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Officialdom supports DISCRIMINATION

Officialdom has many privileges and this has been the case from time immemorial. Those at the top would simply lord it over those at the bottom with help from the Administration. The result is that there is the prevailing view that there are two sets of laws: one for the rich and famous and another for the plebs. In Guyana the Administration has done nothing to remove this perception despite the objections of the various social organisations in the society. Sometimes people have had to approach the courts for what they perceived to be equality in justice. But it goes without saying that regardless of some of the court rulings, nothing has changed. The most recent outrage involved the actions of a cadet officer in the Guyana Police Force. More than two weeks ago this policeman accosted a young man whom he believed was a witness to a robbery on the policeman’s relative. The policeman played Russian roulette with the young man and ended up shooting him in his mouth. This policeman is still to be charged. The converse is that an ordinary person who would have pulled the trigger would have been paraded before the court within hours of the shooting. No one can readily explain the reason for the apparent foot-dragging in this case. This was not the first instance of a policeman shooting a man in his mouth. One policeman attached to the Brickdam Police Station shot a Charles Street resident in his mouth. This man lived for a few days before he died as a result of the shooting. The policeman was never charged. In fact, he was never even arrested. About a year ago, some policemen shot and killed a young man who was celebrating his birthday. In an attempt to be clever, the hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force detained two policemen who were on the patrol but certainly not involved in the shooting. As the ballistics investigation revealed, these two did not fire their weapons. The police refused to touch or even finger the other person. A young life has been snuffed out and the parents have not yet sought legal action against the police. A policeman shot Jermaine Wilkinson, was charged with manslaughter, never allowed to spend a day in the lock ups, and later spirited out of the country. The police control immigration and are quick to detain anyone fleeing justice. This time they facilitated the escape from prosecution. We have had cases of others on the right side of the social track escaping justice as though that is their birthright. And the list is long. Former Minister of the Government Kellawan Lall discharged his firearm in a public place and was never asked to account for his actions. A public outcry caused the then President Bharrat Jagdeo to demand a ballistic check of Lall’s weapon. That was just a smokescreen. Lall was later sent abroad as an ambassador. A policeman causes an accident on the Demerara Harbour Bridge. When confronted by the Chairman of the Bridge Company, not only does the policeman assault the Bridge official, he snatches the man’s phone and throws it into the Demerara River. The Bridge official reports to the police and has his phone replaced but gets no further action. A Minister of Government crashed into a family; three months later the Director of Public Prosecutions announced that the Minister would not be prosecuted. It took three months for the nation to complete the cover-up that would allow the Minister to escape prosecution. Over and over people in the executive class enjoy what those in the lower class do not. With their money the state allows them to offer compensation. The relatives of the policeman who shot the young man have approached the mother of the young man with an offer of compensation. She has refused. The Minister involved in the accident had his case dropped because he compensated the victims of his car crash. We must now wonder when these privileged people would be allowed to kill someone and escape prosecution by offering to compensate the relatives of the deceased.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

To be blatant in the misrepresentation of facts is unacceptable politics DEAR EDITOR, It is worse than disgusting to know the facts and at the same time be subjected to repeated broadcasts and newspaper articles that are quite the opposite. Even worse is that one’s contributing to the State’s revenue (taxes) is abused to facilitate those excursions into fiction. It is one thing to be a smart politician; but is quite another to be blatant in the misrepresentation of the facts. For me that is unacceptable politics. The following demonstrates the reasons for my disgust. Big in the news, these days, are the events at City Hall and the attendant political posturing. The PPP/C once again called for the installation of an Interim Management Committee in Georgetown and in the same breath contended that an election is not a solution to the problem. That might be true; but what makes the imposition of an Interim Management Committee superior to constitutionally due elections? What makes the view of the Government on who should administer the affairs of Georgetown superior to, or more legitimate than, the view of the electorate? All of this posturing is occurring at a time when the elections are long overdue and the mechanism for them to be held has been in place

even before the 2011 national elections. In fact, GECOM was preparing for local government elections in 2010. Hence, if Georgetown is in crisis, GECOM could be requested to hold those elections immediately and separate and apart from the other elections that are also due. This may also serve GECOM, well, as a dry-run for the subsequent holding of the other 70 elections, given the newness of the system. As for the cry that the people are not ready, there is no public evidence of any mass education that is being undertaken, notwithstanding the Minister’s pronouncement. Worthy of note is the fact that the Government declined Canadian funding, in 2005, for the conduct of public education on the local government electoral system, an element of the reform which had already been agreed to, at that time, by the major parliamentary parties, and which the Joint Task Force had agreed to conduct. This issue of the people’s readiness could only be a ruse. Associating APNU and AFC with the state of things at City Hall is another act of deception. APNU and AFC have nothing to do with the composition of the Council. Both organisations came into existence long after the last held elections in 1994 and are not represented in City Hall.

It is the PNCR, quite distinct from the APNU, the GGG and the PPP/C that make up the present council. The silence of the PPP/C councillors is deafening, while central government and the PPP/C pollute and monopolize the media on issues pertaining to the Mayor and the Council. The PPP/C was singularly responsible, from 1997 to recent, for including the postponement of the mayoral elections along with the, generally agreed to, postponement of the elections of councillors, in the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Acts, thus guaranteeing Mayor Green and other local government leaders, across the country, a prolonged lease on life, when in fact had they not specifically postponed mayoral elections, (check the Hansard, the Parliamentary record) Green may have been long gone or retained at the behest of others, whose views were voted down or suppressed, but are now blamed for Green’s presence. To add salt to the wound, the PPP/C Government has prevailed over the administration of the City of Georgetown by virtue of its relationship with all of the Town Clerks from 1997 to present. From Williams to Sooba, all of whom have been at loggerheads with the Mayor and/or Councillors,

but have been retained at the behest of the Minister. It is those persons, who have effectively administered or mal-administered the City, while the Council remained in place as an obstacle or lame duck in relation to the actions of Williams, Pluck and Sooba. Treasurers and City Engineers, who did not find favour with the Minister, have been replaced by pliant officers, who in most instances were not the choice of the Council. So, for much of the period, the Council has been stymied but has been blamed for the failure of the administration/officers, not to mention the inadequacy of the funding for the conduct of the work of the council, including the withholding of permission for the generation of additional revenue and the nonimplementation of the new valuation of properties, in Georgetown, all of which have been held up by Central Government. There is much that is wrong with City Hall, but the action of the Central Government has been a major factor in not allowing the electorate to see its electees/councillors at work; or the Council to operate as it should. So, elections alone, indeed, would not be the answer, but much of the answer lies outside of City Hall. As a litmus test of the (Continued on page 5)

No fear in the absence of a scare? DEAR EDITOR, Permit me to request clarity, or at best arrive at some understanding of the modus operandi of the Bomb Squad in Guyana. On page 13 of the Kaieteur News (May 13, 2014), I read under the heading ‘Fight for Town Clerk chair, bomb scare end City Hall meeting’. This was not the part that jolted me to my senses. Instead, the conclusion of the report stated thus “Both purported Town Clerks were later seen giving directions as Bomb Squad ranks engaged the City Secretaries on which areas should be searched”. Needless to say I had to read, re-read, and shake my head indeed. If there was indeed a bomb scare, is evacuation not an immediate priority? Bomb squad officials operate under the known technique—locate, diagnose, render safe, and make safe to investigate.

Hopefully, the Bomb Squad was summoned to City Hall following the report of a bomb. If this holds true, then it leaves the more astute mind to wonder, what form did this report take, and how much information was given that the Squad was forced to seek help from the secretaries regarding which areas should be searched?. Heaven forbid, but the areas that should have been immediately searched are as follows: craniums, intellect, and last but not least, vision. Had there really been a bomb the lives of so many people would have been destroyed, merely due to the zany behaviour of the Bomb Squad. Please pardon my dwindling cognition or seemingly moronic display, but I am left with the impression that the Secretaries were better bomb sleuths than the Bomb Squad personnel, which caused the latter to seek advice from

them. What level of knowledge did the secretaries possess that placed them in a superior position to be able to identify the likely areas that should be searched. What determining factors were in play? Did they not fear for their lives at any point during the search session? This entire comedy of errors seems so much like a run-off of ‘The Keystone Cops’. Nevertheless, while the whole incident beggars description, at the selfsame

time it does cry out for a departmental revision of evacuation procedures in the event of a bomb threat, provision for diagnosis of the threat, and division of mice and men, where members of the bomb squad show that they are men with the nerve to protect those whom they serve. Public awareness campaigns are also indicated and urgently needed, as time has proven that it is better to be safe than sorry. Yvonne Sam

Two Town Clerks DEAR EDITOR, With the ongoing saga at City Hall, where two Town Clerks are installed and there is no resolution in sight (besides holding Local Government Elections), I humbly beg to suggest that the services of these two worthwhile persons be put to good use. I suggest that one Town Clerk takes control of North Georgetown and the other South Georgetown. Maybe, just maybe, Georgetown will be restored to its former state and glory…the Garden City!!! ‘JLu’

Thursday May 15, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Ramroop media empire a real attempt to monopolise broadcasting DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the front page headline of the Kaieteur News on Saturday May 10, 2014 which declared that CJ Chang cancels $2.45 million TV Licence. He did no such thing! This ruling is typical of Justice Chang’s rulings, which are now becoming notorious for not addressing the fundamental issues of the matter before him. Justice Chang was asked to rule that the annual $2.5 million broadcast fee was unconscionable in view of the fact that it had the capacity to remove the smaller broadcasters from the air. Most of them are not making the kind of money to warrant such a large fee, and in fact it would be impossible given the small advertising marketplace in Guyana and the

number of stations on the air. He was presented with evidence and arguments that the smaller broadcasters are making no money at present. He was also presented with evidence and arguments that where there was just the NFMU fee, there will now be an additional fee of $2.5 million or 3.5 % of gross income, whichever is greater representing a massive 1000 % increase in total fees. 3.5 % of gross income or $2.5 million assumes that the broadcasters are earning in the vicinity of $71.4 million a year. This is an impossibility. If most of them are earning $30 million in any year it would be a miracle. And if they are in New Amsterdam, Linden or Lethem it would be even more miraculous. As such this massive

increase in fees has the potential, and I believe the intention, to establish monopolies and oligarchies and force the smaller operators out of business, thereby violating the citizens’ of Guyana fundamental right to free speech. I would like to remind your readers, that when a small broadcaster is removed from the air through these irresponsible or deliberately offensive fees, not only is his freedom of speech violated, but the rights of all of those who would like to hear the views of the programmes his channel airs, even if they conflict with theirs, are also violated. To give an example as to how far down the rabbit hole we have gone in this country, the Minister of Education told

Stop playing politics with the lives of Berbicians DEAR EDITOR, Prior to the return of Democracy to Guyana in 1992, we in Berbice played a major part in helping to make Guyana a democratic country for all Guyanese. Whereby we can live and work together as one people, one nation and one destiny. The aim of bringing democracy, according to the PPP\C and the great Dr. Cheddi Jagan, was to have a free and open process whereby electorates can support any political party of their choice without being marginalized in society by the present day government. Berbicians welcomed that initiative with open hearts and threw their support behind the PPP\C, and most of all behind the strong leadership of the great Dr. Cheddi Jagan. Dr. Jagan was always said to be fighting for the working class of this country and to create a better Guyana for all without playing politics with the lives of our people. And we all know that Dr. Jagan was welcome in every community in Guyana no matter their race, religion, culture, sex, status, etc. He was indeed the father of the nation. After the PPP\C came into power due to free and fair elections, we saw lots being done to put Guyana on the World map by Dr. Jagan. During his tenure in office as President of this country we saw development coming at a rapid pace in all sectors of Guyana and also he paved the way for investors to feel comfortable in investing in Guyana. He was a man of the people by fighting for the cause and most of all he was a leader who never used

politics to gain the hearts of people but used issues of concern to win hearts into politics. That is why I can safely say that in the years Dr. Jagan was in office as President he was never fingered in any corruption cases or found to be corruptible. Since the death of this great leader Berbicians have had the opposite to deal with. We had the politics that Dr. Jagan would have never used to win votes. He would have never used the cuss down politics that we have since seen being used by members of the PPP\C. This type of behaviour Dr. Jagan would have never tolerated, and most of all, some of those presently serving in high ranking positions would have never had the chance to. Since Bharrat Jagdeo took office we have seen more of the unimaginable behavior in politics and the worst for Guyana. Many will argue that he has done better than the rest, but let’s look deep as to where we are today because of him. Many times we fail to understand what this man has done to this land of ours. Every single day we the Berbicians are being fed with misinformation from the PPP\C members and we are bugged with programmes of untruth on NCN Channel 15 in Berbice. We in Berbice are educated people we cannot be used anymore. If the PPP\C is so concerned about the lives and welfare of Berbicians since the death of Dr. Jagan, they would have made Berbice a better place for all. I will like to ask the PPP\C administration a few

questions. How many new investors have invested in Berbice since 1997? How many jobs were created? (And please don’t talk of sugar and rice employees). How much was spent on developing our young people? What was done to develop the lives of the poor, working class? Where is the free education that we used to have? Where is the better representation for the working class? How many qualified and experience Berbicians (living in Berbice) find a top job with this government\administration, especially if they belong to a different political party? Where are the better recreational facilities for our people? Why is it that our youths who just graduated from UGBC/TI/Secondary School or some institution have to migrate to other regions to find jobs? And I can go on, but let this corrupted PPP\C government answer us in the correct manner. We are fortunate to have people like the Nand Persaud family, who operate a wide range of businesses that help to create thousands of jobs for Berbicians, young and old. Hundreds of youths comes out of Secondary school and cannot find a proper job suitable to their qualifications, and those that find favours in getting a job, work with the regional administration or government agencies without a vacancy being published or existing. Take a clear look at the regional offices in both regions 5 and 6, who are the ones employed in various (Continued on page 23)

us last week in the newspaper that Ramroop is now broadcasting his signal through links to satellite which combines his signal with that of the Learning Channel. That makes the cost of up-linking the Learning Channel cheaper. We are now forced to ask by how much? And since these two signals are now so inextricably linked, we don’t know how much of the uplink cost is being borne by him and how much is being borne by the taxpayers. Also in all the locations where the Learning Channel is operating we must know if Ramroop gets special concessions to carry his broadcast on their assets e.g. towers, buildings, security etc. and if he does then what is that cost to him? The opposition must demand an answer. However it’s difficult to demand answers when you do not really understand the problem. Since the taxpayers are financing the Learning

Channel, an arrangement like this between Jagdeo’s buddy who is also getting massive contracts to be the sole provider of drugs to the government, is doing exactly the same thing in broadcasting by creating a national radio and TV network unfairly. People tell me about Ramotar’s Presidency, and I have to laugh, he must know that when exposed, that this will be an embarrassment to him and highlight further the corruption in his government. And since only Jagdeo’s friend is benefiting from this, I ask ‘Who is President? I would like to say that according to the Kaieteur News of May 11, “Under the new rules for prequalification, local companies that meet the criteria would be favoured above overseas bidders” This offends articles 169,170 &171 of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. Two of the companies thus excluded will be Trinidadian and because Trinidad is the

seat of the CCJ and this matter violates a major Caricom agreement, they can immediately appeal directly to the CCJ for relief. And they should. These alliances given the political nature of the situation can make the Learning Channel substantially more expensive than if they allowed the Ministry of Education [MOE] to do it themselves. We MUST know, since the best friend of Jagdeo and Jagdeo himself can be setting up to have countrywide, biased political broadcasting, through satellite connections which are developing even as the Learning Channel develops for Ramroop’s benefit, creating an uneven, unconstitutional playing field between him and his broadcasting competitors, just as they are trying to do with the sale of drugs. This was probably the reason why Ramroop magically produced a satellite uplink, when in fact I did not (Continued on page 23)

A despicable travel experience to Suriname from Georgetown DEAR EDITOR, For the benefit of others planning the trip, I wish to share my unpleasant experience travelling to Suriname last week via road from Georgetown. We left Georgetown by private car at 4:00am in order to catch the Moleson Creek ferry to Suriname scheduled to leave 10am. We left so early because the Berbice Bridge opened at 6.30am and closed at 8.30am on that particular Sunday morning. It takes approximately three hours from the Berbice Bridge to the stelling in Moleson Creek to board the ferry to Suriname. Check-in at Moleson Creek closes off at 9:00am. The ferry showed up 45 minutes late, and after waiting for other passengers to disembark and the customs officers to finally arrive we boarded the ferry at approximately 11:30 am. Disembarking in Suriname is the most chaotic experience. Travellers, who are clued-in on how it works, sprint from the ferry to the immigration door. There are two lines, one for residents and one for nonresidents for approximately 200 passengers. Car drivers exiting the ferry join the residents line which moves faster than the non-residents. A passenger can literally expect to spend at least two hours before leaving immigration. Luckily I only spent an hour because someone I was travelling with

had sprinted to the front of the line and the officer called for all other persons travelling with them. There is no consideration for pregnant women, elderly, or persons with small children. The road to Suriname is smooth, thereafter, but the journey to return is another disappointment. After arriving in Guyana, the sprint to customs is once again set in motion. This time, however, drivers are not as fortunate to be given a separate line. This meant that even if you were travelling with a driver and cleared first, you could be forced to wait for at least an hour before your driver is cleared since he/she has to join the back of the line. As I waited furiously 20 minutes for my driver to be released, a young woman approached a customs officer demanding that her driver be expedited to the front of the line because she apparently worked for the Office of the

President and needed to be in town by 12 noon. No official ID was asked for as evidence by the customs officer, so I protested against such favourable treatment. Possibly this was the lone reason both drivers were directed to an immigration officer for clearance. It is distasteful that both countries are promoting a wonderful experience on various websites but a simple customs and immigration task cannot be effectively coordinated. There needs to be better communication and organization between the Guyanese and Surinamese authorities. Moreover with a little coordination, the opening of the Berbice Bridge could better harmonize with the Moleson ferry’s schedule. As a Guyanese citizen, I must say I am really dissatisfied. It is an experience I hope no one else has to suffer. Teshanna Cox

To be blatant in the... From page 4 government’s commitment, it may be noted that while the electoral system was determined sometime ago, three elements that are provided for in the Constitution were excluded from the legislation. The provision for the recall of non-performing councillors has been omitted. The representation of lower organs on higher organs has not been included in the leg-

islation, and the provision for village councils and their elections have been omitted. These are all indicators of how much the re-birth of democracy has been embraced in relation to local government and its governance. The aforementioned are fact-based contentions that can stand scrutiny, unlike the daily blame game to which we are exposed, while Rome burns. Vincent Alexander

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Thursday May 15, 2014

NOC should be shut down Obsolete copyright laws expose immediately - Nicole Cole Guyana’s Intellectual Property - wandering laws should be struck out too By Latoya Giles Women and Gender Equality Representative Commission, Nicole Cole, on Tuesday stated that the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) must be “shut down” and a total revamp and sanitation of the system should be conducted forthwith. Cole told Kaieteur News yesterday that if there is a next institution, social workers need to be at the forefront and lead the cause. Cole told Kaieteur News that persons must desist from referring to children as “troubled” but instead as “children in difficult circumstances”. According to Cole, another issue that has to be checked out is whether the girls who have alleged “sexual abuse” have been able to be properly checked out since they could have been exposed to sexually transmitted disease. “The state has to ensure that they are checked out properly.” Cole noted that the allegations from the NOC should not be taken as “without fruit”. She added that statistics have shown that children are usually violated by a person in position. Cole further told Kaieteur News that the 2012 breakout and burning of buildings at NOC should have shown that something wasn’t right. “When faced with challenges, the brain would tell you two things: fight or flight…It’s a natural response

Nicole Cole and it’s an emotional sense,” Cole explained. “Those children are battling in an environment where adults are always right; they acted out,” she said. Further, Cole said that the rape culture is something that must be tackled. “We need to get serious; rape is the greatest human rights violation and we must mitigate and stop it,” she told this newspaper. Another issue which needs to be properly addressed according to Cole is the laws surrounding “wandering”. According to Cole, that law should be struck out immediately since it was established in early slavery. She said that most children who are sent to the NOC are in that institution because of the wandering laws. Cole said that has now taken a personal decision to

discourage parents who want to send children to the NOC. She further stressed that people must come out of this “accommodating syndrome”. Meanwhile Child Protection head, Ms Ann Greene, told Kaieteur News on Tuesday evening that they are actively investigating the matter. She said that they have a mandate to investigate these cases thoroughly and that’s what the agency is doing. On Friday last, Greene managed to get a High Court order to remove four of the teenage girls from the NOC. Greene said that the girls will remain in protective custody. Last Wednesday Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, said that she had asked the Child Care and Protection Agency to investigate the alleged sexual molestation of female inmates of the New Opportunity Corps. Minister Jennifer Webster told Kaieteur News, yesterday, that her Ministry received reports from the parents of the alleged victims on Tuesday. “I have asked the Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency to conduct an investigation. We are currently conducting an investigation,” Webster said. Minister Webster’s comments came amid reports that several teenage girls have alleged that a senior government official was among individuals who had sexual intercourse with them at the New Opportunity Corps. Within the last week several allegations have been emanating from the NOC about caregivers and senior Ministry officials engaged in sexual acts with teenagers. Parents of teenagers have come forward and told harrowing stories about sexual abuse. One mother told Kaieteur News last Thursday that she was being denied a “one-on(Continued on page 23)

By: Kiana Wilburg When one takes a simple stroll around Stabroek or Bourda Market, many stall holders are eager to entice you with “bootleg DVDs” three of which cost $500. Even copies of locally produced work, be it literature or music, can be had, illegally, at very affordable prices. Copyright laws, which provide for the protection of creations of the mind, are intended to inhibit the illegal reproduction and sale of “intellectual property.” But like some laws in Guyana, copyright laws have been constantly ignored, misunderstood and outdated. The common excuse is, “If you take this away, then how will the poor be able to access these very items?” Intellectual Property Law Expert, Miss Abiola Inniss, a researcher at Walden University USA in Law and Public Policy, asserts that Guyana cannot continue to use this excuse at the expense of leaving its “innovative class” without protection. The Graduate of DeMontfort University School of Law, made this declaration at a recent lecture held at the Education Lecture Theatre of the University of Guyana. During her presentation the expert said that Intellectual Property and copyrighting laws are areas that have been highly contentious and filled with many misconceptions. Intellectual property, she explained, refers to creations and inventions of the mind. These are protected in various ways, one of which involves copyright laws. These laws enable people to earn recognition and financial benefits from what they invent or create, she said. The copyright laws help to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can be encouraged and allowed to flourish, she said. The circumstances which

Intellectual Property Law Expert, Abiola Inniss informed the drafting of Guyana’s copyright laws have changed. Technology has advanced to such a stage that the local laws have become obsolete and useless, Ms Inniss said. Technology has become such a major influence over copyright laws and how they must now be drafted that it has even posed challenges to traditional book writers who must now fight to stay relevant. Inniss said that there are four main classes of intellectual property which can be infringed and since Guyana is primarily focused on copyright laws then the problem that will occur is the inability to monitor what exactly is manufactured and howmuchofitwillbe reproduced and who would be able to monitor what is going on? The issue of creating relevant laws that can effectively deal with these matters since the developments in technology is one of the greatest challenges for law makers and policy makers regionally because the developments are moving faster than the laws can keep up now, she said. The expert said that with the advent of online platforms for publishing, the development has also created another phenomenon and that is - cross border challenges. “Take for example where books can be published and sold on the website. There are a number of issues that arise

here. What about copyright in those circumstances? What happens in cross border arrangements? “If I am in Guyana and publish with Amazon and I have a dispute with my work and someone in another country where would it be decided? These are all questions we have to pay attention to as we surf on the tidal wave of change. Our laws in Guyana have not been reformed to deal with this and so there is no room for anyone who wants to seek satisfaction legally.” “Guyana has laws which date back to 1956 and despite of its World Trade Organization membership which requires that it enforces and enacts certain legislation in order to get certain trade benefits, there has been no new legislation. “We have no supporting mechanisms, no awareness programmes and the law is as you know ignored.” Inniss added, “In policy analysis and implementation, what you need to do is to address your issues from the bottom and then go up. Look at what is happening underground. “If you go to the market what will you find? You will find people selling knockoff clothes, DVDs and CDs and why is it happening? Most say that if you were to take that away what would you offer the poor in order for them to survive? “But you cannot use it as a continuous excuse to not have laws to protect the intellectual property of the country and have your international reputation at stake and so it is a government issue as to what policy they will create to deal with those issues to work with the economy and then create laws that will take care of those two levels while ensuring that it applies to international regimental standards. “We cannot continue to operate in a piecemeal fashion.” The expert said that it is about time we pay attention to these issues. She urged Government to take heed, reform the laws and stop riding on the excuses.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Declining prices Amerindian communities continue still major challenge to enjoy good governance for Gold Board Authorities are predicting continued volatility in gold prices but remained confident yesterday that it will not drop much this year. According to the stateowned Guyana Gold Board (GGB), the country’s biggest buyer of the shiny metal, prices are expected to follow the trend experienced during the last quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of this year. GGB was yesterday celebrating its 32nd anniversary in operation. “Although demand for gold globally is unlikely to grow much this year, there is good reason to assume that it will not shrink greatly either. Mine production of gold seems likely to rise marginally in 2014 and it is expected that that recycling flows to increase, but it is also expected that the combined impact on the gold supply will be only mildly bearish.” With Guyana banking on the performance of gold to boost the economy, which had to make do with a run of low productions, Government has been examining ways for miners to reduce costs while raising outputs. The industry is now examining alternatives to mercury in the face of an imminent global ban. Last year, in the absence of large scale operations, gold declarations continued to break records with 481,087 ounces coming in. This year, a target of 484,000 ounces is expected. GGB said that its expansion of services over the years included the issuance of several dealer’s licences to a number of private entities and opening new sub-offices in mining areas. Chairman of GGB, Dr. Gobind Ganga noted that during the last year of operation the entity has been focusing on strengthening management, improving security and internal controls and improving staff working environment and compensation. “However, a highly volatile gold market and declining prices, along with various efforts for improved systems and accountability, remained the major challenges for the Guyana Gold Board in 2013.” The price issue remains the biggest worry for players in industry. Last year, prices plunged by 27.2 percent, losing US$451 per ounce, from a high of US$1,693.75 per ounce in January to US$1,204

per ounce at end-December 2013. In the first quarter of 2013, the average price for gold was US$1,631.77 per ounce. According to GGB, the real problems for gold became evident in April when prices plunged by US$200 in a fiveday span. With the banking crisis in Cyprus going on at the time, gold investors feared that the island nation’s central bank would have to liquidate its gold reserves in order to shore up its financial system. That change in sentiment reversed the conventional thinking that central-bank purchases would continue to support the price of gold through 2013. Guyana’s trading of gold has been monitored carefully to ensure the best prices. “Moreover, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Guyana Gold Board has been enhancing its policy objectives on the trading of gold to ensure that the maximum wealth of the yellow metal is channeled to the development of the economy.” The Gold Board was upbeat about the future of the industry yesterday, saying that the prospects for large scale mining for gold in Guyana are still very real. “Notably, the Guyana Goldfields project at Aurora and Troy Resources (Pharsalus) in the Kaburi area is on stream for late 2014.” The industry is now actively pursuing more valueadded in the industry like jewellery and enhanced refinement of raw gold. This year also, emphasis is also being placed to ensure that anti-money laundering policies, in line with requirements, are being implemented. Yesterday, the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) made it clear that the gold industry has been playing a major role in Guyana with multiplier effects on employment, livelihoods and the national economy. “…it should not be underestimated that whole communities are directly and often exclusively dependent on the sustainability and growth of the gold mining sector. But to succeed in a growing gold mining economy like Guyana, longterm relationships of trust and mutual respect must be established between its key stakeholders.”

“The Government of Guyana believes in equality, non-discrimination and good governance and assures that under the new political dispensation as a minority government in Parliament we continue to be responsive to the 10 percent of indigenous population, which forms part of our ethnically diverse nation.” This was expressed by Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai, during the Thirteenth Session United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Sukhai was at the time presenting on Guyana’s experience as it relates to “Principles of good governance consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” According to the Minister, Government is committed to the promotion of good governance that would further enhance the rights and development of Amerindian peoples in Guyana. Guyana continues to effect and uphold compliance with Articles 3, 6 and 46 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples. Addressing each article, Sukhai said that with respect to Article 3, “Government places emphasis on pursuing the principles and practices of good governance, and places priority on Indigenous People’s rights and development were pursued prior to the implementation of the UNDRIP in 2007.” Pointing to the evidence, Sukhai said the Amerindian Act No. 6 of 2006, was enacted. The Act clearly states “An Act to provide for the recognition, and protection of the collective rights of Amerindian, the granting of land to Amerindian, and the promotion of good governance within Amerindian Villages and Communities.” She referred to Part 111 of the Amerindian Act which outlines the principles of good governance and selfdetermination at the local village level. For example, in Section 10 (1), “A village

Council is established to administer a village; Secondly Section 10 (2) A village Council is a body corporate; and Section 10 (3) in discharging its functions the Village Council shall act collectively, these sections embody the right to selfdetermination of Guyana’s Amerindian Peoples.” The Minister further emphasized that Section13 of the Act outlines the functions of the Village Councils, which have the right to freely determine the direction of their villages with regards to social, economic and cultural development, and their rights, and responsibilities for overall development. In Guyana, Amerindian peoples are free to pursue their political status with any national political parties without interference, she said. According to Sukhai, Article 6 of the UNDRIP states, “Every indigenous individual has a right to a nationality.” “The Government has established an effective system that ensures that every single birth is registered. Amerindian peoples, in the most remote villages and communities,

have opportunities to register birth at health centers and instances where failure to register a birth occurs, a programme of late registration funded by the Government is available in each indigenous village and facilitated by the village leaders,” she stressed. Referencing Article 46 of the UN Declaration, the Minister said that Guyana has put in place special measures to address the issues affecting Amerindian peoples. One of them has been the establishment of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs. This Ministry is mandated to support the enhancement of the quality of life of Amerindians in Guyana through the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes consistent with Free Prior and Informed Consent. As such, there is full inclusion and participation of the indigenous people, respect for their traditional cultural, and social and economic development practices. Sukhai said that constitutional, sectoral, and legal measures are in place to promote equity for advancing the rights of Amerindian

Pauline Sukhai, Minister of Amerindian Affairs peoples. According to Sukhai, “The bold commitment by the Government of Guyana to address the legitimate needs, challenges and rights of Amerindians, fully conscious that Guyana is a land of six peoples, and mindful that the human rights and fundamental freedom of all Guyanese should be uphold and respected. Notwithstanding, special measures to enforce and safeguard the rights of the Amerindian peoples are in place to address the remaining gaps and challenges which faces Amerindians faces in this current period.”

Beaten prisoner’s hospital chart disappears, found in guard’s bag An investigation has been launched at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation into the disappearance of a patient’s medical chart on Tuesday. This newspaper understands that the chart was found in the possession of a female security guard who was apparently trying to sneak it out of the hospital compound. The chart in question related to beaten prisoner Calvin Bailey. This newspaper understands that the chart was discovered missing when a doctor entered the ward to diagnose Bailey’s condition. An alarm was raised and a lockdown of the ward was ordered. Searches were carried out on some staff members and

the missing chart was later found concealed in the guard’s bag. Kaieteur News was initially informed that Bailey, who has since been discharged from hospital, had given the chart to the woman with instructions to get it to his lawyer. He had apparently hoped to use it to support court action against prison officials who allegedly inflicted a severe beating on him after he set fire to his mattress in protest of his solitary confinement. However, it turned out that it was another person who alerted the search party

to the security guard. He reportedly saw the woman remove the chart and hide it in a sheet of newspaper. Immediately after the discovery of the chart the hospital authorities ordered that the police be summoned. They considered it theft of government property. But the guard had already left the compound. She did not report for duty today. Late yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan, said that the matter is in the hands of the police. The guard was employed by a private security contractor.

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Fish shop shooting case dismissed

Third police suspect still at large - “We have no justice to get,” says grieving parents

(from the left) AFC Member of Parliament, Cathy Hughes with Earl and Donna Sulker By: Kiana Wilburg The parents of Damien Belgrave, a man who was shot and killed while celebrating his 21st birthday at the Hadfield Street Fish Shop, Georgetown, have expressed their disappointment that the police officer responsible for the death of her son is still at large. The 47-year-old mother who struggled to maintain her composure during a press conference hosted by the Alliance For Change, yesterday, at Side Walk Café said that she feels her son’s matter may have become another “unsolved case.” The Magistrate’s court threw it out on May 8, last because a ballistics test showed that the bullet which killed her son did not come from the firearms of the two officers who were arrested for the crime. It also showed that the bullet which killed the youth belonged to a rifle of the third suspect who to date, has not been apprehended and charged. Donna Sulker feels that there will be no justice to be had for the crime that was committed. Also commenting on the fact that the Guyana Police Force has turned the “Belgrave killing” into a circus was Alliance For Change (AFC) Executive Member, Cathy Hughes. She said that on October 5, 2012, Belgrave was shot and killed by armed police ranks outside of the Fish Shop. The ranks were reportedly in hot pursuit of suspected criminal elements in a white motor car. The suspect turned out to be an unlicenced teenage driver. On December 31, 2012, the Guyana Police Force instituted charges of manslaughter against two

police officers, Sheldon Williams, 34, of Coldingen, East Coast Demerara; and Errol Williams, 41, of Glasgow Village, East Bank Berbice. They were placed before the Magistrate’s court to answer a charge for the unlawful killing of Damien Belgrave. Both defendants were granted bail. Hughes said, “However, on May 8, the charges against the two police officers were dismissed on the ground that the ballistic report disclosed that the bullet which killed Belgrave was not fired by either of the Police Officers who were charged but, by a third Police Officer who has not been charged.” The AFC Parliamentarian then questioned, “How is it possible that the Guyana Police Force, who was in possession of its own ballistics report, not prosecute the Police Officer who shot and killed the innocent Dameon Belgrave? “How could the Guyana Police Force subject the mother, relatives and friends of Dameon Belgrave to the pretence of a prosecution they must have known was bound to fail? “How could the Guyana Police Force prosecute two of its own officers for a crime it was aware they could not have committed?” The politician demanded an immediate independent investigation be done to ascertain the basis on which the Guyana Police Force commenced and or continued prosecution of charges of persons for the offence of manslaughter when it was in possession of information that the two charged were not the shooters of Dameon Belgrave. Hughes said, “When one takes this travesty into

account and couples it with the most recent act of police aggression against private citizens, including the shooting of a 15-year-old by a cadet of the Police Force, how can the Force ever hope to win the confidence of the people when such acts of extra judicial killings and shootings go unpunished?” She opined as well that the list of complaints against the Police Force for using unnecessary force is growing and the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, is clearly unable to rein in ‘rogue officers’ who seem intent on behaving like villains with a badge. She asked, “How deep into disrepute does our Police Force have to sink before the Government takes action to have comprehensive reform of the Force?” An emotional Ms Sulker said, “So many times I sat in that court and tears came to my eyes because I realized that the promise made to me by the former Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell, to ensure that I have justice was just a bluff.” Attorney-at-law Patrice Henry who represented the two accused in the case told this publication yesterday that his clients were arrested under questionable circumstances. He said that he was reliably informed that the police were making several attempts to arrest the third police officer, “Corporal Fraser” who allegedly killed Belgrave. Henry stated, “The State should have recognized that that the case was one that was a clear misadventure. While I sympathize with the mother, I don’t believe she should pursue a political path to seek justice.”

15-year-old stabbed to death A 15-year-old boy is the latest in the growing list of domestic murder victims in Guyana’s hinterland, having been stabbed to death in what is being described as a drunken row. Police in a press statement said that they are investigating the murder of Winsley Peters, 15, of Bamboo Creek, North Pakaraimas, which occurred at about 21:00 hours on Monday at Bamboo Creek. According to the police, Peters was involved in an argument with two men, during which he was allegedly stabbed to his chest. He died without receiving medical attention. The two men have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Man survives four-storey fall A 40-year-old man of Diamond, East Bank Demerara, miraculously survived a fall from a fourstorey building, yesterday, which is under construction at the corner of East and New Market Streets, Georgetown. At 5:35pm, Fizul Habiban, who worked as a labourer on the site, was on the fourth storey of the building when the accident occurred. Reports are that he was at the time lifting steel rods unto the fourth storey. He accidentally hit one of the overhead electrical wires with the steel rod and was shocked instantly. He was not wearing any protective gear. Workers who spoke with this publication yesterday said, “All of a sudden he start

swaying and before we coulda rush to him he fall off from the top floor and onto the concrete ground, and he just stay there. We thought he de dead but when we rush down he raise up and start crying out for his belly.” The man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for immediate medical attention. Sita Habiban, wife of the injured man, expressed joy that her husband had survived the dangerous fall. “I am not very disturbed because my husband is alive and he is talking. It is a sign and I am happy that God spared him. It is a miracle. I don’t know of anyone who falls from a four-storey building and does not come away with a broken limb. He

is lucky.” Habiban in a brief interview with this publication said that he survived the accident with just a few minor scrapes, burns and a tummy ache, and it is proof that God has a purpose for him to fulfill. He said, “When I fall I swear to you I saw the heavens above. God talk to me and he tell me fuh love me wife. I am going to be more supportive to my wife Sita. She is all I have. I love her dearly.” The Diamond resident is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital and doctors expressed that while he is in a stable condition and being monitored, “he is one lucky fellow”.

Teen shot in mouth…

Kennard undertakes to complete review of file by next Friday - Colwyn Harding matter to finish by Tuesday Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard has undertaken to complete his examination of the file on the shooting in the mouth of a 15 year old boy by a policeman, by next Friday. Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, Kennard confirmed that he received the file containing a report on the investigations conducted by the police Office of Professional Responsibility. “I had a glance at it,” Kennard told Kaieteur News. He stated that the file contains 34 statements and a number of exhibits and he will have to go through each and every piece before making his pronouncement. Kennard will examine the file and make recommendations before it reaches the Director of Public Prosecution for her advice on whether to charge a Cadet Officer who placed a gun into the mouth of 15 year old Alex Griffith and pulled the trigger

Cecil Kennard in Russian roulette style. He had assured that there will be no cover-up in the matter. “There will be no cover up…they can’t cover this up. I will look at the evidence and if the policeman is to be charged he will be charged. How can they cover up this?” Justice Kennard, a former Chancellor of the Judiciary, said. The teenager’s mother Marcel Griffith had made it clear that she will not

sit idly by and allow her son’s case to be stretched out like the one involving Colwyn Harding. The woman had told members of the media that she is not satisfied with the pace of the investigations nor is she pleased with the way she and her son are being handled by the police administration. “I’m not getting anywhere. I’m just hearing and hearing and nothing is happening. I have a son who is sick, I don’t know whatever will happen to him,” Marcel Griffith said. Yesterday, Justice Kennard told Kaieteur News that he is presently working on another matter which was brought to him before the Griffith case and which is equally as important. “Because I’m looking at the Colwyn Harding matter which I hope to complete by (next) Tuesday the latest, I will only be able to finish this Griffith case by Friday next,” Kennard said.

Nigeria rejects swap of Boko Haram prisoners for schoolgirls: UK Minister ABUJA (Reuters) N i g e r i a ’s President Goodluck Jonathan has rejected the idea of a swap of Boko Haram prisoners for schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the Islamist group a month ago, Britain’s minister for Africa said after talks with him in Abuja yesterday. “He made it very clear that there would be no negotiations with Boko Haram that involved a swap of abducted schoolgirls for

prisoners,” Mark Simmonds told a news conference. The Islamist group, which is holding more than 200 girls, posted a video on Monday offering to release them in exchange for prisoners held by the government. Boko Haram militants, who are fighting for an Islamist state, stormed a secondary school in the northeastern village of Chibok on April 14 and seized 276 girls who were

taking exams. Some have managed to escape, but about 200 remain missing. The abductions have triggered a worldwide social media campaign under the Twitter hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, and prompted the United States, Britain, France and Israel to offer help or send experts to Nigeria. Britain offered further help to Nigeria including a surveillance plane and the offer was accepted, Simmonds said.

Thursday May 15, 2014

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ON THE NEED FOR A MEDIA WATCHDOG The media, the Fourth Estate, acts as a watchdog against the government. But the media, including the private media, is so powerful that it too requires a watchdog to superintend its actions. Historically, the call by the government for a body to exercise oversight against the media has been met with firm resistance. The principal objection is that such a body will muzzle press freedom if it is established by the government. However, the media has equally failed to institute self regulation. Now that an official of the government has once again raised the issue of the need for a watchdog for the watchdogs, it has led a similar reaction as in the past. It has also led to the repartee that it was the PPPC government which had shut down the Media Monitoring Unit of the Guyana Elections Commission. This in fact was the gravamen of the response of the Guyana Press Association. But that response typically misses the important issue of a need for self-regulation of Guyana’s media. The media in Guyana needs self-regulation. The recent history of Guyana has demonstrated that the media in Guyana can be a force of anarchy. Anyone who has been in Guyana and witnessed the actions of sections of the private electronic media just after the 1997 elections would understand what I am referring

to. Indeed, the greatest threat to democratic rule in this country has been the private media. When you want to talk about provocation, spin and a political agenda, there is ample evidence of this within the private media in Guyana. These traits have been most conspicuous since the PPP assumed office in 1992. There are some private media operatives who are more political than our politicians. For anyone to hold up GECOM’s Media Monitoring Unit as a model for media monitoring is to hold up a highly flawed model. That Unit deserved to be closed; it was a waste of resources and did nothing to institute or to reinforce professional standards in the media in Guyana. GECOM’s Media Monitoring Unit employed a highly questionable methodology of monitoring fairness and balance with the media. For example, one of the ways in which that unit established bias in the media was by simply counting the number of pro-government or anti-government stories published or broadcast. This is based on a highly questionable premise since the State media would have been expected to have a high proportion of stories about government’s development, but does this necessarily establish a basis for bias? This column had in the past argued that when it comes to the State media, a judgment of bias has to relate

not to the degree of coverage given to developmental initiatives but rather to the extent of coverage given to opposition concerns. Thus, simply monitoring a newscast and classifying stories according to which one gives a more favorable indicator of the government or the opposition is simply going to produce statistics which are meaningless. Oversight has to go beyond mere monitoring. It has to set standards and allow for agreement on those standards. When those standards are set, there has to be a mechanism that enforces sanctions for breaches of those standards. I had argued in the past that if the objective is to encourage fairness and balance, what was required was more than just tabulations of media content. More important was the need to develop a professional code within the media itself in Guyana. GECOM’s Media Monitoring Unit did not address this challenge. Instead of such a toothless unit what was needed was a permanent media oversight body that was committed to improving standards and ensuring balance and objectivity by all sections of the media. This is not going to be easy. The media in Guyana is seriously divided. The private media in Guyana can be just as biased and anarchical as the State-owned media.

Dem boys seh...

Bobby run to India and lef Jagdeo wid dem boys When dem boys put out de challenge fuh name one good thing that Jagdeo did for Guyana that de people could be proud of, dem expect not to sleep. Dem believe that dem phone woulda been ringing non-stop. Instead, de phone dem never ring whole day. At first dem boys think that dem phone wasn’t wukking or it did turn off. Dem call Ah Kneel fuh mek sure that de phone wukking. He answer. When he hear de Waterfalls boss man voice, he start fuh holler, “Not hearing you, not hearing you good. Hello?” Then he phone tun off. De boss man did call he to remind him fuh name something that he, Ah Kneel, proud of that Jagdeo do as president. Ah Kneel never call back. Dem boys call Donald but like he lef de phone in de toilet because it ring and then dem boys hear toilet flushing. None body could name one good thing that he, Jagdeo, do. That means two things. Either dem frighten fuh talk or everything that he do was wrong. Dem boys know that de last one is de truth. Dem got proof. Dem boys ain’t gun rest till he, Bobby, Brazzy and de rest wear de state bangle. Bobby smell de rat and he gone already. He run to India wid he family and he walk wid some of he workers. De last words he seh to dem boys before

he lef, “Tek care of me baby and lef in de sturdy plug.” Now that Bobby gone it becoming very clear who is de real owner of dem things that people think Bobby own. Jagdeo giving instructions to Dev since Booby gone. But that is only fuh de media empire. De other day he mix up Limacol wid Ferrol when de Ministry send fuh an order. De Ferrol worth more than de Limacol suh de taxpayers start fuh get back some of dem money that he tek and give to Bobby. He mix up Whizz wid Paracetemol. Dem boys want he fuh know that when dem done wid he, he gun mix up Brazzy wid Bobby, and Brian wid Boyah. He gun even call Rob de Earth Irfaat. He gun even tek Ah Kneel fuh Donald. Things getting to he brain. He been in Trinidad last week to give a talk at de University. Dem students tell dem boys that Jagdeo talk out he head. Even when he was sleeping dem boys hear he hollering “Ow Uncle Glenn, Ow Uncle Adam, al you lef me alone now, nah.” Well, dem boys seh dem don’t have a problem leffing he alone, but only when dem see he peeping through bars, like de ExPrime Minister of Israel. Talk half and don’t run out you head like you know who.

Within both the private media and state there are so called professionals who are more political than the politicians themselves. In order to promote fairness, balance and professional standards, what is needed, in the interim, is an independent media oversight body staffed by professionals from outside of Guyana, such as what we had at one stage when some professional journalists were brought in from the Caribbean to examine fairness and balance in the media in the run up to the 2006 elections. They did an excellent job and their tenure should have been continued until such time as Guyana’s polarized media culture is reduced and

thus in a better state of readiness to undertake self regulation. The media culture in Guyana is not going to change unless there is a commitment by all media houses to respect the judgment of a media observatory body comprised of respectable professionals from outside of Guyana. The work of an MMU can support these professionals by providing some empirical measures which can be used to support the judgment of the professionals, but no one is going to take the reports of any MMU of GECOM seriously unless there are independent professionals overseeing the work of the unit. That work of those

professionals brought here in 2006 should have been continued so as to develop a professional media culture in Guyana. This may have led to the establishment even of a credible media complaints’ authority so that persons who have problems with media coverage could have had recourse including those who feel that some newspapers and electronic media houses are not balanced.

Youth employment crisis in the C’bean must be addressed - LaRocque

CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ambassador Irwin LaRocque has called for greater focus to be placed on the creation of jobs for youths within the Region. Ambassador LaRocque who was speaking at the Twenty-Sixth Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) On Labour and Gender held at CARICOM’s headquarters at Liliendaal yesterday said “the situation of youth unemployment has reached unprecedented proportions globally and our Region is no exception.” He quoted from 2012 ILO (International Labour Organization) Report, ‘The Youth Employment Crisis: Time for Action’ to highlight the serious long-term implications of this situation when he said “The current youth employment crisis is undermining belief in the norm that each successive generation will see improvements in its employment and economic prospects. It is also threatening the principle of equality of opportunity across generations.” The Report he said, also highlights the threat which this situation poses with regard to the growing gap in inequality within the current cohort of youths. The CARCOM Secretary General outlined that there is within the Caribbean region significant unemployment and under employment existing alongside acute skill shortages in some key sectors of our economies. “The lack of access to technology by many of our young people has the potential to widen both the employment and poverty gaps, and this needs to be addressed. In addressing this issue, this Council will have to take into account the need to ensure that

our human capacity development becomes more relevant to our society’s needs in the context of the priorities established within the Strategic Plan. There should also be the recognition of the imperative to engage our youth in ways which will use their innate creativity to contribute to their own development and prospects for employment” said LaRocque. He posited that the technologically savvy younger generation with their creative abilities can provide a platform for the Region to take advantage of the untapped potential within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and in the creative industries. LaRocque explained that ICT is opening up new vistas and “we need to ensure that the Community is well placed to fulfill the potential it offers for employment and entrepreneurship. Our Heads of Government are seized of the opportunities for ICT to be the new frontier for regional integration and have outlined a programme for its development, including the creation of a Single ICT space and the use of ICTs to engender economic growth and social development.” CARICOM’s Secretary General, speaking to the respective regional Ministers that were present for the meeting, outlined that their agenda reflects the importance of ICT in helping to achieve a key social and economic goal, that being decent work. He said that they have established the legal and institutional arrangements for the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), but there remain some issues to be addressed. These include a “Labour Market Information System which would provide a foundation for effective deployment of skills under the CSME. This would serve to alleviate the situation in which there may be a surplus in specific skills in some Member States which are needed in others” said LaRocque. He added that “we must also move to ensure the ability of women and men to participate equally and equitably in all aspects of life under the CSME.” “Governments and other stakeholders, including the private sector, have an important role to play in promoting and advancing policy coherence through the integration of Labour and Gender issues in all aspects of our Development Agenda” said the CARICOM Secretary General.

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Thursday May 15, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The goats LEFT their pen through the LEFT side of the door This column is being written four and a half months after the goat man gave a New Year ’s Message on December 31, 2013, when he opined that what Guyana needs to take it forward into the future is for the PPP to form a “left, national front alliance”. Those were the exact words of the goat man. It is obvious the goat man was talking to other goats since no group or political association on the left has

joined the PPP in a left alliance. For the sake of young people in Guyana, let me briefly describe what the left in politics mean. By left is meant a left-wing or leftist ideology. Actually the concepts underwent tremendous configurations and saw countless permutations since WORLD WAR 2 and the end of colonialism. A leftist organization in North America and Europe does not carry the same

ideological content as in the Third World. The term has really become a confused one and it is hard to tell which politician is leftist and which is right-wing. For example, after the end of colonial rule, dictators in Egypt (Nasser), Zaire, (Mobutu) and Argentina (Peron) were regarded as left-leaning. The Congress Party in India is generally seen as leftist. The Labour Party in UK at the moment under Ed Milband would be regarded by academics as left-wing. The closest one can come to is that a left-wing party must have uncompromising positions on some ideological nuances. These include the role of the state in trying as far as possible to distribute the wealth of a country that would see the disappearance of large classes that find it hard to live meaningful lives while other classes have humongous wealth. Perhaps no other country mirrors this divide in horrible forms than the US today. The citizens must have unfettered access to every conceivable sacred value

such as justice, liberty, equality, opportunity, health care, security protection. The state as the most powerful institution must not be a tool in the hands of the wealthy classes because they will use it to promote greater elitist wealth. This is where post WW2 Europe, except Scandinavia, has failed badly. Finally, the poor must be the constant target of the State to remove them from their impoverished condition. This is just a brief list since space prevents further elaboration but what is important is that a leftist politician cannot be leftist and enjoys immense wealth which was not a result of capital accumulation but naked corruption. And a leftist politician commits an unforgivable sin if he uses state power for racist and authoritarian reasons. Whatever approach or definition you have, the goat man is not left and his party is not left. This writer would classify the goat man’s party as semi-fascist and one that is an accumulator of wealth

through massive corruption and a party that caters exclusively for the superwealthy in Guyana. One need not look any further than Bharrat Jagdeo. He shares a close bond with some of the richest men in this country. It is a travesty to call Jagdeo and his cabal left-wing. The goat man is the biggest defender of corrupt wealth, comically telling the nation that the billionaires in the PPP got their riches through hard work and saving. In a million years they couldn’t get those fortunes from their little savings. One house in Pradoville One built in 1997 with money from OMAI gold fields has imported marbled walls from Italy. The husband/wife owners are no leftist politicians. If you examine all the political party and activist associations in Guyana, none have the types of wealthy folks the PPP has. The entire PNC and AFC leadership are not wealthy people. The WPA is closer to being left than any other party. There are more working class Members of Parliament in

Frederick Kissoon both the PNC and AFC than the PPP. So why after four months since the goat man made his call for the PPP to have a left front alliance in government no one has stepped forward? Because no party wants to form an alliance with the goat man and his billionaire colleagues in Pradoville One and Pradoville Two. And they haven’t done so for one fundamental reason - political survival. A member or two may defect to the goat man’s party but not the party itself. The Guyanese people will not forgive those who enter the pen of the goats. In any case the goats have left the pen from the left side a long time ago. They couldn’t stand Billy Goat. They left long ago for RIGHT-WING United States.

Bank guard killed by security service vehicle

When Desiree SpencerGordon kissed her husband Vernon goodbye early yesterday morning as he was leaving for work, she expected the day to be just like all the others she spent with him where he would return home after a hard day’s work. But minutes later she was jolted by some news that completely altered the course of her life; her loving husband was struck down by a minibus on the Haslington Public Road, East Coast Demerara, not too far from his home. It was just before six o’clock and Spencer-Gordon hurriedly slapped on some clothes and raced to the scene, but by then her husband had been rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. At the time she still harboured hopes that maybe her husband had only suffered a few injuries which he would overcome with urgent medical attention. That was not the case; Vernon Gordon, 68, a security guard attached to Republic Bank (Guyana) had suffered massive internal injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Hospital. Police in a press release said they are investigating a

Dead: Vernon Gordon fatal accident that occurred at about 05:30 hours yesterday at Haslington, ECD, and which resulted in the death of Vernon Gordon, 68 years, of North Haslington, ECD. According to the police, their investigations have so far revealed that Gordon is alleged to have attempted to cross the Public Road and was struck down by a minibus. The driver of the motor vehicle is in police custody assisting with investigations. In a telephone interview with this newspaper the dead man’s wife said, “…the last thing he told me was that he was going to work. I said ‘Okay Vernon’ and just thought that it would be a normal day. Ten minutes later one of my nephews came and

knocked on the door and told me that he hear Mr. Gordon get knock down.” Spencer-Gordon said that she went into a state of shock since she is certain that her husband was usually careful whenever crossing the road, especially the main East Coast Demerara carriageway. “My husband would normally wait several minutes before he cross the road,” the woman said. She told Kaieteur News that she was informed by the police that her husband had flagged down a minibus that was heading to the city and was crossing the road when another bus belonging to Brans Security Service struck him down. It was the driver of the security service vehicle who picked up the injured man and took him to the hospital. Spencer-Gordon said that she met the driver of the bus at the hospital. “He told me he was sorry for what happened,” she said. Apart from his wife, Vernon Gordon leaves to mourn two biological children along with nine foster ones and countless grandchildren. His death has pushed the country’s road fatality figure to 42 compared with 41 for the same period last year.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Rudisa Beverages offers to drop case NOC should be... if Guyana amends discriminatory law …opposition stance cost nation US$6M - Attorney General The Guyana Government will have to return to Parliament to amend the discriminatory Environmental Tax which recently caused the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to award a judgment in the favour of the Surinamese company, Rudisa Beverages. The court awarded US$6M to be paid by the Guyana Government. This was confirmed by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, who yesterday said that Government will firstly seek to negotiate a resolution with the Surinamese makers of the ‘Thrill’ drink which had moved to the courts against Guyana. Guyana passed the Act in 1995 permitting the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to charge a tax of $10 on each bottle of the drink imported into Guyana. Nandlall said that in 1995 when the law was introduced, it was not discriminatory but this changed when the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Revised the Treaty of Chaguaramus. He said that this was the case across the region in that several other countries also had to amend their laws to be compliant with the revised treaty. According to Nandlall, when the Guyana Government moved to the Parliament to amend the law, it was shut down by the political opposition. The Attorney General did point out that what is important to note is that the Surinamese Company had approached him and had indicated that it would withdraw the case against Guyana, should the law be amended. According to Nandlall, this was communicated to the Caribbean Court of Justice, which at the time adjourned

the matter in order for Guyana to get its house in order. Nandlall said that the opposition at the time requested time to consult with local beverage producers among others but prolonged the issue. He said that the CCJ had offered Guyana an extension of time in order to allow the country to amend the laws but when it was shutdown in Parliament the CCJ was forced to make its ruling. Asked whether the State will continue to impose the tax in light of the ruling, Nandlall said that a decision has not been taken on how the matter will be handled between now and when the law is amended. The CCJ ruled in Rudisa’s favour, citing that it had to honour its treaty obligations and ordered that the claimants

are entitled to repayment. Rudisa argued at the CCJ that the legislation violated the trade policy contained in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, in particular the free movement of goods and the prohibition on import duties on goods that are of CARICOM origin. Both Guyana and Suriname are members of CARICOM. Rudisa, through CIDI, has been in Guyana since 2007. According to the CCJ, in its judgment, Rudisa’s application was based on the provisions of the Customs Act of Guyana which imposes an environmental tax on all imported non-returnable beverage containers. The legislation does not contain any exemption in relation to CARICOM goods. The Surinamese company claimed that no similar tax is imposed on local producers of non-returnable beverage containers and, by the definition of “Import Duties” laid down in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, the levy must be regarded as an import duty. The issue of the environmental tax was first raised with the Council on Economic Trade and Development (COTED), the trade arm of CARICOM, by the Government of Suriname in a series of meetings spanning the period 2001-2012. COTED concluded that in so far as it applied to CARICOM goods, the levy was in breach of the Treaty which governs how the member countries would

operate in a trade environment. Guyana, in turn, committed itself to take the necessary action to eliminate the discriminatory effect of the environmental tax. The Government of Guyana brought legislation to the National Assembly in 2013 to amend the Customs Act but the proposal was rejected. The claimants filed an application with the Court alleging that the imposition of the environmental tax is a breach of the Treaty. They argued that the tax is inconsistent with CARICOM trade policy which provides for the free movement of goods and prohibitions on the imposition of import duties on CARICOM goods. According to CCJ, Guyana had admitted that the tax is inconsistent with their obligations under the Treaty but notes that the Government has proposed legislation to rectify the discriminatory effect of the environmental tax, but the proposed amendment was rejected by the National Assembly. The government also argued that the aim of the legislation is environmental protection, which is a fundamental right under the Constitution of Guyana.

From page 6 one” visit with her daughter. According to the woman, while visiting her daughter recently, the 16-year-old managed to slip a note in her pocket, which detailed accounts of sexual abuse. Kaieteur News was told by the woman that her daughter was initially sentenced to two years at the NOC. “When she get that two years I say okay...she gon go there and learn a trade and get counseling,” the woman said. A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Parliamentarian, Christopher Jones, had told Kaieteur News that his Party was in the process of preparing a dossier which would be sent to various international organizations. “One dossier will be filled with statements of the children and the Government of Guyana’s inaction to deal with these matters,” Jones explained. Opposition Leader Brig. David Granger had said that

his Party had no confidence in the capability of the Ministry of Culture, to administer the New Opportunity Corps. Granger had proposed that the responsibility of the Corps be transferred to another Ministry or agency that possesses the requisite personnel and skills, and is better prepared to tend to the lives of juveniles sympathetically. He stressed, “It is evident that a new approach and a new agency are needed to curb the perpetuation of abuses and interpersonal violence which are still occurring in the Corps. “APNU is concerned that the worst incidence of violence in the entire history of the Corps occurred in August 2012 and involved about one-third of the juveniles in the Corps.” The Minister, however, has been unable to present the report of the Commission of Inquiry to the National Assembly after over 20 months.

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Toyota Spacio hire cars… “A mistake was made and we would think this is an administrative mistake and the State must be big enough to say so and not blame and punish the owners of these vehicles.” This is the contention of Alliance for Change (AFC) Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, as he spoke to the concerns of the Toyota Spacio taxi drivers whose vehicles were impounded because of an irregularity within the system. Nagamootoo said he was contacted by some of the hire car drivers concerning the detention of their vehicles at the Wales and Vreed-enHoop Police Stations, on the West Bank of Demerara. He outlined that “while the police may have reason to do the detention, there is an economic factor that is at work: the people who bought these vehicles and turned them into hire cars had an expectation that they were buying them because they have a capacity to carry seven.” Nagamootoo added that the drivers therefore went ahead and licensed their vehicles to carry seven persons. “Their registration

Kaieteur News

Thursday May 15, 2014

Owners should not be punished for administrative mistake - Nagamootoo A Toyota Spacio which the taxi drivers are using

as owner gave them that right; they paid the fee that was required of them to pay to operate that vehicle.” “Some of them secured those vehicles by hire purchase agreements. If they don’t work to pay, the vehicles will be ceased or forfeited. They will suffer an economic loss and loss of livelihood,” he noted. According to Nagamootoo, the AFC is not against the regularization of practice between what takes place in GRA and the police traffic department, but outlined “the two arms of the State or if you may want the two legs of the State… must know how to move in tandem.”

“One cannot tell you it is alright to operate a vehicle and the other one tell you it is wrong to operate the vehicle. This is a recipe for mayhem and chaos in a country,” said Nagamootoo. Nagamootoo called for “amnesty to be given while the regularization process is taking place…while their licences are being recalled for them to be given the rectification of five instead of seven seats, we are asking that they give these drivers and holders at least six months within which to have the rectification done to allow them to be on the road to earn and maintain themselves and the money they have to pay

to the hire purchase dealers, and not to come down with one sledge hammer and take them off the road.” Some two dozen taxi drivers and approximately 30 vehicles were recently impounded by the police. They were told by the ranks that their registration licences which were issued by the GRA had to be discarded since a mistake was made by the Authority in granting them the ability to seat seven passengers. Commenting on the situation, Acting Commander of Police for D-Division, Ian Amsterdam had said that there is some problem with the seating capacity and it can be dangerous for passengers sitting at the back. Amsterdam said that ranks examined the Spacios and found that they are too small to carry seven persons. In the case of an accident, the

passengers at the back will be trapped, he said. The Commander added that GRA may have erred somewhere in registering the vehicles as seven seaters. In response, Commissioner General, of Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Khurshid Sattaur had said that no error was made on his agency’s part. He explained that GRA followed the established Standard Operating Procedures when registering these vehicles, which require, among other things, that reference must be made to the motor vehicle information stated on the Certificate of Registration or Title received from the country of origin, which includes the seating capacity. Sattaur added that only recently the Traffic Headquarters of the Guyana Police Force informed the GRA that motor cars with a seating capacity of more than five seats may not be in conformity with the country’s Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02, especially those used for hire purposes. “We’ve worked together on resolving the problem in compliance with the Road Traffic Act. The Act is their (police’s) jurisdiction; we register vehicles and issue licences,” he stressed. With immediate effect, motor cars with a seating

AFC Vice Chairman Mosses Nagamootoo capacity of in excess of five seats having already registered and conducting any transaction with regards to their motor vehicles would be issued letters by the GRA to have the seating capacity certified by the Traffic Headquarters before transactions are completed. With regards to vehicles already registered with more than five seats, including the Toyota Spacio, Toyota Ipsum and Toyota Sienta, they will be subjected to certification of their seating capacity by the Traffic Department. Owners can have their vehicles examined by the Police Certifying Office within their district and this certification must have the final approval of the Traffic Headquarters before submission to the GRA, Sattaur outlined.

EU implements new visa system from today The Delegation of the European Union (EU) will from today be introducing a new Visa Information System (VIS) for its Schengen States. The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders. According to the EU, VIS is a system for the exchange of visa data between Schengen States and its implementation is a key element of the common visa policy, which together with other policies allows the European Union to establish an area of freedom, security and justice. All Schengen States’ consulates/embassies issuing visas for the citizens of or other applicants from the Co-operative Republic of Guyana will be required to use the VIS. According to VIS, this means that first-time visa applicants will have to appear in person at an embassy of the respective Schengen State when lodging the

The EU is implementing new visa measures from today.

application, in order to provide their fingerprints. The Schengen States are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland (not a European Union Member State), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein (not a European Union Member State), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway (not a European Union Member State), Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (not a European Union Member State). According to EU, the countries adhere to the Schengen Agreement and their

territory is in the Schengen Area. “The main objectives of the VIS are to facilitate visa application procedures, to facilitate checks at external borders and to enhance security. The VIS facilitates the exchange of data between Schengen States on visa applications in order to ease procedures, prevent “visa shopping” and assist in the fight against fraud.” For the purpose of the implementation of the VIS, consular posts and external border crossing points of the Schengen States will be connected to the central VIS database. The VIS has been progressively rolled out in the different regions of the world.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Local Government Commission victim of unassented Local Government Bill - AG By Zena Henry Attorney General Anil Nandlall has blamed the nonenactment of the Local Government Commission on the stalled Local Government Amendment Bill which was not assented to by President Donald Ramotar last year. A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Shadow Local Government Minister Ronald Bulkan said he is not buying the AG’s excuse. He said that the Local Government Minister’s defiance in commencing the Local Government Commission is “questioning the judgment of the President.” Bulkan explained that once the President has assented to a Bill then it must be passed and no other consideration should delay it. Bulkan said that the Local Government Minister is an “upstart” in his denial to commence the Commission and charged that the AG’s explanation expresses “no confidence” in the President’s decision to assent to the Bills. The Local Government Commission Bill was among

three other Bills passed in the National Assembly, and required the President’s signature; it included the Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012, Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government (Amendment) Bill-- which was rejected. The Local Government Commission which was made legal in 1969 is the body responsible for hiring, disciplining and firing staffers within the local government organs. As a result of its 45-year absence, confusion such as that at City Hall is now occurring where two acting Town Clerks; one appointed by the government and one by the Mayor and Councilors are squaring off. Both sides believe that their nominee is the best candidate, until the being of the Commission. The recurring question therefore, is why has the Commission not been convened. Instead, the Georgetown Municipality and the Local Government Ministry are locked in court. The Attorney General is saying, however, that the Commission cannot be

Attorney General Anil Nandlall

APNU member Ronald Bulkan

enacted because the provisions in the nonassented Bill affect the legality of the others. The AG said that the fourth Bill, the Local Government Amendment Bill, was not assented to by the President because its contents seek to withdraw Ministerial powers and bestow it on the Commission. He explained that while the government is satisfied with the contents of the three Bills that were assented to, they are not satisfied with the contents of the fourth Bill

which gives “executive power to a non-executive body.” The AG said that the government is being criticized for its non-assent to the fourth Bill. The majority in the Parliamentary Select Committee made several deletions of clauses within the Bill, but in most of the instances where these deletions were made; no amendments were inserted to fill the deficiencies. In consequence, if the Bill is properly examined, several structural and institutional deficiencies in the

architecture of the Local Government structure which the Bill purports to create will be identified. “Many of the functions which the Regional Executive Officers (REOs) are to perform, including oversight, approval of financial transfers to NDC’s from Central Government and a whole host of other financial and executive responsibilities are the subject of a clause in the Bill.” This clause has been deleted, but nothing is substituted, he went on. “So, currently, there is no one in this Bill to perform these important functional responsibilities.” Another set of amendments relate to simply transferring executive powers from the Minister to the Local Government Commission by simply cutting out the word “Minister” for the word “Commission” without appreciating the impact that it will have on the Constitution. “The effect, is that you have a transferral of executive power from the executive Minister to a non-executive LocalGovernment Commission.” “The Commission by its

very nature is not an executive agency but it is a Constitutional autonomous body like the other Constitutional Commissions and cannot be charged with executive responsibilities.” The AG said that the powers of the Commission are set out in Article 78A of the Constitution, and it provides for “...all matters related to the regulation and staffing of local government organs and with dispute resolution within and between local government organs.” The AG says that the “Commission has no other function, therefore the whole regimes of functions which have been taken from the Minister and given to the Local Government Commission are simply ultra vires Article 78A of the Constitution.” The Local Government Commission Bill was passed last October. Its enactment awaits the Local Government Minister ’s order of commencement. The commencement seems distant as the AG suggested that only a revisit of the fourth Bill could ensure that all four Bills complement each other.

Billions to be spent to import food in the Caribbean - But Agri. Minister convinced “we can grow the thing” The Region is likely to import more than US5.5 billion in food products this year while a measly US$1.5 billion in like products are expected to be exported. This situation will therefore translate, in simple terms, to three and a half times more food being imported into the Region than what will be exported. This troubling development was vocalised by Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, as he delivered the main address at the launch of the Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) of Agricultural Science at the level of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) on Monday. The launch was venued at the Theatre Guild, Parade Street, Georgetown. “I find that totally unacceptable when a Region like this would not be able to meet our own food demands, much less export,” said an evidently concerned Dr Ramsammy. In further registering his anxiety, the Minister disclosed that at least three Caribbean countries alone will import more than US$1 billion in food this year. These countries he listed as Jamaica, Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago. Guyana will certainly not be exempted from this state of affairs, since, according to

the Minister, “this giant of Agriculture in this Region, will this year, spend more than US$250 million importing food, and there is no need.” According to the Minister, the Region has even stooped to the level of importing tomatoes at a whopping cost of US$3 million last year. “Do you find that at all an absurd thing? You should! You see we all need some science and knowledge to do things but if there is one thing that we all can do, is that we can plant tomatoes for God sake!” said the passionate Agriculture Minister. He pointed out that while there is need for science in producing at high yields, “we can grow the thing...there is no need to go and buy from other countries.” Nevertheless, he highlighted that this year Bahamas will for instance expend a sizeable sum to buy rice, from somewhere outside of the Caribbean, in order to feed its half of a million people and the six million more who are expected to visit its shores this year. Dr Ramsammy speculated that rice procured by Bahamas is sourced perhaps from the United States of America. But according to him, “I say to all of you, Guyana’s rice is as good as any rice that comes from America.” Moreover, he emphasised

the need for strategic moves to be made to “teach our children and professionals the rules of the game, the marketing strategies and the trade rules that will see the ships leave Guyana for Jamaica and the Bahamas with rice...Guyana/ Caribbean rice (rather) than rice from the US.” Aside from the procurement of rice outside of the Caribbean, Dr Ramsammy mentioned that last year the Region imported milk not only from the United States but from New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina. “What’s wrong with us? We say we are poor but we spent US$300 million to buy milk from outside the Region...We talk about unemployment; we talk about opportunity for investors (and) entrepreneurships. What is wrong with us?” questioned the Minister. He in fact linked the whole situation to his belief that “our education system at some time failed us. “You see we were brought here at some time as slaves and indentured labourers and they taught us something; they taught us what we can grow and what we cannot grow,” said the Minister who pointed out that the Caribbean has immense potential to grow its own food. He alluded to the fact

Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy speaks glowingly of Guyana’s food production capabilities as one of his staffers displays carrots and beets grown right here in Guyana. that although three years ago Jamaica imported 90 per cent of its potatoes, by last year it was producing this very percentage of potatoes on its own. Guyana’s capabilities, in this regard, are certainly not limited, as according to Dr Ramsammy Guyana too has of recent been producing its own Irish potatoes, carrots and even beets. “We were told at one time we could not

grow this in the Region, so last year the Caribbean imported US$10 billion worth of carrots and US$3 million of beets that we can grow...” said the Agriculture Minister. He is convinced that engaging in such activities would in fact provide the opportunity “for the generation of wealth for ourselves, our families, communities and country.”

The move towards producing more food products, he added, is one that is aimed at ensuring that “at least 25 per cent of the amount we import will be replaced by local production creating more opportunities for our people by 2020 and hopefully accelerate it so that we don’t import any carrots, any beets, any potatoes, any garlic in our country.”

Public Works Ministry working to... From page 18 in transportation…We are moving people, so we are dealing with the issue of control: the boats operating, the characteristics, the questions of velocity and gravity, and friction. When you have to deal with all these things mishaps may occur,” he said. The Minister said that the itinerant operations related to mining and other activities on the rivers have seen “pretty horrific accidents”. “We had a collision where a large number of people died…Then we had one and two accidents in the Pomeroon and Kaituma Riv-

ers, which were related to domestic or agricultural usages activities,” he said. Taking into consideration persons residing in riverain communities, particularly students traversing the waterways almost daily via canoes or speedboats, the Ministry recently provided 1,000 lifejackets for students. “We have given out practically all of those lifejackets and we are sourcing more…We are working more on the enforcement issues…We have done things to improve the safety of the vessels in terms of the design and construction and flotation elements and coverage of the weather,” he said.

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Smart Choice Auto Sales: Unregistered: Premio, Spacio, Allion, Allex, IST, 2 1 2 , F i e l d e r, Vo x y – Call:652-3820; 665-4529 Toyota Spacio – TV/DVD/ CD, body kit, reverse camera. Never registered $2.1M. Call:617-2891 One Toyota Land cruiser Prado, PMM Series Call: 225-0188, 223-7500, MonFri 8:15-4:15pm, Sat – 8:15-1:15PM

One nails table – Call:6025469 or 628-9297

Transport house & land @ Tuschen old Scheme newly built & visible from the public road – price negotiable – Tel: 667-5900

Chowmein/noodle equipment, including five roller machines. One mixing machine. 2 steamers, drying system. Call 661-3878

Cold Storage Facility: freezing & cold storage facilities. Affordable price @ BM Enterprise Inc., Houston GFL Wharf Call: 227-8176/77. Internet Café and Game Arcade equipment (complete controllers/glass case/etc Contact Alwin: 696-4832

Double lot with house at East Bank Demerara, one block away from Public Road Call: 621-1766 Diamond (Land with foundation) $3.2M, Pearl (2 lots 100ftX50ft each with house -$13M), Parafaite Harmonie (100ftX50ft) $2.2M – Tel:675-7292

Thursday May 15, 2014

VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 AE100 Toyota Corolla, excellent condition - AC, Mag rims, alarm, DVD player, etc. Price $825,000. Call 6129625, 225-3217, 695-6461 Unregistered Toyota Raum: year – 2004; black interior, HID lights, power door, TV navigation. Tel 617-5536

Toyota Raum, Silver; year – 2002; PMM series with alarm. Call 621-5244 DAF 55-210 sand truck, GMM series; $2.8M negotiable.Call 623-8302 Cactus Auto Sales: Reduced prices, Premio, Spacio, Allex, AT212, etc. Call 681-4208, 220-6262 (Continued on page 23)

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 23

Letters... Where your views make the news

I hope we don’t lose Professor Narine to other pursuits DEAR EDITOR, A search on Google will show that person or persons writing under the name M. Maxwell write letters regularly in the Kaieteur News. Other letter writers and columnists have questioned the identity of this writer, as he/she is unknown in Guyana. Given the political and regularly biased views expressed by the ghosts behind the Maxwell pen, many have concluded this is one of the propaganda operations. Maxwell Incorporated recently chose to weigh in on the letters written by frustrated IAST Director, Professor Suresh Narine. One would label the comments obtuse and ignore

them, but for the known mischief that is the intent. Narine lamented the rush by some to criticize his access to funding in Guyana as privileged. He highlighted access to relatively much higher levels of funding in Canada, without similar criticism. Maxwell Inc., having verified the truth of Narine’s statement, proceeds to suggest that Narine should procure similar levels of funding for the IAST. But wait, isn’t this what Narine is doing? Advocating for the continued funding of his agency? Or does Maxwell Inc. think Narine is a magician, who can wave some wand and the Canadians, or the

Martians from outer space would descend and fund Guyana’s research and development? It seems the “ghosts of backward thinking” employed by Maxwell Inc. are still advocating that we in Guyana are entitled to have our bills paid by someone else: shine up the begging bowl! Narine’s success in funding, I suspect, has something to do with the fact that both Government and Opposition in Canada understand the importance of Research and Development to economic health. Clearly by Maxwell Inc.’s own admission, the Professor is employed by a reputable academic institution, which can attract such funding

because of its infrastructure and academic reputation. Narine, by all accounts, has performed a Herculean task, together with the staff at the institute, in restoring the IAST to one of the premiere such institutions in the Caribbean and South America. I hope we don’t lose the Professor to other pursuits, should his efforts continue to be frustrated by lack of budget. Not to mention ad hominen attacks from propaganda outfits. Clearly an individual who seems to be so sought after, and who Maxwell Inc. asserts is “immensely qualified”, will not stick around and be abused for his efforts. Anil Sawh

Ramroop media empire a real attempt to... From page 5 sell him one and since no new licenses were to be issued before the formation of the Broadcasting Authority in 2012, he could not possibly have had the need for a satellite uplink facility prior to the establishment of the Broadcast Authority. And unless I am misinformed GT&T was the only entity in this country which could legally, according to their monopoly, uplink this signal for the Learning Channel. [Incidentally Mr Editor there is no such thing as a teleport existing on this planet at this time and the Minister

of Education must be told. It’s called an uplink to satellite facility] Also, only GT&T had the technical capability to operate an uplink to satellite at the time that the Learning Channel was launched. Ramroop certainly had no experience at doing it, so the question remains unanswered, what did Ramroop need an uplink for in 2011? Since he had one ready, which he did not need, when the Learning Channel required it, did the NFMU authorise it? When and how did that happen? So at this time we have in

front of our faces, a real attempt to monopolise broadcasting on political criteria only, and no one has really questioned it. It is against this background that we have to put CJ Chang’s ruling into context, he did not address the inequity or the constitutional illegality of the $2.5 million fee, the CJ only ruled on an insignificant point regarding the timing and the Cabinet being involved in the imposition of the license fee, which can easily be corrected by the Broadcast Authority, and not the fundamental violations of free speech and natural justice on which he

was asked to rule. In fact it leaves the broadcasters having to pay the fee from 2014 onwards. There is no question now that we have to take this higher and appeal it all the way to the CCJ if necessary, and all right thinking Guyanese must support their broadcasters. Sir Winston Churchill used to say that a dictator is like a man riding a tiger and the longer he rides it the hungrier the tiger becomes, so he can’t get off of it without being consumed by it. We are seeing this happen right now, right here in Guyana by the PPP. Tony Vieira

Stop playing politics with the lives... From page 5 capacities? This is the type of caring PPP\C government we have had to deal with since the death of Dr. Jagan favourites for favourites. We can clearly see that this present PPP\C administration is using the people of Berbice as their political football. Berbicians need to sit, relax and think as to where we are heading Let’s listen to our inner self and think as to what will happen to us, our children and grandchildren if we don’t act now. Let’s stop being used and listen to the policies that will work for Guyana and

then make our choice. We must remember that Dr. Jagan is no more and the PPP\C is no longer using the tools of truth and accountability as Dr. Jagan would have done in his years in the PPP\C. All that Dr. Jagan worked and struggled for has gone. This PPP\C we are seeing today is for the rich getting richer and poor being made poorer. Take a look at the mansions and pool houses that the PPP\C top brass are living in and then take a look at our brothers and sisters living at Blairmont No.4, just

before you enter the new scheme, and look at the others in various parts in Berbice. We must stand up for our rights and not allow our struggle to be in vain. At the 2011 elections Berbicians made a right choice and supported the AFC. After we rewrote the history books of this country, by voting in a third party and creating a minority government, we saw corruption being highlighted from top to bottom of this PPP\C administration and that left us in a shock as to where the monies have gone. We saw the walking out

of Khemraj Ramjattan, Moses Nagamootoo and Ralph Ramkarran from the corrupted PPP/C. Who will be next? Let’s see ourselves as the makers of tomorrow, the new day that will bring us a new Guyana for all, where there will be accountability and transparency with equal opportunities. We in Berbice can make that change by being thinkers for ourselves. We are educated enough to do so and not to be used. Let the struggle continue. Abel Seetaram Chairman AFC RMC Reg. 5

GINA pays for 'distasteful' ad campaign to smear... From page 14 for the three advertisements related to the Rodney Commission was not. The advertisement did not escape the attention of the main opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon told this newspaper yesterday that the statements coming out of the Commission of Inquiry has

the capacity to create hysteria in Guyana. “The fact that the PPP can extract this, using state resources, using GINA to have these things republished in the daily newspapers and similar statements published on NCN Channel 11 shows that this government is prepared to incite racial hatred and violence in this country and we have to take a very firm stand against it as all

right thinking Guyanese,” Harmon said. He reiterated that the PPP government is climbing closer to being a dictatorship, where they are limiting press freedom by utilizing the Guyana Police Force to murder and brutalise people. “What kind of society are we creating here under Donald Ramotar? He must understand that right think-

ing persons will not sit down and accept this,” Harmon said, adding that the actions of the PPP administration amount to a misuse of state funds by GINA. “And this is why we cut the budget of GINA but they continue to spend it…but there's gonna come a time when this has to stop and the time is drawing near,” the APNU Member of Parliament declared.

From Page 22

WANTED 1 honest & trustworthy caregiver to work in Canal No.1, W.B.D, age 45-50, 2 references are required – Call: 683-8758, 218-0082, 226-2677 Live-in domestic to work in Mahaicony River, age 18-40 years. Call 613-6613 or 225-6571 Pacific Development Inc – Looking to buy empty lands in all areas. Contact 227-8274, 223-6035 One experienced welder; must have knowledge about grill work & able to work with limited supervision. Call 6133879

WANTED Live out domestic babysitter and live in babysitter – Call:225-0188, 223-7500 (Monday to Saturday ) (8:15am-4:15pm) Cashiers needed to work in supermarket on East Coast, preferably with computer knowledge between 25-45yrs – Call: 629-8469 Barbers and tattoo artist opposite Kitty Police Station – Call: 621-8812 Cars to work at GR Taxi Service – New Base at Sheriff St, Opposite Survival Supermarket. Base Fee $6,500 – Contact:614-6202

Salon Assistant, not older than 25yrs; must know to cornrow. Call 225-8701, 622-2643 NOTICE

Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252/674-4665 Urgently needed, live-in waitresses to work in Bar. Reasonable salary offer – Tel: 259-0574

Flambouyant Restaurant & Bar has reopened its doors to the public Located: 271 BB Eccles H/Scheme E.B.D Call: 233-2849, 678-4470

Republic Park Family needs live-in aid/domestic. Alternate week off - $12,000. Police clearance needed – Call:627-5098, 675-0767

MASSSAGE Classes & Services in massage therapy & reflexology “Healing Naturally” by N.Y State Professional! For enrollment & services call: 670-3399,651-0128

Work from home earn $5,000 -$20,000 – Contact: – Call: 622-1957, 9 AM-5 PM (Mon –Fri) 2 persons to clean. Evening & Saturdays. Industry area, full time housekeeper, Kingston Area – Call: 226-2829

EDUCATIONAL Balloon Decorating Classes – 31 st May 2014 – Call: 225-3133 or 613-7513 for more information and to register.

Contract hire cars & male dispatchers to work at Flambouyant Taxi Service – dispatchers preferably from E.B.D- Tel:678-4470, 218-0702

DRESSMAKING Jean is offering courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral & cake decoration @ 153 Barr Street Kitty – Call: 6702653, 618-1706 CATERING

Experienced male sales representatives. Apply at Wieting & Richter Ltd. Maid to work on lower East Bank Demerara- Call: 6717878 between 6pm to 9pm only

Roxy’s Catering: We cater for any special occasion, also available daily breakfast, lunch & snacks – call: 223-0092, 223-0095

General domestic maid at Lot 8A Eccles Public Road, E.B.D – 233-2408 or 233-2631

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman Son & Outar Driving School at Maraj Building. Tel 644-5166; 622-2872; 6150964; 689-5997 LAND FOR SALE At Eccles Housing Scheme – price $6.5M – negotiable – Call:616-6000

Experienced hire car drivers and contract vehicles at Buddy’s Transportation Service – Call: 645-0025 Land to buy in La Parfaite Harmonie, Eccles, Herstelling & all low income land – Call:675-7292, 2185591 Drivers: Apply at Wieting & Richter Ltd.

Large land 37’X724’ @ Bagotville WBD, gold & diamond land – 600-0036, 223-1719

One nail technician & hairdressers to work in salon also station to rent weekly – Contact: 677-2219, 699-7043, 231-1787

House lots in Friendship – Tel 692-8513 or 223-0733

One live in maid – Call: 2533336, 675-5256

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Kaieteur News

Thursday May 15, 2014

Prisoner beaten… Guyana has slowest internet speed, among most expensive in the region Inmate shoved burning mattress

at prison warders - official

Broadband Quality and Prices, LAC and OECD Countries Guyana has the slowest internet speed and is among the most expensive in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), according to a new study released yesterday by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The index, “Socioeconomic Impact of Broadband in Latin American and Caribbean Countries”, found that Latin America and the Caribbean lag far behind developed countries in broadband penetration. In terms of megabits per second or speed of data transfer, Guyana stood at the bottom of the table at .38. It ranks third highest in terms of cost with Belize and Bolivia as the most expensive. Chile, Barbados and Brazil remain in the best position to take advantage of this vital development tool. The 26 countries of the Region included in the index posted a score of 4.37 on the Broadband Development Index. By comparison, the countries of the OECD rate an average of 6.14. Chile leads the regional ranking with a combined score of 5.57, followed by Barbados at 5.47 and Brazil with 5.32. The index brings together 37 indicators, each with a score ranging from 1 (least development) to 8 (most development), to come up with the overall index. The indicators are chosen on the basis of four pillars: public policy and strategic vision, strategic regulation, infrastructure, and applications and knowledge. “In a modern society,

broadband is the key ingredient of the public policy agenda for speeding up economic growth and reducing inequality,” said Antonio García-Zaballos, who is leading the IDB’s broadband initiative. According to a recent IDB study, a 10 percent increase in penetration of broadband services carries with it an average rise of 3.2 percent in Gross Domestic Product and 2.6 percentage points in productivity. The ranking can be found on the IDB’s new DigiLAC web site, with data from all the countries of the region and more than 15,000 cities and towns. It was released as part of an IDB seminar on South Korea and the lessons that can be drawn from it for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. South Korea has one of the world’s highest degrees of broadband development. The Southern Cone sub region has the greatest broadband penetration with a score of 4.87. The Caribbean is the Region lagging furthest behind, with an index of 3.72. However, Central America scored 4.26, slightly surpassing the Andean region at 4.13. DigiLAC also features maps with data on 13 infrastructure and socioeconomic variables at the municipal and department levels in the countries that were studied. For people to benefit from broadband access to the Internet, companies, lawmakers, regulators and other actors with influence must work together to tackle

the digital divide that exists between the Region and the world’s most dynamic economies, and between urban and rural areas in the countries measured by the index. Broadband services have been rising in Latin America, with an annual increase of between 16 and 18 percent. But the worst bottleneck for broadband is its high cost for users: nearly eight times what it is in the countries of the OECD. Added to this is a lack of coordination between the public and private sectors in developing a national digital agenda. “It is essential to have the right regulatory frameworks so as to encourage competition, transparency and the legal security needed to stimulate the necessary investment,” García-Zaballos added. Indeed, the study said, internet penetration in LAC countries has tended to favor mobile and, if mobile Internet penetration maintains the rate of growth seen in recent years, the number of mobile subscriptions is expected to reach twice the number of fixed subscriptions by 2012– 2013. Additionally, compared to the OECD, connectivity in the LAC region is not only low speed, but also considerably more costly. “These factors make it very difficult to close the existing technology gap.” Guyana is currently moving to introduce new laws that will allow new players in the telecommunications industry. Currently, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has the monopoly of landline and international calls. The company has landed a US$60M fibre optic cable in partnership with Suriname. However, GT&T says that its expansion plans have been stymied by non-permission from Government for more spectrum.

A senior Georgetown Prison official has come to the defence of warders at the penitentiary, following complaints by murder accused Calvin Bailey of being subjected to ill treatment. The official has described Bailey, who is facing a second trial for murder, as a troublemaker. He said that staff “had to use some force” to subdue him on Saturday after he shoved a flaming mattress at them. Bailey, 37, was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital with a fractured left arm and a cut to his right arm, following his confrontation with the ranks. The incident occurred while Bailey was in solitary confinement. He has reportedly been in the ‘strong cell’ since April. There are reports that he was placed there after officials received information about a possible escape plot. However, the official who

Calvin Bailey

spoke with Kaieteur News said that Bailey was constantly involved in fights and was placed in solitary because of his misbehaviour. According to the official, after Bailey set his mattress on fire, an alarm was raised and the staff who responded opened the inmate’s cell.

Black Bush Polder... From page 18 preparation for Mother's Day, “they noticed the substance falling from the top of the head.” He then alerted the other devotees. On Sunday, “[the sindoor] started to fall more and more.” He stated that heaps of the substance started to accumulate on and around the statue. Much of the powder was collected by devotees and taken to their homes for worship. “This is a miracle, really-we asked for it a long time. We have been worshipping very long. We wanted to see a miracle.” He said the message being sent is that “it is a blessing-this is a power that she is

there-we have many, many persons who say this is concrete that sit there.” One of the ladies who were dressing the statue on Saturday, Sharmila, stated that they decided to change the statue's attire around 13:00 hrs that day. “The other girl saw the thing falling down, but we did not check, but when we started to wrap Mother's sari, we saw the thing dropping on our hands, and then when we took a long look-all her sari full, full with the sindoor and it dropped to her lap on the ground. On Sunday people started to dip out the sindoor for a blessing.”

He alleged that Bailey, holding the unlit end of the mattress, then rushed at the wardens with the flaming object. A rank sustained burns to one of his hands before Bailey was subdued. But Bailey claims that he suffers from asthma and that he was having difficulty breathing in the ‘strong cell.’ According to Bailey, the solitary confinement cell is 20 feet high, seven feet in length and five feet wide. The walls are concrete, the floor is tiled, and the door is made of steel. Bailey said that last week he twice pleaded with prison officials to have him placed in another cell, but the officers told him that they “don’t have time for madness.” The prisoner claimed that he eventually set his mattress alight to bring attention to his plight. Bailey is facing retrial for the murder of his 18-monthold son, Shaquan Nero, who was slain after he allegedly attacked the child’s mother, Bernadette Nero in April 2007, at Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Agri. Ministry harvests first batch... From page 19 and NAREI to plant carrots started in February, with the impetus from Dr. Ramsammy, who charged the management of the entities to get involved in sound applied research. Meanwhile, Dr. Oudho Homenauth, Chief Executive Officer of NAREI stated that while the traditional sectors have been the backbone of Guyana's economy, there has been a need to push for the advancement of non-traditional crops, so as to give stakeholders better chance of increasing their investment returns. Dr. Homenauth said that the introduction of such commodities can significantly assist in building the capacity of farmers, especially those on a small scale level. The pursuance of non-traditional crops is also expected to en-

courage persons to get more involved in diversifying Guyana's agriculture industry. Dr. Ramsammy also spoke of the country's huge food import bill, noting that this situation will only continue if there is no seriousness about agriculture in the Region. To this end, Minister Ramsammy said that he is committed to ensuring that the sector continues to implement several such initiatives, which are aimed at further developing new areas for cultivation. He pointed out that significant achievements were made over the years as it relates to improving services offered to farmers, so as to support further agricultural development. “We will continue to ensure that such projects are

further propelled and through assistance from NAREI and GSA, the country will continue to boost its non-traditional crop sector…significant research is being done at the level of NAREI to ensure that farmers can tap into the additional production of such crops,” Minister Ramsammy said. To ensure that farmers receive the much needed support, the Agriculture Ministry has embarked on a revamped extension services programme, incorporating new initiatives that include training of farmers, residents and extension officers, as well as the development of several Farmers' Manual as a form of technical assistance as well as the completion of its Vision 20/20 strategy, which serves as a model for the sector to follow.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Thursday May 15, 2014

Hopes fade for survivors after Turkish mine fire kills at least 245 SOMA, Turkey (Reuters) - Hopes faded of finding more survivors in a coal mine in western Turkey yesterday, where 245 workers were confirmed killed and around 120 still feared to be trapped in what is likely to prove the nation’s worst ever industrial disaster. Anger over the deadly fire at the mine about 480 km (300 miles) southwest of Istanbul echoed across a country that has seen a decade of rapid economic growth but still suffers from one of the world’s worst workplace safety records. Opponents blamed Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government for privatizing the country’s mines and ignoring repeated warnings about their safety. “We as a nation of 77 million are experiencing a very great pain,” Erdogan told a news conference after visiting the site. But he appeared to turn defensive when asked whether sufficient precautions had been in place at the mine. “Explosions like this in these mines happen all the

time. It’s not like these don’t happen elsewhere in the world,” he said, reeling off a list of global mining accidents since 1862. Fire knocked out power and shut down ventilation shafts and elevators shortly after 3 pm (1200 GMT) on Tuesday. Emergency workers pumped oxygen into the mine to try to keep those trapped alive during a rescue effort that lasted through the night. Thousands of family members and co-workers gathered outside the town’s hospital searching for information on their loved ones. “We haven’t heard anything from any of them, not among the injured, not among the list of dead,” said one elderly woman, Sengul, whose two nephews worked in the mine along with the sons of two of her neighbors. “It’s what people do here, risking their lives for two cents ... They say one gallery in the mine has not been reached, but it’s almost been a day,” she said. A mechanical digger opened a row of fresh graves

at Soma’s main cemetery. An imam presided over the funeral of six miners as a few hundred mourners wept in silence. The fire broke out during a shift change, leading to uncertainty over the exact number of miners rapped. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said the death toll as of 1600 GMT was 245. Late on Tuesday he said 787 workers had been in the mine. The mine operator Soma Komur Isletmeleri said nearly 450 miners had been rescued from the site and that the deaths were caused by carbon monoxide. It said the cause was not yet clear. Initial reports suggested an electrical fault caused the blaze but Mehmet Torun, a board member and former head of the Chamber of Mining Engineers who was at the scene, said a disused coal seam had heated up, expelling carbon monoxide through the mine’s tunnels and galleries. “They are ventilating the shafts but carbon monoxide kills in 3 or 5 minutes,” he told Reuters by telephone.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Ukraine agrees to talks but its foes are missing KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The Ukrainian government reluctantly agreed to launch talks on decentralizing power yesterday as part of a European-backed peace plan, but did not invite its main foes, the pro-Russia insurgents who have declared independence in the east. That deliberate oversight left it unclear what the negotiations might accomplish. Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was to chair the first in a series of round tables with national lawmakers, government figures and regional officials as part of a peace plan drafted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The trans-Atlantic security and rights group also includes Russia and the United States. Even as Yatsenyuk launched the talks he was dismissive of them, thanking the OSCE for its efforts but saying Ukraine has its own plan to end the crisis. He gave no details of that plan. The road map aims to halt fighting between government forces and pro-Russia separatists who have taken over government buildings in the east and de-escalate tensions ahead of Ukraine’s May 25 presidential vote. It lets the Ukrainian government decide specifics of the talks. Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr

Turchynov said the talks would involve “regional elites” —expected to include former Ukrainian presidents, officials and lawmakers. But he said the government would not stop its offensive to retake eastern cities now under the control of the separatists who declared independence on Monday. “The government will act against those who are terrorizing the region with arms in hand in line with the law, by continuing an antiterrorist operation against them,” Turchynov said. Insurgents in the east shrugged off the round table as meaningless. “We haven’t received any offers to join a round table and dialogue,” Denis Pushilin, an insurgent leader in Donetsk. “If the authorities in Kiev want a dialogue, they must come here. If we go to Kiev, they will arrest us.” Even so, European officials applauded the start of the talks. The EU’s enlargement commissioner, Stefan Fule, welcomed the launch of the round table on his Twitter account, voicing hope the next meeting would take place in the east. Sawsan Chebli, a spokeswoman for German Foreign Minister FrankWalter Steinmeier, said Ukraine’s acceptance of the round-table format was a step in the right direction, whether

the pro-Russia separatists were invited or not. “We are of the opinion that this national dialogue will help to de-escalate the situation,” she said. Russia has strongly backed the OSCE road map. The United States, while saying it’s worth a try, views its prospects for success with skepticism. Ukraine and the West have accused Moscow of fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine, where insurgents have seized administrative buildings, fought government forces and declared independence for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions after a hastily called vote last weekend that Ukraine and the Western powers have called a sham. Dozens have died in the scattershot fighting across the east. On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said six soldiers were killed and nine wounded in a rebel ambushed near the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region — the deadliest attack the Ukrainian military has seen since the offensive began last month. Defense Ministry spokesman Bohdan Senyk said about 30 gunmen positioned themselves on both sides of the road and used rocket-propelled grenades to knock out the military vehicles in a battle that raged for an hour.

Putin wants Russian defense industry to be self-sufficient SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said yesterday Russia’s defense industry should stop relying on foreign components and become self-sufficient following Western sanctions imposed on Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine. “We need to do our utmost for anything used in our defense sector to be produced on our territory, so that we are not dependent on anyone...,” he told a meeting of defense officials at his Black Sea residence. “I am sure that our defense industry will benefit from that and one needs to adjust our scientific hubs for that,” he said. Washington has threatened to target some high tech exports to Russia as part of sanctions, in addition to visa bans and asset freezes that are already in place. Putin has said previously that replacing the components used in the

defense industry would require funding and that it would take up to 2-1/2 years to switch to entirely domestic manufacturing. Russia is the world’s second largest arms exporter. It sold more than $15.7 worth of weapons in 2013 and its defense industry has close ties with Ukraine. Contacts between the two former Soviet republics have been affected by R u s s i a ’s annexation of

Crimea from Ukraine and Western charges that it is orchestrating pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country, close to the border with Russia. Moscow denies the accusations. The crisis has led to the worst East-West standoff since the Cold War, with Washington and Brussels threatening new sanctions on Russia if it attempts to disrupt a presidential election due in Ukraine on May 25.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday May 15, 2014

Cabinet approves CLICO plan Barbados Nation - THE CABINET OF Barbados has f o r m a l l y a p p r o v e d the terms and conditions associated with the restructuring of the local operations of CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd (CIL). According to a release issued this evening by judicial manager Deloitte Consulting Ltd, this enables Deloitte to begin implementing the final recommendations contained in the report and addendum it presented to the Barbados High Court in June 2013. The aim was to have a regional solution to the CIL debacle. H o w e v e r, i n t h e absence of specific responses from within the Eastern Caribbean to the proposal, the judicial manager initiated discussions in November 2013 for the process to be started in Barbados. These discussions resulted in the Barbados

Cabinet giving approval for the regional solution to be started in Barbados as the first step towards the overall restructuring of CIL. According to the release, work is underway to prepare this and the aim will be for the new company to be in effect as quickly as possible, but no later than the end of the year. It is intended that: 1. All policyholders with traditional insurance policies (life, health and pension plans) will receive the full value of their policies with the support of the Government. 2. All holders of individual Executive Flexible Premium Annuity (EFPA) policies will receive the value of their principal investment. These types of policies will be converted into annuity products payable over a period of up to ten years. 3. The plan envisages the creation of a new

insurance company (NEWCO) to take over the insurance business and the creation of separate entities which will own the real estate and other illiquid assets. These property holding entities will issue bonds to the new insurance company which will be guaranteed by the Barbados Government. 4 . H o l d e r s o f E F PA policies, other than individuals will receive shares in the property holding entities. Wi t h r e g a r d t o t h e new company: *The Government will be the guarantor of the bonds issued by the Property Company to NEWCO *The Government will issue a Demand Note for the amount of any Statutory Fund Shortfall; *The Demand Note shall pay interest to NEWCO at a rate sufficient to fund the expected monthly shortfall from N E W C O ’s o p e r a t i o n s , including the monthly

payments on the restructured individual EFPA obligations; *Individual E F PA policyholders shall have their principal claims converted to 10 year fixed annuities. The Government shall guarantee the monthly blended payments of interest and principal due on the restructured 10 year fixed annuity contracts if the operating cash flow of Newco is insufficient; and *The Government or its assignee shall be the owner of the common shares of NEWCO. The release noted that “throughout this restructuring, the participation of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Aff a i r s (Government of Barbados), the Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission as part of the CIL Advisory Committee will be essential to the successful financing and implementation of this agreed approach in the interest of policyholders”.

Barbados and China sign cultural cooperation agreement During his recent official visit to China, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, signed an agreement with his Chinese counterpart, CAI Wu that is aimed at deepening and strengthening cultural cooperation between Barbados and China in the coming years. The agreement is an update of the BarbadosChina cultural cooperation agreement of 1980 and will facilitate reciprocal visits and exchanges by representatives of the cultural sectors of both countries. The visit came about after months of planning involving the Governments of China and Barbados and collaboration between the Chinese Embassy in Barbados and the Barbados Embassy in China. After the signing, Minister Lashley noted that the agreement “marks an important step forward in enhancing the relations between the two countries in the area of culture”. He said: “This is important

for our peoples to get to know one another better and develop relations in all areas, including trade and commerce. In this regard, the new Cultural Industries Development Act empowers Barbados’ cultural sector to go abroad and compete internationally.” The visit included discussion on cooperation in the area of fashion, heritage, animation and information technology, music, sports management and sporting infrastructure. Barbados’ Ambassador to China, His Excellency Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, is expected to follow up on the matters. Mr. Lashley’s official visit coincided with the second Latin American and Caribbean Arts Festival held in Beijing from May 1 to 3. For the first time a group of Barbadian artistes were invited to participate in this festival. The group included musicians Anthony “Gabby” Carter, Hugh Walcott, Andre Forde and Nikita Browne and dancer/choreographer Gene Carson.

Thursday May 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Brazil boss Scolari faces... From page 30 through companies based in the Bahamas and other tax havens to a bank account in Miami. Portugal has asked US authorities for assistance in the inquiry and has also sent requests to Britain, the Netherlands and Brazil. Mr Scolari said he hoped “justice gets to the bottom of

the facts”. He led Brazil to victory in the 2002 World Cup and last week announced his squad for the 2014 World Cup due to start in Brazil on 12 June. As well as managing Brazil and Portugal, Mr Scolari has also coached in Japan and the Middle East and was boss of Premier League club Chelsea between 2008-09.

Portugal’s government has set up special investigative teams and increased penalties in an effort to crack down on tax evasion. The country needed a bailout of 78bn euros ($107bn/ £64bn) in 2011 after high debts pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Thursday May 15, 2014 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): New investment possibilities could present themselves to you today, Aries. This could involve an investment of time, money, or other resources. You might also consider an exciting new start of some sort. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): An opportunity to travel with a partner or colleague could come your way, perhaps for business. Any travel planned or begun today is likely to go well and bring you whatever results you hope for. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): News of a possible raise could come your way today, Gemini, possibly through some enterprise that you've been working on. You're feeling especially energetic, and therefore you could well be tempted to take on more than you usually would. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): A group might invite you to participate in a creative project of some kind today, Cancer. Whatever you do is likely to be stimulating and exciting. You'll want to channel a lot of energy and enthusiasm into it. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You might be planning to host a social event in your home tonight or perhaps in a few days. It could have you doing a lot of cleaning, rearranging, and beautifying around the house. A friend might drop by to lend a hand. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Today you might want to spend time visiting friends in your neighborhood, Virgo. Small purchases might be necessary, perhaps new clothes, perhaps objects that improve or add beauty to your home. You might have to squeeze a few errands in between visits.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A chance to earn a small amount of money, perhaps by doing a little extra work at home, could come your way today, Libra. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): Expect a lot of intellectual stimulation to come your way today, Scorpio. Important news could come on the phone, necessitating action on your part in order to bring about a desired end. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your creative talents should be operating at an all-time high today, Sagittarius. You might be offered an opportunity to earn some money putting them to use. Your excitement and enthusiasm are likely to ensure that you'll do the best you possibly can and earn a lot of approval from those around you. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): If you play your cards right, Capricorn, you just might be able to turn what you're picking up psychically into an exalted creative effort. The emotions and images flowing into your brain might be obscure, but they're significant in some way.

*************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): An exciting new project or opportunity could be presented to you today, Aquarius. It could involve a new love or at least a new friend. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Contact with friends who live or work far away could bring a string of new opportunities your way. You might also be thinking of taking a trip, perhaps to another country or by boat. An opportunity to attend a seminar of some kind could present itself, possibly through friends. A lot is happening, Pisces, but try to stay focused.

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Sevilla win Europa League final BBC Sport - Sevilla beat Benfica on penalties to win the Europa League in Turin, their third triumph in the competition in nine seasons. Benfica, losers in their seven previous European finals, were seeking a first continental trophy since 1962. And the Portuguese side might have ended that sequence had Lima’s late effort not been hooked off the line. It fell to Kevin Gameiro to score the winning spot-kick after Sevilla keeper Beto denied Oscar Cardozo and Rodrigo. Carlos Bacca, Stephane Mbia, who is on loan from Queens Park Rangers, and Jorge Moreno were also on target for the Spanish club. Brazilian Lima and Luisao

did find the net for Benfica but Lisbon-born Beto denied the side from his home city with crucial saves to keep out Cardozo and Rodrigo. Sevilla overcame fellow Spanish side Espanyol on penalties to win the 2007 final, 12 months after beating Middlesbrough for their first success in the competition, known then as the Uefa Cup. But while Los Rojiblancos’s 9,000 travelling fans celebrated another triumph in Europe’s second-tier club competition, Benfica’s long wait for success on the continent continues. Despite recently sealing a 33rd domestic title, their attempt to rid themselves of the increasingly troublesome “Guttmann curse” goes on. Benfica’s Hungarian

coach of the early 1960s Bela Guttmann led the club to back-to-back European Cups but left shortly after the second of those triumphs when he was refused a pay rise. Before going he declared that Benfica would never win another European competition without him at the helm. Fifty-two years on, they have still to prove him wrong. Jorge Jesus’s side had beaten Tottenham and Juventus on their way to the final, and were chasing a unique domestic and European quadruple. A largely uneventful opening half came to life shortly before the interval, Beto saving from Benfica’s Spanish forward Rodrigo at his near post moments after denying Maxi Pereira. Then the Lisbon club were denied a stoppage-time penalty, German referee Felix Brych waving away strong Portuguese appeals after a foul on Nicolas Gaitan. There was more action in the first five minutes of the second half than the previous 45 as Benfica carried on from where they left off. Nicolas Pareja hooked Lima’s shot off the line before Rodrigo’s goal-bound attempt was charged down.

Kings Jewellery softball rescheduled for May 21 Kings Jewellery softball tournament will now commence on Wednesday 21 at Thirst Park with action in Zone A starting at 18:00 hrs. The competition will see teams from the private and public sector matching skills in their respective zones. Zone A includes Dynamic Security, Trading and Distributing Inc, Farm Export and Ramchand Auto Spares. Zone B consists of Stockfeeds, Princess Hotel, Diamond Import, and Birckery Co. Ltd. Zone C is made up of Omesh Variety, Hill Foot Loggers, Banks DIH and Cheddi Jagan International Airport XI. Regal XI, Frontline, Better Hope and Super Star are the teams expected to battle in the over-35 category. The opening fixtures will see Dynamic Security battling Trading and Distribution, Farm Export facing Ramchand Auto Spares, Stockfeeds playing Princess Hotel and Diamond Trading taking on Brickery.

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Thursday May 15, 2014

South African court orders Pistorius Allan Donald way off mark with to undergo mental evaluation hasty pronouncement on Pollard Letter to the Sports Editor

DEAR EDITOR, I was reading an article on Cricinfo titled “Arrogant” Pollard got away lightly. The article was focused on the altercation that occurred during the IPL matchup between RCB & Mumbai whereby both players (Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard) admitted to a level two offence under the IPL’s code of conduct and each lost 75% of his match fee. Donald’s contention is that Pollard pulled out deliberately at the last moment and that’s not acceptable to him. He further went on to berate Pollard as a fairly arrogant individual and that he cannot stand a player who wants to throw his bat at the bowler (but he can stand the bowler pitching the ball dangerously to the defenseless batsman). I really cannot believe that Donald was watching the same game as I was. Donald has been a great exponent of fast bowling and commands a fair amount of respect in the cricketing world for his extensive experience and ability so much so he has now been appointed as the bowling coach for the RCB. I am of the firm opinion that Allan Donald erred immensely in his judgment in this altercation and the same can be said about the match referee that

imposed the penalties as I see the situation quite differently. For those persons who did not witness this match, I invite them to relook at this match and make their own individual judgment on the matter. This imbroglio started with Pollard facing up to Mitchell Starc and pulled out of his batting stance prior to Starc’s delivery and ended up close to the edge of the pitch. Quite obviously, Starc became furious with Pollard’s actions and continued to deliver the ball in a menacing manner, not towards the wicket or outside off stump if he was already in his delivery stride as Donald would want us to believe, but towards Pollard with the clear intention of hitting or injuring Pollard. The game of cricket has become full with mind games by players against each other with the constant teasing of your opposition to unsettle them and gain the upper hand is now very commonplace. Bowlers intimidate batsmen all day and batsmen use whatever little tricks they have up their sleeves and in this regard, Pollard used his trick of pulling out of his stance claiming he was not ready. That was his prerogative and it was not as though he was constantly doing same. This

was the first and only time in the game that he did so with Starc. The fact that Pollard pulled out at the very last moment, even if we are to believe Donald, does not justify Starc to pitch the ball towards Pollard. After Starc’s deliberate delivery of the ball towards Pollard, he justifiably reacted with anger at the thought that Starc was deliberately trying to injure or maim him and hurtled his bat towards the bowler but managed to control himself somewhat by holding back at the very last moment and the bat ended up close to his feet similar to just throwing his bat to the ground. The thrown bat did not go anywhere near to Starc like how the ball ended up near to Pollard who had to run away to avoid being hit. The only dangerous action in this entire altercation was the menacing hurtling of the ball towards the batsman by the bowler and not the other way around as Donald would want us to believe. The game of cricket has no place for such distasteful behavior and further it is worse when match referees cannot adjudicate properly or senior match officials pass judgment against players displaying their jaundiced point of view. Yours faithfully, Raj Singh

Brazil boss Scolari faces tax fraud inquiry in Portugal BBC Sport - A criminal case has been opened in Portugal against Brazil’s football coach Luiz Felipe Scolari weeks before Brazil hosts the World Cup. He has been named as a formal suspect in a tax fraud investigation but he has not been arrested or charged. Mr Scolari, 65, was Portugal’s head coach from 2003 to 2008. The case is thought to be linked to his time there. In a statement, the Brazilian said he had “always declared my earnings in all the countries I worked in”. “I am absolutely convinced of the correctness of my declarations. If there is something wrong, it is not of my doing,” Mr Scolari’s statement reads. The attorney general’s office in Portugal confirmed the investigation, which is being carried out by the Central Department for Criminal Investigations and

Mr Scolari is currently Brazil’s coach but he managed Portugal’s national team from 2003 to 2008. (Getty Images) Prosecutions. Mr Scolari had been named an “arguido” (suspect), a statement said, as part of an investigation into events between 2003 and 2008 that concerned “a possible breach of tax regulations”. Funds According to Dutch and Portuguese media reports, the investigation focuses on

payments of 7.4m euros ($10m; £6m) made to Mr Scolari during his time as Portugal coach. Dutch daily Het Financieele Dagblad published a document which alleges that Mr Scolari did not declare the income, which is said to stem from image rights. The newspaper said that Mr Scolari transferred money (Continued on page 29)

PRETORIA (Reuters) - A South African court on Wednesday ordered Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius to undergo evaluation for mental illness a move which could determine whether he lacked criminal capacity when he shot dead his girlfriend. The prosecution had asked for the evaluation after a psychiatrist told the court on Monday that Pistorius, who is on trial for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp on Feb. 14 last year, suffered from an anxiety disorder. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has argued he wanted to prevent the 27-year-old sprinter, who faces life in prison if convicted, from later appealing on the basis of a disturbed mental condition. Defence lawyer Barry Roux had argued against the motion, saying it was premature to have the evaluation before he called other witnesses. But Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled that a mental assessment would ensure that Pistorius gets a fair trial, adding that she thought it “strange” that the defence had opposed the motion. Masipa said the court would hand down the details of the assessment on

Oscar Pistorius looks on during his trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, May 13, 2014. REUTERS/ Daniel Born/Pool Tuesday. It would be preferable for Pistorius to undergo the evaluation as an outpatient, she said. Pistorius, who has frequently vomited into a bucket and broken down sobbing during the trial, showed no emotion as he stood in the dock listening to Masipa’s ruling. “As a family we are comforted by the thoroughness and detail of

this judgement,” his uncle Arnold Pistorius told reporters outside the courthouse. The evaluation is expected to take around 30 days and will prolong the trial which began on March 3. The court will likely use the evaluation to determine whether Pistorius lacked “criminal capacity” at the time of the shooting due to his mental disorder, South African lawyer and legal expert John Welch said. In that case, Pistorius could be sent to a mental institution for the rest of his life, Welch said. If Pistorius is judged to have a “diminished criminal capacity” the trial would continue, although the track star could receive a lesser sentence if convicted. Pistorius has denied he killed Steenkamp in cold blood, saying he shot four times at the toilet door of his luxury Pretoria home to protect himself from what he thought was an intruder. Pistorius competed against able-bodied sprinters on carbon-fibre prosthetics, becoming one of the most recognised names in athletics. He won a clutch of Paralympic medals and reached the semifinals of the 400m at the London 2012 Olympics.

Former players show approval for Ramdin Cricinfo - Port of Spain, Trinidad - Denesh Ramdin’s appointment as West Indies’ Test captain has received approval from several former players, though there also remains a level of surprise and a tone of caution at the choice. Former West Indies A captain Daren Ganga hailed the move as a “bold but promising one”, while former fast bowler Colin Croft said Ramdin still had to work on improving his batting. Former wicketkeeper Deryck Murray, meanwhile, said it maybe worth considering making Ramdin “captain for all three formats of the game”. Ramdin took over the Trinidad & Tobago team from Ganga in 2011, ending the latter’s nine-year stint as captain. Many saw that move as a stepping stone for Ramdin to hone his skills as a future West Indies leader - he was the team’s vice-captain at that point. Ganga told ESPNcricinfo that Ramdin is well prepared for the job. “It’s a great opportunity to

show his worth,” Ganga said. “He has been groomed as a leader in the Regional Four-Day tournament for Trinidad and his experience at junior levels leading show he is ready to grab the reins of leadership. “His tactical knowledge and understanding of the game is pretty sound. I’ve played for many years with Denesh. I think he can mesh the various personalities and motivate players of different backgrounds on the team. He can make a positive difference. Denesh can help West Indies leapfrog New Zealand in the rankings.” While Ganga felt there “should be no major concerns” with Ramdin’s batting when he took over the extra responsibility of the captaincy, Croft said it is one area he really would have to work on. “With 56 Tests already under his belt, including four centuries, and 161 dismissals behind the stumps, Ramdin has just the right experience in Tests to command respect and demand excellence,”

Croft said. “However, his batting average in Tests, 27.25, has to improve.” Croft said there was no doubting Ramdin’s place in the Test side though, as had sometimes been the case with his predecessor, D a r r e n Sammy. “This appointment will certainly be a massive challenge for Denesh. But at least in Ramdin’s case, there will not be any conjecture as to whether he deserves his place in the team or not, à la Sammy,” Croft said. “Right now, by a long way, Denesh is easily the best wicketkeeper in the Caribbean.” Aggression, Croft said, had to be at the forefront of Ramdin’s mind. “Ramdin has to be as aggressive for West Indies in planning and production as he has been for T&T.” Murray said appointing R a m d i n across formats would promote consistency in the team. “With his position as wicketkeeper, he is present in all the squads. So if he’s a constant, why not have him lead all the teams and give us more consistency?”

Thursday May 15, 2014

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GCB 50-over Inter-County U-19 cricket

Fifties from Peters, Himraj & Paul power E’bo to stunning win against B’ce By Sean Devers Essequibo registered a stunning five-wicket win over Berbice in their second round Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) 50over Inter County Under-19 cricket match at Enmore after the team from the Ancient County wilted under pressure after seemingly having the game all sewn up at one stage. An intelligent 63 from Shemron Heytmer and an attractive 58 from Balchand Baldeo led Berbice to 229 all out in 46.3 overs with Akil Wallace taking 3-55 for Essequibo who responded with positive batting to reach 231-5 in 49.1 overs with Ricardo Peters (53), Shivendra Himraj (57) and Kemo Paul (53) all getting half-centuries in a contest that went down to the wire. Heytmer stroked seven fours and a six in his 43ball knock, while Baldeo’s innings lasted 84 balls and included three fours as they put together 92 from 96 balls for the second wicket to set Berbice, who beat Demerara at Wales on Tuesday on course for back-to-back wins. But Essequibo, who are much stronger in limited overs cricket, had other ideas. Essequibo won the toss and invited Berbice to bat on a straw coloured track and fast outfield in windy conditions before a short shower stopped play after 1.2 overs with the score on 13 without loss. After a delay of seven

minutes, Leon Adams (7) elected to play no shot at pacer Travis Drakes and touched a catch to the Keeper to leave Berbice on 30-1 in the seventh over as the sun returned in all its glory. The pugnacious lefthanded Hetymer joined Baldeo and together they batted intelligently with Heytmer, a West Indies Under-19 player, stroking the ball into the gaps and finding the boundaries without hitting the ball in the air. Heytmer in particular, played with calculated aggression and was especially severe on offs p i n n e r A k i l Wa l l a c e . Hetmyer brought up his fifty from 43 balls with an exquisite cover drive for his seventh boundary on the parched outfield. Heytmer’s first six took him to 58 and he displayed excellent shot selection in one of his better halfcenturies while Baldeo, who also played some delightful drives, played the supporting role in their well compiled partnership. H o w e v e r, t h e Yo u n g Warriors batsman seemed to lose concentration just after reaching fifty and top edged a sweep just short of the square leg fielder before being put down at extra cover on 60. Heytmer did not capitalize on his good fortune and was soon bowled by the expensive Wallace to leave the score on 122-2.

Balchand Baldeo drives Kemo Paul for four.

Man-of-the-Match Kemo Paul It was soon 138-3 when left-arm spinner Akini Adams trapped Ashjay Homraj LBW for five before Baldeo, who made 58, was removed by Wallace at 1474. Captain Sharaz Ramcharran (4) was removed by Wallace a run later before the elegant David Latchya, who again l o o k e d B e r b i c e ’s m o s t complete batman, found a useful partner in Wicketkeeper Akeem Hinds and the pair took their team to 213 with an attractive 55run stand before Latchya was bowled by 16-year-old fast bowler Paul for an entertaining 37. It became 217-7 when Adams bowled Arif Chan for a duck and the last four wickets could only add 11 although Hinds contributed an important 30 batting with the tail before he was bowled by Paul.

The last two Berbice batsmen were run out as Berbice lost their way after their good start. Wallace (3-55), Paul (236) and Adams (2-33) were the most successful bowlers for Essequibo who l o s t Av i n a s h P e r s a u d , bowled for a duck by Neal Smith with 10 runs on the board. With a strong wind swaying the branches of the coconut trees just beyond the Northern boundary under a clear blue sky, a spattering of spectators watched as Ricardo Peters and Himraj orchestrated a recovery with an 84-run partnership before Peters, who executed several audacious shots and reached his fifty from 67 balls, was LBW to Ramdhan at 92-2. Paul, Essequibo’s most

accomplished cricketer at this level and Himraj kept hopes alive with their 84run third wicket stand on the large ground which Paul cleared with ease when he slog-swept Chan over the mid-wicket boundary. Himraj brought up his fifty with his third boundary, a glorious cover drive off Baldeo. The landmark took 124 balls but like most of the other batsmen, he threw his wicket away with a wild swipe off Baldeo with the score 178-3 leaving Paul to try and win the game for Essequibo. Paul, one of five centurions in the three-day competition, pulled Latchya for four to post his fifty from 59 balls with four sixes and a four but was then removed by Ramdhan at 202-4, while Drakes (12)

fell to Chan two runs. It came down to 12 from 12 and Parmesh Parstan (11*) played a Dilscoop as Chan bowled too fast and Ryan Adams swept the spinner for anther triple to leave three runs required from the final over. Ramcharran is Berbice’s best bowler and was the leading wicket taker in the three-day competition so it was no surprise that the Skipper opted to bowl the final over. Adams square drove the first ball right through the open legs of Chan at point for four to spark wild celebrations in the Essequibo camp. Essequibo captured nine points from the game while Berbice only managed a single point. The competition continues tomorrow at Enmore and Everest.

Thunder down Clippers with last-minute rally (The Sports Xchange) The Oklahoma City Thunder staged a remarkable last-minute rally to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers 105-104 in Game F i v e o f t h e i r We s t e r n Conference semi-final series on Tuesday. Trailing by seven points with just 49 seconds remaining, Oklahoma City’s two leading players scored the game’s last eight points to steal victory in front of a raucous home crowd and take a 3-2 lead in the bestof-seven series. Forward Kevin Durant hit a three-pointer and a layup, and guard Russell Westbrook, who led all scorers with 38 points, nailed three clutch free throws to guide the

second-seeded Thunder to victory. “ F a i t h , ” We s t b r o o k told reporters of a game the Thunder trailed for most of the night. “We just did a good job of staying together. We kept chipping away and playing together.” Despite forward Durant’s off night by his lofty standards, 27 points on just 6-for-22 shooting, the Thunder kept fighting back with chances to take the lead in the fourth. “There was definitely frustration,” Durant said. “I just tried to stick with it. Russ carried us the whole game. Put me in position to go out there and hit those shots and to win the game.” For a long time a home victory appeared unlikely as

each time the Thunder got within range, it seemed like Clippers reserve guard Jamal Crawford had an answer. Whether it was a jump shot or drive to the basket, the shot maker became a momentum stopper. That included draining a threepointer to push the lead to 101-88 with less than four minutes remaining. Westbrook and Durant made back-to-back jumpers to cut lead to eight points with 3:19 on the clock. Durant then sank a pair of free throws and guard Reggie Jackson got a breakaway layup to get Oklahoma City within four. The Clippers went to forward Blake Griffin, who was fouled on a drive. He made the first but missed the

second free throw attempts. However, Los Angeles got the rebound and guard Chris Paul made the Thunder pay with a jumper with 49 seconds on the clock but Oklahoma City refused to concede defeat. CONTENTIOUS CALL Durant scored five straight to get the Thunder within two points before Westbrook stole the ball from Paul and passed it to Jackson for a layup attempt that was knocked out of bounds. The ball stayed with the Thunder, a call Clippers coach Doc Rivers disagreed with. “It was our ball,” Rivers said. “Everybody knows it was our ball. The bottom

line is they (officials) thought it was a foul and they made up for it. In my opinion, let’s take away the replay system. Because that’s our ball, we win the g a m e . We g o t r o b b e d because of that call.” Los Angeles compounded the problem when Paul fouled We s t b r o o k o n a t h r e e point attempt. Westbrook made all three to give Oklahoma City a one-point advantage with six seconds left. The Clippers still had a chance to steal the victory and got the ball to Paul. He drove to the basket, but Jackson deflected it and forward Serge Ibaka came up with the steal to seal the win. “Probably the

toughest thing I’ve been through basketball wise,” a disconsolate Paul said. “It’s me. Everything that happened there at the end is on me. The turnover with 17 seconds left; assuming they are going to foul is probably the dumbest play I’ve ever made. Then to even put it in the official’s hand to call a foul on a three, is just bad basketball.” Griffin led the Clippers with 24 points and 17 rebounds, Paul added 17 points and 14 assists, and Crawford came off the bench to score 19. Game Six is in Los Angeles today, where the third-seeded Clippers will be hoping to send the series to a decider.

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Saha, Vohra star as Kings XI go top

Thursday May 15, 2014

GCB Inter County U-19 50 overs tourney

President’s XI overcome Demerara by two wkts

Wriddhiman Saha reached his half-century in 22 balls. (BCCI) ESPNcricnfo - The prospect of facing Kings XI Punjab means extensive research on Glenn Maxwell. Perhaps a few hours spent decoding David Miller. But the winning push, in Hyderabad, came from two men who fly well under the radar. Wriddhiman Saha, usually charged with steadying a top-order wobble, exploded to make 54 off 26 and Manan Vohra, who was inked into the XI for the first time this season, made 47 off 20. Sunrisers Hyderabad had amassed 205 but came in second best. The Powerplay provides a crucial opportunity when chasing a big total. Dale Steyn and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, though, aren’t the most straightforward bowlers to cart around. But that was what happened and the 86 for 1 that Saha and Vohra drove Kings XI to missed out on the overall IPL record for most runs in the first six overs by just one run. Kings XI needed the audacious foundation, though. Only 24 runs came between the 13th and 17th overs. Sunrisers managed to keep Maxwell quiet for an over and dismissed him in the next. Miller wasn’t managing his usual pace and Sunrisers’ attack is well versed in flummoxing strong batting line-ups. Steyn was enlisted with the 18th over, but his extra pace proved just what George Bailey needed to hike his team back to the top of the table. It was an unmitigated assault, and each shot

carried the imprint of the dressing room’s backing. Vohra faced eight balls from Steyn and smashed 20 runs, including two thumping sixes over midwicket. Saha deposited the second ball he faced from the South African quick into the same region with consummate a u t h o r i t y. B o t h p l a y e r s were unafraid to go aerial and were quite efficient when they did. The result was Steyn, Sunrisers best hope, recorded his worst T20 figures - 0 for 51. Sunrisers would rue not converting the opportunities they created - Bailey was absently loitering out of his crease in the 17th over, worried about a leg before appeal when Karn Sharma missed a run-out. Next ball, he hoisted a contentious chance to David Warner at long-off, but replays did n o t o f f e r c o n c l u si v e evidence of the catch being cleanly taken. Shikhar Dhawan was confident of his top orders’s aptitude at the toss. His concerns lay with the middle order and their ability to accelerate. Those were laid to rest courtesy a Naman O j h a - i n s p i r e d bludgeoning. A strong bottom hand dominated most of his shots, so much that drives through the cover region seemed shoveled. Sunrisers have been searching for an Indian batsman to support their big-name top order and his 79 off

36 has given a strong message. He was brutal against the spinners and Sandeep S h a r m a ’s m e d i u m p a c e enabled him to drive Sunrisers past the 200mark. The 26 runs that came in the 19th over meant Sandeep’s 1 for 65 became the joint second worst figures in IPL. The early goings were markedly subdued though, with Dhawan stumbling around for form. He was leaping down the track only to find the inside edge. When he stayed deep in his crease, he couldn’t pierce the gap on the off side. The fifth over provided ample relief and more pertinently, restored D h a w a n ’s f l u e n c y. Sandeep’s indiscipline - he offered two free hits - was punished with a four and a six. Having succumbed to the 30s on four previous occasions, he looked set to become the first Sunrisers captain to make a halfcentury but a flick off the hips found short fine leg. David Warner strode in at No. 4 and ensured the foundation laid by the openers was taken advantage of. He contributed 44 to an 81-run stand for the third wicket that built a total fit to challeng e m o s t t e a m s . B u t K i n g s X I ’s b a t t i n g might was ruthlessly effective. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 206 for 4 (Saha 54, Vohra 47) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 205 for 5 (Ojha 79, Dhawan 45) by six wickets.

By Zaheer Mohamed T h e P r e s i d e n t ’s X I defeated Demerara by two wickets and three balls to spare in the second round of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Inter County U-19 50 overs tournament yesterday at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda. T h e P r e s i d e n t ’s X I successfully chased 217, ending on 218-8 in 49.3 overs. Openers Sunil Singh and Ryan Shun gave them a solid start by adding 67. Singh took boundaries off Kevin Paul and Daniel Basdeo, while Shun was very watchful settling for singles. However leg spinner Steven Sankar gave his team the much needed breakthrough when he trapped Shun with a quicker ball for 18. Singh soon reached his fifty off 48 balls before he was dismissed for 53 with six fours at 95-2. Demerara then fought back with the w i c k e t s o f Av i s h k a r Sewkarran (14), Nick Ramsaroop (20 ) and Ronaldo Mohamed (10) to leave the President’s XI at 126-5, but Damion Waldron who was later named man of the match and Kelvin Sewpersaud added 74 for the sixth wicket to steady the chase. The pair picked up singles at will and by the time they were dismissed, their team was seven runs shy of victory. Waldron was run out for 48 which contained five fours off 85 balls, while Sewpersaud scored 26 from 49. Medium pacer Sherfene Rutherford bowled Ershad Ali (04), but Moriah (12*) and Yekini Favourite (01*) saw their team home in the final over. Cleon McEwan (2-32), Steven Sankar (2-36) and Sherfane Rutherford (2-44), were the chief wicket takers for Demerara.

Sunil Singh plays an upper cut during his innings

Earlier, Demerara off to a slow start with Brain S a t t a u r a n d Ta g e n a r i n e Chanderpaul struggling to find momentum on a slow pitch. At the end of the 25th over Demerara were 62-0 as the President’s XI bowlers maintained a decent line. But the pair gradually grew in confidence and managed to rotate the strike regularly. Sattaur stroked Ershad Ali for maximums and reached his fifty from 83 balls before losing his partner Chanderpaul for 34 (3x4) with the score at 120 in the 26th over. Sattaur played back to off spinner

Damion Waldron and was leg before for a well played 90 (7x4,3x6) at 149. Deonarine Seegobin (12) was then taken at the wicket off Ronaldo Mohamed who also sent back Ramnarine Chatura (02) to leave the score at 162-4. Demerara lost Rutherford (07) and Kemol Savory (01), but Clevon Mc Ewan and Steven Sankar rallied their team to their eventual total with lusty hitting down the order. Mc Ewan made 22 and Sankar 21. Mohamed captured 3-33 while there was once each for Waldron, Sewkarran and Sewpersaud.

Dwayne Bravo, Roach, Taylor back in Windies training squad for NZ tour All rounder Dwayne Bravo is among five T&T players who have been called up in a squad of 20 players to prepare for the upcoming West Indies versus New Zealand Test series. Bravo will be joined by newlyelected West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin, his half-brother Darren, fast bowler Shannon Gabriel and mystery spinner Sunil Narine. The squad of 20 was chosen by the regional selection panel headed by Guyanese Clyde Butts and will move to

Barbados on June 1 for a camp, then on to Jamaica for the opening match against the Kiwis. The 20 players called to prepare are: Denesh Ramdin (captain), Chris Gayle, Kraigg Brathwaite, Keiran Powell, Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Kirk Edwards, Jermaine Blackwood, Sunil Narine, Shannon Gabriel, Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Shane Shillingford, Kenroy Peters, Shane Dowrich, Ashley Nurse, Jason Holder and Kemar Roach. (

Thursday May 15, 2014

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Magic Johnson shrugs off criticism from embattled Clippers owner

Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Earvin Magic Johnson acknowledges the crowd before the start of a MLB Cactus League spring training baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds in Glendale, Arizona, March 22, 2013. (REUTERS/Ralph D. Freso) LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson shrugged off the latest character assault leveled at him by Donald Sterling, calling the Los Angeles Clippers owner “delusional” and suggesting Sterling acted out of desperation to keep the NBA from seizing his team. “He’s reaching. He’s trying to find something that he can grab on to help him save his team, and it’s not going to happen,” Johnson told CNN on Tuesday, a day after Sterling accused him of being a poor role model for children and of doing little to help the black community. Sterling’s comments about Johnson, one of the most revered figures in U.S. sports, left many scratching their heads. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a statement apologizing to Johnson for being “degraded by such a malicious and personal attack.” Sterling’s CNN interview on Monday marked his first public comment since coming under fire nearly three weeks ago, when posted an audio recording of him berating a female friend for publicly associating with black people, including Magic Johnson. The resulting furor led Silver days later to declare Sterling banned for life from the National Basketball Association, and to call on the 29 other team owners

who make up the NBA Board of Governors to strip Sterling of team ownership. Such an unprecedented move requires a threefourths’ vote of the board. It remains to be seen whether Silver will muster the votes he needs, and whether Sterling will give up the team he has owned for 33 years without fighting back in court. In his CNN interview that aired on Monday, Sterling, 80, apologized for racist comments that he claimed he was “baited” into making by the 31-year-old woman who recorded the conversation, who uses the name V. Stiviano. He also further stoked outrage by lashing out at Johnson, the charismatic former Los Angeles Lakers point guard who stunned the sports world in 1991 when he announced he had contracted HIV and was retiring at the peak of his NBA career. “What kind of a guy goes to every city, he has sex with every girl, then he catches HIV and - is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about?” Sterling t o l d C N N ’s A n d e r s o n Cooper. “I think he should be ashamed of himself.” Going on to compare Johnson unfavorably to his own charitable work, Sterling added, “what does he do for the black people? (He) Doesn’t do anything.” Johnson, who has acknowledged that he was

infected through promiscuous unprotected sex, became a leading advocate for HIV and AIDS prevention and launched a foundation that has raised millions of dollars for AIDSrelated care and education. He also has been widely praised for teaming up with business investors to help bring development to underserved minority communities in urban areas of Los Angeles and elsewhere blighted by decades of economic decay. “My whole life is devoted to urban America, so, you know, I just wish he knew the facts when he’s talking,” Johnson said. “I just feel sorry for him. I really do. It is sad.” The former NBA star also disputed Sterling’s claim that Johnson called him after the audio tape surfaced and urged Sterling to keep quiet in a ploy to wrest away the Clippers. “I never deceived anybody. I never tricked anybody. And I would never do that to gain wealth for myself or popularity for myself,” Johnson said. He said it was Sterling who called him after the recording emerged to ask Johnson to go on television with him. Johnson said he refused. Asked about Sterling’s claim that he is still beloved by the players on his team despite the controversy, Johnson replied: “Now he is delusional.”

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Stag Beer/EBFA Div. 1 League

Two drawn matches highlight latest play Agricola Red Triangle had to settle for an equal share of the points against Kuru Kururu Warriors when the two sides clashed in the feature game of the Stag Beer/East Bank Football Association division-one league which continued on Sunday last at the Grove Playfield. The day’s opening encounter saw Herstelling Football Club recording another big result when they held Diamond United to a 11 t i e . T h e Agricola/Warriors clash ended 2-2 after the former took the early lead in the opening minute of play compliments of a Michael Young strike. Agricola, with ambitions of winning the league went into the game confident that they were on stream to take full points which would have seen them reclaiming the lead from

Grove Hi Tech, but resolute play by the Linden Soesdyke Highway based Warriors blunted the efforts of Agricola. Kuru Kururu Warriors after an intense period of back and forth exchanges found the neutralizer in the 37th minute through a Ryan Scott goal. The first half ended with the game in the balance. Agricola would have found themselves under mounting pressure to find the go ahead goal and the minutes dwindled away. Further pressure mounted on them when the Warriors were gifted the go ahead goal in the 60th minute through an own goal from Marlon Clarke. It was delight for the Warriors and heartache for Agricola as the time quickly went by. But their resilience eventually brought them the

equalizing goal with five minutes to full time, Travis Farinha rocking the nets to bring a sigh of relief to Agricola as they walked away with one point which brought them level with Grove. Herstelling continued to show great improvement in their debut season, earning a draw against Diamond United to follow up on their maiden win against Mocha Champs. It was Herstelling that took the early advantage 26 minutes into the game, Trevon Davison the player sending them ahead. It was not easy sailing for either team but Diamond kept their composure and eventually found goal scoring range in the 60th minute; Daniel Angoy ensuring they ended with an equal share of the spoils.

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Thursday May 15, 2014

GNA to host Regional Kraft Junior Skill Level Tournament underway Umpires Seminar The Guyana Netball Association (GNA) will bring off its first major activity for the year when they host a Regional Umpires Seminar and Workshop sponsored by The Americas Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA). The Workshop will be held at the Guyana Olympic Association from tomorrow to Sunday. Activities will get underway tomorrow at 17:00hrs, on Saturday at 10:00hrs and on the final day, Sunday, at 16:30hrs and will move outdoors also on Sunday from 18:00hrs to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall Tarmac where Practical and Warm up sessions will take centre stage. The facilitator will be Ms. Veronica Harris, Umpire Trainee/Tester of Barbados who is also a member of the Umpires Advisory Panel of AFNA. AFNA is an affiliate of the International Netball Federation (INF) formerly (IFNA) and it is responsible for Netball in the Americas and the Caribbean. INF has five Regional Federations and was founded in 1960. The Other affiliates are

Lavern Fraser-Thomas Oceania Netball Association, Confederation of African Netball Association, Federation of Europe Netball Association and Asian Federation of Netball Association. Vice President of the Guyana Olympic Association, Mr. Noel Adonis will be giving the charge to the participants and declaring this workshop open. President of the GNA, Ms. Lavern Fraser-Thomas will also be presenting some brief remarks. Secretary Warren Wilson will chair the afternoon’s proceedings. According to the GNA, the purpose of activity is for Beginners and Preliminary

Umpires who are interested in being trained as umpires for further development. The objectives are to have a pool of preliminary umpires who will be motivated and equipped to move on and become qualified umpires. To identify at least one person in the country who will be able to maintain continuous assessment of the umpires and to maintain contact and provide feedback and guidance to umpires. Some topics that participants will be lectured on are: umpire protocol, becoming an umpire, starting the game, footwork, substitution and team changes, throw-in and short pass, over a third, discipline and setting penalties, contact and obstruction. There will also be Group Wo r k S e s s i o n s a n d presentations by the participants. Participants are expected from Emani Netball Club, Eagles Netball Club, All Stars Netball Club, Fearless Flyers Netball Club of Essequibo, Doves Netball Club of Berbice, Bank of Guyana and other interested former and present netball players.

Nico Rosberg: Mercedes trumpet exhaust did not work

Mercedes tested a new exhaust design in Barcelona on Wednesday. (Mercedes) BBC Sport Nico Rosberg says the new trumpet exhaust his Mercedes team tested on Wednesday in Barcelona did not work. Mercedes volunteered to design and test the new, louder exhaust following supporter complaints that the new turbo hybrid engines are too quiet. F1 boss Bernie

Ecclestone is among those concerned that quieter engines could lead to a drop in audiences. “It didn’t make it much louder so we will just have to look for another solution.” Rosberg said. “We tried the new exhaust [because] as a team we want to do good for the sport, but it wasn’t a great solution. It just didn’t work.”

Mercedes tried out the new design at a test at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. Rosberg did a handful of laps with the exhaust extension in the first hour of running before switching to a conventional exhaust. The results will be analysed by governing body the FIA and then discussed with the teams.

The Guyana Squash Association (GSA), in collaboration with its dependable corporate partner Digicel Guyana, Tuesday night served off its third tournament of the year, the National Junior Squash Championships 2014 sponsored by Woodpecker Products Ltd. This tournament features (43 junior players divided into eleven categories varying in number. The tournament continues each weeknight this week beginning at 6pm at the Georgetown Club and will conclude on Sunday. The GSA will use this tournament as a yardstick to help select the team for the

Junior Caribbean Squash Championships scheduled to be held in Bermuda, July 11 19, 2014. Guyana is the nine times defending champions. Results from last night’s matches are as follows. Novices Boys Under 11 Liam Carpenter defeated Tome Reis 11/7 7/11 11/7 James Mekdeci defeated Kamir Khan 13/11 7/11 11/9 Boys Under 11Gianni

Carpenter defeated Nathan Rahaman 11/1 11/0 Demetrius DeAbreu defeated Ethan Jonas 13/15 11/8 11/7 Michael Alphonso defeated Rajiv Lee 11/1 11/6 Dominic Collins defeated Nechemiyah Levans 11/9 11/13 11/3 Girls Under 15 Rebecca Low defeated Jamila DaSilva 11/1 11/0 11/0

Roger Federer: Swiss loses in Italian Open on return to action BBC S port - Roger F e d e r e r ’s f i r s t m a t c h after the birth of his twin sons ended in defeat as he lost 1-6 6-3 7-6 (8-6) to Jeremy Chardy at the Italian Open in Rome. The 32-year-old Swiss had been expected to mis s the e v e n t , b u t w a s convinced to take part by his wife and support team. F ederer had a match point in the final tiebreak of the s econdround match, but a s u p e r b f o r e h and pass from Frenchman Chardy denied him victory. “This [defeat] is totally O K if it does n’t hurt,” s aid F ederer. “I tried everything. I can’t do more than that on the court.” Wo m e n ’s t o p s e e d S e r e n a Wi l l i a m s b e a t A ndrea P etkovic 6-2 62 i n t h e A m e r i c a n ’s first match since suffering a thigh injury in Madrid. F ederer w ill get an unexpectedly quick opportunity to reunite with his family and w i l l n o t p l a y again before the French Open,

Roger Federer (AP) which begins on 25 May. Chardy, ranked 47th in the world, failed to make much impression in the first set, but thereafter took advantage as Federer struggled with the swirling winds at the Foro Italico. It came dow n to a decis ive third-s et tiebreak, and Chardy grabbed the initiative with that stunning f o r e h a n d w h e n f a c ing match point. “That pas s ing s hot is a tough one for me to take, becaus e he’s not going to make that very

o f t e n , ” s a i d F e d e r e r. “But it happens and credit to him to fight his way back into the match and get it.” H e a d d e d : “Everything is under control. I still feel good, my body is good, my mind is good and it’s jus t unfortunate, for one passing shot today I don’t get another opportunity to play this week.” Chardy will play Ivan D odig in the las t 16, as w orld number four F ederer ’s hunt for a firs t Rome M as ters title goes on.

Wizards blow out Pacers to keep series alive (Reuters) - The Washington Wizards staved off elimination with a dominant 102-79 win over the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, narrowing the deficit to 3-2 in their NBA Eastern Conference semifinal series. Marcin Gortat produced

31 points and 16 rebounds and John Wall stepped up with 27 points to lead the Wizards to a blowout win and at least another night of basketball this season. Having blown a 19-point second-half lead in the previous game, the Wizards were not about to be run

down again, turning a sevenpoint halftime lead into a 24point cushion through three quarters. From there they cruised to victory, holding Roy Hibbert to just four points and two rebounds for the top-seeded Pacers. David West top scored for Indiana with 17.

Thursday May 15, 2014

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CPL to help fund professional first-class season ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) — The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will contribute US$360,000 towards the annual retainer contracts for first-class players, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) announced Tuesday. The announcement follows a WICB meeting in March which approved a 19point plan for the professionalisation of firstclass cricket in the Caribbean starting next season. “The professionalisation of first-class cricket in the Caribbean is long overdue and finally we have taken a firm decision to realise this,”

said WICB CEO Michael Muirhead. “It will be a most costly venture but one which is absolutely necessary for West Indies cricket to move forward. We are exceedingly grateful to the CPL for this significant commitment towards the funding of these annual first-class contracts.” Fifteen players in each of the six territories will be contracted on a full-time, year-round basis. This means 90 first-class players will be given annual contracts joining those contracted under WICB Annual Retainer Contracts. “A fundamental part of CPL is securing the future of

cricket in the Caribbean by creating a platform for the next generation of stars to showcase their talent to a global audience,” said CEO of the CPL, Damien O’Donohoe. “Our partners at WICB are working towards getting West Indies cricket back to the top across all forms of the game and we at CPL will endeavour to play our part in that mission.” Under the new Professional First Class structure, the contracts will see players being part of a first-class franchise system, the details of which are expected to be made public soon.

Uthappa stars in Knight Riders’ third straight win ESPNcricinfo - Three days ago, when Kolkata Knight Riders played at the Barabati Stadium, they were the away team and the stands were awash in the silver and red of Kings XI Punjab. Today, there was a sea change as the stadium was purple and gold, and Knight Riders were the home team, but there was little difference in the pattern the match followed. Three days ago, Kings XI were throttled by Knight Riders’ bowlers for 140-odd before Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir set the base for a comfortable chase. Today, Mumbai Indians were throttled by Knight Riders’ bowlers for 140-odd before Uthappa and Gambhir set the base for a comfortable chase. It was a tricky surface to bat on, with the spinners getting some bite, and the ball routinely staying low. Knight Riders got their strategy right for this pitch, by bringing in Shakib Al Hasan at the expense of Jacques Kallis to strengthen a spin department that already had Sunil Narine and Piyush Chawla. All three played their part: Shakib choked the runs and planted doubts with a grubber that dismissed opener Lendl Simmons, Chawla broke the stand between Mumbai’s main Indian batsmen, Ambati Rayudu and Rohit Sharma, before Narine did what he unfailingly does in virtually every game - be unhittable in the death. Rohit struggled early on but capitalised on a sitter put down by Yusuf Pathan to go on to make a half-century. But even with a middle-

Robin Uthappa raises the bat after reaching his fifty. (BCCI)

order line-up reading Rohit, Corey Anderson and Kieron Pollard, only three out of the final ten overs went for more than eight runs. Yet again, Mumbai struggled to make the best use of their biggest hitter, Pollard, who came in as late as the 17th over, and was tied down by the spinners. Mumbai needed early wickets if they were to make a game of this, but Gambhir and Uthappa put on their fourth successive halfcentury partnership for the opening wicket. Though Gambhir inside-edged onto the stumps for 14, Uthappa went on make his highest score in the IPL to ensure the game didn’t slip away. On a track where no other batsman looked comfortable, Uthappa timed the ball superbly as he

extended his rich vein of form. Once again, the lack of depth in Mumbai’s bowling was exposed. Harbhajan Singh gave Mumbai a whiff of a chance by dismissing Manish Pandey in the 15th over, but instead of going for the kill, Mumbai turned to Simmons’ dibbly-dobblies. Uthappa caned them for a couple of sixes to drain away the last of Mumbai’s hopes, not just for the game but almost certainly for the season as well. Even winning their remaining four matches is unlikely to be enough for Mumbai to reach the playoffs. Scores: Kolkata Knight Riders 142 for 4 (Uthappa 80) beat Mumbai Indians 141 for 5 (Rohit 51, Morkel 2-35, Narine 1-18) by six wickets.

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Guinness ‘Greatest of de Streets’ East Coast segment starts Saturday Defending champions Plaisance will open up the defence of their title when they face Nabaclis in this year’s East Coast segment of the Banks DIH-sponsored Guinness ‘Greatest of de Streets’ Futsal Competition

which commences on Saturday, at the Haslington Market Square. Ye s t e r d a y, t h e Organisers released the fixtures for the three-day competition which is seen below:

GCB 50-over Inter-County U-19 cricket

Fifties from Peters, Himraj & Paul power E’bo to stunning win against B’ce P.31

Shemron Heytmer cuts during his 63 at Enmore yesterday.

Shivendra Himraj gets into a tangle as he is caught off Asif Chan.

Saha, Vohra star as Kings XI go top 28


Manan Vohra plays a powerful pull. (BCCI)

Naman Ojha went on to hit seven sixes in his unbeaten 79. (BCCI)

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