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Stanzas Written & Photography By Lauren Alicia

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To the

Girl YOU Crazy

in YOU


1989 can’t talk but can testify what it looks like to be like a child they didn’t plan... I guess we all don’t expect to reap what we sow Huh? When birth control pills were supposed to run interference Right? HA

Well they did 4 years until it was time for me to be here I came face to face with the fact that Purpose ALWAYS has its way showing up showing out even when we don’t think its near See naysayers been on my radar and introduced themselves at the ultrasound

You would be surprised How many don’t Realize Existence Is Profound 10 toes, 10 fingers, no defects but I was dismissed from the nursery disturbing all the other Profounds Screaming and already deciding to Live Out LOUD Sent back to the room with the woman who decided to Fight Have my back and Let me LIVE

not knowing ‘10 toes, 10 fingers, no defects’ could be part of my story ...I call her Mom Born determined so I think like a Fighter Eyes open on my 1st picture Ready to conquer So when we talk about where we are from we’re not just talking about a place But unknown moments building history to our legacy

I could tell you more of my story you could look at me and still not know But when you see the surface of my city don’t form an unsolicited opinion before considering the substance of its people Because YES was uttered We ARE Here.

adversity when we’re bold and tell our story.

We all overcome

I could tell y my story you could loo and still not

you more of

ok at me know...

Unfinished Mosaic of Me

What will YOU do with All of YOU?

Am I willing to surrender the broken person of me for the love for the beauty of a mosaic of me? Designed parts from the past used to inspire paths of my destiny created and continues to be the making of something beautifully with a name where all bitterness is erased for the sake of sanity‌ The depths of me Pieces you cannot see What I have yet And am longing to be.

No one remembers birth but we all have a long-lost picture and proof in the mirror given tools to pursue life to experience mistakes to forgive and lessons showing you have actually lived. But am I willing to be and acknowledge the mosaic I was designed to be? Parts from my past used to inspire that, which is in me If someone asked “What will You do with all of You?� what would be my response I’m pretty sure the mind would ponder like yours is now and propose a new question Am I ok that all the inner workings of me are not released? And am I working for that to be?

If a voice whispered “decide now, what is important” Would I do it like laundry? want from need desire from envy and not of other people but envious of what I know I’m meant to be Caught in a glimpse of the future Vision clouded of the present Frustrated I’m still here Contemplating while the world is waiting Am I willing to be the mosaic of me? Let the pieces fall where they hit

White space From the past saying “fill me” because you’ve learned Empty space for the present saying “live me” you’re worth it and Future saying “wait for me, I’m worth it” Ditch craziness for courage Apparently to some It all looks the same I’m nothing but a mere mosaic Unfinished Designed from love

Now agreed to be All of the reason I was formed I see white space all around saying “paint me” There is more to do

Now I’m left with a question That will forever remain in my remembrance ________________(insert your name here) What will You do with all of You?

Please Excuse the Strangers I'm getting my life together

Please Excuse the Strangers It’s like Moving Day or Season In my life… They’re moving out I’m moving in And fully taking Residence Self- inventory, Reality check, YES YES I am ONLY Accepting the truth of… ME Strong, Bold, Confident YES YES YES

No longer settling For foolishness I’m done being a fool Relating to funky attitudes that No longer serve A profitable purpose …You’re excused

Now enter the room of NEW Welcome! Here are a few ground rules: No More Strangers Lingering I know what is here So don’t try to hide behind Memory I’m focused on Meaning

I decided I will not be keeping my enemies close to me… +That’s STUPID and welcomes paranoia! Bad company corrupts me. +I’m done being funky Abusing myself with self, Well… I’ve recognized my worth Found out I am designed PRICELESS Therefore, I will act as such

So please excuse the strangers No more of them lingering I separated what actually belongs to me… In this moment You’ll see old and new things Properly in place With some type of explanation That only I need to understand Some things have meaning beyond memory And Some things are not as important as their meaning I’ve recognized We’ve been given feelings to feel Not to be used as a guide But a tool of indication, When to let go and when to hold on

So if you look around… You’ll see, I’m moving forward, Accordingly It took strength to say I am NO Longer holding on to dead weight Being stuck with whose stuck And satisfied in that place If I want change and to keep growing Find my pride pushed to the side And a mirror constantly in my face If you want change Girl… Start with YOU and Your world Do you know the people you call friend, Including yourself? Are the memories you’re holding on to… Hindering you from possessing your present?

Have you looked around the room And actually noticed... Change? Well… When a stranger lingers It leaves things undefined And your open mind A little more open Beyond focus and purpose Questioning worth and Searching through these opinions For truth But finding a questionable you “How have I let this go on for so long???” Well, here is your moment It’s moving season So Please excuse the strangers We no longer need them

I’m getting my life together And PURPOSE is FOREVER THE PRIORITY. I’m done giving permission to what doesn’t belong to me.

We are always 1 decision away from learning more about who we are

and where we are destined to go.


They say I’m going in the wrong direction Confusion. They said I was falling but didn’t help me Rejection. So I stopped Reflected Found Peace or better yet it found me said keep going a plan that is for you may look confused to others may make you want a new perspective to stay may make you want to go their way

But if you go with them ya’ll get there and are at the wrong place You’ll find Confusion never knew you until you showed it your face when you rejected Your destined for what pleased sideliners Confusion isn’t to be followed because it doesn’t know where it’s going it just doesn’t want you to get there before it knows itself Permission slip to slip Miss what you’ll forget Never meeting the path, which knew your whole bio

Confusion? Nope I’ll trade that for Peace even if I lose old friends and gain enemies Clearly there are new people to meet Who still want to be there and encourage when I agree to disagree Sometimes your peace is their confusion, and your confusion is their peace. Go where you’re called and let the rest GO.

Following the plan set out for me, not the one anyone can think. Not following confusion even if it seems confused, knowing what is for me.


If you were brought in for questioning and many things were before you would you be able to identify recognize Freedom or look yourself in the mirror to see it living in you?

Living and breathing out all of you before you were consumed by a non-existing box as a looking glass to gaze through, use as a format, example, blueprint of the stamp and label placed upon many too few to count who have yet to identify freedom

So when we say FREEDOM oh so often we use it as a tool to stand and declare but some of us don’t even know its name, the characteristics, its personality, the uniqueness of its fame

I’d rather tell you You are free than ignore the truth of you being bound by reality not yours but the one re-created told to you and delivered as the accurate genuine inner makings of you yet to be realized because it is disguised as your ______<<< “truth…” when you look in the mirror let’s all finish the line _______ <<< “Do you really know you?”

Not a personal attack but for me to even write, Right this I have to look within day in day out and humbly admitâ&#x20AC;Ś do I really know freedom, and do I live like it knows my name Bigger than any word we could ever pronounce A gift weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re all given but many of us refuse to live it Afraid we will miss out On this movement that movement Top Twitter trend and the number of everybody talking about this

It’s cool, I’ll give you a minute it is a constant self-reality check If an interviewer asked “Is it a fight to be you, the real you?“ Would you really say, “YES”

Given the moment to be introduced to Freedom, the stress and pressure that you were actually built to push through and progress No faking the funk, taking time to open up and no longer masking The privilege, the true and accurate genuine inner makings of the FREEDOM to be YOU go wherever that may lead Fight to consider only your designed beautiful truth Leaving behind all the re-this and re-that …that just really isn’t

REAL But a prison with an indefinite sentence. Take Make Time To reflect Realize Recognize That FREEDOM Knows You And requests that You know It!

If you were brought in for questioning and many things were before you would you be able to identify recognize Freedom or look yourself in the mirror to see it living in you?

The Last Drop

When whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s given is down to its end spread it thick or lay it thin give enough or give it all Give enough or give it all

We spread stuff thick when we know we’ll have more and use a little less when we’re not sure if more will be back But what if more never needed to return because it’s always present the difference is merely our Perception Acceptance of what we see & what we feel poured into expectation

What if your last drop is a seed? An opportunity? To plant, water and watch grow Plant, water and watch grow


The last drop is nowhere near the end of your supply â&#x20AC;ŚNo, not at all. When fear is neglected, faith flows. The last drop is a seed, a moment of opportunity Will you worry or plant?

Faith decides unseen and

to see the believe.

Even when

n it's blurry. . .

Will you wor

rry or plant?

Untitled...But the Title is

We All Know


Sometimes Life’s desperation of thirst brings forth the lowering of standards for walking in one’s worth Stooping down as the shallow puddle in the cracked concrete glistens from the sun Contemplating partaking of leftovers spilled over from another’s cup

Gazing at the puddle Seeing the reflection of past and present struggle Reminds Life that Hope & Faith are still alive... Uttering the directions and instructions to drink from The Well of Endless Inspiration through the eyes of our imagination... Water.

See when Life steps back to commentate on its thirst, It speaks with a heavy heart... I can’t breathe without air but I can’t live without water because where I water, I grow and without a seed, I cannot sow... So my thirst begins to rapidly gasp like it’s gasping for air but it’s my throat that’s dry, My heart that is crying for the cloud birthed from struggle to Pour Out then Move Over, so Life can see The Radiant Transparent Beauty of Hope & Faith To Stop, Hear, Listen and Follow the directions and instructions to drink from The Well of Endless Inspiration through the eyes of our imagination... Water.

Hello You! Yes, YOU…

then looked at me to confirm if others could tell We meet every morning like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the 1st time forgetting I was there as your personal commentator at your best and worst times

I was there with nothing to say but everything of your perspective Mimicking whatever precious emotions desired Not your definition

from your brightest smile to the forced moment when you faced me admitting you were hurt tears filled your eyes bloodshot red cold rag to the face

but this time I bet your wondering what voice is this youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re hearing? not an imitating self-degrading voice that only follows

A voice that has decided to replace follow with lead Before you stop me to say I don’t know what I’m talking about... I’ve had enough of you Looking at me And not seeing what I see

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tell me your lie Before I tell you my truth Which happens to be yours One of purpose promise passion determination humility and beauty That whatever is for you is for you And will be found You think because I look like you I am your reflective truth

Well Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not I am not a reflection You have distorted me into an ever-growing scrapbook of your moments on a rollercoaster







at I


I am a sign that YOU Are Still Here While many wish their Loved ones could make the Same sign re-appear I am a reminder of the truth that there is a rainbow after rain and as long as we can see each other Your focus shall know and remain

far, far, far, FAR away from The peddling of many hustles in a struggle that surely has no gain integrity dignity only a route where Your name will be known But YOU wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t recognize your name

THEN… we’ll have this same discussion AND... You would never believe me So I am serving you notice Right NOW I will no longer be your “Magic Mirror on The Wall” That’s in a movie Your purpose goes beyond The writings directing of a man-made script Not fit for the already written script of your dreams you were Meant to live

You’ve Picked it up Put it down Imagined read it forgot it was around Now pick it up again to see what I attempt to declare and define every morning when we meet like it’s the 1st time the beauty of being YOU which no one but YOU can experience perspective of design with a sign for every reason why your purpose is still alive and well

So when you see me I see you I am not a reflection I am the definition of your truth Beyond aluminum silver And glass No longer will you ask me to mimic you help rehearse things from the past But allow me to remind YOU of who you are

A definition created with promise & truth! Hello You! YES, YOUâ&#x20AC;Ś

Dream Killers Anonymous

Welcome to Dream Killers Anonymous a hybrid between a place you were tricked to go and a place you consciously knew you needed to go. As in you will not be asked to tell your story, I’ve been Informed that you have been speaking more than enough, it’s now time for YOU to listen. Hello. No one will keep you here against your will at any time you are free to leave This meeting is not to bash but embrace. Perhaps you’re wondering how you arrived here or questioning what qualifies you to be here? I’m glad you asked.

Well, the ones who brought you stressed and made it clear their dreams or potential dreams aren’t safe when you’re near. An opinion stretched passed the line of sincerity Options only as deep as you can perceive Controlled by whatever you’ve been told and believe Breaking down the consideration and excitement of their dreamed reality Because you can’t fathom the depths of their capabilities Decided only choices are those that exist no room for creation Instead Settle You don’t need passion Only look for the surface hold on to the past never embrace the new If it’s good for me, it’s good for you

I hope that’s enough of an introduction I can be real ‘Girl YOU Crazy’ all day about your negative but I’d rather be real and leave Hope building a space where people believe their dreams can breathe and shine amongst the shining. Realize the dream you never allowed to be birthed was killed, and I’m not talking about where someone has to lose Only you win But thoughts Desires Destined for action Influence Greatness Change And placing a spot in history where you were involved in the world being a better place.

Sound good? Well, it better because I don’t want to see you here again only giving thought to the surface and not the substance Dream and not the Dreamer Resource and not the Source If you’re not living your dreams or wish you had dreamed bigger no need to step on another Instead be accountable and encourage through the temptation of being negative without a purpose Offer questions that Build Create Inspire Crack the whip if they think about being lazy and giving up At times let them know they’re not in this alone And there are No limitations to how far they can go

In your head call it crazy but tell em’ to their face and behind their back They Are Courageous!!! There are no lost dreams in having faith in the unseen. Dream Killers Anonymous is not to bash but embrace. The dream you don’t allow to be birthed gets killed So when they come to you in excitement Maybe some hesitation Consider the future of their reality Be their influential Yes, I see it…Even if you can’t Support and imagine Them Winning Leaving every bit of potential in the books of history.

Thank you for staying through Dream Killers Anonymous Look around because in this room We are all helpers sent here to help Others pursue the depths of their dreams, Which are lined with Greatness for Good. You never know, Your yes just might unlock the vision for access.



Big dreams Living infinity Climb till you reach Zoom out Zoom in Pay attention Cross when clear Don’t wait for WALK Talk what you’ve been taught

If they’re going too fast Pause and set a new pace Let them follow When peace isn’t there Do Not Enter and owe no one an answer as to why A city where many can live fake but you always can choose to live real Look up and see buildings copycats can’t build

Looking for opportunity? Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t compromise yourself Rise to the occasion Recognize there is wealth in being a creative So Stand for what you know Be open for what you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Walk away when it diminishes your worth

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s true everything that glitters ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t gold And anyone can promise you your dreams for your soul But BE CLEAR What YOU allow is what will remain and be told.

In a city full of dreams Do you know your own?

A city where many can live fake but you always can choose to live real Look up and see buildings copycats can't build


Lauren Alicia “I do things a lil’ differently...“


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Framed Stanzas by Lauren Alicia of  
Framed Stanzas by Lauren Alicia of  

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