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Wednesday October 19, 2016

Since when City Constables have become Police Traffic Officers? Dear Editor; It is considerably irritating to see the City Constabulary of Georgetown move to a new frontier of venality, bribery and persecution, clearly with the consent and urging of the administration of the Council. For many years these law enforcers who were better known as Market Constables, Sardine Police etc., were notorious for their hounding and harassment of vendors both stationary and itinerant, but they now seem to have outgrown this pool of victims and have now new target groups. For some odd reason without any call for assistance from the National Police or without any visible void in this area, the City Constabulary has jumped into traffic control and management. Clearly without any proper training these officers are not only redundant but indeed a nuisance, as they are hardly interested in improving traffic congestion AND THE 'HOT PLATE' but are more interested in shaking down the minibuses, taxis and drivers at large for very frivolous reasons. They could be seen all over the city annoying motor-

ists with some fabricated traffic violations that they claim persons have committed in order to lure them back to City Hall to either waste the time of the motorist or to obtain a backhander to avoid an unjustified prosecution process. One of the senior officers leading the charge of this racket is well known to every vendor in Georgetown for his dishonesty and bullyism, and should therefore be arrested by the National Police for his criminality, but rather is left to prey on poor people, an activity that he has accelerated with retirement approaching. Why is the City Police not commissioned to bring an end to the noise nuisance created by the CD carts rolling around the city blasting music laced with the vilest of lyrics? Why is the City Police not dispatched to bring an end to the sale of rat poison and other toxic substances by vendors, something that is strictly prohibited by the Poison Control Board? Why does the City Police not be made to stop the Three Card Trick men from fleecing innocent passersby?

Why does the City Police not enforce the law that prevents men from displaying their genitals and from urinating in public; a most disgusting practice particularly for women. Should the City Police not be utilizing their time and effort to remove those vagrants from the pavements who cook, sleep, bathe and live right there? Instead they are driving and riding around looking for persons that have building materials left outside their yards for a day or two to demand a bribe. Rather than buying a garbage truck to clean the city, they have bought a tow truck to get involved in impounding vehicles. These Constables have been collecting fees from market vendors for years without issuing receipts. Where does the money go? In their pockets of course? How much longer must the poor vendors, motorists and the public at large be left to the mercy of the City Constabulary and the Council. Could someone in authority please intervene and rescue us? Shanta Singh

Some memorable occurrences on October 19 in the calendar Dear Editor; Wednesday October 19 is a memorable day - it is the date when the final debate between US Presidential Candidates, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump will have their final debate leading up to the November 8 elections. Clinton and Trump are said to be the two most unpopular candidates ever in presidential elections in US history. Hilary has the reputation of being a liar and not acting above board especially with her emails and the source of funding for the Clinton Foundation, while Trump is accused of evading taxes and being a womanizer. The electors will have to decide which one will be better to be commander in chief and to appoint Supreme Court Judges. October 19 was the date when history was created in Guyana when a head of judiciary, Victor Emanuel Crane, moved from the Court of Appeal in Kingston to the High Court building and sat as a judge to admit his daughter, Maureen, as Barrister at law. I was also sworn in the same day in a joint admission in which Senior Counsel, JT Clarke moved the petition 37 years ago.

Four years later (1983) on this date there was an uprising in Grenada in which the Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, his companion and fellow minister Jacqueline Creft, other members of the cabinet and innocent civilians were killed by members of the People's Revolutionary Army. The events of that fateful day would have profound social and political ramifications that resound Grenada even now in 2016. I am certain all West Indians who are 50 years and older still remember that dreadful day when Bernard Coard who was Bishop's deputy, and some of his (Coard's) henchmen placed the Prime Minister under house arrest a week earlier. Some of Bishop's loyal supporters tried to release him when confusion/riot erupted and shortly after eight persons including the Prime Minister, three other ministers of government and four other staunch supporters were lined up against a wall in Fort Rupert and executed. Several others were killed on that sad day, events which left a brutal, sad and violent scaron the psyches of


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Grenadians. Seventeen persons including Coard and army chief Hudson Austin were charged, and most of them were jailed. Bishop seized power with the backing of the New Jewel Movement, in a bloodless coup on March 13, 1979, and four years later he was killed. On the morning of October 25,1983 the US troops invaded the island, ousting the government and taking full control of the country within three days. Oscar Ramjeet

Lawlessness of the mini-bus culture must be confronted Dear Editor; Please permit a place to highlight some issues relating to our public transportation system that needs urgent address by the authorities. The lawlessness on our country's roadways continues to be critical issues that are affecting our lives daily. It is with deep concern that I plead with the government to intervene immediately so that lives can be saved, and some level of stability can come to the public transportation system. The vehicles used by commuters daily are all owned by private individuals thus, we are forced to accept whatever is done in those vehicles. We are forced to listen to music that portrays sex, violence, materialism, self-praise and disrespect for especially the female gender. Passengers would request drivers and conductors to lower music, but that request always comes with some level of disrespect either from the driver or the conductor; 'This is my vehicle and if you don't like it get out.' That statement is among some of the popular sentiments expressed by drivers or conductors on a daily basis. Very often students are exposed to vulgar lyrics emulating from these same vehicles. When we travel we should be comfortable in every way. We should not be bombarded by vulgar and loud music coming from boom boxes. There are some passengers who enjoy music but those can use their headphones so the others can enjoy peace. A normal minibus with fifteen seats can only accommodate a certain amount of weight and if that weight limit is disregarded, then that minibus can turn over, crash, wheels can be punctured and passengers can be very un-

comfortable. Each bar in a bus is designed for three passengers but conductors place four to five persons within one bar. The conductor' seat often carries six persons with two standing. This gives us a total of approximately twenty to thirty persons in a fifteen seater bus. When a passenger tries to protest the conductor's action that passenger would be disrespected and subsequently would have to exit the bus or 'ride along'. Even with the discomfort passengers are expected to pay the correct fare .The conductors will never accept 'short money'. Speeding is a major concern that needs urgent attention .There are bus drivers who drive at rates no less than 100 mph on the East Bank roadways. The roads are filled with bumps and many “waves.” Many drivers do not see the need to drive within the range but rather think only about 'making fast money'. If an accident occurs the passengers will not be entitled to anything much, and subsequently will have to stand their own medical bills once injuries are sustained. Another critical issue is touting on the park. Touts hold on to your bags, hold your hands, blow in our faces, shouts at us in order to load vehicles .If we ignore some of those touts then we are prone to some form of verbal abuse.Aperson can be surrounded with five or more touts trying to grasp their attention. There is some order at some parks but yet still we see touting is a major business in some bus parks. There is also the issue of littering. On numerous occasions these same touts, drivers and conductors are seen littering our environment. Bottles, boxes and bags are

thrown on our roadways .Who will clean it up? What happen to the bins in buses? I guess it was just for a period of time. I hope they learn to appreciate our environment very soon. Some may argue that the government cannot take control of the transportation system because vehicles are privately owned. Government may not be in a position to control the entire system but sterner penalties can be implemented to ensure that commuters are safe and comfortable when travelling. Some may even suggest that we all should own our own vehicles but how can we purchase vehicles with this type of salary? Many times traffic officers allow this type of practice for the sake of making a 'small change' on the side .On numerous occasions traffic officers were seen accepting monies from drivers, just to end a matter. Some drivers even claim that some traffic officers collect their monies daily, and boast that the law cannot harm them because they can easily purchase an officer for as cheap as two thousand Guyana dollars. I plead with the traffic officers to act with dignity. If a driver is not abiding with the law, deal with him or her accordingly. Do not compromise for just “a small change.” Many lives are being affected by the lawlessness on the roadways. Many voted for change and we expect that. After a night of work and a packed day at the University I wish to travel in peace without being harassed, squeezed or having loud vulgar music being played in my ears. I am looking forward for order and stability in our transportation system. Shuniese Mitchell University Student


Description of how the Automatic Fire Sprinkler works Dear Editor; It appears as though Gafoors' back to back fire at their Houston complex has highlighted the importance for the installation of fire protection systems in commercial buildings with emphasis on automatic fire sprinkler systems. An automatic fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection method, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected. An Automatic Fire Sprinkler System is a network of water-filled pipes which starts at your water service line and ends with strategically spaced fire sprinkler heads located

throughout your home. The sprinkler heads are frangible bulbs filled with a liquid that, when heated, expand, causing the bulb(s) to break and the system to release water. The water from the sprinkler head will cover the area where the fire is located and will continue to operate until the fire department can fully extinguish the fire. Automatic fire sprinklers include a network of piping filled with water under pressure that is installed behind the walls and ceilings, and individual sprinklers are placed along the piping to protect the areas beneath them. Because the water is always in the piping, fire sprinklers are always "on call". If fire breaks out, the air temperature above the fire

From page 4 more to bring in less foreign exchange if this trend is not stopped urgently. Incidentally, has the Foreign Service thrust at economic diplomacy started? Are diplomats marketing and selling our rice, sugar and timber aggressively as yet? Make the only decision necessary Mr. President, find finance to keep a reformed industry alive and refreshed. I see no ready agricultural alternatives except talk right

now. Besides finance, programmes must be launched to create 'new day farmers' provided with land, technical assistance and technology. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing a re-oriented Guysuco, sending committed managers into the fields and factories among the workers. The Unions stand ready to play their part. It is certainly DECISION TIME. Kenneth Joseph General Secretary NAACIE

NAACIE says that ...

rises and the sprinkler activates when the air temperature gets high enough. The sprinkler sprays water forcefully over the flames, extinguishing them completely in most cases, or at least controlling the heat and limiting the development of toxic smoke until the fire department arrives. Only the sprinkler nearest the fire activates. Smoke will not activate sprinklers. Automatic fire sprinklers are recommended for all commercial buildings and multifamily homes. However, Guyana scenario may render fire sprinklers useless for the following reasons, water is not always available or pressure is low reducing availability to lower floors only. Pumps may be installed but electrical power in Guyana is not guaranteed due to constant power outages. Thus, property owners will have to consider installing on site generators and water reservoirs e.g. overhead tanks to supply water to sprinklers (Demerara Tobacco Co. Ltd did so since the 90's). Consideration of external water storage ponds is also a good idea for large factories of office buildings. Unless there are reliable water supplies, automatic fire sprinklers will not serve its intended purpose. Hemwant Persaud

Sam Hinds corrects David Hinds From page 4 fundamental differences between us of the PPP/C and the PNC/PNCR/APNU, beyond the racial difference. In my view, we of the PPP and PPP/ C are moved by rural sentiments and think in terms of, and work in practical ways for improvement of the largest number of Guyanese (whatever race, religion or region) from the position they are at. The PNC/PNCR/APNU is moved not just by urban sentiments but by urban elitist sentiments as indicated by a number of things which they

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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have been doing since in office. We the PPP/C believe that during our twenty–three years in office our people and country moved a far way towards becoming one people, one developing country with a common destiny. There are now more African Guyanese owned businesses than ever before (admittedly smaller to middling because of the more recent start-up). Also many large companies like the BK Group are becoming really Guyanese companies. In my first re-

sponse to Dr. David Hinds I called on my fellow members, supporters and friends of the PPP/C not to be daunted by the wall of suspicion built by decades of propaganda against us, but to reach out to fellow Guyanese who are African Guyanese. Now I call on my fellow African Guyanese to think again of the PPP/C, Engage our leaders, members and supporters and you may find a Guyanese of your liking. Samuel .A. A. Hinds Former President and Former Prime Minister

Give sugar lands at Wales to small farmers Dear Editor; I have in my possession a document put out by Guyana Sugar Corporation in May 26th 1976, wherein GuySuCo is presented as a food production unit, formerly a monoculture organization being diversified into an agro-business entity. The then new GuySuCo will be divided into six distinct divisions being:- Sugar, Grains, Root Crops, Orchard Crops, Livestock and Aquaculture. Principal among the divisions is the Sugar Division. Extensive expenditure of money and man-power has been expended on the above with colossal failure being the result. Whatever the cause of the demise of the much touted diversification, there does not exist evidence, at least in public print, that this nation was informed as to the cause/s for such gigantic loss of money, time and expectation of what could have been, among other reasons for the failure of the costly diversification. So now GuySuCo has fallen on hard times. The State of Guyana, meaning all of its population, is expected to provide monetary assistance to keep it afloat; the word is subsidy. We, the owners, all believe that sugar must not fail, that sugar is bonded to the sinews of this Guyana; its doom may spell the destruction of the country. Rather than operate as an entity on the verge of extinction, that it should circle the wagons, tighten its belt, drop off dead weight, or some other evidence that it is seeing the writing on the wall, what does the leadership of the present GuySuCo do? They go on a retreat and surface with; "New GuySuCo concept captures the essence of the direction� in which the entity is progressing. It will include sugar cane cultivation, sugar production and a Diversification Division that will focus on a variety of ventures, some of which include aquaculture, fruit crops, dairy farming, livestock farming, and rice cultivation. Notice that in the 1976 di-

versification plans, GuySuCo was not receiving subsidy to the tune of billions of dollars per year, as at present. The price of sugar on the world market was not 19 US cents per pound. Production cost was not 41 US cents per pound. Its management structure in the 1976 period comprised efficient and decent persons. What of the management structure at present, and what has GuySuCo gone through with all the rogues and malcontents who passed for Board Members, persons who bankrupted major investments, Chief Executives rolling in Jaguars and other expensive autos, corruption at all levels of the Corporation's life, not to leave out its trade unions operating as if GuySuCo belonged to the hated Imperialists. GuySuCo must not be allowed to do anything except concentrate on its core operation. Produce sugar at those sugar plantations owned by the inhabitants of Guyana. Dairy farming failed at West Bank Demerara during the First Diversification. Do we know why? What happened to all the machinery and equipment in that location? What happened to the milking parlours, cow pens, all the equipment in the cheese making factory, fences, grass plots that cost money to lay out, etc? How much money did this country lose in the dairy debacle? What about the rearing of fish in ponds which have to be constructed from neatly made sugar beds and drains. There is the threat of fish being stolen, predators, both animals and human, and other risks, unforseen in a fish operation of great acreages. What happens when the overseas customer says his patrons do not like the flavour of the fillet; this happens to inland fisheries. To talk about rice cultivation sounds like some persons at the GuySucCo retreat ended up sleeping. At this time when rice farmers may not be able to continue cultivation

due primarily to the action of the millers, continued increase of inputs to production, loss of preferential markets, falling yield per acre due to genetic adulteration of the varieties and other factors, and when there is talk of diversification from rice, how could in good conscience normal executives of the State owned GuySuCo treat citizens of Guyana as if we are children. All persons involved in rice cultivation know that in as much as rice can be cultivated almost anywhere in this country, no farmer will attempt to grow rice in riverain areas, due to high rainfall patterns. GuySuCo must be prepared to make sugar alone its reason for receiving billions it is getting and may have to be given until its Executives and the Board put their house in order. Wales sugar estate lands should soon pass to small farmers, among them former sugar workers, landless people in the Wales surrounding areas. They will take care of diversification. As the Wales experiment pick up steam, we would have all the experiences necessary for an over-all diversification of sugar in Region 3. Would GuySuCo investigate why DDL and Banks DIH use refined sugar imported from Belgium at the rate of forty twenty foot containers per month, each container holding 420 to 425 one hundred pounds sacks per container? In the First Diversification of 1976 - GuySuCo used to import to its West Bank cheese factory, milk from Leguan, where farmers could not produce rice, due to lack of inputs to rice production. The milk launch also ferried passengers on the Leguan to Parika run. One would have thought that someone in Govt. would have discerned the inventiveness of the Leguan farmers, and encourage that the milk remain in Leguan where a viable cheese and other milk products could have existed up to today. Hafiz Rahaman

Wednesday October 19, 2016


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Tender Board practiced E’bo fisherman gets seven years for killing co-worker no due diligence to ensure A 39-year-old fisherman who stabbed his co-worker to death while out at sea, has been sentenced to seven years in jail. This was after he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter before Justice William Ramlall and a mixed jury at the Berbice High Court. Gregory Nahar called “Biggs” and “Rufus”, of Paradise Village, Essequibo, was on trial for the October 6, 2015 murder of 27-year-old Ronald Emanuel Reid called “Manny”, of 25 Castello Housing Scheme, Georgetown. The incident occurred off the Litchfield foreshore in the Atlantic Ocean. Attorney-at-law Stacy Goodings represented the state while state-appointed attorney-at-law Perry Gossai appeared for the accused. According to the prosecution’s case, the incident happened around 14:30hrs while the fishing boat Vidya K 1 was off the Lichfield Foreshore, West Coast Berbice. The vessel had been at sea for 14 days prior to the incident. Reid was among the six-man crew aboard the vessel which was captained by Rohan ‘Ram’ Kumar. It was reported that Reid was involved in an argument with two brothers during which time he was fatally stabbed to his back. Boat captain Kumar, had stated that it was his first trip with Reid and he and the two Nahar brothers, Gregory and older brother Ray, didn’t agree. He had stated that he believed that the killing was premeditated since “the killers called their family and tell them to come to the Meadow Bank wharf cause

evaluators were qualified

Killed: Ronald Emanuel Reid

Jailed for seven years: Gregory Nahar

they coming home and lil after that they brackle the man.” Another crew member who witnessed the incident had stated that, “For the entire trip, the two brothers and Emanuel (Reid) were picking at each other.” He noted that “Emanuel asked them to let the story end, but dem didn’t stopping.” Both the captain and other crew members related seeing Gregory Nahar run after Reid with a knife. During the preliminary inquiry, the prosecution called 11 witnesses. Called to the witness stand was GDF lieutenant John Flores, who assisted in identifying the location where the incident occurred in the Atlantic. Also testifying were Police officers Sergeant Rawle Nedd, who was in charge of the crime scene, woman Sergeant Zoanne Johnson, who instituted the charge, Detective Constable Orland Alleyne, who assisted with the crime scene investigations, and Constable Clifford Wiggins and female Constable Senesi Wills. Boat captain Rohan Kumar, Fishermen Davenand Hernandes, Masudi Taylor called “Buccaneer” and

Lawrence Taylor, and Reid’s father Brian Reid, also testified. A post mortem examination conducted at the Georgetown Hospital by Dr. Nehaul Singh revealed that Reid died from stab wounds. In a sworn statement, the accused admitted to stabbing Reid once. He told the court that he is remorseful and has become a Christian with four children to take care of. Reid had died leaving among others, his girlfriend who was two months pregnant. Attorney at Law Perry Gossai had pleaded for leniency on behalf of his client stating that there was evidence of a fight. He stated that there was evidence that Reid had attacked the men and that one brother had gone to the other’s defence. The lawyer had also alluded to the fact that the accused did not wasted the court’s time. Gregory Nahar was subsequently sentenced to seven years, with one year deducted for time spent. The Preliminary Inquiry was conducted by Magistrate Rhondell Weever at the Fort Wellington and Weldaad Magistrate’s Courts.

The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) has been found to be in default of not practising due diligence as it relates to ensuring that persons appointed as evaluators had the expertise and experience as is specified in the Procurement Act. Ministerial departments and Agency Tender Boards are required to nominate qualified persons to be considered by the National Board to sit on Evaluation Committees. Auditors noted that a pool of evaluators was created and evaluation committees were formed to decide on procurement subject to its jurisdiction. However, it was reported that NPTAB had not exercised due diligence to ensure that the persons appointed as

- AG Report evaluators had the requisite expertise and experience. In response to this, NPTAB’s Chairman explained that a circular was issued in February of this year by the N a t i o n a l B o a r d t o all Regional, Ministerial, Department and Agency Tender Boards. These entities were reminded about Sections 20 (1) and 23 (1) of the Procurement Act 2003, which requires these agencies to nominate persons to serve on the evaluation committees. Additionally, they were asked to submit the qualifications and experience of the nominated persons for the board to scrutinize. Based on this response, the audit office recommended that in

appointing Tender Evaluators, the National Board should do all in its power that Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Regions undertake checks to ensure that candidates have the necessary expertise before nominations are made to the National Board. Also, it was recommended that when the National Board is appointing evaluators directly, it should keep documentation to provide evidence of the checks undertaken. This is not the first time that the Audit Office has highlighted this problem in the National Board. This specific issue was highlighted in the Auditor General’s report for 2014. It appears as though the required steps are not being employed by the agency to remedy the problem.

Education Specialist highlights tactic to improve regional education Members of the Caribbean Community will have to work harder to encourage donors to extend their support. This notion was earlier this week amplified by Caricom’s Education Sector Specialist, Dr. Nancy George. Dr. George sought to emphasise this notion as she underscored that educational change is not an overnight thing. “It is something that takes a long time to manage and a long time to achieve,” she related, even as she pointed out that international donor projects to realise ambitious educational changes are often short-lived. And this, according to her, is a dilemma that the Caribbean

Community often faces. It was at this juncture she spoke of a World Bank project in Jamaica that has been running for 10 years, and recognised it as an exception to the rule. “It is almost a miracle...usually you have

three to five years to do whatever it is you are supposed to do, but in three to five years you are not going to see any impact. The impact is going to come eight or 10 years after that,” Dr. George asserted. As a result she (Continued on page 29)


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Wednesday October 19, 2016

“The Town Clerk should be removed immediately” - Deputy Mayor …as Audit Report raises questions of mismanagement Deputy Mayor of the City of Georgetown Sherod Duncan believes that the city’s Town Clerk Royston King should be removed “immediately” due to recent findings published in the Auditor General’s report for the fiscal year 2015. Duncan in an interview with Kaieteur News yesterday said that a few weeks ago at a statutory meeting, the Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, had informed City Hall that it will be audited. “It was a response to a councillor’s query on secret bank accounts. She felt City Hall would be vindicated once and for all.” However, Duncan said that since the audit, City Hall is even more mired in serious questions of mismanagement. He

emphasised, “This stops at the feet of the Town Clerk. I’ve said it before, all the Town Clerk’s actions led to chaos from issue to issue, scandal to scandal, the AG’s Report being the latest.” According to Duncan, the stewardship of City finances is so poorly managed, it speaks clearly to an absolute

health and well-being. The full amount was exhausted as at December 31, 2015. According to the audit, there were 212 examined payment vouchers containing discrepancies. It was observed by the auditors that there were 167 instances totalling $159.968M where there was

“The Town Clerk’s incompetence is becoming most taxing on the Municipality and he should be removed immediately.” – Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan lack and total disregard for transparency and accountability. “The Town Clerk’s incompetence is becoming most taxing on the Municipality and he should be removed immediately.” The Auditor General’s Report of the City had addressed the sum of $300M which was allotted for Georgetown’s restoration initiatives for environmental improvement and improved

no evidence of the payment vouchers being certified by the accountant or any other authorised officer. The report also said that approval by the City Treasurer was absent from 140 payment vouchers amounting to $143.682M. There was no evidence showing the Finance Committee approving 48 payments on 58 instances totalling $48.404M.

Auditors also found that there was no evidence of receipt or payee acknowledgment for a payment of $750,000 to a contractor via cheque. The report said that the AG’s Office could not ascertain whether proper transparency and accountability procedures were exercised in the awarding of a number of contracts. These contracts were for the weeding of parapets, desilting of drains and cutting down of trees in areas around the city. The basis for the awarding of the contracts could not be determined due to the unavailability of the relevant supporting documents. The Audit Office in light of these controversial issues had recommended that the Town Council should adhere to financial instructions and regulations, as well as tender procedures which are set out in the Procurement Act 2003. Besides the revelations of the Audit, Duncan believes that the parking meter

Deputy Mayor of G/town, Sherod Duncan

Town Clerk Royston King

contract and the treatment of the Robb Street vendors justify the removal of the Town Clerk. According to the Deputy Mayor, the Ministry of Finance’s review of the parking meter contract described certain parts as “ignorant”. “This was negotiated by the Town Clerk.” Further, Duncan said that the Attorney-General’s Office called the contract “onerous” and President David Granger called it “burdensome”. Also, Duncan said that the movement of vendors from Robb Street had been described by the President as “reckless”. Duncan said that the Council has passed, by majority decision,

amendments to the contract. However, the Deputy Mayor said that he abstained for several reasons. “The Finance Ministry’s review had indicated that if the contract had not been tendered or procurement procedures were followed, then the contract should be withdrawn. These procedures were flouted; hence I could not support the contract among other reasons.” The Deputy Mayor went on to say that although he and several councillors have withheld their support, they are pleased that it was due to their efforts that the Council was able to amend the agreement, thereby creating an entirely different contractual arrangement.

Wednesday October 19, 2016


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WHERE DID THE MONEY COME FROM? On Monday last, we examined one reason given by the government for its contention that it inherited a disastrous financial landscape. It was suggested that this was an excuse offered by the government to justify its pitiful wages offer to public servants. The argument made by the government that it had to honour the debts of the sugar company, plus pay it 23 billion dollars in subventions, cannot be entirely dismissed as fanciful. The government can rightly claim that had it not had to pay that subvention, then more money would have been available to do other things. Or to squander! And the government did, in relation to the Jubilee activities. The

government did have to bailout GuySuCo. But it also bailed out City Hall. It also bailed out the Durban Park project. The government also failed to announce how much money it spent to host the Caricom Heads of Government Summit, including the road works which it was forced to do. So perhaps more money would have meant more spending on things which bring no return to the economy. The government continues to bailout other sectors. It will soon bailout the Veterans, giving them additional benefits, even though most of them do enjoy their statutory benefits. Other sectors of the workforce are going to be

lining up for a review of their benefits, since if the benefits of the veterans can be reviewed, then the benefits paid to retired policemen and women should also be reviewed. The government has also not factored into its excuse the fact that despite falling short of revenue projections, it did enjoy an increase in revenues. So it is not a case in which revenues are contracting at the same time that it has to bail out the sugar company. The government’s official excuse for not paying public servants a higher wage was not because it did not have money or because it has to bail out the sugar industry. This is the latest excuse. The original position of the

Costly mistake for Guyanese Barbados (Barbados Today) - Guyanese national Mohamed Kazim Khan found himself in a heap of trouble for “mistakenly” putting a small bottle of insecticide in his pocket when he went into Carters. Not only did 44-year-old Khan, who lives at Eastlynne, St George get arrested and charged for the offence which landed him before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court yesterday, but his status in the country also got the attention of immigration officials. According to the facts read by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, Khan was observed at the High Street, The City branch of Carters, by security personnel around 10:45 a.m. on October 15, putting the insecticide in his right pants pocket. He was then seen heading towards the exit, but was

stopped. Khan consented to a search and the $24.03 item was found in his pocket and he was arrested. “Immigration would have an interest in this accused,” Watson told the court. “Information suggests that since 2010, his status was refused really and denied.” When it came time to explain what took place, Khan told the No.1 District ‘A’ Criminal Court presided over by Magistrate Douglas Frederick, that he was in the store but put the item in his pocket to make a telephone call, then browsed the aisle and exited the store. “Sir, I was already outside on the road . . . I felt it [the item] . . . I turned back and say ‘oh geeze!’,” Khan sought to explain, saying that he had $60 in his pocket to “buy that same stuff”. The Guyanese, who

revealed that he had lived in Barbados for some 17 years, further explained that he wanted to buy the item to spray around his house. However, the magistrate said: “You are a big man; you know that you don’t shop that kind of way. You don’t shop by putting things in your pocket. There are shopping carts, there are shopping baskets; you hold the thing in your hand, you don’t go past the cashier.” “There is a little possibility that you could have forgotten it in your pocket . . . but you have more problems with immigration than you have here now.” The magistrate then imposed a $150 fine on Khan who had to pay the money forthwith or face seven days imprisonment, saying: “You have to be careful.” The fine was paid.

Dem boys seh...

Some people BT cutting spike nail Scampish and thiefing politicians don’t like certain types of people. Dem don’t like media people who criticize and expose dem wrongdoing. Dem don’t like de auditors who got to check dem books, especially de Auditor General. When Jagdeo been in power he mess up de media. He insult nuff reporters and even ban one of dem from going to State House and Ohh Pee. He cuss down de Waterfalls paper because it expose all he scampish and dutty deal. He cuss down de Auditor General fuh not keeping quiet about de loopholes he found. Dem boys seh we get a new govt wid de same old Auditor General and de same set of media houses. De govt cussing de media houses

among demself. That is how Jagdeo did start off till he get in de open like dem bad hooman. He still deh in de open but now he behaving wuss than dem bad hooman. De new Finance Minister, who baptise by de River of Jordan, start cuss down de Auditor General. And de man ain’t do him nutten. De man just talk that he tek money out de Treasury when he not suppose to. He jump and seh he don’t have to explain to de man. Is that same language Jagdeo use that got he and he whole crew in de opposition. He was somebody who use to tell people that got to approve wha come out dem mouth and also wha dem put pun paper. De Auditor General was one.

Jordan believe he is Jagdeo. Of course he use to wuk in that same Finance Ministry wid Jagdeo. Dem boys want to believe that his actions and words is something that rub off from Jagdeo. De only thing is that he name ain’t call in no overseas bank account, yet. But dem got a lot of people name calling wid some fancy figure in dem accounts. Dem boys plan to expose dem figures one by one very soon. Uncle Sam got all de information and dem don’t hide scampishness. Nuff of dem BT cutting spike nail when dem hear Guyana sign on to de moneysharing information. Talk half and watch fuh see how dem boys gun get de last laugh.

government was that it cannot sustain a higher wage increase, not that it cannot find the money. The fault for not paying public servants a higher increase cannot be laid at the feet of GuySuCo. The government has been toying with the Guyana Public Service Union. It did initially threaten to pay the increase even if the union disagreed with it. This constitutes a breach of collective bargaining. There was a retreat from this position, with the government then suggesting

that negotiations were not over. This was after the union said it would prefer to go to conciliation and then arbitration. The government knows that if the matter goes to arbitration, it can lose just as how the PPPC lost in 1999. It knows that it would have to pay a high wage bill. It does not want to pay that bill this year or next year or the following year. It will do so in 2020 when elections are due. It will then pay the big increase to public servants, just as the PPPC was fond of doing.

People are not going to be fooled by what is taking place. Public servants have already begun to ask how it is that the government, which has to bail out so many industries, had the money to pay multibillion-dollar payouts as out-of-court settlements. Yet it could not find the sums to up its wages offer to public servants.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday October 19, 2016


APNU-AFC is on the road to perdition People court their own disaster. For countless years I have composed my KN columns late into the night. The reason for this is because if I wait until the day grows older and then blackout comes, I have to run down to someone else’s computer to type. So, as is customary, I do my article late at night and send it to Adam Harris early the next day. This column was not done in the night. I slipped up. On Tuesday, blackout came. This column was typed not in the comfort of my home, but at the Kaieteur News office. So blackout came and I dressed to go out to type my column elsewhere. I picked up the paper; I read the incredible news of the cost to repair the Arthur Chung Convention Centre. Built at a cost of US$8 million, the APNU-AFC regime will be spending almost US$7 million to repair the building. This is PPP depravity all over. This country lost its way a long time, and it will die a natural death in the future. I had to go to Kaieteur

News to type my article because of a modern deprivation I have endured since 1980. My daughter grew up with it, all citizens over twenty years grew up with it – daily electricity disruption. In 2016, my family and I have to live with blackouts, and this new government that an entire population put its hopes on, is repairing the Convention Centre to the tune of $1.4 billion. I am challenging President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo to show me how qualitatively different is their thinking from the PPP’s and how different is their approach to development from the PPP’s. The Chinese will be putting up part of the money for the repairs. But the government could have requested the Chinese to put the money on a project that is more exigent. UG needs that money, not the Convention Centre. Cyril Potter’s College needs that money more than the Centre. GPL needs that money more than the Centre. The interior schools need that money more than the Centre.

The police force needs that money more than the Centre. Parliament Building needs that money more than the Centre. GWI needs that money more than the Centre. But wait a minute! Did we not build, at the cost of almost a billion dollars, the Durban Park project? What purpose does that construction serve? Why do we have to spend $1.4 billion on a project that will not impact in any substantial way the improvement of the economy? Oh, I need to apologize. Maybe I should wait for Minister Cathy Hughes, the President and the Prime Minister to explain to the Guyanese people how this $1.4 billion repair job will impact on the economy. So I shouldn’t jump the gun. But am I not entitled to my opinion? And I Frederick am not a dunce in development economics. I am not a trained economist, but I can assess the effects of financial policies on the economy. I am saying without hesitation that the school juice project, if it had gone to a local manufacturer, would have been helpful to the economy. I am saying that the airport stone contract had it gone to a local manufacturer, would have been more helpful to our economy. I am contending that the large sum assigned to repair the Convention Centre is a

misplaced priority. I await the correction to my economic thinking when I hear what the President has to say when he holds his weekly NCN media programme, “The Public Interest.” Within this context, it is relevant to remind readers that apart from this coruscating rehabilitation of the Centre, the APNU-AFC regime will be spending millions to expand the functions of the Marriott Hotel. This is how a government spends money fifty years after Independence. We are still living inside the sucksand of a mono-cultural economy. First it was sugar. Sugar is dead. We live on gold. When gold prices dwindle, we fall sick. But how interesting that we should bring up the concept of the mono-cultural economy. UG has started a yearly Clive Thomas Lecture. The first Kissoon delivery will be outstanding professor of development economics, Jay Mandle. Forty years ago, Mandle wrote his famous book on the pitfalls of the mono-cultural economy. But the irony of all of this is that the man who educated us on the pitfalls of the mono-cultural economy is Clive Thomas himself. How does Thomas feel as a member of the Government of Guyana, his colleagues spending money on Marriott and the Convention Centre in a mono-cultural economy?

Wednesday October 19, 2016


Kaieteur News

Contractors vie for Kaikan Pouderoyen woman freed of common-law husband’s murder strip rehab contract A total of eight bids were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday, for the Construction and Rehabilitation of the Kaikan Airstrip, which has an engineer’s estimate of $89 million. The procuring entity is the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

Expressions of interest were also received for the procurement of laptops under the Citizen Security Programme. The procuring entity is the Ministry of Public Security, this saw four companies bidding for the contract.

Ten contractors bid for the construction of a Protocol and Consular Affairs Department and the Foreign Service Institute. The procuring entity was list as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the engineer’s estimate being $326.4 Million.

Finally, tenders for the rehabilitation of the living quarters at the Regional Integrated Tax Office, located in Corriverton, Region 6, were also opened yesterday. This saw seven contractors vying for the Guyana Revenue Authority contract, which the engineer estimated at $31.2 Million.

The 12-member mixed jury yesterday returned a formal verdict, under the direction of Justice Jo-Ann Barlow, finding Nicola Joseph not guilty of the murder of her common-law husband Curtis McKinnon. It was alleged that McKinnon, a father of five, was fatally stabbed to the neck on July,20,2014, by Joseph during a heated argument at the victim’s Lot 12 Plantain Walk, Klein Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara home. Reports had indicated that the Guyana Water Incorporated supervisor and the mother of two of his children had been involved in an argument over the phone, and later, had engaged in a physical altercation during which Mc Kinnon was fatally stabbed. Joseph’s trial took place in the Georgetown High Court. Following the completion of testimony by Trevona Joseph, the daughter of the accused yesterday, State Prosecutor Siand Dhurjon disclosed that the State has led all its evidence in the matter and there were no more witnesses to call. Dhurjon represented the State in association with Prosecutor Shawnette Austin. Defence Attorney Sonia Parag had previously submitted that her client acted in self-defence. However given the fact that Prosecutor had no more witnesses to call to disapprove the argument of the defence, the Judge directed the jury to return a

Dead: Curtis McKinnon

formal verdict of not guilty in relation to the accused. By the end of the proceeding, Justice Barlow told Joseph that she had been given a gift of a second chance, which she should use wisely. “You are free to go,”

Justice Barlow pronounced. Upon hearing those words, Joseph, who was standing in the prisoner’s dock threw up both arms and shouted “thank you so much and thank you God,” before immediately exiting the courtroom.


Wednesday October 19, 2016

Kaieteur News

Bartica massacre trial on hold following judge’s ruling A ruling handed down in the High Court has resulted in the trial, for which five men accused of killing 12 people in Bartica, being put on hold. Mark Royden, called Durant or Smallie; Clebert Reece, called Chi Chi or Fineman; Dennis Williams called Anaconda; Michael Caesar, called Deon Cort; and Roger Anthony Simon, called Goat Man, are jointly charged with killing nine civilians and three policemen. At the High Court on Monday, Judge Roxanne George ruled that an ex parte

order granted to the Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP) to have the men tried in Demerara Magisterial District is void. The matter would have initially been tried in the Essequibo Magisterial District. But owing to the ex parte order that was granted to the DPP, the matter was transferred to be heard in Demerara. At the pre-trial hearing, the Defence Attorneys including Peter Hugh, Saphier Hussein, and Madan Kissoon, raised objections

Dennis Williams called ‘Anaconda’ noting the ex parte order is breach against the laws of natural justice, since their clients were not given a chance to have a hearing in the case. Given the ruling by Justice George, the matter has been put down to facilitate the refiling of another motion which will give the five accused a chance to a fair hearing before it is transferred to the Demerara Magisterial District. In addition, Justice George ruled on objections by the DPP against Attorneyat-law Madan Kissoon. The issue of the lawyer

Roger Anthony Simon having a conflict of interest in the case was raised, since Kissoon, who is a lawyer in the criminal assizes, is also Magistrate presiding over criminal cases at the Night Court. However, Justice George ruled that Kissoon‘s involvement in the matter does not constitute a conflict of interest, as he does not adjudicate over any matter which has a direct relation to the Bartica massacre case. The judge’s ruling also stipulates that Kissoon’s contract to operate as a Magistrate at the night court allows him to work as a lawyer

Clebert Reece called ‘Chi Chi’ or ‘Fineman’

in the day and operate as a Magistrate at the said court. Last week, the start of a trial for the five men accused of killing 12 people, including three policemen, eight years ago at Bartica, was pending a ruling on pre-trial issues. During the hearing, the prosecution was led by State Counsel Diana Kaulesar in association with Attorneys Narissa Leander and Tuana Hardy, on record for the DPP. On the night of February 17, 2008, around 21:40hrs, a large group of gunmen attacked Bartica, slaughtering a dozen people,

including three police officers, during an hour-long attack. It was reported that the armed men attacked the police station before killing the three policemen and freeing prisoners. They then left with the vehicle assigned to the police station and went on a rampage, terrorizing the community. According to reports, the gunmen arrived in the area by boat and departed in similar fashion, taking the firearms they grabbed from the police station and a mining company.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

GPL suffers another shutdown - company urges customers to check website, Facebook for updates The Demerara Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS) yesterday experienced three shutdowns between midday and 16:00hrs. According to the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL), the shutdown was due to a suspected fault on the 69kv transmission line linking the Kingston Power Station to the Sophia Substation (Dispatch Centre). Technicians were forced to isolate the transmission line from the DBIS grid. “While efforts are ongoing to determine the origin of the shutdowns, power was restored within minutes of each shutdown in both counties with the exception of customers from Onverwagt to Ithaca-Berbice, Sophia to Success-ECD and along the East Bank Demerara Corridors who were repowered around 18:30hrs.” GPL said that the loss of the transmission line connection between Kingston and Sophia reduced available generation by 32 megawatts within the DBIS, thus necessitating an emergency load shedding programme in the both counties “while we worked assiduously to return normalcy to the grid.” GPL “encouraged” customers to visit its website at and GPL Inc. Facebook page for updates as they become available. “We express regret for this unfortunate situation and the inconveniences caused and seek the patience of our valued customers.” GPL is facing serious problems in Demerara and Berbice as it is unable to access excess power from the Vreed-en-Hoop power plant which is lying partially idle. This is because a submarine cable across the Demerara River, commissioned last year, is down and will not be repaired for another few weeks.

Kaieteur News


GuyOil drops gas price by $2 but kero, gasoil go up State-owned Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil) has announced a drop in gas price by $2, but prices for gasoil and kerosene will rise. According to GuyOil yesterday in a statement, the adjustments are related to rising fuel prices and acquisition costs from its buyer. “The upward adjustment in Kerosene and Gasoil prices by $5 per litre, r e s p e c t i v e l y, a r e d i r e c t l y r e l a t e d t o increased acquisition cost from source, which is consistent with the current trend of upward movement of fuel prices on the world market. GuyOil had been absorbing these fluctuations but recent movements have made these adjustments necessary,” the company said in a statement yesterday. “Conversely, Guyoil is happy to announce a reduction in the price for Gasoline by $2 per litre which will not only have a positive impact on individuals who use their vehicles to go to work and conduct business, but also on the transportation sector. It ably demonstrates Guyoil’s commitment to act in the interest of all Guyanese and the nation as a whole,” says Marketing Manager, Eric Whaul. In the city, gasoline will retail for $178 per litre from $180; while gasoil will move to $160 from $150 per litre. Kerosene will also be hiked from $105 per litre to $110. The last time that gas price was hiked was back in June. It went up $10. World prices fell to below US$40 per barrel a year ago, but have been inching upwards since. See table of the price adjustments at right.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday October 19, 2016

AG Report highlights deficiency in delivery of goods to Health Ministry

A tradition of late or delayed supplies has for a number of years plagued the health sector. This has manifested itself by a situation of late or delayed delivery of goods to the Ministry of Health. In fact there are reports that suggest that some suppliers are yet to fulfill the delivery mandate. This state of affairs has been amplified in the Auditor General Report of the fiscal year ended 2015. Among the suppliers that have been holding out on the Ministry, in terms of supply, has been the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Company Inc. (New GPC). Based on the details of the Report, in 2013 the New GPC was awarded 10 contracts valued at $2.374 billion of which freight charges totalled $180.496M. It was revealed that as at September 2015, goods valued at $136.637M were still outstanding in relation to two of the 10 contracts. But while goods valued at $91.640M were received since then, the Report has outlined that there were outstanding deliveries of $44.997M at the time of reporting. It was expected that the outstanding supplies would have been forthcoming by last month. This publication was unable to ascertain whether this commitment has been met. The Ministry has, however, assured that reconciliations are being done. According to the Audit Office, it is recommended that the Ministry takes immediate action to have contractors fulfill their contractual obligations under the

contracts awarded to them. But the New GPC has not been the only defaulting supplier. While the Report highlighted that the New GPC was still to deliver drugs and medical supplies valued at $11.863 million for the year 2011, it was revealed that a total of six suppliers failed to deliver drugs and medical supplies totalling $114.002 million for the year 2012. The named suppliers are Product Roche, Caribbean Medical Supplies, Trans Continental Ltd., Henry Schien Inc., Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and SHIMADZU. It was, however, noted that the named suppliers were collectively able to deliver goods amounting to $98.750 million during 2015. But as at September 10, last, there was an outstanding balance of $15.252 million. In 2013, amounts totalling $435.344 million were paid to 21 local and overseas suppliers for the delivery of drugs and medical supplies. As at September 10, 2015, goods valued at $257.972 million were delivered on the contract. But during the course of 2015 and 2016, additional goods valued at $6.876 million were delivered, bringing the total goods delivered to as at September 10, 2016 to $264.848 million. The outstanding goods, valued at $75.453 million, were due to eight suppliers not fully honouring their obligations which totalled $6.556 million. Among the still outstanding suppliers, as at the time of reporting, were:

International Pharmaceutical Agency, Meditron Scientific Sales, PAHO, Bryden PI Ltd., Caribbean Medical Supplies, Henry Schien and Patterson Medical. It was further revealed in the Report that in 2014, National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) approvals were seen for procurement of drugs and medical supplies in relation to suppliers other than the New GPC Inc. In this regard, payments totalling $975.591M were made to 29 local and overseas suppliers. But as at September 10, 2015, it was revealed that a number of suppliers were yet to fully satisfy the supply goods. It was noted that the outstanding goods amounted to $84.696M. The defaulting suppliers named in the Report in this instance are: PAHO, CKC International Commodities, Caribbean Medical Supplies Inc., Patterson Medical, Trans Continental Meds. Pro. Inc., Ansa McAl Trading Ltd., Biomed Energy Ent., Diamed Caribbean Inc., One World Accuracy Inc., Global Health Care Supplies Inc. and Meditron Scientific Sales. But it was noted that at the time of reporting in September 2016, deliveries valued at $58.561 million were received by the Ministry, leaving a balance of $26.133 million still outstanding. While the Ministry has also assured that reconciliations are being done, the Audit Office has recommended that that Ministry continue to engage the suppliers as a matter of urgency to have the outstanding drugs delivered.

NIS to commence countrywide compliance campaign The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) will be executing a countrywide campaign in an effort to engage employers, selfemployed persons and employees on matters relating to compliance and benefits. According to Publicity and Public Relations Officer Dianna Baxter, the exercise is intended to expand social security coverage to the working population. Compliance officers displaying their badges will be visiting all business premises to carry out the programme. Last month, when NIS celebrated 47 years as a social security entity, compliance

was described as the most challenging issue facing the scheme. Acting General Manager Holly Greaves had said that the main source of income comes from contributions paid by employers on behalf of their employees. She said that when employers are delinquent, the financial operation of the National Insurance Scheme and its contributors are negatively affected. Faced with this situation, the scheme announced that plans are in the pipeline to begin enhancing the scheme’s debt recovery strategy, with emphasis on cost reduction and time. The scheme also intends to

implement a monitoring system to minimize employer delinquency. Greaves had said that employers should be on the alert, since the agency will be launching several campaigns commencing in the last quarter of 2016. These campaigns, according to Greaves will target not only delinquent employers, but attention will be focused on those inactive and dormant employers. NIS also plans to place emphasis on its Information Technology capacity, whereby it plans to conduct a programme on data cleansing for its 133,000 contributors. Greaves had said that contributors are (continued on page 30)

Wednesday October 19, 2016


Kaieteur News

Auditor General trashes Finance Minister’s his office enjoys “criticisms” of report - stresses full independence By Abena RockcliffeCampbell Auditor General Deodat Sharma is unfazed by utterances made by Finance Minister Winston Jordan in an attempt to discredit his report. Sharma said that he has grown accustomed to the modus operandi of politicians, who often react similarly to Jordan, in the wake of his reports. The Auditor General said that he will continue to execute the functions of his office without fear or favour. He is maintaining that the APNU+AFC government, through Jordan, has been abusing the contingency fund. In his 2015 report, Sharma noted that the Contingency Fund is only to be used in a case of extreme emergency, national importance, and when there has been no prior monetary allocation for an unforeseen circumstance. He said that he found the current government guilty of continued abuse of the Fund, as it accessed over $600M for “routine” expenses.

However, Jordan has become somewhat agitated by Sharma’s comments in his report. And, despite the fact that the Office of the Auditor General has been given responsibility to protect the public purse, Jordan is adamant that he does not owe Sharma any explanation. At a recent press conference, Jordan said that the Constitution deems the Minister of Finance as the sole individual who will determine the emergency for which he can dip his hand into the Contingency Fund. He continued, “It is the Minister of Finance who determines that…so you can’t come six months afterwards and tell me that the motor car that I bought with money from the Contingency Fund is not an emergency.” However, yesterday, Sharma admitted that indeed his interpretation of an emergency may differ from what Jordan might deem an emergency. Nevertheless, the Auditor General said that the law clearly states that expenditure may be deemed an emergency if the

postponement would be detrimental to public interest. “Buying a vehicle cannot be detrimental to the public’s interest,” said Sharma. The Auditor General gave instances where tapping into the contingency fund may be acceptable. In this regard, he said that if a seawall breaks away, if there is an outbreak of a disease “or any national disaster, for that matter,” monies to be spent to attend to those matters may comfortably be taken from the contingency fund. EDITING OF REPORT Further, at Monday’s press conference, Jordan said that it was usual for the draft report to be sent to the Ministry of Finance for editing before being published. Sharma emphasised that Jordan is “totally out of order on that one”. The Auditor General said that there was never an instance where he sent his work to be edited by the Ministry of Finance. “There is nothing in the Constitution which requires that the Audit Office, being an independent body, should

send the draft report to the Ministry for editing.” The Auditor General said that that sort of practice was condoned under the old Constitution but the new Constitution does not make provisions for such. He said that under the new Constitution, his Office enjoys full independence and not having an edited report, “forms part of my independence. I have never sent a report to the Ministry of Finance for editing, never in my tenure have I done such.” He said that he will not do so in the future either. Sharma told Kaieteur News that indeed there is a provision in the Audit Act

which requires that at the conclusion of any audit, the Auditor General shall provide the relevant Head of a Budget agency, or the governing body in the case of other public entities, with a draft report including findings and recommendations, and the Head of the budget agency or the governing body shall provide a written response to the Auditor General within thirty days. He said that this response is to be included in his report. “So according to the Act, I am only supposed to give the respective ministries, bodies, and regions the opportunity to respond to my findings. I did this. I sent my

Auditor General, Deodat Sharma findings to the Permanent Secretaries, the Financial Secretary, the Accountant General and the Regions. I have included the response in the final report. I have done my part,” said Sharma.


Kaieteur News

Cane harvester suspected of killing wife captured in backdam Swift efforts by law enforcement officers in ‘B’ Division have led to the arrest of Winston Benjamin aka ‘Blood,’ who is alleged to have fatally stabbed his reputed wife on Monday. The suspect, a 40-yearold cane harvester attached to the Skeldon Estate, was captured in the Ulverston backdam, Corentyne, where he has been hiding out since the incident. Police had been on the hunt for him since Monday, after he fled to the backdam. Benjamin was in hiding after he allegedly knifed his reputed wife 38-year-old Yansen Brush, a mother of four, to death in a shop in Ulverston. The woman reportedly worked at the Alne s s Primary School as a canteen operator. When Kaieteur News visited the scene on Monday and spoke to Beverly Green,

Killed: Yansen Brush

Captured: Winston Benjamin

the proprietor of the shop where Brush met her demise, the woman confirmed that the incident happened on her premises. The shop owner stated that Brush came into her shop to make a purchase after which the suspect took out a knife and stabbed his reputed wife several times. G r e e n s a i d t h at she grabbed on to the man

through an opening in the shop counter in a bid to keep him from escaping, while a bleeding Yansen staggered to the side of the shop. Benjamin managed to wriggle free from Green’s grasp with the weapon still in his possession and fled the scene. The woman was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

Gary Best to lead probe into latest mining pit death Presidential Advisor on the Environment, Gary Best was yesterday sworn in to investigate, examine and report on the causes, conditions and surrounding circumstances that led to death of Keon Wilson, after the mining pit in which he was working in collapsed, pinning him under slush at Puruni, Region Seven. Commissioner Best took the oath before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The swearing in followed the mandate given by President David Granger that a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) be established into the incident. According to reports, Wilson, 33, of Ann’s Grove East Bank Demerara, was buried alive after the mining pit in which he and several other men were working in gave way on October 8. The inquiry will investigate, examine the regulatory, monitoring and reporting regimes that govern areas specifically at Rock Creek, Puruni to determine whether there was compliance with safety operating procedures. It will also determine whether there were breaches of any laws, regulations, rules

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and Mr. Gary Best in Court One of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and practices that directly led to, or contributed to the death of Wilson. Mr. Best has also been tasked with enquiring into the actions of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), and to report his findings and conclusion to determine the cause of the incident and make recommendations to

prevent a recurrence. A Preliminary Report shall be rendered to the Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman on November 4. A final report will be handed over to President David Granger on November 18. Ms. Geeta ChandanEdmond, Legal Advisor at the Ministry of the Presidency, Mr. Reginald Brotherson, Permanent Secretary, Department of Public Service, Ministry of the Presidency; Joslyn McKenzie, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources; and Mr. Newell Dennison, Acting Commissioner of the GGMC also attended.

Wednesday October 19, 2016


Kaieteur News

Lands and Surveys to offer online lease application service next year

Even as government continues to work towards an efficient and professional public service sector through, in part, the implementation of digitised systems, the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC) has begun work to offer online lease application processing and instant response to questions and queries. These online systems will be implemented in a phased approach and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. GL&SC is the entity tasked with overseeing land allocations. Information Systems Manager of the GL&SC, David Cole, during an interview yesterday said that the Commission is working on making available online all the services offered at its physical offices, through its website which is currently being reconfigured. However, the first phase is the refining of content of the website and this will be completed by the end of 2016. “What we are doing right now in relation to the website

GL&SC’s Information Systems Dept. Manager, Mr. David Cole specifically is that, we are revamping our existing website. We are changing its look. We are looking at refining its content and most importantly in another phase, making it much more interactive. We are working on creating a website that can effectively engage members of the public as well as any other stakeholder in the kind of services that we offer here as a Commission. We are designing a website, which

can be used by not just the desktop but the smart phones so that when persons access it, it is fully responsive to the device it is being accessed from,” he indicated via a Ministry of the Presidency statement. In 2017, the Commission will be working to make the chat feature available by midyear, to afford customers and m e m b e r s o f t h e p ublic instant responses to their questions, queries and suggestions, while the online processing of applications is expected to take shape by the end of 2017. “We are trying to make it very dynamic. We want to put in a chat feature… We want to be able to do a better display of our maps because a lot of persons do not know that we produce a variety of maps for any kind of use. We hope for it to be really efficient and for it to provide timely feedback. Whatever can be done at our physical offices we want our website to be able to provide that to our stakeholders. The application process is one such service. In moving in line with

110 graduate with Masters... (From page 23) strength to strength. According to the CEO magazine, AIB is now judged to be the #1Business school in Australia and #5 in the world within the online MBA rankings. AIB is registered to provide the full suite of business degrees which are fully accredited in Australia and internationally recognized. AIB has students and graduates from over 90 coun-

tries and was named the largest MBA provider in Australia by the Australian Financial Review (September, 2015). The invaluable contribution made by the facilitators of the programme was highlighted. The facilitators include Abraham Ogowewo, Michelle Johnson, Ren

Gonzales, Ray Suknandan, Colin Thompson, Vishnu Doerga, Celine Davis, Orin Hickerson, Anjanie Hackett, Nizam Hassan and Ruth Lee. In addition two facilitators, Corie Sheppard-Babb and Kamla Rampersaud, had travelled from Trinidad to deliver parts of the MBA course.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

government’s move to be more digital and this concept of e-governance, we want to be able to have our clients with the application process, doing it online, submitting the application, vetting it and processing it,” he said. While he noted that there are some legal ramifications in terms of notarised signatures among other things that are yet to be worked out, Cole said that the ultimate goal is a more efficient Commission and satisfied stakeholders. “Definitely the intention is to be as transparent as possible and to offer what we offer at our offices, online,” the Information Systems Manager said.

While these works are ongoing inside the Commission, the eGovernment Unit of the Ministry of Public Telecommunications is also working alongside the Information Systems Department of the GL&SC to create a Wide Area Network (WAN), which will link all of the databases and record management systems of the various offices of the GL&SC. This will ensure t h a t there is greater collaboration among the offices and better retrieval of client records, regardless of their location. Chief Executive Officer of the GL&SC, Mr. Trevor Benn, said that the Commission is

working on serving the needs of its customers and stakeholders and as such, will review and reconfigure its services to suit this goal. Already, the Commission has removed its dress code, while the current application process is scheduled to undergo some changes. In the past, persons applying for renewals of their leases were required to undergo the same processes as someone applying for the first time. Since taking office however, Benn said that this has changed and persons are now able to have their renewals completed almost immediately, providing they would have satisfied the required criteria.


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EDUCATIONAL Classes for slow learners in Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, and much more for children all ages. Call: 675-4379 IAE – CXC Jan/June 2017 – full time school; lessons/ classes for students, adults, repeaters & beginners. Call Mr. Roberts: 683-5742 Career Training: care for the elderly/care for children/first aid & CPR. Guyana Training College. Call: 227-4881 International Opportunity: support worker/caregiver Training to live & work in Canada. Guyana Training College. Call: 227-4881

Popular East Coast Gas Station (Non-Pareil) Day/ Night: pump attendants, sales clerk & office assistant. Contact: 695-9880/670-8893 1 Female Kitchen Assistant, 1 Male person to grill meat, must be able to work weekends. Call Mr.Khan: 695-6550; 656-9313 Experienced pharmacy assistant to work in reputable pharmacy, interested persons can call: 227-0630

1 Male or female shop assistant to work in the Interior, salary depends on experienced. Call: 678-0565 1 Male to work on vehicle in the interior. Call: 678-0565 Live in waitress. Call: 6439007 Attractive live in waitressCall: 327-0252/674-4665 Painters to work in Linden. Call: 602-9469 Carpenters, masons, labourer, preferably from Georgetown area. Call: 6907316 between 9:00am-4:00pm

LAND FOR SALE La Parfaite Harmonie $1.3M, prices are negotiable. Call: 690-9645 Diamond -$2.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie -$950,000, 50X100 -$3M; Cummings Lodge $7M, Enterprise Public Road 157X200 -$30M, Schoonard 1st Street. Call: 231-2199/ 6187483 Land at Tuschen -$2.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie -$1.4M, $1.2M, Zeelugt, Herstelling, All price reduced & terms available. Call: 604-6724 Zeelugt -$1.8M neg, La Parfaite Harmonie -$1.5M neg, $1.2M neg, Zeeburg $4.5M neg. Call: 642-1252

Spanish lessons for CXC students & beginners (Form 1, 2, 3) on Saturdays, location at Croal & Light Street. Call: 611-5562

DRESSMAKING Jean offers courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral arrangement, and cake decoration @ 153 Barr Street Kitty. Call: 670-2653/ 638-8449

C. Persaud & N. Outar Driving School formerly Soman & Sons Driving School @ Maraj BuildingCall: 644-5166; 622-2872; 615-0964; 689-5997 (affordable packages).


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Laptop Repairs & unlocking of cell phones, etc. Call: 683-9251 GR TAXI SERVICE. CALL: 219-5000; 227-1982 & 2257878 (24HRS)

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Apartments for rent preferably working professionals -$70,000. Call: 227-5194 CAR RENTAL

1-3 Bedrooms apartment at Better Hope, Back Street, East Coast Demerara. Call: 220-1583



Property @ Lot 172 Zohora Street, Better Hope, East Coast Demerara. Call: 2201583

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House & Land available for sale. Contact Pacific Development Inc: 223-6035/ 227-8274

Property @ New Rd Vreeden-Hoop, 3 Houses on lot 50ftX300ft, asking $55M. Call Sunil: (310) 982-8199; Cecil: 630-9455 East Ruimveldt 40X80 flat $12M, Diamond 8th Avenue incomplete top -$12M & 21st Avenue $17M, South 18M. Call: 231-2199/618-7483 FOR SALE Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 $30,000 & Tab 4-$35,000, Iphone 6s -$95,000, I-phone 5c -$50,000, I-phone: 4s$35,000 & 4- $30,000, Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Call: 621-9604/ 694-1748 Continued on page 27

Wednesday October 19, 2016


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Inquiry into former soldiers’ welfare wrapping up Former military ranks are asking to be better reintegrated into civilian society as the Veterans Commission of Inquiry (COI) wraps up. Retired Warrant Officer,

Lennox Hardy, told the COI that more should be done to prepare soldiers for life outside of the Guyana Defence Force. “Your preparation, in my mind should start two years

prior to your retirement and I would challenge the personnel department to play a key role in this venture,” Hardy told the Chairman of the COI, Colonel (Ret’d), Desmond Roberts.

Over the weekend, the COI met with former military ranks at the Guyana Veterans Legion, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown. The Commission of Inquiry was tasked by

President David Granger to examine the conditions and circumstances facing veterans of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), the Guyana People’s Militia and the Guyana National Service (GNS). Ranks believe that the skills of veterans can be effectively utilised in the various sectors of civil society for the development of the country. Former Private, Kelvin McKenzie, opined that veterans can be used to mentor the country’s young people. “We should be part and parcel of the school systems whereby we must have cadet courses and assist in moulding and fashioning our youths (who will eventually) take over our country,” McKenzie said at the hearing. Veterans also called for the establishment of a health insurance scheme within the military to aid ranks later on in life. Lloyd De Freitas, a former Private in the GDF, believes that some form of medical aid should be provided to veterans, “We should have a doctor here every week and we should get medication,” he said. The COI visited Regions One, Two, Five and Six and the main military bases; Seweyo, Stephenson and Ayanganna, to interact with and get the views of current officers. The Commission also had interactions with the joint services, the private sector and the private banking institutions. The aim of the commission is to improve the conditions of retired ranks, most of whom are retired by 40, following their service to the country. Additionally, the Commission examined ways to improve the Veteran’s Home and other issues, including benefits provided to the families of those who are deceased, and displaced records of veterans’ contributions to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). The COI was commissioned by President David Granger with the aim of ensuring a comfortable and dignified retirement for serving ranks. The COI will be wrapping its hearings at the end of this month and the findings will be presented to President Granger. “What he (President Granger) is going to put in place will facilitate veterans, will make sure that we are a major part of the development of this country,” the Chairman of the COI said in brief remarks.

From page 26

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Wednesday October 19, 2016

Drug convict Barry Dataram begs for leniency -jailed 4 more years for forging passport, other offences

Drug convict Barry Dataram yesterday begged for leniency and said he forced his reputed wife Anjanie Boodnarine to flee the country with him, after he pleaded guilty to charges of forgery; willfully attempting to defeat the administration of the law and departing Guyana without presenting himself to an immigration officer. The couple’s appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan came three days after they were captured in Suriname having fled Guyana abandoning a drug trafficking trial. The arrival of Dataram and Boodnarine was preceded by the sound of sirens as they were escorted by ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters. In addition to a fine of $164,268,000 and a 60 months’ jail sentence Dataram is currently serving having been found guilty in absentia for trafficking over 100 kilograms of cocaine, he was jailed yesterday for two years and 24 months (two 12 months) having pleaded guilty to the three charges.

Dataram was charged with his reputed wife and their friends Trevor Gouveia and Komal Charran, for having 129.23kg of cocaine in their possession on April 16, 2015 for the purpose of trafficking. However, the charges were dismissed against Boodnarine, Gouveia and Charran after Magistrate Judy Latchman ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict. Dataram, a Guyana-born American, had successfully fought off efforts to extradite him to the United States of America to face drug smuggling charges. Dataram fled Guyana to neighbouring Suriname before the trial ended. Dataram, 38, who gave his occupation as a farmer, had no legal representation. He admitted that between September 20 and October 15, having been charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and having knowledge that the matter was pending in the court, he willfully attempted to defeat the administration of the law so as to avoid the consequence. He further admitted that

JAILED: Barry Dataram

REMANDED: Anjanie Boodnarine

between April 15, 2013 and October 15, at Camp Street, Georgetown, he conspired with other persons to forge a Republic of Guyana Passport, in favour of himself, to show that the document was issued by the Central Immigration and Passport Office. Dataram confessed that on September 20, at Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice, he departed Guyana without presenting himself to an immigration officer. The Chief Magistrate sentenced Dataram to two years on the first charge and 12 months each on the second and third charges. The prison terms will run

consecutively. When asked by the Magistrate if he had anything to say, a remorseful Dataram begged for lenience and claimed that he did not flee the country willfully. He told the court that he felt as though he was not getting a fair trial in the drug trafficking matter which w a s p r esided over by Magistrate Latchman “The reason for that is because my Attorney Glenn Hanoman and the Magistrate in court three have some personal issues.” He said that he forced his reputed wife to flee with him because she was reluctant at

first. He stated that he was responsible for getting the fake travel documents. According to Police Prosecutor, Neville Jeffers, Dataram was arrested and charged for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. The prosecutor said that while the matter was ongoing in court, Dataram escaped and was later sentenced to 60 months’ jail in his absence upon being found guilty by the trial Magistrate. Jeffers related that Dataram left Guyana for Suriname via the backtrack route at Springlands, Corentyne. The prosecutor also said that the convict was arrested by Surinamese authorities and later handed over to police in Guyana. Jeffers added that investigations were launched and it was discovered that there were no records of Dataram leaving Guyana, at the Passport Office. The court was told that the convict forged the passport by inserting a photograph of himself on the bio-data page with the name David Persaud. The prosecutor added that the Dataram handed over

the passport to Surinamese authorities when he was arrested. REMANDED Meanwhile, Anjanie Boodnarine, 21, of 79 Patentia Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara was slapped with the same three charges. However, the mother of two was remanded to prison until October 31, after the Chief Magistrate ruled that she was a flight risk. Attorney Cleavaughn Humphrey made a bail application on behalf of the defendant. The lawyer requested for his client to be released on reasonable bail. The attorney told the court that Boodnarine is not a flight risk and is willing t o comply with any reporting conditions attached to bail. Bail for the defendant was opposed by Prosecutor Jeffers. The prosecutor said that Boodnarine poses a risk of flight. According to the Jeffers, the case files in relation to her matters are complete. As such, she was instructed to return to court on the above date for statements.

GRA: Jamaican poultry feed meets CARICOM criteria for duty free waivers A quarrel over the importation of Jamaican poultry feed is not likely to see any immediate restrictions by Guyana. This is because Jamaican authorities are insisting that the feed meets requirements that say it is produced in the region and therefore entitled to duty free waivers under CARICOM regulations. Local producers have been complaining that the Jamaican feed, marketed under the brand, Nutramix, is being produced largely with materials not produced in the region and therefore not entitled to any waivers. Recently, the Guyana Poultry Producers Association questioned a decision by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to not charge duty on the Jamaican feed. The association believed

that there was fraud involved and called for an investigation. In a statement this week to Kaieteur News, GRA explained that in February this year, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) requested the GRA to impose import duties (CARICOM External Tariff) on a consignment of poultry feed imported by businessman Deonarine Arjune from Newport Mills of Jamaica, pending verification of the certificate of origin. GRA said it held 16 containers as a result of the ministry’s request and notified Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) since they are the competent authority for foreign trade. MOA was also notified to provide GRA with the evidence that the commodities were not compliant with the

rules of origin. “The Certificate of Origin indicated that the extra-regional content of the product was 2%. According to the CET, the finished product must be produced from materials of 23.09, the value of which does not exceed 5 percent of the export price of the finished product.” On February 25, 2016, the Poultry Dealers Association, through the MOA, pleaded to GRA for the release of the sixteen containers, which was facilitated. “This was in consideration of the fact that they did not provide any evidence of impropriety as a basis for continued detention of the commodity. MOA was notified of the release and invited to provide any evidence in their posse s s i o n o f a n y contravention of the rules of origin in relation to the feed. No such evidence was forthcoming,” GRA said. On April 08, 2016, MOA again requested that GRA hold a shipment of ‘10 containers of poultry feed to the same consignee and impose import duties. “They made reference to

the same grounds as outlined for the February shipment, and again no supporting evidence was tendered.” GRA said that a Jamaican delegation visiting for the 42nd COTED requested a bilateral meeting to address the issue, rather than place it on the general agenda. The meeting was facilitated by the Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, on April 22, 2016. It was agreed at that meeting that the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas allows for a request of the verification of origin and for the consignee to deposit the import duties in the interim. The containers were released after the consignee deposited the import duties. The request for verification of origin was sent to the competent authority in Jamaica by GRA. Both the MOA and MOFA were notified accordingly. According to GRA, subsequent shipments were also required to pay the deposits as a condition for release, pending the response of the Jamaican authority on the qualifying status of the poul-

try feed. “The competent authority in Jamaica submitted their findings in July stating that the product is compliant for regional treatment as the allowable component is 4.69%, and therefore within the limit of the permitted 5%.” GRA disclosed that the Jamaican authorities, through contact with Caricom and MOFA, requested a response on the acceptance of their findings in the verification process. The status of the matter was communicated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Jamaica then approached CARICOM for immediate intervention with the GRA to confirm that the product meets the rules of origin and can now enter Guyana duty free. According to GRA, Guyana was in no position to refute the findings of the Jamaicans. As a matter of fact, GRA said there is no need for the Jamaicans to demonstrate the origin of the inputs once the criteria in the list is satisfied.

“The conditions also infer that materials can be used from any other tariff heading in any proportion or value, regardless of origin or percentage of the value of the export price of the finished product. In essence, one is only allowed a maximum of 5% value of poultry feed as raw materials of the export price of the finished product.” According to GRA, there are a few options that Guyana can explore in which the local feed producers can claim “serious injury or the threat of serious injury to domestic producers of like or directly competitive products in any industry or specific sector of any industry.” This means has to be actioned through MOFA, and supporting evidence must be tendered in accordance with the provisions of the treaty that governs trade in CARICOM, GRA advised. The recent complaint on behalf of the Guyana Poultry Producers Association was launched by its members, Robert Badal and President, Patrick De Groot.

Wednesday October 19, 2016


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T&T talk Show host begs Polish coke swallower collapses, for help to pay debt undergoes emergency surgery

IT was a very bad day for former talk show host Ian Alleyne on Tuesday. He awoke to find a bailiff levying on his personal property. Moved to tears, asking his fans to help him pay a $748,000 debt, then arriving late for his court case, resulted in the Magistrate issuing a warrant for his arrest. The court ordered than upon his “arrest’, Alleyne be granted $5,000 bail, but in the end the warrant was not executed, after Alleyne came to court to explain how his day had gone. At daybreak, Court marshals accompanied by police officers levied on his house at Rivulet Road, Couva, and took possession of his furniture, appliance and electronics. Later his family’s home was invaded and his refrigerator, television, bed and

other items were carted out, Alleyne found himself in more hot water regarding another court case. Alleyne was due to appear in the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court on that morning for offences which he allegedly committed in February involving rival talk show host Insp Roger Alexander at the home of used-car and real estate dealer, Sheron Sukhdeo, in Chaguanas. But when he missed his appearance without an excuse being delivered to the court, the magistrate issued a warrant in the sum of $5,000 for his arrest. Alleyne in a video on Facebook, said the warrant was issued despite his claim that he had “called the court when everything was going on”. He went to the courthouse before midday, and the mat-

ter was again called by the court. During his appearance before magistrate Joanne O’Connor, the warrant for his arrest was withdrawn, and the case involving the offences of resisting arrest, using annoying language and obstructing a police officer was postponed to May 9, 2017. The levy on his house brought Alleyne to tears as he told Facebook viewers in a video that his son was awakened from sleep and escorted out of the family’s home by police. The writ of execution was taken after Alleyne failed to pay businessman Shaun Sammy $630,000 for a defamation case. He called on supporters to make contributions through a bank account. Alleyne called the incident a personal attack on his family.

Two Jamaicans held for Los Angeles shooting deaths LOS ANGELES (AP): Los Angeles police on Sunday arrested two suspects in connection with a shooting that left three people dead and 12 wounded at a restaurant operating out of a converted home. Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, both of whom are Jamaican nationals, were taken into custody early on Sunday, police said. They were expected to be booked for investigation of murder. An unspecified dispute between a man and at least

two other men led to gunfire early on Saturday during a birthday celebration attended by about 50 people in a house that hosts parties for people in the Jamaican community. Investigators believe that once the man was shot, several other shots were fired indiscriminately in the crowd. Some of the shots appeared to be return fire from other partygoers in the direction of the shooters who fled the scene Detectives believe

McKay and Reid opened fire after the initial shooting, and that the gunfire from the two men, and possibly others, left two more men dead and others wounded. Police Capt Peter Whittingham told the Los Angeles Times that evidence, including video footage, led police to McKay and Reid, who were found and detained at hospitals in the area, where they had sought treatment for gunshot wounds. Police were still working to identify the deceased.

HALF a kilogramme of cocaine was removed from the stomach of a Polish man who was on a flight which had departed from Trinidad and Tobago. The cocaine, wrapped in 53 small rubber sacks, was removed at Hialeah hospital in Miami after the man collapsed in Miami International Airport. According to oneline news reports, the incident occurred on September 4, and the man allegedly involved was Waldemar Wojtczak, 45. Wojtczak spoke little English, but was able to tell a doctor that he ingested the illegal drug, the articles reported. The articles said that Wojtczak had nearly died from ingestion of the cocainefilled pouches. Wojtczak’s health reportedly deteriorated as he was unable to pass the pellets, and emergency surgery was performed to remove them. “The pellet-sized sacks were immediately handed over to Miami-Dade narcotics detectives, who had donned

cocaine pellets

scrubs and witnessed the procedure inside the operating room at Hialeah Hospital,” the articles stated. Wojtczak has since recovered and was slapped on Monday with two charges cocaine trafficking, and the rare state charge of using commercial transport while committing a felony. Through

an interpreter he pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Polish man had left Trinidad for Miami, from where he was to board a flight to Finland. Wojtczak’s passport records showed that he had previously taken short trips from Poland, the article reported Miami Dade detective Kiriakos Beruty had said.

Education Specialist highlights tactic to... (From page 7) stressed the need for the Caribbean Community to work towards convincing donors that their commitment must be long term. Dr. George, who was speaking to education stakeholders at a consultation that discussed the Regional Education and Human Resource Development Strategy at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development on Monday, sought to highlight the need to encourage boys and girls with appropriate teaching and learning approaches. She stressed this tactic, since she has been able to establish that girls and boys learn differently. “If you put girls and boys in the same classroom and then you ask them to read text-books, make notes and then tell you what they have done on an examination...girls can do that brilliantly, but boys hate it,” Dr. George underscored. She related that boys would more likely have to adapt to a new way of operating to be on par with their female counterparts. “Boys like action,” stressed Dr. George as she highlighted that STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education is very important in this regard. This aspect of education,

Dr. Nancy George she pointed out, is based on problem-based learning which is easily embraced by boys. But, according to her, “girls love it too...girls are more adaptable perhaps...” Even as she drew attention to the importance of teaching methods, Dr. George also noted the importance of preparing the students well for tertiary education. According to her, getting into a tertiary education usually means that students must have acquired at the very least five passes at the Caribbean Examinations Council exams including Mathematics and English. In fact, Dr. George, who is based in Jamaica, disclosed that even attempts to gain entry into the University of the West Indies mandates passes at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

“Although the University of the West Indies is making some changes in terms of having some preparatory programmes, you have to have CAPE,” Dr. George related. But according to her, “If you look at the percentage of the children in any age cohort who get through CXC and CAPE, you are looking at a minimal percentage of the age cohort.” The foregoing state of affairs, Dr. George said, was amplified by CXC Registrar, Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch. Dr. George, in disclosing the existing situation, said that it has been deduced that across the Region only 30 per cent of an age cohort is permitted to write CXC examinations. And of that 30 per cent, she revealed that 50 per cent are usually able to gain between one and four CXC passes, while 25 per cent get no passes at all. The other 25 per cent, she added, are able to gain five or more passes including Mathematics or English. “Do you realise what a small percentage of the population we are allowing into tertiary education? It is frightening, at least in my mind it is frightening,” said Dr. George, as she stated, “we have to look at alternative access points for tertiary education, otherwise we are constantly going to be training and catering to an elite.”


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Wednesday October 19, 2016

Major project launched for Rupununi communities to benefit from Norway funding WWF-Guianas and the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB), with funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), on Monday launched their Opt-in Readiness Project in Annai, North Rupununi. The project will prepare the 19 indigenous communities of the North Rupununi to be active participants and beneficiaries of Guyana’s Green Economy. Indigenous communities hold title to three million hectares, or 16% of Guyana’s 18.5 million hectares of forest. According to WWF, under the Guyana-Norway Agreement, those communities are to be given the opportunity to opt-in and benefit directly from conserving their forests. The project aims to help communities prepare. Two teams of trainers, both headed by indigenous people, will lead the capacity development efforts. The community development team will facilitate a process in each of the communities to create Community Development

Government and other stakeholders at the launching (Bram Kloos Photography)

Plans (CDPs) and provide training in financial management, conflictresolution, and governance to the village leadership (1525 people in each of the 19 communities). In addition, 38 people – 28

men and ten (10) women (two chosen by each community) - will receive 11 weeks of intensive training in Community Monitoring Reporting and Verification (CMRV) over the coming year. “They will be provided

with the knowledge and technology to gather,analyze and report forest cover and carbon (training provided by the Guyana Forestry Commision), natural resource abundance and use, and community health and

wellbeing, including a happiness index.” The information will help the communities better manage their natural resources, care for their residents, and foster their community’s development. It will also prepare them to receive annual payments under a new Guyana-Norway Agreement or any future payment scheme for conserving our forests. As WWF Guianas REDD+ Lead, Chuck Hutchinson, explains: “One outstanding deliverable under the GuyanaNorway Agreement is the development of opt-in – the mechanism intended to open the door for titled indigenous communities to participate and benefit from REDD+ payments for conserving forests on their titled land. Our aim is to facilitate this effort by developing a model that can prepare communities to effectively opt-in and participate in REDD+.” The Opt-in Readiness Project is one component of WWF’s wider programme of practices to support Guyana’s green development.

As Ms Aiesha Williams, Country Manager of WWF Guyana, affirms: “With the true participation of indigenous communities, in partnership with the Guyana Government and other stakeholders, and with technical assistance from WWF and others, the green development path our country is pursuing can indeed be achieved and sustained.” The launching event took place at the Bina H i l l Institute in Annai, North Rupununi and was attended by Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydne y Allicock; Minister within the Ministry, Valerie GarridoLowe; Major General (Rtd) Joe Singh, Special Assistant to the President; representatives of the Guyana Forestry Commission and the Office of Climate Change; as well the National Toshaos Council (NTC), the Amerindian Peoples Association, Iwokrama and Conservation International Guyana, NRDDB leadership, and the press.

NIS to commence countrywide compliance ... From page 14 being encouraged to utilise the online services to make payments. Additionally, Greaves said that beneficiaries should also try to uplift their benefits through the bank so as to ease the stress of waiting in long lines. These sentiments were also expressed by Chairman of the NIS board Dr. Surendra Persaud. He said that using the bank system would take

pensioners out of the long lines at post offices. He added that using the bank system, pensioners can better monitor their spending, as they can make withdrawals at their own convenience. Safety was also mentioned as a great benefit, since pensioners would not have to stand the risk of having all their benefits on their person, thereby reducing the possibility of robberies.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Wednesday October 19, 2016

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Barbados blasted for too many fat children BRIDGETOWN, Barbados,– There are too many obese children in Barbados and the government must accept its fair share of blame, according to Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, Sir George Alleyne. He lashed out at Government for not doing enough to ensure children eat less unhealthy foods in his speech at the U n i v e r s i t y o f t h e We s t Indies (UWI) graduation ceremony over the weekend. “Any government which is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child is not faithful to the articles of that convention when they allow their children to become fat,” Sir George told the gathering at

the Cave Hill Campus. The Convention on the Rights of the Child changed the way children are viewed and treated, and is the most rapidly and widely ratified international human rights treaty in history, according to the UN children’s agency UNICEF. Sir George’s comments marked the second time in one week that an academic pointed an accusing finger at Government for failing to protect children from unhealthy foods. Speaking o n Wo r l d Obesity Day a week ago, Director of the UWI Chronic Disease Research Centre Dr Alafia Samuels had revealed that nearly 2,500 children in Barbados suffered from hypertens i o n b e c a u s e of obesity.

Stating that “too many of our children are eating too much and moving too little”, she said that in the government schools, “one fast food company . . . even tried to entice customers at an early age with branded supplies (pens, pencils, calendars, etc) that students look at every day in their classrooms”. Sir George raised the issue again on Saturday, saying he had applauded the administration when it introduced the tax on sweet drinks, “but at the same time I pointed out that the state that allows its children to be exposed to advertisements for the very foods that make them fat, [that] state is not protecting the rights of the child”. (Caribbean 360)

Wells Fargo ex-CEO John Stumpf resigns from Chevron, Target boards John Stumpf resigned from the boards of Chevron Corp (CVX.N) and Target Corp (TGT.N) a week after he quit Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) as chief executive bowing to pressure over its sales tactics. Stumpf resigned for personal reasons and not as a result of a disagreement with Chevron, the second largest U.S.-based oil producer said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Chevron said on Octo-

ber 3 that it supported Stumpf despite concerns about his leadership at Wells Fargo. Target did not give a reason for Stumpf ’s resignation. Stumpf joined the boards of Chevron and Target in 2010. Stumpf, who notified the companies’ boards on Monday that he intends to resign, still serves on the board of Financial Services Roundtable, an advocacy group for the U.S. financial

industry. Wells Fargo said on October 12 that Stumpf, 63, was retiring and would be replaced by President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Sloan. Stumpf’s fall from grace started with a $185 million regulatory settlement among the bank, regulatory authorities and a Los Angeles prosecutor over its staff opening as many as 2 million accounts without customers’ knowledge.



ISIS reportedly using human shields Residents of Mosul said Islamic State was using civilians as human shields as Iraqi and Kurdish forces captured outlying villages in their advance on the jihadists’ stronghold. The leader of Islamic State was reported to be among thousands of hardline militants still in the city, suggesting the group would go to great lengths to repel the coalition. With attacking forces still between 20 and 50 km (12-30 miles) away, residents reached by telephone said more than 100 families had started moving from south-

ern and eastern suburbs most exposed to the offensive to more central parts of the city. Islamic State militants were preventing people fleeing Mosul, they said, and one said they directed some towards buildings they had recently used themselves. “It’s quite clear Daesh (Islamic State) has started to use civilians as human shields by allowing families to stay in buildings likely to be targeted by air strikes,” said Abu Mahir, who lives near the city’s university. Like other residents contacted in the city, he refused to give his full name, but

Abdul Rahman Waggaa, a member of the exiled Provincial Council of Nineveh of which Mosul is the capital, corroborated his account to Reuters. The fall of Mosul would signal the defeat of the ultrahardline Sunni jihadists in Iraq but could also lead to land grabs and sectarian bloodletting between groups which fought one another after the 2003 overthrow of Saddam Hussein. In Washington, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters that it was known that civilians were being used as human shields.

Rising gasoline, rents push U.S. inflation higher (Reuters) U.S. consumer prices recorded their biggest gain in five months in September as the cost of gasoline and rents surged, pointing to a steady pickup of inflation that could keep the Federal Reserve on track to raise interest rates in December. The Labour Department said on Tuesday its Consumer Price Index increased 0.3 percent last month after rising 0.2 percent in August. In the 12 months through

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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September, the CPI accelerated 1.5 percent, the biggest yearon-year increase since October 2014. The CPI rose 1.1 percent in the year to August. Last month’s increase in the CPI was in line with economists’ expectations. However, underlying inflation moderated amid a slowdown in the pace of increases in healthcare costs after recent robust gains. The so-called core CPI, which strips out food and energy costs, gained 0.1 percent

last month after climbing 0.3 percent in August. That slowed the year-on-year increase in the core CPI to 2.2 percent following a 2.3 percent rise in August. But with rents, which account for a larger share of the core CPI, recording their biggest increase in nearly 10 years, and wages pushing higher, economists cautioned against putting too much emphasis on last month’s weak reading.

Wall Street makes big gains (Reuters) Wall Street advanced on Tuesday to give the S&P 500 its best day this month on the heels of solid earnings reports from names such as UnitedHealth and Netflix that put corporate profits on track to snap a four-quarter streak of declines. Of the 52 S&P 500 companies that have reported results to date for the third quarter, 81 percent have reported earnings that topped average analyst estimates, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Third-quarter earnings are now expected to show growth of 0.2 percent, which would mark an end to the U.S. profit recession that began in the third quarter of 2015.

If the quarter stays on track, it will be the first time since the fourth-quarter of 2014 in which both earnings and revenue of S&P 500 companies increased. “Given companies’ track record of beating expectations, investors believe this will be the first quarter in five where we have positive earnings growth.” The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI rose 75.54 points, or 0.42 percent, to 18,161.94, the S&P 500 .SPX gained 13.1 points, or 0.62 percent, to 2,139.6 and the Nasdaq Composite .IXIC added 44.01 points, or 0.85 percent, to 5,243.84. Gains were broad, with each of the 11 major S&P sec-

tors in positive territory, led by a 1.1 percent gain in healthcare .SPXHC, boosted by a UnitedHealth’s (UNH.N) 6.9 percent jump after quarterly results and forecast. Gains in the sector were curbed by a 2.6-percent decline in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N), while Pfizer (PFE.N) gained 0.6 percent on plans to ship a cheaper biosimilar to Remicade, JNJ’s top selling product. The news overshadowed J&J’s slight earnings beat. Netflix (NFLX.O) was the biggest advancer on the S&P 500, rising more than 19 percent after posting quarterly results and much higherthan-expected subscriber growth.

Convicted gangster refuses to testify

Whitey Bulger (Yahoo) Convicted gangster James “Whitey” Bulger is no rat — even if it means saving an innocent man’s life. The Boston Globe reports that Bulger declined to detail what he knows about a murder in 1980 in a letter sent last month to Boston native Deborah McCauley Chin, who wrote Bulger on behalf of her friend, Frederick Weichel. Chin wanted Bulger’s account of Robert LaMonica’s murder in an affidavit, saying the 64-year-old Weichel spent more than half his life behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. “I have never testified against any man, have never caused any man to be put in prison,” Bulger wrote in the letter, which was recently provided to the newspaper. Bulger — who is serving a life sentence for his role in 11 murders, drug trafficking and other crimes as the head

of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang from the 1970s through the 1990s — said he was sympathetic to Weichel’s situation, but offered no sworn testimony on his behalf, saying he even declined to testify at his own trial. “I never fought my case,” Bulger wrote in a four-page, handwritten letter. “Waste of time.” Bulger, 87, said that he, too, had been “falsely accused” of crimes, but insisted he would not assist Weichel, despite the fact that he had “suffered a fate Worse than Death.” Bulger signed the letter, “No Regrets J.B.,” adding in the margin: “Free Fred!” Weichel, during a telephone interview from state prison, said an affidavit from Bulger – a fugitive for 17 years until his arrest in 2011 – would probably “hurt me more than help me,” he told the Globe. Those recent hearings did not focus on Bulger, but he has been repeatedly cited in

court filings, including letters he wrote to an unidentified friend of Weichel’s in 2013. In those letters submitted by defense attorneys, Bulger claimed the boxer told him in 1980 he was scared because he beat a man in a street brawl and the victim’s friend — LaMonica — wanted revenge. “He wanted my advice,” Bulger wrote. “’What would I do?’ I told him get him first, kill him … if you don’t get him first I’d say he will get you.” Weichel’s atttorneys said Bulger was apparently referring to Thomas Barrett, according to court filings. A judge granted Weichel a new trial in 2004 based on the 1982 letter Barrett purportedly wrote to Weichel’s mother, confessing that he killed LaMonica. The state Supreme Judicial Court overruled that judge in 2006, keeping Weichel in prison, the Globe reports.

Wednesday October 19, 2016


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We could never repay you!

PM says what Jamaican Government’s spend on athletes’ celebration a token gesture Jamaica Observer - Prime Minister Andrew Holness believes the Government’s Salute to Rio Sports Ambassadors Celebrations are justified, as the State could never repay the athletes for their role in building Brand Jamaica. Holness dispelled questions raised about an estimated $82 million, inclusive of cash awards of between US$2,500 and US$10,000 for the athletes being allotted for the three-day celebration, which started on Friday. “It’s a lovely night, but

tonight (Saturday) belongs to the athletes. They have made us gather as one people, with one mission in Half-Way Tree; they kept you at the edge of your couch, willing them on thousands of miles away through your television for them to win. “You shared in the thrill of their victory, and yes, we were sad when they didn’t win, but we still willed them on anyway because their victory is our victory,” Holness said while addressing those in attendance at the red-carpet event in saluting Jamaica’s Rio

Olympians and Paralympians at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday. “So, don’t ask what we are doing for our athletes… that should never be questioned because my answer is, we haven’t done enough. What we are doing here is just symbolic to show you, our athletes, that we care because you bring pride to our nation and you make Jamaicans’ pride high through the world, and we could never pay you for what you have done in building brand Jamaica,” he added.

Wednesday October 19, 2016 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Your need to put great detail into everything you do may cause you to miss the overall picture. Accomplishment is yours if you direct yourself accordingly. Be aware of any deception on the part of those you deal with. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Someone may not be thinking of your best interests. You will be ready to jump on anyone who gets in the way of your progress today. Secret love affairs may be enticing; however, you must be prepared for the restraints that will follow. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You can expect changes in your living arrangements. Curb or cut out that bad habit you've been meaning to do something about. Don't divulge secret information. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Opportunities for new romantic encounters will unfold through the social events you attend. You can stabilize your personal relationship if you're willing to communicate honestly. Peers may not be on your side. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Your health may suffer if you don't control your present situation. Don't give them the use of your credit card. You will be in the mood to socialize. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Do not blow situations out of proportion. Your outgoing nature will surprise others today. You must take care not to overexert yourself if involved in sports.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Sign up for tours or courses that will enlighten you. You could expand your circle of friends if you get involved in unusual activities. Don't turn down an invitation or a challenge that could enhance your chances of meeting someone special. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Your moneymaking opportunities will flourish. Someone you work with may be emotional.You need to be inspired and have your spirits lifted. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Don't be afraid to make a move if you aren't happy with your emotional situation. Be careful of disclosing personal information. You may be angry if someone tries to take credit for something you did. CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) Organize your house and be sure to include the whole family in the projects you have set out to do. Overindulgence will be a problem if you are out in a social setting. Think twice before you pursue an unrealistic endeavor. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Talk to someone you trust in order to see the whole picture. A lack of support and negativity have been the main problems. Don't bend to the pressure. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Consider selling your homemade crafts at the flea market. Speak of your future goals, intentions, and commitments. Let your lover know what your personal intentions are.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre) presents a token to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce at the Salute to Rio Ambassadors Gala at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday. Also pictured is Olivia Grange (right), minister of sports. (Photos: Naphtali Junior) Gold medallists were given US$10,000 (approximately $1.3 million) for each medal, while competitors who failed to make the finals in their events will get US$2,500 (approximately $325,000) for each event. A relay gold medal will attract US$6,000 to be shared by all six members of the relay team. Managers and officials will get US$1,000 each. In addition, four statues are to be built commemorat-

Cardinals, Johnson... (From page 33) the Cardinals as their defensive coordinator under head coach Bruce Arians, lifted Fitzpatrick with 8:40 left in the game and replaced him with Geno Smith. It was the first time this season that Fitzpatrick did not finish a game. Smith was 4 of 6 for 31 yards and no touchdowns. His sixth pass was intercepted by Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu. The Cardinals are now tied with the Chiefs for the most interceptions in the league (nine).

UCI head criticizes... (From page 32) Italy. On each occasion the TUEs was approved by British authorities and cycling’s governing body, the UCI, and there is no suggestion Wiggins broke any rules. “The issue of the substances issued to Wiggins appears to have been within the rules,” Cookson added. “But I think there is an argument to be had about whether TUEs for that kind of substance are valid.”

ing Jamaica’s top four sprinters in recent years — the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, double 100-metre gold medallist Shelly-Ann FraserPryce, and their predecessors Asafa Powell and Veronica Campbell Brown. Jamaica’s athletes stood out among the over 10,500 individuals from over 207 countries represented at the Rio Games, finishing third on the track and field table with a record equalling six gold medals, three silver and two bronze in an 11-medal haul. “Sport is not just for fun, sports continue to build

Brand Jamaica. They [athletes] keep Jamaica current and alive. If someone goes to the supermarket and they see Brand Jamaica, they associate it with Usain winning or Shelly-Ann or Veronica or Elaine Thompson or Asafa, and they make a decision to purchase something with Brand Jamaica on it. Do you know the value of that? We could never pay for that and so we are eternally grateful. “So, on behalf of a grateful nation, on behalf of all Jamaicans here and in the Diaspora, I stand on this stage to say thank you, thank you, thank you,” Holness said. According to the prime minister, more plans are currently in the pipeline to build and preserve the legacy of the nations’ athletes. “There has been much talk about what are we going to do to truly represent the great victory of our athletes at the Olympics and yes, we do intend to build a legacy for our athletes. I have directed the ministers of sport and tourism to develop a concept and come to the nation, because the nation has to have participation in anything that we do to represent the legacy of our athletes,” he ended.

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South Georgetown Inter-School Athletics competition commences -‘Champions of Champions’ set for later this week

Tucville Secondary School’s, Antonio Canterbury goes aerial in the U-16 Boys’ High Jump to snatch victory at the GTU Ground. The South Georgetown, District 13 Inter-School Track and Field Competition started yesterday at the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) Ground on Woolford Avenue with the field events underway at the venue. The competition will

continue this week with ‘Champion of Champions’ track competition slated for tomorrow and Friday at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary. The event will be the end of contests which includes in swimming and cycling.

Following the completion of the South Georgetown Zone, a team will be selected to represent the District at the upcoming National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Competition that will be held next month.

My marathon innings was to frustrate Pakistan and setup victory run - says Bravo DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, CMC –Stylish middle order batsman Darren Bravo says his marathon innings was designed to frustrate Pakistan and set up a victory run for West Indies in the opening Test which ended Monday. Pakistan pulled off a 56 run win at Dubai International Cricket Stadium to upstage Bravo’s magnificent 116 on the final day under lights as the West Indies chased a come-frombehind victory. Bravo’s knock lasted nearly seven hours, off 249 balls and included 10 boundaries and a six. “It was a situation where I actually wanted to bat out the entire day. I know as long as I batted and spend a lot of time in the middle, definitely it was going to frustrate the Pakistanis and set up the game for us,” said the elegant left-hander. “I just wanted to bat there and have couple partnerships and that would have made it much easier”. West Indies trailed Pakistan for three days until leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo claimed career-best figures of eight for 49 on the fourth day to send Pakistan

Darren Bravo tumbling to a paltry 123 in their second innings to set up a dramatic finish. Bravo’s century carried West Indies into the final hour on the fifth and final day and gave the regional side hope of an opening win. But Jason Holder’s men were dismissed for 289 in their second innings with 12 overs left in the contest. “It was all about spending time in the middle and waiting to launch in the end. All in all it was a tremendous effort, the guys really fought through the entire Test match,” said Bravo. “If you look back at the first two days in the entire test match we were totally out played. The way Bishoo bowled put us in good stead to come out on top”.

Bravo’s century followed up his first innings of 87 – which was made in 398 minutes off 258 balls with nine fours and a six. “Some days, you may score faster. Some days you have to stick it out. It is not a lw ay s g lo r i o u s s h o ts .Sometimes you have to show that sort of determination and discipline to get the job done,” said Bravo. “I tried that in this game. It worked. Who knows the next game can be probably fluent. You never know. But at the end of the day I am putting in a lot of work in the nets and I am really happy to reap the rewards especially in this game”. West Indies will now move on to Abu Dhabi for the second match of the series starting on Friday.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

Thuram condemns FIFA for ending anti-racism project S T O C K H O L M (Reuters) French World Cup winner Lilian Thuram has criticized FIFA’s decision to dissolve its anti-racism task force, telling Reuters he found the decision “shocking”. FIFA wrote to members in September to say it was disbanding the task force set up by then boss Sepp Blatter in 2013, and declaring that it had “completely fulfilled its temporary mission”. The former world and European champion and Serie A winner let fly at soccer’s world governing body. “I am extremely shocked that such an important organisation that can reach millions of people, especially children, can say in 2016, in this global political situation, ‘the job is done’,” he told Reuters in Stockholm, where he was speaking on the subject of racism for his Lilian Thuram Foundation. “ I t ’s v e r y, v e r y shocking.” After speaking to an invited audience about hearing monkey noises from the terraces as a player in I t a l y, t h e f o r m e r A S Monaco, Parma, Juventus and Barcelona defender attacked the signals being sent by FIFA. “There is a symbolism in them saying that, that ‘this is no longer important to us’. It (racism) is a recurring problem in our societies. “We must be on our guard and start to change the way we think, especially as football is an incredibly good way to get people to think differently. Football and sport are the best ways to reach that result.”

Former French soccer player Lilian Thuram attends an inauguration ceremony of a renovated football stadium in the West bank town of Al-Bireh near Ramallah April 14, 2011. (REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini) The 44-year-old Thuram, who was born in Guadeloupe before moving to Paris at the age of nine, said he would continue his own work to combat racism in the game. “My foundation, which aims to create more brotherhood in our society, continues its work, regardless of what FIFA does. But the more people we are the better, especially in an organisation such as FIFA.” He doubted, however, that FIFA would change its mind. “If FIFA say that their project is over, they have thought it through and it is very sad that they have reached that conclusion.” Thuram’s career ended in 2008 when a heart condition was discovered in conjunction with a proposed move to Paris Saint Germain and since then he has devoted himself to fighting racism through discussion and the education of young people.

Despite the recent rise of populist and far-right parties and candidates in Europe and the United States, Thuram said there was less racism today than previously. “People are conditioned in a certain direction,” he explained. “To see it as there being more and more racism in society is to not understand the history of racism. “You say that because you don’t see that, not so long ago, there were people suffering under apartheid because they were the wrong colour, segregation based on skin colour, colonies based on skin colour, and today that is not the case.” The Frenchman said that though he had experienced racism in his own career both on and off the field, it was not something that bothered him unduly. “I had no problem realising that it was them that had the problem, not me,” he said.

UCI head criticizesTeam Sky’s handling of TUEs (Reuters) Team Sky may have pushed rules “to the very limit” in the matter of Therapeutic Use Exemptions(TUEs), International Cycling Union(UCI) president Brian Cookson has said amid an investigation by B r i t a i n ’s a n t i - d o p i n g agency (UKAD) into British Cycling. Team Sky and former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins have been in the spotlight over his use of TUEs, which allow

athletes to take banned substances for verified medical needs and are signed off by sports federations. UKAD has not shared much details, but the local media claimed the probe also concerned the alleged delivery of a medical package to team Sky in J u n e 2 0 11 a f t e r t h e Dauphine Libere race and ahead of that year’s Tour. “ We s h o u l d n ’t b e surprised when elite sports teams push to the very limit

of the rules. Perhaps that’s what happened here, but the rules appear to have been abided by,” Cookson told British media. Data leaked last month by the Russian-based Fancy Bears cyber hacking site claimed Wiggins had been given permission to have legal injections of the banned drug triamcinolone to treat breathing difficulties before the 2011 and 2012 Tour de France a n d 2 0 1 3 To u r o f (Continued on page 31)

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Solemn atmosphere as boxing technician, Maurice ‘Bizzy’ Boyce interred There were no tears but the atmosphere was charged with sorrow and grief when boxing affiliates joined with other friends and family of boxing technician Maurice ‘Bizzy’ Boyce to bid a final farewell to the fallen coach yesterday afternoon. The body was presented for viewing at the Sandy’s Funeral Parlour, Durban and Chappel Streets Lodge before it was taken to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall where the church ceremony and tributes were performed. The solemn ceremony was graced by Her Worship, Mayor Patricia Greene, Presidents of the Guyana Boxing Association and Guyana Boxing Board of Control, Steve Ninvalle and Peter Abdool respectively, veteran (boxing) promoter Odinga Lumumba and GBBC executive members Trevor Arno and Andrew Thorne among others. Several of Boyce’s (boxing) protégés, including former Fecarbox champion, Joseph Murray and former Continental of Americas champion, Michael Benjamin, were also among the mourners. The ceremony was also

Executive members of the GBBC, Andrew Thorne and Trevor Arno join some of Maurice Boyce’ s protégées to send him off with a fitting glove salute. Bizzy then left the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for the Le Repentir cemetery where he was interred.

graced by former Commonwealth Champion, Kenny Bristol who also benefitted from Boyce’s expertise during his coaching tenure. Odinga, who has had a productive relationship with Boyce, who tutored some of his (Odinga’s) charges, labeled the fallen coach as a legend.

The veteran promoter further praised Boyce’s boxing acumen and posited that his boxing exploits ought to have been recognized with a national award. “If any human being deserves such an accolade it is Boyce,” Lumumba pronounced. Mayor Greene recounted

her long relationship with Boyce even as she reminisced of the fond memories imprinted on her mind of his training exploits. “He is a long-time friend and his work in the boxing field was truly phenomenal,” said Mayor Greene. Mr. Thorne traced Boyce’s historical boxing exploits and said that

one of the highlights of his coaching tenure occurred when he piloted Kenny B r i s t o l t o t h e Commonwealth title. Mr. Ninvalle spoke g l o w i n g l y o f B o y c e ’s contribution to the fistic sport and labeled him as the ‘Godfather of the sport.” Mr. Benjamin recounted

his most momentous occasion under Boyce’s tutelage when he defended his Continental of Americas title in Nassau Bahamas. Benjamin said that he was faced with many challenges, the worst being an overweight issue. He said that Boyce dedicated himself to the task and worked assiduously with him to shed the weight. “In the end it proved to be a Herculean task but what stood out was the support rendered by Boyce during those trying times,” said Benjamin. Shortly after the culmination of tributes, Pastor Harris delivered a stirring ceremony while one of Boyce’s cousin, Keith Z e p h e r, d e l i v e r e d t h e eulogy. Family members also paid tribute by reading the scriptures. Boyce was an integral force in the boxing fraternity and has contributed greatly in the lives of almost all of the pugilists to have donned gloves for this country. He passed away at the Georgetown Public Hospital last week, one day after he was admitted with medical complications.

Cardinals, Johnson run away from Jets (The Sports Xchange) David Johnson ran the Arizona Cardinals back to the .500 mark. The second-year running back rushed for three touchdowns and 111 yards, and the Cardinals won their second straight, beating the sliding New York Jets 28-3 last Monday. Johnson, who carried 22 times, scored on runs of 58, 2 and 2 yards to become the first back to rush for three touchdowns against the Jets since LeSean McCoy did it in 2011. Johnson’s eight rushing touchdowns lead the league. Four players are tied for second with six apiece. The win vaulted the Cardinals (3-3) into a second-place tie with the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC West, 1 1/2 games behind the Seattle Seahawks. The Jets (1-5) lost their fifth straight, leaving them alone in last place in the AFC East. “I was very pleased with

the way this game went,” Arizona coach Bruce Arians said. “I thought all three phases played smart and fast. We had one little lapse with a couple penalties, but coming up with the (two) turnovers was big. I thought this was a heck of a defense to run the ball against, and I thought we accomplished that.” Carson Palmer returned to his role as the Cardinals’ starting quarterback after missing the previous game because of a concussion. He finished 23 of 34 for 213 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. Palmer left the game in the fourth quarter, however, with what the team announced as a strained hamstring. He was replaced by backup Drew Stanton. Afterward, Palmer said he was just experiencing some cramping because he was dehydrated. It happened, he said, because the Cardinals were on the field for so long during three long scoring

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson (31) runs the ball against the New York Jets at University of Phoenix Stadium. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) drives. “The way we ran the ball against that rush defense was incredible,” Palmer said, particularly praising Arizona’s two new starting guards, John Wetzel and Earl Watford.

“(We are) down two starters on the front, (and the Jets) are really, really good up front in the run game. I think they’re No. 1 or 2 in the league in rush defense, and we ran the ball extremely effectively. Don’t think we

had a sack all day; just an unbelievable job up front.” FITZPATRICK LIFTED Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, returning to his home state, completed 16 of 31 passes for 174 yards with no touchdowns and one

interception. The pick, Fitzpatrick’s league-leading 11th of the season, was a critical one, too. It came with the Jets moving the chains well during a long, timeconsuming drive toward the end of the third quarter. On third-and-7 from the Cardinals 14-yard line, a pass intended for Brandon Marshall was intercepted by Arizona safety D.J. Swearinger. The interception helped protect a 21-3 lead, and the Cardinals converted their 13th forced turnover into a touchdown. Palmer directed a 14play, 89-yard drive that consumed 7:26, capping it with a 9-yard scoring pass to Michael Floyd. It was the third touchdown reception of the year for Floyd, who has had trouble with dropped passes. Jets coach Todd Bowles, who spent two seasons with (Continued on page 31)

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Wednesday October 19, 2016

National Secondary Schools cricket

Sachin Singh follows up 101 with unbeaten 79 for Chase Academy By Sean Devers National U-17 opener Sachin Singh hit an unbeaten 79 to follow-up his 101 in the last round to maintain defending Champions Chase Academy’s unbeaten streak which started last year, while St Mary’s, Richard Ishmael Secondary and Kingston Secondary all advanced to the next round of the Georgetown Zone of the GCB/MOE National Secondary School 30-over competition yesterday. Dwayne Dick, Mark Sukai, Meshack Sofflieigh and Akeem Christmas all had a good day with the ball, while Richard Ishmael’s Joshua Jones made 24 and took 3-9 to lead his team to an exciting eight-run win against Queen’s College (QC) at DCC. Richard Ishmael made 105-6 from 20 overs but four controversial run outs and miscommunication between the GCB and DCC marred the most competitive game of the day which started 75 minutes late and the overs reduced to 20. Joshua Gardener (6) was adjudged run out with the Woolford Avenue School on 8-1 but the versatile Jones and Sherwin Luke (18) rallied them to what turned out to be a winning total. Amos Sarwan (2-14)

- Four schools advance to next round

Meshack Softlieigh (right) & Mark Sukai shared 9 Wkts between them at Bourda National U-17 Brian Sattuar (79) is beaten by left arm spinner Aryan Persaud who had him dropped twice. (Sean Devers photo) bowled well for the Johnny ‘Overseas’ Barnwell Coached QC who were in the contest until the last over which was bowled by Jones with 11 to get and three wickets standing. Jones took two wickets in two balls as QC were restricted to 98-9 although Brandon Jaikarran, who stroked Rivadlle Phillips for four and sweetly on-drove Jasper Rose for a bullet-like boundary, was bowled by Brandon Ramnarine at 78-4. His 36 included four fours. Ramnarine (2-18) supported Jones. At Bourda, Kingston Sec blew away School of the

Nations by eight wickets after Mark Sukai (5-5) and Sofflieigh (4-4) conspired to dismantle the opposition batsmen with six of them making ducks. Devon Singh (15) offered token resistance before he was caught and bowled by the pint sized Sukai. Kingston galloped to 43-2 in 6.2 overs with Sofflieigh hitting two fours in 16 before he was bowled by Rajendra Singh at 30-2 after that Delon McAlister (4) had his wicket disturbed at 28-1 by Bheem Hardyal. At MYO, St Mary’s beat Marian Academy by seven

wickets after reaching 45-3 in reply to Marian Academy’s paltry 42 from 10.4 overs. Stephen Wilson clobbered two fours and a six in 18, while Randy Hamilton took 2-7 in a losing cause. Earlier, Christmas (4-15), Kester McAlister (2-8) and Alex Rodrigues (2-1) orchestrated the demolition job as Ricardo Percival managed seven before he was run out. At GNIC, 16-year-old Sachin Singh led Chase Academy to 116-1 in 16.3 overs in reply to Bishop High’s 115 in 28 overs. The left-handed Singh

produced a batting blitz; clobbering four sixes and eight fours in an explosive unbeaten 79 and added 73 for the first wicket with Lesten Cupidore who was the silent partner before he was bowled by talented leftarm spinner Aryan Persaud for 12. Singh was brutal in his stroke play and reached his second consecutive score of 50 with a murderous boundary off Persaud who was unlucky not to get rid Singh, who was twice dropped off his bowling. Larrick Persaud was with Singh on 15 when victory

was achieved by the leaning Institution Coached by former National off-spinner Gavin Nedd. Watched by a vocal gathering which included owner, Head Master and CEO of Chase Academy Henry Chase and students from Marian Academy and St Mary’s, whose match across the Road ended early, Bishops put up some fight with Troy Persaud (35) and Sachin Ramroop (22) batting well. Dick (5-16), Tyress Prescott (2-14) and Singh (218) did the job with the ball for the strongest team in the tournament.

Dew hindered spin and reverse swing, says Misbah ESPNCRICINFO Pakistan captain Misbah-ulHaq has said that dew played a role in reducing the effectiveness of his bowling attack during the day-night Test in Dubai because the dampness affected the pink ball’s ability to spin and reverse swing. He also said the pitch did not deteriorate as it usually does at the venue because the dew. The day-night fixture was Pakistan’s tenth Test in Dubai, where they have won six matches and drawn and lost two each. The 56-run victory against West Indies, who were dismissed with 12 overs remaining in their chase of 346, was Pakistan’s narrowest at the venue. The pattern of the game,

which was only the second day-night Test, was in contrast to the first such fixture in Adelaide, where Australia beat New Zealand inside three days in a match dominated by bowlers. In contrast, Pakistan made 579 and 123 in Dubai, while West Indies made 357 and 289. “A bit of dew in the evening session was affecting the ball. With the sogginess, the ball was getting softer so different factors contributed and helped the batsmen score runs,” Misbah said after the Test. “Spinners and fast bowlers will get more help and reverse swing will also be there in the dry weather. But in the evening the pink ball was getting wet and the

Misbah-ul-Haq leads his team off after the victory over West Indies, in Dubai ©AFP seam was swelling and it got softer. “The pitch was on the slower side, I don’t know why, but otherwise the Dubai pitch normally starts deteriorating after two days. But since the dew was helping the pitch bind again

and it wasn’t breaking up at the same rate it used to. But in the end it was a good Test match, both teams played really well, and it’s good for the Test cricket.” West Indies began the final day needing 251 runs with eight wickets in hand.

They lost Marlon Samuels off the first ball but Darren Bravo held the chase together. Misbah said he had nervous moments until Bravo was eventually dismissed for 116 in the final session, and rued his team’s fourth-day collapse for 123 that had let West Indies into the game. “It was tough for the team and for the captain,” Misbah said. “Certainly you were ahead of them for almost three and a half days but in one session you had given the advantage to the opposition. Maybe had we batted for another 15 overs, with 400 runs on board we could have got them out early. Misbah praised Bravo for his resilience. He batted

406 minutes in the fourth innings to take the game deep and Misbah was appreciative of how the West Indian batsman had played legspin. “The way he handled Yasir Shah, that was really something special. He [Yasir] was turning the ball from roughs but he [Bravo] showed good defence and attacked him at times,” Misbah said. “That was the main reason he neutralised Yasir for quite a long time but still Yasir managed to take wickets. Every passing ball was putting pressure but thankfully we managed to win the game. You should give credit to the opposition, they played really well and it was a good game in the end.”

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Moses century hands SS Jaguars victory, Maria’s Pleasure overcome Cavaliers By Zaheer Mohamed A fine century by Nokta Moses guided Sans Souci Jaguars to a 20-run victory over Good Success, while Maria’s Pleasure defeated G Square Cavaliers by 48 runs when the semi-finals of the Badri Prasad Memorial T20 tournament were contested in Wakenaam on Sunday. Moses century propelled Sans Souci Jaguars to 173-9 after they decided to bat at the Wakenaam Community Centre ground. Pacers Wazir Khan had Zameer Zaman caught for four, while David Challitar bowled Safraz Mohamed for eight to reduced Jaguars to 10-2 before Moses and his younger sibling Beesham Moses resurrected the innings with a third-wicket stand of 86. Nokta wasn’t afraid to play his shots as he hit Khan for a maximum before taking boundaries off Imran Khan and Vickram Ramnarine, bringing up his fifty off 27 balls. While Beesham Moses played the supporting role well, Nokta continued to accumulate his runs on both sides of the pitch. Off-

spinner Gurnauth Khemraj then bowled Beesham Moses for 13, but Nokta Moses shared in a useful partnership of 46 with Rashaad Rasheed (09) to further boost this team total. Moses, who was put down twice, hit Ramnarine for a maximum and then drove Imran Khan for boundaries. He reached his century off 55 balls before he was taken off Nazeer Mohamed for 119 after hitting 16 fours and four sixes. Following his dismissal, Good Success picked up some quick wickets with Mohamed claiming 3-20 off four overs, Khemraj 2-28 and Imran Khan 2-33; Wazir Khan and Challitar had one each. Khemraj and Ejaz Mohamed gave Good Success a breezy start, adding 43 for the opening stand. Khemraj struck pacer Siddiq Mohamed for fours before flicking Derwin Daniels for another while Mohamed clobbered Daniels for a maximum and drove him to the long-off boundary. However, Daniels provided his team with the breakthrough when he sent back Mohamed for 16.

Nokta Moses turned in brilliant all-round performance. Tulsieram Ramadeen was then bowled by Nokta Moses for 13 who also trapped Imran Khan lbw for one as Good Success slipped to 673. Khemraj soon went for 29, but Nazeer Mohamed and Ramnarine kept their team in the hunt with a fifthwicket stand of 53. Mohamed stroked Beesham Moses for a maximum before flicking Zaman for four while Ramnarine took boundaries off Zaman and Siddiq Mohamed. Ramnarine was then dismissed for 25 while Charles Benjamin (04) and Shoaib Namaz (00) followed shortly after. Mohamed

made 36 (2x4,2x6) as Good Success finished on 153-9. Nokta Moses grabbed 417 off four overs to crown a good all-round performance, while Beesham Moses had 2-20, Zaman 2-34 and Daniels 1-34. In the second semi final, Maria’s Pleasure took first strike and posted a respectable 162-8. Bernard Lewis and Mark Lewis added 46 for the first wicket before Mark Lewis was caught off Jaggernauth Manbodh for 16. Bernard Lewis hit Dayawant Shiwnandan for a maximum and drove Chandrika Ragnauth for boundaries

Marsh Singh (left) and Bernard Lewis. before he was removed by Manbodh for 33. Maria’s Pleasure then lost three quick wickets, but Marsh Singh slammed four fours in scoring 26 while Alex Clementson made 18 to prop up their team batting down the order as Manbodh snared 3-16, Satrohan Shiwnandan 2-20; Kamal Khan, Ragnauth and Dayawant Shiwnandan had one each. Cavaliers were off to a bad start losing openers Heera Sukram and Ballie Scott, both run out for seven and 13 respectively. Pacer Kennard Lewis then removed Kamal Khan (03)

while Bernard Lewis accounted for Manbodh (02) and Ragnauth (00) leaving the score at 43-5. Dayawant Shiwnandan and Bhumeshwar Ramkisson then added 36 but when Ramkissoon was taken off Mark Lewis for 11, the rest of the batting failed to offer any resistance as Cavaliers were sent packing f o r 11 4 i n 1 8 o v e r s . Shiwnandan remained unbeaten on 24 (3x4) as Bernard Lewis bagged 4-16 off four overs, while Mark Lewis had 3-19 and Kennard Lewis 2-14. The final will be played on a date to be announced.

IOC concerned about Tokyo 2020 costs, will work to help pare TOKYO (Reuters) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said yesterday that it felt costs for the 2020 Tokyo Games looked “very high” and would work with organisers to cut them, but that athletes must come first when considering how to rein in spending. The comments came at a meeting between Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and IOC President Thomas Bach, who proposed forming a working group comprising Tokyo, the central government, 2020 organisers and the IOC to find ways to avoid wasteful spending. Koike, who took office in August, ordered a review of Olympic expenses that last month recommended changing three venues in an effort to rein in costs projected to hit 3 trillion yen

($29 billion) — some four times the initial estimates made when Tokyo won the right to host the Games. “That’s certainly a figure that seems very large to us,” IOC Vice President John Coates told reporters after the meeting, adding that he was confident those figures could be reduced. One of the proposed venue changes would mean moving rowing and canoe/kayak sprint events some 400 km (250 miles) north of Tokyo to use existing facilities rather than building new ones in the capital. The IOC, the 2020 Organising Committee and international rowing federation favour the original plan to keep the venue in Tokyo, while Koike last week told Reuters this was the last chance to take steps to rein in soaring costs.

Bach did not comment directly on the proposed venue changes but emphasised that the experience of the athletes should be the priority in planning for the Games. “The athletes are the heart and soul of the Olympic Games and we have to respect them,” Bach said. If they fail to reach an agreement on the Tokyo site, known as the Sea Forest Waterway, the IOC would even consider hosting the events in the South Korean city of Chungju, where rowing events were held for the 2014 Asian Games, Japanese media reports said yesterday. Reforms known as “Agenda 2020”, carried out under Bach with the aim of making the Olympics more sustainable, allow hosts to use facilities in other cities or

IOC President Thomas Bach (R) meets Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Tokyo, Japan, yesterday. (REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon) even countries if it makes financial and practical sense. Koike said she was still reviewing the proposed venue changes and would make a decision by the end of the month, after which she suggested holding the first meeting of the four-party working group. Tokyo’s original bid

pledged to keep most venues within 8 km of the athlete’s village in downtown Tokyo, but several have already been moved. Cycling will take place in Shizuoka prefecture, about 200 km (125 miles) west of Tokyo. Tokyo organisers have been grappling with a series of setbacks.

They were forced to scrap an initial design for the centerpiece National Stadium, site of the opening and closing ceremonies, because it was too expensive, and had to redesign the logo for the Games following accusations of plagiarism. ($1 = 102.9000 yen)

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Wednesday October 19, 2016

GASP School’s Scrabble Initiative…

Annandale Secondary/President’s College latest beneficiaries of project Students of the Annandale Secondary School, Annandale North ECD and those of the President’s College, Golden Grove ECD, were the most recent beneficiaries of the School’s Scrabble Initiative, under the auspices of the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) in collaboration with Yvonne Murray when the latter individual ventured to those two institutions on Monday afternoon and handed over the items to the respective administrators. Ms. Murray first touched down at the Annandale Secondary School and was met by its Headmaster, Nicholas Persaud and Head of Department (Allied Arts), Renita Dindyal. Ms. Murray explained that the gift was donated by the Ministry of Education following a request by members of the GASP and the subsequent intervention of its Minister, Rupert Roopnarine. She also explained that the desire to have the games within the school structure was discussed at the level of the GASP executive. Thereafter, she handed over the two board sets complete with tiles and 2 scrabble dictionaries. The students also received several copies of authentic 3 and 4 lettered words. Ms. Murray urged

President’s College Teacher, Tamica Wilson (3rd left) along with several students pose with the Scrabble sets. them to care the equipment while encouraging them to attain proficiency in the game. Ms. Dindyal thanked Ms. Murray for the gift even as she acknowledged the input of the Minister of Education. She said that the interest level of the students is very high since the school administrators had only recently staged a scrabble competition under the guidance of Sir Navin Shiwdass and the students recently engaged in a tournament in tandem with their school Inter House sports activities that

involved A, B, C and D houses; ‘B’ House had emerged victorious. Shortly afterwards, Ms. Murray ventured further along the East Coast, this time to the President’s College, Golden Grove. She received a warm welcome f r o m t e a c h e r, Ta m i c a Wilson, who expressed delight that the school has been selected as part of the programme. She also revealed that the teachers have recently commenced playing the game as a part of their sports programme and the gesture was indeed timely. Most of the children

confirmed their interest and even revealed that they utilized the technology via the computer to engage in sessions. Another senior scrabble affiliate and former teacher, Devraj Deonarine, was also at the function and he has committed to help the students in attaining proficiency in the sport. Once again, Ms. Murray emphasised that the game has the ability to foster good vocabulary and urged the students to support each other’s efforts while learning the game. One of the students,

Susanna Augustine, delivered the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude to Murray, the Minister of Education and staff and the executives of the GASP for their kind chivalry. She also endeavoured to use the equipment towards their personal development as well as the benefit of her school. Meanwhile, 6 additional schools have been identified to receive similar equipment and shortly after completing her tasks along the East Coast, Ms. Murray travelled to the Oasis Café, Carmichael Street

Georgetown, where she joined several members of the GASP to discuss and fine tune issues pertaining to the project. Those in attendance at this meeting were James Krakowsky, former National champion, Fred Collins, President of GASP, Leon Belony and top seed, Moen Gafoor. The group was indeed enthused by Murray’s input but admitted that there were areas that needed fine tuning. Mr. Belony noted that the project could not have been successful devoid of the input of the Minister of Education and he expressed gratitude to him. The group also discussed ways of enhancing the programme and has said that they will continue to collaborate with the Ministry of Education towards the success of the programme. Several other games and other equipment would be distributed to several other secondary s c h o o l s , u n d e r consideration, within the coming weeks. The presentation at the Annandale Secondary School and the President’s College are the latest institutions to have received the gifts following closely on the heels of a similar presentation at the Caramel Secondary School last week.

Argentine judge denies U.S. extradition request for soccer figures

Argentine businessmen Mariano Jinkis (C) and his father Hugo (L, back) who are wanted by U.S. prosecutors in a FIFA bribery investigation are escorted by police officers after they turned themselves in to authorities in Buenos Aires in this file photo. (REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian)

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) An Argentine judge yesterday denied a U.S. extradition request for three former soccer figures charged as part of the probe into the sport’s world-wide governing body, citing the fact that they were already being tried in Argentina. International soccer’s FIFA governing body was rocked last year by a U.S.led investigation into corruption, bribery, wire fraud and racketeering in the world’s most popular sport. Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio rejected the extradition request from a New York court for the father-and-son sports marketing team Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, along with

former regional soccer chief Eduardo Deluca, saying the trio should not be tried for the same crimes in two different countries. “For the Jinkis (pair) and Deluca to face the same charges in two ongoing investigations in the jurisdictions of New York and Buenos Aires would put their constitutional rights at risk,” said the 84-page opinion published by Argentina’s CIJ judicial information agency. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, which is handling the case, declined comment. The three are under house arrest in Argentina. Deluca had served as head of

South American soccer body Conmebol. Ex-FIFA officials who have pleaded guilty have agreed to pay tens of millions of dollars in forfeiture. FIFA attempted to put the crisis behind it by approving the deepest reforms in its 112-year history in February. But the scandal has rumbled on, with regular announcements of new probes, extraditions and punishments of tainted officials. Also yesterday, the former head of Thailand’s soccer association was banned for five years by FIFA’s ethics watchdog on charges of forgery.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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Good Success NY Group dominoes 2016 Elite Caribbean Road Cycling Championships High air fare, other costs puncture tourney set for October 23 Guyana’s male team representation

Organiser Amit Ramnarine (right) presents the sponsorship cheque to Khemraj Surujpaul in the presence of Nazeer Mohamed (left) and Vijay Persaud. Good Success New York Group dominoes competition will be contested on October 23 at Carlosh Sports bar in Wakenaam starting at 10:00hrs. The competition, which was launched on Sunday on the 16-square mile island, will see eight teams battling

for supremacy namely All Star, Underdog, Seawall Boys, Death Squad, Riot Squad, Melville Warriors, Maria’s Pleasure and Maria Johanna. No entrance is required and the winning team will take home a trophy and $20,000, runner up $15,000 and a trophy and third place

$10,000 and a trophy. Organiser Amit Ramn a r i n e s a i d t h e tournament is expected to be keenly contested since the top teams on the island will be taking part. He expressed gratitude to the New York group and wished the teams well.

Guyana will not be under starters’ orders in the male segment of this year’s Elite Caribbean Road Cycling Championships scheduled for this weekend (October 22-23) in Guadeloupe. Kaieteur Sports has been able to confirm that due to continued administrative shortcomings among the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) executive, the male team, comprising of reigning Road Race champion Geron Williams (Team Foundation/Continental Cycle Club), Team Coco’s Raynauth ‘Obeah Man’ Jeffrey, Hamza Eastman, Stephano Husbands and Team Evolution’s Michael Anthony will not be represented. Anthony had opted out mere days after being selected as a result of the high costs of travel to Guadeloupe. The late naming of the team and the continued challenge to raise funds along with the additional costs for travel,

accommodation and meals to Suriname to obtain French entry visas to Guadeloupe put paid to this nation’s chance of sending a team. The lone representative this weekend would be United Kingdom based Claire Fraser-Green who is the reigning Time Trial and Road Race queen who would be under the guidance of Manager/Coach, Shaun Green. Kaieteur was informed that it would have required as many as 3-days for the cyclists to be in Suriname in order to get the visas. Cyclists have over the years been faced with raising their own passage for the most part in order to attend regional championships. In the case of a few clubs, they would undertake expenses to ensure high level training for their riders. Team Coco’s recently invested in sending a team to Colombia for an extended period of training.

Claire Fraser-Green Female Time Trial and Road Race Cycling Queen.

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Bunbury’s results overshadow many By Rawle Welch Reeling from a shower of stinging criticisms about his performance after twentyplus years, President of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) K. Juman Yassin attempted to answer his critics by offering support to a promising young athlete recently. However, while the extension of goodwill was welcomed, many who’ve paid close attention to his performance in office believes that the latest attempt is a little bit too late and seems to be more an act designed to preserve his time at the GOA, especially with the December elections just around the corner. A source close to the GOA said that the President has been making the rounds pleading with heads of member associations not to jump ship now, but allow him the opportunity to serve another term, during which time he hopes to progress the Liliendaal Project that is being constructed to house the entity’s headquarters. This Project is what Yassin is probably hoping will cement his legacy, but while procuring a home for such an important organisation is praiseworthy,

K. Juman Yassin this endeavour is not the primary role of the organisation, but really aiding in the development of sport. That means securing the expertise of high level coaches and administrative personnel, funding of teams and athletes and using all available avenues and resources to advance sports development should be the priority. These are areas where many feel that Yassin and the GOA have failed, the Organisation has been unable to match the advancements of many of their sister organisations within the Caribbean and this has left our athletes lagging distantly behind and correctly dispirited. The inconsistency of the GOA philanthropy is also of concern, there seems to be an absence of a policy, a

Alex Bunbury. necessary component to guide associations’ heads and at the same time instill confidence in other stakeholders. In the absence of such a document it creates confusion and very often suspicion as to who is really eligible for assistance and who is getting it. It is clear that not every association that request support from the GOA automatically qualifies for such, but a policy that defines the requisite benchmarks when soliciting support should be the first step. Our athletes are ready to take off; they are in set mode for many years, but the observable paucity of strong-willed and concerned administrators are leaving many of them discouraged. Just to give an example of how a caring

administrator operates to the benefit of his or her organisation one just have to look at what former Canadian football star and Hall of Fame inductee Alex Bunbury is doing. Merely ten months after he first publicised his intention to open an Academy to assist in the development of local athletes, four promising young footballers are on the cusp of profiting from his resolve. He has been able to get two of them to one of the top Academies in the world in Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, while two more is set to jet off to Deportivo Alves. This is what you do as an Administrator eager to move forward with sports development in your country, you just don’t utilise your office for personal profit, but use it to the benefit of those who were responsible for you being there in the first place. Stakeholders and I mean association heads must be bold enough to hold those that wield the power to promote sport accountable for their actions, otherwise the grief and embarrassment we feel when our athletes perform disappointingly will continue.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

Holder laments dropped catches and extras as key factors to opening loss

Jason Holder DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, CMC –Chances given to triple-century maker Azhar Ali and extras conceded were key factors in West Indies loss to Pakistan in the first Test in Dubai, captain Jason Holder has said. West Indies lost to Pakistan by 56-runs despite Darren Bravo leading the fight with his eighth Test century that took the game into the final hour on the fifth day. Azhar, who scored 302 not out, was dropped twice – first by Leon Johnson when on 17 and then by Jermaine Blackwood when on 190. “Obviously credit must go to Azhar Ali, I thought he played really well. We put him down; at that stage if we would have held him, we would have had a new batsman in,” Holder said. “But that’s cricket. If you look at it critically, it’s those one or two chances that we missed. In the second innings, Babar Azam getting out with a no-ball. Things like this, if we negate them then we have less problems going forward.” Holder says the bowlers need to improve their approach to the wicket to end the rate of front-foot-no-balls, especially pacer Shannon Gabriel. The Trinidadian fast bowler delivered 11 no-balls in the entire match, including 10 in the first innings which. “It’s definitely an area we need to improve on but if you look at the scorecard, there were a few no-balls from both sides. It’s something we have to pay attention to, Shannon was probably our head culprit,” Holder declared. “But again, he’s that kind of bowler; he runs in and gives it his all. Having said that the amount of no-balls he bowled was unacceptable and hopefully he can correct it going forward in the next Test match.”

Wednesday October 19, 2016

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GCF President admits to issues plaguing the body - promises to address cyclists concerns amidst plans lift the sport

Horace Burrowes - GCF President By Franklin Wilson Just over a year into their four-year term, the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) main constituents, the cyclists are not pleased with the way the new President, Horace Burrowes and his executive have been functioning. The level of frustration has reached a point where many of the licensed riders have signed a petition calling for the resignation of the federation’s principal officers, Burrowes, Secretary Maria Leung, Vice President for Finance Jerome Allicock and Treasurer, Rosanna Sukhoo. Kaieteur made contact with Burrowes who resides in the USA for him to respond to the concerns raised by the cyclists in the petition calling for them to resign with immediate effect. Burrowes in responding stated that he must admit that the federation has been plagued with its own internal conflicts at the executive level which has b e e n p r i m a r i l y responsible for the downward spiral of the sport at the administrative realm. He claims that even though many of the riders who would have signed the petition are not fully aware of what they signed on to, he is committed to addressing the concerns of the riders. ”At this point I really don’t want to get into much detail but to say that I would

be in Guyana in a couple of weeks and would be meeting with the executive and clubs to address the many concerns that they have.” ”I’ve been doing a lot in terms of reaching out to other federations and associations with a view of getting technical and other assistance for Guyana because I am on a mission to see this sport develop.” Burrowes, who last visited Guyana in April informed that while he is out of the jurisdiction, presidential duties are performed by First Vice President Paul Choo Wee Nam. He also admitted that the new Secretary is not experienced, but former Secretary Gemma Williams has been very kind in assisting and guiding Ms Leung. ”Ms Williams assisting us would have been agreed to by the executive and I would like to thank her for her assistance to date,” Burrowes said. Earlier this year, Vice President Andrew Arjoon had tendered his resignation citing his inability to give 100% owing to work commitments. With respect to representation at the 2016 Pan American Elite Track Cycling Championships, Burrowes stated that on receiving the invitation, he would have enquired if any local cyclist(s) would have fitted the bill but was informed to the contrary. ”It was then that it was decided that in order for

Guyana to be credited with points in this format, Mr James Joseph who represented Guyana at two Olympics and a former multiple national champion along with myself pay our way to Mexico in the interest of Guyana having a presence.” He noted that despite Joseph being a veteran he is very active and can hold his own, pointing out that he clocked 11.6s in the 250m sprint. ”I have since initiated talks with the Mexico cycling body to assist Guyana in developing Track riders and so far, talks have been going well. They are committed to helping us with boarding and meals so I am to discuss this with my executive with a view of taking up the offer.” Kaieteur Sport was also told that Guyana has been promised 10-cycles by the President of the Pan Ame r i c a n C y c l i n g C o n f e d e r a t i o n ( C O PA C I ) M r J o s é Manuel Pelaez of Cuba and should be receiving same shortly. The GCF President said he is expected to attend the COPACI AGM next January in Cuba where he is expected to pursue creating more alliances.


GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power Nat. U-17 League – EDFA:

Glasgow continues ripping form for BVTU; BAPSC also shine BV Triumph United (BVTU) star marksman, Omari Glasgow has continued his dominance and hunger for goals against opposing teams on the East Coast when he blasted a hattrick in another win for his t e a m w h e n t h e G F F / N A M I L C O Thunderbolt Flour Power National Intra Association Under-17 League continued in the East Demerara Football Association. Glasgow led BVTU to an impressive 6-1 drubbing of Buxton Youth Developers which continues to struggle. Also in winners’ row were Bachelors Adventure Paradise Sports Club (BAPSC) which thumped Plaisance Panthers 3-1, with the other match between Mahaica Determinators and Golden Stars ending in a 1-1 stalemate. Glasgow rocked the back of the nets in the 10th, 55th and 62nd minutes in setting up another win for his side. He found able support in Samuel Garnett who scored a double (65th, 70th) while the other goal came from Dequan France in the 60th minute. After taking the initial lead on 10 minutes, BVTU found the Buxton Youths to be hard to crack but never

relented. When they finally cracked the Buxton defence minutes into the second half, the flood gates opened for them to complete a big win. Buxton were able to score a consolation goal in the 74th minute through Cordell Mingo. BAPSC ran away 3-1 victories over Plaisance on account of goals from F. Williams in the 2nd minute, Anton Peters in the 13th and Ingram Charles in the 40th minute. Plaisance’ lone strike came off the boot of Azandee King in the 48th minute. In the drawn affair, Golden Stars had taken the lead against Mahaica Determinator s in the 21st minute, S h a u n Adonis being the scorer. However, eight minutes later, Julius

Omari Glasgow - BVTU

Hamilton’s goal ensured an even share of the points for Mahaica.

t r o Sp

South Georgetown Inter-School Athletics competition commences -‘Champions of Champions’ set for later this week

Lodge Secondary School’s, Troyston Louisy about to release the javelin on his way to winning the Under-14 Boys’ Event yesterday.

Central High School’s, Lisette Glen descends into the Long Jump Pit to claim the Girls’ Under-16 Triple Jump title.

National Secondary Schools cricket

Sachin Singh follows up 101 with unbeaten 79 for Chase Academy - Four schools advance to next round

Qc’s Brandon Jaikarran who top scored with 36 forces one back to Joshua Jones who had 3-9. (Sean Devers photo)

GCF President admits to issues plaguing the body - promises to address cyclists concerns amidst plans lift the sport

PM says what Jamaican Government’s spend on athletes’ celebration a token gesture

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