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Tuesday September 11, 2018


PPP moves to Court to challenge State over manipulation of local govt. boundaries


he People's Progressive Party (PPP) has filed yet another Court action against the State. This time, the party is challenging the authority of Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan and the Chief Elections Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Keith Lowenfield under the Local Democratic Organs Act, Cap. 28:09, to identify by name, boundaries and seats, a number of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) for the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) set for November 12. The Parliamentary Opposition contends that the actions by the Minister are illegal, in violation of the Local Democratic Organs Act and in excess of jurisdiction, when he failed to satisfy or observe procedures required by law. The PPP had accused the G o v e r n m e n t o f m a n i p u l a t i n g (gerrymandering) LGE boundaries to undermine its stakes at the upcoming elections. The party promised to move to the Court to challenge the actions of the Minister and GECOM in this regard. Yesterday, Attorney-atLaw Anil Nandlall filed a Fixed Date Application (FDA) on behalf of GECOM Commissioner for the Opposition, Bibi Shadick. The FDA serves as Judicial Review Proceedings against the Minister and GECOM CEO in relation to certain matters pertaining to the impending LGE. In the FDA, Nandlall admits that both the Minister and CEO have certain statutory responsibilities to discharge in relation to the holding of the elections. He, however, argues that the Minister has failed and/or omitted to follow certain

GECOM Commissioner for the Opposition, Bibi Shaddick procedures outlined in the Law in the creation of new NDCs, the creation of new seats in existing NDCs, as well as allocating seats in the new NDCs. According to Nandlall, “It is not that he (the Minister) does not have the power to do so. However, there is a procedure under a particular legislation that must be followed before it is properly done. That was not done by the Minister.” Nandlall explained that elections is a statutory process, and therefore, must be held in accordance to the procedures laid down in the relevant statutes. He stressed that the law of elections is that those procedures must be strictly complied with and must be rigidly followed, if not, the elections could be set aside as null and void, and unlawful and illegal, before a court of competent jurisdiction. The PPP further contends that the Minister altered existing boundaries within existing NDCs without any attempt to consult with important stakeholders, including the electors and the political parties. “We believe that such a process must involve consulting with the relevant stakeholders,” Nandlall

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Chief Elections Officers: Minister of Communities: Ronald Bulkan Keith Lowenfield pointed out. Section Three of the Local Democratic Organs Act, Nandlall said, speaks of a process that involves members of the community being part of any process in relation to local governance. He further said that Article 13 of the Constitution of Guyana speaks of the need to consult in important matters of State when it concerns democratic governance. He went on to point out that, the CEO fixed boundaries for the new NDCs that were created by the minister, when that is a duty for the minister himself. “This is not his (the

CEO) power,” Nandlall said, adding that, the CEO can only fix internal boundaries to allocate seats after the Minister prescribes how many seats the NDC must contain, and when he fixes the external boundaries. Among other things, the court action seeks orders of certiorari, quashing the establishment of the new NDCs by the Minister, an order quashing the establishment of new members within existing NDCs, and an order quashing the CEO fixing boundaries without consultation. The PPP is also seeking orders of

Mandamus, compelling the Minister and CEO to rectify these violations. After filing the FDA at the court's registry, Nandlall told reporters, “It is unfortunate that we have to approach the court at this hour. We have been forced to do so, having regard that we have been unable to get GECOM, the Chief Elections Officer or the Minister, to listen to our concerns, because we would have like these things not to end up in court.” Nandlall said that all they are asking is for the law to be complied with. He said he hopes the matter will be concluded in sufficient time for elections to be held in those areas. According to Nandlall, he has already consulted with a senior High Court Judge about setting an early date to begin hearing the matter. Nevertheless, the lawyer told reporters that the matter is very “straightforward”, but has some tedious procedures that one needs to follow. NO INTEREST Reacting to the court action, Minister Bulkan, who was at the High Court yesterday for an unrelated matter, said that the PPP, by

its actions and track record, has demonstrated to Guyana that it has no interest in democracy. The Minister said, “They (the PPP) do not believe in the system of Local Government. Nevertheless, we are forging ahead with the reinstitution as well as expanding the system of Local Government. We are convinced that when people are empowered and given the opportunity to develop their communities, it will result in better managed communities.” Minister Bulkan added that everything he did was within the law, and that the PPP has acknowledged that he has the authority under the law to determine the size of the council and that was all he did. “I am acting lawfully and legally, and there has been no claim to the contrary. To the best of my knowledge they (the PPP) are saying that I acted undemocratically and have invoked Article 13 of the Constitution of Guyana which speaks about inclusionary democracy.” The Minister concluded, “We are following the democratic tradition. We are empowering people ultimately, for their own benefit. The PPP will either conform or step aside.”

Jagdeo should reconsider Granger's proposal for parliamentary selection of GECOM Commissioners


ormer Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran believes that Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo should reconsider the proposal by President David Granger for parliamentary selection for Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Writings on the topic recently, Ramkarran noted that it is unfortunate that Jagdeo did not appear to have given much thought to the President's proposal. Ramkarran suggested that if the Government and Opposition can agree that members of the Elections Commission, including the chair, are appointed by the P r e s i d e n t u p o n recommendation by a twothirds majority of the National Assembly, it is a perfectly reasonable proposition which ensures

- Former Speaker

Former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran consensus on the nominations. He said it would remove the discretionary power currently vested in the President to reject the list of six submitted by the Leader of the Opposition and appoint his own choice, as

happened recently, to the disappointment of most Guyanese. At a recent press conference, President Granger suggested that the Carter-Price formula has exhausted its usefulness and that it creates gridlock rather than consensus in the selection process of GECOM commissioners. The Carter-Price formula was created by former United States of America President, Jimmy Carter and former Prime Minister of Belize, George Price. The formula allows for the Opposition and Government to nominate three Commissioners each, with a Chairman appointed by the President, following consultations with the Opposition Leader.

The formula was a response to the contentious 1992 elections and was first applied in the General Elections of 1997. However, during a recent meeting with the press, Granger expressed his support for the procedures that are in place for other constitutional commissions, rather than the current formula. The President believes that the process used in selecting members of constitutional bodies such as the Police Service Commission and Public Service Commission, should be adopted for the appointment of election commissioners. Jagdeo had swept aside the proposal to scrap the (continued on page 20)


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Tuesday September 11, 2018

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SUGAR INDUSTRY ON LIFE SUPPORT Sugar was once the most valuable commodity in the world. It led to, and sustained the slave trade, for over four centuries and the profits financed the industrial revolution and the development of Europe and North America. For centuries, the sugar industry had depended on cheap slave labour, because the harvesting of sugar cane required constant exposure to tropical heat in the Caribbean and elsewhere. No ordinary human being could have endured doing this type of work other than slaves from Africa. Free slave labour guaranteed the lowest production cost and huge profits not for the colonies but for the colonizers. The abolition of slavery in Guyana led to the introduction of indentured labour from India, China and Portugal to replace the African slaves, some of whom fled the plantation life for the cities. However, many remained on the plantation and worked for low wages because they could not eke out a living elsewhere due to the fact that they were denied farming land, which the Crown had in abundance. By the mid-20th century sugar could not be produced profitably at world market prices, therefore, Britain and the other colonial powers had devised a system of preferential market arrangements which in essence had guaranteed a quota and a price above those on the world market for Guyana and its Caribbean colonies. This boosted the profits of British and American companies in the Caribbean and Guyana where sugar was the main industry that sustained a number of communities across the country. By the early 1970s, it was clear that the preferential market arrangements were untenable in the long run and the British firm, Tate & Lyle, withdrew from them, because it claimed that it was operating at a loss. Yet the government of the late Forbes Burnham went ahead and nationalized the sugar industry in the 1970s as part of his socialist philosophy to take control of the commanding heights of the economy. The sugar industry was the main source of foreign exchange earnings for Guyana until the advent of the bauxite industry. Following the takeover of the sugar industry, the government spent an enormous amount of money on mechanization to increase production, but it was not enough to modernize all the sugar factories. As a result, the mechanization of some was continually delayed, agronomy was ignored to the detriment of yields, and several irrigation projects were neglected while others were stalled. While the amount of time, money, and expertise spent on the sugar industry did indeed improve production, it was not enough to guarantee the preferential trade arrangements which were eventually cancelled. Despite the spending of over US$200 million by the last administration to construct the Skeldon sugar factory and the Enmore packaging plant, which both became white elephants, Guyana is still producing only brown sugar, at prices way above the world market price. Since the mid1990s, the sugar industry - in essence GuySuCo - has been on a financial life support, with huge government subsidies of billions per year. Ending the subsidy on GuySuCo was meant to salvage a part of the sugar industry that can be made viable for the production of sugar for local consumption and export, and molasses for rum production. The current government realized that GuySuCo could no longer be subsidized and decided that its land and resources should be used for the production of other agricultural crops, given that it is the best farming land in the country. The options to continue subsidizing GuySuCo would have been costly economically and the closure of some of its factories have been difficult socially. However, experts have opined that it made sense for the government not to postpone the decision to close some of the factories and lessen the burden on the taxpayers.

Animal Farm in the House Dear Editor, When the APNU-AFC coalition won the general elections of May 2015, the country had voted for, and had high hopes for, change. Even Guyanese who did not vote in the elections gave the new Government their support and a chance to prove themselves. However, as events unfolded and the new Government settled into office, slowly the people of this country began to realise that a hoax had been played on us. The range of condemnation and accusations that were leveled against the PPP/ C turned out to be hype and suspicion and excessive noise: all the AFC did to get into power was capitalise on the disenchantment of the people. The AFC has turned out to be the biggest hoax played on the people of this country. After all the campaign promises, immediately upon getting the power the people gave to them, the AFC supported a 5% raise in salary for public servants and a 50% raise in salary for Cabinet. Rates and taxes were increased across the board and cost of living immediately increased after the coalition went into office. Minister (of State Joseph) Harmon is quoted as asking why should he work for the same salary in public office that he paid one of his attorneys when he was in private practice. And with that statement and other justifications for their huge salary increase just

a few months into office, we have established in the House our very own Animal Farm: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” Beyond salary issues, more signs of an unjust and incompetent administration that was misusing its power to pursue its own agenda began to emerge. Carifesta Avenue is now a monument to secret military involvement in civilian police operations. The military invasion of Kaieteur National Park and the detaining of a cameraman, who wanted to verify the boundaries that were the source of contention (KN 12th June.2017), were other acts of aggression against the people of this nation and an assault on the media. The parking meter fiasco and subsequent protest action in the city of Georgetown as well as the teachers being forced into taking to the streets while the Government ministers were on holiday have helped the people of this nation to become aware that the agenda of the political elite – a NEW Government - is not in alignment with the agenda of their campaign promises. One can only wonder as to the causes for a NEW Government to be so insensitive to the needs of the people. Beyond insensitivity, we find contempt from no less a person than the President of the nation. If we carefully analyse the behaviour, utterances and actions of the President, we will find that a pattern has begun to emerge that can support a theory that the President is pursuing an agenda

beyond the responsibilities given to him by the people of the nation when the coalition was elected into office. Firstly, the President had a candidate earmarked to be the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. He condemned over a dozen Guyanese as neither ‘fit and proper’ nor possessing the ‘integrity, impartiality and independence’ required for the role. The only suitable person for the role was the President’s personal choice. The pattern is to attack the character of the citizens involved, arrogate to himself the higher morality, and then appoint his choice, even outside of the constitution. This pattern was repeated once again after the GECOM fiasco and allowed the President to interfere directly in the operations of the Guyana Police Force. It began with “an alleged plot to assassinate the President” and a series of activities and events followed that lead to the removal of Seelall Persaud and David Ramnarine and the selection of a candidate who the President found to be suitable and having the ‘integrity’ and being ‘intelligent and impartial’. Former Attorney General, Mr. Anil Nandlall, advised the nation that a Commissioner of Police cannot be forced to take leave, nor can he, according to Article 225 of the Guyana Constitution, be removed from office for misbehaviour unless a special tribunal is convened (KN Jan 11, 2018). Once again, in the removal of Mr. Seelall Persaud, we have the Government of

Guyana operating outside of the Constitution, interfering in the operations of the Guyana Public Service. Since the President is arrogating unto himself morality as the justification for his actions toward nomination of Public Officials, I find it instructive to examine the President’s actions with respect to the whole drug bond scenario. Former Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. David Ramnarine, was heavily criticised for transferring fallen Police Officers. Worse yet, Dr. George Norton is now the Vice-Chairman of the PNCR. Contrast the actions of Kamla Persaud-Bissessar who fired eleven Ministers in four years while she was Prime Minister. It has become clear that the posturing by the President about ‘fit and proper’ and integrity and decency has no deep moral center. It is all an act put on to penetrate the independence of the Guyana Public Service and to insert his choices into strategic posts. The AFC also asked the people of this nation to lynch the corrupt PPP officials, but forgive the AFC officials: we must still put our trust and faith in Nigel and Cathy Hughes after the entire SitheGlobal conflict of interest fiasco. I reiterate that double standards imply no standards. And this is a very sad situation for the People of this nation. A lot of us feel saddened. But we must arise from this depression.What we (Continued on page 6)

The time is now for our youths Dear Editor, What happens today? When does tomorrow begin? We are frequently bombarded from all angles of society with the axiom that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Many of our politicians have also adopted the phrase, although it is somewhat more mentally fulfilling if said the other way around— the youths are the leaders of today. The irony lies in the fact that the said young people are overlooked in the formation, implementation and monitoring of exactly those key decisions that will ultimately affect them because they are seen as–the leaders of ‘tomorrow,’ not today. From a politically correct perspective, “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” is a somewhat incorrect cliché. The use of the word “tomorrow” in any context, has a way of inducing compla-

cency, and promoting the fading of the importance of actions and decisions made today in shaping tomorrow. According to well-known activist Malcolm X, “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Why must the youth wait until tomorrow to lead? What about today? When does tomorrow begin? Let there be no misunderstanding, as often as the youths are reminded that they are the leaders of tomorrow, they must also be reminded of the fact that today is the tomorrow they were waiting for yesterday”. Calling the youths “leaders of tomorrow” has brought about the mindset that, they are incapable of making a change today, because it is not their time. It has also caused them to sit back and criticize the government etc. whom they see as the leaders of today

and who should be held responsible for all the present societal malfunctions. It has made them look at the problems that we face in the community with the belief that someone else, not them, will fix it. Being a leader tomorrow requires a vision today, and this vision today must be put to work for full actualization. William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon says: There is a tide in the affairs of men Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries On such a full sea are we now afloat And we must take the current when it serves Or lose our ventures. The question still remains – if youths have not prepared themselves sufficiently today, how can anyone say that the

future will be bright? Leaders must have a lead to follow. Concomitantly, there also needs to be a paradigm shift around the concept of leadership. Oftentimes when the discourse on leadership is introduced, it is easily defined using political optics. However, leadership is not always political and not essentially position based. It is simply about influence and productivity. It is an attitude of accountability and responsibility. John Quincy Adams, the 6th president of the United States, said, “if your actions inspire others to dream more and become more, you are a leader”. Every day brings opportunity for effective leadership and as a consequence the youth should prepare themselves at all times to fill this gap in every sphere of life. Leadership is a garment (Continued on page 5)

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Exxon Mobil comes with Burdens but also Benefits Dear Editor, I usually try not to comment on matters as stated in Ms. Sandra Khan’s letter published in the Kaieteur News on Saturday 8 September, 2018 and titled “ExxonMobil should be ashamed to post such forced servility on the youths of this nation”. However, I decided to comment for three reasons: The use of Ms. Rebecca Low, Guyanese Squash player (Captain 2018 Junior Girls Team) as a part of ExxonMobil’s Public Relations campaign does not represent force servility on the young people of this nation as stated by Ms. Khan. Secondly, this was one of the suggestions I made recently to the Head of Exxon Mobil’s Communications. As an experienced person in the field of Communications, I suggested that this is an approach that the company should implement in the process of becoming better integrated and gaining greater acceptance in the Guyanese society; and thirdly, there are lots of fears around ExxonMobil’s operations in Guyana but I am of the view that there is need for a more balanced approach from Guyanese.On my first point, a few weeks ago, I was attend-

ing one of ExxonMobil’s outreaches in the ‘City Mall’. By the way, I would recommend that Guyanese go to the company’s outreaches and public activities; they should not only accept information published in the press, the press has its own biases. I would also recommend that the company organize more discussion sessions with groups and members of the public. There is a concept in psychology that says, what you don’t understand, you fear. It’s like race- if we don’t understand the cultures and behaviours of people from other races, our response towards them could be motivated by fear. So we have to get to understand ExxonMobil and generally what becoming an oil-producing country means and this is from both spectrums - the benefits and the burdens which it will bring to the country and its people. Secondly, one of my suggestions to the current Head of Exxon Mobil’s Communications and another staff on the team was to identify young people who are leaders and involve them in the company’s Public Relations and Marketing activities. There is a concept in Communications that is called ‘Appeal to Popularity’ or ‘Ce-

This is why the APNU/AFC will remain in place… Dear Editor, Responding to the suggestion by Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, that Guyana should ask for an international agency to take over the running of the local government elections, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, said that an “international agency running local elections would be an insult to Guyana”(KN. 9/10/2018). Really Mr. Nagamootoo? While I certainly do not support Mr. Jagdeo’s idea, the Prime Minister’s statement is the real insult – an insult to the intelligence of the people of this country. Where was Mr. Nagamootoo when in 2015, at the last general elections, the representatives of the so-called ABC countries were busily administering the elections to

shape the outcome? Based on his utterance, Mr. Nagamootoo would certainly believe it to be an insult to Guyana, if foreign agencies and governments constantly interfered in our internal affairs? Well then, unfortunately Mr. Nagamootoo, we stand insulted. The coalition government that you represent takes constant direction from the ABC countries and their agencies. This is what ensures that the APNU+AFC coalition will remain in place – who better to manage our much vaunted flag and anthem so-called independence?If it were up to we, the people…well it would be a different story! Gerald A. Perreira Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP)


Kaieteur News

lebrity Advertising’; so I further suggested that these young people can become ‘Champions’ for the company. Since I am usually very direct in my interactions, I further indicated that Guyanese want to see more of people who look like them on the company’s team. This was probably a little harsh but I am usually forthright on these matters. I am not sure whether they took my suggestions, but my point is that using this persons like young Ms. Low, is accepted best practice in Communications and Marketing. I also wrote this letter because I do not want the parents of Ms. Low to stop her from using her talent and much earned respect in her sport because there are some criticisms around her involvement in ExxonMobil’s Public Relations. My third point is relative to the fears around ExxonMobil’s present operations in Guyana. While much of this fear is justified based on other countries experiences with the company and what many call the resource curse which many oil-producing nations would have experienced; I do believe that as a people, there is need for more balance and objectivity in the way we view the company’s involvement in Guyana . I support the public campaign which I don’t think is against ExxonMobil but rather, in my view, it is more about trying to ensure that ExxonMobil and the Government get it right. However, the public campaign needs to become more focused. What is it that we would like to achieve from the campaign? What are the specific issues around the company’? And let’s address the issues separately. Let’s try to understand oil and the company better. What are the specific benefits for Guyana - the individual, institutions, communities, the society and what are the burdens? What levels of preparation are needed at the individual, institutional (for e.g. private sector), community, and society? What needs to be done at these levels between 2018 and 2020? What has to be

done to transform the various facets of the society into a state of preparedness by 2020? The answers to these questions must be communicated very clearly. The Guyanese people need to know and understand clearly, how oil could change their lives in a good way and negatively. A few years ago, during the global financial meltdown, I saw a television interview with one of the United States wealthiest persons and he was asked whether it was known that the financial systems was going to ‘crash’ one day and his response was very interesting, he said yes, but not much could have been done to prevent it. I assume that there were so many systems which were inter-connected that stopping it, could have been equally disastrous. I do agree, though, that more mitigating measures could have been put in place. This is to some extent the same with oil and Guyana. Oil is here and everything that comes with it is on its way to Guyana with a force that cannot be stopped. It is coming with science, evidence-based, techniques, technology, systems, structures and more. Guyana has too many settlers as citizens and in leadership; we need more prospectors and pioneers generally and in leadership. What is coming with oil are a lot of prospectors and pioneers and our settler approach and values would not be able to compete. In 2012, I started to promote Guyana as becoming the ‘Singapore of South America’ by 2032 but it seems as though this will happen before. Some mitigating measures are the Government has to organize the country- my suggestion is that this be done around six economic and development areas -the Green Economy, Natural Resources Economy, Agriculture Economy, Blue Economy, Oil and Gas Economy and extremely important the Service Economy- not merely a service sector. Audreyanna Thomas

The time is now for our youths... From page 4 that must be worn on a daily basis and not a coat that is pulled out from a closet and put on when needed. The axiom “youths are leaders of tomorrow” further imposes a responsibility on fundamentally two parties— the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow and the adults who are the leaders of today. Having thus said, the leaders of today are then tasked with the responsibility to properly equip the youths for leadership tomorrow. In turn, the youths must be intellectually, mentally and emotionally ready and willing for the huge responsibility that lies ahead. In making for a great and healthy democracy and save the future of our establishments, we must allow the youths to participate at all levels of policy and decision-making. As Francis Bacon, the English philosopher and statesman (1561-1626) aptly puts it, “Young men are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and fitter for new projects than for settled business”. The call is now. I strongly believe. Let’s get real—— Youths do not wait for tomorrow so that you can start lead-

ing and solving problems then. As a young person, whatever capacity you find yourself in today, begin seeking solutions to the challenges that you and other Guyanese youths face. You have the power in you to bring about that change. In your individual walks of life, endeavor to set an example and create a lasting positive impact. Chase after mastery and excellence as you do gold. To quote the words of Amadeo Giannini (1870– 1949), founder of the Bank of America: “I leave everything to the young men. You’ve got to give youthful men authority and responsibility if you’re going to build up an organization. Otherwise you’ll always be the boss yourself and you won’t leave anything behind you.” It is verbally easy to say: “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow,” but the leaders of tomorrow must start today. For as the saying goes: The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Then again yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. To the youths—Carpe Diem. Yvonne Sam


ChildLinK’s role in increasing convictions in sexual offences cases Dear Editor, In the month of September there is a heightened awareness on the issues of children, on education and on their protection and whilst families are most important to the protection of children, there are many other systems and structures that support the prevention of abuse of children. The Supreme Court of Judicature has launched the Sexual Offences Court. The overall aim included addressing the backlog of cases of child sexual violence. In Guyana, there is an average of 650 reported cases of sexual violence against children. Since the Sexual Offences Court was established, a number of child sexual abuse cases were brought to trial. According to a local newspaper article published on April 14, 2018, after seven months, there has been a notable increase in the number of child sexual abuse cases tried as opposed to previous years and there has also been a noteworthy number of convictions thus far. The Guyana Human Rights Association conducted a study: Without Conviction Sexual Violence Cases in The Guyana Justice Process. The study found that from 2000-2004 the average conviction rate of sexual abuse cases was 1.4%. That is nine convictions out of 647 reports of sexual abuse. ChildLinK through the Child Advocacy Centre

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

(CAC) provides court support to child sexual abuse victims who have cases of sexual violence before the court. Court support services provide pre and post-trial support to a victim. ChildLinK supported 16 clients from November 2017 to present. Of the 16 cases we supported, there were 14 convictions, one not guilty verdict and one ongoing case. Chancellor of the Judiciary (a.g.) Justice Yo n n e t t e CummingsEdwards and all stakeholders involved in the establishment and operationalization of the Sexual Offences Court deserve commendation for their successful efforts to improve the efficiency of the judicial system and afford victims of sexual violence the opportunity to have their cases tried. ChildLinK believes that the Sexual Offences Court sends a strong message to children and to the wider society that justice served may directly influence an increase in reporting of child sexual abuse and in the longer term improve the protection of children from sexual abuse. In a newspaper article, Justice Cummings-Edwards stated that the specialist court was properly staffed and would see the rotation of criminal judges. The Chancellor also noted that the courtroom was properly equipped and includes a victim support unit giving victims the opportunity to testify in a free environment and not

subjecting them to victimization or discrimination. The Sexual Offences Court allows child sexual abuse cases to be treated with sensitivity and child victims are emotionally supported to provide their sworn testimonies. Although the lives of the victims have changed forever, the fact that the perpetrators are held accountable for their heinous crime may give the victims and their families some solace. A ChildLinK Court Support Officer stated: “This system serves justice and brings closure to the victims and the families”. One child victim related in her impact statement: “Now that the case is over, I feel a weight has been lifted off of my back. I deserve my innocence. At first I thought that I was the only child that experienced such a horrible thing but learnt that I am not, and that gave me the courage to speak out”. Sexual violence against children is a gross violation of children’s rights. Establishing a system where a perpetrator is prosecuted and victims are provided with a strong support system throughout the trial plays a major role in the battle against sexual offences. This hopefully will encourage persons to report any known case of child sexual abuse and deter perpetrators from abusing children. We all have a role to play in protecting children from sexual violence and any other form of violence. Shaquita Thomas Communications Officer ChildLinK

We are the future of this country- invest in us Dear Editor, In Guyana, the youths comprise approximately 60% of the population. In my humble opinion, enough emphasis isn’t being placed on the young people of this country who are the future. Each year, hundreds graduate from secondary schools and are unable to further their studies (worse if they are not from Georgetown). Even more graduate from the university to venture into the world of work in which there are no jobs for them. Many are forced to suppress their dreams and aspirations, despite being qualified; despite working and studying hard to finish their schooling, academically equipped to face the challenges of the world of work, only to be surprised that the real challenge is in gaining meaningful employment in Guyana. Any hope of a productive and meaningful life, the chasing of one’s dream significantly diminishes, leaving nothing but a struggle for survival. As a young Guyanese, I find this challenge burdensome. I pity those who aren’t qualified, for if those of us with our qualifications find it so difficult to secure employment, what about those without?Many are talking about things being better in this country; they need to be more aligned to the common man and the everyday hardships they endure just to survive in this country, because the struggle is real. We, the youths, constitute Guyana’s only hope for a real future. The youths of this country are ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic and promising.

We are considered vulnerable in today’s society because of the rapid pace of change we experience at this time in our lives. A national youth development policy should be created and designed to advocate for youth and youth development. This policy should view youth welfare as vital to Guyana as a nation and its socio-economic development. Identifying and addressing these issues would enhance the lives of youths in Guyana and would improve overall national development. Now is the time; what are our leaders waiting for? The formation/creation of a youth policy must have youth participation on a national level, which should involve recognizing and nurturing the strengths, interests, and abilities of young people of this country through the provision of real opportunities for us youths to become involved in decisions that affect us at individual and systemic levels. It is time the young people become involved in the decision-making process that adversely affects our lives, both now and in the future. For example, the draconian marijuana law directly affects many youths, since mostly young men are jailed for small quantities, thereby directly and indirectly changing their lives negatively. I implore those responsible to provide technical training to our youths to prepare them specifically for jobs. Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET) would help address the skills crisis. Youths who aren’t academically inclined

and/or are school dropouts are often the most unprepared in acquiring jobs, due largely to their lack of skills. With our resources and the money from our oil, a technical institute should be available in each of the 10 administrative regions of this country. This would be more convenient for persons living out of Georgetown or Linden, where two of our institutes are located. Youths who are neither working nor studying do not have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills. They are progressively marginalized and in turn can develop anti-social behaviours (hence, crime mostly involving youths, drug abuse and gang-related problems and teenage pregnancy, and a whole host of other social ills that negatively affects our society). Vocational education will help to combat youth unemployment, because vocational training programmes will reduce unemployment and increase wages, increase employers’ productivity and significant social benefits will improve the health and wellbeing of the average Guyanese youth. For the “Good Life” that was promised a while over three years ago, we the youths of this country still await those jobs. It was time for the youths; please do not fail us with your divisive politics and petty agendas. We are the future of this country, invest in us, create that foundation that we so desperately need; be our role models and ensure that you set a good foundation for the future generations of this beautiful land of Guyana. Nkosei Williams

Animal Farm in the House... From page 4 have in Government is a set of opportunists pursuing an agenda that the people of this country did not set. The single member of the administration who has voiced genuine concern for the wish of the people is the Hon. Jaipaul Sharma. The actions of this government, including the breaches of the constitution, the contempt for the Carter process and the recent calls for the National Assembly to appoint Commissioners, must be interpreted in the context of the double standards they have shown us. An alarm has been sounded throughout the nation. It has become clear to me that the citizens of this

country have a problem of dictatorship on their hands and the potential for electoral malpractice is evident. Can we, the citizens of this nation, do more than just shake our head in disbelief at our unfortunate circumstances? As a child, I lived through the PNC dictatorship, and was at home hearing the wailing from the funeral procession of Dr. Walter Rodney, who gave his life up for this country. As a child, adults fought and paid with their lives for me to enjoy free and fair elections and an independent press. As an adult, I inherited a democracy that was hard earned. Now, as an adult, I am shocked to see a reversal and a callous trampling of the democratic values and

practices that were so hard earned. Adults of today have a responsibility to create a stable political future so that our children’s tomorrow may be free of this blight of dictatorship, corruption and political instability. While I was a graduate student at the Royal Holloway University in the UK, our backyard and playground were the fields of Runnymede where the historic Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. We have inherited a British political infrastructure but we did not endure the centuries long struggle of the British people. Nor, have we endured the struggles of the American people for freedom. Let us be clear that our struggle is not one of PPP vs PNC politics. It

is a relatively young struggle for a democratic political culture, an ideal that Government should be of the People, for the People and by the People. When we are governed by ideals, our politics can be graceful. Statesmen and women are elevated into politics by their virtues, not their greed and ambition and gerrymandering. Politics is an act of servant leadership, not to be engaged in for personal renumeration. While the politicians reveal to us daily who they are, we the people of this country must hold onto our center and be the source light in the darkness. Our struggle in this country for democracy continues and as we stay calm and

Tuesday September 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

IDB report pushes for more public consultations on Govt. projects One of Guyana’s main lending partners, the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), has released a report which targets more comprehensive public consultations for public projects. According to the bank, the new report identifies 10 key elements that can help projects improve their sustainability and reduce potential social conflicts, from proper community engagement and legal foundations to adequate monitoring of results. The report - Social Impact Assessment: Integrating Social Issues in Development Projects looks at how governments and other key players can better utilize social assessments in their projects to improve development outcomes, ensure greater social acceptance of the project and manage potential risks, among others. The recommendations are in keeping with international best practices. “Social impact assessments are a powerful tool to facilitate the integration of social issues in the planning and implementation of

projects,” says Janine Ferretti, Chief of IDB’s Environmental and Social Safeguard Unit. “It improves the quality and sustainability of projects, supports and strengthens national requirements, and enhances project acceptance and local ownership.” The Spanish-language edition of note will be launched during the VI Regional Policy Dialogue ( R P D ) a t t h e I D B ’s headquarters in Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C o n September 11-13. Since 2015, the Environmental and Social Safeguards Unit (ESG) of the bank has held a series of 5 RPDs on Environmental Licensing and Compliance. These dialogues have brought together hundreds of senior officials from the licensing and enforcement authorities in countries within the Latin American and Caribbean regions to better understand the challenges and needs to strengthen environmental and social permitting and compliance. The note will be a key point of conversation throughout this year’s Dialogue. The Social Impact

Assessment (SIA) note is structured around 10 key elements, which should be embedded in an SIA process in projects of moderate to high risk, scale, and complexity – typically big infrastructure investments. A recent IDB study of 200 conflict-affected infrastructure projects have revealed that social drivers led to conflicts in many cases, including a lack of community benefits (84%) and reduced access to resources (78%). “These elements are not addressed separately o r s e q u e n t i a l l y. T h e y inform each other, and may be studied, consulted on, and managed at different times of the project cycle,” IDB said. Among the 10 elements were Stakeholders’ Engagement, Benefits and Opportunities, Risk Identification, Design and Implementation and Monitoring, Adaptive Management and Evaluation. Wi t h regards to consultations, the report noted that stakeholder analysis and meaningful engagement are essential parts of the SIA process, providing inputs to

informed decision making. For Benefits and Opportunities, the SIA process provides the basis for determining how a project can benefit local communities and other stakeholders and promote local ownership and support for the project. According to the IDB, the earlier the SIA starts, the easier it is to maximize benefits and minimize risk, and to add value to the project through improved designs and

implementation. “This note on Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is part of a series of guidance and good practice publications prepared by the InterA m e r i c a n D evelopment Bank’s Environmental and Social Safeguards Unit. The serie s c o v e r s assessment and management of environmental and social risks and opportunities, and aims to provide guidance on international good practice

and IDB’s requirements in applying environmental and social sustainability principles.” The report would be critical to Guyana, as over time there have been questions about the way projects are initiated without much stakeholders’ input and even implemented, again without them. The IDB has been lending Guyana billions, for roads and electricity p r o j e c t s , among other things.

Berbician vacationing in Trinidad goes missing Trinidad (Trinidad Newsday) - More than a week after 40-year-old Andrew Caesar left his friend’s home at Warren Trace, St Augustine, to meet an acquaintance, his friends and relatives are calling for answers into his disappearance. They are pleading with authorities to commit themselves to finding him. According to a close friend, Caesar, who is from Guyana, came to Trinidad in July for a vacation and was expected to return to

Guyana today Caesar received a phone call at around midday last Sunday and left to meet an acquaintance, but did not tell the friend with whom he was staying, where he would be. Speaking with Newsday yesterday morning, the friend said he reported Caesar missing to the police last Tuesday, but said he was not convinced the Anti Kidnapping Unit (AKU) were taking the case seriously. “I spoke to them several times and each time

they are telling me that he might be out drinking or liming. This isn’t his first time in Trinidad and he has never overstayed his visit. I’ve been in contact with his wife and daughters in Guyana and they are all very concerned about his safety, we just want him returned to us.” Caesar’s friend said he was concerned over the number of missing people in TT and urged anyone with information on his location to notify the police.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 11, 2018

About 1000 nurses needed in the public health system - Minister Some 1000 nurses are needed in the public health system. To achieve this objective efforts have already been engaged to recruit the numbers to make the system more efficient and effective. While training is a top prior-

ity, moves are also being made to invite retired re-migrant nurses to come on board. At least this is according to Senior Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence, who explained that “if you are a retiree and you have come

back home and you have skills to offer and so on, we can put you at a different level to work within the system, because you would have a lot of knowledge to transfer.” But in addition to inviting

the retirees, the Minister said the Ministry is working overtime to train even more nurses to plug into the system. “We are about to roll out a programme where we are going to be training 100 nurses instead of training 20

and 30. We have to do that to ensure that we can first fulfil our requirements, and right now we need about 1000 nurses in the system,” said the Minister. The Minister made this disclosure even as she disclosed that simultaneously the Ministry has been working to increase the number of medexes in the system. Speaking of the most recent batch of individuals who were admitted to the medex training programme, the Minister said, “our aim is to get 40...once their training is completed we will train another batch so that, within a timeframe of eight to 12 years, we will be able to say that we are solid in terms of the numbers that we have. So we are looking at projections; we are projecting ahead.” Even as she highlighted the emphasis being placed on training, the Public Health Minister has also instructed her Health Sciences Education Department to implement yet another strategic programme to aid the process along. “I have asked them to look at a shorter programme for persons who are already nurses but would like to come on now to do the medex programme. So we are looking at innovative ways in

which we can beef up our numbers within the health sector,” said the Minister. But the intensified efforts have not been without cause. In fact the Minister, even as she acknowledged migration as a primary cause for the need for increased training, made it clear that this development is certainly not unique to Guyana. “Migration is not only a Guyana issue. We have signed on to the CSME [the Caribbean Single Market and Economy] and that gives the right to any Caribbean person to move from one country to the next to be able to ply their trade and earn in their profession, so it’s no different from Guyana,” the Minister asserted. She added, “We will continue to see migration, not only in nursing, not only in midwifery, but in many other skilled areas.” The Minister disclosed that many less developed countries have been moving to file complaints against developed countries, since they have been helping to contribute to the migration situation. “The developed countries are coming into our territories and employing persons...this has been a complaint right up to WHO by the less developed countries,” the Minister noted.

Tuesday September 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

Natural justice is about procedural fairness Workers are entitled to natural justice. This means that if there is an allegation against a worker, he or she must be given an opportunity to be fairly heard; an opportunity to offer a defence against the charges made; to be afforded the chance to respond to any adverse findings, and to mitigate any intended disciplinary action, including dismissal. Even though in public corporations law there may be no cause against arbitrary dismissals except where this involves a breach of contract, there is equally no right of arbitrary dismissal. The recent intervention of the Prime Minister of Guyana into the summary dismissal of the Financial Officer of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited may have been absolutely necessary to prevent a miscarriage

of justice, in terms of ensuring that the principles of natural justice were observed. In a recent decision, the Privy Council recounted the principles of natural justice as outlined in R v Secretary of State for the Home Department, Ex p Doody [1994] 1AC 531, 560. Lord Mistill in that decision noted that “Fairness will very often require that a person who may be adversely affected by the decision will have an opportunity to make representations on his own behalf either before the decision is taken with a view to producing a favourable result; or after it is taken, with a view to procuring its modification; or both…Since the person affected usually cannot make worthwhile representations without knowing what factors may weigh against his interests, fairness will very often require that he is in-

formed of the gist of the case which he has to answer.” In other words, natural justice is about procedural fairness. Justice must not only be done but must be exercised in the procedurally fair manner. Summary dismissal has constitutional implications. In the often cited case of Mohammed v Attorney General for Trinidad and Tobago (HC 4918 of 2007) it held that a breach of natural justice constituted a violation of the protection of the law provision under the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago. The judge in that case had ruled that protection of the law includes the right to natural justice and thus to procedural fairness. One of the dangers of power is its tendency to be abused unless there are limits, checks and balances to its exercise. Power therefore should not be used in

Ex cop convicted of sodomizing boy, 13, tells jurors they made a mistake A very outspoken 50-yearold former policeman was very outspoken yesterday as he turned his attention to a 12member mixed jury, which convicted him for sodomizing a 13-year-old boy back in 2013. The man, Milton Kewley, was convicted of engaging in sexual penetration with the underage child on August 23, 2013, in the county of Demerara. According to information, Kewley was a relative of the child who is now 18. Information gathered revealed that Kewley took advantage of the child who was left in his care. At the announcement of the verdict, Kewley who stood in the prisoner’s docked appeared

astonished. When asked by the court’s registrar if he had anything to say, Kewley asserted, “I am innocent. The evidence and medical are there that I am innocent. This whole thing is a fabrication. I think the jury has made a mistake. In life we all make mistakes and some mistakes we have to live with them.” The convicted rapist continued, “I would never have sex with any male. I am not attracted to any male. God is my witness.” According to him, the child’s mother fabricated the story since she has been always out to get him. During a plea of mitigation, Attorney-at-Law

Maxwell McKay told the court that his client is a father of three and a member of the Universal Church of God. The lawyer also told the court that his client is a suicide counsellor. In response, State Prosecutor Lisa Cave urged the court to not only consider the prevalence and serious nature of the offence, but the fact that the teenage boy was left in the care of Kewley, someone whom he trusted. The prosecutor asked that the convict be served with a “heavy penalty”, which would serve as a deterrent to likeminded individuals in society. Trial judge Priya SewnarineBeharry deferred sentencing for Kewley until today at 13:00hrs, at the High Court in Georgetown.

an arbitrary, capricious and unfair manner. If this happens, then those exercising power can use such power in a tyrannical manner and abuse their positions of authority to trample on the rights of others, as has been so evident within the present and past Guyanese governments. The Guyana National Newspapers Limited has a Board of Directors. And that Board is supposed to be responsible for appointments and dismissals of senior management of the corporation. It is therefore outside of the remit of any person, outside of the Board, to dismiss a senior officer and more so to dismiss that person summarily. The Prime Minister is the subject Minister responsible for information and his reported intervention may have arrested a miscarriage of natural justice. The Prime Minister therefore acted properly by having a meet-

ing on the issue. The outcome of this meeting led to the rescinding of the dismissal pending an investigation. There have been other cases since the APNU+AFC coalition came into office, in which administrative power was abused in order to have persons dismissed. A record of such dismissals is reportedly being compiled to be dispatched to international human rights bodies and regional and international labour organizations. It is important that those who wield power do not deprive others, particularly workers, of their right to natural justice. This means the right to an initial hearing to determine whether any further investigations are needed; the right to representation in any investigation; the right to be heard; the right to respond to any adverse findings and the right to be provided with reasons

why disciplinary action should not be modified. If all government agencies and departments follow these principles, then more workers will enjoy the protection of the law. If before dismissing someone, the rules of natural justice are applied, we would have a fairer and just society. The government does not need a code of conduct, since it continues to ignore the one that it wrote. What the government needs is a code of natural justice to protect all workers. Intervention must not be selective. Natural justice must be applied universally.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

My wife and I: Insanity in the banking sector in an insane country My mother-in-law ran a supermarket in the Wortmanville/Werk-en-Rust wards of South Georgetown for over sixty years, before advanced age put an end to it. One of the things I did for the supermarket on literally countless occasions was to go to the banks to get smaller notes early in the mornings. That was routine. Since the supermarket closed seven years ago, I never did that transaction anymore. Yesterday I was driving home when a man called and described an incident for me at the Water Street branch of Republic Bank. He gave his name as

Wa l l a c e A r j u n e a n d h e gave me his telephone number. I followed up on the complaint. Mr. Arjune is sulking because he went yesterday to that branch to have two thousand dollars in twenty-dollar denominations. The teller informed him that the bank can only facilitate him if he has an account with it. He said he did not. Two supervisors told him it was bank policy. I couldn’t believe it, because I had long experience in changing larger notes into smaller ones at all commercial banks in Georgetown.

To ascertain if Arjune’s story was true, I made enquiries. I spoke with Brundon Persaud, Customer Service Representative. Mr. Persaud stressed that in my column I get his name right. It is not Brandon but Brundon. A polite, soft-spoken gentleman (actually all, if not most banking officials are soft-spoken; I believe this is part of their training), he informed me that the policy of Republic Bank in general, meaning all branches in Guyana, is that denominations will only be changed for people who have accounts with the bank.

Fire truck kills pedestrian, driver in custody A pedestrian is dead after a Guyana Fire Service tender that was en route to a fire on Sunday, struck him on the Number 72 Public Road. The driver of the fire truck is presently assisting with investigations. Dead is Mahendra Harricharran, 34, of Number 71 Village, Corentyne, who

was immediately rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. According to reports, Harricharran was crossing the public road when he was hit by the vehicle. The fire tender PVV 2027 is attached to the Skeldon Fire Station and was responding to a fire

at the Number 51 Village, Corentyne. A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver of the fire truck and showed that there was no alcohol in his system. The front windscreen of the vehicle was damaged along with the front bumper and headlights.

If Wallace Arjune did not contact me, I would never have known that. So how does the snow-cone vendor get smaller notes to do his early morning business if he cannot access them at the commercial banks? I could only guess in one direction – when someone who does not have an account with a bank walks in to request changing notes - whether big ones into small ones or small ones into big ones - that person is a total stranger, and the bank accepts that it has no obligation to such a person. If the person is an account holder, then the bank is facilitating a customer. I figure the bank’s logic goes something like this; why should our tellers take their busy time to serve someone for free? I don’t know how you look at it, but I think that is a wrong policy. At the time of writing, I don’t know if the practice obtains at other commercial banks and the Bank of Guyana. If you agree that the banks have no obligation to strangers who request such services, then how do vendors and small

shopkeepers get small notes? Here is what happened to my wife, and I was standing right next to her. Our ATM cards could only facilitate 200,000 to make a purchase overseas. But there is a special card the banks offer that has a limit purchase of one million Guyanese. This card allows you to buy stuff overseas to the tune of the equivalent of one million Guyanese. Given the exchange rate with the US dollars, that card enables you to buy stuff close to five thousand US. The teller asked my wife to show her pay slip. My wife said she does not work. She retired a long time ago. We have a joint account. The lady informed my wife that she is not entitled to the card because she is unemployed. I then said that we have our savings in the bank, and that is legal money we worked for and saved for decades and that we want to spend by buying things we need. We wanted three books from Amazon that is impossible to get from Guyana. The soft-spoken, polite

Frederick Kissoon woman informed my wife that her savings in the bank do not entitle her to have the card. She must have the status of an employee or have a business. She then indicated that a statement from NIS would help if she receives NIS pension. Think about what is going on here. If a billionaire gives my wife forty million dollars and she puts it in her account, she still cannot get that one million dollar card. Do you realize that your hard-earned savings do not allow you to have that facility from a bank that you have put your savings in for decades and decades? I honestly believe that this is a violation of the constitution and my wife’s rights as a customer.

Tuesday September 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

Guyana’s trade import bill almost US$924M for first half of 2018 alone - Exports only US$709M Guyana continues to rely heavily on imports. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the country has imported commodities worth US$923.8M for the first half of 2018 alone. The Bureau released this information in its half year import/ export bulletin created by the Trade and Prices Department, which is headed by Maxine Bentt. The bulletin shows that Guyana has 10 main countries where it imports from. Top of these countries is Trinidad and Tobago followed by the United States, then China. For the first half of the year, Guyana’s business to Trinidad for commodities stands at US$265.1M. The import bills from the United States and China are US$212.3M and US$86.6M respectively. Guyana’s largest import would be Fuel and Lubricants at a value of US$236.9M. Coming in

second, according to the Bureau, are articles of iron and steel valued US$26M. While Trinidad is the main country where Guyana gets its imports, that country is not even among the top 10 countries buying Guyana’s exports. The top country to which Guyana exports is Canada, which bought over US$188M from Guyana for the first half of this year. This could be because one of the major gold companies operating here is Canadian and Guyana’s main export is gold. Coming second, third and fourth are the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. These countries bought US$139.6M, US$39.7M and US$30.9M respectively. Mexico comes next with US$29.5M. Guyana’s main export is raw gold, followed by rice and paddy, then Bauxite, shrimp and prawns, then fish and by products, followed by timber.

Provided by Bureau of Statistics (Exports)

Provided by Bureau of Statistics (Exports)

Chronicle GM fires finance comptroller, PM overturns decision hours after Provided by Bureau of Statistics (Imports)

Chronicle’s GM, Sherod Duncan

Provided by Bureau of Statistics (Imports) SITC means *Standard International Trade Classification Export chart

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz when financial records detailing the spending of the General Manager (GM) of Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL), Sherod Duncan, made its way into

the public domain. Yesterday, within hours, the entity’s Finance Comptroller, Moshamie Ramotar, was sacked and then re-instated. She was believed to have leaked the information. GNNL is the state-owned

publisher of the Guyana Chronicle and the Sunday Chronicle. It is funded with taxpayers’ dollars. Duncan is alleged to have, within his probation period as General Manager, spent $5M, in just less than three months on the job. He reportedly spent the monies, in the absence of the board, on furniture, a laptop and repairs to vehicles, among other things. Following the leakage of the spending, Duncan, as GM, yesterday issued Ramotar with a termination letter. The letter said that the services of the Finance Comptroller were being ended with immediate effect. “This is in keeping with the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual 1991 and the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act 1997.” The woman was told that Chronicle’s Accounts Department would prepare the outstanding benefits (Continued on page 12)

The meeting with Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

Budget 2019 consultations…

PSC raises local content policy, monitoring of foreign companies

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan [fourth from left] with Private Sector Commission executives. Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan expressed satisfaction with the pace and tone of ongoing 2019 National Budget consultations. The minister and his budget team met yesterday with the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA). In an invited comment following the third day of consultations, the economist said he was encouraged by the positive attitude of the private sector. “For the first time, I’ve seen the PSC actually stating that they’re prepared to do certain things publicly to support us, particularly in the area of local content… That is a real positive development.” The Finance Minister added that the discussions with both the PSC and the GMSA are indicative of “a meeting of minds”. “There is a bigger willingness on the part of the private sector to engage with the government and we have stressed this public-private partnership, in a number of ways with the Private Sector Commis-

sion.” Minister Jordan revealed that the ministry has worked continuously with the GMSA. “This is the only body we have roundtable meetings with. It has worked very well for them. They have gotten quite a few benefits. I’m looking to see more benefits for them during the upcoming budget. Some of them we will work with, some of them we perhaps have to amend.” The minister indicated that he left both meetings, feeling extremely positive going forward to the 2019 Budget. T h e d a y ’s c o n s u l t a tions began with presentations from the PSC, led by Chairman Desmond Sears. He said that a priority was the formulation of local content policy. “We are asking the minister to maybe speak to the Minister of Business to accelerate the process. You can always change an evolving policy; make changes as you go down the road. We would want before 2019, especially before oil production, a local content policy which would more or less set the

stage for locals to participate.” Sears added that the PSC is not only prepared to form partnerships, but could also supply the downstream activities of oil and gas. “So even though you might not have the skill to work on a boat offshore, there are a lot of activities onshore that we could participate in, build our skill and service levels; and that is what we intend to do, but there must be some facilitation in terms of what we call local content,’’ Sears said. The GSMA’s consultations followed with executives making cases for tax relief in several sectors and expanding the tax net in several others. There were also requests for revised legislation and the need for the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to monitor overseas companies for the possible dumping of cheaper products which would be detrimental to local manufacturers. Budget 2019 consultations continue on September 12 at the Finance Ministry’s boardroom from 14:00hrs.

Chronicle’s Financial Comptroller... From page 11 within seven days. The news of the sacking saw an emergency meeting convened with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. Present at the meeting were Chairperson of Chronicle, Geeta ChandanEdmond; Director of Public Information, Imran Khan; Editor-in-Chief, Nigel Williams and Duncan. According to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, the termination was rescinded by Nagamootoo. At the emergency meeting, Nagamootoo was briefed by both the Chairperson and General Manager, and presented with relevant docu-

mentation. The Chairperson and the GM agreed that the letter of termination issued to the Finance Comptroller would be immediately rescinded, and that the Board should determine the appropriate course of action that could follow. The Prime Minister further instructed that a full investigation be conducted by the board on both matters the leakage of information and the termination of the Finance Comptroller. A date for the completion of the investigation is to be determined. Meanwhile, Ramotar has since sought legal support and she is being represented

by Attorney-at-Law Sanjeev Datadin. Datadin said that in his client’s termination letter “no reason was given for her dismissal”, neither was she given a hearing. “We do not know what it is she was sent home over and we are utterly astonished by the bizarre behaviour of someone in that position,” said Ramotar’s lawyer. When questioned whether his client’s dismissal was linked to the leaked financial records of the General Manager, the lawyer reasoned that in the past, his client would have recognized “several breaches to the financial and procurement rules” by the General Manager’s office.

Tuesday September 11, 2018

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Tuesday September 11, 2018

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Tuesday September 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

Broadcasting Authority pushes for more local content in programming The governing board of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority and its senior officials are pushing for more local content in the programming of local television and radio stations. This was announced at the authority’s Strategic Management Retreat, held at the Lake Mainstay Resort, between August 31 and September 01, 2018. According to the aut h o r i t y, t h e s t r a t e g i c meeting was specifically designed to develop its S t r a t egic Management Plan for the period September 2018 to December 2019. Communication Specialist and Board Members, Dr. Rovin Deodat, spearheaded the proceedings. Presentations were conducted by A t t o r n e y at-Law and Chairman of the Board, Leslie Sobers, former UNESCO Communication Specialist and B o a r d M e m b e r, M r s . J o c e l y n e J o s i a h , A t t o rney-at-Law and Member of the Monitoring and Compliance Committee, Mrs. Deborah BarrowGraham and managers from the respective departments of the authority. Sobers, in outlining t h e b o a r d ’s v i s i o n f o r the authority and the broadcasting sector, emphasized that the guiding vision of the authority is to encourage and main-

GNBA and other officials at a session of the retreat at Lake Mainstay Resort tain harmonious relations with the broadcasting community and other stakeholders. The idea is to also create an enabling environment for the development of local content, while engendering a sense of pride, professionalism and the adoption of best practices and provision of quality broadcasting services. The Chairman further noted that the GNBA intends to strive for and maintain financial viability of the authority, being cognizant of the pa-

rameters set by the constitution and other enabling legislation. The GNBA, he said, will be focused on promoting innovation in the sector and empowering audiences, thus encouraging citizen monitoring, and enhancing sectoral sustainability. Presentations of divisional strategic plans were conducted by senior staff, who outlined their department’s mandate. GNBA said it looks forward to the execution of its strategic plan,

Civil Society Coalition observes World Suicide Prevention Day - 24 NGOs to coordinate efforts for mental health awareness and treatment The Guyana Equality Forum (GEF), a coalition of 24 civil society groups yesterday hosted a World Suicide Prevention Day Lecture & Brunch at Herdmanston Lodge. The aim of this event, according to a GEF release, was to encourage civil society groups to “include mental health in their work and strengthen collaboration at the community level to prevent suicide”. The lecture was facilitated by Acting British High Commissioner, Ray Davidson. He spoke on the importance of proper counseling and care for persons, especially those suffering from suicidal ideation. Mr. Davidson, who is a mental health specialist, deconstructed many of the myths about why persons are suicidal, noting that “The majority of people who feel suicidal do not actually want

to die; they just do not want to live the life they have”. He then urged community members to work towards breaking down barriers that restrict access to mental healthcare and counseling. Davidson encouraged persons having suicidal thoughts to break away from the shame and stigma, and to seek help “Ordinary people can fall into despair and ordinary people can help. Don’t be afraid to approach someone and ask that difficult question.” During the event, the coalition paid tribute to the acclaimed Zenita Nicholson, who fell victim to suicide three years ago. Nicholson was one of Guyana Equality Forum’s dearest members, and was known for being a strong fighter of discrimination, gender-based violence and human rights abuses against underprivileged com-

munities. The Managing Director of Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), Joel Simpson, read a letter Nicholson left behind before her passing. She had written about how important it is to receive confidential treatment: “Let them know that I would still be alive today, if I got treatment. Not just treatment, but treatment in a confidential way”. Guyana had gained international notoriety when a World Health Organisation (WHO) report showed the country’s suicide rate to be 44.2 per 100,000 deaths; the highest in the world, at the time. The latest update of that report from 2017 showed that Guyana’s suicide rate had dropped by 32 percent to 30.2 suicides per 100,000 deaths. However, it still remains a nation with one of the worst suicide rates.

which envisages a regulated and sustainable broadcasting environment. “ C o n s e q u e n t l y, t h e authority remains opti-

mistic that broadcasters will stand in solidarity with the GNBA, in the development of this important sector,” according to a statement.

The authority was established a few years ago to handle the applications for broadcasting licences and monitoring their operations.

DPP withdraws attempted murder charge against Albouystown man Twenty-seven year-old Malcolm Culley yesterday had an attempted murder charge against him withdrawn at the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions. However a fresh charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm was read to him. Culley pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on May 18 last, at Cooper Street, Albouystown, he inflicted grievous bodily harm on Ronald Khan. He appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. His lawyer, George Thomas in application to secure bail for his client told the court that his client is the father of two and the sole breadwinner for his family. Police Prosecutor Shawn

Malcolm Culley Gonsalves had no objection to bail being granted to the defendant, hence he was released on $100,000 bail. He was also instructed to make his next court

appearance on September 17. Facts presented by the Prosecutor stated that on the day in question, Khan and Culley had a misunderstanding and Culley picked up a piece of wood and hit him several times about his body. The victim fell to the ground in an unconscious state and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in a serious condition. The court heard that Khan sustained punctured lungs, three broken ribs and several lacerations. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan had read the attempted murder charge to Culley on his first court appearance. She had remanded him to prison, citing that the victim was hospitalised in serious condition.

Prison visitor, 62, jailed two years for ganja in boots A craftsman/sign artist who was caught attempting to smuggle a quantity of narcotics into the Camp Street Prison, last year, was yesterday sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined $30,000 after being found guilty of the offence. Ishwar Persaud, 62, of Leopold Street, Georgetown, was on trial before Senior Magistrate Faith McGusty in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Persaud on his first court appearance had denied the charge which alleged that on August 31 at Camp Street, Georgetown, he had in his possession 20 grams of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. The Magistrate told Persaud that throughout the trial Prosecutor Ceon Blackman called a number of witnesses and she believed their evidence. She added that after going through the entirety of the evidence she was of the opinion that a prima facie case was established against

him, hence she sentenced him. Persaud on his first court appearance had said, “On the day in question I was at home preparing for work when I was approached by my neighbour who gave me a pair of shoes along with some clothing to take to the Camp Street Prison to a prisoner named Ralph Franklin.” It was reported that on August 31, 2017, Persaud went to the Georgetown Prisons to carry foodstuff and other articles to a prisoner. The court heard that Constable Calvin who was at the time conducting duty at the prison searched Persaud and discovered the narcotics mentioned concealed in the sole of a pair of boots. Persaud was then arrested and taken to the Alberttown Police Station where the suspected narcotics were weighed in his presence and amounted to 20 grams. He was subsequently charged.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

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More than 30,000 Syrians Bolton: World Court will face displaced in latest offensive: U.N. repercussions if Americans prosecuted B E I R U T / G E N E VA (Reuters) - M o r e t h a n 30,000 people have so far fled their homes in northwest Syria since Syrian government and allied forces resumed air and ground bombardments there last week, the U.N. agency coordinating relief efforts said on Monday. The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said an all-out military assault on the last major stronghold of active opposition to President Bashar alAssad could set 800,000 people to flight. The OCHA chief, Mark Lowcock, warned that this risked provoking the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st Century. Damascus, backed by Russia and Iran, has been preparing a major assault to recover Idlib and adjac e n t a r e a s o f n o r t h west Syria from rebels. Russian and Syrian warplanes resumed their bombing campaign last week and the presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia on

The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, rescue victims form the rubble as pro-Assad forces resume airstrikes in the region (Syrian Civil Defense). Friday failed to agree on a ceasefire that would forestall the offensive. About 2.9 million people live in the opposition-held area, which comprises most of Idlib province and adjacent small parts of Latakia, Hama and Aleppo prov-

inces. Around half of them are already displaced from other parts of Syria. “We are very actively preparing for the possibility that civilians move in huge numbers in multiple directions,” OCHA head Lowcock told a news briefing in Geneva.

US (NPR)- The United States will retaliate against the International Criminal Court if it attempts to prosecute any Americans over actions taken in Afghanistan, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said Monday. The prosecutor for the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, called for an investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, where U.S. troops have been engaged in conflict for nearly 17 years. “The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by the illegitimate court,” Bolton said during a speech to the Federalist Society in Washington D.C. Bolton’s speech outlined the Trump administration’s opposition to the court. He said the court is a threat to American sovereignty and national security, arguing that that the court has very little accountability and that it’s definitions of crimes are “vague and subject to wide-ranging interpretation.” Calling the proposed investigation of war crimes in

National Security Adviser John Bolton Afghanistan “utterly unfounded,” Bolton said the Trump administration will ban the court’s judges and prosecutors from entering the United States if they move ahead with any prosecutions of Americans. Bolton also warned that the administration would work to sanction of the funds of ICC officials and that officials would be prosecuted in U.S. criminal courts. He said the U.S. would take action against any countries or companies that cooperated with the ICC during the

Afghanistan investigation. The court was founded in 2002. At that time, at the direction of then President George W. Bush, the U.S. unsigned the statute that created the court. Bolton, who worked in the Bush administration, helped to lead the U.S. diplomatic opposition to the court. A U.S. law passed that same year authorizes the president to use whatever authority necessary to protect U.S. service members from prosecution by the ICC.

Libya: National Oil Corporation’s Tripoli offices attacked The scene in front oil corporation offices.

Armed men stormed the headquarters ofLibya’s National Oil Company in Tripoli, engaging guards in a deadly gun battle with at least one large blast going off in an apparent suicide attack. At least two of the company’s staff were killed and 10 wounded, the health ministry said. Two gunmen also died in the attack on Monday when security forces fought to regain control of the key building in the centre of the Libyan capital. “The security services are looking for gunmen in the building, but our priority is to evacuate the civilians stuck inside,” said Ahmed Ben Salem, a spokesman for the Deterrence Force, a militia that operates as Tripoli’s police force. “The situation is under control,” he added. According to the interior ministry, the

bodies of at least two attackers were found inside the NOC’s headquarters. “A total of six perpetrators appear to have attacked the building where they took a number of hostages,” Interior Minister Abdulsalam Ashour was quoted as saying by Al-Ahrar television channel. The Deterrence Force described the incident as a “terrorist” attack and posted photos on its Facebook page that it said showed remains of suicide bombers. An explosion rocked the building soon after the attackers went in, starting a fire that swiftly spread through the lower floors. No group claimed the attack so far. But the interior ministry said in a statement initial indications showed the gunmen were affiliated with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL, known as ISIS).

Tuesday September 11, 2018

History-making goal for Guyana’s Bobb “a wonderful feeling”

Trayon Bobb

Sintra, Portugal– The name of Trayon Bobb will forever belong in the Concacaf history books. The Guyana National Team midfielder stenciled his name into Concacaf lore by becoming not only Guyana’s first ever player to score in the Concacaf Nations League, but the first goalscorer in the history of the tournament when he fired in a 46thminute shot during Guyana’s 2-2 draw with Barbados last Thursday. Bobb, who plays his club football with Portuguese side S.U. 1 de Dezembro, spoke

recently with and recalled his historical strike. “It was wonderful feeling,” said Bobb in an exclusive interview. ”It was great to represent my country and I’m very happy to have scored in such a big game. I only wish that we could have won the game, but I guess a draw is better than a loss and now we move on to the next game,” added Bobb. The 24-year-old says he is hoping to be part of a Guyana team that clinches the country’s first ever Concacaf Gold Cup berth. “I

Tuesday September 11, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You're focused and attentive to detail. Some longstanding projects benefit from this sudden spurt of energy and get completed in record time. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Don't let others' bad moods get you down, Taurus. And don't feel it's your responsibility to cheer them up. Their moodiness is their business, not yours. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) It's time to let go of the past and focus only on the future, Gemini. A new person may come into your life who can help you do just that. Communication with close friends and relatives is highlighted CANCER (June 21–July 22) There's definitely a downside to home ownership! Much as you love projects, Cancer, the joy is tempered when the chores never end. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) The glass may look half empty, but only at first glance. Keep looking at it, or perhaps change the way you look at it, and you'll see that it indeed is half full. You may be experiencing some frustration. Computers could be down or communication hindered in some way. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) There are lots of personal and financial issues to resolve today, Virgo. You may hear from your bank or see some alarming numbers on an ATM receipt. Don't get upset. Ultimately, these matters will be resolved to your benefit. As for personal matters, you may learn some new.


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LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) A rising tide lifts all boats. When someone close experiences a windfall or especially good luck, Libra, the ripple effect reaches you. Change is in the air. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) It looks as though change is on the horizon at work, Scorpio. You've just recently completed some long-term projects and are being recognized for your efforts. Perhaps a bonus or promotion is in store. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Crazy as it seems, why not take that impromptu trip you've been eager to go on, Sagittarius? Adventure calls, and there's nothing to stop you from answering. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Prosperity is just around the corner, Capricorn. With it comes change. Change in your job, career, or environment figures prominently today. However this change manifests, it's bound to be positive. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Your world is changing, Aquarius, both internally and externally. You feel a need to broaden your horizons. You may be contemplating a move to a new neighborhood or trip to a faraway land. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Romance is in the air today, Pisces. It's likely that your relationship with your loved ones will see a dramatic improvement. Perhaps some flowers will arrive unexpectedly or you'll be paid a sincere compliment.

think if we can continue to work together, we can get results. Qualifying for the Gold Cup would mean a lot to us. We would be very happy,” said Bobb. Buoyed by a boisterous crowd of 1,505 at the Synthetic Track and Field Facility in Leonora, Guyana overcame a late 2-1 deficit to Barbados to earn a draw. The support they feel back home has Bobb and his teammates believing that the future is bright for Guyana football. ”It is great to play in front of our home fans, especially these big matches. Playing for your country is a wonderful feeling. The fans really keep us going,” concluded Bobb.

BMW Championship... From page 28 spin out was really unfortunate. I’d always envisaged getting to number one by winning tournaments. ”Last week’s second was a good-feeling second and this one is a stinging-feeling second, but I know there is a bit of good news.” Rose, who last week finished two shots back as Bryson DeChambeau won the Dell Technologies Championship, is just the fourth Englishman to top the world rankings, after Sir Nick Faldo, Lee Westwood and Luke Donald. He and Bradley finished on 20 under par after a raindelayed final round and the 2011 US PGA champion required just one extra hole to seal victory. Rose bogeyed the parfour 18th to hand the 32-

year-old American his fourth PGA Tour win. The final round had been scheduled for Sunday but was postponed until Monday after persistent rain made the Aronimink course unplayable. Bradley began the day three shots behind Rose but moved up the leaderboard with a six-under-par 64 as Rose shot a 67. Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, who trailed thenleader Rose by one shot after round three, finished fifth following a 68. American 14-time major winner Tiger Woods closed with a 65, moving up to a share of sixth, one shot behind McIlroy. England’s Tommy Fleetwood only managed a 69 as he fell down the leaderboard to eighth from joint third.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

Controversial U.S. Open prompts promises of improvement New York (Reuters) - Issues of sexism, officiating double standards and adverse playing conditions have dominated the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Open, raising uncomfortable questions and prompting authorities to promise a review of existing policies. Chair umpires took center stage at Flushing Meadows this year, more than at any other tournament in recent memory, and culminated with Serena Williams being reduced to tears at her treatment in the women’s final. Her conduct, which earned her a game penalty during Saturday’s defeat by Naomi Osaka, and her comments that a male player would not have been penalized in the same way, have split the tennis world. While Williams was fined a total of $17,000 by the tournament referees’ office for the three code violations she received from Portuguese umpire Carlos Ramos, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) also said it would review its policies in the wake of various officiating

The American 23-time grand slam champion believes there was sexism at play on Saturday. controversies.Swedish umpire Mohamed Lahyani was reprimanded by the USTA for going “beyond protocol” when he climbed down from his chair to give Nick Kyrgios a pep talk during his second-

Djokovic rejoins ‘Big 3’; Osaka jumps to No. 7 Reuters - Novak Djokovic moved up three spots to No. 3 in the ATP rankings on Monday (yesterday), a day after claiming his 14th Grand Slam title at the 2018 U.S. Open. Djokovic is behind Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, with the trio occupying the top three spots in the rankings again for the first time in more than three years. Naomi Osaka vaulted 12 spots to a career-high No. 7 in the WTA rankings following her first career Grand Slam title. She beat Serena Williams in Saturday’s controversial women’s final, while Williams rose 10 spots to No. 16. Djokovic underwent elbow surgery in February and fell as low as No. 22 in the rankings in May, which marked his first time out of the top 20 since 2006. However, he claimed the final two majors of 2018, adding the U.S. Open to his Wimbledon triumph earlier this summer. Djokovic became the seventh player with at least three U.S. Open titles and has an opportunity to reclaim the No. 1 ranking before the end of the year. Nadal retained the top spot despite being forced to

withdraw from his semifinal match in Flushing Meadows due to knee pain. Federer was knocked out in the fourth round.Federer holds the Open Era record with 20 major titles, followed by Nadal (17). Djokovic has equaled Pete Sampras with 14. ”Pete Sampras is one of the biggest legends ever to play the game,” Djokovic said Sunday. “He was my childhood idol. He was someone I was looking up to. The first actually thing I saw related to tennis on the TV was his first or second Wimbledon championship. That inspired me to start playing tennis. ”There is a lot of significance of me being now shoulder to shoulder in terms of Grand Slam wins with him.” Simona Halep retained the top spot on the women’s side despite losing in the first round of the U.S. Open, followed by Caroline Wozniacki and Angelique Kerber. Caroline Garcia jumped two spots to No. 4. Osaka, 20, is the youngest player in the Top 10. She vaulted ahead of 2017 U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens, who dropped six spots to No. 9.

round match against PierreHugues Herbert. Umpire Christian Rask was also criticized after he gave Frenchwoman Alize Cornet a code violation for removing her shirt on court after she

realized she had put it on back-to-front in the locker room during a mid-match heat break. All that pales in comparison to the furor surrounding Williams, who was given a

game penalty for accusing chair umpire Carlos Ramos of being a “liar” and “a thief for stealing a point” from her in the women’s final. DEBATE RAGES Several prominent figures in the sport have backed Williams for exposing the double standards within tennis while others have criticized her for lacking sportsmanship. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has also weighed in, offering its backing to Williams, with chief executive Steve Simon saying different standards of tolerance exist for men and women. ”Yesterday brought to the forefront the question of whether different standards are applied to men and women in the officiating of matches,” Simon said on Sunday. ”The WTA believes that there should be no difference in the standards of tolerance provided to the emotions expressed by men v women and is committed to working with the sport to ensure that all players are treated the same. “We do not believe that this was done.” SEARING CONDITIONS

The beginning of the tournament saw organizers struggle to contend with a heat-wave in New York that resulted in the implementation of a heat policy — the first time ever it was applied in men’s matches. As players sweated it out in the humidity and searing temperatures, some of the game’s top names spoke out against the conditions, with questions raised about amount of air circulation present in Arthur Ashe Stadium. The tournament’s main showcourt was given a new roof two years ago, but the lack of ventilation within the arena when the roof is open drew plenty of criticism, not least from the likes of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and men’s champion Novak Djokovic. ”The way that the system is built... we really can’t operate our (air management) system unless the roof is closed,” a USTA spokesman told Reuters, adding that organizers would discuss ways to improve playing conditions next year.

US Open champion Djokovic is joined by Osaka for New York trophy tour Mailonline - Novak Djokovic swapped his racket for doughnuts as the men’s 2018 US Open champion took to the streets of New York City as part of his trophy tour. The Serb, who overcame Argentine powerhouse Juan Martin del Potro in straight sets to win his third title at Flushing Meadows, was more than happy to show off his latest silverware across the city. When he was not handing out dougnuts to fans in a metro station downtown, he showed off the trophy inside the American Museum of Natural History. Having struggled earlier in the year, Djokovic put injury behind him and found the form that saw him become one of the game’s greatest in recent years. With Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer expected to clean up the slam titles, it is testament to Djokovic that he left New York with two Wimbledon and the US Open - in his hands. Victory on Sunday night inside a packedout Arthur Ashe Stadium saw him claim his 14th career men’s singles title. But while Djokovic took to public transport, brushed up on his history and joined in with a famous ‘floss’ dance with some local children outside in the rain, women’s

He was joined on NBC’s TODAY show by women’s singles champion Naomi Osaka yesterday. (GettyImages) champion Naomi Osaka showed off her maiden slam title inside a TV studio. Her victory over Serena Williams on Saturday was marred by the former world No 1’s ferocious verbal attack on chair umpire Carlos Ramos. Osaka, who was up a set on Williams, saw the match descend into chaos

midway through the second set when her opponent was warned for coaching, docked a point for smashing her racket then docked an entire game for calling Ramos a thief and a liar. But while Osaka was overcome with emotion and sadness at the manner of how the evening ended, she cut a

much more relaxed and happy figure as she was interviewed with her trophy on television. At just 20, Osaka’s life looks set to change immeasurably following her first slam title. She is likely to reap the dividend from being a major international achiever from the hugely lucrative Asian market.

Tuesday September 11, 2018


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Fortune blazes to 200m gold and 100m silver; to contest 400m starting today Forty-three year old Guyanese female athlete extraordinaire, Alisha Fortune who is also known for her exploits on the body building stage has continued to show her class as a competitor on the track. Competing in the Women Over 40 age group, the indefatigable Fortune who has not been in 100% shape still persevered to win the 200m gold and 100m silver so far at the World Masters Athletics Championships which is currently taking place at the Malaga City Athletics Stadium, Malaga, Spain. She arrived in there on the first day of competition, September 5 and has been battling ever since to keep the Golden Arrowhead aloft despite the challenges. Fortune, who has disclosed that it is a miracle that she is in Spain and competing, largely due to the support of Fly Jamaica and some other faithful sponsors, clocked 25.77 to take 200m gold on Sunday from Great Britain’s Susie McLoughlin who had to settle for the silver (25.87) and Poland’s Malgorzata Gasowska who took the bronze in 25.97. Fourth was the USA’s Cynthia McNamee (26.02) followed by Maren Schott (26.47) of Germany, Spain’s Angela Lopez (26.70), USA’s

Alisha Fortune (2nd right) take time out for a pic with other competitors in Spain. Cynthia Monteleone (26.83) and Sweden’s Anna Bjorkstedt who clocked 27.19. In the semi finals, Fortune topped Heat 1 with a time of 25.73 to finish ahead of Susie McLoughlin of Great Britain (25.88), Maren Schott of Germany (26.37) and Sweden’s Anna Bjorkstedt (26.86). Poland’s Malgorzata Gasowska won the other semi final in 26.00 from USA’s Cynthia McNamee 26.48, Spain’s Angela Lopez (26.59)

and USA’s Cynthia Monteleone, 26.61, in that order. Contesting Heat 3 of the 200m on September 7th, Fortune won in 26.60, USA’s Cynthia McNamee won Heat 1 (26.34), Malgorzata Gasowska of Poland won Heat 2 (26.88), Susie McLoughlin of Great Britain won Heat 4 (26.72) with the USA’s Cynthia Monteleone taking Heat 5 in 26.80. In the 100m final, Fortune

(12.66s) was piped to the gold medal by Jamaica’s Nadia Cunningham who won the race in 12.63s, Susie McLoughlin of Great Britain took the bronze medal in 12.75s. Germany’s Sandra Kramer was 4th (12.76), Malgorzata Gasowska of Poland 12.76, USA’s Cynthia McNamee 12.79, Joanna Balcerzak of Poland 12.98 and Canada’s Khama Beckles 13.00, the finalists.

Fortune was the fastest in 100m first round of qualifying on the 5th winning Heat 5 in 12.46 to book her place in the semi final. Nadia Cunningham of Jamaica clocked 12.64 in Heat 2, the second best qualifying time, a total of 39 athletes were involved in the heats with the 16 advancing. In the semi final, Fortune was again the winner of her race in 12.61 from Germany’s Sandra Kramer 12.78, Joanna Balcerzak of Poland 12.85 and Canada’s Khama Beckles in 12.99. Cunningham was the winner of her semi in 12.51; she was followed by Susie McLoughlin of Great Britain 12.67, USA’s Cynthia McNamee 12.72 and Malgorzata Gasowska of Poland who also clocked 12.72. After yesterday’s rest day, the disciplined Fortune will now turn her attention to the 400m heats which will start today and conclude on Friday with the aim of hauling in a second gold medal. Based on her training, Fortune said she should have been doing better times but due to challenges in Spain and not being 100% she has not been able to perform even better. She also informed that her hamstring has been acting up and she does not have a physiotherapist with her but she is still keeping the focus as she continues to make herself and country proud.

”It’s a miracle that I am at these championships and it’s also a miracle that I am able to achieve what I have been able to so far. It was tough in terms of having financial support; the back and forth running around to get sponsorship took its toll. I normally train twice a day but I had to cut that in half in order to raise funds. But I have been able to rise to the occasion and continue to make Guyana proud. I am here surviving on a shoe string budget, it’s a real challenge but I am doing the best I can.” Fortune revealed that she was leading in the 100m final up to 95m but hadn’t the gas to pull through in the last 5m and this is due to her diet, not having the funds to eat as she is supposed to. ”I know if I had the support I would have been far ahead. I really wanted to go for the records have not been able to do so, I just have to keep pushing myself and do the best I can.” Apart from Fly Jamaica which has been great to her, Fortune said she would like to thank God first and foremost for his blessings to her. Gratitude was also extended to her Coach Julian Edmonds, Guyana Geology and Mines, Demerara Distillers Limited, KP Thomas and Sons, Modern Optical, Kenrick Smith and Caricom Inc.

Great North Run 2018: Mo Farah wins for record fifth time

David Weir crosses the line in record time. BBCsport - Farah clocked 59 minutes and 26 seconds for his fifth win in a row in the race, with New Zealand’s Jake Robertson 31 seconds back in second. London Marathon champion Vivian Cheruiyot from Kenya won the women’s race for a second time in three

years. Briton David Weir set a new course record to win the men’s wheelchair race for the seventh time, with Pole Martyna Snopek taking the women’s race. Farah narrowly missed out on his half marathon personal best - which he

set in winning his second title in 2015 - after fading inside the final 200 metres, having pulled clear of Robertson with about two miles to go. Robertson, who finished a close second to Farah last year, clocked 59:57, with Belgium’s Bashir Abdi third in

Sir Mo Farah (right) celebrates winning the Men’s Elite race and Vivian Cheruiyot celebrates. 60:43. “Training’s different now as I’m not in the track season, I’ve been doing a lot more long runs and in terms of endurance I’m definitely fitter,” said four-time Olympic champion Farah. ”Just coming into that

headwind it was so tough, I wasn’t going smooth, I was going up and down. I honestly thought I could beat my personal best today, but those last two miles really hurt.” Olympic and world champion Cheruiyot posted a per-

sonal best of 67:43 to win the women’s race ahead of compatriots Brigid Kosgei (67:52) and Joyciline Jepkosgei (68.10). Weir won the men’s wheelchair race in 41:19, with Snopek clocking 63:02 to win the women’s race.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

Cook & Anderson put hosts in control of Test BBCsport - England took complete control of the fifth Test against India on an astonishing fourth day at The Oval in which Alastair Cook signed off with a century and James Anderson equalled the record for Test wickets as a pace bowler. Cook made 147 in his final innings before international retirement and captain Joe Root weighed in with 125 as England declared on 423-8. Anderson then drew level with Australian Glenn McGrath’s pace bowling record of 563 Test wickets as India, chasing an improbable 464 for victory, floundered. The tourists, who have already lost the series 3-1, ended the day on 58-3, trailing England by 406 runs. The near-capacity crowd spent much of the day on their feet as Cook and Root with the bat, and then Anderson with the ball, put India under the cosh. It was a historic day all round for Cook, who surpassed Kumar Sangakkara to become the fifth-highest Test run scorer - and most prolific left-hander - before reaching his 33rd and final Test century. The former captain shared in a huge partnership with his successor Root, putting on 259 runs for the third wicket. Cook was given a standing ovation at the start of the day, then again when he reached

three figures, before the entire ground stood to applaud as he left the field after batting for the final time. With India looking mentally exhausted, Anderson made hay in a frenetic evening session, dismissing Shikhar Dhawan and then Cheteshwar Pujara in the space of three balls to move himself within one wicket of passing McGrath outright and becoming the leading fast bowler in Test cricket. India captain Virat Kohli fell for a golden duck to Stuart Broad as the party atmosphere grew in the sunsoaked stands. The crowd chanted Cook’s name throughout the final five minutes of the day, and the team applauded the fans as they made their way off the field at the close of play. It was a day filled with ‘where were you?’ moments and it has put England within touching distance of an emphatic final-Test victory. Cook has not looked fluent at times in this series but, resuming on Monday on 46, he showed flickers of the player who for so long has been the backbone of England’s batting. There were clips off the hip and cuts against the spinners, as well as a fine straight drive as he moved through the gears. India lost their lines when bowling to Cook, and their only real chance came when

Cook is congratulated by the India team as he leaves the field in his final Test innings after being caught behind. Jasprit Bumrah bowled a sustained spell of short deliveries to try and tempt him into a loose hook. Cook’s century came up in farcical fashion - on 96, he pushed and ran for a single, but a poor throw from Bumrah went for four overthrows, and took him to 101. He was embraced by Root

BMW Championship: Justin Rose becomes world number one for first time

Rose replaces American Dustin Johnson as world number one BBCsport - England’s Justin Rose has become world number one for the first time after finishing in second place at the BMW Championship in Philadelphia. The 38-year-old climbs from fourth and replaces Dustin Johnson after losing a play-off to American

Keegan Bradley. Rose, reigning Olympic champion and 2013 US Open winner, could have sealed victory with a par putt at the last regulation hole but missed narrowly. “It’s boyhood dream stuff, something I am incredibly proud of,” Rose said.

”It’s been a good stretch of golf. I’ve played solidly over the past year. I’m delighted to get to the top,” he told Sky Sports. On his putt at the last to win, he said: “I thought it was as good a putt as I’ve hit to win a tournament. To see it (Continued on page 25)

and received a second standing ovation of the day - eventually having to ask the crowd for calm so play could resume. His dismissal was almost a shock, caught behind as he tried to cut Hanuma

Vihari, the ball after Root had been caught at deep midwicket. Each member of the India team shook his hand as he departed to yet another standing ovation, lingering on

the boundary rope for an extra second to soak in the applause.England 332 & 4238 dec: Cook 147, Root 125, Vihari 3-37; India 292 & 58-3 (18 overs): Rahul 46*, Anderson 2-23.

BCB/Elizabeth Styles U-21 Tournament

RHT Gizmos & Gadgets into final, Albion to face Blairmont in semi final Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets on Sunday advanced to the final of the Elizabeth Styles Under-21 sponsored tournament organised by the Berbice Cricket Board. They crushed Tucber Park Cricket Club by eight wickets at the Area ‘H’ Ground while Albion Community Centre Cricket Club was able to fight back against Young Warriors Cricket Club to clinch a semifinal date with archrival Blairmont Community Centre Cricket Club. Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets won the toss and surprisingly elected to field, despite all the players being involved in the BCB/New York Business Group U-19 final, less that twelve hours before. Tucber Park was dismissed for a meagre 104 off 43.2 overs with only Steve Deonarine 24, Martin Singh 18 and Abdul Ramsammy 11 reaching double figures. Bowling for Rose Hall Town, left arm spinners Simon Naidu and Jeremy Sandia took 3-14 and 3-22, respectively. Naidu, who is also the Assistant Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club,

Kevin Sinclair confused the visitors with his clever variations. National U19 offspinner Junior Sinclair 2-18 and Kevin Sinclair 1-20, supported well. A confident Rose Hall Town spearheaded by their Captain Kevin Sinclair raced to victory in just 8.5 overs, ending on 106-2. Kevin cracked a brutal 58 before he was dismissed by Martin Singh with the scores level. Sinclair’s innings was decorated with six huge sixes and four sweetly timed boundaries. His opening partner and fellow national player

Junior Sinclair supported with 40 (1x4 3x6) as the pair added 83 for the first wicket in just 5.5 overs. National U-15 players Mahendra Gopilall and Jonathan Rampersaud were unbeaten on two each when victory was achieved. Leon Swammy and Martin Singh took one wicket each for Tucber Park. At the Canje Ground, Albion Community Centre was dismissed for 99 in 23.3 overs with Kevin Umroa 15 and Ramesh Kasinauth 12 the only batsmen to reach double figures. Trevon Stanislaus 411 and Dilshan Mc Donald 313 were the best bowlers for Young Warriors. In response, despite a fighting 26 from National U19 player Alex Algoo, Young Warriors was bowled out for 45. Leftarmer Mahendra Chaitnarine had the remarkable figures of 7-13 from 9 tight overs while Gourav Ramesh supported with 3-18. Albion Community Centre and Blairmont would clash on Saturday at the Blairmont Ground to decide the second finalist.

Tuesday September 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

GABA/Banks Leagues

Belgrave leads in Eagles to victory, Vikings stun Sonics

Canada, Jamaica post impressive wins on day four Scott Arfield (16) celebrates with Canada teammates during 8-0 win over the USVI. (Credit: Canada Soccer)

Travis Belgrave

It was double trouble for the Pepsi Sonics Basketball Club after they failed to win either of their two matches in the First and Second Division respectively when play in the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) Leagues continued on Saturday last at Burnham Hard Court, Middle and Carmichael Streets in the City. In the feature match, a 1st division encounter, young Guard Travis Belgrave who helped Guyana win its first Caribbean Basketball Championship last June, swooshed in 31 points to ensure Eagles made light work of Sonics 7562.

It was a good start for the club in the league which is being sponsored by Banks DIH through their Rainforest Water and Malta Supreme brands. Belgrave sunk four threepointers during the commanding display with support from Ryan Gullen (13), the same number being the margin of victory for Eagles. Junior Lovell and Jason Squires chalked up 21 and 15 points respectively in a losing cause for Sonics. Meanwhile, in the first game, Vikings got the better of Sonics 68-59 in a 2nd division match. Joffrey Wilkinson (20) and Skipper Shayne Jo-

seph (18) were the main contributors in the 9-point victory for the newly organised Vikings Basketball Club which is a combination of Qualfon and Republic Bank satffers. Captain Lemuel Grant (17) and Denzil Logan (15) were the main scorers for Sonics. The competitions will continue at the same venue tomorrow with two more matches. In the Under-23 division from 18:30hrs, Pepsi Sonics will bounce against University of Guyana Trojans while the main attraction will bring together arch rivals Pacesetters and Eagles from 20:30hrs.

BCB/Magic Moments T-20 - Lower Corentyne

Chesney join RHT Bakewell, Courtland and Fyrish in semis Chesney on Sunday last defeated Albion Community Centre Cricket Club by 11 runs in the Playoffs of the Berbice Cricket Board/Magic Moments T20 tournament for teams in the Lower Corentyne Sub-Zones to reach the semifinals. They now join Rose Hall Town Bakewell, Courtland and Fyrish in the final four as the BCB strives to complete its planned 22 tournaments at the different levels. Chesney won the toss, batted first and was bowled out for 135 in 19.3 overs. Stanford T20 star Imran Khan rolled back the years with a

hard hitting 80 (10x4 2x6), Saif Latchana supported with 24. Bowling for Albion, National youth player Kevin Umroa took 4-32, Joshua Harrichand 3-18 and Mahendra Chaitnarine 2-18. Needing to score 136 off 129 balls, Albion was only able to reach 124-9. Umroa returned with the bat to top score with a polished 64, his brother Ritesh was the only other batsman to reach double figures with 12. Bowling for Chesney Anish Deonarine claimed 228 from 4 overs and Davindra Harillall 2-34. Chesney would now play

Fyrish at Chesney while Rose Hall Town Bakewell will host arch rivals Courtland in the semifinals. The Lower Corentyne Magic Moments T20 is one of four that would be hosted under the sponsorship from Sueria Manufacturing and its CEO Frank Sanichara. The Upper Corentyne leg has already been completed with No. 48 Challengers emerging as Champions. Rose Hall Canje and Yo u n g Wa r r i o r s w o u l d clash in the New Amsterdam/Canje leg while the fourth final would be for teams in West Berbice.

Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominican Republic and Aruba also win Miami, Florida – Concacaf Nations League Qualifying heavyweights Canada and Jamaica each posted impressive wins during a busy slate of action on CNL matchday four. Canada could not have asked for a better start to its campaign with an 8-0 victory over the U.S. Virgin Islands. Lucas Daniel Cavallini (8’, 44’), Jonathan David (32’, 37’) and Cyle Larin (60’, 80’) all bagged braces, while Jonathan Osorio (6’) and David Hoilett (50’) also added scores in the decisive win over the islanders. As for Jamaica, the Reggae Boyz took care of business against Cayman Islands with a 4-0 win. Darren Mattocks got the hosts off to a dream start with a header in the 2’, before Cory Burke doubled the lead to 2-0 with an easy stroke into net in the 34’. Mattocks was back at it with his head, this time nodding home in the 58’ to increase the lead to 3-0. Like

before, Burke would follow a Mattocks goal with a goal of his own with a strong finish into net in the 66’ to round out the 4-0 scoreline. The night contest between Saint Kitts and Nevis and Puerto Rico produced the most drama on the day. For the first 90 minutes it was a showcase in spectacular goalkeeping, as both Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Julani Archibald and Puerto Rico’s Cody Laurendi made a number of top-notch saves to keep things scoreless. But the insistence of home side Saint Kitts and Nevis won out in the end as Harrison Panayiotou fired in from close-range in the 90+1’ to give the Sugar Boyz the thrilling 1-0 victory. Aruba also enjoyed a solid start to its CNL with a 3-1 home victory versus Bermuda. Ronald Gomez struck in just the 7’ and it was a quick 1-0 lead for the home side. Three minutes later the home fans were back on their feet celebrating a 2-0 advantage, as Raymond Baten converted a penalty following a

takedown of Annuar Kock in the Bermuda area. But Bermuda showed plenty of fight and by the 21’ it was 2-1 after Jonte Smith scored on a loose ball in front of goal. Aruba would restore its two-goal advantage though through Eric Santos in the 50’ to claim a 3-1 lead, which it held until the final whistle. Earlier in the day, the everimproving Dominican Republic used a strong second-half to down Bonaire 5-0 thanks in part to Domingo Peralta’s hat-trick. All five goals for the Dominican came in the final halfhour, starting with Peralta’s right-footed finish in the 66’. Peralta was back at it nine minutes later with another right-footed effort to make it 2-0. Jean Carlos Lopez Moscoso all but sealed the three points in the 86’ for a 30 lead, which was then followed by Peralta’s third in the 88’. Carlos Heredia Fontana capped the Dominican celebration and 5-0 final with a goal in the 90+2’.

President’s Cup Horse Race Meet on September 30 at RSTC A Horse Race Meet is on for Sunday September 30 next at the Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC), organised by the Caribbean Nations Group in collaboration with the Rising Sun Turf Club is the President’s Cup. Seven races are carded for the day with incentives totaling over $6M in cash trophies and other accolades up for the taking. The feature event will be the Guyana Green State President’s Cup which is open

to all Guyana bred horses and also accommodates all mares and fillies imported, this year. The winner will race away with a first prize of $1,000,000 and the President Cup over five and a half furlongs. The other events are the -The Guyana Green State E and Lower race over eight furlongs for a first prize of $500,000 and trophy. The J3 and Lower seven furlongs event has a first prize of $350,000 and trophy. There

is an L and Lower open seven furlongs race for a winning prize of 300,000 and trophy. A five and a half furlongs race for L class maiden horses has a winning prize of $250,000 and trophy. The four furlong Guyana Bred 2-year-old horses winner will collect $200,000 and trophy. The final event is for the L non earners for 2018 running over five and a half furlongs for $100,000 and trophy.


Tuesday September 11, 2018

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Exciting Playoffs In The Making For Hero CPL Qualifiers

Amazon Warriors tackle Knight Riders tonight; Tallawahs face Patriots tomorrow @ Providence By Zaheer Mohamed For the first time in the history of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20, Providence will be hosting matches in the playoffs and fans can expect more excitement since some of the biggest names in T20 leagues will be on show. Riding high on confidence, The Guyana Amazon Warriors will once again face leaders Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) tonight in the first playoff. The winner of this encounter will earn a direct berth to the final while the loser will have another chance of making the grand finale when they tackle the winner of the second playoff which will be contested between Jamaica Tallawahs and St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots tomorrow night. Guyanese will be hoping for a repeat of Sunday night’s clash when Shimron Hetmyer and Sherfane Rutherford launched a brutal assault on TKR attack to guide the Warriors to a six-wicket victory. While Hetmyer is the youngest centurion in the tournament, Rutherford who scored a century in the Glo-

bal T20 in Canada earlier this year for the West Indies ‘B’ team, has once again demonstrated his ability in the game’s shortest format. Whereas the duo gave the sold-out crowd much to cheer about with their fearless batting, the Warriors’ bowlers held their own in limiting TKR much touted batting line up to pave the way for their second place finish. Densh Ramdin and Darren Bravo have been in fine form while both Ali Khan and Sunil Narine will be back for this encounter, but the Amazon Warriors gave sufficient reasons not to take them lightly on home soil. Speaking at a press conference held yesterday the Guyana Marriott, Captain of the Amazon Warriors Chris Green said his boys are confident of going into the game and will be looking for another victory. ”The TKR have been the team in form and they have played some really good cricket. We take a lot of confidence after Sunday night, but we know going into tonight’s game they will make some changes and its going to be a

really exciting clash again. We obviously have got our home town support here which we thoroughly enjoyed and I know our team is really excited for what is going to be a really good challenge.” Green indicated that they are hoping that all-rounder Keemo Paul will be fit for the clash. “He is obviously a class player and it’s difficult at this time of the tournament, however our physiotherapists are working really hard to get him fit and ready for the contest.” he added. TKR Captain Dwayne Bravo congratulated the four teams adding that they deserved to be in the playoffs. “Anyone can take the title, all the teams have match winners and it’s going to be tough. It has been a long tournament and the fans have seen some good cricket throughout the CPL. We rested two of our keys players, Narine and Ali Khan and like I said it has been a hectic season and it’s good to give them a rest, having said that we have Kevon Cooper who has been around. I would not say it was an experiment, we always want to

Amazon Warriors skipper Chris Green (left) and Tallawahs skipper Andre Russell. win games, it was always going to be difficult to defend 150 and we were very disappointed that they got it in 14 overs. That’s all done and dusted now, we still remain at the top of the table despite that and it’s a fresh start, its all about who hold their nerves more in these games,” he posited. Either the Tallawahs or the Patriots will be going home

following tomorrow night’s clash. Tallawahs skipper Russell stated that he is happy to be in the playoffs in his first year as Captain. “That’s an achievement I really appreciate going this far. I am looking forward to an exciting game against St. Kitts, its not going to be easy from now, we have to approach every game like a final,” he pointed out.

St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots skipper Chris Gayle explained that there have been some ups and downs, but they have to be satisfied where the team is at the moment and it’s a fresh start for the four teams. The DRS will be used for the first time in the tournament which is been welcomed by the Captains. Both games start at 18:00hrs.

GFF Elite League

Conquerors stay atop with big win; Tigers and GDF struggle in victory Fruta Conquerors Football Club (FCFC) continue to play like champions after pounding Buxton United FC 4-0 on Sunday night at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground during play in the triple header of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Elite League, to maintain their lead at the top of the points table. Ryan Hackett (64th, 66th) led the scoring for the Tucville based club with two second half strikes after Eon Alleyne (32nd) and Anthony Abrams (48th) had scored to put Conquerors in a comfortable position early on. With the win FCFC move to 41 points from 16 matches. Defending champions, Guyana Defence Force Football Club (GDF FC) moved to second position on the table with 36 points from 16 matches after a late goal from their skipper and national midfielder Delwin Fraser in the 84th minute helped them past Victoria Kings in a very ordinary game for the GFF club of the year. Meanwhile, in the opening game which was played in lush sunshine from 16:00hrs, title challengers

Hubert Pedro Western Tigers had a similarly ordinary performance against Ann’s Grove FC; a match that they won 1-0. Center forward, Hubert Pedro etched his name on the score sheet in the 32nd minute with a typically expert finish but the overall finishing of the team left much to be desired throughout the remainder of the match that they could’ve easily bagged three or four more goals.

Pernell Schultz had a rare off night, being one of the chief culprits after failing to bury a few chances and the Tigers’ supporters on the sidelines and the bleachers didn’t shy away from letting the diminutive forward know how they felt with his performance. Following the win, Pedro who captained the team for the second time following a two-match ban by the GFF for

Western Tigers’ Cleyon Forrestor (left) had Ann’s Grove Dwain Jacobs (right) quiet during his team’s 1-0 victory on Friday afternoon at GFC. his participation in a street football competition which was not sanctioned by the body, noted that he was it was a horrible performance by his team. He explained that if Western Tigers are going to have any shot at the title they will need to score big in their following matches, in the event

that Fruta Conquerors drop points. Currently, Tigers are in fourth position with 34 points from 15 matches. The league continues this Friday with two matches at the GFC ground from 19:00hrs when Milerock oppose Den Amstel in the first match while Western Tigers will

play Victoria Kings in the feature game from 21:00hrs. The winners of the league which is slated to conclude on September 23 will pocket a handsome $5million along with entry to the Caribbean Club Championship while the second place finishers will receive $2million and third $1million. (Calvin Chapman)

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Tuesday September 11, 2018


BCB/New York Business Group Final

The winning Rose Hall Town Pepsi Team.

RHT Pepsi repeat as champions following Kevin Sinclair’s allround performance


ose Hall Town Pepsi on Saturday last retained t h e i r N e w Yo r k Business Group Berbice Under-19 cricket championship easily outplaying Blairmont Community Centre Cricket Club on first innings. The historic final was played under lights with pink balls at the Albion Cricket Ground and witnessed by a sizeable crowd, both nights. Rose Hall Town Pepsi won the toss and elected to bat first, national youth players Kevin Sinclair and Junior Sinclair added 85 for the first wicket and with solid contributions from fellow national player Kevlon Anderson and Berbice allrounder Keith Simpson, RHT Pepsi reached 268 all out.

Anderson topscored with a brilliant 73 (5x4), Simpson 71, Junior Sinclair 52 and Kevin Sinclair 32. Nigel Deodat took 5-75 with his left arm spin while off spinner Seon Glasgow took 2-for 62. Blairmont in response was shot out for a disappointing 92 from 46 overs. Fawaz Gafoor batted well for 28 and the only other batsmen to reach double figures were Javed Karim 17 and Marvin Prashad 12. Kevin Sinclair returned with the ball to snare 7-30 while fellow offspinner Junior Sinclair bowled well to claim 3-32. RHT Pepsi with a healthy 172 run lead opted to bat again and Kevin Sinclair completed a remarkable allround match by scoring a brilliant 101 not out (12x4 2x6) as RHT Pepsi

Man-of-the-Finals, Kevin Sinclair.

reached 176-4 declared. Kevlon Anderson chipped in with 48 and National U-15 batsman Mahendra Gopilall, 25. Marvin Prashad took 3-48. RHT Pepsi’s declaration left Blairmont with 95 minutes to bat. They struggled to 58-5 before the game was called off, half an hour before the scheduled closing time. National U-19 player Javed Karim was unbeaten on 30 while Keith and Anderson Sinclair took 2 for 10 and 13 runs, respectively. BCB President Hilbert Foster declared that the tournament was a huge success and proudly announced that Berbice cricket was on a roll. He hailed the support that he has received from every club and cricket official.

Foster also praised the cooperation of the nine sponsors attached to the New York Business Group and informed them, that the BCB appreciated their support. Albion Community Centre Cricket Club President Lloyd Kanden and S e c r e t a r y Ve m e n Wa l t e r complimented the BCB for the tournament noting that the sport was on the move again. Public Relations Officer of the New York Business Group stated that the Group would continue to sponsor the tournament as they were very impressed with the high standard of play and the direction in which the sport is heading. Rose Hall Town Pepsi collected $100 000 and trophy while Blairmont carried home $50,000

and a trophy. Kevin Sinclair received $15,000 and trophy as his Man-ofthe-Final award, he also collected trophies as the Best Batsman and Bowler of the final. Other Awards shared out were Best Batsman of t h e To u r n a m e n t ( K e v l o n Anderson), Best Bowler (Nigel Deodat), Best Wicket-Keeper (Antonio February) and Best Allrounder, Kevin Sinclair. The New York Business Group also donated a $520,000 Grass mower to the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club. The BCB expressed gratitude to the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club, Vemen Walter and Orvin Mangru for securing the sponsorship.

RHT Pepsi Catain Kevin Sinclair receives the winning prize and trophy from a Representative of the New York Business Group.

rt o p S Exciting Playoffs In The Making For Hero CPL Qualifiers

The Captains from left Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Green and Andre Russell.

Amazon Warriors tackle Knight Riders tonight; Tallawahs face Patriots tomorrow @ Providence Fortune blazes to 200m gold and 100m silver; to contest 400m starting today

Golden girl, Alsiha Fortune

Gold and silver medals

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