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Friday, May 23, 2014


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Green calls for city shutdown

P2 Court grants ‘quo warranto’ in favour of King Passenger busted with cocaine, P8 marijuana at Ogle Airport


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P10 No Procurement Commission, no AML/CFT Bill – AFC reiterates

Agriculture suffering in Region 10 P12 – Solomon 10th Annual Berbice Expo launched P16

GT&T denies holding up four-lane road works

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friday, may 23, 2014|

Sooba vs Royston King...

Court grants ‘quo warranto’ in favour of King – CJ refuses to recuse self from Sooba’s appeal


igh Court Judge Diana Insanally on Thursday granted a ‘quo warranto’ filed by Royston King to have acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba removed from her post. King had filed the legal action on May 13, after acting Chief Justice Ian Chang had ruled that Sooba is allowed to act as de facto Town Clerk until someone moves to have her removed from the post. However when the ‘quo warranto’ was called before the acting Chief Justice, he recused himself from the matter saying that it was a conflict of interest since he would have made the initial ruling that Sooba could continue to function in her post. As such, the matter was sent to Justice Insanally. When the matter was called on Thursday, Justice Insanally granted the ‘quo

Town Clerk Carol Sooba

Royston King

warranto’ to King’s attorney, Nigel Hughes, in her chambers. Sooba will now have to, through her attorney, show cause as to why she should not be removed from the post. Meanwhile about an hour earlier, the suit filed by Sooba against King’s appointment as Town Clerk

was again heard before the acting Chief Justice. Sooba had filed a suit on May 13, via her Attorney Roysdale Forde, asking the court to quash King’s appointment as acting Town Clerk, by the City Council during an extraordinary meeting of the Council on May 8 in the compound of the City

Hall. Justice Chang has ruled on May 14 that the Council should provide legal grounds for the appointment of King and the ousting of Sooba, thereby quashing the appointment of King until legal cause is shown to support several decisions that were made. On Wednesday, Attorney Hughes made an application for the acting Chief Justice to remove himself from the proceedings of the case, since he had done the same regarding the action filed by King. The Attorney pointed out that when King had filed his application for ‘quo warranto’, he (the Chief Justice) had recused himself and given the fact that he also made the decision quashing King’s appointment, he should also remove himself from this matter. However, Justice Chang refused the applica-

tion. This matter will continue on June 15, giving Hughes one week to file his affidavit in answer to the legal action filed by Sooba, while her Attorney, Keisha Chase, was given three days to respond to whatever is said in the aforementioned affidavit. The acting Chief Justice had asked Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green to show cause as to why the Court should not prevent the appointment and  installation of  King as  the  officer  to  perform  the duties

of Town  Clerk and why it should not restrain or prohibit  King from  usurping  the  Office  of  Town  Clerk  and  or  discharging  any  of  the powers,  functions  and  duties  of  the  aforesaid  Office. The Mayor was ordered to proffer causes under which Sooba should immediately remove herself and cease to act in the capacity as Council secretary, and to show legal grounds on which a decision was taken to send Sooba on administrative leave.

Sabha’s women’s conference set for Saturday

Sabha’s President, Dr Vindhya Persaud


he Mahila Mandalee, the women’s arm of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, will host a Hindu Women’s Conference on May 24 at the Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra, Prashad Nagar. The conference commences at 09:00h. Held under the theme “Inspiring Change: Today’s Hindu Woman in Perspective”, the objectives of the conference is to create a platform to connect, inspire and empower Hindu women in Guyana through the exploration of Hindu values. The conference will be used as a voice for Hindu women on contemporary issues faced by them as the nucleus of the family and to develop support structures for their holistic, physical, intellectual and emotional empowerment. Among the topics listed for presentation and discussion are Hindu women in the scriptures, lessons to be learnt, domestic violence and the Hindu woman today and choices. Presentations will be made by Human Services and Social Security Minister Jenifer Webster, veteran educator Savitri Balbahadur, University of Guyana lecturer and Behaviour Change/ Communication Advisor Paulette Henry and Dharmic Sabha’s President, Dr Vindhya Persaud. It is expected that First

Lady Deolatchmie Ramotar will also make remarks at the opening of the conference. Some 300 women from the Sabha’s Praants in Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara are expected to attend, along with representatives from other Hindu organisations and women's groups. During its 43 years in existence, the Mandalee has enjoyed many successes and has firmly established its place as the voice and agency for Hindu women in Guyana. It has initiated and implemented a range of programmes and activities with the aim of providing Hindu women with much needed guidance and skills to effectively cope in their daily lives. These include skills training which enable women to become self-sufficient and religious and cultural programmes to help them pass on the traditions and values to the next generation. Recognising the importance of education, the Mandalee has also been working with children to improve their literacy by way of special reading programmes. The Mandalee is currently carrying out a countrywide survey, through its mandirs’ network, to assess literacy levels of women in various communities. It plans to launch a literacy campaign for women. The Mandalee considers the conference to be timely and hopes that it will provide a platform for candid discussions among the women attending. It is the organisation’s fervent wish that the outcome of this forum enables positive future planning and execution of activities for women. Limited places are available to members of the public who are interested in attending the conference. They can call the Sabha’s headquarters on 227-6181 to register.

3 Blacklisting imminent News

friDay, may 23 , 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, May 23 from 13:00h-14:30h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, May 23 from 12:10h-13:40h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Light rain showers can be expected during the morning and afternoon with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius.

Wind: East north-easterly between 4.91 metres and 5.36 metres per second. High Tide: 12:16h reaching a maximum height of 2.33 metres.

Low Tide: 05:46h and 18:15h reaching minimum heights of 0.90 metre and 0.85 metre respectively.

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– Dr Luncheon appeals to Opposition for sanity to prevail BY SVETLANA MARSHALL


he possibility of Guyana meeting the May 29 deadline set by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) for the passage of the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) (AML/CFT) Bill is slim. Guyana will come under review during the XXXIX CFATF meeting in Miami on May 26-29, but though the country faces the possibility of being blacklisted by the international financial watchdog, both the Government and Opposition have been moving at snail’s pace in addressing critical issues linked to the Bill. The next sitting of the National Assembly is set for June 19 despite the May 29 deadline. But Head of the Presidental Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon on Thursday said, “No-legislation and a non-compliant legislation are the same.” At the time, he was speaking at the Office of the President during his weekly post-Cabinet press conference. Based on the advice of Attorney General Anil Nandlall, the Donald Ramotar Administration has long argued that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) proposed amendments to the AML/ CFT Act of 2009 are not in compliance with CFATF/ FATF standards and if enact-

ed, would result in Guyana being blacklisted. Though it has been argued that the National Assembly of Guyana can “pass any law”, Dr Luncheon said when considering the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation, CFATF’s and the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) standards must be taken into full consideration. As a result, Dr Luncheon questioned the underlying principle of attempting to pass a Bill that is considered non-compliant with CFATF/ FATF standards. “The consequences of enacting non-compliant legislation are predictable…. In essence, putting a serving President in an invidious position of assenting to noncompliant CFATF legislation, I think is an imposition that needs to be thought out well by the Opposition.” He said due to the political nature of the issue that faces the National Assembly and by extension Guyana, the Opposition is holding fast to its position to fulfil its political agenda.


“The Opposition is clearly willing and of course able to inflict blacklisting on Guyana and its population must now be acknowledged and understood. Their political end remains paramount in this issue.” Nevertheless, Dr Luncheon said efforts that have been made by political

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon

leaders and civil society can not go unnoticed, but said this is a very sad period for Guyana. If Guyana fails to pass the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill, CFATF will decide to effectively nominate the country for the FATF International Corporation Review Group (ICRG) review. FATF is due to meet in June. During that meeting, the international financial body will determine whether Guyana should be subjected to a prima-facie review by the International Corporation Review Board. This therefore means that Guyana could land itself on any of the three blacklisting tiers. The most severe level, which is found at the top of the chart, effectively requires countries to issue countermeasures against countries on that list. Presently, North Korea and Iran are the only

two countries blacklisted at this extreme level The second layer includes countries that have significant AML/CFT safety deficiencies, but have not given a political commitment to deal with those issues or have not formulated an action plan in collaboration with FATF to deal with outstanding issues. The lowest tier encompasses countries that have issued a political commitment to implement the reforms and formulated an action plan to be implemented by strategic deadlines. However, if the country during the review period offers to commit to the AML/CFT standards and establishes an action plan in conjunction with FATF, it would be placed on the lowest level. (Svetlanam@guyanatimesgy. com)


friday, may 23, 2014

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India and Japan


ith the election as Parliamentary Leader, confirming that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government of India for the next five years, it might be appropriate to look at what changes may be instituted in his country’s foreign policy. In the BJP’s Manifesto, the introduction, while diplomatically vague, is revealing in that it promises a “resurgent” India that will ensure “its voice is heard in the international fora”. “BJP believes a resurgent India must take its rightful place in the comity of nations and international institutions. The vision is to fundamentally reboot and reorient the foreign policy goals, content and process, in a manner that locates India’s global strategic engagement in a new paradigm and on a wider canvass, that is not just limited to political diplomacy, but also includes our economic, scientific, cultural, political and security interests, both regional and global, on the principles of equality and mutuality, so that it leads to an economically stronger India, and its voice is heard in the international fora.” While foreign policy cannot be the bailiwick of any one person, Modi has given an early signal that he will have a firm hand on its reins. During his acceptance speech as Parliamentary Leader, he surprised even his close advisors when he invited the leaders of India’s immediate neighbours in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to his swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday. This grouping includes Pakistan, with which it has had an uneasy relationship following the partition of 1947. Modi, however, made a point to note he was the first leader of India to be born after 1947. But most analysts are convinced that India’s most fruitful international engagement will be with Japan, under the Government of Shinzo Abe. Indo-Japanese ties – Asia’s fastestdeveloping bilateral relationship – should be the major plank of India’s “Look East” strategy. The latter was adopted after many in the West, specifically the United States, closed their doors to him as part of the fallout over the 2002 communalriots in Gujarat. Modi and Abe share a special relationship, and both are bullish on Japan and India’s economic growth in the fast shifting geo-political and geo-economic order of Asia. Much of this stems from the fact that both India and Japan are wary of China and the possibility of Beijing becoming a hegemon in the region. Even the weak, Manmohan Singh Administration had taken concrete steps to improve strategic cooperation with Japan. The camaraderie between Abe and Modi gained steam in 2007 when the former visited Gujarat and the latter Japan, and has only grown stronger ever since. Modi followed up with a visit to Japan in January 2012, just months before Abe swept to power in that country and the two have remained very close. In fact, Abe’s account on Twitter only follows three people, one of them being Modi and he was one of the first to personally congratulate Modi on winning the Indian elections. Following that call, Modi told Abe: “Personally, I have a wonderful experience of working with you, and I would like to cooperate with you to take India-Japan ties to newer heights from now on. I appreciate your inviting me to visit Japan. I look forward to meeting you.” Abe, who has sought to build security options for Japan beyond the current UScentric framework, has argued that his country’s ties with India hold “the greatest potential of any bilateral relationship anywhere in the world”. For Guyana, the new relationship should also prove beneficial since both countries are also looking to be developmental partners in other countries. Japan is already one of the biggest foreign aid donors in the world. With India entering the world of foreign aid in 2012 under a single agency, the Development Partnership Administration (DPA), they can collaborate in strategic assistance to poorer countries.

Bishops’ High School students put finishing touches to an art piece, which will be one of the exhibits at their first culture day planned for today (Carl Croker photo)

Armed robberies Dear Editor, There has been an upsurge in kidnapping, hijacking and armed robberies, and even assassinations and assassination attempts. The Guyana Police Force has been working most assiduously to arrest and curtail the increase of crime, supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs and its various arms. Thank God for the professional and dynamic policemen and women. We saw a young man on the East Coast kidnapped and brutally murdered when his family could not raise the cash demanded. It was painful when another was shot in the head and ran off the road, in an attempt to steal his car. We know that Trans Pacific Motor Spares and Sales was robbed of $10 million. We saw in Rose Hall a businessman robbed of $10 million early morning on the way to the bank. During last December, in Regent Street, Georgetown, we saw a popular business robbed of over $39 million because they used a staff to transport large sums of cash. We saw a gas station owner of the East Coast causing the death of his employee by transporting large sums of cash to a bank, though he was robbed before. We have seen Government employees fake robberies when transporting large sums of cash for schools and others, and we also know of real robberies that occur when transporting Government’s cash. Hijacking of taxi drivers and their vehicles, at times

with serious injuries and in most cases death, is becoming a regular phenomenon in Guyana now, as if it is an expected norm of everyday life. Yet many robberies could be curtailed by a small investment and a secured detail protected with insurance. The Rose Hall robbery victim could have requested an Armed Escort Security detail, from a recognised security force. It could be a heavy armoured service or even covert with armed personnel, instead of risking lives and large sums of cash to bandits to finance their evil lifestyles. Even if they hired an armoured vehicle and ranks from Georgetown, the cost for such a service would have been a fraction of the loss, maybe $40,000 – $100,000, but only those with sense and eyes can see and understand this. When transporting large sums in any container, be it a box, bag or canister, a GPS tracking device could be placed inside, so if stolen, the money could be traced, while it is being moved, to its last location. These devices have a size of 1.5 inches by 3 inches. Such a device costs merely $40,000 – $50,000, with monitoring costing $4500 monthly. They can be clandestinely placed in any box, vehicle asset, generator, anything of value, and be monitored for up to 14 days without needing to be recharged. The device can be moved from vehicle to vehicle or person to person. Ideal for the Police, Police vehicles, the military, Government Ministries, the Guyana Revenue Authority/

Customs and private persons, and then there is the hardwired type which can disable a vehicle in addition to monitoring possibilities. Our Security Service uses such a device in our Asset Transport Vehicles, and also our asset transport canisters. So in addition to insurance protection, armed and trained personnel, there is this added deterrent. Taxi companies, and drivers or owners of vehicles are encouraged to install a system with auto kill in addition to all the other features, or the Mobile Traffic, which can be moved from person to person or vehicle to vehicle. I believe companies such as hotels contracting drivers and or drivers/owners with vehicles should insist on such devices before contracting or at least help to subsidise payment for them. It is unfair for people to expect Government to provide protection to each citizen, this is a logistical nightmare. Citizens must play their part. With regards to illegal guns, I believe for anyone found with any illegal weapon except for those in the interior using same for hunting, the penalty should be at least 15-20 years in prison, and if they have assets, their assets should be confiscated, and be used to maintain them in the prisons with food, medicine, clothing and housing. Anyone who fires an illegal weapon indiscriminately should suffer 25 years imprisonment with hard labour (this exists in neighbouring Trinidad), and also their assets should pay for their cost of imprisonment.

Anyone who fires a weapon and causes death or injury with an illegal weapon should face the death penalty, and the death penalty should be activated immediately in Guyana for armed robbers with or without murder. Again, their assets should pay for the cost for trial, housing in prison. Anyone committing armed robbery with a firearm should be sentenced to death. Drastic times call for drastic action. Let us run the criminals mad. Let us create a dragnet around them, so they can run nowhere, make it difficult from them to breathe or eat…to survive. They must have no peace. Families who enjoy ill-gotten wealth and do not ask their young criminal children where the money is coming from and do not report the suspicion to the Police should also be hauled before the courts. Parents and siblings must be pressed to report their criminal relatives. We saw a young man killed recently, but the parent is saying the 18-yearold had a business; show us the business! That parent was enjoying ill-gotten wealth, enjoying car drives, and the gluttony of the teenage bandit caused him his death as he was going for more. Such a waste of a life which could have been productive; it is gone for good. This should be an example to other youthful robbers and killers. The bandit during a robbery could be the most vicious killer. Sincerely, Roshan Khan RK’s Security

friday, may 23, 2014


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The Berbice River Bridge toll Dear Editor, The destabilisation route of APNU and AFC, undertaken since the 2011 General Election, is right on course. Now they want to embark on a destabilisation process which is akin to nationalisation. President Donald Ramotar is on target when he made that conclusion. It took the Opposition six years to realise that they need to move a motion to reduce the Berbice Bridge toll. The very fact that traffic has doubled across the bridge is indicative of the massive surge in business activities. But the Opposition has a mindset which goes like this: anything that is good for the country is bad for us as the Opposition. This devious mindset can be seen through the an-

ti-developmental budget cuts which killed vitally important projects. These people are traitors to the core! Today, Berbicians can leave home, go to Georgetown, conduct their business and be home for lunch. This by itself has greatly improved the productivity and production not only in Berbice, but throughout the country. Goods are being moved and consumed at an extremely faster rate than before. Berbicians used to pay bribes to get priority crossing, which amounted to more than the toll they are paying today. APNU’s MP Joe Harmon is way out of touch about what was happening in those days, since he was afraid to cross with the Berbice

ferry! Berbicians were literally afraid of the infamous ‘ferry crossing’. In addition, the President is absolutely correct when he stated that time is money. First, the Opposition condemned the structure and now the toll. These guys can oppose their own mothers for giving birth to them! What these people need to understand is that in the next 14 years, the Bridge under the BOOT Agreement will be owned by the people of Guyana, and it is only then that the Government can reduce the toll. Until then, there is a legal contract governing the Bridge and one which must be honoured by all parties. The Board of Directors and the ordinary share-

holders have to make that decision, not the Government. If the Government unilaterally reduces this toll then that is tantamount to overriding the laws of this land and will scare future investors from Guyana and further blacklist it, not only internationally, but even locally. Our own local investors will not want to invest in their country. But I guess that this is the goal of the Opposition. Furthermore, those in the Opposition should know that NIS is a preference shareholder and that a basic textbook in business will edify them that preference shareholders cannot vote at the Annual General Meeting. They cannot make decisions. They have preference in terms of divi-

Granger should rethink APNU’s objection to the AML/CFT Bill Dear Sir, I have been in active politics for 57 years. I don’t mean as a supporter of a political party, but as an executive member and front bencher for my party, The United Force (TUF). I would like Mr David Granger of APNU to rethink his party’s objection to the AML/CFT Bill. Mr Granger, Sir, I know you are a soldier and soldiers were taught to fight, but the rules of engagement in your objection to that Bill will have dire consequences for our country. Sir, I ask you not to follow or be misled by the two political rejects in the AFC, namely, Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan, neither Dr Rupert Roopnaraine of

APNU. In the case of Rupert Roopnaraine, after the PNC Office on Camp Street was burnt down and the goons of Forbes Burnham were looking for Roopnaraine, he went into hiding in the cane fields. He was a frightened man and had it not been for the PPP sending food for him there, he would have starved to death. Mr Granger, you should have a second thought about that Bill – do not look for political self aggrandisement. Does it take the funeral of a Member of a Parliament for us, the ordinary man, to observe camaradie and togetherness in our MPs from both the Opposition and Government? I was at St Andrew’s Kirk and

I wondered if these are the same people who usually fight each other in Parliament. I remembered well the funeral service for the late President Desmond Hoyte and there I saw former President Bharrat Jagdeo in genuine grief and very close to the late First Lady Mrs Joyce Hoyte, as though she was his own mother. The tributes for the late MP Deborah Backer from both sides of the divide were genuine, especially the kind words of the Attorney General Anil

Nandlall. That presentation could have matched the best presentation at any forum. It was exquisite. Nandlall has the oratory qualities of Burnham. What does it take death for us to realise that only God has power, whether we call out “Bhagwan”, “Allah” or “Jesus”? We are only here for a time, bet your last dollar the time for the demise of all of us is already set. Sincerely, Murtland Williams

dends and in the case of liquidation, but the ordinary shareholders are the real owners of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc, since they have voting rights. So they are the ones who can reduce the toll if they so prefer. Why play the Government for political points? You people are so obvious and elementary in your modus operandi! Lastly, Ramjattan on May 10 on DTV 8 in Berbice told viewers that the PPP/C Government is a Communist Government. I want to ask him: Who is the Communist now? You and Granger are now attempting to destroy free enterprise in Guyana and yet you are calling the PPP/C a Communist Government.

The Burnham mentality still pervades in APNU, but it seems to be contagious as Ramjattan is now displaying symptoms of it. The PPP/C Government has embraced private enterprise and proven beyond any doubt that it will continue to push the private sector as the engine of growth. You people are so full of hypocrisy, lies and deceit that it has become a very simple task to expose your forktongued statements. I am proud of the stance taken by this Government to protect private investors and safeguard their investments. Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf AFC Councillor/Region Six


friday, may 23, 2014



Do your children rule the roost? Strategies to avoid permissive parenting BY DR LAURA MARKHAM


don’t buy the claim that most parents in the United States raise their children permissively because the parent wants the child’s approval. Why? Because when teens are surveyed, most say their parents used physical punishment at some point. But what I do see is busy parents who try to be patient, but don’t know how to set appropriate limits or help their child with his emotions. So they bribe, threaten, or simply put up with bad behaviour, hoping it will go a w a y . B u t since t h e child i s n ’ t learning that the parent will stick to her limits, and isn’t getting help with the emotions driving his beh a v iour, t h e c h i l d “ a c t s out” even more. The parent, frustrated and worn out,

starts yelling threats, or worse. Later, feeling guilty, the parent often indulges the child in an effort to repair the relationship. In other words, many parents veer back and forth between permissive and authoritarian parenting because they don’t know other ways to get their child cooperating. Sound familiar? Then you’ll be glad to know there’s a better way. Here’s your game plan. Use empathic limits. Children need guidance. It’s dangerous and rude for your three-year-old to run around the restaurant. Your six-yearold can’t punch his playmates. Your nineyear-old shouldn’t go to inappropriate movies. Your 12-year-old doesn’t belong at a party without adult supervision. Setting limits is hard. But it never needs to be mean. In fact, the more empathic your limits are, the more your child will cooperate: “You wish you could....I understand.... And the answer is No...I see that makes you sad.” Every time you set a limit and your child somewhat willingly gives up what he wants to do things your way, he’s building self-discipline. Most parents worry that they can’t “enforce” their limits if they don’t use force. And with young children, sometimes you do need to pick them up and move them physically. But if you

have a close bond with your child, and you calmly, clearly, insist on your limit, your child will usually cooperate. The mistake most parents make is yelling from across the room, which just teaches your child to tune you out. Instead, touch your child, make eye contact, and make it clear that you’re

him, which makes him more needy, “fill his cup” with some concentrated attention beforehand, and then set him up with an engrossing activity like an audio book. Emotion coach. Children can’t understand and articulate their emotions, so they “act (them) out.” So when your child acts out, it’s a red flag that she needs help “The model of parenting with her most of us grew up with was e m o authoritarian parenting, which is tions. based on fear. Some of us may have Create safegrown up with permissive parenting, ty by which is also based on fear. stayAuthoritarian parenting is based on i n g the child’s fear of losing the parent’s compaslove. Permissive parenting is based sionon the parent’s fear of losing the a t e , child’s love. Connection parenting e v e n is based on love instead of fear.” as you – Pam Leo set a limit: “Ouch! The rule is no hitting. You must be so upset to ...” If you’ve been doing spenot moving until cial time, and you stay comshe complies. passionate in the face of her Meet needs. Your child’s anger, she’ll show you the challenging behaviours are a fear or hurt behind it. The clumsy attempt to meet ba- meltdown helps these unsic needs. If you can figure ruly emotions melt away, so out the need and meet it in she wants to cooperate with another way, the behaviour you. vanishes. So if your son There will be times when makes loud noises when you you’re in such a rush that try to put the baby down for you can’t take time to help her nap, consider that your your child with emotions. intimate moment with the That’s why you do special baby triggers his fierce de- time daily – it gives children sire to have you all to him- a chance to surface and gigself. Instead of yelling at gle out feelings that will oth-

erwise burst out at inconvenient times. You can also trigger a “scheduled meltdown” at your own convenience when your child is acting ornery. Set a kind, firm limit and nurture her through the resulting meltdown. But if you repeatedly find yourself too busy to help your child with emotions, you might want to rethink your priorities. Manage your own emotions. When our child is sad or angry, most of us feel an urgent need to make those feelings go away. We say it’s because we can’t bear our child’s unhappiness, but it’s really because our child’s upset triggers our own anxiety. We’ll do almost anything to make them feel better, such as: * Distracting. “Look at that doggie!” Even if it works, your child’s upset will surface later in challenging behaviour. And you’re giving him the message that feelings are too dangerous to be tolerated. * Negating their feelings. “It wasn’t that bad...What a drama queen!” Of course she’s over-reacting. Those feelings in the emotional backpack may have been waiting weeks for a safe opportunity to surface. The only way to make feelings go away is to feel them so they evaporate. * Bribing. “Don’t cry, we’ll get you a new one.” Bribing teaches children all the wrong lessons, and the emotions will get stuffed in

the emotional backpack to surface later in “acting out.” Besides, you don’t want your child to think shopping solves all problems. The solution, of course, is to manage our own anxiety so that we can tolerate our child’s emotions. How? Breathe and notice your feelings, but resist the urge to take action. The more you do this, the calmer you’ll become. Ditch the guilt. Most parents feel guilty at times. We know we aren’t always the parent we’d like to be. But guilt doesn’t make for good parenting, because it pushes us to make decisions based on keeping our child happy for the moment, rather than on what he needs to thrive. You don’t have to be perfect (and you can’t be.) You just have to admit when you were wrong, apologise, and keep trying to do better. Find win/win solutions. Avoiding permissive parenting doesn’t mean you act like a tyrant. That’s just as bad for your child. The more you can find solutions that work for both you and your child, the healthier and happier your family will be. So get clear on what’s nonnegotiable for you, and find a win/win solution that satisfies your needs as well as your child’s. If he doesn’t want to take a bath, for instance, can you make a game out of hosing him down outside? Won’t he get just as clean? Stay connected. Whatever your issue, special time will improve your child’s behaviour, because it satisfies your child’s deep need for closeness with you. Children who feel connected to their parents want to behave, as long as they don’t have pent-up tears and fears driving them to act out. If your child isn’t cooperating, the most effective thing you can do is empathise, to rebuild your connection. (Aha




friDay, may 23, 2014|

Green calls for H city shutdown

Consequences of budget cuts being felt – Dr Luncheon


eorgetown Mayor Hamilton Green has urged citizens to speak up against what he described as the wilful neglect of the Capital City by the Government and “perhaps shut this city down so that we can exhale again”. Green’s comments were made in a statement issued by the Mayor and City Council on Thursday. He accused the ruling administration of “sand dancing” on Local Government Elections and the appointment of a Local Government Commission so that a competent and qualified Town Clerk and Treasurer can be recruited. “In all this, Freedom House wants an Interim Management Committee – what they want is total control of a city they did not win and will not win at elections or are they forcing the majority to shut the City down,” Green, a former Prime Minister under the People’s National Congress Administration, asked. The Mayor also lashed out at the negative image being painted about the municipality, pointing out that there is more to what is being purported. He said the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government has, over the years, been holding back the muchneeded financial resources from the Council, noting that the Local Government Minister has put in place a “system of giving orders directly to the senior officers, by passing the Mayor”. Green noted that acting

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green

Town Clerk Carol Sooba and her team have taken advantage of the new system. Still on the Sooba issue, he said the acting Town Clerk is unqualified for the post she now holds, pointing out that the Council had never recommended her when the post was made vacant and that her performance was below par. Locked out Green also cited the recent incident where he and Councillors were locked out of the chambers, minutes before the statutory meeting was scheduled to be held. “No money is spent on basic maintenance, yet the PPP top brass claims she is doing well. Visit the concert hall, Stabroek Market Wharf, the Le Repentir Cemetery, the five municipal markets,” the Mayor urged. Meanwhile, Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr Roger Luncheon

said Government has resolved to use the full force of the law to ensure that normalcy is restored at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council. Speaking at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President, Dr Luncheon said that the ongoing controversy at the City Council continues to be of great concern to the Administration, specifically the actions of Green and his acolytes that have clearly exposed them to contempt citations with regard to the rulings of the Chief Justice. The HPS said specific attention was paid to their acts of interference in hindering the acting Town Clerk in the discharge of her statutory functions. Cabinet has also noted the ongoing hearings at the Court of Appeal that are addressing the appeal efforts made against the rulings of the Chief Justice. Last month, acting Chief Justice Ian Chang quashed the appointment of Sooba as Town Clerk, made by then Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud. The Government maintained that her appointment was not based solely on her qualifications, but on her years of experience as well. Subsequently, in their bid to overthrow Sooba, Green and his councillors appointed the Public Relations Officer, Royston King as Town Clerk. However, Chang quashed King’s appointment as acting Town Clerk in the interim.

ead of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon said the consequences of the amendments to this year’s budget estimates are now being felt by Public Servants, in particular those working at the Office of the President and others. “The imminent arrival of May pay day in the Public Service has started with clarity brought home to public officers, particularly those at the Office of the President,” Dr Luncheon said. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) in April used their collective one-seat majority in the National Assembly to disapprove $37.5 billion from the $220 billion budget with the Ministries of Health,

Amerindian Affairs, Public Works and Transport, and Finance and the Office of the President severely affected. The Government’s spokesman pointed out that two of the 10 interventions made by the Opposition were levelled against the Office of the President. “The impact is such that it has, indeed, threatened the discharge of the constitutional functions of the President and at the bottom line, the livelihood of public officers, many of whom are appointed by the Public Service Commission appointed to pensionable posts in the public service,” he explained. It was explained that the Constitution of Guyana gives the Finance Minister the authority to provide 1/12th of the previous year’s monthly expenditure every month to budget agencies. As a result,

affected agencies have received monies from January to April. “Assuming that a more reasonable Opposition would adopt a substantially different conclusion when this matter would have been revisited,” he said, in reference to the likelihood of the monies being restored while stating that it is a matter of time. According to him, the Opposition is trampling on the constitutional rights of the affected Public Servants. “With such a track record, Guyanese must be warned and must be on the alert, the Opposition appears to have little care for the rights, the responsibilities of ordinary Guyanese,” he said, while contending that the Opposition continues to send conflicting messages and signals as it pursues narrow partisan political interests.

Work continues at Qualfon Q ualfon Guyana Inc Human Resources Manager Shaun Prince said work at their Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara site continued on Thursday despite several additional employees falling ill on Wednesday under mysterious circumstances. “Yes, we will continue operations. We have addressed the electrical failures and our system has been addressed. We don’t anticipate any future issues or incidents,” said the Human Resources Manager. Wednesday’s incident saw approximately seven employees being affected by the illness. However, Prince told Guyana Times that on

Wednesday again there was another power outage and the back-up systems failed to respond since they were still being repaired. According to Shaun, after the power outage on Wednesday, officials at the call centre took steps to evacuate the building. He explained that it was not until the building was evacuated that “four persons reported feeling ill and received medical treatment”. He added that management later received reports stating that all of the employees who were treated were released from the hospital. Prince further explained that those persons who reported feeling ill on both oc-

casions have since resumed work. He maintained that the backup systems have been fully repaired and no further incidents of a similar nature are expected by the company. He pointed out that Qualfon facilitated an inspection of the building by officials from the Labour Ministry on Thursday. He said the management of Qualfon is working with the Ministry to conduct an extensive review of the working environment and evaluate the building. Q u a l f o n ’ s Goedverwagting office reportedly accommodates approximately 1200 workers, with 600 on each shift.

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Passenger busted with cocaine, marijuana at Ogle Airport L

atoya Anastasia Crawford, 20, of Kingston, Georgetown was on Wednesday afternoon intercepted by members of the Custom Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) with a quantity of cocaine and marijuana in her possession. According to information received, the woman had five Kilograms of marijuana and three kilograms of cocaine in her luggage as she was about to board a LIAT flight for Barbados at the Ogle International Airport.

Crawford was reportedly seen acting in a suspicious manner as she was in the check-in area, a search was requested by CANU ranks and the illegal substances were found. The substances were reportedly stashed in the walls of the suitcase. The woman, who is currently in Police custody, when interrogated, said the illegal drugs were given to her by a friend Mark Mohabir also called “Mark” or “Polo”. The woman claimed that

she was given the drugs to take to Barbados and upon her arrival there, it would have been collected by the man’s relatives. CANU has subsequently issued an arrest warrant for Mohabir for questioning in connection with the allegation levelled against him. Mohabir’s last known address is Cooper Street, Albouystown. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact CANU’s Headquarters on telephone number 227-3507.


swer to a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. The charge alleged that on May 9, the defendant, who is not the owner of a valid firearm licence, had in his possession a .38 revolver which was discov-

ered on his person after he was searched by ranks that were on patrol on the day in question. The defendant told the court that he is an electrician by profession and pleaded not guilty to the

Mark Mohabir

charge, adding that the firearm was not found on his person. After listening to the facts presented, the Magistrate remanded John to prison until May 10.

Teen charged for robbery under arms


ineteen-year-old Kurt Simron of Eccles New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Ann McLennon on Thursday to answer to a charge of robbery under

arms. The charge alleged that on April 14, at Shell Road, Kitty, Georgetown, the defendant in the company of other individuals armed with a firearm, robbed Sahab Ally and Nandkishore Sanders of two cellphones, jewellery and

cash amounting to $223,000. The accused who was represented by Attorney George Thomas told the court he works as a labourer in the interior and entered a plea of not guilty to the charge. Attorney Thomas told the court that his client was in-

nocent and poorly done investigations were carried out by Police Officers, since his client was only arrested after a one man line up. The Magistrate, however, refused bail and remanded the accused to prison until May 29.

Teen charged for stabbing man with scissors


enston Richard, 19, of Lot 10 North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’

Courts before Magistrate Ann McLennon on Thursday to answer to a charge of unlawful and malicious assault.

The charge alleged that on May 19, the defendant had a misunderstanding with the Virtual Complainant (VC) Kevin Barker. The de-

Buried skeletons... Congress Place eader of the PNC David Granger just issued a new “Declaration of Sophia”. The first one, of course, was by the Kabaka himself – declaring the PNC as the paramount party – even over the state. This was back in 1974, on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the dictatorship – when he’d been installed by the Americans. To ensure that everyone got his message, he (in)famously had his flag (with the black camoudi) fly over the Court of Appeals. Granger’s Declaration of Sophia was a tad more modest: to wit, the PNC is selling two acres from the vast expanse of land the PNC had expropriated at Sophia, during their dictatorship. He said they need money. Probably expecting an early election and building their war chest. It’s rather ironic this sale is being consummated while the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the assassination of Rodney is going on. Granger, of course, has vowed to dodge that CoI – even though he’d just been made head of the GDF, from whence Gregory Smith was seconded to infiltrate the WPA and take out Rodney. But there’s another nexus with Rodney, Burnham, Granger and Sophia. One of the reasons that Rodney had to be killed was he was infiltrating the army – that bastion of Burnham’s dictatorship. The other had to do with the burning down of the “Office of the General Secretary, People’s National Congress and Ministry of National Development” (OGSPNCMND!!) –  the original Congress Place on Camp Street.  The arson was committed in July of 1979 and Rodney, Roopnaraine (Rodney’s erstwhile “friend”) Bonita Harris and others were arrested and charged for the act. It was another spur to  Granger’s promotion. At the PNC Congress later that year, with Granger and other army and Police Officers swearing personal fealty to Burnham, he personally launched a collection to rebuild Congress Place at Sophia within a year. Each person had to buy at least one red brick. It was at that Congress Burnham declared that his “steel was sharper” and that Rodney should “make his will”. Now  Burnham and his successors have Sophia in a special place in their heart. The vast acreage was supposed to transform the Sophia Declaration on Cooperative Socialism into reality. The comrades were supposed to use the land for agriculture. If the purchase of bricks was supposed to house the faithful, the Agri was going to feed them. But it looks like all of that “gone fuh guava”! Sold to a gentleman from Water Street!!!!


Electrician charged for unlawful possession of firearm wenty-nine-yearold Junior John of Lot 6 East La Penitence, Georgetown, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Ann McLennon on Thursday, May 22 to an-

Eyew tness

fendant who works at a car wash on Sheriff Street approached the complainant and started to stab him with a pair of scissor(s). A complaint was made and the accused was arrested and told of his charge. The defendant, who was unrepresented, was not required to plea to the charges and was granted bail in the sum of $100,000. He is to reappear at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on May 24 for trial.

...and torture The PNC (APNU???) – the PNC by any other name is still “PNC”; as Obama said, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig – went into a tizzy because the Government placed a time frame on the Rodney Inquiry. Now hypocritically, (which, of course, is their default setting) they’ve passed a motion asking for an Inquiry into “torture” – but confining it to 2006-2013. Not surprisingly, the Government’s retorted that if they want to look into torture, let’s have it all hang out! As Julie Andrews warbled in the Sound of Music – “Let’s start at the very beginning – it’s a good place to start”. The PNC, of course, started to torture PPP activists from the moment they took office. They refused to repeal the draconian British imposed National Security Act, by which they could just haul you out of bed and dump you in Sibley Hall up the Mazaruni River.  But while he’s at it, Granger should be very careful as to which two acres at Sophia he sells. As we all know, there’s a lot of skeletons buried over there.  ...on highway The accusations are flying fast and furious as to who’s to blame for the delay on the East Bank highway. Got to be some old Dutch graves being dug up – to make such a simple project stretch into infinity. Those “Dutchmen” must be holding back workers! 



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Govt withdraws non-approval Tropical Rhythms launches “Money Switch Up” Promotion of LEAD Project

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon and US Ambassador to Guyana D Brent Hardt at a media briefing at the time when Government had objected to the project (file photo)


he Government of Guyana has officially withdrawn its non-approval for the entire United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon made the disclosure during his post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President on Thursday. He explained that this move by the Donald Ramotar Administration is necessary to facilitate discussions on the project which has been halted. The Government and the US are working towards arriving at a mutually acceptable project. However, Dr Luncheon warned that this process would not be automatic, and as such, he was unable to indicate when negotiations on the controversial project would conclude. Last Friday, US Ambassador to Guyana

D Brent Hardt said the re-engagements with the Government on the design of the US$1.2 million LEAD Project have been in-depth and very productive. However, he was keen on pointing out that the positions put forward by the US and the Guyana Government have been maintained, but attempts have been made to understand the goal and purpose of the project. He added that while it will be an intensive engagement, they are committed to find a way forward that would benefit both sides and make everyone happy. The controversy surrounding the USAID LEAD Project began in late 2013 when Government rejected the project, stating that it was not consulted when it was being drafted and further when the Washington, DC-based International Republican Institute (IRI) began implementing the project here. Government had subse-

quently made several calls for the project to be halted; however, that was not done until they revoked the work permit of the project head. Dr Roger Luncheon and Ambassador Hardt, however, recently announced that the project will be on hold while re-engagements take place. The US Ambassador explained that both governments had drafted a framework during their 2009 meeting for assistance in governance and democracy, and as such, USAID was under the impression that the programmes being developed were in accordance with the drafted 2009 framework that was agreed upon. The USAID LEAD Project seeks to provide opportunities for dialogue and consensus building, facilitating seminars on public events of global and regional interests, and supporting local and national elections.

ANSA McAL Public Relations Officer (PRO) Darshanie Yussuf and Brand Manager Anjeta Hinds at the launch


onsumers of Tropical Rhythms will be enjoying “a sweeter life” as the brand has launched its “Money Switch Up” Promotion, giving customers the opportunity to win $1 million. The promotion launched on Wednesday at ANSA McAL Trading Limited will run until the end of July. Brand Manager Anjeta Hinds stated that in 2013, Tropical Rhythms launched its first promotion to reward customers and received great reviews. During the promotion, customers won iPads, iPhones, television sets and the grand prize of a Madza Axela. This year, “we wanted to make our consumers life a little sweeter, and what better way than to reward with money,” she said. Public Relations Officer

Darshanie Yussuf added that the company has been rewarding customers and will continue to do so with creative promotions. She noted that customers from throughout the country will get an opportunity to win in this competition and drawings will be held in Anna Regina, Georgetown, Parika, Linden, East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara and New Amsterdam.

To participate in the promotion, consumers are required to enter four Tropical Rhythms caps with their name, address and telephone number in an envelope and deposit it into any of the company’s boxes countrywide. While the grand prize will be US$5000, there will be weekly consolation prizes of US$300, hampers and other great prizes.


f riday, may 23, 2014


No Procurement Commission, no AML/CFT Bill – AFC reiterates ... APNU urges compromise it and between Government and Opposition they then collaborate to make sure that the conditions that are required, are met expeditiously.” But Greenidge said it is not a matter of simply passing a Bill or meeting a deadline, but ensuring that an effective system is in place to



ven with a “perfect” Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, Guyana faces a high-risk of being blacklisted due to the unchanging position of the Opposition on the critical legislation. In an effort to stave off any crisis, the Donald Ramotar Administration would have to strike a deal before the May 29 deadline for the passage of the Bill – set by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) – is reached. “Even with a perfect piece of legislation, we still want the Public Procurement Commission (PPC)… and if Government doesn’t want that, no AntiMoney Laundering Bill and that’s the end of the matter,” AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan said during an interview with Guyana Times. The AFC is demanding that the PPC be operationalised and equipped with the requisite resources, including finance to execute its mandate. Like the AFC, APNU is maintaining its hardline stance that the Local Government Bills passed in the House by the Opposition must be assented to by the President. Speaking at the Opposition Leader’s Office on Wednesday, APNU Member of Parliament (MP) Basil Williams said the Opposition’s amendments to the AML/CFT Act of 2009 must be simultaneously passed with the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill of 2013. But the Bill will only re-

Attorney General Anil Nandlall

ceive the support of the majority in the House, if the preconditions are met by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration. “In addition to the Bill, there are the outstanding Bills that have not been assented to by the President. They too must be resolved,” Williams emphasised in his address to the press. He suggested that as the Parliamentary Special Select Committee continues its work, the Government should be putting the requisite mechanisms in place to meet the demands of the Opposition, but said a tripartite meeting with President Ramotar was last held approximately three months ago.

Need for compromise

In support of his colleague, Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, who was also present at the press conference, emphasised the need for compromise. “There is no way that deadline could be met unless the Government takes the action that is required of

have these things done.” Harmon also used the opportunity to refute claims made by the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall that CFATF had rejected the Opposition’s proposed amendments. Minister Nandlall, he said, clearly misinterpreted the letter he received from CFATF Executive Director Calvin Wilson. “We reject the AG’s interpretation of the facts in the letter.” According to the APNU Member of Parliament

APNU MP Joseph Harmon

safeguard Guyana against money launderers or acts of terrorism. “The object therefore is not simply to make the deadline, but to ensure that we have a regime in place that can deal with, on a continuing basis, a series of deadline. Deadlines about implementation, deadline about the effectiveness of reporting, deadlines about analysis of financial transaction.”

Clearing the air

In an interview with Guyana Times, APNU’s MP Joseph Harmon said, “We are not unmindful of the realities, but we understand that Government has to recognise, that this is important to all of us in Guyana and should basically take the step to ensure that we

APNU Member Basil Williams

(MP), the AG was not authorised by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee to submit any draft to CFATF, noting that the Opposition is unaware of the content of the letter sent to the regional body. “We have the technical competence to do what we have to do,” Harmon said while stressing that the work of the Select Committee must first be completed and the Bill is placed before the House before it should be sent to CFATF for review. (

De good, de bad and de ugly A

ccordin to a old movie, it got de good, de bad and de ugly. Well, nowadays, it hardly got good any where; bad deh all over de world fuh every body to see; and when it come to de ugly, just visit de s*ity council. As fuh de fuss category, since good hardly deh round de place, it ain’t got nutten good to talk bout. And accordin to one man, Guyana ain’t got nutten good, which is exactly whah does come out in de mud paper. Never mind tings gettin sweeter fuh de man who own de mud paper. As fuh bad, de same man wait fuh four years to talk bout some ting bad that happen to he. That sound like he shoulda begin with, “Once upon a time.” Because it look like right now, de story endin with “happily ever after”. But as far as de chicken feed place concern, dem know it got bad real bad. In fact, dem got a boss man who got BAD in he last name. And added to that, he got ROB in he fuss name. Indeed, that ain’t no chicken feed he been robbin de chicken place. De robbin man so bad that he even try to rob de people wid votin in a meetin. It got to be that he get some trainin from Burnt Ham wheh votin concern. In fact, fuh a man read a piece of paper and ask people to raise dem hand, he got to be more bad than Burnt Ham. At least Burnt Ham used to let de people go and vote, and then just don’t count de vote. As fuh ugly, de s*ity council is wheh ugliness deh in abundance. From top to de bottom, ugly can’t done. One look at de Mayor-fuh-Life and yuh would get a very visual definition. No need fuh Oxford, Cambridge or Webster. All yuh need is Green Ham. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! After all, old people seh a picture is worth a thousand words!


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Guyanese chefs to participate Agriculture suffering in in Jamaica Epicurean Escape Region 10 – Solomon



ive Guyanese chefs will be heading to Jamaica this weekend to participate in the Jamaica Epicurean Escape, the country’s premiere heritage festival, compliments of Fly Jamaica Airways. Jamaica Epicurean Escape is an international food, wine and music festival which showcases the country’s best food, music and culture. It was first held in 2012 at the picturesque Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, Priory, St Ann. This year, the festival will be held on May 24 and 25. The five Guyanese chefs were selected from local restaurants to participate in the festival, showcasing some of Guyana’s most popular dishes. Manager of the festival Marcia McDonnough said she is excited at the diversity which Fly Jamaica Airways will be adding to the event. “Our concept, from the inception was to provide Jamaicans and visitors to Jamaica with a rich variety of food provided by the best chefs in the country and the region and we are accomplishing this in our second staging through the generosity of Fly Jamaica Airways in bringing these chefs to introduce a different flavour and new ways of cooking many of the food items we share in common,” she stated. Meanwhile, Managing Director of the airline Roxanne Reece said that Fly Jamaica Airways not only sees its role in transporting

Fly Jamaica Managing Director Roxanne Reece and GTA Director Indranauth Haralsingh and the chefs who will be going to Jamaica this weekend

people within the Caribbean and other major gateways, but to also help strengthened the bond among Caribbean territories by highlighting the similarities they share. “I have found that one of the areas that demonstrate our connection is our strong common heritage and food. Jamaica Epicurean Escape provides the ideal platform on which to exhibit the ties we share. We eat many of the same foods; it is only that we prepare them a bit differently. Our Guyanese chefs are looking forward to working at the festival and the opportunity it will present to interact with Jamaican chefs,” noted Reece. The chefs are from popular restaurants that were selected because of their authentic cuisines. The Oasis Café is sending Nisa Walker, who will be preparing authentic Indo-Guyanese cuisines, mainly dhal, rice and various

chokas (coconut, Boulanger, tomato, etc). Walker disclosed that she has some 13 meals to preparing over the two days, including shrimp curry. She will also be preparing coconut choka at the festival to show patrons. Roast curried fish Betten Court will be sending its chef John Reman, who will be cooking curry and mostly creole dishes. Reman said that he will be preparing roast curried fish over pickled cabbage and strip chicken curry wrap with sweet mango chutney. The Siloutte Restaurant will be cooking three different types of cook-up: eddo leave, beef and chicken. He will also be preparing salara, which is a hit with Jamaicans. According to Reece, several Jamaican culinary schools are participating in the festival and they invited the Carnegie School of Home

Economics to participate. Dane Kennedy will be representing Carnegie and is tasked with preparing metemgee. Princess Hotel is the fifth restaurant select and their chef will be going to prepare Guyana’s very own, pepperpot. Each chef will be allowed to take five assistants with them. Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Director Indranauth Haralsingh commended Fly Jamaica Airways for the initiative, noting that it will ensure that Brand Guyana is represented at the festival. “This will serve as a platform to introduce Guyana’s cuisine to visitors and to the world and would help to improve our food presentation, culinary skills and to showcase Guyana as a culinary destination for food tourism,” the GTA head said. Haralsingh added that this presents an opportunity for these chefs to gain valuable exposure, learn and share best practices and network with other chefs. He went on to say that Guyana is known for its abundance of food and the opportunity will help to further Guyana’s efforts in making the country a food tourism destination. He urged other restaurants and hotels to take advantage of such opportunities. In addition to the chefs and their assistants, travel agents, GTA representatives and several media personnel were also invited to Jamaica for the Jamaica Epicurean Escape. They will also be visiting the Bobb Marley and national museums, go on a tour of Blue Mountains and visit the historic city of Port Royal, which the airline is looking to develop into a tourist destination.

egion 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon has bemoaned the state of agriculture in the region, pointing out that no agricultural advancement provisions have been set aside in the recent budget. Speaking at a recent Regional Democratic Council (RDC) statutory meeting conducted earlier this month, Solomon stated that despite the challenge, the RDC will advance its cause for the development of agriculture in the region. He noted that while Region 10 has some of the most suitable lands for crop cultivation, there are numerous challenges surrounding the region’s agricultural advancement, which include high food importation. This issue, he explained, has caused some of the region’s thriving industries, including the poultry industry to become very vulnerable. Solomon indicated that in an effort to improve sustainable development in the region’s farming community, the RDC is currently working aggressively to have a farmers’ river boat reinstated at farming communities, along the Berbice River. Disappointment This will assist farmers to transport their produce. Solomon added that Regional Vice Chairman Byran Lewis is tasked at the level of the regional agricultural committee, with having the boat in operation. He posited that the region’s soil is so rich that it can facilitate the growth of not only soya beans and corn, but also citrus. “We would like to convert citrus into orange juice right here, but those services must be available for our farmers to do that. Once the opportunities are provided, we will be able to develop,” he added. Councillor Maurice Butters expressed dissatisfaction on behalf of farmers whom he noted did not get the opportunity to showcase their produce at the recently concluded Linden Town Week activities. He noted that the usual

Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon

“Farmers’ Market” feature was absent from the calendar of events this year, much to the dissatisfaction of the region’s farmers. “This last Town Week, it was very clear that no proper programme was put in place for the farmers. Farmers have complained about it, that this year they were not given the sort of recognition for the week of activities. We should ensure that our farmers get the opportunity,” he related. Solomon said the RDC intends to reach out to farmers and other stakeholders in Region 10, through a series of community meetings, which commenced in Linden on Tuesday. He said that while the Council’s 2014 budgetary submission was $3.2 billion, it received only $2 billion. “That will not satisfy the amount of infrastructural demand that the region would have included in its 2014 request. So we intend to go around to different communities. This will allow for an explanation of what (allocations) communities will get and a feedback from residents for the preparation of a 2015 budget.” He added: “This is a large region... we may have overlooked over 5000 plus square miles, 55,000 plus residents but it’s important that we know where the neglects are, if not as a region, at the level of Central Government, and collectively as we hold to that spirit of meaningful consultation, we will find the solution to fix it.”



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My hope was sustained by faith in God – found missing teen recounts experience in dense forest BY INDRAWATTIE NATRAM


t was indeed a very happy moment for the Fredericks family of Siriki/New Haven, Upper Pomeroon River when they received a phone call informing them that their 15-yearold son Ruel Fredericks who was missing for six days was alive. The family received the call around 14:00h on Wednesday afternoon by his aunt Genevieve Fredericks, who related that their son is alive and well. Ruel Fredericks went missing on May 16 around 17:30h. Mother of the 15-yearold, Shavon Fredericks and father Rodney Wong said they were overjoyed in seeing their son, contending that it was through the abundant mercy of the Almighty, their boy returned safely to them. And to recognise the occasion, the parents said a special thanksgiving will be held on May 30 to give praise to God for giving them light at the end of the tunnel. Ruel’s immediate family members are devout Catholics. His mother said a special prayer service was made by a Priest for his safe return while at the mercy of nature in the dense forest. In relating his ordeal, Ruel, speaking from his hospital bed, said his father had sent him to collect a bicycle,

but he lost his way while going to collect it. The teen, who was still traumatised, said he was led to several roads/trails and was uncertain which one to take. He said he kept walking bare feet and was not seeing any bicycle, and as the sun appeared on the horizon, he knew he was lost. The young man, in tears, recalled that experience was horrifying. Lost in the dense forest, he related that he lost consciousness and at some point, he could not remember where he was going, but was hearing noises which led him on and on, but in no sight of human existence. The young man said he survived by drinking muddy water from the savannah. He was extremely weak when he was found. Ruel said at some point he wanted to give up, but exercised faith, courage and determination as he persisted on his journey with the hope of finding people. Fredericks said in the nights, he slept close to the trail and would be woken up by the singing of birds and sounds from other animals.

Sounds of chain saws

He told Guyana Times that as the fifth day approach, he heard the sounds of chain saws and knew that humans were close by and

Caricom deliberating on draft Strategic Plan


he 34th Meeting of the Community Council of Ministers of the Caribbean Community are deliberating on the third draft of the Caricom Five-Year Strategic Plan at the Caricom Secretariat in Georgetown, Guyana. The two-day meeting which concludes today is being held under the Chairmanship of St Vincent and the Grenadines Foreign Minister Camillo Gonsalves. A summary outline of the Strategic Framework of the Plan was tabled at the 25th Inter-Sessional Meeting held in St Vincent and the Grenadines in March. Following the InterSessional Meeting, a revised full draft of the plan was prepared and considered by the Change Drivers and Community Institutions in early April. On the basis of comments provided, a further iteration was generated and circulated to the Change Drivers on May 13. A draft based on the aforementioned changes has now been prepared and will be deliberated on by the Ministers during the meeting of the Community Council. It is expected that at the end of the meeting, a final draft of the Five-Year Strategic Plan for the community will

be ready to be tabled for consideration by the Caricom Heads of Government with a view to adoption at their 35th regular meeting in Antigua and Barbuda from July 1 to 4. The Strategic Plan identifies six integrated strategic priorities for the community over the five-year period (2015-2019) and key areas of interventions for each. The six integrated strategic priorities are building economic resilience, social resilience, environmental resilience, technological resilience, strengthening the Caricom identity and spirit of community and strengthening community governance. Two enabling priorities have also been identified. These are coordinated foreign policy and research, development and innovation. A key issue for attention is the need to identify and seek agreement from Heads of Government on a very narrow range of priorities to be accorded top priority for implementation over the five-year period. The Community Council of Ministers will also discuss other matters in relation to the provisional agenda for the 35th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community.

Ruel Fredericks flanked by his mother Shavon Fredericks (left), his father Rodney Wong (right) in the company of other family members at the Suddie Public Hospital

help was in reach. Ruel said amid hopelessness and despair, he prayed, imploring Christ to guide his path in the thick, black and scary forest, noting that at times, he would collapse from

exhaustion but would get a sense of hopefulness from the ray of light of the sun, beaming through the thick branches of trees in the dense forest, the next morning. The youth said as he

trudged along, the sun appeared to be brighter, the trail narrower, and houses began to appear and amid the scene before him, he saw a woman who gave her name as “Shirley”. The vil-

lage was Lima Sands on the Essequibo Coast. Ruel said he related his story to her, and was comforted, given a shower, food and the Police were contacted. At this point, the teen said he knew he was safe as his neighbours some 2000 miles away at Siriki/New Haven, Upper Pomeroon were contacted. Ruel was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital and is currently being treated by doctors. His feet were bleeding from injuries he sustained from from thorns and cuts while walking through the rugged terrain, dusty train and thick vegetation. He was shocked twice by an electric eel. The young man is the last of five children of his parents. The Region Two Administration had launched a search to locate him, and on the news of his safe return, Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud rejoiced, saying the Lord had guided him.


friday, May 23, 2014

News Woman freed of “septic tank” murder A

12-member mixed jury panel on Thursday found 62-year-old Desiree Jeffers not guilty of the murder of her reputed husband whose body was found in a septic tank in his yard. Jeffers was indicted with the murder of exPolice Officer Igris BobbBlackman, at his residence at Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara. The State had claimed that Jeffers had killed Bobb-Blackman in January 2011 and hid his body in the septic tank. During the trial, which lasted close to a month, State Counsel Natasha

Backer, in association with State Counsel Mercedes Thompson, presented several witnesses to testify against the accused. Among those who testified was Gale Franker, who told the court that she and Bobb-Blackman shared an intimate relationship and as a result, Jeffers threatened to kill the two of them a few days before his body was discovered. She noted that the accused would threaten her on a regular basis and even threatened to burn her house down. Franker recalled that on January 19 that year, she was speaking to the de-

ceased on the phone when she heard loud voices in the background, one of which she recognised as Jeffers’; as such, she alerted the police. It was believed that the man was tied up in a room at his home; however, when the Police forced entry into the room, the man was not there.


The brother of the deceased, Ptolemy Blackman, testified that during the search for his brother, he discovered his body in the septic tank wrapped in a carpet. The man said he used a long stick to fish out

his brother’s body. BobbBlackman’s feet were tied and his entire head was covered with a piece of cloth, while his body was wrapped in a coloured carpet. The trial also saw Inspector Sergeant Ron Nedd recalling that he had seen a red substance dripping from the upper flat onto a cabinet in the lower flat. The Sergeant stated that he had shown it to the accused and cautioned her, saying that ‘this was where the man was murdered’. He said the woman denied having any knowledge of what transpired. It was further disclosed in court that the woman

had claimed ownership of a blood-stained knife and a sledgehammer which the Police had found at the property. Jeffers was represented by Attorney Peter Hugh. He defended his client by saying that she was not present at the time and had an alibi. When the accused was called upon to lead her defence, she told the court a lengthy story about having a relationship with the deceased who used to take care of her house while she travelled. On Thursday’s date, presiding judge Justice Dawn Gregory-Barnes summed

up all the evidence presented against the accused to the jury. This process took approximately four, hours after which the panel returned into the jury room to deliberate. In the presence of a packed courtroom, the panel returned some two hours after with a unanimous verdict of not guilty. When the accused was told by Justice Gregory-Barnes that she was free to go, she ran out of the courtroom and headed straight for the road. The verdict upset the relatives of the deceased, who remained adamant that they knew the identity of his killer.

US criticises Cuba over blocking of dissident website


he United States criticised Cuban censorship on Thursday after Cubans were blocked from an independent website that is challenging the state monopoly on news on the island. Dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez started publishing on Wednesday, but wouldbe readers were redirected to another site that is highly critical of her, reflecting the official line. Sanchez’s site remained blocked to the small minority of Cubans with Internet

access on Thursday, though it was accessible outside Cuba. The US State Department stopped short of directly blaming Cuba, referring instead to media reports that the Government blocked the site, but it took advantage of the incident to denounce Cuban censorship. “The Cuban Government continues to limit fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and of the press, freedom of assembly, and the free flow of information to, from, and within the island,” a State Department spokesperson said.

“Cubans deserve the right to freely express themselves and the right to petition their Government.” Cuba rejects such U.S. criticism as hypocritical intervention in its affairs. A Cuban Government spokesman said he was unaware who was blocking Sanchez’s site in Cuba, suggesting it might be the US Government. He also declined to make available a representative from Etecsa, the state communications monopoly and Cuba’s internet service provider. (Excerpt from


Guatemalan ex-President Alfonso Portillo jailed in US

Supporters of the former President took part in a demonstration in Guatemala City


court in New York has sentenced former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo to five years and 10 months in jail for taking bribes from Taiwan. Portillo, who was extradited to the United States last year, has also been ordered to pay a US$2.5 million fine. He pleaded guilty in March to attempting to launder the illegal money through American banks. The judge has not decided whether he

will serve the remainder of his sentence in the US or Guatemala. Portillo has already spent a substantial amount of time in jail and has only another 18 months of his sentence to serve. The time in jail was “a big learning experience for me but also great pain for my family”, Portillo said in court. District Judge Robert Patterson said that the case “will have an impact on how we will treat the violation of laws against corruption in

this country”. Portillo had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to launder money and agreed not to appeal against any prison sentence between four and six years. He admitted taking US$2.5 million (£1.6 million) in bribes and promised to return the money. The US court had jurisdiction over the case because the bribes came from an account at a bank in New York City. (Excerpt from BBC News)

15 Around the world friday, may 23, 2014

Thai coup draws international condemnation

Biggest attack in years kills 31 in China’s troubled Xinjiang


xplosives hurled from two vehicles which ploughed into an open market in China’s troubled Xinjiang region killed 31 people on Thursday, state media reported, the deadliest act of violence in the region in years. China called the attack in the regional capital of Urumqi a “serious violent terrorist incident” and Domestic Security Chief Meng Jianzhu vowed to strengthen a crackdown on the “arrogance of terrorists”. Ninetyfour people were wounded. China has blamed a series of knife and bomb attacks in re-

cent months on separatist militants from Xinjiang, the traditional home of the ethnic Muslim Uighurs. The cross-country vehicles rammed into shoppers in an open market, Xinhua news agency reported, citing witness reports. Explosives were flung out of the windows, and one of the vehicles exploded. At the rain-soaked scene of the attack late in the evening, surrounded by police vans, elite police units guarded a cordoned-off candlelight display for victims. Police kept away onlookers

trying to take photographs and blocked foreign reporters from approaching the area. One witness told Reuters he saw the aftermath of the blasts on his way to work. “The air was full of the smell of gunpowder and the sound of sobbing,” he said. “There were simply too many (casualties), old folks who were at the morning market.” Xinjiang has been plagued by violence for years, but rights activists and exile groups say the Government’s own heavyhanded policies in the region have sowed the seeds of unrest. (Excerpt from Reuters)

UN committee imposes sanctions on Nigeria's Boko Haram

Soldiers take up a position at a checkpoint on a main road near a pro-government ‘red shirt’ supporters’ encampment in Nakhon Pathom province on the outskirts of Bangkok on May 22 (Reuters)


he military takeover in Thailand has drawn swift international condemnation, with the United States saying it was reviewing its military aid and other dealings with its closest ally in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s Army Chief, General Prayuth Chanocha, seized control of the Government two days after he declared martial law, saying the military had to restore order and push through reforms after six months of turmoil. The military declared a curfew from 22:00h until 05:00h, suspended the Constitution and detained

some politicians. Rival protest camps were ordered to disperse. Members of the now ousted Cabinet, along with leaders of the Puea Thai party that had been in power, were told to report to the military in central Bangkok at 10:00h (03:00 GMT) today. “There is no justification for this military coup,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement. European and Asian nations expressed concern over the coup, with Germany, France and Britain issuing statements of condemnation, Japan’s Foreign Minister calling it

“regrettable” and Singapore urging all sides to avoid violence. Kerry said he was concerned by reports that senior political leaders had been detained and called for their release. He urged the “immediate” restoration of civilian Government and the lifting of curbs on the media. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “seriously concerned” and appealed “for a prompt return to constitutional, civilian, democratic rule and an all-inclusive dialogue that will pave the way for longterm peace and prosperity.” (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)


he UN Security Council has approved sanctions against the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, five weeks after it kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls. It will now be added to a list of al-Qaeda-linked organisations subject to an arms embargo and asset freeze. US envoy Samantha Power said it was an "important step" in support of efforts to "defeat Boko Haram and hold its murderous leadership accountable". It was earlier blamed for the deaths of 27 people in a north-eastern village. Residents said gunmen

had shot dead farm workers in Chikongudo, set fire to nearly all the homes there, and stolen food in an attack on Wednesday night. The assailants stormed the village in cars and motorbikes, a trademark of Boko Haram, the residents added. It came a day after twin bombings killed 122 in the central city of Jos. The authorities suspect Boko Haram of being behind them, but there has so far been no claim of responsibility from the group. Boko Haram was added to the al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee's list of designated entities on Thursday at the re-

quest of Nigeria. "Today, the Security Council took an important step in support of the Government of Nigeria's efforts to defeat Boko Haram and hold its murderous leadership accountable for atrocities," Power said. The sanctions designation would help "close off important avenues of funding, travel and weapons" to the group, she added. On Wednesday, Nigeria's permanent representative, U Joy Ogwu, said: "The important thing is to attack the problem, and that is terrorism." (Excerpt from BBC News)

16 news

friday, may 23, 2014 |

10th Annual Berbice Expo launched U

nder the theme “Exploiting Science and Technology for Economic Development”, the 10th annual Berbice Expo and Trade Fair was launched on Wednesday at the Senior’s Staff Club, Albion Estate Staff Compound. The event, which aims to attract over 100 exhibitors, will be held from July 25 to 28 at the Albion Sports Complex ground. Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) President Indranauth Haralsingh, who spoke on behalf of acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali, said the Government is committed to sponsorship and support of the event, which has been a successful platform for entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and visitors. He congratulated the Central Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (CCCC) for the leadership and vision in promoting entrepreneurship in the region and for organising the largest exposition in the Ancient County. “Berbice Expo as a trade and consumer show is a reflection of the strength of entrepreneurship in Berbice and Guyana and there is progress made by the large, micro and medium-sized en-

GTA President Indranauth Haralsingh (sixth from left) with Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (CCCC) members at the launch

terprises which forms the backbone of the economy.” Haralsingh posited that he hopes the 10th expo can be profitable, despite its challenges and at the same time, urged corporate Guyana to come on board. Haralsingh, during his address, said the CCCC recognises the importance of science and technology and the contribution it can make towards national development. This has been captured in the theme of the expo. He noted that the Guyana Government has recognised the importance of science and technology, noting that several programmes are being implemented in this re-

gard. “Your theme is at the heart of Guyana’s future growth and development, if you can recall, the laying of the fibre-optic cable, the One Laptop Per Family initiative, and Government commitment to ICT [Information C o m m u n i c a t i o n Technology], the increased use of science technology in Agriculture at NARI [National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute], the Forensic Lab and many others, are basically laying the foundation and setting the infrastructure for exploiting science and technology for future development.” He also spoke of

Government’s commitment to ensuring that science and technology are used as a catalyst for development.


“Government recognised the contribution that science and technology can make to meet the challenges of globalisation, food security, poverty alleviation, sustainability, etc and is committed to ensuring that science and technology is a part of the agriculture, fishery, forestry, mining, health, managing climate changing, manufacturing and human resources development to name a few. Indeed, a policy is needed for science and technology in Guyana

and we are hoping that the CCCC, the private sector, among others will continue to advocate for this.” Regional Vice Chairman Bhupaul Jagroop said the event is one that is much anticipated by Berbicians and is an opportunity for them to see many things they may not have seen before. He noted that at Berbice Expo 2014, persons will benefit from a different attraction, including floodlights installed at the Albion Sports Complex. “People will have an opportunity to be in an atmosphere where they will be more comfortable, it’s also an opportunity for the business people to have something

more in their pockets which they can have to further enhance their lives.” CCCC President Tajpaul Adjodhea said the chamber is working with the private sector and the Georgetown Chambers of Commerce (GCCI) to have large manufacturing companies come to Berbice so that Berbicians can be able to have the same experience as that of GuyExpo. On this note, he announced that special incentives will be given to local manufacturers in the form of concessionary rates. He added that they are overwhelmed with the response from the business community and large corporations, noting that the event has outgrown the Albion Sports Complex ground. The CCCC is now looking for a permanent site, but will need the support of all to make that a reality. The first Berbice Exposition and Trade Fair was held in 2005 at the Albion Sports Complex ground, attracting thousands of Guyanese from all walks of life. The cost to host this year’s expo is estimated at $15 million. This year, the event promises to be bigger and better, featuring exhibitions from neighbouring Suriname.

Mainstay farmers need more markets for their pineapples

Low economic growth could affect employment in Caribbean – ECLAC

Rayane Edwards vending her pineapples

he economic scenario in 2014, with an estimated growth rate of 2.7 per cent, is far from auspicious for the evolution of the regional labour market and presents major challenges for labour market policy, said the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a new joint report released. “Given the modest economic growth projected for the region in 2014 and current labour participation trends, a slow pace of employment creation is forecast, which means there will likely be no significant variations in the unemployment rate,” said the United Nations organisations in the latest edition of the report “The employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean”. ECLAC and ILO added that if the reduced economic dynamism translates into higher unemployment in some countries, it will be important for them to have unemployment insurance and other protective measures so they can confront this scenario. The new edition of “The employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean” takes stock of the labour markets during 2013 and emphasises that


armers in the Amerindian community of Mainstay/ Whyaka on the Essequibo Coast have complained over the lack of markets for pineapples as harvesting has commenced. Harvesting commenced mid-April and is expected to end in June. The lack of market for pineapples has forced farmers to occupy new locations at various villages to sell their pineapples. One such farmer, Rayane Edwards, a mother of three, said the pineapple factory in Mainstay is presently down and farmers are forced to seek outside markets.

She said the factory is down because the overseas markets have stopped purchasing their pineapples. “We farmers were told that the European market is buying organic pineapples from another country because they are sourcing it cheaper.” According to Edwards, on a daily basis, she sells approximately 200 pineapples at Capoey village, at three for a $1000. Her parents, Leo and Donna Gomes, cultivate approximately 10 acres of pineapple. The mother of three told Guyana Times that since childhood, she knew about

pineapple cultivation, noting that the income from the trade has enabled her to send her children to school. For many farmers at Mainstay/Whyaka, pineapple cultivation is a main source of their livelihood. Edwards begins vending at 07:00h every day, retiring at 14:00h. Farmers from other villages who sell the commodity at the Anna Regina and Bush Lot Markets, say sales are slow. Pineapple cultivation in the village has enhanced the livelihood of residents, promoting tourism and facilitating community development projects.


despite the reduced economic dynamism and a minor drop in the employment rate, the unemployment rate kept falling between 2012 and 2013 and hit its lowest level in decades (6.2 per cent). Nevertheless, “there are doubts about the sustainability of this positive development in the near future,” the document insists. According to the report, the weakness of economic growth was already evidenced in 2013 by cooling labour demand. In addition, salaried work grew at lower rates than in previous years, resulting in a slight decline in the employment rate. A positive development was that during 2013, the gap between men and women decreased in terms of participation, employment and unemployment, although significant differences persist and require additional efforts to achieve gender equality in the working world. Young people were the most affected by the loss of labour dynamism since their unemployment rose between 2012 and 2013 to 14.3 per cent from 14 per cent − in contrast to adults, whose unemployment rate was 3.2 times lower − as a consequence of a notable fall in their employment rate (which was steeper than the

decline in their labour participation). In 2014, the region’s countries must make efforts to advance in the creation of quality jobs and, more specifically, to promote the productive labour incorporation of youth. The joint ECLAC-ILO document also indicates that in addition to job creation in the last decade, the strengthening of social safety nets and the introduction of new social programmes were important factors in reducing poverty. Among these, the conditional cash transfer programmes stood out, benefiting 21 per cent of the regional population. These programmes, by giving more liquidity to families, allow them to make better labour decisions with respect to their employability in dignified and equitable conditions and can contribute to creating a “virtuous cycle” of generating autonomous income on the part of the poorest and most vulnerable groups. Nevertheless, the organisations warn that the transfer programmes must be closely coordinated with comprehensive social protection systems and active labour market policies to ensure that “graduating” from these programmes does not lead to a loss of rights for the families or to labour informality.



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GT&T denies holding up four-lane road works

– to begin relocating cables on Sunday


uyana Telephone & Telegraph Co Ltd (GT&T) on Thursday said it will from Sunday relocate aerial as well as buried cables to facilitate construction works on the East Bank Demerara Four-Lane Highway Project, but denied contributing to any delays in road works as claimed by contractor BK International. The telephone company has alleged that it has suffered extensive damage to its network facilities owing to reckless work practices by the construction firm, which is still to pay the costs for associated relocation works and damage. On Tuesday, BK International took members of the media on a tour of the project worksite, explaining how GT&T and the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) have stalled work on the project. However, the phone company said it was deeply concerned with the claims and categorically denied “these spurious allegations”. In a statement detailing all the transactions and discussions surrounding the road project, GT&T said it has an obligation to protect the integrity of the national communication infrastructure in the interest of all of its users. “GT&T remains committed and ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Public Works and all of its contractors in the interest of national development. However, there needs to be reciprocity. If works are to proceed in a timely manner, all parties will need to adhere to established procedures and protocols and timelines established in agreements.

Public utility infrastructure likely to be affected by project works must be factored into project cost and project timelines from the inception and oversight of the contractors by the Ministry needs to [be] stringent.”

Construction of New Access Road at Timehri

GT&T outlined that it was contacted by BK International Inc on July 29, 2011 concerning the relocation of its network plant and facilities (aerial and buried copper and fibre-optic cables, poles and network access cabinets) in the vicinity of the project area at Timehri. It said on August 2, 2011, its engineering representatives, as well as those of BK International Inc and the Ministry of Public Works/Works Services’ Group (MPW/WSG) conducted a joint survey of the project area to identify the locations of GT&T’s facilities. According to the company, consistent with established protocols for the execution of such works, on September 2, 2011, an invoice for the cost associated with the required relocation of GT&T’s facilities was released to BK International Inc and copied to the Ministry of Public Works. “Although the invoiced sum was not paid, BK International Inc commenced work and GT&T began to experience damage to its network facilities as early as September 28, 2011,” the phone company explained. It added that subsequently, the Ministry requested partial rather than complete relocation of its facilities in the project area and the invoice for

those works was dispatched to the Ministry on January 20, 2012. “A payment of 50 per cent of the partial relocation cost was received from the Ministry on February 9, 2012 and the partial relocation of our aerial cables was completed on March 7, 2012.

However, a considerable amount of our major assets remained to be relocated out of the project area.” All the while, GT&T said, BK International Inc continued, seemingly “in a reckless manner, damaging previously identified facilities seven times in various locations between September 28, 2011 and May 13, 2013. These damages affected some 1800 of our residential and business customers and the cumulative restoration cost amounted to G$2.9 million. Equally important is the fact that these damages compromised critical communications at the Cheddi Jagan International


Members of the PYO stand next to one of the bins

tance to alleviate this nuisance. Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker complimented the youths on their efforts to better their community and said he hoped that other youth organisations would do the same. The Minister encouraged members of the business and private sectors to get involved in these youth activities so

Four-Lane Extension

Regarding the four-lane highway, BK International Inc was awarded Lot Three (the area between the Diamond intersection and the Diamond DSL Supermarket). The phone

We are not to be blamed for delays, GT&T says

PYO donates garbage bins to City Council

he Kingston West Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) on Thursday donated several garbage bins to be placed at strategic locations on the seawall around the Kingston Bandstand area. The youth arm of the People’s Progressive Party expressed its disgust with the solid waste scourge that has taken over the city and is rendering its assis-

Airport and nearby sensitive locations, including the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and Guyana Defence Force (GDF). Instructively, although the invoices for these damages were sent to BK International Inc, to date, GT&T has received neither

as to support them. To the general public, the Minister is appealing: “Put an end to your littering. We will provide the bins. We just want you to use them.” The youth group expressed its gratitude to the Guyana Energy Agency and members of City Council for their assistance and encouragement and look forward to their support in the future.

acknowledgement nor payment,” GT&T said. According to GT&T, it was forced on May 8, 2012 to seek relief in the High Court where the judge encouraged the parties to settle the matter. On May 6, 2014, a settlement was reached. “As a result of this settlement, GT&T waived claim to G$20.5 million of outstanding facilities relocation costs. To date, payment of the amount due as per terms of the settlement remains outstanding.”

company said it was approached about its facilities along the road alignment on February 27, 2012. Its engineers reviewed the Ministry’s construction plans and indicated the areas where the network infrastructure facilities would be affected by the proposed works. On March 1, 2012, engineers from GT&T, the Ministry and BK International Inc undertook a joint survey during which markers were placed to in-

dicate the location of buried infrastructure facilities. Subsequently, an invoice for the cost of relocating the telephone company’s network infrastructure facilities was submitted to the Ministry on May 4, 2012. “We experienced 17 incidents of damage within Lot Three between April 20, 2013 and January 25, 2014. These damages affected in excess of 8000 residential and business customers and the restoration cost amounted to G$4.3 million.” According to GT&T its invoices to the contractor, BK International Inc, were again not acknowledged nor paid and the outstanding payment is currently engaging the attention of the company’s lawyers. According to GT&T, following a meeting with the Ministry in July 2013, the Lot Three project was revisited by all parties in August 2013 and an updated and disaggregated invoice for infrastructure facilities relocation in this project area was requested by and sent to the Ministry. On February 28, 2014, GT&T said it entered into a contract with the Ministry to relocate aerial cables and associated fixtures to a new pole route and to relocate the buried cables (South of the DDL High Bridge). This, the company said, only accounted for a portion of the facilities to be relocated in Lot Three and payment for this work was made on Tuesday.


friday, MAY 23, 2014

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) You have to think of others in order to avoid criticism. Devote more time to people who count on you and need your attention before you cause a permanent rift. Put family first.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You could burn out if you don’t slow down. Detach yourself from the rat race and relax. Organise and plan your day strategically so that you’re not constantly playing catch-up.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Show your employer how versatile you are. By agreeing to take on extra tasks, you will boost his or her opinion of you and bring about a financial reward.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Rein in your tendency to be argumentative today. Don’t alienate your friends with aggression and unrealistic demands. Keep your distance until you cool down. Patience and tolerance will be required.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) By travelling outside your usual area, you will meet individuals interested in hearing what you have to offer. Increase your visibility, and you will find new ways to prosper.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Now is not a good time to get involved in financial partnerships. Keep a close watch on your cash and say no to any smooth-talking salesmen.

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Think before you speak. Avoid anyone who is aggressive about his or her beliefs. Tact and diplomacy will be required for group endeavours.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Thursday's solution

You need peace and quiet today. Refuse to let friends or relatives meddle in your affairs. You can ease tension by planning some alone time to do something that makes you feel good or more accomplished.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Things may be less than harmonious on the home front. Don’t compound the problem by dredging up past differences. You can rectify the situation if you deal with current issues first.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Someone close to you will be resentful of the time you devote to work. Do your best to counter any personal problems with a plan that will reverse the situation.

GEMINI (May 21June 20)


Not everyone will share your goals. Avoid a power struggle with someone in a group or organisation. Before you act, decide what is acceptable and appropriate to your cause.

A romantic relationship will be triggered by a social event. Participate in as many stimulating activities as you can, so that you can widen your circle of friends.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

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Amazon Warriors set for encampment from July 2 – Ramdin to be appointed captain, three U-19 players named

Omar Khan

flights for most of the support staff and players to arrive in Guyana from the 30th June . Two of the international players will be joining the squad: Martin Guptill, who will arrivive on July 1 and Mohammad Hafeez, who will join the squad on July 2 upon arriving the same day. All the local players as well as Navin Stuart will join the squad from the start,” Khan, the former West Indies team manager told this publication on Thursday. He added, “The franchise as a whole sees it as critical that the players have a lengthy encampment period, so that they will be in tip- top shape, both physically and technically.”

as well as four under-19 players from each playing franchise.

By Rajiv Bisnauth


s the second Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) draws closer, members of the Guyana Amazon Warriors squad will assemble from July 2 for an encampment period under the watchful eyes of head coach Roger Harper and team mentor Curtly Ambrose. With the franchise having a make-up of regional and international T20 stars, having all the players available for early encampment is not a luxury the territory can enjoy. Manager of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, Omar Khan, is fully aware of this, and as such, his franchise, which has been bought by NEW GPC INC., has already started putting measures in place to ensure the squad is fully prepared for the July 11 start of the highly anticipated event. “We have already booked

Kemo Paul

Corey Anderaon

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

Captain Meanwhile, Khan revealed that new West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin, who was part of the Warriors squad last year, will lead the Guyana Amazon Warriors after a unanimous decision was taken. Under-19 Players Khan further stated that West Indies under-19 opener Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Demerara left-arm fast bowler Daniel Basdeo and Essequibo all-rounder Kemo Paul will join the squad as the under-19 players. The other under-19 player will be selected shortly, according to Khan. This year, each franchise team consists of a squad of 19 players, comprising two pre-selected players — one West Indies Franchise Player (WIFP) and one International Franchise Player(IFP), selected by the franchise,

Confident Khan believes the squad selected is capable of facing the challenges ahead, adding that the squad is a well-balanced unit, comprising the maximum number of match-winners. “I think the squad is well balanced, I think it’s a good squad in terms [of] when you put it together, and it’s a squad capable of winning.” The former West Indies team manager also believes the team’s flexibility provided by the presence of batting and bowling allrounders will be a major asset in the tournament, singling out Corey Anderson as the foremost asset to the team Structure Further, according to Khan, the structure this year is different, since the team to win its respective league will automatical-

ly reach the final. “Unlike last year, we won our league but had to still play in the semi-final, so this time once you win the league you reach straight to the final,” Khan said. The Warriors have retained 10 players from last year’s edition and have already become a force to be reckoned with. The players retained are: Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez, New Zealander Martin Guptill, Trinidadians off-spinner Sunil Narine, opening batsman Lendl Simmons and wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin, Jamaican Krishmar Santokie and Guyanese Christopher Barnwell, Steven Jacobs, Veerasammy Permaul and Trevon Griffith. The formidable combination of these retained players forms

the nucleus of the team, and with the retention of the core players, the Warriors will look forward to building a stronger, well-knit unit. New Zealander Corey Anderson has been named as the Guyana Amazon Warriors international franchise Player. The all – rounder, who caused a stir in the T20 world of international cricket, has replaced former Pakistan Captain Mohammed Hafeez as the International Player.

Denesh Ramdin

Keon Joseph. This year’s tournament commences on July 11 and ends on August 17, with Guyana hosting three of the 30 matches to be played. Jamaica’s Tallawahs won the inaugural tournament when they defeated the Guyana Amazon Warriors by seven wickets in the final in Trinidad and Tobago on August 24. They will defend their title against the St Lucia Zouks, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, Antigua Hawksbills, Guyana Amazon Warriors and Barbados Tridents. Guyana Amazon Warriors comprises Sunil Narine, Mohammad Hafeez, Lendl Simmons, Denesh Ramdin, Martin Guptill, Krishmar Santokie, Christopher Barnwell, Veerasammy Permaul, Ronsford Beaton, Navin Stewart, Steven Jacobs, Leon Johnson, Robin Bacchus, Corey Anderson and Trevon Griffith.

Newcomers The newcomers are Guyanese Leon Johnson, Ronsford Beaton, Robin Bacchus and Trinidad and Tobago fast-bowling allrounder, Navin Stewart.

Roger Harper

Missing Missing from last year’s squad are: Ramnaresh Sarwan, Narsingh Deonarine, William Perkins, James Franklin and

Curtly Ambrose


friday, may 23, 2014

Records could tumble at Super Kings v Sunrisers , IPL 2014 Warner keeps Sunrisers in the race inaugural World Relays S


Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce

lympic and world champions will gather in the Bahamas this weekend for a special global meeting that has no field events or individual competitions but the promise of world records and rich cash prizes. The inaugural IAAF World Relays are all about speed as Jamaicans ShellyAnn Fraser-Pryce and Yohan Blake join Kenyan double world champion Asbel Kiprop and a host of other worldclass runners in challenging global records in the men’s and women’s 4x100 meters, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m and 4x1,500m relays. “We are trying to create something very fun and very different,” Paul Hardy, competitions director for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), told Reuters in a telephone interview. The world governing body decided several years ago it needed a team com-

Yohan Blake

petition to add to its series of global events, and relays, always popular with fans, seemed to fit the bill, Hardy said. Relay loving Bahamas will host the 2014 and 2015 competitions with the event likely to go to a two-year cycle after that. More than 500 runners from 42 nations are expected for this weekend’s competition in Nassau’s soldout Robinson Stadium with $1.4 million in prize money and lots of bragging rights at stake. The emphasis will be on breaking world records in events outside the traditional 4x100m and 4x400m relays, which are the staple events at the Olympics and world championships. “Those are the events where we are very likely to see records...the 4x8, 4x15, 4x2,” Hardy said. Kenya’s women already have broken the 4x1500m world record this year and

are hoping for even more improvement. Kiprop and the Kenyan men do not expect to be outdone, aiming to smash their country’s 2009 world record in the 4x1500m. Ethiopia looms as their biggest challengers. Record breakers will pocket $50,000 in addition to the $50,000 going to the winners of each of the 10 events. The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, who has yet to launch his season, will miss the competition, but a bounty of speedsters will be on hand. Jamaican Blake, the world’s second-fastest runner at 200m and co-number two at 100m, will join forces with Olympic relay gold medalists Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Kemar Bailey-Cole in the 4x100m. The experienced Nickel Ashmeade, Oshane Bailey and Warren Weir also will be available for the 4x100m or 4x200m.(Reuters)

unrisers Hyderabad needed to win this game in Ranchi to avoid elimination and David Warner’s punishing innings secured the two points that took his team to fifth place in the league. Chennai Super Kings’ third successive defeat weakened their hold on second place, and narrowed the gap between them and the other contenders, Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals. While Super Kings relied on three batsmen to achieve a formidable total, Sunrisers needed only one to gun it down. By the time Warner was done, the game was all but won, and Shikhar Dhawan saw Sunrisers through to the finish with an unbeaten half-century that was the ideal foil to his aggressive opening partner. Everything seemed to fall in place for Sunrisers at the start of the chase. Warner, who had scored 59 in his previous innings, began in high gear and received generous helpings of loose deliveries from Mohit Sharma and R Ashwin. He got the lion’s share of the strike too, with Dhawan playing only 11 balls in the Powerplay, and powered Sunrisers to 64 in six overs. With the pitch offering no movement for the seamers, Mohit gave Warner several opportunities to free his arms and paid the price by watching the ball disappear between point and cover. Unlike the previous game in Ranchi, there was no turn tonight, and Warner was able to hit Ashwin down the ground without risk. The serious acceleration came in

David Warner

the sixth over, from John Hastings on season debut, when Warner collected five boundaries in the Vs behind and in front of the wicket to pass fifty off 25 deliveries. The other Super Kings spinners - Ravindra Jadeja and Pawan Negi - were also punished by Warner and by the time he dragged Hastings on for 90 off 45 balls, Sunrisers needed only

70 off 52 balls. Having contributed only 22 to the opening stand of 116, Dhawan now took over, finding the leg-side boundary with regularity against the spinners to get to 50 off 40 balls. Though Sunrisers lost three wickets in 13 balls towards the end, the asking rate was entirely under control, and Dhawan ensured the job was done. (ESPNcricinfo)


Chennai T20 innings (20 overs maximum) DR Smith lbw b Sharma 47 F du Plessis run out (Sharma) 19 SK Raina c Finch b Sharma 4 DJ Hussey not out 50 MS Dhoni*† not out 57 Extras (lb 7, w 1) 8 Total (3 wickets; 20 overs) 185 Did not bat: RA Jadeja, M Manhas, R Ashwin, JW Hastings, MM Sharma, P Negi Fall of wickets 1-33 (du Plessis, 3.3 ov), 2-68 (Smith, 6.5 ov), 3-77 (Raina, 8.4 ov) Bowling: B Kumar 4-0-360, DW Steyn 4-0-43-0, KV Sharma 4-0-19-2, Parvez Rasool 4-0-35-0, IK Pathan 3-0-340, DJG Sammy 1-0-11-0

Hyderabad T20 innings (target: 186 runs from 20 overs) DA Warner b Hastings 90 S Dhawan not out 64 NV Ojha† c Negi b Raina 19 AJ Finch run out (Raina) 7 DJG Sammy* c du Plessis b Jadeja 0 Y Venugopal Rao not out 4 Extras (lb 1, w 3, nb 1) 5 Total (4 wickets; 19.4 overs) 189 Did not bat: IK Pathan, KV Sharma, Parvez Rasool, DW Steyn, B Kumar Fall of wickets: 1-116 (Warner, 11.2 ov), 2-168 (Ojha, 17.2 ov), 3-176 (Finch, 18.1 ov), 4-184 (Sammy, 19.2 ov) Bowling: MM Sharma 3-0-33-0, R Ashwin 4-0-29-0 JW Hastings 3-0-29-1, RA Jadeja 3.4-0-42-1, P Negi 4-0-38-0 SK Raina 2-0-17-1

England v Sri Lanka: Chris Jordan stars as hosts win first ODI


hris Jordan enhanced his growing reputation as England beat Sri Lanka by 81 runs under the Duckworth-Lewis method in the first match of the one-day series at The Oval. His unbeaten 38 off 13 balls carried the hosts to 2476 off 39 overs, which also featured 64 from Gary Ballance, 50 for Ian Bell and 45 from Joe Root. Jordan, 25, then claimed 3-25 and James Tredwell 3-38 as Sri Lanka - chasing a twice-revised target of 226 in 32 overs - were bowled out for 144 with 4.1 overs unused. Victory was significant in that it represented England’s first against a Test-playing nation since Peter Moores was reinstated as coach last month. “Chris Jordan’s innings really gave England momentum because it gave them an above-average total, and then he bowled really well. “I think England have found a good death bowler in Harry Gurney, too.” He will also be buoyed by the comprehensive margin of victory over a team that had won their last 10 ODIs. (BBC


SCOREBOARD England innings (39 overs maximum) AN Cook* c †Sangakkara b Kulasekara 11 IR Bell c Malinga b Mathews 50 GS Ballance c Chandimal b Senanayake 64 EJG Morgan b Senanayake 3 JE Root lbw b Kulasekara 45 RS Bopara lbw b Senanayake 3 JC Buttler† not out 26 CJ Jordan not out 38 Extras: (b 1, lb 1, w 5) 7 Total: (6 wickets; 39 overs) 247 Did not bat: JC Tredwell, JM Anderson, HF Gurney Fall of wickets 1-22 (Cook, 5.2 ov), 2-101 (Bell, 20.4 ov), 3-104 (Morgan, 21.2 ov), 4-145 (Ballance, 29.2 ov), 5-152 (Bopara, 31.2 ov), 6-193 (Root, 35.3 ov) Bowling: SL Malinga 8-0-71-0, KMDN Kulasekara 8-1-60-2, RAS Lakmal 6-0-34-0, NLTC Perera 3-0-25-0, AD Mathews 6-0-251, SMSM Senanayake 8-0-30-3

Sri Lanka innings (target: 226 runs from 32 overs) HDRL Thirimanne lbw b Anderson 0 TM Dilshan c Gurney b Jordan 33 KC Sangakkara† b Gurney 8 DPMD Jayawardene c Morgan b Tredwell 35 AD Mathews* c Cook b Tredwell 18 LD Chandimal c †Buttler b Jordan 8 KMDN Kulasekara c †Buttler b Jordan 0 NLTC Perera c Root b Tredwell 2 SMSM Senanayake c Bell b Gurney 11 SL Malinga b Bopara 10 RAS Lakmal not out 4 Extras: (b 5, lb 2, w 6, nb 2) 15 Total: (all out; 27.5 overs) 144 Fall of wickets 1-0 (Thirimanne, 0.5 ov), 2-19 (Sangakkara, 5.3 ov), 3-63 (Dilshan, 14.1 ov), 4-88 (Jayawardene, 17.3 ov), 5-108 (Chandimal, 20.3 ov), 6-108 (Kulasekara, 20.6 ov), 7-114 (Mathews, 21.6 ov), 8-118 (Perera, 23.2 ov), 9-138 (Senanayake, 26.3 ov), 10-144 (Malinga, 27.5 ov) Bowling: JM Anderson 5-122-1, HF Gurney 5-0-20-2, CJ Jordan 6-0-25-3, JE Root 1-0-7-0, RS Bopara 4.5-025-1, JC Tredwell 6-0-38-3



Knight Riders v Royal Challengers, IPL 2014

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Uthappa powers Knight Riders into playoffs


obin Uthappa was little more than a spectator for eight overs. Royal Challengers Bangalore displayed the intent of a side fighting for survival. Three Kolkata Knight Riders batsmen were in the hut just after the Powerplay and Uthappa was 20 off 18. He finished an unbeaten 83 off 51 to confirm his team’s place in the playoffs by extending their unbeaten run to six matches. Royal Challengers’ loss meant they were out of the tournament. They did have the resources to threaten a target of 196. But they persisted with a misfiring Chris Gayle and endured another poor start. Yogesh Takawale, inducted in the XI to offset Gayle’s dot balls, looked scratchy early on and when he was becoming fluent, he perished. Sunil Narine’s script was near flawless against Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh - who made a brief fist of it when he swatted Umesh Yadav in a 22-run 16th over - and AB de Villiers to scupper any chance the visitors had. The pitch had offered early evidence of stopping on the batsmen a couple of times. Uthappa decided nudging around was too risky and enacted a counterattack. Concise footwork added power to his straight hits. His indulgence in unorthodoxy went as far as sweeping and reverse-sweeping, but more often than not he concentrating on guiding the ball into gaps with necessary angling of the bat. A caress to third man gave him the orange cap and his ninth 40-plus score in 13 matches ended up becoming his first unbeaten innings this season. Eden Gardens was rumbling “Uthappa, Uthappa” as he drilled the final ball of the innings - a full toss on mid-

Robin Uthappa goes on the attack (BCCI)

dle - into the sightscreen to reach his highest IPL score. Shakib Al Hasan was a brilliant deputy. Knight Riders were 56 for 3 in the eighth over when he joined Uthappa. The 121-run partnership took shape with singles and twos before Shakib, batting determinedly deep

in his crease, brought out his bottom-handed swipes. The bowlers obliged by failing in their search for the blockhole and both batsmen began finding the boundaries with ease. When Yuzvendra Chahal was razed for 24 in the 15th over, with three towering sixes, Royal Challengers were rattled beyond recovery. They offered width, full tosses and bungled an easy run-out of Uthappa in the penultimate over to enable 78 runs off the last six overs. Royal Challengers’ hopes were pinned to an 85-run stand between Kohli and Takawale. They needed to balance the construction of a springboard for their finishers with an asking-rate that was persistently above 10. Rotating strike was not a problem and Vinay Kumar was carted for 17 runs in the ninth over to tempt their fans. However, with 26 runs and two wickets coming in the next four overs and 103 needed in the remaining seven, the dire need for big hits overcame the batsmen’s ability. (ESPNcricinfo)

SCOREBOARD Kolkata T20 innings (20 overs maximum) RV Uthappa†not out 83 G Gambhir*c †Takawale b Starc 4 MK Pandeyc Starc b Dinda 13 YK Pathan run out (Kohli/ †Takawale) 22 Shakib Al Hasanb Ahmed 60 RN ten Doeschatenot out 6 Extras(b 1, lb 1, w 4, nb 1) 7 Total (4 wickets; 20 overs) 195 Did not bat: SA Yadav, R Vinay Kumar, M Morkel, UT Yadav, SP Narine Fall of wickets 1-5 (Gambhir, 0.5 ov), 2-23 (Pandey, 3.4 ov), 3-56 (Pathan, 6.6 ov), 4-177 (Shakib Al Hasan, 18.4 ov) Bowling: MA Starc 4-0-32-1, AB Dinda 4-0-38-1, AN Ahmed 4-0-33-1, M Muralitharan 2-019-0, Yuvraj Singh-2-0-21-0, YS Chahal-4-0-50-0

Bangalore T20 innings (target: 196 runs from 20 overs) CH Gaylelbw b UT Yadav 6 YV Takawale†b Narine 45 V Kohli*c Morkel b Narine 38 Yuvraj Singhc Vinay Kumar b Narine 22 AB de Villiersb Narine 13 S Rananot out 19 MA Starcnot out 12 Extras (lb 8, w 1, nb 1) 10 Total (5 wickets; 20 overs) 165 Did not bat: AN Ahmed, AB Dinda, YS Chahal, M Muralitharan Fall of wickets 1-7 (Gayle, 1.6 ov), 2-92 (Kohli, 12.3 ov), 3-93 (Takawale, 12.6 ov), 4-129 (Yuvraj Singh, 16.2 ov), 5-133 (de Villiers, 16.6 ov) Bowling: M Morkel 4-0-21-0, UT Yadav 4-0-45-1, SP Narine 4-020-4, R Vinay Kumar-4-0-44-0, Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-27-0

Spurs rout Thunder to take 2-0 series lead




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he San Antonio Spurs put the Oklahoma City Thunder to the sword with a spectacular exhibition of shooting in the second half to tighten their grip on the Western Conference finals with a 112-77 win in Game Two on Wednesday. With All-Star point guard Tony Parker scoring a teamhigh 22 points and Danny Green pouring in a dazzling array of seven three-pointers, the Spurs sizzled on their home court to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven series. Veteran forward Tim Duncan contributed 14 points and 12 rebounds while Manu Ginobili and Boris Diaw tallied 11 points apiece off the bench as San

Tony Parker

Antonio had five players in double-figures. The Spurs, aiming for a return to the

NBA Finals, outshot their opponents by 50 percent to 39 from the field. (Reuters)


friday, may 23, 2014

Limacol Caribbean Premier League to host Beefy’s Bash Star-studded charity game to be highlight of final week celebrations in St Kitts


oday, cricketing legends, Sir Ian “Beefy” Botham and Brian Lara, together with media personality, Piers Morgan, have teamed up with the Limacol Caribbean Premier League to announce ‘Beefy’s Bash’, an all-star charity T20 game to take place at Warner Park, St.Kitts, on Tuesday 12th August. The match will bring together a host of celebrity personalities, cricketing legends and current stars, and will form part of an exhilarating week in St.Kitts, building up to the final of the Limacol CPL 2014 on Saturday 16th August. Cricketing royalty, Sir Ian Botham and Brian Lara, have been designated as captains for the two teams, and have issued a call to arms to cricketing superstars, personalities and fans across the world to take part. In spite of his chastening experience against Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee, over Christmas, Piers Morgan was the first to volunteer, and has been snapped up by fellow Englishman, Botham. Sir Ian Botham said: “I know how important cricket is to everyone in the

Caribbean, and [Limacol] CPL has done a lot to reignite the region’s love for the game. St Kitts is an amazing island of rare beauty, full of wonderful people, and I’m excited to give something back to the country through this charity match, as well as getting the chance to watch the closing stages of the [Limacol] CPL.”

Piers Morgan commented; “As soon as I got the call from Beefy, I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in. I¹m a huge fan of cricket and I love the Caribbean, so a chance to play in this special game and get involved with

the Biggest Party in Sport was too good an opportunity to miss. I’ve already asked Brett Lee to join in, but this time playing WITH me - not breaking my ribs!” Brian Lara added; “I’ve seen first-hand the impact [Limacol] CPL has had on the region. Players and fans love it, it’s great for our up and coming talent, and it provides an economic boost as well. I’ve always believed in the importance of giving back to the Caribbean, and this match will be a great way to do that. It’s going to be fun to play with and against some old friends and reignite some old rivalries, and I’ve already been contacted by plenty of fast bowlers keen to have a bowl at Piers!” Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League said; “It was no surprise when Beefy got in touch about the game. The Limacol CPL is the Biggest Party in Sport and as a result, we’re naturally attracting some of the leading names in sport and entertainment. Beefy’s Bash is set to be a remarkable highlight of finals week in St. Kitts and expect some more big names to be announced

Wray and Nephew Contender Series

Eastman goes distance with ‘Bus Boy’,reaches semi finals


oward Eastman, who left New Amsterdam in March for Jamaica with the goal of returning with the Contender Series title, has stuck to his game plan and has now moved on to the semi-finals, following a unanimous win over Kevin ‘Bus Boy’ Hylton on Wednesday night. The New Amsterdamer outpunched ‘Bus Boy’ in all six rounds of the welterweight fight at the Chinese Benevolent Centre on Hope Road in Kingston, only asking the ‘Bus Boy’ to make two brief stops on his ride to the semi-finals; once when he floored him in the second round for an eight count; and again when he was floored later on in the fight. However, the second knockdown was from a punch to the back of the Jamaican’s head. The referee ruled it

Howard Eastman

an illegal punch and deducted a point from Eastman. Some sections of the Jamaica press reported the fight as not being a one sided affair, but eyewitnesses to the fight reported that Eastman controlled the entire bout. “Hylton kept turning his back to Eastman to force him to foul and some-

times to avoid punches.” Eastman, who was not available for comment when Guyana Times tried to contact him, reportedly said that he was under no pressure and just took the fight one day at a time. Asked of Eastman’s stamina at the end of the six- round fight and whether he might be under pressure in the semi-final which will be fought over eight rounds, a source close to Eastman’s camp said he was preparing for a six round encounter and now he will start training for an eight -rounder. The winner of the contender series will take home $2M; the runnerup $500,000; third place $250,000 ; and fourth place $200,000. The final which is scheduled for July 9th will be a 10round encounter. (Andrew Carmichael)

in the coming weeks.” The game will add spice to what promises to be a thrilling finals week in St. Kitts, ensuring that the CPL lives up to its reputation as the Biggest Party in Sport. As well as the two semi-final showdowns during the week, fans will be treated to a concert on Friday 15th August featuring international and local stars, before the main event, the final of the Limacol CPL 2014, on Saturday 16th August. About the Caribbean Premier League: Caribbean Premier League is a franchise-based T20 format cricket tournament that combines two of the most compelling aspects of Caribbean life – dramatic cricket and a vibrant Carnival atmosphere. The inaugural Limacol CPL, billed as “the Biggest Party in Sport” featured six teams competing throughout the region in August  2013 – Jamaica Tallawahs, The Red Steel, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors, St. Lucia Zouks, Antigua Hawksbills.  The Jamaica Tallawahs, captained by Chris Gayle, emerged as champions. Limacol CPL II will take place from 11th July to 16th August of 2014.

Hinds clears the air on basketball issues By Treiston Joseph


resident of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), Nigel Hinds, expounded on the real issue that has caused a bit of conflict between his federation and the National Sports Commission (NSC) earlier this month, as he looks forward to a better working relationship with the NSC. “The key issue we have is the IGG basketball games and GABF not being allowed by the NSC to co-ordinate, manage, and organize the basketball component of the games. “Let us leave that aside for now, as I am sure discussions and deliberations are ongoing at the highest levels in Guyana to resolve this issue; and I am sure the Director of Youth and Sport is involved in the process,” Hinds said via email. Hinds also highlighted another major issue that he views as clinical for the future development of the sport. “The fact that GABF is paying for national squads to use the Sports Hall for practice sessions. The research I have done indicates this does not apply to other sport disciplines and certainly not to YBG (Youth Basketball Guyana). Hopefully, this will be corrected soon,” Hinds highlighted. Hinds also explained the GABF’s position with the YBG, as it relates to their affiliation as well as their upcoming programmes. “It is not my position or

Nigel Hinds

the GABF’s position that future YBG activities will not be approved. The Youth Basketball Festival was approved by the GABF and I do not foresee YBG school programmes not being approved by GABF. “YBG is able at any time to be affiliated to GABF; all documentary issues have already been filed by YBG and it is only the fees for membership that are due,” Hinds indicated via email. Hinds also noted the one issue that can have implications going forward with the YBG: “The training sessions that are held under the banner of a national practice by YBG are the only training sessions that could have negative implications for the players, officials and coaches,” Hinds pointed out. Further, Hinds believes that all parties involved in the process have the best interest of the sport at heart, and he looks forward to dialogue with Director of Sport Neil Kumar in order to have the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Alas! Albion gets lights


ights have at last been installed at the Albion Sports Complex. After several months of preparatory work, the lights were mounted on Thursday, making Albion the second ground in Guyana with approved lighting facilities for international matches. The installation of the lights was done by Musco Sports Lighting of Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA. This is the same company that

One of the lighting towers

Project Manager,Musco Sports Lighting, Brad Chellsvig

had installed the lights at the Providence National Stadium. Project Manager Brad Chellsvig explained that the installation project took three days. Six light towers now decorate the Albion Sports Complex. “Each tower carries 17 fixtures (lights). Each fixture is 1500 watts, so we should have about 550 lux over the entire field.” This Chellsvig said will be sufficient lighting for

night cricket. The lights are towering at 120-feet from the ground. The project manager told the Guyana Times that he is confident that there will be no problems during the Independence Cup on Sunday, since this is the third cricket field in addition to numerous baseball and American football fields on which he has installed lights.(Andrew Carmichael)

friday, may 23, 2014


ECCCC family fun day and GVF hosts referees’ clinic softball cricket on Sunday

Cimino Carlos (black FIVB jersey), poses with referees and organizers at the opening of the clinic. Saved as volleyball Flashback! Members of the Mike’s Wellwoman team strike a pose after winning the female category last year


s part of its fundraising efforts, the Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) will on Sunday stage its second annual family fun day, bar-b-que and softball cricket competition for both male and female teams. The action will get under way at 09:00h at the Enmore Cricket Club ground, East Coast Demerara. Four male teamsFloodlights XI, Parika Defenders, Mike’s Wellman and host club Enmore- will vie for supremacy in the 10/10 softball competition, while on the distaff side,

Trophy Stall Angels, Mike’s Wellwoman, 4R Lioness and Lady Jags will do battle. According to the organisers, admission to the venue is free and bar-b-que will be served from noon to 17:00h. Apart from the on-field action, there will be several activities beyond the boundary, including novelty events, trampoline, face painting, raffle, children games, music and food and beverage bars. The organisers have also instituted a no-entry policy to cool down carts, coolers and gambling boards. At last year’s event,

By Treiston Joseph

Success/Mahaica Invaders and Mike’s Wellwoman emerged as champions of the male and female categories respectively. Watched by a crowd of about 1,500, Success/ Mahaica Invaders, a team featuring players from the two villages, whipped Parika Defenders by 10 wickets in the Men’s 15-over final, while Mike’s Wellwoman had to work hard for their three-wicket win over Trophy Stall Angels in the female 10-over final. As was done in 2013, proceeds from the event will go towards cricket development at the ECCCC.


he Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) opened their referees’ clinic on Thursday at the National Resource Centre. The clinic will feature presentations by president of the Regional Volleyball Federation/ Referee Commission member, Cimino Carlos. The clinic will conclude on Sunday and aims to help local referees attain the same levels as their counterparts in the Region. “It [the course] is part of a programme the South American Confederation

did to develop in all the areas of the volleyball… this part is a referee course, a refreshing one to put all the referees on the same level like in FIVB (Federation International of Volleyball) ,” Carlos stated. The regional president noted that it is imperative that the referees grasp opportunity to become better as well. “All the people must catch this opportunity to put yourself on the same level, on the same interpretation of the rules because all the participants must understand the rules on the same level especially

the coaches, referees, players and the people who organize the volleyball here in the Guyana Volleyball Federation,” Carlos pinpointed. Meanwhile, Carlos believes that the clinic will only raise the level of the referees to benefit the sport. “The consequences I told all the people are that they mete out information for the other participants that are not here. “So that’s the reason to increase the volleyball and in turn mete out information they receive here for all the people involved in the volleyball,” Carlos stressed.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

friday, May 23, 2014


Pepsi IPL: Kolkata Knight Riders 195/4,Royal Challengers Bangalore 165/5; Sunrisers 189/4,Chennai Super Kings 185/3

Amazon Warriors set for encampment from July 2 – Ramdin to be appointed captain, three U-19 players named

See sto r on pa y ge


Limacol Caribbean Premier League to host Beefy’s Bash Star-studded charity game to be highlight of final week celebrations in St Kitts Se e on stor pa y 2 ge


Flashback: The Guyana Amazon Warriors during one of their training sessions last year

Brian Lara and Sir Ian “Beefy” Botham

Guinness Street Football, East Coast leg…

Melanie ‘A’, BV ‘A’ to contest final on Sunday A

new champion will be crowned in the East Coast leg of the Guinness Greatest of the Streets football tournament, after last year’s winners Plaisance suffered defeat at the quarter-final on Wednesday evening at the Haslington Market Square tarmac. After six exciting games on Wednesday night, Melanie ‘A’ and Beterverwagting ‘A’ have advanced to the final set for Sunday evening at the same venue. In the first semi-final, played in front of another large crowd, Melanie ‘A’ defeated last year’s runners-up Victoria Church Yard United 2-0. Jamal George was the man on target for Melanie ‘A’, blasting in goals in the 3rd and 5th minutes. Semi-final two produced a sol-

Part of the action during the quarter and semi-finals on Wednesday evening at the Haslington Market Square tarmac

itary goal, with Beterverwagting ‘B’ needling Melanie ‘B’ 1-0. Erin Fraser was the goalscorer for the champions. Earlier in the evening during the quarter-final games, Victoria Church Yard United defeated Paradise 1-0 with Keyron Johnson scoring in the 13th minute. Beterverwagting ‘B’ got a similar result against defending champions Plaisance, with Erin Fraser on target in the 19th minute. Melanie ‘B’ were also 1-0 victors over Victoria Eagles with the goal coming from Ryan Seals in the 19th minute, while Melanie ‘A’ prevailed 3-2 on penalties against Beterverwagting ‘A’ after a 3-3 stalemate. Melanie ‘A’ scorers were Dwight Peters (18th and 20th) and Shermon Fraser (11th), while

Akin Curry netted a hat-trick for Beterverwagting ‘A’, scoring in the third, 12th and 17th minutes. Guinness Brand Manager, Lee Baptiste, said patrons will be in for a treat on Sunday, judging from the high level of competitiveness displayed by the players during the East Coast leg. The winner of the East Coast leg will join four teams from Georgetown and three from Linden in the national playoff on May 31-June 1, to decide Guyana’s representative at the Guinness Caribbean Street Challenge in Trinidad next month. According to Baptiste, the Caribbean Street Challenge, which is billed for June 6-8, will be streamed live on Sportsmax across the Region. (Avenash Ramzan)

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