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Tuesday May 15, 2018

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uicide continues to be a major social problem in Guyana. While the vast majority of Guyanese value and preserve life, some are trying to take theirs intentionally. How can people hurt so badly that they resort to commit suicide? We will never know because we do not feel the hurt the way they do. Suicide affects all segments of the population, but recent evidence suggests that young people are particularly vulnerable. To solve this problem, we must increase public awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma associated with suicide, provide adequate resources to relatives affected by suicide and we must take threats of suicide seriously. Suicide is a public health crisis in this country and during the last two or more decades, the rate of suicide has increased. Guyana was not so long ago considered the suicidal capital of the world and Berbice, the suicidal capital of Guyana. In 2014, a report from the World Health Organization stated that the suicide rate in Guyana was five times higher than the world average, with 44.2 persons per 100,000 and this included only reported cases. Official estimates show that between 1,500 and 2,000 persons attempt suicide each year in Guyana, which is the equivalent of one attempt every five hours. As a caring nation, we have a lot of work to do to lower the suicide rate. There are many reasons why people commit suicide. They include mental health illness such as schizophrenia, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and postpartum depression. People who have experienced shame due to divorce, or physical abuse like domestic violence and rape or have contracted certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS are also likely to commit suicide. Whether it is mental health issues, a physical ailment or a traumatic event, it should be obvious to all and sundry that people who are experiencing any of these difficulties are likely to commit suicide. Though there is public awareness of how serious suicide is, there is no system in place to monitor suicidal victims. The government has spent billions of dollars on health care annually, but there is a glaring lack of child and adolescent mental health services in the country. And with respect to psychological and counselling services there is very little that is available to help suicidal victims. The fact that the University of Guyana is currently unable to provide adequate training in child psychology which is in needed in the country is troubling. Efforts must be made to provide scholarships in this area for those interested in pursuing such studies. Too often people are afraid to talk about their mental health issues due to all sorts of pressures, stigmatization and expectations. For instance, men may see the discussion of their emotions as an affront to their masculinity. And women may be afraid of being perceived as weak or overly temperamental and may hide their feelings. There are too many gender stereotypes at work when it comes to how we handle mental health issues. However, the instances of suicide should teach us that mental health issues matter and should have the same primacy as matters of life and death. The impact of a single death by suicide cannot be overestimated or taken lightly. When someone falls victim to suicide, entire families and communities are irreparably damaged. The trauma can persist long after the loved ones are gone. It could do untold harm to relatives and communities. Not only is productivity harmed but, more importantly, great promises are lost or unfulfilled, and families are left to mourn.

Mr. Brassington’s statements on the Rusal bauxite deal must be contextualized DEAR EDITOR, Having read the article “Brassington defends Rusal bauxite deal” (SN 14th May, 2018), it is incumbent to make known the under-mentioned facts which would aid in putting context to statements reportedly made by Winston Brassington, former Head of the Privatisation Unit:i. The reported 19-man committee of stakeholders that supposedly was to guide decision-making on the way forward on the bauxite industry was cosmetic. Decisions on this industry, including the workers’ welfare, were made and implemented even before the said committee completed its work; ii. As it relates to the Linden Mining Enterprise (LINMINE), the bauxite reserves together with the plant were all sold to Cambior for the price of US$1.00; iii. Globally, natural resources reserves remain the property of the State. In putting our bauxite reserves into the sale to Cambior it carried up the value of LINMINE. When Cambior placed LINMINE on the market, which included Block 37- the largest proven resource in the

location - it brought the company a windfall profit. (The APNU+AFC Government must revisit the issue on ownership of natural resources); iv. The management of the Bauxite Industry Development Company (BIDCO) invited the Head of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute to advise on the way forward as to how Guyana should treat with its reserves and other bauxite-related resources. Arising from this engagement, a recommendation was put forward that all bauxite reserves and surveys be put under BIDCO and whenever any company needs to acquire and commence operation in any area, an application be made to BIDCO who will consider same, determine availability, and under what conditions. This recommendation was disregarded by the Government in its determination on the future of bauxite; v. The Opposition, under the leadership of Desmond Hoyte, was represented by Patrick DeFreitas on the privatisation of LINMINE. DeFreitas objected to a number of issues, among

them was the inclusion of the bauxite reserves in the privatisation deal. This led to him being thrown off the committee under the guise that the Government could not sustain the cost of his presence; vi. The statement that only RUSAL was interested in investing in Berbice is untrue. The employees of the Berbice Mining Enterprise (BERMINE) had formed a company and made a specific bid for BERMINE. The Government never responded to this, not even by acknowledgement much less engagement. This bid was placed into the box at the Privatisation Unit by Keith Payne, the employees’ company secretary, who was accompanied me. It was after this bid was made, that then President Bharrat Jagdeo visited Everton and subsequently the Kwakwani mines, where workers were offered redundancy payment and house lots (which many never received) in order to pave the way for the assets of BERMINE to be included into the Aroaima operations which were taken over by RUSAL;

vii. There is agreement with Brassington that RUSAL did not bid for the Berbice operations. In fact, these operations were given away to RUSAL in preference to the local workers who set a company to take over BERMINE; viii. Brassington’s use of the argument that the decision to give the Berbice operations over to RUSAL was influenced by socioeconomic considerations must not ignore the foregoing equally as the undermentioned: a. Every tonne of bauxite produced by the state-owned industry was sold. In fact, the state-owned companies have never been able to produce enough to meet market demands. The argument where emphasis is being placed that the market was difficult for the companies is deceptive, for even the low-grade bauxite had a market; b. The rejection by government to entertain local ideas, includes allowing the workers to invest their Pension Plan, then worth in excess of G$2.5Billion (the single largest pool of money owned by African labour). (Continued on page 05)

Supplemental funding to refurbish GuySuCo’s divested Sugar Estate infrastructure DEAR EDITOR, It was reported in the News Media on May 12, that the Government has approved $600M supplemental finance for maintenance of infrastructure at GuySuCo’s Skeldon, Rosehall, Enmore and Wales divested sugar estates. The stated objective for this financial infusion is to refurbish the existing infrastructure, including drainage and irrigation in residential areas on the divested estates, to make them appear functional for sale as going concerns to investors whom the Govt. assumes without justification, would want to continue cultivating sugar. This “window dressing” to keep the divested estates running prior to their sale appeared to make economic sense to State Minister Harmon, but it does not necessarily mean that the would-be purchasers would consider the glossed over investment to be made to spruce up the properties as value added and therefore increase their bids. The infrastructure under

consideration - pumps, canals, bridges, pathways, sluices, etc. are in such poor condition that the $600M approved for their restoration would be wholly inadequate to make any meaningful improvements to their existing conditions. Therefore, Minister Holder should have been transparent in his deliberations and have his Ministry prepare and submit professionally prepared estimates for the proposed works, which Parliament could have then considered and approved, rather than bluff his way with guesstimates for the civil works whose repair costs are beyond his imagination. Unfortunately, the political imperatives have forced the Govt. to approve expenditure for works based on shady returns and frothy expectations as any future sale will clearly indicate. The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) contrary to claims, does not have the managerial and technical personnel with the capabilities to undertake additional contracting work

on behalf of GuySuCo/NICIL/ SPU. NDIA’s poor planning and execution of the Central Government’s projects it has and is undertaking along the coastland clearly bears this out. S i m i l a r l y, G u y S u C o does not have the personnel with experience to handle complex construction/rehab works. If indeed

it does undertake construction work, it cannot simultaneously have its personnel inspect and verify the works it will be doing on behalf of NDIA, as was reported in the MoU. This will clearly be a conflict of interest and another Skeldon Factory fiasco. Yours faithfully, Charles Sohan

Double Standard by the Stabroek News DEAR EDITOR, Here is yet another example of how the wealthy are allowed to breach the law with the assistance of their friends in the media. Winston Brassington was recently charged with Fraud. And according to the Law, he is NOT allowed to speak PUBLICLY on the matter while it’s before the court. The matter is considered to be Sub Judice: “Under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.”

Stabroek News is aware of this very law, especially since they have used it to prevent myself and others from discussing our case publicly. Yet, there is a double standard when it comes to a rich individual like Brassington who gets to defend himself in the public domain. Let’s see if contempt charges will be initiated against both Stabroek News and Brassington. Sincerely, Mark A. Benschop

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Kaieteur News


Social Cohesion Day was an inspiring the fore their importance in event at the National Cultural event our society. Centre, I found that it was

The Incompetence of GPL and GTT

DEAR EDITOR, Despite a late verbal invitation issued at 4:30pm for me to attend Social Cohesion Day observances on May 11, 2018, I decided to follow the passion in my heart and soul and attend. At the core of my personal philosophy lies the belief that social cohesion is essential to national unity, something that is sadly missing in our society. This is why I commend this Government for introducing a Ministry of Social Cohesion that could possibly heal the wounds in our society. I believe in one world society, where people are judged not by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character. This can only be achieved if there is unity among our people, the ability to see beyond race and class. I was moved when President David Arthur Granger announced the establishment of the Ministry under Honourable Minister Amna Ally and I immediately pledged, with all my strength, passion and fervour, to support this Ministry in whatever way I can. Therefore, I always strive to attend and give my full support to events that foster social cohesion and bring to

Minister Ally often invited me to functions held by her Ministry, but this changed when the Ministry changed hands to fall under the portfolio of Honourable Minister George Norton. I do not know if it is his staff’s fault, but it hurts me that Minister Norton seems to sideline me or invite me as an afterthought to events that promote peace and harmony. I recall that when Minister Norton took over the ministry, he invited me and my colleague at the Universal Peace Federation, Pastor Ronald McGarrell, for a lovely discussion. But after that, I only got two calls to attend events. On one occasion, I was invited just five minutes before the start and on the other occasion 15 minutes before. This was humiliating to me, but because of the importance of the events, I put pride aside and made it my duty to be there. On one occasion, I “gatecrashed” one of Minister Norton’s functions at the Umana Yana, because the issue he was dealing with was vitally important to me as a strong advocate for universal love and harmony. Nevertheless, apart from being taken aback by the late invitation, when I attended the recent social cohesion

well organised and artfully stage-managed to ignite patriotism in the hearts of the audience. The skills of the students, actors and actresses were most pertinent and well-refined. It was brilliant, well programmed and choreographed, and it stirred the nationalistic emotions of even the most hardened detractors of the government of the day. They were moved by the uplifting philosophies that were shared at the event, on community, unity and national cohesion. It was a noble attempt to show, in an artistic way, that no single race or group of people can move Guyana forward alone. In fact, none of the people who were here for millions of years or hundreds of years, or those who came in between, or those who just arrived, can move Guyana forward by themselves. But together, if we are able to join forces and pool our strengths, we can uplift Guyana and take it to greater heights. I was profoundly moved by this vision. It brought tears to my eyes, because I am a true patriot of my country and people, and even the universe and all humanity. This is the spirit that moves in this vessel of God (Continued on page 06)

Mr. Brassington’s statements... From page 04 This Plan at the behest of Government was broken up, leaving the workers at pensionable age without a pension, and their socio-economic circumstances worse off; c. The promise by the Jagdeo government to make Linden, Ituni and Kwakwani the Industrial Corridor for Guyana, a new economy after bauxite, never materialised for want of the fact that it did not move beyond a speech; d. The issue of subsidised utilities must not ignore electricity and water were deferred wages negotiated for by the unions, and that the Steam Plant that provided cheap and

reliable electricity, its turbine was taken away from Linden and placed at Versailles, West Bank Demerara. The state of bauxite, RUSAL’s role and presence in Guyana, Brassington’s role as Head of the Privatisation Unit, the PPP/C G o v e r n m e n t ’s r o l e , a n d t h e s o c i o economic impact on the workers and committees affected, must factor in the aforesaid as we seek understanding of the industry and decisions made pertaining to it. Where errors were made, maturity requires acknowledgement, moving to correct, and seeking not to repeat them. Lincoln Lewis

DEAR EDITOR, Last week Sunday, I had some guests from Trinidad at my church. I observed very early that we had a severe blackout on East Coast Demerara. I had to use our church generator as the blackout lasted from 6am until 5pm. In our night service, the blackout returned again around 7pm until 12 midnight. For the past ten years, my church suffered blackouts on Good Friday and Christmas Day services. I see these blackouts now over eight times a day; that’s far worse than the Forbes Burnham era. Many students who are currently studying for as well as writing CXC and CAPE are being terribly affected. Even worse yet for me is that all the things in my refrigerator are spoiling. Where I live - in Agriculture Road opposite NAREI overhead tank - has a real transformer problem. I have lived here for 18 years and the moment we have a slight wind, I hear these transformers going off like bombs.

Whenever I call GPL’s emergency line, they are always on voice mail, or if they answer, it is in a rude manner ‘’No staff available’’ for eighteen years! I have seen GPL crew come here sometimes days after to fix the issues on the two posts, but until now, they cannot install a proper transformer. A neighbour told me its 30 years now they have that problem (the moment it rains or a slight wind blows the posts fires off like bombs) and the GPL crews will just come and use a stick to push up the connectors on the transformers. And these sad scenarios are occurring all over Guyana. Many posts are rotten and twisted, some even pose great danger to citizens, yet no one from GPL is fixing them. We also now have an imported GPL CEO that earns a “fat cat” salary, yet the incompetence and constant blackouts continue. Not surprisingly, GPL is very efficient at cutting off your light and removing your meter if you owe them. We are paying bills with

VAT to GPL for a service we are not receiving. Since these explosions and constant blackouts, over seven of my computers have been burnt on the inside, though I use three forms of protection. I was told by some top technicians and electricians that GPL’s fluctuating power will burn any piece of equipment though it has protection like stabilizers and APC backups. It’s time citizens sue GPL for millions, but I wonder if we can ever try the devil in Hell. Now I turn my attention to GTT. In February this year I noted with interest the technicians from GTT’s Blaze team running lines in my area. Theycame to my house and took my information to upgrade my service for Blaze near the third week in February. They told me on 15th March I would get Blaze, so I should go and pay on the first week in March. I went to pay but was told I won’t be getting (Continued on page 06)

An insult to Hindus and Muslims DEAR EDITOR, Francis Carryl’s letter “Paul’s letter to Mothers of the World,” published in Kaieteur News on May 13 is a blatant disregard and disrespect for people professing religious beliefs other than Christianity. It is an offensive attack on the freedom of religion. Mr. Carryl writes that his letter “is addressed to every mother in every society throughout the entire world.” Now, we know that mothers ‘in every society throughout the entire world’ include Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Bahá’ís, etc. But most discourteously, Mr. Carryl greets them “in the name of our coming King and Lord Jesus Christ.” He continues, “I beseech you, not to forget

that you owe everything to our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.” In his missive, he seeks to educate the “Mothers of the World” on the teachings of the Bible and of the “wisest man who ever lived” (King Solomon). Seeking deliverance from their sufferings, he advises them to “remain steadfast in Christ Jesus.” He assures them, “one day we will all meet face to face in that place which Christ has gone to prepare for us.” Editor, this is a gross insult to the Hindus and Muslims everywhere. And Kaieteur News is complicit in this. It has allowed itself to be used as a pulpit for a Sunday Christian Church Sermon. This is a multi-religious society where freedom

of religion is guaranteed. No one has a right to impose his beliefs on another. Both Mr. Carryl and Kaieteur News should apologize. Yours truly, Pt. R. Balbadar EDITOR’S NOTE: Anyone can preach to anyone, regardless of religion. Nothing in the letter sought to convert or to denigrate any religion. The letter may have been rooted in Christianity but by the same token the reader, like Pt. R. Balbadar, could have disregarded it.


Tuesday May 15, 2018

Kaieteur News

Govt’s performance so far has been less than impressive DEAR EDITOR, The APNU-AFC Administration has already gone past more than half of its elected mandate. Its performance in government so far has been less than impressive. Many of its campaign promises have been honoured in the breach, including the issue of constitutional reforms, transparency, accountability and inclusive governance. The first major indication of a departure from its stated commitment to fiscal responsibility was its decision to increase salaries and other emoluments to Cabinet Ministers by a staggering 50-

100% after having accused the previous PPP/C Administration of ’fat cat’ salaries. The very least one would have expected was for the government to put on hold any further increases to those in the decision-making hierarchy or to accept similar increases given to civil servants. Instead, it went ahead and offered hefty increases to Ministers of Government, which was completely at odds with its earlier commitment to bridge the sprawling income divide in the public service. But it is the decision to close down the three sugar

estates, including the flagship Skeldon Modernization Factory, that will go down as the most unpopular and ill-conceived act of the regime. As expected, the closure of the sugar estates is already taking its toll on the wider economy, not to mention the devastating impact it is having on the lives and livelihoods of sugar workers and their families. Instead of focusing on the economy and laying the foundations for sustained economic growth, the government seems to be more concerned with settling political scores, while at the same time

A dire situation in Goed Fortuin DEAR EDITOR, I pen this missive to raise awareness of an unfolding situation in Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara. I am not sure what the RDC of Region 3 is doing, but the infrastructure in Goed Fortuin is in a terrible and crumbling state. From impassable roads, to crumbling bridges, to a lack of sufficient street lighting in the schemes, it is like taking a step into an abandoned town. Imagine walking home at night in total darkness, dodging huge pools of water on the road, then almost falling into a trench be-

cause of an almost destroyed bridge. The RDC should not have let the situation get so bad. If there was constant maintenance being done, I’m sure it would not be as expensive as it would be now to completely rebuild these structures. At the very least, fixing and adding new lights would have helped greatly. I am hoping that the RDC will be acting soon to address this myriad of problems that the residents are facing. Sincerely, Kapil Singh

Social Cohesion Day was an... From page 05 that I carry as a body, the power of the spirit that moves my mind and my pen to call for a cohesive community, God willing. The message of Minister Norton and also of Honourable Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamootoo was truly riveting and could move the conscience of our haters and unpatriotic individuals. The event featured a theatrical scene depicting two lovers, an Amerindian young lady and young man of mixed descent. This was heartrending, because it highlighted the reality that inter-racial relationships exist in our country and these could foster love and peace among people from different backgrounds. I truly am pleased with

this programme and it is my hope it was recorded so that digital recordings could be sent to all the schools in this country. There should be many uplifting shows like this throughout the country to help to educate our students, our youths, for the good of our future, our Guyana.Guyana has no place for racism, political prejudices or contempt for our culture. Good or evil, respect or disrespect originates in the home. Youths exposed to wholesome values could even help to change the mindsets of relatives in their homes. In a sense, this would be children-up education, instead of the traditional adultdown way of educating. Think of the remarkable so-

cial change we could bring about in this way. Our country, our people will become wiser and develop as an example to all the Caribbean and around the world. Once again, congratulations to Minister Norton, his coordinator and organizers of the programme and, in particular, the National School of Dance that displayed true talents.I am grateful to have been invited, even at the last minute, for which I put aside other appointments to show respect for love, harmony and cohesion. Mr. Minister or staffers of the Ministry of National Cohesion, give me more notice please; I am prejudiced in favour of your Ministry. Sincerely, Hajji Roshan Khan Snr.

using the resources of the state to reward those perceived to be loyal or sympathetic to the government. It is difficult to see how actions such as these could help to foster a climate of trust or social cohesion. The APNU-AFC Coalition has just about two remaining years to demonstrate that it is serious about constitutional reforms and shared governance. The biggest challenge faced by the administration, is to convince the Guyanese people and the international community that it is serious about advancing the national good in a fair and

unbiased manner, and within the constitutional and democratic framework of the society.The balance sheet of the government so far is not encouraging. The economy is not doing well and a mood of pessimism regarding the future of the country is already beginning to take hold among the populace. Guyana cannot move forward until and unless there is broad national consensus by key stakeholders on fundamental issues of governance. The current model of ‘winner takes it all’, whatever its past merit, has now become dysfunctional, from the perspec-

tive of national reconciliation and racial unity. Talks about social cohesion are empty and meaningless unless there are fundamental changes at the governance level, which will allow for all major parties to be represented in the decisionmaking processes both at the Executive and Legislative levels. This is why the issue of constitutional reforms is of such great importance. The current Administration has a duty and responsibility to advance the process in a serious and meaningful way. Hydar Ally

A Justice of the Peace who is not a Commissioner of Oaths cannot sign Affidavits DEAR EDITOR, About two years ago, you printed an article on the above subject. My activism in communities along the East Coast of Demerara has reminded me that many institutions in Guyana: Commercial Banks, NDCs, National Insurance Scheme, GRO, etc. - in fact, almost every office in this land - simply do not train their staff in what documents lack legal status if not properly endorsed. For the benefit of the public and these

errant institutions, the term: Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits allows the person so designated to administer oaths to Affidavits. A Justice of the Peace, not designated a Commissioner of Oaths, CANNOT administer such an oath. Further, a Justice of the Peace (only) is in breach of the Law for appending his signature pretending to be a Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits. Thanking you, Charles Selman

The Incompetence of GPL and GTT... From page 05 Blaze for now; they are not ready as yet. We are now in May, and the Blaze team has gone into other areas in Agriculture Road to install for persons who applied after me, but until now I have received no call from GTT they failed to keep their word. I have also observed that since they have run cables for this Blaze, my current DSL with them is extremely slow, my emails nor Facebook page cannot open. My emails are bouncing back because of the constant slow internet service

GTT is now offering. The DSL service GTT is offering cannot presently cost $1,000 per month, yet we pay $6,300, $10,000 and more, and now with Blaze, we have to pay an additional $5,000 to $8,000 more a month with VAT. The way I see it, the Blaze will turn to a snail’s pace just like DSL, for us to upgrade and be robbed, cheated and exploited the same way when they introduced DSL to replace the dial-up. In my opinion, the dial-up was working faster than the DSL and now Blaze will blaze out sooner or later. We are being cheated and exploited by GPL and GTT, where our bills sometimes exceed our salaries. I invite any minister of government to visit any GPL and GTT office and they will see hundreds of persons cussing and querying bills. We are just a few weeks away from celebrating our 52nd Independence Anniversary. I ask the question again: what have we achieved after 52 years of Independence? Monotonous blackouts, Internet Failures, High Crimes Daily, Murder, Suicides, Moral Degradation, Bribery, Corruption, accidents,

poor drainage and irrigation, pot-holed roads all over Guyana, etc. What have we really achieved as a nation? How do we compare ourselves to our Caribbean neighbours? We have become a failed state. Cutting ribbons and COIs don’t run a nation. Our current Administration needs a new vision plan of administration to govern this nation or we will be left far behind in this era of technology. While we are in blackouts, our Ministers in Government are in bright lights; they are more fortified and protected than us while citizens are robbed and killed in the blackouts. This nation is a clear scenario of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, his classic books of political bigotry and human exploitation. Human selfishness has taken over the minds of our politicians, it’s about time they implement new policies of change or the massive migration will empty Guyana by the time we have the next general election. President Granger will have to step up his game of governance. Regards, Rev. Gideon Cecil


Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

SARA has identified stolen state assets abroad - Deputy Director


he States Assets Recover Agency (SARA) yesterday claimed to be making progress on several cases where state assets have been stolen and exist in Guyana and abroad. SARA’s Deputy Director, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer, said that while he could not divulge sensitive information to the media, he can confirm that the agency has unearthed the presence of stolen state assets abroad. He told reporters on the sidelines of an Anti-Corruption Seminar being hosted by SARA that within another month, the first batch of cases will be taken to the courts. “We are considering launching both here and aboard. We are not so sure if

we will have the ones abroad going forward, but we would like to do so simultaneously,” Heath-Retemyer explained. SARA has the power to recover illegally acquired state assets from public officers past and present through legal proceedings and in consonance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The agency has intensified efforts aimed at educating other state agencies and the wider population about its role. Yesterday, SARA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) that sets out the framework for cooperation between the two agencies. At the signing ceremony,

SARA’s Director, Dr. Clive Thomas said that the agency is collaborating with the Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting and FraudNet to recover Guyanese assets held overseas. “We are working hand-inhand with them to recover some state assets which we have reason to believe have been unlawfully removed from the state of Guyana and might reside not only in Guyana, but outside of Guyana,” Dr. Thomas stated. Last month, Thomas told local media that the agency is in the process of reviewing “well over 50 to 60” cases for the recovery of state assets. He had indicated that beginning at the start of the third quarter, the agency is hoping

Guyana not short of laws, but short on enforcement - GRA’s Deputy Commissioner

Attendees at the SARA training.


eputy Commis sioner General, Customs, Excise and Trade Administration, Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Lancelot Wills, has identified the lack of enforcement in the anti-corruption fight as a challenge. Wills was at the time speaking at the opening ceremony of the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA)’s Anti-Corruption training seminar held yesterday with the staff of key government agencies, including the GRA. “It is not for the paucity of laws that we fail so miserable on the various metric and scales of corruption; it’s for the lack of enforcement. Guyana traditionally is known for having a very mature core of intellectual scope and intellectuals. “We are never short of laws; we are short on its implementation and enforcement,” Wills told participants. He cited the Integrity

Deputy Commissioner General, Customs, Excise and Trade Administration, GRA, Lancelot Wills Commission Act of 1997, which sets out the methods of identifying corruption and punishment. According to Wills, Guyana has a dilemma where corrupt practices are perceived to be normal behaviour because it is accepted by society at large.

While not casting aspersions, Wills told the gathering that fish rot from the head. He said what is required is for every Guyanese to adopt an anti-corruptive posture. “We think that the target (Continued on page 22 )

SARA Director, Dr. Clive Thomas (right) signing the MOU with Director, Matthew Langevine. to focus on about 10. Heath-Retemyer stated that work continues to convert the information received and then advance it to court. The Deputy Director explained that it must be anticipated that persons charged with misappropriation and theft of state assets usually advance arguments based on the procedural aspect of the acquisition. He highlighted the need

for SARA to gather evidence in a prescribed manner to ensure solid cases with the need to be careful with the type of information divulged to the public, since this may compromise the cases. “If I should say something in public that can be construed as though we are going after people because of political or other reasons, all these things are taken into consideration when the judge

listens to the case,” HeathRetemyer pointed out. In terms of statistics, SARA is working with other agencies to determine how many financial crimes were actually committed. It is also working along with the United Nations country representative to craft an Anti-Corruption Policy based on the international body’s list of recommendations.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

GDF spends $697M on airplanes…

Acquiring parts for 40-year-old aircraft will be challenging – Capt. Gouveia


ormer Guyana De fence Force (GDF) pilot, Captain Gerald (Gerry) Gouveia, has warned about the need for Government to develop an effective plan to source parts for the four 40-year-old planes. Government has secured approval from the National Assembly for a final payment of $484M towards the purchase of two Skyvans and two Islanders. A down payment of $213M was made by the GDF. “For the Skyvans, there are some concerns because even for the current Skyvan that they [the GDF] have, if you check the time that the airplane is serviceable and the length of time, sometimes you have to wait to get parts, it is a challenge. Acquiring parts is a challenge, but I hope that they have a plan and I have to believe that they have a plan,”

Gouveia stated. The former army pilot has extensive experience in the aviation sector. He told Kaieteur News that the planes being purchased by the army are very suited for Guyana. He noted that the Government appears to have made the decision to purchase the planes based on economic considerations. Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, has indicated that the new planes will be used solely for security purposes, but Gouveia said that this has not been the case in the past. “We have a big national security problem. The police need air support; we need rapid deployment of policemen and soldiers across the country, border patrols, maritime patrol for illegal fishing and what they are doing is using the planes to go to Kaieteur Falls or to fly miners into the hinterland.

They should never be using the planes for those purposes,” Gouveia said. He said that the GDF plans to compete with the private sector. “What they do is that they run those planes into the ground and before you know it, there are no planes. The GDF, for example had helicopters and airplanes and all these airplanes are broken up. They have one Skyvan now; the minute they start to fly instead of doing military work with it, they start to do flights for the miners; fly in fuel. They break up the planes and they have no monies to maintain it,” Gouveia explained. Harmon disclosed that the Islanders being purchased were manufactured in 1976 while Skyvans were manufactured in 1977. Both models are no longer being

manufactured. The Minister disclosed that the Skyvans, which were being used for troop transport and parachuting are being brought from Belgium through Liberty Aviation, an American company that operates from North Carolina. The Islanders, according to Harmon, are being purchased from Brazil who utilized the planes for passenger and cargo services.

“If they keep those airplanes for the service of the military and particularly the police, I think nothing is wrong with the purchase because while airplanes have been manufactured in 1970 airplanes are constantly maintained so the main parts of the airplanes are new parts,” Gouveia pointed out. He noted that the Skyvans are amazing planes for Guyana because of their abil-

Former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) pilot, Captain Gerald Gouveia ity to undertake short takeoffs.

Telecoms liberalisation talks… Govt. under pressure to auction frequencies Disclosures that US-controlled Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) is using spectrum as a bargaining chip in the ongoing telecoms liberalization talks is creating unease. A senior Government official is urging serious considerations now for the auctioning of spectrum for the industry. He said that it will be a perfect opportunity for Government to show that it is serious about getting the best deal for Guyana. Currently, the two licensed players are GTT and Digicel. With internet and host of other services rapidly growing in demand, there has been growing urgency at the same time for other companies to enter the market. The problem is that GTT has since the early 90s, on paper, the monopoly on landlines and international calls. Government has to engage that company before other investors are allowed in. With landlines the cheapest and most stable way for internet connectivity, the industry has been virtually stalled while awaiting the telecoms liberalization talks. In fact, Digicel has made it clear that it wants to land its own submarine cable, which would bring down bandwidth prices and improve quality. Currently, GTT is facing pressure to improve its internet quality. It moved from dial-up to DSL, branding the latter as ‘Emagine’. However, that service seemed to have been giving trouble with ‘Blaze’ now being introduced.Thousands of persons are still paying almost the same price for slower ‘Emagine’ as the new kid on the block, the faster ‘Blaze’. In September last year, GTT was ordered by the regulator, the Public Utilities Com-

mission (PUC), to roll out 350 new landlines every quarter after a seeming slowdown in investments in this area by the company. Several new housing schemes have been complaining bitterly of being without landlines despite waiting for years.Guyana, in July 2016, passed critical new telecoms legislation, paving the way for the Coalition Government to end the GTT monopoly. Government had tagged a mid-year deadline in 2017 to end that monopoly. That deadline has been pushed back time and again. It appears that liberalization now would not happen until 2020.On Friday, Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes, said that the ‘talks are progressing’ and will be concluded before 2020, the year when the next general election is constitutionally due. Last Friday marked three years since the Coalition Government was elected on campaign promises that included the liberalization of the telecommunications sector.The talks between the Ministry and the Guyana Revenue Authority and GTT have been centering tax matters. Now it seems that GTT is insisting that it wants to secure a spectrum deal before the talks conclude. Government is awaiting an official proposal from the telephone company for consideration. Negotiations with GTT started in December 2016. Government was mindful of the implications that would result from giving special treatment to GTT. In fact, Hughes had indicated that any concession granted to GTT will be offered to all operators in the sector. Several countries have been going the route of auctioning the spectrums for telecoms companies. The reason for this is that

there are limited frequencies available in each country. Governments are therefore under pressure which companies to give out those spectrums, making it an expensive bargaining chip on the negotiation table. Spectrum auction is said to be a process where a government uses an auction system to sell the rights (licences) to transmit signals over specific bands of the electromagnetic spectrum and to assign scarce spectrum resources. Rather than rely on Government to assess the merits of competing firms’ business plans, an auction forces telecoms companies to put their “money where their mouths are” when they make their bids. An auction is more transparent, and gives rise to less political controversy when compared to other allocation mechanisms, since there is no room for subjectivity in assessing whether an undertaking accomplishes criteria for allocation.Several countries have gone the way of auctions for its spectrums. These include Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and of course, the United States of America. Auctions usually raise important sums of money provided there is competition among many bidders. With a hot debate now ongoing over how Guyana is negotiating with investors, especially against criticisms over the ExxonMobil contract, the liberalization talks are expected to take front stage.In the meantime, the two companies, both GTT and Digicel, have been cashing in on the market, with millions of dollars being transferred ever so often to pay the parent companies and others.


he Financial Intelli gence Unit (FIU) should be clear about just what is involved in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA). The FIU has been established as an autonomous body and should not allow

itself to be communicating financial information to a highly politicized arm of the State. The Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Act allows the FIU to enter into agreement with domestic agencies in order to share information.

But that section contemplates the sharing of information for reporting and investigative purposes which means that it either has to be of a general nature or is communicated as part of an investigation. In relation to the former, it can, for example, refer to the level of suspicious transac-

CH&PA issues over 3,000 warnings to home owners The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), through the recently implemented Ranger Programme, within the last two months, issued 3050 warnings to residents in communities on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD).The Agency stated that it is pleased with what the Ranger programme has been able to accomplish. The CH&PA management said that 2,229 of the 3050 warnings were issued in April, while 313 were written warnings, some of which were issued in March. Contravention notices were also issued. While going through the communities, CH&PA dealt with several issues. Some of the issues were dumping of construction materials on the roadways and parapets; blocking interlocking drains with building materials; parking storage containers on parapets; and dumping of derelict vehicle and garbage on parapets.CH&PA stated that a significant percentage of the residents that were warned have complied, while others are refusing to adhere to the warnings. It said that it is currently working with them to remedy the situation. Officials from the CH&PA said that they were able to

CHPA ranger in operation (CHPA image) obtain photographic evidence from residents in the community of a garbage truck dumping garbage in one of the communities. CH&PA said that it will be making contact with the garbage company to address the matter. In addition, persons from several housing schemes have been reaching out to CH&PA via Facebook to make complaints of violations. Persons have also visited and called the office to make complaints. The agency is calling on residents living in communities under its purview to adhere to the clauses agreed to

in their agreements of sale, titles, and transports. The CH&PA said that the Rangers will only be working in housing schemes that were not handed over to Town Councils or Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC). For communities that were handed over, the CH&PA has advised residents to take their complaints to the relevant Town Councils or NDC to have them addressed. The Central Housing and Planning Authority said that it is grateful to the public for its support of the recently implemented Rangers Programme.


SARA find some overseas accounts Is only time. Dem boys know dat de day woulda come when Brazzy and Ashni would tell SOCU dem ain’t coming back fuh no more questioning. Things was going good. SOCU get de two people to come home because if dem didn’t come, de same SOCU woulda seek extradition. Once dat happen, dem two man woulda sit down in jail in de States till dem get send home. And when dem come home was more jail. Suh dem come fuh de trial. Now de Chat-3 seh dat SOCU want Brazzy and Ashni to investigate demself. Dem boys seh dat knowing how smart dem two man smart, dem would never find


Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

anything. But what is surprising is dat as soon as dem two come home, SOCU sister company SARA suddenly find stolen assets overseas. Everybody know dat dem had people who was thiefing things and smuggling dem out of de country. Some people use dem local banks to transfer money and some fetch out money in briefcase. But as dem boys seh, “Is only time.” People was helping Guyana search fuh de money. Dem was people who could trace anything. Dat is how dem now find de money. De big thing is to find out is who. Of course, money in a bank got to belong to somebody.

People might use a wrang name or a number but when all is said and done, is dem account. SARA know who own what and in which bank de money deh. One former Minister use to send de money to he mudda bank account till de Feds decide to ask she some questions. She claim how she son is a Minister and he sell couple things. De others don’t have muddas but some of dem got sisters. Is only time before dem same sisters run way wid de money and lef dem hollering. Is only time. Talk half and wait fuh SARA expose de situation.

tions within the financial system. In relation to the latter, FIU must be of the opinion that the information shared is of evidential value to an investigation. The responsibilities of the FIU relate to the collection of information, the analyzing and compiling of such information and its dissemination. In terms of prosecution, the FIU has to deal with the prosecuting agencies of the State which is the police. The Special Organized Crime Unit is part of the police and therefore it is for the Commissioner of Police to forward reports, which may lead to prosecution, to the SOCU. SARA is empowered to investigate the misappropriation of misuse of state assets, including its theft and use in corruption. SARA has the powers also to approach the courts to recovery stolen state assets or to freeze assets which it feels may have been stolen. SARA’s role in FIU-instigated investigations should generally only occur after

prosecution and conviction. If the court finds that persons or agencies have been complicit in diverting or misappropriate state assets, this is a license for SARA to undertake action to recover those assets. The highly politicized nature of the unit however presents some dangers since its powers can be used for persecution rather than prosecution. The FIU should be aware of the criticisms, which are being made against the Special Organized Crime Unit. That Unit is said to be undertaking a political witch-hunt. It has already muddied its reputation following an incident in which a solider was used to undertake surveillance of the home of someone. That solider, who should not have been involved in that operation, and his wife were both killed after the vehicle in which they were travelling crashed. The report of the Board of Inquiry into that incident

has not yet been made public nor has there been any report of disciplinary proceedings into the matter. SARA has not yet repossessed a single public asset since its establishment. But its excuse is that it was waiting for its work to be strengthened via legislation. The FIU should therefore approach with caution the information it shares with SARA. The FIU is duty bound to protect the confidentiality of the information in its possession but may share that information for the purposes of prosecution or investigation. However, it is unreasonable and risky to ask the FIU to be sharing information with SARA unless that information is in such a state as to lead to either prosecution of the recovery of state assets.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018


GHK Lall thinks he’s a lollapalooza; he’s a lollygag


he frequent letterwriter, GHK Lall,‘ must have a gargantuan dislike (or hatred) for the Kaieteur News. In my 23 years of writing for the KN, I have noticed that 99.9 percent of those who support or criticize me do so in a letter of response in the Kaieteur News. Some would also send their letters to other newspapers. But since their concern arises out of a matter in the KN, they logically send their thoughts to the KN. The 0.1 percent represents GHK Lall. He takes issue with my analyses, opinions, beliefs, judgments and conclusions by way of the Stabroek News. His latest fulmination is a response to my column of April 29 captioned; “Many stayed and endured; that is sacrifice.” It is about certain types of diaspora Guyanese who stayed away long and have come back and displaced many locals whose qualifications are on par with them. Lall’s letter is published in the Stabroek News under the title; “Genuine diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable, invaluable quality back to the table of Guyana” (May

11).In his usual verbose style, he resorts to his so-called reach of Naipaulian prose to criticize me. The prose is mixed with scurrilous, gutter-like descriptions, a habit he so glowingly condemns in other Guyanese but is so pyrotechnically manifest in his own mentality. Here is an extract of his venom, the very venom he is so fond of detecting in the society and chastising the society for; “There are those few members of the diaspora who toil ceaselessly... this is enraging to the narrowminded primitives, who like things just the way they have always been. This spoils their monopoly over negativity. Many resentful locals are aware of this and do their damnedest to denounce what is interpreted as a threatening presence. “The one-eyed men in a blind man’s land work feverishly to maintain their status quo; having backed themselves into immovable corners through locked minds, there are neither personal visions nor willingness to give way to new ones.” But wait a minute. Here is what GHK Lall says about Parliament. I ask readers to

note the repellant semantics. And I remind readers that this same GHK Lall writes five letters a week in Stabroek News denouncing inelegant debates in Guyana. Read this now; “…lift parliament (raucous, retarded, and recidivist) out of its longstanding cesspool into a place of respect, appreciation….” Note the word from this so-called purist – “cesspool.” Now for my rejoinder to the letter itself. GHK Lall is dishonest when he replied failing deliberately to represent accurately the essential point of that April 29 column. My point then and now is that many diaspora members come to Guyana to receive after the best days of their lives were given to other countries; those days are over and they come here to show off on us. Our leaders in power tolerate and encourage this abomination. In that April 29 article, I never said one bad or wrong word about diaspora returnees who come to invest. These are unsung heroes that we must always admire. They bring youth, energy and money. They invest in a country that is a failed land. I

meet them all the time, as recent as last week when I visited the auto-electrician on Middleton Street. These unknown people come back to their birthplace and set up shop manufacturing and producing things for the local market.That is not the type of diaspora returnees I have denounced and will continue to criticize. And yes, let me repeat what I penned in a previous column last year; it was an insult to award Adam Harris and Dr. Mark Kirton with an AA and assign CCH to Dr. Ivelaw Griffith. Had that been done to me, the award would have been rejected with trenchant semantics.

Imagine President Jagdeo gave our highest order – Order of Excellence – to Dr. Compton Bourne. For what? You tell me. My contestation is that they are diaspora returnees (of which GHK Lall is one) who have spent over forty years giving their talent, skills and time to other countries and when they are close to retirement or have retired they come here looking for top paying jobs. And you know what? They get it. If GHK Lall were trained as a researcher, he would study the statistics. The statistics shows that almost ninety percent of those who

Frederick Kissoon come back looking for jobs during the Jagdeo/Ramotar era and now the Granger period are in the age group of 58 to 75, and their period outside of Guyana is always around thirty-five to forty years. Just make a check of the age returnees since May 2015.

Rice exports to Cuba double by first crop

Rice being loaded last year for Cuba.


or the period of January-April, 2018, Guyana exported 139,501 metric tonnes of paddy, rice, and rice by-products, equivalent to US $57.7M. This surpasses 2017’s export of 120,811 metric tonnes worth US $47M. This has been credited to new markets in Mexico and Cuba. General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Nizam Hassan, noted that Guyana had not exported to the Cuban market for a number of years. However, the amount now being exported has increased by more than one hundred percent. “In 2017, we exported 15,512 tonnes, which was supplied from just one miller-

exporter (Nand Persaud and Company Limited). Thus far, we have two millers that have been given contracts to export to Cuba. So far, for this year, we have exported 37,418 tonnes valued at US$18.9M and we still have more to send. We definitely have already more than 100 percent over the 2017 figures.” He further credited the new markets for the increase in exports and production. Hassan added that with the projected increase of consumption, there has been increased production activity. “These two markets have helped the exports to grow as well as to stimulate interest that has encouraged the farmers to return to cultivation. The FAO has reported that the global

consumption of rice is projected to increase in 2018, and with that, we’re seeing some amount of increased activity on the production level also the interest by the millers. And this is, of course followed by the export of paddy, rice and its byproducts.” The GRDB says it has heightened efforts to further garner more markets for farmers, millers, and the stakeholders involved the industry by introducing a new rice variety. ‘GRDB 15’ can give as much as 20 percent more than the current high yielding variety ‘GRDB 10’ which means more bags per acre. After seven years of research, the GRDB officially unveiled the ‘GRDB 15’ in April this year.

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Bartica couple, others arrested in gun seizures

The unlicensed shotgun and 25 cartridges


bout 01:10hrs on Sunday, police ranks on a mobile p a t r o l i n ‘ A’ D i v i s i o n arrested an occupant of a public transportation vehicle after an unlicensed

.38 revolver with five live rounds was found on his person, during a search of the vehicle at Sussex and Smyth Streets. Meanwhile, about 01:10hrs. the same day,

police in ‘C’ Division arrested a 33-year-old labourer of South Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. At the time, he was at Victoria Road, Plaisance, with an unlicensed .32 revolver

The unlicensed .38 and five rounds with two live rounds and a spent shell concealed in his crotch. An improvised pistol was also found in a haversack he had. Additionally, police in ‘F’

The unlicensed .32 revolver, two live rounds and the improvised pistol found

Division on Sunday about 10:45hrs, detained a 38-yearold housewife of Carabese Hill, Bartica and subsequently her 42-yearold husband following the discovery of an unlicensed

single barrel shotgun and 25 live cartridges at their mining camp, located at Big Hope Backdam, Waini River. The suspects are all currently being processed for court.

Minister Lawrence calls for an end to inequitable nursing Although nursing, from time immemorial, has been regarded as a noble and outstanding profession, there are some nurses who do not demonstrate a passion for what they do. This observation was recently made by Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence, as she addressed nurses at the Department of Public Health’s Nurses Day Celebration recently held in Mahaica-Berbice. At the event held under the theme: “Nurses a voice to lead – health is a human right”, the Minister was especially vocal about her perception of some practising nurses. “It seems as though you are led to believe that you just happen to be seems as though you are always

Nurses must help to transform the delivery of health care, Minister Lawrence asserts.

Minister Volda Lawrence addressing the nurses under someone’s shadow, [but] you are a nurse and that is a profession you have chosen,” said Minister Lawrence. Even as the Minister re-

minded her audience that nursing is a vocation they chose with the objective of lending support, she underscored the importance for

them to ensure that their patients are comfortable and that they provide the utmost care and help to alleviate pain and suffering. But according to the Public Health Minister, “the general impression from all quarters is that our nursing sector has a disconnect, and all we need to do is follow some of you on Facebook...” The Minister shared her observation that “nurses seem to be operating differently as you move from one administrative region to the next. The service offered in some instances leaves much to be desired, and then when you go to another place the service offered is above that is the disconnection that I am talking about.” “Admittedly some of you are performing exceptionally well, some beyond the call of duty; some are striving to provide care and service of the highest quality while we have some who give us the impression ‘what come suh do’...” But according to the Minister, under her tenure, “I can assure you this Minister will call ‘a spade a spade’ and everybody will be treated equally. What is good for the

goose will be good for the gander,” asserted the Minister. Minister Lawrence called on the nurses to collaborate to improve the delivery of service in the health care system. “I need to ensure that if I am in Region Four and I stop at a health centre, the service I get there when I come to Region Five...I must get the same service. Irrespective of where I am in Guyana, the same service must be provided to our people.” The Minister charged the nurses to not only embrace the profession but “be proud of your profession and do not be a shadow in any of the facilities that you are placed but rather I expect that you will stand out and standup...always be the best at what you are.” She added, “Wherever we left those wonderful tenets of working and serving, we have to go back and find them. We have to bring those back so that just as how I am proud to be an accountant, I want you to be proud of being a nurse and more so I want you to stand out as a Guyanese as we have done for many, many years.” As she stressed the importance of nurses, Lawrence

amplified the pioneering role of Florence Nightingale in the profession. “I would like her and what she did to be your inspiration; I want you to capture the energy with which she toiled for those entrusted in her care, and transform that spirit of commitment and perseverance into building the momentum that will transcend all challenges and issues in order to transform and revolutionise the nursing fraternity in Guyana. In other words, I’m saying nurses you have what it takes but you don’t use what you have...” Government, according to Minister Lawrence, has a mandate to ensure that the nation enjoys the benefits of a better health care system. Moreover, at the Ministry of Public Health it has long been recognised that nurses are the medium through which this vision must be pursued. “You are the bulwark upon which the whole health care system reposes; you are the ones who can make things happen so I call on you to step up, to restructure, to rebuild the system with renewed energy as you and I pursue the goals of achieving better health care for the people of Guyana,” urged Minister Lawrence.

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Probe cleared ... WANT

SERVICES PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION, W E D D I N G S , ANNIVERSARY, ETC. CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Visa Application: U.S.A, Canada & UK;Guyanapassport application. G r a p h i c s design, advertisement. Tel: 626-7040; 265-4535.

FOR SALE LARGE QUANTITIES OF HIGH PURITY MERCURY (QUICK SILVER) 99.99995% PURITY$19,000 PER POUND CALL: 592-227-4754. (1) One Bobcat miniexcavator model#322. Contact: 5005923/676-8764 Combines 7300 John Deere , Fiatagri L413 (2500hrs), Laverda 132 & Tractors: Massey 399, Fiat 110/90, Ford 6610, 290 Massey# 695-2220/ 338-4354




Experienced Drivers,Cashiers, Roti/Puri cooks, Handyboys. Apply Hack’s Halaal with H/ written application 5 Commerce St.

Prime Office on Camp Street, next to Shell gas station #6447724/639-4499/622-9560. Prime Business Place 1680 Sq Ft located at 36 Grove Public Road EBD. Contact No: 2662605/672-8017 To rent 2 bedroom apartment Middle road La-Penitence $50,000 monthly. Contact: 666-9534 (1) 3 bedroom house in Herstelling EBD furnish or unfurnished. Call Farah: 6848223 Newly built & painted.

ICONIC MARKETING & PRINTING –TEL: 6004212: We create A/works, logos, busi ness cards, posters, etc, placements of ads included. Freezing Point Refrigeration & Electrical Service- regasing fridge, freezer, repair dryer & washer AC.Lot 114 Friendship EBD. Tel#2740755/613-1711

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Land of Canaan: Water & Lights $5M per acre Schnoord 50x100-$3M Durban 60x245ft $45M. Call: 231-2199/618-7483

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EDUCATION Electronic course, Practical beginning 1st June. Learn to fix flat screen TV’s etc. Abdul Electronics. 225-0391/2266551 CSEC 2018 special offer, Diploma in computers, 9 courses $40,000 computerized accounting $40,000. MicroGraphics Vreed-en-hoop #264-3057 Study in Canada/US 100% acceptance limited space, MicroGraphics #264-3057 TOLET (1) bedroom apartment, living room and bathroom 294 Fourth field, Cummings Lodge. Call:222-0401, preferably UG students

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Vacancy for an real estate agent $35,000 stipend plus commission. Text shawn #618-7483 Vacancy @ Natural Beauty Salon & Spa for a experienced Nail Technician, if interested please call: 652-5800


TAXI SERVICE GR TAXI SERVICE. CALL: 219-5000; 227-1982 & 2257878 (24HRS)

Retail Supervisors with 2 years tertiary education, experience is an asset. Apply to Survival, 173 Sheriff St, Campbellville. Porters, Drivers & Office clerks @ Survival Lot 10 Bond. Tel# 227-7580/626-7726

From page 13 command of the operations in the trail. “Operation Restore Order was set to intercept and apprehend the criminals operating in the area.” According to the retired Lieutenant Colonel, when he went into the area, the Joint Service Operation was already present. He told the Commission that as part of their duties, two teams of army ranks accompanied by the police conducted surveillance along the trails. Warde recalled that there were a number of patrols, and river and airmobile surveillance. The former army officer also spoke of his encounter with Dwayne Williams— the teen member of the Rawlins gang, who is said to have witnessed the Lusignan and Bartica Massacres, the shootouts at Christmas Falls, Goat Farm and The Lindo Creek killings. The witness testified that Williams' story corroborated the evidence gathered from the crime scene at Lindo Creek. He recalled speaking to the lad at Ituni Police Station. “He said that Fine Man shot one of the men and that

he was crawling on the ground… He said that Rawlins took a hammer and smacked the guy in the head.” The officers claimed that when the skulls and ashes of the burnt miners were retrieved from Lindo Creek, indeed one skull had a hole in it, which is consistent with the story Dwayne Williams told investigators. Police Detective Rodwell Sarabo was also called to the stand yesterday. He told the Commission that he only witnessed the taking of the statement of Dwayne Williams, back in 2008. By the end of yesterday's proceedings, lawyers representing the GDF, Roysdale Forde and Leslie Sobers made another request for Williams to make an appearance before the COI. “We would like to have his response to questions in real time.” The lawyers said they will be satisfied to hear him speak even if it's via Skype. Wi l l i a m s w h o w a s also charged for the mass murders is said to be in the protective custody of the police pending his court trial.

Guyana not short ... From page 7 of corruption is public officials. That is not the case colleagues. Corruption is everybody’s business because it takes away from the resource base of the state which invests in its citizens by way of education, improvement of infrastructure and utilities,” Wills noted. He stated that Guyana is obligated to fight corruption under several int ernational conventions. Deputy-Director, State Ass e t s R e c o v e r y A g e n c y, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer said the international community has adopted a stern posture towards corruption, therefore it is imperative that this country follows suit. “It is much easier to close the door on corrup-

tion than going after stolen wealth. We are in the process of doing that. It is costing us a lot of money and a lot of time,” HeathRetemyer added. Over the years, Guyana adopted a pervasive attitude towards corruption, which stifled development in a number of sectors, he pointed out, “Between the years 2010 and 2014, HeathRetemyer said that some $35 Billion was lost as a result of procurement fraud, while an overwhelming $100 billion was diverted to the “underground economy.” “Without that oil coming off the shores of Guyana, what we have now, what we been experiencing for years, we could make this a far better country than what it is,” he stated.

Regional sugar companies ... From page 19 distortions, which is having such a devastating impact on the region's sugar producers.” SAC also disclosed that its Cane Breeding Station, located in Barbados, is world class in its research activities. “This recognition has resulted in expanded membership to include four sugar companies from Florida and one from the Dominican Re-

public. This has resulted in an expansion of activities at the Station and it continues to supply a number of sugar companies all over the world with planting materials.” Guyana's sugar industry is currently undergoing major changes, including the closure of four estates. A number of proposals are on the table for the sale of the estates.

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Barbados (Barbados Nation) - John and Larissa Jackson have never been able to pick up the pieces of their lives after the gruesome death of their 16-year-old daughter Anna Druzhinina ten years ago. Now they are grieving all over again after finding out last week that the Caribbean Court of Justice reduced the 25-year sentence of one of her killers, Teerath Persaud, to 18 years. Omar McColin, his partner-in-crime had received 16 years from the Supreme Court. Speaking from their home in Spain, John said after the 2008 crime in which Anna was bound and gagged, a wire placed around her neck and then hanged from a rafter, he thought her killers would re-


Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 15, 2018

ceive the maximum sentence. “After what he [Persaud] did, I thought there would not be any question of it. To take a little girl’s life, an innocent child just 16 – to torture her; to degrade her. How could I think anything otherwise than that they would throw the book at these people? “I knew Persaud would never get hanged because Barbados doesn’t hang people, but I truly expected, with the abhorrence of normal human beings against such an animal that would just torture and kill a little girl, there would be no question in anybody’s mind this man needs locking up forever.” John said the crime had taken a toll on Larissa, 46, a Russian nurse whom he met and married when Anna, her

Larissa Jackson with her daughter Anna Druzhinina. (GP) only child, was seven years old. “At the moment, she’s virtually disabled and she can only stay alive on drugs,”

Jackson said of his wife. “She needed brain surgery and she couldn’t get it because of our financial situation so they did an operation

Erosion compromises Blue Berry Hill Bridge ...Regional Officials to meet regarding situation


ajor stakehold ers across Re gion Ten are expected to meet today at the Regional Democratic Council office to decide on the requisite action to be taken regarding the Bridge linking Blueberry Hill and Cholomondley Hill. The area surrounding the bridge has suffered massive erosion with the recent heavy and incessant rainfall. The structure has also been compromised. Yesterday morning, Councillors from both the RDC and Linden Mayor and

Town Council visited the area to assess the damage. Councillor Gordon Callender of the RDC concluded that the bridge needs fixing like yesterday. Callender said that he was at home when he received a call from residents of Blue Berry Hill concerning the heavy erosion and the threat it poses to the bridge. “They indicated that there were some se r i o u s breaches at the bridge. They asked me to contact the Regional Chairman and inform him about the situation. This thing calls for im-

mediate remedying yesterday.” Callender said that residents are also calling on the relevant authorities to close the bridge to heavy vehicular traffic until the situation is rectified. Regional Chairman Rennis Morian was out of the district, but is expected to meet with the relevant stakeholders today to decide on urgent intervention. Echoing those very sentiments was works Committee Chairman of the RDC, Charles Sampson. “Residents of Blue Berry

Hill can expect immediate action by the Regional officials to remedy this situation because we don’t want further deterioration”. The Blue Berry Hill and adjacent Cholomondley Hill areas are susceptible to heavy erosion especially during the rainy season given the mostly sandy terrain. The bridge linking the two communities serve as an important link to many locations, including the Wismar Christianburg Secondary School, St Aidan’s Primary School and the Upper Demerara Hospital.

Sentenced reduced by CCJ: Teerath Peraud and fit her with an electronic part so now she gets continuous medication pumped into her body with a tube.” A few years after Anna’s death, the heartbroken couple left Barbados for England, John’s birthplace, before settling in Spain after Larissa got critically sick. “We lost everything. I worked all of my life at Palmers farming before I opened the store. Everything I worked for disappeared the day we got on a plane and left Barbados five years ago,” said John, who lived there for 35 years. His son Simon now operates So-Lo while another son died two years ago of leukaemia. He also has a 26 yearold daughter who lives in England. John sobbed uncontrollably as he recalled the night of the gruesome crime. “We knew something was wrong because when we got home, the house was in darkness. Larissa went up the

stairs first and then suddenly there were flames running across the floor. I just ran into the room and tried to stamp it out. I was stamping out the flames and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Anna lying on the bed. I said, ‘Anna, what are you doing?’ And she didn’t answer. “When I got the flames out, I sat on the bed and that was when I saw that her hands and feet were tied and a cloth was around her neck. “She was lying face down on the bed and when I turned her over, there was blood in her eyes. I put her face against mine and she was still warm but I knew she was dead. “Larissa ran into the room screaming that the house was on fire but all I could do was hug Anna and cry. I said, ‘Larissa, they’ve killed her; they’ve killed Anna’. “She looked at me and she just went crazy. I sat with Anna in my arms and I truly thought, God just let me die – let the house burn down.” The couple was also shocked when they later discovered that the two men were hiding in the house the whole time. Of Anna’s death, he said Persaud did it to punish them. “Anna’s father had committed suicide when she was a toddler and that is what hurts. Persaud knew this and he killed Anna in the same way by hanging her at the top of the staircase.” He said the only comfort in the sordid scenario was the fond memories he and his wife had of Anna. (MB)

Lindener gets 10 years Police confirm wanted for unlawful killing husband’s death

Justice Sandil Kissoon yesterday jailed a Linden man for 10 years after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter, accepting that he unlawfully killed someone. The man Renard Romain, 41, appeared yesterday at the High Court in Georgetown where he was arrainged on a murder charge. The indictment against him alleged that on January 2, 2015 at Empire Mining Incorporated, Upper Demerara, he murdered Sibert Moore called ‘Coolie Boy’. Romain who was represented by Attorney-at-law Sonia Parag opted to plead guilty to the lesser offence manslaughter. As a result, Justice Kissoon sentenced him to serve a term of imprisonment of 10 years. In arriving at a sentence for Romain, Justice Kissoon started at a base of 25 years. The judge, however deducted a total of 15 years, after considering the mitigating factor presented by Parag and also her client’s early guilty plea. Parag informed the court that her client is a father of four and had ventured into the interior to gain employment. The lawyer disclosed that Moore was in the habit of taunting her client and that the incident was unfortunate. When given a chance to address the court, Romain begged for leniency and constantly said he was sorry for his actions.

JAILED: Renard Romain State Counsel Mandel Moore presented the case for the prosecution. The prosecutor told the court that on the day of the fatality, Romain and Moore were involved in a heated argument. According to the prosecutor, Romain who was armed with a knife chased after Moore who was armed with a length of wood. At some stage of the confrontation, Romain stabbed Moore about the body causing him to fall to the ground. The injured man was picked up and rushed to the Mackenzie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Barbados (Barbados Nation)- Five days after his body was laid to rest in a private ceremony, police late Saturday confirmed the death of 47-year-old David DaCosta King, who was being sought by them for the April 14 killing of his wife Onica. The 36-year-old Guyanese nail technician was stabbed to death at her Swan Street store in full view of her children nearly a month ago. Four days later, the body of a male was discovered lodged in the rocks along the inner careenage in an advanced state of decomposition. That body was later identified by a family member as King’s, and, on completion of a postmortem, was handed over to his family. He was laid to rest in a private ceremony at the Christ Church Parish Church cemetery on Monday after his late wife’s body was interred in her native Guyana last week.

Killed: Onica King


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Tuesday May 15, 2018

T&T’s National Security Minister gives Agency directive to spy on cops (Trinidad Guardian) Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon is taking a not so novel approach to keeping members of the T&T Police Service on their Ps and Qs on the job. In response to complaints over the years about police officers who may possibly be involved in illegal activities, Dillon has reportedly ordered members of the elite Strategic Services Agency (SSA) to monitor the activities of officers on the job. The T&T Guardian understands that Dillon gave the direct instructions to the SSA since December. They have been ordered to focus their efforts on first responders, crime scene investigators and elite units within the T&T Police Service (TTPS). Speaking to the T&T Guardian under strict anonymity, an SSA officer said: “They have their work cut out for them.” Police officers from the Central Division are on top of


Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams the SSA’s list at the moment, the officer said. “There is too much evidence against police officers, much of which alleges that they are heavily involved in gang and drug-related activities,” the SSA source said. “We have been going to communities, especially where shootings and murders take place and gathering intelligence. You would be shocked to know the things we are getting on the police.”

He said the recent spate of shootings in the Western Division, including murders and drive-by shootings, are also on their radar. “We also go to the Forensic Science Centre to gather whatever information and evidence we can. We also pay close attention to police shootings where there are fatalities reported.” In the past two weeks, the SSA has also been engaged in probes into the shootout

T&T’s National Security Minister Edmund Dillon between two police officers at Grand Bazaar, Valsayn; the incident involving a Latino woman wearing a senior police officer’s uniform in a station and a police vehicle appearing in a music video glorifying marijuana use. The move comes after a restructuring exercise within the SSA in November 2017, after the proclamation of the SSA Act 2016. The act expanded the mandate of the agency from intelligence-

gathering in the fight against drug trafficking to include that of serious crime. In that exercise, all staffers were subjected to robust security screening and an evaluation process to determine their suitability to continue as part of the organisation. During phase one, 17 employees were asked to undergo polygraph testing, after which they were told to resign and re-apply for their jobs. They were not informed of the results of the polygraph tests. The SSA source said since that exercise, the officers who remained in the SSA were given strict instructions to do “more groundwork.” Contacted on this latest development yesterday, TTPS’ Social and Welfare Association president Michael Seales admitted that they had heard talk and discussion on the SSA’s involvement in this activity, but said the association welcomes it. He, however, noted that

one must be careful that those investigations “do not convert into witchhunts.” Seales said up to last Saturday the association was given potential information which suggests that senior officers in particular divisions are conducting investigations of their own against police officers. He noted with concern that information that comes to the SSA in its raw form should be passed on to officers of the Professional Standards Bureau. “The association wants to see action taken against persons who are involved in criminality. It is a worrying situation and we welcome it once it culminates into eradicating officers who are intent on wrongdoing,” Seales said. Efforts to reach acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and Dillon yesterday for comment were unsuccessful as they did not answer their cellphones.


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Tuesday May 15, 2018

Guyanese entrepreneur awarded Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence


ounder of the Eureka Medical Laboratory (EML) William Andrew Boyle, has been awarded the Anthony S Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, in the field of entrepreneurship, at its first award ceremony to be staged in Jamaica on Saturday at the Pegasus hotel. The ceremony also included a performance by famed Jamaican singer, Tessanne Chin, who rendered her song “Try”. In accepting the award, Boyle recalled his origins in a remote region of Berbice, and urged the audience to “don’t forget how to dream”, as dreams had brought him to the success he enjoys. Boyle’s mother was present along with large contingents of their families. In the late 1980s, working for the University of Guyana, and at the Georgetown Hospital Tropical Diseases Laboratory as a medical microbiologist, Mr. Boyle noticed the lack of adequate and highquality medical laboratory services in his country. To meet this need, the EML was formed in 1995. The Caribbean Awards have been in existence since 2005, and this was its tenth

ceremony. The programme was initiated by the late Trinidadian entrepreneur, Dr Anthony N Sabga in 2005. Laureates in the areas of arts and letters, entrepreneurship, science and technology, and public and civic contributions are given half-million TT dollars, a medal and citation. The winners are nominated by country committees and selected by a regional panel chaired by Sir Shridath Ramphal, and containing representatives from all the territories covered: Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, the OECS and Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. A. Norman Sabga, who succeeded his father as patron of the awards, is Chairman of the ANSA McAL Group of companies and the ANSA McAL Foundation, which hosts the ceremony, spoke of the group’s commitment to continue the initiative. He also lauded the resiliency and determination of the Jamaican people, and expressed his great pleasure to host a ceremony in that country. This year’s laureates included Jamaican Kei Miller, a poet and novelist who has won prestigious prizes, like the OCM Bocas Prize in 2017

From left: William Andrew Boyle of Guyana (Entrepreneurship), Noel and Chevaughn Joseph of Trinidad & Tobago (Public & Civic Contributions), Kei Miller of Jamaica (Arts & Letters), Dr Adesh Ramsubhag of Trinidad & Tobago (Science & Technology) in Trinidad, and the Forward Prize for poetry in 2014 in the UK. Three Jamaicans, Prof Terrence Forrester, Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon, and Mrs. Claudette Richardson-Pious had been inducted in 2006 and 2008. Miller, in accepting the

GNBS to create Certification Programme for Oil and Gas Sector


he Guyana National Bureau of Stan dards (GNBS), in collaboration with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, will be engaging with oil operators and potential contractors to develop a Safe To Work (STOW) certification programme for the oil and gas sector. According to GNBS Director, Candelle Walcott-Bostwick, the team from the Energy Chamber will visit in June to share their experience of implementing the STOW-TT Certification Programme; and to determine if a similar programme can be created locally. Walcott-Bostwick believes the consultation with oil operators in Guyana will be useful since the agreed upon requirements will cater for Health, Safety and Environmental measures that will have to be attained by contractors before they can be certified. “Once they are STOW certified, it will give them that prequalification to be eligible for selection”, Walcott-Bostwick explained. The GNBS official said the initiative will give regulators in the local energy service sector the opportunity to collaborate and execute joint Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) inspections to ensure full compliance by local operators.

Director of GNBS, Candelle Walcott-Bostwick. In 2004, the STOW-TT certification programme was implemented in Trinidad, after the Energy Chamber received several complaints from its members in the energy service sector, on challenges experienced in meeting the HSE requirements.

awarded, spoke of his awakening as a writer in the pages of Trinidadian Earl Lovelace’s novel, The Wine of Astonishment, where a preacher realized his duty to guide his flock, after their religion was criminalized by the colonial authorities. “I was born in 1996 in the pages of this novel,” said Miller, which he said had shown him the duty of writers: to remind people of who they are. He also mentioned a small controversy over an essay he recently published in the Jamaican publication, ‘Pree’, and the criticism that erupted. His lesson from this, he said,

was a reminder that part of the writer’s duty included “love”. In accepting the prize, Trinidadian Chevaughn Joseph spoke her foundation being her “mission from God,” to bring comfort to sick and afflicted children. The JBF intends to begin its mission of taking its foundation regional in Jamaica. Another 2018 laureate was Trinidadian geneticist, Dr Adesh Ramsubhag. Ramsubhag spoke of his journey from a rural agricultural village in south Trinidad to being a UWI geneticist. He is now on the verge of making breakthrough discoveries in novel pharmaceuticals, and

new antibiotics, and he urged that more emphasis be given to scientific research. In accepting their awards, all the laureates expressed gratitude and admiration for the regional scope of the awards scheme, and all pledged to continue their efforts on a regional scale, which the awards had given them the platform and the resources to do. These inductions bring the number of people recognised by the ANSA Caribbean Awards for Excellence to 35. The award ceremony was broadcast throughout the region.


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Tuesday May 15, 2018

Tuesday May 15, 2018


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Mark Waugh to give up... Zverev powers past Thiem to From page 34 what many were thinking after Waugh offered a thinly veiled criticism of Glenn Maxwell on one broadcast by saying of D’Arcy Short: “Haven’t seen him play a reverse sweep, have we in six games? I think some of the other batsmen around the country, take note.” “I know he puts himself into a little bit of a conflict of interest by being a commentator as well, [but] I don’t think that’s the forum to discuss anything like that,” Graf told SEN Radio last summer. “Maybe ‘Junior’ should concentrate on his special comments but not maybe talk as much in relation to the selection side of things.” The Olympic hockey player and respected coach

Ric Charlesworth, a state cricketer for western Australia in the 1970s and ’80s, raised the issue of Waugh’s conflict in a 2016 book. Charlesworth is a mentor to the new Australian coach Justin Langer. “Another boundary that seems to have been crossed in cricket is that of selection,’’ Charlesworth wrote in World’s Best. “One of the Australian selectors, Mark Waugh, appears on television as an expert commentator and gives opinions on form and performance... this appears an extraordinary conflict of interest. Many of the traditional boundaries are being crossed and there is increasing pressure for coaches and players to ‘come out’ of the game dur-

ing the contest and sponsors, broadcasters and producers drive this behaviour.’’ Given to following his instincts rather than relying overly on numbers, Waugh made a mark upon the final squad-selection he has been involved in, choosing Nic Maddinson for the T20 leg of the England tour even though the former state captain had been left out of the New South Wales contract list for next season. Waugh’s signature with Fox Sports joins those of Isa Guha, Mel Jones, Adam Gilchrist, Michael Hussey and Michael Vaughan. Seven, meanwhile, have signed Ricky Ponting. Nine’s long-time commentator Bill Lawry has declined approaches from the two networks.

Tuesday May 15, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) There is something in the air today pushing you toward change or renewal, Aries. Is it time to change your wardrobe or redecorate your home?

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may feel hemmed in by the role models that society currently offers, Libra. As you struggle to find your own definition of the truly modern human being

TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) The good news is it can only get better. For today, however, there may be some trying times in store, Taurus. If you're a parent, the children will beg for something every five minutes.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Today's aspects are suggesting that you take a good hard look at the state of your ego, Scorpio. Are you too proud or too humble?

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Today is the day to rethink all those social values that you take at face value, Gemini. Like the rest of us, you learned them at a young age and unthinkingly accepted them. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Today is an ideal day to shop for a new wardrobe, Cancer. You may find your usual style either too conventional or uncomfortably trendy. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) The topic of the day is knowledge and learning, Leo. Did you study the field you dreamed of? Do you feel ashamed of not having attended such-and-such a school VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) An important aspect has passed, and you are in the process of reaping the benefit from it. It was only a matter of becoming aware of and settling certain matters

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) A small crisis is still a crisis, isn't it, Sagittarius? Expect one in your personal life today. Since you aren't one to let issues go unresolved CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Something has to change, Capricorn. You knew it as soon as you woke up this morning. Your mirror provides the impetus for some important resolutions. Is it time to begin a diet AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) The only good thing about being on an emotional roller coaster is that you never feel the same way for long, Aquarius. One moment you're up, the next you're down. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You might want to check your alarm clock to be sure it really woke you up this morning, Pisces. Your tendency will be to stay in the cocoon of your own little dream world, deep in your own thoughts. Obsessive thoughts, in particular, will try and drown out

win Madrid Masters title

Madrid (AFP) - Alexander Zverev showed his clay-court class by blowing away Dominic Thiem to win the Madrid Masters Sunday. Zverev has long been marked out as a future star of the men’s game and his 6-4, 6-4 victory over Thiem suggests the German can be a major threat at the French Open later this month. Thiem had ousted Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals on Friday and he too will be among the small group capable of preventing the Spaniard from claiming an 11th Roland Garros crown. But the Austrian was outplayed, and over-powered, by Zverev, who collects his third ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title, the most prestigious tier of knock-out tournament beneath the four Grand Slams.Zverev is now one of five active players to have won three, the others being Roger Federer, Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.Those four are all aged 30 or older, while Zverev is 21.Ranked third in the world, Zverev is yet to transfer his talent and success in Masters events to Grand Slams, however, where his best result remains reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon last year.On this evidence, that breakthrough is surely close, with the crowd on Manolo Santana court treated to an impressive display of aggressive baseline hitting. Thiem’s 21 errors to Zverev’s 12 were also key. The players in Madrid this week have remarked on the quickness of the courts and that has suited Zverev, whose demon serve was almost untouchable in the opening set. After conceding an early break for 2-0, Thiem’s only sniff came at 5-4 when he opened up 0-30 on the Zverev serve. But his opponent did not waver, letting out a roar of relief after clinching the frame. Another break in the first game of the second meant Thiem was again playing catch-up and Zverev could

Fowler-Reid... From page 30 19.Firebirds led 29-23 at the half behind a 24-of-29 shooting performance from Aiken, and extended the lead to 4237 at the start of the final quarter. But Swifts out-scored Firebirds when it mattered most in a strong late surge, even though Aiken was perfect with 10 goals from as many attempts.

Germany’s Alexander Zverev celebrates after defeating Austria’s Dominic Thiem for the Madrid title Sunday. (AFP Photo/JAVIER SORIANO) have moved 3-0 clear had Thiem not saved two more break points. Instead, Thiem stayed in touch to make Zverev serve

out. A sumptuous half-volley opened up two match points and Zverev took the first when a final Thiem forehand floated long.


Tuesday May 15, 2018

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Russian region, rushing to finish World Cup stadium, offers food for work MOSCOW (Reuters) When authorities in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region realised their soccer World Cup stadium wasn’t quite ready, they tried to entice local municipal workers to help them finish it — in exchange for free food and lodging. The stadium, one of 12 venues in Russia for the June 14-July 15 World Cup, will host six matches during the competition, including a quarter-final and England’s group stage match against Panama. Moscow hopes hosting the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament will allow it to present a positive image of Russia at a time of soured relations with the West over everything from the war in Syria to the poisoning of a former spy in Britain. The appeal by Nizhny Novgorod’s sports ministry — asking for unpaid help in the final run-up to the competition — evokes memories of the Soviet era, when the authorities would sometimes draft in students to help gather bumper harvests. It also shows how World Cup preparations in some places are running close to the wire. In a letter seen by Reuters,

the regional sports ministry asked the heads of local districts to nudge municipal sports facilities into sending their employees to help finish building Nizhny Novgorod’s 45,000-seat World Cup stadium. Offering them three meals a day, housing and work tools, the ministry said the extra muscle was essential to ensure the stadium was ready for its April 15 inauguration. “Unfortunately the level of the stadium’s readiness for the inauguration requires the enlistment of additional labour,” says the letter, signed by regional sports minister Sergei Panov. “I ask you to send employees from physical activity facilities and other institutions in the field of physical culture and sport (10 people) to Nizhny Novgorod for the completion of construction and general service works at the stadium from April 6 to 14 (inclusively).” It was unclear how many towns and cities had answered the ministry’s call and sent workers, but the appeal appears to have been successful, as the stadium hosted its first soccer match on April 15 and has held two

An interior view shows the Nizhniy Novgorod stadium under construction which will host matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia September 19, 2017. (REUTERS/Stringer) others since. Both the regional authorities and Stroytransgaz, the stadium’s general contractor, said they were aware of the letter’s existence, but that it had been “improperly worded”. The regional sports ministry told Reuters the letter

was in fact meant to call on sports centres to assemble a team of engineering specialists to maintain the stadium. “There are some 40 physical activity facilities and other major sporting venues in the region whose employees have accumulated good experience in operating sporting

facilities,” the ministry said. “In the future, it will be necessary to form a proper team to operate the stadium.” The head of a sports complex in one small town outside Nizhny Novgorod told Reuters he had received the ministry’s letter, but had decided not to oblige.

“I’m responsible for the people who work here,” he said, declining to be identified for fear of repercussions at work. “Who will be responsible for them there (at the stadium) if something happens? Of course it would the person who sent them.”

Serena Williams coach confident Fowler-Reid, Aiken prosper she’ll play the French Open but suffer contrasting fates - Tsonga withdraws from tourney

PARIS (Reuters) - Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou said he was confident that the 23-time grand slam singles champion would take part in the French Open this month. The 36-year-old Williams, who has not played on clay this season, withdrew from the Madrid and Rome tournaments because she was not ready to compete. “Serena will play the French Open to win it. Can she do it? Serena can achieve anything - after being her coach for six years, I’m even more sure of that statement,” Mouratoglou said in an interview with tour organizers WTA on Monday. The Frenchman, however, admitted she returned too soon after her pregnancy, which resulted in early exits in Indian Wells and Miami in March. “After her pregnancy, Serena had to rebuild her body. When she arrived at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, around April 30, we realized that she was not ready

Serena Williams of the USA. (Tom Dulat/ Getty Images)

yet,” said Mouratoglou. “The time she lost after the delivery, with all the medical issues she had to go through, was missing.” The French Open starts on May 27. Meanwhile, France’s JoWilfried Tsonga has withdrawn from next week’s Lyon Open and the French Open later this month after failing to recover from knee surgery. Tsonga, who is the defending champion in Lyon, went under the knife in April

and said on Twitter yesterday that he was disappointed he would not be able to play either tournament. “I’m obviously very disappointed, but I still want to come to Lyon as an ambassador and to Roland Garros as a spectator,” he said.The 33year-old, ranked number 37 in the world, has not played since reaching the semi-finals of the Montpellier International in February, where he was beaten by compatriot Lucas Pouille.

SUNSHINE COAST, Australia, CMC – Sunshine Girls star Jhaniele Fowler-Reid produced another incisive performance to help unbeaten West Coast Fever edge Sunshine Coast Lightning and post their third successive win in the Suncorp Super Netball League last weekend. Playing at the USC Stadium on Saturday, Fever extended their winning streak with a 56-55 win which kept Lightning winless for the new season which got underway late last month. Jamaican Fowler-Reid was once against at the forefront of Fever’s win, scoring 39 goals from 44 attempts while goal attack Nat Medhurt supported with 17 from 21 attempts. For the losers, goal shooter Caitlin Bassett knocked down 33 from 39 attempts while goal attack Steph Wood finished with 22 from 25. The opening quarters were so keenly contested that it was difficult to separate the two teams at half-time, as they fought to a 29-29 dead-

Jamaican star Jhaniele Fowler-Reid. lock. Fowler-Reid spearheaded Fever’s rally, scoring 22 from 25 attempts while Bassett netted 19 from 22 to keep Lightning in the contest. Lightning got the better of the third quarter to lead by a single point, 44-43, and though they lost the advantage to trail in the dying minutes of the final quarter, they rebounded to go ahead with 90 seconds left on the clock. But Medhurt tied the scores at 55 and then scored the game-winner with 30 seconds left to hand the visitors victory.

Fowler-Reid’s Sunshine Girls teammate, Romelda Aiken, was also in good form but her Queensland Firebirds slipped to a 54-53 defeat to New South Wales Swifts at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney. Aiken scored 45 from 51 attempts but Firebirds suffered a final quarter slump to squander a five-goal lead at the end of the third quarter. Goal Attack Helen Housby led the winners with 24 from 31 attempts while goal shooter Sophie Garbin chipped in with 18 from (Continued on page 29)

Tuesday May 15, 2018


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Brazil are more than Neymar as Selecao seek to avenge 2014 woe

What the stats say Projected XI ESPN - The 2018 World Cup is just over a month away, and all 32 teams are preparing in earnest for their shot at the trophy in Russia. ESPN FC is previewing the teams ahead of the opening game on June 14. Who they are – Brazil Captain: Neymar Manager: Tite Nickname: Canarinho FIFA rank (as of April 12, 2018): 2 How they qualified Qualification began when Dunga was coach, and Brazil were not playing good soccer. When the coach was sacked, the team was in sixth place and at risk of not making it to Russia. The arrival of Tite completely changed the scenario. Players recovered their form, rivals started to fear them again and the good results poured in. Brazil became the first national team (after the hosts) to secure its place in the World Cup, finishing top of the South American qualifiers. Biggest strength Brazil’s greatest quality is the fact

the team doesn’t rely on Neymar as heavily as in the 2014 World Cup, when its game depended on the player’s individual moves. Surely Neymar is important — he is the key player — but today, the group surpasses the individual. This change became clear from the moment Tite took over the national team. With a new coach and a new game, Neymar was given more freedom to play and the team became an actual team. The mixture has resulted in something interesting. There are familiar faces (Dani Alves and Marcelo), new assets (Casemiro and Gabriel Alves) and athletes who have emerged across the European soccer scene (Philippe Coutinho and Willian). This is a team that knows how to pass the ball, how to attack and also how to defend. And Neymar is the cherry on top. Biggest weakness It is hard to talk about weaknesses when you have a balanced team. They do exist, though. There are three points to focus on here, and the first one is tactical.

Dani Alves and Marcelo are wingers with attacking abilities who like to play forward and are essential in making things happen. Therefore, extra caution is required for these spaces not to be explored by the opposition. Second is experience, not in terms of each player but the team itself up against elite rivals. Brazilian players under Tite’s command had few tests against the top teams on the planet. Will this matter at the World Cup? Maybe. Third is Neymar. His foot injury has left him out of the game since Feb. 26. How will he be after all this time off the pitch? Again, Brazil don’t rely only on him, but the thought of playing without their star is, to say the least, worrying. Star player All the spotlights will be fixed on Neymar. In 2010, the thenwannabe star was out of the call-up. The early elimination against the Netherlands left a question: would it have been different with him on the field? A star in 2014, he saw his World

Cup end in an injury against Colombia and witnessed from afar the 7-1 Brazilian defeat against Germany. The question remains: would it have been different with Neymar in the pitch? We will never know. Two years later, Neymar was the star of the gold-medal team in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro, an achievement yet to be conquered then in the trophy-riddled room of the Brazilian national team. Now it is going to be the showdown. There are still doubts; after all, Neymar hasn’t played since February and there is no knowing how he will come back. Regardless, he is the top player of the top national team in the planet. Everyone wants to see Neymar play. Even Neymar himself. What the local media says “Brazil is among the favorites to the World Cup title. With Tite, the national team became strong collectively and has potentialized individual talents.” — Gustavo Hofman, commentator for ESPN Brasil “Tite’s taking over the national team has brought new stamina to the

players, to the federation, and mostly, to the fans, who had lost their faith in the soccer played by the national team. Neymar’s injury, however, raises a major interrogation mark. If the PSG star comes back to the pitch with limitations, Brazilian hopes to get the sixth title decrease. However, if the No. 10-shirt ace comes back ‘in one piece,’ the cup gets closer.” — Antonio Strini, reporter for ESPN Brasil Prediction The 7-1 result still echoes in our heads. And to erase what happened in 2014, there is only one remedy: the title. A beautiful game might be put aside in favor of results, and that is what the fans want. Can Brazil be the champion? Yes. Do they have the team for that? Yes. It doesn’t even occur to many Brazilian fans that the World Cup can end before the final. And while losing the title would not be a disaster as long as the team shows the will to win, winning the competition would mean redemption.

Umesh Yadav leads RCB’s rout of Kings XI

ESPNcricinfo - Umesh Yadav ambushed KL Rahul and Chris Gayle with short balls and the rest of Kings XI Punjab’s batting line-up made lemmings seem cautious as they were knocked over for 88 in 15.1 overs. Royal Challengers Bangalore chased it down with almost 12 overs to spare and boosted their net runrate, from -0.26 to +0.21, and their playoff qualification chances. The result also confirmed a top-two finish for current table-top-


pers Sunrisers Hyderabad. Kings XI had suffered a big blow even before the first ball was bowled: their top wicket-taker Mujeeb Ur Rahman was sidelined with a hand injury sustained in his previous game against Kolkata Knight Riders. On the flip side, they recalled Marcus Stoinis to bolster a batting line-up that had Axar Patel a t N o . 6 o n S a t u r d a y. Stoinis, however, yorked himself against Yuzvendra Chahal and was part of an

Indian Premier League Standings M W L PT 12 9 3 18 12 8 4 16 12 6 6 12 12 6 6 12 12 6 6 12 12 5 7 10 12 5 7 10 12 3 9 6

NRR 0.400 0.383 -0.189 -0.347 -0.518 0.405 0.218 -0.478

irreparable collapse. Three of the last four wickets were chaotic run-outs, which summed up Kings XI’s approach on a pitch that wasn’t as flat as the one that produced a run aggregate of 459 on Saturd a y, b u t i t w a s n ’t unplayable either. Short ball leaves Kings XI short-changed Umesh teased Gayle with a brace of outswingers in the corridor, including one that grazed the outside edge, but Parthiv Patel dropped it to reprieve the batsman on 0 in the first over. He then ventured short and kept attacking the body of Gayle, who took seven balls to get off the mark against Umesh. In all, Umesh bowled 15 short or short-of-good-length balls in his three-over first spell, and fetched two wickets in

Umesh Yadav collects a throw. (BCCI)

doing so. In his third over, he first had Rahul pulling a catch to deep square leg for 21 off 15 balls and then dis-

missed Gayle in similar fashion. Scores: Royal Challengers Bangalore 92 for

0 (Kohli 48*, Parthiv 40) beat Kings XI Punjab 88 (Finch 26, Umesh 3-23) by 10 wickets.


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Tuesday May 15, 2018

Chesney, Taharally, Cummings, White shine at GAPLF Masters and Intermediate C/ships

By Zaheer Mohamed Colin Chesney, Nadia Taharally, Noel Cummings and Runita White gave the fans much to cheer about when the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) hosted its Masters and Intermediate championships on Sunday last at St. Stanislaus College. Chesney set a new masters record in 120kg equipped category when he benched pressed 515lbs, while White from Buddy’s gym deadlifted 195lbs in the 84+ kg class which is a new junior record. Cummings also of Buddy’s gym set a new record competing in the masters2 66kg division, he bench pressed 120kg and deadlifted 160kg. His gym mate Taharally bench pressed 70kg, squatted 135kg, deadlifted 165kg- a total of 370 to set her new records. White of Buddy’s gym set new junior and open raw records in the 84+kg class; she squatted 165kg, bench pressed 67.5 kg and deadlifted 195.0 kg.

Carlos Peterson during his squat routine. Susan Rodrigues of Buddy’s gym amassed a total of 195 kg including a best squat of 65kg, bench press of 35kg and deadlift 95kg in the 57kg class. Junica Pluck of

Space Gym copped the 63kg category with a squat of 135kg, bench pressed 67.5 kg and deadlifted 132.5kg. Guest Lifters, Blossom Babb, Vijay Rahim and Carlos

Peterson all set new deadliftweight training most feared exercise- records in their respective division. The full result is as follows:

Noel Cummings and Runita White

Tuesday May 15, 2018


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RHTY&SC Cricket Teams Corinthians pair in 23-man assist five schools under Say Brazil squad for Russia No/Say Yes Programme RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Gremio centre half Pedro Geromel and Corinthians pair Cassio and Fagner were the surprise inclusions in Brazil’s 23-man World Cup squad yesterday. The three were the only home-based players in a squad that will go to Russia as joint favourites having lost just one game in 19 since Tite took over in 2016. The only country to win the World Cup five times, Brazil kick off their World Cup campaign against Switzerland on June 17 before playing Costa Rica and Serbia in Group E. Gremio defender Geromel has just two caps but was outstanding in leading the Porto Alegre side to the Copa Libertadores last season.“Gremio have played at a high level for the last two years,” Tite told a packed room of reporters at the Brazilian Football Confederation. “Geromel has been great during that whole period.” The former Gremio and Corinthians coach, who was tasked with revamping the country’s reputation after their 7-1 mauling by Germany in the 2014 World Cup semi-final, said he had not decided who will fill the void left by Dani Alves. The defender was ruled out last week with a knee injury. He selected Fagner of Corinthians and Danilo of Manchester City to replace the Paris St Germain right back and said both were up to the task. “Of course we are going to miss him but other paths and opportunities arise,” Tite said. “I have the same confidence in them as I had in Dani.” Left back Filipe Luis, who recently re-

Director of Sports Christopher Jones makes a presentation during the resent awards ceremony. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and its ten cricket teams continue to make positive differences in the lives of youths by providing avenues for them to excel in the sporting arena and in the classroom. The Club recently handed over sports equipments to four secondary and one primary school in the Lower Corentyne area under its Say No/Say Yes Programme and Patron’s Fund. The schools benefitting from the donations were Lower Corentyne Secondary School, J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School, Port Mourant Secondary School, Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary School and the Rose Hall Town Primary School. The four Secondary Schools each received a football and basketball, while the Lower Corentyne Secondary School also received a bat and 1 pair of batting pads. The Rose Hall Town Primary School received a $50,000 cash donation from the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Patron’s Fund and also a collection of markers, pencils, school bags and sharpeners for students attending the school. The Rose Hall Town

Youth & Sports Club under the Patron’s Fund assists schools, churches and NGO’s from the $1M donation made to the Club by its Patron, His Excellency President David Granger. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster disclosed that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club is totally committed to making sure that every student in the educational sector fulfills his/her potential in the classroom and on the sport field. Special emphasis, he stated would be placed on football, volleyball and basketball during 2018 and stated that the club would try to assist schools in the Lower Corentyne as much as possible. The Berbice Cricket Board President stated that not every youth would be interested in playing cricket and as such efforts would be made to attract them to other games. Sports, he stated is the best alternative to a life on the road as it teaches personal discipline, committment and working together as a unit to achieve success. The best nursery for any sports discipline is the school system and Foster urged the schools to use the donation

to produce basketballers, footballers and cricketers for the club structure. The Lower Corentyne Secondary School has been a productive cricket nursery for the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club over the years and the donation of cricket gears was made to assist the school to participate in cricket tournament. Players like Kevlon Anderson, Junior Sinclair, Keith Simpson, Keon Sinclair are all products of the school who have gone on to play for Guyana’s five times Club of the Year. The donation to the Rose Hall Town Primary School was to assist the school to construct a benab in its compound. The Primary School and the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Ms has a close relationship as the Rose Hall Town King Solomon Logistics Under-12 Team us based at the school, while the club uses the school and its compound to host the Annual Christmas Village. The Veteran Club Secretary/CEO pledged the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club continued cooperation in the future as the Club cherishes its relationship with all the schools in the Rose Hall Town catchment area.

turned to the Atletico Madrid side after fracturing his tibia, was selected as back up to Marcelo. PSG striker Neymar, who was been out with an injured foot since Feb. 25, was also named in the squad as he is expected to be fit by early June. Cassio, who has just one cap, was selected as the third goalkeeper behind regulars Alisson (Roma) and Ederson (Manchester City). Brazil’s players are to meet in Rio de Janeiro on May 21 for a week of training before heading to London, where they will be based at Spurs’ training ground. The Brazilians will play friendlies against Croatia in Liverpool on June 3 and Austria in Vienna on June 10. Brazil squad: Goalkeepers: Alisson (Roma) Ederson (Manchester City), Neto (Valencia) Defenders: Marcelo (Real Madrid) Dani Alves (Paris Saint-Germain) Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid), Fagner (Corinthians), Marquinhos (PSG), Thiago Silva (PSG), Miranda (Inter Milan), Pedro Geromel (Gremio), Rodrigo Caio (Sao Paulo) Midfielders: Casemiro (Real Madrid), Willian (Chelsea), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Fred (Shakhtar Donetsk), Anderson Talisca (Besiktas), Paulinho (Barcelona), Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona), Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan) Forwards: Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Douglas Costa (Juventus), Taison (Shakhtar Donetsk), Willian Jose (Real Sociedad).

Reggae Girlz top Group B Qualifiers after 2-2 draw with Haiti Jamaica Observer PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz showed guts and determination to secure a comefrom-behind 2-2 draw against Haiti in their crucial CONCACAF Caribbean Women’s Qualifying Group B decider here at Stade Sylvio Cator Sunday. The Jamaicans, through goals from strikers Trudi Carter (44th) and Khadija Shaw (65th), had to dig deep after Michele Dumonay (24th) and Sherly Jeudy (43rd) gave the Haitians an early two-goal lead. With the point, the Jamaicans maintained their stay atop the four-team standings with a superior three-goal difference over Haiti, as both teams ended with seven points. Meanwhile, Martinique finished third on three points following their 3-0 win over Guadeloupe in the curtain-raiser of the double-header. The Jamaicans have now progressed to the final round of qualifiers scheduled for August 25 to September 2. As expected, the Hai-

tians, relishing the home advantage, were quickest from the blocks in the early exchanges, as they pegged back the tentative-looking Reggae Girlz who took some time to find their footing. Despite dominating possession Haiti failed to create any meaningful chances, and it was the Jamaicans who looked more dangerous in the attacking third with Shaw firing a few warning shots. However, the Haitians eventually found the goahead goal as Dumonay caught the defence flatfooted with a break down the left channel before slotting wide of Chris-Ann Chambers in goal for Jamaica. The Jamaicans had a grand opportunity to equalise in the 41st minute when Deneisha Blackwood found herself with time and space at the far post, but she somehow managed to sky her leftfooted effort. The Haitians extended their lead shortly after when Jeudy pounced and slotted into an empty net, capitalising on Chambers’ fumble. However, they were caught celebrating and the

Jamaicans pulled one back immediately after when Carter slotted home from close range to make it 2-1 at the break. It was a nervy second 45 minutes for both teams but the Jamaicans, knowing what was at stake, came out hard and were back on level terms 18 minutes in. Shaw, who was released into a one-on-one situation with custodian Kerly Theus, was brought down from behind at the edge of the box by Kethna Louis. But the powerful striker dusted herself off and stepped up to convert a well-taken free kick which silenced the massive Haitian crowd. With the pressure back on the Haitians the window was open for Jamaica to push further ahead, but cool heads prevailed and the Reggae Girlz instead decided to manage the game for the remaining minutes. They did, however, suffer a scare three minutes from time when Jeudy was allowed to get a shot off but Chambers, covering her near post, did well to parry and ensure her team advanced.


Tuesday May 15, 2018

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KMPA launches new Wendell Meusa wins GCF’s website and offers update Clash of Champions

The King Medas Pansy Adonis (KMPA) foundation in a press release has noted that their previous website, has now been changed to The founder and organizer of KMPA, Andy Medas-King, noted in the release that, “The reason for this is to better serve our athletes and sponsors.” The change is also a result to help protect the website users’ information since in the technological world; scammers are also working on breaching and hacking websites. The KMPA foundation also noted in the release that users are urged to employ a PayPal account since it’s safer to use rather than putting your credit card information out there. “The reason for this is for

Andy Medas-King the safety of the organization and we don’t want to have people dropping off money so as to attract unwanted attention,” the release explained. It further stated that soon the organization would be paying the awards via PayPal to everyone who would have won so they are advising athletes to get on board with this online account.

The KMPA foundation would be using an international track meet website,, so that once registrations are done, a heat sheet would be generated automatically and the results would be posted internationally which will allow it to be seen worldwide for college coaches among key scouts. KMPA is always looking at new ways to better serve athletes and coaches and they would like to thank all staff members who are working behind the scenes to make this possible in addition to all past and present sponsors. He mentioned the Kaieteur Newspapers, the National Sports Commission, and the Ministry of Education Allied Arts Division who have lent support.

Mark Waugh to give up Australian selection job

Five Australians who made centuries on Test debut: (From L-R) Fielding coach Greg Blewett, captain Michael Clarke, Adam Voges, Shaun Marsh and national selector Mark Waugh. (Getty Images) ESPNcricinfo - Australian cricket will soon rid itself of a major conflict of interest after Mark Waugh chose to step down as a national selector in order to commentate fulltime for the pay-TV provider Fox Sports. Officially Waugh is still slated to be the selector on duty when the limited-overs team travels to England in June for a series also to be broadcast on Fox, but he will have moved on by the time the next home summer begins. Waugh, who has been a selector since May 2014, will be part of Cricket Australia’s new host broadcaster, with Fox Sports (part-owned by News Corporation) having

paid the lion’s share of the A$1 billion television-rights fee sought. In return for the cash, CA has hidden two of three international formats - ODIs and Twenty20s - behind a paywall for the first time in Australian history. For the past year, Waugh has been officially designated CA’s T20 selector in addition to being on the panel to choose teams across all formats, despite concurrently commentating for the Ten Network on its successful coverage of the Big Bash League (BBL). Ten’s loss of the rights to the BBL, alongside Nine’s forfeiture of the rights to international cricket for the first

time in 40 years, has led to a feeding frenzy for commentary positions at Fox and also Seven, which will show Test matches and some BBL games on free-to-air television as part of a sub-licensing deal. Alongside the CA board director Mark Taylor while he was also commentating for Nine, Waugh’s has been the most obvious conflict on Australian television screens over the past four seasons, making for numerous awkward moments - not that Ten minded the recurring source of conversation starters. Shaun Graf, Cricket Victoria’s operations manager, said (Continued on page 29)

Saints Chess Club 3rd annual tournament begins Thursday On Sunday, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) ended the May Open ‘Clash of Champions’ tournament which was won by National Coach & Champion, Candidate Master (CM) Wendell Meusa, who tallied 5.5 points from seven games. The Swiss manager chess programme placed Meusa ahead of Roberto Neto who finished second on 5.5 points as well. Meusa went down in round six of the tournament to Loris Nathoo in what was considered the game of the tournament. Both players played strongly and were in time trouble before Nathoo secured his point in a basic King-Pawn versus King endgame. Roberto Neto also held Meusa to a good draw in a King’s pawn end. Neto with the Black pieces defended solidly and neutralized Meusa attacks with some simplifying exchanges thus bringing the endgame to a draw. In the seventh Round, Meusa with the White pieces went for the solid London System but saw some stiff resistance from Calvin Giddings of GUYOIL. Giddings who missed a winning chance in the middle game lost in the endgame as Meusa converted a small advantage in a good Knight-Rook versus Bad bishop & Rook endgame. Roberto Neto returned to competitive chess with a solid performance. He defeated the in-form Glenford Corlette with some strategic chess and eventually a hidden combination blow after Corlette bravely sacrificed his Queen to force checkmate in 2. However, he overlooked a tactical defensive idea that Neto im-

Yolander Persaud

GCF’s Clash of Champions winner, Candidate Master Wendell Meusa mediately launched after the Queen sacrifice. Taking 3rd was Glenford Corlette who continues to show a lot of improvements. Corlette took down Nathoo with some solid chess, pressing forward slowly to secure his win. Even though he lost to Meusa and Neto, Corlette finished on five, while Nathoo finished on 4.5, Calvin Giddings 4, Davion Mars 3.5, Marlcelius & Pasqual Cornelius, Ghansham Allijohn and Jaden Taylor (St. Stanislaus College) all finished on 3 points each. Saeed Ali wrapped up 1 point and 12-year-old Savir Gookul did not get off the mark. In the women’s division, the more experience Attorney-at-Law Yolander Persaud, played undefeated in a double

round-robin clash. With FIDE Master (FM) Maria Thomas & CM Sherifa Ali opting for rest and examination, Persaud showed her dominance as she defeated Waveney Johnson, Chelsea Juma & Sasha Shariff twice with both colours to book her place in the ladies team that will be competing in 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. More chess tournaments are slated for this week at St. Stanislaus College as Saints Chess Club with assistance from Wendell Meusa Chess Foundation, Guyana Chess Federation and the National Sports Commission host the 3rd Saints Chess Championship. This event is slated to run from Thursday to Saturday with game time 16:00hrs. There will be two divisions, Invitational and Open. The Invitational will see Guyana’s top juniors including the Champion Joshua Gopaul, Ghansham Allijohn, Jaden Taylor, Ethan Lee, Keon Scott and Akili Theophil. The Open section is set to have other kids from Saints Chess Club, Marian Academy Chess Club, Noah Gonzales of Mae’s School, Albouystown (Open Mind) Chess Club and Christ Church Secondary School Chess club. This event is open to all children in primary and secondary schools. Interested persons can contact Wendell Meusa on 664-0124 for more Information.

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Tuesday May 15, 2018


Miguel Oviedo wins as Lusignan Golf Club celebrates Colonel Lescano

Golf Club President, Aleem Hussain (right) shares a light moment with Col Lescano.


ineteen Golfers participated in the Lusignan Golf Club farewell Tournament Colonel Ariel Fernando Lescano at their Golf Course last Saturday. The six on the winners’ row were Mike Mangal– Best Gross; Brian Hackett – Nearest the Pin; and Fazil Haniff, who returned to Golf after a three–month layoff to register the Longest Drive. Third was Nazeem ‘Papo’ Haniff 72/9; second was Guillermo Escarraga 71/26; while the tournament was won by Miguel Oviedo 69/28.

Oviedo noted that Colonel Lescano was a better golfer than he, but the goodly nature of the man was such that he allowed him to win that day. Other top Net Scorers were: Mike Mangal 72/8 (tied with Papo Haniff); Patrick Prashad 73/9; Aleem H u s s e i n 7 3 / 11 ; B r i a n Hackett 73/19; Brian Glasford 74/15; Satrohan ‘Robin’ Tiwari 76/14; Fazil Haniff 76/16; Ariel Lescano 91/20; and Mario Acuna 96/28. After the Tournament in honour of Colonel Ariel Fernando Lescano, the

The winners pose - from left: Fazil Haniff, Mike Mangal, Guillermo Escarraga, Miguel Oviedo, Papo Haniff and Brian Hackett. guests and invitees were entertained with some very emotional farewell greetings from Colombians, Brazilians, Guyanese and the Guyana Defence Force at a well-attended informal ceremony for this distinguished first Argentine Defence Attaché‘ to Guyana who took up his post from April 2014. Several members of the Diplomatic Corps, including those from the American, Argentina, Brazilian and Chilean Embassies, along with representatives from several Consulates, were on hand to join Col Lescano in

Chelsea Edghill off to Training, Internship at Club Ponta Do Pargo in Portugal G u y a n a ’s N a t i o n a l Women’s champion Chelsea Edghill departed the USA enroute to Portugal to participate in a training and internships programme. The talented racquet wielder, junior sports woman, junior Olympian and scholarship student at Linden wood Missouri, who plays on the intercollegiate circuit USA, departed for Portugal on Sunday. As part of her quest to explore professional engagement, the internship will last for 6 - 7 weeks where she will play and train with high level players and coaches, work with junior players and play in competitions and matches representing the club. She will take a break to represent Guyana at the 2018

Chelsea Edghill South America games in Cochabamba, Bolivia from May 28th to June 8th as a m e m b e r o f G u y a n a ’s women’s team along with her team mates Natalie Cummings and Trenace Lowe. Her stint will extend from the South America Games where she would travel back to Portugal to continue training and

internships duties until July 2nd 2018 where she will depart the club in preparation for participation at the Central America and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia. She was invited by Mrs. Celeste Araujo, Director of Sports at Club Ponta Do Pargo Madeira Portugal, who also serves as trainer and Mr. Gilberto Garrido Club Manager, who saw her play in the nationals of the inter collegiate championships and were impressed with her level of talent. Club Ponta Do Cargo, Madeira, Portugal are the 2018 division two league championships winner in Portugal. Portugal has highly competitive leagues with highly skilled players.

this celebration of the culmination of his two-year stint in Guyana. Colonel Nazrul Hussain and several top officials of the Guyana Defence Force represented the GDF. Official excuses from some diplomatic agencies, including the British and Indian High Commissions, and the CARICOM Secretary General, were received. Hailed by all who spoke of him as a lovely gentleman, a friend, a brother, a generous person and a man with a heart of love, the beloved Colonel was also visibly emotional as he related how he had enjoyed his stay and made life-long friends in Guyana. The Colonel almost choked (he did drop a tear) as he thanked all who had contributed to such lovely experiences in his life over the last two years. According to him there were many lovely irremovable memories from his stay in Guyana, and the lovely Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) with the great camaraderie among the

members was one of those poignant memories. He expressed gratitude to previous and current Club Executives, to the Groundsmen and to the Clubhouse staff, for the good package that they presented to visitors and members. He encouraged all to support the Golf Club and its vision and especially the significant improvements currently underway, noting happily that they were able to complete the day’s tournament using their umbrellas as it rained, because the Grounds were now so well drained that it was only required to step over some puddles of water at some parts. Col Lescano recalled that from his first visit to the Club, through meeting current President Hussain, who was not an executive member at that time, he has thoroughly enjoyed his many weekends of great golfing here as well as giving his support to the LGC. He expressed how much he was affected by the friendships here by saying

that his family was in Argentina where he was returning, but his friends were in Guyana. Two years of great golfing and friendships that included the LGC, made him vow to return to experience more lasting and tremendous memories. He did regret leaving Guyana just as great major changes were being implemented at the Club. Mr Jorge Medina, head of Macorp Guyana, a close friend of Col Lescano, lavished praise on the departing Club member who was like a brother to him, and recalled that their mutual passion for golf led to many weekly competitions that were keenly contested. Golf Club President, Aleem Hussain, indicated that Col Lescano had been the instrument of tremendous material support to the Golf Club and along with everyone present wished the Colonel a safe return home and desired his return some time to the LGC where he would always be considered a welcome member.

BV Secondary overcome Lancaster Secondary Beterverwagting Secondary overcame Lancaster Secondary to win the opening fixture of the REO Region four inter schools cricket competition yesterday at the Everest Cricket Club. Batting first, Lancaster Secondary managed 140-5 declared in 20 overs, Emmanuel Feedee scored 51 off 61 balls with three fours and two sixes, while

Jermain Fredericks made 29 and Puran Mangal 19; Chidanand Persaud claimed 325 and Yogesh Debidin 2-24. BV Secondary responded with 78-7 in 10 overs. Persaud made 25 and Debidin 19; Mangal captured 4-32 and David Pellew 24. By virtue of winning the toss, BV Secondary were awarded the game which was affected by rain.

rt o p S

The female prize winners (Nadia Taharally is centre).

Chesney, Taharally, Cummings, White shine at GAPLF Masters and Intermediate C/ships P. 32

Corinthians pair in 23-man Brazil squad for Russia P. 33

Wendell Meusa wins GCF’s Clash P. 34 of Champions Saints Chess Club 3rd annual tournament begins Thursday Wendell Meusa Yolander Persaud

Brazil’s head coach Tite talks with the squad during a practice session. (REUTERS) Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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