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The problems with the flights Guyana’s air travel woes may have resulted from its own devices. At least the United States Department of Transportation feels that Guyana was not too accommodating of aircraft operating out of North America. Historically Guyana was serviced by flights out of the Caribbean, Britain, the Netherlands and the United States. Back in the 1950s and right up to the 1980s, flights to Guyana came from these countries and took Guyanese to every corner of the world. Most of the people either went to the Caribbean but many went to the United Kingdom and to North America. But sometimes economic reasons force airlines to curtail their operations and many simply stopped coming to Guyana because there was not enough traffic to maintain that level of aircraft arrivals. But any self-respecting country, once it has the wherewithal, would establish its own airline and Guyana did just that. It is unfortunate that when a new government took office, the authorities opted to close that airline for reasons other than its economic status. Senior officials who have no reason to hate the new government now express regret at the reason for selling out the national airline. Those in the know say that there were ethnic considerations. Since then, the country has been experimenting with every company or individual who offered a service but this has not helped the situation. Charters came and for a while, they offered cheap fares that enticed people in the Diaspora. But before long they left people stranded in Guyana because the lease could not be supported. Eventually a North American carrier began to operate and the situation stabilized until the airline pulled out. There must have been good reason but these were never explained to the nation. Suffice it to say that a strong North American carrier began to operate out of Guyana. And things went well for years, so well that when given a choice the people gravitated to the airline that was not only reliable but which treated the people with respect. We now hear that Guyana was so keen to shoot itself in the foot that it allowed the introduction of an airline without the requisite due diligence. One could understand the patriotic ideal behind the reason for allowing EZjet to operate between Georgetown and New York and later, Canada. The founder was Guyanese and a country should do anything to aid its nationals. Indeed, the United States, at the drop of a hat, rescues and aids its nationals. It is this determination to protect American interests that has led to the US Department of Transportation placing restrictions on the operation of airlines that fly between Georgetown and the United States. The Americans contend that the regional airline, Caribbean Airlines, has been enjoying an unfair edge by way of subsidized fuel. If the airline is owned by Trinidad and Trinidad is an oil-producing country then it is only reasonable to expect that the country’s airline should enjoy cheap oil. Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producing country in the world. It has a fleet of commercial aircraft which all enjoy the cheap fuel on offer. There has been no objection but then again, had Caribbean Airline been flying from Trinidad alone there would have been no problem. Operating out of Georgetown is the problem.The American authorities are firm in their belief that Guyana is not keen to support NorthAmerican interests. Delta found a most frivolous reason to pull out. People now understand that the very American Government might have had a hand in the cessation of Delta flights out of Georgetown. It is not that Guyanese are opposed to the present situation but they feel that they should be given the same options that other travelers enjoy. And sadly, their government is in no position to promise them anything. They have seen the government threaten with bluster and braggadocio, like the pup with no teeth threatening to bite. Guyana should not attempt to fight the Americans; there is nothing to be gained and a lot to lose. They have lost direct flights to North America. And in return they must keep bracing themselves for an influx of undesirables from the United States.

Thursday October 03, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The record needs to be set straight DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me to respond to comments, purportedly made by Alliance For Change (AFC) spokesperson(s) who the Kaieteur News (27.9.2013) identified as Mr. Michael Carrington and the Stabroek News (27.9.2013) as Mr. David Patterson. Whichever, the spokesperson might have been, the record needs to be set straight. Mr. Carrington is quoted in the Kaieteur News article titled “AFC reiterates call of Local Govt. Elections”, as having made the following statements:· “GECOM holds the power to put all systems in place for the holding of these elections. But like the President, “GECOM too seems not to care, since they never demand for the election to be held in accordance with law, but just go to sleep when the Minister goes to Parliament”. · “They totally forget that they are empowered by Act 10 of 1990 which has amended Section 36 of the Principal Act 28:03,” · “GECOM knows full well when the elections are slated or are to be held since all the information is on their website.” On the other hand, the following comments were attributed to Mr. Patterson in the Stabroek News article titled “Gov’t stalling on local gov’t polls”:· “The Guyana Elections Commission is also part of the problem since it has never demanded that local government elections be held. Act 10 of the 1990 makes GECOM independent from government and empowers it to host elections, but it has not even started preparations to hold elections.” None of the above comments are accurate and must therefore be debunked as such - as I now proceed to do. The Local Authorities (Elections (Amendment) Act No. 10 of 1990, which amended the Local Authorities (Elections) Act, Chapter 28:03, is listed in the “Consolidated and Subsidiary Legislation – Guyana” as being “of limited application” (my emphasis). The Local Authorities (Elections (Amendment) Act No. 10 of 1990 was passed by Parliament to amend the provisions of the Local Authorities (Elections) Act, Chapter 28:03 “in respect of certain matters as they relate to the municipal councils in and for the City of Georgetown, the Town of New Amsterdam and other towns”. Further, Section 2 of the Local Authorities (Elections (Amendment) Act No. 10 of 1990 under “Application and overriding effect” states thus:“The amendments made by this Act in the Principal Act shall apply only (my emphasis) in respect of the application of the Principal Act to the municipal councils in and for the City of Georgetown, the Town of New Amsterdam and other towns, and, in relation to any such municipal council, if there is any inconsistency between any provision of the Principal Act and of this Act the provisions of this Act shall prevail”. Accordingly, there can be no doubt that the Local Authorities (Elections

(Amendment) Act No. 10 of 1990 was enacted to facilitate the holding of municipal elections only (there are six Municipalities) and not the election of councils for the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs). At this stage it is imperative that I note that the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Act No. 26 of 2009 provides for the use of a new system for the conduct of Local Government Elections within all of the 71 Local Authorities i.e. the six Municipalities and 65 NDCs. In consideration of the five preceding paragraphs, one can only wonder whether the spokesperson(s) suggested/proposed that GECOM demand that Local Government Elections be held only in the six Municipalities. Maybe the named commentators would like to throw some light on this. With respect to the holding of Local Government Elections, Section 35 (1) of the Local Authorities (Elections) Act, Chapter 28:03 states unambiguously that “An election may be held on such a day as the Minister may by order appoint”. Naturally, the Minister would be in order to consult with GECOM on the issue of preparedness before appointing a day for the holding of the elections. GECOM has no authority to “demand” or even request of the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, or any other official authority, that Local Government Elections be held at any time. Be that as it may, please permit me to emphasize that GECOM is cognizant of its responsibility to be prepared for the conduct of Local Government Elections should it be so called upon to so do. In light of this, the Commission has been budgeting for such an eventuality year after year just in case the Commission is called upon to conduct Local Government Elections. Let it be known that, in the year 2010, the Commission was fully prepared for the conduct of Local Government Elections and had advised Mr. Khellawan Lall, the then Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, via a letter dated March 29, 2010, that, as per plan, on Friday, March 26, 2010, the individual Registers of Voters for the holding of Local Government Elections for all of the seventy one (71) Local Authorities were completed and certified.

GECOM had, at that time, been geared for the conduct of Local Government Elections on April 19, 2010. This did not happen through no (sic) fault of GECOM. As regards the current status of preparations for the conduct of Local Government Elections, the following must be noted:· In preparation for the holding of Local Government Elections in 2010, GECOM had completed the demarcation/delimitation/delineation of Constituencies within all of the 71 Local Authorities to facilitate the First Past the Post aspect of the new Local Government elections System. Sketch maps of all of the Local Authorities showing the various constituencies with their respective boundary descriptions have been posted on the GECOM website at This was done to (i) give the electorate the opportunity to get to know the Constituencies in which they live and would be registered to vote, and (ii) provide relevant guidance insofar as contesting the Constituency aspect of Local Government elections is concerned. · GECOM is in possession of a draft work plan, in Microsoft Project format, which will be finalized for implementation at any point when a day for the holding of Local Government Elections is appointed by the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. · In the meantime, we have commenced the publication of information pertaining to the new system for Local Government Elections as part of a comprehensive public information strategy to educate the public about the new Local Government Elections System and their roles and responsibilities without focusing specifically on the elections processes. In view of the foregoing, it must be obvious to all concerned that, (i) GECOM cannot and will never act outside of its authority by demanding that Local Government Elections be held, and (ii) GECOM is fully prepared and committed to move formally into an election mode with immediacy upon a day being appointed for the holding of Local Government Elections by the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. Vishnu Persaud Public Relations Officer Guyana Elections Commission


DEAR EDITOR, It is deeply disturbing to read that the police told a complainant to pull a corpse out of the water on Sunday and leave it on the side because the police were “sporting” and would attend to the corpse on Monday (Handyman’s Body to be exhumed, KN Oct 2). Thanks for bringing this news to the public’s attention. I cannot believe we have this uncaring type of police force in Guyana. The man apparently died between Saturday evening and Sunday morning in what appears to be suspicious

conditions. The body was supposed to be left untouched to determine if there was foul play. And the police’s job was to report to the site instantly, once a report was made, to carry out an investigation, protect the scene and collect information (evidence, etc.). Sporting is not one of the activities of the police while on official duty. Which idiot(s) told the complainant to pull the body out of the water and what is going to happen to him (her)? The police captain or whoever was in (Continued on page 26)

Thursday October 03, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Corruption and crime are choking the economic life out of Guyana DEAR EDITOR, Since the November 2011 general elections, the minority government has done nothing to help lift Guyana out of its economic predicament. For years, red tape, corruption, bribery and crime have been choking the economic life out of the country. Corruption has become so widespread that the U.S. Ambassador Brent Hardt has said “There are companies that we continue to prosecute in the US. Other countries do as well. That is where the focus has to be here in Guyana… to look at how it investigates and prosecutes corruption. Will we see a high level official prosecuted for corruption? And if not, maybe you need to ask yourselves whether you need to strengthen institutions to get to that point where you can pursue a corruption investigation.” The PPP is not only in denial, but it appears as though they have given their friends and supporters the green light “to tek whatever they want.” We are convinced that the regime must start with a renewed approach to restructure the organs of the government to achieve economic growth and create jobs. The old non-productive model will not reduce crime or take Guyana out of its economic quagmire. In order for this to happen, the government must embark on a robust economic programme that includes tax reform and the creation of jobs. It must take drastic action to end corruption, reduce crime, as well as halt marginalization. Every country that is looking to move ahead has accepted that it is just not possible to make ends meet and achieve growth by a never-ending process of high crime rate, discrimination, nepotism and imposing higher and higher taxes on the same people and the same organizations. These are some of the most debilitating obstacles to the growth of Guyana’s economy. When businesses are doing well, the Government collects far more taxes and when the government prosecutes those who are corrupt, there will be more money in the treasury to lower VAT and help those feeling its effects. Right now, business is not doing well in Guyana and the PPP has not

prosecuted anyone for corruption. Instead, the economic and financial interests of their relatives and wealthy friends are promoted. In terms of development, the alternative has always been to borrow more money and thereby compound the existing problem. That is the story, where our debt is now over 75 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product. Even the schoolchildren of Guyana know that the borrowing of money at this frenetic and suicidal pace will result in an everlasting debt that would lead to bankruptcy. Borrowing is a scourge. There was a time when the ability to attract loans was glamourized and construed as a great achievement on the part of a Government. But there is nothing heroic about the PPP borrowing money and placing it in the hands of those who usurp the authority vested in them to negotiate contracts on behalf of the people. A smart government will make creative deals through creative policies that investors, local and overseas, cannot refuse. Guyana, with its vast natural resources, starting with its people and natural beauty, begins with an advantage. There are patriotic and nationalistic Guyanese investors who will strive to spend their last penny to develop businesses locally, but they need help against the high crime rate and corruption, which is enabling those in authority to seek huge kick-backs from them. If the PPP has any decency and morality it will put an end to such gross misconduct. The time is now to capitalize on anything that it can leverage for economic growth to make

life better for the people. One of the assets that the PPP does not seem to recognize and use to the nation’s advantage is the fact that Guyanese are extremely ambitious and willing to work hard, if given the opportunity to do so. The stories of Guyanese successes achieved after migration are many. The fact is, the government itself has made it extremely difficult to start a business due to the bureaucratic red tape, bribery and the runaround after the bribery. The convoluted bureaucracy one has to endure just to clear goods from the wharf will frustrate even the most optimistic professional. It gets worse if he or she wants to start exporting which, ironically, is what Guyana so desperately needs. There are too many agencies, red tape-madness and bribery to encounter around every corner. It pains us to see that our CARICOM neighbours, some without resources, human or natural, as we have, are making so much out of so little. The PPP cabal is so bent on using the country’s resources for their own benefit and for their wealthy friends, that they have somehow lost the drive to get things done. Their innovative drive is to become richer with the taxpayers’ money. Things that should be simple, like constructing a building, have become complex under this wayward, reckless and uncaring regime. We have a Government that does not mean well or care about the country and its citizens. We live for the day when the campaign promises become hardcore reality. Dr. Asquith Rose and Chandra Deollal, Esq.

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National Minimum Wage Order…

Govt. says it is working “assiduously” to pursue respect Three months after the National Minimum Wage Order took full effect, the matter of its compliance has brought forth many questions as there exist reports of employers who have still not adapted to the legislation. The matter was brought to the fore at last week’s postCabinet press briefing where the Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon refuted claims that sufficient mechanisms are not in place to ensure that the Order is enforced. The Cabinet Secretary said that even if mechanisms of enforcement were readily available, it is not realistic to contend that the legislation will immediately be adopted by all business places. “There is hardly anywhere in the world where a legislative intervention one day later could miraculously end up with 100% compliance,” he said. He said that it is to be expected that there will be specific areas that hamper complete implementation of any legislation as seems to be the case with the National Minimum Wages Order. The Cabinet Secretary urged too that one must not

Over $3 Million goes to M&CC annually - “Paying people who do very little or nothing” A regular sight at La Penitence area

Dr. Roger Luncheon lose sight of the fact that workers have been denied the measures provided for in the Order since the minimum wage had not been attended to for more than two decades. The Order that came into effect on July 1, 2013 provided that every person employed in Guyana, including domestic workers and security guards, should not be paid less than $202 per hour, $1,616 per day, $8,080 per week and $35,000 per month. It was specified that a normal working week should comprise of 40 hours and not exceed five days per week. It further assured that any employer found guilty of breaching the regulations, issuing wages or salaries in amounts less than the stipulated amounts ,will be

liable to a fine of $35,000 for the first offence. For a second violation of the Order, a fine of $70,000 and one month’s imprisonment will be enforced. The Cabinet Secretary stressed that the door is open to discourse with those who are aggrieved by the implications of the specifics of the Order. He said that Government will be working assiduously to pursue respect for the Order should they become aware of any noncompliance. “The Ministry of Labour and employees will be the vigilant forces to advise and inform us about callous disregard for the provisions of that Order and for action to be taken; and that has already started,” he said.

Three escape alive after cargo boat smashes into barge at Waini Three persons working for a Canadian exploration company escaped without serious injuries Tuesday evening after their cargo vessel slammed into a barge on the Waini River, Region One, and sank.

Thursday October 03, 2013

The vessel, said to belong to Canamex Resources, went down with over $600,000 in food and other supplies. One of its two engines also sank. The supplies were for Canamex operations. According to an eyewitness, the cargo boat, left around 10:00 hrs from Charity, Essequibo coast, on Tuesday to head to Waini River where Canamex i s currently conducting

exploration in its concessions. There was reportedly heavy fog and the cargo boat reportedly struck the barge which was being towed by a tugboat. Kaieteur News was told that the barge was not lit as the regulations require. However, the tug was. Workers on the tug assisted the three crewmembers and managed to retrieve one of the engines.

On the matter of the present state of the Capital City, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has taken to questioning whether the millions being received as annual revenue to the Mayor and City Council (M & CC) are being used efficiently. General Secretary Clement Rohee pointed out at a recent press conference that “the piles of garbage at every street corner, in city drains and other water ways” have become a matter of primary concern. The Party highlighted that the City Council, the body responsible for the solid waste management in the city, ran by Mayor Hamilton Greene, receives over $3M on an annual basis in revenue. Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker noted that of the total amount of r e v e n u e received by the Council, almost sixty per cent goes to the payment of employment expenses. The Minister opined that the situation is “regrettable” since the monies go to employees, who in some instances, do very little or nothing. “When you look out there, you don’t see

workers cleaning the drains or sweeping the pavement. You hardly see their presence,” Whittaker stressed. In reiterating this point Rohee stated that as a result of the Council claiming to be weighed down by a “huge” wage bill, certain infrastructural works have suffered, resulting in the Government having to intervene. “One can only imagine what the state of our city would have been had Government not consistently sought to invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year,” he said. Regarding the Mayor’s claims that Government refuses to assist the Council, Rohee said that the track record of the Government has been very clear in that area. “We have intervened, not just by talk, but with cash in hand to pay firms to assist in cleaning up the city. We have intervened in the past and we most likely will continue to intervene,” he said. He identified that due to the City Council’s incapability to fulfill its obligations, Government was forced to assume responsibility for maintaining roads, drainage and other

rehabilitation works in the city; including payment to garbage contractors. The General Secretary made specific reference to Le Repentir, Georgetown cemetery that was cleared through the Government expending millions to accomplish the task. He said that under the present Mayor, however, the situation is “back to square one” with the cemetery being overtaken by heavy overgrowth. While maintaining that the prime responsibility to upkeep the environs of the city lie with the M & CC, Rohee said that for the indiscriminate practice to change, citizens have to take the upper hand. The General Secretary drew attention to the cases where garbage bins are being vandalized and to instances where waste is thrown next to the bins instead of in it. He reminded that similar practices of indiscriminate dumping of garbage had contributed to the devastating floods in recent times and their hazardous after effects, as water ways were clogged. It was therefore advocated that programmes focused on garbage disposal habits be publicised so as to “encourage others to do the right thing and identify areas where Government and other stakeholders can do more.”

Thursday October 03, 2013

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Obama, congressional leaders meet as shutdown wears on (Reuters) - President Barack Obama met with Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress yesterday to try to break a deadlock that has shut down wide swaths of the federal government, but a solution seemed unlikely as both sides dug in for what could be a long stalemate. As hundreds of thousands of federal employees faced a second day without pay, leaders of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate offered token concessions that were quickly dismissed by the other side. Obama, meanwhile, scaled back a long-planned trip to Asia. Republicans want to tie continued government funding to measures that would undercut Obama’s signature healthcare law, while Obama and his Democrats say that is a nonstarter. The White House meeting between Obama and House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, House Democratic Leader Nancy

Barack Obama

John Boehner

Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell looked unlikely to yield a breakthrough. “We’re a little confused as to the purpose of this meeting,” said McConnell spokesman Don Stewart earlier yesterday. The shutdown, which took effect Monday at midnight (0400 GMT Tuesday), has raised questions about Washington’s ability to carry out its most essential duties. Though it would do

relatively little damage to the world’s largest economy in the short term, global markets could be roiled if Congress also fails to raise the debt limit before borrowing authority runs out in coming weeks. The shutdown has closed landmarks like the Grand Canyon and prevented some cancer patients from receiving cutting-edge treatment. United Technologies Corp, which makes Sikorsky helicopters and other items for the military, said it would be forced to furlough as many as 4,000 employees, if the U.S.

government shutdown continues through next week, due to the absence of government quality inspectors. “Am I exasperated? Absolutely I’m exasperated. Because this is entirely unnecessary,” Obama told CNBC television. “I am exasperated with the idea that unless I say to 20 million people, ‘You can’t have health insurance,’ these folks will not reopen the government. That is irresponsible.” The U.S. Army’s top general said the shutdown was significantly harming day-to-day operations, and intelligence leaders say it is undermining their ability to monitor threats. A Federal Reserve official said it could delay the central bank’s ability to assess whether its monetary stimulus efforts are still needed. The uncertainty in Washington has forced the White House to scale back an Asia trip that was designed to reinforce U.S. commitment to the region. Obama scuttled two stops on a planned four-country

tour and left visits to two other countries up in the air. He was due to leave on Saturday and return a week later. Secretary of State John Kerry will instead visit Malaysia and the Philippines. Obama is weighing whether to attend diplomatic summits in Indonesia and Brunei, a White House official said. Despite the disruption, Boehner’s Republicans have failed to derail Obama’s controversial healthcare law, which passed a milestone on Tuesday when it began signing up uninsured Americans for subsidized health coverage. Though some moderate Republicans have begun to question their party’s strategy, Boehner so far has kept them united behind a plan to offer a series of small bills that would re-open select those parts of the government most visibly affected by the shutdown. The House is expected to vote late yesterday and today on measures that would fund veterans care, medical research, national parks, the District of Columbia and the

Army Reserve. The measures are likely to be defeated in the Democratic-controlled Senate, and Obama said he would veto them if they reached his desk. Still, they allowed Republicans to charge that their adversaries are standing in the way of help for elderly veterans and young cancer patients. “Will they now say ‘no’ to funding for veterans, our National Parks and the National Institutes of Health?” asked Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. Reid told Republicans he would engage in talks about tax reform, farm policy and other pressing issues that Congress has failed to address once Republicans agreed to re-open the government without conditions. Republicans dismissed that idea. A Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that 24 percent of Americans blamed Republicans for the shutdown, while 19 percent blamed Obama or Democrats. Another 46 percent said everyone was to blame.

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Thursday October 03, 2013

Opposition legislators defend walk out during President Desi Bouterse address PA R A M A R I B O , Suriname – CMC - Opposition legislators have defended their decision to walk out on a speech being delivered by President Desi Bouterse on Monday saying he had not been showing respect to the Parliament in recent years. Member of the NPS/New Front party, Ruth Wijdenbosch, said she participated in the walkout because it was time a clear message had been sent to Bouterse who has made it a habit of coming to Parliament once a year instead of fulfilling his constitutional duty of giving regular accounts of his administration’s plans. “The opposition is not a bunch of public enemies. We were chosen by the people. He should come to parliament to discuss with us, and not just to read his Annual Address from a prompter,” Wijdenbosch said, adding “time will tell if our signal reaches him.” O p p o s i t i o n parliamentarian Radjkoemar Randjietsingh said they were not impressed with Bouterse’s was stepping on

Desi Bouterse the Constitution as well as the norms and values of democracy. He said Bouterse was also the limits of morality. “generalities (VHP/New Front “The opposition has an obligation to call an end to this, which is why we are sending a clear signal by withdrawing from the President’s umpteenth monologue during the public meeting of September 30,” he added. In his address, Bouterse defended the policies of his

administration and urged politicians to unite for the socio-economic development of the country. “We have achieved several things that we set out to achieve,” he said, making mention of “affordable homes” being built across the country. Bouterse said that the government would introduce a National Care System in 2014. “The Basic Care Insurance that took effect on July 1, 2013 and covers 130,000 people was a precursor of that system,” he said, adding “the insurance package gives access to basic care and is paid by Government for Surinamers in Suriname. “We chose a system that is not a copy of anything, but is specific to Suriname’s circumstances and will synchronize with the economic development,” he said, adding the intention was to have all eligible nationals in the system by the first quarter of 2014. Bouterse also spoke of the importance of the country’s membership in the Union of South American States (UNASUR).

Taiwan funding new energy project in St. Lucia CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC – St. Luc i a s a y s Taiwan is funding a project to reduce energy consumption in the public sector through the installation of energyefficient lighting in public buildings. One component of the Sustainable Energy project is the replacement of the costly incandescent lights with light emitting diode (LED) lighting. H e a d o f t h e E n e rg y, Science and Technology Unit in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Judith Ephraim, said the project is an important component of the national approach to make St. Lucia more energy-efficient and reduce the amount of money spent on electricity

consumption. “The government of St. Lucia has announced its intention to reduce energy consumption in the public sector by 20 per cent by the year 2020. To assist in this regard, funding has been received from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to support sustainable energy and a major component of this is the retrofit of suitable public buildings with LED lighting. “This project will present significant benefits to the entire country as LED lighting is very energy efficient and it is longer-lasting. This means that government will spend less on electricity and the money saved can then be channelled to other

areas to improve our standard of living,” she added. The government said under the first phase of the project, locally-registered companies are being invited to bid for the procurement of 500 LED tube lights under a bidding process that would be conducted in a transparent manner. “This is a very important project in our ministry’s Strategic Work P r o g r a m m e , a n d i t ’s a project that will help shape the future of energy consumption in St. Lucia, so the Ministry of Sustainable Development, E n e rg y, Science and Technology now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders,” Ephraim said.

LIAT a Caribbean disappointment in recent months, says Gonsalves Dr Ralph Gonsalves, the chairman of the shareholder governments of the regional airline, LIAT, has acknowledged that the airline has been a terrible disappointment to the Caribbean travelling public in recent months.

LIAT shareholder governments are Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Gonsalves, who is the St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, told a town hall meeting in the US that while not excusing the

Antigua-based airline for the situation, the computer system of one of two aircraft LIAT recently purchased had developed problems. He said engineers have been dispatched from France to resolve the problem. (CMC)

Thursday October 03, 2013

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WORKERS ARE MAKING THEIR OWN HUSTLE Guyanese today who are employed in the public sector are not wasting time like previous generations hoping that one day official providence will smile on them and grant them a fat pay increase. Guyanese workers are not in the mood to be waiting in vain. Many are on the hustle. Some work in the office in the day and catch their hands in the night doing a part time job, or hustle whatever you want to call it. Others, when a better offer comes along take that offer. There are always greener pastures for those with ambition and those willing to take a chance. It is those who are afraid of taking risks that end up stuck in dead- end job that go nowhere and pay next to nothing. Just recently, the Guyana Public Service Union called for a 25 per cent increase in wages for public servants. When a union calls for 25 per cent, you know that they will settle for 10 per cent. The government knows this too and they will pay five per cent because this is the average they have paid for the past twenty years. The government has all the excuses and gets away with it because the workers are in no mood to struggle for anything collectively and the unions are too weak to generate any sustained industrial action. Workers have long learnt to move on

to better things. There are far too many options out there for public employees to even think about industrial action. These options are the reasons why there is a severe shortage of labour in the sugar industry. Many sugar workers are now working for more money doing soft labour at businesses and on minibuses. This is less strenuous and more rewarding than the backbreaking task of cutting canes on the estates. Many of them are into construction and some prefer to do a little buying and selling and are making good money from their small kitchen gardens. The sugar workers, long the most oppressed workers in Guyana are moving on. Instead of intense industrial agitation, they are joining the bandwagon and making a hustle elsewhere. There was an advertisement for porters which recently appeared in the dailies. The company concerned manufactures furniture. They are offering $3000 per day. That is more than most low level staff in the public service make. Other private companies are paying very well. If you are good with computers you can nail down a decent job with one of the telemarketing companies. Just outside Beepats on Regent Street there are some vendors selling socks. Now, they must be making something decent to be sitting all day peddling socks.

Dem boys seh...

POLICE CAN MOVE LIKE TURTLE Was a time when people use to run from de police. Now de police running from people. Some people run in a bar and shoot up some people. De gunshots sound till to Big Market. Kitty police station deh nearby. Long time when old people sending li’l children to de shop dem does tell dem that dem got to return before de spit dry. Well if somebody did spit and dem did crawl to de Kitty police station and back de spit wouldn’t dry. Dem boys seh that de police tek thirty minutes to reach de scene. Wha really happen is that de police sit down and wait till de shooting done and de people lef de scene before dem jump in dem car and speed to de shooting scene. If you see how de police tek control of de place because dem know that de shooter gone. That is not de only time de police tek long to respond. It got to be that dem got to get money because dem boys hear how some of dem seh that dem ain’t risking dem life fuh that pittance. In fact, Brumell seh that from now on, he authorizing he men to accept payment at de crime scene. That is one sure way of getting a swift response from de police. But dem got some policemen who don’t like criminals and dem is de ones who does deh patrolling de city day and night. Dem is de ones who got people sleeping when de night come. De only thing is that dem few. Dem is de ones who really helping fuh tek some of dem guns off de street. But then again, people got to get an incentive. De thing is that some of dem got brothers de same age as de criminals and that sometimes does mek a difference between capture and escape. But dem have a judge who prepare to put up li’l boys fuh a long time in a place wheh men does tun women. Talk half and help de police get money. Beg Jagdeo.

So why would any low-level public servant bother about industrial action when there are opportunities for the taking outside of government employment. But there is an even better option open to Guyanese workers. If you have family living outside of Guyana you can always call them up, tell them that things tough in Guyana and that some days you have nothing to eat. When they ask why you do not have a job, you can tell them that since the PPPC

came to power, there are no jobs available. Like suckers they will go down every month to the money transfer office and send you some American dollars which you will spend sporting and drinking with your friends while they work their butts off to make the sacrifice to send you the money. Guyanese in the Diaspora are suckers for a sad story. They will send you money regular enough and sufficient enough that you can retire early and live the life of Riley.

The effects of all of these options provide little or no incentive or motivation to strike or agitate for any increase in salary. In fact, many government workers prefer the five per cent which is paid retroactively each Christmas because this allows them a lump sum payment to enjoy the holidays. The Unions therefore face a daunting task to try to press their case for increases. And when it comes to local public service, it is most likely that

today there are far more nonunionized workers than there are unionized workers. What this means is that the public service unions are in decline and are really losing clout. The government knows all of this and has already decided that five per cent is good enough each year.

GuyExpo 100 percent increase 2013... in international booths GuyExpo will be opening today. This year’s exposition will see greater participation from local and international exhibitors, geared towards achieving the theme “Advancing Productivity through, Innovation, Modernization and Expansion.” Protocol Manager of GuyExpo’s Planning Committee Olwyn Chester in an interview with Kaieteur News expressed that this year’s Expo will see a 100 per cent increase in international booths, “from 36 last year to 72 this year”. It is his view that the increase of foreign exhibitors will see grater bilateral and cohesive trade among Guyanese and the international parties on board. Chester, speaking on the International exhibitors entering Guyana, posited that eight foreign countries will be showcasing within the exhibition. Those countries are United States of America, China, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, India, Argentina, Suriname, and Nepal (yet to be confirmed). He added that St. Lucia will be representing the Windward Island Countries, which includes Dominica, Martinique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. He also said that delegations will be coming from Brazil and Barbados, so technically, fourteen countries will be participating in GuyExpo. Speaking to the accommodation procedures, Chester explained that officials from the respective countries participating would have visited the GuyExpo website and made reservations with the hotels listed there, those facilities he said are collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and have developed a “GuyExpo package with preferential rates and airport transfers” for the foreign participants. As it pertains to the products and goods coming

into the country to be exhibited, Chester mentioned that “goods coming in to be sold will be imported with full duty and taxes, however those countries that are bringing products for the sole purpose of just exhibiting their products without selling them, will be provided with tax exemptions. He further noted that in the event that an international exhibitor does not get all his/ her products sold, then that company may be entitled to a rebate on returning home with items which the company could not sell. Chester explained that the international exhibitors’ booths are being sold for US $500 each and provisions have been put in place by the GuyExpo Hospitality team, for volunteers to be assigned to specific booths and provide feedback from exhibitors if assistance is needed or in the case of an emergency. The perception among many locals is that GuyExpo is no longer about putting

local businesses on the map, but has become a foreign based exhibition in which overseas countries flood Guyana’s market with cheaper goods than what is produced and exhibited locally, thus unfairly competing with local businesses However the CoChairman of the GuyExpo’s planning Committee Derrick Cummings, expounded that GuyExpo is beyond an annual exhibition. He explained that this morning, a business and investment forum will be held, which will allow local and international companies to discuss ways in which links

can be made between local and international companies. “To think that the people are coming here to sell only is not true. What they are coming for is to display their products and perhaps invest, and have joint ventures with the local companies,” Cummings said. Cummings assured that the international companies will not be bringing anything that is manufactured locally. GuyExpo will be officially launched at 06:00 hrs today and will start accommodating patrons by 07:00 hrs pm. The Expo will conclude on Sunday the 3rd at midnight.

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Thursday October 03, 2013

Regional broadcasters worry about Government’s stance on digital switchover - preparing plan on impending 2015 deadline Amidst worry over a 2015 deadline for television and radio stations to start broadcasting digitally, a regional body says that it is preparing a comprehensive plan to present to Governments. Currently, the stations along with cable operators are transmitting via the old analog systems with June 17, 2015 set for what is becoming known as the digital switchover. TV, radio and cable broadcasters will have to change equipment, expecting to costs millions, in order to broadcast under the digital system. In August, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), of which Guyana is a member, held its 44th Annual General Assembly in Guyana to discuss a number of major challenges, including the digital switchover. The members agreed that a number of small stations may have to close unless mechanisms are introduced that ease the huge costs associated with the process. Last weekend, the CBU board met in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, to chart its path forward for the coming year against what it says is “a backdrop of a rapidly converging technological and media environment”. Guyana is represented on the CBU’s board by Michael Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN). CBU said that during its board meeting last weekend, it discussed the positioning of the CBU, greater usage of digital platforms, the need for more inclusive and comprehensive regional media research, the strengthening of relationships between WICB

and CBU’s broadcast membership and the pathway to a digital switchover for the Caribbean’s television market. “On this point, the CBU noted the significant cost to broadcasters and the public on the digital switchover and the lack of clarity by Governments of the region on a policy toward the switchover. Even further, the CBU expressed concern about how such an expensive process would be borne by consumers and broadcasters alike and the need for a wide ranging programme of public education.” CBU disclosed that it has now agreed to develop a comprehensive position paper for broadcasters across the region that can inform a forum which brings together Ministers of Information, telecommunications providers, regulators and other stakeholders. “The meeting also agreed to the framework for the possible strengthening of relations between the WICB and Broadcasters in the region with respect to regional and international cricket. Regarding its positioning, the Union will also carry out a comprehensive review of its by-laws with a view to modernizing, expanding and strengthening the union.” The body, which has representatives stretching from St Maarten to Trinidad, has established four working groups to deal with the critical areas. Last month, newly-elected Vice President Gary Allen said that it will cost broadcasters tens of millions of dollars to buy new transmitters and other critical pieces of equipment. “It became very clear to us that across the Caribbean, digital switchover is going to cost tens of

CBU’s Board of Directors meeting last weekend in Trinidad. millions of dollars per territory… “With that level of investment that is expected, we had an assessment of what new services and new revenue streams are likely to be. We are very concerned that those persons who have already done digital switchover as well as integrators themselves, did not have very good news for us about proven, possible new revenue streams that we can look forward to.” CBU urged policymakers in the region and regulators to engage broadcasters meaningfully with a view of developing a workable plan within a certain timeframe to aid in the successful transition from analog to digital. Another concern was also raised with regards to West Indies cricket. Broadcasters in the region have been complaining about a trend whereby some regional cricket properties are no longer available to broadcasters to carry live. In this regard, the CBU resolved to seek an audience with the West Indies Cricket Board to discuss possible solutions to this issue. Government has said that digital broadcasting is more efficient than the current analog system, allowing several frequencies to be attached to a channel. This is significant as Guyana is currently grappling with several applications for new TV, radio and cable operations but there is just not enough space on the analog spectrum available. The CBU was formed in 1970 with a view to stimulating the flow of broadcast material among the radio and television systems in the Caribbean region. The organization is now hoping to attract newspapers, online media houses and even production companies as members.

Europe wants 32,000 litres of Guyana’s coconut water weekly The byproducts of coconut are taking a strong stand in Guyana’s exports, with a European group proposing that Guyana supply them with 32,000 litres of coconut water on a weekly basis, for the purpose of supplying supermarkets there. This was disclosed by Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during a press conference held at his Regent Street, Georgetown office recently. Dr. Ramsammy stressed that this is a huge opportunity for local coconut farmers, pointing out that it would also contribute to the overall growth of the sector, especially since it was made clear that this initial order could see an increase. Minister Ramsammy said that what is even more beneficial to local farmers and agroprocessors is the fact that the group does not want the coconut water supplied in tankers, but wants it to be bottled in Guyana. Phoenix Enterprises Guyana, which is run by Bernice Trotz and family, has been the pioneer of bottled water locally. The company has been involved in bottling and selling coconut water since 2004. In 2006, their business evolved to include the production of coconut wine which has a base of coconut water. Dr. Ramsammy noted that the coconut industry is now on resurgence in the Caribbean because of the huge demand of particularly the extra virgin coconut oil. In Guyana, the Minister pointed out that as of recent, coconut water has been

surpassing the demand of regular coconut oil on the international market. “As you know, the industry was killed by scientists who said that coconut oil was bad for your health when the industry was mainly depending on the production of oil,” Dr. Ramsammy said. Even before scientists discovered what they thought they knew was good about coconut oil, Guyanese foreparents had been cooking with the product for decades. They somewhat relented on this practice following reports from foreign scientists highlighting that coconut oil was bad for health. Another set of researchers recently disproved that theory. The humble coconut is now a darling of the natural-foods world, dominating Guyana’s agricultural exports in 2012. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that the coconut industry has a huge potential for further development in the sector. In 2011, the coconut industry earned hundreds of millions of dollars, producing over 92 million nuts annually. Coconut is the third leading export product behind sugar and rice. Guyana’s coconut has one of the thickest kernels in the world, Dr. Ramsammy noted. It is now known that coconut oil possesses saturated fat, but one that is unique, healthy and different from most other fats. Coconut oil can not only be used to prepare food, but it is also used in the process of making medicine. It was even described as (Continued on page 11)

Bottled coconut water and coconut wine produced by Phoenix Enterprises (GINA PHOTO)

Thursday October 03, 2013

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Lawyer takes APNU believes Parliament Clerk lacks Chief Electrical independence, is dominated by OP Inspector to court Attorney at law Saphier Husain moved to the courts and was granted an Order Nisi against Ronald Barclay, the Chief Electrical Inspector at the Ministry of Public Works. The order quashed Barclay’s earlier decision to have the electrical power disconnected from the applicant’s premises at the Federation Building on Croal Street. Chief Justice Ian Chang gave the ruling recently. In his affidavit to the court Husain said that he has paid rent from January 1989 right up until December 2013. He said that on May 14, 2013 he received a notice of outstanding licensing fee. Then on July 18, 2012 he said that he received a notice to quit from Damone Younge, for which no authority was given. Husain stated that on January 23, last, a summons was filed with complaint signed by Sita RamlallSolicitor General. Husain is contending that the government could not argue for possession since the property does not belong to it, but to a Bahamian company. The matter is expected to be called up for report later in the month. Attorney General Anil Nandlall on February 3 said that Government had acquired six possession notices against some of the persons who occupied the First Federation Building. The notice of possession

Europe wants 32,000 litres... From page 10 “the healthiest oil on earth”. Some products that are made locally using the various components of coconut include roofing tiles made from the husk, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut based wine, coconut butter, coconut flakes, ornaments, jewelry, and kitchen utensils.

is a document issued to inform a party of the intention to retake possession of certain property, in this case the “First Federation Building”. This type of document is often used by landlords who are evicting tenants. In such a case, the landlord provides the tenant with a deadline by which to vacate the premises and turn over the keys to the property. Sometimes a notice of possession may also be used when a mortgage lender is foreclosing on a property. Nandlall had told Kaieteur News on that occasion that with the six possession notices being given, he hoped that the other occupants recognize that the government needs the building to house important judicial offices. According to the Attorney General, he was extremely displeased with some of the occupants who happen to be Attorneys-atLaw. He said that these lawyers ought to recognize the value of having greater space being made available for the justice sector in close proximity to existing facilities. On July 22, the Guyana Power and Light disconnected the power to the building.

“Come on President Ramotar, assent to those Bills,” was the lament of A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Basil Williams, yesterday when the party held a special media briefing at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. He was at the time referring to the four pieces of legislation passed in Parliament, as a prerequisite for the holding of the long over-due Local Government Elections. Williams accused the administration of persistently seeking to dominate the Clerk of the National Assembly, “and subvert his authority.” He was referring to the fact that the Bills that have been approved by Parliament are currently stalled at the Chambers of the Attorney General and are yet to be sent to the President for his assent. “APNU further reiterates that it is the Clerk of Parliament who has the duty to present the Bills to the President, not the Attorney General.” Regarding the public pronouncements by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, that he was awaiting word from the President on whether to issue an assent certificate, Williams told media operatives, he does not know of any such precedent and that “the perpetuation of a wrong doesn’t make it right.”

According to Williams, while the Constitution of Guyana is silent on who should present the approved Bills to the President, the Parliamentary Standing Orders dictate that it be done by the Clerk of the National Assembly. Williams however suggested that the Clerk of the National Assembly lacks any independence and is dominated by Office of the President. “He’s dominated by the government.” Asked about realistic options available to the APNU to press for the Bills to be engaged by the President, the APNU executive retorted, “A President’s word should be his bond.” He was referring to the fact that Ramotar had publicly stated his intention to not assent to any Bill passed without the input of the government. “It was not a majority, it was a unanimous decision that these Bills must go forward, and so the President cannot now say that he is not assenting to them. He knows that.” The President upon receipt of the Bill is constitutionally bound to address them within 21 days. Williams also rejected the arguments made that the Parliament needs to secure the services of attorneys, in order to ensure that the Bills are properly prepared for the

APNU Executive Member, Basil Williams President. He suggested that the position is already occupied by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel. The APNU executive said that while the Chief Parliamentary Counsel is housed at the Office of the Attorney General, he along with his assistants is present at the Parliamentary sessions in the Full House as well as the Committees. Williams was adamant that “the AG has absolutely nothing to do with this process.” He suggested that when the Bills are presented to the President it is then that he has the prerogative to seek advice from the AG, if he wishes. Asked a second time about the realistic options available to APNU to have the Bills engaged by the President,

Williams responded, “He (Ramotar) is Head of Government and they have control over the Parliament… The parliamentary staff, they appoint them, they pay them and we know that they exert undue influence on them.” He did rule out the option at present of any street marches in order to get the Bills addressed, “because the President must have the Bills presented to him…We have alerted him so if the Bills are not presented to him it means then that the President is either turning a Nelson’s eye to what the requirement of the law is, or is just plain set on preventing the people of Guyana from being empowered in the communities in which they live, it’s his call.”

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Thursday October 03, 2013


President Jagdeo said it, now President Ramotar repeats it In my column of August 29, last, captioned, “Politics that just don’t make sense at all,” I referred to a statement made by former President Jagdeo at the International Convention Centre in which he cited the names of Christopher Ram, Ramon Gaskin and Professor Clive Thomas as the persons who “killed” (Jagdeo’s word) the Amaila Falls hydro power project. In that article I wrote the following; “If Mr. Jagdeo can publicly admit that a group of academics derailed his legacy then surely it is an admission

that the Government has detractors that are strategically placed. It is an admission that there are poles of power in Guyana that the ruling party cannot conquer, and those poles are formidable voices. “It follows then that the most logical thing to do is to initiate a process of dialogue. If you refuse to talk, and according to Mr. Jagdeo, the country loses out, then such politics makes no sense at all. You are openly confessing to the nation that there are groups in Guyana that can intensively hurt major policies that are important to the Government and the country. Then any student around the world that heard those words of Mr. Jagdeo in reference to the opposition, “they kill hydro,” would say; “then, why don’t they talk?”

This is not only logical but commonsensical.” In yesterday’s Stabroek News, there is the bold headline on page 16, “Politics Still Holding Back UG – Ramotar.” Obviously, Mr. Ramotar is referring to the opposition. There can be no other meaning. In the same vein as in the case of the Jagdeo-influenced comment above, any student around the world will ask the same question: “Why then don’t they talk?” Mr. Ramotar made his pronouncement while addressing the first in a series of symposia celebrating fifty years of UG’s existence. What was interesting to note in the context of Ramotar’s exclamation is that three persons from the PPP were on the panel and there was no representative from

the opposition or the unions. It was intriguing to note that Mr. Navin Chandarpal was a panelist but I did not read in what context he appeared. Incidentally, the Opposition Leader is a graduate from UG with the President’s Medal. Now this set up seems to me to be the usual ghost of political domination that has so killed off the credibility of UG. But let us get back to Mr. Ramotar’s claim of politics holding back UG. The record shows that the PPP, Mr. Ramotar’s party, has been in power for twenty-one years and for the past fifteen years has had four PPP parliamentarians and seven card-bearing members of the party (including the MPs) on the UG Council. Surely if politics is holding back UG then where is the source of this politics? It cannot be from the opposition when the Council is stacked with PPP members and the Council decides everything at UG. Let us assume that the

source of the politics is from the opposition, then, the Jagdeo hydropower scream is relevant. If for twenty-one years, the ruling PPP has dominated Guyana and UG yet (as in Mr. Jagdeo’s hydropower scenario), the opposition can hold back UG, then surely as the argument as contained in the quote above is relevant, that is, there are poles of formidable power that the Government has no control over and for the sake of Guyana’s future, the Government should engage them. Isn’t this commonsense? If they can kill one of Mr. Jagdeo’s legacies, if they can weaken UG, then we have two strong poles of power and either they talk or we die as a country. The analysis tells another story. In both cases (Jagdeo’s scream about his hydropower death and Ramotar’s intonation about UG), the situation is billions of miles away from what Jagdeo and Ramotar are crying about. The Amaila deal fell

Frederick Kissoon through because the investors Sithe Global told the Government that it will not proceed because as the opposition is in disagreement then if the opposition gets into power it may scuttle the Sithe Global investment. In UG’s case, Ramotar is far less than straightforward. The politics that is holding back UG in the view of a majority of Guyanese is governmental domination. Hours after Mr. Ramotar made his statement on Tuesday afternoon, I addressed the students in communications on the topic of politics and the media. I could not believe the dilapidated interior of the building. It was a tragic sight. Not even in the poorest school in any CARICOM state would an education building look so run down

Thursday October 03, 2013

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Thursday October 03, 2013

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Testing in progress to Berbice Bridge guarded ensure better chicken in request for information Chicken rearing locally

While the standard and quality of locally produced poultry plays a significant role in agricultural development, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, says that tests are being conducted to guarantee better-quality locally produced chicken. Dr. Ramsammy was speaking at a recent press briefing on the activities slated for Caribbean Week of Agriculture, (CWA). The Minister of Agriculture disclosed that while local farmers have been reaching the local demands for chicken, there are still concerns surrounding the value and quality of the commodity. He noted that the local production of chicken has been sufficient to supply the local market but “the size of locally produced birds is much smaller and the birds

- Ramsammy

provide less meat.” “While the production of chicken has not reduced, the sizes of the birds are much smaller …tests are being conducted to determine a definite cause of the problem.” As it relates to the issue of cost for chicken, the Minister explained that the current price for chicken is engrossed in the price for corn and other meal products imported to manufacture stockfeed. “Even as consumers have complained about the cost for chicken, the standard of chicken produced locally, in terms of freshness remains superior to imported chicken. In the region, we grow enough to support table top usage; we don’t need to import corn for food but we import a huge amount of corn for the Stockfeed Industry. “We are already meeting the poultry demands in

Guyana but we can only guarantee a reduction for the price of chicken and other poultry if we can produce our own corn and ingredients to create quality Stockfeed.” The Minister is hoping to point out to Stakeholders at CWA that the region has the ability to produce enough corn to sustain the poultry/ cattle industry and so lower the cost of poultry. When asked whether there has been alarm in relation to mortality rate of meat birds, Minister Ramsammy said that there have been no complaints about major loss of any livestock. He explained that while there is a baseline level for mortality rate in livestock, local farmers are advised to report instances of significant loss in poultry to the Guyana Livestock and Development Association (GLDA).

Winston Brassington is no longer the Company Secretary for the Berbice Bridge Company, a role that has been coming under increased scrutiny in recent weeks. This was made known this past week when Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram, delved into the most recent financial returns filed by the Company. Ram added that the Chairperson of the Bridge Company, Keith Evelyn has refused to divulge information that the public has a right to. “That access is a right of any person under section 194 of the Companies Act,” said Ram. Section 194 of the Companies Act dictates that any person can request such information and it would have to be provided by the company. Ram said that it took the bridge company almost a full week to respond by seeking to query why the Chartered Accountant would want such information. The information that Ram had requested of the bridge company included the register of shareholders. According to Ram, “We recall that the former Company Secretary Mr. Winston Brassington had failed to disclose the required information in the company’s annual return.” Ram said too that he had

…Chairman Keith Evelyn refuses to disclose register of shareholders

Former Company Secretary of the Berbice Bridge, Winston Brassington

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Berbice Bridge, Keith Evelyn

sought to acquire the register of debenture holders as well as the “conversion privileges or rights to the shares in the company.” The request was directed to the Chairman, Keith Evelyn, and copied to the new Company Secretary, Steven Rambajan. The Company in response to the request by Ram, said, “The company has noted that your letter did not allow the privilege of a proper reason or rationale behind this unusual request… Accordingly, I am writing to inform you that the Board would be happy to consider

your request objectively should you be able to give proper justification for your request, stating what meaningful objective can be achieved by this exercise; especially given that BBCI has in place internal controls, external auditors, and is subject to the Berbice Bridge Act No. 3 of 2005. Upon receipt of a satisfactory response, the request would be put to the Board for consideration.” The Chartered Accountant has since restated the request, insisting that there “is no requirement for me to give any reason.”

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Hilux D4D pick up extra cab, GPP series- Call:644-5096/ 697-1453 1 Leyland DAF 60 single axle & dump- Call:216-1315/6136615

X-box 360 $55,000- Call:2231719

1 Honda ATV 450 bikeCall:626-3817

2008 White Tacoma 4x4 automatic, 32,000 miles, 4" lift kit with big rims & tyres. Excellent condition- Call:6105370

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

2007 Toyota ‘BB’ $2.5M, 2007 Rav4 $6.4M, Spacio $2.1M, Premio $2.5M. vehicles fully loadedCall:617-2891 1 Toyota- IST, Fun Cargo, AT212, AT192, AT170, Ceres, G-Touring Wagon & Tundra- Call:644-5096 or 6971453

TOUR Suriname return trip 12-16 October. Shopping site-seeing lots of fun- Call:644-0185/ 639-2663/227-8290/665-5171

2008 unregistered Toyota Premio for sale- Call:615-4114 LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

WANTED One experience hairdresser to work at P&P Beauty Salon, Eccles. Contact: 645-3010, 639-7672, 619-0007. Experience Taxi driversCall:667-9013/627-9424

WANTED Drivers & day guard for supermarket on the E.C.DCall:680-3863. Cleaner to work on W.C.D- Call:6848231

Experienced Dispatcher, contract cars & drivers- Call: 613-0419.

One room mate to share apartment. Preferably working person- Call:6825798

Contract Cars @ Gem’s TaxiCall:667-9013/627-9424

Driver Looking for car to work preferably Wagon/ Raum - Call:682-5798

Female worker needed, 3 CXC subject or sound secondary school education- Call:612-1595 Urgently needed 1 plot of land to buy in Parfaite Harmony, Eccles & Herstelling- Call:675-7295/ 218-5591 1 Motor Rewinder. Must have knowledge of rewinding three phase motor- Contact Latchman Singh Rewinding Service 622-3940 Urgently needed live-in waitresses to work in Bar reasonable salary offeredCall:259-0574 Bill writers and porters to work in Grocery stall, Stabroek market- Tel:2269800/683-9500 1 Office assistant with own transportation & 1 Security Guard. Apply with written application @ Comfortsleep 49 Eccles Industrial, E.B.D One experience mechanic to work in interior must know to repair minibus & solid DEF vehicle- Call:681-6044

Experience Graphic ArtistCall:225-1445/225-1478 Labourer to work on concession. Accommodation provided $5,000 per day. Also chainsaw operator (Call 9am-4pm)-Tel:612-1082 Cook/ counter Call:223-1719


Contract cars @ Atlas Taxi Service, South Ruimveldt Gardens- Call:661-3043 Live In Waitress to work in a bar- Call:665-7865 Attractive live in WaitressCall:228-5129 Live-in domestic must know to cook and live in waitress $50,000 monthly- Call:6105043 House lot between BV & L.B.I, E.C.D. Size 36/40ft in width & 80-100ft or more in length- call:641-3258/6752803 Live In Live Out Babysitter Domestic- Call:225-6070 One live in maid age 24-45Call:697-2129

Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978 One experience driver to work in interior age 25 and up- Call:681-6044 One live in & one live out babysitter from 12-8pmCall:225-6070 Sales Representative. Apply in person with written application @ Rite Price Wireless stall 13&14 ‘A’ Bourda Market Minibus driver living in Georgetown for contractCall:675-3093 One maid age 35-40 preferably country side. Attractive salary- Tel:2314815, Cell:699-9380 One experience sales girl & one porter for a grocery shop, age 30 to 35 @ Diamond New SchemeCall:691-9212 or 216-1420

CAR RENTAL Wings Car Rental- Call:6431131 Aidan’s Car Rental & Pickup- Call: 645-7981/ 6987807 Premio, vitz call: 679-7139 Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 225-7126/ First Choice Car Rental: Cars as low as $5,000 per day- Call:668-0306/6947817/225-6337 (Continued on page 23)

Thursday October 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

Int’l Property Law needs to be upgraded - VP OF GCCI Vice President (VP) of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Lance Hinds, is urging those in the relevant authorities to update the Intellectual Property Law (IPL). Hinds, in an interview with this publication, said that whilst the IPL refers to products or creations of human intelligence, Guyana’s current laws are not adequately defined to protect 21st century businesses that depend on these products. He said, “What is attracting a lot of attention on the market is information technology, knowledge based industries and creative industries specifically with arts.” “Now, if you are going to go down that road as a business in Guyana then you don’t have any real comfort that this output would be protected. The situation in our economical climate is such that if you design a costume for Mashramani, which we call your intellectual property, and someone takes your costume design to an agency and ask them to make it at a cheaper price, there is nothing you can do when that happens. Why? Because we don’t have the modern laws to take that person to court and get any sort of satisfaction. And this in itself, presents a problem for businesses that are driven by such creations.” The VP added, “If you are going to foster innovation, you will need to provide that sort of comfort and build an environment where people could feel at ease and not worry and they know that should anything happen there is proper legal ways that could be used to achieve some sort of justice.” He explained that if we hope to do, for example, high-end information processing for an international company, “one of the things they are going to need to be comfortable with is that if you walk around with any of their information in our legal environment they can go to court and get satisfactory results. But again, we don’t have the mechanisms for that and that affects the ability of some companies to be able to partner with other companies at

Lance Hinds

(From page 22)

LAND FOR SALE One land located on Princess street, Georgetown for sale- Call:601-2144 Parfaite Harmony $1.2MCall:675-7292 50x200 Land for sale @ 46 Friendship, E.B.D $1.8M Call: 216-2654/ 1-917-622-5810 2 Medium scale mining properties in Frenchman (843 acres) and Mahdia Potaro (79 acres)Call:259-1264 Monogomery Stuart

that level because they would not be comfortable with taking such risks.” In short, the current IPL, he said, severely affects business growth in those areas that have the potential to bring in significant revenue. “There is legislation but the trouble is that it has not been modified since 1956 and the problem with that is that if you photocopy a book then it falls within the current statute, but the things which I have spoken about are not even categorized in this statute or exist in this Act. It does not provide for it. So the Act clearly needs to be updated.” Hinds indicated that while it may sound quite simple to get it amended and done with, he strongly suggested that awareness be raised about the importance of the IPL as he believes that the Guyanese culture is not oriented in such a way that everyone respects and understands intellectual property rights. Moreover, the VP highlighted that the GCCI has called on agencies and individuals to assist them in understanding and documenting the effects of the current statute on businesses to further reinforce their case.

State care does not end at 18…

Facility to be rehabilitated A facility located in the compound of the Sophia Care Centre is set to be rehabilitated to house individuals who age out of state care through a programme by the Child Care and Protection Agency. According to the Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Ann Greene, the Transitional Housing and Life Skills programme which was launched back in 2009 prepares foster children for adult world through a number of programs. Greene added that while the building, which is said to be completed by the end of the year, foster children are housed with special families whom are paid for the housing while the adults get on their feet. The legal adults can also have rent paid up to three months by the agency while they work or seek employment. Greene said that there are 212 children in foster care

Page 23

- Ann Greene with the agency. She added that the agency receives its funding from Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Human Services. When this publication visited the facility last week, an official from the care centre said that the rehabilitation process has not commenced. The source further said that with the present state of the building no one resides there. Green however told Kaieteur News that the materials for the project have already been purchased but the rehabilitation is said to

begin shortly. With the other privatelyowned foster homes, Greene said that these orphanages are constantly monitored by officials of the Child Care and Protection Agency. Greene explained that the privately owned orphanages are regularly inspected by a visiting committee along with an inspection committee. With the question of adoption in Guyana, Greene said that persons who are desirous of adopting a child can apply to the agency. She added that foster parents will have to go through a legal process before the child is placed into their care.

Waiakabra, Linden Highway: 1,409’x403’ or 13.73 acres. Concrete house thereon. 1,100 feet from HighwayCall:619-4152 Gold land at EkeurkuCall:223-1719/info at Bel-Air 40x20 $28MCall:223-1719 At Blankenburg public road, W.C.D. 38x150 & 39x150 $16M each- Call:666-3619

EDUCATIONAL Electronic Course- hands on training. Starting 2nd October. Abdul electronicsCall:226-655/225-0391

VACANCY One professional seamstress & one frame builder- Call: 610-7005/ 2191342 Car wash attendantCall:694-4148 or 225-6296 24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistantCall: 663-1751/684-2838 1 Female Clerk- Call:231-5171 Jump Start your Career!!! Phone: 220-0401-3 or 220-3488 to schedule your Interview Or Email:recruitment_guyana@ Albion Truck DriverCall:330-2399/623-5920 Evening Salesgirls (1:15pm10:30pm), Cashiers & cleaners. Send application & passport sized photograph @ Survival Shopping Complex 173 Sheriff St. Call:227-5286-89 Pump Attendant & Cashier @Shell Service Station Providence, E.B.D. Must be able to work shift (5am-3pm & 3pm-12pm)- Call:265-7305 Secretary/ assistant @ Berbice-Call:622-6355

Institute of Academic Supremacy East Street forms 1-5. Adult CXC classes: Maths, English A, Science & Business- Call:226-8468/ 690-5008

(1) Customs Clerk (3) subjects CXC (English, Mathematics & must be computer literate). Due 11-1013. Contact 669-6874/6823481/ windsortechhomes

Enroll Now! Critchlow Labour College: Industrial & Social Studies, care for the Elderly & CommunicationCall:226-2483

4- Semi skilled labourers & 1 diesel mechanic. Apply in p e r s o n @ Te c h n i c a l Services Inc. Eccles Industrial Site

Master mathematics now! Mathematics classes for 3rd, 4th, 5th form students & adults- Call:686-9454 PEN PAL Female seeking male companion for serious relationship. Must be honest, understanding etc. Call:698-6869/686-0536 TO LET 1 Upstairs for business or offices- Call:223-9727/673-0373 Newly built apartmentCall:698-6496

SERVICES Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Profressional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. Budram’s Landscaping ServicesCall:656-1326/678-0058 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 Cellphone repairs at Halema’s Fashion 104 Regent street next door to the Multicomplex MallCall:622-7740/696-4008 Tattoo & body piercing @ Halema’s Fashion 104 Regent street next door to the Multicomplex MallCall:622-7740/696-4008 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) FOR SALE/RENT American Pool Table - Call: 277-0578

FOR RENT Lessons or storage bond @ Vreed-en-Hoop junctionCall: 680-9905 TO LET Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenities- Call during working hours- 227-1218 Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 679-7139

Two bedrooms bottom apartment @ C/villeCall:650-0716/223-1051

Secret Villa apartment, fully furnished apartments Landof-Canaan E.B.D- Call:2665243/266-5245

Harmony Inn: Apartments fully furnished, airconditioned apartments: As low as $5000 per night- Call: 668-0306/ 602-8769/694-7817

Campbellville $100,000, Bel-Air $80,000, Lamaha Gardens US$1200, Atlantic Gardens US$900- Call Diana 227-2256/626-9382

1 Bedroom @ North Ruimveldt- Call:691-6126 To rent 2 Bedrooms fully furnished Short term apartment- Call:222-7891/ 609-9202 One 2 bedrooms apartment at Middle road La Penitence $45,000- Call:226-6374/6669534 Rooms- Call:225-9223 Fully furnished apartment in Nandy Park, suitable for a single person or coupleCall:619-4824 for further information.

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Thursday October 03, 2013

‘Impressions’ gears for GuyExpo 2013 In a world where the graphics and media are quickly evolving into a magnificent tool that captivates society with its rapidly growing technologies, Impressions, a private company, continues to lead the way in Guyana. While recognizing that technology is revolving, the true key to business growth is “advertising” your company at a large scene, says CEO of Impressions Neal Sukhlal. According to Sukhlal, Impressions continues to unleash its creativity every time it takes part in Guyexpo. He said that he has seen Guyexpo as one of the country’s premier trade expositions with great potential for economic development. He said that through its marketing opportunities and once these are effectively executed, the true potential of Guyexpo could be effectively realized with enormous trading and economic benefits for Guyana and Guyanese businesses. According to Sukhlal, his company has realized growth and expansion after participating in previous GuyExpo over the past 10 years. He said that the event has advanced to a whole new level that is offering his company new standards and opportunities.

“My company gives an innovative and creative setting which often complements the exposition and this has not fallen short of patrons’ expectations in the past few years,” Sukhlal told Kaieteur News. He explained that his company is behind the innovative setting and centre pieces on display at most national exhibitions. Impressions company has been working with the

GuyExpo Committee since the introduction of GuyExpo many years ago, he said. “We are very pleased to have been a part of the creative and innovative outlook of GuyExpo over the years and we intend to continue working with the committee as we believe our deliverables are second to none in Guyana,” Sukhlal said. This year in keeping with the theme of the Exposition, “Advancing Productivity

through Innovation, Modernisation and Expansion,” Sukhlal said they transformed the main entrance to GuyExpo to reflect Guyana’s manufacturing and productive sector in a creative and innovative manner. The main centre piece attraction which is a Map of Guyana was also created by the production company to further emphasize the manufacturing sector modernization thrust.

From the inception, Impressions has been working with GuyExpo in the construction and branding of booths and the general GuyExpo venue. He explained that apart from being integrally involved in the branding and preparation of the general venue, Impressions has over the years designed, and branded the booths of many large corporate companies including GBTI and GT&T. Sukhlal said that his company is fully aware that innovation and creativity are essential in today’s quickly evolving technological world. Coupled with these skills, state of the art machinery and dedicated and creative staff, Impressions continues to lead the way in Guyana, making it the single one stop creative marketing company in Guyana. Its exceptional production is reflected in its unique creativity showcased at every national exposition, held in Guyana over the past few years, Sukhlal said. Only recently, Impressions transformed the National Stadium tarmac into a Silica City at the International Building Expo. The company had presented an artist’s impression of a green city (amidst the mountains and hills) and therefore decided on this masterpiece as the artistic centerpiece which was built

on a 350x20 feet digitally printed vinyl. Impressions emerged 15 years ago, out of the need for a creative one-stop production agency here in Guyana; one that offers a complete package, from concept design to execution of marketing campaigns, signage, branding, novelties, expo facilities and advertising. Initially the company was known for its embroidery and screen printing expertise and gradually evolved into Guyana’s most sought after creative production house, especially by large corporate including those in banking and finance, manufacturing, entertainment as well as the public sectors. It has been the first to introduce digital screen printing, and digital billboards both indoor and outdoor. Its state-of-the-art full color digital fabric printer that has the capacity to print approximately 10,000 T-shirts per day, and its novelty printing machine makes Impressions the second in the Caribbean, other than Trinidad, to be utilizing this technology. The local marketing company has been the first to introduce several new techniques to the local market. It has also invested in a multimillion digital advertising project that has seen for the first time LED video billboards, installed in Guyana.

Burrowes School of Arts graduating class hosts art exhibition The Burrowes School of Arts graduating class of 2013 is currently holding an art exhibition at the Umana Yana in Kingston, Georgetown. The exercise, which is customary after the annual graduation, is a forum showcasing a number of pieces made by the graduating class, during their tenure at the school. Following their graduation late last month, eight diploma holders of the Burrowes School of Arts are utilizing the opportunity to have their work showcased at this year’s exhibition. Some of the mediums are leather, graphics, oil and charcoal, craftwork, and ceramics. One thing is certain; Guyana does not lack talent in the department of creativity. There were indeed some pieces that warrant much praise; however, year after year, the young exhibitors continue to complain of the poor turnout from the public. This batch of students is still hopeful though, that the number of visitors would increase before the exhibition concludes next week. Former Anna Regina Multilateral student, Andre

Some of the other brilliant pieces on display at the Umana Yana yesterday Jacobus, said that he opted for the Burrowes School of Art with a passion for painting. He has 14 pieces on display, with the theme revolving around the daily life of Amerindians in the rural communities. The 20-year-old Pomeroon, Region Two resident said that his parents

and other well-wishers saw his talent, and advised that he “follow it up.” Pursuing the arts was everything that Jacobus wanted to do, so he was more than happy to take up the advice of his elders. He therefore shifted to the city after completing the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). He was enrolled at the

Burrowes School of Arts where he spent three years. Jacobus now majors in Graphics and minors in painting. Like many of his colleagues, Jacobus gets his ideas to create his work by reminiscing regularly. His most precious display is a floor piece valued at $50,000. He is already working part time as an artist at Brain Street

Animated Company, and plans to soon become a permanent staff. According to Jacobus, he uses different mediums for his creations and is of the belief that an artist has to have a massive imagination and willing to go places, making regular sketches so as to ensure his ideas do not depart from him. Over the years the

Burrowes School of Arts has been churning out brilliant artists, many of whom now command a place in some of the leading galleries in the world. Although the work of local artists may be brilliant, the lack of interests among Guyanese have been posing as a means of stifling creative talents- both young and old.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday October 03, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Inedible Consumer Service

DEAR EDITOR, I am fed up – which is quite the opposite of being well-fed. The other day my limited cooking skills were challenged momentarily when I extracted an oversized ‘pig-tail’ from a package clearly marked ‘pork-chops’. The symbolism alone was just too much to bear – particularly coming after being confronted over recent weeks with crumbling ‘Club Social’ biscuits, a similarly inedible onethird of a crumpled CRIX package – which I kept for a while before giving up the earlier intention of confronting the supermarket concerned. But reflecting on how inert their representatives on the floor have been to previous complaints, I dropped the weighty crumbs in the garbage on the way out, along with the package of wiri-wiri peppers that were all blackened at the core, just contrasting with the brown core of the thick-skinned onions I had also purchased. One reason I kept hesitating about presenting all the evidence for review, included the fact that I may have lost control in any

interaction with personnel hardly trained to conduct any type of investigation or analysis; on the ground, particularly since they were not involved in the procurement process. So that when I would have displayed the irregular shoots coming out of each stem of eschallot, I would only elicit speechless sympathy. So I went to the fresh market – ending up fooling myself again with a pock-marked misshapen papaya – a contrast to the healthy species I have enjoyed in such Caribbean places like Jamaica, Dominica, Barbados and Tobago, for example. But since I am no longer very mobile, it seems I must either resign myself to contending with these local and even imported consumerables or resign from consuming them. If per chance anyone thinks I have opened a can of worms, he/she should see the squidlike creature that was stuck to the cover of a tin of sardines when I opened it. I just had to keep it refrigerated as evidence for the next visitor to verify. E.B. John

DISCIPLINE OFFICERS... From page 4 charge of the police station must be held accountable. Charges of neglect must be brought against those police officers who were made aware of the complaint and did nothing about it. Their behaviour is crude and crass. It is conduct unbecoming of a police officer. It is unacceptable in this day and age.

It is no wonder why people have little confidence in the police force. Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell must discipline those officers. They don’t belong in the force. In N.Y, they would be suspended without pay and criminal charges filed against them. Vishnu Bisram

Thursday October 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Thursday October 03, 2013

Ministry rolls out National Mathematics Policy Jamaica Observer - The Ministry of Education is in the roll-out phase of a National Mathematics Policy to improve how the subject is taught in schools in light of low exam performances at both the primary and secondary levels. The policy will seek to improve teacher and teaching quality, provide additional support for struggling students and increase access to resources. In the first year the programme is expected to provide support for 1,365 secondary teachers in 130 secondary schools and 2,000 primary teachers in 250 primary schools. An additional 250 schools will be targeted in years three and four of the intervention.National Mathematics Co-ordinator in

Dr Tamika Benjamin the education ministry Dr Tamika Benjamin said the policy establishes some minimum standards and guidelines for several aspects of maths education, given that there were no prior standards.

“We have noticed when we go into schools, teachers tend to plan around a topic rather than plan for a lesson. So you plan that I am going to teach fractions and one lesson plan is drafted rather than a plan for each individual lesson plan to be developed in the unit,” she explained. Dr Benjamin, who was addressing reporters and editors at this week’s Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange at the newspaper ’s head offices in Kingston, noted that there are several challenges with this approach. “There is not enough continuous assessment to determine that students have grasped the concept to move on to the next stage, so the policy requires that there must be an individual plan for each lesson,” she said.

U.S. expels three Venezuelan diplomats in tit-for-tat move CARACAS (Reuters) Washington has expelled Venezuela’s highest-ranking diplomat in the United States and two others from its embassy in retaliation for Venezuela’s booting out three American diplomats accused of fomenting sabotage, the Venezuelan government said. The flare-up appears to derail some tentative moves to improve relations between Caracas and Washington since President Nicolas Maduro took over this year from the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, whose 14-year rule was halted by cancer. “We repudiate this expulsion,” Maduro’s government said in a statement, confirming that its acting head of mission, Calixto Ortega, and two others had been ordered out. “This cannot be considered a reciprocal

decision, if you look at the clear conduct of our officials, who have at no time dared to meet groups opposed to President Barack Obama’s government, or people interested in acting against it.” Maduro expelled three U.S. diplomats this week on charges they were involved in promoting antigovernment plots and sabotage in the OPEC nation, whose people are bitterly divided between “Chavistas” and the opposition. The expelled Americans include Kelly Keiderling, who was in charge of the mission in Caracas, where the United States has been without an ambassador since Chavez kicked out the last one in 2008. The U.S. government, and Keiderling herself in a news conference in

Caracas, denied the allegations, saying they were conducting normal diplomatic activities, including meeting a wide cross-section of Venezuelan society. Venezuelan state TV has been broadcasting video, set to menacing-sounding music, of a trip the three Americans made to Bolivar state, in the southeast of the country. It showed them holding meetings there, including with a pro-opposition nongovernmental organization, Sumate. “Of course we met politicians ... just like Venezuelan diplomats in Washington. If they were not going out freely, they would not be doing their job,” Keiderling told reporters late on Tuesday before the three headed out yesterday.

Banks brew for Brazil Barbados Nation Banks is seeking to go where no Caribbean beer has gone before. Chief commercial officer of Banks Holdings, Ray Chee-A-Tow, told the MIDWEEK NATION that Banks will make a thrust into the Brazil market, adding that he had had some favourable discussions following a recent Barbados Investment and Development Corporation trade mission to the w o r l d ’s f i f t h l a rg e s t

country. “It’s early days yet but there have been fruitful discussions. It would clearly be a major step if we could get our beer marketed in a country with 200 million people,” said a quietly confident Chee-ATow. Chee-A-Tow no doubt would be excited at the possibilities of bursting onto the Brazil market sooner rather than later with the FIFA World Cup to be held there next year and the Olympics in 2016.

Ray Chee-A-Tow

Thursday October 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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World powers on ‘right track’ Italy PM survives vote after Berlusconi about-face on Syria chemical arms: Putin ROME (AP) — Silvio Berlusconi made a stunning about-face yesterday and threw his support behind the government of Premier Enrico Letta in a confidence vote, acknowledging defeat on the Senate floor after defections in his party robbed him of the backing he needed to bring down the government. The three-time premier took the floor in an unexpected address after Letta made an impassioned plea to keep his 5-month-old left-right coalition alive. “Italy needs a government that can produce structural and institutional reforms that the country needs to modernize,” Berlusconi said in his brief remarks. “We have decided, not without internal strife, to vote in confidence.” The Senate then voted to back Letta 235-70 with 14 abstentions and one absence. It was a major setback for Berlusconi, who over the weekend had demanded his five Cabinet ministers quit the government and bring

Silvio Berlusconi

it down, incensed at a vote planned Friday that could strip him of his Senate seat following his tax fraud conviction and four-year prison sentence. But in a remarkable challenge to Berlusconi’s authority, several allies balked and said they would instead support Letta’s hybrid coalition. Italy’s finances are in a critical state, pressing economic measures must be passed and Italy’s president has insisted that a new electoral law be passed to avoid inconclusive results in any future general election.

The unusu a l s h o w o f defiance could signal that Berlusconi’s influence has seriously eroded after two decades leading Italy’s center-right and the main p r o t a g o n i s t i n I t a l y ’s political scene. Some commentators have likened Berlusconi’s erratic and seemingly counterproductive reaction to the challenge to the desperate, fitful sparks of a candle going out.But Berlusconi has endured numerous political setbacks in the past, only to re-emerge strong.

MOSCOW (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday global powers were “on the right track” with a plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons and could avert military intervention in the conflict if they worked together. Agreement on the plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons was reached after U.S. President Barack Obama asked Congress to approve air strikes to punish Syria’s government over an August 21 gas attack the United States says killed more than 1,400 people.”There is every reason to believe we are on the right track,” Putin told an investment conference. He said the chemical weapons plan, which has rekindled an effort to convene an international conference to seek a solution to the conflict, could not have been put in place without support from Obama and the leaders of many countries. “I believe that if we continue to act in such a coordinated way, it will not be necessary to use

f o r c e and increase the number of people wounded a n d k i l l e d i n the longsuffering land of Syria,” said Putin. Russia has been Syrian President Bashar alAssad’s strongest backer during the c i v i l w a r, block i n g a n u m b e r o f Western initiatives in the U.N. Security Council and blaming the August 21 gas attack on rebel forces.

Vladimir Putin

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Thursday October 03, 2013

Thursday October 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Work halted on Curitiba stadium in latest World Cup setback

Fifa official inspect progress made on the stadium in August. (Reuters)

Thursday October 03, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Today's a good day to work toward the goals you've set, Aries. The aspect of the day influences your ability to focus on the necessary steps to achieve what you want. No goal is too big! *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You may watch the clock today, Taurus. It can be hard to focus on tasks when you're thinking about relaxing, but do your best. You won't get through your tasks any faster if you're unfocused. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): If someone you know is going through a rough time, Gemini, they could come to you for support or advice. People see you as genuinely concerned and a good friend, especially when times are tough. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): With some leisure time on your hands, you'll find an opportunity to start fresh in some area that has challenged you, Cancer. Find the courage to examine your attitudes toward adverse situations. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Today you might want to try something completely new, Leo. If you've never done this before, why not try expressing yourself through dance? Even if you're convinced you have two left feet, you might be surprised. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): If you're not already so inclined, Virgo, why not try expressing yourself through song? Even if you're convinced you have a tin ear, you might be surprised at what happens if you just let yourself go. Do you feel silly singing out loud? Then be silly.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Libra, you may discover today that you have a talent for something you've never even thought about before. If you always stick to what you know, how will you ever experience anything new? Trying this unexplored area doesn't mean you have to excel in it. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): It's a new day, Scorpio, a good day to let your caring side show. Take the time to smile and chat with as many people as you can. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Today brings the opportunity to see things as they are and not as you'd like them to be. It's easy to fool yourself sometimes, but you can only get away with that for so long before the truth comes out. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Today your creativity might be stimulated by some free time, Capricorn. You can try and save it for later, but you may not feel the same way then. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): You probably have a knack for listening to other people and noticing when they need help or a shoulder to cry on, Aquarius. Today may be excellent for you to help another person out. Consider going the extra mile by lending a hand to those around you who are in need. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It's possible that someone will question your motives or wonder whether or not you're genuine, Pisces. Don't take it the wrong way. You don't take everything at face value either. Show your sincerity by following through and sticking by your word.

BBC Sport - Work on a Brazilian football stadium which is being refurbished for the 2014 World Cup has been suspended after a judge ruled there were safety concerns. The Arena da Baixada stadium in the city of Curitiba is due to stage four matches during the World Cup. Refurbishment work on the stadium is already lagging behind schedule. Judge Lorena Colnago said workers were at serious risk of accidents. She ordered a new inspection be carried out before work could resume. “Countless infractions have been committed, in various stages of the building process,” the judge from Brazil’s labour tribunal said. She said workers were in danger of “being buried, run over and of collision, falling from heights and being hit by construction material, among other serious risks”. ‘No plan B’ The news comes a week after an investigation revealed that construction workers employed on another World Cup-related project faced what were termed “slave-like” conditions. Investigators said that more than 100 workers employed to expand Sao Paulo’s international airport were living in unsuitable

accommodation near the building site. In August, Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said he was worried about delays at five stadiums still being built for next year’s football World Cup. Arena de Baixada, which is owned by football club Atletico Paranaense, was among the five. Plans for its refurbishment have already been scaled back. After a visit from Fifa Secretary-General Jerome Valcke, the club said it would now not fit a retractable roof in order to

speed the work up. Mr Valcke said all the stadiums would have to be ready in December and warned he would not tolerate any more delays as there was “no plan B”. The World Cup will be played in 12 stadiums across the country. The opening match is due to take place at a brand-new venue being built in the outskirts of Sao Paulo on 12 June 2014. The final is scheduled for 13 July in the country’s most famous football stadium, the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

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Home favourite Li advances in China, Ivanovic out (Reuters) - Home favorite Li Na overcame Germany’s Sabine Lisicki 7-5 6-4 at the China Open yesterday to set up a quarter-final showdown with former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. The Czech, who won the Japan Open last weekend, overcame Italian fifth seed Sara Errani 6-4 6-7(3) 6-3 in their third round clash at the prestigious $5 million Beijing tournament. World number four Agnieszka Radwanska was one of a number of high profile women to win through in second round action on the hard courts at the National Tennis Centre as the Pole dispatched promising American Madison Keys 6-3 6-2. Radwanksa will next face Slovenian wildcard Polona Hercog, who stunned former world num b e r o n e A n a Ivanovic 6-4 6-4 in the day’s only upset. “It was a big challenge for me to go out there on a big court and play against Ana Ivanovic, and I’m just really happy the way it turned out,” Hercog told t h e WTA To u r. “ I t ’s probably one of the biggest victories for me.” G e r m a n y ’s A n d r e a Petkovic provided the upset of the first round when she ousted Australian Open winner Victoria Azarenka and the Bosnia-born world number 43 followed that up with a second round win over another grand slam champion yesterday. Petkovic again needed to go the distance as she beat

Li Na of China returns a shot against Sabine Lisicki of Germany during their match at the China Open tennis tournament in Beijing October 2, 2013. REUTERS Kim Kyung-Hoon former French and U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova 4-6 6-4 6-1. “This is the first tournament that I’ve been able to really keep up my intensity and keep up my focus. I think I’ve played two good matches,” Petkovic said after setting up a clash with Czech Lucie Safarova in the third round. “Personally it’s really important to see that I can still beat the players on the top level, two past grand slam champions. It’s just a big boost for my confidence, no matter what happens now in the future.” The victories though were only warm-up acts for the home fans keen to see their compatriot Li in action. Li, the first Asian to win a grand slam singles

title when she triumphed at the 2011 French Open, had the crowd happy as she scored a break in her 13th seed e d o p p o n e n t ’s f i r s t service game. The world number five ran in to trouble though as she attempted to serve out the set as Lizicki broke back to level at 5-5 only for Li to break again and win it 7-5. Another break came midway through the second set as Li wrapped it up 6-4 despite a match total of seven double faults. That serving issue will need to be resolved if she is to find a way past in-form Kvitova. Wo r l d n u m b e r o n e Serena Williams is back in action today when she takes on Maria Kirilenko in the third round.

Bolt to race 100 meters on major Buenos Aires avenue BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Olympic champion Usain Bolt will run a 100 meters exhibition race on a track laid down on the iconic 9 de Julio Avenue in central Buenos Aires in December, local media reported on Tuesday. The Jamaican world sprint champion, winner of six Olympic gold medals from the 2008 and 2012 Games, will take part in the race on December 7 or 13, said the daily La Nacion’s sports website. “Bolt is very excited about visiting us. He will be coming with three other Jamaican runners,” A r g entine entrepreneur Guillermo Marin was quoted as saying on Marin also said Serena

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt poses for photographers as he signs copies of his autobiography, ‘’Faster than Lightning,’’ at Selfridges in central London September 19, 2013. REUTERS/Neil Hall and Venus Williams, winners of multiple grand slam tennis tournaments, would play an

exhibition match in Argentina in December but gave no further details.

Thursday October 03, 2013

Non-league chairmen accuse FA of match-fixing inaction BBC Sport - The Football Association has been accused of a “dereliction of duty” after failing to question three non-league clubs about suspicious betting activity on a number of games. Billericay Town, AFC Hornchurch and Chelmsford all came under scrutiny from the FA after bookmakers stopped taking bets on several matches involving the clubs in the Conference South last season. The FA promised to act and told clubs to “remind players and officials of their responsibilities under the rules”. But the chairmen of all three Essex clubs have told BBC Sport that none of them have been questioned or even approached. The former head of the FA’s compliance unit, Graham Bean, said the governing body’s failure to contact the clubs was “disgraceful and a dereliction of duty”. He added: “It is my belief that the FA tend to stick their heads in the sand at suggestions of match-fixing and tend to give a perception that they don’t think it actually exists. “When I was at the FA, I once raised the idea of having an intelligence hotline where anonymous contact could be made to report wrongdoing. I was laughed at for the suggestion.” The chairman of Billericay Town now wants the FA to conduct a thorough investigation. “I am calling for the authorities in this country to investigate the possibility of match-fixing at our level of football,” said Steve Kent. “How can they investigate alleged matchfixing involving my club when not a single person from the police, the FA, or the league made any kind of approach to us whatsoever? It’s amazing.” Last month, a group of British players in Australia were arrested and charged with match-fixing offences while playing for the Melbourne-based Stars in the second-tier Victorian Premier League. All four of the accused played non-league football in England before moving to the Stars. Three of them - Joe Woolley, Reiss Noel and Nick McKoy - joined from AFC Hornchurch. “In the light of recent events in Australia, it’s time for a proper investigation,” said Kent. “I’m not saying matchfixing is rife or commonplace, but from the information I have been gathering it certainly warrants an investigation.

Ex-FA Chairman Lord Triesman is “astonished” no-one at the clubs has been interviewed. “When I saw the names involved I was shocked. The names I was reading I was so familiar with. Last season, they were all playing at our level. We played against them. That’s what shocked me the most. “You don’t know if it’s gone on. There were rumours last year in the press so it makes you wonder. I didn’t believe that there could be match-fixing at this level, I thought the players were too honest.” Colin McBride, the chairman of AFC Hornchurch, told the BBC he was backing Billericay’s stance and said the FA had been “amateurish”. “It’s surprising the FA didn’t contact us, you’d have thought we’d have got a courtesy call,” he said. “We feel in limbo. We can’t draw a line under it and we want to move on. That’s the disappointing thing, I think we deserve an answer.” McBride said he hoped his former players, who he described as “good lads, good footballers”, were acquitted. “I truly hope they’re innocent,” he said. “I’m deeply shocked and deeply upset. I truly hope they’re found not guilty.” The BBC has learnt that concerns were raised at the FA and within the betting industry when irregular amounts of money were gambled on certain Conference South matches last season. For example, despite being a match in the sixth tier of the English game, played out in front of just 408 spectators, hundreds of thousands of pounds was placed on Billericay’s away match at Welling in

November, the vast majority of it on Asian betting exchanges. “It was a phenomenal amount of money,” said Kent, who has conducted his own inquiries into why bookmakers suddenly stopped taking bets on matches involving his club. “There was more money bet on our game than on the Barcelona game [that week]. That’s where the story came from. The FA and the league picked up on that but they did nothing about it. “If there is a problem, let’s sort it out, get rid of it and move on. The FA are the only ones that can do it really they have the power.” Kent said not everyone is happy he has decided to speak out, but he is determined the issue is addressed. He added: “We don’t want cheating, we don’t want to win or lose just because someone has identified our club as vulnerable, or someone wants to make a fast buck. “We want to know that when we go to a game our players have given their best.” Sources at the FA have told the BBC that a lack of direct contact with Billericay, AFC Hornchurch and Chelmsford does not mean enquiries have not been made. The BBC has also learned that the governing body has been sharing information with the authorities in Australia. “The FA takes the matter of integrity extremely seriously,” said a spokesman. “The FA does not confirm any details of investigations or enquiries made, or indeed whether they are ongoing.” Former FA chairman Lord Triesman told the BBC he was “astonished” to learn that noone at Billericay, Hornchurch or Chelmsford had been interviewed by the FA. He added: “It seems to me to be one of the first obligations of the organisation to ensure the sport’s properly regulated and scrupulously fair. “Match-fixing, which has been a huge problem in leagues around the world, is one of the most critical problems. It destroys the ethics of the game.” Asked if he thought match-fixing was going on in English football, Triesman added: “You can never be complacent about it. “If there’s a credible allegation, it should be investigated immediately by the regulatory body. That is their duty.”

Thursday October 03, 2013

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India A v West Indies A, 2nd unofficial Test, Shimoga, 1st day

Brathwaite, Fudadin click on meandering day

ESPNcricinfo - An enthusiastic holiday crowd of over 10,000 packed under and on - the trees that surround the cricket ground of Shimoga’s Jawaharlal Nehru College of Engineering, but what happened on the field of play didn’t match their enthusiasm. The pitch was pancake flat and slow, the disheartened India A bowling a little listless, and the fielding poor. However, West Indies A balanced it out by throwing away wickets, not taking full advantage of three dropped catches, and failing to convert two half-centuries into hundreds. They ended at 283 for 6 with Kraigg Brathwaite and Assad Fudadin scoring fifties, and Leon Johnson and Chadwick Walton cushioning the blow of two quick wickets with a 68-run partnership for the sixth wicket. The day began with pleasantries for West Indies A. First they won the toss on the benign pitch, and then as they waited to go out to bat they were treated to a rendition of “Rally Round the West Indies”. Similarly

hospitable bowling followed from Mohammed Shami and Zaheer Khan, who couldn’t manage movement in the air. There wasn’t going to be much off the pitch anyway. The openers got through the quicks’ opening spell without having to play at many deliveries. Against spin, though, Kieran Powell and captain Kirk Edwards lost their heads. Powell holed out to cow corner, and Edwards walked past one soon after he was dropped and hit a six off left-arm spinner Bhargav Bhatt. Narsinh Deonarine played across the line to Zaheer, and was given out lbw. West Indies A had gone from 55 for 1 to 98 for 3, but Brathwaite wasn’t about to lose his mind. He ground the runs out with the spinners Bhatt and Parvez Rasool offered enough cutting and driving opportunities, sometimes off successive deliveries. Fudadin wasn’t as alert as Brathwaite, but he was dropped by VA Jagadeesh and Mohammad Kaif on 12 and 27 at square gully and backward point. Abhishek Nayar and Shami were the unfortunate bowlers. Either side of tea, the two

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Donation of Cricket gears, computer training kits, farming tools for Leguan Secondary

added 117 runs. After the drops, the game settled into a lethargic little stroll with easy runs for the two. Zaheer bowled a third spell, but wasn’t effective. After Zaheer was taken off after two overs in that spell, spin came on at both ends, and pretty much only a mistake was going to get any batsman out. The mistakes duly arrived. Fudadin fell lbw while sweeping Bhatt, and Brathwaite edged to the keeper while cutting Rasool. The twin breakthrough didn’t buoy India A enough to overcome conditions, and Johnson and Walton began to accumulate runs again. Both of them showed preference for clearing the infield, and kept managing to find vacant spaces to put the ball in. Johnson did that five times in one Rasool over, taking 20 off it. He ended the day unbeaten on 36. India A didn’t claim the new ball, but in the 88th over of the day Walton handed them fillip by trying to squaredrive a wide ball and offering Uday Kaul an easy catch. Scores: West Indies A 283 for 6 (Brathwaite 82, Fudadin 63, Bhatt 3-76) v India A.

Rafael Nadal through to last eight at China Open BBC Sport - Rafael Nadal took another step towards regaining the number one ranking with a hard-fought win over Philipp Kohlschreiber at the China Open. The 27-year-old Spaniard won 6-4 7-6 (7-3) to set up a quarter-final against Italy’s Fabio Fognini in Beijing. Nadal will replace Novak Djokovic as number one if he reaches the final, or the Serb fails to win the title. In the women’s draw, third seed Agnieszka Radwanska, fourth seed Li Na and ninth seed Petra Kvitova all won. Nadal beat Kohlschreiber on his way to victory at the US Open last month but was taken to four sets in New York, and the German tested him once again at China’s National Tennis Centre. After getting the better of five breaks of serve to edge the first set in 58 minutes, Nadal fought off three break points in the second before taking control of the tie-break. Fognini thrashed Lleyton Hewitt 6-0 6-2 to reach the last eight, while eighth seed John

The gifts being handed over to representatives of the Leguan Secondary School recently. Rafael Nadal (Getty Images) Isner of the US beat Argentina’s Roberto Bautista Agut 6-2 6-7 (3-7) 6-4. Top seed Djokovic will play his third-round match against Spain’s Fernando Verdasco on Thursday. Radwanska took one hour and 15 minutes to beat 18year-old American Madison Keys 6-3 6-2, while Li impressed in front of her home crowd with a 7-5 6-4 win over Wimbledon finalist Sabine Lisicki. Li will face Petra Kvitova in the quarter-finals after the Czech beat Italian Sara Errani 6-4 6-7 (7-3) 6-3. It was Kvitova’s 23rd three-set win of the year.

Germany’s Andrea Petkovic, the world number 43, followed up her opening win against top seed Victoria Azarenka with a 4-6 6-4 6-1 victory over former US and French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova. “This is the first tournament that I’ve been able to really keep up my intensity and keep up my focus. I think I played two good matches,” said Petkovic, who has been beset by injuries in recent years. “For me, just personally, it’s really important to see that I can still beat the players on the top level, two past Grand Slam champions.”

The Leguan Secondary School was the recipient of a donation of cricket gears, computer kits and farming tools on Thursday September 26 from Food for the Poor (Guyana) Incorporated in the school’s auditorium. Speaking on behalf of the NonGovernmental Organization, Natasha Baburam, Committees Manager, urged the students to take good care of the variety of items donated and to use them wisely. Sheikh Inshan Ayube, Chairman of the Parent Teachers’ Association and Chairperson of the FFTP Committee on the Island, said that the donation was timely as the association was working assiduously to enhance sports in the area and to partner with FFTP to assist the very poor community.

He also said that the school continues to balance education with sports and performed creditably at the last CSEC examinations, gaining 78% overall passes.

P h i l o m e n a Chinatasammy, the Headmistress along with student Nadia Rajhnarine, also thanked the organization for the donation.

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Mendonca pleased with opening week turnout - urges teachers and parents not to be disheartened by negative results

Thursday October 03, 2013

T&T top table after thumping victory March into CLT20 semis

Members of the twenty-two teams who were present last Saturday assemble shortly after the March Past, at the Thirst Park ground. Co-Director of the Petra Organisation, the entity responsible for organising the Courts Pee Wee Schools Football Competition, Troy Mendonca speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday, said that they were extremely pleased with the turnout of teams and the noticeable improved skills of the players in this year’s event which opened on Saturday last, at the Thirst Park ground. Mendonca, who along with Marlan Cole are the core principals of the Organisation told this newspaper that the presence of twenty-two of the twenty-four teams made it a positive start to the competition, adding that all the recruited teams would have been in attendance had it not been for a case of miscommunication between them and the other two teams that were absent. He, however, pointed out that the situation has been rectified by his staff and he expects a full turnout out of schools at this weekend’s set of fixtures, slated for the same venue. Mendonca, while stating their approval of the support offered by the schools was quick to implore on teachers

and parents about the need to be present at every fixture their schools are assigned to because the whole purpose of the tournament is to allow the students to showcase their skills, but more importantly to assist in the further development of the sport, commencing from the junior level. “We want them to see it (tournament) as an avenue for the children to showcase their skills, but more importantly for them to be able to decide from this tender age whether or not they are interested in the sport and harbour ambitions of taking that dream to the next level and perhaps seeing it as a career,” Mendonca said. The Co- Director urged parents, guardians and teachers to not see a loss as a reason to resign and stop attending the games, but rather as a part of their students and children’s development in learning how to cope with adverse scenarios that life will present from time to time, while also using the opportunity to hone their skills in the game. Mendonca also expressed gratitude to the main sponsor Courts (Guyana) Inc. for their

continued support for the development of sport, while Banks DIH, Head teachers, teachers, coaches, referees, parents and guardians, also came in for special mention. Meanwhile, the competition resumes this Saturday with another twelve matches scheduled to be played. In the first game, starting at 10:00 hrs- St. Gabriel’s takes on Stella Maris and that fixture will be played simultaneously with F.E. Pollard versus St. Angela’s. At 10:50 hrs, Ketley tackles Success, while Marian Academy collides with Sophia, before Redeemer square off against East La Penitence and South Ruimveldt engages J.E. Burnham at 11:40 hrs. St. Sidwell’s then play Winfer Gardens and Tucville takes on St. Pius from 12:30 hrs, while North Georgetown and West Field collide and St. Margaret’s battles Enterprise with both games commencing at 13:20 hrs. In the final pair of games, St. Ambrose takes on Green Acres and West Ruimveldt tackles St. Stephen’s at 14:10 hrs.

Korean Grand Prix under huge risk from Typhoon Fitow’s 100mph winds, torrential rain Daily Mail - Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix is under threat from a powerful tropical storm which is set to hit the peninsula just hours ahead of the race. Typhoon Fitow is currently on collision course with the Korean International Circuit in Yeongam, bringing with it torrential rain and winds in excess of 100mph. Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Centre said gusts could be considerably higher still – a

major concern given the amount of advertising hoardings placed around the track.In addition, the circuit is built on reclaimed marsh land just miles from the East China Sea meaning coastal flooding could also pose a threat. Weather website reported that the typhoon is expected to gather strength as it heads inland, adding: ‘South Korea could be dealt a direct blow from the storm leading to flooding rainfall, damaging winds and

mudslides.’ If the circuit does indeed take the full force of the adverse weather conditions then it may force the race to be called off. Three years’ ago the inaugural Korean Grand Prix had to be started behind the safety car before being stopped on lap three due to a torrential downpour. The race was restarted after a 45-minute delay but the likes of Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber and Adrian Sutil all crashed out in the treacherous conditions.

ESPNcricinfo - Trinidad & Tobago are the only team from outside the three countries that own a stake in the Champions League to be given direct entry to the tournament, a special status they justified by topping the league table after hammering one of the CLT20 favourites, Chennai Super Kings by eight wickets yesterday. Scores: Trinidad &Tobago 119 for 2 (Simmons 63, Lewis 38), Chennai Super Kings 118 (Raina 38, Emrit 3-21). The alreadyqualified Super Kings’ famed batting had a rare off day, and the team were bowled out for only the seventh time in 117 matches. Having been rolled over for 118, Super Kings couldn’t prevent T&T from completing the chase within 17.4 overs, which meant they surrendered the top spot in the group. It left them facing the challenge of breaking Rajasthan Royals’ 12-game winning streak at home in the semi-finals. It was a day when almost everything went right for T&T, epitomised by the game Man-of-the-Match Lendl Simmons had. Simmons came

into this match on the back of two ducks but contributed with bat, ball and in the field in T&T’s dominant performance. Simmons’ first contribution to the game came in the 9th over, by when Super Kings had got off to a familiar solid start. M Vijay and Suresh Raina were stroking the ball around and another tall total looked on the cards, but Simmons struck first ball with a loosener well outside off that Vijay inside-edged onto the stumps. In his next over he had Raina squandering his wicket by helping a gentle legstump delivery to short fine leg. Then came the biggest wicket of them all, MS Dhoni’s, just when the Super Kings captain was looking to cut loose. In the 17th over, Dhoni top-edged an attempted big hit and the ball swirled towards Simmons at long-on. Simmons settled under it but the ball bounced off his palm and onto his neck; he kept his eyes on the ball and grabbed it on the second attempt. After that, instead of the usual final flourish, Super Kings made only 16 runs in the concluding three overs. Simmons had fortune with bat as well, cluelessly edging the first ball of the chase from

R Ashwin between the keeper and slip, and surviving a stumping shout after being beaten off the second. His innings only switched to top gear in the 10th over when Ravindra Jadeja conceded 19 to extend a horrendous run in the tournament. Simmons was also dropped just before reaching his half-century but a series of brutal hits had already eased T&T towards victory. There was plenty of support for Simmons: opener Evin Newis had another good game with the bat to ensure Super Kings didn’t pull off a heist, Ravi Rampaul began the Super Kings collapse with a screamer to dismiss the uber-consistent Michael Hussey, Sunil Narine was at his miserly best and three Super Kings batsmen were run out as the team collapsed from 78 for 2 to 118 all out. In the four times they have played the CLT20, T&T have had only one bad campaign - last year when they were knocked out after one loss and a washout in the qualifiers - and this tabletopping performance underlined why they are among the best T20 sides in the world. Scores: Trinidad &Tobago 119 for 2 (Simmons 63, Lewis 38) beat Chennai Super Kings 118 (Raina 38, Emrit 3-21) by eight wickets.

Guyana Horseracing Authority holds successful general meeting Calls on Minister to fast track Legislation The Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) on Sunday 29thSeptember held a general members meeting on at the Bush Lot United Turf Club, Sea View Park West Coast Berbice, where a number of important decisions were made. The meeting, which was chaired by retired Chancellor Justice Cecil Kennard, among other things reviewed the racing dates for the rest of the year. While some dates were confirmed others were not, however the following decision were made - It was decided that following this Sunday’s race meet at the Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) set for the 6th October, the next meet will be held on Sunday 10th November at the Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC). The Norman Singh Turf Club (NSTC) date for the 20th October is in limbo because the club has not confirmed the date. The next confirmed date

is set aside for a meet on the 24th of November at the Ryan Crawford Turf Club and Sports facilities (RFMTC&SF) or the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC). Following that meet turfites will return to the PMTC for the traditional meet set for the 15th December. The Kennard memorial Turf Club will be the next stop on the 26th December for the annual Boxing date meet. The 2013/2014 race season is expected to end on 5th January with the annual RSTC meet. The meeting also decided that clubs that have not paid up their yearly affiliation fee of $15,000 will be given a deadline of 31st October to do so. Trainers and Jockeys who have not paid their registration fee have also been given until the 31st October to do so, failing which they will not be allowed to participate in any activity

sanctioned by the GHRA. The meeting also looked at the status of the current Horse Racing Legislation which is still sitting on the desk of the Minister of Sport. Mr Kennard said that following the last meeting with the Minister back in May, some amendments were made and the document returned to the minister. Justice Kennard said that they have since written the Minister requesting an urgent meeting. They are also urging the minister to place the draft legislation in Parliament so that it can be debated and passed. He stated that the GHRA executive is hard working, but the legislation is urgently needed to put things in place and deal with wrong doers. Horse racing classification was also looked at and reviewed. Other issues were discussed in the meeting which was conducted in a cordial atmosphere. (Samuel Whyte)

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