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Wednesday November 30, 2016

What has become of this nation? DEAR EDITOR; I have travelled this entire nation and I note with interest from Essequibo to Berbice we have more sellers than buyers. What’s interesting is that these people can go to the extreme to sell anything to get money; they don’t care what they sell and it seems the police put a blind eye to what these people are selling. With the current increase in crime, I believe lots of things selling on the paves and market and in our stores should be banned. For example, I see lots of DVD sellers expose pornographic DVDs openly for sale and school children even buying it from them. They sell masks or false faces that criminals wear to rob people. Most of the toy guns look just like real guns and I know of many instances of people who were robbed by toy guns and the bandits will light a squib to scare people then rob them. If a toy gun seller is smart and has contacts he/ she can even sell real guns among his/her selected customers and no one will know because the toy and real guns look the same. The squibs and bombs these people sell that are used on Diwali Night and Old Year’s Night are very dangerous. I read of a woman

whose hands were severely damaged by these bombs. Youths pelt them on top people’s houses that caused houses to be burnt down. They pelt it on cars to blow them up and on people to blind and disable them, yet these bombs and squibs are sold openly and the police does nothing about it. Thieves used these bombs to scare people then rob them. At nights people feel the sound is just gun bullets but it’s the bombs; how can we know when it’s gun or bombs? How can we know if the bandits have a real gun or toy gun when all look just the same? At markets and many Arcades they play very lewd-loud music. At markets and stores that is another distraction that help criminal elements to rob people so no one can hear when they are robbed. Now I come to the dangerous knives. Just a few days ago I saw a man walking and selling knives strapped on to his body in a transparent bag with pockets at the bus park. These are the Rambo knives. The switch blade knives and a barrage of dangerous knives and ninja kinds of implements this man is moving around stores selling to anyone. I also saw those same weapons selling on the

pavements; bandits used them to rob people. I think many years ago one could have been locked up for carrying a dangerous weapon. I still believe that law exists but it seems as if all our laws are flouted daily. Mr. Editor, I am calling on the Minister of Public Security and the Commissioner of Police to ban the use of squibs, toy guns, masks, dangerous knives and all sorts of dangerous artillery that sell openly and don’t forget; pornographic DVD’s. It’s very sad when I look into our country; I see people trying to get rich quick by selling all kinds of evil things, and many unlicensed people selling all kinds of poison at the markets. With the rise of crime and suicide our administration should implement laws to ban all these things. I have seen even sex toys, hand cuffs, and sad -masochistic sex apparatus selling openly at markets and the pavements. What have we really become as a nation? I am also hoping that the police will remove all road side loud music on Christmas Eve and Old Year’s night. Loud music has become an incessant nuisance and menace to our society. May God help us! Rev. Gideon Cecil

Major-General Joe Singh documents harmful mining operations DEAR EDITOR; On Monday, October 17, 2016, I informed the relevant regulatory and enforcement agencies of the serious degradation being done to the banks of the Potaro and Essequibo Rivers between Tumatumari and Omai as a result of irresponsible gold dredging activities. I submitted the photographic evidence and was informed that action will be taken to deal with obvious breaches of the regulations. On Sunday, November 27, 2016, while on an aerial reconnaissance over Regions 7 and 8, I observed that the indiscriminate mining of river banks and also the dumping of tailings in the channels were not confined to the Potaro and Essequibo Rivers, but were taking place in the middle Cuyuni (just below the confluence of the Ekereku River with the Cuyuni River), in the Wenamu River (on both the Guyana and Venezuela banks), in the Ekereku River (opposite the Ekereku Airstrip), and in the middle Mazaruni River (below Tamakay Landing). The situation in the Potaro and Essequibo Rivers has also worsened. I have photographs to this effect of mining activities on the right and left banks of the Potaro River and on the left bank of the Essequibo River by Omai Landing. Mining activities on the right bank of the Potaro River, downstream of


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Tumatumari, November 27, 2016. Other photographs I have also show the heavy sediment loading of the Cuyuni River (from the cumulative impact of mining activities in the upper Cuyuni located in Venezuela, and in the middle and lower Cuyuni River in Guyana) at its confluence with the Mazaruni River by Kartabu Point. Surely, the regulatory and law enforcement agencies, some of which actually have personnel deployed within striking distance of the impacted areas, cannot be unaware of these breaches. Added to the mining illegalities are the build-up of detritus (human waste and abandoned mining camps and equipment), indiscriminate dumping of tailings proving to be hazards to navigation in the rivers, deterioration of the quality of fresh water for downstream communities, and the degradation of aquatic life. The impacts of the mining activities on river banks such as on the left bank of the Cuyuni River below Ankoko Island, and on the river channel of the Wenamu River also have strategic implications as these apply to the delineation of the international border. The contribution of the gold mining community to the development of Guyana and Guyanese is undeniable. The pioneering efforts, Continued on page 6

FIDEL IS GONE BUT HIS LEGACY WILL LIVE ON DEAR EDITOR; The Forbes Burnham Foundation joins most of the nation and the progressives of the world in paying tribute to El Presidente Fidel Castro, Commandante. Whether he was liked or not he bestrode the world stage as a colossus. This is even evident in his death as fans and foes are all observing the moment, albeit in sadness or in joy; with tribute or condemnation, but compelled to observe it, all the same. Only a colossus attracts such attention. We in the Forbes Burnham Foundation naturally fall in the category of admirers, if only because of his relationship with the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, another late great of the Caribbean, whose demise attracted similar diametrically opposed responses. Fidel Castro was undoubtedly one of the foremost colossi of the

twentieth century. His domestic achievements in education and health services among others, against all odds, certainly demonstrated he was committed to the cause that drove him to spearhead the Cuban Revolution at all costs. His wisdom, ideational and intellectual leadership, in the circumstances was also preeminent. His costly and invaluable contribution to humanity, at large, and to the national liberation and developmental thrust of others, in particular, also demonstrated his genuine commitment to what he preached. He practised what he believed and preached, cost it what it may. In that regard, he was a rare breed of politician. With specific reference to the Guyanese people, Castro from the very inception committed to support Guyana in its struggle for independence and national

development. In the first instance, this was done in the sixties, through his support for the People’s Progressive Party, in ways still untold. To his credit, he later recognized the true nature of politics in Guyana and the central role of the People’s National Congress and lent his unreserved support to Guyana’s internal struggle for true independence and development, and accepted our partnership in the struggle for the good of humanity, at large, which partnership may also have untold moments, even as a heavy price was extracted from both nations for their bold, independent and nonaligned actions. It is in this demonstration of solidarity and partnership with the Guyanese people that the Burnham Foundation applauds and recognizes; foremost was Castro’s true adherence to non-alignment Continued on page 6

Private Sector Commission cannot support the parking meter project DEAR EDITOR; We have sent the following letter to the Mayor of Georgetown. Kindly publish. The letter follows: The PSC has carefully observed and assessed the M&CC plans to implement parking meters as a revenue generation option for the city. Members of the business community are extremely concerned as to the impact this will have on businesses operated within the city, in particular on their employees and customers. The business community does not view the parking meters as a value added service to the members of the public. Parking meters are an indirect method of taxation without any value creation for the users. The business model is deeply flawed on the side of the M&CC as only $20 from every $100 taken as an indirect tax from citizens will go to the benefit of the city and the remaining $80 will go towards administration and

wealth creation of the investors. This is a highly inefficient way of tax collection and utilization. It would have been more acceptable had the City received $80 and the administrator of the parking metres get $20. Further, there are no guarantees that parking metres will increase security, public safety and the efficiency in doing business within the Capital City. Our concerns are further amplified when the following two scenarios are considered: Scenario one: An employee driving to work on Monday to Friday will have to park for 8 hours on minimum for 5 days per week. At current cost of $200 per hour, this employee will have to pay at minimum $1,600 per day or $8,000 per week. This will be an additional monthly (4 weeks) cost of $32,000 resulting in severe hardships for the person and their family. Scenario two: From public information, parking

meters will be operational from 7am to 7PM (excluding Sundays) and 4,000 parking spaces will be made available. Assuming a worst case of 25% occupancy. This will generate for the company an annual revenue of $750M with the M&CC only receiving $150M. If 50% occupancy is achieved this will be an annual revenue of $1.5B with the city receiving only $300M. The Private Sector Commission is suggesting that the Mayor and Councilors of Georgetown reexamine the feasibility and impact of implementing parking meters in a country with an economy as small as ours. It is our view, that other and more efficient methods of generating revenues can be considered for the improvement of the financial affairs of the city. We are willing to meet to discuss these options. Edward Boyer Chairman


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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Nagamootoo has totally betrayed sugar workers DEAR EDITOR, Moses Nagamootoo this past week demanded sugar workers should be grateful that APNU+AFC have “raided” the treasury on their behalf. I wonder what he thinks about the annual electricity subvention of $5B to Linden. Is this also “raiding” the treasury? Should Lindeners bow in gratitude to APNU+AFC? In 2012, Nagamootoo and his APNU+AFC colleagues, in inciting the people of Linden, proclaimed the electricity subvention as an obligation of the government and something the country owes to Linden. A subvention to GUYSUCO is “raiding” of the treasury; the subvention to Linden is an obligation. Nagamootoo when he speaks on or about sugar these days does so from the comfort of his plush office in Georgetown. He does not go to the sugar belt communities to address sugar workers

anymore because he knows that they know he has totally betrayed them. He presented himself as the champion of sugar workers, promising them before the 2015 election that sugar in Guyana will always be #1 and he will ensure sugar workers get an annual pay increase of 20%, doubling their wages in a single APNU+AFC term. Today he is busy working with APNU+AFC to close sugar in Guyana. Even as APNU+AFC/ GUYSUCO denied sugar workers any increase in 2015 and 2016, Nagamootoo is quiet. Zero pay increase for two successive years and Nagamootoo has amnesia, forgetting he and his colleagues promised 20% annual increases to sugar workers. Indeed, before the 2015 elections, I heard him assured sugar workers that the APNU+AFC 20% proposal for sugar workers was not a promise, but a

contract. Today, the “contract” with sugar workers has been disavowed. APNU+AFC for two successive years has imposed a zero wage increase for sugar workers, joining the PNC, which after nationalization in 1976 imposed a zero wage increase for workers in 1979, 1982 and 1983. These were the only years in which sugar workers failed to get a wage increase since 1940. Booker Tate played hardball with sugar workers, but as far as I am aware, they always granted some kind of wage increase between 1940 and 1976. The PPP between 1992 and 2014 always granted a wage increase, even when times were not good and even if sugar workers thought they deserved more. Nagamootoo has stood by quietly and allowed sugar workers to be trampled upon. When forced by news reporters to comment this

past week, he demanded sugar workers should be grateful for APNU+AFC “raiding” the treasury on their behalf. But it is Nagamootoo who should be grateful that some sugar workers were seduced by his and APNU+AFC’s promise of 20% annual increases in wages and they voted for the coalition. It is those votes that made the difference and allowed APNU+AFC to become the government and Nagamootoo to be Prime Minister. It is Nagamootoo who is ungrateful, not the sugar workers because APNU+AFC would never have been in government if a small band of sugar workers did not use their democratic right and voted for APNU+AFC. The workers gambled and Nagamootoo and APNU+AFC now reward them with silence, arrogance and abandonment and call them ungrateful. APNU+AFC, as

GOVT. MUST BE GIVEN CREDIT FOR THE D’URBAN PARK PROJECT DEAR EDITOR; I viewed the debate in the National Assembly concerning the D’Urban Park and was shocked when I heard the Minister of Public Infrastructure reveal to the nation that the then PPP/C government spent $179M on the D’Urban land. Given the fact that no one from the opposition disputed the Minister’s claim, then that can only mean that it is totally factual. Given that the Minister’s statement is truthful and given the fact that all Guyana would have seen the large jungle infested with reptiles and creatures of all descriptions which this government had to deal with

to put up the current beauty called the D’Urban Park Stadium, I ask what really was done with $179M? Editor, $179M is an easy number to pronounce but a difficult amount to accumulate, and it bothers me to know so much money was spent on an area that was left by the previous administration as a haven for criminals, a home for some dangerous species of animals, and a health hazard during the rainy season. It was a distraction from the beauty of Homestretch Avenue, an eyesore to the tourists and last but not least, a forest in the neighbourhood of the Ministry of the Presidency. Editor, the

Minister quoted from Hansard and informed the House and nation at large that years ago the area was swampy and a lot of resources were expended. Nevertheless, it was in a state when this government took office. In contrast to this, let me congratulate the government for what was done to this area. We now have before us an area that is available to the public for both secular and religious celebrations, which can accommodate more than 30,000 people at any one time. We have a stadium where the largest flag in Guyana was

hoisted for the first time on May 26, 2015. We have a stadium that beautifies the area and encourages the residents around to keep their premises just as, or even more beautiful. The D’Urban Park Stadium is a monumental symbol in our country that will never become a white elephant, because Guyanese of all walks of life will assemble again in their numbers on February 22, 2017 onwards. Thank you APNU+AFC for this most welcome facility. Ganesh Mahipaul

Fidel is gone but... From page 5 and the development of humanity. Once he recognized the commitment of Burnham to the same ideals, he did not allow past relations and pressures from earlier allies to cloud his judgement. He brought his intellect to bear and embraced the truth rather than remain fossilized in the past. For that the Guyanese people have to be forever grateful to Castro and the Cuban people, who gave Guyana unswerving support in its national and foreign policy, to the benefit of all Guyanese. They also provided the Guyanese an opportunity to demonstrate Guyana’s equal commitment, in action, to the commonly shared ideals, such as the struggle for national liberation, a New Economic Order and mutual respect among nations. Guyana is forever indebted to the Cuban people for their friendship, solidarity and material support under the indefatigable leadership of Fidel Castro, and must remain committed to the cause and memory of Fidel through acts like the leadership that Guyana gave to the effort for the establishment of diplomatic relations along with the Caribbean states of Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, in 1972.Fidel is no more but his legacy, in all forms, remains with us, infinitely. Vincent Alexander Chairman, Burnham Foundation

Nagamootoo contends, have raided the public treasury in unprecedented manner, greedily and recklessly, but definitely not on behalf of sugar workers. They have raided the public treasury, squandering taxpayer ’s money on themselves and their friends. While denying sugar workers a wage increase, they raided the public treasury to give themselves (the cabinet) a hefty pay increase of about 50 to 75% over 2015 and 2016, reward Hamilton Green with a $25M annual pension package, hire some of their friends as consultants and advisors at super salaries and give sweetheart deals to their friends, like the $450M medical warehouse deal over three years. I suspect Nagamootoo was referring to subventions to GUYSUCO to meet operational costs as “raiding” the treasury for sugar workers. Let us be clear, these are not handouts and these subventions are not raiding the treasury. GUYSUCO provided more than $100B in the form of the sugar levy to the Guyana Government between 1976 and 1995. GUYSUCO has performed

duties on behalf of central and local government forever, providing drainage and irrigation, medical care for its employees and families, and sports facilities for more than 100 years. In addition, GUYSUCO earns payments from the EU (more than $3B this year) as compensation for the arbitrary disavowal of the 1976 sugar protocol. Government’s subvention to GUYSUCO, whether under the PPP or now under APNU+AFC, is a repayment to GUYSUCO, as I stated in Parliament in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Not only is he silent on the zero wage increase, Nagamootoo is silent on the closure of Wales and LBI by end of 2016. He has not said a word about the plans to close Skeldon, Rose Hall and Enmore before 2018. When he dares open his mouth, he justifies APNU+AFC’s plan to close sugar and calls sugar workers ungrateful. He has totally betrayed the sugar workers. In the meantime, Khemraj Ramjattan has been similarly silent. Their silence is the ultimate betrayal of sugar workers. Sugar workers will not forget. Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

Major-General Joe Singh... From page 5 courage, risk-taking and technological advances initiated by miners and services providers in the mining sector, are to be applauded. However, mining operations in our rivers or contiguous land areas have to be compliant with the regulations, including those relating to the health and safety of mining crews and downstream communities and for the sustainability of ecosystems and services. I had reported to the authorities on aberrations in the gold mining operations in our rivers and contiguous land areas six weeks ago. I have not seen any evidence of any reduction of these breaches but more alarmingly, I have witnessed the escalation of breaches and on a much wider scale. Through this medium, I am appealing to the mining community, the regulatory and enforcement agencies and the affected communities to work collaboratively to put a stop to this madness which, if unchecked, will contradict our efforts at sustainable development through a green economic pathway, compromise our stewardship of Guyana’s natural capital, and undermine the integrity of our legacy to future generations. Joseph G Singh Major General (retd)

The 2017 Budget.... From page 4 was in the trenches with the working class, sit in Cabinet and allow the poor and the working class to be battered this much with this oppressive VAT imposition on electricity and water? Only an out-to-lunch policy maker will not know that even those in one bedroom renting apartments pay more than G$10,000 per month in light bills. This is a clear act by the Minister of sparing the drug dealers 2% on the VAT and penalizing the poor with this VAT imposition on electricity and water to pay for that 2% tax break for the drug dealers. What I am observing in this 2017 Budget clearly illustrates that the good life for the ordinary people is a very long way off once we have Winston Jordan in charge, save and except if your name is Hamilton Green. As I dig in, I will be carefully analyzing the infrastructure sector since this is what concerns me the most in this 2017 Budget. Sasenarine Singh

Wednesday November 30, 2016


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$Billions and strategic initiatives to tackle abysmal education performance It has been customary for a sizeable chunk of the national budget to be plugged into the education sector. But from all indications, deliberate funding has not yet helped to propel the sector to the place it needs to be. When the 2017 budget was presented Monday, education was the sector that again claimed the largest piece of the pie. This translated to $43.1 billion or 17.2 percent of the entire budget being set aside to improve education. Currently improving education means tackling an apparent protracted situation whereby the majority of the assessed pupils and students are barely able to comprehend the core subject areas of Mathematics and English. This state of affairs was amplified by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, who during his presentation of the $250 billion national budget on Monday, revealed that this year, the Mathematics and English Language results at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) exams and, more particularly, the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), were very depressing. The results for English and Mathematics, at the Grade Six levels, were distressingly alarming, the Minister highlighted. The results reveal that a mere 14 percent passed Mathematics, and consequently, some

- Finance Minister

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

12,000 children are currently not numerate. As if this is not bad enough, it was revealed that more than half of those who wrote English could not sufficiently comprehend the language to attain a 50 percent score. “This is a crisis,” the Finance Minister emphasized. But the coalesced A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Government seems to think it has the right approach to tackle the daunting performance in the core subject areas of Mathematics and English Language. In fact, Minister Jordan assured that “our

Government has wasted no time in tackling this crisis head-on.” “We have undertaken a series of responses to address the institutional, human resource, and strategic planning deficiencies that have plagued our education system for many years,” he told the nation. The budget presentation before the National Assembly has become an annual televised feature. According to Minister Jordan, as part of the efforts to improve education results, in the near and medium terms, interventions will include: implementing the $337.4 million Programme for Emergency Education

Reform (PEER), which provides an initial and rapid response. This venture will allow for a diagnostic and needs assessments to be administered across the country for school, class, and child and will entail moves to recruit and retain mathematics specialists. The programme is also geared at training school administrators for improved monitoring, and training teachers in content and methodology, even as efforts are directed to rolling out a parent involvement strategy in every region. Another measure slated to be implemented is the immediate expansion of the number of class periods assigned to mathematics at both the primary and secondary levels, beyond the existing meagre four periods. Part of the programme will also entail the commencement and completion of curriculum reform across the entire public education system. But Minister Jordan during his presentation did not hesitate to amplify the fact that a comprehensive curriculum reform has not taken place since 1999, long before his party assumed power in 2015. Moreover, government will be looking to accelerate the development of appropriate job descriptions and commensurate remuneration packages, in

order to attract specialists and relevant personnel, in conjunction with the Public Service Department and the Public and Teaching Service Commissions. This, he noted, will help in the quest to fill critical human resource gaps across the country by mid2017. Added to this, there will be training of all educationrelated personnel to improve the attitudes, motivation, and approaches to education delivery with specific focus towards innovation in learning. According to Minister Jordan too, moves towards redefining the duties and responsibilities of school administrators to ensure that sufficient time and energies are available for supervision of teacher-pupil performance and mentoring will also be employed. Improving the sector will also require strengthening the early childhood development system in the country, while efforts will be made to

address the differences in learning methodologies for boys and girls. Part of the plan will also entail the development of two model schools that are of the highest, modern, infrastructural standard and can facilitate the incorporation and testing of new and innovative technology, creative delivery and learning techniques and environments, and contemporary learning materials and curricula. These schools will remain centres of education innovation permanently, the Minister revealed. According to Jordan, “the quality of the education afforded to our citizens will determine how we as a nation advance and compete within the global economy.” As such, he informed that “integral to the achievement of a diversified, green, economy would be a cadre of educated, skilled, creative, dedicated individuals who are critical thinkers, and are inspired to achieve for themselves, their country, and (Continued on page 25)


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Wednesday November 30, 2016

CH&PA to fund housing sector jump-start - low income, state employees targeted for apartment buildings, duplexes As the administration continues to grapple with growing problems in the housing sector, it has been announced that 2017 will see intense focus in targeting low income and state employees. The monies that are needed to carry out critical works will come from the coffers of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA). Speaking Monday during his presentation of the 2017 budget, Finance Minister Winston Jordan made it clear that the answers to the housing sector problems will have to be holistic. There are approximately 25,000 applications on file for house lots, of which almost 18,000 are low income individuals. According to Jordan, concerns about the low occupancy of many housing developments areas have led to reviews of the mechanisms used to enable home ownership. “What has been revealed is the lack of a holistic approach in providing quality, affordable housing in safe, well-serviced communities. Many recipients of house lots remain unable to start construction, while others have been allocated lots in areas that are woefully under-developed and without basic infrastructure.”

CH&PA will be digging into its own kitty to fund a major housing drive next year, Govt. says. Still, he said, many more are saddled with poorly constructed turnkey homes. “The Housing Profile study is in progress and will be the basis for the preparation of the National Housing Policy which is expected to inform the revitalisation of the sector so that it can fulfill its catalytic role within the economy,” he promised. This year, a total of 1,921 new house lots were allocated to potential home owners - 4,208 land titles were distributed, and 173 squatters were regularised.

Government is currently considering a new model for providing for the housing needs of the thousands of low income individuals. According to Jordan, this is in recognition of the critical links between housing construction, home ownership, consumer spending, revenue generation, and economic growth. Jordan disclosed that going forward, the mode of providing affordable housing will include a mix of multi-storey apartment buildings, duplexes, and single family homes

within sustainable community structures. “In keeping with our green agenda, structural designs will integrate elements for improved natural lighting and ventilation. While this is ongoing, works will be accelerated to complete the infrastructural development of prioritised housing areas where allottees have indicated their readiness to begin construction.” CH&PA is expected to use its own funds to undertake this “ambitious programme” in 2017, the Finance Minister said.

The plan is to use initiatives targeting low-income and state employees. “These initiatives will involve a comprehensive feasibility assessment of existing housing areas, squatting areas and land for future development; the consolidation of planned housing areas; and the upgrading of regularised squatting areas.” Jordan stressed that given the huge demand for house lots and the limited availability of serviced lots for distribution, the Government intends to pilot a project to construct apartments, condominiums, and wooden houses in existing planned areas, such as Stewartville, Cummings Lodge, Perseverance, and Amelia’s Ward. “Also, in 2017, the Government has allocated $100 million, under the Hinterland Sustainable Housing Programme, for the construction of 115 subsidised housing units and 45 roof and water catchment system subsidies in Regions 1 and 9.” On the softer side, Jordan said, the Government, through the CHPA, will strengthen its planning function in this sector by holding national planning forums, formulating development plans, organising community development projects, Continued on page 15

Wednesday November 30, 2016


Kaieteur News

TAXES AND TAKE-HOME PAY The Budget is not all that bad. If you are an accountant, you would be quite impressed at the balancing act performed by the Minister of Finance. He has to find monies to finance increased expenditure in 2017. He had to significantly increase revenues, and at the same time he had to provide tax relief both to workers and to the private sector. He achieved all of these things through his controversial tax measures. The Minister reduced the VAT to 14% but widened the services on which is applied to include the consumption of electricity and water above the sum of $10,000. He gave with one hand and he took back with the other hand. But in terms of income tax, there was creativity by the Minister. He was able to come up with a formula that would allow for an increased threshold, a progressive rate of taxation which effectively taxes higher incomes group more than lower ones, and, at the

same time, achieve increases in take-home pay for all grades of workers. This is an achievement in itself. The danger of course is the use (some will say abuse) of the tax mechanism to achieve increased incomes for workers. This approach is not sustainable. The use of reduced taxes should never be the means for ensuring increased incomes for workers. It simply is not the right tool, and over the long term, has serious implications for government. The use of taxes should be limited to financing infrastructure, social services and other public services such as security, defence and diplomacy. When taxes have to be used to ensure a higher takehome pay for workers, it denies these sectors of financing. A wage debt should be financed by increased wages paid from taxes but not take the form of increasing thresholds and tax allowances.

Workers need more money in Guyana. Forgoing taxes is not the answer to paying them better. They should be paid better period. Everyone should pay taxes. All citizens have an obligation to pay taxes. The President should also pay taxes. When there is a threshold which excludes thousands of persons from the tax net, then this does not encourage the practice of every one paying taxes. Increasing the threshold, as has been pointed out before, acts as a subsidy to the private sector. Instead of them having to finance wage increases for their workers, this increase is borne by taxpayers. The use of tax mechanism to increase the take-home pay of workers distorts the tax burden. If certain categories of workers such as PAYE workers make the highest contribution to taxes, then when the threshold is increased, it means that it is

Dem boys seh...

Jordan give people more VAT fuh Christmas Guyana never get a good budget as far as some people concern. De opposition always finding fault, and de government always saying that de budget is one for de future. Monday budget was no different. Dem boys hear some people bawl and one lady tell everybody that she gun pack up and go away, never to come back. Jordan, de man who got name like de River in de Bible, tell people how he lower VAT. People clap till dem hear that dem got to pay VAT pun lights and water. Nuff of dem run to see dem light and water bills to determine if dem got to pay VAT pun de bill. De noise dem mek coulda deaf a mule. When dem boys

point to de VAT pun de phone bill and pun all dem other things, de people seh that dem done paying that, so anything is a new thing. But Jordan tell dem that he giving dem more money so that whatever dem pay gun come out from de increase. Dem boys seh that de government shouldn’t spend dem money fuh dem. Jordan argue that he raise de income tax threshold and he seh that in any case any new money dem spend is wha dem gun save from de old VAT. But dem boys did get a signal. Long before Jordan slash de VAT he tell de people that if he drop it he gun have to collect de money from

somewhere else. Bharrat never believe that he could do that, so he use to fool people wid fancy talk. All he budget never got tax. That does come during de year so people never associate de budget wid tax. Dem boys think Jordan had smarts like Jagdeo. He coulda put on dem same tax. All he had to do was wait till Christmas pass. Is a good thing de budget come before Christmas so people gun realize that dem still got money to spend. And in de new year when dem get de fuss light bill and dem ain’t see no VAT dem gun forget de whole thing. Talk half and watch how Jordan gun reduce more VAT

those workers who have to bear the increases which benefit categories, such as selfemployed persons, whose contribution may not be as much as those who pay as they earn. Finally, using the tax mechanism to increase the take-home pay for workers can complicate the tax system. Tax rates should be limited. The system should be simple. The government has further compounded the country’s tax system by having one rate for incomes below $180,000 per month and another rate for incomes above that. It has a reduced VAT rate, but certain benefits such as the input taxes are likely to be eroded. The system has become more complicated, and this is never good for the efficiency of a tax sys-

tem. It can be argued also that using the tax mechanism to increase take- home pay also places pressures on consumers. The $3.9 billion which the Treasury will lose as a result of the reduced income tax rate will have to be recovered through other sources, particularly by increased taxation on consumption. The government will be recovering the taxes lost by

charging VAT on water and electricity. Relief in income is compensated for by burdens at the level of consumption. But that is logic behind accounting. Both sides of the equation have to be balanced.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday November 30, 2016

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The horrible denial of the rights of Guyanese that they willingly accept On Saturday evening, I had a discussion with Mr. Glenn Lall, the publisher of Kaieteur News, about testing some blatant official violations of citizens’ rights in Guyana. I raised the subject with Mr. Lall, because one day he was discussing an illegality perpetuated by the State itself, and he suggested that he would like to test the matter in court. He asked if I would put my name to being the plaintiff. I intend to do just that now and in the future. There is a plethora of offi-

cial infringements of citizen’s rights and the Bar Association is not in the least interested in testing these depravities in court. I was extremely upset at the mistreatment of four puppies by the Customs officials and the vet at the Eugene Correia Airport at Ogle. If the owner, Mr. Gomes, didn’t have money to fly the puppies’ mother to Ogle from Mazaruni to prove it was her pups and pay $40, 000, the puppies would have been put to death, and all because people are not prepared to take the government to court.

My first consideration is why do we need to clear Customs if we take a plane from the interior and land at Correia airport? What is the reason for that? Aren’t Guyanese allowed to move freely from one place in Guyana to the next? I studied in one province and visited another in Canada and I never had to check in at Customs. I was travelling within Canada. I did the same thing in Trinidad and Barbados. Once within the borders of each country, I moved feely from one part to another and didn’t check in at Customs after my initial arrival. A Guyanese citizen can put his/her puppy in his/her lap, take a speedboat in Region Two and come out in Region 3 at Parika. From there they take a bus or taxi or drive their own ve-

hicle, with puppy still in lap and drive onto the Harbour Bridge, come out at Peter’s Hall in Region 4, and motor up the Linden Highway to Region 10, then proceed back to Region 4, cross into Region 5 with puppy still in their lap, move in to Region 6 and end up at a home in Springlands, still with puppy on lap. In this long journey, unless the police pull you over for reason of suspicion, you do not have to check in at any Customs office from Region 2 where you started your journey right to where it ended in Region 6. There will be no vet to stop your car and quarantine your puppy. Mr. Gomes is quoted by this newspaper as telling the KN reporter that the vet told him once the dogs are being transported from one Region

to another, they have to be documented. The vet was named as Marlan Prince. Is this the law? Marlan Prince chose not to explain to the KN reporter if this is the law or requirement, because he refused to explain his action, informing the reporter to speak to his superiors. Why then, if you take your pet dog from Mazaruni and fly into Region 4 at the airport in Ogle, do you have to be examined at Customs, and your pet must be seen by the vet? In the interest I took in the plight of these four puppies, I was told that Customs wanted to know if the puppies were born in Guyana. What nonsense is this? You can pass the GRA Head Office on Camp Street with four dogs in an open back vehicle and a GRA official is not going to stop and ask you where your dogs were born. You can put four dogs in an open-back vehicle and drive past the Guyana Livestock Development Authority

Frederick Kissoon in Mon Repos and no vet is going to run behind your vehicle to ask you which country the animals were born in. Why did the authorities at Ogle behave like this toward the puppies? Why did the man have to pay $40,000? Why was Mr. Prince so eager to put the pets to death? I am going to make enquiries about the legality of everything that went on at that airport. If illegalities were perpetrated on Mr. Gomes, I am going to suggest strongly he sues the Government. Mr. Gomes came to me with his plight. Kaieteur News highlighted his plight. He needs to take his anger to its logical climax and sue Mr. Prince, Customs at the Correia airport and the Livestock Authority. I am going to insist that Mr. Gomes go this route.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News


Proposals submitted for feasibility study for Dem. River Bridge at Wismar During the opening of bids at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street, Georgetown yesterday, financial proposals were submitted for the consultancy of a feasibility study for the construction of a bridge across the Demerara River at Wismar, Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice). In recent months, there have been calls by residents of the mining town for the relevant authorities to construct a double-lane bridge across the river. The existing single-lane bridge which connects Mackenzie to Wismar is in a deplorable state and is currently operating under a manual traffic system. According to the Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland, the influx of motor vehicles in Linden

results in the bridge experiencing heavy flows of traffic, especially during the peak periods. He added that because of the age of the bridge, maintenance is very costly. The Mayor said that he is unaware of the plans for the existing bridge. However, as a citizen of Linden, he opined that the new bridge will serve residents better if it was constructed in the proximity of Christianburg. He pointed out that the town welcomes the initiative since there are a great number of Administrative Regions connected to Linden coupled with the seeming increase in activities. The following table contains the names of organisations that have signaled their intention to carry out the feasibility study along with their proposed prices.

Bids were also opened for the supply of training equipment for the training room at the Ministry of Finance, Georgetown. This Ministry was also listed as the procuring entity.

Bids were submitted for the construction of transformer pads at the Belvedere Industrial Estate, Berbice. The Procuring entity is the Ministry of Business and the engineer’s estimate was announced at, $3.5M.

Bids were also submitted for the retender of the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs contract for the supply of reconditioned mini-buses for several Indigenous communities.

Tenders were open for the supply and delivery of new motor vehicles for the Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) of the Ministry of Agriculture. The entity was also listed as the procuring entity.

Tenders were open for the upgrade of the Whim Community Centre in Berbice. The procuring entity is the Ministry of Communities and the engineer’s estimate was announced at $5.8M

Finally, bids were open for the provision of security services for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).


Kaieteur News

Imposition of VAT on water, electricity is a lot to swallow - PSC, C’tyne Chamber While it is yet too early for full and extensive statements to be made about Budget 2017, off the bat, we know that the imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on basic commodities like water and electricity is of great concern. That is the gist of the position currently taken by the Private Sector Commission and the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce. Contacted yesterday, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Eddie Boyer told Kaieteur News that his team is still studying Budget 2017. He was skeptical about making comments at “this early stage” as he stressed, “we are still analyzing things.” Boyer said that his team is looking to see how much of what was requested by the private sector has been included in the Budget. “We submitted a menu of request...I cannot say much of what has been included as

yet, but we are happy about the increase of the free pay to 60,000. We were hoping it would have gone higher, but that will help quite a lot. I guess they (the government) are moving in the right direction.” However, Boyer said that the introduction of VAT on water and electricity bills is a sore point. The businessman said, “I would hate to comment on that now. It is sad. A lot of money will be taken out of the economy. Having to pay tax on water and electricity is a lot to swallow. Then there is the environmental tax, these are a little punitive in terms of when you look at how much it will cost the average man” Boyer said that there are a number of issues in the Budget, “…but one has got to be reasonable in terms of looking at the fact that to run the country they (the government) would have to get funds. But generally the main areas… water and electricity tax and the

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Eddie Boyer environmental tax.” The Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce released a statement to the media yesterday that reflected similar concerns. The body said that it will issue a detailed release on the budget shortly, “but one general feeling is taxes and more taxes on an already burdened population. One item that has jumped out

at us and one which we have found to be totally reprehensible is the imposition of vat on electricity and water”. The Chamber said, “This is a real “sleight of the hand” operation by the Minister, reducing VAT by 2% and then coming in through the back door and poking it back at us. We are calling for this measure to be immediately withdrawn!! The majority of ordinary Guyanese pay more than 10,000 for electricity and 1,500 for water monthly, this means their bills will automatically go up by 14% which may work out more than the salary increases they will get. Also the 2% transfer charges on selling of a vehicle are another back door tax and should also be withdrawn. The increase in threshold and with the one third measure of exempt income is welcome, as even with a higher bracket of 40%, the effective tax rate as shown in the calculations, will be lower. But why spoil this desirable measure by taking it back with the next hand. Guyanese, it seems, are destined to remain in poverty.” (Abena RockcliffeCampbell)

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Guyanese man killed in BVI after car plunges over cliff

KILLED: Dexter ‘Decky’ Cottoy British Virgin Islands - While confirming that two men were killed in a motor vehicle accident on the island of Virgin Gorda Monday night, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) indicated that the bodies were found in the vehicle that seemingly plunged some 150 feet downhill. As was reported by BVI News Online, the accident unfolded in the Savannah Bay Beach area and involved two expatriates. Persons familiar with both crash victims have identified one of them as 31-year-old Dexter Cottoy, a native of Guyana, who is also known as Decky. The other victim – according to residents – is Calvert Brown, also known as Buju, from St Vincent and the Grenadines. The RVIPF, in a media release yesterday said initial inquiries indicate that the two men were traveling from the Valley to North Sound when the accident took place. “The vehicle was found approximately 150 feet downhill of the cliff, which overlooks the Savannah Bay Beach. The bodies of the two were found inside the vehicle,” said the RVIPF. “Virgin Gorda police officers – along with Fire and Rescue Services, medical personnel from the Nurse Iris O’Neal Clinic, Rasta Trucking, L&S Garage, employees of Yates and Associates and officers of the BVI Port Authority – were all in attendance and assisted at the scene following the accident.” Investigations are ongoing, the RVIPF further said. (

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Govt. aggressively targeting alternative sentencing to reduce prison overcrowding

2012 hotel pool death…

Manager, employee to be charged with murder The manager of the Double Day Hotel and one of his employees are scheduled to appear in court today to be charged with the November 2012 murder of 20-year-old Sadeek Juman. This was revealed by C r i m e C h i e f We n d e l l Blanhum. A 26-year-old friend of the hotel manager was released on station bail on Monday. Juman, of Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara, was found dead in a pool at the Double Day Hotel, located at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, on November 1, 2012. There were reports that he had visited the premises the previous day, in the company of friends. It is alleged that Juman had gotten into “a heated exchange” with a group of men at the hotel. The men allegedly inflicted a severe beating on Juman. He was reportedly put in a room at the hotel. When it grew dark, J u m a n ’s assailants


Kaieteur News

The Camp Street prison

Sadeek Juman allegedly put the stillunconscious youth in the hotel pool to give the appearance that he had drowned. A post mortem showed that death was due to drowning, compounded by blunt trauma to the head. The 29-year-old hotel manager, a hotel driver, also 29, and the manager’s friend were taken into custody last week. Farida Juman, the slain carpenter’s mother, had relentlessly pressed the police to solve the case.

The administration has unveiled an aggressive plan to reduce overcrowding in the country’s jails. According to Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, the attention is being paid especially to the problem caused when the courts refuse bail. “Ultimately, we intend to reduce the use of pre-trial detention for persons accused of minor, non-violent, offences by aggressively promoting the use of alternative sentencing options such as probation, community service, restitution, and fines,” the minister disclosed in his budget speech on Monday to the National Assembly. The problem has been engaging the Coalition since it took office last year. The matter came to the forefront this year after 17 inmates of the Camp Street

jail were tragically killed in a fire in one of the cell blocks. A Commission of Inquiry ordered by President David Granger found that overcrowding was a main cause with recommendations for solutions to be found to ease the problem. Many of those in jail have been refused bail or are serving time for offences which was be handled in other ways - fines, probation and community service included. According to Minister Jordan on Monday, his Government continues to place the highest priority on the maintenance of a strong justice system, given its role in upholding civil liberties and maintaining the rule of law. “To this end, key areas that have been earmarked for strategic

interventions in 2017 include strengthening legislation to counter money-laundering and the financing of terrorism; review of pre-trial detention policies; use of alternative sentencing; and constitutional reform.” Jordan however noted that while work will continue to secure and protect against financial crimes, it is recognized that the manner in which other offences are treated, especially non-violent minor charges, must be reviewed. He said that through the “Support for Criminal Justice System Programme”, the Government will reduce the burden on the prison system by implementing a comprehensive institutional strengthening programme, aimed at influencing the use of penal and rehabilitation policy and law.


Boy, 17, remanded for stabbing farmer to death in drunken row A 17-year-old boy was yesterday remanded to prison on a murder charge after he made an appearance before Magistrate Dylon Bess in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on November 23, at Barima, Kariabo Village, North West District, the teenager murdered Junior Moses, 44, a farmer. He was not required to plead to the indictable charge during an in-camera court session. The accused will return to court on December 6, before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. According to reports, the accused and Moses were imbibing alcohol, when an argument ensued between them, during which the accused armed himself with a knife and stabbed Moses once to the abdomen and escaped. Moses was rushed to the Mabaruma Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The teen was later apprehended and charged.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Budget 2017 represents geographic spread of resources – PM Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has described the 2017 national budget as representing a geographic spread of resources. On Monday during a press conference following the budget speech read by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan, Nagamootoo posited that the geographic spread is greater than any other budget he has ever listened to. “I’ve been in politics long enough and following parliamentary procedures on government affairs, that this is the first time that you have had a geographic spread of resources of the state.” Nagamootoo said that in the 2017 budget it is clear that attention is being paid to hinterland communities whether by way of creating

jobs, or by way of greening the economy, while giving focus to electricity, roads and bridges. He said that everything in the budget is geared towards bridging the gap between rural and urban settlements, a promise which A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change had promised to do during their elections campaign. The Prime Minister said, “Guyana is one Guyana and this I would say is the basis for equity of treating people who have not been seen as the blue-eyed babies of any administration, we have now elevated them to respect.” He highlighted that not so long ago the elderly had an increase in pension and once again in 2017 they will benefit from a further increase. Old age pension has been increased from $18,200 to $19,000. It was pointed out too by the politician that the social assistance to single parents has also been increased. “Overall, however, if you look through this budget, you will see that it has done something that was needed for many, many years, politicians talked about the

red tape and the bureaucracy and the lethargy that you experience in going to do paperwork.” He added that persons should not be made to join a line at the airport to pay departure tax. He said that the airline should be made to do its business, thereby cutting out the hold-up in the system. On the matter of transfer of compliance for motor vehicles, Nagamootoo said that the budget has an arrangement to address that. “You have issues dealing with the sale of bicycles or motorcycles to other vehicles, you have a fee that is attached, a fixed fee ranging from each vehicle you are dealing with.” According to Nagamootoo, the red tape and bureaucracy are now being addressed by the 2017 budget in a very deliberate way for the first time. “So this is not a budget that provides for the usual budgetary measures, (before) people would listen to hear what new taxes would have gone up or gone down. This is a total approach.” The budget places

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo emphasis on delivering the good life in a green economy, said Nagamootoo. He urged persons to get down to studying the budget speech and the budget itself, since no one aspect of the budget can inform someone about the whole financial plan. “You have to look at every sector of the economy, every section of the Guyanese society to see how this budget is going to impact on the economy and the lives of people. It is a purposeful budget and it touches everyone, it’s going to definitely see an improvement in people’s lives and an encouragement for better performance in the economy.”

Wednesday November 30, 2016

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Post-secondary, tertiary institutions must be registered – Nat’l Accreditation Council The National Accreditation CouncilGuyana (NAC-G) has embarked on an education and awareness campaign to further enlighten the public about its services, particularly as it relates to post-secondary and tertiary institutions. According to information on the NAC-G website, registration of the aforementioned institutions is a mandatory quality assurance process. “This means that schools must meet the criteria and standards necessary to offer their services. This process must be completed in order for any post-secondary and tertiary institutions (private and public) to operate legally in Guyana.” The registration process determines whether an institution has the capacity to offer quality education to its students. “Every institution must satisfy seven criteria, namely: Legal, Policy and Regulatory Requirements; Government and Administration; Quality Management System; Resource Management; Teaching-Learning Process; Review; and Continuous Improvement. Under each criteria, institutions are required to fulfill corresponding standards — 23 altogether.” “Teams of External Evaluators, that is, persons who are experts in the particular programme areas, are used to evaluate an institution during the registration process. In some countries, registration is known as pre-accreditation.” The information further outlined that the NAC-G, as a quality assurance agency, is recognized regionally and internationally, and is affiliated with several agencies for quality assurance in higher education. The Council has acquired membership within the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) and the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE).” The NAC-G’s Registration and Accreditation standards are in keeping with international best practices and are similar to those implemented in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and Jamaica. The NAC-G also provides accreditation to the all medical schools in Guyana. The NAC-G stipulates that “medical schools established in Guyana are

- students advised to verify schools are certified before signing up required to seek accreditation with the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) after being registered with the National Accreditation Council.” As such, the council warns that students should ensure that they find out from an educational institution that they are interested to attend, whether or not they are registered with the National Accreditation Council before making any payments to the institutions and beginning their studies. The body therefore released a list of institutions that have successfully met the requirements and have attained full registration status with the NAC-G. The list includes: Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School; Nations Incorporated New Guyana School Inc; American University of Peace Studies; Accountancy Training Centre; Texila American University; Greenheart Medical University; the Business School; University of the Southern Caribbean; Alexander American University; Government Technical Institute and Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology. The following institutions, the NAC-G outlined, attained Provisional Registration which allows them the time needed to setup operations only - Al-

Mustafa Islamic College and Ajeenkya DY Patil University at Turkeyen Institutions with provisional registration are prohibited from enrolling students. According to the website, institutions currently in the Process of Registration are the American International School of Medicine, JTW Management Institute and Georgetown American University. The National Accreditation Council (NAC) was established by an Act of Parliament (the National Accreditation Council Act No. 12 of 2004), which mandated that all postsecondary and tertiary institutions operating in Guyana must be registered with the NAC. The NAC is governed by a Board of Directors that is set up by the Office of the President. According to information obtained from the council, the NAC-G promotes quality of education and training in Guyana, the NAC advises post-secondary and tertiary level educational institutions (local or foreign) on registration, accreditation, and programme approval, and also provides recognition of awarding bodies, and equivalency of foreign qualifications. Persons who wish to obtain information about any of the services provided by the National Accreditation Council can access further details of each service on its website@

CH&PA to fund housing... From page 8 sensitising the general public on building codes and standards, and building the capacity of small local contractors. Housing in recent years had been one of the biggest drivers of the economy, positively affecting hardware suppliers, contractors, banks, lawyers, surveyors, insurance companies and a host of supplies and service companies. Thousands were granted house lots, but many of the schemes have remained incomplete, despite billions spent by the previous administration. Almost half of the house lots allocated have not been occupied. However, as lands ran out in coastal Demerara area, the sector slowed, with a number of private developers in deep trouble, especially on the East Bank of Demerara. The administration, in taking office last year, had vowed to do things differently, including creating complete communities when it came to targeting housing.



Kaieteur News

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Revised Tax Act will empower GRA to garnish funds from taxpayers’ bank accounts The Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan during his presentation of the State’s 2017 National Budget on Monday, announced that Chapter 81:01 of the Income Tax Act will be revised to allow the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to garnish funds from bank accounts held by taxpayers who have outstanding arrears. Garnishment is a legal process whereby payments towards a debt owed by an individual can be paid by a third party - which holds money or property that is due

to the individual - directly to the creditor. The Minister said that this revision will help strengthen the GRA’s revenue collection and improve compliance with demands issued by the Authority for outstanding payments. The Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, weighed in on this proposed initiative immediately after the Finance Minister finished his presentation. Jagdeo said that it will ‘negatively’ impact the private sector and investor confidence. He added also

that the measure will be worrisome for ‘ordinary’ citizens. The Minister last Monday presented a $250B National Budget which has already begun to garner both praise and criticisms. The Minister also stated that there will be increased penalties for offences. The penalty imposed for offenses committed against the Income Tax Act under the provisions of Section 109 to 111 he said, will be increased from $15,000 to $100,000 to force voluntary compliance

while Non-resident companies failing to keep accounting records in Guyana thereby causing unnecessary delays during audit, will be subject to a fine of $1,000,000. Guyana over the years has seen an increase in roadside shops, taxi services, liquor restaurants amongst other small establishments. Sometime ago, it was realized that some of these businesses are often noncompliant with the GRA. This had become a struggle for the authority. However, this is about to change. Minister Jordan told the National Assembly that the law will be amended to give persons a maximum of three months from the commencement date of business to inform the GRA. He pointed out that currently, there are no fees for the issuance of TIN certificates, even though GRA incurs an administrative cost. Jordan proposed to impose a fee of $1,000 for the first TIN certificate and $5,000 for reprinting of TIN certificates. Jordan also told the House that late filing of

Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Property Tax Returns will now attract a fine. He said that the current late filing penalty regime does not provide for penalties to be imposed on late returns which disclose a loss. He said that taxpayers can submit a loss or deficit return late without fear of any penalties, since penalties are applied to taxes assessed. The Minister proposed an increase to late filing penalties to 10 percent. He indicated that a flat fee of $50,000 will be applied to each loss or deficit return submitted after the prescribed time. Jordan also addressed the late payment of tax. He said that the penalty for late payment of tax provided for under section 99 (1) of the Income Tax Act Chapter 81:01 will be repealed and a simplified interest regime enacted. Section 6 (1) (c) of the Financial Administration and Audit Act will be amended to facilitate the imposition of interest on late payment of tax at the rate of 2 percent per annum. Jordan told the House that the current penalties for failing to keep proper books

and records are lenient. He said that as a result, many taxpayers, particularly the self-employed taxpayers, fail to keep proper books and records. The Finance Minister proposed that the penalties be increased to $200,000 or five percent of the tax assessed, whichever is greater. Poor record-keeping has proven to not only be a problem in the private sector. In his 2015 audit report, Auditor General Deodat Sharma pointed to numerous cases of improper recordkeeping at many Ministries and at the various regional offices. There has also been an increase in the fine attached to failure to present books and records when requested. Jordan told the House that taxpayers often fail to present books, records and other information in a timely manner. He said that audits are greatly affected by the lack of evidence to justify disclosures in financial statements. Therefore, he proposed to increase the fine to $200,000 and/or six months imprisonment.

Health Minister calls for research into state of kidney failure ...but promotes prevention as best approach to combat disease A call for expert research to be done into Guyana’s kidney failure situation has been made by Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton. The Minister made this disclosure recently when asked by this publication about reports that there has been an increase in the number of deaths associated with kidney failure. He noted that he was not in a position to share details about the related deaths since proper research has not yet been conducted. It was for this very reason, he noted, that he was urging research in this area. Recently the Minister was in receipt of a report of research which compared the advantages of haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. “I would encourage more people to do research like this so that we can know the real situation about kidney disease,” said the Minister as he spoke of the need to “examine the collection of the data, the expertise with which the analyses were made, and compare it with information that exists before a policy decision is made, if we have that recommendation.”

But according to Minister Norton, currently his Ministry is embracing a prevention approach to tackle kidney failure by promoting healthy lifestyles. This is in light of the fact, the Minister said, that treatment for this health challenge is very expensive. “With an economy like we have, it (treatment) is almost impossible to sustain,” asserted Minister Norton, as he considered that there are an increasing number of people being diagnosed with diabetes, a condition that can cause kidney failure. “It is happening at an alarming rate among younger persons too, and the intensity of that is increasing...unless we become sufficiently concerned and educated about our lifestyle, only then will we be able to curtail it,” the Minister noted. There are reports that suggest that currently there are about 8,000 individuals being diagnosed with kidney failure annually. While the public health sector is able to offer treatment, this service becomes limited when dialysis is required. Patients are offered a few

Public Health Minister, Dr. George Norton free sessions at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after which they are given a one-off financial support to access the service elsewhere. This is in light of the fact that the hospital simply hasn’t the capacity to continuously cater to all patients seeking dialysis treatment. There are at least three privately-operated facilities that offer dialysis treatment that patients can access. In the past, kidney failure patients were afforded financial support from the Ministry of Health which covered about 40 sessions of dialysis at a private institution per year. However, the high cost of offering this (Continued on page 30)

Wednesday November 30, 2016


Kaieteur News

Carpenter found not guilty C’bean Airlines aircraft strikes... of 2014 Dochfour murder A 23-year-old carpenter has been found not guilty of the capital offence of murder. The former accused Devindra Rooplall was acquitted around noon yesterday after a mixed twelve-member jury returned a verdict of not guilty before Justice Joann Barlow in relation to the murder of Suresh Goberdhan. Goberdhan called “Bud” was murdered on January 16, 2014, at Mud Dam, Dochfour, East Coast Demerara. Rooplall was accused of beating Goberdhan to death during a dispute over money. The victim was allegedly beaten with a piece of metal, while he was at a rum shop in the village. After some two hours of deliberations, the jury reached the verdict Rooplall of Hope Lowlands, East Coast Demerara, walked out of the courtroom a free man after he was admonished by the

Dead: Suresh Goberdhan

Freed: Devindra Rooplall

Judge to use his second chance at life wisely. The man’s relatives as well as those of the deceased were present at the hearing yesterday. Rooplall’s family members thanked his attorney Sandil Kissoon while the dead man’s relatives wept bitterly; they expressed disappointment in the justice system. The case was presented by State Prosecutors Siand Dhurjon

and and Shawnette Austin. Goberdhan, also a carpenter, was allegedly bludgeoned to death. Rooplall was one of two men who were detained following the discovery of Goberdhan’s body in a clump of bushes. An eyewitness had contacted the police after he reportedly observed Goberdhan and two other men in a heated argument.

(From page 21) which was parked at an assigned gate, was struck by the wing tip of a taxiing Caribbean Airlines (CAL) B737-800 aircraft. Fly Jamaica Airways’ B767-300 aircraft has been withdrawn from service, and the airline awaits the findings of the investigation currently being conducted by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The Directors and staff of Fly Jamaica Airways wish to reassure their customers that they are working assiduously to lessen the inconvenience caused by this

incident, and to ensure that all of their passengers are accommodated in the most efficient and convenient manner. Fly Jamaica Airways remains committed to offering the safest service between all of their destinations, in the air and on the ground, and the continued safety of their passengers, flight crews and ground staff. For updated flight schedule information please visit and click on the “Customer Advisory: Updated Flight Schedule” link at the top of the page. All further flight schedule up-

dates will be published to this page. Customers of Fly Jamaica Airways Ltd. can now view the airline’s updated flight schedule for November 29th and 30th at Both airlines have been playing a critical role in offering air transport linkages to especially the US and Canada. Fly Jamaica will be more affected by the incident as it only has two planes. Caribbean Airlines, headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, has several aircraft, including B737-800.

$Billions and strategic initiatives... (From page 7) the world.” He noted that Government has recognised that the problems which beset the sector must be tackled at the core, beginning from early childhood through to university and beyond. However, the Minister underscored that a successful, well-rounded child is a product of his or her home environment, good parenting, and dedicated and competent teachers within a supportive and healthy community. And Minister Jordan stressed Monday,

“we cannot afford to fail our children, who are our leaders of tomorrow, for to do so would be tantamount to undermining every sector of our economy and, ultimately, condemning our nation and future generations to a life of pessimism and poverty.” “We, therefore, have to ensure that we properly diagnose the problems and apply solutions that seek to structurally change the mode, scale, and regional appropriateness of interventions. Our Government will not fail our children,” the Minister confidently insisted.



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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News

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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News

Govt. plugs $31 billion into public health sector - lab facilities to reach international standard - drug procurement woes to become a thing of the past While over $27 billion was slated to be expended in the health sector this year, Government will augment its spending in this regard next year to $31.2 billion. This disclosure was made on Monday by Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, as he presented the highly anticipated 2017 national budget. According to the Minister, the national health sector strategy – the Health Vision 2020 – will continue to guide investments and interventions in the sector, with the ultimate aim of achieving universal coverage for health care. He however noted that “we cannot hope to achieve this vision without an efficient, modern health system, (but) with adequate human capacity and quality health infrastructure. We must address these core issues, which hamper our ability to address serious health challenges such as the proliferation of noncommunicable diseases, mental health, and emerging diseases such as (the) Zika (Virus).” Moreover, a key focus of Government in the coming year, the Finance Minister said, will be to examine a multisectoral, low-carbon approach to development, which prioritises improvements in public health. The Minister underscored that the investment in health infrastructure and the ability to attract skilled health human resources are critical for delivering specialist health services, especially in remote hinterland communities. For this year already, the Public Health Ministry expended $48.4 million on medical evacuation (medevac) services for 93 cases that could not be treated in their respective regions. These cases were referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the national referral hospital. However, the focus, in 2017, the Minister said, will be on equipping and upgrading district hospitals to deliver the full suite of mandated services, as this would lead to greater equity between the hinterland and coastland. Additional specialists, specialising in areas such as paediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, dental, and general surgery, will be deployed in Regions One, Eight, and Nine, the

Minister said, as he disclosed that Government has allocated $2 billion for the improvement and maintenance of health infrastructure countrywide. Accordingly, particular emphasis will be placed on upgrading health facilities for district level hospitals and comfortable living quarters to attract the necessary medical personnel in the hinterland, in areas such as: Baramita, Bartica, Kamarang, Mahdia, Port Kaituma, and Annai. Another priority area of focus, Minister Jordan said, “is bringing our laboratory facilities up to a modern and international standard.” To this end progress is being made by the Food and Drug Department to gain accreditation for its laboratories, which certify food product manufacturers, exporters, and re-packagers. Moreover, Government has budgeted a sum of $110 million for the Department to begin construction of a new laboratory and administrative building, and a further $65 million will be used to procure laboratory supplies, quality control aids, and proficiency testing materials. In addition, the National Public Health Reference Laboratory will also aim to strengthen its Quality Management System (QMS) with the end goal of achieving the International Organisation for Standards’ ISO:15189 accreditation relating to quality management system requirements. “This will minimise our dependence on overseas testing,” Minister Jordan confidently asserted, as he turned his attention to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Acceleration Framework (MAF) to improve maternal health. This framework identifies five bottlenecks and proposes solutions that continue to guide the interventions to address maternal health. According to Minister Jordan, efforts will be made to supplement the ongoing work of the Maternal and Child Health Unit, even as he pointed out that the initiative - Support to Improve Maternal Child Health - will come online, in the new year, with the support of a

development partner. Upon successful implementation, Minister Jordan said that this US$8 million project will contribute to the reduction of maternal, perinatal, and neonatal deaths in Guyana by: (i) Strengthening the primary level of care for health services in Regions Three, Four and Nine; (ii) Improving the supply chain for contraceptive methods, drugs, and blood products; (iii) Strengthening of the maternity waiting home strategy, including the development of individual and community plans to support women and newborns; (iv) Improving health information; (v) Training of health workers in the Regions previously stated; and (vi) Strengthening the capacity of the MCH Unit. Mental health will also be gaining keen attention. The Minister emphasised that recognising one’s mental health is as important as one’s physical health, and in light of the upsurge in suicides, Government has prioritised training of health professionals. A total of 250 of these health workers were trained in 2016, and over 300 of them will be targeted in 2017, according to Minister Jordan. “We expect to begin construction of the Mental Health Institute in the second half of the upcoming year...” said Minister Jordan who also disclosed yesterday that over $6.5 billion has been allocated in the 2017 budget to procure drugs and medical supplies to treat citizens who access public health facilities. “Although we have been budgeting adequate sums of money, our population continues to experience frequent non-availability of drugs and medical supplies at almost every public health facility, suggesting a number of problems in the procurement, storage, and distribution systems,” the Minister acknowledged. However, he assured that this problem will be arrested by ensuring that the process is informed by data-driven health information systems in order to ensure more consistent supplies and avoidance of waste.



Kaieteur News

Early morning accident at Soesdyke leaves one dead A 33-year-old man is dead following an accident near the Soesdyke junction, while he was heading to Georgetown around 05:00 hrs yesterday. The victim has been identified as Herman David of 1538 Section ‘B’ Diamond, East Bank Demerara and previously of 67 John Street, Campbellville. According to the Traffic Chief, Dion Moore, David was returning from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), when he lost control of his car (PPP 9168) which was proceeding north along the western carriageway, and collided head-on with a stationary lorry, GKK

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Oil tumbles near 4 percent on doubts over OPEC production cut

2143. He reportedly died on the spot. The impact resulted in David being ejected from his vehicle. He was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body was later transferred to the Lyken Funeral Parlour. David was said to be returning from the airport after dropping off his wife. The car was said to have broken into two pieces upon the impact of the collision. It is unclear whether David was speeding or he simply fell asleep, when he collided with the parked vehicle. An investigation into the accident is said to be ongoing.

An oil drill stands idle

Schools shut, shops shuttered as Brazil town mourns its team (Reuters) Businesses closed and schools canceled classes in Chapeco as the small town in southern Brazil plunged into mourning on Tuesday over the loss of its soccer team, Chapecoense, in a plane crash in Colombia.

Hundreds of fans decked out in the club’s green and white gathered at its stadium starting in the morning. Large groups remained quietly in the stands until late in day, staring past their banners at the empty green field as the sun beat down. An improvised shrine outside the player’s entrance to the stadium filled up with jerseys, flowers and candles. A poster celebrated, in a

child’s handwriting, the team’s meteoric ascent into top-flight Brazilian soccer. “They never tired of climbing and now they’re in heaven,” it read. Chapecoense’s improbable rise to competing for the Sudamericana Cup title had been an inspiration to the agricultural town of some 200,000 people in the remote interior of Santa Catarina state. The dream ended suddenly when the team’s plane crashed late on Monday outside the Colombian city of Medellin, where Chapecoense had been due to face local side Atletico Nacional in Wednesday’s Cup final.

(Reuters) Oil slumped four percent on Tuesday as OPEC’s leading oil exporters struggled to agree on a deal to cut production to reduce global oversupply and boost prices, with Iran and Iraq at loggerheads with Saudi Arabia a day ahead of meeting. Brent futures LCOc1 fell $1.86, or 3.9 percent, to settle at $46.38 a barrel, while U.S. crude CLc1 lost $1.85, or 3.9 percent, to $45.23. That was the biggest daily percentage decline for Brent since September. Those declines put both

global benchmarks on track to fall for a second month in a row, with U.S. crude down around 3 percent and Brent down almost 4 percent. Most analysts believe the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will cobble together a deal to cut some production at its meeting on Wednesday in Vienna, which starts at 1000 GMT. But Iran and Iraq, OPEC’s second- and third-largest producers, have resisted pressure from the group’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia to

curtail their oil output, making an agreement difficult. Documents prepared for the meeting propose OPEC cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day from October levels, an OPEC source familiar with the papers said, slightly more than the 1 million bpd the group discussed at a meeting in Algiers in September. OPEC produced around 33.82 million bpd in October. Morgan Stanley said its base case was OPEC will announce a group quota for six months and ask non-OPEC countries

like Russia to help. That could reduce OPEC production to about 33 million bpd and drive prices back into the $50 a barrel range, the bank said. Russia confirmed on Tuesday it would not attend the OPEC gathering, but said a later meeting was possible. Analysts at Macquarie Capital said they believe OPEC will come to a “last minute” agreement but noted the remaining issues are still the original issues - which countries will cut and by how much.

Wednesday November 30, 2016


Kaieteur News

Porter remanded after caught Duo granted bail on with ganja at Police checkpoint robbery charges -another on bail for shooting at man

An expectant father ’s hopes of seeing his reputed wife through pregnancy were shattered after he was remanded to prison for allegedly trafficking 55 grams of marijuana at the Itaballi Police checkpoint. Levi Rawlins, 25, of 15 Ketley Street, Charlestown, Georgetown is accused of having the marijuana in his possession for the purpose of trafficking on November 25. He changed his plea to not guilty after Magistrate Dylon Bess informed him that the offence attracts a minimum penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine. Rawlins told the court that he only had 16 grams of the illicit substance in his possession. The defendant had opted to plead guilty to the charge because he wanted the matter to be over and not waste the court’s time. An unrepresented Rawlins said that his reputed wife is having a difficult pregnancy and he wanted to be at home to assist her. However, Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris asked that the defendant be remanded to prison citing the seriousness and penalty attached to the offence. The Magistrate upheld the objections and

REMANDED: Levi Rawlins told Rawlins that the court has to be provided with special reasons for bail to be considered for this offence. The porter was instructed to return to court next Tuesday, before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. In another case, 32-yearold Leon Smartt was released on $150,000 bail. It is alleged that on November 25, at Princes Street, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm at Rajesh George, with intent

to maim, disable, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm. But in a twist of events, George told the court that he did not wish to proceed with the matter. He however, failed to provide the court with an explanation for his decision. As such, Magistrate Dylon Bess refused to withdraw the charge and transferred it to the Chief Magistrate for next Monday. Smartt will also have to report to the Alberttown Police Station every Friday.

Two men were each released on bail after they appeared before Magistrate Dylon Bess charged with robbery under-arms and robbery with violence. Ryan Goodluck, 22, of 98 Herstelling Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara and Alex Pickering, also 22, of Durban Backlands, Georgetown, were granted bail in the sum of $75,000 and $200,000 respectively. It is alleged that on October 29, at Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, Goodluck, while in the company of another and armed with a gun, robbed Mandisa Cameron of a Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone and a gold and black purse and $11,000 cash. The unrepresented man pleaded not guilty. Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris told the court that the virtual complainant was walking along Craig Street, when the defendant, who was a pillion rider on a motorcycle, approached her and pointed a gun to her, before escaping with the items. According to Morris, the woman made a report to police. Goodluck was arrested and placed on an identification parade and was positively pointed out. But Attorney Daren Wade

Alex Pickering told the court that his client has no knowledge about the robbery. As a condition of bail, Goodluck was instructed to report to the Providence Police Station, every Monday, until the determination of the matter. This matter continues on December 19. Meanwhile Pickering, who was unrepresented, is accused of robbing Kevin Headley of $56,000, a quantity of women’s clothing and a Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone - all totaling $396,000; and at the time of, immediately, before or after the said

robbery, he used personal violence. It is also alleged that on October 10, at Puruni, Pickering unlawfully and maliciously wounded Seon Smith. Pickering denied both allegations. He was admitted to bail in the sum of $50,000 on the first charge and $150,000 on the latter, after Police Prosecutor Gillian Simmons made no objections. The defendant, who said he has no previous conviction, will make another court appearance on December 5 before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.


Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News

Social Protection Ministry introduces minimum guidelines to boost elderly care As part of efforts to raise the standards for the elderly in Guyana, the Ministry of Social Protection has identified a number of minimum guidelines by which elderly residential care facilities will be operated. These standards envisaged for care for the elderly will ensure that older persons are respected; treated equally, fairly and with dignity; live a productive life; are in constant contact with their loved ones; are involved in the decisionmaking that affect their lives; and receive quality care in a comfortable and secure environment. With the help of consultant Sharissa Barrow, nineteen minimum standards were identified. These, Social Protection officials believe, are just the

initial steps to commence the process of revolutionising the care for the elderly throughout Guyana. However, the officials have noted that caring for the elderly in Guyana faces a number of significant hurdles. These challenges include the inability to attract and retain committed human resources, limited ownership from families (where available) to assist in the general care and welfare of the elderly, and poor management and accountability. Obstacles are exacerbated by differing management arrangements, geographic vulnerabilities, and special needs of the targeted elderly population. While the differences complicate the management and oversight of facilities providing care for the elderly,

they also highlight the need for core minimum standards to establish a national framework for the care and protection of elderly in residential care; provide a common system for monitoring and regulating public and private elderly residential facilities, and allow for improved allocation of resources to elderly care facilities nationwide. Consequently, the Ministry of Social Protection has identified a number of minimum standards through the level of elderly life will be lifted. Further the Ministry outlined the minimum standards elderly residential care facilities have a documented and publicly available admissions policy; residents’ human rights are respected and maintained

Bandits, mining camp crew in shootout at Cuyuni - gunman believed injured Four armed bandits were forced to flee empty-handed early yesterday morning after encountering withering gunfire while attempting to invade a mining camp at Cuyuni. The attack occurred at Shafeek Ali’s Mining Concession, located at Far Back Backdam, Cuyuni. Kaieteur News understands that the crew was in the process of

‘washing down,’ when about three to four men, believed to be “of foreign nationality,” invaded the camp and began shooting. But some of the crew, who are licenced firearm holders, returned fire, forcing the attackers to flee empty-handed into the jungle. The mining camp crew told police that they heard someone groaning, which

led them to surmise that they had wounded one of the gunmen. However, the crew members were hesitant to follow. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that a team of police ranks was flown in by chopper to investigate. A police official disclosed that the investigators will have to wait until today to scour the area.

within the facility there is an established procedure to receive, act upon, and respond to complaints from residents or their sponsors and advocates. Among the guidelines are ensuring that all elderly residential facilities promote the health of residents in care; source, store and administer medicines in accordance with best practices and local laws and regulations; strive to continuously provide a high standard of care to residents; are staffed as necessary to provide quality services to residents; human resource issues are handled in accordance with established professional best practices and local laws and regulation; the physical infrastructure are designed and maintained to cater to the special needs of the elderly; have established procedures to prepare for and respond to emergencies, so as to protect the life, health, and liberty of

their staff and residents, and standard accounting and financial systems are adopted to ensure the continued viability of the facility. “These are, we believe, just the initial steps to commence the process of revolutionising the care for the elderly throughout Guyana,” the Ministry said in a recent statement. The Ministry of Social Protection said that is fully aware that many of the existing facilities nationwide do not have the financial or technical resources required to effect the changes necessary to meet these standards in the short term. “However even the Government-run Palms Geriatric Facility is unlikely to be able to meet these standards before 2018 due to resource constraints and the need for significant capacitybuilding and implementation of robust administrative practices,” the Ministry outlined.

“Therefore in the interim our national focus will be on raising awareness about the Maintenance Act and enforcing its provisions and identifying innovative mechanisms to help existing charitable and non-profit facilities improve their service to the elderly in their care. “These mechanisms will include reviewing existing subvention allotments; introducing platforms for the sharing of experiences and maximising resource use; providing technical support to develop transition plans for each of the facilities; and developing objective criteria for future allocation of resources to elderly residential facilities.” In the meantime, there will also be the introduction of licensing guidelines for facilities providing care for the elderly, as well as a multidisciplinary inspection process that will be required to underpin the new licencing process.

Labourer found dead after heated... (From page 3) Number 51 station arrived promptly on the scene having been summoned. The man’s body was later whisked away to the Skeldon Public Hospital Mortuary. Ravi Sharma would have celebrated his 25th birthday tomorrow. Meanwhile, the dead man’s mother reflected sadly that the suspect, “does come by the house, me does cook, clean and wash fuh he when he come and he does pay me a $3000, so he (Sharma) know dat boy good, but me nah know wha guh wrang”. The suspect reportedly told investigators that he was present at Sharma’s house on Monday night when a heated argument ensued between the two. The argument escalated, during which he (suspect) was struck by Sharma to the head, and in retaliation, picked up a cutlass and repeatedly ‘broad-sided’

(lashed) Sharma. The suspect allegedly went to the Police Station minutes after the incident and made a report that he had lashed Sharma several times about his body, but made no mention that he had died, since he is alleging that he was unaware that Sharma had succumbed as a result of the beating. Reports are that the suspect returned to the house that morning and saw a crowd and Sharma’s lifeless body in pool of blood in his yard, where he (suspect) had left him. He subsequently turned himself in and is presently assisting investigators with the investigation. Kaieteur News understands that Sharma’s body was discovered with what appeared to be a broken arm, chop wounds on the chest, back, and a wound to the forehead among other injuries. Investigations are continuing.

Health Minister calls for research... (From page 16) service had caused the Ministry to revise its financial support, whereby patients are only offered a one-off cheque of $360,000 which can cover about 40 sessions. After these sessions are completed, many patients are unable to afford to continue dialysis treatment. Approximately 110 patients, between the ages of 14 and 75, have passed through the GPHC dialysis unit during the past three years, according to Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Kishore Persaud. Because of the limited forthcoming support, Dr. Persaud disclosed that the resulting situation is that an increasing number of these patients have been opting to not undergo dialysis treatment privately, although this could help to extend their

lives. This state of affairs has been linked to these patients’ economic standing which sees them unable to afford the cost for the life-saving treatment. There are reports that suggest that there has been an alarming increase in the number of renal failurerelated deaths this year. Although he admitted that there has been an increase in the number of kidney failure-related deaths, Dr. Persaud during an interview with this publication was also unable to share how many. He nevertheless disclosed that while the main causes of renal failure are diabetes and high blood pressure, the public health sector is looking to reduce its impact by developing its primary care. “Once we can develop our primary care out there to

prevent and have patients control their sugar and pressure, we can help to prevent this (kidney failure),” said Dr. Persaud. There are, however, some persons who suffer from auto-immune diseases that damage the kidneys and kidney failure in such cases may not be preventable. However, patients with kidney failure who are young and healthy enough could undergo kidney transplant surgery at the GPHC. Kidney transplant surgeries are conducted free of cost at the GPHC. However, patients, once they have a suitable donor, are expected to meet the approximately $1 million cost to have crossmatching tests done ahead of surgery. This money is not paid to the GPHC, but rather, a Miami University which conducts the tests.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News

Regional leaders gather in Cuba for funeral of Fidel Castro HAVANA, Cuba, CMC – Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, arrived here on Monday night as CARICOM leaders begin to assembly in Cuba for the funeral of the island’s former President Fidel Castro who died last Friday. He was 90 years old. “We are not here to mourn the death of Fidel, we are here to celebrate the life of Fidel Castro,” the Dominica prime minister said on his arrival at the Jose Marti International Airport. Skerrit said that the Caribbean would continue to show and express “great solidarity” with the Cuban population, saying “with the death of Fidel there is still more struggle. “We have to continue to fight for the removal of this unjust (US trade) blockade

against the Cuban people and rest assured our voices will be even louder than ever before,” Skerrit said, flanked by some of his regional colleagues, including the Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Cubans from all walks of life are paying respect to Castro, who died 10 years after he stepped down and

handed power to his younger brother Raul Castro. Inside the plaza’s Jose Marti monument, there was no urn on display carrying Castro’s ashes. He had been cremated last Saturday. But there was simple tribute: a photo of a young Fidel Castro, a guard of honour, floral wreaths and posters carrying revolutionary slogans. On Tuesday evening, at least tens of thousands are expected to pay tribute to Castro in the large plaza named for national hero Jose Marti, a poet and leader of Cuba’s 19th century fight for independence from Spain. His funeral will take place on December 4 at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second largest city and site of the beginning of the Cuban Revolution in 1953.

Jovenel Moise

votes. The margin of victory for Moise means there will not be a runoff. The other presidential candidates Jean-Charles Moïse, of the Pitit Dessalines received 118,142 votes or 11.04 per cent while Maryse Narcisse, of the Fanmi Lavalas and who was a spokeswoman for former president Jean Bertrand Aristide, received 96,121 votes or 8.99 per cent of the popular votes.

Rooseveldt Skerrit

Plantation owner elected as Haiti’s new president

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC –Jovenel Moise, a member of the PHTK (“the Bald Heads Party) has been declared winner of the November 20 presidential election, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has said. Moise, a plantation owner, received 595,430 votes or 55.6 per cent of the votes cast defeating Jude Célestin of the LAPEH Parrty of former president Michel Martelly, who received 208,837 votes or 19.52 per cent of the popular



Kaieteur News

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Violent protests outside Brazil Congress over austerity measures (Reuters) Police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse thousands of demonstrators protesting against cutbacks to social programs outside Brazil’s Congress on Tuesday as Senators prepared to vote for a 20-year cap on federal spending. Protesters burned three cars, smashed windows on government buildings and threw rocks at police on the ministry-lined central esplanade of Brasilia, according to a Reuters photographer at the scene. Around 10,000 protesters - ranging from students and landless peasants to supporters of the leftist Workers Party

and labor union activists descended on Congress ahead of the decision, a police spokeswoman said. The protests turned violent when some demonstrators overturned a car and knocked over plastic toilet booths, forcing the police to act against them to protect Congress, she said. An undisclosed number of protesters were arrested for vandalism and spraying graffiti on government buildings. Brazil’s leftist opposition say the spending cap proposed by President Michel Temer would cripple public education and health ser-

Anti-government demonstrators gesture atop a press car of Tv Record as they attend a demonstration against a constitutional amendment vices in Brazil. To make the bill more palatable, Temer proposed delaying cuts in edu-

cation and health for a year. Many of the demonstrators carried the red flags of

the Workers Party, which has called for protests against Temer’s belt-tightening measures which are meant to restore fiscal discipline and control a widening budget deficit. The protests also targeted lawmakers seeking an amnesty from prosecution for taking kickbacks in the mas-

sive corruption scandal surrounding state-controlled oil company Petrobras. The Senate is expected to vote for a drastic public spending ceiling in a firstround vote later on Tuesday. The measure, if it clears a final vote on Dec. 13, would limit spending to the rate of inflation for up to 20 years.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Kaieteur News

Ruling party wins Local Government election KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) emerged victorious, taking control of eight municipal corporations in the long overdue Local Government elections held on Monday. According to preliminary results from the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), the JLP won in eight municipal corporations – Kingston and St. Andrew, Portland, St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth. The opposition People’s National Party (PNP), that previously controlled the councils, won in the parishes of Hanover, Manchester, Westmoreland, St. Catherine and the Portmore Municipal Council. However in the eastern parish of St. Thomas – the vote is tied. Following the announcement of the outcome late Monday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness told JLP supporters at the party’s Belmont

Road headquarters in the business district of New Kingston, that this is an endorsement of the Government’s performance since winning the February general election. While supporters of the JLP celebrated at the party’s headquarters and across the island, it was a subdued atmosphere at the Corporate Area headquarters of PNP, where party leader Portia Simpson Miller was noticeably absent.

In addressing the small crowd, PNP General Secretary Paul Burke, said the party had inadequate funds going into the election. Concerning its defeat at the polls, Deputy General Secretary of the PNP, Julian Robinson said a review of the party’s performance will be conducted. In Monday’s poll 489 candidates competed for 228 divisions. The preliminary results state that the JLP won 131 divisions to the PNP’s 97.



Kaieteur News

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Woods ‘not dead’, says itching to return in Bahamas Tiger Woods is counting down the minutes to his competitive comeback at this week’s Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas and says after a year on the sidelines he is even enjoying the pre-tournament nerves. The 40-year-old has been sidelined for 15 months due to back-related issues. He planned to return at last month’s PGA Tour’s Safeway Open in California but withdrew three days before the opening round, saying his game was not sharp enough. The 14-times major champion told British media that had been the right decision and he was now in better shape to return at the Dec. 14 tournament he hosts. ”I’m not dead, I’m ready to go,” said Woods. “I’m nervous for every tournament I

play in whether it’s after a layoff or six in a row or a major. I care. If I care, I’m nervous. And it’s good to be that way. ”To have that nervous energy and channel it into aggression, into focus, concentration, that’s good stuff. If I wasn’t nervous, that would mean I didn’t care. I don’t want to be out there flat. I want to be out here so bad; and now I am.” Woods has not played on the PGA Tour since August 2015, having undergone surgeries in September and again in October of that year due to ongoing back problems. The greatest player of his generation and arguably of all time, he has not won a tournament anywhere since 2013 and his title drought in the major championships dates back to 2008.

Tiger Woods. Michael MadridUSA TODAY Sports/File photo Woods, who has fallen to 898th in the world, said it had been a wise decision not to rush his return. “The competitor inside me wanted to go so badly and was itching to go. I thought if I only have a few shots, it’s good enough to

get it around,” he added. ”But what’s the point in rushing back when I’ve waited over a year to begin with? I’ve waited this long, it’s not going to hurt to wait just this much longer.” (Reuters)

GS Warriors extend... Wednesday November 30, 2016 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Spend some quality time with your lover. Relationships have not been the best for you lately and it's left you somewhat gun shy. You can make a serious attempt at quitting those bad habits that you've picked up over the years.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) New romantic ties can be made; however, you must make sure that your motives are not selfish before you make your move. Don't let your emotional partner upset you today. Do not get upset over trivial matters.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Jealousy may get in the way of a good relationship. Minor health problems could result through exhaustion. Don't confide in anyone for the time being.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Work quietly on your own and you will forge ahead. Your ideas may be good, but they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Upheavals may occupy your day.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Get thinking about prolonging longevity. You will have a productive day if you organize yourself well at work. Do not sign your life away.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) If you're looking to do something worthwhile, consider volunteer work. Friends and relatives can give you good advice. You will enjoy getting together with friends.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) A female colleague may cause problems for you. Do things you enjoy instead of being a chameleon. Mingle with individuals who are established and can give you some serious insight into business and future trends. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Educational pursuits can bring interesting, helpful people. Put your time and energy into travel, philosophy, and soulsearching. Try to curb overindulgence today. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) . Go out with friends or family. You can make major gains if you talk to your boss about your findings. Overindulgence could lead to problems with digestion.


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CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) Relax and enjoy what you've accomplished when you're finished. Channel your energy wisely and you can score points with the boss. You will be in a high cycle regarding work. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Avoid arguments with relatives who might be conservative and outdated. Some time spent with that special someone should be your intent. Socializing will be more than just entertaining. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Sit tight. Things aren't as bad as they appear. You can stabilize your financial situation if you make property investments. You can get a promotion if you put in a little extra detail.

(From page 32) points, 11.3 assists and 10.3 rebounds through more than a month of the season. Enes Kanter added a season-high 27 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for the Thunder. Derrick Rose scored a season-best 30 points, but the Knicks had their six-game home winning streak snapped. Boston’s Isaiah Thomas had 25 points to lead the Celtics past Miami 112104. Avery Bradley added 18 points for the Celtics, who beat Miami for the fourth consecutive time. The 112 points were the most scored against the Heat this season. Goran Dragic had 27 points and 17 assists for the Heat, setting season bests in both categories, and Hassan Whiteside added 25 points and 17 rebounds. The Heat tied a season low for a quarter with 12 points in the second, going into halftime down 48-31. They established a season best with 42 points in the third, yet Boston maintained a double-digit lead. Utah’s George Hill had 24 points as the Jazz beat Minnesota 112-103 to remain right on the tail of Oklahoma City in their tight division contest. Toronto’s Kyle Lowry scored 24 points and set a team record by hitting all six of his 3-pointers as the Raptors cruised past Philadelphia 12295 to make it 13 straight wins against the 76ers. Washington’s Bradley Beal made a career-high seven 3-pointers and finished with 31 points as the Wizards recovered after giving up a late lead and beat Sacramento 101-95 in overtime. (MailOnline)

Plane taking Brazilian soccer... (From page 37) plane run by a Bolivianbased company called LAMIA with roots in Venezuela. By late morning, rescuers had recovered about 60 bodies which were to be flown out by helicopter for identification and then repatriation. ”The weather is hampering efforts but we hope conditions will improve during the day,” said local fire official Misael Cadavid. “It’s a very rough topographical area and penetration is not easy.” The crash evoked memories of a series of soccer air disasters in the 20th century, including the Munich crash in 1958 that killed 23 people, among them eight Manchester United players, journalists and traveling officials. World governing body FIFA said on Twitter its “thoughts were with the victims, their families, fans of Chapecoense and media organizations in Brazil on this tragic day.” Chapecoense qualified for the biggest game in its history after overcoming the Argentine club San Lorenzo in the semi-final on away goals following a 1-1 draw in Buenos Aires and 0-0 draw at

home. They were underdogs for the match against a club going for a rare double after winning the Copa Libertadores in July. Chapecoense was the 21st biggest club in Brazil in terms of revenue in 2015, bringing in 46 million reais ($13.5 million), according to a list by Brazilian bank Itau BBA. ”WE ARE IN CRISIS” The club has built its success on a frugal spending policy that eschewed bigmoney signings and concentrated on blending young talent and experienced journeymen. Several hundred dejected fans gathered around the team’s Conda stadium in Chapeco, many of them wearing Chapecoense’s green strip. At least one young fan burst into tears. The South American football federation suspended all games and other activities following the crash. It was Colombia’s worst air accident since more than 160 people died on an American Airlines plane in 1995 in a mountainous area near Cali. Bolivian civil aviation authority DGAC said the plane departed Santa Cruz under perfect conditions. (Reuters)

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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Canada tops Jamaica in U-17 friendly Kingston, Jamaica – A pair of first-half goals powered Canada to a 3-0 win over host Jamaica in an Under-17 international friendly on Sunday last at Winchester Park. The Canadians took a 20 lead into halftime thanks to strikes by Jordan Faria (15’) and Alphonso Davies (22’), who netted for the Vancouver Whitecaps in a 21 win over Sporting Kansas City in a Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League game on September 13, 2016. Yo h a n L e B o u r h i s completed the scoreline in the 47th minute. Canada Head Coach Paul Stalteri, who played against Jamaica in qualifying for the 2008 and 2010 FIFA World Cups, was pleased with his squad’s performance on a wet afternoon. When playing for

Canada, the 39-year-old was on the losing end of a 3-0 result in a World Cup qualifier on November 19, 2008. ”We made well of the conditions,” said Stalteri, a former Werder Bremen standout. “With the rain and the slippery field, we did well to neutralize Jamaica’s threat. “My last visit to Jamaica as a player was not one to remember, but this time I am happy for the reverse.” De s p i t e t h e f i n a l score, Jamaica head Andrew Edwards saw reasons for optimism and believes that by continuing to play difficult opponents, the Reggae Boyz will benefit in the long run. ”Compared to where we were in preparation for the USA friendlies, I believe

The captains of Jamaica and visiting Canada take a pregame photo with match officials. today we executed better,” he said. “Yes, the result is not something to be happy about, but every game is a learning experience for us to

grow and develop as a team. I see in the chances we are creating that it is more genuine as well as using wide areas to give us more of

a threat.” The sides, each of which are preparing for next year’s CONCACAF Under-17 Championship in

Panama, met again yesterday on the Mona Campus of the University of West Indies. (CONCACAF)

GS Warriors extend winning streak to 12 games against the Atlanta Hawks Westbrook’s 3rd consecutive triple-double helps OKC down NY Knicks Golden State extended its winning streak to a dozen games by holding off Atlanta in a close finish and winning 105-100 on Monday, led by 25 points and 14 rebounds from Kevin Durant. Draymond Green blocked two shots in the final 43.4 seconds to preserve victory for the Warriors, who moved two games clear atop the Pacific Division from the Los Angeles Clippers. Those division rivals have the two best records across the NBA. Atlanta’s loss saw the Hawks slip to second in the Southeast Division behind Charlotte, which started strongly to take victory at Memphis, while Oklahoma City remained half a game

clear in the Northwest Division as Russell Westbrook recorded another triple double and the Thunder beat New York. Golden State’s Stephen Curry scored 25 points with four 3-pointers, and Klay Thompson added 20 points as Golden State’s Big Three including Durant - each reached 20 points for the second consecutive game. The Warriors won their seventh straight home game and fifth in a row there against Atlanta while welcoming back Green from a one-game absence while injured. Dennis Schroder scored 24 points for the Hawks. C h a r l o t t e ’s K e m b a

Walker and Jeremy Lamb scored 21 points apiece as the Hornets won 104-85 at Memphis. Walker and Lamb were a combined 14 of 25 from the field, including 7 for 13 on 3-point attempts. The rest of the Hornets were 2 of 13 from outside the arc. Marc Gasol led the Grizzlies with 19 points and eight rebounds. Mike Conley had 15 points before leaving in the third quarter with a lower back injury. Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook got his third straight triple-double and nearly did it by halftime, finishing with 27 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists for his NBA-leading eighth of

Kevin Durant (left) helped the Golden State Warriors extend their winning streak to 12 games. © AP the season as the Thunder beat New York 112-103. We s t b r o o k h a d 1 4

points, 10 rebounds and nine assists at the break and is now averaging a triple-

double for the season, raising his averages to 30.9 (Continued on page 31)

Wednesday November 30, 2016

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India’s all-round show earns 2-0 lead It took, perhaps, a little longer than may have been expected but India duly cantered to an eight-wicket victory in Mohali and an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series. That it was not until after tea that they knocked off the runs was largely down to a resilient display from Haseeb Hameed, batting at No. 8 due to his finger injury which was confirmed as tour-ending, who ended unbeaten on 59. But the target was swiftly dealt with by Parthiv Patel’s unbeaten 54-ball 67. Hameed’s innings put into context the wasteful batting that had pockmarked England’s performance. They were chasing the game since the opening session, when they handed three of the four wickets to fall to India, who only briefly let them back into the contest during a frenetic period after tea on the second day when they lost 3 for 8. England began the fourth day 56 behind with six wickets hand and though Joe Root helped them erase the

deficit during the morning session, two further wickets had been shipped by then. When Root departed for 78, sharply held at slip, there were visions of a swift conclusion to the match but Hameed dug in and Chris Woakes played positively to persuade India that the second new ball was needed. It was used with potent e ff e c t b y M o h a m m e d Shami who claimed two wickets in three deliveries. Hameed was eventually left stranded when James Anderson was slow coming back for a second run. M Vijay’s diminishing returns since his century in Rajkot continued when he fell for a duck, edging a short ball from Woakes to slip, but Parthiv led India’s surge to the target - in the process creating a potential selectionposer should Wriddhiman Saha be fit - while Cheteshwar Pujara was content to play within himself, avoiding a regular diet of bouncers, until top-edging a sweep with 15 required. It was noticeable how

England’s quicks went for a concerted short-pitched attack early in India’s chase, something that had been missing with the game in the balance on the third morning, but barring Ben Stokes’ herculean efforts they were out-bowled by the India pacemen. That was no better highlighted than by Shami’s use of the second new ball. He rattled Woakes with a short ball, which hammered into his helmet and dislodged the stem guard, and followed up with another pinpoint short delivery which Woakes could only fend behind to the keeper. Two balls later, Adil Rashid was also bounced out, hooking to fine leg. The extent of Hameed’s injury was still not clear when he came in below Jos Buttler, but Alastair Cook confirmed after play that he required surgery. It was to his immense credit that he did not appear in significant discomfort although he did need further painkillers during his stay.

Virat Kohli roars after Parthiv Patel hits the winning runs © Associated Press

It took Hameed 19 balls to get off the mark and he needed 111 deliveries to score his first boundary, which came with a slogsweep against R Ashwin. He had also been given a life on 6 when Parthiv could not gather a tough chance off

Tourists collapse to defeat as Kiwis win series 2-0

New Zealand had lost their previous four Tests before the series against Pakistan Pakistan became the first side to lose nine wickets in the final session of a Test as New Zealand completed a 20 series win in Hamilton. The tourists slumped from 131-0 to 230 all out inside 25 overs en route to a 138-run defeat in the second Test.

Neil Wagner took three wickets in six balls to seal the Kiwis’ first series victory over Pakistan since 1985. Openers Sami Aslam and Azhar Ali, who made 91 and 58 respectively, were the only Pakistan batsmen to reach 20.

New Zealand won the first Test in Christchurch by eight wickets after bowling Pakistan out for 133 and 171. Pakistan slipped from second to fourth in the International Cricket Council Test rankings, with England - currently on tour in India - moving up to

second. New Zealand climbed one place to sixth. New Zealand 271 & 313-5: Taylor 102*, Latham 80; Pakistan 216: Babar 90* & 230: Aslam 91. New Zealand won by 138 runs. (BBCsport)

Ashwin. When he was joined by last-man Anderson he had 23 off 127 balls, but then showed the other side to his game. He took on Shami and, when he was somewhat surprisingly removed from the attack, continued to take on both Aswhin and Ravindra Jadeja with his fifty coming up off 147 deliveries when he slogswept for six over deep midwicket. It had not taken long for India to make their first breakthrough when nightwatchman Gareth Batty propped forward at Jadeja’s second ball of the day and was given lbw. Root and Buttler responded with intent: Buttler came down the pitch to loft Jadeja over long-off and Root scampered hard between the wickets. For a short period it was reminiscent of a one-day partnership and Virat Kohli relaxed his attacking fields a little. H o w e v e r, w h e n a batsman such as Buttler is keen to dominate - which was not without merit - the scouts in the deep become wicket-taking catchers and so it proved when Buttler miscued Jayant Yadav to deep midwicket. Hameed was never going to opt for the Buttler route so it was left to Root to do the majority of the run-scoring

while he bedded in. Shami went short at him for a brief period, to try and target the injured hand, but with the old ball the pacemen’s main threat continued to be reverse swing with both Shami and U m e s h Ya d a v f i n d i n g prodigious movement on occasions. Root’s half-century, his second-slowest in Test cricket, was brought up with his third boundary and he then became engaged in a tussle with Ashwin. A cover drive and strong sweep went Root’s way, but attempting another sweep he was fortunate to escape as it looped over the wicketkeeper. It was another bowling change which ended his resistance - another call that worked for Kohli in this match - when Root drove at a delivery from Jadeja which gripped enough to take the edge. Both sides’ catching has been fallible in this match, but Rahane’s snaffle to his left was superb. India 417 (Jadeja 90, Ashwin 72, Kohli 62, Jayant 55, Pujara 51, Stokes 5-73, Rashid 4-118) and 104 for 2 (Parthiv 67*) beat England 283 (Bairstow 89, Shami 363) and 236 (Root 78, Hameed 59*, Ashwin 3-81) by eight wickets. (ESPNcricinfo)

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Wednesday November 30, 2016

H.D. Hoyte Memorial Karibee Rice stable set Family Recreational to take the horse racing Park Opens in Berbice arena by storm

RHTY&SC Secretary Hilbert Foster hands over Key to the Park to Mayor Vijai Ramoo. In what was described as a red letter day in the history of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the township of Rose Hall was presented with a Family Recreational Park. The Hugh Desmond Hoyte Memorial Family Recreational Park was officially commissioned by Senior Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawerence on behalf of the Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets Under-21, First Division teams and the Pepsi Under19 cricket teams. Secretary/CEO of the Playfield, Hilbert Foster informed that the facility was a special gift to Guyana’s smallest town in observance of its 46th anniversary as a township. Work on the play park started in late August with the Region 6 RDC undertaking landscaping work which was completed i n e a r l y N o v e m b e r. The main objectives of the Park are to provide safe entertainment for families, to promote social cohesion, to promote the Say NO and Say YES Message to youths, to attract visitors and to pay tribute to the first Patron of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. It consists of a large Benab, Swing, Slides, Seesaws, Walk Climber, Flower Garden, Seating and three Billboards with positive messages among other amenities. Foster proudly stated that the commissioning of the

Park was the 385th progr a m m e / a c t i v i t y o f the club after it had surpassed its target of 300 for 2016 in late September. Minister Lawerence in a well-received presentation spoke of the importance of family bonding together and for children to grow up as well rounded individuals. She challenged parents to pay particular attention to the education of their children and the need to make sure that kids are kept away from social ills that could affect their personal d e v e l o p m e n t . Minister Lawerence also urged the RHTY&SC and Mayor Ramoo to continue the outstanding work they are doing together for the benefits of residents. She also informed the attentive residents of the work of the late H.D. Hoyte and the close bond he shared with the members of the RHTY&SC while serving as its first Honorary Patron. The Club, Foster noted was confident of successfully completing 450 activities before the end of the year. The long serving Secretary/CEO also used the occasion to share information on the club’s finances to residents of Rose Hall Town for the Rose Hall Town Week 2016. Mayor of Rose Hall To w n , Vi j a i R a m o o expressed his delight at the opening of the Park and

stated that the township would forever be grateful for the outstanding work of the RHTY&SC. The Family Park, he said would enable residents to relax as a unit a n d b o n d t o g e t h e r. Managing Director of Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Mohindra Persaud hailed the project as a much needed one as it would encourage families to take time away from modern technology and spend bonding time together. He praised the vision of the club and noted that his company was pleased to be a sponsor of th e p r o ject. Club Secretary/CEO Foster at the conclusion of the event officially handed over the Play Park to the Rose Hall Town Council, which would be responsible for its operations and upkeep. The Management and Members of the RHT Gizmos and Gadgets and Pepsi Cricket teams is expressing gratitude to the RDC Region 6, Ministry of Social Protection, Ministry of Health, Amerally Sawmills, Kris Jagdeo, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Peter Lewis, Asst. Commissioner David Ramnarine, Artie Ricknauth and the Toronto Group of the PNC, R. Nauth and Family, JR Engineering Ltd, Micheal Rengasmi, Food for the Poor (Guy) Ltd, the Berbice Branch of the Guyana Prison Service and Balram Shane General Store for their contribution towards the construction of the Park which would be utalised by hundreds of residents.

They have worked assiduously to establish themselves among the best entities in the country but had taken a prolonged hiatus during which time they had reorganised themselves. Now, some twenty years later, the management team of the Nand Persaud Group of Companies, after engaging in the relevant introspection, has returned to the track with a bang and according to Managing Director, Mohindra Persaud, his continued interest emanates from a deep love for the sport. Headquartered at the Nand Persaud and Company Complex, #36, Corentyne, the entity boosts a stable of approximately 10 horses, seven of which were imported from Canada, the United States of America and the Caribbean. The firm has also developed its own breeding stock and the owners are confident that within a short period the horses will be strong forces on the track. Evidence of this occurred recently when horses out of the club chalked up two big wins at a recent horse race meet. ”We’ve decided to return to the track because we

surmised that the time is right to do so,” said Mr. Persaud. He said that despite heavy personal and other responsibilities he still finds the time to get involved in the game because of his love for the sport. Horses, the likes of ‘Golden Blue Echo,’ ‘Light up Canada,’ imported from that country, and ‘Brave Sky’ out of the USA, have already featured in main events. He singled out the exploits of ‘Golden Blue Echo’ who created quite a storm in its first race on local soil when it whipped the field for an easy gate to pole win at a meet organized by the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) a few months ago. Mr. Persaud further pointed out that ‘Golden Blue Echo’ showed speed and good poised as it returned to its winning ways on the last month when it sprinted away with the feature event at the Nand Persaud Sprint Classic event at the entity’s newly laid track; another thoroughbred, ‘Light up Canada,’ had placed among the top three in the few events it has started. He said that another top

animal, Brave Sky, out of the USA is another horse on the rise but recently incurred an injury in its first race but is recuperating well. The horse racing guru further stated that whenever the company chooses to get involved in any activity they do it in a big way and their reentry to the tracks is no different. ”The firm has recently imported several thoroughbreds that have begun to make waves in the horse racing circles in Guyana,” he said. He also hinted that the entity will be coming bigger and better as time progresses. “Our objective is to retain the number one spot in horse racing as we are in other areas,” he informed. Mr. Persaud said that the horses imported by the company are all high pedigree animals. He further explained that feeds and other nutrients are in full supply since a lot of what is needed is produced right at his company. Quizzed on the current state of affairs at his entity he emphatically stated, “All systems are in place and the stable is well set for a majestic takeoff.”

Animals of the Karibee Rice Stables with their handlers.

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Wednesday November 30, 2016


Digicel Regional First-Class cricket

Coach Crandon says rain robbed Jaguars of possible win By Sean Devers in St Lucia in association with Golden Arrow Inn, Noble House Seafoods, Trophy Stall and Bissan’s Trading Carpets & Mats Store The final day of the third round Day/Night game between Guyana Jaguars and Windwards Volcanoes in the Digicel Regional First-Class tournament at the Daren Sammy CG was washed out yesterday without a ball being bowled for the second consecutive day, the match ending in a draw.

At the end of day two, the Volcanoes were 90-4 with a lead of 67 and six wickets standing and the Jagaurs scenting a win after they had made 219 in reply to 192 made by the hosts in their first innings. But a Tropical Depression which forced the St Lucia Government to close schools yesterday, brought with it torrential all night and all day rain yesterday leaving the ground in a soggy condition, resulting in the game being called off in the first session.

The Jaguars had to settle for three points for the draw in addition to three bowling points, one batting point and 2.2 points for wickets taken by fast bowlers. They will start their next match, another Day/Night encounter against Barbados Pride at Providence from December 9, on 33.2 points. The Volcanoes got eight points from this game but are still in the cellar position on 17.2 points while the twotime defending champions climbed to second behind leaders Pride who are on

Guyana Draughts Association conclude Hamper competition

The top three players from the GDA Hampers competition. The Guyana Draughts Association (GDA) concluded its Hamper competition on Sunday last in the compound of the National Gymnasium. Khemra j P o o r a n m a l l emerged as the winner of the competition having won all five of his games. For his efforts, Pooranmall who ended with 1 0 p o i n t ’s , w o n t h e NALICO/NAFICO hamper. His closest rivals were Jiaram and Linden’s

Floyd Cumberbatch who both ended on 7 points apiece. According to a GDA release, employing the tie breaker to separate Jiaram and Cumberbatch was impossible because the game ran late into the night and both players were e x h a u s t e d . Both players then made a gentleman’s decision on which hamper to take, Cumberbatch accepting the Hamper from DeSinco Trading.

The 4th position went to Navin Meghbarran with 6 points while Steve Bacchus took the 5th spot with 4 points, the top five players all received hampers. The GDA is expressing thanks to the following sponsors, Noble house Seafoods, Brans Security Services, Farfan & Mendes, Sol Guyana Inc., H A Snacks, A Ahmad Hydraulics, NALICO/ NAFICO and DeSinco Trading.

3 4 . 2 p o i n t s Head Coach of the Jaguars, former Guyana pacer Esaun Crandon expressed disappointment that the adverse weather robbed his team of a possible nine additional points since they were well placed to dismiss the Volcanoes on Monday with enough time to chase a victory target. ”It would have been good to get four days of play but while we are disappointed that the rain robbed us a possible outright win and nine more points, there is nothing we could do about the weather” The 34-year-old Crandon, who took 90 wickets from 38 First-Class games, noted that there are two main areas of concern moving forward. Last season the Jaguars got batting points by scoring several first innings 300 plus totals but this season none of the batsmen have been able to convert good starts into three-figures which is a reason Guyana has not been able to accumulate more batting points this season. ” We h a v e s p o k e n about the batsmen not goi n g o n t o g e t b i g scores in our team meetings and the lack of shot-selection which robbed us of an extra point against Jamaica when we scored 298 and against the Hurricanes when we fell for 293. No one has scored a century as yet but we still have seven games to get that right¸” Berbician Crandon disclosed. HE also added that t h e J a g u a r ’s b a t t i n g line-up is far better than their scores suggest. “Another area of concern has been our catching. We have let batsmen off the hook a few times already this season and in the coming games we need t o i mprove on that” Crandon said. Never before has nine wickets been taken in a single First-Class innings by fast bowlers representing Guyana as was the case when Raymon Reifer ’s first

Esaun Crandon five wicket haul (6-82), Keon Joseph (2-50) and Chris Barnwell (1-25) combined to bowl out the Volcanoes for 192 in their first innings. In 2006 in South Trinidad, Crandon’s career best 7-125 and former Test pacer Reon King (1-63) shared eight wickets between t h e m a g a i n s t T&T, while last season at this very venue Ronsford Beaton (5-43), Reifer (242) and Joseph (1-51) took eight wickets between them. ”The conditions were ideal for seam bowling. The pitch had something in it, most of the game was played in the night under lights in strong breeze and the pink ball which kept its color and hardness, swing more than the red balls,” Crandon stated. ”Reifer really bowled and Joseph, who has improved a lot since the last season, has come back from Sri Lanka (with West Indies ‘A’ team) with plenty of confidence while the fast bowlers on both sides made their presence felt during this game, “ Crandon informed. Marvin Matthew (4-43), Delorn Johnson (4-54) and Kyle Mayers (2-43)

combined to dismiss the Jaguars for 219 despite half-centuries from Reifer and Keeper Anthony Bramble who shared in 104 seventhwicket stand. Crandon feels that playing under lights here with the pink ball is good preparation for Guyana’s next game at home but informed that the jaguars’ batsmen feel white sightscreens should have been used with the pink balls since that color is closer to red balls than the white ball which is used with Black sightscreens. Skipper and Test lefthander Leon Johnson, who led his team to Championship honors in the last two seasons and to an unprecedented 18match unbeaten streak which was broken in the last round by the Hurricanes, said that the Day/Night against Pakistan was played with white sightscreens. Australia’s Day/Night Test at the Adelaide Oval against South Africa is being played with pink balls and white sightscreens. The Jagaurs are scheduled to return home tonight.

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Weightlifters keep Golden Arrowhead aloft with lucrative medals in Barbados

Deion Nurse (left) and Sean Erskine (2nd left) join other members of the triumphant team shortly after returning to Guyana. Several Guyanese weightlifters kept the Golden Arrowhead aloft when they clinched gold medals in the just concluded Barbados Independence Phillips and Springer weightlifting invitational tournament from November 24-28. In all, the lifters captured three gold medals in the Masters category and one gold, two silvers and two

bronze medals in the open category. Veteran lifters, Colin Mckoy, Deion Nurse and Sean Cozier all captured gold in the open class with Mckoy and Nurse getting bronzes. Open lifters, Dillon Mahadeo, Shuan Bristol and Jonathan Ford were also on the podium with two silvers and one respectively. The team departed Guyana last Thursday and returned on

Monday. Those attending the tournament included Jonathan Ford and Dillon Mahadeo, both of the Cross Fit 592 Gym and Sean Bristol of the Michael Parris Fitness Centre, in the open category. Cozier had assumed coaching duties while General Secretary (GAWA), Seon Erskine, was the Masseur/Physio while

Bertram Austin Managed the team. In a press release dispatched soon after the team returned, GAWA thanked all the persons and companies that assisted in their participation. These included the Guyana Olympic A s s o c i a t i o n , Wa r t s i l a , Muneshwars Ltd, Gigi Pollard, Colors Boutique and Antartic Refrigeration Services.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

RHTY&SC/Beharry 5/5 Say No/Say Yes Cricket

Cut and Load, Scottsburg and Crabwood Creek advance to grand finals The fourth and final Zone of the Rose Hall Town Yo u t h a n d S p o r t s Club/Beharry Say No/Say Yes 5/5 cricket tournament was hosted on Sunday last at the #70 Cricket Ground for teams in the Upper Corentyne Area. Watched by a large and colourful crowd that was encouraged throughout the day to Say No to Drugs, Suicide, Crime and Yes to Life, Education and Sports; Cut and Load Cricket Team won the Zone and together with losing finalist Crabwood Creek and Scotsburg have advanced to the grand finals. Ten teams – Cut and Load, No 69 Red Rose, Scottsburg United, CWC All Family, No. 70 A, No. 43 Scorpion, No. 72 All Stars, No. 48 Challenger, CWC Sports Club and Yakusari Caribs participated in the tournament. In the first round, No. 72 crushed No. 69 Red Rose by 10 wickets, Scottsburg United cruised past the CWC All Family by 9 wickets, No. 70 ‘A’ defeated No. 43 Scorpion by 10 wickets, No. 48 Challenger got the better of No. 72 All Stars by 17 runs while CWC Sports Club got past Yakusari Caribs by 10 wickets. In the second round, CWC Sports Club defeated No. 48 by 10 wickets. No. 48 reached 59 for 4 off their allotted five overs while CWC replied with 60 without loss off 4.2 overs. In the second match, Scottsburg struggled to 34 for 4 but then bowled well to

restrict No. 70 to 25 for 5 to win by nine runs. Cut and Load Drew the bye for the second round. In the lone semi-final, No. 72 defeated Scottsburg to advance to the finals and will play Crabwood Creek Sports Club. Cut and Load batting first amassed 49 for 2 and then kept CWC Sports Club to 40 for 3 to win by nine runs. Cut and Load C.C, Scottsburg C.C and CWC Sports Club now joins D’ Edward, Blairmont, Cotton Tree, Fyrish, Rose Hall Canje, Young and Restless, Rose Hall Town Bakewell ‘A’, Rose Hall Town ‘B’ and Courtland in the grand finals. The overall winning team would receive $150,000 while the runnerup would take home $70,000. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster speaking with the teams before the start of action said that that the club and the Edward B. Beharry Co. Ltd were fully committed to working together to assist youths across Berbice to Say NO to Drugs, Suicide, Crime and Say Yes to Education, Life and Sports. Foster noted that it was very important for every youth to fulfil their full potential if Guyana is to develop. He urged the players to go back into their communities and work hard to assist youths to resist satan and his evil world of crime and drugs. Foster also expressed gratitude to the Management of Beharry’s for their investment into the welfare of Berbicians.

UK asks sporting bodies to do more to protect children from abuse The British government said yesterday it was asking all national sporting governing bodies to increase their efforts to protect children, following allegations of young boys being sexually abused at professional soccer clubs. E n g l i s h s o c c e r ’s governing body said on Sunday it had appointed an

independent lawyer to oversee an internal investigation after former soccer players told British media they were sexually abused as children at E n g l i s h c l u b s . Police are also investigating mounting accusations of pedophile activity in youth teams, which victims say has gone unreported for decades.

The government set out its response to the allegations, saying it could not comment directly on police investigations, but that those involved in youth sport had a duty of care to children and must speak out if they suspected abuse. ”The Minister for Sport will write to all national governing bodies to ask

them to redouble their effort in protecting children that play their sports,” Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, told parliament. Bradley also said she had convened a meeting with the English Football Association and police to discuss the issue. (Reuters)

Wednesday November 30, 2016

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Plane taking Brazilian soccer team to game crashes in Colombia, 75 dead A charter plane carrying Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense to the biggest game in its history crashed in the Colombian mountains after an electrical fault, killing 75 people on board, authorities said yesterday. Colombia’s worst air disaster in two decades killed all but three of the players on the team from Brazil’s top soccer league as it flew to face Atletico Nacional of Medellin in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final, South America’s equivalent of the Europa League. Global soccer was stunned with tributes pouring in from major figures including Pele, Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. The BAe 146 plane, en route from Bolivia where the team had a stopover, went down about 10:15 p.m. on Monday night with 72 passengers and a crew of nine on board. The aircraft had reported electrical problems and declared an emergency minutes earlier as it neared its destination, Medellin airport officials said. Flight tracking service Flightradar24 said on Twitter the last signal from flight 2933 came when it was about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from its destination at an altitude of 15,500 feet (4,724 m). At the crash scene near the town of La Union in wooded highlands outside Medellin, dozens of bodies were laid out and covered with sheets around the wreckage. The plane was shattered against a mountainside with the tail end virtually disintegrated. Rain hampered dozens of

rescuers as they combed the muddy and forested area. C o l o m b i a ’s c i v i l aviation head, Alfredo Bocanegra, said there were 75 confirmed fatalities. The aviation authority identified the six survivors as players Alan Ruschel, Jackson Follmann and Hélio Neto; journalist Rafael Valmorbida; Bolivian flight attendant Ximena Suarez; and Bolivian flight technician Erwin Tumiri. Two of the survivors were in grave condition. In addition to players, coaches and staff, 21 journalists had been on board the plane to cover the match, Brazilian news organizations said. LANDMARK GAME It was the first time Chapecoense, a small club from the southern Brazilian town of Chapeco, had reached the final of a major South American club competition. Matches were canceled around South America and Brazil declared three days of mourning. Atletico Nacional asked for Chapecoense to be awarded the trophy in honor of those who died. ”They were the hope of o u r c i t y, ” s a i d J e a n Panegalli, 17, a student in Chapeco, where fans were disconsolate. “They played for love of the shirt and not for money. They played with the commitment that only those who have lived here know.” The BAe 146 was produced by a company that is now part of the UK’s BAE Systems. The team took a regular flight to Santa Cruz in Bolivia and then went from there to Medellin on the (Continued on page 31)

Rescue workers attend the wreckage of the plane, which crashed in rural Colombia on its way to Medellin for the final

Hundreds of supporters attended the impromptu gathering at the stadiun and reportedly broke out into song

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Wednesday November 30, 2016

Digicel leads corporate support for sports

Jacqueline James

By Edison Jefford How a non-traditional Guyanese company became the leader among traditional corporate entities that support sports here must be a negative reflection of the business c o m m u n i t y, a n d t h e obvious dynamism of telecommunications giant, Digicel Guyana Inc. That a foreign company was able to penetrate the Guyanese market so-muchso that the ‘foreign’ tag is now merely for moot purposes, exposes the vulnerability of corporate support for sport and distinguishes Digicel as a leader among the current status quo. Next February will mark

Louanna Abrams

a decade since the arrival of Digicel in Guyana and since then the group has been able to not just support sports financially and otherwise, but also lay the foundation for long-term development through significant initiatives. For instance, the Digicel Schools’ Football Championships has revealed endless possibilities that force the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and all of Guyana to be forever grateful. The contest brings together school teams from every ‘nook and cranny’ in Guyana annually, and has a budget of in excess of $40 million. The Digicel Schools’ Football competition is a major financial and

Ulex Smith

administrative undertaking, but yet for the past six years, the company has been able to maintain its direct management of the event, balancing that with its other functions. The tournament is the most prominent junior football competition in Guyana and provides a base for the GFF to see talent that it can transition to the senior level. Apart from that, it stimulates the competitive sports programme for some regions that would have o t h e r w i s e b e e n undiscovered on a national basis. G u y a n a ’s f o o t b a l l agenda will have an extensive positive impact as a result of the overwhelming work Digicel has put into its

schools’ football programme. The National Schools’ Championship is no different. Digicel showed its intention early in its arrival in Guyana when in 2010 it signed a three-year multi-million dollar contract for the Schools’ Championships. Digicel became and remained the title sponsor along with the Ministry of Education and Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU). The support from the telecommunications giant allowed ‘Nationals’, as it is commonly known, to evolve from just ‘school sports’ into a marketable national product that now has facets akin to international best practices. In a clear sign that

Vidya Sanichara

Digicel is committed to the development of studentathletes, another marquee project on its annual calendar is the National Schools’ Basketball Festival (NSBF). The company is again the major sponsor of this nation-wide Championship. Digicel was also the primary sponsor of the inaugural Aliann Pompey Invitational at the National Track and Field Centre and the eight-year-old Boyce/Jefford Classic in Linden. Notwithstanding, these are just a few of the major events that Digicel funds annually. It also took on the InterGuiana Games this year. When you add the Digicel Golf, Digicel Cancer

Awareness Cycle Race, Horseracing and Squash, you get a company that spends over $200 million every year on the development of local sports. This does not include the other forms of sponsorship the company dolls out to organisations, events and individuals. The sum translates to US$1M annually, exclusive of cricket. If you put in what Digicel disburses to cricket, you could very well get another US$1M. The analysis shows that Digicel is unrivalled when it comes to its corporate responsibility to sports. There is no other company that budget in excess of US$2M to fund local sport annually. The amusing aspect of this single-handed corporate movement is that a lot of women actually do the work. Jacqueline James is the Head of Marketing; Louanna Abrams is the Events and Sponsorship Executive; Ulex Smith is the Marketing E x e c u t i v e , a n d Vi d y a Sanichara is the Communications Manager. These four women form the nucleus of what Digicel Guyana Inc. manages to produce for sports in Guyana every year, and it is a truly remarkable effort. Guyana needs 10 more companies with the vision of Digicel for its sports product to become the best in the world. James coming from a Jamaican background, which is undoubtedly an influence in her being able to understand what is required to raise the level of sports here, is certainly piloting her marketing team at Digicel to historic levels of corporate support for sports.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

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Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition

Camp Street All Stars among those advancing; Sparta Boss survives penalty shootout

National striker Dwight Peters (yellow bib) appearing for Bent Street fights for possession of the ball during their clash with Holmes Street of Tiger bay. Given the opportunity to showcase their skills and perhaps serving as part of a reformation programme, inmates of the Georgetown Prisons appearing in the Georgetown Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition as the Camp Street All Stars registered an impressive 3-1 over Kitty Railway on Monday night, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac. Playing in Game 2 of the eight matches scheduled, the All Stars were led to victory through strikes from

Wendell Austine, who gave them the lead in the 15th minute, while Dwayne Christopher and Steve Bacchus added goals in the 17th and 27th minutes respectively. The lone response for Kitty Railway came from Shane Cooper, who netted in the 27th minute. Queen Street of Tiger Bay led by a brace from the diminutive Deon Alfred, who fired in goals in the 4th and 6th minute of play started the evening off on a positive note for the North Cummingsburg

Part of the action between eventual winners Camp Street All Stars and Kitty Railway on Monday night. unit as they beat Fruit Island 2-0. Also advancing was defending champions Sparta Boss who escaped in a penalty shootout against a resilient Hardina Street side that led the scrap for twentyone minutes, before the versatile Sheldon Shepherd rescued the reigning title holders. Joining them were Channel 9 Warriors, the starstudded Bent Street that includes current and former national players, Leopold Street, Festival City Warriors and Tucville. All

the losers were eliminated, while the winners enter the round-robin phase. At stake is over $1million in prizes. The competition resumes tomorrow night at Demerara Park opposite T h i r s t P a r k . In the night’s full results: Game-1 - Queen Street Tigerbay-2 vs Fruit Stand-0. Deon Alfred-4th and 6th. Game-2 - Camp Street AllStars-3 vs Kitty Railway -1. Camp Street scorers, We n d e l l A u s t i n - 1 5 t h , Dwayne Christopher-17th, Steve Bacchus-27th. Railway scorer, Shane

C o o p e r - 2 5 t h . Game-3 - Bent Street-2 vs Holmes Street Tigerbay-1. Bent Street scorers, Anthony Abrams-23rd, Stellon David-28th. Holmes scorers, Akeem Saul-4th. Game-4 - Leopold Street-2 vs South Ruimveldt-0; Sheldon Profitt-7th, Orandel Wi l l i a m s - 1 4 t h . Game-5 - Festival City Warriors-5 vs Norton Street Ballers-2. Festival City scorers, Eon Alleyne-16 seconds and 5th, Cecil Williams-15th, Dwayne Lawrence-21st, Daniel Favourite-24th.

Norton Street scorers, Joshua Parvatan-20th, Nigel D e c a m p - 3 0 t h . Game-6 - Tucville-1 vs Island All-Stars-A-0. Delon Wi l l i a m s - 2 4 t h . Game-7 - Channel-9 Warriors-2 vs Shopping Plaza-1. Channel-9 scorers, Kevin Barrow-2nd, Joshua Fiffee-26th. Shopping Plaze scorer, Stephen Dolphin-6th. Game-8 - Sparta Boss-1 vs Hardina Street-1; Sparta won 3-1 on penalty kicks. Hardina Street scorer, Jermin Scott-21st. Sparta B o s s s c o r e r, S h e l d o n Shepherd-22nd.

The man who stayed too long By Rawle Welch President of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) K. Juman Yassin’s enduring pursuit of power is beginning to bear semblance to that of disgraced former FIFA Persident Sepp Blatter’s rule o f w o r l d f o o t b a l l ’s governing body. Blatter’s reign lasted for 18 years, during which time it was tainted with all types of allegations and his support for unacceptable officials that evidently plunged the organisation into frequent crisis, eventually leading to his downfall and many of his trusted lieutenants. W h i l e Ya s s i n ’s leadership of the GOA has not created any tsunami (s) comparable with FIFA’s, his poor understanding about the requirements to advance sports, combined with an

obvious failure to utilise his office on a consistent basis to benefit our athletes has certainly stymied Sport Development thereby crushing the aspirations of many young athletes. Blatter’s occupancy at the helm of world football was a mixture of good deeds and bad ones, but his collapse according to many, was due mainly to his insatiable thirst to hold on to the reins of power at all cost. One writer aptly described Blatter as, “the man who stayed too long.” Yassin’s preoccupation with holding on to the GOA’s top post even after 20-plus years is beginning to take the shape of the former FIFA Boss’s brazen ambition to govern the sport until he decided to quit. Blatter gave his deputies enough administrative scope

to engage in wrong-doing in an effort to garner their support come Congress time, w h i l e Ya s s i n ’s m o d u s operandi of patronage to a few organisations has been so effective that despite his glaring failure they somehow feel duty-bound to return him to office. This surrender of obligation to country and sport comes at the expense of real Sport Development, once again sacrificing the efforts of the nation’s young athletes. The recent flurry by GOA officials to give handouts to a few associations is nothing more than an election gimmick and must be seen as just that. After years of being in office, all of Guyana for the first time is beginning to see office bearers of this association displaying themselves in public in the

form and shape of dishing out goodwill on behalf of the GOA, perhaps to give Guyanese a reminder of who and who exists within the Establishment. It gave the impression that it was a moment for them to suddenly surface after being left in the wilderness for almost the entire duration of their term in office. To be frank, it appeared deliberately conspiratorial and indicative of a campaign strategy. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announced that it will be distributing $500million among its members and it will be interesting to know how Guyana’s sum will be utilised. With the IOC urging all members to be transparent

K.A Juman Yassin by making full disclosures of its operations, including disbursements of funding and other related support; the litmus test will come when questions are asked about such matters. It was said that Blatter

harboured ambition of winning a Nobel Prize, but sadly that will remain an unrealized dream in light of his disgraced exit. There is no evidence to suggest that Yassin’s thinking is as grandiose as Blatter’s, but his own might be to secure a lasting legacy. However, if he continues to vie for the top post, such a desire will be remembered more for underachieving rather than real contribution towards the development of Sport. He ought to be able to recognize the need to allow someone else to make a fresh start, before it is too late. Should he choose to contest, it could very well hasten the disappearance of his already tattered image. As Shakespeare once wrote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

t r o Sp Digicel Regional First-Class cricket

Coach Crandon says rain robbed Jaguars of possible win P.35

The Jaguars players and Coach arrive at the Daren Sammy CG yesterday in rain. (Sean Devers photo)

H.D. Hoyte Memorial Family Recreational Park Opens in Berbice P.34

Minister Volda Lawerence assisted by two children cuts the ribbon to open the Play Park.

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