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August 4, 2013


Another Limacol CPL party at Providence today! – gates open at 12:30h


he Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will reach fever pitch today as another sold-out crowd will witness, not one, but two hugely exciting games, set to bowl off at 15:00h and 20:00h, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara. Ramnaresh Sarwan and his soldiers from the Guyana Amazon Warriors will definitely be the star attraction, but don’t forget the likes of Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy, Herschelle Gibbs, Marlon Samuels, Ricky Ponting, and Misbah-ul-Haq, who will all be there to give fans their money’s worth from 15:00h for the first game. Gates will be opened from 12:30h, so avoid the rush and try

to settle in the stadium early for the final two matches of the Guyana leg of the Limacol CPL. Take advantage of the early entry by visiting the various booths and participating in the numerous novelty events for both young and old. The party will start early! It’s the Jamaica Tallawahs versus the Antigua Hawksbills at 15:00h, followed by the big showdown at 20:00h with the Guyana Amazon Warriors facing the St Lucia Zouks. The action will also be broadcast live on TVG Channel 28 and on RGI 89.3FM in Essequibo, 89.5FM in Georgetown and environs, and 89.7FM in Berbice.

$100 vat included


Essequibo Coast hit by fuel P2 shortage ATM scamp caught on camera P8 Billions being invested on improving road network along East Bank Demerara P9

Ex-soldier P13 commits suicide after hammering wife to death P13 Digicel introduces $30 roaming rate

Beautiful and creative! This lass appears very relaxed as her face is being painted at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) ground, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown on Thursday

PPP/C hasn’t strayed from Dr Jagan’s ideals – President Ramotar See story on page 3

MADEIN592. COM fashion company to P17 be launched

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SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

Essequibo Coast hit by fuel shortage

A pump attendant at work at the Dalchand Hare Krishna Gas Station in Anna Regina


ong queues for fuel have resurfaced at most gas stations on the Essequibo Coast and motorists have been restricted to only two gallons of fuel to sustain their vehicles. The sudden scarcity, which began this week, has forced drivers and minibus operators to charge commuters more for short drops

and regular runs. Commuters travelling short distances are feeling the squeeze as they have to pay the same fare for regular drops. Minibus fares for short drops on the Essequibo Coast range from $60 to $100; the price is doubled for regular runs. While passengers think they are being ripped off,

Vehicles waiting to be fuelled up

drivers are of the view that they need to recover their fuel money. They say many gas stations are closed and the few that are opened have hiked up their price for gasoline. Several vehicles have shut down on the roadways, leaving passengers stranded while several gas station owners have been out of business.

Guyana Times, on a visit to the few gas stations that were in operation, observed that the price for fuel was increased by $40 and was being rationed. Persons in long queues were also jostling to get fuel. Motorists and drivers expressed their dismay at the scarcity and are calling on government to take steps

to address the problem. Shawn Singh, a businessman, said the situation is a setback. “It is really sad that we have to wait in lines for fuel, our business is suffering, this is what we depend on.� Gas station owners who spoke with Guyana Times said the shortage is due to the main supplier to Sol not having enough fuel to distribute to its sublets as a shipment has been delayed. One gas station owner said he is losing millions daily as he has had to turn down many of his regular customers. The Dalchand Hare Krishna Gas Station in Anna Regina was in opera-

tion Saturday morning as it received fuel on Friday night. The station has not limited the amount of fuel supplied to consumers, but is selling one litre of fuel for $217, which is just around the normal price. A taxi driver from Cotton Field told this publication that he had to travel almost the entire coast to access fuel as several gas stations were closed. He was able to make a purchase at a fuel station close to Supenaam. The driver said his other colleagues have parked their vehicles and are out of business. Another vehicle owner from Reliance said her car was parked for almost two days. The businesswoman related that when she approached nearby gas stations, she was told by pump attendants that they have fuel to supply the private companies which usually buy in large quantities. The businesswoman said she had to incur additional expenses to travel to a gas station that was supplying fuel. On Saturday, only three gas stations on the Essequibo Coast were in operation. Vehicle owners and drivers are hoping that the situation will soon return to normalcy.



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, August 4 from 14:30h to 16:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, August 4 from 15:20h to 16:50h.


Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected. Mostly clear skies will give way to cloudiness in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 23 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. Winds: North-easterly at 1.79 to 2.23 metres per second. High Tide: 02:38 and 15:08h reaching maximum heights of 2.34 metres and 2:30 metres. Low Tide: 08:40h and 20:56h reaching minimum heights of 0.85 metre and 0.89 metre respectively.

SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

PPP/C hasn’t strayed from Dr Jagan’s ideals – President Ramotar


resident Donald Ramotar said the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) will not shift from its role of improving the lives of all Guyanese as envisioned by late founding leader and president, Dr Cheddi Jagan. Addressing hundreds of delegates at the opening of the party’s 30th Congress held at the JC Chandisingh Secondary School, Port Mourant, Berbice on Friday, the president said Dr Jagan’s principles of social justice, hard work, unity in the face of division and investment in the people of Guyana are, and will always be the hallmarks of the PPP/C. “As the People’s Progressive Party, we have a duty to fight for these principles and never to re-

President Donald Ramotar addressing the PPP/C’s 30th Congress at the JC Chandisingh Secondary School, Port Mourant, Berbice

and impede our efforts to invest in our future to win, for what they fail to see is that every time they pat themselves on the back for supposedly embarrassing the

saturday, August 3, 2013

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to do with growth and everything to do with cutting the PPP/C’s nose to spite the face of all Guyanese. He noted that since 2011, the opposition has sought to

continually block government’s proposals, tried to denigrate its ideals and attempted to use Parliament to block social and economic progress. “They voted to cut from the 2012 budget most areas that affect people’s lives. They voted down contract workers. They voted down the solar panel project or people in the interior, stopping Amerindian communities from enjoying basic services to which all people are entitled. They voted down the Amerindian Land Titling, stopping people in those communities from developing their own projects and creating their own wealth. Turn to page 9

A section of the gathering in attendance at the PPP/C’s 30th Congress

Daily Millions

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lent – even in the face of an uncompromising and uncomprehending opposition.  I make this personal commitment that I, as president and head of state, will not relent. And as general secretary of your party, I commit you, members of the People’s Progressive Party, to never ever relent either. “We cannot afford to do so because we strive for the people, and it is their dreams that we were elected to protect, foster and realise.   We will press forward. “But we do face challenges. And in the face of those challenges we must be resolute.  We must not allow those who seek to reduce our Parliament to a farce

government, it is in fact a defeat for the brighter future they claim to want for our people,” Ramotar said. The president said the progress made in Guyana today is not invincible, not irreversible and has to be defended every day, with the aim of forging ahead the developmental agenda in the interests of all Guyanese.

Nonsensical stance

He pointed out that the developmental path has come under threat by the opposition’s nonsensical stance that growth can be achieved by cutting investment. Ramotar said the opposition’s plans have nothing


sunday, august 4, 2013

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The “Thucydides Trap” in Guyana


ver in the U.S. and China, their foreign policy wonks are working overtime to place relations between the U.S. and China within some kind of conceptual framework, as the latter inevitably challenges the post-1989 hegemonic position of the former. Two Harvard professors referred to the Chinese challenge as “the Thucydides Trap” and this was picked up in China. Seeking to explain the cause of the great Peloponnesian War of the fifth century BC, Thucydides’ conclusion was, “What made war inevitable was the growth of Athenian power and the fear which this caused in Sparta.” In the centuries since, scholars have pondered how power shifts between states have led to competitive tensions, which sometimes have been managed and sometimes led to conflict. The meeting between the presidents of the U.S. and China two months ago was one attempt to avoid that deadly combination of calculation and emotion that, over the years, can turn a healthy rivalry into antagonism or worse. Thucydides spawned the school of political “realism”, the school of thought which posits that interstate relations are based on might rather than right. Following his lead, theorists have avoided applying the theory to relations within a particular state on the assumption that unlike interstate relations, the former are guided by agreed upon moral rules for the good of the wider society. Thucydides drew a fundamental distinction between the mode of politics within a certain state and the pattern of political interaction among several states. Within a state, citizens enter a community based on a form of social contract, which provides the protection of laws at the expense of some individual freedoms. As a result of the legal equality with which the social contract provides the citizens, the weak are able to withstand the strong and ethical considerations are respected. In the international realm, however, there is no social contract among citizens of different states and, consequently, there are no laws to defend legality and morality of state interactions. Thus, in interstate relations, it is the strong who decide how the weak should be treated, as moral or ethical judgments are virtually nonexistent. Later realists, such as Niccolò Machiavelli, agreed with Thucydides that “might makes right”, but argued that it might be applied within a state for a “prince” (competitor for power) to secure and retain power. Forbes Burnham, the founder of the People’s National Congress (PNC), famously boasted that Machiavelli’s “Prince” was one of his favourite texts and guiding light. His party was evidently moulded along that philosophy, because even though his successor, Desmond Hoyte was persuaded by their original sponsor, the U.S., to allow free and fair elections, he and his successors reverted to Thucydides’ amoral stance of interstate actors when dealing domestically with the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government after the 1997 elections and up to 2011. The “slow fyaah, mo’ fyaah” strategy was a direct attack on the state with no holds barred or any sign of morality displayed. The PPP/C had announced, at their ongoing congress this weekend, that they would be discussing improved relations with the PNC. This would be analogous to the effort of the Chinese and Americans to work out rules of engagement. In our instance, the PPP/C must insist on adherence to the rules of democratic governance. David Granger, the present leader of the PNC and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), is a trained historian and should be fully aware of the dangers of the “Thucydides Trap”. But in his case, he should be also alert that it was not only “fear” that drove Sparta and Athens into conflict but also the behaviour of two of their allies.  One of the PNC’s allies in APNU and another in the Parliament have been pushing for more radical actions against the PPP/C government in tones reminiscent of the amoral “mo fyaah” strategy. Before the PPP/C can have any confidence in working with the PNC, the latter must rein in its bellicose allies.

The winning entries in the 25th annual National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest have just been announced. Here is the third-place winner: Cheetahs jumped on the vehicle of tourists in Masai Mara national park, Kenya (The Atlantic)

We should recognise the good side of GPL Dear Editor, The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) company is indeed in a measure of trouble, but it is emerging out of it and making some great progress. I refer here to the imminent subsidy to assist pensioners to pay their electricity bills. This may be realised by September this year, and to bring about this is truly awesome. GPL took a heavy clobbering from the joint opposition, as its members slashed the 2013 budgetary allocation. In fact GPL had to start downsizing where staffing is

concerned. Sad but very true! Now I live on the East Coast of Demerara and I did get upset like late last year. However, where I live, there have been very few cases of blackouts. I attribute this to the upgrading and general maintenance work of GPL. So again, even though targeted by the opposition, GPL is making things happen. When it comes to aid for the elderly, the human services and social security minister positively indicated that the ministry has been working with GPL to have all pensioners entitled to a

government subsidy placed on the GPL database. This is remarkable. Already the elderly of the country are privy to the water subsidy from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI). This is running smooth and the recipients are extremely grateful. Now GPL has gone this route. It has identified more than 6000 pensioners on its customer base and these will benefit from government’s annual provision of $20,000 as assistance for the payment of electricity charges. GPL is not perfect, but

when it shows compassion and works hard, we should not withhold our gratitude. We need to cooperate too by being more careful with our use of electricity. The stealing of electricity and the failure to pay our rates are bad traits that must go. I urge all to be on the alert. I have reported a few cases of electricity theft and we should be stronger here in getting these people who practise this ill. It is costing the company too much. Yours sincerely, Trishane Miller

No to the Kitty seawall lime Dear Editor, I say a big ‘no’ to any kind of backward move. I think that if the Sunday Kitty seawall lime should ever go back to where it was, it will be a big mistake. Some of the negatives are too terrible to think of. Noise, traffic, a few snatching of people’s items, and if I add waste of time and money, this makes

it even worse. The thing is that there must be a place for social interaction and relaxation, but when these kinds of things affect the well-being of others, they must take a backseat. I can understand when it is occasional, even if once per month. I myself will go out there on Easter or Diwali. However, weekly gatherings

are not working out too well, especially when they go all the way into the morning. Let me come now to the mess the lime creates. The cleaning-up is something that the authorities must come to grips with. This is a lot of wasted manpower and money. Even if we had the culture of being clean and were aesthetically minded,

the lime is not at a suitable junction, and it must be set to close at a specific time. I suggest that the lime move to a place that will allow for revellers to be safe and non-disruptive. Maybe, the bandstand area is the place. Yours faithfully, Martin Da Sent

Rape is wrong, but we should be careful Dear Editor, Not in this day and not in any part of the world should a woman ever take rides from just about any male.

This is what apparently happened in Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice recently. I cannot condone rape, or any other crime, but I

am still puzzled by people taking too much for granted. Why would a young lady take such chances? We all need to be extra careful.

Criminality and criminals are no respecters of persons. Respectfully, Devina Persaud

sunday, august 4, 2013


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Let us address tolling The Diamond hospital in Linden peacefully and its high rating Dear Editor, I am very puzzled by what’s happening in the Linden area, and specifically it has to do with the tolls that are being collected. I really need clarification on this. I send things through that area once per month, and to my utter dismay, my transportation guy charged extra. Reason: this toll that he was forced to pay. I sense that there are a few belligerent elements spoiling for trouble. The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has written the Local Government and Public Works ministries regarding the collection of tolls by authorities in Linden for vehicles to pass through the township. Well, I am glad that things are being investigated properly. I admire the management line that the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is taking. It is going through the Local Government and

Public Works ministries. This is always advisable. Then, these authorities in Linden puzzle me. Who are these people? And is it legal what they are doing? I surmise the negative here as numerous complaints have been coming from the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA). These people are peeved that persons are being charged a toll when traversing Linden en route to the interior. This is a serious matter. This takes me back to the seawall lime at the bandstand a few weeks ago. Illegal tolling was being done there and the police had to step in. Now that we are aware of what is happening, we should await the outcome. The ministry has thus far advised persons affected, that a letter was written and clarification on this matter is imminent. Now the purpose of the tolling is not bad, as ex-

plained by some people in Linden. The idea is to boost the revenue of the Linden Mayor and Town Council (M&TC). The people want to ensure that its by-laws will now be in full force, that is, those relating to the collection of tolls at the booth. These have been neglected for years. If this is so, then the matter needs a good, friendly sitting down and talking over. I ask for every stakeholder to come on board and make this thing work. Tolling is normal in so many places in the world. So I cannot see this matter taking too long to be resolved. If tolling has to be held back until the price of gold goes up again, then that too is not a problem. The bottom line is that there is no need to allow a few aggressive people to put the whole lot of good ones at any disadvantage. Sincerely, Cedric Solomon

The crime wave must end Dear Editor, This Berbice crime spree is too protracted. We have to watch it. I have a feeling something is about to give. Just when I thought of a kind of reprieve, a Berbice man is nursing a gunshot wound to his left forearm after an attempted robbery. It was the very eve of this day of the robbery that I met a Berbician who was telling me that he was getting jittery. Now I have to say “no wonder”. This victim was shot during a confrontation with about four men and right in front of his home at Tain. According to the man’s son, his father knows one of the bandits and that is why he

was shot. It was this recognition factor that really triggered things off. The bandits were apparently staked out in an old bathroom on the road. This bathroom is very close to the victim’s house. So, this is what we have to guard against. In Mon Repos, on the Agriculture Road, there is a kind of empty van there, with a closed up tray. The first time I saw that I said that a thief or rapist can hide there and wait for unsuspecting people and pounce on them. How about the many market stalls? They are usually dark and a crook can easily hide there and wait. We have to move to get rid

of anything that may allow for this kind of concealment. The next thing I advocate for is that of not taking any chance. The man is lucky – he could have been killed. He noticed a few strange happenings, yet he did not call the police. We cannot take chances. Now, this is a gun situation and one man can be identified. Even as the police conduct their investigation into the matter, we must support them – if we know, we must always tell. Crime fighting is everybody’s business. Respectfully submitted, Anwar Baksh

The Diamond Diagnostic Centre (the East Demerara Regional Hospital)

Dear Editor, The good news and the bad sometimes go together. This is so where the Diamond Diagnostic Centre is concerned. It got a very high rating when representatives of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services inspected it and served out an 80 per cent rating, stating that they were pleased with the condition of the facility. All agree that it was the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) that should be knocked a bit. The members need to shape up. Everyone within an organisation is important and if the RDC can latch on to this idea,

then things will improve now at Diamond. Note, I am pinpointing things that are basically non-medical. The medical aspect was okay. For example, it was recommended that there be a facelift and improved management to bring the hospital up to where it should be. One such initiative is that of basic tree-planting in the compound. Then there is the issue of the replacement of tiles and seats in the various waiting areas so as to create a good first impression. I recall visiting a doctor’s office right here in Guyana. The wise practitioner had all kinds of medical paint-

ings on one of his walls. He explained that an art student did it just for practice. Imagine. A thing like this can be thought of for so many offices and building. Many art students would just love this idea, that is, to get to paint on a real wall. Many times, they will do it for free too, but a token is always in order. I trust that the people at the Diamond health facility will keep their good work up and get better in those weak areas. Yours sincerely, Resident of Diamond Name withheld by request




Anu Dev


ell the Limacol CPL T-20 is well and truly underway, and Guyana has their third and final home-game tonight. So far our team has convincingly won both of our games. What a start!! We’ve stifled Jamaica and Gayle, we’ve beaten Trinidad, and now we’re hopefully about to crush St Lucia. Being at the stadium, seeing the cricketers right in front of you, playing live, seeing them looking at the same (but bigger!) screen that we’re used to looking at to see the verdict on the ‘decision pending’, really gets your heart racing. On Friday night, the roar from the crowd when Gayle got run out literally gave me shivers. It was powerful. The whole vibe of the stadium’s, 15,000+ people rallying together to support our team, thousands of flags waving in unison, horns blaring, people sitting on the edges of their seats – it’s really something. There’s this indescribable feeling of pride that you


Five ways to save for your child’s education

Guyana (Amazing) Amazon Warriors! get when you’re looking at your home team play. Never mind all of the players on the team aren’t Guyanese: they’re wearing our uniform, our colours, we feel that same sense of them being a part of our team, of being ours. Maybe this will be the end of our parochialism? And now with the sixth and seventh matches being played tonight,

we’re far enough into the tournament, that we fans are obsessively crunching the numbers to work out the net run rates, tal-

lying the points, deciding which teams we should back depending on whatever outcome should favour Guyana. (At last, some use for maths!) Throughout the tournament so far, I’ve been continuously impressed by our West Indian players. There’s just so much talent in the West Indies. Hopefully the West Indian selectors are taking note and will make better (more professional) decisions concerning selections for the West Indies team. Because we really do need some new blood on the team before the older, more experienced players retire without being able to pass on their wisdom, techniques and tips. Another nice thing I’ve noticed about the L-CPL, is that there are so many of the older West Indian players from the ‘golden age’ of West Indian cricket getting involved, whether in coaching capacities or giving their input in other ways. It’s like three sets of West Indian players being

brought together – the past, current and future. I think the LCPL is probably one of the best things to happen to West Indian cricket in recent times – it’s like a much needed revitalising injection. The fans, especially Guyanese fans who’ve been long starved from live cricket are now getting a chance to see some cricket. And then some!! It’s allowing us to see some new talent. It’s allowing us to review some of the players we’ve only seen play at the regional levels. And it’s really nice seeing some of these players, reminiscing, “Oh remember ____________? Remember that game when he ____________?” In time the LCPL should also boost (revive?) the tourism industry of the entire Caribbean, as the tournament gets bigger and more cricket enthusiasts decide to travel to the Caribbean for both a vacation and the cricket. In the meantime, let’s wave our flags, let’s raise our glasses, and let’s lift our voices and shout, “Go Amazon Warriors!”

For parents who are maximising their RESP contributions and looking for other ways to save, the report offered these five options: Open a nonregistered account The benefits of opening a non-registered account specifically for the purpose of saving for your child’s schooling is that it is easy to set up, simple to understand and offers flexibility, the report says. You can withdraw the funds for whatever reason at any time, and retain control of them after your child reaches the age of majority. The downsides are the temptation to use these funds for something other than your child’s education, as well as that the parents will be taxed on all the income and any capital gains. Set up a trust A trust, a legal agreement where money is transferred from one person to another according to specific terms, is a good way to “manage, control and protect funds” because it gives a parent – or grandparent – the peace of mind of knowing that the money will be used for its intended purpose, the report says. It is important to set up the trust properly with a written agreement that outlines terms and conditions, it added, noting that there are also tax consequences to consider, depending on how the trust is funded.

Pay out corporate dividends If you are incorporated or have an incorporated family business, you could build up savings in your corporate account and pay them out in the form of a corporate dividend at a later date to pay for your child’s education, the report says. Your child would need to own shares of your company. The benefit of this is that the dividends will be taxed in the hands of your child, who will presumably have a low income, it added. Get life insurance Parents or grandparents can use life insurance to fund their child’s or grandchild’s post-secondary education by building up and then tapping into the excess cash value within an insurance policy, the report says. The benefit of this strategy is that the growth would be tax-deferred inside the policy, it says, while it is building while the downside is that the parents or grandparents will lose control over the money put into the policy and the coverage offered by the contract. Mike Holman, the author of The RESP Book and the Money Smarts blog, dismissed the idea of saving for a child’s education through life insurance. “That’s a really expensive way to save for anything,” he says, pointing to the high fees and commissions associated with this method. He was also critical of the trust option, noting that the child could choose to use their education money for other purposes. “At age 18, one might be tempted to buy a new corvette rather than go to school. I know I would have,” he joked. (The Globe and Mail)


International Financial and Economic Report

SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

Chairman, Guyana Americas Merchant Bank



n Wednesday, the Federal Reserve made no changes to policy at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and the second quarter growth came in at 1.7 per cent, which was low but better than expected. The expectation is that growth is picking up and will rise by 2.5 per cent in the second half of 2013. This could enable the Fed to stick to its “tapering” timetable, cutting bond purchases to US$65 billion a month from US$85 billion in September while leaving interest rates at the short end of the market unchanged. But this is now in question given the employment figures. The biggest economic news came with the U.S. employment and unemployment figures for July, which will have a great influence on the Federal Reserve’s decision to “taper” bond purchases. Unfortunately, they were disappointing, showing only a 165,000 increase in payrolls in July, rather than the forecast of a 185,000 gain and with a cumulative reduction of 26,000 in the numbers for the two previous months. Average hourly earnings fell 0.1 per cent to US$23.98 and the average workweek for all workers fell to 34.4 hours from 34.5 hours. The good news is that the unemployment rate fell from 7.6 per cent in June to 7.4 per cent in July, but the labour

participation rate dropped to 63.4 from 63.5 suggesting that some element of this improvement was a result of people stopping looking for work. Retailers added 47,000 workers while employment in education and health services showed the smallest gain in a year. Construction employment fell and manufacturing rose for the first time in five months. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers for the second quarter announced the morning of the FOMC statement were a surprise. Most economists had expected a growth of one per cent (with some forecasting considerably less), but it turned out to be 1.7 per cent and with the previous quarter’s growth revised down to 1.1 per cent from the earlier estimate of 1.8 per cent. Consumer spending rose as did non-residential fixed investment, private investments and residential investments, and this was partly offset by a reduction in federal spending and net exports. Also, there was comprehensive benchmark revision in the GDP num-

bers which lowered growth for the prior four quarters, with the average since the recovery began in mid-2009 being only 2.2 per cent, below the long-term trend of over three per cent.

cially with fiscal drag lessening as the year goes on. For example, government spending cut growth by 1.3 percentage points and 0.8 percentage points in the previous two quarters, but

The overall view after these adjustments is that of an economy moving in the right direction but mired in a sluggish recovery that prevents it from bringing down unemployment quickly. Nevertheless, it appears that the economy is gradually picking up steam espe-

this was reduced to 0.1 per cent in the second quarter. The overall view is that growth will do better in the second half of the year although the increase could be adversely affected by the growth of 0.4 per cent in inventories and the possibility of sluggish growth in em-

ployment. The better-than-expected second quarter GDP numbers (while low) had the effect of pushing up interest rates, but this was reversed with the employment numbers on Friday. This initial increase in interest rates had little effect on currencies except on the Japanese yen, which fell from 98.3 to 99.5 on August 1, staying above 99 Friday. But, somewhat surprisingly, the major traded currencies rose over the month of July with the euro rising 2.3 per cent when most investors would have thought the euro would go the other way. Also, as China slowed down and there were worries about Chinese banks, currencies in the Far East generally fell. This was particularly the case for the Australian dollar, which fell two per cent in the month and over 15 per cent from April. In addition, the slowdown in China and reduction in the demand for commodities had a generally negative effect on South American currencies with the Brazilian real falling more than 12 per cent this year despite rising interest rates. The Indian rupee fell to over 60 in July and again this resulted in rising interest rates. Interestingly, Barclays and Deutsche Bank both revealed plans this week to meet the “leverage ra-

tio” demanded by supervisors. Barclay’s announced a £5.8 billion rights issue, will borrow £2 million of hybrid debt, and shrink assets. Deutsche Bank confirmed a plan to reduce its balance sheet by up to 20 per cent and to do this soon to satisfy the requirements of the supervisors. In overseas news, Dr Mario Draghi said the euro-area is through the worst and interest rates would then be kept low for the foreseeable future. The Bank of England kept quantitative easing at £375 billion with interest rates unchanged and with GDP growth in the second quarter of 2013 at 0.6 per cent, twice the level of the first quarter. China’s government pledged to keep growth at a “reasonable” level which is generally anticipated to be 7.5 per cent. The battle, particularly between Dr Larry Summers and Dr Janet Yellen, to succeed Dr Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve has really escalated in the last two weeks. There are articles on both sides of the Atlantic about the choice and now President Barack Obama has put in his two cents. Being chairman of a central bank is clearly viewed as critically important and definitely worth having. Watch this space as President Obama will not make a decision for several weeks!



ATM scamp caught on camera A Republic Bank account holder is seeking the public’s assistance to identify a man who stole his Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card and more importantly, money from his account. Speaking to Guyana Times on Friday, Deandre Anderson said he visited the bank’s New Market Street branch on July 20 about 08:10h to make a withdrawal. He explained that he collected the cash and left in a hurry, as his young children were waiting on

him. In his rush, Anderson forgot to end the transaction and left his card in the ATM machine, providing a man with whom he crossed paths in the bank with the means and opportunity to have full access to his account. The man withdrew $63,000 from Anderson’s account. According to Anderson, he reported the matter to the Brickdam Police Station and with the station’s assistance, he was able to acquire video footage from Republic Bank

showing the culprit withdrawing the money from his account. “I know it is not anybody else who was in the bank with me, because from the footage I got from the bank, it showed that it’s a man who I crossed paths with. While I was going out, he was going in,” Anderson told this publication. The Republic Bank account holder said while the financial institution has promised to offer its assistance, it cannot source a name for the individual visible in the

footage, since he did not use his ATM card on the day in question. He said the police force told him that the bank’s help is integral in investigating the incident. Anderson believes enough time has passed for some evidence to be gathered that could lead to the man’s arrest. Anyone with information on the man’s whereabouts or his name is also being asked to contact the nearest police station or to call Anderson directly on cell number 678-0066.

Eyew tness No back door...


...for opposition

he early news from the People Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Congress, coming from the man who decides these things – from the horse’s mouth so to speak – is that the door has been slammed firmly shut in the face of the opposition as far as getting a piece of executive power is concerned. No power sharing!! President Donald Ramotar was in a pugnacious mood as he slipped seamlessly from the straitjacket of the presidential protocols to the head of the largest political party in the land. He could “tell it as it is” on a whole range of issues. The whole country can see by now that the opposition – emboldened by their one-seat majority in the National Assembly – spent the last two years ignoring the duties inherent in the leadership of that branch of government. But lusting 24/7 for the powers of the executive.  Take just one aspect of the assembly’s function – scrutinising the work of the government in real time. Four new sectoral committees were formed, which gave them the wherewithal to question every aspect of the executive’s performance – but these went into hibernation as the opposition preferred to “play president” and craft the budget!  Take the Amaila Falls hydro project. The Economic Services Committee (ESC) –  led and dominated by the opposition – could’ve called any member of the government or any of its agencies  to testify about it. They claim they don’t have experts to analyse the project technically (this hasn’t stopped them from mouthing off on any number of issues beyond their ken) but in the ESC, they’re entitled to hire experts to assist them in their analyses. But they refused to go that route, didn’t they?? After all, that would mean reading reports and asking questions out of the glare (and publicity) of the parliamentary floor. That would mean work – and that’s one four letter word that drives fear into the hearts of the opposition!!   No, they’d rather play “president”. After attempting to accommodate their egos in the tripartite talks, the very patient president finally accepted that short of him walking out of the Office of the President (OP), nothing else would please this opposition. We understand that in the first round of this gratuitous act of statesmanship on the part of the president, a fellow who used to be his water-boy in the day – but is now an “opposition leader” – asked to “try out” the presidential chair. He refused to participate in further tripartite talks after being rebuffed by the president. Well, looks like he’ll be pouting for another three years!!

...on local government

In the olden days, they used to talk about years in “scores” – with “one score” being 20 years. A full lifetime was said to be “three scores and ten” – that is 70 years. Well, it looks like the opposition want the country to fulfil a full score of years – almost one third of our lifetime – before we have local government elections (LGE). Remember that the last LGE was in 1994 and next year will be 2014. Think of it...there are probably a hundred thousand voters who know of no other mayor of Georgetown than Hamilton Green. But what makes this situation even more obscene is that while the opposition scream from one side of their mouths that they want LGE, they do everything in their power to prevent it from actually happening. Look at the last fiasco. The government swallowed hard and accepted the four bills on LGE to be placed on the order paper because they wanted LGE this year. Then the opposition out of the blue switches the bills around, forcing the government to balk.    And hanging Green for another year around our necks.

...for the Warriors!!

The Guyana Amazon Warriors have shown they intend to enter through the front door for a shot at the Limacol Caribbean Premier League trophy. Two wins in a row – and the highest net run-rate!! Go Warriors!! Hunt down that trophy!



SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

Billions being invested on improving road network along East Bank Demerara

Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali and his team during an inspection of road works on the East Bank Demerara

The Farm access road

lose to $10 billion is being invested into infrastructural improvements on the East Bank Demerara to alleviate the large volume of traffic along that corridor. Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali made this disclosure while he pointed to the benefits of the expansion underway with the development of additional housing schemes in that area. Congruent to the hous-

Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Project Manager Fazal Wahab, who accompanied the minister and his team, noted that the goal of the construction of the alternative roadways is to link Ogle to Providence and then as time and revenue permit, from Ogle to further down the East Bank. “This development is massive, it is over 4000 acres of land and at the end of it, we will see approximately 10 east to west connecting


ing development, the ministry has also undertaken to construct a series of “connecting” roads linking the schemes; among these are the access roads in Farm and Herstelling, where $2 billion has already been invested. During a tour of the area last week, Ali and his team of engineers inspected the works done on these feeder roads and reiterated the benefits of the additional network of roads linking the communities along the cor-

ridor. “This is the latest development of the East Bank Development Infrastructure Project, this one of six 25 foot roads that will stretch all the way from Diamond to various points; we will have six of those. This one is an 18 foot road goes all the way down to the high voltage dam where the main collector’s road will be,” Ali explained as he inspected the works completed at Farm. Meanwhile, Central

roads. So far we have identified six connecting roads going all the way initially from Diamond-Herstelling area and then linking there to go on to Eccles. That would significantly take the burden off the existing East Bank Road congestion, not only to serve that purpose, but will also integrate the community from Diamond all the way to Eccles.” Wahab revealed too that at the end of the construction phase, commuters can expect

PPP/C hasn’t strayed from Dr Jagan’s ideals... “In fact, they have voted down pretty much everything they can find that is ambitious, planned and good for the people of Guyana.”

Uncaring and unfit to lead

He said the opposition has made it abundantly clear that they do not care about the people of Guyana as a whole or even the people who supported them. Ramotar explained that this was evident last year in Linden, where they conspired to foster disruptions and unrest that impacted in a hugely negative way on the life and businesses of

their supposed constituents. The deaths that occurred there were a tragedy, he said, noting that his heart goes out to their families. This year again, he said the opposition continued to demonstrate that they are unfit to lead Guyana, noting that the budget was developed to bolster economic growth, create thousands of new jobs and put in place the building blocks for the future of Guyana, yet the opposition stalled Parliament and put the brakes on development, by cutting $31 billion from the budget. “I understand and sym-

pathise with many Guyanese I meet who daily come up to tell me, ‘Mr President – Parliament not working, boy’, and  ‘Parliament messing up things’, and that is relating to some of the less colourful statements I have

heard. “This is a serious issue. In fact, it is a wound on the body politic of our nation. It is a wound and one that is festering and reopening every time a sensible, moral and costed develop-

ment project is stalled because the opposition wants to hold back progress, or the cheap publicity or promoting agendas inimical to our people. “We have to resist these acts vigorously.

to utilise roadways that will be completed above the international standard of a 12foot carriageway. He said too that the road will definitely allow for easier access to the East Coast and Georgetown, saving commuters valuable time. The Housing Ministry is currently paving all the main roads leading into various schemes; this will be followed by the resurfacing of the internal roads as occupancy increases.

from page 3

“We must therefore rise, reorganise and rebuild – as someone once said – share ideas, define the points of disagreement and overcome these while continuing to deliver development for all,” Ramotar said.

10 news

SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

Tears of an exPPCEE… S

atiricus was nothing if not Guyanese. And that meant the three passions of his life were cricket, politics and, of course, spirituous drinks. And in case his wife reads this, she pips them all!! So Satiricus was in pig’s heaven with the Guyana Amazon Warriors starting off with such a bang, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) congress going on in Berbice and, of course, drinks with the boys in the Providence stands. How sweet it is!! And here it was, in his sweaty palms, the diary of the Naga Man, filched by his trusty niece, Leelawatee, maid to the opposition. Satiricus was just wondering what was going on in the mind of the Naga Man – who spent five decades with the PPCEE – and was now salivating from the outside looking in. Well, now he’ll find out... Dear Diary, You gon got to excuse me if me handwritin’ lil shaky. Imagine congress going on right here in Berbice and Ah out. Ah had to take a few drinks to steady me hands. Well more than a few, to tell the truth. And you know Ah does always tell you the truth, DD. Was really a whole bottle of El Dorado. But it wasn’t the same like when Ah used to tek a drink in the night after the congress sessions. Man, we supporters used to prepare that bunjal duck, so goooood! These KFC people cyaan match them. I wonder why they only preparin’ fried chicken? Like they think we is the other KFC or what? But DD, is not only the drinking and the cutters Ah miss. Ah miss going around and telling all them delegates how Cheddi train me and Ah was he successor. That was how Ah used to get plenty votes more than RR. He now talking like how he was de one to pick up Cheddi crown. But PPCEE democratic – people got to vote for you. Nobody used to vote for RR. The man never could mix with people. He was so stiff, was like he stick a steel rod up he behind! You got to excuse me language, DD, but you know how I cyaan stand RR? Because he was a lawyer, he always used to play like he bigger than the rest of we. And to tell the truth again, DD, that was why I went to law school in me old age. I secretly wanted to play like I was bigger and better than all them people at congress. And Ah know if I was a lawyer and a drinka, who could stop me? Especially when Ah know Ah gon get bunjal duck at night. But all that done, DD. Ah never think they woulda pick Gandhi ahead of me to be president. What the hell Ah was to do after spending all that time with little boys and girls in law school? Ah had to walk. But look how much fun Ah missing. Excuse me DD. Ah got to knock down another bottle of rum. It’s rum till Ah die!!

East Canje labourer granted bail for fraudulent conversion


n East Canje labourer has been placed on $45,000 bail when he appeared before Magistrate Rhondell Weaver on a charge of fraudulent conversion. Keshna Pema of Canefield, East Canje appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court on Friday to answer to a charge which states that he was entrusted with five gold rings valued at $90,000

by Hamza Khan. Police Prosecutor Phillip Sherriff told the court that Khan converted the property to his own use and benefit. However, the 35-year-old accused told the court that he did not use the rings for his own benefit. According to him, the gold rings were misplaced. After allowing per trial liberty to Pema, the court ordered him to return to court on August 30.


SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

12 news

sunDAY, AUGUST 4, 2013 |

Amaila Falls project a unique opportunity for Guyana – employees


he Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP) is Guyana’s largest transformational venture that has presented an exceptional opportunity for many to be involved in a historic achievement. This was the view expressed by several of those employed on the construction of the access road to the proposed site in Region Eight. Among those working towards the building of what is expected to be Guyana’s largest and most expensive project is Environmental Officer Sherilyn Innis. The University of Guyana grad-

A section of the Amaila Falls project access road

Environmental Officer Sherilyn Innis on one of the Amaila Falls’ access road

uate enjoys the unique position of being the only female, thus far, employed in a formerly, traditionally, male dominated position. Her responsibility covers sections three, four, five, six and seven of the access road currently under construction. There are challenges as they progress, she said, but these are being tackled meaningfully. “We have some erosion issues due to the weather, some health and safety issues with workers as some of them are not accustomed to wearing safety gear and we have to explain the importance of this. We constantly monitor the quality of water in adjacent waterways such as streams and creeks and we also are

dealing with wildlife fragmentation. To deal with this, we clear a 10-metre gap for every 50 metres of roadway that is built to allow wildlife to transit and now we are seeing them using the gaps,” Innis said. The 23-year-old said while she has been the only female employed on this phase of the project that is not a cook, it has not been difficult due to the fact that during her classes at the University of Guyana, she was in the field for practical training and experience. She said, “It’s not new territory.” Innis said that the AFHP is one which is needed by the nation. “I think it’s a very good project and all

Guyanese should support it.” For Toolsie Persaud Limited’s Camp Manager, Gerald Alvin Mc Intyre, it is a chance to be part of the nation’s history on an undertaking that he described as being long overdue. “Since I was young, we have been hearing about hydro and with all the water resources that we have it’s time we get this done. We should get our act together, it’s not a PPP project, and it’s a national project, that’s why I’m here to give my contribution to the Guyanese people.” McIntyre, with decades of experience in Guyana’s hinterland, said that the weather has affected the pace of road construction, but he is confident that the completion deadline of December 31 for the access road will be met. “When the rain falls heavily, it can delay us about two to three days, but we recently had a meeting and it was suggested that we work up to 11 pm once possible to push it through.” Dozens of Guyanese are employed on the AFHP access road construction in various sections, and many of them hope that once completed, Guyana can have its largest hydro power plant supplying the nation with cheap, reliable and clean power.

Hospital staffers on $700,000 bail for stealing insulin


wo staff members of the New Amsterdam Hospital have been placed on a total of $700,000 bail for stealing insulin from the institution. The duo appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court on Friday, charged for breaking and entering the government facility and stealing the drug. Joel Davison, an office assistant employed at the New Amsterdam Hospital and Michael Anthony Wharton, a porter working at the same institution pleaded not guilty to the charge. According to Police Prosecutor Phillip Sherriff, on July 29, the men broke

into the hospital and stole 220 bottles of insulin valued at $245,580, property of the Health Ministry. Wharton told Magistrate Rhondell Weaver that his brother-in-law gave him a bag containing the insulin. “I went to collect something from him but I did not know that it was insulin.” The 21-year-old of Alexander Street, New Amsterdam said he was never charged before. Davidson of Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme told the court that he had a spiral injury. According to the 34-year-old, he is awaiting a date for surgery. Magistrate Weaver

placed the men on $350,000 bail each and ordered that they return to court on August 30. Meanwhile, Amba Lees, a licensed pharmacist of Independence Avenue, Rose Hall Town appeared before the same magistrate on a charge of receiving stolen property. Sherriff told the court that Amber bought the 220 bottles of insulin on July 29 from Davidson at her business place. The 32-year-old Lees pleaded not guilty and was placed on $250,000 bail. Her case has been transferred to the Albion Magistrate's Court and will come up again on August 29.




Ex-soldier commits suicide after hammering wife to death A n ex-soldier on Saturday morning hammered his wife to death in their Jonestown, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home and then took his own life. Vanessa RichmondJames, 26, of 125 Jonestown, Mahaica ECD was discovered on Saturday morning about 06:00h by her sister who went to check on her after receiving news that her brother-in-law ingested a poisonous substance. Richmond’s husband, Ryan James, 30, reportedly collapsed in a neighbour’s yard after informing them that he ingested weedicides, which were stored in his bathroom. He was rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, while the woman was found on her bed with her throat slit and several stab wounds on the

back. Her hands and feet were bound. Police investigators have since taken possession of a bloodstained hammer from the scene which is suspected to be one of the murder weapons use to commit the act. At the house of the murdered woman on Saturday morning, her mother, Shelia Lewis explained that her daughter visited her on Friday evening at her house to plait her hair in preparation for a wedding on Saturday. She said during their discussions, her daughter informed her that she wanted to end the relationship with James, but as a mother, she encouraged her to stay “for the sake” of the couple’s twoyear old son.


Her daughter, she noted complained of James’ insecurity, noting that he would return home every afternoon

the neighbour called he mother who tek he to the hospital… I draw on meh clothes and rushed to the neighbour house who tell me fuh go look for Vanessa… I sent meh daughter and she start scream and tell me to come in de house.”

Gruesome scene

Murdered housewife: Vanessa Richmond

and questioned their son. “He would come home and find out from he son, how much time the phone ring… who called… where Vanessa went… who she left with… what she wear… why she didn’t answer the landline and de list go on,” the aggrieved mother stated. She said after plaiting

Ryan James with his son in happier times

her hair, her daughter left for her home and went to her in-laws to drop off her son to spend the night there since she had intentions of attending the “queh queh”. The distraught mother said later in the night, she received a telephone call from her daughter enquiring about her location. “I tell she I home and she can go ahead… she and she husband left for the function and we went later,” she added. Close to midnight, Lewis stated that her daughter informed her that she was leaving. “I stay back and

then left about 03:00h; I went to the market and meh husband nephew come collect we and drop we home… so whilst home, we had to pass meh daughter house so I called out fuh she but I ain’t get no answer, but the house light went on… so I went home and drop meh self on the bed,” she revealed. About 06:00h, she was awakened by her nephew’s voice calling at the gate and got up to find out what he wanted. “He seh that Vanessa husband drink poison and

Lewis went on to say that upon entering her daughter’s house, she saw Vanessa’s lifeless body on the bed with her face covered with a pillow, a cloth in her mouth and her hands and feet tied. As investigators arrived on the scene, they confirmed that the woman was lashed to head and her back bore several holes which indicated that she was stabbed. The body of the woman was removed and taken to the Lyken’s Funeral Home where it is awaiting a postmortem examination. Guyana Times was able to see Vanessa’s diary and in it contained several accusations of infidelity made by her husband. James was a cash crop farmer while Vanessa was a housewife, who looked after their kitchen garden. The couple dated for several years, but they got married about two years ago even though their relationship was rocky, sources say.

Digicel introduces $30 roaming rate


igicel, the leading mobile communications provider in Guyana on Friday announced that the company has introduced a special roaming rate of only $30 to its subscribers. This special rate is available to customers roaming in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. In order to access the $30 roaming rate, customers must subscribe to this service by dialing *130#. Subscription fee costs $2000 for a one week plan. The $30 rate applies to both voice calls and text messages while the data charge is 10c per kilobyte. Digicel head of Marketing, Jacqueline James commented that “Digicel is ecstatic about this new offer since it will be beneficial to many customers.” “Persons no longer have to turn off their phones when they travel because Digicel is making roaming affordable. We would like to encourage persons to take advantage of this amazing new deal. Signing up is very simple and both pre-paid and post-paid customers can enjoy this new $30 to roam offer,” James added. The $30 roaming rate, which is the lowest rate offered by any network in Guyana, is applicable to the

Digicel's head of marketing, Jacqueline James

following networks: Digicel, AT&T, U.S.A., T Mobile, U.S.A., Rogers Canada, Bell Canada, Telus Canada and Wind Canada. After 11 years of operation, Digicel Group Limited has over 13 million customers across its 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and the best network. Digicel is the lead sponsor of Caribbean, Central American and Pacific sports teams, including the Special Olympics teams throughout these regions. Digicel sponsors the West Indies cricket team and is also the title sponsor of the Digicel Caribbean Cup. In

the Pacific, Digicel is the proud sponsor of several national rugby teams and also sponsors the Vanuatu cricket team. Digicel also runs a host of community-based initiatives across its markets and has set up Digicel Foundations in Jamaica, Haiti and Papua New Guinea which focus on educational, cultural and social development programmes. In 2004, Digicel developed Digicel Rising Stars – an annual talent show to support aspiring young music artists in the Caribbean. The show has spanned the Eastern Caribbean, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago ranking as one of the top-rated shows. Digicel is incorporated in Bermuda and its markets comprise: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, El Salvador, Fiji, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Nauru, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Vanuatu. Digicel also has coverage in St Martin and St Barts in the Caribbean.



Around the World

Warner’s win draws Afghan attack targets Indian mission foreign attention


arliamentarians are not immune from extradition. That was the comment given to the Miami Herald newspaper by Peter Carr, a spokesman for the United States Department of Justice, following former National Security Minister Jack Warner’s successful re-election as the Member of Parliament for the Chaguanas West constituency on Monday. Carr gave the comment as the newspaper highlighted Warner’s election victory despite the fact that several allegations of bribery and corruption during his tenure in FIFA and CONCACAF still hang over his head, and the fact that he is the subject of an FBI investigation. Responding to questions

Jack Warner

about the allegations over Warner’s head and the FBI probe, Carr said the U.S. Department of Justice does not comment on cases under investigation. But he

noted that “parliamentarians are not immune from extradition”. Warner’s victory received international attention, with news outlets as far as New Zealand reporting on the election results. Warner, who was also the chairman of the United National Congress, resigned from his posts and his seat in Parliament in April, after a damning report on his tenure at CONCACAF, which was prepared by Sir David Simmons. Warner has since threatened to sue Simmons over the report. Following his resignation, Warner formed the Independent Liberal Party and beat the government’s candidate, Khadijah Ameen, in a landslide victory on Monday. (Excerpt from Trinidad


into turmoil. Recognising for the first time the strength of popular protest against his one-year rule, Morsi’s allies said on Saturday they respected the demands of millions who took to the streets before his overthrow. A spokesman said the Morsi camp, which has refused to abandon weeks of sit-in protests until he is reinstated, wanted a solution that would “respect all popular desires”. They told envoys from the United States

Jalalabad has seen frequent attacks in the past

Also, an eyewitness told the BBC that one of the suspected bombers asked him directions to the consulate immediately before the attack. Hashimi said two of the attackers wearing vests laden with explosives got out of the car and were immediately fired upon by police. The remaining occupant

of the car then blew it up, he told Reuters news agency. A large crater was visible in the road after the explosion, which heavily damaged houses and local shops. It is not clear who was behind the attack. Jalalabad has frequently been the target of militant attacks, including a bomb blast at the airport last year. (Excerpt from BBC News)


Conciliatory tones in Egypt as envoys seek to avert bloodbath

gypt’s army-backed rulers and allies of its deposed Islamist president gave the first signs of a readiness to compromise on Saturday, pressed by Western envoys trying to head off more bloodshed. Faced with the threat of a crackdown on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, diplomacy appeared to pick up pace, a month to the day since Egypt’s army deposed President Mohamed Morsi and plunged the country


uicide bombers have targeted the Indian consulate in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, killing at least nine civilians. Three bombers drove up in a car before detonating their explosives, police said. Gunfire was heard for an hour after the blast which took place at 10:00h local time (06:30h GMT). Most of the victims were from a nearby mosque. Indian officials say none of their citizens were hurt. At least 23 people, among them children, were injured in the Jalalabad attack, according to the police. Deputy police chief of Nangarhar province Masum Khan Hashimi said the blast, close to a mosque, had been a failed attempt to attack the Indian consulate.

and the European Union that they reject any role in a political settlement for army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led Morsi’s ouster, and want the constitution he suspended to be restored. “I respect and hold in regard the demands of the masses that went out on June 30, but I will not build on the military coup,” spokesman Tarek El-Malt told Reuters, relaying what the pro-Morsi delegation had told the envoys. (Excerpt from Reuters)

UWI to offer short course on reparations


course on reparations, looking at the issue of compensation for slavery in the Caribbean, will shortly be offered at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona. The course is being designed by lecturer in the Department of Government in Political Philosophy and Culture, Dr Clinton Hutton. Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank on Wednesday, Dr Hutton disclosed that the curriculum will examine the argument for reparation within a his-

torical context. He said it is important to educate the Caribbean population about the issues of slavery and reparation, as many young people still do not see a connection between themselves and their enslaved ancestors. “In other words, they are unable to feel empathy for their own ancestors,” he stated, noting that the same lack of feeling displayed for our ancestors is the same that the Europeans had towards black people. Dr Hutton said that dur-

ing his lectures, some students have argued that the reason their foreparents were enslaved was because they were uneducated. He argued, however, that some of the people who came across the Middle Passage were state makers, scientists and highly skilled individuals. “In fact, the reason for Europeans going to Africa was that Africa was rich in tropical agriculture and not because of the physical makeup of our ancestors,” he stated. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)


SUNDAY, august 4, 2013 |



The Guyana Annual Magazine launched No arrest made for

Petamber Persaud


he Guyana Annual Magazine published by Guyenterprise Advertising Agency and edited by Petamber Persaud was launched on Friday. The glossy 2012 to

2013 edition of the magazine was at Guyenterprise Limited, Irving and Lance Gibbs streets, Georgetown. The publication was identified as an important instrument for Guyana’s literary fraternity. This edition features pieces on copyright, cricket, and music and its relation to literature and cinema. The volume has been dedicated to outstanding Guyanese writer ER Braithwaite, the author of the famous novel “To Sir with Love”. Speaking at the launch, Persaud said literary work in Guyana is often not given the recognition it deserves, and hopes that the launch will somewhat address this problem.

“We hope this launch will help the Annual and other literary matters go a far way in Guyana.” Persaud also disclosed that soon the magazine will be available online; however, the printed publication will not be discontinued. “We will print the magazine in the printed format as always, but we have to move with the time so the annual will be going online.” Meanwhile, patron of The Guyana Annual Magazine, Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh noted that the magazine suffered a hiatus over the last few years due to lack of funding, but said with perseverance from Vic Insanally, it was launched again.

He too said literary and the creative arts do not get many sponsors. “It is always a challenge to get quality material and to get it done well.” The magazine which was founded in 1915 will mark its centenary anniversary in 2015. It was founded in 1915 under the title The Chronicle Christmas Annual, later referred to as the Christmas Annual. Over the years, it has gone through various modifications to meet the needs of consumers. The magazine costs $1000 and copies are available at Austin’s Books Store. If purchase is made in bulk, it will be sold at half price. It will also be sold to schools at half price.

Pensioner severely beaten by bandits A security guard was admitted a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was severely beaten by bandits on Friday at his workplace in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The injured man, who was identified as Fredrick Minty, 65, of Sheet Anchor Canje was discovered in a pool of blood by his colleague Suraj Bootoon. Guyana Times understands that about 08:00h on Friday morning, Bootoon went to take over from the

elderly man, but instead found him lying on the compound with his face swollen and bruises about his body. Upon enquiring, Bootoon was told that while Minty was on duty on Thursday evening, he was attacked by two men who dealt him several lashes about his body. They also took away the man’s bicycle, a backpack and other personal items and made good their escape. Bootoon reportedly raised an alarm which led to public-spirited citizens rendering assistance to the in-

jured man who was subsequently taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital for treatment. He was later referred to Georgetown Public Hospital for additional treatment.

Shooting incident

Meanwhile, as police continue their investigation into the shooting of Terachand Harripersaud of Lot 134 Clifton Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice on Friday evening, one man has been arrested and is assist-

ing with investigations. It was reported that Harripersaud and a friend went to make checks on a washroom in their yard after hearing unusual sounds. As they approached the washroom, three unidentified men confronted them; one who was armed with a small gun jumped out of the facility and discharged a round in their direction, hitting Harripersaud to his left hand. The suspects reportedly rode away while Harripersaud was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital, where he was seen by a doctor and transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was admitted.

Mocha murder


olice are still to make an arrest for the murder of Delon Melville, 26, of Lot 134 Nelson Street, Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara, who was discovered dead behind the village three days after he went missing. As the police continue their investigations, it was revealed that the numbers used to call relatives of the dead might have belonged to someone residing in Herstelling while another caller is most likely from the East Coast Demerara. According to information received, the last person that spoke with the dead man remains tightlipped, but Guyana Times understands that the teenager and Melville were close friends and he might have confided in her about his lifestyle. The relatives believed that the person who telephoned the young man on Monday evening is known to him as he would not have left home, but cannot say what occurred afterwards. Investigators also believed that more than one person might have been involved in the young man’s murder. A relative of the dead man stated that the postmortem is expected to be performed on Monday and this will be followed by his funeral. The relative said preparations are being made for the funeral, noting that the killer(s) will be pursued after. Melville will be laid to rest on Monday. His body was discovered about a mile away from

Murdered: Delon Melville

the village with several stab wounds about his body. There were also signs of his head being shaved at the back and his two legs were broken. He was naked and a white vest was wrapped around his neck, partly covering his face. This discovery has left villagers shocked and they are pondering who might have wanted to cause harm to the young man since he was an easy going person who always participated in church activities. Since the young man’s disappearance on Monday, relatives have contacted the police. They reportedly solicited a letter from the police to produce to Digicel in order to have a number traced. The man’s body was found about 06:30h by two teenagers who were made aware of a decomposed body due to a heavy stench. Relatives recognised him by a band he was wearing and a birthmark on his leg. Melville leaves to mourn his two sisters and a brother.




49 children receive hampers MADEIN592.COM fashion company to be launched at diabetes youth camp


Some of the participants at the Health Ministry’s Annual Diabetes Youth Camp on Saturday at the Splashmin’s Fun Park, with Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud and staff of the Health Ministry


ome 49 children with type one diabetes have received hampers when the Health Ministry hosted its Annual Diabetes Youth Camp on Saturday at the Splashmin’s Fun Park. Each hamper costs about $40,000. The hampers distributed included glucometers, test strips, lancets, prep pads, novo pens and novo fine needles. The kind gesture is intended to aid the children in the management of their illness. Both the children and their guardians were invited to participate in the weekend activity which ends today, to learn more about their illness and ways to maintain their health. Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud, who distributed the hampers to the youths and provided medical advice to their parents, said the initiative though simple, is significant in the view of the ministry. “Type one diabetes is a priority and we constantly try to ensure children who

have this disease get the right supplies and the right management so that they can grow up and be productive adults.” He recalled that many years ago, numerous persons passed away due to type one diabetes, emphasising that now they have an opportunity to live a full life and make meaningful contributions to society due to the medication available today. The type one diabetes medication was procured through the Sponsor a Child Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Health Ministry and the private sector. Meanwhile, several parents who spoke with Guyana Times expressed gratitude for the help received. Poonamdai Marendre, a young mother who has a son in the programme said since her boy started getting the correct dosage of medication, he is doing better in school. “I think this is a wonderful programme,” she told

this publication, noting that her family cannot afford all the medication to treat her son’s illness. Malcom Johnson who has two daughters also lauded the initiative, so did Chrandrawattie Chandradat, a mother of an affected daughter. Some of the sponsors of the programme NEW GPC INC, Bounty Farm Limited, the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, Trans Guyana and Roraima Airways, among others. The initiative was launched in 2009 and is now part of the ministry’s annual programme.

partnership of Caribbean fashion and marketing experts will on August 5 launch MADEIN592.COM, a United States-based online fashion design and marketing company. MADEIN592.COM will design, market and sell exclusive, culturally rich Caribbean couture. Brands will be marketed through the company’s trademarked websites MADEIN592.COM, MADEIN868.COM and MADEIN876.COM. The website names and designs are derived from various countries’ telephone codes – a novel concept in fashion intended to capture diverse target markets. Guyana’s country code is 592, Trinidad and Tobago – 868 and Jamaica – 876. Designers Marcie De Santos, Keisha Edwards, Kateri Savory and Roshini Boodhoo have collaborated to create a unique tapestry of designs that express the richness of the Caribbean culture, to be highlighted in men’s and women’s wear. Management consultant Jermaine Warde and Marketing Executive Fahmi Waddell will bring cutting-edge management and sales techniques to MADEIN592. COM’s sales and marketing strategy. MADEIN592.COM founder Jermaine Warde noted that the company will use fashion to accentuate Caribbean culture and that the clothing and designs will rekindle and inspire the “Spirit of Caribbean”. He observed that the brands will be sold in Caribbean and international markets that embrace the Caribbean diaspora. MADEIN592.COM Sales and Marketing Vice President Fahmi Waddell revealed that

X2 member Adrian Dutchin displays one of the jerseys of MADEIN592.COM

the company's brands will demonstrate originality, quality of fabric, comfort, exquisiteness and exclusivity. Initial designs would include sports and casual wear as well as gym and swimwear, with other lines to follow. Designer Marcie De Santos is an award winning designer who has been honoured for her innovation in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the Caribbean. MADEIN592.COM will embark on an initiative to give back to various Caribbean countries through philanthropic action that foster social development in under-served communities.




By Bernice Bede Osol


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Don’t give up on something worthwhile that you’ve been pursuing. The results you’ve been hoping for could be much closer than you think.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Your mental acuity can be your greatest asset. If you think resourcefully, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the ability to interest the right people and get the help you need.

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)


You’ll have the rare knack of being able to turn an unusual development to your advantage. Once you get on a roll, you might do this in two or more instances.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Don’t delegate an important chore to a less-talented person. This can be a rewarding day for you, provided you select the right person to do the job – it might have to be you.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Don’t be hesitant in attempting to fulfil an important ambition. Numerous challenges will awaken all kinds of latent talents that you may not have known existed.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) You’ll figure out how to reach someone whom you’ve thought of as being cold and aloof. You’ve been misreading this individual, and will now find him or her warm and welcoming.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) his is an excellent day to make a long-contemplated change that could improve your finances. Once you iron out any wrinkles, make your move.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) If you feel that you have to make an important decision that involves others and could have farreaching effects, it’s important to have the courage of your convictions.



TAURUS (April 20May 20)


Allow your extremely perceptive mind to spot where your best chances for making a good profit lie. Your instincts should be right on the money, so pay attention to them.

A situation in which you’ve worked hard for something that is being denied you is likely to be rectified today. It pays to keep the faith.

GEMINI (May 21June 20)

Because you’ll work effectively in most group involvements today, try to avoid solitary pursuits. When all is said and done, the results will be exceptionally gratifying.

(Oct. 24Nov. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) Although you have established a valuable contact, thus far you haven’t handled a relationship to the best of your advantage, or even to the other party’s. Try to make up for lost time.



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31 schools in Region Four to undergo repairs


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Region Four Chairman Clement Corlette


ome 31 schools in Region Four are slated to undergo repairs to the tune of $61.5 million under the current expenditure programme of the region. Region Four Chairman Clement Corlette said the contracts for repairs on the schools were awarded earlier than usual and works have already started. But Corlette noted that the contractors are engaged in multiple works, which could hinder them from completing the work on the schools they are allotted. He noted that the Regional Democratic Council is monitoring the contractors to ensure they finish their work on time. Among the schools to be repaired are the Kuru Kuru, Soesdyke and Dora primaries and the Friendship, Soesdyke, Covent Garden and Grove secondaries and the Diamond Special Needs, among others on the East Bank Demerara. The Beterverwagting, Golden Grove, Ogle, Buxton and Melanie primary schools on the East Coast Demerara and others in the region are also listed to go under repairs. The repairs and construction works vary from school to school, according to Corlette. The works include repairs to bridges and fences, roofs, gutters, painting, electrical works and corrective maintenance. Meanwhile, under the education sector’s capital allocation in the 2013 budget, the sum of $62.9 million was allocated to fund several projects, of which $40.766 million will be spent on construction and rehabilitation of buildings. Some $7 million will also go towards the purchasing of land and water transport and $15.2 million for the purchase of furniture and educational equipment for schools. The repair works to the various schools, form part of the annual current expenditure programme of the administrative regions. Schools are catered for under their respective regional democratic councils.


August 4, 2013

Barbados Tridents beat Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel by four wickets in low-scoring encounter T he Barbados Tridents defeated the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel by four wickets in their

Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 match at Kensington Oval on Saturday night.

In a low-scoring affair, the TT Red Steel collapsed for a meagre 52 off 12.5 overs. Davy Jacobs top

scored with 13, while Ross Taylor contributed 11. Bowling for the Barbados Tridents, Shakib Al Hasan

grabbed six for six, Shannon Gabriel took two for 18, and Jason Holder supported with two for 19. In reply, Barbados Tridents struggled to 52 for six off eight overs, with Jonathan Carter top scor-

ing with 14. Ashley Nurse, 10 not out, and captain Kieron Pollard, four not out, saw their team home. In a fiery spell, Fidel Edwards took five for 22 for the Barbados Tridents.

Shakib Al Hasan makes a successful appeal for one of his six wickets which he picked up against the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel

SCOREBOARD Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel innings (20 overs maximum) DJ Jacobs c Shakib Al Hasan b Holder 13 JC Guillen c Shakib Al Hasan b Gabriel 0 DM Bravo c Pollard b Holder 1 LRPL Taylor lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 11 DJ Bravo* lbw b Shakib Al Has an 5 KJ O’Brien c Pollard b Shakib Al Hasan 9 N Pooran† c Pollard b Shakib Al Hasan 0 K Cooper b Shakib Al Hasan 0 S Badree b Shakib Al Hasan 1 SJ Benn c Carter b Gabriel 6 FH Edwards not out 1 Extras: (lb 2, w 3) 5 Total:(all out; 12.5 overs) 52 Fall of wickets:1-6 (Guillen, 1.5 ov), 2-15 (Jacobs, 2.4 ov), 3-25 (DM Bravo, 4.1 ov), 4-29 (Taylor, 5.1 ov), 5-40 (DJ Bravo, 9.1 ov), 6-40 (Pooran, 9.4 ov), 7-40 (Cooper, 9.6 ov), 8-43 (Badree, 11.1 ov), 9-46 (O’Brien, 11.6 ov), 10-52 (Benn, 12.5 ov) Bowling : JO Holder 4-0-19-2, ST Gabriel 2.5-0-18-2, Shakib Al

Hasan 4-1-6-6, RR Emrit 2-0-7-0 Barbados Tridents innings (target: 53 runs from 20 overs) DR Smith c †Pooran b Edwards 6 JL Carter b Edwards 14 Shoaib Malik c Taylor b Benn 5 KR Mayers c †Pooran b Edwards 3 Umar Akmal† c Taylor b Edwards 0 Shakib Al Hasan b Edwards 1 KA Pollard* not out 4 AR Nurse not out 10 Extras: (b 1, lb 1, w 7, nb 1) 10 Total: (6 wickets; 8 overs) 53 Did not bat: RR Emrit, JO Holder, ST Gabriel Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Carter, 1.3 ov), 2-26 (Smith, 1.6 ov), 3-30 (Shoaib Malik, 2.2 ov), 4-32 (Umar Akmal, 3.5 ov), 5-36 (Shakib Al Hasan, 5.1 ov), 6-39 (Mayers, 5.5 ov) Bowling: SJ Benn 3-0-251, FH Edwards 4-0-225, DJ Bravo 1-0-4-0 Limacol Super Six Award: Jonathan Carter Fastest Score Award: Ross Taylor Man of the Match: Shakib Al Hasan

Limacol CPL Points Table


sunDAY, AUGUST 4, 2013 |


august 4, 2013

Sarwan praises bowlers after win over Tallawahs By Rajiv Bisnauth


uyana Amazon Warriors captain Ramnaresh Sarwan credited the fine show by his bowlers and superb fielding as the reason for his side’s eight-wicket victory over Jamaica Tallawahs in game four of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League tournament played at the Guyana National Stadium on Friday evening. Sarwan said that a calm approach helped his side to win the much-anticipated match, adding that he is satisfied with the team’s impressive showing in the tournament thus far. “Full credit to the bowlers and I hope we continue doing well in their department in the remaining matches. Our fielding was also superb. In the first match, fielding let us down. But the fielding was spot-on in this game,” Sarwan said.

Guyana Amazon Warriors captain Ramnaresh Sarwan and Lendl Simmons

“The team responded well and the bowlers contributed really well to restrict Jamaica to a small total,” Sarwan said. He said taking wickets in the first 10 overs had also helped his side in winning the match.

Tallawahs openers Ahmed Shehzad and Chris Gayle were dismissed cheaply in the Powerplay overs, and then three wickets in three overs saw the Tallawahs slipping from 39-2 to 45-5 at the end of the 10th over.

“We had five wickets in the first 10 overs. That has helped us in winning the match,” Sarwan said. “I thought it was important to be aggressive on the field and keep up the energy level. Hope we continue this,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 33-yearold Sarwan also praised the batting department, especially Man-of-the-Match Lendl Simmons. The local franchise reached the victory target of 118, with 33 balls to spare with the right-hander Simmons smashing a forceful 67 not out from 44 balls. “It’s good that Simmons is taking the responsibility. He has been someone who has been consistent of recent. It is good that a batsman has been in consistent form so others can revolve around him,” said the skipper. Simmons, on the other hand, expressed his satisfaction after playing the winning knock. “It’s always good to contribute, I decided to just play positive and I came out on my side. I played in Guyana before so I know how the pitches played here,” Simmons said. Jamaica Tallawahs’ head

coach Paul Nixon admitted that his side was totally outplayed in all departments. “From the start we made too many mistakes. We lost too many early wickets and we were left to play catch up game. Honestly the Warriors played their A game,” Nixon said. Meantime, Sarwan said his team will be taking the momentum to avoid any sort of complacency in Sunday’s game against St Lucia Zouks. “We must continue hard as a team, every game we play we must try to improve and at the same time look at executing our plans so we will be in a better position to win the game” “We can’t afford any complacency,” Sarwan opined. The Warriors will face Darren Sammy’s St Lucia Zouks this evening at 20:00h at the stadium. Prior to that, the Jamaica Tallawahs will face the Antigua Hawksbills from 15:00h.

Eastman wins Seven Seas feature cycling race By Avenash Ramzan


eddes Grant (Guyana) Limited, through its Seven Seas range of products, concluded its 10th annual 11race cycling programme on Saturday, with Lindener Hamzah Eastman winning the feature 35-lap School Boys and Invitational race at the inner circuit of the National Park. In a sprint finish, Eastman, riding out of United Cycle Club, pipped club mate Mario King to win the main race in one hour, 18 minutes, 56 seconds (01h: 18m: 56s). Wazim Gafoor, Chris Persaud, Orville Hinds and Marlon Williams rounded out the top six finishers in that order. Eastman and Persaud collected two prime prizes each, while there was one each for Godfrey Pollydore, Gafoor, Akeem Arthur and King. The BMX riders started the day’s proceedings with Sherwin Sampson, Jeremiah Harrison and Alex Leung finishing 1-23 in the 6-9 years, with Rashidi Ceres beating off the challenge of Ammo Gones and Sampson to win the 9-12 category. The BMX 12-14 was won by Raphael Leung with Deeraj Garbarran and Rawle Small coming in second and third respectively. Jamal John got the better of Cleveland King and Christopher Griffith in the BMX Open. John returned to cop the 12-14 Boys and Girls race ahead of R. Leung and Alfie Soonaram, with Jason Jordan taking the prime prize. Junior Niles, Kennard Lovell and Shameer shared

Feature race winner Hamzah Eastman collects his prize from Product Specialist Karen Arms aloft! Hamzah Eastman celebrates his victory as the other riders tussle Cornell of Geddes Grant (Guyana) Limited for the remaining positions

The outstanding riders pose with their winnings at the conclusion of the day’s activities

the three top positions in that order in the Veterans Under-50 race; Preston Stanley prevailed over Virgil Jones in the Veterans Over-50. Maurice Fagundes was the lone entrant for the Veterans Over-60 event. Michael Anthony of Team Coco (Guyana) won the Juveniles race, with Eastman and Arthur ending in second and third positions respectively, with Shaquille Agard pocketing the prime prize.

Stephano Husbands carted of the Mountain Bike race, finishing ahead of Keon Thomas and Julio Melville in that order. Karen Cornell, Product Specialist of Geddes Grant (Guyana) Limited, was on hand to assist in the presentation of prizes to the outstanding riders, also committing her company’s support for cycling in the future. Cyclists, officials and spectators were also afford-

ed the opportunity to sample Seven Seas’ wide range of products, while staff members of the company were on hand to explain the benefits of their products for a healthy lifestyle. The riders were also presented with hampers, compliments of Seven Seas. Meanwhile, riders will be in action again this morning for the annual Regan Rodrigues Memorial 50-mile road race on the West Demerara roadways

from 08:00h. The race will commence from Wales Police Station, proceed to Bushy Park on the East Bank of Essequibo before returning to the Demerara Harbour Bridge for the finish. The first six finishers will receive prizes, while the top three in the juniors, veteran, mountain bike and female categories will also be rewarded. There will also be a prize for the top rider over 60 years.

Eight prime prizes will also be up for grabs during the course of the race. The experienced Robin Persaud is the defending champion of the Open race, having won last year’s event in a time of one hour, 52 minutes, 41.21 seconds (01h: 52m: 41.21s). A new champion will emerge in the junior division since last year’s winner Raynauth Jeffrey has moved to the senior ranks. Talim Shaw, Naomi Singh and Walter Isaacs are the defending champions of the veteran, female and veteran over-60 categories respectively. The day’s activities are being sponsored by Ricks and Sari Agro Industries Limited, whose staff and family members of the late Rodrigues will assist in the distribution of prizes at the conclusion. At the time of his death on August 4, 2004, Rodrigues was president of the Carlton Wheelers Cycle Club. He was also the former president of the Guyana Cycle Federation and motor racing champion.


SUNday, august 4, 2013 |

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

August 4, 2013 TOP SCORES

Australia 280 & 174-6 (Rogers 52, Broad 2-34) need 137 more runs to beat England 215 & 375

Confident Amazon Warriors hunting third win tonight against St Lucia Zouks …Tallawahs face Hawksbills

By Avenash Ramzan


iding high on confidence after two consecutive victories and sitting pretty in pole position, Guyana Amazon Warriors will collide with the St Lucia Zouks in the feature match of a doubleheader when action in the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) continues tonight at the Guyana National Stadium. While Amazon Warriors will be hunting a third successive win to solidify their position as one of the tournament favourites, the Zouks will look to get their campaign back on track after losing their opening game to the Barbados Tridents by 17 runs. Coach of the Amazon Warriors, Roger Harper, speaking to local media on the eve of the match, refrained from making any bold predictions, noting that his team’s approach will be no different from the previous two games. “Our game plan remains the same. We’ve won all our games by playing good basic cricket and that is what we plan to do tomorrow [today],” Harper commented. Following a 19-run win over the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel last Wednesday to get their campaign underway, the Amazon Warriors completely outplayed the Jamaica Tallawahs, crushing them by eight wickets on Friday. The flawless start injected a tremendous amount of confidence in the camp, and that is something Harper is hoping to use to his advantage going forward in the tournament. “We played well in all departments on Friday night and we would like to continue in that vein and even take it up a notch,” the former West Indies vice-captain pointed out. He added, “We’re delighted to be in the position we’re in, but we know our next game is always our most important so we’re doing our

Amazon Warriors Coach Roger Harper

St Lucia Zouks Coach Andy Roberts

Jamaica Tallawahs Coach Paul Nixon

Antigua Hawksbills Coach Sir Vivian Richards

best to focus on that.” Harper’s counterpart in the St Lucia Zouks camp, Andy Roberts, is optimistic the Darren Sammy led franchise can rebound from their opening loss. According to the former

good game against Barbados, but we let it slip in about five minutes on either side, bowling and batting, and that’s when the game got away from us,” Roberts recalled. With a few days to rectify their mistakes from the first

same as the first 10 overs. Also batting; our first 10 overs were in comparison to any team. I think we had a good start, but once again we let it slip. I think it’s lack of confidence in some of the batsmen,” Roberts acknowl-

seemingly crusing to victory at 90-2 in 10 overs before a massive collapse saw them being dismissed for 152. The Zouks would no doubt want to remedy that situation tonight, but in

edged. In that game, the St Lucia Zouks had the Barbados Tridents at 48-4 in the eighth over before a Kieron Pollard blitz and a solid 78 from Shoaib Malik took them to 169-5. The Zouks were then

their path is a rampant Amazon Warriors looking to end their home games with an unblemished record in front of another sold out crowd. The action will bowl off at 20:00 hours. Meanwhile, the Jamaica

The St Lucia Zouks planning their strategy ahead of today’s game

West Indies fast bowling great, it was a just a few moments of lapses that caused their demise in the opening match of the tournament on Tuesday. “Well, we’re confident you know. We’re fairly confident because we played a fairly

game, Roberts pointed out some of the areas that were given added attention in the lead-up to today’s crucial encounter. “We had lacked intensity while we were out in the field between overs number 10 and 20. It wasn’t the

Tallawahs and Antigua Hawksbills will look to register their first win of the Limacol CPL tournament when they clash with each other from 15:00h. The Jamaica Tallawahs were crushed by eight wickets by the local franchise Friday evening while the Antigua Hawksbills surrendered to the Barbados Tridents by 12 runs on Thursday night. Both teams promised to put the bad memory of their first failure behind them and look forward for a better result today. Guyana Amazon Warriors: Ramnaresh Sarwan (captain), Sunil Narine, Mohammad Hafeez, Lendl Simmons, Denesh Ramdin, James Franklin, Christopher Barnwell, Krishmar Santokie, William Perkins, Steven Jacobs, Keon Joseph, Trevon Griffith, Narsingh Deonarine, Veerasammy Permaul and Martin Guptill. St Lucia Zouks: Darren Sammy (captain), Herschelle Gibbs, Albie Morkel, Tino Best, Tamim Iqbal, Misbahul-Haq, Shane Shillingford, Devon Smith, Andre Fletcher, Garey Mathurin, Liam Sebastian, Dalton Polius, Kaveem Hodge, Kenroy Peters and Nelon Pascal. Antigua Hawksbills: Marlon Samuels (captain), Steven Smith, Kemar Roach, Kieran Powell, Johnson Charles, Ricky Ponting, Gavin Tonge, Sheldon Cotterrell, Dave Mohammed, Devon Thomas, Justin Miles Kemp, Rahkeem Cornwall, Anthony Martin, Montcin Hodge and Jahmar Hamilton. Jamaica Tallawahs: Chris Gayle (captain), Ahmed Shehzad, Carlton Baugh, David Bernard, Jermaine Blackwood, Nkrumah Bonner, Akeem Dewar, Danza Hyatt, Nikita Miller, Muttiah Muralitharan, Vernon Philander, Andrew Richardson, Jacques Rudolph, Andre Russell, and Chadwick Walton.

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4th August 2013  

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