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Friday, June 28, 2013

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More work needed on socioeconomic front – CDB president

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Caribbean Development Bank President, Dr William Warren Smith addresses the investment forum in the presence of top diplomats and government ministers (Carl Croker photo)

CDB plugging US$6.1M into Guyana’s poverty fight

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Investor confidence hinges on security, governance – Devine

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friday, june 28, 2013 |

Investor confidence hinges on security, governance – Devine tells investment summit By Danielle Campbell-Lowe


anadian High Commissioner David Devine believes Guyana’s investment potential hinges on investor confidence in the country’s security and governance and a detailed understanding of the manner in which investors behave. He was addressing a twoday high-level investment seminar under the theme, “Maximising Opportunity for Investment in Guyana” at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal on Thursday.

Economic prospects

The forum seeks to focus on enhancing Guyana’s economic prospects by identifying the challenges and opportunities facing foreign and local investment. Devine underscored that Guyana, even with its impressive forecast, must satisfy certain key requirements of global investors in order to successfully raise capital on international markets. He stressed that the demand for investor funds has become competitive even for countries like Guyana with extraordinary natural wealth, as thousands of investment promoting firms across the world jostle each one, aggressively chasing the same investor dollars.

Canadian High Commissioner David Devine addressing the investor forum A section of the delegates attending the high-level investment seminar

“Investment decisions are made in dollars and cents; countries that are successful in securing investment funds from reputable lenders understand that they have to take necessary steps to create an investment climate that is conducive to sustain that investment,” the high commissioner remarked.

Beautiful country

He pointed out that Guyana is an indisputably beautiful country; however, when investors are pondering where to base their finances, they will ask critical questions such as: Why funds should be channelled to Guyana, rather than elsewhere in South America, the Caribbean or Africa? Devine said insecurity created by an unwillingness or inability to enforce laws and regulations is considered the most critical impediment to in-

vestment. He continued that countries which do not have effective corruption-fighting measures will discover that companies with strong ethics and regard for their global image will refuse to invest. According to Devine, such countries are likely to attract investment with uncertain terms and conditions which lack integrity and dedication to nations and their people. Devine said it was important to understand that the simple promotion of Guyana as an investment destination will not in itself result in the investment levels required to effectively develop the country. “Everyone recognises that there will always be a certain amount of red tape or bureaucracy in every potential investment destination; however, archaic laws and regulations hinder the efficient use of funds which can result in the loss of valuable

investments,” the Canadian envoy said . Devine explained that in an environment where time is money, a deal may be lost due to restrictive rules and the lack of transparency which can act as a deterrent to investment opportunities. He disclosed that copyright laws and intellectual property right protection are indicators of how a country’s investment potential will fare in international jurisdictions.

Changing environment

The Canadian ambassador said the ability to reinvest, be flexible, and to respond to economic shifts is important in today’s volatile economy. “Investment fund will flow to places where it gets the best rate of return in relation to the risks. Reducing that risk must be a priority for Guyana. This

is where the exercise of looking to how rules, regulations, and policy affect investment must be taken seriously. Admittedly, new adjustments to rules and regulations in Guyana will not be easy. However, Guyana’s ability to evolve with a global, changing environment is one of the essential conditions for becoming an attractive location for local and international companies alike.” Growing economies such as Guyana must focus on the factors crucial to success, such as economic fundamentals that are foolproof and a solid regulatory environment, which facilitates the conduct of business in a free-enterprise, free-trade and free-market arrangement. He stated that these conditions will assist in establishing Guyana as one of the most attractive business

hubs in the region. “It is important for all stakeholders to understand that when it comes to investment dollars, the world would not stand still. Countries across the globe are involved in a continuous process of stripping away the red tape that can affect the vibrancy of their investment climate.”

Standing out

Devine detailed that a sustained macro economy as well as a society where enforcement, transparency and updated rule of law is not lax will help Guyana to stand out from the crowd. He noted that on a global scale, investors favour locations where there are established, ethical and transparent business practices, and firms work in countries where practices such as child labour, bribery, and corruption are seen as social ills.



friday, june 28, 2013 |

bridge openings

The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, June 28, from 08:30h to 10:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, June 28, from 08:00h to 09:30h.


Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected during the day, with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. Winds: North-easterly to easterly at 2.68 to 3.57 metres per second. High Tide: 08:06h and 20:36h reaching maximum heights of 2.56 metres and 2.47 metres respectively. Low Tide: 01:39h and 14:06h reaching minimum heights of 0.69 metre and 0.68 metre respectively.

More work needed on socio-economic front – CDB president By Danielle Campbell-Lowe


a r i b b e a n Development Bank (CDB) President, Dr William Warren Smith said Guyana must begin working to address issues of water quality and reliability, improved housing and sanitation practices, especially in rural areas. Owing to Guyana’s vulnerability to flooding on the coastal plain, Dr Smith noted that replacement and maintenance of sea defence structures and drainage systems must also be priority areas of investment. The CDB head was speaking at the two-day investment conference organised by the Canadian High Commission in collaboration with local and international partners.

Education system

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Smith highlighted that although Guyana’s education system has undergone transformation over the years with increased school enrolment, teacher training and universal access to primary education, more work is needed as there remain issues of quality. He stressed that lowering entry barriers and improving regulatory frameworks are important for stimulating growth and the cost of doing businesses. Drawing on statistics from the 2013 World Bank’s Ease-of-Doing-Business Survey where Guyana ranked 114 out of 185 countries, Smith said the ranking is far below the regional average of 97 for Latin America and the Caribbean. The report highlights several areas for improvements, including ease of paying taxes, securing construction permits, and access to elec-

CDB President Dr William Warren Smith

tricity. It described the judicial system as slow, highlighting that it takes 581 days to enforce contracts. The 2012/2013 Global Competitiveness Report also examined factors influencing business costs, with almost 65 per cent of investors identifying crime, transparency, current tax rate, poor work ethic, and access to financing as major areas of concern.

Investor behaviour

“These two publications are guides to understanding investor behaviour and need to be supplemented with other data sources to inform policy decisions. Policymakers must be open to assessing all the relevant factors and taking appropriate corrective measures in a timely manner,” Smith pointed out. Stressing the importance of education and training, Smith said most countries which sustain high growth rates dedicate much effort towards deepening human capital. He added that the

amount, type, and quality of investment can have a profound impact on the growth dynamics, prosperity, and social well-being of the country. Smith stated that a review of Guyana’s key macroeconomic fundamentals paint a bright picture with a sevenyear unbroken growth rate of 4.7 per cent per annum, fiscal reforms, and strict adherence to debt management, which led to improvement in public sector performance.

Substantial transformation

The CDB president said data suggests that the overall fiscal deficit fell below five per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2012 from an annual average of 44 per cent of GDP in the 1990s. He said the external-debt-toGDP ratio was 40 per cent in 2012 compared with over 600 per cent in 1980s and total sovereign debt stock is over six per cent of GDP which Smith described as quite a substantial transformation in Guyana’s debt position. Guyana’s risk of debt distress is now listed as moderate, and its debt time capac-

ity is assessed as relatively robust. “Unemployment has also been a good story having fallen from 17 per cent in 1980 to almost 11 per cent by 2006, a trend which most likely continued given the growth performance. Poverty, although still high, has also fallen with the most recent household income and expenditure survey reporting that the population living below the poverty line fell to 36 per cent in 2006 from 43 per cent in 1999,” the CDB president noted. However, Smith said these figures are not as “clear cut” when taken in the broader context of human progress. Quoting statistics from the recent United Nations (UN) Human Development Index, Smith said although there was improvement between 1995 and 2005, there is an indication of stagnation in the years that followed. “This suggests that overall socio-economic development may not have improved significantly despite the reported progress in economic gains, employment, and education. turn to page 10


friday, june 28, 2013

Views MeetthenewThelmaandLouise Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


Definitional power


ne of the benefits of power is that it allows the power holder to not only define a situation but to ensure that the definition sticks. While one may retort, as in the playground ditty that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt”, in the arena of global politics, words not only can hurt, but they can destroy entire nations. We see this playing out every day. Take the latest “Failed States Index” (FSI) issued by the magazine Foreign Policy and its affiliate “Fund For Peace”. Using a matrix of 12 social, political and economic factors they feed this into a “proprietary Conflict Assessment Software Tool (CAST) analytical platform. Based on comprehensive social science methodology, data from three primary sources is triangulated and subjected to critical review to obtain final scores for the FSI.” For each factor they assign a score ranging from 10 (worst) to one (best). On their latest (2013) edition, Guyana is ranked 107th out of 178 countries – with Somalia as the overall worst (113.9 out of 120) and Finland as best with 18). Our score was 70.8. This ranking, of course, will be trumpeted by the opposition as “evidence” of the government’s “failure”. It will also serve as an excuse for some foreign states to intervene in our affairs – ostensibly to “strengthen” weaknesses identified by the FSI. In fact, one of the categories comprising the final score is “External Intervention” where we scored a whopping 5.9, even greater than the score on “Factionalised Elites” (5.1). Few Guyanese would doubt that we have a high degree of “factionalised elites” but here the opposition plays as great a role, at a minimum, as the government in inflating this score. It is nothing for them to crow about. The question arises, however, as to what exactly were the “external interventions” that produced the high score. Talk to most Guyanese and some might remember the U.S. intervention in the 1960s when its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ousted the then People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government. So the “external intervention” has to include what we consider to be “innocuous aid” from those countries that underdeveloped us in the past. Such as the recent grant by the British to assist in pushing our exports or the offer by USAID to help in “democratisation”. Guyanese, including the opposition, should then be aware that whenever we receive external help, to say, “build capacity”, we are helping to define our country as a “failed state”. Another surprising score was the 3.8 on “Refugees”. Since when have we experienced ANY refugee problem? Now, do not think that the Guyanese emigrating by whatever means to “foreign lands” are refugees: there is another score for “Human Flight” where we scored higher than Barbados, which has about the same proportionate level of emigration as us. The 6.6 we scored on “Economic Decline” was also somewhat of a shocker. Our economy has been growing for the past six years unlike, for instance, Jamaica which had to resort to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout and yet they had the identical score of 6.6. Barbados and Trinidad, which also has been declining, scored better than Guyana. Even Cyprus which just imploded economically this year and suffered a double digit lowering of standards of living, was adjudged to have a score a full point better than us.  The point we wish to emphasise is that we must take these international reports with at least a grain of salt – always taking cognisance of the perspectives of the issuing institution. For instance, the U.S. in which there has been a bitter campaign about the inordinate economic, political and social influence of the top one per cent versus the remaining 99 per cent, the elites were adjudged to be less “factionalised” than those in Guyana.  Our state can fail only if we unthinkingly accept the selfinterested definitions of others and then reflexively act upon them.   

A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo and officials have named her Thelma and Louise. The female Texas cooter arrived June 18 and went on display Thursday at the zoo’s Friedrich Aquarium (Yahoo News)

Speeding on the road needs a more concerted and serious approach Dear Editor, I was not interested in the long term plans that the Ministry of Home Affairs had recently unfolded regarding road safety matters in this country. In this country, we are way beyond normal. The road culture is characterised by road rage, bullyism, overtaking on the inside, intruding on to the major roads, and of course speeding. I did not list drunken driving, as I take this to mean being totally drunk.

The plans I read of relate to an assumption that these drivers here have a sense of reasoning. I am not seeing evidence of this at all. A recent road death takes the death toll for the year to 50 – far too many at this stage of the year. The actual police report says that the driver was proceeding at a fast pace. Now radar guns to detect speeding go for cheap, so I cannot understand why more are not in Guyana and why I cannot see all traffic

police with them. Speeding seems so accepted. I have seen minibuses and taxi vehicles speed in front of traffic police. The police themselves have to accept this. The only time I hear about speeding is when there is an accident, or if a particular driver was allowing his speeding to be unduly bothersome and noticeable. One reason for the speeding is the monetary competition among drivers.

If they make more trips and complete more drops, then it means more money. If everyone slows down and plays by the rule, things will even out. Maybe, a few well-minded citizens should get their own radars and bring evidence against speeding drivers. That is, if the police force and the courts will support this kind of thing. Respectfully, Bibi Nazeema Ali

Vital lessons for security procedures Dear Editor, The One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) programme took a kind of nose dive when news became public about a large quantity of these computers getting stolen. On the one hand, government is seeking to upgrade people’s lives as much

as possible, but on the other, there are always hindrances to progress. Now the mystery of the missing laptops seems set for some kind of resolution. I am very happy about this and I hope that the matter will be dealt with most swiftly. Security matters on

the whole are a problem in Guyana. One morning I was returning a book to a library and I was shocked by what I witnessed. One member of staff simply walked through the check point and rudely responded to the censuring from the security officer on

duty. As a rule, in such cases, no one should be exempted from the security procedure. So there must be no waiver for submitting to a check from a security officer. Yours sincerely, Iqbal Bacchus

Linden compensation must not be politicised Dear Editor, The government, true to its word and to the ruling of the Linden Commission of Inquiry (CoI), has begun paying out compensations to persons who were injured, during the Linden protest of last year. I am happy with this. However, I am not enthused that some of the vic-

tims, qualifying for compensations, are debating as to whether or not they will comply or go to the courts, seeking increases. I sincerely thought that the matter had ended with the pronouncements of the commission. After all, this commission was selected and given Terms of Reference (ToR) by all sides

involved. To me, there is a kind of provocation in the making with this new development. For the good of all, Lindeners and the country as a whole, I ask for wisdom and common sense to prevail.  As for Linden, it has a significant role to play in Guyana’s development.

Recently a lot has been invested, and there has been some pleasing reviews of the Linden Hospital Complex. For now, there are lots of things to focus on. It is now time to move on, having hopefully learned some vital lessons.   Yours truly, Zandra Cumberland

friday, june 28, 2013


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Farmers in Lower Pomeroon need to cooperate Dear Editor, Farmers in the Lower Pomeroon area are currently counting their losses as tonnes of crops and blooming plants were submerged in water due to recent floods. One victim of the flood loss opined that even though the natural spring tide can indeed flood the area, it was a “lack of good drainage that is to be blamed. This man explained that he took precautions and paid extra to empolder his land, but noticed that there is still more building up of the land to be done.  However, other farmers are neglecting their lands, and thereby allowing for water to seep through. He quite rightly and firmly advised other farmers to empolder their lands so as to stave off the effects of the massive high tides.  I suggest that these farmers work in a cooperative manner. I think that they can consult with the government and have this situation addressed. It will result in collective benefit.  These hard-working

Dear Editor, This is a very upsetting story, and it bothers me because I had a similar encounter. A man believed to be insane took off with my little box of groceries, and I was helpless. Who compensates me? I am mature and would not hurt the man. But what happens in the

case of a poor victim, who is so incensed that he gets even. It will take time to set up accommodations for the various kinds of homeless people we have in our streets. They do a lot of damage, even to the point of attacking people. On more than one occasion,

people have been killed or injured. We have to come up with a contingency plan to protect people and their property from the many who are helplessly roaming our streets. Yours truly, Simone DeAbreu

Police reform must be internal and personal

Cash crop farmer Francis Raymond walking through his flooded pumpkin patch

people should get together and shore up the area in a collective manner. One man’s lapse can result in too much collateral damage. This must be avoided at all costs. Then

there is need to spread out – crop choice must be well distributed. No one likes a glut. Yours faithfully, Anwar Kahleed

Writer thanks medical practitioners Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your newspaper to express my profound gratitude to the doctors and nurses of the Anamayah Memorial and Balwant Singh Hospital for the special care they took of me during my recent illness. A lot has been said in the past about medical care in Guyana, but I received nothing but the best treatment and care from both hospitals whose staff were of the highest professional standard. A special mention must be made of the nurses (male and female) at both hospitals who hail from India. They were all

Larceny case dismissed, but who makes retribution?

very caring, attentive and professional. Every minor detail was done at the highest possible standard and there was an unbelievable way of making you feel that everything was going to be okay despite personal doubts. For the rest of my life, I would be grateful to those dedicated medical personnel and special thanks to Dr Bob and Dr Ryan from Anamayah Memorial and Dr Samal from Dr Balwant Singh Hospital. May I also use this opportunity to thank everyone who called to wish me a speedy recovery.

Yours cooperatively, Hilbert Foster

Dear Editor, For now, I can forget the grandiose reforms of the Guyana Police Force, as I’d like to focus on the personal and internal aspects. Changes must come not only from the outside – they must be from inside out. I was trying to put together a few qualities that police officers should have, and my list is certainly not the best nor is it exhaustive. I think of the following few. Communication skills – police officers must listen to everyone and everything, in order to calm emotions, diffuse situations, and gain answers. Effective communication skills are one of the hallmarks of a good police officer. Integrity – citizens want police officers who have integrity, as temptation abounds for police, from the ability to remove evidence

The new Guyana Police Force training centre, Eve Leary

from a scene to the ease of pocketing cash that belongs to a suspect. Police officers must always remember which side of the law they are on. Finally, professionalism – the job involves some belittling, being called names, and many physical attacks, but a police officer must understand that attacks on his or her character are not personal. People are speaking to the uniform, not the human

wearing it. Exceptional officers are able to absorb verbal punishment and handle physical altercations with an amount of force that is necessary, not extraordinary. I believe reform starts at the personal level. Maybe in the future, recruiting must include ways to cull the group and take in only the mature and the teachable. Sincerely, Ingrid Lowe


Friday, june 28, 2013


Foundation learner is not motivated and can also be passive aggressive, creating more problems for teachers and parents through non-cooperation. Reluctant learners seldom have learning disabilities.



t’s no surprise children learn at different rates, and, according to some published research, only when they are ready. Other research stresses intrinsic rewards, differentiated curriculum, and motivation by personalising lessons. However, the bottom line for many educators is that some children are slow to learn, but don’t have a learning deficiency. Perhaps the greatest challenge to an educator is a child who is a slow learner. These children do not fall into the category of special education, do well outside the classroom, and show no evidence of having a medical problem. They simply do not do well in school or a particular subject. In the days before formal schooling, these students would carry on productive lives working at tasks that did not require extensive reading, writing or math. However, today the emphasis is less on occupational learning and more on academic preparation. Thus, there is a growing need for help to remediate these children and provide them the best possible opportunities in a changing world. Having successfully taught for nearly 30 years in several states and countries, I’ve seen two commonalities emerge with slow learners. First, they need extra time to complete tasks. This means parents must be willing to augment what happens at school regardless of how fruitless it might appear. Secondly, the child must be offered appropriate incentives. Depending on the child, the best incentives are family projects or activities, such as building a model or attending a concert or game. The incentives should require delayed gratification, so the child learns patience. The next area is proper nutrition. Children need breakfast. Period. Every study done points out a quality breakfast and proper sleep are the two best ways to improve student performance. Finally, a teacher or parent must seek lessons and other resources that make it easier to differentiate the curriculum and make learning more vital and relevant. To this end, special education sites on the Internet have some great ideas. Although slow learners do not qualify for special education classes, the concepts teachers use with special education students are ideal for helping a slow learner once the student’s weaknesses have been diagnosed. In any one of my

Proven ideas to help slow learners

classes, about 10 per cent are slow learners, so having a slow learning child is not unusual. One of the best places to start looking for help is at Reach Every Child, Special Education, where you can find a wide range of helpful sites.

Characteristics of slow learners

In general, slow learning students may display some or all of these characteristics, depending on their age and degree of problems acquiring knowledge at school. * First, slow learners are frequently immature in their relations with others and do poorly in school. * Secondly, they cannot do complex problems and work very slowly. * They lose track of time and cannot transfer what they have learned from one task to another well. * They do not easily master skills that are academic in nature, such as the times tables or spelling rules. * Perhaps the most frustrating trait is their inability to have long-term goals. They live in the present, and so have significant problems with time management probably due to a short attention span and poor concentration skills. Remember, just because a child is not doing well in one class does not make that student a slow learner. Very few children excel in all subject areas unless there is great deal of grade inflation at that school. So it’s essential the parent or teacher examine in depth standardised tests scores to look for trends. Also, slow learners differ from reluctant learners. A slow learner initially wants to learn, but has a problem with the process. A reluctant

* Provide a quiet place to work, where the child can be easily observed and motivated. * Keep homework sessions short. * Provide activity times before and during homework. * Add a variety of tasks to the learning even if not assigned, such as painting a picture of a reading assignment. * Allow for success. * Ask questions about the assignment while the child is working. * Go over the homework before bed and before school. * Teach how to use a calendar to keep track of assignments. * Read to the child. * Use my “Three Transfer” form of learning, in which the student must take information and do three things with it beside reading. For example, read it, explain it to someone else, draw a picture of it, and take notes on it. * Be patient but consistent. * Do not reward unfinished tasks.

Challenge the child

Have the child do the most difficult assignments first and leave the easier ones to later. Call it the dessert principle. Don’t be overprotective. Students whose parents frequently intercede at school are teaching that they do not respect their child’s abilities. If you do call a teacher, make sure you seek a positive outcome. Remember most teachers have worked with numerous slow learners and have plenty of experience. However, sharing your child’s strengths and weaknesses could make the school year more beneficial for all concerned. Contact the teacher if there is a concern. Calling an administrator solves nothing, as the teacher is the sole legal judge of academic success. Take your child to exciting places where they can see academic success is important. A trip to a local university, a walking tour of City Hall, a visit to the fire station or a tour of the zoo are highly motivating.(

(Continued from Thursday)

11. Don’t expect it to work at once. It must be done over and over again until they get the picture. Imagine a child in a paddock, a normal child will look around and rattle the gate and realise they can’t get out and will be content. An ADHD child will rattle the gate, try to climb over the fence, try to dig under the fence, hunt for a way around it, and try to jump over it and then do it all again before they are satisfied the boundaries are there. They will test your discipline and you must keep it firm. 12. Learn how to speak to them. ADHD children have no brakes. If you want them to change a behaviour phrase, it as something they should do and not something to stop. Example instead of saying “stop running”, say “walk”. They find it very hard to stop a behaviour and find a behaviour to replace it with, instead give them something to focus on doing. 13. Never, ever ignore bad behaviour. They don’t just give up if it’s ignored. They will get worse and worse until the situation is totally out of control. Nip it in the bud. 14. Avoid all junk food, if your ADHD child is eating junk then most behaviour intervention will be pointless. Many of these foods contain chemicals which further destroy the activity in the part of the brain that ADHD children are already lacking. That’s why junk food can make a normal child appear to have ADHD and it can make an ADHD child much worse. Avoid all flavours, colours, preservatives, additives, flavour enhancers and junk. Often the reactions from this type of food lasts for up to three days and children today eat so much of it that many are constantly affected. 15. Make sure your ADHD child gets 30 minutes of high level exercise every day. Such as bike riding, dancing, swimming etc. Exercise helps the brain produce the chemicals that it is lacking and helps keep the ADHD under control. 16. Enrol your child in organised sports at least three times per week. The Best sports are ones that use a variety of different body actions like gymnastics, martial arts, and dancing. You will be amazed at the difference this makes to your child’s behaviour. 17. Put firm limits on the amount of screen time an ADHD child has, including TV, video games and computers. The more time they are in front of the screen the less time the body is doing what it needs to produce the right brain chemicals. Limit to 30 minutes a day on weekdays and perhaps longer on weekends to watch a movie or



friday, june 28, 2013 |

Tourism Ministry working hard to get Guyana getting trade expo venue ready in NY ready for major investment takeoff – Ramotar Hoteliers and tour operators will be able to showcase their facilities and packages, while the housing developers will also get the opportunity to market their brands.

By Vahnu Manikchand

Key objectives


resident Donald Ramotar on Thursday told a major investment forum here that Guyana’s future is ripe with possibilities and the country was readying itself for a major investment takeoff, as growth and development continue to dominate the local business sector. He was at the time addressing the opening session of a twoday investment seminar, which seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities facing foreign and local investors. The seminar is being held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal. The Guyanese leader said the government has acknowledged the fact that investments are indispensable for economic growth and social development, noting that it has been continuously working to improving conditions to create the right climate to attract more investors. “The government has been investing heavily, mainly on infrastructure, to enable great investments in our productive sector,” the president said, adding that over the years, Guyana has attracted a considerable number of investors who have significantly pushed its economy towards constant growth and development from 2006 to the present. “We have gone a far way in restoring much of the infrastructure that have been destroyed, not only the physical infrastructure, but the social infrastructure which is also important. Roads, bridges, buildings much of which have been restored; moreover, we have improved considerably our delivery of education, health services, housing, social security, and other areas,” he noted.

Business solutions being formulated

The president also made mention of advancements in the legislative framework, for example the establishment of a special court which handles settlements in a speedy manner. He stated that the contributions of domestic investors should not be undermined as their investments continue to increase and broaden because of the environment the government has created. Ramotar disclosed that while the government is keen on encouraging more local investments, it is not oblivious to key problems plaguing investors in areas such as export, noting that solutions are being formulated to make exporting easy for the businesses. “Today, we have international investors demonstrating a strong positive response to the environment that we have established,” the president explained, citing the Marriott, RUSAL, Bosai, REPSOL, and Qualfon as some of those companies. The president continued that Guyana needs more investments and to facilitate such, new

The Fitzgerald Stadium being prepared for the expo, which starts today


President Donald Ramotar

types of infrastructure need to be established to attract investors.

Cheap energy

On this note, Ramotar said the building of human capital is more essential now than ever, so there have been drastic improvements in the education system, not only formally but also in enhanced technical skills. This is being done, he said, by the establishment of technical schools to facilitate investors with “highquality technical skills”. The president noted that another area the government is working on to attract investors is access to cheap energy. He remarked that hydro electricity is important for further development and for attracting new types of investments. “We need to have cheap energy, so that we can develop a strong manufacturing sector, create more high-paying jobs and developing new industries depends on cheap energy. And while we are very optimistic that very soon we will be listed among the oil and gas producers of the world, we are not waiting on that, because even if we have that, I think it would be a shame if we do not use some of the hydro-electric potential that we have,” Ramotar said. The president further stated that Guyana also has great potential in tourism for investments. He said that government continues to create the infrastructure needed to attract investors, such as those investing in the Marriott Hotel project, the airport expansion, and the specialty hospital, all of which will provide “high quality service” to tourists. Ramotar also pointed out that technology is an innovative and developing sector for Guyana to take advantage of. He noted that technology has great possibilities and it is one of the many reasons why the government is investing in information communication technology. He added that despite the fact Guyana is still trying to develop infrastructure in this sector, over the past 10 years, some 3000 jobs were created. This, he said, reveals that there was enormous potential of having another industry which will make serious strides in the development of the country. He emphasised that this was why the government embarked on the “One Laptop Per Family” initiative, providing technology access to all Guyanese despite their economic conditions. (

he team from the Tourism Ministry and the Guyana Tourism Authority is working feverishly to ensure that the venue for the Guyana Trade Fair and Tourism Expo is ready for the grand opening today. The inaugural event, being staged at the Fitzgerald Stadium in Queens, New York, is expected to attract thousands over the next three days, with more than 30 local exhibitors using the opportunity to dis-

play and showcase authentic Guyanese products and services, a release from the Tourism Ministry stated. The three-day event will place Guyana on a platform to propel itself into the international arena, giving every sector in the Guyanese economy an opportunity to showcase each individual business operation. Manufacturers will also be on hand to showcase their products while setting the stage for the establishment of a supply chain for their products and services.

Several of the key objectives of the expo are to promote export-ready products grown and manufactured in Guyana to potential markets, to reconnect with current markets, identify new target markets to expand product awareness for increased market share, to expose Guyana’s vast beautiful vacation sites and resorts to potential tourists who have never travelled to Guyana, to build trade and investments through one-onone meetings with business owners to establish potential alliances and joint ventures between Guyanese and U.S. companies. Already the exhibitors are expressing excitement over the potential of the event. Many have travelled over from Canada where they also

participated in the Guyana Independence Festival celebrations, which featured a mini trade fair. The participants there also lauded the Guyana consulate and the Tourism Ministry for organising that event, which was dubbed the biggest yet as hundreds of thousands of persons passed through the one-day expo. Members of the private sector, including Captain Gerald Gouveia and Christopher Nascimento, also lauded the government for working closely with the private sector and for facilitating both the Canada and New York shows. In addition to the product displays, fashion from top designers in Guyana will be features, as well as cultural performances; patrons are being encouraged to come ready to purchase items and indulge in various food samples. The expo ends on June 30 and will be open to the public between 09:00h and 21:00h daily.

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Public Works Man fined for cannabis Ministry to tear down illegal structures possession


man was fined for possession of cannabis when he appeared before Magistrate Fabian Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday. Earl Price, 39, of Lot 500 North East La Penitence, pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on June 26 at North East La Penitence, he had in his possession 10 grams of cannabis. According to reports, at 06:00h, police ranks acting on information went to the defendant’s home and found a Ziploc bag containing the cannabis. The accused was cautioned and later charged with the offence to which he admitted. Attorney Melvin Duke stated that on the day in question, the police entered his client’s home in a suspicious manner through his window. He further stated that his client was threat-

ened and told that his wife and children would be taken from him, so Prince decided to own up to the offence. The lawyer added that the calculated weight of the drug may also prove incorrect, since it was not removed from the bowl it was found in before being weighed. The prosecution objected to bail owing to the nature of the offence, and the fact that the defendant may not return to court if granted bail. The magistrate interjected and stated that given the circumstance, the charge would only warrant a fine and six months’ community service. So with advice from his lawyer, Prince changed his plea to guilty after the charge was read again. The magistrate fined Prince $5000 along with six months community service which he will be conducting every Friday at the East La Penitence Police Station.

on public reserves


he Public Works and Communications Ministry is advising members of public that it will, from today, demolish and remove all encroachments on the public road reserves. According to an advisory, the exercise will target but is not limited to buildings or portions of buildings, barbershops, mobile vending carts, small stands, fences, business signs, unauthorised concrete works on the parapet, derelict vehicles, and construction materials and builders’ waste. The exercise will target structures along all major roads, such as the East Bank Demerara and the East Coast Demerara highways, Sheriff Street and Mandela Avenue. The advisory men-

tioned that the process will affect all members of the public who are in violation of the laws of Guyana. Meanwhile, those who have been given a warning are requested to comply with the laws whereas those have not been given any notice are asked to adhere to the notification as the first and final notification to comply with the laws. The ministry in the past had proceeded with demolition works at several locations, with the most recent being the demolition of several market stalls on the government’s reserves at Timehri. Public Works Minister Robeson Benn noted that it was done so as to allow construction of the access road to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

Eyew tness


...on Dr Rodney ack at the beginning of the new millennium Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, classmate at Queen’s and erstwhile comrade of Dr Walter Rodney, wrote a very poignant article in the Stabber News. It’s not for nothing he studied English up at Cambridge. The piece was entitled, “Turning Tragedy into Farce”, in a learned allusion to the aphorism of Karl Marx, on whose analysis of society, Dr Rodney had based his entire ideology and praxis. In the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx had proposed that, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Well, between 2000 another tragedy has been converted into a farce. What was the gist of Dr Roopnaraine’s first lament? He first noted the plea of Dr Rodney’s widow and mother of their children to Desmond Hoyte in 1986 and again in 1987:  “I am now hoping that you will appreciate that justice demands that the police be authorised to investigate the whereabouts of Sergeant Gregory Smith and that an independent inquiry be instituted to probe the circumstances of the death of Dr Rodney....” Dr Roopnaraine pointed out that Dr (Mrs) Patricia Rodney was “doing the work of the police and sending information on Smith’s hideaway in Cayenne, his borrowed name and even his place of work and telephone number.” But he concluded that two years later the Coroner’s Inquest justified the conclusion of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA): “Dr Rodney has been assassinated a second time by means of the coroner’s direction and the consequent verdict of death by accident.” Dr Roopnaraine noted the 1993 protest of Dr Rodney’s oldest son, Shaka, for an inquiry into his father’s death and the subsequent hearings by a team from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that supported this call. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government had to upbraid the police for not providing the Dr Rodney files to the ICJ. In 1995, the government appointed Doodnauth Singh as special prosecutor to get Smith extradited from French Guyana – but the extradition proved problematical. Matters dragged on and Smith then passed away. But the tragedy really became a farce when in 2005 the PPP moved in Parliament that an Inquiry into Rodney’s “assassination” be conducted. The People’s National Congress (PNC) objected to the word “assassination” which was changed to “death” over the PPP’s outraged protests. But the motion for a CoI was carried. So what happened? Betrayal of Dr Rodney, that’s what. The WPA said the inquiry, for which they were in charge of setting the terms of reference, would be exploited during the elections of 2006. It was obvious after their subsequent coalition with the PNC that their concern was all about the PNC. And that’s the real farce.


...dodgy funds Any luck with the Case of the Purloined Funds from Region 10 where it’s been almost two years since $4 million disappeared from the RDC’s account? The region has been in the public eye recently with their announcement that since government will rebuild the torched One Mile Wismar Primary School; all the funds that were collected by their committee will be used to “upgrade” the completed school. Whenever. The news that they can’t even give an account of the $4 million that was collected for the use by the residents of Ituni when a “dragline” from that area was sold as scrap, doesn’t give anyone any confidence that the hardearned funds by domestic and local well wishers will be available “whenever”. Could we have some records and accounting in place, please? Then there’s the case of Ralph Ramkarran’s interest in Tigerwood which was assigned to cut timber in Iwokrama. Somehow it’s been never revealed how Ramkarran and Sir Shridath Ramphal ended up along with Kads Khan as owners.  Khan recently received $130 million for his share. HOW MUCH RAMKARRAN RECEIVED?? Enquiring minds want to know. Ramjattan? The attorney general recently asserted, in his usual circumlocutory manner, that “Khemraj Ramjattan of the Alliance for Change (AFC) clearly has a comprehension problem”. We’re not so sure about that. Maybe Ramjattan’s just suffering from amnesia after the heavy imbibing?



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GWMO to continue with TIP fight


uyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) President Simona Broomes said she will continue the fight against Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in Guyana, despite the challenges that confront her organisation. Broomes made this statement during a press conference hosted by the GWMO on Thursday, to welcome her back home, after she was honoured by the United States State Department for her work. “I am ready to work with all organisations, that is why we are calling on them to work with us to address this issue and bring an end to modern-day slavery,” she stated.

Support needed

The GWMO head said after participating in a conference in the U.S., she is better equipped to deal with issues related to TIP. According to her, the GWMO will arrange to meet with President Donald Ramotar, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, and other key agencies to garner their support in this fight. While the GWMO has not had much support from law enforcement in the past, Broomes is hoping that this has changed and the needed support is given to end this scourge. Broomes stated that the challenges are many when it comes to security, transportation, and facilities. While the organisation has been using its own resources to fight TIP, there will be need for private sector and government support to effectively address the issue. Nonetheless, the GWMO, she said, will do its best to ensure that once a case of

Miss Guyana World hosts interactive session today

GWMO President Simona Broomes (centre) with members of her organisation during a welcomeback ceremony on Tuesday

human trafficking is reported, it is investigated and the necessary support provided using the resources that are available to the organisation. The GWMO head pointed out that her organisation was not responsible for Guyana being placed on the Tier Two Watch List in the annual U.S. TIP report, but it is committed to combating TIP and helping Guyana become a Tier One country. According to her, this can be achieved, but only through a collaborative effort between organisations like the GWMO and government. On this note, Broomes said, a team effort is needed to address it holistically. She also reiterated her call for persons involved in TIP to be prosecuted. She said those persons committing these crimes should be brought to justice. “…I was physically harassed and assaulted, risking my life to rescue girls and nothing has

happened to the persons who have done this to me and to these girls,” she said. Despite providing all the information to the police, no arrests were not made nor were persons questioned.

Special training

The GWMO leader noted that Guyana should seize the opportunity to have local personnel trained to deal with TIP. She said the U.S. model is a unique one that can be adopted, where police officers, prosecutors, and other legal professionals are specially trained in that area. There was a recent training for members of the judiciary on TIP. Meanwhile, Broomes noted that the GWMO is still looking at the option of building a home to house victims of TIP, with the support of the local private sector and government. She said these mechanisms are important in helping to address TIP in Guyana from

all perspectives. While the GWMO’s main responsibility is to protect the rights of women miners, the organisation has also been working to stamp out TIP, especially since the illegal activity is more prevalent in mining communities. The organisation, which was formed one year ago, has since made headway in addressing some key issues faced by women in the gold mining industry and plans to continue on this path in spite of the fact it is not funded or supported financially by government or any other organisation.

The newly-selected Miss Guyana World 2013 Ruqayyah Boyer


he newly-selected Miss Guyana World 2013 Ruqayyah Boyer, the reigning Miss Guyana Universe, will today host an interactive forum on bullyism among youths and how domestic violence impacts children. The session is set for this afternoon at the St Stanislaus College auditorium at 13:00h. This forum will discuss ways in which Boyer can use her platform to shine a light on several abuse-related issues and how we can now begin, as a community, to develop better coping and conflict resolution skills to minimise the

growing epidemic of domestic abuse. The event will be attended by first and second form students, as well as special invitees, and is in keeping with the “Beauty with a Purpose” element that is required by the Miss World Organisation. It is the first of a series of events that will be conducted by Miss Guyana World 2013; on Sunday, the beauty queen will be participating in a community health fair in Cane Grove alongside Operation Dream Catchers from New York which is currently doing medical outreach in Guyana.


friday, june 28, 2013


Guyana unfairly targeted in annual U.S. State Department reports –­ president ...urges respect, sincerity from donor community By Vahnu Manikchand


resident Donald Ramotar on Thursday lashed out at the United States for what he said was a flawed method of assessing this country’s fight against Trafficking in Persons (TIP). It is not the first time Guyana has taken issue with the annual report, which this year criticised Georgetown for not going after TIP offenders. Speaking at an investment forum at the Guyana International Conference

Centre, the Guyanese leader said he welcomed all international support and declared his government’s eagerness to work with international supporters and genuine partners, while respecting each other’s sovereignty. The president explicitly acknowledged that the relationship with the international community has helped Guyana to surmount several difficulties; however, it does not eliminate the fact that sometimes boundaries are often overstepped. “…very of-

ten, positions are taken without prior consultations and often appears partisan, we should avoid creating such perceptions. However, here again we see how subjective and unfair positions can harm the reputation of our country,” he pointed out. Ramotar said he believed that when a country seeks to pass unfair judgment on others, it can lead to undermining of useful partnerships and the fight against the scourge of TIP. The president highlighted that while Guyana en-

joys its relationship with the United States of America, the country’s State Department yearly TIP report has ranked Guyana unfairly. “Year after year, the report is inconsistent in its method of ranking our country; year after year, the report fails to take account of the report and facts that Guyana has to submit. We are unfairly judged and unfairly ranked. I had to look at the report that the U.S. State Department has put out on the United States itself. According to the re-

port, the United States has far worse versions of the same challenges that we face and that is expected since that is a bigger country and has bigger problems that it faces,” he disclosed. The U.S. report, Ramotar said, consists of statements alleging that trafficking victims, including children and women, were detained and prosecuted, and that official complicity was found in some of the cases. “Can you imagine if this was happening in Guyana, what would be said about

us? Yet the U.S. is ranked at Tier One and Guyana at Tier Two Watch List,” the president said while adding that last year Guyana was again ranked at Tier Two when the country had stepped up its game, producing officers with better capacity. He continued that none of the information which Guyana has sent seems to be included in the report. However, the president reiterates Guyana’s readiness to work with its international counterparts in fighting these social scourges.

Citizens’ privacy

Meanwhile, taking a swipe at the U.S., President Ramotar said that his administration will not violate the privacy of its citizens by spying on them. “We have a free and open society, the media is free and open, we do not interfere in people’s privacy, we do not read their mails or anything like that,” said the president, adding “that is an era, I hope, that has passed forever in our country and we believe in the rule of law”. The president was referring to a scandal that broke when National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked confidential information to the media that the U.S. government has been spying on all of its citizens as part of a programme called PRISM. Snowden, a 29-yearold who flew to Hong Kong before the scandal broke, said that he leaked the topsecret U.S. surveillance programme to protect “basic liberties for people around the world”. Since the exposure of the secret programme, there has been widespread debate within the U.S. and abroad, prompting several countries to condemn the actions of the U.S. Government. (vahnum@

More work needed... from page 3

This obviously warrants a detailed examination. Encouraging as the results are overall, we must asked ourselves whether this performance will be sustained, how we can have better results and what the lessons are for the future.” Smith stated that the private sector will invest if it perceives that there is commitment to prudent fiscal management and investors are likely to flourish if the financial environment is stable. Smith applauded the government for its commitment to pursuing a consistent set of macroeconomic policies that underpin stability stating that such policy continuity is reflected in increasing investor interest. However, he noted that there are still gray areas to be shored up such as Guyana’s low intermediation levels and an underdeveloped stock market, with a small number of listed companies and low trading volumes.

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friday, June 28, 2013

Ravi B apologises for glorifying rum A

Minibus driver critical after assault by drunken road user


mid controversy surrounding the lyrics of songs by Trinidadian Chutney King Ravi “Ravi B” Bissambhar and Antiguan band Burning Flames, the chutney singer on Wednesday apologised to his Guyanese fans for glorifying rum. The artiste, in a short text message to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian on Wednesday said: “I am very sorry if anyone finds my song offensive. It was done purely as an item of entertainment and I have performed it several times in Guyana. I love all my Guyanese fans and again, I am sorry if anyone feels offended.” The TT Guardian also contacted Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) President Lutalo “Brother Resistance” Masimba, who said although you cannot tell an artiste what to write or sing, it was the personal responsibility of all artistes to be mindful of the messages conveyed in their songs. “As an artiste you have a responsibility, because you are dealing with words and you are putting music out there for people to move to. They also have to remember that this music can be heard by children.”

Ravi B says he is “very sorry”

Masimba said it was also the responsibility of radio stations and the media to ensure songs with improper or offensive lyrical content were censored. Ravi B’s “Prescription” and Burning

Flames’ “Kick Een She Back Door” were earmarked to be banned from Guyana’s airwaves after a recommendation by the Women and Gender Equality Commission, which described the music as illicit and seeking to promote gender-based violence. A commissioner of the organisation, Nicole Cole, told local media on Tuesday that the commission was totally against these songs being promoted and played in public places. Cole, who is also a member of the Media Monitoring Committee of Guyana, said “Prescription” promotes substance abuse.  She was quoted as saying: “Really and truly, no doctor would give such a prescription – “three bottles of rum a day!”  Cole said the song also promoted gender-based violence, which is linked to substance abuse and has led to the murder or the deaths of many innocent women. The lyrical content of the other song, which won the Antiguan Road March in 2012 but was subsequently banned there, is said to be inciting acts of violence and promoting rape and sodomy of women.

Acid burn victim unable to identify attackers


wenty-two-year-old Sandy Jackman of Lot 64 Sixth Street, Alberttown who was doused with acid more than a week ago in her neighbourhood is unable to positively identify her attackers, according to police sources. Reports reaching this newspaper revealed that the police questioned the mother of one earlier in the week at the Georgetown Public Hospital where she is a patient and she said she did not see the faces of her attackers. Hence, the police will be unable to prosecute anyone for the heinous crime, the source said. Eyewitnesses have to come forward, and so police are still hopeful that someone would be apprehended sooner than rather, the source added. The injured woman’s aunt, Karen Jackman, on Thursday said her niece was recuperating nicely but was still experiencing a lot of pain. She refuted suggestions in sections of the media that Jackman might lose an eye, explaining that her niece was having some difficulty opening an eye, but the doctors gave her medication and she is now seeing out of the eye again. Jackman has undergone surgery for the discoloration on her face which resulted from the acid. “We are hoping that she get back her natural colour…,” her aunt added. Now that Jackman can speak, she reportedly told her aunt that on the day of

the brutal attack, she saw her two assailants approaching her from opposite where she was sitting with a container in one man’s hands, but she did not become suspicious of them. She continued to sit and text and the two men sneaked up on her, released the battery water onto her face and rode away. She described the two men to the police as much as she was able to, but that was of no help, the aunt indicated.


The Guyana Rainbow Foundation (GuyBow) and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community of Guyana condemned the irresponsible reporting of certain sections of the media with respect to the attack on Jackman. In a release, it stated: “Guyanese already suffer a great deal of stigma and discrimination, with many being forced to keep their sexual orientation and gender identity secret out of fear of being victimised. Many who have ‘come out’ publicly have lost their jobs, homes, and been threatened, and harassed, as well as physically attacked.” It continued that Jackman made a brave choice to live openly and proudly as a lesbian – a right which every LGBT Guyanese deserves – to freely express themselves. “As a victim of a heinous crime, which will require long-term medical care and

leave permanent mental and physical scars, she deserves nothing less than our utmost sympathy and support.” The release added that Kaieteur News’s characterisation of Jackman’s attack as a result of a triangular love affair instead of as a violation of her human rights contributes to the perpetuation of a climate of intolerance towards LGBT individuals in Guyana. “It is extremely irresponsible and sensationalist journalism that puts profitmaking over the rights and well-being of the Guyanese people. Homophobia and transphobia remain scourges in our society that must be eradicated. LGBT Guyanese need love and understanding, as well as the right to live without fear, support to develop to the best of their potential, and the freedom to enjoy the same privileges and opportunities as heterosexual individuals. The group lashed out at some media houses, stating that they have an important role to play in the creation of a more just and tolerant society. GuyBow called on Kaieteur News – as well as all other media outlets and operatives – to take this responsibility seriously, especially when reporting on issues related to the LGBT community of Guyana. GuyBow also urges the police to investigate this manner seriously and thoroughly, in an attempt to provide justice to Jackman.

minibus driver is a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital nursing chop wounds about his body which he sustained during a confrontation with a reportedly drunken man on Wednesday evening at Number 23 Armadale, West Coast Berbice. The injured man was identified as Satyanand Persaud, 25, of Plantation Hope, Bath Settlement, WCB. Persaud and his conductor, Lester Thompson, were travelling west along the West Berbice highway when a motor car, which was proceeding east, overtook another motor car in a zigzag manner and drove into the path of the minibus. As a result, Persaud drove off the road and stopped in the corner. He then turned his minibus around and went in pursuit of the car, signalling the driver to stop. Eventually,

the errant driver stopped his vehicle. Persaud reportedly exited his minibus and walked towards the car where he realised that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. He then encouraged the driver of the car to take a rest, since he was under the influence of alcohol, but the man became annoyed, armed himself with a cutlass, and dealt Persaud one lash to his face, and a chop to his right elbow, his right wrist, and his head. He then fled the scene. Persaud was taken to Fort Wellington Hospital where he was examined, treated and referred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for further medical attention. Owing to the severity of the injuries, Persaud was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Efforts to arrest the driver of the motor car proved futile.

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Hundreds treated at HAP/ FAO, ILO urge protection CIOG free medical outreach for children working in fisheries sector

The HAP team and doctors


undreds of Lindeners have benefited from a free medical outreach over the weekend . The outreach was organised by the Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) of the United States Embassy in Guyana, in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), Health

Ministry and the Linden Jama’ah. The one-day medical outreach saw many patients benefiting from various health services, a release from CIOG said. The team of doctors included paediatrician, physicians and gynaecologists. Persons were also examined and treated for general health issues. Free

blood pressure and cholesterol testing were also done and a well-stocked pharmacy was set up to provide free medication needed by patients. Other cases were referred to the nearest health centre. This outreach was aimed at giving back to the community.

Fashion designers council being launched


he Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) has approved a reimbursable grant of €30,000 for development of the fashion industry in Guyana. The grant was approved following a 2012 application made by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) to CEDA, the Caribbean region’s principal financier for development projects. According to a release, the funds are being provided from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), the main instrument for providing “Community aid”

for development cooperation in ACP countries. During the first quarter of 2013, the GMSA began the initial outreach to local designers and soon thereafter the Guyana Fashion Designers Council was formed principally to provide a platform that will allow all designers to speak with one voice, to organise capacity-building programmes, secure technical expertise, participate in overseas activities, and find foreign markets. Certain milestones set out by CEDA must be accomplished in order to qualify for the funding, one of which is the establishment of the

council which will be registered shortly. The council must also raise the seed capital to build the capacity and competitiveness of the fashion designers cluster. As such, under the auspices of the GMSA, the council will host a signature fashion event titled “Fit Me 2013” on Sunday, June 30, at the Umana Yana, High Street, Kingston, Georgetown from 19:00h. The show will serve as the official ‘coming out’ of the Fashion Designers Council. The feature speaker will be Derek Lambee, head of the Political, Press and Information Section, European Union Mission.


Children fishing in an estuary

overnments need to take measures to protect children from harmful work in smallscale fisheries and aquaculture, say the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). According to a guidance document published jointly by the two UN agencies, almost every country has signed international conventions to protect children, but many have not translated these agreements into national legislation. As a result, many children working in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture remain exposed to harsh and hazardous working conditions. They may have to dive to unsafe depths – often at night; work long hours in unsanitary processing plants where they are at risk of contracting infections; or handle toxic chemicals and dangerous equipment. Girls working in fish processing depots are also at risk of sexual abuse.


“Work of this kind is intolerable”, FAO Assistant Director General for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Árni M Mathiesen, said. “It affects children’s health and learning abilities, and often prevents them from attending school.” “All work that harms

children’s physical, mental, psychological, social, and educational development, is unacceptable and violates international conventions” stresses ILO’s Director of International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, Constance Thomas. “We need to ensure that agreements designed to protect children from child labour are implemented.” The FAO and ILO estimate that around 130 million children work in agriculture, livestock and fisheries – accounting for 60 per cent of child labour worldwide. There are no aggregate data showing how many children work in fisheries and aquaculture, but case-study evidence suggests child labour is a problem especially in informal small and medium-sized fishing and aquaculture enterprises and in family operations.

Health hazards

“Children are more at risk than adults from safety and health hazards, because their bodies are not yet fully developed,” explains FAO Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division Director, Rob Vos. “There are many tasks in fisheries and aquaculture that children should not do. We should focus our efforts to prevent child labour. Programmes to reduce poverty and improve fishing technologies and practices will take away the

need for child labour.” The report stresses that not all fishery activities children engage in are undesirable. Some can even be positive for their development. They can acquire practical and social skills as they learn how to fish, learn how to process fish, and sell them in the market.

Countries need to act

The FAO and the ILO are urging compliance with international rules to protect children working in the industry. These include the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention, and its Worst Forms of Child Labour and Work in Fishing conventions, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the FAO’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. They point to the importance of occupational safety and health (OSH) assessments in assessing hazards and specific risks for children. Working with fishing communities is also essential to ensure that children receive adequate care and education, and are not involved in hazardous activities. A major challenge is addressing the root causes of child labour – poverty and food insecurity. Promoting decent work opportunities for adults, social protection, and free education with school feeding programmes can lead to sustainable solutions.



friday, june 28, 2013 |

DIDCO in receivership – Houston properties up for sale

liability, the company failed to honour its financial obligations and this led to the GRA taking further action to pursue winding up.


Didco headquarters, Ramp Road, Ruimveldt


hicken trading company DIDCO is in receivership, according to a public notice in the Guyana Chronicle on Thursday. The notice stated that as part of the process, house lots are up for sale at Plantation New Hope, East Bank Demerara. According to the notice, there are 400 lots which are approved for housing. Attempts by Guyana Times to get a comment from the receiver, whose office is named as PKF, Barcellos, Narine & Co accountancy firm, proved unsuccessful. Meanwhile, when calls were made to the head office of DIDCO for comments on the matter, this publication was told that Chief Executive Officer Deo Singh was unavailable for comments. Despite the recent change in custodial respon-

sibility for the property, the company’s website continues to describe its activities as being carried out under the name DIDCO Trading Company, with its head office located at Ramp Road, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Guyana.


DIDCO had major plans for chicken production for the local and export markets, but encountered various problems, including a damaging fire several years ago. Singh, a veteran businessman, secured the first KFC franchise in Guyana and on April 26, 1994 opened the first KFC outlet in Guyana near the busy downtown Stabroek Market. However, in December 2011, the Guyana Revenue Authority(GRA) filed a pe-

tition in the High Court to institute winding-up proceedings against DIDCO Trading Company Limited which it said had failed to honour its financial obligations to the revenue authority. The GRA in a statement in November 2009 said it took legal action against DIDCO Trading Company Ltd, because it failed to remit the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) deductions for various periods between 2007 and 2009 and judgment was subsequently granted in favour of the GRA with the company being given an eight-month stay of execution by the court and another eight months by the GRA to liquidate the liability before levy proceedings were instituted. The statement said that despite having been granted time by the court and GRA to liquidate the outstanding

The statement had quoted GRA’s legal services division head, Hessaun Yasin-Nandlall as saying “the failure of DIDCO Trading Company Ltd to honour its financial obligations has left the GRA with no other choice than to pursue winding-up proceedings.” She added, “Apart from the PAYE liabilities, DIDCO has liabilities for Corporation Tax for the years 1993-2010; Property Tax for the years 20072011; and Value Added Tax (VAT) for the years 2007-2011, along with other PAYE debts which total in excess of $180 million.” According to the company profile, it started as a distribution company – importing and wholesaling essential food products and later branched off into shipping; poultry feed production; poultry hatching, rearing and processing; and also bathroom tissue converting and packaging. DIDCO had two sister companies: Friendship Hotel and Restaurant Holdings Limited, and Nova Scotia Manufacturing Company.

All booths sold out for Building Expo 2013


ousing Minister Irfaan Ali said the Housing Ministry was now forced to turn potential building expo exhibitors away, since the National Stadium is now filled to capacity. During an exclusive interview with Guyana Times, Ali stated that the ministry regrets this; however, “the fact is, we had this open a long time… those who came first were served first, so it’s just amazing to see the response locally, regionally and internationally.” He promised that this year’s building expo will be exceptional and interesting, encouraging persons to attend the event. “Building Expo 2013 is going to be one of the most exciting building expos that you have experienced.” He added that this year’s expo will cover every aspect of

the building, housing and home furnishing sectors while providing an excellent opportunity to educate persons on new products and materials. Ali underscored that the Housing Ministry is also trying to incorporate the services of banks with that of the Central Housing and Planning Authority so that persons can go to this year’s expo and acquire the services of a one stop shop. He said the Housing Ministry is encouraging persons especially those with old applications who would like to be a part of the turnkey, lower income or the professional home initiatives to attend the expo since the ministry is hoping to complete the prequalification process for all the potential allottees by the end of the expo. Ali stated the response from the private sector for this year’s building expo

has been tremendous, alluding specifically to the urban development plan also known as Silica City on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway. He reiterated that the community is intended to be luxury development. “We want to build a community that creates its own economic options, a community

that creates its own livelihood options, a community that is linked to exceptional recreational services.” International Building Expo 2013, which is slated for July 5 to 7 at the Guyana National Stadium, will be held under the theme, “Consolidating Partnerships for Sustainable Development”.

More police pun de road


hese days every body talkin bout how dem seein plenty police men pun de road all around de clock. So it look like de police reform kickin in although de MPs in Parliament ain’t even approve de reform bill yet. But is only in de day time that de people feelin more and more safe. That is because in de day time, de police controllin traffic. But in de night, dem stoppin people and askin fuh a raise. So nowadays de people who drivin in de nights friken de police dem more than de bandits. Dem seh de bandits does only demand money when yuh have. But de police does demand money even when yuh don’t have. And it look like since GPL announce dem gon raise de light bill, de police also raise how much dem does want to bum from yuh in de nights. But is mostly dem minibus and taxi drivers feelin de squeeze these days. Dem seh dem raisin fares because dem now have to buy gas and police, and that de police gettin more expensive than gas. One taxi man leff de East Coast fuh pick up people at de airport. He stop to buy gas one time, but police stop he three times. Wid de new vehicles that de police get recently, de drivers can’t predict which area dem gon be. One night, a police officer tell a taxi man that he got to wuk thru pun de night shift, and he gettin sleepy so he want to buy coffee. When de taxi man offer he coffee, de police seh de officers does only drink de coffee that does be in de bottle, not de cup! Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And Guyana must be de only place in de world wheh police controllin traffic at all de junctions wheh de traffic lights wukkin. Is like yuh watchin link show in de day time!


Friday, June 28, 2013

News CDB plugging US$6.1M into Guyana’s poverty fight G

uyana stands to benefit from a US$6.1 million grant from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to aid in its poverty alleviation efforts. This was announced at the launching of the seventh cycle of the Basic Needs Trust Fund on Thursday. The seventh cycle of the fund was launched under the theme: “Adding value and strength to our communities” at the Duke Lodge, Kingston. So far, Guyana has benefited from some $35.9 million under this fund. Since CDB’s founding in 1917 right up to 2012, Guyana has been the largest beneficiary of soft loans and grants from the bank. “We are proud of the works that the CDB is doing here; Guyana showcases in a very graphic and successful manner CDB’s franchise value and what it really is meant to do,” CDB President, Dr William Warren Smith said.


According to Dr Smith, Guyana has also been a major beneficiary of the bank’s Special Development Fund (SDF). Guyana has received $165 million of SDF loans at two per cent interest repayable in more than 30 years, with 10 years for repayment of principle. “This represents 15 per cent of CDB’s Special Development Fund loans to all of the SDF eligible member countries, so Guyana has had a very large proportion of those resources” he explained. Further, the $35 million grant received under the BNTF represents 11 per cent of all of SDF grant resources approved for the CDB member countries. According to Dr Smith, this is the flagship programme of

IFRC President Tadateru Konoé (centre) poses with other dignitaries of the Red Cross Society at a reception

CDB President Dr William Warren Smith and Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh at the launch of the seventh cycle of the BNFT

the Guyana government and the CDB. The initiative is geared directly at poverty alleviation. “We describe it in this manner, because the programme positively impacts the people and the most basic and practical ways,” he added. It offers local solutions for a variety of problems including transporting produce to market, getting from one place to another, and sourcing safe drinking water, very basic but very important things. Thursday’s launch, he said, marks yet another assault on the scourge of poverty as the CDB and the government of Guyana and its people join heads to push back against economic and social conditions, which has, for too long, been the main cause of poverty and illiteracy in the region and deprived citizens of the life they deserve. The president commended Guyana’s aggressiveness in pushing forward in this regard, naming the country the most effective among CDB member countries in terms of executing of projects and programmes. Guyana’s allocation un-

35-year-old charged for cannabis in toilet


man was granted bail for possession of narcotics when he appeared before Magistrate Fabian Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday. Stephon Harry, 35, of Lot 417 North East La Penitence, pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on June 26 at Georgetown, he had in his possession 250 grams of cannabis. According to the facts, on the day in question, acting on information, ranks went to the home of the defendant and conducted a search which uncovered the narcotic mentioned in the charge. The prosecution objected to bail, citing the nature of the offence, the penalty at-

Red Cross head here to strengthen ties with local body

tached, and the likelihood that the defendant may not return to court if granted bail. Attorney Latchmie Rahaman in her application for bail stated that her client has been cooperating with the police, and has no priors or pending matters. The lawyer further stated that on the day in question, there were multiple occupants in the home and her client was asleep. Rahaman indicated that her client was not aware of the narcotic and is baffled as to how the police entered his home. The magistrate who indicated that there were special reasons granted Harry bail in the sum of $250,000. The matter will be heard again on July 10.

der the CDB for the BNTF is US$6.1 million and the government is contributing some US$1 million. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh believes the CDB continues to do extremely outstanding work, particularly in Guyana. He said the bank has proved its worth and to this end, he shared some of the projects that have been carried out.


Dr. Singh believes this seventh cycle will make a phenomenal contribution to the quality of transport infrastructure, and social and economic conditions of people. “The programmes and initiatives that have been undertaken under the BNTF have changed the lives of many persons…CDB has proven its worth through the main windows and lending products which meet the needs of people under the BNTF programme,” Singh stated. The BNTF was started in 1979 and is geared towards providing recourse to poor communities in order to improve access to basic public services and enhance employability.

Assault accused gets bail


man was granted bail on assault charges when he appeared before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday. Mark Roberts, 47, of Lot 696 Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on June 24 at Hadfield Street, Georgetown he unlawfully assaulted Clinton John. According to the facts, the defendant and virtual complainant (VC) had a misunderstanding about loading a bus when the VC threatened him by picking up a stick and pushing him on his hand. The magistrate granted bail in the sum of $20,000 and Roberts will return to court on July 8.


nternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) President Tadateru Konoé is on an official visit in Guyana, in an attempt to explore avenues to strengthen the relationship and level of cooperation between the IFRC and the Guyana Red Cross Society (GRCS). Following his arrival on Thursday morning, he was welcomed at a reception hosted by the Guyana Red Cross Society. The IFRC president will engage in discussions on the national society’s emergency programmes and issues related to disaster preparedness during his two-day visit here. He also met with President Donald Ramotar earlier in the day where the two leaders held discussion on the work of the organisation. President Konoé is also expected to meet with officials of Caricom with the aim of developing a better understanding of the socio-economic dynamics of the region, particularly Guyana, and fulfilling its humanitarian mandate and development agen-


Giving a brief speech at the reception ceremony on Thursday, Konoé said by joining hands with such organisations, the Red Cross movement can overcome its many challenges to achieve its mandate. He added that there are some 187 national societies within the IFRC with varying capacities, but they are united by one common goal. On his visit, Konoé, who is also president of the Japanese Red Cross, is accompanied by a number of the other dignitaries including Special Adviser to the IFRC President, Yasuo Tanaka; Japanese Red Cross Office of the President Director Kentaro Nagazumi; IFRC Caribbean Regional Representative Lorraine Mangwiro; and Red Cross Director for the Americas Xavier Castellanos. Meanwhile, Guyana Red Cross Society Vice President Errol Cheong, while welcoming the diplomats, said the occasion of their visit is historic, given that it is the first time a serving IFRC president has visited Guyana.

Meanwhile, Regional Representative Mangwiro pledged her commitment to working with national societies in the region. The president is also expected to pay a courtesy call on Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett. The IFRC is one of the three components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which for a number of years has been actively serving the Caribbean region through its regional office located in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The IFRC assists when there is a National Disaster which is beyond the capacity of a country’s national society. The IFRC is said to be the world’s largest volunteer-based humanitarian network, reaching 150 million people each year through its 187 member national societies. Together, the IFRC acts before, during, and after disasters and health emergencies to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Health Ministry arsonists get five years


he two men convicted of burning down the Health Ministry in 2009 were sentenced to five years in prison when they appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday. Magistrate Latchman imposed the sentences on Colin Jones and Clayton Westford after they were found guilty on June 17 of committing arson on the Health Ministry at Brickdam between July 16 and 17, 2009. The conflagration lit up the night skies in the wee hours and razed the building, along with an annex. Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy was asked a series of questions by Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte after entering the witness box to conclude the matter. He stated that during the year 2009 he was health minister.In his previous testimony, he stated that the fire had caused damage estimated to be between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion, and destroyed data, including records of personnel, surveillance, professional examinations such as the

Guyana Nursery Council, the Guyana Medical Council, and the Guyana Pharmacy Council. The minister further said that a young doctor coming up would not have access to crucial information and be able to reference whether an incident occurred and when it transpired. Jones interjected by first indicating his pleasure in being in the presence of the minister. He stated that in this modern-day world information would be stored on computers, to which the minister responded that the electronic records were destroyed along with backups since everything was in the building. Jones then stated that as a doctor, the minister should have firsthand knowledge about dealing with the relevant issues, without having a need for records. He put it to the minister that it was not the entire ministry that was destroyed but a section. Jones then ventured on to list mitigating factors in his defence, including his patriotism for Guyana. The accused stated that since the commencement of the trial, the of-

ficer who was in charge of the investigation has never been called as a witness in the case. He added that while in custody he was asked to remain silent by Mr Houston. The man further stated that he was implicated by someone and that the so-called oral statement the prosecutor is alleging he gave, he never gave, and the person who said he committed the act, to date, has not submitted what part he played in the crime. After the sentence was handed down, Attorney Michael Somersault, who represented Westford, commented that they will be going to the appeal the verdict. An uproar was heard throughout the courthouse as irate family members aired their disapproval of the magistrate’s decision. In a brief interview with this publication, the minister commented that a situation like this is clearly a matter of arson. He added that he is happy that the judiciary and law enforcement worked together to determine the outcome of the matter.

15 News

friday, June 28, 2013

Bosai fatal accident

Minister Persaud stresses health and safety guidelines

Guyana ratifies Arms Trade Treaty


elatives of the three employees attached to Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) who were last week killed and the two who were injured while on duty in an accident along the Coomacka access road, were offered comforting words of assurance by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud as he met with them on Wednesday. Those killed were 61-yearold Trenton Garner, 43-yearold Michael Williams, and 20-year-old Kester Grant, while Marlon Pollydore, a national basketballer, and Fabian Anthony were those injured as the Nissan pickup truck they were travelling in en route to BMGGI at Linden, slammed beneath a 769 B Caterpillar dump truck, driven by another BMGGI employee, as its driver attempted to overtake. Williams was reportedly the driver of the pick-up at the time. The funerals of the dead men are scheduled to be conducted on Saturday. The minister and his team first met with BMGGI and Labour Ministry officials to discuss circumstances surrounding the accident and the way forward for the families of those affected. Present at the meeting were BMGGI Manager George Zhao, Personnel Manager Trudell Marks, Community Relations Officer Vanessa Davis, and Occupational Health and Safety Officer Raymond Sankhar, among others.


Sankhar in his address to the gathering assured that investigations are still ongoing while also noting that BMGGI has been engaged in talks with representatives of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Labour Ministry. He noted that the injured Anthony was recently released from hospital and was scheduled to be sent to Georgetown to have a private evaluation done by Dr Joseph. “He’s due to do another operation, his medical condition is improving...” When asked what really transpired by Minister Persaud, Sankhar explained the circumstances surrounding the accident, noting that every effort is being made on the part of the company to

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud and Permanent Secretary Joslyn McKenzie express wishes for speedy recovery to Fabian Anthony, a survivor of the vehicular accident involving Bosai employees

have its employees educated and practise occupational health and safety procedures. “Well, based on the investigation so far and statements received, we understand that there were five persons in the pick-up and there were two trucks along the way heading towards the area, the pick-up passed the first truck that was in the process of overtaking the other truck going down a slope when it made contact with the truck,” he explained.


He related that the procedure in dealing with hauling trucks is for pick-ups to give way when they encounter these trucks. Further, he said that Anthony, who is currently still hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Linden Hospital Complex was in the left front seat of the pick-up, while the other three employees were seated in the back. BMGGI officials also assured that assistance was provided to all the affected families outside of the regular insurance. The minister questioned the safety of the Montgomery mines area where BMGGI employees worked, while stressing that it is important to ensure that employees follow the necessary occupational health and safety guidelines in order to avoid such occurrences. “We have just approved at Cabinet, the new regulations for occupational health and safety,” he said. When Persaud met with the relatives of Kester Grant at Block 22, he greeted the dead man’s mother, Robin

Grant and urged her to ‘take care’ and be strong, while assuring that the family will be taken care of. “We have the Ministry of Labour people here too and we are going to be doing a full investigation,” he told her. At the LHC, Anthony was greeted with similar sentiments. He explained to the minister that he was an apprentice who had been working with BMGGI for approximately one year prior to the accident. He was assured by the minister that the ministry, as well as the company, will ensure that he receives proper medical treatment.

Medical treatment

“The company has promised to ensure that you receive the best medical treatment available and I’m quite sure that they will fulfil their obligations as they’ve given us the assurance for that. “Well, you seem to be in good spirits and I’m quite sure that’s good for recovery and I wanted to come and convey my wishes. All the best and I hope that the next surgery you have is very good, “he concluded. At the home of Williams in Coomacka Mines, the minister greeted grieving relatives and related what was discussed with BMGGI, while he continued to reassure them. The same sentiments were shared with the bereaved wife and family of Garner at Industrial Area, Mackenzie. Families of the three dead men were in the process of conducting wakes at their home locations. In an update to the media afterwards, Persaud not-

ed that though it is necessary to visit the community from time to time, his visit was prompted by the circumstances surrounding the tragedy of the five employees. “ well as to wish those persons who are injured a speedy recovery and also to talk to the company directly and I brought the GGMC, so that we can have a better understanding of what the company is doing in relation to the issue of occupational health and safety, but more so development as it relates to the company’s operations, because it is very central to this community but also bauxite is very important to our country.


“There has been a preliminary report by the Ministry of Labour and Human Services Occupational Health and Safety department. The GGMC has also provided a report and the company has submitted a report and today the Ministry of Labour continues to carry out interviews targeting primarily the two survivors, including the driver of the truck... with the hopes that this provides a final report to be presented along with recommendations. The agencies are expected to do a very thorough and comprehensive job... because it’s also about looking at how we can prevent, how it is that we can minimise, to avoid such incidents taking place around our mining areas... the investigations are ongoing, the report is being finalised,” he noted.

RIO at the Palm Court Saturday


he Palm Court will be transformed into a Brazilian fiesta on Saturday, as NDP Events hosts “RIO”. It will be a Brazilian themed par-


By Samuel Sukhnandan

ty complete with Brazilian food, dancers and numerous drink specials. The Brazilian dance troupe will be dancing to the best in Brazilian funk!

Also, Heineken, which is the main sponsors of the event, will have some very exciting things planned! Patrons should look forward to the GREEN ZONE!

Ladies are absolutely free before 23:00h for this event! So get your dancing shoes on and head down to Palm Court this Saturday for “RIO”.

he National Assembly on Thursday unanimously voted to ratify the International Arms Trade Treaty, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on April 2, 2013. Guyana could be the first country in a group of 74 to do so. Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, who laid the motion in the National Assembly, said more than eight per cent of the countries worldwide have voted for the treaty to be put in place. “The Arms Trade Treaty fills a critical gap in international law, in the important domain of the transfers of conventional arms. Once effectively implemented, it will make a real positive difference for millions of people around the world, especially those who live in conflict areas,” RodriguesBirkett said.


In explaining the objectives of the treaty, the minister said it will contribute to regional and international peace, stability and security. It also seeks to reduce human suffering, and promote cooperation transparency and responsible action by state parties. While the treaty seeks to address the trade of conventional arms across border, it also looks at trade of small arms and light weapons. Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said the excess accumulation and uncontrolled flow of these weapons poses a significant threat to peace and security and social and economic development of countries. “Small arms and light weapons was a major issue for Caricom countries and many of our diplomats worked tirelessly to ensure that that category of weapon was included in the arms trade treaty.” The minister added that these weapons are cheap, light, and easy to handle. A majority of deaths are a result of the use of these

APNU Member of Parliament Africo Selman

small weapons. The treaty will foster peace and security by putting a stop to destabilising arms flows to conflict regions. It will prevent human rights abusers and violators of the law of war from being supplied with arms. And it will help keep warlords, pirates, and gangs from acquiring these deadly tools. Meanwhile, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Africo Selman in making her contribution said Guyana’s signatory to the treaty is a step in the right direction. She commended the move by government.


Selman stated that in order for the treaty to be effective, it would require Guyana to establish national regulations to control the transfer of conventional arms and components to regulate the trade. “While we applaud the existence of the treaty, we are concerned about the numerous weaknesses that are contained therein,” the APNU member added. Selman said in order for Guyana to effectively adopt the treaty, Guyana should move to establish a National Commission on Small Arms. She also suggested that a national control system be established, which will monitor weapons imported here. In concluding, Selman said: “It is time that we demonstrate by our action that we do have the political will to give meaning to treaties to which we are signatories.” However, APNU, she said, supports the treaty in its entirety. In addition to Selman, Alliance For Change Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo and APNU Member of Parliament Winston Felix also made contributions, while reiterating the need for Guyana to put mechanisms in place to support the treaty. (


friday, june 28, 2013



Jamaica welcomes investors Nigeria remains number one investment destination in Africa in minerals sector


tate minister in the science, technology, energy and mining ministry, Julian Robinson, says the Jamaican government welcomes the input of private investors, as it seeks to exploit the full potential of the country’s minerals sector. Robinson, who was speaking on Tuesday at the opening of the 49th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals in Kingston, noted that the multi-million dollar indus-

try could potentially earn the country millions in foreign exchange. “We believe that the potential for sustainable growth for this sector is there, and as an administration we are committed to facilitating that growth, primarily through the private investment that is required to exploit the minerals,” he stated. In 2008, the mining industry contributed 3.8 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), most of which

was attributed to bauxite and alumina. At the time, experts also predicted that full exploitation of the minerals sector could potentially earn the country as much as US$184 billion a year. The state minister said the Geology Forum, which is being held in the Caribbean for the first time, is quite timely and significant, as it opens the door for investors within the sector to witness Jamaica’s full potential. (Caribbean News Now)


igeria has again emerged the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). UNCTAD said in its World Investment Report 2013, titled: “Global Value Chains: Investment and Trade for Development,” that FDI inflows to Nigeria stood at US$7.03 billion. South Africa

recorded US$4.572 billion, Ghana US$3.295 billion, Egypt US$2.798 billion, and Angola US$6.898 billion, among others. A breakdown of the Global FDI report, released Wednesday, showed that Foreign Direct Investment flows to African countries increased by five per cent to US$50 billion in 2012, even as global FDI fell by 18 per cent. According to the report, global FDI fell by 18 per cent

to US$1.35 trillion, while FDI is expected to increase to US$1.45 trillion in 2013, US$1.6 trillion in 2014 and US$1.8 trillion in 2015. UNCTAD said: “The road to FDI recovery is thus proving bumpy and may take longer than expected. UNCTAD forecasts FDI in 2013 to remain close to the 2012 level, with an upper range of USU$1.45 trillion – a level comparable to the pre-crisis average of 2005 to 2007. (allAfrica)


North America

Wall Street advances for third day Burma awards lucrative mobile after Dudley comments phone contracts


tocks climbed for a third straight day on Thursday as concerns receded that the Federal Reserve would begin to unwind its stimulus efforts earlier than expected. A decline in weekly jobless claims and improvements in consumer spending and income added to the positive tone and contributed to the S&P 500’s best three-day run since January. Equities have been volatile ever since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said last week

the central bank’s bond-buying programme, credited with fuelling the market’s 13 per cent jump in 2013, would be reined in earlier than expected if economic conditions improve. With Wall Street so closely tethered to the direction of Fed policy, uncertainty over the timing of a pullback to the programme sparked a market decline of as much as 4.8 per cent in the days following Bernanke’s remarks. “The Fed had to be

shocked at how much of a move Bernanke’s testimony generated... so now it is trying to alter expectations,” said Nick Sargen, chief investment officer at Fort Washington Investment Advisors in Cincinnati. William Dudley, head of the New York Federal Reserve, said Thursday the Fed’s asset purchases would be more aggressive than the timeline Bernanke had outlined if U.S. economic growth and the labour market prove weaker than expected. (Reuters)



urma has awarded lucrative mobile telecom licences to Norway’s Telenor and the Qatari firm Ooredoo, a government committee in charge of bids has said. The move opens up one of the world’s last untapped mobile phone markets. It is estimated that just nine per cent of Burma’s 60 million people have mobile phones. Eleven foreign companies were short-listed in their bid to supply telecommunications infrastructure in the

country. The winners overcame fierce competition from the likes of Singtel and Bharti Airtel, as well as a bid by the Digicel group involving one of Burma’s richest men, Serge Pun, and the billionaire financier George Soros. The successful firms will have to provide voice services across 75 per cent of the country within five years and data services across half of it. At the moment, few people in Burma, also known as Myanmar, can afford mobile phone handsets and call

charges. “We are looking forward to working with the government and people of Myanmar in developing the country’s telecommunication industry, a sector that will play a key role in Myanmar’s socioeconomic development,” said Sigve Brekke, head of Telenor Asia. Neither Telenor nor Ooredoo released figures on the value of their bids or how much money they will plough into establishing a mobile network across the country. (BBC


Middle East Europe strikes deal to push cost of bank failure on investors Emirates denies using headphones he European Union ble. The plan stipulates that agreed on a significant bail- made by abused inmates agreed on Thursday shareholders, bondholders in to shield taxpayers,” said


to force investors and wealthy savers to share the costs of future bank failures, moving closer to drawing a line under years of taxpayer-funded bailouts that have prompted public outrage. After seven hours of latenight talks, finance ministers from the bloc’s 27 countries emerged with a blueprint to close or salvage banks in trou-

and depositors with more than 100,000 euros (US$132,000) should share the burden of saving a bank. The deal is a boost for EU leaders, who met later Brussels, and can show that they are finally getting to grips with the financial crisis that began in mid-2007 with the near collapse of Germany’s IKB. “For the first time, we

Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, referring to the process in which shareholders and bondholders must bear the costs of restructuring first. The rules break a taboo in Europe that savers should never lose their deposits, although countries will have some flexibility to decide when and how to impose losses on a failing bank’s creditors. (Reuters)

Market statistics Cambio Rates

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Bank of Guyana

Fixed as at June 18, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity





















$1366.75 $202.83

Indicators as on June 27, 2013 Live Spot Gold


USD Per Once











London Gold Fix AM 1232.00 806.07 945.51 AM 1229.00 799.97 945.85

Crude Oil Price Silver Platinum

US$ per barrel

Change %



USD per Ounce

Change %





PM 1232.75 808.94 947.32 PM 1236.25 803.65 948.26


mirates Airline has denied claims headphones distributed on its flights were made by abused Chinese inmates. New Zealand man Danny Cancian told the Australian Financial Review (AFR) he witnessed the inmates being forced to make the headphones for US$1.30 per month while he also was in Dongguan Prison last year. Prisoners were abused and sometimes tasered by guards if they did not meet set targets for the number of headphone sets to be made, he

claimed. Cancian said the headphones were made for a supplier called Dongguan City Joystar Electronic Co, which used the prison for large labour orders. They were then provided to Emirates, its Australian partner Qantas and British Airways, the AFR claimed. Qantas said in a statement that it was concerned about the allegations and had launched an investigation. The supplier had been temporarily suspended, the company said. However, Emirates

and British Airways quickly denied the allegations entirely. Emirates said there were no unethical practices in its supply chain. An Emirates spokesperson said: “Emirates’ headsets are manufactured by an industry leading company that supplies over 200 airlines around the world. Emirates has had a long relationship with this supplier and is satisfied that there is no evidence of any unethical practices in the headset manufacturing process.”


Investors' guide

Small business accounting practices (CONTINUED FROM THURSDAY)

Therefore, it’s important that small businesses, even ones without professional accountants, keep careful tabs on their revenue and expenditures. First keep all receipts – cash, check or credit card – and make sure every penny received in and paid out of the company’s coffers is recorded in a ledger, preferably digital. Gains and losses on investments and loans should be dated and recorded properly and attributed to the correct parties. As a small busi-

ness owner, the easiest way to stick to this system is to keep all personal and business transactions separate. Keep a business bank account and credit card for use only with business related transactions. If you use your personal account to cover business costs, issue yourself a receipt and reimburse yourself out of the company account. This seemingly redundant action will keep both accounts neatly compartmentalised. If your company wants to

keep the majority of its profits safe from corporate sales taxes, then consider investing in tax-free retirement funds or trusts. There are numerous conservative investment vehicles that allow small business owners to preserve their capital for retirement and future generations. This allows your company to report honest profits – thus gaining credit for loans and financing – while preserving the maximum amount of your earnings. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Strategic planning

Last: 15024.49

Changes: +114.35

% Change: +0.77

Open: 14921.28

High: 15075.01

Low: 14921.28

% YTD: +14.65

52Wk Hi: 15398.48

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09

Systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. In contrast to long-term planning (which begins with the current status and lays down a path to meet estimated future needs), strategic planning begins with the desired-end and works backward to the current status.

friday, june 28, 2013



By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Take advantage of an opportunity to catch up with an acquaintance whom you’ve been neglecting of late. You’ll be glad you did.


(June 21July 22) If you don’t expect too much from a social connection, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, you should still be friendly with everyone you meet.



(Jan. 20Feb. 19)

(July 23Aug. 22)

Follow your judgment regarding an important career decision. Advice from others could only muddy the waters.

Calvin and Hobbes


PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) There is a strong possibility that you will learn a valuable lesson. The knowledge you’ll gain will be used later to further your aims.


It’s best not to make any last-minute changes to an important matter that you’re trying to wrap up. Things are likely to work out as you anticipate, or, perhaps, even better.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Your best adviser might not be someone to whom you usually go for counsel. Before seeking advice from anyone else, try your mate or a close friend.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Both your intuitive perceptions and your logic are sharper than usual. Both will help you make the decisions you need to make.

In a matter that directly affects your work, don’t underestimate your competition. This does not mean that all your adversaries are stronger – it just means you should watch your back.

SUDOKU TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Even if you aren’t an original thinker, chances are someone you hang out with is. You’ll know how to put his or her ideas to good use.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) A wise associate might influence you to change your mind about something. Don’t berate yourself for doing so; it’ll turn out to be a wise choice.

Thursday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Anything that calls for a financial risk might not work out. However, involvements requiring hard work will pay off reliably.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) A pleasant surprise is in store when new life is breathed into an endeavour you were about to write off. This shift in conditions will produce fresh advantages.


friday, june 28, 2013


Public voting for GT&T Jingle and Song Competition ends this Saturday

Brandon Harding


he final public voting in the much anticipated Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company Limited Jingle and Song competition will come to an end on Saturday, June 29 at 23:59h. Twenty Bollywood and English contestants performed at the National

Yeataindra Singh

Cultural Centre before their fans who had an opportunity to cast their votes for their favourite contestants. The finals were aired on national television on Sunday last and after one week of voting, the winner is closer to being announced.


he Demerara Park and Mackenzie Sport Club Ground is expected to be filled to capacity when Jamaica’s Comedy King, Oliver Samuels takes centre stage this weekend when his brand new comedy show is enacted. The show called ‘Embassy Saga’ will be staged at the Demerara Park, Banks DIH on Saturday, June 29 and the show will culminate at the MSC on Sunday, June 30. This new comedy, ‘Embassy Saga’, promises will be “one of the best productions… ever” and Oliver Samuels is expects to bring down the house this weekend. “Who among us is without an embassy saga or embassy drama?” Oliver asks. Now 65, Oliver, well known for his Oliver at Large comedy routines, has defied the odds by still reigning as the king of comedy. What’s even more in-


otal Black Out was epic... this time around partyholics can look forward to an exciting week-end as Club Monaco hosts again another concept party called “Live Out Loud” this Saturday, June 29. Club Monaco, Guyana’s most modern nightclub, is promising patrons an unforgettable party experience. Leading Deejays such as Bevaughn

Those who made it to the finals in the Bollywood segment were Yeataindra Singh, Andy Rambarack, Reshma Persaud, Devchandra Ramrattan, Bibi Halima Khan, Harresh Singh, Bunty Singh, Danishwar Bisessar, and Erick Sukrah. Those who made it in the English Segment were Dorian Obbermuller, T’Shanna Cort, Diana Chapman, Natasha Yhap, Lerone Souvenir, Edward Perez, Ryan Hoppie, Darren Benjamin, Lemuel Chestor and Michael Small. The winners in the two segments will each walk away with a motorcar along with one $1 million each. Fans still have a few hours left to cast their votes via GT&T texting.

Gail Ann Singh

A scene taken from the “Embassy Saga”

Oliver Samuels at his best

of Stereo Sonic; Selector Diamond and Sean Rass of Fusions and 94#1 Boom FM respectively will provide non-stop party vibes throughout the night with some of the best music selections. Tickets to Live Out Loud cost $1500 and ladies are free before midnight. Patrons can enjoy Club Monaco’s elevated VIP experience for $3000.

teresting is that his last production, ‘Who a Di Don’, was the most-watched play for 2012 and insiders predict that Embassy Saga will be even bigger. Embassy Saga has already had two tours to the United States of America; two tours to Canada and a double billing – 16 months after it first opened. ‘Embassy Saga’ delivers a compelling story of family life in Jamaica, but has more punch lines and moments of belly-cramping laughter. It mixes suspense, drama and comedy. The audience will feel at times that they are watching a reality show, but nothing will prepare them for the dramatic end. Tickets for the event cost $2500 for regular seats and $6000 for the VIP section at Demerara Park on Saturday and $2500 and $5000 for regular and VIP at MSC Ground on Sunday. This is one you don’t wanna miss.

Club Monaco has become one of the hottest nightspots in Guyana, helping to return the buzzing nightlife to Sheriff Street. Live Out Loud comes on the heels of the incredible ‘Total Black Out’ party which was held last Saturday. ‘Live Out Loud’ should be an absolute must for persons looking for an amazing party this week-end.


ll roads will lead to the small East Bank Village, Coverden for one of the hottest shows to ever hit the community when Black Stone Music System hosts its 18th Anniversary Show at the new and improved Island View Resort aback Kayley’s Service Station. The show is slated for Sunday evening and will feature reigning Carib Soca Monarch, Jumo ‘Rubber Waist’ Primo and upcoming artiste, Jory Hector. The show is expected to be really hyped with a lot of energy since both artistes are known for their high energy performances. Organisers confirmed that all arrangements are in place for the successful hosting of the evening which will see security at its best. Apart from the show, which is slated to commence at 21:00h, there will be lots of giveaways including household appliances and other gadgets as part of Black Stone’s 18th year of existence. Tickets cost $500 and are available at Kayley’s Service Station in Coverden; Jimmy’s Music Bar at the Timehri Bus park and from the organisers. The event is sponsored by a number of businesses including F&T Designs and Kayley’s Service Station and Limo Service. Music will be provided by Black Stone; Slingerz Family and Stereo Sonics.


iss My ART 2K13 is an event that Guyana has never seen before! This event will encompass local art of all kinds, in a format that is vibrant, exciting and attractive to all ages, but particularly to the young and young at heart. The event is set for this Saturday at the Everest Cricket Club Ground commencing at 17:00h. This will include the display and/or sale of photography, paintings, videography, textiles, jewellery, sculptures and so much more. Apart from the normal exhibits there will be art pieces which will be sold through a silent auction or at a fixed price, dependent upon the artist’s choice. Artists will range from the renowned to those with talents previously undiscovered. In addition to the art exposé, Kiss My ART will be featuring “Collage”, an absolutely eclectic new local band! There will also be several other artsy activities happening including a Bravo Arts body-art performance; two happy hours featuring the best art-tenders; battles of the DJs; auto art; live glow drumming; fire acrobatics; spoken word poetry; steel panomania; silhouette dancing and much more. There will also have the most tasteful food court and lounge area to tantalise your taste buds. Admission to the event cost $1000 and tickets will be available at the gate. Kiss My ART 2K13!!! YOU CAN’T MISS IT!!!

friday, june 28, 2013



at Duke Lodge this weekend


xplosive Dancehall artist Konshens will be the headline act when Jamzone Regional Night is staged at the Guyana National Stadium on August 16. Others slated to perform at the event are Onyan and Burning Flames with their controversial hit “Kick Een She backdoor”; Busy Signal with his latest tune, “Bedroom Bully” and also Ravi B whose hit song “Prescription” which has been sidelined to be banned, will join the cast. The local cast will include Timeka Marshall, Jory Hector and others who are expected to set the stage alight with their versatile performances. Konshens, whose real name is Garfield Spence, is one of several artistes who have been booked to perform at this year’s regional concert which has been known to attract thousands. With hits like “Realest Song”, “Winner”, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Represent”, “Gal Dem a Talk” and more recently songs that have been sending shockwaves throughout the Caribbean and other parts of the world with “Couple Up”, “I’m coming”, “Siddung”; “Boost Har Up”, and “Bad Gal”, Konshens is sure to

rock the venue. Known to be one of the Caribbean’s most adroit entertainers, Konshens is considered to be an unstoppable performer as this quality is paired with his astounding vocal flair leaving fans mesmerised, long after he leaves the stage. Konshens is one of few artistes who have broken through the social strata, creating songs that explore and address a wide spectrum of issues including crime, discrimination, prejudice, poverty and political pandering. Of course, Konshens also explores the lighter side of living through his songs created just for dancing and romancing the ladies. In May 2011, he was one of several highprofile Jamaican celebrities to take part in a march in Torrington Park calling for an end to political rivalry in the area, commemorating a fire in May 1980 at the Eventide Home which killed over 150 elderly women, for which politically motivated arson was suspected. This artist’s ability to captivate his audience with heart-throbbing and nonstop-gyrating tunes makes him a sure pick for Jamzone Summer Break 2013 regional concert!


bhinaya, a new and innovative dance troupe presents ‘jhalak Dhiklaa Jaa’ – a cultural extravaganza as their first national show to the general public at the Duke Lodge this Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30 at 19:30h. According to the instructor Sharda Mohabir, this will be the first time the dance troupe will be performing for the general public and it will be the official launching of the troupe. Abhinaya students range from age six to 20 years but is opened to all who wish to participate in the art of dancing. The group focuses on semi-classical and Bollywood

techniques and promises to blow the audience away with their unique performances and will also have a special appearance by the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition Bollywood Segment winner 2012 Gail Ann Singh. The troupe’s current location is in Ogle, East Coast Demerara; however anyone interested in joining the group and interested in tickets are encouraged to contact Sharda Mohabir (Kimy) at 646-8165, tickets cost $2500. Abhinaya is a concept in Indian dance and drama derived from Bharata’s Natya Shastr, but the word has come to mean ‘the art of expression’.

Mark Kazim Nirmala Narine Mahadeo Shivraj

Sonia Yarde

F Christel Mittelholzer


Ashley Cameron

iss Guyana Jamzone 2013 will be unveiled come Monday live on HJTV as the curtains come down on the month-long reality show. Three beautiful, daring young ladies stepped up to the plate and completed week after week of exciting, new challenges which helped the public in their journey to select the ideal contestant through text-voting. Contesting for this prestigious title and the chance to win US$10,000 come August 21 are 23-year-old Ashley Cameron, 22-year-old Christel Mittelholzer and 23-year-old Alicia Bess. These women have shown great tolerance and determination, accepting challenges ranging from waitressing to acting to club

Alicia Bess

parties and still to come, our finalists will be hitting the runway this Sunday at “Fit Me 2013” happening at Umana Yana. Cameron, Mittelholzer and Bess have all grown as a result of their passion for pageantry and goal to succeed in this year’s Miss Guyana Jamzone competition. The Hits and Jams team will be proud to have any of these three individuals represent our country in the international leg. Voting continues up to Monday noon. Text “1” to vote for Ashley Cameron, “2” for Christel Mittelholzer and “3” for Alicia Bess to 626-8487 or 602-0406. Tune in at 18:00h on July 1 to see who walks away as Miss Guyana Jamzone 2013!

rom the creator of the most talked about theatrical presentation “Watch de Ride” comes its sequel, “Watch de Ride 2” titled “Justice” slated to explode the National Cultural Centre this weekend. The show’s first viewing this evening is followed by the one on Saturday and the curtains will come down Sunday evening. The play was produced under the H&T Theatre Arts Group and is written by Guyanese Play-wright, Ronald Hollingsworth who is known for his high drama productions over the years. “Watch De Ride 2” is coproduced by well-known actor, director and film-maker Mahadeo Shivraj, and codirected by accomplished dramatist, director and

Sean Thompson

producer, Sheron CadoganTaylor. It has been 16 years since the original play was first staged. The play depicts the journey of a dedicated police detective whose determination to solve a brutal rape/murder, earns him the respect of fellow officers in the police force. The underlying message in the play reinforces the virtues of being an inspiration to our colleagues, neighbours, friends, and eventually an entire nation. It forces us to recognise the significance of individual effort. “Justice” demonstrates the fact that great organisations are built with honest, passionate, respectful, hard working individuals but according to Mahadeo, this is a message that all Guyanese need to hear and embrace today as we look forward to a brighter future.

The cast includes Mahadeo Shivraj, Sonia Yarde, Michael Ignatius, Sean Thompson, Melissa King, Max Massiah, Mark Kazim, Mark LukeEdwards, Leon Cummings, Sean Budnah, Clemencio Goddette, Melika Edmonds, Shellon Madray, Nirmala Narine, Jennifer Langevine, Clement Stanford, Candacy Baveghems, Kimberly Fernandes, Nickose Layne, and introducing Leslyn Johnson. Mahadeo promises that the scenes of the production will create a whirl wind in the NCC. Patrons be prepared for non-stop laughter and in some instances, tears will flow. You can’t miss it.” Tickets cost $2000, $1500 and $1000 and can be obtained from the box office of the National Cultural Centre. Show time is 20:00h each night.




FRIday, june 28, 2013


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t is the ultimate girl’s night out at the Buddy’s Night Club, Sheriff Street, Georgetown powered by Pulse Entertainment. The event is set for this Saturday evening. It is one of the wildest and most intriguing parties to kick start the summer and the best way to do so is to have a fantastic evening with your colleagues after a long week at the office or elsewhere. Whether you are beautiful, young, independent; skinny or thick... ladies are asked to bring your friends and represent “Girl Power” to the

fullest. Enjoy the best music which will be selected by Deejay Ryan from Pulse Entertainment. Patrons can also win tickets for Jamzone and Pulse Summer Fete featuring Machel Montano. Ladies will be admitted free until 00:00h and pay $2000 after, while those who want to experience the VIP setting can pay $3000. Girls Power is sponsored by 94#1 Boom FM, Jamzone Summer Break and Pulse Summer Fete.


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TO let

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et ready for the ultimate old school party on Sunday, June 30 at the Parc Rayne Entertainment Centre, Rahaman’s Park, Houston, East Bank Demerara; (Renta-Tent Complex). Rahaman’s Park will come alive when the Guyana Karate College hosts Reminisce’ – Back in Times party, a theme based event that will feature past times and music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. This venue will create the “ultimate party atmosphere” that everyone from all adult age groups will enjoy. The highlight of the concept is “where retro meets technology”, meaning music is used to combine yesterday

Classified Ads

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et ready to have some beach ‘FUNN’ as The Garage and Liquid Entertainment present “Hawaiian Fete” on June 29 at The Garage Drive-in Bar and Grill, Aubrey Barker Road, Georgetown. Patrons will experience a transformed beach atmosphere with five tons of white sand used to create the ultimate beach scenery that will be breathtaking. Apart from the makeshift beach, there will be Luau models that will add some excitement to the various beach games. The excitement continues with the addition of a whole roasted pig over a fire pit!!! There will also be Hawaiian dishes on sale at the Tiki Hut. Enjoy succulent pineapple glazed chicken, sweet and sour Hawaiian pork and honey steak. The side orders include potato and plantain fries and Hawaiian raisin rice. Lighting and music will be provided by Travellers Sounds and Lighting Company. Admission to the event cost $1000 but for the VIP experience, patrons can pay $2000 or more at the gate. The event is sponsored by Gizmos and Gadgets; Travellers Sounds and Lighting Co; Demerara Distillers Ltd;

The Garage; Liquid Entertainment; Street Styles; Jai Signs; HJTV (94#1 Boom FM)/ Jamzone Summer Fete and others.

friday, june 28, 2013


illiams would accept Murray’s challenge match Serena Williams says she is prepared to face Andy Murray after the world number two suggested facing the five-time Wimbledon women’s singles champion. Murray, in his latest BBC Sport column, said he believes people would be interested in watching men play against women to see how the styles match up. He described Williams as an “incredible” player and said he would be prepared to face her in Las Vegas. Williams said: “I doubt I’d win a point, but that would be fun.” Murray said he had been challenged by someone on Twitter to take on Williams, who is number one in the women’s rankings. “I’d be up for it, why not?” he added. Williams, 31, is five years older than 2012 US Open winner Murray, but would not back away from the challenge of facing the Scot. It would not be the first time leading men and women players have faced one another.

Serena Williams and Andy Murray

In 1992 two-time Wimbledon singles champion Jimmy Connors overcame Martina Navratilova 7-5 6-2 in Las Vegas. Nineteen years earlier Billie Jean King brushed aside Bobby Riggs 6-4 6-3 6-3 in Houston. “He wants to play me? That would be fun,” Williams said after sweeping past French teenager Caroline Garcia 6-3 6-2 in round two at Wimbledon on Thursday. “He’s probably one of the top three

people I definitely don’t want to play. “But, yeah, maybe we can have a little bit of a showdown.” Should an exhibition game between the Murray and Williams happen, it would be a match between the two 2012 Olympic gold medal singles winners. While Murray defeated Roger Federer to clinch the men’s title at the Games, Williams overcame Maria Sharapova to win the women’s event. (BBC Sport)

Digicel Schools’ Football…

BHS hammer Skeldon Linepath 16-0


erbice High School (BHS) took full advantage of an inexperienced Skeldon Linepath Secondary and recorded a 16-0 win in their Digicel Schools’ Football tournament in Region Six on Thursday at the All Saints ground in New Amsterdam. Keyron McKenzie was on fire, netting six goals. Jeremy Samuels scored a hat-trick as well as Shimron Hetmyer. There were two goals apiece for Mark Wrong and Stephon Hinds. The writing was on the wall when Hetmyer opened the scoring in the ninth minute. Goalkeeper Shemroy Spearman made little effort to get to the ball. When the score reached 7-0 in the in the 30th minute the Linepath goalie made his first save. However three more goals were

Goalkeeper Yusif Nickholson looks back as a Keyron McKenzie shot goes past him

scored before the halftime whistle came. Yusif Nicholson was the new man in goal for the Skeldon team. He was also at the receiving end of a shot from Samuels in the 48th minute. Samuens was awarded the shot from just outside of the penalty area after the referee sounded his whistle for an infringement.

After that Nicholson showed why he should have been standing between the uprights in the earlier part of the game. The next nine shots were all saved. The eighth was a powerful right-foot from Mark Wrong but the goalkeeper was in position and made a brilliant save. The force of the shot resulted in temporary injury forcing a doctor

to treat him on the field. He was only able to make one more save then the flood gates were opened again and five goals were scored in the last 15 minutes of the game. Meanwhile BHS found the going much harder in the early stages of the second half with their defence was tested on several occasions. (Andrew Carmichael)

Spain beat Italy in penalty shoot-out


avourites Spain will face Brazil in the Confederations Cup final after a dramatic 7-6 penalty shoot-out victory against Italy in Fortaleza on Thursday. Spain substitute Jesus Navas drilled in the decisive penalty after Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci missed. Italy dominated much of the 90 minutes but were left to pay for their misses. Emanuele Giaccherini hit the Spain post in extratime, while Gianluigi Buffon pushed Xavi’s shot on to the woodwork. Each of the first 12 penalties were converted in a high-quality shoot-out before Bonucci blasted his effort over Iker Casillas’s crossbar. His miss allowed new Manchester City winger

Navas to coolly convert past Buffon to set up an eagerly anticipated clash against the host nation, 2-1 winners against Uruguay in their semi-final, in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. But the complexion of the match would have been totally different had Italy, without injured striker Mario Balotelli, not squandered a host of goalscoring chances. The Azzurri dominated a high-tempo first half as the tactical instructions of boss Cesare Prandelli - to stay tight and compact defensively before breaking quickly down the Spanish flanks - were carried out to perfection. Spain, who beat their opponents 4-0 in the Euro 2012 final, looked vulnerable as they failed to cope with the

Italian raids, but were left unpunished. Italy wing-back Christian Maggio was the outstanding performer in a frenetic first half as he worried Spanish left-back Jordi Alba with his pace and movement down the right flank. The Napoli player missed three gilt-edged chances, notably when heading straight at Casillas from six yards when unmarked, as well as creating spurned opportunities for Alberto Gilardino and Claudio Marchisio. The stern expression etched across coach Vincente del Bosque’s face as the game approached half-time epitomised Spain’s worries. Having guided the world and European champions to a record 28 competitive matches without defeat, the veteran coach has rarely

seen his side struggle. But, despite his half-time intervention, their lethargic approach continued after the interval. Italy, backed by a large vocal support inside the Estadio Castelao, continued to press with Marchisio denied by a desperate block from Gerard Pique and Giorgio Chiellini heading Andrea Pirlo’s corner onto the roof of the Spanish net. However, the energy of the hard-working Italians started to wane as they felt the effects of sweltering temperatures in northern Brazil. Spain found renewed energy as the game entered extra-time - Xavi and Andres Iniesta pushing and probing the tiring Italian defence with their slick interchanges.


Limacol CPL Venue teams meet to fine tune details of tourney


he members of the six Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) venue teams assembled in Trinidad last week to officially meet their colleagues and venue counterparts, compare notes, provide professional support to one another and fine tune details of the inaugural tournament. Event Operations, Logistics, Media and Accreditation, Security and Cricket Operations Officers, along with Volunteer and Ticketing Coordinators from Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia and Trinidad participated in an integration workshop put on by the Limacol CPL Event Management team. Items on the agenda included an orientation and overview of CPL; roles and responsibilities; the reporting structures and guidelines; ticketing overview; match day checklists/run sheet; branding; security/ emergency planning; anticorruption; entertainment; medical/anti-doping; cricket operations on match and non-match days; accreditation; and volunteers.


“We felt it was important to bring all of the Limacol CPL venue staff together not only to make sure that everyone understands his/her individual role and responsibilities in the CPL organisational structure but also how all of the other venue team members fit into the hierarchy and will work together toward a successful event,” explained Limacol CPL Event Director LaurieAnn Holding. “We need an integrated effort in order to execute this tournament, and our time together with the venue teams proved very valuable. There is a lot of cricket expertise and experience in these groups and we learned a lot from each other in the sessions that will help everyone carry out their duties effectively.” In breakout sessions teams discussed challenges that their venues face; brainstormed ways to manage potential crises that could arise; and created action plans for the weeks leading up to the tournament. “I thought the workshop was enlightening and useful, and it brought home the magnitude of this tournament, and all the elements that have to be in place to host a professional, interna-

tional sports event,” said Niki Borde, Event Operations Officer for the Trinidad & Tobago franchise. “In particular, I found the security aspect very interesting. It demonstrated how much events and practices that happen abroad can impact on our regional events and how we all have to think on a much broader scale to ensure those practices don’t take place here.” Athol Hamilton, Logistics Officer for the Jamaica franchise agreed.

Massive task

“The workshop was very timely and helped us all gain a greater understanding of the roles of each team member,” Hamilton commented. “Personally, I am much clearer now about the massive task that we face in the coming weeks, as there is a lot to achieve in a very short time. The workshop also gave us the opportunity to meet team leaders and to identify the support structure in place to help us achieve our objectives. In addition, it provided for networking across territories and to share solutions and best practices for the challenges we will inevitably face.” Hamilton says the Jamaica venue team has already started to execute its plans in anticipation of its matches on August 15, 17 and 18. “We have a small but experienced and dynamic team in Jamaica, and I am very excited about what we will achieve here. One of the important positives coming out of the workshop for us in Jamaica is the ticket prices that have been set for Jamaica. They are very attractive prices and I am expecting fans to turn out in large numbers for this wonderful experience of T20 cricket at its best in a wonderful party atmosphere.” Borde is just as confident about her team’s ability to get the job done, and the success of the Limacol CPL. “I think we all have very strong teams that have a lot of experience hosting international cricket games, and we will show the world how we in the Caribbean host T20 cricket. It’s going to be very exciting and full of our own Caribbean flavour!” The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League begins on 30 July in Barbados and concludes in Trinidad on 24 August.


friday, june 28, 2013

National U-17 team depart tomorrow – for WICB U-17 tourney starts July 1


he national under-17 cricket team will depart Guyana on Saturday to compete in the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) regional tournament slated for Trinidad and Tobago. The six-team tournament, in its second year was scheduled to play from June 29 to July 8, will now be played from July 1-7, according to Guyana’s team manager Nazeer Mohamed. Led by 16-year-old Travis Persaud, the team will leave these shores at 09.30h for the twin islands Republic and will be in action from as early as Monday against the Windward Islands. Guyana will then play Barbados on July 3, Leeward Islands on July 4, Jamaica on July 6 and hosts Trinidad and Tobago on July 7. The tournament will com-

prise five rounds and 15 50over matches that will be played on a round robin format. Coach Garvin Nedd in an invited comment on Thursday said that team spirit and the level of discipline are very high and that the players are eager to get into action. “I am satisfied with preparations even though we would have liked a few practice matches. The indoor facility at LBI where we had a five days stint has been of tremendous help and we have no injuries in the camp,” Need, who played 14 First Class matches for Guyana, disclosed.


Meanwhile, captain Travis Persaud told the Guyana Times Sport recently that the team is focused on

the job at hand, adding that the team was in high spirits and was confident of winning this year’s tournament. Speaking about the players in the squad, the captain said: “We have a talented squad with capable batsmen and wicket-taking bowlers.” He stated that he expects a lot from vice captain Shimron Hetmyer and fast bowling all-rounder Kemo Paul. “These are two senior guys in the team, I know what they are capable of and I am looking forward to their support in every department,” added Persaud. The captain affirmed the team’s allround ability, stating “the batsmen have the ability to build an innings and occupy the crease so I am confident we will be able to get scores of 250 or close to three hundred.”

Garvin Nedd

Nazeer Mohamed

Travis Persaud

He added, “The bowlers are good enough to restrict oppositions, we have a variety to choose from.” Jamaica are the defending champions after winning the inaugural tournament last year and will be looking to defend their title against the five other regional teams: Barbados, Guyana,

Leeward Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Windward Islands. Guyana: Travis Persaud (Captain), Shimron Hetmeyer (Vice Captain), Grisean Grant, Travis Drakes, Ronaldo Renee, Brandon Persaud, Parmesh Parsotam, Kemo Paul, Sherfane Rutherford,

Daniel Lewis, Keanu Harry, Navendra Persaud, Permanand Ramdhan and Ryan Adams. The six reserve players are: Kasim Khan, Shamar Grayham, Leon Andrews, Nathan Persaud, Clitus Johnson and Balchand Baldeo.

Persaud wins East Djokovic wins under Coast leg of Premium Wimbledon roof Cues pool competition

Novak Djokovic


East Coast champion Vishwannauth Persaud (left) receives his prize from Premium Beer Brand Manager Jeoff Clement, while Banks Beer Brand Executive Brian Choo-Hen, proprietor of Jameel Sports Bar and other Banks DIH employees look on


ishwannauth Persaud was crowned the East Coast Demerara champion at the East Coast leg of the Premium Cues countrywide pool competition last Sunday at Jameel’s Sports Bar at Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. Persaud carted off the top prize of a trophy, $50,000 cash and a chance to represent the East Coast at the upcoming national finals. Ramesh Ramsaroop copped the runner-up spot of $30,000 and a trophy, while the third place finisher was Rameshwar Feera, who took home $15,000 and a trophy. Premium Beer Brand Manager, Jeoff Clement, who made the presentation to the winner, said that tournament was very competitive, and judging from

the performances of players in the other areas, the national final should be keenly contested. The tournament, entitled “Premium Cues Showdown”, is being sponsored by Banks DIH Limited under the Premium Beer brand. There have been similar playoffs in Essequibo, Berbice, West Demerara, East Bank Demerara and the top players are expected to compete in the grand finals. Clement said the next stop will be the Georgetown leg with several warm-up tournaments starting on Sunday at Buttsy’s Pool Bar at Shell Road and Stanley Place, Kitty, beginning at 16:00 hours. The action will switch to Son’s Bar at Sandy Babb

Street, Kitty, and BL Beer Garden at Public Road Albouystown on July 7 and the following Sunday, July 14, at Seepaul’s Beer Garden at Alexander Street, Kitty. The Georgetown final will be played at Buddy’s Pool Hall, Sheriff Street, on July 21, commencing at 16:00h, Clement said. Registrations forms can be uplifted at Buttsy’s Pool Bar, Son’s Pool Bar, BL Beer Garden, Seepaul’s Sports Bar, Stabroek Sports Bar, Brickdam and Buddy’s Pool Hall. The incentives for the warm-up tournaments will be three cases of Premium Beer for the winners, two cases for the runner-up and one case for the third place finisher.

orld number one Novak Djokovic took advantage of the Centre Court roof to make it through to round three on a rain-hit day at Wimbledon. The 2011 champion beat American Bobby Reynolds 7-6 (7-2) 6-3 6-1 after the roof had been called into action for the first time this week. British number one Laura Robson was among the players to miss out because of the rain, and she will now play Colombia’s Mariana Duque-Marino on Centre Court at 13:00 BST today. Andy Murray will take on Tommy Robredo in the third match on Centre. Reynolds, ranked 156th, made Djokovic work but the top seed prevailed in one hour and 55 minutes, and will play Jeremy Chardy or Jan-Lennard Struff in the last 32. “With the roof closed it was a bit different,” Djokovic told BBC Sport. “I needed some time to adjust to the conditions and it was a bit slower than I expected, but I played well in the second and third sets. “I think my game is there, I just need to capitalise on my opportunities. Today

(Yesterday) I was very poor on the break points but credit to my opponent, it was a nice match and I look forward to the next one.” The result means there will be no American man in the third round at Wimbledon for the first time since 1912. Tomas Berdych, Juan Martin del Potro and Richard Gasquet made progress, but fourth seed David Ferrer did not make it onto Court One to play Roberto Bautista Agut before the rain arrived. Canadian 17th seed Milos Raonic was the biggest casualty of the day, going down 7-5 6-4 7-6 (7-4) to Dutchman Igor Sisjling on Court 18. Djokovic was given a good test by Reynolds, who repeatedly frustrated the Serb by saving a succession of break points. The 2011 Wimbledon champion needed a tie-break to edge the first set and looked visibly relieved when he finally made the breakthrough in game three of the second. He remained utterly dominant on his own serve, and reeled off eight of the last nine games to win in some style. Seventh seed Berdych, the 2010 finalist, earlier saw off German world num-

ber 57 Daniel Brands 7-6 (86) 6-4 6-2 with an impressive 55 winners. Berdych will now play South African 27th seed Kevin Anderson, who beat Michal Przysiezny of Poland 6-4 7-6 (7-2) 6-4. Del Potro, the eighth seed, beat Canada’s Jesse Levine 6-2 7-6 (9-7) 6-3 on Centre Court, and said: “I am trying to go far but all the matches are difficult. “The top guys are going out and it’s a very high level of tennis. Now I will focus on my third round. It’s a big tournament and I like to play here, and I want to stay alive a few more days.” The Argentine will next face the winner of the match between Grega Zemlja and Grigor Dimitrov, which was finely poised at 9-8 to Zemjla in the fifth set before the rain came. Elsewhere, Australian Bernard Tomic beat veteran James Blake 6-3 6-4 7-5 to set up a third-round tie with ninth seed Gasquet, who beat Japan’s Go Soeda 6-0 6-3 6-7 (7-5) 6-3. Michael Llodra and Paul-Henri Mathieu were the latest men to pull out through injury, taking the number of singles retirements to nine. (BBC Sport)

Friday, june, 28 2013


RHTY&SC supports Floodlight softball at Tuschen on Saturday powerlifter Rahim L ocal comedian Rajan “Zapper Man” Tiwari will on Saturday stage a floodlight softball cricket competition at the Tuschen Community Centre ground. According to Tiwari, interested teams are required to pay an entrance fee of $15,000 and they can register by calling him on 6529570 or turn up at the venue

on the day of the competition. The first match will bowl off at 18:00h, and the champion team will pocket $150,000, while the runnerup will receive $50,000. Tiwari noted that there will be several side attractions, including a chutney show featuring local artiste Bunty Singh and his one man band.

Rajan Tiwari

National rugby teams receive uniforms

Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, Hilbert Foster (right), presents the club’s sponsorship package to powerlifter Vijai Rahim in the presence of his coach


he cricket teams of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) on Thursday made a financial donation to national and Caribbean powerlifting champion, Vijai Rahim. The donation was done by the Rose Hall Town Farfan and Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division teams, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Gizmos and Gadgets Under-21 and First Division and Metro Female teams. RHTY&SC long-serving Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, Hilbert Foster, in handing over the cheque for an undisclosed amount, hailed the achievements of Rahim at the national and

regional level as a powerlifter, noting that he is a sporting hero and positive role model for youths in the Ancient County. The donation was made to Rahim to assist him in attending the 14th Pan American and seventh Caribbean Powerlifting Championships that would be held simultaneously from July 1-7 in Orlando, Florida. The RHTY&SC cricket teams, Foster stated, were pleased to assist Rahim as they wanted every sportsperson in Berbice to fulfil his/her potential, and most importantly, to be role models to youths as the club strives to promote the “No to Drugs” and “Yes to Education” message. Foster advised Rahim to always be disciplined and committed and remain

grounded to his roots. Success, the secretary/ CEO stated, tends to change the personality of some sportsmen, and this causes them to lose focus. He wished Rahim all the success at the championships and expressed confidence that he would make Berbice and Guyana proud by winning his category. Foster also committed the RHTY&SC to assist Rahim in the future as it has done in the past once he remains disciplined and focused. Rahim expressed gratitude to the cricket teams of the RHTY&SC and pledged that he would be successful and make everyone proud of him. Noting that the competitions would be of the highest standard, Rahim promised to give it his best shot.

National U-15 team to be encamped at ECB hostel


he national under-15 cricket squad, which is expected to depart Guyana on July 8 for this year’s Regional Under-15 tournament in Jamaica from July 10-26, will be encamped at the Essequibo Cricket Board hostel in Anna Regina from Saturday. The squad which will be managed by Virendra Chintamani and coached by former national under-15 left-handed batsman Julian Moore will spend six days at the ECB hostel before returning to the city. The team was selected after the GCB/Limacol Under-15 tournament that was won by Demerara that played unbeaten throughout. Bhaskar Yadram was elected as the captain and Ronaldo Mohammed, his deputy, as Guyana hunt their third title at this level. Guyana’s second place finish in 2001 was its best

Bhaskar Yadram

Julian Moore

showing since then. The Guyanese ended in the cellar position last year. The Guyana Under-15 team reads: Bhaskar Yadram (Captain), Adrian Sukhwah (wicketkeeper), Raymond Perez, Darshan Persaud, Richie Lucknauth, Ronaldo Mohamed (vice-captain), Timothy McAlmont, Mark Williams, Sagar

Hetheramani, Ashmead Nedd, Matthew Hardial, Vickram Talmakund, Christopher Latchman and Sylus Tyndall. The six standby players are: Joel Seetaram, Jaddel McAlister, Kelvin Shewprasad, Andrew Clifford, Steve Deonarine and Joshua Harrichand. (Rajiv Bisnauth)

Shenny Lall (left) handing over the jerseys to the junior teams at the National Park


he junior national rugby teams on Thursday received a donation from Long Hi Industry as they prepare to depart Guyana for Trinidad and Tobago from July 5. The under-15 and uner-19 teams received 30 jerseys prior to their

departure to Trinidad for the North American and Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) tournament. The donation was made by Shenny Lall of the Long Hi organisation to captain of the team Godfrey Broomes who believes that

the donation was timely for the team, especially for travelling purposes. Meanwhile, the under-15 and under-19 tournaments will conclude July 13 in Trinidad where both teams will look to carry on the rich culture of rugby for Guyana.

Friday, june 28, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

New Zealand 201-4 (B McCullum 68, Rutherford 62, Taylor 32*, Wright 2-31) beat England 196-5 (Wright 52, Hales 39, Bopara 30*) by five runs

International cricket Limacol CPL Venue returns to Guyana teams meet to fine S tune details of tourney See story on page


t John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board today announced the schedule for the West Indies versus Pakistan Series starting on July 14. The series will include five One Day Internationals and two Twenty20 Internationals. Guyana will host the first two ODIs, followed by three ODIs at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds in St Lucia. The Arnos Vale Cricket Ground in St Vincent will host the two Twenty20 Internationals on July 27th and 28th to conclude

the tour. The series will also mark the return of international cricket to Guyana after a one year absence. “This has been a bumper year for international cricket in the Caribbean. We have had a full series with West Indies and Zimbabwe and the Celkon Mobile Cup including India and Sri Lanka is about to commence. The seven match series involving Pakistan will give fans, especially cricket starved fans in Guyana, more international cricket action to rally behind

the West Indies team,” WICB Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan said. “2013 has been a landmark year in West Indies cricket with four teams touring the Caribbean for the first time ever outside of world events. We look forward to the fans in Guyana, St Lucia and St Vincent turning out in their massive numbers to enjoy the cricketing action and the unparalleled cricketing atmosphere which many have copied but not matched,” Khan added. (WICB)

Spain beat Italy in penalty shoot-out

See story on page


Limacol CPL Guyana Venue team at the Guyana National Stadium

Spain celebrate their win against Italy

Word formers get down BHS hammer Skeldon to business this weekend Linepath 16-0 T Digicel Schools’ Football…

See story on page


The goalscorers from left to right are Keyron McKenzie, Jeremy Samuels, Shimron Hetmyer, Stephon Hinds and Mark Wrong

wenty-five of the country’s top word formers will assemble at the Bank of Guyana rooftop from Saturday morning for the start of what is anticipated to be a keenly contested Courtssponsored National Scrabble Championships. The three-day tournament will end on Monday afternoon when the national champion will be crowned, earning the right to represent Guyana at the World Scrabble Championships to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from December 3-8.  Word from the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) indicates that all systems are in place for this weekend’s event, which is the premier competition on the GASP’s calendar. Action on the three days will commence at 09:00h, with an opening ceremony set to get things underway on Saturday.

Abigail McDonald

Seven rounds will be played on the opening day while eight each will be contested on Sunday and Monday. Apart from being Guyana’s representative at the prestigious World championship, the winner will also be $50,000 richer. Those in contention are GASP’s top 15 ranked players: current champion Abigail

McDonald, Leon Belony, James Krakowsky, Moen Gafoor, Fred Collins, Colin Chichester, Orlando Michael, Ruby Cummings, Wayne Cave, Devraj Deonarine, Maurice Munro, Julian Skeete, Anand Mohabir, Robert Williams and Grace Hercules. They are being joined by 10 other players who emerged as the leading players in a qualifying competition held recently at the Malteenoes Sports Club pavillion. Kampta Ramnarine had emerged champion of the qualifiers with Michael Benjamin, Romario Gonsalves, Chetnauth Persaud, Mitra Persaud, Mohanram Ramnarine, Dwain Alberts, Karen Bobb Semple and brothers, Wazir and Wazim Dilipchand completing the group. Court (Guyana) Inc. has exclusively sponsored this year’s national championship to the tune of $250,000.

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