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Thursday, November 28, 2013


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Disband City Council

...businesses urge as city floods

– 5.1 inches of rainfall recorded

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– 43 public schools forced to close

Businesses are calling for the dissolution of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) following another embarrassing episode of flooding in Georgetown. It was not business as usual on Wednesday as many Guyanese woke up to floodwaters and businesses were forced to close in most parts of the city (Treiston Joseph photos)

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THURSDay, november 28, 2013 |

Norway forest deal not strangling development in sector – Minister Persaud

Male victims of domestic violence need a voice

he Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Norway and the government of Guyana is not strangling development within the extraction industry, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud said on Wednesday. Persaud was at the time responding to a question posed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarian Joseph Harmon during a Parliamentary Sectoral Committee meeting on natural resources. Persaud explained that the MoU allows for the development of Guyana’s natural resources. “So the MoU was not intended to be a punitive mechanism, or in any way to restrict, safe and environmentally sound activities,” he emphasised. Grilled on the notion put forward that Guyana will lose US$20 million from the Forest Conservation Fund due to a 0.025 per cent increase in deforestation, Persaud said Guyana should await the completion of an independent accuracy assessment. The independent accuracy assessment is being conducted by the University of Durham (United Kingdom) and the Kingdom of Norway. According to the 2013 National Deforestation Report, Guyana has experienced a 0.025 per cent increase in deforestation.



R Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud

According to the report, Guyana would have experienced a forest change from forest to non-forest at an estimated 14,655 hectares during the period January 2012 to December 2012, with a total deforestation of 0.079 per cent. Minister Persaud said the increase is greater than Year Two, which was reported as 0.054 per cent. The 2013 National Deforestation Report is the third of its kind to be completed under the Monitoring Reporting and verification (MRV) system for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus), in keeping with the GuyanaNorway MoU. Based on the interim measures MRVS report, Guyana has maintained a relatively low deforestation rate between 0.02 per cent and 0.079 per cent per annum. But in accordance with the Norwegian agreement,

Guyana at this current stage should have had a deforestation rate below 0.070 per cent as against 0.079 per cent. With Guyana surpassing the threshold, the country could lose millions. Nevertheless, Persaud maintained that Guyana should await the completion of the independent accuracy assessment. He said the situation is not alarming since Guyana’s Year Three deforestation rate is still low when compared to the rest of South America, pointing out that the combined reference level is 0.275 per cent. Mining has been identified as the main contributing factor to deforestation. In 2011, mining accounted for 94 per cent of all recorded deforestation. This percentage has jumped since then, with deforestation increasing to around 13,516 hectares from 9891 hectares, due to mining.

egion Six Chairman David Armogan said while violence again women is well ventilated and condemned by all sections of society, women in the habit of abusing men should receive equal condemnation. Speaking at a programme at an annex of the University of Guyana (UG) Tain Campus on Tuesday at John to observe International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Armagon categorised domestic violence in two forms: physical and structural. According to the chairman, structural violence is when someone is starved for food in the home or when parents do not purchase text books for their children. “Many women have been guilty of structural violence when their husbands work hard in the cane fields, come home and have to starve… While today we look at violence against women, we also have to look at violence against men.” According to the regional chairman, though many men are guilty of physical violence against women, women are guilty of structural violence against men. Many men have been suffering at the hands of women, and though some

Region Six Chairman David Armogan

have resorted to violence, others have turned to God and professional councillors for help. Guyana has signed onto the United Nations declaration for the prevention of all forms of violence against women and children, and has enacted several pieces of legislation in this regard; foremost among them is the Domestic Violence Act. However, though the legislation is in place, implementation of it remains a problem. B Division Deputy Commander, Police Superintendent Stephen Mansell, who also addressed the forum, acknowledged the enforcement of the act is an issue, but quickly declared that the police should

not be solely blamed. “Sometimes the nurse at the hospital is a relative of the perpetrator and she hides the medical so there is no medical and there is less weight to the charge of domestic violence.” Mansell however criticised some police officers, noting that there have been cases where the perpetrator and the investigating offices share an unsavory relationship. “We have at all stations a room separately built for the purpose of domestic violence. We have ranks that are specially trained to interview and prepare charges in instances of domestic violence. So what you would have heard long ago is not happening now, it is totally different.” During the forum, some persons suggested that some police officers might not be following proper procedures in investigating cases of domestic violence, and noted that all have a role to play in addressing the scourge. The forum was attended by teachers, students, police officers and members of several women’s organisations, who marched from the Tain Campus to its annex at John, shouting anti-domestic violence slogans. The event was organised by the Regional Women’s Affairs Committee.



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, November 28 from 13:30h-15:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, November 28 from 12:50h-14:20h.

WEATHER TODAY Weather: Thundery showers are expected to prevail during the day and into the evening over coastal areas and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius. Wind: North-easterly between 2.22 and 2.5 metres.

High Tide: 00:13h and 12:43h reaching maximum heights of 2.26 metres and 2.37 metres respectively. Low Tide: 06:11h and 18:44h reaching minimum heights of 0.91 metre and 0.84 metre.

wednesday, november 27, 2013

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THURSday, november 28, 2013 |

Caricom deeply troubled by Guyana’s blacklisting


he Caribbean Community (Caricom) is urging an early resolution of the issues surrounding the implementation of recommendations to address deficiencies in the antimoney laundering regime of Guyana. A statement issued by the Bureau of the Conference of Heads of Government of Caricom after its meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Tuesday, said Caricom was “deeply concerned about the impact that any adverse action” by Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) member states could have on “the Guyanese economy, and by extension the Caricom region as a whole, particularly in the areas of trade and financial services”. Caricom said it has taken note of CFATF’s consideration of Guyana’s progress in implementing recommendations to address deficiencies in its anti-money laundering regime. Caricom has also taken note of the efforts made by the government of Guyana to implement the said recommendations, including tabling in the National Assembly a bill to amend the legislative framework, which has since been rejected by the National Assembly, given the parliamentary and political configuration that obtains in Guyana.

Adverse action

“Caricom is deeply concerned about the impact that any adverse action by CFATF member states could have on the Guyanese economy and by extension the Caricom region as a whole, particularly in the areas of trade and financial services.” According to the regional bloc, any action that reduces the ease or increases the cost of processing international financial or trade transactions will adversely affect trade and finan-

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cial flows in the region, retard the regional integration enterprise and reverse the gains made by Guyana and the region. Caricom noted that this could also directly and severely, hinder the functioning of the Caricom Secretariat, which is based in Guyana. Mindful that this action could result in hardship for the people of Guyana and having regard to the extenuating circumstances that obtain in Guyana, particularly as it relates to the government securing legislative approval, and the deleterious consequences that are likely to arise from adverse action against Guyana, Caricom hopes that this matter could be resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Likely negotiation

Meanwhile, earlier this week, it was reported that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) will likely return to the negotiating table to plot the way forward on the passage of the bill. This round of discussion is critical to prevent Guyana from experiencing a financial crisis, owing to the move by CFATF to blacklist the country for non-compliance with anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism standards. After voting down the bill in the National Assembly on November 7, the APNU and the AFC have since indicated that they will support the retabling of the bill, but it must be recommitted to the parliamentary special select committee. The onus is on the PPP/C to re-table the defeated bill. Addressing the press at Freedom House on Monday, Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall said the govern-

Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall

ment of Guyana will be assessing the possible avenues to be taken, indicating discussions with the two opposition political groupings are possible. With Guyana being blacklisted by CFATF during its November 20 plenary in The Bahamas, Nandlall said it was essential for the country to take necessary steps to reduce the impact.

Further sanctions

CFATF’s next plenary is set for May 2014; however, Guyana could be placed under the microscope in February 2014 when the global anti-money laundering body, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meets. Hence, the bill which incorporates CFATF recommendations should be passed by February to avoid further uncertainty. CFATF has already indicated that if the bill is not passed in May 2014, Guyana will be handed over to FATF’s International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG), resulting in greater financial sanctions. “The amendments which have been rejected by the opposition in the National Assembly ought to be passed

even before February, so that Guyana will no longer be a country with those identified deficiencies,” Nandlall posited. Guyana, along with Belize, was blacklisted by CFATF due to its failure to rectify key strategic deficiencies in its Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financial of Terrorism Act. Initially, an action plan was developed to address the deficiencies, but Guyana failed to adhere to the plan. CFATF has advised its members to consider the implementation of countermeasures to protect their financial systems from the ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks emanating from Guyana. It was pointed out that commercial banks in Trinidad and Tobago have already heightened their security systems for transactions with Guyanese companies, following a warning letter from the Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank. The legal affairs minister indicated that a commercial bank in the U.S. has severed ties with a local commercial bank as a result of Guyana’s failure to comply with the CFATF requirements.


thursday, november 28, 2013

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Banning Styrofoam G

overnment has sounded the warning recently that it will be moving to ban the use of Styrofoam with effect from June 2014. The Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) have endorsed the plan to significantly scale back the importation of Styrofoam. Other stakeholders are also in support. A few persons, especially importers of the product, are complaining that the time given for the ban to take effect is too short and are making the necessary demands on the authorities to be a bit more flexible. We understand the anxieties expressed by these stakeholders, and hope that the government will give serious consideration to extending the timeframe for the switch. The suggestion for government to grant a three- to sixmonth waiver of taxes to businesses to make the transition from Styrofoam to biodegradable and less harmful materials is a reasonable one. In “How Styrofoam is bad for the environment”, Karen Frazier explains that Styrofoam has become such an accepted everyday product that people do not even realise that it is made from polystyrene. Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic, which gained popularity because it is lightweight, offers good insulation properties that keep products cold or hot, and keeps things safe during the shipping process without adding weight. While there are some positive aspects of the use of the product, Styrofoam has severe harmful effects and it is better to not use it. Environmental health concerns start with the elements used to make Styrofoam. Styrene is the foundational ingredient used to make polystyrene, which is widely used to manufacture plastics, resins, and rubber. Frazier points to the fact that Styrofoam appears to last forever, as it is resistant to photolysis, or the breaking down of materials by protons originating from a light source. The fact that Styrofoam is lightweight means that over time a great deal of polystyrene will accumulate along coasts and waterways which could have negative effects to plants and animal life. What many of us do not know is that when Styrofoam containers are used for food, chemicals can contaminate the food, affecting human health and the reproductive systems, especially if the food is reheated while still in the container. Stakeholders must examine the issue of plastics in general and the harmful effects they have on the environment. There were calls made before for a national policy on the issue of plastics. Where there is no systematic sorting, collection, and recycling of plastic bags, the thousands discarded become an environmental hazard and a major challenge to drainage and sanitation, among other challenges. The Guyana Consumers’ Association (GCA) had started some lobbying efforts to get the government to seriously consider banning the use of plastic bags and to look at alternatives such as paper bags, baskets and cloth bags to carry items such as foodstuff. As it relates to the issue of recycling of plastics, we believe that given the apparent lack of interest in the initiative by the private sector so far, government should lead the way in promoting a recycling initiative of its own and hopefully the private sector will join in. As it relates to the issue of Styrofoam, it is well accepted that the ban is necessary. Hence all stakeholders must work with the authorities in ensuring that there is a smooth transition from Styrofoam to materials that are much safer for our environment and for humans in general. While the authorities are looking at enforcing an outright ban on Styrofoam next year, it is necessary that they, almost immediately, commence a massive public awareness and education campaign aimed at getting consumers to reduce the use of Styrofoam. Consumers must also be encouraged to support businesses that are gradually moving away from the use of the product. Further, government must work with all stakeholders to ensure that individuals and businesses are given the necessary support and guidance in the entire process.

A man sweeps burning charcoal as he participates in the traditional ritual called “Lianhuo”, or “fire walking”, in Pan’an county, Zhejiang province, China, November 25 (Reuters/Stringer)

Showing compassion to the mentally challenged Dear Editor, A man was recently killed in what appeared to be a hit-and-run accident on the Essequibo Coast. He was no stranger to the area where he met his demise. The mentally unstable man would often walk about the area and has, over time, become well known by many. Several vagrants have

taken up residence on many of Guyana’s streets and there is no doubt that if they pose a threat to society and road users, they should be removed. These individuals have basic needs just like each and every one of us. They are hungry, thirsty, and tired. Though they may be mentally challenged, they

are still human beings and should not be abused. It is important that we display awareness and caution when we are in the presence of individuals of unsound mind, since no one can predict a violent outburst.  Blaming the government and the family members of vagrants will not solve the

problem. As good people, we must make a concerted effort to be compassionate towards these individuals until they can be taken off the streets. Yours faithfully, Wendella Jones

More must be done to keep our roads safe

Dear Editor, Reckless drivers and the frequent occurrence of road accidents are becoming too popular in Guyana. At present, countless reports have been made of incidents where people’s lives were claimed on Guyana’s roadways. Though not all accidents are fatal and some individu-

als manage to survive these horrific encounters, it is becoming, more and more, a grave matter of concern. Almost every day, innocent lives are lost at the hands of reckless, irresponsible drivers. These drivers must be held accountable for their actions. Causing death by driving is just as malicious as any criminal activ-

ity. Most of the drivers who find themselves in this position are often guilty of breaching traffic and road regulations.  I urge the relevant authorities to address this matter immediately. Drivers who are responsible for the loss of innocent lives should have their licences suspend-

ed and should face the consequences that they so deserve. Every effort must be made to make our roadways safe. The current steps don’t seem to be enough.     Sincerely, Name withheld by request

Our soaring rice production Dear Editor, The rice industry is continuing on its upward, record-breaking spiral as it manages to surpass the predicted target for 2013. Rice is more than in abundance in Guyana, and we must determine how we will ensure maximum use of this outstanding supply. White rice, especially of

the short-grain type, is high in nutrients. It is considered as a staple food in many parts of the world. However, it is not a complete protein and does not contain all of the necessary and essential amino in sufficient amounts for good health, and it is for this reason that rice is often eaten with foods rich in protein such as beans, fish, or

meat. Aside from being served as a main dish, there are many other ways we can eat rice, including in the form of porridges and puddings. I urge individuals to continue to explore the different meals that we can make using rice.  Rice has many health benefits, some of which in-

clude its ability to provide energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilise blood sugar levels, and slow down the aging process. Our soaring rice production can only be a good thing for Guyana. Truly, Nirmala Roopnarine

thursday, november 28, 2013


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Promoting Guyanese literature Road construction is no easy job

Dear Editor,  Guyanese literature allows us to continuously capture our diverse history and culture. Writing for some individuals is a hobby which allows them to indulge and explore their creative side. Whether it is done for fun or for a living, it is a remarkable way of upholding Guyana’s traits.

At the recentlyheld Edgar Mittelholzer Memorial Lecture at the Umana Yana, Prime Minister Sam Hinds expressed his enthusiastic support for promoting and upholding Guyanese literature. Quite often people tend to reveal their creative writing skills during poetry and writing competitions.

In most competitions, participants are expected to submit their written articles by a stipulated deadline. This often calls for willpower and discipline. Winning a literature contest may not always be financially rewarding, but instead can offer the winner great recognition and create new opportunities for them.  I urge those who have a natural knack for expressing themselves creatively to continue to indulge in writing all forms of literature, inclusive of poetry, short stories, novels, and plays.  I am quite certain that local media entities will support these individuals and give them the coverage and publicity that they desire.   Sincerely, Randy Meiler

Ongoing improvements at Georgetown Public Hospital a good sign Dear Editor, The Georgetown Public Hospital recently opened its first-ever Spirometry and Asthmatic Laboratory. Aside from offering services on this developing health issue, this new initiative also consists of a newly-facilitated education programme expected to educate the public on aspects of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The boost in Guyana’s medical care was made possible by the LIBIN Cardiovascular Institute

of Alberta, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia and the Institute of Health Science Education. Aside from offering safe, inexpensive spirometry tests, the educational aspect of the initiative is expected to spread awareness and knowledge to those who suffer with asthma, in addition to those who interact with people that have asthma.   I must commend the foot clinic that operates from within Georgetown Public Hospital for the outstanding

services that they provide. However, lack of cooperation from patients has contributed to major complications, some of which have resulted in amputations. I hope that asthmatic patients will demonstrate better cooperation with their doctors and the treatment and advice that they receive. Adhering to basic health rules can greatly contribute to living a controlled, almost asthma-free life.   With regards, Patricia Haynes

Dear Editor, The Cabinet recently assigned a significant amount of money for multiple contracts, of which $143 million was allocated for the purpose of road maintenance in Guyana. Road construction is no easy job and it requires the involvement and commitment of skilled engineers. Earlier in this year, the government conducted a training workshop to enhance the performance of local road engineers, in addition to promoting the importance of providing

quality roads. Every year, the government invests profusely in ensuring that roads are maintained and repaired when necessary. However, it has become evident that some road users show no concern in trying to preserve what already exists.  Quite often, small holes and cracks develop on our roads due to excessive traversing particularly by heavy trucks. Additionally, significant amounts of weight cause roads to submerge result-

ing in uneven roads. Smaller roads where heavy and big vehicles aren’t allowed are often indicated by signs or metal barricades that restrict their entry. Several perpetrators have taken the privilege of deliberately damaging these obstacles so as to gain access to these roads. I call upon the relevant authorities to address these acts of vandalism.   Yours sincerely, Vedawattie Singh

Another reason for the turn system Dear Editor, There is discrimination once again as it relates to the use of public transportation in Guyana. Many individuals who live between Georgetown and Craig often use the 42 route minibus. Recently, a problem has surfaced whereby passengers who wish to come off mid-way are forced to pay the full fare, particularly during rush hour. Additionally, many of these individuals are forced to wait quite some time at the bus park before they can get a bus that

will take them to their exact destination. Some residents are burdened with the additional payments that they have to make to taxi drivers or bus operators. Many of these discriminating matters can be resolved by implementing a turn system. The act of minibus conductors soliciting full fares from passengers who come off before the end of the entire journey should be addressed. This is unfair and unethical and can only be prevented if a traffic officer is stationed at the respec-

tive parks to monitor the turn system. Every country requires a convenient, affordable and prompt public transportation service. Failure to provide this much needed -amenity can create difficulty for individuals countrywide, primarily those who don’t have their own transportation and so depend solely on public transportation. With no further hesitation, we must implement the turn system.   Yours truly, Gaitri Bassant


thursday, November 28, 2013



Keeping your children healthy during cold and flu season BY DR AKIKO HALL


ow that the lovely liquid sunshine, which folks in other parts of the country call “rain,” has come back to grace us, its means cold and flu season is lurking just around the corner. Every parent dreads their child getting sick, even if it’s “just” a cold. At best, you have a child not feeling well, not eating or sleeping well – a child missing school and parents missing work. At worst, a cold occasionally develops into something more, requiring a visit to the doctor and medical attention. What’s an overworked, sleep-deprived parent to do? Well, here are some facts and practical tips to help keep your family healthy this cold and flu season.

These viruses infect our gastrointestinal tract, causing sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea – an illness some people call the stomach flu. Influenza. A stomach “bug” is different from the actual flu, which is caused by the influenza virus.

caused by viruses, not the movement of stars. In fact, hundreds of different viruses can cause cold and flu-like symptoms, making us feel lousy. Some of the discomfort we feel is the direct effect of the virus on our cells; some is the effect of our bodies’ immune systems fight-

First, a little primer

Colds and flu are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Viruses are one type of germ that infects cells and makes us ill. Here are some common illnesses from viruses: Head cold. Many colds are caused by rhinoviruses. Rhino means nose in Greek, so these are viruses that infect the nose. We get runny and stuffy noses when we have colds because that is where the virus is setting up shop. Stomach flu. Rhinoviruses are actually one of a group of viruses called enteroviruses. Entero means intestine in Greek.

Influenza comes from the Italian word for influence of the stars. In medieval Europe, people thought outbreaks of colds and flu were caused by the movement of the stars. Today, of course, we know that colds and flu are

ing off the virus. Unlike bacterial infections, which can be treated with antibiotics, there are no medicines we can take to kill the viruses that cause colds and flu. We have to rely on our immune systems to do that job for us. What we can do is protect

ourselves from getting infected in the first place. If we do get sick, we can treat the symptoms and help our immune systems do their job.

in the family is sick, avoid kisses (hugs are okay) and avoid sharing food, drinks, utensils, washcloths, toys, etc.

Avoiding infection

Helping our immune system

So, how do you protect yourself and your children? Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing! Cold and flu viruses are not airborne. You can’t catch a cold just by being in the same room as someone who’s sick. You generally have to come into direct contact with their oral or nasal secretions. So, if someone with a cold sneezes into their hand and then pushes open a door with their virus-covered hand, and minutes later your child pushes open the same door and then eats a sandwich – she just ate a virus sandwich. Good hand washing is the key to helping reduce the spread of cold and flu viruses. Teach your children to wash their hands frequently with soap and water – and always before eating, after using the restroom and after being in a public place. Regular soap is fine; antibacterial soap isn’t necessary because colds are caused by viruses not bacteria. Hand sanitiser works too, although soap and water is better, if available. Children can also help stop the spread of viruses by coughing or sneezing into a tissue or into the crook of their elbow instead of into a bare hand. When someone

What else can you do to help prevent infection? Immunisations are important. Some routine immunisations prevent diseases from days gone by, for example polio, which is now virtually eradicated thanks to widespread vaccination. Other vaccine-preventable diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) are alive and well in the community today, appearing as a bad cold in older children and adults, but potentially deadly to infants. Make sure you and your children are up-todate on all your routine immunisations (particularly DTaP and Tdap — the ‘p’ is for pertussis). The flu vaccine is another way to protect your children and yourself this fall and winter. This year’s vaccine protects against both the seasonal flu and H1N1 (“swine”) flu. Everyone over the age of six months can get a flu shot. Most over the age of two years can get the nasal spray version. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about eligibility requirements. Sure, with a flu shot your arm may hurt for a few hours or so – but it’s better than fever, chills, cough and body aches for a week or more! ( TO BE CONTINUED

Ways not to get sick during the rainy season (Continued from Wednesday)

Limit your alcohol – Maintained hydration is an effective way of preventing and dealing with the harsh biological effects of rain. Sometimes drinking water or eating soup is not enough. You should limit your alcohol intake since it is known to dehydrate your body and weaken your immune system. Limiting yourself from drinking will not automatically free you from colds and flu but it will certainly improve your rate of recovery. Don’t touch your face – Aside from getting drenched, a common way to transmit the cold virus is by touching your face or putting your hands close to your face. The usual entry points of the virus is through your facial organs. The rainy season is the breeding ground of cold and flu viruses. Clearly, you must avoid placing your hands anywhere near your face or the faces of other people during the rainy months. Eat vegetables – According to some medical researchers, vegetables that contain phyto-chemicals work better than vitamin C. They are more efficient in pacifying the symptoms of colds and flu. Eating a good dose of vegetables also lessens your recovery time from those illnesses. Vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, that makes your eyes healthier. What more can you ask for from these nutritious plants? Throw up – Notice how puking makes you feel better whenever you’re tipsy or when you have a hangover. Remarkably, it has the same effect on colds and fever. If you feel heavy after getting drenched by rain, you can force yourself to puke. The act of puking forces phlegm and germs to exit from your body. You will suddenly feel better and lighter right after. Getting sick during the rainy season is a frequent occurrence. You must always stay protected. Remember, taking a sick leave for a few days may cost you your much awaited promotion or a passing grade at the end of the school term. (Lifehackery)



thursday, november 28, 2013 |

5.1 inches of rainfall recorded – govt activates emergency health team


record of 128.9mm or 5.1 inches of rainfall was recorded for a six-hour period that swamped much of Georgetown on Wednesday, the Hydrometeorological Office said. According to the unit, a high pressure system over the Bermuda, which was dominant, forced the intertropical convergence zone to shift from its last position, to about six degrees north of the equator, bringing it directly over Guyana’s coast. “As a result, the heavy downpour caused accumu-

A scene close to the High Court on Wednesday

and surrounding areas, the Health Ministry is advising the general public to pay special attention on water safety and personal hygiene. Persons living in flooded areas are asked to stay out of the water as much as possible, as it can greatly reduce chances of contracting diseases such as skin infections, leptospirosis, diarrhoeal diseases and other water-borne diseases.

The state of Middle Street on Wednesday

lation of water in parts of Regions Two, Three and Four. This six-hour rainfall of 128.9mm or 5.1 inches which was recorded at the Botanical Gardens was the highest recorded data analysed for Georgetown since 1892,” the met office said. The weather forecast up to midnight Tuesday did not indicate or provide any warning of the weather condition experienced, the office said, adding that Wednesday morning’s rainfall had an intensity of 21.5mm per hour, compared to 6.9mm per hour in 2005 and 5.9mm per hour in 2004. Cloudy conditions are expected to continue over the next six to 12 hours. The heaviest rainfall is expected to be over Regions Two and Four, recording between 50 and 100mm. Flash flood warning remains in effect for flood prone areas along the coast. The National Drainage

and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has also reported that while there are flooding in parts of Region Two and Three, the city and its outskirts, East Coast Demerara, is, however, not significantly affected. “While the Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the situation, the NDIA has been mandated to remove two excavators from the Hope Canal Project which will be used to clear priority outfall channels. The first outfall to be cleared will be Cottage, Mahaicony, Region Five,” the statement said. The pumps at Liliendaal and Kitty are operable. Presently, the pumps at Kingston and the Lamaha Canal are non-functional and the council has since made a request for the NDIA to assist in ensuring these become operable. Meanwhile, in light of the increasing rainfall and the flooding in Georgetown

Although the Bourda Market was flooded, vending continued

Besides, the Government Information Agency (GINA) has reported that an emergency medical response team has been established to address any public health threats that may arise as a result of the flooding in Georgetown and its environs. The team was organised by the ministry during a meeting of health officials, which included Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud; Regional Health Services Director, Dr Monica Odwin; Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Chief Executive Officer Michael Khan; and Civil Defence Commission representative Major Kester Craig. The team is also liaising with other key stakeholders such as the Mayor and City Council, government health facilities and pharmaceutical warehouses. All health centres have been placed on alert to provide adequate response by detecting, treat-

An overflowing trench filled with garbage and other debris behind Bourda Market

ing and managing patients with symptoms of water borne and other diseases. Adequate medical supplies have also been provided. The ministry has ascertained that there is enough oral rehydrating salts, bleach and chlorine tablets as needed. Two outreach teams have been mobilised to serve the Albouystown and Festival City communities until the flood is over. Public health advisories have been issued through the media and will also be sent to the school system

while doctors are being sent to strengthen staffing in various municipalities. The ministry is relying on the Cuban-trained Guyanese doctors to provide additional support. Prior to the meeting, the ministry was monitoring the situation and Minister Ramsaran is urging parents to supervise their children and keep them out of the flooded areas. Damage to other municipal health centres is being reviewed while outreaches are being planned for other affected areas.

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thursday, november 28, 2013|

Community intervention key in curbing violence – WGEC BY SAMUEL SUKHNANDAN


omen and Gender Equality Commission (WGEC) Chairperson Indra Chandrapal said community intervention is necessary in curbing violence in all its forms, especially violence against women. Chandrapal, in an interview with Guyana Times on Tuesday, said violence stems from a lot of negative culture inherited from the past, but this can be addressed through the establishment of community counselling centres. While there continues to be many voices against violence in Guyana, Chandrapaul said the culture imbedded in citizens would not change overnight, and education must be the weapon to end the scourge. Chandrapal has been one of the leading women activists in Guyana, before becoming chair of the WGEC. She told this newspaper that her work in preventing violence started many years ago, and pointed out that prior to 1996, violence was

considered normal and not criminal. “It was accepted based on a culture that it’s okay for a man to beat his wife, for children to beat their father and for the mother and father to beat their kids. With the passage of the domestic violence legislation, it criminalised these actions.” However, almost 17 years after the legislation was enacted, there still continues to be discussions on violence perpetrated against men, women and children.

Women more empowered

Chandrapal said part of the problem relating to domestic violence, is that women are now more empowered today than before. She stated that women used to look at their position as being in the home and education was not necessary. However, having realised that they have the right to vote and under the legislation they have rights to education and a job, their mindsets changed and many women are now taking up lead roles not only in their communities, but the

Eyew tness

Flotsam and jetsam... Georgetown ir Isaac Newton might’ve discovered the law of gravity 400 or so years ago. But ever since man came off his haunches and started walking, he knew water flowed from high ground to low ground. And if its path is blocked, water will rise above it. He lived in caves up hill and not in the valley floor, didn’t he? So we’re not a bit amused at all the handwringing going on after the overnight rains in Georgetown. If you have a Mayor and City Council (M&CC) that’s not the least interested in collecting garbage, but just in collecting their salaries and allowances – especially their allowances – where do you think that garbage will go? Right into the drains where it’ll prevent water from entering the canals. And if it does pass through by some miracle, it gets caught at the culverts. And you end up with what we saw Wednesday. Any visitor from outside would be forgiven if they assumed we’d been hit by a hurricane. And a mammoth one at that. We’ve seen less debris in the wake of the hurricane that hit Haiti – and this was after their earthquake! But what’s amazing about this outrage on the senses – much less the sensibilities – of any sane person is the ability of Mayor Hamilton Green to escape the wrath of the citizens of Georgetown. Here it is they pay their rates and taxes and the most basic of all city services – garbage collection – isn’t done.  In any other city in the world, the pitchforks would’ve been out and heads would be rolling. Literally. Can’t we at least accomplish the same here figuratively? Green has become the local “Teflon Man” because none of the mud sticks on him – even as he gets away with bla ming the government for all and sundry. Why the heck was Georgetown made into a municipality and collects taxes if it needs the central government to intervene every year to straighten its mess.  The combined opposition have to put up or shut up on the local government elections.   Green has to go! The elections can go forward with the three bills signed by


WGEC Chair Indra Chandrapal

country. “Women were left on the sideline, now they want to become full participants in development,” she added. The women movement in Guyana started in early 1953 and led to Guyana becoming a signatory to many international conventions that protect and promote the rights of women. The establishment of the Women’s Affairs Bureau, women centred non-governmental organisations, among other, have all helped to place women high in society. turn to page 10

President Donald Ramotar. The nonsense about holding up the elections because of the bill that strips the local government minister of all input into governance is just that – nonsense. The opposition can do a lot of things, it seems. But they haven’t made Guyana into a Federal Republic yet, have they? That’s the only way you can cut out the minister’s role. Green must go!!! Local governments now!! The Dominican Republic Haiti and The Dominican Republic (DR) share one island. But they share very little else. The former speaks French, is grindingly poor, and is a metaphor for suffering. DR... as it’s called, speaks Spanish, is developing quite nicely, and has earned a reputation as a good vacation spot.  However, they once used to have world famous dictators as rulers – Papa Doc (François Duvalier) in Haiti and Rafael Trujillo in DR, but they’ve long kicked the bucket. They also share a very big hangup about know, the hangup Frantz Fanon described in “Black Skin, White Masks”. Recently, DR decided that the descendants of illegals – even those born in DR – will have to go back to their “own” country, Haiti,  which they’ve never seen. On the surface, it might be seen as the old “illegal immigrant” problem that Caribbean people are only too aware of from the U.S. But this one is suffused with colour: all of the people DR wants to deport are black. The irony is, once they end up in Haiti, they’ll face the same discrimination over there. the air Fly Jamaica wanted the U.S. to allow it to fly directly between here and New York because of a “compelling public interest”. Trouble is, they neglected to solicit New York Guyanese to petition their congressmen. How was the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to know?



THURSday, november 28, 2013 |

Blame game continues Govt contributing $10.3M to Philippines relief efforts in Garnett Street T murder/suicide he government will make a financial contribution of US$50,000 (G$10,394,945) to assist in the international response to the immense loss of lives and devastation in the Philippines caused by typhoon Haiyan. Ever since Typhoon

Haiyan hit the Philippines, Guyana Times has been repeatedly calling for government to join the global relief efforts spearheaded by the United Nations (UN). According to a statement, Guyana’s contribution will go to the United Nations Office

for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which launched an appeal for US$348 million for relief efforts. The OCHA is currently headed by UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator,

Baroness Valerie Amos of the United Kingdom. The OCHA is focusing its efforts on providing food, clean water and shelter as well as prioritising the needs of women and girls who remain vulnerable following the disaster.

GPL implements plan to deal with inclement weather



Ramdat Lokhnauth and Saramani Lokhnauth in happier times

fter being husband and wife for the past 12 years, the Lokhnauths will have separate funerals since the blame game continues as to which family is responsible for their deaths, the dead man’s son revealed. Rajin Lokhnauth during a telephone interview explained that his father, Ramdat Lokhnauth will be laid to rest in Berbice on Thursday, while the final rites of his stepmother Siromani Lokhnauth will be done on Friday. He explained that both bodies will be viewed at their Garnett Street residence, but his father will be taken to Berbice for internment and his stepmother will be laid to rest at the Le Repentir Cemetery. The distraught son, who spoke to the media for the first time after the unfortunate incident, disclosed that his family has been blamed for the death of couple, but as a son, he feels that his father and stepmother are “big people”, who were capable of making decisions for themselves. He added that while the couple had martial issues, they had the opportunity to work things out, but both were “stubborn”. The son said he blames his father for committing the act, which evidently puts their family to shame, since there were other avenues that he could have used to deal with the issues.

Imprudent action

“To me, he had a second chance in life… if the marriage didn’t work, then he should have let go and start life afresh,” the man’s son said. However, he refused to comment on the couple’s relationship over the years, but recalled that on the night of the shooting, he was at home when he received a telephone call from his father, informing him that he “done kill she”. “Upon enquiring, he told me that he killed aunty Nadia and was going to kill himself, but I tried to talk him out of it, but it was too late.” The son, who remained

calm, said if he had only known his father’s intention, he would have at least tried to prevent it from happening. He admitted that his father was stressed out with the divorce settlement, which his wife kept reminding him about. While he was reserved in speaking about the couple’s “dirty laundry”, Renuka Chattergoon, a daughter of the dead woman lashed out at the way her stepfather treated her mother and media reports which suggested that her mother was a “money grabber”. In a report, she explained that it was nothing about money since her now dead mother accepted 25 per cent of the total cost of assets, instead of the entire 50 per cent. Information remains sketchy as to why she returned to Guyana, though she was not on terms with her husband.

Not love

It was definitely not love since the woman reportedly told the man that her love for him was over after the divorce. Her stepfather, the daughter claimed accused her mother of having a relationship with a pastor, who is like a father-figure to them. From reports, the issues the couple had with each other were deep and difficult to iron out. The couple was found dead, each with a single gunshot wound to their heads. The autopsy proved that they died as a result of shock and hemorrhaging due to gunshot injuries. Upon the discovery, the woman was found on her bed with Ramdat next to her and the pistol close to them. The murder/suicide may have stemmed from the man’s inability to pay the divorce settlement of $50 million to the woman. Things got worse after his loan application was denied by a city bank. He made an application for the loan since he was not in favour of selling his business as was suggested by the now dead woman. The couple did not have children together, but from previous marriages.

he Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) is advising the public that in light of the inclement weather, the company has implemented several initiatives to mitigate the probability of network faults. The company in a release said it has strengthened its emergency response services to ensure prompt response and has intensified

efforts to remove all encumbering vegetation along the corridor of transmission lines across Guyana. “In addition, we are imploring all persons to exercise caution where necessary to alleviate the instances of network faults and also ensure one’s safety.” “Customers may be guided by the following: exercise caution when using

the roadways in an effort to avoid accidents and getting into contact with the companys’ infrastructure; do not tamper with or connect illegally to GPL’s network; report any illegal connections, meter tampering or other activities related to theft of electricity; in the event of flooding, turn off your main switch and place electrical appliance(s) on higher ground; do not touch

exposed electrical wires and stay away from trees that are touching power lines or may sway in the breeze and touch power lines,” GPL urged. According to residents, GPL should trim trees that are either too close or may fall on transmissions lines. If trees or branches are close to power lines, persons can contact GPL on telephone number 592 – 226 4015

Several questioned for sex worker’s murder


olice B Division Commander Brian Joseph on Wednesday disclosed that several persons have been detained and questioned in relation to the death of Nandkumar Poonwassie, who was found dead in Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice on Tuesday. He added that no authentic information was gathered during the interrogation process that would lead to an arrest. Joseph also related that the police are still to confirm whether Poonwassie was indeed murdered. Joseph explained that though reports suggest that a wound was seen on the man’s head, this was not confirmed. He said police are awaiting the post-mortem report to verify the cause of death of the sex worker, who was called “Darshanie”. “Dato”, an aunt of the dead man, told Guyana Times on Wednesday that there were some difficulties in getting the post-mortem done. The aunt explained that ranks at the Whim

Dead: Nandkumar Poonwassie

Police Station informed her that she had to pay the expenses for the body to be transported to Georgetown to facilitate the autopsy, even though she explained her financial status. Nevertheless, the aggrieved woman said that she eventually met with the commander, who told her that it was the police’s responsibility to make sure the postmortem is done; thus, she should not be too concerned. She added that once the post-mortem is done and the body is handed over to the family, funeral arrange-

ments will be made. The battered body of the male sex worker was on Tuesday morning discovered in a street in the vicinity of Day Clean Bar, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, hours after he left a party at a friend’s house. At the time of his discovery, he was clad in a plaid short pants and a white t-shirt, bracing a metal pipe on the roadside. A piece of wood with blood stains suspected to be the murder weapon was retrieved from the scene and lodged at the Whim Police Station as evidence. According to information re-

ceived, the man, along with his friends, went to a party in the area, but he left in the company of a male about 20:30h, claiming that he was heading home. He was not drunk, according to reports. His cousin, with whom he shares his grandparents’ home, did not see him at home after 22:00h and attempted to telephone him, but the call was disconnected. Several other attempts to make contact with Poonwassie proved futile. However, passersby reportedly discovered the man’s body in a pool of blood and immediately contacted his relatives and the police.


thursday, november 28, 2013


Man injured in shootout with police


s police continue their investigations into the larceny of two motor vehicles from Selena Auto Sales, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD), a man was shot and injured during a shootout with police at Liliendaal, ECD on Wednesday. Lloyd Johnson also called “Belly” was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing gunshot wounds to the abdomen and left thigh.

This publication was told that the police were acting on information when the shootout occurred. The vehicles were stolen from the auto shop on Tuesday about 19:00h. The police in release stated that ranks went to a house at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara where Johnson and five other men were seen. Upon seeing the police, Johnson opened fire on the ranks in a bid to escape.

The police returned fire and he was struck to the abdomen and left thigh. A .32 revolver with three rounds of ammunition and a spent shell was recovered at the scene. Johnson was admitted a patient under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital while the four other men were arrested. One managed to escape. A search was done on the house and four complete car

doors and a rear bumper was discovered. Based on further inquiries, the police went to a house in North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, where they conducted a search and unearthed the body of one of the stolen motor vehicles and a number of parts that had been stripped off. Another man was arrested. The police disclosed that five men are in custody assisting with investigations.

Same mayor, same problems


very ting in life does change. A famous man seh de only ting in life that is constant is change. Tings does change by de second, de minute and de hour. People does go to bed in de night and wake up next day and tings does change in dem sleep. People does go away and come back and tings does change while dem ain’t deh bout. A man does get married and seh “I do”, but by the time de honeymoon done de “I do” done too. “I do” does change to “I done”. One guvament tek 28 years fuh change, but after all it still change in de end. Burnt Ham used to behave as though he gon deh round forever, but even he get change and de Heights Man tek over, after which de Heights Man he self get change too. This guvament done deh bout fuh 21 years, but de way tings goin, that might change soon. So nutten is permanent in life. But Guyana is a special place. This country break all de rules of change. GT de garbage town got a mayorfuh-life name Green Ham. De mayor-fuh-life don’t ever change. Every day in GT is de same mayor-fuhlife and every day is de same problems, except that de problems gettin bigger and badder. Every body know that Guyana below sea level, so people friken de sea come in and tek over all de land. No wonder Minister Benn Down put on a piece of extra sea wall to keep out sea water. Even when he run outta stones and he refuse BK stones, he still keep on extendin. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! But people now friken de rain more. A preacher seh he goin and look fuh de ark whah Noah build. He seh if guvament can buy a old helicopter and a old water cannon, he can bring in a old boat. At least he ain’t gon have to buy de boat. And GT done look like it already under de sea! from page 8

Community intervention... She noted that due to this achievement, men now are now challenged, and women are now saying that if they are educated and employed, they will not allow themselves to become victims of violence.

Power struggle “It is now a power struggle and men would use that (violence) to show they are in control… many women are not accepting that,” she explained. Chandrapal said while some men have accepted women as strong competitors, many are resistant. And as a result, this leads to many controversies in relationships, including violence, murders, suicides and other ills bedeviling society. Chandrapal also said that mothers need to pay more serious attention in raising their sons. She said men these days are brought up expecting to be “superman”, and should not display any action of softness, and their sole responsibility is to take care of their families. This, she said is a stereotype placed on men as not all men are strong and could handle emotional trauma. These are some reasons, she said, men resort to violence and develop negative attitudes. The WGEC also told this publication too that many

young people are getting into relationships with little or no guidance. This, she said, is where the community needs to come in. The elders of a home or community should be able to advise and counsel young people on making the right choices, especially as it relates to relationships. However, she noted that often times elders are too busy or no one is available to listen to young people and offer advice to them, and this is not good enough. “Many young people want to live or get married with nobody to guide them and many of them get into marriage without realising there will be lots of challenges. There has to be a compromise in relationships and these are things that need to get out there to young people.” This is where community counselling centres can come in to address domestic violence, which can be done in an informal setting. “You need somebody to hug you and say I understand. And to advise you and say you know this wasn’t right or this is what you should do… so that is what is missing in our society.” The WGEC has been working feverishly with communities in all the administrative regions to eliminate violence in all its forms.

11 News

Litter regulations now in force


ersons who are found guilty of littering will now be charged under the Litter Enforcement Regulations, 2013, which will be enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency through its recently established Enforcement a n d Compliance Division. The Litter Regulations address among other aspects; litter offences, penalties and the power of the local authority to enter premises and to remove derelict vehicles. In this article, we will look at the litter offences and penalties under the litter regulations, while in a subsequent article, we will examine the powers ascribed to the local authority.

It is an offence to litter in a public place

Under the litter regulations, it is an offence to litter in a public place, particularly: 1. To deposit litter in a public place; 2. To deposit litter from a moving vehicle unto a public place; and 3. To cause or permit persons to commit offences one and two above. Any person/persons found guilty of any of these offences under the litter regulations shall be liable to a fine of between 50,000 to 100,000 dollars or three months imprisonment. The absence of a waste receptacle is not an excuse under the law. Allowing litter to enter a public place from a vehicle whether it is a bus, car, truck or trailer is an offence and any person found responsible for such an act will be fined the sum of $50,000. If the person that committed the offence cannot be determined, then the driver of the vehicle will be held responsible. If it is a company or organisation committing such an offence, then it shall be fined $100,000.

It is an offence not to provide a receptacle for litter in public transportation

It is required, that the owner of every bus, taxi and every other mode of public transportation while his vehicle is plying for hire, provides in a convenient place within the vehicle, one or more receptacles for the deposit of litter. Failure to adhere to this requirement is an offence with a penalty of $15,000.

It is an offence to cause littering from a moving vehicle or trailer

It is an offence for a person to transport in or on a motor vehicle or trailer along any motorway, road, street, alley, lane, mall or thoroughfare, any substance or material in a manner which makes it likely to fall off or blow off the motor vehicle or trailer. As such, it is required that material being transported be: • Sufficiently secured as to prevent it from falling off the motor vehicle or trailer; and • Adequately covered as to prevent it from blowing off the motor vehicle or trailer. • A person who is found guilty of this offence is liable in the case of an individual to a fine of $50,000; or in the case of a company or organisation to a fine of $100,000.

It is an offence to litter on another person’s premises

A person who litters any premises owned or occupied by another without the consent of that other person is guilty of an offence and be liable to a fine of $30,000 or six months imprisonment. The regulations also prescribes an increase in penalty for persons found guilty of repeat offences. Specifically it states that the fines will be double the maximum for any offence repeated. Look out for more on the Litter Enforcement Regulations, in next week’s article. The environment is everybody’s business. Let’s keep it clean – Do not litter.

thursday, NOVEMBER 28, 2013

Wastewater management workshop held for regional journalists


everal journalists from across the region participated in a three-day workshop, which was held in Guyana, aimed at addressing wastewater management within the Caribbean. The workshop was organised by the Caribbean Regional Fund for Waste Water Management (CreW) in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). It commenced on Tuesday, November 19, at the Pegasus Hotel. Approximately 70 per cent of waste water entering the sea is partially treated or untreated at all, and indirectly affects everyone. Since 1999, the UNEP has been engaged in several activities in waste

water management and land based marine pollution. Over the years, regional governments have adopted the protocol on Land-Based Solution (LBS) on marine pollution. The LBS protocol functions within the framework of the protection and development of the marine environment through the Cartagena Convention, which is the only legally binding framework of its kind in the Caribbean. The protocol officially took form in 2010 and currently has 11 contracting parties, including Guyana. As such, this workshop will focus on spreading awareness of waste water management while linking it with health, agriculture, climate change and job opportunities sectors. According to a UNEP

representative, the media will further the collective efforts to raise the profile of waste water management throughout the region. This will assist countries to control, reduce and prevent marine pollution using the LBS protocol. The UNEP representative pointed out that this workshop will be first of many efforts to enhance a partnership with the media to identify concrete opportunities to build respective national and regional capacities. “To be effective in raising awareness on waste water throughout the region, we also need to learn from you and of your experience and how best we can improve media coverage of waste water and environmental issues in general and we as agents needs to

do better,” the representative said. Meanwhile, board member of the Guyana Wastewater Revolving Fund, Nigel Niles, expressed that this workshop aimed to sensitise the Caribbean media on challenges in dealing with waste water issues. He stated that the local project is funded by the IDB and the UNEP to the tune of some US$3 million. Niles said that Guyana is also doing its part locally to encourage ideal waste water management practices. “There is a revolving fund through the Ministry of Housing and Water where we are working as a public/private partnership trying to get one of the private companies to come on board to do the waste water project.”

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thursday, november 28, 2013 |

Flooding around Georgetown Photos by Treiston Joseph

The Tutorial High School on Woolford Avenue

South Road under water

State House, the president’s official residence

The High Court on Croal Street and Avenue of the Republic

The Guyana Energy Agency on Quamina Street

The Bourda Post Office on Regent Street

The Georgetown Public Hospital

The inside of Bourda Market was flooded and desolate


thursday, NOVEMBER 28, 2013 |


thursday, november 28, 2013


Floods drown city businesses – all public schools forced to close BY VAHNU MANIKCHAND


ersistent overnight rains battered Guyana’s coast on Wednesday, forcing a virtual shutdown of commercial activities in the flood-prone capital city and causing untold damage to public infrastructures and residential properties. Up to press time, further threats of rains were imminent even as the Agriculture Ministry warned of more flash floods in the comings days. President Donald Ramotar also weighed in on the situation, stating that a more efficient City Council would have lessened the impact of the flood that was blamed on a shift in the inter-tropical conversion zone. (See other story on page 7) “The Ministry of Agriculture wishes to advise the general public that the current heavy downpour has resulted in parts of Regions Three and Four under water,” a statement from the Dr Leslie Ramsammy-led ministry said. Currently, the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), the Agriculture Ministry and the region administrations are taking all measures to ensure that the water recedes effectively, the statement said.

City flood

It added that thus far, all kokers in these areas are in operation. However, the NDIA is cautioning persons to assist in unblocking all internal drains in residential areas. “The Ministry of Agriculture would also like to assure the public that the situation is under control and for persons to be responsible and not to incite a panic mode.” Cabinet ministers and other government officials, and engineers were expected to visit some of affected areas. Residents in low-lying and riverine areas are being asked to take precautionary measures against rising water levels. When Guyana Times toured Georgetown, the complaints were all the same. Communities such as Alberttown, Albouystown, Bourda, Kingston, Kitty, Charlestown and

Entrance to the Critchlow Labour College which houses the Texila American University

other neighbouring communities were inundated. Donna Clarke, a mother of two, who was taking her children home from school in Alberttown, described the city’s condition as “disgusting”, stating that she had to leave work to collect her children from school. “Is good that the ministry call off school, but this what happening here is not good, it’s not healthy for anyone. I don’t know what the City Hall doing with all the money they collecting from we. People have to work so hard and then pay them so much money and they can't even properly manage the drainage in Georgetown.” Another resident, Cyril George, cooped up on his veranda in his Kitty home, vented his anger at the authorities for not ensuring that the country’s capital city is prepared for inclement weather. “We always get a lot of rain around this time of the year and these people know that, but like all of them weren’t doing anything earlier and so now when the place flood, they running helter-skelter all over the place trying to fix things.” The man stated that the pile up of garbage around the city has contributed to the flooding and residents have to be blamed.

A teacher, Ms Daniels (only name given), who was supervising some children until their parents picked them up from one of the many public schools which were closed, told Guyana Times that it is sad to see Georgetown in such a state, especially when the holiday season is approaching. She said the floods have affected the ongoing end-of-term tests.

Vendors’ plight

Meanwhile, at Bourda Market, vendors ploughed through the flood waters conducting their operations while some were cleaning up their stalls and discarding damaged goods. Most of the stalls in the market were closed as several inches of water remained there until late Wednesday afternoon. Speaking with this newspaper, the vendors blamed the situation on the poor drainage and poor management by City Hall. They also questioned the use of the revenue collected by City Hall, contending that nothing is being down to improve the condition of the market. “This is the condition we does ga work in, we like pigs here cause they come today and collect revenue from us and then tell we, we ga stay here in the water. This

is what we paying for. They need to fix this cause people not coming out to buy things and is we suffering here,” one vendor Parbattie Krishnadatt stated. “Ramotar and Granger gotto stop playing boxing and get things done, they fighting like Tom and Jerry in Parliament. Them deh good in their office with AC but we ga punish because we on the ground here and have to go through all these things. They have to sort things out at City Hall because if everything was running smooth there, then we won’t be getting so much flood and suffer so much losses” Jagdesh Bacchus, another vendor said. Across at the Stabroek Market, several sections were flooded during the morning rains, but by midday, the water had already receded. But for places such as Main, Middle, New Market, Quamina, Camp and other surrounding streets in Georgetown, the water level was still high for most of the day.

Region Two

In Region Two, Chairman Parmanand Persaud inspected several flooded areas, including a blocked sluice at Charity. The region has been experiencing severe rainfall over the past 24 hours, and as such, Persaud said his visit was to assess the situation, particularly at Charity. The chairman during his inspection, said vendors have set up illegal stalls in front of the Charity Market sluice, and this is contributing to the flooding. He noted the vendors did not receive permission from the Charity-Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council to construct the stalls. The chairman said the stalls are obstructing the regional administration from desilting the sluice channel, which is filled with hundreds of plastic bottles and bags. Persaud said an excavator will be sent to clear the channel to alleviate the flooding. The chairman explained that the sluice is

an essential structure to drain water from the market and residential areas in Charity. Region Two is experiencing heavy rainfall and residents of Charity Housing Scheme have complained about the high build up of water in their yards. The chairman said the careless disposal of garbage by business owners and residents have led to the blocked drainage canals and heavy accumulation of water in the housing scheme. Some residents, during the dry season, had also filled their yards with earth and this is blocking several main drains in the housing scheme.

Poor management

Meanwhile, President Donald Ramotar expressed his profound concern for citizens and businesses located in Georgetown, which have been severely affected by the flooding. The city experienced over five inches of rainfall over the last 12 hours, which placed a lot of pressure on the drainage system. According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) statement, Ramotar said that even though that was a lot of rain for such a short period, the impact could have been significantly lessened had there been a better functioning City Council. “The APNU manages the city; they are in control of the city as this point in time, and we have seen a lot of neglect,” the president lamented, according to GINA. GINA said over the last few years, the government has pumped in millions of dollars to bail out a heavily indebted City Council as a result of mismanagement of its resources. At the moment, government through the agriculture and public works ministries, is doing all that it can to remove flood water from the land as quickly as possible. The president posited that hopefully with the holding of the long-awaited local government elections, this situation will be resolved soon. (

Floodwaters destroy items in Courts showroom C ourts Guyana Inc is counting millions of dollars in losses after water seeped into the Main Street, Georgetown branch on Wednesday, destroying almost all of the furniture, electrical appliances, carpets, and other items in the bottom flat of the store’s showroom. Marketing Director Molly Hassan told Guyana Times that the event is unfortunate, since many customers were turned back as a result of the flood situation. Hassan, however, said the Courts team was working hard to bring things back on stream, to ensure that its customers are served properly and that the company can continue to offer its services to the general public. The marketing director

explained that the discovery was made about 05:00h when staff members turned up for work. The water was at least seven inches high in the store. Most of the items were standing in water, except those that are packed on high shelves. Hassan said while the losses amount to millions of dollars, the store is fully insured and it is likely to recover the losses from the insurance company. She added that the staff will have to do an inventory to ascertain the amount of goods that were destroyed.

Open for business

An employee making her way out of the flood

When Guyana Times visited the store, staffers were busy recording the losses and trying to remove pieces of destroyed items from

the bottom flat of the Courts building. A small water pump was also placed in front of the store, which pumped water out into the street. She said despite the floods, customers can be assured that they will receive the same high quality products. She said the flood “will in no way compromise the quality of goods offered by Courts”. The store could be reopened soon, once the water recedes and the staffers manage to fix the showroom, she explained. Courts Main Street store General Manager Pamela Humphrey said while it may take some time to have the bottom-flat showroom fixed, the back entrance (Tiger Bay entrance) of the store will be opened to custom-

ers who wish to pay their monthly instalments and check out the other showrooms to make purchases. The flood, she said, does not affect persons from purchasing, as all items could be sourced from the Courts bond located at Montrose, East Coast Demerara. Despite the flood, the general manager said the events planned for this weekend will proceed. She is advising persons to visit the other Courts branches too, which offer the same products and services as the Main Street branch. This is not the first time that the store has been flooded. Courts incurred millions of dollars in losses when there were widespread floods in the country back in 2005.

15 News

thursday, november 28, 2013

Civil society presents petition to Caricom Business leaders on DR court ruling community T wants M&CC disbanded


usinesses are calling for the dissolution of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) following another episode of flooding in the city. As you know, hen it rains, it pours, but in Guyana, it appears that it also turns out to be a disaster, albeit temporarily. It was not business as usual today as Guyanese woke up to floodwaters in their homes, yards, and businesses. For many who reside in the capital, the feeling of déjà vu had become too real. Several businesses in Georgetown were forced to close their doors, while others in the main district areas were also heavily affected by the continuous downpour. Last month, Mayor Hamilton Green had outlined plans and measures that the council would take to ensure that the city would not flood severely when it rained explaining to journalists that more would be done to guard against the disruption of businesses. The reality today while shocking for some was expected by others. Regent Street, Albouystown, central Georgetown, Charlestown, parts of Queenstown, Campbellville and Alberttown were inundated by floodwaters, foul smelling in some cases. Several areas along the coast were also heavily affected by the downpour as well as parts of Greater Georgetown. South and North Ruimveldt were yet again victims of the poor management of the drainage and irrigation structures in the city. Today, Mayor Green, in haste to defend the council’s obvious lack of pre-

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green

paredness, said that two of the pumps responsible for draining the capital were down. He also explained some of the other challenges faced as the water levels remained high on the land, hours after it had stopped raining. When contacted Wednesday, several senior members of the Private Sector Commission said that it was time government considers dissolving the dysfunctional M&CC, which seems not to be able to handle the garbage situation, drainage, or the collection of taxes. Another set of irate businessmen who requested anonymity noted that it was surprising that the government would continue to let the council operate in a “cowboy fashion” despite the fact that businesses are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. “It’s time to act. The mayor and his councillors must go. They are busy fighting Sooba while we continue to suffer,” businessman Mohammed Jaisingh said.

Dr Misir to launch book on HIV/ AIDS, stigma at NBS today


niversity of Guyana Pro-Chancellor, Dr Prem Misir will be launching his new book on HIV/AIDS and stigma ay 17:00h today at the New Building Society, 1 North Road and Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown. The book – a cross-sectional study – used a purposive sample of 379 high school students from 15 urban and rural high schools in Guyana, and assessed their HIV and AIDS knowledge and stigma-related attitudes, and the relationships among gender, age, religion, and race/ethnicity and HIV and AIDS knowledge. According to a release, Dr

Misir said most of the high school students displayed moderate knowledge on HIV and AIDS. He said the students understood the modes of HIV transmission; they recognised the symptoms of HIV and AIDS; but nearly half of them believed that a blood donor was at risk of contracting HIV; and about one-fifth of the students embraced myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV and AIDS. Dr Misir said the book is essential reading for medical professionals, policymakers, and educators throughout the Caribbean region.

he Caribbean Community (Caricom) has an “historic opportunity” to demonstrate its relevance to, and its caring for, the citizens of the region by resolving the issue surrounding the effect of The Dominican Republic Constitutional Court’s ruling on nationality on persons of Haitian descent in the country. This was expressed by Professor Emeritus Norman Girvan as he presented a petition to the Bureau of the Conference of Heads of Government of Caricom on behalf of civil society, urging the leaders to take action against The Dominican Republic in a bid to alleviate the plight of the people of Haitian descent affected by the ruling. The bureau, comprising of Caricom Chair and Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar,

Marchenson Desrosier, a Haitian student at the University of Guyana, and Danuka Radzik presents the petition to Caricom Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque

Haitian President Michel Martelly, St Vincent and the Grenades Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves and Caricom Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque met on Tuesday in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago to discuss the issue. Professor Girvan, who

presented the petition along with Sunity Maharaj, Asha Kambon and Deacon Michael James, told the bureau that “we cannot let down our brothers and sisters in The Dominican Republic, integral members of the regional family”. He told the leaders that Caricom must present a unit-

ed front on this issue, and speak with one voice. Last week Secretary General LaRocque had received a similar petition from a group comprising representatives from several organisations based in Guyana, expressing solidarity with Haitian descendants on the issue. The petitioners included Haitian students pursuing courses at the University of Guyana. In receiving Tuesday’s petition, Prime Minister PersadBissessar assured Professor Girvan that the heads of government were “not giving up on the issue” while President Martelly thanked the group for their support. Dr Gonsalves noted that the Caribbean Community (Caricom) had an “historic opportunity” to lead Latin America and the wider Caribbean region in showing that “everybody has a place in world humanity”.


thursday, november 28, 2013



Barbados hosts first CAF IMF recommends accelerated investment in Cameroon workshop in 18 years


he Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) took home an impressive number of ADDY awards in 2013, confirming that the talent coming out of this region is bright and widespread. On December 4, the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) will be hosting a workshop at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa, Barbados for attendees to view last year’s national ADDY winning submissions. To win an ADDY at the national level means to cre-

ate advertising that stands out against over 40,000 competing pieces. The CAF workshop serves to showcase the brilliant work created here in the Caribbean, to not only regional counterparts, but also to a wider audience across the U.S.A. It will also teach attendees how to use this year’s newly developed software for submissions, which are due on January 4. Winning Caribbean ADDY pieces are entered into the

fourth district competition along with South Florida winners. In last year’s awards, agencies that were part of the CAF took home an impressive amount of awards in almost every category. Everything Slight Pepper won a Charlie Award for Best of Sales Promotion and also a Gold ADDY for Single Unite Packaging for 3ZERO Rums by 3ZERO Ltd. 2013 was the first time in history a Caribbean agency has won a district Charlie Award. (Trinidad Guardian)

North America


joint team of staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank who have been in Cameroon to assess the country’s 2013 economic performance and prospects for 2014 say government needs to accelerate investment so as to attain its 2035 economic emergence. “Cameroon has huge investment needs and we fully support the major projects that are being implemented

but we need to accelerate the implementation of the projects and we also need to be careful that the general terms and conditions of the debts that the state is contracting to finance the projects remain well thought out and sustainable,” Mario de Zamaroczy said. Speaking to the press on Monday November 25 after a restitution session with the Finance Minister, Alamine Ousmane Mey and his close

collaborators, the IMF/World Bank team leader, Mario de Zamaroczy, said the country’s growth is robust. “We estimate that growth will be over 4.5 per cent in 2013 and inflation remains subdued well below the convergence criterion of the region. The prospects for 2014 are equally promising. We see growth in the same tune of about 4.5 to five per cent and we also believe inflation will remain low,” he said. (allAfrica)


Wall Street edges higher on data, Sony files patent for “SmartWig” techs show strength


.S. stocks edged higher on Wednesday as a round of positive data boosted optimism about the pace of global growth and Hewlett-Packard rallied after announcing its results. Weekly jobless claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell in the latest week, a sign of steady improvement in the labour market. Analysts were expecting a rise in claims. Separately, the November Chicago Purchasing Managers

Index and the final November Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan gauge of consumer sentiment also came in above expectations, indicating that conditions continue to improve. “The data was terrific and is in line with an economy where consumers should do well,” said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Rockwell Securities in New York. “Recently consumer sentiment hasn’t lined up

with how positive the market has been, so hopefully this means everyone is becoming more positive.” Tech shares .SPLRCT were the strongest of the day, rising 0.8 per cent a day after Hewlett-Packard Co beat revenue forecasts, with sales growth in its server and networking businesses inspiring optimism about the company’s turnaround plan. The stock jumped 9.3 per cent to US$27.41. (Reuters)



ony has filed a patent application for “SmartWig”, as firms jostle for the lead in the wearable technology sector. It says the SmartWig can be worn “in addition to natural hair”, and will be able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices. According to the filing, the SmartWig can help navigate roads and collect information such as blood pressure. Google and Samsung

are among the firms that have launched products in wearable technology – seen as a key growth area. “Wearable gadgets are definitely going to be one of the big areas of growth over the next two years,” Andrew Milroy, an analyst with consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, told the BBC. “And Sony – which is trying to regain some of the sheen it has lost in recent years – clearly understands that and

wants to play a major role in the sector.” The Japanese firm said the wig could be made from horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair or any kind of synthetic material. At the same time, the communication interface and sensors placed in the wig are at least partly covered by parts of the wig in order to be hidden from sight during use. (BBC


Middle East

Dubai’s Expo win will boost Greek economy to shrink for public finances – Barclays seventh year, OECD says


he Greek economy will keep shrinking next year and may need more financial help, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says. The OECD’s forecast of 0.4 per cent contraction contrasts with the Greek government’s prediction of 0.6 per cent growth in 2014. The OECD also said the recession in Greece had been “much deeper than expect-

ed” and that debt would not fall below 160 per cent of GDP before 2020. It would mark the seventh consecutive year of recession for Greece. Since 2010, Greece has received rescue loans from the International Monetary Fund and European countries. In return, it has pledged to cut its debt and implement economic reforms. However, the OECD’s report suggests Greece may re-

quire more help. “The need for further assistance to achieve fiscal sustainability cannot be excluded,” the report said. “If negative macroeconomic risks materialise... serious consideration should be given to further assistance to achieve debt sustainability.” The study also said that falling prices in Greece could put pressure on the country’s ability to meet the terms of its bailout. (BBC News)

Market statistics Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana Cur






















Indicators as on November 27, 2013 Live Spot Gold

USD Per Once













1250.75 767.99 919.80

1245.00 764.18 916.45



Nov 26


1250.75 773.69 923.88

Last: 16097.33

Crude Oil

Price Silver


London Gold Fix

Nov 27


1247.50 770.82 921.69 Changes: +24.53

US$ per barrel $111.31

USD per Ounce

$19.61 $1353.00

Change %

+0.39 Change %

-0.28 +0.15


successful Expo bid can boost Dubai’s yearto-year GDP growth to 6.4 per cent over the next three years while doubling it to 10.5 per cent by 2020, according to a Barclays report. But a successful expo bid will only propel the emirate’s growth as long as new borrowing is done in a fiscally sustainable manner, the report said. Dubai has been recording strong growth with its GDP rate accelerating to 4.9

per cent year-on-year during the first half of 2013. A recent Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry report showed that the emirate’s business confidence is at a record high as hopes of winning Expo 2020 gained strength. An expo win is also expected to impact the emirate’s public finances positively. “We believe that the positive growth spillovers from an expo bid win would raise

government revenues by at least 0.5 to 0.6 per cent of GDP per year over the coming four years as fees and nontax revenues rise on the back of buoyant economic activity and an expanding population that is likely to occur ahead of the expo,” said the report. The report estimates that even if Dubai’s capital spending in the years leading to the expo exceeds the allotted amount, the deficit will be small. (Gulf Business)

Investors' guide

Concepts of effective management through leadership (part three) The perp walk

However, we can’t always afford to be nice. There’s some employees that Yes Sandwiches are repeatedly wasted on. In these cases, the “Perp Walk”, popularised by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is a good way to fire troublesome employees and make a strong point at the same time. Giuliani believed in publicly humiliating criminals, by parading them in front of the media for photo ops. This lack of subtlety sent a clear message – that no one was im-

mune to the long arm of the law. Famed director Orson Welles would also fire one employee at random on the first day of shooting in a public and humiliating way to send a message to his other employees – if they wanted to keep their jobs, they’d better respect his decisions. As a manager, publicly fire poor employees, in full view of the staff. Never mince words or discuss it behind closed doors, or tell the other employees that they left for “health reasons”. Firing an employee is never good for the

company, but if it’s necessary, you can at least use the firing to motivate your employees to stay on task.

Evolve as a leader

Being all of these – the office patriarch, the good cop and the bad cop all at the same time – is never easy. That’s why there are endless books written on successful office management. Don’t be rigid, but stand your ground and evolve your management style through trial and error. No one ever said it was going to be easy. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Premium

Open: 16073.37


% Change: +0.15 Low: 16057.34

% YTD: 22.84

52Wk Hi: 15721.00

52 Wk Lo: 12471.49

General: Excess over apparent worth; banking: Fee charged for advancing a loan; commerce: Merchandise offered free or at reduced price to make a combined offer more attractive to the customer; mutual funds: Closed-end mutual fund’s market price above its net asset value; and securities: Amount by which a security is selling at above its par value.



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Bosai believed to owe 43 public schools US$50M in royalties forced to close – parliamentary committee hears By Svetlana Marshall


Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon is contending that Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) is indebted to Guyana for more than US$50 million in royalties for its bauxite operations here. And government said it has been trying, with little success, for more than a year to get the Chinesebased firm to pay up. Harmon made the claim during a Parliamentary Sectoral Committee meeting on Wednesday in the presence of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud. Harmon told Persaud that he had written the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) on the issue after learning that BMGGI has not been making good on its promise. “I believe that there were some concessions which were granted but then the concession is over, and we are into almost the third year of that period when Bosai ought to be paying royalties on the bauxite ship,” Harmon explained. He subsequently asked the natural resources and environment minister to confirm where BMGGI indeed owes Guyana. “The information that you are seeking is information that I have been seeking to, more than a year and a half now,” Persaud said in his response.

GRA mum

According to him, the GGMC and the legal team attached to the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry have been working to resolve the issue for more than a year. “Our interpretation from GGMC and the company’s interpretation are different and to resolve that difference, we had to get the involvement of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to provide requisite and pertinent information… to determine if an amount is outstanding and if yes, what is the amount outstanding.” However, GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur had informed the GGMC and, by extension, the Natural Resources Ministry that the revenue authority is not at liberty to release private information on the bauxite company, noting that that could be considered a breach of confidentiality. It was pointed out that permission must be granted by Bosai

APNU Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon

for the release of such information; to date, the company has not granted such permission. But this explanation was not accepted by the APNU MP who opined that the government should have an estimation of the monies indebted by Bosai. “If royalties are being paid by a company – we have shipped bauxite from the company, we know how much bauxite they ship, we know how much royalty are due then. It is not for us to go and find out when they are due or not, I believe it’s our responsibility to ask them to go pay the money and let them justify not paying it,” Harmon argued.

Tax arrangement

Chartered accountant Christopher Ram, in a July 29, 2012 article captioned “The economics of Linden and electricity rates – part 1”, explained vividly the arrangement between Bosai and the government. “Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, fail-

ing to appreciate the difference between royalties and corporation tax, has ensured that under Order 8 of 1995, the company will pay only the greater of royalty and corporation tax. In other words, if the corporation tax payable exceeds the amount payable as royalty, no royalty will be payable,” Ram had explained. He pointed out that in 2008, 2009 and 2010, bauxite companies exported approximately 4,659,317 tonnes of bauxite with an exchange value of US$325.2 million. “For this, the country received no royalties,” he lamented. “If 2010 was a good year, 2011 was a great one. Bauxite production shot up in 2011 by 68 per cent, from 1,082,512 tonnes to 1,818,399 tonnes. If there was no technical or economic case for a royalty waiver in 2005, there can be no financial case for an extension of that waiver in 2011,” he added. According to Ram, without the double taxation treaty between Guyana and China, revenues garnered in Guyana would ,under normal tax rules, be subject to tax in China, hence income not taxed in Guyana contributes to the treasury of China. “If only we are courageous enough to negotiate a fair deal with Bosai, and apply Guyana’s tax laws, including the anti-transfer pricing provisions as necessary, the country will be better off,” he contended. (


orty-two schools in Georgetown and one on the East Coast Demerara will remain closed today due to flooding, the Education Ministry said Wednesday. The ministry in a statement said schools identified to remain closed are the most heavily affected. This decision was made following reports from several teams dispatched on Wednesday by Education Minister Priya

Manickchand, to assess the effects of the rainfall on school buildings and the immediate environs. The assessment exercise was led by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam. Sam advised that every other school will remain opened. He is also advising all teachers, including those stationed at the 43 schools to report for duty on Thursday. The ministry, in its decision to have these schools

remain closed has taken into consideration, the latest weather report from the Hydrometeorological Office, which indicates that more rainfall is expected over the next 12 hours. The ministry said it is working around-the-clock to ensure that all affected schools are reopened by Friday. The schools to remain closed are listed in the table below.


thursday, November 28, 2013

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) You will have difficulties with foreigners or while travelling or taking part in cultural events. Concentrate on whatever job you’ve been given and refuse to let last-minute changes upset you.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Pitch in and help, and you will avoid complaints. Size up your financial situation and look for a way to turn what you have to offer into a lucrative endeavour.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Do your best to encourage someone you care about to get involved in whatever you pursue. Working alongside someone you know you can count on will lead to greater success.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Socialising with friends or peers will introduce you to hobbies or activities that will help you grow mentally or spiritually. Travel and communication will improve personal relationships.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Don’t let what’s happening in your personal life discourage you. Protect what you have worked so hard to acquire. Use unusual tactics when it comes to dealing with money matters.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Let others know how you feel and what you want. You will get a good response. Encourage someone to join in and help you reach your goals. Love is on the rise.





(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Use your creative talent to get ahead. You’ll surprise someone with your ability to work with whatever you are given and come out on top. Don’t let emotions interfere with your productivity.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Use all your attributes to get ahead. You’ll learn a lesson from someone who is putting pressure on you. Stand up for your rights and follow through with your plans.

Size up your situation at home and at work, but don’t make a fuss or start a feud over something that is best left to fizzle out. Emotions must be controlled.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Put more into your appearance and hone your creative skills. Love will highlight your day if you show affection and offer romance to someone you fancy.

Wednesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Truth will make a difference to the outcome of a situation. A change in the way you do things will allow you to offer your skills to a wider variety of end users.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) Professional decisions will lead to a better position. Don’t divulge personal information when dealing with emotional matters. Adaptability will put you ahead of any competition you face.

news 19


LHC staff stepping up protest

thursDay, november 28, 2013

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Linden hospital workers continue their protest for a higher pay increase


taff at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), Region 10 stepped up protest action on Wednesday over the five per cent wages and salaries increase by Cabinet, which was recently announced by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, for public servants across the length and breadth of Guyana. Wednesday marked day three of the protest action by LHC staff, who joined numerous others in the wave of protest actions across the country. On day three, the number of protesters increased compared to the previous two days, as the staff braved inclement weather, protesting outside the medical institution. Industrial Relations Officer and Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) Region 10 representative Maurice Butters had indicated on Monday that the increase was made without any prior consultations or negotiations with the GPSU. He said a meeting was held with staff of the LHC who agreed to increase in their numbers at the protest if the issue was not taken into considered by the authorities.

Development impacted

Referring to the five per cent increase as an “imposition”, the GPSU representative called on the government to go back to the negotiations table. Butters also said that there is a legal collective agreement which was signed between the government and the GPSU, which was not honoured. He also pointed out that the GPSU had previously consulted with President Donald Ramotar on the issue of the five per cent increase prior to its finalisation. Efforts were also made to contact Labour Minister, Dr Nanda Gopaul prior to the announced increase, but these proved futile. Meanwhile, President Ramotar on Wednesday said that coming from a trade union background and from a political party that continues to fight for the rights of the working

class, he would want to give much more than a five per cent wage increase; however, the treasury cannot facilitate that at this point in time. Speaking during a special interview at his office, he reminded of the $32 billion opposition-imposed budget cut earlier this year. “Important developmental projects are cut like the Amaila Falls which would have been about 25 per cent of our GDP… the unions have not said anything about the cuts, even though they have an impact on the development of our economy,” the head of state said. The Amaila Falls project, which was voted down by the combined opposition, would have seen significant wealth creation and employment opportunities. Since the announcement of an increase in wages and salaries that is not likely to exceed five per cent by Dr Luncheon last week, the GPSU and some workers have staged picketing exercises, expressing dissatisfaction with the proposed increase.

Inflation rate

President Ramotar also reminded that “the increase that we are giving is way above the inflation rate. The half-year economic review that was presented to the Parliament [stated] inflation was less than two per cent”. As a result of sound macro-economic policies employed by the government, inflation has been contained to single digits over the last several years. Government has been increasing wages and salaries for public servants every year, even during a period when many countries were forced to do the opposite, in the face of financial constraints. When the People’s Progressive Party/Civic assumed office in 1992, a public servant’s minimum wage was $3137, and by 2005, the figure rose to $23,204. In 2012, five per cent increase was granted to public servants; in 2011, eight per cent; in 2010, five per cent and in 2009, six per cent.


thursday, november 28, 2013

Pakistan win series in Yadram leads RHT thrilling finish to semi-finals J Telenec U-15 cricket…


fighting innings and a telling spell of legspin bowling from Guyana Under-15 captain Bhaskar Yadram, playing in his first club match in Berbice, gave Rose Hall Town (RHT) Farfan and Mendes the edge over Number 73 Young Warriors to earn their place in the semi-finals of the 2013 Tenelec Inc. cricket competition in Berbice. In the quarter-final, which was played at Number 73, RHT Farfan & Mendes took first innings honours from Number 73 Young Warriors in the match, which ended in a draw. Choosing to bat first, RHT Farfan & Mendes made 138 all out in their first innings with Yadram topscoring with 41, Kevon Anderson 30 not out and Haifa Walters 25. Bowling for Number 73 Young Warriors, Abdul Ajib took 4-15 and Vickram Laljit 3-11. When Number 73 Young Warriors replied they could

Bhaskar Yadram

not cope with the leg-spin of Yadram, who took eight wickets for just five runs from seven overs, four of which were maidens. They were dismissed for a paltry 51 with only Taleshwar Baichan with 16 and Sahif Jamesay 13 reaching double figures. RHT Farfan & Mendes, batting a second time, had reached 100-9 when time ran out with Yadram again

topscoring, this time with 21. Shaif Jamesay took 5-40 and Ajib 2-15. Also advancing to the semi-finals was Edinburgh, who defeated Achievers on first innings in their drawn quarter-final. In that match, which was played at Edinburgh, Achievers, choosing to bat first, made 104 all out in their first innings with Joseph Nicholson 27. Bowling for Edinburgh, Ishwar Mangru took 4-34, Joel Seiteram 3-52 and Raffik Latif 2-10. Edinburgh replied with 119 all out in their first innings with Latif topscoring with 32 not out, while Nicholson took 4-19 and Titus Webster 4-33 for Achievers. Achievers in their second innings made 129-3 declared with Makesh Ramroop hitting 64 not out and Webster 38. Ishwar Mangru took 2-44. With just 40 minutes play left, Edinburgh reached 31-2 by the close.

Sao Paulo stadium accident leaves two dead


wo people have died in an accident at one of the stadiums which will be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The deaths occurred when a crane fell and destroyed parts of Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians stadium. Brazil are due to play the opening match of the tournament at the 65,000 capacity venue on June 12. A Fifa spokesman said local authorities would fully investigate the accident and its president Sepp Blatter said he was “deeply saddened.” A statement from football’s world governing body read: “We wish to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of the workers who tragically died today. “The safety of workers is the top priority for Fifa, the LOC [Local Organising Committee] and the federal government. “We know the safety of all workers has always been paramount for all the construction companies contracted to build the 12 Fifa World Cup stadiums. “Please understand that we are in no position to comment further at this stage, as we are awaiting further details from the authorities.” Brazilian police said a number of other construction workers were injured in the accident, which happened when the final part of the roof covering the south stand was being installed. A crane operator was taken to hospital but was later released.

The scene of the accident

Local media reported witnesses hearing a loud crash as the crane fell on top of a metal structure. Some workers fled, but most were said to be away on their lunch break at the time of the incident. Construction company Odebrecht Infrastructure told BBC Sport the structure of the stadium had not been damaged. A company statement said: “Shortly before 1pm, the crane that hoisted the last module of the structure of the metal roof of the Sao Paulo stadium collapsed causing the fall of the part of the circulation area of the east building - partially hitting the LED facade. “The structure of the grandstand was not compromised. It was the 38th time this type of procedure had been performed and a number of equal proportions was installed just over a week ago in the southern sector of the stadium. “Teams of firemen are in

place. At the moment, all efforts are focused to provide full assistance to the families of the victims.” BBC Sport’s Ben Smith added: “A number of senior figures at Corinthians are now at the scene but they all say this will not prevent them from hosting World Cup matches. “Before the accident, the stadium was 90% complete with the deadline for completion set for the end of next month. That will now be revised back.” The arena, which will stage five further World Cup games, including a semi-final, in addition to the opening fixture, was due to be completed at the end of December to meet a Fifa deadline. After the World Cup the stadium - also known as the Itaquerao- is expected to accommodate nearly 50,000 people. However, at Fifa’s request, 20,000 temporary seats are to be added ahead of the tournament (BBC Sport)

unaid Khan defended nine runs off the final over to ensure Pakistan secured a first ever bilateral ODI series win over South Africa. In a rain-reduced affair, which was curtailed to 45-overs a side, Ahmed Shehzad’s century provided Pakistan with a challenging total. South Africa, playing in their 500th ODI, looked well set to chase it down courtesy Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers, but the pressure got the better of them once again and they fell one run short. A 110-run fourth-wicket partnership between Amla, whose 98 was crafted from patience, and de Villiers, who provided a dazzling display of innovation with 74, brought South Africa’s required run-rate down to less than a run-a-ball. With the equation in their favour, it seemed South Africa would better their poor record batting second - they have not won a match chasing since March this year - in the decider of the three-match series against Pakistan. But Amla and JP Duminy were dismissed in the space of three balls, new batsmen were at the crease, Saeed Ajmal turned the screws in the penultimate over, Junaid produced a full bouquet of yorkers, and Pakistan claimed a historic victory. The questions surrounding their batting may drown out any thoughts of their bowling, which stands in line for much praise and some concern. Dale Steyn recorded career-best figures of 6-39 and bowled the poisoned-tip any spearhead should. Steyn claimed the early wickets of Nasir Jamshed and Mohammad Hafeez who he has now accounted for him 15 times in 23 matches across formats - and came back to puncture Pakistan at the end. What he lacked was support from an attack that had been changed to include the fit-again Lonwabo Tsotsobe and Ryan McLaren. The seamers struggled to fine their lines while there was little on offer for the slower bowlers, making them fairly ineffective. Once Steyn had had his way with the top order, Pakistan rebuilt through Sohaib Maqsood and Shehzad. They rotated strike well and did not force boundaries, instead

Junaid Khan’s last-over yorkers were too much for South Africa to handle

waiting for Jacques Kallis to overpitch, JP Duminy to offer flight or Ryan McLaren to allow them to get under the length. Maqsood threw it away, trying to launch McLaren over extra cover and finding Amla, but Shehzad plugged on. He crossed 1000 ODI runs, survived while Misbah-ul-Haq was caught down the leg side off Imran Tahir and, after 108 balls at the crease brought up his third ODI century. He looked set for many more but was run-

out when Umar Akmal was ball-watching when he called for a single. Akmal made up for that mistake by providing the lower-order flourish which took Pakistan to a competitive total. He was the anchor of the 82 runs they scored in the last 10 overs. He took on McLaren and Steyn with extravagant shots and even though he was Steyn’s fifth wicket, he had done enough to roll out the canvas on which the bowlers could paint a memorable win. (Cricinfo)

SCOREBOARD Pakistan innings (45 overs maximum) Nasir Jamshed b Steyn 2 Ahmed Shehzad run out (Imran Tahir/†de Kock) 102 Mohammad Hafeez c †de Kock b Steyn 8 Sohaib Maqsood c Amla b McLaren 42 Misbah-ul-Haq* c †de Kock b Imran Tahir 12 Umar Akmal† c †de Kock b Steyn 42 Shahid Afridi c de Villiers b Steyn 11 Bilawal Bhatti c †de Kock b Steyn 21 Anwar Ali obstructing the field 7 Saeed Ajmal c Kallis b Steyn 0 Junaid Khan not out 1 Extras (lb-1, w-13) 14 Total (all out; 45 overs; 203 mins) 262 Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Nasir Jamshed, 0.5 ov), 2-22 (Mohammad Hafeez, 6.5 ov), 3-146 (Sohaib Maqsood, 28.1 ov), 4-176 (Misbah-ulHaq, 33.5 ov), 5-180 (Ahmed Shehzad, 34.6 ov), 6-214 (Shahid Afridi, 39.5 ov), 7-241 (Bilawal Bhatti, 42.6 ov), 8-261 (Anwar Ali, 44.3 ov), 9-261 (Umar Akmal, 44.4 ov), 10262 (Saeed Ajmal, 44.6 ov) Bowling: DW Steyn 9-0-39-

6, LL Tsotsobe 9-0-47-0 (4-w), R McLaren 9-0-71-1 (5-w), JH Kallis 8-0-49-0, Imran Tahir 8-0-33-1, JP Duminy 2-0-22-0 South Africa innings (target: 263 runs from 45 overs) HM Amla c Mohammad Hafeez b Saeed Ajmal 98 GC Smith c †Umar Akmal b Junaid Khan 1 Q de Kock† c Misbah-ul-Haq b Shahid Afridi 47 JH Kallis c Saeed Ajmal b Shahid Afridi 6 AB de Villiers* c Shahid Afridi b Junaid Khan 74 JP Duminy c Anwar Ali b Junaid Khan 15 DA Miller not out 2 R McLaren not out 0 Extras (b-1, lb-12, w-5) 18 Total (6 wickets; 45 overs; 199 mins) 261 Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Smith, 4.3 ov), 2-96 (de Kock, 21.4 ov), 3-117 (Kallis, 25.4 ov), 4-227 (de Villiers, 38.4 ov), 5-254 (Amla, 43.6 ov), 6-255 (Duminy, 44.2 ov) Bowling: Junaid Khan 9-042-3, Anwar Ali 7-1-39-0, Saeed Ajmal 8-0-46-1 (1-w), Mohammad Hafeez 8-0-440, Bilawal Bhatti 4-0-39-0 (2w), Shahid Afridi 9-0-38-2

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Johnson rules out a truce with England

Guinness Street Football - Georgetown leg…

Abrams’ hat-trick highlights A opening night

Anthony “Awo” Abrams

By Avenash Ramzan


efending champions Leopold Street endured a horrendous start to the Georgetown leg of the Guinness Street Football, losing 2-4 to a rampant Laing Avenue lineup on the opening night on Tuesday at Demerara Park Tarmac. On a night where a fair-sized crowd was sent scampering for cover after a heavy downpour, Golden Jaguars #10 and Alpha United player Anthony “Awo” Abrams blasted in a hat-trick to lead Laing Avenue to victory. Abrams netted in the third, fifth and 13th minutes and Fabian Crawford added a goal of his own in the 14th to seal the victory. Omallo Williams was the lone man on target for Leopold Street, scoring in the seventh and ninth minutes. South Sophia completely outplayed Norton Street- East 3-0 with Akeem Jaikissoon (fourth and 24th) and Ryan O’Selmo (fifth) being the goal scorers, while Berlin Massive chalked up the largest margin of victory on the night- a 4-0 drub-

Part of the action on Tuesday evening at Demerara Park Tarmac

bing of Stevedore Housing Scheme. Jamal Brenons in the 17th and 20th minutes netted a double for Berlin Massive, while Travis Heyliger and Devon Charles score one apiece in the sixth and eighth minutes respectively. Goals from Kevin Griffith (13th), Jamal Cozier (27th) and Calvin Pitt (28th) accounted for Broad Street B’s 3-1 success over Castello Housing Scheme, whose consolation strike came from Mark Welch in the 25th minute. Jermain McLoud, after only 13 seconds in the game, pushed Norton Street-West 2 into the lead, before Colin Daniels equalised for North Last Entrance in the 14th. However, Laurex Fraser would score the winner for Norton Street-West 2 in the 20th minute to seal the 2-1 win.

A Devon Millington’s double in the first and seventh minutes and a single strike from Sheldon Holder in the 15th minute accounted for East La Penitence’s three goals in their 3-0 rout of Bent Street, while Rensford Coleridge converted an 18th minute penalty to hand Hope Street-Tiger Bay 1 and 1-0 win over South Ruimveldt. Globe Yard 1 and Riverview 1 played to a 1-1 stalemate before Globe Yard won 5-4 on sudden death penalties from the halfway mark. The initial penalty shootout could not separate the teams as they finished locked on four each. During regulation time, Kevin Lewis in the third minute was on target of Globe Yard, while Travis Martin in the 16th netted for Riverview. Meanwhile, another eight games will be contested this evening at the

All too easy for India... While it was Dhawan’s innings that made the game safe, Yuvraj’s will gladden Indian fans. A destructive batsman with a penchant for the big stage, Yuvraj hasn’t been among the runs in recent months, even during the Australia series which was a bowlers’ bloodbath. Australia turned to Mitchell Johnson to dismiss him early several times, and West Indies hoped Narine would have a similar impact. Yuvraj wasn’t comfortable against Narine today either, misreading him several times, but he managed to ride out that difficult phase and cashed in against the lesser threats in the attack. Even though Dhawan and Yuvraj were dismissed

with India just under 50 away from the target, it only afforded the chance for India’s other out-ofform batsman, Suresh Raina, to play a pressurefree cameo on his birthday, with the result never in doubt.

Easier batting

It was far easier batting in the evening than in the first hour. India’s newball bowlers posed plenty of questions for West Indies’ openers, who were regularly beaten by the movement. Even as late as the 12th over, India had three slips in place. Powell had grabbed the chance offered by Chris Gayle’s absence with a halfcentury in Visakhapatnam,

National Cultural Centre Tarmac. The competition has attracted 32 teams battling in eight groups of four. During the group phase, the teams will compete in a roundrobin format with the top two advancing to the round of 16, followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. The champion team will receive $500,000, while the runner-up will collect $300,000, third $200,000 and fourth $100,000. All the other teams will receive participation stipends of no less than $10,000. Zone competitions will also be held in Berbice, East Coast, West Demerara, Linden and Bartica in the coming months with the top two teams advancing to the national playoff. The winner of the national playoff will earn the right to represent Guyana at the Caribbean Street Challenge in July 2014.

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and built on that with another solid score. He was a bit loose outside off early on but settled in as the innings progressed, showing off his driving skills, with a square drive off Mohit Sharma in the sixth over a highlight. He had reached 70 by the 30th over, but miscued a sweep off R Ashwin - the fifth time in a row that the opener has gone past 40 without reaching triple figures. His 117-run partnership with Samuels had set West Indies up for a strong total. Samuels was nervy early on, extremely reluctant to get on the front foot against the fast bowlers, and played and missed often. After his initial struggles, he was more at ease


against the spinners, stepping out to launch Ashwin onto the temporary roof in the stands beyond longon. He was reprieved on 60 when Virat Kohli put down a chance at first slip, but was bowled soon after by Ashwin. That was in the first over of the batting Powerplay, and with Simmons and Dwayne Bravo failing, West Indies had suddenly slipped to 196 for 5. However, Darren Bravo made his third consecutive half-century and Darren Sammy’s all-power game worked again this time as they threw the bat around to put on 67 in little over eight overs. It proved to be too little against India’s formidable batting though. (Cricinfo)

ustralia bowler Mitchell Johnson has dismissed the suggestion of a truce with England following a bad-tempered Ashes opener. Jonathan Trott was criticised by Australia’s David Warner before his stress-related exit from the Ashes. And Australia’s Michael Clarke was fined for an obscenity while warning James Anderson to expect a broken arm. “Their coach wants a truce from what I’ve heard. That’s not going to change from our end,” said Johnson. “I think it’s worked for us. I definitely think they’re rattled by it. They don’t like it at all.” ICC match referee Jeff Crowe will urge both teams to calm down before the second Test in Adelaide on December 5. Australia go into that match with a 1-0 lead in the series following their 381run win in the first Test in Brisbane. Johnson twice dismissed Trott cheaply in taking nine wickets in the Test and it was the batsman’s inability to deal with the paceman’s bounce that saw Warner talk of his “weak” batting. Those comments were criticised for being “disrespectful” by England captain Alastair Cook.

However, Johnson, 32, does not think the level of sledging - a verbal exchange designed to put off an opponent - went too far in the first Test and felt Clarke was right to “stand up” to Anderson. “I thought it was really good what Michael did, as a captain,” he added. “That’s what you want your captain to do - stand up for the players - and that’s what he did.” England bowler Stuart Broad, who laughed off the abuse he received from Australia’s fans in Brisbane, did not think the sledging overstepped the mark. “Speaking from a personal point of view, I don’t think it was over the top,” Broad said. “It’s Ashes cricket, England versus Australia, and there is a lot of passion out there. You come to expect a bit of sledging in Ashes cricket. “It’s up to the players to take responsibility and make sure it doesn’t go too far.” However, England manager Andy Flower wants a balance to be struck between “intense” cricket and acceptable behaviour. “I think there are standards of behaviour that individuals and teams must set themselves,” said Flower. (BBC Sport)

Rampant Man Utd ease to last 16


a n c h e s t e r United reached the Champions League’s last 16 with a game to spare after thrashing Bayer Leverkusen 5-0. Wayne Rooney, who had a hand in four goals, chipped to the back post for Antonio Valencia’s tapin for the first before Emir Spahic scored an own goal from the United striker’s free-kick. Stefan Reinartz’s header

hit the post after deflecting off Ryan Giggs before Jonny Evans turned in from a corner. Chris Smalling then touched in and Nani rounded the keeper for a fifth. The result is United’s biggest away win in the Champions League and confirmed a miserable night for the German side, who are second in the Bundesliga and lost an unbeaten home record. (BBC Sport)

SCOREBOARD West Indies innings (50 overs maximum) J Charles† b Kumar 11 KOA Powell c Dhawan b Ashwin 70 MN Samuels b Ashwin 71 DM Bravo not out 51 LMP Simmons c †Dhoni b Jadeja 13 DJ Bravo* c Ashwin b Mohammed Shami 4 DJG Sammy not out 37 Extras (lb-2, w-3, nb-1) 6 Total (5 wickets; 50 overs) 263 Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Charles, 4.5 ov), 2-137 (Powell, 29.2 ov), 3-168 (Samuels, 35.3 ov), 4-187 (Simmons, 38.6 ov), 5-196 (DJ Bravo, 41.5 ov) Bowling: B Kumar 8-0-421, MM Sharma 7-0-47-0 (1w), Mohammed Shami 101-49-1, R Ashwin 10-0-45-2 (1-nb, 2-w), SK Raina 5-029-0, RA Jadeja 10-0-49-1

India innings (target: 264 runs from 50 overs) RG Sharma c DJ Bravo b Rampaul 4 S Dhawan c & b DJ Bravo 119 V Kohli c †Charles b Rampaul 19 Yuvraj Singh c DJ Bravo b Narine 55 SK Raina c †Charles b DJ Bravo 34 MS Dhoni*† not out 23 RA Jadeja not out 2 Extras (lb-5, w-4, nb-1) 10 Total (5 wickets; 46.1 overs) 266 Fall of wickets: 1-29 (RG Sharma, 4.2 ov), 2-61 (Kohli, 8.4 ov), 3-190 (Yuvraj Singh, 30.1 ov), 4-218 (Dhawan, 37.2 ov), 5-255 (Raina, 42.6 ov) Bowling: R Rampaul 10-1-55-2 (2-w), JO Holder 6-0-47-0 (1-nb), DJ Bravo 10-0-57-2 (1-w), SP Narine 10-1-32-1, DJG Sammy 3-0-22-0, LMP Simmons 3-0-170 (1-w), V Permaul 4.1-0-31-0


thursday, november 28, 2013

No sun, no play! – heavy rainfall, flooded grounds halt start of inter-county competition

The pitch at Enmore was secured from the elements, but the boundary edges were inundated (Photo: Avenash Ramzan)


eavy rainfall, which subsequently resulted in flooding, has forced the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to halt the start of the GT&T/Hand-in-Hand Insurance senior four-day inter-county cricket competition. The four-team competition was slated to commence today with two games at venues in Demerara. The scheduled first round matches between Demerara and the GCB President’s XI and Essequibo and Berbice were scheduled for the Enmore Community Centre

ground on the East Coast of Demerara and the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) grounds in Queenstown respectively. When Guyana Times reporters Rajiv Bisnauth, Treiston Joseph and Avenash Ramzan visited the two facilities on Wednesday, they were met with heavily inundated outfields. The DCC ground was completely water-logged and looked like a lake, while water had settled on the boundary edges of the Enmore ground. The inter-county tourna-

ment forms part of Guyana’s preparations for next year’s regional four-day competition. This year, the GCB has included a President’s XI, increasing the number of teams to four. The four-day competition is of utmost importance to the GCB as it is being used by the senior selectors to formulate the best possible Guyana team. The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) and Hand-in-Hand Insurance are co-sponsors of the tournament.

GHRA general meeting set for Sunday at BLUTF


Cecil Kennard

he Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) will be holding an urgent general members meeting on Sunday, beginning at 10:30 hours at the Bush Lot United Turf Club, Sea View Park, West Coast, Berbice. A number of topics are set to be discussed, including racing meets for the rest of the year, reviewing race meets that were completed, registration  and affiliation of the various clubs, classification and reclassification of

horse, jockeys, trainers and horse owners association and payments. Issues affecting horse owners and the present position with the horse racing legislation will also come up for discussion. President of the body, retired Chancellor Justice Cecil Kennard, will chair the meeting, which is expected to be attended by representatives of all the horse racing clubs in Guyana, the major stables and horse owners.

Vita Malt Plus sponsors national senior chess championships

Banks DIH Brand Manager (non-alcoholic malts), Clayton Mc Kenzie (right), presents his company’s sponsorship to GCF president, Shiv Nandalall


new brand has thrown its support towards the 2013 national senior chess championships. The Vita Malt Plus 2013 national senior chess championships, sponsored by Banks DIH Limited, was launched under the said brand on Wednesday at the company’s location at Thirst Park. The sponsorship cheque was presented to president of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF), Shiv Nandalall, by Clayton Mc Kenzie, Banks DIH Brand Manager for Non-alcoholic malts. Eight top chess players, including defending champion Taffin Khan, will employ strategies and tactics on the chess board as they vie for the coveted title, held by Khan for the past three

years. Three junior chess players are also in the senior league with their eyes fixed on the prize. The signature tournament in local chess begins on Saturday at the Ocean Spray Hotel, Stanley Place, Kitty, and ends on December 8. The seven challengers who will face each other and the reigning national champion in the single round-robin tournament are: Anthony Drayton, Wendell Meusa, Davion Mars, Roberto Neto, Errol Tiwari, Glenford Corlette and Neil Khan. Each player would be allowed 90 minutes per game plus 30 seconds increment from the first move. Drayton, Mars and Neto are the three junior players who outpaced other seniors and qualified recently to enter the senior competition.

Nandalall observed that the sponsorship is significant for the growth of chess since its resuscitation about six years ago. He extended a big “thank you” to the beverage giant for its support towards such a small discipline. Banks DIH Communications Manager Troy Peters said it is an honour to sponsor the national chess championship this year. “Banks DIH Limited has sponsored tournaments in Berbice, Linden, West Demerara and Georgetown as we partner with the GCF in promoting the game locally. Vita Malt Plus has the right ingredients for athletes and we look forward to the chess players utilising Vita Malt Plus as they seek excellence in the championships,” he added.

Phillip George basketball tournament postponed

Linden school basketball competition tips off – rain washes out Wednesday’s action


espite a rain-infected opening on Monday, action got underway in the Sunburst Linden Secondary Schools Under-17 basketball tournament on Tuesday at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. New Silvercity Secondary was on top of their game, pulling off a 29-18 victory on Harmony Secondary. Wayne Wilson led New

Silvercity with a game-high 14 points to carry the offensive load throughout the game, while Keon McDonald led with a team-high 11 points for Harmony Secondary. The second match of the day saw Mackenize High School defeating Linden Foundation Secondary 30-22. Daniel Anthony’s teamhigh 11 points was the main contributor to the

win for Mackenzie High, while Nigel Plowell’s gamehigh 12 points was not good enough to secure the win for Linden Foundation. Meanwhile, Wednesday action was postponed due to the current inclement weather, while the tournament is tentatively set to resume today from 14:30 hours once the weather becomes favourable.

Burnham Court under water late on Wednesday afternoon (Photo: Treiston Joseph)


he Phillip George memorial basketball tournament, which was set to start on Wednesday evening at the Burnham Hard Court, had to be put on pause due to the inclement weather hitting Guyana. The tournament, which was set to pit eight first di-

vision clubs and 12 third division clubs against each other, will have no set date for resumption, according to president of the Georgetown Amateur basketball Association (GABA), Michael Singh. Once the tournament gets underway it will include a three-point contest

to name Guyana’s best perimeter shooter, along with a GABA skills challenge that will name Georgetown fastest player over the court with the basketball. Meanwhile, the tournament will have a maximum of 30 games in both the third and first division categories when it tips off.

thursday, november 28, 2013


Bryant happy with extension, Banks Beer Lakers’ nears return Cup double- W header washed out By Avenash Ramzan


ersistent overnight and mid-morning showers on Wednesday left the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, Bourda, inundated, forcing the organisers of the third annual Georgetown Football Association (GFA) Banks Beer Knockout Cup to postpone the planned doubleheader on Wednesday evening. 2011 champions Alpha United and East Bank side Grove Hi-Tec were slated to clash in the feature game at 20:00 hours, while Santos FC and Houston Stars were down to face each other at 18:00 hours. However, the organisers were left with no choice but to reschedule the games, given the unplayable state of the facility. According to information emanating from the GFA, should the weather improve, the matches will be staged this evening. But should the rain continue, shifting the games to the weekend is the likely option. The winners from the next set of matches will join defending champions Camptown and fellow

Georgetown side Pele FC in the round of 16. On the opening night last Saturday, Camptown mauled a hapless Essequibo unit 10-0, while Pele needled Topp XX 1-0 in a Georgetown/Linden clash.


As was the case in 2012, the champion team will receive $4 million, while the runner-up, third and fourth placed finishers will collect $2.5 million, $1.5 million and 1$ million respectively. A new addition to this year’s tournament is the monetary incentives for all the teams, including $250,000 each for the losing quarter-finalists, $150,000 each for those knocked out at the second round and $100,000 each for teams booted at the first round. There will also be individual prizes for the Most Valuable Player, highest goal scorer, best goalkeeper and most discipline team. The most outstanding coach will pocket $100,000 cash. Each association will also receive 20 percent or a maximum of $250,000 as gate receipts after expenses from all games played in their jurisdiction.

MCY&S wins CBIS 10/10 competition


he Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports (MCY&S) emerged winner of the fourth Corporate Business in Sport (CBIS) cricket festival in Berbice. Playing in the final at the Albion Sports Complex on Saturday, the ministry team posted a challenging 71-3 off their allotted ten overs. In response, Oldendorff Carriers were restricted to 61-8 when the overs expired. Earlier in the competition, the Regional Chairman XI was knocked out by Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha; Republic Bank was not open to trading and sent Ansa McAl Trading packing, while Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company unfortunately had to do battle the MCY&S. Banks DIH Limited did not have enough cash in their bank and were sent home by Demerara Bank. Hand-in-Hand Insurance went down to Karibee Rice and Metro Office Supplies was sent back to the office by Neal and Massy. Also suffering defeats were New Building Society, who failed get past the

Berbice Bridge Company Inc., and the Guyana Power and Light, who went powerless when they came up against Oldendorff Carriers. In semi-final action, Neal and Massy surrendered to the MCY&S, while Ansa McAl Trading got booted by Oldendorff Carriers. At the presentation ceremony, MCY&S players were presented with the winner’s cheque, compliments of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc., Ansa Mcal Trading and E-Networks. The runner-up prize came from Republic Bank, Hand-inHand Insurance and Roger Greenidge Refridgeration. Neal and Massy was presented with the third place prize, compliments of Banks DIH Limited, and the Sukhpaul Auto Sales trophy. Alvin Ramdassak of MCY&S copped the Man-ofthe-Match award in the final, compliments of Asheik and Sons. Prizes were also awarded to the highest runscorer of the tournament and bowlers with most wickets in any single innings. (Andrew Carmichael)

ASHINGTON (AP) -- Wearing his practice shorts and a sweatshirt, Kobe Bryant looked as if he was ready to return action. After the Los Angeles Lakers signed the fourthleading scoring in NBA history to a twoyear contract extension, Bryant said he can’t wait to play. “The Lakers came up with the structure - a system and a plan they thought was a win-win for everybody involved. From my perspective, it was very easy to accept it,” Bryant said. In what he says will probably be his final contract, Bryant says there was no negotiation. Bryant’s new deal is reportedly worth $48.5 million, and it takes him into his 20th season with the Lakers. He hasn’t played this season while recovering from surgery in April on a torn Achilles tendon. He won’t play on this three-game road trip, but he’s looking forward to three practices in the four days off that precede Los Angeles’ game in Sacramento on December 6 as a possible return. “Those three days when we get back are going to be huge,” Bryant said. “I need some more practices to measure it and test it.”

Done deal! Kobe Bryant signs on the dotted lines

Rejecting criticism from those who said that Bryant’s contract will hamper the Lakers from adding another star, he said his understanding was the team could keep Pau Gasol, him and still pursue someone else. “From what I saw - absolutely,” Bryant said. “I think we’ll be all right.” Bryant declined to specify another star player he’d like to team with. “We have the ability to do something special. The Lakers are a stand-

up organization, and they stepped up to the plate.” Bryant thanked Los Angeles for sticking with him through the long recovery from surgery. He said he never contemplated ending his storied playing career. “It makes me want to run through a wall for them,” Bryant said. “It kind of adds more fuel to the fire to be able to prove to everybody that they’ve got it right - and everybody else is wrong.” (

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Thursday, november 28, 2013

Banks Beer Cup No sun, double-header no play! washed out TOP SCORES


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– heavy rainfall, flooded grounds halt start of inter-county competition This is not a lake, but is actually the DCC ground in Queenstown (Photo: Treiston Joseph)

Water polo anyone? The state of the GFC ground, Bourda, on Wednesday afternoon (Photo: Treiston Joseph)

India v West Indies, 3rd ODI, Kanpur…

All too easy for India in the decider I

Shikhar Dhawan’s fifth ODI ton of 2013 led India to a fivewicket win in Kanpur and a series victory against West Indies

ndia have been masterful while chasing in ODIs this year, and against a moderate total and a mediocre West Indies attack, they ambled to victory in the series-deciding third ODI in Kanpur. Shikhar Dhawan hit his fifth ODI hundred of his magical year and the struggling Yuvraj Singh hit his first ODI half-century in 11 innings as India cruised to their sixth successive one-day series win of the year. With a 9am start on a hazy winter morning, the talk at the toss was about how the first hour would be a challenge for the batsmen. West Indies negotiated that phase well losing only one wicket, and

half-centuries from Kieran Powell and Marlon Samuels took them to a strong 164 for 2 when the batting Powerplay was taken. Perfectly placed then for the power-hitters to come; they nearly squandered that advantage by losing three quick wickets, but Darren Sammy and Darren Bravo provided the late flourish to lift them to 263. That proved too little, especially as only Ravi Rampaul and Sunil Narine posed any threat with the ball. Jason Holder had a disappointing day, with Dhawan feasting on the poor lines to take five fours in his first two overs to propel India along early. Dwayne Bravo and Sammy were tame,

and midway through the chase when Dhawan and Yuvraj were killing off the chase - West Indies had turned to the innocuous duo of Veerasammy Permaul and Lendl Simmons. There was briefly some hope for West Indies early on, when Rampaul dismissed two of India’s red-hot top three early. He couldn’t get the wicket of Dhawan, though, and Dhawan scored big. As usual, the innings was studded with breathtaking cuts and drives through the off, and without really seeming to make the effort, he had 20 fours to his name was scoring at over a run a ball.

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