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Tuesday May 06, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Incontrovertible facts that cannot Police brutality again: The be ignored or wished away policy of “Silent Concurrence” DEAR EDITOR, Mark Da Costa in his response published in the Stabroek News dated April 18, to my letter, has clearly indicated that he has an obsession with the PPP and its leaders. This obsession is seen from his constant references to the late Dr. Jagan and then using the good name of Dr. Jagan to get at those who have not only joined the Party he founded, but over the years risen to leadership positions both at the level of the Party and Government. Like his colleagues in the opposition, Mr. Da Costa sees skeletons in every cupboard. He seems utterly incapable of coming to terms with the fact that ordinary men and women can make it in life by virtue of

hard work and application. This is true of workers and farmers as it is of business people and those who hold public office. For the benefit of Mr. Da Costa and those of his ilk, the economy of Guyana is not driven by narco-money and by recourse to corrupt practices and illegal means as Mr. Granger recently alleged. Guyana and by e x t e n s i o n t h e Guyanese people are much better off today than before. This is the Guyana that Dr. Jagan had wanted to see and for which he dedicated his entire life. A Guyana where every Guyanese, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation, is provided with an opportunity to grow and

develop as far as their ability and talent would allow. Instead of being obsessive about the PPP and its leaders, Mr. Da Costa should try to enlighten himself about the tens of thousands of Guyanese who are today the proud owners of their own homes, vehicles and other consumer goods which they own by dint of hard work and taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the PPP/C Administration. For many, this is a dream come true, since under the PNC regime they never saw a way of owning a home and a car. These are some incontrovertible facts that cannot be ignored or wished away. Jagnarine Somwar

DEAR EDITOR, This time it’s a fifteenyear-old shot in the mouth in the open space. Another poor African-Guyanese youth. The numbers swell. Again we mourn, bemoan, condemn. Some of us will picket and hold another forum. Police brutality will again be on the lips of those who are not muzzled by fear or accommodation. But will it make a difference? The evidence shows it has not over the last two decades. Why? The police force is an institution of the state. It is part of the coercive arm of the state. Its violence against the citizenry is institutional. However much we’re tempted to think otherwise, members of the police force do not act

I have never been accused of enjoying... From page 4 personal opinion, if collateral damage is to continue to be the order of the day come budget time, Guyana’s fragile developmental trajectory cannot continue to suffer these multiple annual interruptions to its progress without irreparable damage to its competitiveness. This is patently NOT why our electorate enfranchised the opposition with a majority. In addition to Mr. Ramjattan’s letter, I note a letter in response to mine from Mr. Sasenarine Singh, who if it is the same person, was a year or two ahead of me at Queen’s College. Whilst I wish to thank Sase (if this is the same person I went to school with, I feel he would be comfortable with the use of his first name) for his kind words, especially those directed at the institute. I also at the same time would like to encourage him to not rush to label those who comment as peddling propaganda. I do understand that Sase has chosen to be politically involved, but I would like to ask him to respect that I on the other hand have carefully chosen, over the eight years I have been Director of IAST, to remain scrupulously apolitical. And I think it is important for those who would be our political leaders of tomorrow, such as Sase, to make room for the technocracy of this country to have a say and not to rush to place them in political categories. To lose what little of that voice we have left in this country is to entertain a barren, desolate society which is too Orwellian for comfort. I welcome opinions that are opposed to mine – as a person

whose entire life has been spent in the pursuit of scientific explanation of our natural world, I value different perspectives. But I do not take kindly to being accused of peddling propaganda. And lastly, I have been exhorted by Mr. Alfred Bhulai to apologize to the opposition. I have never met Mr. Bhulai, although I know of him by reputation from students of his who later did their MSc. and Ph.D. degrees under my supervision. Unanimously, they all had glowing praise for his mentorship, and therefore by extension, I also have held Mr. Bhulai in high esteem. Despite this esteem, however, I am afraid I shall not be apologizing to the opposition. One, because I did not seek to insult them, but simply to ask them to fulfill a role which they were elected to serve, and two, because as Mr. Ramjattan’s letter clearly established, no offence was taken by my letter. Mr Bhulai seems to also labour under the assumption

that the IAST enjoys a privileged position because its Director expects that its staff should be paid. Until and unless the Government chooses to shut down the institute or fire its staff, then I shall tirelessly work to ensure that they are paid. There is no privilege in this – simply compensation for their hard work, protection for which is enshrined in our laws and codices and hard won by our country’s long years of valued trade unionism. As for capital funding which the agency has received over the years, I am happy to provide to Mr. Bhulai the very thorough justifications for funding which is provided by staff at the institute whose compensation he is willing to regard as privileged. Not only the justifications, but the many cuts and checks and balances at multiple hierarchies that are usually a part of the process, and the sustained level of advocacy and representation that I have personally invested to

convince Government of the wisdom of research and development expenditure. All my professional life I have competed for research funding and until now, have never been accused of enjoying privileges because of my funding success, despite, for example, being responsible for more than 25% of the entire research funding received by Trent University; an institution with multiple hundreds of faculty members such as myself. It is therefore somewhat odious to be so accused, but I shall not demand an apology from Mr. Bhulai. Instead, I encourage him, as I have multiple others at the University of Guyana, to continue to fulfill the pivotal roles they have provided to so many students over the years, and to partner with the IAST to provide much needed research innovation to our growing country. Suresh Narine Director, IAST

as individuals. Without that uniform and the authority that comes with it, policemen and women would engage others differently. Like other armed forces of the state, the police force is civilian-directed. The police force in Guyana has always been loyal to the government of the day, even when individually some or most of its members vote for the opposition party. Another state institution—the executive arm of the government—directs the police force. That executive arm of government determines police policy, decides how much police personnel are paid and who gets promoted or demoted or goes on scholarships or gets other privileges and perks. Although there is no hard evidence, it is well known that many people go into the police force primarily for economic reasons. The executive arm of government in post-colonial Guyana is a creature of the ruling party. The ruling party has interests and uses the arms of the state to promote its interests. Those interests are driven by ethnic and class or ideological concerns. It’s economic, political, and cultural and security (police) policies flow from these concerns. Note the Head of State and Government, in his recent address to the Police Conference, did not highlight police brutality as a serious problem to be addressed by the touted police reforms. I call it the policy of “Silent Concurrence,” whereby the partygovernment of the day turns a blind eye to official excesses in exchange for political loyalty. On the other hand, the government/state institutions, conscious of official expectations and fearful of official retaliation, develop a culture of accommodation and appeasement. The culture of

brutality in the police force to which the Stabroek News Editorial (May 5, 2014) refers to is an incomplete thesis unless it is situated within the above context. The last time I sought to draw the nexus between party-government interest and policy and police brutality, one major independent newspaper to which it was sent refused to carry the letter. A faceless nameless writer and a wellknown race-man writing under a pen-name screamed that I was racist or something to that effect—the old story of those who expose racism being accused of racism. Those who silence or downplay the fact that the victims of police institutional violence are disproportionately of one ethnic group, one social class and one party constituency are as guilty as the policemen who pull the triggers and the policymakers whose active policy of silent concurrence encourages such action. The current Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry highlights the nexus between party-government policy and police brutality and other forms of state and parastate violence is hypocritical. To see the nexus because it was executed by another party and the victims were the celebrated Walter Rodney and the WPA, and not see it now because it’s the other party and another uncelebrated class of citizens, is the height of racial and class bias and perhaps bigotry. David Hinds

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 06, 2014

Govt fears LEAD project may undermine system of control – Dr Roopnaraine A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Dr Rupert Roopnaraine has noted that government’s action against the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project, suggests that there are concerns by the administration that the implementation of such a project may challenge or undermine their current system of control. Last week, during a postCabinet press briefing, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon announced that Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs revoked the work permit of Glenn Bradbury, a Canadian contractor tasked with overseeing the implementation of the USAID sponsored project in Guyana. According to Luncheon, the move was based on the

Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine

US Ambassador to Guyana, Brent D. Hardt

conclusion that Guyana’s immigration laws were offended by Bradbury, after Government learnt that the project was being implemented despite its strenuous objections at meetings with US officials on

the issue. Luncheon explained that the four components of the project were analyzed by Cabinet and one contained major activities that captured a relationship between USAID and individual

Essequibo police fete senior citizens Commander of “G” Division (Pomeroon/ Supenaam), Kevin Adonis, and ranks attached mostly to the Anna Regina Police Station, feted some 45 senior citizens from Queenstown, Essequibo Coast over the weekend. The feeding programme is the initiative of both the police Administration and the Police Women’s Association. The organizers said that there

will be several other activities to proceed in the following months. These are intended to assist the elderly to take care of themselves. There will be movie nights and programmes to educate seniors. Adonis assured the seniors, who were all treated to a lunch, that the programme is the first of many orchestrated by the management of “G” Division

One man is in custody after he was nabbed by residents and police when he failed in a bid to rob a 72-yearold pensioner. About 10:00hrs on Saturday, pensioner Mohamed Ali Mursalin called ‘Cha Cha’ of Lot 18A Area K, Albion Front, Corentyne, Berbice had just returned from the Nigg Post Office in his Toyota Premio PPP 6421.

The man drove the car into his yard, left it and went to the garage to open the door when he was confronted by a man armed with a knife. As the robber tried to rob Mursalin of whatever he had, the elderly man put up a fight but the knife wielding man managed to relieve the pensioner of his car keys. The commotion attracted the attention of neighbours.

to foster better community relationship, especially between seniors and ranks of “G” Division, Essequibo Coast. Some seniors also took the opportunity to request a more compatible relationship with the police officers. They also lobbied for increased police presence. The event was held at the Queenstown Community Centre.

Police timely intervention saves the day Seeing that the ‘old man’ was more than he bargained for, the bandit abandoned his mission and tried to escape. The ensuing alarm caused residents to surround the area. The police who were alerted also arrived in quick time. The area was combed and the bandit was nabbed with the knife still in his possession. He was handed over to the authorities, but not before he was dealt ‘a sound licking’. Residents stated that there were two bandits both of whom are known, but the other managed to escape. Charges are expected to be laid shortly.

President Donald Ramotar political parties in Guyana. However, the country does not have a public policy by Government for the support for political parties. On Saturday, President Donald Ramotar was quoted in a statement issued by the Government Information Agency, (GINA), as saying “We never agreed to it; we were never consulted; we were not part of any forum on this programme. “We do not need it in our country at this point in time. That is why we took the unusual position that we have taken.” Ramotar expressed surprise at the actions of Guyana’s political opposition, as he noted the posture taken by the political opposition is as if they are willing to compromise Guyana’s sovereignty and integrity.

However, Ramotar maintained that Government continues to have excellent relations with the United States of America’s government, in regards to the security and other sectors. “It is only on the issue of the LEAD project, which the President insisted that his administration had no part of, and as a result refuses to accept an imposition in that regard.” In an invited comment, Dr Roopnaraine stated that this statement by the President strongly indicates that Government has little or no interest in strengthening civil society. “We need this project more than ever because the project would have assisted with educating the younger generation about the electoral process, since we have not held the Local Government Elections for more than two decades, but I believe that the project may challenge or undermine the current system of control being practiced by the administration. “Government wants to continue making decisions…they may have sensed the danger of allowing such a project to be implemented.” Following the announcement by Dr. Luncheon, last week, Leader of the Main Opposition Coalition, APNU Brigadier David Granger warned that there is the likelihood of retaliation. Granger believes that

Government “will have to pay a price for that action. In this diplomacy it is going to be a juk for juk situation. “We felt that the limited engagements we had have been beneficial as well. I understand that the US Embassy and President Ramotar were engaged in talks, but I did not get the impression that the talks had broken down and that such an action was necessary.” The LEAD project is aimed at enhancing the technical capacity and functionality of the legislature through the regular use of consultative practices and mechanisms for legislative drafting, analysis, review, and passage. The project, which particularly focuses on women and youth, is expected to further reinforce democratic governance in Guyana by broadening political participation through more representative and competitive multi-party engagements. The US Embassy remains tight-lipped on the status of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project, following the revocation of Bradbury’s work permit but maintains that it welcomes the willingness of the Government of Guyana to reengage in discussions on democracy and governance, and specifically in relation to the USAID LEAD project.

UG Social Work students conduct suicide workshop in Black Bush Polder Despite being rated as one of the suicide capitals in the country and with no awareness programme, all is not lost for Black Bush Polder residents. The Social Work students of University of Guyana’s Tain Berbice Campus on April 6, last, undertook their first exercise when they held a workshop at the Black Bush Secondary on the topic of suicide. The workshop attracted students, teachers and some parents. During the workshop the attendees were told, “You

have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. Most people live day by day, take things for granted, and often complain about the smallest things.” Suicide is an act of intentionally killing one’s self. There are many factors why people contemplate or commit suicide including emotional stress. While some live in a daily routine, some who are struggling and need a helping hand are trapped in a state of mind that is unbelievably daunting. The thought of killing oneself may be chilling for some, but for others it is the easy way out. A person contemplates suicide because of personal emotions that are built up, feeling “trapped” in a negative situation, feeling helpless, low self-esteem, bullying, disappointment, and the inability to deal with a perceived failure. The

characteristic of a person contemplating suicide depends on their situation and can be avoided if help comes quickly. It was explained that most suicidal thoughts can be caused by consistent let downs, leading to depression. Even though there are hotlines, therapists, and even medications to better a person’s attitude, they are often ignored. Suicidal people often isolate themselves, in hope to avoid all personal problems. People who think of attempting suicide are very angry, discreet, uncooperative, and negative. At the end of the workshop a discussion segment was held with the attendees allowing them to air the views on the topic. Members of the group were Lawrence Alleyne, Losante Ross, Nadia Hussian, Semma, Delecia Lindie, Nickel Ross, and Shemmel Mohabir.

Tuesday May 06, 2014

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Guyana in war of words with US…

PPP accuses Ambassador of meddling in local politics Tensions between the government and the US Embassy escalated over the weekend with the ruling party labeling the US Ambassador as a meddler in local politics. This was following criticisms by Ambassador D. Brent Hardt on Friday of Government’s hand in censoring the local media. The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), in a statement late Saturday night titled “Journalists must recommit to Guyana’s developmental agenda”, was harsh in its assessment of the diplomat. “US Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Brent Hardt, a known meddler in local politics, must be rebuked for his assertion that censorship of the media is practiced by the government. At the same time he purposefully ignores the Opposition slashing of the budgetary resources for NCN and GINA. This exposes the political duplicity of this individual.”The party insisted that it is supportive of fair and objective journalism and “demands an end to the callous, personalised attacks which are most times riddled with libel and defamation against the President, his cabinet Ministers and public officials.” The relations between the US and Guyana have been a strained one in recent times over a controversial democracy project that is being implemented in the National Assembly. One of the objectives of the project is to bring more awareness of the need for

President Donald Ramotar

US Ambassador, D. Brent-Hardt

Permit revoked: Glenn Bradbury

local government elections which were last held almost two decades ago. Last week, Government announced that it had revoked the work permit and stay extension of the project’s coordinator, Glenn Bradbury. The embassy, which is implementing the Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project through theUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID), has since said that it regretted the revocation of the visa which is contrary to the commitment given by the Guyana government. On Saturday, a statement from the Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted President Donald Ramotar as making it clear, on the project, that “… we never agreed to it, we were never consulted, we were not part of any forum on this programme …we do not need it in our country, at this point in time, that is why we took

the unusual position that we have taken.” The President cautioned that Government continues to have excellent relations with the US with ongoing cooperation in the security and other sectors. “It is only on the issue of the LEAD project, which the President insisted that his administration had no part of, and as a result refuses to accept an imposition in that regard.” The statement said that Government, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, took the step to revoke the work permit of Bradbury, the Canadian contractor. “This move came after Government learnt that the project was being implemented despite its strenuous objections and meetings with US officials on the issue.” The notice of revocation was, according to the stateowned Guyana Chronicle,

sent to Bradbury about two weeks ago.Government said that it was committed to reengaging the discussion process, but not when the activities under the LEAD project were still being implemented. With regards to the Opposition, the Government said, “The posture taken by the political opposition with regards to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project is surprising, and they appear willing to compromise Guyana’s sovereignty and integrity.” On Friday, the US Ambassador speaking to media workers and other invitees during the World Press Freedom Day reception expressed disappointment that radio stations in Guyana

still fall short of offering an open public square for debate and discussion. He added that even an International Press Institute (IPI) report made it clear that a number of independent media outlets have had their broadcast applications denied or ignored in some cases for more than 20 years. The Ambassador was, of course, alluding to applications by Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and a number of other independent media houses, whose applications were bypassed in favour of mainly friends of the administration. Hardt said that IPI also raised an issue he has long found perplexing, which is the use of the term “opposition media” to describe any media institution that is not controlled by the government.

“This is indeed a demeaning term that fails to do justice to the vital role that an independent media must play in a modern, democratic society” the Ambassador posited. He noted that the use of the appellation was also inaccurate. “Anyone who reads or watches independent media in Guyana will see that there are letters to the editor supportive of the government, columns that advocate government positions, and generally balanced reporting on actions of government” Hardt noted. The PPP statement of Saturday, however, insisted on the use of the term “opposition media”. “The party notes the political venom and hate spewed by the opposition media, namely, Kaieteur News and Stabroek News in their attempts to destabilise and undermine the ruling PPPC administration. The party wishes to remind the opposition media that their acts by their very nature undermine the principal tenets of press freedom, and freedom of expression in Guyana.” The party said that it believed that journalists need to address the development agenda with the same zeal and intensity as they pursue their own selfish and narrow political interests. “The PPP is committed to an environment where the news and information is fueled by facts and not the whims and fancies of the rumour mills.”

Opposition demands realistic rescue plan for GuySuCo By Abena Rockcliffe A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) shadow Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine said that he will be holding Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy to his promise to take a rescue plan for GuySuCo to the National Assembly by June. However, Dr. Roopnaraine and his team are not looking for the regular run of the mill report and suggestions: “…We need this plan to be as realistic as possible giving its critical nature.” When the Opposition, in the Committee of Supply, approved the $6B budgetary allocation set aside for GuySuCo, it did so on the grounds that it will soon be provided with a credible programme to resuscitate the industry. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy had promised that he will take before the House a strategic turnaround plan that will serve as that “credible

Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Rupert Roopnaraine

Minister of Agriculture, Leslie Ramsammy

programme to resuscitate”. But since his budget presentation, nothing was heard about the progress of this plan and little is known about who are the persons working to produce such a critical plan. When contacted, Dr. Roopnaraine told Kaieteur News that the opposition

has not been consulted for ideas to be included in the p l a n . H e s a i d , “ We a r e allowing them to do their jobs but we are willing to contribute and share our ideas if they do ask.” Dr. Roopnaraine said the last turnaround plan has been over taken by reality as projections for

2013 failed. He said that he hopes this plan will include a detailed breakdown on how the $6B will be spent. The Minister of Agriculture had told the Committee of Supply that the $6B will be used primarily for the conversion of thousands of hectares of land to facilitate mechanization as well as the opening up of new lands. Dr. Ramsammy said, too, that the money will be used to facilitate the upgrade of a number of estates, including a $500M allocation for the Skeldon Sugar F a c t o r y. The Minister added that when the Budget was prepared there was an $11B deficit, which the $6B would be used to alleviate in some measure. But as long as the turnaround is on track, he is optimistic that the industry would not be seeking another bailout before the end of this year. But according to

Roopnaraine, it is crucial that “we know how the resources are being used in further detail.” He told Kaieteur News that the there must be some kind of major and meaningful difference in this plan that will make it different from the others and give some kind of hope that GuySuCo can see an actual turnaround. The Member of Parliament is looking to see addresses to all areas down to cultivation practices and application of fertilizer… “We need to know about the run down infrastructure, the state of dams and bridges …This must not only be a report about the factory. We need a real report from the state of husbandry practices to the management of resources. The Member of Parliament also touched on the need for an efficient board. He said that less mentioned of the present

board the better. Dr. Roopnaraine said that the new board should not be made up of political friends. “We want to see qualified people in this field to be on the board. Let’s face it: GuySuCo needs all the help it can get.” He said that the new board will have its work cut out and an important task for the members would be for them to examine the mistakes of the past board so as to avoid a repeat. According to the Agriculture Minister, the new board is being appointed based on a number of recommendations made. He said that the “persons will bring experience in the industry in business a n d marketing and mechanization, because these are the issues we have to face.” Efforts to contact Dr. Ramsammy for comments on the strategic plan proved futile.

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

Cocaine in SSS tonic tragedy… Fishing communities will face warmer, acid oceans Alleged owner of bottle still at large in US

- region is closer to adopting a fisheries policy

Eating fish has been an integral part of the Caribbean’s cultural traditions for centuries. Fish is also a major source of food and essential nutrients, especially in rural areas where there are scores of small coastal communities, according to the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). The CRFM noted that the region is closer to adopting a fisheries policy which it describes as a progressive agreement for the cooperative management of shared fisheries resources in the Caribbean. The agency said advocacy, awarenessbuilding strategy and effective use of in-country mechanisms to facilitate adoption of the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy (CCCFP) by the CARICOM leaders were the main agreements emanating from a three day meeting in Dominica recently. “The policy is a progressive agreement for the cooperative management of shared fisheries resources in the region and many of the principles, goals and objectives of the CCCFP are already integrated into the activities of the CRFM whose mandate includes

concentrating on efforts to develop related protocols to harmonize various systems critical to a regional approach to fisheries management systems,” the CRFM said in a statement. CRFM executive director, Milton Haughton, said that the recent meeting was of particular historical significance to the region. He said that the first subregional fisheries management plan (FMP) to facilitate cooperation in the conservation, management and sustainable use of the flying fish resources shared among countries in the Eastern Caribbean was endorsed by the Forum. “This action paves the way for a new era of fisheries management in the region….one that engages stakeholders in the management decisionmaking process and utilises a holistic approach that considers human wellbeing, ecosystem and governance issues.” He said the FMP will be presented to the Ministerial Council for endorsement at its next meeting scheduled for 23 May and formalized through signature of an accompanying Resolution by the Flying fish Ministerial Sub-Committee. Other concerns

discussed at the meeting include the impacts of climate change and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing as well as initiatives to improve fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance and to foster regional cooperation in the management the region’s flying fish, lobster and queen conch fisheries resources and related ecosystems. The forum reviewed a Draft Declaration on the conservation, management and sustainable use of the Spiny Lobster which is to be updated with recent scientific information and inputs from s t a k e h o l d e r consultations by Member States through the CRFM Fisheries Wo r k i n g G r o u p b e f o r e submission to the Ministerial Council for approval. A similar declaration for harmonization of regional management strategies for the Queen Conch is to be prepared, based on the outputs of an EU-funded Project under the ACP Fish II Programme to improve and harmonize the scientific approaches required to inform sustainable management of the species in the region, the CRFM statement added.

Junior High Schools are like parking lots for underperformers - Thwaites (Jamaica Gleaner) The Education Minister, Ronnie Thwaites has questioned whether the Government should continue to operate primary and junior high schools. According to Thwaites, the results of these presecondary institutions have not been impressive. At the same time,

Thwaites says it is costing nearly four times more to maintain a student in a primary and junior high school than it does in a high school. He says many of the primary and junior high schools have become what he called parking lots fo r academic under performers.

Meanwhile, Thwaites has warned that there will be a shift in the allocation of resources to schools that are most in need. He was speaking in Manchester during a ceremony to honour outstanding teachers and other stakeholders who have left the Bethabara Primary and Junior High School.

Police are trying to locate the US-based man who has been identified as the owner of the bottle of liquefied cocaine in SSS Tonic that caused the death of a six-yearold boy and three adults last Sunday. The man investigators are seeking is known as ‘Barney’ and resides in the US. Sources said that two men, who police had detained shortly after the tragedy, have been released, since it was established that they had no knowledge of the cocaine. They were reportedly detained because they had turned up at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) enquiring about the victims. They are believed to have connections with the drug underworld. According to reports from individuals close to the family, ‘Barney’ is a relative of Simone Pryce, 36, who, along with her reputed husband, Alex Blair, 42, their son, sixyear-old Jahaquel Blair, and their friend, Natasha George, 36, succumbed after ingesting the deadly brew. A source close to the family said that during a visit to Guyana, ‘Barney’ had

given one of Simone Pryce’s sister, a package containing a bottle of SSS tonic, pear leaves (a herbal tea), packets of plantain chips and a bottle of cassareep. Kaieteur News was told that ‘Barney’ asked the sister, who was scheduled to travel to the US, to give the package to his girlfriend in Philadelphia. However, the sister reportedly told ‘Barney’ that it would be difficult for her to deliver the package since she (the sister) lived in Queens. Without indicating that she would not carry out the task, the sister reportedly told her sibling, Simone Pryce, about her predicament. Pryce reportedly told her to leave the package at her Cokerite Street, East La Penitence home, and that if ‘Barney’ asked, to say that she had turned the parcel over to his girlfriend. Pryce reportedly placed all the other items in her refrigerator, but left the ‘tonic’ outside. On Sunday, Pryce left for church, leaving her reputed husband, Alex Blair, her sixyear-old son Jahaquel Blair, and 12-year old Jamal Waterman at home.

The relative said that while his reputed wife was away, Mr. Blair opened the ‘SSS Tonic’, took a tablespoon, and give his sons the required dosage of the ‘tonic.’ Shortly after, Blair’s reputed wife, Simone Pryce, along with her friend, Natasha George, returned from church. They also took a dose of the ‘tonic.’ Within a few minutes, sixyear-old Jahaquel Blair began to complain of stomach pains and soon after, began to froth at the mouth. Kaieteur News was told that Mr. Blair contacted a friend, who came to the residence, but by then, the young Blair had collapsed and the others began to suffer from agonizing cramps. They were rushed to the GPHC, where Ms. George, Simone Pryce, Alex Blair, and Jahaquel Blair succumbed. Twelve-year-old Jamal Waterman, who reportedly spat out most of the substance, survived and remains hospitalised. Police sources said that the concentrated form of cocaine, although taken in minuscule doses, was enough to kill the victims.

Second CARICOM-Turkey high level meeting set for Istanbul (Caribbean News Now) ISTANBUL, Turkey — In an effort to expand and consolidate ties between CARICOM nations and Turkey, a second high level meeting between the government of Turkey and representatives from the C a r i b b e a n Community (CARICOM) will take place in Istanbul from May 12 to 14. The last meeting took place also in Istanbul in 2008. The 2008 meeting was attended by representatives from Turkey and Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, according to Suriname’s Ambassador to the UN, Henry MacDonald, who represented Paramaribo at that meeting. Turkey started negotiations with CARICOM in 2007 to sign a consultation and cooperation agreement. In 2011, this culminated in the signing of a memorandum of understanding on consultation and cooperation between Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoðlu and CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque in New York. The MOU also emphasizes cooperation in

the promotion of trade, investment and tourism, along with the areas of natural disasters, commerce and scientific and technical exchange. R e c e n t l y, D a v u t o ð l u visited the Caribbean to lobby CARICOM support for Turkey’s candidacy for a UN Security Council rotating seat. Davutoðlu became the first Turkish foreign minister to visit Haiti and the Dominican Republic in April. Turkey and Spain are both competing for that Security Council seat. Most Spanish-speaking Latin American countries according to insiders will support Spain. But Turkey is counting on the support of the English-speaking Caribbean countries and especially Guyana, Haiti and Suriname. During the last CARICOM-Turkey highlevel meeting in Istanbul in August 2008, former Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, identified trade, education, culture, tourism, climate change, food and fuel prices, as potential areas for cooperation. According to the CARICOM Secretariat, “These are indeed among C A R I C O M ’s priority issues, and are expected to feature on our cooperation

agenda.” These are some of the issues up for discussion during the upcoming meeting. CARICOM has already benefited immensely from the support provided by Turkey in 2006, to the C a r i b b ean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) through the Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Programme and notably in regard to the Haitian earthquake in 2010, according to the CARICOM Secretariat. Haitian minister of foreign affairs and religious affairs, Duly Brutus, will travel to Istanbul to attend the meeting. Guyana, Suriname and Turkey also belong to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and this has increased bilateral and multilateral ties, which have translated into increased economic ties and people to people relations. Turkish charitable NGOs are active in Guyana, Haiti and Suriname. The fact that some top Turkish diplomats such as the former secretary general of the OIC, Dr Ishanoglu, and Davutoðlu, the current foreign minister of Turkey, visited the region last year, may give impetus in expanding CARICOMTurkey economic relations to new heights.

Tuesday May 06, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Critchlow Labour College and the need for greater govt. financing DEAR EDITOR, Change is indeed inevitable and one must veer with it, but we have to be clear which changes we are going into. I know a few trade unionists will be harsh with me on my views. We advocate that they need to adjust their attitudes, their paternalism, their exploitation and a host of other traditional things we say about legislators and employers. We say they must change because times are changing. There are some trade unionists who also have entrenched vested interests in the traditional system and it is indeed difficult for anyone to give up his/her vested interest. Yet it has to be done and so I say that if it is going to be done then do not let someone do it for you, carve the road out yourself, consistent with the realities of change. The first part deals very briefly with the establishment of the Critchlow Labour College (CLC) and of its operation on 1st May, 1965 as

an integral part of the Trades Union Council of Guyana to provide Trade Union Education and training at all levels of trade union organization and management. But as the work of the Institute expanded it became evident that for trade union education and training to be meaningful, it has broadened coherently structured. The second part is a summary analysis of the future prospects of the institution and justification for greater government financing. The Trade Union Council decided in 1967 to change the structure and broaden the administration of the Institute by inviting representatives of the Government of Guyana, the University of Guyana and the general public. This decision of the Council was influenced by its awareness of the expanding role and increasing responsibilities which the Trade Unions in Guyana would have to take on – “the need for a Labour College

arises out of the expanded role and responsibility of Trade Unions in Guyana”. The third part accordance to the Critchlow Labour College is Private Company registered on 12th June, 1968 under “The Companies Ordinance Chapter 328” of the Laws of Guyana. The former Honourable Minister of Labour Winslow Carrington expressed some concern about the extent of deficit as shown in the College’s 1972 financial report and implied that the deficit suggested a need for greater financial control. The Board of Governors would wish to assure the Minister that their spending since 1969 has been done with utmost consideration to achieve maximum efficiency. The deficit is a result of bad spending. But finance, though important to the growth of the institution, is not the only problem; uncertainty of the Board of Governors, their attitude and policy towards the College is another matter of grave concern. I hold the view that

DEAR EDITOR, We are currently in Teachers’ Appreciation Week, and as a new term commences permit me to say a special thank you to all of our teachers. During this period let us, as a nation, take time out to acknowledge the invaluable contribution our teachers continue to make towards the development of Guyana. The daily intangible deposits teachers make in the lives of our children cannot be compared to any tangible gift. Teachers are more than imparters of knowledge and skills; they also serve as students’ confidants, role models, “lunch money helpers, bus fare helpers, the ambulance, nurse and doctors in moments of accidents or panic. In many instances teachers are the first to be exposed to the raw emotions of our children, especially those students who are at that critical teenage stage of their lives. Teachers are the managers of their ups and downs and the target of their emotional missiles and thunderstorms. Some teachers serve as mothers and fathers to those students who long for the warmth of a parent’s love. To these students, their teachers are the most important staple in their daily diet. I am humbled and at the same time grateful to have worked with some of the most amazing teachers in Guyana. We shared many moments of

frustration and anxiety, but at the end of the work we laughed and returned the next day ready and willing to work, as there was always a child who depended on our mere presence in order for him/her to take that next step. Today I salute every teacher and wish to especially acknowledge those teachers who continue to serve diligently in the public school system. Many of these teachers work in environments where a significant portion of the student population continues to struggle with serious socio-economic problems which present many other challenges in the classroom. To these teachers I must say I applaud your strength, courage and the wealth of compassion you show to these children who are deserving of your patience and understanding. You are among the least paid but yet you show up every day committed to make a difference in the lives of our children. I congratulate you and wish you every success in your endeavours. In teaching, we always say the pleasure lies in the reality that your efforts help in making one more human being productive, independent and functional in society. It takes a special person to be a teacher. So teachers, just know that you are special and we owe a great depth of gratitude to you, for truly moulding a nation.

I encourage every parent to take time out to express gratitude to the teacher/s of your children, and ask your child/children to express words of thanks to their teachers. These simple acts are sure to go a long way. Happy Teachers’ Appreciation Week to all our wonderful teachers! Lurlene Nestor

Salute to our teachers: Happy Appreciation Week!

the Critchlow Labour College along with other trade unions can and must play a major role in the development of Guyana. It is this view that influenced our development in the past and will continue to guide us in the future as we continue to develop. As it relates to the immediate priorities of Labour Education in Guyana, consideration must be given to: 1. The modern concept of the Role of the Trade Union. 2. The current problems of the Trade Union. 3. Possible solutions. · The need to convince Trade Union Leaders of the necessity for Labour Education. · The need to foster a consciousness of the importance and value of the Trade Union Movement as socio-economic Machinery Committee not only to the improvement of its particular members, but also to national development. · The need to develop among rank and file members an understanding of the reasons and importance of their active interest and participation in day-to-day activities of their Union. · The need to develop among Trade Union Officers and Rank and File members a working knowledge of modern methods of administration and financial management. · The need to give to workers knowledge of the attributes and personal qualities necessary for successful Trade Union leadership. · The need to imbue into

Trade Union Leaders the importance of their attitude in influencing not only the attitude of management but also the attitude of their members in their day-to-day relations. · The need to provide the Trade Union Leader with a certain measure of technical knowledge necessary to facilitate his or her dealings with management personnel and rank file members, Human Relations, Industrial Psychology, Elementary Economics and Administration. · The need to provide Trade Union Leaders with a knowledge and awareness of the social economic and political factors affecting the lives of the workers, and the responsibility of the Trade Union to influence these factors. · The need for training Trade Union personnel as Labour Educators, since this represent a special branch of Adult Education necessitating specialized training in the use of material, techniques, methods and audio – visual aids. · Identify the various needs for Caribbean Text Books on Trade Unionism. · Basic facts simply and attractively presented in a manner to encourage the Rank and File Worker to read, example: 1. Why a Trade Union? 2. How is a Trade Union organized? 3. Trade Union and Money 4. 10 questions and Answers on Trade Union 5. What have Trade Unions done for Society? 6. What can a Trade

Union do for me? 7. Who built Caribbean Trade Unionism and how did they do it? 8. The worker and Law. 9. The Union and its members. Material compiled and designed for use of the Labour Educators, including not only relevant subjects for teaching, but also indicating methods and techniques of presentation, for example: 1. Organization and Management of Trade Unions. 2. Labour Economics in the Caribbean. 3. Administration of Trade Union Finance. 4.History and Development of Trade Unions in the Caribbean. 5. Industrial Legislation in the Caribbean. 6. Trade Unions and Economic Development in the Caribbean. 7. Trade Unions and Politics in the Caribbean. 8. Collective Bargaining in the Caribbean. 9. Security of Trade Union Employees in the Caribbean. The role of Government in promoting Labour Education in Guyana is imperative. The Government should allot time on Radio and Television and provide a budget for Labour Education where a National body is formed and funds should be made available to that body. There used to be a radio programme called ‘Voice of Labour’ every Saturday on Labour issues and challenges faced by labour. Sherwood Clarke General President Clerical & Commercial Workers’ Union

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

Nigeria’s Boko Haram threatens to sell schoolgirls on market

(Reuters) - The Islamist militant group Boko Haram claimed responsibility yesterday for the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria last month and threatened to “sell them on the market,” the French news agency AFP reported, citing a video. Boko Haram on April 14 stormed an all-girl secondary school in the village of Chibok, in Borno state, then packed the teenagers, who had been taking exams, onto trucks and disappeared into a remote area along the border with Cameroon. The brazenness and sheer brutality of the school attack shocked Nigerians, who have been growing accustomed to hearing about atrocities in an increasingly bloody fiveyear-old Islamist insurgency in the north. “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in the video, according to AFP, which is normally the first media outlet to get hold of

Shekau’s videos. It did not immediately give further details. Boko Haram, now seen as the main security threat to Africa’s leading energy producer, is growing bolder and extending its reach. The kidnapping occurred on the same day as a bomb blast, also blamed on Boko Haram, that killed 75 people on the edge of Abuja and marked the first attack on the capital in two years. The militants, who say they are fighting to reinstate a mediaeval Islamic caliphate in northern Nigeria, repeated that bomb attack more than two weeks later in almost exactly the same spot, killing 19 people and wounding 34 in the suburb of Nyanya. The girls’ abductions have been hugely embarrassing for the government and threaten to completely overshadow its first hosting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for Africa on May 7-9. Nigerian officials had hoped the event would

highlight their country’s potential as an investment destination since it became Africa’s biggest economy after a GDP recalculation in March. PROTESTERARRESTED The apparent powerlessness of the military to prevent the attack or find the girls in three weeks has triggered anger and protests in the northeast and in Abuja. On Sunday, authorities arrested a leader of a protest staged last week in Abuja that had called on them to do more to find the girls. The arrest has further fuelled outrage against the security forces. Naomi Mutah Nyadar was picked up by police after a meeting she and other campaigners had held with President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience, concerning the girls. Nyadar was taken to Asokoro police station, near the presidential villa, said fellow protester Lawan Abana, whose two nieces are among the abductees. Police were not

Witness feared Pistorius might shoot himself (Reuters) - A defence witness in the murder trial of South African track star Oscar Pistorius told the court yesterday she feared the double amputee would shoot himself with the gun he used to kill his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year. Carice Viljoen and her father Johan, the manager of Pistorius’ up-market Pretoria housing complex, were first on the scene after the 27-yearold shot dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of February 14, 2013. She said she feared Pistorius might use the gun he had left upstairs to kill himself after emergency

services staff asked him to fetch the already dead Steenkamp’s identification. “I was scared that he might shoot himself,” she told the court as the trial resumed after a two-week adjournment. “I couldn’t hear him. I called out to him to hurry up with the bag.” Pistorius’ defence hinges on his assertion that he heard a noise in the middle of the night and thought it was an intruder climbing into the bathroom adjoining his bedroom. When he heard another noise coming from the toilet he fired four shots through the door, thinking an intruder was behind it.

Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria (CREDIT: REUTERS/IHSAAN HAFFEJEE/POOL)

Tuesday May 06, 2014

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Ukraine moves Special Forces to Odessa, helicopter downed in east (Reuters) - Pro-Russian rebels shot down a Ukrainian helicopter in fierce fighting near the eastern town of Slaviansk yesterday, and Kiev drafted police Special Forces to the southwestern port city of Odessa to halt a feared westward spread of rebellion. Ukraine said the Odessa force, based on “civil activists”, would replace local police who had failed to tackle rebel actions at the weekend. Its dispatch was a clear signal from Kiev that, while tackling rebellion in the east, it would vigorously resist any sign of a slide to a broader civil war. Odessa, with its ethnic mix from Russians to Ukrainians, Georgians to Tatars a cultural contrast to the pro-Russian east, was quiet yesterday. Ukrainian flags flew at half mast for funerals of some of the dozens killed in clashes on Friday. But in the east, fighting intensified around the proRussian stronghold of Slaviansk, a city of 118,000, where rebel fighters ambushed Ukrainian forces early in the day. The Interior Ministry said

five paramilitary police were killed. Separatists said four of their number had also died. The sound of an air-raid siren could be heard in the center of Slaviansk, and a church bell rang in the main square. Russia’s foreign ministry called on Kiev to “stop the bloodshed, withdraw forces and finally sit down at the negotiating table”. It also published an 80page report detailing “widespread and gross human rights violations” in Ukraine over the past six months for which it blamed the new government and its Western allies. CONCERNS FOR KIEV Russia denies Ukrainian and Western charges it is seeking to undermine the country of 45 million and using Special Forces to lead the insurgency, as it did before annexing Crimea in March. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he feared neither side could now control forces unleashed. “I’m convinced we are struggling against a situation that has taken on a dynamic of its own. There are groups

in eastern Ukraine that are not listening to either Kiev ... or Moscow.” The self-declared proRussian mayor of Slaviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev told Reuters by telephone: “(The Ukrainians) are deploying ever more forces here. Recently there was a parachute drop... For us, they are not military, but fascists.” Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said rebels had shot down a military helicopter, the fourth since Friday, with heavy machine gun fire. The helicopter crashed into a river and the crew was rescued but there were no details of their condition. The violence in Odessa marked a watershed for Ukraine. It increased fears that trouble could spread to the capital in the approach to Friday’s celebrations of the Soviet victory in World War Two, an event that could kindle tensions over Kiev’s relations with its former communist masters in Moscow. Over 40 people were killed in Friday’s clashes, the worst since pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovich fled to Moscow in February amid protests by Ukrainians

demanding closer ties to Europe. Most were proRussians killed when the building they occupied was set ablaze by petrol bombs. It is not clear who started the fire, but Moscow accuses Kiev of inciting violence. On Sunday, hundreds besieged a police station where fellow pro-Moscow activists were held after street fighting that led up to the house blaze. Police freed 67 of them, infuriating Kiev. ODESSA’S ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE Loss of control of Odessa would be a huge economic and political blow for Ukraine, a country the size of France that borders several NATO countries and aspires to join the military alliance, a primary source of concern for the Kremlin. A city of a million people, with a grand history as the cosmopolitan southern gateway for the tsars’ empire, Odessa has two ports, including an oil terminal, and is a transport hub. Many on the city’s streets were shocked by the violence. The chant “Odessa is a Russian city!” was heard at pro-Russian demonstrations through the weekend.

Police stand guard inside a regional government building at the Black Sea port of Odessa (CREDIT: REUTERS/GLEB GARANICH) Many Russians agree. Founded by Empress Catherine the Great, it has played a key role in Russian imperial history. Diplomacy continued over the weekend. Germany said on Sunday it was pressing for a second meeting in Geneva to bring Russia and Ukraine together with the United States and European Union. Moscow and Kiev

accuse each other of wrecking an earlier accord on April 17. Berlin said it was doing what it could to make sure a presidential election planned for May 25 went ahead. “The election would be not just a means for stabilization but also a strong signal for a better future for Ukraine,” Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

Second CARICOM-Turkey high level meeting set for Istanbul (Caribbean News Now) ISTANBUL, Turkey — In an effort to expand and consolidate ties between CARICOM nations and Turkey, a second high level meeting between the government of Turkey and representatives from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will take place in Istanbul from May 12 to 14. The last meeting took place also in Istanbul in 2008. The 2008 meeting was attended by representatives from Turkey and Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, according to Suriname’s Ambassador to the UN, Henry MacDonald, who represented Paramaribo at that meeting. Turkey started negotiations with CARICOM in 2007 to sign a consultation and cooperation agreement. In 2011, this culminated in the signing of a memorandum of understanding on consultation and cooperation between Turkish Foreign Minister Ah med Davutoðlu and CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque in New York. The MOU also emphasizes cooperation in

the promotion of trade, investment and tourism, along with the areas of natural disasters, commerce and scientific and technical exchange. Recently, Davutoðlu visited the Caribbean to lobby CARICOM support for Turkey’s candidacy for a UN Security Council rotating seat. Davutoðlu became the first Turkish foreign minister to visit Haiti and the Dominican Republic in April. Turkey and Spain are both competing for that Security Council seat. Most Spanish-speaking Latin American countries according to insiders will support Spain. But Turkey is counting on the support of the English-speaking Caribbean countries and especially Guyana, Haiti and Suriname. During the last CARICOM-Turkey highlevel meeting in Istanbul in August 2008, former Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, identified trade, education, culture, tourism, climate change, food and fuel prices, as potential areas for cooperation. According to the CARICOM Secretariat, “These are indeed among CARICOM’s priority issues, and are expected to feature on our cooperation agenda.” These are some of the issues

up for discussion during the upcoming meeting. CARICOM has already benefited immensely from the support provided by Turkey in 2006, to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) through the Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Programme and notably in regard to the Haitian earthquake in 2010, according to the CARICOM Secretariat. Haitian minister of foreign affairs and religious affairs, Duly Brutus, will travel to Istanbul to attend the meeting. Guyana, Suriname and Turkey also belong to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and this has increased bilateral and multilateral ties, which have translated into increased economic ties and people to people relations. Turkish charitable NGOs are active in Guyana, Haiti and Suriname. The fact that some top Turkish diplomats such as the former secretary general of the OIC, Dr Ishanoglu, and Davutoðlu, the current foreign minister of Turkey, visited the region last year, may give impetus in expanding CARICOMTurkey economic relations to new heights.

Clarke: I want to catch all kinds of thieves (Jamaica Observer) NAIN, St Elizabeth — Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Roger Clarke has said that praedial larceny has now become a “highly commercialised” business in Jamaica and as such, all kinds of methods will have to be used to stem the practice. He said that as a farmer for many years he can speak first hand of what it feels like to be preyed upon. “I have a vested interest in catching cow thief, goat thief, yam thief, coconut thief, all kinds of thieves who prey upon the farmers of this country. If I can find a way to make a dent in this I will ride off into the sunset being happy that I achieved something,” said Clarke. Clarke was speaking at an official handing over ceremony for a drip irrigation system for a five-acre Alpart

Community Council farm here on Friday. The Council reportedly sought grant funding through the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) for the installation of the system to assist in the cultivation of crops including cabbage, hot pepper, sweet pepper, tomatoes, watermelon, thyme, broccoli, corn and pumpkin. The over $9-million ($9,432,173.60) project was approved and funding was received from the World Bank through its Rural Economic Development Initiative and the Alpart Community Council. The minister of agriculture described the farmers in St Elizabeth as most resilient. “They have taught us how to survive.... how to do it under trying circumstances,”

he said. Clarke said that “jungle justice” is not a method that he supports, as he seeks to address the problem with praedial thieves. He called for the cooperation of all stakeholders, including those in the judicial system as he embarks on getting the newly proposed passport for cattle into action. “O n e o f t h e r e a s o n s why we failed in the receipt book system was that it took farmers years upon years to go and get registered. Even now as we speak thousands of farmers have not registered,” he said. Clarke said that the cattle passport will not only help with praedial larceny but it is necessary for other checks and balances in the food chain.

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Demerara in sight of first...

Royals take 6 for 2 to steal game

From page 26 team a bright start with an opening stand of 47 before Hetmyer, who scored a century against the President’s XI in the first round, skied left arm pacer Daniel Basdeo to short cover for 24 (4x4). Pacer Keon Morris generated some pace and got his reward for maintaining a decent line when he had David Latchaya (04) taken at mid off at 52-2. Morris then induced Baldeo to edged one to wicket keeper Kemol Savory as Berbice slipped to 57-3. Baldeo went for 27 (4x4). Ashkay Homraj flashed at Basdeo and was caught at second slip for two before Hackeem Hinds (00) was run out in a terrible mix up which

resulted from poor communication with skipper Sharaz Ramcharran leaving their team in further trouble at 63-5. Ramcharran (14) was then bowled by medium pacer Sherfene Rutherford at 78-6. Viendra Gooniah and Arif Chan tried to steady the innings with a seventh wicket stand of 37, but Tagenarine Chanderpaul removed Gooniah for 22 (1x4) sending Berbice to tea at 116-7. Chan was run out after the interval for 18 (2x4) before skipper Brian Sattaur reintroduced Morris and the pacer had immediate success when he had Niall Smith (08) taken at slip. Morris then wrapped up the innings by having Grisean Grant (00) taken at the wicket

leaving Parmanand Ramdhan unbeaten on 14. Morris ended with 4-42; Basdeo claimed 225 while Chanderpaul and Rutherford had once each. Sattaur drove Smith’s first ball for four through mid on before hitting the bowler for consecutive boundaries through covers as Demerara got off to a flier. The left hander then flicked the bowler to long leg before smashing Grant over long on for a maximum. However Grant got the break through when Sattaur skied him to midwicket. He departed for 27 (4x4,1x6). Ronaldo Renee joined Chanderpaul and took the score to 54 before Renee was LBW to Ramcharran for 24 (4x4) just before the close.

From page 27 on keeping a straight face coming down on the ball. Uthappa used his feet to bolster his hits through and over mid-on while Gambhir peppered the cover boundary. It wasn’t the most eye-catching innings but it was what Knight Riders needed from their captain and victory seemed more probable than the eventual outcome. Suryakumar Yadav and Shakib Al Hasan were suddenly faced with a required rate over 11 in the final four overs. They swung and swiped and even enjoyed a couple of free hits but they could not muster the necessary pace. Having drained the wind from Knight Riders’ sails, Watson returned to bowl an intelligent final over to finish things off.

This is the second time a week that Royals have stolen a match from under Knight Riders’ noses. Gambhir’s men couldn’t overhaul an equation of 16 of 12 and lost after the match was pushed into a Super Over. After Royals were sent in, Karun Nair and Ajinkya Rahane found little trouble dealing with the early overs. The pitch was marked with patches of grass but no matter how much the KKR bowlers willed it, their search for movement was in vain. A few easy flicks to the square boundary on the leg side kickstarted their half-century partnership that was eventually undone by a run out. Nair’s season had begun with two single-figure scores and he had to overcome a sluggish beginning during his half-century against Delhi

Daredevils. But once he did, he showcased some effective shots and today he seemed to pick up where he had left off. A second successive fifty wasn’t on the cards, though. Sanju Samson, at No.3, ensured there was no loss in momentum with some smart shots to drive Royals past their hundred. Watson’s proclivity to hit straight down the ground hinted at a big total on the horizon. Knight Riders pulled things back in the last four overs but the 35 runs that the home side managed during that period proved more than enough. Scores: Rajasthan Royals 170 for 6 (Nair 44, Narine 2-28) beat Kolkata Knight Riders 160 for 6 (Uthappa 65, Gambhir 54, Watson 321, Tambe 3-26) by 10 runs.

Witness feared Pistorius might shoot himself Tuesday May 06, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) A neighbor or relative might volunteer to help you with some chores around the house, Aries, but you could sense that his or her heart isn't in it. This person is probably thinking about things and just needs some kind words and a little advice. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Paperwork involving money could be a real drag for you today, Taurus. You'll have to get it done, but you'd rather be elsewhere. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) A contract of some kind, perhaps involving the home, might need some careful consideration today, Gemini. You could find it a little difficult to understand, as it could be full of fine print and legalese. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You might pick up some rather disturbing thoughts from a friend, neighbor, or relative, Cancer. This person could be upset over something and not communicating his or her feelings. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Some gossip about a friend could reach your ears today, Leo, and it might seem a bit shocking at first. Money could be involved. However, don't accept what you hear at face value. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Today you might find yourself the center of attention, Virgo. Friends could ask for some information they know you have. It might involve telling a story or giving practical advice.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Today you might take up some sort of occult study, such as astrology, numerology, or alchemy that seems like Greek to you at first, Libra. As a result, you could be tempted to abandon it. Don't! SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A friend might be in such a dour mood that you wonder if this is the same person you know and love, Scorpio. During the day you might be tempted to try to analyze what's going on, but this is apt to raise more questions than answers. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) A friend or romantic partner might need your advice, Sagittarius, and want to discuss a few things that you don't really understand. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Today you might read a book on exercise or nutrition that seems a bit unsettling, Capricorn. According to the book, you're doing everything wrong! AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) YMemories and emotions welling up from the past might excite your creative impulses today, Aquarius. You may not quite be able to understand what all of this means, but the pictures should keep coming to you nonetheless. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) A subject you're researching, perhaps for a class or workshop, might prove more difficult than you expected, Pisces. The resources you consult might be very scholarly and thus difficult to read.

PRETORIA (Reuters) - A defense witness in the murder trial of South African track star Oscar Pistorius told the court on Monday she feared the double amputee would shoot himself with the gun he used to kill his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year. Carice Viljoen and her

father Johan, the manager of Pistorius’ up-market Pretoria housing complex, were first on the scene after the 27-yearold shot dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of Feb. 14, 2013. She said she feared Pistorius might use the gun he had left upstairs to kill

himself after emergency services staff asked him to fetch the already dead Steenkamp’s identification. “I was scared that he might shoot himself,” she told the court as the trial resumed after a two-week adjournment. “I couldn’t hear him. I called out to him to hurry up with the bag.” Pistorius’ defense hinges on his assertion that he heard a noise in the middle of the night and thought it was an intruder climbing into the bathroom adjoining his bedroom. When he heard another noise coming from the toilet he fired four shots through the door, thinking an intruder was behind it. Steenkamp, a 29-year-old law graduate and model, was hit by at least three of the four hollow-point rounds fired and died almost instantly. The state argues that Pistorius killed her deliberately in a fit of rage after the couple had a row. Viljoen was the second defense witness called on Monday, taking the stand after her father. The testimony from both painted a picture of Pistorius as a broken man in the immediate aftermath of the killing. Johan Stander said Pistorius was “torn apart, broken, desperate, pleading” as he prayed for Steenkamp to stay alive. Earlier, he described the telephone call he received in the middle of the night from a distressed Pistorius telling him he had killed Steenkamp by mistake. “Oom (Uncle) Johan, please, please come to my house. I shot Reeva. I thought she was an intruder. Please, please come quickly,” he quoted Pistorius as telling him.

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NBA Roundup: Warriors clip Blazers 113-112 (Associated Press) PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) — Stephen Curry scored 28 of his 37 points in the second half and Klay Thompson made the go-ahead 3-pointer with 11.1 seconds remaining to lead Golden State to the win. Thompson finished with 27 points and David Lee added 16 for the Warriors, who rallied from an 18-point deficit in the third quarter. Golden State ended a twogame skid and pulled within 1½ games of the Blazers for the Western Conference’s No. 5 playoff spot. Damian Lillard scored 26 points and Nicholas Batum had 23 points and 14 rebounds as the Blazers, playing without injured AllStar forward LaMarcus Aldridge, lost for the fifth time in six games. CLIPPERS 102, CAVALIERS 80 LOS ANGELES (AP) — Blake Griffin had 21 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists on his 25th birthday as the Los Angeles Clippers held off the Cleveland Cavaliers 10280 Sunday for their 11th consecutive victory. Chris Paul had 15 assists and scored 11 of his 16 points in the final 6:04 for the Clippers, who haven’t lost since Feb. 21. Los Angeles matched the longest winning streak in the NBA this season, equaling 11-game runs in November by Portland and San Antonio. Luol Deng scored 23 points and Dion

Waiters had 15 for the Cavaliers, who lost star point guard Kyrie Irving in the first quarter to a left biceps injury. Cleveland had won on its first two stops of a three-game West Coast road trip, but never led against the Clippers. Reggie Bullock scored a career-high 14 points as Los Angeles matched the 1974-75 Buffalo Braves for the second-longest winning streak in franchise history. HEAT 113, ROCKETS 104 MIAMI (AP) — Ray Allen scored 14 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade each scored 24 as Miami stopped its worst skid in three years. Chris Bosh added 18 points for the Heat, who won for just the second time in their last seven games. They were down 97-92 following a 3-pointer by James Harden midway through the fourth, then finished the game on a 21-7 run. Allen had 11 points during that late stretch, including a 3-pointer that allowed him to pass Allen Iverson for 21st on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Harden finished with 30 points and Dwight Howard added 21 points and 14 rebounds for the Rockets, who’ve dropped three straight. SPURS 122, JAZZ 104 SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Manu Ginobili scored 21 points and San Antonio earned its 10th consecutive victory to become the first NBA team to 50 wins this

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry reacts after sinking a three point shot during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers. (AP Photo/Don Ryan) season. The Spurs (50-16) shot a season-high 62.8 percent from the field in their fourth victory in four games this season against Utah. Tony Parker had 18 points and Tim Duncan scored 16. It’s the second doubledigit winning streak of the Spurs, who won 11 in a row in November. Derrick Favors had a season-high 28 points for Utah, which has lost four straight. MAVERICKS 109, THUNDER 86

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Shawn Marion scored 19 points and Vince Carter added 18 as the Mavericks stopped a seven-game, regular-season losing streak to the Thunder. Kevin Durant scored 30 points for Oklahoma City. It was his 26th straight game of 25 points or more, the longest such streak since Michael Jordan did so in 40 straight games during the 1986-87 season. Dirk Nowitzki added 17

points for the Mavericks, who became only the third Western Conference team to win this season in Oklahoma City, joining the Trail Blazers and Clippers. Dallas’ win over the Thunder was its first since Jan. 2, 2012. PELICANS 121, CELTICS 120, OT NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Anthony Davis set career highs with 40 points and 21 rebounds for New Orleans, and Eric Gordon made two crucial free throws in overtime. Tyreke Evans added 26 points and Gordon had 19 for the Pelicans, who had lost two consecutive games. Gordon’s foul shots with 9.4 seconds remaining gave the Pelicans a 121-117 lead. Davis became the first player in team history to have at least 40 points and 20 rebounds in the same game. Jeff Green scored 39 points for Boston, which lost its fourth straight game. TIMBERWOLVES 104, KINGS 102 MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Kevin Love had 26 points, 10 rebounds and five assists to lead Minnesota to the win. Love was 3 for 6 from 3point range, including one with 1:07 to play to give Minnesota a 97-95 lead. Kevin Martin added 31 points for Minnesota, and Senegalese rookie Gorgui Dieng had his first career double-double with season highs in points (12) and

rebounds (11). He also had five blocks. Derrick Williams scored 26 points and 11 rebounds for Sacramento, which has officially been eliminated from postseason contention. SUNS 121, RAPTORS 113 TORONTO (AP) — Markieff Morris had 16 points and 14 rebounds and Gerald Green scored 13 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter as Phoenix beat Toronto. Goran Dragic scored 19 points, Eric Bledsoe had 14 and P.J. Tucker 11 for the Suns, who had lost three of four before winning 87-80 at Boston on Friday. Phoenix’s reserves outscored Toronto’s 59-11. Kyle Lowry had 28 points and 13 assists, and Terrence Ross scored 22 points as Toronto lost at home for the first time since a tripleovertime defeat to Washington on Feb. 27. BOBCATS 101, BUCKS 92 MILWAUKEE (AP) — Kemba Walker scored 21 points and Al Jefferson added 16 of his 20 in the second half to help Charlotte beat Milwaukee for its fourth straight victory. Gary Neal added 18 in his return to Milwaukee after the Bucks traded him to Charlotte last month. Gerald Henderson scored 14 as the Bobcats matched their longest winning streak of the season, set Feb. 18-22. Brandon Knight scored 21 points and Ramon Sessions added 18 for the Bucks.

Olympic relay medals in jeopardy after Tyson Gay’s ban (Reuters) The International Olympics Committee (IOC) will have the final say on whether Tyson Gay’s 4x100 meters relay team mates will be stripped of their London Games medals in the wake of the sprinter’s doping ban, the IAAF told Reuters. Gay received a one-year suspension on Friday after testing positive for a banned anabolic steroid in 2013. All his results from July 2012 onwards have been annulled and he has already returned his relay silver medal to the U.S. Olympic Committee. Still to be determined is whether his team mates - Trell Kimmons, Justin Gatlin and Ryan Bailey - will also lose the Olympic silver medals they won in London in 2012. “Although our rules say clearly ‘team forfeits medals’, the IOC has control of the medals for the Olympics,” Nick Davies, deputy secretary general for the International Association of Athletics

Federations (IAAF), said by email. Athletics competitors must follow rules of the IAAF in the Olympics but the IOC has the final say on matters including medals. Gay was banned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) subject to appeal by the IAAF or the World Anti-Doping Agency. Davies said the IAAF would reserve comment on Gay’s suspension until its doping review board had a chance to see the judgement from USADA and either accepted or rejected the reduced sanction. Gay, the joint second fastest man of all-time, could have been suspended for two years for his first doping offence but received a shorter ban because of his substantial assistance in the investigation of his case, USADA said. “There’s a lot for me to tell, my side,” Gay, 31, said on Saturday in an interview with

his hometown newspaper, the Herald-Leader of Lexington, Kentucky. “But under the rules of USADA, they didn’t want me to speak on the case. But they definitely understand what happened, and USADA understands that it was a mistake. That’s why they’re allowing me to run this year.” The American 100 meters record holder is eligible to race again beginning June 23 and, Reuters has learned, is making plans to return to competition in July. The IOC welcomed the decision to suspend Gay. “We will take all necessary steps with regard to the Olympic Games in line with our zero tolerance policy, and our full commitment to the protection of the clean athletes,” it said in a statement. The IOC is expected to wait for the IAAF to make a decision on disqualifying the U.S. team before taking action on the medals.

Should the Americans lose their medals, third place Trinidad and Tobago and fourth-place finisher France could move up in the London results. VARYING DECISIONS The IOC has varied in the past on stripping medals from relay squads. All members of the U.S. men’s 4x400 meters relay at the 2000 Olympics lost their medals after doping cases involving Antonio Pettigrew and Jerome Young. But the Olympic committee allowed U.S. runners in the 2004 Olympic women’s 4x400 meters relay final to keep their gold medals even though squad member Crystal Cox, who competed only in the preliminary round, was stripped of hers after admitting in 2010 she had used anabolic steroids. The IOC had also stripped the U.S. women’s 4x100 and 4x400 relays of their medals at the Sydney Games after Marion Jones’ doping

Tyson Gay of the U.S. reacts after winning in the 100m event of the Lausanne Diamond League meeting in Lausanne, July 4, 2013 . REUTERS/Denis Balibouse admission but the Court of Arbitration for Sport reinstated medals for all but Jones after an appeal. The IAAF rule in place in 2012, however, stated clearly that all relay members would lose their medals if there was a doping violation.

USA Track & Field will not decide whether the U.S. team’s performance of 37.04 seconds in London will be considered a national record until the IAAF and IOC have determined the status of the medals and results, spokeswoman Jill Geer said.

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Felicien IOC hoists awardsGuyana’s Caribbeanflag as 2014 WIFSC firesfor offRio inOlympics Jamaica broadcast rights G u y a n a ’s d e b u t a n t Sherwin Felicien hoisted the Golden Arrowhead as the local shooters joined their regional counterparts at the 2014 West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championships which opened yesterday at the Twickenham Park ranges in Spanish Town, Kingston, Jamaica. Seven countries Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, hosts Jamaica and a visiting Canadian team are competing in the fiveday tournament amidst drought-like conditions, humid and dry on the

Caribbean island. Chief-of-staff of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Brigadier Antony Anderson welcomed the visiting teams before firing off the first shot to officially declare the championships open. Brigadier Anderson was assisted by President of the We s t I n d i e s F u l l b o r e Shooting Council (WIFSC) Norris Gomez of Trinidad and Tobago and veteran Jamaican shooter Major retired John Nelson. The actual competition will get cracking today but the shooters were involved

in practice, shooting at 300 and 600 yards ranges yesterday, while a Welcome Reception was held in the evening at the Jamaica Rifle Club. The Guyana delegation arrived in the wee hours of Sunday morning and Team Captain Mahendra Persaud held a meeting with the squad which included United States-based shooters Sigmund Douglas and John Fraser. The individual competition will take place from today to Thursday, while the two team matches are carded for Friday and Saturday.

Atletico Madrid fans accused of racist chants by Levante’s Diop

Papakouly Diop said he was responding to monkey chants from the crowd when he danced in front of Atletico Madrid fans. (AP) BBC Sport - Levante midfielder Papakouly Diop said he was responding to monkey chants from the crowd when he danced in front of Atletico Madrid fans after his side’s 2-0 win over the La Liga leaders. Diop provoked outrage among Atletico players by dancing in front of travelling fans after a game that threatens the Madrid side’s title bid. “I was going to take a corner and some of the Atletico fans started making monkey chants,” said the Senegalese. “To defuse the situation I danced.”

The incident comes a week after Barcelona’s Dani Alves ate a banana thrown at him by a fan during a La Liga game against Villareal. Alves’s action prompted an international anti-racism campaign across social media, apparently planned in advance by Brazil and Barca team-mate Neymar. Diop, who has played in Spain since 2008, said his dance was not intended to goad Atletico fans after their unexpected defeat, but that he was responding to monkey chants aimed at him as he took a corner in

stoppage time. “I have nothing against the Atletico fans because it was only a section who chanted,” he said. “It’s a lack of respect you get at all stadiums. It’s a provocation. I don’t know if you can call it racism but these monkey chants have to stop.” Match of the Day presenter and former England striker Gary Lineker, who had a spell at Barcelona, tweeted: “Spanish football must face up to the fact that they have a serious racist problem. They can’t continue to bury their heads in the sand.”

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Super Kings flex batting muscle once again Dwayne Smith belts the ball down the ground. (BCCI)

ESPNcricinfo There had been a light, on-off drizzle right through the match, and it grew in intensity o v e r t h e c o u r s e o f the Chennai Super Kings chase. Fifth ball of the 15th over, Suresh Raina aimed a big drive at a full, off-stump ball from Jaydev Unadkat and edged it past the wicketkeeper for four. Raina pumped his fist. Super Kings were 127 for 1. They still needed 52 from 31 balls, but they had edged ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis par s c o r e . It would seesaw this way and that over the next few overs as the rain fell and the insects swarmed in the haloes around the floodlight towers. Super Kings were ahead after taking 14 off Wayne Parnell in the 16th over; Delhi Daredevils were back on top after a frugal 17th, bowled by Jaydev Unadkat. Throughout that time, Super Kings were in control. They had only lost one wicket, and it soon became apparent the umpires would not take the players off the field. They had Raina at the crease; they had Dwayne Smith, who had already passed 50; they had MS Dhoni waiting to come in. In the end, they simply had too much batting firepower, even if they did suffer a small hiccup. Super Kings seemed to have it wrapped up after they took 17 off the 18th over, bowled by Mohammed Shami. Bowling with both third man and fine leg in the circle, he sent down three poor deliveries: a short, wide ball that Smith was only too happy to slash behind square for four, followed by two

long-hops that Smith pulled for six and four. But it only took one wicket - Smith holing out in the penultimate over after a powerful 7 9 o ff 5 1 - f o r p a n i c t o s e t i n , albeit momentarily, and show Daredevils what may have been had they possessed a more penetrative bowling attack. Despite conceding a boundary off the first ball, Wayne Parnell only gave up five from that over. It left Super Kings needing 11 off the f i n a l o v e r. U n a d k a t had the ball for Daredevils; Super Kings had Raina and D h o n i . It was an unequal contest in terms of Twenty20 pedigree and experience, and all it took was one ball in Dhoni’s slot - the second of the over - for it to disappear over the long-on boundary and the equation to come down to four from four. There could only be one result from there. At the toss, Dhoni had sent Daredevils in, contending that there was some moisture in the pitch and it would g e t b e t t e r f or batting as the game progressed. The first couple of overs of the Daredevils innings seemed to suggest he was right. Ben Hilfenhaus moved it around a bit, and Ishwar Pandey beat M Vijay three balls in succession in a maiden full of gorgeous outswingers. But Quinton de Kock kept Daredevils chugging along, and he seemed to be able to hit cleanly through or across the line. This was rapidly becoming a good pitch to bat on. Delhi just seemed to have gotten past the difficult phase when they lost de Kock - to a needless run-out - and Kevin

Pietersen, who played down the wrong line of what looked a straight ball from Mohit Sharma. Vi j a y a n d D i n e s h Karthik got out of rebuilding mode fairly quickly after that. Karthik played some stunning shots, i n c l u d ing a paddled six off a Hilfenhaus full-toss, in a 36-ball 51 that provided Daredevils the perfect platform to launch off from. When Karthik was out, Delhi were 108 for 3 with seven overs remaining. At that point, JP Duminy was expected to walk in. Or Kedar Jadhav, who had looked in sparkling form down the order in t h e ir previous games. Instead, it was Laxmi Shukla, who hadn’t faced a single ball in the tournament. Starting with Karthik’s dismissal, Daredevils lost three wickets in nine balls, just when they should have been flooring the pedal. With Daredevils needing to rebuild once more, R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja bowled four overs for 26 runs. Having got their eye in, Duminy and Jadhav took 44 from the last three - and were particularly severe on Mohit Sharma, who went for 35 in his last two - to push Daredevils to 178. No one knew at that point if it was a defendable total. Daredevils knew they would have to bowl to a fearsome batting line-up; they didn’t know they would be doing so with a wet ball. Scores: Chennai Super Kings 181 for 2 (Smith 79, Raina 47*) beat Delhi Daredevils 178 for 5 (Karthik 51) by eight wickets.

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GCB U-19 Inter-County cricket

Sewkarran (109), Mohamed (75) & Shun (70) shine despite Wallace’s 5-96 for E’bo Ronaldo Mohamed

Avinash Sewkarran uses his feet to hit a boundary at DCC yesterday during his 109

Off-spinner Akil Wallace captured 5-96 By Sean Devers Blairmount right-hander Av i n a s h S e w k a r r a n fashioned his first InterCounty century and was supported by fifties from Ronaldo Mohamed and Ryan Shun as the President’s XI ended the opening day of their Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) three-day under-19 Inter-County second round fixture against Essequibo in the driver’s seat at DCC yesterday despite a fivewicket haul from off-spinner Akil Wallace. Sewkarran (109) and Shun (70) rode their luck to put together 150 for the third wicket, while 15-year-old Mohamed smashed an explosive 75 as the President’s X1, who lost to Demerara in their opening match, reached 332 all out, 15 minutes before the close with Wallace capturing 5-96

for Essequibo who were 9-0 when the bails were lifted. Av i n a s h P e r s a u d (dropped before he had scored in the first over from Gavin Moriah) and Ricardo Peters survived a testing three over spell from Moriah and Mohamed in fading light. The President’s XI won the toss and elected to bat in overcast conditions on a slow track and quickly lost Sunil Singh (7) to Travis Drakes and Nick Ramsaroop (10), clean bowled by the lively Kemo Paul to leave the President’s X1 on 34-2. But Sewkarran and Shun, who plays for GNIC in the City, joined forces and aided by some sloppy work in the field by Essequibo, orchestrated operation ‘rebuild’ with their century partnership and see their team to 113-2 by Lunch with Sewkarran on 54 and Shun

on 38. After the interval, shun who dropped at least four times and reached his fifty from 96 balls with eight fours, fell at 184-3 to give Wallace, the brother of former Guyana youth player David Wallace, his first victim as the batsman pulled a long hop ‘miles’ into the air to be caught on the midwicket boundary. Travis Persaud (9) soon had his leg stump rocked back by Wallace who rarely tried to flight the ball on the small ground and the Presidents X1 were 205-4. Wallace struck twice in the space of four runs when he bowled Shivnarine Srikisoon (9) and Sewkarran, who hit eight fours and six sixes in his 147-ball ton to leave the score on 223-6. Sewkarran, who reached

his 50 from just 52 balls and his ton 127 balls, was dropped twice and struggled badly in the nervous nineties after stroking the ball with superb timing and confidence earlier in his innings. The West Berbice batsman should have been run out on 99 when he called for a suicidal single and was left stranded almost halfway down the pitch only to see the Keeper drop the ball and never bothered to remove the bails. Wallace then got rid of Vivian Albert (5) to capture his maiden five-wicket haul at this level before the pugnacious Mohamed, a national under15 all-rounder, reached his fifty from 50 balls before falling to Paul at 326-9 after hitting 19 fours and clearing the boundary four times in his 75 from just 70 balls. Last man Ershad Alli (6)

Ryan Shun drives

played some elegant drives before he was bowled by Akini Adams to end the innings from 88.3 overs. Play on the penultimate day

today is scheduled to commence at 10:00 hrs and Essequibo will have a lot of work to do to take first innings points.

GCB U-19 Inter County tourney

Demerara in sight of first innings points By Zaheer Mohamed Demerara are in a comfortable position to take first innings points from Berbice in their second round game of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) U-19 Inter County 3-day tournament. At stumps, on the first day yesterday at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda, Demerara were 70-2 off 26 overs in

reply to Berbice first innings total of 140. Tagenarine Chanderpaul is not out on 18 and Rudolph Singh on 01. Earlier the visitors won the toss and elected to bat after the start of play was delayed due to damp spots on the square and were bowled out after tea in 40.1 overs. Shimron Hetmyer and Balchan Baldeo gave their (Continued on page 19)

Keon Morris bowled impressively yesterday

Brain Sattaur hits out

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

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Major League Baseball Coach impressed with enthusiasm, discipline displayed in Guyana

The participants assembled at the GCC ground during the Baseball clinic last weekend. The Guyana Baseball League Easter Baseball Camp series sponsored by E-

Networks Inc., Sterling Products Limited, Fly Jamaica Airways and Nobel

House Sea Foods concluded over the weekend, with camps in New Amsterdam

Millington returns to winning ways as he grinds out victory in FACC cycle race Andrea Millington of the Flying Ace Cycle Club returned to winning ways when he out sprinted club mate Kurt La Rose and Veteran Thuran Harris of Carlton Wheelers to take top honours when the club yesterday staged a 60 miles cycle race for cyclists in Berbice. Organised by coach Randolph Roberts and sponsored by two of Berbice leading sponsors in Furniture World of Main and King Street New Amsterdam and the First Impression Hotel of Hampshire Corentyne Berbice. The race got on the way at 09:30hrs with the riders being sent on the way from in front of Furniture World at Main and King Street New Amsterdam, proceeding to No 43 Bridge before turning back to finish at Main and Alexander Street, New Amsterdam. A tight early bunch held together until about four miles in the race when the three riders in Millington, La Rose and Harris made a break to the front and were never caught. The other cyclists seemed to have been caught napping and by the time they made a go for it the three riders were much too far. It was a straight battle between the three riders as they swallowed up all the spring prizes. Another bunch, featuring Neil Reece, who is making a comeback, Audrel Ross, Syborne Fernandes and Elijah

Millington on the outside, winning from La Rose with Harris in the background. Brijjader made sporadic efforts to catch the front riders albeit unsuccessfully. The second bunch finished some five minutes behind the leaders. The sprint home for fourth among the chasing pack saw Brijjader riding in ahead of Wasim Hassnu, fifth with Ross sixth, Jamal Jarvis seventh and Fernandez in eight position rounding out the placings. Millington and La Rose took three sprint point prizes each with Harris grabbing two. On the distaff side Marica Dick continued her come back with a victory in their race from Nand Persaud Complex to the finishing line. Speaking at the presentation ceremony, organizer and coach of the FACC Randolph Roberts stated that the race was used as a warm up for the Berbice

cyclists who are preparing for the annual Independence three stage cycle race set for 17th and 18th May. Roberts however told the gathering that he was disappointed with their performance in the event. He wanted the riders to show more fight and purpose as they prepare for the Independence race. He also e x p r e s s e d h i s disappointment in their timings. Although no timing were available the event concluded around 12:05hrs. Co-sponsors Janette Ikel of the Furniture World and Gail Victor of the First Impression Hotel also spoke at the ceremony and encouraged the cyclists to continue training in an effort to improve their timings. She promised to continue sponsoring events, but wants the cyclist to show improvements. (Samuel Whyte)

Berbice, Cornelia Ida and Tuschen West Demerara and Georgetown. Three Hundred and twenty children participated in all camps combined; including newcomers Fly Jamaica Airways William S t r e e t Wa r r i o r s , a n enthusiastic group of girls have formed themselves into a team under the management and coaching of Ms. Inga Henry of the Ministry of Education, Allied Arts Division. Mr. Elias Sosa a former major League Pitcher with a distinguished career, who is now Latin America Coordinator for Major League Baseball, who assisted the GBL coaches and conducted coaching

sessions for camp participants at the Georgetown Cricket Club, Georgetown on the 2nd,3rd and 4th May, was very impressed with the enthusiasm and discipline on display by the attendees. Mr. Sosa has indicated that Major League Baseball (MLB) would be interested in conducting a coaching seminar for the entire English and Dutch speaking Caribbean and Latin America area in Guyana, President of the GBL, Mr. Robin Singh has pledged to make this offer a reality in the near future. The GBL President also expressed thanks to the Georgetown Cricket Club for the use of its facility and

to the coaches and children who participated in all of the camps, he said, “Baseball is a relatively inexpensive sport to play and with the invaluable work of our US based Vice-president Mark Gafur in securing equipment donations, more children are being afforded the opportunity to play as our participation numbers grow so does our partnership with our sponsors, a pleasing momentum has been achieved.”In a release, the League stated, “Baseball will now take a break for eleven weeks as our players turn their attention to CXC and end of term exams, camps and tournaments are planned for the long school break in July and August.”

Royals take 6 for 2 to steal game ESPNcricinfo - Gautam Gambhir had hoped Kolkata Knight Riders had learned from conceding winning positions in multiple matches this season, but losing six wickets for two runs after 70% of the target of 171 had been mowed down by a century stand between himself and Robin Uthappa indicated there was still a lot of work left to do. Rajasthan Royals were the beneficiaries this time as they recorded their fourth victory in five IPL matches in Ahmedabad. An equation of 50 from the final six overs is not cause for alarm and Knight Riders had all 10 wickets in hand, but the events that unfolded at Motera were almost unfathomable. Shane Watson pried out Gambhir to tip the dominoes. An inexplicable promotion for Andre Russell did not last long and before the over ended three wickets were down. Pravin Tambe claimed a hat-trick off the first three balls of the next over to complete the worst collapse for the first six wickets in T20 history. Before those nightmarish few minutes, Uthappa had cemented the team’s belief in him by melding stability and enterprise together. His fluency allowed Gambhir to work himself into form. Both batsmen embraced percentage cricket, concentrating (Continued on page 19)

Shane Watson broke through Andre Russell’s defences. (BCCI)

t r o Sp

Felicien hoists Guyana’s flag as 2014 WIFSC fires off in Jamaica Debutant Sherwin Felicien (3rd right) hoists the Golden Arrowhead (above) while below; Brigadier Antony Anderson fires the first shot to officially declare the championships open.


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