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RIGHTS, FREEDOM AND THE CYBERCRIME BILL There is no telling how far Government will go to limit the freedom of speech if the Cybercrime Bill becomes law in Guyana. Following an objection in the National Assembly, the Bill was withdrawn from Parliament. The leader of the opposition Bharrat Jagdeo says the PPP opposed the Bill even though members of the PPP, including the former Attorney General had approved the Bill in the Committee. However, the leader of the opposition should be the last person to oppose the Sedition Clause in the Bill. Unless he is suffering from memory loss, then he should know that he used the Sedition Clause to file charges against Mark Benschop, Oliver Hinckson, Carol-Ann Munroe, her husband, GDF Captain Bruce Munroe, and a family friend, Leonard Wharton. Benschop spent five years in jail even though he was set free by the court. The others were denied bail and spent about a year in prison until their cases were dismissed. With each passing day, the Sedition Clause of the proposed Cybercrime Bill has attracted much attention in the media. The signs are ominous. The Bill represents a very worrying and repressive trend. It is the latest infringement on the dignity and fundamental rights of the people by the political elites, whose arrogance and contempt for the citizens of this country has become more apparent. Many believe that after three years in office, the Government has begun to show its true colours. While the Government claims that it remains committed to free speech and freedom of the press, as guaranteed under the Constitution and several international conventions, which it has signed and ratified, yet the Sedition Clause has the potential to restrict certain freedoms of the people and the press. The Sedition Clause is archaic and offensive and should be removed from Guyana’s laws. For centuries, it remained on the statutes in England until it was repealed in 2006. Legal minds say that this is so because the United Kingdom is now at a place where it feels comfortable to deal with issues in cyber space and the like. The country has the necessary skills to cope with whatever comes up in the internet. Guyana has not reached that stage. The level of our internet monitoring is extremely low. We therefore cannot compare ourselves with those in the developed world who are comfortable with laws outside of the internet. In Guyana, Section 18.1 of the Cybercrime Bill, criminalizes a person who, whether in or out of Guyana, publishes, transmits or circulates by use of a computer system, a statement or words, either spoken or written, text, video, image, sign, visible representation or other thing that brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt or excites or attempt to excite disaffection towards the government established by law in Guyana. If the Sedition Clause is not removed from the Cybercrime Bill and it becomes the law of the land, newspapers in Guyana, including the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and the privately owned Kaieteur News and others, could be indirectly prohibited from having electronic versions of their publications. These publications, from time to time publish letters, columns, news articles etc. that can be construed to bring or attempt to bring into hatred or contempt, or excite or attempt to excite disaffection towards the Government. The Bill can be abused by corrupt and unpopular governments to suppress public criticism of their policies. It deliberately seeks to deny people, especially opponents of the Government the right to expose wrongdoing and demand accountability.

Thursady May 17, 2018

When exactly will we say, enough! DEAR EDITOR, I refer to an article in the Kaieteur News of 15th May 2018 captioned “Telecoms liberalisation talks…Govt. under pressure to auction frequencies”. The reason why Vic Insanally and myself were framed for corruption but later cleared of all charges was because I was exposing too much shenanigans at the NFMU during the previous government’s tenure. I have written on it before and I presented the facts to Major General Joseph Singh at the Commission of Inquiry, and I also presented it to Mr. Joseph Harmon and to the Jamaican consultant who was brought here to advice on the occupation of spectrum, with a view to introduction of Digital television. In speaking to him and explaining what I uncovered, he told me that the report he has from the NFMU did not disclose those facts. Amazingly the newspaper report, based I presume on information from somewhere in Government, asks the question: when are the frequencies going to be auctioned? The answer is simple; the choicest ones have already been given away. When I became a director of the Broadcast Authority - in pursuance of my role as the licensing Subcommit-

tee chairman etc., I saw that the usual analog UHF frequencies which are TV channels 14 to 83 were no longer available to broadcasting, only channels 14 to 50 were, and that E Networks was occupying eight of the frequencies between 14 to 50, and he is not a broadcaster. Here is a quote from a letter I wrote at the time, published in the Kaieteur News: “since channels 14 through 83 occupy frequencies between 470 MHz to 890 MHz, to limit those frequencies to 470 to 690 MHz and in addition, having so severely restricted the UHF TV spectrum, E-Networks was allowed to conduct MMDS wireless cable services in that band and was occupying 8 channels between channel 38 to 50”. This inevitably further deprived broadcasters of bandwidth, especially since Minister Shadick had already announced that there are no frequencies left in the UHF band for Georgetown and its environs. In April 2014 the Jamaican government announced that they had auctioned the frequencies from 700 – 800 MHz UHF TV channels for 25 million US dollars to Digicel for allocating them these frequencies in the UHF broadcast band to deliver data, Internet applications, and video streaming at higher speeds.

We are not aware that ENetworks were required to pay anything for the use of the UHF Broadcast frequencies they were using, i.e. between 600 MHz to 700 MHZ. There is also no evidence anywhere why channels 69 to 83, i.e. 800-882 MHz were given away and to whom, but they had to be given to someone, since these frequencies are no longer available for Broadcasting in Guyana. Editor, it is for this reason why I was in direct conflict with the NFMU and the Chairman of the Broadcast Authority, who was in my opinion protecting NFMU for whatever reasons he had. These are the most coveted frequencies 700-882 MHz since being below 1000 MHz they propagate much better in our moist and rain-filled atmosphere. A good example was that E-Networks was using these preferred frequencies 550-600 MHz in their wireless cable transmissions, and their signals were getting almost to Mahaica whilst a competitor to E-Networks could not get their signal even to LBI, since they were using the correct MMDS frequency of 2500 MHZ and this high frequency was not propagating well in our water-filled atmosphere. After explaining these facts to Major General Joe Singh, I expected that something would be done, unfor-

tunately it was not covered in his terms of reference and was never reported to the media, since I could not show them my statement to the COI. But in trying to expose it, this was the main reason why I was framed for corruption. Poor Vic Insanally, one of the most decent men I know, was targeted, but it was me they wanted to frame for corruption. Now that we have lost the 700 to 890 MHZ band of frequencies, and there is no evidence that anyone paid anything for it, the telephone operators now want to bid for more frequencies. I know that Digicel has received these low band frequencies, since the NFMU had to disclose it when a television operator was interfering with their operations in La Penitence. The NFMU told the broadcaster to come off the air because they were interfering with Digicel, but I instructed the operator to continue broadcasting, since Digicel was not supposed to be operating that low in the spectrum and I wanted the NFMU to advise the Authority why and how that could happen. I have no direct evidence that GT&T was given these low band frequencies, but I am sure that a proper investigation would disclose that it has between 800 to 890 (Continued on page 06)

We cannot, with our present knowledge, sit by and wait on our doom. DEAR EDITOR, Politics is a form civil war. It is the civil war concerned with the acquisition and control of power or authority over a nation or group of individuals. Political parties engage themselves in civil war for the seat of government. It is a battle of ideas between the contesting parties. In a fair fight, the party which has the best ideas, has failed the least, and promises and delivers the most, is usually victorious. Guyana is engaged in a civil war, and the major contestants have failed Guyanese miserably. It seems that not a day goes by without the coalition administration reminding Guyanese that we made a grave error at the 2015 elections. All of this is however necessary for us to mature intellectually as a nation, to accept the incurable faults of our previous administrations. The coalition administration committed to returning to Burnham’s ideas almost immediately upon entering into office, an unthinkable proposition before the elections. Why? Most probably be-

cause these ideas utilize oppression as a means of remaining in power. It also rejected the notion that it is responsible for creating employment and urged Guyanese to become entrepreneurs. Dialogue with the private sector on our economic development has been brought to a political standstill, with the chairman of the Private Sector Commission only trying to make a show of engagement to allow its members who are betting on acquiring sugar estate lands to get better terms. Its intention to gouge Guyanese’ pockets with taxes and higher fees have almost become draconian. The administration’s recent attempt to carry through with recovering our taxes and charging PPP government officials hit a snag, as the PPP has rightly and thankfully brought to the fore the PNC’s own involvement in corruption and waylaying state property - this, while Guyanese today have to find as much as $1.2 million to pay for a house-lot just more than one tenth of an acre. But these

are very surely just some of the more flagrant transgressions of the PNC during its earlier dictatorship. This recent attempt at snagging some PPP officials who were allegedly involved in waylaying billions of dollars in our taxes was an attempt to overcome the negative publicity the administration was receiving from its childish copying of the oil contract used by the PPP as a blueprint for its recent agreement with Exxon, and the slew of criticism it was receiving for mishandling the dismissal of sugar workers, in addition to the declining economic activity and the general disgruntled position of Guyanese with government. To crown all of this off, the administration is set on pursuing efforts to include criticisms of its administration via certain media as sedition, a hilarious and notoriously heretic position in this current enlightened state of our democracy. If anything, this points to the absolute shallowness of the administration’s politicians and policy makers, since this

is a confession if any that they are unable or unwilling to correct their policy mistakes, and are instead intent on laying the foundations for dictatorship and government bullying, as the economy seems to continue to collapse under their recalcitrant backwardness. The administration’s recent purchase of what I can only describe as some 30-year old hens for the Army is an obvious attempt to curry favour with the Army, and is the height of eye-pass. The heads of the Army need to pay close attention to our national politics and understand what is unfolding. Their first responsibility is not to any political party or government in power, but to securing and defending Guyanese, even from their governments. Guyanese love sports. One of the things they are keen to pick up on is losers. Governments which have to rig elections are losers. The PNC’s history is replete with economic mismanagement and elections-rigging. It seems set in its old ways. The (Continued on page 06)

The efficacy of roundabouts depends upon drivers using them sensibly DEAR EDITOR, The Kitty roundabout will soon be commissioned. Residents and visitors to Georgetown alike will be impressed with how it will look – but the real important question is whether it will properly serve its real purpose of efficiently managing traffic approaching it simultaneously from four different directions. The thing about roundabouts is that they depend upon drivers using them sensibly. The thing about Guyanese drivers is that they generally do not drive sensibly. The Guyanese driver is always in a hurry, never gives way to anyone, and is fundamentally indisciplined. It may be that traffic lights will have to be installed, thereby bringing into question why a roundabout at all. It is not like there was an established structure there that had to be circumnavigated somehow!. The basic principle for the use of roundabouts is ‘give way to traffic on the right; all vehicles are turning right until indicating to turn left to exit’. This is so very simple if all drivers are aware of it and have the discipline to adhere to the basic principle. How does it work in practice? The driver arrives at the roundabout and looks to his/ her right to see if any traffic is approaching. If traffic is approaching the driver stops and waits to allow the traffic

to go by until an approaching vehicle indicates that it will be turning left to take the exit immediately before the entry road where the waiting driver is stopped. This is the cue for the waiting driver to proceed into the roundabout until he/she reaches his intended exit road whereupon he activates his left indicator and proceeds to exit. It is that simple! A roundabout can demand extreme patience during peak hours if sited at a junction where there is heavy traffic proceeding in two or three directions. This is not the case at the site where the Kitty roundabout is located. There the traffic is either heading into the city in the morning or heading up the East Coast in the evening – meaning that the system can work very efficiently indeed if all drivers arriving at the roundabout exercise the necessary discipline, then are responsible enough to use their left indicator when in the roundabout and intending to exit. Drivers who take a bypass to the road they intend to join will need only to give way to any traffic approaching on their right, before proceeding into the intended road. Let’s take for example one morning at 0800hrs. There are 20 cars travelling West from the East Coast approaching the roundabout at Vlissengen Road. Most will be intending to enter Vlissengen Road whilst the others will in the

main be intending to enter Carifesta Avenue – because the majority approaching the roundabout from the West would be heading into the city. Only the odd one will be intending to head back up the East Coast. At the same time, there will be probably five cars proceeding North on JB Singh Road intending to enter Rupert Craig Highway for the East Coast and three cars similarly proceeding North may be intending to enter Carifesta Avenue to head West. Another eight cars may be proceeding East from Carifesta Avenue - with five heading to the East Coast and three intending to turn into Vlissengen Road to head into Kitty or the city. The reverse in terms of vehicle numbers would be the case at 1700hrs when the majority of the traffic will be heading up the East Coast. So long as the basic roundabout principle is applied by all drivers, including the minibus drivers, progress for all would be smooth and unproblematic. Alas, however, a significant percentage of Guyanese drivers did not qualify for the drivers’ licences that they possess! The likely outcome of this shocking but real state of affairs could be numerous unnecessary but hopefully minor low-speed accidents in the splendid new Kitty roundabout. Ronald Bostwick

For my mom and all mothers who died at Georgetown Hospital DEAR EDITOR, I know most letter writers would either write on topical political or social issues. Today I want to write on an issue close to my heart and hopefully in the process reach out to fellow doctors to be more compassionate. My mother tragically died on the 17th May, 34 years ago on her 31st birthday. Her death anniversary is today. Also today she would have been 65 years. You may be asking and so what? You may be getting very impatient but please read


Kaieteur News

Thursday May 17, 2018

and you’ll understand why this day has so much significance to me. My aunt, Christine Devonish took my mom to the Georgetown Public Hospital on the morning of 16th May 1984. I was only eight years old, but I knew something was wrong. She was pale, confused and complain-

ing of abdominal pain. At the hospital, she saw a doctor, I know his name, who was very rude and uncaring. She was too confused to explain herself. She was obviously very ill. She also refused to have her tummy examined. She was in severe pain. Clearly something was (Continued on page 06)

Nandlall does not get to decide on when Guyana should move forward or not DEAR EDITOR, In response to the unnecessary, but predictable Editor’s Note attached to my letter “How can Nandlall be given a free pass?” (May 16, 2018), it was obvious that this newspaper wants its readers to accept the ridiculous explanation that (in my jeering voice, very slowly) “Nandlall was asked about the sedition charges?” Okay, so even if that’s the case, then why wasn’t it published in the most recent article where he was allowed to burp out (yuk!) hypocritical statements about the Cyber Crime Bill without the readers being informed that his PPP committed the said act when they charged three persons with sedition. Editor, if in fact Nandlall has admitted to the charges being used (abused) under the PPP regime, then his statement should have been published. Also, Nandlall is in absolutely no position to conveniently decide on, as it suits his political agenda, when ‘Guyana should not look back.’ At least, he should read up on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was created in 1995 in order “to help heal the country and bring about a reconcilia-

tion of its people by uncovering the truth about human rights violations that had occurred during the period of apartheid...” Gosh, Nandlall and the PPP have so much to answer for! That said, with all the brutal crimes committed under the despotic PPP/C regime; the questionable deaths of over four hundred citizens, political assassination, death squads, tortures, numerous trumped-up charges against political opponents, etc. Oh, and not to forget an audio taped conversation threatening the lives of reporters and staff of the very Kaieteur News. So, Editor, Anil Nandlall does not get to decide on when Guyana should move forward or not. At least, for a start he should apologize to the three persons that were charged with Sedition under the PPP regime. Finally, it’s funny how every time I hear the nursery rhyme ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ it reminds me so much of Anil, and his attempt to make himself relevant in the political arena. Sincerely, Mark A. Benschop Former Treason and Sedition Accused under the PPP regime

Judicial appointments

DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the circus with regard to the appointment of a Chancellor and Chief Justice for this country and I can only conclude that this country is doomed if this is what passes for good governance in this blighted land. The President chooses a Chancellor who reportedly has not disposed of his backlog cases in a foreign land, the opposition leader rejects his nominee, the president replies that the ball is now in the opposition leader’s court and he is waiting on a counter proposal from the opposition leader, and the opposition leader says it is for the Presi-

dent to invite him to continue the discussion. Come on, give me a break! Is this what passes for good governance in this country? This is abdication of duty. No wonder this country cannot progress. I write this missive to appeal to both the President and the opposition leader to allow good sense to prevail and appoint Justice Yonette Cummings Edwards as the Chancellor and Justice Roxane George as the Chief Justice, of this country. It will be a first for this country that we will have two women to head the judiciary. What a momentous occasion that will be. It will

be a victory for all women in this country. I do not know these ladies personally, but they seem to be two wonderful and lovely ladies who will bring a breath of fresh air to the judiciary and will dispense justice in a fair and transparent manner. So come on Mr. President and Opposition Leader, surprise the people of this country; put partisan political interests aside and create history by appointing these two ladies. If you don’t, history will judge both of you harshly. Yours Faithfully, Imtiaz Baccus


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Thursady May 17, 2018

For my mom and all mothers who died at Georgetown Hospital... From page 05 going on in her abdomen. A reasonable doctor would have put two and two together. Abdominal pain and confusion in a young female patient. Was she bleeding with a dangerously low blood pressure? In medical terms, was she was haemorrhaging into her abdomen with hypovolemic shock and cerebral hypoxia? In layman’s term was she bleeding into her tummy with a blood pressure so dangerously low as a result no blood was going to her brain hence the confusion? The uncaring doctor, rather than ask himself these clinical questions, became very impatient with her and rudely said he would speak to her when she was ready to

speak to him and be examined. He then went back into his chair clearly very angry. Does that sound familiar? Uncaring doctor. Poor care at Georgetown Public Hospital. Yes it does and this was 1984. Still happening unabated in 2018. But the sad story does not end there. The sad story has a very tragic ending. My aunt knew something was wrong. She went to the uncaring doctor on her knees, in tears begging him to see my mom. He came and did a cursory examination and diagnosed acute appendicitis. Any doctor worth his/her salt would have done a simple test and clinched the diagnosis. A pregnancy test! I always tell my medical students and junior doctors that a young fer-

tile woman complaining of abdominal pain is pregnant until proven otherwise. And the calamity continued. The surgeon, rather than looking at the diagnosis, critically just ran with it. What about a good old-fashioned doctor physical examination? She was complaining of tummy pain. Examine the abdomen for Christ’s sake. Another missed opportunity! She was taken to theatre. The enthusiastic surgeon opened her abdomen. He did not see an inflamed appendix. Her appendix was perfectly healthy. My mom’s tummy was full of blood! She had an ectopic pregnancy. The gynaecologist was called. The affected Fallopian tube hastily removed. She was rushed to intensive care. She

When exactly will we say... From page 04 MHz. Now apparently the cell services want even more spectrum, i.e.1300 MHz and 1700 MHz bands, but I believe that old business should be taken care of first before we begin discussing new matters and new frequencies. What I find completely unacceptable is that certain persons employed at the National Frequency Management Unit, where fiscal examinations and audits done two and a half years ago by the Auditor General have revealed that there was gross mismanagement, are still there. As far as GT&T is concerned I have competent legal advice that there should not be any reason for giving them any concessions now. As far as the Minister in charge of all this and the persons who are alleging that they are competent to advise her, I have serious reserva-

tions. As far as the current members of the Broadcast Authority are concerned, I have no evidence any one of them holds any real technical broadcasting knowledge, leaving their sole technical advisor, the head of the NFMU, Valmiki Singh, who is a non-voting director of the Broadcast Authority. It is therefore inevitable that none of the members of this new board has any concept of what is really going on. I leave it to the public to decide if that makes any sense or is actually a recipe for disaster. In the end, it is the Guyanese people who are adversely affected by all of this, the giveaway of spectrum has cost the Guyanese people almost 40 million US dollars, the Digicel/GT&T situation is impossible with the extremely high charges GT&T levies to allow Digicel

to access GT&T cell and land lines. Nowhere else have I found such a ridiculous situation; forcing those Guyanese who make a lot of calls, to walk around with two phones, paying two bills. Furthermore, we have not converted to digital television as yet, but for several years now the NFMU has and is allowing TV frequencies to be allocated to E-Networks and the telephone systems as if we have converted to digital, leaving the Guyanese citizens in regions 2, 3 and 4 with fewer broadcast TV choices. Finally, it is as if a Public Utilities Commission does not exist in Guyana, and apparently only takes a hand in matters when the now impoverished government is not getting its dividends from a utility company as recently happened. When exactly will we say, enough! Yours Faithfully, Tony Vieira

died the following morning on her birthday. She left five motherless and fatherless boys - the eldest 10 years and the youngest, eight months. The youngest was terminally ill at the Georgetown Hospital last December and was at the end of heartless and uncaring care by the nursing staff and doctors. He died age 34. What about justice? In the Caribbean money can buy anything, even justice. We were dirt poor. We did not stand a chance. The nurses and doctors rather than being the patient’s advocate stood up for the doctor. Very unfortunate. Legal fees were beyond us. We were so poor that many days we went without food. Rice pap for lunch. Our school clothes were ragged. We got our clothes from the Radio Needy Children’s Fund. We visited Bourda Market when the vendors were gone to scavenge for discarded greens and vegetables. To have a meal. Why? Because an uncaring doctor contributed to the death of the only breadwinner. Can any of my Queen’s College pals relate to this? So my message is for all doctors and nurses reading this letter to remember that every patient you see is somebody’s mother, father,

aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, brother, sister, daughter, son etc. Be caring. Treat them like your own. They are vulnerable and oftentimes scared. Their death can potentially have serious financial, physical and mental consequences, especially for young children. Sadly patients are still dying at the Georgetown Hospital Death is inevitable in some cases. Just knowing before you take your last breath that you are loved, and the doctors and nurses do care, will make your death a peaceful passage. As a doctor, I am all too aware of the pain my mom went through. It still hurts me when I think of it. Even after 34 years I do still miss her. After 34 years I do still cry on a day like today I also understand the mental pain my aunt went through. Seeing a love one helplessly dying in front of your eyes is not easy. She hasn’t quite gotten over it. She never will. She once saw the doctor and asked him why he treated my mother like that. He said he was sorry. Unfortunately apologies would not bring her back. I’ve been looking for him since. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, the medical register of Guyana and hi5 to name a few places. I have a few tough questions for him.

If he reads my letter, I would be grateful for him to make contact or respond. To compound matters, our fathers abandoned us and my aunt was left to raise five young children on her own at the age of 22. Yes, 22 years old. I was determined that despite the circumstances I would be a doctor. I did it for my mom. Hopefully to make a small difference. Being the patient advocate and refusing to join the doctors’ club of covering for colleagues. Editor, thanks for indulging me. This has been cathartic. I know you may have more pressing letters to publish but I want to do this not for me. Not for my brothers. Not for my aunt. For my mom. For all those young moms who tragically died at the Georgetown Hospital, leaving young motherless kids. For those children, if you read this letter take it as hope. I did it. So can you. In closing I will say, I love you mom. You were not perfect, but you will forever be my hero. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Birthday. Dr Mark Devonish MBBS MSc MRCP (UK) Consultant Acute Medicine Nottingham University Hospital UK

We cannot, with our present knowledge, sit by and wait... From page 04 question that arises as we approach 2020 from over the horizon is: can we expect the coalition to play fair? Also, do Guyanese want the PPP back in office in 2020? The only thing worse than the PPP and its corruption, money-laundering and disregard for workers’ welfare is the economic mismanagement and elections-rigging that is

almost sure to unfold under this administration going into 2020 and after. And that’s a start. One of the things we can ill-afford to do is have the present knowledge at our disposal, wait for the election results, and then try to do something about it. Yours Faithfully, Craig Sylvester


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Thursday May 17, 2018

No More Deaths by logging trucks! By Enid Joaquin

“No more Deaths by logging trucks!” was the consensus driven home at a multistakeholder meeting held in the Regional Democratic Council Boardroom on Tuesday.The meeting discussed regulations to be put in place to curb fatalities on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway and was called by Region Ten Chairman Rennis Morian, including Ministers Valerie Adams-Yearwood and Simona Broomes. The forum attracted representatives from the Forestry Department; Commander of ‘E’ Division Anthony Vanderhyden; and Regional Councillors. Morian reflected on some of the tragedies, involving logging trucks, which have occurred over the years. One that was among the worst accidents, which occurred in 2007 when 10 Lindeners lost their lives.He drew attention to many others, especially those that had more than one fatalities, including one this year that claimed four lives. “This must stop!” The Regional Chairman emphasized.That sentiment was echoed throughout the meeting. Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figuiera called the issue of death caused by logging trucks, “a plague to the community”.They pose a consistent and imminent danger, he said.Figuiera expressed concern that the trucks are often overloaded and not properly illuminated. Minister Valerie AdamsPatterson in alluding to a certain popular television programme asked the question...Who is responsible

and who is response-able?” The Minister in answering her own question said that in any activity, some people would be “responsible and some would be responseable”. Minister Yearwood commended the initiative behind the meeting. She too reflected on the worst accident involving a logging truck. “I remember October ...and I ‘remember 2010 because it was the tenth (of October) so it was ten, ten, ten!”The Minister, looking back on the days immediately following the accident, said that it happened at the time when she was a Councillor of the RDC under the Chairmanship of Mortimer Mingo. She added that the Council took the initiative to writing forestry, the police and other entities to put regulatory systems in place regarding the logging trucks. Subsequently trucks were barred from traversing the Highway after 6pm. “The problem we have not only in Linden Region Ten, but in this country, is the enforcement.”The Minister said that many times while traversing the highway at various hours in the nights, she observed logging trucks and took notes of numbers. “I ask myself, is this a case whereby these systems are not being enforced or do we have a situation where people (are) taking bribes and allowing these trucks to pass or what?” Sometimes, we seem to be very reactive rather than proactive and when something happens then everybody gets in gear. Then there’s a lull after things return to nor-

Officials at the traffic meeting in Linden on Tuesday. mal until something happens again.”Minister Yearwood acknowledged that many lives, too numerous to count- have been lost on the highway. And that in spite of what has been put in place, things seem not to be at a place that “we would desire them to be”.“So I say again we can sit here; we can talk; we can plan; we can agree, but if what we agree on is not enforced, then there would no consistency and longevity.” Both Minister Broomes and Minister Patterson agreed that systems must be put in place to stop the tragic loss of lives on the highway. The call was also made to revert to barging logs down the river by Minister Broomes.Deputy Commissioner of Forest, Gavin Agard, in response to the commonly held view that Forestry is responsible for the logging trucks explained, “The movement of logging trucks is not under our purview; we can only alert the traffic regulators. “GFC encourages all stakeholders to be compliant

and cooperative, especially those travelling the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. “Forestry does not have the mandate to tell loggers to stop travelling.” Linden Traffic Inspector Shawn Massey spoke of the challenges that the police face in dealing with the issue of the logging trucks. He spoke of the speed limit of 100 km per hour, which applies to all classes of vehicles. “The law doesn’t specify

what class of vehicle; it just say 100 km. We cannot stop a lorry driving at 100 km, because the (driver) is committing no offence,” Massay explained.He added that there is no stipulation that says trucks can only traverse the Highway during the day. Massey exhorted that the GFC which is a 24-hour entity, only processes trucks at specified times to prevent them from traversing the highway at nights.The GFC also

warned that reflector cones must also be kept permanently on these vehicles and are to be properly used when trucks have to be unavoidably parked on the public roadways. “These proposed restrictions are part of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC)’s ongoing efforts, in collaboration with the Guyana Police Force and the forest sector, to make our roads accident free.”


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Court judgments, settlements inherited from previous administration


ttorney General, (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams, has said that responsibility for the multimillion dollars in judgments and settlements by the State in the last few years rests with the previous administration. The AG office has been under intense criticism from members of the previous government and the public who accused Williams of possible corrupt dealings in court settlements amounting to some US $425 million. During a Press Conference at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Carmichael Street Office, yesterday, Williams sought to defend the settling of the judgments. AG Williams argued that some matters could not be appealed since many of those cases had become “incurable.” “What we found in many cases is that you would actually have the defence stated in pleadings but it is not argued, not asserted before the court. So you can’t do anything about it,” he said. In an appeal if an issue was not argued (in the lower court), it could not be raised at the higher court- Guyana

Court of Appeal or Caribbean Court of Justice, he said. Additionally, Williams noted that he inherited a list of judgment debt cases from the PPP/C Government. He told the media that many of the cases were outsourced to Attorneys outside the AG Chambers without any record.

The Legal Affairs Minister said that many of lawyers failed to inform or hand over those cases, even after inquiries were made, as in the Dipcon Engineering and Toolsie Persaud cases. Williams said several lawyers have been written to. They were Bernard DeSantos SC; Ralph Ramkarran SC; Neil Boston, SC; Robin Stoby, SC; Sase Gunraj; Ashton Chase SC; Nigel Hughes, Roysdale Forde and Manoj Narayan. The Chambers only received a list of the State cases before the courts after writing to the Chancellor and Chief Justice, he said. According to Williams, notices were also placed in the dailies, requesting information regarding cases. Minister Williams hinted that criminal proceedings may be filed against those lawyers

who are withholding information. Some of the matters in which judgment was granted against the State included Rudisa Beverages -V- AG – $7.2 Billion, NH International L.T.D; Emile E l i a s - V- A G U S $ 11 M plus$403M, To o l s i e Persaud Ltd-V- AG-$1.7B), Ministry of Communities— V-BK Int.-US$5.7M and NDIA –V- H.Sugrim-$226.1M. In the Rudisa Case, Williams noted that the PPP/ C Government had imposed an environmental tax on nonreturnable beverage containers in breach of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. “The CCJ noted that the Government of Guyana represented by former

Attorney General Anil Nandlall did not lead evidence to show that tax was transferred as he claimed. “In the NH INT, Emile Elias case involving a contract to build a road, which ended up at an Adjudication which in 2003, the PPP/C Government, allowed to proceed without any representation.” Mr. Rex McKay S.C was left alone to argue NHEE’s case before the Adjudicator, Williams said. Nandlall compounded the problem by appealing the matter to the CCJ through Attorney-at-law Mr. Roysdale Forde, on a point where the Government had appealed to the wrong Court. The CCJ didn’t take five minutes to dispatch the

appeal, Williams said. In the BK INT matter, on assuming office AG Williams was told Nandlall had taken a decision to pay BK $225 million for services rendered despite repeated breaches by BK of the Haags Bosch Contract. The court ruled in favour of BK who had sued the Government for breach of contract, holding that he was entitled to remain on site. AG Williams claimed that he refused to pay that sum and caused an appeal to be filed against this decision and, due to the site being consumed by smoke, which affected neighbouring Communities. “The IDB wanted BK off; a settlement was agreed between BK and his team, Minister of Communities and

Thursday May 17, 2018

Attorney General, Basil Williams his team and the AG and his team. He said that Cabinet gave its seal of approval. “Nandlall left the new Government with crippling judgment debts, and illprepared cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars,” Williams said.

Crime scene rank testifies to recording interview with taxi driver accused of killing teacher Police Sergeant Rawle Nedd yesterday testified in the matter against, taxi driver, Matthew Munroe, who is currently before the court on a murder charge. Forty-seven-year-old Munroe, of Diamond Housing Scheme, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on November 7, last, at Georgetown, he

murdered Kescia Branche. Yesterday when the matter was called in Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman’s courtroom, police crime scene rank, Nedd went into the witness box and told the court the role he played in the investigation. Nedd told the court that he is stationed at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters and attached to

Charged Matthew Munroe left and dead teacher Kescia Branche the Crime Laboratory. The witness told the court that on December 4, last, about 16:20 hrs he was instructed to record a confrontation between the accused and two other individuals at the Brickdam Police station. He added that the video recording started at 17:15hrs and concluded at 19:30hrs. The witness evidence was suspended until today when he is expected to produce the video recording to the court. On the last occasion, Constable Asafo Felix, who is also attached to the Crime Laboratory, as a photographer, fingerprint technician and crime scene examiner, testified. He told the court that on November 10, last, he was rostered to perform duty at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary. He added that while there, he took photographic exposures of a motionless body before, during and after the post mortem, which was conducted by Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh. The witnesses added that the pathologist told him something and upon completion, he returned to the

crime lab where he ejected the memory card and placed it into his printer and printed 12 colour photographs. According to information, Munroe was detained after returning from an overseas vacation. He reportedly travelled “on vacation” to the US, around the same time that Branche was found unconscious in Louisa Row. Police impounded his vehicle, which had sustained damage, and had a missing bumper. Munroe reportedly told police that he had driven into a pothole on East Coast Demerara. He was reportedly unable to show police the location.The 22-year-old Branche was found badly battered on November 5, last. She succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) without regaining consciousness. According to reports, her injuries appeared to be consistent with those inflicted by the impact of a vehicle. A post mortem revealed that she succumbed to brain haemorrhage, caused by blunt trauma to the head. Munroe is being represented by Attorney-atlaw Nigel Hughes.

The professional class is in crisis. Not only are professionals exposed to a higher risk of being dismissed, bypassed or not having their contracts renewed by the government, but there are cases of intimidation and victimization of professionals. If that were not enough, professionals cannot point to anything that can encourage them to stay. The lack of policies directed towards enhancing the professional class remains an added disincentive. Guyana cannot develop without the services of a professional class. It is this class which will keep the economy rolling; it is this class which is needed to help run government and private businesses. It is inconceivable that Guyana can develop without a professional class. Yet, this class is being squeezed rather than nurtured. The professional class is an important segment of the class structure of any soci-


Kaieteur News

Thursday May 17, 2018

ety. It constitutes the petit bourgeois class – the lower middle class but conservative values and higher ambitions. Professionals constitute the emerging middle class. They represent an intermediate class which is located between and the upper middle class and the lower classes. Policies must be developed to support this class and prevent its members from migrating in large numbers and taking with them their skills and their money. Professionals have found themselves being made political scapegoats by the government. One professional who worked in a government agency and who is considered as an honest individual found himself dragged before the court on a most disingenuous charge.It was a heartless action against the professional. This person had children who must have been subjected to embarrassment and hurt over the way in which their father

was being publicly humiliated. The charges were dismissed but the damage was already done. The man eventually got back his job but there were many others who were not that lucky. A great many professionals have been placed on the breadline by the APNU+AFC Administration. The children of Donald Ramotar, the former President were all let go of their jobs in the public sector. The crimes of some professionals are that they worked under the previous administration and that there were supporters of the new ruling class who were eyeing up their jobs. Professionals have been sidelined, transferred, had their contracts terminated and not renewed or dismissed. The public sector is poorer for their absence. Others have been subjected to intimidation and victimization. This has had a de-


Foreign companies come wid condom fuh Guyana When dem foreign companies come to Guyana all of dem does expect to have a good time. Is like when a man enter a brothel. He got some money and de women inside de brothel does get excited. When de man tek out de money, dem does get wild. Guyana is like a brothel. Dat is how de politicians mek dis country become. Dem foreign gold company come and smile wid Jagdeo and de dummy. He hear wha sound like money but de man was playing wid de condom in he pocket. Jagdeo open ee foot and give way not only heself but de whole of Guyana. De gold mine get $42 billion in tax relief. And Guyana barely get a $5 billion fuh dat relief. Is like a man come fuh ask home fuh you daughter. You kill cow, cow goat plus dhall and rice and puri. You feed de man and he whole family then you tun back and give de man gift. Wid all of dat, de man walk out de house wid he family and you never get back a telephone call. Both Jagdeo and Soulja Bai put Guyana in dat position several times wid de man men

who come home to ask. Exxon come and dem promise de moon, de sun and de star. And Guyana still waiting to hold on to something from Exxon. When dem boys talk bout de sweetheart deal Aurora Gold Mines get from dem lovers in Guyana, de people in de company tun blue. Some was black and some was white and now dem tun blue.Dem tun suh blue dat dem invite three Govt ministers. Dem fly dem in wid plane, walk dem round de place, feed dem and then give dem some piwari fuh drink. Dem boys seh it had to be piwari because dem minister come out and talk a skundle a bunt. Dem seh dem nah see nutten wrang wid de gold company. Dem boys seh, had they tek de time to find out de contract agreement between de Guyanese people and de company, understand wha de concessions granted to dem mean to Guyana, dem Ministers woulda never come out and talk dat skundle of bunt. Talk half and let dem foreign company know Guyana wouldn’t be a brothel all de time.

moralizing effect on professionals and many are looking for greener pastures or opportunities to quit once they can get out of their contractual obligations. But the public sector is not the only area in which professionals operate. The professional class is to be found also in the private sector. The government has however ignored the private sector, which is perceived to have been closely aligned to the former government. The government has therefore shown little interest in developing the private sector and this neglect is contracting rather than expanding the

sector.There are no policies targeting the development of the professional class. The former government has a special housing programme for young professionals. The present government’s housing programme is more about working with low-income workers – nothing wrong with this – and private developers building houses for home applicants. There is no wages policy aimed to boosting the professional class. There is no financial initiative, supported by government, which can boost the professional class. There is no special employment contracts to attract and

retain professionals. The professional class is under threat. Those who have done well will read the writing on the wall and leave. Those who are now trying to develop their careers will find that there are insufficient opportunities for them to stay. The crisis in the professional class means one thing and one thing alone. The exodus of skilled Guyanese will continue and with its extensive capital flight.


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Thursday May 17, 2018


APNU+AFC at 3: Ramon Gaskin and three foreign presidents


continue from yesterday’s column on the assessment of three years of APNU+AFC in office. My analysis is that the coalition has been a colossal disappointment with a huge unimpressive balance-sheet. If I were to use philosophical reasoning, I would classify it as not having even an ounce of capacity to attempt transformation in Guyana now or after 2020. That character to transform the country and innovate as power-holders is not there. I don’t see it coming after 2020 but in life anything can happen. If I were to speak emotionally, my classification would be failure. My emotional opinion is that APNU+AFC has not performed. Its record is one that any government after 2015 would have achieved simply because it is an ordinary record. The foregoing begs the question; how come the coalition won in 2015. Let’s go to Greece, the USA and stop at France.

The reason for the election victory of Tsipras, Trump and Macron is not similar but identical. Greece was devastated by conditions for debt relief. We here in Guyana, far away from Greece, cannot imagine the hardship that Greece went through from 2010. Because of devaluation, people’s savings in the bank were reduced to nothing. All the traditional parties were seen as failure so people decided to give Tsipras’s party a chance. It was simple as that. Tsipras was seen as a saviour. He came to power and has performed the same way his predecessors did. He did not and cannot offer an alternative to the decapitating debt relief that he criticized his predecessors for. But he won the elections because his opponents were discredited. The identical situation benefitted Trump and Macron in France. Both Trump and Macron have not done better than their predecessors and in fact, are doing worse.

President Granger got elected five months before Tsipras so he, Granger was the first of the four leaders to benefit from the fate of their unpopular opponents. In Guyana, there was only one opposition to a 23-year-old ruling party in the 2015 elections. Given the Augean stables of corruption, inhuman mistreatment of poor people, morbid racial bias, arrogant leadership and runaway crime during the Jagdeo/Ramotar, people wanted change. They didn’t vote for the nature of the leadership that opposed the PPP regime. They voted to give an opportunity to a man they felt, just as in Greece, the US and France, would bring changes. In Guyana, Greece, the US and France, it has not happened. The above analysis, I hope explains the 2015 victory of the APNU+AFC. The electorate did not think of or debate the leadership qualities of those in the hierarchy of the PNC and AFC.

That was never their concern. Their preoccupation was to give a new player a chance to bring improvement. When the APNU+AFC got in then the absence of those leadership qualities began to unfold like a gargantuan banner workers hold in front of them during a May Day march. So what happens now that the nation has seen three years of mediocre continuation from APNU+AFC? They will give those who were never in a power a chance and the cycle will continue. Come 2019 when the campaign begins, the talk will be, “give others an opportunity to rule.” There will be no consideration as to whether these new leaders have any political character or embody even an ounce of philosophi-

cal value. Being fed up with the traditional big guns – the PPP and the PNC (AFC and the other groups in the APNU formation will be seen as PNC appendages), they will send the newcomers to parliament. I thought that the name Ramon Gaskin is the best example of this sad situation, a situation that gave us Trump. Gaskin has formed a new political party he said is based on a working class agenda. When I read about, I thought of Trump’s declaration of cleaning the swamp. Trump didn’t clean the swamp, he made it muddier. Gaskin has been the financial consultant for one of the richest men in Guyana – Brian Tiwarie. This columnist got countless complaints about labour practices of Tiwarie. I called Tiwarie myself on be-

Frederick Kissoon half of workers. The Labour Department has lots of complaints about this gentleman’s approach to labour. But Gaskin has been his consultant for more than twenty five years. But don’t rule out Gaskin. His party will not win but he may win a seat in Parliament. Names like Chris Ram and Lincoln Lewis will campaign for him. A Third party is being formed. It will win seats. The voters will be fed up with the two big guns.

UG’s Innovative Conference to focus on importance of entrepreneurship Aimed at providing an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences in understanding the importance of entrepreneurship to the future of Guyana, an Entrepreneurship and Innovative Conference is billed for three days from May 20 next. The event, which will be held at the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel will represent the first such undertaking by the University of Guyana’s School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation [SEBI]. At the event, it is expected that academic scholars, practitioners, and policymakers will come together to examine how entrepreneurship has and can continue to support economic transformation in a developing economy. The Conference will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences of researchers and practitioners in understanding the importance of entrepreneurship to the future of Guyana. The Innovative Conference will moreover see the SEBI collaborating with the Ministry of Business and Small Business Bureau. Several public and private entities have also shown their support for the Conference through sponsorship; among those are telephone giant Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Institute of Private Enterprise Development, Ground Structure Engineering and Consultants Inc, Grace Kennedy, Go-Invest, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited, Caribbean Containers, Republic Bank, Bazilio Cobb Associ-

ates, Exxon Mobil Guyana, Ministry of Business, Small Business Bureau, Demerara Bank, WT George and Co., and the Ministry of Education. The Innovation Conference is one that promises to not only set the environment to advance discussions around entrepreneurship and innovation but it will also give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to exhibit their products and services. The event will also include a Business Pitch Competition. According to reports out of UG, registration for the Conference can be done at the UG Bursary, the Berbice Campus, Citizens Bank or online a t The SEBI is one that was brought into being through a strategic partnership between UG and the Government of Mexico. Through its local Embassy, Mexico had made its commitment to providing a Spanish instructor for the programme. This was disclosed last year by Vice Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Griffith who said, “We’re asking that every student who graduates

from that School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation has one language other than English. Spanish will be one of those languages; Mandarin will be one of those languages and Portuguese.”The introduction of the new programme represented part of the university’s effort to restructure its curriculum to meet the practical capacities of the local business community. In this regard, UG has been developing partnerships and friendships with local and international partners as part of its renaissance movement. The Vice Chancellor noted that the renaissance project seeks to take different non-traditional paths and build friendships and partnerships in a variety of ways to improve the functioning of the University. The core mission of SEBI is to educate and develop entrepreneurial and innovative leaders and managers with the skills, competencies, predisposition and habits of mind to contribute to the social vitality and economic advancement of the nation and the global community.

Thursday May 17, 2018

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Kaieteur News

Thursday May 17, 2018


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Thursday May 17, 2018

High Court set to rule on application to stop proceedings against Singh, Brassington

The High Court is set to rule on the application to stop the Magistrates’ Court proceedings filed against former Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited, (NICIL), Winston Brassington. The matter came up for hearing at the High Court be-

fore Justice Franklyn Holder yesterday. Brassington and Dr. Singh were jointly slapped with three charges for misconduct in public office as it relates to the sale of three plots of state land while employed by the previous government. Last month, the Special Organised Crime Unit, (SOCU), of the Guyana Police Force completed its Pradoville

Two investigation and moved to institute charges against the former public officials. However, Attorney-atlaw, Anil Nandlall, who is representing the duo moved to the High Court to block the proceedings. Nandlall and his team approached the High Court to challenge the validity of the charges and for an interim stay of the proceedings. The application is being

Nothing illegal with our fuel…

GRA erred in sealing boats - Pritipaul Singh Fisheries Guyana’s biggest fishing company, Pritipaul Singh Investments (PSI), is insisting that the decision by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) over the weekend to seal two vessels with fuel was a mistake. Officials of the company, which has operations at McDoom and Providence, East Bank Demerara, made it clear yesterday that it has concession agreements with the Government of Guyana, through the trawler association for fuel.The fuel is for use on the trawlers and the generators of the two fishing complexes.Over the weekend, GRA officials, as part of a crackdown on illegal fuel, visited the McDoom facilities where after inspections, sealing two fuel boats. Yesterday, PSI insisted that sealing of the boats does not mean that the fuel was illegal. Rather, it was sealed pending checks. According to Deputy Managing Director, Vishnu Panday, the company, which has to comply with international standards, has been strict with its commitment, ensuring that fees on fuel, as required by Government, are paid.In fact, the company tendered several receipts, issued by the Guyana Energy Agency, which shows that for the year, almost $9M in charges were paid. In addition, whenever fuel comes, GRA is notified via what is known as a C-28 reporting

form.According to the fuel agreement signed between the Government of Guyana and Guyana Association of Trawlers Owners and Seafood Processors (GATOSP), for the year, 2017 and 2018, the fuel concession arrangements for fisheries date back since April 2005.The agreement allows for trawlers to purchase fuel and use it and also for specific vessels to transport it to Guyana.The agreement made it clear that the fuel is to be used for power generators in the fishing business and the production of ice. The agreement made it clear, also, that the fuel cannot be sold.The agreement also allows for fisheries and trawlers that are authorized to be granted three months to submit documentation.PSI officials yesterday said that despite this clause, the boats were nevertheless sealed.The fishing companies and trawlers are mandated under the agreement to submit to Government quarterly projections of the quantity of fuel to be used. The agreement said that all vessels other than authorized imported vessels are strictly prohibited from storing in excess of 10,000 gallon of diesel on board. According to officials, the company has a huge demand for fuel monthly, up to 600,000 gallons.Any lapse in shipment (Continued on page 22)

heard before Justice Franklyn Holder at the Georgetown Supreme Court. Yesterday, Nandlall was among a team of attorney, which presented arguments in favour of granting the stay order before Justice Holder. During the in-chambers (private) hearing, lawyers for the Attorney General Chambers also presented arguments. The latter team argued against granting the order to halt the matter before the Magistrates’ Court. By the end of more than four hours of the private hearings, a date was set for the ruling. The court is expected to make a determination of the application by Monday, May 24, 2018. Meanwhile, in the Magistrate Court, both Dr. Singh and Brassington were placed on bail after answering to charges of misconduct in public office. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan placed the men on $6 million bail each and adjourned to the matter to June 5, 2018, for continuation. In the Magistrates’ Court, Dr. Singh as Minister of Finance, and Brassington as the Chief Executive of NICIL on May 14, 2011 at Lot 126 Barrack Street, Kingston,

Dr. Ashni Singh

Winston Brassington

Georgetown, sold a tract of land being a portion 10.002 acres of Plantation Turkeyen, East Coast of Demerara, property of the State of Guyana for the sum of $185,037,000, without first having procured a valuation of the said property from a competent valuation officer. Another charge stated that Dr. Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington on December 30, 2008 at Lot 126 Barrack Street, Kingston, Georgetown, by way of Agreement of Sale and Purchase without due diligence, sold to Scady Business Corporation, a 4.7 acres tract portion of Plantation Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, for $150M knowing that the said property was valued at

$340M by Rodrigues Architects Associate, a competent valuation officer. The last allegation against the two stated that Dr. Ashni Singh and Brassington on December 28, 2009 at 126 Barrack Street, Kingston, Georgetown, by way of Agreement of Sale and Purchase, acted recklessly when they sold to National Hardware Guyana Limited, a tract of land at Plantation Liliendaal, Pattenson and Turkeyen, situated on the East Coast of Demerara, being 103 acres, being property of the State of Guyana for the sum of $598,659,398 (VAT exclusive) without first having procured a valuation of the said property from a competent valuation officer.


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Thursday May 17, 2018


SERVICES PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION, W E D D I N G S , ANNIVERSARY, ETC. CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Visa Application: U.S.A, Canada & UK;Guyanapassport application. G r a p h i c s design, advertisement. Tel: 626-7040; 265-4535. ICONIC MARKETING & PRINTING –TEL: 6004212: We create A/works, logos, busi ness cards, posters, etc, placements of ads included. Repairs at affordable prices: fridge, air conditioner, washing machines, dryers, TV, microwaves & freezerCall: 610-5846 or 661-8158

FOR SALE LARGE QUANTITIES OF HIGH PURITY MERCURY (QUICK SILVER) 99.99995% PURITY$19,000 PER POUND CALL: 592-227-4754. (1) One Bobcat miniexcavator model#322. Contact: 5005923/676-8764 Combines 7300 John Deere , Fiatagri L413 (2500hrs), Laverda 132 & Tractors: Massey 399, Fiat 110/90, Ford 6610, 290 Massey# 695-2220/ 338-4354 Eight (8) Pure bred German Shepherd pups. 6 weeks old. Location: La Grange WBD #616-4162 Live Meat Birds $165 per lb pluck chicken $220 (500 lb) $240 retail while stock last. #661-3657 400 acres Gold & Diamond mining. Claim (virgin ground) in the Cuyuni area, Guyana for sale. Contact: 671-9478

Jean offers courses in Dressmaking, curtains, floral, cake decoration, 153 Barr St Kitty Tel#670-2653/638-844 Care for the elderly, Care for children, First aid and CPR G/town 227-4881 Berbice 232-38789 Live and work in Canada in home caregiver programme. Contact: 227-4881 TOLET (1) bedroom apartment, living room and bathroom 294 Fourth field, Cummings Lodge. Call:222-0401, preferably UG students


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Prime Office on Camp Street, next to Shell gas station #6447724/639-4499/622-9560. Prime Business Place 1680 Sq Ft located at 36 Grove Public Road EBD. Contact No: 2662605/672-8017 To rent 2 bedroom apartment Middle road La-Penitence $50,000 monthly. Contact: 666-9534 (1) 3 bedroom house in Herstelling EBD furnish or unfurnished. Call Farah: 6848223 Newly built & painted. LAND FOR SALE (2) Prime land (50x100ft) in Duncan street. Contact Pete’s Real Estate, Lot 2 George street. #223-6218/623-7805 Parfaite Harmonie $1.5M $1.3M $2.5M Diamond $4.5M Eccles Front $6M Tuschen House $5.5M Uitvlugt $2.8M Call: 666-2326 Herstelling (110ft x 60ft) 2nd Bridge main road $6M Farm (East Bank) $2.8M Parfaite Harmonie $1.5M Tel# 6560701


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Male Office clerk 30-55 years old, East Bank Preferable. Call: 226-1100


EDUCATION Electronic course, Practical beginning 1st June. Learn to fix flat screen TV’s etc. Abdul Electronics. 225-0391/2266551


Uivlugt (100ft x 50ft) with Reserve $2.4M Schnoord (100ftx50ft) with reserve $2.6M Herstelling $2M Tel#651-1969

SALON Make-up Courses with Mac, B a r e M i n e r a l s , etc.Cosmetology Courses: $90,000 Nail Technician Course: $35,000. Call: 647-1773/688-0009


TAXI SERVICE GR TAXI SERVICE. CALL: 219-5000; 227-1982 & 2257878 (24HRS) WANTED One Live-in domestic or a couple to work in Mahaicony river. #655-9419 One ½ day domestic #2256571

Sheriff Street man wanted by SOCU The police have issued a wanted bulletin for a man who is suspected of being involved in a scheme to rip off the Government of Guyana. According to the police, Jadoo Datt, is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to a number of conspiracies to defraud instances committed on the Government of Guyana between December 2015 and April 2016. Sources indicated that Datt is wanted for questioning in relation to ongoing investigations in a number of forensic audits. The investigations are being conducted by the police’s Special Organised Crime Unit. Datt has a home in the Sheriff Street area and reportedly at Eccles.However, investigators were unable to make contact with him.He is believed to have signed to collect documents, that investigators want to question him about.“Anyone with information that may lead to the ar-

Wanted: Jadoo Datt rest of Jadoo Datt is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 226-2870, 229-2655, 229-2289, 227-1149, 226-7065, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with the strictest confidence,” the police said yesterday.

Prosecution to defend ... From page 18 collected four envelopes from her colleague. Upon checking the envelopes, she did not see any certification stamps on the documents. She added that between September 7 and September 13, she received six additional envelopes. SOCU, as part of a probe into US$500M that the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) handled as far back as 2010, submitted files to the DPP recommending contempt charges against GBTI's eight directors. This was after the bank and SOCU were locked in a battle over information concerning the GRDB accounts, since February.SOCU is contending that the bank failed or stalled. It gave all kinds of excuses, and even destroyed pertinent records relating to GRDB. SOCU reportedly argued that other banks complied, but it was finding it hard going

with GBTI. SOCU received four court orders, including one from the high court, asking that GBTI hand over the information. In late August, the acting Chief Justice granted production orders to SOCU, giving the bank a week to hand over certain information. That deadline expired in early September, and the bank was reportedly granted some extra time. However, the deadline elapsed and SOCU prepared files recommending the charges of contempt against the directors. Under tough anti-money laundering laws, once court orders are granted, financial institutions are reportedly bound to provide information. In this case, the moneys are not from private accounts, but rather from the US-dollar and other accounts of GBTI, a state entity.

GRA erred ... VACANCY


Experienced male sales International Job Opprtunities attendant, stocktaking for qualified teachers and knowledge, computer literate, nurses. Contact: 670-9207, excellent service attitude, able 227-4881 bodied. Key Food McDoom Engineering consultant, send Village. application to Buddy’s Rice Milling Complex Spooner/ Vacancy @ Natural Beauty Perth Mahaicony Branch Salon & Spa for a experienced Road ECD. Tel# (592)231-0136 Nail Technician, if interested please call: 652-5800 Boat Captain- Certificate of Competence as Master of a Porters, Drivers & Office power driven vessel. Call: 226clerks @ Survival Lot 10 Bond. 1100,226-5380 Tel# 227-7580/626-7726 Part time & full time security Cashiers & Salesgirls apply to guards needed. Serious Nirva Supermarket; Persons enquiries only. Age 30 and who previously applied are above. Gridlock Security. Tel# 673-6354 asked to re-apply #227-5771

From page 21 can affect production and lead to losses. The company, with 2,000 employees, and $6B in purchases of supplies and services from local companies annually, can ill-afford such negative publicity. In fact, they said, the US market which is strict, could be in jeopardy now. PSI operates up to 60 trawlers and is said to be the largest fisheries in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company has markets not only in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, but major ones in Europe and North America.


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Thursday May 17, 2018

Trucker appeals 108-year Accident on Regent Street leaves

sentence The man who was found guilty of causing the death of 12 persons back in 2010 and was found guilty and sentenced to nine years in jail on each of the 12 charges, a total of 108 years in jail, has filed an appeal against his conviction and sentence.Chaitram Moonsammy, 48, a truck driver of Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice, through his counsel, Attorney-at-law Mursalene Bacchus, is citing a number of grounds for his appeal.Moonsammy was on trial before Justice Brassington Reynolds and a mixed jury in the Berbice High Court. He was convicted on May 3, last, on the 12 charges of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.Included in his grounds for appeal are that the verdict is unreasonable. Inadmissible evidence pre-judicial to a fair trial was wrongly admitted. The trial judge erred in law in rejecting the “no case� submissions presented to the court.He is further contending that the trial judge erred in law in refusing to stay the indictment. A statement taken by the police, unfavourable to the defence was not made available until the start of the trial. That witness was not called by the prosecution at the Preliminary Inquiry or at the trial. Mr. Bacchus on behalf of his client is contending that the summing up was unbalanced in favour of the prosecution.He is also stating that there was a non-direction,

elderly woman hospitalised

Truck driver Chetram Moonsammy

Attorney-at-law Murseline Bacchus

which amounted to a misdirection in that the trial judge omitted to tell the jury that if the Defence left them in a state of uncertainty then the verdict would have to be one of not guilty. Moonsammy was found guilty for allegedly driving motor lorry GLL 8863 in a manner dangerous to the public on October 29, 2010 along the Susannah Village Public Road, East Coast Berbice thus colliding with minibus BHH 1842 and causing the death of; Oudit Narine Babulall, Marques Ault, Nazaradin Mahinudin, Salmaa Razac, Orlando De Mattos, Janet Baker, Cindy Jaggernauth, Lalita Mendonza, Patricia Asgerally, Josiah Khan, Salima Juman–Dinmohamed and Chetram Ramphal. In his defence, he had said that the accident and the death of the persons were not his fault.A total of 24 witnesses were called to the stand by state Prosecutor,

Tuanna Hardy. They had stated that the weather was not satisfactory with the wet roads from the heavy downpour. Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh, who carried out the post mortem on the victims, had testified that the injuries sustained were consistent with a motor vehicle accident.Bacchus had put forward strenuous arguments in defence of his client. He had requested that his client be given a non-custodial sentence since he had waited eight years for a trial.Before handing down the sentence, Justice Reynolds had affirmed that a message must be sent and road users should be protected.On the day of the accident, it was a gory mess with body parts strewn about inside the twisted metal that remained of the bus. Bodies were all over the road. Moonsammy had fled the scene after the accident but was later apprehended.

Car that was involved in Accident An 83-year-old was hit down at the corners of Regent and Wellington Streets Tuesday evening around 6:45 pm. Witnesses claim the driver attempted to drive away after hitting down the old lady, and was only apprehended after public spirited persons blocked off the road. Delon Phipps, the 27year-old driver of HC 8888 at the time of the incident claims

that he was proceeding east along Regent Street. He said that as he crossed Wellington Street, the old lady emerged from the left side of the road, and walked into the path of his car. Phipps suggested to the police at Brickdam while assisting with investigations, that although, he was going at the moderate speed he was unable to avoid the elderly

woman. The elderly woman was taken from the scene by an ambulance and received medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital A&E Unit. One witness at the scene claimed the car lights were not working properly and might have caused the driver to have poor vision, hence the cause of the accident.


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Tip of the iceberg… The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), in addition to not doing the best job to ensure it received top price from its overseas customers, was also not doing enough to protect the local market. Recent reports have pointed to a manipulation of the local quota system by top staffers. There is evidence, supported by audit findings, that individuals posing as legitimate businesses, managed to acquire quotas, though not meeting the criteria. According to recent internal correspondence acquired by Kaieteur News, the findings would point to rackets being run at almost all levels of the state-owned companies. The other includes procurement fraud, theft of fertilizers, poor supervision and a bloated payroll. In the case of the local distribution of sugar to the market, there appears to have been help from top GuySuCo officials to ensure close friends get into the action. Two men, one from De Willem, West Coast Demerara, and another from Canal Polder, West Bank Demerara, who benefitted, are estimated to have made more than $50M in profits, in

Thursday May 17, 2018

Distribution of sugar was manipulated to favour GuySuCo friends – report

a six-year period, just for getting more bags of sugar to supply the market. Local shops have been complaining of the supply being controlled to the point of sugar running out at times. According to the internal report, it was explained that the cash-strapped GuySuCo, being the sole producer, would have had in place a robust local sales procedure. Prior to 2016, the procedure was unwritten but practised and enforced unwaveringly. The maximum quota allowed was 200 bags per week for businesses. However, various audit checks uncovered that the quota system was manipulated and ignored by the senior management on several occasions. In short, the procedures were breached, the report said. Under the conditions to be granted a quota, the business must submit ID, business registration, business licence, shop licence, and TIN and VAT certificates copies. The applicant must also submit authorizations, permits from the Food and Drugs Department with an automatic investigation by the Marketing Department of GuySuCo before the award of the quota.

It was found that two instances, in 2011, a De Willem resident and Canal Polder shop owner applied for quotas. They were each granted 100 bags weekly. By 2015, when a top executive who had been off the job, was rehired, the two persons were granted an increase to their quotas. Auditors flagged the quotas to the two in their

2011, 2013, 2016 reports. In visits to the De Willem area, they determined that the quota holder did not have a business and was not operating as a food business and grocery. Despite the warnings of auditors, GuySuCo stuck to the De Willem business, but dropped a number of others who had breached the conditions. The 2013 audit report said

that a Security Manager of GuySuCo went to the premises and verified a bond existed. However, auditors disputed this in the 2016 audit, when they returned to the De Willem and Canal Polder area and determined that both had no storage bonds and therefore were in breach of the conditions to be quota holders. Despite the audit findings, GuySuCo stuck with the two

quota holders. The two businesses were estimated by GuySuCo investigators to have earned $56M in profits in the six-year period, 2012-2017, selling a bag for $5,500 after buying it for $4,900. The report concluded that findings clearly demonstrated a pattern of malfeasance and dereliction of duty by the senior GuySuCo official and must be addressed

Decisive action needed on fake ... From page 14 place. According to the Secretary-General, based on the review, the Heads of Government of CARICOM approved an implementation plan for outstanding issues as it relates to the previous decisions, commitments and timelines. LaRocque stated that the review showed that the lack of an effective consultative mechanism at the national and regional levels has negatively impacted decisionmaking and implementation. “Against that background a stakeholder consultation is scheduled for early next month which will examine the CSME and its implementation as currently con-

Shelves packed with purported counterfeit products inside one of two stores in downtown Kingston. (Photo: Karl McLarty) figured and identify what is necessary to make it more effective,” LaRocque revealed. He said the consultation will inform the ongoing review

by the Heads of Government which continue in July. According to the Ambassador, the plan is to be published shortly, but for it to be

meaningful, Members States must provide up to date information on their compliance with the CSME provisions.

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Thursday May 17, 2018


Timber Expo set for this weekend

Taking shape: Two of the showcases for the expo. The Guyana National Stadium is expected to be packed this weekend with the three-day Timber Expo. Beginning tomorrow, on display will be products made from Guyana’s forest including furniture, handicraft, decking, boardwalks and prefab houses among other things. Visitors can also learn about Guyana’s lesser used forest species for construction, furniture and craft making and other associated services within the

forest sector. Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Forestry Commission, Jocelyn Dow; Commissioner of Forests, James Singh, and other members of the organizing committee were at the stadium yesterday to brief members of the media on plans for the event. The official opening ceremony will be held from tomorrow starting at 16:30hrs, while the exhibition will be opened from 10:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs on Saturday and Sunday.

GFC and other officials briefing the media on the expo that will be opened tomorrow.


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Thursday May 17, 2018

Bandits cut open roof, terrorize West Dem ... From page 3 Brassington were prepared to spend the entire day with SOCU investigators, but the officers were not present. Nandlall said that he related to SOCU that while they are prepared to cooperate with the investigations, they have no duty to do so. SOCU investigators had started questioning Singh and Brassington with regard to over 30 land deals, which were executed under the former People's Progressive Party (PPP) Government. Nandlall had explained that based on the pile of files that he saw at SOCU, the two will require several more millions of dollars in bail alone if further charges were laid. They were placed on $6M bail each when they appeared in court on April 12 charged with three counts of misconduct in public office. The two men were not required to plead to the indictable charges that stem from the sale of land along the East Coast of Demerara at Plantation Liliendaal, Pattensen and Turkeyen. Following their appearance in court, Nandlall had indicated that there was absolutely no criminality involved; no allegation is made that any money is missing and no dishonesty is being alleged. “All that is being alleged is that these properties were not sold at valuation price that is in the file. I don't know since when this valuation officer or his valuation certificate is immutable and is something handed down from heaven that any sale that contradicts that becomes unlawful,� Nandlall stated. The attorney stated that as far as instructions go, the sales were advertised by public tender and they were sold at a price generated by the market.

Thursday May 17, 2018


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Giro leader Yates gains time after winning 11th stage OSIMO, Italy (AP) — Overall leader Simon Yates gained a few more seconds on closest rival Tom Dumoulin by winning the 11th stage of the Giro d’Italia yesterday. The Mitchelton-Scott rider attacked with about 1.5 kilometers remaining in the 156-kilometer leg from Assisi to Osimo and held off Dumoulin on the steep climb to earn his second stage victory of the race. Four-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome lost more time on the leaders and his chances of winning are disappearing. Dumoulin, who is a timetrial specialist, was two seconds behind Yates in second. Davide Formolo was third, five seconds behind Yates. Yates now leads Dumoulin by 47 seconds. He

Britain’s Simon Yates crosses the finish line to win the 11th stage of the Giro d’Italia cycling race from Assisi to Osimo, Italy, Wednesday, May 16, 2018. (Daniel Dal Zennaro/ ANSA via AP)

is 1:04 ahead of Thibaut Pinot in third. “I’m trying to get more time. That was a really tough finish. Tom was chasing me all the way to the line,” Yates said. “Really difficult but happy I could get more time. I already have a good gap to Froome. I’m happy that I got more time on Tom. But I have to keep trying because I still don’t have enough.” Froome finished 40 seconds behind Yates to again slip out of the top 10. He is more than three minutes behind. “I’m definitely not going to lie, it took a whack out of me that crash before the start in Jerusalem and in this game if you’re not at your absolute best there’s nowhere to hide,” Froome said. “I feel as if I’ve been progressing throughout the race, still just chipping away and

Thursday May 17, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Try not to get weighed down by emotions today, Aries, but give them the opportunity to have their time in the spotlight.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may need to take a more disciplined approach to your communication today, Libra. Try not to be so harsh and limiting with your words.

TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) It may be difficult to express yourself fully today, Taurus. Somehow the words aren't coming out quite as clearly as you'd like. Powerful emotions are getting in the way.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) This is an excellent day for you, Scorpio. You should find that things are running smoothly and to your advantage. Watch out for those who may want to rain on your parade

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You might need to hold your tongue today. People's feelings are more easily hurt now, and the slightest criticism could be misinterpreted as a terrible insult.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) You may feel rather lazy and out of touch today, Sagittarius. It could be that your emotions have taken a stronger hold on your psyche than your rational way of thinking.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) You'll find that you have a much better than usual connection with the people around you, Cancer. Your psychic sense is acute, and you should use this sixth sense to pick up things LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Be persistent and don't give up the fight today, Leo. It might seem as if you aren't making progress and that it's harder to make decisions about anything. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Your current plan of attack may run into some snags today. This might be caused by an emotional need that you may not have recognized earlier. The problem is that your head may say one thing while the heart another

CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Today is a good day to dream, Capricorn. Be aware that structured forces may try to convince you that the route you want to take isn't the most practical. You don't necessarily have to be practical in order to be successful AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) You might feel like your emotions are up in the air, Aquarius. As soon as you feel emotional, there may be a more structured force telling you to be reasonable. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Your head is filled with passion today, Pisces, and you may be feeling a bit more sentimental than usual. The one difficulty with this is that there may not be an appropriate situation

hoping to do the best I can. I’m going to keep fighting.” Froome is trying to become the third person to win the three Grand Tour titles in a row. “I certainly haven’t given up hope,” Froome said. “I’m going to keep plugging away. I’m motivated, the team’s motivated and we’re going to do as much as we can.” The hilly stage included a climb through Michele Scarponi’s hometown of Filottrano in honor of the 2012 Giro winner who died after a collision with a van while training shortly before last year’s race. There were a number of early attacks but nothing stuck until Luis Leon Sanchez and Alessandro De Marchi took off. They were swiftly joined by Fausto Masnada. Mirco Maestri and Alex Turrin made it over to the leaders with about 100 kilometers remaining and the gap hovered around 3½ minutes. The latter two were caught with 17 kilometers to go, while Sanchez and De Marchi lasted until five kilometers from the end. Zdenek Stybar and Tim We l l e n s a t t a c k e d a n d opened up a small gap late in the race but couldn’t respond when Yates made his move. Today’s 12th stage is a flat, 214-kilometer route from Osimo to the motorsport race circuit of Imola. After another flat stage, the race features a climb up Monte Zoncolan on Saturday and a grueling leg through the Dolomite Range on Sunday. The race ends in Rome on May 27.

GCB/DMLAS... From page 31 Bowling for Bladen Hall, Shawn Cujoe, Roberto Thomas and Travis Mc Pherson each took a wicket. In reply, Bladen Hall Secondary struggled to 53 all out off 13 overs, with Roberto Thomas (13) being the only Bladen Hall batsman to reach double figures. Bowling for Cummings Lodge Secondary, Andre Geer grabbed 3 wickets, while Andrew Samoroo and Daniel Gulab took two wickets each. Tomorrow, East Coast Demerara Zone matches will continue with Annandale Secondary opposing Institute of Business Education (IBE), at the Enterprise ground, commencing at 10:00 hours.

Alexander-Arnold... From page 29 squad appears to have plentiful goalscoring options. In Brazil four years ago England managed two goals in three group games and crashed out before the knockout phase. There was no place for Liverpool’s Adam Lallana, though he is one of the players on standby, along with keeper Tom Heaton and defender James Tarkowski from Burnley, Bournemouth’s 21year-old midfielder Lewis Cook and West Bromwich Albion’s Jake Livermore. England play friendlies against Nigeria and Costa Rica on June 2 and June 7 before leaving for Russia on June 12. After starting against Tunisia, England will also face outsiders Panama and a dangerous Belgium side. Squad: Goalkeepers: Jack Butland (Stoke City), Jordan

Pickford (Everton), Nick Pope (Burnley). Defenders: John Stones (Manchester City), Harry Maguire (Leicester City), Phil Jones (Manchester Utd), Kyle Walker (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Tottenham Hotspur), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Ashley Young (Manchester Utd), Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur), Trent AlexanderArnold (Liverpool). Midfielders: Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur), Jesse Lingard (Manchester Utd), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Chelsea), Fabian Delph (Manchester City). Forwards: Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Marcus Rashford (Manchester Utd), Danny Welbeck (Arsenal).


Thursday May 17, 2018

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Europe angered by FIFA’s new Celtics charge to 2-0 lead over Cavs soccer tournament plans LYON (Reuters) - Europe’s top leagues, players and clubs lined up yesterday against FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s plans for two new global competitions saying his approach was rushed and lacking in detail. UEFA’s Professional Football Strategy Council (PSFC) said it had “serious reservations” about the whole process and criticised the speed and lack of consultation from the sport’s global governing body. FIFA has proposed creating a 24-team Club World Cup tournament, to be staged every four years, as well as a Global Nations League which would culminate in an eightteam tournament — effectively a mini-World Cup — every two years. According to a FIFA report seen by Reuters, the two tournaments, backed by a consortium of private investors, are expected to generate at least $25 billion (18.5 billion pounds) over a 12-year cycle. FIFA president Gianni Infantino has been trying to push through the proposals in the already hectic period leading up to this year’s World Cup in Russia. Following a meeting in Lyon, the PFSC said its members had not been properly consulted and added in a statement that it “unanimously expressed serious reservations about the process surrounding the FIFA Club World Cup and Global Nations League proposals.” It criticised “the hasty timing and lack of concrete in-

LeBron James recorded 42 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds for the Cavaliers. FIFA President Gianni Infantino. (dpa/Walter Bier) formation and underlined the need for a clearly defined procedure, which respects existing structures and decisionmaking bodies and which involves all key stakeholders.” “Such proposals must be considered as part of a global reflection on the overall international match calendar and cannot be decided upon in isolation,” the statement added. The PFSC comment suggested an increasing split between FIFA and European soccer body UEFA. Lars-Christer Olsson, the chief executive of the European Leagues group which represents more than 30 domestic leagues, said he could not judge the merits the proposed tournaments themselves because he did not know enough about them. “We need to have more information to decide where

we stand ourselves,” he said. “We don’t know what we need to know to have an agreement.” FIFA has already met individual clubs to discuss the proposals and Real Madrid director Emilio Butragueno has said that the European champions support the plans. The tournaments could be approved at a FIFA Council meeting in Moscow in June. FIFA did not immediately comment on a report in the Financial Times that it was planning a special meeting before that. “There are a lot of rumours but as far as I know there is no call for a meeting,” said Olsson. The PFSC includes elected representatives from UEFA, the European Club Association (ECA), the European Leagues organisation and the world players’ union (FIFPro).

What has the selectors come up... From page 30 who struggled in both departments in the Inter-County, could be picked because he played for the Windies and might be even given the role behind the stumps ahead of Sinclair due to his seniority. Berbice Captain Kevin Sinclair had over 200 runs and 17 wickets in the Inter-County and looked the best off-spinner and is among those who picked themselves, as have Kelvon Anderson, arguable the most complete batter in the team with the best temperament which is ideally suited for the three-day format. Anderson along with Yadram and Algoo were the centurions in the Inter-County Tournament and should be the glue that binds the Guyana innings together. He has the only five-wicket haul in the 50-over Inter-County Tournament. National U-17 All-Rounder Dwayne Dick is capable of scoring runs in the middle, is a very good field and should be selected as the second off-spinner in the squad. Windies U-19 World Cup left-arm spinner Ashmead Nedd was the leading wicket-taker in the Inter-County competition with 24 scalps and can also bat. Fellow left-arm spinner Kelvin Umroa (21 wickets) bowls with a teas-

ing ‘flight’ and good variety and should also be selected, especially for the three-day version. Off-spinner Karan Arjpaul was in the squad last year but did not play a game in the three-day format and along with Algoo was replaced in the One-Day squad by Yadram and Persaud on their return from the West Indies youth tour of South Africa. Multitalented Athlete Joshua Jones could be the only player from Essequibo in the squad. Jones, also a National Junior Javelin thrower, was the leading fast bowler in the U19 Inter-County with 15 wickets and will spearhead the pace attack. Jones should share the new ball with Windies under -16 speedster Qumar Torrington who both could generate good pace on the much quicker tracks than the low and turners they operated on during the Inter-County tournament. Anderson and Javid Karim’s medium pace could also prove useful in Barbados. Probable squad: Alex Algoo, Sachin Singh, Junior Sinclair, Joshua Persaud, Bhaskar Yadram (Capt), Kevin Sinclair (vice-capt), Kevlon Anderson, Javid Karim, Junior Sinclair, Dwayne Dick, Ashmead Nedd, Kelvin Umroa, Qumar Torrington and Joshua Jones.

BOSTON - Jaylen Brown totaled 23 points and seven rebounds to help the Boston Celtics take a 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals with a 107-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night. Terry Rozier scored 18 points, Al Horford added 15 points and 10 boards, Marcus Morris had 12 points and both Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart contributed 11 for the Celtics, who were 108-83 winners Sunday in Game 1. LeBron James recorded 42 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds for the Cavaliers, marking his NBA-record 17th career playoff game with 30 points and 10 assists. Kevin Love added 22 points and 15 rebounds, but Kyle Korver (11 points) was the only other Cleveland player to score in double figures. James, who managed just 15 points in the Game 1 loss, has won five consecutive East playoff series after losing the series opener. Boston, which improved to 9-0 at home this postseason, has never lost a best-of-seven playoff series when leading 2-0. “We just play hard,” Horford said. “We go out there, we compete. It’s Celtics basketball. We’re really embracing Celtics basketball. We’re playing hard. “We’ve got each other’s backs, and that’s it.” Game 3 is Saturday night in Cleveland.

“We have an opportunity to go back home, protect home court,” James said. “We’re going to use these days to really dive in on what needs to be done to help our ballclub be successful. “They did what they had to do, and that was protect home, and now it’s our time to try to do that as well.” Smart’s 3-pointer with 4:34 left in the third quarter gave the Celtics a 72-71 lead after they had trailed by 11. It was their first lead since they were up 3-2 only 49 seconds in. Boston was on top 84-77 entering the fourth quarter. Greg Monroe’s cutting layup with 11:14 remaining put Boston up by 11. Neither team scored again until James’ reverse layup with 9:08 on the clock. Tensions boiled over when Cleveland’s JR Smith shoved Horford on a drive to the basket. Smart and Smith exchanged shoves and had to be separated, with each player being whistled for a technical foul. Horford’s jump shot with 2:54 remaining pushed the Celtics’ advantage to 103-89. After a James layup, Rozier tossed in a layup to make it a 14-point game. Cleveland waved the white flag and emptied its bench after that. The Cavaliers led 55-48 at halftime. James briefly exited with 3:48 remaining in the second quarter after being hit in the face by an inadvertent shoul-

der from Tatum under the basket, but he returned with 1:57 to play in the half. James was diagnosed with a strained neck. James and Brown combined for 35 of the game’s first 50 points as the Cavaliers jumped out to a 27-23 lead after one quarter. Celtics coach Brad Stevens said of the team’s approach to defending James, “I think the biggest thing is we’re just trying to make it as hard as possible. ... We’ve got a lot of different guys guarding him. “Jaylen started the game on him, Morris is guarding him a ton. I thought Semi (Ojeleye) did a good job on the couple of possessions he guarded him, which is really hard to just come off the bench not in the flow of the game and put a body in front of him, but he’s unbelievable.” Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said, “We’ll be better going back home. We know that. They played well in that second half, and we’ve got to be ready to go on Saturday.” Before the game, the Cavs landed this year’s eighth overall pick as the NBA held its draft lottery. Cleveland acquired the selection, which originally belonged to the Brooklyn Nets, in the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston last offseason. (Gethin Coolbaugh, Field Level Media)

Canelo Alvarez announces... From page 29 Loeffler was pleased to hear the news. Loeffler said he has had talks with Golden Boy president Eric Gomez about putting the GolovkinAlvarez rematch back together for Sept. 15 since Golovkin’s knockout win over Vanes Martirosyan on May 5. “I think it’s the right thing to do, especially for someone who has been proclaiming his innocence,” Loeffler said. “Gennady has been

clear that he would have no problem continuing to be tested through the fight in September, and he expected the same from Canelo, so this is a step in the right direction.“It would have been a requirement [to make the fight], but they never balked at doing it. It was a matter of when it would start. When he said he’d start testing when the contract was signed, that raised a few flags, but really, if he’s being tested now, there are no issues.

Thursday May 17, 2018


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Nadal, Djokovic power on as Shakib out, teenager Lamichhane in for Hurricane Relief match Thiem crashes out in Rome Rome (AFP) - Former winners Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic powered into the third round of the Italian Open in Rome on Wednesday but Austrian Dominic Thiem fell at the first hurdle. Sixth seed Thiem crashed out just a week after inflicting a first clay-court defeat on Nadal in over a year in Madrid which cost the Spaniard the world number one ranking. The 24-year-old destroyed his racket in fury as he suffered his first defeat to Italian Fabio Fognini in three meetings, sinking 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 at the Foro Italico. Nadal later eased through 6-1, 6-0 against Bosnian Damir Dzumhur as he targets an eighth Rome title and first since 2013. “After a loss in Madrid, it’s important to come back strong. And that’s what I did today,” said Nadal, who received a first-round bye. The 31-year-old, who claimed the 11th titles of his career at both Monte Carlo and Barcelona, took the first set in 34 minutes, coasting to victory in just an hour. The 16-time Grand Slam winner next takes on either Canadian Denis Shapovalov, 19, or Robin Haase of the Netherlands. “Today was a positive day. I don’t know how many mistakes I did, but not much,” said Nadal. Djokovic, a four-time winner, is on the comeback trail three months after elbow surgery and eased past Georgia’s Nikoloz Basilashvili 6-4, 6-2. The Serbia will next play Spaniard Albert Ramos Vinolas who needed three sets to get past American eighth seed John Isner 6-7 (5/ 7), 7-6 (7/2), 7-6 (7/5). Fognini, ranked 21, next plays Germany’s Peter Gojowczyk before a possible quarter-final showdown with top seed Nadal. “If you compare it to Madrid there were a lot of close matches I could have lost there too.

Rafael Nadal crushed Damir Dzumhur to ease into round three (AFP Photo/Andreas SOLARO) I did have chances,” said Thiem. Bulgarian third seed Grigor Dimitrov also suffered an early exit, going out to Japan’s Kei Nishikori after a marathon 6-7 (4/7), 7-5, 6-4 battle. - Pliskova racket rage Former world number one Karolina Pliskova was so angry she put a hole in the umpire’s chair with her racket instead of shaking hands after losing to Greece’s Maria Sakkari. Pliskova, the sixth seed, argued lengthily after an overhead shot was incorrectly ruled out and both the line judge and the umpire said they could not find the mark. The controversial shot came in the third set with the Czech serving at 5-5 (30/30). She could not conceal her fury as she went on to lose the match 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. Instead of shaking hands with the umpire after the match, Pliskova first put her hand out before beating up the chair. Earlier, top women’s seed Simona Halep needed just

under an hour to advance 61, 6-0 past Naomi Osaka to avenge her defeat to the Japanese player in Indian Wells. “It was one of those helpless feelings,” conceded 20year-old Osaka who could be heard saying “I want to cry” courtside. Halep needed to save four break points in her opening service game for 1-1 but then reeled off 12 in a row. “I like to slide on the clay and today was easy for me. I’m more relaxed than in Madrid,” said 26-year-old Halep. Halep reached the final in Rome last year and needs to reach the quarter-finals this time to retain her world number one ranking. She next plays 13thseeded American Madison Keys, who battled past Croatian Donna Vekic 7-6 (7/ 2), 7-6 (7/0), for a place in the last eight. France’s Caroline Garcia, a semi-finalist in Madrid last week, eased past Hungary’s Timea Babos 6-3, 6-4, and will next face US Open champion Sloane Stephens.

Canelo Alvarez announces he has signed to do year-round anti-doping testing with VADA Yahoo Sports - Having been forced to withdraw from a fight that could have paid him in excess of $50 million and pulled from the WBC rankings for not entering its “Clean Boxer” programme, Canelo Alvarez on Tuesday announced on Twitter that he has enrolled in anti-doping

testing with VADA. Alvarez, who failed two tests for the banned substance, Clenbuterol, on Feb. 17 and Feb. 21, was suspended for six months by the Nevada Athletic Commission and forced to withdraw from a lucrative May 5 rematch with Gennady Golovkin.

Golovkin has been highly critical of Alvarez for failing to agree to be tested sooner and questioned why he hadn’t already enrolled in an anti-doping programme when his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, told TMZ on April 25 that Alvarez would be tested daily from that date until the fight. Golovkin promoter Tom (Continued on page 28)

LONDON, CMC – Highlyrated all-rounder Shakib-alHasan has pulled out of the ICC World XI squad but exciting teenaged Nepal wristspinner, Sandeep Lamichhane, has been included for the Hurricane Relief Twenty20 International at Lord’s later this month. The ICC announced yesterday that Shakib had withdrawn for “personal reasons”, with his replacement expected to be named soon for the star-studded May 31 contest. However, Lamichhane has been called up for the game, less than a week after making his highly publicized Indian Premier League debut. “I am privileged to have been chosen to be part of the ICC World XI against the Windies. It is an honour for the entire country and passionate followers of Nepal cricket, as well as an indicator that we are making our mark on the international game,” said the 17-year-old. “Training, sharing the dressing room and playing with some of the trend-setters who we saw on television while growing up is something I look forward to. This

All-rounder Shakib-al-Hasan … has withdrawn from the ICC World XI. is an opportunity for me to learn and improve, and I am committed to cashing in on this.”He added: “What can I say about Lord’s, it’s the Home of Cricket, it’s a complete history of cricket and a dream venue for any cricketer. To play there in 2016 was a memorable occasion, which I look forward to reliving later this month. “I hope I will continue to get opportunities in future which, in turn, will help me improve my skills as well as my country to strengthen its position on the world cricket map.”

He will join the likes of Pakistani stars Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi, along with Indians Hardik Pandya and Dinesh Karthik, in in the lineup which will be skippered by England white-ball captain, Eoin Morgan. The World XI will clash with a strong West Indies side which includes Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis and Andre Russell, and will be led by Carlos Brathwaite. Funds from the match will go towards the repair of five stadia damaged by the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria last September.

Alexander-Arnold named in youthful England World Cup squad LONDON (Reuters) Liverpool’s 19-year-old right back Trent Alexander-Arnold received a surprise call-up for England as manager Gareth Southgate put his faith in youth with his final 23-man squad for next month’s World Cup. Chelsea’s out-on-loan midfielder Ruben LoftusCheek, 22, was also given a seat on the plane to Russia after impressing for Crystal Palace this season. Chelsea skipper Gary Cahill, whose place had been in doubt because of poor form, also makes the trip east. However, experienced goalkeeper Joe Hart and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere were both omitted from a squad announced on Wednesday via a social media video featuring young recreational players from around the country shouting out the names. Southgate broke with convention by declining to name a provisional 30-man squad, opting instead to select his preferred 23 well before FIFA’s June 4 deadline. “I believe this is a squad we can be excited about,” Southgate, who put five play-

ers on standby, said. “It’s a young group but with some really important senior players. “The balance of the squad is good, both in terms of experience, character and the positional balance. We have a lot of energy and athleticism in the team but also players equally comfortable in possession. “I think people can see the style of play we are looking to develop.” Former national under-21s manager Southgate has championed young players since taking over in the wake of Sam Allardyce’s dismissal and has named one of the most callow England squads ever to travel to a major tournament. The uncapped AlexanderArnold is the youngest squad member after an amazing breakthrough season with Liverpool, which will culminate in next week’s Champions League final against Real Madrid. “It’s not just because he’s young, it’s because his performances merit it,” Southgate said. Apart from Cahill, there were a few other players breathing a sigh of relief.

Among them is Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck, who missed a chunk of the season through injury but was named alongside Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy and Marcus Rashford in the striking department. Left back Danny Rose was also selected despite playing only 10 Premier League games for Tottenham Hotspur this season. NUMBER ONE VACANCY With Hart’s international days now apparently over after being his country’s senior keeper for the past three tournaments, Everton’s Jordan Pickford is expected to start in goal in England’s opening match against Tunisia on June 18. He will be joined by Jack Butland, whose domestic season ended in Premier League relegation with Stoke City, and Burnley’s Nick Pope. “I was faced with the decision do I keep Joe in and have experience around the group or give the three who have had better seasons a chance,” Southgate said. With four out-and-out strikers and Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli and Jesse Lingard all named as midfielders, the (Continued on page 27)


Thursday May 17, 2018

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O.G Shipping / Team Alanis Cycle Meet

Nations best to compete around outer circuit of National Park Following an exciting and lucrative Independence Three-Stage Cycle Road Race last weekend, cyclists will once again be aiming to out pedal each other on Sunday around the outer circuit of the National Park, this time in the O.G Shipping sponsored 20lap event. Organised by Team Alanis, the event which will see some $258,000 in cash being distributed in the various categories, will pedal off at 13:00hrs. Seniors, juniors and masters 35-45 would be battling for 20-laps while masters 4550 as well as upright and mountain bikers would compete for 6-laps. The top six seniors would be handsomely rewarded as will the top three in the other categories. First place finishers would also receive trophies, while ten (10) sprint prizes would be at stake in the 20-lap contest.

Gearing up for another lucrative day of pedaling on Sunday.

What has the selectors come up with?

Joshua Jones was the leading pacer in the Inter-County tournament and will spearhead the pace attack. Asks Sean Devers Guyana achieved the ‘double’ last year when they beat the Windward Islands by six runs in the final round of the Regional 50-over U-19 tournament in St Kitts & Nevis after dethroning the Leeward Islands in the threeday format which began in 1976, to capture their 15th title. The 50-overs tournament was inaugurated in 1998 in T&T as a replacement for the

washed out three-day competition and this was Guyana’s fourth 50-overs title in a row since they dethroned 2013 champs, Windwards in 2014 at home when their 50-over Championship winning streak began under Skipper Brian Sattaur. Sattaur became the first Guyana Captain to win both three-day and one-day titles in the same year and has been joined by Renaldo AliMohammed as they both bet-

First Class player Bhaskar Yadram should be named Captain. tered Steven Jacobs, who led Guyana to the three-day title in 2007 in St. Kitts before losing to Jamaica in the 50-over final at Warner Park the same year.This year the tournament is scheduled for Barbados in July and the team to defend Guyana ‘double’ crown has already been selected but not yet released by the GCB. Nine players who played in last year’s Regional U-19 tournament are eligible for selection on

this year’s team which will travel to Barbados but offspinner Karan Arjpaul could be the only one with previous experience that could lose their places this year since Kevin Sinclair, who looked the best offspinner in the inter-county and Dwain Dick are capable off-spinners who could be useful with bat and ball in both formats. Windies Under -19 World Cup player, Bhaskar Yadram

As Guyana prepares to defend their double U-19 Titles in BIM

National U-19 batsman Kelvon Anderson is arguable the team’s most accomplished batsman. scored an unbeaten 301 against the National U-17s in the first round of the Handin-Hand three-day InterCounty game at Everest but only played one other game due to a foot injury to finish with 366 runs. Despite the fact that the pugnacious Yadram needs to work on his fitness, he is the only one with First-Class experience in the team and should get the GCB’s nod as Captain.

Windies U-16 Skipper Sachin Singh, who scored 176 runs in the three-day format should open the batting with Alex Algoo, one of only three batsmen to score tons in the Inter-County series, while Berbice Wicketkeeper Junior Sinclair, who looked the best Keeper and also did well with the bat, should be the third opener on tour. Windies U-19 Keeper/ Batsman Joshua Persaud, (Continued on page 28)

Thursday May 17, 2018

WIFBSC 2018 - Barbados

Team Guyana set and ready to defend titles next week – Coach Slowe Head Coach of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GuyanaNRA) Paul Slowe says he is confident that the team is well prepared, focused and ready to defend its Short, Long range and individual titles at next week’s West Indies Fullbore Shooting Council (WIFBSC) Championships set for the Paragon Ranges, Barbados. Set to depart Guyana on Saturday, 11 of the local based members would be joined in Barbados by two USA based shooters, John Fraser and Sigmund Douglas. Captain of the team is Dylan Fields who has taken over the reins since regular Captain Mahendra Persaud is still recuperating overseas from illness. Fields would have as his Vice Captain, Dane Blair; the rest of the team reads: Caribbean Individual Champion Lennox Braithwaite, Ransford Goodluck, Leo Romalho, Ryan Sampson, Sherwin Felicien, Peter Persaud, Terrance Stuart and Paul Slowe (Head Wind Coach). Commenting on how practice sessions went at the Timehri Rifle Ranges over the past weeks, Slowe informed that conditions were very difficult, “But it provided the type of challenge that the team needed.” Leading Guyana’s charge would be the defending WIFBSC Individual Champion Lennox Braithwaite who was also the Caribbean’s leading marksman at the just concluded Commonwealth Games held in Australia. Braithwaite’s shooting partner in Australia, Ransford Goodluck, the two combining to ensure that Guyana finished as the top Caribbean side down under, would be once again aiming with their teammates to ensure that the


Kaieteur News

Flashback! WIFBSC President Major (Ret.) John Nelson of Jamaica (left) hands over the WIFBSC flag to Barbados’ Richard Arthur in Guyana last October. marksmen from the Land of Many Waters continue to conquer all and sundry in this part of the shooting world. Slowe, who accompanied the duo to Australia, believes that apart from Braithwaite, the likes of Goodluck, Fields and Romahlo can all hold their own in the individuals and will combine to deliver the goods for Guyana in the team championships. ”I expect the team to do well as individuals and as a team. The younger shooters, Tiwarie and Felicien did well during the practice. Peter Persaud had some issues with his rifle, which are now sorted out and Sampson seems to be coming into form. All in all, the morale of the team is high.” At the GuyanaNRA 150th Anniversary Shoot held here last October which also

doubled as the WIFBSC Championships, Team Guyana successfully defended both the Short and Long Range titles ending as the top Caribbean side in the WIFBSC Short Range battle to England and Ireland in that order had placed first and second as special guests of the GuyanaNRA for the championships; Canada (4th) also competed along with Trinidad and Tobago (5th), Barbados (6th) and Antigua & Barbuda (7th). In the Milex/Crown Mining Long Range championship, Guyana (36) won on Vs from the surprise package of the championship, Barbados (27) which also ended on 712 points as the home team. Third was Ireland (701/ 28), followed by England (668/ 25), Antigua & Barbuda (646/ 22), Canada (609/24) and Trinidad & Tobago (599/23).

Trio to have workload managed... From page 33 Lakmal will also have his workload closely monitored during the June 6-27 series. The move by Cricket Sri Lanka is an attempt to keep both players fresh for next year’s ICC World Cup in England and Wales. “Depending on the intensity of the games he (Mathews) plays, we will decide whether or not we want to play him in the third Test,” said chief selector Graeme LaBrooy “If Mathews doesn’t score runs and gets out without spending sufficient time in the middle, we will play him the third Test. “But if he gets two big hundreds and spends a lot of time in the middle, we will keep him out of the third test. It is the same with Lakmal.” The 30-year-old Matthews, who aver-

ages 44 from 72 Tests with nearly 5 000 runs, is coming off a long injury layoff. Herana, meanwhile, has been Sri Lanka’s leading spinner since the retirement of the legendary Muttiah Muralitharan eight years ago and at 40, his age remains a concern of selectors. “Rangana will only play two matches in the series,” LaBrooy said. “At 40, there’s only so much his body can handle and we need to manage his workload if we wants to prolong his career.” Herath has taken 415 wickets from 89 Tests.Sri Lanka will open their tour with a three-day warm-up match in Trinidad before playing Tests at Queen’s Park Oval, the Darren Sammy Cricket Ground in St Lucia and a day/night affair at Kensington Oval in Barbados.

Pollard finds form as Mumbai go fourth MUMBAI, India, CMC – Kieron Pollard made his first match in two weeks count, spanking his first half-century of the season as Mumbai Indians improved their playoff chances with a narrow threerun victory over Chris Gayle’s Kings XI Punjab here yesterday. Recalled after being dropped for poor form which had yielded a mere 76 runs in his six previous innings, Pollard top-scored with exactly 50 as Mumbai, sent in at the Wankhede Stadium, gathered 183 for five from their 20 overs.Pollard’s West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago teammate, Evin Lewis, fell cheaply for nine in the fourth over with the score on 37, bowled by Australian seamer Andrew Tye (4-16), as the hosts slipped to 71 for four in the ninth over.

However, Pollard joined forces in a 65-run fifth wicket stand with Krunal Pandya, who made 32, to reinvigorate the innings. The right-handed Pollard struck five fours and three sixes in an up tempo 23-ball innings while Pandya’s knock was more measured, requiring the same number of deliveries and including a four and a pair of sixes. Pollard was severe on seamer Ankit Rajpoot, blasting him for 18 runs off the 14th over of the innings. He then took 17 runs from the following over sent down by Aussie Marcus Stoinis. He was eventually sixth out in the 16th over, drilling off-spinner Ravi Ashwin (218) into the lap of long off. The half-century, however, was only Pollard’s fourth in 28 innings dating back to

last season. In reply, Kings XI were held to 183 for five from their 20 overs despite opener Lokesh Rahul’s 94 and 46 from Australian Adam Finch. Gayle punched two fours and a six in scoring 18 from 11 balls but perished in the fourth over, miscuing a hook at left-arm pacer Mitchell McClenaghan and falling to a catch in the deep. Kings XI required 17 from the last over but fell short, leaving themselves sixth in the eight-team table on 12 points while Mumbai assumed fourth spot with 12 points. Scores: Mumbai Indians 186 for 8 (Pollard 50, Krunal 32, Tye 4-16) beat Kings XI Punjab 183 for 5 (Rahul 94, Finch 46, Bumrah 3-15) by three runs.

Balkishun ton, Cudjoe 6-wkt haul hand Bladen Hall first innings Pradesh Balkishun struck a fine century, while pacer Shawn Cudjoe grabbed six wickets to hand Bladen Hall Secondary first innings points against Buxton Secondary when the REO Region four inter schools 40-over two-innings tournament continued yesterday at Everest. Balkishun hammered 18 fours and four sixes in a fluent 139 and shared in a crucial second wicket stand of 84 with Venkatesh Armogan who made 13 following the loss of an early wicket. Balkishun faced 80 balls then added 82 with Permaul Armogan for the third wicket before Armogan was dismissed for 14. While Balkishun continued to play his shots he received little support from the remaining batsmen as Bladen Hall Sec-

Pradesh Balkishun

Shawn Cudjoe

ondary managed 215 all out in 28 overs. K. Sutton bagged 5-27, S. Yaw 2-32 and D. Lall 2-62. Buxton Secondary were sent packing for 37 in reply. Cudjoe finished with 6-23 and

Permaul Armogan 2-0. Batting a second time, Buxton reached 46-7 at stumps. Roberto Thomas picked up four wickets. (Zaheer Mohamed)

GCB/DMLAS/NSC/NSSCL… Cummings Lodge humble Bladen Hall The 2017/2018 Guyana Cricket Board/ Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited/ National Sport Commission/National Secondary School Cricket League (GCB/ DMLAS/NSC/NSSCL) continued with competitive action in the East Coast Demerara Zone, which saw Cummings Lodge Secondary defeating Bladen Hall Secondary by 107 runs at the Enterprise ground. In a shortened match due to rain, Cummings Lodge won the toss and compiled 160- 4 off just 20 overs. Andrew Samaroo slammed 66, while Daveanand Khemraj made 53. (Continued on page 27)

Andrew Samaroo (Left) and Daveanand Khemraj


Thursday May 17, 2018

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RHTY&SC Patron’s Fund honours dozens of outstanding Mothers Some of the Mothers after they received their food hampers.

The ten cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS with support from Management and the Over-35 Group honoured dozens of Mothers as part of its 2018 Tribute to Mothers Programme. The programme was mainly sponsored by the Patron’s Fund, while friends of the RHTY&SC also supported. The Patron’s Fund is financed by an annual donation of $1M by the Club’s Patron His Excellency President David Granger. The players and Over-35 Members provided a box of

warm lunch to over 100 pensioners as they waited to uplift their monthly old age pension. The pensioners also received cold beverages, hot tea, fruits, while each mother present received a 1.5L box of milk. Four mothers selected via a raffle system carried home special Mothers Day gifts. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS on Saturday 12th May, 2018 distributed 80 food hampers to senior citizens and single parent mothers at a special Mother’s Day Programme at the Area ‘H’ Ground.

Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster in an emotional presentation stated that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS was pleased to recognise the mothers as it was following the word of God to always honour your parents. A similar programme is scheduled for fathers next month. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club has been hosting the two programmes since 1991, one year after it was founded in 1990 by three times Guyana and Commonwealth Youth Service Awardee, the St.

Francis Community Developers. Foster described mothers as God’s representatives on earth. He praised the mothers for being role models to their children and stressed the need for parents to guide children according to the teaching of the God they serve. Noting, that Satan and his evil world of crime, drugs, suicide and alcohol are destroying the fabric of today’s society, Foster in a passionate appeal urged the attentive mothers to encourage youths to Say Yes to Education, Life, Religion, Sports and Culture.

The long serving Secretary/CEO committed the RHTY&SC to working towards making Berbice a better place for all to live and urged the mothers to pray for the continued success of Guyana’s most dynamic NGO. Foster appealed to other Cricket Clubs, sporting organisations and national organisations to get involved in social work as it needs a collective effort to make Guyana better. The success of the RHTY&SC over the years, he stated is tied to its numerous outreach

programmes as the Club strongly believes that the more you give, the more you receive. Special thanks were extended to President David Granger for his support, while the RHTY&SC would like to acknowledge the contribution of Noreen Gaskin of Sentinel Security, Poonai Bhiroog, Deonarine Balram, Ryan Tillack, Rana Persaud, Bakewell, Navin Raghoo, Devindra Narine, Candy Thomas Batson, St. Francis Community Developers and Mohindra Persaud of Nand Persaud Company.

RHTY&SC invests heavily into its Junior Cricketers under Patron’s Fund “Each one of you should be very proud to be a member of the most dynamic youth and sports organisation, that has ever existed in Guyana and even prouder of the fact that your club is investing heavily in your cricket career as well as your educational background.” Those were the words of Vice President of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Mark Papannah as he addressed members of the Club. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club is currently undertaking a special project to assist its junior members with cricket gears and white cricket uniforms. Over fifty players from the male and female cricket teams have benefitted from the Dare to Dream Programme and Patron’s Fund. The Club for 2018 to date handed over fifteen cricket balls, five pairs of batting pads and six pairs of batting gloves to its junior players. Ten junior players also received white cricket uniforms as the RHTY&SC strives to follow the rules of the Berbice Cricket Board, which states that all players shall be attired in whites at the junior level.

Among the players benefitting are Shamar Scott, Jonathan De Viera, Kimmone Thomas, Joshua Wilson, Angelinao Ramdihal, Vishal Gopilall and Farook Mohamed. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster at the presentation ceremony stated that the Club has a proud tradition of success to uphold and as such it was important that its young members understand their roles as early as possible. The investment into its players is a worthy one as it would encourage them to focus more on the game and to develop a culture of loyalty to the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. Foster, who is also the President of the Berbice Cricket Board disclosed that another batch of cricketers would benefit before the end of the year, while all members attending school would receive educational materials for the new school year beginning in early September. Application to be a RHTY&SC, MS member has been placed on hold as Foster stated that the Club’s membership is already large and noted that only eleven cricketers make

Some of the new cricketers pose with their new bats. up a cricket team. The donations were made possible with the assistance from Food-

for-the-Poor and funding from the Patron’s Fund. The Patron’s Fund is financed

by an annual donation from the RHTY&SC Patron, His Excellency President David Granger.

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Thursday May 17, 2018

GASA four-day clinic commences

The Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) four-day clinic commenced yesterday at the National Aquatic Centre, Lilliendaal, East Coast Demerara. The clinic which is designed to train officials from the various clubs on how to pinpoint disqualification and swimming techniques among other aspects of the

sport, is being conducted by FINA (Fédération internationale de notationInternational Swimming Federation) instructor Ron Van Pool of the United States of America. The clinic is being attended 35 participants including members of the Guyana Defence Force and Coast Guards. Van Pool said FINA is happy that countries such as

Some of the participants pay keen attention

8th Annual Powerade 11-Race Programme set for Saturday @ NP The 8th annual Powerade 11-race cycle programme sponsored by Banks DIH Limited will be contested this Saturday at the inner circuit of the National Park. The nation’s cyclists at every level would be involved in this event which is organised by Hassan Mohamed. The main event will be the schoolboys and invitational 35-lap contest which was won by Warren ‘Forty’ Mc Kay, last year in 1:21:45.06. Nigel Duguid was the 2017 winner of the junior/juvenile 10-lap race but a new winner is likely to be crowned this year. In contention would be

FINA Instructor Ron Van Pool makes a point to the participants.

Guyana can take on the mandate to seek assistance which will benefit the sport here. He added that he is happy to be part of the programme and will use it to pass on valuable information to the officials here. GASA President Ivan Persaud stated that he is grateful to FINA for their input and is looking forward to their continued support. (Zaheer Mohamed)


Warren ‘Forty’ Mc Kay the red hot Ajay Gopilall of Berbice but he would have to get past two of his fiercest rivals in national junior champions Briton John and Adealie Hodge. Duguid had

won the past year in 23:29. Kennard Lovell will have to ride hard and smart to retain the master’s under-50 trophy he won last year as he would be challenged by the likes of Junior Niles and Paul Choo-Wee-Nam among others.Mountain bike riders would also be in the mix as they would be competing for 5-laps, last year’s winner was Shawn Boodram who was clocked at 5:35. A number of BMX races are also carded as well as the 1214 boys and girls 3-lap event which was taken by David Hinds last year. Race time on Saturday is 09:00hrs.

Trio to have workload managed on Windies tour COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, CMC – Former captain Angelo Mathews and veteran spinner Rangana Herath will be placed under strict workload management for the three-Test series

against West Indies starting in the Caribbean next month. Cricket Sri Lanka said this week that Mathews will play as a specialist batsmen instead of a fast-bowling allrounder, and could miss the

third Test depending on his form in the opening two matches, while Herath, a left-arm spinner, will only play the first two Tests. Fast bowler Suranga (Continued on page 31)

rt o p S P. 31

WIFBSC 2018 - Barbados

Team Guyana set and ready to defend titles next week – Coach Slowe Team Guyana, the defending Long and Short Range champions of Caribbean shooting with CoS Patrick West and Major General Ret. Norman McLean at the on day one of the GuyanaNRA 150th in October 2017.

Pollard finds form as Mumbai go fourth

P. 31

GASA four-day P. 33 clinic commences 8th Annual Powerade 11-Race Programme set for Saturday @ NP

P. 33

O.G Shipping / Team Alanis Cycle Meet

Nations best to compete around outer circuit of National Park P. 33

Pollard went on a rampage and hit a six over long-off to get to his half-century... ŠBCCI

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