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Wednesday September 12, 2018

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EDITORIAL COUNTERFEIT DRUGS AND THE CONSEQUENCES Counterfeit drugs have become a worldwide problem. The issue is prevalent here in Guyana and several other countries in the Caribbean as well as in the United States. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are among the products with the greatest potential for harming users if not contained from an early stage. Preventing counterfeit drugs from entering most countries including Guyana with a very porous border is extremely difficult, in part because the active medicinal components of drugs are imported. Generic drugs are for the most part, cheaper than the name drugs with the same base component. Counterfeit drugs are even cheaper because the manufacturers do not have to adhere to the rigid production standards and conditions, which could be costly; they do not have to pay the cost of inspection.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a counterfeit drug is a pharmaceutical product which is deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled with respect to identity and/or source and applies to both branded and unbranded medicines, the so-called generics. Due to the rise of internet pharmacies, the WHO estimates that about 10 percent of the medications sold in Europe, the U.S, Canada, and other developed countries are counterfeits. However, developing countries are the worst affected because their regulatory structures are weaker. Health experts have estimated that 30 percent of the medicines sold in developing countries are counterfeit. In Africa, it is 70 percent. Counterfeit drug trade is a US$250 billion per year industry and is the largest of the US$ 2.3 trillion fraudulent goods sold worldwide every year. The problem is dependent on how tight are the legal controls. Detecting counterfeit drugs is difficult, because they pass through a long and complicated distribution network. Sometimes, they enter the legal supply chain. No type of drug, from the most expensive to everyday antibiotics or birth control is immune. Counterfeit medicines might have the wrong amount of the active ingredient, or none of it at all, or they may contain a different drug or other materials unsafe for human consumption. Many of the drugs are contaminated.All drugs must undergo clinical trials before being marketed to test their efficiency and verify their quality in order to exclude the potential existence of side effects on patients. These institutional and technical measures are meant to work as a safety valve to guarantee the quality of all medications. The production of pharmaceuticals should be regulated to ensure product compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Unfortunately, these regulations are not observed by manufacturers of counterfeit drugs. Instead, they use substandard products and hazardous chemicals. The end result from using counterfeit medicine ranges from ineffective therapeutic results to severe health problems or death. Counterfeit drugs pose a serious threat to the health and safety of the citizens, especially seniors and children. Studies have shown that counterfeit pharmaceuticals exact a devastating human toll, killing more than one million people annually. Expensive, prescription drugs such as those used in AIDS or cancer are especially lucrative for counterfeiting, but the most common are antibiotics, Viagra and Cialis. Therefore, theoretically, every person is at risk. It is imperative for pharmaceutical companies to follow the legal requirements to ensure the safety of the general public. In many countries, the risk of being effectively punished for producing counterfeit medicines varies. But counterfeit drugs seem to be a more lucrative industry in countries with weak regulations. The pirating of counterfeit goods may seem not to be a crime, but those who trade in counterfeit goods must be punished severely by the laws of their respective countries. Raymond Green, a US Congressman said, “Punishment for putting patients at risk ought to reflect the gravity of manufacturing, distributing or selling counterfeit medications.”

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Mr. Duncan should be fired and the job awarded to the best applicant DEAR EDITOR, It is with sadness, though not surprise, that I’ve been following and commenting upon the developments at the Guyana Chronicle. When I indicated months ago, when he was initially hired, that Sherod Duncan was unfit for the position of General Manager of the State paper, it was because I foresaw exactly this sort of embarrassing fiasco. I’ve seen a great deal of speculation about whether the spending as exposed in the original Demerara Waves article was justified or not, and debate on whether or not it was a positive thing for the paper. Anyone familiar with basic management best practice should have automatically seen red flags in the fact that much of the expenditure was spent on developing a free distribution channel for the very product the company is supposed to sell. According to news reports, we had a $5 million dollar expenditure on social

media interventions, trips, comfort furniture, trips, vehicle repairs to the GM’s vehicle, all within three months of what was supposed to be Mr. Duncan’s probationary period, and then the company stating that due to a ‘budget variance’, the company had to engage in a period of austerity, cutting the sort of critical expenditure that comes standard in producing a newspaper – electricity, telephone, fuel and lubricants, meals, and overtime. I know of no newspaper that runs on social media likes but not electricity. In my original letter on Mr. Duncan’s appointment, I made the observation of his having held an absurd prayer breakfast celebrating his patently unethical appointment – we now learn courtesy of Demerara Waves that it was the company that ended up paying for that breakfast. The most telling

revelation in the initial expose however had to do with Mr. Duncan stating that Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo personally approved his expenditure. This is troubling for the very basic reason that, unless my understanding is wrong, the appointment of a board to run Guyana National Newspapers Limited, a state company, is the statutory obligation, not discretion, of the Minister with the portfolio responsibility for information. This is a governance best practice that both shields the company from undue direct government intervention, while it shields the government from liability. When Mr. Duncan was hired, I pointed out that it would have been by a vastly diminished Board – one that was suffering from the resignation of four members, yours truly included, and consisting of five members, of whom he was one. As I detailed, prior consideration of Mr. Duncan’s application

by the more or less full Board had resulted in the consensus that not only was he not the best applicant in general but that he fell far short of the minimum requirements for the position. I had stated that there were only two ways in which Mr. Duncan could have been appointed to the post. The first is if the diminished Board of five people, including himself, deliberately disregarded the other applicants and appointed an under-qualified candidate, who had a hand in the decision, as GM. The second scenario, which Mr. Duncan was pushing at the level of the Board, was that the Board use its authority, as allowed by the company regulations, to appoint him directly as Managing Director, which would naturally entail disregarding more qualified applicants. To learn that no board was in place and Mr. Duncan was getting approval for spending (Continued on page 5)

Don’t blame China; the debt traps are created by corrupt Governments DEAR EDITOR I once heard a preacher say,” Money is good, but the lure of money is the root of all evil”. The lure of money is the reason for 95% of corruption on a universal scale. If a local bank started lending money without collateral, people will flock their loan department constantly– notwithstanding these monies will have to be repaid. This situation gets more outrageous when it goes to a national scale and the people in Government are granted large loans from a willing creditor (China) to do projects, ranging from vanity to necessity, under the guise of development, while swindling huge portions into their pockets. While it is the norm for future generation to repay a country’s debt, it is expedient for the present generation to keep abreast with repayment so as to prevent creditors from seizing assets or demanding footholds in the debtor’s nation. When this happens, the debtor ’s sovereignty is threatened. Do we blame the creditor for this scenario? I think not. China may have sinister motives with its easy lending

policy, but I can’t recall hearing that they point a gun to the head of any Government official to make them borrow China’s money. A trap is a device set to catch, impede or control an unsuspecting victim. In this era of free will, with learning and intelligence at its zenith, it is difficult to comprehend humans using money as bait to trap their fellow humans. The truth be told, what has been perceived as debt traps are not products of Chinese loans. The debt traps are created by corrupt Governments, which identify colossal vanity projects just for the sake of kickbacks. We have our own examples here. Where is Jagdeo’s “hub for Africa”? Has CJIA expansion at US$160 million brought one more passenger than it would normally have? For a sugar industry that was losing money, 10 million US dollars could have refurbished all the other factories, instead Jagdeo went for vanity, “flagship of the sugar industry”, at a cost of some US 200 million. Chinese loans are tied to Chinese contractors, wherever

kickbacks occur, the cost of the project is super inflated so that both contractor and Government officials reap unjust rewards; hence a toilet bowl itemized at $160,000 at CJIA expansion project. A recent letter by Rajendra Bisessar, “The PPP continues to libel me”, gives a full preview of how corrupt politicians operate - they will not allow a stone to be turned in the name of development, through foreign investment, without them getting something significant in their pockets. Back to the BRI. China has amassed great financial wealth, their economy has been growing rapidly for years. As this happens, the yuan (Chinese currency) rises in strength against the US dollar, making Chinese products less competitive on the US market. As the US debt grows, relative to its GDP; China found it expedient to invest in marketable securities in the US debt- such as treasury notes, bills and bonds for two reasons. (1) These investments help to strengthen the US dollar- stopping the rise in value of the yuan-keeping Chinese products competitive.

(2) These investments help to keep interest rates down in the US –maintaining the normal flow in the US economy so that the Americans can continue purchasing Chinese goods, keeping the factories in normal production mode in China. Of the US debt of 21 trillion, 5.7 trillion is held in securities by outside Governments, of which China holds the largest chunk, 1.6 trillion followed by Japan at 1.3 trillion. In addition, the balance of trade between China and the US (the value of goods China sells to the US on a yearly basis is higher than what the US sells to China) has been lopsided in favour of China for over two decades. A lopsided balance of trade, coupled with US debt to China. China/US trading arrangement is becoming very delicate- with the Americans sometimes contemplating taxing Chinese goods in a free trade scenario. The Chinese are cognizant of the situation. They do not know how long the US can continue to manage their high debt (Continued on page 6)

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Some questions for Freddie Kissoon on those name changes DEAR EDITOR, I have some questions for Freddie Kissoon in relation to his column on the naming of our streets, wards etc. But before I begin, may I point out that the name of the estate owner after whom Cummingsburg is named was not Thomas Cummings. He was a Scot named Thomas Cuming. One “m” and no “s”. By simply Googling, “Thomas Cuming estate owner in Demerara”, I found that there is a letter from T. Pemberton in Kaieteur News of 25 February 2017 on this very subject of the name. Cummingsburg, I suspect, was intended to be Cuming’s Burg, or Burgh - I have seen one reference to Cumings Burgh (without the apostrophe); but I have never been able to find out just when we started spelling the name with a double “m”; nor, apparently was the writer of the letter in Kaieteur News. However, back to Monday’s column. After identifying a number of streets and a ward of Georgetown, all named either Cummings or Thomas (he left out the Cummings Canal), Mr. Kissoon asks, “Why should a street be given his title? You give the title to places and roadways after people who have lived positive lives and made positive contributions to the country of birth and the world in general.” He also says, “History is not a normative process; it is a factual aspect of life so we can’t change historical contexts at our whims and fancies”. But, Mr. Kissoon, our norms change over time. What was acceptable in the 19th century may no longer be acceptable today, and vice versa. In 1805, a woman could not go to a University - everyone “knew” that females were not capable of doing that. Nor could they be doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects. Today, we would be appalled if anyone suggested that women should not or could not enter any profession. And conversely, in 1805 slavery was still a part of that world. Despite a movement to end the slave trade (the British were the first to do so in 1806), slavery itself was still legal and accepted by Europeans (and by some Africans too, by the way). And the Emancipation Act was passed in 1834 only after the British government agreed to fund what was for that time massive compensation to the slave owners for their “property”. In the eyes of dominant groups of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the groups who developed

the colonies of Essequibo, Demerara, Berbice, Suriname, Brazil, Cuba etc., slavery was both necessary and acceptable. Mr. Cuming was a highly respected contributor to that society. He owned a plantation named La Bourgade, a plantation stretching from what is now Lamaha St. to Church St. The present day East St. was the back dam of the plantation. He divided La Bourgade into lots, which he sold for both commercial and residential purposes. All those avenues in the cross streets (Main, Carmichael, Waterloo, Camp, Thomas streets were originally water reservoirs, which were later filled in). New Market Street got its name because it was the site of a new market for the town. The Cuming family also owned Kitty and Chateau Margot - the estate where the 1823 revolt started. And in his will, he bequeathed the land which is now the Promenade Gardens and the Parade Ground to the Town Council of Georgetown. Thomas Cuming returned to Scotland where he died in 1813. The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette recorded his death, calling him, “The Patriarch and Benefactor of Demerary” (EDG 15 June, 1813). So at least, some people in Demerara at that time thought that he was a person who had made a “positive contribution” to Demerara. You or I might not agree in 2018. But do you still wonder why places were named after him? I dare say at that time, he never thought that the likes of you or I, descendants of indentured workers and slaves, would one day enjoy his bequest of land to the Georgetown Town Council. But, as I said, what is the norm changes over time. I should point out, too, that Murray Street, which was changed during the PNC government under Forbes Burnham, was also named after a then respected individual. Murray was the head of the Militia. His suppression of the 1823 Revolt was welcomed by planters, merchants, government officials, and, I expect, some of the free coloured as well. There were not many who protested against the imprisonment of John Smith, who was sent to Demerara by the London Missionary Society to minister to the slaves, because he insisted on teaching slaves to read, and objected to their working on Sunday. The 1823 Revolt was an ideal time for slave owners to condemn him for aiding and abetting the revolt. (Smith Memorial Church on Brickdam is named in memory


Kaieteur News

of him). The owner of Quamina, one of the leaders who was executed after a military trial, was a British merchant, John Gladstone, whose son, William, rose to be one of the major Prime Ministers of nineteenth century Britain. Murray and the local managers of the Gladstone estates were all people who, at that time, were considered to be individuals who were contributing to their country and the world. Times have changed and with time, so have the values and norms. “History” has not changed. But the way we look at and judge that history has changed radically. So how do we deal with all the place names that commemorate eighteenth and nineteenth century colonizers? Do we change them all, including Georgetown, named for a King who certainly did nothing for the good of either Guyana or the world, George III; and Stabroek named after a President of the Dutch West India Company, which developed these colonies and introduced slavery here? What about the streets named for various governors who upheld the onerous colonial regime? We have a village named Victoria, because the ex-slaves thought the Queen Victoria freed the slaves. In fact, she merely signed the Emancipation Act, which she, as a constitutional monarch, was required to do once the legislation had been passed by both Houses of Parliament. Should we change that too? In fact, do we change ALL the English, Scottish, Dutch and French names that are part of our history as a union of three colonies developed by Europeans or do we use them to do much deeper study of our history? In order to find out more about the people who brought our ancestors here, controlled them and in so doing produced the society we inherited, in order that we might understand how we came to be as we are, with all our faults and ethnic rivalries, and how we can change and improve our country? Pat Robinson Commissiong

THE DOUBLE STANDARDS IN OUR POLITICAL CULTURE CONTINUE DEAR EDITOR, The double standards in our political culture continue, reinforcing the importance of having an active, engaged, and vociferous civil society if we are to arrive at the stage where all are held to the same standards and play by the same rules. Note is taken of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo’s speedy intervention in addressing the dismissal of the Finance Controller of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) by the General Manager. There is the inclination to believe that the Prime Minister’s decision was informed by the General Manager’s disregard for the structure under which

the organisation functions. According to the GNNL’s structure, the Finance Controller is appointed by the Board. And where the office holder is so appointed by said authority, the said authority is the only one that can bring the relationship to an end. In Industrial Relations Management, this would be considered due regard for the process. The Prime Minister, who has political responsibility for the state media, took the right decision to intervene to avoid a legal clash, which would have been an embarrassment to the GNNL management and his leadership. Having examined the extant situation where he saw the necessity of acting

with haste, it brings attention to similar failure on his part, when the opportunity arose, in the termination of the relationship between the Guyana Chronicle with yours truly and David Hinds, as columnists. The termination of our contracts was not consistent with due process. I’m on record saying the decision was influenced by political expediency, not universally acceptable principle. The Prime Minister was notably silent to the violation, in spite of public discussions and urging in some quarters for him to speak. The alacrity with which he moved to address the issue of the Finance Controller (Continued on page 6)

Mr. Duncan should be fired and... From page 4 directly from the Prime Minister is troubling in either scenario. If he were directly appointed as Managing Director from the Board under the second scenario, his tenure would have automatically come to an end when the life of that Board came to an end, which was virtually immediately after his appointment, rendering his acting as GM over the past three months illegal. If it were a case of the Board appointing him ahead of other more qualified applicants, presuming that he had resigned before this appointment, what we have is a Board taking the decision to make the most senior administrative appointment at GNNL days before it would be dissolved and hence incapable of providing any supervision of his performance during what should be a standard threemonth probationary period. Now, perhaps the case could have been made that there was the understanding that there would have been continuity in the next Board, one that would provide supervision of an already ethically tainted appointment. However, as of the time of the Demerara Waves article, no board was in place. This means that for the entirety of Mr. Duncan’s ‘probationary’ period, in a job that he is

unqualified to hold, he had no supervision by a statutorily required mechanism. The result was the austerityinvoking spending spree in which he has directly implicated the Prime Minister as complicit. What it now presents the PM’s office with, is the further unethical dilemma in which the PM’s office has ordered an investigation into spending that Mr. Duncan said was directly sanctioned by the PM. The other embarrassment that has been visited not only on GNNL itself, but on the PM’s office and hence government as a whole is that Mr. Duncan – while on probation – exercised authority that he would not have even if he were confirmed in the job that he is unqualified for, issuing a letter of dismissal to the Finance Controller, Moshamie Ramotar, a respected Chronicle staffer of 22 years, and someone who successfully acted as his direct predecessor in the post of GM. With no evidence given, and with no due process in the dismissal, Mr. Duncan opened up the company to the sort of wrongful termination lawsuit that his million-dollar unsupervised expenditure would have made difficult in settling. We now have the other absurdity of the PM’s office having to rescind the

dismissal letter and ordering the very sort of investigation into the leak that should have preceded any termination, with no explanation given by the GM on why the dismissal letter was handed out in the first place. I’ll be frank. What it appears to be is that Mr. Duncan’s elevation is a machination of the PM’s Office, one that has resulted in an ever-increasing ethical quagmire. If it takes a diminished Board bypassing qualified applicants to enable an unqualified appointee, and the absence of any Board at all to ensure that he passes his probation, and there is still this level of scandal and mismanagement, perhaps another pathway is more sustainable. Mr. Duncan should be fired, a new and credible Board sworn in, applications opened up for the position of General Manager, and the job awarded to the best applicant. Either that or we dispense completely with the façade of good governance and credibility. Regards, Ruel Johnson Former Director, GNNL


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Our union never met with City Council on the relocation of this bus park DEAR EDITOR I noticed in your Friday Newspapers dated 31.08.2018Page 12captioned‘Commuters at Mercy of Criminals at City Hall’s relocated bus park’ where it was stated that the Mayor and City Council and the United Minibus Union (UMU) met and agreed on the relocation of the Route 42 (Georgetown to Timehri buses)to High Street between Hadfield and Leopold Street. I would like to make it pellucid, that at no time did our Union meet with the Georgetown City Council nor the Town Clerk to coin any agreement for the relocation of those Minibus Service Providers. The United Minibus Union had made formal overtures to the Georgetown City Council through its Town Clerk since 2015/ 2016 when they imposed a fee of $200 a day for every bus that utilises parking space in the City. The UMU feels that their action was in bad faith, since City Hall did not inform nor engage the representative Union for workers in this transportation sector prior to

implementation. We were also concerned as to whether the money collected was being remitted to City Hall treasurer’s department and in what way will the Minibus Industry gain from their daily contribution. To date, we still have those concerns. The UMU like its sister Union, The Market Vendors Union, is convinced that the Georgetown City Council and more so its Town Clerk will never engage in dialogue with these two Organisations .Weak leaders/ followers will always choose to hide behind the political administration to mask their activities. Regardless of what Political Party our members support, which is their right as a collective. We feel that if the Coalition should go to the 2018 Local Government Elections with some of the present decision makers at City Hall still in office then they would have chosen to self-destruct. Eon Andrews President Umu/GMVU

THE DOUBLE STANDARDS IN OUR... From page 5 highlights the double standards society must rail against. At the same time, it is hoped his inaction on the issue pertaining to the columnists was not driven by who we are, intolerance for independent voices in the people’s media (i.e. state-owned media), political casualties considered not of consequence, the columnists did not threaten or seek legal recourse, or overzealous Coalition supporters who want total compliance to government’s actions, even when wrong. As I’m on the media issue, the opportunity is being taken to remind the Prime Minister of his refusal to honour the 21st August 2012 Agreement in returning the television station to the people of Linden/Region 10. The people shall not forget the Coalition’s campaign commitment to do so and his

failure to so honour. It should be noted even as the Prime Minister stifles Linden/Region 10, he has personally led broadcasting expansion to other communities and regions. A political reality check to this administration is the following hard analyses. In 2015, the Executive was won by less than 5000 votes. In the Legislature, the Coalition secured a one-seat majority by one vote (i.e. from Region 8). In Regional Government, the Coalition won only Regions 4, 7, and 10. In 2016, Local Government Elections (LGE) the Coalition lost most of the NDCs, coming after national outcries for LGE, which were not held for more than a decade. LGE will be held later this year and National and Regional Elections are constitutionally less than two years away. In principle, Africans are not known to be silent or

compliant to wrongdoing, regardless of who is in office, and must not be taken for granted. This community has fearlessly stood up to governments, whether it be in their interest or in solidarity with others for the government to do right by all. This activism was also directed to the Forbes Burnham government, a man who continues to be seen as a hero in the Black community. There are consequences for disrespecting and mistreating people. People vote in different formsmarking X on the ballot for another party, not going to the polls, spoiling the ballot, or voting for you. Elections are about numbers and smart politics advises you would be mindful of this, you always want the numbers on your side, and will do right by the people to ensure it. Lincoln Lewis.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Education towards heightened consciousness in a Green Economy DEAR EDITOR, It is a fact that natural science taught in tropical schools suffers through having evolved from that of temperate countries; and this may be said not only of its content, but of the methods used in teaching it. The long ‘dead’ winter of the temperate zones, connected to what is generally an urban environment, has encouraged an indoor approach to the subject, based on the study of dead specimens and of books, which we who teach in the tropics have less need to impose on ourselves. We are fortunate to work where direct contact with plants and animals in their natural habitats is usually possible at all seasons of the year. Exploiting this asset, especially when introducing biology in the fourth year of secondary school, would seem to hold considerable advantages. Then our students are most likely to come to appreciate the subject for what it is — a study of plants and animals by man — rather than as information to be accepted and memorized. A prior acquaintance with living plants and animals would provide the soundest possible background for the more systematic study of later years. Guyana today, a developing country having come out of a period of colonialism, greatly needs to take

careful and accurate stock of its resources. The development programmes are placing increasing emphasis on agriculture, particularly the need for its diversification. However, it is obvious that in order to accomplish diversification of agriculture and improvement of our natural resources, we need to know, among other things, exactly what plants (edible and otherwise), animals and soils that we have in Guyana, where they are and what are their characteristics. With such knowledge, we can develop techniques for maximizing our gains from the soil, conducting research, promoting ecotourism, creating employment and thus, go a long way towards real economic independence and indeed, lead easier lives. Towards this end, Evergreen Nature Study Club was established in September 1997, Georgetown, and soon taken to secondary and primary schools in other parts of the country with the aim of awakening the curiosity of the human mind emphasizing on natural science, geography, research techniques and tourism habits. To date, there are Club Representatives in every Administrative Region of the country, the last being Region 8, Mahdia in 2003. Besides practical outreach projects, a number of booklets have been produced

by the Club and most importantly, this year the Club has embarked on a Project entitled: School Environment Enhancement (SEE) for secondary schools in Regions 5, 4 (and Georgetown District) and 3 namely, Bygeval, Soesdyke, North Georgetown and Parika-Salem Secondary Schools, respectively, as starters. The project is expected to evolve into a lasting programme with satisfactory effects on local cultural habits. The objective is to encourage students towards greater participatory activities in sound agricultural/environmental science methods such as separation of bio-degradable/non- bio-degradable waste, composting and schoolyard aesthetics in Guyana’s schools as we strive towards a green economy. Other schools are encouraged to adopt similar practices. Education can be exciting. Every student knows that outdoors is fun and only copying notes in class is boring. Congratulations to all our representatives and students in every Region of Guyana on the occasion of the Club’s Twenty-First Anniversary. Yours faithfully, Fitz H. Ogle Founder Evergreen Nature Study Club

Don’t blame China; the debt traps ... From page 4 comfortably. As a result, they seem to be pursuing BRI (the old silk route) in the hope of creating markets for an ever increasing volume of Chinese products around the world, in the face of any unforeseen

eventuality- disruption of US/China trade relations. In short, China is trying to find huge alternative markets in the third world by assisting to create connectivity, through BRI. This plan is likely to backfire on China because these connectivity projects do not put more money in the hands of the citizens of these nations to purchase Chinese goods. What these projects will do is to impoverish the citizens more by taxation to repay these loans. Borrowing is synonymous with repayment, if repayment cannot be made, the creditor exacts collateral from the borrower, it is the

modus operandi of money lending around the world. There has to beconsequences for failure to repay debts. China’s money did not appear by magic! This is all fourth grade logic. Yet Governments in poor countries around the world, possessed by graft, rarely give a thought to repayment when offered an opportunity to access loans from foreign countries or institutions. If China is perceived as an advantage taker in this situation, it is within China’s ambit to do so. People expect their governments to be wise and honest, not to lead them into financial captivity. Rudolph Singh

Wednesday September 12, 2018


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Court returns passport to Delta Security saves former PS, imposes $1M bail pensioner from assault


he Magistrates’ Courts has returned to former Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Public Service, Omar Shariff, his passport after he signaled his intentions to travel to Trinidad and Tobago to attend the Hugh Wooding Law School on a scholarship. Shariff, 46, and his wife, Savitri Hardeo, both of Lot 36 Dowding Street, Kitty, Georgetown, are facing a criminal charge before Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on or after October 14, 2016, in the Georgetown Magisterial District, Shariff failed to comply with a production order dated October 6, 2016 made by Chief Justice (CJ) Yo n e t t e CummingsEdwards to produce certain named documents stated therein to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sydney James (Head of the Special Organized Crime Unit), not later seven days after service. The order was served by a marshal of the High Court, on the said Shariff by leaving same with him, who contravened the said order without reasonable cause, which he failed to produce. The duo was initially

Omar Shariff released on self-bail and ordered to lodge their passports with the court until the hearing and determination of the case. However, yesterday Attorney-at-la w S a n j i v Datadin requested that Shariff be given back his passport to facilitate him travelling to pursue the scholarship. The lawyer’s requests were met with no objections by Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) Prosecutor Patrice Henry, as well as, the court.In the circumstance, the Magistrate granted an order for the passport to be returned and released Shariff on $1M bail. His wife remains on self-bail. Shariff and his wife are to return to court next week

Monday, September 17, when Datadin is expected to make a no-case submission. In October, 2016 the former Chief Justice granted a production order, which compels individuals or organizations to produce information to help assist in an investigation. The order was for both the former PS and his wife. The two apparently did not comply, despite being reminded and written to by SOCU to provide the requested information. On June 30, 2016, Minster of State Joseph Harmon sent Shariff on leave, pending investigation by SOCU. Shariff has been under investigation where over $500M could not have been accounted for in payment to the Public Service Ministry. Investigators found several large sums passing through bank accounts and launched a separate probe. That investigation was p r o b i n g how billions of dollars passed through Shariff’s bank account from as far back as 2010, after records showed that he and his wife purchased shares in companies, which were placed in her name. There were hundreds of transactions in several bank accounts, which were held at different commercial banks.

Local Government Commission to probe accusations against Region Five REO


egional Chairman of Region Five, Vickchand Ramphal, is prepared to move to the Local Government Commission, (LGC) over what he views as a constant lack of regard by one officer for the regional administration. Ovid Morrison, the Region Five Regional Executive Officer, (REO) at the centre of the issue, is being accused of insubordination. In the past, Morrison faced a series of similar allegations. Just last April, the REO was taken before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament for authorizing a heavy-duty vehicle driver to sign off on payments for fuel and vehicle repairs across Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice). This time, Morrison is being accused of refusing to circulate information on the 2019 Budget Proposal to officials of the Region. In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance Ramphal detailed the issue.According to Ramphal, the REO has not been forthcoming with information as it relates to the

REO Region Five, Ovid Morrison Regional Democratic Council (RDC)’s 2019 Budget Proposal. He explained that the Regional Democratic Council, Region No.5 signed off its 2019 Budget Proposal at a Special Meeting held on Monday July 23, 2018 but changes were made in the various line items. However, he said it is mandatory that copies of the ratified Budget be circulated by the REO to the Office of the Regional Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman for thorough

perusal before being presented to the Ministry of Finance. “This did not happen since the REO refused to make available copies of these important documents and also failed to inform the Regional Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman of the planned Budget Meeting with the Ministry of Finance. It is imperative that the Council through the Offices of the Regional Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman be fully engaged in all the Budget processes so as to fully represent the interest of the people o f R e g i o n No.5,” Ramphal added. The Regional Chairman has also called on the Ministry of Finance to take note of the matter. He noted too that the Council does not confirm to the presentation made by Morrison and his team, since it may not represent t he decision of Council nor the needs of the people of Region No.5. “At this point, I am prepared to go to all the relevant authorities to ensure that this matter is resolved. The issue with Mr. Morrsion has reached its limit.”

Sixty-six year old Rajkumarie Singh, shortly after midnight, yesterday was rescued by Delta Security from burglary and possibly assault.It is believed that the elderly woman was at her 975 Plantation De Groot Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara home when she noticed her door swaying abnormally. Developing a fear that there might be someone outside, she quickly alerted Delta Security through the Delta panic button system, an initiative she took to safeguard herself after the said intruder would have broken and entered her home the first time. Singh’s intrusion alarm triggered an armed response team who was able to visit the client‘s home. Upon arriving at the pensioner’s home, the intruder was found on the woman’s veranda but shortly after noticing the security re-

Repeat Intruder sponse vehicle, attempted to make his good escape. Nevertheless, he was not spared as the security guards pursued him, firing several shots. The intruder was later captured with a knife in his possession. The perpetrator was subsequently identified

by the pensioner as the man who previously broke into her house. He was handed over to the police at the Leonora Police Station. The intruder had previously served a jail sentence for breaking and entering the pensioner’s home.

Eco Atlantic reveals large oil resource in Guyana * Orinduik licence estimate to contain 2.9 bln barrels of oil, gas * Tullow Oil, Eco, plan to drill in Q3 2019 * Total has option to buy 25 pct stake from Eco LONDON (Reuters) - A prospect operated by Tullow Oil off Guyana contains an estimated 3 billion barrels of oil and gas, its partner Eco Atlantic said on Tuesday, as the two firms prepare to drill in the Latin American oil basin. Guyana became one of the world’s most closely watched oil basins after ExxonMobil discovered more than 4 billion barrels of oil equivalent in its Stabroek licence in recent years. In a resource study, known as the competent person’s report (CPR), Eco Atlantic said the Orinduik block is estimated to contain a resource of around 2.9 billion barrels of oil and gas equivalent in 10 large prospects.Those include close to 2.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 2.45 trillion cubic feet of associated gas. Orinduik borders the Hammerhead-1 area where Exxon late last month announced its ninth discovery off Guyana. “Data gathered at the Latuk Lead on the Orinduik Blocks bears great similarities to the Hammerhead discovery and shares many of the same channel characteristics,” Eco Chief Executive Officer Gil Holzman told Reuters. Tullow owns 60 percent and Eco Atlantic Oil and Gas 40 percent in Orinduik. France’s Total has an option to buy 25 percent from Eco for $12.5 million.

Tullow plans to begin drilling in the block in the third quarter of 2019, with Eco indicating it will begin “early” in the quarter. “Since last year, Eco has been cooperating closely with Total and we are confident that they will be exercising their farm-in option” once they receive the full data from the study, Holzman said.

Total will have up to 120 days to exercise the option. Tullow and Total did not respond to requests for immediate comment. Guyana today has little to no oil infrastructure but is expected to become one of the world’s busiest hubs in the coming years as producers begin drilling and producing there.


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Teachers’ salary increase... A meeting between the Guyana Teachers’ Union [GTU] and the Ministry of Education to chart the way forward to arbitration for a salary increase package for public school teachers yesterday ended with the union opting to seek legal advice. The decision to seek legal advice, according to GTU President, Mr. Mark Lyte, was linked to the fact that the two sides were not able to agree on a few of the items detailed in the Terms of Reference [TOR] presented by the Education Ministry. The meeting held at the Ministry of Social Protection’s Labour Department was intended to have the two sides decide on a final TOR to govern the process of arbitration to determine the salary increase for the teachers. Although both sides presented their respective TORs, Lyte disclosed that, “We agreed generally on most of

Wednesday September 12, 2018

GTU to seek legal advice on TOR for arbitration

the points...while in some instances they matched. There were two we didn’t agree on.” “We wanted some specifics on them in terms of not just highlighting the points that it is mentioned but the Ministry was a little bit hesitant so we indicated that we would need to get some legal advice on those two,” Lyte informed.According to the GTU President, too, the need for legal advice is necessary to determine whether items of concern within the TOR presented by the Education Ministry “would actually capture what we want them to reflect in their current form.” Moreover, the meeting has been adjourned to Friday at which time the two sides are expected to come to an agreeable TOR for the arbitration process which will be signed by both sides. “If we had agreed on the two areas we would have signed it off today but that will hopefully happen on Friday,” Lyte shared. On Friday, too, it is expected that the two sides will be submitting the names of their nominees for the membership and chairperson for

the arbitration panel. The decision to head to arbitration became a reality after the Ministry of Education, before Chief Labour Officer, Mr. Charles Ogle, agreed to the union’s demand for arbitration. This move brought to an end, nine days of strike action by public school teachers, which essentially resulted in a shutdown of public schools across the country. The end of the strike action saw both the union and the Education Ministry agreeing to a Terms of Resumption, which ensured that there was no victimisation, including full pay, for teachers. “There will be no loss of pay, no victimisation, no loss of seniority,” said Lyte who went on to note that while teachers were expected to resume work Friday, the parties, by signing the agreement, agreed to full resumption on Monday. T his decision came after a near four-hour long meeting Thursday at the Labour Department. Arbitration became inevitable after multiple attempts at conciliation failed. Signing the agreement

to head to arbitration on the Education Ministry’s side was Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson, and Permanent Secretary, Ms. Adele Clarke, while GTU President, Mark Lyte and General Secretary, Ms. Coretta McDonald signed for the union. After the signing of the agreement, Lyte, accompanied by his First Vice President, Ms. Lesmeine Collins; General Secretary McDonald, and other members of the union’s executive walked out of the Social Protection Ministry where a number of teachers were eagerly waiting to hear the verdict. As the union executives strutted out of the Ministry’s compound, with heads held high, the gathering of waiting

GTU President, Mr. Mark Lyte teachers burst into singing of their solidarity song already confident that they had endured the struggle and emerged the victors. Shortly before addressing his membership, a smiling Lyte, speaking to media operatives, said, “Today is a

good day for the union...from day one, we insisted that this matter should go to arbitration and we have achieved that today much to the pleasure of our members because we did not feel that this process would have served us well.”

Inspections for mercury emissions at private gold dealers’ premises delayed


inister of Natural Resources, R a p h a e l Trotman, instructed that there be a review of all the licences issued to gold dealers authorized to burn the amalgam off of sponge gold. Trotman wanted all the facilities across the country where gold is burnt, to be inspected and based on the result of the inspection, the dealers would either be stripped of their licences or given the go ahead to continued operations. However, that process has been put on hold. The exercise was to be undertaken by the Guyana Gold Board but

lacks capacity. Gold Board’s General Manager, Eondrene Thompson, explained to Kaieteur News that the entity will now have to seek external help. She said, “The Guyana Gold Board is not armed with that expertise. We have to put together a plan of action of what we are going to check for and what course of action will be taken. So far that was not done. But it is on the to-do list. “Once we give licence, we usually send officers to check out what is happening but we have not really licensed any new dealer.

All these dealers are seasoned dealers, they have been there ever since. But some of the dealers have their facility on par because they look for these top people, these Brazilians to set up their facility. Trotman had directed that facilities be checked following media reports about the severe effects of the mercury emissions from the Gold Board Laboratory at Brickdam. He said that his instruction was a manifestation of his desire to ensure that Guyanese living close to the private gold burning labs are not at risk.

Wednesday September 12, 2018


t is of no use to try to close the stable doors after the horse has bolted. Guyana failed to ensure local content requirements in its oil contract with ExxonMobil. As a result, it is the foreign firms which are reaping the benefits of the opportunities in the local petroleum industry. Panic is stepping in. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce is beginning to realize the consequences of the lack of proper local content provisions in the contract with Exxon and in Guyana’s laws in general. As a result, Guyana, which has limited capacity in almost all the services, which will be required by those exploring and drilling for oil, will enjoy only limited benefits in the provision of such services while the foreign firms will enjoy a virtual

monopoly in providing services and goods to the oil companies. If before signing the agreement with Exxon, there was an attempt to pass local content laws, which would have specified that a certain percentage value of all contracts had to be sourced from companies, which have Guyanese involvement, this would helped local content. But Guyana not only signed away its wealth to Exxon and company but it also neglected to ensure local content requirements. There are various ways in which the government could have promoted local content in the oil industry. It does not require local firms to have the capacity. Local content policies can be flexible to allow for local firms to form partnerships with foreign firms, to

provide services. This will overcome the handicap of a lack of local capacity by allowing partnerships in which local firms benefit. Right now, apart from the shore base facilities provided by local companies, not many benefits are flowing into the hands of Guyanese businesses because of local content in the petroleum sector. And the government did not have the foresight to recognize this need early. We are now just two to three years from first oil and it is the foreigners who are grabbing the greater portion of the spin-offs of the oil and gas industry. Foreign firms are dominant in providing goods and services for exploration and production. And the trend will continue. The Trinidadians are already here. They know the


Guyana either selling green or paying green

Guyana seh it going green. Since de politicians open dem mouth is all about green energy. Somebody talk about green city and dem boys believe dat he was talking about walking wid a paint brush and paint de whole city. Now dem boys hearing dat Soulja Bai giving two foreign companies $60 million to attract tourists. He want to bring people to Guyana so dat dem can explore a green Guyana. Well dem boys want to know if he really believe dat people gon lef wheh dem live and come to Guyana. He can bring J’Lo, Oprah, Mandela, Gandhi, Bob Marley and all de popular people he can think about, nobody ain’t coming to

Guyana. It got to be dat he want Guyana to promote green or he want to pay green. De thing is dat Guyana going to beg some German people to advertise Guyana. Wha dem know bout Guyana? Some of dem don’t even know wheh Guyana deh so it might end up dat dem gon tell people to go to Ghana. But even if dem get de country right, wha dem gon tell people? If dem Google dem gon see Jonestown and everybody know wha happen then. And is not like Guyana got a shrine fuh people visit; is nutten but bush. Dem might advertise de coffee water dat deh pon de beach; dem might promote how Guyanese got de art of mekking foreigners realize dat


Kaieteur News

things bad and good at de same time. Dat trick is to get de foreigner to buy some drinks, then talk bout how things cheaper in Guyana than in de States. And while Soulja Bai trying to sell Guyana, Trinidad trying to buy. Dem boys seh Guyana and Trinidad play de most CPL cricket matches against each other and dat Trinidad let Guyana win last night because more of dem want to come because of de oil. De private sector already concerned but dem boys want people to know dat if you sit down pon you laurels, somebody gon pull it from under you. Talk half and decide whether we selling green or we spending green.

industry and they have a huge advantage over locals. This is all the more reason why there should have been an insistence on local content legislation. The local private sector is beginning to have headaches. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry has signaled its concern over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. It is believed that with the problems in PetroTrin, Guyana’s oil is seen as means of saving Trinidad’s oil industry. The Chamber is worried that the MOU will see more business going that country’s way. It is concerned about the delay in local content legislation. But just what use will that legislation be to Guyana at

this stage. “Boat already gone a falls!” The deal with ExxonMobil has been signed. That deal includes provisions whereby should any new law conflict with Exxon’s interest the government is required to fix the problem in Exxon’s interest. The contract provides that if at any time after the signing of the agreement, Guyana’s laws are changed and these changes adversely affect Exxon’s economic interests, then the government is required to take affirmative action to restore the economic benefits which would have been lost as a result of the changed laws. Guyana can pass however much local content legislation it wants. It will not change the modus operandi of Exxon and her contractors. The laws of Guyana, present and future,

have to bend to Exxon’s demands. In the meantime, the foreigners are pouring into Guyana to do business. They are making hay while the sun shines. Guyana companies are much too small and much too poor to compete with these firms. And this was all the more reason why local content legislation should have been put in place even before the Exxon Mobil contract was renegotiated. This would have allowed local firms more time to build partnerships and linkages to benefit from contracts in the petroleum industry.


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Wednesday September 12, 2018


Why can’t the PPP and PNC have a multiracial physiology? I looked at still photos and television clips of the delegates at the last PNC congress and the ambience was not inviting. Almost 99 percent of the images were African Guyanese. It is the same image at the PPP congresses. It is certainly an ugly environment that both parties live in. When you look at the scenes of these two parties, the first thing that flies into your mind is what is so scientifically, sociologically and philosophically impossible for these two parties to attract members of other ethnic worlds in

Guyana. As the crowds rose up to cheer Granger as he walked in to give his congress address, they were about ninety-nine percent African Guyanese. As people swarmed over Volda Lawrence when she won the chairmanship contest, I saw two Indian faces out of maybe forty persons. Both parties are over sixty years old. Both parties have controlled the government for long periods of time. Why with domination over the country’s resources, the Indians in the PPP hierarchy and the Africans on the top

of the PNC pyramid could not have established genuine camaraderie with people from the other side of the racial and ethnic fence and allow them genuine power in the leadership of the PPP and PNC respectively? The danger with the PPP and PNC is that their image penetrates the psyche of the nation. When an Indian sees the faces of the top ten leaders in the PPP and when African Guyanese see the twelve men and women that control the PNC, the obvious conclusion is; “that is the party that I will be more comfortable with so I will join

and support it.” This becomes an endless perpetuation. A young educated Indian isn’t going to be attracted to the PNC when he/she saw those images at the last PNC congress. A bright African intellectual isn’t going to seek membership in the PPP when he/she attends a PPP conference in Berbice and the delegates are almost a hundred percent Indians. The PPP and PNC perpetuate this cultural and sociological emasculation because when one looks at the two parties, the conclusion is inevitable – “I am not going there because I will not make it; they have their own people.” This is what Africans and Indians tell themselves every moment when they see the PPP and PNC in operation. A person’s emotions become indescribable when they walk into a room and see people of different ethnicities in the vortex of friendship, sharing and giving the warmth of belonging. That is what a country should be like. When you as an Indian born in a far off country come to Guyana for the first time and you walk into a PNC conference hall, you see only

Black people, you are bound to ask; “Where are the Indian people that make up half of the population?” If you are born in Africa from Guyanese parents and you come to Guyana and go to Berbice to attend the celebrations of Cheddi Jagan’s death anniversary, you are inclined to ask, “Why no Blacks are in attendance?” The question is; can these two parties get out of their racial and ethnic entrapment? But more importantly have they ever tried and if they did, why did they not succeed? I think Burnham tried to use state power to attract Indians but he failed for two reasons. One is that Indians put their fate and faith in an Indian party named the PPP and they rejected Burnham’s overtures because he was calling them to join him as individuals rather than embracing their party. In other words, they wanted Burnham to have courted the PPP rather than identify with select Indians. The second reason was that Burnham did not reach out to the real substance of the Indian population – the poor agricultural and rural-based Indians. Jagan in power from 1957

Frederick Kissoon to 1964 and from 1992 onwards was not against the policy of elevating Blacks in his party and government but it was the same syndrome. Blacks would have gone over in both periods but they wanted Jagan to reach out to their party, the PNC. Both Jagan and Burnham were essentially non-racist but they ran their respective parties and their respective government in ways that lacked innovative thinking. The result was that both men and both parties perpetuated racial consciousness and ethnic insecurity. President Desmond Hoyte never reached out to the Indian rural proletariat. Presidents Jagan, Jagdeo and Ramotar were not interested in expanding Black leadership in the PPP. As for David Granger, he is certainly no different from the rest. A truly tragic land!

Wednesday September 12, 2018

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Three Tenders submitted for Soesdyke-Linden Highway project Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board opened Bids for contracts to carry out various projects across the country. These contracts were: Lot 1: Feasibility Study and Designs for the Rehabilitation of Soesdyke-Linden Highway Lot 2: Selection of Consultants for Road safety action plan for Guyana (2019-2023) Lot 3: Emergency Repairs to Roads and Bridges in the Deep South, Rupununi, Region 9 to facilitate Drilling of Wells by the Sixth Engineering Construction battalion Defence, Naval and Army in conjunction with the Guyana Defence Force. The bids saw just two companies vying for all three lots, the tenders being millions of dollars more than the engineer’s estimate.

The Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 opened one tender for the Design and Supervision of the Construction of the Bamia/Amelia’s Ward Nursery School (Grade 1), Upper Demerara/Berbice, Region 10:

The Ministry of Business fielded a number of Expression of Interests (EOIs) for two contracts in relation to Go Invest: Consultancy for Design of Export and Investment Strategy and Implementation Plan for Go Invest

Consultancy to Review and Design of Go Invest Trade and Investment Framework The Tender Administration also unsealed tenders for a number of Supply contracts for Cheddi Jagan International Airport. These tenders were: Supply and Storage for CCTV and Accessories

Supply of Flame Retardant Power Cables

Supply, Installation, Termination and Testing of Fibre Optic Cables

The Dependent’s Pension Fund opened tenders for the supply and Delivery of One New Toyota Land Cruiser for their operations, two companies vied for this contract:

Tenders were also opened for the Supply and Delivery of Desktop Computers, the contract comes from the Guyana Revenue Authority and saw the following companies bidding for it:

The Guyana Revenue Authority also received Technical Proposals for the Rebuilding and Rebranding of their website:

The Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation, through the NPTAB, opened tenders for the Supply of 10,000 ft of Anchor Chain. The tenders received were:


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Wednesday September 12, 2018

Jilted lover trashes salon

Items that were left behind after the salon was trashed.

A love affair reached breaking point after a businessman saw a video of his 19-year-old lover with another man. The man decided to trash the salon that he had built and furnished for her. His action has now attracted the attention of the police. The incident which occurred on Monday around 10:00 hrs, saw the businessman going to the salon at 29 Takuba Road, Meadow Brook Gardens, and removing all the items inside and then trashing the place. This publication learnt from the 19-year-old that she has been in a relationship with the businessman for some 17 months and in that time, the man built the salon on her father’s property and furnished the salon with all the necessary equipment for her to operate the business.

The young lady said two weeks ago the businessman who spends most of his time in the interior, called her and told her that he had a video of her with another man and that when he came out of the interior he was going to show her the video. The young lady said the businessman came on Monday and showed her a video with a boy resting his head on her shoulder. The young lady accepted that she knew the boy and that the video was from some four months ago. The young lady said that some time after the man showed her the video, a pickup came up and two men came out. One of them was the businessman’s son. The young lady said the man then ordered his son and the other man to remove all the items from the salon, since he had bought them. The young lady said that while the men were removing the items, the man took a sledgehammer and started to break all the fixtures in the salon—things like the toilet, sink, the glass door and even the ceiling. The young lady then went to East La Penitence Police Station where she made Continued on page 30

The ceiling that was damaged by the businessman.

Some of the damage at the salon after the businessman saw a video of his lover with another man.

Wednesday September 12, 2018


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Probe of Chronicle GM spending, leaked financial papers…

GM, Financial Controller sent on leave pending outcome As the debacle at the Guyana National Newspaper Limited (GNNL) unfolds involving General Manager, Sherod Duncan, and Financial Controller Moshamie Ramotar, both individuals were sent on leave to facilitate investigations into the company’s spending and leaked financial record. This followed an emergency meeting convened by the Prime Minister Moses to re-instate Ramotar mere hours after she was terminated by Duncan because she was believed to have leaked the financial papers. Duncan, yesterday, posted on his Facebook page wrote, “I will be proceeding on Administrative Leave with immediate effect from the Guyana National Newspaper Limited pending the outcome of investigations into allegations of mismanagement of funds and excessive spending. This is under direction of the Board of Directors. I welcome this decision. God is in charge and all shall be well.” However, according to a well-placed source, this publication was reliably

Meanwhile, Ramotar has since sought legal support and she is being represented by Attorney-at-law Sanjeev Datadin. Datadin said that in his client’s termination letter “no reason was given for her dismissal”, neither was she given a hearing. When questioned

Finance Controller, Moshamie Ramotar

General Manager, Sherod Duncan

informed that Duncan was sent on immediate leave pending the outcome of the investigation while Ramotar is off for 14 days. Duncan is alleged to have, within his probation period as General Manager, spent $5M, in just less than three months on the job. He reportedly spent the monies, in the absence of the Board, on furniture, a laptop and repairs to vehicles, among other things. Following the leakage of the spending, Duncan, as

GM, issued Ramotar with a termination letter. The letter said that the services of the Finance Comptroller were being ended with immediate effect. “This is in keeping with the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual 1991 and the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act 1997.” The woman was told that Chronicle’s Accounts Department would prepare the outstanding benefits within seven days.

w h e t h e r h i s c l i e n t ’s dismissal was linked to the leaked financial records of the General Manager, the lawyer reasoned that in the past, his client would have recognized “several breaches to the financial and procurement rules” by t h e G e n e r a l M a n a g e r ’s office.

Over the weekend, social media went abuzz when financial records detailing the spending of the GM Duncan, made its way into the public domain. GNNL is the state-owned publisher of the Guyana Chronicle and the Sunday Chronicle. It is funded with taxpayers’ dollars.


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Wednesday September 12, 2018

Berbice hotel moves to dismantle wind turbine, ship it back to India Almost three years after purchasing a wind turbine and bringing it into the country, a Berbice hotel is moving to dismantle the turbine it had erected. The turbine is supposed to help the energy costs of the hotel by connecting to the Berbice/Demerara grid and offsetting with power from the Guyana Power and Light Inc. However, more than 18 months after the turbine was erected at Skeldon, there is little response from the authorities. An official of the Classic International Hotel, Corriverton, disclosed that there have been several meetings with the authorities, including with the Guyana Power and Light Inc. The frustration of the company would come as the Coalition Government continues to push for a ‘Green Guyana’, targeting renewable and other forms of sustainable energy. GPL has said it is looking to partner with independent power producers. However, that has not been doing so well. GPL, grappling with technical and other issues, is facing problems of how to take the power from the producers. In fact, the current system in Demerara, it

- after delays in permit to supply GPL power has been reported, has limitations to what can be safely added to the grid. A planned wind farm to be placed at Hope Beach, East Coast Demerara, had to reduce the amount of megawatts it had envisaged because of the limitations. With regards to wind turbine in Berbice, the hotel spokesman explained that the turbine was brought into the country to help bring down the operating costs of power for the Corriverton hotel, which was opened in April 2017. “We have appealed to the authorities several times, even meeting with Minister David Patterson. But we have to now take a decision where the Indian suppliers will be coming in to dismantle it. It is not doing anything now. We will return it to them, suffer some losses. That is where we are at the moment.” In March, Government defended the delay. According to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, the matter is

more than what meets the eye. Patterson said he had met with the principal of the hotel in the past concerning this matter. In April 2017, the Ministry and its energyrelated agencies were “surprised” to read reports in the media of the launch of Mr. Narine’s hotel and wind turbine. “We were also surprised at his mention of a request to MPI, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), or the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) for its installation and use, since the wind turbine was designed, procured, and installed without our knowledge. Nonetheless, we replied shortly afterwards and indicated that, under the law, any person can selfgenerate.” However, it was also pointed out that the law only restricts persons from supplying power to another, except in cases where a licence is granted by the Minister. “We also invited Mr. Narine to meet with us to clarify any questions and to provide whatever assistance we reasonably could. In September 2017, Mr. Narine wrote GPL to introduce his wind turbine, which, according to him, can generate 350 KVA of power, but of which only 20 percent can be utilised by his hotel.” The Ministry had said that GPL’s existing frameworks cover the connection to its grid of either independent power producers (IPPs) supplying 10 MW and more or businesses supplying 1.5 MW and above. Patterson had said that the hotel officials were advised that it was not possible at this time for an individual to connect to the grid unless the supply met the minimum of 1.5 MW. The hotel officials were also “further advised that GPL was limited due to ongoing development of a policy, and legal and technical frameworks to permit and guide supply that is less than 1.5 MW and the sensitive technical issues affecting any supply of power of an intermittent nature (such as wind or solar) to the grid.” However, the Minister had said, despite this, it was agreed to examine Narine’s proposal with GPL with the objective of identifying and addressing the technical issues while the framework for intermittent power supply below 1.5 MW to the grid was

The wind turbine

being developed. The Minister said that in early February, he met with Narine on the subject and agreed to discuss with GPL the possibility of accommodating the request, even on the basis of a pilot project. “Internally, it was determined to await the new CEO of GPL to receive his input in the matter. It therefore becomes clear that Narine had been more than kept in the loop Continued on page 26

Wednesday September 12, 2018


Kaieteur News

Govt. pays two firms $60M to market Guyana Government says that it has retained two overseas firms to market Guyana’s tourism product. According to the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), the procedures used to hire the firms followed a competitive tendering process. In fact, GTA said it negotiated with both companies to secure additional outputs beyond those originally envisaged with a smaller budget. Emerging Destinations in partnership with Green Team Global and Corner Sun representing Guyana in the North American market was contracted at US$150,000. Fast Forward Marketing will be representing Guyana in the German market and that contract is worth US$135,000. Both companies are contracted for a period of one year and can be retained for future years pending key achievements and tangible outcomes within the contracted period, GTA explained. “The market representation firms will work in collaboration with the GTA and tourism stakeholders in raising the profile of Guyana in their markets. Some of the deliverables from both companies include securing

Rockstone, Region 10. (Carib Journal photo)

cooperative marketing opportunities, representation at trade shows, reaching key media outlets and influencers and working with international tour operators to sell Destination Guyana as a part of their tour packages.” GTA disclosed that in August 2018, it appointed market representation firms in North America, one of Guyana’s core markets, and in Germany, one of Guyana’s investment markets.

“This appointment followed a competitive tendering process that began in 2017 where companies from the respective markets were invited to bid for the contract of representing Guyana.” The Coalition Government, which took office in 2015, had said it is working to improve the tourism awareness of Guyana. Already, it has hired a US expert, Brian Mullis, as the new tourism director.

According to GTA, through a direct approach

with the representation companies, the hired firms will

have to impart what it takes to successfully work with international tour operators. The process will also strive to improve tourism by licensing operators under the GTA, must show knowledge of the destination and ability to educate and inform prospective travellers; meeting the required standards of international insurance and being responsive to international operators and their clients within a maximum of 24 hours. GTA is a semiautonomous governmental organisation responsible for developing and promoting sustainable tourism in Guyana through collaboration with sister agencies and the tourism private sector in order to maximise local socioeconomic and conservation outcomes and improve the visitors’ experience.


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State pays $226M NDIA debt in full The State has paid the $226M National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) debt owed to Guyana Tractor and Equipment (Guytrac) in full. Under the previous administration, Guytrac which is owned by businessman Hareshnarine Sugrim, was awarded a contract to supply the NDIA with heavyduty equipment but the PPP/C Cabinet withdrew its no objection to the agreement. As a result, Guytrac commenced an action on June 1, 2015, suing the NDIA and the Attorney General for breach of contract. Under this Administration, Attorney General, Basil Williams agreed to settle the matter after Justice Diana Insanally awarded damages for breach of contract to Guytrac just over $300M. The State had originally intended to appeal the case but soon after, a settlement was reached and the appeal was withdrawn. Guytrac agreed to transfer the equipment to NDIA.

Attorney General, Basil Williams Kaieteur News has learnt that over the past few weeks, the sum of G$226,161,235 was handed over to Guytrac. The amount includes damages for loss of profit because of the breach of the contract on the part of the defendant; and interest on any award at the rate of six percent per annum from the date of filing to the date of judgment and at the rate of four percent per annum until fully paid.

Earlier this year, the Attorney General defended the decision to settle the case with Guytrac. Williams said that in light of the Order of the Court and the manner in which the case was conducted by former Deputy Solicitor General, it was in the best interest of NDIA and the Government of Guyana to amicably resolve this matter.” The AG disclosed that based on the instructions of NDIA, Government decided to pay $226M to Guytrac for the heavy-duty equipment. Williams said that the government “in the public interest” negotiated that the settlement would not include damages for loss of profit in the sum of $44.6M; damages in the sum of $19M; interest on any award at the rate of six percent per annum from the date of filing to the date of judgment and at the rate of four percent per annum until fully paid as per the Judge’s order. The AG noted too that Guytrac agreed to forego in excess of $63M.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Granger to miss UN General Assembly

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge and a team will be attending the 73rd United Nations General Assembly- UNGA 73 later this month in New York. Addressing the local media corps yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Greenidge said that apart from the usual issues and presentations by the respective Heads of States, several bilateral meetings will be held on the sidelines of UNGA 73. These meetings will involve discussions with the Commonwealth Secretariat and other international organisations. In preparation for the renewal of the Cotonou Accord, the negotiators representing the 79member countries of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states will be hosting a meeting. “To further their positions and look at the Memorandums prepared by the ACP ambassadors and there will also be meetings within the groups… Caribbean and the Pacific together and there is likely to be one with the Europeans,” the minister noted. The meeting with the ACP states, Minister Greenidge pointed out, is critical given the importance of the Cotonou Agreement, since it is the main source of concessionary funding for the Caribbean countries. Importantly, the Foreign Affairs Minister said, the UNGA 73 will provide Guyana with the opportunity to engage the Secretary-General on developments relating to

-opportunity for Guyana to raise Venezuela border issue President David Granger

the Guyana/Venezuela controversy, following his decision to refer the matter to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on January 30. Following the hosting of the UNGA 73, the Minister said several other meetings are scheduled to address issues such as trade, Blue Oceans and to facilitate further discussions pertaining to the ACP states. The Minister and the team will be attending from September 24, when the UNGA will hold a high-level plenary meeting on global peace in honour of the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, known as the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit.

However, he noted that President David Granger will not be attending this year’s General Assembly due to a hectic schedule including preparations for the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) slated for November 12. The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly opens on September 18. The first day of the high-level General Debate will be Tuesday, September 25 is scheduled to last for nine working days. The theme of the general debate is ‘Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.’

Wednesday September 12, 2018


Kaieteur News

Ex-cop gets life sentence for raping boy, 13 - Judge describes incident as “outrageous, abominable”

There is a possibility that he may depart from this world never to see the light of day again. Fifty-year-old Milton Kewley might be released from jail when he is 95, after he was handed a life sentence with possibility of parole after 45 years. On Monday, a 12-member mixed jury convicted the Universal Church of God member and suicide counsellor of rape. On August 12, 2013 in the County of Demerara, he engaged in sexual penetration of a 13-year-old boy. According to information, Kewley was a relative of the

child who is now 18. Information gathered revealed that Kewley took advantage of the child who was left in his care. At the announcement of the verdict, Kewley who stood in the prisoner’s dock appeared astonished. However, despite his conviction, Kewley has maintained his innocence. He had told the court on Monday, “I am innocent. The evidence and medical are there that I am innocent. This whole thing is a fabrication. I think the jury has made a

High Court Judge Brassington Reynolds imposed a 12-year jail sentence on 34-year-old Rawle Khan, who appeared before him for killing a man by striking him with a piece of rock to the back. Rawle Michael Khan who appeared yesterday at the High Court in Georgetown and pleaded guilty to the lesser offence manslaughter, admitted that on October 6, 2013 at Mabaruma, he unlawfully killed Christopher Allicock. Attorney-at-law Clyde Forde represented Khan, who was initially indicted for murder. On admitting guilt, Khan had repeatedly begged

the Judge for eight years. According to information, on the day in question at Mabaruma, Khan and his boss were engaged in an intense argument over monies. Subsequently, a scuffle ensued. The court was told that during that time, Allicock was passing and Khan struck him in the back with a piece of rock. Allicock ran a short distance but was later found motionless. He was taken to the hospital where he succumbed while receiving treatment. An autopsy conducted on the man revealed that he died because of a ruptured spleen

mistake. In life, we all make mistakes and some mistakes we have to live with them.” The convicted rapist continued, “I would never have sex with any male. I am not attracted to any male. God is my witness.” According to him, the child’s mother fabricated the story since she has been always out to get him. During a plea of mitigation, Attorney-at-law Maxwell McKay told the court that his client is a father of three and a member of the Universal Church of God. The lawyer also told the court that

12 yrs for man in brickpelting killing in Mabaruma

JAILED: Rawle Michael Khan and blunt trauma to the back. Prosecutor Seeta Bishundial presented the case for the State.

his client is a suicide counsellor. In response, State Prosecutor Lisa Cave urged the court to not only consider the prevalence and serious nature of the offence, but the fact that the teenage boy was left in the care of Kewley, someone whom he trusted. Describing the incident as

“outrageous and abominable”, trial Judge Priya Sewnarine-Beharry took into consideration the mental and psychological scars that the act has left on the child before passing sentence. The Judge also took into consideration the nature and prevalence of the offence and the aggravating factors.

Guilty: Milton Kewley


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Wednesday September 12, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Drilling of wells in Region Nine to commence on October 4

The Government of Guyana, in collaboration with the Government of Brazil, is set to commence drilling eight wells in eight villages in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo (Region Nine) from October 4, 2018. The drilling follows ten days of reconnaissance, which was conducted in March of this year. The wells are expected to assist in the storage of water for the dry season (El Niño). Yesterday, stakeholders met at the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) for the second working group meeting. That meeting was attended by Director General of the organisation (CDC), Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, Brazilian Military Attaché to Guyana, Colonel Deni Da Silva and stakeholders from the Ministries of Communities, Public Health, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture as well the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Department of Citizenship, Guyana Police Force (GPF), Guyana Revenue Authority

(GRA), Hydro-meteorological Office and Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI). According to Colonel Deni Da Silva, the equipment and support vehicles are expected to arrive in Guyana on October 1, 2018 while drilling will commence on October 4, 2018. It is the intention of the Brazilian team to have the wells handed over to the Guyanese authorities on November 28, 2018. Already, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, with approval from the Cabinet, has commenced road works to facilitate the smooth transportation of the vehicles and equipment from Brazil through Lethem to the targeted communities. During the drilling phase, the Brazilian Army will be working closely with the GDF. This collaboration will see the drilling of artesian wells in the villages of Aishalton, Chukrikednau, Shea, Maruranawa, Awaruwaunau, Karaudanawa, Achiwib and Bashraidrun. The aim of this process is to develop the

Brazilian officials during the reconnaissance work earlier this year in Region 9.

capacity of GDF’S Engineering Corps to drill future artesian wells and to respond to future water shortages caused by extensive droughts. In an invited comment, Colonel Craig said that the drilling of the wells is an important part of disaster response and preparedness, particularly during the El Niño season.

“As we know, [the] Rupununi is susceptible to droughts and floods so we want to remove that uncertainty and have a system under which the communities could be supplied with fresh water continuously during the year. “Mainly in Region Nine, the residents use hand dug wells and you find that a couple weeks into the dry season, there is no water for them to use. Those wells are usually about 20 metres but these that will be dug later in the year will be to a depth of 100 metres. It is all part of us

responding to the drought situation during the dry season in the region,” he said. This project follows President David Granger’s State visit to Brazil in December 2017, where the Complementary Agreement to the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil for the Implementation of the Project Technologies to Reduce the Effects of the Drought in Region Nine was inked. The Complementary Agreement states that the Government of Brazil shall

undertake to “promote the transfer of Brazilian knowledge and experience related to mitigation of the effects of drought; provide the means for implementation of activities foreseen in the Project, send consultants and experts to implement activities to be carried out in Guyana, support the development of the Guyanese technical team’s capacity to drill artesian wells and monitor and evaluate Project implementation.”Meanwhile, the Government of Guyana, as prescribed in the Agreement, shall undertake to “take responsibility for the maintenance of the artesian wells that will be drilled during the practical operations on the ground; appoint a technical team to monitor and participate in activities to be implemented, provide the technical team sent by the Government of Federative Republic of Brazil with the logistical support required to implement activities of their responsibility and to take measures to ensure that activities implemented by professionals sent by the Brazilian Government will be continued by professionals from the Guyanese implementing institution.” The drilling of the wells also coincides with the 50th anniversary of bilateral ties between Guyana and Brazil.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Jilted lover trashes salon

From page 12 a report. The police are investigating the matter. This publication also reached out to the businessman, who confirmed that he had built the structure that houses the salon and

also furnished the place. The man provided receipts in his name to the tune $2,615,210 million that was used to purchase construction materials, the labour cost were not factored in, and the cost for the furnishing was

also unavailable.The businessman also provided this publication with a nine-second video of the young woman with a man leaning on her shoulder while they rocked to the tunes of a song that was playing in

the background. The young woman is contending that the businessman had given her the money to build the salon and do the business, but he had no right to do what he did, since she said that was an old video,

and that she and the boy had nothing going. The young lady is contending that the man’s actions were unwarranted and she expects the police to see her get justice.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Kaieteur News

Tapping into sports tourism: Looking further than just filling the rooms – Jones Sports Tourism is something that has always been supported and promoted by the administration. However, Director of Sports Christopher Jones is calling for representatives of the tourism sector – particularly hotel owners and providers of tourist packages – “to look further than filling rooms when they are involved in sports tourism.” Jones was at the time speaking an event organised by the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana and HERO Caribbean Premier League to promote sports tourism. Guyana is currently hosting one of the largest sporting events in the world, the Caribbean Premier League and soon will be holding the

Women’s T20 World Cup. Jones said that such major events should not just be seen as an opportunity to fill rooms and is calling for tourism stakeholders to take it a bit further and promote Guyana to the rest of the world. Jones said that many hotels and outlets that provide tourism packages have only “just scratched the surface.” Citing the Kaieteur Falls as an example, the Sports Director reminded that it is not the only local tourist destination. He noted many of the Caribbean islands have tapped into sports tourism and underscored that Guyana has everything they have to offer and much more. ”When Guyana boasts

Director of Sport, Christopher Jones (Ackeem Thomas) about having the longest single drop waterfall, we want people to not only hear about Kaieteur but go and visit. When we speak of Guyana having the larg-

Wednesday September 12, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You might find yourself thinking about a possible vacation. You've worked hard during the last few months and feel you deserve a break. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) Your health should be in top shape today, Taurus. You're likely to feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong and ready to tap into your inner power. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You're good at dealing with others, but today you should be especially so. Your intuition is strong and you're likely to instinctively understand others' thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You generally are good at sizing up other people and sensing their thoughts and feelings, but today that talent is greatly enhanced by increased intuition.

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est birds of prey, we do not want persons to only see it in a magazine. We want them to go to those interior locations and experience it for themselves because after the sporting event is over, we are hopeful that those persons return to Guyana on their own or invite other persons to Guyana and promote Guyana through those mediums”, he stated. Jones said that it is a fact that a large part of Guyana is undiscovered adding that it is time “we expose it to the rest of the world.” (Isaiah Braithwaite)

South Africa expecting... From page 38 come up in the last few years and that the CSA pipeline is developing some quality players,” she pointed out. “I’m looking forward to seeing what these girls do and the fact that each offers something different and unique to the team’s needs, is even better. That, mixed with other young talent that we already have in Laura Wolvaardt, Riaisibe Ntozakhe and Zintle Mali is the stuff captains’ dreams are made of. “It’s going to be a good headache for selectors when it comes to picking teams going forward.” She added: “We have a lot to play for on this tour and I hope that the balance of youthful exuberance to experience will give us that ‘XFactor’ that we’re looking for because West Indies as a team in home conditions is going to be a big challenge.” SQUAD – Dane van Niekerk (captain), Chloe Tryon, Laura Wolvaardt, Lizelle Lee, Sune Luus, Mignon du Preez, Marizanne Kapp, Raisibe Ntozakhe, Masabata Klaas, Zintle Mali, Faye Tunnicliffe, Robyn Searle, Tumi Sekhukhune, Saarah Smith.



Wednesday September 12, 2018

Kaieteur News

Limacol Football Tourney

Beacons and Riddim Squad, latest winners Riddim Squad FC opened their Limacol Football tournament campaign with an impressive 3-0 win against Camptown FC in the feature match of Monday night’s double header at the Ministry of Education (MOE) ground on Carifesta Avenue. First half strikes by Wendell Joseph (33) and Kevin Gordon two minutes later helped Riddim Squad to a comfortable lead heading into the second period of play when Kevin Agard 76th minute goal sealed the victory for the Mocha Arcadia based club which secured a well deserved three points. The result means that Camptown are on the brink having only secured one-point from two matches played so far. Meanwhile, in the opening game, Beacons FC needled Grove Hi Tech in a shock defeat for the East Bank club. Under the stewardship of Coach Gordon ‘Ultimate Warrior’ Braithwaite, Beacons contained the attacking threat of the quick Hi Tech forwards. In the 53rd minute, Kimba Braithwaite fired in the lone goal of match for Beacons, which gutted Grove Hi Tech. With the result, Beacons now have four points from two matches in the round-robin/

Gayle, Russell ‘icons’ in Afghan league

Kimba Braithwaite knockout tournament while Hi Tech, known as one of the better teams in knockout football across Guyana, have one point from two matches. The competition continues tomorrow at the same venue from 18:00hrs when Santos play Pouderoyen followed by Police against Pele FC from 20:00hrs.

Kimi Raikkonen: Ferrari driver to join Sauber in swap with Charles Leclerc

Andre Russell (left) and Chris Gayle compete against each other during the ongoing Caribbean Premier League. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, CMC – West Indies superstars Chris Gayle and Andre Russell have been drafted as ‘icons’ for their respective franchises in the Afghanistan Premier League which bowls off next month. In the draft staged here Monday, Balkh picked up the veteran Gayle as their ‘icon’ player while Nangarhar snatched up all-rounder Russell.The duo are the only West Indies players involved in the inaugural tournament which runs from October 521 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Though in the twilight of his career, Gayle remains a

highly sought-after player on the global T20 circuit. The Jamaican, who turns 39 in ten days, holds the record for the most career T20 runs with 11 711 and the most centuries with 21.Russell, meanwhile, is also viewed as a prized asset in the T20 format, where his explosive lower order batting, steady medium pace and outstanding fielding has earned him contracts in nearly every league across the world. He has scored nearly 4100 runs from 166 matches, taken 244 wickets and 121 catches. Both players are currently campaigning in the Caribbean Premier League which wraps up Sunday in Port of Spain.

Gayle is captain of St Kitts and Nevis Patriots while Russell skippers Jamaica Tallawahs. Barbados-born England all-rounder, Chris Jordan, was also drafted and will showcase his skills for the Paktia franchise, headed by legendary Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi. Exciting legspinner Rashid Khan will lead Kabul as their ‘icon’ with New Zealand batting star Brendon McCullum named as the ‘icon’ for Kandahar. Each of the five franchises were expected to choose between 17 and 20 players, with five compulsory overseas players.

Superb Spain put six past World Cup runners-up Croatia

Raikkonen won the drivers’ championship in 2007 Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen will leave Ferrari at the end of this season and rejoin Sauber. The 38year-old Finn will be replaced at Ferrari by 20-year-old Monaco-born Sauber driver Charles Leclerc, who will partner Sebastian Vettel in 2019. Raikkonen has spent five years at Ferrari in his second spell at the Italian team. He has signed a two-year contract with Sauber, where he made his Formula 1 debut in 2001. “Feels extremely good to go back where it all began,” said Raikkonen in a post on Instagram. Raikkonen is the last Ferrari driver to win the world championship in 2007, before taking a two-year break from F1 in 2010 to compete in the World Rally Championship. He returned to the sport with Lotus in 2012 and then re-

joined Ferrari in 2014. He has 20 grands prix wins and 100 podiums in his career to date. ”Signing Raikkonen as our driver represents an important pillar of our project, and brings us closer to our target of making significant progress as a team in the near future,” said Sauber team boss Frederic Vasseur. Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said: “Kimi’s contribution to the team, both as a driver and on account of his human qualities, has been fundamental. He played a decisive role in the team’s growth and was, at the same time, always a great team player.” Leclerc has been picked as the Ferrari’s next potential star, after impressing in his debut F1 season. “Dreams do come true,” Leclerc, a member of the Ferrari driver academy,

posted on Twitter. “I will be eternally grateful to Ferrari for the opportunity given.” In a statement he paid tribute to his late father and his friend and godfather Jules Bianchi, another Ferrari protégé, who died in 2015, nine months after a crash at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix. “To a person that is not part of this world anymore but to whom I owe everything of what is happening to me, Papa,” said Leclerc. “To Jules, thank you for all the things you learnt me, we will never forget you, and to all the persons that supported me and believed in me. ”I will work harder than ever to not disappoint you. But first, there is a season to finish with an amazing team that gave me the opportunity to fight and show my potential.”

Saul Niguez and Rodrigo - who scored against England on Saturday - were again on target for Spain.(Getty Images) Spain’s impressive start to the Nations League continued as they thrashed World Cup runners-up Croatia. Luis Enrique’s side who beat England at Wembley in their opener in the competition on Saturday - never looked back after Saul Niguez’s headed opener. Marco Asensio fired in from 20 yards and then, shortly after, saw another rifled effort hit the bar and find the net via Croatia keeper Lovre Kalinic. Rodrigo, Sergio Ramos and Isco made it a rout for the superb Spanish. Rodrigo - who scored the winner at Wembley - beat the offside trap before finishing neatly, Ramos headed in from a corner and Isco turned sharply before firing in from in-

side the box.Croatia, whose side contained just four of those who started the World Cup final in Moscow this July - defender Domagoj Vida and midfielders Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Ivan Perisic - had actually started the game the stronger but now have to regroup before facing England in October. Spain’s two wins out of two in the Nations League see them top League A Group 4 with six points. Croatia and England are both pointless after one game.In other results - Finland 1 Estonia 0; Hungary 2 Greece 1; Moldova 0 Belarus 0; San Marino 0 Luxembourg 3; Iceland 0 Belgium 3; Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Austria 0.

Wednesday September 12, 2018


Kaieteur News

BCB/Magic Moments T20

No. 48 Challengers crushes Skeldon Super Kings to lift Upper Corentyne Title The first of four Zone finals in the historic Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) organised Sueria Manufacturing Magic Moments T20 Tournament was hosted at the No. 72 Cut and Load Cricket Ground. Witnessed by a colourful and large crowd in a festive atmosphere, No. 48 Challengers defeated Skeldon Super Kings by 75 runs to lay their hands on the first Zone title. A total of 28 teams started the tournament which was for teams in the Upper Corentyne. Playing the lone semifinal earlier in the day, Skeldon Super Kings defeated No. 72 All Stars by three wickets. No. 72 All Stars was bowled out for 73; Trishan Ramdass top scored with 18 for No. 72 while Totaram Rajaram grabbed 5-8, Sherain Murray 3-31 and Claude Felix 2-11, the best bowlers for Skeldon. In reply, Skeldon struggled to 75-7 in 13.1 overs, Murray returning with the bat to score 29 while Pradeep Guben claimed 4-13 in a losing cause. In the final, No. 48 Challengers blasted their way to 187-6 off their allotted 20 overs; Balram Persaud struck 43 not out, Terrence Budhoo 39 and Balram Samaroo 38. Junior Blair took 3-19 for Skeldon Super Kings which in response was bowled out for 112 in 15.3 overs. Zakeel Gordon fought a lonely battle with 30, Totaram Persaud bowled a tight spell with his left arm spin to claim 4-11. At the impressive cer-

The Winning No. 48 Challengers pose with representatives of Sueria Manufacturing and the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association. emony after the final, Lakeram Latchman of the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association hailed the rebirth of Berbice and Upper Corentyne cricket under the leadership of Hilbert Foster. Latchman noted that Foster has brought a no-nonsense attitude and tireless work ethics to cricket leadership in Berbice. He told the audience that the BCB President has a policy of visiting matches in the Upper Corentyne area and most importantly is always available to listen to advice. Foster hailed the festive atmosphere at the beautiful No. 72 Ground, with trees surrounding the venue. Cricket in Upper Corentyne, he stated would not be the same again as the Board would continue to invest heavily in the area

not only in tournaments but in off the field programmes. Foster pledged to take more major matches to venues in the Sub-Zone but cautioned clubs that discipline would be the corner stone of the BCB. Special thanks were expressed to Mr. Frank Sanichara, CEO of Sueria Manufacturing for his sponsorship and also to the Management of the No. 72 Cut and Load Cricket Ground for hosting the final. The Winner, Runner-up and Man-of-the-Final received financial incentives and trophies. Three other finals for teams in Lower Corentyne, New Amsterdam/ Canje and West Berbice would be held before the four Sub-Zone champions battle it out for the overall Berbice Championship.

Player-of-the-Final Balram Persaud receives his award from Yogeshwar Persaud of Sueria Manufacturing.

Haiti, Curacao flex scoring muscles on day five Miami, Florida – Haiti and Curacao flexed their respective scoring muscles with lopsided wins in 2019/20 Concacaf Nations League Qualifying on match day five on Monday. Haiti rocketed to the top of the CNL standings with a 13-0 romp at home over Sint Maarten, thanks in part to Duckens Nazon’s five goal effort with scores in the 19’, 35’, 42’ 61 and 64’. The win also marked the largest official victory in Haitian football history. Frantzdy Pierrot also added a brace (11’, 73’), while Charles Herold (47’), Carlens Arcus (59’), Wilde-donald Guerrier (62’), Derrick Etienne (72’), Soni Mustivar (86’), Jeff Louis (88’) and a Diaro Forsythe own goal (26’) all contributed to the final score. With his five goals, Nazon is the current leading scorer

in the CNL. Concacaf Gold Cup 2017 participants Curacao showed that it is motivated to make a return to the 2019 edition by delivering a 10-0 win over Grenada. Elson Hooi got things started with a right-footed finish in the 11’ to make it 1-0 to Curacao. Cuco Martina extended the lead to 2-0 in the 19’ by polishing off a header off a cross from the right side. Four minutes later it was 3-0 courtesy of Brandley Kuwas, who collected a ball inside the area and fired in a left-footed shot. The scores kept coming in the second half and Leandro Bacuna made it 4-0 with a calm finish from 18 yards out in the 53’. Rangelo Janga was next to get in on the action and fired home in the 59’ to stretch the advantage to 5-0.

Rangelo Janga – Curacao

Haiti´s Duckens Nazon. Four minutes later Gevaro Nepomuceno curled in a leftfooted shot to make it 6-0 and by the 68’ Bacuna scored his second for a 7-0 lead. Janga

tacked on goals in the 84’ and 89’ to earn his hat trick and Ruensley Leuteria completed the 10-0 scoreline with a stoppage time strike.


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Wednesday September 12, 2018

England v India

James Anderson breaks Glenn McGrath’s record in hosts’ win BBCsport - England’s James Anderson took the final wicket to become the most successful fast bowler in Test cricket and secure a 118-run victory in the fifth Test against India at The Oval. The 36-year-old bowled Mohammed Shami to claim his 564th wicket, surpassing the record of Australia’s Glenn McGrath. It secured a 4-1 series victory for England, who were held up for much of the fifth day by centuries from KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant. However, a stunning legbreak from Adil Rashid dismissed Rahul as the tourists fell from 325-5 to 345 all out. Anderson drew level with McGrath’s record with two quick wickets on Monday evening, but he and England could not force victory on Tuesday until late into the final session. Rahul and Pant’s 204-run stand gave India faint hope of an improbable victory, but Rashid dismissed both players in successive overs to put England on top. The final three wickets fell quickly: Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja both edged Sam Curran behind before Anderson bowled Shami with a full, straight delivery. The players were then led off the field by Alastair Cook in his final Test match for England. ”The last two days will live long in the memory,” exEngland captain Michael Vaughan said on Test Match Special (TMS). “What a week we have had and what a series it has been.” Anderson’s emotion on

passing McGrath’s record was evident - the pace bowler teared up as he and Cook left the field - and he finishes the series as the leading wickettaker with 24 wickets in five Tests. ”I’m trying not to cry,” Anderson told TMS. “It’s been a special achievement for me. It’s not something I’ve aimed for. “I’ve just enjoyed playing for England - it’s an amazing job.” When asked about Cook’s retirement, Anderson added: “It’s been difficult. He’s a very good mate of mine and he’s helped me through a lot of my career. “He’s been there as a friend for me. I’ll miss him.” England win - but questions remain It has been a strange series for England - while they have beaten the number one side in the world, there are lingering questions over the make-up of their side. They need, once again, to find an opener, although this time it is to replace Cook, while there are still questions over the top order. Keaton Jennings averages 18.11 from nine innings in this series, while Joe Root started the series batting at three and ended it at four Moeen Ali brought back into the team and promptly pushed up the order. Sam Curran, named the man of the series, is a positive for the hosts, having taken 11 wickets and scored 272 runs in the four Tests he played. Root’s side need to shore up their batting before the winter tour of Sri Lanka particularly given England’s struggles away from home in

Jimmy Anderson and Alastair Cook hug it out after England seal a 4-1 series win over India at The Oval. recent times. Rashid produces ‘Shane Warne ball’ Although Anderson took the wicket that sealed the match, it was a superb delivery from Rashid that ended the frustrating sixth-wicket partnership between Pant and Rahul. Rashid was overlooked for long periods in the morning and afternoon session, and when he did bowl, he struggled for control against India’s two attacking batsmen. Pant, in particular, tried to

dominate Rashid, hitting him for three sixes - one of which brought up his century. With the new ball available after tea, the leg-spinner may have been expected to be taken out of the attack. However, Root opted to persist with him - and the old ball - and he was rewarded when the Yorkshire leg-spinner produced a stunning delivery that turned extravagantly after pitching outside leg to hit the top of Rahul’s off stump. Former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott, speaking

on Test Match Special, said the delivery was reminiscent of a Shane Warne ball. The leg-spinner then dismissed the second centurion, with Pant hoicking the ball down to Moeen at long-off. Given India’s loose batting at times in this series, it may have been surprising to some that they were able to take the game into the final session. But England let the game drift: Anderson and Broad both opened the bowling and were not seen again until the mid-afternoon. Anderson’s reintroduction in the 68th over

was greeted with the biggest cheer of the day, but he was faced with two set batsmen. Broad’s omission from the attack may have been due to his broken rib, an after-effect of the blow he took when batting in the first innings, but Anderson’s absence, given his potency in this series, seemed strange. England 332 & 423-8 dec: Cook 147, Root 125, Vihari 3-37; India 292 & 345: Rahul 149, Pant 114, Anderson 3-45; England win by 118 runs; take series 4-1.

Vuelta a Espana

Britain’s Simon Yates increases lead as Rohan Dennis cops time trial BBCsport - Britain’s Simon Yates increased his lead at the Vuelta a Espana as Rohan Dennis earned a convincing win in Tuesday’s individual time trial. BMC Racing Team rider Dennis clocked a time of 37 minutes 57 seconds to win stage 16 by 50 seconds.Yates finished almost a minute and half behind the Australian, but increased his overall lead to 33 seconds as Nairo Quintana and Alejandro Valverde faded. Valverde remains second overall, with Steven Kruijswijk climbing to third. It was a good day for Dutch rider Kruijswijk, who finished fifth, 51 seconds behind Dennis. “Everything went according to the plan,” said Dennis. “I wanted to have a good crack on the hills and then

control that final flat section as well as possible.” Yates had opened a 26second lead heading into the 32km time trial from Santillana del Mar to Torrelavega in Cantabria. The MitcheltonScott rider was able to edge out nearest rival Valverde to finish 13th on Tuesday, while Quintana lost 42 seconds on the Englishman. Today’s 17th stage is a 157km road race from Getxo to Alto del Balcon de Bizkaia, with three mountain stages to come in the final five. Stage 16 results: 1. Rohan Dennis (Aus/ BMC Racing Team) 37mins 57secs 2. Joey Rosskopf (USA/ BMC Racing Team) +50secs 3. Jonathan Castroviejo (Spa/Team Sky) same time 4. Steven Kruijswijk (Ned/

Team LottoNL-Jumbo +51secs 5. Michal Kwiatkowski (Pol/Team Sky) same time 6. Enric Mas (Spa/QuickStep Floors) +1min 03secs 7. Nelson Oliveira (Por/ Movistar Team) +1min 05secs 8. Laurens De Plus (Bel/ Quick-Step Floors) +1min 07secs 9. Simon Geschke (Ger/ Team Sunweb) +1min 10secs 10. Kasper Asgreen (Den/ Quick-Step Floors) same time Overall standings: 1. Simon Yates (GB/ Mitchelton-Scott) 64hrs 52mins 58secs 2. Alejandro Valverde (Spa/Movistar Team) +33secs 3. Steven Kruijswijk (Ned/ Team LottoNL-Jumbo) +52secs 4. Nairo Quintana (Col/

Yates held a 26-second lead heading into the stage.

Movistar Team) +1min 15secs 5. Enric Mas (Spa/QuickStep Floors) +1min 30secs. 6. Miguel Angel Lopez (Col/Astana Pro Team) +1min 34secs

7. Thibaut Pinot (Fra/ Groupama-FDJ) +2mins 53secs 8 Ion Izagirre (Spa/ Bahrain-Merida) 3mins 04secs

9. Rigoberto Uran (Col/Team EF Education First-Drapac) at 3mins 15secs 10 Tony Gallopin (Fra/ AG2R La Mondiale) +4mins 43secs

Wednesday September 12, 2018


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Hero CPL T20 Playoff 1

Hetmyer, Rutherford 50-run stand sets up thrilling win; Warriors advance to 4th final in six years Story by Sean Devers; Photos by Zaheer Mohamed Watched by a less than Capacity crowd at Providence last night Guyana Amazon Warriors beat Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) by two wickets with one ball left in a riveting contest, low scoring but exhilarating playoff to advance to Sunday’s CPL T20 final at the Brian Lara Stadium, South Trinidad with their second consecutive win on home soil. Only Colin Ingram (25), Darren Bravo (24) and Dwayne Bravo (22) past 20 as TKR faced 60 dot balls and struggled to 122 off 20-overs against a disciplined Warriors attack which kept the shackles on TKR throughout their innings. Skipper Chris Green, 2-8 from 4 overs never released the pressure on the batsmen and got excellent support from Sohail Tanvir (2-38) and Rayed Emrit (2-22) for the Warriors who reached 126-8 off 19.5 overs. Shimron Hetymer hit two fours and two sixes in 39 to take his runs aggregate to 425 while Sherfane Rutherford made a 17-ball 30 decorated with four fours and six in match winning 50-run partnership from 29 balls. The Warriors replaced Davendra Bishoo with Romario Shepherd and again rested Kemo Paul who is not one hundred percent fit while TKR strengthened their bowling by bringing back Sunil Narine and 27-year-old American pacer Ali Khan who were rested for Sunday’s encounter between the two sides. Set just six runs per over to avoid playing another

Sohail Tanvir

Members of the Guyana Amazon Warriors applauded their fans following victory.

game before the final, the Warriors lost Cameron Delport (2) off Fawad Ahmed at 10-1 while Luke Ronchi’s struggles continued when he fell to Khary Pierre for 13 at 23-2 in the sixth over Hetymer walked to the middle and the crowd roared and the left-hander from Young Warriors in Berbice smashed Ahmed for four before Jason Mohammed (3) was LBW to Narine at 29-3 in

the ninth over to bring Chaadwick Walton to the crease. Hetymer dumped Ahmed for six before a paddle sweep and a square drive off Pierre for boundaries took Walton to nine before he pushed a ball back to bowler and was run out at 52-4 in the 12th over. Green surprisingly promoted himself ahead of Rutherford and was removed by Perrier for a duck without ad-

Sunil Narine was TKR most economical bowler

dition to the score. Rutherford took a couple of boundaries off Ali Khan in the 14th over and deposited Bravo for a massive six over cover while a four from Hetymer brought down the required rate which had climbed to over 10 per over. Rutherford smashed Cooper square for four and clobbered him out of the ground as the partnership flourished before the game took another twist when Hetymer was run out and Rutherford was caught at long-off with the score on 102 the 17th over. Tanvir and Emrit arrived with 21 needed from 18 balls with three wickets in hand but Emrit (1) edged Bravo to the Keeper at 105-8. Shepherd hit Bravo for six off his first ball and the crowd was screaming in the stands. Tanvir and Shepherd batted sensibly with a four past point by Shepherd leaving four to win in the final over. Shepherd took a single off the first ball while Tanvir faced three dot balls before hitting the fifth ball from Bravo back over his head onto the sight screen to climax a thrilling low scoring game. Earlier, Warriors asked TKR to bat on a slow track and an outfield which showed little

effect from the heavy overnight and morning showers. Narine, again used as pinch hitter, lofted Tanvir over mid-on for four before Brendon McCullum was LBW for a duck at 5-1 off the final delivery of the first over. Colin Monroe, the tournament’s leading run scorer with 470 runs was removed by Green’s off-spin in the second over a run later without scoring as Warriors struck in first two overs. Denish Ramdin (15) stroked Tanvir for three boundaries in his second over which cost 12 runs before the 39-year-old leg-spin wizard Imran Tahir trapped Ramdin LBW at 24-3. And when Narine (8) was removed by Green at 26-4 as the TKR top order was blown away as Green, arguably the best offspinner in this year’ CPL had a wicket maiden and at the end of the six-over power-play TKR were tottering in the Warriors own back yard on 26-4. Colin Ingram was joined by Darren Bravo and after 10 overs with the score was 42-4 with only four boundaries being conceded by the local franchise. Emrit watched in dismay as Darren Bravo (13) was dropped by Tanvir at

mid-off at 51-4 in the 12th over and celebrated his good fortune with a glorious extra cover driven boundary off Tahir. Bravo edged an almighty drive at Tanvir to end the 48run fifth wicket stand and leave the TKR on 76-5 in the 15th over. Bravo’s 24 took 33 balls and included three boundaries. Bravo’s demise brought his elder brother DJ Bravo to the crease but Ingram hit a high full toss from Emrit to long-off at 86-6 after his run-a ball 24 was aided by a couple of fours and the smallest crowd of the six previous CPL games in Guyana this year, was waving Guyana flags and dancing in the stands. The 100 came up in the 18th over when Shepherd bowled Bravo a ‘beamer’ before Copper continued from where he left off on Sunday night and got going with a six over mid-wicket off Tanvir in the penultimate over. After three swigs and misses Bravo hit Emrit for six before being taken at short third man to end a disappointing batting performance. The other playoff will see Patriots playing Tallawahs from 18:00hrs this evening at Providence.


Wednesday September 12, 2018

Kaieteur News

Shakoor supports West Meten-Meer-Zorg CC West Meten-Meer-Zorg Cricket Club has benefited from a kind gesture by one of its former members, Abdool Shakoor who presented a quantity of cricket gear to the club following two specially organised T20 games on Sunday last. The club received two bats, two helmets, two pairs of batting pads, two pairs of batting gloves, 18 white cricket balls and a gears bag. Shakoor urged the youths to take the game seriously and to focus on their education since the two goes hand in hand in this modern era. Troy Khan expressed gratitude to Shakoor for his assistance on behalf of the club. Meanwhile, in the two matches played, Parika Over40 beat West Meten-MeerZorg Over-40 by three wicke t s . We s t M e t e n - M e e rZorg batted first and scored 121-8. Jetendra Kishore made 22, Muneshwar Balgobin 21 and Abdool Shakoor 14; Imtiaz Sadik claimed 2-23 and D. Singh 2-28. Parika Masters responded with 1227 in 18 overs. Sadik struck 37 while V. Rajkumar took 2-35. The home team got the

Captain of the West Meten Meer Zorg CC Jermaine Maxwell accepts one the bats from Abdool Shakoor in the presence of members of the club. better of Windsor Forest by e i g h t w i c k e t s . Wi n d s o r Forest took first strike and were bowled out for 79 in

16 overs with Muneshwar Balgobin scoring 40. Sheldon Alexander grabbed 4-19. West Meten-Meer-

Silica Sands Golf Tourney plays on Saturday Silica Sands, a local company and long time supporter of the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) will host its second annual golf tournament in celebration of the remarkable academic achievements of Kayshav Tiwari, son of Pandit Haresh Tiwari. The tournament will tee off at 12:30hrs on Saturday and will feature Best Gross and Best Net in Categories A, B, & C. The tournament usu-

ally attracts a full field and especially this year as this weekend will feature a doubleheader as players warm up for the Suriname Open set for October 5-7. Eight-time defending Guyana Open Champion Avinash Persaud will demonstrate his skills along with top contenders Guillermo Escarraga, Mahesh Shivraj, Clifford Reis, Patrick Prasad, Mike Mangal, William Walker,

Pur Persaud, Richard Hanif, Max Persaud and Aleem Hussain. Female champions Joann Deo and Shanella Webster will tune up for the Guyana Open scheduled for November 3-4. For more information on upcoming events at the Lusignan Golf Course, how to become a member or learn the game - visit our Facebook page or call 220 5660.

Banks DIH/GABA Leagues

Nets and Pacesetters win on Sunday night Republic Bank Nets Bsketball Club continued their excellent showing in the First Division of the Rainforest Water/Malta Supreme/Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) tournament after thrashing University of Guyana (UG) Trojans 79-52 on Sunday night at the Burnham Hard Court in the City. Under lights Hodyah Stewart was once again the

standout player for Nets, swooshing in an identical 19 points along with his teammate Joe Ifill while Antwuan Austin tossed up 17 points in the win. Leading the scoring for the students in the 27point defeat was Samuel Thompson with 19 points. Meanwhile, the opening game saw Pacesetters getting the better of Kobras in a close Under-23 Division clash that finished 74-68. Troy David (17), Shaqwuan Gill (12) and Zion Gray

(12) each made valuable contributions for the winners as the Pacesetters out-performed the Amoniki John (18) led Kobras. Akeam Morrison also netted 18-points in the six-point loss for his team.Play will continue at the same venue today with two matches in the Under23 Division from 18:30hrs featuring Pepsi Sonics against University of Guyana Trojans archrivals Pacesetters playing Eagles, from 20:30hrs.

Zorg scored 80-2 in 11 overs in reply, Alexander struck 43. A p a r t f r o m We s t

Meten-Meer-Zorg CC, Shakoor also represented Peter ’s Hall CC, Gandhi Youth Organisation. He is

the uncle of former Guyana youth cricketers Ajaz Asgarally and Azurdeen Mohamed.

Fitvillve Caribbean Championship – Aruba 2018

Dillon Mahadeo (Guyana) & Matheus Othero (T&T) win RX Class The Guyana/Trinidad & Tobago combo of Dillon Mahadeo and Matheus Othero under the name, Crab and dumpling proved an unbeatable duo when they stormed to victory in The RX Division at the Fitville Caribbean Championship held at the Aruba Harbour Arena, Aruba over the weekend. The 3 day, Functional Fitness Competition was held in collaboration with Challenge Aruba and Muscles and Lungs Crossfit. Taking the second place was Team Chasing Excellence with Black Panthers coming in third. The annual 3-day Fitness Festival comprised of the best functional fitness competition the Caribbean has to offer. Mahadeo, Guyana’s #1 crossfit athklete and his Trinidadian counterpart who is also the best in the Twin Island Republic proved fitter than seven other teams following the conclusion of the 9 events that they had to compete in, over three days. The 7th event on day three was a triathlon (700m swim, 14k cycle race, 4.4k run on sand). Each male and female team comprised of two persons.

Dillon Mahadeo (right) and Matheus Othero in action. Other results: Men Intermediate - 1st Team Surinami 2nd, New Kids on the Block, 3rd FitKings. Women Intermediate - 1st Team Peanut and Almond Butter, 2nd Her

– Ricanes, 3rd Booty & The Beast. Men Scaled - 1st Prospects, 2nd Barflies, 3rd Barefoot. Women Scaled - 1st Freaky Vipers, 2nd Chaotix, 3rd Buns And Guns.

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Wednesday September 12, 2018


Records tumble at GAPLF RAW Nationals Carlos Petteron-Griffith

Vijai Rahim

Romario Gonsalves accepts his medal from Nadina Taharally. Determination, dedication and consistency were shown by the athletes when the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) held its RAW National championships on Sunday last the Saint Stanislaus College, Brickdam. A number of records tumbled at the event which saw Carlos PettersonGriffith and Natoya Robinson taking the Overall Male and Female titles, respectively. IPF/NAPF gold medalist PettersonGriffith set new records in the 93kg Open class, squatting 305kg, Deadlifted 345kg, Bench Pressed

160kg for a Total of 810kg which is also a new record. Robinson has all four national records in the 84+kg Class. She Squatted 165.5kg; Bench Pressed 92.5kg and Dead Lifted 195.5kg for a Total of 453.5kg. Lisa Oudit broke the Benchpress (61.5kg) and Deadlift (150.5kg) records in the 84kg Class. Noel Cummings had a best Squat of 130kg, Benchpress of 92.5kg and a Deadlift of 167.5kg to earn a total of 390kg in the Masters 66kg class; all being new national records. Lifting in the 66kg class, Romario Gonsalves set new national junior records when he

Squatted 215kg and Deadlift 245kg. His Total of 567.5kg is also a new record. Ramzan Mohamed currently holds the records for the 120kg division with a best Squat of192.5kg, Benchpress of 120kg and best Deadlift of190 kg; a Total of 502.5 kg. Vijai Rahim set a new record in the 66kg Open category when he Squatted 220kg and Deadlift 287.5 kg. Another record breaking feat was achieved by Hardat Tarson in the 83kg division with a best Squat of 230kg and best Deadlift of 267.5 kg. He also Benchpressed 140 kg to earn a Total of 637.5 kg.

World Masters Athletics – Malaga, Spain

Fortune advance to 400m semis Alisha Fortune advanced to the semi finals of the Women Over-40, 400m yesterday after winning Heat 3 of four at the World Masters Athletics Championships currently taking place in Malaga, Spain. Having already won 200m gold and silver in the 100m, the 43 year-old Fortune is aiming to end the championship with gold in the 400m. Yesterday she clocked 1:01.14 to win from Cynthia McNamee of the USA who clocked 1:02.39 and Judicaelle Calif of France, 1:03.16. Among the other qualifiers are Cynthia Monteleone of the USA with the fastest time of 58.88, Elizabeth Muthuka (Kenya) 59.94, Malgorzata Gasowska (Poland) 1:00.96, Annette Quaid (Ireland) 1:01.04, Angela Myers (USA) 1:01.53, Malgorzata Gasowska (Poland) 1:00.96, Annette Quaid (Ireland) 1:01.04 and Susie McLoughlin (Great Britain) 1:01.73. The semi finals would be contested today with the final on Friday.

Alisha Fortune (left) with a USA and Jamaican athlete in Spain.

Ramzan Mohamed

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Wednesday September 12, 2018

BCB/Magic Moments T20

Rose Hall Canje and Young Warriors advance to New Amsterdam/Canje final

Rose Hall Canje Cricket Team Rose Hall Canje Cricket Club (RHCCC) and Young Warriors Cricket Club (YWCC) have advanced to the final of the Berbice Cricket Board organised Magic Moments T20 Tournament for t e a m s i n t h e N e w Amsterdam/Canje Sub Zones. Rose Hall Canje CC defeated Police while Young Warriors CC got passed Betsy Ground. The semifinals were played at the

recently refurbished Rose Hall Canje Welfare Centre. Police batting first, reached 104 all out in 18 overs; opener Brentnol Woolford and Kwesi Mickle 17 apiece being the principal scorers. Bowling for Rose Hall Canje, medium pacer Compton Hope claimed 3-18 from four impressive overs. Veteran Balram Samaroo continued his impressive form with a composed 44 and together with a

blistering 54 not out from Sasenarine Sukhu (6x6), led Rose Hall Canje to an easy victory by eight wickets as the home team ended on 108-2 in 18.2 overs. Only left arm spinner Kwesi Mickle bowled well for Police to end with 2-8 from four overs. Young Warriors posted 143-5 from their allotted 20 overs; Kassim Khan 40, Alex Algoo 37 and Trevon Stanislaus 24 batting well.

In response Betsy Ground were bowled out for 105 in 17.1 overs; A. Subhai offered resistance with a stubborn 40, off spinner Richardo Ramdihal took 5-16. The final would be played on Sunday at the same venue and would be the second of four to be played under the Magic Moments sponsorship. No. 48 Challengers have already won the Upper Corentyne league while the final for Lower

Corentyne and West Berbice would be shortly. Sunday’s final is expected to be an exciting one as both teams are equally matched. Rose Hall Canje would be spearheaded by Ameer Rahaman, Roy Bipat, Sasenarine Sukhu and Balram Samaroo while Young Warriors will depend heavily on National Under-19 player Alex Algoo, Kassim Khan, Richardo Ramdihal, Gevon Schultz and Trevon Stanislaus.

South Africa expecting tough series but up for Windies challenge Bridgetown, Barbados CMC – South Africa Captain Dané van Niekerk has acknowledged her side is braced for a tough tour of the Caribbean but said both the experienced and younger members were eager to show their worth against the tough hosts in challenging conditions. The tourists touched down here Monday for a three-match One-Day International series against West Indies Women at Kensington Oval starting next Sunday, which will be part of the ICC Women’s Championship. They will also face West Indies in a five-match Twenty20 International series bowling off September 24 at the historic venue here, with the last four matches scheduled for the Brian Lara Stadium in Trinidad. ”I think this is going to be

South Africa Women’s Captain Dane van Niekerk (left) shakes hands with her opposite number Stafanie Taylor during last year’s ICC World Cup in England.

a tough and challenging tour,” said van Niekerk. “It’s located in absolute paradise of course – you won’t get to see more beautiful places when on a cricket tour but when it comes down to the business of cricket, the West Indies will test the athlete in

you like very few places will. ”The heat, the humidity, their very unique pitches – it all comes down to one package that is designed to demand a lot out of a player and it’s why I’m really looking forward to seeing what the seniors do when

they are presented with this type of challenge. The 25-year-old van Niekerk, a leg-spinning allrounder, is one of the most experienced members of the squad with 95 ODIs and 68 T20Is under her belt. She has been joined by seasoned

wicketkeeper-batsman Mignon du Preez who boasts 115 ODIs, including two centuries, and fast bowling all-rounder Marizanne Kapp who has played 93 onedayers. There are four academy graduates in Robyn Searle, Tumi Sekhukhune, Saarah Smith and Faye Tunnicliffe, who was called up last minute to replace the injured Trisha Chetty. Van Niekerk hopes the combination of youth and experience can pay dividends for the South Africans. ”I’m going to look to them (experienced players) to help lead the youngsters and provide guidance in the change-room,” she explained. “We have four players who have toured here and another handful of senior players who have played all over the world and know what it’s like to adapt to difficult conditions.

”We have been blessed with an exciting group of youngsters who are salivating at just the thought of getting started and we need to bottle that energy and distribute it wisely.” South Africa are seventh in the eight-team Women’s Championship standings on four points, with West Indies one place above them in sixth on six points. While the tourists are vying for qualification for the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand, they will also use the series to beef up their preparations for the T20 World Cup later this year, scheduled for Guyana, St Lucia and Antigua. Van Niekerk said South Africa were in an exciting period of their development and she was excited by the possibilities. ”It’s really encouraging to see how much talent has (Continued on page 31)

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Wednesday September 12, 2018


Banks DIH, NSC and NBTS collaborate for blood drive


he National B l o o d Transfusion Service (NBTS), with the aim of sensitising blood donors and essentially retaining them, have collaborated with the National Sports Commission (NSC) and Banks DIH through their Rainforest Water and Vitamalt brands to host a blood drive at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) this Saturday. While the blood drive is not only limited to athletes, the NSC has solicited support from all the sports associations across the length and breadth of Guyana to come out and donate while Banks DIH will be on hand to help rejuvenate donors with their beverages. During yesterday’s press conference at the NSC Secretariat, Homestretch Avenue, Dr. Pedro Lewis of the NBTS explained that this initiative is very important because blood donation is a continuous process and, “We at the blood bank always try to increase the instances of

donation.” Dr. Lewis elaborated further that, “A lot of hospitals call the blood bank everyday with requests for blood to save lives and it’s not a simple task to get persons to come and sit in the chair and donate. So we are thinking out the box and I’m happy with this opportunity to be in collaboration with the NSC and Banks.” Also on hand during the launch was Banks DIH’s Malts Manger, Clayton McKenzie, who reiterated his company’s delight in being part of this unique initiative which is paramount in saving lives at the hospitals. Dr. Lewis posited that, “We are asking donors to eat normal and drink some fluids before you donate. Fluids are also advised to be consumed after donation in this important procedure especially for the maternity ward. You are not only saving a mother when you donate, you’re saving a family.”

- When you donate, you’re saving a family – Dr. Lewis

From left, NBTS’ Dr. Pedro Lewis and Radha Ramdhani along with NSC’s Christopher Jones and Banks DIH’s Clayton McKenzie. The blood drive this Saturday is open to the general public and according to head of the NSC, Christopher Jones donors will be able to take part in

some friendly sporting activity at the CASH while they wait to make the noble contribution to a worthy cause. Those activities will

Romell Jagroop General Construction supports Bush Lot Softball tourney


s the inaugural B u s h L o t Softball Cricket Cup draws near, business entities in West Berbice has continued to throw in their support. The latest entity to support the venture is Romell Jagroop General Construction. Jagroop said that he is pleased to support the event because it’s the first of its kind that will be held in the area. He stated that over the years the village has produced a number of talented cricketers that went on to play for Berbice and Guyana. ”Sports are essential for the development of today’s society because there are so many distractions out there. We have seen what sports can do for a nation and people need to recognise this,” he added. Manager of Bush Lot Sports Club Christopher Bissoon expressed delight for the support and promises a successful and exciting tournament. Among other sponsors on board are Vault Night Club of Bush Lot Village, Cellphonix and A r i a n n a ’s F a s h i o n o f Rosignol. The competition is slated for Sunday at the Bush Lot

include draft, basketball and darts, prizes will be at stake. Dr. Lewis noted that there should be no drinking of alcohol 24 hours before giving blood and all are

NSC Condemns mistreatment of the national flag The National Sports Commission (NSC) has taken note of a video circulating on social media showing two females trampling on a flag of the Republic of Trinidad and Ta b a g o . T h e i n c i d e n t seemed to have occurred Sunday evening last just after the CPL match between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Trinbago Knightriders at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. The NSC regrets this unfortunate act and condemns the mistreatment of the national flag of any country. The NSC calls on all cricket fans and persons in general to treat the national

Manager of the Bush Lot United Sports Club Christopher Bissoon accepts the cheque from manager of Romell Jagroop General Construction Stephanie George in the presence of staff members. Sports Club Ground, West Coast Berbice. The one-day event will be played on a knock-out basis and will see teams battling for over $100,000 in cash and other prizes.

Interested teams can contact the organisers on 696 9659, 619 2674, 655 5067, 670 7323 before Friday, for registration. The Bush Lot Softball Cricket Cup is being

organised and Promoted by Arrowhead Promotions and Bush Lot United Sports Club of West Berbice. Proceeds from the event will be going towards developing the sports in the village.

welcomed between the ages of 16-65 years old but minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (Calvin Chapman)

flags of all countries with respect and dignity which they deserve. All national flags are sacred symbols of nationhood and must be accorded the same respect the spirit of love for CARICOM sister country and the spirit of cricket and sporting competitiveness. CPL cricket should be seen as an opportunity to bring our CARICOM sisters together and not sow discord and disrespect. The NSC calls on the persons involved to issue an apology for their actions.We wish both the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Trinbago Knightriders all the best in their remaining CPL matches.

rt o p S Hero CPL T20 Playoff 1

Hetmyer, Rutherford 50-run stand sets up thrilling win; Warriors advance to 4th final in six years

Sherfane Rutherford on the go for Guyana.

Warriors were not short of home support.

Shimron Hetmyer top scored for the Warriors.

Fitvillve Caribbean Championship – Aruba 2018

The victorious, Team Crab and Dumpling/Dillon Mahadeo and Matheus Othero (center) pose with the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the RX Division.

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