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Saturday May 03, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The customer refused to conform to our security protocols DEAR EDITOR, I read with great consternation a letter which appeared in the Kaieteur News edition of the 2nd May, 2014, under the headline, “Diminishing the dignity of shoppers”, written by Lenno Craig. The said letter contains several inaccuracies, including a flawed account of what actually transpired on the day in question. For the record, our business establishment is fitted with three facilities for customers to leave their bags or other personal items while shopping in our stores. Two of those fixtures are located within the store and are equipped with locking facilities, controlled by the customer. The third which is located within the entrance of the store is designed for larger bags and is controlled by security staff attached to our store. Additionally, all of our staff members meet and exceed the legal requirements for employment. On the day in question, the customer entered the store and ignored two staff members who advised him of

the requirement to leave his bag in one of the specified areas before proceedings into the store. As a consequence, another staff member proceeded to accompany the customer to ensure that no breach of security occurred. This apparently incensed the customer, who then proceeded to shout at the staff member. Upon inquiry by a more senior member of staff, the customer continued his tirade against the staff and establishment and completely ignored any attempts to explain the store’s policy to him. Our business establishments have been the subject of attack by criminal elements in our society including, but not limited to, shoplifting and obtaining by false pretence. This prevalence of crime is even acknowledged by the said customer. We are therefore forced to adopt security protocols to safeguard both customers and management. Admittedly, there are many forms of security that can be implemented, many of which are in use by our business establishments, but we maintain and reserve our

right to utilise whatever lawful methods are at our disposal in particular circumstances. In this instance, the customer

refused to conform to our security protocols and another layer of security was accordingly utilised. In closing, we would

invite the said customer to return to our store, but respectfully request that he complies with our security protocols put in place for

customers and management alike Terry Anderson Proprietor, Fazia’s Collection

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Fisherman hacked to death at Haslington New Scheme - wife claims robbery, relatives finger woman’s lover

Relatives console the dead man’s daughter Jasmattie The peace and tranquility of the small community of Haslington New Scheme on the East Coast of Demerara was shattered early yesterday morning with the brutal hacking to death of 40year-old fisherman Chetram Bharrat. While his 36-year-old wife Lomattie Ramdat, who was also chopped about her body is claiming that they were attacked by two bandits who carried away $500,000, relatives and neighbours are almost convinced that it was the work of the woman’s

lover who has conveniently vanished. Bharrat was found lying dead on his blood soaked bed with several deep chop wounds to his head and other parts of his body minutes after his wife ran out of the house and alerted neighbours around 04:00 hours. Police in a statement yesterday said that their initial investigations indicate that two men, both of whom were armed with cutlasses, entered the 418 Ninth Street, Haslington New Scheme home of Chetram Bharrat and

his reputed wife Lomattie Ramdat, 36, through a window. The men demanded cash and jewellery during which the two victims were chopped about their bodies. Speaking with Kaieteur News from her hospital bed Ramdat said, “Me and me husband been sleeping and we wake up and two men just start chopping. They chop me and they chop he.” The woman told this newspaper that she tried to block the blows but received two chops on her hand and

then fainted. According to the woman, when she came to, she saw her husband lying motionless on his bed. She managed to make it to a neighbour to whom she related what had transpired. The police were subsequently contacted. Gopaul Ramkumar, the couple’s neighbour to the east, said that he did not hear any screams when the attack was taking place but was only awakened by Ramdat’s knocking and calling his name. He said that since the couple was known to have disagreements whenever they imbibed liquor, he thought that they were having another quarrel, so at first he was not too keen to get out of his bed. “She call and seh, ‘come boy, open de door.’ When me open de door, me see she cover in blood and me nah know wha fuh do. Me put she fuh sit down and me go and me call dem other neighbour,” Ramkumar told this newspaper. He said the woman claimed that thieves had attacked them and her husband was lying dead on his bed. She was eventually rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by her 18-year-old son, Avinash, who had raced to the scene from Clonbrook several miles away after being informed about the tragedy. As news of the incident spread through the village, several residents who had already gotten out of their

The wounded Lomattie Ramdat in hospital. beds at the break of day, converged on the scene and began expressing views on how the couple lived. Kaieteur News learnt that Bharrat worked as a fisherman in neighbouring Suriname and would spend months away from his home, leaving his wife and two teenage children. Relatives said that he recently returned home from a four-month stint at sea, with a substantial amount of money. According to the relatives, Bharrat’s absence resulted in his wife engaging in an affair with another

villager, who they strongly believe was responsible for the attack. The dead man’s sister-inlaw, Lalita (his wife’s sister), told a tale of infidelity on the part of Ramdat. This caused the couple’s two children to move out and reside with her at Clonbrook. She said that while the brutal death of Bharrat was a shock, it was not unexpected. “They were threatened…A boy name Errol did threaten de two children and dey father. De mother have an affair with dis Continued on page 24

Saturday May 03, 2014

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Gunmen terrorize household Demerara Bank launches on relatives’ request ‘Drive for Life’ promotion …arrested

The police placing the driver of the black vehicle into the police van Three thugs for hire who were allegedly working under instruction of an overseasbased Guyanese woman were yesterday intercepted by police ranks after residents called and reported that the thugs and the woman had returned to attack a Stevedore Housing Scheme home. The Stevedore Housing Scheme family in South Ruimveldt had had their home attacked and damaged by the thugs for hire. No one was at home when the bikers and the woman came to the premises this time around, but a relative explained that residents called her and she along with other family members descended on the scene. Apparently when the overseas-based woman got wind that the occupants of the home were returning she left with the hired thugs and a man who was driving her around in a black Toyota vehicle PRR 4380. One of the relatives said that the police apparently were patrolling in the area when they stumbled upon the men on the CG bikes. They occupants of the home had reported that an armed gang, at the instigation of the overseas-base Guyanese,

had begun to destroy the home. They even entered the building and began hurling the residents’ property outside. The police stopped them but soon after the black vehicle drove up with the overseas-based Guyanese to meet with the bikers only to be confronted by the police and the arrested bikers. A nephew for the terrorized family, Phillip Reynolds, jumped on the bonnet of the vehicle in an attempt to halt their escape. His actions prevented the vehicle from pulling off and allegedly caused the driver of the said vehicle to draw his gun and discharge several rounds at him (Reynolds). Eyewitnesses who were at the Tucville Bridge where the shooting occurred said that the driver of the black vehicle, started to shoot indiscriminately at the young man who was now dodging the bullets that were coming his way. The bullets even threatened young children who were playing. Neither Reynolds nor anyone was injured. He was however able to prevent the vehicle from driving away. The police were able to apprehend the driver and the

aunt. A relative of the terrorized family explained that the police came up to the driver and accosted him to drop the gun, but the driver was reluctant to do so, it was only when the police officer cranked his weapon did the driver comply with the instruction. The three bikers, the aunt and the driver of the vehicle were escorted to the East La Penitence Police Station where the investigations are currently ongoing. The police declined to provide any comment but based on the reports from a senior officer the incident is a private matter with both parties having their lawyers and the matter will be in the Court. They said nothing about the discharge of a firearm in a public place. The residents, in fact, were convinced that the police were seeking to protect the shooter. They had already collected the spent shells and did not appear to arrest the shooter. The woman of the home, who was at the East La Penitence Station, said that the overseas-based Guyanese had returned with the men to burn the house down.

Obama, Merkel threaten new Russia sanctions WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened tougher new sanctions against Russia yesterday if Moscow does not quickly change its disruptive behavior. “We will not have a choice but to move forward with additional more-severe sanctions” if Russia disrupts a presidential election in Ukraine scheduled for May 25, Obama said at a news conference with Merkel outside the White House. “Further sanctions will be

unavoidable,” Merkel agreed. Both leaders made it clear that the next step would be to order sanctions on separate parts of the Russian economy or military — on energy or arms for example — but neither leader specified precisely what was being considered. Putin “needs to be dissuaded from his current course,” Obama said. The two leaders met as the European Union announced it would hold talks with Ukraine and Russia later this month on the price of natural gas, an attempt to avoid any disruption

in supplies. Moscow recently hiked the price of gas shipped to Ukraine to $485 per thousand cubic meters from $268.50, and threatened to limit deliveries if Kiev does not meet the new price and repay a debt of $3.5 billion. More forebodingly, proRussia forces shot down two Ukrainian helicopters yesterday and Ukraine reported many rebels dead and wounded as the interim government in Kiev launched its first major offensive against an insurgency that has seized government buildings across the east.

In keeping with its motto “Come Grow With Us,” Demerara Bank Limited is set to launch the company’s first ever “Drive for Life promotion” at the bank’s Diamond branch. Kaieteur News understands that the promotion will be simultaneously ongoing at all six branches from today and is slated to come to an end on June 30. Just for the duration of this promotion, the bank will be offering reduced interest rates; an increased lending ceiling— from $3M to $4M—and reduced processing fees. Organizers say that applicants will enjoy a “fast and easy” processing period which will be less than two weeks. This publication understands that all “major” car dealing companies are on

This model of Toyota car will be offered board with the promotion and in excess of 40 cars (different models) will be on display today. Auto dealers on board will be offering free rims and other accessories as well as huge discounts on the desired vehicles.

Organizers have also disclosed that all most insurance companies in Guyana are on board as well and will be offering 20 per cent discount. One successful applicant will win the grand prize of $500,000.

WWF Guianas provides additional funding for Kaieteur National Park T h e Wo r l d Wi l d l i f e Fund (WWF) Guianas recently finalised a $2.3M grant for the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) to strengthen its capacity. The seven month grant will f a c i l i t a t e t h e PA C ’s improved management at Kaieteur National Park (KNP) and address some of the challenges which threaten the p a r k ’s integrity, the Fund said yesterday. It will also aid in fostering community development at Chenapau Village. The grant will finance the hiring of a new KNP site-level manager, who is expected to take up a permanent position on PAC’s payroll following the expiration of the grant. The new manager will supervise KNP Wardens, oversee the p a r k ’s infrastructure and equipment, and manage threats. “The grant will also strengthen linkages with and increase income generation opportunities within the Chenapau Vi l l a g e , t h e P a t a m o n a community neighbouring KNP. The Park Manager will frequently visit Chenapau Village in order to foster improved communications and a better relationship with residents and the Village Council.” The project will also enable training for Chenapau residents in the development and sale of locally made products to the Park. At the end of the grant the Manager will submit a report on

recommendations for improvement of KNP. According to WWF, in addition t o t h i s r e c e n t grant, it is working in partnership with the PA C on several initiatives for KNP including designing an e x h i b i t f o r t h e Park’s Visitors Arrival Centre; finalising the Park’s revised management plan; conducting joint village meetings to foster better relations. Work is also being done to prepare for the restoration of trails and maintenance; architectural designs for rehabilitation of the guest house and staff quarters; tour guide training for interested individuals from the nearby indigenous villages of Chenapau, Karisparu, and Paramakatoi; biodiversity surveys within the Park and upper Potaro River basin; and assessment of gold mining impacts within and surrounding the Park. The KNP, originally established in 1929, is the oldest park in South America and is the location

of the country’s premier tourist attraction, the iconic Kaieteur Falls, one o f t h e w o r l d ’s m o s t powerful waterfalls. The PA C was established at the end of 2012 with the enactment of the Protected Areas Act, 2011. It has the overall responsibility for the Guyana National Protected A r e a s S y s t e m ( N PA S ) , which includes the KNP, approximately 35 of the NPAS. WWF Guianas is part of one of the world’s leading conservation organizations with a mission to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The Guyana office has five areas of focus including Land Use Planning and Protected Areas, Payment for Forest Carbon and other Environmental Services, Promotion of Responsible Small-scale Gold Mining, Sustainable Fisheries, and Communication and Education.

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Saturday May 03, 2014

World Press Freedom Day 2014

Theme: Media Freedom for a Better Future: Shaping the Post-2015 Development Agenda Guyana Press Association “This year’s World Press Freedom Day theme is important. Media Freedom is one of the essential rights that should serve as the cornerstone to any developing society. The role of the media must not be taken for granted and should always be respected and media freedom should always be encouraged and promoted by democratic

governments. The role of the media in the development of a society is pivotal but journalists must understand that the role comes with responsibility and therefore they should always in their quest to present the story be mindful of the responsibilities that come with the profession.”

Declaration by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the European Union On the 21st anniversary of World Press Freedom day, the European Union (EU) reiterates that free, diverse and independent media constitutes one of the cornerstones of a democratic society by facilitating the free flow of information and ideas, and by ensuring transparency and accountability. The EU calls upon all governments to abide by international norms and to put an end to the intimidation, harassment, censorship and arbitrary

detention of journalists and to impunity. Efforts to protect journalists should not be limited to those formally recognised as such, but should also cover support staff and others who use new media to reach a mass audience. Technological innovations in information technology and communications have created new ways of promoting freedom of expression but have also brought new challenges. The EU is firmly opposed to any unjustified

restrictions on the internet and other new media. All human rights that exists offline must also be protected online, in particular the right to freedom of opinion and expression. The EU will soon adopt the EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. The aim of those guidelines is to address unjustified restrictions on freedom of expression, promote media freedom and provide valuable guidance to EU officials and staff across the globe.

Joint Message by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Kimoon, and the UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova This y e a r, the international community has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to prepare a long-term agenda for sustainable development to succeed the Millennium Development Goals when they end in 2015. S u c c e s s f u l l y implementing that agenda will require all populations enjoy the fundamental rights of freedom of opinion and expression. These rights are essential to d e m o c r a c y, t r a n s p a r e n c y , accountability and the rule of law. They are vital for h u m a n d i g n i t y, s o c i a l progress and inclusive development. World Press Freedom Day highlights the importance of independent, free and pluralistic media to protecting and promoting these rights. Journalism provides a platform for informed discussion across a wide

range of development issues – from environmental challenges and scientific progress to g e n d e r e q u a l i t y, y o u t h engagement and peace building. Only when journalists are at liberty to monitor, investigate and criticize policies and actions can good governance exist. Even as we look beyond 2015, we must confront current grave threats to press freedom around the world. In many countries journalists and other media workers face systematic obstacles to reporting the truth, ranging from censorship, arrest and imprisonment to intimidation, attacks and even assassination. These outrageous abuses shows that press freedom and human rights are extremely fragile and must be actively defended. The United Nations General Assembly has

unequivocally condemned all attacks and violence against journalists and media workers. Governments and all those with influence must now act on this condemnation by protecting journalists and other media workers. The United Nations stands ready to do its part. UN bodies are already working together and with other partners under the leadership of UNESCO to create a free and safe environment for journalists and media workers around the world. On this World Press Freedom Day, we call on all States, societies and individuals to actively defend freedom of expression and press freedom as fundamental rights and as critical contributions to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and advancing the post-2015 development agenda.

Alliance For Change recognizes the importance of World Press Freedom Day The United Nations General Assembly declared May 3 to be World Press Freedom Day or World Press Day to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and to remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression enshrined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This year the issue of Press Freedom is again in the forefront especially as we celebrate 20 years of the Declaration of Chapultepec…a document that enshrines the commitment of nation states, including Guyana which is a signatory, “to preserve, promote and protect press freedom”. In its preamble the Declaration, drafted by world leaders and journalists from the Americas, declares that “Without freedom there can be no true order, stability and justice. And without freedom of expression there can be no freedom.” The Declaration contains ten fundamental principles necessary for a free press to comply with its essential role in a democracy. The relevance of the Declaration lies in the fact that it commits journalists

and citizens to defend and promote freedom of the press and freedom of expression as priorities to achieve the common good.” As the Chairman of the Chapultepec Committee noted “The Declaration not only commits to permanently seeking the truth, demanding freedom and tolerance, but also commits us to respect standards a n d e t h i c a l criteria in communication.” At this time the AFC c o n t i n ues to lament the fact that the state controlled media in Guyana continues to reject these core principles visible in the “shutting out” of a range of diverse views, especially those it deems “opposition” and continually failing to recognize the right of each citizen to receive information from all source, to reflect on it and to respectfully come to his or her own conclusions. The role of journalists in fulfilling these objectives is vital and the AFC notes with alarm the reality in Guyana. Too often independent journalists are labeled as being opposition for merely doing their work which is an unacceptable state of affairs.

Recently we observed a journalist attached to NCN was suspended for airing the Budget presentation by an AFC Parliamentarian. The AFC notes that yesterday in the press another has been sent home. This once again brings home the fact that the r e p o r t into financial irregularities at NCN has still not been made public. And, this nation continues to wonder what specific action has been taken to remedy the situation. The AFC recognizes the need to improve access to public information, public education, public participation in g o v e r n ment and t h e building of public trust. The National Communications Network like other media houses is strategically placed to p l a y t h i s a l l i m portant role. As the AFC recognizes the World Press Freedom Day, the party hopes that all in Guyana will focus on the application of these principles which are fundamental and essential for the public’s right to information and the strengthening of our democracy.

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

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THE THIRTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SKIM MILK While all attention is being focused on the commission of inquiry into the death of renowned Guyanese scholar and historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, not much people are aware that this year will mark an important milestone: the thirty fifth anniversary of the mass introduction of skim or nonfat powered milk in Guyana. It was about one year prior to the death of Walter Rodney that Guyanese were told that they would have to use powdered milk because the country could no longer afford to import evaporated milk such as what is now being sold in liquid form in the tins. The country was in crisis. The Feed, Clothe and House the National Plan had flopped. The self sufficiency drive which was to cover for the acute shortage of foreign exchange to import food, was not going well and milk production was nowhere near meeting national demand. Evaporated milk disappeared from the shelves. As for condensed milk, well that was out of the question, even though we were told that one of the last acts of Burnham was to gobble down a tin of condensed milk which was at the time a restricted item in the

country. The masses were denied condensed milk which Burnham, we are told, relished. Guyanese who under colonial Guyana had grown accustomed to using fresh cow’s milk and imported tinned evaporated milk were told around 1979 that they would now have to use powdered milk, including non-fact or skimmed milk. If you lived in the city and wanted pasteurized milk, you had to join a long line for hours outside of the Milk Plant in Kingston which produced pasteurized milk. There was never enough milk for those who wanted it and some persons simply were not willing to line up for hours just to get a few pints of milk. The milk from the Milk Plant also did not agree with everyone. A lot of persons had trouble controlling their bowels after using the pasteurized milk sold there. It was suspected that some of the milk sold by the Milk Plant was made from skim milk which gave some persons diarrhea because they were not accustomed to it. Skim milk was also sold in powdered form. It was cheaper than the evaporated milk but the experience of many persons with this milk

Dem boys seh...

De tax man got to stop bluffing De way how things going, nuff people gun live to a ripe old age. And when people get old dem does want peace and quiet. That is why some people open senior citizens’ home and dem does hire nurses to show love to dem old people. Of course it come at a cost. People who live good does got children who gun pay fuh dem nurse treat dem old people good. Now dem boys been telling Uncle Adam that he close to that stage wheh some nurse in some senior citizens’ home got to share love. Then dem watch Uncle Glenn and tell he that he got couple more years but that he might not even mek it to any home because by then Jagdeo and Bobby gun tek all of dem over. Dem tekking over everything. And dem ain’t got shame. Wid all that dem got dem busy got people dodging de tax man. And he busy bluffing people. De other day he announce that he gun go chasing after all dem tax dodgers. Well he know all who don’t pay tax and who does pay how much. He and he friend Sealey got to know that this country ain’t got too much very rich people. Dem also know that dem same rich people does pay less tax that some poor people. Khurshid and Sealey can pull anybody file. Dem got to see that some people who own a quarter of Guyana ain’t pay tax since dem born. Some of dem does get Government contract and even then dem don’t pay tax. Jagdeo use to give dem more money than de contract and when he over pay de people use to tell de Auditor General that Jagdeo know wha happening and that de money is not de Auditor General own. Is de same way de drugs that dem does buy fuh de Ministry of Health is not de government own. De government got to tek whatever is handed over. Dem boys seh that de Auditor General does push he mouth in this story too. But Khurshid and Sealey must collect de taxes. Start wid Brazzy who is one of de few wealthy ones in de country. Talk half and tell de tax man to stop bluffing.

was not good. They developed what was known as “belly wuk”. At one time, the authorities used to give children in the school skim milk. A lot of children ended up going regularly to the toilets have drunk their portion of skim milk. It just did not agree with the constitution of large numbers of persons. As such, traders began to bring in powdered milk which from which the fact was not removed. But it sold at an

exorbitant price. As a result many people opted to go for fresh cow’s milk but since the agricultural sector was also in serious decline, the quantities supplied could not feed onefifth of the population and as such the price of fresh cow’s milk skyrocketed. The WPA at the time had made a joke about the introduction of powdered skim milk into the diet of Guyanese. But for many who were forced to use skim milk and even other forms of powdered, this was no joke.

It was humiliating. But milk is an important source of protein and children need milk and so this how powdered milk became so popular. Thirty five years on, Guyanese are still using powdered milk. They have grown accustomed to it and it is far cheaper and economical to use powdered milk than to use evaporated milk. However, a variety of evaporated milk is now available giving Guyanese greater choices and more and

more Guyanese are using evaporated milk. As for skim milk, it has now become a health fad with many health conscious persons switching to this form of low fat milk. But it is still known to be disagreeable with the bowels of some persons just as it was thirtyfive years ago when Guyanese were forced to use skim milk en masse.

Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry…

COI Chairman totally surprised at Chronicle newspaper article By Latoya Giles Chairman of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, Sir Richard Cheltenham, said that he was “totally” surprised by an article and headline which was carried by the state run newspaper the “Guyana Chronicle”. The Chairman’s remark was subsequent to a brief address by Attorney at Law, Basil Williams, who brought up the issue. Williams said that he must “tender” an apology for the article which was incorrect and which was published on Thursday last. Chairman, Sir Richard Cheltenham said yesterday, that the media must be “careful”. He said that the press must not seek to be sensational in reporting, but just stick to what happened at the commission. Cheltenham further stressed that he hopes that the Editor takes note of the correction and does something about it. Williams, who is watching the interest for the People’s National Congress, on

Wednesday morning, raised the issues about the fact that he thought there was a suspension of the Laws of Guyana and so allowed evidence that would otherwise be inadmissible in a local Court. However, Commissioner Seenath Jairam told Williams that the notion of the laws of Guyana being suspended was false. The Chronicle however reported that “Williams was upbraided by the commission for his baseless objections,” something that never happened. Williams sits on the legal team representing the People’s National Congress interest in the COI into the 1980 death of Dr. Walter Rodney. Williams raised the objection while the Commission was admitting into evidence two books from Reverend Reuben Gilbert, none of which was authored by him. One of them was published in 1990. According to Williams, the investigation into Rodney’s death was a serious one and

such evidence should not be allowed since it has the potential to tarnish the reputation of individuals and organization and may not necessarily be true. He cautioned the Commission to ensure that it is aware of the politically charged atmosphere in which the hearings were being conducted. Rodney died following an explosion in 1980. After his death, Rodney received several honours. In 1993, the Government of Dr. Cheddi Jagan gave him the country’s highest national

award, the Order of Excellence posthumously, and the Walter Rodney Chair in History was established at the University of Guyana. Rodney had traveled widely and became very well known internationally as an activist, scholar and formidable orator. He taught at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania during the period 1966-67 and later in Jamaica, at his alma mater, UWI Mona. He was sharply critical of the middle class for its role in the post-independence Caribbean.

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Shut down NOC - say Human rights activists …demand release of inquiry report In the wake of the recent breakout and allegations of female students being sexually harassed at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), at Onderneeming, human rights activists are calling for the elimination of the institution. They believe that there are countless glaring indications that the juvenile detention facility is not serving its intended purpose— to rehabilitate and reintegrate troubled children back into society. To make their points known, representatives from several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Red Thread, Help and Shelter and the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), gathered in front of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport on Main Street, Georgetown, yesterday. They all bore placards reading, “Where is the COI 2012 report on NOC?” “Dr. Frank Anthony, release findings now,” and “Minister Frank Anthony, we want independent investigations into reports of sexual abuse at NOC.” Danuta Radzik of Help and Shelter said that she was highly upset about the recent accusations against NOC staffers. This is incredibly worrying, she added. She firmly believes that an investigation should be

launched into the most recent sexual assault allegations, and should be handled by independent professionals who have no connection to the institution. Radzik believes that only youngsters with serious criminal records should be sent to NOC. It makes no sense having children with minor matters sent to a “correctional” facility, she said. Her sentiments were echoed by Mark Benschop, who spearheaded the call for the institution to be totally abolished. “It is not safe,” he stressed. Benschop told Kaieteur News that while youngsters are sent to the facility to be counseled and trained to become better people, situations there result in them coming out “ten times worse.” “So what is the purpose? Why do we still have it running?” Benschop queried. Joel Simpson of SASOD noted that while it is commendable that Guyana has modern laws governing the rights of children, these are not being properly implemented and enforced. “There should be a child protection officer there at NOC, so that we know that there is someone there who has the best interest of the children at heart,” Simpson said.

He believes that comments by Minister Anthony, who asked that complaints be made to the police, were insensitive. “Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, is obviously incapable of doing anything, so I’m asking that Minister Anthony step up and do something. He must respond in a sober manner to these sensitive issues,” Simpson maintained. After saying that he was not aware of any recent breakout at NOC, Dr. Anthony last month, confirmed that from March 22 to March 24, a total of 11 inmates —-seven boys and four girls, managed to escape from the detention centre. The females claimed that they escaped a life of sexual abuse. This matter is currently engaging the Suddie Magistrate’s Court. Last November, authorities launched a probe into circumstances that led to at least three female inmates of the institution becoming pregnant. Prior to this, a number of youngsters, aged between 14 and 16, went on a violent rampage to escape from the NOC, claiming that they were being ill-treated by staff members. The teenagers stormed through several communities, armed with cutlasses and other weapons. A female dormitory and a workshop within the compound were set alight.

A group of the protestors at yesterday’s demonstration Some 17 young ladies who were housed in that dorm had to be relocated. Some of the inmates subsequently claimed that they had reached breaking point, after being abused for months. A senior Ministry of Culture official had however, stated that none of the juveniles made any such allegations to a team that visited the centre prior to the

escape. After receiving a number of conflicting statements, a Commission of Inquiry (COI) was set up. It has been almost two years, and the results have not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, in relation to the most recent allegations, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Christopher Jones said that he does not understand why the Minister

has not yet launched an investigation into the matter. “For reasons best known to the Minister, he is not putting his foot down,” Jones said. Jones’s colleague, Trevor Williams, said, “It might be time for us to have separate institutions for males and females separated by geographic space enough to eliminate contact.”

Alex Griffith, the 15-yearold who was shot in the mouth by a policeman Wednesday night, remains a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), awaiting corrective surgery. Griffith, of North East La Penitence was shot a stone’s throw away from his home around 22:30 hrs by a cadet officer attached to CDivision. The bullet exited just under the teen’s left ear. According to information, the policeman who has since

been arrested was with three other ranks who had gone to the area to investigate a robbery committed on a female relative of the very policeman. In a statement the police said that the teen was shot during the response to a report of a robbery with aggravation committed on a relative of the rank earlier in the evening. Kaieteur News was reliably informed that the rank in question was drinking at an Continued on page 12

Shot: Alex Griffith

Shot-in-the-mouth teen awaiting corrective surgery

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Health Ministry procures millions in Courts donates to new Berbice children’s shelter equipment to bolster vector control fight

From left is Courts Marketing Officer (Media), Trudy Abraham; Treasurer of the GHDS, Savitri Sukhai; President, Dr. Vindhya Persaud; and Roberta Ferguson – Marketing / Public Relations Officer A new children’s shelter in Berbice that will offer counseling is to open on Monday and it has the support of one of the country’s retail giants. According to Courts Guyana Inc., yesterday it donated a fridge/freezer and gas stove to the Guyana

Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Children’s Shelter… the “Baal Nivas”. The facility consists of a counseling unit and skills training unit. It will be open to all children regardless of their background, faith or ethnicity. Mothers will receive

counseling, training and empowerment should the need arise. “ We are very pleased to make this contribution as we believe the Baal Nivas w i l l have a positive impact on the development of members of the community.”

As the threat of the Chikungunya virus continues to spread through the Caribbean and South America, the local Ministry of Health is taking every possible precaution to guard the population against its debilitating effects. In fact, some $20 million has been expended by the Ministry through its Vector Control Services Department to acquire equipment to undertake intensified fogging activities. For the past few weeks the Vector Control Services Department has been strategically dispatching technical teams into the field to fog. Just last evening a team was seen preparing at the Square of the Revolution to take on the task of exterminating mosquito vectors in sections of the city.The team, decked in protective gear, was dispatched by Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran and Vector Control Services Director, Dr. Reyaud Rahman. Even as he noted that the fogging exercise is a continuing process, the Health Minister pointed out that the vector control fight in the city is currently being done by staffers who are well

Body of GuySuCo watchman found on Rose Hall Town Public Road

DEAD: Mahesh Ramsammy

Police in Berbice are investigating the circumstances leading to the death of Mahesh ‘Bartica Chocolate’ Ramsammy popularly known as Haribol, 38, of 19 ‘B’ Williamsburg, Corentyne, whose body was found along the Rose Hall Town Public Road early Friday morning. His motorcycle was found next to his body. It is believed that Ramsammy may have hit an animal. He lived with his aunt Leekranie Shanta. According to Shanta, her nephew left home as usual on Thursday at 06:00 hrs to go to work.

Ramsammy was a ‘watchman’ in the backdam of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo)’s Albion Estate. “Around 1:00 hr., two guys came, one with a car and the other with a big motorbike…and call and they said a boy get accident in front of the mall at Rose Hall…we can’t say if anybody beat him or if he knocked the horse….but they said the horse hair was on the motorbike, my husband checked it.” “The hair was on the bike and the light break up. It (the bike) is currently at

the Rose Hall Town Police Outpost. He was a very good peaceful and quiet boy,” the aunt said. “And when I go at the [Port Mourant] hospital, the nurses tried their best with him and sent him to New Amsterdam to do Xray and they then rushed him to Georgetown—we travelled good but he was blowing, and when he arrived at the hospital, he died.” A post mortem is expected to be performed on Tuesday at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

trained to properly utilise the new and modern equipment that have been procured. These workers, according to him, are trained to fight diseases that are spread mainly by mosquito vectors. “As you know Guyana is a malarias country but we have been able to drive malaria from the Coast and we still have to be vigilant; we have to fight against dengue and other vector borne diseases,” said the Minister. Recent reports of the Chikungunya Virus, spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which also transmits dengue fever, have caused precautionary measures to be augmented by the Health Ministry, even as moves are made to closely monitor Ports of Entry. But according to Dr. Ramsaran, “vector control is everybody’s business; we are appealing to people to play their part. We are asking you to remove items that can be receptacles for water which are not needed in your back yards, on your parapets (and) in your drains because that water can accumulate and become stagnant and create breeding conditions for mosquitoes and then those mosquitoes can then become the vector for diseases.” Added to this, the Minister said that moves are being made to encourage awareness through the promotion of health literacy, advocacy and health education. Aside from undertaking the fogging exercises, Dr. Rahman said that the Vector Control Department has been

seeking to enlighten the public of its ongoing activities even as he pointed out that “this is going to be an ongoing cycle as long as is necessary.” “We are going to be taking our fogging machines into communities; we are going to try to decrease the mosquito population basically, so we are going to try to get less than we have at the moment,” Dr. Rahman said. The intent, according to him, is to decrease the adult mosquito population even as he reiterated the need for the public to help as much as possible by keeping their yard groomed and ensure that breeding sites for larva are removed. And according to him, “we are going to be going mostly south of the country because we have most of the affected population in that area...however we expect to cover most of Region Four and we are doing this in a systematic way.” D r. R a h m a n f u r t h e r assured that the fogging activities do not in any way represent a threat to residents or animals in the communities since the insecticide used is only harmful to the vectors. He advised too that it would be wise for persons to open their windows and allow the fogging mists to pass through building s t r u c t u r e s even as he highlight the need for all potable water sources to be properly covered ahead of the commencement of fogging.

Page 12

Work permit revocation… Two days after the Government of Guyana announced that it revoked the work permit of the Head of the controversial Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project, Glenn Bradbury, the United States has made it clear that the decision is contrary to the commitment given by this country. “The decision to revoke Mr. Bradbury’s permit is contrary to our understanding of the Government of Guyana’s commitment to review together the LEAD programme and to the spirit of the discussions proposed by the Government of Guyana itself”, the US Embassy said yesterday in its first statement on the issue. The Embassy also said it “regrets” the decision to revoke the work permit which was issued to Bradbury on September 25th, last year. The revocation also sparked worry from Opposition Leader, David Granger, who believed that there is likelihood of retaliation. According to the official, his faction, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), “regrets the action of Government with feelings that the program was working in the benefit of young people because it started to provide information particularly on the local government elections.” “We felt that the limited

Kaieteur News

Saturday May 03, 2014

US ‘regrets’, Opposition Leader warns of retaliation engagements we had were beneficial as well. I understand that the US Embassy and (President Donald) Ramotar were engaged in talks, but I did not get the impression that the talks had broken down and that such an action was necessary.” Granger believes that Government “will have to pay a price for that action. In this diplomacy it is going to be a juk for juk situation.” The US Embassy in its statement yesterday said it welcomes the willingness of the Government of Guyana to re-engage in discussions on democracy and governance, and specifically in relation to the USAID LEAD project. LEAD, the Embassy explained, is designed to benefit the Government and people of Guyana through the promotion of understanding and consensus-building within the National Assembly; greater citizen engagement with Parliament; civic education on local government and greater civic engagement among women and youth. “The LEAD project implements the objectives described in the USAID Assistance Agreement for Governing Justly and democratically, reached between the United States government and the Government of Guyana in 2009.” On Wednesday, chief spokesperson of the Government and Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, said that Government revoked the work permit and extension of stay of the Head of the United States of America’s democratization project, Glenn Bradbury. The revocation would be

President Donald Ramotar

Dr. Roger Luncheon

US Ambassador, D. Brent-Hardt

Glenn Bradbury

significant as it is not often that Guyana would take such actions against the US. Bradbury is the Principal Official of the International Republican Institute which is contracted by USAID to implement the Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Project. While not indicating whether this is an act by Government to stall the execution of the LEAD Project, Dr. Luncheon said the revocation of Bradbury, a C a n a d i a n c i t i z e n ’s , permit, was based on the conclusion that Guyana’s immigration laws were

“offended”. In early January, Dr. Luncheon said the decision by the US Government to proceed with a project that the Guyana Government has already rejected is disrespectful. He said that the four components of the project were analyzed by Cabinet and one contained major activities that captured a relationship between USAID and individual political parties in Guyana. Guyana does not have a public policy by government for the support for political

parties, he added. The LEAD project seeks to enhance the technical capacity and functionality of the legislature through the regular use of consultative practices and mechanisms for legislative drafting, analysis, review, and passage. The programme is expected to further reinforce democratic governance in Guyana by broadening political participation through more representative and competitive multi-party engagements. This programme will include a particular focus on

women and youth. It was only last week that US Ambassador, D. Brent Hardt met with President Donald Ramotar and senior Government Officials, including Luncheon on the issue. That engagement allowed the reiteration of Cabinet’s position on the matter. The spokesman said that Government is prepared to reengage but it will not do so while activities under the project are being implemented. The LEAD project was launched last year July.

Shot-in-the-mouth teen awaiting... From page 10 East Coast Demerara bar earlier that day. Marcel Griffith, the injured teen’s mother explained that she was at home when the police dragged her son out of her home. “Four policemen beat him and were kicking him. He fall down and they keep dragging and kicking him in his belly. When we asked what happen they say that he knows about a robbery,” the woman recounted. Kaieteur News was told that around 20:00hrs, a young woman, while making her way

home, was robbed by two teenagers. At the time, Griffith was reportedly watching television at the home nearby where he had gone to purchase plantain chips. “My son keep telling them that he ain’t do anything and that he went looking at TV and that they can go ask the girl. They dragged him there and although the girl tell them my son was by her, they still beat he,” the older Griffith lamented. According to the mother, the woman whose home her son was at when the robbery took place, told the four ranks that the 15-year-old was at her

place. “The lady say he (Griffith) was looking at the TV and she hear a scream. When she run out, she see a girl screaming. The lady say that the girl who was robbed ran to her and asked if she see two boys and she told her that she saw two boys run into some alleyway,” the mother said, adding that the woman related to the ranks that Griffith was still in her house while this was taking place. Kaieteur News was told that even after the ranks were told that the teenager was looking at the television, they dragged and dumped him into

their vehicle. “I ask them where they taking my son and they tell me to go to Brickdam and they drive off,” the mother related. She said that as she was walking into her house to get ready to go to the station she heard a gunshot. “I say to myself that that can’t be my son…because since them police went here, they wanted to shoot he since in my yard. When I do find out, it was he.” When contacted yesterday, Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken said that the matter is currently being investigated.

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Five years jail for hit-and-run death of Guyanese-born musician

Killed musician: Jermaine Forrester New Jersey, US - Staring straight ahead, John Dineen fidgeted with a rosary bead behind his back as he was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday morning for a fatal hit-and-run. At around midnight on July 15, 2010, Dineen was driving his 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser when he struck Jermaine Forrester as the man was crossing Route 139 in Jersey City. Dineen then sped away, leaving Forrester, 33, of Queens dying on the pavement. Forrester, a Guyanese-born Barbadian musician who opened for artists like Sean Paul and Ashanti, was pronounced dead at the scene. Dineen had three glasses of wine that night and had marijuana in his system, authorities said. A police officer pulled him over less than 30 minutes after the accident. On Feb. 14 this year, Dineen pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle collision and failing to submit to a breathalyzer test. Dineen’s defense attorney, John R. Schwartz, unsuccessfully argued for a probationary sentence in front of Judge Paul DePascale. Hudson County

Assistant Prosecutor Michael D’Andrea told the judge that the State was already asking for a minimum sentence under the special request of Forrester’s mother, who was not present in court. Schwartz had earlier read aloud a part of a letter that Forrester’s mother had addressed to the court, quoting “I do not believe putting Mr. Dineen in prison for his actions would do any good.” D’Andrea insisted that while Forrester’s mother did not think a prison sentence was appropriate for Dineen, there was still a need to deter others in society from doing what Dineen had done. Jermaine Forrester who came to prominence as a lead singer with the group ‘4play’ recently released a single titled “Gonna Be Alright”. The handsome, young dynamic, singer was known by many as the “Caribbean Pop Artist to watch.” Born in Georgetown, Guyana, raised in Barbados and currently residing in New York City, Forrester was poised to spread his gale force musicianship and charisma throughout the US and the world. His numerous credentials include hosting “The New Vibe” radio show on HOTT 95.3 FM in Barbados, where he played the music of local artists and aired entertaining skits, and the “Rock City” radio show on MIX 96.9 FM, where he played Top 40 music. As a VJ for the weekly television show, “Riddim Express”, which was seen in 16 islands in the Caribbean, he aired music videos and interviewed several

Caribbean artists. Forrester was no stranger to commercial work on radio and television and his voice stood out in numerous voiceovers and in-studio appearances. His sex appeal and vibrant personality placed him on magazine covers and in many news

publications in the Caribbean. He also has the distinction of being the featured artist on a Cable & Wireless endorsement, generating sales of 50,000 phone cards in just two days for the telecoms giant. Jermaine Forrester had toured the UK with hip-hop

star Busta Rhymes, gaining legions of fans for himself. He had also performed the opening act for artists such as Boyz II Men, James Ingram, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Carl Thomas, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond and Sean Paul. (http://

Jailed: John Dineen

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Saturday May 03, 2014

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Page 23

Letters... Where your views make the news

Why would anyone want Guyana to die? DEAR EDITOR, A well known columnist has clarified his position on today’s Guyana. “And what is that reality?” he asks. “Power lies in the hands of the opposition to prevent economic financial ruin” of our country. Apparently reflecting the combined opposition’s viewpoint, the columnist boldly admits they can easily vote approval of the antimoney laundering Bill. But they will not. Instead they want a reward to do their sworn patriotic duty. “If the business world in Guyana cannot press the Government on these two democratic fronts, then let Guyana die. Period!” Mr. Frederick Kissoon was on cloud nine writing in his KN column of 4-30-2014 titled, “Then let Guyana die. Period.” But Armageddon’s faithful can be no match for God’s own, who has laid it down in Matthew: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him, which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell”. The economic stability of all Guyanese does indeed require the anti-money laundering Bill to become law. Since the government does not itself have enough votes in parliament to approve it, the Bill is in rough waters headed to the falls deadline. Still, the Opposition refuses to give a helping hand. Elected to make things better for all Guyanese, they themselves want something in return. Remember the electricity subsidy which Linden alone

enjoys? Same story with the Opposition. Isn’t the opposition the eventual alternative government? How laudable is the Opposition (whose supporters advocate “death for Guyana”) to be so substantially better, by far, than the existing empowered? Relegating all Guyanese to a mass death sentence due to some prior automatic prejudgment, really tells us how deeply troubled we are as a country. Georgetown’s citizens are prepared to reside amidst stinking garbage surrounding their daily existence. Would they be any more bothered by a public insanity without moral anchor to banish them, country and all, to oblivion? Even so, you never know. There may be method in this madness which applies shock attack to remedy sleeping sickness by a jolting death wish. Mounted atop the cross Man Man (Naipaul’s Miguel Street) only wants to be our saviour. What must be especially comforting are those who are reassured by the Bhagavad Gita’s “Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never. Never was time it was not; end and beginning are but dreams.” By, and from whom chaos is to again revisit through special delivery’s minions has been well established. The columnist warns “If these two requests are rebuffed, devastation and draconian consequences… (omitted word - maybe “will” or “should”) …take over Guyana”. Regardless, why does it then matter when tyranny’s ascendancy is inevitable past any ultimatum? Richard Dawkins, in

‘Unweaving the Rainbow’ wrote “We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential people who could have been here in my place but who will in fact never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of the Sahara desert. Certainly those unborn ghosts include greater poets than Keats and scientists greater than Newton. We know this because the set of possible people allowed by our DNA so massively outnumbers the set of actual people (in existence). In the teeth of these stupefying odds it is you and I, in our ordinariness, that are here.” Why would anyone want Guyana to die anyway? What would become of Guyanese if their country goes up in flames, - is best addressed only by the columnist himself. “Go thou, and fill another room in hell. That hand shall burn in never-quenching fire That staggers thus my person…”is how Shakespeare’s Richard II has dismissed impending doom. But with the worldwide focus on the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (RCOI), this sounding off may be seen as another Don Quixote gallop to divert our gaze to yonder windmills in their minds. In a democratic country, all Guyanese were most free to vote in 2011 for their own betterment. Our current woes are by our own choice in our parliament’s predicament. A similar uncertainty was reflected in the 1964 elections which also

empowered the previous PNC government to host Reverend Jim Jones to lead his flock into mass suicide. Only the PNC has the most outstanding résumé of death experiences with 1600 innocent people either killed or injured at Wismar in 1964 before independence and some 800 dead in 1979 amidst Jonestown’s jungle green. Death by many years of slow starvation under that party’s stewardship and calculated brutality against PNC opponents (1964 to 1992) is hardly the best recommendation to become reelected. Regardless, they still have that right to government by free and democratic elections according to the Guyana Constitution. Added to its honing violent 1962-1964 practices, it explains the urgent necessity to camouflage the sullied PNC’s reputation under A-P-N-U sheep’s clothing. Who are the best in philosophy most capable to “let Guyana die”? Says the “Earl of Sandwich: ‘Pon my honour, Wilkes, I don’t know whether you’ll die on the gallows or of the pox. Replies John Wilkes: That must depend my Lord, upon whether I first embrace your Lordship’s principles, or your Lordship’s mistresses”, as retold by Sir Charles Petrie in The Four Georges. Will the anti-money laundering Bill be finally approved by our patriots in the National Assembly? Not unless the merchants of death and destruction, like Sampson, would prefer destroying the temple of Guyanese solitude. But “For

From page 4 from the opposition. To highlight the incompetence of this Broadcasting Authority, I will give this example. In a recent presentation, Peeping Tom, who looks into his wooden telescope and tells us that there may not be a broadcast of the 2014 World Cup Soccer since it will probably be carried on cable. He uses as his example the fact that the ICC T20 World Cup Cricket was carried exclusively on cable and he wonders if the Caribbean Premier League cricket will be also be carried on cable. We have a Broadcasting Authority in this country, the members of which have no idea what they are supposed to do, and these cricket and soccer issues represent only one of the areas in which they are failing. Their agenda seems to be to penalise those stations which are antagonistic to the government and very little else; to muzzle free speech and little else. And given

their composition this was predictable; but as usual the Guyanese people and the international community closed their eyes to this, even as I was saying that this cannot be the authority we want or need, since 6 members are nominated by the PPP and one by the opposition. The public is very vociferous now since it has come home to roost and it is affecting them adversely. Broadcasting must always be regulated in the public interest, convenience and necessity and nothing else. And it cannot be in the public interest for the operators of cable with a limited subscriber base to get the rights to these events, since the majority of the people are not able to pay for cable services and will be left out. It should not work like this; the rights to these events which have broad-based national fans cannot be carried exclusively on a closed subscriber based operation such as cable, it’s against the public interest and convenience. What should happen is that only

broadcasters should be allowed to purchase these rights and when they do; they could on-sell it to the cable systems, which will play it without the advertising, so that the cable subscribers will help to pay for the rights in exchange for the benefit of seeing the cricket without interruption. No event of national importance must ever be allowed to be exclusive to the cable systems. This is Guyana and anything goes, but I have always held the view that wireless cable is not broadcasting it is narrowcasting, a name given it by Mr. Hugh Cholmondeley, since you have to pay the provider for the signal and only subscribers can see it. As such it is more like a public utility and should be regulated by the Public Utilities Commission - to set their rates and to make sure that they are delivering a quality service to their subscribers. Recently I was informed that one of the two wireless cable operators, who got the franchise through the back door (which is

probably challengeable in court), unable to operate over the air due to bandwidth limitations, is actually operating in the UHF band and not the band in which they were supposed to operate and is currently running fibre optic cable in Guyana. That is, this operator, having obtained his wireless cable licence through questionable methods, is now changing from a wireless cable operator to a wired one, without us knowing exactly how this has been allowed by the PPP, and why it was not offered to public tendering, as happened in Jamaica for example. The question is, when he converts to cable will he still be under the Broadcasting Authority? Only in Guyana, I say, only in Guyana. The Broadcasting Authority should immediately implement a rule whereby only broadcasters can buy these sporting events which have such massive support from the public and not the cable operators. Tony Vieira

Broadcast/Cable shenanigans and an...

certain, is death for the born. And certain is birth for the dead; Therefore over the inevitable, Thou shouldst not grieve” (Bhagavad Gita). Noticeable is the columnist crooning that “the private sector in this country wants to save their businesses from devastation and draconian consequences of the failed antimoney laundering legislation, but they want APNU and the AFC to do it for them.” Well why not? Has the Opposition become resolved not to contest future elections to replace the PPP/C government? When the Opposition can yet deliver the goods and enhance their image without being in government, why is there need for any kickbacks when patriotism is what matters? The PPP gave “critical support” to the PNC government when needed; the unemancipated Opposition would rather all Guyanese go to hell! Let the wise speak of death. It has no sting. Barry Long, from the audio tape ‘Seeing through Death’, (1983) wrote: “You are a player in the rigorous game of living. You can’t blame the game if you don’t believe the rules or bother to remember them. The first rule is: every player dies; none knows when it’s coming; the youngest and best often go first. Everyone has to play. The game goes on forever – or until you win. You win by finding death before it finds you. The prize – is life.” Where the unwise would give us constant hell, “the tired and the poor yearning to breathe free” continue to find solace amidst stinking garbage unlike Lady Liberty’s enhanced tropical Federalism of Guyana. Surely that unemancipated mentality of more garbage and Rodneyite prompt death is not what is warehoused for use. Sultan Mohamed

WANTED Experienced taxi driver, mini bus driver and dispatcher at Princess Hotel – Tel:2657075, 265-7076

(From page 22)

WANTED Urgently wanted: One place to rent between $12,000 to $15,000 Please Call: 674-4871 anytime Experienced carpenter, labourer, mason for job at Providence & L.B.I, E.C.D – Call:690-7316 (8:00am-5:00pm) Part-time salesman to sell locally manufactured Windows & Doors of High Quality - Telephone #6005253 One mechanic to work in the interior. Must have knowledge about Cummings Engine – Call:681-6044 Driver needed to work one Toyota 212, preferably from East Coast Demerara. Please contact:658-5376 or 690-4154 Live-in waitress- Call:6439007/ 664-1804 Urgently needed live-in waitresses to work in bar, offering an attractive salary – Call:689-8859 Live-out domestic babysitter and live-in babysitter – Call:225-0188, 223-7500 (Monday to Saturday ) (8:15am-4:15pm) Skilled carpenters to work in Linden- Contact:625-0930; 668-9863 One whole day domestic for East Bank Demerara Area – Call:614-4358 Farm workers to work on Highway – Tel:644-6693, 6957075 We buy all low income lands especially in La Parfaite Harmonie 218-5591 or 6757292 Home tutoring in Diamond, Children 7 and 8, Time:3-5:30pmContact: 657-8732 One night guard – Call: 2251276, 666-7734 Experienced roti/puri cooks, curry cooks, pastry makers. Apply at Hack’s Halaal, Lot 5 Commerce Street EXPERIENCED DRIVERS: Apply with VALID Police Clearance & Driver Licence. – Tel:231-8529, 231-2344 Live-in couple. Husband: driving duties; wife: domestic. Good rates & accommodation – Tel:227-1830

CAKES & PASTRIES Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery; also edible images and Wedding dresses for sale. Call: 670-0798

Bartenders & security at El Club Latino – Call:650-4155 or 616-2902 from 10am to 6pm Cars with drivers to work at base located in Sophia (low base fee) – Call:613-1847

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Albion Sugar Estate produces ethanol in $100M project ... Agri Ministry’s vehicles among first fleet to fuel up

The Bio- Ethanol E-10 plant at Albion Estate History was made yesterday in Guyana as the first fleet of vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture was fueled up by bio-friendly ethanol, at the launch of the Bio- Ethanol E10 Fuel brand. The ceremony was held on the lawns of the Albion Estate on the Corentyne. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, fueled up his vehicle at the end of the proceedings, attended by George Jervis, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture; Dwarka Sharma of Albion Estate; Albion Estate Manager, Mr. Dev Kumar, and other senior Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) staffers. Bio-ethanol can be mixed with gasoline to create a blended fuel, offering the chance to significantly

reduce Guyana’s reliance on imported fossil fuel. With sugarcane, one of Guyana’s main commodities responsible for approximately 20 per cent of the annual revenue and 40 per cent of all agricultural production, Whitefox Technologies said that the move will be seen as a positive move to use this resource and the local agricultural expertise in growing sugar cane, to produce liquid fuel (in the form of bioethanol) and bioelectricity (through using the waste bagasse from the cane). Whitefox Technologies, together with its partner, Green, secured a bio-ethanol contract with the Guyana Government a few years ago. The US$500,000 facility was commissioned last August by President Donald Ramotar,

through technical cooperation between the Government of Guyana and through funding from the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB). Subsequent to the commissioning last August, a fuel- blending and dispensing unit was installed to facilitate the mixing of gasoline with ethanol. According to Mr. Sharma, who presented an overview of the project, installation was completed last February. It should be noted that the entire plant was fitted and installed by workers at Albion factory and all materials sourced in-house. “Given the scale of the project, the blending unit was designated to operate on a batch basis to facilitate addition of a known volume of ethanol to a known volume

of gas,” he added. The present arrangement, he said, is capable of facilitating fuel blends with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% ethanol. Although the capability exists for the plant to produce various blends, “the plant is focused on mixing gasoline with ethanol at 10% to produce E-10 blend, compatible with vehicles in Guyana.” Trials of blending commenced in April and the first batch of E-10 was tested on a Toyota Corolla car from GuySuCo on April 8, 2014. No modification was done to this vehicle, Sharma said. “The fuel tank was emptied of the regular gasoline and refilled with E-10.” Since then, that same vehicle has been using E-10. Minister Ramsammy stated that studies will be done to determine costs and efficiency. “That’s why they are starting out with a demonstration.” Ramsammy stated, too, that there are other substances, such as cassava, that can be used in place of the sugarcane, “so when sugar is not in use or in season, we could continue to

produce bio- fuel.” The people of Albion, Berbice and Guyana, he said, “can look forward—when the first commercial bio- ethanol plant is in place in Guyana, a good candidate will be Albion…that means GuySuCo will have to work hard.” He noted yesterday that it is the first time in Guyana that an initiative would go from demonstration to commercial. The Minister praised the company as being Guyana’s largest manufacturer and “single largest supporter of sports and recreation” in the country. GuySuCo, he added, has no intention of giving up sugar and sugarcane. “These will remain a pillar on which GuySuCo, as a corporation, not only sustain its reputation, but continue to build on that reputation. We will continue to add products along the way and we will continue to change the way we do business.” He said the corporation’s entire future will continue to produce sugar and add new products, e.g. bio- fuel. “There will come a time when

we will support other industries…the aquaculture industry and therefore, thinking about tilapia, is not foreign to GuySuCo…but our sugarcane fields will not be converted into tilapia farms— Guyana has enough land to develop aquaculture.” Guyana’s fuel import bill, he said, is an average of US$600M of fuel into Guyana, 38 per cent of which is used in the transport industry. “We import approximately 13,000 barrels of fuel daily into Guyana…we are starting with just about 20-25 vehicles by the end of this year, but I am setting a target for GuySuCo, and we hope that by 2020, the agriculture sector can support at least 100 vehicles in its use of an E-10 fuel blend in Guyana—it’s not overly ambitious “If we could achieve that very modest target, it would have set the sector on the road, leading Guyana towards 100 per cent blended use in the transport industry.” The country, he said, would have proven to itself that we could reduce and then eliminate the dependency on fossil fuels.

From page 6 boy,” Lalita said. She informed that the man had attacked them before, even pouring poison into a barrel that contained the water they had to consume. That matter was reported to the police. “Is he do dis! The night when he de come and threaten me and me father, he come

with a cutlass and he threaten fuh kill me and me brother…He seh dat how he gon kill me and me father before de year done,” the dead man’s 17-year-old daughter Jasmattie Bharrat called ‘Nikita,’ told this newspaper. Almost everyone at the scene blamed the woman’s affair for the incident. Even her sister, Lalita, had nothing good to say. “Because of the threats, de children had to come away by me,” she said, adding that she even advised Bharrat to end his relationship with her sister for his own safety. As for the couple’s 18year-old son, Avinash, his mother’s version of what transpired sounds a bit farfetched. He said that firstly, all the doors of the house were secured and there were no signs of forced entry. “She tell me dat when de men dem come in, she couldn’t ah holler or do nothing, she just had to block de chops. She say dat de two men is two tall people,” Avinash Bharrat said. He too is convinced that his mother ’s lover was responsible for his father’s death. “He get people fuh do it. De last time he try fuh kill me father but he ain’t get through because he run away.” The young man believes that his mother’s lover had

facilitated the killers by distracting the two dogs his father reared at the house. Neighbours said that they did not hear any barking from the dogs, although they usually made a lot of noise whenever strangers entered the yard. They believe that the man used food to lure the dogs away. “Fuss thing, dem dog dis bad wha da man gat. Earlier he been at de shop and buy sardine and bread and milk and he feed dem dogs,” a neighbour told this newspaper. “Whenever she (Ramdat) drink and does cuss out, you does hear she voice till away so. How come you nah hear she holler when dem ah chop she?” another neighbour said. A close relative of the woman’s lover contacted this newspaper via telephone all the way from the United States of America and also expressed the belief that he was the mastermind. Bharrat was described as a very kind person who was very generous to his wife and children. But the same could not be said about his wife; even from her children. “Like me nah gat no feeling fuh she, she don’t even talk to we. She gat fuh talk de truth. If she nah talk de truth me nah know wha go happen,” her son said.

Fisherman hacked to death...

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Dozens die in Odessa, rebels down Ukraine helicopters Ukrainian troops guard a checkpoint near the town of Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine yesterday. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

SLAVIANSK, Ukraine (Reuters) - Dozens of people were killed in a fire and others were shot dead when fighting between pro- and antiRussian groups broke out on the streets of Odessa on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast yesterday, opening a new front in a conflict that has split the country. In the east, pro-Russian separatists brought down two Ukrainian military helicopters involved in a pre-dawn operation to try to dislodge the militants from their strongholds in the town of Slaviansk. The separatists said three of their number had been killed, and two civilians, while

the defense ministry said two crew from the downed helicopters died and two other servicemen were killed when separatists attacked them yesterday evening. “Heavy fighting is continuing,” the Ukrainian Defence Ministry said. Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine has been the focus of concern in Western capitals since pro-Russian gunmen overran the region after Moscow annexed mainly Russian Crimea from Ukraine in March. Clashes had also occurred in largely Russianspeaking Odessa, not far from Crimea, but no one had died there before. Police said three people

were shot dead and dozens of others wounded in running battles between people backing Kiev and proRussian activists in the port city. Another man died later and a further 31 people were killed when a trade union building was set on fire as fighting continued into the evening, police said. An initial police report had given the death toll from the fire at 38 but the figure was revised. President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said Ukrainian forces had fired on civilians from the air in Slaviansk in a “punitive operation” that destroyed an international peace plan.

South Sudan leader ready for talks but rival doesn’t commit (Reuters) - South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir said yesterday he was ready for face-to-face talks with rebel leader Riek Machar to try and end months of fighting in the world’s newest nation, but his rival held off from promising to take part. Kiir spoke hours after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met him in South Sudan’s capital Juba to urge him to help end the conflict – part of a diplomatic push by Western and African powers who fear it could tip into fullblown ethnic slaughter and destabilise an already fragile region. “In the interest of peace in our country, I am willing and ready for face-toface talks with Machar,” Kiir was quoted as saying in a statement released by the government of Kenya, where he flew to brief his regional counterparts after meeting Kerry. Thousands have been killed and more than 1 million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted in

December between troops backing Kiir and soldiers loyal to Machar, his sacked deputy. The violence, which broke out after a long political rivalry between the two men, quickly spread to areas including the oil-producing north, often along ethnic lines between Kiir’s Dinka people and Machar’s Nuer. A senior U.S. State Department official said a phone conversation Kerry held on Friday with Machar was inconclusive. Machar “expressed openness to participating” in talks but did not commit during the call with Kerry, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Kerry, on his first visit as secretary of state to South Sudan, warned on Thursday that the increasingly ethnic violence could descend into genocide and said he expected the rapid deployment of more peacekeepers. Yesterday, he cited the risks of famine in South Sudan, decried reported recruitment of

child soldiers and cited “appalling accounts of sexual violence.” “Before the promise of South Sudan’s future is soaked in more blood, President Kiir and the opposition must work immediately for a cessation of hostilities and move towards an understanding about future governance of the country,” Kerry told reporters in the South Sudanese capital Juba. Delegations from both sides have been meeting in neighbouring Ethiopia, but their talks have failed to advance since the Jan. 23 signing of a ceasefire that never took hold. Kerry said a meeting between Kiir and Machar, which would be their first faceto-face encounter since the conflict began, would be “critical” to finally implementing the ceasefire. He said such talks might take place as early as next week, though that was before he had spoken with Machar.

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Hundreds killed, thousands missing in Afghan landslide Afghan villagers gather at the site of a landslide at the Argo district in Badakhshan province, yesterday. REUTERS/Stringer

KABUL (Reuters) Hundreds of people have been killed and more than 2,000 are missing after a landslide smashed into a village in a mountainous area of north Afghanistan yesterday, and rescue teams were struggling to reach the remote area. Villagers dug with their bare hands to try to find survivors under the mountain of mud, but officials said there was little hope of finding anyone alive given the scale of the disaster. Triggered by heavy rain, the side of a mountain collapsed into the village in Argo district at around 11 a.m. (2.30 a.m. ET) as people were trying to recover their belongings and livestock after a smaller landslip hit their homes a few hours earlier. “There were more than 1,000 families living in

that village. A total of 2,100 people - men, women and children - are trapped,” Naweed Forotan, a spokesman for the Badakhshan provincial governor, told Reuters. “As the part of the mountain which collapsed is so big, we don’t believe anyone would survive. The government and locals from surrounding villagers are helping with the rescue, and so far they have recovered more then a hundred bodies.” The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) put the number of fatalities at 350. At least 100 people were being treated for injuries, according to Colonel Abdul Qadeer Sayad, a deputy police chief of Badakhshan, which borders Tajikistan. Hundreds of mudbrick homes

were crushed and hundreds more damaged, he said. Rescue efforts have been hampered by difficult conditions due to a week of heavy rain. Seasonal rains and spring snow melt have caused heavy destruction across large swathes of northern Afghanistan, killing more than 100 people. President Hamid Karzai ordered Afghan officials to start emergency relief efforts immediately to reach the poor village. A U.N. representative in Kabul said roads to the village were open but passage was not suitable for heavy machinery. “Due to the size of the landslide, it is impossible to search for bodies without advanced machinery,” Col. Sayad said, “We hope to get some machinery and aid soon tomorrow.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened tougher new sanctions against Russia yesterday if Moscow does not quickly change its disruptive behavior. “We will not have a choice but to move forward with additional moresevere sanctions” if Russia disrupts a presidential election in Ukraine scheduled for May 25, Obama said at a news conference with Merkel outside the White House. “Further sanctions will be unavoidable,” Merkel agreed. Both leaders made it clear that the next step would be to order sanctions on separate parts of the Russian economy or military — on energy or arms for example — but

neither leader specified precisely what was being considered. Putin “needs to be dissuaded from his current course,” Obama said. The two leaders met as the European Union announced it would hold talks with Ukraine and Russia later this month on the price of natural gas, an attempt to avoid any disruption in supplies. Moscow recently hiked the price of gas shipped to Ukraine to $485 per thousand cubic meters from $268.50, and threatened to limit deliveries if Kiev does not meet the new price and repay a debt of $3.5 billion. More forebodingly, proRussia forces shot down two Ukrainian helicopters yesterday and Ukraine

reported many rebels dead and wounded as the interim government in Kiev launched its first major offensive against an insurgency that has seized government buildings across the east. The Kremlin said Kiev’s offensive against the insurgents “destroyed” the twoweek-old Geneva agreement on cooling Ukraine’s crisis. In their remarks, Obama and Merkel both said they would prefer the situation in Ukraine to be settled through diplomacy. Obama said Putin is free to offer his own views with regard to events in Ukraine, but it isn’t acceptable for the Kremlin to think “it has veto power” over decisions made by a duly elected government in Kiev.

Obama, Merkel threaten new Russia sanctions

Saturday May 03, 2014

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Venezuela tackles shortages with controversial food card (Reuters) - President Nicolas Maduro is introducing a controversial shopping card intended to combat Venezuela’s food shortages but decried by c r i t i c s as a Cuban-style policy illustrating the failure of his socialist policies. Maduro, the 51-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez, trumpets the new “Secure Food Supply” card, which will set limits on purchases, as a way to stop unscrupulous shoppers stocking up on subsidized groceries and reselling them. Some Venezuelans sell generously-subsidized food from state outlets for handsome profits on the black market or over the border in Colombia. “If there are shortages, there needs to be rationing to make sure we can all get the products we need,” said doctor Yusmery Palacios, 36, in a line at a state-run supermarket in Caracas. “It’s a measure that will help us. A lot of people buy here to resell for more,” she said. Others in the queue agreed. Hardline opposition

sympathizers, though, decry the card as a copy of Cuba’s ration books - a depressing sign of economic hardship and what they call “Castrocommunist” influence in Venezuela. “No to the Cuban package!” said one opposition leader, Maria Corina Machado, who frequently depicts the Maduro government as being under the influence of Cuban President Raul Castro. Critics say the card fails to tackle the roots of shortages in Venezuela: a lack of hard currency for imports, dysfunctional ports and absurdly low prices for subsidized goods. Officials have been coy on details of how the card will limit sales, saying broadly that they want to avoid “constant purchasing” and will install fingerprint machines at checkout counters to keep track of supplies. Currently, long lines of shoppers line up to buy quotas of subsidized food - 2 kilos of powdered milk, 4 of sugar, 2 of rice, and so on. Uniformed guards check

bags on the way out. But there is little to stop shoppers turning round and simply queuing to buy the same rations over again. The government is encouraging people to sign up to the new card, which is voluntary, by raffling off state-built homes and new cars assembled with the help of Chinese technology. “These are systems to protect against contraband, so that all of this really does reach the people,” Maduro said upon unveiling the card in March. It is adorned in blue, yellow and red - the color’s of Venezuela’s national flag. “Each month we’ll set aside, I don’t know, 500 apartments and maybe 500 vehicles, special bonuses, vacation packages,” shouted a euphoric Maduro before a pulsing crowd. For the next three months, shoppers will provide their personal information and then will receive their cards. The Food Ministry says at least 380,000 people have registered. Shortages of food and other products have in part

Nicolas Maduro motivated three months of protests seeking Maduro’s resignation that have left dozens dead. Critics note this is not the first time the government has tried to slow consumption to improve availability of products. In the border region, state oil company PDVSA has required drivers to install microchips on their vehicles so it can track and limit the purchases of fuel, which is so heavily subsidized that it can be sold in neighboring

Colombia at more than 50 times its purchase price. But fuel trafficking remains a problem nonetheless. “The card appears to be a conceptual error: it’s not going to the root of the problem,” said Gustavo Rojas, director of Polinomics, a pollster with offices in Washington and Caracas. “The only way to eat is to produce or import, and right now neither of those is functioning correctly,” he said, noting Venezuela’s annualized inflation rate of near 60 percent and slowing growth. The late Chavez is credited with vastly improving the availability of food to the poor during his 14-year-rule through subsidized grocery stores. The network expanded thanks to rising oil revenue and nationalizations of private supermarkets, boosting consumption of protein and helping Venezuelans eat more and better. But his policies also paved the way for today’s food supply problems.

Currency controls have restricted dollars available to import wheat, milk and toilet paper. Stringent price controls often require products to be sold below cost, pushing many merchants to sell unregulated goods. U n s c r u p u l o u s entrepreneurs aggravate the problem by hauling subsidized food across the border for a quick profit. At least 40 percent of the food that the government sells in border states leaves the country, mostly for Colombia. Many don’t bother to go that far. Within blocks of state-run stores, informal vendors resell products for triple what they bought them. The new food card system nonetheless represents a ray of hope for those stuck in seemingly interminable lines. “I spend almost seven hours every day in line to buy what I need to work,” said Gladis Nunez, 50, who sells traditional grilled “arepa” cornmeal pancakes. “If this reduces the number of people (in line), I welcome the card.”

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Nigel Stepney: Ferrari... From page 31 never benefited from the information. The affair was reinvestigated by the FIA after Alonso threatened to reveal incriminating information during a row with team principal Ron Dennis over his treatment by McLaren. The Spaniard left the team at the end of the season, one year into a three-year contract. Stepney was also found guilty of trying to sabotage Raikkonen’s car at the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix. He and Coughlan were

initially banned from taking part in F1. Coughlan r e t u r n e d a s Wi l l i a m s technical director in 2011, b u t l e f t l a s t s u m m e r. Stepney made a comeback to motorsport, running t e a m s i n t h e Wo r l d Endurance Championship. JRM, for whom he worked in sportscars, said in a statement that Stepney had “a level of technical experience that was unrivalled”. The team added: “Nigel was an intense and fierce competitor and always strived for excellence.” Stepney had a long career in F1, starting at

Shadow in 1977 before moving to Lotus, where he worked with the late Ayrton Senna, and then to Benetton and Ferrari, where he was chief mechanic and later technical manager in their dominant era with Michael Schumacher in the early 2000s. He fell out with Ferrari after he failed to get the job he desired in a reshuffle of the technical department following the departure of technical director Ross Brawn ahead of the 2007 season. He leaves his partner Ash and daughter Sabine.

Saturday May 03, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) A neighbor or relative might volunteer to help you with some chores around the house, Aries, but you could sense that his or her heart isn't in it. This person is probably thinking about things and just needs some kind words and a little advice. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Paperwork involving money could be a real drag for you today, Taurus. You'll have to get it done, but you'd rather be elsewhere. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) A contract of some kind, perhaps involving the home, might need some careful consideration today, Gemini. You could find it a little difficult to understand, as it could be full of fine print and legalese. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You might pick up some rather disturbing thoughts from a friend, neighbor, or relative, Cancer. This person could be upset over something and not communicating his or her feelings. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Some gossip about a friend could reach your ears today, Leo, and it might seem a bit shocking at first. Money could be involved. However, don't accept what you hear at face value. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Today you might find yourself the center of attention, Virgo. Friends could ask for some information they know you have. It might involve telling a story or giving practical advice.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Today you might take up some sort of occult study, such as astrology, numerology, or alchemy that seems like Greek to you at first, Libra. As a result, you could be tempted to abandon it. Don't! SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A friend might be in such a dour mood that you wonder if this is the same person you know and love, Scorpio. During the day you might be tempted to try to analyze what's going on, but this is apt to raise more questions than answers. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) A friend or romantic partner might need your advice, Sagittarius, and want to discuss a few things that you don't really understand. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Today you might read a book on exercise or nutrition that seems a bit unsettling, Capricorn. According to the book, you're doing everything wrong! AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) YMemories and emotions welling up from the past might excite your creative impulses today, Aquarius. You may not quite be able to understand what all of this means, but the pictures should keep coming to you nonetheless. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) A subject you're researching, perhaps for a class or workshop, might prove more difficult than you expected, Pisces. The resources you consult might be very scholarly and thus difficult to read.

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Skechers considering taking stake in LA Clippers (Reuters) - Sport shoes maker Skechers USA Inc said on Friday it will explore buying a stake in the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, whose owner is at the center of a controversy over alleged racist remarks. The commissioner of the National Basketball Association has banned team

owner Donald Sterling for life over the alleged comments, raising the likelihood that the team will be sold. Los Angeles-based Skechers said it was consulting with its advisers about leading an investment group to acquire an interest in the team.

Berbice thump President’s XI... From page 35 sixth wicket partnership with Hackeem Hinds (21) before Hinds was trapped in front by Ronaldo Mohamed at 252. Off spinner Richie Looknauth then bowled Viendra Gooniah (11) behind his back at 266. Ramcharran displayed a wide array of shots on both side of the pitch and attained his well deserved half century off 105 balls. He featured in a seventh wicket stand of 33 with Arif Chan (07) who was caught off Daniel Lewis. President’s XI skipper Travis Persaud took the new ball as soon as it was made available and left arm pacer Gavin Moriah sent Ramcharran off stump cart wheeling with one that came back into the right hander; he went for 60 with the score on 309.Mohamed then bowled Niall Smith (16) before Berbice declared leaving Parmanand Ramdhan on 14 and Dimitri Cameron on one. Mohamed ended with 2-27, Moriah 2-36 and Shun 2-52. Opener Ryan Shun stroked seamer Cameron to

the cover boundary to get the President’s XI innings going before he was bowled off the inside edged by Smith at 9-1. Skipper Ramcharran marshaled his troops quiet well and his decision to introduce spin paid dividends when Arif Chan trapped Vishwanauth Ramlakhan (04) LBW and had Sunil Singh (14) taken by wicket keeper Hinds as the batsman attempted to cut a ball too close to his body at 40-3. Avishkar Sewkarran used his feet well against the spinners and put together 20 runs for the fourth wicket with Travis Persaud before he was LBW to left arm spinner Parmanand Ramdhan for 23( 5x4). Ramdhan then sent back Michael Shallim (10) LBW before Ronaldo Mohamed (02) was bowled by leg spinner Viendra Goniah leaving the score at 78-6. Apart from Travis Persaud who scored 21 (2x4), the rest of the batting folded meekly with only Richie Looknauth (14) and Ershad Alli (14*) managing double figures.

Chan was the pick of the bowlers with 3-17; Gooniah captured 3-20, Ramdhan 2-11. Hetmyer was given the man of the match award.

British Grand Prix: Lewis... From page 34 for me, is more exciting. “Would I like it to be a little bit noisier? Yes. But was I impressed with what I saw? Yes. I didn’t understand what all the moaning was about.” Silverstone, which alternated the staging of the British Grand Prix with other tracks until 1987, is turning the race weekend into a fourday event, during which fans will have access to the centre of the track for the first time since 2003. They will be able to visit a display of former F1 cars, as well as the paddock for the support races. Events at the track will start on Thursday, 3 July, with the pit lane open to all three-day ticket holders for the first time. The day concludes with a concert by Kaiser Chiefs. Hamilton said: “Silverstone and Formula 1 come hand in hand and you just have to look at the list of winners there to appreciate its history.”

U.S. sprinter... have been suspended for two years for his first doping offence but received a reduction because of his substantial assistance into the investigation of his case, USADA said. “We are thankful he decided to come in and be truthful in his cooperation with us,” USADA chief executive Travis Tygart told Reuters. Gay will be eligible to return to competition in June of this year and will be eligible for future world championships and Olympics, Tygart said. An investigation into the circumstances of his case is ongoing and his suspension is subject to appeal by the International Association of Athletics Federation and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Letter to the Sports Editor

Is Administration harming Guyanese football? (Continued from yesterday) Finally in January 2014 the GFF announced a 50 man squad of young players to begin National Team training, however this decision by the GFF was baffling: aside from Vurlon Mills, why were none of the players who featured in Guyana’s historic World Cup Qualification run in 2012 called up? Players such as captain Christopher Nurse, Leon Cort, Carl Cort and Trayon Bobb all played against Mexico in the historically volatile Azteca Arena; surely their experience of such a game and their knowledge of the sport would benefit the younger inexperienced players. Whilst the aforementioned players currently ply their trade in Europe and as such would not be able to begin immediate training in Guyana, no indication or assurances were made by GFF President Christopher Mathias that they would be called up for future games, they have virtually been left out in the wilderness for the foreseeable future. Christopher Mathias also declared during the squad’s announcement that “The national criteria and policy for selection will be made public shortly so that everyone will know what they need to work towards in order to make the respective national teams,” a rather vague and ambiguous statement that falls in line with current GFF policy and will provide little comfort to players not selected. Furthermore, the National Team is yet to be assigned a manager, the most crucial aspect of any footballing team: the person who organises and motivates

players, yet no manager has been announced for the Golden Jaguars as of yet. There have been a few rumoured names, yet surprisingly Jamaal Shabazz, the man who led Guyana to their furthest ever position in World Cup Qualifying in 2012 is not one of the names being thrown about as rumoured manager. Shabazz has held two successful stints with the Guyana National Team and both have seen him push the nation to new heights, yet his reward for such achievement was being forced to hastily leave his position due to backroom issues in November 2012. In essence, the GFF has dismantled the formula which took Guyana in 2010 to its highest ever position of 86th in the FIFA Rankings and consequently started from scratch, for no apparent reason, by selecting a 50-man squad with little international experience, administration has ignored logic by choosing to start from scratch rather than building on the significant progress made over the past few years. Administration has halted the potential of the Golden Jaguars by casting aside the experienced campaigners who took the team to previously unseen heights only two years ago. In January 2014, matters also began to affect local football, as chaos ensued between federations when the GFF took the unprecedented step of imposing bans on members of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), including their very own GFF Vice-President Collie Hercules, for staging the GT Beer Knock Out final on January 1st, a date allocated exclusively for the

Georgetown Football Association (GFA) Banks Beer Final. Matthias at the time was quoted as saying ‘’The GFF feels that it would be unfair to both tournaments because they share the same sponsor (Banks DIH)’’, so despite the GFF being made up pre-dominantly of former GFA members, the Georgetown Finals were given priority and Linden was punished for holding an ‘’illegal’’ final on January 1st. This was a new low for Guyanese Football, federations quarrelling and facing unnecessary divisions at a time when unity is needed to aid the development of football in the country. UDFA President Sharma Solomon was given an eight year suspension and Collie Hercules banned for five years, both ironically were given more significant penalties than that given to Colin Klass by FIFA for allegedly accepting bribes. However, the UDFA has refused to accept these suspensions, labelling the ban as unconstitutional and illegal due to the fact that the extraordinary congress which dished out the suspensions had not been formally requested by anybody, and thus had no right to have taken place. Rawle Adams, another GFF Vice-president, tendered his resignation due to the events, and Collie Hercules labelled Matthias as ‘’dictator’’ , declaring ‘’that being elected vice-president under Matthias, I have seen clearly his dictatorial attitude and it is not good for the sport’’. Vice-President of the GFF, Ivan Persaud, consequently penned a letter, formally asking for Matthias to resign, citing some extraordinary

allegations within the letter, such as Matthias lying about attending a FIFA meeting in Zurich in September, and citing that as the GFA did not have a legal contract to host the Banks Final the banning of the UDFA was therefore unconstitutional. Matthias has yet to come out and publically refute the claims made in the letter, which instil little confidence into the public. The only remaining Vice-President of the GFF (Persaud) has asked for Matthias to resign, and former members of staff have displayed little confidence in Matthias as a leader. A noconfidence motion was held at Congress against Matthias on 26th April 2014, and in dramatic circumstances Matthias survived as President, amidst members of the electoral committee walking out and congress being scheduled to reconvene in 45 days. In conclusion, when federations such as the UDFA are being suspended for simply holding football tournaments it becomes apparent that football is not the priority here, politics is, and this lack of unity and transparency within Guyanese football is what has frustrated the fans for many years, petty disputes are being used to hold football back, and it is this lack of vision for the greater good which needs to end. Administration within football has never been an easy job, but for too long the focus has been on money and personal gain in Guyana rather than developing football within the nation, and this is something which needs to stop if we are to ever see Guyanese football prosper. Santokie Nagulendran

U.S. sprinter Tyson Gay suspended one year for doping RALEIGH, North Carolina, (Reuters) - Former world double sprint champion Tyson Gay has been suspended for one year after testing positive for a banned substance, the U.S. AntiDoping Agency (USADA) said on Friday. He has also returned the silver medal he won with the U.S. 4x100 meters relay team at the 2012 London Olympics. As part of the suspension, Gay, the joint second fastest

man in history, was disqualified from all competitive results since July 15, the date he first used a product that contained a prohibited substance. The American 100 meters record holder had tearfully admitted last July he had failed an out-of-competition doping test, saying “I basically put my trust in someone and I was let down.” The 31-year-old could (Continued on page 29)

Tyson Gay (Reuters)

GCB Inter-County U-19 cricket

Demerara hammer E’bo by innings & 135 By Sean Devers A mesmerizing spell of leg-spin bowling by 18-yearold National under-19 player Steven Sankar wrecked Essequibo twice in one day to lead Demerara to an emphatic innings and 135-run win with over a day and a session to spare in their opening round of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) threeday Inter-County cricket match at the DCC ground yesterday. The talented Malteenoes all-rounder captured 5-17 in the first innings and 8-58 in the second as Essequibo, who were asked to follow-on, could only reach 104 and 132 on the same pitch on which Demerara amassed 341 in their only innings. Sankar, who made his Regional under-19 debut last year, fell just short of his career best 8-29 for Malteenoes against DCC in 2012, as he produced his best bowling figures at this level to finish with match figures of 13-75 from 15.2 overs. In sultry conditions on a slightly heavy outfield, Essequibo resumed the penultimate day on 23-1 in their first innings and were making steady progress at 643 when the destructive Sankar was introduced into the attack after Shivendra Hemraj had top scored with 32. The lanky leggie started his demolition work in his first over and took his five wickets in just four overs as Essequibo were left in tatters and in danger of not reaching a three figure total at 77-9. Ryan Adams, who thumped two huge sixes and a four in 20, added 27 with last man Akini Adams who scored an undefeated seven to keep the confident home team in the field a bit longer before Ryan Adams departed. Pacers Keon Morris took 2-47 and Kevin Paul 2-5 offered excellent support to Sankar as Demerara tightened the screws on Essequibo who were promptly asked to followon, 237 runs behind. By lunch the lads from the Cinderella County had reached 13-1 after losing Ricardo Peters for a duck with just one run on the board. After the interval Essequibo’s best player

Kemo Paul (12) was bowled by Sankar after being promoted in the order at 29-3 and it was soon 57-3 when Sankar got rid of Hemraj (12). However, the left-handed Avenash Persaud seemed more comfortable with the ball coming onto the bat and savagely tore into fast bowler Kevin Paul with an effortless six over the sightscreen and into a yard over the road beyond the northern boundary. The pugnacious Persaud followed it up with a sweetly timed drive to cover boundary and disdainful flick for four through mid-wicket in Paul’s next over. Keno Harry then dumped Sankar for a six on top of the DCC Pavilion and clobbered him for two more fours in an over which cost 18 runs to briefly give Essequibo hope of the arrival of a Fairy Godmother to rescue them from another humiliating defeat. However, the visitors were not to have any such luck. Sankar was not afraid to tease the batsmen with generous flight with such a big total to defend even if it meant sacrificing a few lusty blows for a wicket and once he induced Persaud to hit a catch to mid-off to leave Essequibo on 94-5, it sparked another familiar batting collapse as every batsman tried hitting the leather off the ball to further expose their overdose of t20 cricket in that County. With Harry well set for a half-century and more than a day left to get it, he irresponsibly tried to clear long-on and was easily taken off Sankar at mid-on after making 30 with two fours and a six as Essequibo were flat on the canvas at 125-8 and never managed to rise again. An Essequibo cricket official bemoaned the lack of club cricket in Region two and three and the absence of twoday cricket because of inadequat e f u n d s . H e added that if this is not corrected then Essequibo, which he feels has talent but no proper structure, will continue to do badly at Inter-County level. He added that the politics and internal power struggle among Board members is not doing any good for the players.

Saturday May 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Neymar planned social media response to racists

Neymar (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - The social media campaign against racism that grew after Dani Alves ate a banana thrown onto the pitch was planned in advance by team-mate Neymar. Barcelona’s Alves took a bite before a corner in Sunday’s win at Villarreal. Afterwards, Neymar posted a picture of himself on social media with a banana and the hashtag “we are all monkeys”. The cause was taken up worldwide but a Brazilian advertising agency says the response was planned to help Neymar counter racism in Spain. Neymar and Alves have been racially abused by fans a number of times this season. Monkey chants aimed at Neymar after a recent game against Espanyol prompted the Brazilian to seek help from his father and advisers on the best course of action. “Neymar didn’t want to be quiet, he wanted to use his own powerful voice to create something to talk about racism,” said Guga Ketzer, partner at Brazilian agency Loducca. “We created this idea with the hashtag ‘we are all monkeys’ and the idea was to use it and take a picture of him eating a banana.” When Alves, who knew nothing of the plan, peeled the fruit and took a bite against Villareal, Neymar’s campaign was launched. He posted a picture of himself and his child eating bananas on Instagram, prompting a number of other

players, celebrities and politicians to emulate him. “It was the best way to empower and start this conversation in Brazil,” Ketzer told BBC Sport. “It is to prove to the racists that we are all together - whether we are black, white, yellow, it doesn’t matter. We are all monkeys. Our idea was to make the racist powerless. It is one of the biggest racist conversations in years in Brazil and even in the world.” Brazilian TV presenter Luciano Huck, a friend of Neymar’s, caused controversy when his clothing company began selling T-shirts featuring a picture of a banana and the same hashtag. Ketzer insists his agency is not connected to Huck. “This not a marketing campaign, it’s just a way for Neymar to engage his audience and express his anger and his hate against the racism in the the world,” added Ketzer. Spanish police arrested the 26-year-old fan responsible for throwing the banana, while Villareal banned him for life. Reports in the Spanish media suggest the fan was a youth coach at the club but Villareal have not commented. “If I could, I would put a photo of the fan on the internet so that he would be shamed,” said Alves, 30. He also criticised Spain for its approach to racism, saying: “They sell the country as being first world but in certain things they are very backward.”

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McCullum, Jadeja sink Knight Riders

ESPNcricinfo - The Chennai Super Kings playbook has one abiding formula: a top-order contribution, a blitz from the finishers and a strangle by the spinners. Brendon McCullum took care of objective one with his third half-century in six matches, MS Dhoni swung his bat around to lift the total to 148 in a rainreduced match and Ravindra Jadeja swindled 4 for 12 to down Kolkata Knight Riders with ease. Robin Uthappa, who opened for Knight Riders, posed the greatest threat with his execution matching his intent. He crunched four fours and a six on either side of losing his partner Gautam Gambhir in the third over. He was conscious to use his feet, unafraid of going aerial and the reverse sweep was a trusted weapon as well. But his stroke-play coincided with a dreadful collapse at the other end. The introduction of spin left Knight Riders 39 for 4 at the end of the Powerplay, too deep a hole to escape from no matter how long Yusuf Pathan managed to biff the ball down the ground. The Jadeja-R Ashwin combination plucked three wickets in five balls and Knight Riders’ middle order was broken inside the first six overs. Uthappa waged his battle until he became Jadeja’s fourth victim to hand the leftarm spinner the best figures of the season. The start of the Indian leg of the IPL was delayed by an hour and 40 minutes after an unseasonal shower in Ranchi limited the game to 17 overs a side. Knight Riders utilised spin for the entirety

Ravindra Jadeja dismissed Manish Pandey and Shakib Al Hasan with successive deliveries. (BCCI)

of the Powerplay and were encouraged by some help from the pitch. But a persistence in pushing the balls through allowed McCullum to settle and shepherd Super Kings past the loss of Dwayne Smith in the third over. Piyush Chawla was particularly adam a n t i n refusing to flight the ball. Suresh Raina and McCullum had no qualms with that as they joined hands for a brisk 70-run stand for the second wicket. The introduction of pace did little to stem the f l o w o f r u n s a s Vi n a y Kumar fed McCullum with a steady diet of short balls that ended up being thudded into the midwicket boundary. The five overs between the eighth and 12th yielded

Brendon McCullum raises the bat after reaching his third fifty of the 51 runs for one wicket. Sunil Narine was his usual miserly

self and Super Kings seemed to be running out of gas in the final overs, especially when McCullum was caught in the deep for 56. But some initiative and wayward bowling from Andre Russell, who was brought in for Morne Morkel, allowed the home side to finish on a high. Those extra runs ensured Yusuf’s late pummeling in the Knight Riders’ chase was inconsequential. He blazed three sixes in the penultimate over and each of them gave the fielder no chance. Knight Riders would hope the next t i me he wields the long handle, the equation will not read 59 off 12. Scores: Chennai Super Kings 148 for 3 (McCullum 56) beat Kolkata Knight Riders 114 for 9 (Uthappa 47, Jadeja 4-12) by 34 runs.

Nigel Stepney: Ferrari ‘spy-gate’ mechanic dies in road accident BBC Sport - Nigel Stepney, the former Ferrari mechanic at the heart of the 2007 “spy-gate” scandal, has died in a road accident, aged 56. Stepney was sentenced in Italy to 20 months in prison after being found guilty of sabotage, industrial espionage and sporting fraud. Stepney had leaked nearly 800 pages of confidential Ferrari information to McLaren ahead of the 2007 season. He did not serve the sentence, but never worked in Formula 1 again. Stepney passed information to his friend Mike Coughlan, then McLaren’s chief designer. Ferrari said

they only found out when Coughlan’s wife tried to make copies of the documents at a local shop, whose owner telephoned them to reveal his suspicions. McLaren were initially cleared of any wrongdoing, but after a second hearing by governing body the FIA were fined 100m euros and disqualified from the 2007 constructors’ championship, which they otherwise would have won. McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso tied on points in the drivers’ championship, one behind eventual winner Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari. The team insist they (Continued on page 29)

Nigel Stepney (JRM Group)

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Saturday May 03, 2014

Demerara Bank Limited on Board for BCB/ 10th Linden Secondary Schools U-19 basketball final MVP Daniel Anthony lands Mackenzie High BCC&DA Independence T20 Cup 2014 School 5th title, beat Linden Foundation

Mahendra Ramdihall receives the cheque from Earlene Dawson, Branch Manager, Rose Hall Branch in the presence of other staff members. One of the largest Commercial Bank in Guyana, Demerara Bank Limited once again joined hands with the BCB/BCC&DA to host Independence T20 Cup 2014. This is the third edition and promises to be the biggest ever. It is expected for the first time that it is played under international quality floodlights, the same as the Guyana National Stadium. There will be two semifinals with Berbice ‘A’ taking on East Coast Jaguars from 11am and Berbice ‘B’ taking on Georgetown Cricket Association 11 three hours later. The winners will battle in the finals from 7pm under lights. Preceding the final will be a winner take all softball match between arch rivals Memorex and Universal DVD. Proceeds from this event will go to many charitable organisations. The two cricket clubs identified for assistance this year are Blairmont Cricket Club and

Upper Corentyne Cricket Association. Last year Albion Cricket Club and Bermine Cricket Club were assisted with one hundred thousand dollars each. In addition, three orphanages, two schools, the host venue Albion Cricket Ground are earmarked to gain from this mega event. For the first time, funds will be put aside for health. The BCB and BCC&DA, to assist in their work, will share the balance equally. This gala event will form p a r t o f t h e R e g i o n ’s celebration for Independence. At a simple ceremony held recently at the Rose Hall Branch of DBL, Miss Earlene Dawson, Branch Manager handed s p o n s o r s h i p cheque to tournament representative Mahendra Ramdhall in the presence of other staff members. Miss Dawson said that her company was pleased with what they saw

last year and readily renews their sponsorship for 2014. She indicated that the Bank serves the people of Guyana with six branches across the country and wished the tournament success. She was pleased to know that so many charitable organisations will benefit from this event. Receiving the cheque on behalf of the organisers, Mahendra Ramdihall, thanked DBL for coming on board again and assured them that they will be satisfied with the mileage and the way the tournament will be conducted. Transparency and accountability have been the hallmark of the first two tournaments and this year will be no different. The tournament is set for May 25, 2014, the Sunday before Independence D a y. Incentives close to one million dollars and many gate prizes will be up for grabs.

GCB Double Wicket Cricket Festival

Matches rescheduled for tomorrow only The Guyana Cricket Board Double Wicket Cricket Festival that was slated for both today and tomorrow has been rescheduled for only tomorrow, Sunday 4th May 2014. This is to accommodate players who have previous commitment to club cricket and other competitions today. The tournament organizers are expecting to attract 16 male pairs and eight

female pairs who will be vying for over one million dollars in winning and runners-up prizes. In addition, there are several other attractive incentive prizes up for grabs for the most sixes, best fielders, best catches and most run outs/stump outs etc. Many of the national players available will be turning out for their respective Clubs but the organizers have not restricted

the pairs to Clubs only. Among them are Veerasammy Permaul, Devendra Bishoo, Christopher Barnwell, Paul Wintz, Zaheer Mohamed, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Troy Gonsalves, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Leon Johnson, Robin Bacchus, Latoya Smith, Shemaine Campbell, Tremayne Smartt and Katana Mentore. Entrance is free and play starts promptly at 10:00 hours.

Forward Daniel A n t h o n y, i n a s t e l l a r display of all round basketball, produced 19 points, grabbed 16 rebounds, three steals and a similar amount of assists as Mackenzie High School won their fifth Linden Secondary Schools Under19 basketball title by defeating Linden Foundation Secondary 5734 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court on Monday. Playing in front of basketball fans and the main sponsors throughout the ten years from the United States, including former national Women’s Coach Linden Alphonso, Lennox Allicock, Marlon Josiah, Kenneth Chapman, Maxie Stephens and Orin Louison along with Senior Physical Education Officer o f R e g i o n Te n ( U p p e r Demerara/Berbice), the Linden Foundation were led by their top player Isaiah Semple, who notched up six first quarter points as they took the initiative after the first quarter ended 17-4. However, by the end of t h e f i r s t q u a r t e r, t h e Mackenzie High had pulled back into contention and sneaked ahead with their top players Anthony and Allister Lewis steadying their offence, to lead 20-18. Mackenzie High maintained control to the end of the third quarter when they held a 28-23 advantage before

outplaying their opponents to romp home and win the championship they lost last year to the C h r i s t i a n b u rg Wi s m a r Secondary. Following the loss in the 2013 Under-19 final, Mackenzie High stormed back to take the Sunburst Linden Secondary Schools Under-17 basketball championship last year where Anthony was awarded the Most Valuable Player; and this time he was also given the MVP award for his brilliant performance. Anthony was assisted by teammate Allister Lewis, who had 16 points, while Ron Profit, who also raked in 19 rebounds in the final, helped Mackenzie High regain the coveted title. The Linden Foundation leading player was Isaiah Semple who had a game high 21 points as no other player hit double figure scores as the next best score was Nigel Pellew’s eight. In the third place playoff game, Christianburg Wismar Secondary beat New Silvercity Secondary 45-30. For the winners Akini Wilson had 19 points and Daniel Lee 14, while for New Silvercity S e c o n d a r y, C l e v e l a n d Denny netted nine points and Wayne Wilson eight. Anthony was also the tournament’s top scorer with 98 points, while the leading scorers for the final four teams were Isaiah Semple of Linden Foundation with 44, C h r i s t i a n b u rg Wi s m a r

Secondary’s Akini Wilson with 66 and Wayne Wilson of New Silvercity Secondary got 28 points. Anthony also was awarded a basketball suit which was donated by United States based Macio Couchman. Semple was awarded the Most Valuable Player for the runner-up team as he netted 21 points, 15 rebounds, 18 steals and three assists as Akeem Nicholson was the leading Shot Blocker of the final with three, while Mackenzie High’s Kevin Bonnet was the winner of the Best Coach award. For his 19 rebounds Ron Profitt was the winner o f t h e M ost Rebounds award in the final, Anthony had the Most Assists with three, Semple was the Most Steals winner as he snatched 18 and the Most Disciplined team was the Christianburg Wismar Secondary. The Most Improved Players, Daniel Lee and Isaiah Semple each got a basketball, compliments of Audrey Singh in memory of the late Fire Officer Mr. McCalmont. The All Star Five players were named as Terron Welch and Dennis Niles of Linden Technical Institute, Isaiah Semple of Linden Foundation Secondary, Amaniki Buntin of Christianburg Wismar Secondary and Daniel Anthony of Mackenzie High School and they r e c e i v e d t h e A l l St a r jerseys which were donated by United States based Louis Webster.

Umpire Leslie Reifer off to Bangladesh Barbados Nation Bridgetown, Barbados Leslie Reifer Jr has made another huge step in his quest to become an elite international cricket umpire. The 24 - y e a r - o l d Barbadian left the island last week for Bangladesh, where he will spend the next two weeks as part of an exchange programme between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and t h e B a n g l a d e s h C r icket Board (BCB). It will be Reifer’s second such trip, following a onemonth stint in England last year. In an interview with NATIONSPORT just before departing the Grantley Adams International Airport last Saturday, Reifer expressed his excitement about being selected to umpire in the subcontinent. “It is indeed an honour to

have been chosen by the WICB and I am very proud. I can truly say that I have become a much better umpire as a result of these opportunities,” he said. What will make this particular tour that much more special is the fact Reifer will get the opportunity to officiate in the Bangladesh Cricket League’s final. In doing so, he would become the first West Indian umpire to be appointed to a final in Bangladesh. Reifer, the cousin of former West Indies captain F l o y d R e i f e r, s a i d h e expected the experience to be completely different from the tour of England, where he had to deal with extremely cold conditions. “I expect a different and unique challenge because I am going to a foreign country where not much English is spoken.

“Also, the conditions will be completely different. I expect very hot and humid conditions and the pitches to be especially friendly to the spinners,” he added. “But once I found out I was going to be making the trip, I’ve been working tirelessly to get myself in good physical and mental condition.” It is just the latest achievement for Reifer, who also holds the distinction of being the youngest ever umpire from the Caribbean to officiate in a first-class match. And having also stood in both the NAGICO Super50 and the Regional 4-Day Championship, an upbeat Reifer sees this as a perfect opportunity in which to garner the experience he needs to become a worldclass umpire. “It is really an amazing opportunity and I intend to make the best of it,” he said.

Kaieteur News

Saturday May 03, 2014

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CONCACAF, CONMEBOL to celebrate Centennial Cup America A mega football merger of historic proportions between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL promises big financial rewards for participating nations and a big boost to the economy of the host country, the United States of America, it was said on Wednesday. During a joint press conference between the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and South American Football C o n f e d e r a t i o n (CONMEBOL) at the St Regis Bal Harbor in Miami, a broad but vivid outline of a super tournament to commemorate the 100th year of the Copa America was revealed to international media. Still, not much in terms of prize monies, format of the tournament, host cities and other organisational details were available yesterday, but CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb promised more in the coming weeks as some specifics are still being hammered out. “This is just the first phase by announcing the tournament, but in two weeks we will announce a local organising committee and then we will start the bid process for the cities; as far as the economics are concerned, the finance committee will sit down with CONMEBOL to work out those details,” the Caymanian told the Jamaica

Observer. “It’s going to be big and for the cities as it will bring billions of dollars in revenue to the United States… once we finalise the format of the competition, we could end up using 20 cities, we could use 16 or 12 cities. For us, one of the goals is to get the game in the United States to the grassroots so it’s important to spread this tournament around,” said the F I FA a n t i r a c i s m a n d discrimination chief gladiator. Webb, who succeeded Trinidadian Austin ‘Jack’ Warner as president of CONCACAF, did hint that teams qualifying for what will be called Centennial Cup America, stand to earn millions in US dollars for just making the final 16 for the June 3-26, 2016 tournament. He added that the forecast in developmental benefits for teams, especially those in the Caribbean and Central American sub-regions, are expected to be huge. “The benefits will be massive as this will propel more the development of CONCACAF, and this will provide us more with revenues to inject into development programmes of our member associations throughout… for the teams that qualify, they stand to earn over US$1 million just to get there,” Webb said. “For Caribbean teams, the incentives will surely be more than that of

ONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb (left) and CONMEBOL boss Eugenio Figueredo pose with the Centennial Cup America trophy at a press conference at the St Regis Bal Harbor, Miami yesterday. (PHOTO: CONCACAF) the Gold Cup. Also, it is going to benefit teams that don’t qualify because we will have more funding and more revenue to invest back into the overall development,” said the FIFA vice-president. The tournament, which will be contested by all 10 South American countries and six from CONCACAF, is actually a celebratory version of the Copa America, the continental Holy Grail of a rivalry dating back to 1916. Webb, whose brainchild it was to unify the Americas in this unprecedented way, said he is beside himself with pleasure to watch a dream take

shape — albeit from two years of rigorous work and another two guaranteed to see the final outcome. “Once I became the president, my first meeting was with the executive committee, following that meeting, I brought CONMEBOL to us and sat down with them and told them about this vision to unite the region. I said to them, let’s use the 100-year anniversary of the Copa America as an opportunity to do what nothing else could do, and unite the two continents. “This tournament is going to provide CONCACAF with great challenge on the field; it

is going to unite the entire region for the first time ever in our history. So, today I am so happy that after two years of work, especially with what general secretary Enrique Sanz has done to make sure that we get to this point that we can finally make this announcement,” said Webb, with his passion burning as it did when he first went public with the novel idea. CONMEBOL president Eugenio Figueredo said his organisations is proud to be collaborating with their friend from the north on the ambitions project. “We are proud to play a leading role in the celebration of the

centennial of a tournament born to unite all America. Year after year the Cup has gained prestige, which has allowed the opening of doors to the football of an entire continent. Now, CONCACAF and the United States will play host to the world’s oldest national team competition,” he said. In a 16-team field, CONMEBOL’s 10-member associations — Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela — will be joined by six competitors from CONCACAF, including host and 2013 Gold Cup champion United States, and six-time Gold Cup champion Mexico. Additional CONCACAF representatives will include the 2014 champion of the CFU Caribbean Cup to be hosted in Jamaica and the champion of UNCAF Central American Cup. The final two CONCACAF teams to earn a ticket to the Centennial Cup America 2016 will be determined by a four-team play-off. The four national teams advancing furthest in the 2015 edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup that are not among the four already qualified to the Centennial Cup America (Mexico, the United States, CFU winner and UNCAF winner), will enter a play-off to determine the final two CONCACAF qualifiers.

NBA owners agree to force sale of LA Clippers BBC Sport - A group representing National Basketball Association team owners has agreed to proceed with efforts to force the sale of the LA Clippers following a heated race row.Owner Donald Sterling was banned from the sport for life this week after he was recorded making racist remarks. On Thursday the 10member NBA advisory committee unanimously agreed to begin terminating Mr Sterling’s ownership.A number of celebrities have expressed interest in purchasing the sports team. “The committee unanimously agreed to move forward as expeditiously as possible and will reconvene next week,’’ said NBA executive vice president Mike Bass. A forced sale of the LA Clippers

would require the approval of three-quarters of the 30 team owners in the NBA. But Mr Sterling could oppose the sale in the courts, according to sports lawyers. Television star Oprah Winfrey, media executive David Geffen and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather have been among those touted as prospective buyers.Another casualty of the row emerged on Thursday evening, when the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) resigned.Mr Jenkins had intended to present Mr Sterling with a “lifetime achievement award” later this month, a move he withdrew after the recording emerged in which the Clippers owner made racist comments.In his resignation letter, Jenkins said: “In order to separate the Los Angeles

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Mr Sterling had acknowledged it was his voice on the recording. It was not clear how or when the conversation was recorded.Mr Silver subsequently announced Mr Sterling’s expulsion from the NBA along with a $2.5m (£1.5m), the maximum allowed. Mr Sterling’s remarks caused an immediate uproar in Los Angeles and among basketball fans across the country.

Who’s buying the Clippers? Clockwise from top left: Boxers Mayweather and De La Hoya are interested, as is singer Sean Combs, while David Geffen, Larry Ellison and Oprah Winfrey are in talks. NAACP and the NAACP from the negative exposure I have caused the NAACP, I respectfully resign my position.’”In the 10-minute

audio recording, Mr Sterling can be heard criticising his girlfriend V Stiviano for posting online photographs of herself with black friends at

Clippers games.”It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people. Do you have to?” the man says. On Tuesday,

The Clippers are competing in the first round of the NBA playoffs, drawing extra scrutiny to the incident. Te a m c o a c h D o c Rivers later said the lifetime ban and fine for Mr Sterling was the “start of a healing process”.

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Little Diamond Int’l Martial Arts Academy concludes successful workshop

Students of the Little Diamond International Martial Arts Academy take time out for a group photo after the workshop. 25 Students of the Little Diamond International Martial Arts Academy (LDIMAA) have just completed a successful 6 week martial arts workshop training session and fun day at Cove & John on the East Coast of Demerara on Sunday April 27. Shihan Nazism said that

the students have worked very hard to improve their martial arts skills and are looking forward to the next work shop later this year. The work shop was beneficial to the students who are now preparing for the Junior National Karate Championships to be held on the 25th May 2014 which

will see students from 6-15 years old competing. The support of the parents in attendance was commended by the organisers. The outdoor training session allowed the parents to see their children perform and also gave them a chance to enjoy the fun day, playing games with them.

British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton victories ‘boost ticket sales’

British GP got a boost from Lewis Hamilton’s (centre) recent performances. (AP) BBC Sport - Lewis Hamilton’s three consecutive wins have brought British Grand Prix ticket sales back on track, according to Silverstone chairman Neil England. England said he had some concerns early in the year, but that sales for the July 6 race were now “pretty much in line with where we’d like them to be”. Briton Hamilton, 29, was victorious in Malaysia, Bahrain and China. Silverstone, which first hosted the British Grand Prix in 1948, stages its 50th grand prix this year. It is not clear whether

initial ticket sales were influenced by the debate about the quieter engines in F1 this year following rule changes. But Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips said it “would appear” fans had now accepted the new, more fuele ff i c i e n t t u r b o - h y b r i d engines, which have been criticised by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo. Ecclestone believes the cars are too quiet and has asked the teams to investigate ways to make e n g i n e s l o u d e r. N e w exhausts are expected to be

trialled at a test at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya on 13-14 May. But Derek Warwick, president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which owns Silverstone, said he believed the debate about the noise was ill-founded. “We’ve gone from earbleeding, ear-piercing V8s to turbos,” said Warwick, one of F1’s rotating panel of former drivers on the stewards’ panel at races. “We’ve had three or four years of Scalextric cars. Now the drivers are being challenged with extra power and less downforce and that, (Continued on page 29)

Saturday May 03, 2014

NBA Roundup: West takes over for Pacers The Associated Press ATLANTA — David West led Indiana on a 16-4 run to end the game, extending the season for the top-seeded Pacers with a 95-88 victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday night. Trailing 3-2 after losing at home for the second time in the Eastern Conference series, Indiana was poised for an early summer when the Hawks pushed out to an 84-79 lead with just over 3 minutes remaining, cheered on by a raucous crowd. But, for the fourth time in this back-and-forth affair, the road team won. West seemed to make every big play down the stretch, scoring four straight points and forcing a huge turnover to begin the turnaround. West hit two more baskets in the final minute to wrap things up, finishing with 24 points. Game 7 is Saturday in Indianapolis. Paul George also scored 24 points for the Pacers, making four straight free throws to help finish off the Hawks, trying to become only the sixth No. 8seed to knock off a No. 1 seed. Jeff Teague scored 29 points for Atlanta. THUNDER 104, GRIZZLIES 84 MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Kevin Durant scored 36 points to break out of a slump, and Oklahoma City routed Memphis to force a deciding seventh game in the f i r s t - r o u n d We s t e r n Conference series. Russell Westbrook added 25 points for the Thunder, who haven’t been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs since 2010. They took control early with Durant scoring 14 points in the first quarter, led by 15 at

Indiana Pacers forward David West (21) shoots as Atlanta Hawks forward Elton Brand (42) defends in the first half of Game 6 of a first-round NBA basketball playof f series in Atlanta, Thursday, May 1, 2014. (AP Photo/John Bazemore) halftime and never let Memphis get closer in the second half in the first game in the series ended in regulation since the opener. Durant also had 10 rebounds and made 14 of 15 free throws. Game 7 is Saturday night in Oklahoma City. Marc Gasol had 17 points and Zach Randolph 16 for Memphis. Guard Mike Conley strained his right hamstring, briefly returned and left for good with 8:48 left. WA R R I O R S 1 0 0 , CLIPPERS 99 OAKLAND, Calif. — Stephen Curry scored 24 points and dished out nine assists, and the Warriors forced a decisive Game 7 by outlasting the Clippers.

Andre Iguodala added 15 points and Draymond Green had 14 points and 14 rebounds for the Warriors, handing Los Angeles one more obstacle to overcome in a week full of them after Clippers owner Donald Sterling earned a lifetime ban from the NBA for his racist remarks. The Warriors limited big men Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan even after center Jermaine O’Neal left with a sprained right knee in the second quarter. The Clippers simply ran out of time in the closing minute, missing three shots before Matt Barnes made a 3pointer with 1.1 seconds to play. Game 7 is today in Los Angeles.

Players give Centennial Cup America thumbs up Jamaica Observer MIAMI, Florida — Three recognisable names in football have given their thumbs up to the new Centennial Cup America, which was formally announced to the world at a press function here, Thursday. All three — two former players and one World Cup winner approaching his twilight — believed the merged Copa America with six of CONCACAF’s top-six for the

2016 celebratory tournament to mark 100 years of CONMEBOL, will bring tremendous benefits to both confederations. Former Jamaica captain and head coach Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whitmore noted that while the Caribbean as a whole may stand to reap from such a super championship, Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz have a grand opportunity as host of the CFU Caribbean Cup to both

book their spot to next year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Centennial Cup America. “It’s a historic moment and a motivation for players and countries, especially Jamaica, to qualify so we can be a part of this Centennial Cup America, so we want to see where we are going forward as we look to our 2018 programme, so a cup like this will certainly boost that,” said the France 1998 Jamaican star.

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Banks DIH/Linden Guinness ‘Greatest of De Streets’ Futsal Competition

The Amazings, Retrieve Unknowns, Cherokee Park advance Led by a pair of goals off the boots of Darrel George in the 6th and 17th minutes of play Retrieve Unknowns beat Ituni 3-0 to advance further in this year’s Banks DIH/Linden Guinness ‘Greatest of De Streets’ Futsal Competition which continued on Thursday evening, at the Mackenzie Bus Park. Kennard Simon completed their tally and they will be looking to move on following last night’s action with the final and third place playoffs set to bring down the curtains this evening in the Mining Town. In the first game, Cherokee Park squeezed past Blueberry Hill 1-0, thanks to Dwayne Hamilton’s 8th minute strike, before Minibus through goals from Troy Nelson (8th) and Godfrey Johnson (16th), defeated Unity 2-1 with Dexter Scotland 4th minute effort, being the consolation strike for Unity. The Amazings also got past Constabulary 1-0 through Jermaine Fordyce’ 8th minute strike shortly before the Guinness half time break. After the resumption, Scheme sent One Mile/Half Mile packing following a solitary goal from Andre Chester which came in the 8th minute, before Eagles through goals from Yohan

Part of the action in this year’s competition. Simon (6th) and Rena Carter 13th eased past Attackers 20. Speightland then edged Bloomersdale Russians, courtesy of a Calvin Allicock

goal in the 7th minute. In the final game, Silver Bullets continued their merry run with a 2-1 triumph over Star Boyz’ thanks to Colwin Drakes (14th) and

Robin Adams (22nd) single strikes. Jermaine Grandison’s 10th minute goal had given Star Boyz the ascendancy, before Drakes and Adams’

efforts erased their advantage. Meanwhile, at stake in the competition is $400,000, one year bragging rights and a place in the national playoffs with the

winner to be declared as Guyana’s representative in the Caribbean ‘Guinness Greatest of De Streets’ tournament set for Trinidad and Tobago in June.

GCB U-19 Inter County 3-Day tourney

Berbice thump President’s XI by an innings and 88 runs Hetmyer slams century, 50s for Homraj, Ramcharran By Zaheer Mohamed Berbice defeated the President’s XI by an innings and 88 runs in their first round game of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) U-19 inter county 3-Day tournament yesterday at the Enmore Community Centre ground. Needing to score 200 runs to make Berbice bat a second time, the President’s XI were sent packing for 111

in 45.1 overs in the in their second innings in the final session on the second day. Berbice resumed on their overnight score of 97-2 with Shimron Hetmyer on 63 and Ashkay Homraj on 16 and progressed to 337-9 before they declared in the penultimate session. Hetmyer and Homraj took the score to 189 with level headed batting. The duo rotated the strike nicely and

wasted little time in dispatching the bad balls. Hetmyer dumped leg spinner Ershad Alli for maximums over long on and soon reached his triple figure with a boundary through mid wicket off Ryan Shun. His century came off 100 balls and included ten fours and three sixes. However Shun got the break through when he had Hetymer caught at short

midwicket off a low full toss for 125 (12x4),3x6). Homraj executed a number of lovely shots through the offside and brought up his fifty which came off 60 balls with a four through covers. He added 31 for the fourth wicket with skipper Sharaz Ramcharran before he skied Shun to mid off; he departed for 59 (9x4). Ramcharran timed the ball beautifully and shared in (Continued on page 29)

Shimron Hetmyer collects his man of the match award from match referee Colin Stuart.

t r o Sp GCB Inter-County U-19 cricket

Demerara hammer E’bo by innings & 135


Man-of-the-Match Steven Sankar was almost unplayable yesterday taking a 13-75 match haul

10th Linden Secondary Schools U-19 basketball final

MVP Daniel Anthony lands Mackenzie High School 5th title, beat Linden Foundation P.32

Champions Mackenzie High celebrate after taking title number five with United States based sponsors, including Linden Alphonso (right).


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