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Don’t Take the Elevator... Girll YOU YO OU UCCrazy Cra C r

This book was written, designed and executed by Lauren Alicia of GYC Girl YOU Crazy (, and copyright protected. “Don’t Take the Elevator…” is complimentary, as in free, which means that you may share and print but you may by no means sale it or reproduce it as your own…EVER, never. If you take parts from the book to quote me…please “quote me.” This is GYC Girl YOU Crazy, and Girl… I am Crazy; therefore, enjoy this book responsibly. Now that YOU understand…Love you all & enjoy, Lauren Alicia Owner & Founder of GYC Girl YOU Crazy All rights reserved. Copyright

2012 by Lauren Alicia

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Don’t Take the a step taker

For Dreamers of their own dreams & Tempted by the elevator

“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the step at a time.“ -Joe Girard


Don’t Take the a step taker 1

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I am Strong because I know who I am 14 Strength looks like Confidence


Boldness is Beautiful


I deserve this.




Girl YOU Crazy

Success Fo push

“Just like YO push UP, I YOU Down push.”


orever...? h.

I deserve Foundation Foundation Foundation OU can Foundation Boldness Foundation I can take Foundation wn Foundation Foundation Confidence Foundation Foundation Foundation Foundation Foundation Foundation Strength Foundation


“Take the steps, It’s good for the body & soul.“ -A determined mind ready to fight setbacks

“Just like the elevator can take you up with one button, it can take you down with one a step-taker.” -The Truth

Introduction: Don’t Take the a step taker

“When you take the steps, a set-back is only a step back but it’s up to you to move forward.“ -The Steps

Sometimes we think that people are turned into celebrities and/or success stories overnight, given our dreams without a fight, living the life we want with no sacrifice, given fame and influence with rehearsed/practiced/fake passion.

Well, at least that’s what we sometimes think… (It’s cool; you’re NOT by yourself…)


Then we’re tempted to “Think” we want the same things…


Sometimes we talk about people being one-hit-wonders, not knowing that they’re built to last‌while those we love, adore and thought would be here forever are actually the one-hitwonders (crazy huh!). Whether you have intentions of being a one-hit-wonder (probably not), there is a process/ steps to take that make you built to last and will keep you dreaming new dreams, and walking worthy & deserving!


But why write about this...???--- “Girl YOU Crazy” This is not a new subject/topic but it gets brushed off so much, especially when we get frustrated, a lil negative and/or “why me? Why Me?” about our dreams and our dreams not being in our reality, then, looking at others thinking “I want this more than they do, how did they get there? And why am I not there?” Sound Familiar? I’ll admit, I’ve had “not keeping my eyes on my own paper” thoughts and to push through is a process that I’m going to talk about…so let’s talk!


Girl YOU Crazy



YOU wanna do!

Part 1: I Am Strong because I know who I am

“You find strength in your foundation... So, whatever YOU put there does matter.“ -Someone Wanting YOU to be Strong

“A house with no foundation is no house at all but a house with a weak foundation will surely fall.“ -Strength

It’s safe to assume that we’ve all rode an elevator before at the mall, office, work, school & etc…right??? Ok cool.

*(If not, “Girl YOU Crazy”…and I need to write a book about going outside… yeah & back to the story.)*

So we get on this elevator… And there is always this big man on there asking with an attitude, “what floor are you going to? And what are you going to do on that floor??? Huh? Huh?”


NOPE---NOT AT ALL!!! That Does Not happen & if it

does… yeah I don’t know (be safe).


Thoughts Sometimes it may look like you’re on an elevator because all your hard work is paying off but pay attention that’s your foundation telling you to “stand strong...YOU deserve to be here.”

BUT Notice that there are no requirements/rules/regulations to press a certain floor. If they let you in the building, you can more than likely “do your thing…” with in reason (you know…legal stuff). You can press 3 or 23 and not have to stop in between, or even get on the elevator from the basement and go straight to the top floor…it’s simply a matter of pressing a button, no thought necessary! Wow, it’s just so easy to get on an elevator and go to any floor, huh?!... If only this book was about promoting the elevator and the easy ride to getting what you want… “yeah Girl that would be Crazy!!!”


And would Not help you build strength--- at all.

That’s why were talking about taking the stairs/being a step-taker…

“ BUT Why??? ” When you take the steps…there is a big difference in how you get from one floor to another.


There may not be any rules but there are requirements: +1st, YOU must walk… If that means putting on your cute shoes once you get there & wear your sneakers while you walk there…then, So Be It! +2nd, YOU must climb step by step (2 steps at a time is fine because your legs are not that long…). +3rd, YOU are allowed to stop, think, observe, get a glass of water, and/or snack in between floors & steps…Don’t be afraid to keep going or stop and enjoy.


“Life is a process…don’t try to rush it, submit to it.”


Taking the stairs will build a foundation that says “it’s going to take more than one lil setback to make me step-back…to where I first started or even before I took my first step.” Unlike the elevator…one press/push up…one down and only emergency stops allowed.


But to warn you of the opposing/negative Nellies (unisex)/naysayers/ nothing else to do but be negative & discourage you folks…let me say this (if you don’t already know): When building YOUR own foundation you’ll find that some will say +It doesn’t take all that to get there…’so and so’ didn’t do all of that and they’re just fine… +It will take forever to get there and when you get there you’ll be thinking ‘all that time just for this’… Perfect Example: “I started at the bottom and it took me a long time to be here, it takes like 20 years to be successful doing this…so I don’t know if you really want to do this.” Mental response: “Girl Shut UP”---You should know...this is what someone told me about 1 of my dreams in high school…BUT

I’m a fighter, so I keep on fighting!!! 24

Recognize This:

Sometimes we’re given a foundation and we don’t even know it and other times we blatantly/deliberately/straight up decide to skip the steps to get on the elevator just because it was offered and exciting.

“Sometimes we allow excitement to tell us ‘forget the steps’ …Girl YOU Crazy.”


Steps/Stairs will build a foundation.

Foundation builds...

+Strength as it allows you to stand on solid ground +A fight in you that won’t quit when opposition/negativity knocks +Knowledge of knowing Who You Are, Your purpose and Where You’re going.


Thoughts Your foundation gives you something to stand on and for‌it anchors you to be positioned & focused on living out your dreams by helping you/me/we to grow.

GYC Reflective Rant…yes it is all pretty much one sentence (run-on, Run-On, RUN-ON BABY): You can watch people who have been through so much and are still going through it…but will tell you not to feel sorry for them because what’s going on in their life is just the surface, and the fact that they’re still standing has everything to do with their foundation… Its their strength that says tomorrow will get better, keep pushing, keep moving forward, the best is yet to come but when you take that elevator, you miss all the fighting steps…you miss the process, you get dependent where you should be independent.


Last Thoughts The Process, Steps, Stairs are not to keep you from getting to your dreams... faster but make sure you can endure, stand on solid ground and know what you’re talking about.

Giirrll YOU Girl Gir G YOU OU Crazy Craz Cra razy az y azy az

Just like that elevator can take you up…there is nothing h™i stopping it from taking YOU down…just one push and it’s like you never started.

Sometimes it may look like you’re on an elevator because all your hard work is paying off but pay attention, that’s your foundation telling you to “stand strong… YOU deserve to be here.”

“Don’t wait till you’re so far gone to go back to the basics, start with the basics by taking the stairs.”

I’m strong because I know who I am.


Girl YOU Crazy



YOU wanna do!

Part 2:

Strength looks like Confidence

Why is this blank page here???

I don’t know... YOU tell me!

“My confidence stands on strength.“

“To take the first step is strength, to take the next is confidence.“ -The Inner YOU coaching & leading you to your dreams

I tell you one thing…there is no confidence involved in riding the elevator…just a whole bag of TRUST in some buttons that maybe working.

YOU & I both know that IS The TRUTH! So let’s talk about it! The steps that is…since this book is called “Don’t Take the Elevator…”

I was just reminding you how Crazy it is to ride the “elevator to success”…that is all.


Write down/ Think About

What Strength means to YOU...


Okay so YOU, ME, WE are on the steps right now, standing on Strength after we told the elevator, “the fast track to success is not for us,” and We take the steps so we’re able to stand on: + Solid + Unshakeable Ground and + Knowledge & Understanding of who we are…

Did I leave anything out??? If so, go back to Part 1…I’ll wait (yep it’s that deep). And back to it!


Mental Checklist

Whatever is on YOUR OWN Mind...

If YOU need more than 10 boxes...yea I don’t know

I can’t help you with that...but you’re creative right??

In writing this book, I was reminded of a popular TV sitcom family (from the 80s) and what went on before, after and while they were filming. In this family there we’re 5 kids but 1 in particular really opened my eyes to see, relate and understand what it looks like to take “the stairs”…and have others think that a possible elevator was involved. What I learned that the producer of this sitcom taught the kids the business side (so they were not just adorable actors)…and how to produce an episode…so much to the point that some of the episodes were produced by this 1 kid (and some of the others too but in particular, this kid) because NOW, their talent agent had it written in their contract for them to be paid as an actor and producer!!! ---The actor even went on to produce some episodes of another popular sitcom from the 90s…super popular!!!! 41

“But what’s the point?” I know that’s what you’re thinking or what show is she talking about…but that is not important (right now). What really stood out about this actor’s life was what we didn’t see…

+The strength that it took to not just be an actor but the want to know more, building an unshakeable ground that can stand even when the show goes off the air.

+The strength that developed confidence to say, “I need to be recognized not only for acting but producing too.”


The steps are not a punishment!


...But building YOU, ME, WE to not just be STRONG but appear CONFIDENT in our strength to keep moving on

to the next level‌knowing that YOU deserve to be where you are.


GYC Commentary

When you take the steps, it makes it that much easier to have a foundation to lean on in struggle/opposition/setbacks/ negativity/foolishness and stand firm with confidence to take the next step forward. The first step of strength builds a foundation that says, “I’m strong because I know who I am” but the next step, confidence, allows you to walk in your strength. There is something about strength that leads to more things and guides you to the next step. Opens the door for more opportunities and pushes you to be the best you…which reeks of confidence!



Quick GYC Rant

The fast track, elevator to success is just as fake as a temporary tattoo that fades every time you wash or something rubs against it…you can tell that it is Not real! Think on that for a second… The steps build you up (whether you started as a kid or as an adult) to be who you say YOU ARE, and be able to defend yourself with confidence if anyone questions you. Side Note: Defending yourself with confidence does not look defensive…as in unsure, shifty, guilty, shady, suspicious, skeptical… etc. “Is that so???”



Confidence looks like... No words needed

+ I know who I am + Listen to what I have to say + I know what I am talking about

Ask questions when I’m done... if there are any...

Let me Encourage you as YOU, Me, We take the steps with this: Strength builds the confidence that says, “I don’t have to pretend about who I am, I know what I’m doing… let me do it.”

“Strength should be a garment you never take off…for it takes strength to even be humble.”

Girl G irl r YYOU OU C Cra rrazy azy a zzyy

What does strength look like? Like confidence saying, “I was created/designed /set up to win!!!”

Strength Looks Like Confidence

Why is this blank page here???

I don’t know...

...But it’s probably here for YOU to think on/answer that question to the left...just a thought... YOU tell me!

Part 3: Boldness is Beautiful

“My confidence is bold... Strength told me so.“ -The inner Fighter in YOU

“I don’t ask if I’m qualified...I know I am.“ -Boldness

You know that moment when you’re standing on strength and looking confident but you still need that extra push/kick in the pants/ “you can do it”/ ”you got this” talk???

“But if I have strength and I’m confident…

what else would I need? ‘…Girl YOU Crazy.’”

---I know that’s what you were thinking…probably… so I figured I would just say it (keep reading)!


When you take the steps, strength and confidence are part of the process… they build in you the muscle to keep going…to keep moving to the next step, to know that you are worthy of moving forward and achieving your dreams. Unlike the elevator telling you that “you’ll get strength and confidence once you get there…and that whole ‘kick in the pants’ thing…well I’ll just throw stuff at you and see what you can catch…”---------- Yeah, um, I don’t think so! We take the steps!!!


“Don’t take the Elevator…”

Side Note: As fast as it’s given… is as fast as it can be taken away. Many will not help you keep… what they don’t think you deserve…And if you’re unsure about what you deserve………well, that’s why YOU, ME, WE are on the steps!


BUT…when you get there and it’s time to actually go through the door…your open door that strength and confidence guided/lead/helped you to…


Well, now it’s time for some action…called BOLDNESS! …Do YOU know it???


Boldness is that extra kick, push, you can do it, you got this, go for it, the time is now, lets go‌ that you pulled from confidence & strength, and now have the courage to go forth and do it!


Oh how Boldness is so Beautiful!


When YOU, ME, WE take the steps, we know who we are, which builds strength that looks like confidence…developed into boldness…which evens the playing field.

What does that mean???...


If YOU needed a kick in the pants (to move forward)…well here it is!

GYC Personal Story that might appear as a Rant…: Okay so I created, developed and wrote this business proposal for this awesome brand to have this awesome product…Awesome was just all over it, okay? Okay!!!

Pay attention so you can see where and how boldness evens the playing field as in “You are no better than me, I’m no better than you, you’re rich, I’m rich, etc.”---Boldness lets/allows you to push pass circumstances/details of a situation that favor with everyone but you and allows you to carry yourself like you have the same favorable details going on... because you know who you are and what you deserve… So here I am with this proposal that I have written created, developed, designed… everything.


Now, confidence and strength told me I could write the proposal because + I did attend school for business

+ I do have a business degree

+ I’ve wanted to fix and help businesses since I was a teen

+ I’m a problem solver with ideas that fix problems and are profitable

+ I have fought for everything that I have…so trying to tell me what I can’t have or do goes in one ear and right out the other. Each “+” above talks about the steps that I took and leaned on when I doubted my ability to do what I love, which continues to grow a fight in me that can’t/won’t be stopped.


Write down

What confidence & boldness told YOU...

I sent the proposal. They responded…one of the responses called for a meeting that should have intimated me like CRAZY and made me say “nevermind…just kidding!!!,” “Oh My Goodness I need years of experience, time, and gray hair(s)”…any “thing” that would have made me seem more _______I don’t know, just something!!!


When Boldness wants to bust through‌doubt likes to start flapping with craziness!



Boldness did not return void…blew my mind that they wanted to meet…made me laugh or should I say giggle…then I reminded myself of “who I am,” went to the meeting and let BOLDNESS have at it! I took the steps/stairs before people even knew I was on them…and I’m still there climbing and reaching, pushing pass the naysayers waiting on the “elevator”!


I do have those moments of


When YOU start trying to back down from being bold as opportunity knocks or it’s time to walk through your open door…


Look in the mirror & ask yourself:

+ Do YOU not have what it takes?

+ Didn’t YOU study/prepare for this? + Is this an exciting opportunity…one that YOU have been waiting on??? + Will YOU let doubt stop you? Are YOU really going to punk out ________ (insert name here)? + WHO IS GOING TO STOP YOU????? Name he/she/ it/them…please tell me WHO?


Well, now you know a little of my pep talk‌you can laugh if you want to but my boldness will shine through!!!


More GYC Bold Quotes: “Let Boldness even the playing field.”

Gir Girl G irrll YOU YYO OU O U Crazy C Craz azy a zy

“You can look confident but YOU better talk boldness.”

“I don’t know about YOU…but My Boldness is Beautiful.”

Strength. Confidence. Boldness.

Girl YOU Crazy I deserve this. Boldness

I deserve this. Confidence


“I’m uninterested in things not being achieved, dreams being neglected, life lived quietly, purpose roaming without an owner and confidence without boldness.“ -YOUR Future

“When you stand on strength... confidence and boldness will make you say, ‘Girl YOU Crazy, I deserve this.’“ -The Steps because they have seen and felt all your hard work


I deserve this.

Dear Dreamers of your own dreams & those Tempted by the elevator (well, hopefully you’re not tempted anymore…), put your name here _____________ : I’m writing to you because you ARE awesome but even more than that…Worthy & Deserving!


“Don’t Take the Elevator…” is all about you, and being that push to go after and achieve the dreams with your name on em’. It’s one thing to tell someone that the fast track can go either way, at any time but another to tell you why, and remind you that the route to success is a journey, a process to enjoy, and to fight the urge/ temptation to rush through it.


We talked about the different steps and letting life happen in between--+Strength (foundation): I am strong because I know who I am. +Confidence (the look, attitude): Strength looks like Confidence. +Boldness (the action): Boldness is Beautiful. “You can look confident but YOU better talk boldness.�


But what’s left?…

So finally, we have arrived/made it to the top of the step/stairs, which is nowhere near the end of the road…but simply the beginning. It’s like that moment after you worked all summer, all month, or saved up to buy the latest ___________ (fill-in-the-blank), bought it, and walked around SUPER proud!!! I know I’m not by myself…my proud moment was the purchase of those electronic dogs…since I couldn’t have a real life dog with hair versus painted spots and an off button… (I’m not upset, I’m just venting really quick, I’m into pigs now that wear pearls, so whateve’s…).



This…you will actually remember where it is 5 to 10 years from now…in YOU taking care of business! The last step, called…

I deserve this.


The icing on the cake, fire to the match, helium to the balloon or maybe the string to keep the balloon from flying away…whatever, all of that! “I deserve this” is so important because you can have all the equipment to succeed, take the classes, and have all the instructions but if YOU never use them and keep using them no matter what happens…you might as well just get on the elevator. You can have all the strength, confidence and put it to action with boldness but without knowing that YOU deserve success, that you are worthy of success…it will be hard to keep it, achieve your dreams, stop, think and dream a new dream.


Thoughts Strength. Confidence. Boldness.

I deserve this.

Know YOUR Worth and live in it…you took the steps, no short cuts, you know the process, you know yourself…so ACT LIKE IT! (please note...that I am saying this with the “GYC” face...and a smile...).


Let me just say this…and I’m done for now…

The audacity of you working really hard and not walking worthy… YOU better talk like, walk like and act like you deserve to be where you are because YOU do ma’am!!! “Don’t take the Elevator…” because Strength, Confidence and Boldness will make you say, “I deserve this.” TAKE THE STEPS (You’ll last longer)! Sincerely,

GYC Girl YOU Crazy…Lauren Alicia P.s. I’m here if you need me! 87

Girl YOU Crazy



YOU wanna do!

The Epilogue/GYC Commentary

No need to be scared of success when you take the steps! The agenda is to convince us that life is a process.


As a kid with my new found dreams, I could only wish that my dreams were a dream and in the next moment, in my reality. I spent every summer imagining my life and working towards that life, recognizing that if I wanted to be the person in my imagination…it was going to take work. It’s crazy that even then, I didn’t want anything but things handed to me. However, my dreams, the “who” and “what” I wanted to be… I wanted/ needed to earn, see it birthed, witness its growth, stand and know that I was there from start to finish, struggle(s) and success. I don’t know… maybe because I was the second and last child, my parents decided to make a fighter out of me by allowing me to fend for myself. Just thinking out loud… But nevertheless, I’m grateful to have learned “process” as a kid and recognize that I’m in it as a “new” adult…so I can share my thoughts along the way. 94

There is nothing wrong with being the Queen of the Process, I’m Lauren Alicia‌have you met me?


Last Thoughts...and I’m done, seriously this time. The “elevator” is always that option you think you want in the midst of struggle and hard work with no sign of desired progress. But when we imagined our dreams being in our reality…we never imagined them to be here one day and gone the next left with a reputation of a “has been.” “Has been,” the small print no one ever acknowledges before getting on the elevator… but somehow, notice it on the ride back down to where they started.

I put myself on the steps, so even as a 6th grader, you couldn’t tell me what I did and did not earn, did and did not deserve. I guess, by nature I’m not a fan of the elevator…plus the steps/stairs build an awesome calf muscle much like cat’s hind legs that can jump back whenever life gives you setbacks.

Girl WHAT??? Think about it, you’ll understand.


“Don’t Take the Elevator…”


you will never achieve satisfaction from accomplishing that which you set out to do…if you do. The whole point of taking the stairs/steps over the elevator is the fact that your dreams were designed to change the world, and to take the elevator would disable the design with the fear of “it will never happen, if it doesn’t happen…right now.” I know I use the word dream several upon several times but in reality, we are made up of our dreams or the lack thereof…so get over it and go after your own dreams with hard work! See you on the steps!

_____________ Notes I know this is the area to be sophisticated and cite sources and all that...however, this is all from my life, and perspective but for those of you wondering...who I was talking about in Part 2: Strength looks like Confidence...I was refering to Theo Huxtable a.k.a. Malcolm-Jamal Warner from The Cosby Show. The information was obtained from: 1. “Life After: Malcolm-Jamal Warner.� Life After. TV One, Silver Spring, Maryland. Aug. 2010, day unknown. Television.

Girl YOU Crazy

“I do things a lil differently...”

By Lauren Alicia ©

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