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Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Overtopping of seawall along Rupert Craig Highway DEAR EDITOR, In a release by the European Union expressing grave concern over the recent overtopping of the sea defences along the Rupert Craig Highway (RCH), it appears that Minister of Public Works (MPW), Robeson Benn, has suddenly decided to do something tangible to contain the flooding of residential areas south of RCH in the vicinity of Sheriff Street. Since this segment of seawall was constructed in the 60’s, there has been a significant rise in sea level and its clay embankment has consolidated and deformed. Therefore the top elevation of its coping is no more at its design 62.50 GD but considerably less and at high tides, significant wave heights with swells cause sea water to easily overtop the seawall and flood adjoining low-lying lands. In a 1972 Report on the sea defence by NEDECO, Dutch Consultants, it was recommended that the public should not be allowed access to the sea defences in order to protect them from damage of all sorts. Unfortunately, Minister Benn with tacit support from the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and

Industry (GCCI) has allowed ‘liming’ on the seawall along RCH for many years now and the traffic has destroyed the turf, eroded the clay embankment thereby reducing its effectiveness to arrest erosion from the elements which if not addressed could eventually threaten stability of the clay embankment. He has further allowed building on the sea defence reserve in contravention of the Sea Defence Ordinance. During his term, Minister Benn has shown scant interest in a planned and executed programme to maintain the sea defences such as having MPW carryout regular and detailed surveys of the foreshore, seabed, settlement of the structures/embankments, inspection of constructed works and so forth and so on, since the changes observed over time with respect to these categories would have alerted MPW of the situation it now faces and with some advance time for appropriate action to be taken, some initiative could have been taken to prevent the impact of the disaster which recently occurred and is likely to do so again. After all, doing

nothing and waiting for the overtopping phenomena with resulting flooding of coastal areas from one location to another should not be the philosophical view Minister Benn should be taking and certainly not under the pretext of cost as the damage was extensive and many people have suffered much and are likely to have a repeat of the same any time soon. It is inconceivable that Minister Benn should state that the placement of sandbags along RCH as is currently being done is the best solution to deal with overtopping. At high tide, sea water flows over the top of the coping down the sloping clay embankment into a drain and then overflows onto RCH. Sandbags placed on the south side of this drain (which is inadequate since it was intended to drain the road and not for overtopping) and on top of the divide of the E-W carriageways of RCH would probably help to channel some flood water towards the Liliendaal pumps but most of it will still find its way through the many gaps of the sandbagging and into the residential areas south of RCH and flooding them as

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to acknowledge the passing of a dear friend, a wonderful character , Ryland Kenilworth Lewis [aka John Lewis]. He lived a life of sharing here on Planet Earth as I knew it. I am fortunate to have shared moments with such a distinguished man in his lifetime. We had great times together, from childhood days to the time of his unfortunate death while he attended the funeral of his teacher and long lived friend, Cleopatra Braithwaite, who died at 104. He came from the U.S.A. to honour the occasion and played the part that was designated to him, that was to read the Eulogy. He suffered a massive heart attack and died before receiving medical attention. That sent shock waves through all who knew him to be a husband , a brother, a friend, a family man, a father

to many at home and abroad, a sportsman who had the opportunity to live and travel to many countries. He returned to the place of his birth, Stewartville, West Coast Demerara and died to

before he died. The many wakes that were kept for him in and out of Guyana and the long funeral service reflected the life he lived, that ended so sudden and swiftly and prevented him from saying goodbye to his loved ones and friends . The open tributes were stop p e d a n d r e s t a r t e d many times to allow more persons to speak and that took us into late evening. This letter, I do hope, would peak for all who had not the chance to do so. “You had fought the good fight and finished your cause, my friend. April 17, 2013 would always be remembered.” Yours faithfully, Bertram Drakes

join his long lived friend who also hailed from there. What a tragedy it turned out to be for all who knew him. It was customary for him to attend known funerals of such regardless of where it was. Teacher Cleo, the name the centenarian was widely known by, was no exception, but turned out to be his last. He was an ardent believer in Christ and cheerful giver to the cause. “He was said to have been the main cornerstone to the construction of the New Freedom Congregational Church building there, where he worshiped each time he returned to his home land and paid his last homage there

has been happening and will continue to happen. A cost effective engineering solution to prevent overtopping of the seawall is still possible. In hindsight and having regards to hydraulic and stability considerations, if this segment of seawall was built with a top elevation of 65.0 GD and a curved inner coping (as at Georgetown seawall) to return the breaking waves back into the ocean and not over the coping there is no doubt that the present overtopping would have been greatly reduced. However, the placement of sandbags in

a seemly unplanned way to contain overtopping from the sea will not solve the problem but exasperate it. Finally, Minister Berm stated that MPW was looking to build groynes as he noticed that these were assisting to break the waves as was evident at the Carifesta Avenue groyne (CAG) just north of the Kitty pump station. Construction of groynes on oceanic coasts were not intended to break wave action but to trap/ prevent the drift or movement of material (sand and shell) along the coast due to the action of littoral current. Breaking/dampening of

waves as was observed at CAG was due primarily to the presence of sand/shell banks trapped around the groyne because of the accretion taking place at this location as well as the movement of sling mud westwards. There is no data per se to corroborate Minister Benn’s claim that groynes are the proper means to prevent large scale erosion or dampen/ break waves and he should wait to make an informed judgement when the present erosion cycle reaches the CAG. Yours faithfully, Charles Sohan

Death, abortion because of mercury poisoning DEAR EDITOR, I urge the Hon Minister of Natural Resources to converse with the Hon Minister of Health before asserting that it will take ten years to implement a ban on mercury poisoning. The Chief Medical Officer was so concerned about mercury poisoning in Guyana,

that he made it a point to educate almost two hundred doctors last year about mercury. Foetuses, infants and young children are those most vulnerable to mercury poisoning. I will share my personal experiences. (Other health professionals will have their

stories, and the Chief Medical Officer should have national data.)Last year, a distraught young professional had an abortion because she had chronic high mercury levels as a result of her work with GGMC, and knew the high risk of delivering an infant with severe developmental (Continued on page 6)

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The allocation of radio frequencies Death, abortion... DEAR EDITOR, I have decided, with some reluctance to enter the controversy which has arisen over the allocation of radio frequencies, especially as there is pending litigation concerning the granting of licences initiated by Mr. Enrico Woolford. In my opinion, the wider public interest dictates my decision to write this letter. I must, at the outset, refer to the report of the press conference on this issue hosted by the Private Sector Commission and reported in the press. In particular, I refer to the statement attributed to Mr. Kit Nascimento concerning

the regulations made in 2003 pursuant to the Post and Telegraph Act, Cap 47:01 which enabled the establishment of the former Broadcasting Authority as an advisory body to the Prime Minister (the Minister then responsible for broadcasting). Mr. Nascimento and I were engaged, then, on a consultancy authorized by the Prime Minister. The result of the consultancy was the making of regulations pursuant to the Post and Telegraph Act enabling the establishment of the former Broadcasting Authority as an advisory body on the granting of radio

frequencies. Ministerial responsibility for the Broadcasting Authority was later vested in the President in the absence of an assignment to any other Minister. With the enactment and entry into force of the Broadcasting Act 2011, the Broadcasting Authority became the statutory body authorized to receive applications for the grant of radio frequencies and to grant or reject applications for licences. It is important to note that the Broadcasting Act 2011 does not include a saving or transitional provision which would have had the

e f f e c t o f preserving the continuation in force of the licences granted previously under the Post and Telegraph Act. The Broadcasting Act 2011 clearly, therefore, requires those individuals and entities granted licences previously under the Post and Telegraph Act and who desire to continue in the business of providing broadcasting services to the public to submit the requisite application to the Broadcasting Authority for consideration and approval as required by section of the Broadcasting Act 2011. Brynmor T.I. Pollard, S.C.

From page 5 and neurological abnormalities. She asserted that GGMC routinely checked her mercury levels, but no treatment was offered and no effective preventive measures were implemented. At the time, I assumed these assertions were coloured by her highly emotional state, since it is a basic principle to have the antidote to your poisons available. The following month, the toddler of a city jeweller died, due to severe mercury poisoning. We had contacted the GGMC for the antidote in a desperate attempt to save this child. They stated that they had NO ANTIDOTE, not even for their staff! We are fortunate to have a caring and humane

government, who make a point of focusing on the marginalized, the vulnerable and the future of our nation. I know that Minister Persaud made this statement only because he did not know about these and other local cases of mercury poisoning. Therefore, I am confident that after he has done due diligence, as a caring person, he will immediately take the requisite decisive action and implement alternative, ecofriendly methods of gold mining. This would be in keeping with a government who places the health and well-being of the citizens of Guyana ahead of the acquisition of personal wealth for a few. Dr. Vivienne Amata Life is meaningless without a voice. Jagdeo’s deed with respect to radio/ cable licences has given life to only those who matter to him. The citizens of this country must understand that this action is an attempt to turn them into robots. We must wake up and live. Let our voices be heard!

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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GUYANA CAN BECOME THE REGIONAL CENTRE FOR TECH- VOC EDUCATION A visit to the Government Technical Institute on Woolford Avenue is an eyeopener. The place is now equipped as it has never been in its history. It is also better managed and the students have far more sufficient resources for their practical work. The institute has come a long way from the days when if you were studying motor mechanics, you were not guaranteed of seeing inside an engine. Things are now much improved but like any institution, there is always room for progress. Technical and Vocational (Tech-Voc) education has made the greatest strides in the educational sector over the past four years, yet very little of this progress is being highlighted. Instead, greater attention is given to Guyana’s continued domination of the Caribbean Examinations Council’s exams. For quite a few years, some of the top regional performers at these

examinations have been from our country. But if there is any area where Guyana can become a frontrunner in education it is in tech-voc education. Guyana has the potential to become a centre of excellence in this regard. There is a great deal of attention paid to the brain drain and the emphasis is always placed on ways and means to retain skills. That is never going to be easy when there are strong pull factors, and also when people want to move around, and go and work and live in other countries. It is important that Guyana continues to examine ways in which it can retain locally trained skills. Otherwise we will continue to train skills for export. This is not always as bad as it seems since most of those who leave, do send remittances back home that support many people. As such, the migration of skills is a brain

drain on one hand, but a financial gain on the other. But Guyana also has another opportunity to become a regional hub for the training of tech-voc education. A technical training institute was declared open in West Demerara. There is also a similar technical institute in Linden and others are planned for other parts of the country. These will allow easier access for those interested. Tech-voc education must not be viewed as a substitute for the more formal secondary educational studies. It must not be seen as helping those who did not do well at secondary education. In fact, in order to do well at technical education, students are expected to have a good educational background. As such, techvoc education should not be seen as being only for those who have failed to graduate from secondary school with sufficient passes to move on

Court hears…Promise to repair burnt down house saves victim’s life The mother of a mentally ill man is expected to tender documents in court today to support claims that her son is mentally unfit. On Monday last, Bahadur Boodram was charged with assaulting Vishal Mohamed and also using threatening behaviour towards the complainant. When the matter was first called on Monday Boodram pleaded not guilty. The well-spoken accused told the court, “it is not a threat it is just a complicated story”. Boodram was remanded to prison. The matter was called before Magistrate Leron Daly.

Court Prosecutor Shellon Daniels said that on Friday May 10th at Providence, East Bank Demerara, Mohamed was walking along the Public Road when Boodram grabbed him, pushed him into a nearby trench, and held his head under the water. The court was told that while Boodram held onto Mohamed, he was accusing him of burning down his (Boodram’s) house. Mohamed told the court that Boodram only released him after police and other public spirited citizens ran to his assistance and after he told Boodram that he would

rebuild his house. However during another court appearance yesterday, Boodram’s mother indicated to the court that her son is mentally ill and has been on psychiatric treatment for a number of years. After this was told to the court the virtual complainant in the matter was asked if he still wanted to proceed with the matter and he replied in the positive. The matter will be called again later today when Boodram’s mother is expected to tender documents to support claims that her son is mentally ill.

Dem boys seh...

Donald talking in he sleep A man see death. He was walking pun de road when a mad man grab he and jump in a trench. The mad man then push de man head under water. That was real pressure and under pressure people does do anything. De mad man accuse this fella of burning down he house and he duck de man again. De man barely fight up and wid a breath, mek a promise that save he life. He promise to build back de man house. De matter in court and de mad man muttering how de man got to build back he house because is de two of dem and de trench again. Well de victim deh talking in he sleep when de night come. Donald talking in he sleep, too. He was restless whole day because he wife tell he that she trying to help dem women in prison. He tell she that she got to be careful because when some of de people who wukking wid he right now, end up in jail dem gun expect she to carry thing fuh dem in de prison. Well

she tell he that is de women prisoners she helping but he tell she that de people who wukking wid he don’t mek that distinction. Dem was de same people who seh that Burnham was a thief and dem is de biggest thief, Donald tell she. He ask she fuh see de house wha Burnham build and check it wid wha he people got and she gun understand why she should keep far from de jail. He guh to sleep wid that pun he mind and that is how he talk. He ain’t a bad man but he know that because he straight he hear that dem planning fuh give he hard time at de Congress. He hear that dem planning fuh mek somebody General Secretary because he was de General Secretary and that is de powerhouse in de party. Dem did plan to put Bharrat as de General Secretary because de same Bharrat want to go back to President. He want to build another palace. Talk half and help Donald stop talking in he sleep.

to university education. It must be seen as offering more options to the student population. There are many students who are proficient in technical studies and they should be allowed to develop these skills, and afterwards if they so desire, to move on to higher education. At the same time, Guyana can become a central location to train the rest of the region in technical and vocational skills. The government has invested hundreds of millions in the infrastructure and there are still many highly trained and skilled Guyanese around

who can deliver tech-voc education. The Ministry of Labour has also run-off a number of skills training programmes which have graduated thousands of Guyanese with skills for development. So with the facilities in place, we can use all of that experience to extend to the wider Caribbean. Already, Guyana is providing training in agriculture to the rest of the region. Agronomists from the rest of the region are being trained in Guyana, as also are some military officers.

So Guyana has the potential to become an important point for the delivery of much sought after educational services. With the millions that the government has pumped into tech-voc training, and the experience that has already been gained, Guyana should set its sights further afield and aim to train the rest of the Caribbean.

Linden shooting victim’s mom not accepting compensation - claims it is “terribly inadequate” Daphne Lewis, mother of Allan Lewis, one of the men killed during the July 18, 2012 protest at Linden, is not prepared to accept the monetary compensation awarded by a Commission of Inquiry, claiming that it is ‘terribly inadequate’. The woman was reacting to suggestions by A Partnership for National Unity Member of Parliament Basil Williams that families of the three men, who were shot dead during a confrontation with the police, should accept the compensation that has been allotted to them. Mrs. Lewis said that Allan had been maintaining her financially, along with his two sons, Rodwell and Orlando, who were 20 and 18 years old

respectively, at the time of his death. Rodwell is presently attending the University of Guyana, and according to his grandmother, he is finding it extremely difficult since his father’s death, as he is unable to acquire for himself even the most basic items, as his father was his sole means of support. “Only last week he called me asking for some assistance (money), but I couldn’t help him because right now I myself am in need

of assistance, and it is really hard, because he is there at the University and he needs money just to get by day to day, and I can’t help him, and he can’t help himself because he is not working,” Mrs. Lewis lamented. “That money is insufficient - the State killed our father and now they’re offering us $3mil- no, we can’t accept that, and other than that, I would really like to see whoever is responsible for his death be brought to justice,” Orlando Lewis said. Efforts to contact (Continued on page 11)

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Wednesday May 15, 2013


When is the last straw the last straw? The President has refused to assent to Bills Parliament passed, not by an opposition parliament, (a concept which does not exist) but by Guyana’s Parliament. The scorecard shows that there is yet to be a victory for the opposition in Parliament since the historic general election of 2011. It is fast becoming an un-historical election, because we have no philosophical reason to refer to it as historical.

When an event is historical it essentially adds to the richness of history by the changes it brings. There have been no historical consequences of the election results of 2011. Let’s look at the scorecard. While AFC member Trevor Williams was sailing like Vasco De Gama, a parliamentary committee (with a PPP majority because Williams was sailing on the Essequibo River and Carl Greenidge was advised that he could not cast a ballot as

chairman) voted for the wife of the Finance Minister to continue in her high profile job at the Auditor-General’s Office Parliament passed a motion to remove the barriers around Parliament. They are still there through the acquiescence of the Speaker who sits as an executive member of the AFC (an anomaly I will return to later in a forthcoming column). In the presence of this columnist, Commander

Man charged for threatening wife who ‘threatened’ him “My wife has been threatening to chop off my penis and she said she will put faeces in my food and give me to eat. Since she tell me that, I stop eating home and she has been violent and abusive. On the day in question, when she started quarrelling because I didn’t eat home, I just told her some things, but I didn’t threaten her.” This was the testimony of Jerome Perreira who appeared yesterday before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer to two charges – using threatening language and disorderly behavior.

The particulars of the first charge read that on May 11, the defendant used threatening language against Shelly Miller, his common-law wife at their home in Riverview, Ruimveldt. He pleaded not guilty. It was further alleged that on the said date, the defendant behaved in a disorderly manner at the Ruimveldt Police Station. To this charge the defendant pleaded guilty with explanation. Perriera told the court that his wife made the report against him and the police came to his home to escort him to the station. He said that he asked the police what he was being charged

for and he alleged that the officers lashed him in the face with a book and began to beat him up. He claims that it was then that he behaved disorderly. Though the facts of the prosecution were not read in open court, Shelly Miller revealed that she never made the aforementioned utterances to her husband. “Your worship I feel like a prisoner when I am with this man. He does not allow me to have friends. When I walk the road I have to put my head straight. If I going to the market, he always saying is a man I going and meet. Since I am with him he has been (Continued on page 19)

Vyphuis of the Police Force told opposition Leader Granger that the Speaker agreed that the barriers would remain. And to think I campaigned with Mr. Trotman in Region Ten in the last general election. As “old people” would say, “I ring my ears, not again.” I respect and admire Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan, but wild horses cannot drag me out of my house to campaign in any election for the AFC where Raphael Trotman is contesting for that party. Number three – last year the budget cuts were restored. Number four - and this should be the last straw – two important Bills have been rejected by the President. When you look at this balance sheet, then what is graphically emblazoned on the legal and political landscape of this country is that there is nothing valuable about the election results in 2011. In other words, free and fair elections have no meaning in Guyana. Two elected regional councils - four and eight – complained that their annual budgets were shaped by the respective centrallyappointed administrators without the input from the regional chairmen of each council. The rejection by the President of the two Bills has climaxed a long campaign by

the PPP since the 2011 election to derecognize the majority vote that resulted from those elections. As a spin-off from this, Parliament had to be included in the act of contempt. There are a million ways to kill a mosquito. The PPP Government does not have to say it does not recognize the results of the 2011 national elections and the Parliament that flowed from it. Its policies, actions and attitudes are tantamount to its nonacceptance. Against this background the term minority government becomes a misnomer. If Guyana has a minority government where is the power of the majority? Use of the word “climax” above may be misleading. It could only be relevant if the opposition sees the rejection of the two Bills as the last straw. In July, the tripartite talks on the 2014 budget begin. Unless we in this country have the stupidest parliamentary opposition in the world then it will be a freezing summer. The opposition has no option but to put the talks in cold storage. If they don’t, they will lose further credibility. The reality is that the governing party will not tolerate any avenue where opposition leverage exists; whether it is the Georgetown

Frederick Kissoon City Council, the Regional Democratic Council, Parliament and even the judiciary. No one castigated the President for subtly trying to intimidate the judiciary by telling judges that they gave decisions against the State because they want to appear as independent. In other words, he told them their decisions against the State were not based on their legal integrity. That judgement by Mr. Ramotar went unchallenged. The PNC up to this day has to live with PPP accusations that it rigged four general elections. Yet the PNC accepts a situation where votes do not translate into legal authority in Guyana. Has the PNC accepted permanent defeat and will it accept electoral depravity under the PPP? I saw a confidential document within the PNC in which the technical person (a professional accountant) the PNC put in charge of reexamining the statements of poll told PNC leaders the results of the 2011 elections are not reliable. What does that mean?

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Expansion of crime Marriott investors remain alien, but information system imminent Govt. says deal ‘closed’ on financing The Citizens’ Security Programme under the Ministry of Home Affairs attracted bids from five entities for the supply and delivery of information technology equipment and accessories for the expansion of the Integrated Crime Information System for the Guyana Police Force. The bids were opened yesterday by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street. They were divided into two lots.

Meanwhile, bids were opened under the Ministry of Agriculture for the rehabilitation of National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) drainage pumps within Region Six.

Still in the agriculture sector, bids were opened for the rehabilitation of NDIA drainage pumps at Huntley, Region Four.

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce received a lone bid for the procurement of security services for the Guyana International Conference Centre

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment received bids for the provision of security services at the National Park.

The Protected Areas Commission under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment attracted one bid for the provision and installation of a PBX telephone system.

And the Ministry of Education received price proposals for an audit managed under the Guyana Improving Teacher Education Project (GITEP.)

Linden shooting victim’s... From page 9 of the persons who were killed, as well as those who were injured on July 18th, and those that were injured on August 10th, 12th and 14th, last. The latter persons were advised on how they could seek legal redress, and that they should be filing civil suits so that they could have ‘some level of justice’, Solomon said. He added that of major concern to the relatives of those killed were the sums of money that were allotted to each. He said that it was the general view of those at the meeting that it was unfair to the victims, regardless of their status, when

government would have paid out millions to the members of the Commission of Inquiry, and now offering the families such paltry sums. Solomon questioned what consideration was given to the proposal or suggestion that was advanced to Dr Roger Luncheon in their bilateral agreements, in relation to the ‘woefully inadequate compensation’ being offered to the relatives of victims. He further questioned the ‘formula’ used to determine the value of life, based on what had been earned, and posited that government should implement a ‘different formula’ to adjust the compensation. He is also

calling on the government to make the Commission of Inquiry report public. The three men were on July 18th shot to death by Police, on the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge, during a protest that escalated out of control after the men were shot, and several others were injured. The Linmine secretariat was later gutted by fire, purportedly by arsonists. These events precipitated several others during a month-long protest that would follow, where several buildings were gutted, while joint services ranks strove valiantly to maintain law and order. (Enid Joaquin)

The investors in the Marriott Hotel project remain alien, but the government insists that it has bagged all the financial backers it needs for the controversial project. “The NICIL people advised that we have indeed closed that deal and it is fully invested,” said Dr Roger Luncheon, the government’s chief spokesman. NICIL is the government’s investment arm, which operates independent of Parliament oversight, and collects billions of dollars that it refuses to place in the national coffers. NICIL created a company called Atlantic Hotel’s Incorporated (AHI), through which it is funneling

taxpayers’ money into the Marriott project that is without Parliamentary scrutiny or approval. Dr Luncheon recently said that “a wide range of domestic, regional and further afield” interests are financing the project. But the government continues to hide the name of the investors it says it has. Only last week, Georgetown’s leading businessmen dumped the Marriott Hotel project at the bottom of a list of national priority projects. Despite the criticisms, the government pushes stubbornly ahead with the project; Chinese labour built it from scratch and at rapid

speed. The government had asked Republic Bank Trinidad Limited to pool together a group of financial institutions to fund the project; but there is no detail on this arrangement. According to Dr Luncheon, included in the consortium of investors that has been sealed are local banking institutions. “Banks here have invested,” he stated. Finance and industry sources say the Marriott Hotel project is a high risk one, given that existing hotels are struggling to fill their rooms, but Government is pressing ahead and (Continued on page 12)

Eight more GEA staffers fired (From page 3) line of questioning. The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), the representing body, has expressed its disapproval from the inception of the use of the polygraph test as a means of e n s u r i n g t h e A g e n c y ’s integrity. Several members of the Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) were among the first set of workers to undergo lie detector tests. They received dismissal letters based on the results. The GPSU however promised a thorough investigation into the workers’ dismissal, but

to date there has been no word on the issue. However the initiators of the polygraph test made it clear that using this means should not be the only basis for an employee’s dismissal. It was further stated that there must be a credible reason for using the test; that is suspecting foul play by an employee. The test alone cannot constitute a worker’s dismissal since additional reason and evidence should be provided. For this reason, GPSU had stated that the test is not foolproof and cannot stand up to scrutiny.

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, during his time in office introduced the use of polygraph testing. He had stated during a press conference in 2009 that once an agency is selected then all the staff, from ‘top to bottom’, should undergo the test. Despite calls from staffers and the GPSU for top ranking officials of the Energy Agency to undergo polygraph testing, nothing has surfaced on whether executives see it fit to subject themselves to the lie detector test, and therefore, “lead by example.”

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Bike thief sentenced to 6 months 18 women benefit from VYC empowerment programme

A 22-year-old man claimed he was under the influence of alcohol when he stole a bicycle in Campbellville in order that he may sell it to get more money for rum. His reason for committing the offence was unconvincing and earned him a period of incarceration. Jermine Ramgobin who appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court, pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on May 12, in Seaforth Street, Campbellville, he stole one

mount a i n b i k e , w o r t h $18,000, property of Keith Cheddie. According to Prosecutor Jumo Nichols, on the day in question at about 20:00 hours, the defendant, whilst in the Campbellville area, stole the complainant’s bicycle that was parked. A report was made at the Kitty Police Station and the defendant was arrested. Whilst in custody, the defendant who was intoxicated told the police that he sold the bike to a man for $3000.

Magistrate Latchman then asked Ramgobin why he took the bike and to this he retorted “Your worship I was drunk and I needed money.” To this, Magistrate Latchman sternly told the defendant “Yo u n e e d t o work harder if you want money and do so the honest way. You need to reconsider your actions, for wrongdoing will only cause you not to see your way in life. Nevertheless, you are sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Marriott investors remain alien... From page 11 could end up putting US$24 million into the project. The overall cost of the project was put at US$51 million.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh had said that there was a market feasibility study conducted by the Marriott Hotel Group and one

conducted in 2010 by an independent American firm. The American firm was not named, nor w as the study by Marriott released. The opposition has voted to halt public funding of the project and says it wants the so-called confidential documents released to the public. The financing structure for the hotel locks in private investors for a return of their dollars but taxpayers’ money risks being washed away if the ambitious project fails. Pessimism about the feasibility of the project stems from the fact that many of the country’s hotels concentrated in and around the capital, and built for Cricket World Cup 2007, are operating on less than favourable occupancy rates. The Chinese construction company is aiming to complete the project for an August 2014 commissioning.

Volunteers and graduates of the latest VYC empowerment programme. Eighteen women from South-East Georgetown have acquired skills and knowledge that will enable them to enhance the quality of their daily lives. The women are in receipt of certificates, having successfully completed a three-month “women empowerment” programme hosted by the Volunteer Youth Corps (VYC). This was the third annual feature of its kind. The graduates were tutored in the areas of cookery, cake and pastry making, floral arrangement and curtain designs. The ceremony which also comprised an exhibition production was held at the Conference room of the

National Library yesterday. According to chairperson of the event, Goldie Scott, VYC is a group which focuses primarily on the youth and children. “However, 16 years after its establishment, we recognised the need to involve the parents of these young people, as we thought we would be most effective if we worked with their adult relatives who have a great influence in their lives.” Scott said that during the period 2009- 2010, VYC presented the proposal of a plan which included women as a component of its federal mandate to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and received a grant to reach out to women. “Thus we did our assessment and found out about the women, most of whom are single mothers; we found what areas they were interested in. Most of them said sewing, computer training and agriculture… our intention was to invest in women so that they can be empowered to earn an income and improve the lives of the child or young person they may have under their care,” Scott said. Scott informed the audience that from its genesis, VYC has partnered with various groups including the Venezuelan Institute. “We have seen a large number of women graduate since then, after they would have acquired the necessary skills and training. However, this time, the courses were mainly sponsored by VYC,” she said, adding that this is

just the first part of the component of the project. “The advanced level will be beginning soon, the registration process is ongoing.” Keertie Hardowar Singh, Coordinator of the programme told Kaieteur News that she is a graduate from a similar course. “I thought it was a good idea to do something like this, because I have personally benefited from a related course. I knew it would help women develop themselves, their homes, families and communities. We tried to include women primarily from the South-East Georgetown area; most of whom reside in the Lodge community, at this stage of the programme.” Singh said that while VYC would want to expand its outreach, the assistance of other bodies is pertinent. “We have had talks about including the members of the private sector so that we can do more.” Meanwhile, those who tutored the classes encouraged their students to further develop themselves into powerful, independent females who can be role models to their children and wider society. Throughout the years, the Volunteer Youth Corps, a non -governmental and nonprofit organisation has cultivated an image of caring for humanity. VYC is made up of a dynamic group of young people, who have dedicated their time, talents and energies towards the health, economic and social sectors in Guyana.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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Proposals from annual reports being applied, but slowly - Auditor General Auditor General Deodat Sharma has assured that Government is implementing recommendations in the annual reports emanating from his office, but with the existing process the results are decidedly slow. And his advice for the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission to complement the Procurement Act and enable accountability is yet to materialize. Sharma maintains that this is a policy decision. The Auditor General made these assertions yesterday during an interview with this publication at his Kingston office. Sharma reminded that the Commission will enable independence and accountability, thus it is imperative that it should be established. He noted that in the absence of that body, Cabinet gives its no objection to large projects, which is not necessarily the preferred practice. However, when the Commission comes into

existence Cabinet will no longer be involved in the procurement process. The Auditor General Report 2011 stated, “The Audit Office recommends that every effort be made to have the Commission in place to ensure the independent, impartial and fair discharge of its functions in relation to procurement and the benefit to the Board of persons with expertise in procurement, legal, financial and administrative matters.” The United States of America 2012 Human Rights Report made reference to the absence of the Public Procurement Commission and the fact that the effectiveness of the Audit Office remains limited since Government may or may not act on the discrepancies noted in its reports. “Observers noted that recurring discrepancies were repeatedly highlighted in the reports without officials taking appropriate follow-up actions to investigate and resolve the discrepancies,”

Auditor General Deodat Sharma the report highlighted. Avoiding direct comment on the US Report, Sharma said many persons may believe that Government is not acting on the recommendations, but this is not so. “It might be slow, but there is a process in taking action,” he added. He explained that the Audit Office compiles its report based on the expenditure of Government Ministries and Departments. The report is presented to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly where the members scrutinize the document and make recommendations. A report emanating from the PAC is laid in the National Assembly and Government compiles the Treasury Memorandum. Nominees for the Public Procurement Commission have to be submitted to the PAC. The Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have submitted the names and résumés of their nominees to the PAC, while Government is yet to submit theirs, according to PAC Chairman, Carl Greenidge.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

EZjet boss ditches lawyer, hires specialist criminal firm Two weeks after a Florida court refused him his pre-trial freedom, owner of EZjet Airways, Sonny Ramdeo, has fired his lawyer. It will be the latest legal twist in the case of the flamboyant Ramdeo, formerly of Windsor Forest who migrated to the United States years ago and is now facing fraud charges for allegedly stealing more than US$20M from a US hospital chain and using some of the proceeds to prop up the operations of EZjet, a lowcost airline he founded in 2011 to fly the New York/ Georgetown route. He remains in custody. Ramdeo was arrested late last year after reportedly hiding from FBI agents who were hot on his trail. He was caught after agents, monitoring his phone calls, tracked him to a Brooklyn basement in which he was staying. The room he was found in, according to US prosecutors, was disguised to look like a storeroom. On Monday, Ramdeo filed a motion for Valentin Rodriguez, his lawyer, to be replaced by another firm called Funk, Szachacz & Diamond, LLC. It was granted by the Court of the Southern District of Florida. The law firm specializes in criminal trials, postconviction and appellate litigation. Last month, the same court denied Ramdeo bail, saying that it was not convinced that he would not flee while awaiting trial. He has dual citizenship - Guyana and the United States. The case is generating lots of interest not only for the amount of money that prosecutors say he stole but because of the high profile role played by Ramdeo in bringing the low-cost airline

to Guyana. It has also brought out secret emails between the executive and a senior EZjet official, Dheeraj Gayaram, which were also tendered as evidence. According to the emails sent between November 16 and 21, last, Ramdeo was accusing Gayaram of taking US$45,000 from EZjet’s accounts and, without authorization, using some of it to pay staffers and stranded passengers. Ramdeo, who appeared to be in hiding at the time of the emails, accused Gayaram of sending FBI agents to his relatives. Gayaram, a well known Guyanese dancer based in New York, also admitted in the emails that he was forced to hand over evidence to FBI agents who were investigating Ramdeo for fraud. He accused Ramdeo of remaining in hiding, leaving him to “face the heat”. Dheeraj was a critical figure in EZjet from its startup in December 2011, appearing in several promotions and even hosting a number of TV programmes locally. The emails also suggested that Ramdeo structured EZjet in a manner which left its Guyana subsidiary, EZjet GT Inc., with no assets. Ramdeo’s legal woes riveted Guyana last year after his months-old airline venture fell from the sky. The low-cost charter was started in December 2011 amidst much fanfare in Guyana. But there were questions by players in the industry who wanted to know the source of his funding. Ramdeo had said the monies came from his savings and mortgage taken from his Florida home. The airline was flying the Georgetown/New York route and had introduced flights to

Legal woes: Sonny Ramdeo Canada and Trinidad as well. But the seeming success crashed late last year after Promise Healthcare, a hospital chain for which Ramdeo was managing the payroll, claimed he stole over $20M starting in 2005. Ramdeo, according to court documents, disappeared after an audit and in November 2012, the US Department of Transportation suspended EZjet after the plane company which operated the flights, claimed he owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The suspension left hundreds of passengers stranded in Guyana, the US, Canada and Trinidad. Court documents claimed Ramdeo created a payroll company and made it appear, using fake emails, as if it was a legit one with links to another similar, established one that had been doing business with the hospital chain. Prosecutors said that Ramdeo appeared to be moving thousands of dollars around, instructing staffers to make payments and deposits in a manner and amounts that would not have raised the curiosity of the US authorities. They are still investigating where the monies that the accountant allegedly stole is hidden. Ramdeo is facing several charges of wire fraud and money laundering and could be jailed up to 90 years if found guilty. EZjet, since being suspended last year by Guyana, US, Canada and Trinidad, has stopped operations.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Mayor calls for ratings appeal panel amid tax evasion allegations By Zena Henry Stemming from allegations that Mayor Hamilton Green sought to write-off millions of dollars in property taxes owed by his wife, questions arose as to why there is no Ratings Appeals Panel to address concerns of persons displeased with their property valuation taxes. Mayor Green, at a press conference yesterday addressed the tax evasion issue, publicly claiming that some sections of the media seemed to have deliberately blown the matter out of proportion. He spoke directly of an article which said that the Mayor broke up Monday’s statutory meeting as he “dodges exposure.” Several Councilors walked out of the statutory meeting on Monday claiming their unwillingness to work with acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba, whom they alleged deliberately ignores the orders of the Council. According to Green, the issue surrounding his wife’s property tax payment is one that exists where several other Guyanese would have highlighted their concerns with what they felt were inappropriate property valuation fees. He explained that when

City Mayor Hamilton Green addressing the media yesterday the building owned by his wife, Dr. Jennifer Basdeo, at XX Mandela Avenue and Jamoon Drive, was first constructed, “it was clear that the valuation attached was exorbitant.” Taxes, he said, are based on valuation, which is done by the Chief Valuation Officer and Valuation Division, under the direct control of the Finance Ministry. This, he said, means that the Mayor or Councillors never had any influence or control over that entity. He said, however, that when the valuation of the property came, his wife from the inception appealed for a

re-evaluation and every year since then, he has appealed both verbally and in writing that the valuation was inappropriate and excessive. Why the use of the building and measurement made up the initial valuation, Green said, is a matter for speculation, taking into account the, “extant environment political and otherwise at that time.” He however charged that, “any citizen, any property owner who has a concern about their valuation and therefore taxes should by law, and by convention, appeal to the Ratings Appeal Panel. That

is the institution set up for that purpose, again appointed by and controlled by the Central Government.” “For reasons which I have not yet heard the media ask the President or the government gurus to explain… Why there is no ratings appeals panel? Why there is, in flagrant violation of the constitution that governs this country, also no Ombudsman.” A person, he said, who could not appeal to the ratings appeal panel would have had the second option of an Ombudsman, but neither exists. Green said that the two avenues opened to Dr. Basdeo to appeal against her valuation did not exist. He further said that every year an appeal was made to the Town Clerk and the valuation division to have the valuation adjusted. “Only last year after tedium of long conversations was she able to persuade the valuation division to look at the property at XX Mandela Avenue, which was resurveyed, re-measured and examined.” Green said that in late 2012 a new valuation was issued to the Mayor and City Council showing that the initial valuation was excessive and that the new valuation

vindicated her (Dr. Basdeo) initial concerns expressed over the years. “In a letter to the Town Clerk, a request was made to look at that excessive valuation and Dr. Basdeo made an offer to pay the rates and taxes in a fair manner within 48 hours…so that Mrs. Sooba’s asseverations are either figments of a diabolical mind or to divert from the issue at hand.” Adding her piece, Deputy Town Clerk, Patricia ChaseGreen said that, “there is nothing strange in anyone writing to the Council for a waiver of interest in taxes, or for no payment of taxes at all. “The law; schedule 2:12 clearly says that, ‘the Council should have power to exempt from liability to pay rates either wholly or in part in respect to properties listed in this section and the owners thereof’.” Chase-Green said that in this instance, the Town Clerk has “overstepped her boundaries”. “All matters for waivers of interest and taxes are done by the Council, not the Town Clerk. She carries out that decision of the Council. If the Council is not able to deal with the issue, the Minister by law under Chapter 28:01 has that power to write off any taxes or waiver. The Minister may by order designate any other

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green property in respect of which no rates shall be payable.” The Mayor’s matter, and many others, were earmarked for decision at Monday’s statutory meeting. Listed under the Finance Committee, Chase–Green said that there are many other agencies writing to the Council for waiver of interest on their properties. She said Sooba does not have the authority to deal with tax matters so it should be left for the Council’s decision and if the Council cannot deal with it, then the last say is with the Local Government Minister.

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Depressed mother torches house…

Efforts were being made for psychiatric help - Husband Nicola Gomes, the 34year-old mother of seven who reportedly burnt her home to the ground has been released from police custody. The woman’s husband Orin Gomes told this publication that he learnt of this development late yesterday afternoon when he received a call from her saying that she was at a sister’s home. Mr. Gomes who is suffering from third degree burns on the right side of his face and his right arm, said he is hoping that his wife would not be prosecuted in court. On Sunday last when the couple’s Meadowbrook home was gutted he was receiving medical treatment for burns he sustained after a gas stove exploded while he was carrying out repair works on it. This incident has now left the father of seven unable to work for another few weeks. “I do not want the police

to charge my wife, she needs psychiatric help, and locking her up without getting her the help she needs would not make any sense.” Gomes said that prior to Sunday’s incident, he had been trying to get his wife to receive psychiatric help, but she would not cooperate with him. Speaking of the woman’s troubles, Gomes told this publication that a month ago he was forced to remove their children from the home after his wife started acting strangely. According to Gomes, he went to the Child Care Protection Agency to see what assistance he would get. Gomes said he and his wife started visiting a social worker who was assigned to deal with them, and recently he had received a referral to the Georgetown Public Hospital. “Only Friday I get the document and they tell me

once I go to the hospital I will get another referral to Dr. Harry, so I was just waiting for Monday to come… and look what happen the Sunday”. Gomes said his wife’s family would always intervene and say nothing was wrong with her. The man however maintained that his wife had never displayed any violent behaviour towards him or the children until recently. “Even after I remove the children I still stayed in the house with her, but she started talking about killing me and I was fearful so I left and the Sunday when she came to see the children she bit one of our sons three times on his hand.” Gomes said on Friday last during a meeting with a social worker his wife got really agitated which prompted a referral to the Georgetown Hospital.

Meanwhile, A Partnership For National Unity has expressed its concern over this incident and the one in which Marryann Nauth was brutally murdered over the weekend. “APNU calls on the relatives and friends of the mother of seven, Nicola Gomes, who burnt her house to the ground allegedly because of depression, to ensure that she is assisted to get needed medical, psychiatric and other support. Further, the Ministry of Human Services must ensure that there is adequate institutional support for women facing crisis situations. The Ministry cannot remain silent and apparently passive or indifferent to these crises increasingly facing many women in Guyana as the economic and social conditions continue to deteriorate.”

Orin Gomes, the father of seven who suffered burns the same day his wife gutted the house

Chief witness in Agricola teen’s murder jailed for armed robbery After close to six months of being on trial at the Providence Magistrates’ Court for robbery under arms, Romel Bollers has been jailed for three years. Prior to being charged for the offence, Bollers first surfaced last year following the fatal shooting of Agricola teenager Shaquille Grant on September 11, last. Grant was killed during a shootout with police ranks and Bollers was also injured in the incident. During yesterday’s hearing, Magistrate Leron Daly handed down her sentence after informing Bollers that she had every reason to believe the evidence put forward by the police prosecutor and the virtual complainant. The court heard that on

December 3rd, 2012, armed with an ice pick, Bollers robbed Amrita Bacchus of two cellular phones valued $185,000. Initially when the matter was called, on December 7th 2012, before Magistrate Leslie Sobers, Bollers pleaded not guilty and was placed on $100,000 bail. The court was told that on the day in question Bacchus was walking along the Bagotstown Public Road when Bollers walked up to her, whipped out the ice pick and took away her phones. Two police ranks offered evidence against Bollers as well as the virtual complainant (VC). The accused also opted to crossexamine the witnesses. However yesterday at the closing of the Prosecution’s case which was put forward

Jailed: Romel Bollers by Shellon Daniels, Bollers was told that a prima facie case had been made out against him. The accused was also

given the option to enter the witness box and give a sworn statement which would be documented or he could give a statement outside of the witness box. Bollers opted to give a sworn statement after which he was crossexamined. The Magistrate before passing judgment told Bollers that everything strongly supports claims that he did use an offensive weapon in carrying out the act, since it was out of fear that the VC handed over her belongings. Bollers is also currently before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for similar charges which were committed after this charge, for which he has been sentenced.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Harbour Bridge surface safe for commute during rainy season - General Manager Resurfacing the metal deck plates of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) with bituminous material from old tires is dependent on available funding and Government’s consideration of erecting a new structure. This is according to Rawlston Adams, General Manager of Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation, who assured that the metalsurfaced deck plates, which were replaced within recent years, pose no threat to commuters during the rainy season. Adams was at the time responding to concerns raised from last Friday’s episode in which a car plunged off the structure. The driver had told Kaieteur News at the scene that he was heading west down an incline on the bridge during a slight drizzle, when he applied his brakes in an attempt to slow down, but the vehicle immediately began to skid on the slick surface. But, according to Adams, who has access to video recordings from closed circuit television cameras placed on the bridge, speeding and

Bridge management has dismissed claims by the driver that it was drizzling when the accident occurred attempting to overtake on the retractor span of the bridge were the primary reasons for the motor vehicle plunging off the structure. He added that the driver only paid $20 at the toll and sped-off. Adams also dismissed claims by the driver that it was drizzling when the accident occurred. He said that it was only after the accident that raindrops fell. Speaking about the pilot project that DHB and the Institute of Applied Science and

NBS donates $1M for new crematorium at Blairmont The New Building Society Limited (NBS) has donated $1M towards the construction of a crematorium and memorial garden at Blairmont, Berbice. According to the entity, it responded to a request from members of the Blairmont Crematorium and Memorial Garden Society for assistance in constructing the facility. NBS said it recognized the enormous benefits residents, particularly those in the West Berbice region, stand to gain when the project is completed. Chairman of NBS, Moen Mc Doom S.C, disclosed that the Directors were more than willing to contribute to the building of such a facility when it was first presented to the board. “NBS honours its corporate responsibilities by giving back to the society at large and urges other corporate entities to follow suit to ensure that the project is fully completed.”

He said that it is a commendable project as no such facilities are available in the West and Lower East Berbice areas. The lawyer also noted that similar facilities are needed at cremating sites and would only serve to setting higher standards for sites across the country. Chairman of the Blairmont Crematorium and Memorial Garden Society, Nowrang Persaud, disclosed that some businesses from the diaspora have contributed to the $15M project and urged for similar help from others. When completed, the crematorium, located south of the Blairmont Estate, will house a variety of facilities. It is expected to have two pyres with a viewing pavilion in a garden environment; comfortable seating for over 200 persons in the shade of the pavilion; car park; washrooms; refreshment facilities; prayer/meditation rooms and a memorial hall.

Technology (IAST) embarked on several years ago, Adams

said that the project was successful. And its implementation is dependent on the availability of funding to resurface the bridge with the bituminous material. They were working on a pilot project to recycle old tires to cover a few of the bridge’s decking plates with a bituminous material that would not crack as the plates bent under stress, allowing the covering to last longer. Several deck plates covered with the bituminous material were found to be effective. Adams added that Government has plans to build a new bridge and this project would have to be balanced off against that backdrop.

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Rowley: Air Jamaica bleeding CARICOM defends position on taking rum issue before WTO T&T ‘like a chop neck’ Trinidad Express Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said Monday Air Jamaica was bleeding Trinidad and Tobago “like a chop neck”. “Right now nobody knows what the Minister of Finance is doing by bankrolling CAL. All he is doing is giving them permission to go and borrow money short term. As of now we don’t know how much money they have borrowed and they writing off $200 million and the CAL board is having a generally good time as you see in the behaviour of (vice chairman) Mohan Jaikaran,” Rowley said. He said the airline was now “absolutely bankrupt”. Rowley who recalled that he had always opposed the Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines merger, said as a backbencher in the last PNM administration, he took strong objection to that Government buying into Air Jamaica and had warned that it could come to no good. He was responding to a

Dr Keith Rowley Sunday Express exclusive story which disclosed that CAL was facing a potential $200 million write-off, after having already been given a $100 million write-off. He said it was after serious investigation and study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that that international body had advised Jamaica to get rid of its airline. “Jamaica needs Air Jamaica more than we do, and

if the IMF could have told Jamaica to get rid of that expense, what in God’s name was Trinidad and Tobago Government doing taking up that airline?” he asked. Rowley said despite his persistent objections, this People’s Partnership Government came into office and proceeded to buy Air Jamaica. Rowley said when he raised issues about what was happening in CAL in the last no-confidence motion last year, not a single Government spokesperson responded to anything he said about CAL. “Look at what is happening in CAL today. Imagine you are running a jet airline with multi aircraft going to international areas and you take the cash flow, the working capital for the country, and go and buy jet prop aircraft to go and fly to Tobago, Grenada and Barbados. You have to be crazy,” he said. He said nobody buys planes today as everyone is into lease arrangements.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries say they will continue to oppose subsidies being granted to the UKbased Diageo, one of the world’s biggest producers of rum, because of the impact the subsidy is having on rum producers in the Caribbean. Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary General Irwin La Rocque told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that while the trade ministers who met in Guyana last week had endorsed the stance being taken to have the matter aired at the World Trade Organization (WTO). “I want to make it clear, we do not have an issue with the United States Virgin Islands, we do not have an issue with the recoverable programme of the resources that the US Virgin Islands (USVI) receives from the US Treasury. We do not have an issue that has always been there.

“The problem is the subsidy that is being provided to probably the largest alcohol producer in the world, Diageo, and it puts our rum producers at a distinct disadvantage. “All of the member states are very supportive of those who are going to go forward for consultations at the WTO under the dispute settlement mechanism, the region has been trying now for almost two years for entering into dialogue, consultation with the United States government, and sometimes it has been a little bit frustrating in terms of trying to get a door open to get those discussions. “I think that has caused the region to want to put the matter in a forum where it can be looked at,” La Rocque told CMC, adding “we are always looking for some way of resolving the matter”. Last August, the UKbased Diageo reportedly warned that should CARICOM mount a

complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over the alleged subsidies it would “reevaluate” its Caribbean interests. Diageo has denied ‘flooding’ the US market and has defended the US government’s 100-year-old ‘cover over’ programme, which it said granted the USVI and Puerto Rico muchneeded revenues to promote economic stability and fiscal autonomy. But last week, the CARICOM Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) reiterated the need for an amicable solution to the rum dispute with the United States. COTED said it “is determined to seek a satisfactory solution to the matter of trade-distorting subsidies being granted to USVI and Puerto Rico rum producers that threaten the long-term viability of the rum industry in the Caribbean”.

WASHINGTON – CMC A new study published in the United States is urging Latin America and Caribbean governments to renew efforts to modernise their tax system. The study done by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) suggests that while Latin America and the Caribbean have made great strides in boosting tax collection in recent years, they need a new generation of fiscal and tax reform to reduce income inequality, cut evasion, boost productivity, strengthen local governments and preserve the region’s natural resources.

The study published here under the title ‘More than Revenue: Taxation as a Development Tool’ was launched at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, DC. Every year, the IDB conducts an in-depth comparative study of an issue of concern to Latin America and the Caribbean. This year ’s edition presents taxation in the region as a missed opportunity. The study argues that taxation is largely viewed in the region as a means of generating income to pay governments’ bills, rather

than as a valuable instrument to achieve important development goals. “Taxation is one of the unfinished areas of reform left for the region to tackle,” says Ana Corbacho, IDB Sector Economic Advisor and coeditor of the book. “Smart tax policies will help us fight poverty and inequality, diminish the effects of climate change, and improve private sector productivity.” The book outlines advances made in the region’s tax systems in recent years and proposes tax reforms to advance equitable development.

ST. LUCIA - Despite the Civil Service Association’s vote to settle for a zero percent salary increase, the government of Saint Lucia announced on Monday that it will disburse the amount to all public servants including the 2,500 members of the CSA. The increase is configured as one percent for year one, 1.5 percent for year two and 1.5 percent for year three. Not altogether disregarding the CSA settlement vote, allowance has been made for the 228 CSA who voted to not accept the wage increase.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Public Service Minister Dr. James Fletcher said the workers can write to their respective permanent secretaries informing of their wish not to receive the increase in pay. The minister justified the position of government with three considerations: 1. That the mere 228 votes out of 2,500 CSA members did not suffice as general consensus; 2. Current petitions were in circulation among various government agencies with signatures outstanding that of the CSA votes and the most

i m p o r t a n t being 3. The grade/wage inconsistencies that would be derived in the overall system. The letter or memo denying a salary increase should be sent to the permanent secretary before May 31, 2013 in order for the necessary salary changes to be made by the Treasury Department. The government also considered the issue of salary deductions from civil servants who opted to take strike action for the payment of the 9.5 percent wage increase, but decided against it for the sake of moving on.

IDB study calls on regional govts to modernise tax system

Government to pay public servants salary increases

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Brazil’s Rousseff sides with Trinidad Govt. to disclose financial position of Caribbean Airlines farmers in Indian land fight BRASILIA/SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has ordered her government to stop confiscating farmland to create new Indian reservations, government officials say, a policy reversal with major implications for one of the world’s top agricultural producers. Brazil has in recent decades set aside about 13 percent of its territory for indigenous tribes. Vast additional areas, including prime territory for the production of soy, beef, sugar and other commodities, are under consideration for possible transfer. That policy has been hailed as one of the world’s most progressive but had caused mounting clashes in recent months as thousands of farmers were evicted from land they had been cultivating, in some cases for decades. Rousseff, a pragmatic leftist facing re-election next year, has often favored prodevelopment interests over more humanitarian concerns and now believes the Indian affairs agency that determines which lands to set aside has gone too far, according to two senior government officials. Following a technical change to land management rules last week, Rousseff has told her government to refrain from approving new applications for Indian lands for the foreseeable future, the two officials told Reuters on

Dilma Rousseff condition of anonymity. Applications already under study will also be examined with greater rigor than before, which will have the effect of slowing the landgrant process down dramatically, they said. “She has decided to do whatever is possible to shield the farmers,” one official said. “It’s a total shift.” That shift diminishes a major threat to the continued expansion of the farm belt, a driver of Brazil’s prosperity in recent years and a critical source of commodities to China, the Middle East and elsewhere. The chain of events that led to the surprise shift began on April 29, when Rousseff was due to make a seemingly routine speech in the farming state of Mato Grosso do Sul. As she stepped to the podium in the city of Campo Grande, many in the crowd of

some 2,000 farmers began to jeer and whistle at her. The leftist leader looked surprised for a moment, then managed a smile. “People, I think it’s fine for you to scream, really, because that’s what democracy is about,” Rousseff said, as many continued to roar in disapproval. “There’s no problem at all.” Privately, though, Rousseff was disturbed - and caught off-guard. “What was that about?” she asked upon leaving the stage, according to an aide who was present. She demanded a report on what had angered the crowd by the next morning. Within a week, the government’s policy changed. Tensions between farmers and Indians have simmered for years, but boiled over in recent months as both groups, for different reasons, sought more territory for themselves. About 0.4 percent of the population is officially considered indigenous, although many more have at least some Indian blood. Brazil’s liberal 1988 constitution gives Indians the right to “lands they traditionally occupy,” and says the state is responsible for setting them aside. Successive governments have obliged, and the allocations have been far more generous in terms of area than in the United States or most other Latin American countries.

New threats in Colombia highlight risk for journalists, analysts BOGOTA (Reuters) Colombia yesterday warned of a plot by an organized crime group to kill several high-profile journalists, just weeks after an assassination attempt on an investigative reporter boosted concerns over threats to a free press in the violence-plagued Andean nation. Journalists and investigators have long been the target of attacks and threats in Colombia, allegedly carried out by corrupt politicians, drug lords, Marxist rebels, and right-wing paramilitary leaders to silence coverage that may damage their interests. A hit man has entered the Colombian capital to kill columnist Leon Valencia, analyst Ariel Avila and reporter Gonzalo Guillen, according to Andres Villamizar, head of a government-run agency to protect high-profile targets.

“We won’t allow these plans to be carried out,” Villamizar said early Tuesday from his Twitter account, pledging to step up security. Even though a U.S.backed military offensive has improved security over the last decade, the threats throw a spotlight once more on the dangers for reporters covering corruption and criminal gangs in Colombia, just when the government is seeking a peace accord with the biggest rebel group, the FARC. The threat likely stems from an investigation into links between paramilitary groups and politicians during last year’s municipal elections, Valencia, a former ELN rebel and columnist for respected Semana magazine, told Reuters. The hit man is thought to have traveled from the northern Cesar province. “No doubt we’re afraid because the people involved

are very powerful and have no limits,” the former member of the National Liberation Army said. “We will continue investigating, nothing will stop us.” Paramilitary groups continue to operate across Colombia even after former President Alvaro Uribe negotiated their demobilization in 2008 and many handed in their weapons in exchange for soft jail sentences. Thousands have morphed into new drug-funded crime gangs and continue to kill and threaten if their operations are at risk. It was not immediately clear why Guillen would be targeted alongside Valencia and Avila. Colombia has been rattled by a five-decade war against various insurgent groups including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and paramilitary forces - that has killed more than 100,000 people and forced millions to flee their homes.

P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad - CMC – Finance Minister Larry Howai was expected to detail the financial position of the state-owned Caribbean Airlines (CAL) yesterday amid media reports that the airline has had to write off millions of dollars in losses owing to mismanagement and credit card fraud. Howai is due to inform the Senate on the airline’s finances over the period January to December 2012. The Trinidad Express newspaper, which has been running a series of articles on the finances of the airline yesterday, reported that the six-year-old state company has found itself managing a billion-dollar debt and having to write off millions in losses owing to mismanagement of the company’s cargo revenues and credit card fraud. But CAL chairman Rabindra Moonan said the board has taken a decision and approved a transformation plan for the organisation and that while it is trying to move forward, it

Larry Howai was stymied by the actions of disgruntled former employees who he blames for the leaks about the company’s financial state. “It cannot be coincidence that now that the board has taken certain actions and there are certain more to come, that fires are being lit and people are using the media to advance a certain story about the company,” he said. But Trade Minister, Vasant Bharath, who is also a

Minister in the Ministry of Finance, said he’s “very concerned” about national carrier Caribbean Airlines (CAL). Bharath said he is still awaiting reports requested from the company on several matters. “We must be concerned with any organisation which runs sub-optimally. This just shows that you need the right people in the right places,” he said. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said the airline was bleeding Trinidad and Tobago “like a chop neck”. “Right now nobody knows what the Minister of Finance is doing by bankrolling CAL. All he is doing is giving them permission to go and borrow money short term. As of now we don’t know how much money they have borrowed and they writing off TT$200 million (One TT dollar = US$0.16 cents) and the CAL board is having a generally good time. Rowley said the airline was now “absolutely bankrupt”.

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Nigeria president declares state of emergency LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Admitting Islamic extremists now control some of his nation’s villages and towns, Nigeria’s president declared a state of emergency yesterday across the country’s troubled northeast, promising to send more troops to fight what he said is now an open rebellion. President Goodluck Jonathan, speaking live on state radio and television networks, also warned that any building suspected to house Islamic extremists would be taken over in what he described as the “war” now facing Africa’s most populous nation. However, it’s unclear what the emergency powers will do to halt the violence, as a similar past effort failed to stop the bloodshed. “It would appear that there is a systematic effort by insurgents and terrorists to destabilize the Nigerian state and test our collective resolve,” Jonathan said. Jonathan said the order will be in force in Adamawa,

Borno and Yobe states. He said the states would receive more troops, though he will not remove state politicians from their posts. Under Nigerian law, the president has the power to remove politicians from their posts and install a caretaker government in emergency circumstances. The president’s speech offered the starkest vision of the ongoing violence, often downplayed by security forces and government officials due to political considerations. Jonathan described the attacks as a “rebellion,” at one point describing how fighters had destroyed government buildings and “had taken women and children as hostages.” “Already, some northern parts of Borno state have been taken over by groups whose allegiance are to different flags than Nigeria’s,” Jonathan said. The president later added: “These actions amount to a declaration of war and a

deliberate attempt to undermine the authority of the Nigerian state and threaten (its) territorial integrity. As a responsible government, we will not tolerate this.” Since 2010, more than 1,600 people have been killed in attacks by Islamic insurgents, according to an Associated Press count. Recently, Nigeria’s military has said Islamic fighters now use anti-aircraft guns mounted on trucks to fight the nation’s soldiers, likely outgunning the country’s already overstretched security forces. Meanwhile, violence pitting different ethnic groups against each other continues, with clashes that kill dozens at a time. In addition, dozens of police officers and agents of the country’s domestic spy agency were recently slaughtered by a militia. One of the main Islamic extremist groups fighting Nigeria’s weak central government is Boko Haram, whose name means “Western

In this photo taken with a mobile phone, yesterday, soldiers and journalists looks at bodies of prison officials killed by Islamic extremist during heavy fighting in Bama, Nigeria. (AP Photo/Abdukareem Haruna) education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north. The group has said it wants its imprisoned members freed and strict Islamic law adopted across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people. It has produced several splinter groups, and analysts say its members have contact with two other al-Qaida-linked groups in Africa. The Islamic insurgency in Nigeria grew out of a 2009 riot led by Boko Haram members in Maiduguri that ended in a military and police crackdown that killed some 700 people.

The group’s leader died in police custody, in an apparent killing. From 2010 on, Islamic extremists have engaged in hit-and-run shootings and suicide bombings. Recently, however, they’ve begun to use military-grade weapons, some of which they apparently seized from Nigerian military stockpiles. It remains unclear how much effect Jonathan’s announcement will have. In late December 2011, Jonathan declared a similar state of emergency over parts of four states, including Borno and Yobe. The extremist attacks continued despite that.

Nigeria’s military and police also have been repeatedly accused by human rights activists and others of torturing and summarily killing suspects, as well as burning down civilian homes and killing civilians in retaliation for militant attacks. The latest incident, in a fishing village in Borno state along the shores of Lake Chad, saw at least 187 people killed and there are allegations that soldiers are responsible. While the military has denied repeatedly that it attacks and kills civilians, the country’s armed forces have a history of committing such assaults.

Attorney General Holder recused himself from media subpoena WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday that he recused himself from the Justice Department’s controversial decision to secretly seize telephone records of the Associated Press. Instead, the decision to seek the media records was made by the deputy attorney general, Holder said. Jim Cole currently holds that position. Holder recused himself from the matter to avoid a potential conflict of interest because he was interviewed by the FBI in connection with the investigation into unauthorized disclosure of classified information. The seizure of AP telephone records appears connected to a criminal probe into information contained in a May 7, 2012, AP story about a CIA operation in Yemen that stopped an al Qaeda plot to detonate a bomb on an airplane headed for the United States.

The episode has created an uproar in Washington and led to questions over how the Obama administration is balancing the need for national security with privacy rights. Holder, a frequent target of conservatives, appeared yesterday afternoon with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to discuss Medicare fraud but faced questions from reporters about the decision to pursue AP records. The AP has said it was informed last Friday that the Justice Department had gathered records for more than 20 phone lines assigned to the news agency and its reporters. The records covered April and May of last year, and were obtained earlier this year, the AP said. The AP on Monday described the seizures as a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into newsgathering operations.

Eric Holder “There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters,” AP Chief Executive Gary Pruitt said in a letter sent to Holder on Monday. An AP story on the records seizure said the government would not say why it sought them.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Britain’s Cameron faces leadership questions over Europe

L O N D O N / WASHINGTON (Reuters) Prime Minister David Cameron faced questions about his leadership yesterday after he bowed to pressure from within the Conservative Party to bring forward draft legislation enforcing a referendum on Britain’s European Union membership. Just hours after U.S. President Barack Obama cautioned against rushing towards the EU exit, Cameron was forced by a rebellion in his party into promising a bill that would pave the way for an in-out vote on Europe. Cameron denied the move was a desperate measure to placate his increasingly restive and eurosceptic party, where many see the EU as an oppressive and wasteful “superstate” that threatens Britain’s sovereignty. “I think when all the dust has settled people will be able to see the substance of the issue,” he said. “That is that one party, the Conservatives, has a clear agenda: renegotiate, change Europe, have a referendum on it - the others parties don’t take that approach,” he told Sky news. But the more Cameron concedes to his eurosceptic lawmakers, the more they want, deepening the 25-year battle in his party over Europe and undermining his own chances of leading it to victory in a general election set for 2015. Divisions over Europe helped bring down the last two Conservative prime ministers, Margaret Thatcher and John Major, and many politicians compared Cameron’s position to that of Major whose premiership was riven by rows over

Europe. “There is no way that he (Cameron) can give in any further because he’s undermining his own position,” said Sheila Gunn, who served as spokeswoman to Major. “Every time he gives in, the so-called rebels who want Britain to get out of the EU very quickly will just ask for something more.” Conservative lawmakers who back the new bill deny the move undermines Cameron, and instead see it as a way to show a skeptical public that the Conservatives want a referendum on EU membership, but are being held back. The party’s Liberal Democrat partners in coalition government are pro-Europe, while the opposition Labour party says it does not support a referendum on the EU in 2017, the date proposed by

SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday it was important to avoid actions that might aggravate Syria’s civil war, a veiled warning against foreign military intervention or arming antigovernment forces. Russia and the United States are trying to bring the warring sides together at an international conference on ending the bloodshed in Syria, but Moscow is concerned that Washington or other countries might arm the rebels. “In this crucial period it is extremely important to avoid any actions that could aggravate the situation,” Putin said after talks with

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. He gave no further details. Netanyahu did not immediately make clear whether Putin had eased his concerns that Russia is about to deliver an advanced air defense system to Damascus that could undercut the new diplomatic initiative aimed at reaching a political solution. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Russia had no new plans to sell the S-300 missile defense system to president Bashar al-Assad’s government but left open the possibility they could be delivered under an existing contract.

David Cameron

Russia’s Putin warns against aggravating Syria crisis

Cameron earlier this year. “We’ve set out our position and published this bill to give the British people an in-out referendum on Europe ... Now it’s vital to hear whether Labour and the other parties are actually prepared to trust the British public,” Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said in a statement. Cameron’s advisers hope the draft bill on an EU vote will end the bickering, and a Downing Street spokesman insisted Cameron was still in charge. Liam Fox, a standard bearer for anti-EU Conservatives and a former party leadership contender, denied the party was in disarray. “It strengthens the party, because it is able to get onto the issue that we need to be on,” Fox told Reuters, referring to a referendum on

EU membership, adding that Cameron was stronger because “the party’s all pulling in the same direction”. Anti-EU Conservative lawmaker Bill Cash told Reuters Cameron could become a “national hero” if he focused more of his campaign for the 2015 national election on an EU referendum. However, the three eurosceptic Conservative Party leaders who followed Major failed to get into power, and Cameron’s capitulation over the new EU referendum bill has given the impression he is not in control of his party. “David Cameron’s weakness has turned a European issue into a leadership issue,” Labour foreign affairs spokesman Douglas Alexander said. Cameron’s offer of draft legislation marked a climbdown from his promise in January to renegotiate the

terms of Britain’s EU membership and then hold a referendum by the end of 2017. But some lawmakers had called for further concessions and media reports said Cameron’s leadership could be challenged. Cameron’s potential rivals include London Mayor Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Michael Gove. Up to 100 eurosceptic Conservative members of parliament are still expected to criticize the government’s legislative plans this week because they did not include a bill promising a vote on EU membership. Since coming to power in a coalition government three years ago, the Conservatives have been rattled by the popularity of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which campaigns for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and tighter immigration laws. A Guardian/ICM poll

showed that UKIP’s support had surged to a record high of 18 percent, while support for Britain’s traditional parties had fallen by 4 percentage points each. UKIP took a quarter of the vote in local elections this month. Unless Cameron can convince his party he can win the next election he is likely to face more challenges to his leadership. “With the story changing every day, it’s very reminiscent of the old John Major days where, really, the government appears to be being blown around by events,” said UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The Guardian poll put Labour on 34 percent, the Conservatives on 28 percent and the Liberal Democrats on 11 percent. UKIP’s poll rating has climbed steadily since Cameron’s pledge in January to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership and hold a referendum by the end of 2017.

Obama seeks balance on free press, classified information leaks

Barack Obama

(Reuters) - The White House, under pressure from reports that the Justice Department seized Associated Press phone records, said yesterday that President Barack Obama is seeking to balance support for a free press with the need to investigate leaks of classified information. “The president believes that the press as a rule needs to have an unfettered ability to pursue investigative journalism,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told a

news briefing. “He is also committed, as president and as a citizen, to the proposition that we cannot allow classified information, that can do harm to our national security interests or do harm to individuals, to be leaked,” Carney said. Beyond that, he said the White House could not comment on the specific investigation that provoked the reported seizure of journalists’ phone records.

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Iran defends post as chair of U.N. disarmament conference (Reuters) Iran yesterday defended its election as the rotating chair of the world’s sole multilateral disarmament forum after the United States announced that its ambassador to the U.N. Conference on Disarmament would boycott any meeting led by Tehran.The U.N. Conference on Disarmament has been deadlocked for about 15 years. While the chairmanship of the Genevabased body is largely ceremonial, it is a high-profile position. Two years ago North Korea, which withdrew from the nuclear NonProliferation Treaty in 2003 and has tested three atomic devices since, chaired the conference and sparked Western criticism. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a founding member of the United Nations,” said Alireza Miryousefi, spokesman for Iran’s U.N. mission. “Its election to the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament, as the most important disarmament negotiating body of the U.N., is its right in accordance with the established practice and

rules of procedure of this organ,” he said. Erin Pelton, spokeswoman for the U.S. mission to the United Nations, said on Monday that the selection of Iran was “unfortunate and highly inappropriate.” She said countries under U.N. sanctions for arms proliferation or human rights abuses should be barred from such formal or ceremonial U.N. posts. Iran is under sanctions by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and other international bodies for refusing to halt a nuclear enrichment program that Tehran says is peaceful but Western nations and their allies suspect is aimed at giving it the capability to produce atomic weapons. The United States and Europe have also accused Iran of violating a U.N. embargo on Iranian arms exports in order to supply weapons to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. They say Tehran is supporting Assad’s efforts to defeat rebels seeking to overthrow him in the country’s two-year civil war. Pelton said the U.S.

Alireza Miryousefi ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, Laura Kennedy, would boycott any meeting chaired by Iran. Washington broke off diplomatic ties with Iran in 1980 after Iranian students took U.S. diplomats hostage in the aftermath of the Islamic revolution. Rick Roth, spokesman for the Canadian Foreign Ministry, also condemned Iran’s election to the

disarmament conference. “This makes a mockery of disarmament issues, and the world’s sincere desire to make progress,” he said. “In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, the regime is working directly against global disarmament goals and subverting the fundamental

principles of this committee.” Miryousefi denied that Iran was in violation of any of its treaty obligations. “Iran is a State Party to and in full compliance with all major treaties prohibiting the weapons of mass destruction negotiated within this body,” he said. Those treaties include the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention, he said. “During its presidency, the Islamic Republic of Iran would focus on promoting the goals and objectives of the Conference on Disarmament through according the highest priority to nuclear disarmament and the total elimination of nuclear arsenals of the nuclearweapon States in an irreversible, transparent and internationally verifiable manner,” Miryousefi said. Iran will chair the conference for four weeks beginning on May 27. The 65-

nation Conference on Disarmament, created in 1978, negotiated biological and chemical weapons conventions but has been unable to carry out substantive work since 1998 because members could not agree on priorities. A key task proposed for the panel has been to negotiate a halt to production of nuclear bomb-making fissile material. That step has been blocked by Pakistan, which says it would put it at a permanent disadvantage to rival India. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has repeatedly urged the disarmament conference to overcome its deadlock. Hillel Neuer, the head of UN Watch, a Geneva-based advocacy group that monitors the work of the United Nations, said in a statement on Monday that the selection of Iran as the conference chair “is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter.”

U.S. urged to take tougher line on Indian trade practices WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - A U.S. think tank yesterday recommended Congress suspend trade benefits for India, in the latest sign of U.S. frustration over Indian policies that block American exports and “free ride” on costly U.S. research to develop new medicines and other forms of valuable intellectual property. “The United States should not sit idly by as the Indian government enacts regulations that harm American industry and jobs,” Stephen Ezell, senior analyst at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), said in a paper. Congress should start to remove India from the U.S. Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, which waives duties on most goods from developing countries, and direct the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate “how India’s mercantilist policies damage the U.S. economy,” he said. India was the top recipient of GSP benefits in 2012, with some $4.5 billion in imports from that country entering the United States duty-free. The entire GSP program expires at the end of July, creating an opportunity for lawmakers to tinker with the program as they work on its renewal. The U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways and

Means Committee recently held a hearing where it heard a slew of complaints about India’s industrial policies. India is the United States’ 13th largest trading partner, with two-way trade totaling $62.9 billion last year. But that is not as large as it should be “because of entrenched trade barriers and other unfair practices” that make it difficult for U.S. companies to compete in the subcontinent, said Ed Gerwin, a senior fellow at Third Way, a policy think tank, during a panel discussion on the ITIF paper. The ITIF paper listed several actions taken by the Indian government that it said were aimed at “stripping” foreign biopharmaceutical companies of valuable patent protections. In essence, Indian government policy allows its generic drug manufacturers to “free ride” on the research and development costs of foreign drug manufacturers, former U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky said. In just two of several high-profile cases, India

issued a licence to allow generic production of Nexavar, a cancer therapy drug researched and developed by Bayer in the United States, and denied Novartis’ patent application for the cancer drug Glivec, even though nearly 40 other countries approved it, the ITIF paper said. In the electronics sector, the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has imposed local content requirements for government and private sector purchases that have “security implications for the country,” potentially blocking foreign equipment manufacturers from a huge section of the Indian market, the paper said. India’s record has made it “the current outlier when it comes to intellectual property protection,” said Mark Elliot, executive vice president for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center. “Indian law, when it comes to protecting IP, is mostly lacking,” he said.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Wednesday May 15, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You might be a bit sleepdeprived from all the energy that you have been expending lately. Nevertheless, you’re probably still raring to go today. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): Someone close to you may expect you to set aside your needs today so you can assist your family or friends. Unfortunately, other people’s expectations are annoying because you can’t really see what you have to contribute and don’t want to be burdened with the extra responsibilities. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): A minor move on your part today could be very significant to someone else. Others may misinterpret your behavior because of their own expectations and assumptions. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You might believe that clarity is returning because you’re ready to take initiative today, especially if you have been waiting for the right time. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Today may be an extremely social day, yet paradoxically you won’t likely be the center of attention. You are more interested in loving others now, rather than wanting to be loved. However, if you try to get recognition today, your scheme could backfire, causing you to regret a hastily executed plan. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): You are more effective working behind the scenes, but you might say something today that stirs the pot and puts you in the middle of a controversy. The problem is that you could accidentally reveal feelings that you meant to keep secret.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Life may become more exciting today, especially if others choose not to follow your script. Surprisingly, when someone acts in an unexpected manner, it frees you up and gives you room to be more creative. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): You cannot escape from your life today, even if you just want to relax in solitude. You must get out and socialize with others, either for work or play. However, you won’t be satisfied with simple distractions. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Visiting an old familiar haunt with a friend may sound like a good time today, but you’ll probably wander into uncharted territory pretty quickly. Discovering new places is particularly enticing now if you can share an adventure with a special companion. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): You might attempt to withdraw from the noisy distractions at work today to focus on improving your health. Pay extra attention to your personal routine because whatever you do now has more consequences than you realize. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18): Being physically active rejuvenates your body and mind. But it’s not enough just to think about doing something today ... you have to actually get up and do it. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): There is a lot more happening in your life than anyone can see, but this is, in part, a result of how well you hide the truth today.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

West Indies Fullbore C/ships Individuals – Final Day Reigning Caribbean Individual top shot, Guyana’s Lennox Braithwaite rose above some challenging, subtle changing winds and fluctuating daylight conditions due to rain and clouds to successfully defend his title when the Individual Championships of the West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting Council concluded at the Paragon Ranges in Barbados yesterday afternoon. Due to rain on the penultimate day of four on Monday, one range was brought over to yesterday which saw the Guyanese, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda and the Channel Islands shooters having to shoot three ranges yesterday,

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Braithwaite successfully defends title; 4 Guyanese in top 16 Guyana was the first team to arrive at the Ranges around 07:15hrs for the 08:30 start. From the first shot at the 900 Yards Range it was tough going with the early morning light posing challenges for all the shooters. Thereafter, competition was moved to the 600 yards and then the final, 100 yards. When the dust was settled, Braithwaite, who held a slim lead after the second day emerged as the best Individual shooter in the Caribbean once again having won the title in Guyana last year. His final overall score was 451 Points with 44 V-Bulls edging out Trinidad and Tobago’s Michael Perez by a single point, the Trinidadian had 34 V-Bulls. Guyana’s Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud

placed third overall with 442 Points and 30V-Bulls, Vice Captain Dylan Fields placed 7th while ACP Paul Slowe finished 16th. Canute Coley (Jamaica), Norris Gomez (T&T), Anderson Perry (Antigua & Barbuda), Jose Nunez (Jamaica), Wayne McNair (Jamaica), Marlon King (Barbados), Thomas Greenaway (Antigua & Barbuda), Basillos Hado (Jamaica), Carl Awong (T&T), David Ragnauth (T&T) and David Rickman (Jamaica) were the others who placed in the top 16. Englishman, David Luckman won the overall shoot with a total of 470 Points and 65 V-Bulls. In an invited comment, Braithwaite said personally it was surprising after having

two bad ranges (900 & 100 Yards Ranges) since he doesn’t follow the scores normally. But the earlier scores put him in command early. “The two bad ranges wasn’t a technical error or the weapon but some other issues out of my control but all in all I give God thanks as well as my fellow Guyanese shooters for their support. But now the real test begins as we are here to successfully

defend both the Long and Short Range Titles.” Captain Persaud congratulated Braithwaite for his fine performance and the fact that it makes the entire nation proud as Guyana has done it again underlining the success of Rifle Shooting and its dominance in the Caribbean yet again. Coach Paul Slowe too was

high in praise for Braithwaite and his dominance by retaining the title as the best Individual in the Caribbean and also extended congrats to the other Guyanese shooters as well as Caribbean shooters who did well. Following are the scores for the final two days and the Grand Aggregate for the top 16 in the Caribbean:

Gilchrist damages RCB’s chances ESPNcricinfo - During one of the matches that Adam Gilchrist sat out of, he complained - not without humour - about how the umpiring mistakes had all been targeting his Kings XI Punjab side. He also said that he might have had a whinge, but his side needed to do better despite umpiring mistakes. It seemed Gilchrist would be left saying something similar tonight after Chris Gayle survived an lbw shout when he was 4 off 11, and went onto help Royal Challengers Bangalore score 122 in the last 10 overs. Luck turned on the night, though. Gilchrist was plumb at 18 off 16 when he didn’t pick a Muttiah Muralitharan doosra. A mix of outside edges, inside edges and some vintage Gilchrist shots, helped by Azhar Mahmood’s 61 off 41, stunned Royal

Challengers, ending the chase of 175 with 11 balls to spare. Kings XI kept their slim hope alive, and made it difficult for Royal Challengers, who were left fighting Sunrisers Hyderabad for the final playoff place. Sunrisers are level with Royal Challengers, but have a game in hand. Put in, Royal Challengers needed a huge total on a flat pitch and short outfield, especially given their bowling. For a long period of time, it seemed Royal Challengers wouldn’t even get to a fighting total. Kings XI bowled few loose balls in the first half of the innings, and Gayle and Virat Kohli struggled to come to terms with the pace of the pitch. After their misfortune, Kings XI lost their way towards the end. Once Gayle and Kohli began hitting, the

Chennai move top... From page 41 Jayawardene - since Sri Lankan players are prevented from playing in Chennai - and Sehwag fell for a duck in the first over of the chase, leaving Warner with the responsibility of making a match of it. He top scored with a restrained 44, shedding buckets of sweat over the course of his innings, but with several of his team-mates perishing after attempting big strokes, Daredevils never really threatened in the chase. Johan Botha and Unmukt Chand briefly put up some resistance early on, but a series

of wickets soon after the Powerplay effectively ended Daredevil’s challenge. The result left Super Kings on 22 points, two clear of their closest challengers, Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. The easy victory was the perfect end to their campaign at home, which they marked with a celebratory lap around the Chidambaram stadium to salute their vocal and passionate fans. Scores: Chennai Super Kings 168 for 4 (Dhoni 58*) beat Delhi Daredevils 135 for 9 (Warner 44, A Morkel 3-32) by 33 runs.

Kings XI bowlers were like rabbits caught in headlights and kept bowling length balls, which kept disappearing. Parvinder Awana, the bowler who had been denied the Gayle wicket earlier, came back to rip Gayle’s stump into two in the 19th over. Despite the damage control, Kings XI had been hit hard, and the momentum seemed to have shifted. However, Royal Challengers bowlers once again had no sting. Theirs is a bit like the typical Indian ODI team under MS Dhoni, with which no total seems safe. Gilchrist was scratching around, and struggling to go at a run a ball when Mahmood joined him. Having bowled two good overs at the death, Mahmood came and smacked three consecutive boundaries in the sixth over to inject some life into the chase. Gilchrist kept handing over the strike to Mahmood until it was time for both to go. Then Gilchrist got an outside edge for four. Then a four off the inside half of the bat. The best of Gilchrist came against Muralitharan when he charged at him and drove him back over his head for four. He bettered it by charging at the returning Zaheer Khan and sending him back over the sight screen. It all ended in a blur after that, but his driving and sweeping of Murali for consecutive sixes stood out. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 176 for 3 (Gilchrist 85*, Mahmood 61) beat Royal Challengers Bangalore 174 for 5 (Gayle 77, Kohli 57) by 7 wickets.

Chelsea loses to French Heroine Guyana and Caribbean Table Tennis Champion, Chelsea Edghill lost 0-4 to the European Junior champ, French sensation, Marie Migot yesterday and exited the first round in the Women Singles competition at the LIEBHERR World Championships in France. Columbia’s Joana Araque had also beaten Edghill 11-6, 11-8, 12-10 and 11-7 in her first game in the group on Monday before Migot, nicknamed

‘The French Heroine’, defeated Araque 11-3, 11-6, 11-4 and 11-8. Migot advanced out of the group of three players. Meanwhile, Kaieteur Sport understands that male duo, Christopher Franklin and Paul David lost 0-3 in the first round of the Men’s Doubles competition to a Bahrain pair. The Guyanese pair got knocked out in the first round of the Singles contest on Monday.

Chelsea Edghill

LeBron James, Heat shut down... From page 40 (previously 23 against the Piston on May 7, 2007). The Heat trailed 2-0, scored the next three points and never trailed again, building a 44-33 halftime lead. They buried the Bulls with a 17-9 third quarter and took a 61-42 advantage into the fourth quarter. Chicago’s nine points in the third was their lowest scoring quarter of the season, and it was the fewest points the Heat have allowed in the third quarter of playoff game in franchise history. Seven of Chicago’s 17 turnovers came in the quarter. “”Each game is different — clearly a different game

than the last one,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Ideally, that’s how you want to start. … You have to be able to finish it. With this team in particular, you have to finish plays, finish possessions, finish quarters and finish the game. … For the most part, we played to our identity.” The meter on the gas gauge is on empty for the Bulls, impressive as they have been with a depleted roster. Guard Nate Robinson missed all 12 shots he took, forward Carlos Boozer shot 3-for-14 and Joakim Noah went 1-for6. “I just didn’t make no shots tonight, that’s all,”

Robinson said. “They did a good job of defending, but I had a lot of open shots that I missed, a lot of floaters that I usually make that I missed. You can’t make every shot. At the same time, you’ve just got to know when it’s not your night, and it was not my night tonight.” Not one Bulls starter shot better than 50% from the field, and they were a combined 11for-50 (22%). The series is looking all too much like the Bulls-Heat Eastern Conference finals in 2011 when the Bulls won Game 1, like this series, and then the Heat won the next four. Game 5 is today in Miami (7 p.m. ET, TNT).

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

GBA to host take away lunch as Guyanese ruggers squad reduced efforts intensify for Cuban sojourn NACRA Senior Men’s 15s Championship

The Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) shortlisted twenty six (26) players of which a final twenty-two (22) will be selected to represent Guyana against Barbados in the North America Caribbean

Rugby Association (NACRA) senior men’s 15s championship scheduled to be played this Saturday, at the National Stadium, starting from 16:00 hours. Technical Director of the team is Alwin Etwah, who in a

The reduced squad is: FORWARDS CLUB Delroy Gordon Hornets Rondel McArthur University of Guyana Dwayne Schroeder Guyana Defence Force Kevon David* Yamaha Caribs Rickford Cummings Hornets Richard Staglon Yamaha Caribs/ Caribs RFC Trinidad Avery Corbin Guyana Defence Force Jacques Archibald* University of Guyana Terence Daniels Guyana Defence Force Jason Tyrell Hornets Grantley Williams* Yamaha Caribs Cloyd Prowell Guyana Defence Force Dillion Downer Hornets/Trinidad Northerns BACKS Ryan Gonsalves Hornets Christopher Singh Hornets Breon Walks Guyana Defence Force Claudius Butts Yamaha Caribs Lancelot Adonis* University of Guyana Blaize Bailey Hornets Ronald Mayers Hornets/Trinidad Northerns Akeem Fraser* Yamaha Caribs Peabo Hamilton Hornets Troy Bascomb Hornets Elwin Chase Hornets Carl Lewis* Yamaha Caribs Leon Greaves Hornets

release stated that, “The coaching team is satisfied with the level of the training so far, but there is a lot more work to put in, not only for this game, but for the game to follow. During the upcoming week we will be working on game strategy, pattern of play and strengthening of our set pieces. We are expecting this game to be a tough one because Barbados will be coming here knowing that they drew with us last year, but I think we will come out with a victory never the less.” President of the GRFU Peter Green in his comments said, “I am pleased with the selection of the national squad and confident that Barbados will succumb as we are looking to secure a championship on home soil. I urge all Guyanese to come out in green and support their team, we will win this championship.” The players are adequately prepared through the rigorous Rugby Skills Fitness Training Programme and the GRFU is confident that the National Squad will dominate. Be prepared for an exhilarating match.

The pundits are unanimous in the view that Guyanese amateur fighters were most productive during the late seventies and early eighties when this country enjoyed vibrant exchange programmes with boxing power nation, Cuba; the Michael Parris Bronze medal accomplishment at the 1980 Moscow Olympics bears testimony to this theory. The executives of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) have agreed with this prognosis and have worked relentlessly to resuscitate this initiative. Towards this end, a team of the nation’s best amateur boxers have been shortlisted to train for the Roberto Balado and the Cardova Cardin boxing tournaments scheduled for Cuba early next month. Already, these pugilists, welterweights Eon Bancroft and Ron Smith, light/ middleweight Bert Braithwaite and light/weight, Clairmont Gibson, Police middleweights Dennis Thomas and bantamweight, Imran Khan, featherweight, Delon Charles (FYF) and Lightweight, Stephon Gouviea (HE) have already commenced stiff training for the championships but their participation hinges on

Francisco Hernandez Roldan

Steve Ninvalle

executives of the GBA acquiring some $3M, necessary for the impending trip. Consequently, these administrators have planned several fund raising activities and one of them, a take away lunch, will be held at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue on May 25 next. A ticket cost just $1000. President of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle, said that his executives are committed to the trip since they are aware of the benefits to be derived from participation. He said that the Cubans are noted for their superior boxing skills and local boxers will be fully tested. He feels that tournaments of this nature are necessary especially since

the boxers are eying the coveted gold medal prize in the Brazil 2016 Olympiad. Cuban coach, Francisco Hernandez Roldan feels that the boxers’ participation will serve them well. He said that the cream of the crop will participate in the tournament and should the boxers be successful it will serve as a morale booster for them. “They could also benefit even if they lose since they could garner valuable experience,” opined Seòor Roldan. Meanwhile, the boxers are currently preparing for the National Intermediate Championships scheduled for April 24th and 25th. The lunch would be sold on the final day of that championship.

West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting Team C/ships

Port Mourant cricket club host 10/10 Defending champs Guyana cricket, volleyball competitions

banking on experience

With the conclusion of four days of competitive Individual shooting at the 2013 edition of the West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting Championships here at the Paragon Ranges, Christ Church Barbados, it is now down to the real battle today and tomorrow when the Team Matches will take centre stage. Defending champions in both matches, Guyana, will be banking on the experience of its top shooters to see them defend the titles successfully starting with today’s Long Range matches, which will see competition at the 900 and 1000 Yards Ranges. The Captain and Vice Captain, Mahendra Persaud (Coach) and Dylan Fields have been retained, the other members of the team are Lennox Braithwaite, Ransford Goodluck (Coach), Paul Slowe (Wind Coach), Dane Blair, Sigmund Douglas and Leo Ramalho. Both Persaud and Slowe

have said that while the team is an experienced one, things have been very challenging so far with the subtle changing winds and rain proving to be unpredictable which means that there will be no room for complacency. Slowe commented: “We are looking forward to shooting well tomorrow (today) to retain the Long Range and then tomorrow (Thursday) we go to the real match which is the Short Range match. At the end of these matches I have the responsibility of selecting the West Indies team for the Australia match on Saturday.” So far Slowe said that he has a fair idea as to the composition of the West Indies team but will not make it known until after the team matches. For now he will be focused on getting the best out of the defending champions. “The boys will now have to go out and perform but the

good thing is that we will now have the benefit of having a coach while shooting so that will make it a bit easier. Once we shoot to our potential I am confident that we will be victorious again.” Persaud said that with the knowledge gained from the Individual competition it is a definite case where Guyana will have to depend on experience along with the available coaching. “We just seem to have been losing shots left and right due to the winds but with good coaching we should be alright. We’ve not seen the results that we have expected in the Individuals but I think we’ll be fine with the coaches working together.” “We would not be complacent, we know we have work to do, we will be working hard and try to ensure that at the end of the day we come out victorious, we have to work hard, we are not taking anything for granted.”

The Port Mourant Cricket club will be a hive of activity next Sunday, May 19, when the club hosts a day of cricket and volleyball at the Port Mourant Community Centre. The day’s activity will consists of 10/10 softball cricket and various forms of volleyball competitions. Over $400,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs with most

of the top softball and volleyball teams down to take part. Among the cricket teams schedule to battle for the $200,000 first prize are Rockaway Auto Sales from the East Coast of Demerara, Capo’s XI of D’ Edward Village, Recently Crowned GSL Champions Memorex, Universal Solutions Tigers, Karibee Rice Strikers, Banks

TCA 40 over tourney…

Carmichael stars as Crusoe beat Avengers by 6 wkts Guyanese Kellon Carmichael grabbed 3 wickets for 35 runs from 8 overs and stroked a match winning 70 not out from 36 balls as Crusoe defeated Avengers by 6 wickets in the Tobago Cricket Association (TCA) 40-over tournament recently. At Shaw Park, Crusoe won the toss and inserted Avengers who managed 1757 from their allotted overs. Joel Kirk led with 55 not out

and Peter Moore made 30. Crusoe found themselves in early trouble in reply at 264. However Carmichael and Rachad Forde put together an unbeaten fifth wicket stand of 135 off 76 balls to see their team home. Carmichael hit seven fours and four sixes, while Forde ended unbeaten on 59(7x4, 1x6). Carmichael was named man of the match.

Beach 10/10 Champs Guytrac Hunters of Crabwood Creek, Krishna Jagdeo Construction XI, Port Mourant Cricket Club XI and Whim Station Management. In the female segment, former GTT 10/10 Champs Trophy Stall Angels will try to stop the attacking Karibee Girls for the female crown. In the volleyball segment national champions GTC/PM will try to add other silverware to their collection as they compete for honours against the youthful Albion Community Centre, Port Mourant Jaguars, Three Door Strikers, Falcons of Canje and a PMTC mixed team. Action is expected to get started at 9:30am. The Semifinals and final will be contested under lights. Among some of the sponsors are J’s Printery, Universal DVD, Imran and Sons and Daughters, Banks DIH, Republic Bank New Amsterdam, Ainlim, T Geddes Grant, K Jagdeo, Karibee Rice and Trophy Stall of Bourda Market. (Samuel Whyte)

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

Guyana Independence T20 Cup – 2013

Ameer Ishmail joins list of sponsors Ameer Ishmail Poultry Establishment of Fyrish, Corentyne, Berbice joined the list of sponsors for the much anticipated Guyana Independence T20 Cup. At a simple ceremony held recently, Mr. Ishmail said he was very pleased with the first tournament. He stated that he was impressed with the entertainment it provided for the entire family and the level of transparency and professionalism. Ishmail added that he was in receipt of a detail financial statement for the 2012 tournament and when he was approached for the 2013 tournament, he had no hesitation in renewing and even increased his contribution. Event coordinator, Anil Beharry said he was thankful for the confidence shown by Mr. Ishmail and all the other sponsors. He called on others to come on board to make the tournament a grand success, since proceeds from the event will go towards charitable work. The tournament will be held at the historic Albion Sports Complex on May 26, 2013. The Tournament, which is slated as part of celebrations to mark Guyana’s 47th Independence Anniversary, will see four exciting teams

Page 37

Kevin Durant, Thunder choke away Game 4 vs. Grizzlies

Tony Allen (9) and Marc Gasol (33) bring the double team on Kevin Durant. (Spruce Derden, USA TODAY Sports) Miss Cosmatia Lindie, secretary for the event, collects the cheque from Mr. Ameer Ishmail. including Universal DVD Berbice Titans, Karibee Rice Tigers, East Coast Demerara Jaguars and Georgetown Lions battling for supremacy and over one million dollars in cash and prizes. Some of the players expected to be on show are Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin, Veerasammy Permaul and Devendra Bishoo. Patrons will have an opportunity to win fabulous gate prizes including cell phones, mp3 players, hampers among other tokens from various companies which will be distributed free of cost.

Action gets underway at 10:30hrs with two games being played during daylight followed by a cultural ceremony. When the night steps in, the atmosphere will be transformed with the light up of Big Screen Projectors, Cheer Leaders, and the final to proceed under floodlights. Fireworks and musical entertainment will be provided along with live local artistes. Admission to the venue is $500 for Adults with gates open from 09:00hrs. Tickets will be sold only at selected venues to be named and patrons are urged to grab them early.

Jumbo Jet gets green light for June 16 horserace meet President, of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority, Cecil C. Kennard has recently advised that a horse race meet organized by Jumbo Jet and scheduled to be staged at the Port Mourant Turf Club has been given the green light after previously red flagging the event after not official permission was sought. The Jumbo Jet organizers conformed to the requisite protocol and are now permitted to proceed with the event. The meeting will be staged in collaboration with Jagdeo Construction and eight races are carded for the day with over $7M at stake. The feature event will be the C and Lower race over a distance of 1600M with the winner earning $1M and trophy. The co-feature event for three-year-old horses, born and bred in Guyana and the West Indies will be over a distance of 1400M for a winning purse of $500,000 and a trophy; the E & Lower 1400M event also has an attractive prize of $500,000 and trophy at stake. Then there is the G & Lower category over a distance of 1200M for a top prize of $400,000 and a trophy, while the race among the threeyear-old horses over 1200M will net the winner $300,000 and a trophy. Further, there is a 600M sprint among the

two-year-old animals competing for the first time, with the winner pocketing $300,000 and trophy. The ‘I’ & Lower gallop is also over 1200M for a first prize of $250,000 and a trophy, while there will be an event for J and Lower horses, also over 1200M, for a winning purse of $200,000 and a trophy. Sponsors of the event are Banks DIH Ltd, Jumbo Jet, Romel Jagroop, Shariff and Trophy Stall of the Bourda Market. Further, horse owners will benefit from 10% a reduction of the entrance fee while the prize monies remain intact and the entrance fee remains at $1,000. No late entries will be entertained and horses are subjected to re-classification before the start of the event. Activities will be conducted under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. The top individual performers, including the best jockey and stable will receive special prizes donated by Trophy Stall. Additional information may be garnered from Chandu Ramkissoon (624-9063; 2320633), Kris Jagdeo (624-6123; 322-0369), Rajendra (618-7278), Ramnauth (337-5311), Romel Jagroop (624-1798) or Compton Sancho (690-0569). Gallop time is 12:30 hrs.

For a half, Kevin Durant was back to making threepointers and Serge Ibaka was back to playing offense and the Oklahoma City Thunder were back to looking like the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. But this has been the Memphis Grizzlies’ series, and they staggered back from a 17point deficit to their first lead in a span of less than 16 minutes, then made the big plays down the stretch. The Grizzlies won Game 4 of their second-round NBA playoff series 103-97 in overtime, taking a 3-1 series lead and asserting themselves as the new West favorites. “They came out firing,” Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said. “In the second half, we came out and we got after them and we got after them. And we kept scratching and clawing. ... We were able to overcome a lot.” Memphis took its first lead in the final minute of the third quarter, and the fourth was a tug of war. And the strongest man pulled hardest. Zach Randolph had nine points, three rebounds and a key strip of Durant in the fourth quarter. He and Marc Gasol each split pairs of free throws in the final minute to give Memphis a two-point lead with 10.9 seconds left. Durant then tied it at 94 with 6.4 seconds left on a scoop shot, one of his two made field goals on 13 tries in the fourth quarter and overtime. Randolph had the ball in his hands with a chance to end it but was blocked by Thunder center Kendrick Perkins on a fadeaway jumper from the elbow before regulation’s end. Randolph made up for it early in overtime, with his putback giving the Grizzlies their first four-point lead of the game. Veteran Thunder guard Derek Fisher made a three-pointer, his only basket

of the game, to cut the deficit to 98-97. Durant slipped on a shot attempt, and the Grizzlies then answered with a Gasol jumper to make it 100-97 with 22.8 seconds left. Fisher then threw away an inbound pass, forcing the Thunder to foul thief Tony Allen, then Gasol on the ensuing Grizzlies inbound. He made one, but Durant missed a three after making five of his previous six. Tayshaun Prince was sent to the free throw line with 10.0 seconds left and made both to seal it 103-97, Memphis’ biggest lead of the night. Durant missed a layup. The Grizzlies rebounded it. And the game was over. “They just play aggressive, man. They just play aggressive,” Ibaka said. “We tried to go hard, to get some, but it’s not happening. We need to be aggressive, too.” Durant found his stroke early and often after a slump from long range had doomed the Thunder in Games 2 and 3. He shot 10-for-27 for 27 points and tried to take on a bigger playmaking role with seven assists as Oklahoma City continues to adapt to life

without Russell Westbrook. The Thunder shot 53.8 in the first half, with Ibaka recording a double-double of 13 points and 10 rebounds. He finished with 17 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks. A 25-15 rebounding edge also tipped the scales in the first half, as Memphis came out at home without any edge. “They came out thinking it was going to be easy because they got the tough win the other night,” Hollins said of his Grizzlies’ first half. “This team over there in that other locker room is not dying. We have to go out and win this series.” But Gasol awoke in the third, scoring 10 points to lead the Grizzlies’ rally. The defensive player of the year, whowas snubbed from the all-defensive first team earlier Monday, finished with 23 points, 11 rebounds and six blocks. Mike Conley scored a team-high 24. And Randolph totaled 23 points and 12 rebounds. Game 5 is today (9:30 p.m. ET, TNT) back in Oklahoma City. But only eight NBA teams have come back from a 3-1 series deficit.

Archer elected President of the JAG Raoul Archer was elected to serve as President of the Judo Association of Guyana (JAG) when the body held a General Meeting on 24th of March 2013 at Olympic House, Georgetown. A release from the Association stated that all clubs that are currently practicing Judo were represented and the new executive will serve for the present term, 2013-2014. The other members of the executive are Ellery Fraser Vice President, Pierre Boucher Secretary, Hilbert Archer Treasurer and Bruce Fraser Technical Director. The executive members are William Arthur, Eustace Cuffy, Anthony Girdhari and Hanzah Eastman. The newly elected office bearers pledged their commitment to the development of the sport in Guyana and to serve for the duration of the term. President Archer expressed gratitude to the preceding executive for their service. He also acknowledge the contributions of those members who, despite the many challenges, strived to keep the JAG active during the previous term and facilitated a smooth transition to this new executive.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Corporate community pumps cash into Kennard Memorial Turf Club Independence Meet

Walsh bats for safeguards to prevent Sabina repeat

Omadat Samaroo (Berbice Bridge Company Inc) Larry Wills (DDL)

Mr. Hope hands over Digicel’s contribution to Mr. Kennard It’s just 4 days to race time when the nation’s best thoroughbreds will take to the track while the jockeys will garner bragging rights when the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) presents its Independence horserace meet at the Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne headquarters, Sunday May 19 next. Several corporate entities have pitched in with valuable support to make the occasion a successful one and Justice Cecil Kennard was kept busy for most of yesterday. He first trooped to the office of the CEO of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc, Omadat Samaroo, moments before returning to his Brickdam office to accommodate

Manager of Events and Sponsorship (Digicel), Gavin Hope and Brand Executive (DDL), Larry Wills. All three individuals acted as representatives of their respective organizations and contributed varying sums to the success of the event. Despite its involvement in several other activities, the management of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc acquiesced to a favourable package to facilitate the event and donated the prizes for three events, the I and Lower, J2 and Lower and the K and Lower. That organization also donated a beautiful trophy. DDL has supported the race in the F and Lower category under the Five O label while

Guyanese Diversity on... From page 39 at a competitive level in 2000. “I was always a lover of the sport and always had the desire to start shooting at some juncture. After going to Antigua, I saw some guys shooting and I did some asking around on how I can get involved, I got the information and eventually joined the club. Of course they did a thorough check of my background and so on and here I am now.” The sport is fairly new to Antigua & Barbuda, they have now been competing at the Caribbean for the past seven (7) years and Dukhiram has made the team every year.

The Antigua & Barbuda Army owns the 600 Yards Range that is used by the Antigua & Barbuda Rifle Shooting Association. When the sport got off and running there, Dukhiram informed that they would have burrowed the Police rifles to practice on Saturdays before they were able to purchase two of their own. “That’s how it started; we also did some hand gun shooting as well. Shooting is in my blood, I’ll be 60 yearold in July and as they say the older you become the better you get on the ranges so I see myself shooting for many more years to come.”

Digicel will offset the cost for the race in the G3 & Lower category inclusive of a large trophy. All of those representatives echoed their pleasure in supporting the event; “DDL has always been comfortable with the way the competition is executed yearly and as such had no hesitation in saying yes when approached to sponsor the races,” said Mr. Wills. “The Berbice Bridge is utilized by a wide cross section of Guyanese including those attending the horserace meet and as such, my executives feel that apart from fulfilling a corporate responsibility, the gesture is also reciprocal in nature,” exhorted Mr. Samaroo. Mr. Hope expressed delight on behalf of Digicel and wished the organizers well. He said that his company serves the entire country and feels constrained to support the events so that turfites and other horserace lovers enjoy a day of exciting races. Ansa McAl and Pomeroon Oil also supported with donations for the DI and Lower event, but those representatives had handed over their contributions at another forum. Honorary President of the Kennard Memorial Turf Club, Justice Cecil Kennard, was grateful for the assistance and thanked his benefactors. “Once again I wish to reiterate the importance of such support and on behalf of my organization I would like to extend gratitude to those corporate entities that continue to render support to the sport,” he said. Mr. Kennard further revealed that irrespective of how small, his executives are always grateful for such contributions. Meanwhile, more than 50 thoroughbreds will be on show in the seven races that are carded for the day and combined, these prizes total more than three million dollars. There will be 7 exciting races among the country’s top horses with the feature attraction, the D1 & Lower over a distance of 7 furlongs,

touted to be a sizzler. In this race, the winner carts off $500,000 while the runner up wins half that amount. The third and fourth place finishers receive $125,000 and $63,000 respectively. Turfites would not want to miss the G and Lower Class over a distance of 7 furlongs where the best horses, straddled by competent jockeys, battle for a top prize of $300,000, while the second place finisher receives $150,000. The third and fourth place finishers win $75,000 and $38,000, respectively. The action continues in the J2 and Lower over a distance of 6 furlongs. The winning purse is $150,000 while the second place finisher gets $75,000. The third and fourth place finishers receive $38, 000 and $19, 000 respectively. The other races consist of K & Lower over 5 furlongs for a first prize of $100,000, the F & Lower, over a similar distance, where the winner carts off $320,000. The race among the 3 years old horses over a distance of 6 furlongs will also net the winner $340,000 and the second place finisher $170,000. The 3rd and 4th places receive $85,000 and $43,000 respectively. The day’s activities end with the ‘I & Lower’ event over 6 furlongs for a first prize of $180,000 with $90,000 going to the second position. The 3rd and 4th places will win $45,000 and $23,000 respectively. The tracks have recently been renovated and a stable of well-bred animals will be on show. These include Grand Roje, Dubai Judges, Jet Set Go, The Message, Whadaluck and Ferry Landing among others. The event is being conducted under the aegis of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) and all of the rules would be applied. Additional information can be had by contacting Justice Cecil Kennard (226-1399, 2254818, or 623-7609) or Roopnarine Matadial aka Shine (325-3192). Horse owners are also asked to have their animals examined by the vet by 11:00hrs on race day.

Courtney Walsh

Jamaica Observer FORMER West Indies captain Courtney Walsh says he will take steps to ensure that there is no repeat of an incident that saw him refused entry to a section of Sabina Park during the fourday game between Jamaica and the Combined Campuses and Colleges over two weeks ago. “My main aim is to ensure that whatever happens from here we put something in place so no one gets embarrassed again,” the 50year-old told the Jamaica Observer on Saturday. The Jamaican said he wants the matter to be addressed at an upcoming meeting of regional cricket stakeholders. “There is a meeting of the West Indies Cricket Committee that I’m on. That’s at the highest level... I’m going to take it to that level. “Once that discussion is done... (I want) something done across the region so that none of our regional people who have represented the West Indies at the highest level (have a similar experience)... (I am) hoping we can put something in place so (there is no) repeat,” the cricket ambassador said. The Observer was first to publish that the fast-bowling legend was blocked from

entering a section of Sabina Park’s North Stand on April 26 because he failed to provide the requisite identification or a pass. In the story spotlighted the day after the incident, the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) secretary Fritz Harris said the towering Walsh was not recognised by security personnel when he tried to gain entry. Harris added that “strict instructions” were given beforehand “not to allow people without IDs to enter”. Walsh, whose name rests proudly at the northern bowling end of the venue, was said to be quite upset at the time the incident took place. On Saturday the former West Indies bowling standout labelled the episode as “very unfortunate”, but said he accepted an apology put forward by the JCA president Lyndel Wright. “It’s a very unfortunate incident. “Lyndel Wright sent me an e-mail with an apology... I replied to him that I have accepted it. As far as I am concerned, that’s it in terms of that chapter,” he said coolly. Walsh played 132 Test matches for the West Indies between 1984 and 2001 and took 519 wickets at an average of 24.44.

Daniels coaching sessions underway on the East Coast Coach Daniel Richmond is currently conducting sessions for schools on the East Coast of Demerara. Today he will be at Helena g r o u n d d o i n g duties with the Mahaica Primary school students

from 09:00-01:30 hrs. Tomorrow he will engage the students of Virginia Primary and Shivita Business schools at Cane Grove \Strathaven from 12:30-14:30 hrs; the schools competition will commence next Friday.

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