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“Don’t be another brick in the wall”


g ym ke neeche


Firstly, give us some insights about your group. Every banwara in Banwarey.What is it like to work with each other?

Its crazy working together its madness!! Where do you think we get our name from? Along with the love and interest for our work which threads us together, it is the individuality of each one of us which lends vibrancy and variety to our products. Apurva’s untiring nature keeps the energy levels high, whereas Shrishti is the more composed one with a keen eye for details. Shruti, though the most hyper one , makes sense of all the confusion and saves a lot of our time. And Ajay, the talkative one keeps our interest awakened by his encouraging chit chats.


Though at times, managing both became quite a task it was our passion which pushed us to make the most of the opportunity which had come our way. We used to get done with our practical exams in a hurry so that we could give more of our time to our work. It was our passion for what we had started that created a new excitement in us to try something which we had not done yet but were confident of doing well.


ow did it all start? How did all of you come together as a team? What was that one moment you realized that ‘yes, we are a team?’ We came together as friends and realized we had an inclination towards the same things. We got our first opportunity when we had participated in the Street Art Festival held at the Tihar Jail in Delhi. Our best appreciation came when a picture of our work was published in a leading newspaper, The Times Of India. This gave us a definite boost to give a proper shape to what had started as our common interest. The next opportunity which came our way was the chance to showcase our work at DIY Day held at Akshara Theatre, near CP at New Delhi. We had to prepare for this event along with preparing for our final year exams.

hat was the motive behind Banwarey?

Initial motive was to explore more that what was told to us by everybody, to use what we were taught in a more unconventional way. More than this, there was the urge to carry forward our shared interest. Interest that started as a hobby and took a more concrete shape in the form of BANWAREY


ow is the world, outside of college, treating you?

The world outside of college is all different. It has been more like a day

to day learning experience for us. It’s great when you break the shell and move out of the secured college environment and your comfort zone but things are not always very welcoming and it totally depends on how aware you are and how you turn situations to work in your favor. We are also enjoying the attention that is coming our way from different quarters, especially from those who are much more experienced than us and can look at our work from a better perspective. We are also extremely excited at the prospect of learning from our seniors of this field.


ow do you deal with differences among your team members?

We fight, we argue, Yes we do!! When working in a team conflict is pretty much ineluctable. Many times we have difference in viewpoints and to combat that we try to be direct and clarify what is in our mind without lingering on to things and at the same time acknowledging what other team mates have to say. And through a healthy group dialogue we are able to see the best possible option. These conflicts and discussions definitely help us to work more efficiently and effectively.


ny fond memory of your college life?

Ohh... You just got us started. The fondest being sitting under the gym stairs and the neem tree near the college canteen, never ending discussions at Mandi House gol chakkar (Roundabout), BM ke samose, nimbu pani and cheese toast at SRC canteen and aimless walks in the back lanes of Bengali market to name a few...

and striving to elevate the quality of our work. Along with all the motivations which have come our way form different sectors, we also have to negotiate with the occasional setbacks that come our way. There are still a few fields in which we are inexperienced and have to learn a lot about them.



ajor achievements of Banwarey?

Woah! Achievements huh? You make it sound so big. Though it would be too early to boast of our success as we are still fledglings in this field, but if u insist... Banwarey in a span of 1 year has collaborated with stores in Delhi (Hauz Khas) Mumbai (Bandra), Bangalore (White Field), Jaipur, Ahmedabad and counting. Along with this we’ve been holding numerous displays and pop-ups in different cities. P.S: To add to that, the first, foremost and the most dear to us would definitely be DIY DAY, at Akshara Theatre, Delhi, during our final college days and not to forget it was during our final practical examination. Each opportunity has been a learning experience for us which brought us closer to our work. We have been able to learn the practical aspects of our field through the opportunities we got and also become aware of the shortcomings of our work. It has also encouraged us to keep improving

hat was the initial thought behind Banwarey?

The initial idea was to break free from the shackles of the mundane and stereo type single outlook careers and open up to a larger avenue where we could amalgamate the basic academic knowledge with our intriguing ideas.


Of course!! “The TEAM” where would BANWAREY be without us? Puns aside, college is where it all started and this is where it all got together. College definitely helped us develop our aesthetics. In the design dominated market our work portrays a more ingenious approach with detailed artistic sense and that is enormously due to the experiences we have had with the institution.

W ould you like to say something you wouldn’t have ever said in your college days?

More than something we couldn’t have said, it seems to be more of a confession, we all had (of course except Ajay ) had this fan girl crush on our aesthetics professor “KARTIK SIR”

nything college gave you that became a major element in making banwarey what it is today?


hat would Banwarey like to say to college students? Any advice for juniors?

Coming from a creative background, break free from the inhibitions! Restrictions are more in your mind than in reality. Don’t be another brick in the wall!! Work it and risk it and like old people say “patience is the key to success”.

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Ashish Sahoo Sculpture, MFA II, 2015 Batch

So we decided to visit our chupa rustam ; Ashish Sahoo, who has this amazing chupa hua talent of cooking. He decided to make us some breakfast which was stuffed bread with fresh corn with lots and lots of cheese. We must say, for someone who has had no formal training in cooking bringing up this outcome it’s truly commendable. Watch the video for a delicious experience.



g ym ke neeche


11 Once upon a time, on a bright summer day, a curious soul decided to find out her understanding of music and ended up expressing it by her illustrations. The product was then named ‘June jingles’. Navedita, our Banjaran, filled our sticky lazy June with her crazy imagination and made it more bearable for us. (we love her for that). It all started with her collecting your favorite tunes and ended only because of your constant requests to complete your favorites first. “This project changed me on the inner side. I mean now I can understand music more. My motive was to just go with the flow after understanding what the musician wanted to express.” You changed our perspective and understand of inter-relation too, you crazy Banjara. You made us realize any art form is way above the barriers of space, language and time. P.S. She wanted to thank all of you. *Spoiler alert* There might be a word in the city that there can be more June jingles’ in the years to come. Shhhhh!


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Rain Series Tuda Muda is the stage name of Samrridhi Kukreja. She was inspired to take up this name after an insect (Tidda) bit her friend. Her style of work is playful usage of bold bright colors in her depictions.She specializes in Prints, murals and paintings. Currently

Samrridhi is working on the Rain series using watercolor as its main medium which we absolutely love and therefore recommend you all to check it out !


Ever wondered how those women with a child outside your car window spends her night? Or that beggar child who looked so innocent...Might even be an addict? What happened to the chillers you gave to that disabled man? M.Karthik from 4th year,VC who is currently interning at The Citizen stumbled upon the reality of this “other world�. What he discovered might shock you to the core. Check out his article to find out more.

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Roshisni Suri


Visual Communication 2nd Year, BFA

An ode to my college journey Illustration and Poem

Kritika Aggarwal Applied Art 4th Year, BFA


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s y a w e v i t a e Cr s i h t n r a e to r e m m u s 16

Alright, whoever told you that earning money isn’t easy didn’t know what kind of world we live in. Here are some creative ways to help you out with the savings for that studio you always wanted or the gear you wanna upgrade to. Here’s how you can earn some extra money this summer, besides your internships.


SELL YOUR VIDEOGAME ACCOUNTS Yeah. You read it right. If you love playing Online games and you can level your characters quickly, then you can make a decent amount of money doing it as a side business! Who thought there could actually be any money in doing things you love! Oh wait, We are artists, we are supposed to love our work. Shush. Good listing websites offers trustworthy and reliable service to both buyers and sellers for many different games.

DO USERS TESTING Sites like are always looking for users to rate and give feedback about websites. Website owners post gigs to the site, and you simply login and give feedback and usability ratings on different websites and Online apps.

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Sell Crafts on

Are you good with scissors, paper and glue? Or may be able to convert waste into beautiful works of art? Maybe selling your own creative products is the way to go. You could open a shop on Etsy and sell your crafts to others who are looking for unique products. For example, you could sell paper goods like cards and invitations, or even home decor products themed around the holidays.


For film students, making a YouTube channel is one of the ways to make money online while also helping to build a portfolio! There are hundreds of people on YouTube who actually make enough money to live off of ! Plan out a channel idea, start making videos, and then partner with YouTube. Once you do this, advertisements will begin running on your videos and the more views you get, the more money you will make!


Selling stock photography is the perfect way for a photography student to make some extra cash! Once again, you can use your work to help build your portfolio as well as make money, so it’s a win-win! Several websites (such as pay you money every time someone downloads your photograph to use in an ad, article or brochure.


Why not design some T-Shirts to sell online? Websites like Zazzle and CafePress let you upload your own images to be branded on a variety of T-shirts and other accessories. Designers, give it a try. What are you waiting for?


Are you serious? You didn’t know about mechanical turk? Alright cavemen, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk gives you a list of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) which are individual tasks that you can work on. Simply browse the selection and select one that interests you. When you’re done, submit your work, and after the requester approves your work, money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account.

Mystery Shopping

Do you enjoy fast food or going into retail shops? Many companies hire mystery shoppers to test the customer service of their stores. A common one is Subway, which hires mystery shoppers to ensure that “Sandwich Artists” are following all the franchise guidelines. If you have time and can travel to different places, this could be a good side hustle.

gym ke neeche

Inside the Adrita Banerjee at Contract


at Swastika Film


Contract is an ad agency. They pay you the services like cab, lunch,travel. Everything is free. The best thing about this agency is I have no time bound here. Sometimes, I reach late, and they are totally cool about it. Being a sketcher add on to your reputation here. Also, did i mention, that they have zumba classes every Tuesday.

Working out of your comfort zone in a commercial project sucks your blood to the core initially. I explored new experiences, met new people, it made me unbelievably efficient and mentally flexible. But, it’s also more important to know the difference between STEPPING OUT of your comfort zone and EXPANDING your comfort zone. I prefer expanding :)

Aditya Verma

Aditi Singh


at Dentsu

I am interning at Dentsu this summer , learning from and interacting with some of the best brands like Beer Cafe, Honda... Have come to terms with a broader and more beautiful sense of art in general. Harshul Uthra, our senior from College of Art is also one of the amazingly talented people working with us at Dentsu.

at McCann

The whole experience as a part of the creative team there was amazing. Working in an ad agency like this was very helpful and interesting ,the whole team helped me in learning how an ad agency work,their strategies , dealing with clients and much more. One of my senior from college Mr. Ajay Singh Rawat is working their as a trainee, he has given me great learning tips through his experience.

Internships Shaival at Yahavi

Well the vacations go on for like 2 months and that’s a pretty long time. I knew i was going to get bored after a week in my hometown, so i thought about earning some extra cash and getting some experience in the industry along with it. I applied as a graphic designer and got shortlisted for 9. Finally I ended up joining Yahavi on 1st of June. For the first two weeks I had to work on banners for Facebook which was quite boring for me, the only time I enjoyed was the frequent nicotine breaks and the good amount of endless caffeine. Later i started working on the UI Design (User Interface) of the website and the mobile app. I love what I am doing right now. I mean when you create something from scratch, it feels good. Moreover, when YOU decide the base look of a website, you feel the sense confidence in yourself. Of course there are superiors over me, but they just guide me towards improvement.

Superhuman baba is doing parties, the akshay website-sort-of-launched miracles at this marketing firm, party, the website launch party, the according to sources, in the near future the without-any-reason party, the Saturcompany is planning to assign him as the art day-night party, theposition we-need-alcohol director, a prestigious to hold!

party..the list goes on. Unlimited food, unlimited alcohol and that too with a group of like-minded people. Well, who can say no to that. Coming back to the point, the experience is invaluable. You learn to see professional atmosphere and strict deadlines. Your work is scrutinized over every small detail. The client doesn’t understand lines, shapes, rhythm and balance. All that is for you alone. All he wants is something which is aesthetically pleasing and promotes the idea it is meant for. That’s it! You do that and you’re done. this marketing firm, according to sources, in the near future the company is planning to assign him as the art director, a prestigious position to hold!

So, I would say the overall experience is great! Working with people from different fields and courses. I stay busy all day and receive a decent paycheck. And the parties, oh how can I forget about the

gym ke neeche


CAN FOOD BE ART? In the realm of philosophy there is much debate as to the importance of food as an art form. Questions arise in defining art, the nature of an artwork and whether or not food can be considered art. The answers to these questions are complex and relate to human emotion. Food is an important part of everyday life and the emotional role that it plays in informing our reactions to what we eat makes it essential to consider food as Art.


Food has much more of an impact on our lives than we may ever realize. It is how we survive as humans. It changes from culture to culture to shape each and every community distinctively. Food travels all over the world, exposing one community to another through food and so on. Art can be experienced through many ways but I strongly believe that art can be experienced through food because of the daily impact and history that food has on every living being. Food can be used to create artistic things. It can also be used to create art. So why not consider it Art? The food we consume incorporates art because we are able to generate a cultural connection with what we eat. Food can be considered art by the prepare if the prepare of the food is consciously aware of “The feelings of nostalgia, security, closeness, and comfort brought about by a meal”-(Crystal Neely). Usually the prepare has some sort of connection to the food when they are preparing it and that

is why food can be considered as art. There has long been an association between art and food. “Food is very much a presence in the art world” collector and food lover Valeria Napoleon once said. Art and food go hand in hand. From cotton candy rooms to painterly cakes, pickle portraiture to animated toast, food inspired by art and art inspired by or involving food is the latest craze. Creating beautiful and unbelievable models (animal, Bird, Statue, Face etc.) with food is called food art. Food is art. Food is unique art too, because it can appeal to all our senses whereas painting is restricted to a few senses. Artistically carved vegetables and fruits are only the most common and most well known examples. Food is the material in which art is carried out. Food is part of the works but it is not the crucial element. That these artworks are considered art is not because they contain food but mainly because of the formalism, expressibility and message.

Food serves the artistic language to express social, political or other existential issues. An important part of considering food as Art, is that art is cultural, but can be appreciated by everyone. Food falls under this umbrella. Every country has their own food, but we can all enjoy the food and appreciate them. Just like painting and music, food is not exclusive. Food should be appreciated by all as an art form and hence Chefs are not just craftsmen, artisans, or business persons; they are

expected to offer patrons (and critics) dishes and menus that stimulate and surprise them, find new methods to manipulate ingredients, and interact with technology and design in ways that keep them on the cutting edge and ensure coverage from the press, TV, and the Internet. Isn’t that exactly what the artists do too?

There are two necessary components to art. The first is human emotion; it is in fact the basis of why are exists. Food ties closely onto art because of the close cultural connections that we make with what we eat. There must be some attention to detail in the preparation. This ties into the definition of art, if the preparation is not an expression by the prepare but is simply incidental the basic criteria for art is not met. But when Art from food is made for the enrichment of our soul and not merely as something to calm our hunger then we could perhaps consider food as Art. Hence, can food be considered art? If it meets all the criteria, yes!

by Rhea Jose, Art History

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Read This Book If… enjoy Harvard professors who reference The Beatles in every chapter and make jokes about quadriplegics. …you are interested in behavioral economics and irrational decision-making. …you’ve always had a hunch that you are completely full of shit but would like 400 pages of psychological research to confirm it for you. …you want to read a book that explains happiness without mythologizing it or worshiping it.

Read This Book If… …you want to know why people give up their identities for some insane cause. …you wonder how war and revolutions are even possible. …you want to read something smart but don’t want to wade through hundreds of pages of gibberish and academic jargon to understand it.


Mark Twain once said “ To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.� And apart from the very many things that we are thankful for, is the joy of sharing the success of our yearbook with all our mates out there, who not only helped us in shaping it, molding it and beautifying it, but also welcomed its final form with open arms and embraced it with love.

this to you all, this success is very much a reward of all the handwork that each one of us has put in. And then there are people like Mohit Sir. It goes without saying that our deepest gratitude goes to him.

So with this, we close down this book of moments and memories for now, until of course, we meet again! Thanks is an understatement, and some- Cheers! what out of context here, because we owe

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Our special collection of best 10 Kacchi Kalis this summer. Don’t forget to visit their pages to see their other works

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APPLIED ART | FOURTH YEAR 2015 A 21 years old illustrator and graphic designer, born and raised in New Delhi, done her bachelors in applied art from college of art. Her core interest lies in illustrations, graphic designs, typography and packaging. Her inspirations are works of Mario Miranda, Sameer Kulavoor, Alicia Souza, Jean Julliene and many more contemporaries. And she loves to travel. She have always wanted to be a travel Illustrator like Prashant Miranda. through design she wants to put her interests and skills into use to create things that matter, things that help someone photography as a hobby which he uses to document her

day to day life with 3 years of experience she is currency freelancing. She got a lot of job offers but she had to turn them down as she has got in IIT G M. For her masters in Des program of visual design And So, she would be moving out to Guwahati in July for next 2 years. Then she plans to start up her own graphic studio.

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PAINTING | FOURTH YEAR 2015 33 Mrinalini saha is a graphic designer, has done her bachelors in painting from govt. College of Art, New Delhi. She generally work with self portraits along with distortion of real life objects and human figures. She likes to work with simple moments in line creating illusion of folds and textures. Also she works with female forms due to grace that can be expressed through

lines. Currently she is doing personal projects, working on herself and skills, observing work, worldly situations and current market for digital art.

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Buglady Pen and Ink


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PAINTING | FOURTH YEAR 2015 A 21 years old print maker, comes from New Delhi. He has done his bachelors in print making from College of Art. He is tremendous in his work, nature inspires him the most. Samish wants to explore see the world.

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Untitled 2015 Etching 51 x 51 cm


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He is currently living in New Delhi, and has done his bachelors in panting from govt. College of Art, New Delhi. He has this special interest towards woodcut art which is one of the print making technique. He gets his inspiration from day-to-day activities, and like to explore almost every medium in art.


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Hunter Arcylic



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VISUAL COMMUNICATION | FOURTH YEAR 2015 A 21 year old tattoo artist and graphic designer born and raised in New Delhi, done her bachelors in Visual Communication from College of Art. Since forever, her core interest has been in designing art for people. ‘ I started doing tattoo because I love it tattooing for me is an art not money.’ - she quotes. With 4 year of experience she now owns frozen ink tattoos and art in partnership with another artist, Krishna Roy. . Krishna is her BIGGEST INSPIRATION. Aakriti has got selected in Academy of Art University, San Francisco for Masters in Graphic Design.


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VISUAL COMMUNICATION | MFA Previous 2015 51 She comes from New Delhi, recently moved to London, she has done her bachelors as well as masters from College of Art in Visual Communication. Tarang is a detail specific person, loves collecting nibs, inks and papers for practicing calligraphy off and on, she has a instinctive pull towards photography and film. Presently, taking a little break, putting together her portfolio and looking for best suited design houses to apply.

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Birender Yadav PAINTING | MFA FINAL 2015

Birender is a 23 years old Artist. He has done his Bachelors in Painting from B.H.U Varanasi (U.P) and completed his masters in painting from govt. College of Art, New Delhi


He is currently in Gujarat working for Uttrayan art foundation.

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