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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Activated carbon from coconut shells touted as viable alternative to mercury See story on page 8

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Canada P3 opening visa application centre in Guyana Region Two teachers P7 urged to improve students’ performance

French P10 national killed while crossing road

The Stars of Florida on Sunday thrilled thousands at the Splashmin's Fun Park with a series of breathtaking displays, bringing down the curtains on Jamzone Summer Break 2013 (Carl Croker photo)

Hundreds bid farewell to Doodnauth Singh

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Simona Broomes accused of theft by suspected human trafficker

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Many P12 business owners struggling to fill out tax forms – GRA Demerara Mutual P19 ready to tackle money laundering challenge


tuesday, august 27, 2013 |



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, August 27 from 09:00h to 10:30h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday, August 27 from 08:25h to 09:55h.

WEATHER TODAY Weather: Generally fair weather is expected to be interrupted by isolated showers along Regions One to Five and 10; other regions can expect mostly fair and sunny weather conditions. Rainfall is expected to range from 0.0 to 8.0mm. Waves: Weak to moderate, reaching about 1.2 metres in open waters. Winds: South-easterly at two to six metres per second. High Tide: 08:24h reaching a maximum height of 2.44 metres. Low Tide: 14:07h reaching a minimum height of 1.04 metres.

tuesday, august 27, 2013 |

Hundreds bid farewell to Doodnauth Singh By Vahnu Manikchand


cores of persons gathered at the home of the late Doodnauth Singh on Monday as they bade farewell to the former legal affairs minister and attorney general. The funeral service was held at his Lot 255 Forshaw Street, Queenstown home before he was cremated according to Hindu rites. The funeral service began sometime around 11:00h and was attended by President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman and several government and opposition figures. Singh, 80, died around 19:30h on Wednesday last at the Balwant Singh Hospital where he was being treated for liver cancer. He was diagnosed last November and had undergone radio therapy sessions; however, he took ill a few days prior to his death. Singh leaves to mourn his wife of 28 years, his five children and their extended family.

Brilliant attorney

SATURday, August 24, 2013


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Singh was hailed as a brilliant attorney who was always willing to give a helping hand to anyone. During the funeral service, Singh’s wife and children held their composure as they accepted condolences from family, friends and others. Singh was dressed in a black suit and was adorned with flowers in a white dholi and after persons had viewed his body, he was taken to the Kaashi Dhaam Crematorium at Ruimzeigt,

The body of Doodnauth Singh being escorted out of his residence in a dholi by loved ones

West Coast Demerara, where he was cremated. Guyana Times caught up with several persons who worked with Singh, who was described by the officiating pandit as “Guyana’s mahatma”. President Ramotar in lamenting the attorney’s passing, praised his contribution to Guyana. “Doodnauth has made contributions to the development of our country, particularly in the areas of human rights and civil law. He will definitely be missed,” the president stated. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds also expressed his sadness, noting that the People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and the country has suffered a great loss. “He was, of no doubt, one of the skilled lawyers,” Hinds said. A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) Vice Chairman Dr Rupert Roopnaraine recalled that Singh had represented him in many cases and they developed a bond of friendship. “When I got the news that

he had passed, I must confess, I was somewhat relieved because I went to see him in his last days of illness and I knew how much he was suffering,” Dr Roopnaraine said. He added that Singh was a brilliant lawyer, who was widely and highly respected as a man of principles.


Alliance For Change (AFC) leader Khemraj Ramjattan said as a child growing up, Singh was his “hero”. “I knew he was very ill and was in a very pained situation, but I will miss him very badly… it is a very sad situation but life goes on, we simply have to use his journey and continue from here,” Ramjattan said. Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul described Singh as a “passionate fighter for democracy”. The minister said Singh had championed the cause for many oppressed members of the court during his years as a legal practitioner, and was a jovial, cool, calm and brilliant mind.

“I am always peeved when a lawsuit is brought against me, but Dood would always say ‘take it in the spirit man, you will get over that in court’ and so I enjoyed working with him, I enjoyed discussing issues with him and he will be very much missed,” Dr Gopaul stated. Doodnauth Singh began his career in 1959 when he was admitted to the bar to practice law in Guyana. He was an attorney for over 50 years and was one of the country’s leading criminal lawyers. Singh also served as legal affairs minister in the Bharrat Jagdeo administration and a Member of Parliament in 2009. He was attorney general from 2001 to 2009.

Big cases

During his years as a legal practitioner, Singh was involved in several big cases locally and regionally. He was a special prosecutor in the case against Bernard Coard and others who were charged for the murder of the former Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. In addition, he was a prosecutor in Dominica under the Eugenia Charles administration. Singh also served as the chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and presided over the contentious 1997 general elections, for which he had to face the wraths of politicians after he had declared the PPP/C the winner without any consultations with the opposition-appointed commissioners. (


Canada opening visa application centre in Guyana


he Canadian government on Monday announced that it will open a new visa application centre (VAC) in Georgetown to make the process of applying for a visa to enter Canada easier and more convenient. In a statement, the Canadian High Commission said that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is expanding its VAC network around the world to provide valuable administrative support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident applications are as-

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sessed by a CIC immigration officer. “The VAC service agents are available by phone, email or in person to address questions and to make sure that applications are complete. The statement said that this would help avoid unnecessary delays or refusals due to incomplete applications.” According to the release, for an additional fee, VACs also offer other services, including photocopies, photographs and self-service computer terminals for those wanting to use the new online applications.

The high commission said the VACs are not involved in the decision-making process and are not authorised to provide applicants with advice about their visas. It said that anyone wishing to apply for a visitor visa, study permit, work permit or permanent resident travel document is encouraged to use the new Georgetown VAC located at 107 Duke Street, Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana. Previously applications for Canadian visas were done in Trinidad and Tobago. The statement said that the government of Canada

aims to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth by attracting an increasing number of visitors and international students as well as skilled temporary foreign workers and immigrants that “best respond to current and future labour market needs”. The statement said that for this reason, the CIC endeavours to issue visas and permits as quickly as possible to facilitate travel for immigrants, visitors and students. More information about the services that can be provided by the VAC is available at


tuesday, august 27, 2013

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Guyanese have a dream W ednesday, August 28 will be the 50th Anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. On that fateful day in 1963, when the short speech lasting but three minutes was finished, very few could have imagined it would become one of the defining moments in American history. In the speech, Dr King invoked the words of the U.S. Constitution to issue a call for his country to “live out the meaning” of its promise: that “all men are created equal”. As Guyana looks ruefully over the detritus left by the sabotage of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project (AFHEP) through the veto exercised by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), many are wondering about the fate of the dream of our founding fathers expressed in our National Motto: “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”. President Donald Ramotar might not have been as eloquent as Dr King (but then, who is?), however, his call for all the political forces in our country to put aside their partisan agendas and work together to bring the project to fruition, was no less sincere. It was not to be. Today the nation faces an uncertain future because our drive for the conversion of our economy from a producer of primary products to one to in which value has been added through manufacturing processes, has been given a huge blow. We have had a century of people boosting our “potential”, but in real terms it will take cheap energy to translate that potential into a reality that will benefit all Guyanese. AFHEP would have delivered that energy from our most abundant resource: water. What could be more unifying than the “land of many waters” securing its economic independence from utilising some of those waters for all its people? The opposition can only dream of a Guyana in which they control total power. It does not matter to them that with such a partisan approach that dream will always end in a national nightmare. What the AFHEP saga made very clear is that the president’s attempt to build consensus with the opposition around a project of national import was interpreted by the latter only from the perspective that the hysteria they created in the minds of their supporters about “marginalisation” would have been shattered. Such calls would not have been credible when the opposition were allowed to share in the decision making at the highest levels? What then began as a demand by the opposition for the details of the project quickly became a technique for moving the goalposts into regions selected solely to justify their continued veto. For instance, they insisted that their decision was contingent upon a favourable “due diligence” report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). But the report was dependent on their own approval of the bill concerning the government’s guaranteeing payments by the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), which they then denied. More than anything else such manoeuvrings by the opposition demonstrated why the “political risks” component of the project was so high. No bank or investor will negotiate with a government to commit funds for projects when the agreements arrived at can be vetoed by an opposition. For those that are calling for a “bipartisan” body to conduct such negotiations, we will simply be moving the opposition veto one step backwards. This opposition has no intention of any development coming to Guyana and will only appoint individuals to such bodies who are as rabid in their opposition to the government as they are. We saw this clearly in the effort to constitute another body deemed essential for national development: the Public Procurement Commission. The Alliance For Change (AFC), for instance, proposed individuals who have become notorious for their reflexive anti-government fulminations. What is needed today is for Guyanese to remind the opposition of the need for a dream for all Guyanese. Maybe it is time for new elections.

Part of the action at the Splashmin’s Fun Park as a water ski stunt team, Stars of Florida entertained the crowd on Sunday (Carl Croker photo)

Police must be on the ball for road accidents Dear Editor, Accidents in Guyana, and I suppose elsewhere, all have something to do with collisions, speeding, loss of control and weekends. These factors were again evident as two accidents occurred over the

weekend. Personally, I am fed-up reading about losing control. This happens mostly because of speeding, as drivers are unable to negotiate turns and bends on the road. It still bothers me that police go out on

the road and many of them have no radar guns. These guns are not that expensive and they prove very effective. If speeding is a problem, then speeding checks have to be the norm. If people do not know

better, the police traffic department must ensure that they stay in check. The traffic police must be on the ball. Sincerely, Geraldine Johnson

Riding open back on trucks should not be tolerated Dear Editor, When having fun forsakes safety precautions, we have to watch out. A few days ago, I saw a lorry with a very elaborate music system. Perched high on a box in the tray was a shouting deejay, who was mer-

rily advertising a show. He was loud and very disruptive and right in the middle of Georgetown. The driver almost went over the road at the junction of King Street and North Road. The announcer had little care, while I was

very nervous just watching him show off. The act of perching in open back vehicles is very dangerous and there should be a campaign against it. I think that the drivers of these vehicles should be targeted too. Our memories are quite short in

this regard. In April of this year, two people died via this blunder. Many people flirt with danger and it is up to the police to target them. Respectfully, Rohit Persaud

Investment in education is costly to govt Dear Editor, The issue of the ease with which many teachers just leave government schools and go to work in private schools is worrisome. These, after they leave, may argue that they paid back for everything.

When teachers leave the government school, I feel very saddened. I also wish that some form of legal binding be put in place, so that teachers just cannot pay back and walk off. This is costly to the government. Teachers recently re-

ceived government laptops and one of the targets of the ministry’s strategic plan is to have at least 50 per cent of primary school students and 75 per cent of secondary students have access to computer training. I charge all Guyanese

to make the most of every educational opportunity. It may be free from nursery through secondary, but it is also costly to the government. Yours, Pamela Roopchand

tuesday, august 27, 2013


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Let us keep the local security The cricket academy at Enmore ended with expectations. What next? situation very stable Dear Editor, According to the home affairs minister, despite a five per cent rise in serious crimes, the security and public safety situation here is normal. We should not have people coming into our yards and making off with items such as clothing, yard utensils or flowering plants. We should not have to be worrying when we park our cars and go about our various businesses. It goes to show that we are missing out on some little things and this should never be. Recently, some raids were made and they proved very successful, as even a few guns were uncovered. So my question is why don’t the police keep at it? The more visible and

proactive they are, the better it is for all of us. Recently, in Trinidad and Tobago, some 300 heavily armed police officers accompanied by 100 soldiers descended on the streets of east Port of Spain, cordoning off several areas as part of one of the largest manpower exercises for the year took place. The police officers, along with K-9 dogs, took up strategic positions while soldiers ensured that there was no entry in or exit out of the cordoned off areas. Trinidad had to go this way because the country took things for granted for too long. The reason given was that the area needed to be flushed out of its criminal

elements. The exercise was sudden and intense and it worked. I believe similar exercises are needed here. We have a fairly good thing going, but recently, a number of incidents took place, and we must bring down the pressure on all criminals elements. I see no place for late liming and ganging up. People are returning from work and classes and they want security. People want to be left unbothered when they go to sleep. So I support our police being equipped with bikes, so that they can dart around and surprise people who have evil intentions. Yours truly, Sandra Bailey

UG’s “Reading is Fun” makes a special contribution to Guyana’s children Dear Editor, This is the ninth time that the University of Guyana (UG) conducted its “Reading is Fun” exercise and again it was very successful. The programme this year accommodated a total of 75 children from Sophia and they were presented with awards and certificates for their participation. Now “Reading is Fun” is aimed at improving the reading and educational foundation of young children from less fortunate environs and the noticeable enthusiasm from the children and support from their parents mean that this input from UG must continue. UG was able to engage, as help-

ers, the country’s top three National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) performers of 2013. This idea can extend to also incorporate some of the top Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC) students as well. It will be a good way to teach them responsibility. I hope that other academic institutions can take a cue from UG and do

Thoughts about the medical outreach in Annandale Dear Editor, The recent medical outreach in Annandale is an effort by the government to ensure that the people of this country receive services in their community. Medical care is costly, even if it is at the very basic level. So to have medical outreaches instead of having people come to a hospital for treatment is a positive development. The recent outreach was facilitated by the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) and included diabetes and blood pressure testing. The window of op-

portunity for the people started on Sunday and will run for seven days. This is no mean effort. I am a resident of Annandale and I convey kudos on all who are involved and I urge the residents to be most grateful and to take advantage of the opportunity. Many times a thankful spirit is better than actual gifts. Yours truly, Resident of Annandale Name withheld by request

something for the children of Guyana. Yours, Stanley Jarvis

An artist’s drawing of a cricket match in progress

Dear Editor, Thirty-six aspiring cricketers completed the August 2013 cricketing academy, specially conducted for those living in Enmore and neighbouring villages on the East Coast Demerara. The programme catered for youngsters at the under-19 level, a category that Guyana once dominated in the region. It was not just about cricket alone. In fact, the general aim of all these sporting sessions was to educate the youths on the basics of cricket, but they were also lectured on the importance of food and nutrition, road safety, leadership and discipline. They were being schooled in a sporting activity, but many essentials of life were being

incorporated into their training. What people must understand is that professional cricketers have to live in society and they have lives outside of and beyond cricket. Now some of them will not even get to the professional level, and they would definitely need the other skills. So from every angle, the academy was worth it. The next positive thing here is that of the resuscitation of cricket in Enmore. This village is known for cricket. It has produced several national and inter-county players, including the likes of Sheik Mohamed, Ramphal Bactowar and Kevin Basil, among others. The Enmore Cricket Club is all about getting back to its former glo-

ry days. In fact, over the last couple of months the Sports Ministry and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) have been working with people in the community in this venture. The ground has been upgraded and a pavilion has been erected. So now, it is about maintaining what is already there, and adding new pieces and touches. With the interest level quite high, I see a bright future in cricket once again for this village. Softball is a norm now and I hope the club will be part of the national club competitions, which must also be pushed. Sincerely, Resident of Enmore Name withheld by request


tuesday, auGust 27, 2013



Five ways a bad name can change your child’s life By Monica Bielanko


aming your child is, perhaps, your first major responsibility as a parent. The pressure of choosing a name is enormous. Especially if your parents screwed up on your name. Then you know fisthand the trauma that going through life with a horrible name brings. And it isn’t just horrible names. I am personally aware of a man named Thomas Cruise who has to live through the smirks and raised eyebrows every, single day of his life. Yeah, he goes by Thomas instead of Tom, but it doesn’t help much. Baby name regret is higher than ever. According to a new study, nearly 60 per cent of parents regret the name they chose for their child. Apparently it’s a combination of not feeling like the name suits the child’s personality, frustration with mispronunciation of the name and learning of negative associations with the name.

Now, what with a lot of sociology majors with too much time on their hands, we’re seeing studies released that confirm the cold hard facts. If you screw up naming your child you are pretty much screwing up his life too. As you’re about to see, a poorly chosen baby name can lead to a life of low selfesteem, loneliness, less dates, racism and it might even make you dumber. As the National Post reports, “the research, which appears in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, is thought to offer the firmest conclusions to date that “unfortunate” first names evoke negative reactions from strangers, which in turn influence life outcomes for the

worse.” Check out five reasons naming your child could be one of the most important things you do as a par-


Low selfesteem

Study co-author, Dr WiebkeNeberich says “It’s remarkable that just a name can influence how your

social environment reacts to you, and how this reaction can influence your life” and he’s absolutely right. As with my friend, Thomas Cruise, his name has shaped his life and how he interacts with people in what he deems a negative way. And it isn’t like Tom Cruise is Hitler or anything, but having to deal with the same rigamarole every time you intro-

duce yourself has got to be tiring. I’m certain my friend is embarrassed of his name but doesn’t want to change something his parents gave him (before Tom Cruise was even on the scene, mind you) because it’s not a bad name,

the association is just a huge pain.

Racial profiling

Employers are less likely to interview job candidates with black sounding names. As CBS reports, a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that resumes with “white” names were more likely to be called back than resumes with “black” names, even if they have the same credentials. “Minorities of all kinds have wrestled with whether to celebrate their culture by giving their children distinctive names, or help them “blend in” with a name that won’t stick out. Thousands of Jews have changed their names, hoping to improve their economic prospects in the face of discrimination, as have Asians and other minorities.”

Boys with feminine names more likely to commit crimes

According to a study conducted by the University of

Florida’s sociology department boys with uncommon or “sissy” names are more likely than your average Michael, Christopher or Joshua to run afoul of the law. “Boys with unpopular, girlish or uncommon names often are ridiculed by peers, come from families of low socioeconomic status and face discrimination in the workforce based on a preconceived bias about their names, according to the study, which analysed more than 15,000 names. Jay Corzine, chairman of the University of Central Florida’s sociology department, said he finds the study “fascinating.” He said family tradition often plays a part in naming a child and that the environment could affect a boy’s upbringing. “Some kids could have a name that leads to teasing and being picked on and, in return, that child could become aggressive with others,” he added.

Bad name can make you dumber?

Bad name leads to lower self-esteem – According to that study I mentioned earlier, “Data gathered from nearly 12,000 adult participants found that a bad first name can not only ruin your self-esteem, but it may actually make you lonelier – and dumber – research published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science shows.” Not only that, but people with unfortunate names are generally less educated.

His name is Englebert? I’m not dating him!

It would seem that people would rather be single than date a person with an unfortunate name. A group of researchers used a dating website to conduct a study. Turns out, folks skip over potential mates with unappealing names and keep on looking. Incidentally, “in one of the researchers’ experiments, online daters whose names carried the most positive valence (Alexander) received 102 per cent more profile visits, relative to opportunity, than daters whose names carried the worst valence (Kevin). (



tuesday, August 27, 2013 |

Region Two teachers APNU calls for well-trained highway patrol urged to improve students’ performance I n wake of Sunday afternoon’s tragic accident on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, which claimed the lives of a baby and a woman, the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling for the establishment of a well-staffed, properly trained and equipped highway patrol that will aggressively look out for errant drivers. In a statement, APNU also urged the People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration to take immediate measures to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Guyana. “The tragic accident that occurred Sunday afternoon at Kairuni Creek where a six-week-old baby, Taquyah Shepherd, and a 23-year-

Region Two teachers at the launching of Education Month in the region


egion Two Education Officer Baramdai Seepersaud has urged educators in the region to improve students’ performance in every subject area. Seepersaud was speaking at the opening ceremony to launch Education Month in the region at the Anna Regina Multilateral School on Monday. She said each teacher has the responsibility to provide the kind of learning environment necessary for children to feel comfortable. Education Month is being celebrated under the theme “Transforming Classroom for the 21st Century”. The regional education officer said education is everybody’s business and teachers must produce and make the most out of children while they are in the classroom. She urged teachers to

think creatively and make full use of the limited resources available in ensuring that knowledge is passed on in the most simplified way. She said this can only be done if teachers ensure that the classrooms they operate are conducive to teaching and learning. With those sentiments, she declared open Education Month in the region. Meanwhile, also speaking at the launch was District Education Officer Primary Deodat Singh, who reiterated that education is pivotal for nation building and is the perquisite for development and growing the economy. He said educators have a job to do, and that is to imbue in children the necessary skills and talents needed for them to think critically and manipulate ideas for a better life. He too urged teachers to create an environment that is

conducive to the teaching and learning process. Representing the Region Two administration was Education Committee Chairman Rudolph Williams, who said the education sector is rapidly transforming, testimony to government’s huge investments. Some of the activities planned to observe the month include an interfaith service and rally, three-dimensional learning aid, reading, a spelling B, quiz, impromptu speeches and jingle competitions. In addition, there will also be a parenting seminar, Teacher’s Day of Sports and meetings with various communities by parents, teachers and students. The simple launching programme featured poems and folk songs which were done by headteachers from the various schools.

OAS anti-corruption body to visit Guyana


commission from the OAS Mechanism for Follow-Up on the Implementation of the InterAmerican Convention against Corruption (MESICIC) will conduct, from October 8 to 10, an on-site visit to Guyana, with the consent of the host country. The visit is part of the review process that the mechanism is carrying out, in accordance with the methodology for conducting on-site visits, adopted by its member states. According to a statement by the OAS, the commission will be made up of representatives from Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as from the Department of Legal Cooperation of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs of the OAS, in its capacity as the technical secretariat of the MESICIC. Meetings are to take place with representatives from oversight bodies responsible for preventing, detecting and punishing corruption, the purpose of which is to review the manner in which the Inter-American Convention against Corruption is being implemented in Guyana and to provide first hand, objective

and complete information for consideration of its national report, which will be adopted by the Committee of Experts of the MESICIC in a plenary meeting in March 2014. In addition, the commission plans to meet with civil society organisations in the country to address the topics that are currently being reviewed in the fourth round of the mechanism. It will also provide an opportunity to address the implementation of the recommendations formulated in the first round, in areas such as conflicts of interest, the reporting of acts of corruption, and systems for registering income, assets and liabilities. To date, the countries that have received on-site visits are Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, Panama, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Guatemala. The MESICIC is a cooperation mechanism between states, with the participation of civil society organisations, established within the framework of the OAS, in which the legal/institutional framework of each coun-

try is reviewed for suitability with the Inter-American Convention against Corruption as well as the objective results achieved therein. The incorporation of on-site visits as a stage and integral part of the MESICIC represents an innovative and pioneering initiative of the OAS, which, with the support of the technical secretariat, has further strengthened this review process. In 1996, the OAS member states adopted the first international anti-corruption legal instrument, and in 2002, they instituted the mechanism which evaluates its fulfilment. Since that time, the MESICIC has represented the principal cooperation instruments for preventing, detecting, punishing and eradicating corruption in the Americas. The Anti-Corruption Portal of the Americas, developed by the Department of Legal Cooperation of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs, provides information regarding transparency in public administration and anti-corruption cooperation, including developments within the MESICIC framework and technical cooperation efforts.

old woman, Anastacia Forde, lost their lives is just another example of the absence of law and order,” APNU said. “APNU has brought attention to speeding, poor lighting and insufficient lawenforcement on the LindenSoesdyke Highway. APNU calls for the establishment of a well-staffed, properly trained and equipped highway patrol that will aggressively patrol our highways in search of errant drivers.” According to APNU, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has said that speeding is the leading cause of death on the roads. “Therefore, we call on the GPF to take measures to ensure that speed limits are enforced; dangerous drivers and drunk drivers must

be cited and penalised for their recklessness, the roadways of Guyana must be made safe. What happened yesterday (Sunday) on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway did not have to happen," the statement said. According to information received, a Linden bus was heading to Georgetown with a full load of passengers when it was alleged that one of the rear tires blew out. As a result of the incident, the driver lost control of the minibus which toppled several times before landing in the Bamia Creek upside down. Surviving passengers said the bus was speeding, and as such, it was difficult for the driver to control the vehicle after one of the back tires went off.

8 news

tuesday, august 27, 2013|

Activated carbon from coconut shells touted as viable alternative to mercury


head of a 2020 ban on the use of mercury in the extraction of gold, Dr Suresh Narine is prescribing the use of activated carbon from coconut shells as a viable alternative. In a detailed presentation at the 10th Biannual Mining and Quarrying Conference at the Guyana International Conference Centre. Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown on Monday, the Guyanese-born Trent University professor said activated carbon is widely used for the recovery of gold across the world and would prove very economical for the country, with a recovery rate of 80 per cent. Explaining the process, the research scientist said while the ore preparation is similar, during the heap or dump leaching process (the process of extracting the metal), a very dilute solution of cyanide is used to extract the gold from the ore. As the gold cyanide slurry passes through a fill tank of activated carbon, the recovery process takes place. Turning his attention to the possibility of producing activated carbon here, Dr Narine, who is also the head of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology at the University of Guyana, said the prospects are very good, given the local coconut industry. He

Eyew tness

Watch out for... P

Professor Suresh Narine

explained that granular activated carbon can be easily produced with coconut shells. Coconut is Guyana’s third largest agricultural export and while the meat of the fruit is exported, the country does not have a large-scale operation that utilises the shells, hence they can be used for the production of activated carbon. Granular coconut activated carbon is currently produced and refined through SLEP furnace high temperature steam activation technology, with high quality coconut from Vietnam as raw material. Its large specific surface area, developed pore structure, adsorptive properties, and high intensity make it suitable for the extraction of gold. turn to page 10

...the bora brigade

resident Donald Ramotar is one individual who literally sat at the feet of Dr Cheddi Jagan and imbibed the latter’s analytical way of looking at events. While out in the field in Berbice resolving a local issue, he offered an analysis on what’s behind the virulent media campaign being waged against the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project (AFHEP); the Marriott Hotel; and other transformative initiatives of the government. As far as the Stabber News was concerned, this entity was part and parcel of the old elite that’s furious its old privileges have been diminished to help the poor and the powerless. As far as this bunch is concerned, the wretched of the earth are there simply to be used for their enrichment. Why should they get any part of the national patrimony? This was the tiny bunch that owned everything in the country – from the sugar estates to the banks – and were willing to destroy the country to protect their interests. They raked in mega profits by exploiting the poor, while the latter barely survived on the scraps from their table. This tiny strata is very shadowy...they exert their interest from behind the scenes, but find their voice in papers like the Stabber.  Then there’s the nouveau riche...what the president wittily referred to as the “bora brigade”. They originated as a progressive force during the days of the People’s National Congress (PNC), when they hustled and supplied all manner of goods that were scarce. Their name originated from the start some of them got by selling bora in front of Stabroek Market. They began to trade out of suitcases and developed skills in smuggling, bribing officials, and evading taxes. They’re represented in the media by the MuckrakerKN. With the return of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government – as the president explained – this streetwise  bunch used their street-wise skills to flourish in the new and free atmosphere. But as they started to live it up, they earned the contempt of the old moneyed class, represented by the Stabber News. They were seen as rude and crude. Their way of dressing, speaking, living, and even eating were mocked.

But what’s happened in the last decade is that as the policies of the PPP continued to raise the lifestyle of the poor and the new mega-projects promised to raise them even further, the “bora brigade”, through the MuckrakerKN, joined forces with their prior adversary, the Stabber News, to prevent this from happening. They want all the state resources for themselves.  As Dr Cheddi Jagan would’ve described it: they are now protecting their objective bourgeoise interests.

...the ex-Speaker in AFC

Did you catch ex-Speaker Ralph Ramkarran’s touchingly unequivocal endorsement of the opportunistic position of the Alliance For Change (AFC) on AFHEP?? Speaking now, not from the chair in Parliament, but from near the dead Conversation Tree on the East Coast Demerara, Ramkarran gushingly described the “hold me, loose me” AFC as “principled”. But exactly what was this “principle”? Well, when the details of the project were first revealed to them in a confidential briefing a year ago, everything was honky dory. Not a squeak or squeal from the AFC. But as the consummation of the project drew nearer, they did a volte face and said they’ll wait on the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) due diligence. Imagine a political party, which is supposed to have the perspective of Guyanese electricity consumers at heart, making its decision based on a bank that’s trying to make the most money – highest interest – on the deal!!! Then when they realised Sithe Global was walking, AFC did another flip flop to protect its chairman/company secretary’s commitment and “supported” the now dead project. Expect the ex-Speaker to join this “principled” bunch of wankers. fakes

AFC apologists Asquith Rose and Harish S Singh want to know why Sithe Global was able to demand 19 per cent interest of its US$157 million equity in AFHEP. Because of the “political risks” posed by the marauding PNU and AFC, stupid!!



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Abused children in Nascimento elected new head of THAG one-week workshop P Members of the head table at the opening of the five-day workshop. From left to right: Human Services and Social Security Ministry Chief Probation Officer Forbes Munroe, Georgetown Prison Officer-in-Charge Carl Grahame and Tackling Child Labour Through Education (TACKLE) Programme Coordinator Sharon Patterson


hirty children who had been victims of domestic violence, abuse or whose parents are in jail have commenced a one-week workshop aimed at empowering them. The workshop is being coordinated by the government of Guyana and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Tackling Child Labour Through Education

(TACKLE) with support from the European Union (EU). It is themed “Our children, our future”. The children will be educated on their rights and responsibilities, what domestic violence/abuse is, and where help is available. Therapeutic sessions will also be conducted by a psychologist and will focus on helping participants overcome their emotional challenges.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the Guyana National Service (GNS) ground, Human Services and Social Security Ministry Chief Probation Officer Forbes Munroe told the children that they should not consider themselves rejected, noting that the programme is to help them to be proper, functional adults. He said community members also have a part to play

in protecting vulnerable youths. The chief probation officer assured the children that they are valued and cherished members of society as they are part of Guyana’s future. Meanwhile, TACKLE Programme Coordinator Sharon Patterson told the youth that the most important thing is for them to stay in the school system and not engage in child labour. “Child labour is not a way out of poverty, kids,” she said. Georgetown Prison, Officerin-Charge Carl Grahame said this programme is essential for the youths since some of them lack parental guidance and self-esteem. “I hope at the end that the children will be revived, and as school opens, they will go with that revival in mind and knowing someone is there for them.”

Brazilian fined $75,000 Businessman placed on bail for for forged document


Brazilian man was fined $75,000 on Monday when he was brought before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and uttering a forged document. According to Prosecutor Seon Blackman, between June 1 and August 24 at Georgetown, Gailmar Santos Silva conspired with unknown persons to insert two false entry and arrival stamps in his Republic of Brazil passport purporting to show the same was issued by the Central Immigration Office, knowing it to be false. Also on August 24, at Ogle, with intent to defraud,

he uttered to an immigration officer his Republic of Brazil passport with the two false immigration and arrival stamps. He pleaded guilty to both charges read against him. The defendant was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who told the court that his client is 31 years of age and works in the interior. He added that his client did not have any prior convictions here or in Brazil, and requested that a non-custodial sentence be imposed. Magistrate McGusty gave the defendant the option of paying a fine of $75,000 or spending nine months in prison. He opted to pay the fine.

unlawful wounding


businessman was granted bail on a charge of unlawful wounding when he appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday. It is alleged that on August 19 at Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Terry Sampson unlawfully and maliciously wounded Brian Domett. He pleaded not guilty to the charge read against him. The defendant was represented by Attorney Dexter Todd who told the court that his client is 42 years old and has a permanent place of abode at 192 Roxanne Burnham Gardens. He went on to say that Sampson is a businessman with three children and he is known to the VC. Attorney Todd made an application for reasonable bail. There were no objections to bail put forward by the prosecution, and Magistrate McGusty set it at $40,000. The matter is set to return to Court One on September 2.

Man arrested for threatening others with gun


man is in police custody after he allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot a group of men as they were imbibing at a shop at Canefield Village, East Canje, Berbice on Sunday evening. Based on reports received about 21:30h on Sunday, Denzil Nichols, 17; and Hemchan (only name given), both of Canefield Village, were drinking in a bar with friends, while the suspect, Zaheer Mohamed, of Adelphi Village was there with his friends. A misunderstanding developed among the men, which later led to a heated argument. During the argument, the suspect left; he returned about 15 minutes later in a gold motorcar with two other persons. Mohamed reportedly parked the car some distance away from the bar, leaving the two passengers behind as he looked for the persons with whom he had the quarrel, but did not find them.

The suspect got angry and pulled out a shiny object, which appeared to be a gun from his pants waist and pointed it at the two teenagers, warning them not to “violate”. As he walked off, Mohamed

reportedly discharged a round, after which he entered the car and left. The police were summoned and made contact with Mohamed, who denied the allegations. A search

was conducted by the ranks at the suspect’s home, but they came up empty-handed. However, Mohamed is now in police custody, assisting with the investigation.

ublic relations specialist Kit Nascimento has been elected president of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG). He was elected at THAG’s general meeting last Thursday. Nicole Correia was elected a vice chairman and Mitra Ramkumar treasurer. Other committee members include Jacqueline Allicock, Colin Edwards, Ann Hamilton, and Andrea Salvador de Caires. Speaking to Guyana Times, Nascimento said he was flattered by his election and” the confidence the members has placed on me”. He reminded that he has

been involved in the tourism sector for many years and as such, the experience and expertise that he possesses will be beneficial in developing Guyana’s tourism sector. Nascimento has replaced Daniel Gajie as president. THAG is an umbrella body of all tourism-related entities in Guyana. Members include hoteliers, resort owners, tour operators, travel agents, restaurateurs, and jewellery, craft shop, and transportation services owners. This association was formed 12 years ago by a group of five persons. THAG is also a member of the Caribbean Hotel Association.

Shotgun stolen from farmer’s home


p to late Monday afternoon, police ranks at the Whim Police Station were questioning a man in connection with a stolen gun which was taken from a farmer’s home at Port Mourant on Sunday. A report was lodged at the said police station by Bhagirath Sukhai, 59, of Lot 184 Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, who claimed that on Sunday between 13:10h and 18:15h, his home was burglarised and one Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge single barrel shotgun with registration number HP 363754 was stolen. Police investigations revealed that on the day in question, the victim se-

cured his home and went to a horse racing meeting at the Port Mourant Turf Club, and upon his return, he discovered a door on the lower-flat of his home opened. This prompted him to conduct a search and he discovered that the firearm, which was in a wardrobe in a bedroom on the upper-flat, was missing. He raised an alarm and reported the matter to the police station, and a probe was launched. Police ranks reportedly visited the scene; dusted the area for finger-prints and questioned several people during which they received information which led to the arrest of a man. Police are continuing their investigations.


tuesday, august 27, 2013


French national killed while crossing road D

ays after arriving in Guyana from France for a twoweek vacation with his family, a child met his demise after he was struck down by a car at the Umbrella Resort, Linden/ Soesdyke Highway on Saturday. Johnny Da Silva, 12, died after suffering broken arms and legs and a wound to his head. Police said investigations revealed that motor car PRR 6455, reportedly driven by Juda Lewinsky, was proceeding along the roadway when Da Silva allegedly attempted to cross the road and was struck down. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the East Bank Regional Hospital (Diamond Diagnostic

Johnny Da Silva

Centre). The vehicle was reportedly heading to the mining

town of Linden. Guyana Times understands that the driver was taken into police custody to assist with the investigation. John Da Silva, the father of the youngster, told Guyana Times that after the accident, police took more than 30 minutes to arrive, took measurements at the scene, and asked the driver of the motor car to accompany them to the Madewini Police Outpost. He said his son’s mangled body was taken to the Lyken Funeral Home and a post-mortem examination was performed, which revealed that the young man died as a result of shock and haemorrhage owing to multiple injuries. The elder Da Silva stat-

ed that arrangements are being made for his son’s body to return to France for burial. The other nine family members are expected to leave the country on Friday with the body. The angry father claimed that instead of the police putting the driver behind bars, he was allowed to walk around in the police station. He was also surprised that there was no media report and the police did not issue a statement. The police statement was issued on Monday – two days after the accident. The lad leaves to mourn his parents and seven siblings, two of whom were with him when he met his demise.

Two Greens gone but one surface before he time


verybody in GT de Garbage Town had start to feel good when dem hear that de mayor-fuh-life Green Ham and de deputy Chase Green gone away fuh a couple of months. In fact, one church man went to church and praise God fuh a double blessin. He tell de father in de church that is not often he does get de freedom to live wid out de mayor and de deputy doing dem dutty wuk in de **city. De man so happy that he pay off all he tithes and offerings fuh de rest of de year. De man was happy, de GT people was happy, de father was happy, and God was happy. Suddenly, Green Ham surface and tell a bare face lie bout how he leff U.S. money in a pouch in he office. No body never see Green Ham walk wid a pouch yet. So God vex and de church man vex. But de father was so kind, he had want to send some of de church money fuh Green Ham. De mayor-fuh-life was not only bareface to lie bout how he leff money in he office, he woulda be bareface and tek de church money too. Is a good ting de church man call de father just in time and tell he that de money Green Ham talkin bout is de money that he and Chase Green supposed to give back to de Japanese guvament ever since dem can’t account fuh how dem spend it. Now de church man prayin to God fuh de guvament to chase away both Chase Green and Green Ham and he beggin de father to pray fuh de same ting. He seh de only ting green wid de Greens is all de U.S. money dem tek from de Japanese. Ting-a-ling-a-ling...friend tell friend...mattie tell mattie! De church man seh never trust a Green. So look out fuh de other Greens like Green Jah and Green Bridge!

Activated carbon from... from page 8

According to Professor Narine, the essential cost of establishing the plant or kiln to generate activated carbon may be “heavy”, but once it goes into operation, it will be beneficial. He said a plant to process 15 million coconut shells has a capital cost of US$40,000, while the analytical equipment would cost approximately US$70,000. If produced in Guyana, one tonne of coconut shell activated carbon would cost US$188 per tonne as against US$300,000 if imported. “So, clearly, therefore, there is an advantage of producing it and adding value to a commodity that is wasted.” “We can meet the demand of 80 per cent gold recovery by coconut activated carbon by materials we produce right here,” he added, noting that the return investment rate is approximately 15.5 per cent. According to Dr Narine, gold miners should seriously consider the usage of coconut shell activated carbon. Small-scale miners can work as a group to make the process applicable to their operations. During the opening ceremony of Mining Week on Sunday, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud said the

ministry remains committed to the use of mercuryfree technology, noting that the government has been working on a range of initiatives to aid in the transition to mercury-free technology in the extraction of gold. The focus is on support for technology transfer, technical support, training though the recently-launched mining school, and access to international partnerships. In February, Canadian exploration firm Mulgravian Ventures (Guyana) Incorporated introduced a multimillion-dollar mercury-free screening plant. Presently, Mulgravian Ventures is using the plant in the North West District for the extraction of gold. The three-component unit was imported from New Zealand and is being used all around the globe. Oversized materials consisting gold is fed to the screening plant for processing. As the material tumbles through the screen, oversized materials are reduced to smaller pieces and the gold is caught on mats underneath. Traditionally, mercury is used to extract the gold from its ore; however, when using the screening plant, a Knudson bowl is introduced to further remove unwanted materials.

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Monetary policies have bought time – IMF T

he unconventional monetary policies of central banks have bought global policymakers the time and space to carry out the reforms needed to lay the foundation for lasting growth, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told an audience of top officials at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. These policies — such as the purchase of assets by central banks to support financial stability and boost activity — have allowed the global economy to lift itself out of the depths of the financial crisis. Lagarde called for policymakers to “use this time wisely,” emphasising two points. First, the need for policymakers to work better together to take into account more fully the impact of these unconventional policies — local and global —and how that affects the path of exit. Second, that “all policymakers, within countries and across countries — have a responsibility to take the full range of actions needed to restore growth and stability”.

Impact on global economy

The IMF’s assessment is that the impact of unconventional monetary policies (UMP) so far has been positive, Lagarde said. On balance, all countries benefited, first from lessened risks of financial turmoil, then from increased growth. Estimates suggest that quantitative easing, the purchase of assets by the U.S. Federal Reserve, boosted world output by more than one per cent. Although the major gains were in the early phases, unconventional monetary policy has been a success, she said. While emphasising that there should be “no rush to exit”, Lagarde said that the period of exceptionally loose monetary policy must eventually end. But when exactly this happens will depend on country circumstances. “In Europe, for example, there is a good deal more mileage to be gained from UMP. In Japan, too, exit is very likely some way off,” she said. “One thing we can say for certain: The path to exit will and should depend on the pace of recovery,” Lagarde added.

Uncharted territory

Just as for entry, exit from unconventional monetary policies will take the world into uncharted territory, said Lagarde. “Therefore, the fund and policymakers need to start thinking about what exit will eventually look like.” The IMF managing director highlighted a few aspects. Balance of stability and risk taking: One focus of the IMF’s work is on how best to balance the need for stability and risk-taking. On the one hand, Lagarde said, long

prudential measures, capital flow management measures, and exchange rate flexibility.

A better mix of policies

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

periods of very loose monetary policy and ultra-low interest rates mixed with the hunt for higher yields could prove to be a recipe for unhealthy risk-taking. On the other hand, if unconventional monetary policies had not been implemented, the result might have been lower growth and greater risk of financial distress. Spillovers: The IMF is also looking at the spillover effects on other countries, Lagarde said, such as the episodes of rising capital flows as well as increases in asset prices, corporate leverage, and foreign exchange exposure seen in some emerging market countries following the initiation of unconventional monetary policies. She stressed the need to be alert to the risks of renewed financial instability going forward, adding that “the situation can turn quickly – as we have seen in recent days in some emerging market economies”.

Monetary policy

However, she also noted the difficulty of disentangling the effects of unconventional monetary policy from other factors affecting economic outcomes. “Not everyone agrees about the size, or even direction, of spillovers. Bridging or even narrowing these differences is an important step toward deciding the future course of policy,” Lagarde said. Sequencing of exit: It will be important to define exactly what is meant by exit, Lagarde observed, as conventional and unconventional monetary policies are often lumped together. Exit will involve reversing both, yet it is likely that the more “conventional” aspects (such as guidance on the future path of policy rates or the rate of future asset purchases) will be done first. As a result, “exit is likely to be slower and longer than is often portrayed, and feared,” Lagarde said. Clear communication: It is also imperative that central banks communicate clearly “the risks to recovery from exiting too soon and the risks to financial stability from exiting too late,” Lagarde said. “Even if well managed, exit from UMP may well present other, nonUMP countries with an arduous obstacle course.” But they have the tools to deal with it, she said, referring to the use of macro and micro

While monetary policy has been part of the solution to the ongoing crisis, “it cannot provide all the answers,” Lagarde said. Unconventional policies need to be complemented by a broader spectrum of policies needed for durable, balanced growth. She also warned that the hard work of central banks could be wasted if

not enough is done on other fronts. In the advanced economies pursuing unconventional monetary policies, this means making progress on medium-term fiscal, financial, and structural reforms. In the other countries, deeper reforms are also needed for durable medium-term growth, a reality highlighted by recent concerns about the slowing growth potential of emerging markets. “Policies and policy coordination are not yet where

they need to be,” Lagarde observed. “Failing to act at the global level, with each country playing its part, could put the global recovery at risk.


With action, however, we can place the world economy on a path of strong, sustainable, and balanced growth.” “We all need to work better together,” Lagarde said. “In today’s inter-connected world, the spillovers from domestic policies — unconventional monetary pol-

icy included — may well feed back to where they began,” she added, noting that looking at the wider interest is thus in everyone’s interest. The annual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, held at a mountain resort in the western U.S. state of Wyoming, brings together central bankers, policy experts, and academics to focus on emerging issues and trends. This year’s topic is the global dimensions of unconventional monetary policy.

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Candles caused deadly D’Urban Street blaze – mother of deceased children still hospitalised

By Bhisham Mohamed


ire Chief Marlon Gentle on Monday confirmed that the fire which claimed the lives of two children in the wee hours of Sunday morning at D’Urban Street, Lodge was caused by lit candles. Gentle explained that initial investigation revealed electrical wires which they suspected might have been illegal connections but were in fact legal. The wires were connected from a legal electricity source a while ago. He also disclosed that about six weeks ago, the fire service responded to a report of fire at the same location which was started by lit candles. There was also a third report of fire after a kerosene stove exploded while the landlord was cooking. Those fires, he added were quickly extinguished before it could have caused any destruction, but unfortunately, the last one turned out to be tragic. Meanwhile, the mother of the dead children Odessa Thomas remains a patient of the Burns Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, suffering from second degree burns. Gentle said the woman received burns to her hands, hip, feet, face and abdomen while trying to save her children. Not clear The fire chief is nevertheless trying to ascertain whether or not the woman was at home when the fire started as she indicated to them. “If she wasn’t at home then she had to be close by and rushed home after she received the message that her house was on fire… We also cannot say whether the children were left unattended since the 13-year-old claimed that he was in the house and escaped,” Gentle added. He said that statements

Child Care and Protection Agency Director Ann Greene

are still to be taken from Thomas and her son, but it cannot be done unless they are fully recovered. “Those statements are critical as we continue our investigations,” said the fire chief.

Reports of neglect There have also been reports of neglect and Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) Director Ann Greene suggested that nothing can happen unless they are in receipt of sufficient evidence that prove the two children were at home alone. “At the hospital on Sunday afternoon, Thomas told officers that she was at home when the fire started… the 13-year-old son also claimed that his mother was at home… We have to await a report from the Guyana Fire Service before we come to a conclusion,” the director stated. Greene confirmed that the agency had received several reports that the mother in question was ill-treating her six children. She said her department had made some interventions. She highlighted that the CCPA had taken possession of at least four children from the woman and placed them in alternative homes, but after a while, they were reunited with their mother. These children, she noted “were out

Fire Chief Marlon Gentle

of hand” and the mother could not control them, thus, they were removed from the house on D’Urban Street. Greene also disclosed that one child is still in custody of the CCPA, while explaining that Adam Marshall, who perished in the fire, only recently returned in the care of his mother.

Standard procedures “We have done everything according to standard procedures… we have been counselling the mother and children, and matter of fact, she was supposed to be at the CCPA today (Monday) for a review.” Greene also noted that despite the children being at home; they have been providing the basic services to the family, be it counselling, or the provision of food. On Sunday morning, panic broke out at D’Urban Street following the fire which took the lives of Adam Marshall, 11, and eight-year-old Shania Marshall. The charred remains of the two children were found among the debris; one in a kneeling position and the other bracing the walls of the bedroom in which they were trapped.

LIAT plane encounters main wheel trouble after CJIA takeoff


he main wheel of a LIAT aircraft encountered mechanical problems during takeoff here Monday morning at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri. In a statement, LIAT said its LI 774, travelling from Guyana to Barbados Monday morning, with 43 passengers on board, had a main wheel failure during

takeoff. The aircraft continued to the Grantley Adams International Airport where, as a precautionary measure, emergency services were on standby. The landing was uneventful and the passengers disembarked at the gate in Barbados. LIAT said the aircraft is being examined by the company’s maintenance depart-

ment and will undergo the various checks stipulated by the manufacturer before it is returned to service. LIAT Airlines landed its inaugural official flight at the Ogle International Airport on Monday at 15:30h which departed Grantley Adams International Airport back in July. However, it had been operating out of the CJIA for a number of years.

CARIFESTA closes with Caricom lavishing praise on Suriname – Haiti is next host


aribbean Community (Caricom) Assistant Secretary General Colin Granderson has lauded the Desi Bouterse government for staging a spectacular 10 days of cultural showcase as he closed the 11th edition of CARIFESTA on Sunday. Granderson said: “This has been a very vibrant and exciting 10 days of sharing and showcasing the many dimensions of our rich Caribbean culture, and that of our many visiting contingents of artists from UNASUR and other friends from outside our region.” He congratulated President Bouterse, and his hard working CARIFESTA XI team, for having successfully organised and delivered CARIFESTA XI and creating a space where all participating artists and officials were able to explore the theme of CARIFESTA XI – “Culture for Development”. “Over the past 10 days, we have celebrated our diversity in all art forms, from the performing to the visual, literary, culinary and many other art forms, including film, fashion and craft.” Suriname also implemented some bold and important new initiatives in CARIFESTA XI which should be commended Granderson observed, noting that the Caribbean marketplace for the arts where international booking agents and art promoters attended the festival to see Caribbean artists was an important initiative to

Caricom Assistant Secretary General Colin Granderson

take Caribbean culture to the world and to give professional support to them. “This is an initiative that should continue in all CARIFESTAs. Other new elements such as the mass choir presentations, animation and Anansi were ones which celebrate youth and present new opportunities for young artists to develop, while safeguarding our Caribbean heritage and identity. I know that everyone who attended CARIFESTA XI will leave with a lasting memory of an unforgettable performance, or cultural expression they saw or experienced,” Granderson emphasised. He also commended the Youth Focus Programme and the Caricom youth ambassadors in making sure that young people were fully engaged in CARIFESTA; organising activities, giving technical and other support, and enjoying the exploration

of “who we are as a people. Engaging our young people is critical to the continuity and sustainability of this quintessential Caribbean Festival.” “We can look back with satisfaction on what has been a rich and colourful artistic extravaganza. Mr President, I would like to assure you that as one Caribbean family, we all share in the joys and successes of our collaboration, and take joint responsibility for any shortcomings. That strong spirit of ‘Caribbeanness’ has dominated throughout the festival and made us proud,” Granderson said. He again congratulated Suriname on their efforts to implement the new model for CARIFESTA which is intended to take the festival to a higher level of excellence, to generate economic benefits, engage Caribbean people and create new pathways to success for Caribbean artists. “Suriname has managed, with the support of its Caribbean counterparts, to place this country, the region and CARIFESTA on the cultural world map.” Granderson said as the 11th CARIFESTA closes, it is time to look forward to the preparations for CARIFESTA XII in yet another beautiful sister state – the Republic of Haiti. “We thank the president of Haiti for the kind offer to host, made at the 33rd meeting of heads of government in St Lucia in July 2012, which has been graciously accepted by our heads of government.”

Many business owners struggling to fill out tax forms – GRA


he Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is reminding taxpayers that it still provides workshops and seminars free of cost, on how to complete the various tax returns (ie the Individual Income Tax, the Form 2, the Form 5, the Property Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Corporation Tax Returns) through its Tax Advisory Services Department. In a statement, the GRA said it has observed with great concern that many owners of businesses still lack the knowledge on how to correctly complete a number of these tax returns. Hence, incomplete documents cannot be lodged or keyed into the system. “This anomaly affects employees, sole traders and companies who attempt to obtain compliance certificates, liability certificates or even delay the processing of refunds in some cases.” The GRA is urging companies as well as sole traders to seek the necessary assistance or advice on the computation and completion of the various tax returns from their trained and com-

GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur

petent tax specialists, Tax Advisory Services located at Lot 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown. According to the GRA, in order to promote voluntary compliance, it has over the years expended a tremendous amount of financial resources and made available competent personnel to aid the objective and continues to do so. The organisation said it hosted a number of workshops and seminars for businesses, whether company or sole traders during the first half of 2013. GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur

noted that “these workshops and seminars are geared to ensure persons understand their rights and obligations under the various tax acts administer by the GRA and to enable them to comply fully without enforcement action”. “He further noted that persons can also make formal requests for workshops that will benefit them and their employees.” Recently, the GRA Public Relation Department visited Regions Seven and Nine in an outreach effort to educate and inform the community about the different taxes administered by the GRA and to answer questions relevant to the taxpayers. The team also sought to address misconceptions held by persons in some areas with regard to allowable expenses, particularly in the case of self- employed persons. These misconceptions lead some to pay little or no taxes. The GRA is urging persons to make full use of the Tax Hotline 227-6060, 227-8222 or its website for further information on the various taxes.


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Grenada explores iGovTT model


he government of Grenada is exploring the possibility of getting TT’s assistance to set up a state enterprise to advance use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a more effective government. Alvin Da Breo, Grenada’s Minister of State in the Communications and Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities and ICT Ministry, views this as an important step in im-

proving efficiency and delivering government services to all Grenadian nationals. Dr Rupert Griffith, science and technology minister, along with Adam Montserin, iGovTT CEO, and Raye Sandy, Permanent Secretary of the Science and Technology Ministry, recently received the visiting minister for ICT talks. iGovTT is a special purpose company charged with the design, development and deployment of advanced ICT

solutions for the government. Its TT connect multi-channel service network offers citizens convenient access to government information and services within their communities, online in their homes, and on the go via their mobile phones, thereby reducing the need for lengthy commutes to government offices. iGovTT collaborates with local and international ICT companies to deploy relevant services for ministries and agencies. (The Trinidad Guardian)

North America Goldman losses from options glitch in tens of millions


oldman Sachs Group Inc lost tens of millions of dollars after a computer glitch led to a flood of erroneous options trades last week, a source close to the matter said on Monday. Last Tuesday, an upgrade of Goldman’s internal system affected options on stocks and some exchange-traded funds with symbols beginning with the letters H through L, leading to trades vastly out of line with market prices. Roughly 80 per cent of the erroneous option-market

contracts traded on NYSE Euronext’s two option platforms NYSE Arca Options and NYSE Amex options were cancelled, according to a second source close to the situation. The two platforms have collectively handled about 23 per cent of equity and index options trading in August, according to data from OCC, formerly known as the Options Clearing Corp, which clears all U.S.-listed options. NYSE Euronext said it completed a review and appeals process last week but

declined to give further details. The options trading snafu was the first of what was a rough week for trading last week, as it was followed by a three-hour shutdown of the Nasdaq Stock Market due to connectivity issues on Thursday. Earlier, the Financial Times reported that Goldman Sachs put four senior technology specialists on administrative leave as a result of the trading mishap. (Reuters)


Tanzania: Electronic tendering system takes off


he Government Procurement Services Agency (GPSA) has introduced an electronic tendering system in order to ease and fast track the procurement process. The GPSA Director of Procurement and Advisory Services, Yoswam Nyongera told reporters that the current system takes too long and in some cases leads to some costs. He said that the system

will also help bidders to accomplish the entire process online unlike the current trend whereby they have to travel to localities where the tenders are to be received and filed. Nyongera said that currently the public institution spends between US$10 million and US$15 million per tender which he said is expensive. Thus the government finds it proper to hand over the task to GPSA as a

cost cutting measure. He said the move has also helped the government to come up with uniform prices for items procured by its institutions unlike previous cases where the price of the same item was pegged differently. Nyongera said that for the past three years they have managed to sell to the government and its institutions items worth US$88.9 billion including fuel. (allAfrica)


Wine firm plans move towards full NZX listing


he boss running a US$58 million New Zealand wine business owned by American billionaire Bill Foley says a move to the NZX main board is planned towards the end of next year. Mark Turnbull, chief executive of Foley Family Wines listed on the NZX Alternative Market, said the business planned to move to a full NZX listing as it doubled production and turnover. Foley Family Wines owns the Vavasour, Te Kairanga

round, now we’re well-placed to grow,” Turnbull said. “We want to buy more, but not necessarily another vineyard,” he said. Foley owns about 800 restaurants in the United States, as well as the luxurious Wairarapa Wharekauhau Estate lodge, not part of Foley Family Wines. So new assets could be in the hospitality, tourism or leisure field but Turnbull refused to reveal plans. (New Zealand

and Grove Mill wineries and its brands include Dashwood, Redwood Pass, Boatshed Bay, Goldwater and Clifford Bay. Since Foley bought The New Zealand Wine Company around a year ago and changed its name, the share price has risen from about 65 cents to close at U.S$1.35 on Monday. Foley chairs the business, which Turnbull said would double production from 500,000 cases of wine to one million cases annually. “We’ve gone through a turna-


same period of last year. Apartment valuations recorded capital value increases of 25.1 per cent, up from a 13.4 per cent uptick in the year ago quarter. The report found that property prices were still 31 per cent below their market peak in 3Q2008, however. Cluttons said that an increased level of job creation was pushing up prices, as well as investment spurred by political unrest else-

where in the region, increasing rents and more favourable lending conditions. “The resounding success of Dubai residential so far this year should not come as a surprise given the magnitude of the correction recorded during the bottom of the market; we are still far off the previous peak, when growth was far more unsustainable,” commented Steve Morgan, head of Cluttons Middle East. (Arabianbusiness)

Europe UK blood plasma company sale to Bain Middle East Dubai house prices soar 31 per cent Capital “endangers NHS supplies” former health minister The government an- 2002, all plasma has been in H1, says Cluttons has warned that the nounced last month that it collected from U.S. donors


sale of a UK blood plasma company to a U.S. private equity firm endangers the supply of life-saving products to the NHS. Lord Hunt, Labour’s health spokesman in the Lords and who oversaw the UK’s purchase of the company in 2002, described the deal as “too risky”. Patient groups also fear that the sale could harm health service provision in the UK.

had sold Plasma Resources UK to Bain Capital, the private equity firm accused during the U.S. presidential elections of moving U.S. jobs abroad. Plasma Resources UK (PRUK) turns plasma, the fluid in blood that holds white and red cells in suspension, into life-saving treatments for immune deficiencies, neurological diseases and haemophilia. Since

Market statistics

because of the theoretical risk of contamination with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of BSE, which cannot be reliably tested for. “Once you sell on to a company that could easily sell on to another company, where is the security of the supply?” Hunt asked. “I don’t see how [the Department of Health] can guarantee supply in the future.” (The Guardian)

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates Bank of Guyana

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity





















$1335.00 $202.67

Indicators as on August 24, 2013 Live Spot Gold Bid/Ask Low/High










1374.50 880.30 1028.59

Aug 22


Price Silver

US$ per barrel

Change %

$111.04 USD per Ounce


-0.07 $1554.00

Change %

-0.19 +0.32


1377.50 885.74 1030.60 PM

Last: 15010.51

1375.50 882.07 1031.19 Changes: +46.77

% Change: +0.31

Open: 14986.78

High: 15025.56

Low: 14931.24

% YTD: +14.55

52Wk Hi: 15658.43

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09


1370.50 879.60 1027.28

Crude Oil


London Gold Fix

Aug 23


USD Per Once


esidential prices in Dubai soared by almost a third (30.6 percent) in the first six months of 2013, a new report found, on the back of an influx of refugee capital and as more renters turning to buying. The analysis, by global real estate firm Cluttons, said that in Q2 of this year alone, villa prices in the emirate increased by 21 percent on average, compared to a 24.4 per cent rise in the

Investors' guide

How to become a real estate agent CONTINUED FROM SATURDAY

Before jumping in…

For many, the attractions to real estate include working outside an office setting and the freedom often present in a career that allows you to pretty much set your own schedule. But for those just starting out, establishing a reputation can often be tough, no matter how much time you dedicate. So if you’re seriously considering a career in real estate, you should first: Get the word out. Working with people you know and are comfortable with is the easiest way to overcome the “green” stage

of your career. So tap your existing network, including friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to let them you know you’ll be getting your real estate licence. You should also inform the people involved in the businesses within your local neighbourhood. Study and learn. Research the brokerage models available in your local market, selecting the one that provides the best business plan and offers a mentor within the office to help teach you the ropes. A mentor is an invaluable resource when combined with outside knowledge gained from

real estate, marketing and technology books as well as trade publications, enabling you to provide the absolute highest level of service to your clients. Save up for a rainy day. Having a cash reserve is a must in real estate, especially when you first get going. You won’t be bringing in money right away, as deals take time to close. This trend will continue throughout your career, with large chunks of money coming in sporadically. So it’s best to have a coffer to ensure your bills get paid on time when you’re between deals. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Discretionary account Power of attorney arrangement in which a customer gives limited or complete authority to an agent (bank, broker, or investment-portfolio manager) to buy and/or sell securities or commodities on the customer’s behalf without the customer’s prior approval or knowledge.



tuesday, august 27, 2013 |

Simona Broomes New army chief Brigadier Mark Phillips gets badge of rank accused of theft – says professionalism will guide him by suspected human trafficker P

Simona Broomes (right), backed by GWMO members, on Monday evening in front of the CID Headquarters


uyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) President Simona Broomes was on Monday arrested after allegations of theft and assault were levelled against her. But according to Broomes, this devious and malicious attack to defame her will not deter the organisation from rescuing women and children who have been trafficked to the interior for exploitation purposes. Just after midday, Broomes was detained after visiting the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) police headquarters. It is alleged that Broomes on April 21 assaulted Ann Maria Carter and stole an eight ounce gold chain during a trafficking in person operation at Puruni. The report was lodged on August 19. Approximately five hours after detention, the GWMO president was released on station bail to the tune of $10,000, but was not charged. Broomes is mandated to return to the police on September 6, as investigations continue. The virtual complainant, who hails from Bartica, Region Seven, is on remand. Last week, she was remanded after answering to the charges of trafficking in person and assault causing grievous bodily harm. It is alleged that between March 14 and April 1, Carter trafficked a person, that is; she recruited, transported and harboured a 17-year-old girl for sexual exploitation. It was also alleged that during the same period, she unlawfully assaulted the teenager, causing her actual bodily harm. The 17-year-old was among four girls rescued from Tiger Creek Backdam,

Puruni, Region Seven by the GWMO. Speaking to the press late Monday afternoon, Broomes said Carter’s action is deliberate and seeks to put a halt to GWMO’s operation, but this will not happen. An emotionally-charged Broomes said she is prepared to place her life on the line to rescue the vulnerable and bring justice to those who have suffered at that the hands of human traffickers and exploiters. “When you want to stand up against what is wrong, there is a price to pay for it, and this is just a part of the price that I am paying.” According to Broomes, just last week a trip was planned for the interior after the organisation was inundated with complaints of human trafficking. The women group had gotten a tip about eight young ladies who have been trafficked to the interior and had planned to launch another operation; however, it was put on hold after Broomes fell ill. According to Broomes, not only females are being trafficked, but the organisation has gotten word that young men, little boys have been trafficked and are being sodomised. “It is not an embarrassment, I am very proud to sit down in there, this is what I do; this is what I believe in. It’s the kids I am doing it for.” Meanwhile, GWMO members who turned out at the CID headquarters to show their support to Broomes said they will not stop until TIP is rooted out. Speaking with Guyana Times, one member said, “I think they have made a big mistake by arresting her because this is just the beginning, because we will continue and go and do more.”

Case dismissed against jewel theft suspect


man accused of stealing gold jewellery was brought before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday to answer to the charge of robbery with violence. It was alleged that on August 22 at Georgetown, Alex Mendoza robbed Wendy Williams of one gold

band valued $400,000 and sometime before, during, or after the act, he made use of violence to her. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge read against him. The matter against the defendant was subsequently dismissed after the virtual complainant declined to offer any evidence. The band was also ordered to be returned to the VC.

resident Donald Ramotar, commanderin-chief of the armed forces, said the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) must maintain a high level of professionalism, as he promoted Chief-of-Staff designate Colonel Mark Phillips and Colonel Bruce Lovell to the rank of brigadier on Monday at the Office of the President. “We are looking forward to continued hard work and dedication to develop the army and generally, the security forces in the country...Ensure you work to ensure the army stays very strong and professional,” the president admonished. Brigadier Phillips will assume the office of the GDF chief-of-staff and chairman of the Joint Services Coordination Council on the retirement of the Chief-ofStaff, Rear Admiral Best on September 20. After receiving his promotion, Brigadier Phillips pledged his commitment to moving the force forward. “Your Excellency, thank you

President Donald Ramotar delivering his charge to newly-appointed Brigadiers Mark Phillips and Julian B Lovell

for taking this opportunity for recognising my service to the Guyana Defence Force, to the nation.... I want to assure you that professionalism will be my guide as I assume my new office,” the chief-of-staff designate said as he expressed gratitude. On a similar note, Brigadier Lovell, who has just over a year left in the army before retirement, expressed thanks, noting that he could

not have done it without the support of his colleagues and family. “Thirty-five years ago, when I joined the Guyana Defence Force, I never contemplated reaching to the rank of general in the Guyana Defence Force, my desire was just to serve and I am thankful that the government has reposed confidence in me, in elevating me to the rank of brigadier general,” Brigadier

Lovell said. Both Brigadier Phillips and Lovell have been serving the army for more than 30 years. They received their promotion in the presence of the head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, Presidential Adviser on Governance Gail Teixeira, the outgoing Chiefof-Staff Rear Admiral Gary Best, senior army officials, relatives and friends.


tuesday, august 27, 2013

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Consider a deal that could greatly add to your financial resources. A sudden relationship change will end up being for the best, even if it is initially hurtful or costly.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) It’s a good cycle in which to change your life for the better. Discipline and hard work will pay off if you apply them. A change in your revenue channels will show your entrepreneurial talent.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Ask questions and discuss details concerning an emotional situation. Clearing up matters that can stand between you and your friendships or future goals must be dealt with diplomatically.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Both your discipline and your imagination will come in handy when it comes to finalising an important project. It’s a good time to make a pitch.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Mingle and enjoy the company of people who are from different backgrounds. New perspectives and attitudes will bring you a new lease on life.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) You will discover information that will help you get something you want. Your insight and ability to act quickly will give you an edge in spotting the latest and most valuable trends.

Peanuts ARIES (March 21-April 19)


You’ll need to keep a close watch on your wallet today. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend more than you intend. You may need to keep your distance from someone who has ulterior motives.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) All work and no play will not help you get ahead. Mix business with pleasure and you will earn the respect and support you need to succeed.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Before you agree to help someone, make sure that you can really deliver. A change in the way you do things and the way you treat people will make your true value apparent to all.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) You’ll be able to use information to get ahead or to make a quick and necessary decision that sends others running. You’ll be a leader today, and others will be glad to follow.

Monday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


You don’t have to spend a lot to make selfimprovements. Rethink your goals and set a routine that will get you the results you are looking for without a high cost.

Your heart might be in the right place, but your logic isn’t. Before wasting time or money on someone promising to make your life better, do the research required to make a good choice.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

news 19


Demerara Mutual ready to tackle money laundering challenge T

tuesday, august 27, 2013


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he Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited and Subsidiary is ready to meet the challenges of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, even as Guyana fails to meet the deadline to implement its Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism(AML/CFT) Act. This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer Keith NA Cholmondeley during his address at the company’s 121st Annual General Meeting on Friday. He said training sessions were conducted on AML/ CFT awareness. Highlighting the achievements for the company in 2012, Cholmondeley said, “This year saw much greater emphasis on AML/ CFT awareness in all jurisdictions as we commenced

AML/CFT training for our staff and sales representatives throughout the society.” He added, “Our main objective of recruiting, training, and retaining our human resource continues to be the focal point of our operations, as we develop our capacity and capability while building on past successes”. The CEO noted that the ongoing training of staff continues to be a priority, since it has proved beneficial, “which is very evident in the financial results and also the relationship which we have established with our customers”. He said the human resource strength of the company has been making a positive impact, as they seek to retain the training momentum in order for staff to be

Demerara Mutual Chief Executive Officer Keith NA Cholmondeley

equipped with the necessary tools to deliver quality service “that is second to none”. As a result, the society has managed to outdo the competition within the sector, even with considerably less resources.

“Demerara Life had 33 sales representatives for the year, compared with two of our main competitors with 89 and 43,” Cholmondeley pointed out. He continued, “In spite of this, the society was still able to lead the industry with 30 per cent of market share with respect to lives [insurance] and 43 per cent with respect to Annualised Premium Income”. Despite the company’s tremendous successes, Cholmondeley said: “There are still operational gaps to be addressed and our relative successes would not make us complacent.” He said the Demerara Mutual Society will continue to strive for diligence in ensuring that departmental functions are carried out with efficiency and with no wastage of resources.

Saw operator killed in Karduni Backdam


saw operator who was found hanging at a logging camp at Kurduni, Berbice River on Friday last was actually murdered, according to a post-mortem done by pathologist, Dr Vivikanand Brijmohan on Monday. The autopsy report on Chandradat “Deo” Hussain, 39, of East Canje, Berbice, proved that he died as a result of ligature strangulation. The police stated that as result of diligent work, they managed to arrest a man who is suspected to be the murderer since it is believed that the two men had prior altercations. Narainee Chinoo, the mother of the dead man

told this newspaper that her son left for Kwakwani two Sundays ago to work with a man called “Ganesh”. She explained that it was the second time her son went to work with Ganesh as he pays well and on time. The mother went on to say that she was at home on Friday evening when she received a telephone call from a female who enquired about Hussain, and claimed that she wanted to speak with his mother. At that time, the woman said she sensed something was wrong, but by the time she attempted to enquire, the telephone was disconnected.

Chinoo said in a haste, she left home with the intention of going to her son’s “bossman” to find out about her son, but as she was heading there, the telephone rang and upon answering, she realised it was the same voice who had called earlier. The woman, she noted, informed her that her son had fallen ill and arrangements are being made to bring him out of the logging camp. The caller subsequently told Chinoo that her son hanged himself. The aggrieved mother stated that she did not believe her son would commit suicide and recalled that he had complained about an issue involving a

co-worker. She said at that point in time, she thought foul play was involved. Her suspicions were confirmed on Monday when the autopsy was performed on her son’s body at the New Amsterdam mortuary. The distraught woman disclosed that after the post-mortem, a police informed her that her son was murdered and they were able to arrest a coworker, whose name was given as “Charlie”. Hussain is survived by his mother and four siblings. He is expected to be laid to rest before the week ends.

Mason on four charges refused bail A mason was brought before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday, after he was charged with four offences. It is alleged that on August 14 at D’Aguiar Park, being armed with a gun, Quacey Letlow robbed Lavern Mainifold of one BlackBerry, one gold chain,

one purse, and $5000 cash, valued a total of $244,000. It is further alleged that on August 22 at Ruimveldt Public Road, he resisted and assaulted Peace Officer 21557 Tieon Hope. It is also alleged that he, being in the public hearing at Ruimveldt Police Station, behaved disorderly. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges read against him.

The defendant was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who told the court that his client has a wife and two children with a fixed place of abode at 13 John Fernandes Squatting Area West Ruimveldt. He went on to say that on the day in question, he was defending his sister-in-law. Attorney Fung-A-Fat also made an application for rea-

sonable bail. Prosecutor Seon Blackman objected to bail on the grounds of the nature of the offence, the fact that he had a gun, and he was positively identified by the virtual complainant. Bail was refused and the defendant was remanded to prison. The matter was transferred to Court One for September 2.

Woman remanded for seven offences


woman appeared on Monday before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts after she was charged with seven offences – two counts of resisting arrest, three counts of assaulting a peace officer, one count of disorderly behaviour, and one count of threatening language. It is alleged that on August 22 at Ruimveldt Public Road, Monifa Thompson resisted Police

Constable 15932 Florence Dazzel and Police Corporal 14312 Pamela Gordon while they were carrying out their duties. On the same day, at Ruimveldt Public Road, she unlawfully assaulted Police Constable Dazzel, Police Corporal Gordon and Police Constable 18025 Orin Ally. She pleaded guilty with explanation to all the charges read against her. Thompson, who was unrepresented, told the court that she is 19 years old and

has a fixed address at 13 John Fernandes Squatting Area, West Ruimveldt. She told the court that she and another girl held on to her brother-in-law when the police came to arrest him. She said one of the police officers told her she would slap her and one of the officers sat on her stomach even though she is pregnant. Based on her explanation, a not guilty plea was entered. Prosecutor Seon

Blackman objected to bail on the grounds of the nature of the offence and the penalty attached to such offences. He also stated that the defendant visits French Guiana and spends long periods of time there and if granted bail, there is a likelihood she will not return to court. Bail was refused and McGusty was remanded to prison. The matter was transferred to Court One for September 2.


tuesday, august 27, 2013

Venus enjoys another perfect U.S. Open start – Nadal advances to second round


EW YORK - Injuryplagued Venus Williams has slipped to 60th in the world rankings but came alive with another positive start at the U.S. Open, knocking out 12th seed Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium 6-1 6-2 on Monday. Seven-time major winner Williams, diagnosed in 2011 with an auto-immune, fatigue inducing illness, played just 18 matches this year as she battled a lower back injury but a return to Arthur Ashe Stadium seemed just the tonic. The 33-year-old American celebrated opening day on centre court at the season’s final grand slam by extending her first-round record at the U.S. Open to 15-0 in avenging a first round defeat to Flipkens two weeks ago in Toronto. “I expected a much better Venus today (Monday). She was on fire,” said Flipkens, a semi-finalist this summer at

Venus Williams

Wimbledon. “It was her first match in Toronto since the French Open. “Here, it’s like her play garden. It’s on Arthur Ashe in her home country. I think it’s the worst draw you could have as a top 32 seed.” Williams, who won U.S. Open titles in 2000 and 2001, raced through the opening

Rafael Nadal

set in 27 minutes and then withstood some long rallies to clinch victory with a service break in the last game to clinch her place in the second round. “For me, I stay positive because I know I can play great tennis,” said Williams, who was 11-7 in matches leading up to the U.S. Open.

“Sometimes you just have to go through more than what you want to go through. “When I had losses, it always motivates me a lot to do better and to work harder. “I haven’t had a lot of chance to play this year or a lot of chances to play healthy this year. So I’m just going to have to keep working my way

GTTA cadet team pays courtesy call to sport minister

into it ... but I know I can do that.” Flipkens said Venus was still capable of great things. “When Venus is on fire, she is on fire. I didn’t get many chances,” said the Belgian, who was 1-for-6 on her breakpoint opportunities. “If Venus is fit and she’s focused she’s a top 10 player.

Johnson expects women to excel at Caribbean championships

Natalie Cummings


Players and parents share a moment with Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony and GTTA Secretary Linden Johnson (Treiston Joseph photo)


he national table tennis cadet team, after placing second at the recently-concluded Caribbean Cadet Table Tennis Championships held in Guyana, paid a courtesy call to Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony on Monday at his Main Street office. Secretary of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA), Linden Johnson, commended the players for

their efforts and promised that the team will do better the next time around. “It’s a bit unfortunate that we had to settle for second after winning the championship last year we will rebound next year but this year the other teams came better prepared for us and caught us the way Jamaica caught Guyana (Limacol CPL final reference),” Johnson stated.

Meanwhile, Anthony congratulated the players and the parents for their efforts and encouraged them o continue winning. “We are very happy that you have been so successful, table tennis had been growing and improving and I’m very happy to see so many young players in the sport. We want to see table tennis grow and we have been investing in the sport.

“I want to encourage those of you in school with the boards that we have been handing to ensure that your encourage others to play the sport and utilize the boards. I must congratulate you and your parents on the job so keep playing, keep winning and doing your country proud,” Anthony told the gathering of players and parents at the courtesy call.

Man United and Chelsea end in tame draw


he much-anticipated meeting between Manchester United and Chelsea ended in anti-climax on Monday as Old Trafford witnessed its first goalless draw in the Premier League since May 2009. David Moyes was taking charge of his first competitive home game since succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager, while Jose Mourinho had his sights sets on a third successive league win since returning to Chelsea. In the end, despite an outstanding performance

for United by the recalled Wayne Rooney, both Moyes and Mourinho had to settle for a point in the first blank scoreline here in 77 Premier League games, since United clinched the title against Arsenal in 2009. Rooney was the game’s most dangerous player and was vociferously backed by United’s supporters throughout - as well as receiving vocal support from the travelling Chelsea fans who still hold out hope he can be lured to Stamford Bridge despite Moyes’ insistence he would not be sold.

It was a game short on clear-cut chances and quality, with United’s Danny Welbeck wasting the best opportunity when he shot wide just before the hour. Mourinho will be happier with the point but there was frustration for Moyes, who would have hoped to make a winning start at Old Trafford as he starts the task of retaining the Premier League won by Ferguson before his retirement. Rooney’s discontent at Old Trafford provided much of the sub-plot before the game but Moyes was happy to select

Mourinho’s top transfer target and was rewarded with a fine personal performance. Mourinho’s selection was perhaps more of a comment in his lack of faith in his strikers as Fernando Torres and Romelu Lukaku were left on the bench and Demba Ba was not in the squad. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the absence of Juan Mata, and the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Andre Schurrle did little to suggest they were worthy of selection ahead of the Spain star who has illuminated Stamford Bridge. (BBC Sport)

Today (Monday) she was like a top 10 player.” Meanwhile, Rafa Nadal overpowered American wildcard Ryan Harrison in straight sets to ease into the second round of the U.S. Open. The 12-time grand slam winner did not lose a single service game as he rolled to a 6-4 6-2 6-2 victory over the 21-year-old Harrison, ending the two-hour six minute rout with a forehand winner at the net. Nadal, 27, landed 72 percent of his first serves and feasted on 97th-ranked Harrison’s second serve, winning 71 percent of those points. The Spaniard, who won his eighth French Open earlier this year and claimed hardcourt titles in Cincinnati and Montreal, will next play either Canada’s Vasek Pospisil or Brazilian qualifier Rogerio Dutra Silva. (Reuters)

uyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) Secretary Linden Johnson expects the country’s female team to give a good account of themselves as they prepare to battle their Caribbean counterparts in the 55th Senior Caribbean Championships in St Lucia. Speaking with the secretary, also the coach, on Monday, Johnson believes that while the team is made up of young players, the women should do well especially since the event will serve as a qualifier for the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) table tennis championships next year. “First of all it’s a very young team that we sent up there because some of the young players we are trying to groove in even though it is a qualification for the CAC games. “What we will be defending only strongly is the girl’s team because last year they won silver and this year we are hoping that they do much much better,” Johnson told Guyana Times Sport. However, Johnson also believes that the male and female teams can deliver top three performances at the marquee event. “We also hoping that both teams can come out in the top three so it can make it much

Chelsea Edghill

Trenace Lowe

easier to qualify for the CAC games due for next year,” Johnson noted. Johnson said the likes of USA-based racquet wielder Trenace Lowe, young Chelsea Edghill and Natalie Cummings will be heavily depended on to win games for Guyana. The talented Nigel Bryan, Joel Alleyne and Edhino Lewis are the males that the GTTA hope can play to their potential to make Guyana proud. Meanwhile, Johnson related that the main objective of the team is to qualify for the CAC games, saying “it’s just a young team and we want them to qualify for the CAC games,” Johnson stated.

tuesday, august 27, 2013

Edwards, Powell to lead West Indies A-Team in India


Windball players presented with school kits from Digicel


t John’s, ANTIGUA – The selection panel of the West Indies Cricket Board announced on Monday 15-member West Indies A-Team squads for a one-month tour of India from September 13. Kirk Edwards will lead the side in the three “Tests” against India-A and Kieran Powell will captain the side in the three One-day and one Twenty20 that precedes the “Tests”. Edwards will be leading the side again, following a home series against Sri Lanka-A in June this year, when West Indies-A drew a two “Test” series before clinching a three-match One-day series 2-1 and a two-match T20 series 1-0. “It’s a great honour to captain the West Indies at any level and I’m looking forward to the trip to India,” he said. “In addition to the honour there is great responsibility and, as one of the most experienced members of the squad, I know I will have a very important leadership role to perform on and off the field. “We played well against Sri Lanka-A earlier this year and we expect to do very well against India-A as well.” Powell is looking to regain form and confidence, as he seeks to recapture his place in the senior West Indies side. This follows injuries that sidelined him from the senior side for the ICC

Digicel’s Gavin Hope (second right) poses with the recipients and ASTP officials on Saturday at the National Park Kirk Edwards

Kieran Powell

Champions Trophy, Celkon Mobile Cup Series and home series against Pakistan before he made his return to the playing field during the just-ended Caribbean Premier League. “This upcoming tour of India will be a challenging one, but as players we know it is a great opportunity to represent the West Indies and look to do well on the international stage,” said the left-handed opener. “I played in India before and it’s a great place for cricket with the crowds, the atmosphere and the level of competition. We anticipate a good, competitive series. I’m eager and confident as we prepare for the tour and I know all the other players are as well.” West Indies-A – led by Veerasammy Permaul – prevailed over India-A in a home series in June last year, when they won a three

“Test” series 2-1 and followed up with 1-1 drawn series in the One-day and T20 formats. “Test” squad: Kirk Edwards (captain), Kieran Powell (vice-captain), Kraigg Brathwaite, Jonathan Carter, Sheldon Cottrell, Miguel Cummins, Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin, Jahmar Hamilton, Delorn Johnson, Leon Johnson, Nikita Miller, Veerasammy Permaul, Shane Shillingford and Chadwick Walton One-day and Twenty20 squad: Kieran Powell (captain), Veerasammy Permaul (vice-captain), Ronsford Beaton, Nkrumah Bonner, Jonathan Carter, Sheldon Cottrell, Miguel Cummins, Narsingh Deonarine, Kirk Edwards, Andre Fletcher, Leon Johnson, Nikita Miller, Ashley Nurse, Andre Russell and Devon Thomas



articipants of the annual AL Sport & Tour Promotions (ASTP)/ Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) /National Sports Commission (NSC) windball cricket development programme benefitted from the generosity of Digicel after the company presented school kits on Saturday, at the National Park. Sponsorship and Events Manager of the company Gavin Hope made the presentation to just over 50 participants after the conclusion of a practice session, conducted by personnel of the ASTP group. Speaking on the occasion, Hope said he recognised the work done by the group, adding that the little knowledge he has about the organisation’s work points

to it being responsible for the development of many players. The Digicel representative said he was told that the organisation helped to mould the careers of players such as current West Indies player Shemaine Campbell and former WI youth player Steven Jacobs, among others. Hope praised the work of the Sports Officer attached to the NSC Allister Munroe, who has been one of the main architects of many players’ careers. The programme, conducted every Saturday, sees students being exposed to the basics of cricket, despite the use of tennis balls. They are taught the rudiments of field placing, umpiring, scoring, batting and bowling (overhand) and other skill. A number of the stu-

dents had the opportunity to showcase their skills during the Easter Term Secondary Schools competition and the 16th annual End-ofSchool-Year Primary School Champions trophy. The programme is open for females and is free. In an invited comment, Munroe reminded the recipients that the group could have requested certificates, but decided to solicit assistance from Digicel in the form of the kits to remind the players that education and sports work in tandem and that they must see the gift as part of their preparation to return to school for the new term. Also present at the ceremony were Edward Cobenna, Julius David, Mark White and David Wren.

Mohabir Sukhpaul memorial T20 cricket competition on Sunday

Hing wins Action Pistol shoot

Swarendra Sukhpaul (left) and Rajendra Sukhpaul (third left) hand over the sponsorship cheque to Dennis D’Andrade, while UCCA executives and others share the moment


Winner Dale Hing (centre) with other prize winners following last Saturday’s shoot at the TSU ranges


ale Hing emerged winner of last weekend’s Secure Innovation and Conceptssponsored Action Pistol shoot, organised by the handgun arm of the Guyana National Rifle Association, held at Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranges, Eve Leary. Hing, the national handgun captain, amassed 256 points in the three-stage

event held at the 10, 15 and 25 metres ranges, using 9mm pistols. Each stage consisted of two 20 seconds and a 40-second time limits and shooters were required to load and engage targets while making magazine changes before the time limit expired. Vice captain Gordon Richards was second with 185 points followed by Ryan

McKinnon, third with 166 points. Female shooter Vidushi Persaud was fourth with 140 points while Chad Melville placed fifth with 115 points; Sekani Fredericks was sixth with 82 points. Trophies and medals were sponsored by Harold Hopkinson of Secure Innovation and Concepts, a member of the GNRA.

he previously postponed Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul (Beto) Memorial T20 cricket competition is now scheduled for Sunday at the Skeldon Community Centre ground. The tournament, sponsored Swarendra Sukhpaul (Suren) and Rajendra Sukhpaul, sons of the late Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul, is being organised by the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association. The day’s activity will be played in memory of the late businessman who passed

away on March 29, 2012. Skeldon Community Centre, No. 71 Village, No. 70 MYO and No. 48 Challengers are the teams that will be participating in the competition. The winner will receive $25,000 and a trophy while the runner-up will collect $15,000 and a trophy. There will also be trophies and cash incentives for the Manof-the-match in each game. Action starts at 09:00h and all proceeds will go towards the development of cricket in the Upper Corentyne Area. Admission

is $200 while children under 12 years old will be admitted free. Meanwhile, the trophies and sponsorship cheque of $155,000 were handed over to the president of the UCCA Dennis D’Andrade at a presentation ceremony held at Sukhpaul’s Gas Station, Corriverton. Speaking at the ceremony D’Andrade thanked the Sukhpaul family for their continued support, noting that the late businessman played an integral part in the development of cricket in the Upper Corentyne area.


tuesday, august 27, 2013

Elle’s Vision repeats as Guyana Cup champion By Avenash Ramzan

Jockey Nicholas Patrick perched on Elle’s Vision after winning the main event


t was déjà vu for horse racing fans that witnessed Elle’s Visions repeat as champion in the feature B Class Guyana Cup race on Sunday, sparking wild celebration at the packed Port Mourant Turf Club on Sunday. Competing in the lucrative 1500m main attraction, Nicholas Patrick, a Trinidad and Tobago national, rode brilliantly to lead the Jagdeo Racing Stable horse to the $3,500,000 jackpot and Banks DIH trophy. Midway, it seemed the race was headed for a close finish with a group of horses forming a lead pack. However, with about 60m to the finish line, Elle’s Vision pulled away from the others and recorded a comprehensive victory. The Jumbo Jet Racing

Stable trio - Grande Roja, Got to Go and Marathon Man- occupied the next three paying positions in that order, carting off $1,750,000, $875,000 and $437,500 respectively. The main supporting race - the Zenyatta Memorial Derby for threeyear-old horses born and bred in Guyana and the West Indies- was won by Princess Alisha of the Jumbo Jet Stable. That race carried a winning pocket of $2,500,000. Bringing up second in the 1500m event was Monsoon of the Crawford Stable ahead of It’s my Turn of Jumbo Jet Stable and Set for Fame of Rising Sun Stable in third and fourth respectively. Earlier in the day the nine-race event started off

Want Revenge was a comfortable winner in the J, K, L and Lower race

in fantastic fashion with Treacle of Deokie Stable pipping Swing Easy of Shariff Stable on the line to win the E and Lower 1400 metres

Shewdass becomes Guyana’s youngest powerlifting champion


trongman Gumendra Shewdas created history on Monday when he became Guyana’s youngest world champion in Killeen, Texas. Competing at the World Juniors and Sub Juniors Men’s Championships, the 18-year-old recorded 475.5kgs en route to winning the gold medal in the 53kg sub junior class. The Berbician and

2012 runner-up Junior Sportsman-of-the-year’s closest rival was U.S.A’s Dalton La Coe, who finished a distant second with a total of 425kg in the bench press, squat and deadlift. Shewdas’ best squat of 180kg and bench press of 90kg were below La Coe’s 182.5kg (squat), 105kg (bench press) heading into the deadlifts but a huge lift of 205kg on his sec-

ond attempt thrust the Guyanese into the lead. With Shewdass holding the psychological advantage, La Coe only mustered a lift of 137.5kg and failed twice at 192.5kg. Russia’s Alexei Kulakov was third with a total of 412.5kg while Japan’s Tetsuharu Katsuta (400kg) and Ecuador’s Erick Aguilar (385kg) rounded out the top five finishers.

LDMAA host its first international meet this weekend


he Little Diamond Martial Arts Academy (LDMAA) will host its first international championship this Saturday and Sunday at the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall (CASH). Shihan Abdool Nazim Yassim, founder and chief instructor of the academy, told this publication on Monday that eleven karatekas from the Shuriken Martial Arts School in Suriname have confirmed their participation. He said karatekas will

Shihan Abdool Nazim Yassim

Part of the action at the PMTC on Sunday

compete in the, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 15-19, 20-25 and 26 and over age categories. The championship will see karatekas competing in kumite, kata and weapons. Meanwhile, the Black Arts Martial Arts Association and Harpy Eagles Martial Arts Association have also confirmed their participation for this weekend’s championships. Registration for both days starts at 09:00h while championship time is 11:00h.

race. A first prize of $1,000,000 and a trophy was at stake, compliments of Digicel. Home Bush Baby of Jumbo

Jet Stable occupied third, with Celebrating Love finishing fourth. I Want Revenge of the Jumbo Jet Stable was a convincing winner in the J, K, L and Lower 1200m event, crossing the finish line comfortably ahead of Smartie Light and Prince Bayaya, both of the Velloza Stable, and Mary Ann, of the Goberdan Stable. Cat Messiah of Singh Stable came from behind when She’s So Special of the Jumbo Jet Stable seemed destined for victory to win the three-year-old Guyana bred Derby, which was run at a distance of 1200m. She’s So Special had to settle for third, as Silent Night of Shariff Stable ended as runner-up and Easy to Win of the Dookie Stable, fourth.

Other winners on the day included Unsettle of the Inshan Bacchus Stable in the two-year-old Sprint Classic, Settle in Seattle of the Shariff Stable in the D1 and Lower, Joyful Victory of the Jagdeo Stable in the G3 and Lower, and Cat Messiah of the Singh Stable in the I and Lower. The activity, which attracted well over 5000 spectators, was a collaborative effort of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC). Over $30,000,000 in cash and prizes were at stake during the day. Meanwhile, Jumbo Jet Auto Sales will partner with the PMTC, Kris Jagdeo Construction Inc. and Horse Owners Association to stage a pre-New Year’s meet on December 29 at the PMTC.

Santokie to play for Guyana against T&T this weekend By Rajiv Bisnauth


fter representing the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League, Jamaican Krishmar Santokie has been confirmed to participate in the two warm-up T20 matches between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago this weekend. Santokie, ending the LCPL as the leading wickettaker with 16 scalps, will be part of the Guyana line-up, in an effort to provide the twin island team with the best possible preparation ahead of the T20 Champions League in India from September 17 to October 6. The games are scheduled for Friday and Saturday at the Guyana National Stadium from 20:00h. Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), Anand Sanasie confirmed to Guyana Times Sport on Monday that another foreign player will be added to the line-up. The GCB is expected to confirm the name of the player today.

Anand Sanasie

Prior to the two feature games, the GCB has also organised an exhibition match on both days, starting at 15:00h. On Friday, Universal DVD Club Berbice Titans will play DCC Wolverines while the next day, overseas line-up, Suriname Tigers, take on West Demerara Mavericks. Meanwhile, tickets are on sale at the GCB office

on Regent Street for $1000. Patrons who purchase three grass mound (Party stand) tickets will receive another ticket free. On the other hand, regular security measures will be in place where spectators will be scanned before entering the stadium. Also, no glass bottles and weapons will be allowed into the venue. Ramnaresh Sarwan has been appointed the Guyana captain, replacing Test leftarm spinner Veerasammy Permaul, who skippered the Guyanese in this year’s Caribbean T20 tournament. The former West Indies captain led Guyana to two T20 championships in 2006 and 2010 and the Guyana Amazon Warriors to the final in the Limacol Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament. The only newcomers to the Guyana team are Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) opener Robin Bacchus and Berbice allrounder Rajiv Ivan.

tuesday, august 27, 2013


Russell’s sixes, Shakib’s 6 for 6 …top five moments from the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League

Andre Russell muscled 29 off six balls

Krishmar Santokie dismantled Chris Gayle’s stumps

Fast bolwer Tino Best was led away by captain Darren Sammy

Devon Thomas’ catch of Dwayne Smith

Removing Smith off fellow Bajan Kemar Roach never looked as good as this. Thomas, known for his antics as a wicketkeeper usually for Leeward Islands, proved that plucking a ball out of the air in spectacular fashion was something not exclusive to baseball or the American National Football League. The fact that he took it leaping with his right hand stretched over his head made it much more dynamic. The nonchalant manner in which he performed this acrobatic feat left the crowd in disbelief.

Krishmar Santokie dismantling Chris Gayle’s stumps

A perfectly pitched delivery. More than Gayle playing all over it, it was the ball beating the batsman comprehensively. Gayle was somewhat struggling to build his team’s foundation in the CPL and Jamaica Tallawah’s momentum was nowhere near the upswing as Guyana Amazon Warriors’. The Jamaican seamer Santokie was the focal point of Guyana’s early-stage campaign and this wicket exemplified that. Gayle’s look back at the stumps on his way out was priceless and Santokie knew this would be a scalp to remember.

Devon Thomas was rewarded for his catch of the match

Ricky Ponting’s verbal tussle with Tino Best

Best’s exuberance and passion often gets the best of him, as the English would attest, and who better to prod at his strings than Ponting. Ponting’s often been chastised by West Indian fans, not because of his skill as a player or captain, but by his on-field “extra-curriculars”. As he and Best taunted each other, it was clear that one was playing mind games to

get the other to react. Darren Sammy had to restrain Best but the Caribbean region surely enjoyed this exchange. Ponting’s wry smile said it all.

Andre Russell’s 29* off 6

Seeing the second semifinal ending with three consecutive sixes was worth the price of admission. Russell was the leading six-hitter in the tourna-

Shakib Al Hasan celebrates his six wicket haul

ment with 16 and he pulled out shots from his arsenal at every juncture. These series of moments combined to form one of the most jovial sparks of the CPL and with each blow, Barbados captain Kieron Pollard’s head dropped lower and lower. How the tables were turned with Russell administering Pollard a bit of his own medicine. Russell was one of the most consistently entertaining fac-

tors of the tournament.

Shakib Al Hasan’s sixth wicket

Shakib became the darling of the CPL with unbelievable figures of 6 for 6 against Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel. As he took his sixth wicket, the approval of the home crowd at Bridgetown roared through the night. Any one of these “superb six” could be counted as his most

cherished. But it was his celebration on the final one that resonated the most. The CPL held a new appreciation for the Bangladeshi as he consigned Dwayne Bravo’s men to defeat. As Bravo slumped, resigned to his crushing loss, the high-fives and smiles of the Barbados players relegated T&T fans into acknowledging how much the CPL would gain from these international stars. (Cricinfo)

tuesday, august 27, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

England 377 (Root 68, Pietersen 50, Faulkner 4-51) & 206-5 (Pietersen 62, Trott 59) drew with Australia 492-9 dec (Watson 176, Smith 138, Anderson 4-95) & 111-6 dec (Broad 4-43)

“I take full responsibility for loss,” says Sarwan G

uyana Amazon Warriors captain Ramnaresh Sarwan took full responsibility for his side’s seven-wicket loss to the Jamaica Tallawahs in the final of Limacol Caribbean Premier League on Saturday night at the Queens Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago. “I take full responsibility. The (batting) adjustments didn’t pay off. We couldn’t get momentum and my mistakes cost us the game. I live by my decisions and die by them,” Sarwan said. He added: “Maybe if we got Franklin up a bit earlier we could have probably posted a better total. We simply did not make enough runs. We should have scored around 150-160.” The Warriors made 128 for 5 off 20 overs when they were sent in to bat; the decision to send in off-spinner Sunil Narine ahead of big hitter James Franklin and Christopher Barnwell also shocked many, causing the

Ramnaresh Sarwan

Guyana Amazon Warriors crucial runs towards the end of the innings. Narine strolled to the middle with the score at 79 for 3 after 15 overs.

Franklin came in with 18 balls left in the innings. He faced half of the remaining balls and scored 17, which was the third highest score of the innings behind Lendl

Simmons’ 40 off 44 balls and Denesh Ramdin’s 29 off 34. Meanwhile, even after finishing as runners-up, the Amazon Warriors skipper believes his team had some of the best performances of the tournament. “We played well and I think we played the best cricket prior to this out of all the teams but while we worked really hard, we lost it at the end,” he added. Sarwan praised seamer Krishmar Santokie for his performance during the tournament. Santokie finished the tournament with 16 wickets, the most for any bowler in the CPL. On the other hand, the 33-year-old believes that the next edition of the tournament will be bigger and better. “I think it is a wonderful tournament and it is really good to see the amount of West Indians that came out to support us and I am sure it is going to get bigger and better,” he concluded.

Elle’s Vision repeats as Guyana Cup champion

Krishmar Santokie

Santokie to play for Guyana against T&T this weekend

See story on page


Shewdass becomes Guyana’s youngest powerlifting champion

See story on page


Gumendra Shewdas

S Members of the Jagdeo Stable pose with the Banks DIH trophy after winning the B Class and Lower Classic

trongman Gumendra Shewdas created history on Monday when he became Guyana’s youngest world champion in Killeen, Texas. Competing at the World

Juniors and Sub Juniors Men’s Championships, the 18-year-old recorded 475.5kgs en route to winning the gold medal in the 53kg sub junior class. See full story on page 22

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