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Friday September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Ed Ahmad, US finalising plea bargain agreement - Prosecutor - October date set US Federal Prosecutors and lawyers for Guyana-born businessman, Edul Ahmad, who has been indicted in a US$50M mortgage fraud scheme, have apparently reached a plea bargain arrangement that will be made public next month, according to the National Legal and Policy Center. A letter filed Wednesday by Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander A. Solomon, of the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York and addressed to Dora Irizarry, District Judge of Eastern District of New York, stated that “after extensive plea negotiations, the parties have reached a tentative agreement as to a proposed pretrial resolution. Therefore, the parties jointly request a plea date for sometime during the week of October 8, 2012.” Ahmad became the focus of a US investigation after he reportedly made a US$40,000 payment to Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY) in 2007 that the Congressman failed to disclose on his Financial Disclosure Reports for 2007, 2008, and 2009. Meeks subsequently claimed the US$40,000 payment was a loan, but there were no notes or payments until several years after the payment was made. Last year the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate the matter. The OCE reported that Rep. Meeks “refused to cooperate with the OCE’s investigation.” In 2011, Ahmad was reportedly prevented from boarding a Guyana-bound aircraft at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport by the FBI and was indicted in connection with a massive multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud scheme. The National Legal and Policy Center report yesterday said it first exposed Meeks’ involvement with a questionable charity in January 2010. In March 2010,

NLPC filed a lengthy complaint with the House Ethics Committee asking it to investigate the Congressman’s financial dealings with Ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford (who was subsequently convicted) and numerous questionable circumstances surrounding the construction of a new home for Meeks. The Ahmad loan was disclosed by Meeks only after media scrutiny of his finances, and reportedly, inquiries from the FBI. Ahmad was arrested last year July on charges of operating the US$50M mortgage-fraud scheme in Queens. Facing a maximum of 30 years in jail, he was placed on US$2.5M bail. Three alleged coconspirators — Ahmad’s cricket pals and employees — were also indicted in an associated case last November, court records show. Queens-based brokers, Qayaam Farrouq, Mohamed Gurmohamed and Steve Massiah were charged with defrauding banks and mortgage companies by falsifying mortgage-loan applications to make borrowers appear more creditworthy to financial institutions, court records show. The case against Massiah has since been dismissed. The US had signaled its intention to seize Ahmad’s properties. The US prosecutors through official court documents filed on October 31 gave notice that they are seeking forfeiture of a money judgment: a sum of money in United States currency in an amount to be determined at his sentencing. They are also looking to have forfeited specific properties in Jamaica, New York. Allegations of predatory lending, forged documentation, falsified mortgage information and missing records have dogged Ahmad, a popular Queens

Edul Ahmad figure, for years. US State officials have investigated the real estate broker five times since 2006, referring two of those probes to the Queens District Attorney’s Office for review, according to State Department records. Another probe by the State Banking Department and Department of State in 2007 turned up home buyers who said they were given mortgages for more than they could afford and allegations that their names were forged on documents. Last July Ahmad was arrested by FBI agents on mortgage fraud charges for allegedly bilking a lender, Countrywide Home Loans, in connection with the purchase of properties in Queens in 2007. Ahmad, who reportedly has close ties to former President Bharrat Jagdeo, has established a major hardware store in Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, and is said to own a number of properties in Guyana. The spotlight, locally, was on the businessman last year after revelations that he had earlier sent a number of containers to the former President. In 2009, the Ahmad Group sent 29 tons of building supplies – including roof tiles and kitchen sinks – to Jagdeo at State House in Georgetown, according to shipping records.

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$35M to rehabilitate Army Flagship Cabinet recently gave its no-objection to the award of a $35M contract to rehabilitate the GDFS Essequibo. The converted minesweeper was bought 11 years ago from Britain. Commenting on the lifespan and usefulness of the ship, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, stressed that investments being made in the ship are for posterity. “We couldn’t conceivably be investing US$173,086 and then mothballing it tomorrow.” Luncheon stated that the ship played an important role in Guyana’s response to the needs of sister Caricom state, Grenada, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, eight years ago.

“I think we really shone. Our flag was really flying high. We took in troops; we took equipment and ordnance into Grenada. We were well received by the Grenadian population and the responses redound to our image, our benefit,” Dr. Luncheon noted. Protection of Guyana’s marine resources was cited as one of the main reasons for continued investments to increase the lifespan of the ship. “And now that we are talking about the exploration and likely exploitation of marine resources, oil and gas, I can’t believe that maintaining offshore military capabilities, naval capabilities, would be lost… they just don’t come cheap; it doesn’t come cheap.

“I would be the first to agree that it has not lived up to our total expectations, but I don’t believe that we must hang our heads in any shame or embarrassment. The GDFS Essequibo has been contributing to our image and contributes to the discharge of our responsibilities to our citizens and to the economic development,” he added. Dr. Luncheon noted that adding more ships to the Coast Guard fleet would mean more expenditure in the defence sector. “This is essentially what is needed in the light of what is happening with resources and expectations of our natural resources, both terrestrial and maritime,” he said.

Complaints Authority sees increase in reports against police ranks Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), Cecil Kennard, has noted that there has been a marked increase in complaints against ranks of the Guyana Police Force. In an interview with this publication, Kennard revealed that there has been an average of a 5% increase as compared to last year. According to statistics, from January to midSeptember of this year, there has been a total of 193 written complaints with an additional 270, which were made over the phone. Kennard said that of the written complaints, 142 were sent to the Commissioner of Police while the others were rejected having been considered trivial matters. To date, Kennard said, from the 142 complaints, only

62 have been returned to the Complaints Authority. Of the total number (193), there are two cases of alleged unlawful killing, 100 reports of neglect of duty, 30 cases of unlawful arrest, 20 illegal searches, 21 cases of unnecessary force, and 20 cases of incivility to persons. Kennard said that he is somewhat satisfied with the relationship between his office and the police force, but noted that there continues to be the issue in terms of the timeliness in which the report is returned to the PCA. “It is expected that we receive a report back within six to eight weeks, but this has not been the case, and this is our major concern,” Kennard lamented. He also pointed out that his office over the years has

had a good association with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Hence, he said he is satisfied that the recommendations made on any case that was investigated by his office are duly enforced, whether criminal charge or departmental charges. Speaking on the recent cries from the wider society on police using excessive force, Kennard said his office continues to be bombarded by such complaints. He opined that the police need to carry out their duties in a more professional manner with the use of minimal force at all times. He said, however, in some of the cases which have been reported to them, investigations have shown there was very little evidence of excessive force.

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Friday September 21, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Unabated Deadly Springs As a developing country with its population still overwhelmingly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, we have to take heed of the dangers inherent in the technology and inputs that are designed in the developed countries and sold to us as ‘mandatory’ for our development. It is a sign of the times that on the fiftieth year of the anniversary of “Silent Springs”’, the book that first alerted us to the dangers of pesticides, the Journal, “Food and Chemical Toxicology”, could publish a paper: Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Roundup is the most ubiquitous pesticide in the world – including Guyana – and the genetically modified crops that were supposed to be tolerant to it are being pushed as ‘the next best thing’ since the green revolution. The first longer-term study (two years) all confirmed the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup. Not coincidentally both are products of the US chemical giant Monsanto. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, credited with being the forerunner of the modern environmental movement, documented the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture and of their widespread fatal effects on plants and animals. The author’s training as a scientist bridged the gap between lay observation and science. Her book accused the pesticide industry of being detrimental to the environment, especially of destroying bird species. Indeed, the title Silent Spring alludes to an all-too-possible spring when birds would no longer sing because they would all have been exterminated by pesticides. The author also said that the chemical industry misinformed the public about the effects of its products and that the United States administration accepted the industry’s claims without verifying them. While documenting the horrors of synthetic pesticides, the author traced the link between chemical companies and the political economy of the time and accused the two of letting profit take precedence over health. Capitalist economies and corporations that dictate to government were not new scenarios even at that time, but Rachel Carson introduced new characters into this old drama. Un-selfconsciously and scientifically, she wrote that all life forms were connected and the act of injecting poisons into life cycles would soon affect human life. As can be expected, Silent Spring resulted in an uproar from the chemical industry. The challenge to its very profitable business enraged it. Its ire was fuelled further by the fact that it was a woman who had dared to question what was one of the most powerful and politically influential industries in the U.S. at that time. Retribution was fast and brutal. Rachel Carson was belittled at every level, from the quality of her research to her gender. Oddly enough for the times, she remained steadfast and unmoved by the attacks. Her standing as a scientist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made it all the more difficult to dismiss her. But fifty years after her comprehensive and compelling documentation of the dangers and horrors of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, the world continues to use the very same chemicals. Little has changed apart from the generic and brand names of many chemicals that Rachel Carson had proved were highly dangerous. DDT, malathion, parathion and dieldrin continue to be used in many parts of the world in spite of the fact that she had proved, fifty years ago, that they had fatal consequences. In addition, newer ones like Roundup have been added to the deadly and unabated deadly springs. Pesticides accumulate in the fat deposits in the body where they remain and cause damage. Pregnant women can pass pesticides on to their foetus. Women who eat fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, pass the pesticides on to their nursing children. The chemicals alter genes, disrupt the endocrine system, damage the nervous system, deform foetuses and cause diseases ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s disease. In our drive to ramp up our production of agricultural products, our policy makers must insist that the so-called ‘new and improved” methods that are foisted on us do not form ‘silent springs’ and destroy us.

1961 By-Election was “justifiably” not held DEAR EDITOR, In response to my riposte (KN Sep 11), Mr. Hamilton Green asked me “to recite verifiable incidents” (KN Sep 13) regarding the election of 1961 and the alleged rigging of the PNC internal election of last July. Mr. Green said he can vouch that last July executive election was the freest and fairest the PNC ever conducted – Yes Hammie said so and you should believe him. Many individuals I spoke with said that they were deeply troubled with the conduct of the July election and the fairness of the balloting that impacted on Carl Greenidge’s chance of winning the leadership. In addition, Prof. Kean Gibson (SN) and Abu Bakr (KN), two of the staunchest supporters of the PNC, made references to troubling electoral improprieties of that election. Regardless of their honesty and credibility or lack thereof, the PNC internal elections of 2011 and 2012 have nothing to do with the 1961 Houston election. Mr. Green contended that “as a result of improper activities by the leadership of the PPP at the 1961 elections, the PNC brought six elections petitions … and a by-election was not held in Houston”. He did not offer any supporting evidence of who in the PPP leadership were (was) involved in improprieties and what these were. Any impropriety in the 1961 election cannot be used as justification to rig elections between 1964 and 1992 or any PNC internal election. Many senior citizens and PPP stalwarts of the era described the 1961 election as the last truly free and fair election held in Guyana – party, local or general. People do recall that the 1962 PPP executive election was fixed to defeat Balram Singh Rai and that was a stain on PPP’s democratic credentials. Green was very misleading in his comment on the 1961 election. I was able to obtain the following information based on thorough research on the Election: There was an Independent Election Commission and Commissioner of Elections, a Chief Electoral Officer, 35 Returning Officers and several Presiding Officers who were responsible for administration, and management and operation of the elections on Election Day in the 35 electoral districts in the country. The entire operation was overseen by a British Colonial Administration; fraud was virtually impossible. The Commissioner of Elections Mr. G.K. Waddell, was a

respected UK Civil Servant who was a specialist in electoral matters and would not condone fraud. The Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Edgar Jack, was a senior career officer in the British Guiana Civil Service. He was the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages with zero tolerance for fraud. He was no Sir Bollers. Many of the Returning Officers as well as the Presiding Officers were civil servants or teachers some of whom were retirees – people of impeccable integrity. The general consensus and perception adjudged the elections as free and fair and free from fear – the last in Guyana until 1992. Houston was Electoral District No. 23 (of 35) which had 19 polling stations with 8,053 voters. Of this number, 7,425 electors cast their ballots. There were three candidates - A. A. Critchlow (UF), H.Green (PNC) and G.M. Henry (PPP). Critchlow received 435 votes, Green 3,253 and Henry 3,701 with 36 rejected ballots. The difference between Green and Henry was 448. Henry was declared the elected rep. There were 6 election petitions after the results of the general election were declared. Five of the petitions were dismissed while Green’s petition was upheld. Green challenged the election of Henry on three grounds, one of which was abandoned as a single alleged corrupt practice could not satisfy the requirements on which the ground was based. The other two grounds were considered by

Mr. Justice H. A. Fraser in hearings that began on 20 November and concluded on 24 November 1961. The main grounds were i) 13 persons under the age of 21 years voted and ii) Mr. Henry’s agent Mr. Ashton Chase procured one Sookhoo to impersonate a voter named Mohamed Yusuf. On November 27, Justice Fraser made his ruling declaring the election of Henry void even though the number of complaints would not have altered the outcome if all the challenged votes were added to Green – a strange ruling but showed how tough the judges were of that period regarding electoral matters. A by-election was not held any time between December 1961 and August 1964 when parliament was dissolved with the main reason being potential fraud orchestrated by opposition forces. Also, several major events prevented the holding of a by-election: politically directed strikes, Kaldor Budget, opposition rallies, race riots, political instability fomented by the PNC and UF, removal of B.S Rai as Home Affairs Minister and his expulsion from the PPP, death of Rai’s replacement Minister Claude Christian, resignation of Janet Jagan who succeeded Christian, CIA activities and the PNC conspiracy with the British and Americans, etc. One need also to be reminded that there was i) the British Guiana Independence Conference in November 1962, the British Guiana Conference in November 1963 and the Duncan Sandys 1964

negotiated agreement with Burnham (PNC), D”Aguiar (UF) and Jagan (PPP) that led Her Majesty’s Government in London to stipulate PR in the electoral culture of the country. Forbes Burnham did not press for a by-election because even if the PNC had won the seat it would not affect the governance of the colony because the PPP had enjoyed a five-seat majority. Burnham wanted a new election and the replacement of the PPP by the PNC not an extra seat. And Green seems to have forgotten that as a result of opposition fomented instability between 1962 and 1964, Governor Governor Sir Richard Luyt assumed emergency powers making an election impossible. It was wrong not to have a by-election. But there were justifiable reasons for the election not being held and those who planned and organized instability against the government and who voter padded are the true culprits of preventing the byelection. It was well known who was the main architect of voter padding and electoral riggings in Guyana and who was opposed to Desmond Hoyte returning the country to democratic elections – calling him a school boy politician for agreeing to hold a democratic election and for handing over power to Dr. Jagan. Green was not nice at all to Hoyte at a lecture in Jamaica right after the PNC defeat saying Hoyte should never have agreed to Carter’s formula for free and fair election. Vishnu Bisram

DEAR SIR, The acceptance of substandard in Guyana is simply unbelievable especially among people who should know better. The success of any organisation depends on how it pursues excellence and the image it creates for itself. Standards at the Rose Hall Town Council have over the years gone downhill but seem to have gone rock bottom more recently. On Tuesday 18th September, 2012, I received a small package at the Area “H” ground office of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and on opening it became embarrassed to be a resident of my beloved township. Inside the package was an official invitation from the Town Council to the opening ceremony of the Rose Hall Town Anniversary Town Week. Believe it or not, the official invitation was hand written on a roughly cut typing sheet with at least one spelling mistake. To make it

even worse, the invitation had no venue for the opening, so I would have to guess where it would be held. Mr. Editor, my beloved township official invitation which I guess was sent out to other officials in the town, sponsors and the media would be rejected by a nursery school teacher. In this modern age of technology, a computer can do wonders for invitations or a printery can easily print 500 official invitations for less than $5,000.00. The entire anniversary committee should be ashamed of itself and as a resident of Rose Hall Town I

place all the blame on the Town Council. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would have volunteered its services and vast experience free of cost to make our township anniversary special but the Council has its own objectives if asked we would at least sponsor a standard official invitation. By the way, Mr. Editor I have placed the invitation in a special place in my office so that it can remind me every day not to lower my standards or that of the club. Hilbert Foster, Secretary/CEO, RHTYSC

DEAR EDITOR, As a nationalist and fan of all genres of music, I write with pride and pleasure to congratulate, endorse and encourage my compatriot “Jumo Primo” (likely to be his stage name) on the production and release of his

song and music video “Bad Mind”. In addition, I would also like to invite the media houses to accord the song, video and artist the attention and approbation it deserves. Charles S. Ramson Attorney-at-Law

Standards have really fallen

Kudos for Jumo

Friday September 21, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Raj Singh calls Why some Indians now see Hoyte as out Hilbert Foster a good leader and as a messiah figure DEAR EDITOR, I should firstly admit that Mr. (Hilbert) Foster did indeed make contact with my Guyana Office on Monday, supposedly after reading my letter regarding the path forward to resolve the crisis surrounding cricket in Guyana, but I was unavailable and for which I apologize. One would have thought that Mr. Foster would have supported my call for a structured resolution to this impasse but instead he has chosen to publicly chastise my fleeting factual reference to his comments regarding the work of the infamous IMC since its formation almost a year ago. He carefully sidestepped the larger substantive issue contained in my letter, which is that the works of the IMC was doomed to fail due to its illegality, non-recognition by the WICB and the misconstrued basis of its formation since only the GCB and its members are legally authorized to change its constitution and administrate the game of cricket in Guyana. This letter is very revealing in that Mr. Foster chose therein only to protect his image as well as he should but could have weighed in on any of the other issues contained in my letter. I guess he agrees with everything else. Mr. Foster’s outstanding prowess at public relations is not matched by his recordkeeping abilities or his memory capabilities. My informant was a letter penned by the said Mr. Foster in the SN dated August 9th 2012 very aptly headlined ‘OUTSTANDING GUYANESE WHO LOVE CRICKET SHOULD WORK TOGETHER TO FIND A SOLUTION TO THIS UNHOLY MESS’. I am tempted to proffer an apology to Mr. Foster since he denied calling the IMC a failure (for which he is correct) but instead referred to it as a ‘great failure’. His response letter of September 19th seems more to be an apology to Mr. Lloyd since his last sentence in the quoted paragraph above can be clearly interpreted as a direct attack on all the members of the IMC which is headed by Mr. Lloyd. For all intents and purposes, with the exception of Mr. Lloyd, the IMC is/was a collection of disgruntled and egotistical ex-GCB Executives who failed to gain power through democratic means and have since attempted to use their political influence to hijack the GCB.

This band of power hungry individuals has sought to destroy the game of cricket at every opportunity yet still Mr. Foster issued a call in his August 9 letter for these said individuals who presided over the destruction of cricket in Guyana to come together to find a solution. Most of these individuals are the problem. He may have inadvertently omitted Mr. Clive Lloyd from that distinguished list as he does not consider Mr. Lloyd to be in the category of outstanding Guyanese. He may yet have to issue another apology to the IMC head. Whilst we are at it, Mr. Foster should avoid issuing advice to anyone and should utilize his significant administrative ability to draft a decent constitution to replace the ‘2 page’ abomination that the BCB calls a constitution. Raj Singh President Demerara Cricket Board

DEAR EDITOR, While Vishnu Bisram cannot be easily trusted, one cannot discount and must take seriously the following statement from him: “…many Indians have changed their view of the Desmond Hoyte presidency when comparing it with the PPP governance of the last few years. “A lot of Indian business people said the country was better off under Hoyte’s presidency, regarding a crackdown on corruption and crime, and some have expressed regrets for not voting for Hoyte after the restoration of democracy…. Some are yearning for the rise of a Desmond Hoyte or a Messiah to save them” (“Ramotar has indeed tweaked the nation’s conscience”, KN, September 13, 2012). Bisram’s bias to the PPP and revulsion to the PNC is well-known. For him to utter this statement is crucial. Let’s assume Bisram is correct here. What explains the change in

DEAR EDITOR, Please don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you. I am a Guyanese by birth but an American by grace. For thirty years, I have struggled to love the country of my birth. Why is it so hard to love Guyana? Is it because of the painful memories that I have growing up poor? Is it because of the hurtful and shameful things that are happening there currently? I can’t put my finger on what makes me not love my country. Not loving the country where a person was born, is like not loving the person who gave birth to you. On the other hand, why is it so easy for me to love America? Why is it that I feel so proud to be an American? Why is it that every time I hear the American anthem, I get goose bumps and feel a chill running through my body? Is it because it has given me a second chance and many more opportunities in life? Is it because it has given me a good education, job, financial

security, and a safe place to raise my family? Why do I love America so much that I am willing to give my life for it? Why is it that I was so willing to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to protect and defend this country? Is it because I know that America has my back and that my family will be will taken care of, if I get injured or killed in combat? Why is it that I don’t feel this way about Guyana? Is this one of the reasons why I love America so much, and I have a difficult time loving Guyana? Two years ago, I started working on changing my negative attitudes towards Guyana, and I am making some great progress, so much so that I want to come back to Guyana to live and help. Hopefully, the day is coming when I will love Guyana just as much as I love America. After all, a person has to love the country of his birth. May God bless Guyana! Anthony Pantlitz Brooklyn NY

Why do I love America more?

Indian mindset to Hoyte? Firstly, there is the filthy degeneracy of the PPP in the past decade and during the Jagdeo years. That despicability has turned off many Indians. Secondly, there is the comparative experience issue. Many recognize the change in the last few years of Hoyte’s rule and now see a country more criminalized, corrupt, degenerate and more unequal since Jagdeo compared to Hoyte. Thirdly, some Indians, particularly the business class, know the PPP is operating the economy built by Hoyte albeit with more corruption, crime and wrongdoing. They innately

know Hoyte would not have allowed corruption and crime to become such monstrosities. Fourthly, Indians know that Hoyte was no different from Cheddi Jagan in terms of decency, integrity, character and incorruptibility. Fifthly, some Indians have arrived at their moral crossroads where morality now trumps blind political or ethno-political allegiance. Some Africans had the same epiphany during the PNC reign which led to the rise of the WPA and Walter Rodney. Some Indians are increasingly refusing to subvert their moral code and dignity for a gang of vagabonds who have hijacked the PPP and who are arrogant about it.

The atrocities of this band that has seized the PPP has accomplished one of the great political-psychological revolutions of our nation; they have helped Indians free themselves. Sixthly, Indians are shamed by the arrogant unfairness and inequality of this posse controlling the PPP. They know that neither Hoyte nor Cheddi Jagan would ever have allowed this kind of wealth to concentrate in the hands of a few friends, family, soup drinkers and cronies who are handpicked by the PPP top dogs to be part of the elite. These men did not believe that a select few should get all while the rest get none. M. Maxwell

DEAR EDITOR, The President of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, will remain at home in Paramaribo to present his annual budget to the National Assembly. This is a constitutional obligation that requires him to personally address the National Assembly on October 1, according to Mr. Alfonso from the Ministry of Foreign A ff a i r s in Paramaribo in a telephone conversation today. At the UN, he will be represented by the Foreign Minister of Suriname, Mr. Winston Lackin, who will address the UN General Assembly on his behalf. This will also keep the president of Suriname from participating in the Arab South American Summit to be help in Lima, Peru from October 1 -2. Presidential Envoy of Suriname, Mr. Liakat Errol Alibux, will represent Suriname at the Arab South American Summit. Liakat Alibux studied sociology at the University of Erasmus in the Netherlands. He held several Cabinet positions in previous governments. Adding to his credentials, he was also appointed in 1983 as Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname. Many Arab leaders will stay home considering the volatile situation in the

Middle East since the Arab Spring started. Uncertainties and occupied with domestics issues, most Arab leaders will be represented in Peru at the Prime Ministerial and foreign minister levels. The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, King of Morocco, Mohammed IV, King of Jordan, Abdullah II, the President of Lebanon and Palestine , Michel Sulaiman and Mahmoud Abbas, and the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Jaber Al Sabah will be in Peru . One aspect of Bouterse foreign policy is closer

political and commercial ties with the Middle East, especially with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members- Kuwait , Qatar , the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia . The Bouterse Government’s closer ties with the Middle East is looking to attract investments from the region and has so far secured about three investments from the Middle East . Suriname is a member of the Arab Development Bank and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Ray Chickrie

Bouterse to skip UN and Arab South American meetings

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Good Intent man gets eight years for cousin’s murder Thirty-eight-year old Tekeram Lachanna, who in 2007 killed his cousin over a jersey, was yesterday sentenced to eight years in jail. The Good Intent, East Coast Demerara resident’s jail term was broken down from a 20-year sentence following a stated deduction of detention time by Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire at the Supreme Court. The former carpenter, prior to his sentence, had pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. He was remorseful while addressing the court. “I am sorry for what happened. I made a mistake with my life. I’m in jail and I’ve changed my lifestyle. “ The unmarried accused, who has no children, said he would like to go home and find himself a family. Lachanna on July 15, 2007, while in a drunken state, stabbed his cousin Mohamed Shafik Sheriff to death after an argument over a jersey the deceased was wearing, and which belonged to Lachanna. According to State Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford, prior to the murder, Lachanna and other relatives, including his cousin, were consuming alcohol at a wedding house. Subsequently, around 07:00 hours the next morning, Lachanna and his cousin ended up in an argument

Tekeram Lachanna where the former went into a kitchen, uplifted a knife and stabbed his cousin to the chest. The cousin succumbed three days later while in hospital. The prosecutor said that all the witnesses who testified in the case were relatives of the accused, but the main witnesses - Lachanna’s sister, Lalini Lachanna and Rachindra Truman, a cousin - could not be reached despite arrest warrants being issued. This, she said, facilitated the denial of the prosecution to object to the lesser count of manslaughter. A female Probation Officer gave a sketchy report on Lachanna. She too said

she could not make contact with the immediate family of the accused, but was able to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the stabbing incident. Attorney-at-law Mark Waldron represented Lachanna. He told the court that at the time, his client was 33 years old and he had a good relationship with his cousin, with whom he spent much time. Waldron explained that the stabbing was an isolated incident that was not premeditated. During a background report on his client’s life, Waldron told the court that Lachanna was raised in a single-parent home where his mother, due to her constant travelling, was hardly around. The attorney said his client entered the world of work by age 14, after having his highest level of schooling at nursery level. Justice George-Wiltshire stated that it was another unfortunate situation of alcohol playing a part in bringing grief to a family. The Judge explained that everyone suffers; the accused and their family as well as the deceased and their family, but in this case, it is one family having to suffer from the loss of two persons. In handing down the sentence, the Judge took into consideration time already served – five years. She deducted one year for the nature and seriousness of the offence and then six years – one-third of Lachanna’s total sentence.

Friday September 21, 2012

Guyana, India to talk soon on US$50M credit line Guyana will soon be able to tap into a US$50M credit line from India, according to that country’s High Commissioner, Puran Mal Meena. The envoy made the disclosure during a business luncheon at the Regency Hotel, Brickdam, hosted by the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), a private sector group. However, Guyana will have to utilise its current credit lines before talks on the US$50M can commence. Speaking on India’s growing economy and its relations to Guyana, the official noted that India was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Guyana. Bank of Baroda was the first foreign bank to open its branch in Guyana, he said. A credit line was extended by India in 2004 with the construction of the Guyana National Stadium and solar traffic lights in Georgetown, some of the projects to benefit. He noted that the supply of irrigation and drainage pumps and construction of the specialty hospital at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, are among the newer projects both countries are working on. There has been training for Guyanese under technical programmes and donations for disaster relief. Under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation programme, Guyana also had the services of Indian experts in the field of agriculture, in spice development and coconut production, among other services. “We provide full hospitality to the nominees for such training including airfare, living allowance, accommodation. This year we have offered 25 seats to the nominees of Government of Guyana in our technical institutes. We feel that if fully

utilised, this might provide a significant pool of skilled technical experts in Guyana who may contribute effectively in developing the technical and economic potential of Guyana. At a multilateral level, India and Guyana are contributing to bring about improvement in the climate change-related effects,” the High Commissioner said of India’s contribution to Guyana. This year, under the Commonwealth scholarship programme of the Government of India, 10 Guyanese nationals have proceeded to India for their PhD and Post Graduate programmes. “The programmes cover a wide range of disciplines like education, business administration, structural engineering, horticulture, agriculture, basic sciences, banking and financial services, management and cyber technology.” Regarding trade between the two countries, this increased to about US$30M million between 2011 and this year. According to the High Commissioner, the major products traded are pharmaceuticals, electronic and engineering goods, iron and steel products, plastics, chemicals and wood and wood products. Bank of Baroda has since opened its second branch in Mon Repos, East Coast of

Demerara. “Some Indian companies have expressed their interest in investment in the mining and agricultural sectors in Guyana,” the diplomat revealed. Among those at the luncheon yesterday were several business executives and other diplomats. “Other possible areas of cooperation would be in the forestry sector, training and cooperation in small business sector, energy and renewable energy, road construction, tourism, water resource management, construction, gems and jewellery, engineering, oil and gas exploration and mining.” India is said to be the largest democracy in the world with a population exceeding 1.25B. It’s projected growth has been revised upwards to 6.7% for the current financial year, 2012-2013. The country’s exports is said to stand at US$303B with engineering goods, software, chemicals and petroleum products, textiles, gems and jewellery and leather products being the main contributors to the GDP and to exports. Meanwhile, according to GMSA’s President, Mohindra Chand, the business luncheons of the organization have seen presentations from representatives of countries from around the world. He noted that India’s economy has grown tremendously in recent years.

President to address world leaders at UN General Assembly President Donald Ramotar is set to address world leaders at the 67th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on September 27 at the UN Headquarters in New York. Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President yesterday said that the Guyanese Head of State will be engaged in a wideranging round of activities at this event that will see the launching of the Diaspora initiative. “The Diaspora initiative is a web-based survey of Guyanese who would be registered with specific attention paid to their skills and that would be the basis for a compilation of the assets that the Guyanese Diaspora has command of,”

the HPS explained. The information garnered from this initiative can be used in Guyana, and otherwise, to start planning policies that would explore and exploit the assets that are available in the Guyanese Diaspora. Moreover, the opportunities with Guyana’s ascension to the chair of the Economic and Financial Committee of the 67th Session earlier this year are enormous for the country’s influence in the international arena to be seen and appreciated. This Committee deals with a wide range of development matters, will have a full agenda of issues to consider, among them macro-economic policy questions, sustainable development issues, including follow-up to the (Continued on page 9)

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Slain detective given military send-off Slain detective Jirbahan Dianand was given a military send-off yesterday as thousands turned out - at his Number 64 residence, along the route for the ceremonial march and at the Number 55 Cemetery - to pay their last respects. Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division, Eric Bassant, praised the young officer and expressed regrets of his death, describing it as a major loss and a blow to the Guyana Police Force. Following a simple, brief funeral service, the procession left the officer’s residence shortly after 14:00 hrs for the Number 55 cemetery. Hundreds accompanied the hearse, including members of the Guyana Police Force, many of whom worked with the young officer and even trained with him at the Felix Austin Police College (FAPC) at Adventure. It was a hot and humid afternoon on the Upper Corentyne yesterday as onlookers stood silently as the hearse made its way along the closed-off roadway.

US$18M specialty hospital… The Indian government will not interfere with Guyana’s awarding of the US$18M specialty hospital contract to Surendra Engineering Corporation Limited. Responding to questions yesterday whether his government was considering revisiting the contract, High Commissioner to Guyana, Puran Mal Meena, said that it is a matter entirely up to the Government of Guyana to decide who will be the contractor. He made it clear what India’s role is. “India has provided financial assistance to construct that hospital, to equip, but not to interfere in the internal process of the country. We are sure that they will utilise the money in the right way.” According to the envoy, his government will abide by any decisions of the Guyana Government. “We are not part of the National Procurement (and Tender Administration) Board; our job is to monitor the progress of the projects which are funded by the Government of India…If the project is for 12 months, if it is delayed, why is it delayed?” Meena also told reporters that any companies can object to the bidding process to Exim Bank of India which is funding the project. There are some safeguards in place including the contract agreement between the local Ministry of Health and the

- thousands turn out to pay tribute

The slain detective’s colleagues prepare to bury his remains as the priest (at right) reads the final rites. Inset: Jirbahan Dianand Many took the opportunity to video and take photographs as the military band and ranks marched past, decked in white and black ceremonial outfits. The procession arrived at its final place, the burial ground, where the casket was seen draped in the Guyana

Police Force flag and had atop it the police cap which the slain officer wore. ‘B’ Division Commander, Deryck Josiah, Deputy Commander Bassant and FAPC’s Supt Yonnette Stephens were nearby their fallen colleague as a 21-gun

salute rang out across the cemetery, adding to the sombre mood. The Hindu priest then took over and concluded the ceremony after which the casket was lowered in its final resting place and the crowds dispersed.

India will not interfere in award of contract - High Commissioner contractor. Under the line of credit, the contract for the specialty hospital, earmarked for Turkeyen, has to be granted to an Indian construction firm. This was done last month, to Surendra Engineering. However, another Indian company, Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited, had protested, insisting that several things were wrong in the decision to grant Surendra Engineering the contract. The Ministry of Health, in responding to Fedders Lloyd, said that it breached no laws in awarding the hospital contract to Surendra. It stated that Fedders Lloyd had breached instructions that were given to bidders. Fedders Lloyd, which submitted one of the lowest bids for the project, had expressed its concerns via a letter to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, dated August 30th 2012. The Ministry’s letter was released to the media a day

proper policies and procedures.” “It is obvious to the Ministry that in such an open and competitive process that attracted five bids from reputable Indian firms, only one firm will be successful.” Government intends to staff the hospital with specialists from India to do complicated surgeries, India’s High ranging from heart operations Commissioner to Guyana, and organ transplants to cosmetic surgery. Puran Mal Meena Fedders Lloyd had after Cabinet Secretary Dr. asserted that Surendra Roger Luncheon announced Engineering should have that Government would be re- been disqualified as a bidder. assessing the award of the “As per the bid opening US$18M contract to Surendra readouts, we noticed that the Engineering Bank Guarantee submitted by In its letter of response, Surendra Engineering was on the Ministry of Health said the Indian bank letterhead that it “has diligently pursued and it was never confirmed by the process of tendering and any local bank in Guyana… awarding the contract to This outrightly disqualifies design, build and equip the Surendra Engineering and Specialty Hospital for makes them a non-responsive Guyana with due diligence bidder in the first place.” and full transparency, Fedders Lloyd had adhering throughout the signaled its intentions to process to good, sound and write Exim Bank of India.

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US$840M Amaila Falls hydro-electric project …

President to head special monitoring body A special body comprising key players will monitor the Amaila Falls hydro-electric project, Guyana’s largest ever infrastructural project. This disclosure was made yesterday by government’s spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon, yesterday during his weekly press conference. According to Luncheon, the special monitoring committee will be chaired by President Donald Ramotar with administrative support coming from the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the state-owned company which handles government assets. Included in the monitoring body will be the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), the police, the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. Explaining GRA’s presence, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat said that the project is a huge one involving hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment and other items being imported, mostly by sea. These all have to be cleared, a major challenge for GRA, and then taken to the worksite at the falls in Region 8. According to the official, the idea is for government and the major stakeholders to keep an “eye on the ball”. Responding to media questions whether the special monitoring body will include Parliamentary representations, the official admitted that there was none. He did not rule out the possibility of the National Assembly establishing its

own special committee. Last week, government announced that it had made a major headway with the signing of the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) agreement between Sithe Global and China Railway First Group (CRFG). Financial closure for the massive project is expected within nine months with construction set to start shortly after, the developers disclosed earlier this week. The Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. (AFH), the local operating company formed to manage the 165-megawatt project to be situated in Region Eight, also indicated that the access roads leading to the site will have to be completed before construction begins. The roads were faced with major delays after the first contractor, Synergy Holdings Inc., failed to meet deadlines and the contracts were severed in January by government and awarded in parts to several other construction firms. The company said that it will deliver hydro energy in three and half years or 42 months. The hydro project has been marred with questions of cost, access road construction delays and the suitability of contractors. The EPC agreement is valued at US$506M. Sithe Global said that the signing assured that the US$840M price tag will not move upwards because of commodity price adjustments. Yesterday, Luncheon also disclosed that government has hired a fleet of equipment to the tune of $30.18M to carry out (Continued on page 24)

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Kaieteur News

Jamaica to slash more public sector jobs Jamaica Observer - Finance Planning Minister Dr Peter Phillips says Government will be looking to remove more posts from the public sector before the end of the year. This is in addition to 3,100 posts that are to go soon, as part of measures to reduce the public sector wage bill in keeping with the overall debt reduction strategy. Phillips made the disclosure during Wednesday’s Jamaica House press briefing. Although he was unable to give a figure as to the number of posts that will be cut, Phillips assured that the process would be done without impairing the functions of the public bodies. He noted that the posts to be removed would be those that are not currently

Cuba says ending U.S. embargo would help both countries

Dr Peter Phillips

filled. “We have a number working with, but I don’t want to share that number at this point because it is subject to refinement,” he said. “What we are trying to do is to look at posts that are not now filled, and those that can be dispensed of without impairing the functioning of the bodies,” he stated. Phillips said that while the previously announced 3,100 posts to be removed were from central government, these additional cuts will be taken from public bodies.

Grenada govt. rocked by new resignation ST.GEORGE’S, Grenada - CMC - Prime Minister Tillman Thomas was battling to save his government yesterday after his Environment Minister Glynis Roberts confirmed that she had tendered her resignation from his four and a half year old government. The resignation is the latest situation to hit the embattled prime minister, who earlier this week asked Governor General Sir Carlisle Glean to prorogue Parliament in a move critics say was aimed at averting a debate on a motion of no confidence against him filed by his former foreign affairs

minister Karl Hood. Roberts join former tourism minister Peter David who resigned earlier this year and there are reports that at least three other government parliamentarians are unhappy with the leadership style of the 67-year-old leader of government. Since leading the NDC to power in 2008, Thomas has reshuffled his Cabinet on more than two occasions as he seeks to maintain control of his National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration. Roberts told radio listeners that she had submitted her resignation to

Friday September 21, 2012

Glynis Roberts Sir Carlisle ending weeks of speculation over her future. She was expected to announce details of her political future during a town hall meeting in her constituency last night.

HAVANA (Reuters) - Both the United States and Cuba would benefit if Washington would lift its longstanding trade embargo against the island, but U.S. President Barack Obama has toughened the sanctions since taking office in 2009, a top Cuban official said yesterday. The embargo, fully in place since 1962, has done $108 billion in damage to the Cuba economy, but also has violated the constitutional rights of Americans and made a market of 11 million people off limits to U.S. companies, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told reporters. “The blockade is, without doubt, the principal cause of the economic problems of our country and the essential obstacle for (our) development,” he said, using Cuba’s term for the embargo. “The blockade provokes suffering, shortages, difficulties that reach each Cuban family, each Cuban child,” Rodriguez said. He spoke at a press conference that Cuba stages each year ahead of what has become an annual vote in the United Nations on a resolution condemning the embargo. The vote is expected to take place next month. Last year, 186 countries voted for the resolution, while only the

Bruno Rodriguez

United States and Israel supported the embargo, Rodriguez said. Lifting the embargo would improve the image of the United States around the world, he said, adding that it would also end what he called a “massive, flagrant and systematic violation of human rights.” That violation includes restrictions on U.S. travel to the island that require most Americans to get U.S. government permission to visit and a ban on most U.S. companies doing business in Cuba, he said. “The prohibition of travel for Americans is an atrocity from the constitutional point of view,” Rodriguez said. Cuba has its own limits on travel that make it difficult for most of its citizens to leave the country for any destination.

Obama, who said early in his presidency that he wanted to recast long-hostile U.S.-Cuba relations, has been a disappointment to the Cuban government, which expected him to do more to dismantle the embargo. He has lifted some restrictions on travel and all on the sending of remittances to the island, but Rodriguez said he has broadened the embargo and its enforcement in other areas. Fines against U.S. and foreign companies and individuals who have violated the embargo have climbed from $89 million in 2011 to $622 million so far this year, he said. U.S.-Cuba relations thawed briefly under Obama, but progress came to a halt when Cuba arrested U.S. contractor Alan Gross in Havana in December 2009.

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Death by copyright protection The guy knew what he wanted. He breezed confidently into the video store and within minutes, he had selected sixteen movies. Impressed at both the speed of his selection and the number of DVDs that he was purchasing, I remarked, “Seems as if you are stocking up for the entire month there.” “Entire month?” he responded. “This is my weekend collection.” I was impressed. He and his family were going to view sixteen pirated movies for the weekend. If he had to purchase those movies as originals, he probably would barely be able to afford to look at one. And if he had to rent movies at rates that compensated for the payment of copyright protection, at best he may have only been able to view

four. But with piracy rampant, he could purchase sixteen and just for the weekend. He did not have to come to the video store. All over the pavements in the country persons are peddling pirated movies. You name the movie and it can be had in Guyana. You have a better chance of obtaining a rare movie in Guyana than you have of being able to buy it online. You take away pirated movies and you would be taking away their weekend entertainment. Viewing pirated DVDs are the poor man’s entertainment. Take that away and it is back to television, the content of which you have no control over. Enforce copyright protection and hundreds of small vendors are going to bust overnight.

There used to be a time in Guyana when many local television stations would simply relay foreign programmes. It is not clear how many of them actually paid copyright fees for these programmes but in some instances, it was suspected that the rights for many of the programmes were not being paid for. That is, many of the programmes may have been pirated. Copyright protection will therefore also affect many television stations, especially those that show pirated movies and soap operas. Without DVDs and television, the small man can still, however, turn to the radio. But here again, it is believed that a great deal of music that is being played is being aired without the payment of royalties to the

President to address world... (From page 6) Rio+20 conference, challenges associated with poverty eradication, globalisation, international migration and development, and the situation of countries in special circumstances such

as Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries, and Small Island Developing States. The General Assembly is the main deliberative organ of the UN. Decisions on

important questions, such as those on peace and security, admission of new members and budgetary matters, require a two-thirds majority. Decisions on other questions are by simple majority. (GINA)

artistes that recorded them or the record companies that produced the music. So with copyright protection, radio in Guyana will be seriously affected. As much as 90% of the parents in Guyana are forced, because of high prices, to buy pirated textbooks to send their children to school. With copyright and patent laws being enforced also, clothing would be more expensive. There are numerous counterfeit brands on the local market, most of which can be mistaken for the original. And there are many Guyanese who dress fancy in these counterfeit products which mimic the originals. Business will also encounter problems. The majority of computers in Guyana used pirated software and virus protection. Now if copyright protection was instituted, imagine what would happen. Tens of thousands of computers would not be operational. Imagine the effect

this would have on the economy. With copyright protection, a great many things would be more expensive and given the already high cost of living, should copyright protection be introduced, it is going to send up the blood pressure of a great many Guyanese. This will make them sick and send them to the hospital. And here again, problems will present themselves because Guyana is overflowing with generic drugs. With updated copyright protection laws, the major drug companies are going to move against imitation medicines which violate their patents. As such medicines are going to be expensive and who knows, persons could well die because of not being able to obtain an expensive copyright protected tablet that could save their lives. Those who are making the argument, therefore, that the

government is encouraging persons to break the law by purchasing pirated textbooks, need to look around the country and see just how much copyright protection is being violated and has been violated now for decades. The government should not be the only one setting the example. The public also needs to be setting the example. There should not be one standard for the government and another for the rest of the country.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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Friday September 21, 2012


…but also who is a great Guyanese A refreshing, analytical commentary appeared as the editorial for the September 1, 2012 edition of the Stabroek News. I would recommend it. It does not agree with the flattering portrait of past President, Forbes Burnham, by Opposition Leader David Granger on the 27th death anniversary of Mr. Burnham. Asking the question as to who is a hero, the writer went on to state that you have to lay down a set of criteria by which to judge a person that you will give hero status to. The editorial went on to look at the failure of those we commonly refer to as heroes in Guyana, to transcend the almost intractable divisions in Guyana. There is the subtle view taken by the editorial that none of the leaders we describe as heroes could be so titled when you look at this particular failure. I don’t

have to be as subtle as the Stabroek News. I am a trained historian with a Masters degree in history and my research led me in the direction to reject Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan as heroes. You certainly cannot deny their mammoth contribution to Guyana and the adulation that is felt for them across time in this country. But such factors do not make people heroes. As the Stabroek News insists, there must be criteria. Jagan and Burnham would fail the criteria test. Both men were powerobsessed personalities who damaged this country terribly. Their legacy is a ghost that haunts this land. Their ghost has turned Guyana into a tragedy. Before we leave this aspect of the debate, I would posit that Fidel Castro would fail the test too. Castro has executed an enormous amount of his citizens and has denied the Cuban people many of the freedoms that they are entitled to in a modern world. In the same breath that we

ask who is a hero, we should also ponder on who is a great Guyanese achiever. Certainly that question can easily be settled in areas of medicine, law, engineering, teaching, sports etc. JOF Haynes was a fantastic legal mind. Shiv Chanderpaul is a great Guyanese cricketer. When you step outside of these areas, the problem becomes nightmarish. I would be curious to see how the Stabroek News handles this aspect of the polemic, especially in the light of the pronouncement in one of its editorials of Rickey Singh being a great, Caribbean columnist (it didn’t say journalist but columnist). What are the criteria to use when assessing Guyanese outside of the sciences and sports? The headaches are enormous. In my opinion, Rickey Singh is not a great Caribbean columnist, but someone who used his pen in support of one of the worst governments in these parts of the world. The Stabroek News must situate Singh in a particular context. The Stabroek News is too important to Guyana for

it to be put out of existence, but Singh’s government in Georgetown almost did that. It is this writer’s opinion that then President Bharrat Jagdeo purposely pursued the Stabroek News with the intent of weakening it and eventually seeing its closure. In the eighteen months of relentless pressure by President Jagdeo on the Stabroek News, Mr. Singh’s Sunday columns have been in shameless endorsement of the Jagdeo regime. Mr. Jagdeo’s twelveyear-old administration got Singh’s support during all that time. Can you conjure up a plausible intellectual argument for classifying such a media practitioner as a great Guyanese journalist? I would argue, using all the concepts in political theory, that Dr. Compton Bourne, a Guyanese economist who is the recipient of this country’s highest award, The Order of Excellence, is not a great nationalist. When you apply the criteria, he would fail badly. I worked three years with Bourne as a member of the

Council of the University of Guyana while Bourne was its legal head, and I saw Bourne’s participation in the lowering of standards at UG and his acquiescence of the worst kind of political strangulation of a university by a government. Was Laurie Lewis a great Guyanese achiever? I would have to disagree again. As a long serving security officer to the State of Guyana, his many accomplishments should be acknowledged. But the term, “great Guyanese achiever” may be asking too much. This writer has solid information on many egregious actions of

Frederick Kissoon Lewis that resulted in the denial of freedom to others and denial of justice to many citizens of Guyana. I guess the debate will have no ending. We will see it the way we want to in our own subjective ways. We will continue to disagree on who is a Guyanese hero and a great Guyanese achiever.

Dem boys seh...

Brazzy collecting he pension When Bharrat tun president he tell people how he was Papa Cheddi protégé. De people clap. By de time he lef office de people couldn’t mention he name and Papa Cheddi name in de same breath. When Bharrat lef office people start to see Papa Cheddi wid a halo shining round he head; dem see Bharrat wid two horns pun he forehead, cloven hoof and a long tail and dress in a red suit. Moses was he friend and dem two use to walk together. Dem boys seh when Moses talk bout de copyright thiefing he know wha he was talking about. That is how Moses claim that de government telling everybody to thief and dem boys seh that he ain’t wrang. Well is wholesale thiefing these days suh dem boys seh that by Executive Order—that mean that de President mek de order— everybody can thief. De court got to free anybody who thief because is law that everybody can thief and it start at de nursery school level. That is why dem boys seh that Bharrat set de stage and now everybody thiefing. Dem see that all who thief either get promotion or get transfer to a place wha got more money. Uncle Donald come and de thing get more rampant. Brazzy use to get one million dollar a month fuh wukking wid de Privatisation Unit every day and another million fuh wukking wid NICIL and more money fuh deh pun de GPL Board and things like that, getting de same one million dollar every month from de Privatisation Unit fuh wukking three and a half days a week. Is de Privatisation Unit dem boys got dem eyes on. Dem boys seh that Brazzy collecting he pension in de sly because Bharrat ain’t wukking and he getting de same one million dollar every month as he pension. Brazzy got to wuk fuh three days because Bharrat bigger than he. De chore can’t get more than Ali Baba. Talk half and watch how Guyana get.

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

C’bean Cinemas invests US$3M in Giftland Mall theatres By Abena Rockcliffe Caribbean Cinemas is investing some US$3M (G$600M) in bringing eight “state-of-the-art” movie theatres to complement the Giftland OfficeMax “mega mall” which is slated to open its doors next February. Chairman of Caribbean Cinemas, Robert Carrady, projected that their aspect of the venture will be completed by mid-March of next year, as works are expected to begin soon. This information was revealed as Giftland facilitated a press conference at the Georgetown Club, Camp Street, where documents were signed to officially “seal the deal” between Giftland and Caribbean Cinemas. Caribbean Cinemas is a family business that has its roots in the Caribbean movie exhibition industry going back to 1952 when the first theatre opened in Puerto Rico. However, it only became official in 1968 and opened its first theatre in the Dominican Republic in 1976. The company entered the English-speaking Caribbean by acquiring two theatres in St Thomas in 1988. Today, Caribbean Cinemas is the largest theatre circuit in the Caribbean with 421 screens in 54 locations across the Caribbean. Carrady yesterday noted that the company’s entrance to Guyana marks the first franchise it has on the continent. Interim chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Clinton Urling, said that the introduction of Caribbean Cinemas reflects well on Guyana’s entertainment industry. According to Urling, the absence of the “big screen”

Chairman of Caribbean Cinemas, Robert Carrady in Guyana portrayed a gap in the entertainment industry. He said that the futuristic filling of that gap signals that the private sector is “on the rise.” Urling stated that the PSC is by no means a mere observer in the process. “We are active participants,” he stressed, adding that the organization will move against piracy of films that can have a great impact on the success of Caribbean Cinemas. He referred to the current issue of pirated textbooks, for which the PSC issued a statement, and noted that the cases are quite similar. Urling said that the related laws will have to be enforced and penalties be put in place to ensure that piracy is monitored. Asked what moves have already been made by PSC to address movie piracy, Urling stated that the organization is currently developing its position as it is looking to

operate from an informed standpoint. In agreement with PSC’s stand, Carrady said “It is unfair…when piracy occurs nothing goes to the man that put his heart and soul into producing a film that we want to see.” Giftland indicated that with the opening of its new mall, it will not incorporate the section that currently facilities the sale of pirated Digital Versatile/Video Discs. Returning to the theatres, Carrady noted that apart from “good and quality movies”, the facility will offer a modern and tastefully-finished lobby and comfortable seating. Stadium seating will be available in four of the eight theatres, digital sound, a three-course meal section, and sloping floors among other advances. “It will be a captivating experience…once people experience the big screen there is no turning back.” The Chairman stated that other food franchises will not be permitted. Carrady informed that his company’s policy is to make entrance affordable thus attracting regular family visits. Carrady said that Caribbean Cinemas is always eager to facilitate local productions, and Guyana will be no different, as local movies will also be shown. The Chairman acknowledged the Beepats owners of Giftland - as the ones to be recognised for bringing back the big screen to Guyana in a “massive way.”

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Agricola fatal shooting…

Decision from DPP expected today – Top Cop The policemen implicated in the killing of Agricola teen Shaquille Grant will know today whether they will face charges related to his death. This is the word from Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell, who reassured last evening that “by tomorrow” (today), a decision will be made about the case, which has caused outrage, and has been described by many as an extra-judicial killing. The incident stirred up even more controversy after the ranks accused of killing Grant took the unusual step of refusing to participate in an identification parade. The Top Cop also confirmed that this had occurred, but noted that the ranks had acted within the law when they did so. “They could refuse (to participate); we have civilians who refuse to participate in identification parades,” Brumell added, when asked if the lawmen’s stance would set a precedent among civilians. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Attorney-at-law Basil Williams yesterday said that it was the first time he’s hearing of officers refusing to go on an identification parade. Earlier in the week, four men who were with Grant at the time - Troy Greenidge, Jamal Henry, Nicholas Eastman and Romel Bollers -

turned up at the Brickdam Police Station for an ID parade only to be told that the officers involved in the shooting were not cooperating. According to Williams, it was the first time that he had heard of something like this and he is very amused by the explanation given by the Top Cop, adding that it “could not hold water”. “If the Commissioner of Police says that there is an investigation and as a part of it an identification parade needs to done, I really don’t see how they (ranks) could stand up and say they are not following that order,” Williams stressed. The lawyer said in his opinion an identification parade is not needed, since the boys saw the policemen. “First thing, the parade is done really in the sense when someone has a fleeting glance, but not when the boys were looking straight at the police.” He said that the youths have already identified the lawmen. Another senior legal official said that the lawmen’s refusal to participate in the line-up could work to their disadvantage. “It would be to their detriment if they refused, because the conclusion could be drawn they are guilty.” The official also suggested that the ranks could face disciplinary action for their stance. He added that the alleged perpetrators should be easily identifiable, since

the incident occurred in daylight. Yet another prominent legal figure said that the ranks had not broken the law in refusing to participate in the ID parade. “You can refuse; nothing can compel you to give evidence against yourself. It’s not part of your duty to go on a parade.” Last Wednesday, residents of the Agricola community joined family and friends of the men in a picketing exercise at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, calling on the Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell, to charge the policemen. Relatives also protested outside State House, the Prime Minister’s residence, Freedom House and the Brickdam Police Station. According to one resident, Grant was the victim of police high-handedness, especially when it came to dealing with youths in the village of Agricola. One woman who lives in the yard where the shooting took place said that the police “came in shooting”. She said she heard gunshots and later saw the young men lying on the ground. The woman, who asked not to be named, claimed that one officer shot Grant and later asked “you ain’t dead yet” before firing another shot. She alleged that it was after the 17-year-old was shot that the police proceeded to search the men.

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Friday September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

- Minister indicates willingness to discuss piracy of textbooks

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More needs to be done to realize true and lasting peace - Govt. …as Guyana observes International Day of Peace

Students being apprised about inclusive education Government, in its quest to ensure that education is equitable, has been striving to ensure that all children, irrespective of disability, gender, race or geographic location, are served. At least this is according to Minister of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand, as she presented the feature address at the opening ceremony of her Ministry’s ‘Inclusive Education Expo’ yesterday. The event which comes as part of the Ministry’s Education Month activities was held at the Education Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown. In her remarks, Manickchand noted that the Ministry is working tirelessly

to ensure that the needs of special needs children are met, even as she pointed out that the United Nations has recognised that Guyana is doing well in its delivery of education. “We have heard from UNICEF that Guyana is doing very well. UNICEF says that, not the Government! UNICEF says that Guyana is leading the way in early childhood education and that Guyana has recognised its problem regarding dropouts and has indeed begun to address those problems.” The Minister in her remarks also took a swipe at the media which, according to her, have been seeking to publish, in abundance, the problems the Ministry faces, but has limited its coverage

of the good things that are evidently occurring that have been recognised by international bodies. She was at the time referring to publications which highlighted disclosures by Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, that Government had made the decision to procure pirated textbooks for public schools. The move has been described as an indisputably illegal act, by Emma House, International and Trade Director of the Publishers Association Limited (PA), who said that Guyana’s decision was in direct contravention of the local, regional and international laws. “This is perhaps (Continued on page 24)

Guyana joins the rest of the international community in observing International Day of Peace today, under the theme, “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn RodriguesBirkett, in a related press release stated that “in today’s world with the everincreasing conflicts amongst and within nations, it is important to stop and reflect on the value of peace and the significant role it plays in the advancement and preservation of the world in which we live”. “This is not a singlehanded undertaking but a collective one, therefore institutional bodies such as the United Nations, which was created as a signal of peace after the two devastating World wars of the twentieth century, provide an enabling environment for the encouragement and strengthening of the peaceful coexistence of states.” The Minister explained that over the last sixty–seven years of its existence, the United Nations has worked resolutely to uphold, defend and promote the principles of its Charter and international

law, and the means envisaged for the promotion and preservation of international peace and security. “The Government and people of Guyana salute His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary General for his continued steadfast visionary and astute guidance at the helm of the world body so that the aspirations of all humankind to enjoy their fundamental rights may be sustained. This, we believe can be possible through the full realization and consolidation of a culture which encourages and promotes peace,” Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett stated. Minister RodriguesBirkett further stated that in spite of its ongoing efforts and those achievements which the United Nations has already accomplished in promoting democracy, human rights, rule of law and sustainable development – key elements of sustained peace - there remains stark evidence that much more needs to be done to realize true and lasting peace for a sustainable future. Adding that the absence of peace in the Middle East and other troubled parts of the world creates immense suffering, as evidenced by

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett high civilian death tolls and other negative effects from phenomena such as discrimination, xenophobia, terrorism and human rights abuses, the Minister stated such global trends which threaten the promotion and preservation of the principles of peace and security, leave little wonder as to why the theme chosen for the SixtySeventh Session of the United Nations General Assembly is “bringing about adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations by peaceful means”. “Since its admission to (Continued on page 24)

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Kaieteur News

Shot mother of two in ‘stable’ condition Amar Samaroo, the husband of 36-year-old Bibi Samaroo who was shot twice while trying to protect her home and children from an armed bandit, says his wife is now in a stable condition. “She seems to be in a more stable condition. She looked a lot better today,” Mr. Samaroo informed. The mother of two is currently a patient at Woodlands Hospital. One of the bullets entered her right shoulder and exited her left breast, while the other bullet entered her left shoulder, and lodged in her pelvic area. The bullet has since been removed, but Samaroo’s liver, stomach and lungs all reportedly suffered ruptures. Bibi Samaroo and her two sons, ages five and 12, were alone at their Section ‘A’

Bibi Samaroo Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara home, when an armed bandit entered the premises. Mrs. Samaroo reportedly put up a fight to prevent the man from entering her home. It was during that scuffle that the woman was shot. Her five-year-old son also

witnessed the entire scenario. Samaroo’s older child, a firstyear Queens College student was fast asleep at that time. After shooting Samaroo, the intruder then barged into the house and grabbed the woman’s purse which contained over $20,000. The attacker then escaped with his two accomplices who were awaiting him downstairs. The injured woman immediately telephoned her husband, who after learning of the attack, summoned the police and rushed home. The husband, a scrap metal dealer, was on his way to Linden on business when he received the call. Several minutes after, Mr. Samaroo arrived to his family’s aid, only to be disappointed that the police had not yet reached the scene. As he was preparing to take his wife to seek medical treatment, Samaroo said the police showed up in a taxi claiming that transportation was an issue. Amar Samaroo has since vented anger on the issue, stating that the police need to be more diligent in their work, as people’s lives depend on it. The man also said that the police have not yet contacted the family to say how the investigations are going, but he trusts that something good comes of it.

Friday September 21, 2012

Commission of Inquiry…

Lindeners have independent lawyers - Sharma Solomon By Zena Henry Today is the deadline for witness statements to be submitted pertaining to last July’s fatal shootings in Linden, yet the mining town’s residents are reluctant to approach the appointed lawyers attached to the Commission of Inquiry (COI). They have thus selected independent lawyers to take their statements and hand them over to the appointed Commissioners. Region 10 Chairman Solomon Sharma said that Lindeners have rejected the appointment of Euclin Gomes and Gamesh Hira, the two lawyers tasked with gathering evidence and witnesses for the investigation into the Linden shooting that left 24-year-old Shemroy Bouyea, 46-year-old Allan Lewis, and 17-year-old Ron Somerset dead. Solomon explained that Lindeners are still trying to ascertain the procedure under which the two attorneys were appointed and uncertainty in that regard has evolved into the reluctance of the residents to go to the Commission’s

appointed lawyers. The residents, Solomon noted, have instead secured independent attorneys. “We do not know how those lawyers were appointed,” Solomon insisted. “Witnesses are concerned, the RDC is concerned, and that has caused reluctance of witnesses to go straight to the Commission. Instead the witnesses prefer to go to legal representation who would take copies of their statements given and turn them over to the Commission of Inquiry.” The Region, Solomon said, has additional concerns about the two appointed lawyers attached to the Commission, both being attorneys out of the law office of Attorney General Anil Nandlall. He stressed that the Commission and those functioning on the body should be totally independent. “The Commission and those functioning on the Commission must be independent or appear to be independent. We don’t believe that it demonstrates that at the moment because

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon of the fact that you have this very compromising situation of persons working out of the law firm of the Attorney General who are going to be in possession of statements acquired.” Coupled with that, Solomon asserted, “Concerns lie not on competence of the lawyers or information not getting to the Commission, but compromising the information and the manipulation of such data before the Commission is ready.” Earlier this month, (Continued on page 19)

Friday September 21, 2012

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Friday September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Inclusive education gets boost from Women’s Group The Ministry of Education’s inclusive education drive was given a boost yesterday with a small, but significant donation from the United Women for Special Children group. The endowment, which took on the form of a Motor Skills Manual, is intended to support children with special needs and was handed over to Minister of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand, and Head of the Special Needs Unit, Ms. Karen Hall. They both expressed gratitude to the group for the donation which comes at a time when the Ministry is celebrating Education Month under the theme ‘Transforming the nation through inclusive education’. Minister Manickchand, in accepting the manual, said that not only is it a helpful tool, but it is quite expensive. Referring to the members of the group, she said that they are women who are wives, mothers of young children, and have regular jobs, but have a passion for helping

children with special needs. “They have taken time from their lives over the years to establish this organisation and they have rarely asked for help, but they contribute all of their acquisitions/ earnings to developing special needs, not only in education but social services across the country,” Manickchand noted. She stressed that the group has been epitomizing “...what we need in Guyana. They don’t have any special skills; they are just a group of women who want to see Guyana develop and have chosen this area to contribute and I believe that they are very good examples for how other groups can work and we are very grateful to have them.” Ms. Hall in brief remarks opined that the manual would serve well in helping to develop the motor skills of struggling special needs children. “They need a little extra help and this manual will help us to support them,” Hall said as she observed that the

activities it entails are inclusive and can be fun for other children as well. The decision to make the donation came following a meeting between the women’s group and United Kingdom-based volunteers, at the request of Ms. Hall. President of the Women’s Group, Ms. Anya Persaud, revealed that the meeting brought to the fore the different functions the manual can play. “We found that it can be helpful to even a two-year-old. It shows you how to use everyday things that can be used to help children with special needs,” Persaud said. The primary objective of the Women’s group is to help children with special needs meet their highest potential by assisting with needed resources to help in the areas of education, recreation, hearing impairment, life training or welfare assistance. The group which was formed around 1987 is registered with the Friendly Societies as a non-profit organisation.

Lindeners have independent... (From page 14) Attorney General Nandlall said, “I don’t think that the opposition’s objection is deserving of a comment” when he was challenged by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joseph Harmon about the appointment of attorneys to the Commission coming out of his office. Nandlall argued that the two lawyers are both professionals who are not at all associated with the

adjudication of the inquiry. Meanwhile, Solomon opined that today’s deadline for statements to be submitted to Commission of Inquiry should be extended. He said one must note that some residents are nervous and cautious in the manner in which they give their information since no protection is available to them. “The deadline is inadequate….we still have to go into the community and

encourage persons to come forward. We can’t take away from the fact that some people are still a bit nervous and are very cautious given the fact that there is no witness protection system in place. In fact, we had to convince some people only yesterday (Tuesday) to come forward with their information and leave their fear behind. They did come forward and have given statements to those independent lawyers.”

Ms. Anya Persaud (left) hands over a Motor Skills Manual to Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand. At centre is Ms. Karen Hall, Head of the Special Needs Unit.

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Friday September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 21, 2012

‘Inclusive Education Expo’... Canadian oil exploration firm, CGX Energy, which failed to find oil in commercial quantities earlier this year, says it has started to negotiate with third parties to analyse its well and seismic data. Additionally, the company has applied to the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) for an extension of its onshore and offshore concessions, some of which are due to expire in late November. CGX failed to find oil in commercial quantities in concessions offshore Corentyne, Berbice, and had announced that it was still interested in drilling for oil in Guyana and as such was reexamining its options. According to the company yesterday, it is on full steam to continue exploration in its Petroleum Prospecting Licences (“PPL”) in Guyana.

Kerry Sully, President and CEO, in a statement said, “CGX is negotiating agreements with third parties that may lead to farm-outs on one or more of the Company’s PPLs. Under one agreement, the company will receive minimum non-refundable payments of US$4M in consideration of granting the third party an opportunity to receive and analyze seismic and well data.” On the Company’s 25% held Georgetown PPL, CGX also disclosed that GGMC’s Petroleum Division has been directed by the government to work with Repsol towards formalising arrangements to facilitate their “seamless continuation in exploring the Georgetown Block. The current tenure for this section should expire in late November 2012.” Repsol, a Spanish company, was forced to cap the well off the Georgetown

concession after it became dangerous because of pressure levels. The abandonment of that well had dashed Guyana’s hopes for the second time this year. The partners to the Georgetown PPL include Repsol Exploración S.A. (15%), as operator, CGX Resources Inc. (25%), Tullow Oil plc (30%) and YPF Guyana Limited (30%). CGX is a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration company focused on the exploration of oil in the Guyana-Suriname Basin, an area in which the United States Geological Survey estimated a Pmean oil resource potential of 13.6 billion barrels in their assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Gas Resources of South America and the Caribbean, 2012. Guyana is desperate to find oil amidst high global prices.

President to head special... (From page 7) construction works on the Amaila Falls access roads from the Linden to Lethem Road to the Essequibo River. The equipment will supplement the current fleet being used by the Ministry’s Force Account Unit that is responsible for that lot. Recently, the Ministry

was ordered by the High Court to return a number of vehicles owned and once used by Synergy Holdings Inc (Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall) to execute works on the stretch. However, the majority of the equipment seized by Government was nonfunctional.

Government on January 12, last, announced the cancellation of the US$15.4M road contract it signed with Synergy Holdings Inc, headed by Motilall. The termination came when Motilall failed to secure a performance bond and meet deadlines.

(From page 13) something that we need to discuss as a country, so I am not shutting that discussion down, but where are you when we can legitimately celebrate the achievements of the Ministry? Not because we want the Ministry’s horns to be blown, but because celebrating the achievements means we are celebrating the children of our country. “Where are you when we need you to highlight that these are the various services children of disability can benefit from?” the Minister asked, as she pointed to the several booths on display yesterday. Regarding the day as special, Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, said that the exposition was designed with the idea of putting on display the wide range of services currently available in furthering the broader agenda of inclusive education. He noted too that the event could not have been possible without the input of well over 50 institutions that have partnered with the Education

Ministry’s effort to transform the nation through inclusive education. “These partnerships are invaluable and we must take a minute to applaud all of our sister agencies represented here today (yesterday), and those who continue to support us in this drive to transform this nation we so love. They are active participants in our attempt to lead this nation to a higher level of education and by extension, developmental output,” Sam added. The services on display yesterday ranged from health, various social sectors, edutainment and other forms of the arts. These services, according to Sam, are geared at sensitising the entire nation of what can be done to assist each and every individual to be better represented and to benefit equally. Sam explained that students, teachers and other members of staff with disabilities are now brought into focus with the role the Education Ministry is playing to improve the quality of their

lives and to ensure that they have equal rights within the structures of the society. “We as citizens of this nation have a civic responsibility to ensure that even outside of these formal structures we have an enabling environment where all can benefit and equally participate in the society,” he stressed. The event which had a variety of cultural performances was also graced by the presence of Ms. Audrey Michele Rodrigues, Programme Officer attached to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), who noted that the UNICEF is “privileged to be working as an equal partner with the Ministry of Education”. A ceremonial release of blue and white balloons by students, some of who are disabled, officially signalled the start of the exposition which saw the attendance of a number of top education officials, teachers, students and members of the public.

More needs to be done to realize... (From page 13) the United Nations in September 1966, Guyana has remained a peace-loving member of this august organization in whose honour this annual event is being celebrated. “We, in Guyana take the opportunity to reiterate our

commitment to work with the United Nations family towards fully promoting the principles and purposes on which this world body was founded sixty-seven years ago and which define its relevance in the twenty first century. We particularly reaffirm today our pledge to

We are life savers, you should be one too! Donate blood today!!

support the United Nations in its universal quest for peace.” “Let us all – together with our families, schools, religious organizations and communities – embrace peace as our common responsibility, both for the benefit of this and future generations in the interest of sustainable livelihoods and general global development. Peace begets peace and sustained peace will beget sustained development which will augur well for our future.”

Friday September 21, 2012

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Friday September 21, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Today, an unexpected encounter will spark the start of a new phase of stronger, more independent thought. You're not going to be as interested in joining a group of people as you will be at exploring new hobbies, movies, and destinations on your own. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): No matter how much pretty packaging you put around something, if it isn't for you, it isn't for you. Stop wasting time going with the trends. Give yourself permission to like what you like, and don't worry about what other people think. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): If you have been spending the past few days nursing a bruise to your ego, it's time to start shifting back into life today. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Do something for yourself today, and try to do it without letting yourself feel even an ounce of guilt! Sure, the time you spend taking a nap, shopping for a new pair of shoes, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or indulging in a massage could be better used listening to a friend's current troubles, helping them with a tough task or cheering them on, but so what? ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): It's the ideas that are really 'out there' that are the ideas people will pay the most attention to right now, so think big -- and outside of the box! ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Your latest accomplishments are giving you total permission to put your feet up, relax and just go with the flow for a while -- so why aren't you doing it? Don't

push on any farther today -because you are in danger of running out of gas. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) : The strict regimen you've been on lately may have yielded some impressive results in business or school work, but it's also left you with a lot less time to just relax and be you. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Some exciting news will come your way early today, but it will have to be kept a secret -- so try not to get caught up in the moment and talk about it to people who aren't in on the story. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): People who seem quite cheerful and jovial initially could turn into some grumpy campers later in the day when a bit of unpleasant news hits the world around you. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Your view on life has definitely been centered around the glass being half empty for a while, but today a fresh, idealistic energy will surrounds you -- and give you hope. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Today, be sure to welcome new members to your group warmly -- you know all too well what it's like to be the new kid on the block, and so you understand the power that a simple smile can wield. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): The day will start off incredibly smooth and easy -- and a sweet gift may even land right in your lap. Resist getting too relaxed too soon, though -- because as the day moves forward, there will be a lot of noise coming from the sidelines.

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Friday September 21, 2012

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6 Cars sold as a lot, $600,000. Call 677-0294

Large broilers (meat birds) Call: 266-2711, 609-4594

One minibus driver. Call 6644945

Porter $17,000, ½ day cleaner $12,000 weekly. Call 684-8231

Massey Ferguson Tractor 290. Full working condition. Just overhauled & sprayed; tel # 618 – 7530. 2005 Tacoma 4-cylinder, Honda ATV. Call 233-6161, 651-8870

Fluffy Pups. Tel: 642-6664.

2 Bedrooms bottom flat, Alexander Village $45,000 Call: 646-0532 or 691-0712 Housing & apartments 2,3,5 bedrooms affordable price offer in GT comfortable Call: 691-6449


Auto Darkening welding helmet, New Chicago power tool, belt sander “4 x 24”. Tel 627-9825, 216-0061 Granite with 6 inches backsplash, 5 colours; size 2ft x 8ft. Cement mixer, generators & tools. Call 2230943, 646-6732


Green coffee 800 and 1000; available wholesale & retail. Call 277-3531 10 KVA stabilizer, filing cabinet, office chair, 350 amp breaker, pumps. Call 6277835 Male enhancer Viagra $4,000, 4 in pack Call: 6381627 Land tillers Honda new $160,000, Shredding machine with 11 HP Honda battery start $400,000 Call: 678-0224, 258-0070 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stove timers, gear boxes, pumps etc Call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Craftsman weeders with 4 stroke engine (new) $50,000, 1-4 HP Yamaha outboard engine (new) $280,000 Call: 678-0224, 258-0070 Massey Tractors- 265 $2,800,000, 275 $3,000,000, 285 $3,200,000, 298 $3,200,000, 399 $5,800,000, Welding generator $380,000 Call: 678-0224, 258-0070 Caterpillar backhoe low hour 426c Model, double jackhammer compressor, briggs, straighten roller compactor Call: 233-6161, 651-8870 Earth delivery at spot also bobcat & excavator rentals Call: 626-7127 Exotic Hibiscus, Roses, Mussaenda, B/Ville, Ficus, Marigold, Periwinkle, Petunia, Herbs, Vegetable seedlings, A.K Plant Shop. Call: 260-0005 Starlet Turbo (black). Call Ann, 648-1644 Complete sound system, Hifi sound; 75 KVA Cummings generator. Call 610-1230, 673-5828 Toyota Allion PNN Series, $2.4M. Contact: 600-6464 One DAF 45-flat bed with 26 ft tray, not registered. $3M. Call 609-7803 / 609-1887 (Continued on page 27)

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 27

National U-23 team... From back page identified to compete was unable to travel because of the usual funding bugbear. “The team’s participation was never in jeopardy. I do not know what would lead some people to believe that. Yes we had some issues finding money for them to go, but I never said that the team participation was in doubt,” Boyce told this newspaper yesterday. He said that he had appealed to Government for funding for the full team and they did no answer his call for assistance. As a result, Boyce said that companies such as K&B Mining, Roger Hinds and Toolsie Persaud stepped up to help the team compete at the meet. Because of the absence of support from Government, Boyce said that Jevina Straker was left off of the team. “If we are seriously looking at a Road to Brazil and these are our future athletes then it is necessary to support them. They made a pledge that we must submit a budget, and when we do, there is no assistance,” Boyce continued. He said “it is disheartening to know that Jevina could

Devonshire Castle... From page 30 their team home in 14.3 overs. At Anna Regina (14:00hrs), Titans overcame Charity by 19 runs. Suresh Persaud made a run a ball 44 and J. Parreira chipped in with 30 as Titans totaled 111-9 off 20 overs. Roy Thomas grabbed 4-14 while Noel Evans took 2-12, and Yougeshwar Lall 2-18. Charity in their turn at the crease was bowled out for 92 in 17.2 overs. Apart from Yougeshwar Lall 18, Vishal Murray 15 and Leon Semple 14, no other batsman flourished, Kennard Seenarine proved almost unplayable by taking 4-4 while A. Persaud captured 3-2 and Suresh Persaud 2-13. The competition continues on Sunday with Gunners facing Charity at Anna Regina from 09:30hrs, Lima hosting Devonshire Castle at 09:30hrs, Walton Hall doing battle at home with Young Achievers at 13:30hrs, Titans clashing with Top Guns at Lima at 13:30hrs and Cotton Field facing off with Charity at Anna Regina at 13:30hrs. (Zaheer Mohamed)

CAKES & PASTRIES Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, tel: 670-0798. Also Wedding dresses for sale.

VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610 Two Toyota Hilux extra cab, RZN174 GNN & GPP blue. Call 269-0432, 686-0323 Canter for sale GPP Series, very good condition Call: 682-4224

Natrina Hooper not travel because of our Government not contributing to us”. Boyce informed that Sampson remains on the AAG priority list for national selection. The team is expected to return to Guyana on Monday. (Edison Jefford)

LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/Hoop Call: 627-9351 Charlotte Street $65M, Eccles $36M, NARI ECD 72’X600’Call: 687-2806

PROPERTY FOR SALE Prospect 12M; Kitty 22M; Alberttown 19M; Bel Air 40M; Queenstown 120M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382. Transported land, wooden & concrete house situated at Lot 18 Zeskendren Mahaicony East Coast Demerara Call: 221-2737

Just arrived 2 Toyota Tacoma extra cab, 1 manual & other automatic/ year model 2006 Call: 263-7166, 660-1269, 6166007

Diamond land with foundation, $5.5M; Diamond land - $3M, 6M, 8M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 672-7390

Duncan Street – two 2storey buildings, $110M; Mandela Avenue, $24M; Regent Street, US$2M; Town to Country Real Estate, call 672-7390

Timehri-Transported land 420 ft x 1 mile in length $45M negotiable, B & G’s Realty 227-4125 or 617-9717

Robb Street: $42M, $58M; Parfaite 2-storey (3 bedrooms/2-apartment building) $19M. Town to Country Real Estate (Financing available). Call 672-7390

Soesdyke-Transported land 132 x 166 vacant $5.5M negotiable, B & G’s Realty 227-4125, 617-9717

Nandy PARK, $35M; Alexander Street, Kitty, $50M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 672-7390 Mahaicony - luxury home on 2 acres land, US$500,000; Diamond, $17M. Town to Country Real Estate. Call 6727390

FOR SALE NINTENDO 64 Systems, controllers and cartridges. Also PSI games, 609-8132 (Max) 1 Leyland DAF with winch, 1 ATV Bike 500. Call Kim, 6585193 Original games for all systems. Call 265-3231

1 Mitsubishi Lancer, 3.5 ton open back canter Call: 6269254, 264-2582

House and land located at Lot 29 Malgre Tout, West Bank Demerara (residential area). Call 264-2449, 613-5076

One house on double lot, Middle Road, Georgetown. $22M negotiable. Call 6006890

Double lot Call: 694-1440

SONY PALYSTATION 2 Systems, also original games for PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox & Xbox360 (Max) 609-8132

Tundra tray cover, fully loaded, magrims, going cheap, Titan 4x4 tray cover, fully loaded, magrims Call: 227-5500

Kuru Kururu - 20 acres with creek and farm house, 10 acres farm land. Call 2615500, 643-1861

House lot 100x52 E.B.D Call: 216-4246

One RZ Minibus, BHH series. Good working condition. Price 600,000. Call 685-1939, 697-6762.

Lamaha Gardens 2 storey building, fully A/C, garage, hot & cold, 5 bedrooms, 2 master rooms, security alarm Call: 223-6218, 649-2366

Vreed-en-Hoop house lots. Call 658-0115

FOR SALE Canal # 2 - house with three bedrooms, fully upgrade with chicken farm plus land 5.5 acres. Asking US$125,000. Call 642-0231

Salter 210lbs, hanging scales, 1 Coleman big cooler. Call 227-8721, 226-3309

Hilux! Hilux! Hilux!. Just arrived Toyota Hilux Solid Axle Pickups. Excellent condition Call: 623-0243

Republic Park $45M, Queenstown $19M, Nandy Park $35M Call: 687-2806

One 4 doors Hilux pickup (Toyota) and one mini Cooper Call: 263-7166, 6601269, 616-6007

VEHICLES FOR SALE V.D Auto Sales & Motor Spares, In stock Allion, Premio, Runx, Alex, IST, AT 212 Call: 655-8471, 689-5009 Yellow cars, Toyota 912, 212, Tacoma, 100, Call: 614-8022 for appointment & sale, going cheap, you fix price. Buses, Premio(s), gone cheapest. Call: 616-7635

Toyota RAV4 1998 Model PLL Series Call: 663-8556

Premio PPP series $2.6M, TV, Reverse camera, 6 disc CD changer, Allion PNN series $2.2M negotiable Call: 6166000

2004 BMW 318i Sport, DK grey PLL series, fully loaded. $3.8 M. Tel 623-2176

Hilux- 1-2L turbo $2.1M, 13L solid Daf $4M negotiable Call: 694-1440

One RZ minibus, BFF 9631; recently reconditioned. Price neg. 691-5290, 661-6076

1 EP71 Starlet, 1 Toyota 192, 212, Ceres, G-Touring wagon, AT 150 Corona, 1 Nissan E24 Van, Alteeza PMM Call: 6445096, 697-1453

1 2003 unregistered Tundra, 70k miles; 2WD (black), fully powered. $3,250,000 negotiable. Call 233-6337 or 662-6024 1 Toyota Allion, PMM series: TV, reverse camera with perimeter lines, 17" rims, full Chrome accessories. Tel 629-7058 Toyota Raum 2001 model, PLL series. $1,250,000. Call 628-0481 1 AT 170 Corona $600,000 negotiable Call: 695-2679 First Class Auto, unregistered Premio, Raum, Runx, Spacio, Carina 212, Avensis - PPP Series. Call 609-8188

(From page 26)

2 display freezers, 1 2-door upright, 1 2-section flat, 1 swimming pool, filter pump. Call 227-8721, 226-3309

MAC STUDIO FIX POWDERS $7,900, SACHA 2in1 $2,000 MAKE UP – top Brands, BLACK OPAL $2,700 Tel :647 -1773

GX620 Honda Welder Generator, 20HP, 14.9kw, 614cc, 270 amps, 2002 Toyota Tundra Call: 6115114, 220-4495

East Street grilled & air conditioned bottom flat suitable for Doctor’s Office, B & G’s Realty 617-9717


Unregistered Verossa, Avensis, Runx, NZE & Vitz, unbelievable affordable Call: 678-0456, 664-4664 4 Toyota AT 192 (all in yellow) Contact: City Taxi Service, 8 Vlissengen Road, Newtown 226-1081, 660-1100

SERVICES We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000 CALL: 694-9843, 227-2766 Repairs to refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, A/C units Call: Lindon 6411086, 694-2202 ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY S H I P M E N T S , AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. TEL: 231-5789. FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS: USA, UK & CANADA TEL: 231-5789 Repairs to gas stove, washing machines, electric stoves. Call 686-6209 We refill HP Cartridges for $1800. Call 650-7699 US Visa Application Services. Call Nicole (Y.E.S) 643 6630. No CDs/flash drives needed. Family discounts offered. Mahadeo’s Construction reliable services for your building. Contact Tony on 618-3523, 669-7376 for free estimates and plans. USA, Canada, UK, Visa application services. Call 661-4875, 641-7273. Discounts available. Vreeden-Hoop opposite station, upstairs Nokia Store. Looking to sell your property? Contact House Recruits & we will take care of your business Call 6437633, 643-7699

2005 Toyota Allion with TV/ CD, 2004 Toyota Avensis (green) with TV/DVD, 2006 BMW 320I Call: 615-4114 Toyota Raum Late PNN series, immaculate condition AC, CD, Alarm, Rims, price negotiable Call: 691-7475 or 657-1796 1 Nissan Long Base Canter GNN Series Call: 653-6098

Brand new Runx, colour Silver. 1 used 192, low mileage, excellent condition. $1.4 million negotiable. Tel 624-7991, 679-9444

1 Tacoma S-4 L-H drive pickup, $1.8M. No reasonable offer refused. Call 227-8721, 226-3309

1 Model M truck, right hand drive, original winch, GPP. Call 650-3008, Parika. $4.5M

One RAV4, excellent condition, alarm, CD player. Call Bert 664-2006

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036 Need to relax? Looking for treatment massages such as hot & cold stone & aroma therapy? Call Nicole, 6127209 The gents spa: let our beautiful and exotic masseuses pamper you; ‘4 hands’ special. 657-5979

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 21, 2012

‘Hurry Up’ Promotions Extravaganza...

GFSCA Softball results for September 16...

Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman to face tough American


He may have had fluctuating fortunes ever since returning to Guyana in the twilight of his career but Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman is no slouch and is always ready to take on all comers. Since the commencement of his sojourn in the local ring, the former European Middleweight Champion has demonstrated grit and determination while taking on the best in Guyana. He will try to emulate those feats when he returns to the ring for an international fight under the ‘Hurry Up’ Promotions when Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore stages an international boxing card on Saturday October 13 next. Moore received written approval for the card after officials of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) met and held discussions recently. However, efforts to secure the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) for that date proved futile and Moore is currently in discussions with administrators of Banks DIH Ltd in an attempt to utilize that facility. He said that whichever venue is used the fight will go on. Eastman will headline the 5 bouts card in an 8 rounds middleweight affair against American Frank Galarza. The American is relatively young in the professional ranks but boasts an impeccable 7-0 record. Four of his opponents failed to make t to the final bell. Among his victims are Yolexy Lewa (TKO in 1), Jose Ramon Sanchez (TKO in 2), Jose Burgos (TKO in 2) and Nicholas Morris (TKO in 1). The three lucky pugilists to last the distance are Danny Lugo, Noel Garcia and Felix Rangel. Moore is just back from the United States of America and said that he was impressed when he saw Galarza in action at the world renowned Gleasons Gym, Front Street, Brooklyn. He said that the American packs a punch and it would be interesting to see how Eastman will fare against him. The ‘Battersea Bomber’ is no slouch and has made a name for himself on the world stage after clinching the European middleweight title. He also fought for world titles against William Joppy

and Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins. While he has lost fair and square to the latter boxer, Eastman, and most of his fans viewing the Joppy bout, believes that he was ‘done in.’ Despite being in his twilight years, many still believe that Eastman possesses the requisite skills to mesh up with some of the best world beaters. He gets an opportunity to endorse this belief on the ‘Hurry Up’ Promotions next month. Moore will also lace up his gloves against Juan Carlos Pena out of the Dominican Republic. Moore recently fought under the Boxing 360 Promotions but has since relinquished all ties with the American group. Negotiations are still underway for the Pena bout but Moore said that those negotiations should be completed favourably and very soon. Joseph Angola, a Columbian living in the USA, will oppose Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion, Edmond Declou and while negotiations are still ongoing, Moore said that the fight is almost a certainty. In the other bouts, Berbician, Kelsey George, who has had a torrid time ever since commencing his professional career, will match gloves with another American, Mateen Abdul, in a light/heavyweight 6 rounder while local featherweight champion, Clive Atwell, will be in action against Barbadian based Guyanese, Gardiel Roberts. John Douglas, Guyana’s only representative at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics will round off the card in a 6 rounds heavyweight bout against Anthony Augustin in what should be a brutal fight among two musclemen in the division. Meanwhile, Moore is appealing to corporate Guyana for support towards the success of the card. He said that he has always wanted to give back to the sport that has been so good to him. Moore also said that he has spoken to several promoters in the USA and is currently fine tuning arrangements to have several American fighters engage local pugilists on a constant basis.

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association Softball tournament sponsored by Mike’s Pharmacy, Ariel Enterprise, Trophy Stall, Ramchand Auto Spares, Survival, Motor Trend, and Petama Enterprise, continued last Sunday September 16 with R. Latiff slamming 103 as Regal defeated Rafman X1 by 98 runs. Results are as follows: Wellman def. East Bankers Masters by 11 wickets. East Bankers playing with seven scored 61 all out in 8 overs. Wellman 62 without loss off 6.1 overs. Samlall 37 not out. Rooplall 21 not out. Trophy Stall Angels def. Regal Champs by 20 runs. Trophy Stall 93 for 7 off 10 overs. June Ogle 28. Regal 73 all out in 10 overs. Karen Skeete 20. Wellwoman def. 4R Lioness by 23 runs. Wellwoman 76 for 6 in 10 overs. T. Wilson 3 for 11. 4R Lioness 50 all out in 801 overs. Fazal Kayume Angels def. Lady Jaguars by 5 wickets. Lady Jaguars 62 for 7 in 10 overs. Shaneeza Saywack 39 not out. V. Gladd 3 for 10. M. Griffith 2 for 7. Fazal Kayume 63 for 5 in 7.5 overs. Christine King 4 for 9. Enterprise Stars def. Mahaica Creek Princesses by 3 wickets. Mahaica 74 for 3 in 10 overs. Enterprise 75 for 7. Y. Persaud 32. El Commandante def. L.B.I. Top Gun by 36 runs. El Commandante 166 for 6 in 15 overs. T. Amin 61 not out. R. Doulatram 3 for 14. L.B.I. 130 all out in 13.4 overs. N. Khan 37. V. Jaikissoon 3 for 6. Tornado def. East

Bankers by 24 runs. Tornado 115 for 7 in 15 overs. D. Singh 20. East Bankers 91 all out in 9 overs. D. Singh 5 for 30. Success Warriors def. Princess Hotel All Stars by 63 runs. Success Warriors 159 for 8 in 15 overs. Kapil Singh 72. R. Jaikeshan 31. S. Fizul 3 for 20. Princess Hotel 96 all out in 13.1 overs. Alex Persaud 22. Kapil Singh 5 for 16. Country Road def. J & J Bengal Tigers by 8 wickets. J & J Bengal Tigers 49 all out in 9.2 overs. R. Jhonson 3 for 14. T. Alli 2 for 11. Country Road 50 for 2 in 5.2 overs. R. Chang 2 for 8. Trophy Stall B def. Jaguars by 7 wickets. Jaguars 79 for 6 in 15 overs. V. Jewan 2 for 21. Trophy Stall B 80 for 3 in 11.1 overs. D. Dindyal 25. P & P Vipers def. Desperados by 16 runs. P & P Vipers 117 in 15 overs. Bishram Samaroo 33 not out. Ryan Gopaul 29. Sahadeo Ramkelawan 4 for 17. Desperados 101 all out in 14.4 overs. Stanley Mohan 3 for 13. Ryan Gopaul 3 for 16. Accomplishment def. Shortman. Shortman 68 all out in 8 overs. Kevin Persaud 33. Omkar Ramlogan 3 for o (Hat trick). Acomplishment 69 in 11.2 overs. Desperados def. Shortman by 67 runs. Desperados 115 for 8 in 15 overs. Sukhdeo Budhram 55. Rickford Parasram 46. R. Abdool 3 for 20. Shortman 48 all out. S. Ramkellwan 3 for 16. S. Budhram 3 for 20. Dynamic Security Force def. Never Lose by 50 runs. Dynamic Security Force 157 for

9 in 25 overs. Randolph Perreira 70. Eric Thomas 35. B. Persaud 3 for 27. S. Samad 3 for 36. Never Lose 107 all out in 20.4 overs. Sunil Ramesh 6 for 36. Park Rangers def. Dynamic Security Force by 9 wickets. Dynamic Security Force 66 all out in 15.2 overs. Danny Mohanram 3 for 5. Tony Singh 4 for 12. Park Rangers 68 for 2 in 12 overs. Vinod Lall 25 not out. Shazim 2 for 24. Better Hope def Mahaica Masters by 23 runs. Better Hope 86 for 7 off 15 overs. Ronald Mootoo 28. Karamchand Jaikarran 25. Mahaica 63 all out. Satrohan Seeraj 3 for 7. Challengers def. Rockaway by 5 wickets. Rockaway 109 all out in 15 overs. Sakichand Jagdeo 30. Sanjay Singh 2 for 20. Randy Ketwaru 3 for 28. Challengers 110 for 5 in 15 overs. Ravindra Ramnauth 41 not out. Flashers def. Lusignan Third Street by 26 runs. Flashers 138 for 9 in 15 overs. Safraz Ishmiel 42. Hemchand John 34. Lusignan 112 all out. Regal Masters def. Front Liners Masters by 4 wickets. Front Liners 152 all out in 25 overs. R. Narine 35. M. Chunilall 4 for 18. Raymond Harper & A. Hardyal 2 wickets each. Regal 156 for 7. R. Harper 35. M. Hardyal 30. Rudy Rodrigues 3 for 29. Regal X1 def. Rafman X1 by 98 runs. Regal 242 in 15 overs. R. Latiff 103 (13x6 + 1x4). Shaeed Gittens 70 (5x6 + 4x4). Rafman 146 in 15 overs.Arid 86 (8x6 + 5x4). P. Motilall 5 for 23. Regal X1 def. Front Liners X1 by 11 runs. Regal 131. M. Arjune 50. R. Narine 3

for 8. L. Persaud 3 for 18. S.Sankar 3 for 25. Front Liners 120. D. Mangru 20. Super Stars X1 def. Queens Park Rangers by 112 runs. Super Stars 182 for 7 in 15 overs. Delroy Perreira 68. Sewchan Budhu 32. Sachin Ramcharran 3 fot 27. Queens Park Rangers 70 all out. Davendra Persaud 4 for 8. Marlon Williams 3 for 22. Super Stars X1 def. Cena by 6 wickets. Cena 113 all out in 14.2 overs. N. Narine 32. Delroy Perreira 3 for 28. Super Stars 114 for 4 in 8.4 overs. Sewchand Budhu 27. Essequibo: Smith X1 def. Cotton Field Wild Oats. Queenstown All Stars def. Richmond. Adventure SC def. Airy Hall SC. Eldorado SC def. R1 Lemon. Die Hard def. Endevours SC. Affiance Storm def. Cullen SC. Golden Fleece B took Walkover from Queenstown United. Golden Fleece A took Walkover from Smoking Guns. Berbice: Memorex/ Celebrity Times def. Young Achievers by 75 runs. Memorex/Celebrity Times 223 for 4 in 15 overs. Verasammy 131. Tony Amarally 20. I. Azad 3 for 35. Enam Singh 3 for 37. Young Achievers 148 all out in 12.5 overs. R. Mohamaid 57. A. Budhoo 21. S. DeSilver 3 for 23. Roy Jafarally 2 for 25. Oldendfoff def Betsy Ground Triple Star by 58 runs. Oldendroff 195 for 7 in 15 overs. Imran Fareek 30. S. Jaimangal 28. Dorga 3 for 32. Jango 3 for 34. Betsy Ground Triple Star 137 all out in 13 overs. R. Judister 29. S. Seecharan 22. S. Jaimangal 3 for 20. Edoo 3 for 15.

Chinese entity pumps $22m into JFFP ... From page 29 of the Palisadoes Shoreline Protection and Rehabilitation Works valued at approximately US$65m. In addition to its participation in the league as a major sponsor, the Chinese company, which is credited for the design and construction of the longest two-sea crossing bridges in the world - Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Shanghai Donghai bridge — will introduce the China Harbour Star Baller of the Month incentive. “We consider our support for the Premier League competition a further step towards forming a bridge over this cultural gap,” said Zhongdong. Each month a player will get the chance to be named the Star Baller of the Month and will carry home $30,000. At the end of each game, the coaches will select the best player on the opposing team that

will be recorded by the match commissary, then submitted to the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ). The criteria are: Positive impact on team performance; disciplinary record; number of matches played for the month and for goalkeepers, shutouts for the month. Meanwhile, the Edward Seaga, chairman of the PLCA, said the generous $22m deal with CHEC would mostly be used to pay players’ salaries. “There is a saying that this couldn’t have happened at a better time, and we are here to thank China Harbour for filling a breach to a large extent that still exists in the financing of the clubs this year,” said Seaga, a former prime minister and minister of finance. “Many clubs at the beginning of the season can barely manage to pay their players, but this is an effort by China Harbour to help them reduce that anxiety that

they have,” he noted. “This a significant sponsorship. We don’t normally pick up sponsors of this level and China Harbour is desiring to be communicated with the football programme of Jamaica so that they can themselves enjoy the benefit of what goes on in the league. He added: “We all know that football is one of the most exciting games, but we don’t often take into consideration that football is also a game that does more than provide entertainment — it provides social engineering; it helps to solve social problems; it enables us to build communities and build the lives of the people of the community. “In that respect, China Harbour is contributing not just to the game of football, but to the lives of the communities which football is represented in Jamaica and elsewhere,” said Seaga. “We thank China Harbour greatly for this contribution.

We look forward to the work they do here, especially the project to link Kingston to Ocho Rios by highway. We all know how useful that will be,” Seaga reiterated. Meanwhile, JFF President Captain Horace Burrell said he was delighted to acknowledge yet another sponsor and said CHEC can expect a visit from him for assistance for the national programme. “It’s not easy to come by… the economy today is extremely tight; it is difficult times, and having been able to attract a sponsor of this size, of his magnitude, is certainly a great feeling,” Burrell stressed. “I want to thank China Harbour for deciding to come on board, and it is quite clear they did their homework because... there is no other endeavour in this country that can give you the level of coverage. It will be no different when you come to the national programme,” said Burrell to spontaneous laughter.

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 29

Final Caribbean Cup group F&H Printing Est. sponsors schedules announced countrywide Domino Tournament - Guyana open against SVG on Oct. 21 in St. Lucia Kingston, Jamaica – Guyana’s Golden Jaguars (FIFA Rankings 122) will open their quest for qualification to the CONCACAF Gold when they take on old rivals St. Vincent & the Grenadines (FIFA Rankings 137) in Group 2 action of the Caribbean Football Union Caribbean Cup on October 21 at Warner Park in Gros Islet, St. Lucia. The other game in the group will feature host St. Lucia (FIFA Rankings 184) against Curacao (FIFA Rankings 161). Eight-time champion Trinidad & Tobago (FIFA Rankings 82) will begin its attempt to qualify for the CFU Caribbean Cup finals against French Guyana on October 10, the opening game of first-round Group 5. Trinidad, which last won the title in 2001 and was eliminated in the group stage of the 2008 and 2010 finals, also will face host St. Kitts & Nevis and Anguilla at Bausejour Stadium in Basseterre, St. Kitts. The schedules of the two groups, released Wednesday, were the last of the five firstround quartets that the Caribbean Football Union announced.

The schedules of the other five groups were announced on August 28 along with the qualifying procedure. The winners from each of the five groups along with the runnersup from Groups 1-3 will advance to the second round. The best runner-up from either Group 4 or Group 5 also will advance. The second round will comprise three groups of four teams with Grenada, Guadeloupe and Cuba seeded in one of the groups. The top two teams from each second-round group will advance to the finals December 3-16 in Antigua & Barbuda with the host nation

and two-time defending champion Jamaica. Four teams will qualify for next year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup. CFU CARIBBEAN CUP FIRST ROUND SCHEDULE Group 2 - At Gros Islet, St. Lucia Sunday, October 21 Guyana vs. St. Vincent & the Grenadines, 5 pm St. Lucia vs. Curacao, 7:30 pm Tuesday, October 23 Curacao vs. Guyana, 6 pm St. Lucia vs. St. Vincent & the Grenadines, 8:30 pm Thursday, October 25 St. Vincent & the Grenadines vs. Curacao, 6 pm St. Lucia vs. Guyana, 8:30 pm GROUP 5 - AT BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS Wednesday, October 10 French Guyana vs. Trinidad & Tobago, 5 pm St. Kitts & Nevis vs. Anguilla, 7 pm Friday, October 12 Anguilla vs. Trinidad & Tobago, 5 pm St. Kitts & Nevis vs. French Guyana, 7 pm Sunday, October 14 – French Guyana vs. Anguilla, 5 pm St. Kitts & Nevis vs. Trinidad & Tobago, 7 pm

Systems in place for Courts 10km Road Race, 3km Health Run - Registration for 10km closes today The routes for the much-anticipated Courts 10km Road Race and 3km ‘Health Run’ on Sunday has been marked while registration for the competitive 10km Road Race will close today at the Guyana Olympic Association Headquarters in Kingston, effectively putting all systems in place for the hosting of the eminent event. As an added incentive to encourage participants, the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) has made entry to the race free, which will ensure that all the best distance athletes in Guyana have a chance of competing for the lucrative cash prizes up for grabs. This has been one of the facets of the event since it returned to the AAG calendar last year. To add some excitement to what is being touted as a mega event, Courts Guyana Inc. will award the ‘First Place Courts Finisher’ in the 3km ‘Health Run’ to the successful Courts staff. There is also a 3km Fitness Walk that is open to the corporate community and public. Participation from a wide cross-section of society in the 3km aspects of the event that is part of Courts’ 19th Anniversary, is encouraged with the primary focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. Courts have indicated that it is part of their corporate responsibility. The 3km Fitness Walk and Health Run will start in front of Courts, proceed north to the Seawall Road, east on the Seawall Road to turn south into Camp Street, continue south on Camp Street, turn west on Lamaha Street, south on the eastern carriageway on Main Street, turn around at the Cenotaph to finish

on the western carriageway of Main Street in front of Courts. Meanwhile, the race will start in front of Courts Main Street, proceed north to Young Street, east along Young Street into CARIFESTA Avenue, continue east along Rupert Craig Highway’s northern carriageway to turn at Conversation TreeRupert Craig Highway southern carriageway into Kitty Public Road; south on Vlissengen Road; west on Lamaha Street, south on the eastern carriageway on Main Street, turn around at the Cenotaph to finish on the western carriageway of Main Street in front of Courts. The winners of the 10km Road Race in the male and female senior categories will run away with a whopping $100,000. The second place finisher will get $80,000; third place $60,000 and fourth place $40,000. The fifth place finisher will go home with $20,000. Trophies will accompany all prizes. The prizes in the Masters category are $60,000, $40,000 and $20,000 respectively for first, second and third. The Masters’ category is for competitors who are Over-40 years old. There will also be a junior category for Under20 athletes with those athletes taking home $60,000, $40,000, $30,000, $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. The race gets underway at 6am with the Guyana Police Force manning the race route while First Aid personnel will be on hand to ensure a smooth and incident-free race. Banks DIH has also come on board with its Tropical Mist Water and Powerade brands.

- starts September 23 at TSC By Rawle Welch The scale of the sponsorship is enough to indicate to all domino aficionados that the collaboration between major sponsor F&H Printing Establishment / Georgetown Dominoes Association (GDA) is a serious one and one aimed at returning the sport to its former glory. F&H Printing Establishment at its Head Office in John Street, Campbellville yesterday confirmed its support for the countrywide tournament which will see teams from all ten administrative regions across Guyana vie for prize monies and trophies totaling in excess of $2.5 million as well as bragging rights over six weeks of competition. The occasion at the business entity’s location had in attendance CEO of the Company- Fazil Hakh, VicePresident-Hazim Hakh, President of the GDA - Orin Joseph, Quality Control Manager of the entity Derek Gaspar, Tournament Organisers - Colin McEwan and Mark Wiltshire, among other influential members of the Domino fraternity. Speaking at the occasion, Fazil Hakh, whose business has been around since 1988, expressed his delight at being invited to the Launch, admitting that his knowledge of the sport is somewhat limited, but was indeed happy to be part of the tournament. According to Hakh, the sport needs the assistance of more corporate entities since it is the surest way of guaranteeing that it will expand and enjoy widespread support of players all across the country. Gaspar, whose remarks preceded that of Hakh welcomed the officials and media, stating how happy the Company was to be on board and gave a brief outline about its work, before spearheading a tour of the facility. McEwan in his presentation gave a detailed account of the format of the tournament which he said will played in all the regions consisting of 32 zones with nine teams allotted to each zone. “We are targeting around 300 teams since the objective is to spread and promote the game and ensure that it returns back to its former glory.” He pointed to where the sport is right now, disclosing that recently Guyana had a representative team competing in the USA and have been a consistent

participant in the Caribbean tournament. The Organiser added that the cost of registering a team is $9,000, but those that register on or before September 30 will enjoy a $1000 reduction, while the process date starts from September 23 and tournament ends on November 17. The winning team will receive $500,000, a trophy and nine medals, 1st runner-up $250,000, trophy and nine medals, 2nd runner-up $100,000 and nine medals, 3rd runner-up - $60,000, 4th runnerup- $35,000, 5th runner-up $25,000, while each zone final winner will collect $10,000 the same as the Most valuable Player of the Final. There will be other incentives for first double love, best female player, first love in the final, best performing team from the outlying regions, best corporate team and the best uniformed team. Among some of the areas teams are expected from are Ituni, Kwakwani, Madhia, East Bank Essequibo, Mahaica, West Demerara,

Bartica, Linden, Corentyne, Mabaruma and Port Kaituma. The organizers informed that there will be ‘special zones’ for corporate teams in Georgetown and a guarantee of two teams reaching the playoffs from each of those zones. Teams advancing to the playoffs will be afforded hotel accommodation, while the respective zone winners’ prize monies have been identified to offset travelling expenses. Some of the places where registration forms could be uplifted are: Cody’s, Dynasty, Turning Point, Transport Sports Club (TSC) as well as Rodwell Harry and Derek Collymore. Persons needing information about the tournament could contact the following persons: Mark Wiltshire on 680 4888; Colin McEwan 642 7502 or 687 2074, Hazim Hakh 623 4099) and William Boston 613 5016 or 681 7629. It must be noted that the World Council Dominoes Federation rules will be used, while there will be zero tolerance for indiscipline.

Chinese entity pumps $22M into JFF Premier League Jamaica Observer INTERNATIONAL marine engineering and infrastructure construction entity, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), has come to the aid of the local Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) with a whopping $22-million boost for this season. CHEC, a Fortune 500 company that placed 11th on the list of the world’s top international contractors in 2011 with over US$10 billion worth of projects, made the announcement at a press conference at the office of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) this week. Zhongdong Tang, CHEC’s regional and country manager, said his organisation was pleased to be given the opportunity to participate in a sport programme that is of economic importance to the people of Jamaica. “Coming so close to our recent contribution to the Jamaican team’s participation in the London Olympics, it allows China Harbour to reconfirm its commitment to

not only the economy, but also the social development of this beautiful country,” said Zhongdong. “I must pause here to congratulate your splendid athletes for not only the medals won at the Olympics, but the pride and dignity with which they reminded the world of the power and influence of Jamaica. They showed that a country and her people do not have to be the biggest to be the best at what they do,” he pointed out. “Our decision to establish our regional office for Latin America in Jamaica in 2010 was a clear demonstration of our full commitment to the social and economic development of this country,” he added. Only in July this year, CHEC signed a new agreement with the Jamaican government valued at US$730m for the construction of the 68-kilometre four-lane North-South Highway linking Kingston to the North coast. They are also responsible for the current construction (Continued on page 28)

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Friday September 21, 2012

Zimbabwe crash out with huge loss MYO/RAF’S T10 Inter-Jamaat Softball Cricket Competition

If Australia’s victory over Ireland can be called routine for a bigger nation against a smaller one, then South Africa’s over Zimbabwe was surgically clinical, almost coldly so. After limiting their neighbours to their second-lowest total in T20 cricket, South Africa chased down the target inside 13 overs. With some assistance for the seamers, Dale Steyn was able to scare the Zimbabwe batsmen with swing and pace while Morne Morkel intimidated them further, combining bounce and intermittent use of the full ball. But it was Jacques Kallis who broke the back of Zimbabwe’s batting with discipline, variation and supreme experience as he took four wickets to send Zimbabwe home red-faced. They exit the tournament having lost both their matches, which may have been expected but the manner in which they fell would have left them disappointed. Far from putting up the fight they promised, Zimbabwe could not even aim a punch at their opponents’ body. Their batting, in particular, was an indication of the importance of regular cricket, something Zimbabwe have sorely lacked. After their first five overs against South Africa, Zimbabwe looked in danger of not lasting 20, as they teetered on 17 for 3. Kallis had not bowled a ball at that stage. Morkel offered Vusi Sibanda three balls short of a length and then bowled one fuller. Sibanda was on his back foot, anticipating more of the short stuff, and missed the drive to have his bails removed. Morkel’s next wicket was not achieved through menace. Brendan Taylor reached for a ball outside off, did not move his feet and edged behind to de Villiers. With Zimbabwe in trouble, Masakadza tried to make something happen and attempted a lofted drive off Albie Morkel but offered Richard Levi a simple catch at mid-on. Craig Ervine scored more than a third of Zimbabwe’s runs and four of the six boundaries and looked like he could rescue the team. He and Stuart Matsikenyeri put on 35 for the fourth wicket and settled Zimbabwe temporarily. Matsikenyeri threw it away though, when he flat-batted Kallis to extra cover. Kallis removed Elton Chigumbura plumb lbw with his next ball but Graeme Cremer saw off the hat-trick delivery. Ervine had two more stands which could have developed into

Jacques Kallis was named Man of the Match steadying ones with Cremer and Prosper Utseya but both his partners abandoned him. Cremer gloved Kallis to de Villiers and Utseya fell to a spectacular catch, with de Villiers diving full stretch to his left. Had Ervine lasted the full innings, Zimbabwe may have eked over three figures but he edged behind as he tried to run the ball down to third man. Zimbabwe’s only solace was that they lasted the full 20 overs but bowlers simply had to perform a formality, rather than defend their total. Richard Levi found some important form ahead of more challenging matches. He scored most of his runs on his favoured on-side but was not undone by balls bowled on off stump and was able to spend time at the crease, something he has lacked of late. Other than his 117 in Hamilton, Levi has not scored a higher number of runs in T20s. On the other end, Hashim Amla played a characteristically calm innings. He sandwiched it between two risks, both off Kyle Jarvis. In the first over, Amla edged over slip and in what turned out to be the penultimate over, he cut to point but Vusi Sibanda put down a simple chance. Between those two flutterings of feathers, he ushered South Africa home in the match and put Zimbabwe out of the competition.

R & D Engineering Service T20 - North E’bo...

Devonshire Castle, Walton Hall, Gunners & Charity flawless Devonshire Castle, Walton Hall, Gunners and Charity Knight Riders all recorded wins when the R & D Engineering Service Twenty20 cricket competition continued recently in North Essequibo. At Walton Hall (09:30hrs), Devon Castle defeated Charity by 60 runs. Devonshire Castle batted first after the game was reduced to 15 overs due to rain and posted 165-6. Avinash Persaud led with 51 while Ramesh Narine and Andy Persaud supported with 38 and 21 respectively. Daniel Ragoban picked up 2 wickets for Charity Knight Riders who managed 105-4 from 15 overs in reply. Kesho Rooplall

32 and Sachand Gonsalves 21 were their principal scorers; Narine showed his all-round ability by taking 2-20. At Walton Hall 14:00hrs), the home team triumphed over Young Achiever by 113 runs. Vishwanauth Lall top scored with 47 and received valuable support from Tameshwar Persaud 42, Navin Bahadur 40, and Suresh Persaud 26 as Walton Hall piled up a mammoth 238-6 in 20 overs after taking first strike. Nazim Mohamed claimed 3-33 and Tameshwar Dhanpaul 2-37. Young Achievers in reply were pegged back by excellent bowling from Uvindra Balgobin and Suresh Persaud

who grabbed 4 wickets each and fell for 125 in 15 overs. Nicholas Patrick was the only batsman that offered any resistance with 45 not out. At Anna Regina (09:30hrs), Lima went down to Gunners by 9 wickets. In a match which was reduced to 15 overs due to early morning showers, Lima took first turn at the crease and managed 113-6. Devindra Lall 35 and Abdool Salim 18 were the only batsmen that made it to double figures; K. Abrams took 2-25. Opener Mark Gonsalves then fashioned an unbeaten 57 and shared in an unbroken 98 run second wicket stand with Greyson Paul 21 to steer (Continued on page 27)

Competition in the RAF’s Variety Store sponsored Muslim Youth Organization of Guyana organized 2nd Annual Hajin Zeleena Rafeek Memorial countrywide InterJamaat Ten10 knock-out Softball cricket tournament continued last Saturday and Sunday. Matches were contested at the MYO Ground, Cyril Potter College Ground, Turkeyen, Wakenaam Community Center Ground and the Imam Bacchus Ground on the Essequibo Coast which saw teams battling for a place in the quarter finals, eight of them qualified. Results are as follows; At Wakenaam Community Center Ground: Wakenaam A got a walkover from Leguan. Wakenaam A then went on to get the better of Wakenaam B when they clashed. CPCE Ground, East Coast Demerara Success defeated Lusignan by 12 runs Success won the toss and decided to bat first and made 99 for 7 off their allocation of ten overs after being reduced to 38 for 5 at one stage. Khemraj Baljit made 43*, Hafeez Samad 13. Reaz Ghaddo picked up 2 for 14 in his 2 overs and Lusignan in reply were never in the hunt, ending on 87 for 7 when their overs expired. Arif Khan scored 25 and Afraz Khan 24 for the losers. Bowling for Success Azzar Haniff took 3 for 15 and Shayam Razack 2 for 33 from two overs each. Final scores, Success 99 for 7; Lusignan 87 for 7. Enmore overcame New Mosque by 137 runs Enmore took first turn at the crease and posted a healthy 195 for 2 off their allotted overs. National Under-19 player Amir Khan stroked his way to an unbeaten129 (2x4 17x6) while Premraj Lall supported with 47. Enterprise in reply crumbled for 58 with none of the batsmen reaching double figures. Wazir Majid claimed 2 for 5 and Riaz Rohoman 2 for 10 for the victors. Final scores, Enmore 195 for 2; New Mosque 58 all out. Imam Bacchus Ground, Essequibo Fair Field got the better of Huist-T-Dieren by9 wickets - Huist-T-Dieren batted first and posted 72 for7 off their 10 overs; Abdul Wazim 22. Raouf Ali 3 for 17, Wazim Amir 2 for 15. Fairfield responded with 76 for 1 in 6.2 overs. Zameer

Mohamed led with 38* and Amir Mohamed 24. Final scores, Huist-T-Dieren 72 for 7; Fairfield 76 for 1. Adventure/Johanna Cecelia gained a walkover from Anna Regina. Adventure/Johanna Cecelia got past Fairfield by 16 runs - Adventure took first strike and made 103 for 5. Khalid Baksh 42, Munir Amin 40. Gafoor Mohamed claimed 2 for 24 for Fairfield which in reply were sent packing for 87 in 9.4 overs. Abdul Sabr made 25 and Mohamed Gafoor 21. Ehwaas Baksh 2-18, Yaseer Mohamed 2-18 and Munir Amin 2-19 were the chief wicket takers for Adventure/ Johanna Cecelia. Final score, Adventure/Johanna Cecelia 103 for 5; Fairfield 87 all out. Adventure/Johanna Cecelia defeated Wakenaam A by 9 wickets - Wakenaan A batting first were all out for 63 9.5 overs with Imran Khan stroking 43. Nazir Khan was main wrecker with 5 for 10 for Adventure/ Johanna Cecelia who responded with 66 for 1 in 3.4 overs. Khalid Baksh led with 34*, Munir Amin hit 23. Ejaaz Mohamed was the lone wicket taker for Wakenaam A. The win has secured a quarter final place for Adventure/ Johanna Cecelia who are the defending champions. Final scores, Wakenaam A 63 all out; Adventure/Johanna Cecelia 66 for 1. MYO Ground – Georgetown MYO hammered LBI A by 9 wickets - LBI A took first strike and made 69 for 7 in their 7 overs; Nizam Khan 42, Richard Dowlatram 12. Safraaz Issau 3 for 8 and Timur Mohamed 2 for 13 for the home team. MYO then knocked off the required target in 5 overs ending on 73 for 1. Richard Latiff and Chiem Gittens were their principal scorers with 36 and 21 not out respectively. Final scores, LBI A 69 for 7; MYO 73 for 1. Farm A crushed Versailles by 65 runs - Farm A scored 130 for 3 off their allocation of 10 overs after taking first strike. Budhan Baksh was their leading run getter with 45, Avinash Sookdeo made 29. Versailles in reply were bowled out for 65 in 8 overs; Greg Singh hit 36. Patrick Khan took 4 for 12 and Amir Azeez 2 for 15 for the winners. Final scores, Farm A 130 for 3; Versailles 65 all out. Farm B outclassed Blankenburg by 10 wickets - Blankenburg took first turn

at the crease and managed 110 for 6 in 10 overs. Riaz Karim top scored with 66, Altaf Mohamed made 14. Ravindra Saramjeet took 2 for 16, Ricky Sargeant and Imtiaz Mohamed took one each. Farm B in reply made light work of their target reaching 111 without loss, Ricky Sargeant led the scoring with an unbeaten73 and Shameer Fazal contributed 32 not out. Cotton Tree defeated Albion A by 9 wickets Albion A went down to Cotton Tree by 9 wickets. Albion A batted first and posted 89 for 9 off their allocation of overs. Cotton Tree in response coasted to 90 for 1. Farm B beat Farm A by 49 runs - Farm B won the toss and decided to bat first, they reached a challenging 138 for 6 off their 10 overs after their openers gave them a solid start by posting 42 in just two overs. Ricky Sargeant hit 38 and Shameer Fazal 34; Amir Azeez and Raul Reid claimed 2 wickets each for 24 and 12 runs respectively. Farm A in their turn at the crease crumbled for 87. Budhan Baksh scored 24 while Raul Reid and Avinash Sookdeo made 15 each. The main wicket takers for the winners were Ravindra Saramjeet who snared 5 for 4 and Imtiaz Mohamed 3 for 21. Final scores, Farm B 138 for 6; Farm A 87 All out. Queenstown got the better of Diamond/Grove by 28 runs - Queenstown won the toss and decided to bat, they posted a respectable 125 for 3 in 10 overs; Javid Kayume led the way with an even half century while Imran Ally chipped in with 20 and Fadil Ahamad 21. Faizul Baksh claimed 2 for 16 for Diamond/ Grove who replied with 97 for 4 in 10 overs; Nizam Ali scored 27 and Mansoor Khan 19. Imran Ally was the pick of the bowlers for Queenstown with 2 for 13. Final scores, Queesntown 125 for 3; Diamond/Grove 97 for 4. Fixtures for the quarter finals which will be played on September 23 at the MYO Ground 09:00hrs FARM B VS FYRISH A 11:00hrs ADVENTURE/ JOHANNA CECELIA VS FYRISH SMALL MASJID 13:00hrs MYO VS ENMORE 15:00hrs QUEENSTOWN VS SUCCESS

Friday September 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

$1M challenge moves to Linden tonight


he basketball fraternity will converge on the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Court in Linden tonight as the Mackeson Smooth Moves tournament, which is already one of the biggest events in basketball in Guyana, moves to the venue for the Linden Zone contests. The countrywide tournament, which will see some of Linden’s best players forming an alliance to begin their march toward the impressive first place prize, is the first of its kind in the format locally, and has the largest prize money in any format of the sport. Linden’s best ‘street ballers’ are expected to throw their names in the bag of contention for what can be called a lucrative sum, $1M. Players have put together the best combos they think have a chance of bouncing away with the prize money. Already the tournament has seen heated contests in the Georgetown Zone on the Independence Boulevard Basketball Court in Albouystown and Burnham Basketball Court earlier this

week, and now it’s Linden’s turn to ensure they are among the nationwide finalists. With six Mackeson caps and the registration form being the entry criteria, teams comprising four players will have a chance to cash in on the prizes. The games will be played for 15 minutes–7½ minutes per half–with a 30 second time out in each half. A team must consist of four players, with none being Under-18 years. The organisers warned that the rules will be reinforced and if teams are found to have breached any of the rules that team has to deal with the penalties that will follow as a result. Each basket from beyond the arc (three-point line) will count as two points, and buckets from the inside range will be counted as one point. The first team to reach 21 points before the 15-minutes of play expire will be declared the winner. To start the game, the two Captains will flip a coin and after every basket, the defensive team will have possession. A four foul limit

10th Victor Macedo Mem. Cycle Road Race on this Sunday - sponsored by Macedo Transportation Services


ust back from their record breaking performances at the Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships held in the Dominican Republic last weekend, Guyana’s junior and juvenile riders will headline this Sunday’s 10th Annual Victor Macedo Memorial Road Race which pedals off from Homestretch Avenue. This event which is also being used as warp up ahead of this year’s annual 5-stage race will see a number of seniors also in contention including Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams who won last Saturday’s National Park feature in record time, Robin Persaud, Alonzo Greaves, Enzo Matthews and Junior Niles among others. Organizers - Flying Ace Cycle Club - has informed that starting time is 07:30hrs with riders expected to register at 224 Peter Rose Street Queenstown from where they will roll off for the starting line. The race which is opened to all cyclists will see the top 8 riders in the open category being rewarded whilst the first four (4) juniors will also win prizes; 12 primes will be up for the taking. The first three veterans to cross the finish line along with the first two females will be rewarded.

per-player rule will be in effect with substitutions being made when the ball is dead. Unlike the usual game, one referee will be in charge on the court.

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t r o Sp F&H Printing Est. sponsors countrywide Domino P. 29 Tournament

Members of the Head Table (from left)- Hazim Hakh, Fazil Hakh, Orin Joseph, Derek Gaspar, Colin McEwan and Mark Wiltshire seen at yesterday’s Press Conference to signal F&H Printing Establishment sponsorship agreement with the GDA.

National U-23 team wing out for Brazil - Participation was never in jeopardy - Boyce


he Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) National Under-23 team departed Guyana yesterday morning to compete at the South American Championships in Brazil tomorrow and Sunday with AAG President, Colin Boyce saying their participation was never in “jeopardy”. The team comprising Stephan James (200m, 400m), Chavez Ageday (100m, 200m), Natrina Hooper (Triple Jump, 400m) and Cindy Fraser (Long Jump) left Guyana for Brazil through the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and

Stephan James

Chavez Ageday

Tobago. AAG General S e c r e t a r y, C l a u d e Blackmore will overlook the team and represent the association at the South American Congress. Boyce told Kaieteur

Sport yesterday that the team’s participation was never in “jeopardy” since he was always aware that Guyana will be represented even if the full list of athletes (Continued on page 27)

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