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Wednesday May 16, 2018

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t is the belief of many that the present formation of the Cabinet, which has been in existence since the government took office three years ago, has not produced the desired results. In fact, the administration has been plagued with scandals, poor management, misuse of public funds and the continued perception of corruption. It has signed an inexplicable oil contract with ExxonMobil, and is unsettlingly indecisive and confused on the future of GuySuCo. Like musical chairs, the Cabinet goes around in a circle doing the same dance without any substantial results or improvements in the economy, crime or poverty. It appears that several ministers have become complacent in their respective portfolios, which suggests that a reshuffling of the Cabinet is long overdue to bring much needed fresh thoughts and perspectives to governance. Reshuffling of the Cabinet has not been a frequent exercise in Guyana, because for some reason the leaders have not seen it fit or proper to do so. The current President’s decision not to reshuffle his Cabinet after three years in office is, in part, motivated by his desire to consolidate power and by appointing Ministers whom he trusts. While there may be other strategic reasons for his decision, he should not totally discount the public cry for changes to the Cabinet. It is unwise for elected officials to ignore the public. To start, there are 18 senior ministers, inclusive of the Prime Minister, and eight junior ministers in the Cabinet, all of whom are members of the six coalition parties. There must be thoughts of meaningful change. For instance, one could sense the displeasure of a populace that is tired of the crime situation. Dating back to the mid-1960s, just about every Minister of Home Affairs (now Public Security) has failed against one simple measure. Each has left a higher homicide rate on their departure from office than that which had greeted them on their appointment to Cabinet. Granted, the Public Security Ministry is perhaps the most difficult, but clearly, the problem is the strategies being employed to fight crime. If any Minister fails to produce results that none before him/her could, then why he/she should not be given a different portfolio? No rational person would be against reshuffling the Cabinet to energize our systems. It is apparent that some in the Cabinet have not been gifted with the administrative acumen to perform their ministerial tasks successfully. It is clear that upon assuming office, some did not possess the necessary relevant experience for matters of governance. In considering all options available at this juncture, the President may not feel that he has a satisfactory pool to choose from. He obviously has not spent a lifetime in politics, and this appears to be fuelling his uncertainty. There are many talented people in academia, industry and the wider society who would be willing to serve and effect change. But surprisingly, those who are apolitical do not seem to attract the attention of the President. The belief among many citizens is that only trustworthy members of the ruling party or friends are likely to be considered as viable. Given that the State agencies are under the responsibility of the Ministers, the President will want to widen the talent pool from which he recruits members of the Cabinet or he runs the risk of burdening the nation with poor performance in a number of areas – something a developing nation with a lot at stake can ill-afford. A reshuffle of the Cabinet is desperately needed to reinvigorate Guyana; we cannot continue to have so many individuals sleeping at the wheel.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

No Gifting of Tug & Barge : Attempting to Undo a Gross Distortion Dear Editor, I refer to the article in the Kaieteur News of Saturday, May 12, entitled, “PPP/C ‘gifted’ $$M tug and barge to Kwakwani supporter”. – “We recovered the barge and leased it to the NDC” – Patterson. That article was adorned with pictures of the Honourable Minister and the Honourable AFC MP Audwin Rutherford. Editor, that article was a gross distortion. There was no ‘gifting’: the tug which at the time was partially sunk and virtually scrapped was sold and bought via an open, advertised invitation of bids and subsequently rehabilitated sufficiently by its new owner, a rivercrossing operator. The barge was leased as both the Honourable Minister and Honourable MP concede after alleging that it

was ‘gifted’. That bargecrossing operator (Mr. Edwards) was not known at that time nor even today to be a supporter of the PPP/C although I acknowledge that we of the PPP/C work with the hope of fairly earning the earnest approval of every Guyanese in the quiet of their hearts, and their precious votes in the privacy of the polling booth. Editor, if the article is read dispassionately it would become clear how the Honourable Minister and the Honourable MP are playing with the emotions of the reader, going one way then another, and attempting to smear the PPP/C each way. Consider the following extract with my observations inserted in square brackets[ ]: “He (Patterson) said that the ‘privatization’ happened under the National

Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL). Patterson said that he approached NICIL in an effort to get information on the barge and the privatization process ‘and I will be very frank, NICIL has no information; none whatsoever’ [there is the insinuation here that the PPP/C with the departing CEO had destroyed all the re c o rd s t o h i d e t h e i r corruption!]. The Minister said that he [none-the-less] resorted to contacting the former NICIL Director [CEO], ‘that same [ a c c u s e d ] Wi n s t o n Brassington who was overseas at the time. He [WB, who was readily contacted and under no obligation to so do] directed me to where I could have found the information on the

barge [so the information was there, available, not hidden nor destroyed]. Patterson said that it was so he learnt that the barge was leased [not gifted] on a contract that would come to an end later 2015 [full d i s c l o s u re – n o t h i n g hidden].” E d i t o r , r e a d d i s p a s s i o n a t e l y, t h e Honourable Minister is saying that when he contacted NICIL initially he could get no information, and we know what is insinuated (lots of corruption and hiding all that gifting to a claimed supporter) but when he readily contacted the much-maligned Winston Brassington, WB directed him to where he found a full disclosure. Rather than leaving damning insinuations and (Continued on page 06)

A sledgehammer blow to free speech Dear Editor, The Cybercrime Bill with its obnoxious and evil “sedition clause” will unleash a sledgehammer blow to free speech and deny citizens their God-given right to criticize the government of the day and demand accountability in public office. The sedition clause criminalizes statements or words “either spoken or written, a text, video, image, sign, visible representation, or other thing, that brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the government established by law in Guyana”. This looks very strange to me. Who decides what words or statements evoke “hatred or contempt” against the government? Who decides what words or statements “excite disaffection” against the government? By what criteria will this be decided? Wi l l t h e v e r y s a m e government being criticized define what constitutes seditious words or statements?Minister of Security Khemraj Ramjattan contended that the Bill allows for criticisms of the Government and its Ministers, but sedition will apply to words or actions that cause civil strife, disorder and violence. Tell me, Brother Ramjattan, is it sedition if legitimate criticism or

exposure of gross government crimes or misconduct provokes public anger and civil unrest? Also, when the sedition clause refers to “the government established by law in Guyana” my alarm bells go off. Every election in Guyana from the 1950s up to now, even the last one in 2015, was tainted by public allegations of fraud. But whether or not there really was fraud, the winners of elections always became “the government established by law”.My point is: Suppose there is a rigged election and this fraud creates public outrage with citizens calling, online and elsewhere, for the vagabonds to be resisted and kicked out. What is to stop that criminal regime from claiming to be “the government established by law” and using the sedition clause to get rid of citizens who legitimately condemn and resist them? I do not know if it is by design or by accident, but I can see clearly that the proposed Cybercrime Bill and controversial sedition clause can be abused by corrupt politicians to suppress criticism of any sitting government. As a longtime fighter to make Guyana a peaceful, democratic, free and open society, this is totally repugnant to me. I noticed that Honourable M i n i s t e r o f Telecommunications, Cathy

Hughes, said persons raising concerns had two years to do so before the Parliamentary Sub-Committee submitted its proposal. This delay does not matter to me; better late than never. We were very fortunate to find out about the controversial sedition clause in time to oppose it before it became law. I expected the SubCommittee that crafted the Bill to focus on protecting the public from serious dangers on the internet such as terrorist recruitment, extreme violence, pornography, pedophilia, gambling and online scams aimed at stealing people’s hard-earned dollars. I did not expect to see a sedition clause to suppress persons’ right to criticize and oppose governments that they have hired and they have a right

to fire and criticize. The current government and previous governments seem to have forgotten that they are the hired servants of the people within this democracy. Any government that wants to shut down criticism and opposition on the Inter is a government that needs to be questioned. Trying to block public discourse and journalism because of politics will only bring a backlash of international ridicule on our beloved nation from lovers of democracy worldwide. I call on the Coalition Government to scrap the entire Bill and replace it with a better plan to deal with cybercrime and promote the peaceful and democratic development of Guyana. Sincerely, Roshan Khan Snr.

Concrete follow up action needed to build on marches and rallies Editor, Marches and rallies are great activities to build awareness about abuse. However, The Caribbean Voice (TCV) and many others have continuously pointed out that one cannot build awareness nationally by focusing only centrally. So we would like to urge all those who have or will want to organize marches and

rallies to also please bear in mind that they need to move out of Georgetown and engage in such activities in every region since abuse is a national crisis. As well, awareness building is a necessary firststep in addressing abuse, but follow up is needed. Thus we urge organizers of such (Continued on page 06)

A glaring contradiction Dear Editor, Less than two years ago our government deemed it necessary to ban importation of vehicles older than eight years. They justified this decision by stating that it was part of an overall policy towards a greener economy since new vehicles had better emission efficiency than the older models. Many a small man has suffered because of this policy. This is especially true for hinterland locations where the “old model” buses and pickups, which are best suited for those conditions, were outlawed in favour of the new model highly electronic vehicles.This same government now turns around and imports aircraft which are way beyond the stringent regulations that were imposed on vehicles.

Is our government aware that aircraft cause higher pollution than vehicles? Are they also aware that a 40-year-old plane will have much less emission efficiency as against a modern day aircraft? The argument behind the purchase of these “old” planes is that they are ideally suited for our conditions. Well what an irony! For it was exactly the same reason that many wanted an exception to the eight-year rule but were bluntly denied. Or how about their other justification - it is what we can afford. Umm, isn’t that what many of us also said when we were informed about the eight-year requirement? Yet we were completely ignored. So what message really is our government sending by purchasing such old and outdated aircraft? That they

abide by different rules to the general populace? That only the populace needs to make sacrifices and spend more in the interest of a green economy while the government is allowed to continue to pollute? And it is not only with the purchase of old aircraft that our government is showing scant regard for the policy of a green economy. Is there any minister driving a low energy hybrid vehicle? Heck no! All can be seen driving gas guzzling monster SUVs. It is more about status and symbol than it is about the environment. Oh how this country screams for leadership which sets the example! But at the end of the day it is all about the common adage - “Do as l say, not as l do!” M. Abraham

There is export VAT being charged despite what Govt. says Dear Editor, Despite valiant attempts by the Commissioner General of GRA and the Minister of Finance to deny that there is no VAT on exports it is conclusive that Guyana will no longer be able to be competitive on the international rice market. How can they claim that there is ‘no VAT on export’ when input VAT on exports is not reclaimable? On April 23 it was reported that ‘the Ministry of Finance has assured that Government is not moving to implement Value Added Tax (VAT) on manufactured exports.’ It further stated that, ‘The ministry categorically denies this allegation and makes pellucid that the export of taxable items remains zero-rated’. On April 25, 2018 the GRA Commissioner General also refuted claims that VAT is charged on exports and called on local companies to prove that they are adversely affected by the amendments made to the VAT Act. It must be recalled that the first amendment effective February 1, 2017 saw many items moving from the zerorated list to the exempt list but the second amendment which became effective on January


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

24, 2018 created massive confusion on how to deal with items which now appear on both lists. This means that while exports remained on the zero-rated list some items appeared on the exempt list. The last amendment provided no guidance on the matter which appreciates its complexity. However, the Private Sector Commission’s main contention is ‘the decision by the Government to disallow exporters the right to reclaim the VAT paid on inputs used to produce goods and services to be exported from Guyana. Such refunds were allowed since 2007 when VAT was introduced’. The replies by Minister Jordan and the GRA confirmed this position. On 9th April, 2018, the Guyana Rice Exporters and Millers Association had written to The Finance Minister, Mr Jordan seeking clarification on the issue of the exportation of rice which has moved from zero-rated to exempt supplies under Sched-

ule II which makes input VAT being non-refundable. This was confirmed by the Finance Minister in his letter to GREMA dated 11th April, 2018. It stated that, ‘rice is an exempt supply and therefore not eligible for VAT refunds’. It further stated that ‘exempt goods are classified as exempt whether supplied in Guyana or Exported’. Therefore, the GREMA claims are justified since if input VAT on the manufacturing of rice exported cannot be reclaimed then the export has become vatable. There is empirical evidence to show that each miller pays millions of dollars of VAT on electricity, water, wharfage, security charges, cargo handling services, admin fees, bill of lading fee and terminal handling fees. One rice miller is reported to pay in excess of $50 million in VAT, so what will be the result of this? Of course the VAT charged will be added to (Continued on page 06)

The returnees from the diaspora Dear Editor, This is response to the missive of GHK Lall in SN of May 11; “Genuine diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable, invaluable quality back to the table of Guyana. His letter is in response to my April 29 column, “Many stayed and endured; that is sacrifice.” GHK Lall is the return of a Stabroek News columnist, Shaun Samaroo. Samaroo saw many faults in Guyana but couldn’t see that who he was, constituted part of the problem he carped on. Samaroo was eventually unmasked and Stabroek News had to part company with him. It is the identical situation with GHK Lall.Lall hates the style and language of critics in Guyana. He thinks people are irrational, scurrilous, selfserving etc. Lall is the personification of all that he finds unpalatable in Guyana. His incessant letters are verbose abuse of people and institutions he doesn’t like. His style is a sophisticated form of cuss down with gutter-like dimensions. When you reply to him, by some weird, psychic contortion, he cries out; “What kind of country is this?” His socalled purity is exposed with every letter he pens. It is only a matter of time before he is exposed like Shaun Samaroo. Here is just a sample of Mr. Purist when he writes about others; “Now I regret that I have to venture into the gutter that has become part of the local lifeblood and so dominant in the national mainstream. I feel stained and tainted and utterly disgusted. Is this what this country has become? “Is this the emblematizing of national pastimes dedicated to malice, putridity, vulgarity, the dishonourable, the

sickening, and so much more under the guise of journalism and public commentary? “Again, what kind of country is this? What kind of society is it that spawns this degree of ugliness, lunacy, and embedded leprosy?” And when that is coupled to a troubled paranoiac state that can be dangerous. I seek distance as the sane does from rabid curs.” GHK Lall personifies so much that is morbid about this country. I repeat his words; “I regret that I have to venture into the gutter.” I can produce letters of Lall since five, six, seven years ago and they will reveal he was always in the gutter. Here is a sample from the May 11 letter; “…There are those few members of the diaspora who toil ceaselessly and quietly to make a difference through getting things done. This is enraging to the narrow-minded primitives…” In that same missive, he refers to parliament as a cesspool. Note the language. Having described the mindset of the GHK Lalls on this world, here now is my rebuttal to his eulogy of the diaspora returnees. His adumbration is obvious. Since he is a diaspora member who returned after more that forty years abroad, it serves his purpose to write unlimited panegyrics of his ilk. In a Freudian way, it hides his deceptions. Lall’s letter is a poor argument in defence of the diaspora members who came home when Jagdeo was in power and now the PNC. His argument is asinine and arid because there are no methodological fulcrums on which they should rest. There are several categories diaspora returnees. I will discuss only two –

remigrants who came home to invest and middle age employees who no longer are recipients of the good life when they were younger in their adopted country. The business remigrant comes in different age groups. They start as young as fortyfive. They want no gifts from Government and the private sector. They want an enabling environment to secure their investment. These are admirable diaspora folks. I meet them all the time. They have opened up business all over Guyana. They go about, quietly, doing their thing. The second type of diaspora returnees are the opportunistic category. They have nothing to offer Guyana but they want Guyana to offer them things and they do get them. Just one example should suffice because it is typical of this genre. Dr. Ivelaw Griffith in his sixties, on returning to Guyana to take up the appointment of UG Vice-Chancellor was interviewed by this newspaper. In that discussion he waxed lyrical about his thirty-six years experience living abroad. On reading this interview, you asked yourself; what was he doing thirty-six years outside of Guyana? I will end by asking readers to do some checking on the age of the remigrants in this second category of diaspora folks. Two factors are graphic. They were all employees of state and private businesses in Canada, the UK, USA, etc. Secondly, their venture back into Guyana is done at an age where they are about to retire or have retired. In almost ninety percent of these cases, the age group is from 58 to 75. Sincerely, Frederick Kissoon


Kaieteur News

How can Nandlall be given a free pass? Dear Editor, I have observed the haste in which your newspaper has presumably taken on the role of a political cosmetologist, as some of your reporters appear to be on a desperate mission to apply a large quantity of facial make-up on numerous PPP officials who were not so long ago major players in a corrupt, and despotic government. Sadly, these very politically arrogant former ministers and officials have not only displayed frequent and shameless disregard for press freedom, the will to express one’s self without fear of being victimized, removal of government advertisements both onetime independent and popular dailies, but is yet to answer a single question about the assassinations

of Minister Sash Sawh, Ronald Waddell, and Courtney Crum-Ewing. Unlike the young Ramson who has suddenly become an overnight expert on oil issues, and has been given several extensions of his already expired fifteen minutes of oil fame in the form of his daily ranting, I will ignore him for now since his bites are nowhere close to being venomous as the real rattlesnakes on Robb and Church Streets. Editor, now back to the political cosmetologist theory. Anil Nandlall, is apparently being given a free makeover, inclusive of hair, nails and hairdo by the reporter who has basically allowed him to package himself without being properly grilled on important issues during his controversial tenure as Attorney General. In her far from objective article: “Cyber Crime Bill cre-

ates criminal offence for emails that cause harm” (May 14, 2018) reporter Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell, has in my humble opinion exposed her cards. Unfortunately, during her chit chat with Anil, at no time did she remind him of the fact that the PPP not so long ago charged three persons with SEDITION. Yet, he is given a free pass to rant about and has again exposed his hypocrisy. Sincerely, Mark A. Benschop Former Sedition Accused under the PPP regime

Editor’s note:: Nandlall was asked about the sedition charges. To the question he said that Guyana should not look back. He admitted to the charges being laid by how government but contended that the time is now for those charges to be repealed.

There is export VAT being charged... From page 05 the production costs making the exported rice more expensive. Nowhere in that letter did Minister Jordan advise that GREMA supply GRA with empirical date to support their claims of significant losses on costs due to changes from zerorated to exempt for remedial actions to be taken as reported in the media. This Government is sending the wrong signal to investors. They are being told: ‘WE DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS TAKE IT ELSEWHERE. WEARE HAPPY COLLECTING TAXES FROM IMPORTS’. Already many local investors are contemplating taking their

manufacturing to other countries where there is no VAT on electricity on water and electricity and where the electricity and labor costs are significantly lower. This is in addition to long periods of tax holidays. Our finished products have lost their competitiveness whether locally or internationally. In March 2017, Minister Jordan admitted that the economy is declining and called for increased local manufacturing to help boost the economy but it is now clear that VAT on manufactured goods is an erroneous move which cannot be justified. Mike Persaud, Snr.

Concrete follow up action needed... From page 04 activities to build on awareness by instituting activities that would arm citizens with information and strategies to concretely deal with abuse, and offer a ladder of action that needs to be taken. Throughout Guyana there are NGOs, FBOs and CBOs that engage in this level of activism and organizers of marches and rallies can reach

out and collaborate with such entities to advance move from awareness building to redressive action. After all, everyone, from President Granger downwards has been beseeching collaboration to tackle abuse and other social issues. Sincerely The Caribbean Voice

Wednesday May 16, 2018

No Gifting of Tug & Barge: Attempting to Undo a Gross ... From page 04 innuendos hanging, the Honourable Minister and MP should be heaping praise on Mr. Brassington and the PPP/ C for a job transparently, honestly and well done and documented! And, also, they should be complimenting Mr. Edwards who took the risk, ventured forth and established a service to satisfy the needs of the community. Editor, in the circumstances that prevailed the praise should be extended even more widely. The Honourable Minister and the Honourable MP are old enough to know the state to which the bauxite companies and communities would have deteriorated by 1992, after years of huge difficulties and losses, and the reasoning and insistence of the supporting multilateral financial agencies that special subsidies from our national treasury should be brought to an end. Services provided countrywide by the Government should be handed to and handled directly by the Government. The remaining core and noncore elements could be unbundled and private equity owners found for them or they should be shutdown. The Honourable Minister and MP should have heard also about the great challenge identified in LEAP (Linden Economic Advancement Programme) of transforming the dependency mindset of people in company towns into enterprising minds looking to provide goods and services to the community and paying economic prices for services that were earlier provided at no charge or greatly subsidized by the

company. It was in such circumstances that the rivercrossing service (and others) provided earlier by the bauxite company and which had ground to a virtual halt, was to be reoffered. You can imagine therefore how heartened I was when two persons, from the area and Afro-Guyanese (Mr. Edwards and Mr. Vandenburg), began barge crossing services, both of them at Kwakwani and Mr. Vandenburg additionally at Aroiama. They were worthy of commendation for their initial wooden barges each coupled with a small boat with outboard engine. In much the same vein allow me to mention the encouragement and facilitation we provided to Mr. Mendonca, another long time Afro Guyanese of Kwakwani (not a known supporter of the PPP/C though I tried so greatly to win him over) to set up the gas station in Kwakwani and our search to encourage some other in Aroiama or Hururu to offer a gas station at that location, also. It is true, much to my consternation, that the leased big steel barge was taken away from Mr. Edwards, unceremoniously, without notice and without cause. The Honourable Minister seems to be boasting about and finding glory in how “he had to pull out all stops to get the barge back”. And this from a member of a Government which is carried on the backs of many Afro Guyanese who are easily agitated about the evident low number of black-owned businesses and made to blame the PPP and the PPP/C.

This is not the occasion for me to develop and argue the point that much of the problem lies, as is evident in this instance, in the historical ambiguities in Afro Guyanese society to private enterprise and the exploitation rather than the reconciliation of the evident contradictions, by many of that group who should and do know better. I note the allegations I heard of nepotism in the contracted-out arrangements of the NDC for the operation of this big-barge crossing. Editor, the Honourable Minister and the Honourable MP should know from our nation’s sad experience of the 1970s and 1980s that as we “tek away” we remove the drive for our people to work lawfully, save purposely, invest in the formal economy and grow themselves and our country. Editor, in closing please allow me to set the record straight with respect to ‘other barges’ and tugs. At the time of the merger of Bermine into AMC/ABC, most of the Bermine-owned barging fleet which had suffered the prevailing level of deterioration, and many of which were tied-up or sunk at various points along the river were offered by way of openly advertised tender on an asis, where-is basis. No offers were made for a number of sunken barges and in time they were made available on a self-help, recovery basis. Some may still be available for whomsoever so wishes. Yours truly, Samuel A. A. Hinds Former Minister Responsible for Mining including Bauxite, Former Prime Minister and Former President


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

After 13 years…

Auditor General only produces four value-for-money audits Guyana’s financial laws dictate that the Auditor General must conduct performance or value-for-money audits annually on various agencies. But after more than 13 years since the passing of such laws, only four performance audits were conducted, one of which was a follow-up audit. This was recently pointed out by former Auditor General and Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran. In his recent writings, Goolsarran recalled that it is Section 24 of the Audit Act of 2004 which actually vests with the Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, the responsibility to conduct performance or value-for-money audits. In conducting such audits, Goolsarran articulated that the Auditor General is required to examine on an annual basis, the extent to which a public entity is applying its resources and carrying out its activities economically, efficiently and with due regard to ensuring effective internal management control. Sharma has noted however, that the lack of internal auditing units at the various budget agencies is what may have contributed to the required performance audits not being carried out. INTERNALAUDIT UNITS Goolsarran explained that an internal audit is an integral part of the internal control system of an organization that analyses the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s internal control systems; evaluates governance arrangements in place; and assesses opportunities and threats to the organization and risk management.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan

Auditor General, Deodat Sharma

Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran

By providing regular feedback in these areas, Goolsarran said that an internal audit renders a valuable service to the organization in facilitating management review and action towards achievement of organizational goals. The Chartered Accountant pointed out that internal auditing in Government is not only a matter of good governance practice. It is a requirement of the law. In fact, Section 11 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (FMAA) requires heads of budget agencies to maintain an effective internal audit capability within their agencies. Goolsarran said that in the report on the public accounts for the fiscal year December 31, 2003, Sharma commented that “the absence of internal audit departments in large ministries continued to militate against an effective system of internal control and have contributed significantly over the years to the deterioration in financial management at both the ministerial and central levels”.

Goolsarran said that this comment was repeated verbatim in the Auditor General’s 2004 and 2005 reports, but subsequent reports shied away from any commentary on the functioning of internal audit systems in Government, or rather their absence. The Chartered Accountant said, “A review of successive reports of the Auditor General reveals that many of the comments are in the nature of internal audit findings. This reinforces the need to have in place an organized system of internal audit throughout the operations of Government…” Goolsarran said it is not clear what progress has been made so far to have such a decentralized internal audit system in place. Regrettably also, the Auditor General’s report has provided no guidance or commentary on such a fundamental governance and accountability matter. JORDAN AGREES Though the financial laws of Guyana impose on every budget agency to have strong auditing systems, Finance Minister Winston Jor-

dan has agreed on several occasions that few budget agencies, if any at all, can boast a proper system of internal auditing that meets the test of competence. Jordan expressed that unfortunately, when the National

Audit Office was racked by a crisis of confidence brought about by conflicts of interest, failure to attract a sufficient number of professionally qualified accountants and auditors and weak leadership, the necessary internal audit capacity needed to compensate for those deficiencies and defects in many budget agencies, was regrettably missing. The Finance Minister stressed that internal auditing has become a factor of the new accountability and control era. He said that the manner in which public sector entities maintain internal control and how they are held accountable has evolved to require more transparency and more accountability from these organizations that spend taxpayer funds. Jordan emphasized that

the role of internal auditing has evolved from an administrative procedure with a focus on compliance, to an important element of good governance. With this in mind, the Finance Minister said that a project will be launched to review the needs and capacity of each budget agency or cluster of budget agencies, so as to implement a proper system of internal auditing. EXTERNALAUDITING As for external auditing, Minister Jordan said that the Auditor General’s Office must gear itself to play a bigger role in the new accountability and transparency culture which the coalition Government is seeking to instill. Jordan said that it must remain true to its mission to “promote good governance (Continued on page 29)


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Woman remanded for attempted murder of cop By Feona Morrison A 25-year-old woman was remanded and soon after transported to the New Amsterdam prison after she was accused of pointing a loaded gun to a police rank’s head and pulling the trigger, in an attempt to kill him. Maryann Daby of 127 D’Aguiar Park, Houston, Georgetown was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on May 13, at Albert Street and Thomas Lands, Georgetown, with intent to commit murder, she attempted to discharge a loaded firearm at Police Constable Christopher

Kissoon. Daby, who the court was told is the Director for a company that retails construction materials, was also slapped with charges for unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition. It is alleged that on May 13, at the same location, she had a .32 pistol in her possession, when she was not the holder of a firearm licence enforced at the time. It was further alleged that on the same day, she had six live rounds of .32 ammunition in her possession, when she was not the holder of a firearm licence enforced at the time. To the latter two charges,

Remanded: Maryann Daby Daby entered a plea of not guilty.

The charges were filed under Section 103 (g) of the Criminal Law (Offences) Act Chapter 8:01 and Section 16 (2) (a) of the Firearm Act Chapter 16:05 as amended by the Firearm Amendment Act 7 of 2007, respectively. According to facts presented by Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore, on the day in question Daby and her friends along with Constable Kissoon were at the Georgetown Motor Racing and Sports Club. The

-Defence counsel argues charges “grounded in malice”

prosecutor said that Constable Kissoon, who was off-duty, suddenly heard what appeared to be gunshots going off. While making checks, the prosecutor said, Constable Kissoon saw Daby firing rounds into the air, and went to confront her. The court was told that when the police rank approached Daby, she became annoyed and pointed her unlicenced firearm to his head and then pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the prosecutor added that by then, there were no more rounds in the gun. During an application for bail on behalf of Daby, Attorney-at-Law Mark Waldron expressed shock at the charges brought against his client. The lawyer disclosed that some time after the alleged incident, police ranks went to his client’s home, arrested her and took her to the Brickdam Police Station. The lawyer disclosed that investigators advised him that Daby would have only

been charged for discharging a loaded firearm with intent. Surprisingly to him, Waldron added that his client was charged with intent to commit murder plus two additional offences. Advancing arguments to support that Daby is an eligible candidate for bail, Waldron argued that there is no evidence whatsoever to support that his client discharged a loaded gun. This, he said, was proven when crime scene ranks performed gunpowder residue testing on her. Further, Waldron added that considering the location where the incident occurred, police were still unable to get eyewitnesses, nor did they retrieved any spent shells from the scene to support the charges instituted against Daby. As such, the lawyer contended that the only evidence police are relying on is the statement of Constable Kissoon. Nevertheless, Waldron disclosed that close to a (Continued on page 31)

A country has to be governed by laws, not by policy, because policy can be subject to arbitrariness and caprice. No country should subject its citizens to the whims of public officials, because to do so, exposes them to being abused. Policy cannot supersede law. The law is always paramount to policy, and policy has to be consistent and subservient to the law. If the law allows certain actions, then policy cannot make prescriptions that override those laws. One of the unfortunate things with the politicians in this country is that they seek to make policy which imposes conditions on citizens which are not backed by laws. This is the first stage towards arbitrary rule. The second step is when those who administer the law begin to believe that they make the law and therefore whatever they say or do has the force of law. The common law has its roots. One of its main roots is the defence of private property. Indeed, there are some who hold to the view that the very reason why the common law emerged was in order to protect private

p r o p e r t y . This defence of private property goes to the heart of our legal system. Without our legal system, private property would be subject to the caprice of rulers and to the mercy of those with greater strength and force. Indeed, if there was no common law, the State would have free rein in encroaching on the private property of others. A person could be dispossessed of his or her property at the fancy of another and not have any recourse. The defence of private property, therefore, remains a key aspect of the common law, and by extension, of a country’s legal system. But by also granting constitutional protection against the arbitrary deprivation of property, the laws of most democracies have now placed the protection of property under the law, and in the case of Guyana, it is under our supreme law that individuals are expressly protected from being arbitrarily deprived of their property. It is important, therefore, that the State, and particularly our high-strung public

officials, be restrained from believing that they can dictate to a citizen how he or she should use their property. It is the right of every citizen to determine what he or she wants to do with his or her property; be it a house, a piece of land or a vehicle. Obviously this right, protected by the common law, is not absolute. It cannot be used for unlawful purposes or to deprive someone of his or her legally safeguarded rights. But if I own a piece of property, the State has no role in telling me what I can lawfully not do with it. They cannot, for example, tell me what to do or to whom I should sell that property. It is my property, and once it is not used to commit a crime, then no one has any right to tell me what I can do or not do with it. This is not just a polemical issue; it is not just a legal issue. It goes to the very heart of the relationship between a citizen and the State. The State cannot and should not be allowed to encroach on the private spheres of citizens, because to do so would amount to tyranny. Public officials therefore cannot, either through policy

CARICOM trade ministers meet today on CSME, UK’s exit of EU Future trade relations with the United Kingdom after that country leaves the European Union (EU) will be among matters discussed when Caribbean Community (CARICOM) trade and economic development ministers meet today. The Guyana-based CARICOM Secretariat said that the two-day 46th meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) will discuss the implementation of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) that allows for the free movement of

goods, skills, labour and skills across the 15member grouping as well as external economic relations. The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU in March next year after it triggered on March 29, 2017, Article 50, which began the formal process for it to leave. Caribbean countries have in the past expressed concerns at the level of the trade and other relationship with Europe and the United Kingdom as a result of London’s decision to leave the body. (CMC)

DEM BOYS SEH Brazzy complaining how Jagdeo mek him do it When dem boys was young dem use to hear people always crying how dem only do something because somebody tell dem to do it. Ask any child why he do something and he gun either tell you that he don’t know or that somebody tell him to do it. Imagine Brazzy pulling that trick pun people after he get charge. He spend de last couple days crying to Jagdeo newspaper how is Jagdeo tell him to do everything that he do. And de man seh it wid pride like if he win de lotto. “I get permission from de Cabinet”. Dem boys seh he gun get permission from the magistrate just now. In de same way how he do wha


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Jagdeo tell him to do dem boys want him to do wha de magistrate tell him. “Go to jail.” Ashni, de shaat scamp, got more sense. He talk de day he come out de court and after that he ain’t saying nutten no more. When dem boys ask him if Brazzy talking fuh him he just blinking. He like Exxon who claim that it costing dem US$10 million a year to run de Georgetown office. Dem boys want to know how much people deh in de office. De Waterfalls paper got more people that de ExxonMobil office in Georgetown but de cost to run de whole paper, pay salary, pay light bill and water rates, pay phone bill and all dem things can’t come to US$10 million.

But Exxon can do that because nobody ain’t checking pun dem. Nobody can’t complain when dem pay demself enough money to buy four Marriott every year. And Statia deh talking how he collecting tax from everybody. Dem boys know that Guyana and de US pass a law that if you paying tax in one country you don’t have to pay in de odda one. Poor Guyana know it getting rob because de tax people can’t count de salary wha Exxon seh it paying its own staff. Suh it settle fuh a small piece. But dem boys can’t talk too hard because Exxon does get really vex when dem boys talk. Talk half and just watch how robbery can’t done.

or otherwise, dictate to any citizen how his or her property should be used. Once the State begins to encroach on the private property of others, when it assumes that it has such a right to tell a citizen what he or she should do with what he or she owns, then we are on the road to anarchy. The very legal architecture of the country is going to be

threatened and the rights of citizens would become like common currency to be traded freely. This is a fate that must be avoided in Guyana, especially in the midst of those who feel that public office grants them a licence to prosecute personal agendas and settle personal scores. If this threat is not contained then every citizen,

big or small, rich and poor, powerful and weak, is in grave danger. The right to public property must be preserved in all its manifestations.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018


APNU+AFC at 3: La Dolce Vita intensified The ethnically driven party loyalist in Guyana has a troubled psychology. He/ she lives with a lacerated conscience, and that does make for a rational existence. He/she ignores reality every day. He/she chooses to ignore the bad things their party in power does, knowing these things are wrong, but party loyalty and ethnic instincts force them to

become like robots. And they are not happy without it. They are psychologically trapped humans. I have met literally countless East Indians who were/are like that. During my gallivanting in the countryside when the PPP was in power, I heard so many maudlin cries about the lack of essential services, but those very lamenters voted in five consecutive national

elections for the PPP. African-Guyanese are now borrowing the trapped psychology of their Indian counterparts. No recklessness, no depravity, no immorality, no abomination, no abuse of the coalition regime will be denounced by a majority of African-Guyanese, because they feel that they are “their people” in power” and they

don’t want to and must not criticize “their people in power.” So after a tarnished, jejune, effete, incompetent three-year-old balance sheet of the coalition administration, African Guyanese are going to crucify the non-PPP critics of their government. It is there since the APNU+AFC won in 2015. The most egregious one to date is a well known African rights activist who penned a letter in all the newspapers directed at me and Dr. David Hinds. In that publication, he described a history of PPP rigging elections then used the words “stock propaganda” to refer to accusations of PNC rigging elections. Then he told me and David to show him proof of the PNC ever rigging elections. That kind of mind-set is now running around Guyana supporting a ruling coalition that was given the most colossal goodwill any successful election victor could receive from a nation. In less than a month after their May 2015 victory, they were dissolving that goodwill with a semi-secret whopping ministerial salary increase. The runaway train hasn’t stopped since that month of June in 2015. We are three years now into APNU+AFC governance and in May 2018, there is a raging debate about an anti-crime Bill that can virtually send you to prison

for saying the following words; “this government has to go,” never mind all the leaders in APNU and the AFC have used those very words literally countless times since the AFC was born in 2005 and APNU in 2010. It would take several columns to assess the failure of the three years of APNU+AFC rule. For now, I want to apply the comparative method in assessing the enjoyment of la dolce vita by the elite with the first three years of the Jagdeo presidency – August 1999 – August 2002. A caveat is in order – what is to follow are my beliefs and opinions; they are not backed by research. To be on the safe side, I will collapse some questions into my opinions. First, did the State spend as much money on travel abroad on Prime Minister Sam Hinds as we have seen for the past three years on PM Nagamootoo? Most definitely, the PPP’s school of ministers from 1992 until it lost power in May 2015 was not as large as what we have today. Did President Jagdeo in his first three years travel to more foreign places than Mr. Granger in the corresponding three years of Mr. Granger’s tenure? In talking to the media about the imbroglio where GuySuCo had two boards at the same time, Finance Minister Jordan said he was not familiar with the board

Frederick Kissoon nuances (my word) at the time because of his frequent travels abroad. Those words came into my mind as I thought of writing this column on la dolce vita of the APNU+AFC elites. So the question – between August 1999 and August 2002, did the State spend more or less on ministerial travels than between May 2015 and May 2018? I am going to give my opinion. There are more ministerial expenses in the first three years of APNU+AFC’s rule. I will end with the institution I know better than all the other institutions in the world – the University of Guyana. Under the PPP’s 23 years, less money was spent on travel and entertainment than what we are seeing now. The top of the hierarchy of UG is earning more than what obtained under the entire 23 years of PPP rule. Of course nothing is wrong with that, but the Government of Guyana instituted a tax hike on animal-drawn vehicles. The circus was three years old last week.


Wednesday May 16, 2018

Kaieteur News

Activists picket Public Security Ministry on Cyber Crime Bill Two persons picketed the Ministry of Public Security yesterday to send a clear message to Minister Khemraj Ramjattan of their displeasure with a particular aspect of the proposed Cyber Crime Bill. Jonathan Yearwood and Don Singh, two of the leading activists in the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) expressed grave concerns with Clause 18.1 of the aforementioned Bill that Government is planning to

introduce, since they claim that one of the main platforms used to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of Government’s performance is social media and other internet-based media will be affected – a situation that would cause them to be among many persons that will be muted by Government, if the legislation is passed. Yearwood says he has no problems with the fact that there is need for

strengthening of the Cyber Crime laws, but he cautioned that Clause 18.1 “deliberately seeks to crush opponents of Government, and persons who are exposing their wrongdoing”. When asked about the purpose of the picketing exercise, Don Singh said, “I refuse to sit down and allow any dictatorship to creep up on me”. Singh referred to a quote by Martin Niemöller, a Lutheran Minister and early

Nazi supporter who was later imprisoned for opposing Hitler’s regime. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” Singh expressed the fact that he has decided to take a proactive stance against such draconian legislation. He

is of the opinion that the laws are oppressive and controlling, and that it is his right, if he wishes not to be loyal to any Government. He emphasised his loyalty to Guyana, and insists he has the right to express how he feels about any Government as he wishes.

Jonathan Yearwood (left) and Don Singh picketing outside the Ministry of Public Security yesterday.

Wednesday May 16, 2018


Kaieteur News

Farmer charged for murder of Haslington man Deonarine Sasenarine called “Chow” was yesterday charged for the murder of Seon Waldron aka “Catty”. Sasenarine, a 49-year-old farmer of Wash Clothes, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD), had the

charges read to him by Magistrate Wanda Fortune at the Mahaicony Magistrate’s Court. He was not required to plead to the indictable charge, which states that he murdered 39-year-old Seon Waldron of

Man gets 7 years for rubbing 9-yr-old’s vagina A 55-year old man was yesterday sentenced to a term of seven years imprisonment after he was convicted by a jury for engaging in sexual activity with a nine-year-old girl. Two weeks ago, Maurice Fernandes was convicted by a jury with a majority verdict of 10 guilty to two not guilty. Between October 1 and 31, 2016, he engaged in sexual activity with the minor, whose genitals he rubbed. In arriving at a sentence for Fernandes, Justice Jo Ann Barlow started at a base of eight years. The judge deducted a year for mitigating factors in favour of Fernandes. In a victim impact statement, the young girl expressed that at first she was afraid to report the abuse to her mother because she did not want Fernandes to “get

JAILED: Maurice Fernandes in trouble” or be sent to prison. The victim revealed that she is now happy that the matter has been resolved. Abigail Gibbs led the case for the State, in association with Narissa Leander. The trial was heard in-camera in the Sexual Offences Courtroom at the High Court in Georgetown.

South Haslington, ECD, on May 5, 2018. Sasenarine was remanded to prison until June 6, when he will make his next court appearance. The charges brought

against Sasenarine stem from the discovery of Waldron’s body in the Mahaicony creek, some five days after he was taken to work on a ranch in the Mahaicony area. A post mortem

examination revealed that blunt force trauma, strangulation and drowning were the causes of Waldron’s death. Initial investigations led to the arrest of two

individuals, after Waldron was found floating in the Mahaicony creek on May 8. He had only days before been employed by a Cattle farmer of Enmore Pasture, ECD.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Cop fined $270,000 for series of traffic offences Police Constable Rawle Welcome, a rank attached to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), was yesterday fined a total of $270,000 after pleading guilty to a series of traffic offences. The law enforcement officer appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Welcome, 25, of 268 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, pleaded guilty to six traffic offences that stemmed from an accident which occurred on Mother’s Day at Vlissengen Road, Georgetown. According to facts

presented by Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore, on Sunday, May 13, Welcome was riding motorcycle CH 1862, with a pillion rider, proceeding south on the eastern carriageway of Vlissengen Road. It was revealed that the police rank lost control of the motorcycle and collided with the right side rear view mirror of motor jeep PWW 485, which was proceeding in the said direction. As a result of the collision, both persons fell off the motorcycle and onto the roadway, receiving injuries. Damage was caused to the motor jeep.

The accident was reported to the Kitty Police Station and investigations were conducted which revealed that Welcome had breached a series of traffic laws. It was determined that Welcome was riding the motorcycle when he did not have a driver’s licence; riding the motorcycle without safety helmets; riding an uninsured motorcycle; riding an unlicenced motorcycle and riding an uncertified motorcycle. Investigations also disclosed that Welcome was riding in a manner dangerous to the public. An unrepresented Welcome was charged for all

six of the above mentioned offences to which he pleaded guilty, and was in turn, ordered to pay fines. As it relates to the dangerous driving charge, Welcome was fined $70,000. On the charge of riding an unlicenced motorcycle, he was fined $40,000. He was further fined $40,000 for riding an uninsured motorcycle and another $40,000 for riding an uncertified motorcycle. On the charge of driving a motorcycle without being the holder of a driver’s licence he was further fined $40,000. And for riding without safety helmets, he was fined 40,000. Each fine attracts a default

Rawle Welcome is escorted by a police officer after appearing in court. term of imprisonment of 14 days, except for the dangerous driving charge which attracts a default term of imprisonment of six months. This means that failure to pay the fines will see the cop spending some time behind bars. During the court hearing, Magistrate Latchman told Welcome that as a law enforcement officer he “ought to know better.” She further issued a stern warning to the police officer by telling him, “Let me warn you that you must never do this again.” In arriving at an appropriate sentence for Welcome, Magistrate Latchman noted that she tempered justice with mercy. According to Latchman, she took into consideration the

prevalence of the dangerous driving offence and the need to prohibit others from breaking the law. The Magistrate said she also took into consideration the fact that the pillion rider sustained injuries, and also, Welcome’s early guilty plea. Welcome acknowledged the Magistrate’s warning. At the end of the court proceeding, Welcome was handcuffed and escorted to the prisoner’s holding area. Welcome had appeared in court during the morning session when he pleaded guilty to the charges. However, Magistrate Latchman ordered that he be kept in police custody until sentencing, which was deferred to the afternoon session. (Feona Morrison)

Wednesday May 16, 2018

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Education sector benefiting from US$6M improvement project A phased revision of schools curricula will be among the key tactics employed to realize improved performances of students within the public education system. This deliberate move will be implemented through the Guyana Education Sector Improvement Project [GESIP] which is being executed by the Ministry of Education. The project, which is

receiving funding from the World Bank to the tune of US$6 million, is designed to target students at the nursery, primary and lower secondary levels. Through the project, which commenced in 2017 with an expiration date of 2023, it is expected that students’ learning will be improved in each subject area and by extension at each grade level.

Commenting on the project, Senior Public Relations Officer, Brushell Blackman, said that although the project has a specified culmination date, “this is not to say that the components of the project will drag on until then.” He explained that the project is being done in components including: teacher training; development of a curriculum framework and

teaching guides; strengthening of national assessment capacity and the crafting of suitable teaching and learning materials. Based on the project specifications, these will be achieved by the implementation of measures to improve how content is taught, with an emphasis on interactive, student-centered pedagogies, social inclusion and gender-informed approaches. Details of the project states that efforts will be made to build capacity for continuous improvement in the education system even as the touted reforms would be phased in by subject and level. “Guided by an overall curriculum framework, each subject course outline would be revised, including revised teaching methods, assessments and materials, and implemented in a set of pilot schools,” according to information from the Ministry. As such, schools chosen to pilot the project will represent different regions of Guyana including: schools in the Hinterland regions and riverine areas; different levels of student preparation and academic performance; different sizes and mixes of grade levels; and schools with students with disabilities. “The pilot schools would be randomly assigned from a

sampling frame in selected regions to enable an impact evaluation. The experience of the pilot schools and feedback gathered from beneficiaries would inform further revisions before the new subject curriculum is scaled up nationwide,” outlined information provided by Blackman. The first subject curriculum to be revised, piloted, and scaled up nationwide would be primarylevel mathematics, in view of Guyana’s particular weakness in mathematics and the critical importance of improving early grade outcomes for students’ future success. Drawing on this experience, the Project would then repeat the process for secondary-level mathematics and primarylevel English, followed in later years by secondary English and other subjects, as well as the nursery curriculum. Since assuming office in 2015, the APNU+AFC government has called for measures to improve the performances of students, particularly in the areas of mathematics at the National Grade Six Assessment level. In this regard, a number of measures have been implemented to improve the quality of teachers, the curriculum, and by extension, the performance of students. As part of the intervention to improve performances in

Mathematics, Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson, had shared the importance of training of teachers in content and methodology; establishment of cluster meetings in regions where it was feasible; purchasing of textbooks and materials to pupils to have hands-on experience and amplifying the notion of public awareness through music, drama, the use of the internet, radio and newspapers to encourage parents to be involved. In this regard, moves were made to introduce Maths Clinics for NGSA pupils, a move spearheaded by the National Centre for Educational Resource Development [NCERD]. According to Director of NCERD, Ms. Jennifer Cumberbatch, “what we have done is look at the areas of lack...where the children are not doing very well or they are not understanding, and we are employing methodologies...some teachers are familiar with these but some of them are not familiar, so we are reminding them and telling them; we are giving them a lot of hands-on work”. It is expected that along with GESIP, the work that was set in motion since 2015 will help the public education sector to continue to realise massive improvements.

Sexual offence charge…

Former Bishops’ teacher for High Court trial The Paper Committal was a speedy one. It ended yesterday with former Bishops’ High School teacher Coen Jackson being committed to stand trial at the High Court in Georgetown for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with an underage girl, one of his former students. It is alleged that between December 2010 and May 2011, at D’Urban Street, Lodge, Jackson, now 39, engaged in sexual activity with a child under 16 years by abusing his position of trust. He has not been required to plead to the indictable charge and is presently out on $300,000 bail.A Paper Committal into the offence concluded yesterday when Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman announced that there was sufficient evidence against Jackson for him to stand trial before a judge and jury for the offence which he is charged. Attorney-at-Law Siand Dhurjon, who Jackson retained, declined to make closing arguments, as such, reserving his client’s defence for the High Court. As a result, Magistrate Latchman

informed Jackson that he will go on trial at the next practicable sitting of the Demerara Assizes. According to information, an investigation was launched after a former student of Jackson’s filed a report alleging that she had sexual contact with the teacher while she was still a student. The matter was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP) for advice and a charge was instituted against Jackson. The accusation against Jackson was first brought to the fore by Cultural Policy Advisor within the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Ruel Johnson. Jackson retained legal representation and denied the allegations of sexual abuse of students under his instruction. He had accused Johnson of taking such action, because he had been in communication with Johnson’s wife. Johnson, in a letter of complaint to Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson, suggested that Jackson had been sexually abusing female students for many years.

Former Bishops’ High School teacher Coen Jackson Johnson alleged that the stories of abuse started in the late 1990s, beginning at another City secondary school, and followed Jackson’s career through attachments at several other schools. The Cultural Advisor’s letter of complaint was also sent to the Ministries of Social Protection, Legal Affairs, Public Health, Public Security and Social Cohesion. The complaint had forced the Education Ministry into investigation mode. Jackson was sent on administrative leave to facilitate the investigation. At the end of the process, the findings were sufficient to warrant a police investigation.

Wednesday May 16, 2018

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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Kaieteur News

World Bank to help Guyana...


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(From page 20) implementation. Khan noted that her organisation with years of experience in this area will provide the necessary training andsupport to aid in this regard. This, she said, will assist the Ministry greatly as it implements and plans for projects. Also up for discussion was the use of technology in the delivery of education. The Director said she is aware that Guyana’s unique terrain poses some challenges in terms of connectivity and has committed to approaching companies operating out of the highly regarded Silicon Valley to assist Guyana in this area.

Moves apace to revolutionise... (From page 23) “facilitate the adoption of best practices and to avoid reinventing the wheel on regulatory standards and operational procedures that have been tried, tested and proven”. As such, she disclosed yesterday that the standards in place are as a result of a facilitative, consultative process with key stakeholders and duty bearers, and have been amalgamated with recognised best practices. Introducing the standards was imperative since, according to the Social Protection Deputy Director, “over the years we have recognised that elderly care facilities have been operating unregulated in the absence of guidelines...” In fact, she noted that in many instances, the elderly were housed in derelict buildings, abused by their caregivers, were fed meals that did not catered to their nutritional needs, and were deprived access to medical services. According to BenjaminSamuels, one of the many mandates of the Social Protection Ministry is to provide social welfare services to the people of Guyana, and the welfare of the elderly is no exception.

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TAXI SERVICE GR TAXI SERVICE. CALL: 219-5000; 227-1982 & 2257878 (24HRS) WANTED One Live-in domestic or a couple to work in Mahaicony river. #655-9419 One ½ day domestic #2256571

Retail Supervisors with 2 years tertiary education, experience is an asset. Apply to Survival, 173 Sheriff St, Campbellville. Porters, Drivers & Office clerks @ Survival Lot 10 Bond. Tel# 227-7580/626-7726 Cashiers & Salesgirls apply to Nirva Supermarket; Persons who previously applied are asked to re-apply #227-5771

VACANCY International Job Opprtunities for qualified teachers and nurses. Contact: 670-9207, 227-4881

She revealed that the elderly population of Guyana has grown over the years and will continue to grow. As such, BenjaminSamuels said, “the Ministry of Social Protection is committed to improving the quality of life of its seniors, particularly those in residential care.” The minimum standards, she said, are aimed at ensuring that “persons are respected, treated fairly and with dignity and live a productive life; are in contact with those who are dear to them; are involved in making of decisions that affect their lives and receive quality care in a comfortable and secure environment”. In 2017, the Committee tasked with visiting homes examined the operations of nine out of the 20 existing homes, and for this year three homes have been visited to date. “What we have found thus far is that many of the facilities visited are being managed by charitable organisations and individuals who are moved to help the elderly, but they need more financial resources, training, experience, improve regulations to successfully provide quality care to our seniors,” said BenjaminSamuels. She pointed out that these are some of the initial steps being taken by the Social Protection Ministry to commence the process of revolutionising the care of the elderly throughout Guyana.


Wednesday May 16, 2018

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Wednesday May 16, 2018

32 companies bid for construction of Police Station in Parfait Harmonie As is customary on Tuesdays, the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board opened several bids. The Ministry of Public Security yesterday received 32 bids for the construction of a Police Station in Parfait Harmonie.

The Ministry of Public Security also received bids for the procurement of bunting for the Guyana Police Force.

The Ministry of Public Security received bids for the procurement of one new 15-seater mini bus for the Juvenile Holding Centre.

The Public Security Ministry also received bids for the procurement of IT equipment for the Guyana Police Force, CANU and the Juvenile Holding Centre.

The Guyana Energy Agency received bids for the supply, installation and commission of grid-connected and hybrid solar photovoltaic systems and supply and delivery of power loggers.

For the procurement of stationery and office supplies, printer ink and toners, lot 1-2, the Public Security Ministry received 13 bids.

Regional Democratic Council, Region 4, received bids for extension of Nurse’s Hostel at Lethem Regional Hospital Compound, Central Rupununi Region 9.

The Ministry of Public Security also received bids for the procurement of janitorial and cleaning supplies for the Guyana Police Force.

The Guyana Defence Force received bids for the procurement of duffle bags, alice pack, webb equipment etc.

For the procurement of uniform materials and physical training (PT) jersey, the Guyana Defence Force received 2 bids.

The Guyana Defence Force also received bids for the procurement of musical instrument.

>>>> Continued on page 29 <<<<

Wednesday May 16, 2018

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Auditor General only... From page 07 including openness, transparency and improved accountability ...â&#x20AC;? To assist it in achieving its mission, the Finance Minister said that the Audit Office will implement the fourth phase of a project designed to strengthen and modernize its systems, processes and procedures. More specifically, he said that the project will enhance the efficiency and efficacy of its auditing processes through the use of information technology and institutionalized best

practices, knowledge and skills for sustainable operations. At the Audit Office, he said that staff will be trained to produce higher quality reports, undertake forensic auditing, and investigate and detect fraud, as well as raise the institutionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visibility to ensure the collaboration of its stakeholders. The Finance Minister said that the objective is to raise awareness about the Audit Officeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roles and functions through the design and implementation of awareness-raising workshops.


32 companies bid for construction of... From page 28 The Ministry of Public Health received bids for the procurement of medical equipmentCPTL-10-2018-P4

For the supply and delivery of drugs and medical supplies, the Ministry of Public Health received 5 bids.

Finally, the Public Health Ministry also received bids for the supply and delivery of antimalaria medication drugs and medical supplies.


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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Probe launched into price-fixing racket at GuySuCo Over the years, the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), numbering seven estates as at 2015, has been facing a steady downward spiral. Despite the use of different directors, and the rotating of managers, the dismal figures painted an alltoo-clear picture of an industry on the decline. Evidence is now emerging that the problems of GuySuCo was not all about strikes, weather, poor agriculture, aging equipment and factories. Rather, there appears to have been deep-rooted rackets with procurement, dumping and stealing of fertilizers, and kick-backs from prices and allocations of quotas. With regard to price fixing, sources from within GuySuCo said that the matter has been raised this year. There are recommendations that because of what was found, some major changes be made


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Wednesday May 16, 2018

in the remaining three estates under GuySuCo - Uitvlugt, Blairmont and Albion. It was explained that GuySuCo has a system that was supposed to be transparent in the overseas markets.Using a variety of tools, including future prices for sugar, officials were supposed to have come up with the price that was agreeable to both sides. Once the price was determined, it would be discussed and decided upon, and the customer would be contacted. The system was supposed to reduce corruption. It was disclosed that during the negotiations, major customers would be invited to Guyana.They would include Tate and Lyle, from Europe; Gopaul Company from Trinidad; Combe Market of Suriname; the Demerara Distillers Limited and West Indies Rum Distillery of Barbados. To strengthen the system, GuySuCo’s sugar brokers, Czarnikow, was supposed to

visit Guyana annually and brief local sugar officials in Guyana on the forecast for the global situation. According to GuySuCo’s internal correspondence, calling for action, recent transactions have caused alarm and have the potential for significant harm to the industry.Officials at GuySuCo are very clear about how prices are supposed to be set. It was disclosed that about two weeks ago, the price for sugar sold to Gopaul and Company Limited of Trinidad and Tobago was unilaterally reduced from US$530 per metric tonne to US$485, Freight On Board (FOB).This contract locked Guyana down for the period April 19 to June 19, 2018. The internal report said that the price reduction appeared to have been undertaken without any due diligence done in the market to determine the veracity of the customer’s request.

Should the price hold for two months, the corporation would see a reduction of revenues to the tune of US$90,000, as the customer takes about 1,000 tonnes monthly.GuySuCo is facing major problems now with four estates closed in the last eighteen months. They are up for privatization, with only three now being operated. The idea is to make the industry more efficient. H o w e v e r, the disclosures now that Guyana was not pulling out the stops to ensure it received the best prices possible, would raise questions whether it was a major factor in causing GuySuCo to be where it is n o w. T h e Coalition Government says it has no monies for GuySuCo, with just over 10,000 workers on the payroll now from the 16,000 who were working at the end of last year. There are several offers for the various estates of GuySuCo.

Woman remanded... From page 08 dozen persons turned up at the Brickdam Police Station to refute that such an incident occurred, but investigators did not see it important to take statements from these individualsThe lawyer then went on questioning the basis on which the gunrelated charges were filed. According to him, his client’s firearm licence is still within the renewal grace period. The lawyer disclosed that Daby was only issued with that firearm licence last year and was granted permission by police to upgrade to a 9mm pistol that she is still waiting on to arrive in the country before surrendering the .32 pistol. The lawyer declared that police ranks who instituted the charges against Daby failed to seek advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the police Legal Adviser. As such, the lawyer argued that the charges against his client are “grounded in malice”. For his part, Prosecutor Moore accepted that advice was sought from neither the

DPP nor police Legal Advisor. Maintaining that the young woman must be remanded to prison, the prosecutor pointed to the serious nature of the attempting to commit murder charge and that a firearm was used to commit the crime.It was then the lawyer inquired again why no efforts were made to seek advice before instituting the charges. The prosecutor also put forward that Daby is a flight risk. In relation to the unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition charges, Prosecutor Moore insisted that it was Daby’s duty to ensure that her firearm licence is enforced at all times. After listening to submissions from both sides, Magistrate Latchman remanded Daby to prison and ordered her to make her next court appearance next week Wednesday, when she will appear before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. Daby had the support of her family members and close friends who showed up at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.


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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Wednesday May 16, 2018

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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Wednesday May 16, 2018


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Harmanpreet, Mandhana named captains of ... From page 38 medium-pacer Megan Schutt and batsman Beth Mooney. England’s Danielle Wyatt, who struck a blistering 124 against India in a record T20I chase in March, will also feature in the match alongside her national team-mate Danielle Hazell, who earned her career-best ODI figures during the ODI series in Nagpur.“Even as IPL continues to roll like a well-oiled machine, over the last couple of weeks, efforts were made to put in place a similar structure for women cricketers,” IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla said. “We were in talks with several Boards and I am pleased with the outcome. ”The BCCI’s move comes in the wake of India’s middling home season where they suffered a 3-0 ODI whitewash against Australia, before failing to make the final of a T20I tri-series. India then survived a scare in

a match highly reminiscent of last year’s World Cup final to beat England in the opener of a subsequent bilateral ODI series in Nagpur. The hosts eventually won 21.Ahead of the tri-series, India ODI captain Mithali Raj and pace spearhead Jhulan Goswami had turned down calls of a women’s T20 league in India on the grounds of a shallow domestic talent pool. “We need players [to] make up India A. Once we have those many players, then I think it would be wise for us to have an IPL,” Raj said in March.Diana Edulji, the former India captain and member of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) that oversees the BCCI, said the exhibition match would be a good opportunity for the Indian players to showcase their skills. “BCCI has been pulling out all stops to promote and nurture women’s cricket and this is a small yet significant

step towards a prospective league involving women’s stars in the future,” she said. “The IPL is the biggest and most popular league in the world and it has been a long-time endeavour to have a women’s league that can match the exuberance of IPL. Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami, Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana and Veda Krishanmurthy among others rubbing shoulders with foreign stars will be a unique experience and something that

Hope claim first innings points from Ann’s Grove


ope Secondary advanced to the second round of the Region Four REO inter secondary schools 40-over two innings cricket competition which continued yesterday at Everest with first innings

Wednesday May 16, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) It's never very agreeable to have to question oneself, Aries, but this is the main objective of today's celestial aspect. You'll soon be launched into new adventures.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) The mood you're in today is the stuff of which memorable encounters are made. You'll be wary at first, perhaps even somewhat hostile to someone who dares to intrude on your freedom.

TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) The great period of meditation that started for you a few weeks ago is now finished, Taurus. This means that you are going to have to get back into the real world again!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) More than ever before, you'll feel as though it's time to take matters into your own hands and build your future, Scorpio. You're fed up with living on hope and putting your happiness off until tomorrow.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) If you have grievances to voice about your love life, Gemini, this is the day to speak up. Indeed, anything less than total honesty won't be tolerated today. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Are you thinking of switching careers, Cancer, or traveling to the other side of the world? Perhaps you just want to pull a “Greta Garbo” and stay home with the shades drawn tight.

we have not witnessed here in India. ”The Women’s T20 Challenge also provides some of the high-profile Indian players, including Harmanpreet, Veda and Raj, a chance to find form ahead of the Asia Cup in June. The match will begin at 2pm IST and will be telecast across the world, unlike India’s most-recent assignment - the ODI series against England - which was limited to a livestream on the BCCI website.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Sagittarius, this is an ideal moment to address once and for all the questions that have been on your mind for the last few weeks. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Something is coming to an end concerning your lack of confidence in yourself, Capricorn. You've been hesitant to stand in the spotlight for quite a while now

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You're likely to find people somewhat irritating today, Leo. It's as though nothing is good enough and nobody seems to know exactly what he or she wants.

AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) It's possible that the last few weeks have allowed you to become a little bit clearer concerning certain questions you have about your vocation, Aquarius.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You may have felt an oppressive mood hanging in the air when you woke up this morning, Virgo. Unfortunately, that haze of misunderstanding and conflict is likely to last all day.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) These last few weeks have been good for your equilibrium, Pisces. It was a question of becoming a bit more involved in life than usual, and showing what you're capable of.

points from Ann’s Grove Secondary. Ann’s Grove were bowled out for 57 in 14.1 overs taking first knock. Dominique Glasgow made 26 as Troy Sampson bagged 5- 11 and Shaquille Marks 2-8. Hope Secondary responded with 159-8 declared in 20 overs. Joshua Blackman struck 55 with seven fours and three sixes, while Amir Mohamed made 18; Glasgow claimed 314 and Meredith 3- 39. Bating a second time Ann’s Grove were 44-4 in nine overs at stumps with Dominique Glasgow scoring 11 and Shaqueal Meredith 10; Kevendra Heraman picked up 2-2. The competition continues today at Everest, Lusignan and Enmore.


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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Warriors race past Rockets in NBA West finals opener Reuters - Kevin Durant poured in a team-high 37 points and Klay Thompson chipped in 28 as the Golden State Warriors claimed the o p e n e r o f t h e We s t e r n Conference finals and snatched home-court advantage with a frenetic 119-106 win over the Houston Rockets on Monday at Toyota Center. While Durant served as a midrange gunner, recording three rebounds and one assist, Thompson scorched Houston from the perimeter, hitting 6 of 15 3-point attempts. That tandem worked in concert whenever the Rockets mustered a rally, offsetting relatively quiet efforts from Stephen Curry (18 points, eight assists) and Draymond Green (five points, nine rebounds, nine assists). “He’s one of the best scorers ever,” Houston coach Mike D’Antoni said of Durant. “I thought he was extremely good. But we can withstand that. We can’t withstand turning the ball over and giving up so many wide open

threes.” Said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, “We want to keep the ball moving. But obviously Kevin is the ultimate luxury because a play can break down and you just throw him the ball. He can get you a bucket as well as anybody on Earth. This is why anybody would want him on their team. “You think about a couple years ago, and we’re in the Finals and we couldn’t quite get over the hump. Kevin is the guy that puts you over the hump. I don’t know what you do to guard him. He can get any shot he wants.” Green added two blocks and two steals to anchor the Golden State defense. Durant and Thompson combined for 11 points while Golden State stretched a three-point lead to 76-70 midway through the third quarter. Durant then scored the final six points of the third before Thompson tallied the first seven of the fourth to provide the Warriors a working margin. James Harden paced the

Rockets with 41 points and seven assists while Chris Paul chipped in 23 points and 11 rebounds. However, excluding Eric Gor d o n , w h o scored 15 points off the bench, the Rockets received precious little from their role players. And with Golden State featuring its usual brand of ferocious half-court defense, the Rockets didn’t have nearly enough firepower. The Warriors shot 52.5 percent overall and outpaced the Rockets 18-3 in transition. Houston will host Game 2 tonight at Toyota Center before the series shifts to Oakland, Calif.“ They did a really good job,” Harden said of the Warriors. “If you miss the shots or if you turn the basketball over, they’re out. They’re getting dunks, they’re getting threes. I’m not sure how many transition points they had, but it was too many. That’s what they thrive on. So we’ve got to do a better job of not turning the basketball over, taking better shots and getting back and

matching up. “There were a couple times where we didn’t guard anybody, and they got a dunk or an open three. That can’t happen.” Harden and Durant were incendiary from the start, combining for 25 points on 10-for-16 shooting in the first quarter. Golden State needed to survive the early emotional salvo from the Rockets, with Houston dashing to a 12-4 lead behind eight points from Harden. “We’re in the Western Conference finals. They are going to come out with a lot of energy,” Durant said. “We’re going to take that first

punch and keep punching.” The Rockets stretched the lead to 21-15 on a Clint Capela dunk after the Warriors were caught scrambling defensively. “You’re not going to come in and just knock them out,” D’Antoni said. “There were too many times where we had mental lapses. We didn’t switch properly, turned the ball over and missed too many layups. We need to do a better job of staying up mentally.” Golden State began to work its way back behind Durant, whose 3-pointer late in the first quarter cut the defi-

cit to 25-22. Durant converted consecutive baskets midway through the second quarter to push Golden State to a lead. The Rockets responded with a 7-0 spurt, but the Warriors closed the half with a Nick Young 3-pointer for a 5656 deadlock. The Rockets struggled to maintain any offensive rhythm, finishing with 16 turnovers to undermine their best efforts. Golden State gave the ball away nine times. Houston shot 45.9 percent from the floor. Each team hit 13 3-pointers. (Field Level Media)

Entries extended to today for KMTC Pre-Independence horserace meet The Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) of Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice has agreed to extend the closing date for entries for their Pre-Independence horserace meet to today to facilitate some horse owners. The one day meet is set for this Sunday with some $2million in cash prizes are up for grabs. The feature action on the seven-race card will be the H

Class and lower, which will carry the top purse of $240,000, while the 2nd place will receive $120,000, third $60,000 and fourth $30,000. The other races include the L class-non earners of $50,000 from January 2017 that will see the winner cash in on $100,000, the K class and lower will have a $140,000 first place prize, the two-year-old trial $100,000, L class non-winner $120,000, J 1 and lower

$160,000 and the L Class Open $130,000. Prizes will be awarded from first to fourth in each category. All races at the KMTC will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. Horses can be entered through Ivan Dipnarine (3310316), Justice Kennard (6237609, 225-4818), Fazal Habibulla (657-7010), Dennis DeRoop (640-6396) and or Campton Sancho (602-1567).

Wednesday May 16, 2018

ATP: Men’s tour likely to introduce shot clocks and reduced warm-up BBC Sport - Shot clocks and reduced warm-ups appear very likely to be introduced to the ATP Tour - and possibly next season. A number of innovations were trialled at the inaugural Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan last November. First to four game sets, no advantage scoring or service lets and coaching via headsets were among the trials.But it is a 25-second serving clock and a reduced warm-up which players can expect to face on tour in either 2019 or 2020. The shot clock is set to be enforced at a Grand Slam for the first time during this year’s US Open.It was used in Australian Open qualifying and will also be in operation during French Open qualifying this month. Wimbledon, which has opted not to use it this year, says it will adopt a “wait and see” approach. Some leading players have voiced their concerns at the shot clock, with 16-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal particularly unhappy. ATP executive chairman Chris Kermode, speaking at the launch of this year’s Next Gen Finals, said he thinks the proposed changes will happen. “I think that’s a good thing,” he said.“When we first


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The shot clock was trialled at the inaugural Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan. (Getty images) started this we never committed to what date we would do any of these, because we needed to take a cautious approach.“I think we can also look at the medical time outs and the toilet breaks, again to speed up play. I think we can get those done quite quickly as well. “When it comes to the scoring of the game, that’s getting into the ethos of the sport and that takes much longer because you do need everyone to buy into this. “I personally loved it: what was incredible was the intensity from point one. But I’m doing this as a collective; I’m not running it as a dicta-

torship. So all the traditionalists don’t need to panic that I am single-handedly going to do this. I personally like it, but we’ve a long long way to go until we do anything else.” The format for the second Next Gen Finals will be almost identical to the first, although the warm-up will be reduced by a further sixty seconds to four minutes, and players will be instructed to use a towel rail at the back of the court. It is hoped this will further speed up play, and reduce the onus on the ball boys and girls to fetch and handle the players’ sweaty towels.

Windies, Bangladesh to face off in Florida T20s ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – West Indies will face Bangladesh in two Twenty20 Internationals on US soil during the home series in July, Cricket West Indies confirmed yesterday.The first T20 International is carded for Warner Park in St Kitts on July 31 before back-to-back matches are played at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Florida on August 4 and 5. News of the US fixtures had come via media reports last weekend. “We are delighted to include the matches Fort Lauderdale on the schedule for the Bangladesh tour,” said CWI chief executive officer, Johnny Grave. “Both matches are scheduled for the weekend and will be played under the lights, so it’s a great opportunity for Windies fans in North America to see the team play

against a very competitive Bangladesh side.” West Indies have won three of the four T20Is at the venue, with the other one ending in a no-result following rain.They swept New Zealand 2-0 back in 2012 before beating India 1-0 when the Asian side toured the Caribbean two years ago.Grave said the continued thrust of staging international cricket in the US was part of CWI’s strategic plan. “This is one of the initiatives outlined in our new Strategic Plan for the period 2018 to 2023,” the Englishman said. “Our intention is to work with ICC Americas members, USA Cricket & Cricket Canada in partnership to establish cricket as a popular sport from North to South America, create opportunities for West Indian fans to watch the team live, and build support for the Windies.”

He continued: “Through this initiative, it will support our strategic objectives to increase the number of people who watch and follow Windies cricket, and help unlock the full potential of the Windies outside of the Caribbean.“We look forward to having West Indians, Bangladeshis and fans of the game from all around the United States coming to join us at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium for the two matches.”Bangladesh tour of the Caribbean starts July 4 and will see them clash with West Indies in two Tests – at the Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium in Antigua and Sabina Park in Jamaica. The National Stadium in Guyana will then play hosts to the first two One-Day Internationals of the threematch series with the final match set for Warner Park.


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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Haiti’s head coach Collat excited to face Argentina ahead of the CNL Port-au-Prince.- Prior to starting their campaign for the 2018 Concacaf Nations League qualifiers, Haiti will play a full International friendly match against Argentina at the Estadio Bombonera in Buenos Aires on May 29. F o r t h e A rg e n t i n e s , currently fourth in the FIFA World Rankings, the friendly will serve as their final preparation match ahead of their participation in the 2018 Russia World Cup. As for Haiti, the game will be the best o p p o r t u n i t y to warm up before the CNL, in which the top 10 teams qualify for the

2019 Concacaf Gold Cup. For the third time in history, Haiti will face Argentina. Haiti head coach Marc Collat says he is already planning for the match a g a i n s t f o u r- t i m e F I FA World Player of the Year Lionel Messi and Argentina.

”We are only a few days away,” said Collat. “We started to look at the national team because it will be composed with the backbone of the players who had played in Haiti’s last matches against Japan (3-3) and the United Arab Emirates

Haiti´s head coach Marc Collat (right) during a practice with the Les Grenadiers. (1-0). However, we will have a much smaller group since it is a single match. For this international friendly game, I will call a group of 18 players. “ The contest will mark the third game between the two countries

. Haiti and Argentina clashed for the first time on June 23, 1974, in the group stage of the FIFA World Cup Germany 1974. The Argentines won 4-1, with Emmanuel Sanon (63') scoring for the Haitians. The last match between the two countries dates back

to May 5, 2010, when Argentina’s Martin Palermo scored in a 4-0 shutout win for the Albiceleste. Haiti will square off against Sint Marteen, Saint Lucie, Nicaragua, and Cuba in their Concacaf Nations League qualifiers. (CONCACAF)

Wednesday May 16, 2018


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Harmanpreet, Mandhana named Felipe Massa: Ex-Formula 1 driver signs captains of women’s exhibition T20 three-year deal with Formula E team ESPNcricinfo - In a bid to promote and test the feasibility of a potential T20 league for women, the BCCI will be hosting an exhibition match ahead of the first IPL Qualifier on May 22 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. India T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana will lead the two sides which will feature several internationals from India, Australia, New Zealand and England.The BCCI has confirmed the participation of New Zealand captain Suzie Batesand allrounder Sophie Devine, Australia allrounderEllyse Perry, wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy, (Continued on page 31)

Rehab mates: Harmanpreet and Mandhana, captain and vice-captain of India’s T20I team, spent quality time with each other while recovering from injuries at NCA Annesha Ghosh / © Annesha Ghosh/ESPNcricinfo Ltd

BBC Sport - Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa has signed a three-year deal to race in Formula E from next season.He will join Monacobased Venturi, which is coowned by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, from the 2018-19 season of the electric motor racing series. Massa, who won 11 grands prix, quit F1 last season after 15 years in the sport with Sauber, Ferrari and Williams. “I’ll do everything I can to contribute to the project and hopefully I’ll be among the front runners,” said Massa. The electric street-racing series is nearing the end of its

Massa, 37, claimed his last victory in Formula 1 at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. (Getty Images) fourth season, with season five set to begin later this year. The 37-year-old Brazilian

will take part in testing at the end of May before the new season starts.


Wednesday May 16, 2018

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GABF secures five top overseas players for the FIBA America qualifiers next month


he Guyana Amateur Basketball Federa tion (GABF) in their bid for a successful qualifying tournament in Paramaribo, Suriname for the FIBA Americas Championship, have confirmed the signing of five foreign based stars that will definitely boost the Golden Arrowhead’s chances of ascension. Committed to represent Guyana Senior Men’s Basketball team are the following Guyanese Born players: Anthony Moe who plays professionally in El Salvador, Delroy James who just recently won the 2018 Greek Basketball Cup with AEK Athens, Shawn James who was the first non-Israeli to captain Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2011 and Gordon James who was among the top performers during Guyana’s 2015 Caribbean Basketball Championship (CBC) campaign in Tortola. The James’ brothers and Moe will be joined by Ray Victor who is based in the British Virgin Islands.

Ray Victor

Training commences this weekend and encampment will be five days before the men depart for Suriname on June 22nd. The large pool of locally based players who are set to begin training this weekend as they anticipate opportunities to be part of the National team will be happy to know that the

Burnham Basketball Court on Middle and Carmichael Streets has been fully restored, which will serve as the venue along with the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). According to the head of the GABF, Nigel Hinds, whose entity does not receive subvention from the parent body, the International Bas-

-Burnham Basketball Court’s costly restoration finally complete

Delroy James ketball Federation (FIBA), the restoration project cost $12 million dollars and it was funded solely by the GABF.

When the Burnham Hard Court was initially commissioned in the 1960s, the late former President of the Coop-

erative Republic of Guyana; Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, was the Mayor of Georgetown at that time.

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