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Friday October 18, 2013

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This report invites further enquiry of Guysuco’s strategic plan DEAR EDITOR, The report under this Headline (Guysuco to spend $19.4B to revive sugar under new strategy – (Stabroek News October 13, 2013) is most confusing,

resulting from the obvious unfamiliarity with the subject involved. Nor does the loose mix of tenses facilitate easy identification of past and projected plans. Notwithstanding, the report

includes some insights which invites comment on, and further enquiry of, Guysuco’s Strategic Plan of 2013-2017, as follows: Continued on page 37

Some parts of Bartica/Potaro road already washing away DEAR EDITOR Residents of Bartica are very concerned about of the continuous ‘patching’ of the Bartica/Potaro Road which confirms our view that the road will soon end up back to square one and tax payers money will continue to be wasted, since some areas that the workers seem to have completed already have holes. With the little rainfall over the past few days, the tar that was used on the road is washing away and even sticking on vehicles. Mr. Editor, last year September when the road was patched/repaired, the tar was washing away in the same way. We have also observed that the sand and other waste that was left at the side of the road from the drain that was recently dug is being used to repair some areas of the road. Work on the road is being

done at nights with the absent of a proper lighting plan system, so how can the workers get to see what they are doing properly? Also we are wondering who is supervising the workers at night? Due to the type of work done last year September on the road, we were convinced that the same type or similar work will be done again, since no asphalt machine were brought to Bartica to construct the road. The letter seeks to find out what intended plans the leaders of this region have relating to the implementation and establishment of a proper road in this region, and make recommendation where it sees fit, give assistance and work with the leaders to ensure that a proper long lasting heavyduty road is constructed. In closing I am calling on all of the Residents/youths to join the membership of the

Bartica United Youth Development Group and let us work together in Developing this Region. Micah Williams General President/Chief Negotiator, Bartica United Development Group

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Friday October 18, 2013

14 private developers applied for land this year – Housing Minister - 400 acres allocated By Leonard Gildarie Some 14 private companies, following invitations from Government earlier this year, submitted proposals to acquire land to construct homes along the East Bank of Demerara. This disclosure was made yesterday by Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali, following questions about the process used to allocate large tracts of lands to a number of private developers. Earlier this week, the Opposition, in asking whether the process was advertised, also wanted to know how much was paid for the land and by whom. The questions were raised by Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, and Member of Parliament for A Partnership For National Unity, Joseph Harmon. Yesterday, Minister Ali, in responding, said that the companies submitting proposals include Windsor Tech. Inc, Navigant Builders Inc., Queensville Housing Development, A and R Jiwanram Printery Inc., Buddy’s Housing Development, Ray Dan

Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali

One of the new housing schemes under construction on the East Bank Demerara Housing Enterprise, DC Construction/Comfort Sleep, Caricom General Insurance Inc., Romell Jagroop General Construction Services, Lakeville Executive Homes Inc., Mr Gentle P Elias & Mr Brian Chase, Chung’s Global Enterprise, Hi Tech Construction Inc., and Prembury Consultants T&T Ltd. The invitations for

“Expressions of Interest” would have been running since June in the state-owned Guyana Chronicle with the closing deadline for proposals on August 15 last. The Minister explained that the deal with the private developers is but one of about seven public/private partnership arrangements that Government came up with to make home ownership

easier. “In this partnership, through public expressions of interest, private developers express their interest and are selected to develop land specifically for housing. Most of these developments target the middle-income and high-income markets.” According to Minister Ali, the Ministry has made 400 acres on the East Bank Demerara available to private developers. “The assertion that private developers are taking over the housing programme or are being treated preferentially is one that has

no basis. As a matter of fact, the resources raised from the allocation of land are used as a tool of cross subsidisation. Cross subsidisation is a very critical tool in ensuring that there is balance in the market whereby the resources from the top end of the market are used to cushion the development of the lower end of the market.” Ali insisted that as regards housing on the East Bank of Demerara, no observer can understand the extent of work and development that has gone towards the expansion of the East Bank Development, “unless they leave their office in Georgetown and visit these areas. Many technicians, international financial institutions, heads of government, ministers, and housing authorities in the Region and Latin America have had the cause to visit the East Bank Development to learn best practises in terms of the development of their own housing programmes.”

The first phase of development on the East Bank has a total of 1,800 acres of land. “To date, we have developed and allocated more than 2,400 lots for commercial and residential purposes. It is in our projection to allocate another 3,100 house lots before the end of 2013.” The East Bank Demerara development, Ali argued, is indeed a massive undertaking that has provided housing solutions for a wide stratum of stakeholders and consumers. “One need only look at the extension of the Eccles housing scheme, which is approximately 1,000 house lots. These lots were allocated two years ago and already occupancy rate has picked up tremendously to the extent of nearing 60%.” The Opposition has said that several tracts of land between Eccles and Providence and reportedly up to Little Diamond have been granted to private developers.

Friday October 18, 2013

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Crisis averted, Obama says Americans ‘completely fed up’ with Washington (Reuters) - President Barack Obama scolded congressional Republicans yesterday hours after a fiscal crisis was narrowly averted and called on his opponents to help repair the economic damage caused by a 16-day U.S. government shutdown and a close brush with a debt default. Obama stressed that he is willing to work with lawmakers wherever they can agree, but the tone he struck amounted to a rebuke of Republicans, whom Americans largely blame for pushing the United States to the brink of an economic calamity. “The American people are completely fed up with Washington,” Obama said in a White House speech attended by many of the aides who worked day and night through the various stages of the latest fiscal stalemate. Hours after he signed into law a bill hastily cobbled together to end the crisis, Obama said events over the past two weeks had inflicted “completely unnecessary” damage on the U.S. economy. An increase in borrowing costs caused by the neardebt default was harmful and consumers cut back on spending with hundreds of thousands of government workers suddenly idled, he said. “There was no economic rationale for all of this,” he said. Though bruised by the battle, Obama emerged as the

Barack Obama clear winner. He immediately sought to use the political capital gained to advance a domestic policy agenda centered around a fresh round of budget talks and an effort to win approval of two stalled items, immigration reform and a farm bill. He did not mention an urgent challenge facing him now: Repairing the flaws in his signature healthcare law that have prevented many Americans from even signing up for it. Obama issued an aggressive challenge to Congress, particularly the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, to stop focusing on who wins and loses political battles and get to work with him on issues critical to improving the economy.

“All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do,” he said. Obama said his opponents should “go out there and win an election” and push to change policies they do not like, but not try to break apart America’s system of governing. Republicans were not impressed. “Eventually the president has to realize Republicans won the majority in the House, and he has a shared responsibility to govern,” said Brendan Buck, spokesman for House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner. “If the president continues to refuse to negotiate, or make any real concessions, I don’t know how he expects to get anything done to help the American people.” A senior Senate Republican aide said: “Where was he during this whole thing? To pop your head up at the end and lecture doesn’t do anything.” Obama’s refusal to negotiate over the U.S. debt ceiling was credited by his aides as having forced Republicans to accept most of his terms for an agreement. Even so, the strategy carried the risk of making him appear reluctant to engage his political opponents.

Canada set to sack three senators in expenses scandal Ottawa (AFP) - A Canadian senator at the center of an expenses scandal sought medical leave yesterday as he and two colleagues were set to be sacked from government. Senator Mike Duffy said in a statement that he would be absent from work due to health concerns. The Senate has been asked to consider a motion calling for the suspension without pay of Duffy, as well as fellow Senators Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. The trio — all appointed to the upper house by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper — face a criminal probe after an audit revealed “troubling” expense claims. All three have been

Pamela Wallin stripped of their political resources but that was not enough to quell an uproar which has been a drag on the Conservatives’ popularity —

now at an all-time low, according to polls. Duffy is also being investigated for having accepted a Can$90,000 check from Harper’s chief of staff to help the lawmaker repay funds he had wrongly claimed as Senate expenses. Harper’s right-hand man, Nigel Wright, resigned in May after revealing the payment. The opposition yesterday accused Harper of having misled the House of Commons when he said he knew nothing about the transaction. In a statement, Duffy said he had been hospitalized for three days in August for “unstable angina” and an examination this week indicated the disease may have progressed.

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Friday October 18, 2013

Thieves sell hospital stock to private docs CANCER DRUG MONEY RACKET Trinidad Guardian - The lives of thousands of cancer patients are at stake because of a racket in which millions of dollars’ worth of cancer drugs have gone missing from the pharmacy at the St James Medical Complex and the Chaguaramas building where the Ministry of Health’s drugs are stored. The drugs, mainly used in chemotherapy, are ending up in the private offices of doctors on the “outside,” Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan disclosed Wednesday as he told what his ministry had uncovered in ongoing investigations. A lot of cancer victims who receive treatment at the St James Medical Complex have written to him about what they are told is a shortage of drugs at the institution, he said. The traumatised patients said to get the drugs they now have to pay very high prices for them at private doctors’ offices. “Patients are obtaining the drugs,” he said. “Someone is giving it to them.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaica parliament has approved legislation that places a higher limit on cash transactions with financial institutions as the authorities move to deal with the proceeds of crime. Parliament agreed to the Proceeds of Crime (POCA) Amendment Bill, which now places a one million dollar (One Jamaica dollar = US$0.01 cents) limit on cash transactions with financial institutions. Legislators had

A lot of them have written to me but they are afraid of victimisation, that they will be denied the drugs. “We are purchasing a lot of cancer medication and it’s extremely expensive, about $12,000 to $15,000 per vial. Sometimes one patient needs ten to 12 vials. They are mostly second-line drugs, which are used when first-line drugs are not effective enough. “What we uncovered is that a lot of cancer drugs, which are in the

pharmacy at the St James Medical Complex and are distributed to the wards of the various hospitals, find their way outside of the hospitals, in private medical practices.” Khan said a system had been put in place to minimise the loss of drugs, whereby both the doctor and patient at St James had to sign the prescriptions. “Patients have to sign to receive them too. When I last checked, this system of dual signatures was in place.” He said what remains a mystery is who are the pharmacists and people distributing the drugs, since there are no records of the names of the people on duty. “We are trying to figure out who are the pharmacists and people assigned, but it has been challenging, because of a lack of attendance records,” Khan said. “Pharmacists from the Port-of-Spain hospital are sometimes assigned to St James, but there are no records of pharmacists signing in or out.” As a result, he said, “There is a shortage of drugs, and no attendance records of pharmacists. I have to be suspicious.”

The ministry’s medical drugs are procured and stored and managed by the National Insurance Property Development Company at the C-40 building in Chaguaramas. Khan said there has also been “leakage” at C-40 and blamed careless security for this. “Security is not stringent enough,” he said. “There is protracted loss at other levels, at the pharmacy (in St James).” The Government allocates $120 million yearly for the treatment of cancer, reportedly the second leading cause of death in T&T. The T&T Guardian Wednesday spoke to a medical source at the St James Medical Complex, who confirmed there is a shortage of five chemotherapy drugs there. He said he had also heard about medical personnel using fictitious documents to acquire cancer drugs. “I have heard stories of medical personnel who present these fictitious prescriptions to the pharmacists for the cancer drugs and then take them to private facilities where patients are charged exorbitant fees for treatment.”

agreed to increase the ceiling from J$500,000 but not to the original proposal of two million. The one million dollar limit means that under the provisions for the reporting of suspicious transactions, cash transactions of over one million cannot be undertaken by anyone other than a “permitted person,” such as a bank or licensed financial institution. National Security Minister Peter Bunting, who piloted

the legislation, said it was important for Jamaica to be fully compliant with the requirements of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). In its last mutual evaluation in June 2005, Jamaica was assessed as being compliant with 30 of the 48 recommendations; partially compliant with 13; and non-compliant with five. Bunting told legislators that between 2005 and 2013,

the government has taken several actions to address the outstanding issues, including the passage of the POCA in 2007, which is aimed at strengthening the country’s anti-money laundering framework, and combating the financing of terrorism. Bunting said while Jamaica continues to review its laws to ensure compliance with the requisite international standards, there were still some unresolved issues.

Dr Fuad Khan

Parliament gives green light to new initiatives to deal with crime proceeds

Portia receives IWF Hall-of-Fame induction - PM off to Canada for Award KINGSTON, Jamaica — Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller will tomorrow, October 18 join a cadre of female heads of government and global women leaders to be inducted in the prestigious International Women’s Forum (IWF) Hall of Fame. The IWF, through the coveted Hall of Fame Award, pays tribute to “the incredible impact that women of courage, creativity and passion have made towards improving society, inspiring others and building better leadership in the world.” With the Award at the IWF Leadership Conference in Vancouver, Canada Simpson Miller joins other leaders such as Dame Eugenia Charles of Dominica, Margaret Thatcher of Britain, Kim Campbell of Canada, Mary Robinson of Ireland, Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, and Chen Zhili, President of the All China Women’s Federation, to be so honoured. The IWF, a 30 year old organisation founded in the United States of America is

dedicated to advancing leadership across careers, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most outstanding women of significant and diverse achievement. At its Global Leadership Conference, the IWF brings together representatives of its worldwide membership to exchange ideas, inspire and promote better leadership in the world. Over five thousand women leaders including Heads of Government participate in the Forum in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East. The IWF Leadership Conference is being attended by some 1,300 global leaders of government, private sector and non-governmental organisations. President of the IWF’s Jamaica Chapter, Minna Israel and Past President of the Chapter, Pat Ramsay will be on hand to support the Prime Minister as she accepts the distinguished honour. Simpson Miller left the island yesterday and will return tomorrow, October 19.

Crucial sugar meeting tomorrow Jamaica Gleaner - Key players in the local sugar sector are slated to engage in a critical meeting today with Huaixiang Wu, chief executive officer of the Chinese-owned Pan Caribbean Sugar Company, to discuss a number of issues affecting production along the We s t m o r e l a n d / H a n o v e r sugar belt. The Gleaner understands that t h e m e e t i n g , w h i c h w i l l be held at the Frome Sugar Factory, was requested by Wu and will see Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke; his permanent s e c r e t a r y, Donovan Stanberry; Allan Rickards, chairman of the All-Island Jamaica Cane

Farmers’ Association; the executive of We s t m o r e l a n d / H a n o v e r Sugar Cane Growers’ Association (W/HSCGA); and We s t m o r e l a n d ’s custos, Canon Hartley Perrin, in attendance. “Yes, there is a meeting slated for Friday, but all I can tell you at this time is that the management of the cane farmers’ group will be making a presentation on the way forward,” said Cleveland Keddo, chairman of the W/HSCGA. “There are some critical things that need to be addressed ahead of the 20132014 crop year … . We are somewhat confident of a positive outcome as the new CEO (Wu) is different and is prepared to listen.” To p p i n g t h e l i s t o f matters expected to be discussed is the decision by the Chinese company to terminate the creditsupport facility normally offered for sugar-cane suppliers to purchase fertilisers and other items to prepare for each new crop year.

Friday October 18, 2013

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The Teknik Perdana incident Guyana blundered when it gave permission for seismic research in what it considers its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). It further blundered when it allowed a vessel chartered by an American firm to undertake the research. Guyana has to be more attuned to the political and economic sensitivities of the Venezuelans and should have deferred granting permission for this vessel to undertake sea-bed surveys because the Venezuelans were never ever going to sit back and allow that to happen. As a result of permitting the sea-bed survey, the research vessel was detained by the Venezuelan navy last week for what the Venezuelans consider as an unauthorized encroachment into their EEZ. The Guyanese government on the other hand feels that the vessel was in its EEZ. The vessel has since been released, a sign that Venezuela is keen to diffuse tensions with Guyana, with which it has had good relations since the presidency of Hugo Chavez and which has continued under President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela has not renounced its claims to twothirds of Guyana. This is what constitutes the basis of the territorial dispute. This dispute is germane to the marine boundaries, since the EEZ is a 200-mile area

demarcated in relation to one’s coastline. Since parts of this coastline lie in the disputed area, there will obviously be problems in reaching agreement on Guyana’s marine boundaries with Venezuela. Similar problems have surfaced between Venezuela and other Caribbean countries. The advice therefore proffered that Guyana should concentrate less on the issue of the seizure of the vessel and more on demarcating the marine boundaries is bad advice, since the marine boundaries cannot be divorced from the issue of the territorial boundaries which Guyana considers as settled, but which Venezuela disputes. Despite the dispute, Venezuela has not objected to the economic development of the Essequibo, thus allowing for a new paradigm in relations between the two countries, one that went beyond the gridlock of relations in the past, where each side simply asserted its sovereignty to the disputed area. To open negotiations/ discussions on the marine boundaries would be counterproductive, because the determination of those marine boundaries would once again force each country to reassert its sovereignty over the disputed area, and as a consequence there will be no agreement on the

marine boundaries. No nation is likely to easily concede sovereignty over territory which it feels it has a historical claim. And given the situation in Venezuela at this time, where the President got into office by a razor-slim margin, and given the problems between the government and its proAmerican opposition, it would be impossible at this stage for the Venezuelan government to be seen as retreating on the issue of its claim to the disputed area. The Venezuelans also would have sensitivities at this time towards the conducting of seismic research in what it considers its EEZ. This research is based on the prospects of oil exploration. The Venezuelan economy is heavily reliant on oil, and this is a finite resource. The main export market for Venezuela is the United States, which is also the country’s foremost enemy and which had been accused of being involved in a military coup that had temporarily deposed Hugo Chavez in 2002. Given the hostilities between Venezuela and the United States, the former would be very suspicious of any vessel with American interests navigating in waters which the Venezuelans consider as being part of their EEZ. They would be equally

concerned that the vessel was undertaking work in relation to future oil exploration, which can threaten the economy of Venezuela. Given this background, it is not likely that any resolution of this incident would have been had at yesterday’s meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries being held in Trinidad. It would be an utter disaster if Guyana were to, at that meeting, broach the issue of demarcating the EEZ. As far as both countries are concerned there is an existing demarcation. This demarcation, as explained above, is linked to each country’s assertion to sovereignty over the disputed territory of Essequibo. Guyana must also avoid being coaxed into an aggressive posture against the Venezuelans whose government remains on friendly terms with the Guyanese administration. Relations between Guyana and Venezuela were at their best ever prior to last week’s incident. So good were the relations that Venezuela indicated that it was not

opposed to the development of the disputed area. This has led to a great many developmental initiatives in the Essequibo. It was in the context of the quality of the relationship between the two countries that it was a tactical mistake by the Guyanese authorities to undertake the seismic research of the EEZ. This was bound to fuel concerns within Venezuela. Guyana has a right to survey what it considers its EEZ for exploitable resources, but it has to be tactful in taking action in asserting that right. Considering the security, economic and political sensitivities of Venezuela at this time, Guyana should have deferred

this decision to have a seismic survey and should have never granted permission to a firm with American interests. Guyana’s best bet at this stage would be to defer this dispute over the vessel to the mediation of a team comprising representation from Caricom, the OAS and UNASUR. To go any other route would be counterproductive to Guyana’s interests.

Friday October 18, 2013

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Guyana “warned” on antimoney laundering measures Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday described as a “warning” the most recent communication by the Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce (CFATF) to Guyana, should it fail to enact the amendments to the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill by November. The Head of the Presidential Secretariat made the disclosure yesterday when he said that ‘Cabinet’ during its most recent meeting on Tuesday last lamented the “delay tactics” being employed by the combined political opposition. He said that while the Special Select Committee would have met on Monday last, it has failed to utilize the remainder of the week for continued meetings and has instead set the next date for the coming week. Dr Luncheon denied that the content of the CFATF communication was not shared with the opposition and said that it was read out to its representatives when the Committee met. “They were suitably advised about its content….The document essentially identified CFATF intentions in the face of the continued non-enactment of the Bill.” On the matter of the delays, Dr Luncheon reminded that on November 18, Guyana will return to the CFATF’s International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG). He said that the way things are going it is not unreasonable to feel Guyana would be “returning with empty hands” - meaning the Bill would not have been enacted as yet. This view, he said, is further strengthened by the opposition’s refusal to continue meeting during the course of this week to address the matter. He suggested that there was something perverse in the position being adopted by the combined opposition. Dr Luncheon said when the Opposition had agreed to have the Special Select Committee convene within a week of returning from the Parliamentary recess, the administration thought that it represented a better

Dr Roger Luncheon understanding of the penalties that the country faces. “Our hopes were dashed by a rejection for any further meetings during the course of this week,” said Dr Luncheon. He said that the renewed stance by the Political Opposition is reflective of its previous position before Parliament went into recess and caused the committee to not meet for a period of three months. At his post-cabinet briefing, Dr Luncheon told media operatives that while Cabinet saw the Monday meeting as a positive development, “the outcome was so different.” He said the Committee met on Monday last but no substantial work was done. The members of the Committee at that recent meeting sought to review some of the work that had been undertaken, as well as set the agenda for its next meeting.

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joseph Harmon, had told this publication that among the critical matters to be dealt with at the next meeting would be to review the communication that was sent to Guyana by the CFATF. The Special Select Committee has already been presented with a number of submissions from local entities and personnel such as the Director of Public Prosecutions and Guyana Bar Association. Asked about a possible time frame when the amendments would be returned to the House, Harmon said that it would be difficult to pronounce. He explained that the matters before the Committee include a matrix of amendments. Harmon said that the amendments were not just for the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act, but also for a number of other pieces of substantive legislation. He said that the political opposition would have to carefully assess the implications of the proposed changes. “We do not want to leave the body law in tatters,” Harmon emphasised. Failure to enact the amendments could likely see Guyana being blacklisted when it comes to international financial transactions. Ninety percent of Guyana’s compliance with the CFATF to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism are dependent on the passage of the amendments that are before the Parliamentary Special Select Committee.

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Fly Jamaica appeal meets more objections

Fly Jamaica’s bid to operate on the US/Georgetown route for direct flights has again met with objections. Government yesterday called on local businesses to petition US authorities to change their minds about not allowing Fly Jamaica to operate direct flights to Guyana. This was hours after reports that Fly Jamaica’s application for a review had again met with objections. It will be recalled that earlier this year both Fly Jamaica, which is based in Jamaica, and the Trinidadianowned Caribbean Airlines, applied to the US authorities for permission to fly the Guyana/US route. However, Airlines For America whose members include Delta Airlines objected, saying that both airlines were based in third countries, and in any case did not show sufficient cause why they should be granted the direct flights. Delta left Guyana earlier this year after reportedly expressing unhappiness with

CAL’s fuel subsidy from the Trinidad government which provided an unfair playing field. Late last month, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) ruled that both CAL and Fly Jamaica were unsuccessful in their bids for the direct flights. Fly Jamaica then asked for a review and it was this that Airlines For America recently again objected to saying that no new reasons have been advanced to reverse DOT’s decision. Yesterday, according to the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali, the continuing situation is a threat to lower air fares. “We believe that there must be fair and open competition, and if the fact remains that there is no American carrier in the market, then we view this as a regressive step.” Guyana badly wants more

direct flights to the US. Earlier this year, following Delta’s pullout, fares rose to an alarming high, prompting Government to summon CAL’s management to a meeting. The arrival of Fly Jamaica, partially owned by Guyanese pilot Ronald Reece, and which started flying the New York route last month was seen as a glimmer of hope for passengers saddled with high fares. Passengers had complained of even paying up to US$1600 for a return ticket. “The decision to deny the application for direct flights is one that does not fit into our business interest and it is something that I think we have to fight and respond to as a country. At present, there is no American carrier in the market and Fly Jamaica will face a very burdensome position of flying through Jamaica,” Continued on page 16

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Friday October 18, 2013


The snap poll quagmire Is the PPP planning a snap poll? Ask that question six months ago, and most people would’ve said they doubt it. But the pressure by the international community for local government elections has created a huge quagmire for the PPP. To call the local contest two years (it has to be held either in 2014 or 2015) before the next general elections is not a prospect the PPP is interested in. On the contrary, the party is afraid of it. It is not only the defeats that will occur in major towns, but there will be ignominy in many NDCs. To enter into a general election after that, has to be a scary venture for the PPP. What it means then is that the PPP may want to call a snap election before the local government fiasco. Why would the PPP rush into another national poll? Here are some reasons.

First, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop the crescendo of horribly bad publicity against the PPP that comes from every working session of Parliament. The PPP doesn’t care how effective is the opposition in Parliament. It could not be bothered with its incessant dismissal of the decisions of the House. The main consideration is that each time Parliament meets there is a torrent of exposure of bad governance that takes a heavy toll on the PPP’s declining credibility. We are nearing the end of 2013, and if Parliament continues for the next thirty months, it will not be in the PPP’s interest to endure such biting exposure In other words the PPP is in a no-win situation. The longer Parliament goes on the worse it is for the PPP’s image and the 10th Parliament will come to an end just before the 2016 election season begins. One way out of this hell-hole

is to call a quick election and hope for a majority. Can the PPP win a majority? My opinion is no. It doesn’t have the demographic numbers. The young population (over sixty percent is under 21, making Guyana one of the youngest countries on the globe) cannot be relied upon to demonstrate unyielding tribalist feelings. Thirdly, some terrible behavioural patterns by the ruling party will doom it. Fourthly, the strong support base in Berbice that it enjoyed for over sixty years has vanished. Fifthly, the results of the last elections could have been better for both AFC and APNU. Their campaigns were not relentlessly energetic. They will not make that mistake this time around. One of the first disappointments David Granger voiced after the election in 2011 was the colossal abstention (more

than 100,000 eligible voters did not cast ballots). Granger knew that a sizeable chunk of that number would have gone to APNU. The rational mind will think that the PPP cannot win. But the last thing dictatorships have is rationality. The PPP believes it can win. Two reasons drive it. It has a superabundance of resources, a tenth of which the opposition does not possess. Just one of the PPP’s ultrawealthy backers could finance the PPP’s entire campaign. The party thinkers believe lack of resources will undo the opposition. It is really a silly analysis. In 2011, for every dollar the opposition spent, the PPP spent a hundred, yet the PPP could not secure a majority. They are fooling themselves to think money can buy a victory.

The second motive has to do with psychology. Jagan is long gone but he left an imprint in the mind of every PPP leader, be that person old, young, male or female, in or out of Guyana – Indians are the exclusive ownership of the PPP. Once Guyana has a PPP, no matter in what form or no matter how bad it behaves, Indians will embrace the party. For the PPP, the electoral behaviour of Berbicians (they switched to AFC and they also stayed home – 47 percent didn’t vote) in 2011 was just one of those things that will not re-occur. The PPP will go back with Ramotar and Hinds because they know that among Indians, it doesn’t matter who you put, Indians are tied to the PPP. Throw in some nasty, racist propaganda and Indians will remain loyal. They have no choice, a PPP leader will tell

Frederick Kissoon himself or herself. Readers looking at this column will know that it is a mirage. The young Indians are not so gullible. The young Indians will listen to Nagamootoo, Ramjattan, Ramkarran, Charrandas Persaud, Dr. Ramayya, Gerhard Ramsaroop and Rajendra Bisessar, among others. Only the PPP cannot see this and they cannot see it because dictatorship and reality are antithetical. The opposition should not discount the possibility of a snap poll.

Dem boys seh...

Robeson only got hammer, not cutting torch Dem got a old saying, whatever yuh do in de dark does come to light one day. In this case, is only couple day and de story done come out. Some people go to Trinidad and dem see a old boat that use to fetch people between Trinidad and Tobago. Dem decide to buy it because when dem do de Maths de answer tell dem that dem gun mek money just under US$100,000 in profit. But fuh mek that money dem woulda have to chop up de boat, put it in container, and sell it to America. But a pastor come wid a different plan. He decide to sell de boat because he seh know that de party wha he belong to does buy anything at hefty prices. Old people got a saying, ‘no tricks no living.’ And de pastor know that more than anybody else. He is de one who hatch de plan to sell de old boat to Robeson. He is a reverend who deh in parliament, but he is not a bishop.

When he carry de plan to Robeson he mek de thing look like if Robeson gun cut up de boat. But Benn tell de pastor and he friends that he only got hammer; that he ain’t got cutting torch. Then dem tell Benn that dem can sell him de hull for US$1 million and he can use de hull pun Malali. Dem boys seh that Robeson admit that he get a proposal, but he don’t want to discuss it because he might have to tell de pastor and he friends how dem mother mek dem. He tell dem boys that he does only operate pun land wid he haffa hammer. Nobody ever find he using de haffa hammer pun water. Nobody also never see he use a cutting torch anyway, much less pun water. And joke a joke but dem boys also got a message fuh de Rat. Dem know wha else he and he kavakamites dem planning . Talk half and find a new plan fuh de scrap boat.

Friday October 18, 2013

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Works Ministry received proposal for scrapped vessel - Benn

Friday October 18, 2013

Photo of dried-up Amaila Falls has no weight - Finance Minister “…still a valuable source of hydro power”

Finance Minister Ashni Singh speaking to media operatives yesterday

The vessel anchored off Parika, East Bank Essequibo Government has confirmed that it has received a proposal to buy a Trinidadian-based vessel that was brought to Guyana by local business persons. The vessel, reportedly purchased in Trinidad for scrap, is currently anchored off Parika Beach, East Bank Essequibo, and has been raising eyebrows because of

its presence there for several days now. Yesterday, Public Works Minister Robeson Benn disclosed that his office has received a proposal. He however declined to give details. The 1,400-tonne vessel was reportedly purchased for just over US$100,000 and was brought here to be chopped

up for scrap and then to be exported. Kaieteur News has since learnt that moves were made to have it sold to Government for US$1M with the intention that the hull would be used on the MV Malali. The hull on that vessel is said to be in an appalling state and needs to be replaced.

By Zena Henry Even in the face of climate change, there is “no reason whatsoever” to exclude a recently dried-up Amaila Falls, as a valuable potential source of hydro power. The technical experts and volumes of historical data and studies would provide that the Amaila, Kuribrong Area has over decades been fingered as a practicable location for hydro energy. For this reason, Finance Minister Ashni Singh says that the Kaieteur News front page photo of a dried up Amaila Falls (October 12 edition) has no weight. He told media operatives yesterday that the photos of the Amaila River, do not in any way vindicate or otherwise support any concerns

expressed by the stakeholders of the project. He said that the understanding of hydro power projects involve the construction of dams and the maintenance of a reservoir that would ensure a steady and regulated flow of water to feed the turbines that generate power. However, what is a well documented fact, the Minister said is that, “exhaustive studies have been done, not by this government, and not over the last year or two; but the Amaila, Kuribrong ground rivers have been identified for hydro power potential dating back to one done by the United Nations decades ago, based on a vast accumulation of historic data and an

analysis of topography and hydrology of the area. Additionally, the Minister said, one has to take note that the study of the Amaila Falls would have been done by technical experts, “persons who are authorities in this matter.” “I don’t believe that there is anything that has been supplied or otherwise learnt to question the conclusions that were arrived at on the basis of rigorous technical studies by the persons who are authorities in these areas.” “I would say that there is no reason whatsoever at this time based on the information present, to exclude Amaila as a valuable potential source of hydro power.” Continued on page 25

Friday October 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 15

Govt. killed Amaila to protect Trio wanted by CANU its own interest - Harmon - “Knowing about it would have led us to everything else, including Marriott” Even at a stage where the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric project is in a figurative coma, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is determined to show the nation that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration is the real stumbling block along the path towards the realization of hydro electricity in Guyana. During a recent interview, APNU Shadow Minister of Public Works, Joseph Harmon said that the administration “is indeed its own enemy”. Harmon told Kaieteur News that most events surrounding the Amaila Falls project could have been avoided had the government been confident enough to divulge the necessary details about the deal. The politician said that from his perspective, the government’s actions suggest that it didn’t want the opposition to know about and understand the financial architecture of the project. “And so, rather than exposing it, they themselves were prepared to kill Amaila… because in our respective view, the financial architecture of Amaila would have led us to that of the Marriott, the CJIA (Cheddi Jagan International Airport) expansion project, the proposed specialty hospital and even Skeldon…So rather than exposing to the Guyanese nation the financial arrangements of these

projects, the PPP were prepared to kill the Amaila Falls. Harmon stated that the government had the option to sit with the opposition, and let the real deal come out. He said that the government could have tabled a complete project document in parliament and let the National Assembly deliberate on the viability of the project; “…but no, they didn’t want that!” Referring to the President’s statement, “We didn’t spend US$30 million to build a road to nowhere” and questioned as to APNU’s consideration for sums already expended by the government, Harmon said the ball is in the administration’s court. According to him, the APNU took cognizance of the large amount of money already spent, “but what we are saying, is before you spend anything else, let us sit and have a complete project document, let the National Assembly deliberate on complete project.” The Amaila Falls Hydro facility was intended to supply the nation with 165 megawatts of electricity, at a whopping US$915 million. The Amaila Falls project was surrounded by much controversy and numerous government officials insist that it was killed by the opposition. But what some deemed as the final nail in the project’s coffin was Sithe Global’s

Joseph Harmon withdrawal. Sithe was the investor/developer of the project. The American company called for parliamentary unanimity and pulled out when that didn’t happen. Several days went by and the country was of the opinion that the project was indeed laid to rest until word came from government officials that “Amaila must happen.” The Falls is now bone dry, but Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn said that it is not unusual for waterfalls used to provide hydroelectricity to run dry. The Minister said that the engines currently in use by Guyana Power and Light would have been kept to provide a back up. The smaller engines would have been distributed to places like Mahdia and Port Kaituma and some Berbice locations where electricity is generated for no more than four hours a day.

Laurence Downes

Obead Bazilio

Oslen Adams

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) yesterday afternoon issued a wanted bulletin for three men in connection with drug trafficking. The men were identified as Laurence Brian Downes, whose last known address was given as Lot 178 Campbell Street Albouystown, Georgetown; Obead Quail Bazilio, whose last known address was 36 John and Durban Streets, Lodge, Georgetown, and Oslen Lejuane Adams of 115 Amelia’s Ward, Linden. The three were fingered as people who reportedly gave cocaine to some of the mules

arrested while smuggling cocaine out of the country through the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. One of them was identified as a person of interest

in another cocaine bust. Anyone with information should contact 227-3507. All information would be treated confidentially.

Page 16

Kaieteur News

Friday October 18, 2013

Guyana, Venezuela maritime boundary issue…

Technical team to meet within four months Discussions between Guyana and Venezuela ended late last night with an agreement that a technical team would meet within four months “to explore mechanisms within the context of international law to address the issue of maritime delimitation.” The high level teams of both countries were forced to meet owing to an armed Venezuelan Navy vessel detaining the seismic research vessel RV Teknik Perdana which was in Guyana’s waters, last week Thursday. The Guyana delegation comprised Foreign Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett; Robert Persaud, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment; Mrs. Elizabeth Harper, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador Rudolph Collins, Adviser; Keith George, Guyana’s Ambassador to Suriname; Audrey Jardine Waddell, Guyana’s Ambassador to UNASUR; and Mr. Newell Dennison, Deputy Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. A joint statement released by the foreign ministers stated that both sides recognised that the delimitation of the maritime boundaries between their two States remains an outstanding issue. In this regard, Ministers Rodrigues-Birkett and Elias Jaua Milano agreed to explore mechanisms within the context of international law to

Signing of the Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of Guyana and Venezuela

address the issue of maritime delimitation, the statement said. “They reiterated that dialogue and cooperation are the means for a peaceful solution of differences between States. “The Ministers ratified all the points of the Joint Declaration of September 30, 2011 in Port of Spain, signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and the then Minister of the People’s Power for External Relations of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros.” Nicolas Maduro Moros is now the head of state in Venezuela. Even with the resuscitation of the Good Officers in play, the two countries are still experiencing border issues. The crew of the research

vessel, RV Teknik Perdana, was carrying out seismic survey at the time the vessel was detained and the captain was later charged. Although the coordinates recorded by the Teknik Perdana showed that the vessel was in Guyana waters at the time of the seizure, Venezuela claimed that Guyana gave permission to a foreign vessel to operate in that country’s exclusive economic zone. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said that approximately 16:00 hrs on Thursday last, a Venezuelan armed naval vessel, the ‘Yekuana’, was trailing the seismic vessel, the RV Teknik Perdana which is under contract with Anadarko. “As is known, Anadarko has a petroleum prospecting licence to search for hydrocarbons in the Roraima block offshore

Guyana,” the Ministry said. It was noted that Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is the third-largest independent U.S. oil and natural gas producer. The ‘Yekuana’ military vessel was acquired by Venezuela from Spain to join the surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone AB in Venezuelan coasts. According to the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs, upon entry into Guyana’s territory the Venezuelan naval vessel obstructed the research vessel’s passage, and requested that they change course and stop surveying. The Ministry reported that the crew of the RV Teknik Perdana, explained to the crew of the Venezuelan vessel that they were conducting a multibeam survey of the seafloor in Guyana’s exclusive economic zone. The Venezuelan crew however insisted that the vessel was doing such work in Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone and instructed that the vessel switch off its engines and shut down its seismic equipment. Two hours later, the Venezuelan naval vessel ordered the RV Teknik Perdana, to travel at five knots in a westerly direction. The vessel was later instructed to increase its speed and given directions to sail to the island of Margarita in Venezuela. According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, “It was then clear that the vessel and its

crew were not only being escorted out of Guyana’s waters, but were under arrest…These actions by the Venezuelan naval vessel are unprecedented in Guyana Venezuela relations.” In a release last evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “With specific regard to the release of the crew and the vessel, Minister RodriguesBirkett said that based on information ‘provided by the judicial authorities, the crew and vessel is expected to be released within the coming hours.’” Earlier reports had suggested that the boat and crew were released but that the captain was detained and was scheduled to appear in court. On August 31, last, a group, called “My Map of Venezuela also includes Our Essequibo”, reportedly came to “carry out a civil exercise of sovereignty.” The group was accompanied by armed members of the Venezuela Army, according to El Universal, a newspaper in neighbouring Spanishspeaking country.

Fly Jamaica appeal meets... From page 11 Minister Ali said yesterday. The Government official warned that the decision by the US will only add more cost to the operations to the airline, which will undoubtedly affect ticket prices. “The government has been working hard to build

and maintain capacity in the air transport sector and we acknowledge that Fly Jamaica’s operations i n Guyana will aid in significantly boosting the capacity in the local air transportation sector; we know too that a significant per cent of the Guyanese Diaspora live in or near New

York and this decision has also left Guyanese without a direct flight option to New York.” Ali made it clear that the situation means that passengers using Fly Jamaica service will have to continue to in-transit in Jamaica before heading to New York.

Friday October 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 25

Colombians face charges Church launches feeding programme at primary schools for forged Guyana visas Two Colombians yesterday appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where they each faced a charge of conspiracy to commit a felony. Samir Eduardo Garcia Salazar and Jamie Enrique Vilasquez-Meneses both pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that between February 17, 2012 and March 21, 2012, they conspired with person or persons unknown with the intent to defraud. It is

Students of Ketley Street Primary receiving their lunch to the community , and divulged plans of expanding the programme in the near future. A similar feeding programme is in place at the church’s Number 9 West Coast Berbice branch.

Freedom Life Ministries Georgetown yesterday launched a feeding programme at two schools in the Charlestown community. The church, located at Princes and Lyng Streets, Charlestown, has undertaken

to provide weekly meals to one hundred students of Ketley and St Stephen’s primary schools. Pastor, Prophet Joel Uwagboe stated that the initiative is part of the mandate of the church to be of service

The trial for the $7M robbery at the Bel Air Park residence of businessman Malcolm Panday and his wife Annie Ramsood, continued yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. The court was reminded that on July 12, 2011 armed bandits invaded the family’s home and terrorised them at gunpoint. As the family members were tied up, the torment did not evade their four and two-year-old sons who had masking tape placed

on their mouths. However, in an effort to escape, several of the intruders who allegedly secured over seven million dollars were later pursued by police and eventually cornered in the compound of the Ocean Spray Hotel in Kitty. They and others were subsequently arrested and charged for several offences. Currently on trial for the charge of robbery under arms are Chandrada ‘Sandra’ Rampersaud, mother of Annie Ramsood; Hardat Kumar, first cousin of Annie Ramsood;

Jermaine Mitchell, Aubrey Simon and Rayon Jones. The Magistrate yesterday handed down the decision on the voir dire, which concluded previously. She accepted that the oral and written confessions made by the accused were free and voluntary and therefore admitted into evidence. The trial is set to continue on October 21 in the Chief Magistrate’s courtroom where Jermaine Mitchell and Rayon Jones would be presenting their witnesses.

From page 14 Singh reiterated that the Amaila River was not studied over a short period of time, but through a series of scientific studies, which speaks to the attractiveness of the venture. The data volumes and historic information also laid a foundation for the suitability of the project. Other stakeholders are however not as convinced as the Finance Minister. It was pointed out that the 90 square kilometers catchment to be constructed is too small given the expected output of Amaila, and that its functioning would be seriously compromised after a routine period of only 26 days of no rainfall. It was further stated

that the project is located some 52 miles from where the Kuribrong and Amaila Rivers convene at the foot of the Ayanganna Mountain, so only 9% of all the water contained in Kuribrong River would be dispensable, since the bulk of the water would run off to merge with the waters of the Potaro River, forming rugged rapids at the Tumatumari. Strong arguments still exist over the

Tumatumari being a more suitable place for the hydro plant. The project is however estimated at a hefty US$915 million. Several international agencies are said to be involved, including the USbased Sithe Global group which has so far withdrawn its position due to nonparliamentary consensus over the issue.

Bel Air heist trial continues

Photo of dried-up Amaila Falls has...

alleged that they forged Republic of Guyana visas which were dated February 17, 2012, purporting to show that same were issued to them by the Central Immigration and Passport Office. According to the report given by Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt in open court, both parties are Colombian nationals who, on October 1, were incoming passengers at Ogle Airport. The court heard that upon their arrival at the said airport,

they produced their passports to be processed by the Immigration Officer who after performing procedural examination observed that both parties possessed false Republic of Guyana business visas. Further examination then ensued and the duo was arrested and charged. Magistrate Judy Latchman placed the men on $100,000 bail each. They are expected to return to court on October 31.

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(From page 30)

This report invites further enquiry of... From page 5 New sugar plan slashes projected yearly output by 100,000 tonnes – (Stabroek News, October 14, 2013)

essentially background information, which admittedly would have influenced the formulation of the Plan, as all previous plans. At the same

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The report is long on space, but the text is as unorganised as the previous day’s report, suffering from equally poor editing. Nonetheless aspects of the SWOT analysis reproduced make interesting reading. Hopefully the obvious disconnects obtaining in the above Matrix speak adequately for themselves. Interestingly, no strengths or opportunities were published. The disjointed report referred to states as follows ‘within the next five years the Corporation hopes to attain almost 350,000 tonnes of sugar, a 60% increase from its current production’ (which is?) With great respect, the double talk about the EU arrangements with the ACP, of which Guyana is a member is

time it should not be construed as a substantive part of the Plan, which, incidentally, appears to have indicated the ineffectiveness of similar preceding documentation. One must allow for the limited extracts published of the Plan itself; and hope that the latter contains more specificity of each location’s capacity to address: i) the overwhelming number of identified weaknesses, ii) the related timelines for successful execution iii) the relevant management and operational units responsible for effecting targets. In short, will there be a Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force? This submission may, however, be subject to

avoidable errors, before submitting completed draft.” With respect to the programme for improved partnerships with private farmers, the continued neglect in administering the relevant legislation must be resuscitated, and certainly from the farmers’ perspective, their interest in the EU’s disbursements should be carefully examined. E.B. John

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WANTED 2 Persons to work in kitchen- Please call 2336765 between 18hr-19hr One domestic, live in & live out babysitter from 12pm8pm- Call:225-4492 Security guards to work with mining firm- Call:642-7963/ 226-9768 1 Plot of land to buy in Parfaite Harmonie – call:6757292 1 Plot of land to buy in Eccles & Herstelling - $3M offer – Call:675-7292 One domestic cleaner to work- 3 days a week call: 6130836; 10am-5pm, between Cove & John to Unity ECD. Hire car drivers to work in Gem’s Taxi Service Contact:627-9424/227-0638 One Mechanic must know to repair Cummings and Perkins engine – Contact: 681-6044 One experienced welder Contact: 681-6044 One gasoline mechanic must know to fix Rz Hilux, etc – Contact: 681-6044 One domestic help needed to work in the East Bank Demerara area – Please contact:681-6185 Waitress and night cook to work at bar in town – Call:223-4778 or 626-0189 2- Waitresses & 2 – Bartenders – call:698-0977/ 679-5112 Female to assort goods, apply to Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling Stabroek. Experience hire car and minibus drivers, also contract vehicles – call:645-0025 Three Shop attendants; age18 to 30 (yrs) Phone:6984944

Sales girls: Apply Avinash Complex; A&B Water Street Tel:226-3361/227-7828

Double lots located at 5 Rosetta, Canal #2, W.B.D. Price $10M neg- Call: 689-3413

Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978 Painters/Carpenters Work with Limited Supervision with own tools Tel: 225-0188/ 225-6070 Experienced dispatchers & drivers @ Princess HotelCall:265-7076/616-5419


Parfaite Harmonie - $1.2M – Call: 675-7292

Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252/674-4665

Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

Are you selling your land in Parfaite Harmonie? – Call:675-7292

Contract cars- Contact City Taxi Service- 660-1100/2267150

LAND FOR SALE Prime business land for sale by owner – 120x40 – Contact:225-1831

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Friday October 18, 2013

Friday October 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Britain’s economic rebound helps PM Cameron pull level: poll LONDON (Reuters) Britain’s economic recovery has helped Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives to pull level with the Labour Party, an opinion poll showed yesterday, with about 18 months to go before an election in 2015. The Ipsos MORI survey for the Evening Standard newspaper put Labour on 35 percent, down two points since September and level with the Conservatives, who rose one point. After trailing Labour in the polls since the last election in 2010, Cameron is hoping that signs of a solid economic recovery will underpin his campaign to secure a second term. The next election is likely to be decided by the strength of the rebound. Party leaders are trying to persuade voters that they will secure the recovery and ease the burden of weak wage growth and high bills, particularly for energy. “We have seen the

David Cameron Conservatives’ vote share rise in recent months in line with economic optimism,” said Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI. Labour’s poll lead over the Conservatives has been as high as 15 points this year. Cameron, who formed a coalition with the smaller Liberal Democrats after the inconclusive 2010 election, argues that he has rescued

the economy but needs more time to finish the job. Miliband accuses Cameron’s government of prolonging the downturn with public spending cuts and says the coalition has created a cost of living crisis. Successive polls suggest voters trust Cameron and his finance minister George Osborne to do a better job with the economy than Miliband and his finance chief Ed Balls. Labour’s credibility was damaged during its last term in office when it oversaw a record peacetime budget deficit. The Conservatives also criticize Labour for failing to do more to foresee and mitigate the financial crisis. Beyond the economy, Cameron faces an electoral threat from the UK Independence Party, whose call to leave the European Union and tighten immigration controls has split the right-wing vote. The latest poll provided some good news for Miliband.

US to sell $10.8 bln in missiles, bombs to Saudis, UAE Washington (AFP) - The Pentagon said yesterday it plans to sell Washington’s Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates $10.8 billion worth of missiles and munitions, including “bunker-buster” bombs. The move fo l l o w s a series of US weapons deals in recent years that have bolstered the air power and m i s s i l e arsenals of Gulf states, which view Iran as a menacing rival with nuclear ambitions. The pending sale comes

as the United States and five other major powers pursue high-stakes diplomacy on Iran’s disputed nuclear program, with talks this week portrayed as positive by both sides. Officials said the Defense Department notified Congress this week of the planned deal that will provide a thousand bunker-buster GBU-39 bombs to the Saudis and 5,000 to the UAE. The sale will also include sophisticated air-launched cruise missiles that can hit

targets from a long distance. The weapons are designed for use by US-made F-15 and F-16 fighter jets previously purchased by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). In 2010, Israel bought the same bunker-buster “precision-guided glide bombs,” fueling speculation that it was preparing for potential pre-emptive air strikes against underground nuclear sites in Iran.

New PM candidate boosts India’s opposition BJP party: polls NEW DELHI (Reuters) India’s opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has picked up support since naming Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi as its candidate for prime minister last month, but would need allies to form a government, two new opinion polls show. The world’s largest democracy is due to hold its largest ever general election within the next six months. Modi, three times chief minister of the coastal state of Gujarat, was put forward by India’s main opposition party in September, cementing the rise of a leader who many think is

Narendra Modi capable of turning round the economy but who remains

tainted by deadly religious riots that broke out on his watch in 2002. The ruling Congress party has led a coalition government for nearly a decade but is headed for its worst ever performance in a general election as it battles allegations of corruption and a sluggish economy, a survey by pollsters Team Cvoter for two television networks showed. The survey forecasts the BJP to pick up 162 seats. The last Cvoter survey conducted in August, before Modi was named, forecast the party would get 130 seats, up from the 116 it now holds.

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Friday October 18, 2013

Friday October 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

The role of this industry in our country deserves immediate concerted action DEAR EDITOR, A recent Kaieteur News editorial addressed this question in an interesting piece titled “the importance of life skills”. In this context itadverted to a number of factors that are contributing to the “crumbling” of businesses and organizations despite the increasing levels of academic qualifications required by employers and possessed by recruits, employees and managers. The editorial lists a series of ills and pointedly mentions the sugar estates as exemplifying the inadequacies and misbehaviours that bedevil us and concludes: “Perhaps there is need to review the policy of management training”. I believe this editorial can be used as a springboard for a national discourse in “utter and brutal sincerity”, to quote from Swami AksharandaJi’s brilliant essay on Mahatma Gandhi. My own training and experience elicit many thoughts and ideas among which the following come readily to mind: · We need to distinguish between paper ‘qualifications’ and performance-related ‘competences’. · We need recruiters/

managers who are not just clerical/administrative operatives but who are skilled in identifying relevant competencies for delivering on the responsibilities and accountabilities of the positions. Competency-based recruitment has been in vogue among progressive managements for a long time; we should therefore implement it where it is not in practice. · We need to clearly distinguish between Rights and Responsibilities; Entitlements and Obligations;Responsibilities and Accountabilitiesand to ensure that they are equitably balanced between the role of the employee and the expectation of the employer. · Cordial relationships based on open communications and

empathy are key factors; people don’t respond well to angry tones and threats. · Exemplary behavior by leaders and managers is the best training that can be given to the followers and subordinates. In this regard the immortal words of the Mahatma: “we must be the change we want to see in the world” are indeed most persuasive. · In the context of the inference about the ‘crumbling’ sugar industry there has already been a plethora of postulations and proposals for action. I think the nodal role of this industry in our country deserves immediate concerted action. Nowrang Persaud

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Friday October 18, 2013

F & H Dominoes - G\town Brazil’s Sports minister to leg C 7 are zone 3 champs resign before World Cup C 7 marked 84 games to win Zone 3 of the Georgetown leg of the F and H Printing nationwide Million Dollar Plus Dominoes tournament played on Wednesday evening last at Turning Point. Delta Force placed second with 71 games while Turning Point finished third with 59. T. Munisar and S. Tyrell marked the maximum of 18 games each for the winners while Frankie Harris chalked a highest 18 for Delta Force. The

lone love bird was Clive Xavier of Turning Point. C 7 scored 82 games to win the semi final ahead of Delta Force with 75 and Scramblers with 61. C. Whitehead was allowed to play through the round because C 7 only had 5 players, he did not disappoint scoring 34 out 36 games. T. Munisar supported with 16; Winston Lawson and Lionel Britton made 16 apiece for Delta Force.

Friday October 11, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not start something new? If you refuse to give up on a project that's doomed to fail, you'll be in for a long, frustrating road ahead. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Social engagements will be your saving grace. Without them, you may be confused and sad about issues that are reaching a climax. In some form or another, you're being asked to make some major transformations. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): The intensity should increase around an issue regarding love and romance. Friction is building. Unfortunately, this tension may be unavoidable. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Let your heart shine. Love surrounds you like a beautiful pink cloud, and you can't help but attract people to you. Take romance to a higher level with someone really special tonight. You'll find that whatever you give will come back to you tenfold. Your aura glows brightly with emotion, so let it light your way. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): There's a great deal of transforming energy in the air that you should harness and capitalize on. " When tomorrow comes and there's a huge meal of pizza, soda, and fries, suddenly the diet once again starts "tomorrow." Use the powerful energy of today to break out of this habit and make a real change in your life. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may experience writer's block in every sense of the phrase. Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, for some reason it may be difficult to get even the simplest words down on paper.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Action should be your main priority, especially when it comes to love and romance. You may not be too concerned about what sort of action you take. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): A surprise in love and romance is on its way to you. Things are coming full circle, and the investment you made in this realm is finally paying off. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Getting along with others may prove challenging today, Sagittarius. The planetary aspects can have you isolating yourself. You might feel impatient and easily annoyed. If this is so, stay solo if you can. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Know what you're getting yourself into, especially if it has to do with love and romance. You may be like a fly on a tree branch, carefully inspecting the beautiful spider web at your feet. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your heart may be hurt by misfortunes that have befallen you. Thinking about times past is just pulling up buckets of tears from a well. Don't keep doing this to yourself. It's time to move forward. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): You're filled with joy! There's a tremendous wave of love coming your way. Everything involving romance could be taken to extremes. An extreme in the direction of love and boundless creativity means that at some time there will be a dramatic swing in the opposite direction.

(Reuters) - Brazil’s Sports Minister is to stand down in December just six months before the country hosts the World Cup. Aldo Rebelo said he would make way for someone new after delivering the 12 stadiums to be used in the tournament, all of which are due to be ready by December. A federal congressman with the Communist Party, Rebelo took over in 2011 after his party colleague was forced to resign due to allegations of corruption. Rebelo was at the center of a diplomatic incident last year when he refused to meet with FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke, who said Brazil’s

Aldo Rebelo

preparations were too slow and needed a “kick up the backside.”

Rebelo said he was resigning to run for office in next October’s elections.

Friday October 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Stakeholders launch 53rd National Schools Cycling, Swimming and Track & Field C/ships By Rawle Welch Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, in delivering the feature remarks at the launching of the 53rd National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships, highlighted the need for all to provide the platform for the youths of our society to become well-rounded individuals. Manickchand, speaking yesterday at the occasion, said it is the clear view of the Ministry that the focus must not only be on students attaining high academic standards, but similar attention must be given to areas that could ensure that in addition to students doing well in the academic sphere, the other aspects to support the development of wellrounded citizens are not overlooked. The Minister posited that to produce such an individual must not only be the sole responsibility of the Government, but also that of parents, teachers, the corporate community and other related organs within the society. She said that the Ministry has been playing its part in leading the way to give every student a chance to become that individual and gave examples of the Spelling Bee and Elocution competitions as among some of the initiatives to have been

- Emphasis must be to produce wellrounded students- Manickchand undertaken. Manickchand stated how happy she was with the turnout of officials directly related to the event, while also acknowledging the input of the business community, who she pointed out, have stepped up and honoured their corporate duty. The Minister was adamant that the private, public partnership must continue, adding that such a joint venture is the best scheme to adequately serve the children’s interest. She also spoke of the ongoing discussions between the Ministry and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) pertaining to the best period to stage all the sports disciplines. The Minister disclosed that the Ministry has budgeted between $10-15 million for the event, while GTU President Colin Bynoe revealed that the total expenditure to host the championships falls within the vicinity of $23 million. Meanwhile, Bynoe in his presentation thanked the members of the business community who’ve been on board for some time now and those also who’re coming on board for the first time. Special mention was extended to Digicel, who

Bynoe referred to as being the leading entity in terms of sponsorship and support. Banks DIH under its Malta brand, Courts (Guyana) Inc., Giftland Office Max under its Asics brands are also on board and are companies that have contributed significantly to the event. Bynoe revealed that the championships will be held from November 19-22 at the National Stadium and took the opportunity to pay recognition to the overwhelming support that is always given by the Management and Staff of the facility. He reminded that the event could not have been possible without the support of the business community. Bynoe said it is the fervent hope of the Organisers that out of the Championships will come athletes with the potential to represent Guyana at the 2016 Olympics. Region 4 Chairman Clement Corlette in brief remarks said that the body was extremely proud that the Championships is being held once again in the Region, adding that they are looking forward to giving a good account of themselves and preparations to do so has

started. He closed by wishing that the Championships is rewarding and successful. Digicel Sponsorship & Events Manager Gavin Hope in his remarks spoke of the Company’s steadfast commitment to the event which according to him is in its third year, while disclosing the overriding factor for their involvement. According to him, the Company is all about the development of young people and the mere fact that they are involved is testimony to that vision. He said he is glad that the National Stadium was chosen and is keenly looking forward to four days of keen competition among the best young athletes in the country. He too echoed similar sentiments offered by Manickchand about the importance of parents being involved in the children’s development. Among the other influential officials that were present yesterday were Digicel Head of Marketing Jacqueline James, Ministry of Education CEO Olato Sam, GTU Field Officer Lance Baptiste, Deputy Chief Education Officer/ Administration Donna Chapman, Banks DIH NonAlcoholic Manager Clayton McKenzie and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Delma Nedd.

GFSCA unvails Guyana Softball Cup 3 The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) yesterday launched the Guyana Softball Cup Three at the Georgetown Cricket Club, Bourda. The tournament will be played on November 8, 9 and 10 with 24 teams comprising six from New York, two from Florida, two from Canada and 14 from Guyana and will be divided into two categories; the open male and the Maters Over-45 divisions. Twelve teams will battle for supremacy in each category. The victorious team in the open male will take home a trophy and $800,000 and the runner-up will pocket $200,000 and also receive a trophy. The man-of-thematch in the final will be given a trophy and the tournament most valuable player one gold bracelet. The winning team in the Masters division will receive a trophy and $600,000 and the runner up a trophy and $150,000. The man-ofthe-match in the final and the most valuable player will collect a trophy and one gold bracelet respectively. In total, 42 matches will be contested with the preliminary round games being hosted at Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), Police Sports Club, Eve Leary, Ministry of Sports (Carifesta Sports Complex), Demerara Cricket Club, YMCA and the Ministry of Education grounds on the November 8 and 9.

The finals will take place at GCC Ground, Bourda on Sunday November 10. There will also be three female exhibition matches before the grand finale. Admission to the venues for the preliminary games will be free of cost while a fee of $500 will be charged for the finals. Speaking at the launching, Secretary of the GFSCA, Lalta Gainda said he expects the tournament to be keenly contested and informed that they want to take the finals of the 2014 tournament to the Guyana National Stadium adding that there will also be live streaming of all matches. Gainda thanked the Georgetown Cricket Club, Media and sponsors. Shameeza Yadram of Guyana Beverage Company Inc. in brief remarks stated that the company is pleased to be associated with the Guyana Softball Cup Three and will continue with their sponsorship. She pointed out that softball cricket is very popular in Guyana and hopes the tournament will grow from strength to strength. The Guyana Softball Cup Three is being sponsored by Survival, GT&T, Rohan Auto Spares, Top Branz, Guyana Beverage Company, Motor Trend, Nauth Motor Spares, Steve’s Jewellery, Clear Waters, Trophy Stall, Mike’s Pharmacy, Metro and Rubis Service Station of Bel Air.

Duel in the Pool: Ryan Lochte British Cycling: Plan for one million to face Europe in Glasgow more women riders on track

Olympic champions Ryan Lochte and Katie Ledecky will compete for the United States at the Duel in the Pool in Glasgow on December 20-21. The biennial event, swimming’s equivalent of golf’s Ryder Cup, pits the Americans against a European team. Both previous stagings of the event in its current format were won by the USA. Twelve British swimmers, including London 2012 silver medallist Michael Jamieson plus Francesca Halsall and Hannah Miley, will race for Europe. Duel in the Pool 2013 will be held at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, the host venue of the Commonwealth Games swimming next year. After three duels between the USA and Australia, Europe first competed in 2009, with the Americans easing to a 185-78 victory in Manchester. They were also dominant two years later, winning

Ryan Lochte 181½-80½ in Atlanta. However, this year’s European squad is said to be the ‘strongest ever’, featuring Florent Manaudou of France and Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo, both Olympic champions. British Swimming Head Coach Bill Furniss is confident the 37-strong team, also including recent World Cup silver medallist Sophie Allen, will be much more competitive. Olympic gold medallists

Conor Dwyer, Shannon Vreeland, Tyler Clary and Jessica Hardy are all included in a strong American line-up. British swimmers in European Allstars line-up: Sophie Allen, Jazmin Carlin, Francesca Halsall, Hannah Miley, Lauren Quigley, James Guy, Michael Jamieson, Craig McNally, Roberto Pavoni, Robbie Renwick, Chris Walker-Hebborn, Andrew Willis. Key European Allstars swimmers: Konrad Czerniak (Poland), Florent Manaudou, Yannick Angel, Fabien Gilot, Jeremy Stravius, Camille Muffat and Fred Bousquet (all France), Mireia BelmonteGarcia (Spain), Lotte Friis and Jeanette Ottesen-Grey (both Denmark), Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands). Key US swimmers: Ryan Lochte, Katie Ledecky, Conor Dwyer, Shannon Vreeland, Tyler Clary, Jessica Hardy, Caitlin Leverenz, Anthony Ervin, Eugene Godsoe and Cullen Jones. (BBC Sport)

British Cycling says it is on course to achieve its target of getting one million more women cycling by 2020. The Women’s Cycling Strategy was launched in March by the sport’s national governing body to build on interest following the London Olympics. It says around 106,000 women have participated in programmes this year. “There is also a real appetite for women to get into racing or to try personal challenge rides,” said Chief Executive Ian Drake. “In the six months since we launched our strategy, we’ve made some great progress

and our plan to get one million more women cycling over the next seven years is firmly on track. “So far this year, 24,000 women have taken part in British Cycling sportives and our female member base has increased by 19% since we launched our strategy.” Maria Miller, the Secretary of state for culture, media and sport, said: “With great role models such as Laura Trott and Becky James, an increase in women’s races, a Women’s Tour announced and more female coaches coming through, the sport is in a great

position to keep up this momentum.” Earlier this month, the women’s Tour of Britain was given the same status as the men’s race for its launch in 2014. In its six-month update, British Cycling said 37,000 women have taken part in traffic-free cycle rides in 2013, adding that over a third of the total attendees were women. Britain’s Shanaze Reade, a three-time BMX world champion, said: “For too long, cycling has been seen as a sport for men. We’re starting to close that gender gap.” (BBC Sport)

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Pele in tears as he unveils new book…and punters will find the £1,000 price tag a little eye-watering, too! Avid followers of Pele will be glad to hear that one of the world’s greatest ever footballers is releasing a new book documenting his illustrious career. The only snag is that the limited edition book will be on the market for $1,700 (£1,064). The 72-year-old Brazil legend was teary and emotional as he unveiled his new, oversize book, entitled 1283 – the staggering number of goals the game’s great scored during his playing career. Pele welled up while leafing through the hefty book, which contains 500 pictures, at its unveiling event in Sao Paulo. ‘It’s very moving to see all of these photos,’ he said as while dabbing his eyes. Pele added on his Twitter account that looking back at the iconic images ‘makes me think of all the people who loved and helped me during my career: My family, friends, the fans.’ The book weighs 33 pounds and the sky-high price tag is justified by the

The 72-year-old spoke to the press wshile unveiling his limited edition book fact that only 1,283 copies have been printed. A luxury version of the book can also be purchased for $2,600 (£1,627). It includes a signed picture of the three-time World Cup-winner with a heart-shaped sweat patch on his Brazil shirt. ‘This really makes me well up. It is a legacy I left for Brazil,’ Pele said. He also revealed how, during the 1966 World Cup, the Brazil side missed the opportunity to

watch The Beatles in their pomp. ‘A Beatles representative called up saying they wanted to put on a show for us. But the technical commission vetoed it,’ he said. ‘A while later I met John Lennon and we spoke about it. One of the people then in charge said, “I’m not going to let those hairy guys in,”’ joked Pele. The booked will be launched in London on October 29. (Mail Online)

Murray’s comeback from injury on track as Wimbledon champion receives OBE Andy Murray has declared that his recovery from a back operation is ‘going pretty well’ but that he is still a month away from hitting tennis balls again in earnest. The Wimbledon champion was at Buckingham Palace on Thursday (yesterday) to receive his OBE from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, who inquired how he was feeling after undergoing the procedure on a disc last month that ended his season. Murray af t e r w a r d s struck an upbeat tone when relating the answer he g a v e : ‘ I t ’s b e e n g o i n g pretty well, it has been t h r e e w e e k s s i nce the operation and I started rehab a week ago,’ he said. ‘I have been in the swimming pool and on the bike but it’s going to be four or five weeks before I am back on the court.’ He was confident that he would be back in time for January’s Australian Open but cautioned: ‘I am not going to come back until I am 100 per cent fit, I don’t want to come back too soon.’ Murray was almost late for his royal appointment - the first investiture carried out by the Duke - the first as he had

Friday October 18, 2013

Honduras-Brazil friendly confirmed Miami Gardens, Florida A friendly between Honduras and 2014 World Cup host Brazil on November 16 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, was confirmed Wednesday after the Central American side played to a 2-2 World Cup Qualifying draw at Jamaica a day earlier. It will mark the first time Brazil has made an appearance in the Miami area since it defeated the United

States, 2-1, in the 2003 CONCACAF G o l d C u p semifinals at the Orange Bowl. The five-time World Cup champions hosted and w o n this year ’s FIFA Confederations Cup with a 30 win over Spain in the final. They are riding a fourgame winning streak, defeating Zambia 2-0 on Tuesday in Beijing, China. Honduras, which defeated El Salvador 1-0 in a

Gold Cup encounter at Sun Life Stadium in July, has met Brazil on five previous occasions. The Catrachos’ only win in the all-time series came at the 2001 Copa America quarterfinals in Colombia. Saul Martinez forced a 57th min u t e B r a z i l i a n own-goal and also netted one himself four m i nutes into second-half stoppage time in an historic 2-0 triumph.

An audience with the Pope... Martinez shows off WBC title at the Vatican

Sergio Martinez (right) shows his WBC title to Pope Clement at the Vatican WBC Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez had an historic meeting with countryman Pope Francis at the Vatican. Martinez, who defended his title in April against Martin Murray in Buenos Aires, is a devout Catholic and last week revealed plans of a ‘one-on-one’ meeting with the Pope, a fellow Argentinean. And he was in the Vatican on Thursday (yesterday) with his belt to show it off.

Martinez, 38, was pictured in conversation with the Pope as onlookers clamour with their mobile phones and cameras for a picture of their own. He said last week: ‘In the past couple of months, I will have had two of my dreams as a Catholic come true, to visit the Basilica of our Lady Guadalupe in Mexico and to be received by the Pope. ‘I will be asking the Pope for blessings and spiritual protection to all of those who

enter the ring.’ ‘In his short time as leader of the Catholic Church, this gentle pope from Argentina has already changed the dialogue of his people,’ said Lou DiBella, Martinez’s promoter. ‘I am thrilled that Sergio will have a private audience with Pope Francis and that he will be able to discuss his campaigns against bullying and domestic violence.’ (Mail Online)

PGA Grand Slam of Golf: Adam Scott beats Justin Rose to title

Murray receives his OBE from Prince William to carry out a random drugs test at his Surrey home before leaving for Buckingham Palace. He arrived at the Palace with girlfriend Kim Sears, mum Judy and dad William. Judy tweeted: ‘Yes I cried’ while also posting a picture of her horse drawn carriage. ‘They came about twenty past eight this morning and I had a car booked for 8.30 and was just

getting ready. I was a bit worried I would be late but the taxi driver did a great job. It’s just part of what we have to do.’ At the moment Murray still plans to undergo his usual off-season training block in Miami and is due to play in the ‘Dream Cup’ tournament in Barbados at the end of next month. (Mail Online)

Masters champion Adam Scott fired a course-record 64 to claim victory at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda. US Open winner Justin Rose had a two-shot lead after the first round and was still ahead with three holes to play. But Rose, 33, bogeyed the 16th in carding a 69 while Scott, also 33, eagled the 17th to win by two shots. US PGA champion Jason Dufner finished five shots behind Scott with Padraig Harrington, playing in place of Phil Mickelson, another six strokes back. The 36-hole exhibition is for the year’s four major

Adam Scott

winners, but Open champion Mickelson opted not to compete. Irishman Harrington

won the event last year after stepping in for Ernie Els. (BBC Sport)

Friday October 18, 2013

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GABA left to clean up Sonics’ mess Pakistan wrap up huge upset By Edison Jefford Like a responsible big brother, the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) was busy yesterday cleaning up Pepsi Sonics’ mess, which was accrued from a mix-up over a local tour, featuring one of Suriname’s top clubs, Yellow Birds. Pepsi Sonics had invited the club and a female team for the second leg of an exchange visit this weekend after they had visited Suriname a while ago. However, Sonics wrote the club earlier this week cancelling the tour and leaving GABA in the mêlée. The initiative was to have been a joint one between the Georgetown sub-association and Sonics, but as it turns out now, GABA will have to fully support the venture. “I want everybody to know that they messed up,” GABA President, Michael Singh said yesterday. “I had told (Brian) Carter to cancel the trip, but I just spoke to the young woman who’s in charge in Suriname and she was almost in tears. She is saying that a lot of them got leave from work and have already rented a bus and paid for food,” Singh continued. Based on those preparations to travel to Guyana from the Surinamese, Singh indicated that he told

Michael Singh the Surinamese representative to continue her efforts to bring a male and female team and he will offset certain local costs associated with their tour. According to Singh, he will continue with the competition despite Sonics has reneged on their obligations. As a result, Sonics will still play Yellow Birds tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall while Colts will play the Suriname club at 2pm tomorrow. He said that female games will precede both features. “They’re (Pepsi Sonics) hurting basketball, not helping it. People had to ask for leave and they (the Surinamese) even changed

the date of a funeral to accommodate us,” Singh continued to lament. When contacted, President of the Pepsi Sonics Basketball Club, Merle Jordan told Kaieteur Sport that the initiative was just at its planning stage and nothing was ever confirmed. She said that she kept Suriname informed via letters of every step in the planning process. “They were communicating with Carter, he is not part of Pepsi Sonics. Maybe Carter never told us what was going on,” Jordan noted, alluding to miscommunication among them locally as one of the factors, which may have resulted in the mix-up. She said that the letter that was sent cancelling the tour never received any response from Yellow Birds and the Surinamese. However, that would have been in contradiction to the information the GABA would have been receiving through the same source. Jordan went on to say that she would not be so insensitive as to plan an International basketball event the same weekend as Hits and Jams’ R. Kelly Show. She sought to distant herself from any wrongdoing, stating that the tour was never concretised.

FACC Track Attack Race Meet on this Sunday at Blairmont Flying Ace Cycling Club (FACC) of Berbice will this Sunday host their annual oneday Track Attack Meet at the Blairmont Community Centre. Apart from cycling there will also be flat races and a number of novelty events. Cyclists and athletes from all across the Ancient County (New Amsterdam, Canje, West Berbice, Corentyne) are expected to trek to the Blairmont Community Centre to be a part of the day’s activities. The top cyclists of the club including Neil Reece, Wasim Hassnu, Rohan

Persaud, Ray Millington, Syborne Ferdandes, Elijah Brijadder and Andre Hick among others are expected to take part in the day’s action. There will be events for open riders, juniors, juveniles, BMX, veterans, school boys and girls and females. Starting time is 10:00hrs. Among the corporate entities and individuals contributing for this event are A. Ally’s and Sons, Hand in Hand, Berbice Bridge Company, Elwin Jones, Water Chris Hotel, Courts Guyana Inc., GEB Security, Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus,

Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph, Ganesh Singh, Watterson Catering Services, Water Chris Hotel, Campton Sparman-Lloyd & Kim’s Fashions, Businessman John Lewis, Art Sawmill, Darry Tulsi Construction, Alphonso Business Establishment and Feroze Grocery among others. This Track Meet is being held to heighten awareness on the scourge of Domestic Violence which is on the rise in Guyana with a view of ridding the society of this challenge. Coordinator is Randolph Roberts.

HOM Inter Ward football continues this weekend in Berbice Competition in the Hearts of Oak Masters FC, Inter Ward football competition is expected to continue tonight and tomorrow evening with double headers each night at the Scot’s Church Ground, Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam, kicking off at 19:00hrs. Opening action this evening will bring together Manchester/Central

Corentyne against the unbeaten South New Amsterdam while the feature event brings together another unbeaten side, East Canje who will be seeking to blank the artillery of the Joint Services combination. The main event tomorrow evening pits Fyrish and North New Amsterdam with the curtain raiser between

Rose Hall Town and Central New Amsterdam. Points standings to date Group A – South New Amsterdam 6; Manchester/ Central Corentyne 2, North New Amsterdam 1, Fyrish/ Lower Corentyne 1. Group B – East Canje 4, Rose Hall Town 3, Central New Amsterdam 2, Joint Services 1.

The word ‘unpredictable’ has often been used to describe Pakistan sides over the decades. A month after the gloom in Harare, with questions hanging over their batting capabilities in Test cricket, they nearly beat the world’s No.1 Test side by an innings in Abu Dhabi. Pakistan took the six remaining wickets on the fourth day to bundle out South Africa for 232, a total lower than their below par first-innings effort, and set themselves a target of 40. They still managed a wobble, though, by losing three wickets for seven runs, but the old hands of Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan secured Pakistan’s fourth consecutive win against a No. 1 team in the UAE. P a k i s t a n ’s w i n n i n g sequence at their adopted home began when they routed England 3-0 in 201112. The I C C Te s t Championship mace had since changed hands from England to South Africa and the holders appeared rusty after several months of long-format inactivity. Pakistan capitalised on that by dismissing them for 249 before their batsmen found form to take a massive first-innings lead of 193. Pakistan had strengthened their hold on the Test at the end of the third day by claiming four second-innings wickets, including that of South Africa’s best batsman and first-innings centurion, Hashim Amla. On the fourth day, they didn’t allow South Africa’s deep batting order to develop substantial partnerships either. They had to put with a defiant fifty from AB de Villiers, but his battle was a lonely one. South Africa managed only one halfcentury stand on the fourth day and the best they could do was stretch the game into the final session. South Africa had resumed with a defensive mindset on a pitch that was assisting spin, still trailing by 121. Saeed Ajmal was brought on at the start and after five wicketless overs, he was replaced by the debutant left-arm spinner Zulfiqar Babar. For the second time in the innings, Babar struck in the first over of a spell as he beat Dale Steyn in flight and knocked down his off stump. South A f r i c a ’s f i r s t s i g n o f aggression this morning had cost them a wicket.

Saeed Ajmal

Duminy had marked his return to Tests with a fifty in the first innings, but his second stint lasted just five balls, and he reviewed his lbw decision to Junaid Khan in vain. De Villiers didn’t get too many loose deliveries to put away and with four close catchers around him against the spinner, his defence had to be watertight. He stepped down the track to Babar and found the boundary past cover, before launching the same bowler for a six down the ground to bring up his fifty. There was no Adelaide-style jailbreak from Faf du Plessis, though, as he fell just after lunch for a dour 9 off 55 balls, caught onehanded by Ajmal during his follow through. Robin Peterson was the only player of batting potential left and he added 57 with de Villiers to all but deny Pakistan an innings win. De Vi l l i e r s p l a y e d s o m e elegant shots, punching the seamers through cover and punishing anything short from the spinners. Junaid looked to swing the old ball but strayed on to de Villiers’ pads a few times and the batsman

tucked them away to fine leg to get close to a century. He was ten short of the milestone when he spooned Junaid straight to cover. Peterson and Vernon Philander gave South Africa the lead before a double-strike by Ajmal in one over limited it to 39. South Africa’s batsmen may have failed to come to terms with the conditions over two innings, b u t t h e i r bowlers did, albeit too late. The fast bowlers had figured out the right lengths with the new ball and Pakistan’s top three obliged by edging behind the wicket, rolling back the months to their struggles in South Africa earlier this year. It should never have come down to this but Pakistan were left relying on Misbah and Younis to see them through. For South Africa, it was their first defeat since the Durban Test against Sri Lanka in December 2011, ending a sequence of 15 undefeated Tests. Scores: Pakistan 442 (Manzoor 146, Misbah 100) and 45 for 3 beat South Africa 249 (Amla 118, Irfan 3-44) and 232 (de Villiers 90, Ajmal 4-74) by seven wickets. (ESPN cricinfo)

QC to host T10 Softball match today Queen’s College Allied Arts Department will be host a Ten10 Softball cricket match today at the s c h o o l ’s g r o u n d f r o m 13:00hrs between teams representing female

Teachers and female Prefect’s. Trophies and medals will be up for grabs. The game is sponsored by Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and organised by Johnny Barnwell.

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McDonald sharpens skill in preparation for World Scrabble C/ships - wins Eid-ul-Adha tournament

McDonald and Krakowsky intently study the board as the intense battle heats up. The former player eventually triumphed With just a few months left before she departs Guyana to compete in the World Scrabble Championships scheduled for December 3 - 8 in Prague, Czech Republic, National Scrabble Champion, Abigail McDonald retained her form and amassed 5 points and a positive spread of 849 to cart off the spoils when the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) staged the Eid-ul Adha Open Scrabble Tournament in the pavilion of the Malteenoes Sports Club, Sunday afternoon last. James Krakowsky returned after a short hiatus and also scored 5 points but a lower positive spread of 33

to seal off the second place slot. His battle against Leon Belony was keenly contested with Krakowsky edging home by just one point. Nevertheless, Belony went on to seal off the podium positions with 4 wins and a positive spread 257 spread. Notwithstanding, her eventual overall victory, McDonald suffered a little setback when she lost to Orlando Michael in the last game of the day by a close spread of 24. Otherwise, she defeated Ovid Williams (215), Belony (94), Wayne Cave (260), Krakowsky (238) and Kamta Ramnarine (66). Krakowsky’s other wins came at the expense of Grace Hercules (10), Ovid Williams

(94), Orlando Michael (44) and Cave (56) while Belony rebounded from the losses to McDonald and Krakowsky to defeat Ramnarine (192), Cave (29), Hercules (125) and Williams (257). Meanwhile, Executives of GASP continue to pay homage to the past affiliates with a memorial tournament in honour of RO Michael slated for this Sunday at the Malteenoes Sports Club. A mean player with a repertoire of unconventional words, RO, as he was familiarly called, died at the Woodlands hospital after a brief period of illness one year ago. The RO Memorial will now comprise a regular part of the GASP itinerary.

Pot 1 seeds set for Brazil 2014 draws The preliminary competition for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ is drawing to a close. Unsurprisingly, the 69 qualifiers played since the last edition of the FIFA/CocaCola World Ranking, as well as the 20 friendlies and ten preliminary matches for continental competitions, have had a significant effect on the global ladder. In the top ten, only Spain’s position at the summit remains unchanged, while Germany have pushed Argentina out of second place. New entries into the top ten are Switzerland (7th, up 7) and England (10th, up 7), both thanks to their recent strong performances in the final group games in the World Cup qualifying. Italy, meanwhile, have paid heavily for their draw against Armenia, dropping four places to eighth. The distribution of teams in Pot 1 for the World Cup Final Draw on 6 December is

as follows: Brazil, together with Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium and Switzerland are definitely in Pot 1. If Uruguay win the intercontinental play-off against Jordan, they will also go into the first pot. However, if Jordan win, the decimal points difference between the Netherlands (1135.95) and Italy (1135.61) will see the Dutch take the last place in Pot 1. This latest FIFA/CocaCola World Ranking has also

determined which teams will be seeded for the European play-off draw for Brazil 2014, which will take place at the Home of FIFA in Zurich on Monday, 21 October at 14.00 CET. The distribution of teams in Pot 1 for the European playoff draw will be the four highest-positioned teams, which are confirmed as follows: Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Ukraine. Pot 2 will include France, Sweden, Romania and Iceland. A further 20 teams have now qualified for the World Cup in addition to hosts Brazil. They are: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, BosniaHerzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Germany, Honduras, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and USA. The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published after completion of World Cup qualifying on 28 November 2013. (

Friday October 18, 2013

Roberts Gas Station T20 - East Bank E’bo

Lallaram slams century as High Park trounce Hydronie A well crafted century by Nandram Lallaram guided High Park to a 78 run victory over Hydronie when the Roberts Gas Station roundrobin Twenty20 competition continued last Sunday at East Bank Essequibo. Playing at Parika, High Park rattled up 214-6 in 20 overs, batting first. Lallaram stroked eleven fours and two sixes in his 101 and got support from Gibran Mohamed 57 (3x4 4x6). Davenand Persaud claimed 220 for Hydronie who replied with 136-9 in 20 overs. Ashmead Bacchus scored 48 (7x4) and Arif Khan 17. At Tuschen (09:30hrs) High Park defeated Tuschen A by 94 runs. High Park took first strike and posted 149 all out in 20 overs; Gibran Mohamed and Lallaram scored 34 each. Vinod Kissoon snared 3-21, Ravindra Rooplall 2-14 and Ravindra Singh 2-17.

Tuschen A were skittled for 55 in 10.3 overs in response. Dhaniram Champalall grabbed 3-3, Inshan Mohamed 3-18, Nazeer Mohamed 2-0 and Alim Mohamed 2-3. At Parika (13:30 hrs) Vergenoegen got the better of Hydronie by 18 runs. Vergenoegen scored 141-4 in 20 overs after taking first turn at the crease. Sheldon Alexander was their leading batsman with 47 (7x4 2x6) and Norman Bristol supported with 46 (3x4 4x6); Devindra Persaud and Beesham Singh had 2 wickets each. Hydronie were bowled out for 123 in 15.5 overs in response. Bristol returned to take 3-34 and Alexander 2-14. At Tuschen (13:30hrs) Parika Salem trounced Tuschen B by 8 wickets. The host was dismissed for 63 in 15.1 overs, batting first. Javed Shafeek top scored with 23 (3x4 1x6) as Sase Narine

bagged 4-8 and Hemchand Persaud 4-15. Kevon Boodie then led the visitors to victory with a top score of 30 while Ryan Hercules made 14; Parika ended on 67-2 in 6 overs. At Vergenoegen - the host beat Philadelphia by 7 runs. Vergenoegen took first strike and made 121 all out in 17 overs. Deon Graham led the batting with 29 (2x4) while Paul Ramnarine captured 3-12, Kishan Jaipaul 2-13 and Fazal Goberdhan 2-21. Philadelphia managed 1145 i n 1 7 o v e r s i n r e ply. Michael Goberdhan slammed 39 (1x4 1x6), Rajpaul Boodhoo scored 32 (2x4 1x6); Norman Bristol took 2-21. The competition continues on Sunday with the final round games. The feature match will be played between Parika Salem and High Park at Parika, the winner will be crowned champions.

Inspirational start to CONCACAF Sports Summit Miami - Key figures in football, business and government from across North and Central America and the Caribbean and beyond will gather in the Cayman Islands next week for a landmark summit under the theme of “Transformation through Partnership”. The overall objective of the innovative summit is to enhance the partnership between governments and football federations in order to improve the growth and development of the sport in the region, while expanding sports t o u r i s m a n d s o cial and economic development. The e v e n t c o m e s a s CONCACAF continues its deep process of reform with the aim of empowering all federations across the region, in order to establish a strong foundation for the game that will grow the sport, at all levels, from grassroots to world-class competition level. The summit will kick-off with a Gala dinner where delegates will be welcomed by CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb and hear a keynote speech from a man who certainly understands more than most the meaning of the term ‘transformation’. South African Tokyo Sexwale was a political prisoner in an isolation cell on Robben Island, where he was

Jeffrey Webb held along with Nelson Mandela and other leading figures in the struggle against the country’s apartheid regime. Sexwale and other prisoners kept their spirits up by playing football inside the notorious jail and even formed their own football association, known as the Makana FA, with Sexwale as Secretary. The Makana FA has since been given “honorary membership” of FIFA. The freedom fighters’ love for the game continued following their release from prison and the end of the racist apartheid system. Sexwale was a leading figure in realising the dream of brining the 2010 FIFA World Cup to a now free and democratic South Africa.A

revolutionary, a political prisoner, a government minister and a successful businessman, Sexwale’s life has been a story of transformation during a time of great change in his country, in the continent of Africa and across the world. The summit participants will be able to gain insight into the lessons that Sexwale can offer from his extraordinary life and draw inspiration from his example as they, along with the football community across CONCACAF, seek to bring about our own changes .The packed program of the summit, which will also be addressed by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter includes a session o n ‘ F o o t b a l l ’s Positive Impact on Society’ looking at success stories where the game has been used as a tool for positive change and ‘Football in Your Economy” featuring Dr. Danny Jordaan, CEO of the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010.The session ‘Creating Successful Partnerships for the Development of Football’ features The Most Honorable Portia SimpsonMiller, Prime Minister of Jamaica, Nic Coward, General Secretary of the English Premier League and Don G a r b e r, Commissioner of Major League Soccer.

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