avenue, Bartica, under the theme, “Guyana – our country, our responsibility”. Among the participating stakeholders from within the community were Members of the F One Division Community Policing Executive Committee. Deputy Director of the CDC, Colonel Francis Abraham, as Master of Ceremony, introduced the programme agenda and declared that the educational event is promoting disaster risk management by utilising proactive tools. He also said that the programme is aimed at reducing vulnerability to risks and enhancing response mechanisms. He used the 2005 floods as an example, to serve as a wakeup call for many of us. Project Coordinator for the CDC, Mitchell Klass also addressed those in attendance, and declared that the objective of the 2009-2013 Disaster Risk Management Plan is to support the Government of Guyana through the designing and maintaining of the integrated programme within the frame work of comprehensive disaster management. She also said that the attained results of this 2009-2013 project are a draft Disaster Risk Management Bill, an integrated Disaster Management Plan, guidelines for agriculture and the environment, flood risk evalua-

From left to right: Edward A Persaud, F One  Division Community  Policing  Chairman  and  NCPE Public  Relations  Officer; Roy  Prince, F  One  Division  Community  Policing Vice  Chairman and Deputy  Director  of  the  CDC; Colonel Francis  Abraham, Officer  in  Charge,  Bartica  Police  Station, Sub-Division Number Two; R Banwarie, F  Division Assistant Superintendent; Colonel  (retired)  Chabilall  Ramsarup, Director  General of  the  CDC; and  Rodney Smith, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, F One Division  Community  Policing

tions and care, and community-based risk management programmes. Two programmes were already piloted: one in the community of West Watooka, Linden and the other in Albouystown, Georgetown, as well as a National Public Education Campaign which this event falls under. She then said that the objective of the campaign is to promote understanding in all Guyanese about the evident change in the weather pattern and its impact on the environment and how these relate to the international phenomenal of global warming and climate change. Director General for the CDC, retired Colonel Chabilall Ramsarup, in his presentation, declared that it is always nice to deal with any community group, because they are the first to deal with any disaster in the first hour, which he termed as “the golden hour”.

The Director General also endorsed that this presentation to Region Seven’s stakeholders is to basically educate all on disaster awareness, especially during “the golden hour” when lives can be saved. He also said that we cannot stop disasters but we can reduce their impact by structural means: by keeping our environment clean, and by non-structural means: by engaging disaster impact reduction. This programme also embraces the projection plans of the National Community Policing Executives (NCPE) for the forthcoming year of activities that are already on its programme agenda. Submitted by Edward A Persaud, NCPE Public Relations Officer

respectful atmosphere Dear Editor, I would like to contribute to the debate on the propriety of this practice of homosexuality that seems to be invading the culture of our own society, and to offer some suggestions on the criteria that we should be using to make any judgements on this. First of all, those who condemn persons who try to prove that this is an immoral habit, because, as is cited, they want to impose their values on others, must be guilty of this same fault, as they similarly seem bent on forcing others to accept that this seeming aberration is a natural phenomenon. This must point to the fact that all those who are genuinely interested in promoting justice and rightness in any society must be prepared to share views in a mutually respectful atmosphere and try to come to conclusions that take into consideration all aspects of any argument. How then do we arrive at what is truly right? If we do not subscribe to a moral code, either one that was handed down from our forefathers or acquired from our religion, then do we not have to fall back on our conscience? Also, do we not have to test any situation or practice on whether it follows the natural laws that are innate in our human nature, and which, when transgressed, can lead to degradation of all involved? When we apply this to the issue at hand, it is clear that homosexuality has been condemned by all relevant authorities as against all moral and spiritual principles. Similarly, can we say that homosexuality is a natural process? How many instances do we know of other animals indulging in this?

Can we honestly say that a sexual act between two men or two women is natural? One letter writer says that the practice occurs within some normal marriages. Does this not prove that they did not start out as homosexuals but acquired this habit later? Do we not know of the instances when young people have been coerced, forced or otherwise tempted into this, and then continued this after? My own belief is that any attempts to legalise homosexuality, or even make it acceptable, in our society are ill-founded and just following the trend towards liberality and utilitarianism that is the growing pattern of the cultures of the so-called advanced societies. The liberal among us want us to accept that everyone should be free to decide what is right or wrong for himself. If we examine this closely, can we not see that this will only lead to chaos and degradation? The utilitarian wants us to believe that, because it makes a lot of people happy, and because it exists in a significantly large number of cases, it must be good. Is that not the same argument we can use to justify violence, drug abuse, alcoholism and all sorts of aberrations that now proliferate in our modern world? Lastly, I would like to appeal to the proponents of homosexuality to rethink their stance and consider the effect it would have on the immature minds of our youths, who can be encouraged to indulge simply because it is a new thing, as happens with other modern practices. Yours sincerely, Roy Paul


monay, june 23, 2014



REHAB TIPS Coping with your child’s scoliosis A parent’s guide:



coliosis is a problem that develops insidiously, usually during a child’s adolescent growth spurt. Imagine sitting at home and seeing your daughter walk in to the room, when you notice for the first time that her shoulders are uneven. Even though you see her every day, eating dinner, doing homework, talking on the phone and playing with friends, you never noticed. Another way that parents first become aware their child has scoliosis comes as the result of school screening and a letter brought home by their child. The story of how Michelle’s parents found out about her disorder is similar to the one many parents have. Michelle was a typical teenager, growing up fast, becoming more independent and mature every day. Her parents never noticed that her back looked a bit different. When they asked her if she had ever noticed anything different about her back, she said she hadn’t. However, when her parents took a closer look, much to their surprise, she had a significant bump on her rib cage. When she bent over the bump looked even bigger. How could this have happened? Just yesterday, you thought that your daughter’s back was normal. You can remember all of the times that you were giving her a bath and washing her back, buying her clothes,

seeing her in her bathing suit, and there was no suggestion of a problem. Suddenly, her back looks so different. It seems that this has happened overnight. Sound like an unusual experience? Not so, says Laureen, Michelle’s mother. “I couldn’t believe what I saw when my husband Robert showed me Michelle’s back. Michelle was completely unaware that she had a problem but it was so obvious to us. I couldn’t believe that we had never noticed something that was so pronounced on her back, but in hindsight, we hadn’t really looked. We felt so guilty.” Laureen's and Robert’s experience is not uncommon, and there is no need to feel any guilt. Scoliosis usually occurs during puberty, a difficult time for most adolescents when they are trying to cope with the physical changes that their bodies are experiencing. Rather subtly, and very appropriately, they become very modest and private people. They no longer need their parents to help them dress or bathe, and now they do it with the door closed. This age appro-

priate behaviour is why parents so often overlook the development of scoliosis.

A parental reaction

Finding out that your child has scoliosis is shocking for most parents. “When I saw Michelle’s back, tears filled my eyes. Of course, I didn’t show it to Michelle, but I knew that something was terribly wrong.” Michelle was unaware of her parent’s concern, but also knew that she had a problem. “I didn’t think that it would be such a big deal,” Michelle remembers. Her family reacted by first making an appointment to see their family doctor, but then began doing research. “This was like therapy for me,” says Laureen. “I searched every website about scoliosis and was overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information.” “My doctor confirmed our fears. He ordered an X-ray and the curve was very obvious. I had no idea that the spine could look so crooked on the X-ray while the differences in the appearance of her back could be so subtle. Our doctor told me that he didn’t know much

about scoliosis, but referred me to a specialist that did.” A surprising number of parents have had this experience. The usual initial reaction to finding out that your child has a medical condition is often guilt, dismay, anger and frustration. How could this have passed you by? Rather than dwell on your perceived failure as a parent, there are a number of constructive and appropriate ways to deal with this situation.

“Reaching new heights through integration and partnership with education and social sectors”

Mellisa Corlette – Physiotherapist (Health Ministry)

Take the initiative

Caring for an adolescent who has found out that there is something wrong with them can be difficult at best, but knowing how they feel will help you understand what you need to do. You must be the guiding force through the process, and help your child cope with their newly found problem.

Seek credible information about the problem

Both the parent and the child must take the initiative to learn as much as possible about scoliosis, its care and rehabilitation. “Michelle and I immediately went to the library and read all the information that we could find about scoliosis before we went for the first visit with our scoliosis doctor,” remembers Laureen, “This was very therapeutic for both of us.” Knowing what your loved one is going to go through will help you anticipate their needs and respond properly to them. (www.


hysiotherapy is a health service which assists people in preventing or limiting their physical impairments which may occur as a result of injury (sport, motor vehicle accidents); disease (stroke, cerebral palsy) or surgery. The aim is to regain function.


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. The spine might look like the letter C or S. It may be hereditary or can be the result of certain neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, birth defects affecting the development of the spine and injuries or infections. Signs and symptoms of scoliosis may include: • Uneven shoulders • One shoulder blade that appears more prominent than the other • Uneven waist • One hip higher than the other If a scoliosis curve gets worse, the spine will also rotate or twist. This causes the ribs on one side of the body to stick out farther than on the other side. Severe scoliosis can cause back pain and difficulty in breathing. Tips to prevent scoliosis from getting worse: • Get in shape and stay in shape. Being overweight and/ or having poor musculature in the midsection can put a tremendous strain on the spine. Various activities can help with this such as dancing, swimming, yoga, karate. • Maintain correct posture when sitting, back straight, feet flat forming a 90 degree angle with chair, avoid sitting in chairs where you have to arch your back for long periods such as hammocks, recliners or bar stools. • When sleeping on a flat surface make sure the mattress is not sinking at any part and use a flat pillow or remove the pillow to prevent added stress on the spinal cord. • Children should carry their bags using both straps and at the same level of the hip or a bit higher; avoid carrying excess weight in bag packs. • With medical advice, get fitted for a brace. This method along with a combination of exercises remains the most common way to keep some curves from progressing. • Try alternative treatments. Some patients feel they have benefited from chiropractic adjustments, massage, electronic muscle stimulation and other alternative treatments. In most cases, alternative treatments may only relieve some discomfort. Go to your doctor or Physiotherapist if you notice signs and symptoms of scoliosis on your child. Mild curves, however, can develop without the parent or child knowing because they appear gradually and usually don’t cause pain. Occasionally, teachers, friends and sports teammates are the first to notice a child’s scoliosis.



monDay, june 23, 2014|

Ramsaran rates Linden Hospital CGX gets extension for Complex as “best run” in Guyana drilling at Corentyne block T C anadian oil explorer CGX Energy Inc said it has received a five-month extension to begin drilling for oil at its Corentyne Petroleum Prospecting Licence (PPL) Block following approval by the Guyana Government. “The Government of Guyana granted approval of an extension on the spud date on the first commitment well from May 31, 2015 to October 31, 2015,” CGX said in a statement. It added that the extension was required to ensure that the HAKURYU-12 rig will have sufficient time to arrive in Guyana prior to the commencement of the weather window. CGX Co-Chairman, Professor Suresh Narine, stated: “The company deeply appreciates the cooperation of the Government of Guyana in granting to CGX Energy the spud date extension. The procuring of the HAKURYU-12 drilling rig along with this extension significantly enables the company to address its work obligations under the Corentyne PPL with confidence. CGX Energy, being one of the long-standing operators in the basin, is delighted to affirm its continued commitment to Guyana and to exploration of the Guyana-Suriname Basin. The company’s current drilling obligations tangibly demonstrate this commitment, even as it is engaged in actively planning for the spudding of its next well within the Corentyne PPL within the revised timeframe.” CGX Energy has commenced the procurement process in order to complete its 2014 work commitments on its 100 per centowned offshore Demerara PPL. The company continues to examine methods to reduce the costs associated with the Demerara PPL’s seismic survey and expects to be able to share these costs with other companies operating in the GuyanaSuriname basin.

Reaffirmed commitment

CGX Chief Executive Officer Dewi Jones commented: “The Company currently has a number of initiatives that it is rigorously working on as it begins to

CGX Co-Chairman, Professor Suresh Narine

fulfil its commitments in all three of its PPLs. The company continues to believe in the potential of the basin and the discovery of hydrocarbons and also reaffirms its commitment to the successful completion of its work programmes.” According to the release, Jones said: “We are very pleased with the progress of all our activities thus far in 2014. We continue to work towards drilling our next offshore exploration well in Guyana, and are still optimistic that a joint venture partner will be secured prior to drilling.” At the company’s 100 per cent-owned Corentyne PPL, located offshore Guyana, the reprocessing and merging of the existing seismic surveys are now complete, the release stated, adding that the company continues to have a technical data room available at its Houston offices and is working towards farming out a portion of the Corentyne PPL to a joint venture partner. In addition to the completion of the seismic reprocessing of the Corentyne PPL, a full elastic seismic inversion and AVO (Amplitude Variation with Offset) has been completed and received from Vector Seismic Data Processing Inc, which has contributed significantly to the risk assessment of the exploration prospects being considered for the next drilling campaign in the Corentyne PPL. The results of the repro-

cessing, CGX has said, have assisted in confirming and enhancing the geological assessment of the block. “The company has made this information available in its data room and potential joint venture partners are in the process of reviewing the data. While these AVO analysis and results are subject to the uncertainties associated with geophysical/geological modelling, the company is encouraged by the results and remains optimistic about a potential discovery of hydrocarbons in the basin.”

Rig sharing

Meanwhile, CGX Energy revealed it has entered into a definitive rig agreement with Japan Drilling Co Ltd for the provision of rig services. Under the terms of the agreement, the Company has procured the use of the jack-up drilling rig known as the “HAKURYU-12”. In an effort to significantly reduce drilling costs, the company has simultaneously entered into a rig sharing agreement with Teikoku Oil (Suriname) Co Ltd, a whollyowned subsidiary of INPEX CORPORATION (“INPEX”). The HAKURYU-12 rig, which is owned by BOT Lease Co, Ltd., is currently under construction at the PPL Shipyard in Singapore and will be mobilised to the first drilling site after completion in January 2015, which CGX Energy and INPEX have agreed would be INPEX’s in Suriname.

he Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) has been deemed the “best run” health institution in Guyana. This is according to Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, who was at the time speaking at a recent health forum held at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre. According to Dr Ramsaran, the Region 10 health facility continues to perform exceptionally, outshining the other Government-managed hospitals in the country. In 2013, the Linden Hospital Complex achieved a target of zero maternal deaths. According to LHC Chairman Mortimer Mingo, the hospital’s ability to achieve zero maternal deaths has been linked to the high level of professionalism displayed by doctors and midwives. But while there were 100 per cent safe deliveries at LHC in 2013, Guyana recorded 18 maternal deaths that year as against 25 in the previous year. From the total maternal deaths in 2013, 10 occurred at the Georgetown Public Hospital, while the other eight occurred at the Suddie, Diamond, New Amsterdam and West Demerara

The Linden Hospital Complex

Regional Hospitals, in addition to a maternal death at the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital. In the area of Tuberculosis, the LHC has been outstanding. In March, LHC’s Dr Roscoe McDonald received the Dr Moti Lall’s Award for his dedication and commitment in the fight against TB at the regional level. Dr McDonald and his team have been working earnestly to prevent the spread of TB. Dr McDonald was awarded months after Region 10 was awarded for recording a 77 per cent completion rate for Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS) for 2013. At the time, 77 per cent of the patients who started their

treatment in the region completed it and were cured. The hospital will come under the spotlight once again on Friday, June 27 when Linden Fund Trust stages its first Linden Media Forum for 2014 under the theme “Mackenzie Hospital Complex Past, Present and Future”. At the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre, LHC Chief Executive Officer Dr Farook Riyasat and his high-profile medical team will deliver to the public a report on the hospital’s performance, challenges, and future plans. It will also be an occasion when the hospital will be placed under the microscope by residents and the press. The event starts at 11:30h.

Linden Fund Trust to launch 2014 programme on Friday


he Linden Fund Trust (LFT) will launch its 2014 Programme at a media forum this Friday. A presentation will be made by the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) administration. The theme for the discussion will be “Mackenzie Hospital Complex, Past, Present, and Future”. In a release, Trustee Samuel Wright said the “Linden Fund Trust (LFT) is pleased to announce the inaugural 2014 Linden Media Forum, to be held on Friday, June 27 at 11:30h at the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre, Republic Avenue in Linden”.

The presenting panel will include LHC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Farouk Riaysat; pharmacist Amanda Barker and Gloria Garraway, among others. The Linden Media Forum is part of the broader Linden Community Forum (LCF). The mission of the LCF is to facilitate community discourse in support of effective participation in the governance and development of Linden and Region 10. The LCF comprises the Linden Forum, the Linden Media Forum, and the Linden NGO Forum. The aim of the Linden Media Forum is to provide a platform where se-

lected speakers are invited to present on specific issues within their areas of interest, discipline or responsibility. The format for this segment of the discourse will be a 90-minute overall presentation with an 11:30h start. The first presentation is expected to last 25 minutes, followed by a 35-minute question-and-answer period from members of the media panel and residents. The release stated: “This will be a tightly planned event, so attendees are asked to be punctual and to allow for an efficient and productive dialogue in the allotted timeframe.”

8 News

monday, june 23, 2014|

MP urges stricter alcohol control measures By Jomo Paul


lliance For Change Member of Parliament and youth leader Trevor Williams says Government needs to focus on the enforcement of laws against underage drinking before the situation boils over to a point where it cannot be controlled. Speaking to Guyana Times in an exclusive interview on Sunday, Williams lamented the lack of enforcement of laws that prohibit merchants from selling alcohol to minors. He said the Guyana Police Force needs to be more vigilant and be

Alliance For Change Youth Representative Trevor Williams

more cognisant of its role in this regard. “Children slip out of school and slip into these places… there needs to be a clampdown… prosecution has to step up… the message has to be sent out that alcohol is a no-no,” said Williams. He further told Guyana Times that the regulations to detect and prevent alcohol use on school premis-

es and by under-aged persons in the whole need to be strengthened. He said that if such action is taken, there will be a significant decline in alcohol consumption by young adults. “We must prosecute those who sell to minors… it might be a difficult thing for bar owners to swallow, but they have to be held responsible; these are our youth.” He went on to indicate that the issue of substance abuse among teens is not limited to consumption of the inebriating substance, but also of other drugs such as marijuana.

New chaotic culture

“A whole new culture vibe and disposition has developed… you go to a basketball or a football game and the atmosphere, the smell… it is killing you,” explained Williams. He said enough attention is not being placed on the youth “of our society and this trend must change because the youths are the proverbial future of the nation” . “There has to be a lot more spent, wisely so, on the youth populace… we have to make life more exciting and relevant for them… we have degenerated into a society that is chaotic for youths in terms of their values.” He urged that the private sector be conscious of its corporate responsibility to society, noting that the said businessmen should work with the Government and Opposition parties to alleviate this menace of alcohol abuse that is plaguing our society. Psychologist Dr Faith Harding also shared similar views during a recent exclusive interview with Guyana

Recycled... ...duffer leaders eaders are a big thing in any organisation. But they loom immensely larger in the PNC. After all there wouldn’t even BE a PNC if Burnham hadn’t thrown a tantrum, stamped his feet and insisted that with him it was “leader or nothing” in the PPP. When the answer came back loud and clear (“Nothing!!!”), he stormed out and formed the PNC with folks like Sydney King (later transformed into Eusi Kwayana – “Black man from Guyana”) and John Carter from the League of Coloured Peoples. Most revealingly, his successor Desmond Hoyte’s slogan was “follow de leader”. As a faceless, non-“threatening” nonentity, known only for his slavish loyalty, Burnham picked him to be Prime Minister! Burnham was one leader who made sure there were no little oaks growing in his shadow! King and Carter, for instance, were soon in the wilderness. Hoyte also “bigged up” himself by banishing all rivals – who in some cases were bigger than him. Hamilton Green, claiming he was Burnham’s cousin, to buttress his leadership pretentions, was unceremoniously given the bum’s rush. Viola Burnham was simply allowed to slide into oblivion. And David Granger was bypassed for Joe Singh as head of the Army. Singh, like Winston Murray, had nowhere to go in the PNC – and wasn’t a threat. Granger, as head of the Army, could’ve staged a coup. But there was another reason why Hoyte dissed Granger: he knew Granger was an ultra authoritarian Burnhamite. Like his leader, he felt society had to be “disciplined” through militarisation – for their own good. With Granger, it would’ve been “North Korea in South America” – complete with mass games and starvation. Corbin, the sleazy operator whom Hoyte couldn’t stand, proved his worth by executing the rigging in 1985, but wasn’t seen as leader material. Not presenting a threat to Hoyte, he was naturally chosen as Hoyte’s wingman. After his rape accusations hiccup, he was reinstated and succeeded Hoyte, much to the consternation of the prim and proper ladies of the PNC. With his “thug” reputation, he was supposed to “manners” the PPP – but just couldn’t pull it off. The PPP had checkmated the “kith and kin” call. And we arrive at David Granger, who was brought back into the running because Corbin couldn’t control the natives – neither in the streets nor in the back rooms. Corbin figured since Granger had no links with grassroots PNCites – unlike the diminutive but ambitious Greenidge – he’d be more “controllable”. But hitting 71 for the 2016 elections, some feel Granger’s passed his expiration date. Ralph Ramkarran, his contemporary and presidential aspirant, thinks otherwise. Do we have a budding Trotman and Ramjattan here?


The group of students imbibing alcohol at a city restaurant

Times. She said there is a feeling of helplessness that is affecting the youth population and contributing to the high rates of alcohol consumption. She, like Williams, also noted that attention must be placed on tackling the existing problem of alcohol and drug abuse. “I think we ought to see this as a priority… something we have to attack immediately,” said Dr Harding. “It makes us look like our governance in this country is lame; it makes us look like we don’t care about the nation’s people. We have too little people, our population is too small for so many people to be dying by suicide and domestic violence and I have to link alcohol with some of the violence that I see.”

Proactive approach

She said the Government should take more proactive steps in engaging the private sector in alleviatory efforts to try to steer the youths from the dangerous path of substance abuse that they are currently on.

Dr Harding told Guyana Times that “we have 14-yearolds drinking a quarter a day or often enough we have a lot of kids in our schools on alcohol. WE have to stop it!” A recent report by the World Health Organisation had shown that on average, Guyanese consumed more than eight litres of pure alcohol in 2010 compared to the global figure of 6.2 litres. That is, alcohol consumption in Guyana in 2010 was equal to 8.1 litres of pure alcohol consumed per person aged 15 years or older (15+). However, the average drinker in Guyana consumed more than 3.5 gallons (13.7 litres) annually or 29.76 grams daily. On a casual visit to a restaurant in Georgetown, on Friday, Guyana Times saw a group of students in their school uniforms consuming alcohol. This publication spoke to the students warning them of the dangers of drinking alcohol. They told Guyana Times that they had just finished writing their last examinations and were soothing their nerves.

Guyana loses out at Miss India Worldwide Pageant


espite excellent reviews of Miss India Guyana Divya Sieudarsan as one of the favourites to win the coveted title of Miss India Worldwide, her fans were disappointed on Friday evening as Miss India USA Monica Gill was bestowed with the prestigious title. An attempt to get the local franchise holder of the Miss India Guyana team, Chandini Rambalak for a comment on social media, proved futile. However, taking the first runnerup spot was Miss India Switzerland Cynferth Turrian; Miss India Bahrain, Priya D’Silva at second; and Angie Shamdasani of Spain and Suhani Gandhi of United Kingdom in the top five when the pageant was held at the Al Raha Beach Resort in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The newly-crowned queen speaks Hindi, Punjabi and English and majors in Biology at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is the reigning Miss India New England and also holds the title of Miss India USA 2013. Gill moved to Mumbai, India, in 2014, with the intention of becoming a Bollywood actress, but used the opportunity to prepare for the fierce com-

Eyew tness

Monica Gill

petition, which consists of 40 delegates from around the world. During the talent segment, she performed two dance pieces, the first was her fusion kathak beat from “Dil To

Pagal Hai” and the second was “Maar Daala” from Devdas. Meanwhile, there were some other special prizes during the competition. The delegate with the best talent piece was Noopoor Akruwala of Grenada; Joanna Soudine-Palton of French Guiana won Miss Beautiful Smile; Sonia Singh of Norway, Miss Catwalk; while Janine Habib of Netherlands was adjudged Miss Photogenic. The Congeniality Prize went to Yaddisha Dulangi Peterson of Sri Lanka, while the contestant with the most beautiful hair went to Jessica Sonejee, and the Body Beautiful prize was awarded to Amreeta Goundar of New Zealand. Shima Singh Mann of Sweden was announced Miss Bollywood Diva, the delegate with the Most Beautiful face was Rachel Bianca Salema of Kuwait, the delegate with the Best Figure was Angie Shamdasani of Spain while the Viewer’s Choice Award went to Priya D’Silva of Bahrain. Miss Dominica Ritu Shah was awarded the City 1016 Listener’s Choice award and Miss Chairman’s Professional was no other than Harpreet Kaur of Belgium. “Where’s the gold?” the headline blared, after declarations plunged by 20 per cent. “Not with us,” said the miners in injured tones. How dare the Government accuse them of “hoarding”? Which self-respecting miner would hoard his gold because the price of the precious metal has taken a dive? Miners aren’t businessmen, are they? What do they know – or care – about making a profit if they held on to their own gold? Take the loss and declare now!! Even more snidely, some accused miners of carting off their gold production to Suriname and declaring it over there. What stuff and nonsense! Just because Suriname charges one per cent royalty as apposed to Guyana whopping seven per cent? What depraved minds would think miners would cross the Corentyne River just to make hundreds of millions in profits!! It’s so unfair. People seem to think money makes the world go around. They don’t realise how patriotic our miners are! claims And here we thought that the only things Nagamootoo and Ramjattan had in common were their love of the bottle, hatred of their ex-PPP comrades, and burning ambition. Seems like both of them have an eye problem also. Nagamootoo says the Muckraker isn’t getting more ads than other non-state papers!



monDay, june 23, 2014|

PPP symposium hears

Marxism is still relevant

…young members urged to get acquainted with teachings BY ALEXIS RODNEY


he People's Progressive Party (PPP) said that although Karl Marx and his philosophies were developed centuries ago, the general thrust can still be applied to today’s industrial world. The party, which embraces the principles taught by the great teacher, has argued that much of the developments in Guyana can be closely aligned to its groundings in Marxism. Born on May 5, 1818, Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. His work in economics has laid the basis for the current understanding of labour and its relation to capital, and has influenced much of subsequent economic thought. He has published numerous books during his lifetime, the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848). President Donald Ramotar on Saturday said that economists and persons of similar interest groups should learn to apply the theories behind Marxism in their entrepreneurial adventures. The President was at the time speaking at a PPP/Civic Symposium on the relevance of Marxism to today’s modern society. He said that with the correct application of such philosophies, growth and development may be experienced. “One of the most fundamental things that we can take away from Marxism is not to be dogmatic, not to think that if it is not written in Marx, it is not there,” Ramotar told the gathering at the Guyana International Conference Centre.

An ardent follower

He said the PPP/C Government has been able to make a difference in the lives of Guyanese, because of the principles upheld. “Look at our society, from 1992 to now, we use our social programme, not only as a humanitarian programme, but we use it as a deliberate form to redistribute the wealth in our society, because we don’t have any other tool as to how

President Donald Ramotar

we can best help the workers.” Ramotar said there were times when Guyana would import many food products that could have been produced here. However, it was former President, Dr Cheddi Jagan who developed a policy, giving incentives to farmers for them to go into new crops, pushing Guyanese to become self-sufficient in the production of many things, including cabbage and peanuts that were previously imported. President Ramotar also spoke about the state of Guyana’s sugar industry, inquiring: “Is the demand for more wages the only way we can serve the interest of the working class, what about saving the industry from collapse? What about expanding it? What about calling for all the working class included to make sacrifice so we could guarantee, and root into this form of development?” The President noted that it is not enough to understand the world and the philosophies of Karl Marx, but one must also be able to effectively apply it to the present day.

Women rights

Presidential Adviser on Governance, Gail Teixeira, who also spoke at the forum, noted that Marx was an avid supporter of women right theories. She said his teachings are still relevant in that regard. “Marx is the first person, philosopher, economist, writer, who wrote about the fact that society is not free until women are free.” Like the Head of State,

Teixeira noted that the current Government, through its embrace of Marxism, has been able to effectively serve the people of Guyana. “We are the only country in the region together with Cuba that has programmes kept on our education and health programme for free. We have Government housing schemes in which the land is not sold at market price, but a subsidised price. We have programmes for single mothers to be able to purchase house lots, to be able to have access to training and so on.”

Get acquainted

Teixeira said that it was important that especially the young members of the Party become acquainted with the teachings and principles of the great philosopher. “If you don’t know what are the circumstances you are in and how you got to the circumstance where you are, you would not be able to understand where you are going to go.” Teixeira said now, in this 21st Century, the philosophy and ideology that exist, is the “one of materialism or capitalism of immediate gratification”. “So how do the young people of this generation contextualise themselves, how do you understand where and what is surrounding an environment in which you are living?” Teixeira, delving a little into history, concluded that at some point Marx’s teaching “was thrown out”. However, people began writing about Marx and his philosophies, especially after the 2008 global financial crisis. “There was a re-examining of what was said by Marx, and what he said about the issue. Marx was a man who wrote about the political economy, about history, the nature of man, the essence of communities, more than any writer of his time.” “He radically worked with every theory of his time,” Teixeira told the gathering, adding that “he turned that up on his head and talked about the issue of that of the formation of history and politics was

Interior awash with...

The Minister also addressed the “fast track” system which is being utilised by some pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as it relates to the registering and documenting of their products. He related that he has received several complaints from members of the fraternity that several of the companies were trying to sidetrack the official legal process of registering their products and he will soon be launching an investigation. He is asking any persons with substantial information on this practice to come forward while requesting that a discussion be held during the day’s presentations to also address the issue. The Minister on a previous occasion had said that there was a fight taking place between legitimate businesses and some illegitimate businesses for market share with

the latter utilising press and media resources to make undue attacks on a fairly transparent process. “There is some fight for market share between the NEW GPC and people who want to do illegitimate business along with some other entities… and therefore, they are using the resources at their disposal: the Kaieteur News and others, to fight their battles,” Dr Ramsaran submitted. The Minister’s address on Sunday comes just days after the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Government Food and Drug Analyst Department joined some 111 countries in an international week of action titled “Operation PANGEA”, which had targeted the online sale of counterfeit and illegal medicines. During the first phase of Operation PANGEA, an approximate 9,482,646 units of

From page 3

potentially dangerous medication were seized.

High standards

Guyana Pharmaceuticals Association President Megan Barker also echoed similar sentiments as the Minister. She told the delegates that for professionals, high standards are always a necessity and as pharmacists, this can partially be achieved through the administering of genuine, high-quality products to their patients. She noted that their pharmacies should not be a corner where persons can go and simply access medication, but should set an example in the products and services which they offer. She advocated for them not to succumb to the practice of offering substandard, falsified products since they are entrusted with the health and well-being of the nation.

based-radical new concepts. The concepts of social formation, productive forces, relations of productions, and super

structure ideologies were also talked about by Karl Marx. Over 10,000 pages of his work were economic issues. And sev-

eral hundreds probably dealt with the state and transformation and change and revolution,” Teixeira said.


m onday, june 23, 2014


IDB warns of lower growth rate … if AML/CFT Bill is not passed

Guyana is a rice bowl now O

By Gomatie Gangadin


nter-American Development Bank (IDB) Country Representative Sophie Makonnen has emphasised the need for Guyana to pass its Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, noting that it is crucial for the growth of the country’s economy. Speaking at the launch of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) fifth annual business magazine last Friday, Makonnen related that while the country’s economy is stable at the moment, it will soon, if not already, experience a decrease in growth if the Bill is not soon passed. She noted too that the non-passage of the Bill will not only affect the private sector, which is a major contributor to the country’s growth, but also the ordinary man. To this end, she mentioned the situation which currently exists in Guyana as it relates to in-

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds addressing the gathering

ternational monetary transfers. “I saw an article in the newspapers recently where it was mentioned that instead of the usual two days, money transfers are now taking five or more days. Imagine being in a remote part of Guyana and having the ability to transfer money without actually coming to Georgetown or going to

any distant place to access money. In this present situation, that is no longer possible. These things will not happen now,” she said.

Sustainable environment

Meanwhile, the IDB Representative praised the private sector for always positively contributing to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),

pointing out that for the past eight consecutive years, Guyana’s economy has experienced growth. After lauding the private sector and its initiative of producing a magazine that can provide investors with some scope of what Guyana has to offer, Makonnen related that there is a need for a more sustainable environment for the promotion of the development of the private sector. She articulated that there were opportunities and a need for investments in the country which can then lead to job creation, added value to basic commodities produced, diversification of the economy, and

nce upon a time de whole of de Caribbean used to call Guyana de bread basket of de region. Guyana was like de Promised Land fuh plenty people. It was so long ago that is like a fairy tale now fuh some young people who wasn’t around in dem times. And dem was good times indeed. People from all over de whole region used to come to Guyana fuh a daily bread fuh dem and dem family. But then Burnt Ham and de Pee-N-C thief out all de bread and give only dem friends to eat. By de time dem done, not even de crumbs was leff. That was when tings start to turn round and people from Guyana had to start beggin fuh bread instead. At one time dem couldn’t even see de flour that mek de bread. And that was when tings turn round and Guyanese had start goin to de Caribbean and even beyond fuh a daily bread. Plus Guyana as a country had to start beggin fuh bread. Good ting Guyana was able to bounce back and dem was able to stop beggin bread. In fact, people from de region and and even farher away now start comin back. But dem ain’t comin fuh bread. A lotta dem comin fuh Guyana gold, but de Guyanese outsmart dem and start hidin de gold lil bit by lil bit. Dem hide it so good that not even de Guvament can find it. De Earth Man and de Prezzi can’t find it either, and neither can de Ganga Gold Board find it. Some people even believe dem hide de gold in another country. And now wid all de rice whah de Guyanese farmers plantin and reapin, Guyanese fuh sure ain’t wanna go no where fuh bread any more. In fact, de Caribbean might now have to call Guyana de rice bowl of de region. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! De problem is de G-Har-D-B can’t even sell de Guyana rice. So de only other option is to eat out all de rice!

IDB Country Representative Sophie Makonnen giving her remarks at the ceremony

innovative and effective environmentally-friendly technologies. “This will allow the economy to expand with a broader base of activities and more resilience to shocks which can decrease an economy. That is where the next step lies,” the IDB Representative said.


She also touched on the need for diversification in the goods Guyana presently produces and exports, if it is to compete and amply sustain itself. “Guyana’s economy is based mostly on the extractive industries and ag-

riculture. These are closely linked with gold accounting for about 35 per cent of exports and rice following. To continue to grow and develop resilience of price shock, the economy will have to diversify and add more value to its primary commodities,” she advised. Makonnen also encouraged the gathering at the event, which consisted mainly of the big names in Guyana’s business sector, to work towards building Private- Public Partnerships (PPPs) which can aid in the further growth and development of the economy. “… many investments are needed such as roads, bridges,

schools among other things, but these works tend to be costly and that cost is sometimes beyond the reach of the Government who has to worry about debt and stability of the economy. While individual entrepreneur/companies do not always have sufficient capital to leverage these deals on their own, once they can combine forces with the Government, infrastructural projects can be surmounted. It takes away some of the burden from the Government while benefiting all the citizens,” she told the gathering. GCCI’s Business Magazine was launched under the theme “To capture Global Opportunities” at a simple cocktail and dinner at the Pegasus Hotel. In attendance were Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, former GCCI President Ramesh Dookhoo, Senior Vice President Vishnu Doerga, IDB Country Economist Mark Wenner, Guyana Revenue Authority Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur, Alliance For Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan and prominent lawyer Nigel Hughes. The magazine will be available in bookstores countrywide.

11 News

monday, june 23, 2014

calls for CoI “Style Mission” wows APNU to tackle TIP Pegasus audience I O

n Saturday last, nestled in the Oasis at Pegasus Hotel, Guyanese fashion icon Sonia Noel and her team of associates executed another great event to bring awareness and raise funds for the Sickle Cell Association of Guyana. Hours before a number of designers showcased their masterpieces, an awareness walk was held which started at 06:00h and proceeded along several streets throughout Georgetown. Then, at the actual fashion show, the audience was addressed by

was hugely appreciated by the audience. The collections of Deborah Mathias, Channey Wong, Hashim Alli and Melicia Pertab, Meleesa Payne, Neilson Nurse as well as the men’s and women’s collections by Sonia Noel followed. The models wore the outfits well and were constantly applauded by the audience as one breathtaking piece after another came down the runway. Any Guyanese knows how terribly difficult it can be to gain the approval of an audience, and, as such,

A model showcasing one of the outfits

Sickle Cell logo design competition

Designer Meleesa Payne displaying one of her own creations at the Pegasus Hotel on Saturday evening

Nurse Bond, an executive member of the Sickle Cell Association of Guyana, who shared the importance of building awareness about the disease. He expressed his gratitude to Noel for her outstanding contributions thus far. The show got underway with a collection from Andy Cummings, winner of Designer Portfolio, which

A section of the audience

the positive response was very encouraging not only to the first-time designers but the seasoned ones as well. There was also a Dutch auction chaired by prominent attorney Nigel Hughes who managed to squeeze quite a few cents out of the audience in support of people with sickle cell, more than $20,000.

The evening also saw several performances by up and coming singers Joanne Ford and Travis Bowen, who wowed the crowd with his moves and serenaded on bended knee, one lucky guest in the front row. In addition, the winner of the Sickle Cell logo design competition was announced. Chontelle Stewett won a day trip for two to Baganara Resort, compliments of the tourist destination, with her innovative design. It was this design that also graced the t-shirts that Noel had made for the Sickle Cell Awareness Walk. Those who missed out on the fashion display can still support the Sickle Cell Foundation by purchasing buttons and bumper stickers at the Foundation or Sonia Noel’s office, 176 Barr Street, Kitty, or by donating directly to the Sickle Cell Foundation. At the event, sever-

al public figures were in attendance including Human Services and Social Services Minister Jenifer Webster and reigning Miss Guyana Universe Katherina Roshana.

n light of the recent US State Department report on Trafficking In Persons (TIP), the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has renewed its call for a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate cases of the scourge in Guyana. APNU in a statement on Sunday called on President Donald Ramotar to empanel a Commission which will make recommendations and find new ways to tackle this form of modern-day slavery. According to the State Department report, “The Government of Guyana does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Traffickers are attracted to Guyana’s interior mining communities where there is limited Government control, but Guyanese and foreign nationals are also vulnerable to trafficking in urban centres and elsewhere in the country. Children are particularly vulnerable to forced labour.” “APNU takes this opportunity to remind the PPP/C administration that the State is responsible for pro-

tecting its citizens. APNU firmly believes that this unfavourable report by the State Department is due to the failure of the PPP/C Administration to act decisively against the scourge of trafficking in persons,” the coalition said. APNU also called on the PPP/C Administration to give the Human Services Ministry and the Guyana Police Force the necessary leadership, training and resources for those agencies to enforce the law and comply with international conventions against TIP. “The PPP/C Administration must stop the syndrome of dodging the problem and pretending that the persons who are being trafficked have voluntarily entered into a state of prostitution. TIP is a form of modern-day slavery; it is a crime against humanity (especially women and children). Guyana cannot pretend that the problem is non-existent; unfortunately, it is a crime that the PPP/C Administration has chosen to deny. It is time to stop the denial,” the coalition said.

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monday, june 23, 2014 |

Times Notebook

Guyana demands answers from Granger D

avid Granger wants to be President of Guyana, but does not want to be accountable to the nation. The Guyanese people want an explanation from Granger for his shifting positions on a number of issues. Without satisfactory explanations, Granger disqualifies himself from consideration for the highest post in this country. He had insisted that A Partnership for National Unity/People’s National Congress (APNU/PNC) would not cooperate with the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on the Rodney murder. Those who were present and those who were in charge of the various state entities related to the Rodney murder must come forward and subject themselves to scrutiny. It is an obligation and not an option for anyone who professes that he or she is qualified for a national leadership position. The need for Granger to subject himself to scrutiny

through the Rodney CoI has heightened in recent weeks because of a number of factors. The statements made by Granger justifying the intervention of the army to quell “civil unrest” and in response to Rodney being disrespectful of the then Prime Minister demand an explanation to the CoI.

coming out of the findings of the CoI. It is merely a country trying to get the truth out once and for all. Is it that Granger is afraid that he who has aspirations to be the President of Guyana might be exposed?


Out of line

Dr Roger Luncheon said the Rodney CoI must take into consideration the public statements made by Granger since he refuses to make himself available to the CoI. Clement Rohee said Granger is out of line in dismissing the testimony of Joe Hamilton and other witnesses who have come forward to tell what they know. It is Granger’s sacred duty to appear before the CoI to say why he feels that these witnesses are not credible. There is a level of hypocrisy on the part of Granger when he stood up in Parliament on June

PNC/APNU Leader, Retired Brigadier David Granger

19 to call for a CoI into the December 2011 Police shooting of rubber pellets that hurt several people, but he refuses to cooperate with a CoI that is looking into the murder of Rodney. Granger’s strenuous refusal to appear before the CoI begs the question: what is Granger afraid of? There will be no criminal charges

While APNU/PNC are unwilling to make themselves available for questioning by the CoI, their lawyers have taken up permanent residency at the CoI in a clear effort to intimidate the witnesses and the Commissioners. We laud the witnesses and the Commissioners who have refused to buckle under the intimidation of the PNC’s lawyers. Granger had said he knew nothing about the Rodney murder and he was not even here. Now he is loud in his articulation that the army had a mandate to intervene at the time of the Rodney murder, because there was civil unrest in the country and that Rodney, in

particular, was disrespectful to Burnham, the Head of State, at the time. Granger owes the Guyanese people an explanation. Is part of this response to “civil unrest” the murder of those persons that dare to oppose the Government? The CoI is the most appropriate place for him to come clean on this matter. Granger wrote and spoke extensively during the period 2002 and 2006 that the Constitution prevents the army from being engaged in civil unrest such as the ones we experienced between 2002 and 2006. Yet the same Granger today tells us that the army had a mandate to respond to civil unrest in the 1970s and 1980s in order to protect the nation. What really is Granger’s position? Granger must subject himself to the scrutiny of the CoI so that we can explore his thoughts on these important subjects. The man who wants to be

President must let us know what we can expect. Is he telling us that when the PNC is in charge, the army has a mandate to respond to “civil unrest”, but when the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) is in charge, the army must be restricted to the barracks? The truth is that those of us who might have forgotten that Granger has questions to answer about his role in the PNC dictatorship before 1992, particularly in the 1978-1980 period, must now be uncompromising in demanding answers from Granger. He must not be allowed to shirk and escape his obligation to Guyana by attacking the credibility of those who were bold enough to appear before the CoI and admit their own compliance or their knowledge of wrongs committed against Guyana and her people. Readers are invited to send their comments by email or Facebook to times.

New Miss Guyana Jamzone queen crowned

Newly crowned Miss Guyana Jamzone Soyini Fraser moments after being crowned on Saturday Evening at Gravity Lounge


ore than two years after captivating the world with her smiles, glossy eyes and beauty as Miss United Nations, Soyini Fraser was on Saturday evening crowned Miss Guyana Jamzone, 2014 at the Gravity Lounge. She outshone her two other rivals, Faydeha King

and Onesha Hutson, to win the title and will have the opportunity to represent Guyana at the Miss Jamzone International Pageant slated for August at the National Cultural Centre. She was selected as the best contender after competing in various aspects in a

reality show hosted by Hits and Jams Entertainment as part of the 14th Edition of Jamzone Summer Break. At the beginning of the competition in the form of a reality show, the three contestants were judged in a photo shoot segment and the infomercial they produced. This was followed by “Meet the Press”, which saw the three delegates showing off their intelligence as they answered several questions posed to them by three seasoned entertainment personnel. In addition, the delegates were part of a runway show in heels and bathing suits. In a telephone interview with the newly crowned queen, Fraser expressed her excitement to be crowned Miss Guyana Jamzone. She was also happy that she has won the hearts of the judges at home and more especially those who were part of the reality show. She said that she will put her best foot forward and will represent Guyana to the best of her ability with the intention of keeping the title at home for the first time. Reminiscing on the reality show, she related that it was a challenging experience and that while she had participated in several international pageants, it was indeed a hurdle that she crossed very well. It was her first and she realised that it was all about personality and how well you represent yourself as a wom-

Passing of the crown: Miss Guyana Jamzone 2014 Soyini Fraser being crowned by her predecessor Alicia Bess on Saturday evening at Gravity Lounge

an of class, integrity and charm. It is time now to focus on the international pageant, where she will be competing against at least 10 contestants from the Caribbean, she added. “It has been a long road and I expect to walk the path of a longer one… I will meet with Hits and Jams and then we will derive a strategic plan for the pageant”, she added. This 24-year-old beauty began her education at

Mae’s Under-12 School after which she attended the West Ruimvelt Primary School. She then went to Queen’s College where she was very athletic. As the years passed by, this well rounded individual became a member of the Classique Dance Company. She was among the eight dancers of the company who went to the United States of America to perform for the Guyana Cultural Association at their annual

Folk Festival celebrations. Later in that year, she was crowned Miss Guyana Earth. She was given the opportunity to tour Vietnam as Guyana’s representative at Miss Earth 2010, where she gained great knowledge and experience. This outstanding individual attributed her personality to the sound christian and education background with the morals her parents instilled in her as a child.

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monday, JUNE 23, 2014 |

praises Cuban Sunni rebels seize UN Disaster Risk more towns in Iraq Management and Civil


unni fighters led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have expanded their offensive in Iraq, capturing more territory from the Government. ISIL, an al-Qaeda breakaway group active in Syria and Iraq, has taken the towns of Qaim, Rawah and Anah in Anbar Province. Qaim, located on the border with Syria, hosts a key crossing between the two countries. Fighters also claim to be in full control of the northern city of Baiji, which hosts Iraq’s biggest oil refinery, though the military denies the rebels control the refinery itself. The Associated Press news agency, citing Iraqi

ISIL, an al-Qaeda breakaway group active in Syria and Iraq, has taken the towns of Qaim, Rawah and Anah in Anbar Province

military officials, reported that Sunni fighters captured two border crossings, the Turaibil crossing with Jordan and the al-Walid crossing with Syria, on Sunday.

The vast Anbar province stretches from the western edges of the capital, Baghdad, all the way to Jordan and Syria to the northwest. Fighting in the predominantly Sunni re-

gion has disrupted use of the highway linking Baghdad to the Jordanian border, a key artery for goods and passengers. In January, fighters in Anbar overran the city of Fallujah and parts of Ramadi. The latest gains by ISIL are a further blow to Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq’s Shia Prime Minister, whose grasp on his job is coming under increasing pressure as the rebels try to push the country towards a sectarian showdown. The capture of the town of Rawah on the Euphrates River and the nearby town of Anah appeared to be part of a march towards a key dam in the city of Haditha. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Defence Systems


nited Nations Representative in Havana Laura Melo has praised the Cuban Disaster Risk Management experience and the role of the island’s Civil Defence system in disaster situations. The Cuban experience can be implemented in other countries to help strengthen their strategies, said the UN official, who stressed the need to advance South-South cooperation, as she addressed participants at the Ninth International Congress on Disasters, in Havana. The UN support governments and settlements

to implement strategies and policies aimed at mitigating the effects of natural disaster at world level, said Melo and noted that the international organisation is increasing community-oriented training courses in preparation for and management of disaster risks. The Congress on Disasters includes very important issues for discussion, such as quakes and landslides, tropical storms, climate change, international collaboration, and other topics. The event ended on Friday at Havana’s Conventions Centre. (PRENSA)

Argentina decries Boko Haram crisis: Dozens killed in “vulture funds” ruling villages near Chibok


he Argentine Government has published an advert in US newspapers denouncing a recent court ruling in favour of hedge fund investors. The investors bought Argentine Government bonds at a big discount after the country defaulted on its debts in 2001. Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled that Argentina must pay the funds the full US$1.3 billion value of the debt. “Paying the vulture funds is a path leading to default,” says the advert. The full-page message was published in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal and also in the New York Times and Washington Post. “Argentina wants to car-

ry on paying its debts, as it has been doing since 2005,” reads the advert. “But the country has been prevented by the ruling from judge Thomas Griesa [in August 2013] and the Supreme Court’s decision [last week] to refuse to take on the case,” reads the message. The Argentine Government has been in a 12-year legal battle in the US courts against investors who have refused to agree to join a debt restructuring agreement. Judge Griesa from a US appeals court in New York ruled last year in favour of the funds. The Supreme Court last week turned down Argentina’s appeal.

(Excerpt from BBC News)


ozens of villagers are feared dead after attacks by suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state. The raids on Saturday morning were close to Chibok, from where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted in April. Villagers said Boko Haram fighters spent six hours on a shooting spree, chasing fleeing residents into the bush and torching homes. Boko Haram wants to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. The latest attacks by the group appear to have centred on two villages – Kwarangilam and Koronginim. Residents described how attackers wearing military

Boko Haram wants to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria

uniforms arrived in sport utility vehicles and on motorbikes shouting “Allahu Akbar” and shooting everyone in sight. Many were gunned down as they tried to hide in the bush. Witnesses also described

seeing Nigerian air force planes and soldiers taking part in a counter-offensive. The bodies of Boko Haram fighters were also reported to have been found outside Kwarangilam along with burned-out vehicles.

Hundreds of villagers have been killed in northern Nigeria in Boko Haram attacks in recent months. In one attack near the Borno state capital, Maiduguri, at the beginning of June, 45 people were killed. The attackers told villagers they had come to preach before firing on a crowd that gathered, survivors said. Militants have frequently targeted remote areas, since emergency rule was imposed a year ago in the north-east. Nigeria’s Government has been facing growing pressure both at home and abroad to do more to tackle Boko Haram since the militants’ kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls. (Excerpt from

BBC News)

India to get Swiss Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff China urges peaceful endorsed to run for re-election bank details; SIT ready development of seas, says for further action conflict leads to “disaster”


razilian President Dilma Rousseff has been officially endorsed by the governing Workers Party to run for re-election in October. Speaking to party delegates in Brasilia, Rousseff promised to boost social policies that have lifted millions of people out of poverty. The party has been in power since 2003. Rousseff – Brazil’s first woman President – is a former left-wing rebel who fought against military rule in the 1960s and 1970s. She told some 800 delegates meeting at the party’s convention that her second term would see more investment in housing, education and public health. “It is time to move forward, it is time to make more changes,” she said. Rousseff also defended public spending on preparations for the football World Cup and the Olympics, which Rio de Janeiro will host in 2016.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

“All the investment we have done for the World Cup in transport and other infra-structure will continue to benefit Brazilians after the event,” said Rousseff. She was elected four years ago, replacing her friend and mentor, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who served two terms. Brazilians will go to the polls on October 5. If no single candidate gets more than 50 per cent of the vote, there will be a runoff on October 26. (Excerpt from BBC News)

ndia’s efforts to crack down on black money stashed abroad today got a major boost with Switzerland readying a list of Indians suspected to have untaxed money in Swiss banks, while Special Investigation Team constituted by the Indian Government promised action if any illegality is found. The names of certain Indian individuals and entities came under the scanner of the Swiss authorities during an ongoing exercise to identify the real beneficiary owners of funds held in various banks operat-

ing in Switzerland, a senior Swiss government official told PTI. The list of such persons and entities is being shared with India, while further details would also be provided in due course and all necessary administrative assistance would be made available as well, he said. Reacting to the development, Justice M B Shah, who is heading the SIT on black money in India, said that the list would be verified and action would be taken against those found to have kept unaccountable money. (Excerpt from Economic Times)


hina, involved in a growing dispute with its neighbours over the energy-rich South China Sea, wants to promote peaceful development of the oceans, Premier Li Keqiang said, warning conflicts in the past had only brought “disaster for humanity”. China claims almost the entire ocean, rejecting rival claims to parts of it from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei in one of Asia’s most intractable disputes and a possible flashpoint. It also has a long-running dispute with Japan in the East China Sea. “China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and firmly

oppose any act of hegemony in maritime affairs,” Li said at a maritime summit in Greece on Friday in comments carried by China’s Foreign Ministry website on Saturday. “Developing the oceans through cooperation has helped many nations flourish, while resorting to conflict to fight over the sea has only brought disaster for humanity.” Concern over China’s motives has risen in the region after China sent four more oil rigs into the South China Sea, less than two months after it positioned a giant drilling platform in waters claimed by Vietnam around the Paracel Islands.

(Excerpt from Reuters)


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thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Take some time off to rest and rejuvenate. Ponder the ideas and options that you feel will bring you the best return, and get your strategy in order.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Don’t overreact to comments from others. Wait until you get more information. It’s likely you haven’t heard the whole story, and you don’t want to make the wrong assumption.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Love and relationships will take centre stage today. Take an impromptu trip or sign up for something that could prove enjoyable, and let the fun begin!

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Professional changes are imminent. Your ambition, coupled with hard work, will help you gain ground and set the stage for future advancement. Mix business with pleasure in order to succeed even faster.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Make the most of opportunities to tell the people you care about how you feel. Expressing your emotions will be wellreceived and amply returned by your loved ones.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Your popularity is increasing. Don’t hide at home when you should be out exploring new interests and meeting new people. Now is the perfect time to open your mind to different lifestyles.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Refrain from being overbearing. Take a back seat and prepare to listen and observe. Don’t take over a situation, or someone will call it meddling. Wait until you are invited to participate.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Brainstorm with people who share your interests. It’s easier to make good connections if you team up with someone who understands and appreciates your talent. Use your intuition constructively.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) You can increase your earning potential by doing a little self-promotion. The time is right to invest in your ideas and opportunities. Don’t be shy or indecisive.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) You will be in a funloving mood. Get together with someone you enjoy spending time with and show him or her a good time. Love is in the stars.

Saturday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Don’t let work consume you. Get out in the fresh air and enjoy life. You deserve a break, but unless you are willing to take one, it isn’t likely to happen.

Your opponent will gain the upper hand if you are too slow to make your move. Keep on the lookout for upcoming business opportunities. Preparation will lead to success.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

monday, June 23, 2014


Burnett omission from Lara to play in Limacol CPL charity game CBC squad ‘typo error’ Botham, Piers Morgan among other celebrities

– Fundraiser to be held on June 26


acesetter guard Travis Burnett has been added to the shortlisted squad for the men’s basketball team, which is currently preparing for the Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC) scheduled to start July 1 in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Burnett’s name was initially not included in the 18- man shortlisted squad due to a “typo error” by the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), according to the coach of the team, Mark Agard. “It was a typo error on our part, but we talked about it and he (Burnett) was training this morning (Sunday) and will be training this afternoon as well,” Agard told Guyana Times Sport via telephone. The squad, with Burnett’s inclu-

sion, will now be a shortlisted 19 -man squad as the team continues to prepare for the championships. Meanwhile, the team is expected to leave Guyana on June 29 and will host a fundraiser at Palm Court on June 26 in order to garner more funds to support the team’s expenses. The women are set to leave on July 6. The shortlisted team is as follows: local players Akeem Kanhai, Chris Williams, Royston Siland, Dwayne Roberts, Ryan Gullen, Ryan Stephney, Shane Webster, Shelroy Thomas, Dave Causway, Andrew Ifill and Travis Burnett. Overseas players: Rawle Marshall (Captain), Andre De Florimonte, Ray Victor, Richard Hall, Tyler Persaud, Keron McKenzie, Kevan Creppy and Gordon Klaiber.

READY FOR BASH: Brian Lara (left) and Ian Botham (right) will be part of the “Beefy Bash” charity game during the final week of the 2014 Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in St Kitts.


ricketing legends Brian Lara and Sir Ian “Beefy” Botham are set to take part in a Caribbean Premier League (CPL) charity game on August 12, at Warner Park, St Kitts. The all-star match, called “Beefy’s Bash”, will bring together a host of celebrity personalities, cricketing legends and current stars, and will form

part of an exhilarating week in St Kitts, building up to the final of the Limacol CPL 2014 on August 16. Lara and Botham have been designated as captains for the two teams, and have issued a call to arms to cricketing superstars, personalities and fans across the world to take part. Piers Morgan was the first to volunteer, and has been snapped up by fellow Englishman, Botham. About the initiative, Lara said: “I’ve seen first-hand the impact CPL has had on the region. Players and fans love it, it’s great for our up and coming talent, and it provides an economic boost as well.  “I’ve always believed in the importance of giving back to the Caribbean, and this match will be a great way to do that. It’s going to be fun to play with and against some old friends and reignite some old rivalries, and I’ve already been contacted by plenty of fast bowlers keen to have a bowl at Piers!” he added. Botham said: “I know how important cricket is to everyone in the Caribbean, and CPL has done a lot to reignite the region’s love for the game.” (Trinidad Express)

Running Braves win World Olympic Day 10K Team Run ‒ Cleveland Forde places first overall By Reuben Stoby


leveland Forde, representing GDF, may have won yet another 10K race in Guyana but it was the Running Braves Athletic Club who pocketed the top prize in the World Olympic Day 10k Team Run on Sunday. Forde once again allowed others to set the pace, while keeping them within a comfortable catching range, and then relied on his finishing speed to make it home first in 34:49.25 ahead of Police Track Club’s Nathaniel Giddings (35:15.40) and Kevin Bailey (35:29.62). Despite not having an athlete in the top 3, Running Braves Athletic Club did enough to take the team title after accumulating a total time of 4 hours, 3 minutes and 38 seconds and collected the top cash prize of $60,000.00. GDF totaled 4:04.16 to finished second and received $42,000.00 while Police Athletic Club placed third in a total time of 4:14.65 and received $30,000.00. Rising Stars Track Club finished 4th and out of the prize reckoning. Top female distance

Cleveland Forde

runner Alika Morgan, who represented Rising Stars, was the first female in. The 10k Team Run comprised of two females and four males who were required to complete the course in order to obtain the points for the team. Forde, who saw the run as a good warm up for a Caricom 10K race in Antigua on June 29, told Guyana Times that there was no particular strategy other than to take it easy. “It was just a nice cool run and not about pushing for a fast time or anything.” The middle and long distance ace said even if he wanted to push for a fast time, however, the conditions would not have allowed him to as the

roads were wet and “I was sliding at almost every step.” There was also a Jog/ Walk, which was not considered a race, and it was open to all persons ten years and older. The Jog/Walk/Team Run started outside the Thomas Lands YMCA, Camp Road, Georgetown, proceeded on Carifesta Avenue into the Rupert Craig Highway, turned at Turkeyen, into Kitty Public Road, then Vlissengen Road and into Thomas Lands for the finish.

President of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) Kalam Azad Juman-Yassin thanked the many participants who braved the inclement weather to participate in the event held in observance of International Olympic Day. Juman-Yassin also expressed appreciation to Mexican Ambassador to Guyana Francisco Olguin who completed the distance and later assisted in the presentation of prizes.

Carl Mckenzie the team prize Olguin. Centre is President of Hutson.

(right) of Running Braves Athletic Club receives from Mexican Ambassador to Guyana Francisco is GOA President K. A. Juman-Yassin while right the Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) Aubrey

Members of the winning Running Braves team, along with GOA President K. A. Juman-Yassin (6th from left) and Mexican Ambassador to Guyana Francisco Olguin.


monday, JUNE 23, 2014

Today’s Games: Australia vs Netherlands (12:00h); Spain vs Chile (15:00h) and Cameroon and Croatia (18:00h)

Decisive Origi blasts Koreans crushed by impressive Algeria Belgium through

Algeria became the first African side to score four times in a single FIFA World Cup match. Photo: FIFA

Divock Origi of Belgium controls the ball against Vasily Berezutskiy of Russia. (Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)


elgium ensured a berth in the Round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup with a last-gasp 1-0 victory over Russia in Rio de Janeiro courtesy of another substitute goal, this time from Divock Origi. With 120 seconds remaining of a Group H encounter that had largely failed to spark in front of an expectant home crowd, the 19-year-old combined with Eden Hazard, who raced to the by-line and pulled back for his younger colleague to thrash into the roof of the net. Having both risen from the substitutes’ bench to inspire a 2-1 comeback victory over Algeria in their opener, Belgium coach Marc Wilmots welcomed Marouane Fellaini and Dries Mertens into his XI. Thomas Vermaelen took up residence in defence but was later forced off with injury. For his part, Fabio Capello made two changes, keeping faith with goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. Belgium’s innate commitment to attack was evident

during the opening exchanges at the Maracana, although the subsequent space conceded in defence afforded Victor Fayzulin a chance to clip a long-range drive accurately at goal. Thibaut Courtois punched away safely. In response, the Red Devils launched a continual siege along the right flank. First, Kevin De Bruyne scampered forward and released Mertens, but the latter’s stroke into the centre was cleared before Romelu Lukaku could pounce. Napoli wide-man Mertens then created two opportunities out of individual clever play but sent each off target. Akinfeev was made to work ten minutes before half-time, however. Exactly the same approach brought freedom for the effervescent Mertens, although his shot across the face of goal was parried away cleanly and sufficiently by the experienced CSKA Moscow custodian. For all of the Belgians’ territorial dominance, Capello’s charges should have entered the break ahead; a sweeping

delivery from the left by Denis Glushakov found Alexander Kokorin, who somehow contrived to glance a header wide after expertly moving into space in a central position inside the penalty area. There was a slow pace to proceedings in Rio when the action resumed for the second half, prompting Wilmots to introduce Origi in place of Lukaku, yet the organisation and structure of Russia’s defence thwarted all movement forward. When Hazard collected possession and shimmied around his marker, he merely found another opponent in the way of his blast. The same fate befell Origi with little over ten minutes remaining before, as in the opening period, Russia wasted an invitation – a timely Andrey Eshchenko run latched onto a smart pass to the flank, but the No22’s hit carried wide. Kevin Mirallas directed a low free-kick onto the left post but Origi struck hard and true in the 88th minute to secure all three points and qualification.



lgeria have moved up to second in Group H with a convincing 4-2 win over Korea Republic at Porto Alegre’s Estadio BeiraRio. The Taeguk Warriors were blown away in a first half that ended with their north African opponents three goals to the good, and not even a much-improved second-half showing could prevent Hong Myungbo’s team slumping to a damaging defeat. There had been plenty of raised eyebrows pre-match at the decision by Algeria coach Vahid Halilhodzic to bench five of the players who had been unlucky to lose 2-1 to Belgium. That shuffling of Les Fennecs pack was quickly justified, though, as they established a firm stranglehold on the match. The first half, in fact, was as one-sided as any seen at Brazil 2014 thus far, with the tone set after just two minutes when Sofiane Feghouli twisted away from his marker and fired narrowly over from ten yards. Algeria could easily have been 3-0 up inside the opening ten minutes, in fact, with Yacine Brahimi one of the players promoted to the starting line-up - volleying over and Islam Slimani

heading into the side-netting shortly after. Slimani continued to threaten, though, and with 26 minutes played he scored the goal that he and his team so richly deserved, bustling through on to a long ball, holding off two Korean pursuers and dinking a volley over the advancing Jung Sungryoung. The Taeguk Warriors seemed helpless in the face of this Algerian onslaught and two minutes later their deficit was doubled, Rafik Halliche bulleting home Nabil Bentaleb’s corner with Jung caught in no man’s land. The surprise scoreline did not flatter the north Africans and nor could Korea Republic complain when their opponents went three up seven minutes before half-time. The ease with which they found the net was a source of embarrassment though, with Abdelmoumene Djabou popping up unmarked 12 yards from goal to sweep home leftfooted from Slimani’s clever pass. Some harsh words were doubtless uttered at half-time in the South Korean dressing room and, whatever was said, it certainly seemed to have the desired impact. The

Asians were certainly a different team altogether after the break and hauled themselves back into contention after just four minutes when Son Heungmin spun away from Madjid Bouguerra and smashed a left-foot shot through the legs of Rais Mbholi. That goal made everyone wonder whether a comeback could be on, and it might have been had Mbholi not made a superb flying save to tip away Ki Sungyeung’s sweetly struck long-range effort on the hour-mark. Just a couple of minutes later, though, the Algerians moved out of sight when Brahimi worked a neat one-two with Slimani before nutmegging the hapless Jung. Halilhodzic’s side duly became the first African side to score four times in a single FIFA World Cup match, although their lead was eroded with 18 minutes remaining when Lee Keunho crossed for Koo Jacheol to bundle the ball home from close range. But the South Koreans rarely looked like making it a nervy finale and will now go into their final Group H match needing to beat Belgium to have any chance of making the last 16. (FIFA)

Varela strikes to save Portugal


ortugal have avoided early elimination from the FIFA World Cup™ in the most dramatic of circumstances after Varela’s 95th-minute goal secured a 2-2 draw with USA in Manaus. The Stars and Stripes had been on the verge of qualifying for the Round of 16 with a game to spare after coming from a goal down to lead 2-1, but were denied in the dying moments of a game that was exhilarating from the first minute to the last. The US had benefited against Ghana from an early goal, but on this occasion they gifted that advantage to Portugal in the most calamitous of circumstances. The assist for Nani’s fifth-minute opener belonged, after all, to Geoff Cameron, who sliced an attempted clearance straight to the Portugal winger. Hardly

able to believe his luck, Nani even had time to wait for Tim Howard to commit himself before side-footing confidently into the roof of the net. It was just the kind of start that Jurgen Klinsmann must have been dreading, although he would have been hugely encouraged by his team’s response to falling behind. The Stars and Stripes went on to dominate the first half, with Clint Dempsey again leading the charge, curling just over from a free-kick on 13 minutes. Dempsey was again in the thick of the action four minutes later, racing through on to a pass from Michael Bradley and smashing in a shot that Beto just managed to deflect behind with his legs. Bradley then went for goal himself shortly after, crashing in a ferocious left-foot drive that flashed a foot or so over the

Substitute Varela saved Portugal with a last-gasp equaliser, bulleting a header into the top corner from Ronaldo’s inviting cross in their game against USA. Photo: Getty Images

crossbar from 25 yards. The quality of Portugal’s individual players ensured they always remained a threat, and Cristiano Ronaldo finally got a sight of goal after 36 minutes, though his longrange effort was just a little too straight to cause Howard undue difficulty. The US keeper was well and truly stretched

in the final seconds of the half, though, when he pulled off a superb double save, tipping wide from Eder after he had diverted Nani’s initial effort on to the post. If that save was spectacular, it was nothing compared to the near-miraculous stop that Ricardo Costa managed 11 minutes into the sec-

ond half. A US goal appeared inevitable when a lightning break culminated in Bradley shooting from close range with Beto stranded, but Costa - positioned on the line - somehow contrived to divert the ball behind with his knee. But the Americans would not be denied, and on 64 minutes they drew level with a goal straight out of the top drawer. Jermaine Jones was the man responsible, jinking inside Nani 25 yards from goal and curling in a magnificent right-foot shot that bent just inside the far post, with Beto left utterly helpless. It was a goal reminiscent of Lionel Messi’s winner for Argentina against Iran - only with Jones doing the damage on his right foot - and it was received just as ecstatically. A draw was a positive result for the Americans, but a

win would have been even better - and that was exactly what Dempsey looked to have secured nine minutes from time. And while this goal might not have been as spectacular as its predecessor, with the US No8 bundling Graham Zusi’s cross over the line with his midriff, its importance could not be overstated. It was not, however, enough to secure victory - and a place in the last 16 - for the US. That’s because, with 95 minutes on the clock and the final seconds ticking down, substitute Varela saved Portugal with a last-gasp equaliser, bulleting a header into the top corner from Ronaldo’s inviting cross. It was the final act of a pulsating match, which ended with both sides still with plenty to play for in their final Group G encounters. (FIFA)


YELLOW PAGES monday, JUNE 23, 2014


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Sri Lanka build lead over England

Mahela Jayawardene’s continued presence will most concern England as they bid for the win that will give them the series following the drawn first Test at Lord’s. Photo: AFP


ngland claimed two late wickets on a third day dominated by Sri Lanka to leave the decisive second Test at Headingley in the balance. The tourists looked to be moving towards a po-

sition of strength when Moeen Ali removed Kumar Sangakkara for 55 and Lahiru Thirimanne without scoring in the space of three deliveries. Sri Lanka closed on 214-4 - a lead of 106 - with


ugust 22, 1993, the Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo. Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira emerges from the tunnel, looks around him and takes a long, deep breath. The pressure is on for A Seleção. Defeated in a FIFA World Cup™ qualifier for the very first time the previous month in Bolivia, they have no option but to beat Ecuador and turn on the style in doing so, the very least expected of them by their everdemanding supporters. Reflecting on that day in a lengthy 2012 interview with, Parreira spoke of the tension and pressure weighing down on his side. Though they eventually saw off the Ecuadorians 2-0, his charges did not do enough to please the Sao Paulo fans, who unceremoniously booed the home players off the pitch, subjecting them to the kind of stinging criticism that perhaps no other national team has to endure in victory. Much has changed in the 21 years since then, not least the fact that A Seleção Brasileira now have five world titles to their name instead of three. Though Parreira remains part of the set-up as technical director, Luiz Felipe

Scolari is the man who now calls the shots from the dugout, having guided Brazil to a much-celebrated triumph in last year’s FIFA Confederations Cup. One other thing that has changed is the reaction of the Seleção faithful to adversity, of which there has been plenty for the host nation in their first two games at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Made to work hard in securing a tense comeback win over Croatia in the Opening Match of the tournament, Scolari’s side then fell short of the fans’ expectations in playing out a goalless draw with Mexico, the first time since June 2011 that Brazil had failed to score at home. In days gone by such a result could well have been greeted with disappointment, criticism and talk of a crisis or even a disaster. But at the Castelao last Tuesday there was no booing from the stands or even the slightest complaint. Discussing the sympathetic reaction of the home fans with after the match, Neymar said: “I can definitely sense them getting more and more on our side, come what may. Everyone is coming along to support us, right till the end, and it’s been

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that way for a while now. Just like our style of play, it’s become a hallmark of the team, and there’s nothing better than getting that sort of support when you’re hosting the World Cup.”

In sickness and in health

It is telling that Neymar should mention the words “come what may”. It is one thing for the Brazil fans to stand up, full of heart, and sing the national anthem out loud before kick-off – another defining characteristic of A Seleção – but quite another to maintain that sense of belief and optimism when things are not going the way of their heroes on the pitch, as was the case when Tri keeper Guillermo Ochoa held them at bay last week. Things definitely seem to have changed in Brazil then, so much so that when Carlos Alberto Parreira pokes his head out of the tunnel at the Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha before Monday’s meeting with Cameroon, he will rest easy in the knowledge that thousands of cheering fans around him will be supporting A Seleção come what may. (

Rosberg beats Hamilton in Austria

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Mahela Jayawardene unbeaten on 55 in the company of captain Angelo Mathews. England lost their final four wickets for a further 45 runs in the morning session to be bowled out for 365, a first-innings advantage of 108. Although that completed a slide of eight wickets for 87, England still looked to be in a strong position. However, they failed to make best use of the new ball and Sri Lanka wiped out the deficit for the loss of two wickets, both to the extra pace of Liam Plunkett. Summarised scores: Sri Lanka 257 and 214 for 4 (Jayawardene 55*, Mathews 24*) lead England 365 (Robson 127, Ballance 74, Bell 64) by 106 runs (BBC

Brazilians get behind their team


property for sale


Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg the latest interteam rivalry. Photo: BBC


ico Rosberg edged a close fight with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton to win the Austrian Grand

Prix. The Mercedes were competing with the frontrow starting Williams for half the race before assum-

ing the first two positions after the final pit stops. Rosberg was left leading Hamilton, but with both managing brake problems the Englishman was unable to challenge. Williams drivers Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa took third and fourth ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. Rosberg’s victory was his third of the season, and it extends his championship lead to 29 points, more than a race victory, his largest margin of the entire season. (BBC)


monday, JUNE 23, 2014

Wartsila onboard “Cricket for Unity” match


s the “Cricket for Unity” 20/20 match draws closer, corporate support continues to stream in with Wartsila Guyana Inc. being the latest company to come on board for the June 5 encounter at the Demerara Cricket Club ground, Queenstown. Gary Hall, Environment and Safety Manager of the entity, recently presented a cheque for an undisclosed amount to Chairman of the “Cricket For Unity” Committee Dexter Garnett. Hall commended Garnett for the initiative while stating that his company is very pleased to be a part of the activity, which will showcase many prominent members of society, including politicians and businessmen among others, competing against each other. “We at Wartsila are very happy to be a part of this event and we are looking forward to witnessing an exciting game come July 5th. We would like to wish the players all the best,” Hall said. Garnett in response thanked Hall and Wartsila for their timely support and promised that all arrangements would be put in place for a memorable game under lights. The company is celebrating 20 years since setting up operations in Guyana. The event will feature two teams- Roraima Strikers and Kaieteur Thunders-

Dexter Garnett (left) accepts the sponsorship cheque from Gary Hall of Wartsila

consisting of a selection of leaders and prominent personalities from all strata of society. The match is slated to commence at 18:00h under the newly installed floodlights at the venue. Among the persons confirmed to participate in the game are Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony, PS Alfred

King, Deputy PS Steve Ninvelle, Sheik Mohamed, Kemo Paul, Shimron Hetmyer, Rabindranauth Seeram, Mark Harper, Roger Harper, Colin Stuart, Reon King, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Gudakesh Motie, Gordon Moseley, Kirk “Chow Pow” Jardine, James Bond and Raphael Trotman among others.

YBG conference heading to final stages By Treiston Joseph


he conference stage of the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) school tournament is coming to a close with most teams booking their places in the final of their respective zone following Saturday’s action at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). Bishops’ High School was the last team to book their place in a final after defeating St. Roses’ High School in a thrilling semifinal that captivated the small turnout at the CASH. With the lead never reaching double figures and both teams exchanging the lead in excess of ten times, Bishops’ were able to walk away with a 47-42 win in spite of a couple turnovers in the dying minutes of the game. The game was high paced as both teams traded shots with the highest lead being nine after a quick 9-0 with 5 minutes remaining. However, Roses came right back with a 6-0 run to cut the lead to three with the score on 45-42 and two minutes remaining. Roses were unable to hit their next couple of shots, including a game tying three pointer from Nathan Saul after Bishops’ just got a little lackluster. Marvin Durant had a

Marvin Durant

team high 11 points despite being ejected after a confrontation with a player from St. Roses while Daniel Haynes was a rebounding machine with 15 rebounds and nine points. Patrice Agrippa had a game high 12 points while Shamar Huntley had 10 points as Nathan Saul had a quiet night from the field. Marian Academy had an easy night after the Government Technical Institute (GTI) failed to show, giving the private institution a free pass to the final of the Georgetown Conference. In the Berbice Conference/ Corentyne Zone, JC

Chandersingh defeated Lower Corentyne 34-31 as Kevin Deolall scored a team high 12 points to lead his school to the win. Koby Crawford scored a game high 14 points for Lower Corentyne in the loss. Comprehensive Secondary defeated Port Mourant Training School 28-27 to move further in the tournament. Osafa Profit scored a game high 13 points for Comprehensive Secondary while Kemo Bess equaled the point out in loss. Meanwhile in the New Amsterdam zone, New Amsterdam Multilateral routed Berbice High School 24-8. Tafawa Daly scored eight points in the win. Vrymans Ervin held on to defeat Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) 26-25 in another close game with Samuel Downer scoring a team high eight points. Glenroy King scored 13 points for BEI. In the under-16 category, St. Stanislaus College routed St. John’s College 37-11 as both Nigel Bowen and Dequan Wray netted 10 points each to lead St. Stanislaus to the win. The under-14 category saw Bishop’s High School coming out victorious against St. Roses High 22-15 while Marian Academy lost to a mixed team 11-13.

Digicel Inter-Schools Football

‒ Santa Rosa set to defend regional crown

Santa Rosa Secondary School, seen here in training at the Kumacka Playfield, are confident of defending their title as champions of Region One.


ong in training and bursting with confidence are Santa Rosa Secondary School who are set to defend their title of U-18 champions of Region One and hopefully progress to the final of this year’s Digicel InterSchools football competition. The preliminary round of matches in Region One will be contested on July 12-13 at the Kumacka Playfield in Moruca. Santa Rosa Secondary will get into action against arch-rivals North West Secondary of Mabaruma on the opening day while Wauna Secondary play Waramuri Secondary and Port Kaituma Secondary

meet Kamwatta the following day. The home lads are expected to be cheered on by a huge turnout of football loving supporters from the various villages in Moruca. Santa Rosa Secondary won the Region One title last year and progressed as far as the quarter-finals where they were eliminated by eventual finalists Waramadong Secondary. They hope to progress to the finals this year and are brimming with confidence ahead of the preliminary round of matches in Moruca despite not having the defence formidability of Joseph Millington who was one of the star per-

formers in the squad last year. But according to a teacher of the school who is close to the team, the squad is a more balanced one from previous years and should put them in a much better position to progress much further in this year’s nation-wide tournament. Santa Rosa Secondary are two times champions of Region One in the Digicel Schools tournament now in its 4th year. The Digicel sponsored nationwide InterSecondary Schools’ football 2013 competition was won by Christianburg Wismar Secondary School of Region 10.

Universal Sports supports young cricketer


niversal Sports, owned by sports enthusiast Andrew Budhan, has continued its benevolence to young sportspersons with cricketer Andrew Clifford being the latest beneficiary. The Under-17 player was recently presented with a Gray-Nicolls set that includes thigh pads, arm and chest guards and batting gloves. “We at Universal Sports are helping him to fulfill his dreams of becoming successful in the cricket arena. We find him to be a disciplined, hardworking and dedicated young cricketer,” Budhan said. In accepting the equipment, Clifford said he was very appreciative of the support given by Budhan and promised to use the equipment for their intended purposes.

Young cricketer Andrew Clifford receives the gear from Manager of Universal Sports, Natalie Ramkarran

monday, JUNE 23, 2014

More Powerlifting titles for Callendar and Stoby – Chloe Hunter takes Female Intermediate crown

Right to left: Overall Intermediate Champion Roger Callendar, Female Intermediate champion Chloe Hunte and overall winner of the Masters Segment Winston Stoby at the conclusion of the championships yesterday at YMCA, Thomas Lands


orld dead lift record holder Winston Stoby and Roger Callendar added more Powerlifting titles to their names when the Claude Charles Memorial Intermediate and Masters Championships organized by the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) were held on Saturday at YMCA, Thomas Lands. Stoby emerged overall winner of the Masters segment with 482 wilks points while Callendar lifted the Overall Intermediate crown. The strongman squat-

Roger Callender in action

ted 257.5kg and dead lifted 267.5kg but couldn’t muster up the strength to break his world record of 277.5kg. April Novices Championships best lifter Callendar added another title in lifting a total of 602.5kg to surpass his previous best of 589kg. Meanwhile, the Female Novices crown was taken by Chloe Hunter who took a surprise win over Andrea Smith. The next item on the GABF calendar is the 2014 Senior Championship scheduled for later this year.


Digicel Inter-Schools Football Competition…

St Cuthbert’s dispose of Achievers Academy


chievers Academy were making their debut in the Digicel Schools Football tournament on Sunday, a dream come through for the young players at St. Cuthbert’s ground in Region four. However, the debutants were brought to a harsh realization that there is no easy passage in the annual tournament as they were handed a 6-0 drubbing by St. Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary School. Nixon D’Oliveira started the goals galore in the 19th minute before team mate Paul Henry would sink the second in the 26th. D’Oliveira then scored his second in the 28th to make it a 3-0 lead and then completed his hat-trick in the 33rd minute for a 4-nil win. There were more goals to come as Zak Ferreira would score in the 37th minute to make it 5-0 in front of a large number of supporters who came out despite the wet conditions. Achievers Academy would tighten their defense in the second half but would fail to get forward in attacking positions.

It has been raining goals in the 2014 edition of the Digicel Schools Football Competition being contested nation-wide (Carl Croker photo)

St. Cuthbert’s would continue their attacking ways in the second half and were rewarded with a final goal in the 66th minute from

Leveland Jacobs, much to the cheers of the fans that came out in support of their team. St. Cuthbert’s Mission

will now meet Soesdyke Secondary when the tournament continues during the week.

Costa snatches Tour of Switzerland win P

ortugal’s world road race champion Rui Costa overhauled Tony Martin on the last day to win the Tour of Switzerland for the third year in succession. The Portuguese, 27, started the 157km leg from Martigny to SaasFee more than a minute behind Martin, but broke clear near the hilly finish to win the stage in four hours 13 minutes 14 seconds. That gave him the race victory by 33 seconds from Mathias Frank, with Bauke Mollema third and Martin fourth. The win was Costa’s first of 2014. Three-time world time trial champion Martin

Costa will lead the Lampre team at the Tour de France, which starts next month in Yorkshire Photo: AP

had been in the leader’s yellow jersey since winning the opening stage on 14 June, but Costa’s superior climbing ability proved decisive. Costa will lead the Lampre team at the Tour de France, which starts next month in Yorkshire. Teams are expected to name their lineups in the coming days, with 2012 champion Sir Bradley Wiggins likely to be a notable absentee from the Team Sky squad. His fellow Briton Mark Cavendish, who won Tuesday’s stage in Switzerland, should be part of Martin’s Omega Pharma-Quick-Step team. (BBC Sport)

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

monday, June 23, 2014


Lara to play in Limacol CPL charity game Se e on sto pa ry 1 ge


Decisive Origi blasts Belgium through

See stories on page See s to on pa ry ge

Burnett omission from CBC squad ‘typo error’

Travis Burnett


Koreans crushed by impressive Algeria


West Front Road win Mackeson Futsal

West Front Road receives their winning trophy from Brand Manager of Mackeson Jamaal Douglas after the final

By Treiston Joseph


est Front Road became the new champion of the Mackeson “Keep Your Five Alive” Futsal competition

when the final was contested on Saturday evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) tarmac. Playing the defending champions of the tournament Sparta Boss in the fi-

nal, it was clear from the blast of the first whistle that West Front Road’s intention was to attack. However, Sparta Boss who are no slouches themselves, kept the pressure on

with a number of attacks that ended with misfired shots on the goal. After a nil all first half, both teams did not let up in the second half although attacks came up empty hand-

Varela strikes to save Portugal ed on both sides of the pitch. The fast-paced game finished scoreless. West Front Road in the second half had better opportunities to win the encounter but could not convert their opportunities. Much like their semifinal encounter against Alexander Village that ended 0-0, West Front Road won the game and the $300,000 first place prize with a 3-2 score in the sudden death kicks round. Sparta Boss received the second place prize of $200,000 and a trophy after qualifying for the final with

a 2-0 win against Tiger Bay. The Media team once again played Qualfon in an exhibition encounter and won the match 1-0 in contrast to their one sided win of 4-1 when the two teams met at the quarterfinal stage. North East La Penitence also played an exhibition game and drew 0-0. Mackeson’s brand manager Jamaal Douglas was pleased with the tournament and noted a significant “improvement” in the brand of football being played by the teams in the tournament.

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