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WEEK ENDING June 19, 2014

Private sector urges ‘fairer’ Caricom/Canada trade agreement See story on page 7

New Antigua PM promises citizens ‘dawn of a new era’ Page 13

Ruling PPP presses U.S. to establish DEA office in Guyana Page 9

Top designers shine at Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica Caricom’s Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque (right) flew into Antigua on Wednesday for a brief meeting with Antigua and Barbuda’s new Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Ambassador LaRocque congratulated PM Browne on his electoral victory and pledged the region’s support (A&B gov’t photo)

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Guyana Festival in Toronto cancelled T

ORONTO: The Guyana Festival Committee in Toronto, Canada, is once again reminding the public that the Guyana Festival that was scheduled to be held on June 22, 2014 at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan has been cancelled. The committee at its meeting on May 22, decided to cancel the festival for this year. The decision was taken after a very lengthy discussion that encompassed all of the levels of planning of the highly popular event. It was decided that the festival was facing some challenges this year, and that the emphasis and focus of the committee’s work

The Guyana Festival in Toronto, Canada, has been cancelled for this year

should be put to next year, 2015, and beyond. Next year being significant for the festival as it will be the 20th anniversary of the staging of the Guyana Festival in Toronto, will also coincide with province wide celebrations and events for the PanAm Games, which Guyana will be taking part in. This important anniversary will help to fuel a grand celebration in 2015, and will serve as a kick off to observances for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary in 2016, the organisers have said.

Teen cousins charged with taxi driver’s murder in Guyana


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: In a packed courtroom, two teenagers were remanded to prison on Tuesday for the murder of 17-yearold taxi driver Danraj Latchman. Eighteen-year-old Ashraf Alli and 19-yearold Abdul Razack, both of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, made their first court appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the capital offence of murder. The indictable joint charge was read to the young men by Chief Magistrate Priya

Sewnarine-Beharry. It is alleged that the duo kidnapped and murdered the 17-yearold of Lot 115 Lusignan, whom they had hired to take them to Parika between June 10 and 14. The accused were unrepresented by an attorney and were not required to plead to the indictable charge. Magistrate SewnarineBeharry remanded the teenagers and transferred the matter to the Leonora Magistrate’s Court, where they will make their second court appearance on July 24. According to reports, Latchman went missing

Danraj Latchman

last Wednesday night after he spoke with his mother around 20:00h. He had informed his

Abdul Razack (left) and Ashraf Alli, the two men accused of murdering Lusignan, East Coast Demerara taxi driver Danraj Latchman, were surprisingly smiling following their arraignment at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts (Marceanno Narine photo)

mother that he was taking the two young men, one of whom was a former schoolmate, to Parika. His car, a Toyota 212 bearing registration number PNN 9823, was found abandoned at Hubu Backdam, Parika, the following evening with the windscreen broken and pieces of wood and sand in the back of the vehicle. Investigations led to the arrest of the two accused, who subsequently admitted during in-

terrogation that they had hired the teen to take them to Parika under the pretext of uplifting some money. The duo told investigators that their real motive was to hijack the car and resell it; however, their plans went awry forcing them to kill Latchman. According to Latchman’s mother, she was told that the accused had confessed to police that they had murdered her son by strangling him with his

seatbelt. A post-mortem examination conducted confirmed that Latchman was indeed strangled. Dr Nehaul Singh, the pathologist who performed the post-mortem on Monday, gave the cause of death as asphyxiation due to compound injury to the neck; a characteristic injury associated with being strangled. Meanwhile, Alli’s father, who was held for questioning by the police after it was discovered that he had allegedly tampered with evidence which would have implicated his son and nephew, will not be charged for the offence. The dead teen’s cellular phone and his car keys were discovered in a drain some distance away from Alli’s home and upon further investigation by police, it was revealed that it was Alli’s father who had disposed of them after the police had visited the home and arrested the duo last Wednesday evening after Latchman was discovered missing. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Jamaican man accused of pimping women across continents on trial in U.S.


I A M I , FLORIDA: A Jamaican man was scheduled to stand trial Wednesday in Miami, Florida in the United States on charges of forcing women into prostitution in Australia. The International Business Times reported that Damion St Patrick Baston was arrested in New York in January, following a joint operation by Australian and U.S. authorities. The 37-year-old is charged with sex traf-

ficking by force, fraud and coercion. A prosecutor reportedly told a court in January that the Jamaican is a violent pimp who has trafficked women across several continents. A 21-year-old Lithuanian woman, known to the court as GP, told the police that Baston relentlessly beat her and forced her to remain in a scalding shower for several hours. He also reportedly hung her by her feet over

a fire escape. Three of Baston's alleged victims were expected to testify against him at the trial. Prosecutors were expected to present the jury two photographs of Baston wearing fur and holding cash and another in which he is holding a condom and cash. Baston allegedly took one Australian woman to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and to Miami to work as prostitutes. (Jamaica Gleaner)




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Ukraine: new cold war?


hile to most Caribbean people, it might appear that the crisis unfolding in the Ukraine is a matter for Europeans, since it is a faceoff between the U.S. and the European Union on one hand, and Russia on the other, is it possible that we may be on the verge of another Cold War? After all, only a week ago, the same players commemorated the 60th anniversary of D-Day, the landing by the former allies at Normandy that was coordinated with the Russians moving in from the East, to defeat Nazi Germany. And within five years, there was the Cold War between the two sides. While that war might have been “cold” between the major players, it was anything but that for the various “proxies” that were forced by circumstances to take “sides”. Cuba is still being made to pay for her decision. As for Guyana, while no choice was explicitly made, the fear by the U.S. that the “wrong” one was possible, was enough for them to remove the democratically-elected PPP government, install the PNC and have Guyana yet divided. So the possibility of a repeat should be of some concern to Guyanese citizens. However, there are some significant differences from that which prevailed at the end of WWII. First and foremost is the fact that the struggle between the two sides had an ideological basis. To put the matter crudely, the U.S. represented “democracy and capitalism” (not necessarily in that order), while Russia, as the prime mover in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), was the representative of the radical “communist” alternative in both governance and economics. This is not an inconsiderable consideration. Right now Russia is firmly in the U.S. “capitalist” camp and, in fact, with its huge number of oligarchs, is probably nearer to the classic robberbaron capitalism that Karl Marx criticised. Without the fear that Russia would influence other countries to become its allies because of ideology, the U.S. has that much less to fear. Another factor is that, shorn of its satellite states, of which the Ukraine is a paradigmatic case, Russia is not the Great Power that it might want to be. After WWII, the USSR had considered herself on par with the U.S. militarily and economically, but cannot even pretend to that status now. Even within the emerging new power grouping BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Russia is one of the weaker powers. It, therefore, does not really have the wherewithal to challenge the U.S., much less NATO, the U.S. military alliance with Europe. For the foregoing reasons, it is unlikely that one can speak of a new “Cold War” emerging that would pull in Third World countries such as Guyana. This is not to say, however, that the Ukraine crisis might not lead to a sustained strained relationship between Russia and the West. The Ukraine is even more significant to Russia than Latin America and the Caribbean were to the U.S., when the latter promulgated its “Monroe Doctrine” to warn outsiders (Europeans) from interfering in our affairs. In addition to the economic and strategic interests that the U.S. would have sought to protect, the Eastern and Southern parts of the Ukraine – such as Crimea which has seceded – are populated overwhelmingly by ethnic Russians. These ties are very powerful to the rest of Russia and it is quite possible that if enough consideration of this factor is not manifested, for instance in the present “peace talks”, the present Russian leader Putin, would be forced to become more belligerent to salvage Russian pride. While we do not believe that open warfare between Russia and the West is likely, the ongoing definition of the western insurgents as “terrorists” may ensure Ukraine becoming a hotspot that would distract the West from its economic recovery that is vital for the well-being of the rest of the world.

School’s out forever. Well, high school anyways (sort of) for these St Rose’s girls in Guyana who celebrated the end of their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations by writing their best wishes for each other and other yearbook-worthy thoughts on their shirts, upholding a fine Guyanese tradition (Carl Croker photo)

Disaster-prone Caribbean looks to better financing K INGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT: A freak storm, followed by heavy floods in December 2013, will go down in history as the most destructive natural disaster to have hit the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with reported total damages and losses of at least 103 million dollars. Six months later, the country, which is a member of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), is still in the recovery phase of this crisis, but Tourism Minister Cecil McKee said several lessons have been learned, making the country better prepared for future catastrophic weather events. “We have been dealing with our river defences and our coastal defences,” McKee told IPS, adding that the government is not only repairing damaged homes but also “relocating a number of persons whose homes are situated on river banks in areas that are obviously going to put them at risk should we have a reoccurrence of such events.” A slow-moving, low-level trough on Dec. 24 dumped hundreds of millimetres of rain on the Caribbean island states of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Dominica, killing at least 13 people. Scientists have called the floods the worst disaster in living memory for the small countries, caused by higher-thanaverage rainfall of 15 inches, which overwhelmed the water systems’ ability to facilitate smooth run-off. For Mckee, the Christmas disaster was a reminder that “climate change is going to be here with us for some time.” “If we look at the events of Christmas Eve 2013, I think we can all agree that climate change is affecting not only St. Vincent and the Grenadines but the entire Caribbean in a significant way,” he asserted.

Mitigation and adaptation

But simply understanding

St. Vincent officials are assisting residents who live close to rivers to move to safer locations (Credit Desmond Brown/IPS)

the problem is not enough– many of the island nations in the Caribbean are in dire need of financial resources to assist with mitigation and adaptation. Flooding is commonplace in the Caribbean, with Guyana, one of the most flood-prone countries in the region, recently benefitting from a multimillion-dollar credit scheme to guard against flooding. A statement from the World Bank said more than 300,000 people from the flood-prone region of East Demerara will benefit from reduced flooding and climate risks as a result of an 11-million-dollar loan from the International Development Association (IDA). Nearly 90 percent of Guyana’s population lives in this narrow coastal plain, largely below sea level and, therefore, highly vulnerable to climate change. Extreme rainfall in 2005 resulted in flooding and damages estimated at nearly 60 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), or 465 million dollars at the time. The impact on poverty was evident and many subsistence farmers, small business operators and vendors were affected. Sophie Sirtaine, the World Bank’s country director for the Caribbean, said the funds would assist in providing opportunities for all Guyanese by reducing vulnerability to climate change. “To boost competitiveness, it is essential to address the

vulnerability to climate risks and ensure that the skills learnt in the classroom lay the foundation for future workplace success,” she told IPS. Specifically, the project will upgrade critical sections of the East Demerara Water Conservancy dams and channels; improve drainage capacity in priority areas along the East Demerara coast; and increase flood preparedness by installing instruments to monitor hydro-meteorological data. The IDA credit to the Guyana government has a final maturity of 25 years, with a five-year grace period. During its annual board of governors meeting held in Guyana last month, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) President Dr. Warren Smith said the Caribbean was becoming more aware of the severe threat posed by climate change on a daily basis. “Seven Caribbean countries…are among the top 10 countries, which, relative to their GDP, suffered the highest average economic losses from climate-related disasters during the period 1993-2012. It is estimated that annual losses could be between five and 30 percent of GDP within the next few decades,” he stated. According to Smith, despite the region’s high vulnerability and exposure to climate change, Caribbean countries have failed to access or mobilise international climate finance at levels commensurate with their needs. (IPS)

News WEEK ENDING JUNE 19, 2014



Jamaican bananas re-enter British market after six-year hiatus K INGSTON, JAMAICA: Jamaican bananas have re-entered the British market some six years after the cessation of export to that country following the devastating effects of several hurricanes on the sector and changes in the preferential agreement with the United Kingdom. Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture Roger Clarke said the first shipment of the fruit, weighing 2,000 pounds arrived in the UK last Thursday and it was expected that another shipment would have left the island Wednesday. The minister made this announcement Tuesday at his ministry's Hope Gardens headquarters during a ceremony to launch the ministry's Export Market Platform and sign five contracts for infrastructure works at four of the island's agro-parks, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Clarke explained that

Jamaica’s Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke (left); Mrs Janet Conie, General manager of the Banana Board and Mr Donovan Stanberry, Permanent Secretary discuss the resumption of banana exports to Britain on Tuesday (JIS photo)

the shipment of bananas will continue weekly up to the end of August and that the UK buyer would arrive in Jamaica by this month end to negotiate long-term contracts for

importing Jamaican bananas into Britain. He identified the resumption of the banana trade as one of the first results of the recently launched Export Market

Platform aimed at linking farmers with buyers in a structured and organised way as part of the ministry's efforts to boost exports and increase production in the

agricultural sector. According to Clarke, the ministry has been primarily targeting the UK market through the forging of linkages with the Fresh Produce

Consortium. A team from the ministry along with farmers and exporters attended the London Produce Show as guests of the Fresh Produce Consortium resulting in transactions to supply sweet potato, yam, St Julian mangoes, ginger, Moringa, castor oil, a variety of herbs and spices and a range of fruits to that market. The Jamaican team, he said, is also following leads with several UK and European buyers for the supply of Jamaican produce. "Now that we have found the markets our strategy is to organise the agro-parks and mobilise farmers in these agroparks to supply the produce," the minister said. Five contracts, totalling more than Ja$501 million were signed at the event for the implementation of infrastructure works at the Spring Plain/Ebony Park, New Forest/Duff House and Yallahs Agro-parks. (Jamaica Observer)

Caribbean gets disaster preparedness help from Canada


RIDGETOWN, BARBADOS: Barbados and other Caribbean countries are being given technical assistance by Canada to help them to prepare for natural disasters. Louise Clement, the outgoing Councillor for Development said so as she commented on work which is being undertaken under a Canadiansponsored programme for countries of the eastern Caribbean. Clement noted that her department is working with the Canadian Red Cross and with the Pan American Health Organisation to prepare them for any eventual-

staff in the area of disaster management and to over 450 health professionals in 10 countries on mental health and psychosocial support in the event of disasters,” she told a function at the residence of the Canadian High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Caribbean coun-

Louise Clement

ity. “Training was pro-

vided to approximately 90 Ministry of Health

Baby boy suffocates on mother’s breast in Trinidad


T JAMES, TRINIDAD: An autopsy carried out on the body of six-month-old Christopher Rambahan, who died while being breast-fed by his mother on Sunday night in Trinidad, revealed Tuesday that he died from positional asphyxia. Neisha Wattley, the 24-year-old mother, went to the Forensic Science Centre, St James accompanied by a female relative and identified her infant son. Following the autopsy, pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov told TT media that Wattley had placed the baby

on her stomach and put her right nipple into his mouth to breast-feed him, but then she fell asleep. He said when Wattley woke up, the nipple was still in the baby’s mouth but his nose was pressed against her breast causing oxygen deprivation. “The nose of the child became tightly compressed, resulting in oxygen deprivation, and then death,” Alexandrov said. Police have since ruled the death was accidental, and no charges are to be laid against Wattley. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

tries are prone to natural disasters, especially earthquakes and hurricanes, which have caused enormous damage to property and loss of lives. Costs usually run into millions of dollars. “It is needless to say that I am extremely proud of my colleagues and our development team for their

excellent work in carrying out Canada’s development mandate in the Caribbean,” she said. Canada was also the largest contributor to the World Bank’s Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIS) that provides countries with coverage against earthquake and hurricane risks. (Barbados Advocate)


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Guyana embarks on billion dollar City cleanup campaign


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker on Monday announced that the Gy$1 billion cleanup project for Georgetown and its surrounding areas will commence this week. The minister, who made the disclosure at a press conference in the ministry’s boardroom, informed media operatives that even though an official launch will not be done for the programme, several systems have already been put in place for it to commence. He said the public tendering process for the various projects under the umbrella of the cleanup campaign commenced as of Monday, while four garbage trucks have already been procured to help in the pick-up and transportation of the garbage from the location to the dumpsite. Whittaker related

that contrary to what many may believe, the Gy$1 billion will not solely be used for the removal of garbage around the city, but instead, garbage removal was just a minor segment of the entire project. “The process has already started and we will be focusing on restoration and rehabilitation. We will not just be removing garbage, but we will also be focusing on the de-bushing and maintenance of cemeteries; most particularly, the Le Repentir Cemetery; we are focusing on the reactivation of defunct kokers and sluices and the desilting of drains and canals to reduce flooding; rehabilitation and restoration processes will be undertaken for national monuments, market areas, public parks and public open spaces; and the planting of trees on the seawalls. In addition, parapets, alleyways and other surrounding

Guyana’s Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker

areas will be weeded and cleared,” the minister explained. As it relates to the implementation and the execution of the activities, Whittaker stated there will be shared responsibilities and assigned tasks for all key stakeholders which will be allocated through the National Technical Committee, which has been set up but at the end of the day, all reports and updates of

The Gy$1 billion will not solely be used for the removal of garbage around the city but other major upgrades (Guyana Times file photo)

progress will have to be submitted to the Local Government Ministry.

Major projects

Major projects such as the rehabilitation of the Le Repentir Cemetery, reactivation of kokers and the desilting of drains will be done by professional contractors, while the committee will be looking to engage the private sector, communities, non-profit organisations, youth ministries

and even the prison inmates to assist in carrying out the other activities, such as the clearing of alleyways, parapets, cleaning of small drains, planting of trees to reduce erosion and flooding, among others. “We want this to be not just a community effort, but also a country effort. We are trying to rebuild Guyana and so we are looking to have everyone involved. If youth

organisations and the communities can become involved, they can utilise their time in a constructive manner while earning some amount of money,” Whittaker reiterated. To secure the help of the communities, the minister and his team, along with the committee will be embarking on several public consultations in the coming weeks. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Barbados gov’t says it will pay Shanique Myrie this week


RIDGETOWN, BARBADOS: Eight months after the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice

(CCJ) ruled in favour of a Jamaican woman who successfully challenged the Barbados government, Bridgetown says it

will this week make the payment of compensation awarded to her. Shanique Myrie had been denied entry into

that country in 2011, and the CCJ had in October last year awarded her pecuniary damages in the sum of Bds$2,240 and non-pecuniary damages to the tune of Bds$75,000. Last week, Myrie threatened to file a claim before the CCJ in order to get Barbados to comply with the ruling. But Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, said the payment will be made this week “once the money is released from the Treasury. “I've committed that I will speak to the Central Bank and have the money remitted to her attorney's account, and my word is my bond. It will be done this week. We've never had any intention of not abiding by the court's judgment. We've signed

on to the CCJ and I'm in full support of the CCJ," Brathwaite told radio listeners on Monday. But, in an immediate reaction to Brathwaite's commitment, Myrie’s attorney, Michelle Browne, was skeptical, saying that she has not received any word from the Barbados authorities. Last week, Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs Minister AJ Nicholson told the Senate that the ball was in Myrie's court to lodge a complaint to the CCJ about Barbados' lack of compliance despite a promise by the country's Prime Minister Freundel Stuart three months ago that payment would be made. Nicholson said that “based on the court's directive concerning the man-

ner for securing compliance, it is for the party, Miss Myrie, through her attorneys, and not the intervener (Jamaica), to notify the court of Barbados' lack of compliance." Myrie, had alleged that when she travelled to Barbados on March 14, 2011 she was discriminated against because of her nationality, subjected to a body cavity search, detained overnight in a cell and deported to Jamaica the following day. Myrie also claimed that she was subjected to derogatory remarks by a Barbadian Immigration officer and asked the CCJ to determine the minimum standard of treatment applicable to Caricom citizens moving around the region. (Excerpted from Caribbean News)

News WEEK ENDING JUNE 19, 2014



Guyana’s top 25 law students Private sector urges accepted to Hugh Wooding ‘fairer’ Caricom/Canada

trade agreement


Guyana’s Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall (Guyana Times file photo)


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: After months of waiting, 25 of the top University of Guyana law students have been admitted to the Hugh Wooding Law School, ending months of uncertainty, which had boiled over to the Caricom Heads of Government to resolve. This newspaper has learnt that the 25 students have been accepted for the new academic year beginning in September. According to a reliable source, the decision was conveyed to the final-year students on Monday afternoon after a meeting was held with the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall; Head of the Department of Law Programme at the University of Guyana, Sheldon McDonald; President of the University of Guyana Law Students’ Association, Sherod Duncan; and Chairman of the Council of Legal Education, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown via teleconferencing under the guidance of Chairman of Caricom, Dr Ralph Gonsalves. The source added that at the meeting, the fate of the 25 students was discussed and Chairman Samuels-Brown related to the AG that the Council has decided to honour its agreement with the Guyana government to accept the students, but under a certain condition. “A condition was set forth by the Council. That condition was that the students will be accepted, but the Caribbean Community has to work on expanding the facilities of the school if the partnership is to continue,” the source related.


Days after the Council for Legal

Chairman of the Council of Legal Education Jacqueline Samuels Brown (Jamaica Observer file photo)

Education had stated that it will not be guaranteeing any of the 25 places usually offered to Guyanese students at the end of the degree programme at the Turkeyen Campus of the University of Guyana (UG), Dr Gonsalves had written to the Council on the impasse . In his letter, Dr Gonsalves had requested the Council to facilitate the students until a review of the system was done and a suitable solution found. However, Chairman of the Council, Samuels-Brown had at the time explained that the placement issue was not one that was of pure bias, but one of space and accommodation for the students who stay on campus. Samuels-Brown had noted that the Council was facing a monumental task in finding accommodation and facilities for students, as the law school was built to accommodate some 200 students, but is facilitating approximately 400 students.

Longstanding agreement

As part of a longstanding agreement between the Council and UG, every year, 25 automatic places are reserved for UG students at the Hugh Wooding Law School. The Council, however, had taken the decision that UG’s 2014 batch would not be guaranteed places. It is understood that the original agreement had initially expired in November 2012, but, at the request of the Guyana government, it was extended until 2013. Negotiations were scheduled to take place to facilitate the 2014 batch of students. However, this discussion never took place until the matter arose some months ago.

Man sentenced to hang for wife’s murder in Trinidad


AN FERNANDO, TRINIDAD: Shawn Marcelline was sentenced to death by hanging Tuesday after a jury in the San Fernando High Court in Trinidad found him guilty of murdering his common-law wife 11 years ago. It took the 12-member jury just under three hours to agree on the verdict against the 45-year-old Princes Town man, who was accused of stabbing his wife of 16 years, Juliet Cummings, 19 times. She died on August 2, 2003 at the Nipdec car park, Princes Town, where the New Grant maxi taxi stand was situated. Asked if he had anything to say before he was sentenced, Marcelline remained silent. He and his wife lived with their four children on the ground floor of his mother-in-law’s house at Monkey Town, New Grant. They separated in May 2003 after he confronted

Shawn Marcelline (TT Guardian photo)

her about allegations she was having an affair which resulted in an altercation. (Excerpted from TT Guardian)

RIDGETOWN, BARBADOS: The Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC) is calling on Caribbean Community (Caricom) trade negotiators “to stand firm” and leverage the good relationship Canada has had with the Caribbean to secure a fairer free trade agreement. In a statement, the CAIC said with the possible concluding rounds for a Canada-Caribbean trade agreement taking place in Barbados this week, it was cautioning against accepting a “watered down agreement,” which would not be beneficial to either party and worse yet the Caribbean private sector. The regional private sector group said that based on consultation with its Caribbean private sector stakeholders, CAIC has identified six areas of concern with the ongoing negotiations including the impact that the status of these negotiations would have on the Caricom private sector in the event that the trend of these negotiations continue. The CAIC said it is also concerned that the impending withdrawal of the CARIBCAN without the enactment of the Caricom-Canada free trade agreement and the severe impact on Caribbean export items such as rum, tapia, ground provisions, fruits, vegetables and other food products.

The Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce has cautioned Caricom against accepting a “watered down agreement” in its negotiations with Canada

In addition, the CAIC has raised concerned about the removal of sensitive items of interest to Canada on the basis of reciprocation as well as insufficient and therefore ineffective mechanisms to facilitate Caricom suppliers of Trade in Services. The CAIC said it was also concerned regarding a desire to reengage the Canadian private sector that allows integration at the provincial level. Negotiations between Canada and the Caricom for a new trade agreement began in 2009 to replace the current nonreciprocal CARIBCAN, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) waiver which allows Canada to grant non-reciprocal preferences due to expire on December 31, 2014 and the 1998 Caricom-Canada Protocol on Rum.

Increasing exports

The CAIC said that the ongoing negotia-

tions between Caricom and Canada are heavily vested on Canada’s side with increasing their non-energy exports to the Caribbean in particular meat, fish, vegetables and processed foods. “These goods while increasing the variety available to the region and the competitiveness, it can have devastating effects for the territories whose livelihood will be affected by the import of these goods from Canada,” CAIC said, noting that for example, the Caribbean may soon see the importation of canned saltfish to replace the “buljol” prepared locally. “The success of sardines from the Canadian market is only too well known”, the CAIC said, noting also that the trade in services discussion has been insufficient to allow for meaningful mechanisms to be put in place. (Excerpted from CMC)


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Guyanese miners uneasy over ‘criminal’ tag …tie low gold declarations to reduced production


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA) is disappointed by recent statements and threats emanating from the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry and by notices published by the Guyana Gold Board which seem intent on criminalising the entire mining industry. According to the GGDMA, the government and its various arms seem to be more intent on vilifying the industry than providing helpful solutions to help increase production. “The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has re-

suscitated an archaic piece of legislation and is using it to threaten legitimate miners and other stakeholders with jail time of up to five years for failing to sell gold within a specified period of time. The ministry has also accused miners of hoarding gold, a charge the Association strongly denies,” the GGDMA said in a statement. The Association believes that the real problem lies in reduced production for the first half of 2014. It said too that it has commissioned a study to investigate the reasons for lower production figures for the first half of 2014 with the intention of demonstrating that

GGDMA President Patrick Harding

it is a reduction in production rather than deliberate intent that is responsible for low declarations. It said the results of this study would be made public once completed and should demonstrate beyond any doubt the real reason for the shortfall in the government’s budgeted gold expectation. “Production and declaration must go hand in hand and miners cannot declare gold they have not won. Despite an earlier position that the gold declaration was below production, miners have now seen documentation that proves contrary, and hence, the decision to conduct a more indepth study of production fig-

ures,” the GGDMA said. It said while it empathised with the government’s position–facing reduced revenue earnings, which are now below budgetary expectations, the miners cannot be made the “fall guys” for this situation. The Association said it has previously stressed to its membership the importance of declarations to the national economy and has been actively advocating for increased declarations. The Association maintains its position that gold remains the most important economic earner for Guyana and miners remain the country’s best hope for economic growth.

Prize-winning cop freed of rape in Jamaica


INGSTON, JAMAICA: There was jubilation in the Home Circuit Court in Jamaica Tuesday when a panel of seven jurors acquitted police sergeant Oneil Patterson—a former winner of the Lasco Top Cop Award—of rape. There were tense moments in the court as the jury of three men and four women deliberated Patterson's fate for an hour-and-a-half. But relief was etched on the policeman's face as the jurors announced the verdict, much to the delight of his colleagues inside the Number 8 court-

room and those peering through the glass sections of the doors. "I just want to thank all my supporters and my legal team," Sergeant Patterson told the media following the verdict. "It has affected me," added Patterson, a father of three children, as he spoke about the effect of the allegations on his career and personal life. "I will be coming back stronger," he quipped. Patterson, the Lasco Top Cop for 2012, had been on trial since last week Thursday for allegedly raping a medical doctor on the compound

of the Elletson Road Police Station on May 23, 2013 after they reportedly went on a date. The defence contended during the in-camera trial that the sex was consensual. "The victim only cried rape," the defence said, "because she found out on the night they slept together that Patterson was not a single man as he had told her prior to them having sex". R e t i r e d Superintendent of Police Ionie Ramsey, who gave character evidence on Patterson's behalf, told the court that she knew Patterson since 2004

and that she has a "great deal of respect for him" and that he is "a honest person". At the same time, Attorney Peter hailed the verdict delivered in the Home Circuit Court. "…We believe that the jury, with the unanimous verdict, has prevented what had been a tragic accusation from becoming a travesty of justice," the attorney said. Attorney Tamika Harris appeared with Champagnie for Patterson, while Justice David Batts presided over the trial. (Jamaica Observer)

Sergeant Oniel Patterson (left) with his lead attorney, Peter Champagnie, following his acquittal of rape in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston, Tuesday (Jamaica Observer photo)

Gun murders Caribbean chikungunya cases top 170,000 worry Barbados T authorities


RIDGETOWN, BARBADOS: Six murders in Barbados involving the use of firearms this year have Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, vowing to crackdown on people trying to smuggle guns into the country. On Monday, Brathwaite said as of the end of May, there were six murders committed with the use of guns, compared to two for the same period last year. "If firearms are coming into the country illegally, it is not just a police matter. It is a Customs matter, it is a Coast Guard matter," he said. "I need to speak to the Commissioner [of Police] to determine if this is a sign of things to come, because it could be that guys now feel that they need to resort

to firearms, or it could be that there is an increase in the availability of firearms. Whatever the cause it is clear to me that all agencies need to get on board," he added. "We need to sit down at a national security level and make a determination in terms of what interventions are required." He also proposed a combination of police and community intervention to deal with gun violence in the communities. The Attorney General's count of gunrelated murders did not include that of a 21-yearold man who died last Wednesday from gunshot wounds. Brathwaite said although statistics reflect an overall decline in crime, gun-related murders is still cause for concern. (Caribbean News)

he number of chikungunya cases in parts of the Caribbean continued to surge last week, pushing past 170,000 cases, with the first cases confirmed in El Salvador, west of the main outbreak area, and more imported cases detected in the United States and other countries. According to a report from the Centre for Infectious Disease Research And Policy (CIDRAP), the outbreak has grown to 170,566 suspected or confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne disease, which is 35,139 higher than the 135,427 cases reported the previous week, according to a Jun 13 report from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO). The number of deaths remained the same, at 14. Over the past few weeks, most new cases are suspected infections reported from the Latin Caribbean countries, such as the Dominican Republic, where suspected cases rose from 52,976 to 77,320 last week. Guadaloupe and Martinique also reported thousands of new cases, but no new case totals were given for Haiti, another country that has recently been hard hit by the outbreak.

The number of deaths due to the disease remained the same at 14

In the non-Latin areas that were mainly affected earlier in the outbreak, new cases were reported by Dominica, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The outbreak started in December on the French side of St. Martin. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said Jun 13 in its weekly communicable disease threat update that nearly 150,000 probable

and confirmed cases have been reported in the region, which was lower than PAHO's total. It added that most of the affected areas continue to report more cases, but especially Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The ECDC said the outbreak in still expanding, and it urged health officials to be vigilant for imported cases in tourists returning from the Caribbean, CIRDAP stated.

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Trinidadian prisons officer stabbed to death in love triangle

The male prisons officer was stabbed to his heart


RINIDAD: A love triangle involving two male prisons officers and a female prisons officer had a deadly ending when one officer stabbed the other to death, following a heated argument over the affections of the female officer. Dominic Allan Bernard, 37, of Jack Street, Marabella and a 23-year-old male recruit got into a heated argument at the Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre apartment home of the female prison officer on Sunday night. It was reported that Bernard angrily wanted to know why the recruit was at the female prisons officer’s home. A fight soon broke out with the recruit stabbing Bernard repeatedly. A report was made to police and when officers arrived at the scene, Bernard was already dead. The recruit subsequently surrendered at the St Margaret’s Police Station. An autopsy done Monday at the Forensic

Science Centre in St James revealed Bernard, who was pursuing a law degree, was stabbed twice with a stab to his heart causing his death by shock and massive haemorrhaging. Relatives said Bernard was a divorcee and he had been in a relationship for several years with the female prison officer, who they added, was the reason for Bernard being divorced. According to a police report, at about 9.30 pm on Sunday, Bernard went to the Petra Avenue, Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre apartment home to visit his girlfriend, when he met the prison recruit in her apartment. An argument ensued and a fight later broke out between the two men. Police said during the struggle, Bernard was stabbed twice. He collapsed and died on the spot. The suspect later walked into the St Margaret’s Police Station where he gave himself up. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

Suspected contract killer arrested in Jamaica


INGSTON, JAMAICA: Police in Jamaica say a 22-yearold man arrested and charged with the murder of three people may also be responsible for 12 other murders in the country. Head of the Major Investigation Taskforce (MIT), Superintendent Michael Phipps, said Ryan Bembridge, alias “Little Blacks” has been charged with the murders of Mark Reid, Garell Bravo and Ricardo Stewart. Bembridge, who was listed several times among the police most

wanted, was captured last week and also charged with shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm. The senior police officer said Bembridge is being investigated by the MIT in relation to five other murders. Phipps says he expects that Bembridge will face additional charges, including murders, in other police divisions and that the 22-year-old has been a serious criminal in the corporate area who was carrying out contract killings for several gangs in West Kingston. (Jamaica Observer)



Ruling PPP presses U.S. to establish DEA office in Guyana G E O R G E T O W N , GUYANA: Amid criticism of its anti-narcotics fight, the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) on Monday reiterated its call for the U.S. to establish a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) office in Guyana. The party’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee, who is also Home Affairs Minister, told a news conference at Freedom House that there was an urgent need for the establishment of the long overdue DEA office in the country, as the government continues to wage war against the thriving narcotics trade. The call from the governing party comes after almost a decade after the two sides agreed to establish a DEA office in Guyana to tackle narco trafficking. According to Rohee, the U.S. has been able to identify and apprehend narco traders and other criminal elements because they may have access to information that is not otherwise available to local law enforcement. “That is why we need the DEA office here as quickly as possible; I think if we get the DEA office here in Guyana then we would be in a much better position to deal collectively with these is-

the long-talked-about setting up of a DEA office in Guyana to stem the tide of trafficking.


U.S. Ambassador D Brent Hardt

sues. Because it might be very well possible that the U.S. might have intelligence on these persons that they are not desirous of sharing with us,” said Rohee. Only recently, Ambassador Hardt had said that before any DEA Unit is established in Guyana, local anti-drug agents will have to be fully vetted in order to reduce the likelihood of them breaching strategies that would be enforced. He was responding to questions regarding

Guyana is viewed as a transshipment point for cocaine going to Europe and North America, and according to the Ambassador, the establishment of the office in Guyana is not an automatic process. “…part of a process for DEA working, they like to have a vetted unit which they are confident they can work with and share sensitive information with and really work in elevated partnership. So I think that is one of the core building blocks to getting DEA here,” Hardt told reporters following the recent signing of the Third Amendment to the Letter of Agreement on Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement between Guyana and the U.S. Hardt noted that the vetting process would include ranks being screened via lie detector tests and background checks. The Ambassador explained that there have been some delays in getting the DEA in Guyana due to budgetary issues faced in the U.S.; however, he noted that they are currently in the process of overcoming this hurdle. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Arsonists targeting MoBay businesses in Jamaica


ONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA: The Montego Bay Fire Department has indicated that several of the latest fires in the Second City are the result of arson, following two recent fires which severely damaged a number of businesses, putting them temporarily out of operation. "We have been receiving calls from the King Street, Paradise Road and Union Street areas… Though we can't definitely say at this time, it is obvious that someone was lighting those buildings," Montego Bay Fire Station Deputy Superintendent Conroy Ghans told Jamaican media. Statistics obtained by the media from the department also show that since the start of June, the station has been called out to a record eight fires, the latest one being early Monday morning, when the Ultra Med Pharmacy, located along Union Street, was gutted. "The call came in at 3:30 a.m. for a fire at 30 Union Street. We responded with three units from the Montego Bay Fire Station. When we got there, we found out that the fire had started at the rear of the building. Based on our preliminary investigations, we believe that the fire might have started as a result of arson," said Ghans. In this attack, the building sustained major interior damage to its storeroom, resulting in the destruction of more than Ja$1 million in medication.

Onlookers gather at the scene of a massive fire along St James Street in Montego Bay, Jamaica, late Sunday evening (Jamaica Gleaner photo)

Pharmacist Catherine Belcher acknowledged that she was very concerned and encouraged fellow business operators to be on the alert as anyone could be affected.

Major setback

"I feel very disturbed. This is a major setback for us…but this can happen to anybody, we all need to be vigilant," she said. This latest fire follows another massive blaze which occurred at the corner of St James and North streets in downtown Montego Bay on Sunday evening, leaving a number of businesses seriously damaged. A two-storey wooden house, said to be abandoned,

was also destroyed by the raging flames which took five units from the Montego Bay and Ironshore fire stations to be brought under control. In light of the recent fires, residents are speculating that extortion could be a primary force behind those happening at business places. "Word on the street is that the bad boys are demanding money from the business people…When they are not paid or they do not receive the amounts asked for, they go after those businesses by burning them down," said resident Len Smith. (Jamaica Gleaner)


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Over 500 awaiting trial for murder in TT


RINIDAD: Over 500 persons are awaiting trial for murder in Trinidad and Tobago, and with approximately seven years for an indictable matter to go to trial, these cases are unlikely to be heard anytime soon if the justice system continues as is, Chief Justice Ivor Archie said Saturday. Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, however, noted a steady increase of funds allocated to the Judiciary with each National Budget, wondering why was the justice system not working more efficiently. Ramlogan also raised the idea of plea bargaining to decrease the number of cases that go to trial. Archie however, countered stating that the funding was still deficient and that he was limited by the restrictions placed on spending. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Roger Gaspard responded to Ramlogan’s suggestion of plea bargaining, saying that, with the low detection rate and lack of strength of evidence, criminals have no real motivation to “cop a plea.” The men were speaking Saturday as part of a panel discussion at the

with a jury, there was a chance that the trial would be swayed by a more skilled negotiator, instead of by a forensic exercise, assessing information to arrive at a verdict consistent with the law.

Budgetary allocations

TT’s Chief Justice Ivor Archie (TT Newsday file photo)

‘Dana Saroop Seetahal Symposium: Re-engineering the Criminal Justice System’, at the Noor Hassanali Auditorium at the St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. In his contribution, Archie identified three main stumbling blocks of the judicial system namely preliminary inquiries; juries; and the rules of evidence, particularly against hearsay. At the moment, he said, TT simply

TT’s Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard (TT Guardian file photo)

has a different type of preliminary inquiry than originally used---that the layers of processes take time in the magistrates’ court and that it was necessary to repeat the process again in the High Court. He suggested the DPP decide who to prosecute indictably or summarily. On the subject of juries, Archie said it was “the most inefficient way” of conducting a trial. Archie expressed concern that,

Responding to Ramlogan’s comment that the allocation for the administration of justice in the National Budget increased from TT$339 million in 2010 to TT$366 million in 2012 and his wondering why then was the justice system not running more efficiently, Archie said the administration of justice was under-resourced. He said TT$360 million was less than 0.5 percent of the National Budget while the benchmark in countries with “efficient and productive” judicial systems, was approximately two to three percent of the Budget. Meanwhile, Ramlogan also noted that the Abolition of Preliminary Inquiries Bill was passed by the Lower House and will go to the Senate soon, that Plea Bargaining legislation was being drafted and that changes in the DNA, fingerprint, and Financial Intelligence Unit laws were being debated. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

Guyana gets new batch of Chinese medical personnel


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: The 11th medical team from The People’s Republic of China was welcomed in a grand celebration by members of the Guyana government and China’s Ambassador to Guyana, at the Chinese Embassy on Saturday evening. The current team consists of 14 medical practitioners and two chefs. Four of the team members will be placed in Linden while the other 10 will work around Georgetown. Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin congratulated the outgoing 10th medical team on their successful tour of duty in Guyana and thanked them for their outstanding contributions in furthering the friendly relations between the two countries. During the last two years, the members of the 10th medical team devoted themselves to

At far left, Chief Executive Officer of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Michael Khan and at center Guyana’s Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran with the outgoing members of the 10th Chinese Medical brigade (GINA photo)

cordially serving the locals. They have carried out several medical outreaches in local communities, treated over 27,000 patients, saved the lives of over 2900 critically ill patients, and performed more than 5000 operations.

Health service

Having made important contributions to the development of local health services, they received wide acclaim from all walks of life of Guyana. Dr Zhang Yueming was appointed Director of the Gynaecology and

Obstetrics Department of the Georgetown Public Hospital, which was unprecedented in the history of Chinese medical teams in Guyana. The Ambassador also stated that China and Guyana enjoy timehonoured friendship, as China has been active-

ly supporting the progress of Guyana’s health service undertaking. Nearly 150 medical experts of 11 Chinese medical teams have worked in Guyana since the first team arrived in 1993. Limin believes that the 11th medical team will carry forward the fine

tradition of healing the wounded and saving the dying. “Great love knowing no boundary,” he said. President Donald Ramotar shared his sentiments by expressing his gratitude to the outgoing medical team for their service to Guyana, and wished them the best of luck in their future endeavours. To the 11th team, the President expressed hope that their experience in Guyana will be rewarding as they assist in the delivery of important medical services to Guyana, and enrich their own experience and education so that when it is time for them to depart from the great nation, their time would have been of great success. Members of the 10th medical team spoke of the hospitality and warmth of the Guyanese people during their stay in Guyana. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Jamaica authorities on campaign to stamp out electricity theft - more than 440 arrested since January


INGSTON, JAMAICA: The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) says that 444 people including an alleged lottery scammer have been arrested since the start of the year to June 12. According to the electricity supply company, 81,013 throw-ups (wires illegally connected to power lines) have also been removed from

lines and poles across the country over the period. The company added that in its "multipronged approach" to reducing the illegal abstraction of electricity---including theft at commercial entities---5,681 meters have been audited. In the St Ann communities of Steer Town and Windsor Road, a joint operation of JPS teams and the security forces last

week resulted in the removal of over 650 throwups, in what the company said was the largest operation in the parish since the start of the year. And in St Catherine, JPS said that crews in the Princess Field and Pineapple Lane areas of Bog Walk removed 97 throw-ups. Teams working in Old Harbour Bay, Dempshire Pen, New Nursery and surround-

ing areas, removed 725 illegal wires and 100 illegal lines were removed from the Waterford community of Portmore. Included in the St Catherine arrests is an alleged lottery scammer in Glengoffe. On June 7, members of the security forces in Glengoffe charged four people at a dwelling, for involvement in lottery scamming. The house

'Throw ups' on JPS power lines (Jamaica Observer photo)

was later found to be illegally connected to the grid and the man arrest-

ed for the offence, according to the JPS. (Jamaica Observer)





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Trinidad Parliament seeks Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister approval of fingerprinting shrugs off calls for his resignation G for visitors, deportees

TT’s Attorney General Anand Ramlogan says the legislation would assist in the fight against crime on the island (TT Guardian file photo)


ORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINIDAD: The Trinidad and Tobago Parliament Monday approved of legislation allowing for the authorities to finger print visitors and deportees entering the country. But Opposition legislators voted against the Miscellaneous Provisions Administration of Justice Amendment Bill 2013, which needed a special majority to pass, citing human rights violation. Attorney General Anand Ramlogan defended the passage of the legislation which required a special majori-

ty, saying it would assist in the fight against crime on the island. “What we have here is the distillation of thoughts and the collective wisdom of a number of stakeholders that are involved in the fight against crime and I dare say as a Parliament we have a duty and a responsibility to respond positively to the clarion calls made by those involved in the fight against crime on the ground for the necessary legislative tool that can equip them to raise the detection rate that is so abysmally low in our country,” he stated. Ramlogan assured that people would not be discriminated against by the passage of the legislation. The AG said when he recently went to the Bahamas he was made to take a yellow fever vaccine as a condition of entry into the country. “The Treaty of Chaguramas does not deprive a state of its sovereignty,” he noted. Opposition Chief Whip Marlene Mc Donald criticised the provisions, saying they potentially violated Caricom Treaty arrangements in relation to equal treatment; and would hinder trade. However, Ramlogan said the provisions would not, in his view, violate Caricom laws since it related not to entry conditions but rather the discretionary regulation of how entry is managed. He further noted fingerprinting is now standard globally, such as the United States, Australia and Poland. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee on Monday said he will not be distracted by the repeated calls from the parliamentary Opposition for his resignation. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, the Home Affairs Minister said he found pleasure in the continued calls by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Leader David Granger for him to vacate his post. “It gives me great joy, it gives me great joy and satisfaction and I wish he could do it every day; I am referring to Mr Granger, I wish he could call for my resignation every day, it gives me so much joy and satisfaction….I feel happy to know that I am a bee in his bonnet.” According to Rohee, in essence what the Opposition party was asking of him was to act in the capacity of Commissioner of Police and that, of course, would be in obvious conflict with the

Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee (Guyana Times photo)

Constitution of Guyana. He pointed out that if something like that does occur, then the repeated criticism from the APNU would be justifiable, but he was not going to allow that to happen. “What the Opposition is trying to do is to make me act as though I am Commissioner of Police, make me talk and make me walk as though I am the Commissioner of Police….if I am to fall into that trap, then they may be quite justified in the criticisms that they are making,” said Rohee. He contended that contrary to the accusations being lev-

elled against him by the Opposition, he is competent enough to hold the portfolio of a Government Minister and has displayed his competency several times. He noted too that it was unfortunate that sections of the media would seek to qualify both APNU Leader Granger and APNU Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon as security experts when neither of them is qualified in that regard. Last Friday, the APNU restated its call for Rohee to be removed from his post, saying that the security situation in Guyana continues to deteriorate. The Shadow Home Affairs Minister Winston Felix said since taking office in 2006, Rohee has been “doing little or nothing for the safety of all Guyanese”. He said there has not been an effective contingency plan by the minister who has responsibility to look after the safety interest of all Guyanese. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Virgin Atlantic to cut Caribbean staff


RIDGETOWN, BARBADOS: At least 14 Virgin Airline employees based in the Caribbean will soon lose their jobs. The airline said the job losses will be as a result of consolidation of its Caribbean operations into its North American head office. Virgin’s Caribbean office is based in Barbados. “We anticipate 14 job roles to go from the region, with a further seven at risk. We are working closely with the team through the consultation period, and will look to retain people within Virgin Atlantic if possible. We will be offering support and training during this difficult time,” Virgin said in a media statement. Confirmation of exactly which work-

Virgin’s Caribbean office is based in Barbados

ers will be laid off is expected to come in approximately six weeks and the actual departure date of affected employees will depend on their notice period. (TT Guardian)




New Antigua PM promises citizens ‘dawn of a new era’


T JOHN’S, A N T I G U A : Newly-sworn in Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne whose Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) won the June 12 General Election has told resident to brace for a “new era” of national development. The ALP reportedly won 14 of the 17 seats in the general election, ousting the previous Baldwin Spencer-led United Progressive Party (UPP) government. He told a news conference to accept victory and that he would deliver on promises made during the election campaign, even as jubilant supporters celebrated outside the party’s headquarters on Nevis Street last week. Before addressing the crowd, a teary-eyed Browne told a nationally

ABLP supporters thronged government House last Friday to witness the swearing-in of PM Gaston Browne and AG Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin (Photos by Martina Johnson/OBSERVER media)

televised address that he was grateful for the support he received from the public. “It is evident that the people have spoken and that they have spoken resoundingly,” he said. Browne added that the victory was not a time for gloating. He told the press that “it would re-

quire a lot of hard work.” The City West representative said he accepts the concession of former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, who called him at 11 pm on June 12, not only to concede but to offer a gesture of good will in the interest of the country. Browne thanked fam-

Newly-installed Prime Minister Gaston Browne with wife Maria (left), GG Dame Louise LakeTack and Deputy GG Sir Eustace Francis

ily members, including his mentally ill mother saying, “my only disappointment in life is that she is not able to enjoy the fruits of my labour.” The victory for the ABLP comes months after the “lengthy” campaign period in which the team led by Browne took pains to ensure that the country was convinced

that it was better off under his stewardship. Browne said his message is a symbol of hope to all residents, especially those who think they could not achieve great things because of their circumstances. “We will honour your support, we will never betray your trust. Antigua and Barbuda will become

a country of growth and a country of opportunity,” PM Brown told his supporters. Meanwhile, spokesperson for the UPP, Winston Henry, said the June 12 landslide defeat at the polls was due mainly to the party’s weak relationship with the youth. “We did some introspection…We looked at what the strategy needed to be, the challenges and we had some challenges with the youth population and that would’ve been borne out from the results of the 2014 election because we would have seen a 65 percent turnout of our youth and that really did some significant harm to the United Progressive Party,” he said Monday on a local radio programme in Antigua. (Excerpted from Antigua Observer)

Still no progress on Guyana’s AML/CFT Bill ahead of FATF meeting


EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : Attempts to reconcile Guyana’s political parties after a major fallout over amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Act of 2009 have proven futile. Government’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, who chairs the Parliamentary Special Select Committee considering the AML/ CFT Bill, said that attempts have been made to convene an urgent meet-

ing with the Opposition but to no avail. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge confirmed that the Opposition had been contacted by the government but members of the coalition were unable to attend the meeting. Last Wednesday, the work of the Select Committee hit rock bottom with the government and the coalition failing to agree on fundamental sections of the proposed amendments to the

The government is objecting to moves by the Opposition to establish an AML/CFT Authority and the removal of the powers of the Finance Minister and President to appoint and dismiss the Director of the

Government’s Chief Whip in Guyana Gail Teixeira

Principal Act.

Jamaica Cabinet approves Bill to relax ganja possession penalties


INGSTON, JAMAICA: Jamaican legislators have approved the amendment of the Dangerous Drugs Act to facilitate the decriminalisation of possession of small amounts of ganja. The announcement was made by Justice Minister Mark Golding during a press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kingston last Thursday. "Cabinet has approved certain changes to the law relating to ganja. These relate to the possession of small quantities of ganja for personal use, the smoking of ganja in private places and the use of ganja for medical/medicinal purposes," Golding said. He also announced that Cabinet had also approved the decriminalisation of ganja for religious use and said he hoped the law would be amended by early September. Golding's announcement came on the heels of recent calls by the Opposition for individuals who are held smoking a spliff to not be given a criminal record. With the proposed changes, people caught in possession of ganja weighing two ounces or less will not be arrested but will be ticketed and required to pay a fine. These offenders will not be brought

before a criminal court or attract a criminal record. Golding said failure to pay the fine after 30 days will result in a minor offence punishable in a Petty Sessions Court. The law will allow for individuals held in possession of ganja, such as an adolescent or a person deemed to be totally dependent on the herb, to be taken before the court to be evaluated and referred to the National Council for Drug Abuse for counselling. He, however, warned that ganja smoking will not be permitted in public spaces. In addition, the law would also be amended to allow for ganja to be grown for medical and industrial uses. Golding also said that the State would implement changes to the Criminal Records Act to allow for the expunging of records for individuals held with small amounts of weed and have criminal convictions against their names. The Bill is expected to come into being before Parliament takes its summer break. Golding, however, warned that the law has not yet been amended and urged the public to respect the current legislation until the changes come into effect. (Excerpted from Jamaica Observer)

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The government remains optimistic that these differences can be ironed out before the Finance Action Task Force (FATF) meets in Paris on June 25. During

that meeting, the international financial body will determine whether Guyana should be subjected to a prima-facie review by the International Cooperation Review Board. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)


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Guyana pursues oil, gas development New TT Bill assures pensions support from Canada for judges’ widows too


EORGETOWN, GUYANA: Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud recently headed a Guyana delegation to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, attending several meetings focused on improving the technical capacity of Guyana for natural resources development. Persaud, who was accompanied by Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr Nicole Giles, held several high-level meetings with various government and private sector institutions which could help Guyana in building its technical human resources for an improved level of natural resources management, both in the private and public sectors. The team met Premier of Alberta, Dave Hancock, who is also Innovation and Advanced Education Minister. He indicated that Guyana can partner with the technical institutions of Alberta to improve public policy for the governance of the natural resources sector. Officials of the two countries also discussed matters relating to applied science and technology for collaboration with the Guyana Mining School and Training Centre Inc and the University of Guyana.


Regulatory framework

The Natural Resources Minister also discussed matters relating to the development of a new regulatory framework for the minerals and oil and gas sectors as well as issues of fiscal management. He stated that while Guyana has been working extractive sectors for over 115 years, the government is committed to ensuring that there is greater responsibility and accountability of the management of the sectors and that future generation could benefit from the wealth of these natural resources. The Guyanese minister also met with International and Inter-governmental Relations Minister of Alberta Cal Dallas. The meeting between the two ministers explored areas of trade and investment opportunities in the Americas for the two diversified economies. The ministers noted that both Guyana and Alberta have economic starting bases. Both economies have a strong agricultural foundation for economic growth and development. Persaud highlighted that there is a high potential for the development of an oil and gas sector of the Guyana economy and that there is much that can be adopted for the principles of growth,

Guyana’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud

which have been successful in Alberta. Dallas stated that there is much emphasis on hydrocarbon development of the Guyanese economy and the entire natural resources sector, in general. The two ministers agreed that cooperation could be established for areas of improved regulations, land use frameworks, water usage, air quality, biodiversity and options for creation of a sovereign wealth fund. The Guyana delegation included Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Chairman Clinton Williams; Finance Ministry, Fiscal and Monetary Division head Donald Dyal; and Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Senior Policy Analyst/Advisor, Bobby Gossai Jr. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

ORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINIDAD: Government Opposition MPs in Trinidad and Tobago last Friday night unanimously voted in measures which will almost double judges pensions and widen the coverage given to judges’ widows. The Judges Salaries and Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2014, was passed at the end of a marathon sitting of the House of Representatives. The Bill was debated alongside legislation to raise MP’s pensions. During debate, Government Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal said judges, upon retirement, often face the, “challenges of health, paying an assortment of bills which may remain outstanding.” “Judges cannot by law practice their own profession upon retirement,” he noted, alluding to constitutional rules that bar a judge from returning to private practice for ten years upon retirement. Moonilal read out a letter from the wife of an ailing judge who, in 2004, had implored the executive for financial help and who had asked for urgent consideration of the issue. The legislation increases the proportion of base pay used to calculate the pension benefit, but it also widens the allowances that must be included in the base for the purpose of the calculation. The effect is almost a doubling of the pension which, for example, would see the Chief Justice’s

Government Whip in TT Dr Roodal Moonilal (TT Newsday file photo)

pension move from TT$50,350 to TT$93,223. The Bill also provides that when a sitting Judge, retired Judge, a sitting Chief Justice or retired Chief Justice dies and leaves behind a widow, the widow is paid the annual sum of 85 percent of his pensionable emoluments (rather than one-quarter) or a monthly pension of TT$3,000, whichever is greater. The Bill also provides that whenever judge’s salaries or pensionable allowances increase, widows are also entitled to have their pensions recalculated as though the judge was still in that office or retired from that office. The judges pension legislation, as well as the MPs pension legislation, heads to the Senate. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

15 PM Browne signs agreement for EC $2 billion project in Antigua News

Scotiabank to consider buying Clico Trinidad

Scotiabank Managing Director in TT Anya Schnoor


O R T - O F S P A I N , TRINIDAD: Managing Director of Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago, Anna Schnoor, said Monday the bank will consider buying the assets of the Colonial Life Insurance Company Limited (Clico) when government offers the company for sale. She made the statement in response to questions from journalists at a function at the bank’s flagship branch at the corner of Frederick Street and Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, to celebrate its 60th Anniversary in Trinidad and Tobago. She said, “I am sure we would always look at any opportunities to grow. I am not sure what the plan is, I’ve read in the (news) paper that it may be up for sale, but I think that we will always look at any opportunity if it fits in with our risk profile and what we are looking for as we grow in the island.” In response to another question, she said the banking sector in TT was “tremendously strong.” She said one only had to look at how the banking industry in Trinidad and Tobago had survived the international banking collapse in 2008. “Other than Clico, which had other issues which were particularly unique to Clico, the rest of the banking system stood up very strong and has actually grown and continues to grow since then. So I think Trinidad is uniquely placed in that it has a very strong and a very diverse financial services industry and I think it is well regulated and has good oversight,” she added. (TT Newsday)



T JOHN’S, ANTIGUA: One day after taking up the position of Prime Minister, Gaston Browne has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Yida International Investment Antigua Ltd to pave the way for a two-billion dollar investment project in the twin-island-state. According to a government press statement, the MOA emerged after an eighthour session of negotiations on Saturday, June 14. Yida International is expected to invest over 200 million dollars annually in the economy over the next 10 years, as well as provide an Antigua and Barbuda presence in the People’s Republic of China to attract additional economically viable investments. PM Browne stated, “I promised the people that my administration would bring the type of investments to the country that will transform Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse and I am serious about that promise. “This Memorandum of Agreement is the result of our determination to work in the interest of the people of the coun-

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne, second left, and Director of Yida International Investment Antigua Limited Mr Yida Zhang sign the Memorandum of Agreement at the Prime Minister’s Office on Saturday (Photo courtesy Office of the Prime Minister)

try,” he added. Yida investors say the initiative will see the transformation of Guiana Island and surrounding lands via the construction of five five-star hotels. Thirteen hundred (1,300) residential units, a casino, conference centre, 27-hole golf course, marina and landing facilities, as well as a commercial, retail and sports facility will also be built.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Immigration and Labour, Steadroy Benjamin, who witnessed the MOA, said the new Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) is about delivering for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Benjamin pointed out, “We were elected convincingly by the majority of the people of the country and we are commit-

ted to live up to our promises. One major promise is to provide jobs. This project will ensure that we move people from unemployed to being employed.” During the lead up to the 2014 election, Prime Minister Browne vowed that his administration, when elected, would bring tangible investments that will generate much needed economic growth for the country. (Antigua Observer)


News | week ending JUNE 19, 2014

High energy costs force Guyana police reaches Alcoa out of Jamaica out to domestic violence victims in Berbice K I N G S T O N , JAMAICA: Alcoa’s decision to divest its stake in its Jamaica operation was influenced by the high cost of energy, a source close to the company confirmed over the weekend. "The bottom line is that energy accounts for 50 percent of the company's operation, and that is simply unsustainable," said the source, who opted for anonymity. Alcoa announced its decision last Friday, stating that it had signed a non-binding letter of intent with Noble Resources UK Limited to pursue a sale of its 55 percent stake in Jamalco, the bauxite mining and alumina refining joint venture with the State-run Clarendon Alumina Production Ltd, which owns 45 percent. Alcoa said the decision is in line with its "global strategy to reshape its upstream portfolio and lower the cost base of its commodity business". The company said that it would retain a minority interest in Alcoa Minerals Jamaica (AMJ) and serve as Jamalco's managing operator for at least two years. Most importantly, the decision will not result in any of the company's near 900 workers losing their jobs. Alcoa also said that work will continue on pursuing an

Alcoa had been shipping unprocessed bauxite from Jamaica since 1963 (Jamaica Observer photo)

energy solution for Jamalco, a point that was emphasised by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining which, in its news release on the development, noted that Noble owns coal reserves.

Energy solution

This, the ministry said, "is an important consideration from the viewpoint of an energy solution for the Jamalco refinery". Noble, the ministry said, has been working with Jamalco to implement an energy solution for the short and medium term. "It is expected that within the next two years, while Alcoa continues to manage the Jamalco operations, work on finalisation of an interim energy solution will be completed, as a precursor to the construction of a coal-fired plant by 2017/18,"

the ministry said, adding that "the energy solution is a critical element in reducing the cost of production of alumina, and improving profitability of the venture." That point was raised by a source who said that if Jamaica could find a solution to high energy costs, the Jamalco plant would be one of the most efficient in the bauxite alumina sector. Alcoa's sale of its Jamalco stake will bring to an end the company's more than 50-year relationship with Jamaica. Although it built its refinery at Halse Hall, Clarendon in 1973, Alcoa had been shipping unprocessed bauxite since 1963. Alcoa's investment in Jamaica followed those of Reynolds and Alcan in 1952, Kaiser in 1953, and Revere in 1971. (Jamaica Observer)


Ranks of the Springlands Police Station in Guyana pose with one of the recipients of hampers last Friday

ERBICE, GUYANA: As Guyanese Police in Corentyne, Berbice continue their efforts to forge a better relationship with the community, three families who have been affected by domestic violence benefited from food hampers, compliments of the Springlands Police Station last Friday. The initiative was spearheaded by Cadet Officer Jermaine Dufu and Station Sergeant Kiwis Gravesande, who, along with other ranks, visited the homes of the domestic abuse victims at Crabwood Creek, Line Path, and Number 72 Village respectively. The hampers that were distributed by the ranks comprised basic food items that will bene-

fit the women and their children. This newspaper understands that of the three families, two of them are headed by single parents. In the other family, of nine, the husband is ill and thus unable to provide for his family. This is the first of the relationship-building initiatives planned by the Springlands Police Station, others are set in the coming weeks. Among them, this publication also understands, is a movie night for members of the community which will focus on educating primarily adults on domestic violence. Selected movies will be shown to highlight the various scenarios in abusive relationships.


Jamaican MP wants help for New Kingston homeless gays


INGSTON, JAMAICA: Member of Parliament (MP) for South East St Andrew Julian Robinson says a national focus may be needed to resolve the issue of about 3040 homeless gay men in his constituency. Robinson was referring to the group of homosexuals in the New Kingston area of his constituency who previously "captured" unoccupied homes in the area, and who are now occupying a gully on Trafalgar Road, where they live and offer sex for sale. Speaking in the sectoral debate in the House of Representatives last week, Robinson said that he felt that the issue was of sufficient national and international attention to trigger a statement from him. "I am highlighting it here, because it has received tremendous national and even international exposure and it has been an intractable problem that we haven't been able to find a solution to and it is something that requires national focus and attention," the MP said. He told the House that the group consisted of between 30 and 40 homeless homosexual young men who congregate in a gully just off Trafalgar Road. "It is a problem which has existed for over two years. They have moved from property to property across the constituency, every empty building. They have now located in this gully," Robinson said. "The issues here are complex; they are not just about the sexual orienta-

week ending JUNE 19, 2014 |

Guyana gov’t to soon address manpower shortage in Police Force

Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says the Police Force has never been up to its full strength in respect to its field establishment

Jamaica’s MP South East St Andrew Julian Robinson (Jamaica Observer photo)

tion of the individuals. Many of them are youngsters who have suffered abuses--physical, psychological, sexual--they have been ostracised from their families, some of them are homeless and many of them engage in prostitution," he said. Also, regrettably, according to Robinson, is that some of them are perpetrators of criminal activities, including thefts, break-ins, and physical assault. The solutions, he said, are not easy, although a number of efforts have been made to deal with the group. "They have been removed on numerous occasions, but they return," he said, adding that there is now a group of church leaders who are looking at solving this problem. (Jamaica Observer)

St. Lucia gov’t moving to deal with gang violence


ASTRIES, ST. LUCIA: The St. Lucia government is moving to rid the streets of gangs that it said have been fuelling many violent encounters and serious crimes on the island, particularly among male youth. N a t i o n a l Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere says the Anti-Gang Act, which has now come into force, is one aspect of the strategy aimed at addressing gang activity and ensuring safe communities. “In recent times we have sought to address the issue at the highest levels in order to send a clear message that gang activity will not be tolerated,” he said. The Act criminalises gang-related activity including gang membership, facilitating gang-related criminal activities, advising gangs, and recruiting for gangs. The law also establishes stiff penalties for gang activity, with most punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment if


A new Act being enforced in St. Lucia criminalises gang-related activity including gang membership

convicted in a court. La Corbiniere said that it is also an indictable offence if someone commits an offence for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a gang. “The Act makes an offence for a person to have a bullet proof vest, firearm, ammunition or any equipment, instrument, material or other device , whether lawfully obtained or not , with the intention that it may be used in committing an offence for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a gang . “A person who commits an offence under section 4 is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of EC$100,000.00

and imprisonment of 10 years,” he added. The legislation also stipulates that the court may impose a more severe penalty on the convicted person, if certain factors or conditions existed in the commission of the offence. La Corbiniere said young people should make positive choices in respect of the activities in which they engage. “Joining gangs and engaging in gang activities should be avoided as this could lead to many years of incarceration,” he said. So far some 14 people have been murdered in St. Lucia so far this year, with the majority being below the age of 30. (Observer)


EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said the Guyana Police Force (GPF) was understrength but he maintained that this was not anything new. Speaking at a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) press conference on Monday, Rohee maintained that the government is cognisant of the issue and is taking steps towards its resolution. According to Rohee, the government has sought the aid of Capita Simons Consultancy firm, which was charged with determining attributing factors and alleviatory methods. “Capita Simons Consultancy was engaged to do a study on this matter and they have produced, what I would say something like a blueprint to address this matter,” Rohee said. He pointed out that

the GPF has never been able to reach its maximum human resource capacity, but this factor did not majorly affect the Force in the discharge of its remit. “Based on enquiries that I have made, the Guyana Police Force has never ever been up to its full strength in respect to its field establishment…It has always been an uphill task…to acquire the full strength of the force,” he explained.

Addressing the situation

However he opined that with the acquisition of the “blueprint” from the consultancy firm, the government would be able to address the situation. He said too that most ranks would leave the Force during their second or third year of assignment and this would be due to various factors, including the fact that those years are the most trying years for an officer.

He said once a rank is past the five-year mark, then a sense of stability steps in, and it is less likely that the officer will leave the Force. “Theory and practice has to go hand in hand, you can study all the rules and the standing orders and so on, but in terms of the application in the field, and interacting with people, because that’s where the litmus really comes: how you’re able to apply what you’ve learnt in the training school to reality, based on what you’ve learnt in the training school.” Rohee noted too that it is the fairly new officers that more attention has to be paid to, since in most instances they are the ones responsible for heinous acts that would throw bad light on the integrity of the Force and affect public trust in the GPF. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)


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Boys dominate NGSA exams in Guyana - private schools produce majority of top performers


UYANA: Male students in Guyana have outshone their female counterparts, in the top 10 as they dominated the 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). The country’s top performer is an 11-year-old male student of the New Guyana School. Jorrel De Santos secured the top spot with a whopping 533 marks from a total score of 540. The young man said while he is excited about his achievement, he knew he would have done well. Intense revisions and late night studies were part of his routine while preparing for the examination. His advice to the next batch of NGSA candidates is to work hard and not “take the journey lightly”. “Make sure you revise and understand the concepts,” the aspiring neurologist urged. He thanked God, his parents and the teachers of the New Guyana School for their tireless support. The second placed was secured by School of the Nations student Aliah Mohamed, who obtained 531 marks. The young lady recalled that she was surprised when she heard the news, but was very thrilled at her performance. Mohamed said the school work was not difficult, but her home studies were tedious. A composed Ravi Singh copped the third spot with 530 marks. The Westfield Prep student noted that he has always been a hard worker, and

Jorrel De Santos

Aliah Mohamed

Jeremiah Bentham

Analise Samaroo

Jeron Boucher

Ravi Singh

Krystal Singh

Shania De Groot

Isaac Mallampati

Rueben Stanley

is happy with his performance.

make reading an everyday habit. Meanwhile, Krystal Singh of Success Elementary, the top student for Region Four, secured a spot at Queen’s College with 524 marks. She said her success was the result of hard work, and thanked her parents, family members and teachers for their support and encouragement. Singh said she wants to become an architect, and her focus will be placed in this direction. The seventh place was taken by Jeremiah Bentham, the only student of a public school, in the top 10. The Winfer Gardens Primary student, who gained 524 marks, said he was “shocked” at his achievement. The aspiring Mechanical Engineer

pointed out that his early morning and late evening study with his mother had paid huge dividends.

young lady said in preparation for the examination, she burnt the midnight oil, and cannot be more proud of her results. Rueben Stanley of Mae’s Schools, who also scored 523 marks, also expressed similar sentiments, but noted that his biggest challenge was neglecting his hobbies. Apart from the top 10 students, students’ performance at the NGSA improved overall when compared to 2013, and there were a number of outstanding performances. Mareisa Nascimento of Santa Rosa Primary with 510 marks was the top student in her region; Roshanee Daonarine of Good Hope Primary with 519 marks, topped Region

Two; Grace Etwaru of Rosignol Primary with 518 marks, topped Region Five; while Joel Persaud of Cropper Primary and Simeon De Abreu of All Saints Primary, who both scored 518 marks, shared the top spot in Region Six. Ravi Ramdass of High Achievers Institute with 505 marks topped Region Seven; Sean Abraham of Kato Primary with 474 marks topped Region Eight; and Angelique Thomas and Amisha Ramdin, both of St Ignatius Primary, and each with 502 marks, were adjudged the top students in Region Nine. Roy Rogers of Regma Primary, who secured 514 marks, is Region 10, 2014 top student. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)

Strict schedule

The young man explained that he had a strict study schedule, which allowed him little time to rest. Another New Guyana School student, Isaac Mallampati, obtained 527 marks and was placed fourth. He credits God, his parents and teachers for his success. The lad noted while he did not expect to do this well, he is happy about his performance as he made a lot of sacrifices. With 525 marks, Analise Samaroo of School of Nations said that she was unsure of her performance, but on seeing the results, she became overjoyed. She said reading played a big part in her success and encouraged others to

“Very elated”

A jubilant Jeron Boucher of the Genesis Early Childhood, who tied with Bentham in seventh place, with 524 marks, was “very elated” at his achievement. He is also Region Three top student at the examinations. He noted that he tried his best and it paid off, but said the studying process made him grumpy because he had to give up watching television and reading of his favourite books. Another Success Elementary student, Shania De Groot, also among the top 10, scored 523 marks. The somewhat shy

Woman killed in Trinidad hours after obtaining restraining order


RINIDAD: A mother of two was killed by a close male relative Monday, hours after she obtained a restraining order against the man in the Mayaro Magistrates Court. Police said Orpha Prescilla Hackett, 24, of Union Village, Rio Claro, was chopped several times about the body by the man, who attacked her as she was visiting her sister in Mayaro. However, witnesses eventually held the man and called in the police, who arrested him and seized the weapons used in the killing. The man was detained at the Mayaro Police Station

Orpha Prescilla Hackett, 24, was chopped several times

Monday night. Police said Hackett, the mother of a girl, 4 and boy, 2, had received a three-year restraining order against the man in the court earlier in the day after ending an abusive relationship with him. She then went to visit her sister.

Around 1.50 pm, however, witnesses claimed to have seen the man buying two knives and a cutlass at a nearby hardware. He then went to the St Ann’s Village, Mayaro, home of Hackett’s sister and attacked and killed her. (TT Guardian)




More women, children in Jamaica becoming victims of human trafficking - police


A M A I C A : Perpetrators of human trafficking crimes are said to be raking in lucrative fees to recruit victims of what is estimated by the United Nations to be a US$32billion-a-year global trade. Although there is no specific data on the worth of the local trade in trafficking of persons, the Jamaican police said there has been an increase in the number of children and women who are being recruited under the pretence of lucrative job offers which later lead to horrifying sexual exploitation. “Because it is a business being run, we are seeing intermediaries, persons who get really nice stipends to do the recruiting, and so they will connect with people who they know. They will visit the clubs and say ‘what do you get for payment for the night?’ And let’s say

instance when Barbados was forced to refuse a Jamaican woman landing in that Caribbean country because she was, unknowingly, being trafficked. “She was responding to what she thought was a very good business deal, and thankfully the Barbados police called to say they took her out of harm’s way,” Berry said.

Global trend

Lisa Palmer-Hamilton, head of the Prosecution Sub-Committee of the Human Trafficking Task Force, addresses Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange. Beside her is Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry, head of the constabulary’s Trafficking in Persons Unit (Observer photo)

they are told Ja$2,000, they will say ‘what about US$2,000?’ And immediately persons are recruited,” head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Trafficking in Persons Unit, Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry, said Monday.

Social media




with other stakeholders of the National Taskforce Against Trafficking in persons, was addressing reporters and editors at the weekly Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange at the newspaper’s head offices in Kingston, said there has been increased usage of social media such as

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as well as advertisements to recruit victims. He explained that both adults and children continue to be recruited for sexual exploitation, forced labour, servitude, prostitution, and pornography. Berry cited a recent

Meanwhile, DSP Berry said Jamaica will also be on the lookout for persons who are trafficked for their organs, now a worldwide trend. He cited a recent World Health Organisation study which reported that more than 10,000 illegal kidney transplants are done every year. It is estimated that such kidneys fetch as much as euro 200,000 for each. “With recent media reports that kidneys were short, you wonder if this isn’t something

we should make sure does not creep up on our shores,” he said. Head of the Prosecution SubCommittee of the Human Trafficking Task Force Lisa Palmer-Hamilton said, for an offence to be prosecuted under the Trafficking in Persons Prevention Suppression and Punishment Act of 2007, recruiting has to be expressed or implied. She pointed to a case now before the court where a child was abducted by a man she met on the Internet. “The young girl met a man on the Internet and told her mother she was going to the library, took the bus in from rural Jamaica and came downtown to meet the man, who abducted her, took her to another rural parish where she was exploited and pictures taken; so there we also had child pornography,” she disclosed. (Excerpted from Jamaica Observer)

GUYANA: Berbicians rally around family of three girls killed by drunk driver


E R B I C E , G U Y A N A : President Donald on Saturday visited the homes of the three girls who were killed in last Wednesday’s hitand-run accident on the Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six. The victims are Tabithia Latoya Bagot, 18; Malkia Wanita Bagot, 16; and Shamain Cort, three. At their Phillipi Village home, the President met with family members and relatives of the trio, and extended his sympathy, noting that a lot of support is needed to overcome the tragedy. “We want the family to know that we know what they are going through at these trying times. It is impossible to stop the grief because of the loss of lives, but at least, to offer support and let them know that the entire country is also mourning with them.” He stated that the incident is one that affects the entire country and commended the community for their understanding in dealing with the traumatic incident. Also present were the parents of Nakesh Persaud, the driver of the car that caused the accident. The father of the teen Lakeraj

Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar consoling members of the Bagot family on their recent loss of three family members (Guyana Times photo) From left: Malkie Wanitia Bagot, little Shamain Cort and Tabithia Latoya Bagot were killed last Wednesday

Persaud, in tears, said he is deeply saddened by the incident and expressed profound sympathy to the relatives of the deceased girls. Present too were Public Works Minister Robeson Benn; Regional Chairman David Armogan; ‘B’ Division Commander Brian Joseph and other senior ranks of the division. They all expressed sympathy to the relatives and pledged their support in any way possible. Concerns were raised about street lights in the community, the installation of speed bumps and traffic signs on the roadway so as to stop if not reduce the amount of fatal accidents.

Minister Benn, in addressing the concerns, noted that there is a process in which street lights are installed, and promised that the Public Works Ministry will look into the matter, and a response will be provided in two weeks. Last Wednesday, Nakesh Persaud, 18, of 121 Number 51 Village, Corentyne, was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol when he struck down five persons in three separate accidents, killing the three girls and critically wounding the other two victims. He appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh last Friday and was slapped with 10 charg-

es, including three counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

Persaud was remanded to Prison until July 2, when he will make

his second court appearance. (Excerpted from Guyana Times)


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RI D G E T O WN, BARBADOS: P r o - v i c e chancellor and principal of UWI Cave Hill Campus, Sir Hilary Beckles, has been awarded a fourth honorary doctorate––the latest coming from Brock University in Ontario, Canada. The honorary doctorate of laws was presented at Brock’s Spring Convocation on June 5. Brock, which is currently marking its 50th anniversary, noted that Sir Hilary had distinguished himself in a multifaceted academic career and through his public engagement. “An accomplished scholar, leader, cricket writer, playwright, university administrator, Sir Hilary is one of the most respected scholars of Caribbean history in the world,” ora-

This is the fourth honorary doctorate awarded to Sir Hilary Beckles, vice-chancellor and principal of UWI Cave Hill Campus (Barbados Today photo)

tor Behnaz Mirzai noted in the citation. “He is a leader with diverse experiences, as well as a seasoned administrator in different areas, including his present position [as principal]. “He has seamlessly blended academic concerns within the wider

non-academic spheres. “His essays and books have generated considerable interest and have earned him a great deal of respect, including major awards. Every one of his works advances the frontier of knowledge.” In his acceptance speech, Sir Hilary noted:

“Brock is a very distinguished university with an enviable record of research and applied commercial engagement, and in many ways serves as a role model for the Cave Hill Campus. It is interesting that the person after whom your university is named, General Sir

Isaac Brock, while serving in the British army was stationed at the Garrison in Barbados in 1812. It is an honour to be a part of this history, and to be recognised by your fine institution and the excellence it represents.” Sir Hilary has authored, co-authored

and edited more than 30 books, and has written over 70 academic articles on the subject of Barbadian history, Caribbean history, Atlantic and colonial history often within the context of slavery, gender and labour. His previous honorary Doctor of Letters degrees were awarded from the University of Hull in 2004; from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana in 2009, in recognition of his meritorious and distinguished lifetime achievements, public service and contribution to the world of learning and higher education; and from the University of Glasgow in 2011, in recognition of the major contribution he has made to academic research into the transatlantic slave trade and plantation slavery. (Barbados Today)

Guyana honours 100 voluntary blood donors

Guyana’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shamdeo Persaud and Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) representative Mr. William Adu-Krow pose with the proud donors (GINA photo)


EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : Every year on June 14, Guyana joins with countries around the world to celebrate World Blood Donor day. The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and provides the opportunity to express gratitude to voluntary donors for their gift that saves lives. In this light, the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), or blood bank last Friday night hosted its annual World Blood Donor day awards ceremony. At the institution’s compound on Lamaha Street, 100 individuals were honoured via certificates and a small token for their regular act of humanity. The event which was held under the theme “Safe Blood for Saving Mothers” attracted a large gathering of donors and their supporters. Minister of Health

Dr. Bheri Ramsaran expressed gratitude to the donors and encouraged them to continue their good work. He also touched on the importance of blood donation and the significant impact that giving blood can make in another individual’s life and a family at large. The theme for this year’s celebration is focused on saving mothers because every day, about 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirthrelated complications worldwide. This issue of severe bleeding during delivery and after childbirth is a major cause of mortality, morbidity and long-term disability. Also present at the ceremony were Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Shamdeo Persaud and Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) representative Mr. William AduKrow along with staff of the blood bank and other medical practitioners. (GINA)





Artist Simbu Doobay

imbu Doobay, from Providence, East Bank Demerara, left school at an early age to take care of his younger brothers and to help his parents in their shop in Georgetown. His escape was to practice Tae-Kwon-Do (1st Dan Black Belt), and draw. His dedication to the craft of painting proved that desire, imagination and hard work can lead to mastery. He has proven the 10,000 rule. The rule that if you dedicate 10,000 hours to the thing you love doing you will excel and become a master. Doobay’s dedication to his passion saw him gain an acceptance into Burrowes School of Art, but he could not take up

that offer because of his obligation to his parents’ shop. His big break came one day returning from the “matinee” from Strand Cinema when he came across an old homeless Afro-Guyanese man painting at the side of the street near Stabroek market. Doobay would return everyday to watch the artist paint and spoke to him about art. He brought the man tennis rolls and cheese in exchange for art lessons. With his family’s departure to Canada, Doobay’s art took on a new life. His painting continued to grow, in between his various jobs he would squirrel away his money into investing

Beautiful painting of a bird in different brushes. He later discovered “knife painting” and would spend endless hours in his brother’s back yard practising his talents. Doobay was relentless to grow in his artistic skills. Consequently, he bought books and taught himself. In an interview, Doobay mentioned that he is a “self-inspired artist”. “When I was in Form Two, while I was studying and got bored, I saw


AMAICA: Not everyone is blessed to have a celebrity father who is loved and respected by thousands across the globe. One such exception is Cedella Marley, the firstborn daughter of Rita Marley and the late reggae legend, Bob Marley. In honour of Father's Day, the singer, fashion designer and entrepreneur shared with Jamaican media the lessons that she has learnt from her beloved father. Bob Marley's messages to his fans through his music were always inspirational. His advice to his daughter was no different. "Believe in yourself and anything you put your mind to, you will accomplish." Marley said her father told her. Bob Marley died of cancer in 1981, aged 36. Cedella also took

Cedella Marley (at left) and her late father Bob (Jamaica Observer photos)

some indirect lessons from his life: staying positive, keeping things simple and learning as much as the world can provide. Of her fondest times with her father, Marley recalls running on the beach and enjoying family time. The chief executive officer of record label Tuff Gong International said that her father has influenced both her personal and professional life. "Personally, he has inspired me to inspire others," she said. "I

am honoured to have the opportunity to further his message that has blessed so many people around the globe. Professionally, I have been blessed to work in creative fields. From singing, to music, to dance and more. Everything and anything is possible. You just need to put in the work and have the discipline. No matter what obstacles are put in front of you, remain true to yourself. You are limitless," she said. Last weekend, the

One of his applauded pieces

a picture of Sir Frances Drake, and I decided to sketch it and I liked what I did, so I decided to continue drawing. Between the ages of 12 to 14, I started drawing and when I was about 17 I started painting. Art relaxes me and sometimes makes me see things such as colours. I see objects that I can put here and there on the canvas and it fits perfectly in my painting. I enjoy painting landscapes and flowers.

Through my art I promote my Guyanese heritage by painting scenes from Guyana such as the Kaieteur Falls and other scenes,” explained Doobay. Doobay has participated in numerous art exhibitions in Ottawa, Canada. His most recent was in March for three days, where he sold three paintings. The self-taught artist said his future plan is that when he retires, he would like to contin-

ue painting and become a famous artist. He also wants to teach art to kids and adults at art stores. “My advice to youths who want to become artists is to have another job other than being an artist to be able to survive. I say this because it is very hard to sell paintings, and if you can’t sell many, it will be very hard to make a living as an artist and to support a family,” the artist advises. (Guyana Times Sunday Magazine)

full-time mother of three took her eclectic designs to the runway at Caribbean Fashion Week. Pieces from the line were even inspired by her father, who, she joked, should have taught her to be a better football player. Sharing her father's love for the sport,

Marley is also focused on her role as ambassador of the Jamaican Women's football team, utilising her voice to raise awareness for their goal of competing in the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada. Admiring her father’s honesty and ability to give voice to many,

Cedella Marley believes that the public should remember her great father, Bob Marley, for who he truly was. "He was a man that truly believed in justice and the beauty of life ... a timeless master of lyrics and music," she said. (Excerpted from Jamaica Observer)


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RINIDAD: The last three decades of the life of Sundar Popo as encapsulated by story teller Victor Edwards, was touching for many in the audience at the gala opening of the play Sundar on Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad recently. The poignant story of Sundar’s love for two women, his struggle to make his mark on the music scene with an untested style and his battle with the bottle (rum) which eventually caused his death in 2000, evoked all kinds of emotion from the audience. Judging from the response, artistic director and playwright Victor Edwards


would have fulfilled his quest to create art from the life of an icon and started a conversation about the influence that chutney music would have had on the cultural landscape of not only TT, but the wider Caribbean region. The impact would not have been lost on Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, who would have seen the production and Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal. Both expressed an interest in having their respective ministries sponsor a number of repeat shows depicting the dramatic saga of Popo’s life. Kenny Phillip of KMP Studios, who filmed the

three-hour long Iere Theatre Productions Ltd play, which was held at the Sundarlal Popo Bahora Auditorium, named after the legend at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (Sapa), is also exploring opportunities with an international distributor to distribute the DVDs in countries where Sundar would have performed. In the compelling account of the period 1970 to 2000, story teller Edwards explored Popo’s rise to local and international fame, with his evergreen Nani and Nana hit, which seemed at first outrageous to his rum drinking peers— Choonilal, Moonia, Noor

Sundar Popo played by Shabir Mohammed, right, beats the table and sings as he drinks with his friends during the play 'Sundar' by Iere Theatre Productions Ltd at Sapa on May 30 (TT Guardian)

and Ramdeo—as women previously claimed domination of this brand of chutney. Using simple language to speak to the ordinary citizens,

Edwards conveyed the pride this “Coolie boy” from Barrackpore felt, when he was invited by a university in the great America, to lecture about the chutney genre. This was one of the more moving scenes in the play, when an ailing Popo, played by Shabir Mohammed, who blew away audiences with his powerful voice, reluctantly leave for the airport in spite of a sorrowful plea, in song, from his second wife Suraji. Suraji portrayed by Reanna Edwards, a music teacher at Naparima Girls’ High School, begged him to forego the journey out

of fear that she will never see him alive again. In life, Popo made the journey to York University to share for the last time, in his own words, the powerful chutney story. He died shortly after his return. The show, set against the backdrop of a Hindu wedding, could have easily been dubbed Sundar The Musical, as two live bands ably aided by singers Kimberly Jones, Joseph Lopez and Omare Asson performed songs to coincide with social, political and cultural events interwoven in the story line. (Excerpted from TT Guardian)

Abbygaye Dallas winner of the 2012 festival song competition (Jamaica Observer file photo)


INGSTON, JAMAICA: Ten finalists have been selected for this year's Festival Song Competition in Jamaica. David Reid, the contest's co-ordinator, says the songs have been recorded and are being prepared for radio rotation. The finalists are Pehtrol (‘Mi Likkle Paradise’), Bono G (‘Island in The Sun’), Bastic (‘Sweet Sweet Jamaica’), Sanj and CG Smart (‘Jamaica Boom!’), Deep JAHI (‘I Love JA’), Kahni (‘My Jamaica’), Clearance (‘Jamaica Nice’), Oliver Smoothe (‘Jamaica Irie’),

Rasta Keekee (‘Little But We Tallawah’) and Rojjah (‘We Produce’). Prior to the final in late July, Reid says the contestants will participate in a media tour and an appearance on the Big Stage Competition. The winner will receive over Ja$2 million in cash and prizes. The Festival Song Competition was first held in 1966 and was won by The Maytals with Bam Bam. There was no contest in 2013. The 2012 festival song was Real Born Jamaican by Abbygaye Dallas. (Jamaica Observer)




otic Kingston, Jamaica. I have worked over the years with many inner city youth and in inner city surroundings and Kingston has a special urban grit that’s quite something to know and experience,” she said to explain why she wanted

behind HAMAFilms Antigua, which she runs with her husband writer/ director Howard Allen. In 2001 HAMAFilms became the first indigenous company in the Eastern Caribbean to produce a feature length film with the release of ‘The

has been actively teaching the art of storytelling and filmmaking to young people for the past four years. In collaboration with the UNICEFfunded Youth Media Workshop on Antigua, students 12 to 18 years are giving hands-on sup-

Mary Wells is a Jamaicanborn filmmaker (Jamaica Observer file photo)



amaican-born Mary Wells is enjoying the spotlight that her first feature, ‘Kingston Paradise’, is bringing to Caribbean filmmaking. The film most recently won Best Diaspora Feature at the African Academy Awards and in early 2014 took home the Programmers Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. Wells describes ‘Kingston Paradise’ as an off-beat urban thriller. “Stories are a basic innate human need. Without stories we would have no life and would cease to exist. I wanted to do a real story, but at the same time a kind of (funky) fantasy, making a social statement on poverty and survival on an everyday level in cha-


“From the beaches of Guadeloupe to the heart of Paris to the bright lights of the Big Apple, I always saw my life through lenses. Growing up in the belly of Paris, films fascinated me. I completed my Master’s Degree in media & languages at the Sorbonne University and Smith College in Massachusetts and moved to Manhattan to follow my dream of becoming a filmmaker,” Mariette Monpierre says

in her media bio. ‘Elza’, released in 2012, is Mariette’s first feature film and it has turned up the bright lights, already claiming five film festival awards, including Best First Feature Special Jury Recognition at the Pan African Film Festival, in Los Angeles and Best Picture at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. Monpierre has been paying her dues both in France and in New York. She’s directed numerous documentaries, hundreds of music videos, commercials, short films and videos for institutions. (Excerpted from

Filmmakers Howard and Mitzi Allen of HAMA Films, with former Antigua and Barbuda Consul General Janil Greenaway in Toronto during an event in 2011 (A&B gov’t file photo)

to make this film. Falling in love with acting as a child and the power of 16mm film, Mary says the five-year journey to make the film has been intensive and one she will do differently next time.


Mitzi Allen is the Executive Producer

Sweetest Mango,’ a romantic comedy, based on how the couple met and fell in love. The film continues to receive international attention and will be screened in Taiwan later in 2014. Mitzi, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, thinks telling stories about the Caribbean experience is critical and

port to learn filmmaking. HAMA recently screened its fourth film, ‘The Skin’, at the Pan African Film Festival in LA where it received rave reviews from the audience as well as the festival programmers. “In order for filmmaking in the region to grow we have to be ready to support each other and


he Guyana C h r i s t i a n Charities (Canada) Inc celebrates 27 years of service this year as a registered charity, which has provided significantly to Guyana. It all started in the late 1960s, when a group of past pupils and parents closely connected to the nuns who operated the St. Ann's Girls Orphanage in Georgetown and the St. John Bosco Boys Orphanage in Plaisance, learned that these two facilities were experiencing great difficulties obtaining funds to maintain their services and buildings. To help cover some part of this deficit, a group of ladies organised and held a ‘Bring and Buy Sale’. The proceeds assisted with Christmas parties for the orphans. This became an annual feature with increasing support from the Guyanese community in Toronto. The increase ensured the funding of additional special

use systems that can allow us to expand and produce content that can be played on various platforms internationally,” Mitzi shared.

Mariette Monpierre ( photo)

tertaining and popular Valentine Dance.

Combined efforts

Some of the organisation's members enjoying a light moment

projects. Following a further appeal from the Ursuline Sisters in 1977, Vera Lopes (deceased) and Anne Marie Reigber formed an enlarged group, which assumed the name The Alleluia Committee of Guyana. These committed individuals expanded their efforts to raise money for the maintenance of both the Georgetown and

Plaisance Orphanages. In 1978, the group held what had become its Annual Bake Sale at Holy Spirit Parish Hall on Sheppard Avenue. Remittances to the orphanages expanded to include items like food, clothing and school supplies. Meanwhile, about 1980, another group of Guyanese, under the leadership of Mannie

da Silva (deceased) was also organising. Mannie had received an urgent appeal from Fr. Harold Wong SJ for funds to replace the aging organ for the Brickdam Cathedral. This new group was appropriately named The Organ Committee. Their first endeavour was a successful fundraising dance. This successful event became the forerunner of the very en-

Eventually, these two groups, which were comprised mostly of the same persons, decided they would be more effective if they merged. Out of this merger Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) Inc. was created and Desmond De Barros assumed the role of first president. The organisation was established as a registered charitable organisation in 1987 and complies with the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency. In an interview with Guyanese media, Dexter Gonsalves, treasurer, stated: “The mandate of Guyana Christian Charities continues to be a commitment to help the needy and the sick in our beloved Guyana...Our efforts have attempted to keep up and to expand gradually. Assistance is being provided to an increasing number and va-

riety of other charities and organisations.” He further stated that while the organisation’s name might suggest it is entirely focused on one segment of the community, this is not the case. Over the years, GCC was awarded by the Guyana government and the Guyana Consulate in Toronto, ON, with several honours. “We operate a truly volunteering organisation, incurring no remuneration or auditing costs. Our total financial assistance over this 27 year registration period amounted to over $1 million Canadian dollars (including our Flood and Disaster Relief efforts), with shipment of 60 containers to numerous institutions in Guyana, with an estimated value of contents totalling approximately $3 million Canadian dollars,” Dexter revealed. (Excerpted from Guyana Times Sunday Magazine)


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O R T - O F S P A I N , TRINIDAD: Veteran broadcast journalist Julian Rogers has been appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to Broadcasting in the Queen’s birthday honours list. News of the honour was released Monday. Barbados-born Rogers, who has more than 45 years’ experience working in television, radio and print across the region, said he had known of the honour for a few weeks, but the reality only hit Monday when people

from all over the world flooded his phone, email and Facebook pages with special salutes. He said he spent most of the day “savouring the congratulations from family, friends and professional colleagues”. Rogers was based in Trinidad and Tobago from 1993 to 1998, first as general manager of the now defunct Prime Radio 106, a subsidiary of Caribbean Communications Network (CCN), then as an anchor on TV6. He pioneered breakfast television in TT, launching the country’s first live morning television talk show, the Morning

Julian Rogers is currently based in Antigua and Barbuda (Photo courtesy: Julian Rogers)

Edition, with producer Natalie Williams. Rogers was also part of the original team appointed to rebrand Trinidad and

Caribbean’s creative sector to benefit from TT$10 million European boost

Tobago Television (TTT) into CNMG. However, in 1998 he found himself at the centre of a controversy when

then Prime Minister Basdeo Panday refused to renew his work permit. This led to widespread protests by many who felt the move was motivated by the fact that many guests on the Morning Edition had been critical of the government. Rogers moved on to another job outside TT, hosting the very successful Talking Caribbean (1998–2000), a television talk show featuring hour-long interviews which was the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s first attempt at live interactive television. In recent years, Rogers has won accolades for his live broadcasts, in-

cluding his 2007 coverage of general elections in TT, the inaugural ceremony of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which took place in Trinidad in April 2005 and his commentary at the November 2010 state funeral of Barbadian Prime Minister David Thompson. Now based in based in Antigua and Barbuda, Rogers served there as a consultant in the setting up of Observer Radio and general manager of the Observer Media Group comprising two radio stations—Observer Radio and Hitz FM—as well as the Daily Observer newspaper. (TT Guardian)

Jamaican-born doctor on a mission to help homeland "We have a better impact when we are treating the same areas, getting to know their needs and are able to provide better care when we are going to specific areas rather than jumping around," Anderson-Worts explained.



The support will advance the development of the region’s audiovisual arts and film industry (TT Guardian file photo)

ORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINIDAD: The creative industry in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region will receive a boost with the award of a grant of €1.3 million (more than TT$10 million) from the European Union (EU) to five organisations undertaking innovative projects in the audio-visual sector. Specifically, the support will advance the development of the audiovisual arts and the local film industry. The grants will be used for training, film development, broadcast and distribution and networking, a release from the Delegation of the EU to TT said. The beneficiaries of these awards include Maturity Music Ltd who is developing a documentary about Culture and Steelpan in TT, Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution Inc who is partnering with Banyan for a 3D project which will strengthen distribution channels for local films in the Caribbean. Other beneficiaries of the grant are the TT Film Festival Ltd whose funds will enhance the broadcasting and distribution of Caribbean films via the development of an online database of actors and the launch of a new film market. Visiting Arts (in conjunction with the Ministry of Arts and

Multiculturalism) will provide training and capacity building for operators in the film industry to develop marketing and distribution networks. Visual and Performing Arts (in partnership with the Arthur Lok Jack School) is receiving receive funds for training and education to improve the business and marketing skills of filmmakers and producers. On receiving the grant funding, Arts and Multiculturalism minister Dr Lincoln Douglas said, “For many years the EU has been a strong supporter of economic development in Trinidad and Tobago and the region. We welcome the EU’s continued support in the area of culture which will assist in the diversification of our economy and build capacity in our citizens.” Chargé d’Affaires of the Delegation of the European Union in TT, Daniela Tramacere was proud to state that, “The EU has developed a strong partnership with TT and confirms its support to the non-energy based services sector.” She further added, “We often admire the skill and talent from the region and we hope that this grant funding would take TT one step further to make its creative industry.” (TT Guardian)

Dr Paula Anderson-Worts is flanked by Lascelles Chin (right), founder and executive chairman of LASCO-affiliated companies, and Professor Sir Kenneth Hall as she is presented with a token of appreciation at a cocktail reception for the volunteer doctors on June 6 at the Jamaica Pegasus Gardens (Observer photo)


I N G S T O N , JAMAICA: Although she left Jamaica some 46 years ago, Dr Paula Anderson-Worts is committed to giving back to her island home. The coordinator of the Jamaica Medical Mission, along with fellow Jamaican Don Daly, has since 2001 organised the United Statesbased mission which has provided free medical attention to more than 65,000 Jamaicans. Now the family medicine residency programme director at the Florida-based Nova Southeastern University, Anderson-Worts left Jamaica at age two but with her family originally being from Linstead, St Catherine, and Oracabessa, St Mary, she never forgot her roots. "I have very strong ties to my roots because my parents were very diligent in making

sure that we came back at least once a year," AndersonWorts told Jamaican media in an interview last Thursday. The coordinator envisioned participating in medical outreach since she was 16 years old. So when she was approached by a group of students for whom she was the faculty advisor about coming to Jamaica, "I said to them you don't have to twist my arm, I am Jamaican, so let's do it". The first trip was 14 years ago and since then, the team has been visiting Jamaica twice yearly. A mission that started with 55 health professionals has grown to more than 160 volunteers to date, several of whom are repeat volunteers and include doctors, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and pharmacists.

After studying Biology at the University of Miami she went on to complete her medical degree at the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine before completing her residency at the Sun Coast Hospital in Largo, Florida. Anderson-Worts went back to school, this time to complete her Master's in Public Health at Nova Southeastern University and decided to concentrate on family medicine. Anderson-Worts said that starting the Jamaica Medical Mission was not easy but credited the institution for which she works for facilitating the mission. "I am fortunate to be at an institution that has a lot of health professionals, so I have many of the disciplines there at my fingertips," she stated. "But just taking over 100 people would be challenging because it takes a lot of co-ordination." Some of the locations the team visited include: Four Square, Cassia Park; Mandela Centre, Hagley Park Road; the Tower Street Correctional Facility; and the Maxfield Avenue Health Centre all in Kingston, as well as Flint River Clinic, and Marlborough in St Mary. (Excerpted from Jamaica Observer)





n the last few months, photographs of Shahid Kapoor with actresses including Sonakshi Sinha, Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez, have made their way into the tabloids, online portals and even grabbed television airtime. While Shahid, an eligible, 33-year-old bachelor, may get away with being seen as a ‘ladies' man’, the women aren't too pleased with the unsolicited attention coming their way. A friend of one of the

actresses stated that, "Shahid is not even a close friend of Sonakshi, Nargis or Jacqueline. It's just that they just happened to be at the same place at the same time and were clicked together." Speaking on condition of anonymity, another actress told Mirror, "It is very unsettling to find yourself in the limelight with a man you have no connection with. There is a lot of explaining a girl has to do to her family and friends." (TOI)


reity Zinta has grabbed headlines for the past few days with her molestation case against industrialist and her former beau Ness Wadia. There were reports that Preity was hoping to rekindle their relationship, but Ness has found new love and has moved on. This irked Preity and that was the reason for her to get Ness into trouble. However, a source close to Preity denies the reports and claims that Preity is very secure in her current relationship. A source close to Preity Zinta said, "Preity either

laughs or gets annoyed with such stories. She is very confident and has always been open about her feelings. She is not jealous of anyone and is happy in her own space." The source further

added, "Preity is in a relationship and is safe and secure about it. She is not upset or hurt about Ness Wadia's relationship with someone. In fact, she is enjoying the happy phase in her life." (TOI)

Saif Ali Khan brings Sexy Back at a recent fashion award function


ollowing the footsteps of their seniors and the hottest couple of B-Town: Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are going for a vacation too.

A source revealed that the alleged lovebirds are planning a secret vacation and will go as soon as Shraddha wraps up promotions for her upcoming movie ‘Ek Villain’. Though the couple have not officially ac-

cepted their relationship in public, they are often spotted together. In fact, Aditya's sister-in-law Vidya Balan has also given her approval to Aditya's choice. When asked about the alleged relationship between Aditya and Shraddha, Vidya said 'bless them'. This news of their secret vacation comes a day after an alleged tiff between former friends Aditya and Sidharth Malhotra. It was reported that Shraddha's proximity to her co-star Sidharth was the reason for their fight at casting director Mukesh Chhabra's party. (TOI)


est known for the lead roles he played in telly soaps, Ram Kapoor ventured into Bollywood with character roles in films like ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’, ‘Agent Vinod’ and ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’, among others. In Sajid Khan's upcoming comedy ‘Humshakals’, he plays three characters, all called Mamaji. He was recently asked about these roles. The following is an excerpt of that interview: What was your first thought on hearing that you have to dress up as a woman? I was nervous as to whether I'd be able to pull it off. Doing a hit show on TV means do-

ing the same thing for three-four years. When I decided to venture into films, I wanted to try and do things as differently as possible. So, I took ‘Humshakals’ as a chal-

lenge. On TV, I'd have never got an opportunity like this. In movies, I want people to see all sides of me as an actor. What happened the first time you stepped

different by making an appearance in a biker leather jacket, jeans and a sexy stubble. Over the years, Saif has set a benchmark for sartorial elegance with his look both off and on-screen. Be it his casual collegian look in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ or the

slick conman look in 'Ek Hasina Thi' or his buzz cut and stubble in 'Omkara', Saif is one actor who has never hesitated before experimenting with his look and this has made him one of the most versatile style icons, a tag that has eluded many. (TOI)


ollywood royalty, Nawab Saif Ali Khan is one of the few actors in the film industry who can carry off any look with effortless ease. Be it regal bandhgalas, suave suits or casual jeans. At the recent GQ awards event, while other actors chose to sport suits and blazers, Saif Ali Khan brought sexy back and dared to be

out in your female avatar? That was in Mauritius. Kareena (Kapoor Khan) and Genelia (D'Souza Deshmukh) were also there. Tamannaah and Bipasha gave me a hug, saying they found me too cute. If the audience reacts the way people on the set did, I'll be happy. What did your wife Gautami have to say about your 'woman' avatar? After seeing the promo, she laughed nonstop for 10 minutes. I've never seen her laugh so much. She got our kids to see it and they too had a good laugh. They're all excited to see the film, particularly me as a woman. (TOI)


unny Leone, who became the talk of the town after her ‘Bigg Boss’ stay recently thrilled audiences with her sexy moves in ‘Ragini MMS 2’. The former adult star turned actress gets prop up from none other than her husband Daniel Weber. In a conversation with TOI, Daniel gets candid about Sunny, his stay in India and his plans to direct a film. The following is an excerpt: How does it feels to be in India? I have enjoyed my time here and each day continues to be more

amazing than the other. Was it a tough decision to be in India? No, I believe in taking leaps of faith. In life you must choose to do what others might not. Sunny has a huge fan following in India, how does that feel? It makes me proud that together we have done a great job capturing the audience and keeping them entertained. Which actor from Bollywood do you think would look best with Sunny on-screen? I think Ranbir Kapoor. (TOI)


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ctor Keanu Reeves is said to have replaced Daniel Craig in courtroom drama ‘The Whole Truth’. Craig had left the project in April just a few days before the filming of Courtney Hunt directorial was due to begin. Filmmakers have spent the past two months searching for a replacement for Craig, eventually settling on Reeves, reported contactmusic. com. Reeves will join the cast, which currently in-

cludes Renee Zellweger, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and

Gabriel Basso. (TOI)


va Longoria has said that having kids is just not in her future. The 39-year-old American actress told People Magazine that it was not on the horizon right now so it was not something she thought about. The 'Desperate Housewives' star said that she loved kids' en-



ea Michele has come to her new boyfriend Matthew Paetz's rescue saying that he's a dating a coach and not a male escort. Sources told that the 27-year-old 'Glee' star actress confronted Paetz after it emerged that her lover worked for Cowboys4Angels, a website that offers male companions.

ctor Robert Pattinson reportedly called singer Katy Perry "so hot" at the recent after-party for his new movie ‘The Rover’. The ‘Twilight’ star was spotted flirting with Perry at the after-party before telling his friends that he has a crush on the singer, reported "They were heavi-

ergy and spirit and their

innocence. (TOI)

have dinner, and I said, 'No, I have to work.' You know, I don't mix business with pleasure." "I could have been

Mrs. Clint Eastwood!" she said, processing the memory. Like Eastwood, Walters later got married--to three different men, in fact, including two marriages to, and two divorces from longtime on-andoff flame Merv Adelson, Lee Guber, and Robert Henry Katz. While the twice-divorced ‘Million Dollar Baby’ director married his second wife Dina Eastwood in 1996. The two separated last August. (TOI)


he could have been a reality star! Barbara Walters revealed on the Tonight Show last week, that she "could have been Mrs. Clint Eastwood." "This is a sad love story," Walters, 84, told Jimmy Fallon. "I did this interview with Clint Eastwood something like 30 years ago. He was very flirtatious, and I was very taken [with him]." The veteran journalist, who retired last month, confessed: "He asked me if I wanted to

lake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are ready to start a family together and are keen to put it before their careers. According to insiders, the 26-year-old actress initially planned to hold off starting a family with her husband, because she wanted to focus on her career, but has now decided becoming a mother is more important to her, Contactmusic reported. Sources revealed that Lively's baby hormones are going crazy and as she grew up in a big family, she wants more than one baby, and is hoping that their first baby is a girl.' Ryan is also completely on board and is

Paetz managed to convince Michele that he had only gone on a few dates, which was only to understand the gigolos' life so that he could coach them better, and promised he wouldn't do it again, the insiders added. Sources said that Michele was still in dark as Paetz had worked as a gigolo for almost a year,

looking forward to the therapeutic effects he

believes fatherhood will have. (TOI)

ly flirting. At one point, Robert sauntered to the bar with a pal and was heard saying, 'She's so hot,' nodding in Katy's direction," a source was quoted by the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column as saying. The duo had also sparked romance rumours earlier in April when they spent time together at a music festival. (TOI)

Actress Halle Berry admits she enjoys having her children at work with her because it allows her to juggle motherhood and career at the same time. The 47-year-old is a mother of Nahla, six, whom she has with exboyfriend Gabriel Aubry, and eight-month-old son Maceo, with her current husband Olivier Martinez.

"I love having my kids there (on set) because I am nursing my baby. To have him there is great for me. I love being involved all day," quoted her as saying. However, Berry recently revealed that she and Olivier, 48, whom she married last July, were struggling to find the balance between parenthood and their demanding careers. (TOI)

Ashton Kutcher extra protective about pregnant Mila Kunis





than "a few" dates. (TOI)

ctor Ashton Kutcher is reportedly being extra protective of his pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis. The 'A Lot Like Love' star has been warning people not to stress out his future wife, who is expecting her first child in October, because he

is worried that their unborn baby could be affected by added tensions, reported Contactmusic. "Ashton is tense and always yelling, not only at photographers who get near Mila, but even at their friends who visit, telling them they're making too much noise.” (TOI)

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UYANA: T u k i e t Falls is an eight-hour hike from Waratuk Falls, located on the Potaro River, Essequibo. At Tukiet, adventurers enjoy an enchanting overnight camp and swimming in the Potaro River, which includes a spectacular view of the Kaieteur Gorge. It is one of the serene locations covered when trekking to Kaieteur. From Tukiet, adventurers climb to the top of Kaieteur Falls, a fourhour hike which winds through the mountains and mountain streams to the final destination known as ‘Oh My God’, because of its steep ascent. Tukiet Falls offers an incredible adventure for all those seeking one. (Nicholas Laughlin photos)

Early morning mist streaming down the Potaro past Tukiet

Tukiet Falls' rapids

Stone Creek Falls, near Tukiet, on the Potaro River

Tukiet Falls in the distance on the Potaro River


EW YORK, U.S.A: There’s no denying that the Caribbean climate, with its dependably warm sunshine and sea temperature to match, is ideal for stripping off and letting it all hang out. Most residents nevertheless elect to wear their birthday suits in private behind closed doors or high walls in the company of a chosen few. Not so the increasing number of tourists whose preference for a “clothing optional” vacation is now indulged by several clothing optional resorts in the region. But not all nude resorts are equal, as 'USA Today' was quick to advise in “Caribbean in the buff: Top nude resorts.” Club Orient, St Martin - Club Orient, a resort on the French side of the island of St

Nude beaches are quite popular in the Caribbean

Maarten, is on one of the most famous nude beaches in the Caribbean– which isn’t always a good thing. A person doesn’t have to be nude to gain access to Orient Beach, and the occasional tour

group from a cruise ship is known to amble by, doing their best to get an eyeful. Hedonism II, Jamaica - Hedonism II in Jamaica is the big daddy of nude and

naughty holidays in the Caribbean. While many au naturel resorts stress the health benefits of the naturist lifestyle, it’s pretty clear where Hedonism II stands on the subject: run the sex-

A closer look at the cascading Stone Creek Falls

ual fantasy flag up the flagpole and see who salutes. This adults-only allinclusive resort in Negril has a loyal crowd that returns again and again for the kind of spicy holiday Hedonism II offers. Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic - Caliente Caribe is the only au naturel resort in the Dominican Republic. The all-inclusive resort is clothing-optional throughout the whole property so guests might find themselves being enticed into a game of nude volleyball or adding a whole new wrinkle to the phrase, “bellying up to the bar.” The Natural, Curacao - While some resorts have the distinction of being the only clothing-optional property on the island, The Natural can broad-

en that boast with its claim to being the only au naturel resort on the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The Natural on Curacao welcomes all types: couples, singles and GLBT guests–the only restriction is a minimum age of 16 years old. Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica - A person taking a walk through Couples Tower Isle, in the Jamaica resort town of Ocho Rios, would figure it to be much like any other all-inclusive resort. They’d see a selection of pools, restaurants and activities on the beach. There’s one difference though, a major one: those guests taking a short boat ride out to Tower Isle’s namesake island had better be prepared to strip down to the buff. (Excerpted from USA Today)


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AMAICA: Reggae singer Maxi Priest put in a masterful performance on Sunday night to bring the curtains down on the 2014 Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) in Jamaica. The artiste, who is known for hits like ‘Close To You’, ‘Wild World’, and ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’, had the fashion set rocking for the duration of his close to one hour set. Maxi Priest was one of two musical acts on the annual event at the National Indoor Sports Centre in St Andrew. Earlier, singer Denyque performed. Like Ishawna the previous evening, Denyque used the opportunity to showcase her swimwear line, Wet Swim. Entertainment aside, it was a night for fashion. More of the region's

either via the Internet or here at the venue… that puts the style and brands of the region out there for the international market," said Cooper. On Sunday, 17-yearold designer Yvonne Jewnell of the United States was named Emerging Designer of the Year by British designer Gavin Douglas. (Jamaica Observer)

Guyana’s Sonia Noel and Marley (Jamaica Observer photos)

established and emerging designers sent their creations down the runway with the hope of taking their brand to the next level. The collections were a mixed bag. They ranged from Suzilee Chambers' hot summer swimwear to Meiling's crisp, clean lines along with the art-

istry and craftsmanship of Sonia Noel from Guyana. After bringing the heat to CFW a few years ago with her Catch A Fire collection, a more sedate Cedella Marley showed a line of menswear— mainly printed T-shirts, hoodies and sweat tops-branded Marley.

The Cloth and Hope Wade

Proceeds from her collection will go towards funding the Reggae Girlz—Jamaica's national women's football team. Earning sustained applause was Trinidad's Robert Young (The Cloth), who has shown at every staging of CFW. In true The Cloth fashion, his models were ac-

cessorised with banana leaves and the females had their feet dusted with gold in a segment known as The Secret Life of Trees. Jamaican designer Mutamba stayed true to form with ethnic-inspired clothing. Organiser Kingsley Cooper was pleased with this year's CFW. The onsite and online shopping experience took pride of place for him. "What we are really doing is putting the power in the hand of the designer. What this means is that for a small designer who is not able to produce in mass, they can shop for the looks straight off the runway,

Singer Maxi Priest entertains at CFW

Trinidadian Robert Greenidge awarded at Gala in Atlanta


Robert Greenidge (TT Newsday file photo)

rinidadian pan icon Robert Greenidge was honoured by The Trini Posse of Conyers, Georgia, USA on May 26. Greenidge was in town for a concert with The Jimmy Buffett Coral Reefer Band in Atlanta. In appreciation for the many years of his contribution to the steelpan world, Greenidge was awarded with a surprise gala hosted and organised by Lynette “The Priestess” Rocke and Don Clarke of Atlanta, Georgia. The event drew a large crowd of friends and supporters who were anxious

to meet and shake hands with Greenidge, including Barnet “Preacher” Henry, calypso singer of the hit tune “Jump and Wave”. Plenty of good Trini food was served along with Trini beverages. Most of the music played was from a collection of Greenidge’s greatest hits. A plaque was presented to him on behalf of The Trini Posse with the inscription “The Sweetest Hands on Pan”. Greenidge thanked the gathering for the surprise party and expressed his gratitude for the love showered on him. (TT Newsday)




TT second in Caribbean equestrian T


EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : G u y a n e s e Simeon “Candyman” Hardy is fast building a reputation as a knockout artist, recently blazing his way to another commanding win, the third in such a manner since he started campaigning in the United States of America last year. Making his debut on HBO’s Boxing After Dark last weekend, the 27-year-old pugilist who patented the dangerous “chin checker” punch on the Guyana Boxing Board of Control’s Friday Night Fights boxing card totally annihilated American Malcolm Terry. Appearing on the Chris Algieri/Ruslan Provodnikov undercard at Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, Hardy floored the hapless Terry twice in the second round to emerge with the most convincing of wins-one minute, two seconds into the round. Hardy completely dominated the scheduled six-round contest, first dropping his opponent before administering the final rites with a powerful right hand punch. With the win, the hard-hitting and outspoken boxer improved to 13 wins from as many trips to the ring, inclusive of 10 impressive knockouts. It was Terry’s second defeat from eight fights, to go with his six victories.

Unblemished record

Since arriving in the

Simeon “Candyman” Hardy has knocked out all his opponents since arriving in the USA

USA, Hardy has continued to climb the ladder of success by chalking up two brutal knockdowns in his first two fights. He was at his explosive best on April 18 last, battering Rahman Mustafa Yusubov in the first round to keep his unblemished record intact. Fighting on the undercard of ESPN2’s presentation of Friday Night Fights at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York, Hardy needed just two minutes, 36 seconds (02:36s) to stamp his authority, flooring Yusubov three times during the contest. On February 28 at the Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, Indiana, he stopped American Chad Greenleaf in round five of an eight-rounder to begin his campaign in the USA where he migrated to last year.

Currently under the guidance of manager/agent, Tim Gibson, Hardy told this publication from New York after that win that his career was heading in the right direction. He further revealed that he is comfortable with the progress he has been making since campaigning in the USA. “Each fight is another level up. I spar with world champions, top contenders and also future champs; that means I have something special to be standing in the ring on a daily basis. I’m a signed fighter on the rise with a great fan base of people who show genuine support. I respect it,” the aspiring world champion concluded. It is understood that Hardy has been offered several other fights in the coming months, the details of which will be released shortly. (Guyana Times)

R I N I D A D : Trinidad and Tobago’s team of Patrice Stollmeyer, Anja Taylor and Amy Costelloe placed second in the recent Caribbean Equestrian Association’s Mini Dressage competition at the Saddle Valley Stables on June 7. TT scored 69.69, 67.20 and 66.60 respectively, for a combined score of 203.49 which placed them behind Bermuda (210.08). Barbados (200.34) was third. The other competing country was Cayman Islands. Stollmeyer, having had her personal best in 2013, with the highest score ever recorded by a TT team member of 75.17 percent, placed first in the first level test three division. Ambriel Weatherly, now attending university abroad, was second on “Takeover”, with 63.54, while Nikki ChatoorGrainger on “Unbridled Dream” with 60.80 was third and Franka Costelloe fourth on “Viking Thunder” with 60.32. Taylor and Costelloe competed in the training level test three for adults, and Taylor placed first with Costelloe second. Stollmeyer had obtained the adult high score of the day giving her the champion rider adult title, and Taylor with the second highest adult score, is the reserve champion adult. In the children’s division, Brynn English was first in the 1st level test three on “Nobil LX”, and first in the training level test three with a

Brynn English on “Nobill LX”, with judge Jeanne McDonald (TT Guardian photo)

score of 69.40, giving her the champion rider title for the juniors. Reserve was Sydney Navarro on “Unbridled Dream”, and the third and fourth positions went to Hadley Rahael on “Zeus” and Michelle Sabga-Aboud on “Takeover”. Rahael and SabgaAboud will travel to Massachusetts in August for the Children of the Americas Dressage International (CADI) competition, and Rahael took the opportunity to showcase her freestyle dressage, earning a score of 64.46 on “Zeus”. The riders in this competition hailed from

three of the country’s leading stables; Goodwin Heights, Saddle Valley Stables and Stollmeyer Stables. Just prior to the competition, the Floridabased dressage trainer, Greta Wrigley was brought to TT specifically to prepare the riders. Many of them earned their personal bests. The competition was judged by Jeanne McDonald, who traveled to each territory during a two-month period. McDonald is an FEI “I” and USEF “S” dressage Judge, a USDF/USEF dressage judge and a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist. (TT Guardian)

Manchester High cops Jamaica’s All-island U14 title


ISSA’s all-island basketball co-ordinator Alf Remekie (left) presents the ISSA Allisland boys’ Under 14 championship trophy to Shemar Brown, captain of the Manchester High team after they beat St Jago High 30-15 in the final of the one-day tournament held at the Montego Bay Cricket Club last Wednesday (Observer photo)

O N T E G O B A Y , JAMAICA: Manchester High won their first ISSA basketball All-island Under-14 title last Wednesday after they beat St Jago High 30-15 in the final of the one-day tournament played at the Montego Bay Cricket Club. Two teams from each of the three conferences met for the rally, with the two winning both of their first-round games to qualify for the final. Southern Conference champions Jamaica College took third place after beating Western champions Cornwall College 49-30 in the consolation game. The Central champions, who were led by

tournament MVP Rojay Graham, dominated the error-prone St Jago team and recovered from a slow start to win going away. St Jago led 8-4 midway the first quarter before Manchester High hit their stride and scored the next 14 points, including all 10 in the second quarter for an 18-8 half-time lead. Despite the teams combining for just six points in the third quarter, Manchester High managed to increase their margin and were up 22-10 going into the final quarter. Graham scored eight points for Manchester High in the game, while Jumario Grant had a game-high 13 for St Jago.

In the third-place game, Carrington Blake and Malik Cunningham both scored 14 points for Jamaica College, while Jahvane Wilson led Cornwall College with 10 points and Ojay Marshall scored six. In the first round, Manchester High beat Spot Valley 14-7 and just edged Jamaica College 23-22 in their second game, while St Jago beat Cornwall College 30-25 and Clarendon College 24-21. In other games, Cornwall College had a walkover win after Clarendon College turned up an hour late for the game; Jamaica College beat Spot Valley 35-28. (Jamaica Observer)


sport | WEEK ENDING JUNE 19, 2014

‘Relampago’ wins 94th U.S.-based Guyanese Jamaica Derby in style sprinter states case with sensational J 100m run

AMAICA: In a dramatic reversal of fortunes, ‘Relampago’, guided by the steady, competent and experienced hands of 'big' race jockey Shane Ellis, took the ultimate prize in racing when he won the 94th running of the 12-furlong Jamaica Derby at Caymanas Park Saturday. For the connections of ‘Relampago’, owner Barbadian Elias Haloute and trainer Anthony Nunes, it was sweet revenge after being defeated by ‘Talented Tony K’ by a short head in the 10-furlong Lotto Classic run for the Governor's Cup some three weeks ago. This time ‘Relampago’ was ahead by three lengths with two-and-ahalf lengths separating ‘Talented Tony K’ and third-place finisher the filly, ‘Raeven Renae’. It was a pleasing win for Ellis as he would definitely have ridden

Relampago (Shane Ellis on board) wins the 94th running of the Jamaica Derby at Caymanas Park Saturday (Jamaica Observer photo)

‘Talented Tony K’ had not the connections of the latter decided to draw on the talent of top-rated American-based jockey Edgar Prado. "Oh yes, I am happy, happy, happy. This is a really special victory for me. I just allowed him (‘Relampago’) to settle in nicely and gauged my run leaving the three-furlong marker, and when I drew alongside ‘Talented Tony K’ at the top of the straight, I knew I had this derby in the bag," said

Ellis, who was riding his third derby winner after victories in 2001 and 2012. ‘Talented Tony K’, as was expected, hovered close to the pace for most of the race and when Prado asked him for a decisive effort just before entering the straight, he responded and took the lead but had nothing left in the tank to thwart the winning challenge of Ellis and ‘Relampago’. It was also the third Derby winner for Nunes, who saddled ‘Terremoto’

in 1998 and ‘Technomoto’ in 2011. But this one was even better for the secondgeneration trainer. "Finally, having been around the placing positions in all the big threeyear-old races this season, ‘Relampago’ has finally achieved and what a prize—the biggest of them all. I am truly a happy man today and I have to give credit to Ellis for a truly brilliant ride and of course, Elias Haloute for giving me the opportunity to train his horses," he said. ‘Relampago’ won in a time of 2:39.2 minutes and was bred by Orange Valley Estates and is by ‘Seeking The Glory-Jettish’. Prado, riding for the first time, was a visitor to the winners' enclosure after steering the Kirlewtrained ‘Lucky Michelle’ to victory in a non-winnersof-two contest. (Jamaica Observer)

TT’s Olympian Deon Lendore strikes NCAA gold


RINIDAD: TT’s Olympian Deon Lendore, a junior at Texas A&M brought glory yet again for his school when he captured a gold medal in the 400m event at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, last Friday. Lendore, who earlier this year won the NCAA 400m indoor crown, stopped the clock in 45.02 seconds, after winning heat one in 45.18. He became only the second runner from his school to capture the 400m outdoor crown. The last Texas A&M athlete to win it was Curtis Mills in 1969, who set a school record of 44.67, which Lendore broke re-

Deon Lendore (TT Guardian photo)

cently with a 44.36-second effort in winning the South-Eastern conference title. It was the perfect double for Lendore, who

finished runner-up in the outdoor event in 2013. Lendore had to endure the pressure of home-favourite, Mike Berry, who held a good challenge against the TT runner particularly in the final 70m. Berry placed second in 45.07. In March, Lendore claimed his first U.S.national individual title after winning the NCAA Indoor Championships 400m final in 45.21 seconds. Lendore, who has been described by his coach Pat Henry as the fastest quarter-miler in the country said he was pleased with his recent achievements. “I was trying to get the double because it’s a nice double to have,” he said.

“So I’m thankful I accomplished that goal. I know the crowd was helping Berry a lot, but I tried to use the crowd to help me power back into the lead and get the win.” Lendore was expected to feature in his team’s 4x400m final, which took place Sunday evening. Meanwhile, another TT athlete, Janeil Bellille, who represents Texas A&M, placed third in the women’s 400m hurdles last Friday. She clocked 56.14 seconds, an improvement on her 56.44 which she ran a day prior in the semifinal. The race was won by her team-mate, Shamier Little in 55.07 for a school record. (TT Guardian)


Brenessa Thompson

EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : Americanbased Guyanese sprinter Brenessa Thompson stated her case to represent Guyana at the World Junior Championship scheduled for July with a brilliant 100 metre performance on Saturday at the New Balance National Outdoor in North Carolina. Thompson reacted well to the starter’s pistol and darted down the track to finish a very close second to Candace Hill as 500th of a second separated the two sprinters. Thompson clocked 11.338s to Hill’s 11.332s in a photo finish type of race. The time recorded by Thompson would have been an improvement on her season’s best of 11.79s. This could put the stocky sprinter in contention for a World Junior medal, providing that she attends the meet and can replicate such a performance.

However, it still is unclear whether the Medgar Ever student will be able to attend the meet since Guyana has already received its quota of tickets for the meet by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). Jason Yaw and Kadecia Baird have been selected to represent Guyana. According to President of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) Aubrey Hutson, the AAG will have to come out of their pockets to send Thompson to the meet, funds the association does not readily have at hand. Nevertheless, Thompson just provided the AAG with 11.338s of a reason to ensure that she attends the meet where the bronze medal winner in 2012 clocked 11.45s and the silver medalist 11.36s. The gold medal at the 2012 championship was won by Bahamian Anthonique Strachan in 11.20s. (Guyana Times)

Chinese coaches begin training in Jamaica J

Group leader Anli Wang (fourth left), accompanied by Edward Shakes (third left) principal of GC Foster College, Xu Kun (second left) first secretary at the Chinese Embassy, Li Xiumei (fifth left) former national athlete, and the coaches shortly after their arrival on Saturday night (Jamaica Observer photo)

AMAICA: Six Chinese coaches arrived in the island on Saturday night for the start of the government-to-government scholarships offered to China by the Jamaican government. The six represent a portion of the 10 scholarships which were offered. The other four, who will arrive in September, will be full-time students at the GC Foster College and will focus on sprinting. The group leader Anli Wang said that he hopes

this would be the start of a long-term scholarship and exchange programme between the two countries. He also said that they were excited to learn all that Jamaica know about sprinting. The six coaches are Hongtao Chen, Yan Juntao, Yingbo Zhang, Hiu Yang, Anli Wang and Li Xiumei who is the lone female in the group. All the members of the group expressed the desire to meet Usain Bolt. They remember him well from his recordbreaking form in that

country at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. According to Edward Shakes, principal of GC Foster College, Jamaica's technical director and lecturer at the college Maurice Wilson will be in charge of the one-month programme that will be presented to the coaches. They will focus on the sprints. He said also that the coaches will attend the upcoming national senior trials to get firsthand experience of what the event is like. (Jamaica Observer)




Guyanese, Trinidadian cricketers dominate SCA Premier Division in Canada By Ravendra Madholall


everal Guyanese and Trinidadian cricketers produced excellent performances over the weekend in the continuation of the 2014 Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA) Premier Division 50-over competition. On Sunday at Ashtonbeen venue, former Guyana fast-bowler Trevon Garraway nabbed four wickets to help Hawaiian Arctic Cricket Club collect a massive 330-run win over Techie XI. In the same game, ex-Guyana under-19 batsman Harrienarine Chattergoon chalked up his third consecutive half-century (55) while another Guyanese Zaheer Allard cracked an unbeaten 122. Former Trinidad and Tobago’s youth bowler Mahadeo Moonasar was

Trevon Garraway Harrienarine Chattergoon

very destructive with his left-arm spin claiming a six-wicket haul while his compatriot Azhad Amidon hit 102 to help Arctic remain on top of the competition with four successive victories. Guyana’s first-class wicketkeeper/batsman Azib Ally Haniff, who

last represented his native country in 2005, was also fluent with the bat making a solid 44 while former Guyana and West Indies under-19 batsman Hemnarine Chattergoon made 57 earlier in the tournament. The competition is expected to resume on

Sunday with another series of matches across Scarborough while Hawaiian Arctic will be looking to continue their dominance after lifting the trophy for the past four straight years. Skipper of the team, Hemnarine Chattergoon told this publication that he was delighted with performances from his

colleagues and is very confident they will maintain their consistent form in both departments of the game. “I think we have been playing great cricket so far; we have set our goals and things have been going pretty for us so far; I am very confident the guys will continue to be positive and (will) keep taking wickets, making runs and more importantly winning our games,” Chattergoon, who featured in the Canada’s colours at the highest level, indicated. Garraway, who played his first game since arriving in North America for this year’s season, was also ecstatic with his showing. “I just want to continue from where I left off last year; I am still confident and I will do it throughout the competition,” the 30-year-old Garraway mentioned.

The right-arm quickie, who featured in 10 first-class matches for Guyana in the annual West Indies Cricket Board regional four-day tournament, is still anxious to return to that team. “I believe I still have the desire to play for my country again at the highest level and I know overseas experience helps a lot; coming here and playing competitively also helps my game tremendously and with the regional tournament coming up later this year, I just want to do well to impress the selectors back home on a regular basis,” Garraway explained. Royston Crandon, who played for West Indies one-day team several years ago, is expected to join the side soon given the fact of his representation with Hawaiian Arctic over the years.

TT’s endurance rider bags bronze in U.S.


RINIDAD: TT’s national endurance rider, Varun Maharajh bagged bronze in the Men’s Pro Super Sprint Elimination event at the International Cycling Union (UCI) Sprint Gran Prix which pedalled off at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertwon, Pennsylvania, last Friday night. Contesting event 11, the Rigtech Sonics cyclist was forced to settle for third place finishing behind eventual gold medallist Bobby Lea and silver receiver, Christian Grasmann. Maharajh however, was the only local representative to medal at this meet, as he could only muster up a fourth place finish in the Men’s Pro 5-mile Final. Grabbing honours in this divi-

Varun Maharajh

sion was Lea once more, Matthijs Buchli and Bajan Darren Matthews respectively. Meanwhile Olympian Njisane Phillip and youngster Kwesi Browne had a tough time making it to the podium in their Sprint rides. The latter showed good development on the

U.S. stage to finish sixth while the experience of Phillip saw him finish eighth overall. In the Flying 200m round, eventual Sprint winner Eddie Dawkins advanced with the fastest qualifying time of 10.306s, and also set a new Pennsylvania track record. Phillip advanced seventh fastest (10.6s), Browne 12th (10.715s), Justin Roberts 15th (10.779s), Jude Codrington 21st (11.131s) and Keron Bramble 23rd (11.270s). Following this, New Zealand’s Sam Webster beat Bramble in Heat Two, Matthew Baranoski (USA) defeated Codrington in Heat Four, Phillip ousted Vincent De Haitre (Canada) in Heat Seven, David Espinoza got the better of Justin

TT team for World Youth Olympics


R I N I D A D : Trinidad and Tobago will take part in the 2nd World Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China. The team will be led by the chef de mission Kwanieze John and includes representatives of four national sporting organisations. Young Ambassador

Jeanette Small will accompany the team. Athletes representing swimming are to be announced on June 20. Trinidad and Tobago won a gold medal in swimming through Christian Homer at the first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore in 2010. A total of 11 athletes including three from sis-

ter-island Tobago and six officials will represent the country. The team is: Jeminise Parris, Akkani Hislop, Chelsea James, Andwuelle Wright (athletics); Chelsi Ward, Malika Davidson (beach volleyball); Abigail Affoo (sailing). Four swimmers to be selected. (TT Newsday)

Roberts in Heat Nine while Matthijs Buchli

(Netherlands) got past Browne in the final Heat.

(TT Newsday)

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business


Guyana Amazon Warriors U-19 Selectee…

By Rajiv Bisnauth


EORGETOWN, G U Y A N A : National opener Tagenarine Chanderpaul is among six Under-19 players selected by the Guyana Amazon Warriors as part of the local franchise preparatory camp, beginning from July 1, and according to the soft-spoken lefthander, the opportunity is just another developmental phase in his gifted cricket career. Young Chanderpaul, during an interview with this publication on Tuesday, said he is looking forward to the experience and aims to use it to improve his personal game. “Definitely I am looking forward to be part of such [a] big tournament and I’m looking to use what will be taught to me to improve my personal

game,” Chanderpaul revealed. He added: “To be among head coach Roger Harper, team mentor Curtly Ambrose and a number of top T20 stars will be great. I will try to learn as much as I can from them, so my personal game can also improve.” Chanderpaul, who represented Guyana in nine first-class games, joins talented Everest Cricket Club fast bowler Kevin Paul; fellow West Indies Under-19 opener Shimron Hetmyer; Demerara Cricket Club left-arm fast bowler Daniel Basdeo; Essequibo all-rounder Kemo Paul; and 16-year-old, West Coast Demerara, batsman Akshaya Persaud. This year, each franchise team consists of a squad of 19 players, comprising two pre-selected

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

players- one West Indies Franchise Player (WIFP) and one International Franchise Player-(IFP), selected by the franchise, as well as four Under-19 players from each playing franchise.

However, as an initiative geared toward the development of young cricketers, the management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors has widened the pool of Under-19 players to six.

The Under-19 players will be involved in all training sessions and other team activities during the Guyana Amazon Warriors camp and match practice scheduled for their home games only. The Limacol CPL will be played from July 11 to August 16 with Chris Gayle’s Jamaica Tallawahs set to defend their title against lastyear’s runner-up Guyana Amazon Warriors, Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados Tridents, St. Lucia Zouks and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel. The Guyana franchise, bought by the NEW GPC/Limacol, will play three of their nine preliminary games at home, on July 17 against Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel (19:30h), July 19 against St Lucia Zouks (16:00h) and July

20 against Jamaica Tallawahs (16:00h). Prior to the three home games, the Warriors will play Antigua Hawksbills on July 11; Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel on July 24; Barbados Tridents on July 27; Jamaica Tallawahs on August 2; Antigua Hawksbills on August 7; and St Lucia Zouks on August 10 in their final preliminary game. The Guyana Amazon Warriors playing squad comprises: Denesh Ramdin (captain), Sunil Narine, Mohammad Hafeez, Lendl Simmons, Martin Guptill, Krishmar Santokie, Christopher Barnwell, Veerasammy Permaul, Ronsford Beaton, Navin Stewart, Steven Jacobs, Leon Johnson, Robin Bacchus, Corey Anderson and Trevon Griffith.

TT’s Andrew Lewis secures spot in 2015 Pan Am Games in Canada


R I N I D A D : Andrew Lewis’ credible sixth place performance at the North American Sailing Championships over the weekend affirmed him a spot to represent Trinidad and Tobago at

the 2015 Pan American Games which sails off in Toronto, Canada, from July 10-26. The Atlantic sponsored sailor, who will also fly the red, white and black at the September 8-21 World

Andrew Lewis (FB file photo)

Championships, revealed Tuesday that he has been working towards becoming an all-round Laser Class athlete for yet another hectic year of international competition. Having attained Pan Am qualification by producing several strong

showings over the weekend, Lewis was among three other Laser sailors who secured spots. The remaining two were Cy Thompson of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Peruvian Stefano Peschiera. “I set a few personal

goals in the lead up to Rio 2016 (Olympics) and my peek event for next year is the Pan Am Games,” he explained. “So with that being said, you can see how import it is for me. It’s a real honour to represent my county in the second highest Games to the Olympics. It’s a great feeling. And just like every single race I enter, I go with the intentions to win gold,” he added. Over the past few months, the 2012 Olympic representative has been continuously competing and training on the water. Admitting that he had a shaky start in the early stages of 2014, Lewis made a couple adjustments to his training team and has since seen great produc-

tivity. Presently, the promising athlete is in California, USA, training with some of the world’s top Laser Class sailors. He is expected to continue this development regime until early July and return to TT on July 10. “We’re all in one camp and this has been the best training of my life thus far. This is also in preparation for World Championships this year in Spain in September. I have the Canada Olympic Class Regatta from 16-20 of August, then World Championships, then CAC games in midNovember, then a few events next year before the Pan Am,” Lewis stated. (Excerpted from TT Newsday)

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