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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Parliament passes hydro bill


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PPP/C P2 condemns Green’s "campaign" against Sooba

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House clears local govt bills

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P11 Body of retired police officer pulled from gutter

AFC holds wide ranging talks with P13 Chinese envoy

Groups protest against govt, opposition P14 outside Parliament Alliance For Change (AFC) leader Khemraj Ramjattan in discussion with junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill and fellow AFC MPs Moses Nagamootoo and Cathy Hughes during Wednesday's sitting of the National Assembly

Jagdeo delivers keynote address at biodiversity congress See story on page 2

Region One to get new P19 ferry in 2014



Jagdeo delivers keynote address PPP/C condemns Green’s at biodiversity congress “campaign” against Sooba


he third International Congress regarding the Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield got underway on Monday in Paramaribo, Suriname with a keynote address by former President Bharrat Jagdeo. The congress, which was attended by more than 200 participants from Guiana Shield countries – including Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela and Brazil – catered to a diverse audience which included policy representatives, NGOs, the academic community, and indigenous communities. Jagdeo was invited by the organisers in the capacity of expert in the area of biodiversity and economic development, and in his address, highlighted the threat to global biodiversity from climate change. He made reference to the current warming trajectory, which could see the world warming by as much as four degrees Celsius by 2100 if urgent action is not taken and the catastrophic effect this will have on biodiversity. In giving recognition to the Guiana Shield as one of the last remaining eco-re-


Former President Bharrat Jagdeo delivering his address

gions with intact forests and biodiversity, Jagdeo encouraged participants to look at new research and new approaches to mobilise people of the region to action. He advocated that more work needed to be done at the political level and with the general public to raise awareness on climate change and its impacts as well as how we can take local action to protect the region’s biodiversity and people. Reference was also made to Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy as

one of the first examples of incentivising biodiversity conservation and ecosystem protection, while promoting sustainable livelihoods and a green economy. Guyana’s efforts towards establishing a world-class Centre for Biodiversity were also recognised. The congress ends today with focused sessions on key areas of mining, the green economy, economic value of biodiversity, gender and biodiversity, and the setting of priorities for biodiversity action in the region.

he People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has condemned what the party described in a release as the continuation of a campaign of vilification, slander and spite against the acting town clerk Carol Sooba, reportedly, being carried out by Mayor Hamilton Green. In a statement on Wednesday, the party said the sustained campaign is likely being perpetuated by Green and the People’s National Congress (PNC)controlled Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and took a turn for the worse when he reportedly sent persons to issue threats in the guise of protest action at the home of Sooba. According to the PPP, the courage of the acting town clerk must be recognised by all, as she has so far resisted such despicable efforts to intimidate and bully her out of the municipality. “It is also public knowledge that the sinister agenda against Sooba only commenced when she began to uncover gross financial irregularities within the M&CC. Her effectiveness in administering the affairs of the cashstrapped municipality has reportedly interrupted the mayor using the city’s resources for political gain,” the PPP claimed. “For too long, the growth and development of our capital city has been

Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba

hindered by the decaying remnants of a bygone era, whose legacy is one of destruction and degradation and whose modus operandi is based on a campaign of fear and violence to achieve their ends,” the PPP/C said. “Thus, it is easy to understand that while all around us, there are countless signs of progress in Georgetown, City Hall has been in a permanent state of decline under the leadership of Green and the PNC, whose only effective legacy is their ability to readily find a scapegoat to blame for their incompetence. The PPP/C offers its full support to the acting town clerk and encourages her to continue executing her duties in a professional and efficient manner,” the party said. Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud is also on record expressing his disgust at the protest

against Sooba. “It is unfortunate that the mayor of the city of Georgetown would have reduced himself from being mayor to becoming an obstacle. It is so unfortunate when you make yourself into a human barricade,” Persaud lamented. Junior Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker also lashed out at Green and his supporters, describing their actions as unofficial and unorthodox. According to him, Green and his security guards not only prevented Sooba and her staff from entering City Hall on Tuesday, but threatened them as well. He said as a result of the threatening behaviour, the home affairs minister and the police chief were notified and will soon advise the Local Government Ministry on the next step. As the ministry awaits the Guyana Police Force’s recommendations, Sooba is operating out of a private entity. According to Whittaker, when Sooba was appointed as the acting town clerk in 2012, Green had welcomed her with open arms; however after she launched her campaign to root out corruption, the working relationship soured. On Monday night, more than a dozen vendors flocked Sooba’s Duncan Street residence singing hymns and planting red flowers.



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, August 8 from 05:30h to 07:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, August 8 from 05:00h to 06:30h.


Countrywide: Cloudy conditions with brief showers can be expected over Regions One to Six; southern Guyana and other regions can expect mainly clear skies. Rainfall is expected to range from 1.0 to 20.0mm. Temperatures are expected to be between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius over coastal areas, and between 19 and 33 degrees over inland and interior locations. Waves: Weak to moderate, reaching about 1.2 metres in open waters.

Winds: second.

South-easterly at 2 to 5 metres per

High Tide: 17:18h at 2.90 metres (above normal). Low Tide: 10:54h at 0.60 metre.

The above-normal high tide advisory is in effect.

wednesday, August 7, 2013


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thursday, august 8, 2013 |

House clears local govt bills BY SVETLANA MARSHALL


he suite of local government bills key to the holding of local government elections not held here since 1994 was on Wednesday passed in the National Assembly with a number of government-sponsored amendments. The passage of the bills will now await the assent of President Donald Ramotar before local government elections could be held. Late Wednesday night, the Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012, the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill 2012, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2012 and the Local Government Commission Bill were passed unanimously. Initially, Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud moved a motion for the Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012 to be read in the House for a second time. The bill seeks to enhance the autonomy of local authorities in Guyana and assist in their quest to become financially viable. Formula Persaud explained that the bill introduces a formula which allows governmental support to the 65 neighbourhood democratic councils (NDCs) and six existing municipalities. However, he noted the Georgetown municipality is treated differently when compared to the other local government organs. Junior Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker in supporting the Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012 told the National Assembly that currently local government organs depend heavily on revenues

derived from rates and taxes, markets and subventions from the government of Guyana. However, funds have proven to be difficult to garner, resulting in NDCs and municipalities being unable to effectively execute their duties. “It is in this context Mr Speaker, that the fiscal bill, adoption of other revenues sourcing measures is to be welcomed. Including among these be it negotiating with central government for specific revenues, sharing contract... and embarking on other revenue earning projects is welcomed.”

Not problematic A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Basil Williams, who chaired the special select committee that scrutinised the bills, said the finalisation of the bill had not proven to be problematic. He used the opportunity to applaud members of the committee, especially the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) members for the integral role played in the creation of history. “They contributed significantly to the work of this committee; I mean it was hard bargaining ...I was heckled several times, but at the end of the day, we were able to complete the work.” In a similar fashion, the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill 2012 was passed. Persaud said “The main purpose of this bill is to amend the Municipal and District Council’s Act, Chapter 28:01 so as to revise the provision for municipal councils.” He argued that the amended bill seeks to upgrade various fines, fees and charges instituted against perpetrators who break by-laws. This, he

said, is a request often made by local government authorities. “This bill will provide opportunities for greater services to be generated and provided to residents across the municipalities. It will also provide a motivational pull for local authorities to enforce their bylaws and maintaining law and order.” Unlike the Fiscal Transfers Bill and the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2012 created quite a stir in the National Assembly. After moving the motion for the bill to be read a second time, Persaud told the House that the special select committee faced many challenges in dealing with the particulars of the bill, due to “basic lack of knowledge”. Committee “Mr Speaker, when this bill was presented, the committee by majority decision decided to include a number of sections that were not in the bill and that was the first difficulty.” He said the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) members sought at every opportunity to offer advice and compromise, yet the opposition, using its one-seat majority, inserted a number of sections. Persaud said the move by Williams and supporters has serious implications. He explained that in Section Two of the bill, they included the Local Government Commission and subsequently removed the powers vested in the minister.

“Then we went into no man’s land, unchartered domain, we sought to give to the Local Government Commission authority in this act over non-local authority areas, we amended Section 13, which was not up for amendment, but we brought it and amended it and we substituted the minister and we replaced that with the commission.” Support Following the debate on the final bill, the Local Government Commission Bill 2012, the Alliance For Change (AFC) supported the ruling party. At the level of the special select committee, the AFC and APNU had collaborated on the composition of the commission. They had agreed to have the president appoint three members to the commission, another three based on the recommendations of the opposition leader and one appointed by the Appointment Committee of the National Assembly, while the PPP/C had signalled its disapproval. However, during the debate late Wednesday night, AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan said “We believe that there is an element of compromise that the AFC can bring to this bill to ensure that the administration is accommodated in how it feels about the composition of the Local Government Commission.” As a result, the AFC voted in favour of the amendments brought by the government. (svetlanam@guyanatimesgy. com)


thursday, august 8, 2013

Views These are the flowers…. Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Building Brand Guyana W

hatever doubts might have existed in the minds of some about the viability of the Twenty20 (T20) cricket franchise model of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL), as far as gaining acceptance in the minds of the fans, have now been comprehensively dissipated. In terms of viability from a financial standpoint, that will be determined after all the dust (and fireworks) have settled, but in the meantime, the franchise owners and other corporate sponsors have held back nothing in their efforts to make the tournament a success. Up to now, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has set the bar in T20 cricket, but with eight games under its belt at this time, the Limacol CPL has shown it can organise a competition just as professional and exciting, if not better, than the IPL. There are two reasons for this happy circumstance. As was pointed out by the owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, T20, as conceptualised, is fundamentally the game as it was always played in Guyana and the Caribbean.  In that sense, T20 cricket was finally being “brought back home”. No one had to tell the West Indies fans to be passionately involved in what was going on on the field. And for sure, not to have a “ball” (pun intended) off the field. But all of this would have been known by cricket aficionados across the world, when they dubbed and embraced our game as “calypso cricket”.  The doubts prompted by financial and logistical challenges in past endeavours would have to be overcome if the joint endeavour of an all-Caribbean tournament was to be a success. After all, in over a half a century of trying, the governments of the region had been unable to initiate and pull off an event of this magnitude. The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA), which is one attempt in this direction, has remained a low-key affair, not really engaging the masses, or showcasing our culture to the wider world. Even in the world of business, there have been no collaborative efforts in the past to match the vision of Limacol CPL. The financial support secured by the league demonstrates that in the modern globalised and financially liberalised environment, capital for a venture can be raised once the product is shown to be marketable. And Caribbean cricket is eminently marketable. In this regard, Guyana can be very proud that a local corporation, NEW GPC INC, bit the bullet and put its money where its mouth was when they purchased the Guyana Amazon Warriors. They were also the very first purchaser of a franchise in the Limacol CPL. Local sponsors quickly followed and all aspects of the marketing of the venture were nailed down. Volunteers were recruited and trained to ensure that once inside the stadium, the fans would be well taken care of with directions, flags, whistles and horns. The stands were sold out for every game – and demonstrated to the world that Guyana was “cricket crazy”. Fireworks, tassa and masquerade bands, dancing damsels, pulsating music and running commentary – and even a roaming “warrior” in full regalia – kept the stadium rocking and behind their team.   The only blot on the event was the traffic organisation. The Guyana traffic police will have to do a more effective job next year. While there were a large number of bodies deployed at the event, it became obvious that whatever plan was in place (and we are assuming there was one), there was a need to modify it to match the conditions on the roads. Without any intent to insult the Police Traffic Department, we suggest that they ask the organisers of the Limacol CPL to bring in some experts in crowd logistics to assist them in a structured planning and deployment of manpower. In the meantime, the NEW GPC and “business Guyana” can take a bow for building “Brand Guyana”.

The National School of Dance in another sensational performance at a recent event (Carl Croker photo)

AFC hypocrisy! Dear Editor, There is an old saying: Whatever is done in the dark shall come to light. It doesn’t take a legal brain to figure that one out. But I must congratulate Kaieteur News for having the courage to expose the hypocrisy of the Alliance For Chance (AFC) in their August 6 headline: Nigel Hughes is company secretary of Amaila Hydro Inc. For a while, I thought Hughes was untouchable to some at Kaieteur News. It now appears that I was wrong in making this assumption. The disclosure of this came as a surprise to everyone, despite claims by Hughes that his “appointment as secretary has been a matter of public record since the incorporation of the company (Amaila Falls Hydro Inc) in April 2009”. The legal jargon used in his press release announcing his resignation as chairman of the AFC was just splitting hairs. For as Hughes must know, being a matter of public record does not necessarily translate to being public knowledge. The Amalia Falls Hydro Electric Project did not only just emerge on the news. This project was controversial among opposition members and political pundits long before Hughes officially joined the AFC in July of 2011. Surely as a practicing lawyer he would have known the importance of discussing his association with Amaila Falls Hydro Inc with Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan as a matter of public disclosure at that time. So, for Hughes to say

in his press release that: “When the issue of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project became a matter of public interest, I immediately disclosed my interest (as company secretary of the Amaila Falls Hydro Inc) to the leadership of the AFC”, and for the AFC to echo this in a statement rejecting his resignation: “Hughes declared his professional association with Sithe Global at the commencement of the Amaila Fall Hydro Power Project coming into national focus”, is outrageous. The hydro project was in the national focus long before that, anyone can research this on the local news websites. But why would the AFC risk this potential backlash from its supporters? Isn’t this the same type of back-room deals they accuse the current administration of? AFC executive member and parliamentarian Cathy Hughes caused a similar stir when it was leaked that she was the public relations officer of Synergy Holdings Inc. Splitting hairs again, the wife of Hughes claimed that her company, Videomega Productions, had only produced a public relations documentary on behalf of the Fip Motilall’s company. Now she is identified as the public relations officer for Sithe Global, the company that is commissioned to build the Amalia Falls Hydro Electric plant. Oddly enough, the AFC voted down legislation that would kill this project. Although there is nothing wrong with the appoint-

ments of Nigel and Cathy Hughes, it clearly demonstrates how easy it is for opposition members to secure opportunities from government’s development initiatives for themselves and families, while accusing the administration of cronyism. Let no one be fooled, the interest of the Guyanese people are far removed from their own. I wonder how many more opposition members and their families are benefiting from similar lucrative deals? We may never know. Earlier, AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan was accused of working on behalf of Fedders Lloyd Limited, the Indian company that was denied the contract to build the Specialty Hospital. Responding to claims by government officials that he had engineered the cut to the budgetary allocation for the Speciality Hospital for personal interest, reducing it from $1.25 billion to $0, Ramjattan said, “There is absolutely no truth about pecuniary interest... I have never collected one cent from them and I don’t think I ever will. So this talk about there being a personal interest is absolute nonsense.” But he also admitted that officials of Fedders Lloyd solicited his legal support after losing the contract to Surendra Engineering Corporation. As such, he perused the tender document that they had submitted to the procurement body. Ramjattan is a lawyer and parliamentarian. It is perhaps highly unlikely that

he would have provided this professional service pro bono for a foreign company worth US$500 million. But having not received “one cent” from Fedders Lloyd, as he claims, is irrelevant to the fact that he represented them in a legal capacity. The question must now be asked, what prompted Hughes’ hasty resignation from the AFC chairmanship? As suspected all along, all is not well on the home front. This exposure may very well reveal serious conflicts. Hughes’ political momentum may be threatening to the leadership of the party, including his highprofile visibility defending the Linden “peaceful” protestors, his one-man show in Kitty that reportedly threatened massive protest to oust the government, and for whatever reason, he was successful at freeing the accused charged with the brutal murders of 11 Guyanese, children included. This “victory” of his may be cause for concern. How will Hughes manage corruption and the nation’s resources if he ever becomes president, as is his aspiration? Perhaps Hughes has just gotten too big for his breeches in a party that must win over the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) supporters for its survival. Whatever the reason, the AFC has an obligation to this country and to their supporters to put Guyana first. It is not too late! Sincerely, Harry Gill



You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown, Guyana or

The need to go forensic Education is very costly Dear Editor, It must be big news that four police officers were sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after being found guilty of assaulting a businessman. The businessman was slapped by the four policemen and this was medically authenticated. This is where it is good when investigations are backed up by proper forensic work. In this technological age, we should not leave anything to chance. Every report of rape should go to the medical laboratory. If

and when we get the forensic facility, then the DNA tracking will lead to the criminal’s identity. These four police officers must be feeling very terrible but they brought down their own judgement. This case is very important. It is making everyone so much more

alert and responsible. I have seen too much unnecessary roughness from many police officers. They taint the profession. These men are very vital – what will we do without them? We will be run over by criminals. However, they need to be careful that they dispense their duties in the approved and legal manner. Respectfully, Lorris Chandler

Dear Editor, The 31 schools in Region Four slated to undergo repairs will cost some $61.5 million. This is a big investment, but it is necessary. Education is expensive and a lot of people do not realise this. It is a fact that many trained and graduate teachers are leaving the government schools and going for a few bucks more. This is being offered by the many private schools. What irks me is that many teachers break their contracts and they say that they paid off. What they mean is that they paid back their stipends.

Protests must not be allowed in front of people’s homes Dear Editor, This is absolute nonsense. We are taking protests to a new low? Every time we are not pleased, right or wrong, we take to the streets – even in front of people’s houses. I can understand the Office of the President or Parliament, but not in front of private citizens’ actual homes – that must not be tolerated. The recent situation is that vendors flocked the acting town clerk’s Duncan Street residence, all because they want her to step down. It is so provocative too for the mayor to be pro-vendor as against for law and order. If the acting town clerk is trying to make the city better and more manageable, then she should be supported. In Guyana, we allow too

many irregularities, and when they get entrenched, they seem right. If I have my way, I will check on the legitimacy of these vendors. Too many vendors are spilling on to the road and many of them are not with proper documentation. Also, the city is in bad shape, and the mayor is running out of excuses. He must be held accountable. What I cannot get over

is the fact that the Guyana Police Force went to the scene of the protest, but apparently did nothing to prevent the protesters from engaging in what should be deemed an illegal act – they were not supposed to be in front of someone’s private residence. If indeed these protesters were allowed freedom to use indecent and threatening language, and to sing noisily

and disturb the peace, then it shows a very weak attitude from the police – next time, these protesters will be more emboldened. I call for a concerted effort to make Georgetown better. For sure, it means getting rid of the garbage and dealing with the vagrants. However, a complete overhaul will necessitate regularising street vending. Already there is too much traffic and people on the streets. Yours faithfully, Nadia Isaacs

This is not paying back. To actually sustain the Cyril Potter College of Education and the University of Guyana, only at the physical level, takes millions of dollars. These teachers leaving the government system must understand this. They can never ever really pay back for their training. No monetary equivalent can suffice. I will add the tutoring cost now and ask readers to try and put a value here. I think my point is well established. Teachers trained with taxpayers’ money must not be allowed to just get off this lightly. They owe our children.

Back to our 31 schools now and I ask that all schools be well fenced. I have seen so much vandalism, I get really angry. The first step should be a good fence. I have seen many limers hanging around many schools too. This is where the safety of the children comes in too. Well I need not mention quality and punctual work. Guyana has had its share of delinquency from erring contractors. So the various governing bodies must keep an eye on the work as it progresses. Yours sincerely, Janice Craig


thurSday, auGust 8, 2013


Foundation (Part two)



ne technique for assigning partners is for teachers to first rank the students from the strongest reader in the class to the weakest (making judgments subjectively or from assessment data) and then consider whether there are students whose reading ability is so low that partner reading may be inappropriate. These students could meet with the teacher for more direct instruction or closely supported partner reading while the other students do independent partner reading. The teacher then divides the remaining students in half, forming pairs such that the strongest reader is paired with a mid-level reader, and so on, ensuring that each pair has a slightly stronger reader, but that the difference in the students’ ability is not so large as to cause embarrassment or confusion. At times, the stronger reader may be directed to read first, providing a model of fluent reading. Then the less fluent reader reads the same text aloud. The stronger student can help with word recognition and give feedback and encour-

agement to the less fluent partner. Another effective technique pairs students who read at the same level and asks them to re-read a story on which they have already received instruction from the teacher.

about the apparent value of having students participate in dramatic readings. These kinds of activities provide students with an opportunity to read text that is enjoyable – and provides a clear incentive for students to

Readers’ Theatre and poetry readings – both of which engage students in a reading performance – have become popular over the last few years. Much has been written about Readers’ Theatre in particular, and

read, and re-read, their assigned parts or poem. However, while these techniques are motivating, teachers should not assume that either one could possibly provide as much practice for the whole class as choral or partner reading,

much less anything close to the amount of instruction and practice necessary for struggling students to improve their fluency.

Improving struggling readers’ fluency: Suggestions for intervention

The research literature provides some clear directions on what to do with struggling readers:

Interventions must combine the modelling, repeated reading, and feedback that research has demonstrated effective. Several commercial programmes have been developed, including Read Naturally, the Six Minute Solution, Quick Reads, and the Great Leaps Reading programme. Each of these programmes includes at least some of the instructional components that have been shown to improve students’ reading fluency and has its own approach to student engagement. Unfortunately, research that directly compares the effectiveness of these various programmes has yet to be done. In my own review of the available research, I’ve concluded that the strategy developed by Read Naturally makes the best use of the research base on fluency and has the strongest evidence of effectiveness as a fluency intervention. And, in using the Read Naturally strategy with students in many different grade levels, I’ve found that it engages them in the repeated reading they so desperately need. However, I encourage readers to keep in mind that over the next several years,

research may provide evidence of effectiveness on these other programmes that equals or surpasses that of the Read Naturally strategy. The Read Naturally (RN) strategy was developed by Candyce Ihnot, a Title I reading teacher from Minneapolis. Candyce developed and tested it in 1989 as part of her master’s thesis in special education. After finding that her approach was effective with struggling students in her school, Candyce and her husband, Tom Ihnot, developed a set of instructional materials that are commercially available from their company, Read Naturally, Inc. To implement the RN strategy, students’ fluency levels (word correct per minute/WCPM) are assessed to place students at an appropriate instructional level. The teacher then helps each student set a reasonable, achievable fluency goal (approximately 80-90 WCPM for primary students or older students reading at a primary level; from 90-120 WCPM for upper elementary students). Instruction begins with an unpractised, “cold reading” of a student-selected passage from the targeted level. Passages may range in length from approximately 100 words at the mid-firstgrade level to 350 words at the sixth-grade level. As they read, students use a timer and keep track of the words they skip or stumble over (by lightly underlining the problem word). They then calculate their WCPM and graph this first, unpractised WCPM score on a bar graph. In step two, students practice reading this same passage three to four times along with a model to learn how to accurately pronounce all the words in the text. This step is not timed, and the students read the entire passage. The modelled reading can come from a recording or a person trained to read the passage at a rate that is comfortable for the student. The key here is that a student does not just listen to the model, but actually reads aloud (softly) with the narrator’s voice, giving full attention to the text. Encouraging students to point to the text being read and informing them that they will be responsible for answering a set of comprehension questions after completing all the steps in the strategy helps students stay focused. (




Telecoms, PUC bills deferred again By Michael Younge


he Telecommunications Bill 2012 and the Public Utility Commission Amendment Bill 2012 were deferred for a fourth time on Thursday evening to facilitate more discussions with the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) and its parent company, Atlantic Telecommunications Network (ATN) about the breaking of a 21-year-old monopoly that exists in the sector. The Telecommunications Bill 2011 allows for the establishment of a telecommunications agency as well as a regular, coordinated, open and competitive telecommunications sector. Having such a bill enacted would provide for an open, liberalised and competitive telecommunications sector that would be attractive to new entrants as well as investors, while sustaining the active players within the sector. Additionally, the bill would allow for amendments to be made to the Public Utilities Commission Act 1999. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, addressing Parliament, asked for the respective legislation to be deferred, while explaining that government was prepared to follow through with the proposed changes to both pieces of legislation al-

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

though it did not secure buy-in from one of the major players. He said despite government’s continuous engagements with the GT&T, “no explicit” agreement was reached with respect to the way forward or breaking the monopoly in the telecommunications sector. Hinds reported that the government was in receipt of a letter from GT&T’s parent company, which outlined the manner and expected procedure to be followed for its future engagements with government on the matter. He explained that the letter was “detailed” and contained the position of the GT&T, with respect to the need to reach consensus before any final legislation is drafted and passed.

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Carl Greenidge expressed concern over the number of times the suite of legislation was deferred. He called for the matter to be sent to a special select committee where it would receive detailed analyses given the “complexity” of the amendments and the proposed legislation itself. Greenidge said too that it was necessary for discussions to be fast tracked with GT&T as far as reaching consensus is concerned. He appeared to be firm that it was necessary for the legislation to receive more scrutiny before its second reading. The legislation has been on the parliamentary agenda since August 9, 2012. GT&T currently has a monopoly on landline and international services. Digicel is still awaiting a ruling on the constitutional motion filed in the High Court to decide the constitutionality of that monopoly. The move to defer the legislation comes on the heels of appeals by Digicel Guyana for the monopoly which GT&T enjoys to be broken and the creation of a level playing field. The move by the government to defer the legislation means that it will not be determined or passed before the National Assembly goes into recess this year.

CAL could lose flag carrier status over fare hike – Ali By Leana Bradshaw


aribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) faces the possibility of being stripped of its flag carrier status in Guyana over the constant hiking of its fares for Guyanese passengers entering and exiting these shores, Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali warns. Ali, during an interview with Guyana Times, on Wednesday noted that he has advised his colleague, Transport and Hydraulics Minister Robeson Benn of his position to reexamine CAL’s status in Guyana, given the company’s recent unwelcome move to increase airfares, if “the situation is not corrected in a timely manner”. Ali is calling on the airline to get its act together and stop the exploitation of Guyanese. He said he continues to receive a number of complaints from Guyanese about the ridiculously exorbitant prices being charged by CAL for flights to the United States and elsewhere. “I’m making a public appeal to Caribbean Airlines to understand their role in the market, and to desist from the abuse and exploitation in terms of air fares that Guyanese are asked to pay coming into Guyana,” Ali said.


The acting tourism minister has dubbed CAL’s move to significantly hike its prices as “atrocious”, “unacceptable”, and “disgusting”. Ali further noted that the move is against the spirit of agreement made between government and the airline when it was granted flag carrier status in Guyana. “In this regard, I’ve instructed the director of tourism, Indranauth Haralsingh to call in the new CEO and chairman of Caribbean Airlines to meet with us no later than next Friday,” the minister explained. “I personally am aware of persons who

would have bought tickets at enormous prices to come to Guyana and if you compare this to prices other persons are paying from Trinidad, you’ll find this to be a situation of abusing the present monopoly… and I think that’s why they are taking us and this market for granted.” He said CAL is reaping great profits as a result of its exploitation of Guyanese customers and that cannot be accepted. The minister said he would also be addressing complaints of delays and illtreatment of passengers by CAL staff in Trinidad.

Fly Jamaica

Ali added that government and other local authorities are still awaiting an update from Fly Jamaica on when it should begin operations here. He said the airline is in the process of finalising its documentation with the U.S. and Canadian governments. Previously, Ali had said the Guyana market should have been looked at from a corporate responsibility perspective and not an opportunity at profit-making. The regional carrier had promised to maintain a reasonable fare structure during talks with the Guyana government after its competitors EZjet and Delta exited the market earlier this year. Additionally, approaches have been made to reputable Asian, North and neighbouring South American airlines, as part of efforts to expand the range of commercial air services operating in Guyana. According to reports, travelling from Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago with Caribbean Airlines costs US$452, but Trinidadian passengers travelling to Guyana with the same airline pay only US$295. Persons travelling to New York from Guyana pay some US$1300, but passengers travelling from Trinidad to New York pay only US$578. (

8 news

thursday, august 8, 2013|

Mandela Ave murder accused says he is being “framed”


tearful murder accused alleged that he was being framed when he was arraigned in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Judy Latchman on Wednesday. Lloyd Britton, who allegedly murdered Elvis Fernandes on July 26 at Mandela Avenue, Georgetown, was not required to plead to the charge. The defendant, who

was unable to walk or stand on his own, was represented by Attorney Peter Hugh, who stated that his client’s right thumbprint was forcefully taken and placed on a document but he doesn’t know what the document stated. He indicated that there were ink stains on his client’s thumb and Magistrate Latchman got off her bench to inspect the thumb along with Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte.

Britton stated that the officer whom he identified in court forced his hand and he was just a passenger in the bus. Prosecutor Hunte stated that no caution statement was taken and it is an allegation against the rank. Britton was remanded, and the matter was transferred to Court One on September 5 for report and fixtures.

Man remanded for stealing bicycle


young man was remanded on a charge of simple larceny when he was brought before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Wednesday. It is alleged that on August 2 at Arapaima Street, East La Penitence, Lewis Lancaster stole one bicycle valued $21,000,

property of Andre Persaud. The defendant pleaded guilty with explanation. Lancaster explained that on the day in question, he saw the virtual complainant, who he knows through a friend, coming on a new bicycle, since he lost an old one the same day. He asked if he could use the bike for 15 minutes and the VC said yes.

The defendant stated that while the bicycle was in his possession, it was stolen from him. Based on his explanation, a not-guilty plea was entered. The accused has no pending or prior matters, but the prosecution objected to bail. He was remanded and is set to return to Court One on September 6.

Shamar Moore denied bail


hamar Moore appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the charge of larceny from the person on Wednesday. It is alleged that on August 2 at Agricola Public Road, Moore stole

one handbag, one cellphone, $10,000 cash and documents, valued a total of $135,000, property of Usealy Singh. He pleaded not guilty to the charge read against him. According to the prosecution, the cellphone was found on the defendant’s person and during an in-

vestigation, he led the officers to where the other articles were. The defendant stated that he is a 17-year-old mason, and has no pending or prior convictions. He was remanded and the matter was transferred to Court One for September 6.

Eyew tness Moving on... I telecommunications

n the computer and telecommunication hardware industry, “Moore’s law” – proposed since 1965 – predicts that the speed of computer processors due to transistor density doubles every two years. Gordon E Moore, a co-founder of Intel, the giant leading-edge processor manufacturer, certainly knew what he was talking about. His prediction gave the industry a target to shoot for. And brought down prices while raising efficiency for that industry. We wish there was such a law governing businesses that take advantage of the technological advances as they serve consumers at the end of the supply chain. We’ve seen it in those businesses that’re subject simply to market forces of supply and demand. Computer and smartphone prices have steadily plummeted and are now available to everyone. But this process has not taken place in Guyana in our telephone services. The simple reason is that in 1990 we gave a monopoly to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) in the transmission of landline and overseas calls. But in 1990, we had no idea about the revolution that would take place in the field. Comparing telephone services in 1990 to what’s out there today is like comparing a horse and buggy to a Maserati. They’re just not in the same league even though they’re both said to be involved in “transportation”. Today, the telephone isn’t just restricted to “voice”: today we’re talking about the “transfer of data”. And in this aspect of the modern world lies the difference between remaining at “subsistence-level existences” or moving up to living in comfort if not luxury. Every aspect of business today depends on how fast we can move and circulate “data”. The fellow in the “gold bush” needs to know what’s going on with gold prices in Dubai. The rice farmer needs to know what’s with rice prices in Thailand. We can’t afford to have this data flow controlled by a single company as it seeks to maximise its own bottom line. In 2013, we shouldn’t have to tell anyone about the downside of monopolies. Well, Wednesday,

the long deferred telecommunications bills were being debated in Parliament. Quite sensibly, the government wanted GT&T to come aboard the new dispensation of free competition in the field. We hope good sense prevailed and we’ll now see full competition in telecommunications. Guyana needs to enter the 21st century.  How long are we going to be denied the benefits of Moore’s law? stop thuggery

Back in the days when he was Forbes Burnham’s “enforcer”, Hamilton Green once led a band of thugs to violently attack and disrupt a picketing of Guyana Stores Limited by the union of its employees. Was licks like peas on the hapless workers. Some hoped that with all his talk about “moral revival” and such like, the old hyena might’ve changed his dirty stripes. Fat chance!! Faced with the reality that acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba wasn’t going to be deterred from her mission to reduce corruption from City Hall, he tried his old bullying tactics on the lady. Nowadays, he doesn’t have a gang of thugs to call upon when he needs to do his dirty jobs. He riled up the illegal vendors around Georgetown to fill in as needed. A couple of nights ago, he had them picket Sooba’s residence. That’s right – residence – in the heat of the night. The candles were there, the chantings and hateful slurs were there. All that was missing were the pointy white hats. But then he crossed whatever line of decency is left at City Hall. He blocked the gates and prevented Sooba from entering her office. When will Georgetown stand against this tyrant?

...from the detour and frolic

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Commissioner Mohamood Shaw showed conclusively that Dr Steve Surujbally used official vehicles for his “jaunt” with his buddy Steve Hiscock. All expenses for repair of vehicles from this “detour and frolic” must be repaid by him, since he wasn’t doing official work.




TVG had transmission Local fashion designers Only services for learning channel ready for Carifesta 2013 – Manickchand tells House


he local fashion delegation is all set to turn international heads when they take the stage for this year’s Caribbean Festival of Arts (Carifesta) 11 with an alluring display of glamour, sophistication and elegance. Veteran fashion designers Carol Fraser and Pat Coates are spearheading the coordination of the fashion segment at the event billed for August 16-25. Fraser told Guyana Times that several local designers, who are unable to attend, will be sending their pieces to be showcased. She explained that local designers, including herself, Sonia Noel and Marcia DeSantos will be showcasing in the semi-traditional category. According to Fraser, she will also join other international designers to showcase in the accessory and fashion segments. Meanwhile, Fraser disclosed that Coates will be showcasing in the couture segment. She explained that the couture fashion segment is a paid event since it represents the highest standard in fashion trends. Fraser related that any designer, who is interested in participating in the couture segment, must showcase a different line that was not previously featured in the grand market display. “Persons participating in the grand market display; each designer will showcase 15 to 25 pieces. The local designers will start showcasing on August 18 with two fashion shows per day,” the fashion coordinator said.


Guyana will be able to benefit from eight fashion shows altogether with two shows staged daily. The organising committee held an audition targeting designers a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, only those persons with fit and finished work were selected. “Because of the quality of shows and the fact that it’s an international event, we were unable to take up the pieces of those designers


Fashion designer Carol Fraser

who had unfinished work. So we have decided to take seasoned designers,” Fraser noted. The contingent has been reduced to 50 persons down from 80, which participated in the previously-held Carifestas. Fraser explained that the delegation was forced to leave all their local models and make-up artists behind, owing to the budget constraints of Carifesta coming closely on the heels of the recently-staged Inter-Guiana Festival in French Guiana. Culture Minister Dr Frank Anthony said the artistic director has also been visiting the venues where various activities are to be held, in order to put systems in place for the event.


Minister Anthony disclosed that the event is being funded through the $100 million Sports and Arts Fund. He added that while work is still ongoing on a budget for the festival, organisers have already arrived at a figure of expected expenditure. Dr Anthony pointed out that when Guyana hosted the 2008 festival, local participants and spectators enjoyed the festivities at little or no cost since there are no admission costs attached to the major events. According to the culture minister, government also took care of the costs of transportation and accommodation. However, a new arrange-

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony

ment has been put in place for this year’s festival where delegations are being asked to foot the bill for these miscellaneous costs. Minister Anthony revealed that the government is also engaged with its Surinamese counterpart to have provisions made for locals outside of the Guyanese delegation that wish to participate. He disclosed that while government would only be financing 50 persons, those citizens who are keen on participating and are willing to pay their own expenses, can also be included as part of the delegation.


The year’s Carifesta is being held under the theme “Culture for Development: Celebrating our diversity and promoting the central role of culture in economic, social and human development”. Carifesta was a festival initiated in 1972 by the Caribbean Community (Caricom) heads of government to celebrate the diversity of arts, foster a vision of Caribbean unity, and positively advance Caribbean culture regionally and internationally. The festival was first staged in post-independent Guyana in 1972. Activities for this year include opening and closing ceremonies, trade fairs, theatre, drama, music and storytelling, youth focus, community festivals, super concerts and a film festival.

mid the controversy surrounding the National Learning Channel and Television Guyana Inc contract, it was disclosed that at the time of the channel’s establishment, there were no other entities that could have provided the transmission services which TVG offered. This was disclosed by Education Minister Priya Manickchand, in response to questions posed to her by Alliance For Change Member of Parliament Catherine Hughes. Sometime in June, Hughes had posed several questions to the education minister about the contract between TVG and the learning channel, and the channel’s operations. The minister said in her response, that all the matters surrounding this issue were “extensively” dealt with at a press conference held in April and as such, she provided a copy of the speech made by the head of Guyana Learning Channel, Dr Seeta Roath. She also made available, as requested, a copy of the contract between TVG and the learning channel.


Manickchand, responding to Hughes’ question about when the tender was published for the service and in which media, explained that there were no other entities offering this service at that time; however, TVG was in the process of procuring the service, which allows all communities across Guyana to access programmes aired on the learning channel. The minister asked that if the opposition MP is knowledgeable of any other company in existence with the same criteria, then she can make that information available. The minister further explained that the services from TVG were obtained using the single-source procurement method under the Procurement Act of 2003 to wit, Section 28 (a), which states: “The procuring entity may engage in single-source procurement when – the goods or construction are available only from a particular suppli-

Police issue wanted bulletin for Sophia man


he Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for Shawn Fordyce in relation to the murder of his two children and chopping of his wife. Fordyce went berserk and reportedly chopped his reputed wife and three daughters in proximity of their Fourth Street, D Field, Sophia home. It was reported that the Dorothy Blackman was allegedly chopped multiple times to the upper body while Donette Fordyce, 12, was chopped on the wrists and Wanda Fortune, 26,

Wanted: Shawn Fordyce

was chopped on her back and neck. Latoya Wilson, 20, also sustained injuries to

her back. Information revealed that the woman’s reputed husband Shawn Fordyce became furious after presuming that she was going to a function, but actually she went to a nearby shop to purchase a phone card. Under that pretext, the man reportedly confronted his reputed wife with a cutlass in his hands and allegedly dealt the woman several blows about the body. Upon seeing this, the woman’s daughters ran to her rescue, but were also reportedly chopped about their bodies.

During the attack, the cutlass eventually fell from his hand which allowed for public-spirited citizens to render assistance. Fordyce made good his escape. The last known address for the suspect was given as Lot 132 D Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown and Paradise Village, West Coast Berbice. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Fordyce is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 2266978, 229-2569, 229-2702, 229-2557, 911 or the nearest police station.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand

er or contractor, or a particular supplier or contractor has exclusive rights with respect to the goods or construction, and no reasonable alternative or substitute exists”.


In answering Hughes’ questions, Minister Manickchand disclosed that the contract was signed in 2010 for a period of five years and as of December 2011, the sum of $3 million per month has been paid to TVG for its services. Hughes had asked the minister how many persons are employed by the learning channel and from which communities they hail. The education minister replied that the learning channel currently has six full-time, six parttime and two temporary employees. She noted that the other personnel, such as studio teachers and scriptwriters, are contracted as needed, adding that the company hires the best skill for the best price available. “Decisions to hire are not based upon any other consideration such as ethnicity, community from which persons have emanated, gender, social background, class, etc, and it is hoped that the basis for this question was not for purposes of profiling any of the persons employed by that entity,” the

minister said. She noted that the persons employed at the channel are from Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Orealla, and Kwakwani. Manickchand continued that the learning channel has its own satellite receivers/dishes, which are located in Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Benab, Orealla, Kwakwani, Linden, Lethem, Annai, Aishalton, Mahdia, Port Kaituma, Mabaruma, Bartica, Morakaibai, Anna Regina, Karasabai, and Ituni. She revealed that there are 17 antennas, 20 dishes, 17 receivers, and 16 dish stands, which were bought along with the installation services from TVG at the price of $6.987 million.


The minister added of the 17 antennas, two are located in Georgetown and one each in the other communities mentioned. In answering in which geographical areas the learning channel utilises equipment of the two local telecommunication companies for the purposes of broadcasting its programmes, Manickchand noted that the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph tower at Benab and the Digicel tower at Moira Point are used. The Guyana Learning Channel is a non-commercial, apolitical, educational broadcast network, which focuses solely on education and strives to maintain 30 to 40 per cent local content. In 2010, the company entered into discussions with TVG and a final agreement was concluded in the same year. The agreement requires TVG to provide the channel with a guaranteed satellite transport network service. The learning channel has more than 200,000 viewers and reaches far and wide in Guyana, including areas such as Annai, Lethem, Aishalton, Kwakwani, Port Kaituma, and Mahdia.




Five homeless after Skull City fire


fire of unknown origin has completely destroyed a two-storey house at Skull City, Diamond Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara (ECD), leaving at least five persons homeless. The fire reportedly started about 16:15h. The blaze gutted the three bedroom concrete and wooden structure at Lot 42 Diamond Squatting Area, EBD and scorched a nearby general store. The upper flat of the house was occupied by Meena Watson, who was not home at time, while the bottom flat was occupied by her grandson and his family.


According to information received, several sparks were seen emanating from one of the bedrooms in the upper flat followed by smoke and ultimately, flames. Odessa Williams, an occupant of the lower flat of the house explained that her one-yearold daughter was asleep while she and her eight yearold son were in front of the house. She further stated that she heard an explosion and ignored it, but a while after, she heard two sounds in quick succession and upon looking, she saw smoke emanating from the northern side of the house. She raised an alarm and scrambled to save some items from the

The ruins of the house

house, but her primary focus was to save her baby, which she managed to do. Williams stated that the boys in the community formed a bucket brigade and started to drench the house with water, but their efforts came to an abrupt halt as the fire spread rapidly. Within minutes, she added the entire house was engulfed in flames. The woman cried that she was unable to save anything. “We had a fridge worth over $200,000, a suite cost over $200,000, beds, wardrobes, stove, television… nothing, I didn’t get to save,” she cried. The frustrated woman said she now has to stay with relatives. Watson, the elderly woman who returned home to see her home in ashes, sat qui-

etly with her head bowed and tears settled in her eyes. This, she noted are two unfortunate incidents for the day as her son was imprisoned after a court hearing. The woman stated that she was not aware that her house was on fire until she arrived in the village. Watson reportedly left home earlier in the day to attend the Providence Magistrates’ Court where she spent all day, but as she was walking in the street; she saw the fire engine and wondered whose house was on fire. As she approached home, she realised that it was her house on fire as there was a huge crowd gathered and Williams and the children were standing on the street in tears. She said she is sure

that nothing electrical was left on when she left home in morning, and could not say the cause of the fire. A neighbour, Yusuf Khan told Guyana Times that his house was saved as a result of the quick response from persons in the community who formed a bucket brigade and doused his house with water. He added that his wife Savatri Khan, 54, collapsed as a result of the heat and was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre for treatment. She reportedly suffered hypertension and a possible stroke. Khan, who operated a general store, said he was not at home when the fire started, but received a called from his wife, who requested that he return home at once.


During a telephone conversation, he said that he heard screams and thought that bandits had gone into his property and rushed home. As he approached Diamond, he said he saw smoke in the vicinity of his house and thought his property was on fire. It took some time to reach home due to the traffic, but when he arrived, he realised that it was his neighbour’s home. He is thankful to the members of the community who came out to assist him in putting out the fire. Fire officials stated that upon receiving the report of the fire, a tender from the Diamond Fire Station and another from the Central Fire Station were deployed to the scene. Upon arrival, the official noted that the house was already engulfed in flames. An investigation has been launched into the blaze.

Nuff jokers


e link show people should start holdin a link show every month. A lotta tings that happenin does mek people wonder how come Guyana got so many jokers around de place. Just that people does end up laughin at the jokers dem selves and not at de jokes dem does give. De more dem talk is de more people realise who is de jokers. De mayor fuh life Green Ham is one of de biggest jokers around. One night he try to block Carol Sober from leavin she house and de next day he tryin to block she from goin in she office. And every day he leavin de garbage to block up de streets in GT, de garbage town. Some body need to block he from bein mayor fuh de rest of he life. Another big joker is Green Bridge. It look like he want to become de minister fuh education now. This is a man who was clueless bout de Guyana economy. Now he talkin bout education. It look like he want Manick Chand wuk. But he is de kinda joker who de prezzy ain’t gon even consider fuh a interview. Green Bridge record speak fuh itself. Or rather, it don’t speak at all. De other big joker is a Fool Sarran who now talkin plenty bout transparency. But that is a big word which he don’t seem even to know de meanin of. This is a joker who mouth was shut when tings were not transparent in de country. And he was in a position that was supposed to make tings transparent. Now that tings more transparent, Fool Sarran runnin he mouth like he crazy. But at de end of de day, he is a man who not too transparent either! Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And look out fuh more jokers next week!

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thursday, august 8, 2013

GT&T takes cellular service to Kurupukari G

uyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has launched its cellular service at Kurupukari, Region Eight (Potaro/Siparuni), bridging the telecommunications gap along this important southern corridor. The site, which has now come into operation, will provide vital telecommunication services for residents of Kurupukari, the Iwokrama Centre and its environs as well as passengers travelling along the Georgetown/ Lethem route, GT&T said in a release. GT&T only six weeks ago turned on its Aranaputa Valley cell site, providing service to several North Rupununi communities. “In this age of Information Communication Technology, we cannot afford to leave our communities behind that they suffer because of the lack of these essential communication services. These investments signal GT&T’s continued interest in its rural network expansion programme, which often does not net immediate returns but are undertaken with the community’s needs and interests in mind and GT&T’s corporate social commitment,” the company said. Over the next few months, Guyanese can look forward to continued expansion programmes aimed at strengthening GT&T’s infrastructure and providing quality and reliable telephony services. This investment has been applauded by key stakeholders who stand to benefit from

The GT&T cellular site at Kurupukari, Region Eight

the much needed telecommunications services that will ultimately result in enhanced living standards of residents in the service area. MMC Security Force Operations Director Silas Brummell said it is “a wel-

come service that will help reduce the cost of communication and of doing business generally for persons residing in this area and those transiting this very important North South corridor of Guyana. This tower now

makes for a more seamless coverage of remote areas in our country.” Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development, Resource Management and Training Director Dr Raquel ThomasCaesar also endorsed the investment, saying “We are very excited about this new development as it will increase opportunities for development, especially our social and business development activities, including tourism. This technology will greatly improve our communication from the stand point of health, security and safety. We applaud GT&T and wish the company great success in this latest venture.” Iwokrama Chief Executive Officer Dane Gobin also congratulated GT&T on the launch of its service at Kurupukari, noting, “It will certainly help our work in providing support and essential services to the hinterland communities as well and enhance our business development and tourism efforts.” “The people of Region Nine welcome this latest development by GT&T. This facility will bridge a very vital communication gap along the Georgetown/Lethem route. We see communication as a necessary tool and GT&T has continuously been expanding its service to the people of this region. We applaud GT&T on achieving yet another milestone,” Region Nine Chairman Wilson Lorentino commented.

Two hospitalised following Berbice accident


wo persons have been hospitalised following a collision between two cars at the Number Four Village Public Road, West Coast Berbice on Tuesday evening. The hospitalised persons were identified as Antonia Beveny, 24, of La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara and Delroy Mingo, 38, of Hopetown Village, West Coast Berbice. According to information received, the accident occurred about 18:20h, and involved two motorcars travelling in the opposite direction on the Number Four Village Public Road. The motor cars involved were PJJ 1126, reportedly driven by Delroy Mingo, and motor car PRR 6643, reportedly driven by Leon Williams, 35, a police constable attached to the Tactical Services Unit and of Lot 34 Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown. At the time of the accident, Williams was accompanied by Collis Mc Lennon,

24, of Lot 55 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, the now injured Beveny and a relative Merissa Peterkin, of La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara. Investigations revealed that motorcar PJJ 1126 was driving along the Number Four Village Public Road when the driver alleged that a cow ran out from the parapet and into his path. The driver reported-

ly swerved from colliding with the cow, but instead, he came into contact with motorcar PRR 6643 which was travelling in the opposite direction. As a result of the impact, both vehicles received severe damages. Collis Mc Lennon and Leon Williams were taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital, examined by a doctor on duty, treated and sent away while

Delroy Mingo was referred to Georgetown Public Hospital, suffering from a fractured left leg. Beveny and Peterkin were rushed to the Mahaica Hospital where they were examined and treated, but Beveny was admitted a patient suffering from injuries about her body. Her condition is listed as serious, but stable. The police are investigating the matter.

Body of retired police officer pulled from gutter


he decomposed body of a retired police inspector from Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast was pulled from a koker in Henrietta. The gruesome discovery of the retired inspector was made by a villager. The body identified as retired police inspector James Cornette was found submerged around 18:00h on Tuesday. According to information reaching Guyana Times, Cornette was a habitual drinker, and on the day of his demise, he was report-

edly trying to cross a narrow bride across a drainage trench in Henrietta, when he probably slipped and fell overboard. When this newspaper approached family members, they refused to speak to media operatives and disclosed that Cornette had lived alone. This newspaper understands that the dead man is in his 60s. He was last seen drinking at a nearby shop at Anna Regina on Tuesday. Police are conducting investigations.


thursday, august 8, 2013 | guy

GPL signs on to Guyanese woman found hanging St A GT&T Mobile anni in TT detention centre Money service T T


he Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) last week signed on to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) Mobile Money service, paving the way for customers’ payments of electricity bills, using their cellular phones. GT&T is pleased it can offer this easy payment alternative to its customers, a release from the telephone company said. Mobile Money registered customers can now pay their post paid accounts, and pre-paid customers can purchase their tokens using this service. The payment method is both convenient and cheap. Post-paid payments attract a fee of $60 while pre-paid carries a $100 fee. “Payment of GPL bills via Mobile Money is the only payment service which gives the customer real-time access to buy their own prepaid tokens. That is, they can buy their prepaid token any

time, day or night, holiday, Sunday, at home or on-thego,” Mobile Money Director Eshwar Thakurdin said. The paper receipt is replaced by text messages which provide all the pertinent information including date, amount, token number, meter number and kilowatt hour. Mobile Money transactions can be done from any handset on the GT&T network. Registration is free and can be done at any GT&T business office or agents countrywide. Similarly, deposits and withdrawals can be done at GT&T or Mobile Money agents. Mobile Money is a service which allows GT&T mobile customers to deposit cash in their mobile wallet (cellular phone), make withdrawals, pay various GT&T and GPL bills, transfer money and buy GT&T credit. Since its launch in March this year, the service has been rapidly expanding across Guyana.

rinidadian investigators are probing the death of a Guyanese female detainee at the Immigration Detention Centre on Tuesday. According to police reports, 42-year-old Indira

Joseph, of Guyana, was found hanging inside a cell at the centre, located along the Eastern Main Road in Aripo, Arima, around 04:30h Tuesday. Police are continuing their investigations.

The centre operates only as a means of short-term detention of non-nationals, and will neither be facilitated as a prison nor correctional facility, nor does it intend to replace or act as one, the Justice Ministry’s website

states. The centre, which is managed and operated by the Immigration Division, has a holding capacity of 110 and houses both male and female detainees, segregated according to sex. (Trinidad Express)

10 graduate from cosmetology course


en persons are now qualified in cosmetology as the I Can Foundation hosted it graduation ceremony last Saturday at the New Thriving Restaurant, Main Street. The ladies were certified after three months of intense training by cosmetologist Malinda Marks. The course was organised by Shabakie Fernandes, founder of the I Can Foundation. The ladies were tasked with giving individuals full makeovers, which included facials, manicure, pedicures, makeup and hair-styling. The students who graduated were Abena Edwards, Moniann Howard, Chitradat Isahak, Juanita Josiah, Almanda Waterton Mc Rae, Evadney Moore, Julie Ann Patterson, Esther Pooran, Rosanne Sharzaman and The graduates pose with 'I Can' founder Shabakie Fernandes and Yeaolanda Uiles. trainer Malinda Marks

he hist launche at its Georgetown b ders. The launc range of activ on August 10 Elder Compto ny said 10 ye ed with a ban He said ch pated in the m ferent. “Ther which caters old, competin Also listed ar war, a sevencricket match He told th of sports has b noting that pe cally three m The day o breakfast. Th from 09:00h a Eve Leary, G New to th fair set for Au theme “Prom tional empow Elder Cora expected that er and educa

NEWS 13 St Andrew’s Kirk launches 195th AFC holds wide-ranging talks with Chinese envoy anniversary celebrations

st 8, 2013 |


he historic St Andrew’s Kirk on Wednesday launched its 195th anniversary celebrations at its Avenue of the Republic, Brickdam, Georgetown building in the presence of scores of elders. The launching ceremony signals the start of a range of activities commencing with a day of sports on August 10, at the Guyana Defence Force ground. Elder Compton Smith during the launching ceremony said 10 years ago, the 185th anniversary concluded with a bang, featuring a day of sports. He said churches from all denominations participated in the mega event and this year will be no different. “There are 38 events on the day’s programme which caters for toddlers to members over 60 years old, competing in races from 25 metres to 100 metres. Also listed are the following events: a game of tug-ofwar, a seven-a-side football match and a seven-a-side cricket match,” Smith explained. He told the press during the launch that the day of sports has been designed to promote healthy living, noting that persons were mandated to prepare physically three months in advance. The day of sports will be followed by a prayer breakfast. This event is set for August 24, starting from 09:00h at the annexe of the Police Officer’s Mess, Eve Leary, Geogetown. New to the calendar of activities is a grand health fair set for August 31 on the church’s lawns under the theme “Promoting healthy lifestyles through educational empowerment”. Elder Coralee Cambridge told the press that, “It is expected that 13 booths would be in place to empower and educate all persons present. Some of the ac-

Alliance For Change leaders and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin during their engagement on Tuesday

The St Andrew's Kirk

tivities are outlined... doctors will provide one-on-one free consultancy, maternal and child health advice will be provided, food and nutrition-dietary advice would be given, dental checks and HIV/AIDS education, testing and counselling will be provided.” Blood sugar testing, blood pressure testing, blood group tests and cholestol tests are among the services that will be provided. A night of musical interludes, a church service and a panel discussion are among other activities in the lineup. Persons will also be treated to a tour of the church where artefacts and pictures depicting its rich history will be displayed The church has its roots in the reformist movement. The first sill was laid on August 12, 1811. The framework of the structure was purchased by a group of Scots in 1813 and construction commenced in 1816.


he Alliance For Change (AFC) on Tuesday met with Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin and held wideranging talks, the party said in a release. The AFC took the opportunity to express its highest regards for the government and people of China and for the continued support provided to the people of Guyana. The AFC noted that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, China has demonstrated that it is a true friend of Guyana. The AFC delegation was led by party leader Khemraj

Ramjattan and included General Secretary David Patterson, Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo, the party’s Region Four Management Committee Chairman Daniel Fraser and Communications Manager Beverley Alert. A number of issues of concern to both sides were discussed. Among these were the future of the Amaila Falls project, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Expansion Project and the 2013 national budget. On the matter of the Amaila Falls project, the AFC assured Ambassador Zhang of the party’s unequivocal support for the exploration

and development of sustainable energy in Guyana. The party reiterated its position that it is awaiting the report on the feasibility study being done by the Inter-American Development Bank. The AFC also shared its concerns regarding the project, including the end cost to the Guyanese people, the interest rates on loan provided by China Development Bank and the capacity of GPL to efficiently manage electricity provided by the project. The meeting ended on a very cordial note with both sides committing to future engagements and continued dialogue.

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Groups protest against govt, opposition outside Parliament By Sabatini Daniels


s the National Assembly convened on Wednesday for its final sitting before recess, four groups staged separate protests outside Parliament Building for different matters against the government and opposition. Subsequently, the gates of Parliament were shut while more than a dozen police officers were dispatched to the area. Scores of Amerindians from various hinterland communities, such as Aishalton, Isseneru, Chinese Landing, and Kako, gathered calling on the government to revise the Amerindian Act. When Guyana Times arrived on the scene, persons were seen pushing the barricades the police had placed around Parliament Building to prevent them from entering the compound. Speaking to this publication Guyanese Organisation for Indigenous People Public Relations Officer Colin Klautky said the protest was a follow-up to previous demonstrations, which were held in February concerning Isseneru’s current court case against a mining operation being given the goahead to operate within the village’s titled area. The Isseneru Village Council had contended that Joan Chang’s mining company was operating on titled land without its permission as set out in the Amerindian Act of 2006, and

Several members of the Progressive Youth Organisation protesting against the opposition voting down the Amaila Falls hydro project

had sought the intervention of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) which subsequently issued two cease work orders to the miners. Chang then moved to the courts, and High Court Justice Diana Insanally, on January 17, ruled that Chang had been granted a mining licence before the act came into force; therefore, neither the council nor the GGMC had the authority to stop Chang’s operation. The village and the GGMC have since appealed this decision. As a result, Klautky stated that the protest was against the continuation of similar court cases, which will allow other miners to go into reserved lands and “do

whatever they please”. It was against this background that he called for the Amerindian Act to be completely reviewed and rewritten in the best interest of the indigenous people of Guyana. John Adams, a villager from Aishalton, said the protest was to point out to the parliamentarians some of the things which the villagers are concerned about, specifically their lands, mining and deforestation. He stated that his people would like the right to aid in decision-making concerning their lands and be included in consultations the government frequently holds with organisations such as the Guyana Forestry

of Amerindian protesters, a smaller group – family members of the four policemen sentenced to 18 months in prison each last year, for assaulting an East Bank businessman, called for justice to be served in the matter. “Justice, justice, we are fighting for justice,” they shouted. Nigel Gonsalves, the father of one of the policemen, claimed the relatives did their own private investigations and found that their relatives did not do anything wrong but rather were carrying out their duties. “I am calling on the home affairs minister to do a proper investigation into this matter,” Gonsalves said. Those jailed are Corporal Kevon Smith, and

gal vending on the streets of Georgetown. Vendors held an illegal protest on Monday evening outside the acting town clerk’s Duncan Street residence, which was condemned. Also, the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) staged a protest, calling on the opposition to rethink its decision on the Amaila Fall hydropower related matters, since it believes this is vital to the development of the country. About two weeks ago, the organisation had staged a similar protest outside the Office of Leader of the Opposition, David Granger calling on A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to rethink its decision.

Police officers maintaining control of one group of protesters in front of Parliament on Wednesday

Commission and the GGMC. He complained that the government is not giving villages their rightfully owned lands and some that it does give is limited. “We are not satisfied with this and we will not give up the fight until we get our titled lands,” he said. Meanwhile, several feet away from the group

Constables Jermaine Scott, Marlon Gonsalves, and Wilwert Watts. Additionally, more than a dozen vendors of Georgetown who pushed their way through the barricades called for Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba to be removed from her position. Sooba had said she will not condone any form of ille-

The combined opposition, during the July 18 sitting of the National Assembly, voted down a motion to raise the debt ceiling on loans and also the Hydro-Electric Power Amendment Bill, both crucial to the advancement of the multibilliondollar Amaila Falls hydro project. (

Prisoner placed on $90,000 bail


n inmate of the Georgetown jail again landed in hot water after he was accused of destroying one regulation shirt and injuring the prison nurse. On Wednesday, Eion Braithwaite was brought before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the two charges. It is alleged that on July 28, at the prison, he unlawfully and maliciously damaged the shirt valued $2500, property of the Georgetown Prison, and assaulted Odetta Melville, causing her actual bodily harm. He pleaded not guilty to both charges. According to Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte, on the day in question, the defendant sustained some injuries and

was taken to the prison’s infirmary to dress his wounds; while there he started to misbehave when the nurse was about to administer an injection, causing her injury in the process. Melville sustained scratches to her left ear, lacerations to her right palm, and lower back injuries. Attorney Paul Fung-AFat represented the defendant and stated that his client is 27 years old, has a wife and two children, and is employed by Jus’ Water. He noted that his client has a fixed place of abode at Lot 10 Durban Street and on the day, the nurse was forcing him to take a ‘mad’ injection. The defendant stated in open court that he refused to take the injection and was beaten by four prison wardens three of whom he iden-

tified. He added that his life was in danger. According to Braithwaite, he had appeared in Court Two Wednesday before Magistrate Fabayo Azore for the attempted murder of Safraz Ghani on October 31, 2012, and was placed on $80,000 bail. The prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that the defendant was an inmate when the incident occurred, and if granted bail, he will most likely not return to court and may tamper with the witness. However, Magistrate Latchman granted the defendant bail in the sum of $20,000 on the damage to property charge and $70,000 for the assault causing actual bodily harm charge. The matter was transferred t o Court One for September 5.

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thursday, august 8, 2013

Parliament passes hydro bill – but debt ceiling in limbo



he National Assembly early Thursday morning passed the HydroElectric Amendment Bill, but another key legislation − the debt ceiling motion was in limbo as the government and opposition continue their tussle over the setting-up of a multibillion-dollar hydro power station here. The main opposition party A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) voted against the bill, but government was guaranteed support from the Alliance For Change (AFC) to get the legislation through Parliament. However, the accompanying legislative measure − the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Bill that seeks to lift the debt ceiling was in limbo to clear the House.

Financial commitments

The APNU is likely to vote against this measure, but the AFC said the move would raise the amount the government would guarantee from $1 billion to $150 billion. The government has said this would ensure the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) meets its financial commitments under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. “The AFC has taken a principled position that we would approve all Amaila related laws once the IDB, which is undertaking a technical and other review of the project’s feasibility, give the Amaila project the green light. It would be irresponsible for us to guarantee borrowing to the tune of $150 billion and not have informed guarantee that the project is feasible. And this remains our position. To do otherwise would be to abandon the people of Guyana, and to place them in a vicious trap of future debts,” AFC Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo told a

news conference last week. Both the motion and thr bill were given “life” and “restored” to the order paper of the National Assembly after the AFC voted with the government to proceed with them at Wednesday’s sitting as they were both previously defeated when they came up for the second reading on July 18 this year. The APNU, from the very onset, did everything in its power to disallow the legislation and motion from being returned to the order paper and from receiving the parliamentary nod to proceed, but the efforts of their members of Parliament Basil Williams and Deborah Backer were negated when the division was called on the issue. Thirty-seven members from the AFC and PPP/C voted in favour of proceeding with the hydro power suite of legislation while the 26 APNU members voted against the move.

Legal challenge

Not giving up its efforts to stymie the process and consideration of the legislation, the APNU then moved according to plan with its Member of Parliament Basil Williams, informing the House that a legal challenge had been mounted to the project and was before the Court of Appeal for determination. He claimed that the action was brought against the director of National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and the public works minister. Public Works Minister Robeson Benn immediately denied having knowledge of any such action brought allegedly by Ramon Gaskin and informed the Parliament that “he was not served with any action”. Additionally, the Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer then sought to suggest that even if the government got support to proceed with the matters, the opposition would take responsibili-

this with respect to some of the demands of the investors at the time. He noted that Sithe Global came into the picture around 2007 and has since advanced the project to the point that the country is at today. The prime minister again expressed concern over the posturing of the opposition on the historic July 18 sitting of the Parliament, which saw them voting the project down. An artist's impression of the Amaila Falls hydropower plant

ty for determining the order of the government’s business on the agenda. She suggested that the items to be added should be placed at the end of the agenda and considered last. This, of course, was initially rejected by chief whip for the ruling party Gail Teixeira, who explained that it was government’s right to determine the order of its own business.


Immediately, Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman took a suspension and on resumption from the recess, the government compromised and went ahead with the order paper as determined by the opposition, allowing a suite of legislation, including the long overdue local government reform bills to be determined. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds kicked off the debate on the Hydro-Electric Power Bill around 22:00h. He expressed government’s gratitude towards the opposition for giving the hydro-power legislation a second opportunity to be considered. “Amaila is worthy of such unprecedented action,” Hinds said as he expressed hopes that it would be truly transformative. He argued that the construction of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Plant would also bring into realisation one of the longheld aspirations of the Guyanese public. The prime minister said

government had considered several other investments and projects related to achieving the dream and reality of making hydro power a reality in the country when it came to power. “When we came into government, we adopted a common policy of receiving interest and evaluating interest for hydro power development… We had a number of approaches which were entertained,” he said. Hinds said government had expected to achieve some amount of closure on its hydro-power drive back in the 2005-2006 period, while explaining the concomitant challenges that prohibited


“Sometimes we have to be bold at times, we have to go forward at times and pray that fate would be kind to us,” Hinds offered, as he lobbied for the opposition to support the project. The prime minister said that the project offered unmatched benefits for Guyanese, ranging from a reduction in the overall electricity tariffs, the generation costs and the end cost payable by consumers for power. Meanwhile, APNU’s Carl Greenidge expressly stated that his party could not support the project because of the inconsistency of the information received and the fact that several of the con-

cerns of the coalition group are still to be addressed. He launched an attack on the government, accusing it of a lack of accountability, transparency and openness about the real cost of the project. Greenidge contended that the opposition has been furnished with three different costs for the project, ranging from US$840 to US$1.2 billion. Greenidge stated that the prime minister failed to address the pertinent issues that the bill encompasses. He said that the government did not even understand fully what was at stake with respect to its investment in the hydro project. “It is not true that the cost of electricity would go down”, he said. The AFC said that it would support the bill and motion if both were amended. The debate continued passed midnight and into the wee hours of this morning.


thursday, august 8, 2013



GraceKennedy to enter Nigeria by year-end Traders laud Kenya’s move to


raceKennedy is expected to send its first shipment to Nigeria by year-end. The food, financial and money services conglomerate has already established itself in Ghana, and is now in the final stage of lengthy product registration and due-diligence processes in the neighbouring West African country, said Don Wehby, GraceKennedy Group’s chief executive officer. Though not ruling out French West African countries (the company will contin-

ue to research those markets) GraceKennedy will concentrate on the English speaking West African markets, according to Wehby, who said that year-to-date revenue in Ghana has doubled that of the comparative period in 2012. Consumers in Ghana have a similar taste profile to those in Jamaica. A lot of the focus on that geographic region is also due to the size of the countries and the fast pace of economic growth there. Over in the U.S., where

GraceKennedy has been promoting its products more to markets outside of those highly populated by its diaspora – such as the Hispanic community, which has welcomed the Grace brand – Wehby is encouraged by the initial results. “Our coconut water and hot sauces have been especially well received,” he said. A wholly owned distribution company in Belize provides a foothold in Central America where GraceKennedy plans to explore opportunities. (Jamaica


North America

Time Warner profits get film and TV boost


ime Warner has seen its second-quarter profit jump by 87 per cent, helped by a strong performance at its film and TV arms. The U.S. giant is the owner of famous brands such as TV networks HBO and CNN and movie company Warner Brothers. Releases such as The Great Gatsby and Man of Steel boosted revenue in the film unit and basketball games drove up cable TV advertising by 11 per cent.

HBO is one of the networks owned by Time Warner

Quarterly profits were US$711 million (£460 million), up from US$413 million

a year ago. The firm also lifted its full-year profit outlook. Meanwhile, revenue rose by some 10 per cent to US$7.44 billion from US$6.74 billion, ahead of analysts’ forecasts of US$7.11 billion. Chairman and chief Jeff Bewkes said investment in quality programming had helped to draw in viewers and advertisers. HBO viewership remained strong, helped by its popular Game of Thrones series, Bewkes added. (BBC News)


Spain’s Catalunya Banc sells property arm to U.S. funds


pain’s nationalised Catalunya Banc said it had agreed to sell its property management unit to two U.S. investment funds, the first in a series of similar disposals planned by lenders trying to leave a real estate crash behind. Real estate investment fund Kennedy Wilson and Varde Partners, a fund that specialises in distressed debt and property, have jointly bought the business, Catalunya Banc said on Wednesday, without disclosing a price.

Along with several other Spanish banks, the lender had to be bailed out by the state after the 2008 real estate crash, when its loans to developers turned sour. Catalunya Banc, also known on Spain’s streets as Catalunya Caixa, was one of the banks alongside Bankia that received part of a 41 billion euro (US$55 billion) European rescue last year, to rebuild its capital. It has to shrink its business as a condition of that aid.

The bank said in a statement that shedding the real estate platform, which sells foreclosed housing and works to recover money from loans that are secured against property, will allow it to refocus on its retail business. The unit has more than 8.7 billion euros of assets under management, Catalunya Banc said, adding that these included properties transferred to a government-backed “bad bank” known as Sareb at the end of last year. (Reuters)

Market statistics Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates Bank of Guyana

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity





















$1335.00 $202.67

INDICATORS as on August 6, 2013 Live Spot Gold Bid/Ask











1275.50 838.04 960.61



1292.00 840.38 972.97

Crude Oil Price Silver Platinum

London Gold Fix

Aug 7


USD Per Once

US$ per barrel

Change %

$107.44 USD per Ounce


19.59 $1435.00

Change %

+0.11 +12.00


1282.50 827.37 963.49 PM

1280.50 834.09 963.14

automate cargo clearing at borders


raders have welcomed Kenya’s move to automate its customs entry points. According to a new policy, all border points will switch to automated electronic systems effective October 31 to eliminate bureaucracy in cargo clearing. The move has been hailed by local traders, who say it will boost regional business by reducing the cost of doing import and export trade. According to Fred Seka, the president of the Association of Freight

Forwards and Clearing Agents Rwanda, Kenya’s trade policies directly impact on local business because Rwanda’s major imports go through Mombasa port. “We are excited that Kenya is taking these initiatives which will boost regional trade. The single window system though championed by the Kenya Trade Network Agency will not only help Kenyans, but also Rwandan traders,” Seka said. “Everyone wants their cargo to be cleared without delays

at points of entry, especially for business people from land locked countries like Rwanda. Joseph Kibwana, the KenTrade chairman, recently told reporters in Nairobi that the single window system would create a platform for submission of trade-related cargo clearance documents at a single entry point unlike today, where businesses have to move back and forth to have their papers cleared by several departments. (allAfrica)


Jaguar-Land Rover demand fails to lift Tata Motor profits


ndian car maker Tata Motors reported a 23 per cent drop in profits, attributed mostly to weak demand at home. Net profits were 17.26 billion rupees (US$238 million; £154 million) in the third-quarter. However, sales of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles – brands the company purchased from Ford in 2008 – were a bright spot, with profits up by 29 per cent. “Our consolidated earn-

ings were powered by a very good performance by Jaguar-Land Rover,” said C Ramakrishnan, chief financial officer of Tata Motors. Tata bought Jaguar-Land Rover from Ford for US$2.3 billion in an effort to expand the company’s reach outside of India. In particular, it has aimed to expand into the Chinese market, where demand for luxury vehicles has remained robust despite a slight slowdown in the

economy there. Tata has said that it aims to sell more than 100,000 cars in China in this year. However, demand in its home market of India continued to decline for the eighth straight quarter, where the company said it was impacted “severely by weak macro-economic conditions.” Overall, Tata said it sold 94,719 cars in the first quarter of 2013, a 10 per cent rise from a year earlier. (BBC News)

Middle East

Etihad plans big Oz expansion, to raise Virgin stake


tihad Airways on Wednesday outlined a range of major changes to its Australian operations, including new aircraft, new routes, additional flights and new airport facilities. Speaking in Sydney at the CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit, James Hogan, president and CEO of Etihad Airways, said Australia was a “key and longterm market for the airline”.

He said the airline plans to launch its Airbus A380 aircraft to Sydney and Melbourne while it also plans to build premium lounges at Sydney and Melbourne Airports from 2014. He added that additional flights would be added to Melbourne and Brisbane while nonstop flights between Perth and Abu Dhabi will also be launched. Hogan also reaffirmed

Investors' guide

that Etihad Airways was already moving to increase its equity in Virgin Australia, following recent approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board to increase from a 10 per cent shareholding to 19.9 per cent. “Virgin Australia is a key member of our ever-expanding airline equity alliance, and Etihad Airways is an active and long-term investor in Virgin,” Hogan said.


Continued from Wednesday

Finding the right co-founder Find someone you can communicate with

You need to find a cofounder who you can talk to – even when you don’t agree. You can’t afford to let conflicts and resentments fester. You also can’t afford a scenario where both partners aren’t aware of what’s going on in the business. You both should feel comfortable expressing your opinions. You both need to feel like you’re in an open, respectful relationship. Only then will your partnership – and the business you are building – flourish.

Find someone with a thick skin

A big part of going into business with a co-founder is developing an exit strategy. You don’t want a partner who is going to be offended by the thought that you don’t want to stay with him forever and ever. This is especially true if you are using the partnership as a springboard into 100 per cent ownership of your own business or location, or if you’ve got visions of selling your share of the business in the future in order to turn a profit.

Find someone with integrity

Watch how your potential co-founder treats other people. If your potential partner is willing to cheat other people, lie to them, or treat them disrespectfully then he’s willing to do the same to you. Furthermore, misbehaviour on your partner’s part may tarnish your own business reputation. In the business world, your reputation and your integrity are worth far more than the checks you’re capable of writing. If you and your co-founder are going to build a successful business you want someone who shares your values. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Leverage

Last: 15470.67

Changes: -48.07

% Change: -0.31

Open: 15516.21

High: 15516.21

Low: 15421.75

% YTD: +18.06

52Wk Hi: 15650.69

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09

The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one’s efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. In other words, leverage is the advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of returns.



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Self-healing works in curing illnesses without tablets.” Some said their sugar levels have become normal and they are no longer taking steroids or insulin or sugar pills. Dr Satish Prakash, a Hindu missionary, swears that as a result of the exercise he no longer needs sugar tablets or insulin. Bandhu said the same.

By Vishnu Bisram


self-healing exercise was introduced in Guyana last May by Dr Chandra Shekhar of India and, from various accounts of those interviewed in recent days, it is working, curing many of illnesses and helping them to reduce weight so they become physically fit. Those who said they spent years and a lot of money for treatment for various illnesses were amazed at how much they have been healed by the exercise. The exercises promote peace of mind, reduce stress, relieve pain and anxiety, cure blindness and deafness and defective speech, reduce paralysis, make people move about freely, and strengthen the will to live. Dr Satish Prakash, visiting from New York, attested last Monday evening at a “satsangh” that self-healing works, and he has encouraged people to try it. Medical doctors interviewed also confirmed that self-healing works. Doctors have affirmed that self-healing can reduce dependency on medicinal drugs. Vishnu Bandhu, of the Guyana Cultural Foundation, has been leading groups in self-healing sessions and he also claims it works, “curing” people of various ailments and pains. In self-healing, the sick literally become their own doctors, treating and curing themselves internally without medicine or drugs. Those who are adherents of selfhealing swear that this exercise treatment works, curing them of all kinds of medical and physical ailments, saying they are no longer dependent on drugs to normalise bodily functions.


The founder and proponent of self-healing is Dr Shekhar, a professor of psychoneurobics at Tamil Nadu Physical and Sports University, Chennai. He visited Guyana last May and conducted several sessions, answering many questions posed to him on how self-healing works and talking about its successes. He said he was cured of cancer and hepatitis through self-healing. Dr Shekhar is the author of several books on mind, memory, and healing power. Among his best sellers are Science of Mind Simplified, Invisible Doctor, Improve Your Memory – Power of Third Eye, Neurobics and Rajyoga, Mind-Body Fitness, Science of Healing, and Health in Your Hand. He has conducted more than 3500 workshops and seminars on memory techniques, mind power, stress management, and neurobic exercises for mind-body-spirit fitness at various schools, colleges, institutions and public and private sector agencies in India and abroad. His workshops have guided people on how to heal themselves. He has also earned his name in India’s book of records for inventing a neurobic machine, also known as happiness testing machine, and


Participants at a self-healing session

the third eye Chakras healing album. He also has produced CDs that help guide people to treat themselves from sicknesses. Those who have been pursuing the self-healing programme attest that it has cured them of ailments. Many sick people said they “got cured” by themselves, adopting simple, yogic type exercises recommended by Dr Shekhar. People have reported favourable results after practising neurobic techniques. It is not a religious exercise, but it combines science, God and the human mind producing inner energy that cures serious emotional and physical illnesses. It is hands on – and deep meditation to use your own energy to cure your own illness and problems. It is not an illusion or delusion. As adherents stated, “You have to experience it to believe it.” People of all races and religious backgrounds and of all ages tried the exercise and reported positive results.


Those who were helpless can function again. Those who were immobile and bedridden, and those who had limited vision can see straight, walk straight, and function normally. People who attended sessions reported dramatic improvements in their health – drug addicts, alcoholics, overweight and disabled persons all stated they have seen “miraculous” improvements in their health. Bandhu, a prominent businessman, said that doubts he had about the exercise were absolutely erased when he started experiencing benefits of weight loss, physical fitness, and higher energy level waking up early in the morning, and getting a lot of work done. “I am not as tired as before the exercise,” he said. “I am now a huge believer in self-energy healing; it works.” Bandhu said others related to him have lost weight. He said he himself lost 25 pounds after three months of practising self-healing exercises for an hour a day. Some said they have seen marked

improvement in physical condition. The chronic pain in joints eases and mobility is improved a great deal through this simple yet powerful exercise. Total health has changed

after a few sessions and those with insomnia related they can sleep well now. People said their blood pressure have become normal. One pandit said, “My high pressure is now normal

The well-known Dr Balwant Singh said he is also off tablets as a result of the neurobic exercise. A few individuals said their sight has been vastly improved. Students reported that they are studying much better after the exercise. One medical student, Savi Persaud of Wakenaam, said she used to be just an average student, but has topped her class, since she began to take healing lessons a month ago, which she swears has boosted her concentration in studying. Another student said she has also topped her sociology class since taking the lessons, which she said helped her to

concentrate in lectures and on her reading, allowing her to retain knowledge. Clearly, these exercises are of utmost importance to people with medical issues and personal problems as it improves both the physical body and the mind. They are valuable for advancing all health related and mind matters. Bandhu said, “Once you experience it, you will believe it.” People said they are very thankful to Dr Shekhar, as their health is improving considerably ever since they began the exercises. The healing exercises are highly recommended for everyone. Bandhu was the sponsor and promoter of the programme in Guyana and he currently conducts exercises in Guyana. He said he is seeking to introduce self-healing in America.  There are books that explain how self-healing works and these can be acquired from Bandhu via email,, or Dr Shekhar via his website,





By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Because your judgment is so keen right now, the conclusions you draw should be exceptionally good ones. You’re not apt to overlook anything crucial.


(June 21July 22) Certain plans can now be expanded, producing greater personal advantages than even you dared hoped. This is not a day to be hesitant to think big.



(Jan. 20Feb. 19)

(July 23Aug. 22)

If you’re performing a service for financial remuneration, the pay could turn out to be rather generous. This is because it will be in proportion to the quality of your work.



PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) A partnership arrangement could turn out to be an exceptionally good one in terms of your social life. There will be much more to this alliance than meets the eye.

Even though conditions in general look to be rather favourable, you’re likely to be luckiest in matters pertaining to your financial affairs, especially if you’re looking out for others in the process.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) An important, influential contact upon whom you’ve made a good impression is ready to help you achieve important goals. Don’t be reluctant to accept his or her help.





(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Certain necessary tasks or assignments can be easily accomplished today, but could become a problem if you put them off. Make every effort to do them now.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You won’t go so far as to be a Pollyanna, but you will be better than usual at seeing all the positive things that life has to offer. This winning attitude will generate some remarkable developments.

Even though your focus might be devoted to a specific objective, there is a very good chance that you could achieve many other successes, as well. Luck is smiling upon you at present.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Associates are likely to admire and respect your perspectives and opinions, mostly because they’ll sense a certain light about you. It’s called optimism.

Wednesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) You’re likely to be much luckier with financial matters today than you will be tomorrow, so if you’re smart, you’ll do what you can to make lots of hay while the sun is shining.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) Joint ventures look better than usual for you today. Even if you’re already involved in a collective endeavour, your chances for expanding on this involvement have greater promise.

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Wakenaam Nite, pageant launched

thursday, august 8, 2013


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health Healthworld Holistic Centre: Psychotherapy available for all types of abnormal behaviors – addictions, emotional, suicidal, anger, relationship and sexual problems. Treatment of stress disorders, depression, fear, low self-esteem, insomnia, trauma, psychosomatic sicknesses, and children's disorders. We also conduct IQ evaluations and behavioral assessments. By appointments only. Clinic hours: 11:00 – 17:00h. Tel: 592-621-0552. Ayurvedic herbal treatment for all chronic genetical /none genetical and diseases, including, HIV, Cancer, diabetic, pregnancy, sexual (weakness) etc. Phone: 685- 3220. Are you pouring on pounds? Then call Raul /Carol Wilson: 660-6818, 641-5923, 216-3016, 216-3601 for your healthy eating package.

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Organisers of Wakenaam Nite pose with delegates and the reigning queen


s part of efforts to promote domestic tourism, the annual Wakenaam Nite was launched at the Tourism Ministry’s boardroom on Wednesday. After two years, the event brings with it the Miss Wakenaam Pageant, which is being resuscitated due to demand by the community. Addressing the launching of the event, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Director Indranauth Haralsingh said the event has, over the years, proven to attract investment on the island and organisers are hopeful for a similar response this year. “We’re impressed with the level of organisation and planning of the event, and I must say that the event has been growing and expanding over the years,” he pointed out. Haralsingh added that “for an island where only roughly 3000 people live, the event attracts over 8000 per-

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– MV Kimbia being prepped for August 15 return

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trips for Kaieteur Falls will also be up for grabs. This year’s event is also expected to feature a cruise ship to add to the many attractions offered. Products made on the Wakenaam island will also be on exhibition. Following the launch of the event, the organisers and delegates of the pageant met with acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali, who encouraged the girls to put their best foot forward and to make their community proud. He also added that Wakenaam Nite has developed into an event that attracts a wide cross-section of Guyanese, as well as other tourists. Wakenaam Nite kicks off on August 17, and tickets cost $1500 and $1000. Organisers are encouraging persons to come out to support the event, as overnight accommodation is available.

Region One to get new ferry in 2014


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sons”, including overseasbased Guyanese. He noted that it is a family-oriented event and therefore encouraged all to come out and support it. Wakenaam Nite committee chairman Sheik Ahmad said the business linkages created via the event have been tremendous. “What we have experienced in Wakenaam since then, is a very strong relationship between private and public partnerships that have made us much more comfortable and happy in Wakenaam.” The pageant will comprise talent, evening gown, casual and other segments. Seven delegates will be vying for the Miss Wakenaam crown, which was last taken by Cheeka Kunjbeharry in 2010. The first-place winner will be rewarded US$1000, while the first runner-up will take away US$500. Two


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he travelling constraints experienced by residents in Region One are expected to be relieved with the stationing of a new ferry in the area in 2014. This is according to Works Minister Robeson Benn, who was at the time responding to a series of questions by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Annette Ferguson. Ferguson had asked the works minister whether there were any plans to assign another ferry to the Mabaruma District to relieve the travelling woes of residents of Mabaruma and its sub regions. Benn said there were no considerations to assign a new ferry this year; however, the MV Kimbia, the vessel which is designated to ply the Region One District, is expected to be out of dock by August 15. The MV Kimbia has been undergoing repair to the hull and machinery for several months. Before it started to service the North West District, the Lady Northcote and the Barima were traversing the route. The minister disclosed

Works Minister Robeson Benn

that a decision was made to obtain a new modern vessel for the Region One ferry service to improve comfort, reduce time, and improve serviceability on that route. He noted that the vessel is expected to be available for service in 2014. Meanwhile in answering Ferguson’s other questions, the works minister explained that the only reason one ferry is operating out of Mabaruma once a month is because the MV Kimbia was docked at the Guyana National Industrial Company (GNIC) undergoing repairs and MV Lady

Northcote, which operates the Port Kaituma route, has been assisting with services to Mabaruma residents. Ferguson then enquired from the minister why a ferry takes some 36 hours to reach the North West from Georgetown, and the minister debunked the MP’s statement, saying that no vessel takes 36 hours to reach Mabaruma. He noted that the journey takes approximately 25 hours. However, he explained that the vessels sometimes have to off load cargo en route to Morawhanna and the recent inclement weather has occasionally added to the inevitable delay. Another APNU MP, Jennifer Wade had also asked the minister whether measures have been put in place to ensure that the ferry to Kumaka operates on the regular fortnight schedule so as to reduce losses suffered by business people as a result of the delay and the lack of a proper schedule. The minister responded that the return of the MV Kimbia will sort out all the ferry problems facing the residents, as the service will continue as normal.


thursday, august 8, 2013

Jamaica Tallawahs defeat T&T Red Steel by 5 runs Pepsi Sonics vacation

basketball camp underway


All the participants of the vacation camp pose for a group photo at the National Gymnasium


Jamaica Tallawahs Danza Hyatt

he Jamaica Tallawahs defeated the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel by five runs, after setting a target of 147. Danza Hyatt made 42 from 26 balls and Vernon Philander 23 from eight. Ross Taylor and Adrian Barath gave the T&T Red Steel some hope but their partnership was broken broken when Tallawahs Andre Russell and Chris Gayle picked up their wickets respectively. Man of the Match and Digicel 4G Fastest Scorer Awards went to Danza Hyatt for his match-turning knock. Limacol Super Six Award went to Tallawahs skipper Gayle.

SCOREBOARD Jamaica Tallawahs innings C Gayle* c DM Bravo b DJ Bravo 28 Ahmed Shehzad c Benn b Johnson 20 N Bonner b Cooper 9 D Hyatt not out 42 J Rudolph c Benn b Badree 6 A Russell run out (DM Bravo/Cooper) 2 C Baugh† c Barath b Edwards 12 V Philander not out 23 Extras: (lb1, w3) 4 Total: (6 wkts, 20 overs) 146 To bat: DE Bernard, NO Miller, M Muralitharan Fall of wickets: 1-44, 2-57, 3-63, 4-77, 5-81, 6-105 Bowling: D Johnson 4-0-21-1, F Edwards 4-0-33-1, K Cooper 4-033-1, S Benn 2-0-12-0, DJ Bravo 4-0-39-1, S Badree 2-0-7-1

Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel innings (target: 147 runs from 20 overs) KJ O'Brien b Bernard 2 AB Barath c Bernard b Russell 32 LRPL Taylor c Ahmed Shehzad b Gayle 31 DM Bravo b Muralitharan 5 DJ Bravo* c †Baugh b Russell 29 N Pooran† not out 20 K Cooper not out 8 Extras: (lb 2, w 10, nb 2) 14 Total: (5 wickets; 20 overs) 141 Did not bat: DE Johnson, S Badree, SJ Benn, FH Edwards Fall of wickets: 1-5 (O'Brien, 1.6 ov), 2-67 (Barath, 11.2 ov), 3-75 (Taylor, 12.2 ov), 4-82 (DM Bravo, 13.6 ov), 5-118 (DJ Bravo, 18.2 ov) Bowling: VD Philander 4-0-41-0, DE Bernard 4-0-24-1, AD Russell 3-027-2, NO Miller 3-0-29-0, M Muralitharan 4-0-14-1, CH Gayle 2-0-4-1

he Pepsi Sonics Basketball Club in collaboration with the National Sports Commission (NSC) is currently hosting a basketball camp for children of the community at the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue. The vacation camp which started on July 29 has attracted 50 children between the ages of 13-18. The camp is a two dimensional camp according to president of the Pepsi Sonics club Merle Casey. One aspect is preparing the children in the fourmain subject areas for the upcoming term while the other aspect deals with the fundamentals of basketball. In an interview with Casey on Wednesday at the National Gymnasium,

he highlighted that the camp has been going well but wished that corporate Guyana would support the event since most of the children are academically weak. “It’s excellent and it’s overwhelming…you know if only we can get some more sponsorship we would be able to extend it for another week, not only for the fundamentals but because the children deficiencies with their school work so if we can get some more sponsors we would be able to extend it another week. “They are coping well with it, it’s just the timing because they have to concentrate on the school work really, basketball is just extra curriculum,” Casey stated.

Casey, who thanked all the sponsors that are onboard with the programme, also highlighted that many of the children are less fortunate but are coping well the prorgramme, nevertheless. “They have been responding very well and they are very receptive because we explained to them that their parents don’t have to pay for these lessons so you need to appreciate what we are doing,” Casey told Guyana Times Sport. Meanwhile the programme is expected to end on August 18 and the participants will be provided with certificates from the NSC. They will also match skills with children from Plaisance.

Limacol CPL Points Table TEAM

















































Some of the smaller children engage in a shoot out to see the best shooting team

Shakib hoping for turnaround with the bat against Zouks


ighly rated Bangladeshi allrounder Shakib al Hasan will be eyeing big runs when the unbeaten Barbados Tridents do battle with St Lucia Zouks in their fourth match of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League on Thursday night at the Beausejour Cricket Ground. Despite his impressive form with the ball, the 26-year-old has struggled with the bat with disappointing scores of 1, 1 and 5, from his three innings to date, and says he is anxious to change this worrying trend. “I’m desperate to score some runs for the team. If you told me I could take five wickets or score a hundred, I would take the hundred any day,” Shakib said. “I am more satisfied getting runs than wickets. I am an all-rounder but I

Shakib al Hasan always prefer batting. I always prefer scoring runs more than my bowling so I am more desperate than

anyone else right now I guess.” Shakib took centre stage during the Tridents’

last outing on Saturday at Kensington Oval, grabbing six wickets for six runs from four overs, as the hosts defeated Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel by four wickets, to claim their third straight win. However, with Tridents chasing a paltry 53 for victory, Shakib managed just one run before playing on to a quick one from fired up pacer Fidel Edwards. “In that situation I needed to bat. The plan was to see off Fidel because he was getting wickets and I played a rash shot,” he recalled. “I could have left that ball easily because we were not chasing 150, 160 runs so I was frustrated with myself, not anything else.” Shakib’s figures in that game were the second best in T20 cricket, and took his tally of wickets in the tournament to seven. The performance also earned

him Man-of-the-Match honours for the second straight game. “I guess I was a bit lucky because you can’t get six wickets every day in a T20 game,” said Shakib, who is perched in the top five of the ICC all-rounders rankings in all three formats of the game. “Bowling four overs, getting six wickets, once in a blue moon you may get it but I’ll take it. I thought I bowled in good areas, the wicket helped a bit and we took our chances and didn’t drop many.” Tridents opened their campaign with a 17-run victory over the Zouks, followed up with a 12run verdict over Antigua Hawksbills, before registering a nervy four-wicket win over Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel. And with all three games of the Barbados leg played before full houses, Shakib is hoping this

trend continues for the remaining fixtures in the Limacol CPL. “I’m very excited from what I am seeing in these games. The crowd has been turning out in very big numbers and that’s the main thing,” he pointed out. “When there is no crowd in the ground for international cricket it doesn’t look like international cricket, so the crowd has been the most important thing. All three games we played were before packed houses and we’re expecting the same in the other islands as well.” The inaugural Limacol CPL features six franchises – Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Jamaica Tallawahs, St Lucia Zouks and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel – clashing in 24 matches between 30th July and 24th August.

thursday, august 8, 2013


Great start augurs ANSA McAl continues alliance with well for success Boyce/Jefford Track and Field Classic A of Limacol CPL, says Richards

Sir Vivian Richards


egendary West Indies captain Sir Vivian Richards expects the Limacol Caribbean Premier League to be a resounding success, judging from the fans’ response to the Barbados and Guyana legs of the inaugural tournament. His statement came even before his team, the Antigua Hawksbills, convincingly beat the St Lucia Zouks by 33 runs in front of a sold out crowd at Beausejour Stadium. Sell-out crowds were on hand to witness the three games at Kensington Oval in Barbados last week, with similar turn-outs marking the four exciting fixtures at the National Stadium at Providence in Guyana, which finished on Sunday. Richards, head coach of the Hawksbills, praised the massive crowd support noting that it augured well for the future of the Limacol CPL. “I believe this tournament is a great tournament. The crowds we have seen will have given some indication as to where we are going and what we would like to achieve, and as the tournament goes on and I guess it’s going to get better,” said Richards, who dominated the 1970s and 1980s era in 121 Tests and 187 One-Day Internationals. “What we have seen showcased indicates to me that it could get better. To have such a great start to the tournament and to have the Barbados team winning at home was also a plus.” The Limacol CPL bowled off in Barbados on July 30 with a spectacular opening ceremony, followed by the opening game where Barbados Tridents defeated St Lucia Zouks by 17 runs. Two days later, the Tridents repeated their success with a 12-run triumph over the Hawksbills before capping the tripleheader on Sunday with a four-wicket verdict over Trinidad and

Tobago Red Steel in a lowscoring encounter. Overall, 24 matches will be played across six venues – Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and St Lucia – with the semi-finals scheduled for Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad on August 22 and 23, and the final carded for August 24 at the same venue. Sir Viv, long regarded as one of the finest batsmen to have played the game, said the Limacol CPL would definitely take West Indies cricket to another level. “It is a great relief for us in this part of the world to have the CPL established, and to have Digicel being part of this. They play a big part in what we do here in the Caribbean,” Sir Viv stressed. “I just think it is a great opportunity for some of our young professionals to be involved in a professional tournament starting in the Caribbean. With the other events being staged around the world, this is a platform for these kids to also travel further afield.” Sir Viv, who mastered the limited over game but whose career ended before the onset of Twenty20 cricket, said what was needed to succeed in this format was ingenuity and quick thinking. “It is all about game situation. You can’t afford to be one-dimensional, you have to make changes where it is necessary,” Sir Viv pointed out. “This is what I think T20 does. You do not go out with any fixed plan but you have to do some thinking on your feet.” Six franchises – Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Jamaica Tallawahs, St Lucia Zouks and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel – are contesting the Limacol CPL with 15 players representing each side. (CPL)

NSA McAl, under the Smalta brand, continued its relationship with the Boyce/Jefford Track and Field Classic on Tuesday at the company’s headquarters at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara. Since the inaugural championships in 2010, ANSA McAl has been a main contributor of the track and field event, according Edison Jefford, co-founder of the classic, at a press briefing on Tuesday. “I would like to express sincere gratitude to ANSA McAl… they have been with us from 2010 and it is their support that has helped us to grow into the mega event that the Boyce/Jefford is today. “ANSA McAl support has been wide spread and it is unmatched,” Jefford stated during the simple handing over ceremony. Public Relation Officer of ANSA McAl Darshanie Yussuf expressed her appreciation on behalf of the company for being part of the

Edison Jefford (left) receives sponsor cheque from Darshanie Yussuf at the handing over ceremony on Tuesday

event. “It is a great opportunity to be onboard not only because it is a good tournament for athletics but it is a tournament that we see results from. “We hope that the event

doesn’t stay in Georgetown and Linden alone but moves all across Guyana,” Yussuf sated at the handing over ceremony. Meanwhile the event will be held on August 17 and 18 at the Police Sports

Club ground, Eve Leary and the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, Linden respectively. The top clubs will vie for the top prize of $500,000 while the international races will see the winner walking away with $50,000.


thursday, august 8, 2013

Guyanese Gordon, Daesrath star for Canada

GBTI Open elevates junior tennis, says GTA

From Ravendra Madholall in Toronto


uyanese fast bowler Jeremy Gordon and batsman Damodar Daesrath produced sterling performances for Canada in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Intercontinental Cup four-day match which concluded on Sunday at the King City Venue, Toronto. The 26-year-old Gordon put in a Man-of-the-Match bowling display, snaring eight wickets in the game after his first innings of 6-43 from 13.5 overs, while Daesrath chalked up another hundred within a week, scoring an accomplished 111. Gordon finished with 2-34 from 18 overs in the second innings as opponents United Arab Emirates (UAE) laboured to 207-4 when the game came to a stalemate. They made 116 in their first appearance before the hosts rallied to a formidable 369-6 declared


Nicola Ramdyhan

Damodar Daesrath celebrates his hundred for Canada against United Arab Emirates in the ICC Intercontinental Cup

waltzed his way to an impressive 109 against United States of America in the annual Anty Cup one-day competition.

Jeremy Gordon with his Man-of-the-Match award

with the stylist righthanded Daesrath fashioning his maiden four-day hundred. He mixed solid defense with occasional aggression during his 104-ball occupation of the crease while he caressed 16 fours and three effortless sixes before he was dismissed via a catch. Several days ago, the former national captain

After the game on Sunday, Daesrath mentioned that he was extremely pleased with his performances and was looking forward to maintaining the same level of form for upcoming matches. He attributed his unforgettable innings to hard work and commitment, and also thanked his teammates and coach

Gus Logie for their unwavering support. “I [am] very happy with my form now having achieved another milestone really gives me greater motivation to play hard and put my best foot forward for Canada in any version; my fellow players have been very supportive as well while my coach is very instrumental in getting every aspects of my batting right,” Daesrath, who featured in 17 FirstClass matches for his native country, declared. The talented Gordon, who also played FirstClass cricket for Guyana, was also in an ecstatic mood having delivered with great precision and accuracy on a batting pitch to churn out such an admirable accomplishment. “Yes, I am very much delighted to come out with the Man-of-the-Match performance for Canada; getting a six-wicket haul at the international level is certainly wonderful. I had to work hard because the track was quite batting friendly, but I am excited with the performance,” Gordon, who played for West Indies Under-19 team in 2006, related. Meanwhile, the duo has been selected to represent the North America nation once again in the limited-over version against same opposition also at King City in the Cricket League. The two countries will match their skills in four 50-over encounters in the coming days.

he Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) Tennis Open was labeled as the premier tennis tournament that creates new standards for tennis performance in Guyana. That was the view of president of the Guyana Tennis Association (GTA), Ramesh Seebarran, in a media release on Monday night. “It is tournaments such as these that are necessary to provide opportunities for advanced players to display their skills but also to attract new players to the sport,” he pointed out in the release. This year, Jonathan Christie, who is on holiday from Texas, won the Junior Boys’ category when he defeated Seanden DavidLonge 6-3 6-4, while in the Junior Girls’ category, his sister Ronisha Christie was no match for the rising star Afruica Gentle, who easily copped the Junior Girls’ crown. Gentle won the title by winning her round-robin matches against Christie 6-1 6-2, Jamaali Homer, 6-4 7-5, and Tanya Niamatali, 6-3 3-0 (ret). Other top juniors Gavin Lewis, Daniel Lopes and Nicola Ramdyhan had outstanding performances as they continue their quest to dominate the Open categories. The Lewis/Lopes combo lost the Men’s Doubles

Afruica Gentle

final against the hard-hitting Anthony Downes/Jason Andrews 6-2, 6-3. The Lewis/Ramdyhan combination also lost the Mixed Doubles final to top seed Leyland Leacock/ Shelly Daly-Ramdyhan 2-6 6-3 6-1. In the Men’s Singles semis, Lewis lost to Leacock 7-5, 6-4.

al players for competitions held locally.” According to the GTA, tennis in Guyana has reached the point where international tournaments are required to catapult the sport to new heights. Guyanese have been performing well in the main draw of regional tourna-

Jonathan Christie

However, 14-year-old Nicola Ramdyhan singlehandedly redeemed the juniors to become one of the youngest to clinch the coveted title of Ladies Singles champion against the Berbician veteran Carol Humphrey 7-5 6-3. The release further stated, “Even as the GTA struggles to cope with the high cost of travel for junior to gained experience in regional tournaments, the plea continues for more local courts to be built of a high standard such as the ones at GBTI to attract region-

ments, with Afruica Gentle copping the Antiguan Under-12 International Tournament last April. “We will only know the true potential of our young players when we provide facilities, training and competitions of the standard that truly propels their ability,” Seebarran added. He urged all tennis coaches to work harder at their clubs to set up junior programmes and to encourage new players as more players breed more competition and more competition breed better players.

GBA junior team for invitational tournament in T&T


n its continued drive to ensure Guyana sends a team to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will be sending a contingent of junior boxers to Trinidad and Tobago this weekend. Six boxers, accompanied by two officials, will journey to the twin island republic to compete in an invitational junior/youth boxing championships on Saturday and Sunday. According to president of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle, the six pugilists are flyweight Junior Henry of Forgotten Youth Foundation, light bantamweight Shaka Moore of Essequibo Boxing Gym, bantamweight Travis Hubbard

GBA president Steve Ninvalle

of Harpy Eagle Gym, featherweight Quincy Boyce of Guyana Defence Force gym, lightweight Diwani Lampkin of Forgotten Youth Foundation and light

middleweight Travis Fraser of Tiger Eye Gym. The boxers will be accompanied by coach Clifton Moore of the Essequibo Boxing Gym and GBA Vice president Eustace Cuffy, who will serve as Manager. Ninvalle said the GBA’s junior drive has gained momentum this year, and attending this weekend’s event is another step in the process of development at the youth level. One of the boxers, Fraser, is a graduate of the just-concluded DDL/Pepsi Under-16 championship, according to Ninvalle. Fraser has also been selected to represent Guyana at the South American Youth Games in Peru in September.

thursday, august 8, 2013


GBTI Open concludes with presentation ceremony T

he GBTI Open culminated on Tuesday evening with a presentation ceremony where top performers were rewarded for their efforts during the three-week tournament. At the closing ceremony in the compound of the bank’s recreational facility at Bel Air Park, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GBTI, John Tracey, said while the institution is committed to supporting the Guyana Tennis Association (GTA), it wants to see the sport progress to match the success of other disciplines. He made reference to the success of athletics and squash, noting that the GTA should aspire to have its players compete more regularly in regional and international competitions. That apart, the CEO was satisfied with the smooth running of the tournament, adding that the

Men’s Singles champion Anthony Downes and Women’s Singles winner Nicola Ramdyhan (both seated) pose with other outstanding performers of the fourth annual GBTI Tennis Open 2013

GTA should be commended for a job well done. Delivering remarks, president of the GTA, Ramesh Seebarran, said the association will try its utmost to implement all the measures outlined by Tracey. He also thanked the CEO, management and

staff of GBTI for once again sponsoring the fourth annual event, which he said is a crucial tournament on the GTA calendar of activities. According to Seebarran, the competition came at the opportune time and will be used to help the GTA select

Ansa McAl supports ‘Goal for Gold’ football tourney

John Maikoo (right) hands over a sponsorship cheque to a representative of the Slingerz Football club


ootball teams will vie for the top prize of $2 million dollars when the ‘Goal for Gold’ football tournament kicks off on August 10. The tournament is a collaboration between Slingerz Football Club and the National Association of Women’s Football and was officially sponsored by ANSA McAl, under the Stag Beer brand on Tuesday at the company’s headquarters on the East Coast. Public Relation Officer of ANSA McAl Darshanie Yussuf related the main reason for the beverage company for being onboard with the inaugural tournament. “One of the reasons for Ansa McAl to be onboard with this tournament is because of the uniqueness of the tournament because

there is both the male and female aspects to it… so while female football is now in its developmental stage it was a great group to come together. These women have great talent and they are not getting to show it so we are happy with this tournament,” Yussuf related to media representatives. The tournament that will feature 16 male teams and six female teams will also see the male second place finishers having a shot at $1 million dollars while third will receive $500,000. The Most Valuable Player of the tournament will receive a Honda motorcycle. Meanwhile executive of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and head of the women’s football association Vanessa Dickinson believes that the

tournament is the perfect way for the women to showcase their talent. Their prize money is yet to be decided on. “In helping to realize this tournament the women’s association would like to commend Ansa McAl and say thank to the Slingerz Football club in helping the association in realizing some of our goals for 2013,” Dickinson noted. Stag Brand Manager John Maikoo supported of the tournament, saying the event will be a major success. Colin Aaron is the coordinator of the nine-day knockout tournament for the men while on the distaff side it begins when the men’s quarterfinals are being held. Meanwhile, the tournament will conclude on September 1.

its junior team for two upcoming engagements. Tournament coordinator Andrew Sawh commended the players for their prompt arrival and discipline throughout the tournament, outlining also that there were no hiccups on any of the 18 days of

competition. After remarks from representatives of the key stakeholders, the outstanding players were presented with their prizes. Several categories were contested with Anthony Downes and Nicola Ramdyhan copping the

Men’s and Women’s Singles respectively. Downes and Jason Andrews teamed up to win the Men’s Doubles, while Shelly Daly-Ramdyhan and daughter Nicola Ramdyhan joined forces to lift the Women’s Doubles title. The Mixed Doubles was won by Shelly DalyRamdyhan and Leyland Leacock, while Carlos Adams and Owen Lewis lifted the Men’s 35 Doubles trophy and Godfrey Lowden emerged champion of the Men’s 35 Singles. Jonathon Christie and Afruica Gentle took the Boys’ and Girls’ 18 divisions respectively, with Jesus Lamazon and Khawn Rodney winning the Medley Novice Doubles. Darren King and Kizzy Richmond were winners of the Men’s and Women’s Novice Singles categories respectively. (Avenash Ramzan)

thursday, august 8, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Australia 527-7 dec (Clarke 187, Smith 89, Rogers 84, Swann 5-159) & 172-7 dec draw with England 368 (Pietersen 113, Cook 62, Bell 60, Siddle 4-63) & 37-3

Great start augurs well for success of Limacol CPL, says Richards See story on page


Sold out crowds at every Limacol CPL match so far

FIA president arrives in Guyana today T

he Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) will host president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, who will commence an official two-day visit today. Todt, a French motor sport executive, had a successful career as a rally co-driver and made his reputation in motor sport management, first with Peugeot Talbot Sport, then with Scuderia Ferrari, before being appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ferrari

from 2004 to 2008. Since October 23, 2009, he has been president of the FIA. The aim of Todt’s visit is to advise and assist in moving motorsport forward in Guyana and assist in implementing effective initiatives to tackle road safety. This visit is recognition of Guyana’s significant contribution to motor sport, making the country the centre of motor racing in the eastern Caribbean. The government of Guyana, through the Sport Ministry, has accorded official recognition to Todt’s

Jean Todt

visit. The FIA head and his delegation will be meeting with His Excellency Donald Ramotar, Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony, Tourism Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. As part of the visit, the GMR&SC will hold an official dinner in honour of Todt’s visit. The FIA is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations. The FIA, a non-profit association

founded in 1904, brings together over 230 national motoring and sporting organisations from more than 135 countries on five continents. Its member clubs represent millions of motorists and their families. The FIA administers the rules and regulations for all international fourwheel motor sport, including the FIA Formula One World Championship, FIA World Rally Championship, FIA World Touring Car Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship.

The FIA also has a long and distinguished history in promoting road safety. For many years the Federation has lobbied for improved legislation, infrastructure and vehicle safety technologies on an international scale. On May 11, 2011, the FIA launched its Action for Road Safety in support of the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety. The FIA’s initiative aims to lower the alarming figures associated with global road accidents and to spread the safer motoring message.

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