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Monday March 31, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters...Where your views make the news

Walter would be turning in his grave

DEAR EDITOR, I read with some hilarity but with great concern an article penned by (I don’t know what political affiliation now) Tacuma Ogunseye on the Walter Rodney issue. At the time he was backpedaling on an earlier interview he had given. In that interview he stated emphatically that “The WPA has evidence that Rodney was assassinated,”- the evidence and knowledge of what took place that fateful night was fresh in his mind then. However, soon after that interview Ogunseye has suddenly lost his mind - possibly after some threats from his new found friends in the PNC/APNU - he now has a change of heart which caused him to refute claims made in that previous article. Ogunseye becomes amnesiac and practically denies all previous statements made in the press, he did some fancy footwork with words such as “what he actually said and what was actually reported was not one and the same”- all semantics which was meant to muddle the real facts of this case. So what did he say or what did he mean to say? A set of foolishness that characterizes these shameless people. The same letter penned in the Stabroek News better explains his vacillating position when he states that the information he gave in that interview “was not for publication.” Why would a person who considered himself a “friend or close associate of Rodney” want his interview to be a private affair? Why the hush-hush on a matter of such great national importance? Was I a friend of Walter, I’d be the first to shout it from the roof tops as I went about identifying the murderers. I would not be silent on this matter. But, here we have guys who have no shame. In the first place he refuses to

testify at the COI that has been set up to look into Walter’s death, now this shocking display. Ogynseye and others whom I would consider staunch - or at least so it seems - members of the WPA have abandoned their leader? This is a traitorous act which I would like exposed for all it is worth. Walter would be turning in his grave to hear such utterances coming from some of his trusted associates. In like manner Walter’s wife and brother would stand aghast at this 180 degree turnaround from these one-time followers. Ogunseye was in essence denying any associations ever with Brother Walter; it was as if the name Dr. Walter Rodney did not exist or he was some passing vagrant whose name should be blotted out of the landscape of Guyanese history. This is Preposterous! And this is exactly what Burnham in his plans wanted, a people who would deny that an assassination did take place and the people who carried it out. But try as this shameless bunch would, that is not going to happen, we would get to the bottom of this and the world will know how devious these people are. Rodney was and still is a national hero, a name that would be forever etched in our memory for standing up to PNC thuggery. Over the years I have come to understand the true meaning of the term “politics make strange bedfellows”. We are now looking on to a classical case of this. These guys are a heartless, shameless bunch of imbeciles who cannot openly say that they are out to sabotage the COI of the dead intellectual. So, they are doing the Burnham thing when they are faced with the truth, “play that it did not happen. But try as hard and as long as they could, they cannot derail what we as a people all know. Neil Adams

Are these drivers exempt from the traffic laws?

DEAR EDITOR, Could the Police Traffic Department let the public know if mini buses and hire cars are exempt from the traffic laws? It seems so because the drivers of these vehicles usually bully every other road user, pedestrians included. Why bother to establish bus stops (only) and the buses stop any and everywhere? If any other vehicle makes the mistake and parks on a bus stop, the Traffic Cops are right around the corner to come and pull away your vehicle. They are always spot on, but you do not see them when the buses try to rush you off the road and overtake you only to pull in right in front of your vehicle; you do not see them when the buses run the red lights (especially at Albert and Lamaha Streets). They do not wait. The conductor walks up to the corner, checks and then signals the driver who pulls out of the waiting line and runs the Stop Light. When they do decide to wait out a light, they start driving off before the countdown is complete. Overtaking along the parapet is now the new norm. Check it out on Lamaha Street. No Traffic Cop to see that. However, the Traffic Cops position themselves to stop innocent drivers and harass

them for this document and that document. The other night I was driving home and suddenly, it seemed I was on a JFK or La Guardia runway. Then reality struck, I was on a road in Georgetown and the other vehicles were using Strobe Lights. The beaming lights from these vehicles were blinding. Someone told me that those lights are only used by aircraft. They could be correct because some road users do just fall short of takeoff in the manner they drive. We now have to contend with the ongoing works (digging up the road shoulders) willy-nilly. There seems to be no order with these works. You just wake up one morning and the heavy machinery is in your neighbourhood. I have never seen a traffic notice from the Police Traffic Department

instructing us about detours etc. What I do see is the rain of dust which comes as a result and the several ditches which you have to traverse. Today I saw a message on my phone from the Ministry of Works informing about not being allowed to turn right or left on Camp Street. Has there been any collaboration with the Traffic Department on this since the area is one of the busiest junctions in the city? Also, suddenly there is an epidemic of several new structures being constructed simultaneously in the city. Heaps of sand adorn the parapets, eventually clogging up the drains alongside and leaving some parts of the sidewalk flooded. Do we engage in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments? Is this the new definition for development? Glendon Peters

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Monday March 31, 2014

Finance Minister’s announced WPA to allow members to participate in Rodney COI inflation rate questionable …exchange rate, imports, exports all declined - Chris Ram Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram has expressed surprise at the reported 0.9 per cent inflation announced by the Minister of Finance in his 2014 Budget Speech. In his budget presentation the Minister announced that prices remained stable because of GPL’s stable rates as well as close monitoring of fuel prices and tax. Ram however, noted that following their visit, a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a Press Release dated December 19, 2014 reported that inflation for the year was expected to come in around 3.5 per cent. In a brief telephone interview with Kaieteur News yesterday, Ram noted that IMF has access to the country’s data and statistics as well as to technical officers in the Government. “Since nothing dramatic took place during December 2013 to reverse dramatically the inflation number, it can only mean that the IMF made a major error, which would be very unlikely given that they would usually share with the Government the draft of any reports.” Ram said that if the reported inflation rate reported by the Minister is correct, then Guyana has a lower rate of inflation than all its major trading partners and economies, including the United States of America. Ram noted that even by the most favourable measure, the exchange rate of the Guyana Dollar depreciated against the US Dollar by 0.86 per cent in 2013. He observed too that exports declined, imports declined and the wholesale

Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram and retail trade also declined, while collections from VAT, which is borne by the consumer, rose. Ram drew attention to Appendix IV - Consumer Price Index (Inflation) Statistics attached to the Budget Speech and to the items in the CPI Basket, Footwear and Repair and Furniture which are reported to have declined by 14.2 per cent and 4.6 per cent respectively. “In fact these categories which are rather vague could have led to the reporting.” He reminded that statistics are maintained by the Guyana Bureau of Statistics and the Bank of Guyana both of which come under the Minister of Finance. Ram said he would like to see more independence being demonstrated by these two bodies with the freedom to publish relevant and timely statistics outside of the strictures of the Ministry of Finance. Ram said he noted on occasions that these agencies publish their statistics shortly after the midyear and annual budget speech. Commenting on the

reported growth in GDP, Ram expressed concern whether the Bureau of Statistics has the capacity to carry out a reasonably accurate measure of some sectors of the economy. He said that he doubts that the Bureau has a handle of the cross-borders transactions with neighbouring countries or the capacity to measure with a reasonable degree of reliability the hard-to-measure categories, such as real estate activities, construction and tourism. Again drawing attention to the Finance Minister’s speech, Ram said that he doubts very much the Minister’s statement that hotel occupancy in 2013 was 76 per cent. He reminded that occupancy rates did not even reach that level during World Cup Cricket in 2007. Ram also questioned the 200,000 visitor arrivals in 2013 claimed by the Minister, a number contradicted by the statistics appended to the Speech. “In the constituent parts are reported inaccurately or defy all the available evidence and there is no independent technical validation of the numbers, doubts will be inevitable,” Ram said. Ram also expressed disappointment that the Bureau has not been able to publish the results of the Census carried out since September 2012. “When the Census was launched by the Minister he claimed how important the Census is as a planning tool…The delay in completing and publishing the results helps to create doubts about the Bureau and its output.”

…says President yet to respond to their concerns The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) yesterday said that while it has not been formally contacted or recognized in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the killing of Walter Rodney, it will allow its members to engage the process if they choose to. In a statement released yesterday, the party also lamented the fact that it had formally written to President Ramotar since March 7, 2014, expressing its concerns over the Terms of Reference and composition of the COI and to date “we have received no response from the President.” The party believes that ignoring WPA’s expressed concerns on so vital a matter is unworthy of the President and does not contribute to the development of a healthy political climate in Guyana. Head of State, President Donald Ramotar, at a recent press engagement had said that, “this process started and it was not initiated by me, but by a request by the family, particularly his wife, Patricia Rodney”, Ramotar said. He said that the Terms of Reference which some parties have been protesting over were crafted by Rodney’s family and advisors, along with some technical help from government. Ramotar stressed that it was Rodney’s wife who made the comment about not wanting it to be political. But the WPA believes that Ramotar’s refusal to respond to them is not conducive to the national reconciliation and political healing which had been the last position of the Rodney family and the WPA. “WPA states again that

our party was not consulted on the creation of the Terms of Reference for the COI...As far as we have been aware and based on the President’s pronouncements and on remarks of leading spokespersons of the PPP and the PPP/C government, the Terms of Reference was the creation of the Government of Guyana in consultation solely with the Rodney family.” The WPA noted that according to the government spokespersons, the Rodney family had insisted on the exclusion of political parties from the process. “In the absence of any denial by the Rodney family to the government’s contention, WPA must accept the government’s position as factual.” The party reminded too yesterday that it is not one of the organisations which the Commissioners saw fit to meet on their recent support building exercise, “even though it has historically been for over three decades the leading voice calling for an inquiry into the assassination of Walter Rodney.” According to the WPA, it should not be forgotten that it was the Peoples Progressive Party which abstained on its

Walter Rodney own motion in Parliament in 2005 which sought to establish a COI into Rodney’s death.” That motion was supported by the WPA and the PNC. According to the party’s statement, “after a careful assessment of the issues involved for and against participation in the work of the Commission, bearing in mind the family’s genuine pursuit of closure on this grievous matter, conscious of its responsibility to Walter Rodney, his family, the nation, the Region and the international community, WPA recommends that each individual party member be free to engage the process of the inquiry as he or she sees fit, taking into consideration that the Party itself has not been officially acknowledged as a participant by the powers that be.”

Jagdeo ‘drools with renewed... (From page 3) Jagdeo as a ‘comrade,’ and defend him, in order to maintain the appearance of unity, “even though he has demonstrated by the publications and otherwise, over and over again, that he cares nothing about Party unity.” Ramkarran observed that the success of his plan for the Party has weakened it, has caused simmering discontent, has led to the almost total depletion of leadership material which understands the primacy of the PPP’s commitment to the disadvantaged within certain ideological perspectives and underpinnings. Ramkarran in his writings, warned that unless the Jagdeo grip on the throat of the Party and Government is prised open by President Ramotar, finger by finger, and he nurtures the leaders mentioned, and they in turn show some political courage, the intellectual successors of Jagdeo will eventually inherit the leadership of the Party and Government, and he and they will have the last laugh.

Monday March 31, 2014

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2014 Budget debate not a stage for political grandstanding The General Policy Debate of Budget 2014 will commence in the National Assembly today and Finance Minister last evening by way of a public statement called on all parties involved to keep in their active consciousness, the purpose of their seat in the Parliament, and their responsibility to the people who have placed them there. “I appeal to my colleagues in the National

Assembly for serious and civil debates of Budget 2014. This should not be treated as a stage for political grandstanding,” said Dr Singh. This third budget of the 10th Parliament, like previous budgets, is another opportunity for elected officials and leaders to demonstrate to their constituents and all people of Guyana that they can, and will

work in the interest of the nation, the Finance Minister said. He suggested that since the presentation of Budget 2014, a week ago, civil society groups and stakeholders have added their voice, shared their concerns and expressed overwhelming support for the measures in Budget 2014. “These are the voices that the members of the August

Letters... Where your views make the news

Our leaders should maintain this atmosphere of benevolence DEAR EDITOR, For those of us who have been hoping for real unity and peace among our people amid the seemingly petty squabbling that has been consistently indulged in by those who are looking after our political affairs, the gesture of goodwill by the President and leader of the Opposition during the Phagwah festivities comes as a breath of fresh air in an arid blizzard. The fact that this pleasant expression of friendliness arose from the celebration of a religious holiday must underline the truth that mankind can only be united when we make use of the

religious traditions with which our people have been endowed from all our previous generations. Because our politicians have mainly been copycats of the more advanced nations and insisted that our politics must always be of a secular nature, we have effectively precluded any exercise of religious principles from our affairs, and, as is manifest daily in all aspects of our lives, we have been living as in a sea tossed around without a keel to steady us, without a definite course to follow, and without a port of call to fulfill the lofty aspirations of our people. This is most certainly the

result of our adoption of atheistic communism as our political creed, and we must now see that we need t o m a k e t h e e ffort to eradicate the tenets of this system from the way we behave and carry out our political business. I call on our leaders to maintain this atmosphere of benevolence and carry it over into your negotiations both in and out of Parliament, and remind you that this can be more efficiently accomplished when we strive to incorporate into these the religious principles of love, peace and generosity which we have all inherited. Roy Paul

GTUC will not be cowered... From page 4 federation is concerned about the marginalisation of peoples and sectors in society, the erosion of laws and the rule of the lawless as much as we are concerned about the continued violation of our Constitution and disrespect for the role and function of the National Assembly. Mr. Rohee can therefore rest assured that he and his government colleagues will continue to be watched and commented on by the GTUC. GTUC notes the Minister’s reference that “The PPP wishes to alert Guyanese of ….Lewis’ political extremism, which has become a danger to the maintenance of peace and good order.” These scaremongering tactics and labeling are perceived as subliminal conditioning of the nation that the General Secretary (GS) poses a national danger and should be dealt with in a particular way. GTUC will not be cowered by Mr. Rohee or the PPP even though this conditioning is a threat to the personal safety and wellbeing of anybody who dares to hold this government accountable. It is a threat to the democratic right of the GS/GTUC to expressions of concern over the PPP

mismanagement, corruption and evil ways. This strategy of maligning the GS with no good cause speaks to state terroristic behaviour of driving fear into dissenters. It speaks to preparation of the nation for the onslaught of state or state sponsored violence (verbal and / or physical) against the GS who is an outspoken critic and a dissenter to the PPP dictatorship. GTUC takes this opportunity to remind this nation that the PPP government was elected and can be rejected. Their nonperformance and poor performance have left this nation in the cesspits of corruption. It has left us with a former President whose benefits is a legal rape of the State’s coffers and has the potential for continued multiple State rape as others join the prestigious gang of past presidents. There is no end to these violations by government unless the people of Guyana say enough is enough and vote them out when the opportunity presents. No people deserve to die under the bed of a hospital because there is no bed while a former president is allowed to charter a Lear jet to go all the

way to Florida for ‘belly wuk’ and dengue fever and becomes angry when he is asked to account for spending the workers’ money. No people deserve a national newspaper where the President is only concerned about its management when it ignores him in a poll. No people deserve a government that invokes fake polls to skew reality in their favour and a President who only worries in his self-interest. No people deserve a government that has sugar workers in poverty and ignorance, that is bankrupt of ideas to salvage the sugar industry and save the jobs of sugar workers, that allows RusAl, a foreign owned company, to violate the rights of bauxite workers, that disrespect the right to collective bargaining in the Public Sector, etc, etc. Call it ‘private political outburst’ or by any other name, the GTUC will continue to speak out in the voice of its General Secretary, President or any other authorised officer in the interest of all Labour. Hopefully this is simple enough for Mr. Rohee to comprehend. Leslie Gonsalves President, GTUC

Assembly are ultimately representing…Let us act prudently, responsibly and intelligently in the interest of these persons who we are elected to represent.” The Minister called on all Parliamentarians to “let us ensure t h a t t h e s i n g l e mother who commits diligently to sending her children to school receives government support via the National School Feeding and Uniform P r o g r a m s ; t h e c o t tage farmer who depends on electricity to grow his business is provided with affordable and accessible electricity; the health care providers in our hinterland communities who depend on accessible roads and bridges to deliver vital medications, that our future generation of

- Finance Minister children have a clean, healthy environment because of initiatives like the Low Carbon Development Strategy.” He said that Budget 2014 presents another opportunity for the National Assembly to demonstrate that, despite political differences, “we are a people who can work together in the interest of moving our country forward in unity and with unquestioning resolve”. Dr Singh said that Budget 2014, like those before under the PPP/C Government, is a reflection of its policy to foster economic, social and infrastructural development throughout all sectors…This PPP/C Government has

repeatedly and consistently demonstrated its commitment to the people of Guyana with each year’s budget being larger than the previous one.” According to the Finance Minister, each and every Guyanese has a role to play in developing this nation, members of the National Assembly no less. “Let us demonstrate from this high office of the National Assembly that we will not play political football with another year’s budget…Let us demonstrate that we can work together from the hallow chambers of the National Assembly to build A Better Guyana for all Guyanese.”

to go and open up his other business on the Mon Repos tarmac when he received word that the store was on fire. He said that he does not open the store for business on Sundays and no one was there when the fire started. According to Persaud, he was just a stone’s throw away from the store and when he reached there the fire had already engulfed the building and there was nothing anyone could do to save it. Inside were millions of dollars in electronics such as flat screen television sets, DVD and CD players, fans, cell phones and clothing, none of which could have been saved.

The fire service was contacted but by the time they arrived on the scene the building was flattened. “I applaud the fire service but the time they take to reach here is too long. I think that there should be a fire facility on the Lower East Coast to respond quicker to fires in this part of the Coastland,” Persaud stated. Two weeks ago, the young businessman had to endure a break in at the location and when he was just about to pick up back from the losses, fire put the final nail in the coffin. “I don’t know what to think. Right now the situation is terrible,” Persaud lamented.

Fire demolishes Mon Repos shopping mart

Fire struck a devastating blow to a young East Coast Demerara business couple, completely destroying their store which had millions of dollars in stock. The fire, which started just around 05:00 hours yesterday, demolished the Tony and Cavita Shopping Mart at Melsha Road, Mon Repos. The business is owned by Raul Persaud and his wife of Phase One, Good Hope, East Coast Demerara. It is the second time that fire struck at the location within the past seven years, and it has left the young couple in anguish. In March 2007, fire razed a much bigger establishment which was run by Persaud’s father. When contacted by this newspaper last evening, Persaud said that he had left his home around 05:00 hours

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Monday March 31, 2014

Monday March 31, 2014

Kaieteur News

Preserving and celebrating Guyanese... (From page 11) Association of New York (GCA) award for his work in preserving Guyana’s Cultural Heritage through storytelling. He has also performed as a storyteller in Jamaica, Venezuela, Suriname (CARIFESTA XI & InterGuiana Cultural Festival), Folk Festival in New York and GIMISTORY in the Cayman Islands. He has also been performing professionally as a dramatist, entertainer, puppeteer, and a party clown for the past 28 years; and as a storyteller for the past ten years. “There are lots talents in these areas. However, the sponsorship is not enough for the young artists. I guess as the country grows so will sponsorship. I must commend the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport for their commitment and dedication in safeguarding Guyana’s Cultural heritage and promoting young artistes and artists.” He added, “One major impediment to arts and drama in Guyana is the lack of finance from sponsors and investment in the Arts industry. Public and private sectors are hesi-

tant in investing their monies in Guyanese talents but would proudly support international artistes and artists. Many persons are foreign minded with little respect for homegrown talent.” “The young people who have visions and dreams are left to sometimes only dream or migrate to another country or island where their work may be appreciated more.” When asked if he believes that folklore is dying in Guyana he said, “The culture of a people never dies, sometimes it’s dormant. I must say that folklore was dormant however; Mashramani 2014 ignited a greater interest in Guyanese folklore. My contribution to the restoration and preservation of Guyanese folklore is performing as Ole’ Man Pappie.” “I attend schools on invitation and tell traditional Guyanese folk tales, display and use “lang time thing”. For example, I would tell the story of how the Cassava came to the Amerindians and would use a Matapee, some farine even cassava bread for demonstration. “In addition, I have a family of folklore pup-

pets which is also used when I’m telling the story of De Baccoo, Moongazer, Ole’ Higue in she ball-a-flame and the Dutch Man Killum. The Ministry of Education can help further in the preservation process. I must make mention of the Allied Arts Unit’s dedicated work towards the sustainability and preservation of cultural art forms. The Guyana Learning Channel can broaden its programme content by promoting more folklore based programmes as well.” Nonetheless, when it comes to balancing family and his work, Ole’ Man Pappie asserts: “My family life is part of my work. What creates the balance is not neglecting my responsibilities to my family. As an artist I do lots of works at home in my studio and in the presence of my family.” Apart from his hectic schedules and doing what he loves most, the man from the land of drama and folklore says that he loves collecting Guyanese folklore artifacts, e.g; Coal Pot, Coal Iron, Milk Can, Ghir-Ghir, etc. and working with the elderly in the homes.

Monday March 31, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Today is all about spontaneity, so ignore your calendar items and just try to wing it as much as possible. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You're taking your own sweet time with issues that are of importance to many people -- but that's just how it has to be. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You've got to make your move quickly. Your energy is terrific, and with a little extra initiative, you can make almost anything happen today. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your mental energy is sharper than usual, so make sure that you're using it to your advantage. You may be the first to react to the big news that comes your way later in the day. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You are all set for learning today -- your mental energy is totally receptive to new facts and concepts. Even if you're not taking formal classes, you are still likely to soak up lots of knowledge. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): You are more than willing to fight for what's yours today -- even against those who don't realize they're in the wrong. *********************

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): A compromise is coming -- but you almost certainly have to make the first move. Be selfless and offer up something, and make sure that the other side comes back to you with a counter-offer. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): It's a time of new beginnings, so make sure that you're starting something -- it can be anything! ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Your productivity is sky-high right now, so make sure that you're pushing yourself to new heights. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): All good things must come to an end -- but so must all bad things! Today ends something that you have been living with for too long, and it may take some time before you feel the sense of relief. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Your belief in yourself is striking, and it is guiding you toward a new kind of freedom. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): A dream is haunting you in a good way. You may have one image or a message that came from last night's sleep -- in any case, today's activities are colored by your subconscious.

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‘Boyfriend’, 68, held for murder of 76-year-old Linden woman Detectives have detained a 68-year-old man in connection with the gruesome murder of 76-yearold Yvonne Adams, who was found strangled in her Amelia’s Ward, Linden home on Saturday. Sources close to Mrs. Adams said that the detained man was an Amelia’s Ward resident who frequented the victim’s premises. They described him as the slain woman’s ‘boyfriend’, and believe that he is the individual that a neighbor reportedly saw entering the victim’s front door at around midnight on Thursday. Police stated that the man was taken into custody on Saturday, some hours after residents broke into Mrs. Adams’ two-storied home and found her body. He was still in custody yesterday, although investigators do not appear to have any strong evidence linking him to the crime. Mrs. Adams, who reportedly travelled frequently overseas and lived alone, was found lying in a passageway in the top flat of

her home at around 13.00 hrs on Saturday. She was bleeding from the mouth and the cord from an electrical iron was wrapped around her hands and throat. Kaieteur News was told that a gold chain and two rings that Mrs. Adams always wore were missing. There was no sign of forced entry, leading to the suspicion that the victim had let her killer(s) in. According to reports, close neighbours last saw Mrs. Adams at around 19.00 hrs on Thursday. At around midnight on Thursday, a neighbor reportedly saw a man rapping at Mrs. Adam’s front door. The visitor was said to be wearing brown khaki pants. But according to a source, the neighbor didn’t pay much attention to the visitor, since Mrs. Adams often had visitors. Kaieteur News was told that Mrs. Adams “had a lot of friends and liked to drink,” and would often spend Friday nights at a popular bar near the Linden Market. She had suffered a stroke some time ago and the friends

would assist her in catching taxis to her home after her excursions. Close friends became concerned when Mrs. Adams failed to show up at a queh queh on Friday. They became even more worried when the elderly neighbor repeatedly failed to answer her landline and mobile phones. At around 13.00 hrs on Saturday, on the urging of his wife, a male resident, who had known Mrs. Adams for years, decided to check on her. The resident told Kaieteur News that he climbed up into the verandah and, on peering inside the house, saw what appeared to be a body in a passageway. A teenage boy then removed a few window panes, entered the premises and opened the front door. The resident then entered the house, “and there she was in the passageway, with blood running from her mother and an electrical cord around her hands and neck,” the man said. He said that Mrs. Adam’s wedding ring, gold chain and a ‘Lodge ring’ were missing, but the house did not appear to have been ransacked. Kaieteur News understands that Mrs. Adams collected a pension in Guyana and another from overseas.

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Kaieteur News

Monday March 31, 2014

ImmigrationINFO (Immigration News For Our Community)

How can a Green Card Holder (Permanent Resident) file for a Family Member?

From page 19

By Attorney Gail Seeram,

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Technicians available for appliance repairs - washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc - Tel: 6190793; 218-0050

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VACANCY Semi-skilled or skilled joiners to work in Trinidad – Call: 868-738-8419 Vacancy exists for a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician. For Enquiries Call:644-6077 Experienced Cashiers to work @ supermarket on the East Coast. Must have Point of sale Knowledge. Age:2545 - Call:629-8469 1 Security guard, between ages 35-45, police clearance @ Status Int’l Hotel, 102-109 Sandeman Place & Croal St. Stabreok - Tel:227-7616 Sales clerks / Casheirs, commitment to customer services required. Apply : Kards Plus Gift Centre @ City Mall, Camp St. - Call:227-1846 Vacancy for Sales Representative in a vehicle / spare parts company. Apply Within Nagoya Trading 137 Grandsville Park B.V. 2202104 Salesgirls and porters at D. Singh & Sons, 95 King Street Georgetown - Tel:226-0881 Vacancy for two farm workers to work on farm - Tel: 265-3586 Experienced carpenters, masons/welders. Must be 25yrs and older– Tel:2653586

certain family members to immigrate to the United States as permanent residents. A green card holder may submit a family-based sponsorship petition for the following family members: (1) spouse (husband or wife), (2) unmarried children under 21 and (3) unmarried son or daughter of any age. What is the application process? To obtain a green card for your family member, you must file a sponsorship petition, provide proof of your status to demonstrate that you are a permanent resident, submit evidence of the qualifying relationship such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc., and submit proof of any legal name change for you or your family member (the beneficiary). What are the Preference Categories? When petitioning for your relative, Immigration will

place the petition into one of the following preference categories for processing: · First preference: Unmarried, adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens. (Adult means 21 or older) · Second Preference (2A): Spouses of green card holders, unmarried children (under 21) of permanent residents · Second Preference (2B): Unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents · Third Preference: Married sons and daughters (any age) of U.S. citizens · Fourth Preference: Brothers and sisters of adult U.S. citizens A visa becomes available to a preference category according to the priority date (the date the I-130 was properly filed). Your family member ’s preference category will determine how long he or she will have to wait for an immigrant visa number.

Gail S. Seeram What happens after I file the Petition? If your relative is already in the United States legally, he or she may apply to adjust status to become a permanent resident after a visa number becomes available – certain grounds of ineligibility may apply. If your relative is outside the United States, your petition will be sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will forward your petition to the appropriate U.S. consulate when a visa becomes available and your relative will be notified about how to proceed. This process is referred to as “Consular Processing”.

BOY, 10, TRIES TO HANG SELF WITH BELT A hardworking mother of four was given the scare of her life at around 09.45 hrs yesterday, after her 10-yearold son tried to hang himself with a belt. The Greater Georgetown lad was discovered by his 14year-old brother in the verandah of their home. Kaieteur News understands that early yesterday morning the mother was doing her regular chores and had sent her 10-year-old son to clean the bathroom. Moments after, he returned with a complaint that his three-year-old brother had teased him and called him a fool. But after the mother inquired, the three-year-old denied teasing his sibling. Shortly after, the step father prepared breakfast for the family and called the children to wash their hands and get seated. But only three of the children came to the table. Calls were made for the ten-year-old but he did not respond. His older brother then went in search of him but after making several checks in

the bathroom and then the bedroom, he decided to check the yard. On his way out he then found his brother hanging from the belt. “I see me brother hanging from the belt. He de shaking up and wriggling up. I holla fuh mommy and I call and say mommy come see wuh happen. She come and she scream and we try fuh get he down.” The child was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital to receive medical attention. After some hours, doctors revealed to the waiting parents that he was in a stable condition. This publication also understands that the child did not answer any of the questions posed to him by the officers and officials of the hospital. He was expected to be transferred to the Paediatric ward. Some of the relatives declined to comment on the situation but one worried family member said, “I don’t understand what happened.

This child is a quiet and lively person. He doesn’t give any trouble. I don’t understand this and I believe is some demonic force probably possess this child.” The mother who was very brief in her comments and initially declined to comment on the matter said, “I don’t understand what could have driven my son to do this. He is very quiet and loving. I am confused by this and I don’t want to say too much about this. I believe he was playing. He is a child that is adventurous and loves to climb, so I think it was probably an accident but I am waiting for him to tell me what happened. Right now he is not talking to me.” An official from the Child Care and Protection Agency said that while children of this age rarely attempted suicide, it does worry her and as such an investigation into the matter will be conducted to ascertain the reasons behind the child’s actions. “I can remember that there was one instance in which a 12 year old tried to commit suicide but that was some time ago. This situation is not that common and it is a matter of concern. There are a lot of reasons that can cause a child to act out like this but we will have to investigate it.”

Monday March 31, 2014

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Kaieteur News

Monday March 31, 2014

T&T Police probe Tourism Minister following reports of assault Trinidad Express Government minister Chandresh Sharma is being investigated by the police, on allegations of violence against a woman. Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams confirmed to the Sunday Express that a report lodged at the St Joseph Police Station against Tourism Minister Sharma is currently being investigated. The Sunday Express asked Williams whether the report relates to domestic violence. “If you call it domestic violence, yes, but it involves

violence against a woman,” the top cop said. The matter against Sharma was reported on March 12 by Sacha Singh, a Piarco business owner and one-time friend of Sharma. It allegedly took place around 8 p.m. at the Grand Bazaar, Valsayn. Asked whether the investigators will be seeking advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the top cop said: “The matter involving Minister Chandresh Sharma is a straight-forward and simple investigation.

There is nothing in law which requires you must consult the DPP to prosecute a minister or someone else.” He added: “So it’s just a matter of completing the investigation and then making a determination on whether the evidence is crystal clear.” Williams said should there be sufficient evidence then the next step will involve “proceeding to prosecute” or if advice is needed, the DPP will be sought. The incident allegedly involving Sharma was reported on March 21 in the Sunshine newspaper and

Lawyers want case against the son of Suriname’s President dismissed NEW YORK - CMC – Lawyers representing the son of Suriname’s President Desi Bouterse are moving to have the case against him dismissed. The lawyers have filed a 30-page affidavit in the Court of the Southern District of New York, arguing that United States law enforcement authorities misrepresented their case when they had Dino Bouterse, 41, extradited from Panama where he had been arrested. The lawyers claim that Washington also unlawfully added terrorism charges to his indictment on illegal gun running charges. The younger Bouterse was arrested in Panama on

Dino Bouterse August 29 2013, initially on drugs and weapons charges, and later on charges that he was forging ties with terrorist group Hezbollah. According to the US

authorities in their terrorism indictment on November 9 last year Dino Bouterse had been caught on tape offering his services to purported members of Hezbollah in return for an initial two million US dollar pay-off he expected to come from Iran. Prior to indictment, the US said Bouterse shipped 10 kilograms of cocaine from Suriname to the United States and brandished firearms. It turned out later that the purported Hezbollah members he had been meeting were agents of the US Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA). Bouterse could face up to life in prison if convicted on the charges.

Singh addressed the incident last Thursday during a live radio interview on 91.9FM. During the interview, Singh detailed the circumstances which led to her being pushed down at the shopping mall. Sources say a police officer visited Singh on Friday afternoon at her Piarco office and recorded a statement. She was quizzed for over two hours. It remains unclear whether officers have interviewed Sharma as yet or two other eyewitnesses who were said to be present during the incident. In her statement Singh alleges she was “knocked out after being pushed”, during an argument involving her, two other people and the minister. She was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre, Mt Hope, by her driver and subsequently reported the matter. Sources say an entry was made in the station diary. Contacted for a comment Saturday afternoon, Singh told the Sunday Express she will not be backing down in pursuing the matter. Several efforts by the Sunday Express to contact Sharma for a comment were unsuccessful. Calls to his cellphone and text messages sent were not answered. Sources close to the minister say he is contemplating taking a few “days off” and spending some time in Miami, USA,

Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma and businesswoman Sacha Singh outside the Waterfront Complex in Port of Spain last year. starting tomorrow. Asked if he will be kept apprised on the progress of the investigation, Williams said both his Assistant and Deputy Commissioners of Police of Crime were quite capable of overseeing the investigation. “I’m saying it’s a straightforward investigation, which a competent investigator is pursuing and once he completes the investigation, appropriate action will be taken once the evidence so points,” Williams said. It was only last Tuesday that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar fired Minister of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh

following an altercation on board a Caribbean Airlines flight from Tobago to Trinidad. According to reports, Ramadharsingh last week Sunday had thre a t e n e d flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow. Laidlow, 25, in her statement to police, said Ramadharsingh’s hand touched her breast when he reached for her ID badge, which was pinned to her blouse. Following the incident, Ramadharsingh apologised for his behaviour saying he was suffering from “severe fatigue” but denied touching Laidlow or threatening to have her fired.

Monday March 31, 2014

Kaieteur News

Gonsalves again hints at snap elections KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent - CMC — Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has for the second time in as many months signalled that the next general elections will be held ahead of the 2015 constitutional deadline. “Comrades, when I told you to go on your marks, I wasn’t making sport you know,” Gonsalves told supporters of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) at a rally in Barrouallie Saturday night in celebration of the party’s 13th anniversary in office. “As a country man, I know the saying that the same rope which does hang sheep is the same rope which does hang goat. And I want to say this, as a man, further, from the country, is not long rope that does hang cattle, you know; is short rope. “And we going gi’ (give) NDP a short rope as we go between now to the next general elections,” he said. Gonsalves, whose ULP will be seeking a fourth consecutive term in office, first hinted at early general election in February as he addressed the ULP’s annual convention, telling party supporters to get “on your marks”. Some political observers say that the polls can come as soon as July, while others believe that it would come towards the end of 2014. Gonsalves, 67, who during the 2010 election campaign asked voters to give him another term to mould a new generation of leaders, suggested to party

supporters on Saturday that the next election will be his last as party leader. “I am asking you to tell your children and your grandchildren, I want the young people to tell one another that they have to do this last one for the comrade. “I will stay in North Central [Windward] where I have a house and I will represent my constituency there.” But even as Gonsalves signalled an early poll, he also noted the internal competition in North Leeward and South Leeward, where, two candidates are vying to get the party’s nod in each of those constituencies. In South Leeward, one of the candidates has even published an advertisement in the local newspaper proclaiming his suitability as opposed to his opponent, while another has produced a pamphlet with similar information.

Some ULP supporters believe that while the internal competition is an important part of the democratic process, it could hurt the party’s chances at the polls is allowed to continue for too long. Sources close to the ULP have told I-Witness News that the party chose Barroullie for the anniversary celebrations because the party is losing ground there, even as a poll last October, said that the ULP, which had eight of the 15 seats in parliament, could have won a further four if elections were called then. Barrouallie is located in Central Leeward, the only seat that the ULP won on the Leeward (western) side of mainland St. Vincent. But Gonsalves was confident that the ULP will be able to reverse the declining popularity, in terms of popular votes, since it was first elected in 2001. He said that the party will retain the North Windward seat and will retake North Leeward, which was lost to the New Democratic party in 2010. Gonsalves further suggested that the ULP will win the Southern Grenadines, which has never voted Labour in the past. And while he said it would take “a miracle” for the ULP to win the Northern Grenadines, Gonsalves added said that the rift between the NDP and its founder, former prime minister Sir James Mitchell, could cause the constituency to vote Labour.

Barbados Nation Corrupt customs and police officers, as well as employees of courier services, have been identified as being a major headache in the fight against the illegal drug trade. Superintendent Grafton Phillips, who has been head of the police Drug Squad for the past 11 years, cited some “bad eggs” at both main ports of entry, especially the Grantley Adams International Airport. Among them were baggage handlers, whom he also accused of aiding and abetting traffickers.

“In terms of seeking to interdict some of these traffickers, most of our headaches involve key individuals working in key areas and assisting individuals in trafficking the drugs,” he told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday. Phillips, who has been reassigned to be officer in charge of the Bridgetown Division from today, said the information was gathered with the assistance of intelligence from international drug interdiction agencies, including the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency.

Superintendent Grafton Phillips

Ralph Gonsalves

Customers, police aiding and abetting traffickers

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Kaieteur News

Monday March 31, 2014

Unite against crime, GG urges Jamaicans Jamaica Observer- Black River, St Elizabeth — There was plenty of pomp, colour and ceremony as Beryl Rochester was formally installed as Custos Rotulorum last Thursday at this historic coastal town’s Independence Park. But also, there was much substance, as Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke and Rochester, who is St Elizabeth’s first woman custos, delivered sober messages relating to national development. Speaking to an audience of leading citizens of St Elizabeth and the wider Jamaica, including custodes, scores of justices of the peace, and political representatives, Sir Patrick underlined the threat posed by criminals among the nation’s top priorities. He urged Jamaicans to overcome “fear” and turn their faces firmly against criminals whom he said were seemingly “bent on destroying our homeland” and “who have no qualms about wrecking the prospects of honest people, snuffing out the lives of our people, including innocent infants and children”. Sir Patrick said that “lawabiding citizens... should not remain so fearful that we even refrain from reporting crimes

or giving the police useful information. Each of us should be willing to do whatever we can, within our power, to reverse the tide of crime”. He reminded residents that last month, the prime minister and the opposition leader joined with him in “making an unprecedented appeal to all residents of this country... to come together, under God, and beat back this scourge of crime”. He instructed custodes and justices of the peace, to “always give leadership at the community and parish levels to secure peace and tranquility across Jamaica”. The governor general described the new custos, who is his official representative in St Elizabeth, as the “first citizen” of the parish. He encouraged her to “lead the charge to motivate all residents and friends, including those in the Diaspora, to participate in the growth and development of the parish. You have the resources available to you in the people, your justices of the peace, public and private sector entities, service clubs, pastors, teachers, farming and fishing communities and youth groups, among others. “The people of St Elizabeth will look to you for leadership and guidance, justice and fair play,” he said.

Rochester, who was formally sworn in by Sir Patrick at a King’s House ceremony on February 10, received her instruments of office, the magistrates’ Roll for St Elizabeth and the Insignia of the Order of Distinction (Commander Class) in Black River. The Order of Distinction, Commander Class, is bestowed on all custodes. The new custos, who is married to former Member of Parliament for South East St Elizabeth, and retired trade unionist Derrick Rochester, assured Sir Patrick and the large audience that her responsibilities “will not be taken lightly”. As custos and the governor general’s representative, Rochester is officially recognised as chief magistrate of St Elizabeth and will have among her varied responsibilities: preparing a roster of justices of the peace to serve as lay magistrates for Petty Sessions Court; making recommendations to the justice minister for appointments of justices; and keeping a close eye on the work of voluntary organisations. The custos reminded justices of the peace, who collectively reaffirmed their oath of office during the function, of their responsibility to be “of unquestionable integrity”, to

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen presents Custos of St Elizabeth Beryl Rochester with instruments of office. (PHOTOS: GREGORY BENNETT) protect the rights of individuals and ensure justice for members of their community. While volunteerism was “thankless at times” and required selflessness, Rochester said it came with “great responsibility”. “We are and should always strive to be role models in our communities; to be an inspiration and a guide for all citizens; but especially for our young people,” Rochester said. Clarke, who was representing Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, noted that currently in Jamaica, six of 14 custodes are women - a

first in Jamaica’s history. Women, he said, continued to “excel in several areas of endeavour”. Their achievements stood as “beacons” which should encourage others “to truly shatter the glass ceilings which still exist and to step boldly into our boardrooms and into the corridors of power”. The agriculture minister, a former member of parliament for North East St Elizabeth and current representative for Central Westmoreland, renewed calls for “more Jamaican women to become political leaders”. He also hailed the

contribution of St Elizabeth, especially its farmers, to national development. As agriculture minister, Clarke said: “I am heartened always at the contribution that this parish makes to agricultural production and consequently to the GDP of our country”. In taking over as custos, Rochester — a native of Bull Savannah in South East St Elizabeth and past student of Bull Savannah Primary and St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) — has replaced Wilfred Nembhard who resigned last September after three years in office. Santa Cruz dentist, Dr Lyndon Rose served as acting custos following Nembhard’s resignation. Both men were hailed for their service and thanked by the governor general last Thursday. A retired accountant and former financial controller of the now mothballed bauxite/ alumina plant, Alpart, the new custos has contributed significantly as a volunteer to health and social services in St Elizabeth and the wider south central Jamaica. She has served as a director of the Southern Regional Health Authority, chairman of the Black River Hospital Management Committee, and chairman of the St Elizabeth Care Committee which assists street people.

14 Muslim women, children return from Venezuela Trinidad Express - After being detained for over a week in Venezuela, 14 local Muslims—six women and eight children—returned to this country late Friday night. The 14 detainees arrived at the Piarco International Airport from Caracas around

7.20 p.m. via a flight through Margarita. The flight was originally scheduled to arrive at Piarco around 5.50 p.m. However, it was delayed twice, according to the flight/arrival information board in the airport.

Eight men still in Caracas facing tribunal Shortly after 7.20 p.m., the information on the board indicated the flight had arrived, and people who gathered in the departure area, anxiously awaited the

return of their loved ones. When about an hour passed and none of the women or children were seen, their relatives were becoming visibly anxious. The situation became more worrisome for relatives when passengers on the same flight which brought the 14 detainees, were seen exiting the departure area and meeting friends and family. A little before 10 p.m., the 14 women and children were seen collecting their baggage and talking to Customs officials inside the airport and a short while later, they came out to the flashing lights of photographers and cameramen, as reporters attempted to speak to the them. However, most of the women ignored the media and hustled the children into a waiting silver panel van saying only, “Not now.” They said they were “treated fine” while they were detained in Venezuela.

Relatives of some of the families who were waiting told the Sunday Express under the condition of anonymity that the women were instructed not to engage with the media, as it was feared by National Security officials they may say something which could negatively affect the ongoing tribunal in Caracas against eight Trinidadian Muslim men, including three imams. The Sunday Express was also informed the women told officials that they had been “fed and given basic treatment”, during their stay. At the airport, a group of Venezuelan nationals gathered at the departure gate holding several signs, showing their support for the 14 detainees. Speaking on behalf of the group, Ruth Albonoz, noted the decision was made to come to the airport to stand in solidarity with the detainees, as they believed they had unjustly targeted and held them against their

will. “We came out today to show our support for these people who were held against their will and we are saying very clearly that the Venezuelan government has violated your rights, your rights as people, as Trinidadians, who were there for your own reasons. This is what we are claiming that the Venezuelan government is doing to its people right now. They are taking everybody and anybody they want and doing so many wrong things. So we are here supporting these mothers and children and we know when they come we are going to respect them as human beings. “We know that there are still eight men who are being held there for further investigations, and we are hoping that the Trinidadian Government takes this very seriously and gets involved because, according to Venezuelan law, I am advised, the sort of tribunal they are reportedly in it lasts for about 60 days.”

Monday March 31, 2014

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Thousands in Taiwan protest China trade deal TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the streets around Taiwan’s Parliament yesterday to voice their opposition to a trade pact with China, part of a nearly 2-week-old protest that is challenging the president’s policy of moving the democratic island economically closer to China. Lin Fei-fan, a protest organizer, estimated that 500,000 people had turned out in the biggest demonstration since the movement started. An Associated Press estimate put the number at more than 200,000, and a police estimate at more than 100,000. Crowds dressed in black sat on one blocked boulevard, many carrying plastic or real sunflowers, the symbol of the protest movement, and wearing yellow ribbons that read “Fight for democracy, retract

Protesters display a banner denouncing the controversial China Taiwan trade pact during a massive protest in front of the Presidential Building in Taipei, Taiwan, yesterday. (AP Photo/Wally Santana) the service trade pact.” Several hundred mainly

student protesters have been occupying Taiwan’s

Strong Turkish vote result seen emboldening scandal-hit Erdogan (Reuters) - Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AKP party appeared yesterday to be heading for a clear victory in local polls that have become a referendum on a prime minister facing corruption scandals and security leaks he blames on “traitors” embedded in state bodies. With about half of votes counted, results cited on Turkish television put his Islamist-rooted AK Party ahead with 44-46 percent, the main opposition CHP on 2328 percent. If that result were borne out, Erdogan might claim at least for now to have ridden out the biggest challenges to his 12-year rule. Erdogan said the election results would reaffirm his legitimacy after a turbulent election campaign which has seen his government tighten its grip on the courts, purge thousands of police, and block access to Twitter and YouTube as it tried to stem a flow of graft allegations. “Once the ballot boxes are opened, the rest is only footnotes to history,” Erdogan said as he voted in Istanbul. “Today it is what the people say which matters rather than what was said in the city squares.” The races were close in the two biggest cities of Istanbul and Ankara, but the ruling party appeared to have the edge, with AKP supporters honking their car horns in celebration in the capital. Two buses of riot police meanwhile stood ready in Istanbul’s plush

Tayyip Erdogan Nisantasi neighbourhood, one of several districts rocked by anti-government protests last summer. The AKP has set itself a goal of exceeding its 2009 result of 38.8 percent, an outcome likely to see Erdogan assert his authority even more strongly in a power struggle certain to continue after the polls. A strong showing could embolden Erdogan to run for the presidency in an August election. Some fear it could also feed authoritarian tendencies and herald a period of harsh reckoning with opponents in politics and state bodies. Erdogan has purged thousands of police and hundreds of judges and prosecutors since anti-graft raids in December targeting businessmen close to him and sons of ministers. He blames the raids on U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen,

an ex-ally who he says is using supporters in the police to try to topple the government. “They are all traitors,” Erdogan said of his opponents at a rally in Istanbul on the eve of the vote. “Let them do what they want. Go to the ballot box tomorrow and teach all of them a lesson ... Let’s give them an Ottoman slap.” Voting passed off peacefully in most parts of the country, although clashes over local council positions killed eight in two separate shoot-outs in villages in the south-eastern provinces of Hatay and Sanliurfa near the Syrian border. Erdogan crisscrossed the nation of 77 million during weeks of hectic campaigning to rally his conservative core voters, in a measure of how seriously he takes his party’s first test at the ballot box since last summer’s protests across the country and the eruption of the corruption scandal in December. “These were supposed to be local elections but in the last few weeks they’ve sort of become general elections,” said Efe Yamac Yarbasi, a teaching assistant voting in Ankara. Erdogan formed AK in 2001, attracting nationalists and centre-right economic reformers as well as religious conservatives who form his base. Since his 2011 poll victory he has in his statements moved more towards these core supporters.

legislature since March 18, supported by thousands outside the building. They are protesting President Ma Ying-jeou’s intention to enact a trade deal that would allow Taiwanese and Chinese service sector

companies in businesses ranging from banking to beauty parlors to open up branches or shops in the other’s territory. The action was sparked by the decision by a lawmaker from Ma’s ruling Nationalist Party to renege on a promised clause-by-clause review of the trade deal, which was signed by both sides last year but is awaiting ratification by Taiwan’s Parliament. On Saturday, Ma gave into students’ demands to increase scrutiny of future pacts signed with China, but refused to withdraw the pact in question, saying it would deeply harm Taiwan’s interests. “I’m not against free trade, but the government should come up with policies to protect local industries before they open the door,” said a protester, Philip Lihan, 30, a graphic designer in Taipei originally from Chiayi in southern Taiwan. “I’ve been sitting-in near the legislature every day after work until midnight,” said Lihan, who added that he had been working with other

artists to create murals in support of the protest. Flower shop worker Li Liming took a four-hour bus ride from her home in Tainan city in southern Ta i w a n t o t h e c a p i t a l yesterday morning with her children, aged 7 and 9, to take part in the protest. “This is the first time that I have participated in such a big demonstration and I am here because this is a demonstration led by neither party, but students,” said Li, 38. “I just came back from Hong Kong. Everything is getting so expensive there. I’m afraid Taiwan will become like Hong Kong.” Opponents of the pact say it would cost Taiwan tens of thousands of jobs because small businesses on the island will be unable to compete with cash-rich, mostly state-run Chinese companies intent on investing in Taiwan. They also say it would give a big boost to China’s efforts to bring the island, which split from the mainland 65 years ago, under its control.

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Monday March 31, 2014

Kerry, Russian counterpart meet on Ukraine crisis PARIS (AP) — Russia yesterday set out demands for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, saying the former Soviet republic should be unified in a federation allowing wide autonomy to its various regions as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Paris in another bid to calm tensions. After a brief call on French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Kerry sat down with Lavrov at the residence of the Russian ambassador to France to go over Moscow’s response to a U.S. plan to deescalate the situation as Russian troops continue to mass along the Ukrainian border. The men said nothing of substance as they shook hands, although after Kerry ended the photo op by thanking assembled journalists, Lavrov cryptically added, in English, “Good luck, and good night.” Appearing on Russian television ahead of his talks with Kerry, Lavrov rejected suspicions that the

deployment of tens of thousands of Russian troops near Ukraine is a sign Moscow plans to invade the country following its annexation of the strategic Crimean peninsula. “We have absolutely no intention of, or interest in, crossing Ukraine’s borders,” Lavrov said. Russia says the troops near the border are there for military exercises and that they have no plans to invade, but U.S. and European officials say the numbers and locations of the troops suggest something more than exercises. And, despite the Russian assurances, U.S., European and Ukrainian officials are deeply concerned about the buildup, which they fear could be a prelude to an invasion or intimidation to compel Kiev to accept Moscow’s demands. In his interview, Lavrov made clear that Moscow believes a federation is the only way to guarantee Ukraine’s stability and neutrality. “We can’t see any other

way to ensure the stable development of Ukraine but to sign a federal agreement,” Lavrov said, adding that he understood the United States was open to the idea. U.S. officials have been coy about their position on a federation and insist that any changes to Ukraine’s governing structure must be acceptable to the Ukrainians. Ukrainian officials are wary of decentralizing power, fearing that pro-Russia regions would hamper its western aspirations and potentially split the country apart. However, they are exploring political reforms that could grant more authority to local governments. The plan that Kerry and Lavrov are discussing covers Ukrainian political and constitutional reforms as well as the disarmament of irregular forces, international monitors to protect minority rights and direct dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, according to U.S. officials, who say it has backing of Ukraine’s government. Kerry and Lavrov have met several times in person

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov before the start of their meeting at the Russian Ambassador’s residence about the situation in Ukraine, in Paris yesterday. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool) and spoken by phone almost daily since the crisis began but have not yet been able to agree on a way forward. The pair met last week in The Hague, where Kerry presented Lavrov with the proposal, which was a response to ideas Lavrov gave him at a March 10 meeting in London. Yesterday’s meeting follows an hourlong phone call Friday between U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin in which Obama urged Putin to withdraw his troops from the border with Ukraine. The Russian leader, who

initiated the call, asserted that Ukraine’s government is allowing extremists to intimidate ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking civilians with impunity — something Ukraine insists is not happening. That call did little to reassure U.S. officials that Russia is not planning to invade Ukraine after its annexation of Crimea that the west has condemned as illegal and a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The United States and Europe have imposed sanctions on senior Russian officials in response,

sparking reciprocal moves from Moscow. In the interview with Russian television, Lavrov called the sanctions a “deadend” strategy that would not achieve results and accused the west of hypocrisy. He said it was inconsistent for the west to refuse to recognize Crimea’s annexation, which followed a referendum on joining Russia that was overwhelmingly approved, while at the same time accepting the new government in Kiev, which was formed after the proMoscow president fled the country.

North Korea condemns U.N., threatens a ‘new form’ of nuclear test SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea threatened yesterday to conduct what it called “a new form of nuclear test”, raising the level of rhetoric after members of the United Nations Security Council condemned the North’s recent ballistic missile launch. “It is absolutely intolerable that the U.N. Security Council, turning a blind eye to the U.S. madcap nuclear war exercises, ‘denounced’ the Korean People’s Army (KPA)’s selfdefensive rocket launching drills and called them a ‘violation of resolutions’ and a ‘threat to international peace and security’ and is set to take an ‘appropriate step’,” the North’s foreign ministry said in a statement on the official KCNA news agency. The statement said KPA drills to counter the U.S. will involve “more diversified

Kim Jong Un nuclear deterrence” that will be used for hitting mediumand long-range targets “with a variety of striking power”. “We would not rule out a new form of nuclear test for bolstering up our nuclear deterrence,” the North’s statement said, without

giving any indication of what that might entail. After Pyongyang fired two medium-range Rodong ballistic missiles into the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula on Wednesday, the 15-member Security Council on Thursday condemned the launches violating U.N. resolutions. North Korea’s first firing in four years of midrange missiles that can reach Japan followed a series of short-range rocket launches over the past two months. In defiance of U.N. resolutions, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in February 2013 and declared it had made progress in securing a functioning atomic arsenal. It is widely believed the North does not have the capacity to deliver a nuclear strike on the mainland United States.

Monday March 31, 2014

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Jet search effort ramped up; no evidence found PERTH, Australia (AP) — Australia’s prime minister said yesterday he was hopeful clues will emerge soon to help find Flight 370 even though searchers again failed to find jet debris, as relatives of Chinese passengers on the plane protested in Malaysia to demand the government apologize over its handling of the search. An increasing number of ships are scouring an area of the Indian Ocean off western Australia after a new search zone was identified Friday, but the only objects scooped up by the vessels so far have been “fishing equipment and other flotsam” not connected to the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed March 8 with 239 people on board, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said in a statement. Australian Navy Commodore Peter Leavy told reporters that “there has been no discrete debris associated with the flight.” In Sydney, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott insisted that the “intensifying search effort” was positive because objects “have been recovered from the ocean” in the zone after a weeklong search in another area spotted items from planes that ships never managed to find. The maritime safety authority said nine planes took part in the search Sunday, leaving in staggered times from a military base near the western city of Perth. Eight ships were on the scene, including the Australian navy supply ship HMAS Success, which was designated as the vessel that will store any wreckage found. Leavy said the operation in the new search zone is complicated because it lies in a shipping lane where sea trash is common. Searchers were hampered by rain and low clouds, but were still able to look for signs of plane debris with visibility of about 10 kilometers (6 miles). It takes planes about 2

Tony Abbott 1/2 hours to get to the area, giving them five hours of searching time before they must return to base. Objects spotted so far include three with white, red and orange colors by a Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 plane, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said. The missing Boeing 777’s exterior was red, white, blue and gray. In Malaysia, several dozen Chinese relatives of passengers of Flight 370 demanded that the Malaysian government apologize for its handling of the search for the plane and for the prime minister’s announcement that it crashed into the southern Indian Ocean before any wreckage was found. The group staged its protest at a hotel near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city, hours after flying in from Beijing, waving banners that read “We want evidence, truth, dignity” and “Hand us the murderer. Tell us the truth. Give us our relatives back.” They also demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Najib Razak. Two-thirds of the 227 passengers aboard the plane, which disappeared en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, were Chinese. China has urged Malaysia to be more open about the investigation, while Malaysian officials have defended their handling of the probe and the

information they have provided to passengers’ relatives. Searchers for a full week relied on satellite data from various countries as they tried to find the plane in a different zone to the south of the current area, but abruptly shifted course Friday after authorities concluded the plane could not have traveled as far as they had thought based on its estimated speed and fuel consumption. That prompted the change in the hunt for the plane’s likely entry point into the sea and its “black boxes,” which should contain clues to what caused the aircraft to be so far off-course. An Australian warship with an American black box detector and specialists aboard to use it was set to depart Sunday from a port near Perth to join the search. It will still take three to four days for the ship, the Ocean Shield, to reach the search zone — an area roughly the size of Poland, about 1,850 kilometers (1,150 miles) west of Australia. “The ship will take part in the surface search until the debris is positively identified and an underwater search area is then predicted,” U.S. Navy Captain Mark Matthews told reporters. In addition to the U.S. Navy’s Towed Pinger Locator used to hear pings from the black boxes, the ship will also have an unmanned underwater vehicle and other acoustic detection equipment that will be used to try to find the wreckage on the seabed under the search zone. But the search area is so huge that investigators are first hoping to find floating wreckage of the plane so they could set a smaller zone using sophisticated analysis to determine a location from where the debris drifted. Even if they do that, recovery of the jet’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders could be complicated.

British Minister warns Scotland could vote for independence, despite polls (Reuters) - The British government minister responsible for Scotland warned yesterday nationalists could win an independence referendum this year because of complacency among those campaigning to hold the United Kingdom together. Speaking ahead of a September 18 vote that will decide whether Scotland breaks its three-century-old union with England, Alistair Carmichael, Britain’s Secretary of State for Scotland, said nationalists had a huge “war chest” to fund their campaign and appeared more “hungry” for victory. “The biggest danger for the United Kingdom camp in this whole argument is that people look at the polls. They show us with a healthy lead consistently. As a consequence they think this is not going to happen,” Carmichael told BBC TV. “Well I’ve got to tell everybody it could.” Opinion polls have long shown Scots would vote to reject independence by a clear margin. But two recent polls suggested a small swing towards the nationalist camp,

led by Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party (SNP). A TNS poll on March 25 showed that 42 percent would reject independence, with 28 percent voting “yes” and 28 percent undecided. Carmichael, who was appointed in October last year to try to inject more passion into the campaign to keep the UK together, said the “no” camp - which includes all of Britain’s three main political parties - had to step up its performance. “They (the nationalists) have got an unprecedented

war chest to pour into this campaign. We’ve got to realise what is coming and as a consequence we’ve got to get our arguments in place and our campaign as sharp as theirs.” He separately told The Observer newspaper there was a risk that “no” campaigners would wake up to the threat posed by the nationalists too late. “I am not expecting to lose, but it is eminently possible that they will be able to buy momentum with the advertising and campaign resource they have. If they do, it could all get very difficult.” Carmichael was speaking a day after British finance minister George Osborne denied a newspaper report which quoted an unnamed minister as saying Scotland could be allowed to keep the British pound if it voted for independence, an issue at the heart of the Scottish secession debate. The SNP’s Salmond said on Sunday the government’s “panicky” rebuttal of the story showed its opposition to an independent Scotland using the pound was based on “bluff and bluster”.

the pro-government “red shirts”, who have mostly stayed out of the fray since anti-government protests first flared in November. “We’ll act when our democratically elected prime minister is kicked out by the elite,” Suporn Attawong, a red shirt leader known by followers as “Rambo Isarn”, told Reuters in Bangkok. Leaders of the red shirt movement, formally called the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), say they are mustering recruits to be sent for militarystyle training in order to protect their own protesters if they go to the barricades. Thailand’s eight-year political crisis broadly pits the Bangkok elite and middle classes against the mostly rural supporters of Yingluck and her influential brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted as premier by the military in 2006. The red shirts have upped the ante in recent days, sealing off entrances to the national anti-corruption agency. Grenades were thrown at the offices of the agency one night late last week, but no one was injured. There are fears that any

march on Bangkok could end in a bloodbath similar to 2010 when red shirts camped out for weeks in the capital, demanding an early general election. That unrest ended with a military crackdown and at least 90 people died during the events, mostly Thaksin supporters. Suporn says the UDD leadership will announce a plan of action on April 3. They tentatively expect to hold a rally on April 5, possibly in Bangkok, and to block a major highway connecting central Thailand to the northeast. “If a major rally is held in Bangkok we will quickly mobilize our north-eastern volunteers to act as super guards for red shirt protesters in the capital,” said Suporn. The red shirts have been trumpeting their readiness to use force to defend their prime minimiser. But it is not always clear where the bluster ends and the real threats begin. “I’m taking 1,000 people from 20 provinces in the northeast and sending them to camps where they will learn how to fight. Once that’s in place, we’re going to escalate our training and include more volunteers,” Suporn said.

Alistair Carmichael

Thailand’s ‘red shirts’ gear up for a fight

(Reuters) - The clock is ticking for Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who faces impeachment within weeks, but her supporters are hatching plans to thwart any move to dismiss her, with some leaders assembling what amount to militias. Yingluck has until today to defend herself before the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) against charges of dereliction of duty over a ruinously expensive rice-buying scheme. If the commission recommends Yingluck’s impeachment, and the Senate then seeks to remove her, it could be a tipping point for

Thousands of European separatists protest in Brussels Brussels (AFP) - Several thousand European separatists, overwhelmingly Flemish but also Catalans, Scots and South Tyroleans, demonstrated in Brussels yesterday for the right to self-determination. Under a forest of yellow flags emblazoned with black lions, Flemish separatists dominated the procession through the European Union’s capital, which marched from Parc du Cinquantenair near the European Commission’s headquarters towards the European Parliament. The crowd, which marched under a banner proclaiming “Europe, we’ll vote for self-determination”, numbered almost 3,000 people, according to a senior police officer. Draped in their regional colours — red and yellow — the Catalans chanted in their regional language for

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“independence”. Marta Giralt, a 38-year-old translator, came from Barcelona to “defend the right of the Catalans to vote” in a referendum on independence from Spain. Regional leader Artur Mas has set the vote for November this year but Madrid has declared it illegal. “We want to make our voices heard and expand ourDemonstrators hold Catalan separatist flags at the Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona on October 23, 2013 movement,” Girault told AFP. Small groups of Scots, who are due to vote in a referendum on independence from Britain in September, also stood alongside South Tyroleans, Lombards, Corsicans and a handful of Bretons.

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Pole-to-flag Hamilton wins in Malaysia SEPANG, Malaysia (Reuters) - Briton’s Lewis Hamilton won the Malaysian Grand Prix with a pole-to-flag victory ahead of Nico Rosberg on Sunday in a first Mercedes one-two since they returned to Formula One as a works team in 2010. The 2008 Formula One world champion easily pulled away from his rivals on a dry track with a threestop strategy to win the race by 17.3 seconds, his 23rd career victory and first in Malaysia at the eighth attempt. “Really grateful, thank you so much,” the Briton told his team over the radio after taking the chequered flag for his second win for Mercedes since he joined them last year and first points of the season. Rosberg, who won the season opener in Australia two weeks ago, started in third place but slipped past quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel on the first corner and was able to keep the Red Bull at bay and stay top of the driver standings. Vettel finished third, 7.2 seconds behind Rosberg, for his first points of the season following an early retirement in Australia as he struggled to make an impact on the Mercedes pair without the rain that helped his qualifying bid on Saturday. Ferrari’s Fernando

Alonso secured his second fourth finish of the season after coming out ahead in a tight battle with Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg in the closing stages. M c L a r e n ’s Jenson Button was sixth with Felipe Massa of Williams seventh just ahead of team mate Valtteri Bottas after the Brazilian refused to yield to his Finnish team mate despite team orders to do so. M c L a r e n ’s Danish rookie Kevin Magnussen and Toro Rosso’s Russian newcomer Daniil Kvyat rounded out the top 10 of a race that suffered just a couple of light drops of rain despite concerns about possible thunderstorms. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, who was disqualified in Australia pending an appeal, missed out on points for the second race in a row after a disastrous third pit stop when he was in fourth. The Australian pulled away before his front left wheel was fully attached with engineers sprinting down the pitlane to push him back and fix the issue. The Australian was then given a 10 second penalty for the unsafe release but his chances of points were already over after he shredded a tire and damaged a wing shortly before the stewards’ decision and he retired before the end.

Monday March 31, 2014

Igloo U-15 Inter-County two-Day Cricket

Demerara take 1st innings points from President’s X1 By Sean Devers Demerara began the defence of their title with a commanding first-day showing yesterday against the President’s X1 at DCC in their opening round Igloo under-15 two-day InterCounty cricket contest in which they have already taken first innings points. The President’s X1, who made a paltry 71 all out from 38 overs in their first innings, were hanging on for dear life in their second innings on 373 after the hosts had amassed 235-4 in their first innings when their 38 overs expired. The President’s X1 still need 127 to avoid an innings defeat and a lot will depend on Skipper Stephon Wilson and Berbician Chandradat Veerasammy today. Off-spinner Sagar Hathiramani took 5-11 from 13 overs to claim his second five-wicket haul at this level. He got support from left-arm spinner Ashmead Nedd (4-28 from 8.4) as only Robin Williams (14), Veerasammy (11) and Wilson (10) reached double figures. Joshua Persaud then hit his second ton in three weeks, an accomplished 105 from 110 minutes, 95 balls with 15 fours and three sixes and shared in 103-run partnership with Wicketkeeper Bhaskar Yadram (56) for the second wicket and the exact amount with Alphius Bookie for the third wicket to help the defending champs to a lead of 164. The President’s X1 won the toss and elected to bat in brilliant sunshine on an easy paced pitch and a slightly heavy outfield. Openers Anil Singh and Robin Williams, both from Lusignan on the East Coast of Demerara, took the score to 19 before Singh (9) fell to medium pacer Bhojnarine Singh.

Bhaskar Yadram

Joshua Persaud

Sagar Hathiramani & Ashmead Nedd shared 9 wickets between them yesterday. A shower at 10:27hrs with the score on 28-1, sent the players scurrying off the field and when play resumed 42 minutes later, GNIC’s Christopher Campbell (8) had his stumps disturbed by Hathiramani at 32-2. Hathiramani, who hails from the East Bank but plays for DCC at the club level, also removed Wilson (10) as the President’s X1 slipped to 433. The left-handed Williams had looked promising and dumped left-arm spinner Ashmead Nedd over the midwicket boundary before he departed for 14.

In overcast conditions with a strong breeze blowing, Williams was bowled by Nedd, the son of former Guyana off-spinner and Demerara U-15 Coach Gavin Nedd, at 54-4 after the 50 was posted in 27 overs. Khemchand Hardyal and Blairmont right-hander Chandradat Veerasammy, who looked very accomplished, took their team to Lunch at 57-4. After the interval, a nice gathering of noisy spectators which included several Female parents, watched as 14-year-old Hathiramani, who had a helmet-trick last year against Essequibo when he finished with 5-7, dismantled the middle order. He had Hardyal (7) caught at slip, Veerasammy, stupendously taken at mid-on by Nedd for 11 and Mark Ramsammy (2) caught and bowled, as the President’s X1 slumped from 64-4 to 69-7. Nedd then finished off the demolition job with three wickets in four balls. He first had Essequibian

Shivnarine Chattergoon, the son of former West Indies U19 batsman Hemnarine Chattergoon and nephew of Ex-Test opener Sewnarine Chattergoon, smartly stumped by Persaud for two before getting rid of Danesh Kowlessar (0) and last man Junior Phillips (0) to wrap up the innings 26 minutes after Lunch. When the home team began their reply they lost Paul Thomas for a duck when he had his stumps uprooted at 9-1 but Persaud and Yadram tore into the hapless bowling attack with Yadram playing an array of scintillating shots, no better than four pugnacious boundaries off successive balls off Campbell that reached the fence like bullets. Yadram, dropped off Wilson on 43 at 98-1, was bowled by the same bowler at 112-2 after he had reached his half-century from 41 balls, but by then he and Persaud had put their team firmly in control with their three-figure partnership in conditions which remained English-like for the rest of the day. After Yadram’s demise, Persaud assumed the lead role with several audacious shots and reached his second ton in three weeks following his 106 against East Coast in the U-15 Inter-Association 50over competition. His maiden Inter-County hundred came from 99 minutes, 91 balls and was decorated with 15 fours and three sixes. He eventually fell to Kowlessar at 215-3 after sharing in another century stand with Alphius Bookie who ended unbeaten on 41 with 10 fours. Kurt Lovell (11) fell off the last ball of the allotted 38 overs. Kowlessar took 2-9 for the President’s X1 who survived the rest of the opening day after losing Williams for a first ball duck, Singh for three and Wilson who struck three fours in his 15 before falling on the stroke of close of play. The rules of the competition states the each team bat for 38 overs or two and a half hours in their first innings before having their second innings also restricted by overs and time. Play on the final day, today, is scheduled to commence at 09:30hrs

Recreation does for you what it says literally. It creates you again. It refreshes the mind, renews the spirit, and motivates the body. Constant working towards some objective can do the opposite, unless we control it by rest and relaxation.

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