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Wednesday May 14, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Fed-up reading Bisram fibs in Kaieteur News DEAR EDITOR, As a UG student and like many other Guyanese readers of Kaieteur News, I am appalled at the Editor of this reputable newspaper continuing to allow Vishnu Bisram to export his Aesop Fables stories to your readers. Bisram claimed that he is a school teacher in New York yet he writes how he travels to Guyana, Trinidad and India for six weeks each to do polling—something no one believes. Polling is a very expensive profession but according to his own friends in Queens, New York, Bisram is not even a pollster and this is why they called him the “Quack Pollster.” Just ask one of his good friends, Mike Persaud who in several letters have exposed him. Further, I read where he says he has travelled to several countries where he met the heads of state. I would like to know which head of state has the time to

meet an ordinary and unknown creature like this man. But by publishing his stories, Kaieteur News is aiding and abetting him to tell more fibs to the people. The number of Ivy League Universities he has attended and the number of Bachelors, Masters and PHDs he claims to have points to his foibles. He is clearly a fibber who makes up unreal stories that no one believes. But my grandmother used to tell us that a fibber (liar) has to have a good memory and this I think that this man does not have. Shortly after President Obama was re-elected to office, Bisram claims that he raised over one million dollars for Obama and campaigned for him. A few months later he claimed how he campaigned for Romney because Romney and the Republicans had a better economic plan as to how to get the US out of the recession. Is this another one

of his makeup stories or has his memory failed him? During the elections in Guyana, Bisram told the Freedom House gang that the PPP would win 65% of the votes, APNU 30% and the AFC five per cent. When the election results were published and the PPP obtained only 48 per cent of the votes, Bisram claimed how the people changed their minds in the final moments before the polls opened. Time finally caught up with this fake pollster. The leaders of the PPP did not trust him anymore and therefore banned him from Freedom House for fooling them into believing that they would have won a land slide. Bisram’s letters are a blight to the nation. I do not enjoy reading anything by Bisram. Bear in mind, I am just one of many subscribers to Kaieteur News expressing my thoughts. Jason Thomas Resident of Region Five

A mystery disease is attacking the plants DEAR SIR, I am writing to bring to your attention that growing vegetable crops in my roadside plot at Suddie in Region Two has always been a joy of my life. But now sadness prevails because of the fatal destruction of the plants from a “mysterious” soil disease. Through no fault of my own the area that used to be under cultivation has become useless, idle and abandoned. The alarming death rate makes living conditions all the more difficult to me. , At any stage of the plants especially in tomatoes, boulangers and peppers even at the time of bearing death

becomes inevitable so much so that none of these no longer exist on my plot. It grieves me very much to be divorced from this pleasurable and beneficial activity when it was possible to be self sufficient and to use conveniently and lavishly what was produced. Money comes out of my pocket to make purchases. My only recourse now is to seek your intervention for technical assistance. No other Ministry can be of help to me and clearly some form of action is urgently needed to determine the nature of the disease, what is responsible for its existence, how it could be

avoided, what treatment could be administered to exterminate it or whether it is untreatable. With a research centre at NAREI; I don’t know of the facilities that exist there but just to give an insight, the symptoms show a parasite in the soil from ground level eating out the bark and causing the plants to wither and then die. The findings whether good or bad will be very useful as for sure it would save me from wasting more money on drugs not helpful to the cause. It is useless to have land when it cannot be utilized beneficially. Baliram Persaud

The policy of self hate

DEAR EDITOR, This past week the West Indies cricket selectors named a new captain of the region’s team for Test Cricket, which despite frequent obituaries remains the soul of the game. But the news was hardly about the new captain; it was more about the one who was fired—Darren Sammy. This was inevitable as Sammy is one of four significant captains in the almost nine decades of West Indies participation in Test Cricket—the others being Frank Worrell, Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards. Note, I say significant; not best. What they all have had in common is that they assumed the captaincy and presided over the team at critical eras in Caribbean Post- Colonial history—Independence, Black Power and Radical Nationalism and Globalization/Structural Adjustment. We have to go back to the appointment of Worrell in 1960 and, as CLR James would demand of us, extend our thoughts Beyond the Boundary.Worrell, the first Black Man to be named as the team’s full-time captain, assumed the captaincy on the eve of Caribbean Independence. Like his counterparts in other aspects of the Caribbean experience, Worrell had a dual task. First, to prove, contrary to the racist narrative that informed slavery and colonialism, that non-white formerly enslaved and colonized peoples could govern themselves and exist in a state of freedom. Second, having assumed the captaincy two years into the West Indies Federation, his was the task of welding the players from the various pre-nations into a collective

national unit. That he succeeded on both counts was due not only to his own formidable personal talent, but more significantly he led a team of players who could marry their individual exploits to the independence expectations and aspirations of the Caribbean nation(s) which at the eve of Independence included Caribbean Integration and the quest for Self Government. Eric Williams’ “Massa Day must Done” had significant resonance for the Caribbean masses. Worrell retired in 1963. A decade later in the midst of a Black Consciousness and Radical upsurge that swept the Caribbean, beginning with the so-called Rodney Riots in 1968, Clive Lloyd assumed the captaincy of the team. To understand the significance of Lloyd’s stint as captain and that of his successor, Vivian Richards, we must understand the forces that produced them and the teams they captained. Black Power and Radical Caribbean Nationalism arose out of a desire to own and shape independence in the image of the Caribbean to be of service to the Caribbean peoples of all classes. For this generation, Independence meant a radical break with the Colonial praxis and the evolution of a revolutionary Independence praxis based on ethno-racial and social equality and freedom. Having endured dehumanization of one sort or the other more than three centuries, independence

could not mean anything short of total freedom. In effect, this radicalism challenged the reformist neo colonial praxis that had consumed most of the Independence Political and Cultural elites. With physical shackles unlocked the sons and daughters of the enslaved and indentured were obviously eager to fling them in the face of the former master, to paraphrase Martin Carter. This is the consciousness out of which emerged the Lloyd-Richards teams and which motivated them to turn the cricket field into a space of freedom production and conversation between players and nation and between players, as representatives of the nation, and those who still sought to stifle the new nation march. Like Worrell before them, Lloyd and Richards possessed tremendous leadership and cricketing skills, but their successes at the helm was dependent ultimately on the ability of the men they led to merge individualism with duty to and consciousness of the role of the team on the field and the larger one Beyond the Boundary. Cricket meant Black Power, Anti-Racism, Anti Imperialism, Working Class Liberation and Caribbean Integration/Nationalism. These weapons informed a culture of triumph for approximately two decades— the smallest and poorest cricketing nation conquering Continued on page 29

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Notorious Berbice bandit jailed for four years Notorious bandit Tameshwar Khemraj, called ‘Rambo’, was yesterday jailed for four years by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh when he appeared before him at the Albion Magistrate’s Court on a charge of robbery under arms committed on Tagama Madramootoo, October 10, 2012, at Nigg, Corentyne, Berbice. The 27-year-old was considered one of the most notorious bandits in Berbice. The charge against the Nigg resident had stated that while being in the company of others and armed with dangerous weapons, to wit, guns and cutlasses, he robbed the woman of a significant amount of gold and jewellery, as well as a significant amount of cash. His alleged accomplices were freed of the charge. The woman had testified that during the ordeal she had pulled the mask off the bandit and recognized him to be ‘Rambo’. Khemraj, who was wanted for a number of matters including the Rose Hall Town $10M robbery, was nabbed on Tuesday 29th April when he turned up at the Albion Magistrate’s Court for the impending matter. At the time he was captured in the precincts of the Police Station and Magistrate’s Court, he had six grams of cannabis in his pocket. Another charge against him was that on Saturday 19th April at Nigg Settlement he used threatening language against Odessa Narine. It was stated that the woman was at her home washing her motor car when the accused threatened her on more than one occasion. He first drove up in a motor car and used a series of expletives towards her before returning on a

JAILED: Tameshwar Khemraj called ‘Rambo’ motor cycle. He told her she couldn’t live there and threatened to burn down her house. He boasted of taking away $10M and also pulled a black object from his waist. The woman became afraid for her and her family members’ lives and reported the matter to the police station. He was not arrested since he was on the run. Khemraj was also charged for the $10M robbery that was committed on Corentyne Businessman Ramlingum Mangalie around 07:15 hrs on Wednesday April 9th at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne. On the day in question, Mangalie was in his minivan, PPP 1632, when two unmasked armed bandits on a motor cycle, minus the registration number, had held up and robbed the man of the cash that he was about to deposit into the Republic Bank Rose Hall Branch. Ramlingum, along with his brother Subramanie Mangalie and father Mangalie Permaul, owns and operates Permaul’s Snackette, Trading and Distribution store at Albion Road, Corentyne. The men discharged Continued on page 27

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Linden house collapses after car crashes into it A man and his wife were early yesterday morning forced to run for their lives, after a speeding car slammed into their house and sent it crashing to the ground. A nearby utility pole was also uprooted by the out-ofcontrol car, plunging the community into blackout. Steve Hollingsworth, of 404 One Mile, Wismar, Linden, related that it was about 05:30 hrs yesterday that the incident that has now rendered him homeless occurred. “I had just had a bath and was drying my skin. I was preparing to go to work, when I heard this vehicle coming in the distance, with brakes screeching. Well I thought was a truck, so I tell me li’l son, truck coming, because he like see the trucks and I had just taken him to the window, but fortunately he moved from the window and went back on the bed. But I was about to go back to the window, and by the time I reach back the whole house coming down.” Hollingsworth said that he is thankful that he as well as his wife and child escaped with minor injuries. “I get a lash in me head with one of the beams that fall down, and the baby got a cut in his head, and my wife she got some injury to her knees.” The man said that he immediately took his family to the hospital where they were treated and sent home. Hollingsworth’s mother, who lives nearby, said she also heard the vehicle approaching and then heard a terrible noise, in the vicinity of her son’s house, and she immediately thought of her son. “Then right away I hear the phone ring and was he telling me that he going to the hospital, because a car just slammed into the house, and they get li’l injuries. I was in shock, but I thank God it wasn’t worse…nobody ain’t lose their life or anything.

Steve Hollingsworth with his wife and son. Even the driver of that car I pray that he is okay.” The driver of the car (licence number PPP 9432) was admitted to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was administered emergency treatment for his injuries. “I need me house to live

in, and up to now nobody ain’t telling me nothing. Right now I’m trying to remain calm, but I need my house,” Hollingsworth declared. Apart from the destroyed house, Hollingsworth claims to have lost a 40-inch flat screen television, bed and

other miscellaneous items. He could not at the time, however, estimate his losses. A hire car operator, Hollingsworth was thankful that apart from a damaged bumper, his car which was parked in the yard next to the house was intact.

Hollingsworth’s car (seen next to rubble) remained intact.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

Separatists kill seven Ukraine soldiers in heaviest loss for Kiev forces

KIEV/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Pro-Russian separatists ambushed Ukrainian troops yesterday, killing seven in the heaviest loss of life for government forces in a single clash since Kiev sent soldiers to put down a rebellion in the country’s east. With the uprising and Russia’s annexation of Crimea poisoning East-West relations, Moscow retaliated against U.S. sanctions by hitting aerospace projects, including refusing to extend the life of the International Space Station, a showcase of post-Cold War cooperation. In Kiev, Ukraine’s defense ministry and state security service said the troops were killed and seven others

wounded when their armored column was ambushed near the town of Kramatorsk, one of several hot spots in the largely Russian-speaking east where the army has had scant success against the rebels. About 30 rebels, who had taken cover among bushes along a river, attacked with grenade-launchers and automatic weapons near a village 20 km (12 miles) from Kramatorsk, the ministry said in a statement on its website. “In all, as a result of the prolonged fighting, six members of the armed forces were killed. Eight soldiers were wounded, one of them seriously,” it said. The state security service (SBU) said later that the seriously

wounded soldier had died while being taken to hospital. Rebel leaders held referendums in two eastern regions on Sunday which they said backed self-rule overwhelmingly. While Kiev and the West denounced the votes as illegal, the rebels called on Monday for their regions to become part of Russia. Moscow has stopped short of endorsing their bid for annexation. Before the Kramatorsk incident, Defence Minister Mykhailo Koval said a total of nine servicemen had been killed so far in the army’s “anti-terrorist” operation, which has been directed mainly against rebels in the towns of Slaviansk and Mariupol.

Israel’s Olmert gets 6-year sentence in bribe case TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — An Israeli court sentenced former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to six years in prison for his role in a bribery scandal, capping the stunning downfall of a politician who just a few years ago hobnobbed at the White House and claimed to be close to reaching a historic peace agreement with the Palestinians. Olmert, the first prime minister sentenced to prison, is set to become the latest in a string of top Israeli politicians to serve time for serious crimes. The scandals have fueled a feeling of public sorrow over the state of the country’s political system mixed with relief that no one is above the law. “It’s not an easy day,” said Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who served as Olmert’s foreign minister, adding that

the decision nonetheless sent an important message. “I have full faith in the court and the law enforcement system, and that’s how the Israeli public should feel too,” she said. Olmert was convicted in March in a wide-ranging case that accused him of accepting bribes to promote a controversial real-estate project in Jerusalem. He was charged for acts while he was mayor of Jerusalem and national trade minister, years before he became prime minister in 2006. Olmert has denied wrongdoing, and his lawyer said they would appeal yesterday’s sentence to the Supreme Court. The six-year sentence was the maximum sought by prosecutors. Olmert also was ordered to pay a $290,000 fine. Judge David Rozen, a Tel Aviv district court judge, accused Olmert of undermining the

public’s trust as he delivered the punishment. “A public servant who accepts bribes is akin to a traitor,” Rozen said. “This is a man who was on top of the world. He served as prime minister, the most important position, and from there he reached the position of a man convicted of criminal offenses.” Olmert appeared stunned as he walked out of the courthouse without speaking to reporters. Rozen ordered him and several codefendants to report to prison on Sept. 1. The sentencing sealed the downfall of a man who over four decades transformed himself from a sharp-tongued backbencher in the hard-line Likud Party into a global statesman whose push for peace with the Palestinians was cut short by his legal troubles.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

CARICOM countries to open diplomatic mission in UAE ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (GIS) — Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have been invited and urged to move with alacrity and purpose to establish a diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the seat in Dubai. This invitation was extended to representative Caribbean ministers of foreign affairs by minister of state in the UAE, Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy, and endorsed by vice president and prime minister of the UAE, and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in meeting with the Caribbean foreign ministers in Dubai last Wednesday. Nickolas Steele, Grenada’s minister of foreign affairs and international business, spearheaded the proposal to establish a diplomatic presence in the UAE. Steele has engaged other ministers of CARICOM in the drive for closer ties, believing that the region’s interests and engagement with the UAE will be best served if the countries move forward as a bloc, than going it alone. Steele and his colleagues cautioned that,

although the proposal is to work under one CARICOM mission umbrella, the individual Caribbean countries must work to ensure that their diplomatic integrity and interests are represented and preserved. Within the framework of formalized diplomatic relations with the UAE, major cooperation agreements have been reached and others expected to follow. Among those is the provision of strategic assistance in much of the Caribbean’s key developmental agenda areas: health, education, housing and infrastructure. Both regions will also move forward speedily with enacting cultural exchange programs that will enable CARICOM countries to extend their tentacles and promote their attractiveness in and to, a non-traditional business market, well in advance of the EXPO 2020, which will be hosted by the UAE. The EXPO 2020 is expected to attract, over a period of six months, 25 million visitors to the UAE, and create approximately 277,000 jobs that will spread beyond the natural borders of the UAE. The Caribbean

region is hoping to benefit from some of these opportunities. While the enactment of the formalized relationship was the result of Steele’s vision, other representative ministers of foreign affairs of CARICOM joined him at the negotiating table with the UAE officials. Foreign ministers Fred Mitchell from The Bahamas; Maxine McClean from Barbados; Camillo Gonsalves from St Vincent and Patrice Nesbit from St Kitts; as well as other ministers’ representatives from Trinidad and Guyana, all endorsed the agreement. Grenada and the UAE have enjoyed diplomatic relations for some time now, and the recent initiatives undertaken by their respective foreign ministers are geared toward strengthening that connection. Grenada and the Bahamas have already laid the groundwork to open individual missions in Dubai, with a view to extending their countries’ interests and visibility in what has been hailed as the most innovative and fast-growing region of the world — the United Arab Emirates.

PM intervenes after JPS insists it will continue power cut policy this week Jamaica Gleaner - Junior Energy Minister, Julian Robinson, says the Prime Minister has intervened in the controversy over the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPS) new power-cutting policy after the entity rejected his request to immediately discontinue the measure. Speaking in Parliament a short while ago, Robinson said the Prime Minister will meet with JPS officials this morning at her office in response to what he called a “national crisis”. According to Robinson, during his meeting with JPS this morning, he told company officials that the practice was unfair and unjust. But Robinson said the JPS rejected the request for an immediate cessation of the policy, saying it would continue until the end of this week after which it would conduct a review. The junior minister said that the government, which owns 20 per cent of JPS shares will explore all possible avenues to ensure that the practice is discontinued. The JPS has embarked on

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in discussion with Junior Energy Minister, Julian Robinson in Parliament yesterday afternoon - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer a policy to reduce the hours that power is supplied to communities where more than 70 per cent of the people using electricity are not paying for it. Meanwhile, the Opposition spokesman on energy, Karl Samuda, said the response of the JPS to Robinson reflects a paralysis of the political directorate. Samuda also said the government should seek to

ensure that the JPS charges the lowest possible price to persons in communities that are stealing electricity under the proposed community rate which would see people paying for power at a reduced rate. Desmond McKenzie, MP for west Kingston said that the practice of the JPS has been going on for a long time, adding that the company has only formalised it by making the announcement.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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The AFC never had a problem with the environmental tax The Alliance for Change is attempting to exculpate itself from any blame for the predicament that Guyana now finds itself in by having to pay relief to a Surinamese company to the tune of US$6M. The combined Opposition, including the AFC, has been criticized for failing to give approval for the passage of legislation that would have made the tax nondiscriminatory against importers of beverages. The AFC rests its case on the basis that what the CCJ has awarded is a refund or reimbursement of the environmental tax paid by the Surinamese company because this tax was in violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC). In other words, the AFC is saying that regardless of whether it had passed the legislation, Guyana would have been required to refund monies illegally collected. It therefore suggested that the Peeper, who had apportioned blame to both the government and the AFC, was confusing a refund with compensation. The AFC is suggesting that the Peeper should go back and do some research. I would suggest to the AFC

that it too should go back and do its research by reading the judgment, since the damages claimed by the claimants included a request for reimbursement, as well as orders for the legislation to be revoked. The AFC wishes to contest the Peeper’s view that Guyana could have avoided such a harsh judgment, i.e. the relief awarded, had it passed the Customs amendment. The AFC is sticking to its position that the environmental tax was illegal and therefore Guyana would have had to pay the reimbursement even if the AFC had not frustrated government’s attempt during the trial to pass legislation to make the environmental tax non- discriminatory. I respectfully recommend that the AFC should go back and read the judgment of the CCJ, because that judgment in no way suggests that because the environmental tax was unlawful it should inherently be returned to the company. Indeed, the Government of Guyana tried to avoid the reimbursement by arguing that such a reimbursement would have constituted unjust enrichment of the

claimants, since they had already passed on the tax to their customers. If Guyana could have proven that the tax was passed on to the Guyanese customers of the claimants, it would not have had to pay the reimbursement, because this would have constituted unjust enrichment. It is therefore false for the AFC to seek to contend that Guyana would have had to reimburse the claimants, because all along the tax was illegal. Guyana failed to prove that the tax was passed on to the claimant’s customers, because the company showed that by virtue of a special accounting arrangement, the tax was absorbed by the group in order to retain market competitiveness. This should disabuse the AFC of the opinion that regardless of whether the Customs amendment was passed, the monies would have had to be repaid. No, it would not, and the suggestion by this column is that the relief offered would have been mitigated if Guyana had showed the Court that it had taken steps to correct the discriminatory

nature of the legislation. This is why this column referred to the case of Trinidad Cement Company v Guyana in which Guyana was also in flagrant violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. The issue there was Guyana’s revoking of a tariff on extra-regional cement. The company in that case did suffer losses as a result of Guyana’s illegal actions under the same RTC. But the CCJ did not award any monetary damages against Guyana. My point, therefore, is that if Guyana had put its house in order during the trial, it would have demonstrated good faith and mitigated the relief that was ordered by the CCJ. No one is trying to deny that Guyana was for over twenty years collecting a discriminatory tax. No one is denying that Guyana was in the wrong. In fact throughout the trial, Guyana never contested that it was in breach of the RTC. It did try to convince the court of its good intentions by seeking to pass legislation during the trial that would have corrected the discriminatory nature of the legislation. But this was

Dem boys seh

NAME ONE GOOD THING JAGDEO DO FUH GUYANA Dem boys get a call from a big man saying, “Please lef Jagdeo alone. He do a lot fuh Guyana and he deserve a place in history.” Dem boys laugh…hard. Right away dem boys remember that two months ago, Ah Kneel call too and he seh that every day dem boys talking bout Jagdeo. He seh, “Why y’all don’t lef de man alone. He do so much fuh Guyana.” Well dem boys nerve bump raise when dem hear Ah Kneel seh he, Jagdeo, do so much fuh Guyana. De first question to Ah Kneel was fuh he name just one thing that Jagdeo did in de twelve years he sit as president of Guyana, that he and de people could be proud of. Dem boys had to remind Ah Kneel dem not talking about de friends and family and cronies that he, Jagdeo, enrich. Dem ain’t talking about going about de place begging and getting debt write-offs. Anybody can do that. A junkie does wait till de

boss man fuh de Waterfalls paper drive up and he does busy wid he broom. He sweeping de pavement. As soon as de boss man jump out de vehicle he does approach de boss man and seh, “You see how nice and clean this place look? Is me got it suh. You got to give me something.” That is how Jagdeo use to beg dem foreign people and get something. That isn’t nutten hard. If a junkie can do that, wha do Jagdeo? But back to Ah Kneel. When dem boys ask he fuh name one thing that Jagdeo do, he stutter then he pause and seh “Ah can’t think now. I deh wid some friends drinking.” To this day, dem boys still waiting fuh he and de caller fuh name de one thing. Dem boys also challenge de entire Guyana, more so all dem Ministers that wuk under Jagdeo, fuh tell de nation one thing that Jagdeo do fuh mek people proud. Jagdeo free to call or send a letter fuh seh one thing that

he proud of. But he must not talk about de Bees and dem scamps and dem crooks that he surround heself wid. And while he thinking about wha he do, he must also think about de former Prime Minister of Israel who yesterday get sentence to six years in jail fuh corruption.

Jagdeo should thank God he don’t live in Israel, but dem boys seh dem would like to try him here fuh corruption. Talk half and we waiting for de answers from de caller, Ah Kneel, Jagdeo and Donald if he want push ee mouth inside de story.

rebuffed by the combined Opposition. It is respectfully submitted that the AFC never had an issue with the environmental tax. It has never argued that the tax was in breach of the RTC. Never in the history of the AFC did

it call for a repeal of the environmental tax. The tax was never the issue. What then was its basis of denying the amendment that would have allowed Guyana to put its house in order?

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Wednesday May 14, 2014


The PNC and PPP dictatorship: The difference I was watching IPL cricket last Sunday (I back the teams that have West Indian players and want the team with the most West Indian players to win the trophy) when I got a telephone call from a prominent trade unionist. He advised me to go to the comments section of the Stabroek News. I couldn’t because I do not read the online edition of the Stabroek News. I buy the printed version and also, you have to subscribe to the online edition. I suggested he read out for me the thing he found interesting. He said that a contributor knocked me for comparing the PPP Government with the PNC in President Burnham’s days, because it was Burnham who denied me a job in Guyana after I graduated from UG. It was from that telephone conversation that I got the idea to write this column. I have done literally dozens and dozens of columns on the comparison between the

Burnham Government and the PPP regime since Mr. Jagdeo became President. Also, as the years creep on, materials come to light that reveal positive things about Burnham and negative things about Cheddi Jagan that those interested in Guyana never knew about. As the years wear on, people are writing about Cheddi Jagan, and things about Mrs. Jagan, Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar are coming out. The myths about the bad monster that Burnham was and the great angel Jagan was are exploding like fireworks. Read Clem Seecharran’s “Sweetening Bitter Sugar” and you will see egregious aspects of Jagan’s politics that we would never have known if those materials were not made available. Yes, Burnham refused to have me employed by the state and the private sector would not have touched me out of fear of Burnham. One bank manager told me that he was afraid to offer me employment. And Basil Hinds, at the US Information Service, said he was sympathetic but preferred not to ruffle Burnham (amazing

how some people cannot see what an authoritarian leader Burnham was). But why is the Burnham Government worse than the PPP regime because Burnham victimized me? It means then that as an academic, I throw away my objective analytical mind and use a personal yardstick to assess people, places and events. So, if France stopped my cousin at the airport but Saudi Arabia welcomes him with open arms, is Saudi Arabia more democratic than France? The less said about such a methodology the better. Let’s continue with the comparison. The difference between the Burnham administration and the Jagdeo government that stretches into the Ramotar presidency lies in the essential being of the apparatchik in both regimes. The personnel in the PNC Government, including Burnham himself, were people with a certain decorum, standard of etiquette, nationalist sentiments, political skills, leadership qualities, basic principles and sensitivity to the prevailing situation. From Jagdeo right up to

Ramotar, none of these qualities are present. I have had personal experiences with Jagdeo and Ramotar that leave me with no doubt that Burnham was more eligible to be head of Guyana. If you examine the record of the PPP since 1999, every transgression of the Burnham Government has been matched by the PPP, including tainted elections, and in each instance, the PPP was more sordid in its conspiratorial methods. The fool who wrote that Burnham refused to employ me forgot that my UG contract had a mere five more months to go in 2012 before it was terminated. Some people hold on to the lack of conclusive proof

of Burnham’s involvement in Walter Rodney’s death. They point to the device he had as proof of a bad intention. There is no mistake as to how Ronald Waddell met his death. Men with AK-47s shot him in front of his home. Someone sent them. The Burnham Government harassed Moses Bhagwan’s wife at her state job at GPC. The identical thing happened to my wife in 2011 at GO-Invest. State media was misused in the PNC days. It is a footcloth under the PPP regime. But here is where the comparison breaks down. Burnham would never humiliate his wife as publicly as Jagdeo did. I end with a horror story that I have never told to my

Frederick Kissoon lawyer Nigel Hughes in the libel trial. In 1995, I was in the Castellani House sauna with Malcolm Harripaul when an apparatchik high in the Ministry of Finance came with his friends. He said to me in front of Harripaul, “Ya’ll at UG mekking them Bl… lecturers f… all them Indian girls….” Harripaul is a living witness. None of the PNC apparatchiks from Burnham right down would have done that.

‘Unjust’ Environmental Tax…

Opposition not responsible for US$6M refund ruling - AFC Treasurer and Executive Member of the Alliance for Change (AFC) Dominic Gaskin has taken offence to the sentiments being peddled that the opposition is responsible for Guyana having to refund US$6M ($1.2B) to Rudisa Beverages, a Surinamese company. The company had taken Guyana to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) because it felt that the $10 per bottle environmental tax that it was being charged when importing its soft drinks (Thrill) to Guyana was in contravention of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)’s Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC) which outlines free trade to signatory countries. The CCJ ruled in Rudisa’s favour, citing that it had to honour its treaty obligations and ordered that the claimants are entitled to repayment. The government had argued that it had proposed legislation to rectify the discriminatory effect of the environmental tax, but the proposed amendment was rejected by the National Assembly. Gaskin dismissed the opinions expressed in the Peeping Tom column of Sunday last, captioned “The implication of the CCJ’s ruling”, in which the columnist opined that “if the combined opposition had passed the amendment to the environmental tax laws, Guyana may have avoided such a harsh judgment from the CCJ”. In a letter to Kaieteur News, Gaskin said that “it will be recalled that in May of 2013 the government sought

AFC Treasurer Dominic Gaskin

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan

to amend the Customs Act by removing section 7 (a) which stipulates the $10 environmental tax on imported containers, and replacing this with a $5 per container tax that would be applicable to local producers as well as importers. This was not approved by the National Assembly for reasons which the political opposition has already explained.” Gaskin speaking via telephone to Kaieteur News said those reasons were explained by the AFC in their Sunday column by the party’s leader Khemraj Ramjattan, who provided the arguments that were given in the National Assembly for the AFC not supporting the amendment to Customs Act. Ramjattan had said that “this Government well knew that it was violating treaty obligations when it caused this $10 per bottle tariff to apply to and affect nonGuyanese manufacturers in CARICOM. But it was glad for the billions it brought in to its coffers and did not care about the legality.” He outlined further that the Government, “instead of completely repealing this $10

per bottle environmental tax, runs here to fast-track a solution which now has an implication for our Guyanese manufacturers of bottled beverages, and, I daresay, further implications for consumers here in Guyana who would want to purchase these bottled beverages.” According to Ramjattan “what this Government now wants to fast-track will jeopardise our local manufacturers. This it does by deviously stating an argument that goes thus: ‘Look, instead of the $10 per bottle we now extract as an environmental tax from the foreign manufacturers, we are now going to charge those people from outside $5 and our local manufacturers will have to pay the other $5’. This is what this amendment is all about!” Ramjattan said “that is not how I view how an investment climate should be fostered for our local manufacturers. I view it that if indeed there is a need for the environmental tax, let us drastically reduce it from this $10 per bottle and let it be applied across the board. But (Continued on page 16)

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Only Chinese firms bid for East Coast road project Among them, CJIA, Amaila Falls, Skeldon Factory contractors Four Chinese construction companies are vying for a major Ministry of Public Works project to widen the East Coast Demerara Public Road. Three of them are firms that have been doing business with Guyana. The East Coast project entails work from Better Hope to Belfield Village. The bids, ranging from US$46.9M to US$71.4M were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main & Urquhart Streets. China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd, the contractor in the US$150M expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, submitted a bid for US$60.4M ($12B). China National Machinery Import/Export

Company Limited, the company that was involved in the construction of problematic US$200M Skeldon expansion project, also submitted a proposal for US$55.6M ($11B). Also placing a bid was contractor for the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project, China Railway First Group Company Limited. The bid from that company is US$46.9M ($93.8B). The highest bid would have come from China State Construction Engineering Corporation for US$71.4M. The Engineer’s Estimate for the project is US$57.6M. The project will be one of the costliest in recent times in terms of infrastructural works, after the ongoing CJIA and Marriott. The Amaila Falls hydro deal is not closed as yet but is estimated more than US$850M.

The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), under the Agriculture Ministry, received bids for the rehabilitation of NDIA drainage pumps within region two, three, four and six.

Bids were also opened under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the installation of electrical and photovoltaic system to Tukeit Guesthouse and Warden’s/Caretaker’s Building, Kaieteur National Park Region Eight.

The Ministry of Tourism received bids for the procurement of an individual consultant as a Management Information System (MIS) specialist for the Small Business Bureau.

Still within the Tourism sector, bids were opened for the construction of roads and RC drainage structures at Lethem Industrial Estate, Bon Success, Rupununi District, Region Nine.

Meanwhile, three bids were opened for the Ministry of Local Government for the construction of heavy duty bridge at Tumong, Region Eight.

Belize Supreme Court Judge has eyes on pioneering law school in Guyana Although a resolution seems to be on the horizon regarding the placement of Guyanese law students at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad, a renowned legal mind is convinced that the answer to ensuring that Guyana is not caught up in such a situation again is the establishment of a local law school. “I think we should set up our own law school and I seriously think that it needs to be done,” said Justice Courtney Ashton Abel, during a recent interview with this publication. Justice Abel, a Guyanese by birth, has functioned in a number of legal capacities and is well known throughout the Caribbean. He currently sits as a Judge in the Supreme Court of Belize, dealing exclusively with Civil and Commercial claims in the High Court. Among the titles held by this outstanding son of the soil is Barrister, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, Additional Magistrate, and substantive President of the Organisation of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Associations (OCCBA) which is a representative Bar Association of all of the CARICOM countries. He was also a Past President of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean Bar Association (OECS), twice a Past President of Anguilla Bar Association and twice the Past President of the Rotary Club of

Anguilla. With his wealth of legal experience, Justice Abel said that he had some time ago envisaged spearheading the establishment of a local law school. “I was planning to work on it myself, not to do it necessarily as part of the system that exists, but kind of an independent franchise.” Justice Abel recalled that some years ago he had even managed to persuade a number of “movers and shakers” to entertain the idea of a local law school. He reflected that after assuming the position of judge, “I got tied up and wasn’t able to follow through on that.” But given the recent development, Justice Abel speculated that the time just might be right for the realisation of such a project. “I would love to be involved in that development; I love reform and I love pioneering things, so I would leave the judicial thing tomorrow just to get this done,” he confided. According to him, while there are a number of Caribbean territories in which a law school could be constructed, he is sure that Guyana would be the ideal location. “It would be fantastic for Guyana, because you really want to create a world class system that would attract people from all over the world. That is what would be ideal and we have got the

space...and the cost of living is not as high as some other places in the Caribbean.” In reiterating his conviction, Justice Abel insisted that “to me that is the solution, and if that is what’s happening (the situation with the Council of Legal Education) then that is the way that we should be going, and I would love to be involved, and I would jump at it.” As part of an agreement between the University of the West Indies’ Council for Legal Education and the University of Guyana, 25 graduates of UG’s law programme were guaranteed automatic placements at the Hugh Wooding Law School. However, the Council had decided to take the decision to reverse this agreement, thereby resulting in graduates of the local law programme being left in a state of uncertainty with regards to furthering their legal education. The matter was one gaining the keen attention of the Caribbean Community with Chairman, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, writing to the Council of Legal Education urging that the 25 Guyanese students be granted placement at the Hugh Wooding Law School. According to recent deliberations by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, Dr Gonsalves’ request is, from all indications, gaining favourable attention.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

Teen shot in mouth…

There will be no cover up – Justice Kennard Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard, has declared that the police cannot coverup the matter involving a Cadet Officer who shot a 15year-old boy in his mouth three weeks ago. His declaration came a few minutes before the police announced that the file on the matter which was prepared by the Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility, following intense investigations, had been forwarded to him. “The Police Office of Professional Responsibility has completed their investigations into the matter involving 15-year-old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a policeman. The file has been forwarded to the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority today Tuesday May 13, 2014,” the police said in a press release which was issued yesterday afternoon. But, as has now become customary, it would appear that the Police Force is being less than truthful on the matter, since Justice Kennard in a subsequent telephone conversation following the police press release, said that he had not received the file. “I left my office at about five o’clock (pm) and I did not receive any file. If my Secretary had received it, she would have brought it to me immediately,” Justice

Shot teenager Alex Griffith holding a placard during a protest outside the Office of the Commissioner of Police. Kennard told Kaieteur News, in response to a query about the police’s statement. There have been expressions from sections of a suspicious general public that the force is attempting a cover-up given the length of time that investigators are taking on the matter. “There will be no coverup…They (police) can’t cover this up. I will look at the evidence and if the policeman is to be charged, he will be charged.” “How can they cover-up

this?” Justice Kennard, a former Chancellor of the Judiciary asked. The police had asked the public to have a little patience with regards to the matter. A senior officer had explained that there was no deliberate delay in the investigation, adding that there is a specific process that has to be followed. “Once a police officer is involved, the procedure dictates that the file on the matter is taken to the Chairman of the Police

Complaints Authority and then the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is obtained,” the officer said. He explained that since the investigating ranks had to wait three days after the incident to interview the victim because he couldn’t speak, the investigation took a few days longer. “He is the main witness. We would be happy to get this out of our hands and into the court, but there is a procedure that has to be followed,” the police source said. Kaieteur News understands that another delay resulted from queries that the police had about the medical report. According to a source, the police had sought some clarification from the doctor who had prepared the report on the document, but their request did not yield any fruit. “The doctor reportedly told them that his report was self-explanatory,” a source said. They were advised to write the Chief Executive Officer of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Michael Khan, to facilitate the explanation. But when this newspaper contacted Khan, he indicated that he had received no such request from the Guyana Police Force. “So apparently they did not need the clarification after all,” the source added. Last week, Marcel Griffith, the mother of the shot 15year-old, made it clear that she will not sit idly by and allow her son’s case to be stretched out like the one

Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Cecil Kennard involving Colwyn Harding. Alex Griffith was dragged from his home by a party of policemen headed by a Cadet Officer and taken to another location where a gun was placed in his mouth and a round discharged. The bullet exited behind the teenager’s left ear. Fortunately it does not appear that it damaged any major organ in his head. The callous act by the Cadet Officer was described by the teen as similar to Russian roulette. His mother had told members of the media that she is not satisfied with the pace of the investigations nor is she pleased with the way she and her son are being handled by the police administration. “I’m not getting anywhere. I’m just hearing and hearing… and nothing is happening. I have a son who is sick, I don’t know whatever

will happen to him,” Marcel Griffith said. Her position was supported by a number of persons who joined her and her son in protest outside the Office of the Commissioner of Police last Thursday. She is upset that instead of the Cadet Officer facing the court, she is being bombarded with telephone calls from persons offering money to have the matter settled. “It making me feel like everything just going down the drain like that. I ain’t getting no sort of justice. At least money can’t buy my child, because no money worthy of my child, none! Justice is the issue that I’m looking forward to,” Griffith declared. But justice almost eluded her since there were attempts to cover for the Cadet Officer. A usually reliable source at the Office of Professional Responsibility told this newspaper that their investigations unearthed some damning evidence that a senior officer had issued instructions to ranks at the Mahaica Police Station, where the Cadet Officer was stationed, to alter records to reflect a different date when he uplifted the firearm that was used to shoot the teenager. It is now anyone’s guess as to when the file will reach the Director of Public Prosecutions. But given the utterances of Justice Kennard, the matter should be expedited in a manner that will ensure that justice is served.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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City Hall says…Hill Street building to be dismantled if tilting continues The leaning structure (at right)

The owners of the leaning building in Hill Street, Lodge, will have to remove a section of the structure or dismantle it completely, if present efforts to stop it from tilting fail. This is the word from officials from the Mayor and City Council’s City Engineering Department, who said that the contractor had submitted a plan to erect a smaller structure but was now erecting a larger one. A City Hall official said that workers have been doing ‘underpinning’ (driving piles around the structure) to stop the building from tilting. The source explained that the building is tilting because the soil beneath the structure is shifting. “If nothing is done there is danger of it collapsing,” the official said. “Underpinning can stop the movement of the building, but if that does not work, then you have to take it (the building) down, or reduce the weight of the building.” The official said that the City Engineering Department is to meet with the owner, Terrence Campbell, who is at present overseas. The businessman reportedly contacted City Hall officials

yesterday after Kaieteur News published a story about the leaning structure. In a letter sent to Kaieteur News yesterday, Campbell said that the building had ceased tilting in 2013 and denied that a Hymac was used at one time to prop up his property. According to Campbell, at present, the structure “poses no threat to life or property.” “First, at no point was a Hymac (or dragline) used to prop up this building. Second, there has been no movement (tilting) with this building for all of 2014,” the businessman said. “Finally, works, costing almost $30M, to underpin this building are almost complete. The building doesn’t currently pose a threat to life or property. The additional foundation works will ensure that it never does.” According to Campbell, he found it “surprising that this matter is still attracting the attention of the Council.” “Mr Boyce, the Vice-Chair of the committee, visited the site and was briefed by me on the works to underpin the building. I have also offered to have the Structural Engineer, hired to design and

…plan for smaller structure was submitted

supervise corrective works, make a presentation to the Public Works committee. The committee is yet to accept this offer two months later,” he said. “There are other tilting structures (New Market Street, North Road, etc) which may pose a danger to life and property. These structures are complete and in use. Their locations would prevent any works to underpin them at this point. Why aren’t these buildings an issue? The answer is that their construction predates the Sooba administration, for whom I hold no brief, and no political mileage can be gained in addressing them.” However, Kaieteur News was told that City Hall had

granted permission for the construction of a smaller building in Hill Street, but the contractors subsequently erected a larger structure. The still incomplete building is at least four stories high. City Hall sources opined that the added weight caused the edifice to tilt. Most of the work was completed last year and it was around that time that City Hall engineers learnt of the problem, the official said. The official questioned whether the contractors had done a soil test to ascertain if there was need to drive piles to strengthen the foundation prior to construction. He indicated the City bylaws provide for action to be taken against the contractor.

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House lot owners claim Ministry delaying land occupation House lot holders, especially those on the East Bank of Demerara, are not too happy over the delay by the Ministry of Housing and Water in completing infrastructural works to facilitate the construction of their homes. A number of house lot holders at Herstelling, Covent Garden and Farm have indicated that although they have paid for their plot of land several months ago, they are yet to set eyes on them. In fact, they are claiming that all they keep hearing from the Housing Ministry is that the land is not ready. “Why pressure us to pay and we still cannot even see the land they sold us?” one frustrated house lot owner asked. Kaieteur News understands that some house lot applicants have paid for their land as far back as in 2012 and were promised occupancy within a few months. However, every time they contact the Ministry, they are told that infrastructural work was still ongoing. According to one of the potential homeowners at Herstelling, since 2012, only three persons have had the courage to start constructing homes in the new housing area.

“You could count the number of persons who trying to start building their homes on one hand, although they were allocated the lots two years ago,” the individual told this newspaper. He said that for him, the Ministry of Housing has never contacted him with a view to identifying the plot of land he was allocated. He was lucky to get a glimpse of the map of the area and has since been able to identify the land he had paid for in 2012. “They keep pushing you to pay for the land and they are not ready for us to build,” the man declared. At Phase Two, Farm, also on the East Bank of Demerara, house lot holders don’t even know if their lots still exist. “They told us at the onestop shop that you have to pay the money for the land within six months and yet after eight months, I cannot see my house lot. They gave me a lot number and still they are telling me that they are not ready yet,” a female plot owner told Kaieteur News. She said that she was advised to wait until the ministry contacts her with a view to taking her and showing her where her plot of land is. Continued on page 14

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

Revenue boss “disturbed” by recent CCJ ruling The country’s revenue chief, Khurshid Sattaur, is “disturbed” by the recent decision of the Caribbean’s highest appellate court to have the government payback a Surinamese beverage importer US$6 million. The money was charged by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) as an environmental tax. Any bottled beverage imported in the country attracts a tax of $10.

Sattaur, Commissioner General of the GRA, said he is now left in a quandary to decide whether he should continue imposing the tax. “I find the ruling most absurd and contentious. I am very aggrieved about it; I am very disturbed about it,” Sattaur said in an interview. The Surinamese company Rudisa Beverages and Juices NV, known for its “Thrill” line of beverages, and coclaimant, Caribbean International Distributors Inc.

House lot owners claim... From page 13 The situation is the same at Covent Garden, where a number of persons are anxiously waiting to start the construction of their homes. One person told Kaieteur News that she paid $300,000 to the Ministry of Housing last year and was told that she will be contacted as to when the land would be ready for occupation. She said that after several months, she grew impatient and called the ministry early this year, only to be told that it would be ready in May. When she contacted the ministry early this month, officials there pushed the date back to June. “I already pay for water, I

sign up with GWI, I pay for transport and I still haven’t seen my land. They are taking people money and this look like next year we gon get to start build,” the woman lamented. This newspaper contacted the Ministry of Housing yesterday and was told that the land would now be ready by August due to continuing infrastructural work. “The contractors are still working on the area,” an official explained. House lot owners pointed out that despite the delay by the Ministry of Housing, that entity is quick to repossess land if persons fail to build within a certain time.

(CIDI), had gone to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The parties contended, and the court ruled, that the tax violated the rules of trading in the regional trade and integration bloc CARICOM, of which both Guyana and Suriname are members. In May last year, the government failed to get the support of the Opposition to pass an amendment to the Customs Amendment Bill under which the Environmental Tax is imposed. The tax came into being in 1995, and imposes $10 on every metal, glass or plastic container holding any drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic coming into the country. Rudisa and CIDI essentially argued that the tax amounted to unfair competition, since with the tax they were forced to raise their prices by $10, while no similar tax is imposed on beverages produced locally and sold in non-returnable containers. As such they argued that the tax must be seen as an import duty and this violates CARICOM’s Treaty of Chaguaramas which guarantees the free movement of goods and prohibits import

duties on CARICOM goods. The Government wanted to reduce that tax by $5 dollars, but to impose a $5 tax on goods imported to produce such beverages locally. That would have leveled the playing field and come into compliance with the rules of trading in CARICOM. The Opposition argued that the tax would be a burden on already overburdened taxpayers. What is more, the Opposition argued that the billions of dollars collected since the introduction of the tax have not served its purpose. “When we see what is happening in Georgetown, and all that garbage, and all the environmental hazards, we have to ask where all that money is going,” leader of the

Khurshid Sattaur, Commissioner General of the GRA seven-seat Parliamentary party Alliance For Change stated. “A li’l rain fall the other

day, the whole city stinks...what is it that we are doing with this tax that is being collected?” The CCJ ruled that Guyana could not show how the tax was passed on to the consumer or to a third party and so was obligated to repay the tax. Sattaur argued otherwise. He said that the money collected over the years has served the government well in helping to clean up the environment, as was intended. Companies which export their empty bottles can request a refund of the tax from the GRA. “If however, it doesn’t go out back, then you suffer the tax at the point of importation. You don’t have any refund to get,” Sattaur stated. (Neil Marks)

Nation must organise and agitate for LEAD Project - GTUC “While it may be tempting to view the joint press conference between the USA Ambassador (Brent) Hardt and government representative Dr. Roger Luncheon, given past exchanges and actions as a lost for Guyana, this nation is called on not to despair but to organise and agitate.” This is according to the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) in response to the news that the USAID Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project has been put on hold to facilitate further talks with Government. GTUC in a public missive recently, said that the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has

done what it does best propaganda and demonisation. “Whether the USA has fallen prey to it or had left it up to the citizenry to battle it out and hold their elected officials accountable to ensure their participation in and reaping the benefits the project intended to achieve will be seen over time.” According to the GTUC, the masses at the end of the day will determine if they will demand representation from the politicians in fulfilling the nation’s political objective outlined in the Guyana Constitution, which mandates their involvement in decision-making that affect their wellbeing, of which knowledge and institutional strengthening are key components. GTUC said it takes particular note of Dr. Luncheon’s response to concerns that the government’s intent is to have the project abandoned. Luncheon’s remark that, “it is not impossible but highly unlikely to happen with repeated emphasis on not impossible, is unsettling.” GTUC observed that on the other hand the US Ambassador is being diplomatically correct in expressing optimism that the parties will resolve their differences before his tour of duty ends. “The man and woman in the street will advise that the government will not honour this agreement equally as it has failed to honour all agreements with individuals/ groups that hold a different view, real or perceived, from theirs.” The union pointed to the failure to honour the Herdmanston Accord, St. Lucia Statement, Hoyte/ Jagdeo dialogue, Corbin/

Jagdeo communiqué, the 2012 High Court’s ruling to re-issue letters to commence arbitration proceedings into the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI) grievances, collective bargaining with the public service unions, and the 2012 Agreement between Central Government and Region 10. “Its Labour’s strong view that the fulfillment of the LEAD project, as with other agreements, including the contract to govern, will be reliant on the workers’ militancy and the consent of the governed.” GTUC is adamant that the bottom line of all this is, the continued manifestation of the LEAD project, will not be at the behest of the PPP or the US government, “it will be at the behest of this nation, its people, including the media and civil society rallying/uniting around a well deserving issue and demanding the politicians, in opposition and government, bring it to fruition.” GTUC opines that the PPP may have won the battle but the war is far from over. “The war belongs to the people and the people will have to fight to bring about the needed change, consistent with the system of governance guaranteed in our Constitution that the government refuses to respect when it does not serve its interest.” GTUC reminds that knowledge is power and while a government continues the practice of the tyranny of the minority with its disrespect for the people and desire to keep them suppressed, “the voice of the majority will have to increase its decibel and actions to halt the excesses and contempt.”

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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Court Brassington “willfully restricted hears… credit” from Guyana Stores By Latoya Giles The court heard yesterday that the head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington restricted credit from Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) which caused the company to lose sales and goodwill. This piece of evidence came out yesterday as the owner Tony Yassin continued to give his evidence in chief. Senior Counsel Edward Luckhoo continued his session yesterday by reminding the witness (Yassin) that during cross examination of Brassington, he had said that a loan was taken out so as to finance the hire purchase business of the Company – cash. He then asked whether the hire purchase business of GSL was maintained. Yassin replied in the affirmative, but said that it was declining since 1997. Luckhoo asked how the hire purchase business was accounted for in the accounts of the Company. The witness told the court that it was accounted for under Debtors/Receivables and Deferred Receivables. He further explained that Debtors/Receivables were monies owed within twelve

- caused company to lose sales and goodwill

GSL owner Tony Yassin months and Deferred Receivables were monies owed after twelve months. He was questioned if apart from those two, there was any other, to which he said yes and those were mainly on a cash basis in which customers were given 15 – 30 days credit. Luckhoo questioned the witness about whether the business was a cash business except for hire purchase and Yassin again answered in the affirmative. The lawyer continued to question Yassin about Royal Investments Incorporated, and when it took over GSL in October 2000, if they were

able to assess the state of the assets of the Company. The witness answered yes. He was further asked if he was able to assess if good business practices were in effect and he again said yes. Yassin told the court that the Company had no cash available to purchase inventory for both the hire purchase and local sales. The inventory was declining from over $500,000,000 in 1997 to $152,000,000 in 1999. He was asked whether he was able to assess the inventory that was there, and according to Yassin, the inventory was old, obsolete and hardly selling. Yassin was asked to give examples of his findings, which he did. According to the witness, goods in the Hardware, Children World, Home Furnishing, Household Appliances, Gift Items, Houseware and all the sections of GSL were being depleted and there was no replenishment to keep the business going. There was low morale among the employees and the customers and the goodwill of the

company was declining over the period 1997 – 2000. Luckhoo questioned Yassin about after taking over the Company, whether he observed any correspondence relating to the issue of inadequate financing to keep the business going. Mr. Yassin replied, “Yes.” He said that he observed correspondence from both the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, which discussed the issue of inadequate capital to keep the business going and the need for finance to support the business activities of the Company. Yassin said that the complaint from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company was that the reduction of the Net Current Assets from $400M to $200M was causing a devastating effect on the Company, the loss of sales and on the profitability of the Company. The lawyer further questioned Yassin if apart from the correspondence already tendered, he ever observed a correspondence

NICIL’s Winston Brassington from Mr. W. Fries, Managing Director, to Mr. Manniram. Prashad relating to the effect of the credit restrictions imposed on the Company. In reply, Yassin said, “Yes.” A copy of a letter dated 22nd November 1999 addressed to Mr. M. Prashad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GSL and written

by Mr. Winfried Fries was shown to him and he identified same. The letter was tendered into evidence as NICIL #47 – A – B. The witness was reminded that he had said that when he took over the business, it was declining. Yassin then reiterated that the business was declining. He explained that when customers came to purchase, the company did not have the goods to sell, and when the customers left they were not coming back. There were hardly any customers in the stores, the witness stated. Although in early 2001 more than US$1M was added to resuscitate the business, Mr. Yassin noted, customers were still not coming. The witness said that it seemed as though an indelible mark was left on the customers as they were not coming as they used to in the past. Sales had declined to more than half from 2000– 2014, Yassin said. The matter was later adjourned until next month.

When we pause and experience silence, we discover answers that activity does not have time to reveal. During your day, take threeminute “vacations”. Relax and re-energise. Take time out to feel the peace of silence.

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First rice crop exceeds 300,000 tonnes The rice industry has exceeded 300,000 tonnes of rice as the first crop production for 2014 and could surpass 600,000 tonnes by December 2014. According to the Government Information Agency (GINA) Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, made the announcement on Monday during the launch of the five new subjects earmarked for the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Examinations in 2015. Minister Ramsammy stated that the target achieved is a first in Guyana’s history, as well as in the Caribbean to produce this amount. He noted that the claim 10 years ago that the country could produce 500,000 tonnes by 2020 was regarded as impossible;

however Guyana did achieve this benchmark more than five years early. In 2013, production was 535,000 tonnes. “600,000 tonnes in 2014 is a real possibility,” the Minister stated, pointing to the already achieved 300,000 tonnes and the time that is left for the achievement to be made. He stated confidently that he expects to be making that announcement in early December. The Minister attributed the increased rice production to science and technology which have both transformed the rice sector in Guyana, ‘and it must transform the agriculture industry in our region,” he stated. According to GINA, the trend over the last few years has been one of increasing rice production, but in 2011 for the first time the 400,000tonne mark was passed and repeated in 2012 and 2013. It

is expected to someday overcome the barrier which will bring Guyana in line with the world’s largest producers of rice. As such focus is being placed on exploring new and emerging global markets, tackling the crucial and critical issue to facilitate increasing production. It was also stated that there are greater investments in agriculture infrastructure, education and training of farmers, research and more guaranteed markets as well. Secure drainage, new and improved farming technologies and new rice varieties are among some of the interventions over the years, on the part of Government that have been fuelling the rice industry’s growth. Government has also moved to secure several markets for rice farmers, the largest being with Venezuela, GINA stated.

Opposition not responsible for... (From page 10) it has to be low enough to, firstly, be accommodating to our local manufacturers, and, secondly, not to disgruntle the CARICOM manufacturers.” Ramjattan also outlined “when you put that $5 per bottle on the Guyanese manufacturers it is the consumers that will have to pay more. But you do not want to tell them, the canecutters and the consumers… No, this Government does not want to say that. Manufacturers do not like to take increased

costs. They like to pass increased expenditures in production on to others. So this $5 a bottle will go down to the consumers.” He said for those reasons support was not given to amend the Bill. According to Gaskin, the Government was collecting money that it had no right to collect and now has to return it. He said further that “whether or not the opposition had approved the new legislation has no bearing on this fact. Had the legislation been approved the government would still

have had to refund any monies collected under section 7 (a) of the Customs Act prior to its removal. “The only difference would have been that the government would presumably have implemented the amendment and ceased collecting this particular tax thereby reducing the US$6 million by whatever would have been collected from that point on until October 24th 2013, which is the date up to which the court has c alculated the refund,” Gaskin explained.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Guyana striding to universal secondary education - Agri. Minister some sections of the world lag behind The inability to access secondary level education was identified as one of the major hindrances that have over the years stymied people’s elevation to professional standing. This assertion was made on Monday by Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, even as he assured that such a situation in Guyana is swiftly being reversed. “We have just reached about 37 per cent of access; we have accelerated in the last decade, both of the ability and accessibility in our country, and we are seeing the results,” the Minister said. He was at the time speaking at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC)’s launch of Agricultural Science, at the level of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), held at Theatre Guild, Parade Street, Georgetown. And even as moves are being made towards universal secondary education, Dr Ramsammy emphasised the need to ensure that there is 100 per cent accessibility to those areas of study that contribute not only to the development of individuals, but also towards meeting the needs of the country. Since achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Number Two, which speaks to the

attainment of universal primary education, the local Ministry of Education has committed itself to attaining universal secondary education. According to the Ministry, while secondary education is available in most regions of Guyana, no effort will be spared to ensure that this goal is achieved throughout the entire country. The Ministry’s vision in this regard is to make good quality education accessible, available and affordable to all secondary school-aged Guyanese. As such, Government has constructed and rehabilitated a number of secondary schools across the country and upgraded facilities in many schools to include laboratories for science and technology. Further still, a number of dormitory facilities have been constructed and renovated in Regions One, Two, Seven, Eight and Nine to accommodate the growing number of students. Moreover, Dr Ramsammy underscored that “social and economic prosperity are only possible if we develop the skills and the capacity for meeting those demands, not only in terms of financial resources, but in terms of human capital – the greatest investment that we can make in our people.” In celebrating with CXC the launch of five new courses at CAPE – Agricultural Science, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts, and Physical Education and Sport – the Minister noted that Guyana is simultaneously celebrating its strides towards universal access to education.

Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy “It is at this time therefore that I find it bewildering... I find it unacceptable, that we still have parts in the world where children still have a dream of secondary education but no possibility. I still find it outrageous that people have to fight for the rights to secondary education,” lamented Dr Ramsammy. Moreover, it is his view that the whole of the Caribbean should be heartened about the state of education in the Region, even as he sympathised with the abducted girls in Nigeria who suffered their fate simply because they wanted to access an education. “Our rejection must not just be the crime of abduction, but it is the kind of abduction that seeks to prevent education of young girls in the world. Every girl anywhere in this world, at anytime, deserves an education just like every boy,” said a passionate Ramsammy. As such, he called for the dedication of the launching of the new CAPE subjects to all girls in the Region who, according to him, have a right to education and therefore must be able to take advantage of same.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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GEA records 29 convictions Ptolemy Reid Rehab Centre in fuel marking crackdown renovation nears completion

GEA says its fuel marking checks have led to a reduction of illegal fuel Guyana’s regulator of the fuel industry, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), believes that it has significantly dented smuggling, with checks indicating a drop in the incidence. Since being implemented in 2004, the Fuel Marking Programme has experienced success, with illegal fuel found now at just 3 per cent. According to the GEA, it was believed that one-third of the fuel in the country in 2004 was smuggled. “From 2006 to 2013, the percentage of sites found with significant dilution in at least one tank has progressively decreased from 34% in 2006 to 3% in 2013,” GEA said in a Government release. The agency has recorded 29 convictions since starting prosecutions for illegal fuel, at the programme’s implementation. GEA believes that illegal fuel is more than likely coming from neighbouring countries including Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. “The success of the Fuel Marking programme, and the fact that since its implementation there has been a significant drop in fuel smuggling, is testament to the fact that GEA has always strategised about where their presence is needed,” according to the agency. As part of efforts to combat smuggling, in 2007 a multi-sectoral ‘Task Force on Fuel Smuggling and Contraband’ was convened under the Ministry of Home Affairs to coordinate the efforts of the different law enforcement agencies in the fight against fuel smuggling and contraband.

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“The resulting cooperation between the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), GEA, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard and Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) aided in several interdictions of illegal fuel and assistance in capturing, escorting and securing various transport vessels both land and water,” GEA said. The GEA is also part of the Hinterland Intelligence Committee (HIC) which was organised by the GPF and is chaired by the Commissioner of Police. Members of this committee include the GDF, Civil Aviation Authority, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), GRA, GPF, Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana, Ministries of Health, and Local Government, Guyana Forestry Commission and the Guyana Women Miners Organisation, among others. “Many issues are

discussed at monthly meetings of both the Task Force and HIC, including the issue of fuel smuggling. Additionally, the GPF is usually consulted when there is an emergency or if a tip is received.” GEA explained that it usually solicits the support of other enforcement agencies as required. The Fuel Marking Programme was implemented to ensure that all gasoline, diesel and kerosene were properly ‘marked’ at a known concentration at all legitimate import points and also collecting and testing samples of fuel from various parts of the country including wholesalers, retailers, distributors, transporters, commercial consumers and any person in possession of fuel for the relevant markers. The GEA stated that it is cognisant that the constant monitoring and maintenance of the Fuel Marking System’s integrity is absolutely necessary for its continued success.

With continued efforts aimed at a safe and healthy environment for children with special needs, there is good news that the renovation of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre is nearing completion. In December 2013, Digicel and the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre (PRRC) signed an MOU for major rehabilitation works to be undertaken at the facility. This collaboration came as a result of a request made by the Centre. Digicel deemed the venture as an investment in Guyana’s future and as such forged ahead with unwavering support. The works included repainting of

the building, refurbishing of the access ramps, physiotherapy flooring, roof, and other areas. A recent visit to the centre by Digicel’s Sponsorship Manager, Gavin Hope, revealed that works are moving apace, with over eighty percent completed. To date, the PRRC has received over 90 percent of the funds that were allotted to the project. The Sponsorship Manager said, “It is indeed a pleasure to see that the PRRC has honoured its commitment, staying true to the deadlines, and with works being almost completed, we are elated at the fact that the students of

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre

the PRRC will be benefiting from this collaboration sooner rather than later.” This is the second collaboration of its kind between Digicel and the PRRC. Recently, Digicel sponsored the refurbishment of the dining area and washroom facilities of the centre. The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre has 64 children in its nursery, primary and vocational education departments, as well as 30 others in day care. Another 20 are seen by experts on days when rehabilitation services are provided. A total of 80 children have been seen by the unit for the year.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

9-year-old Mocha rape/murder trial…

JURY SPLIT, RETRIAL ORDERED After more than six weeks of trial, the mixed twelvemember Jury who were selected to oversee the court proceedings of rape/murder against Javon Wharton and Charles Cush, announced yesterday that they had failed to reach a unanimous verdict in relation to the two accused. Cush, 21, and Wharton, 23, are accused of raping and murdering nine-year-old Sade Stoby at Barnwell North, Mocha Arcadia, East Coast Demerara sometime between November 2 and November 5, 2007. At the beginning of the case, State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin detailed a gruesome report of how the body of a little girl, who had gone missing for three days, was discovered near a ditch a short distance from her Barnwell North home. “When the child was found, the evidence suggested that she had been raped and murdered. A medical report indicated that she had hemorrhaged from her head and chest. Sade’s alleged attackers were later identified as teenagers from the village.”

Charles Cush (left) and Jevon Wharton Medical examiner, Dr Mohan Persaud recounted that both accused bore injuries to the genitals, which were indicative of their involvement in sexual activity,

particularly in a forceful manner. However the doctor claimed that those injuries could also have been caused by frequent masturbation, or due to a Sexually Transmitted

Infection (STI), or a yeast infection. Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh recounted the post mortem examination, revealing that the victim had died due to asphyxiation owing to submersion (drowning) and blunt trauma. “The body was bloated, the eyes were bulging, the hands and feet were wrinkled, which suggests that it was submerged in water for some time; there was evidence of hemorrhage from the head and neck. The brain had started to decompose; there was thick black mud in the trachea or the wind pipe, which suggests breathing while under water. There was bruising on both sides of the vagina and the hymen was ruptured which suggests forced entry or forceful sexual activity just before the time of death. Her intestines were also protruding…. which could suggest possible sexual activity,” During the summing up of the evidence before the court yesterday, Justice Navindra Singh directed the jury in accordance to the laws as it relates to the offence of felony

murder, (which is basically when a person dies during the commission of a crime of violence of which rape can be considered as such a crime, since force was used in the process). During the lengthy summing up, the Judge recounted the evidence presented by the witnesses involved in the case and directed the jury to use their “common sense and intellect” as they deliberated on the outcome. “The prosecution is saying that the accused took the victim into the bushes at Sixth Field, raped, beat, strangled and drowned her, while the defence is claiming that the accused had not done those things…they were coerced into giving those statements. It is your job to find the accused guilty or not guilty of the crime.” However, after almost four hours of deliberations, the panel returned to the courtroom and announced that they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict as it related to Cush and Wharton. The accused stood up, as the foreman of the jury made

Sade Stoby the announcement. Wharton and Cush looked nervous at sight of the jurors returning to the courtroom but became relieved as they heard the announcement. As such, Justice Singh told the men that they will be remanded to prison to await a retrial at the next practical sitting of the Demerara Criminal Assizes. “Quite shockingly the Jury was unable to reach a verdict, in relation to the case against you for the offence of Continued on page 27

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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Apparent “private security” for Notorious Berbice... Sooba leaves councillors uneasy From page 6 rounds before grabbing a bag containing $7M which belonged to Subramanie, and another bag containing $3M which belonged to Ramlingum, before fleeing the scene on the motor cycle. ‘Rambo’ was also wanted for questioning in the robbery/rape committed at Maida Farm, Corentyne, Berbice on 12th April last. During that ordeal, three armed masked bandits with a shot gun, cutlass and knife entered the home of a hire car driver and robbed him, his

wife and two other guests of cash, cell phones, gold jewellery, a large amount of cash, and $700 US. The man’s wife was allegedly also raped during the rampage. Rambo was also among four bandits, including the now dead Deodat ‘Pop Corn’ Seecharan, who had on Saturday 2nd June 2011 at Cumberland, East Canje, while armed with an AK 47, cutlasses and knives, robbed a couple of over $1M in cash and jewellery. They were subsequently tracked down and held at a house at Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice.

Jury split, retrial... Shawn Hinds stands between Sooba’s vehicle and the staircase to her office. In light of claims that persons are seeking to harm the voted-out Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba, the government-appointed Council secretary has apparently hired her own personal security, but the calibre of characters chosen to fulfill the task seems not to be sitting well with the City Council and its security arm. From all indications, controversial figure Shawn Hinds is performing the task of personal security. This has, however, gotten some city councillors and staffers of the agency uneasy. Several councillors explained to Kaieteur News that the figure has had his presence in the compound for more than a week now, yet no one is clear what exactly he is doing there. They did explain that Hinds has taken up his place at the foot of the staircase leading to the Town Clerk’s chambers and exits and returns as she does. When asked about her security, Sooba said that she is provided security by the Council. She neither accepted nor denied employing Hinds for security services, but explained that, “my security is always with me; whether its constabulary officers or not, they (Council) are providing it.” It was explained, however, that even in her personal capacity, Sooba cannot employ her own security since the Council provides her with protection. “This is the first time any Town Clerk has hired any bodyguard, and it is compromising the official security for staffers, Mayor and Councillors.” Hinds’s presence, according to one councilor, has gotten persons intimidated, especially when they have to “pass the gentleman at the foot of the steps leading to the Town Clerk’s office”. Another councilor explained that, “Hinds’s presence is clearly

to intimidate, threaten and further cause harm, as a known person of shady character.” Moreover, the councillor noted, Sooba is no longer employed with the Council and she has been making allegations of threats against her life. Kaieteur News understands, however, that the Constabulary is compiling a report to submit to the Council. A senior security member expressed concern over the matter and noted that the Constabulary is trying to ascertain the man’s purpose on the premise. Sooba in a press release to the media Monday indicated that persons had threatened to douse her with corrosive substances and set her home on fire. She related that information was received from a reliable source that was part of a meeting in South Georgetown, which was allegedly organized by two officials from the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown,

who have been against her appointment as Town Clerk (ag). She alleged that these officials met with known elements connected to the criminal underworld and, “part of their plan is to physically harm me by dousing me with corrosive substances and to firebomb my residence.” While this publication was unable to get more on the accusations, Sooba said she has no reason to question her source of information, since “strange persons were seen in and around the vicinity of my home on several recent occasions.” She even suspects that her vehicle was tampered with on two occasions. She said the threats have caused her to “implement additional security measures”, but she remains committed in her efforts to stamp out corruption at the Council. The ousted Town Clerk has been at the centre of arguments between the Mayor and Councillors over

her right as Town Clerk (ag). Ironically, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green stated on Monday that information liaison Kwame McCoy had been seen with certain individuals taking photos of Councillors. She said, however, that the “duly elected councilors will not be intimidated.” Monday’s Statutory meeting at City Hall was marred with an argument over the Town Clerk’s chair, a fight for the microphone, and ended with a bomb scare.

From page 26 murder. As such you will be remanded to prison to await a retrial,” the Judge told the accused. As Cush and Wharton left the courtroom, several persons expressed disappointment at the verdict. “We can’t understand what really went on here…Is how they really can’t come to a decision after all this time?” was one of the comments, coming from the crowd which gathered outside the courtroom. The victim’s mother, Sharon Berry appeared to be in shock, she took a few minutes before she could respond to questions posed by the media. “I really don’t know what to say, it was exhausting enough having to go through one trial. I have my other children who need me ….I was hoping for closure, but I will have to go through it again because I want justice for my daughter,” the visibly emotional woman said.

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Letters... Where your views make the news

THE POLICY OF SELF HATE From page 5 the cricketing world. Richards left the scene in 1991. By 1995 the West Indies team had surrendered the pride and glory of our nationhood. By then the Radical Nationalism of the 1970s and 1980s had given way to an era of antinationalism which was premised on a sense that Caribbean Independence was acolossal failure of nationhood. The Grenadian Revolution had selfdestructed. Guyana had killed Walter Rodney, the prophet of Self Emancipation. Democratic Socialism and Cooperative Socialism had given way to Structural Adjustment and Globalization, which Professor Rex Nettleford called “a new name for an old obscenity”. Banana died at the hands of the Global greed. High Tech Narco trade had infiltrated State and Society. Education slid down the ladder of importance. Material crave became an end in itself. Conscious Reggae and Calypso was replaced by nursery-rhyme lyrics and Jump and Wave. The nation was floundering. In the absence of nation both as symbol and imagination, predictably the notion of individualism, as means and end,became normative. It is in this context that the leadership of the nine appointed captains (one appointed twice) from 1992 to

2010 and the tenth, Darren Sammy, from 2010-2014 should be analyzed and understood. During this period the region continued to produce some world-class individual stars, the most outstanding being the great Brian Lara. But unlike the stars of the two previous eras, the individuals could not marry their talents and exploits to the needs of the team inside the boundary and the nation beyond. That they could not achieve that pointed to an absence of national consciousness. One player, a part-time captain, pledged loyalty to his club team over that of his nation. One fulltime captain of the Test team declared that he would not mind if Test Cricket died. Another embarrassed the collective dignity by displaying a piece of paperin the wind, not to the oppressor but to a Freedom Fighter. Many other players only played for the nation when they were not playing for their clubs abroad. What is critical here is that half of the society, perhaps a majority, was sympathetic to and identified with this antinational individualism as the normative present and future of the society at large. Therefore, for them, celebration of the collective was replaced by celebration of the individual player. In the absence of team glory, many became obsessed with the individual player either as good or evil—us

The leaning building on Hill Street DEAR EDITOR, I have chosen, deliberately, to remain silent on the subject above. However, I can’t ignore several inaccuracies in your article on May 13, 2014. First, at no point was a Hymac (or dragline) used to prop up this building. Second, there has been no movement (tilting) with this building for all of 2014. Finally, works, costing almost $30M, to underpin this building are almost complete. The building doesn’t currently pose a threat to life or property. The additional foundation works will ensure that it never does. It is surprising that this matter is still attracting the attention of the Council. Mr Boyce, the Vice-Chair of the committee, visited the site and was briefed by me on the works to underpin the building. I have also offered to have the Structural Engineer, hired to design and supervise corrective works, make a presentation to the

Public Works committee. The committee is yet to accept this offer two months later. There are other tilting structures (New Market Street, North Road, etc) which may pose a danger to life and property. These structures are complete and in use. Their locations would prevent any works to underpin them at this point. Why aren’t these buildings an issue? The answer is that their construction predates the Sooba administration, for whom I hold no brief, and no political mileage can be gained in addressing them. My offer to brief the committee remains. It would be appreciated if the committee would accept this offer or move on. This building has become a political football in the comedy between the different forces at City Hall. Engineering details may be too much for those actors hence their delay in listening to the presentation. Terrence Campbell

versus them. Many, including respected journalists repeated the untruth that Sammy’s captaincy divided the Caribbean. The Caribbean was divided long before Sammy’s captaincy between those who celebrated individualism as identitychoice and individual survival and those who critiqued unbridled individualism as a danger to the collective health of our Caribbean. It is against this background that Darren Sammy assumed the captaincy in 2010. The nation faced disintegration not just from outside but from within. The independence solidarity and aspiration were dissolving. Sammy embodied the alternative to individualism and nationlessness. He represented hope for a shift away from recolonization. He was not going to turn his back on the people who still held out home for the glory days. Like Worrell, Lloyd and Richards, Sammy was not appointed captain because of his cricketing skills, but rather because he was perceived to have the leadership qualities that were needed to meet the larger challenges of the moment. But unlike the others, his was not the task of leading a charge that gave voice and meaning to the larger quest for self-expression and freedom. Rather, he had the uphill task of leading a charge to halt the slide of West Indies

cricket into oblivion. And, critically, unlike the others he did not have enough troops to fight the battle. But after four years, against great odds, he has had moderate success in reintroducing a sense of collectivism in the meaning of team. The individualist had returned to the fold. Glimpses of national passion were becoming less infrequent. The recent victory over Australia in the T20 World Cup was the most recent manifestation of this stir of the collective pride and spirit. Nevertheless, the return to glory was beyond his reach as it was for the nine captains who preceded him. That, I submit, will arise from a new national consciousness beyond the boundary. Ultimately Sammy’s tenure has exposed some uncomfortable truths about our Caribbean. In some quarters, he was otherized; the other who didn’t belong to us. On a popular meeting space, where some of our thinkers frequent, he was daily referred to as a “donkey” a “fraud,” a “scam” a “dotty”, the latter a reference to him being a “small-islander.” Those who know something about our history understand the origins of such self-hate. Now, the powers-that-be have succumbed to the logic, loudness and relentlessness of the silly crowd. And the long silly season that started in 1995 continues. David Hinds

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WANTED One live in maid – Call: 2533336, 675-5256 1 honest & trustworthy caregiver to work in Canal No.1, W.B.D, age 45-50, 2 references are required – Call: 683-8758, 218-0082, 226-2677 Workers to work on farm – Call: 265-3586 Drivers: Apply at Wieting & Richter Ltd.

Cashiers needed to work in supermarket on East Coast, preferably with computer knowledge between 25-45yrs – Call: 629-8469 Barbers and tattoo artist opposite Kitty Police Station – Call: 621-8812

One nail technician & hairdressers to work in salon also station to rent weekly – Contact: 677-2219, 699-7043, 231-1787

Cars to work at GR Taxi Service – New Base at Sheriff St, Opposite Survival Supermarket. Base Fee $6,500 – Contact:614-6202


Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252/674-4665

Fully furnished two bedrooms apartment for rent in South with TV, Airconditioned, hot & cold, cable – Call: 689-5877 Furnished and unfurnished two bedrooms apartment in Eccles, for short or long term – Tel: 643-1131 Campbellville - $60,000$80,000, Ogle- $60,000$120,000, Atlantic Gardens US$850, AA Eccles - $1200US – Contact Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382

Social, health initiatives to promote annual Nurses’ Week A number of activities are taking place regionally as professional nurses from across Guyana join in the observance of Nurses’ Week. The week of observance began on Sunday, with their participation in a worship service held at the Guyana Nurses’ Association, Alexander Street, Georgetown. According to Director of the Guyana Nurses Association, (GNA), Grace Bond, the activities are aimed at promoting and recognizing the contribution of nurses in Guyana. “International Nurses Day 2014 was observed under the theme ‘Nurses: A Force for Change, A Vital Resource for Health’ and therefore our activities will be hosted with the theme in mind…. A number of lectures will held at the Georgetown Public Hospital for Nurses, of

which a continuing education programme, was held today (yesterday). We also have a number of health initiatives and social events, which will be the closing feature of Nurses’ Week,” Bond said, as she explained that this week nurses are being honoured and celebrated for the fulfilling their mission at the hospitals, with patience, commitment and excellence. According to the Director, programmes will also be broadcast via the radio and television in keeping with the week of observance. “ To d a y a h e a l t h outreach was held outside o f F o g a r t y ’s , w h e r e a group of nurses conducted blood pressure testing, glucose testing, and Body Mass Index (BMI) tests….Our other events include other outreach programmes,

WANTED Live out domestic babysitter and live in babysitter – Call:225-0188, 223-7500 (Monday to Saturday ) (8:15am-4:15pm)

visitation and distribution of hammers for four retired nurses, a luncheon, a live radio programme, a social event, and a prayer breakfast.” Lectures/discussions on the empowerment of nurses, critical thinking in nursing, and conceptmapping in nursing and evidence-based practice in nursing, are scheduled to take place. Primary and Secondary school students will also benefit from health discussions scheduled to take place at four selected schools. In addition, nurses in Region Six will be treated to a trip to the Splashmin’s Resort, dinner and other social activities. Nurses in Region Ten, who started the week with a church service, will conclude the exercise with a trip to Lake Mainstay Resort on Sunday.

Urgently needed, live-in waitresses to work in Bar. Reasonable salary offer – Tel: 259-0574 Republic Park Family needs live-in aid/domestic. Alternate week off - $12,000. Police clearance needed – Call:627-5098, 675-0767 Live in domestic & waitresses – age 18-25yrs, must be honest & courteous – Salary $50,000, boarding & lodging free – Call: 610-5043 One experienced welder must know grill work & be able to work with limited supervision – Call: 613-3879 Work from home earn $5,000 -$20,000 – Contact: – Call: 622-1957, 9 AM-5 PM (Mon –Fri) 2 persons to clean. Evening & Saturdays. Industry area, full time housekeeper, Kingston Area – Call: 226-2829 Contract hire cars & male dispatchers to work at Flambouyant Taxi Service – dispatchers preferably from E.B.D- Tel:678-4470, 218-0702 Experienced male sales representatives. Apply at Wieting & Richter Ltd. Maid to work on lower East Bank Demerara- Call: 6717878 between 6pm to 9pm only General domestic maid at Lot 8A Eccles Public Road, E.B.D – 233-2408 or 233-2631 Experienced hire car drivers and contract vehicles at Buddy’s Transportation Service – Call: 645-0025 Land to buy in La Parfaite Harmonie, Eccles, Herstelling & all low income land – Call:675-7292, 2185591

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Toyota Spacio hire cars… The report on the detaining of several Toyota Spacio hire cars by ‘D’ Division police ranks last Friday was alarming, according to the Khurshid Sattaur, Commissioner General, Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). The Commissioner

Kaieteur News

GRA’S BOSS SAYS THEY MADE NO ERROR IN REGISTERING VEHICLES General was referring to an article published in the Kaieteur News on May 10, last captioned “Police target Toyota Spacio hire cars” and a statement attributed to the Acting Commander for ‘D’ Division, Ian Amsterdam as saying, “GRA erred somewhere in registering

Former boxer was shot twice in the head - PM report

DEAD: Trevor Bumbury A post mortem report on the remains of former boxer, Trevor Colin Bumbury, has shown that the Charlestown resident died as a result of two gunshot wounds to the head. The report has shown also that apart from the gunshot wounds to the back of the head, and a cut in the face, there are no other injuries to suspect that the man was engaged in a fight or a struggle. The 48-year-old father of seven was found lying dead on the Ruimveldt main road opposite DIDCO, early Monday morning in what was suspected to be a hit-and runaccident. Bumbury’s younger brother, Ozah Edwards was speculating that his brother was involved in an accident, since according to him, visual

Wednesday May 14, 2014

evidence did not support that. While he could not say whether anyone would have wanted to hurt his older sibling, he opined that his brother may have been attacked or even robbed. He was convinced however that more than one person had brought harm to his brother, since he was a boxer, “who could handle himself.” Yesterday, Edwards said that the family is looking forward to the police investigation, since it was explained that the matter is now being treated as a murder and a probe must be conducted. He reiterated that his brother was a friendly and easy-going person, so the family is at a loss as to who would have wanted their relative dead. Bumbury’s 19-year-old son, Trevor Junior Edwards, was said to be the last relative to see him alive. Bumbury had awakened his son about 04:00am on Monday to let him know that he was heading out to work at the Meadow Bank wharf. Around 07:00 am, the son said he received a message that his father was dead. Reports are that a police rank stumbled upon Bumbury’s body and he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Bumbury is expected to be buried on Friday.

these vehicles as sevenseaters.” According to Sattaur, he did meet with the police sometime back to discuss the issues surrounding vehicles with seven seats, and it was agreed that the GRA would work with the police in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Road Safety Act. However, the “pulling in” of more than three dozen vehicles on the West Bank and the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) was not the agreement made by both parties. Regarding the statement made by Amsterdam that GRA erred somewhere in registering the vehicles as seven-seaters, Sattaur said that there was no error made

on GRA’s part. He explained that GRA followed the established Standard Operating Procedures when registering these vehicles, which require among other things, that reference must be made to the motor vehicle information stated on the Certificate of Registration or Title received from the country of origin, which includes the seating capacity. Sattaur added that only recently the Traffic Headquarters of the Guyana Police Force informed the GRA that motor cars with a seating capacity of more than five seats may not be in conformity with the country’s Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02,

especially those used for hire purposes. “We have never had a problem with the police on the registration of vehicles until recently when they (police) notified us that the registration of the vehicles for seven seats is contravening the Motor Vehicle Road Traffic Act,” he noted. “We’ve worked together on resolving the problem in compliance with the Road Traffic Act. The Act is their (police’s) jurisdiction; we register vehicles and issue licences,” he stressed. From now on, motor cars with seating capacity in excess of five seats having already registered and conducting any transaction

with regards to their motor vehicles, the GRA would issue letters to have the seating capacity certified by the Traffic Headquarters before transactions are completed. With regards to vehicles already registered with more than five seats, including the Toyota Spacio, Toyota Ipsum and Toyota Sienta, they will be subjected to certification of their seating capacity by the Traffic Department. Owners can have their vehicles examined by the Police Certifying Office within their district and this certification must have the final approval by the Traffic Headquarters before submission to the GRA.

Some of the drivers along with their vehicles last Friday near the Wales Police Station.


CANU officer was under the influence of alcohol - Agency offers help to bereaved family

The CANU vehicle which was involved in the accident. Sources close to the investigation into the death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal disclosed that the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) officer driving the

vehicle that struck Mangal was under the influence of alcohol. On Sunday, around 22:15hrs, Mangal was struck on the De Kinderen Public

Road, West Coast Demerara and left there to die. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital. Police indicated that the suspect is “expected” to face court tomorrow. But if not, he will be released from custody by tomorrow as 72 hours would have elapsed. Kaieteur News understands that CANU officials made contact with the family of the deceased and offered to assist with the expenses. A relative told Kaieteur News that the agency was told to call back, but so far has not. Police investigations revealed that Mangal was walking along the roadway when he was struck down. Kaieteur News understands that the officer was driving a CANU vehicle, which he later abandoned. The vehicle was found in the wee hours of Monday morning at Bushy Park beach. The CANU officer, whose

DEAD: Shameer Mangal badge was found in the vehicle, initially went into hiding but later turned himself in. Kaieteur News understands that the officer wasn’t the only occupant of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Reports are that he was accompanied by a female. A son of the deceased, Safraz Mangal, said that his father was hurled into the drain and left to die. He said that his family is seeking justice because “my father coulda be alive, if he (the driver) did stop, pick he up, and carry he to the hospital”.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Thai protest leader Nigeria signals readiness to renews govt. ouster call talk to Boko Haram rebels BANGKOK (AP) — The leader of Thailand’s antigovernment movement pushed yesterday for the appointment of an unelected prime minister in a news conference televised from the government’s compound, which protesters have seized. Suthep Thaugsuban urged the Senate to name a new prime minister, arguing that the caretaker leader, N i w a t t u m r o n g Boonsongpaisan, has no legitimacy. Niwattumrong was selected by the Cabinet last week after the Constitutional Court removed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra for nepotism in a ruling that many viewed as politically motivated. The government wants elections planned for July to go ahead, but Suthep insists that an unelected prime minister must implement political reforms first. The Government House compound has been mostly unused for the past six months for fear of the protesters, who have

threatened to capture Cabinet ministers. Last week, soldiers guarding the buildings allowed protesters to enter, saying the move was to avoid possible violence. More than 20 people have died and hundreds have been injured in political violence since November. Suthep in recent days has been trying to project an image of power and influence while portraying the government as weak and without legal standing. Previous tactics of his People’s Democratic Reform Committee have included violent street battles with police and occupation of government offices. On Monday, Suthep led thousands of his followers to Parliament, where senators sharing his goals invited him to take part in an informal meeting on his proposal for an appointed prime minister. He sat in an ornate chair side by side with new Senate Speaker Surachai Liengboonlertchai, who is seen as sympathetic to his

views. He was given VIP treatment despite being under indictment for murder for his role in the deadly suppression of street demonstrations in 2010 when he was deputy prime minister. Police are also seeking to charge him with insurrection, terrorism and other crimes for leading the current protests. Suthep yesterday spoke from a high-ceilinged room that is normally used for state visits. He repeated his contention that the Senate has the right to name a new prime minister, even though Thai law does not specifically say so. His argument is that there is a political vacuum, and that in the absence of a clear legal solution, a catchall clause in the constitution allows the Senate to act. The lower house of Parliament would normally select a new prime minister, but it was dissolved late last year when Yingluck called early elections. Suthep claims the Senate can act in its place.

ABUJA (Reuters) Nigeria’s government signaled willingness yesterday to negotiate with Islamist militants holding more than 200 schoolgirls, a month after the kidnap that has provoked global outrage. “The window of negotiation is still open,” Minister of Special Duties Tanimu Turaki told Reuters by telephone. He was speaking a day after Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau posted a video offering to release the girls in exchange for prisoners held by the government. Senior officials say the government is exploring options and has made no commitment to negotiations for the release of the girls and Turaki declined to comment on possible talks over the kidnapping itself. Instead, he referred to an amnesty committee that he heads set up by President Goodluck Jonathan last year to talk to the Boko Haram militants behind a five-yearold insurgency. The committee’s initial six-month mandate expired without holding direct talks with the rebels, though it has spoken to them through proxies. It has since been replaced by a standing committee empowered to conduct talks, officials said. Boko Haram has killed thousands of people since 2009 and destabilized parts of northeast Nigeria, the country with Africa’s largest population and biggest economy. The abductions have triggered a worldwide social media campaign under the Twitter hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, and

Tanimu Turak prompted the United States, Britain, France and Israel to offer help or send experts to Nigeria. U.S. surveillance aircraft were flying over remote areas of the northeast yesterday. The video showed more than 110 girls sitting on the ground in a rural location, the first time they have been seen in captivity. Though at least some of them are Christian, and Shekau described them as ‘infidels’, they were wearing full Islamic veils and singing and chanting Muslim prayers. It was not clear when or where the video was filmed or whether Shekau, who sat in front of a green backdrop holding an AK-47 during part of the video, was in the same location as the girls. Those shown were among 276 abducted on April 14 from a secondary school in the village of Chibok, Borno state, in a sparsely populated region near the borders with Cameroon, Niger and Chad. Some escaped but about 200

are still missing. The group initially threatened to sell them into slavery. Jonathan returned to Abuja yesterday from the Congo Republic, where he held talks with President Denis Sassou ahead of a regional summit in Paris on Saturday. He asked parliament yesterday for a six-month extension of a state of emergency in the northeastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe due to persistent attacks by Boko Haram. The emergency was declared last May and extended in November. Yobe state Governor Ibrahim Gaidam rejected the proposal on the grounds that local people had suffered under the emergency and this harmed the government’s counter-insurgency strategy. After being accused of a sluggish response to the kidnapping, the government has sent thousands of troops to the region, while the United States and Britain also have teams on the ground to help with the search. The U.S. State Department said Washington had sent in military, lawenforcement and development experts. “We have shared commercial satellite imagery with the Nigerians and are flying manned ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) assets over Nigeria with the government’s permission,” a U.S. official said. Britain’s minister for Africa Mark Simmonds would travel to the Nigerian capital today for talks on further assistance, the Foreign Office in London said.

North Korea threatens to attack South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea threatened yesterday to “wipe out” South Korea’s government in a furious response a day after a Seoul official said the North “must disappear soon,” in an escalation of rhetoric between the rivals. The North’s powerful National Defense Commission called the South Korean comments an “intolerable” provocation that showed the South wants to take over the North. It said in a statement carried by state media that North Korea will launch “allout ... merciless” strikes to “wipe out every last person” in South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s government.

South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said Monday that North Korea wasn’t a real country and existed for the benefit of only one person — a reference to its leader, Kim Jong Un. He said the North has no human rights or public freedoms. Kim’s comments followed a series of slurs by North Korea against the leaders of South Korea and the United States. North Korea’s media likened Park to an “old prostitute” and President Barack Obama to a “monkey” in recent dispatches. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said North Korea’s military hadn’t undertaken

any suspicious activities. A ministry official said South Korea is always ready to repel any provocation by the North. South Korea has been highly critical of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, including recent rocket and missile launches and apparent preparations for a fourth nuclear test. But the comments from Seoul on Monday are stronger than usual. South Korea tries to avoid publicly talking about anything that could be interpreted as a collapse of the North Korean government because of worries that the North would raise tensions.

ed shareholders meeting

IN, Trinidad meeting will days to elect the stateizen Bank members, chairman, lost their the bank’s meeting on

had been moval of the wake of the ollowed the 588 shares employee ’s chief risk aman during st. since been t. i Baddaloo, nd Marlene permanent Ministry of neral, were ice by the Ministry of their reput to

he IPO, y amounted voters. The

Nyree Alfonso Ministry of Finance ultimately had the deciding vote with its 80 per cent shareholding. That vote was vested in the Ministry of Finance’s Permanent Secretary, Vishnu Dhanpaul, who had earlier indicated that the government would not support the re-election of directors. Alfonso and Baddaloo then announced they would not seek re-election, but Dhanpaul said despite their announcement, the Corporation Sole would not have supported them. Dhanpaul also requested the bank hold a special

annual general meeting within 30 days to determine new directors. He said the meeting would be to re-elect four new directors from names proposed by Cabinet. “The Corporation Sole thanks the retiring directors for their contribution to the organisation. The Ministry of Finance and the Economy has asked for an adjournment of the meeting, which was supported by the members present, and will re-constitute the meeting within 30 days to ensure that the vacancies arising from this AGM are filled within the shortest possible time,” Finance Minister Larry Howai said in a statement to the media. “First Citizens is a highly successful financial institution. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the region, it is very profitable, it is well respected, having been named Bank of the Year on several occasions and its international credit rating is the highest for any indigenous financial institution in the English speaking Caribbean.

threatens to end crisis t

Masked anti-government demonstrators walk amid teargas Bolivarian National Police during a protest to demand the relea student protesters in Caracas, Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernan CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Members of Venezuela’s opposition said yesterday they may pull out of crisis negotiations with the government over what they consider an unjustified crackdown on recent protests. Negotiators for the Democratic Unity alliance said that the mass arrest of more than 200 student activists last week

and security forces’ refusal Monday to let protesters march downtown are souring the climate for the month-old talks. To express its disapproval, the opposition unilaterally suspended closed-door meetings scheduled for Monday and yesterday, according to Ramon Jose Medina, one of the talks’ coordinators. A meeting

tomorrow ministers fr American mediating t doubt. “The be responsib fails,” Me statement. focused on after more t of unrest th 41 people o

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

Colombia’s Santos says opposition poisoning peace talks Cucuta (Colombia) (AFP) - Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, in an interview with AFP, accused his opponents of waging a “dirty” campaign to poison peace talks with leftist guerrillas. Facing the first round of voting in a re-election battle in less than two weeks, the 62-year-old holds a slight lead in the polls but the contest has been muddied by scandal. Santos, who is running for

a second four year term, has found his bid to end a 50year-old leftist insurgency through peace talks under attack from the right. Behind conservative challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga is former Santos mentor Alvaro Uribe, who fought the FARC, Colombia’s largest rebel group, during his own 2002-2010 presidency. Uribe tried, and failed, to defeat FARC militarily. In November 2012 his former protege Santos began peace

talks in Havana to end the insurgency. In an interview over the weekend during a campaign stop in Cucuta, a cauldron of drug trafficking and illegal armed groups on the border with Venezuela, Santos hit out at opponents of the talks. “They are desperate because the see that peace takes away their reason for being,” he said. “There are people here who have become accustomed to living in war,

to living from the war.” He said that as he tries to negotiate peace with the rebels he has had to contend with a war of “lies,” including rumors that he plans to shrink the army or put the FARC in command of the police. “That’s absurd,” he declared. Scandals have also spilled into the presidential race. One of Santos close aides resigned last week after being accused of receiving bribes from drug traffickers.

Zuluaga’s campaign, meanwhile, was linked by prosecutors to the hacking of Santos’ communications with the FARC, seen as an attempt to torpedo the negotiations. “There has been a systematic dirty campaign to poison the peace process and this has generated doubts among certain people,” Santos said. “But I am convinced that the Colombian people are sensible, that they want peace and that in the elections they will express themselves clearly in favor of peace and in favor of a better future.” Although Santos acknowledges that no one is “irreplaceable,” he argues that the continuity of the talks with the FARC would be threatened if another candidate is elected. “It would be risky because peace can’t be improvised,” he said. At the same time, Santos defended his decision not to declare a cease-fire until a peace agreement has been reached. “The least costly path to a prompt solution to the conflict is to continue the military offensive and continue negotiating in the midst of conflict,” he said. “A cease-fire would be a perverse incentive to prolong the negotiations indefinitely because the FARC would have the best of both worlds,” he said.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of Latin America’s oldest guerrilla war, which began with the FARC’s founding in 1964. As defense minister under Uribe, Santos inflicted heavy military losses on the FARC, which now has an estimated 8,000 fighters, about half its size 10 years ago. Santos hopes that the weakening of the guerrilla movement will lead to an outcome similar to that accepted by the IRA in Northern Ireland or ETA in Spain. “Let them set aside their weapons and exchange weapons for arguments, bullets for votes, and continue their struggle by democratic means, and if tomorrow they convince the rest of Colombians that their ideas are correct, it would be welcomed — but without violence,” he said. Santos, who believes he can secure a peace agreement by the end of the year, has promised that in that event he would “extend a hand” to the leader of the FARC, T imoleon Jimenez, alias “Timochenko,” a scene that now seems unthinkable. “Of course, I would shake his hand because that is what peace is all about: end the violence and shake hands, without it meaning that one agrees with the other.”

Howai: Ethics key in finance Trinidad Express - Good corporate governance is important for every business institution, but it is most critical for financial institutions, Finance Minister Larry Howai said Monday. “(These institutions) are the custodians of household and business sector resources. Their intermediary role is only possible when society has full confidence in the financial system (including regulators),” Howai told the audience Monday at t h e Energy Chamber’s breakfast meeting on Corporate Governance Practices at the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad), Port of Spain. Howai’s statement come one day after four board members of State financial institution First Citizens were not re-elected to their positions during the Group’s annual general meeting on Monday. Two, including former chairman Nyree Alfonso, did not offer themselves for re-election, while two others were voted out by Corporation Sole (the government entity—usually the Minister of Finance—that ultimately oversees the

management of State enterprises). The Corporation Sole was represented at the AGM by permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance Vishnu Dhanpaul and also did not support the re-election of Alfonso. The First Citizens board, particularly Alfonso, had come under heavy public pressure because of (Alfonso’s) comments on the role of ethics and morals in business transactions in the context of investigations into a 659,588 share purchase during the company’s initial public offer last year by the bank’s now fired chief risk officer Philip Rahaman, who had purchased the shares from the employee allocation allegedly as a front for his cousin, Imtiaz Rahaman and his affiliates. That matter has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the acting Commissioner of Police for investigation. “Our local experience coupled with spectacular failures in the global financial system tell us that the issue of ethics and moral standards are concerns for all of us.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

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Miami’s James rules with his basketball IQ Reuters - LeBron James dominated the game with 49 points, but the pass he made to key the Miami Heat’s playoff win over the Brooklyn Nets revealed a hidden dimension - a chess master’s genius for seeing several moves ahead in an instant. The muscular forward, whose skills, athleticism and versatility have brought him acclaim as the best basketball player in the world, was praised after Monday’s game for his basketball “IQ” by Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra. “He was reading the game,” Spoelstra said after the Heat’s 102-96 victory gave Miami a

3-1 lead over the host Brooklyn Nets in their bestof-seven Eastern Conference semi-final. “And the biggest play of the game, after scoring that many points, was getting off the ball,” the coach said about a pass James whipped outside to Mario Chalmers, who swung it to Chris Bosh for a three-pointer from the corner that snapped a 94-94 deadlock with 57 seconds left in the game. “He showed great poise and trust. It was a basketball play. That’s what makes him unique.” James, a four-time NBA most valuable player, had done most of the

scoring all night, taking charge from the top of the key and consistently getting into the paint for layups or challenging defenders in order to get to the free throw line. This time, James received the ball in the lane but instantly recognized the winning play. “People are always talking about my basketball IQ,” he said softly after the game, looking bookish with his wire-rimmed glasses in contrast to his glaring, inflamed image on court. “I see a lot going on in a game that I’m not sure if everyone sees.” With a minute to go, James received

Wednesday May 14, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): If you've been feeling deep anger, today isn't the day to let it out but rather the day to consider its source. Any large gatherings of family or friends should be avoided at all costs. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): If by chance you still harbor some resentment toward someone, Taurus, it will probably come out today. You might be uncompromising or even vengeful. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 June 20):You don't suffer fools gladly, and superficial fools even less so. You have a mind to teach those around you a lesson. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): Here is a day of challenges, Cancer. You're a pro at questioning yourself, as you'll prove today when you take a hard look at your accomplishments. What have you created of a personal nature in the last ten years? ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): If you give the impression that you're in a reserved and introspective mood (even if you aren't), you'll succeed in avoiding confrontation. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): A challenging day is in store for you, Virgo. If you're part of a group or team or simply among friends, you may feel somewhat ill at ease. Could it be that you instill jealousy in others?

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) : Sometimes dreams seem like just that dreams. Travel, a project, or a new home could be a few of the things you've been trying to accomplish for some time now. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): You'll go one of two ways today, Scorpio. Either you'll turn inward and meditate in a corner or you'll find a good friend and confide your dissatisfaction. Don't hesitate to let your guard down and express yourself even more honestly than is typical for you. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Today is going to be an excellent day for meeting interesting people, Sagittarius. And there will be nothing superficial about these encounters. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): You can expect today to be kind of intense, Capricorn. Even if you've made a conscious decision not to let anything get you down, you may still harbor some negative emotions from the last few days. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - F e b . 1 8 ) : The little fighter that you are makes it very difficult for you to join us in the great communal river that we're all trying to navigate, Aquarius. efits of community. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20) : Be disciplined about all areas of your body, Pisces. Take extra care to eat healthful, balanced meals.

a pass from Dwyane Wade in prime position in the lane, but rather than attack, he immediately sensed a better game plan. “The sequence went with me setting a high pick and roll for D-Wade and they kind of messed up the coverage, so D-Wade was able to hit me down the middle,” explained James. “I went to attack (Kevin Garnett), who came off (Bosh) and I already knew exactly what was about to happen. “As soon as I saw KG rotate to me I threw it to (Chalmers) and I already knew it was going to find CB.” The fact that Bosh had

missed a pair of threepointers earlier did not cause James, who tied his playoff career high with 49 points, to hesitate. “You make the right play every single time, make or miss,” said James. “It’s a numbers game. You live by it. You make the right play and live by the results.” James said he is constantly making calculations. “There’s a lot that goes through my mind throughout a basketball game. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, because there’s so much I’m reading and reacting, and going through plays in my mind that hasn’t

even happened yet,” he said. Spoelstra noted that James has taken some heat in the past for passing up crunch-time shots in favor of finding an open teammate, but the coach of the two-time defending NBA champions trusts in his star’s choices. “That’s what makes him the best player. Whatever’s needed,” said Spoelstra, whose team can advance to the Eastern Conference finals with a victory in Miami today. “Sometimes that means facilitating and sometimes that means going out of the box and scoring 49.”

CPL to fund local First Class contracts From page 38 said. West Indies Players Association (WIPA) President and CEO Wavell Hinds, was also positive about the development. “WIPA welcomes the contribution of the CPL to this programme, and we have also played a pivotal role in the process of bringing the professionalization of the first class game in the region closer to reality. Our members voted unanimously at our

last AGM to support the initiative, and agreed to take the steps asked of them to make it happen. We see it as a great opportunity for a broader base of our membership to earn a living from the game,” said Hinds. Under the new Professional First Class structure the contracts will see players being part of a First Class Franchise system, the details of which will be made public shortly.

SS Entertainment Independence softball cricket for West Berbice The newly formed Star Sports Entertainment will be holding a grand day/ night Independence 10/10 Softball Cricket Festival in West Berbice. According to the coordinators of the event, the competition will see over $200,000 up for grabs and is open to teams across Guyana. Action is set for Sunday May 25 at the No. 5 Sports Ground and will be played on a knock-out format, the quarter finals, semis and final will be played under floodlights. It was also stated that spectators can expect lots of side attractions including cheer leaders, one-man-band, dancers, Tassa and African drumming, steel pan music and much more. Gate prizes will also be given away. There will be cash and trophies for the winning team, runner-up and third place and the man of the series. Man of the finals, best bowler and best batsman will also receive trophies. Interested teams can contact the coordinators on Tel: 625 1534, 693 8217 or 684 3293; via email, Closing date for registration is May 20. Teams are asked to register early.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Costa Rica to open 26- Cristiano Ronaldo selected in player WC camp Friday provisional Portugal squad San Jose, Costa Rica Costa Rica Head Coach Jorge Luis Pinto announced on Monday a provisional World Cup roster of 30 players, 26 of whom will report to a training camp that starts on May 16.The Colombian emphasized that while outstanding play may have merited a spot on the initial list, tickets on the plane to Brazil will have to be earned over the course of two weeks.“It is important to be clear that the camp can remove or add players,” Pinto said. “There will be work, tactical requirements and delivery. In training, the player knows to give everything.”The selection includes three defenders from newly crowned Costa Rican champion Saprissa – defenders Heiner Mora, Michael Umaña and Kendall Waston. The Monstruo Morado conceded only 18 goals in 22 regular season games and shutout Alajuelense twice in the twolegged final.Real Salt Lake forward Alvaro Saborio, who led the Ticos in scoring for Brazil 2014 with eight goals, was called in. His potential strike partner, Joel Campbell, also secured an invitation. The 21-year-old, on loan to Greek side Olimpiacos from Arsenal, scored at least one goal in four international tournaments during 2011: the CONCACAF Under-20 Championship, the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, the CONCACAF Gold Cup and

Joel Campbell the Copa America. Costa Rica will play Japan (June 2 in Tampa, Florida, USA) and Ireland (June 7 in Foxborough, Masschusetts) in international friendlies, before flying to Brazil. COSTA RICA PRELIMNARY WORLD CUP ROSTER (as of May 12, 2014) GOALKEEPERS: *Esteban Alvarado (AZ Alkmaar/Holland), Daniel Cambronero (Herediano), Keilor Navas (Levante/ Spain), Patrick Pemberton (Alajuelense) DEFENDERS: Jhonny Acosta (Alajuelense), Junior Diaz (Mainz 05/Germany), Oscar Duarte (Club Brugge/ Belgium), Waylon Francis (Columbus Crew/USA), Christian Gamboa (Rosenborg), Giancarlo Gonzalez (Columbus Crew/ USA), Roy Miller (New York Red Bulls/USA), Heiner Mora

(Saprissa), Michael Umaña (Saprissa), Kendall Waston (Saprissa) MIDFIELDERS: *Hansell Arauz (Saprissa), Michael Barrantes (Aalesund/Norway), Christian Bolaños (FC Copenhagen/Denmark), Celso Borges (AIK/Sweden), Diego Calvo (Valerenga/ Norway), Jose Miguel Cubero (Herediano), Oscar Esteban Granados (Herediano), Carlos Hernandez (Wellington Phoenix/New Zealand), *Ariel Rodriguez (Alajuelense), Yeltsin Tejeda (Saprissa) FORWARDS: *Jairo Arrieta (Columbus Crew/ USA), Randall Brenes (Cartagines), Joel Campbell (Olympiacos/Greece), Bryan Ruiz (PSV Eindhoven/ Holland), Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake/USA), Marco Ureña (Kuban Krasnodar/ Russia) * on stand-by list

Kaka and Robinho omitted from Brazil squad AC Milan duo Kaka and Robinho were among the big names to miss out on Brazil’s provisional World Cup squad. Luiz Felipe Scolari’s 23-man selection was also without Ronaldinho and PSG midfielder Lucas Moura, who cost a reported £32m last year. Midfielder Kaka, 32, had been hopeful of playing in his fourth World Cup. Chelsea’s Brazilian quartet of defender David Luiz and midfielders Oscar, Ramires and Willian made the cut. Lucas Leiva has been included on the sevenman standby list but fellow Liverpool midfielder Phillipe Coutinho has not been picked. Tottenham’s Paulinho and fellow midfielder Fernandinho, of Manchester City, are in the squad. Fernandinho, 28, has only featured only once for the national side since February 2012, scoring his first

international goal in a friendly against South Africa in March. World Cup hosts Brazil have until June 2 to decide whether to make any changes before their final 23man squad has to be named. As well as Lucas, Paris StGermain midfielder Lucas Moura and Bayern Munich defender Rafinha are on the standby list. The five-time world champions will face Panama in a friendly in Goiania on June 3. Scolari’s side will then conclude their preparations with a warm-up match against Serbia in Sao Paulo three days later. Brazil will face Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon in Group A of the tournament. GOALKEEPERS: Julio Cesar (Toronto FC, on loan from QPR), Jefferson (Botafogo), Victor (Atletico Mineiro). DEFENDERS: Marcelo (Real Madrid), Daniel Alves

(Barcelona), Maicon (AS Roma), Maxwell and Thiago Silva (both Paris St-Germain), David Luiz (Chelsea), Dante (Bayern Munich), Henrique (Napoli). MIDFIELDERS: Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur), Ramires (Chelsea), Willian (Chelsea), Oscar (Chelsea), Hernanes (Inter Milan), Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Fernandinho (Manchester City). FORWARDS: Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk), Neymar (Barcelona), Fred (Fluminense), Jo (Atletico Mineiro), Hulk (Zenit St Petersburg). STANDBY: Diego Cavalieri (Fluminese) Miranda, Filipe Luis (both Atletico Madrid), Rafinha (Bayern Munich), Lucas Leiva (Liverpool), Lucas Moura (Paris St-Germain), Alan Kardec (Sao Paulo). (BBCSport)

Portugal Captain Cristiano Ronaldo has been named in his country’s provisional 30-man World Cup squad despite a recent injury. The Real Madrid forward suffered a hamstring problem a week ago against Real Valladolid and sat out the weekend’s 2-0 defeat by Celta Vigo. However, he is expected to be fit in time for the Champions League final against Atletico Madrid. Manchester United winger Nani is the only Englishbased player in the squad. FC Porto winger Ricardo Quaresma is also in the Portugal squad, almost two years after his last international match. He rejoined the Portuguese side in January after spending six months out of th e g a m e following his exit from Al Ahli. Coach Paulo Bento has until June 2 to trim his squad down to 23 players. Portugal are in Group G with

Cristiano Ronaldo Germany, Ghana and the United States. GOALKEEPERS:Anthony Lopes (Lyon), Beto (Sevilla), Eduardo (Braga), Rui Patricio (Sporting). DEFENDERS: Andre Almeida (Benfica), Antunes (Malaga), Bruno Alves (Fenerbahce), Fabio Coentreo (Real Madrid), Joao Pereira (Valencia), Neto (Zenit), Pepe (Real Madrid), Ricardo Costa (Valencia), Rolando (Inter). MIDFEIDLERS: Andre Gomes (Benfica), Joao Mario

(Vitoria), Joao Moutinho (Monaco), Miguel Veloso (Dinamo Kiev), Raul Meireles (Fenerbahce), Ruben Amorim (Benfica), William Carvalho (Sporting). FORWARDS: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Eder (SC Braga), Helder Postiga (Lazio), Hugo Almeida (Besiktas), Ivan Cavaleiro (Benfica), Nani (Manchester United), Rafa (Braga), Ricardo Quaresma (FC Porto), Varela (FC Porto), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg). (BBCSport)

U.S. names preliminary World Cup roster Chicago - United States head coach Jurgen Klinsmann unveiled his 30-man preliminary World Cup roster on Monday, selecting many standout performers from the qualifying campaign for Brazil 2014. Among those key players are goalkeeper Tim Howard, midfielder Michael Bradley and forward Clint Dempsey. Klinsmann’s most difficult decision was arguably the exclusion of Eddie Johnson, who scored four times during CONCACAF qualifying. The D.C. United forward netted both goals in a win 2-0 win at Antigua & Barbuda and one in the finals-clinching victory over Mexico in September. He has yet to find the back of the net in eight Major League Soccer games this season. “We can only take six forwards into this 30-man roster,” Klinsmann said. “I see Landon Donovan competing for one of those spots. I don’t see Landon coming in as a midfielder, but clearly as a striker.” Donovan has appeared in three previous World Cups, but like Johnson, hasn’t scored a league goal for the LA Galaxy during the 2014 campaign. He enjoyed a marvelous competition at South Africa 2010, scoring a dramatic goal in a 1-0 win over Algeria that boosted the Americans to the group title. Last year, the 32-

Clint Dempsey year-old won the Golden Ball as the best player at the CONCACAF Gold Cup after taking a short hiatus from the sport. The 30-man roster was split precisely between players based in Major League Soccer and overseas. Four players with clubs in Germany were picked — defenders John Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Timmy Chandler (Nürnberg) and Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), plus midfielder Julian Green (Bayern Munich). The Americans start their training camp in Palo Alto, Calif. on Wednesday and don’t have to file their 23-man roster until June 2. They will play Azerbaijan in San Francisco on May 27; Turkey in Harrison, New Jersey, on June 1; and Nigeria in Jacksonville, Florida, on June 7, before flying to Brazil. UNITED STATES PRELIMNARY WORLD

CUP ROSTER (as of May 12, 2014) GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan (Aston Villa/England), Tim Howard (Everton/ England), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake) DEFENDERS: DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla/Mexico), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), John Brooks (Hertha Berlin/Germany), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City/ England), Timmy Chandler (Nürnberg/Germany), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim/ Germany), Michael Parkhurst (Columbus Crew), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC) MIDFIELDERS: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes/ France), Michael Bradley (Toronto FC/Canada), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana/ Mexico), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg/ Norway), Maurice Edu (Philadelphia Union), Julian Green (Bayern Munich/ Germany), Jermaine Jones (Besiktas/Turkey), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City) FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (Sunderland/ England), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna/Austria), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar/Holland), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes).

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

Hand in Hand 2nd Div. 40 overs KO - West Berbice

Six teams move on to round two

Play in the Hand in Hand second division 40 overs cricket competition, organised by the Berbice Cricket Board for clubs in West Berbice continued with D’Edward, Hopetown United, Achievers, Blairmont Community Centre, Golden Elparbell and Rainbow Generation all advancing to the second round. The round was dominated by the bowlers with no batsman being able to get past 33. Off-spinner Vishal Bejai did very well for Bath, taking 6-30 from 7 overs to help restrict D’Edward to 123 in 25 overs. His effort was in vain as him team fell for 95 in reply. Off-spinner Joel Dilchand of Bush Lot Challengers took 4-30 as Blairmont Community Centre was bowled out for 103. In reply Blairmont off-spinner Karandat Bissoondial snared 5-21 from 6.1 overs and Shabbir Baksh 4-11 from 7 overs to send Blairmont packing for 55. After Hopetown United made 166 in 23 overs against Ithaca Rovers, leg spinner Akeem Mc Pherson snapped up 5-12 from 7 overs and medium pacer Emerson Benjamin 3-5 from 7 overs to skittle out Ithaca for 35 in response. Other bolwers with 4 wickets hauls were Darius Nedd - Acheivers, Joshua Hamid - D’Edward Warriors

GSA Kraft Junior Skill Level National Championship serves off The Guyana Squash Association (GSA), in collaboration with its dependable corporate partner Digicel Guyana, last night served off its third tournament of the year, the Kraft Junior Skill Level National Championships 2014, sponsored by Woodpecker

Products Ltd. This tournament which is being held at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street, features 43 junior players divided into eleven categories varying in number. The tournament continues each weeknight at 6:00pm at the Georgetown

Club and will conclude on Sunday. The GSA is using this tournament as a yardstick to help select the team for the Junior Caribbean Squash Championships scheduled to be held in Bermuda, July 11 19, 2014. Guyana is the nine times defending champions.

Fantastic Yuvraj keeps RCB in race Karandat Bissoondial

Vishal Bejai

and Kenroy Fraser of Golden Elperbell. Summarized scores: At Bath - D’Edward beat Bath by 28 runs. D’Edward 123 in 25 overs; Eon Abel 30, Jaipaul Heeralall 20*, Vishal Bejai 6-30. Bath 95 in 23.4 overs; Kevin Jawahir 2-14, Houlsarran Lalsa 2-15, Eon Abel 2-27 . At Blairmont Blairmont Community Centre defeated Bush Lot Challengers by 48 runs. Blairmont Community Centre 103 in 30 overs; Mark Gowkarran 31, Joel Dilchand 4-30. Bush Lot Challengers 55 in 18.1 overs; Karamdat Bissoondial 5-21, Shabbir Baksh 4-11. At Hopetown - Hopetown United hammered Ithaca Rovers by 131 runs, Hopetwon United 166 in 23

overs; Claude Saul 33, Kwaise Mentore 26, Glen Melloo 319, Dwayne Chung 2-10, Philon Edwards 2-13, Akeem Miller 2-38. Ithaca Rovers 35 in 16 overs; Desmond Weekes 18, Akeem Mc Pherson 5-12, Emerson Benjamin 3-5. At D’Edward - Achievers trounced D’Edward Warriors by 5 wickets. D’Edward Warriors 42 in 13 overs; Darius Nedd 4-3, Brian Nurse 2-12. Achevers 43 for 5 in 5.3 overs; Joshua Hamid 4-18. At Bush Lot - Golden Elperbell got past Bush Lot United by 2 wickets. Bush Lot United 75 in 22 overs; Kenroy Fraser 4-10, Glenroy Fraser 315, Delroy Wilson 3-18, Golden Elperbell 76 for 8 in 12 overs; W. Joseph 3-12, Dillon Joseph 2-12.

Super Kings complete typical last-over win In two of Chennai Super Kings’ last three games, they had been left with 11 to get from the last over with MS Dhoni at the crease. Yesterday, against Rajasthan Royals, it came down to 12 from the last over. Dhoni was there, of course, batting on 15. In situations like that, all he needs is one ball in his slot. It came off the second ball of the over, the first time he was on strike, when James Faulkner angled one across him but pitched it a touch too full. Down came that big batswing, and up went the ball, soaring for a flat six over wide long-on. A wide full-toss brought him two runs to deep cover the next ball, and with three needed off three, a push to the same fielder became the winning hit when Faulkner failed to collect Kevon Cooper’s throw and gave away an overthrow. It had all looked very different when Rajasthan Royals, having chosen to bat, had moved to 84 for 1 after 10 overs. Shane Watson was on the cusp of a half-century, and with him was Ajinkya Rahane.

Page 37

Steven Smith and James Faulkner, who had turned certain defeat to exhilarating victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the space of four crazy overs, were waiting their turn in the dugout. But Super Kings pulled things back, with Mohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja proving particularly hard to hit on a slow, grippy surface, and Royals lost seven wickets and scored only 64 in their last 10 overs. Super Kings looked to have made things more difficult for themselves when Dhoni sent in R Ashwin at No. 5 ahead of himself, but Dhoni always leaves it till the end. Royals sprung a surprise right at the start, opening with Ankit Sharma and Shane Watson instead of Karun Nair and Ajinkya Rahane, who had put on 54 in their previous match. The new combination laid a solid foundation, starting sedately before the left-handed Ankit greeted R Ashwin by hitting him for two fours and a six in his first over. Ankit put on 60 with Watson before he holed out to long-on while trying to slog Ashwin against the turn. There had been some help

for the spinners, and the seamers had been hard to get away when they changed their pace. It wasn’t that much of a surprise, then, that Royals didn’t really take off in the last 10 overs. Mohit used his back-of-the-hand slower ball cleverly to pick up three wickets - including those of Watson and Smith, both bowled - and Ravindra Jadeja picked up two with his round-arm darts from left-arm around. Even so, the extent of Royals’ slow-down was startling, and they contributed to it with their endless experimentation they waited until the end of the 15th over to send in Smith, and until the 18th to send in Faulkner. Both failed to get going, as had Rahane and Nair before them, displaced from the opening slots. Du Plessis and Ashwin cobbled together 29 in 29 balls, leaving Super Kings needing 44 from 30 when Dhoni walked in. It was a tricky equation, considering the conditions, but it could have been even trickier had Royals not fallen away so spectacularly in the second half of their innings.

For the second time in three days, Yuvraj Singh announced his return to form, this time with a violent sixladen unbeaten 68 off 29 balls, but unlike two days ago, Royal Challengers Bangalore managed to hold their composure. They sneaked to a 16-run win against the bottomplaced Delhi Daredevils and kept their chances alive in the tournament. The relief was writ large over their faces when Daredevils finally fell short after threatening the target, at least till the 18th over when JP Duminy was around. However, Yuvraj’s late assault this time did not go in vain. Yuvraj was on 10 off 10 balls and Royal Challengers on 115 for 4 at the start of the 17th over. With their other bighitters already back in the dug-out the onus of providing that final thrust lay squarely on Yuvraj, especially after his batting exploits in the last match. A score of 156 - the lowest successfully defended on this ground across IPL seasons was still a fair distance away and reaching even that would have been a good result on a slowish pitch. Imran Tahir, who had troubled Yuvraj in his earlier over, wasn’t going to have a happy ending to his spell though. Bowling the 17th over, he gave away 21 runs that included three consecutive hits over the boundary by Yuvraj. The Royal Challengers gravy train was on the move. In the next over, Yuvraj targetted Mohammed Shami, picking up a six over fine leg with that trademark flick that oozed of 2007. Next over, another six over midwicket. Forty-four runs came off three overs but the best was yet to come. The final over, bowled by Rahul Shukla, earned the distinction of being the mostexpensive last over ever

Yuvraj Singh thumped nine sixes

bowled in the IPL as Yuvraj smashed four sixes - the first of which brought him his second half-century in two games, off just 24 balls - to steal 27 runs. Earlier, ending speculation over his injury, Chris Gayle had walked out to play a typically flickering 22 before being bowled by Shukla. Virat Kohli’s search for some runs ended in vain as he was run-out for just 10. With the run rate lingering below six after eight overs, the first round of counter came through a busy 49-run third-wicket stand between Parthiv Patel and AB de Villiers, but as the two batsmen left within two overs of each other, Royal Challengers’ innings appeared to be in danger of losing steam. However, from average beginnings, Royal Challengers were charged to 186 by an electric Yuvraj. Daredevils lost their

openers early - M Vijay falling to Muralitharan in the first over and Quinton de Kock to Mitchell Starc in the second but a 63-run stand between Mayank Agarwal and Kevin Pietersen kept the runs coming. The two didn’t let the required rate shoot up, collecting boundaries and sixes with relative ease in an association that lasted 7.2 overs. With Duminy and Jadhav in the middle when 64 were needed off the last four, Royal Challengers knew it was still not the time to encash the dividends on the Yuvraj investment - they had given that many in three overs two nights ago. However, once Starc bowled Duminy towards the end, the win was finally within grasp. Royal Challengers Bangalore 186 for 4 (Yuvraj 68*) beat Delhi Daredevils 170 for 7 (Duminy 48, Jadhav 37, Muralitharan 225) by 16 runs.

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Kaieteur News

Clarke expects positive result Head Coach of the national rugby squad Clinton ‘Stiffy’ Clarke speaking with Kaieteur Sport during the final practice session at the National Park yesterday, said the mood in the team is good and he expects a positive result on Saturday when they face Barbados in the NACRA 15’s Tournament, at the Garrison Savannah. “The guys are confident and even though we are not looking past Barbados and taking one game at a time, I can report that we are almost 100% ready to take on the Bajans at home,” Clarke told this newspaper. Quizzed on what phase of the preparations they are in right now, he responded by saying that they are currently working on getting their pack in shape, especially since it is known that Barbados is very strong in this area and the

- team departs today and tomorrow focus will be to contain them or limit their progress. The Head Coach, who replaced Laurie Adonis, informed that there were no serious injuries plaguing the team right now and the players are focused and rearing to engage the Bajans. He said that he is satisfied with the level of fitness of the players, but is hoping that they get the opportunity to put in at least two practice sessions before game day to work on a few strategies and game plays. “We are hoping to get in a few sessions to work on some areas that we feel are crucial to ensure victory.” Meanwhile, Kaieteur Sport was reliably informed that Terrence Daniels and Alaine Crawford have replaced Lancelot Adonis and

Jacques Archibald on the list of players set to travel. The players named are: Ryan Gonsalves (Captain), Richard Staglon (Vice Captain), Chris Singh, Peabo Hamilton, Ronald Mayers, Claudius Butts, Rondell McArthur, Rickford Cummings, Grantley Williams, Jason Tyrell, Dwayne Schroeder, Filon Thompson, Clive Powell, Avery Corbin, Theo Henry, Terrence Daniels, Ryan Dey, Delroy Gordon, Jacques Archibald, Jamal Angus, Kevon David, Cyon Kitt, Carl Lewis and Leon Greaves. Head Coach is Clinton ‘Stiffy’ Clarke of GDF, while the Manager is John Lewis, and Physio-Barrington Browne. The team is expected to leave in two parts today and tomorrow.

What is really going on? By Rawle Welch Aficionados wherever you could find them are asking the same question, what is really going on with the two biggest sports in Guyana, namely cricket and football. They are asking what it is about these two disciplines that is creating so much friction among its administrators and ultimately hampering their development. Earlier in the year, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) had cause to inflict severe bans on certain high ranking officials of the Upper Demerera Football Association for actions it deemed as insubordinate to a ruling made by the Body, and now the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) is threatening to act if the upcoming Independence T20 Cup organised by the Berbice Cricket Board goes ahead, since the event has not gained its approval. In both instances, the acts of defiance by the affiliates are quite noticeable, and while both may have compelling reasons for their actions and pronouncements, the fact that they are willing to challenge the local governing bodies’ decisions must be seen as a paradigm shift from the status quo. The danger, though, is that their respective stances could put at risk the future of the players who are usually placed in the precarious position of demonstrating their allegiance to one party or the other. The current situation in both sports is quite alarming and regrettably unhelpful for their respective

advancements, while the act by many corporate entities not to become embroiled in the melee is hurting the marketability and visibility of the two disciplines. Football, which enjoyed admirable crowd support at any level, has been fairly affected, while cricket, except for the presence of regional and international stars, has suffered badly from the negative consequences of the ongoing squabbles among its administrators. But what could be causing this ugly scenario to play its hand in full view of the public? What is obvious is the fact that persons within the respective administrations and those harbouring ambitions to get into office seem unmindful of the harm being done to the careers of those currently engaged in the sport, while those with aspirations to get involved see the present situation as a turn-off. While it may seem farfetched and totally unrelated to sport, the Arab Spring phenomenon clearly brought a new perspective to the power of protests, and even sport administrators should be attentive to the 2011 Egypt uprising. The similarity here is that many of these administrators who feel that they are wellentrenched and are protected by loyals, could very well follow the same path of the Muburak family, being ousted from power. As some of the studies on the uprising concluded, the youths were fed up with the uncaring attitude of the ‘old guard’ and with the increased

absence of real opportunities to make a decent living, they took matters into their own hands and the rest is history. Our youths are in dire need of alternatives and if the academic world or the traditional working environment is limited or beyond their capability, then sport becomes the next viable option. So if this avenue continues to be bogged down in chaos and strife, then the solution is to effect change. While the two disciplines remain the best and obvious examples of rebellion, there are many others that are facing similar problems, but so far the powers that be have been able to undermine threats of revolt. The previous GFF administration paid the price for its repressive style of governance at its Electoral Congress, and even though the current GCB was able to survive many of the challenges it faced from external forces, it may be sensible for them to create an avenue for dialogue, since it seems the concern about its legitimacy is still a hot topic. The world is rapidly changing, social networking and other media to exchange analyses and ideas are being exploited like never before, so administrators, whoever you are, you’d better be mindful of the advances. Today, people are no longer afraid to challenge the status quo, especially if it is not serving the interest of the masses.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy

Tutorial hit five past Charlestown in female match-up

Tutorials goal scorers from left, Nsenga Grant, Shaquanna Hope, Kirtisha Underwood Action in the Scotiabank/ Pepsi School Football Academy continued last weekend with two games in Georgetown played at the Ministry of Education Ground.In game one, a female encounter; defending champions Tutorial High slammed five goals against a hapless Charlestown Secondary School. Scoring for the winners were Nsenga Grant 45th and 48th minute, Shaquanna Hope 7th minute from the penalty spot and

Kirtisha Underwood 12th and 42nd minute. Game two resulted in Lodge Secondary winning by a walk over from Tucville Secondary in another female clash. Game three saw New Campbellville Secondary upset Lodge Secondary 2-0 in a boys match. Gavin Cliffe 32nd minute and Mase Assannah in the 60th minute were on target for the winners. Action continues in Georgetown this Friday May 16 at the Ministry of

Education ground commencing at 16:00hrs. In a female match up, Charlestown and East Ruimveldt will match skills. On Saturday May 17, at the same venue, three male games will be played commencing at 10:00hrs with Charlestown and Christ Church doing battle. Game two will kick off at 11:30hrs with Lodge facing Tutorial High while the final game from 13:00hrs brings together Tucville and Queen’s College.

CPL to fund local First Class contracts St John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board announced yesterday that a critical funding component for the professionalization of First Class cricket will be provided by the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which will contribute US$360,000 towards the annual retainer contracts for First Class players. Following the last Board meeting in March, the WICB announced the approval of a 19 point plan for the complete professionalization of First Class cricket in the Caribbean starting with the next season of regional cricket. As part of the plan, 15 players in each of the six territories will be contracted on a full time, year round basis. This will allow for 90 First Class players to be annually contracted joining those contracted under WICB Annual Retainer Contracts. “The professionalization of First Class cricket in the Caribbean is long overdue

and finally we have taken a firm decision to realize this. It will be a most costly venture but one which is absolutely necessary for West Indies cricket to move forward. We are exceedingly grateful to the CPL for this significant commitment towards the funding of these annual First Class contracts,” WICB CEO Michael Muirhead said. CEO of the CPL, Damien O’Donohoe praised the development. “A fundamental part of CPL is securing the future of cricket in the Caribbean by creating

a platform for the next generation of stars to showcase their talent to a global audience. Our partners at WICB are working towards getting West Indies cricket back to the top across all forms of the game and we at CPL will endeavour to play our part in that mission. The WICB approached us with this new vision, and following discussions with President (Dave) Cameron and Director of Cricket, Richard Pybus, we didn’t hesitate to embrace it,” he (Continued in page 35)

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

CGC’s Cult Energy Drink on board as EBFA launches U-17 tourney They have been inactive for quite some time but recently returned to the fray with two tournaments, the Trophy Stall Under-15 approximately one month ago and now the Stag Beer Division One tournament currently underway. Now, the executive of the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) has heightened activities and have launched yet another tournament, the Cult /EBFA Under-17 League slated to kick off at the Grove Community Centre Ground EBD, Saturday May 17 next. The tournament would be staged under the Cult label, an energy drink marketed by the Continental Group of Company. To this effect, the organizers convened at the Industrial Site headquarters of that organization yesterday morning where Corporate Secretary of that organization, Percival R. C. Boyce (Jr.) joined with his Office Manager, Chaitnarine Brijnandan and other executives to hand over the requisite sponsorship cheque to offset the

expenses require for the tournament’s success. President of the EBFA, Wayne Franscois, was also in attendance as was his Secretary, Franklin Wilson. Mr. Boyce congratulated the organizers for their efforts and said that his company was extremely delighted to support their efforts. He noted that the tournament aims to prepare youths for the many challenges ahead and since this objective paralleled with that of his organization, he felt obliged to offer support. He further said that the Cult energy drink is an energy activator powered by the guarana fruit and the popular ginseng herb to produce the most efficient energy drink. This product will be on sale at the match venue during the tournament. Mr. Wilson also conveyed deep appreciation to the sponsors and urged the public to render support to the product which by extension is rendering support to the development of the sport. He said that the organizers will aspire to

maintain tempo in organizing tournaments over the coming years. Mr. Wilson said that they wish to acknowledge the achievements of Trayon Babb, a young Golden Jaguar and hope his success would serve as the inspiration to other players. “It is our desire that other players clinch lucrative opportunities that will see them showcasing their skills beyond the border,” Wilson concluded. Eight teams will battle for championship honours including Kuru Kururu Warriors, Timerhi Panthers, Grove Hi Tec, Diamond United, Herstelling FC, Mocha Champs, Agricola Red Triangle and Soesdyke Falcons. The players will also vie for the Most Valuable Player Trophy donated by Trophy Stall. The organizers also hinted that New York based rifleman, Sigmund Douglas, will donate a computer for the Most Valuable Player while there will also be prizes for the best goalie and the most prolific goal scorer.

More sponsors in as entries close today for KMTC one day Pre-Independence Meet A number of new sponsors have come on board and with entries still pouring in for the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) one day PreIndependence horserace meet which is set for this Sunday at the Club’s Bush Lot Farm entity, closing date for entries is today. The six race meet has so far attracted over 60 entries and with close to $4M up for grabs as an exhilarating and action packed day of racing is on the cards. A number of new sponsors have come on board for the event including Pomeroon Oil Mills, General Equipment (Gene Equip), Farm Supplies Equipment, R. Singh and Sons, Top Notch Auto Sales, Kanhai Electrical A g e n c y, Mohammed’s Enterprise and Aerial Enterprise. They have joined with top sponsors Demerara Distilleries Limited (DDL), Trophy Stall / Bourda Market, N and S Mattai and Company, Hand in Hand Insurance, Berbice Bridge Company, Goodwood and Horseshoe Racing Establishment, D. Gobin Agri Spares, businessmen Chatterpaul

Deo and Anirude Ramcharitar among others. The feature D 1and Lower one mile event has attracted some of the best horses in the business and they are set to compete for the $500,000 and trophy. The other events on the day are for animals classified G1 and Lower with the winner set to take home $300,000 and trophy over six furlongs. There is a race for three and four years old Guyana a n d We s t I n d i e s B r e d maiden animals which also has a winning purse of $300,000 and trophy up for the taking. The race for the ‘I’ class animals carries a winning purse of $250,000 and trophy over 7 furlongs. The event for J1 and Lower horses has a winning stake of $200,000 a n d t r o p h y. T h e f i n a l event on the day is for animals classified J3 and Lower with a winning purse of $150,000 and trophy. Among horses entered so far are Treacle, Milwaukee Blitz, In Seattle, Fresh Again, Run Nana Run, Some Legend, Red and Lovely, It’s My turn, City Tune, Stormy Flame, Damascus Dream, Quiet

Strom, No Body Wants me, Gold Rush, Wild Grinder, Princess Page, Rosetta, Bridal Stone Corner, Super Bowl, Bunny Signs, Triple, Key for the Killer, Swift way, Nobre Import, Royal Cash, Little, Cat Messiah, Wild Grinder, Mary Ann, Funny Side, Famous Pride, Party Time, Prince Bayaya, Speed Vision, Windy Killer and De Gump among others. The outstanding jockeys, trainers and stables will all receive trophies and other accolades compliments of Ramesh Sunich of Trophy Stall and the organisers. According to organizer Justice Cecil Kennard, KMTC is in excellent condition and with the prevailing dry weather a lot of fast times are expected. For more information contact c a n b e m a d e with Justice Cecil Kennard on telephone numbers 226 1399, 225 4818 or 623 7609, club Secretary Niketa Ross on 662 4668, R o o p n a r ine ‘Shine’ Matadial, 325 3192, Ivan Dipnarine 331 0316, Isabella Beaton 693 7812 or Dennis DeRoop 325 3301 or 609 9143). Race time is 13:00hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Golden Jubilee Celebration

BCB honours Maya Devi Singh as Mother of the year The Special Events Committee of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) last weekend honoured Mrs. Maya Devi Singh of Cumberland Village, East Canje as their Mother of the year. Mrs. Singh, a mother of three is the proud parent of Gajanand and Ishwar Singh. Gajanand has represented Berbice, Guyana and the West Indies at the junior levels and also played for Berbice and Guyana at the senior levels. Ishwar who currently plays for the Young Warriors Cricket Club also represented Berbice at the Under-19 level. BCB Administrative Officer Alisa Moonsee in presenting the award to Mrs. Singh hailed her as a role model parent whose guidance and love for her children laid the foundation for their success. Moonsee, who also serves as the Secretary of the BCB 75th Anniversary Committee stated that the Board was proud of parents like Mrs. Singh, as it makes the BCB’s work much easier. Moonsee issued an appeal to all parents to follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Singh and to dedicate their energies towards the development of their children especially in the areas of discipline, education and serving the less fortunate. Head of the special events committee Hilbert Foster stated that the BCB was

BCB Admin. Officer Alisa Moonsee (left) hands over the gift to Mrs. Maya Devi Singh. proud to honour Mrs. Singh as she was a dedicated and well disciplined parent who leads by example. Foster challenged her to share her vast experience as a parent to cricketers and other parents. Mrs. Singh, in brief

remarks expressed gratitude to the BCB for making her feel special. She congratulated the Board on its outstanding success over the years and for the major role it has played in her children’s development on and off the field of play.

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup match officials chosen FIFA announced yesterday the referees and the assistant referees who will officiate at the 2014 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup in Canada. Female referees and assistant referees from 28 different countries have been selected for this tournament, which is also part of the preparation for the prospective candidate match officials for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™. Of the 39 chosen match officials, nine are from CONCACAF. Their names are below: REFEREES (3) - Quetzalli Alvarado Godinez (Mexico); Carol Anne Chennard (Canada); Margaret Domka (USA). ASSISTANT REFEREES (6) Marie-Josée Charbonneau (Canada); Mayte Ivonne Chavez Garcia (Mexico); Marlene Duffy (USA); Suzanne Morisset (Canada);

Margaret Domka Shirley Susana Perello Lopez (Honduras); Veronica Perez (USA). Canada’s Michelle Pye is on the referee reserve list. The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup will be held August 5-24, 2014, with 16 teams competing for the title. Matches will be

played in the cities of Edmonton, Moncton, Montreal and Toronto. CONCACAF will be represented by the host nation, its 2014 Women’s Under-20 Championship winner United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

GCB Inter County U-19 50 overs tourney

President’s XI thump Essequibo by 45 runs By Zaheer Mohamed The President’s XI defeated Essequibo by 45 runs in their opening round match of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Inter County Under-19 50 overs tournament yesterday at the Everest Cricket Club ground. The President’s XI posted 214-7 off their reduced 38 overs due to rain after they were inserted by Essequibo who were restricted for 173 in 35.3 overs in reply. Openers Ryan Shun and Sunil Singh gave the President’s XI a solid start with a first wicket stand of 51. The pair started cautiously before unleashing a number of handsome shots on both sides of the pitch. Akini Adams gave Essequibo the breakthrough when he trapped Singh LBW for 18, but Shun added a further 53 for the second wicket with Aviskhar Sewkarran to set the tone for a challenging total. Sewkarran timed the ball well, but in an effort to step up the scoring rate, he was caught off Akil Wallace for 31 (2x4). Parmesh Parsotam then

accounted for Nick Ramsaroop (04) to leave the score at 108-3. Shun soon brought up his fifty off 83 balls with four fours and a six before he was dismissed for 60 at 141. Wallace then sent back Damian Waldron (06), but Ronaldo Mohamed smashed five fours and two sixes in scoring 58 off 45 balls to stabilize the innings before he was caught by wicketkeeper Ryan Adams off the lively Kemo Paul at 198-6. Gavin Moriah (01) and Rension Mitchell (06) were the batsmen to be dismissed while Yekini Favourite was left not out on nine. Paul was the pick of the bowlers with 2-18 off three overs while Wallace claimed 2-55 off eight and Parsotam 2-56 from seven. Due to the interruption, Essequibo were asked to score 224 to win due to the Duckworth Lewis method. Avinash Persaud thumped left arm seamer Gavin Moriah through cover in the opening over and caressed Mohamed for fours in the second to get his team going. However, his opening partner Shivendra

Avinash Persaud gathers runs on the onside. Hemraj (02) flashed at a wide delivery from Moriah and was caught by wicketkeeper Kareem Mentore at 17 in the third over. Persaud and Paul kept their team in the hunt with a second wicket stand of 64. Paul drove Moriah through point for four to get off the mark and slammed him to the cover boundary the very next delivery. He then pulled Favourite over mid wicket for a maximum while

Persaud gradually grew in confidence and took boundaries off Mohamed and Favourite. Paul then tried to cut a delivery too close to his body and lost his stumps to Shun for 23 (2x4 1x6) before leg spinner Ershad Ali bowled Mahendra Balbadar (00) to leave Essequibo in trouble at 92-3. Persaud continued to take the attack to the bowlers and reached his well deserved half century off 59

Man of the match Ryan Shun (right) collects his award from chairman of the GCB junior selection panel Nazimul Drepaul balls with seven fours and one six before he was dismissed for 60 (9x4 1x6). Ali then uprooted the stumps of Parsotam (16) before Travis Drakes (01) was caught at long on at 133-6. Essequibo lost Ryan Adams (03) and Keano Harry (05) before Wallace and Adams added 26 for the ninth wicket.

Wallace who was eventually bowled by Moriah for 17, slammed one four and two maximums; off spinner Damion Waldron formalized the victory by bowling Jamal Hartman (00) leaving Adams unbeaten on 19 (3x4). Man of the match Shun and Ali were the main wicket takers with three scalps each.

Berbice show three-day win against Demerara was no fluke, win by 4 runs at Wales By Sean Devers Incisive spin bowling spearheaded Berbice to a thrilling four-run win over hosts Demerara in the opening round of their Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Under-19 Inter County 50over contest at the Wales Community Centre yesterday and badly exposed Demerara’s vulnerability to spin bowling. Played in bright sunshine on a treacherous pitch with lots of moisture, especially at the Northern end, Berbice were asked to bat and struggled to 142 all out in 39.1 overs as only Parmanand Ramdhan (33) and Balchand Baldeo (26) reached 20. Daniel Basdeo (3-34), Sherfane Rutherford (2-22), Malcolm Hubbard (2-32) and Steven Sankar (2-19) bowled impressively on a track which made stroke-playing a difficult task. Demerara slumped from 121-5 to 138 all out in 46 overs as the home team lost their last five wickets for 17 runs. Ramnarine Chatuia (42), Tagnarine Chanderpaul (40) and Skipper Brian Sattaur (24) all threw their wickets away with injudicious shots as the batsmen were again

befuddled by a potent fourprong off-spin attack. In their three-day encounter Demerara crashed to a 138-run defeat after they had gained first innings points as Baldeo and Sharaz Ramcharran shared eight wickets between them. Berbice, despite losing first innings points, defeated Demerara by 138 runs with only five balls of pace being bowled in Demerara’s second innings. Yesterday, the only over of pace was bowled by Nial Smith, who was plundered for three sixes in the first over which cost 20 runs as Sattaur waded into the hapless fast bowler on the slow surface to give Demerara a rollicking start. However, once spin was introduced Sattaur clobbered Ramcharran for a huge six before he again played an irresponsible swipe at a ball which bounced from Ramcharran and was caught behind at 33-1 and his continued poor shot selection is becoming a concern for Coach Gavin Nedd. Ramcharran, the leading wicket taker in the three-day competition

Taignarine Chanderpaul cut for four at Wales yesterday

continued to impress as he extracted prodigious turn yesterday; without addition to the score, had Ronaldo Reene caught at slip for a duck.

Randolph Singh (4) then skied a ball which ‘stopped’ on him to cover off Baldeo who quickly removed Rutherford (5) to leave the score on 59-5. Chatuia, who

hit four fours and a six played some lovely drives and along with First Class left-hander Chanderpaul who received a succession of balls which spun viciously past his bat, took the score to 121 before Chanderpaul was caught behind by off-spinner David Latchaya after reaching the boundary four times. The usually level-headed Chanderpaul surprisingly opted to play an ill-advised reverse sweep and the ball rebounded off of his bat onto his chest and was acrobatically taken by wicketkeeper Akim Hinds to start the dramatic collapse. Urged on by a partisan crowd with included several students of Patentia Secondary School, Demerara slipped and stumbled chasing their small victory target once Chatuia, who like Chanderpaul, was dropped in their half-century partnership, fell to off-spinner Arif Chand at 128-6. Three of the last four batsmen failed to score with Chand finishing with 4-41. He got support from Ramcharran (2-22) Baldeo (2-24) and Latchaya who sent down five maidens in his 10-over spell which cost just nine runs and

achieved a wicket. Earlier, Berbice lost Martin Singh (7) caught behind off Kevin Paul at 7-1 before Baldeo (26) and FirstClass batsman Shemron Hetmyer (19) steadied the ship with a 45-run second wicket stand before Hetmyer edged a catch to the Keeper off Basdeo while Baldeo was removed by Rutherford at 653. Latchaya (20) offered a late order rally with Ramdhan before they were both dismissed in quick succession leaving birthday boy Grisean Grant unbeaten on two. Demerara were without their leading pacer Keon Morris who was denied time off by his employers Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company to play in the oneday version of the tournament. A disappointed Demerara Coach Nedd said he was worried by the number of reckless shots played by his senior batsmen and the quality of the pitch, which he feels contributed to his team’s loss yesterday. The competition continues today with Demerara playing the President’s X1 at Bourda and Berbice facing Essequibo at Enmore.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

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Veteran promoter predicts challenging bout but feels Atwell could clinch crown By Michael Benjamin Just under two weeks before local multiple boxing champion, Clive Atwell, engages World Boxing Council (WBC) featherweight champion, Mexican, Johnny Gonzalez, for the latter fighter’s belt May 24 next, popular local promoter a n d b o x i n g knowledgeable, Keith ‘Buckilo’ Bazilio is adamant that though A t w e l l a n d h i s management team are oozing confidence, they should have deferred this bout for a later date and opted instead for a warm up fight on the very card. Bazilio, a former b o x e r, m a n a g e r a n d promoter extended this and other views pertaining to the bout in an exclusive interview with Kaieteur Sport at his South Ruimveldt home yesterday afternoon. “Naturally, Clive will feel he stands a chance, and maybe he does, but from a manager’s point of view I would not have taken such a tough fight for Clive at this juncture of his career,” expounded Bazilio. He said that the nurturing process dictates that a manager shield his charge from dangerous fighters until he is seasoned enough to confidently take on the challenge. “Instead, I would have deferred that particular bout, opting instead for a more manageable opponent (on the very card) with the

assurance of clinching the Gonzalez fight at a later date,” opined Bazilio. Bazilio said that he is also wary of the fact that Atwell will be fighting in strange climatic conditions and in front of a hostile crowd. “This, coupled with his inexperience fighting at this level is indeed detrimental and tips the scales against him,” explained Bazilio. Bazilio was also critical of the meager purse offered for the fight. “I find it hard to believe that Atwell would be fighting for US$15,000; it just does not add up,” he said. Bazilio said that in these days when boxers are paid handsomely for fights at t h a t l e v e l , A t w e l l ’s negotiators should have argued for a more reasonable purse. However, the veteran boxing promoter said that despite the odds Atwell stands a reasonable chance of clinching a points decision but he must endeavour to last the first four rounds. “During my days of active promotion I have noted that Spanish fighters are more susceptible to body punches and were I in his corner I would advise Atwell to attack the body in the early stages of the fight,” said Bazilio. He said that once Atwell lasts out the first four rounds he would be able to study Gonzalez and adapt

to his style and later in the fight he (Atwell) could turn up the heat. “Atwell is a disciplined fighter and is always well conditioned so I don’t think he’ll have a fitness problem,” continued Bazilio. Indeed, Bazilio can be credited for contracting capable Spanish fighters that have entertained local pundits, the likes of Juan Batista, who engaged Darius Forde in a bantamweight encounter. Bazilio also promoted the Ernesto España/ Michael Benjamin bout for the Continental of Americas welterweight title. “I h a v e t r a v e l l e d e x t e n s i v ely to Spanish countries and have contracted many of their fighters so I feel qualified to assess their physical and mental strengths,” Bazilio exhorted. Bazilio is also aware that Atwell would be fighting in adverse climatic conditions and opines that his ability to conform to the changes will be very important. Atwell has addressed this aspect of his preparations with special training where he wore a special mask to counteract the aforementioned climatic conditions. “He has a very good record but is still to fight quality fighters the likes of Gonzalez,” said Bazilio. “I think he can pull off this fight but I do

Clive Atwell

Keith Bazilio

not think he will knock out Gonzalez,” Bazilio asserted. He said that Gonzalez has been involved in many tough fights and would not be an easy customer to dispose of. “Notwithstanding, A t w e l l ’s s t i n t a t t h e Gleason’s Gym can serve him well especially since he could benefit from the input of his countrymen the likes of Lennox Blackmore, Seon Bristol, Colin Morgan and D i l l o n C a r e w, a l l outstanding coaches at that institution,” explained Bazilio. That apart, Bazilio said that the formalities are already attended to and despite the odds stacked against him, A t w e l l s h o u l d concentrate on winning the fight. “I wish him well and urge him to take

advantage of the opportunity; of course he also needs a little luck,” said Bazilio. The veteran promoter further called on all Guyanese to support Atwell in his endeavours even as he urged the managers of the National Communication Network to go the extra mile to have the fight broadcast. “This is a national event and to my mind it should be given national prominence,” concluded Bazilio. Gonzalez was initially scheduled to defend his title against Abner Mares in a rematch but the bout was cancelled after the challenger suffered an injury during training sessions. Gonzalez then hand- picked fringe

contender Atwell, who has won his last four fights against Glenroy Beckford, Anson Green, Rafael Hernandez and Revlon Lake. Journalist, Dan Ambrose labeled G o n z a l e z a s unpredictable and feels that he can be beaten if h e ’s m a t c h e d a g a i n s t certain guys. “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this Atwell guy beats him on May 24th, because Gonzalez doesn’t take shots too well,” wrote Ambrose. He said that Atwell is young, packs a punch and if he studies Gonzalez’s last fights he’ll have found out that the Mexican is vulnerable to the b o d y, a n d h e c a n b e knocked out to the head if Atwell lands something big enough. At 32, Gonzalez has seen better days and the evaluating journalist f e e l s t h a t h e ’s s t i l l powerful as he’s always been, “but he doesn’t look as sharp as he was 7 years ago.” Gonzalez’s record reads 55-8 with 47 KO’s and he has been a professional for the past 15 years while A t w e l l i s young and upcoming wi t h 1 2 - 0 - 1 record with 7 KOs.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

BOSAI Inter Department B/ball

General Services and Plant Maintenance to contest final General Services and Plant Maintenance were winners when the BOSAI Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc. Inter Department basketball championships began on Saturday night last at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court, Linden. Playing in the first semifinal, General Services

outplayed Plant Operations 65-36 after leading by ten at half time 32-22. Forward Clive McCalman top scored with 15 points and forward Carlton Gravesande got 12 while centre Domain Webster added10forthe winners. Centre/Forward Patrick Clarke was the top player for Plant Operations with 10

points.In the other game Plant Maintenance got the better of Mines in a 49-22 lopsided win after leading 20-14 at the half. Guard Anson Durant led with 11 and forward Neil Marks 10 for the Plant Maintenance side while centre Dexter Bellamy had 12 for the losers. The final

between General Services and Plant Maintenance will be played on Friday at the MSC Hard Court where the losers of the semifinals will contest the third place game. Among those who were on hand to witness the semifinals were BOSAI Minerals General Manager Robert Shang

and President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation Nigel Hinds

who donated a pair of nets for use at the MSC Hard Court.

LABA female team to play GABA on Saturday in Linden The Linden Amateur Basketball Association has called ten female players for their clash with Georgetown on Saturday night at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard court as the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation Inter association championships bounce off. The other game will see Linden male taking on their City counterparts, while

consideration is being made for another game involving the top Under-19 players in the Bauxite Mining town. The female players are Nichola Jacobs, Shauna Chester, Sonia Rodney, Shakeila Sampson, Jenelle Belle, Tamera Hunter, Nicosi Mitchell, Makeda Rogers, Anazo Gladstone and Kenesha Leacock. Coach is Ann Gordon.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

GABF names Presidential Squad for Inter Guiana Games

As part of the preparation for the basketball component of the Inter Guiana Games (IGG), the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) has selected an interim Guyana Under-19 Basketball Presidential Squad. The provisional squad includes: Nathan Saul, Daniel Haynes, Steven Peters, Marvin Durant, Quincy De Santos, Rondel Holder, Daniel Ramlagan, Jonathan Puran, Kobe C a r m i c h a e l , Te r r e n c e Daniels, Darrel Williams, Akeem Johnson, Andrew Peroune, Shakeel Garnett, Anfernee Jarvis, Kelwin Griffith, Andrew Williams, Christian Narine, Sebastian Luke, Juan Fraser, Malcolm Powdar, Rondel Archer, Tevin Skeete, Shaquelle Adonis, Jeremy Jerrick, and Kadeem Peterkin. Coaches named for the squad are Naylon Loncke and Herbert Adams; with practice sessions being held in conjunction with the Georgetown men and women senior teams at the National

Sports Hall from 18:00hrs to 22:00hrs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 08:00hrs to 12:00hrs on Sundays.The first game for the Guyana U19 Basketball Presidential Te a m w i l l b e a g a i n s t Republic Bank Nets the current Georgetown Second Division Champions. The game will be played at the National Sports Hall on Sunday, May 18, as part of the GABF Inter Association 2014 Basketball Series from 18:30hrs. The Presidential Team will then challenge Pepsi Sonics Second Division team on Sunday, May 25 at the Sports Hall from 20:00hrs on the same night when the GABF Inter Association 2014 Basketball Series continues; where an epic night of basketball is anticipated as Linden will compete against old rivals Georgetown for basketball supremacy in a game that will determine the regional champions of Guyana. After the Inter Association games conclude on May 31, at the Mackenzie Sports Club where Berbice will be playing against Linden for the first time in over two decades; the Guyana Under19 squad will be expanded to include players from all across Guyana, including Berbice, Linden and Kwakwani with a view to picking the final team to represent Guyana at the Inter Guiana Games basketball component scheduled for July 25-29, 2014.

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t r o Sp

Clarke expects positive result The national rugby squad seen executing a pack play during its final practice session yesterday at the National Park.


CGC’s Cult Energy Drink on board as EBFA launches U-17 tourney 29 P.39

Continental Group of Companies Corporate Secretary Percival R. C. Boyce (Jr.) (centre) observes as Office Manager, Chaitnarine Brijnandan hands over cheque to EBFA Secretary Franklin Wilson in the presence of EBFA President Wayne Francois (3rd left) and other officials from both entities. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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