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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UG, Lancashire University sign cooperation pact See story on page 3


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UG Vice Chancellor Dr Jacob Opadeyi and UCLan Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Dave Phoenix pose with Pro Chancellor Dr Prem Misir and other top officials at the signing of the MoU on Tuesday (Carl Croker photo)

GT&T worker killed in Mabura accident Labour minister Guyana, TT in talks meets PSC today over new over CAL minimum wage airfare hike See story on page 19

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GMSA P12 salutes Empretec on 10th anniversary

Accused rapist set free by P17 Berbice High Court


wednesday, june 19, 2013 |



wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

bridge openings

The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Wednesday, June 19, from 13:00h to 14:30h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Wednesday, June 19, from 12:25h to 13:55h.


Countrywide: Thundery showers are expected during the day, with clear skies during the evening, over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. Winds: East north-easterly at 4.02 to 3.57 metres per second. High Tide: 00:23h and 12:59h reaching maximum heights of 2.44 metres and 2.39 metres respectively. Low Tide: 06:28h and 18:52h reaching minimum heights of 0.77 metre and 0.80 metre respectively.

UG, Lancashire University sign cooperation pact By Sabatini Daniels


s part of efforts to further strengthen and formalise collaboration between the University of Guyana (UG) and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Tuesday, with the aim of undertaking several new initiatives. The pact will see more opportunities for students of both universities as well as UG staff. The memorandum was signed at UG’s Education Lecture Theatre by UG Vice Chancellor, Dr Jacob Opadeyi and UCLan Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Dave Phoenix. It covers four key areas: a new UG/UCLan Centre for Biodiversity and Environment, a Climate Change International Conference in Guyana, staff development, and student exchange programmes.

Innovative model

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The centre is anticipated to serve as a sustainable and innovative model that will ensure future generations retain natural resources and benefit from them. The third International Conference on Social, Political and Technology Dimensions of Climate Change is expected to be held in September 2014 or 2015, and will draw many delegates to Guyana from around the world. The staff development programme will see UG staff being further educated at UCLan while lending their services to the university, so that when they return they will be highly qualified. The student exchange programme will see students from UG and UCLan travelling to the partner university to study and enhance their international experience. Speaking at the cer-

UG Vice Chancellor Dr Jacob Opadeyi and UCLan Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Dave Phoenix signing the MoU

emony, Dr Opadeyi said the Memorandum of Understanding will provide an outline that will guide the partnership which commenced several months ago. He expressed pleasure at the signing, adding that noteworthy plans have already been identified that should bear fruit within the next five years.

Landmark development

UG Pro Chancellor, Dr Prem Misir said he believes that the partnership between the two universities will be a “sustainable landmark development” for Guyana. UCLan Dean, Dr Akintola Akintoye stated that the initiative is important for the development of both universities and countries as well. “We have had a lot of deliberations in the last few months... we have been looking forward to this opportunity to come in here and meet with our colleagues and to come with concrete agreements... in terms what we want to achieve and the kind of road map in the

way that we are going to go about that.” The person responsible for the key venture and one of the greatest benefactors of UG, UCLan Professor Dr Jaipaul Singh underscored that although he left his homeland 40 years ago, his heart has always been in Guyana. “I’ve always want to do something, especially when I come back and see young kids who want really good education.” Dr Singh disclosed that he desires to see solid post graduate research training in Guyana, noting that the resources are available in the country to do so. “So some of

the kids who cannot afford to go aboard why not bring the education and collaborators to help and that’s the main reason.” He said in light of the agreement, he hopes that after a few years, Guyana will set up its own graduate school, so Guyanese will not have to spend excessive money to go abroad but will be able to do their post-graduate studies in the own country. He lauded Dr Opadeyi’s work thus far and called on persons to lend him their support, stating his belief that more collaborators will come to the country.


wednesday, june 19, 2013

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The national youth policy


he world is facing many often overlapping crises, including financial, security, environmental, and other socio-economic challenges hindering the achievement of the internationally-agreed development goals. As such, investing in and partnering with youth is key to addressing these challenges in a sustainable manner. For this reason the international community has placed a lot of emphasis on youth development and empowerment, and has been working with national governments to ensure that policies are designed and implemented in this regard. We believe that youth should be given a chance to play an active role in the decision-making at local, national and global levels. In fact, it could be argued that progressive countries in the world have strong systems for engaging youth in policy formation and in creating or altering programmes designed to support youth. One of the most effective ways to create a sense of belonging and give youth a voice is through national and local youth councils which aim to create platforms for young people to discuss and debate relevant issues and influence policy decisions. Just recently a group of young people representing the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) issued a strong call for the implementation of a national youth policy and for the formation of a National Youth Council in Guyana. These calls were made during the CYP’s Caribbean Centre National Consultations last week in Georgetown. The forum sought to establish the background between the first and second Commonwealth Youth Summits, while engaging in discussions on the agreement to launch a Commonwealth Youth Council. During the meeting, youths representing various nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) in Guyana spoke about promises that were made to integrate young people in policymaking at the highest levels of governance. It could be recalled sometime ago that a government official was quoted as saying that the national youth policy document is still in the draft stages and will be finalised soon. We were also told that the government had hired consultants with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to compile the document, but so far no information has been forthcoming as to what stage is the document exactly. Belize has already successfully launched and commissioned a National Youth Council in the region. In our case we would have to wait for the national youth policy to take effect then to launch the National Youth Council in order for us to become members of the Commonwealth Youth Council. The Commonwealth Youth Council was recommended as an independent body that would strengthen and widen the current Pan-Commonwealth Youth Caucus in order to adequately represent a wide cross-section of youths in the Commonwealth. With the creation of a National Youth Council, Guyanese youth would be represented by the majority and be able to voice their concerns and participate in the discussion and policymaking process. The National Youth Council will allow for all youth organisations to be represented by one major body which will, in turn, represent Guyanese youths at the regional and international councils. That being said, we cannot over emphasise the importance of providing positive avenues for youth involvement at all levels, since it is widely accepted that when they (youth) do not feel appreciated or cannot feel a sense of belonging in a way that promotes a positive role for them in society, they will look for other avenues of inclusion, sometimes to the detriment of the entire country. Also, with opportunities afforded by new technologies, including the deployment of social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, this should lead to more interest for youth to get involved in debates and discussions and to pose questions to their leaders on issues that are relevant to their own development. The discussions around youth involvement in the national policy making and decisions are not new and certainly not unique to Guyana. In fact, what we are seeing is a new and growing momentum on youth-related issues that will hopefully create more opportunities for young people. We urge the authorities to work speedily to finalise the national youth policy and to establish the national youth council accordingly soon after.

Ayesha Farooq, 26, Pakistan’s only female war-ready fighter pilot, poses for a photograph as she sits in a cockpit of a Chinese-made F-7PG fighter jet at Mushaf base in Sargodha, north Pakistan, June 6. Farooq, from Punjab province’s historic city of Bahawalpur, is one of 19 women who have become pilots in the Pakistan Air Force over the last decade – there are five other female fighter pilots, but they have yet to take the final tests to qualify for combat (Reuters)

Community library at Sandvoort a good move Dear Editor, If only we can resuscitate books and reading, then our society will be so much more learned. People are informed a lot these days, but it seems usually more along the lines of entertainment news and hearsay. So it is quite refreshing to learn that the United States Peace Corps Volunteers will be building the first community library in the re-

mote village of Sandvoort on the west bank of the Canje River. Hopefully, this can boost literacy standards, and I make no apologies for saying that we do have falling standards. This is where reading comes in. The National Library is no longer that busy zone it used to be, and I see people on gadgets while waiting, even in Parliament, instead of reading a book. As for the

Sandvoort project, it is seeking to push the community to create its own learning tools and enhance literacy where it is much needed. It took about eight months to find the funding needed to construct the library. The proposed library will be accessible to the community and the construction is scheduled for July while the children are out of school and the building will hopefully

be completed by September, in time for the new academic year. I wish we can have more libraries, even the mobile ones too. Reading also serves for pleasure, so it is not just about grammar, language and vocabulary. How about reading prevents people from getting into trouble? Yours sincerely, Camille Drufield

Guyana continues to impress at the international level

Dear Editor, While many are bent on tarnishing the image of Guyana, the country continues to fare well to the point of outdoing even many of the so-called developed ones. This was made very clear at a high-level ceremony attended by several heads of state. I refer here to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations conferring on Guyana special recognition for reducing hunger by half, well ahead of international targets for the year 2015. Food security is not a single issue. It is an interdependent and interconnected set of issues involving agriculture,

energy, the environment, government policy, and for developing countries like Guyana, our overall growth and development. Making mention of the significance of the role of women was quite refreshing. In Guyana, the women, who are among the farming communities, make a tremendous contribution to the production and marketing of farm produce. More Guyanese have to go this way. In fact, when I look at soil availability and type, and government’s backing, I think that Guyana is well blessed and strategically positioned. More people must be willing though. For example, I still can-

not understand why more will not move towards little kitchen gardens. It is a productive hobby and can turn timewasting ventures into money. You know many neighbours like to buy greens and vegetables from someone right in the street. The goal as everyone knows is that the world must continue seek to eradicate poverty, that is, where every citizen has access to enough healthy food. Guyana is still going big in agriculture, increasing social assistance programmes, and enhancing income-generating activities for those who are willing. At the global level, the

country has always been supportive of anything in the area of transformation of the country’s agriculture sector. Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are already making progress working together and looking at new areas for agricultural trade and cooperation, with the ultimate aim of reducing their food import bills. Whether or not Guyana can get more kudos, no one should be bothered. The country has done exceedingly well, and all Guyanese have reasons to be proud. Yours truly, Sadi Morris

NSC and its many training camps Dear Editor, Many children in Guyana are now in high expectation as the National Sports Commission (NSC) is set to stage approximately 300 training camps across the country during the month of August. This is dream stuff for parents. The camps will include cricket, swimming, cy-

cling, table-tennis, basketball, volley ball, chess and football. Summer sports camps are much more than learning skills. Camps can also be the catalyst for building self-confidence and positive social behaviours. Many children are too wrapped up in their own world and miss out on the contributions from others, not re-

alising that they themselves also have a lot to offer to those outside of their periphery. Summer camps can also be seen as great opportunities for young athletes to be exposed to skill development, acquiring a better understanding of the strategies of a sport, learning from different coaches with perhaps a high-

er level of training, and meeting new players in and out of their community. It will not hurt to keep in mind a couple of things: make safety a top priority, create an emotionally supportive environment, and properly equip the staff. Yours faithfully, Gordon Heyliger

wednesday, june 19, 2013


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Is our education where Teenage pregnancy is a it should be? major problem worldwide

Dear Editor, The education minister has noted that government’s equitable investment in education has paid off, and this is reflected in the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results, that saw 241 candidates, from schools in Regions One, Two, Five, Six, Seven, Nine and 10 gaining marks that made them eligible for entry into President’s College, the country’s top ranked secondary institution. From this evidence, I have to surmise that we have bright people in our country. We have always held our own at the regional and international levels. However, there remain some searching questions to be answered. I go back to Caribbean Secondary Examinations

Council (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and for many years, Guyana has dominated regionally. However, that dominance is in the area of the specialised best in who and what, that is, in categories of numbers and subject areas. Coming now to the NGSA examinations, it will do us well to compute, study and present a percentile analysis of the results. Personally, I will like to know how many actually scored a passing mark, what schools they came from, and who or what was responsible for the performances. I did read about a few celebrations and I also came across some congratulatory messages, concerning the schools and students who did well. It was quite glar-

ing that the non-governmental schools seem in the forefront. I know of one outstanding school, private at that, but its success seems traceable to quality teachers, who all came through the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). Many teachers, trained at CPCE, are being lured into the private schools – bottom line, they really do not care about long term benefits. They want more money. This is something for us to dwell on. There is evidence that countries with more privately operated schools perform substantially better on international tests of student achievement. However, we must be careful in how we assimilate this evidence. Yours truly, Evelyn Cameron

Venerated mayor passes on Dear Editor, Etwaria Kumar carried herself so humbly that it was very easy to be unaware of all her accomplishments. As a student, I was very guilty of this as well, and it was only with all the information that I got after she died, I realised that Guyana may have greatly under-valued the treasure we had. While Kumar and I talked a lot about various things in the local governance systems, there are many things I have learnt from her as a former deputy mayor. The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has also suffered a great loss, when this returning officer of Region Two died suddenly at home. The 85-year-old officer, who was the first mayor of Anna Regina, was also a headmistress of the Anna Regina Multilateral School (ARMS). She was well known both locally and internationally. She fearlessly represented her council and

ARMS at countless meetings overseas. But we are all here for a season and a reason. Kumar lived her 85 years well. Like many of us, she had many challenges and heartbreaks, but the many positives in her life and what she accomplished in these years stretch the imagination. I am very sure that even some of her colleagues were unaware of many of her accomplishments. The late headmistress had a sound knowledge of the education sector in Guyana. She had many opportunities overseas, but chose to come back to serve her country, and that she did unflinchingly. Our country, and the education sector in particular, has suffered a great loss by her passing. We, as a people, will have to work and to ensure that her work does not go unnoticed and that it continues to have an impact on the development of Guyana. I know this

would have been her deepest wish. Her demise came as a shock to all. Kumar will be remembered for many firsts – in academia, in the cultural and creative fields, and later, her contributions in the political arena. Her exuberance and simplicity encouraged those who came into contact with her to be steadfast and relentless under pressure and to be hopeful while working to achieve better goals. In Hampton Court, Essequibo Coast, she married Phillip Kumar who incidentally was also a young teacher, who had been stationed at Hampton Court. Etwaria and Phillip raised two daughters. In her own aggressive and indomitable style, she has touched the lives of those who worked or associated with her in some way. Yours faithfully, Mohamed Khan

Dear Editor, The issue of teenage pregnancy is inescapable. The Aranaputa Toshao Mark George opined that while progress has been made in the development of his community, he is very concerned about the rising level of teenage pregnancy. According to him, the scourge is on the increase and is becoming one of the most prevalent social issues that need to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. In the USA, problems in this area are most obvious: three in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20, less than two per cent of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30, about a quarter of teen moms have a second child within 24 months of their first baby, eight out of 10 teen dads do not marry the mother of their child, and almost 50 per cent of teens have never considered how a pregnancy would affect their lives. Where Guyana is concerned, I have a feeling that in some areas, we are doing much worse. We need to do the field work, so as to ascertain what is happening where, and among whom. Only by getting the facts, will we be able to know what to do. A research was present-

I ask that we do the same check. Who are the ones listening to rap? What is their educational background? How strong are their moral convictions? And what level of success ratings would they be given? I suggest that, as much as possible, teenagers have to be protected from the rap-hip/hop culture, that often says to them that they can do as they feel. Yours respectfully, Damien Glassgow ed in 2006, in which it was suggested that rap stars are encouraging early sexual activity among teenagers by promoting a degrading view of women. Psychologists said their findings from a threeyear study presented a worrying picture of how popular music affected the attitudes of boys and girls to sex. The report was all about how rap music and hip hop, with their particular emphasis on sex and demeaning depictions of women, were to be blamed for encouraging early sexual behaviour, leading to the spread of diseases and the upsurge of underage pregnancies. We now need to see if there is a link – get the pregnant young ladies and ask about their musical preferences. Also, if the males, responsible for the pregnancies can be found,


wednesday, june 19, 2013



Maintain a healthy relationship with your parents

Big sibling’s big influence: Some behaviours run in the family By ALIX SPIEGEL


atricia East is a developmental psychologist who began her career working at an OBGYN clinic in California. Thursday mornings at the clinic were reserved for pregnant teens, and when East arrived the waiting room would be packed with them, chair after chair of pregnant adolescents. It was in this waiting room, East explains, that she discovered her life’s work – an accidental discovery that emerged from the small talk that staff at the clinic had with their young clients as they walked them back for checkups. “The nurses and the doctors there would bring a teen back for her prenatal visit and they would say, ‘Hey! Aren’t you Maria’s younger sister?’ And the young woman would say, ‘Yeah, I am!’ And they would say to another patient, ‘You know, haven’t I seen you before?’ And she would say, ‘Yes, I was here for my older sister when she was pregnant.’ “ Over and over East heard variations of this conversation, until it came to the point that when she saw a younger sibling sitting next to her sister in the waiting room an involuntary thought flashed across her mind. “It’s almost as if you’re watching the younger sister get pregnant,” she says. And so East decided to do a study. She wanted to figure out if

having an older sister who got pregnant as a teen really did affect the likelihood that the younger sibling would find herself in the same position. She identified a large number of sister pairs – all pairs came from roughly the same socioeconomic and life circumstances. And by comparing them, she found that a pregnancy in an older sister did often seem to change the trajectory of the younger sibling. “The younger sisters are five times more likely to get pregnant as other young women who have an older sister who hasn’t been pregnant.” In the aftermath of the bombings in Boston many of us have been thinking a lot about siblings – particularly how older siblings can shape the lives of younger siblings. But until pretty recently, the role siblings play in determining the trajectory of each other’s lives hasn’t been a particularly hot topic in psychological research. Psychologists, very understandably, have focused on the influences they see as more important – such as parents and peers and genetics. But in the past decade that’s been changing a bit. Psychologists interested in how siblings affect one another are taking a new look at all kinds of behaviour, particularly anti-social behaviour. Richard Rende, a professor of psychiatry at Brown University, is one of the people doing this work, and he says that some of the new

(continued from Tuesday)

findings really challenge the idea that parents are the most important influence on children. Consider, for example, the research that looks at how much a parent who smokes influences his child to smoke, versus the degree to which an older sibling who smokes influences a younger sibling. “Both can have an effect, but in a lot of studies they’ve found that the effect ‘older sibling smoking’ has is greater than the effect that ‘parental smoking’ has,” Rende says. It’s the opposite of what many people assumed, he says. Older siblings are more influential. Rende says you can see this influence of big brothers and sisters

in all kinds of families – rich, middle class and poor. But their power is really magnified in the particular subset of families he studies: families that are psychologically and economically unstable. In those families the power of the older sibling is much greater because parents aren’t around as much, and the siblings tend to spend a lot of time together. As part of his research, Rende gives sibling pairs electronic devices like cellphones that, every half hour, prompt both siblings to report what they’re doing. Through such reports you can actually see each one ghosting the other’s behaviour, he says. “When one sibling is smoking – in real time [we see] they’re having a cigarette, and the other sibling is very likely to report smoking at the same time.” In fact, when one sibling is a smoker, the other is 25 per cent more likely to smoke. With drinking the risk is even higher; a person is 36 per cent more likely to drink if a sibling does. Rende, by the way, believes that the reverse is also true. Good behaviour in older siblings can be as contagious as bad. It just seems that – particularly when families are struggling – the fate of the children is more tethered to their siblings than we originally thought. For good and, apparently, for bad. (

* Help your parents preserve their memories on video, audiocassette, or in a scrapbook. The finished product will not only be a testament to a renewed closeness between you, but also provides a wonderful legacy. * Express your appreciation for all your parents have done for you. Yes, Mom may be a buttinsky, but she always makes your favourite Christmas cookies. Dad is a bit of a stuffed shirt, but just the other day, he came to your rescue when your car died at the mall. The point is, your parents still do things for you that deserve your notice – and gratitude. * Rediscover and share mutual interests. When you were a child, did you and your dad share a passion for a particular football team? Did you and your mother spend time each summer canning tomatoes? Make these happy memories the foundation for new, shared activities. * Be honest about who you are and what you want. Maybe there are things about your growing up that your parents regret. But as long as you don’t regret it, they have to adjust. Be clear about who you want to be and help your parents accept you on your terms. * Look for common activities. Baking, shopping, hiking, skiing, carpentry, etc. At any age, sharing a common task or activity, and the stories it engenders, is a great way to build closeness. * Do not allow them to channel guilt at you. If your parents are the type to complain about you never calling, never visiting, forgetting an uncle’s birthday, not sending enough pictures, or whatever irks them that day, don’t take the bait and feel guilty – unless you honestly regret the oversight. In which case, apologize immediately and seek a way to make amends. Otherwise, let it roll off your back. You have no obligation to play parent-child guilt games. You are a mature, independent adult, and act on your own volition. * Grant them their independence too. Sometimes it’s the grown-up kid who doesn’t want to cut the nurturing relationship off. If you are past 25 and still find it necessary to talk to Mom every night, or immediately turn to your dad for a house repair rather than your spouse, or automatically assume your parents will baby-sit the children whenever you need to be out, then you may be the problem, not your folks. They deserve freedom too. (Readers Digest)



wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

Mistress charged Labour minister meets PSC for abusing today over new minimum wage paramour’s wife T A he Private Sector Commission (PSC) has warned that the lack of adequate time to implement the new minimum wage could result in the laying off of workers, particularly in the garment manufacturing sector. The PSC also expressed concerns over what it deemed the lack of consultation before the new structure was introduced. In a release, the PSC said it welcomes the new national minimum wage of $35,000 per month and feels that this is a long overdue move to bring relief to the lowest paid workers in Guyana. “The commission is, however, concerned at the short period of one month’s notice given for employers to implement the new order.


For many employers, including security firms and exporters who have contracts with foreign firms, the lack of adequate notice means that they would have already negotiated contracts based upon the old wage rates and are not now in a position to renegotiate those contracts,” the PSC said. It added that a number of employers, particularly those in the garment industry which have to compete with countries such as China, Bangladesh and The Dominican Republic, are now faced with the prospect of the laying off workers in order to avoid the collapse of their businesses. “The country can ill afford to have workers being laid off at this crucial time and we are urging that,

Labour Minister Dr Nanda Gopaul

Private Sector Commission Chairman Ronald Webster

at least for government contracts, bidders are allowed to renegotiate,” the PSC said. Another concern of employers is the new provision for a 40-hour work week to be restricted to five days. The PSC said most employers have been complying with a 40-hour work week, but spread over a fiveand-a-half-day week. “For many employers, the new order means that work on Saturdays is now no longer an option leading to a cessation of operations on those days. “The Private Sector Commission is disappointed that the government did not consult with the commission on this crucial issue which affects not only employers, but the sustained livelihood of thousands of Guyanese workers.”

new minimum wage and the 40 hours restricted to a fiveday-a- week system. The minister during a telephone interview with Guyana Times said this announcement was made on several occasions before it was finalised. He stated that meetings were held at the tripartite level and a consensus was drawn up since February last. Minister Gopaul said he will be having discussions with the PSC today to explain further the real essence of the 40hour working week.


Meanwhile, Labour Minister Dr Nanda Kishore Gopaul has disputed the claims of non-consultation before the implementation of the


Dr Gopaul had said that more than 31,000 persons in Guyana will benefit from the $35,000 minimum wage standard slated to take effect from July 1. He said that the minimum wage standard caters for full-time employees working for 40 hours per week or more. “All will benefit across the board, from security guards to janitors to domestic workers, all will benefit,” he

said. Boasting about the progress made thus far, Minister Gopaul said for the first time in the history of Guyana, vulnerable workers will be protected by the implementation of a minimum wage. According to him, from the responses received thus far from both the private and the public sectors, employers are pleased with the outlined sum, noting that some businessmen indicated that it should have been “a little more”. He emphasised that this is a move in the right direction, considering the current industrial relations climate.

High praise

The government has also received high praise from the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG). The union’s General Secretary Kenneth Joseph, in applauding the government, said the $35,000-a-month benchmark is reasonable. While most of the workers that will benefit from this move are not unionised, the FITUG general secretary opined that the other trade unions in Guyana are pleased with the minimum wage standard. Despite annual increases in the public sector, the salaries of school cleaners have remained fixed since 2003. Less than two weeks ago, government’s spokesman Dr Roger Luncheon announced the implementation of the minimum wage. The minimum wage for weekly workers has been set at $8000 while $200 has been set for hourly workers.

woman was granted bail for abusive language and threatening behaviour when she appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday. Humbeleta Grant, 35, of Lot 32 East Ruimveldt squatting area pleaded guilty to the charges which state that on June 13 she made use of abusive language and threatening behaviour against Carmen Reece. Grant, who made it clear to the court that she is in a relationship with the virtual complainant’s husband, explained that on the day in question she was walking on the road when the virtual complainant came and punched her in her back. Based on the explanation given, the magistrate entered a not-guilty plea on Grant’s behalf. The defendant alleged that on the same day she used abusive language against Reece, she was attacked and used a broken bottle in her defence. The magistrate granted Grant bail in the sum of $20,000 for the abusive language charge and $60,000 for the threatening language. The matter will be heard again on June 20. On her way out of court, Grant was heard fussing about her bail and questioning why Reece was not given the same treatment.

GPL workers injured on the job


wo Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) technicians were injured while on duty in Parika, Essequibo. According to reports, the two men were working on a utility pole when they were electrocuted. Rayon Henry, a 29-year resident of “N” Bent Street, was severely burnt. The other technician, Jack Trotman suffered a fractured leg. He received medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital and was sent home, as he did not sustain any other injuries. Up to press time, Henry was in the burns care ward. Efforts to contact his relatives proved futile.

8 news Trial commences for 2009 Sophia stabbing wednESday, june 19, 2013|


he trial into the 2009 stabbing of a North Sophia, Georgetown man began on Tuesday with the prosecution presenting several witnesses to testify against the accused. Romeo Andrews is indicted with the murder of 38-year-old Andrew Thomas between August 16 and 17, 2009. The accused pleaded not guilty to the indictment when it was read to him on Monday, after which a 12-member jury panel was selected. State counsels Natasha Backer and Dhanika Singh are prosecuting the case while Attorney Hukumchand Parag is defending the accused. Among the prosecution witnesses were the sister and brother-in-law of the deceased. Thomas’s brother-in-law, Gordon Braithwaite, testified that he was at home on August 16, when someone came to the house around 10:15h

and told him “something” that prompted him to wake his wife up and they drove to a nearby farm, where they saw a crowd gathered. Braithwaite said he used his car light to brighten up the area after which he saw some persons carrying a man from out of the bushes and upon closer inspection, he saw that it was Thomas, who was injured.

Bleeding Thomas was bleeding from his left shoulder; hence, they took him to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent an operation. Braithwaite said they then left and about 30 minutes after they had reached home, they received a call from the hospital that his brother-in-law had died. In her testimony, Thomas’s sister, Marlyne Garraway, like her husband, recounted the events of the fateful night before the judge and jury. The

woman, who was emotional during her testimony, said she has known the accused for about 10 years prior to the incident.

Caution statement Two police officers also testified about that day’s occurrence; one told the court about putting the allegation to the accused and taking a caution statement from him. The officer said that when he told the accused about the allegation, he responded “he de tormenting me all the time and he advance me and I kill he with a knife in my defence”. The other officer testified that he went to the crime scene and also witnessed the post-mortem examination and the funeral. He added that he had made attempts to locate the accused, but had been unsuccessful. According to reports, Andrews and Thomas had a “beef” the week before

the incident. On the day in question about 21:30h, Thomas was at a shop watching television when Andrews went into the shop and blocked his view. Thomas asked Andrews to move; however, he refused causing an argument to ensue during which the accused pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man to his neck, ripping his throat in the process. Andrews reportedly chased the injured man around the shop, causing the bleeding man to run to the nearby dairy farm. Andrews then began hurling stones at Thomas who, to avoid being hit, hid between some bushes. The accused reportedly threatened persons in the area with a knife to prevent them from assisting the injured man. Thomas’s relatives were alerted about the incident about 30 minutes later, and the accused left before they arrived.

Theft suspect granted $150,000 bail – for BlackBerry, .38 revolver


man was granted bail for an attempted felony when he appeared before Magistrate Fabian Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday. Orondell Williams, 25, of Lot 88 Leopold Street

pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempting to commit a felony against Stephanie Mascoll and Aaron Seegobin. It is alleged that on May 31 at Lombard Street, Williams stole one BlackBerry valued $38,000 from Mascoll and tried to

take from Seegobin one Taurus .38 revolver. The accused was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat who made an application for bail. The prosecution objected to bail, citing the seriousness and prevalence of the offence, and that the

defendant may not return to court if granted bail. The magistrate granted Williams bail in the sum of $100,000 for the gun-related charge and $50,000 for stealing the BlackBerry. He is scheduled to return to court on July 15

Wife-beater fined $30,000 for common assault, abusive language


carpenter appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman on

charges of common assault and use of abusive language at the Georgetown

Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday. Seepersaud Ramlochan,

53, of Kitty, pleaded guilty to the offences of common assault and use of abusive language against his wife, Gangamattie. On June 17, the man and his wife had an argument about rum and he pushed her to the ground. The matter was reported to the police and Ramlochan was subsequently arrested. When the magistrate asked the accused if he had anything to say about the matter, he said he was sorry since his actions were not intentional. He added that his wife “pulled his chain causing it to burst”, and his hand barely touched her. Ramlochan was fined $20,000, with the alternative sentence of six months’ imprisonment for the common assault charge and $10,000 for the abusive language charge with the alternative sentence of one month in prison.

Eyew tness Value for money? In police force We’d been hoping by the time we took up this review of the police, the name would’ve been changed to “Guyana Police Service”. Alas it was not to be...the fellas who now control Parliament had other plans. “Force” it was and “force” it will be for a while longer. So we’ll have to wait until at least the next elections to have our kinder, gentler “Police Service”. But we wonder if until then we can’t get some better service from our guardians of the law. The opening of the Guyana Police Force Officers Training Centre (GPFOTC) – costing a whopping $158.4 million – reminds us of the astronomical funds expended on the police, but with very little noticeable improvement in performance. No wonder the minister’s kinda testy about his charges recently. The completely air-conditioned GPFOTC has a 230seat auditorium plus a library, reading centre, cafeteria recruitment centre, information technology centre, lecture theatre, classrooms, a registry area, storerooms and offices. Sounds better than the nearby Marriott! Since 1992, there’ve been hundreds of vehicles handed over to the police. Name it and the police now “got it”: cars, motorcycles, SUVs, pick-ups, ATVs, boats. Bicycles are a thing of the past. But yet the police are rarely able to chase down the bad guys – even though our highway system is basically a two-lane road along the Atlantic. There are now three police training schools. Every police station’s been redone. Salaries have been raised. Not to New York City “boys in blue” level – but quite substantial. But when you look at the rates of solving murders, we have a worse record than Jacques Clouseau.  As the minister’s been pointing out recently, he is in charge of “policies” and the police are in charge of fulfilling the operational mandate for which it has been constituted and equipped. But as we pointed out in the frustrated case of trying to boost the performance of the health sector, race and politics always rear their ugly heads when it comes to police reform and performance. Time has come when we have to stop pussyfooting around the issue and call a spade a spade. We’re still a very poor country. The money spent on the police was taken from areas that are just as important. We have to demand value for money from the police. Or heads should roll. GECOM The police have been with us for over 150 years. The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) just completed its second decade but it’s just as important a cog as the cops. The police may be the guardians of the law, but the old question about who guards the guardians (quis custodiet ipsos custodes?) is answered in our country: “The Voice of the People”. No, not the comedian on local television, but elections that chose our government and opposition. And it is GECOM that is ultimately the guardian of the electoral process. And as we predicted, the witch-hunt to remove GECOM’s Chief Executive Officer Gocool Boodhoo is just the opening gambit by those that would want to have our government chosen by the law of the jungle. This morning, Lurlene Nestor pulled the mask from the face of that retrograde bunch and called for both Boodhoo and the Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally, to “go”. We predicted this would happen when we asked Dr Surujbally to not ask for whom the bells toll. It tolls for him. ...on Wall Street GHK Lall, who found corruption everywhere in Guyana, extols the “sacrifice” of John Paulson to move from his cushy job at Goldman Sachs to the U.S. Treasury. You think the US$600 million he made at Goldman, through breaks given to Goldman by his predecessors in the revolving door between Goldman and the U.S. government, helped? Or that he then passed on billions to Goldman while at the Treasury through the Troubled Asset Relief Programme (TARP)? Vickram Pandit was never at Goldman, namedropper.



wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

Local ballroom dancers Chinese company interested to host national show in agri-forestry project

President Donald Ramotar in talks with a team from China Chengtong Holdings Group Limited

Members of the Guyana Ballroom Dancers Association


he newly constituted Guyana Ballroom Dancers Association is hoping to promote ballroom dancing as a form of expression while generating the interest of a wide cross-section of the public in the art form. The association met with Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Dr Frank Anthony on Thursday last to formally establish the presence of the organisation and solicit any form of support that may be available. Public Relations Officer (PRO) Vernon James told Guyana Times that the association is hoping to embark on a countrywide ballroom dancing show starting at the National Cultural Centre and then to outlying areas in Berbice, Bartica, Linden and Essequibo.

Dance technique

James disclosed that the organisation is also intent on introducing ballroom dancing to schools so that children can learn the dance technique from a tender age. In the Caribbean, ballroom dancing forms part of the school’s curriculum. The group was advised to make contact with Allied Arts Department Director Desiree Wyles-Ogle so as to discuss ways of having it incorporated into the national curriculum. He detailed that the objectives of the association are to build a national dance fraternity, educate dance teachers and provide a thorough knowledge and understanding of the unique dance concept. The Guyana Ballroom Dancing Association also seeks to establish ballroom dancing as the popular pastime it once was. According to James, the association is also hoping to attract persons from the diaspora as well as the World Dance Council to train teachers here. “We are hoping to bring teachers down from the Caribbean Dance Teachers Association so that they can pass that knowledge on to local teachers who in turn can provide skills training to others.” He explained that although Guyana has persons with the technical knowledge and expertise, there is no one with the relevant theoretical qualifications. “We will need the assistance of the Ministry

of Culture Youth and Sport to make these things a reality… This is where we are going from here and once we get that support, we can move on from there,” James remarked. He disclosed that there is currently an interim management body in place, and as such, elections are expected to be held in August this year. The organisation was established on June 17, 2003 by the late Joseph O’Lall and was managed by a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and assistant secretary. However, it only became a constituted body in April 2012. Assistant Secretary Andrea Edwards said that being a constituted body, the association can now attract the necessary support that would allow for the hosting of the annual dance competition organised by the Caribbean Dance Teachers’ Association. Every year, the association would hold an annual competition with Guyana twice turning down propositions to host the event.

Proposal contemplated

Edwards explained that with recent sensitisation and awareness raised about the association and the involvement of the local ministry, the organisation is now poised to request tax waivers to facilitate any form of competition. The culture minister advised the association to provide him with a calendar of events for the year so that all the avenues can be explored. Dr Anthony informed the group that once their budget cost falls within a feasible range, the ministry will be willing to provide the requisite financial support. He has also requested a copy of the association’s constitution and provided them with guidance on how they can attract support from the business community. The association is hoping to represent Guyana at international events and accumulate the necessary financing and investments to host the annual dance competition slated for 2014. Ballroom dancing began in the 1930s and eventually came to Guyana in 1947, after World War II. Back then, there were four schools dedicated to the art of ballroom dancing which enjoyed a stage from the inception until the political turmoil of the early

1960s, which saw a decline in the popular pastime. For some time since, the idea to have a new ballroom dancing association was thrown around until a meeting among several dance schools in the city which led to the election of Phillip Fraser as president of the Guyana Ballroom Dancing Association.


delegation from China Chengtong (CCT) Holdings Group Limited, led by Vice President Li Yousheng met President Donald Ramotar on Monday for talks regarding its interest in the establishment of an agri-forest project in Guyana. The company is a producer of forestry-pulp papers, and also pursues investments in wholesale market, tourism, and cultural and packaging industries. There are more

than 100 subsidiary companies all over China with a branch in South East Asia and plans for expansion into Africa. Its vice president told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that the historic bilateral meeting between President Donald Ramotar and China’s premier in Trinidad and Tobago earlier this month had encouraged the prospect of strengthened cooperation between the two

countries in agriculture and forestry. “The project (proposed) is just the plantation for the trees and an integrated base for agriculture projects… that (will be) very good for the… local people here,” Vice President Li said in an invited comment. He gave the assurance that sustainable practices are at the heart of the company’s method of building the forestry industry.

10 news

wednesday, June 19, 2013 |

Businesses encouraged to harness profits from social media


ocialRank Media Director Dr Rosh Khan said local businesses can utilise the benefits of social media to their advantage; attracting customers, improving sales and increasing their business potential. Dr Khan, who conducted an interactive session with members of the private sector, noted that while lots of businesses know they should be on social media, they are unaware of what they should do, once they are on the network. Dr Khan, whose company has clients such as Starbucks, Armani, Ford, GT&T and Gizmos and Gadgets, mentioned some of the ways businesses can build relationships with people using social media and turn that into a financial transaction on the social sales cycle.

Setting up social media platforms

Seeking to uncover the mystery of social media and the business experience, Dr Khan revealed that companies must first create an automated system that makes it easy to attract not only returns on investment, but returns on relationships. According to the business executive, social media is not about broadcasting ads and sales. The first step to social media networking is the establishment of digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, Google+ and Pinterest. He said businesses must own as many digital real-estate properties as possible which would make it easier to find sales prospects before capitalising on the most popular social platforms. Since there are over 200,000 Guyanese on Facebook; businesses already have 20 per cent of the affluent population who they can reach immediately at no cost to either party. He remarked that growing a com-

Dr Rosh Khan

munity of followers is not like television or newspaper advertising, adding that word-of-mouth has always been one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

Why social media?

Dr Khan commented that one of the benefits of Facebook is to contact one person and have access to a pool of that person’s friends. “Once you have one fan, you can reach that person’s entire circle of friends.” For the first time in the history of advertising, businesses have the benefit of engaging in dialogue with consumers rather than a monologue. “Television and newspaper ads do not talk back but with social media; customers are allowed to provide feedback. It lets the business know how you feel and allows you to ask questions about the products. For the first time, we have the ability to have a conversation with marketers.” Dr Khan mentioned that with Guyana being a voyeuristic society, people will talk about a business and its products regardless of whether they are on social media, or not. He stated that customers will tell their friends about bad experiences and social media provides a valuable

opportunity for businesses to track people’s comments, moderate the conversation and save their reputation. “It demands that businesses ‘step up to the plate’ and provide good customer service,” he explained. The content strategy must be like a mind virus; catchy, engaging, compelling and forcing people to share. Questions such as what are the ‘hot button’ issues, where do people hang out online, what keeps them engaged, what are their challenges, who are their influencers can help businesses strategise on the most effective ways of reaching an audience. “You may want to leverage the creditability of popular influencers who can like, comment, or provide testimonials for your page.”

The Four E Formula

He also advised businesses to utilise the Four E Formula: engaging with jokes, educating with tips, entertaining with riddles and empowering people with price discounts and sales. “You want to engage lots and sell little and in Guyana, we do quite the opposite. But for me, after every 10 posts, I sneak in a sale because that’s when the persons is familiar with you, trust you and likes you.” He emphasised the importance of utilising Calls To Action (CTA) in order to provoke responses such as the popular, “Like if you agree” or “Comment if you have views”, and urged them to remember that a picture is worth 1000 words since the subconscious mind is based on visual imagery and fuels each decision humans make. “This is why Instagram and Pinterest are doing so well and why Facebook has changed timelines to bigger images… and most of the time we are doing it wrong using other people’s materials and photos from someone else’s site,” Dr Khan stated.


Mook Envy

atiricus never failed to wonder at the ability of the MuckrakerKN to always hone in on the most salient aspects of a news story and give it prominence so that the good people of Guyana could be “educated” – just like its owner Mook Lall was. As a journeyman in the newspaper trade, Satiricus could only sit back and admire the latest effort. All Guyana and the Caribbean – and indeed all across the former British colonies that still played cricket – about a billion and a half people –  everyone was excited about the announcement that the Caribbean was launching its own T-20 league. The Caribbean Premier League (CPL)!! Imagine if the Indians, who were known for the stodgiest and dullest cricket possible, could make such an impact with the new format – everyone was thinking – what would the West Indians be doing??!!! Mouths were watering over at the cricketing blogs at the entry of “Calypso Cricket” with men like Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard who had lit up the Indian skies with fireworks of cricket balls, would now be playing in their own homes. Abandon! Joy! Euphoria! The sheer delirium of life in the Caribbean! But Satiricus shook his head. They had all missed the most important point to report on. Satiricus knew that he and his cohorts in Guyana were kinda backward – not too exposed he admitted, with head hung low. But what kind of media did the rest of the world have? Why didn’t they see the most important point that the MuckrakerKN immediately grasped and reported in a screaming front-page headline? It had to do with the first team to announce its owner. It was the fellow who owned the pharmaceutical company in Guyana. The name of the team was announced – the Amazon Warriors!  The players – including the international players – were announced – Mohammad Hafeez and Sunil Narine, etc; the dates of the fixtures were announced; and the logo was unveiled. But they were all missing the point. And here it was on the front page of the MuckrakerKN. The pharmaceutical company, which had been the first in the Caribbean to manufacture HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals and saved Guyana from a catastrophe – WAS NOT AS OLD AS IT SAID IT WAS, according to the MuckrakerKN!! Satiricus gasped! The company has been formed 90 years ago, but had changed hands before the fellow had bought it. How dare he claim that the company was still 90 years old? So what if the company was a corporation which has its own life which continues even when it changes owners? If the MuckrakerKN said so, it had to be so. And furthermore this was more important to report on than all that cricketing stuff. Or than Guyanese fans were once again going to see professional cricket. But in his heart Satiricus was proud that a Guyanese could have the vision and guts to put his money where his mouth was, and actually buy a franchise in the new CPL. But then what did Satiricus know? He was just a regular Guyanese cricket patriot. Not a journalistic genius like Mook Lall. Or was the Mook just green with envy?

11 News

wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man shot, chopped during home invasion A

22-year-old man escaped death on Monday after armed bandits invaded his Albouystown residence and attempted to kill him. He is now nursing a gunshot and chop wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The Guyana Police Force (GPF) said at about 21:45h, Eon Daniels of Campbell Street, Albouystown was confronted by three armed attackers. During the confrontation, Daniels was shot to his right knee and chopped to the back of his head. The bandits, after inflicting the injuries made good their escape. From his hospital bed, the 22-year-old told Guyana Times that from all indications, the men had intend-

The back of the 22-year-old's head where he was chopped

Eon Daniels displaying his gunshot wound to the right knee from his hospital bed

ed to kill him. According to him, it was approximately 21:00h when three men, one armed with a hand gun and the others with a cutlass and a piece of wood barged into his yard while he was sitting alone. “The big strong up one fire the first shot towards my belly, I seh I dead, but

like he miss so he shoot me again this time on me knee,” Daniels explained. He was subsequently chopped to the back of his head. Lying in a pool of blood and screaming for help, Daniels somehow managed to reach for his cellphone and dialled 911, and the police rushed to his rescue.

The man, who returned to Guyana less than two years ago after living in Antigua for 13 years, said the attack comes as a major surprise. “They didn’t take anything from me, we didn’t even have a little hard talk, I just see them walk up and shoot at me, meh surprise to see me get shot in Guyana... shoot by my own people, so me surprise.” However, Daniels is convinced that it was a set up. Shortly after arriving in Guyana, he was involved in a confrontation which landed him in prison. He had reportedly chopped a man from Albouystown. “Like six months ago I come out a prison and since then the police deh pun meh back,” he said. Investigations are ongoing.

Regional banks have enough revenue to support climate change fight – report


ublic development banks (PDBs) in Latin America and the Caribbean provide more than US$700 billion in loans annually and possess the operational and financial heft to expand into areas such as climate change mitigation and productive development policies, according to a study released on Monday by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The study also urges these institutions to continue to strengthen their capacity, particularly in corporate governance area, and to demonstrate their development effectiveness in a way

that further mobilises private sector resources and supports the most vulnerable economic sectors.

Financial systems

The study examines the relevance of the PDBs in today’s financial systems, their financial and non-financial instruments, institutional factors key to achieving success, and how they can address new challenges such as climate change mitigation. The region’s 56 PDBs include institutions such as the Banco Estado de Chile, the Banco de Desarrollo Empresarial de Colombia,

and Mexico’s Nacional Financiera. “The region’s public banks have generally ceased to be a burden on the fiscal accounts,” said Fernando de Olloqui, a financial markets specialist for the IDB and lead author of the study. “If they continue making financial and operational improvements and demonstrate their impact on development, these public finance institutions will be in an excellent position to consolidate their relevance over the next decade, particularly for addressing more complex challenges, such as climate change.”

Despite the existence of large institutions such as Brazil’s Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES), the relative importance of the development banks in terms of their countries’ overall financial systems has remained static for the past 10 years. PDB lending averages about 10 per cent of total lending in the countries of the region.

More profitable

According to the study, “Public Development Banks: Toward a New Paradigm?” these institutions have substantially improved their

performance in recent years. In 2010, they achieved a return on equity of 14 per cent, compared to a loss of one per cent in 2000. Nevertheless, the study warns that there are public banks in the region with major structural problems, due to a lack of clarity in their mandate and corporate governance systems that prevent decision making that benefits the institutions. In recent years, the PDBs have succeeded in expanding their activities into new sectors such as renewable energy, climate change adaptation and mitigation,

education, housing, microenterprises, innovation and production chains. With total assets equivalent to 25 per cent of the region’s GDP in the region, including that of Brazil, the PDBs can provide valuable financial support for mitigating the effects of climate change, creating a favourable environment for needed investments and leveraging their own funding as well as financing from international sources, according to the study. The study is the principal annual publication of the IDB’s Institutions for Development Department.

12 news could cover all electricity Guyana could get help in Caribbean needs using renewable resources stockpile management – IDB report L G wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

uyana has been promised assistance in stockpile management and the destruction of ammunition and explosives once it approves a baseline assessment In a statement, the Home Affairs Ministry said it facilitated the visit of an assessment mission from the United Nations Regional Centre on Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) to Guyana from June 10-14, to conduct a National Baseline Assessment on stockpile management and destruction with regard to firearms, ammunition and explosives in Guyana. The mission, according to the release held meetings with the head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, Foreign Affairs

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

Minister Carolyn RodriguesBirkett, Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall as well as top officials of the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority and relevant technical personnel, establishing the purpose of their mission and detailing the ways in which it could assist Guyana. The mission also paid courtesy visits to members

of the donor community and the Caricom Secretariat. UNLIREC had assisted a number of countries in the region in stockpile management and destruction through a Caribbean assistance package with funding from the U.S. Department of State. Through this framework, assistance would be provided to Guyana in this regard, subject to the approval of the baseline assessment by the government of Guyana. In order to obtain information to conduct the baseline assessment, the mission made site visits to stockpile facilities within the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Prison Service. The Home Affairs Ministry stands committed to cooperating with its international partners on initiatives geared at enhancing the peace and security of the citizens Guyana.

atin America and the Caribbean’s renewable energy endowment is large enough to cover its projected 2050 electricity needs 22 times over, according to a new report commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The report, Rethinking our Energy Future, argues that lower prices and new technologies are making renewables a viable alternative. Solar, geothermal, wave, wind and biomass sources in this region could produce up to 80 petawatt-hours of electricity. One petawatt-hour is equivalent to one trillion kilowatthour, roughly three times the amount of electricity Mexico consumes in one year. At present, Latin America generates 1.3 petawatt hour. By 2050, demand is expected to grow to between 2.5 to 3.5 petawatt-hours. The report addresses a series of myths surrounding renewable energies, noting that several of these alternative technologies have become price competitive with conventional technologies, offer good investment opportunities and should be taken into consideration by policymakers aiming to diversify their national energy matrixes, reduce fuel supply vulnerabilities and cut greenhouse gas emissions. “Though Latin America uses more renewable energy than any other region in the world, it faces difficult choices as it seeks to generate the

electricity it needs to grow without harming the environment,” said IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno. “Renewables are becoming a viable and attractive option that needs to be explored.” The report was presented on June 18 in Bogotá at the Global Green Growth Forum Latin America and the Caribbean (3GF LAC) to leaders from government, business, finance, civil society and international organisations gathered at the invitation of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Moreno.

Public-private partnerships

“With this study, we seek to promote concrete action and public-private partnerships, by putting into perspective the magnitude of available renewable sources, outlining their broaded benefits and illustrating policy options,” said Walter Vergara, head of the IDB’s Climate Change Division and lead author of the report. In 2012, global investments in alternative renewable technologies (solar, wind, geothermal, ocean, small-scale hydropower and advanced bio-energy) and traditional hydropower amounted to US$244 billion, of which Latin America represented a modest 5.4 per cent. To tap into its vast potential, the region must modernise its poli-

cy and regulatory frameworks and scale up investments. While investments in renewable energy have been limited so far, the study argues that major new developments are underway in Latin America. Wind is the fastest growing non-traditional renewable source in the region. Mexico is the fifth largest producer of geothermal energy in the world and Colombia, Panama and Ecuador are exploring their own resources. Biomass, solar and wind are increasingly being used in Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina and Chile. The study concludes that, regardless how each country may shape its energy policy, increasing the penetration and use of non-traditional renewables makes sense for Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB supports programmes to improve energy efficiency, foster cross-border energy integration, and diversify the energy matrix by sustainably exploiting renewable and non-renewable energy sources. At present, the IDB is financing large-scale wind farms, solar power systems for rural areas, biofuel facilities that co-generate electricity and programmes to promote efficient lighting. It also supports retrofitting hydroelectric facilities with more efficient turbines and ensuring that new dams and natural gas projects meet stricter social and environmental standards.

GMSA salutes Empretec on 10th anniversary


he Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA) has extended congratulations to Empretec Guyana on reaching the significant milestone of 10 years as a multi-functional entity, rooted in the pursuit of growth and capacity building of micro and small scale enterprises in Guyana. “We wish to place on record our appreciation of the work undertaken by Empretec over the past 10 years to nurture the corporate growth of its members through a series of interventions including human resource development; capacity building; and corporate management and productivity improvement, all with special emphasis on the development of women in business,” the GMSA said in a statement. According to the organisation, it was in 2003, that the GMSA’s executive strengthened its focus on small business development with a view to placing micro and small scale enterprises on a better structured and more coherent path of development, individually and in clusters. The ultimate objective was to develop small scale enterprises into viable

entities that could contribute to the national economy. As such, the GMSA in 2003 made a formal application to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) through the local office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Foreign Affairs Ministry, for formal acceptance into the international Empretec programme. This organisation is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with numerous satellites all around the world.

Focused training

The UNDP/UNIDO granted the GMSA’s request and a three-year contract was signed resulting in the establishment of a viable Empretec Secretariat in Guyana. A corps of professional trainers soon emerged, benefitting continuously from focused training programmes led by international Empretec experts. Today that corps of trainers has the capacity to replicate the training and developmental programmes throughout the micro and small business community in Guyana. Over the past six years, Empretec has been functioning as an independent affili-

ate of the GMSA, equipped with its own secretariat and board of directors. Managing Director Judy Semple continues to serve in an executive capacity at the GMSA. Empretec Guyana has made considerable contributions to business development, especially in the development of human resources, employment and identification of more lucrative, value-added enterprises. Their membership has also grown exponentially and their area of coverage has extended into remote regions of Guyana, including the Rupununi, Region Nine. The GMSA is suitably proud of the growth of Empretec Guyana and its efforts to remain self-sustainable, to build its own capacities, and to create opportunities for international recognition of Guyanese entrepreneurs while steadily increasing its membership and the range of programmes and services it offers. “The GMSA commits to sustaining its partnership with Empretec Guyana and ensuring that the Business Support Organisation (BSO) continues to be represented in our programmes, both in country and externally,” the release concluded.



wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

UN lauds Guyana for halving hunger

FAO representative in Guyana, Dr Lystra Fletcher-Paul


he United Nations bodies in Guyana have commended the government on its achievement of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number one – to halve the proportion of hungry people. Guyana is among 38 countries which have met internationally-established targets in the fight against hunger, ahead of a 2015 deadline. Within the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Guyana and St Vincent and the Grenadines are the only two member states which have satisfied the goal. Guyana’s progress was measured between 199092 and 2010-2012, against benchmarks established by the international community at the UN General Assembly in 2000.

Ending hunger

In addition, they have also met the more stringent World Food Summit (WFS) goal, having reduced by half the absolute number of undernourished people between 1990-92 and 2010-2012. The WFS goal was set in 1996 when 180 nations met at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) headquarters in Rome to discuss ways to end hunger. On Sunday, Guyana and the other countries were honoured at a high-level award ceremony at FAO headquarters in Rome in recognition of their achievement, during the week-long meeting of the FAO Conference, the organisation’s highest governing body. Receiving the award on Guyana’s behalf were Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett. “Guyana’s outstanding achievement in meeting these targets has been, in no small measure, due to its commitment to investment in the agriculture sector as well as to regional food security, “the UN system here said in a statement. “FAO is pleased to have partnered with the government in its efforts and will continue to work closely with them, and other development partners, to eradicate hunger and promote food and nutrition security, not only in the country but also the wider Caribbean,” the FAO representative in Guyana, Dr Lystra Fletcher-Paul said. UNICEF Guyana and Suriname representative Dr Suleiman Braimoh indicated that Guyana’s achievement of the MDG Goal One target is a significant step in positively impacting the lives of children, since a disproportionate share of the burden of poverty often falls on them. Although Guyana has achieved this target well ahead of 2015, there are still challenges in ensuring that all children, especially those in greatest need, are able to grow up healthy and well nourished. He stated that UNICEF remains committed to working in partnership with the government of Guyana to ensure that every child can receive the nutrition needed for a healthy and promising future.

Collaborative programmes

Pan American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) Representative to Guyana Adrianus Vlugman stated that the organisation “is proud to have collaborated with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture to significantly improve the nutrition levels of especially the vulnerable groups, including children”. The collaborative programmes include the Grow More Food campaign to improve food security, the Basic Nutrition Programme, breast feeding support strategies, and the national School

Undelivered mail found at NA house


olice are investigating the circumstances which led to the discovery of a quantity of undelivered mail at a home in New Amsterdam. Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) Public Relations Officer Telesha Whyte said the corporation is aware of the find and while the matter has been put in the hands of the police, the GPOC is conducting its own internal investigation. Guyana Times understands that the undelivered mail includes bills from utility companies and official mail from the U.S. embassy. According to a police source,

following reports of an alleged assault on a woman by her husband, an Angoy’s Avenue man was arrested. The virtual complainant later informed police that there were items which belong to the New Amsterdam Post Office at the house of the suspect. When the assault matter was called in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court, the virtual complainant declined to give any evidence in the matter. However, the man was not set free as the post office was called in. Reports are the mail that was found was dated between January and May 2013.

Feeding Programme, especially the successful implementation of the St Ignatius School Farm. Vlugman affirmed that PAHO/WHO remains committed to continuous collaboration with the government in not only food security and nutrition, but also to address non-communicable diseases, strengthening of the health sector, combating infectious and vector related diseases, and disaster preparedness and response. According to the State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 report, the vast majority of the hungry, 852 million, live in developing countries – around 15 per cent of their population – while 16 million people are undernourished in developed countries. Globally, food insecurity today is largely conditioned by a lack of access to the resources or services needed by families to produce, purchase, or otherwise obtain enough nutritious food.

Turkey willing to support social responsibility projects in Guyana – charge d’ affaires

Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry Charge d’ Affaires Kurtulus Aykan (second from left) and his delegation with President Donald Ramotar


he Turkish government is forging ahead with its diplomatic agenda, seeking Guyana’s support as it builds partnerships at the bilateral and multilateral levels amid civil unrest in a nation that has been making headlines around the world. Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry Charge d’ Affaires Kurtulus Aykan met President Donald Ramotar on Monday on his first visit to Guyana for talks on his country’s programme of cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean among other areas.

Guyana has gained the interest of the Turkish private sector for social responsibility projects in the area of road infrastructure, and health and education, Aykan told the Government Information Agency (GINA). “Health is a very much important theme nowadays especially in Turkey, the countries surrounding Turkey, and especially in Latin America. There is always a health problem. It’s the primary need of the population,” Aykan said. Also as Turkey seeks membership to the United Nations

Security Council in 2016 and pursues its candidature for Expo 2020 in Izmir, the country’s third largest city, Aykan said his country will be counting on Guyana’s patronage. His working visit to Guyana includes meetings with ministers of the government, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat. The delegation accompanying Aykan who also in the meeting with President Ramotar included executives of the Princess Hotel, whose owner is a Turkish native.


wednesday, june 19, 2013


Brazil: Protests spread in TT PM says Dr Rowley breached Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio established conventions

Protesters gathered outside the National Congress building in Brasilia and climbed on the roof


s many as 200,000 people have marched through the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities, as protests over rising public transport costs and the expense of staging the 2014 World Cup have spread. The biggest demonstration was in Rio de Janeiro,

where 100,000 people joined a mainly peaceful march. In the capital, Brasilia, people breached security at the National Congress building and scaled its roof. The protests are the largest seen in Brazil for more than 20 years. In Brazil’s largest city,

Sao Paulo, about 65,000 people took to the streets. The wave of protests kicked off earlier this month when Sao Paulo residents marched against an increase in the price of a single bus fare, from three reals (US$1.40, £0.90) to 3.20. Authorities said the rise was well below inflation, which since the last price increase in January 2011 has been 15.5 per cent, according to official figures. The way these initial marches were policed – with officers accused of firing rubber bullets and tear gas at peaceful protesters – further incensed Sao Paulo residents and shifted the focus from rising transport costs to wider issues. (Excerpt from BBC News)


rime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar has accused Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley of breaching established conventions in the latest titfor-tat over the “emailgate” scandal that continues to stir political emotions in Trinidad and Tobago. Speaking at a public meeting of the ruling United National Congress (UNC) – the biggest partner in the three-party People’s Coalition government – Persad Bissessar said that Dr Rowley’s “secret” meeting with Integrity Commission Chairman Ken Gordon ahead of his disclosure of the emails in Parliament “strikes at the very heart of our system of governance

TT Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has accused Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley of breaching established conventions

and the independence of our institutions in this country”. “I am of the view that the opposition leader acted improperly and in breach of established conventions. As

I leave here tonight, I ask whether Dr Rowley should not be charged for misconduct in public office,” she told supporters in the UNC stronghold constituency of Chaguanas West on Monday night. Last month, Rowley presented 31 emails to Parliament during a debate on a motion of no confidence against the government. The emails purport to show that members of the Trinidad and Tobago government, including Prime Minister Persad Bissessar, were engaged in efforts to undermine the judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the media. (Excerpt from


OECS observes 32nd Jamaica to join region in banning anniversary on Tuesday smoking in public places



Flags of OECS nations

uesday, June 18 marked 32 years since the establishment of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Thirty-two years of facilitating efforts by the nine member states to further develop the people of the OECS region through various programmes and projects in several cases with the help of the international donor community. Much attention has been given to two of the key pillars of economic development in the OECS, namely, agriculture and tourism; collectively because of the nexus of the two sectors and individually through specific needs.

amaica intends on joining its Caribbean C o m m u n i t y (Caricom) partners in banning smoking in public areas and the workplace. So far the legislation exists in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname and Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson, said he will be seeking the assistance of local and internaThe OECS Secretariat is coordinating a collective plan of action by member states towards enhancing the region’s agriculture sector. Other interventions include training in information and communications technology for persons associated with the agriculture sector, with particular reference to the collection and management of critical data and related information, increased efforts towards enhancing agriculture food and health safety systems in member states. In tourism, work is being advanced on the implementation of an agreed OECS common tourism policy. (Excerpt

tional partners, including the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), in the effort to reduce tobacco use. He said the Portia Simpson Miller administration is seeking to table the Tobacco Control Act, which will protect citizens from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking, by prohibiting its use in public

areas and workplaces. “When it takes place, I will be calling upon PAHO and other institutions for support because we are up against a very powerful industry and it is going to require allies, local and international, in going forward,” Ferguson said, adding that the government is determined to ban public smoking, even while the

tobacco industry brings to the table, significant tax revenue for the country. “I heard their financial statements only a week ago… almost J$6.5 billion profit. But, whatever that might be, I am saying at the back-end, we are fighting to put in place a strategic plan (2013/2018) for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Haiti reports first suspected H1N1 death in 2013


aiti reported on Monday its first suspected death this year from H1N1 virus, reports say. The victim was from the small community of Nan Bannann in the southern city of Belle-Ansecity, 110 km south-west of the capital Port-au-Prince, China’s Xinhua news agency quoted the reports as saying.

As the local government said, the victim died at a hospital in Thiotte, 65 km east of the capital. Reports said the victim appeared to have contracted the virus in Ansea-Pitres, a city along the border with the Dominican Republic, where H1N1 has killed eight people. Last Friday, five people in south-east Haiti were

confirmed to have contracted the virus, after tests were sent to the Karpha Laboratory in Trinidad and Tobago to be analysed. The Haitian government has yet to corroborate all the results. Health Ministry Director General Guirlaine Raymond Charitte said that of the five suspected cases, only three have been

confirmed to have H1N1, a Haitian citizen and two Chilean soldiers belonging to Minustah (the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti). Asked about the suspected first victim of the virus, Charitte said while the victim showed all the symptoms, the case has not been officially confirmed. (Excerpt from


from Caribbean News Now)

Mottley criticises removal of Barbados' Online poll provokes controversy in St Lucia police commissioner


n online survey about the prime minister’s leadership on the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) website has provoked a vigorous response from members of the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP). According to the LPM, “Their ridiculous outbursts, laced with insults, demonstrated their intolerance for the political right of the LPM to question the leadership abilities of Kenny Anthony and were met with much amusement by the LPM.”

“For the first time since the SLP placed Prime Minister Kenny Anthony on the altar of political adulation,” the LPM said it has finally exposed their leader’s clay feet. “To those who worship Kenny Anthony or are too frightened to question the policies and leadership abilities of the man, the LPM continues to prove that not only is it not frightened of the SLP’s Goliath, but also that it humbly accepts its status as David,” the LPM said in a statement. (Excerpt

from Caribbean News Now)


pposition Leader Mia Mottley has described as “unprecedented”, the manner in which Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin was sent on leave pending his retirement in the public interest. Media reports said that the Police Service Commission (PSC) took the decision on Monday and has since named Assistant Police Commissioner Tyrone Griffith to act as interim head of the police service. Dottin has not commented on the PSC deci-

Tyrone Griffith

sion. “In my view, it is an assault on one of the key institutions that is required to protect our democracy

and our people. It is disconcerting that the people of Barbados would learn of this development as an unsourced story on radio.

“Both the prime minister and the attorney general have a duty to come urgently and explain to the people of Barbados no later than today (Tuesday) why the commissioner has been so shabbily treated after the force was showered with praise only last week for a job well done,” she said in a statement. Dottin, 63, has been head of the police service here for the past nine months and Mottley said the announcement of his removal was unprecedented in the history of modern Barbados. (Excerpt from


15 Around the World

wednesday, June 19, 2013

Russian Duma backs U.S., Taliban to open direct peace talks gay adoption ban

Russia’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill banning the adoption of Russian orphans by gay couples, unmarried couples and single people in countries where same-sex marriage is legal


ussian lawmakers on Tuesday backed a bill which would place tough restrictions on adoption to countries where same-sex marriages are legal, following France’s vote last month allowing such

unions. The bill could ban people in over a dozen countries from adopting Russian orphans even if they are single, according to an amendment that passed in the key second reading in the Duma

lower house of parliament with an overwhelming vote of 443 to none. It is likely to be swiftly passed in the third reading and the upper house Federation Council. President Vladimir Putin has already vowed to sign it into law. The restriction would follow the approval last year of an adoption ban for citizens of the United States despite massive protests and petitions by thousands of people against the legislation. The new amendments to Russia’s family code say those to be banned from adoption include “persons in a marriage union between people of the same sex registered in a state where such a union is allowed, as well as citizens of such states that are not married”. (Excerpt from France24)


he U.S. is to open direct peace talks with the Taliban, senior White House officials have announced. The first meeting is due to take place in the coming days in Doha, Qatar, where the Taliban have just opened their first official overseas office. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said his government was also sending delegates to Qatar to talk to the Taliban. The announcement came on the day NATO handed over security for the whole of Afghanistan to government forces. U.S. officials said prisoner exchanges would be one topic for discussion with the Taliban, but the first weeks will mainly be used to explore each other’s agendas.

Taliban spokesman Mohammed Naeem, second right, opened the Doha office

However, the talks are on condition that the Taliban renounce violence, break ties with al-Qaeda and respect the Afghan constitution – including the rights of women and minorities. U.S. officials told reporters the first formal meeting between U.S. and Taliban

representatives was expected to take place in Doha next week, with talks between President Karzai’s High Peace Council and the Taliban due a few days after that. The level of trust between the Afghan government and the Taliban is described as “low”. (Excerpt from BBC News)

FBI resumes Michigan dig Angelina Jolie double in News Corp phone hack claim in latest hunt for Hoffa


he FBI on Tuesday began a second day of digging in a Detroitarea field in the latest search for the remains of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa – an effort spurred by information from an aging reputed mobster. Agents began digging Monday in waist-high grass in Oakland Township north of Detroit, a location determined in part from information provided by alleged mobster Tony Zerilli. Media and curious onlookers gathered some distance from the private property. Nothing has yet been found, two law enforce-

Jimmy Hoffa

ment sources familiar with the investigation said. Two concrete slabs have been removed during the dig, according to one of the sources. It’s unclear whether the

slabs were foundations for a barn that once stood there. Scientists from Michigan State University were at the site Tuesday to help with soil analysis. This is the latest chapter of the nearly four-decadeslong search for Hoffa. It was sparked by “highly credible” information from Zerilli, according to a law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the investigation. Earlier this year, Zerilli, now in his 80s, told New York’s NBC 4 that Hoffa was buried in a Michigan field about 20 miles north of where he was last seen in 1975. (Excerpt from CNN)


former Hollywood stunt double has sued News Corp and its subsidiary News International, accusing the companies of ordering the hacking of her phone. The suit, the first such claim from the U.S., was filed by Eunice Huthart, a British former double for Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. In the suit, the Liverpool resident alleges messages from family, friends and Jolie were intercepted and in some cases deleted. News Corp declined to comment. In a civil complaint filed on June 13, Huthart seeks damages for violations of

Eunice Huthart

federal and California laws and “intrusion into private affairs”. According to IMDB, Huthart worked as Jolie’s stunt double on the films “Wanted”, “Mr and Mrs Smith”, and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”. In the court filing, she describes herself as a close friend of Jolie, and said the pair “often travelled and socialised together”. Huthart said that in 2004-05, some friends and relatives complained she had not returned their phone calls, and she in turn complained to her mobile phone provider that voice messages were being lost in their system. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Surveillance thwarted stock exchange Hungarian prosecutors charge bomb plot, officials say man with Nazi war crimes

NSA Director, General Keith Alexander says 50 plots prevented since 9/11


omb plots targeting the New York Stock Exchange and the city’s subway were among more than 50 worldwide thwarted by top-secret surveillance programmes since the al Qaeda attacks on the U.S., authorities said on Tuesday. National Security Agency (NSA) Director, General Keith Alexander, FBI and

other officials revealed startling details at a House Intelligence Committee hearing aimed at finding out more about the telephone and email surveillance initiatives that came to light this month through leaks of classified information to newspapers. It was the most comprehensive and specific defence of those methods that

have come under ferocious criticism from civil liberties groups, some members of Congress and others concerned about the reach of government into the private lives of citizens in the interest of national security. National security and law enforcement officials asserted that the leaks were egregious and carry huge consequences for national security. “I think it was irreversible and significant damage to this nation,” Alexander said when questioned by Republican Michele Bachmann. “Has this helped America’s enemies?” the Minnesota Republican asked. “I believe it has and I believe it will hurt us and our allies,” Alexander said. President Barack Obama has defended the programmes as necessary in an era of terror, and said they have been vetted by Congress and are subject to strict legal checks. (Excerpts from CNN)


rosecutors in Hungary indicted a Nazi war crimes suspect Tuesday with involvement in the brutal treatment and deportation of thousands of Jews during World War II. Ladislaus CsizsikCsatary was allegedly “actively involved” in sending nearly 12,000 Jews to various concentration camps

in the spring of 1944, according to the Metropolitan Chief Prosecution Office in Budapest. According to prosecutors, Csizsik-Csatary served as a senior Hungarian police officer in the city of Kosice, which is now in Slovakia but was under Hungarian rule in the 1940s. Csizsik-Csatary topped

the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s list of “most wanted Nazi war criminals” as of April this year. The Wiesenthal Centre, a worldwide Jewish rights organisation, and a British tabloid, The Sun, highlighted the case against him last year after the suspect, who is reportedly in his late 90s, was found living in Hungary in 2011. (Excerpt from CNN)

General condemns Uganda ‘monarchy’


enegade Ugandan army General David Sejusa has accused President Yoweri Museveni of creating a “political monarchy” to hang on to power. In his first interview since he fled to the UK last month, the four-star general told the BBC that Museveni’s plans should be opposed. General Sejusa fled after claiming that Museveni was

grooming his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed him. The government has repeatedly denied any such plan. Museveni has been in power since 1986, and elections are due in 2016. The security forces last month raided the offices of two newspapers which published a confidential letter by General Sejusa, calling for an investigation into al-

legations of a plot “to assassinate people who disagree with this so-called family project of holding onto power in perpetuity”. General Sejusa told BBC Focus on Africa that Museveni was ruling over a “decadent system” and “playing God” in Uganda. “Who gave Mr Museveni the right to rule over us forever?” he asked. (Excerpt from

BBC News)


wednesday, june 19, 2013



governors announce TT wasting natural resources AfDB bank’s return to Abidjan P T

lanning Minister Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie says TT is one of the most inefficient countries in the world when it comes to managing natural resources. Speaking to reporters after attending a sustainability seminar hosted by the Trade and Economic Development Unit of the University of the West Indies at Paria Suites, La Romaine, Tewarie said citizens do not seem to

care about conserving energy. “The use of energy is inefficient. We have a lot of energy and we take it for granted,” he said, adding that from research done by the Planning Ministry, there is a lot of wastage of natural resources. “In countries where you don’t have energy, you have to save a lot. We have to manage the use of energy in a strategic way. “In TT, people really do

not care how they use the energy. Electricity is cheap, energy is cheap, and therefore people think we can be careless about how we use it. That is part of the reason why we have so much wastage.” Tewarie said conserving energy was a major factor in competitiveness. “It also requires us to be much more innovative in the way we conserve energy so that we can have more energy for export. (Trinidad Guardian)

he Boards of Governors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and of the African Development Fund (ADF) announced the return of the AfDB to its headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, during the Bank’s Annual Meetings held in Marrakech (Morocco) in May. This decision follows the approval of the road-

map prepared by the bank’s management for the return of the institution to Côte d’Ivoire. The board of directors of the AfDB Group had instructed its management during the Annual Meetings held in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2012 to prepare a roadmap for a well-planned and organised return of the bank to its headquarters. It said the roadmap should guaran-

tee the institution’s stability, business continuity, and the well-being of staff and their families. Consenting to the roadmap, the AfDB’s Advisory Committee of Governors, meeting in Tokyo, Japan, in October 2012, recommended its approval by the board of governors, thus opening the way for the return to Abidjan. (Africa News)


Huawei says Ascend P6 is North America Chrysler agrees to recall 2.7M world’s “slimmest” smartphone uawei has unveiled comparing it to a “steam- manufacturers rapidly imJeeps after initially refusing what is says is the rollered iPhone”, but said its prove their ability to make


hrysler has agreed to recall 2.7 million Jeeps that could be at risk of fuel tank fires, after initially refusing a government request to do so. The company said it had resolved its differences with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The recall affects Jeep Grand Cherokees from 1993-2004 and Jeep Liberty from 2002-07. Chrysler maintains that the vehicles are not defective, but said it regards safety as a “paramount concern”. “As a result of the agreement [with the NHTSA], Chrysler Group

will conduct a voluntary campaign with respect to the vehicles in question that, in addition to a visual inspection of the vehicle will, if necessary, provide an upgrade to the rear structure of the vehicle to better manage crash forces in low-speed impacts,” the company said. (BBC News)



world’s thinnest smartphone. The Androidbased Ascend P6 is 6.18 millimetres (0.24 of an inch) thick and is also unusual in that it has a five megapixel front camera for “high quality” self-portraits. The Chinese firm has said it expects the handset to do “miracles” for its brand. One analyst praised its design,

lack of support for 4G networks might limit sales. “It’s undoubtedly the most impressive phone that Huawei have launched to date in terms of the design, the materials used and its quality,” said Ben Wood, director of research at consultancy CCS Insight, who was at the London launch. “We’ve seen mainland Chinese

competitive devices over the last 18 months and this is possibly the best so far. But its 3G status means there has undoubtedly been a trade-off to get it as thin and cheap as possible.” Huawei says it designed one of the slimmest and narrowest circuit boards in the industry to squeeze the electronics into the new handset. (BBC News)

Middle East

UK charges ex-UBS trader Dubai seeks to become Hayes in Libor investigation global fashion hub by 2020


ritain’s fraud prosecutor on Tuesday charged former UBS and Citigroup trader Tom Hayes with eight counts of conspiracy to defraud as it laid the groundwork for what could be the first Libor trial. Hayes, 33, was arrested by London police and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) last December as part of a global investigation, spanning North America, Europe and Japan, into the manipulation of benchmark inter-

est rates. Libor, the London interbank offered rate, is a crucial benchmark affecting hundreds of trillions of dollars of mortgages and other loans worldwide. So far, U.S. and UK regulators have fined three banks, including Switzerland’s UBS, a total US$2.6 billion for their role in the scandal. The UK criminal charges will allow the SFO to stake a jurisdictional claim on Hayes, a Briton who has faced possible extradition

Market statistics

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Bank of Guyana


Fixed as at June 18, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity





















Indicators as on June 18, 2013 Live Spot Gold


USD Per Once











London Gold Fix AM 1378.50 880.32 1030.35 AM 1386.00 881.79 1038.59


he General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai has signed an agreement with Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA) to create and develop Dubai as a fashion hub. The Dubai Fashion 2020 strategic plan will support Dubai’s and the wider region’s design and fashion industry and will be closely aligned to the recently announced Dubai Design District project.

A statement issued by both companies said Dubai Fashion 2020 would have a “significant impact on employment across the value chain such as manufacturing, retail and design”. “It will also engage local designers in the creation of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands, as well as attracting investment from global institutions in this industry,” the statement added. In addition to positioning Dubai as a hub for the

fashion and design industries that can compete on the global stage, the strategic plan aims to increase the role of contemporary regional fashion, Islamic fashion as well as identifying opportunities for marketing to the specific needs of the regional and global markets. Dubai Fashion 2020 also aims to offer development and training programmes, and support with the hosting of fashion events, the statement said. (Arabianbusiness)

Investors' guide

Cambio Rates


since being charged by U.S. prosecutors last year. One day after his arrest on December 11, 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice lodged sealed charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and an antitrust violation against Hayes. The SFO on Tuesday said Hayes would appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London at 10:00h (05:00h ET) on Thursday, where his charges will be detailed and read out in open court. (Reuters)

Crude Oil Price Silver Platinum

US$ per barrel

Change %



USD per Ounce

Change %


-0.16 +8.00


PM 1366.75 876.07 1020.80 PM 1384.75 879.77 1037.97

Projecting start-up costs for a business (continued from Tuesday)

Utility bills

Depending on the size of your office and the needs of your staff, utility bills can be a huge weight on your bottom line. This includes water, electricity, phone and Internet fees. Some companies have allowed more experienced staff members to work from home several days a week in order to cut utility bills. Many entrepreneurs with foresight will design green workplaces in order to reduce energy costs from the start. Use energy-saving bulbs and water-saving faucets to reduce your bills. Encourage your staff

to adopt a paperless workplace, keeping all your records digitally and backed up across several servers.

Employee payroll

Take a careful tally of the number of required positions to keep your company operational. Who are the most essential employees? Can several positions be combined into one to be more cost effective? Research other companies in your industry to find the average pay, and advertise your jobs with competitive rates to attract top talent.

Inventory costs

If your business requires an inventory of products, then you will have to make a substantial payment to stock your inventory. Calculate the amount of goods you must keep in stock, and research several potential supply partners to find the best deal. If the products are perishable, then you should be conservative with your initial estimates to avoid waste. Companies with over-sized inventories are often considered to be troubled and flirting with financial disaster, and can discourage your investors. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Infrastructure


Changes: +138.38

% Change: +0.91

Open: 15186.30

High: 15340.09

Low: 15186.30

% YTD: +16.90

52Wk Hi: 15398.48

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09

Basic and usually permanent framework which supports a superstructure and is supported by a substructure. Relatively permanent and foundational capital investment of a country, firm, or project that underlies and makes possible all its economic activity. It includes administrative, telecommunications, transportation, utilities, and waste removal and processing facilities.



wednesday, june 19, 2013 |

Local govt minister Guyana, Rwanda share fulfils promise to experiences to improve solid Region One students waste, forest management


t the invitation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a team from Guyana headed by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud is currently participating in the “Rwanda Mission Convention”, which was organised by the UN body. Minister Persaud and the Guyana team, which includes Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Permanent Secretary Joslyn McKenzie; Protected

Former CDC Chairman Johnny Phillips receives the outboard engine and other supplies from Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ganga Persaud


he student population of Arakaka, Region One, is set to benefit from the donation of an outboard engine from the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry. The 150-horsepower Yamaha boat engine along with a fuel tank, hoses, and other supplementary supplies were formally presented to former Arakaka Community Development Council Chairman,

Johnny Phillips by Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ganga Persaud. The minister said the decision was made after a recent visit to the riverine area during a ministerial outreach. It was during this visit that a teacher, on the students’ behalf, requested that an engine be made available to ease the woes of students who had to paddle to and from school, along the

Barima River. Minister Persaud had promised to render any assistance that was possible through the ministry. The $700,000 donation was gratefully accepted by Phillips, who said that the entire community would benefit, and it would greatly enhance the speed at which students would be able to access their classes to benefit from the education being offered.


54-year-old man is now dead and another in custody following a hit-and-run accident in Bushy Park, West Demerara. Guyana Police Force Public Relations Officer Ivelaw Whittaker said the body of Alister Livingstone of Lot 8 Pump Station Street, Farm, East Bank Essequibo was discovered on the Bushy Park Public Road about 22:20h on Monday. Investigations have led to the arrest of a hire car driver at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara on Tuesday. His vehicle was also detained. Speaking to Guyana Times, his common-law wife of 28 years Vashtie August said she got the shocking news

The front of the hire car involved in the accident

about 21:30h on Monday. “Last night, I heard a knocking on the door, so I thought it was him, but it was our son. He said mommy, put on your clothes, I have something to tell you,” the woman recalled. The couple’s only son, Travis Livingstone, 26, sub-

sequently broke the devastating news that his father was killed while riding his cycle. His body was removed from the scene and taken to the Leonora Public Hospital. “When I go fuh see him, he was just there lying down on the tray with a big puncture to he head, his feet bro-

its now emerging mining sector. The possibilities of sharing mining technologies and other support were also explored. Notably, Rwanda’s progress in managing solid waste and enforcement of environmental regulations and even the banning of non-biodegradable materials were high on the agenda. In addition, the Guyana team paid respects to the victims of the 1994 genocide at the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Centre.

GPL working to fix Essequibo power woes


he Guyana Power and Light (GPL) office on the Essequibo Coast is working to restore a stable electricity supply in Region Two after almost 48 hours of repeatedly power outages, the regional chairman, Parmanand Persaud said. He explained the constant power outages have been caused by the malfunctioning of the automatic volt control at the GPL power station. The chairman said the power

Man dies in Bushy Park hit-and-run accident

Dead: Alister Livingstone

Areas Commission Deputy Commissioner Denise Fraser; E-Government Guyana Project Manager Alexei Ramotar; and UNDP Resident Representative/ UN Resident Coordinator Khadija Musa, held discussions with Rwandan Natural Resources Minister Stanislas Kamanzi. Discussions were centred on Rwanda’s efforts to deal with the issue of solid waste management and sustainable forest management, as well as support for Rwanda in developing

ken, his ribs broken, man my husband was badly damaged... like the vehicle drag he a good way and just left him there,” August said as she broke down in tears. “My husband ain’t deserve this death man, he was a nice person, people would come and ask him to borrow money and if he had to give his last cent, he did,” she added. After viewing his mangled body at the hospital, August and her son along with other relatives journeyed to the scene of the accident, some 2.5 miles away from their residence. At the scene, one of Livingstone’s boots and parts of his phone were noticed. The car’s number plate was also discovered on the scene and handed over to the police. The driver of the car, HB 3555, when contacted by the family, denied ever hitting Livingstone. Livingstone was last seen by his wife and son around 5:30h on Monday morning. He had left his family to journey to Parika to see one of his sisters who was slated to depart for the Essequibo Coast at 11:00h. He was expected home around 21:00h. Livingstone leaves to mourn his wife, children, relatives and friends.

company is currently using a manual control system and there are some problems in the north/ south feeder. The company is presently rectifying the problems, so that there can be a smooth flow of electricity on the coast. Residents are becoming irritable over the entire situation. The lack of electricity in almost every village has resulted in businesses losing thousands of dollars. Residents who made con-

tact with this newspaper said GPL’s move to turn the power off on the entire Essequibo Coast for the past two days without an explanation or notice is unreasonable. They said many of their household appliances are usually left on and have begun to suffer damage with the frequent blackouts. Residents are calling for the power company to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Accused rapist set free by Berbice High Court

Accused rapist Guru Jagnarine


Corentyne pharmacist who was charged for raping his former employee had his case discharged in the Berbice High Court on Tuesday. Guru Jagnarine, a pharmacist of Rose Hall Town, was accused of raping a woman who worked at his pharmacy, indecent assault and abduction with intent to wrongfully confine. State Prosecutor Diana Kaulesar told the court that all three acts were carried out between April 17 and May 31, 2003. The woman was not pres-

ent in court, forcing Justice Dawn Gregory-Barns to instruct the jury to return a formal verdict of not-guilty. “It is a very serious matter. It remains an allegation. You are discharged,” she told Jagnarine. The prosecution’s case was that Jagnarine was in the habit of making advances to the virtual complainant (VC) and after it became overbearing, she left the job and sought employment elsewhere. On April 17, while she was walking along the Corentyne Public Road, Jagnarine who was allegedly carrying a gun at the time, pulled up alongside her in a car. He demanded that she enter the vehicle and took her to his home where she remained for the next six weeks against her will. During that period, she was repeatedly raped. The prosecution is contending that the VC had to use a potty and bathe in a sink during that period. On May 31, while Jagnarine was out, she made good her escape and reported the matter to police. Jagnarine was placed on $1 million bail while he awaited trial.


wednesday, june 19, 2013

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Things are changing for the better, and it looks like you’re going to get all the help you need for a critical project that you were worried you’d have to tackle alone.


(June 21July 22) Some confidential information from an unexpected source could come your way. However, there’s a chance you might not give it the proper importance. Don’t be afraid to act on it!



(Jan. 20Feb. 19)

(July 23Aug. 22)

That tingle you feel in your chest could be a direct hit from one of Cupid’s arrows. Things could get rather interesting for you in the romance department.

Calvin and Hobbes


PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Don’t stop being hopeful regarding the outcome of an important event. Things are getting back on course, and you’re likely to start getting the results you desire.

The impression you make on friends today is likely to be so good, everyone will have a feeling that they should be doing something special for you. Don’t be surprised if one or two do.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) You should be exceptionally lucky in terms of fulfilling your chosen goals. Take this golden opportunity to focus on your biggest and most ambitious objectives.





(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

You’ll be particularly good at most anything you take on today. It doesn’t matter if you want to promote, build, purchase or sell something – shoot for the big time.

You’re likely to learn something important when trying to teach another. It behoves you to be nice to those who ask for help, and to pay attention to your work.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Yesterday you were likely to be better at handling small transactions than large endeavours. Conditions are reversed today, however, so think big.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Greater returns than what you would normally expect are possible from a sideline endeavour. Review what happens to see what future opportunities exist.

Tuesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) Some exciting news is making the rounds among your friends. The buzz is likely to be about you and some exciting, significant development that you’re involved in.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) You tend to take on the vibes of your associates. If you hang out with someone who you feel is always lucky, his or her fortune could rub off onto you.

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Guyana, TT in talks over CAL airfare hike

wednesday, june 19, 2013


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n light of the recent hike in Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) airfares, the Guyana and Trinidad tourism ministries are currently engaged in discussions to iron out the issue. Recently, the local Tourism Ministry had issued a statement expressing disappointment with the recent increases in ticket prices. In the release to the media, Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali had said that the government is extremely dissatisfied with the random increases in prices for tickets. He noted too that CAL’s position in the Guyana market should have been looked at from a responsible corporate perspective and not

as an opportunity to collect profits as a result of the high demand in the Guyana market. Subsequent to this, Guyana Times sought a telephone interview with Caribbean Airlines communications head, Clint Williams who explained that low fares are always available but it is simply a matter of booking early. He explained that the summer period is always peak season and by this time, most of the low fares are booked well in advance, so persons who wish to travel now are finding it difficult to secure reasonable prices. “With such demands, it’s difficult to get low airfares,” he stressed.

Williams also said fares depend on persons’ destinations as well. He noted that persons who would have booked their tickets from last year or early this year are currently travelling at low prices. Williams said CAL had been urging persons to book their tickets early, since this is a frequent dilemma. He disclosed that securing low airfares is not only a problem being faced by Guyanese but nationals. He said CAL always has its customers’ interest at heart. Caribbean Airlines had taken up the slack and added flights since the exit of EZjet last year and Delta earlier this year.

GT&T worker killed in Mabura accident


ne Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) employee is dead and two others are critical after they were involved in an accident on the Mabura trail between 10:00h and 11:00h on Tuesday. The dead man was identified as 26-year-old Trevon Morris of D Field, Sophia, Georgetown, and the two injured men are Jermaine Prince, the driver of the vehicle in which the men were travelling, and Lawrence Harris. Guyana Times understands that the men were on their way to Lethem on a business trip when the accident occurred; however, details are still sketchy. The two injured men were airlifted to Ogle International Airport around 16:00h and then rushed to a private hospital in Georgetown. Lawrence and Prince, full-time GT&T employees, were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and are in stable condition. They received severe inju-

Trevon Morris

ries about their bodies but are gradually improving, a hospital source said. Meanwhile, Morris, a contractor attached to the phone company, died on the spot. His body is currently at the Linden Hospital Complex. When this publication visited the home of an aunt of Morris, family members and friends were gathered to mourn his death. Morris’s mother was too distraught to talk, but other relatives disclosed

that the man was last seen around 04:30h on Tuesday morning before he left to go on the trip. Morris had been working at the phone company, where his mother and aunt have also worked for some three years. This publication was told that this is the first time he took such a trip. Morris was described as a friendly and hardworking person. His aunt reminisced that he always had a smile on his face. “Before you see him, you always see his white teeth,” she recalled. He leaves to mourn his two children, mother, and three siblings. In a release, the telecommunications company expressed its regret at the death of a staffer, while offering best wishes for the speedy recovery of the other two men. “GT&T extends deepest condolences to the family of Morris and will ensure the injured staffs are given every available medical support to aid recovery,” the release stated.

18-year-old refused bail for discharging loaded firearm


n 18-year-old was arraigned on a charge of discharging a loaded firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday. Taudry Murray, of South Ruimveldt, did not have to plead to the indictable charge which states that on April 19 at Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm at Desmond Marcus. According to reports at 12:30h on the day in question, the virtual complainant was operating a Route 41 minibus in which the accused was a passenger. A group of persons requested

a particular stop in South Ruimveldt and the accused offered to pay for one of them, but when he got to his destination and the driver asked for his payment, he responded nastily. The exchange was followed by the defendant pulling out the firearm and an altercation ensued. The matter was reported, and the defendant was arrested on June 14 at Imbaimadai after which he was brought to Georgetown. The teen was represented by Attorney Adrian Thompson who stated that his client is employed in the interior, has no pending matters, and has been in police custody since last Wednesday. According to Thompson, the police took

his client in the wee hours of the morning and asked him to sign a document even when there was no evidence against Murray. The lawyer further stated in his application for bail that Murray has a clean record, is not a flight risk, and is even willing to lodge his passport. The prosecution objected to bail, citing the seriousness of the offence and that the accused is a flight risk. He stated that if it was not for the diligence of the police in another district, the accused would not be in court. Bail was refused by the chief magistrate and the matter is adjourned until June 27.


wednESday, june 19, 2013

Amla memories make Cook sweat S

outh Africa at The Oval, with Hashim Amla in the line up: it’s a thought to make even Alastair Cook sweat.

tion they were hosting. But England have won their last two encounters in global 50-over tournaments ─ in Centurion and

Graeme Swann

Go back further and the ground played host to a onesided thrashing during the 1999 World Cup, the defeat so damaging in terms of net run rate that it went a long way to seeing England knocked out of the competi-

Chennai ─ and will take comfort from South Africa’s return to The Oval for an ODI last summer. Amla made 268 runs fewer than the 311 he amassed in the first Test, and was removed by no less a bowler than Jade Dernbach,

before Jonathan Trott’s patient half-century was followed by a brisker one from Eoin Morgan in a four-wicket win. Sounds like a good formula, doesn’t it? That the series finished 2-2 suggests these teams are reasonably well matched. Both have experienced a few malfunctions in progressing to the knockout stage. England, one-time hot favourites, have cooled like a custard left in the kitchen, their much-documented penchant for platform-building lampooned in various quarters. Wear and tear to Graeme Swann ─ though James Tredwell has proven an able deputy ─ and the bowlers’ inability to defend 293 against Sri Lanka mean they have long been usurped by India as frontrunners. AB de Villiers, meanwhile, has had to contend with injuries to his two strike bowlers, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel ─ the latter tournament-ending ─ plus familiar jiggery pokery with Duckworth-Lewis (though this time it came to South Africa’s aid). A sole group win over a hapless Pakistan is not the sort of form to fill opponents with dread, nor is a record in 50-over knockout competition that boasts just one appearance in a final, 15 years ago. At least they can take comfort in the knowledge that this match is un-

against India, before a muchimproved display gave them an all-important win over Pakistan. Steyn was the difference against West Indies but, on another night, Ryan McLaren’s three overs for 34 might have sent South Africa out of the competition. Bowling to England’s more orthodox batsmen could mitigate against similar trauma.

Team news

Hashim Amla

likely to go the way of their 1992 World Cup semi-final against England. At last year’s World Twenty20, de Villiers was able to utter the word “choke” and not be immediately carted off. On this occasion, however, it is perhaps England who are more likely to be dragged down by an albatross around their necks. They have never won an ICC 50-over event and this may still be their best chance. Cook’s men can’t afford any more mistakes. England’s lower middleorder has generally failed to live up to its billing in this tournament, a couple of Ravi

Clarke’s Ashes squad fragmented – strong show of unity needed


ven if some of the more scurrilous rumours abounding from within the Australian cricket team are discounted, it is impossible to escape the symbolism of their current disposition. Day one of the tourists’ Ashes campaign ended the same way it began, with the 16 chosen squad members and their shadows dispersed across the United Kingdom. Whether by accident or design, this is more a fragmented front than a united one. The majority, marshalled by the tour vicecaptain Brad Haddin, have assembled in Bristol, where Australia A will play a three-day match against Gloucestershire from Friday. But the captain, Michael Clarke, along with Shane Watson, David Warner, Mitchell Starc and James Faulkner remain at the team hotel in London, where they will train this week in low profile sessions destined to serve primarily as an elongated fitness test for Clarke’s back. On Wednesday they will be joined by the opener and Middlesex captain Chris Rogers, now excused from his county duties and readying himself for a final tilt at international recognition. Champions Trophy squad members not required for

Michael Clarke (left) and David Warner have already had to deal with several issues after just three weeks in England

the Ashes will drift away in dribs and drabs, some like Adam Voges and Glenn Maxwell contracted for English Twenty20 japes, others like George Bailey and Nathan CoulterNile heading back to the Australian winter. Then there is Ed Cowan, still in Nottingham on county secondment, and not likely to join his Australia colleagues until Monday in Taunton, dubbed the “official” starting point of the Ashes tour. All these players are eager to prepare for the Ashes. Save for Rogers and perhaps Cowan, all are in urgent need of strong first-class grounding for the battles to come, for confidence as much as familiarity with the Dukes ball and occa-

sionally capricious English pitches. And all would wish to distance themselves from the horrid start to the tour, featuring as it has an injured, absentee captain, a timid first encounter with England, a drunken punch thrown by a foolish opening batsman, and a group quite happy to go out on the town until the small hours immediately after a bad defeat. Problems on the field, off the field and in the spaces between will not repair themselves. Whatever has been said publicly by Clarke, Warner, Bailey and others, this is a team in desperate need of time together under firm leadership, to heal the ructions apparent over the past two weeks, and to re-focus on the steep task

at hand. Early Champions Trophy elimination had afforded the team on tour a chance to assemble a week earlier than planned but it does not appear one that will be taken up. Though this can mainly be attributed to reasons of back-related convalescence, Clarke has so far spent more time away from most of his team than he has done with them. The importance of a tour’s early days to establish standards of behaviour and performance has been stressed by many, including the former England captain Michael Atherton. In this case there was an unmistakable sense of ‘while the cat’s away...’ about the drinking transgressions in Birmingham. (Cricinfo)

Bopara cameos aside. While Cook, Ian Bell and Trott have been assiduously accumulating ─ and are accordingly England’s three leading scorers ─ Morgan and Jos Buttler have 51 runs, from 50 balls, between them. Cook has hit twice as many sixes (2) as both put together. The bang-to-buck ratio has been kept respectable by Bopara’s death hitting but another failure to launch could be costly. Much may rest on Steyn individually but it is South Africa’s bowlers as a group that will be under the microscope. The injured Morkel aside, they went missing

Cook said that Swann’s calf problem means he won’t be risked unless 100 per cent, as England keep an eye on challenges ahead. Tim Bresnan didn’t train at The Oval on Tuesday, having left to visit his pregnant wife, now a couple of weeks overdue. He is likely to be replaced in the XI by Steven Finn, who has risen to number 2 in the ODI bowler rankings despite having yet to feature in the tournament. Steyn has a “good chance” of being fit, according to de Villiers, despite a groin problem that has superseded his previous side strain. Rory Kleinveldt or Aaron Phangiso are the likely back-up options, depending on the pitch, while Farhaan Behardien could be brought in to strengthen the batting, giving JP Duminy’s offspin more of a role. South Africa have used three different number three in the tournament so far and further experimentation can’t be ruled out. (Cricinfo)

French football star’s trial for soliciting minor adjourned


he trial of French footballers Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema on charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute has been adjourned in Paris. After the opening, the judge agreed with defence lawyers that another court must first consider whether the law was too vague to be applicable. Both stars deny the allegations, and the girl involved has said neither player knew she was not 18 at the time. Zahia Dehar, now 21, is a household name who has her own fashion label. Under French law, paid sex with someone under the age of 18 is regarded as sex with a minor ─ punishable by three years in prison and a 45,000-euro fine (£38,600). Six other people have been charged over the affair, which broke before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Some of them are accused of “aggravated pimping”.

Prostitution ring

Ribery and Benzema were not present at the short session in the Paris court. Defence lawyers for the two footballers had challenged the legal basis for the charges against their clients and the judge later agreed. The case was then adjourned until January. Ribery, a Bayern Munich midfielder, escaped his childhood deprivation in northern France to become

one of Europe’s highestpaid footballing stars, the BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris reports. He cultivated a wholesome image as a family man, married to his childhood sweetheart, and also as an observant convert to Islam, our correspondent adds. But in 2010, he and Benzema, a Real Madrid star, were arrested as part of an investigation into a Paris prostitution ring. Ribery has since admitted he had sex with Algerian-born Zahia Dehar in Munich in 2009, when she was aged 17.


The footballer maintains the 700 euros he paid her, covered transport, hotel and food costs. Dehar said it was his 26th birthday present to himself. Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema is alleged to have met Dahar in 2008 in a Champs Elysee nightclub and to have taken her back to his hotel where he paid 500 euros to sleep with her. He denies there was any encounter. In France, the age for consenting sex is 15, but soliciting a prostitute under 18 is a crime. Dehar told investigators that neither footballer had known her real age ─ because she had lied to them. The state prosecutor had asked for the case to be dropped in November 2009, but the investigating judge said Dehar looked so young that they must have known.

wednESday, june 19, 2013


Venus Williams to miss Classy Spain Wimbledon due to injury retain U-21 title



hiago Alcantara scored a first-half hat-trick as Spain outclassed Italy to retain the European Under-21 Championship on Tuesday. The Spanish captain was left unmarked to head in early on before Ciro Immobile scored a wonderful equaliser from Giulio Donati’s pass. Thiago restored the lead with a crisp shot and added a third from the spot. In a flat second half, Isco’s penalty sealed the win before Fabio Borini added a late consolation for Italy. Spain’s under-21 team has now matched its senior and Under-19s sides in winning consecutive European Championships and the performance of this group in Israel suggests the future is well mapped out. This was the country’s fourth triumph at this level and Malaga midfielder Isco, who is reported to be considering a move to Real Madrid or Manchester City and has been a shining light in this tournament, was once again involved in some of Spain’s best passages of play. The 21-year-old was eclipsed by his skipper on this occasion, but he played his part in the sixth-minute opener when he fed Alvaro

Thiago Alcantara

Morata, whose cross was met by Barcelona midfielder Thiago with a thumping header. The lead lasted just four minutes as Immobile scored his first goal of the tournament in superb fashion, collecting Donati’s floated through ball before lobbing David De Gea. It was the first goal Spain have conceded in Israel and marked a thrilling opening to the game in Jerusalem. But ‘La Roja’ reached the final unbeaten with the type of quick passing and fluid movement expected of the senior side, and it was not long before Italy were under pressure again as Morata and Alberto Moreno tested goalkeeper Francesco Bardi. Alessandro Florenzi drew a save from De Gea

at the other end but Thiago grabbed his and Spain’s second when he was picked out by Koke’s well-flighted pass. Italian-born Thiago, whose Brazilian father Mazinho won the 1994 World Cup, then put the game beyond Italy’s reach when he drilled in from the spot after Cristian Tello was brought down by Donati. Italy ─ who have won this tournament a record five times ─ struggled to respond, such was their opponents’ dominance of possession. And although Borini added a second Italian goal 10 minutes from time, by then Isco had scored another Spain penalty, his third goal of the tournament making the Liverpool striker’s late response academic. (BBC Sport)

ive-time singles champion Venus Williams has been forced to pull out of Wimbledon, which begins on Monday, because of a back injury. Williams, 33, struggled with the problem during the clay-court season and has not played since pulling out of the doubles at the French Open. “I will not be able to participate in Wimbledon,” she wrote on Facebook.  “I am extremely disappointed as I have always loved The Championships. I need to take time to let my back heal.” Former world number one Williams has not missed the tournament since making her debut in 1997, with her singles victories coming in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008. The American has become increasingly injury prone in recent years, as well as suffering with the auto-immune disease Sjogren’s syndrome. She had been enjoying a decent season until the back problem occurred, reaching two semi-finals on the WTA Tour and climbing back up to 34 in the rankings. “I look forward to returning to the courts as soon as possible, with my goal being to return to Mylan World

Venus Williams

Team Tennis on July 8 in Washington DC,” she added. “Many thanks to my fans for the love and support and I will be seeing you very soon back on the courts.” Williams complained of back problems after her first round defeat at the French Open by Poland’s Urszula Radwanska last month, then cited the injury when she and her sister Serena went on to pull out of the doubles competition. The pair are the defending doubles champions at the All England Club, having claimed their fifth title with a 7-5 6-4 victory

over the Czech Republic’s Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka. Williams was less successful in the singles event last year, losing 6-1 6-3 to Russian Elena Vesnina. World number one Serena Williams, 31, is seeking her sixth Wimbledon singles title and 17th Grand Slam in all. The French Open champion is currently on a 31-match winning run, the longest single-season streak on the women’s tour since Venus put together a 35-match run in 2000. (BBC


Australia, Iran and South Korea qualify for 2014 World Cup


ustralia, Iran and South Korea have all qualified for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The Socceroos sealed a place in their third consecutive World Cup with a 1-0 win over Iraq in Sydney to finish second behind Asian Football Confederation Group B win-

ners Japan. Reza Ghoochannejad’s winner allowed Iran to beat South Korea 1-0 and top Group A with both countries qualifying. The result meant South Korea stayed ahead of Uzbekistan on goal difference. Uzbekistan’s 5-1 victo-

ry over Qatar moved them to within one goal of South Korea, but the result was not enough to overtake them. Earlier, substitute Josh Kennedy’s header with six minutes remaining was enough to book Australia’s fourth appearance at the World Cup.

Kennedy, who had replaced Everton’s Tim Cahill on 77 minutes, rose unchallenged to head Mark Bresciano’s cross beyond goalkeeper Noor Sabri. Japan had already won Asian Group B to qualify when they drew 1-1 with Australia on June 4.

With Oman not kicking off against Jordan until after the end of the match in Sydney, the Socceroos knew that a point would ensure qualification for the tournament in Brazil, which starts on June 12, 2014. Cahill had failed to hit the target from three chanc-

es and looked unhappy when replaced with Kennedy by Socceroos coach Holger Osiek. But the striker, who plays for Nagoya Grampus in Japan’s J League, settled the nerves of the crowd of 80,000 to send his country through to their fourth World Cup finals.

(BBC Sport)

Home run firing Brazil belief T

here are some very good reasons why Brazil and their fans have every right to be confident going into their second FIFA Confederations Cup match against Mexico in Fortaleza today ─ 30 of them in fact. That is the number of games A Seleção have gone unbeaten on home soil, a run that stretches all the way back to August 21, 2002, when Paraguay won 1-0, also in Fortaleza, in what was Luiz Felipe Scolari’s last game in his first spell in charge of the national side. The sequence is made up of nine draws and 21 victories, the latest of them last Saturday’s emphatic 3-0 defeat of Japan. In that time the Brazilians – making light of the burden of expectation that is always placed on them when they play at home – have scored 72 goals, an average of 2.4 per game, and conceded 18, a mere 0.6 per match. “It shows how strong we are here, even with the pressure that’s on us,

which is only to be expected,” striker Fred told “Quite apart from those stats, what’s surprised us more than anything is the support we’ve had from the fans. Obviously that all depends on how we perform on the pitch, but we hope to carry on winning so that we can keep the run going and, most importantly of all, keep the fans on our side.” A Seleção have faced some stiff tests during that impressive unbeaten run, taking on their biggest South American rivals Argentina and Uruguay four and two times respectively, while also lining up against the Netherlands, Portugal and, in recent weeks, England and France. All of which begs a simple question: why have there been so many doubts about the team of late? Surprisingly for someone who has just started making his way at senior level, 21-year-old midfielder Oscar has a convincing

Brazil will be looking to extend their winning streak

answer. “Brazil haven’t been winning titles lately and that’s put a little bit of pressure on us,” he told “But we’ve always been very strong at home, as the statistics show.” That strength was clear

for all to see at the Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha in Brasilia on Saturday. Urged on by a capacity crowd, Brazil lifted the tension just three minutes in, thanks to Neymar’s spectacular strike. Goals do not always

come so early, however, and regardless of Brazil’s superb home record, the patience of players and fans alike could well be tested should future opponents prove harder to break down. “There were certain

stages of the game when we held off a little, and maybe the fans didn’t understand that, though they were really important for us in that opening match,” said midfielder Paulinho. “Their support is so important for us. You could see that in Brasilia. We have to do our job and we’re winning the fans over little by little. We need to work as hard as we can to get the Brazilian people right behind us.” Scolari’s men have succeeded in doing that so far and will hope to strengthen their bond with the supporters further in Fortaleza and then in their final group game against Italy in Salvador. As a smiling David Luiz told, however, the players are looking much further ahead: “We want it to continue, don’t we? We want to keep the run going and make sure it isn’t broken. After all, we’ve got the Confederations Cup this year and the World Cup next.” (FIFA)


wednesday, june 19, 2013

“Teach Them Young” BVA to stage annual cycling starts July 8 competition on Sunday

Flashback! National cycling coach Hassan Mohamed with the youngest participant of last year’s programme, four-year-old Treiston Duncan (An Avenash Ramzan file photo) By Avenash Ramzan


he annual “Teach Them Young” cycling programme will commence on July 8 at the inner circuit of the National Park for youths to learn the rudiments of cycling. Dubbed the nursery for cycling in Guyana, the eight-week programme, now in its 37th year, will conclude on August 30. National coach Hassan Mohamed was at the helm when the programme was initiated by the National Sports Commission in 1977, and in 2013 he will again be at the National Park to administer the basics of the sport to the youngsters. Sessions will be held on Mondays to Fridays from 09:00h to 11:30 hours, and according to Mohamed, the participants will be given an introductory course on cycling, which will involve

both theory and practical. “I’m expecting a very good turnout again this year because a lot of parents have been enquiring about the programme. This programme is absolutely free so I’m encouraging youngsters out there to come and be part of it,” Mohamed said during an exclusive interview with this publication. Last year’s “Teach Them Young” programme attracted 40 riders with the youngest being four-year-old Treiston Duncan, who was presented with a BMX cycle at the conclusion. According to Mohamed, youngsters desirous of attending the sessions can just turn up at the venue during the programme or register by calling his office on 226-0703. Participants are not required to pay an entrance fee to attend the pro-

Ignatius wins historic Sambo bronze medal for Guyana


gramme, but must be in possession of a bicycle and protective gear. In reviewing the past 36 years, Mohamed reflected that the “Teach Them Young” programme has played a significant role in helping to consistently churn out champion cyclists at all levels. “Almost all of our champion riders have passed through the “Teach Them Young” and I’m proud to say that. What this programme is doing is keeping the sport alive by bringing in new blood into the sport,” Mohamed reckoned. While the youngsters will be educated on the basics of the game, they will also be afforded an opportunity to test their skills in a competitive environment as there will be several 11-race programmes hosted during the eight weeks. The first champion to emerge from the programme in 1977 was former president of the Guyana Cycling Federation and lecturer at the University of Guyana, Hector Edwards. He was followed by Leo Ramalho, who has since ventured into the sport of rifle shooting. Some of the other notable names whose foundation came as a result of the programme were the Fiedtkou brothers – Noel and Marcus, Byron and Bertram James, Dwayne “Road Hogg” Gibbs, Godfrey Pollydore, the late Troy Humphrey, Linden Dowridge, Eric Sankar, Warren McKay, Daniel Ramchurjee, Shane Boodram, Alanzo Greaves, Geron Williams, Robin Persaud and Enzo Matthews among others.

President of the BVA, Gregory Rambarran, receives the trophies that would be up for grabs from Devi Sunich of the Trophy Stall


he Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA), in collaboration with the Trophy Stall of Bourda Market, will stage the third annual Trophy Stall volleyball competition for teams in Berbice on Sunday. The venue is the Albion Sports Complex volleyball court with action set to serve off at 09:30h. According to a release from the BVA, this year’s competition will be played on a round-robin basis and is expected to attract teams from various clubs in the ancient county. Among the participating teams are Port Mourant Training Centre, Port Mourant Jaguars, Albion Sports Complex, Falcons of Canje, Union-

coach Carwyn Holland, who formed part of the two-man Guyana contingent, for introducing him to the sport of combat Sambo, which is an intense full contact sport. Holland, the first accredited Sambo instructor in Guyana, was excited over the podium finish and said the historical medal is proof of what he was expressing recently. He had stated that Guyana can do well in the sport, which is rapidly growing and can possibly be the next Olympic sport.

ahead of Sunday’s event. Speaking at a simple ceremony at the business location, Managing Director Ramesh Sunich said he was pleased to be associated with the BVA and to assist in the promotion and development of volleyball in Berbice. He said the Trophy Stall is always willing to assist in sport development and the growth of youths, noting that this year’s donation is bigger and better than last year’s. BVA president, Gregory Rambarran, in accepting the trophies from Devi Sunich, expressed his association’s gratitude for the sponsorship and lauded Trophy Stall’s contributions to the Berbice volleyball over the years.

LTI dig deep to win crucial matchup against Mackenzie HS


efending champions Linden Technical Institute (LTI) notched a much needed win when the Linden School’s basketball tournament resumed on Monday at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) hard court. Playing against a winless

Mackenzie High School, LTI took full advantage of the team’s deficiencies to come out on top in a close win that ended 50-43. Despite a game high by Osafa Headley for Mackenzie, LTI’s all-round play with Gavin Gasper and Ian Williams scoring 12

Paul Ignatius

uyana’s representative Paul Ignatius captured a bronze medal recently at the Pan-American Sambo Championship in Panama. Guyana competed against 25 countries, including powerhouses USA, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Trinidad, Mexico and other experienced countries. However, Ignatius fought each opponent on merit before reaching the semi-final and capturing bronze on the final day. Ignatius praised his

Renaissance Sports Club of Number 53 village, Vikings of Blairmont, Three-Doors Strikers of D’Edward and the Berbice Under-19 squad. Trophies will be presented to the top three male teams and to the winner and runner-up of the female category. Prizes will also be presented to the Most Valuable Player in both categories, as well as to the best setter, best spiker, best server, best defence, best blocker and best libero. The BVA said a very high standard of volleyball is anticipated as players will also be vying for places in the BVA senior squad. Meanwhile, Trophy Stall recently sealed its sponsorship deal with the BVA

Some of the action during the New Silvercity versus LFS game

Vibert Benjamin

Selwyn Noble

points and Ron Gill with 11 points, proved to be too much for Mackenzie High School. LTI, having now played five games stands atop the points table with seven points after the win against Mackenzie High. Meanwhile in the second game of the double-header Selwyn Noble dropped a team high 25 points to carry New Silvercity Secondary to a thrilling 58-57 victory over Linden Foundation Secondary (LFS) to keep their semi-final hopes alive. Noble dominated the paint with his post game that LFS could not stop during the course of the game. Kelson Butters and

Royden Wilson also poured in points with 14 and 12 respectively to help lead New Silvercity to victory despite a scoring outburst from LFS’ Vibert Benjamin who scored a game high 36 points to be the only player in double figure for LFS. On the other hand, when games continue today Wismar Christianburg Secondary and Wisburg Secondary, both undefeated on six points apiece, will be in action. Wismar Christianburg will take on New Silvercity while Wisburg will match up against LFS in two games that can change the standings on the points table.

wednesday, june 19, 2013

Johnson and D’Andrade cop top positions in TT

Kelvin Johnson

Lionel D’Andrade

rinidad and Tobagobased distance athletes Kelvin Johnson and Lionel D’Andrade took the Trinidad Works and Infrastructure Ministry (MOWI) 5k event by storm by taking the top two places when the event concluded on Saturday at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Johnson separated himself in the final 300 metre to win the event comfortably in 15:37:00 while D’Andrade finished second in a time of 15:50:00. Trinidad’s Curtis Cox was a distant third in a time of 16:28:00. While Johnson was

grateful of adding another distance title to his name and dethroning his countryman D’Andrade, he was pleased with the improvement of his time and looks forward to running faster in future events. “With my last performance at Granny Lucess (16:23:0), I’ve definitely improved on my time by doing speed work and I am still working on my speed,” D’Andrade noted. Meanwhile, D’Andrade is expected to participate in the Butler 20k Classic today in Barbados and has a 5k event on June 22.



Rain ruins first T20 at Arnos Vale


INGSTOWN, St Vincent ─ After the second ‘Test’ had been washed out at Arnos Vale, West Indies A and Sri Lanka A returned to the ground on Tuesday in hope that the first Twenty20 would come off. But things looked bleak from the morning. St Vincent awoke to heavy rainfall that lasted for much of the first half of the day. The weather eased two hours before the game, allowing the groundstaff to mop up and get the ground ready for the 14:00h ECT start, but above, grey clouds and a consistent drizzle always threatened proceedings. It turned out to be the case after West Indies A

Rain had the final say on Tuesday in the first match

won the toss and elected to field. There was enough

time for journalists to pen that Sheldon Cottrell and

Keddy Lesporis were not selected while Sri Lanka A’s ‘Test’ team were totally overhauled into T20 mode. On the field of play, Samuel Badree delivered three balls, two of which were dots to Udara Jayasundara. Niroshan Dickwella got off the mark with a single first ball but that’s as much as he would collect. A heavy drizzle came down, quickly turning into a shower. That rain would mar the rest of the evening’s efforts to make a match under dark skies and on top of wet grass. At 16:41h Eastern Caribbean Time, Umpires Peter Nero and Joel Wilson decided a match could not be played, and abandoned the game. (WICB)

Scolari calls for calm from protesters


razil coach Luis Felipe Scolari has called for protesters to remain calm after demonstrations rocked the country during the Confederations Cup. Speaking before Brazil’s match against Mexico today, Scolari likened the problems to the 2011 riots in London, a year before the Olympics. “It is normal in a democracy to accept demonstrations and for them to be seen and heard by the government,” he said. “My wish is that they stay peaceful and democrat-


Tens of thousands of people have protested across Brazil about the high cost of the tournament and next year’s World Cup, in a country still lacking in public services. On Monday night, protesters gathered outside the Brazil squad’s hotel in Fortaleza, where their next match will take place. Further protests are expected in the city on Tuesday night and at Wednesday’s game against Mexico. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said she

is proud of the demonstrations, saying it signalled the strength of the country’s democracy. And Scolari, 64, said he did not think it would reflect badly on Brazil despite the international headlines. “I realise that the rest of the world might be talking about the protests but they may also be talking about something that is not the reality in Brazil,” he added. “Before the Olympic Games you saw a lot of protests and problems in London and England didn’t stop organising the Games.

“People didn’t stop thinking good things about England. In some situations we and the rest of the world have to understand the protesters, it is a democracy.” Chelsea and Brazil defender David Luiz and striker Hulk also said they sympathised with the demonstrators. “People are entitled to express their opinions and to protest if they are not happy,” Luiz said. “Only in this way we will see the errors and improve. Brazil has everything to grow and be a better.” (BBC Sport)

GTTA shortlists 34 for Caribbean pre-cadet championships


he Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) has shortlisted 34 players to represent Guyana at the eighth edition of the Caribbean pre-cadet table tennis championships, scheduled to start on August 10 in Guyana. The tournament, which will see the composition of under-11 and under-13 players, will see Guyana further cutting down its squad to 32. The under-11 category will include eight males and eight females while the under-13 will have the same amount in both the male and female categories. With teams like Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, The Dominican Republic, Suriname and Barbados already confirming their participation, the Guyanese players are expected to go through a rigorous training period to arrive at the best 32 players to represent the Golden Arrowhead. The team which was arrived from players who are actively involved with GTTA’s tournaments and programmes will have a chance to showcase their talents in the singles, doubles and mixed doubles categories for each category and gender. Further, the GTTA will be looking to further market the sport by inviting schools to witness the championship, along with being involved in training programmes. Meanwhile, the team

is being coached by a number of experienced coaches such as Linden Johnson, Idi Lewis, Floyd Conway, Melissa Dow, Mooniram Persaud and president of the GTTA Godfrey Munroe. Boys’ under-13: Miguel Wong, Jeremey Singh, Khalil Ninvalle, Simran

Bissu, Jordan Conway, Davonna Bess, Sandor Kanhai, , Vincent Henry, Khalid Gobin, Tyrese Jeffery, Joshua Norton, Shamar Williams and Jamal Butts. Girls’ under-13: Kristie Lopes, Pryanna Ramdhani, Davonna Bess, Brittney

Bunbury and Annabelle DeFretias. Boys’ under-11: Tyriq Saunders, Terrence Rausch, Kaysan Ninvalle, Niron Bissu, Yeudistir Persaud, Hemant Dalip,Ty Dickson, Brandon Jaikarran, Navendra Persaud, Isaiah Layne, Khalid Glasgow,

Anferee George, Sherwin Atherly. Girls: under-11: Selenas

Jackman, Nevaeh Clarkston, Abigail Martin and Charlia Webb.

wEDNESday, june 19, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Sri Lanka 253-8 (Jayawardene 84*, Thirimanne 57, Johnson 3-48) beat Australia 233 (Voges 49, Kulasekara 3-42) by 20 runs

Grenada’s PM Mitchell calls for sporting academies in the OECS


renada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell wants to see the establishment of sporting academies across the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), to nurture the rich sporting talent which abounds. The former Grenada cricket captain and ardent supporter of West Indies Cricket, is also calling for more recognition to be given to the many former sporting heroes; men and women, who promoted, their countries in their heydays. Mitchell’s comments came as he addressed the 57th Meeting of the OECS Authority last week Sunday in St John’s Antigua. He is certain that many more like his countryman, World and Olympic Champion Kirani James, will be able to dominate the world, with proper sporting infrastructure at their disposal. He said, that more care and attention should be given to these budding youngsters.


“Teach Them Young” P22 cycling starts July 8

Dr Keith Mitchell

“We have to cultivate the talent we have in the region. We have not done enough. We need sub-regional sports academies that will help train and discipline our young people. They should be able to market their fame right here in the region, not always abroad as it is right now,” the prime minister told his OECS counterparts. He said, that the lack of academies has resulted in the loss of many Kirani James of the region, which he hopes the OECS, will

address. Dr Mitchell also wants the Eastern Caribbean, to pay due respect and recognition to its many former sportsmen and women, who have flown their National flags high and represented their countries with distinction in their heydays. He said that many have been cast aside and forgotten. “Let them be lifetime Ambassador to our region, and highlight their fame in regional history lessons.” The Grenada leader is saddened that many former sporting heroes have fallen by the wayside. The former Grenada cricket captain and former Caricom prime minister responsible for West Indies Cricket, wants the sub-region to do something tangible for their former heroes. He said, that recognition must be given to them because they have lifted the images of the region with their success regionally and internationally.


Campbell-Brown given provisional ban

Veronica Campbell-Brown


orld 200 metre champion Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica has been provisionally suspended from competition after a positive test for a banned substance. Campbell-Brown, 31, tested positive on May 4 for a banned diuretic. She is suspended pending her “B sample” result, the Jamaican Athletics Administrative Association said, and faces a two-year ban from athletics. Her management company said she would seek to clear her name, adding

“Veronica is not a cheat”. The banned diuretic for which she tested positive at the Jamaica Invitational meet is considered by the World Anti-Doping Agency to be a masking agent. “The Jamaican Athletics Administrative Association can now confirm that a case concerning Mrs Veronica Campbell-Brown is currently ongoing,” the governing body said. “She has been provisionally suspended from competition awaiting the outcome of a disciplinary panel that will be empanelled to hear

this case.” Campbell-Brown won 200 metre and 4x100 metre relay golds at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and retained her 200m title in Beijing four years later. She has won 16 medals for her country in world and Olympic meets and at London 2012 took bronze in the 100 metre and was a member of Jamaica’s silver medal-winning sprint relay team. The statement from her management company said the charges were “a shock to her, her loyal supporters, and many others in not just sports but also the other spheres into which she has extended herself to help”. It continued: “She has, via hard work and dedication, accomplished a record on the track which is absolutely remarkable. She remains an ardent believer in the purity of competition, the beauty of the sport and resolute in the fact that unearned suffering has redemptive qualities. “She will begin the process of clearing her name.” (BBC Sport)

Performance on U.S. trip pleases Greaves By Avenash Ramzan


ollowing a onemonth stint in the United States of America (USA), local rider Alonzo Greaves returned home on Sunday brimming with confidence, relieved and satisfied. The 23-year-old did extremely well on his third visit to the USA, chalking up three impressive victories from eight races. Greaves, who is attached to local club Roraima Bikers, won the Floyd Bennett Category 1-3 race, the Historic Riverton Criterium (Pro 1-3) event and the WS United Category One race. He also finished as runner-up in the Connecticut Criterium (Pro 1-3) race. Apart from the three top podium spots, Greaves also copped fourth in the CRCA Open Category 1-3; 12th in the Floyd Bennett Category 1-3; 18th in the Bound Brook Criterium

Pro-1 and 52nd in the Tour of Somerville Category Pro1. During an interview with Guyana Times Sport on Tuesday, Greaves expressed satisfaction at being able to outperform top riders from various parts of the globe during his fourweek stint. “It was a good performance I think because you had some very strong riders competing there. To be honest I actually surprised myself because I didn’t expect to do so well,” Greaves pointed out. The talented athlete, who finished fourth overall in the annual Independence Three-Stage meet in May, said he enjoyed the experience in North America, and is now eager to develop on what he has learnt. Greaves has already resumed training on Guyana’s roadways, and the focus at the moment is to come out victorious at the upcoming Guyana

Cycling Federation’s National Championship, which is slated for later this month. “My aim right now is to win that championship,” he emphatically stated. “For the past three years I wasn’t able to ride the way I want at the national championship. Right now I’m fit and ready and I’m confident of going all the way.” Greaves has been in tremendous form this season, winning 11 races so far in 2013. His trip to the U.S. was made possible with support from Digicel, Bounty Farm, Spads Inc, Toucan Industries, Kevin Jeffrey and family, Café Sol, Compton Persaud, Roraima Bikers Club, Linden Dowridge and George Humphrey. Greaves is grateful for the support of his sponsors, without whom the trip would not have been possi- Roraima Bikers Club rider Alonzo Greaves relaxes at the starting point ahead of one of his eight races in the USA ble, he said.

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