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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No bonus for public servants in Budget 2017 …Jordan criticises workers as inept, lethargic Page 7

Husband crashes, dies after dropping wife to airport CAL jet clips Fly Jamaica plane’s tail at CJIA Page 9


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Govt dumps GRA’s accounting software P2

Guyana remains open for business – Gaskin P12

Corentyne fisherman found dead in yard P15 ‒ suspect arrested Dochfour murder

Jury acquits accused P15 – “it feels great to be free”

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Guyana joins world leaders in paying tribute to revolutionary Cuban Leader Fidel Castro P5

Budget 2017

14% VAT on water, AFC wind farm financier electricity a sad poised to benefit from tax concessions day for Guyana holidays, …as Govt gears to invest $1B – Dookhoo in renewable energy projects Page 3

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Brazilian football team among 72 killed in P19 plane crash

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wednesDAY, november 30, 2016 |

Govt dumps GRA’s accounting software T

he Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration had spent billions of dollars to introduce a new accounting system – the Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) – but the coalition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government has opted instead to abandon the 10-year-old system. This announcement was made by Finance Minister Winston Jordan on Monday when he presented the $250 billion Budget for 2017. Minster Jordan, in making the disclosure, said that, “Arising from the failure of the current TRIPS

software, which has failed to provide complete solutions for effective customs administration, the GRA will be moving to a more modern, customised, and proven customs solution.” He identified the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA), with single platform window services, as the new system that Government is looking to implement. According to Minister Jordan, “Not only will this facilitate electronic manifests, but it will also reduce under-invoicing and transfer pricing that is prevalent.” He stated that with the implementation of ASYCUDA, expected by the end of 2017, current commercial operations

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

will be automated, resulting in improved services for trade, increased customs control capabilities, strengthened accounting and statistical capabilities, full risk-assessment and selectivity capabilities, and

fully automated workflow management. Minister Jordan made the announcement as part of a menu of measures aimed at improving financial administration and tax collection by the nation’s

premier collections authority. Jordan said that Government is looking to increase its taxes collected in 2017. He told members of the National Assembly that tax revenue is projected to rise to $149.3 billion in the coming year. The increase, he said, will be driven primarily by 8.2 per cent, or $2.5 billion increase in the collection of company income taxes and an eight per cent, or $1.6 billion increase in personal income taxes. Despite the announced two per cent reduction in Value Added Tax, Minister Jordan projects that collections are expected to increase by 1.7 per cent, totalling $36 billion.

He did use the opportunity to also report that despite the lower rate of economic activity in 2016, this will not result in lower tax and non-tax revenue collection. The Minister observed that several one-off payments of arrears from delinquent companies, coupled with increased company income tax collections, are expected to contribute to an improved tax revenue performance, while non-tax collection will benefit from increased royalties from the mining sector. The projected total revenue collection for 2016 is $174.8 billion, 0.9 per cent more than budgeted, and 7.4 per cent better than in 2015.

Supenaam street roamer remanded A

Supenaam man, suspected to be of unsound mind, was on Monday remanded to prison on charges of unlawful wounding and threatening behaviour. He made his first appearance before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s Court, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. Mark Beamil, also known as “Tout”, of no fixed place of abode, was on Saturday last arrested and charged with unlawful wounding

and threatening behaviour committed on George Couchman. He was remanded to prison until December 8, 2016. Prior to Beamil’s arrest, scores of residents in the Good Hope/-Supenaam area related to the media how threatened they were by his presence. They explained that they were fearful for their lives, since the man, who was usually armed with various weapons, would roam the streets late at nights.

Clerks slapped with larceny charge


wo employees of Gafoors were on Tuesday granted bail in the sum of $100,000 each when they appeared before Magistrate Dylan Best at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to a joint charge of simple larceny. Dane Williams and Ricardo Kemraj both pleaded not guilty to the charge, which stated that between October 14 and November 12, 2016, they stole a quan-

tity of lights from Gafoors Houston Complex, property of Sattaur Gafoor. The prosecution explained to the court that the defendants are employees of Gafoors and the lights were recovered. The representing attorney for the duo made an application for bail and was successful since the prosecution indicated that they had no objections to bail. The case will continue on December 6.



wednesDAY, november 30, 2016 |


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Wednesday, November 30 – 05:00h-06:30h and Thursday, December 1 – 05:00h-06:30h. The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Wednesday, November 30 – 16:40h-18:10h and Thursday, December 1 – 05:05h-06:35h.


Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily


Early morning sunshine is expected to give way to light rain showers which can be expected throughout the day. Sunny weather is expected to return in the later afternoon, followed by light to partly cloudy weather in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 25 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius. Winds: Easterly to East North-easterly between 4.02 metres and 5.36 metres. High Tide: 04:43h and 16:53h reaching maximum heights of 2.57 metres and 2.68 metres respectively. Low Tide: 10:29h and 22:58h reaching minimum heights of 0.66 metre and 0.53 metre respectively.

saturday, november 26, 2016


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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Budget 2017

AFC wind farm financier poised to benefit from tax holidays, concessions … as Govt gears to invest $1B in renewable energy projects


overnment has announced allocations and concessions as incentives in order to pursue a ‘green agenda’ and one of its financiers is conspicuously among the front runners to immediately benefit from the measure. Alliance For Change (AFC) financial backer, Lloyd Singh and the Guyana Government have inked an agreement for development of a wind farm at Hope Beach and according to Finance Minister Winston Jordan, investments such as this will not only benefit from tax exemptions as a result of Budget 2017, but will also be granted a two-year tax holiday. The budgetary measure that immediately benefits financiers of the coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)/ AFC Government is reminiscent of last year’s measures which sought to place restrictions on the importations of used vehicle in favour of newer ones. Speaking to the measure outlined in the 2017 Budget, Minster Jordan told the House, “Government will be granting a one-off tax holiday of two years for corporation tax to importers of items for wind and solar energy investments, and for investors in water treatment, waste disposal, and recycling facilities.” He announced tax exemptions too for investment in, and construction of, water treatment and water recycling facilities, which will in addition, also be given a oneoff tax holiday of two years for corporation tax for companies involved exclusively in such importation.

Solar farms

Speaking on Government’s role in pursuit of a green agenda, the Minster said, “Under the renewable energy programme, in 2017, we will install the first ever solar farm on a large scale in Mabaruma.” He said $264 million has

been budgeted towards the installation of the solar farm, which when operational, is expected to supply some 400 kilowatts of electricity and will afford residents in the Region One (Barima-Waini) communities an additional 17 hours of electricity to the 3000 residents of Mabaruma. “Furthermore, our Government has also advanced the pursuit of additional solar farms with a capacity of 800 kilowatts at Lethem, 400 kilowatts at Mahdia, and 1.5 megawatts

mediate measures that will be taken towards this expansion will be: The lowering of the excise tax on hybrid and electric vehicles; granting of tax exemptions to set up electric vehicle charging stations; zero-rating the excise tax on biofuel and specially designed refuse trucks; the restriction of used tyres; and a reduction of taxes on new tyres.” According to Jordan, “Our Government will prioritise evidence-driven and cost-effective options to de-

An artist’s impression of the 25MW Wind Farm at Hope Beach, East Coast Demerara

at Bartica,” Jordan further stated. Expanding on Government’s green state agenda, Minister Jordan said the strategy “encompasses environmental protection, citizen security, employment and value chain creation, energy, health, education, social protection, and resilience against climate change and economic shocks… It is about sustainable development, embracing a broad range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aligning perfectly with multi-dimensional progress.” He told the National Assembly that as the Administration consolidates and builds on previous initiatives with a low-carbon focus, including the use of renewable energy sources and co-generation alternatives, the Government will review and expand the scope of alternative energy solutions.

Electric vehicles

Jordon said, “Some im-

termine our renewable energy choices across the country to successively transform the energy mix and reduce the share of non-renewable energy sources in the overall ratio.” He said that it is in this vein that Government will shortly be releasing the outcome of a review of the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project, which was undertaken by Norconsult, the Norwegian-contracted consultants, after the comments of both the Kingdom of Norway and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana are incorporated into the final document.

One billion

According to Minister Jordan, “In 2017, the Government has made a budgetary allocation of almost $1 billion to implement a series of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, following the charge given by His Excellency President David Granger for the Public

Sector to lead the way in transitioning towards greater renewable energy use.” The, interventions, according to the Minister, will be channelled through and managed by the Guyana Energy Agency. Providing some insight on the agenda for 2017, Minister Jordan said the renewable energy programme for the upcoming year will entail the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the rooftops of 64 Government buildings. “With a combined installed capacity of 1.36 megawatts (MW), these installations will result in: annual energy savings of 1.86 gigawatt hours (GWh) or 1200 barrels of oil equivalent per year; annual cost savings of approximately $140 million; and environmental benefits in the form of avoided carbon dioxide emissions of about 1116 tonnes per year.”

Japanese aid

According to the Finance Minister, Government’s energy efficiency programme will involve, also, the replacement of inefficient lights and the installation of 10,427 light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and 3766 occupancy sensors in Government buildings, as well as 360 energy efficient outdoor lights. This intervention, he said, will result in annual energy savings of 0.93 GWh or 600 barrels of oil equivalent, with an estimated annual cost savings of $54 million. The Minister announced too that in 2017, they will consider utilising the balance of the current Japanese Non Project Grant Aid facility to the private sector to procure 5000 energy efficient street lamps. “This endeavour will result in the replacement of the existing inefficient 250W street lights with 120W LED street lamps, resulting in energy savings of about $158 million annually.”


wednesday, november 30, 2016

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Cost of fighting crime I

t was comforting to hear the acknowledgement from the current Administration that there was an existing crime situation as “we continue to be bombarded on a near daily basis, about a range of criminal activities, from petty to fatal, that is occurring across our country”. Finance Minister Winston Jordan made reference to this situation during the presentation of the 2017 Budget estimates, where he proudly announced a myriad of new measures which will allow the authorities to both prevent and respond efficiently to crimes. Towards this end, he announced that in 2017, the Government will expend $29.1 billion to restore public confidence in our security sector. Besides the obvious unrest being experienced by the local business community and residents in neighbourhoods across Guyana, the effects of crime will now be felt in the pockets of taxpayers. The measures to be implemented are all aimed at restoring public confidence in the security sector, the Minister assured; these include but are not limited to Increasing recruitment of Police Officers by approximately 20 per cent; improving the Police Force’s mobility; expanding patrols in key areas to deter criminal activity, for which over $740 million has been budgeted, complemented by expansion of the mounted branch in key hinterland locations; strengthening the integrated crime information system; re-establishing and operationalising the 911 service; expanding surveillance; the launching of a multiagency collaboration to tackle narcotics, smuggling, and human-trafficking, and the upgrading of 12 police stations across the country, among others. Added to this, to offset the overcrowding of the Georgetown Prison, the Finance Minister announced that the complex at the Mazaruni Prisons would be expanded at a cost of $2.2 billion, of which $369 million is budgeted, in 2017, and would see the expansion of offices, inmate living facilities, staff and family living facilities, training facilities, as well as the construction of a school, daycare centre and places of worship. What is noteworthy and commendable are the plans aimed at empowering and educating the youths across Guyana; it was announced to the nation that measures would also target over 1000 at-risk youths to be trained in a nine-month programme in technical and vocational skills in 2017. According to Jordan, it is anticipated that the empowerment and education of youths in livelihood-building skills will help to reduce the incidence of delinquency and crime. In areas where crime is prevalent, and where residents notice direct effects in terms of education and job availability, this will be most welcome. Many will look forward to the ensuing results. In tandem with the establishment of Community Action Councils, the Government will also develop community safety plans for 20 communities with the highest crime and violence rates. The plans will serve as a guide to improving community awareness towards reducing the risk of crime and anti-social behaviour, Jordan said. In the area of fire prevention, he said too that for the first time, a Port Georgetown fireboat will be added to the fleet of fire vehicles, at a cost of $250 million, to service Port Georgetown. In addition, $49.4 million was being allocated for two water tenders in Leguan and Wakenaam as well as two ambulances to augment the integrated 912 and 913 emergency services to improve response time. Three new fire stations, costing about $77.5 million, will also be constructed at Mahdia, Mabaruma, and Melanie Damishana. And now we sit back and trust that our officials have crafted an effective security plan or programme to tackle the issues at hand, now that the funding has been identified. Positive results can only be achieved through strong and sustained action by Government and security agencies at all levels, supported by a culture of community participation. Undoubtedly, new prisons and jails, community programmes and money for more Police protection all come directly and indirectly out of the pockets of taxpayers. Society loses when investing in new jails rather than paying employees higher wages. Conversely, there has been a collective call for something to be done to address the escalating crime situation. The plan has been crafted and it will take a collective effort and immediate action, but, as we have seen, the cost of doing otherwise is definitely too high. If our country is to meet the growth targets that have been set, businesses must be able to operate in a safe environment.

Former President Donald Ramotar signed the book of condolences at the Cuban Embassy in Georgetown, for the late Cuban politician and revolutionary Fidel Castro who passed away on November 25, 2016

Not a ‘better life’ Budget Dear Editor, The 2016 budget was about beckoning the ‘good life’ and we saw what happened: rising cost of living, drastic decline of rice and sugar production, contraction of the manufacturing sector, decline in the livestock sector, decline in the forestry sector, construction declined, rising unemployment especially among youths, rise in crimes, wage freeze in the sugar industry, paltry wage increase in the public sector, increased taxes and a reduction in the real growth of the economy to 2.6 per cent, while the Ministers and other Government officials enjoyed salaries increase ranging from 50 per cent upwards! This is compounded by the massive and shameless squander mania which the Government at all levels has been engaged in. You do not have to be Einstein to see who enjoyed the ‘good life’ in 2016! Well, we must give the Finance Minister some credit for the 2017 Budget’s theme; he ensured that he informed us that this budget will be “…bringing a better life for all Guyanese”. So

it is implied that if the 2016 Budget failed to give us a ‘good life’ (which it did) then this one will surely bring it! Lenin once warned that “a lie told often enough becomes the truth” and this was perfected by Adolph Hitler. A ‘good life’ and a ‘better life’ repeated often enough will convince Guyanese that they are indeed living a better life even on an empty stomach. However, the Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo made an accurate assessment when he lamented that the 2017 Budget will not benefit the working class and will ‘kill the private sector’ and its ominous signs forebode an equally gloomy future. Firstly, we have the exact opposite to what the previous Government did to alleviate the sufferings of the pensioners. Pensioners were given electricity and water subsidies which went a long way in ensuring a ‘good life’ for them, unlike this Government which introduces a 14 per cent VAT on those two vital utilities. Similarly, it is not a valid argument that pensioners will

not be affected by the imposition of VAT simply because 105,000 residents pay less than $10,000 per month. How many pensioners are in this category? It is beyond any doubt that pensioners would have been better off with the electricity and water subsidies. Moreover, how will they be better off when they have now pay VAT on staples such as milk, potatoes and many other necessities? These items are consumed on a daily basis! Therefore, how can no subsidy on water and electricity, plus VAT on necessities, result in a ‘better life’? Secondly, the negligible reduction in VAT will not result in any tangible gains for the consumers since items which are normally consumed by the working class and were previously zerorated are now VAT-able. What will happen to sugar workers who have been denied any form of wage increase for the past 2 years? An ever increasing inflation rate will spell disaster for them and their families. This reduction in VAT will only serve to benefit the more wealthy class of people

who consume expensive luxurious items. Thirdly, what will be the cumulative effect (the Domino Theory) of an imposition of VAT on electricity and water? Will these not increase the production costs of goods and service? Most definitely, and the commercial sector will have to recoup these costs and of course the final consumer bears the burden. Lastly, the 2017 budget shows clearly that the Finance Minister is just an adroit juggler whose main intention is to squeeze as much taxes as possible from the poor working class of people of this country and ensure that the excesses of this Government can be sustained and not its socio-economic development. Monetary and fiscal policies which can stimulate the economy are sorely lacking in this Budget. Next year will definitely be worse than this year. I am sure that the Opposition will expose the inherent weaknesses of this Budget! Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf

Sugar industry has great opportunities to rebound Dear Editor, I have noticed, what I believe, were misleading comments and insinuations made by Gobin Harbhajan, in his letter which appeared in the November 18, 2016 Stabroek News. Harbhajan submitted that it was the PPP which ruined the sugar industry and betrayed the workers. It is interesting to note that

Harbhajan’s statements coincide somewhat with those in a previous letter from Abel Seetaram, both of whom are suspected to have links with a very senior personnel of the Government. While holding no brief for Jagdeo and Ramotar, gentlemen who are most capable of providing their own responses, the author if indeed

Harbhajan, whose name signed the letter, ought to be fully aware of the history and travails of the sugar industry over its long existence. It is apt to note, as President Granger recalled in the November 08, 2016 Kaieteur News, the sugar industry is the “single oldest continuous industry in Guyana”. During its long

life it has experienced a fair share of difficulties but also managed successfully to overcome them. Indeed, the private owners and past governments in the post-nationalisation period have ensured, in view of sugar’s recognised importance, that the industry was able to continue its productive operations. continues on page 5



wednesday, november 30, 2016 |

Guyana joins world leaders in paying tribute to revolutionary Jordan’s inability Cuban Leader Fidel Castro to rebalance growth


uba's leftist allies and Washington's top diplomat in Havana joined a sprawling throng of Cubans at a rally on Tuesday to commemorate Fidel Castro, the man who built a Communist state on the doorstep of the United States, Reuters reported. Castro died on Friday at age 90, a decade after ceding control to his younger brother Raul Castro, 85. With Raul Castro at his side, the charismatic Fidel Castro led the bearded rebels who seized power in a 1959 revolution and ruled the island in the face of US opposition that endured until President Barack Obama reversed course in 2014 and set out to restore diplomatic relations. For many, especially in Latin America and Africa, Castro was a symbol of resistance to imperialism, having ousted a US-backed dictator, and a champion of the poor. Chants of "Viva Fidel!"

resounded as tens of thousands massed in Havana's Revolution Square on Tuesday evening to pay homage to Castro. "United, the people will never be defeated!" rang another. Raul Castro embraced ideological ally, visiting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as the ceremony got underway. Guyana’s representatives at the ceremony, included Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira and Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton. "To weigh the success or failure of Cuba's economic model without factoring in the more than 50-year-long criminal (US) embargo, is pure hypocrisy," Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said in a tribute to Fidel Castro. Many leaders of Latin America's left, including Maduro and Bolivian President Evo Morales, flew in to attend the ceremony in the same space where Castro once delivered rous-

ing, marathon speeches. African leaders included Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and South African President Jacob Zuma, who paid Castro, who served as Cuba’s President for 42 years, a tribute of his own. The late Nelson Mandela repeatedly thanked Castro for his efforts in helping overturn apartheid in South Africa. Meanwhile, the Cuban Embassy in Guyana, over the next few days, will have open hours for members of the public to sign a condolence book that will be sent to Cuba. The condolence book will be opened until this Sunday, when Castro will be buried. Persons can visit the embassy's location at 46 High Street, Kingston, Georgetown from 09:00hto 18:00h. Ambassador Julio Cesar Gonsalez Marchante is encouraging members of the public to visit and sign the book since Cuba provided solidarity to Guyana in

Sugar industry has...

many ways over the decades. Guyana enjoyed close relations with Cuba in the 1970s and early 1980s. The two countries established diplomatic ties in 1972, and Cuba agreed to provide medical supplies, doctors, and medical training to Guyana. President Forbes Burnham flew with Fidel Castro in Castro's airplane to the NAM conference in Algiers in 1973. Castro made an official state visit to Guyana in August 1973, and Burnham reciprocated in April 1975, when he was decorated with the José Martí National Order, Cuba's highest honour. Castro led the Cuban Revolution against the Government of Fulgencio Batista, which triggered a bitter stand-off between the United States and Cuba that resulted in the US imposing a trade embargo on Cuba. The Embassy expressed its profound sadness and regret at Castro’s death.


In the somewhat “short” period since nationalisation we have seen challenges arising in the industry as well as its resilience to recover. In the late 1980s production fell dramatically and averaged about 157,000 tonnes in the 1988-1990 period. In 1990, production fell miserably to 129,920 tonnes. In that era, we saw much experimentation and financial wastage in terms of non-sugar diversification; an exodus of workers from the industry; a lack of key and necessary inputs, among other things. It was felt then, by some, that the industry could not be saved but their alarm was unnecessary. As we later saw with a new and capable management and a motivated workforce the industry emerging from its trough and between 2002-2004 production reached a high average of about 320,000 tonnes. Now, we are faced

with similar circumstances once more. Production in the 2013-2015 period is somewhat better, averaging about 211,000 tonnes. Last year we saw production reaching a high of about 231,000 tonnes undoubtedly due to careful planning and attention to detail in the 2014/15 period. But what is disconcerting rather than going forward, as was widely expected, we seem to be going in the other direction. GuySuCo is now aiming to produce 194,000 tonnes down from the 242,000 tonnes which was incorpo-

rated in the 2016 National Budget. While it is hoped that the target is realised and even surpassed, it brings into question the quality and the efficacy of the industry’s management. An important question needs to be asked as to whether the intent is deliberate in order to engender a certain outcome. The industry has great opportunities to rebound. Diversification is now a must but not aquaculture, orchard fruits, cattle rearing and rice cultivation as being touted. Rather the in-

dustrialisation of sugar in the form of expanding electricity production, and other such ventures mentioned before by others. There are feasible opportunities for the industry to harness its potential and to overcome its present challenges and ensure a viable future. It needs the will and a caring government committed to our country’s sustainable development. Kenneth Joseph, General Secretary NAACIE

poles (Part 1)

Dear Editor, This 2017 Budget again exposed that the Finance Minister Winston Jordan is not up to the job of rebalancing Guyana’s growth poles to ensure that we secure a growth rate of more than 5 per cent in 2017 and beyond. His ability to create policies to steer the economy in 2016 exposes a total abandonment of his duty to the people with that perilous performance so far - 2.6 per cent. Such a growth rate will never be able to offer the ‘Good Life’. Only a certified fool will believe such nonsense! But as one digs into the speech, very little of it is assigned to measures that are constructed to drive the engine of growth to be more export oriented. So while the corporation tax to 27.5 per cent is better than nothing, it masks a scheme of tax deception with that so-called dual tax rates for companies. Why all these tax trickeries by the Minister? Why not come out plain and simple and give the private sector a flat 27.5 per cent? Then when one looks at the incentives for the new foreign direct investment gear for the export markets, it is patchy at best. So while GO-Invest claims that it facilitated some 6,000 jobs, there were no clear specifics as to the names of some of these companies that made these new investments. Such opacity as the source of these round number claims

can make these claims untrustworthy especially in light of the fact that only a few months ago the Business Minister claimed that there are now new fruits borne from his trips abroad. But more importantly, this budget is geared to crowding out the private sector as the government is now competing for the limited resources in the economy? This is a major policy mistake by the Minister. All efforts should have been made to also rebalance the economy by stimulating a shift from services to manufacturing as a source of new jobs, as well as driving economic growth. But as the budget outlined, manufacturing is in the doldrums and there is no hope for this sector in 2017 compliments of this anti-manufacturing budget. The manufacturing sector is expected to decline by 7.1 per cent in 2016, but yet we cannot find one sensible measure in this 2017 Budget to reverse this trend. Even the credit to the manufacturing sector is set to decline by some 2.8 per cent in 2016, which translate to business houses refusing to borrow and expand their manufacturing businesses. This is a terrible economic sign that exposes the fact that there is a limited attempt by the Minister to rebalance the growth poles. Sincerely, Sasenarine Singh


wednesday, november 30, 2016





omputers are an important part of the world we live in. Technology is everywhere and it is advancing at a rapid rate, which means children are going to have to learn to interact with it at a younger age. While other generations didn’t have a cellphone until they were a teenager – that is no longer the social norm. More than likely, your children are going to use a smart phone to make a call or watch a video at a very young age. Because they are being introduced to technology at a younger age, they should also be introduced to concepts like coding at a young age. What should children learn growing up? There are a lot of debates about what a child should and should not learn while they are growing up. While the concept of advanced computer skills may be up for debate, there are still a lot of values people do agree on. For example, children need to learn discipline, they need to understand how to work together, how to properly express themselves, and the importance of communication. While coding doesn’t teach these skills directly, children do learn them as they manipulate technology. With the guidance of a parent or teacher, they can learn how to complete coding projects with help. They can learn to ask questions and develop a good moral compass. They learn patience and can see their hard work pay off in the long run. Coding as a child’s hobby Most parents want to teach their children to find a creative hobby that can educate them as well as entertain them. For some children, this means spending time at ballet, playing an instrument or painting pictures. Modern children, however, are focusing more on technology, rather than these traditional sources of edutainment. Learning how to manipulate an app or website can be a great way to express yourself. Coding can also be very entertaining, regardless of your age. Trial-anderror processes can create some silly results that children love, but the end results are usually what captures their

attention. Many times, children are learning how to make their own games that they can play as often as they like. Digital skills are practical Having computer skills is a necessity. Even if your children aren’t learning how to develop an app, they need to understand the basics in order to survive in the modern world. Coding helps give

them a better overall understanding of the rapidly changing technology that affects them every day. Learning the foundations of coding can help children develop these skills and play a part in the change. Best of all, almost any child can learn how to code. Children as young as four can command a tablet or smart phone, even learning what advanced commands do. Older children can then further their skills in specially designed classes. These fundamentals can lead into a variety of careers, such as engineering, robotics, or computer technology. Children aren’t just learning how simple commands can entertain them, they are learning skills that can help them get a good job in the future. Learn problem-solving skills through coding Programming is quite complex, even at a fundamental level. Learning to manipulate code means understanding a problem and exploring, testing, and choosing from the best of several possible solutions. While a child might not understand a complex algorithm,

they are still learning the steps that can help them solve the problem. This helps them develop key problem-solving skills earlier on, giving them a head start. Language skills are the key to success While children learning computer coding at a young age may be up for debate, the importance of good communication never is. When thinking about coding, you need to treat it like a foreign language. Do you think it’s a good idea for your child to learn Spanish or Italian when they are young? Teaching a computer language at a young age gives your child similar benefits to foreign language study. They aren’t just able to work with technology easier; they are also able to communicate better. They will be able to know if their tablet computer has a problem causing their favourite game to stop working, or if the game itself has a bug. This makes their technology problems much more manageable. Coding is quickly becoming a universal language. While it isn’t always verbally expressed, it is still important to learn in order to interact with technology. Where can children learn how to code? One of the biggest benefits of coding is that it can be taught at any age and at any pace. This means that parents have a lot of options when it comes to instruction. Several programmes designed to teach children how to work with computers at home are available. Most of these programmes use games to show children problems and give them direct ways to solve them. Older children can learn coding in a classroom setting. Try finding schools that offer special computer programming camps or extracurricular classes. These classes aren’t designed to bog your child down with extra homework; they are designed to be fun learning experiences that help your child express themselves. All children need to be computer literate if they want to survive in the modern world. Coding takes this a step further, giving the child an opportunity to learn better ways to interact with the technology around them. They will learn how to solve problems and gain the skills they need to get a career later in life. (



ou might think listening is an automatic response, and it’s true it can be hard to shut out the noise of the world around you, but effective listening is about processing the sounds and responding appropriately to the cues. Effective listening is an essential skill for learning and it’s something you can help your child develop.

The advantages

If your daughter learns to listen well, she’ll be better at gathering, analysing, storing and retrieving information. She’ll be more able to use that information to make the intuitive leaps needed to understand what’s being taught at school. Her language and communication skills will be stronger making her better at seeking clarification, expressing ideas and sharing her thought processes; this leads to increased engagement in the learning activity that will help her consolidate her new knowledge more effectively. Socially, she’ll form stronger relationships with others; by listening to others she’ll find it easier to find common ground, develop empathy, manage any conflict and provide support. She’ll feel more included which will, in turn, improve her self-confidence and self-esteem. She’ll gain more pleasure from social activities and feel able to get more involved.

How you can help

Playing games that involve sound can help your daughter associate sound with meaning. You can use rhyming songs and games to help her learn anything from counting to brushing her teeth. You can encourage her to listen more carefully by taking her on a sound walk to give her the opportunity to explore the world

around her with more than just sight. Playing verbal word games, such as Twenty Questions or I-Spy, will help her concentrate on what’s being said, extract the relevant information and use it to formulate an appropriate response. This will also help develop the neural pathways in her brain that support memory. Children learn by imitating the adults around them and by demonstrating good listening skills you can make sure being a good listener becomes second nature to her. This includes; paying attention when she talks to you; maintaining eye contact, crouching down to her eye-level if necessary; reflecting her words back to check your understanding, encourage her to add information, or as a subtle way to correct mistakes in her use of words or tense; and asking her to repeat what she’s said if you can’t grasp her meaning. When you’re talking to her, it’s important to remember she may not be able to cope with several instructions at once. Starting with simple directions, making them more complex as she develops, will teach her how to listen to and follow instructions. Talking about a story you’ve read, asking about her favourite character or the best part, will get her used to remembering what she’s heard for later use. It can be infuriating when your child doesn’t listen to you and, while this can sometimes be because she’s so absorbed in what she’s doing she’s blocked out all distractions, it could be she needs to improve her listening skills. It’s comforting to know you can play an active role in this; the better she gets the more effectively she’ll learn and the easier she’ll find it to make and keep friends. (



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No bonus for public servants in Budget 2017 … Jordan criticises workers as inept, lethargic


ublic servants waited with bated breath for more than three hours on Monday to hear if Government would announce a month tax-free bonus but were instead treated to a tongue lashing by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, who in addition to announcing marginal adjustments to the taxes paid by workers, lashed out at the public service, calling it lethargic and inept. He later told reporters that Government simply did not have the monies available to make the one month tax-free payment to members of the public service. Speaking to public administration and public financial management during his presentation of the 2017 National Estimates (Budget) on Monday, Finance Minister Jordan said “this Administration has inherited a national crisis of institutional lethargy and ineptitude (in the public service).” Expanding on his position, the Minister told the House that all across the Public Sector, we are faced with issues of sluggishness in implementation, poor inter-agency coordination and cooperation, and a deficit of strategic planning and management. According to Jordan, the coalition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC)

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

Government is “perturbed by this situation, as it is a daunting indication of the effort that needs to be invested in ensuring that public services of the highest quality are delivered to the Guyanese people.” Describing the situation as a “malaise”, Minster Jordan said the task at hand will be tackled frontally. The Minister in providing some insight on Government’s proposal to reform the public service through its public servants, pointed to comprehensive institutionalisation of the tenets of results-based management. He pointed too to the recently opened public service college and its role in revitalising workers.

According to the Finance Minister, it is “to ensure that our public servants, at all levels of Government, are better equipped to develop and execute our vision and plans, the recently-opened Bertram Collins College of the Public Service will provide for a wide range of training in public administration and related fields.” Despite voting against the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s demands to have the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the public service addressed at the level of a Parliamentary Select Committee, Jordan said, its findings will be utilised to arrest the attrition of qualified public servants.

No bonus

Meanwhile, on the matter of the expected increases, the Minister instead said Government will continue to engage the Unions in negotiations to find common ground to issues pertaining to wage and salary adjustment, de-bunching and allowances, taking into consideration the state of the economy and our desire to maintain macroeconomic stability. He subsequently told reporters that the payment of the one month tax-free bonus for all public servants was unlikely since the money was not available. Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo this

November 30, 2016

however, “We’d love to, once we could find money to do bonus.” He said, “I think what happened this year is that we paid a slightly bigger salary than last year overall and also I think we took on some more numbers… I think the security service, in a sense, took away what we could have had.” Minister Jordan told reporters “we are still looking but at this stage, it is a very

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

past week had called for Government to make the one month tax-free bonus payment to all public servants and pointed to the $8 billion that was transferred from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to the Consolidated Fund that could be used to finance the payments. According to Jordan,

slim possibility… Up to last night (Sunday), when we were doing numbers, I was hoping to find something; but, like I said, we took on a few people in the security sector and their bill has to be added up.” Jordan earlier in the evening drew reference to the one to 10 per cent salary increase that had been paid to workers last month.



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Charlestown porter remanded on narco trafficking charge


porter, of Lot 15 Ketley Street, Charlestown, was on Tuesday remanded to prison after denying the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. Uman Alleyne appeared before Magistrate Dylan Best at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It was alleged that at Marudi Checkpoint on November 25, 2016, he had in his possession 55 grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. The unrepresented man told the Magistrate that he was requesting leniency since he has a child and another one on the way. He added that he could not af-

ford to be in prison since his child mother could not work as a result of her pregnancy. Despite the man’s lengthy plea for leniency to the court, the prosecution objected to bail citing the nature and the penalty the crime attracts. Magistrate Best told

the man that he was sorry for his position in life, but he was not inclined to grant him bail unless he had special reason and not personal reasons. Additionally, Alleyne told the court that if he was not getting to walk out of the courtroom without shackles and handcuffs, he

would like to change his plea. “I want plead guilty now because I can’t get lock up. Your Honour, I only know about 16 grams of cannabis that is all I had on me. I do not know how they get 55 now,” stated Alleyne. He was cautioned by the Magistrate who told him that three years was the minimum sentence for the offence committed. The porter then told the Magistrate that he no longer wished to change his plea. As such, he was told to return to court on December 6 for reassignment of his matter by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Father of 2 on $200,000 bail A 23-year-old father of two, who appeared before City

Magistrate Dylan Best on charges of robbery with violence and unlawful wound-

ing was granted $200,000 bail. Keon Pickering pleaded not guilty to the charges which stated that on September 15, 2016, at Puruni Landing, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), he robbed Kevin Headley of a cellular phone, cash and clothing amounting to $296,000. Also immediately before or after the inci-

dent, he made use of personal violence. It was further alleged than on October 10, 2016, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Sean Smith. In court on Tuesday, the prosecution did not object to bail. The case will continue on December 5.

Death and taxes... ...conflate in Guyana he saying goes... "death and taxes are two of the certainties of this life." Well, in Guyana, seems the PNC-led Coalition Government wants to change this to "death THROUGH taxes is now a certainty here". Listening to their Finance Minister deliver his third budget speech in 18 months, even his colleagues on the government benches were thrown into deep shock. All they heard was a litany of gloom and doom. Back in the days of the first PNC regime, the populace used to glue their ears to the radio to hear what new taxes or "bannings" would be introduced to make their life even more miserable. It's clear this government takes its vow to cleave to the ideas of their Founder Leader Burnham very seriously. During the PPP's 23 years, they managed to introduce a new mantra – no new taxes!! But all of that's gone and the old (not so happy days) are here again: taxes and more taxes will fall on the middle class and even the "used tyres" they can afford is banned. And we can start right there to deconstruct this budget to show that this government in general and this Minister in particular don't know their a55 from their elbow when it comes to handling the economics of running a country. Even though the PPP was able to pull up our per capita GDP so we now qualify as a "medium income level" country – and not the Highly Indebted Poor Country tag we inherited from the PNC – we're still a pretty poor country – still barely above Haiti in the rankings. Even Suriname next door has twice our per capital GDP. So why ban used tyres? These are affordable to our "middle class" who can also only afford used cars that are brought from Japan. Wouldn't it be better to impose a minimum tire thread depth? Frankly, the "new tyres" that'll be brought from China will be worse than most of the used ones imported from, for instance, the USA! Why? Well, one dealer told your Eyewitness when he goes to China to purchase tyres, the first question is "How much you want to pay?" Meaning you'll get "new garbage tyres" if that's all the dealer's willing to pay. And in the Guyanese market, that's all he can sell so that's all he'll buy. And we don't have to elaborate on the elaborate hoax pulled by this government on their promise to "lower VAT". By lowering it down by 2%, but now applying the 14% VAT on electricity and water, they've put in a thump and pulled out a plum – for themselves. The poor will now be further strangulated by taxes!


...with no benefits The Minister didn't mince any words on the sugar industry and its 17,000 workers supporting 70,000 persons directly and 150,000 persons overall. Subsidising the industry while it is reorganised to stand on its own two feet (management and workers) is now dubbed as "money wasted"!! Forget about its $52M CoI that recommended subsidising GuySuCo for three years while a buyer is sought. And rice? They're on their own. No reduction of taxes on the inputs that farmers use to produce paddy. So what if rice farmers support almost 100,000 Guyanese? Death through taxes is certain, no? What about the working poor in the Public Service? "Later" for them too! Not even the Christmas Bonus the PPP used to give out. So, exactly what is this budget doing for the ordinary people? Zilch! Nada! Nyet! But maybe there's a method to the madness. Probably expecting more persons to use their US visas, the Government's increased the departure tax! They'll make a bundle. Just so they can pay for their perks and 50% salary increases! ...and sin taxes Pity the youth men who may want to drown their sorrows in the imported beer they prefer. It's an equal opportunity "sufferation" budget. So taxes been raised to the sky! Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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Husband crashes, dies after CAL jet clips Fly Jamaica dropping wife to airport plane's tail at CJIA two as a result of the impact. It is unclear whether David was speeding at the time or had fallen asleep at the wheel. Reports are that his wife was able to cancel her flight

upon receiving word of the accident. This publication visited the dead man’s home; however, no one was at home at the time.

Herman David


man of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) is now dead following an accident on the Soesdyke Public Road, as he was returning home from dropping his wife off at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri. Dead is 33-year-old Herman David of Lot 1538 Section B Diamond. According to reports, the accident occurred around 05:00h on Tuesday. Guyana Times understands that David was proceeding north in his motor car, PPP 9168, when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the back of a motor lorry, GKK 2143, which was parked a short distance away. As a result of the impact, David was flung out of his vehicle through the front windscreen. He was rushed to the Diamond hospital by publicspirited citizens and was pronounced dead on arrival. His motor car split into


The CAL aircraft knocked off the tail of a Fly Jamaica plane upon landing. Both planes are grounded

he Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Boeing 737-800 aircraft operating from JFK International Airport, New York to Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Guyana was involved in an incident on the ramp with a Fly Jamaica aircraft early, Tuesday morning. The CAL aircraft clipped the tail of the Fly Jamaica aircraft. According to a source, the exhaust of the auxiliary pow-

The wrecked car after the accident

er unit to the CAL aircraft was damaged as a result of the collision. The source indicated that an investigation was launched by both the CJIA and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA) into the incident. The source noted that a team from Caribbean Airlines’ head office in Trinidad and Tobago has also travelled in to assess the situation and to conduct an independent investigation. For now, both planes are

grounded and all passengers and crew were safely disembarked. According to a statement from Caribbean Airlines, the aircraft has since been temporarily withdrawn from service and all appropriate inspections and procedures are in process. “Caribbean Airlines re-affirms our commitment to the safety of our valued customers and crew and thanks the public for your continued support,” it said.


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14% VAT on water, electricity a sad day for Guyana − Dookhoo F ormer Private Sector Commission (PSC) Chairman Ramesh Dookhoo on Tuesday noted that he was saddened by the adjustments of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on electricity and water bills. Dookhoo, in an invited comment, indicated that the implementation of 14 per cent VAT on water and electricity bills for consumers was not only a disappointment from the Government’s end, but it was not beneficial. “It is really a sad day when we have to stoop to this level to do this… why does the Government have to do this to people when both of these agencies are budgeted?” he questioned in airing his dissatisfaction with this particular budget measure that was announced by Finance Minister Winston Jordan. The former PSC Chairman also said that he foresaw an additional burden for the ordinary citizen, arguing that all the Government has done was shift taxation from one end of the table to the other. Jordan, in his Budget 2017 presentation, has proposed the reduction of the VAT from 16 to 14 per cent and in the same breath proposed 14 per cent VAT be added to electricity bills exceeding $10,000 monthly and water bills exceeding

Former PSC Chairman Ramesh Dookhoo

$1500 monthly. This announcement was received with angry shouts of reproof from the Opposition benches; however, Jordan posited that it was a promise to alter the arrangements for VAT made in his party’s Manifesto. Dookhoo also lambasted the Government for the introduction of a $10 per bottle environmental tax on all beverage companies. He stated that this was particularly “unfair” for the manufacturing industry, since the manufacturers and the importers are different. He explained that manufacturers were required to pay licencing fees amounting to $10 million every year, along with meeting the required levels of emissions and the purchase of

recommended equipment. “So, basically what they are asking us to do is pay more… pay twice of which the importers will be paying, leaving us at a disadvantage,” he remarked. Dookhoo said what the Government should have done was introduce incentive programmes for the manufacturing industry, based on the number of persons they employ. This measure, he pointed out, is being implemented in the Caribbean. “Probably, they didn’t get a chance to study this before their budget presentation, but they need to do something better for the manufacturers,” he said. He said too that the PSC was seeking a meeting with the Minister for the Government to reconsider the new environmental tax, given that local beverage manufacturers would have to incur many recurring expenses to retain the environmental licences.

No VAT refunds

He also stated that many companies, like the National Milling Company which produces zero rated items, would no longer be able to apply for VAT refunds. He stated that the Milling Company would not be able to apply for refunds of about $200 million per year under the new provision, resulting in bigger levies on that

company which manufactures flour, rather than importing it. Meanwhile, Dookhoo lauded the Government’s decision to issue medium-term bonds to finance Guyana’s fiscal deficit. He indicated that there was a lot of liquidity in the bank system, given that Guyana did not have a major capital market. However, he stated that he did agree with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo that it would affect interest rates. He also commended the Finance Minister for the adjustment of the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax from 30 per cent to 28 per cent for individuals earning less than $2,160,000 per year or $180,000 per month. He further stated that the reduction in Corporation Tax would help encourage production. Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader, at a press conference, immediately after the presentation of the 2017 National Budget, remarked that the Budget would kill the Private Sector and unleash untold hardships on the nation. Jagdeo argued that the incorporation of taxes was the highest he has ever seen and has the ability to destroy any possibility of a recovery of the country’s economy. “We heard for example the Minister fulfilling a promise to the electorate on reducing Value Added Tax (VAT) from 16 per cent to 14 per cent, but in the same breath, they have decided to extend VAT payments to water bills and electricity bills above a certain level,” Jagdeo added. He argued that there was a long list of exempt items that the former People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Government had put in place because they affected poor people and now these items have been removed. “So, those items like baby milk and things people consume on a daily basis now become VAT-able. Now they have to pay 14 per cent VAT on it. When your electricity bill goes above $10,000, you now have to pay VAT on the full amount. How could this be helpful to anyone? There are so many issues, it is impossible to mention,” he said.

A people’s budget


atiricus knew he was about to be grilled now that the budget was out and he was cornered at the Back Street Bar. The fellas still considered him a supporter of the Government no matter how many times he kept telling them he just had a soft spot for Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat. “How could I not?” he thought to himself . “Just one look at them and you know they were ‘sons of the soil’.” “What’s that about soil?” inquired Hari, who was looking at Satiricus with raised eyebrows. “I didn’t realise I was speaking aloud,” admitted Satiricus sheepishly. “I was just thinking Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat are real sons of the soil.” “They are “soiled” all right,” said Hari with a grin and much to the delight of Bungi, who seemed preoccupied with downing his beer in the shortest possible time. “And I’m not even mentioning they have more dirt under their fingernails than Bungi, who’s a canecutter!” “Sile? Dem two harkati mo’ nasty dan de Finance Ministah,” blurted out Bungi. “How dem can sit dong an’ ‘llow de Ministah fuh seh ‘e na guh spen’ mo’ money fuh sugar? Dat da wan waste?” Bungi sounded really upset. “But you want to tell the whole Budget, nothing was right?” asked Satiricus with an air of desperation. He signalled for another round of beer. “Most of what Jar Dan said was just empty words,” said Hari. “Didn’t he say his last two budgets would turn around the economy?” “Well, me na know about dem fancy t’ing and suh,” said Bungi with an innocent air. “But Jar Dan tu’n round de graph dat bin a guh up wide de PPP...and now ya guh dong!” Hari grinned and gave Bungi a high five. “But I’ll tell you how Jar Dan don’t know a damn thing.” “How can you possibly know that?” asked Satiricus doubtfully. “When Cappo left for America, he paid $4000 departure tax,” said Hari firmly. “I know because I paid it for him.” “And?” Satiricus wanted to know. “And...Jar Dan just said he was raising the travel tax from $2500 to $3500,” said Hari triumphantly. And rubbing it in, Bung chirped in, “An’ even tho Nagga Man a travel every week, ‘e na correc’ Jar Dan.” “Nagga Man don’t pay departure tax, Bungi!” grinned Hari at Satiricus. “Perks, you know, bai!!” “To a people’s budget!” They clinked bottles with a reluctant Satiricus.



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Linden can become industrial heartland of Guyana – Granger P

resident David Granger says he believes that Linden can become the industrial heartland of Guyana, indicating that the Upper DemeraraBerbice Region must remain attractive to foreign investors. The Head of State made the assertion while addressing scores of bauxite mining representatives and residents of the community, at the unveiling of the bauxite centennial arch in the community last week. Urging the diversification of the bauxite industry and hence the town, the President said Linden must move away from the excessive dependency on a sole industry and explore avenues in manufacturing. "Linden must not be satisfied with being a mining town. It must become a manufacturing town. I do believe that better days reckon for the bauxite industry. Bauxite will continue to be produced here in this geographical belt...The people of Linden must recognise the challenges of continuity, similarly the challenges of change... The town and its citizens

must be able to wean themselves off of excessive dependency on a single industry. I can tell you that your Government is committed to probing diversification of the economy of Linden to enable it... Linden can become the industrial heartland of Guyana," the Head of State noted, adding that the skills and talents of Lindeners are testimony to this. He also stated that geographically, the community is the navel of Guyana, adding that thousands of Guyanese have to pass through Linden every year. "The Soesdyke-Linden Highway and the proposed Linden-Lethem highway, the Demerara River Bridge and the connectivity of this Upper Demerara Region... the connectivity through this Region has made Linden a geographical and social hub, and I hope that very soon it becomes an economic hub and powerhouse as well,� he stated. Reminiscing on the history of the bauxite industry, President Granger said areas in the community such as Mackenzie, Wismar and Watooka tell the story of

second largest producer of bauxite in the world and the world's most diversified producer of bauxite.

Cheap energy

President David Granger

the circumstances which brought together people from North and South America as well as the European continent, noting the social impact of the industry on nation building. He said the bauxite industry was mainly about economy, adding that the industry back then created thousands of jobs. The Head of State also reminisced on the years when productivity soared, making bauxite the main contributor to the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Back then, he said Guyana became the

The President noted, however, that change was continuous and this has led to change in competitiveness, adding that global demand, market prices and technology all continue to affect the industry. Given the inevitable nature of change, he noted that the industry must adapt. President Granger recalled when the industry declined it resulted in the loss of employment, skills, revenue export earnings and profitability. He said presently one of the most significant costs in the industry was that associated with transport as outlined by bauxite min-

ing company Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated. As such, he urged that attention be paid to the possibility of the revitalisation of the alumina plant. "Perhaps if you exported less bauxite and more alumina and even aluminium, that might not be such a big problem...We still export bauxite as a raw and final product... the alumina plant, past and future, added value to our bauxite. It lasted 20 years and I hope that we don't have to wait for 20 years for it to return," the President said. Additionally, he noted that continuity has also been a feature of the export-oriented industry, stating that the bauxite industry was solely dependent on the external markets. He further outlined that development of

the industry required significant investment and called for collaboration to capitalise the sector. "The Government of Guyana does not possess the resources to make such investment... international partners are needed...secondly, the industry needs innovation, innovative thinking and planning. It needs new technology to develop more efficiently and to reduce the cost associated with the removal of overburden and the shipping of ore. The industry needs to explore new sources of cheap energy...," he further noted. The President said once the issue of cheap energy was sorted out, Guyana would be able to move from bauxite to alumina and from alumina to aluminium.



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Guyana remains open for business – Gaskin


usiness Minister Dominic Gaskin on Monday said his Ministry was prepared to do all that was possible to create a welcoming environment for investors coming to Guyana. According to the Minister, Guyana supports an economic model that sees Private Sector investment as the key driver of sustainable growth. He stated that sustainable growth, by its very nature is a long-term rather than a short-term model. The Minister was at the time addressing employees of Republic Bank Guyana Limited and their counterparts from Barbados, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago at the Bank’s first-ever trade Mission to Guyana. “There must be a longterm partnership between Public and Private Sector in creating an economy that is not only relevant to Guyana, but the wider region,” he told the gathering at the Marriott International Hotel in Georgetown.

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin

According to Gaskin, the business community in Guyana is aware of the challenges of raising capital. He said the high cost and stringent requirements of the formal banking system, coupled with the under-developed capital markets, do not provide enough financial options for a well-diversified economy to take place. He said, “So whether within borders or across borders, we do need a financial sector that is responsive to

the needs of a growing economy, and will be willing to put new options on the table to finance that growth.” The Minister explained that despite this staggering reality, investors were flooding Guyana to explore opportunities. It was with this in mind that Government was seeking to create the right environment for businesses to do what they do best. Gaskin said the Business Ministry has as its top priority making Guyana an easier place to do business. In so doing, the Ministry has developed an action plan on business reform that would be rolled out over the next two years. This plan, he said, will bring significant improvement to the ease of doing business in Guyana “It is fairly comprehensive and relies on a number of agencies to collaborate and in some cases amend and create new legislation to change and improve the way certain things are done,” he said. The Ministry also understands that there are

factors that can limit economic growth and development. He noted accelerated infrastructure development was a particular area of focus. Minister Gaskin further stated that there was no doubt an investment in infrastructure needed to be aligned with economic opportunities. Gaskin mentioned as an example the road through Guyana that would connect Brazil to a deepwater port on our Atlantic Coast. He said this was feasible given the lower cost of transportation it would create for companies in northern Brazil. Once the road is completed, a number of investments opportunities are likely to become more attractive. “So, over the next few decades, with the right investment, Guyana can be transformed into a private regional economic hub. The right investments will come once there is enough confidence among partners and the likely returns attractive.”

Double Day Hotel murder

2 expected to be charged today


wo of three men arrested in connection with the 2012 murder of Sadeek Juman, who was found dead in the pool of the Double Day Hotel, Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), are expected to be charged today. This information was provided to Guyana Times by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum on Monday evening. The duo is expected to make their appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Late last week, three persons including the Manager of the hotel along with an employee were detained by Police following information of their involvement in the crime. The Police expressed optimism that they are developing a very strong case against the suspects. On the day of his death, Juman, who was 25 years old, left his Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara home to visit his grandmother who resides in Ruby, EBE. However, later that day, Juman accompanied by friends, headed to the hotel’s poolside and bar. Based on information received, while at the hotel, the deceased became involved in a heated argument with a group of men. They reportedly beat him severely, after which they reportedly hid his uncon-

Murdered: Sadeek Juman

scious body in one of the hotel rooms, before later disposing of his body. Juman’s body was discovered the following day floating in the hotel’s pool. However, relatives of the man said they were told by an employee that at around 10:00h on the day of the discovery, the pool was checked and no one was there. In addition, a camera that was usually placed in the direction of the pool could not be found. This was brought to the attention of Police Officers who then launched an investigation. More recently, the Police Force’s Major Crimes Unit, which is known for solving cold cases, cracked this one. Family members of the dead man, especially his mother, Farida Juman, are elated with the new development and praised Police officials for their work.

Affiance man commits suicide A 21-year-old man known as “Movindra” of Affiance, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) is the country’s latest suicide victim. At around 16:00h on Tuesday, his body was discovered hanging from the ceiling in his home. The body was discovered by his father, Drublall, who last saw

his son around 12:00h when he returned from work. According to information, the young man was reportedly experiencing relationship problems. The body was cut down by Police and later transported to the Suddie Public Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. His body is currently at the Suddie mortuary.



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Family important in tackling Berbice cold cases to be suicide – Dr Paloma Mohamed re-opened – Ramjattan


amily history has a great role to play in personal suicide tendencies – this is according to Dr Paloma Mohamed, who made the pronouncement on Friday as she addressed members of the Police Force at a suicide awareness forum. The event, organised by the West Berbice Chapter of the Guyana Association of Female Police, was held at the St Michael’s Church Hall at Hopetown, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice). Dr Mohamed, who is Deputy Chancellor of the University of Guyana and teaches “Matters in Public Health”, pointed to an important aspect of bringing awareness about the suicide epidemic – placing focus on those who have attempted suicide. She explained, “When people die of suicide and we report those numbers, that doesn’t help anybody. It helps in raising awareness in people that there is trouble and people have died, but really, I think that the more important numbers to understand are those who repeatedly tried to commit suicide until quite a number of them actually succeed.” She noted that what was more frightening than the number of those who actually


Members of the Police Force gathered at the suicide awareness forum

complete the act was the reality that seven times that figure attempt suicide. “It is almost seven times more than those who end up completing the act,” she said. Dr Mohamed highlighted some of the reasons for persons to want to harm themselves. A 2012 World Health Organisation report indicated that Guyana had a suicide rate of 44.2 per 100,000 people and that for every single suicide committed by a female, there were 3.2 suicides committed by males. By comparison, neighbouring Suriname had a suicide rate of 27.8 per 100,000 persons, and Venezuela's rate was 2.6 per 100,000 persons. Alluding to the reasons why suicide in Guyana had

been so difficult to eradicate, Dr Mohamed said, “It is not about just counselling somebody when they show up in your office. Suicidal tendencies and suicidal ideas are part of a wide, broad and deep social context and if we continue to put the blame on individuals when they show up in the office and to think that counselling alone will help… We need to absorb those people who make general life better.” These persons, she explained, are more often than not family members. She added that we were all part of a complex series of interrelationships, which can either support or pressure us. The programme was organised by Chairperson of the West Berbice Chapter, Sergeant Cynthia Kelly.

ublic Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan says all cold murder cases in Berbice will be reopened. The announcement was made on Saturday during a meeting with residents of the Upper Corentyne. The meeting was organised to encourage residents to become involved in the process of information gathering, as the Police continue their investigations into the killing of Corentyne carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt, whose body was discovered along the Corentyne Highway at Number 70 Village on November 1. During the discourse, Ramjattan announced that all cold cases would be reopened, and he expressed optimism that they would be

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan speaking to Berbice residents

solved. “As Minister, I have told the Commissioner, ‘do not close any of the cold cas-

es… start re-opening them’ and we are catching one, two people now. The Police are having an eye out as they are investigating other crimes. The cold crimes; it is so important that we do not shut any books or throw them away and say we done with that,” Ramjattan said. The Minister made these comments in response to residents’ concerns over the seeming reluctance of the Police to act on new evidence in relation to several murders on the Corentyne. Seerani Chandarpaul, of Number 69 Village, disclosed that the Police have not acted on new evidence in relation to the death of her 28-year-old son, Havan Chandarpaul, in August 2015. TURN TO PAGE 16


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News 2 hospitalised after street corner brawl


wo men are now patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital following a brawl at Airy Hall, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Sunday. The men have been identified as Gavin Jackson, 30, of Cottage, Mahaicony, ECD, and Matthew Pistano, 32, of 111 Miles Mahdia and Princes Street, Georgetown. According to reports, the incident occurred around 23:00h. Guyana Times understands that the two men were imbibing at a shop in Mahaicony when an argument erupted between them. Reports are that Pistano left the shop, but subse-

quently returned with a handgun. The men then took the argument to the streets and a scuffle ensued. During the scuffle, Pistano discharged one gunshot into the air, after which Jackson stabbed him to his abdomen with an unknown object. After being stabbed, Pistano rushed to Jackson and he bit off the tip of his nose. The gun, which Pistano was still holding, subsequently fell to the ground and was retrieved by onlookers. It was later handed over to Police Officers who reported to the scene. Pistano was taken to the Mahaicony Police Station, and a search by the Police revealed five additional live rounds on his person. He was subsequently escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, along with Jackson, where they were both admitted under Police guard. Investigations into the incident are continuing.

Excavator operator granted bail


29-year-old excavator operator of Lot 928 Herstelling Housing Scheme was on Tuesday granted bail after denying a charge of robbery under arms. Ryan Goodluck appeared before Magistrate Dylan Best at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on October 29, at Campbellville, armed with a gun and on motorcycle CH 528, Goodluck robbed Mondessa Cameron of a cellular phone, her purse and cash. The defendant was represented by Attorney-atLaw Darren Wade. The prosecution stated

that on the day in question, around 20:00h, the defendant terrorised and robbed Cameron with a hand gun. The prosecution objected to bail, citing the nature and prevalence of the matter. However, Magistrate Best stated that he has considered the prosecution’s concerns, but would grant bail to the defendant. Goodluck was granted bail in the sum of $75,000. Magistrate Best ordered the defendant to return to court on December 19 for statements. In addition, he was ordered to report to Providence Police Station every Monday, pending the outcome of his trial.

wednesday, November 30, 2016



Corentyne fisherman found dead in yard

Dochfour murder

Jury acquits accused − suspect arrested - “it feels great to be free”



mid scenes of jubilation from some and streams of tears from others, Davendra Ruplall, who was on trial for the murder of Suresh Goberdhan at Dochfour, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was on Tuesday afternoon freed of the charge. The 12-member jury returned with their not guilty verdict after some twoand-half hours of deliberations at the Demerara High Court, where Ruplall was absolved of the January

Murder accused Davendra Ruplall moments before he was freed of the murder indictment

2014 killing of Goberdhan, who died after a row over two games of pool. His dead body was discovered on a dam at Dochfour with multiple head injuries. After Ruplall was freed amid a packed courtroom, he told Guyana Times that “it feels great to be free”, and added that he plans to pursue a job in finance. While his family members were overjoyed, the relatives of Suresh Goberdhan could not contain their disappointment over Tuesday’s verdict, and several persons broke down outside Court Three after Justice Jo-Ann Barlow announced that the then murder accused was a free man. The Judge told Ruplall now that he is a “free young man”, he should “stay away from rum shops” and to avoid spending so many hours consuming alcohol as was done on that fateful night. Meanwhile, mother of the deceased, Dowlat Dhangaul, told this publication that she felt her son “died for nothing”. “My son didn’t do them anything but they kill he. I feel like [the] loser [but] only God is there and he can give me justice,” the sobbing woman said. Her daughter,

Sister of the deceased, Samantha Goberdhan is consoled by a relative minutes after hearing the “not guilty” verdict

Samantha Goberdhan, related that she felt justice was not served, adding that the outcome brought back memories to how she felt when she had first learnt of her brother’s death. “We were hoping for the best; [we were expecting] something that could make us feel a little bit different because we already lose and this let us down more,” she expressed. The jury’s decision comes nearly one month after the trial first began, which eventually saw 15 witnesses taking the stand to testify. Chief among those who testified was Khemraj Persaud, who testified for the prosecution. It was contended that after the murder accused had lost two games of pool, he, Goberdhan and chief witness Persaud, were headed to another rum shop on two bicycles when Ruplall alleged threatened the deceased. He allegedly picked up a piece of steel, said to be three feet in length, and “lashed” Goberdhan to his head, then dragged him to the ‘sea dam’ and “lashed him more to his face”. In summing up the trial on Tuesday morning, Justice Barlow told the jury that they had to consider why the Police did not send the rock found at site for testing earlier in the case. This rock was shown once again in court on Tuesday. The jury was reminded of Corporal Benjamin’s testimony that he did not check the rock as his investigation directed that it was not the murder weapon. When Government Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh testified last week, giving evidence in relation to the post-mortem examination that he conducted on the body of Goberdhan, he disclosed that the deceased suffered injuries to his shoulders, lacerations to his chin, left cheek, neck, and between the eyebrows. Dr Singh further explained that the young

man also had suffered multiple fractures to the head. The jury was once again reminded that a strong scent of alcohol was detected in Goberdhan’s stomach, but was cautioned against using the belief that heavy alcohol consumption by Ruplall was responsible for the young man’s death. When the prosecution had first presented its case, it was alleged that at the scene of the incident on January 16, 2014, Ruplall ran through Goberdhan’s pockets and stole his money and mobile phone, while the eyewitness, Khemraj Persaud, had shouted sev-

ven as members of the Major Crime Unit (MCU) are continuing their investigations into the death of Corentyne carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt, whose body was discovered along the Corentyne Highway at Number 70 Village on November 1, Police Tuesday morning were confronted with another Corentyne murder, this time at Number 60 Village. Dead is Ravi Kumar Sharma, 25, of Number 60 Village Squatting Area, Corentyne, Berbice. His body was discovered by his mother, Devika Deo, 57, in a pool of blood in the yard of their wooden cottage around 06:00h. The body had marks of violence and it appeared that the fisherman bled to death. A man has since been arrested. Police in a release stated that a 28-year-old fisherman of Number 60 Village is assisting with the investigation into the death of his friend, Sharma was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to the Police, investigations have so far revealed that the deceased, who was residing with his mother and who was said to be an alcoholic, Monday evening went home intoxicated and ordered his mother to vacate the home which she did. The woman returned at about 06:00h and discovered his lifeless body in their yard. The suspect allegedly went to the deceased’s house

Deceased: 25-year-old Ravi Kumar Sharma was discovered in a house at Number 60 Village

Monday night and they had an exchange of words which escalated into a heated argument. At some point, the suspect was struck to his head and in retaliation, he picked up a cutlass and broad-sided the now deceased. Meanwhile, the dead man’s mother explained that after being chased out of the house Monday afternoon, she returned at daybreak. She explained that when she got home she noticed her son lying in the yard but rushed past him to visit the washroom. The woman related that she thought he was drunk and fell asleep in the yard. Upon her return, she went to wake him but noticed there were cuts on his body and he was in a pool of blood. She then raised an alarm. Meanwhile, the suspect had gone to the Number 51 Police Station and reported that he and Sharma had a misunderstanding and Sharma pushed him and he lashed him with a cutlass and then went to his home. One of the dead man’s sisters, Nandalinie described

the scene; “Me see me buddy lie down with he head at the bottom an he head on top. When me come upstairs me see that piece was break down, the clothes horse was break down; it was like they had a fight. Is upstairs the fight begin. They had two cut to the chest, one to the forehead, the back had couple well and like he take a piece of scantling and lash he on he shoulder and the bone slip out. He jaw was break up with the lash that he get; it was terrible,” she explained. The suspect’s name was given as "Buddy". According to Ravina Sharma, the suspect and her brother were very good friends and worked and did most things together, including drinking. According to Ravina, the suspect was brought to the scene by Police from the Number 51 Police Station. Sharma leaves to mourn a mother, four sisters and one brother. The body is currently Skeldon Hospital’s mortuary awaiting a postmortem examination.

Giant safety dome to block radiation from Chernobyl site Dead: Suresh Goberdhan

eral times for the murder accused to “stop”. At this point, a man who lived across the road, Orin Calendar, also witnessed the ordeal and explained that he saw the “lashing” from his veranda. Sometime after, when threats were made to call the Police, Ruplall reportedly jumped onto his bicycle and fled the scene while Persaud also rode through the sea dam. Ruplall pleaded not guilty to the capital offence. The State’s Prosecutors were Siand Dhurjon and Shawnette Austin, while Defence Counsel Sandhill Kissoon represented the murder accused.


n a vast exclusion zone in northern Ukraine, the world’s largest landbased moving structure has been slid over the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site to stop deadly radiation spewing from the stricken reactor for the next 100 years. On April 26, 1986, a botched test at the Soviet nuclear plant sent clouds of smouldering nuclear material across large swathes of Europe, forced over 50,000 people to evacuate and poisoned unknown numbers of workers involved in its clean-up. A concrete sarcophagus was hastily built over the site of the stricken reactor to contain the worst of the radiation, but a more permanent solution has been in the works since 2001. Easily visible from kilometres away, the 36,000 tonne ‘New Safe Confinement’ arch has been

Easily visible from kilometres away, the 36,000 tonne ‘New Safe Confinement’ arch has been slowly pulled over the site over the past four days to create a casement to block radiation and allow the remains of the reactor to be dismantled safely

slowly pulled over the site over the past four days to create a casement to block radiation and allow the remains of the reactor to be dismantled safely. On Tuesday, a ceremony was held at Chernobyl to mark this major milestone in the decades of work to secure the site that has

been funded by donations amounting to over two billion euros from over 40 countries and organisations. The structure, which resembles a vast aircraft hangar, has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, corrosion and tornadoes. (Excerpt from France24)

16 news

wednesDay, november 30, 2016 |

Adventure accident

Driver still to be charged

…as family seeks justice for 7-year-old


amily members of seven-year-old Padmini Patram of Adventure Truck Line Dam on the Essequibo Coast are seeking justice for the little girl, who was struck down on November 17, 2016 while attempting to cross the Adventure Public Road. Following the accident, the girl was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Although she has since regained consciousness, Padmini is now bed-ridden. The Fisher Primary School pupil is confined to a bed where she depends on others to provide for all her needs. According to her father, Rohan Patram, he has received no cooperation from the traffic officers in the Region and he has expressed his disappointment at the way in which the entire matter is being dealt with. He further explained that the traffic officers have been adamant that the in-

Seven-year-old Padmini Patram lies helpless on her bed

jured child must go to the station to give a statement. Patram maintains that it would be easier and more convenient for the injured child if the officers would visit the home to take the statement. According to the frustrated father, he has been

Berbice cold cases...

Last month, this publication reported that Chandarpaul had gone

to the Springlands Police Station with what she claimed to be new evidence

According to a Police report, the child and her eight-year-old brother, Anesh Patram, were passengers in a car which was proceeding south along the eastern side of the road. The car then stopped in an effort to offload passengers, and Padmini ran across the road. The report further stated she ran from east to west across the public road and unfortunately came into contact with the right side front fender of the pick-up, which was proceeding north along the western side of the said road. Head of Traffic for G Division (Essequibo Islands and Coast), Arunanauth Ramnauth, when questioned about the progress of the investigations, said a report was currently being prepared and would be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. He said too that he visited the child at the hospital last Saturday.

incurring daily expenses following the accident while the driver is walking free. He said too that since the accident, the driver has only provided $50,000 (receipt provided) to assist with transportation expenses. The seven-year-old has already undergone three CT head and abdomen scans, which revealed that she has suffered from Poly Trauma. The scans conducted by the Cancer Institute of Guyana revealed that the child also suffered multiple head injuries, hepatic laceration, mild hemoperitoneum, multiple pelvic bone fractures and minimal patchy areas of consolidation on the lower lungs. Her father said that he was haunted daily by what has happened to his daughter and was disappointed that justice still could not be served. The young Patram was struck down around 15:00h on November 17. The accident involved a pick-up truck bearing registration plates GNN 3818.


regarding the death of her son. On August 24, 2015,

the body of Havan Chandarpaul, a fisherman of Number 68 Village, Corentyne, was discovered in a pond about half a mile into the backdam. The body bore marks of violence. According to relatives, there was a laceration on the right side of the head and two on the left side. The man’s back also carried a similar wound, while his right shoulder seemed to have been fractured. The veins in each of his ankles were severed and his hands were bound behind his back. Moments after the discovery was made, Police identified and arrested a key suspect along with more than 20 others who were in the bar with the suspect. Another man was later arrested followed by a woman who had earlier told Chandarpaul’s father that he was dead and his body was in the backdam. However, all of the suspects have been released on station bail. According to the dead man’s mother, the Police are not acting on the new information which has surfaced and could further implicate the three prime suspects. Ramjattan explained that the Police were capable of closing the cold cases just as they have done with many other cases. The Minister revealed that several members of the Major Crime Unit would be stationed in Berbice to collect any new evidence on cold cases in Berbice in order to begin investigations.

Ramsammy’s Ruminations Like the railway closure, we will regret the closure of estates


inance Minister Winston Jordan has conceded the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) is taking sugar down a path of contraction and closure. Wales and La Bonne Intention (LBI) estates will be closed at Dr Leslie Ramsammy the end of 2016. Rose Hall Sugar Factory is to be closed by the end of 2017. Skeldon Estate is being downgraded, cane fields are to be transformed into rice fields and the factory is to be sold, likely in a sweetheart deal to some of APNU/AFC's friends. Some Board members have confided to many of us that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is carrying out APNU/AFC's plan to close sugar and that by 2018, sugar will be either three or four estates only – Albion, Blairmont, Uitvlugt and possibly Enmore; although Enmore is also likely to be closed. APNU/AFC, as they have done since assuming power in May 2015, acts out of spite, not with any credible plan or vision. They are guided by a single motivation – "sock" it to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). APNU/AFC has such a pathological hate for Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP, they are willing to disavow and abandon any project or anything that has a PPP DNA. The PPP did not create sugar, but the PPP has strength in sugar. The PPP did not create rice, but the PPP's DNA is deeply rooted in the growth of a rice industry in Guyana. The PPP made the Amaila Hydroelectricity Project a pillar of a green economy. Skeldon had to be neglected to prove that Jagdeo made a mistake. These and many other actions demonstrate that rather than governing for the people, APNU/AFC is consumed by hate for the PPP. But the estate closure will not only hurt the people living in the sugar communities, or just PPP supporters, it will hurt all of Guyana. We will regret sugar estate closures for decades to come. We will thoroughly regret these closures the same way we today regret the closure of the railway system, particularly the closure of the East Demerara Railway. There is no objective person in Guyana and any transportation expert anywhere in the world who would not deem the East Demerara Railway closure a colossal mistake. Guyana is small, but the political decision to close the East Demerara Railway by the then Burnham-led People’s National Congress stands out as one of the biggest political flops in history of the Caribbean. As with sugar today, the main motivation was to hurt the PPP by creating hardships for farmers who used the railway to transport their produce to the markets in Georgetown. Political myopia did not allow the then PNC to see the bigger picture, just like APNU/AFC is missing the bigger picture today. The PPP had vowed to bring back the East Demerara Railway by developing a new line from Grove, East Coast Demerara to Grove, East Bank Demerara, linking the most populous sub-regions of Guyana to the city. This would be a catalyst for farmers, businesses and ease the transportation woes that citizens face coming in and leaving Georgetown. No matter how many extensions of existing highways or new highways we create, the traffic into Georgetown will continue to be a nightmare. In fact, the traffic into Georgetown can only get worse. The PPP's proposal for a new railway was not designed to undo a PNC/APNU/AFC debacle, it was designed to bring back railway as a solution to the problem we created several decades ago with the closure of the railway. Clearly there is ample evidence we regret the closure of the railway in Guyana by the then PNC. Closure of sugar will similarly bring regrets. Sugar is not only important today because it directly employs 20,000 people, with dependent families approaching 100,000 people, but it supports drainage and irrigation, health, potable water and sport in these communities. Sugar supports other industries too. Sugar is required for the very successful rum industry. The manufacturing of food in Guyana is dependent on sugar because without Guyana's sugar, manufacturers will have to import sugar at higher prices. The food import bill will soar, putting pressure on the Guyana dollar as foreign currency demand grows. In time to come we will rue the day we close sugar, even if there are genuine difficulties sugar faces today. In times to come, we will realise that we squandered an important Guyanese asset. Closing sugar now sets the platform for major future difficulties, spawning regrets, many magnitudes greater than the regret for the closure of railway in Guyana. Just as we realise today it is too costly to bring back the railway, we will realise it may be too costly to bring back sugar in time to come. (Send comments to


Kara Kara toll booth

No toll reduction for out-of-town businesses


ith the exception of Courts Guyana Limited and Banks DIH, other businesses outside of the Linden community operating via outlets will not benefit from a 25 per cent reduction in tolls offered by the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC). The decision was made following deliberations by Councillors during the hosting of the Council's statutory meeting on Wednesday last. A number of out of town businesses which operate via outlets in Linden had sought to benefit from the decrease; however, this was shot down by the Council. Councillors Neola Rogers and Derron John disclosed however that the law makes provision for the decision to be reviewed after six months. "There was some amount of deliberations back and forth and we would have stated that as a Council we should allow just the Region 10 businesses to continue to benefit from the percentages that we would have put forth, and any new addition we would have to review in six months. And so it was a Council decision... We would allow the system to run just as we set it and 28:01 makes provision for us to review,” Rogers said. John added that since companies like Banks DIH and Courts have branches in

Linden, and people from the community are employed at those branches, consideration was given for those businesses to benefit from subsidies. Apart from that, he noted that in order for businesses in Linden to benefit from the reduced costs, proprietors are being urged to bring in their registration to the Council. The Councillor explained, "The Council made a decision for businesses operating in Linden to bring in their registration and any documents they have, owing that they live in Linden. There are some per-


wednesday, november 30, 2016 |

sons who would have done so. There are some persons who did not. They have persons who come in from Georgetown and sell their products in Linden. They are the ones that want to be exempted. We cannot give exemptions because we only make representation as regards to persons living in Linden... The Council's decision was very clear... Persons who do not have an office here, it's very difficult for us to make a decision to give them the 25 per cent off... It's hard for us.” During a consultation for the reactivation of the Kara

Kara toll booth last month, a deal was struck between members of the Logger's Association in Linden and the LM&TC for registered loggers to pay 25 per cent of the total accumulative cost for trips made on a monthly basis. The Linden loggers, once registered, will only be required to pay based on the number of trips they make, while carrying logs past the toll point at Kara Kara, Mackenzie, Linden. The move saw some considerable change, since in past time, the loggers were required to pay each time upon passing with vehicles carrying logs. During the consultation, loggers had registered their concerns over the hardships they are presently being faced with and made requests for concessions during the startup period of the toll booth. The municipality had initially proposed that they pay 50 per cent of the accumulated rate; however, the loggers disagreed, with some suggesting that they pay 30 per cent instead. Owing to the disagreement between others over the 30 per cent payment, the loggers eventually settled at 25 per cent.

Golden Fleece Mandir honours local designer

A member of the Mandir presents the plaque of recognition to Vishnu Mahadeo


he Golden Fleece Vishwa Jhotir Mandir in Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam) recently honoured local designer Vishnu Mahadeo for his outstanding craftsmanship over the years. Mahadeo has been attending the Golden Fleece Mandir for almost 10 years and since his involvement in the design process, the Mandir has copped first position three years running in the annual Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha motorcade competition. Mahadeo’s creativity and intricate designs have stood out over the years and have never failed to amaze the judges. In recognition of his talent and efforts, the Mandir

presented him with a plaque. Apart from designing illuminated vehicles, he is known for his artistic works and his creativity in wedding and event decorating. Mahadeo is also versed in banners, paintings and drawings. In accepting the token, the local designer said he was indeed honoured by the recognition. Mahadeo is a teacher at the Abram Zuil Secondary School and enjoys drawing and designing in his spare time. According to Mahadeo, it is his desire to become a leading designer and have the opportunity to join big companies in their "Mash camps". He also aspires to ‘make it’ on the international scene.


wednesday, november 30, 2016


Strive to put your plans in motion. Change is good, and (March 21- it will encourage you to step April 19) out of your comfort zone and go in search of bigger and better opportunities. ARIES

Do your research when TAURUS dealing with money, health or (April 20- legal matters. Trust in your May 20) own vision instead of what someone else is trying to convince you to believe in.


Get involved, make a GEMINI power play and bring about (May 21June 20) change. Your ability to tap into a trend or drum up support will encourage you to set higher goals and strive for excellence. Read between the lines and be aware of body lan(June 21- guage when dealing with othJuly 22) ers. It’s the little subtleties that will give you insight into what’s actually happening. Trust your instincts.



LEO (July 23Aug. 22)

Travel plans or business trips will lead to enthusiastic endeavors. Pump up your energy and tackle whatever needs to be done to take advantage of an offer, proposal or opportunity.

Size up your situation and VIRGO proceed to do whatever works (Aug. 23Sept. 22) best for you. Don’t believe everything you hear or allow someone to manipulate you. Find a way to use your creative skills.

Calvin and Hobbes

New beginnings look promLIBRA ising. Choose to make a move, (Sept. 23start a project or engage in Oct. 23) talks that will help you pursue your dreams. Live your life with gusto and avoid procrastination.



Personal improvements SCORPIO resulting from an unexpect(Oct. 24ed change will help you esNov. 22) tablish what you want to pursue. Don’t give in to pressure. If you live your dream, you’ll have no regrets. Don’t hold back when you SAGITTARIUS should be moving forward. (Nov. 23- Back away from waste and Dec. 21) indulgence and move toward cost efficiency and success.

solution for Last Published Puzzle

Doing something just beCAPRICORN cause someone else does it (Dec. 22will not be in your best inJan. 19) terest. You are best off doing your own thing and avoiding getting stuck with other people’s mistakes. Pump up the volume and AQUARIUS let your voice be heard. If (Jan. 20there is something you want, Feb. 19) you should ask for it. Change will only come about if you initiate what you want to see happen.

RULES OF THE GAME: 1. Words must be of four or more letters. 2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats” or “dies,” are not allowed. 3. Additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s” may not be used. For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” is not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible. 4. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed. To contact Word Game creator Kathleen Saxe, write to Word Game, Kathleen Saxe, Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106. Copyright 2015, Distributed by Universal Uclick for UFS

PISCES Refuse to let others’ com(Feb. 20- motion daunt you. Head in a March 20) direction that makes you feel comfortable. It’s important to be true to your beliefs and to stick to personal objectives.

Brazilian Kiwis complete whitefootball team wash in dramatic among 72 killed final session in plane crash

Rescue workers stand at the wreckage site of a chartered airplane that crashed in a mountainous area outside Medellin, Colombia


plane carrying 81 people, including a top Brazilian football team, has crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia. Colombia’s civil aviation body says only six people survived the crash, blamed on an electrical fault. The chartered aircraft, flying from Brazil via Bolivia, was carrying members of the Chapecoense team. The team had been due to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana, against Medellin team Atletico Nacional. Organisers say Atletico Nacional has asked for Chapecoense to be awarded the cup. A statement by Fox Sports Latin America said that six employees from its Brazil operation died in the crash. The plane lost contact with ground controllers as it approached Medellin at about 22:15 (03:45 GMT), after the pilot reported an electrical fault. It came down in a mountainous area. At least two of the survivors are footballers. They were confirmed to be defender Alan Ruschel and reserve goalkeeper Jackson Follman. Some reports suggest another defender, Helio Neto, was also rescued. Goalkeeper Marcos Padilha, also known as Danilo, was pulled alive from the wreckage but a spokesman said he later died in hospital. The sports network Telemundo Deportes tweeted (in Spanish) that Ruschel was in shock but conscious and talking, and asked to keep his wedding ring and to see his family. Shortly before boarding in Sao Paulo, Chapecoense manager Cadu Gaucho, 36, appeared in a video posted on the team’s Facebook site [in Portuguese] describing the trip to Medellin as “the club’s most important to date”. Playing in the final of the Copa Sudamericana was to be the highlight of a glorious season for the team from the small state of Santa Catarina, which has fewer than 200,000 inhabitants. Founded in 1973, the team has been playing in Brazil’s Serie A since only 2014 but is currently ninth ahead of much more famous and established teams such as Sao Paulo, Fluminense and Cruzeiro. Last week, it became the first Brazilian team in three years to make it to the final of the Copa Sudamericana, South America’s second most important club competition, after beating Argentine side San Lorenzo. One of the founders of the club, Alvadir Pelisser, told BBC Brasil the tragedy had put an “end to everyone’s dream”. “We were a family, I’m shocked,” he added. (BBCSport)

Sami Aslam gave the visitors a chance of levelling the series with 91 at the top of the order


and brought their field in, with the target now well beyond Pakistan: 169 in 21 overs. Tim Southee and Matt Henry had barely swung the first new ball. They began swinging the second one appreciably. Younis Khan, tentative right through the series and out chasing a wide ball in the first innings, chased again an edged Southee wide of gully. Then Henry struck in his first over with the new ball, angling it into Asad Shafiq and curling it away late. Looking to play the initial angle, Shafiq closed his bat face and popped a catch to point off the leading edge. Twenty balls later, Younis thrust his pad out at a Southee inswinger. Umpire S Ravi turned down the bowler’s appeal, but was forced to change his decision when New Zealand reviewed and balltracking showed the ball carrying on to hit the top of off stump. At the crease now were a debutant, Mohammad Rizwan, and a lower-order batsman known more for slogging than defending, Sohail Khan, with 16.3 overs remaining. They held out long enough to prompt a bowling change, Henry giving way to the gentler pace of Colin de Grandhomme, but Sohail drove without moving his feet and spooned a catch to cover. Eleven overs remained; Pakistan would only last 13 more balls, as Neil Wagner, coming on for Southee, blasted out the last three. He took out his fellow left-arm quicks, Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz, in the space of three balls, both nicking him to the keeper, before ending the game with the first ball of his next over, banging the ball in and forcing the No. 11 Imran Khan to fend to short leg. Rizwan, having fallen for a golden duck in his first Test innings, remained not out on 13 in his second. In hindsight, he may have wished he hadn’t taken a single off the first ball of Wagner’s spell and exposed Pakistan’s tail to his pace and bounce. Given the start their openers made, Pakistan would never have expected their tail to strap their pads on. By staying in the middle as long as they did, Azhar and Aslam seemed to have ticked off the first box in the Wagner 0 team’s checklist: that of ensuring they Imran Khan c Latham b Wagner 0 wouldn’t lose. Extras (b-4, lb-3, w-6, nb-1) 14 With roughly four sessions of the Total (all out; 92.1 overs) 230 Test match lost to rain, there was less Fall of wickets 1-131 (Azhar wear and tear on the Seddon Park Ali, 59.6 ov), 2-159 (Babar pitch than a typical fifth-day surface. Azam, 67.4 ov), 3-181 (Sami There wasn’t much swing either, Aslam, 72.3 ov), 4-199 (Sarfraz forcing Southee into bowling crossAhmed, 76.6 ov), 5-204 (Asad Shafiq, 81.1 ov), 6-218 seam within the first ten minutes of (Younis Khan, 84.3 ov), 7-229 the day in an effort to rough up one (Sohail Khan, 89.5 ov), 8-230 side of the ball. In all, Pakistan scored (Mohammad Amir, 90.2 ov), 51 in 13 overs after the drinks break, 9-230 (Wahab Riaz, 90.4 ov), and were 158 for 1 at tea. Aslam was 10-230 (Imran Khan, 92.1 ov) batting on 75, Azam on 16 off 23 balls, Bowling: TG Southee 24-6and their minds must have been busy 60-2, MJ Henry 19-5-38-1, N calculating run rates and figuring out Wagner 20.1-4-57-3 (nb-1, which boundaries to target after the w-2), MJ Santner 16-2-49-2, C de Grandhomme 12-5-17break. Neither they nor their team1, KS Williamson 1-0-2-0 mates nor their opponents could have imagined what was to follow. (ESPNcricinfo)

ew Zealand took nine wickets in a dramatic final session, sealing a 2-0 series whitewash as Pakistan collapsed against the second new ball to slump to a 138-run defeat. When the final session began, the draw seemed the likeliest result by far, and a New Zealand win perhaps less likely than a Pakistan win. With a minimum of 34 overs left, Pakistan needed 211, with nine wickets in hand. Those nine wickets fell in the space of 24.3 overs, the last six to the second new ball in the space of 11 overs. On a pitch that offered little help to the bowlers apart from occasionally inconsistent bounce - which became less of a factor as the ball aged - New Zealand gave themselves a chance by playing the waiting game as Pakistan plotted a heist of their own. Pakistan had chased down two 300-plus targets in the last two years, both times against Sri Lanka - 302 in two sessions in Sharjah, and 377 in Pallekele. This time, chasing 369, Azhar Ali and Sami Aslam added 131 for the first wicket in 60 overs to set them a platform for a possibly Sharjah-esque finish. With the required rate creeping past six an over at the start of the final session, Kane Williamson’s tactics began to yield their desired results. His defensive fields had kept Pakistan in the game without letting them get too close, and now, they asked the batsmen to take risks. Babar Azam, going after a wide, flighted ball from Mitchell Santner, dragged the ball onto his stumps, replicating Azhar’s dismissal before tea. Aslam, failing to get elevation while looking to clear mid-off, fell ten short of a maiden Test hundred. Then Sarfraz Ahmed was run out, looking to steal a suicidal second run. Pakistan were suddenly four down, with the new ball three overs away. New Zealand took it as soon as it was available,

SCOREBOARD New Zealand 1st innings 271 Pakistan 1st innings 216 New Zealand 2nd innings 313/5 dec. Pakistan 2nd innings (target: 369 runs) (Overnight 1/0) Sami Aslam c Williamson b Southee 91 Azhar Ali* b Santner 58 16 Babar Azam b Santner Sarfraz Ahmed† run out (de Grandhomme/†Watling) 19 Younis Khan lbw b Southee 11 Asad Shafiq c Nicholls b Henry 0 Mohammad Rizwan not out 13 Sohail Khan c Nicholls b de Grandhomme 8 Mohammad Amir c †Watling b Wagner 0 Wahab Riaz c †Watling b

WEDNesday, november 30, 2016


Football child sex abuse scandal one of FA’s biggest crises - Greg Clarke

Greg Clarke


he football child sex abuse scandal is one of the biggest crises in the history of the Football Association, says chairman Greg Clarke. More than 20 ex-footballers have made allegations of child sex abuse, with five separate police investigations and an FA review launched in response. Clarke said he was “angry” that “1990s society was sleep walking and we were part of that problem”. He defended the FA inquiry from criticism it should be much wider. On Monday, MP Damian Collins said an inquiry needed to establish if there was a cultural problem in the sport, rather than an internal review looking at football officials and what clubs knew and when. Clarke said: “The moral consequences of failing to deal with some of these issues in the past we must get to the bottom of.” Several former footballers have waived their right to anonymity in order to go public and raise awareness of alleged historical abuse in football, a step which has won praise from politicians, sport administrators and abuse charities. Former Crewe player Andy Woodward was the first to speak out about the abuse he suffered as a child by convicted pedophile and former Crewe coach Barry Bennell. Five police forces - Cheshire, Hampshire, Northumbria, the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester - are investigating allegations of historical sexual abuse. Asked if it was the biggest crisis in the FA’s history, Clarke told BBC Sport: “I think it’s certainly the biggest one I can remember.” And asked if the FA acted quickly enough, he added: “I think we’ve acted very quickly, to be frank. “The main thing to do is not to encumber the criminal investigations of the police by tainting their evidence.




WEDNESday, november 30, 2016

Hinds, Leung, Niles top Veterans believe Guyana Hockey standard has improved cycling season 2016 T J he 2016 cycling season is done and dusted with the conclusion of the Diamond Mineral Water Road Race and leading the divisions in terms of wins are Team Cocos who dominated the Masters’ class, Team Gillette Evolution’s Orville Hinds who excelled in the Open division and We Stand United rider, young Raphael Leung in the juniors group. Hinds, who amassed a total of 198 points during the season ruled the year after taking home 11 wins, but it was not Hinds alone who dominated, rather his team, Evolution with four riders in the top five. Michael Anthony is second with 169 points and seven wins. Raul Leal is also among his team mates,

Linden’s, Shaquel Agard (Linden Bauxite Flyer) with three wins and 160 points is in the mix with the Evolution men. Meanwhile, Team Cocos ended the season with a lengthy winning streak of seven with rising star Hamza Eastman (100 points), Junior Niles (84 points), and Jamaul John (50 points) all taking two

Raphael Leung

Orville Hinds

Junior Niles

equaling Anthony’s win tally and 154 points as Marlon Williams with three wins and 132 points complete the domination of Evolution. Only National ThreeStage winner, 20 year old

wins while Stephano ‘Sunny’ Husbands ( 35 points) and Raynauth Jeffrey (42 points) have one win a piece. Returning after a one year ban, Roraima rider, Alanzo Greaves immediately made an impact with two wins and 42 points. One the other hand, as Niles raked in two wins for the Open class, the veteran decimated his opponents in the Masters class, blazing away with 17 wins and 142 points, miles ahead of Jaikarran Sukhai of Carlton Wheelers (51 points) and Roraima’s Warren McKay

(41 points) who both have three wins to their name. Team Evolution’s Stephen Fernandes (40 points), Team Alanis’ Paul Choweenam (38 points), Flying Stars’ Ian Jackson (33 points) and Carlton Wheelers’ Robin Persaud (10 points) all have two wins. In the Junior’s Division We Stand United promised a bright future for cycling in Guyana with the prospects of Raphael Leung and Andrew Hicks. Leung with 11 wins and 118 points lead the pack and was trailed by Berbician Andrew Hicks with eight wins and 107 points. Team Evolution’s Christopher Cornelius (84 points) and Trojan’s Romello Crawford (32 points) tie with five wins each while Team Alanis’ Deeraj Garbarran (44 points) has three wins. With a good cycling season, one can only expect the competition to be taken to a next level and athletes enhance their game, hopefully all in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

udging from the last three major indoor hockey festivals in Guyana, President of the Guyana Hockey Board, Philip Fernandes and National Coach Robert Fernandes have both agreed that the quality of the Indoor game has been lifted. Both of the hockey stalwarts have agreed that 2016 has probably been the most successful year for hockey in the country. Guyana would have won bronze in the last Pan American games as well as defeat a Canadian side packed with a number of top quality players who have represented the country at the highest level. Following Pepsi Hikers’ victory over Trinidadian side, Queen’s Park in the final of the Diamond Mineral Water

Hockey Festival, which makes them (Pepsi Hikers) the most successful team in the tournament as well as their victory over a Canadian side for the first time ever, Robert Fernandes has said that the quality has been raised, “I mean it is

Robert Fernandes

Philip Fernandes

not just Hikers, it was Old fort, GCC and every team have all been very competitive and the quality of the tournament is probably the highest its ever been, GCC Drew with Toronto Lions in the round robin and the semi was a high quality contest.,” the coach elaborated that this could have been any of the four solid teams’ game. Similarly, the president o f the hockey board

also praised the efforts of the players who have all contributed and shown their maturity to challenge the more experienced teams. “I think this year is a fantastic year, we have had international competition Canada, USA and Trinidad and I think when we get North American participation, the quality of hockey always rises to a higher level and the local teams really aspire to do well against the international powerhouses.” With Hikers remaining undefeated in the last three tournaments, Coach Fernandes went on to say that the team is already in training and this latest title is preparation for the Pan American games which is scheduled for next year and having already won bronze, there is every chance the national team can better their performance.

India take unassailable lead after Mohali drubbing


t took, perhaps, a little longer than may have been expected stem guard, and followed up with another pinpoint short delivery but India duly cantered to an eight-wicket victory in Mohali which Woakes could only fend behind to the keeper. Two balls and an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series. That it was not until later, Adil Rashid was also bounced out, hooking to fine leg. The extent of Hameed’s injury was still not clear when he after tea that they knocked off the runs was largely down to a resilient display from Haseeb Hameed, batting at No. 8 due to came in below Jos Buttler, but Alastair Cook confirmed after play his finger injury which was confirmed as tour-ending, who ended that he required surgery. It was to his immense credit that he did unbeaten on 59. But the target was swiftly dealt with by Parthiv not appear in significant discomfort although he did need further painkillers during his stay. Patel’s unbeaten 54-ball 67. It took Hameed 19 balls to get off the mark Hameed’s innings put into context the wasteful batting that and he needed 111 deliveries to score his had pockmarked England’s performance. They were chasing the first boundary, which came with a slog-sweep game since the opening session, when they handed three of the four wickets to fall to India, who only briefly let them back into against R Ashwin. He had also been given a life the contest during a frenetic period after tea on the second day on 6 when Parthiv could not gather a tough chance off Ashwin. When he was joined by when they lost 3 for 8. last-man Anderson he had 23 off 127 balls, England began the fourth day 56 behind but then showed the other side to his with six wickets hand and though Joe game. He took on Shami and, when he was Root helped them erase the deficit during the morning somewhat surprisingly removed from the session, two further wickets had been attack, continued to take on both Aswhin and Ravindra Jadeja with his fifty coming up shipped by then. When Root departed for 78, sharply held at slip, there were visions of a swift off 147 deliveries when he slog-swept for six conclusion to the match but Hameed dug in and over deep midwicket. It had not taken long for India to Chris Woakes played positively to persuade India that the second new ball was needed. It was used with potent effect by make their first breakthrough when Mohammed Shami who claimed two wickets in three nightwatchman Gareth Batty propped deliveries. Hameed was eventually left stranded when forward at Jadeja’s second ball of the day and was given lbw. Root and Buttler James Anderson was slow coming back for a second run. M Vijay’s diminishing returns since his century in responded with intent: Buttler came Rajkot continued when he fell for a duck, edging a short down the pitch to loft Jadeja over ball from Woakes to slip, but Parthiv led India’s surge to the long-off and Root scampered hard target - in the process creating a potential selection-poser Parthiv Patel sweeps well in between the wickets. For a short period it was reminiscent of a one-day should Wriddhiman Saha be fit - while Cheteshwar Pujara his comeback Test was content to play within himself, avoiding a regular diet of partnership and Virat Kohli relaxed his bouncers, until top-edging a sweep with 15 required. attacking fields a little. However, when a batsman such as Buttler It was noticeable how England’s quicks went for a concerted is keen to dominate - which was not without merit - the scouts in short-pitched attack early in India’s chase, something that had the deep become wicket-taking catchers and so it proved when been missing with the game in the balance on the third morning, Buttler miscued Jayant Yadav to deep midwicket. Hameed was never going to opt for the Buttler route so it was but barring Ben Stokes’ herculean efforts they were out-bowled by the India pacemen. That was no better highlighted than by left to Root to do the majority of the run-scoring while he bedded Shami’s use of the second new ball. He rattled Woakes with a in. Shami went short at him for a brief period, to try and target short ball, which hammered into his helmet and dislodged the the injured hand, but with the old ball the pacemen’s main threat

continued to be reverse swing with both Shami and Umesh Yadav finding prodigious movement on occasions. Root’s half-century, his second-slowest in Test cricket, was brought up with his third boundary and he then became engaged in a tussle with Ashwin. A cover drive and strong sweep went Root’s way, but attempting another sweep he was fortunate to escape as it looped over the wicketkeeper. It was another bowling change which ended his resistance - another call that worked for Kohli in this match - when Root drove at a delivery from Jadeja which gripped enough to take the edge. Both sides’ catching has been fallible in this match, but Rahane’s snaffle to his left was superb. (ESPNcricinfo)

SCOREBOARD England 1st innings 283 India 1st innings 417 England 2nd innings (Overnight 78/4) AN Cook* b Ashwin 12 78 JE Root c Rahane b Jadeja MM Ali c J Yadav b Ashwin 5 JM Bairstow† c †Patel b J Yadav 15 BA Stokes lbw b Ashwin 5 GJ Batty lbw b Jadeja 0 JC Buttler c Jadeja b J Yadav 18 59 H Hameed not out CR Woakes c †Patel b Mohammed Shami 30 AU Rashid c UT Yadav b Mohammed Shami 0 JM Anderson run out (Jadeja/ Ashwin) 5 Extras (b-8, lb-1) 9 Total (all out; 90.2 overs) 236 Fall of wickets 1-27 (Cook, 13.6 ov), 2-39 (Ali, 19.5 ov), 3-70 (Bairstow, 31.3 ov), 4-78 (Stokes, 37.1 ov), 5-78 (Batty, 39.2 ov), 6-107 (Buttler, 46.4 ov), 7-152 (Root, 66.3 ov),

8-195 (Woakes, 83.2 ov), 9-195 (Rashid, 83.4 ov), 10236 (Anderson, 90.2 ov) Bowling: Mohammed Shami 14-3-37-2, UT Yadav 8-3-26-0, R Ashwin 26.2-4-81-3, RA Jadeja 30-12-62-2, J Yadav 12-2-21-2 India 2nd innings (target: 103 runs) M Vijay c Root b Woakes 0 PA Patel† not out 67 25 CA Pujara c Root b Rashid 6 V Kohli* not out Extras (b-4, lb-1, nb-1) 6 Total (2 wickets; 20.2 overs) 104 Did not bat: AM Rahane, KK Nair, R Ashwin, RA Jadeja, J Yadav, Mohammed Shami, UT Yadav Fall of wickets 1-7 (Vijay, 1.5 ov), 2-88 (Pujara, 17.2 ov) Bowling: JM Anderson 3-2-8-0, CR Woakes 2-0-16-1, AU Rashid 5-0-28-1, BA Stokes 4-0-16-0 (nb-1), MM Ali 3-0-13-0, GJ Batty 3.2-0-18-0

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The Tucburg Park team will be looking for another victory for championship honours after a close semi-final


ucburg Park survived a scare to reach the semifinal of the Christmas 8-a-side inter-ward tournament on Friday evening at the All Saints Ground on Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) beating Vryheid 4-2 in the feature game of the double header. After finishing the first half one goal down due to a defence error, Tucburg Park found themselves trailing two 2-nil in the 41 minute. However, they bounced back with two goals within the next five minutes to realize an even score line. Four minutes later,

Tucburg went ahead as Vryheid failed to capitalise on their initial advantage. From the start of the game, Tucburg seemed the better of the two teams and squandered three goal-scoring opportunities in the first thirty minutes of play. The opening goal came in dramatic fashion when Vryheid had been lurking in Tucburg’s half of the field when a corner sent in the box in the middle of the two uprights brought panic in Tucburg’s camp and goalkeeper Terrence Loo could not hold on to the ball when it was deflected in. Meanwhile, the issue was sealed three minutes before referee Heathcliff

Peters blew the final whistle with Tucburg enjoying a 4-2 lead. Earlier, Canje got past Manchester on suddendeath penalty after the two teams had played to a 1-1 score line at the end of regulation time. It took seven shots by each team to decide the winner after the regulated five penalty shots finished at a 4-4 deadlock. The tournament continues on Friday evening at the same venue with semifinal action. In the first game Vryman’s Ervin and Canje will meet at 20:00h. The feature game will bring together arch rivals Tucburg Park and Stanleytown.

"Rapper" books Regal semi-final spot

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Tucburg survive scare to reach semis


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Berbice Inter-Ward 8-a-side Competition

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egal Masters opener Eon “Rapper” Abel blasted his way to an unbeaten 94 to knock Tropical Spring out of the Regal Sport T20 Tournament when the teams met in the quarter final round last Sunday at Everest. Set 144 for a place in the final four, Abel carved out eight fours and seven sixes in brutal display of power hitting as he finished unbeaten on 94 while opening partner Linden Lyght was 34 not out. Regal finished on 144 without loss in 13 overs. When Tropical Springs batted they got to 143/5 with Vijay Baljit hitting the top score of 60 while Radesh Baljit made 26 and Suresh Ramdin 23. Right arm fast bowler, Fazleem Mohamed snared three wickets. In other quarter final action, Ariel dumped HS Masters by 147 runs. Batting first Ariel managed 214-6 with the consistent Peter Persaud scoring 70 not out and Karran Jaikarran and unbeaten 40. HS Masters were restricted to 67 in 14 overs in reply. Rudy Meyers was the chief wrecker with 4-20 and Ryan Singh 3-6. Albion defeated Savage

Eon “Rapper” Abel

Masters by 64 runs. Albion rattled up 217-8 batting first. John Sumair struck 49; Vishun Maniram made 37 not out, Hassan Hussain 35 and Zamen Zakir 23. Ricky Deonarain and Ramo Malone picked up three and two wickets respectively. Savage threatened somewhat but were limited to 153-8 in reply. Malone got 43 while Deonarain made 32 and K. Luke 20. Azeem Ketwaroo had 3-33 and Sumair 2-23. In the final quarter final, Mike’s Wellman got the better of Wolf Warriors Masters by 32 runs. Wellman scored a mammoth 189-7, batting first with Latchman

Kallicharran slammed 55; Lloyd Rooplall made 53 and Greg De Franca 26. In reply, Wolf Warriors were bowled out for 147 in 16.3 overs with only L. Mc Koy among the runs with 61; De Franca grabbed 5-19 and Motilall Chumandath 3-21. In the open segment, Herstelling beat Mike’s Wellman by a wide margin of 108 runs. Herstelling posted 170-7 after getting 24 from Rickey Sargent while Z. Hussain and Yunnis Yusuf made 20 each. Andre Seymour and Arif Samad had two wickets apiece bowling for Wellman who were then sent packing for 62 in 13 overs. Ovid Seymour made 12 as Kesho Ramsarran bagged 5-16 and Ralph Lane 2-18. Regal All Stars then beat Super Star by 25 runs to end an xciting day of softball cricket. Batting first, Regal made 151 all out in 18 overs. Sachin Singh slammed 48 while Safraz Esau got 42 and Timur Mohamed 28. Super Star were bowled out for 126 in response. Fazal Rafiek, Amir Nizamudeen and Privnauth Motilall captured two wickets each. Speed Boat got a walk over from Success.



wednesday, november 30, 2016

WICB/PCL Digicel Regional 4-Day Tournament 2016-17

Rain, no play! P

lay on the final day of the third round match between the Windward Islands Volcanoes and the Guyana Jaguars in the Digicel Regional 4-Day Tournament on Tuesday at the Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium in Gros-Islet, St. Lucia, has been abandoned without a ball being bowled, due to wet conditions caused by persistent rain overnight and throughout the day. Umpires Deighton Butler and Joel Wilson officially called “time” on the match at 15:00h local time. Scores in the match: Volcanoes 192 and 90/4; Jaguars 219. In the drawn encounter,

Raymon Reifer

the Jaguars collected 9.2 points (3 for incomplete match + 3 bowling points + 2.2 pace bowling points + 1 batting point) and the Volcanoes got 8 (3 points for incomplete match + 0 batting points + 3 bowling points + 2 pace bowling points). Jaguars all-rounder, Raymon Reifer was named Player-of-the-Match for his splendid career best bowling of 6/82 and knock of 52 in the Jaguars lone innings. The Jaguars will next meet the Barbados Pride at Providence from December 9 to 12 while the Volcanoes will host the Leeward Islands Hurricanes at Windsor Park in Dominica in round four action.

3 teams advance in 5/5 competition


hree more teams advance to the final of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club/Beharry Say No/Say Yes 5/5 Cricket tournament when the fourth and final Zone of the event was hosted last Sunday at the Number 70 Cricket Ground for teams in the Upper Corentyne Area. The Zone matches was played in-front of a large and colourful crowd, who were encouraged throughout the day to Say NO to Drugs, Suicide, Crime and Yes to Life, Education and Sports. Cut and Load Cricket Team won the Zone and together with losing finalist Crabwood Creek and Scotsburg have advanced to the Grand Finals. Ten teams – Cut and Load, No 69 Red Rose, Scottsburg United, CWC All Family, No 70 A, No 43 Scorpion, No 72 All Stars, No 48 Challenger, CWC Sports Club and Yakusari Caribs took part in the tournament. In the first round, Number 72 crushed Number 69 Red Rose by 10 wickets, Scottsburg United cruised past the CWC All Family by 9 wickets, Number 70 ‘A’ defeated NO 43 Scorpion by 10 wickets, NO

48 Challenger got the better of NO 72 All Star by 17 runs while CWC Sports Club got the better of Yakusari Caribs by 10 wickets. In the second round, CWC Sports Club defeated Number 48 by 10 wickets. Number 48 reached 59-4 off their allotted five overs while CWC replied with 60 without loss off 4.2 overs. In the second Match, Scottsburg struggled to 34-4 but then bowled well to restrict Number 70 to 25-5 to win by nine runs. Cut and Load Drew the bye for the second rounds. In the lone semi-finals, Number 72 defeated Scottsburg to advance to the finals to play Crabwood Creek Sports Club. The finals was witnessed by a packed crowd. Cut and Load batting first, amassed 49-2 and then kept CWC to 40-3 to win by nine runs. Cut and Load, Scottsburg and CWC Sports Club would now join D’ Edward, Blairmont, Cotton Tree, Fyrish, Rose Hall Canje, Young and Restless, Rose Hall Town Bakewell ‘A’, Rose Hall Town ‘B’ and Courtland in the Grand Finals. The winning team of the

overall competition would receive $150,000.00 while the runner up would take home $70,000.00. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster told the teams before the start of Play that the RHTY&SC and the Edward B. Beharry Co. Ltd were fully committed towards working together to assist youths across Berbice to Say NO to Drugs, Suicide, Crime and Say Yes to Education, Life and Sports. The long serving Secretary/CEO stated that it was very important for every youth to fulfil their full potential if Guyana is to develop. He urged the ten teams to go back into their communities and work hard to assist youths to resist Satan and his evil world of crime and drugs. Foster also expressed gratitude to the Management of Edward B Beharry Group of Companies for their investment into the welfare of Berbicians.

HD Hoyte Memorial Family Recreational Park commissioned


he Hugh Desmond Hoyte Memorial Family Recreational Park was officially commissioned by Senior Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawerence on behalf of the Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets under 21, First Division teams and the Pepsi under 19 Cricket teams. Secretary/CEO of the Play field, Hilbert Foster stated that the Playfield was a special gift to Guyana’s smallest town in observance of its 46th anniversary of its township status. Work on the play park started in late August with the Region 6 RDC undertaking landscape work and was completed in early November. The main objectives of the Play Park are to provide safe entertainment for families, to promote social cohesion, to promote the Say NO and Say YES Message to youths, to attract visitors and to pay tribute to the first Patron of the RHTY&SC. It consists of a large benab, swings, slides, seesaws,

Minister Volda Lawrence assisted by two children cuts the ribbon to open the Play Park

their personal development. Minister Lawrence also urged the RHTY&SC and Mayor Vijai Ramoo to continue the outstanding work they are doing together for the benefits of residents. She also informed the attentive residents of the work of the late President Hoyte and the close bond he shared with the members of the RHTY&SC while serving

RHTY&SC Secretary Hilbert Foster hands over the key to the Park to Mayor Vijai Ramoo

walk climber, flower garden, seating arrangement and three billboards with messages among others. Minister Lawrence in a well-received presentation spoke of the importance of family bonding together and for children to grow up as well rounded individuals. She challenged parents to pay particular attention to the education of their children and the need to make sure that kids are kept away from social ills that could affect

as its first Honorary Patron. The RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster at the conclusion of the event officially handed over the Play Park to the Rose Hall Town Council, who would be responsible for its operation and upkeep. Foster proudly stated that the commissioning of the Play Park was the 385th programme/ activities of the RHTY&SC, after it had surpassed its target of 300 for 2016 in late September. The Club, Foster stated was confident of successfully

completing 450 activities before the end of the year. The long serving Secretary/CEO also used the occasion to announce the financial statement to residents of Rose Hall Town for the Rose Hall Town Week 2016. Mayor of Rose Hall Town, Vijai Ramoo expressed his delight at the opening of the Park and stated that the township would forever be grateful for the outstanding work of the RHTY&SC. The Family Park, he stated would enable residents to relax as a unit and bond together. Managing Director of Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Mohindra Persaud hailed the project as a much needed one as it would encourage families to take time away from modern technology and spend bonding time together. He praised the vision of the RHTY&SC and stated that his company was pleased to be a sponsor of the Family Park. The Management and Members of the RHT Gizmos and Gadgets and Pepsi Cricket teams would like to express gratitude to the RDC Region 6, Ministry of Social Protection, Ministry of Health, Amerally Sawmills, Kris Jagdeo, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Peter Lewis, Asst. Commissioner David Ramnarine, Artie Ricknauth and the Toronto Group of the PNC, R. Nauth and Family, JR Engineering Ltd, Michael Rengasmi, Food for the Poor (Guy) Ltd, the Berbice Branch of the Guyana Prison Service and Balram Shane General Store for their contribution towards the construction of the Park. The Park was immediately used by hundreds of residents.

wednesday, november 30, 2016


BCB/2-Day 1st Division Competition Guinness Greatest of the Streets Futsal Tournament…

Defending champs off to winning start

The Georgetown leg of the sixth tournament was off to a brisk start with 16 teams in action


he highly anticipated Guinness Greatest of the Streets football tournament got off to a football fanatic’s dream with eight highly competitive games among the big names in and around Georgetown including defending champions, Sparta Boss at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac on Monday night. In the main attraction, fans saw defending champions, Sparta Boss being pushed to the limit as they drew the match in full time with Hardina Street but Sparta Boss showed their experience in pressure situations to win the penalty shootout 3-1. Both teams displayed a solid defence line as they were both scoreless until Jermin Scott saw an opening in the 21’ and immediately flustered the Sparta Boss side, but Sheldon Shepherd held his composure to net the equalizer one minute later, evidently allowing his side to go to penalty where they won. In the first affair, Queen Street Tiger Bay romped to a 2-0 victory over Fruit Stand, riding on the heroics of Deon Alfred who penetrated the losing side’s defence twice inside seven minutes of play (4th and 6th minute) while fans turned out in their numbers to see the prison team, Camp Street All-Stars snatch a 3-1 victory over Railway Kitty in the second contest. The prisoners controlled the ball for more than 50 percent of the game and capitalized on some good passed to net

two quick fire goals past the Kitty side within two minutes apart. Wendell Austin was the first to open the Camp Street account, blasting past Railway’s defence in the 15th minute (15’) before Dwayne Christopher added a second goal in the 17’. Railway however, responded with a goal of their own thanks to shane Cooper (25’) but his celebration was short lived as Steve Bacchus sunk the prisoners’ third in the 27’ to send Kitty packing. Also, Bent Street unsettled Homes Street Tiger Bay with two late goals. Tiger Bay got off to a dream start, creating the opportunity for Akeem Saul to register their first goal in the 4’, but that would be all they could produce in the knock out affair as they defended well until late in the contest which allowed Bent Street to squeeze two in their goal courtesy of Anthony Abrams (23’) and Stellon David (28’). Leopold Street disposed on South Ruimveldt in the fourth game of the night with Sheldon Profitt scoring in the 7’ and Orandel Williams in the 14’ as well as defended well to avoid South Ruimveldt to score and eventually end the match 2-0. Meanwhile, Festival City Warriors destroyed Norton Street Ballers 5-2 with Eon Alleyne scoring twice including a goal in just 16 seconds of play and also in the 5’. Cecil Williams registerd his side’s third goal to have the warriors lead 3-0 until the 20th minute where Joshua

Parvatan reacted and scored the Ballers’ first goal. However, Dwayne Lawrence made sure Ballers’ could not build any momentum replying with Warriors’ fourth goal one minute later. Daneil Favourite added his name on the scoreboard as well as he scored the fifth goal for Warriors in the 24’ to send his side to a 5-1 lead while Nigel Decamp would have scored a consolatory goal for the Ballers in the 30’ as his team exited the competition. Tucville needled Island All-Stars 1-0 as Delon Williams was the only player to manage a goal, when he worked his way to the back of the net in the 24’. Also in the winners row was the Channel-9 Warriors who piped Shopping Plaza 2-1. The television side was the first to get off the mark when Kevin Barrow secured the first goal within two minutes of play while Stephen Dolphin replied four minutes later with the equalizer. The two sides matched skill for skill as the contest looked to be entering a penalty shootout, however, Joshua Fiffee made good of his opportunity in the 26’ to send the Channel-9 side into the next stage. The teams will all be vying for over one million dollars in cash and prizes with the first team taking home $500,000 while second, third and fourth will cart off with $200,000, $150,000 and $75,000 respectively. The tournament continues on Thursday at Demerara Park.

Jawahir’s all-round heroics lead Blairmont to crushing win


magnificent all round performance from former Berbice youth player Kevon Jawahir lead his team Blairmont Cricket Club to a massive victory over Bush Lot (Hemraj) in the only first round match of the two day first division cricket competition for teams in Berbice. At Blairmont Estate Ground, the host scored a massive 307 all out in their first innings with Jawahir leading the way with a magnificent century, 156 not out (26x4; 2x6). He got support from national under 19 opener Zameer Inshan with 37 and national youth opener Javid Karim with 23. R Thakarran took 2 for 32 and skipper Rajbance Hemraj 2 for 43 bowling for Bush Lot. In reply, the visitors were shot out for a disappointing 115 in their first innings with only A Mathabeek offering any resistance with 25. Jawahir came back with the ball and confused all the batsmen with his leg breaks taking 5 for 26. He got support from Shabeer Baksh with 2 for 18 and Derrick McAlmon 2 for 21. Batting a second time, the home team raced to 188 for 9 declared with Inshan 50, Baksh 31 and Glasgow 26 being the principle scorers. Bowling for Bush Lot, B. Jaikarran took 4 for 35 and C. Harry 3 for 66. In their second turn at the crease the visitors again failed to put up a fight being bowled out for 145 with only the consistent Mathabeek offering any resistance, making 69. Tormentor Jawahir took 5 more wickets to end with 10 wickets for 62 runs in the match. Baksh took 3 for 35. In the only game played in the Tenelec Inc. 50 Over First Division Cricket

Kevon Jawahir

Competition, Blairmont CC whipped the other Bush Lot team by 53 runs. Blairmont batted first and made just 119. Seon Glasgow scored 42 to offer the only fight. C McKenzie took 2 for 22 bowling for Bush Lot. In reply, Bush Lot was bundled out for 66. All rounder Jawahir continued his fine form by taking 4 for 7. Left arm spinner Waqar Hassan with 3 for 16 and Derrick McAlmon 3 for 22 provided support. The board is finding it difficult to seek a single sponsor for this very important competition and as such, this initiative. The board pleads to any business or individuals in and out of Guyana to assist in the smooth running of this competition by making a contribution and contact can made on telephone numbers 623-

6875 or 333-2375. Email can be sent to abeharry1970@ or ros_han2001@ Special thanks to the sponsors so far; National Sports Commission, Office of the Prime Minister, Chris Lachman and Rajendra Ramlall of the USA and other friends of Berbice cricket. The tournament continues this Saturday and Sunday with the following matches; ZONE A, BUSH LOT (HEMRAJ) vs BUSH LOT ( SAYWACK) AT BUSH LOT ZONE B, YOUNG WARRIORS vs POLICE AT CUMBERLAND, TUCBER PARK BYE. ZONE C, ALBION vs PORT MOURANT AT ALBION ROSE HALL TOWN GIZMOS AND GADGETS vs UCCA AT AREA H

Blyden awarded for professional seasons in T&T, USA F ormer junior intercounty player and all-rounder Travis Blyden was recently rewarded for his performance as a professional in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States of America. On Sunday evening in the twin island republic, Blyden won three awards for his outstanding season at his club, Rahamut’s Evergreen, end of season awards. The industrious player received accolades for most runs in the 50 overs and T20 competitions. While he picked up his third award for his nomination as one of the five cricketers of the year. Two weeks prior to him

being honoured at his T&T club, he received two awards at the New York metropolitan cricket League awards ceremony. He was named the cricketer with the second best bowling average of the league and was also awarded for his unbeaten 127. In the USA, Blyden played for Pioneers. The right handed batsman and leg spin bowler who is currently in Guyana after the successful stints overseas is seeking to represent a team in the upcoming 50 overs franchise League which is scheduled to start on December 22 as he looks to pick up a wild card selection in the Regional Super 50 Tournament.

Travis Blyden

wedneSday, november 30, 2016

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

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Kiwis complete whitewash in dramatic final session The winning New Zealand team after completing the whitewash in Hamilton

Guinness Greatest of the Streets Futsal Tournament… Pg 23

Pg 23

Defending champs off to winning start Ballers from Railway Line Kitty (right) and Camp Street All Stars battle for possession in a heated encounter on the National Cultural Centre Tarmac

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