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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Out-of-control crime wave


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“Fire Ramjattan” urges PPP/C MP – no-confidence “conscience” motion should be moved

Enterprise businessman brutally attacked Page 17

Rising maternal deaths…

New Amsterdam woman dies, GPHC launches P9 probe Wanted bulletin issued P9 for NWD murder accused

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Police intervenes, rescues screaming babies

Granny leaves toddlers in Raum, attends court hearing

Baby Day out? These two toddlers were left unattended for hours in a car on Wednesday on Brickdam, Georgetown as their grandmother attended to some business at the Georgetown Magistrates' Court until Police came to their rescue

Government year-end Local Govt Elections promise…

GECOM says “isn’t us” on hold up Page 7

Govt forced to nip fuel prices Page 12

– meagre reductions to take effect today

1 injured in Mandela Avenue accident P9

Anna Regina, Berbice OLPF P11 workers given disrespectful send-off – trainers and bus drivers still owed

Budget debate 2015

P13 “Fresh approach” does not constitute “good life” – Selman


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thursday, august 20, 2015

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Out-of-control crime wave

“Fire Ramjattan,” urges PPP/C MP

– no-confidence “conscience” motion should be moved By Devina Samaroo


ith the crime situation spiralling out of control, calls are being mounted for the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Opposition to declare a No-Confidence Motion against Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, given his evident inability to get a grip on the crime situation in the country. In fact, newly-appointed PPP/C Member of Parliament (MP) Cornel Damon declared in the National Assembly on Wednesday that Ramjattan needed to go since the Ministry was failing miserably to reduce or even stabilise the soaring crime rate. “The Honourable Member has no plan to fight the surge of crime and the senseless killings of our businessmen and women and so the Honourable Minister Ramjattan must go,” Damon exclaimed. The politician pointed out that in the 10th Parliament, it was Ramjattan who engineered calls for then Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to go when the crime rate was 40 per cent lower than it is today. Former President Donald Ramotar, during an interview with the Guyana Times, also contended that the Ministry has not performed at all in the area of crime fighting, noting that the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) has yet again failed the Guyanese people. “When they were in Opposition they claim to know everything, but they are clearly not grappling with the problem that has been created,” Ramotar stated. He asserted that the coalition Government was to be blamed for the current situation because when it was in Opposition, it established a record of defending criminals and now that it was in Executive Office, the individuals now feel more empowered to commit felonies.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan

“This problem has to do with the attitude of the Government. When they were in Opposition, they have a record of defending criminals and because of this I think the criminals feel they have much more latitude to do as they please. The Police have become more cautious in dealing with criminals because of the attacks they (APNU/ AFC) had on the Police when they used to fight crime and criminal,” Ramotar reasoned, noting that the Government needed to craft a clear policy to deal with the situation. “The message they are sending is not very tough on crime and criminal … When they do things like taking away vehicles from community policing groups, they are reducing the communities’ ability to assist Police in fighting crime,” the former President related, highlighting Government’s weak approach to combat crime. “It might be too early but what I would say is that the whole Government seems to be completely at sea, they are not handling the economy or the crime situation, they are not handling anything with any level of competence,” Ramotar asserted.

Private Sector concerned

Also, the Private Sector already expressed its concern over the crime situation and Government’s apparent lack of vigour in dealing with the matter. Chairman of the Berbice Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCCI), Rajnauth

Ramroop noted that Government seemed to be taking the situation lightly. “My assessment to their performance, I would want to say, it is not to par; the public is expecting much more… The escalation of the crime at recent has brought a lot of concern. Of course it was there all the time, but it has escalated as of lately…it’s not something that the public could tolerate,” the business expert said. Owing to the current crime rate, many businesses are experiencing hardship. “Because of these concerns, a lot of businesses are contemplating migration.

PPP/C MP Cornel Damon

Consumers are not coming out to shop because there is a fear. Businessmen are hesitant to stock up. For that matter, I am a businessman myself and I have not travelled for the year to procure goods because the traffic is not there as there used to be before, so why stock when you don’t have people coming in to buy?” he explained, contending that the Government needed to do much more. The first call for a NoConfidence Motion was made by Associate Professor of Political Science at Nassau Community College, Dr Baytoram Ramharack, in his latest column in the Guyana Times. Dr Ramharack said the crime situation in Guyana, particularly in Berbice, has risen to unacceptable heights and believed that a change in management of the security sector may see a change for the better.

Former President Donald Ramotar

On Friday last, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) disclosed that serious crimes erupted by a startling 10 per cent by the end of July 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014. Among the “serious crimes” listed by the Force are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape, and kidnapping. The Force stated that a total of 94 murders were recorded at the end of July 2015 in comparison to 80 at the end of July 2014, which saw an increase of 18 per cent. Four more murders were recorded up to August 13 taking the toll to 98 for the year thus far. Of these, 35 murders were committed in A Division (Georgetown/East Bank Demerara) followed by 17 in C Division (East Coast Demerara) and 16 in B Division (Berbice). In addition, 12 were committed in F Division (Interior locations) and four each in D (West Bank Demerara/East Bank Essequibo) and E (Linden/ Kwakwani) Division, while six were recorded in G Division (Essequibo Coast/Islands). The Police further disclosed that 37 of the 94 murders committed were disorderly, 15 were committed during robberies and six were execution-style killings; 11 were as a result of domestic disputes, 23 were from unknown causes and two by other means.


thursday, august 20, 2015

Views Editor (Ag): Michael Younge Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Completing Infrastructural Plans


s the Budget debate rages in Parliament, there is unfortunately more heat than light being produced on several issues. One of them in the continuation of the UNASUR sponsored "Initiative for the Inte-gration of the Regional Infrastructure of South America" (IIRSA) which is supposed to link South America's economies through new transportation, energy, and telecommunications projects. We were included in second component of the Guyana Shield Hub aspect of the Initiative, focusing on connecting us to Brazil. The construction of the Takutu Bridge was a standalone project within the IIR-SA and this, of course, was completed since 2008. The next step was to construct an asphalted all weather highway connecting Boa Vista to Bon Fin/Takutu Bridge in Brazil and then Takutu Bridge/ Lethem to Georgetown in Guyana. The Brazilian portion of the plan was completed even before the Takutu Bridge, so it is the Guyanese aspect that is in the air. While in the Opposition, the now APNU/AFC Government had trenchantly criticised the PPP/C admin-istration for not pushing the project, which would have benefitted the struggling mining town of Linden. The Lethem-Georgetown highway was only one aspect of the Guyanese leg of IIRSA, albeit a foundational one. At the northern leg, the Highway would have branched off to Berbice where it would have connected to a Deep Water Harbour, as part of the project. With the Takutu Bridge already connected via Boa Vista to Manaus, the latter's vast export of manu-factured goods to the Northern Hemisphere would have found its long sought vent via Guyana. Lethem and Linden as intermediate stops in Guyana, would have provided necessary services and sopped up much of the unemployment precipitated by the stagnant bauxite operations there. It was therefore of great surprise to observers that there were no mention of a push to complete the Lethem-Georgetown Highway. One suggested reason was that the Guyana leg of the project also includes the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project (AFHEP) and this administration seems determined to scuttle that potentially transfor-mational energy source for our industrialisation. The argument from the now Government when in opposition was that AFHEP's proposed costs were too high because the PPPC Government had pad-ded the figures so as to have a cushion for "siphoning off" funds. However, now that they have the reins of power, the Government has the wherewithal to investigate the AFHEP contract with a fine-tooth comb or solicit alternative bids from presumably "clean" financing and construction companies. This they have not done. While the AFC had claimed they would support the AFHEP if the Procurement Commission were formed, APNU had claimed they were waiting for the IDB's due diligence report. While it was remarked en passant during the budget debate that the IDB had concluded AFHEP was not viable based on the present financial structure, the government has not released the full report. This they should do immediately so that any identified challenges can be addressed by proponents of the project. Alternatively, as was pointed out, the AFHEP is a component of the IIRSA and can there-fore be funded through that route. In this regard, the President's of both Brazil and Guyana have re-ports and recommendations on their desks on how to proceed on the entire plan. Another worrying aspect of the Government's silence of the integrated project is that AFHEP is part of the LCDS - in fact one of its linchpin - that has received over US$80 million from Norway and is sitting in the coffers of the IDB. In these matters, while Guyana is being paid for providing a service (carbon se-questration) The conditionalities are usually such that it is either "use it or lose it". What is important now is that the APNU/AFC must not cut its nose to spite Guyana's face when it comes to going ahead with the infrastructural transformation that was envisioned by the PPPC.

Guyana’s national animal, the Jaguar, perches on a tree in the dark primordial forest of the Guyana Amazon jungle (Tourism Ministry photo)

Silencing the "Other" Dear Editor, I was very interested to note Eric Philips’ reaction to my riposte to Freddy Kissoon’s in the latter’s column, “What about a black Guyanese Entrepreneurial Class?” I had objected to Mr Kissoon’s claim that while I identified an “African Security Dilemma”, I did not proffer proposals for addressing it. I pointed out: “In the last 25 years, Mr Kissoon has studiously refused to acknowledge our various proposals for the African Security Dilemma and its corollaries: Federalism, Shared Governance, Alternating Presidencies between major races, Ethnic Impact Statement, and specifically to the issue of his column, Affirmative Action to assist African Economic participation. And imagine all of this was done in the pages of the Kaieteur News.” When Mr Eric Philips, one of our more responsible activists in this area, also made the same claim, while extending what has to be a backhanded compliment, it was not merely ironic but I believe indicative of a deeper process operating when it comes to discussions between interlocutors “across the divide”: “Ravi Dev responded to Freddie’s article and was surprising fair in his analysis. Over the years, Ravi has writ-

ten much about the Indian and African Security Dilemmas. However, this was his first article in which he described actual systemic African marginalisation and offered some solutions such as affirmative action. To be fair to Ravi, in 2014 he was very supportive in featuring African entrepreneurship.” In my response to Mr Kissoon, I had actually mentioned that it was an article written in 2008 on “African Economic Marginalisation”. In it, I alluded to prior proposals from 2002. But actually, the article was one of a series in the KN that considered various aspects of African Guyanese marginalisation: cultural marginalisation, marginalisation of identity, identity and marginalisation, marginalisation and racism. They were all republished in 2010 in the Kaieteur News. From the beginning of my involvement in Guyanese politics, I concluded that the fates of the two major groups, and in fact all groups in Guyana, are inextricably linked. Coming from a purely business background when I decided to return to Guyana in 1988, I wrote my first “academic” paper: “On the Guyanese Dictatorship: Substance, Form and Course” and presented it at a Conference on “150th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indians to Guyana”

at Columbia University. I concluded: “The Burnham era, 1964-1985, has graphically and tragically exposed the dangers of permittingany man or group unchecked power. Yet Guyana is caught in its historic dilemma. The call for “free and fair” elections would in all probability lead to the permanent control of the State by an Indian dominated political group. The Indians have now increased their majority to over 50 per cent of the population and the African and Creole sections have to be concerned as to whether this would be a vengeful majority. There can be no lasting political solution in Guyana until the legitimate security concerns of theAfrican and Creole sections are addressed along with the need for the full and equal participation of theIndian and other excluded sections, in the life of the nation.” Once in Guyana, in 1990, I presented another paper that summarised my proposals for “A New Political Culture” which I circulated to all the political parties towards participating in a conference to address the problematic of the Indian and African Security Dilemmas. Dr Jagan of the PPP and Malcolm Parris of the PNC agreed, but he WPA torpedoed the initiative. In 2007, I again had reason to respond to Mr Kissoon on the same claim of not address-

ing African Guyanese concerns. The response bears repetition: “On June 6, 2003, even in the penumbra of thearmed insurrection, I wrote an article specifically on “the African Security Dilemma” and called on ACDA for a “constructive engagement” that was never answered. “But what I find intriguing about the selective attack of amnesia when it comes to acknowledging the fact that we have always stated that the African dilemma is coterminous with the Indian’s is that it is not confined to Mr Kissoon. We have had to explain this time and again over the years... Even though most of our interventions have been recorded in the press, yet only one part registers. And it is this stubborn forgetfulness, which has to be wilful, on which I wish to comment because, I believe, it is a symptom of a deep underlying premise in the Guyanese political and social milieu. And the premise is this: to speak as an Indian Guyanese is to automatically and ineluctably define oneself asparochial at best and racist at worse and thus incapable of speaking for the wider societal good. The Indian in his presumably genetic prejudice always needs to “redeem” himself.” Sincerely, Ravi Dev

Road lawlessness must cease Dear Editor, It has taken the life of the mother of a prominent politician to bring to the fore the lawlessness of those using the road system in Guyana, most particularly noticeable in Georgetown. On a recent two-week visit there, as an elderly woman, sometimes using a walking cane, I was appalled at Guyana’s driver culture, and

often wondered about the function of the zebra crossing. In the UK, where I live, to approaching traffic, standing on the nearest white bar meant traffic must pause and allow pedestrians to cross safely. Not so in Georgetown. The only safe crossing I found was the one near to the cenotaph, close to the public library and the Bank of Guyana – a very attractive set of traffic lights

in operation. At other times, concerned pedestrians assisted me across, sometimes by risking their well-being, standing still with me on the crossing or walking beside me across the zebra bars. It depended on the type of oncoming vehicles involved. Is there not a traffic warden service? Let us hope the highlighting of this sad case, involving an elderly wom-

an, may produce positive action to halt “road lawlessness”. Incidentally, I knew Christobel Dean/Hughes as a young woman and met her husband in London when he was a Law student in the mid-1950s. They were good people. Sincerely, Geralda Dennison

thursday, august 20, 2015


Cybersecurity initiative necessary Guyanese in New York attend India to address cyber threats Independence Parade

Dear Editor, I am most enthused by renewed alacrity and interest that is being placed on the issue of cybersecurity and more so, a recognition of the need for the relevant mechanisms to tackle growing cyberthreats in Guyana. Most of us go about our day to day lives, utilising the rapidly advancing technological infrastructure that has engulfed us; we are rarely perceptive to the risk that face us in the process. While we become more connected, the more vulnerable we stand against this affront in a globalised world where businesses, Governments and people, heavily depend on the Internet and storage media as critical tools for marketing, communication, governance, e-commerce activities and entertainment, among others. I hesitate to be so audacious as to assume that the regular Guyanese man-in-

the-street is blind to the issue of cyberthreats.In fact, millions of cyberthreats are perpetuated across the globe every second and more and more articles are alluding to the issues that are trending, for example, the Nigerian email phishing scams. Some of these threats have escalated to being defined as “cybercrimes” and are so constructed with the aim of being mischievous and even terroristic in nature. Many Guyanese have been the targets of cybercrimes in the past, maybe unknowingly, and in the casesin which they are aware, the lack of robust cybercrime legislation and policies do not empower relevant authorities to inform, investigate and act on such occurrences. These occurrences pass in front of our very eyes mostly due to a general lack of knowledge, and might have significant adverse effects on us. That being said, onus

should be placed on the term “cyber-hygiene”, best practices to be adhered to while operating in cyberspace and when dealing with establishment of policies, programmes and enacting legislation. In this regard, I wish to commend the establishment of the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team (GN-CIRT) which falls under the Public Security Ministry and is mandated “to provide technical assistance to public and private agencies, and individuals to prevent and respond effectively to information security incidents of national importance”. Gratitude should also be given to organisations such as the Organisation of American States through their InterAmerican Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), the United States Department of State and the ICT4Peace Foundation which provide in-

valuable assistance in supporting mechanisms to bolster and prepare Guyana for issues that, if left in the dark – will spell disaster for our country. With the same preoccupation that we have placed on legislative propositions such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill, the Local Government Bill and the Customs Amendment Bill, it is with the same fervour that we must push ahead, a fortiori in regards to a “Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill” as well as continued high-level support and buy-in by Government, Private Sector entities and other stakeholders for the successful formulation and implementation of a National Cybersecurity Strategy. Regards, Aneal Giddings

First Caricom Inter-Tribal Games should be launched Dear Editor, I refer to an article published in the State run Chronicle newspaper on August 18, which mysteriously failed to mention my involvement whatsoever - or the fact that I created these limited Caribbean Community (Caricom) InterTribal Games three years ago in September 2012 to be precise. I financially sponsored 90 per cent of all associated costs for holding these games (including the return airfares to bring in Kalinago-Carib athletes from Dominica). The Village Council, friends and family donated the final 10 per cent. Prior to 2012 and since 2007, I used to sponsor a series of sporting events annually for the LokonoArawak people of Pakuri (St Cuthberts’ Mission) alone. Since I began to bring Kalinago-Carib Athletes from Dominica to Guyana

in 2012, so that we can have a minimum of two countries and three different Amerindian Tribes participating, it has become a de-facto (albeit small scale) ‘Caricom Inter-Tribal Games.... as I can only do so much out of my own pocket, and I always have the support and blessing of whomever is the current Toshao of Pakuri Territory, St Cuthbert’s Mission, in Region Four. In 2012, it was Toshao Pierre Andrews, and in 2015 it is Toshao Lenox Shuman, who have enthusiastically supported the Games. The end of the Inter Tribal Games held in St Cuthbert’s Mission in Guyana on Saturday August 16, was the Men’s Race and Boys and Girls 12 and under races, for which the 1st place Gold Medals were presented by Mervyn Williams, Special Adviser to The Honourable

Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Sidney Allicock. Silver Medals were presented by Chief Lenox Shuman of the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of Pakuri Territory, and Bronze Medals were presented by Steve Campbell; with all prize money presented by myself, creator and sponsor of these InterTribal Traditional Games on Pakuri Lokono-Arawak Territory in Guyana. The prize money for all adult events was G$15,000 for 1st place, G$10,000 for 2nd place, and G$5000 for third place. The sole Kalinago-Carib Athlete from Dominica who participated in these Games this year was Miss Arkeyshar Valmond, and she won a gold medal in Archery and a bronze medal in the ladies 3km distance race; however, she left when the ladies events were completed at the end of July and there-

Sase Singh’s assets should also be part of SARU Dear Editor, I refer to Sase Singh’s letter in the Sunday Chronicle of August 9, captioned “what poppycock! – these persons need to stop pretending they are the new Messiahs on a crusade against corruption”. This letter by Sase Singh, (or rather Sasenarine Singh) is referring to Guyana’s former President and the former People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Government. It is my view that Sasenarine is not qualified to even mention the name “Bharrat Jagdeo” and the word “corruption” in his letter. But Sasenarine was an active member of the Progressive Youth Organisation and the PPP. He benefited from the PPP and if he is talking about corruption within the PPP, then he should not omit him-

self. Can he indicate to the Guyanese people how he was selected to go on a scholarship to do his Masters Degree in the UK? Was there public advertisement? Who and how many people applied? And what was the criteria used to select him over the others? On Sase’s return to Guyana, he was handpicked for a Senior Management Position at the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil). And at Guyoil it was alleged that he engaged in corrupt practices. He was quickly removed and became a project coordinator for a rural support project. Can Sase also say what happened at the Guyana flour mill? Obviously, he was engaged in high profile jobs without proper skills in Guyana. But can Sase tell

the Guyanese public that this is the kind of corruption we should also investigate? Sase Singh was allocated two large prime house lots in the exclusive Melanie beach front area, popularly known as the Venezuela Scheme. When others were given one lot, he was allocated two large front lots where he built one flat exclusive type apartment house. Is this not suspicious? Editor, I beg to suggest that Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott and Dr Clive Thomas conduct an immediate investigation so as to make this exclusive apartment house part of the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU). Yours faithfully, Dan Persaud

fore was no longer present at the time of the last event on Saturday August 16. In the men’s Archery event Ziggy O’Selmo (a Lokono-Arawak of Pakuri) won the Gold 1st place Medal. It is my hope and dream that my small scale efforts will catch the attention and interest of the new Government, and that they will one day be able to hold a truly professional and large scale Caricom InterTribal Games somewhere in Guyana, perhaps even at the National Stadium. Guyana made history by hosting the first Carifesta, so why not make history again and host the first comprehensive Caricom Inter-Tribal Games? I know we can do it and it will capture the attention of the entire world. Sincerely, Damon Corrie

Dear Editor, Thousands of Guyanese, many dressed in colourful traditional Indian garb, turned out for the 35th annual India Independence Day celebration on Madison Avenue last Sunday. It has been a ritual for IndoGuyanese and Trinidadian Americans since 1981, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bollywood celebrities and the dozens of spectacular floats. There were also celebrations on Long Island and New Jersey as well as in other cities around the US, with Bollywood celebrities being the star attraction. Indo-Guyanese live in those areas. The India Day Parade took place along a 20-block stretch of Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, culminating in Little India where there were cultural performances on a make shift stage and speeches by prominent community leaders and politicians of varied stripes. There was also a colourful Indian fair, featuring cuisine from India, and stalls showcasing Indian handicrafts and textiles. A Manhattan celebration of India is a perfect location for thousands of Guyanese in the metro area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. The parade usually attracts Guyanese from as far away as Delaware and Maryland just to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood celebrities who grace the parade year after year since 1981. In the past, it was a kind of social event for Guyanese from all over their former homeland to meet and enjoy traditional Indian foods and entertainment. Guyanese and other Indo-Caribbean artistes entertained crowds in the re-

cent past. Popular Actor Arjun Rampal, was the grand marshal at the parade while the beautiful actress Parineeti Chopra was the guest of honour at the event. Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag was the guest star in the parade. Music composer Shankar Mahadevan, TV actors Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Indian American singer Jeffrey Iqbal were also seen in the parade. It was also attended by Haryana Chief Minister (from ruling BJP) Manohar Lal Khattar, India’s Consul General Dnyaneshwar Mulay and former Union Minister and UN Deputy Secretary General Shashi Tharoor (currently a Congress MP), among others prominent individuals. The New York Police Department and the India Temple organisation’s bands played the national anthems of India and the United States. The parade featured tableaux by various Indian American organisations, marching bands, Police contingents and cultural performances by young children. There was also a Guyanese contingent. Previous parades had IndoGuyanese floats. The event kicked off with a Scottishstyle bagpipe band in kilts, flying an Indian flag. There were also marchers of Irish, Italian and Black American descent. The parade has been organised since 1981 by the Federation of Indian Associations with Guyanese and Trinidadians serving as liaison to bring out the large Indo-Caribbean community. Yours truly, Vishnu Bisram


thursday, august 20, 2015




3. Admit your mistakes We develop empathy and grace primarily through our own mistakes (if we learn from them). So admit you’ve made some. Like that time you hurt someone you love (when you didn’t know you had the power to hurt them). We learn who we are by learning first, who we’re not. Tell your children where you goofed up, when you were thoughtless or rude (to them and to others). Tell them how you felt about those blunders then, and how you feel about them now. What about when someone treated you poorly? How did you feel? How did you forgive? If you flew off the handle last night – remember to apologise, right away. Tell your child how you wish you’d handled the situation and what you plan to do in future circumstances. Let them know that you’re human too and you still may not always get it right. 4. Catch them doing good Imagine how you’d feel if – no matter how hard you tried to demonstrate “good” behaviour – there’s always someone pointing out how “bad” you are. Now imagine instead that every time you turn around, someone is saying, “You did this right! And this behaviour is how you keep that mistake from happening again.”

(Continued from Wednesday)

You’d not only respect the encourager more, but you’d go out of your way to please them. Try catching yourself being good, too and tell your child. Let them know that your first response was to get angry, until you realised a better way to handle the situation. Doing this is an ideal way to model what you’d like to see from your children (and gain their respect at the same time). Children respect you more when they see you’re humble enough to do your own personal work, too. 5. Set appropriate consequences Punishment for punishment’s sake is merely punitive and not at all educational. For example, if a tween doesn’t answer mom’s phone call and, as a result, receives a spanking or grounding; she learns that people who are bigger and stronger can arbitrarily define “right” and “wrong” for her, whether it aligns with her values or not. She also learns that she wants to either be the bigger, stronger one so that she can lord power over others or she must cow-tow to those bigger and stronger than her at all costs in order to feel safe. In other words, she’s afraid. That same tween who, instead, has her phone taken away for a number of hours

(or days) learns the privilege of having a phone is one worth keeping and thus (with a little loving guidance), how important connectedness and convenience are to her daily life. She’ll develop an intrinsic motivation (“I like to feel connected”) for being responsive to her parents without fear or defensiveness. 6. Trust that they’ll find their way Let your children trust their own instincts. Let them fail a lot while they’re young and the repercussions of mistakes are still small stakes. In the grand scheme, it’s better that your child fails a semester because you refused to harangue them about their responsibilities, than fail at a job in adulthood when their family and mortgage are on the line. Your child will stumble while learning responsibility and intrinsic motivation. Let them learn as early as possible. Modern life is changing quickly. Our children will require more agility in life and business if they want to succeed. Agility comes from a reliance on self, not others. Encourage your child’s willingness to think differently than you – it’s not personal – it’s growth! Relate to their emotional state once they’ve realised their mistakes. And celebrate

the victory you didn’t see coming, too! 7. Understand their motives (or, at least try to) Mindlessly agreeing with you is not your child’s job. Thank goodness! Can you imagine where we’d be if each generation had simply done what their parents asked, without reflecting on their own values? Children who find a third option when they’ve only been offered two aren’t trying to slow you down, get on your nerves, or undermine your authority. They’re thinking of alternatives that might fit both of your needs in the equation. If you celebrate their innovative mind they’re more likely to listen and respect your position. Children today are more tolerant, less racist, more equality-minded, less violent, more growth oriented, more open, more authentic and more intuitive than any generation before. We can certainly teach them how to integrate into our “black and white” world because they’re reliant on us for everything as they grow up. But at the same time, children teach us how to integrate into their “shades of gray” world because we’re not an island unto ourselves and we’re going to rely on them for a lot as we grow up, too. (Yahoo! News)

1. Respect your child. Let your children express their own opinions, tastes, and values – if they do so respectfully. 2. Expect respect. Respect should be an expectation in your family because without it, little else will go well. Use terms such as “respect,” “disrespect,” “polite,” and “rude” to develop a common language of respect. 3. Explain your new policy on r e spect t o

your chi ldren. If they’ve been previously allowed to get away with disrespect, many children are unaware that they are being disrespectful. Meet with your kids at a quiet time to explain your new policy. 4. Tune your ears to the sound of respect and disrespect. Sometimes parents fail to recognise the sound of their child’s disrespect because they may be focusing too much on the content of what

is said (interruptions, accusations, name-calling) and not listening to the child’s tone of voice. A raised voice is not necessarily a sign of disrespect, but attacking, intrusive, sarcastic, and mean words and tone are. 5. Nip disrespectful behaviour in the bud. Respond immediately by saying sharply: “That was disrespectful.” 6 . Use a spec i a l tone of voice in response to disrespect that communicates to your child, “You’re in dangerous territory — b a c k off im-

mediately.” 7. Use timeouts for non-cooperation when the child will not stop the disrespectful behaviour. After pointing out the disrespectful behaviour in a firm voice, if your child continues, give a warning that a time-out will be enforced if they don’t stop. If that doesn’t work, enforce the time-out. Don’t allow a nasty conversation to continue. With a teen, you may want to walk away from the conversation rather than try to enforce a time-out against physical opposition. The key is to pronounce the behaviour as disrespectful and end the conversation rather than letting it escalate. 8. Be firm but keep your cool. Confident parenting is almost always calm, clear, focused, and assertive in times of conflict. 9. Combine zero tolerance with a long-term view. Challenge every disrespectful behaviour without exception – because that’s the only way your child will understand your expectations and the meaning of the behaviour you want to extinguish. Don’t expect an immediate cessation of rudeness, but a steady decrease towards zero. 10. If the problem is chronic and these strategies don’t work, consider seeking family therapy to focus on your parenting skills. If you and your spouse or co-parent can’t agree on a parenting style, consider getting professional help.




thursday, august 20, 2015 |

Government’s year-end Local Govt Elections promise...

GECOM says “isn’t us” on hold up By Michael Younge


t is now 21 days since Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan announced that Government was waiting on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to make a “formal decision” as to how to proceed with the holding of the long overdue Local Government Elections which were last held in 1994. Bulkan, addressing the 65-seat National Assembly on July 30, had told parliamentarians that GECOM was expected to make this formal decision at its statutory meeting which was slated to take place on August 18. “Once such approval is granted, GECOM will be able to hold the elections in early December or well before the Christmas, so whilst I earlier said that it is our desire for these elections to be held in November or before the end of November, I have today been advised that GECOM are assuring that they will be in a position to hold these elections in early December,” Minister Bulkan had said. Bulkan was at the time making his presentation as Government rammed through the Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2015 – the last of the four pieces of legislation crucial for the holding of Local Government Elections under the local Government reforms regime. The Local Government (Amendment) Bill was passed in the 10th Parliament, but then President Donald Ramotar had refused to assent to it. The Bill vests financial and administrative powers in the Local Government Commission, removing them from the subject ministry. The other three Bills – the Fiscal Transfer Act, the Municipal and District Council Amendment Act, and the Local Government Commission Act have been passed and assented to. When contacted on Wednesday, two GECOM Commissioners who asked

not to be named said that no formal decision was made in relation to Local Government Elections and denied that deciding on how to proceed and whether elections could indeed be held by November or December was a matter solely for GECOM. “I am not aware of GECOM bearing the burden to name a date and solely make provisions for the holding of these elections. As a matter of fact, I am not even aware that GECOM was to make any decisions on how to proceed with the elections because the things that need to be done are within the public domain for months if not years now,” one Commissioner said. GECOM Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally confirmed to Guyana Times during a telephone interview that no “decisions” were made in relation to holding of the Local Government Elections at Tuesday’s statutory meeting. He said while he read and saw reports attributed to Minister Bulkan, he was not aware that the setting of the date or time frame for the elections was one that was scheduled to be discussed in a formal way by GECOM at its planned Tuesday statutory meeting. Dr Surujbally advised that the Commission did discuss the legal lacunae that stand in the way of successful holding of the elections, but these issues were known to all the stakeholders who had interest in the holding of local polls. He explained further that the Commission continued to do what it could at this time to prepare for the elections whenever they would be held.

tion. Dr Surujbally maintained that the Commission has played its role and made the relevant contributions so far. “We have to get certain things done so that we can start to do other things…,” the GECOM Chairman said as he spoke about the training of election staff, voter education on the new electoral system and other logistical antecedents. He declined to say if it was possible to successfully hold elections this year when quizzed by this newspaper on the matter given the snail’s pace at which things were being done.

Govt deliberating

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan

“There are several prerequisite activities” that must be addressed promptly if elections are to be held in Guyana, Dr Surujbally said, explaining that the current laws that are in force do not incorporate or support the brand new system that has to be used for the holding of the local Government polls. These laws number 19 and date back to the system

put in place back in 1994. “I can advise you that we will be seeking a meeting with the Minister soon to advise him further on this matter,” Dr Surujbally indicated. He pointed out that at present, the relevant laws that have to be changed or addressed, in one way or the other, are with the Attorney General’s Office for atten-

Meanwhile, even as Government continues to tout elections in November or December, it is yet to even advance formal discussions with its coalition partner as to how it will contest these elections. The two parties have not reached any agreement on whether they will contest the elections as a coalition or independent of each other. Guyana Times was told by Public Infrastructure

Minister David Patterson on Tuesday that a formal decision has not been made by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) as to how they would contest the upcoming Local Government Elections. According to Minister Patterson, discussions are presently under way to address this issue. Political commentators say any decision by the AFC which was married to APNU to contest the elections independently would result in the exposure of the extent to which its constituency has declined since the May 11 elections. In fact, on Saturday, Dr Henry Jeffrey stated that this decision would depend on how the two political parties see their long-term future as a coalition. “If they see themselves as a group together in the long term, then they will go to these elections and contest together. However, if they do not, then they would be contesting the upcoming elections in the regions separately. It all depends on how both parties see themselves together in the future,” Dr Jeffrey explained.


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Eyew tness

Girlfriend charged for revenge stabbing


20-year-old young woman was brought to Court 11 of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Wednesday after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend of eight months. Steffany Marshall of 93 Campbellville Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was granted $30,000 bail by Magistrate Alex Moore after she pleaded not guilty to malicious wounding. Marshall is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, Floyd Yoswick, who lives with her. She allegedly stabbed

him last Sunday after he failed to come inside when she indicated she did not want him going out with his friends. It is believed that she lured him back into the house to collect their house keys as she said she was on her way out as well. However, Marshall allegedly picked up a knife and stabbed him in the lower, right side of his chest. Fortunately, the wound was not life threatening as he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and allowed to leave once treated.

Even so, Guyana Times understands that there may be more to this incident as Police records show that Marshall had lodged a complaint against Yoswick last April after he supposedly assaulted her. He was released on self bail on that occasion but never returned to court. The accused told the court that she was not guilty of the offence. Magistrate Alex Moore ordered the accused to ensure she returns to court on September 10 for report on her case.

Welder admits to damaging three vehicles


Welder was threatened with three weeks imprisonment if he failed to maintain the peace after admitting he damaged three vehicles belonging to Krishna Auto Sales. Troy Lewis, 43, of 92 Duncan Street, Campbellville is charged with damaging three motor vehicles last Friday after some tension between himself and Nishmu Budham, the owner of Krishna Auto Sales. The accused admitted to damaging the right side of the front fender and the bonnet of one of Budham’s motor vehicles, amount-

ing to $60,000 in damages; damaged the bumper, the left side fender and the left side door of another motor vehicle, amounting to $30,000 in damages; and the left rear fender of Budham’s minibus, leaving damages in the amount of $30,000. The total cost in damages incurred amounted to $120,000. Prosecutor Gillian Simmonds explained to the court that Budham’s sister, Indranie Sanchar and Lewis are neighbours. They apparently had a misunderstanding which ended up in court. The Prosecutor stated that on the day in question the Virtual

Complainant (VC), who was at home at the time, got word from his staff that Lewis was looking for him at his place of business in Campbellville. When he found that Budham was not there, he got upset and proceeded to kick three of the vehicles which resulted in the aforementioned damages. Magistrate Alex Moore of Court 10 placed him on a bond for three months after reprimanding him on his behaviour. However, he was told that he shall be imprisoned for three weeks if this is not kept.

Woman placed on bail for stealing clothes


56-year-old woman was on Wednesday place on $50,000 bail on a simple larceny charge when she appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan in Court Two of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Ingrid Primero, a clothes vendor of 188 Waterloo Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, pleaded not guilty to the charge which read that on Friday, July 31, at Water Street, Georgetown she stole a quantity of clothes valued at $961,000 and

a vendors cart valued $60,000, items adding to a total value of $1,021,000 property of the Virtual Complainant (VC) Claire Grant. According to Police Prosecutor, Corporal Blackman, on the day in question at approximately 17:30h the VC secured her cart and the clothing in her stall at the Vendors’ Mall on Water Street. The next day at approximately 06:45h, she returned to the stall and discovered the articles missing. A report as made to the Police and an investiga-

tion launched. Sometime later, the VC received a tip which she related to the Police. The Police acted on this information, and two individuals were taken into custody and questioned. They admitted to the allegation and gave information which led to the arrest of Primero who was found in possession of a quantity of the items. The Prosecution made no objection to bail which was granted in the sum of $50,000. The woman is expected to return to court on September 4.

Roots... I

...and branches

t was loudly hailed as "the return of a Jagan" in Parliament. There'd been one since 1947 with Cheddi and Janet and while there was hope for their son Joey (He was named by his parents, "Joseph" after Joseph Stalin, not Cheddi Jr) to follow in their footsteps after his initial foray. But he kinda doomed his chances after he rolled in protest on the ground in front of GPL while his parents were in charge of the country. In all honesty, your Eyewitness understands that Cheddi was never one for dynasties. In fact as a card carrying Marxist, he rejected the role of individuals in historical change and looked to "historical forces". But, it would've been more than passing strange if the folks around him weren't influenced by his perspective on public service. Talk what you may about Jagan, but you have to admit that as an American trained dentist returning in 1943 with a white wife, he could've enjoyed the "good - meaning high - life". But both he and Janet plunged into public service. What's not often mentioned is that Jagan, true to his roots, didn't neglect his family of origin while he was being a "do gooder". With Janet's enthusiastic support he assisted all his large clan to better themselves. But not through handouts. He was the original proponent of "give a man a fish - and you've given him dinner; teach a man to fish and you've liberated him for life." Well the son of one of those brothers, Clive Jagan, who not only became a dentist like Cheddi - but inspired 3 of his sons to do the same, just entered Parliament. The Jagan spirit of public service is alive and well. Now this Eyewitness doesn't hold people like Jagan above criticism - but his approach to life was pretty much above reproach. And like his uncle, Clive Jagan is comfortably positioned so he's not in politics for the dough. And that's not an inconsiderable qualification right now. Guyana needs folks who want to serve for the betterment of Guyana. Not to demand salary increases of hundreds of thousands of dollars - while tooling around in luxury SUV's with sirens whining. Clive Jagan appears to be a man of the people without the hubris of, say, the fella who said he can't live in a house with two rats that died in the oven. Your Eyewitness doesn't want to put too much burden on the shoulders of this Jagan. He can't be - nor should he be want to be - the original Jagan. But he can carry on with Jagan's central virtue that politics is about people. Ordinary people.

...of Indigenous Peoples

The Junior Minister of Indigenous Peoples, Valerie Garrido Lowe made a curious statement - that the "Hinterland is not a separate nation". Your Eyewitness found it curious because the very fact that there's a Minister for Indigenous Peoples - created by the PPP means that there is some uniqueness to their condition that makes them be treated "separately", Lowe seems confused. While she didn't want the hinterland to be treated as "separate" she insisted that their development be equal. But the problem is that the hinterland's been so disadvantaged due to historical and geographical circumstances that they're lagging by every measure in every aspect of human development. For Indigenous Peoples to catch up with the rest of Guyanese society, they will HAVE to be treated as separate. It's the old foot race analogy: you can't break a fellas legs, put him into a race and then tell him he has an "equal" chance of catching up. Never gonna happen. Garrido Lowe should check out her legs.

...of paralysis

The Government's conducting God knows how many audits and investigations. Seems that they haven't heard of the aphorism: "Too much analysis leads to paralysis". Now we know why the economy's dead and with crime skyrocketing, the nation may soon will reach that state. Action, fellas, action!! Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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Rising maternal deaths

New Amsterdam woman dies, GPHC launches probe A fter spending 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital with pregnancy complications, a young mother took a turn for the worst on Wednesday morning, leaving her family in despair and grief. Patricia Walcott, said to be in her 20s, of Berbice took her last breath while receiving medical attention at the facility. According to information received, Walcott was transferred from the New Amsterdam Hospital to the Georgetown Public Hospital on August 19 in an unconscious state with her baby having no heart rate. After being examined by doctors, Walcott was transferred to the ICU where her condition continued to deteriorate. Hospital staff confirmed that she never regained consciousness. The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) administration stated that a post-mortem examination would be performed

on the body to ascertain her cause of death. An investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding Walcott’s demise. Guyana has been battling to reduce the incidence of maternal deaths, with several women having died in recent years. Guyana is listed among the five countries with the highest maternity deaths, a group which also includes Haiti, Bolivia, Guatemala and Suriname. In 2014, the Georgetown Public Hospital had a total of 11 maternal deaths. Five of these deaths were women referred from other health institutions. The Hospital’s maternity ward admitted 9735 patients for 2014. Pregnant women are sometimes admitted for observation although they may not necessarily be near delivery time, the GPHC has stated. More recently, in July, 21-year-old Akeisa Richardson died three days after giving birth at the Georgetown Public

Hospital. According to the hospital, “following her delivery she started experiencing seizures”. Richardson was transferred to the ICU, where she was being monitored, but she eventually succumbed. In June, Carol Bollers died owing to pregnancy complications at the Hospital as well. Bollers was admitted to the medical facility on Monday, June 8, and took her last breath in the wee hours of June 10. It was reported that the now dead woman was less than five months pregnant. She was admitted after visiting the Accident and Emergency Unit complaining of abdominal pains. Upon inspection, it was discovered that Bollers was suffering from ruptured membranes. As a result, she was admitted and treated, but her condition worsened. Despite attempts by the doctors to save her life, she passed away.

she attempted to remove a fan from his room. He was charged for threatening behaviour and assault. Prosecutor Gillian Simmonds enlightened the court about the incident, stating that the Virtual Complainant (VC) Donette Moses attempted to remove a fan from her son’s room while he was lying down. The young man got upset and kicked his mother, stating that he will kill her while

pulling a knife on her. The matter was reported to the Police and he was arrested. Moses displayed great remorse in Court 10 about what he did, telling the court that he would not do it again. Even so, his mother stated that she did not wish to go ahead with the matter against him. Magistrate Alex Moore reprimanded the young man and discharged him of the offences.

1 injured in Mandela Avenue accident

A crowd gathers around the damaged vehicle moments after the accident (Nikosi Bruce photo)


motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after he was knocked off his bike when it collided with a Green Ice taxi on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown near Shirley Field. The man, identified by eyewitnesses as Matthew

Vieira, was thrown approximately 10 feet from the motorcycle. According to the witnesses, the motorcyclist was travelling at a moderate speed, although without his helmet, when the taxi made a sudden turn resulting in the collision. A witness who opted

to remain anonymous said, “The taxi was attempting a wide turn and the bike came flying up the road and then the bike fly up and the fair skinned guy pitched a good way from the scene.” This publication understands that the man was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Wanted bulletin issued for 18-year-old walks free after kicking mother NWD murder accused


n 18-year-old was allowed to walk out of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Wednesday after his mother refused to give evidence against him in the court. It is alleged that he kicked her on Monday. O’Neil Moses, of 110 West Front Road, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, admitted to Magistrate Alex Moore that he kicked his mother and threatened to kill her on Monday when


he Guyana Police Force on Wednesday issued a wanted bulletin for Reggie Jacobs for questioning in relation to the murder of Morvin James which occurred on July 27, at William Area, North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini). The 30-year-old suspect of Log Hill, Baramita, North West District (NWD), was accused of stabbing James to death during an argument at Baramita in Region One.

Wanted: Reggie Jacobs

Forty-year-old James, also of Baramita, according to reports was involved in an argument with Jacobs, who subsequently attacked him and fatally stabbed him to the chest. The suspect managed to escape and has since gone into hiding. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Reggie Jacobs is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-8196, 225-2722, 2261333, 911 or at the nearest police station.


thursday, august 20, 2015


Chile wants to boost bilateral Guyana accredits new Canadian High Commissioner cooperation

Newly appointed Canadian High Commissioner Pierre Giroux along side President David Granger and Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge


anada has said that it is extremely pleased with Government’s recent announcement that Local Government Elections – last held in 1994 – will be held by December this year. The message was related by the newest Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Pierre Giroux, when he presented his credentials to President David Granger at the Ministry of the Presidency on Wednesday. Government had recently announced that it would be moving to have the long overdue election by December. The Guyana Elections Commission however, is still to confirm a date.

The Canadian High Commissioner related that his country was pleased with the announcement, and hope that it would come to fruition. According to him, in every society, every level of Government should be functional. He said he intends to carry out the legacy of mutual respect and cooperation, noting that the relationship between the two countries has always been a strong peopleto-people link, along with a strong common interest. Pierre Giroux (BA [Economics], Université de Montréal, 1974) has worked in the federal public service for 34 years, during which time he has held a wide

range of positions relating to international affairs. Overseas, Giroux has served as Ambassador to El Salvador, Chargé d’affaires en pied to The Dominican Republic; Deputy Head of Mission to the Organisation of American States in Washington, DC; Canadian representative on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s development assistance committee in Paris; Adviser in the Canadian embassies to Venezuela and to Algeria; Cooperation Section Chief in the Canadian embassies to Tunisia and to Guatemala; and technical expert in planning for the Governments of Mali and Haiti. At Headquarters, he has held the positions of Director, West and Central Africa; and Canadian representative for the peace process in the African Great Lakes region; Deputy Director for climate change and energy policy, Deputy Director for recruitment and management of the development assistance file; and Senior Planning Officer for the Canadian International Development Agency’s Haiti Programme. Giroux and his wife Blanca Ureta, have one son. Giroux replaces Nicole Giles.

– as Guyana accredits new Chilean Ambassador

Chilean Ambassador Claudio Rachel Rojas presents his credentials to President David Granger in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge


resident David Granger on Wednesday accepted the credentials of the first Chilean Resident Ambassador to Guyana at the Ministry of the Presidency. The official pledged his country’s support to enhancing economic and diplomatic ties between the two nations. Presenting his credentials to Guyana’s Head of State, in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, the new Chilean Ambassador committed to the fostering of a new level of cooperation between the two South American countries. Flanked by his wife and other representatives,

Claudio Rachel Rochass said that his country has had diplomatic ties with Guyana since 1971. He said integration remained at the forefront of efforts between Chile and Guyana and he would be seeking out ways and means of realising this. “Our relation is to fulfil and to have a positive return in our relations. The characteristics of our ties are also unique. Through this, our political, economical and social development will be based on a shared solid plan to sustain the political system committed to the rule of law, physical and social inclusion and well-being of all our citizens,” he said, continuing

that “both of our countries are known to promote peace and security, the role of international law and the overall multilateral system, supporting all programmes to work together”. “Today, we renew this commitment and deepen to foster our commitment and bring it to another level of understanding”, the new Ambassador said. President Granger, in his acceptance address, said the countries, since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1971, have been working closely on all regional and global agenda. He communicated Government’s pleasure of finally having a Chilean Embassy here. Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres of Antarctica, although all claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty.

Police want assistance in identifying dead men


he Guyana Police Force is seeking the assistance of the public to positively identify the bodies of two men who are at the Lyken Funeral Home. The bodies of “Andrew” and “Clifton Chappelle” were found in separate areas of the North West District on August 16. “Andrew” was reportedly found at the Sanano Backdam with several chop wounds to his body that were inflicted as a result of an argument with a group of men in the area. It was reported that the now dead man who allegedly hailed from Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) received several chops after an argument escalated while imbibing at a popu-


“Clifton Chappelle”

lar spot. Two suspects were reportedly arrested for the murder. On the other hand, “Chappelle” was found at the Maswa Backdam and is suspected to have been beaten to death.

Anyone who have information with respect to the men’s identities are asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 226-1333, 225-2722, 225-6411, 2258196, and 911 or at the nearest Police Station.

thursday, august 20, 2015


Stakeholders’ conference to address substance abuse A lthough it is difficult to compare the relative impact of substance abuse on suicidal thoughts or action, emerging research strongly suggests that individuals engaged in any form of substance abuse are more likely to engage in suicidal behaviour. The National Suicide Prevention Conference, to be hosted by The Caribbean Voice (TCV) Friday, will be exploring various initiatives that can be embarked upon to reduce drug and alcohol-related suicide cases. The organisation highlighted that several key areas where stakeholders can work together to help curb the issue of substance abuse will hopefully reduce the suicide rate in the country. TCV suggested that Guyana expand on the services it offers in substance abuse-related rehabilitation programmes and partner with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and churches to implement evidence-based prevention


Emerging research suggests that individuals engaged in any form of substance abuse are more likely to engage in suicidal behaviour

programmes. Already, there are a few in-house treatment centres available – Salvation Army, the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and Phoenix Recovery Project as well as one outpatient centre at the public hospital. Various churches across the country also have recovery programmes which reach out to victims and help them get their life back on track. Additionally, the

NGO suggested that Government established at least one rehabilitation centre in each of Guyana’s 10 administrative regions. Recommendations were also made for the re-examination of the existing laws pertaining to the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, keeping in mind the goal to reduce substance abuse in the country. There are also calls for the establishment of the

Alcohol Anonymous programme to address alcohol abuse and drug addiction, and better data collection and presentation of statistics. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Guyanese on average consumed more than eight litres of pure alcohol in 2010 compared to the global figure of 6.2 litres. Of the total recorded alcohol consumed, 77 per cent was consumed in the form of spirits, while 23 per cent was beer, less than one per cent wine, and less than one per cent other. The report also stated that about 15.2 per cent of male drinkers (10 per cent of the population aged 15+) engage in heavy episodic drinking, that is, consumed at least 60 grams of pure alcohol at least once per month. Also, 8.6 per cent of males and 5.9 per cent of all Guyanese aged 15 and older are classified as having alcohol use disorder, with 3.9 per cent and 1.9 per cent respectively classified as alcoholics.

Anna Regina, Berbice OLPF workers given disrespectful send-off – trainers and bus drivers still owed


taff who were attached to the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) Project now renamed the One Laptop Per Teacher (OLPT) Project in Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) and Berbice County offices are dissatisfied with the manner in which they were asked to stay home. According to staff, to date, they have not been offered any letter of termination of their services on the project. Staff related that all they received was a phone call from a senior official of the Ministry of the Presidency informing them that they have to stay home, since the funds for the project are running low. Workers from both the Anna Regina and Berbice offices say if their services were terminated, then it should have been properly communicated for example in a meeting. The staff said

the manner in which they were sent home was very unacceptable and not even a thank you or appreciation was given for the time spent on the project since 2011. Five persons were based in the regions, two in Region Two and three in Berbice. Meanwhile, several trainers who trained persons during the last distribution exercise in 2014, and bus drivers who transported staff to the various hubs are still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trainers submitted their logs since 2014 and were waiting for them to be processed; to date, no communication was made from the training department if they would be paid or not. The OLPF Project commenced in 2011 under the stewardship of former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

12 news

thursday, august 20, 2015 |

Govt forced to nip fuel prices – meagre reductions to take effect today By Devina Samaroo


fter a series of articles carried in the Guyana Times over the past few days coupled with pressure from various stakeholders, Government on Wednesday announced its intention to slash fuel prices given the very low price for oil on the world market. As of today, consumers will begin to benefit from cheaper fuel following the decision to slash oil prices at all Guyoil Gas Stations across the country. This is according to Finance Minister Winston Jordan who made the announcement in Parliament ahead of the 2015 Budget Debate on Wednesday. He noted that in light of the worldwide decline in oil prices, Government decided it best that all Guyanese, like every other citizen

Consumers will begin to benefit from cheaper fuel at Guyoil Gas Stations

in the world, benefit from cheaper fuel. As of today, gasoline will be sold at $168 per litre while diesel will drop to $199 per litre. Previously, the price for gasoline was $174 per litre and the price for diesel was $210.

Oil has lost about a third of its value since June and only recently, prices fell to below US$42 per barrel, the lowest it has been since March 2009. Experts have already predicted that this progressive trend will last until yearend, resulting in cheap-

er fuel at pump stations across the world. Given the reduction in the fuel prices at the Guyoil Gas Stations, it is expected that the other popular service stations like Shell and Rubis will follow suit like they eventually did when the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration had first lowered the fuel prices earlier this year. At Shell Gas Stations, the prices are currently $222.9 per litre of gasoline and $176.9 per litre of diesel. At the Rubis Gas Stations, the price currently stands at $175.9 per litre for gasoline and $210 per litre for diesel.

Also, given that the recent reduction in fuel prices turned out to be a fleeting experience for Guyanese, many are now hoping that the low prices remain stable for a while longer. Chairman of the Trade and Investment Committee of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Dookhoo had already indicated that cheaper fuel was exactly what Guyana needed to aid in stimulating the economy. “It will put more money into the economy and what we need in this point in time, significantly lower the cost of living … it will mean more disposal income, people pay less for fuel and have more money to do oth-

er stuff and this is what we need at this point in time,” he related. Moreover, Minister Jordan pointed out that with school slated to reopen soon, the reduced prices should enable the transportation fees for students to be lowered. International prices for oil have been on a steady decline since late 2014. Then in May, it began to climb, only to drastically fall again in July. Since then, prices have been fluctuating, although there have been no major increases or decreases until they crashed to below US$42, hitting near a sixyear low.

GRPA, SASOD host youth conference

Budget 2015: A Good Life or a Good Lie? – Gill


eople’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament (MP) Harry Gill sought to unveil and lay bare the contents of Budget 2015, flaying the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government for failing to deliver on the many “unrealistic” promises it made to the Guyanese people. “This Budget can be best described as plenty rhetoric and little substance. Whoever came up with the “Good Life” as the Budget theme, should have named it the “Good Lie” instead,” Gill asserted. Firstly, Gill pointed out that while the People’s National Congress (PNC)led APNU/AFC stronghold of Linden is being given billions of dollars in electricity subsidies and another $155 million to reactivate the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN), there is nothing of substance for the people of any other regions. Particularly focusing on Region Five (MahaicaBerbice), the district he pledged to represent, Gill said the $300 reduction in the toll to cross the Berbice Bridge is “more than symbolic for this Government to boast of having fulfil a campaign promise”. He also pointed out that there was no mention of provisions in the Budget for the allocation of subsidies to the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) for the reduction of these tolls. He noted that civil servants were initially promised a 20 per cent salary hike, only to have the rate progressively lowered. In the Budget, Government allocated a mere five per cent and was not even retroactive from January 1 as was done under the previous PPP/C

Government. “How can civil servants enjoy the “Good Life” that is touted in the Budget?” Gill questioned. Gill noted that the coalition Government promised Guyanese that it would lower the Value Added Tax (VAT) so they could enjoy the “Good Life” since they dubbed the 16 per cent as burdensome. However, VAT has not been reduced. In relation to the elderly, Gill posited that the APNU/

PPP/C MP Harry Gill

AFC administration wickedly tried to fool them into thinking that the Government has its interest at heart. “They have raised Old Age Pension from $13,125 to $17,000... Big deal when the APNU/AFC had promised to double this benefit immediately upon assumption to office,” Gill stated, noting that some $4000 is of no significant, since the Government eliminated subsidies in water and electricity. “So how do the elderly enjoy the “Good Life” when the measly $3875 increase proposed in the Budget for pensioners will have to be used to pay their electricity and water bills? Stop fooling our elderly,” Gill contended. Fifthly, Gill pointed out

that the Government deprived every single child in the public education system across Guyana of $10,000 which was used to assist in the purchase of school uniforms and equipment to take them back to school. Instead, the Government upped the $1500 school uniform vouchers by a mere $500. “How does denying every child $9500 allow their parents to give those children a “Good Life”? Is this not removing an investment in our children’s education?” he asked. Gill also referred to the 1972 indigenous young people who were indiscriminately fired and now cannot afford to provide basic food items and other necessities for their families. “How can the Government claim in this Budget to provide a “Good Life” for all Guyanese?” Gill continued to ask. Moreover, he posited that in order to cover up its failure, the APNU/AFC Administration is making allegations of corruption against the PPP/C. “A reason had to be given for the inability of Government to reduce the VAT and to honour their commitment to raise public servants salaries by 20 per cent. So instead of admitting to being unrealistically overgenerous with their promises on the campaign trail, they blame it all on the evil People’s Progressive Party. What’s new?” he contended. In closing, Gill referred to a statement made by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, who stated, “If the treasury was empty, how then a budget larger than any other budget in our history with a lower deficit, could have been presented to this honourable House?”

Members of the head table: Trevon Warner, Lucella Campbell, UNFPA Resident Representative Patrice LaFleur, UN Resident Coordinator Khadija Musa, Ryan Belgrave and Theresa Gaime


n observance of International Youth Day, celebrated on August 12, the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association’s Youth Advocacy Movement (GRPAYAM) in collaboration with the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) hosted a conference tackling sexual and reproduction issues. The event, held on Wednesday at Cara Lodge on Quamina Street, Georgetown, focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need for Comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Education for young people. The one-day conference was well attended by many young persons from various youth organisations, Government representatives and members of the diplomatic corps. The programme was chaired by Renuka Anandjit, who is the Programme Director at GRPA and she continuously stressed the need for young people to advocate for their rights. The main speakers at the event were International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Senior Adviser Lucella Campbell; United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Resident Representative Patrice LaFleur; United Nations Resident Coordinator Khadija Musa; Ryan Belgrave, who represented Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence and Theresa Gaime who represented Governance and Patrimony Minister Raphael Trotman. LaFleur, during her

presentation, highlighted that in 1994 the world was charged to have a more comprehensive approach to sexual reproductive health education and now 21 years later, countries were still struggling to make such information available to adolescents. Premature entry into the “sex life”, unwanted teen pregnancies, rape, incest, sexual and gender based violence are more prevalent now than they were back in 1994, but nothing has been done to improve the situation. We live in a society where certain things still remain taboo and young people are still being denied access to sexual education and services by persons in authority, LaFleur added. The main perpetrators are the primary health-care providers who still turn away teenagers when they go to local health centres to access reproductive health services. Although the Government boasts of having Health and Family Life Education in the school system, the mention of sexual and reproductive rights and responsibilities is very minimal. However, the UNFPA representative said that through collaborative efforts with prime stakeholders (especially the Government), it has successfully created a sex policy and a draft national youth policy. The UN country representative echoed many of LaFleur’s comments, noting the UN Secretary General’s Special Address to young people in observance of International Youth Day. She mentioned that “young

people need to speak out and leaders need to listen”, and that is the only way that we can see changes as it relates to the rights of young people. “The engagement of youth is very needed” and though there is always room for improvement, young people still need to be more proactive. Musa strongly believes that young people need to be introduced to this sort of information at a very young age, although this does not necessarily mean that they will stop making mistakes as it relates to sexual activities but they will certainly decrease. Belgrave, a regional councillor, spoke on behalf of the Social Protection Minister since she was unable to attend the event, delivering her remarks. Minister Lawrence commended both groups and pledged her support to SASOD specifically. She called on young vibrant people to educate the public and said it was a requisite that young people were given the much-needed resources to move forward. The Social Protection Ministry pledged its support to improving the lives of youth throughout Guyana. The event continued with plenary sessions discussing “[lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered ] LGBT Rights are Rights, and Sexual Rights are Human Rights” and “Youth Participation in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals”. These sessions were facilitated by Joel Simpson and Norwell Hinds respectively.



thursday, august 20, 2015 |

Nandlall fluommoxes AG

Budget debate 2015

“Fresh approach” does F not constitute “good life” – Selman tells Parliament

PPP/C Member of Parliament Africo Selman


s the Budget debate continued in the National Assembly on Tuesday, People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament Africo Selman said the “fresh approach” 2015 Budget did not offer a “good life” for Guyanese citizens. The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government, on August 10, had presented the Budget under the theme “A fresh approach to a good life in a green economy”. However, during her presentation on the second day of the budget debate, Selman outlined that the parents of public school children were disappointed with the discontinuation of the $10,000 cash grant and were hoping their cries would cause the Administration to respond to their plight and design an assistance package accordingly. However, it failed to do, she noted. “The question which can be asked and should be answered by the APNU/AFC Government is whether ignoring the plight of the poor and the cry of our children, in their view, constitutes a fresh approach to the good life. Such an approach certainly does not guarantee a good life. I urge the APNU/ AFC Government to recon-

sider this approach,” she remarked. The Opposition MP further stated that as a teacher she was in constant contact with parents, so she can vouch that the cash grant, though in its first year, contributed to the lessening of expenses for the purchase of school supplies, much to the appreciation of the parents. Selman opined that the grant should not have been taken away from Guyanese, but instead increased to $20,000 given the increase in the cost of living. “That is an increase that the PPP/C would have contemplated,” she declared. Furthermore, the PPP/C MP highlighted that the 2015 Budget came at a time when Guyanese were expecting the APNU/AFC to fulfil its promises made during the election campaign, and while the theme offered much hope and the approach employed was fresh, it did not meet the aspirations of Guyanese, who have since expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction. She went on to say that Guyanese must be consulted on decisions that will have far-reaching consequences on their lives. “Any action which seeks to disregard the importance of consultation is a violation of Guyana’s Constitution,” she

stated. Additionally, Selman underscored that Guyanese were looking forward to the phased reduction of the Value-Added Tax (VAT), noting that investors were anticipating tax incentives particularly those interested in investing in the local tourism sector. “Guyanese are still saddled with burden of the Value Added Tax. Taking VAT off of a few items of the Government’s choice does not offer any relief to Guyanese. Were Guyanese consulted on the items that the APNU/AFC Government chose to zerorate? How do we know if they were given the choice, those were the items they would have chose to zerorate?” she questioned. During Selman’s presentation, the heckling from the Government side of the House was loud and kept on increasing. This resulted in the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland, intervening to protect Selman, who had served as an Opposition MP of APNU in the 10th Parliament. During the mumbling, Junior Minister within the Social Protection Ministry, Simona Broomes, whose presentation preceded Selman’s, called Selman the “Opposition Queen”. In response, the Opposition MP declared that she had the right to choose which political party she wanted to support. “And I have chosen to bear allegiance to this nation under the PPP/C. That is my right,” she stated to resounding cheers from her fellow PPP/C MPs mixed with heckling from the other side of the House. “While we are accountable for our choices and there will always be consequences for those choices, both good and bad, which may include being in opposition… the human spirit requires freedom to effectively serve and that is what I’m doing here,” she added.

Pomeroon residents to benefit from school boat


esidents from Pomeroon, Region Two (PomeroonSupenaam) will see their transportation burden being reduced as they will benefit from the first school boat to be commissioned by the new Government soon. According to a release from the Social Cohesion Ministry, the commissioning will be done by President David Arthur Granger

at the Charity Farmer’s Wharf. The release also stated the President has made Essequibo a priority for the boat project. The commissioning will see the fulfilment of a promise made by the Grangerled A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration to the people of Pomeroon during its campaigning exercises in the re-

gion. Officials from the Region Two Administration are expected to attend the commissioning. In the past, parents who had students attending secondary or primary school on the Essequibo Coast had to foot their own travelling expenses which proved very difficult for them and resulted in scores dropping out of school.

ormer Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall, during his Budget debate presentation on Tuesday night, blasted the current Attorney General (AG) and Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams for what he called an “insubstantial Budget 2015”. Nandlall, in his speech, stated that the Budget speaks about macro-economic stability and what was expected to happen in the next five years in terms of economic growth. However, it has only been three months since the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) came into power and already the “ordinary Guyanese” are experiencing an “economic downturn”. He noted that presently the exchange rate in Guyana has risen from G$206 to US$1 to G$212 for US$1 and emphasised that heavy inflation is already present in the country. “We are hearing how we will get this economic growth and that there will be taxation reform to make it more robust. In the APNU/AFC’s 100-day plan there are promises of reduction in taxes,” the former Legal Affairs Minister explained. He then referred to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector which the Government’s

AG Basil Williams

and today its position is on diversification of the markets, Nandlall further said. “The rice farmers want to know about the markets. Where, when and how,” the former Legal Affairs Minister maintained. On the other hand, Williams stated that the vision of the APNU/AFC Government is a justice system that is characterised by fairness for the people, “that is efficacious”: where they can embrace and feel safe and secure” in the knowledge that they live in a country of law and order. He told the National Assembly that in this “fresh approach” there would not be one law for the rich and

Former AG Anil Nandlall

Budget described as a knowledge-driven industry. However, the Government shut down the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) initiative that distributed thousands of laptops and would have benefited Guyanese through the country in this regard. With regard to the sugar and rice industries, he put forward that no real solution has been or will be found to the problems facing these industries by the present Administration. He referred to the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the sugar industry and stated that no solution would emerge from this and the coalition Government had trumpeted promises of paying $9000 per bag of rice before it came into power. Sadly, the Government is yet to fulfil this commitment

one for the poor, as justice in Guyana must be “blind and colourless”. According to the AG, Government will implement measures to enhance capacity in the criminal justice process such as Crime Scene Investigators who will be trained to collate and preserve evidence while preventing contamination of the scene. Fingerprinting, ballistics, DNA testing and other scientific processes are to be developed and the training of Police and State prosecutors to present effective cases and trials. The training of magistrates to enhance their capacity to appreciate and deal with such evidence will also be implemented, Minister Williams stated. “Our Government will seek to create a pool of legislative and treaty draft-

persons for the State offices including the Parliament Office and emphasises model legislation for Caricom; explore and increase access to [Alternative Dispute Resolution] ADR, restorative justice and community justice services and access to legal information. The APNU/AFC Government recognises the importance of combating cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity. Already we have received reports or cyber attacks and noted the absence of cybercrime legislation to counter such attacks and guarantee cybersecurity in Guyana,” he emphasised. It was noted that the AG Chambers and the Legal Affairs Ministry will spearhead the creation of cybercrime legislation and seek to harmonise it with that of member states of Caricom. In his speech, it was further noted that the Drafting Division of the AG’s Chambers is currently examining legislation to widen the class of persons who can qualify as coroners to conduct inquests into unnatural deaths. These inquests are expected to begin shortly. Minister Williams referred to the task that the APNU/AFC Government has in having to make representation to secure students’ entry for the 2015 to 2016 academic year at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago. “The situation of the UG law graduates’ automatic entry to the Hugh Wooding Law School, the sudden imposition of a nearly 40 per cent increase in tuition fees and reversal of the decision to permit students of the Hugh Wooding Law School to pay 50 per cent of their tuition fees up front and 50 per cent in January of the following year, to the demand of 100 per cent payment up front is engaging the attention of APNU and AFC Government,” he expressed. The National Assembly was told that the Government would continue to make representations to Caricom Heads of Government that notice of the fee increase was too short and it was unreasonable to demand such a large increase before clearing it with the Heads of Governments.


thursday, august 20, 2015


Garvey’s childhood home to be No decision on US commercial transformed into heritage site flights to Cuba, State Department says in response to report


Jamaican National Hero Marcus Garvey grew up in St Ann’s Bay, St Ann, and his childhood home will be refurbished and transformed into a heritage site


he house in which National Hero Marcus Garvey grew up in St Ann’s Bay, St Ann, will be refurbished and transformed into a heritage site. This was outlined in a message from Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna during a ceremony to commemorate the 128th birthday of Jamaica’s first national hero, held on the compound of the St Ann Parish Library in St Ann’s Bay on Monday. Read by Councillor for the Beecher Town Division

of the St Ann Parish Council, Ian Bell, the Minister’s message noted that the property on which the house is located was declared a protected site in 1992, as the Government moved to ensure that the legacy and history of Marcus Garvey is preserved. “The Ministry of Youth and Culture remains committed to preserving the legacy of this outstanding Jamaican as we are ready to start plans to refurbish the house of Jamaica’s first national hero and transform-

ing it into a heritage site,” Hanna said. “We want to create an environment where Jamaicans at home and abroad can visit and pay tribute to a man who left a great legacy. It was he who said that ‘a people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots’. Let us continue to embrace our rich cultural heritage and pass on the memories and traditions to the next generation,” she added.

he US State Department has responded to media reports that the Obama Administration could allow scheduled flights to Cuba by year-end, saying that no decision has been taken and that normalising relations between the two countries is still a “long, complex process.” A Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday indicated that on the heels of the restoration of diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba, regulations were being developed that would allow airlines to establish regular service between the two countries as early as

December. “We remain in contact with the Cuban Government regarding the establishment of scheduled air service, which US airlines say they are eager to offer to authorised travellers, but no decisions have yet been made and of course, we seek to continue to have these technical discussions in the near future,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said at a media briefing, stressing that the decades-old embargo on Cuba remains in place. He noted that Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control would, in the meantime, continue to administer the

St Lucia Govt issues alert as Tropical Storm Danny approaches Caribbean

(Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

St Vincent hosts bilateral proliferation security initiative workshop and exercise


n order to enhance coordination in combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) hosted a Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) bilateral workshop with the United States in Kingstown on August 18. Launched in 2003, the PSI is a global effort that aims to stop trafficking of WMD, their delivery systems, and related materials to and from states and non-state actors of proliferation concern. The one-day workshop consisted of technical briefings and a tabletop exercise regarding ways to prevent proliferation of WMD in the region. The SVG Ministry of

US Ambassador Larry Palmer

Foreign Affairs hosted the event. The SVG participating organisations included the National Security Ministry; Coast Guard Service; Port Authority; Customs Office; National Police; General

Intelligence Agency; Maritime Administration Office; and the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Participants from the United States included officials from Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Defence, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of State, United States Coast Guard, and the US Embassy to SVG. US Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Larry Palmer remarked, “This PSI event is a demonstration of both our countries’ commitment to, and cooperation in combating WMD in our Region and the world.” (Excerpt from Caribbean News Now)

Bolivia Policeman killed in clash at Tacacoma gold mine


olice in Bolivia have clashed with protesters they were trying to evict from a gold mine 200km (125 miles) NorthWest of the city of La Paz. One officer was killed and 10 people injured as Police and occupiers confronted each other. Locals occupied the mine and refused to leave until the miners paid them a “tribute”. They allege that the mine lies on their ancestral lands and they should be compensated by those exploiting it. There are conflicting reports as to how Police

Sergeant Jose Luis Quispe died. A lawyer for the miners said he was pushed over a precipice by the squatters. But one of the squatters said the officer fell as he was fleeing the clashes. Other witnesses said Sergeant Quispe lost his balance after the protesters threw an explosive device in his direction. Interior Minister Carlos Romero said his death would be investigated and those responsible would be punished harshly. One of the occupiers told local radio that the violence

was triggered when more than 200 officers were sent to evict them. He warned that if the officers were not recalled, locals would block roads. He said that the miners had tried to convince locals of the benefits their work would bring to the community. But he insisted that locals wanted compensation from the mining cooperative. The Government on Tuesday welcomed the release by the occupiers of four Police Officers they had been holding hostage since Monday. (BBC News)

regulations that provide for “general and specific licences for the 12 categories of purposeful travel to Cuba that are now authorised for American citizens”. Kirby shied away from predicting whether discussions on bilateral travel could end in agreement by the end of the year, as the reports had indicated. The State Department official said while there were some issues in which the US and Cuba had common goals, such as narcotics and maritime security, other areas would need more time and “transportation and civil aviation is probably one of those”. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)


rime Minister, Dr Kenny Anthony on Wednesday told St Lucians that in spite of a relatively placid hurricane season thus far, they need to be prepared. “We are nearly at the

halfway point of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season, and so far we have been blessed. The approaching system could change that,” he said. “Danny, though a storm at the moment, is a salu-

tary reminder that we must not be complacent. Rather, we must remain vigilant. We must remain vigilant not only for this system, but throughout the season and beyond. Ensure that you monitor closely the development of Tropical Storm Danny.” The Prime Minister said that while he hoped the country’s National Emergency Management Advisory Committee would not have to be pressed into action, it stand ready to respond should disaster strike. The first three storms of the season – Ana, Bill and Claudette, bypassed the Caribbean, making landfall on the US coast. (Excerpt from


Grenada proposes to enshrine press freedom in new Constitution


he Grenada Government is proposing to include an explicit freedom of the press provision among proposed changes to its Constitution that it will ask citizens to approve in a referendum. The tri-island nation is again attempting to reform the Constitution, which came into force on February 7, 1974 when Grenada attained Independence from Britain. Minister of Information Sheldon Scott said that freedom of expression is implied among the rights enshrined in the current Constitution. He told the Communication Rights and Freedoms in the Caribbean forum that forms part of the 46th General Assembly of the Barbados-based Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) that freedom of expression should be clearly spelled out in the new docu-

ment. “And when we are speaking of constitutional rights and freedoms and amending that section of it, we thought it important, very important, that we include specifically within the new draft of the Constitution that we are proposing the referendum on, the words ‘freedom of the press.’ It is important to us and I believe it is important to the people of Grenada that it be enshrined in our Constitution the words ‘freedom of the press’,” Scott said. Scott said that he has been inquiring about wheth-

er “the average Grenadian” understands what the current Constitution says about their fundamental rights and freedoms. “You’ve been finding that most Grenadians don’t know what the Constitution says. They believe that they have rights, they understand that they have rights and so on, but they cannot quote the consultation, they cannot tell you as a person from the United States might be able to say my Third Amendment rights or my Second Amendment rights or so on. (Excerpt from Antigua Observer)

thursday, august 20, 2015


Around the World

India launches Bangkok bomb: Erawan shrine attacker “is part of network” – Police world’s first solarpowered airport T

he bomb attack that killed 20 people at Bangkok’s Erawan shrine on Monday was carried out by a “network”, Thailand’s Chief of Police has said. Police have released a sketch of the main suspect, a man in a yellow T-shirt who was filmed by security cameras leaving a backpack at the shrine. Police later said two other people seen on CCTV were being treated as suspects. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has described the incident as the worst-ever attack on Thailand. The Hindu shrine, pop-

Police have released a sketch of the main suspect, a man in a yellow T-shirt who was filmed by security cameras leaving a backpack at the shrine

ular with tourists and Buddhists, reopened on Wednesday. Police Chief Somyot Poompanmoung told the

Associated Press news agency that the shrine attack was the work of more than one person. “He didn’t do it alone for

sure,” he said, referring to the main suspect. “It’s a network,” he added, without giving further information. But he said he was certain that Thai citizens were involved in the bombing. Although the main suspect in the footage has not been identified, an arrest warrant for him has been issued by Bangkok’s Southern Criminal Court. It accuses an “unnamed foreigner” of conspiracy to commit “premeditated murder” and weapons offences. Police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said in a TV interview that the man could be of “mixed origin”.

(Excerpt from BBC News)

Saudi women register to vote in municipal elections


omen in Saudi Arabia have begun registering to vote in municipal elections, the first time they are able to take part in the electoral process in the kingdom. Women will also be able to stand as candidates in the polls, slated for December. The ongoing voter registration and the planned vote usher in a new and “exciting time” for women, as they participate in local governance, Afnan Linjawi, a Saudi writer, told Al Jazeera

on Wednesday. “I didn’t expect this to happen so soon,” Linjawi, who is also a first-time voter, said. She credited local female leaders for pushing the initiative, as well as the newly named King Salman for approving it. Linjawi said that while some sectors of Saudi society view women’s suffrage as a “Western intrusion”, she sees a “linear advancement in women’s participation” in the country’s affairs and politics.

“I guess with any change that happens, you have to face opposition.” On Monday, two women from Mecca and Medina became the first female voters to register. December’s polls are the third time municipal elections have been held since 2005. Partial local elections first took place in 2005, but with only men voting for male candidates for half of each municipal council. Elections were to be

held every four years, but in February 2009, the Government announced that it was postponing indefinitely “for evaluation” the 2009 polls, as the push for universal suffrage intensified. In 2011, the election originally scheduled in 2009, took place, and during the same year legislation was passed allowing women to vote and run for office by 2015. At the same time, the legislation also set the voting age to 18. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

The undertaking, at Cochin International Airport, is estimated to generate more than 50,000 units of electricity daily


he world’s first ever fully solar-powered airport has been launched in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The Indian Government has already directed other airports around the country to start incorporating solar energy into their daily operations. The undertaking, at Cochin International Airport, is estimated to generate more than 50,000 units of electricity daily and will make CIAL grid-power neutral, Bosch said in a news release on Tuesday. Built on land covering 50

acres (20 hectares), the project is the largest of its kind to be constructed at an airport in India, according to the release. Bosch has 50 megawatts of solar projects in India either commissioned or under construction, CM Venugopalan, head of Bosch India Energy Business, said in the release. India has four gigawatts of solar capacity currently, with an aim to reach 100 gigawatts by 2022. Cochin is located in the city of Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala. (Excerpt from BBC News and Bloomberg)

South Sudan: Salva Kiir’s China’s web giant takes US$50M peace snub “mind-boggling” stake in messaging app Kik


outh Sudanese President Salva Kiir’s refusal to sign a deal to end an 18-month civil war was “mind-boggling”, the chief mediator has said. Regional body Igad would say “enough is enough” if he failed to sign in 15 days, Seyoum Mesfin told the BBC. Fighting between Government and rebel forces has resumed following Kiir’s failure to endorse the deal on Monday. Nearly two million peo-

ple have been left homeless since conflict broke out in the world’s newest state in 2013. Rebel leader Riek Machar signed the accord in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, on Monday – the deadline set by mediators. He accused Kiir of choosing war over peace. International sanctions had been threatened by mediators if both sides failed to reach an agreement on Monday. Kiir’s chief negotiator has

said the deal is a sell-out, that cannot not be implemented as the rebels were split. But Seyoum told the BBC that all the Government’s concerns had been addressed. This included issues around the formation of a power-sharing Government and the deployment of a neutral force to the capital, Juba, he said. “This is a senseless war,” Seyoum added. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Kik says it hopes to emulate WeChat’s success


hinese Internet giant Tencent has taken a US$50 million stake in Canadian mobile messenger Kik Interactive.

Ontario-based company Kik competes with other messaging services like Whatsapp, Snapchat or the Facebook Messenger app. Tencent is a Chinese firm with a focus on Internet products including online sales, social networks and China’s most popular messenger service WeChat. Kik is hoping the investment will help boost competitiveness and emulate WeChat’s success in North America. The Canadian start-up is particularly popular with teenage users and has been looking for a strategic partner for some time. The company says 70 per cent of its 240 million users are between 13 and 24 years old, and that 40 per cent of US teenagers use Kik on their smartphones.(Excerpt from BBC News)

Eight soldiers killed, Istanbul palace attacked as Turkish unrest mounts Figures show record influx of migrants into Europe


unmen fired on Police outside an Istanbul palace and a bomb killed eight soldiers in the southeast on Wednesday, heightening a sense of crisis as Turkey’s leaders struggled to form a new Government. The Istanbul Governor’s office said two members of a “terrorist group” armed with hand grenades and an automatic rifle were caught after attacking the Dolmabahce palace, popular with tourists and home to the Prime Minister’s Istanbul offices.

There were no reports of casualties. Militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) meanwhile killed eight soldiers with a roadside bomb in the south-eastern province of Siirt, the military said, intensifying a conflict there after the breakdown of a two-year ceasefire last month. The unrest in the NATO member state comes weeks after it declared a “war on terror”, opening up its air bases to the US-led coali-

tion against Islamic State, launching air strikes on Kurdish militants, and detaining more than 2500 suspected members of radical Kurdish, far-leftist and Islamist groups. The latest attacks also come a day after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu gave up on efforts to form a new Government after weeks of coalition talks with the Opposition failed, possibly paving the way for another election within months. (Excerpt from Reuters)


record 107,500 migrants crossed the European Union’s borders last month, according to new figures, showing they are arriving in dramatically increasing numbers and creating a humanitarian crisis for the 28-nation bloc. Frontex, the EU border agency, reported on Tuesday that its latest figures far outstripped the previous monthly record in June of

70,000. During the first seven months of the year, there were nearly 340,000 migrants, up from 123,500 during the same period last year, Frontex said. “This is an emergency situation for Europe that requires all EU member states to step in to support the national authorities who are taking on a massive number of migrants at its borders,” Fabrice Leggeri, Frontex

Director, said in a statement. For its part, Italy said on Tuesday eight suspected people smugglers had been arrested. They are accused of condemning the victims to their deaths by forcing them to stay in the ship’s fumefilled hold. In another development, at least six Syrian refugees, including a baby, reportedly drowned off the Turkish coast, trying to reach Greece.

(Excerpt from Al Jazeera)


WEDnesday, august 19, 2015|

Budget debate

Govt tries to hide Jordan from Jagdeo ... PPP insists conventions be observed


he A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government and the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Opposition are at loggerheads regarding the placement of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on the list of speakers during the 2015 Budget Debate in the National Assembly, leaving the Speaker, Dr Barton Scotland in a tough position to make a decision in resolving the issue. According to PPP/C Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, standard conventions require the Opposition Leader to be the second-to-last debater, ahead of the Finance Minister Winston Jordan who will close the debate. However, the APNU/ AFC administration is pushing for Jagdeo to be moved up ahead of several other speakers, which Teixeira claimed is an arbitrary demand. “Parliamentary conventions and norms are that the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and the Minister close the debate and that is proven in the parliamentary records…what she[Government’s Chief Whip Amna Ally]’s saying is nonsense,” Teixeira said. “They frighten Jagdeo, you know; the main problem is they terrified of this man

PPP/C Chief Whip Gail Teixeira,

– ‘cause when he get up and talk economics and finance, some people will get diarrhoea in this place,” she told reporters in a subsequent interaction. On the other hand, Government’s Chief Whip Ally is demanding that Jagdeo make his presentation before Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, without giving any credible reason for this request to be granted. Recently, the PPP issued a release claiming that the Government was trying to muzzle Jagdeo and Opposition Members of Parliament from fully participating in the 2015 National Budget debate. The Party asserted that the Government’s

Chief Whip was desirous of breaching entrenched parliamentary conventions and practices which were religiously upheld in the last 23 years. “Leaders of the Opposition, Mr Desmond Hoyte, Mr Robert Corbin and Mr David Granger always spoke immediately before the Government Minister who closed the annual Budget debate and where neither person was constrained by time limits,” the PPP said in its statement, noting that the call to move up Jagdeo on the list was purely malicious. The Party went on to highlight that it was not being offered any extension to its already reduced 15-minute time allocation.

Granny leaves toddlers in Raum, attends court hearing – Police intervenes rescues screaming babies


wo toddlers became victims of much talk on Wednesday after passersby on Brickdam noticed that they were left unattended in a locked Toyota Raum for hours. The Police was called in to investigate what appeared to be two boys abandoned in the motor vehicle. Fortunately, the windows of the vehicle were not wound up all the way, allowing some amount of air to get into the car. Passersby had called the Police after the boys were observed crying loudly and frantically in the sweltering midday heat on Wednesday. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the vehicle contained clothing, an assortment of children’s books, a bible, women’s articles and what seemed to be remnants of food on the car seats and windows. Police Officers, on the scene, revealed that the car was registered to a Lyndon Hector of 9 Nimroo Street, Two Friends, East Coast Demerara. However, the ar-

ticles in the car indicated that the driver was a woman. Officers ran this information on their database and took the toddlers into their custody. However, fortune shone on the officers when a passerby identified the van as belonging to a friend of hers. She did not provide the name of her friend but stated that she was at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts attending a matter that was called there. The driver of the van was later identified as Daphne Langevine of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown. She approached the officers crying, explaining that she “took a risk” leaving the boys in the car, as she did not expect to take so long in court. She stated that she went to check on them constantly and fed them as well. This was fervently doubted by several passersby. Even so, Langevine was visibly upset with the attention as observers both condemned and sympathized with her questionable act.

The officers escorted her to the Brickdam Police Station where an investigation will be carried out to ascertain why the boys were locked in the van. It is expected that she may be charged for child neglect and endangerment. Nevertheless, Langevine was allowed to go back to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to wrap up her case there. Information reaching Guyana Times indicated that Langevine was the victim of a break and enter and the accused, Akeem Booker, was charged for breaking into her home. However, though she told the court that the young man broke into her home three times, she was hardpressed to explain what happened. The woman in the end detailed that she could only tell of one instance of him breaking into her home. She had no objection to him being released on bail, stating that “a man is guilty until proven innocent.” Booker was released on self bail and ordered to return to court on September 7.

Armogan joins Ramson in knocking Govt for lack of youth support


egion Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) Chairman David Armogan has joined the bandwagon calling for youth representation in Government under the new A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Government. The Chairman’s appeal to the Granger-led Administration, comes one day after newly sworn-in People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Ramson Jr called on Government to live up to its “It is time” campaign theme for the May 11 polls. Ramson, who was at the time speaking on day one of the 2015 Budget debate in the National Assembly on Monday, said, “The absence of youth from the Cabinet and Parliament is unconstitutional”, noting that the Constitution gives young people a right to participate at all levels of governance. Armogan says this is one area that the new government campaigned on: empowerment of youths and ensuring that youths are provided with good facilities and also good representation. “What we see if we look at their representation in terms of their Members of Parliament and if you look also at the Cabinet you will find that there is a serious lack of representation of youths in those two major bodies that represent the interest of people in Guyana. You find that the youth component is not present there at all and so it boggles the mind when one speaks of serious youth empowerment

Region Six Chairman David Armogan (file photo)

and then you don’t have any kind of youth representation at those very high levels,” the Chairman told reporters at his Vrymen’s Erven, New Amsterdam office on Tuesday. On April 18, in New Amsterdam during a youth rally organised by the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR)-led APNU/ AFC in New Amsterdam, activist Malika Ramsey told Berbicians that the coalition had a plan for youths. After pinpointing some of the promises the then Opposition Leader David Granger had made, she said, “We will ensure that they do that.” Also speaking at that meeting which was attended by several hundred youths, Attorney-at-Law James Bond said that under the PPP/C Administration, there had not been enough investment in youth development. “We need a government to provide an enabling environment where young people do not only sit call centres. Youths need jobs that befit their education.” Bond, while praising Government’s investment

policy, said when companies come to invest they must be forced to provide training for young people so that they will in the future be able to take up senior positions in those companies. “The only way Guyana can develop is if the country invests in youth and women. The coalition will ensure that women take up their rightful place in the society. Women will receive lower interest rates,” Bond remarked. Meanwhile, on Monday, Ramson told the National Assembly that the 2015 Budget almost totally ignored youths, “Let’s look at the budget speech as it relates to youth – two measly paragraphs - and the big statement in there – there has been a draft youth policy…” The average age of the MPs for the APNU/AFC Coalition is 62. The current opposition entered the Parliament on Monday taking with it seven members who are over the age of 60. With the leader, Bharrat Jagdeo having seen 51 years, the opposition PPP/C MPs have an average age of under 45.

CARIFESTA contingent departs


uyana’s delegation to the 12th edition of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) in Haiti departed the country this morning around 00:30h for the sister Caricom country. The 80 participants left Guyana on a chartered flight and will remain in Haiti until the 30th. Guyana will be participating under the theme “Rites and Rhythms of Guyana”, and will be involved in Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion, Craft, Body Art, Symposia, Youth Focus, Film and Music, among other areas. The participants went through an open audition and the best of the group was selected. Local CARIFESTA Coordinator Lennox Canterbury recently stated that Guyana would also make presentations based on the country’s folklore history, which would be show-

cased through song and dance, a new focus of the event officials. He added that another new aspect which Guyana would showcase was the art of body painting which would be spearheaded by local company Bravo Arts. Through dance, the participants are seeking to explore Guyana’s rich cultural heritage, depicting Guyana’s myths, legends, rhythms and folklore. The dancers’ production will showcase Guyanese traditions and creative direction of the local dance world through the perspectives of leading choreographers, such as Clive Prowell, Vivienne Daniel, Linda Griffith, Dr Seeta Shah Roath and Roshni Boodhoo. Guyanese fashion will be represented by some of the country’s top designers, such as Kesha Edwards, Randy Madray, Carol Fraser, and others who each represent a specific area of fashion. CARIFESTA was organised by then President Forbes

Burnham and the first festival was held in Guyana in 1972. Today, it is the largest cultural and artistic event in the Caribbean. CARIFESTA celebrates diversity and similarity and talent and brotherhood and it gives artists the opportunity to discuss, share experiences, and learn from one another. Haiti already signalled its intention of hosting the biggest and best CARIFESTA ever in the Caribbean. Although the country is still in recovery from the 2010 earthquake, it is fully prepared to present a festival of a lifetime, which will be celebrated under the theme “Our Roots, Our Culture, Our Common Future”. The celebrations will take place in five different cities over the two-week period. These cities are Port-auPrince, Jacmel, Cap Haitien, Gonaives, and Cayes, each representing certain popularity within the country or holding significant historical representation.



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Hughes, Burton clash over Enterprise businessman brutally attacked Tourism Sector plans

Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes


s the 2015 Budget debate continued in the National Assembly, Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes came face to face with People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member Gillian Burton-Persaud as they squared off on the development of the country’s tourism sector. During her budget presentation, Minister Hughes pointed out that the “Guyana – South America UNDISCOVERED” marketing strategy, while shining calls for more attention to become a transformational economic, social and cultural growth area. She stated that Guyana has a unique naturebased tourism product that includes pristine rainforest, exotic wildlife and a vibrant indigenous culture. Against this background, Hughes disclosed that tourist arrivals for this year are expected to increase by three per cent over the 205,000 recorded in 2014. “Our aggressive marketing strategy will attract an additional 25,000 visitors in 2016 – our Golden Jubilee Anniversary (Independence) Year,” she explained. Hughes went on to say that tourism was a “labour

intensive and competitive industry”, so Government, through the Tourism Ministry, was committed to establishing Hospitality Institute to train and build capacity for the sector. On this note, she credited former Tourism Minister under the PPP/C Administration, Irfaan Ali, who had initiated the concept. “Given the importance of tourism in Guyana and its ability as a sector to attract foreign investment and create jobs, especially within our indigenous communities and in order to realise the sector’s full potential, the Ministry of Tourism will embark on the development of a National Tourism Strategy,” she added, noting that in its 20-plus years in Government, the previous regime failed to implement a National Tourism Policy that would guide tourism development, operations and management. This policy, according to the Tourism Minister, will further address legislation and regulations on tourism investment, incentives and concessions, marketing, product development, human resource development, infrastructure, aviation, sustainability, best practices, and more. She outlined that the policy will focus on promoting specific niche markets that research has proven Guyana has a competitive advantage. These include: Bird watching (over 830 species); ecotourism destination (pristine tropical rainforest and flora and fauna); adventure tourism; wildlife watching, and hinterland community-based tourism. In addition, the Minister named sports fishing; sports tourism such as motor racing and cricket; and the very promising yachting and cruise visits along with enter-

PPP/C MP Gillian Burton-Persaud

tainment and cultural tourism, as added niches in the tourism sector that Guyana can reap tremendous benefits from if it tapped into them. Moreover, Minister Hughes underscored that Government has given an “unprecedented stimulus” to boost the country’s tourism sector by increasing the allocation by 25 per cent to the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and committing to doubling the Ministry’s marketing budget over the next five years. “You have to admit that’s a great start in these few months,” she declared.

Not “concretised and sustainable

However, this view was not shared by Parliamentarian BurtonPersaud, who opined that the A Partnership for National Unity /Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) has no “concretised and sustainable” vision for the development of the tourism industry in Guyana. “Mr Speaker, despite Guyana’s vast forests, mountains, rivers, wildlife, our pristine environments in the world and a fascinating window into indigenous cultures in the form of dozens of

Amerindian communities, no feasible plan has been mentioned to tap into this ecotourism treasure chest,” she pointed out. Nevertheless, BurtonPersaud informed the House that she was pleased to know that the current Administration has recognised and accepted the 2014 budget figures for tourist arrivals as well as those for motor racing events. “When these figures were given last year, the then Minister, Mr Irfaan Ali was laughed at by members of the then Opposition,” she highlighted. Furthermore, the Opposition MP reminded that it was under the PPP/C regime that Guyana regained the status of being a prime tourist destination. She went on to state that hospitality training and the establishment of the hospitality school were projects crafted under the PPP/C Administration. Burton-Persaud continued her presentation, referring to the coalition Government’s budget presentation when the Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, stated that for tourism to flourish, a cross- sectoral effort is required among Government, Private Sector and civil society to ensure a visitor experience that resulted in repeat visits and positive stories here and abroad. “Mr Speaker, let me refresh the Honourable Minister’s mind that it was under the PPP/C Government that the Cheddi Jagan International Airport’s arrival lounge was transformed on many occasions to afford both Guyanese returning home on holiday and tourist alike the true experience of a warm hospitable Guyanese welcome which showcased our rich culture and local delicacies,” she reminded.

16-year-old Corentyne boy hangs self


teenager ended his own life on Tuesday evening by putting a rotten rope around his neck and jumping off of a table. Dead is Jairam Sanichara, also called “Ball Head” of Kilkoy Settlement, Corentyne, Region Six (East BerbiceCorentyne). The teenager was found lying on the kitchen floor with a rope tied around his neck at about 18:30h on Wednesday. The discovery was made by his foster mother Zaro Mohammed when she went in search of him. At the time the teenager was discovered, he was dressed in a thobe (clothing he would normally wear to attend Masjid) and a turban (Muslim head dress) was in his pants pocket. According to Mohammed, Sanichara who grew up in a house situated next to hers, had been living in a vacant house she owns for the past two months. She said he spent most of his time at her house but slept at the other house.

“I got home from selling Wednesday afternoon and my daughter told me that he did not come over so I went to look for him and as soon as I pulled open the door, I see him lying on the floor,” the distraught woman related. She explained that he was last in her presence at about 14:30h and she went out at about 16:00h.

Mystery girl

According to her, the teen’s death is baffling since he only had two friends that she knew of and they were both small children. However, she continued that “... he does spend a lot of time texting some girl on the phone. That is what he do all day when he not working.” Mohammed said she had never met the girl and did not know her name. Reports are that the now dead boy told Mohammed not to prepare lunch for him to carry to work on Wednesday. “I ask him what happen and he tell me that he aint going to work. After this thing

Jairam Sanichara took his life on Wednesday

happen, I call the work place and the boss man tell me that he did not have any problem with anybody.” Meanwhile, after the discovery was made and an alarm was raised, scores of people flocked the yard and when they left, so too did his two cellphones which were on a table under the house. Mohammed said from all in-

dications, Sanichara used a piece of rope which was rotten. “Like when he jump off the table, the rope cut…” The teenager, who up to the time of his death was employed at a poultry farm, had previously been employed at a furniture manufacturing company in East Canje which was destroyed by fire earlier this year. Meanwhile his mother, who resides in the neighbouring village of Chesney, said when she learnt of her son’s death, she rushed over immediately. She said his body was still warm and soft. According to Rohanie Sanichara, he was a very willing child who visited her earlier in the day and gave her $500. “He did not tell me anything, but like he was going to go to Masjid and something happen an make he do that. But we can’t get the phone to see who is the last person he talk to or was texting.” Sanichara leaves to morn two foster parents and two foster sisters, a mother and five siblings.


n Enterprise, East Coast Demerara businessman was on Wednesday evening brutally attacked and robbed of over $1 million by four armed bandits at his grocery store in Lyken Street, Enterprise. The incident occurred around 18:00h when the businessman, 52-year-old Hardat Kishore, was about to close up his shop for the day. According to the man, three bandits barged into the compound while another stood as the lookout by the gate. One was armed with a firearm, another with a cutlass, and the other was unarmed. Kishore explained that the two men with the weapons began beating him and demanding money while the other bandit ransacked the shop in search for valuables. After bagging the cash, the four men made good their escape in a getaway vehicle that was parked one corner away. The Police were immediately summoned by concerned neighbours and the businessman was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical treatment. The Police responded immediately after they were summoned. Kishore told Guyana

Hardat Kishore

Times that although the incident was terrifying, he was thankful that his life was spared. He explained that the bandits carted off the money he was saving to restock his store, in addition to some US currency he was saving for other purposes. “They took away in excess of $200,000 that we made in sales today, $500,000 I had to pay for stock and I had some US dollars – US$1530 to be exact,” he stated. Kishore explained that the two employees caught in the ordeal were not severely injured, but they were still shaken up by the incident as they too were beaten and threatened by the bandits.

3rd Annual Jazz Concert set for Sunday


SIGNAL Productions, in collaboration with COPA Airlines Guyana, is currently preparing for its third annual Jazz Concert slated for Sunday at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street. The event is being held in observance of Emancipation and will begin at 18:00h. The show will feature two overseas-based Jazz performers, six saxophone players and one trumpet player accompanied by local vocalists and musicians. Event organisers Bonny Alves and Charmaine Blackman told reporters at a press conference hosted by COPA that this event was unique to Guyana’s month of celebrations in observance of Emancipation. They explained that the event was unique and different from norms like libation ceremonies and cultural programmes in the National Park. The organisers are convinced that every year the show improves in standard and this year they are promising a spectacular event. One of the main performers is New York-based performer Sean Taylor. The second foreigner on the lineup is Saxophonist Courtney Fadlin, a gospel jazz player. In a press release, COPA said, “The Jazz & Soul Concert focuses on the contribution of a number of black artistes in the genres of Jazz and Soul Music. Tributes will be paid to the likes of Etta James, Ella

Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Sam Cook, and King Curtis among others.” The local line-up consists of Bassist George Reid; Michael Smith on drums and pan; Trevor John on keyboards; singers Charmaine Blackman, Bonny Alves, Dawn Edwards, Compton Magus Leacock, Melissa Vandeyar, Eze Rockcliffe, Devon Denny and EGO with Saxophonists Roger Dyal, Roy Stewart, Desmond Atwell, Keith Campbell and Aubrey “Fingers” Roberts. Fadlin, while speaking to reporters at the press conference, indicated his intent to promote and encourage instrumental music in Guyana. He highlighted that the discipline learnt while creating or playing music is transferred to the academic performances of many children. The Guyanese musician is convinced that with the introduction of such programmes into our school system, it will certainly improve the lives of Guyanese youths who are passionate about music. Meanwhile, Sean Taylor said he was pleased to be part of the promotion of instrumentalism. Like Fadlin, Taylor wants to renew the accompanying prestige of the art form. Tickets cost $2000 and can be retrieved from Blackman and/or Alves directly (contact numbers: 626-7671 or 675-5398), or at the gate.


thursday, August 20, 2015


Keep your comments to yourself, regardless of how (March 21April 19) hard that might be. You will end up in a compromising position if you step in the middle of something that doesn’t concern you. ARIES

Focus on finances. A new TAURUS project or a side business (April 20- will turn out to be profitable. May 20) Work hard and do your best.


Romance is evident. Make GEMINI (May 21- plans for a special rendezJune 20) vous. If single, you will meet someone intriguing. Get your work out of the way to clear the passage for an enchanting evening. CANCER (June 21July 22)


Don’t let anyone emotionally blackmail you. You will be respected if you stand up for yourself and your principles.

Cultivate friendships LEO with co-workers. Seminars (July 23and meetings will be excelAug. 22) lent opportunities to find potential allies. Joint ventures appear to be advantageous.

Calvin and Hobbes

Don’t be afraid to try VIRGO something different. A new (Aug. 23approach will result in a sigSept. 22) nificant change. You can raise your earning power if you use your skills diversely. You will feel emotionalLIBRA (Sept. 23- ly challenged. Use your enOct. 23) ergy wisely and put your effort into creative outlets that bring you joy. Avoid situations that have the potential to lead to discord.


Listen and learn. Question SCORPIO the motives of someone who (Oct. 24Nov. 22) is trying very hard to get on your good side. It’s likely that this person is trying to undermine your position or take something from you. You can make a difference. SAGITTARIUS Donate your time and energy (Nov. 23to helping those in need. You Dec. 21) will receive positive recognition and make lifelong friendships.

solution for Last Published Puzzle

Maintain a balance beCAPRICORN tween your personal and pro(Dec. 22fessional responsibilities. Jan. 19) Divide your time and attention wisely. Only focusing on one area of life will leave you feeling dissatisfied. AQUARIUS

You can get a lot done if (Jan. 20- you start early. Rank your Feb. 19) tasks in order of importance to avoid wasting time. Don’t bother asking others for help. You will do better on your own.

Rather than complain PISCES (Feb. 20- about a situation, figure out March 20) a way to change it. You have the power to make improvements. Avoid blaming others or waiting for someone else to take charge.

thursday, august 20, 2015


Stag Beer takes charge of Elite League By Avenash Ramzan


n a historic move that could potentially transform the football landscape, Ansa McAl Trading on Wednesday confirmed its massive investment into the inaugural Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Elite League through the popular Stag Beer brand. Addressing media operatives at the company’s head office at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, Marketing Director, Troy Cadogan, said the massive injection of funds by the conglomerate will help to “reinvigorate” the sport. Matches will be played across the country, and according to Cadogan, the ini-

tiative is a great one for his company, as well as the general upliftment of football in Guyana. “It gives us a great opportunity to promote our brand. But Ansa McAl’s involvement with football is not just about promoting our brands, but it’s also about a partnership with the youths of Guyana,” Cadogan mentioned. He continued, “We see this as a way of reinvigorating the sport, and that’s why we would have gone ahead with this partnership.” Cadogan highlighted that Ansa McAl Trading is serious about the development of local football, as is evident in its substantial investment in the first-ever

eight-team League. “Ansa McAl’s involvement in football is not something new. We want to be the owner of legitimate football in this country, which is organised football, where we could actually lead to building better facilities and grow the game from the grassroot level, at least to this level,” Cadogan intimated. Chairman of the Normalisation Committee of the GFF, Clinton Urling, hailed the partnership between Ansa McAl Trading and the football fraternity as “historic.” “This solidifies Ansa McAl as the largest, direct sponsor and contributor to the Guyana Football Federation’s programme

after FIFA. I know for the Normalisation Committee, it’s not by inches, it’s by miles that Ansa more than any corporate company has supported the efforts of the Guyana Football Federation,” Urling outlined. Urling, who had previously spoken of the league revolutionalising local football, added that all players involved will be paid, and the highest qualified local officials will be called upon to officiate. “The League strives to achieve footballing excellence, and the partnership with Ansa McAl demonstrates that partnership of excellence,” he pointed out. “The eight clubs in the

League are the best football clubs in the country, and not just best in terms of the players who go on the field; they’re the best in terms of their administrative practices.” Urling stressed that the most important element of the League is to have it sustained, in order to aid the development of the sport. “Without the League, we’re only talking about development. We want to move away from one-off competitions where people look at and assess and say that’s where development is happening. Development can only happen over a longer period of time where there is consistent football being played. The Stag Elite

League starts that process,” Urling asserted. The official launch of the League is set for August 31, with the competition set to kick off on September 18. The League will last for eight months and will see rivalry among Alpha United, Guyana Defence Force, Slingerz FC, Pele, Fruta Conquerors, Georgetown Football Club, Buxton United and Monedderlust FC. Also present to witness the historic occasion with Ansa McAl’s PRO Darshanie Yussuf, Stag Beer Brand Manager John Maikoo, and GFF officials Richard Groden, Tariq Williams and Rawle Toney.

England v Australia, 5th Investec Test, Kia Oval…

England target Ashes history E

ngland have never won four Tests in a home Ashes series. Even if the Ashes series is settled, it would be some way to finish. The lure of 4-1 has been enough for Alastair Cook to ring round each member of the England squad between Tests, when supposedly on holiday, urging them to keep their focus. In an era when international cricket is largely the province of pay TV, cricket needs strong images to retain a hold on the nation’s consciousness. The Ashes has already provided one. Whatever occurs in the final Investec Test at The Oval, the image that many have taken to their hearts has been that of Stuart Broad’s face, hands clasped to his mouth like a delighted ingénue, rather than an experienced Test bowler with 308 Test wickets, the response to Ben Stokes’ remarkable catch at Trent Bridge, the defining moment of a first day in which Australia plunged headlong to 60 all out and Broad himself revelled in figures of 8 for 15. That was pretty much that, as far as the destination of the urn was concerned. But if an Ashes series has to reach the final Test with the series settled, there is no ground, not even Lord’s, that can shrug off a largely meaningless match as successfully as The Oval. The atmosphere is more egalitarian and convivial south of the river, this capacious and increasingly confident a place of light hearts and sunshine, the tenebros-

The England players are hunting a particular record: win four Tests in a home Ashes series for the first time

ity of the press box apart; a place to party. It is here where careers, in a perfect world, should end with a mild intoxication that can be brought about by nothing stronger than happy memories now at an end. Two Australian batsmen, Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers, are different types, and their careers have been very different, one not quite great, but certainly an acquaintance of greatness for as long as he can remember, the other a decent, workaday opener finding pleasure to the end in a late opportunity that he had long suspected had passed him by. It is Rogers who reaches the final week still looking most up for the challenge.

In the spotlight

For Alastair Cook, an Ashes victory must have felt

like more than just another achievement in the career ledger, it must have come as a blessed relief. Since England’s debacle in Australia in 2013-14, the fallout with Kevin Pietersen meant that through no fault of his own he was landed with the role as the moral conscience of England cricket, because of the simple fact that any official narrative with a baddie also needs a goodie. That burden has now been laid to rest, leaving Cook with a final opportunity to produce a major Ashes innings, one to add to his 27 Test centuries, an England record. He has played just one statistically significant innings in this series, 96 in the defeat at Lord’s. A predictable choice perhaps, but the spotlight is also on his opposite number Michael Clarke. He has spent

the past week in London with his family, the photographers had little difficulty catching him yawning in Tuesday’s training session and when asked how he would fare without cricket to get up for in a morning, he responded: “I can’t wait.” In such a mood, it is debatable whether sticking out the series after announcing his retirement was psychologically the right thing to do, either for himself or his team. That it felt like an obligation both to Clarke and many others is certain. That does not necessarily mean that it was right - by contrast, MS Dhoni retired after Melbourne on India’s tour last year, and did not play in the final Test in Sydney, just sticking around the squad in case of emergency. Clarke’s performance at The Oval will go a long way to revealing the sense, or otherwise,

of his actions.

Team news

James Anderson will miss out after failing to recover from a side strain. It would have been madness to take even the slightest risk with such a priceless asset. Instead, Anderson can rest up for the October rigours awaiting him in the Emirates. With the Ashes won, England for once were not coy about their starting XI with captain Alastair Cook confirming an unchanged line-up from the victorious XI at Trent Bridge. That means no Test debut for Adil Rashid, who has hung around England nets since he was selected for the tour of the West Indies in April in the forlorn hope of a Test debut and, as a result, has bowled only 155 overs in five Championship matches this season - not

ideal preparation for a likely tour against Pakistan in the UAE. It will be interesting to see if England consider leaving him out of the ODI series to help him into Test match rhythm for the challenges that may lie ahead England 1 Alastair Cook (capt), 2 Adam Lyth, 3 Ian Bell, 4 Joe Root, 5 Jonny Bairstow, 6 Ben Stokes, 7 Jos Buttler (wk), 8 Moeen Ali, 9 Stuart Broad, 10 Mark Wood, 11 Steven Finn Pat Cummins is set to make a long-awaited return to Test cricket four years after a spectacular debut in South Africa, stepping in for Josh Hazlewood. Australia’s other pace bowling option, Peter Siddle, picked up a groin niggle against Northamptonshire and so is expected to complete what will be a final Ashes tour without adding to his 56 Tests. At 30, it seems a little premature to write him off entirely although Siddle, reportedly, has raised such fears in his most pessimistic moments. A second change should see Australia abandon their four-bowler policy at Trent Bridge and replace Shaun Marsh with his brother Mitchell, Adam Voges’ battling half-century in Nottingham seen as worthy of retention. Australia (possible) 1 David Warner, 2 Chris Rogers, 3 Steven Smith, 4 Michael Clarke (capt), 5 Adam Voges, 6 Mitchell Marsh, 7 Peter Nevill (wk), 8 Mitchell Johnson, 9 Mitchell Starc, 10 Pat Cummins, 11 Nathan Lyon (Cricinfo)


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Pakistan trio free to play all Sri Lanka v India, 2nd Test, Colombo… cricket from September 2 Vulnerable India look to spoil Sangakkara’s farewell

From left: Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt are set to return to cricket next month


he sanctions against Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt will expire on September 1, the ICC has confirmed. That means the trio, who were banned for their role in spot-fixing on Pakistan’s tour to England in 2010, can return to competitive cricket - including international cricket - from September 2. Butt, Asif and Amir were banned for 10 (five years suspended), seven (two years suspended) and five years respectively, after an ICC tribunal found them guilty of spot-fixing in a case stemming from the 2010 Lord’s Test. “I welcome the ICC’s decision and thank everyone who supported me throughout my bad time,” Butt told ESPNcricinfo. “It’s like a new lifeline for me. It’s only me who can understand what this means for me. I can’t explain how excited I am about regaining my bread and butter. I have suffered enough and I

am a changed man now and have learnt my lesson. I will continue to play my cricket with good spirit.” Butt will now turn out for the Lahore Blues in the upcoming domestic T20 cup, where Blues will play the qualifying round. The three players, as well as their agent Mazhar Majeed, were also convicted for their wrongdoings in a London court. They were charged with conspiracy to accept corrupt payments, and conspiracy to cheat with regard to the Lord’s Test, when three pre-determined no-balls were bowled - two by Amir and one by Asif - orchestrated by Butt and arranged by Majeed. While Amir and Majeed had pleaded guilty before the trial began, Butt and Asif denied the charges. Butt was sentenced to two years and six months in prison, Asif got one year and Amir, six months. Butt was released seven months into his jail sentence, in June 2012, under the UK government’s early release

scheme for foreign nationals. Asif and Amir served half their sentences, in keeping with the court’s directive - that they serve half their sentence in custody and then be released on licence, with conditions which, if broken, would see them back in detention for the remainder of their term. In January this year, with the backing of the PCB, Amir was allowed to return to domestic cricket ahead of schedule by the ICC. Explaining the concession, the ICC had said then: “The ACSU Chairman [Ronnie Flanagan] had exercised the powers vested in him under Article 6.8 of the ICC AntiCorruption Code after he was satisfied that Amir had cooperated with the ACSU by fully disclosing his part in the matters that led to his disqualification, admitting his guilt, showing remorse and cooperating with the Unit’s ongoing investigations and by recording messages for the ACSU education sessions.” (Cricinfo)

Pistorius’ early release blocked by Minister S outh Africa’s justice minister has blocked the early release of athlete Oscar Pistorius from prison on Friday. He said the decision by the parole board to free the athlete after serving 10 months of his five-year sentence was premature and without legal basis. It could now take months for the board to review its decision, legal sources told the BBC. Pistorius was convicted of manslaughter last year after shooting dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The Olympic athlete insists he mistook her for an intruder. He was due to be transferred from prison to house arrest on Friday, when he was expected to stay at his uncle’s three-story mansion in the capital, Pretoria. Under South African law, Pistorius is eligible for release under “correctional supervision”, having served

The hashtags are out, and it wouldn’t take too long for #SangaSignsOff to take over the online world much as his batting did the real one. The sheer weight of runs, his remarkable consistency and a never-ending thirst to get better deserves a bright and shiny spotlight. But let us not forget there is a Test match to win. A Test series to win. And if anything, Kumar Sangakkara himself will prefer to retire as a match-winner, holding the trophy aloft. The signs towards that are strong. The P Sara Oval is a result-oriented venue - only four of the 18 matches played have been drawn - and Sri Lanka have won eight of them, including their last match here at the ground when they bundled Pakistan out for 138 in the first innings. If number nine happens, it might well be the most famous one of them all. Not many players enjoy as much of a surge as Sangakkara has had in the final few years of his career. In 2014, at the age of 36, he scored the most runs he has ever made in a calendar year. In 2015, he scored his 11th double-century. Talk about retiring on a high. Sri Lanka will no doubt miss the comfort of having one of Test cricket’s best sauntering in at No. 3. But the essence behind his success has been hard work and a desire to always keep up with international cricket, whether by changing his batting grip, or by facing millions of balls in the nets. That can be replicated by the willing. The Indians, though, will want to sharpen their party-pooper skills. A lot. Their credibility against spin has been brought to question. Reasons range far and wide. Overeager against Moeen Ali and Nathan Lyon. Afraid against Rangana Herath. Unprepared as a result of domestic pitches becoming far less inclined to turn. But

a sixth of his sentence. One of his relatives, who did not want to be named, told Reuters news agency they were “shocked and disappointed” at the news. In a statement, South Africa’s Justice Minister Michael Masutha said the decision to free the athlete was taken prematurely. “One sixth of a five year sentence is 10 months and at the time the decision

was made Mr Pistorius had served only over six months of his sentence,” the statement said. Thursday would have been Ms Steenkamp’s 32nd birthday. Her parents held a small ceremony for her close friends and supporters in her hometown of Port Elizabeth, throwing roses into the sea in her memory.

(BBC Sport)

since immediate change is required, lest India careen to a seventh successive overseas Test series without a win, the onus is on the touring batsmen themselves. Perhaps also on the Indian team management regarding the decision to bench a batsman to stick to their five-bowler plan. Stuart Binny, the seam-bowling allrounder, has been added to the Test squad and talks of his inclusion appear strong. He is a decent option in the lower-middle order, and a steady bowler when Virat Kohli needs things kept quiet. However, India will want to make sure that the match doesn’t hinge on the batting exploits of a No. 7 but rather from one or two of the top order.

In the spotlight

At a time when India are scrambling for batting solidity, M Vijay slotting back in at the top of the order can be a game-changer. He has shown his hunger for runs -1082 runs in 12 matches since January 2014 - and he has faced 2340 balls in that time, the most by an Indian. His judgment outside the off stump has been a striking feature of his success, and he

is one of those nimble-footed players, who move late and are capable of dominating spin. Sri Lanka have had their issues with the opening combination as well recently. Dimuth Karunaratne and Kaushal Silva have shown more than enough ability to be persisted with, but they will want to put in a better performance considering the occasion. No Sri Lankan will want to be remembered as a failure in a match that carries such significance. India (probable) 1 M Vijay, 2 KL Rahul, 3 Rohit Sharma/ Cheteshwar Pujara, 4 Virat Kohli (capt), 5 Ajinkya Rahane, 6 Wriddhiman Saha (wk), 7 R Ashwin, 8 Harbhajan Singh/ Stuart Binny, 9 Ishant Sharma, 10 Amit Mishra, 11 Varun Aaron Sri Lanka (probable) 1 Dimuth Karunaratne, 2 Kaushal Silva, 3 Lahiru Thirimanne, 4 Kumar Sangakkara, 5 Angelo Mathews (capt), 6 Jehan Mubarak, 7 Dinesh Chandimal (wk), 8 Dhammika Prasad, 9 Rangana Herath, 10 Tharindu Kaushal, 11 Dushmantha Chameera/ Vishwa Fernando (Cricinfo)

FIFA presidential candidate defends donations to Haiti

F Oscar Pistorius’ early release on Friday has been put on hold

Kumar Sangakkara displays his football skills as he prepares for his final Test

IFA presidential candidate Chung Mong-joon said on Wednesday that payments he made to Haiti were “charitable donations” following the 2010 earthquake which ravaged the country. Chung was responding to media reports that world soccer’s governing body was investigating the South Korean billionaire over the ‘disaster relief’ funds. The earthquake in Haiti claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people and affected an estimated three million. “Recent media reports allege that FIFA has started an investigation

into FIFA Honorary Vice President Dr. Chung MongJoon’s 2010 donations to disaster relief funds to Haiti and Pakistan,” Chung said in a statement. “If these reports are true, we condemn this as a cynical and unethical effort by FIFA to misrepresent even charitable donations for political manipulation.” Chung formally launched his bid to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president in Paris earlier this week. His entry into the FIFA presidential race came with a stinging attack on Blatter and Michel Platini, head of Europe’s ruling body UEFA

and a rival candidate for the FIFA presidency. “As chairman of the Asan Foundation, the largest philanthropic organization in Korea, Dr. Chung also helped the foundation provide medical assistance to victims of the Indonesian tsunami, 2005 Pakistan earthquake, and Sri Lankan tsunami,” the statement said. “In January 2010, as chairman of the ruling Grand National Party in the Korean National Assembly, Dr. Chung also announced at a party meeting he would personally donate money to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.” (CMC)



South Africa v New Zealand, 1st ODI, Centurion…

thursday, august 20, 2015

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Amla’s solid century headlines SA’s win S

outh Africa's bowling plans were made public when a hotel guest mistakenly received a strategy sheet meant for Dale Steyn and posted it on social media. Yet it was New Zealand's attack that struggled to adapt to the same surface they read so well during Sunday's Twenty20 as a rejuvenated Hashim Amla, scored 124 - his 21st century - to steer South Africa's course to a 20run win. The hundred helped him join Herschelle Gibbs as the South Africa batsman with the most ODI hundreds. Amla and Rilee Rossouw shared in a 185-run, secondwicket partnership which set up the victory and ended a lean patch for the opener that has stretched back seven innings. It was a less silken century than usual for Amla, but he was not the only one guilty of sloppiness. Mis-timed shots and dropped catches on a bumpy winter outfield provided some of the entertainment after Amla had provided the opening act, and South Africa's attack did the rest. New Zealand chose to make first use of a strip they thought they knew, but Mitchell McClenaghan's short-ball barrage was not as successful as it was in the T20. He tried to force the short ball to talk, but the only conversation it had at first was with Amla's bat, which spat out an upper cut and a hook to give the batsman his first two boundaries in sixes. McClenaghan's stock delivery was a bit more effective from around the wicket, when he changed angles to Morne van Wyk. The 36-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman, who has yet to make the most of his recall, tried to pull out of the shot too late and sent an edge flying to slip. Both Amla and Rossouw flirted with danger. Rossouw was on 34 when he swatted Grant Elliott to deep square leg but Adam Milne misjudged. Amla was on 74 when he drove Colin Munro uppishly into the covers but Tom Latham could not hold on. The pair settled down after that, however. Amla let Rossouw take over as the aggressor as the end loomed. They scored 39 runs in the five overs between 35 and 40, including a single to fine leg off Elliott, which brought up Amla's hundred off 109 balls. Rossouw looked set for a century, too, but received a toe-crunching yorker from McClenaghan that tore the leg stump off just above its base and New Zealand worked their way into South Africa's middle order. Milne removed AB de Villiers - holed out to deep midwicket - and Amla with a hint of reverse-swing and a deadly yorker, in the same over, and David Miller and Farhaan Behardien were left to provide a late acceleration. South Africa lost five wickets in the last six overs, but added 52 runs in that period, which proved the difference in the end. Dale Steyn should have had a wicket with his first ball, when Tom Latham flicked to square leg, and

Hashim Amla averages 62.77 at SuperSport Park with three hundreds and a fifty

with his fourth, when Luke Ronchi edged to second slip. Eventually, he got one with his sixth when Ronchi was caught by Amla at first slip. Latham's drop would prove costly - he went on to topscore with 60 - and shared in a 104-run stand with Kane Williamson which swung the advantage New Zealand's way. Apart from the first over, New Zealand were in control for the first one-third of their reply. Latham and Williamson saw off probing spells from Steyn and Vernon Philander, who stuck to the plan of bowling outside off, and only occasionally got them away. Kagiso Rabada and Imran Tahir kept the pressure on but Rabada gave a little more away when he veered down the leg side or went short. Relief for New Zealand came with the introduction of David Wiese. Wiese struggled for rhythm, and bowled two lengths and from both sides of the wicket to allow the Latham-Williamson partnership to grow. It had just reached worrying levels when Tahir struck. He had fed Williamson a full toss with

the first delivery of his fifth over but Williamson missed out and wanted to cash in on the next ball. His insideout cover drive reached Dean Elgar, the substitute fielder, who took the best catch on the night, stretching up and collecting over his head. Guptill batted at No. 4 and should have been out off the sixth ball he faced when he poked at a Rabada delivery but Wiese spilled it at slip. Guptill made Wiese pay even more when he tore into his fourth over and punished the full ball, but the bowler had the last laugh getting Guptill out for 25 with a slower ball. The chase seemed stubbed out in the 30th over, when Philander had Grant Elliot caught at third man and Latham trapped lbw, but South Africa drifted. Jimmy Neesham and Colin Munro crept closer to the target with a sixth-wicket stand of 71 studded with aerial shots that fell into vacant spaces. Eventually one did not - Neesham's top edge went to van Wyk's hand and New Zealand unravelled. Their last five wickets fell for 55 runs. (Cricinfo)

SCOREBOARD South Africa innings (50 overs maximum) MN van Wyk† c McCullum b McClenaghan 16 HM Amla b Milne 124 RR Rossouw b McClenaghan 89 AB de Villiers* c Latham b Milne 9 DA Miller c Milne b Neesham 14 F Behardien run out (†Ronchi/ McClenaghan) 15 D Wiese run out (McClenaghan) 14 VD Philander not out 0 Extras:(b-4, lb-4, w-15) 23 Total:(7 wickets; 50 overs) 304 Fall of wickets: 1-46 (van Wyk, 8.4 ov), 2-231 (Rossouw, 41.5 ov), 3-252 (de Villiers, 44.2 ov), 4-258 (Amla, 44.6 ov), 5-286 (Miller, 47.6 ov), 6-304 (Behardien, 49.5 ov), 7-304 (Wiese, 49.6 ov) Bowling: NL McCullum 5-029-0 (1-w), AF Milne 10-051-2 (5-w), MJ McClenaghan 10-1-72-2 (1-w), JDS Neesham 7-0-47-1 (3-w), IS Sodhi 101-55-0, GD Elliott 4-0-23-0 (1-w), C Munro 4-0-19-0 New Zealand innings (target: 305 runs from 50 overs) TWM Latham lbw b Philander 60

L Ronchi† c Amla b Steyn 1 KS Williamson* c sub (D Elgar) b Imran Tahir 47 MJ Guptill c Miller b Wiese 25 GD Elliott c Miller b Philander 4 JDS Neesham c †van Wyk b Wiese 41 C Munro lbw b Imran Tahir 33 NL McCullum c Behardien b Rabada 10 15 AF Milne not out MJ McClenaghan b Steyn 16 IS Sodhi run out (Philander/ Rabada) 0 Extras: (b-5, lb-15, w-10, nb-2) 32 Total:(all out; 48.1 overs) 284 Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Ronchi, 0.6 ov), 2-107 (Williamson, 22.2 ov), 3-148 (Guptill, 27.6 ov), 4-156 (Elliott, 29.3 ov), 5-158 (Latham, 29.5 ov), 6-229 (Neesham, 40.4 ov), 7-243 (Munro, 43.1 ov), 8-251 (McCullum, 44.6 ov), 9-283 (McClenaghan, 47.6 ov), 10-284 (Sodhi, 48.1 ov) Bowling: DW Steyn 9-0-502 (1-w), VD Philander 10-151-2 (3-w), K Rabada 9.1-049-1 (2-nb, 6-w), Imran Tahir 10-0-40-2, D Wiese 7-0-632, F Behardien 3-0-11-0


thursday, august 20, 2015

Opening of C 3 Recreational Park attracts more sponsors


namayah Memorial H o s p i t a l and Raffik and Sons Construction Services have joined the sponsors list for the grand opening of the C3 Recreational Park, billed for this weekend at Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice. In brief comments, representatives the from the agencies expressed their satisfaction and pleasure to have such a facility on the West Coast of Berbice. The respective organisations believe it will take youths off the streets and keep them engaged in sports, which will help to alleviate crime in society. C3 Recreational Park Secretary, Vickram Singh, thanked them for their support, adding that all arrangements are in place for the grand opening. The C3 Recreational Park will be used to host cricket matches and other functions and will be developed into a friendly familyoriented venue with benabs, platforms, a clubhouse, paved walkways, a wi-fi centre and a mini water park. On August 22, an exposition and West Berbice family night event will be hosted by the committee. Patrons

Petra/GT Beer Futsal tournament…

Easy wins for Albouystown, West Back Road and Agricola By Treiston Joseph


Accounts Supervisor attached to Raffik and Sons Construction Services, Kathy Ann Gobardhan, hands over the sponsorship cheque to Vickram Singh

can expect to view and indulge in vending booths, international bars, food court dining, games and inflated rides for children, while cartoon characters Barney, Dora, Diego, Sponge Bob and Mickey will be in the house to entertain the children. A live domestic band will also be in attendance, featuring Bunty Singh, Aaron and Sandella, King Murphy Invasion One-Man Band among other performing artistes, and 71 Sound System.

Special entertainment packages are in store for children from “Tons of Fun” party service. On the following day, the atmosphere will be transformed into a village party for a grand cricket extravaganza featuring the mighty Albion Cricket Club, Young Warriors, West Berbice and East Coast Demerara. There will also be a feature game between Trophy Stall Girls and Karibee Rice female team. The games are set to commence at 09:00h.

Assuria Insurance 5-over knockout tournament…

Courtland, Police, Tamarind Root and Yakusari name squad

he GT Beer Futsal Championship kicked off on Tuesday evening with easy victories for some of the top teams in the tournament at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. easily Albouystown topped Globe Yard 4-1 in their first group match. Devon Dooker scored two quick goals to get the ball rolling in the 8th and 9th minutes, while Lennox Cort made it a very one sided affair with a goal in the 10th minute to end the first half with a 3-0 advantage. Globe Yard would reply after the half time break with a goal in the 23rd minute from Gordon while Denver Henry, Dennis sealed the deal for Albouystown in the 26th minute. West Back Road also topped North Ruimveldt 4-1 to start on a winning note. Jarel Tyrell opened the scoring for West Back Road in the seventh minute only for North Ruimveldt to reply two minutes later with a goal from Joshua Browne in the ninth minute. However, that would spell the end for North Ruimveldt’s scoring as

Travis Grant

West Back Road scored three consecutive goals; a double from Eon Hade in the 18th and 26th minutes and one from Phillip Rowley in the 19th minute. Meanwhile Agricola topped Kitty Weavers 5-3 to record their opening night win. This game was highenergy as six goals were scored in the opening nine minutes. Agricola’s Gordon Grant score the first two in the second and fifth minutes, while Nigel Denny of Kitty replied with a goal in the sixth minute. Anthony Rollins of the East Bank-based side

scored in the seventh minute only to have Jermaine Willis reply in the eight minute to make the game 3-2, before a Glen Eastman goal in the ninth minute put Agricola firmly ahead with a 4-2 lead. Travis Martin would score in the 15th minute to cut the lead to 4-3, to give Kitty some hope, which was soon erased with a goal from Eastman in the 27th minute to end the game. The final game of the evening saw Sparta Boss topping Alexander Village in the closest encounter of the evening. Sparta Boss scored the first two goals in the game, one from Travis Grant in the seventh minute and the other from Carl Tudor in the 24th minute. The game got interesting in the final minutes when Alexander Village equalised with goals from Jermaine Junior and Shem Porter in the 27th and 28th minutes respectively. However, Grant ensured Sparta Boss of three points with a heart sinking goal in the 30th minute to win the game. The tournament will continue on Friday with another four games at the same venue.

RDE Vibes/Sparta Boss “King of the Streets” starts today


ourtland, Police, Tamarind Root and Yakusari have announced their respective teams for the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) Silver Jubilee Anniversary’s Assuria Insurance five-over knockout tournament. The much-anticipated second-division tournament is set for August 23 at the Area “H” ground in Rose Hall. The tournament is being sponsored by Assuria Insurance, which would be opening its Berbice branch soon in Rose Hall. The competition is being coordinated by the Cricket Development Committee of the RHTY&SC as part of its year-long celebration of its Silver Jubilee anniversary. Twelve teams will be part of the tournament, namely Blairmont, D’Edward, Young Warriors, Albion, RHT Bakewell A, RHT Bakewell B, Yakusari, Port Mourant, Tamarind Root, Courtland, Block Four and Whim. The winner of the tournament will receive $70,000 and a trophy, the runnerup $30,000 and a trophy and the losing semi-finalists $20,000 each. Below are the four

Street football is becoming increasingly popular in Guyana

Esaun Crandon

Linden Austin

squads. Courtland All Stars: John Percival (Captain), Eon Gibson, Wesley Crandon, Michael Cummings, Oliver Giddings, Esaun Crandon, Troy Mathieson, Keon Sinclair, Levi Thomas, Jamal Cort, Trellon Cort, Timothy Mc Donald, Delon Crandon and Dwayne Crandon. Tamarind Root Crickcet Club: Adrian Singh (Captain), Kunal Mangal, Altaf Mohamed, Mahendra Ramdihal, Avinash Looknauth, Linden Austin, Andy Mohan, Dillip Ramsammy, Kevin Madramootoo, Alvin Ramsass, Deonarine Rangasammy, Prem Deonarine, Ravi Ramdass

and Manzzoor Budhu. Yakusari Caribs: Naipaul Iyana (Captain), Keshore Ayana, Churamanie Ayana, Ramesh Ayana, Rajendra Bownauth, Ryan Bownauth, Altaf Mohamed, Terrence Budhu, Karamchand Singh, Jason Watson, Karim Amin, David Bhola, Vijai Ayana, Kuldep Ayana and Khelawan Phagu. Police Sports Club: Philbert Wilburg (Captain), Brentnol Woolford, Martin Singh, Wayne Richards, Carl Campbelle, Elon Schultz, Kelvin Sinclair, Lawrence Thomas, Collis Cort, Marlon Shepherd, Clinton Lindie, Hasslyn George, Jamal Jerrick, Leon Andrews and Charles Granon.


DE Vibes and Sparta Boss will kick off their inaugural “King of the Streets” football tournament tonight at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac with eight games from 19:00h. The event, which will feature 32 teams from across Guyana, will see all teams competing for $700,000 in cash and prizes over eight days of competition. The top prize money is set at $400,000, while second will receive $150,000. Third place will walk away with $80,000, while fourth will pocket $20,000. In the opening match, Alberttown will come up against Melanie, while Jetty Gunners will lock horns with Admiral United in the second match at

19:30h. Globe Yard will take on Samaroo Dam from 20:00h, while Broad Street will faceoff with Festival City from 20:30h. Also competing from 21:00h will be Alexander Village against North East La Penitence, while Albouystown will oppose World Boss from 21:30h. The seventh game of the night will feature Showstoppers against West Front Road-Gold is Money at 22:00h, while Leopold Street will engage Agricola at 22:30h to end off the first night of action. The competition has been divided into several groups and they are: Group A- Showstopper, Alberttown, Melanie and West Front Road-Gold is Money; Group B- Globe

Yard, Alexander Village, North East La Penitence and Samaroo Dam; Group C- Broad Street, Jetty Gunners, Admiral United and Festival City; Group D- Albouystown, Leopold Street, Agricola and World Boss; Group E- Brothers United, Back Circle, Sophia and Patentia Street Ballers; Group F- Tigerbay, East Ruimveldt, Den Amstel and West Ruimveldt; Group G- Sparta Boss, Cross Street, Plaisance and Raiders; and Group HNorth Ruimveldt, Island All-Stars, West Side Ballers and Beterverwagting. The tournament will also be held at the Pouderoyen Tarmac in West Demerara. The other playing days for the event are August 22, 25 and 26 and September 1, 3, 4 and 5.


thursday, august 20, 2015

Hinds pulls out of upcoming PCL

Nakhid confident...

from pack page

– Surujnarine drafted in Guyana Jaguars line-up Wintz, Raymon Reifer, Veerasammy Permaul, Devendra Bishoo, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Shimron Hetymer, Ronsford Beaton, Keon Joseph, Assad Fudadin, Rajendra Chandrika, Vishual Singh, Javon Searles and Kandasammy Surujnarine. Further, it must be noted that batsmen Leon Johnson and Shivnarine Chanderpaul are part of the

By Rajiv Bisnauth


arbadian Ryan Hinds will not turn out for the Guyana Jaguars in the second season of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Professional Cricket league (PCL). Guyana Times Sport was reliable informed that the 34-year-old Hinds withdrew from the squad due to previous commitments else-

FIFA Presidential hopeful David Nakhid greets GFF Normalisation Committee Chairman, Clinton Urling, at the Marriott Hotel

Ryan Hinds

awarded a Tier 4 Academy contract by Cricket Guyana Inc. (CGI), and was among twelve players, who benefit-

Kandasammy Surujnarine

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

where. Hinds and fellow Barbadian Javon Searles were snapped up by the Jaguars on behalf of Cricket Guyana Inc. (CGI) during the player draft in June, in keeping with the WICB’s regulation, which stipulated that regional territories acquire a maximum of two foreign players. Further, based on the PCL contractual agreement, Hinds is likely to face a possible one year ban from the WICB for opting out of the upcoming season. Meanwhile, information reaching this publication indicates that opening batsman Kandasammy Surujnarine will replace Hinds. The right-hander was

Jaguars set-up, but were not considered for contracts since both batsman have WICB retainer contracts. The Guyana Jaguars are defending champions of the PCL Four-day competition. Academy contracts Meanwhile, a release from the Guyana Cricket Board on Wednesday revealed that 13 players were in receipt of Academy Contracts from Cricket Guy Inc. for the year 2015-2016. Those players are: Gudakesh motie, Anthony Adams, Raun Johnson, Keemo Paul, Raj Nannan, Steven Sankar, Robin Bacchus, Kemol Savory, Kevon Boodie, Dexter Solomon, Steven Jacobs, Tevin Imlach and Akshaya Persaud.

Leon Johnson

ted from that initiative taken by the CGI. The contracts, which ran from February 1 to July 31, saw the players receiving $50,000 monthly in return for their time and dedication towards the game. The 15 players will be placed under three respective contracts grouped A, B and C. The 15 players are: Christopher Barnwell, Anthony Bramble, Paul

Ferrari retain Raikkonen for 2016


errari has decided to retain Kimi Raikkonen as Sebastian Vettel’s teammate for the 2016 Formula 1 season. The team had been considering whether to drop the 2007 world champion following concerns about his form and had explored other driver options. But on Wednesday Ferrari said they had renewed their “technical and racing agreement with Kimi Raikkonen”. It means Valtteri Bottas, who had been of interest to Ferrari, is likely to stay with Williams. “For me, to be able to stay another year at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen

means that the dream goes on,” said Raikkonen. “The Scuderia is my family, as I always said, it’s here I want to end my career.” The Finn had been one of a number of drivers Ferrari had considered following

concerns that Raikkonen’s form, particularly in qualifying, had not been good enough. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg were also among the options appraised by the team. (BBC Sport)

The former Soca Warriors midfielder reasoned that if no one is there to represent the interest of Caribbean football, “no one is going to be concerned about our interest.” “No one from outside our region can truly reflect what is needed,” he posited. On the issue of two Caribbean officials- Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webbbeing embroiled in the FIFA scandal which was unearthed in May, and how it could potentially be a factor in his ambition to be the next leader of global football, Nakhid declared, “We need to rise above that and how we do that is that we don’t be defined by what’s happened in the past. We can’t

allow what happened in the past- something beyond our control as Caribbean people. What we do is we push our vision forward, and we’re not afraid to push that vision forward.” He added, “Now what we need to do, is if we become more pro-Caribbean rather than pro-UEFA or pro-Asiait doesn’t mean we’re antianyone- but we’re pro-Caribbean in the sense that we understand our true value in this global football world. We understand what we bring to this process, and it is not a reference for a vote as it has been in the past. We then become a reference for true consultation. People then come down to Guyana and really ask you

‘well what do you need’ in tangible terms, not in promises.” Other notable names to announce their desire to run for the hot seat are the legendary midfield trio Michel Platini of France, who is the current UEFA president, Diego Maradona of Argentina and Zico of Brazil, as well as Musa Bility and Chung Mong-joon. Nakhid, who appeared for Trinidad and Tobago in 35 international games between 1992 and 2005, will have to receive nomination before October 26. If he is successful in gaining nomination, Nakhid and his team will have five months to campaign to become the new president of FIFA.

thursday, august 20, 2015

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Nakhid confident of becoming FIFA head By Avenash R amzan


ormer Trinidad and Tobago midfielder David Nakhid is confident he can become the new FIFA president. The presidential hopeful met with local media operatives on Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel where he outlined his plans for the sport on a global scale. The ex-Trinidad and Tobago captain and assistant team coach, Nakhid, threw his hat into the ring as a presidential candidate for the global governing body for football, FIFA, earlier this month. The presidential vacancy arose on June 2 when the 79-year-old Sepp Blatter of Switzerland resigned amidst the recent FIFA corruption scandal, which saw various officials, including former T&T football administrator Jack Warner, accused by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering. The elections will take place on February 26, 2016, at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

David Nakhid: “No one from outside our region can truly reflect what is needed”

The 51-year-old Nakhid said of his chances, “I’m extremely confident. I’ve lived in the Middle East for close to 20 years. I have a very good base of support there. I’ve played

in Europe, I’ve had consultations with people in Europe, but it’s only logical and strategic that I come out from my own confederation.” He added, “And I think

once that is done we can then try to attract support from other parts of the world, but it would be useless to enter a campaign where I can’t even come out of my confederation. I think once that is done, I think the Caribbean people will get a better sense of our message when it is placed on that global forum and the rest of the world.” Nakhid explained that his candidacy is geared to position the Caribbean where it needs to be, “where we have not been before.” “We had the illusion of leadership- the illusion of someone at the head table of FIFA before, but we never saw anything that came down to us in the Caribbean, we need to change that. We need to posit ourselves in a position where we understand our true value politically, but also in terms of the development that is needed in the wider world of football,” Nakhid, who was accompanied his Campaign Strategy personnel Josanne Leonard, divulged. turn to page 23

Former ICC head condemns Pakistan move

Former ICC President Ehsan Mani


ormer International Cricket Council (ICC) President Ehsan Mani has called Pakistan’s uturn about playing a tri-series against West Indies and Zimbabwe, as simply “not cricket” and going against the spirit of the game. In recent weeks, both the West Indies Cricket Board president and CEO Michael Muirhead have stated that West Indies are certain to miss the 2017 Champions Trophy because of non-agreement from Pakistan (90 points), ranked eighth in the ICC 50over table, about playing the tri-series that was scheduled from August 17 to September 7. Pakistan’s non commitment was recently confirmed after they won their one-day series with Sri-Lanka 3-2 to all but secure their Champions Trophy spot and later rescheduled the bilateral series with Zimbabwe to September 24 – October 5. With West Indies ranked ninth (88 points),

Pakistan were reluctant to play such a series that could jeopardise their Champions Trophy qualification before the September 30 cut-off date. This has led to much condemnation of the WICB from experts around the Caribbean, but Mani has taken aim at the ICC for how they have structured the tournament that used to involve all test playing nations. “The fact that Pakistan has pulled out of the tri-series is simply ‘not cricket’ and goes against the spirit of the game,” stated Mani, who was (International Cricket Council) president from 20032006. He continued: “Unfortunately, since the ICC meddled with the binding nature of the Future Tours Programme (FTP) last year, there is no obligation on any country to stick to commitments made to tour unless these have been confirmed in a binding contact. “This ‘free for all’ nature of tour commitment opens it to manipulation which is exactly what has happened in this case. “It also shows just how blindly the cricket boards agreed to the changes in the FTP without understanding the consequences.” Mani, who is of Pakistani origin, further stated that such a revamped champions trophy that doesn’t have all the test-playing nations involved is a poor tradeoff for no Test championship. (Trinidad Newsday)

Stag Beer takes charge of Elite League Pg 19

Chairman of the Normalisation Committee, Clinton Urling (third right), receives the sponsorship from Ansa McAl Trading’s Marketing Director, Troy Cadogan. Sharing the moment are representatives of the two entities (Avenash Ramzan photo)

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