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Monday September 24, 2012

Kaieteur News

Joiner killed in East Coast accident Speeding on the roadways may have been the cause of the fourth reported road death over the weekend. The latest fatality is 30 year-old Abdul Zameer Abrahim of Success, East Coast Demerara, who was killed almost instantly on the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Railway Embankment at around 20:45 hours on Saturday. Police said in a statement yesterday said that the driver of motor vehicle PDD 4223 was proceeding along the roadway when it is alleged that Abdool Abrahim attempted to cross the road and was struck down. The police added that the driver of the motor vehicle was found to be over the legal limit in terms of the consumption of alcohol and is in police custody assisting with the investigations. The dead man’s uncle, Reejha Ram, told this publication that they were at home on Saturday evening when they received a telephone call from a neighbour who informed them that Abrahim was involved in an accident. “When we get the call, we hear that he deh lay down on the road, so we send one of

DEAD: 30-year-old Abdul Abrahim his aunty with a car and we tell she carry he to the hospital.” However, by the time relatives arrived at the scene they were informed that the man was already dead and arrangements were being made to take him to the mortuary. The dead man’s relatives said that persons who raced to the scene immediately after the accident told them that when they checked to see if he was breathing, there was no sign of life. “A lady say as soon as she hear the impact and she see the vehicle stop she run to the man and feel he pulse and she ain’t feel nothing, he didn’t even breathing.” “When we reach, we see

he slipper and he hat deh right way he get hit from, and he body deh far away. The police were right on the spot to do a breathalyzer test on the driver of the vehicle and they tell he that he alcohol level was above the legal limit,” Ram related. Ram explained that his nephew was tossed some 40 feet away from the original point of impact, which suggested that the vehicle was driving at a very fast rate. Ram told his publication that his nephew worked as a joiner in Chateau Margot and was on his way home from work when the accident occurred. “From what we hear, he left work and he was walking coming home when this 4x4 Surf hit he and kill he almost instantly.” Abrahim only got married in April of this year. Abrahim’s death came mere hours after an accident on the East Bank of Demerara claimed the lives of three persons. At around mid morning on Saturday, Amanda Deonarine, her mother Indira Narine and her stepfather Suresh Narine were killed in a two vehicle smash up.

Iran lawmaker accuses IAEA of passing nuclear secrets to Israel DUBAI (Reuters) - A senior Iranian lawmaker accused the head of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog yesterday of passing confidential information about Iran’s nuclear activities to Israel. In the latest sign of strained relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Javad Jahangirzadeh, a member of parliament’s presiding board, said IAEA chief Yukiya Amano would be to blame if Iran reduced its ties with the body. “ A m a n o ’s r e p e a t e d trips to Tel Aviv and asking the Israeli officials’ views a b o u t I r a n ’s n u c l e a r activities indicates that Iran’s nuclear information has been disclosed to the

Zionist regime (Israel) and other enemies of the Islamic Republic,” Jahangirzadeh was quoted a s s a y i n g b y I r a n ’s English-language Press TV. “If the agency’s actions lead to Iran cutting cooperation with this i n t e r n a t i o n a l b o d y, a l l responsibility will be with the IAEA director general,” said Jahangirzadeh, a member of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee. The IAEA was not immediately available to comment on his allegation. Last week, Iranian nuclear energy chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani said “terrorists” might have infiltrated the Viennabased a g e n c y. He

suggested the IAEA included too much sensitive information a b o u t I r a n ’s n u c l e a r programme in its reports that he said could be used by saboteurs. We s t e r n d i p l o m a t s dismissed his allegations as an attempt to distract attention away from the a g e n c y ’s b i d t o g a i n access to a site in Iran it suspects was used for nuclear weapons research, something Tehran denies. The 35-nation board of the agency censured Iran earlier this month for defying international demands to curb uranium enrichment and failing to address mounting disquiet about its suspected research into atomic bombs.

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Another name to be added to Buxton monument As the names of over 450 murdered Guyanese are being accumulated to be inscribed on the recently commissioned Buxton Monument, the name of slain Agricola teen, Shaquille Grant is expected to be added. This was disclosed by the monument’s designer, Barrington Braithwaite, who spoke with Kaieteur News last Tuesday. He said that Grant’s name will be added to the large plaque of already existing names that are currently being put together. The Buxton Monument was handed over to the Buxton community on August 3 this year as a tribute to persons who died in unexplained circumstances. According to its overseas based Guyanese founder, Morris Wilson, the names of persons who died from 2003 to present day in what he described as extra -judicial killings are expected to be printed on it. Braithwaite described Grant’s death as another extra-judicial killing. He said that, “There seems to be a curious atmosphere of provocation from state agents which is causing the loss of life in the country and one must think whether this period is done.” Braithwaite was referring to a period which he said commenced in 2003 when a decline in the value of life had become more evident in Guyana. From this “curious atmosphere”, Braithwaite said he was unsure whether space should be left on the monument for other casualties since the state of security in the country was on shaky grounds. At the monument’s handing over ceremony, the founder had told the crowd

Buxton monument

of spectators that they should recognize the tribute as a signal that the struggle for equality and justice continues. He said that, “the monument should erase from people’s minds the false notion of security in the country.” At that time, three persons had just lost their lives during Linden’s electricity tariff hike protest, and those names, Morris said, would be added to the monument, having described their deaths as extra-judicial

killings. Shaquille Grant was killed during a police raid in Agricola. Grant’s name will be among those of Minister Satyadeow ‘Sash’ Sawh, his sister, brother and a security guard who were murdered on April 22, 2006; Shaka Blair who was killed in his home at Buxton and Ronald Waddell who was gunned down execution-style in front of his premises.

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Kaieteur News

Monday September 24, 2012

Triple murder rocks Anna Catherina…

Woman, two sons found with throats slit …reputed husband in custody By Leonard Gildarie

Residents of Anna Catherina along with police on the West Coast of Demerara are trying to make sense of a brutal triple murder of a popular bar owner and her two young children. Dead are Jennifer Persaud called ‘Jenny’, 41, and her two sons, Afridi, six years, and 15-month-old Jadon of Lot 67 Sea View, Anna Catherina. They were all found with their throats slashed late Saturday evening when worried family members entered the home after not hearing from the businesswoman during the day. Police have since held on to her young reputed husband who was reportedly thrown out of the home early last week. The man, a deportee, said to be in his early 20s, is the father of the woman’s younger son. He is currently facing drug charges, police sources said. Police confirmed, in an official statement yesterday, that the woman and her two children were found with their throats slit shortly after 20:00 hrs on Saturday.

It is believed that the woman and her two sons were killed between midnight Friday and early Saturday morning. The family had spoken to Persaud late Friday night and her business place had been open after 23:00 hrs. According to the woman’s father, Kumar Persaud, 66, a former policeman residing at Friendship, East Bank Demerara, he became worried after his grandson Raul Ally returned from the Anna Catherina home on Saturday and reported that he had found the business place locked tight around midday. “He said that her Nissan Titan pickup was still in the yard. He said that neighbours tell he that she dress up and gone out.” Ally had gone there to pick up chickens that his aunt was supposed to buy for his wedding. He was set to marry under Muslim rites yesterday but the family was forced to cancel the proceedings. “After Raul tell me that the place lock up and that the vehicle under the shed, I was alarmed. I started calling all the family that she could have gone to. She don’t normally leave home without her

Grieving relatives vehicle,” Kumar Persaud told this newspaper. According to the father, he called the Leonora Police Station and was advised to make checks at the home and then pick up ranks if the need arises. A worried Persaud and his wife, and another relative immediately journeyed to the West Coast Demerara business place. They found the bar was locked tight and the lights were off. “I asked the neighbour

for a ladder. I could have climbed on the shed and look through her window.” However, the father and his grandson managed to use a side fence and went around the back of the home. “I push the back door and it open. I know right way that something wrong. Jenny would not go to sleep and leave she back door open.” The two men began checking on the ground floor before venturing to the upper flat. “Is my grandson Raul who found the woman in her bedroom. He see she foot and he call me. I come and felt her foot and it cold and I know that she dead. I immediately tell them downstairs that nobody was to come in. We call the Leonora police right away.” Six year old Afridi was found on his mother’s chest and there were reportedly

cuts on the woman’s hands, indicating that she attempted to defend herself. According to the father, he is convinced that robbery was not the motive, although the entire upstairs was ransacked. Clothes were strewn around the place and her wardrobe was emptied. “I find $40,000 next to she roll up and there was some jewels in a box that anybody could’a see. This is no robbery.” Police believe that there may have been several persons in the home. There were no signs of forced entry. Family members are of the opinion that the killer or killers may have hidden in the business place and surprised the woman. Kaieteur News understands that the woman’s reputed husband, ‘Lenny’, was arrested after he arrived at the scene in a taxi

while police were doing their investigations. He was reportedly thrown out of the home after Persaud discovered that he was selling drugs. She had made several reports of abuse against him to the police, including one involving a sexual attack. Family members said that the arrested man, who was mostly unemployed, was held with drugs several months ago. Kaieteur News was told that the now dead woman, a mother of six, had returned from Venezuela several years ago and was living on the East Coast Demerara before separating from her husband. “She buy this place and she was a hard worker. She had people working with her. This is hard. She did not have a lot of money, but she is a hustler,” the father said. There was a huge crowd buildup on Saturday night as neighbours and others expressed shock. The police had cordoned off the entire home with yellow tapes and were due to continue processing the crime scene.

Monday September 24, 2012

Kaieteur News

Frustration and turmoil as world leaders meet UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Democratic uprisings across the Arab world and the Palestinians’ bid for U.N. membership sparked excitement and hope at last year ’s meeting of world leaders. But with war raging in Syria, the Palestinian application sidelined, and deadly protests generated by an anti-Islamic video, the mood as this year’s U.N. gathering begins is one of disappointment and frustration. More than 120 presidents, prime ministers and monarchs meeting this week under heavy security at the U.N. General Assembly and in sideline events will also be preoccupied by rising tension over Iran’s nuclear programme and the possibility of an Israeli strike against Tehran’s nuclear facilities, al-Qaeda’s inroads in the Sahel region of west Africa, especially in Mali, and the first decline in years in international aid to help developing countries combat poverty. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon predicted that the ministerial session, which starts tomorrow, will be among the busiest ever, reflecting “the tumultuous time in which we live — a time of turmoil and transition.” It is also taking place “against a backdrop of widespread violence linked to intolerance,” he said. Ahead of the opening ministerial session, which

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (left) signs a guest book as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon looks on before their meeting at United Nations Headquarters yesterday in New York. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images) President Barack Obama will address, the U.N. chief has invited leaders to the first high-level meeting on the rule of law today, hoping they “will send a strong signal to the world’s people that they are serious about establishing well-functioning institutions and delivering justice.” Diplomats aren’t expecting any breakthroughs on the deadlock over Syria, which Ban said “will be foremost in our minds,” despite a number of sideline meetings starting Monday when the new U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi briefs the U.N. Security Council behind

closed doors on his recent talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad and other leaders in the region. The Syrian conflict has bitterly divided the most powerful members of the Security Council, paralyzing the only U.N. body that can impose global sanctions and authorize military action. Russia, Syria’s key protector, and China, have v e t o e d t h r e e We s t e r n backed resolutions aimed at pressuring Assad to stop the violence and start political talks with opponents of his family’s 40-year dictatorship who began demonstrating against his regime 18 months ago.

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Euro zone to boost bailout fund firepower to 2 trillion euros – report BERLIN (Reuters) - Euro zone states are preparing to allow the bloc’s permanent bailout fund to leverage its capital in the same way as its predecessor so it can reach a capacity of more than 2 trillion euros and rescue big countries if necessary, Der Spiegel said yesterday. The weekly news magazine said that the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) would have two instruments like its predecessor, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), that would only allow public money to be used for particularly risky transactions such as buying Spanish bonds, while private

investors would provide the rest. It had always been expected that the ESM, which is expected to come into force on October 8 with a capacity of 500 billion euros, would have the same leverage ability as the EFSF and euro zone finance ministers reiterated this at their meeting in Cyprus earlier this month. If the ESM gets approval to use the same leverage techniques as the EFSF, it would have a lending power of around 2 trillion euros without countries having to contribute any more capital to the fund. But these leverage options have not been

approved by all euro zone member states and Finland is especially reluctant to agree to them. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble supports the plan but Finland is preventing the Eurogroup from passing it quickly, the report said. A spokeswoman for the German finance ministry confirmed that following the German Constitutional Court’s ruling on the ESM, the guidelines in Europe were being reworked and that part of this would be covered by the ESM while the rest would come from private investors, which would be a kind of leverage.

Guyana’s economic projection... (From page 2) the three major contributors to the economy were rice, sugar and bauxite but, these are no longer occupying the dominant positions. The Minister added however, that while gold, other minerals, transport, ICT and construction are all showing increased importance, the three former sectors still contribute to a large portion of the economy. However, their vulnerability to outside prices does not create an impact on growth. Minister Singh stated that while in the first part of the year non-sugar GDP grew by 6.2%, this depended on the private sector and consumers. He pointed out that rice continues to do extremely well

along with gold, with significant investment locally in both sectors. Bauxite did extremely well in the first part of the year, he noted, apart from a brief period of interruption due to the Linden unrest which caused the projection of this sector to be revised. The Finance Minister noted that long- term commitments and investments made in Guyana will produce a tremendous impact on the local economy. He also pointed to investments in bauxite, other minerals, oil, dry land rice and others, including expansion of current foreign investments. Minister Singh stated that these movements point to improved confidence in Guyana’s investment climate. Regarding fiduciary over-

sight, the Finance Minister pointed to methods put in place to assure accountability and transparency of the economic sector. He outlined constitutional and parliamentary rules and regulations to ensure that this is done in order to avoid corruption. He expressed confidence that upcoming projects such as the Amaila Falls, the expanding ICT sector and others all combined will provide an exciting future for Guyana. Minister Singh said that Guyana has worked hard to develop its current international investor confidence, and likewise, must work to maintain it, and urged all stakeholders to ensure that Guyana remains an attractive place for FDI. (GINA)

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Kaieteur News

International law comes under the microscope in T&T today PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The second international law seminar begins today with delegates being exposed to central concepts in the law of international trade including the rules governing the establishment and functioning of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Econ o m i c Partnership A g r e e m e n t (EPA). The five-day seminar, which will be held under the theme “World Trade Organization Law and Policy

– Interface with CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement and CARICOM Single Market and Economy” is being hosted by the Caribbean Academy for Law and Court Administration (CALCA). CALCA, the educational arm of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), said the seminar will be attended by 80 delegates from the public and private sectors in The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and

Trinidad and Tobago. It said that they would be exposed to central concepts in the law of international trade including the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Single Market and Economy (CSME) and issues in the Original Jurisdiction of the CCJ. The main facilitator at the seminar is Armand De Mestral, Professor Emeritus of McGill University in Canada and holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of International Economic Integration.

PNM to withhold support on special majority bills

Trinidad Guardian - The People’s National Movement is standing by its decision to withhold all further support of legislation requiring a special majority that is brought to the Parliament by the Kamla Persad-Bissessarled Government, following the Section 34 furore, party vice-chairman Camille Robinson-Regis has said. She said after Government betrayed the people of T&T with the premature proclamation of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act the PNM simply had no other choice. Robinson-Regis said the PNM in opposition supported the United National Congress (UNC) government to bring the seat of the Caribbean Court of Justice to T&T. However, when the time came for it to be legislated for this country

Camille Robinson-Regis under the PNM, the UNC opposition refused to support it. “…The Anti-Gang legislation, we gave our support. It did not work, not because of the opposition, but they blamed the opposition not working. The first budget of this Government we supported it wholeheartedly, because we felt there were measures in the budget for the good of the people of T&T, but

consistently they have let down the people of T&T. They are wholly incompetent and untrustworthy,” she said. With respect to Volney’s alleged breach of Parliamentary code of conduct and calls for his removal as a Member of Parliament, Robinson-Regis said only Parliament could enforce such action and that the PNM had not discussed the matter. “I don’t think that is for the PNM to do. We maintain that the Attorney General should be removed. It is much easier to remove a Senator if the Prime Minister felt that the Senator has done wrong, but the Prime Minister has certainly enveloped the Attorney General and has apparently no intentions of removing him. We feel strongly that the Attorney General is culpable in this matter,” she said.

Monday September 24, 2012

Opposition warns NIS about providing funds to Grenada govt. ST GEORGE’S, Grenada - Former minister for finance, opposition senator Anthony Boatswain said he has been reliably informed that the Grenada government intends to borrow an additional $70 million from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS); a move he said that can cripple the NIS and put beneficiaries at great risk. According to Boatswain, since the last general elections in 2008, the opposition New National Party (NNP) has been warning the Tillman Thomas administration about its reckless spending and the implications. However, Boatswain said the government paid no heed, continuing to increase the monthly payroll with huge payments to non productive sympathizers of the party and first class travelling all over the world. He added, “While

they spent recklessly, no effort was made to grow the economy, and today we reap the result.” He said the government is now looking to borrow from every possible source to pay salaries and meet basic recurrent expenditures. He said the latest move by the government to borrow another huge sum from the NIS to keep a minority government in power is putting the NIS at great risk, literally killing the institution. According to Boatswain, excessive borrowing from the NIS can pose a major risk for pensioners and beneficiaries in the future. It can negatively affect the ability of the NIS to sustain itself and meet its commitments in the near future if its reserve is depleted. The former minister has called on the NIS and all lending institutions to ensure

Anthony Boatswain that any request from the government has the necessary Parliamentary approval as required by law. He said failure to do so will put the lending institution at risk, since no future government will be obligated to repay any loan taken without the necessary legal backing. (Caribbean News)

Ongoing lottery scam could lead to massive unemployment - Security Minister KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC - National Security Minister Peter Bunting has warned that thousands of jobs could be lost if the illegal lottery scam operating in the second city of Montego Bay is not brought under control. In a recent address to Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, Bunting said the persons most likely to be affected are those employed to call centres and the tourism industry. “Certainly the whole call centre is going to be threatened and ten thousand

Peter Bunting or so jobs. Certainly tourism is going to be at risk as well,

people are going to be fearful that they come here and if they run a credit card information is skimmed and they might become the victims of fraud” said Bunting at a function organised by the Chamber of Commerce to address crime in the western parish of St James. The National Security Minister added that there is no specific law in Jamaica that deals directly with scamming, as a result most of those detained for their involvement in the scam are not charged.

Monday September 24, 2012

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Monday September 24, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Your ambitions have not all come to fruition, but that doesn't mean that you have failed in any way. There is a time and place for everything, so don't get distracted if that big brass ring has escaped your grasp, yet again. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You need to be more mindful of your role in every conversation you have today -- people are going to be saying very important things and you need to catch every detail as it's tossed aside. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): A foreign accent will be like music to your ears today -- evoking exotic locales and reminding you that you need to plan yourself a vacation! ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Remember, you do not need to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun. So if you've been turning down social invitations for the sake of a bigger bank account, you may be penalizing yourself for no good reason. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): When you are faced with arrogance, you tendency is usually to get angry -- but that might not be wise today, especially since the arrogant person could have a great deal of influence over your future. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Life isn't always black and white, although some people you'll be dealing with today think that way. You can ask another person to be

open minded, but you can't force them to be -- so if you get frustrated by a narrow minded person today, don't try to change them. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): If you really want to make a connection with someone -- either in a professional or romantic capacity -- you will need to increase the level of dialogue you're having with them. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Today, your focus should be on your own problems and whatever is going on at home with one of your older relatives. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): You'll encounter someone today whose mind is so closed that you wonder if any sunshine ever gets in there. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Watch out for impulse buying, right now. You might think you can't live your life any longer without a certain item, but you are wrong -- and if you think about it for five minutes, you will realize that for yourself. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): It's all in your head today -- in other words, you can alter your reality by simply thinking differently than you have been. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Your wisdom is sharper than ever today, though it may be hard to make it heard over the competing voices out there.

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Monday September 24, 2012

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One Raum - PMM series; rims, CD player. One Ipsum, rims; RZ minibuses, cash/ terms. Call 686-5086 Hilux- 1-2L turbo $2.1M, 13L solid Daf $4M negotiable Call: 694-1440 4 Toyota AT 192 (all in yellow) Contact: City Taxi Service, 8 Vlissengen Road, Newtown 226-1081, 660-1100 2005 Toyota Allion with TV/ CD, 2004 Toyota Avensis (green) with TV/DVD, 2006 BMW 320I Call: 615-4114 1 Nissan Long Base Canter GNN Series Call: 653-6098 2-60-180 Leyland daf dump truck in working condition. Call 628-1756, 228-5655

PROPERTY FOR SALE Transported land, wooden & concrete house situated at Lot 18 Zeskendren Mahaicony East Coast Demerara Call: 221-2737 Republic Park $45M, Queenstown $19M, Nandy Park $35M Call: 687-2806 Lamaha Gardens 2 storey building, fully A/C, garage, hot & cold, 5 bedrooms, 2 master rooms, security alarm Call: 223-6218, 649-2366 House and land located at Lot 29 Malgre Tout, West Bank Demerara (residential area). Call 264-2449, 613-5076 East Street grilled & air conditioned bottom flat suitable for Doctor’s Office, B & G’s Realty 617-9717 One house on double lot, Middle Road, Georgetown. $22M negotiable. Call 600-6890 Nandy Park 2 storey concrete, 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, garage 2 drive ways Call: 622-6619 Prospect $15M; Bel-Air $40M-US$3.5M; Section M $20M; Prashad Nagar $28M. Diana, 227-2256, 626-9382 30’x51’upstairs & downstairs: concrete walls and floor upstairs; transported land, 92’x226’; price negotiable. 660-6739, 618-2517 Duncan Street – two 2-storey buildings, $110M; Mandela Avenue, $24M; Regent Street, US$2M; Town to Country Real Estate. Call 672-7390, 225-0854 Robb Street: $42M, $58M; Parfaite 2-storey (3 bedrooms/ 2-apartment building) $19M. Town to Country Real Estate (Financing available). Call 672-7390, 225-0854 Nandy PARK, $35M; Alexander Street, Kitty, $50M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 672-7390, 225-0854 Mahaicony - luxury home on 2 acres land, US$500,000; Diamond, $17M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 6727390, 225-0854

From page 16 Caribbean territory for the investment, the President remarked, “St. Lucia has a good infrastructure for what we need – good supporting services infrastructure, internet, power and the government is very open and supportive. The location in terms of easy access by air, it is a safe place where crime is not a concern,

it already has a few medical schools and the government wants to create an education industry and hub where we are located.” The St. Helen University School of Medicine is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Saint Lucia. Further recognition is being processed at the

International Medical Education Directory (IMED), maintained by the Foundation for Advancement of I n t e r n a tional Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), AVENCINA of the World Health Organisation, and the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Medicine and other Health Professions (CAMMHP).

Vendors of Stelling View Mall... (From page 14) (won’t snatch nobody thing from them. They would more pick up you thing if it lapsing.” Most vendors opined that if there is a heavier presence of City Constables in the area “the word would go around and people would feel it is safe to come.” The vendors concluded that it would be better for ev-

eryone since consumers will get goods at a reasonable price and they will do better business. When contacted, Mayor Hamilton Green said “I don’t know if a heavy presence of Constables will solve the problem…society has become very sophisticated in stealing.” Green indicated that demands are being made “every-

where” for more City Constables to be made available. H o w e v e r, h e n o t e d , “The reality is that there is a severe shortage of City Constables and because of the “situation” most of the Constables we have are females.” The Mayor said that he will still look into the matter and “see how best we can find a solution.”

Changes are needed in the way... From page 9 the President will see the wisdom in updating or revising the National Development Strategy to take account of the changes locally, regionally and internationally. Unless Guyana does this, it will be unable to capitalize on the progress that it has achieved over the years, and only the blind or prejudiced will refuse to concede that life is far better in Guyana today than it was twenty years ago. But that life can and should be made even

better. Guyana must never again face the ignominy of being the laughing stock of the Caribbean or our people when they go the islands of the Caribbean having to rush into supermarkets to buy powdered milk because such milk was hard to come by and was expensive at home, or having to eat rice flour and line up for basic necessities. All of those things happened because we created a bureaucratic state and allowed the productive sectors to

decline. Those days hopefully are thankfully behind us but they can return unless plans are put in place now to ensure that we do not decelerate. There are of course risks involved in the present instance and the principal risk is that the productive sectors will continue to do well but that a few rather than the masses as a whole will benefit. This is why a new approach is needed, why Guyana needs a development plan now rather than later.

Monday September 24, 2012

WANTED One live in Domestic, Call: 658-9495 Experienced drivers and dispatchers for a reputable taxi service Call: 645-0025 1 Acounts Clerk. Must know to prepare monthly VAT, NIS and PAYE. TSI, Eccles. Call 614-4358 Drivers for contract with minibus licence. Call 6753093 Single working females to rent room. Call 265-7180 Live in/live out babysitter/ domestic. Call 225-0188 , 225-6070 Male/Female (domestic) to live in/live out, must be able to take care of dogs Call: 2275500 Experienced general domestic to work in Georgetown. Must be honest & reliable & know to cook Call: 656-6388 Skilled carpenters and mason. Call 615-7526 Cook, waiter, bar attendant, kitchen assistant, handy man, Apply: 78 Hadfield Street behind Brickdam Station Call: 693-3946, 226-0036

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Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, tel: 670-0798. Also Wedding dresses for sale.

2005 Tacoma 4-cylinder, Honda ATV. Call 233-6161, 651-8870


East Coast $80,000, Campbellville $100,000, Albertown (business) $100,000-60,000, Subryanville US$1,500 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382

Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street, needs bond attendants and bond supervisors. Call 227-5286-90

Better values Realty: to let short & long term rentals and property sales. Tel 225-8101, 225-8103

Girls to work in bar, age 18 to 25. Call 256-4096

Housing & apartments 2,3,5 bedrooms affordable price offer in GT comfortable Call: 691-6449

Live in waitress & domestic, must know to cook, boarding & lodging free, $50,000 monthly Call: 698-7172 Person to work in shop at Vreed-en-Hoop, Must be honest & from West Demerara Call: 226-2856, 604-1788 Maid, handy man, receptionist, washer, Hilton Hotel, Henry Street Werk-enRust Call: 223-6284, 225-9211

Porter $17,000, ½ day cleaner $12,000 weekly. Call 684-8231 One watchman for Campbellville. Call 226-3736

Experienced taxi drivers to work in a well established service. Call 627-9424, 2270638, 8am-5pm

One female to work in interior restaurant $70,000 monthly, age 25-45 Call: 686-2201 2 certified mechanics and 1 certified welder for overseas job. Call Johnny on 611-8742 Girls for evening, must know to cook; preferably Georgetown Area. Call 2235798, 647-7432 One live in maid to work $45,000 monthly, age 35-45 Call: 686-2201, 687-1414

FOR SALE / RENT American Pool Table Call: 277-0578

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036 Need to relax? Looking for treatment massages such as hot & cold stone & aroma therapy? Call Nicole, 6127209 The gents spa: let our beautiful and exotic masseuses pamper you; ‘4 hands’ special. 657-5979

TOUR Suriname Tours & Vacation Trip, Shopping, Site-seeing, Malls, 6 to 9 October, 26 to 28 October. Call 639-2663, 644-0185, 665-5171, 227-8290

Soman & Sons Driving School, First Federation Building. Call 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 EDUCATIONAL Princeton College, Forms 1-5, CXC adults classes for slow learners, reading classes for children Call: 690-5008, 611-3793 After school classes for Grade 2 assessment pupils Call Mrs.Gittens 641-6484, 673-7186 Imperial College- Register Now CXC 2013. Fulltime/ Lessons/Adults classes. Excellent results Call: 6835742, 227-7627 Lessons in English and Maths from Grade 9 to 11; mature, experienced teachers. $2,000 per subject. Call 6709757, 216-0864

6 Cars sold as a lot, $600,000. Call 677-0294 Ship 200 ft in length, selling as scrap, Ocean going Barge sold as is Call: 227-5500 1 diesel RZ. $1M negotiable. Call 675-3093

FOR RENT Nandy Park fully furnished US$1,500, Subryanville apartment $90,000 Call: 6872806 Land and building for rent 13,000 ft at Peter’s Hall Public Road Call: 233-6161, 651-8870

Fluffy Pups. Tel: 642-6664. Large broilers (meat birds) Call: 266-2711, 609-4594 Original Red Nose Pitbull pups, 6 weeks old Call: 6381627

PROGRESSIVE AUTO RENTAL, cars from $4,000 per day Call: 643-5122, 656-0087 Premio, Vitz. Call 679-7139 PARTY RENTAL Trampolines and Bouncy Castle. Call 225-2598, 6410784

Toyota Starlet EP71 Call:6482075 Green coffee 800 and 1000; available wholesale & retail. Call 277-3531 10 KVA stabilizer, filing cabinet, office chair, 350 amp breaker, pumps. Call 6277835

SALE!! Dell computers complete with 19 inch LCD $59,000. Future Tech 2312206

Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stove timers, gear boxes, pumps etc Call: 225-9032, 647-2943

Spaces for Business at Vreed-en-Hoop Junction, Top flat Call: 264-2515, 6897569, 684-5561 or 678-4892

Energy saver bulbs Call: 6411127

Original games for all systems. Call 265-3231

One DAF 45-flat bed with 26 ft tray, not registered. $3M. Call 609-7803 / 609-1887

2-bedroom apartment for overseas guests. Call 665-2548

Toyota Allion PNN Series, $2.4M. Contact: 600-6464

Caterpillar backhoe low hour 426c Model, double jackhammer compressor, briggs, straighten roller compactor Call: 233-6161, 651-8870

Business place to rent @ Wortmanville. Call 616 - 2445

Latest 360/PSP/PS3 games & accessories from $500, $2000 & $5000. Call Carlton, 6049929

Durban Street 3 bedrooms, fully furnished $150,000, Section ‘K’semi furnished US$1,800 and US$2,000 Call: 687-2806

3 bedrooms (one master) 6th Street, Diamond Housing Scheme Call: 684-9073 House to rent in Friendship Call: 266-0163 2-bedroom house on the West Bank. Call 267-1446 or 674-6080

New Classes in Cosmetology, nails & makeup Call Abby 216-1950, 6665241, 619-7603

IBM Lenovo laptops, $60,000; Acer laptops, $100,000; Toshiba laptops, $120,000. Brand new Call 6812111 Seadoo Jetski 18ft fiberglass speed boat with 175 Hp Yamaha engine. Call 2336161, 651-8870 Stainless steel meat saw, meat grinder, electric wheel chair. Call 233-6161, 651-8870 Games for PS2 $900, PSP $900, Xbox360 $2,600, PS3 $2,600. Call 265-3231, 6722566

Be part of our world class customer care team . Phone: 220-0401-3 or email: recruitmentguyana@ Welder/fabricator, age 25 to 35, internet café female, age 18 to 25 for interior location Call: 642-0176 Office clerk, sales girls/ b o y s . A p p l y Av i n a s h , Water Street. 226-3361, 227-7828

Exotic Hibiscus, Roses, Mussaenda, B/Ville, Ficus, Marigold, Periwinkle, Petunia, Herbs, Vegetable seedlings, A.K Plant Shop. Call: 260-0005 Starlet Turbo (black). Call Ann, 648-1644 Bedford-Model-M-4 Speed gearbox going very cheap. Call 628-1756, 228-5655 Live chicken. Call 650-4421 Trolley to accommodate bobcat & excavator 8’’10’’x17-5’’Call: 618-2517, 6606739 1 Leyland DAF with winch, 1ATV Bike 500. Call Kim, 6585193

Auto Darkening welding helmet, New Chicago power tool, belt sander “4 x 24”. Tel 627-9825, 216-0061

LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/ Hoop Call: 627-9351


Aidan’s car, pick up & canter rental Call: 698-7807

Roofing Shingles 15-15-15 Fertilizer Call: 266-2711, 6094594

Male enhancer Viagra $4,000, 4 in pack Call: 6381627

Granite with 6 inches backsplash, 5 colours; size 2ft x 8ft. Cement mixer, generators & tools. Call 2230943, 646-6732


FOR SALE 1 225 KVA Generator, 1 Hiace Canter, Premio, 3 light towers, car batteries Call:624-2000

One 15-HP Yamaha, long foot. Call 689-5254, 643-0332

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 LEARN TO DRIVE

Driver/salesman for Canter. 676-6700

One shop attendant, one Baire for interior location. Call 642-0176

Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles. Call 6797139

Sales representative & secretary, Rockaway Auto Sales. Call Imran: 639-5635, 220-1500

Security/watchman. Call 225-6070, 225-0188

Physically fit, hardworking, punctual, secondary education, salesperson at plant shop in Georgetown Call: 648-1821

Office space, South Road US$3,500. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 672-7390, 225-0854

Sales girls to work at Indian Clothing Store plus 2 handy man, good salary plus commission Call: 604-2164

1 Cook (Georgetown Area). Call 225-2161 Excavator operator & land dredge worker. Call 675-2253

Page 19

Charlotte Street $65M, Eccles $36M, NARI ECD 72’X600’Call: 687-2806 TAXI SERVICE Return of J & D Taxi Service & car rental, around Town $340 only Call: 231-9434, 2230036 DRESSMAKING Classes in designing/sewing. Call Sharmela, 225-2598, 6410784

Vreed-en-Hoop house lots. Call 658-0115 Double lot Call: 694-1440 Diamond land with foundation, $5.5M; Diamond land - $3M, 6M, 8M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 6727390, 225-0854 (Continued on page 18)

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Monday September 24, 2012

Neal & Massy Intermediate 50 overs

Courtland, Young Warriors and Police record wins The Neal and Massy Intermediate 50 overs cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) bowled off recently. Off spinner Troy Matheson took 4 for 17 from 6.4 overs to help Courtland All Stars bowl out Port Mourant for 129. Courtland then reached the winning target without much trouble, reaching 131 for 6 in 27.4 overs.

Young Warriors pacer Kawal Mangal had 4 for 14 from 9 overs to help dismantle Bermine for 136, Young Warriors went on to win by 3 wickets. After Edinburgh bowled out Police for 153, left arm pacer Renaldo Grovesnor took 4 for 19 from 5.2 overs to help bowl out Edinburgh for 119 in their response. After No. 71 were bowled out for 80 by No. 70 Young Star, their off spinner

Deoprakash Ramdat then grabbed 5 for 13 from 8 overs to put No. 70 under pressure but they managed to scrape home with just one wicket to spare. Scoring the only half century of the round was Clarence Beresford whose 59 (4x4) helped Skeldon Community Centre achieve victory over Kim Il Sung whose left arm spinner Tulsiram Nunesar’s 4 for 23 from 6.1 overs was in vain. At Port Mourant Courtland All Star beat Port Mourant by 4 wickets. Port Mourant winning the toss and batting first made 129 in 29.5 overs; all-rounder Zamal Khan 27, Chandrashekar Arjune 27, Glen Sukhu 27. Bowling for Courtland All Stars Troy Mathesaon 4 for 17, pacer Eon Gibson 2 for 41. Courtland All Stars 131 for 6 in 27.4 overs; Keon Sinclair 37, Dwayne Crandon 33. Bowling for Port Mourant Chandrashekar Arjune 3 for 35 and Boughnarine Persaid 2 for 31. At Cumberland - Young Warriors got past Bermine by 3 wickets. Bermine losing the toss and sent in to take first strike 136 in 40.1 overs; Devon Clements 22. Kawal Mangal took 4 for 14, Berbice Under-19 off spinner Kevin Ramdeen 3 for 25. Young Warriors 140 for 7

in 38.5 overs; the Hetmyer brothers, Seon and Shimron hit 34 and 28 respectively, Kevin Ramdeen 22. Bowling for Bermine Charles Shepherd took 3 for 28. At Edinburgh - Police beat Edinburgh by 34 runs. Police winning the toss and batting first, 153 in 29 overs; Charles Grimmond 26, Renaldo Grovesnor 23, Shafeek Khan 3 for 20, Chris Yadram 2 for 25, Joseph Giddings 2 for 35. Edinburgh 119 in 37

overs; Shafeek 37, Renaldo Grovesnor 4 for 19, Charles Grimmond 2 for 27. At No. 71 - No. 70 Young Star squeezed past No. 71 by one wicket. No. 71 sent in to bat first made 80 in 19 overs; Imran Khan 28. Bowling for No. 70, Chris Bollers 3 for 11, Mark Lionel 2 for 10, Omesh Khemraj 2 for 24. No. 70 Young Star 84 for 9 in 28.1 overs; Mark Lionel 29. Bowling for No. 71, Deprakash Ramdat 5 for 13, Sharaz Khan 2 for 11.

At Skeldon - Skeldon Community Centre beat Kim Il Sung by 29 runs. Skeldon Community Centre, choosing to bat first made 172 in 37.1 overs; Clarence Beresford 59, Mahendra Bhola 33, Gary Phillips 24. Bowling for Kim Il Sung Tulsiram Munesar 4 for 23 Tariq Ibrahim 2 for 27. Kim Il Sung 143 in 39 overs; Jermain Reid 28, Amzan Appalsammy 26. Bowling for Skeldon Community Centre Junior Blair 3 for 30 and Parmanand Narine 2 for 21.

Van Persie sinks unlucky Liverpool... From page 23 Reina for his fifth league goal of the season. WORST START With just two points from five games under new manager Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have suffered their worst start in the league for 100 years, although United manager Alex Ferguson admitted his side had been fortunate to win at Anfield for the first time since 2007. One of the fiercest rivalries in world soccer was briefly put to one side before kickoff with an emotional tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in the light of this month’s independent report revealed an attempt to pin the blame on Liverpool’s fans. The crowd held up white and red cards spelling out “TRUTH” and “JUSTICE” as the players walked out on to the pitch in tracksuits emblazoned on the back with

“96”. Opposing captains Gerrard and Ryan Giggs released 96 balloons into the Merseyside sky and the anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” reverberated around the stadium with added emotion. Even the race row between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra was finally put to bed as they shook hands before kickoff. Shelvey raised the temperature with a high footfirst lunge in a 50-50 tackle with Evans. Referee Mark Halsey produced a straight red card and as Shelvey walked off he hurled abuse at Ferguson. “He came and blamed me. Why look at himself in the mirror?,” Ferguson said of Shelvey who later apologised. “Just blame someone else. I think the boy’s young and when he looks at it again he’ll realise

the stupidity of it.” Apart from that, and a few mindless chants that did not befit the occasion, the match was played in a healthy spirit and Liverpool looked set for the perfect kickstart to their season when the tireless Gerrard fired them ahead. However, it was to be another frustrating day for Rodgers whose side continue to lack a cutting edge. After fullback Rafael’s opportunist equaliser Liverpool looked the hungrier for victory but they were caught out by the speeding Valencia who was bundled over by a clumsy tackle from Johnson. Van Persie was made to wait for four minutes to take the kick as Daniel Agger received treatment but slotted his kick past the despairing dive of Reina to end a run of three missed penalties in a row for United.

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