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Adventures of the soul: Reincarnation: by James Van Praagh Winter Issue 2015/2016


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For People who think they can’t do it

by Willows Brilliance


Psychic Lifestyles

conditions when combined with a doctor’s care. Mental advantages of meditation are just as well researched; lessened anxiety, increased concentration, faster response times, better flexibility under stress, increased memory, relaxation and better performance at work and school. Brain scans indicate changes in the brain with meditation that allows us to decide more effectively and to be happier and more enthusiastic. Many people even know a little bit about how to meditate, but just can’t seem to find the time or drive to do it consistently enough to see the benefits. Those who are the most busy, or the most frustrated with meditation actually need it the most

WHY CAN’T I MEDITATE CONSISTENTLY? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Some of the hidden barriers people have in incorporating meditation practice into their daily lives are ideas like: “I don’t have time for this. Others may, but I don’t.” “I can’t stop thinking!” “I want the fastest, most effective route to the benefits of meditation” or, “I am not doing it right.” “I know I should meditate. I keep thinking about it but every time I try I get distracted and I just never end up doing it routinely.”


n recent years, meditation is no longer thought of as only for Buddhist Adherents, monks or seekers; it and has been adopted by people of all ages, faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds as part of their spiritual and wellness routine. Meditation has gone from ritual to routine in homes, meditation centers, Churches and health-complexes worldwide. Many people believe that meditation inspires a quieted mind, the clarity of their Higher Selves, and feeling more attuned with their spiritual selves as well as reaping physical and mental benefits. Most of us know WHY we should meditate; the physical benefits of meditation are well documented and studied ; the NIH now endorses meditation for the treatment of chronic pain and the University of California, Davis has done a study which correlates meditation with biochemical changes that could support cellular longevity*. Because it’s low-cost and has no side-effects, experts have found meditation to be effective adjunct therapy for many health Winter Issue 2015/2016


movement. This can be something as simple as breathing meditation (focusing on your breath) or as advanced as swaying or walking meditation. Here’s how to get past the most common blockades:

1) Don’t be afraid to find the meditation practice that is best for you

Many of these roadblocks arise from the idea that meditation is something that we attain, or win through doing the exact best method, for just the exact right amount of time, to get optimum results. As with the rest of modern life, we often view meditation in terms of prize/goal objectification. What works better than viewing meditation as something we use, is viewing it as something we are. Instead of some external source that we can reap rewards from, meditation can be seen as illumination and balance of those things that are already within us. It can be a quiet unfolding which helps us find a deeper intrinsic connection between ourselves and all other things that exists within us, hidden from view. As spiritual author Deepak Chopra says,“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there -buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day” While there are many meditative techniques and practices (Transcendental Meditation, Zen Meditation, Vipassana meditation) there are a few basic forms that are good for every level of experience. Mindfulness meditation is about being aware of your surroundings, your body and your thoughts without attaching or focusing on any particular thing, allowing your consciousness to be a fluid observer that gradually releases into a place of calm and detachment from busy-thoughts. Focused Meditation allows your mind to focus on a sound, an image, or a chanted mantra with your focus on ONE thing instead of many different fragmented thoughts. Movement Meditation allows your mind to focus on your body in space through repetitive rhythmic 8

Psychic Lifestyles

Nobody can tell you whether or not mindfulness meditation, movement meditation, or guided meditation is better or right for you. Experiment and familiarize yourself with different modalities. Don’t be afraid to explore and learn different techniques but always bear in mind that your own inner energy will align best with what is right only for you. Listen to your intuition and trust your own inner wisdom

2) Allow for frustration.

No matter how long you’ve been meditating, you might find yourself frustrated or uncomfortable at some point. Especially if you are new to meditation you might find yourself thinking about how much you’re thinking, how you’re not relaxed and about what you need to buy at the store later. If you allow yourself to have intrusive or uncomfortable thoughts, you can more easily commit to bringing your attention and focus back to your meditation and release the frustration. Don’t allow meditation to stress you out.

3) Find a comfortable position.

You don’t really need to sit in the lotus position under a Bodhi tree in order to meditate. Wear comfortable clothes and sit in a comfortable position in a serene environment if you can, but meditation can really be done almost anywhere at any time. Many

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there -buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day” --Deepak Chopra people sit in a straight-backed chair with their feet flat on the floor, but others sit on cushions, or even lie down. Your eyes can be open or closed. 4) Be consistent and don’t give up. As with other activities, meditation requires active attention, intention and effort. If you find your attention or commitment to meditation waning and flagging, it’s then that you need meditation the MOST. At first, meditation may seem difficult or daunting but it does get easier and more rewarding with practice but trying to monitor your daily progress will not work. Stick with it, but let go of monitoring yourself and you will gradually build a deeper, more beneficial meditation practice and benefit. Find a time every day to meditate and schedule time for this to be part of your day. Many people meditate two times per day; once in the morning and once in the evening.

With a little patience, experimentation, and time, anyone can meditate. Creativity, complex problem solving, emotional health and well being, and improved sleep are all wonderful effects of meditation but perhaps the most important reason is simply to attune with who you truly are, and gain a sense of connection to all things and your spiritual core.

Willow Brilliance in Sight *Intensive meditation training, immune cell telomerase activity, and psychological mediators: University of California, Davis, University of California San Francisco*Article adapted from my previously published article on meditation for practitioners and lightworkers © 2015 Willow Brilliance in Sight/Psychic Scoop Check out my website and BLOG for more goodies!

5) If you get stuck, simply allow yourself to release the frustration you have or the mental chatter you have by gently returning your focus to your breathing or to your mindfulness.

Imagine that you are on a bridge overlooking a stream passing underneath. Thoughts and mental chatter are like twigs and leaves winding down the stream beneath you, they pass by unencumbered and without judgment. You don’t dive in there and focus or run away with any one of them, instead you stay on the bridge. Winter Issue 2015/2016


To the empath who is always tired, enter “Empaths and Adrenal Fatigue.” Hello :) My name is Malia. I am a natural empath, intuitive, psychic and practitioner of energy healing. In this month’s article, I am sharing guidance I have received in recent years regarding adrenal fatigue, grounding, and my perspective, as an empath, on both.


hat is adrenal fatigue? This is not a widely recognized condition, but then neither is the conscious understanding that the emotional body and the physical body are indeed connected and interacting as one body. From the viewpoint of my own guidance, the adrenals are responsible for processing our stress response, and when operating properly, we are able to discern what “should” provoke a fear response, versus the common pattern of many with weak adrenal function, where fear is a constant and so much so that a fight-orflight response is elicited even under otherwise safe conditions. This is not to be confused with a

Empaths and Adrenal Fatigue by Malia Shields 10

Psychic Lifestyles

overview-adrenal-glands: “The adrenal glands have a multifunctional role in the endocrine system. The two very different parts of these glands, the medulla and cortex, regulate and maintain many of your internal processes—from metabolism to the fight-or-flight response.” At the following link, you can take a short quiz and get a better sense of whether what you are experiencing is adrenal fatigue. take-the-adrenal-fatigue-quiz Now that we have a better sense of what adrenal fatigue is and how to recognize it, how then do we prevent it or bring ourselves back into balance after it is occuring? We ground. As conscious empaths, the understanding of grounding is fairly straightforward because the conscious empath does understand energy conceptually. To the unconscious empath (one who has yet to recognize their gift in this lifetime), this understanding will come with time. What does it mean to be grounded or not grounded? According to my guides, grounding is simply “staying put in your own body and your own experience” and the understanding that if you soul-level, triggered response by what is commonly referred to as a soul mate or twin flame interaction. (The guidance I receive does not label soul mates or twin flames, but these labels are used in the article only for the purpose of communicating a concept.) These soul-level interactions bring up fear responses that are out of proportion to the seen or “real” situation being experienced and can be incredibly disorienting and confusing. Of course, fear is not the complete experience; there is much more; but a consistently-experienced fear response can lead to adrenal fatigue over time. Adrenal fatigue or the over processing of emotional information (from the empath’s perspective) presents itself in the physical body as chronic physical fatigue, chronic nervousness, chronic irritability, emotional lability, inability to lose weight, loss of interest in normal activities, and so forth. Defined by

What is adrenal fatigue? This is not a widely recognized condition, but then neither is the conscious understanding that the emotional body and the physical body are indeed connected... Winter Issue 2015/2016


1. Breathe. Moreover, learn to breathe correctly, deeply and deliberately.

are experiencing joy and vibrancy or really any depthful or enlivened emotion, you are indeed in the moment and in your body. The key may be understood as consistent grounding resulting in a more centered approach to enlivened emotion, where the emotions can be seen for what they are, moving through us rather than who we are and controlling our reflected experience. According to Google (for the sake of a more mainstream definition), being grounded is being well balanced and sensible or prohibited or prevented from flying. The logic that follows would indeed be that if we are always frustrated, fatigued and otherwise unhappy in our body, we are also not grounded or as grounded as we could be. The very process of grounding actually serves us so well that it allows a strong and clear sense of empowerment. So, it can be accurately stated that consistent frequent grounding practices serve to assist the adrenals and heal the body and the emotional experience so the we are not, as empaths, hyper-vigilant and hyper-reactive to all that is felt emotionally, or living life like a raw, open nerve with no off switch. Without regular grounding, empaths are often lacking boundaries, finding themselves constantly poking around in the emotional experience of those around them, becoming overly critical, fatigued, losing track of items, succumbing to the urge to leave clutter in their environment, indulging in sweets, alcohol, nicotine and other quick fixes to relieve anxiety and even pain. Which leads us to the final piece of the puzzle. How do we then ground and assist our adrenals so that we are functional and empowered empaths? The answer is fairly simple, straightforward and most often free. 12

Psychic Lifestyles

2. Sleep and plenty of it. I tend to require at least 9 hours, often 10 to 12, of sleep. As an empath, I am actually processing more emotional information than just my own, and the more Light that is held within the cells (the more an empath evolves and allows more energy to flow in and out) the more emotional information can move through. Thus, more rest and repair is needed for the physical body to function at its peak. Allowing plenty of sleep can actually end up being the one change that is most needed for most empaths. This is often impaired by worry, which can be simply addressed by herbs or supplements (#9 below). 3. Sunshine. The power of the sun can be summed up by sayings that are so common, “You radiate good health.” “You are simply glowing.” These sayings speak to the power of Light as our fuel and source of vibrancy. The more I develop as an empath, and the more mature I become as a soul, the more drawn I find myself to the sun, and the more clear it is to me that I am brought back into balance every time I allow myself to bask in its glow. 4. Earthing. One of the seemingly newer and yet ancient ideas related to healing and balance is earthing. Earthing is simply putting ones bare feet to the Earth. Even concrete is a conduit for energy and can be used in your Earthing practice. Earthing “is” allowing the energy of the earth to

Learn to breathe correctly and get plenty of sunshine! move through the body. In modern days, we tend to wear insulating materials as shoes, keeping us “from” our very natural process of Earthing and thus healing. 5. Clean, fresh water. Water is one of the single best conduits of energy. I will often take a salt bath when I need to return to balance and find that I feel the frequencies of healing (energy work) much more clearly as a result. 6. Yoga. I have found in my own self development that the movements of Yoga when practiced regularly bring about a state of ease that is unmatched in nearly any other physical exercise. This practice teaches the mind deliberate movement, focus and centeredness. Yoga is practiced worldwide in many variations that can accommodate nearly anyone, at any fitness level. 7. Hugs. Physical affection is medicinal. There are many studies now showing the positive effects of regular physical contact, particularly with people you love. 8. Any of life’s amazing pleasures enjoyed in moderation and without self criticism can be considered grounding. For example, amazing tastes/ food, smells; sounds/music that sooth or enliven; affection/tactile information; even evoking the feeling of empathy will stimulate and tone the vagus nerve and ground us. 9. Herbs and other supplements. Theanine Serene is a branded supplement that easily assists the adrenals, allowing a state of balance and relaxation. This supplement is one I use myself and can be used with coffee (if you are a coffee lover like I am) to assist in clear, centered focus. There are many others that help alleviate anxiety and bring balance such as: GABA,Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola, Ginseng, and Ashwaganda. I recommend visiting a local naturopathic doctor for recommendations that are best suited to your needs. Ask about adaptogens. Most naturopaths are not only aware of adrenal fatigue but

have valuable insight into its reversal. Furthermore, if getting to sleep is your biggest struggle, this may be the best place to begin - with supplementation. it my hope that this will begin to solve the riddle of adrenal fatigue and the empath. For the last few years, my guides have offered a strong focus on grounding practices. As a result, my life and the lives of my clients are experienced in a stronger body with more vibrance. A regular grounding practice is essential and foundational to the empowered empath, and dare I say, will shift the conscious empath’s experience from one of feeling like a victim, or at the mercy of those around them, to that of the empowered empath, who is living through the eyes of magnetized energy, bringing to them that which is desired and holding a steady space of consistent centeredness. Of course, this journey is not black and white, and will bloom in greater and greater degrees to favor the empowered experience.

Malia Shields

Malia Shields is a natural psychic, empath, intuitive, practitioner of energy medicine, the 111 & 222 Activation & the Vagus Nerve Activation as well as creator of “Finding Your Intuitive Yes!” an interactive group session designed to assist in remembering and practicing intuitive communication. She is available for sessions on various websites and in her private practice at Empath Malia, intuitive empath and psychic Empath Malia, intuitive empath and psychic. Guidance and energy work for personal and business life, as well as sessions for children and animals.

Winter Issue 2015/2016


Marriage and your chart: When will you marry?

by Genuine Guidance


Psychic Lifestyles


id you know that your natal chart can give insight into any area of your life at any given time? Most of the questions that I get are of course, about romance and when it may present itself. Others just want to cut to the chase and know, “Will I marry? If so, when?” Yes, your chart can show this! As an astrologer, the first thing I would look at is the condition of your 7th house. The 7th house in astrology rules marriage or bonded relationships. There first has to be the indication that you have marriage promised in your chart. I have found over the years of looking at charts there are some placements that can delay, prevent or outright deny marriage. I don’t like to give a reading where I say “never” in cases of questions related to marriage or even having children. In this case, I would approach it from a viewpoint of this person may have some obstacles to overcome before they could realize marriage in their lifetime. One of these hindrances that seems to be almost 100% in my research is one having a Void Venus. Venus is the planet of love and relationships and has rulership over the 7th house in the zodiac. When Venus in a chart is Void, it means that it is neither making or receiving any major aspects from other planets/luminaries in the chart. It can be akin to someone who just can’t seem to get over the hump or get on the path to marriage. There are usually other reasons showing in the chart why they may not have marriage so apparent, and those would be discussed at the time of the reading. The next indicator that marriage may be delayed or denied is the planet Saturn in or ruling the 7th house. I have not found that this placement completely

denies marriage though like a Void Venus. Most times, the person either needs to “grow into” the idea of marriage, needs to take their time, or mature. A lot of times when I see this type of Saturn placement, it usually means marriage to one whom you have an age difference with or you get married after your 1st Saturn return, which occurs around age 28. So, it is not uncommon that those who have this who do want to marry may put it off until they have their career (a Saturn thing!) and own life in order. I always think maturity when it comes to this sort of placement. The Sun in a woman’s chart is important in describing their partner, but also determining if there may be more than one marriage. More than one marriage can be seen also by the 7th house, and its ruler. A double bodied sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) on the 7th can show more than one marriage in either a man or woman’s chart. The Sun in a woman’s chart in a double bodied sign (as seen above), or applying to one or more oriental planets can indicate more than one marriage. An oriental planet is one in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th or 12th house of the chart. For men, we look to the Moon and her applying aspects (although in this case we ignore the Sun) to get an idea of the type of wife he may have. In all cases, the sign on the 7th house as well as the ruler in sign, house and its aspects describe the marriage partner. After I have determined whether there would be marriage by looking at one’s chart, the next obvious question from the client is “when”? Lucky for us, there is a formula for this!

Winter Issue 2015/2016


First off, if a woman has her Sun oriental, meaning in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th or 12th house, the likelihood that she will have an early marriage or marriage to one younger is higher. If the Sun is occidental, being in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th or 9th house, this can show a later marriage or marriage to one who is older. For men, we look at the Moon in relation to the Sun. If the man’s Moon is in the 1st or 2nd quarter or oriental, it can indicate early marriage. If in 3rd or 4th quarter and occidental, marriage may be later in life or to one older. When one is entering a “marriage” phase in their life, their chart will often show this. The 7th house as well as its ruler will typically be activated by transit or progression. The Vertex is also usually affected since this point in one’s chart when activated by a major transit/progression can show a “turning point” in life. The Sun/Moon midpoint is also often affected in charts of those who marry. Let’s look at an example of marriage in a chart so that you can get a better idea of how there will be a common theme as well as a lot of “action” going on when one is in a marriage cycle. For this article, we will use Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Brad Pitt.

analysis, because these weigh heavier than the quicker inner planets would, and would bring life changing events to the person: Transiting Saturn opposed her natal Mars, ruler of her 7th house of marriage Transiting Pluto trined her natal Venus, ruler of her ascendant Transiting Uranus squared her natal Mars, ruler of her 7th house of marriage.

We will be looking for: indicators to her 7th house indicators to her 7th house ruler, Mars indicators to her ascendant indicators to her ascendant ruler, Venus activation of her Vertex activation of her Part of Marriage and Part of Spirit indicators to Venus, planet of marriage indicators to her natal Sun, ruler of marriage partner Looking at Jennifer’s chart for the day she married, she has quite a few of these movements in her chart that definitely show 2000 was a year she would marry! Below is her chart with the transits, secondary progressions and solar arcs for that day:

Jennifer Aniston Quad Chart First, the transits. Transits are where the planets are in the sky that particular day. We take those and compare them to one’s chart to see what may be impacting them at that point in their life. I am only going to include the outer planets in the transit 16

Psychic Lifestyles

Transiting Pluto opposed her Vertex-the Vertex in one’s chart when activated by a heavy transit (meaning by an outer planet) or progression can show a predestined event taking place or change in destiny Transiting Neptune trined her Vertex and transiting Jupiter conjuncted her Vertex. It is interesting that she had not only a transit from Saturn which typically can show stability or something solidifying, but also Uranus affecting her 7th house ruler. Both of these aspects from Saturn and Uranus are considered “hard” or difficult aspects and usually push someone to act. Pluto affecting her Venus shows

A conjunction is when 2 planets (or in this case, luminaries) are in the same sign and close if not exact in degree. The Moon in her chart rules her 10th house – the 10th is your public persona, and this point in one’s chart is often activated when one marries Progressed Sun, ruler of marriage in general opposed Pluto Progressed Moon exactly squared her natal Mars, ruler of her 7th house of marriage Progressed Venus, ruler of her ascendant squared her midheaven or 10th house With the above secondary progressions, we can see again, that marriage was promised during this time in her life. Many can have “marriage” indicators going on in their chart: one example would be when progressed or directed Sun or Venus make an aspect to each other. This does not necessarily mean one would marry though. Reason being, is the 1st house and ascendant ruler has to be involved for it to manifest on a personal level. Every person you know or encounter in life is IN your chart: friends, siblings, every relative, parents – sometimes a general marriage indicator may be showing them marrying not you!

a major life change and since it is in the 2nd house of finances, assets and self worth and also ruling the 8th of combined income, this pairing with Brad was definitely going to catapult them to heavy hitters in the business. Many reports have called them a power couple in Hollywood when they were married. Funny, they now say the same about him and Angelina! They did form a production company together, so, this transit makes sense from that standpoint. Next, we look at the secondary progressions she was having at the time she married. Secondary progressions are calculated as a day for a year. So, one takes the birth date in the ephemeris (a guide showing where the planets are daily) and counts down each day until they arrive at the person’s age. Progressions show where the person is at that age and what events may unfold. During this time in 2000 her secondary progressions that brought about marriage were: Progressed Venus was on her natal 7th house cusp, the house that rules marriage, and Venus rules her, as it is the ruler of her 1st house or ascendant Progressed Moon was exactly conjunct her natal Sun, general ruler of marriage in a woman’s chart.

You not only have to have a number of indicators, but, they have to bring the ascendant or its ruler into the mix for it to be pertaining to something you will experience personally. I found it really interesting that the progressed Moon involved her Sun and Mars exactly (both were at 23 degrees) because the progressed Moon is only in that degree for a month! Solar Arc Directions is another way to progress the chart as well. To do this, we move every natal planet and the angles of the chart (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) one degree for each year of life. Then we see how the solar arc planets are affecting the natal planets. Again, she had a lot of activity that brought forth her 7th house ruler, as well as Venus, her ascendant ruler: Solar arc Pluto on her ascendant or 1st house cusp – this can show a major shift or life change, even a move. Pluto is a planet about transformation, and certainly, marriage can do that! Solar arc ascendant conjunct natal Mars, ruler of her 7th house of marriage Solar arc Moon square her Ascendant – Moon ruling her public image and persona 10th Solar arc Mars, ruler of her marriage 7th, squared Winter Issue 2015/2016


natal Pluto Solar arc Mars sextiled the ascendant (typically in solar arc theory we do not use the easy aspects such as a sextile, but, I included it here only due to Mars being the ruler of her marriage house) Solar arc Saturn square her natal Sun, general marriage indicator I don’t want to go into her Solar Return for that year, but, it is also interesting to note that she had her natal Mars conjunct her solar return 7th house cusp! There are other things that can contribute to determining when one would have a marriage cycle and this involves the Sun/Moon midpoint, Part of Marriage and Part of Spirit. All of these were activated in 2000: Transiting Jupiter was trine her Part of Marriage – Jupiter is the law, and the legal part of one getting married and will often be included when one marries Transiting Neptune trined her Part of Marriage Solar arc Saturn trined her Part of Marriage Solar arc Sun, general indicator of marriage partner squared her Part of Spirit 18

Psychic Lifestyles

Solar arc Mars, ruler of her 7th house of marriage, conjoined her Part of Spirit Solar arc Jupiter conjoined with her Part of Marriage Solar arc Uranus conjoined her Part of Marriage Solar arc Moon conjoined her Sun/Moon midpoint – this point in the chart is often activated when one marries Solar arc Saturn trined her Sun/Moon midpoint Unfortunately, I don’t think either of them consulted with an astrologer about their wedding date/ time. There are some issues with the chart – most importantly – Venus, ruler of marriage and the 1st house in the marriage chart opposing Uranus, the planet that rules divorce! Also, the ruler of the 7th, which is the marriage house in this event chart, is in Cancer, which renders it in its Fall – meaning this marriage really was going to have a hard time of things! If we progress the marriage chart, Mars moved to oppose Neptune – planet of deception, illusion, addiction and even the movies within 5 years. We all know how it ended – he fell in love with another on a movie set! There is also another formula that I have learned that can determine turning points, difficulties or even separation in marriage. In Jennifer’s chart, Mars, ruler of her 7th of marriage, conjoined Neptune

in 5 degrees or years! They split up in 2005 – 5 years after they married. Astrology is uncanny at times! Do I think she will marry again? I sure do! Right now, her chart is being activated again with transits and progressions that are going to bring this into her life again. Just glancing, her Vertex is being transited by Saturn and Neptune; her progressed Sun is conjoined with her natal Venus and her progressed Venus is exactly on her 7th house cusp, and solar arc Mars ruler of the 7th is exactly square her Venus! Let’s see if she ties the knot again (I know she recently got engaged) in the near future! So, when will you have a marriage cycle? Will you marry? As you can see, astrology can map that for you!

Genuine Guidance JuliAnne I am JuliAnne, a full time Astrologer, Tarot and Lenormand card reader. I combine these disciplines with my intuitive ability to give you insight. I am down to earth, pragmatic and will not paint you a blissful picture if that is not what I am being shown. I hope you enjoy the articles I provide here and it confirms I would be the right reader for you! I look forward to making your acquaintance and giving you guidance! Winter Issue 2015/2016


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If you were a fruit – which one would you be - a standard variety like an apple, pear or orange – or something exotic like a kiwi or persimmon? Winter Issue 2015/2016


Which best describes you? •On a branch or vine? In an orchard, private garden, meadow, jungle? •Thick skinned, or exposed like strawberries? •Sweet, tart, smooth, rough? •Lots of little seeds or a big pit? •Green, getting yellow, fully ripe? Shriveled/wrinkled?

Were you:

•Planted in fertile, pure soil? •Exposed to chemicals and toxins in the environment? •Exposed to abuse– either physically or emotionally, psychologically? •Nourished as you grew, with plenty of wholesome food, clean water and sunshine? •Provided love, nurturing and harmony?

As a fruit – are you rotting or ripening? In the garden of life – are you, the fruit - Fulfilling your purpose? Fruit, much like humans, is brought to life starting as a seed, comes in many varieties, then grows in a range of conditions. The ultimate purpose of fruit is to nourish another – a bird, a person, an animal, an insect and ultimately 26

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back to the soil. Whichever may be the beneficiary of the fruit’s bounty – that fruit passes through the body of that consumer and ultimately ends up as soil enrichment. Even a fruit that falls to the ground or decays on the vine – taking the fast track back to the source - is recycled and utilized by the larger eco system. Fruit stays alive as long as it continues to grow and ripen. When it’s used, it stays alive through providing for others. When it is ripened and not used, it begins rotting or shriveling. So do we.

What if your ultimate purpose on this earth is to do good for others, for the planet? Are you ripe and ready for picking? •Are you worried you won’t be picked? •How many lives are you touching? •Are you saving yourself for later, for something - someone? •Do you ensure the essentials – water, sunshine, nutrition? •Do stay fit and strong so that your mind, emotions and body function properly? •Can you envision yourself juicy, ripe and luscious – bringing your unique spark of life to some special cause?

Here’s a simple quiz for you

“Everyman is guilty of all the good he did not do.” -- Voltaire We humans do, however, have more input and influence over our rate of growth, the environment we stay in once we reach adulthood, the degree of our wellbeing, how we relate to others, our occupation, in what activities we participate, with whom we spend time, what good we do in the world, how fast we age. You may recall this quote by Voltaire: “Every (wo) man is guilty of all the good (s)he did not do.” Can you imagine being on your deathbed reviewing your life and realizing all the good you did NOT do? Then you may yearn that you could go back and do things better. Well – here we are in the NOW and it’s not over yet, so start. Where to start - what can I possibly offer, you ask? Let me tell you about a woman who was very frustrated – to the point of feeling depressed and helpless - regarding the harmful health effects of the toxic environment. She is very intelligent and articulate and I encouraged her to start doing talks and write about these concerns. She did a lot of research and contacted local markets with meeting rooms and then started doing talks. Later, when I spoke with her after she’d been doing something about an issue important to her – she told me she’d never felt better physically, or more aligned. This is just one example of how a concern or perceived blockage can be converted to a solution and at the same time added a magical component to her own life.

Here’s a simple quiz for YOU: •Locally and/or globally – which part of our world are you concerned about? The Environment, Children, Medical Insurance, Healthy Food Supplies, Education, Peace, Violence/Gangs, Teen Pregnancy . . . •What skills do you have that you could use for something about which you are passionate? •How aware are you of your strengths and challenges? •Have you become conscious of who you really are? •Are you willing to use your RIPE, JUICY self instead of just ROTTING? •If you still feel “green” – are you ready & willing to claim your true self ? I hope you are juicy and are sharing your deliciousness! Because - without YOU joining in – a very important part of the new Earth Humanity garden is missing.

JoyRae Freeman is a Master Healer, Writer, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator, Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner & Empowerment Coach. You may reach her at or

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Top 10 New Year Superstitions Eating black-eyed peas and greens. Eating them brings good luck and financial prosperity. You are to eat the peas with greens for prosperity. The peas represent good luck and the greens represent money. Kissing at midnight. Kiss someone dear to you at midnight, this will ensure affection for the next 12 months. If you happen to be alone at midnight, kissing the dog or cat would certainly work. Don’t cry, don’t cry on New Year’s Day, this could bring unhappiness for the next year. So don’t cry even if your favorite team loses in a bowl game. Be upbeat and happy as well. Don’t wash clothes. The dirty clothes can wait until January 2nd. Some supercautious won’t even wash the dishes on New Year’s Day, I need to go and find the paper plates now. No bare cupboards, fill up the cupboards before New Year’s Day, otherwise that could be the way of the New Year. Money, don’t lend money or precious items and don’t pay back loans either. To do so means you will be paying out money all year long. Also fill all of your wallets with money since that ensures prosperity for the New Year. Open the doors at midnight as this will let out all the bad from the previous year. Now that’s an easy one to do unless its 30 below out, this will let out the bad before the good can come in on New Year’s Day.

Loud noises, make some noise. This will scare away the evil spirits from entering your life in the next year. I like this one, it makes sense and it’s fun but you need to be careful though since too much loud noise and the cops might show up, and that might not be good for the New Year. Maybe just one yell and two firecrackers. Don’t break anything, you should try very hard to not break anything, especially a mirror, as that could be doubly bad as breaking a mirror on any other day, so try not to break anything. And this is another good reason not to do the dishes on New Year’s Day. Which way the wind blows, there isn’t a lot we can do about the weather, but superstition holds that if the wind is out of the South there will be prosperous times ahead. The wind out of the East means famine and calamities and out of the North means a bad year for weather. A little odd but out of the West means plenty of milk and fish. Calm winds means a prosperous and joyful year for all, that’s just great since I just read there is a high wind warning for my area. Nothing goes out of the house, or you will be losing things during the upcoming year. Don’t take out the trash or food or anything, if your trash needs emptying, do it before midnight or on January 2nd. If you have food or anything to take somewhere on New Year’s day, have it outside or at their house already.

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re you tired, stressed and to a point that nothing seem to go right? everywhere you turn you are going throw problem and your life is out of controlled you feel overwhelm. This happen often when you are going through changes, sometime the emotions hang on to things that do not benefits us anymore. We tend to think that it our fault. We brought this on to our self. We also have people blaming us. Often when trauma and stress come up our brain switches over to survivor mode that does not benefits us. As it is a left over program our brain has from when we were cave men and unless your running from tigers and bears then you do not need to be in this mode. It like trying to run a 3.1 one computer in today world all it will do is keep repeating the same action. Never improving Now is your chance to change this behavior and also your life in 40 days or less, To do this you will need a few things, many of them will not cost you much and you will be able to find them in your house. Here a list • Three note book, • A basic planner • Music that you like • A mirror (the one in the bath room will work well) • A pen you like.

How to change your life in 40 days or less! By aeson knight 30

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• • •

The out doors Cleaning supplies Yep we are going to be housekeeping. Walking Shoes (yep we are going to get moving)

Your first step is to take your first notebook, Right on the cover my problems. Open to the first page and write the following My current problem is: Skip seven lines and move on to the next problem After you have listed out every issues Write out what you can do about the problem i.e. I’m single and want a relationship what can you do about that?

You cannot really expect Mr. Right walk up to your house and knock on your door and say “I’m Mr. right let go down to the court house the judge is waiting on us, So what you can do is, doing thing that make you feel loved, i.e. treating yourself to something special, going out more often, and being active in thing that you want Mr. right to be involved example you want a traditional man then you should not miss a church event, On the next line: assign it a room in your home, matching the following list • Family and health Kitchen • Relationship: bedroom • Emotions: bathroom • Money and wealth: dining room or office • Past and fears laundry room. Continue doing it until you have moved throw you pages of problem. Assigning each room, a problem. Taking the next note book, Open to the first page, and write, my goals in life are List out each goal you want to meet with in the next year Again skipping spaces After you list out the big goals, IE. Lose weight Then break it into three task you can complete As in our example i.e. lose weight Walk one mile a day Eat healthier food in portion size Do yoga three times a week Then assign a room the same way we did with your problem, Now the third notebook will be your journal for you to write your emotions your feeling as you complete the next 40 days, So now you have your problem notebook and your goal notebook, with matching rooms Winter Issue 2015/2016


So take your journal, and go set in the room as you look at the problem and goals, as ask yourself how can you make this room energy not only fix the problem and also reflect your goal? Example problem single, goal a happy relationship, room your bedroom. While you set in your bed room you notice it basic bed dresser and cloth everywhere, Does this romantic? Does the Closet have room for your boyfriend? If you answer no then it time to get the cleaning supplies and change the room to fit your desirer as you do this think about what you want the energy of this room to reflects your goal, Example: choosing a bed that fit more than one person, cleaning out the closet throwing away those cloths that only you are allowed to see you and you would not be found die in, out into the trash can, wash the walls, floor and everything with fresh scents, how the lighting, Make yourself a to do list, of the item you need to do now get out your planer and schedule each and every task. Now move on to the next room and problem, finding

what is not fitting your goals this is going to take a few weeks while it nice to envision you attacking the house and doing this in a weekend it is better to take one task a day, example Monday :600 pm clean out closet. Now to changing your body energy, In your planner schedule a walk outside, no you do not have to do a six-mile hike but 20 minute just to walk ether before your day or at the end of your work day. Schedule also in a blue color, pen water drinking 4 oz. of water. And schedule in 30 minutes in your day to answer one question from your problem book after your walk, this allow you to open up back to the messages of your guides or angels. After the 40 days set down and ask yourself what has changed in your life, what have you discovered, about yourself, what new problems have you came to? Then just like other thing in life you are able change them the same way.

Aeson has been advising people for over 19 years. He learned what his Psychic gifts were and how to use them at a young age. He then learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand; this gives him the ability to help other people along their path.

aeson knight


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This has become his mission in life. Tarot reading is as natural to Aeson as breathing is to Get A Reading today you, except he has learned to focus in on you and your life, so he can answer your specific questions. So if you have a question, just ask it. He will tell you what he sees for you with no sugar coating or beating around the bush. visit him at:

Secrets of Meditation

Manifesting Your Deepest Desires through the Art of Meditation. Three-Lesson Online Course with Meditation Master, davidji Winter Issue 2015/2016


What is the I Ching?


here are so many answers to this question! The I Ching is the world’s oldest oracle; it’s the most loved and revered book of Chinese wisdom; it’s the accumulated experience of over 2,500 years of diviners and sages, and beyond that of unimaginably ancient oral traditions; it’s the voice that has been offering people help and wise, genial guidance for generations. But when people ask the I Ching what it is, it responds again and again with great simplicity, describing itself as a well of pure water. This well is always there, standing at the centre of the fields and available to everyone. Though generations come and go, and their way of life changes beyond all recognition, the well itself never changes, and its water of truth never runs dry. How can you reach the water and satisfy your thirst for understanding? To do this yourself, you need to understand the well’s ancient structure and how to use it: that’s what all these Practical I Ching pages are for. But if you don’t have the time and energy to spare to learn this for yourself just at present, there’s no need to lose out. You can still get the full benefit of the I Ching’s unique powers through Clarity’s 34

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guaranteed I Ching readings. (Because the purpose of Clarity is to make the I Ching’s help available to anyone who needs it, there is absolutely no need to know or study the I Ching in order to understand the interpretations I provide.) Whatever you choose, you are invited to make the I Ching’s answers a part of your life - to drink the water from the well.

Drawing water from the Well

The I Ching as you buy it today will be a collection of texts - a wonderful mixture of imagery and advice, philosophy and poetry - divided into 64 ‘chapters’. These are the 64 hexagrams - that is, piles of six lines, either broken: or solid:

For example, ‘Hexagram 30’ looks like this: --------- ----------------- --------It means Clarity, by the way.) When you consult the I Ching, your answer comes in the form of a hexagram, which you build up line by line. You draw each line according to the results of tossing two or three coins (or following one of the other methods, such as sorting yarrow stalks or pulling marbles from a bag). The whole process is absurdly simple, and every I Ching translation explains how it works. A hexagram is more than just a convenient chapter heading - it’s also a very simple, elegant picture of how the energy is flowing through the situation. I Ching means ‘Book of Changes’, and change is the one constant throughout the book. The hexagrams are not so much static pictures as ways to move: Creating, Receiving and sustaining, Beginning, Learning, Waiting, Arguing...


Some people do find the structure of the I Ching a little complicated at first. But please don’t let this put you off! That would be like going thirsty because you’d never drawn water from a well before. Just think: all these diagrams arise simply from the universe’s most elementary structuring principle, the interplay of yang (the solid lines) and yin (the broken ones). Activity and rest, stimulus and response, light and darkness… what could be more natural?

This 10th anniversary edition offers a thorough introduction to the history of the I Ching, how to use it, and several new divination methods; in-depth and easy-toreference translations of each hexagram name, description, and pictogram; and discussions of the interrelations between the hexagrams and the spiritual meaning of their sequence.

Looking for a little more prosperity this new year? This I-ching coin money tree symbolizes prosperity abundance and good luck! Click on the link for more information!

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Psychic Access When the Truth is all you need

Free six minute reading for new clients

Where all psychics are verified and accuracy tested assuring you the highest quality of service.

Tarot Card of the Week phone or chat. 36

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Learning the Tarot is fun no matter what level you are at! A Magical Course in Tarot by Michele

Morgan remains one of the best for beginners. This book covers the basics of Tarot reading in a fresh, inspiring manner that will get you excited about learning Tarot. The author teaches you how to tap into your intuition to read the cards, so you aren’t just relying on memorizing the card meanings. This book is enjoyable and easy to read, making the Tarot seem very learnable without taking the magic and mystery out of it.

Learning the Tarot is a complete course on

how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The 19 lessons cover the basics and then move gradually into more advanced concepts. Exercises and sample responses for each lesson help you learn and practice. Learning the Tarot focuses in detail on the actual process of discovering meaning in the cards. Lessons cover topics such as how to consider one card by itself, how to look for card pairs, and how to create the “story” of a reading. A convenient reference section contains two pages of information for each card including a picture from the popular Waite deck, a description, keywords, action phrases and suggestions for cards with similar and opposite meanings.

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Reincarnation, what is the soul about?

James Van Praagh


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Winter Issue 2015/2016


What is your soul’s purpose?


eople are constantly asking me, “What is my soul’s purpose?” The easy answer is to love unconditionally. The energy that we call “love” is what the world of Spirit is made of; it’s the natural rhythm of the Universe. If every soul was evolved to the point where we all loved unconditionally, we would have “heaven on Earth.” As I explain in my new book, Adventures of the Soul, the ultimate goal of reincarnation is to bring the consciousness of love and understanding into our everyday existence. Just being a human presents many obstacles to this goal, but some of the lives we choose present more challenges than others. Sometimes we rise to the occasion and enrich the “tapestry,” and sometimes we fail and make the world a darker place. All souls come back to the physical incarnation with a strong purpose and a plan. Remember, the overall goal is to bring love into all that you do, but on Earth, there is free will. Not following your soul’s true desire (and instead succumbing to earthly lures that don’t bring the energetic vibration up) is the biggest cosmic speed bump out there.


Psychic Lifestyles

Soul Lessons Before our incarnation, we choose the life we think will afford us the best opportunities and/or challenges to help us hone our skills in practicing the energy of love. For most souls, much of the curriculum is defined by the relationships they will experience on Earth. These relationships will present opportunities to learn valuable lessons that the soul wouldn’t receive any other way. Therefore, relationships are the cornerstone of a soul’s growth and learning. Earth is like a smorgasbord, offering a range of lessons the soul is seeking to perfect.

Soul Groups Some families get along well and have more than likely learned the karmic family lessons of valuing and respecting each other. Dysfunctional families are still learning. These lessons are not always easy to master, because the people in your life who present the greatest challenges are usually your greatest teachers. As we all know, relationships can be the most intense and demanding of all the experiences we will go through in

Why two special souls meet.

Do you meet the same people Again? life, but also the most gratifying and rewarding. And since the energy of love is the ultimate vibration the soul seeks, relationships present us with the best opportunity to learn and explore it. But it’s also important for us to learn how to love correctly. Of course, the first step in building healthy, loving relationships is to learn to love yourself. You must accept yourself as a loving representation of Spirit if you’re to accelerate your soul’s earthly sojourn. Everybody makes mistakes—everybody loses their temper; everybody judges—but if we make a conscious effort to be mindful every day of how we treat ourselves and others, life becomes much easier.

Love Relationships Intimate connections between two souls who are drawn to each other and share their lives as partners or a married couple are brought together because each one has an aspect of his or her soul makeup that the other partner might need to learn from. Partners really assist us in finding within ourselves the truth that is there but maybe we haven’t taken the time to acknowledge or express.

Friendships Just as important to our soul lessons as family and intimate partners are the relationships we create with friends. It is said that a person rich in friends has the greatest riches of all. In the Spirit World before our incarnation, soul groups plan out how they can assist each other in the next incarnation and what valuable lessons they can bring and share with each

other, and it might last a week or many years. It can take lifetimes to develop close friendships, and the elements of trust, honesty, respect, and appreciation are worked on and worked out until the souls are in complete harmony with each other. Friendships are one of the greatest ways to express love. “Like attracts like” is the Law of Attraction. If we live mindful lives centered on love and nonjudgment, we’ll attract the same type of people into our sphere. If we give that energy out, those who also give out that energy will be drawn to us. If we’re bitter, envious, and spiteful, we will not only draw those same people to us, but we’ll repel the ones who can probably assist us the most in our soul’s growth. Who would you rather have in your life? Once we are awakened to our life lessons and put them in proper perspective, we hopefully will gain a sense of mindfulness. We’re more in control of our lives, and we make better choices with respect

James Van Praagh

to how we interact with everyone in our sphere. We become aware of approaching life from a place of love and not fear. We begin to truly live in the moment. We are conscious of living from the heart space of compassion and understanding instead of the rational head space of criticism and judgment. From the heart space, we also are able to see other souls as being products of their life experiences and choices, and it’s easier to empathize. By changing ourselves and our perspectives, we change our value systems and lifestyles. We are quickening our vibration and frequency to a higher level, and in turn, those around us begin to change. Love is the fastest vibration, so when the soul begins to work within this frequency, it changes not only us but our entire atmosphere and environment. As we rise in vibration, all of our relationships will change because we are changing.

Internationally renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author of Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond, Meditations, Ghosts Among Us, Unfinished Business, Growing Up In Heaven, Adventures of the Soul and the soon to be released Power of Love; James Van Praagh is hailed throughout the world as a pioneer of the mediumship movement, and recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today. His messages have brought solace, peace and spiritual insights, changing millions view of both life and death. He has received many awards for his dedication to raising the consciousness of the planet.

Winter Issue 2015/2016


A Four Lesson Online Course Lesson 1: What is the Soul? Understanding Your Soul’s Nature This session begins with James discussing exactly what the soul is.He shares his own personal understanding of the differences between the BODY, the SOUL and the SPIRIT and gives a comprehensive overview of how each soul vibrates at a certain frequency, color and tone. 42

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James will discuss various levels of consciousness and energy such as Soul communication. The Power of thought and how to utilize it in constructive manner In the last part of the session James will be doing “ soul readings” for callers bringing forth their soul make up complete with all its gifts, desires, limitations and fears.

Lesson 2: Soul Memories; Uncovering Your Truth

meditation. James will take your calls to allow you to share your insights, questions and soulful experiences.

This session focuses on bringing to the surface of your conscious mind many of your on-going soul patterns, memories and experiences your soul has carried with it from life time to life time.

Lesson 4: Soul Choices – How To Live a Soul-filled Life

In this profound and moving session James will: Guide you in a soul life regression and uncover blocks, fears and limitations being expressed from former lives. You also will be lead in a mind journey exercise to connect with your celestial counselors and assist you in understanding the strong lessons your soul has chosen to come back to learn this time. James will help you gain innate knowledge and insights from the place you truly reside. By being made aware on a conscious level of what motivates us and what we are attracted to James will once again open the phone lines to speak with you and answer any questions you have regarding your experiences and the soul connections you have with those souls who have passes to the other side.

Lesson 3: Soul Lessons – What You Are Here to Learn As souls, we are infinite beings with unlimited potential who inhabit a human body on earth in order to learn lessons and create love. By using The Souls Journey 44 card deck – in connection with this course. James will guide you: In attuning yourself to your souls GPS or intuition and receive soulful wisdom and guidance in order to become aware of the exact lessons your soul is here to learn. With this inspired deck, James will perform various “soul spreads” to assist you in how to “read” and become aware of the current lessons and curriculum you have signed up for. James will also define each of the “most common” lessons such as love, forgiveness, compassion. To further gain soulful insights, James will finish the course by assisting you in quieting your mind and turning inward through a thoughtful and healing

When a soul demonstrates its free will on Earth, it can change the course of its own human life and the lives of those around it, or even the whole planet. This week’s session we will focus on: The impact and responsibility we have in regard to our every day choices. By learning how to become more “mindful” of our choices, we can begin to spiritually evolve and live a life of satisfaction and love. James will share with you various techniques and methods for you to implement in order become aware of what motivates your current decision making process. He will also guide you on a “mind-full” meditation for you to open up and become more “soul-conscious.” When we take the steps necessary to be more present, we attract a more appealing, exciting and soul-filled life and in turn it affects our very existence. James will finish the course with sharing your phone calls.

Click here to watch video and learn more about Adventures of the Soul watch?v=6oEG9sEbZyM

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How well do you know your Christmas Trivia? Who created Rudolph, the most popular reindeer of Santa Claus? Robert L. May, created Rudolph in 1939, when he wrote a Christmas-themed story-poem to attract customers in his department store.

Which country was the first to use the tradition of Christmas trees? Germany

Who was the star of the Christmas movie ‘Jingle All the Way’? Arnold Schwarzenegger

The legend of Santa Claus is associated with which saint or monk? Saint Nicholas

What is the first name of Scrooge, the principal character of the novel, A Christmas Carol? Ebenezer

Which was the last US state to declare an official holiday for Christmas? Oklahoma

How many reindeer drive Santa Claus’ sleigh (counting Rudolph)? Nine Who once stole Christmas? The Grinch Who was the author of ‘A Christmas Carol’? Charles Dickens Who was the star of the movie titled ‘White Christmas’? Bing Crosby Which Christmas carol did Jimmy Boyd make famous when he was just 13 years old? I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus


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Who invented electric Christmas lights? Thomas Edison in 1880

Which was the first country to issue a Christmas postage stamp? Canada When was the world’s first Christmas card sent? In 1843, the same year Charles Dickens wrote, A Christmas Carol. When was Christmas declared as a federal holiday? 1870 Which country has a tradition of a witch dropping gifts for children through the chimney at Christmas? Italy Read more at Buzzle: christmas-holiday-trivia.html

What is the scoop? Find out at Winter Issue 2015/2016


The STory of the American Valentine


sther Howland, known as the mother of the American valentine, made a fortune with lace, love and romance. She was 19-years old when she received a Valentine’s Day card from one of her father’s business associates. The older gentleman was rather smitten with the young woman and thought to impress her with a European made Valentine’s Day card. This romantic gesture sparked in the young woman a desire to create some of the most popular greeting cards of the late 19th century -- the Valentine’s Day card, which in turn made her an unexpected fortune. Her name was Esther Howland and her family line could be traced back to as far as the Pilgrim fathers. 46

Psychic Lifestyles

The family owned and operated one of the largest book and stationery stores in Worchester Massachusetts around the 1840s. Esther was an impressionable young woman who loved Valentine festivities at her college The Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. However, much to her disappointment, the festivities were later banned by the college for being too frivolous. In 1847 Esther graduated at the tender age of 19. She’d become influenced by great contemporary poets of her time, like Emily Dickinson. She dabbled in poetry herself and loved composing when she could. After she had received an elaborate English Valentine from her father’s business associate, she fell so enamored of the card that she persuaded her father

she’d make at least $200, but to her surprise her brother came back with more than $5000 in advanced sales. That was quite a bit of money in the late 1840s. With that many orders she had no choice but to recruit family, and friends to being the process of creating cards exclusively for Valentine’s Day. She created her famous assembly line and proceeded to create thousands of Valentine’s Day cards. They were decorated with lace paper, a colorful print of a young, love-struck couple strolling along a garden path. Inside there’s a mushy bit of verse, printed in various colors with sweet but corny lines like: Oh, could I hear thee once declare That fond affection lives for me, Oh, could I once delighted share, The sweet return of love from thee.

to order lace paper and other supplies from England and New York and began to make a dozen samples of Valentine’s Day cards of her own. She then persuaded her brother to add her cards to the inventory for his next sales trip. She secretly hoped

The product was a beautiful art creation that took off like lighting. Advertising and word-of-mouth, led to a $100,000 per year business, and assured this ingenious woman a place in history. Her valentines were known from Maine to California, and today’s collectors can often recognize them by their characteristic refinement and detail. Her memorable scenes of sweet lovers and Americana in the cards were popular for more than 30 years. When people received a Valentine’s Day card from her company, they knew they were getting the best, sort of like the “Hallmark” of its time.

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While she was not the first to create Valentines in America, she is credited with having popularized the lace Valentine, and propelling it into a major industry. The accolade, “The Mother of the American Valentine” - first used in a newspaper article shortly after her death - places her deep within the heart of each of us, for Valentine’s Day has become an integral aspect of our culture. Esther was a pretty smart business woman, and quite formidable at a time when women were not encouraged to be in business or be assertive outside the home. Nevertheless, she was unstoppable when it came to ways to increase the demand for Valentine’s Day cards. With the launch or idea of a Valentine’s Day Box at an elementary school, the industry grew into a multi-million dollar venture. The postal system also

saw a boost as the holiday became more popular due to Esther’s clever marketing strategies and common sense. Esther Howland’s cards became hallmarks of cherished relationships and unspoken words signifying love and beauty, romance and even proposals of marriage. They became treasures to be kept forever. Today Esther Howland Valentine’s Day Card is valued anywhere from $50 to $100 to collectors. Esther’s greatest contribution, wasn’t just the making of beautiful greeting cards that have endured the decades, but because she changed the way love and romance is celebrated in America and for that we are grateful. Sources:

Cristina is all over the internet today! She is a five star psychic who has been doing readings since she was a teenager. She has 40 years of experience and works at top psychic sites including. PsychicScoop Kasamba, Keen, BitWine and Zodiac Psychic. She constantly studies great philosopers like, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. Cristina is the publisher and editor of Psychic LIfestyles. Cristina is also facinated with every aspect of the paranormal, science and metaphysical topics. For more information visit her site at 48

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re you excited to discover more about yourself, your spirituality and your intuition? Are you eager to learn how to connect with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides? Then it’s time for you to begin Project You and make more empowered choices and manifest the future you want! You are intuitive and you do have psychic abilities? Just like any other skill, when you have the right tools and the right coach, your psychic skills expand and improve. John Edward will be your personal coach during this Project You Journey! You’ll hone your psychic skills and tune in to your intuitive abilities all for the purpose of making better decisions and living your best life!

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Psychic Radio FREE Readings and Fun


few years ago I was a guest on another Psychic’s radio show, being interviewed because of the company I was working for at the time and my position. I was very nervous, as I had never done a live radio interview before, and I did not know what to expect. What would we talk about for an hour? What if I said something wrong or mumbled? I was quite anxious and for days I was a mess hoping it would go okay, and that I would not be a disappointment to the


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other psychic or the people calling in to talk to me. Instead of just being interviewed, I asked the host if I could jump in and help answer the caller’s questions too, since I also am a psychic intuitive counsellor and figured that would ease the fear, if I was doing something fun. And that’s where I found out that doing Psychic Radio Call In shows were very fun, exciting and a great way to showcase my abilities and be heard internationally. I was a guest on her show a few times over the years. I had a weekly show between 2012 and 2013 and enjoyed every minute of it. I even did it while on vacation! The people calling in always had great questions and many times I had these clients contacting me via my website afterwards, to tell me how my radio reading predictions came through for them. I took a year or so off from doing readings, but since June, I have now come back to another weekly radio show with a relaunch of my website, and a new sponsor. I love doing the call in format and I enjoy working with A1R Psychic Radio. Connie and Dave who work behind the scenes are great, and it really is fun. My 30 minute

radio show is each Tuesday night at 930pm est. I really enjoy the callers who phone in from all over the world. Each caller gets at least a 10-12 minute free psychic and tarot reading, and sometimes some angel insights too. I get to speak with 2 callers each week, and also during my show I have a few minutes to discuss any current cosmic events happening or even just talk about the weather! During my show I also mention my current specials and readings available via my website and also my sponsor who has some promo codes and special offers too. I invite you to listen in each week at A1R Psychic Radio Tuesday at 930pm est. You can find my profile

FREE reading on the Radio with Jenn! at this page psychic-jen and if you wish to call in and speak with me and get a free reading the number to call is 1 888 454 2751. And please let me know you read this article! Psychic Radio; it’s a free reading, and lots of fun to do. Hope to hear from you soon. click here: http://www.ask1radio. com/psychic-jen


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Feature Films Watch his video here Spiritual Awakenings

Soul Series 52

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Course Description Lesson 1: The Truth of Your Relationship In the first week of this inspiring course, Carmen will decode the true purpose behind your love relationships so that you can navigate through them with ease and without negative emotions. You will be led through effective, introspective meditations which will cleanse your emotional self and purge your mind of confusions and misconceptions you may have about your relationship. You will be shown how to decipher whether your relationship is soulful, karmic, transitory, or compromise. By the end of the first lesson, you will be gently awakened to the truth of your relationship. Lesson 2: Fate vs. Free Will Carmen will discuss the dynamic between fate and free will and will help you understand how frequently relationships are determined by destiny versus your own freedom to choose. You will learn the critical steps to manifesting your given fate of being in a fulfilling relationship and the specific actions you will have to freely take. Carmen will explain the three karmic debts all relationships must pay. By acknowledging and clearing these debts, you no longer feel blocked from receiving unconditional love, and your fate and free will begin to work hand in hand to lead you towards your greatest relationship potential. This lesson will offer you a brand new awareness of love that’s meant to be in contrast to love you single-handedly create. Lesson 3: The Relationship of Past, Present, and Future The final lesson concentrates on breaking the negative patterns of past relationships. Whether you’re scarred from previous betrayal, display obsessive patterns, or continue to attract the same kind of partner, Carmen will teach you how to break free of repeatedly failed relationships by analyzing your subconscious memories, personal insecurities, and your family dynamic since birth – the three destructive forces holding you back from the relationship of your dreams. Carmen will walk you through powerful, step-by-step exercises aimed at purging you of harmful memories and perceived weaknesses so that your spirit can be free to foster incredible, devoted love.

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Scrying or Crystal Ball Gazing The First thing to consider is atmosphere. Its considered best to practice crystal ball gazing in a very dimly lit room and possibility with incense burning in the background. The mix of light and shadow with the aroma of incense helps to provide the stage of the imagination to paint pictures that will emanate between the crystal ball and user.


It is typical to use a candle that is set behind the user. This helps to shade the light from the crystal ball, providing only the minimal of additional lighting to the crystal ball. Some users will prefer to use a coloured candle. Coloured candles of course have their own frequency (dictated by the colour of the candle). If this is your choice then blue, or purple are good. Incense You can use any of course just as you can with the candle, however there is something to be said for tradition. Traditionally people use Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Sage.

Beginners guide on how to use a crystal ball 54

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What should we expect, what shall we see, what will happen? To be honest, you should also try to leave this aside, expectation is not helpful. It means that you are looking for something and possibly looking for something in particular. Expectation is the commodity that the person having a reading should carry, not the reader. The reader must be clear. Clear of any expectations….. “You will see, what you see and no more.” Your spirit knows the answers, you probably don’t even know the questions.


The practice of crystal ball gazing is very, very simple but the perfection of the practice is very hard. It requires discipline in the first instance. Discipline over the noise of the conscious mind, and patience of the self, and the loss of all expectation. When you feel ready to begin then follow this simple exercise.


Preparing for any Psychic or spiritual practice requires one to adopt a frame of mind. Understand this; the conversation of the spirit is very quiet and subtle and can not be heard through the noise and din of the conscious mind, (our thinking mind). To receive knowledge, information through increased awareness requires one to use their subconscious mind; the silent partner to our conscious mind. Therefore we need to allow our selves, a period of quiet, reflective, solitude. Give your self time to allow the day to drift away before attempting to use the crystal ball. Relax, pray for guidance, meditate, or even take a relaxing bath. Be calm, be at peace, and cultivate a positive gentle disposition. Put all your troubles and concerns away and drift to a peaceful place.

After lighting the room and incense, having some personal preparation time sit comfortably with the crystal ball held in both hands. The candle lit behind you will allow you to see into the crystal slightly. Stare into the crystal ball for a few minutes and allow your eyes to adjust. Notice how the crystal ball affects your vision and allow a feeling of connection between you and the crystal ball to grow. When you feel that there is a connection, a stirring within you, then place the crystal ball its stand. Your ready to begin. The crystal ball should be sitting on Winter Issue 2015/2016


a stand in front of you now. Your gaze into the crystal ball should at a comfortable height. Stare into the crystal ball, and do not blink, do not look away, keep your gaze. Your gaze may take a very long time, so be patient. Allow you mind to become as the crystal, clear. As you gaze a mist should form. The mist forms when the connection between you, the crystal ball and your subconscious mind is made. Once the mist is present, HOLD STILL…the door is opening, keep your gaze and keep calm and if need be make a gentle inner smile. The mist will clear, as you allow your self to drift into the crystal ball, and pictures will form.

of the restraints that our conscious mind has. It’s amazing that we don’t even know, what we know. The subconscious absorbs everything we come into contact with and files it all away. It’s because of this level of receptivity that same side of us; our subconscious connects to our higher selves, and in turn to the super-conscious, or collective conscious. By:

You may see pictures that that you did not expect, images can be powerful and resemble inner natures, or the nature of an issue. A single picture could reveal a complete situation and carry a powerful feeling. It is important not to try to make sense of the pictures during the session, this will only lead to the breaking of concentration and forming of misconceptions about the images, just let the images flow, one to another. If a picture paints a thousand words then these images will need some careful consideration after the session has ended. Eventually the images will fade, dissipate and dissolve. You may feel very tired and in need of a glass of water. Once the pictures start to fade, allow them to.


Now that the images have faded, take a drink of cold water to refresh you and to help brake the connection. Now is a good time to record what you have seen. Take a piece of paper and get writing. Write all that seems relevant.


Crystal ball gazing requires a lot of practice indeed, it may take several attempts. Be patient with your self. The process involved is really very simple, you allow your mind to be as quiet, and as clear as the crystal ball it’s self. In doing so, we allow our selves to access our subconscious mind and see more of our selves, and our world. The crystal ball acts as screen for the images. The subconscious mind is highly receptive, it accepts all that it feels, sees, and hears without any 56

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Now on

Don’t miss this fabulous documentary on Madame Blavatsky is considered by many to be a spiritual genius and her remarkable synthesis of western occultism and eastern traditions became a foundation for the New Age. The life she lived was no less remarkable. It is said that she left her husband to become a trick rider in the circus. Then traveling alone, she entered forbidden Tibet. This is where she gained her respect for eastern culture and religion which became the basis of her

teachings. Her detractors say that she was a fraud whose one real talent was that she knew how to tell a good tale. Was she a spiritual genius, or a fraud? Directed by: Donna Zuckerbrot Video Language: English - See more at: http: http://bit. ly/1OawrGc

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Take a Moment to Relax by Ms. Yvonne 58

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Relax! is easy to say, but often very hard to do.

Relax is easy to say, but often very hard to do. I hear it all the time, you just need to relax. What they don’t tell me is how to go about it. Oh sure, they say just breathe, do yoga or meditate, but how do I shut off my mind so I can actually do any of these things. While I just usually say thanks for the advice and then go off and figure out my own way to relax, I didn’t take into account how many other people are just like me. This was actually brought to my attention recently by one of my favorite personal clients. She is the type of client that realizes a reading can’t fix things for her, but instead guide her through the process. She has graciously allowed me to share her story with you, but for confidentiality, I will be calling her Miss M. Normally when she contacts me, I have no trouble picking right up on her energy, but during a recent reading, her energy was so scattered it was causing me problems with her reading. When I brought this to her attention, she confided she was having a lot of chaos at work and just couldn’t relax enough to even focus. Her mom kept telling her she needed to de-stress and relax but she just couldn’t figure out how to make it work

for her. One of the things she asked me was if I am making bath products again. I did this some years back but due to a health problem, I’m not able to make them so had to tell her sorry. She remembered some milk baths and bath salts she had purchased from me and how well they worked to help her relax. While I can make a few for my own use, I can’t make the large quantities anymore but suggested I could give her the recipes and she could make her own. Of course, I’m going to share those same recipes with you too. Milk Bath Recipe There are so many wonderful different versions of milk bath you can make at home and it’s very easy, not to mention economical. For some of you, these may be things you already have in your pantry, but if not, they can be easily found at most grocery stores. You can have your own Cleopatra milk bath and not have to go to a spa. 1. 2 Cups of Powdered Milk 2. ½ Cup of Corn Starch Winter Issue 2015/2016



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3. ½ Cup of Baking Soda 4. 10 Drops of Essential Oil of your choice (you can add more or less to your liking) I use an old jar that I’ve washed out or a mason jar with a tight fitting lid to mix and store mine. If you are using essential oils, I don’t recommend using plastic as some will have problems with the oil. Put first three ingredients into the jar, put on the lid and shake to mix thoroughly, you could also use a spoon to do this. Next add the essential oil and shake it making sure the oil is being incorporated. When you’re ready for a bath, just put about a cup of the mixture into the tub as you run the water. Light a few candles, sip a nice glass of ice tea, water or even a glass of wine, close your eyes and calm your mind. While this will help you relax, it also has great benefits for your skin. Especially for those of us that are older, our skin tends to dry out more quickly and while lotions can help, they don’t absorb into the skin as well. The powdered milk, when mixed with water, will help exfoliate your skin, while the vitamins and minerals it contains can help fight against aging. The corn starch is added to help relieve dry itching skin, and the baking soda will soften your skin. You may want to add a little more baking soda to the mix if you have hard water. This is also a great soak for your hands if they have become dry or overworked from gardening or cleaning house. As we here in the US are starting to come into fall and winter, it works great for dry skin we often associate with the cold or from having to run a heater. Some cleaning products can really wreak havoc on your hands, especially if you are like me and

hate wearing rubber gloves when I’m cleaning. I should tell you that not all scents of essential oils will work to make you relax, some have the opposite effect, but I’ll give you more on that information. Bath Salts Recipe If you’ve ever used Epsom salts to soak your poor tired feet, you already know its benefits. I’ve been using this myself for many years and can tell you first hand, it really works to help you relax and take away aches and pain. If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, I’ve actually bought them all, except for the essential oils at my local dollar store. 1. 2 Cups Epsom Salts 2. ½ Cup Baking Soda 3. ¼ Cup Sea Salt 4. 10 Drops of Essential Oil (again your choice and amount) As the same as the above recipe, I mix it in a jar with a tight fitting lid. Mix the first three ingredients, then add essential oil and make sure it’s completely combined. Add a cup to the tub and begin to relax. In addition to making you relax, a salt bath is also great for helping to relieve stress, and helps reduce minor muscle and joint pain. If you have any health issues, it’s important to talk with your doctor before using either the milk or salt bath. This is especially true if you have high blood pressure, as you may not be able to use the bath salts. The reason being is the salt will be absorbed through your skin and may cause problems. Essential Oils Not all essential oils are going to make you relax, some have the opposite effect and will cause you to feel more energy. For relaxing, I would recommend using peppermint, cinnamon, lavender

or vanilla. There are some others and a little research on the internet can help you find one you like. Stay away from the more citrus smells, lemon and orange being two that are great to revive your energy, but not so great to help you relax. It’s very important to make sure they are not only well combined into the mixture but also you don’t use too much, as some of them may cause skin problems. If you have sensitive skin or worried they might cause you a skin irritation, you should avoid using them, maybe just light a candle with the scent instead. One of my favorites I add to a lot of my bath recipes, not for the scent, but for its herbal qualities, is tea tree oil. I usually just add a few drops in along with the regular essential oil. It is not only great for relieving muscle aches, but because of its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it helps with dry patchy skin. It’s often used for athlete’s feet and mixing it into your shampoo can help fight dry scalp or dandruff. Again, there are warnings for this oil and you should try to avoid putting it directly on your skin as it may cause irritation. As with anything else, a little internet research can go a long way, just make sure you use a good source. Coloring the Bath Recipes This is often a question I would get when making bath recipes, is how do I color them? While some recipes say you can add food coloring, this is not something I’ve done personally, so I have no idea if it will color your tub or skin. When I am making my own, I don’t often use a coloring for them, but if I do decide to use something to color them, I use products that are made especially for bath and body products. These are easily found

on different sites that specialize in these types of products. Again, while I don’t use food coloring, it’s totally up to you, however, I would do a little test before using them. Back to my conversation with Miss M, she said it all sounded good but she didn’t have the ingredients on hand and was too tired to make a trip out to the store. Was there anything else she could do or put in the tub to help her relax? If you are a tea drinker like her, you are in luck because one of the easiest things to do is make a tea bath. Tea Bath While there are a lot of different types of tea baths you can buy on the internet, again you probably have the same thing in your own kitchen. This one doesn’t really require a special recipe, just a couple of tea bags. I recommend using a tea that is not loaded with a lot of extra stuff, but prefer to drink and or bathe in ones that are just the pure leaves. What I mean by this, if I’m using peppermint, the only thing I want in that bag is peppermint leaves. It can’t get any easier than this, just drop a few tea bags into the water as you run your bath. While you aren’t getting some of the properties of the other ingredients in the above recipes, plain tea baths have their own qualities. Chamomile is great for dry skin and also helps relax you. Peppermint, while also helping to relax you, has anti-fungal properties. Lavender is great to ease headaches and also helps with insomnia. If you are using regular sized tea bags, I recommend using anywhere from 4 to 6 bags to get the best benefit. You can also use loose tea, which is recommended more often in tea bath recipes, by putting it

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into a muslin bag. I don’t usually have muslin bags to use, but a piece of cheese cloth or even a coffee filter work great. Just remember to make sure the end is secured tightly or you’ll have tea floating in the tub. In a pinch, I have also used a sock and tied the end shut with a piece of string. If there’s a will, you can always find a way. I absolutely love using cinnamon, imagine the smell of baking with it, the house just seems so calm. Down side for me is I don’t drink cinnamon tea, but not to be undone, I just wrap a couple of cinnamon sticks in a coffee filter, tie the end shut with a piece of string and throw it into the tub. I always recommend you be sure to stay hydrated when using any type of bath, even just very hot water can

dehydrate you. Always remember if you start to feel flushed or dizzy, get out of the tub, drink some water and cool down. Something I hear all the time is “I don’t take baths or I don’t have time for a bath.” In this fast paced world we live in, baths seem to be a thing of the past. My answer to that is maybe it’s time you slowed down and made time for a bath. So, what do you do if you don’t have a tub? For me, a requirement to buy my home was it had to have a tub, but many homes and apartments I’ve seen do not have tubs, only showers. While you will not get all the great effects of soaking in a nice tub bath, you can still use the same recipes by putting them into a sock or coffee filter, tie the end shut with a string and then tie the whole

thing right under the running water of your shower head. Will taking a nice soak in a tub fix everything? Of course it won’t but it can help you relax, de-stress and give you a few quiet moments to put your problems aside long enough to quiet your thoughts. Soaking in the tub is also a great place to meditate, which is always a great help in calming your mind. Don’t consider it a luxury, instead think of it as something necessary to bring you better emotional and mental wellbeing. I hope this article has helped you in some way, if even just a little information and a way to save on a trip to the spa. As for me, I’m off to have a good tub soak and relax.

Blessings, I’m Ms Yvonne. I am an empathic reader with more than 25 years’ experience. I received my abilities at a very young age having been passed down to me by my maternal great grandmother and paternal grandmother. I work with tarot, angel cards, the pendulum and my own intuitive abilities to process the information I am able to relay to my clients. I am available for live chat and phone sessions. Please contact me to schedule a session. I look forward to working with you! You can find me here!


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he New Year is looked on with hope and optimism. It’s a time of fresh starts and new dreams. So foods that are considered lucky for centuries are usually served for brunch or dinner on New Year’s Day to promote health, wealth and good luck. Not everyone has a traditional food for New Year’s but menus served in your community usually offer foods that symbolize good fortune. At your own family’s dinner table you may find a variety of pork, fish, grapes or even tamales, depending on where you are. There is a good reason people have adopted these winter foods for a New Year’s feast or as traditions. Some of it is due to what was “available” in the winter that kept a person healthy and strong, and other foods are relatively new on the scene, like black-eyed peas and collard greens. The following foods are considered quite lucky to eat on New Year’s Day. Pork and Fish: In many cultures including the Chinese and

Lucky foods to Eat on New Year’s Day by Cristina 64

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Germans, believe that a hog has positive attributes and the ability to ward off evil. One theory is that a hog cannot look backwards without turning around, so naturally this is a forward-looking animal with a goal to move onward and never look back. Fish is usually eaten in Italy or other Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures. Herring is the preferred choice and is considered lucky because of its scales which represent coins or abundance. The Polish and other cultures believe that eating herring at the stroke of midnight will bring good luck. The Greens: Any kind of cabbage or collard, turnip greens, or anything green served is considered to bring about luck with money. If you want to get a raise at work, eat greens on New Year’s Day. Cabbage, which is turned into sauerkraut, is served with pork and is a favorite among the Pennsylvania Dutch and other German/American households. Cabbage rolls or cabbage tamales as they are called in the southern states, is enjoyed as a lucky food. A cabbage leaf is rolled around shredded pork and served with a red sauce. This is actually a traditional tamale, which is food rolled in a leaf and was the festive food of the ancient Aztec. The Legumes: During the Civil War, when starving Confederate soldiers

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came across some black-eyed peas and collard greens they considered themselves quite fortunate. Although black-eyed peas and collard greens were grown for livestock and the slaves, any soldier finding a bag of peas felt he had found gold. Therefore, the tradition in the south is to eat a “mess” of collard greens and 365 black-eyed peas for each day of the year. Throwing in a ham hock with a pot of black-eyed peas is the usually how it’s prepared. Lentils are also a lucky legume because they are shaped like coins. The theory is when the lentils are cooked in a soup or a stew, they swell up, thus representing an increase in wealth throughout the year. The fruit: In 1909 Spanish winemakers found themselves with a surplus of grapes so they devised a clever way to sell them. They established the grape eating tradition on New Year’s Eve. Grapes were available everywhere at the pubs, and the object was to eat one grape for each stroke of the clock until midnight. If a grape was sweet, that month would be a good one, if the grapes were sour, the month would be a bad. Today Spaniards and others in Latin America hold grape eating contests and other clever events to celebrate the New Year. 66

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Another popular fruit is the Pomegranate. Available usually in the winter months, this sweet fruit is filled with seeds, which represents wealth and abundance. Or, if you want great health for the rest of the year then eat a pomegranate as it is known to ward off all sorts of illnesses. Or eat the fruit to promote fertility. Cakes and pastries: Eating a donut or pastry that is shaped in a circle is the traditional baked item for New Year’s Day. The round shape is symbolic of things coming to full circle, of the old year ending and a New Year beginning. In some cultures like Mexico or Greece it is traditional to bake a round cake with a coin inside it for luck. With most of the world enjoying winter foods, Australians celebrate their New Year’s with a bit of “Shrimp on the Barbie” barbecued pork ribs, or a trip to the beach. Family events and fun is what makes these folks enjoy all the luck their summer sun can bring. So no matter what your tradition is for New Year’s Day or if you wish to create a tradition, these foods, including barbecued shrimp, is a great idea to end the holiday season and look forward to a lucky New Year.

Explore the Extraordinary! With Anita Moorjani


nita crossed over into the Afterlife and miraculously came back to share her experience. Since then, Anita has been speaking and traveling around the world sharing her story of hope. On todays show Anita will discuss some of the things she learned during her NDE and will take caller questions. Don’t miss this fascinating show. Many confuse surrendering with giving your power away. Anita believes that giving our power away weakens us, whereas surrendering empowers us. This is because when we give our power away, we allow

others to control us, but in surrendering, we allow the power of the universe to work through us. One of the dangers of not knowing the difference is that we can become prone to giving our power away to others who disempower us, such as cult leaders, while believing we are surrendering. During this hour, Anita will explain how to surrender, without giving our power away.

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Encountering the Angel of Kindness

“I stand behind kindness, for it is kindness that facilitates healing.� by James Masters 68

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a process of life. The more we give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit and learn to work with these healing energies; the more insight, understanding, and healing we will experience. Take some time to interact with this angel. If you are experiencing issues associated with your physical body, ask Kindness the best way to deal with those issues. You may want to start with the foods that you are eating, or the amount of physical activity you take in. When we learn to treat our bodies with kindness our natural state of healing occurs. This is also true related to our relationships. If you are feeling frustrated, ask Kindness what is the most appropriate response to the situation. Thank you for your time, and may you experience ever increasing love and joy.


had an encounter yesterday with an angel named Kindness. As I was painting her, and engaging with her I didn’t realize the green triangle that was forming behind her. This morning before I started in on finishing the picture, I had the archangel Raphael speak to me saying, “I stand behind kindness, for it is kindness that facilitates healing.” I realized that the green triangle was Raphael (literal meaning “God heals”), and that it is through kindness that all healing is facilitated. Message from the Angel of Kindness: “You can call on me at any time to find out the best strategy for healing. As you learn my ways and begin to practice kindness towards yourself and others, healing will follow. I am always available to every human being at all times. The more you engage with me, the more fruit of healing you will see in your life, and the lives of those around you.” My encouragement from the Angel of Kindness: While I was working with this angel I began to sense a profound shift in my emotions. I received some frustrating news about a company that I contract with, and I was feeling very unsettled. As Kindness began to reveal herself to me more and more through the drawing, I recognized a sense of ease come over me. The following day the frustration of my situation completely dissipated within the first hour of the day. I do not believe that healing always occurs this quickly, and it is important to understand that physical, emotional, and circumstantial healing takes place as

About the author: James is an intuitive coach and spiritual mentor. He works with his clients to help them gain insight and inspiration for the future. The main goal in his sessions is to help others find peace and love through their own personal connection to the Spirit, often addressing a variety life questions. He does this by allowing Spirit work through him to communicate “Spirit messages” to his clients. He has worked with several clients from all over the world and all walks of life, helping them gain spiritual insight and understanding. If you would like a personal consultation with James, you can setup an appointment through, or find him on one of his current partner sites. He is also a creative consultant and writer for Psychic Lifestyles Magazine, contact him at

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Ask The Astrologers

Melodie USA

Chris Alis Australia 70

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Aries — March 21-April 19: It may feel like all work and no play for you in the first couple weeks of the month. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing: with 3 planets — including your ruler — and the North Node in your work sector, you can get a lot accomplished during this time. You may be putting the finishing touches on a project that you’ve been fine-tuning for months. Or you may be thinking about starting a new venture that calls for discipline and dedication. As your relationship rulers — Venus and Mars — move into Libra (on the 8th and 12th respectively) your focus will shift to relationships, and more specifically what you can do to improve yours. It’s going to be more about meeting your partner’s needs than looking out for number one this month. And it’s going to be more about owning up to your own issues rather than deflecting blame onto others. Aside from a stressful aspect between Venus and Uranus on the 23rd, you shouldn’t run into too many conflicts in this area. Taurus — April 20-May 20: You may be putting more energy than usual this month into refining your image. This is a time of increased confidence and focus on creative self-expression. You may be making minor changes to your appearance or your personal style, or you may be thinking of going all out and completely reinventing yourself. Be careful not to get too hung up on all of your shortcomings as those are probably only apparent to you. Your ruler (Venus) is in Virgo now and debilitated, which makes it harder to digest the purer Venusian influences. The focus is on “what is wrong with this picture?” rather than what is right. But you can work with this energy in powerful ways. Venus in Virgo is all about striving for perfection and it at the very least gets you thinking about making improvements. It moves into Libra on the 8th but continues the self-improvement regimen by moving through Virgo’s house. You can make a lot of headway toward meeting your goals — either on the job or with respect to your physical and emotional well-being. As the New Moon falls in your relationship area, you may be making these changes in anticipation for attracting a new partner in or revitalizing an existing relationship. Gemini — May 21-June 21: You may be feeling less social this month and more like being a homebody, at least for the first week or so of November. You could be doing some redecorating, making minor changes around the house — or you could be going all out on home renovations. If you’re planning on entertaining this month, now is the time to get busy. Who says you can’t do Spring cleaning in the dead of Autumn? As the Holidays approach you start coming out of your shell, starting around the 8th when Venus moves into your romance sector, followed by Mars a few days later. Things heat up for you in the romance department at that time. You may find yourself involved in more serious discussions with a love interest around 25th. This is not the time to force anyone’s hand though, especially if you’re feeling stuck in and “all or nothing” mindset. Your partner may seem distant or distracted, which can trigger your own insecurities. Cancer — June 22-July 23: This is a time for networking with others, especially during the first week or so of November. Teamwork and team building exercises are the order of the day with three planets and the North Node all in Virgo in your 3rd house. This area is related to communications, which is good for hashing out the details of a project you might be working on with others. The emphasis is on cooperation, so focus on putting your heads together rather than allocating separate tasks — especially since all these Virgo planets can send you into overload. This is also a good time to get involved in neighborhood activities or take a class at your local community college. As Venus and Mars move into your 4th house starting on the 8th, your focus shifts toward matters related to the home, family, your security needs and your past. Winter Issue 2015/2016


Leo — July 24-August 23: This is going to be a good month for you to work on organizing your finances. Whether you’re putting your energy into making money or socking it away, you can figure out ways to cut corners so there’s more of it left for you at the end of the month. This is also a good time to look at your credit and clear up any discrepancies you find. It’s not the time for impulse buying — in fact you want to curb your spending rather than going overboard, especially as the Holidays are approaching and you’re well known for your generosity. This month it’s going to be more about getting a handle on your finances and figuring out creative ways to stretch every dollar. The New Moon on the 11th takes place in your home and family sector, leading you to think about spending more time with those who are nearest and dearest. But the Full Moon on the 25th is in your friendship sector, shifting your focus to the social arena. Thinking about attending a Holiday party? Or planning one of your own? You don’t want to turn down social invitations during this time. Get out there and mingle as you may be not only making new friends but solidifying the relationships with the ones you already have. Virgo — August 24-September 22: You may have more energy than you know what to do with this month, with three planets and the North Node now moving through your sign. You’ve never been one to shy away from work and this month is going to be no different. You may find yourself burning the candle at both ends, taking on more work than you can reasonably be expected to handle, or biting off more than you can chew. But make sure it’s not all work and no play: you start the month with a Venus / Mars conjunction in your sign and don’t want to let opportunities to connect with someone romantically pass you by. Whether you’re in an established relationship or just venturing back into the dating scene, this transit can rev up your love life and get you thinking about more than just dedication to your craft. Libra — September 23-October 22: It may take you a week or so to get your bearings this month and to start feeling like you’re fully engaged. With several planets moving through your 12th house — and with your ruler (Venus) debilitated in Virgo — you may feel like you’re lacking in direction or motivation. Your energy levels may be low or you may feel like sleeping more than normal. But after the 8th when Venus moves into your sign — followed by Mars on the 12th — you should be back in the zone — especially where it comes to relationships. Venus is great in your sign but Mars not so much. Still — because they are your relationship rulers — you can expect this area to take center stage. It’s a good time to put yourself out there if you’re looking for love. And if you’re already involved it’s a good time to assess your current relationship and see where you might make improvements. Scorpio — October 23-November 22: Happy Birthday Scorpio! Now is a good time to brush up on your people skills, particularly in the first week of November with three planets and the North Node all moving through your friendship sector. You’re broadening your social circles, with new friends coming in and some old friends moving out. You may experience some confusion over where certain people fit in: are they friends or are they lovers? And are you on the same page at the same time? The New Moon on the 11th is in your sign and sextiling Jupiter in your 11th house. This bodes well for you in terms of figuring out who you are and where you stand with others. As the month wears on you may feel more like retreating into the sanctity of your own sacred space and getting in touch with your innermost feelings.

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Sagittarius — November 23-December 20: Now is a time for reaping rewards for all of your hard work. With Saturn now moving forward in your sign — where it will remain for the next 2+ years — and three planets (including Jupiter, your ruler) moving through your public sector, you should be getting serious about your career and your reputation. If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, now is the time to formulate some goals. Saturn is good for forcing you to look at your own mortality, which reminds you that you’re not getting any younger. Mercury moves into your sign on the 20th and the Sun joins in on the 23td. These transit are good for making plans and developing the confidence to set those plans in motion, so take advantage of them. Relationships are also highlighted for you this month, particularly on the 25th when the Full Moon falls in your relationship sector. This may not be the best time to start a new relationship, but it’s good for clearing the air in an existing one, or providing closure for one from days gone by. Capricorn — December 21-January 20: You can make great strides this month toward achieving your professional goals. While you may not be exactly where you want to be just yet, you should be seeing progress in this area. You may be putting the finishing touches on something that’s designed to get you one step closer to meeting your objectives. Making changes to your resume for example. Taking a refresher course or pursuing an advanced degree. Completing a project that is sure to get the attention of your superiors. The key here is “preparation.” It’s about making your way to the top, one step at a time. Your ruler has moved into Sagittarius and into your 12th house. This is not the most comfortable (or powerful) position for Saturn, and can bring things to the surface that you’d prefer to ignore. Aquarius — January 21-February 19: The chickens may be coming home to roost for you this month in the financial department. Particularly with respect to outstanding debts and bills. You may need to tap into your savings, move some of your assets around or get creative with your budgeting, especially during the first two weeks of the month. You start the month with an inconjunct between your ruler (Uranus) and Jupiter in the 8th house — the area related to other people’s money. This is not the time to be impulsive with your spending or you could end up robbing Peter to pay Paul. The good news is that there are three other planets moving through this area and if you’re careful and strategic you can actually make a lot of money this month. Travel is indicated for you later in the month — or you may be entertaining guests from afar in your home. Because you’re likely to be focusing on your career during this time it’s probably best for loved ones to come to you. Pisces — February 20-March 20: Now is the time to take stock of your relationships and figure out what you can do to manifest the reality you want. With Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the North Node all moving through your partnership sector — and all in discriminating, hyper-critical Virgo — you should have a clearer idea of what you want in this area, as well as what you don’t want. You may feel the urge to make an important decision, but hold off until the 18th when your ruler (Neptune) turns direct. The Moon moves into your sign on the following day and conjuncts Neptune. This is going to be a good time for you to assess your personal needs, which can only enhance your relationships. You may also be thinking about breathing new life into your career goals now that Saturn is moving forward in your professional sector. If you’ve felt like you’re stuck in a rut or just punching in, it’s time to find a new inspiration for what you’re already so good at.

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his new site on the web is a collaborative effort, made up of a select group of professional readers who are proficient in a variety of spiritual disciplines. Among us you will find psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, aromatherapists, energy workers and so much more. You’ll find psychologists, life-coaches and hypnotherapists. Relationship counselors, social workers and spiritual advisors. Reiki, Theta and NLP practitioners. Published authors. Law of Attraction coaches. Past-life regressionists. Yoga practitioners and teachers. Color therapists. Those who practice rebirthing and soul retrieval. And a vast array of information and knowledge through some of the most seasoned and professional psychic readers out there. In addition, we offer “the Scoop,” news, articles, book and tarot reviews, information on upcoming webinars and workshops, and more. We strive to provide valuable information and resources to help you along in your own spiritual journey as well. We’ve worked — individually and collectively — on various psychic phone lines and websites sites over the years, as well as with private clients in our own communities. We came together in this venture through a shared set of ideals and desires. We wanted to do our part in dispelling some of the myths and misinformation associated with psychic readings. And we wanted to take a stand against some of the scams and con

games that have targeted vulnerable clients. Although we each have our own unique reading styles — as well as our own specialized areas of expertise — we do all ascribe to certain higher laws and principles. This is so important in this industry. What you will find here are honest, intelligent, compassionate and ethical advisors and counselors. What you will NOT find here are the following: Spells, cleansings or any other kind of “negative energy removal. Attempts to foster dependency or lead you to believe that on-going sessions are necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Attempts to convince you that your destiny is outside of your control. Each of the gifted readers on this site brings a different and unique set of skills and experiences to the table. We hope you’ll take the time to get to know them all. To read more about a specific reader, click on their mini listing shown on the site. From there you can also read some of their contributions to the site, set up a session or contact them for more information. We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Psychic Scoop and will come back often!

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Our video selections of the Paranormal and the unexplained The Largest Ghost Town in the World

In this video, we take a look at 10 of the biggest unexplained and unsolved mysteries in the world.

One of several ghost cities of Eurasia, the abandoned resort of Varosha in Famagusta was once north Cyprus’ most exclusive tourist destination frequented by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot. But since the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the Varosha quarter has been abandoned, its hotels, restaurants and highrise structures slowly decaying amid the ruins of this once thriving millionaires’ playground. In this incredible series of photographs courtesy of Sometimes Interesting, we take a rare trip beyond the fence. Click on the picture below to see video.

The Most Haunted HighScool in America from the Paranormal Files

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12. Create an online quiz that builds interest and curiosity in the Tarot (e.g. what Tarot card are you?). Make sure you include a link to your website. 13. Write an eBook on Tarot to showcase your knowledge. 14. Get listed on a group buy website like Groupon or Living Social.

Tips For

Metaphysical business

1. Set up a Facebook page and use it to share great Tarot articles, insights, tips, card-of-the-day and to build a community of like-minded people. 2. Set up a Twitter page and share daily short-andsharp 1-card readings. 3. Start a blog that matters and share your insights into the Tarot. 4. Answer questions on Tarot forums such as the Aeclectic forum and build a solid reputation as someone who has a genuine desire to help. 5. Set up a Google+ page and share your Tarot updates and blog posts.

15. Encourage social sharing on your website with Sharebar. 16. Share sample Tarot readings on your website along with the customer’s feedback. Of course, make sure you get permission to share the reading before you post it. 17. Offer a free Tarot reading to a popular blogger (in any field) and if they love it, ask for them to write about it on their blog or website. 18. Conduct a case study or interview with a previous customer and show how they transformed their lives with the help of your Tarot reading. 19. Shoot a memorable video about your Tarot reading skills and post it to Youtube.

6. Link your Tarot blog content to your Google+ page using rel=”author” (find out how).

20. Create Tarot reading specials for different times of the year. Offer a Love Tarot Reading special for Valentine’s Day or a New Year special for the start of the year.

7. Optimise your website for search engine traffic (find out how).

21.. Run a competition to win a free Tarot reading with you and cross-promote on other websites.

8. Create an e-newsletter with Tarot tips or communal Tarot readings (e.g. card of the week).

22. Have a clear ‘call to action’ on your Tarot readings/ Services page, e.g. “Buy Now” or “Book Reading”.

9. Set up an affiliate program so that others can refer clients to you and receive a commission for doing so.

23. Add a ‘bonus’ to your Tarot reading, e.g. a brief numerology or astrology report.

10. Build relationships with people in complementary industries (e.g. numerology, astrology, life coaching, etc.) and ask for a referral.

24. Run a free webinar or teleseminar on Tarot and share your knowledge and your services.

11. Create a professional-looking email signature and advertise your services in it.

25. Create an email autoresponder series such as the 10 Most Insightful Tarot Spreads, and include links to your Tarot business. Winter Issue 2015/2016



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