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Time to stop worrying about global warming? Surface temperatures may not be rising as quickly as they were, but that’s just one small part of a much bigger and more troubling picture. Climate skeptics are finding it even harder to persuade the public that the climate isn’t changing. So now some are turning to a more last-ditch line of attack: even if climate change is happening, it’s not worth worrying about. They have been emboldened by scientists’ acknowledgment that temperatures on the planet surface have risen less sharply than expected in recent years. The scientists say that’s down to natural variability; the doubters say it is a sign that climate change amounts to little more than ignorable, or even beneficial, “lukewarming”. This has been presented as a credible position on television, in newspaper headlines and magazine articles – and it is echoed in public policy. The UK prime minister, keen to reduce winter fuel bills, is rethinking levies and policies aimed at making the country’s energy use more sustainable. Perhaps he thinks the climate can wait. But it is misguided to focus only on the temperature of the thin layer of air that we live in. That is just one of the many important indicators. In particular, the oceans are warming too: recent research suggests that in the last 60 years, the depths of the Pacific have warmed 15 times as fast as at any time in the previous 10,000 years. And the oceans may have been soaking up heat faster still over the past few years. That may in turn explain why the atmosphere isn’t warming as fast as it was (see “Climate slowdown: The world won’t stop warming”). Warmer oceans have consequences. Consider typhoon Haiyan, thought to be the fourth strongest storm in history. Such storms usually stir up cooler waters that limit their strength; Haiyan, by contrast, kept gaining energy from exceptionally warm waters extending far below the surface. More such storms will follow as the oceans heat up. Warming oceans also pump more moisture into the air, which can lead to unprecedented rainfall - as Colorado discovered earlier this year. And water expands as it warms: around a third of the continuing rise in sea levels is due to water expansion. That sea level rise is expected to accelerate, putting many of the world’s greatest cities at risk. Of course, the nature of climate science makes measurement tricky; and its predictions are fraught with uncertainties. But there are also certainties. We know global warming continues - the sea levels alone show that. We know human emissions of greenhouse gases are to blame. We know warming will accelerate as long as emissions keep rising. And we know from history that societies struggle to adapt when the climate changes. Filipinos thought they knew what to expect from a tropical cyclone. They weren’t expecting Haiyan. You might be able to ignore surface temperatures for the moment, if you live in one of the few places yet to be seriously adversely affected – so not places like Sydney or California. Those are getting fewer, however; and temperatures will at some point start climbing sharply again. There is still sea level rise, extreme weather, disrupted jet streams, receding polar ice, biodiversity collapse, forest fires, ocean acidification and more to be concerned about-tosaynothingofthehugechallengesof“greening”oursocieties. Time to stop worrying about warming? On the contrary. Guyana has dedicated a significant part of its forest toward combating global warming but even here one gets the impression that we are not paying too keen an attention to the arguments about global warming. Recently, investigations revealed that Guyana’s rate of deforestation was far higher than that which it agreed to when it entered into an agreement with Norway for US$250 million. And even now we are working out an arrangement with Brazil for the generation of hydro power. The argument may be that with less dependence on fossil fuel then the need for the rainforest would also diminish. The other argument may be that if the forest means money for Guyana then it had better use it. The warning is that it is not yet time to stop thinking about global warming.

Sunday March 30, 2014

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To equate this genocide with Wismar is not the divisive path to follow DEAR EDITOR, Vassan Ramracha’s article “Reparations for slavery justifies equal reparations for Wismar massacre” (Kaieteurn News 28 March) offers the reading public an interesting insight as to how racial entrepreneurs will attempt to sully the reparations for indigenous genocide and African slavery debate. It highlights the “village politics” Prime Minister Ralph Gonzales spoke about when he addressed the CARICOM Repartions Commission in St. Vincent last September. Given our mixed ethnicities and racial politics in Guyana, it was predictable Vassan Ramracha would offer the argument that equated slavery with every ethnic strife in Guyana.” Hence he equates our Wismar tragedy with 400 years of indigenous and African genocide, rape, plunder and criminal enrichment. He equates the United Nations definition of chattel

slavery as “a crime against humanity” with Wismar. What an inglorious and unconscionable stretch. Vassan Ramracha would know European colonisers treated groups in Guyana with the same” divide and rule” mentality he is attempting to introduce into the Reparations debate. Contempt for Africans and Indigenous Peoples obtaining justice and reparations is his modus operandi. Europeans practiced a “continuum of exploitation” in the Caribbean. First, Indigenous Peoples were decimated. Some traded with them and depended on them for their survival. After this initial exploitation including enslaving some groups, Europeans turned to Africa. They introduced chattel slavery and benefitted from 200 years of free labour in Guyana. After Emancipation, Indentured servants (Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, others) and especially with

Indians, the “continuum of exploitation” continued. Emancipation revealed the depths of the architecture of “divide and rule”. Freed Africans were forced to fend for their own. As they sought ways to economic survival Africans ventured into Amerindian areas. This resulted in Africans and Amerindians coming into conflict. This was expected by the British as they had paid Amerindians to capture escaped Africans during slavery (Quamina was shot in his back) and flooded villages bought by Freed Africans. Divide and rule. Indentured Indians arrived in 1838. The British underpaid Africans and created the atmosphere conducive to Indians and Africans seeing each other as competitors. Divide and rule again. Vassan Ramracha’s indirect argument in his letter is there should be reparations for Indentureship. His (Continued on page 6)

Sunday March 30, 2014

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A mystery why this government is allowed to destroy this nation DEAR EDITOR, In a letter to this newspaper (“Freddie Kissoon explains his nonresponse to Bacchus” July 17, 2013) I outlined my reasons why I will not reply to some of my critics. I listed some reasons which briefly I will repeat here. First, it has to with my complete lack of respect for these people. Secondly, I don’t believe they will be read by others and therefore when you reply to them, it gives them a chance to go on stage; I believe one should not help such people by providing them a platform, let them build their own platform Thirdly, I believe these people have absolutely nothing to contribute to a healthy debate and should be ignored. Among those I included were Vishu Bisram and Minette Bacchus, two expatriates Guyanese who write from abroad. In a subsequent letter, I believe I

include Harry Gill on my list. Gill is a pretender to knowledge and as a political employee of the Ministry of Education will continue to seek a role within the PPP by writing about Freddie Kissoon I thought long and hard about responding to another of his sycophantic nonsense in the March 27, 2014 edition of KN’s letter pages in which he wrote; “Why this man (Freddie Kissoon) is allowed to poison the minds of your readers is as mysterious….” I decided to respond to Gill because it gives me an opportunity to address thousands of young minds in my country and Guyanese in foreign lands. The part of his letter that I grabbed at to reply was this question he asked

about me: “How can anyone hate so much day after day after day.” When I read that the thought occurred to me that Gill may be a friend of mine in that he dislikes the Government and said to himself that he will arrange his sentences in such a way that it gives me scope to expose the PPP. And Gill must have known that the concept he chose is the one any amateur analyst can use to devastate the PPP Government – HATE So I now ask: “How can a population allow a government so full of hate to destroy a nation day after day after day?” Let us stick with Gill’s useful concept – HATE. So I spew hate day after day in my columns. Does the PPP

party and the PPP Government spew the same hate? No point asking Gill that question and I am not directing this letter to Gill but to my fellow Guyanese Interesting that Gill’s letter accusing me of hate comes at a time when two interesting things took place last week. First there was the interview KN did with the daughter of the President in which she said, in reference to herself and her brother: “We are Guyanese and we should have equal rights to build our lives here.” She went on to say; “We want a fair chance like any other Guyanese.” The other event was the demotion of the editor of the Chronicle by Ms. Ramotar ’s father, the

President, over the publication of an item that the President didn’t take too kindly to What does one make of the latter action? Haven’t we been seeing this kind of victimization of Guyanese day after day and it has been going on day after day since 1992 even under President

Cheddi Jagan? Shouldn’t Guyanese ask themselves when will this hate stop? Do I spit out hate in my column? Should I? I should not? But then again I cannot remain aloof to the three times I almost lost my life; the termination of my contract at UG; the hounding (Continued on page 6)

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur M@ilbox

To equate this genocide with... A mystery why this government... From page 4 entrepreneurial approach is understood by those who read his Letters to the Editor. The CARICOM Reparations Commission has discussed this issue at length as individuals in Trinidad , Guyana and Suriname have raised it in one guise or another. Chattel slavery and Indig-

enous genocide were and are “crimes against humanity”. Criminal law is therefore where one seeks redress. Indentured Servants came to Guyana with contracts. And as Guyanese born Emeritus Professor of History Clem Seecharan pointed out in his recent speech at the Umana Yana entitled “The El Dorado Complex in the Shaping of Indo-Guyanese: A Revisionist Perspective”, Indians came voluntarily to Guyana. No one denies the harsh treatment they received. But the law is different for slavery

and Indigenous genocide versus a contract being broken. I understand there are Indo Caribbean groups who have discussed a case for Indentureship using the appropriate legal strategy. I hope Vassan Ramracha uses his entrepreneurial skills to advance the causes of justice and unity. To equate reparations for the genocide of millions of Indigenous People and African Slavery with Wismar is not the divisive path to follow. Eric Phillips

From page 5 down of my wife at her state job just before the 2011 election. Are these examples of the violations of my rights not the action of a government that practices hate? Aren’t the following huge examples of hate; the arrest of Guyanese citizens for treason, the same for the charge of sedition; the withdrawal of subsidy to the Critchlow Labour College; the withdrawal of state advertisements to the

Stabroek News and Kaieteur News; the overlooking of the applications of these independent newspapers for a radio license; the illegal dismissal of public servants for failing lie detector tests; the coercive imposition of fixed salary increases to public servants; the open admittance of the little dictators that Nigel Hughes will not be conferred with senior counsel status; the imposition of a Town Clerk on a City Council that refuses to accept her; the eviction of

elected NDCs and their replacements with IMCs stacked with PPP supporters. Shall I go on? The above are just a drop in the ocean of the hateful things done to the people of this country by those in power whose basic instinct is to hate others. And Gill has the temerity to tell me that I advocate hate. This is my last reply to a people like Gill. And I end with a confession. People like Gill I have nothing but absolute contempt for Frederick Kissoon

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Taxi driver found dead with bullet wound to head Reminiscent of the days when bandits operated with impunity, the body of a 24year-old taxi driver was found slumped in his car with a bullet wound to his head late Friday night. The body of Roopchan Darsan, of Logwood, Enmore, East Coast Demerara was found around 22:50 hours on Friday in his motor vehicle which was partly submerged in a ditch along the Strathspey Railway Embankment, a few miles from his home. Police are working on several theories, one of which is that Darsan is the victim of a botched carjacking by

a lone passenger. Kaieteur News understands that Darsan had been operating as a taxi driver at the Enmore Junction for the past five years. He recently purchased his own Toyota Spacio and would normally work late at nights to meet his obligations. It is not clear where the young driver picked up his passenger, but investigators believe that he was lured to the dark Strathspey Railway Embankment where he was shot while trying to prevent the carjacking. Detectives are trying to ascertain if Darsan was shot

before his car crashed into the ditch or if he crashed his car and angered his passenger who then shot him in the head. This newspaper was informed that persons in the area where Darsan’s body and car were found have reported hearing a single gunshot and seeing a figure emerging from the car and running towards the Strathspey backlands. At the dead man’s home yesterday, relatives and neighbours had gathered to offer comfort to his grieving mother and father.

His father, Roopnarine Darsan, told this newspaper that he was at work when he received the tragic news. He said that his wife and other relatives came to his work place and told him that his son was shot. That was just after 01:00 hour yesterday. “Me lef wuk and come away and me go with dem straight to whey get the shooting. Me see de car deh in de trench, de front deh down and de back raise up,” Roopnarine Darsan recalled. He said that his son was

slumped over the steering wheel. According to the father, although the taxi driver never expressed fear for his safety, given the type of work that he had been doing, he would normally finish working long before midnight. The young man’s death is taking a toll on his mother Latchmin Darsan. “Ow gosh, me ain’t know how fuh explain this. Is me only son,” she cried. The woman remembered two men coming to her house on Friday night, bringing the (Continued on page 8)

Dead: Roopchand Darsan

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Taxi driver found dead with... From page 7 sad news of her son’s death. “Two negro fellas come with car and call we. Dem call and say how dem hear ‘Auntie yuh son get shoot’. Me ain’t really know dem but they say dey wukkin at de junction (where her son works),” the dead man’s mother recalled. She said that she immediately called out her daughter and together they left their home and went to the scene where she saw her son slumped in his car. “When me really look

Latchmin Darsan grieves for her only son

The car in which Darsan’s body was found good me see he head,” she said pointing to the left side of her head. Colleagues of the dead taxi driver were also in shock after learning of his

passing. One taxi driver told this newspaper that another driver had seen Darsan’s car in the ditch and thought that he had crashed and had left it there. “He come and say, ‘Me see alyuh partner like he crash by Strathspey’. He didn’t

know was dead de man dead in de car. Is when people go and check and see inside, then dem know is wha really happen,” the driver said. They are convinced that Darsan was not hired from the taxi park from where they all

operated. They believe that he either picked up the passenger on the road or was contacted via telephone to make the pick-up. “That is why me gat fuh know is who callin me before I go pon a pick up. No strange

body can’t call me fuh pick dem up, especially at night,” another driver stated. Police have combed the area and have dusted the dead man’s car for fingerprints but up to press time last night, no one had been arrested.

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Elderly woman found Lack of Magistrate stalls PI, lawyers strangled in Linden Meten-Meer-Zorg grocer murder…

to seek High Court intervention

Police investigators were on Saturday morning called to the Amelia’s Ward, Linden home of an elderly woman who was found strangled. Sources close to the investigations said the woman, who has been identified as 76-year-old Yvonne Adams, was found with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck. According to reports, Adams who lived alone had not been seen since Friday and when persons living nearby decided to check on her Saturday midday, they discovered her partly decomposed body. Investigators reportedly have found several signs of a break in at the woman’s home and there are also reports that marks of violence were found on her body. Only last Wednesday a 75-year-old woman was discovered strangled in her Lot 3630 Christiani Street, North Ruimveldt home.

DEAD: Zulficar Namdar Meten-Meer-Zorg Murder Accused

Six months after being accused of murdering a Meten-meer-Zorg grocer, the eight persons charged are still to hear the State’s case against them. The absence of a permanent Magistrate at the Leonora Court has for months stalled the commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI). Last year, eight persons, including a woman who is the mother of one, were indicted before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for the murder of the grocer, Zulficar

Namdar. The 25-year-old entrepreneur was reportedly shot and killed after heavilyarmed, masked gunmen invaded the family’s Lot 76 Third Street Meten-MeerZorg home on September 10, last. Namdar was subsequently shot and killed whilst his mother was robbed of $1.3M in jewellery and $320,000. Ten days after the crime, Jermaine “Yankee” Williams, 36; Esan Lawrence, 33; Delwyn Croft,32; Khyran “50 cents” Khan, 26; Samuel

Bacchus, 38; Andrew “Sonic” Chandler, 34; Alan Dorsett, 38; and his 31-year-old wife Cassindra Singh were charged with murder. Since their first court appearance on September 20, last year they have been remanded to prison and have made about nine fruitless court appearances. To date, the accused have been given no fixed date for the commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) and every court appearance thus far has ended the same – remanded and a further court

date. It is behind that backdrop that Defence Attorneys Melvin Duke, George Thomas and James Bond will be seeking High Court intervention for what on their last court appearance they described as a clear breach of their clients’ constitutional rights. On Tuesday, last they made their last appearance before the Magistrate Faith McGusty who set their next court date for June 2. Duke indicated that a lack of a permanent Magistrate is no reason to delay a PI and made clear their intention to seek High Court intervention. The lawyer said that the constitution specifies that a fair trial must be conducted within a reasonable amount of time but his clients have been languishing for months as remanded prisoners. The Defence Attorneys indicated that they will be submitting a request to the High Court for their clients to either be allowed bail or for the PI to commence immediately. Continued on page 55

Joyce Lewis, who lived alone, was found partially nude and bound in the bedroom of her two-storey house around 08.30 hrs by a relative who ventured into the residence after she repeatedly failed to answer either her cellular or landline phone. Her brother, who had developed a habit of calling his sister every morning, around 06:00 hours, found that this particular morning she was not answering the telephone. Investigations into both incidents are continuing.

Dem boys seh

BOBBY AND JAGDEO FRIGHTEN Guyana beginning to look and sound crooked. Dem boys flying in a plane and dem see how shape change. One man seh that it tek de face of Jagdeo, another seh that de centre look like Brazzy belly and dem boys seh that de tail part look shaat like Bobby. That happen because of de airwaves and since all de crooks flying in de air. Jagdeo give away half of Guyana after he done tek half fuh heself and he friends and family. One quarter he give to de Chinese and de other quarter he give to de Brazilians. De real Guyanese, coolie and black man, ain’t lef wid one S*&$##. De last thing he give way was de airwaves. He try fuh give way de sky but he find out that de sky belong to de Creatah. He do all that to Guyana and he got de nerve fuh try to guh back in de chair. Dem boys got a message fuh he. Dem wouldn’t rest until he and Brazzy and all of dem see de jail door. He never allow de DEA and de FBI because he know that he and all ee friends woulda done deh in jail because of wha dem people woulda done pick up. He only delay destiny. Donald allow dem fuh come in but dem nah set up office yet. Dem deh all over de place. Some of dem wukking wid Bobby and he nah know. That is why de other day when he loss he office key he didn’t realize that de Feds did want to search he office. Dem boys would like to know wha dem find and how much dem see wha Jagdeo really own in Bobby business. Bobby change de lock in he office but by then de Feds did done get wha dem want.Now Bobby distressed and Jagdeo worried over that. But Donald seh that if you nah do nutten you nah got fuh frighten anything. But Bobby and Jagdeo frighten. Talk half and look out fuh de arrest.

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Increased NIS subsidy to help fund studies for long term viability - President More than $226M is earmarked for the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) this year, and a significant portion of the money will be used for studies that will help chart the way forward in making the fund more sustainable. Responding to media questions on the allocations contained in the 2014 National Budget Wednesday, President Donald Ramotar said that the administration is actively pursuing measures that will place the $30B fund on firmer footing. Last year, for the first time, payouts for pension and other benefits outstripped revenues, worrying the managers of the fund. Chairing the Board of Directors is Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon. With Government plugging $110M in NIS last year, the $226M allocation this year, seems to signal serious intentions and concerns about the future of NIS. Ramotar said that studies will be used to develop policies aimed at reversing the current situation. Last year, NIS urged for

NIS Main Branch, Brickdam. agreements among stakeholders on key measures that will ensure the financial future of the entity. NIS is the statecontrolled body which has been managing the social insurance fund charged with paying pensions and other medical benefits. It is set to celebrate its 45th year in existence this year. The fund has started targeting measures to

significantly expand its contributor base and raise the rates. It is looking to better manage growth in benefits expenditure, particularly pensions. Dr. Luncheon himself has insisted that even though the spectre of an imminent dire situation is highly exaggerated, the scheme’s financial viability does evoke apprehension among the informed.

“Essentially, the scheme’s expenditure growth is outstripping revenue growth. Contribution income, the main ingredient of revenue was $11.32B in 2012 while benefits expenditure, the main ingredient of expenditure, was $11.33B,” Luncheon said in a statement late last year. “As is known, long term benefits dominate the benefits profile with over 43,000 pensioners in payment

at July 2013. The aging population, longer longevity has impacted significantly on this growth in benefit expenditure.” The NIS Chairman believed the scheme may not have been rigid enough in insisting that more selfemployed join up and contribute, as is the regulation. At the end of 2012, the active population of employed contributors numbered 117,219, while the active population of the selfemployed was only 8,791. “The self-employed situation of anomaly is evident in the face of the size of parallel economy in Guyana. Importantly, the contribution rate has seen occasional annual increases in the last decade.” Against this background, NIS continues to offer a pension linked to minimum wages in the public service with a wide range of shortterm benefits to contributors and pensioners. “The end result is predictable. Expenditure growth exceeds that of revenue. The NIS fund is therefore being used to meet

President Donald Ramotar the operational deficits currently being incurred. As a result, the NIS fund has failed to show growth over the recent years as deficits in operational costs have been financed from the savings in the fund.” In 2011, the fund was $30.4 billion while the 2012 unaudited fund was $30, 2 billion. The 8th actuarial report, which is a mandatory review of NIS performance, on the scheme’s financial status, has disclosed details of the situation and made concrete proposals and recommendations about solutions, Dr. Luncheon said. The NIS situation has raised even more concerns. “Nationwide public consultations at that time Continued on page 55

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Guyana suffered US$141.1M decrease in remittances in 2013 President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Clinton Urling, said during a recent press conference that there is need to keep a watchful eye on the significant dip in remittances which occurred in 2013.

- situation worries GCCI President This was one of the highlights of his speech which was based on the Chamber’s views on the 2014 budget. Urling said, “We need to keep a watchful eye on the

decrease in remittances that was US$141.1M less than in 2012. That is a significant sum of money in terms of remittances coming into Guyana than 2012. We need

CARICOM Chairman to address reparations forum Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will address an international forum on reparations in the United States next month. Gonsalves will deliver the feature address at the April 19 forum titled “Revitalizing the Reparations Movement,” and organized by the New Yorkbased Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW). IBW described Gonsalves as “one of the leading voices in the Americas demanding that the former European colonial powers pay reparations to Caribbean and South American countries for centuries of African enslavement, native genocide and colonial exploitation”. The forum will be held in collaboration with the Center for Inner City Studies and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference. IBW said that among the specially invited guests will be Detroit’s congressman John Conyers, Sr., dean of the US Congressional Black Caucus, and sponsor of HR40, the Reparations Study Bill and Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. “A primary goal of the forum is to revitalize the reparations movement in the USA by revisiting the Durban Resolution on the Trans-

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Atlantic Slave Trade, presenting an update on HR40 and examining the status of CARICOM’s reparations initiative,” IBW said. “We are delighted and honoured to have Prime Minister Gonsalves keynote this critical forum on reparations, a subject of fundamental historical justice that is near and dear to the hearts of Black people

around the world,” said IBW?s president Dr. Ron Daniels. Director of Chicago’s Inner City Studies, Dr. Conrad Worrell, said “our ancestors will be pleased that the reparations movement is being re-energized from the Caribbean islands. “In demanding reparations, CARICOM is vindicating the vestiges of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade,” he added. CARICOM leaders at their inter-sessional summit in St, Vincent and the Grenadines earlier this month discussed the reparation issue and hope to have a meeting with European leaders in June. The leaders unanimously adopted a 10-point plan that would seek a formal apology for slavery; debt cancellation from former colonizers, such as Britain, France, Spain and the Netherlands; and reparation payments to repair the persisting “psychological trauma” from the days of plantation slavery.

to pay attention to what that means for the economy. What this says is that a significant sum of money that was previously available in the economy is not circulating now.” The GCCI President said that one can logically conclude that the country suffered a US$141.1 million deficit in terms of consumers’ ability to spend. He noted that most studies show that remittance monies are used for disposable income purposes and not for reinvestment or for savings. “So we are talking about a significant shortfall or loss in terms of remittances and there are a number of the causes which may be linked to the economies they come from and we need to adjust to suit that shortfall.” Urling said that nonetheless, the members of the Chamber are pleased with some of the allocations made to certain sectors in this year’s budget. “Proportions for the sector allocations are in the right direction. We see health, security, education and infrastructural upgrades topping the list of sectoral allocations and those are all

President of GCCI Clinton Urling critical and necessary upgrades for a prosperous society. “We have no problem with the monies allocated. We are also very pleased with the Linden –Lethem road upgrade and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion programme as they provide critical logistical and transportation efficiencies for our private sector and in particular the mining and tourism industry,” Urling added. He noted, too, that it is his hope that the road upgrade would lead to increased cross border trade with Brazil. He lauded, as well, the school programme initiative in this year’s budget which he

said is intended to help struggling families get their children to school. The $10,000 per child assistance package was deemed a noble idea by Urling. His only concern in this regard is ensuring that the allocated money reaches its intended audience. “The only worry to some extent is that Government would have to find an appropriate mechanism to ensure that funds allocated under this initiative reach the intended audience. “Once it gets there it is spent for its intended purpose. This could cause logistical and resource problems during implementation.” “There would be need for monitoring to ensure efficacy and government would have to spend and utilize additional resources. This question also raises questions as to whether the monies allocated could not have been allocated to increase teachers’ salaries or increase the salaries of the members of the Guyana Police force. It would be much easier to do so in terms of implementation and the cost of doing so would have been cheaper. The Chamber has always lobbied for the increase in teachers’ salaries.”

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Sunday March 30, 2014

African Revitalization Movement forum today for Bagotville Community Centre The Cuffy 250 Committee, in collaboration with La Retraite/Stanleytown Development Group, Bagotville Cultural Circle and Good Intent-Sisters African Revitalization Movement, will hold a forum on “The State of the African Guyanese Community” on Sunday March 30 from 2pm to 6pm at the Bagotville Community Centre, West Bank Demerara. The Cuffy 250 Committee is a new organization that is dedicated to encouraging socio-economic and cultural revitalization within the African Guyanese community and the fostering of ethnic and racial equality in Guyana. Under the theme “African Guyanese Revitalization: Restoring the African Guyanese communities as spaces of Education, Culture and Economic Vitality” the forum will focus on the State of Education, the rising incidence of violence and the need for economic renewal in the African Guyanese Community. Speakers will include Vincent Alexander, Carl Greenidge, Karen DeSouza, Eve Blackman, Jonothan Adams, David Hinds and Nigel Hughes. This forum is part of the broader work of the Cuffy 250 Committee, which over the last year has held similar forums in Georgetown, Dartmouth and Linden. Cuffy

250 believes that over the last two decades there has developed in the African Guyanese community an over-dependence on Government and so-called Non-Governmental Agencies as the only sources of empowerment and less emphasis on utilizing their own indigenous energies. Hence the main objective of the forum is to bring together African Guyanese in the West Demerara area in one place to begin an honest conversation on the deteriorating socio-economic and cultural condition of their communities and how they can start the process of revitalization. Cuffy 250 is made up of a group of Guyanese in the USA and Guyana who came together in 2013 to observe the 250th anniversary of the Berbice Revolt, led by Cuffy, against the slave system. They wanted to celebrate and draw inspiration from foreparents who resisted slavery. The group wanted people to remember that though enslaved against their will, they did not sit down and do nothing. They did not accept that they were born to be slaves. They resisted and fought back. But more than that, they wanted to draw attention to the deteriorating economic, political, social and cultural

1763 Monument

KAMLA BISSESSAR: A Caribbean leader of enviable integrity Last Wednesday Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla PersadBissessar fired Minister of the People and Social Development, Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh following his unruly and disrespectful behaviour towards a Caribbean Airlines flight attendant. Below are excerpts of her profound statement on the issue. “There must be no compromise on integrity, no allowance for arrogance, no room for violation of mutual respect; there will be no sacrifice of our values on the altar of political expediency. “Regardless of whether the decisions I take hurt me politically or not, I have the strength and courage and independence of mind to measure every tough decision on the basis of what

Prime Minister of T&T Kamla PersadBissessar day and lose the next. “I am reminded of Gandhi’s identification of one of seven social sins as being “politics without principle”. I have insisted from the moment we took office that

“There must be no compromise on integrity, no allowance for arrogance…no sacrifice of values on the altar of political expediency”

condition in the African Guyanese community today and to say to people that just

as their foreparents struggled to change their situation, they can do so today.

is right and just…Regardless of the consequences, I remain resolved to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. My decisions in the past demonstrate this consistency regardless of whether you are in my Cabinet or not. No one is exempt from the measure of value based leadership. “In the circumstances, I have advised the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency, Justice Anthony Carmona, to revoke the appointment of the Honourable Minister of the People, Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh. “All my considerations are character driven. I hold no brief for any man or woman save the greater public interest. I am always aware of the higher expectation upon which this Government was elected and the immense responsibility each of us has to uphold public trust in all we do every single day of our lives. It is not a responsibility we can choose to have one

every one of us must display a sound character of public integrity, fairness, humility, compassion and human dignity. “Further, no man nor woman has been allowed nor will be permitted to deviate from the very principles upon which my Government was elected by the people into office…I know there will be arguments put forward by some as to what was condoned in the past administration to allow for continuity but I disagree,” stated Persad-Bissessar. Ramadharsingh is the 11th minister fired under Kamla’s Administration. A 12th Minister, Jack Warner, left of his own volition amidst allegations of financial impropriety, following the Concacaf Ethics Committee report. The People’s Partnership Government has not yet completed four years in office. Out of the 11 people fired, four were axed in response to specific allegations.

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Book Review… Explosive book on race and incarceration reverberates beyond US resurfaced under political slogans, such as, “War on Drugs.” Or even more poignantly, “War on young black men.” Alexander goes further. She asserts that America’s mass incarceration of black males has created a new caste that has marginalised and shut them out of the political, economic and social system years after their release. But why the disproportionate percentage of incarcerated blacks when statistics confirm the prevalent use of drugs among whites? The answer is troubling! Her thesis is unyielding as she rails against “stop and frisk” police procedures that occur daily in poor neighbourhoods, although that practice violates the fourth amendment. She also questions the militarisation of police powers and tactics (a perversion of the Comitatus Act). Alexander is anecdotal at times, if only to cement her position. She describes a New York City SWAT

(Special Weapons and Tactics) team storming into fifty-seven-year-old Alberta Spruill’s apartment with flash bang grenades. No drugs or arrests, and no indictments; just a dead occupant from cardiac arrest. She further argues that due process under the law is perverted with mass plea bargains and the absence of “full blown trials of guilt or innocence.” The author cites a report from the popular weekly, Village Voice, on hearings by Manhattan Borough president C Virginia Fields on SWAT: “Dozens of black and Latino victims—nurses, secretaries, and former officers—packed her chambers airing tales, one more horrifying than the next…They describe police ransacking their homes, handcuffing children and grandparents, putting guns to their head and being verbally abusive.” We get the picture. But the author has to connect the dots and prove that a definitive agenda exists to corral and control young black men under the guise of law and order. More so, she has

Bridge is going to be at the centre of an incident that really has nothing to do with traffic. Some criminals would target the other side of the river, fully aware that their only way back home is across the bridge. Quick action by the police

will result in a roadblock, but the criminals will make a stop in a location where they believe that they will be safe until sunrise when they would use the speedboats. The problem is that the police know of this plan. ** The police will know that they have their work cut out for them largely because they see the rate of unemployment climbing inexorably. Sadly, whenever they make an arrest, the person would be so young that the arrest would be a disappointment.

Book: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander Dr Glenville Ashby, Reviewer Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, is an explosive historical and contemporary commentary on society, politics, and the judicial process that impact African Americans, particularly young black men. Alexander is an attorney who has offered a scholarly and thoroughly researched oeuvre that will serve as a sound pedagogical tool while rattling the foundation of US society. She does not labour on the aftermath of slavery and the dehumanization and terror of Jim Crow laws. That was decades ago — “down South,” as they say. Alexander is judicious in not making this a historical review. What she does, however, is chronicle a systematic assault of the legal system against black men. She argues that Jim Crow laws have been reconfigured and made more palatable; their racist underbelly subtly disguised. They have now

The local drug situation is becoming a serious thing. There is a lot of cocaine in Guyana waiting to be shipped to locations where the money rests, but so many things are in the way. For one, the busts are not helping and those who invest in cocaine are seeking to retaliate. In a very recent case the investors are blaming each other with serious consequences. I had spoken and warned about the killings and they are happening. More are on the way. ** The Demerara Harbour

to show that the overall aim is to derail blacks when they have begun to thrive socially and politically. It is a painstaking task, but Alexander is poised and compellingly convincing. She follows a damning trail that begins with slavery, meanders through Reconstruction, Jim Crow and Civil Rights periods, and up to the present era. And what we learn is disturbing. “Law and order” is really a racist code that has surfaced, then submerged, only to resurface, depending on racial and political sentiments. Society’s problems always seem to germinate with blacks. Alexander quotes the late senator, Robert Byrd: “If blacks conduct themselves in an orderly way, they will not have to worry about police brutality.” It is a toxic statement that many have embraced throughout history. Yes, one can be dismissive of Alexander’s thesis, and she predicts that much in her introduction. But the facts bear out her argument. Neither Democrat nor Republican is spared by Alexander’s pen. She questions the timing of Reagan’s War on Drugs policy, with a reference to the sudden proliferation of crack cocaine in black neighbourhoods in the 80s. Law and Order are the magic words today, as they were for the virulent KKK organisation, that, in 1990 announced its intention to “join the battle against illegal drugs,” by becoming the “eyes and ears of the police.”

Alexander, in timely fashion dons sociological lens, explaining intra-racial violence besetting inner cities. Poor education, deindustrialisation, rampant unemployment, she posits, are the causative factors behind this violence. Unfortunately, Alexander’s scholastic rigour may be insufficient to quell her detractors. Systemic racism has always fueled support for “get tough on crime” agendas while throwing effective political ideas and leadership out the window. And what of the

historic ascendance to the nation’s highest office by a black man? Alexander is hardly impressed. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Feedback: or follow him on Twitter@glenvilleashby The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander Publisher: The New Press, New York, 2010 ISBN: 978-1-59558-10 Available: Rating: Essential

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 30, 2014

DEADLY GUARDIANS - The killing of an orphan boy By Michael Jordan On the morning of Tuesday, December 17, 2002 residents of the Greater Georgetown area known as ‘Sophia Front’ made a horrifying find. Lying in a drain near the Liliendaal Railway Embankment was the body of teenage boy. The lad, of East Indian ancestry, was dressed in a blue, longsleeved shirt, green long pants, and a pair of badly torn desert boots. Police who examined the body observed black and blue welts and lacerations on the boy’s back. There were also bruises on his chest, a small hole near his left rib cage and a cut on his chin. A post mortem would reveal that he had died of trauma to the head. But who was this unknown child? Who had inflicted this brutal assault on him? How had his body ended up there? One resident recalled seeing a navy-blue pickup in the area at around midnight. This led residents to surmise that the victim was killed elsewhere and then dumped at Liliendaal. Days passed, and still the murdered child remained unidentified. Police issued a detailed description of the victim and his clothing, while appealing

FREED: Yusuf Rahaman (left) and Nazir Hamid

for information about his identity. But it would be a week before a breakthrough came. On Wednesday, December 25, 2002, a man, Khanai Bipat, saw a photograph of the murdered child in the Guyana

Chronicle. He immediately realised that the victim bore a disturbing resemblance to one of his nephews. A visit to the Newburg Funeral Parlour confirmed that the slain lad was indeed Bipat’s nephew; 14-year-old Raheem Abdool, who was living at the

Shaheed (Sad’r) Boys’ Orphanage in Kitty. From newspaper reports, the orphanage’s house mother, Bibi Nazz Hakim, claimed that Raheem was last seen asleep on the night of Monday, December 16. The officials allegedly realised that he had disappeared at 4:00 o’clock the next morning when prayers were being said. The house mother claimed that a search of the building revealed that all the doors were still bolted, but a window overlooking an exterior staircase was open. This suggested that the boy had slipped out via that route. Ms Hakim claimed that Raheem had never spent a night away from the orphanage, and that she had made a report to the Kitty Police Station after 24 hours had elapsed. But the teen’s relatives said that they had checked at the station, and were told that there was no record of such a report between December 16 and Christmas Day. What was also troubling to the victim’s relatives was that they were only told of the lad’s disappearance on December 22, when his grandmother visited the institution. But in January 2003, a significant development occurred that shocked the local Islamic community. Detectives arrested 37-yearold Nazir Hamid, the former acting CEO of the Boys Orphanage and Yusuf Rahaman, 26, called ‘Kenneth. Police suggested that

Raheem had been beaten to death while he was being questioned about the disappearance of a sum of money. On January 22, 2003, the duo appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on charges of murder. According to the charges leveled against the men, on December 16, 2002, at about 4.30 pm, they had accused Raheem Abdool of stealing a quantity of cash. Using a belt from a pair of pants and a canvas fan-belt they allegedly beat him in a spare parts store until he died. Attorneys Simone Bullen and Paula Gilford, who worked in the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) were appointed to represent the State, while the defendants hired Attorney Vic Puran to represent them. It was established that a case had been made out for the accused, and the matter was transferred to the High Court before Justice of Appeal Claudette Singh. During the High Court trial, housemother of the Shaheed Boys’ Orphanage, Bibi Nazz Hakim, testified that acting on instructions from murder accused Nazir Hamid, who was her boss at the time, she had lied to the police and claimed that Raheem Abdool had run away from the institution. According to the housemother, she had last seen the lad alive on December 16, 2002, when he and the other residents of the orphanage had their morning bath and later ate their breakfast. Ms. Hakim said Abdool and another resident, Ramo Duke, had left the institution that morning and had gone to K. Rahaman and Sons, a store located at Russell and Evans Streets, Charlestown. She said she had made telephone contact with Rahaman, the number two accused, after Abdool and Duke failed to arrive by 5:30 p.m. for prayers. According to the housemother, Rahaman told her that Abdool and Duke were packing some items. She stated that she had telephoned again at around 9pm., and Rahaman had again told her that the lads were packing items. But she alleged that an hour later, Hamid telephoned her and said “Aunty Bibi, Raheem run away from the store this morning.” She said Hamid also warned her not to say that the boy had run away from the store, but to

say instead that he had run away from the orphanage. Hamid, she said, had suggested that the personnel of the store would get into “big problem with child labour if the Welfare Department intervenes”. The housemother stated that on December 17, 2002, she told ranks at the Kitty Police Station that Raheem Abdool had run away from the orphanage. According to the witness, she never saw Abdool alive again, but Ramo Duke, the other boy who had left the orphanage in Abdool’s company, had returned at 5:30 pm on December 17. She claimed that Duke was subsequently removed from the orphanage by an attorney. Responding to questions from the defence, who now included Attorney Hukumchand, Hakim admitted that her statement to the police was entirely different to her High Court statement and the one she made during the preliminary inquiry. She told the court she had regretted lying after she had discovered that Abdool was dead and so had decided to tell the truth. But she was unable to explain why she had continued to lie to police in separate statements some 14 days after Abdool’s disappearance. In caution statements to the police, the defendants had claimed that they were victims of a ‘set-up’, which was triggered by a “power struggle” between the Anjuman faction of the Muslim community and the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG). Hamid, the number one accused, also alleged that the individuals had threatened to put him in trouble. During cross-examination by defence attorney Hukumchand, two police ranks acknowledged that they had not attempted to investigate the allegations that the defendants had made, in which they had named persons in high offices as being part of the alleged conspiracy against them.. Under cross-examination by Mr. Hukumchand, one rank said that although he took the statement in which the accused called the names of individuals who were allegedly waging a war of hate and factionalism against the Anjuman, he (the witness) did not carry out an (Continued on page 39)

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Who has Kamla’s files? Who has the PPP’s files?

The sacking of a Trinidadian Minister by his Prime Minister over his verbally threatening behaviour towards a flight attendant in the air has whetted the appetite of the Guyanese people. Then the Kaieteur News made the event a topic in almost every household in Guyana. KN informed Guyanese that the Trinidadian Prime Minister in less than four years of her tenure has removed eleven ministers, four of whom were for specific allegations made against them, the findings of which sealed their fate. How has the Trinidadian PM survived after dismissing so many of her Cabinet colleagues? The fundamental reason within the context of global politics is that she has no skeletons from which she could be blackmailed or threatened. In other words, no one has Kamla’s files because she has none. This is in stark contrast with Guyana since Mr. Jagdeo became President. This is where Cheddi Jagan was a priceless figure in the PPP. None of Jagan’s underlings had any file that could have been used against him. No one could have deterred

Jagan because of something one would have had on him. From 1999, state and society in Guyana became corrupt and criminalized and all of those in the corridors of power were consumed. What happened in the PPP, then, was that John the leader, couldn’t tell Mary, his deputy, that she will be fired. Mary would read the Riot Act to him because Mary had his files. And this pattern has permeated every level of the PPP leadership since 1999. Ministers after Ministers had secrets for each other. High state officials like security officers had secrets for many top leaders in the corridors of power. Henry Greene had to be made Commissioner and could not have been fired because he possessed many bizarre details that would have embarrassed the top dogs in the war room. For example, Greene took to his grave his book of tales about Roger Khan and who knew Khan and who Khan knew. One top dog publicly said he never met Khan, yet a Portuguese businessman saw Khan coming out of the Stateowned mansion. That businessman lives in Miami. Someone very close to the

late Fazil Ali, then President of the Rice Producers Association and who holds an important State job, told me that there is a house in Pradoville One that was built with corrupt money and that both husband and wife were more corrupt than the monsters in Greek mythology that eat people. Money was taken from OMAI (the gold company) by the husband, while the wife did her thing too, and the PPP leadership knows this. Here is where files come in. The wife in this Pradoville house resented her demotion and the husband s o u g h t to berate the champion. The champion simply said to the husband; “I have your wife’s files.” That was the end of the husband’s threats to the

champion. There are literally thousands of incidents like these inside the PPP; no one can end up like the eleven ministers Kamla removed because those who are going to do the firing have skeletons in their cupboards that are as gargantuan as dinosaurs’ skeletons. Should that happen, files would be strewn all over Guyana. Here are some skeletons. (1) Foreign bank accounts. Many of the top dogs know that their colleagues have foreign bank accounts. None of Kamla’s ministers can threaten her with exposure of corrupt money stashed outside of Trinidad because Kamla has none. (2) Wild nocturnal parties at the Pegasus, in the uncivilized hours where

young girls clubbed till daybreak, with many top dogs being entertained by Roger Khan. Oh yes, there can be no denial that the top dogs knew Roger Khan very well. (3) Robert Simels, Roger Khan’s lawyer, publicly revealed that when Khan was in Suriname he made 35 calls to a judge codenamed “The Oracle”. Who is “The Oracle?” The top dogs know who “The Oracle” is, so they have his files. “The Oracle” knows that the top dogs used to meet with Khan so he has his files of the top dogs. Of course, we in the media know who “The Oracle” is. I can tell you I am no admirer of “The Oracle.” Hope you can pick up the clue or read between the lines. (4) Corruption. This

Frederick Kissoon is the Mount Vesuvius in the corridors of power. But it will never erupt. You scratch my back; I scratch yours. Who is going to be fired in Kamla style? Who in the corridors of power dare damage the credibility of one of their colleagues through badmouthing when the skeletons are so large? No one will dare risk it. No Minister will ever be fired from the PPP Cabinet.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 30, 2014

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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My column

Has the government really done that for workers? When I was a young boy and bored in school, I would get together with some friends and we would throw up some riddles. And some of these riddles were difficult. When I became older there were still the riddles. One of them is ‘What goes up in Guyana, scarcely comes down, and when it does it is only temporarily?’ This one is relatively simple and all of us have noticed this thing going up and we followed it all the time. The answer is prices. Gas prices, because of Government intervention, do come down but only temporarily. In the marketplace some prices do come down, but only because of glut. Sometimes quality forces the price of certain items downward. But for the most part, once the price goes up it stays up. There were the minibus drivers who protested for increases in their fare because for them the gasoline price was high. There was the promise

that the price would come down once the price of gasoline goes down, but that is something for the birds. The fare never goes down. I have been around for a long time, from the days when rice was sold at eighty-eight cents per gallon, when a Banks Beer was twenty-four cents and when very senior public servants earned $120 per month. A house could have been bought for $2,000. Then inflation began to take its toll. The prices rose. Back in the late 1970s the prices for a house and a car were almost similar. Today the cost of a home has by far outstripped the cost of a car and it is showing no sign of coming down. I was running through the classified columns the other day and it was all I could do to avoid choking at the cost of a plot of land. Believe it or not, I saw a house lot in Eccles being sold for $14 million. Another piece at Providence was being sold for $60 million.

Taking the cake but by no means the highest price was a plot of Queenstown, Georgetown land for $120 million. There was another in the same ward for US$1.2 million. When I was an Information Officer, I remember saying to my boss, the late Richard Linton Younge, that one day I would be working for $1,000 a month. His retort? “Yes, but the price of a loaf of bread would be a dollar.” Today I pay much more than a dollar for a loaf of bread and I wonder at the high price I pay for so many other things. The truth is that I vaguely remember the prices going up. What I do remember is that whenever I got a pay rise, prices always seemed to increase much higher that the increase. Like so many other Guyanese, whenever we got a pay rise, we always planned to save the increase. We were naïve to believe that prices would remain where they were and the extra we were

being paid would just be more by way of disposable income. I remember the days when merchants hiked their prices every time public servants got a pay rise. And to show how cruel the world of business could be, just recall the time when in 1999 the Armstrong Commission ruled that public servants deserved a fifty per cent pay increase. No need to even consider the amount of extra money the public servants believed that they would have. Lo and behold, within two years that hefty pay increase had disappeared. Prices climbed and the price of my loaf of bread was among them. The days when a cent could have bought three sweets for a cent is like something out of a fairy tale. Twenty dollars, I think, may barely buy one. And I smile when I remember people making the decision to stop smoking when the price of a cigarette reached 10 cents. Today ten dollars can’t buy one, but I suppose that the army of

smokers has not declined. These memories come flooding back every time I hear that the government has moved the minimum wage from some low figure to where it is today. I hear the Finance Minister talking about the increase in old age pension from the level that the bad opposition, when it governed, kept the people. I remember that when Dr Cheddi Jagan came to power in 1992, he removed the then head of the Guyana Electricity Corporation who was earning $140,000 per month because that man was earning a super salary. A few years later I remember asking President Bharrat Jagdeo about what constitutes a super salary. We also spoke about the claim that people are earning so much more because the government is caring. He said that there is no doubt that people are better off. More of them are home owners, something that they could only dream of in earlier days. More people own cars

Adam Harris and more people wear shoes. I do not doubt those facts, but I also see the disappearance of the extended family because people claim that they cannot support relatives anymore. Just recently two newspapers ran features about people abandoning relatives in the hospital. Are people being paid that much better than they ever were under the previous government? I know that they spend much more and I also know that so many more people owe the banks.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 30, 2014

An unfair Budget to the workers The presentation of the 2014 National Budget saw the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh speaking for almost three hours, but it would have been better if he had saved the Members of Parliament in the House their valuable time, since all he did was play musical chairs with the numbers with minimal impact on those who need the greatest support. After the reading of Budget 2014, thousands more at the bottom of the economic ladder still continue to carry the bulk of the tax burden so that those closest to the Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal can pay less. The working class continues to be burdened with a too high personal income tax, a too high Value Added Tax, and to pay the bulk of the tax burden for the Fuel Tax through the too high transportation cost.

Yes, in 2013 the Minister reduced personal income tax from 33 1/3 percent to 30 percent, but did the taxi driver from Charlestown who works for $50,000 a month benefit? Certainly not. Yes, in 2014 the Minister allocates the sum of $500 million to clean up Georgetown, but will the cash crop farmer in Black Bush Polder who is paying VAT of 16 percent feel any benefit? Certainly not. But the PPP friends who will win all the clean-up contracts will be happy all the way to the bank. Ye s , i n 2 0 1 4 t h e Minister provides a cash grant of $10,000 per year to the mother in Den Amstel who has her children in the public schools, but that works out to $27 a day; it cannot even buy “sweetie” for that child much less cover one side bus passage. But this same PPP Government continues to

burden that same mother with light bills from GPL that have increased on average of over $95 per day over the same year. This is the PPP policy of “giving with one hand and take far more away with another”. More than 55% of the tax burden in 2014 continues to be carried by the workers of Guyana so that the PPP friends can avoid the tax system. In 2011, some $36 billion was avoided as a result of delicious duty-free concession and tax exemptions. The situation was so overbearing for the Commissioner-General of the GRA that he was forced to make the following statement: “It is barefaced what some of these businesses are doing…thinking that they are untouchable. Some are masquerading as charities but they are culprits and

criminals.” So the Minister’s theme of “A better Guyana for all Guyanese” is just another PPP hoax on their highway to nowhere. The AFC will totally ignore this tirade from the Minister and will instead focus on telling the nation our plans for Guyana. The AFC owes the Guyanese people an alternative plan and will over the course of the budget debate, present its priorities as an alternative Government. The party will remain hopeful that good sense will prevail and the Minister will explore these ideas and amend Budget 2014 accordingly, so that a plan to raise the standard of living of Guyanese from all walks of life could be developed. THE AFC’S VISION FOR BUDGET 2014 The AFC stands guided by the words of wisdom left

with us by the late Sheila Holder when she said: “As we look around Guyana, we see the social fabric of our society collapsing, families becoming dysfunctional, women being bought, sold and violently beaten, our young men abandoning their education and taking to crime, alcoholism and drugs as their mothers and fathers are forced to flee Guyana in search of jobs and a livable wage elsewhere.” Our vision is to change this reality for the Guyanese people. If the AFC was in power, we, its members, would have given ourselves ten years to transform the economy since we firmly believe that the rising tide should lift all boats, not only those boats that belong to the friends and families of the PPP leaders. Our 2014 Budget would have focused on private

wealth creation for all through a strategy of transforming the traditional sectors using industrialization while simultaneously providing the education and training needed to develop a workforce that would take Guyana forward. The AFC is a firm believer in the ability of the private sector to rapidly exploit and expand emerging and new sectors and we would have empowered them accordingly, regardless of their political affiliation, since we do not see a person as a PPP or an AFC, but as a Guyanese with equal rights to the patrimony of the State. We believe that such a strategy will create the better paying jobs to provide a sure path out of the current hopelessness that exists in the land. In our next column we will go into details of an AFC national budget.

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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SUNDAY SPECIAL FORMER JAMAICAN ANTI-CORRUPTION BOSS URGES REGION… APPOINT SPECIAL MINISTER, BAN POORLY PERFORMING CONTRACTORS Former Contractor General of Jamaica, Greg Christie, has urged the region to take tough measures against corruption. These measures should include banning of firms which consistently fail to perform. Christie, a toughtalking regulator, was making a presentation at the University College of the Cayman Islands’ 2014 International Conference on Friday (March 21), according to a story published last week in the Jamaica Gleaner. Speaking on the topic ‘Toward a Corruption-free Caribbean: Values, Ethics and Morality’, Christie drew on Jamaica’s anti-corruption model with reflections and lessons for the region derived from his role as Contractor General. He noted that despite having what many have come to regard as one of the most robust anti-corruption architectures in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Jamaica is generally ranked as the most corrupt country within the region, second only to Guyana. He recommended the implementation of a national and regional system for certification, de-certification, debarment and crossdebarment of Government contractors who engage in fraudulent practices or who consistently fail to perform their contracts to required standards. Christie is also suggesting that the Jamaican and regional governments require the public filing and disclosure of assets, income and liabilities for all Parliamentarians, politicians and critical-level public officials. GTUC CALLS FOR PARLIAMENT TO REIGN OVER STATE MEDIA OPERATIONS Recent reports regarding a fake poll in relation to former President Bharrat Jagdeo, that appeared in the Guyana Times then the Guyana Chronicle, confirms the disservice being done to society by those misusing the fourth estate (media) in the façade for power grabbing. This is according to the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), which last week Saturday registered its concern about the level of misrepresentation and implications the fake poll has for distorting public perception of understanding.

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud

The GTUC said that it noted the President (Ramotar)’s haste to act on the matter and called on him to address the management of the State-owned media, not only for self-serving reasons but for the national good. “The haste to address acts to preserve self-interest is contrary to action for the national good which the President can be very slothful about…This rapid reaction sends a signal that weren’t there negative reference to/ implication for him, or his position personally threatened, this abuse of the state media would have been ignored.”

lives were the overriding factors that caused the no show of witnesses in both cases. Felix, who is a Parliamentarian for the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) told Kaieteur News that although “witness protection” is tedious, the reward is great. Felix explained that if a witness is “threatened,” even though summoned, the person may avoid the “right thing” instead of putting their life in danger. He said this is where the state would come in, especially in high profile cases and offer witness protection. However he questioned whether there is capacity and moreso the “will” by the police to do it in certain high profile cases.

that last year Government gave pensioners $20,000 a year, meant to assist them to pay their electricity bills. This will be increased to $30,000. He also announced that in an effort to give additional support to parents of school aged children, “Government will provide a cash grant to the parents of every child attending nursery, primary or secondary school in the public education system in the amount of $10,000 per child for the year 2014.” Dr. Singh also announced a countrywide clean-up campaign to the tune of $1B, of which $500M will be used to clean up Georgetown. He said that there can be no doubt that Georgetown has a serious sanitation problem that can no longer be ignored.

MONDAY EDITION POLICE SHOULD PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR WITNESSES – FORMER TOP COP If the Guyana Police Force wants to improve its prosecution rate, especially in high profile matters, they should start actively developing better witness protection methods, says former Top Cop, Winston Felix. This comment from Felix comes after two high profile matters were discharged by the courts just months apart. Club cricketer Carlyle Barton, who was charged with the fatal shooting of his friend Shawn Nelson, on May 27 last year at Orange Walk, Bourda, was let go after various witnesses didn’t show up for the Preliminary Inquiry. The entire shooting was captured on surveillance camera from a nearby store. Last week, another Preliminary Inquiry fell through after two pertinent witnesses failed to come to court in the Rondy Jagdeo case. Jagdeo was accused of killing his friend Kirk Davis last year at Eccles, East Bank Demerara. It is widely believed that threats to their

TUESDAY EDITION GUYANA GETS $220B BUDGET A $6B bailout for the ailing Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), a $3.7B bailout for the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) and a $625 increase for Old Age Pensioners are among the features of the $220B Budget announced Monday by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh. Under the theme, ‘A better Guyana for all Guyanese’ the Minister spoke for nearly three hours, detailing the largest budget ever, which comes on the heels of the eighth year of economic growth. Dr. Singh, in his presentation, said that the budget is fully financed with no new taxes. Among the measures for the populace, specifically pensioners, there is a five percent increase. Old age pensioners will now be receiving $13,125 per month. He also included among the measures for old age pensioners an increase in the electricity assistance programme. The Minister reminded

BRAZILIAN CONSORTIUM TO FINANCE GUYANA’S HYDROPOWER SURVEY - PREFEASIBILITY STUDY TO BEGIN IN APRIL A Brazilian consortium will be undertaking a prefeasibility study to determine the potential of hydropower in the Upper and Middle Mazaruni. The US$45M study will begin in April and will be of one year duration. Following will be a feasibility study to be conducted for another oneyear period. The consortium, comprising two engineering companies, OAS and Quieroz Galvao, will also be financing the construction of the hydropower facilities via a loan from the Brazilian Development Bank. As such, Guyana would not be indebted to a financial institution, but has to allow the consortium to supply Brazil with power. Guyana will benefit from electricity and will receive royalty from the company.

These announcements came during a Prime Ministerial press conference at the National CommunicationNetwork’s studio, on Monday. Among those present with the Prime Minister were Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett; Amerindian Affairs Minister; Pauline Sukhai; Director General in the Foreign Service Ministry, Ambassador Elisabeth Harper; and Director of the Brazilian consortium, Rodrigo D’Olivieira. Providing a background to the project, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said that in 2009 at the commissioning ceremony of the Takutu Bridge, both countries saw hydropower as an important part of the agenda. President Ignacio Lula Da Silva had said that Brazilian companies were willing to finance the construction of hydropower stations in Guyana. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was later signed between Guyana and Electro Braz, the agency to look at the Mazaruni/Potaro Basin, she said. WEDNESDAY EDITION LOGGER BLASTED TO DEATH WITH UNLICENCED SHOTGUN A logging concession owner died on Monday night after accidentally shooting himself below the chin with an unlicenced 12-gauge shotgun at Oku Backdam, Cuyuni/Mazaruni. Police identified the victim as Eldon Gaime, of Pomona, Essequibo Coast. According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, Gaime, who is in his thirties, was preparing to go hunting at around 21.00 hrs on Monday when he got into an argument with one of his workers. A source said that the man struck Gaime with a stone and another worker was forced to intervene. Kaieteur News understands that Gaime then clambered onto a tractor with the unlicenced shotgun clutched between his legs and with the barrel pointing upwards. Sources said that it was then that he accidentally discharged the firearm. He was reportedly blasted at close range below the chin and died instantaneously. Police ranks carried the body to Bartica and took statements from three of the dead man’s employees. Gaime reportedly only bought the concession about eight weeks ago and had employed several close friends from his community. MINISTER ROHEE MOVES TO DECENTRALISE SALE OFAMMO …TO BENEFIT INTERIOR

LICENCED FIREARM HOLDERS Efforts are being put in place to make it easier for licenced firearms holders in the interior to access ammunition from the authorised establishment. This assurance was given by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee in response to a question from Alliance For Change (AFC) Parliamentarian June Marcello. The query by the opposition Member of Parliament to the Home Affairs Minister comes at a time when the opposition is maintaining its no confidence stance on Rohee. In August 2012, the opposition, which has a majority in the National Assembly had passed a motion of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. A week later, Opposition Leader David Granger said that the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) would withhold all support from the Minister as it sought to pressure him into resigning. THURSDAY EDITION SHOWDOWN EXPECTED OVER NCN’S $81M, GINA $139M SUBSIDIES - MILLIONS MORE BUDGETED FOR FIU, NIS Despite threats from the Opposition over subsidies to the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN), the administration has again allocated millions of dollars in the 2014 National Budget for that entity. NCN, a semi-autonomous agency, falls under the Office of the President. It is set to receive an $81.7M subvention. The complaints against NCN and the Government Information Agency (GINA) have been growing in recent years. The Opposition parties, especially, have been complaining that GINA was heavily biased in its coverage. In the case of NCN, private television stations have been criticizing the fact that the entity has been allowed over time to compete with them by attracting advertisements, yet the entity receives financial assistance from Government. GINA has been earmarked to receive $140M for its operations this year. Already, the Opposition has warned that like the previous two years, it will be looking to amend the budget of both NCN and GINA. The National Assembly, following the 2011 General and Regional Elections which handed the ruling party its (Continued on page 37)

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Deborah Backer, 14th April 1959 - 21st March 2014 Deborah Jan OsmanBacker, Attorney-at-Law, former Deputy Speaker and Member of the National Assembly, died on Friday 21st March 2014, aged 54. Deborah Backer, most likely, came the closest to being appointed the first woman Senior Counsel and the first woman Speaker of the National Assembly. She graduated from the University of the West Indies and Hugh Wooding Law

School in 1983 along with Justice Carl Singh, the current Chancellor of the Judiciary, and others. She accumulated enormous experience as an attorney-at-law for over 30 years, not as a moneygrubber but doing much, quiet ‘pro-bono’ work for vulnerable women and children and victims of injustice. Deborah Backer, a woman of slight stature, might have seemed to be a physical

‘Bantamweight’ but, in reality, she punched in the legal ‘Welterweight’ class. She, along with Justice Desiree Bernard who was then a Puisne Judge and other female attorneys-at-law – Sheila Chapman, Elvy Edwards, Carole JamesBoston, Pearlene Roach, Birnie Stephenson and Josephine Whitehead – founded the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers in April 1987. Its

mission then was to provide legal advice and assistance to women in the society and promote women’s rights and issues, especially as they pertain to property rights and violence against women. She was also a founding member of the board of directors of the Linden Legal Aid Centre which was established in April 2009 to support abused and exploited children in that town. The Centre aimed at providing

legal representation and assistance to women and children who were victims of domestic and sexual violence. It provided legal advice and representation in civil matters and in criminal cases where adequate legal representation would make a material difference to the prospect of an accused person receiving a fair trial. Her attendance on Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Mediator Skills Training courses introduced her to the practice of alternative dispute resolution, modified the adversarial approach to advocacy and successfully shifted numerous cases from fierce litigation in the courtroom to measured mediation. She came to be recognized as one of the most successful mediators in the country. Deborah Backer, the third daughter of Sheik Mohamed Osman from Albouystown and his wife Barbara, née Owen – from Kingston – sensed the significance of miscegenation and socialisation in colonial Georgetown’s geography. The two wards, located at opposite ends of the city, were regarded at the time of her birth, as the domiciles of different classes. She was also [in the inelegant Jamaican creole expression] her mother’s ‘wash-belly’ – the last child who was usually the object of special maternal affection. She saw these circumstances of her birth and upbringing as assets which gave her the best of all worlds. She saw fusion where others might see confusion. She was very comfortable in her skin. Backer’s life was steeped in the values of her mother’s family which was well established over a century and a quarter ago. She was the great grandchild of William Owen, a schoolmaster. She was the grandchild of the John Edward Owen from Stewartville Village in West Coast Demerara who himself was headteacher of St Stephen’s Scots School, county inspector of schools and an ordained elder of the Scots Church. Deborah Backer’s values rested on the secure foundation of the home, school and church. Her closest relatives worked mainly in the public service, regarded as a respectable but not rich vocation. The Bishops’ High School (BHS) was considered the best girls’ school of the day. Her septennium at BHS – which her mother and sisters attended before and where her own children

Deborah Backer would follow afterwards – and her worship at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk were like a family affair, mere facets of one world view. Backer’s weltanschauung, therefore, was influenced by these conditions and circumstances – her family lineage; her residence in Kingston; her attendance at the Bishops’ High School and her worship in the Presbyterian Church. These were the verities and values she took into her personal life. She evinced a similar outlook in her professional and public life. Her leadership in the Guyana Society for the Blind, the International Association of Lions Clubs, were expressions of the value she placed on humanity. Deborah Backer’s political service was not coloured by any conventional dogma or ideological doctrine. It was a continuation of her culture by other means. She entered politics as a member of the People’s National Congress and became a councillor in the Georgetown City Council after winning a seat in the 1994 municipal elections. She entered national politics and became a member of the National Assembly after winning a seat in the 1997 general and regional elections. She remained a member through the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Parliaments until her resignation in February 2014. An articulate debater, she served on several parliamentary committees and was elected Deputy Speaker in January 2012. Her sponsorship of the Married Persons’ (Property) (Amendment) Bill and motions on Interpersonal Violence and Law Reform in the National Assembly are more evidence of her humane outlook on life. Deborah Jan OsmanBacker was married to Stephen Backer and the union bore two children, Nigel and Natasha. She died on Friday 21st March 2014 after a long illness. Her husband and children survive her.

Sunday March 30, 2014

From page 27 first Parliamentary defeat in nearly two decades, has been grappling with the Opposition holding the majority. The Opposition in 2012 immediately reduced billions of dollars from the budget saying it was not satisfied with how the monies for a number of key infrastructural projects would be spent. Last year, the cuts continued. Government restored the budget to both entities after a controversial court decision which said that the National Assembly does not have the right to make cuts. This year, as is normal, a number of other organizations and offices are set to receive subsidies from Office of the President, which in overall amounts to $847.5M. Elderly woman strangled in North Ruimveldt home The quiet community of North Ruimveldt was rocked Wednesday by the early morning murder of a 75-yearold woman, who was found strangled in her Lot 3630 Christiani Street, North Ruimveldt home. Joyce Lewis, who lived alone, was found partially nude and bound in the bedroom of her two-storey house around 08.30 hrs, by a relative who ventured into the residence after the woman repeatedly failed to answer either her cellular or landline phone. Her brother who had developed a habit of calling his sister every morning, around 06:00 hours, found that this particular morning she was not answering the telephone. This newspaper understands that the brother kept calling Wednesday but got no answer. Sensing that something was wrong, the brother contacted a niece who lives on West Demerara. The niece called another cousin who lived near to Ms. Lewis and asked her to check on her aunt. The relative then sent her son, Shane Willis, to investigate. A still dazed-looking Willis told Kaieteur News that when he arrived at the house he saw the woman’s elderly sister at the fence. She told him to jump over since she was unable to do so, he said. Willis said that he scaled the fence and quickly knew that something was amiss when he saw what appeared to be a large knife wrapped in a piece of cloth near the bottom flat door, which was ajar. On entering the house, he observed that the building was ransacked and he quickly retreated. Residents contacted ranks from the North Ruimveldt Police

Kaieteur News

Outpost, which is located in the same street. The police ventured into the upper flat and made the gruesome find. Police said that marks on the victim’s neck suggested that she was strangled. Her underwear was partially removed. The premises were ransacked, indicating that robbery was the primary motive. FRIDAY EDITION YOUNG MOM KILLS TWO CHILDREN WITH POISON Tragedy struck the community of Perth, Mahaicony, shortly after 17.00hrs Thursday when a 21year-old mother took the lives of her two children by feeding them a poisonous substance. Jabari Cadogan, 16 months, died at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, while his sister, four-year-old Odacia Gordon, succumbed some hours later at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), despite the best efforts of staffers to save her. The mother, identified as Awena Rutherford, 21, is also believed to have ingested the same poison. She remained a patient at the GPHC. Relatives said that Rutherford had given the children the deadly rodenticide known locally as ‘carbon tablets’, after telling them that she had “a surprise” for them. Kaieteur News understands that the young mother had bought the rodenticide earlier in the day, in the vicinity of the Plaisance car park. Rutherford’s reputed husband, who lives overseas, reportedly called his mother earlier in the day and had asked her to keep the children at her Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara residence. Sometime in the afternoon, Rutherford reportedly went to Plaisance to collect the children. There was reportedly no indication that anything was amiss, so the aunt handed the children to their mother. Rutherford then took the children to her Perth, Mahaicony home, after saying “she had a surprise for them”. On arriving at Mahaicony, she allegedly broke one of the ‘tablets’ and gave half each to the children, while she reportedly swallowed two of the ‘tablets’. Someone later informed the aunt that Rutherford had poisoned the children and that they were at Mahaicony Cottage Hospital. By the time that relatives arrived, little Jabari Cadogan was already dead, and arrangements were being made to transport his sister and mother to the GPHC. GuySuCo’s $6B injection

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to target agri, mechanical harvesting A major part of the $6B in financial provision by Government to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), as announced in the National Budget, will go towards improving field agriculture and prepare the industry for more mechanised harvesting. President Donald Ramotar, who made the disclosure Thursday during a press conference, also said that the administration is pushing for more land to be distributed to private farmers as a shortage of labour continues to affect production. Over the past few years, Government has been plugging billions into the industry in the face of falling production. Last year, GuySuCo dropped to a 23year low of just less than 190,000 tonnes, from an initial

reaping, planting and land preparations, with millions of dollars more to be invested in changing the layout of the land to accommodate mechanical harvesters.

annual target of 260,000 tonnes.The National Assembly last year approved $1B, but not before the Opposition warned that the industry should pull itself out of the hole into which it was sinking. With calls for a major shakeup in the industry and even new direction of ethanol production, Government has been under pressure to provide solutions to the problems facing what was Guyana’s biggest foreign exchange earner at one time. According to the President, himself a former Director on GuySuCo’s Board of Directors, the $6B injection will help to provide critical capital to help modernisation. Changes in the weather pattern has been playing havoc at the estates, reducing the opportunity for real operations to take place. GuySuCo, Ramotar said, will be increasing its focus on

News understands that his condition had worsened on Thursday. It is unclear why the badly burned suspect was initially kept for some four days in the Port Kaituma Hospital, which lacks the facilities to treat patients with such injures. During the days spent at the GPHC, La Cruz, who was under police guard, refused to speak to persons including the nurses who were taking care of him.

SATURDAY EDITION PORT KAITUMA KILLER SUCCUMBS …14 DAYS AFTER BURNINGWIFE AND FOUR CHILDREN TO DEATH Lenus La Cruz, the father who torched his Port Kaituma house with his wife and four children inside, has succumbed to injuries he sustained while committing the crime. The 50-year-old businessman, who suffered burns to his hands, legs and back, died at around 03:20 hrs yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s Burns Care Unit. Kaieteur

GUYANESE BID FAREWELLTO DEBORAH BACKER Hundreds of Guyanese gathered at St. Andrews Kirk on Friday to pay their final respects to former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Deborah Jan Backer. Backer died on March 21. She was 54.

The body of the Parliamentarian lay in state on the lawns of Parliament building before being taken to the church across the road for the funeral service. President Donald Ramotar, First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar and members of the Cabinet, were among the mourners as the body lay in the Parliament building compound. And scores filed past to get a final glimpse of the woman who served as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. Among the other prominent persons paying heartfelt tribute to Mrs. Backer were Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman; Opposition Leader, Brig David Granger; members of the Lions Club of Georgetown, the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and the Guyana Bar Association.

Backer served as a member of several important organizations. Through her involvement with the PNC, she served as a councilor in Georgetown city council. She entered the National Assembly in 1997 and served until she tendered her resignation in February 2014; she was the Deputy Speaker, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Sectorial Committees and was also the main opposition spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Public Safety and National Security. A lawyer by profession, Backer obtained her Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago after receiving a Bachelor of Laws at the University of the West Indies in 1981. Many expressed gratitude for her life and service to the country as they bade farewell

yesterday. Backer who leaves to mourn a husband and two children, was laid to rest at Le Repentir Cemetery. POLICE FORCE BIDS FAREWELLTO COMMISSIONER LEROY BRUMELL -URGES SUCCESSOR TO LISTEN TO RANKS, REGAIN THE PUBLIC’S TRUST With just three days left in office, Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell was on Friday honoured with an official passing out parade and urged that new Top Cop Seelall Persaud, uphold the noble profession, listen to his ranks and help regain the public’s trust. Commissioner Brumell made the comment as he made his last public speech as Top Cop, at the Eve Leary Sports ground. The event was attended by Head of State, President Donald Ramotar, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, Army Chief Brigadier Mark Phillips and US Ambassador D Brent Hardt among hundreds of supporters and well wishers. Prior to his well-received presentation, Brumell arrived at the police sports ground with his family to a resounding applause. He received the special salute before inspecting the hundreds of police across the various divisions and departments. In his presentation, Brumell urged that ranks must strive to regain the trust of the same people they promised to protect and serve, law-abiding citizens. The commissioner asserted that no longer, are officers respected, trusted, or wear the uniform with pride. “We have to strive to restore the image of the force” Brumell said as he addressed the gathering. Brumell described his tenure as Commissioner as a true honour. He said that the job came with gaining new friendships and also losing some too. Brumell said that persons who come to the police force must return to the founding principles. He alluded to the fact that the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team will be the new breed to maintain law and order in society and was urged to be the shining example while trying to regain trust. Meanwhile he advised the incoming Commissioner, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, to listen to the needs of his ranks and do all in his power to meet those in need. He also urged that ranks should give him full support as he takes up the mantle.

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Exercise and Diabetes By Dr. Kumar Sukhraj, BSC, MBBS Lifestyle change (Diet and Exercise) is the foundation of any successful management plan for diabetes. In this article, emphasis is being placed on Exercise. Exercise plays a very important role in managing diabetes. Once a diabetic combines exercise, diet and medicine (when prescribed) they are on their way to take control of their weight and blood sugar level. This will improve the quality of life and prevent complications of diabetes. Exercise helps control diabetes by: · Improving your body’s use of insulin · Burning and reducing excess body fat, helping to decrease and control weight (decreased body fat results in improved insulin sensitivity) · Improving muscle strength · Increasing bone density and strength · Lowering blood pressure · Helping to protect against heart and blood vessel disease by lowering ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and

increasing ‘good’ HDL cholesterol · Improving blood circulation and reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke · Increasing energy level and enhancing work capacity · Reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and releasing tension and anxiety Exercise tips · Aerobics, dancing, brisk walking, riding and swimming are some good choices for people with Diabetes. The chosen activity should be safe, enjoyable, repetitive, challenging and regularly done (4-5 times per week). Safe equipment and clothing are essential, and in many cases, certain medical checks will be needed before starting an exercise regime. · To reduce the risk of hypoglycemia if you have diabetes, follow a regular routine of exercising, eating your meals, and taking your medicines at the same time each day. · Prolonged or strenuous exercise can cause your body to produce adrenaline and other hormones that can counteract the effects of insulin and cause your blood sugar to rise. If you are

participating in strenuous exercise (exercising at your maximum capacity) or prolonged exercise (lasting for several hours or more), your insulin and/or oral diabetic medicine or your calories may need to be changed. Talk to your health care provider about how to adjust your medicine. · Exercise with someone who knows you have diabetes and knows what to do if you have a low bloodsugar reaction. · Wear a medical identification tag or carry an identification card that states you have diabetes. · Check your sugars before, during and after exercise and always carry a small carbohydrate snack such as a fruit or fruit drink since low blood sugars can occur. · Depending on the time of exercise, reducing your dose of either long-acting insulin or short-acting insulin may be necessary. Your doctor can recommend how to make this adjustment. It is important to get started. Exercise is safe and highly recommended for most people with diabetes,

including those with complications. Patients sometimes get intimidated (feel pressured) when they are told that they need to exercise. Please do not worry. Exercise is not costly and does not require you to spend any money in excess. Just a little determination and guidance and you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to send an email to kumarsukhraj or call 6228032 for further enquiry and discussion on the topic. Patient education plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of diabetes and any other illness. Please look forward for a continuation of the discussion on health issues in the next publication.

DEADLY GUARDIANS From page 22 investigation to ascertain whether the allegation was true or false. One of the policemen also said that he did not recommend to his superiors that the allegations should be investigated, and, as a consequence, he could not tell whether or not the accused was speaking the truth. The state’s case had

collapsed. FREED On Wednesday, August 4, 2004, a jury took just an hour to find the two accused not guilty of murdering Raheem Abdool. “I wish you all the best in your future life...go in peace,” Justice of Appeal Claudette Singh said, while also telling Hamid and Rahman to thank their God.

But the reputation of the orphanage had been badly damaged. An investigation by the Human Services Ministry allegedly uncovered several instances of child labour and child abuse at the institution. It was alleged by the Ministry that children in the orphanage were being abused and used for labour outside the institution. MISSING KEY WITNESS But what of Ramo Duke, the lad who had reportedly accompanied Raheem Abdool on that fateful day of December 16, 2002? Kaieteur News has confirmed that after Raheem’s murder, Ramo Duke was subsequently interviewed by an attorney, on behalf of Legal Aid. In the presence of that attorney, Duke alleged that he was present when Raheem was slain. In a statement, also made to police, the boy claimed that he was forced to hold Raheem down while the victim was viciously beaten. “He told me that he (Raheem) was beaten with a chain…they (the assailants) made him (Duke) hold him (Raheem) down,” the attorney told me. In his statement, the lad claimed that when the dying boy had pleaded for water, his

attackers made him drink water that was dripping from an air condition unit. According to the attorney, the ‘eyewitness’ was subsequently taken to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Kaieteur News was told that the teen was later placed on a plane, reportedly to be placed in safe keeping. But Ramo Duke never testified, and his whereabouts are unknown. To this day, the attorney worries about his possible fate. “He was the only witness to say that he saw (the murder); the other evidence (for the prosecution) was hearsay,” the attorney said. “I really need someone to inquire as to what happened to this child…” If you have any information about this or any other unusual case, please contact Kaieteur News at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown location. We can be reached on telephone numbers 2258458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or 225-8473. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email address: mjdragon@

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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KALDOR BUDGET AND BLACK FRIDAY FEBRUARY 16, 1962 Mr. Forbes Burnham dealt with the harsh tax measures introduced by what was known as the Kaldor Budget and ended his speech by working on the emotions of his audience in the manner of Mark Anthony. “Comrades,” he exclaimed, “the fight starts now. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon there is a demonstration organized by the Trade Union Congress, a demonstration against the harsh proposals of the budget, which make life unbearable. “No doubt the Riot Squad will be there. Do you still want to go? Comrades, remember that tomorrow Jagan’s army is coming down from Cane Grove and Windsor Forest. Do you still want to go? (Wynn Parry Commission).” Thus started a series of events on February 12, 1962 that led to the burning and looting of several businesses in Georgetown on what is now described as Black Friday February 16, 1962. This past week the Budget was presented and already the Opposition and the Government are having a “war of words” over what the Opposition Leader David Granger described as a “maintenance budget”. This response by the Opposition Leader could be considered very civil when compared to the actions of the holder of that office 52 years ago. In 1961 the PPP had won its third electoral victory. The country was just granted “self government”, but this was the period of the Cold War and Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the PPP Premier, was already labeled a Marxist by the West. They felt that he would have created another Cuba in the Caribbean. So in the run up to the

1962 budget, public servants were calling for an increase in wages, (they did not get any increases in the preceding years). The government agreed to increase the salaries, but realized that there would be a shortfall in their budget to cover increased wages as well as capital projects. Dr. Jagan made an appeal to several western Governments for loans and other aids. Because of his “suspected communist leanings” western governments were reluctant to assist him. In desperation he asked the United Kingdom Government for assistance to prepare the 1962 Budget. Enter Economist Mr. Kaldor. “At Dr. Jagan’s invitation, Mr. Kaldor, a well known economist of considerable experience who had served on the United Kingdom Tax Commission and had advised the Governments of India, Ceylon, Mexico and Ghana, was invited to consider the problem and suggest ways and means of raising additional revenue. “The budget for 1962 was prepared upon the basis of his recommendations on January 31, 1962”. The budget certainly had no communist or Marxist leanings; in fact it was praised by the New York Times and The London Times. The Opposition in Parliament at the time comprised the PNC lead by Forbes Burnham and the smaller United Force led by Peter D’Aguiar who represented the business class. The budget was described as “being laid to strengthen our economic position and raise living standards by accelerating the rate of economic growth

through our own efforts”. The Finance Minister Dr. Charles Ramkissoon Jacobs drew attention to the fact that the prevailing tax structure was biased in favor of the richer and propertied classes. He, accordingly, proposed some new taxes, the burden of which was to fall on the higher income groups only. He proposed a capital gains tax, an annual tax on property and a tax on gifts. In addition to these, he proposed certain measures for preventing the evasion and avoidance of taxes. He also proposed a new mode of assessing the minimum measure of income tax in respect of commercial transactions. He proposed that the minimum income of a businessman should be deemed to be two per cent of his annual turnover irrespective of whether his business had shown a profit or a loss, but wherever there was a loss it was to be set off against profits in the subsequent years. It will be seen, at once, that this measure was aimed at dishonest businessmen who reported a loss year after year although their business continued to flourish. In order to increase the flow of resources for development purposes, a scheme of compulsory savings was also to be introduced. This scheme contemplated a deduction at source equivalent to a contribution of five per cent of wage and salary income in excess of $100 a month and 10 per cent of other income in lieu of Government bonds redeemable after a period of seven years. The Minister of Finance therefore proposed an increase in the import duty on certain goods which he considered were not

necessities of life, e.g., alcoholic drinks, tobacco, concentrates for non alcoholic drinks, tea, motor spirit, perfumes, cosmetics, the more expensive dress fabrics, footwear, glassware, chinaware, jewellery, radios, refrigerators and motor cars. He also proposed some increases on certain types of food for which adequate substitutes were available in the country. There was also an increase in the excise duties on rum and other spirits, and on beer. “ As soon as the Budget was tabled the attempt to bring down the government started on three fronts, the media led by the Chronicle with Kit Nascimento at the helm and the Argosy influenced by D’Aguiar. They ran incendiary headlines making it sound as if the budget is an attack on the poor instead of the rich. The political front was even more vicious. D’Aguiar’s policy was clear “oppose, expose and depose”. The Trade Union Council incited workers to strike while the PNC led by Burnham led mobs around Georgetown. The Wynn Parry Commission, in describing Burnham, said, “The real motivating force behind Mr. Burnham’s assault was a desire to assert him in public life and establish a more important and more rewarding position for him by bringing about Dr. Jagan’s downfall.” The incitement of the mobs by the opposition leaders, trade union, as well as the business class, culminated on Black Friday,

February 16, 1962. The riotous mobs attacked the Electricity Plant, the Water Works, Parliament as well as Premier Jagan’s residence as well as the business that supported the budget. At the end of Black Friday 56 business were destroyed, 87 damaged by fire and 66 were looted. The Police had sought the help of the British Forces stationed in the country to contain the riot. One Police Superintendent was killed and 39 injured. Four looters were fatally shot and 41 injured. Space does not permit me to give too many details, suffice to say the PPP survived the attempt to bring it down. The PNC and UF will try again in 1963 and 1964 but were unsuccessful in overthrowing the PPP government. With the collusion of the British and the American Governments, they succeeded in changing the Electoral System to the one existing today Proportional Representation, PR. The following election the PPP secured the majority of votes but failed to get 50 per cent. That was the whole point of the PR system to deprive the PPP from forming another government. The PNC and the UF joined forces to form the next government. Burnham would later out manoeuver the UF and with rigging the next election, formed a PNC Government. There is a great irony in all of this, while the PNC and the UF said the PPP was out to destroy the Private Sector,

By Ralph Seeram it was the Burnham and the PNC that destroyed the Private sector, reducing the country to “suitcase” traders. Today the Guyana Private Sector is thriving once again. The question is can it be destroyed by the Opposition again. Think Linden a few years ago, you can change the name but the stripes still remain. Some players in that episode of dark history are still around. Today the charade continues between the Opposition and a corrupt PPP Government. The Opposition will cut the budget, government will spend. At least the discourse is civil comparatively speaking. I rather suspect this budget will eventually lead to another election; the voters will have to choose the lesser of two evils, the PNC record of dictatorship for some 26 years or a corrupt PPP. Should not be a tough choice. Don’t ask me who I would vote for. I ran from the PNC dictatorship some three generations ago. Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: PS: Main source for this article was the Wynn Parry Commission of Inquiry into Black Friday.

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Sunday March 30, 2014

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Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 55

Lack of Magistrate... From page 9 Last December, it was the said set of prisoners who erupted in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate over the continuous stalling of their case. They complained that the system was being unfair in the way it has been handling their case. The resignation of Magistrate Adele Nagamootoo a few months ago has left the Leonora Magistrate’s Court without a permanent Magistrate. Since then, Magistrate Clive Nurse and McGusty have been acting as temporary Magistrates at the court.

Increased NIS... From page 10 provided ample evidence of concern among stakeholders. A general principled approach must include increased revenue collection and controlled expenditure growth.” Luncheon also pointed to the 2013 National Budget, in which the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh proposed an increase in the contribution rate for both employed and self-employed persons to 14% and 12.5% respectively. However, this did not help much in reversing the deficit. “The Central Government absorbed and subsidised that increase for employed contributors whose incomes were less than $50,000.00. The impact of the contribution rate increase did not significantly reverse the deficit which was simultaneously being negatively influenced by the increasing cost of doing business by the scheme.” The NIS Chairman assured that while there is little likelihood of a collapse of the scheme in the short to medium term, the current situation is not sustainable. NIS itself which has investments in the Berbice

River Bridge has reportedly lost US$30M which has been invested in CLICO, a regional insurance company which went bankrupt a few years ago. The money had been invested in CLICO’s Bahamas.

VACANCY Semi-skilled or skilled joiners to work in Trinidad – Call: 868-738-8419 Vacancy exists for a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician. For Enquiries Call:644-6077 Experienced Cashiers to work @ supermarket on the East Coast. Must have Point of sale Knowledge. Age:2545 - Call:629-8469 1 Security guard, between ages 35-45, police clearance @ Status Int’l Hotel, 102-109 Sandeman Place & Croal St. Stabreok - Tel:227-7616 Sales clerks / Casheirs, commitment to customer services required. Apply : Kards Plus Gift Centre @ City Mall, Camp St. - Call:227-1846

TOURS . Lethem Rodeo - Tour to Bonfin Moco-Moco Falls 17th to 21 April - Call:639-2663;6440185; 665-5171;227-8290

VEHICLE FOR SALE Unregistered Premio, Price: $2,550,000 – Contact:225-5082 Toyota Master ACE 7-seater private minibus. $600,000, serious enquiries only – Tel:641-7526 or 222-4158 One RZ mini-bus, late BSS series - Call:256-3359

Vacancy for Sales Representative in a vehicle /spare parts company. Apply Within Nagoya Trading 137 Grandsville Park B.V. 220-2104

TO LET Wings Two bedrooms apartment - Tel: 643-1131; 225-3234

WANTED Sales representative for the distribution of groceries/ beverages. Send application to Maya @ Lot 24 Saffon Street Charlestown One Trained Carnegie/ Home Economics Cook. Four (4) times per week - Call: 6144358 Research Analysist, Models & Singers, great pay & good working hours - Call:6221957 Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm One Handyman to work in the Interior - Call: 681-6044 Attractive Live in waitress – Tel:228-5129; 604-8277

DRESSMAKING Jean is Offering courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral and cake decoration Contact:670-2653 or 618-1706

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

Fully furnished apartments $4,000-$6,000 per night Call:223-0994 2 & 3 bedrooms apartment, close proximity to U.G & Te a c h e r s Tr a i n i n g Colledge. preferably Students & working persons - Call:685-9127 One two bedrooms bottom flat at Grove Public Road, E.B.D – Call:648-9726

CAR RENTAL Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 225-7126/226-3693dollysautorental@yahoo. com/www.dolly sautorental. com

Practical Electronic courses begining 7th April @ Abdol Electronics - Tel: 226-6551; 225-0391

Shalom Driving School @ 2 Croal street. Fee $16,000Call:227-3869 Alleyne’s Professional Driving School @ 651 East Ruimveldt, Best Prices Call :226-9181; 613-0223; 6689331 Soman Son & Outar Driving School at Maraj BuildingTel:644-5166; 622-2872; 6150964; 689-5997

One pastry maker, must be able to cook and work in the interior – Call: 664-5199 or 675-7043 Cook & female bouncers. Apply in person @ El Club Latino, during 4:00pm6:00pm (Tues – Sat) @ 57 Hadfield & Lime Streets, South Cummingsburg

COOL TECH: Repairs Services & Installation of all types of home appliances: Air Condition & Refrigeration units - Tel: 233-2008; 675-4959

Salesgirls & Porters. Apply with written application at Lot E Dennis & Middleton Street, Best Buy Food Supplies.

Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call Sabita: 225-6496, 6626045 Guyana Passport & Visa Forms Application, USA, Canada and England. Tel: 626-7040; 265-4535. Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick)

B R I D G E WAT E R CONSTRUCTIONS – CO: NEWHOMESREMODELING, NEWBATHROOMS,TILE & M A R B L E INSTALLATION, FREE ESTIMATES – CALL: 660-6935; 676-9660; 269-094 Computer Repairs low price - $2,500 – Tel:661-0515; 6227036

Ultravoilet Driving School – Contact:231-2372;6022583;658-4015

WANTED One professional costmetologist to work in Eccles - Tel: 639-7672; 658-4429

Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call: 225-9032, 6472943

Brian Moe @ 642-3543: Computer Technician: FB/ Brian.Moe.165/ Home and Office visits at your comfort!!


EDUCATIONAL Balloon decorating classes – April 05 - Call: 225-3133; 6137513 for more information and to register.


If You are interested in a professional DJ for the Interior/Bartica- Contact: 6700387, 226-2467 or email:

Campbellville - $60,000$100,000 -$US1200, Section ‘K’ - $US1200, Atlantic Gardens - $US600 – $US800 Contact Diana: 227-2256; 626-9382 One bedroom apartment at Vreed-En- Hoop 3 houses in from the junction - Call:661-0162

From page 54

Artist: Paintings, drawings, signs, sculptures, portraits – Call:666-9719; 218-0777 Smart Tech Solutions: Security cameras, computer repairs, maintenance, sales & installation – Call: 652-5668

CHAINSAW LUMBER: Kabukalli, Shibadan, Silverballi, Simarupa, etc – Tel:653-9752 One live in Domestic between age 40-60yrs - Call: 220-9873 Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978 Shop Assistant to work in the Interior. Salary - $80,000 – Call: 664-5199 or 675-7043 Urgently needed live in waitresses to work in Bar. Offering reasonable salary. Tel: 259-0574 1 general domestic to cook, experienced cashier, counter servers, pastry makers, handy-boys Apply @ Hacks Halaal, 5 Commerce St. Live in assistant caregiver – Tel:664-8150 Attractive female waitress, dancers and cooks to work in bar – Call: 610-8269 We buy land in Parafaite Harmonie – Call:675-7292 Live in waitress. Must be honest & courteous, with free boarding and lodging $50,000 per month - Call:6105043 One cook/cleaner to work in a snackette/bar between age 20-35yrs – Call:647-7432 or 223-5798 Licenced driver / sales person, working on commission @ Cuddle’s Touch - Call: 689-8085

Technicians available for appliance repairs – washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc – Tel: 6190793; 218-0050

Labourers to work on wood concession. Accommodation Provided - $5,000 per day – Call:618-0487

USA, Canada & UK Visa application forms filled electronically @ Mohamed’s Internet Café – Enmore Call:256-4001 or 2563464

Graphic Artists, Layout Artist, Typesetters & Proof Readers, great pay & good working hours - Call:6221957 Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 30, 2014

Obama ends four-nation trip in diplomatic limbo over Ukraine

President Barack Obama sought to drum up unity and support for preventing further escalation between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Nathan Frandino reports. (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama ended a fournation foreign trip yesterday in the same situation as he began it - facing great uncertainty about a diplomatic way out of the Ukraine crisis. His diplomatic consultations in The Hague, Brussels and Rome over the past week all resulted in a strong show of unity between the United States and Europe that Russia must face consequences should it move against southern or eastern Ukraine. But it remains an open question whether the European allies would be able to stomach the kind of crippling sanctions required to significantly undermine Russia’s economy since some of their own economies would be jolted as well. A late-night phone call on Friday between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the possibility that Moscow might be willing to negotiate a diplomatic outcome. But the news was greeted warily by U.S. officials, unconvinced that Putin really wants to cut a deal. Obama talked to Putin just after a meeting in Riyadh with Saudi King Abdullah, where the civil war in Syria, another major bone of contention between the United States and Russia, was a main topic of conversation. U.S. officials now will “see whether Russians are serious

about diplomacy” on Ukraine, was how one senior Obama administration official described the aftermath of the phone call with Putin. They recall all too well Russia’s earlier assurances to the West that it would make no move against Ukraine’s Crimea region - and then it annexed the Black Sea peninsula. Now, U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about Russian troops, numbering as many as 40,000, massed on Ukraine’s eastern border. A Russian statement on the Putin-Obama phone call also said Putin had raised concerns about Transdniestria, a tiny breakaway territory comprised mainly of Russianspeakers in the ex-Soviet republic of Moldova. At the heart of subsequent negotiations expected between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is a U.S. diplomatic “off ramp”. Under this plan, international monitors would be deployed to Ukraine to ensure the safety of ethnic Russians - the issue Moscow cited in annexing Crimea -, Russia would pull back its forces from the border and there would be a direct Russia-Ukraine dialogue. Lavrov and Kerry discussed Ukraine in a telephone call on Saturday as well as the timing of further contact, Russia’s Foreign

Ministry said. Kerry will travel from Riyadh to Paris before a to-be-scheduled meeting with Lavrov early next week in Europe, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters. U.S. officials are still puzzling over Putin’s intentions. During a visit to The Hague, Obama said Russia was a “regional power” seeking to exert influence in the region. “I think he’s been willing to show a deeply held grievance about what he considers to be the loss of the Soviet Union,” Obama told CBS News in an interview on Friday. “I think there’s a strong sense of Russian nationalism and a sense that somehow the West has taken advantage of Russia in the past and that he wants to in some fashion, you know, reverse that or make up for that.” Obama has not only to convince the Europeans of the need for strong action but also to explain to Americans back home why what happens in Ukraine should be of concern to the United States. A recent CBS News poll showed 56 percent of Americans approve of sanctions enacted thus far by the United States and the European Union, but 65 percent do not think the United States should provide military aid and weapons to Ukraine. The poll also showed 57 percent did not believe the United States had a responsibility to do something about Ukraine. Obama himself said he could understand why people “might decide to look the other way”, but that the “international order” must be protected.

Sunday March 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Russia sees no need for Ukraine incursion, Tatars seek autonomy M O S C O W / BAKHCHISARAY, Crimea (Reuters) - Russia said yesterday it had no intention of invading eastern Ukraine following its annexation of Crimea, while the Black Sea peninsula’s Muslim Tatars demanded autonomy. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet today in Paris, the State Department said, as both sides moved to ease tensions in the worst East-West standoff since the Cold War. In a pivotal political development, Ukraine’s presidential election effectively became a twohorse race when boxerturned-politician Vitaly Klitschko pulled out and threw his weight behind confectionary oligarch Petro Poroshenko. This sets up a May 25 contest between the man known as the “Chocolate King” and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Speaking on Russian television, Lavrov reinforced a message from President Vladimir Putin that Russia would settle - at least for now - for control over Crimea despite massing thousands of troops near Ukraine’s eastern border. “We have absolutely no intention of - or interest in crossing Ukraine’s borders,” Lavrov said. Putin called U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss a U.S. diplomatic proposal, with the West alarmed at the threat to Ukraine’s eastern flank from what U.S. officials say may be more than 40,000 Russian troops. But Lavrov said Russia is ready to protect the rights of Russian speakers, referring to what Moscow sees as threats to the lives of compatriots in eastern Ukraine since Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovich was deposed as president in February. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an interview with Germany’s Focus magazine published on Saturday, said the alliance is “extremely worried”. “We view it as a concrete threat to Ukraine and see the potential for further interventions,” said Rasmussen. “I fear that it is not yet enough for him (Putin). I am worried that we are not dealing with rational thinking as much as with emotions, the yearning to rebuild Russia’s old sphere of influence in its immediate neighbourhood.”

Sergei Lavrov

In the Tatars historic capital of Bakhchisaray, the assembly representing the 300,000-strong indigenous Muslim minority voted in favour of seeking “ethnic and territorial autonomy” in Crimea. They make up less than 15 percent of Crimea’s population of 2 million and have been overwhelmingly opposed to Russia’s annexation of the territory. Crimean Tatars’ assembly leader Refat Chubarov told more than 200 delegates: “In the life of every nation there comes a time when it must make decisions that will determine its future.” “I ask you to approve...the start of political and legal procedures aimed at creating ethnic and territorial autonomy of the Crimean Tatars of their historic territory of Crimea.” The assembly subsequently backed his proposal. Critical of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the Tatars boycotted the March 16 vote to split from Ukraine and become part of Russia. Moscow has tried to pressure them to drop their opposition. However, their proposal to seek autonomy signals they would be ready to negotiate their status with Russia. The West imposed sanctions on Russia, including visa bans on some of Putin’s inner circle, after Moscow annexed Crimea this month following a referendum on union of the Russianmajority region with the Russian Federation that the West called illegal. The West has threatened tougher sanctions targeting Russia’s stuttering economy if Moscow sends more troops to Ukraine. Lavrov called for “deep constitutional reform” in Ukraine, a sprawling country of 46 million people divided

between those who see their future in closer ties with Europe and mainly Russian speakers in the east who look to former Soviet master Russia. “Frankly speaking, we don’t see any other way for the steady development of the Ukrainian state apart from as a federation,” Lavrov said. Each region would have jurisdiction over its economy, finances, culture, language, education and “external economic and cultural connections with neighbouring countries or regions,” he said. “Given the proportion of native Russians (in Ukraine) we propose this and we are sure there is no other way.” Lavrov and Kerry spoke by phone yesterday, following up on the PutinObama call on Friday. The White House said Obama told Putin that Russia must pull back its troops and not move deeper into the former Soviet republic. The Kremlin said Putin suggested “examining possible steps the global community can take to help stabilise the situation. Ukraine remains deeply divided over protests that led to Yanukovich’s overthrow. Many eastern Russianspeaking regions are sceptical about the policies of the new pro-Western government in Kiev. Yanukovich called on Friday for each of the country’s regions to hold a referendum on their status within Ukraine, instead of the presidential election planned for May 25. Poroshenko was an influential supporter of the “Maidan” popular uprising that toppled Yanukovich in February, three months after he spurned a deal on closer ties with the European Union and plunged the country of 46 million people into turmoil.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 30, 2014

Trinidadian nationals held in Venezuela on alleged coup plot PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - The Trinidadian Muslims detained in Venezuela after a raid at the Plaza Hotel in Caracas last Wednesday are now being fingered in a plot to topple the Venezuelan government together with rogue Venezuelan police officers and other men. Intelligence sources within Venezuela told the Express and TV6 News that “President Nicolas Maduro had obtained crucial information about the plot from members of the El Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (SEBIN) and they took the threat seriously”. The eight Trinidadian Muslim men, along with six women and eight children, were held at the Plaza Hotel, Sabana Grande in downtown Caracas. Intelligence sources privy to the information informed the Express and TV6 News that one of SEBIN’s very own was held in the exercise along with others. They were identified as Rafael José Durán of SEBIN, Gregorio Socorro Montañez of the Bolivarian national police and Fery Hernán Molina, from the Chacao police. Their names were published for the first time in a Venezuelan newspaper late Friday and sources say they were allegedly training the Trinidadian nationals along with a Guyanese and Haitian — both naturalised citizens of Venezuela — how to handle firearms. The men were held in the hotel with not only military uniforms but what they claim are jihadist videos, and new information suggests they

Kamla Persad-Bissessar also found laptops and satellite phones, which they say may have been provided to the group by the Venezuelan police.The Venezuelan media identified the Trinidadian men who appeared before the AntiTerrorism Tribunal Court as: Dominic Clive Pitilal, Andre Joseph Battersby, Asim Luqman, Charles Wade and Leslie Doisely for the alleged commission of crimes of terrorism and criminal association. After spending a day and a half in Venezuela, the Trinidadian delegation returned home Tuesday afternoon after holding talks with SEBIN and other highranking officials pertaining to the Trinidadian Muslims who were detained in the raid. Also held were three imams. Rear Admiral Richard Kelshall, head of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation, who spoke with the Express and TV6 News via phone just before boarding the plane in Venezuela said, “We are trying to have the imams

extricated from this situation, and we are working on that but this matter is extremely sensitive and we have to be careful.” Kelshall continued, “We hope to secure a proper resolution to the matter, but I can’t discuss anything more about the men, since their case is before a Venezuelan court.” Late Friday night, senior intelligence sources in Trinidad confirmed that the three imams, Salam Abdul, Hamza Mohammad and Sheikh Hamid Hassan, are expected to be released either tomorrow or Tuesday and cleared of wrong-doing. Kelshall described the marathon talks as “receptive between the parties” and said “they ensured that the women and children were brought back safely”. Intelligence sources in Trinidad said the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) did background criminal checks on all the women and provided SEBIN with this paperwork to show they had clean records, thus allowing them to return here. Well-placed sources in Venezuela told the Express and TV6 News that Luqman, in an e-mail obtained by the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in Venezuela through his lawyer, claimed he had fled to Venezuela with his wife and children, fearing for his life after his brother was murdered. Authorities have not been able to confirm Luqman’s story thus far. Luqman was one of the men detained during the state of emergency for questioning into the alleged plot to assassinate Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

MoBay hosting international parliamentary confab

Jamaica Observer - Jamaica will, for the first time, host the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA), and the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas. Parliamentarians and other political figures from the region and various countries in the Americas converge at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa in Montego Bay, St James from yesterday and today for the meetings, which are in their 27th year. The fora will provide the opportunity for the country to showcase its tourism product and strengthen international relations, while discussing critical issues. Highlighting planned activities at a JIS Think Tank session on Wednesday, minister of state in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams said that the meetings will include presentations and discussions focusing on the promotion of gender equality through the

network of parliamentarians; options for strengthening economic relations between the nations; and investment opportunities from the Logistics Hub initiative. The state minister said that over the weekend various sub-committees of COPA will lead discussions and make presentations on expanding trade partnerships and trade base; the technological sphere and increasing technology through education; health, social protection; increasing health access; and strengthening rural development; and sustaining economies, among nations. Today, at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas, there will be two major presentations on ‘Violence against Women and the Monitoring Framework to Reduce the Incidence’ by lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Dr Leith Dunn.

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Sunday March 30, 2014

“Both West Indies teams are pumped at ICC Wt-20 2014!” West Indies men’s team captain Darren Sammy said it after the defeat of Australia – “We were pumped!” They were totally euphoric, letting out steam that obsess sports bodies and minds, and using a clause that is almost uniquely Australian to denote utter energies needed and used in sports highs. Seldom does anyone see Chris Gayle dancing “Gangnam Style”, last time being when WI won this similar competition in 2012. Beating the Australians last Friday brought out the calisthenics moves once again! South Korean musician “Psy” could use Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Sammy in videos when their playing days are over, even now, as the Jamaican, Trinbagonian and St. Lucian displayed real Caribbean rhythm. West Indies men still have much work to do to get to semi-finals. They have the similarly mercurial Pakistanis to deal with next Tuesday, so the job is not yet done, but the men’s team is much

sharper now. What a difference a week makes. Last Sunday, in their first game, v India, WI played like damp squibs, certainly not operating like defending champions, meekly going down to a seven-wicket loss, making only 129, courtesy of India’s strangling legspinner Amit Misra and medium-fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Vast improvements were n e e d e d i m m e d i a t e l y, v Bangladesh, and wonderfully provided too, by a still struggling Gayle and a revamped Dwayne Smith, who played the T-20 innings of his life for that well-constructed 72. The platform that they provided for the 1st wicket, 97, was pivotal for that win. Leg-spinner Samuel Badree, with an impressive spell, 4-0-15-4, his, and West Indies, best in World T-20’s, and left-arm medium slinger Krishmar Santokie, equally good with 4-0-17-3, bowled excellently. Then came that game v Australia, with Aussie lefthanded all-rounder James

Faulkner igniting the already simmering WI keg with his jibe that “I do not like West Indies.” So, simply, they did not like him back! Gayle looked immeasurably more mobile, and his half century was a useful tonic for his team, while Bravo played well too. Given the mood that Sammy was in at the crease, he was also right to confirm that he could not care who was bowling at the game’s end, as he would have given the same treatment to any bowler. But it was great irony that Sammy clobbered WI’s needed last two sixes in Faulker’s, and Australia’s, last over, to win the game and start the celebrations. Faulkner will probably now be banished from Australia! WI men did beat Bangladesh and Australia, but their batting has wobbled some. Had it not been for their bowlers, especially Santokie and Badree, WI would have been in worst shape. Now it is on to Pakistan, to complete the first circle, to get to that semi-final place.

Sunday March 30, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): Today you'll likely awake, look around your home environment, and realize that there is much room for improvement. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): You are a hard and conscientious worker, Taurus, and certainly have been applying your skills and doing your best for some time now. efforts. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You may find yourself thinking of looking for a new job in order to increase your income, Gemini. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): You have a lot of charm and tremendous social skills, Cancer. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): This is a day when you could greatly benefit from spending some time outdoors in quiet reflection, L e o . ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): Today you could hold a group meeting of some kind in your home, Virgo. thought to last for days.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. 22) : Today may find you longing for some spots of color in your life, Libra. ********************* SCORP I O ( O c t . 23 - Nov. 21): Today you may discover that you have more in common with your neighbors than you thought, Scorpio. ******************** S A G I T TA R I U S (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): You may receive some kind of windfall today, Sagittarius. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Romance is very much highlighted today, Capricorn. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 2 0 - F e b . 1 8 ) : Anything you attempt to do today is likely to turn out really well, Aquarius. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 M a r c h 2 0 ) : To d a y you'll likely find that you begin to make real progress on a project that may have been stagnating for a while, Pisces.

Conversely, West Indies Women have been simply sailing along, somewhat under the radar, while being extremely efficient without even being lauded at all. They have certainly confirmed their highly regarded status and have kept their promises too, so far. Captain Marissa Aguilleira has gone on record to suggest, boast even, that her team, “with certainty”, will win ICC Women WT-20 2014. That is real confidence for anyone who wants to listen! With successes against highly favored England, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, WI Women are well on their way to at least a semi-final berth too. All they need to do next is to beat India’s women! Against England, Kycia Knight, with 43, the indomitable Stephanie Ta y l o r, w i t h 5 6 , a n d Aguilleira, 11, were the only ladies to get to double figures, the total of 133 being just adequate. A superlative spell; 4-112-4; from medium-fast bowler

Deandra Dottin, a cousin of WI men’s team coach Ottis Gibson, put paid to hopes that the English women had, WI women winning by a meagre nine runs. Against Bangladesh, WI women faltered batting-wise again, making only 117, with Dottin, batting this time, scoring well for 34 and StacyAnn King getting a useful 20. Again, bowlers held their nerves, demolishing Bangladesh women for 79, with serious Tremayne Smartt; 3-0-9-2; veteran Anisa Mohammed; 4-0-22-2; and teasing leg-spinner, Shaquana Quintyne; 3-1-5-3. Against Sri Lanka, it was easier still for WI women, Smartt again among the wickets; 3.5-0-15-3; as SL women blundered to only 84. Left-arm medium pacer Shanel Daly was even better; 4-0-154. For good measure, Taylor was 56 not out, keeping up her good form, as WI women won by eight wickets. WI women need to beat India women to keep that winning mojo going, as winning is also a habit, and

Colin E. H. Croft says: they will need all of the confidence that they could get for semi-finals. If WI men beat Pakistan, and win their semi-final too, then they could play India again in the final, as also predicted b y S a m m y. What a humdinger that would be between the world’s two best T-20 teams. WI women will probably have their normal nemeses Australia women or New Zealand women to deal with in semi-finals, so their path to the final is still fraught with serious danger. But, it would be magnificent if both WI teams play the same semi-final day, then get to finals too. Enjoy!

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Tutorial Academy edge Vryman’s Erven 3-2 in Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Tutorial Academy Secondary (TASS) is the latest to score a win in the Berbice leg of the 2014 Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy when the eked out a hard fought 3-2 victory over Vryman’s Erven Secondary School (VESS) when play in the competition continued with a first round

game at the Esplanade Park in New Amsterdam, Berbice last week. In a game that was evenly contested with fortunes changing hands constantly both teams played as if their lives depend of the contest. It was TASS that opened the scoring in the 12th minute after they were awarded a

NBS/BCB 2014 Second Division 40-over Cricket starts today in Berbice A number of matches are slated to herald the start of the competition today. In the matches scheduled starting with Zone A, which is the West Coast Berbice, two matches are scheduled with Hopetown United taking on Rainbow Generation; Bush Lot Challengers will test their skill against Achievers Sports Club at Bush Lot with Bush Lot United drawing the Bye. Zone B, which is the West Coast/West Bank Berbice areas, will see play in three matches with Bath versus Woodley Park Young Strikers at Bath; Cotton Tree Die Hard playing D’Edward Warriors at Cotton Tree and Monedderlust coming up against No. 3 at the No. 5 ground. Zone C, which is the West Bank Berbice area - D’ Edward will match skills with Shieldstown at D’Edward; Blairmont Community Centre A will be at home to Ithaca Rovers at Blairmont with Blairmont Community Centre B drawing the bye. Zone D which takes in the East Bank Berbice area Sisters and Kortheberaadt 7th Day Adventist will meet at Sisters; Edinburgh Rising Youth and Edinburgh will play at Edinburgh and Flying Star will take on East Bank at Kortheberaadt. In zone E, which is the East Bank/ New Amsterdam/Canje areas - West Canje plays Overwinning Bible Church at Lochaber; Tucber Park will tangle with Police at Berbice High, while Young Warriors will engage Bristol Warriors at Cumberland. Zone F for teams in East Canje - Rose Hall Community Centre entertain Canefield at

Rose Hall Community Centre ground; Gangaram Strykers playing Goed Bananen Land at Gangaram; Betsy Ground Triple Star and Young and Restless playing at Goed Bananen Land. In zone H which is the East Coast/Lower Corentyne areas, action will see Kendall’s Union A versus No.1 Road at No.19; Fyrish being at home to Kendall’s Union B at Fyrish and Fyrish Strikers against Courtland All Star at Fyrish. Zone I which is the Lower Corentyne - West areas Chesney Riders play Fyrish Road at Kilcoy Multi Purpose Centre; Jai Hind plays Albion Travellers at Albion Front and Chesney versus Sand Reef at Chesney. Zone J, the Lower Corentyne Central areas, will see Toopoo Rising Star and Tamarind Root playing at Albion Primary School; Albion Community Centre versus Rose Hall Town Guns and Cannons at Rose Hall and Belvedere United vs Belvedere Battle Steel at Belvedere. In Zone K, which is the Lower Corentyne East area Rose Hall Town Bakewell play Guysuco Training Centre at the Area ‘H’ ground; Port Mourant travelling to Letter Kenny for their encounter and Tain Block Four and Whim National playing at Tain. Zone L, which is the Central Corentyne area, will see Mibicuri Strikers against Big Star at Lesbeholden; Mibicuri Jaguars versus Kildonan at Mibicuri and Kennard’s Memorial taking on Young Adventurers at Bush Lot Farm.

penalty following a desperate tackle in the 18-yard box by one of the VESS players. The Orin Glen penalty was well taken and sent TASS ahead. That goal must have jolted the VESS lads who upped their game and came back hard, throwing everything at their opponents resulting

in a 15th minute goal by Dexter Welcome. It was VESS that took the lead in the 26th minute off the boot of Osafo McDonald to make it 2-1 in their favour. That goal also energised the TASS team as they came roaring back to equalize in the 30th minute to end the score at 2-2 at half time.

One minute into the second half TASS went ahead when the probing Joshua Butts got his reward when a well taken free kick just outside the penalty area flew pass the VESS wall and goalkeeper to give TASS the 3-2 lead. Both teams continued to press on, but no goals

ensued as defence held well until the end. The competition is expected to continue on Tuesday with defending champion Berbice High School (BHS) taking on New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) at the Esplanade Park from 15:30 hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Inaugural Star Party Rentals 11-Race Cycle Meet

Sunday March 30, 2014

Elizabeth Styles U-19 50 overs

Godfrey Pollydore rides Skeldon’s Nicholas to victory in feature Seenarine snaps up 7 for 7

Veteran rider Godfrey Pollydore nipped to victory to finish at the top of the podium in the feature race of the inaugural Star Party Rentals 11-Race Cycle Programme which took place at the inner circuit of the National Park, yesterday. Pollydore, who also won two of the eight prime prizes, finished the 35-lap contest in One Hour 17 Minutes just ahead of junior sensation Michael Anthony, Robin Persaud, Mario King, Alanzo Ambrose and Paul Choo Wee-Nam in that order, closing out the second to fifth place positions in that order. Ambrose also won two primes with one each to Persaud, King, Anthony and Orville Hinds. Romello Crawford won the juvenile 10-

lpa race from Stephano Husbands and Andre Green in that order. Junior Niles continued to rule the roost among the Under-50 race capturing the win from Wilfred Benjamin and Shameer Baksh. Linden Blackman took the Over-50 event from Virgil Jones and Courtney Hackett in that order. The lone Over-60 competitor was Roy Mendonca. In the 12-14 event, Avish Ramkellawan finished ahead of Omesh Leonard. Ozia Maculay was too good for Clyde Jacobs and Emmanuel Gay-Rawle in the mountain bike race which he won in 12 Minutes 41 Seconds. BMX races: 6-9 winner was Jeremiah Harrison who continued to dominate his rivals, winning from

Sherwin Sampson and Esan Jaisingh in that order. Topping the field in the 912 segment was Taran Garbarran while the 12-14 race went to Stephan Williamson who was followed by Sherwin Forde and Tariq Khan in that order. The open contest was taken by Rawle Small followed by David Vossey and Keiron Rutherford. Owner of Star Party Rentals, former national cricketer Lennox Cush was on hand for the presentation and expressed gratitude to the organizer, National Coach Hassan Mohamed for the opportunity to play a role in the development of cyclists. Cush promised his entity’s continued support for the sport.

The 2014 Elizabeth Styles Under-19 50 overs cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board commenced recently with the highlight being the performance of Skeldon Under-15 pacer Nicholas Seenarine who collected 7-7 from 5 overs. Seenarine’s teammate and opening pacer Rajiv Mohabir backed up with 3-16 to bowl out Crabwood Creek Risings for 43 in 12.1 overs. Skeldon went on to win the game by 9 wickets. After No.70 Young Star made 188 against No.72 Cut and Load, off-spinner Permashwar Chatterpaul took 5-12 from 4.1 overs to restrict Cut and Load to 110 in their response. Off-spinner Martin Singh

4 for 9 from 7 overs helped Tucber Park bowl Young Warriors for 75. Singh came back with the bat to score 36 to help Tucber to a five wicket win. SUMMARIZED SCORES At Crabwood Creek Skeldon Community Centre hammered Crabwood Creek Risings by 9 wickets. Crabwood Creek Risings 43 in 12.1 overs; Nicholas Seenarine 7-7, Rajiv Mohabir 3-16. At No.72, No. 70 - Young Star beat No.72 Cut and Load by 78 runs. No. 70 Young Star 188 in 29.4 overs; Thameshwar Kumar 34, Viendra Gooniah 27, Abdul Ajib 23, Mohamed

Azeez 3-30, Devanand Chatterpaul 2-27, Akhram Khan 2-31, Avinash Souroon 2-39. No. 73 Cut and Load 110 in 30.1 overs; Devendra Chatterpaul 37, Deonarine Chatterpaul 29, Permashwar Chatterpaul 5-12, Viendra Gooniah 327. At Cumberland Tucber Park got past Young Warriors by 5 wickets. Young Warriors 75 in 22 overs; Shimron Hetmyer 21, Martin Singh 4-9, Dion Sinclair 2-2, Filon Crandon 2-11. Tucber Park 76 for 5 in 15 overs; Martin Singh 36, Jaleel Jaffar 3-3 from 5 overs.

EBDCA/Sarjoo Memorial T/20

Providence, Police arrest TSC & GYO beat GDF Farm victorious GCA’s Carib Beer t20 cricket

Rawle Browne hit a huge six during his 41 for Poilice yesterday By Sean Devers In sweltering heat at the Police Sports Club ground Eve Leary yesterday the home team arrested Transport Sports Club (TSC) and GYO beat GDF as the Georgetown Cricket Association’s (GCA) Carib Beer t20 first division cricket continued with two matches. In the first match which commenced at 10:00hrs, the Cops won the toss and elected to bat on a slow track and lightening fast outfield and reached 196-7 when their allotted 20 overs expired. Rawle Browne, the brother of Guyana First-Class players Barrington and Robin Browne, stroked five fours and a nonchalant straight six in an explosive 22-ball 41 and got good support from Vishaul Jaigobin who hammered two fours and a six in 31 and Parnell London who contributed 21. Former National under-19

fast bowler Seon Daniels then destroyed off-spinner Kevin Ross, who has operated for years with a suspect action; hitting the diminutive spinner for two sixes and two fours in the final over to finish unbeaten on quick-fire 24 from seven balls. Ross’s four overs cost 42, while 13-yearold schoolboy off-spinner Joel Spooner showed lots of potential with his flight although his three overs went for 27 runs. The pick of the bowlers for TSC were skipper Shawn Messiah who picked up 3-25 and Devaughn Nandan had 2-24. The hand-cuffs were never taken off the TSC team, who were quickly 1-1 when Demerara left-arm pacer Randy Knights scattered the stumps of Charwayne McPherson in the first over before he had scored. Knights soon removed Sunil Singh (7) at 10-2, while

National selectee Trevor Benn who was transferred to interior, trapped Steven Alves for a duck a run later and ran the length of the ground in his usual high-energy celebrations. Knights struck again as the TSC batsmen were never allowed to escape and stumbled to 46-6 with Daniels getting rid of Ryan Hemraj (14), Keon Morris (0) and Azim Azeez (11). Morris and Azeez were sent packing off successive balls before TSC, aided by the pint size Spooner who faced 3.4 overs for 5, and Ross, survived to the end with TSC on 70-9 from 20 overs. Knights (4-13), Daniels (314) and Benn (1-14) bowled impressively for the Lawmen. In the other game played yesterday, GYO won the toss and watched by a small but raucous crowd, opted to bat on the same track which accommodated the opening match.

Chris Deonarine was in a no-nonsense mood and climbed into off-spinner Paul Castello and dumped him for consecutive sixes in the first over before the left-hander swiveled and authoritatively hooked pacer Jerry Harris for six. Deonarine (20) seemed unfortunate to be given out LBW at 24-1 to Harris’ brother Steven Harris, who also had former West Indies under-19 left-hander Kwame Cross caught at square leg, hooking, a run later, for a duck. Skipper Surendra Herilall majestically drove fast bowler Andre McFarlane, who is built like a heavy weight boxer, down the ground and caressed him through square cover when he over-pitched. Herilall made 31, Abdol Raheem 45 and Garfield DeRouche 30 as Steven Harris captured 4-20 and Kenwell DeJonge supported with 3-28.

Providence and Farm registered victories when the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA)/ Neville Sarjoo Memorial T20 tournament continued yesterday at YMCA. Providence defeated Sand Pipers by 45 runs in the first game. Providence batted first and scored 179-5 off their allotted 20 overs. Lennox Andrews led with 83 not out (9x4,6x6) and Kenrick Benjamin supported with 32 (4x4,1x6). Olufemi Sandy snared 3-38. Sand Pipers were bowled out for 134 in 17.3 overs in reply. Errol Greaves made 26, Rickford Samaroo 24, Tajram Persaud 19 and Sandy 18. Quincy Grimmond captured 316, while Samuel Raghubir, Dellon McKenzie and Garcia Henry claimed two each. Farm overcame Eccles by

four wickets in the second encounter. Eccles posted 1854 in 20 overs, batting first. Kapil Dev Singh top scored with 52, Sahadeo Hardeo made 46 and Deonarine Seegobin 26. Khemraj Singh picked up 2-41. Farm replied with 186-6 in 19.5 overs. Khemraj Singh slammed 52 while Amir Khan cracked 42 and Shivram Persaud chipped in with 27. Daniel Barker had two wickets. Meanwhile, Eccles beat Nandy Park by 49 runs in their match up. Eccles rattled up 142-5 in 20 overs, taking first strike. Hemraj Garbarran stroked 52 and Kapil Dev Singh 29. Mark Robhe took 2-22. Nandy Park were skittled for 93 in 14.1 overs in reply. Robhe made 37; Daniel Barker grabbed 3-20, Ryan Shun 214 and Sahadeo Hardeo 2-16.

Khemraj Singh

Lennox Andrews

Sunday March 30, 2014

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NOC U-19 beat E’bo U- Milo/Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition 15 in warm up games Defending champs St. George’s and The New Opportunity Corps (NOC) U-19 defeated the Essequibo U-15 team in two warm matches played recently at NOC. NOC won the first game by 37 runs. NOC batted first and scored 118 all out in 28.3 overs with Akieni Adams hitting 37 (4x4,1x6) and Beesham Dasrath 19 (2x4). Joshua Jones, Vishal Singh and Poonraj Colahar grabbed three wickets each. Essequibo U-15 were bowled out for 81 in 28 overs in reply. Ronaldo McPherson made 19 and Quintyne Sampson 16. Adams returned to capture 5-

13 and Mahendra Persaud 217. With a lead of 37, NOC managed 71 before they were bowled out in 29 overs, batting a second time. Mahendra Persaud slammed 23; Vishal Singh claimed 3-7 and Shamar Dusraj 3-13. Set 109 for victory, Essequibo U15 were bowled out for 109 in 32 overs. Ronaldo Mc Pherson led with 30 and Orlando Jailall made 16. Adams bagged 5-19 and Sachin Persaud 3-12. In a 25 overs contest, the county’s U-15 took first strike and posted 128-7 off their

allotted overs with Jailall scoring 27 and Darshan Indar 22. Sachin Persaud snared 315. NOC responded with 1307 after 23 overs. Sachin Persaud showed his all round prowess with a top score of 36, while Adams chipped in with 20. Joel Fortune took 315. Meanwhile, speaking with the players before the game, President of NOC Thakur Persaud urged them to take the game seriously. He spoke of the importance of discipline and wished the Essequibo U15 lads well in the upcoming inter county tournament.

South American Karate Championshipsþ underway The first ever South American Karate Championships being held under the auspices of world karate organi z a t i o n , t h e International Karate Daigaku (IKD) got under way at the Cliff Anderson Sorts Hall, Homestretch Avenue in Georgetown at approximately 10:00 am yesterday morning. Gracing this significant martial arts event with his presence was His Excellency the President of G u y a n a M r. D o n a l d Ramotar, a 7th Degree Black

Belt, who in his remarks pledged his government’s continued support to the development of Karate-do, to sport in general and to the development of the youth of Guyana. In attendance and officiating at the championships were the top brass of the IKD including the Chairman and Chief Instructor Frank Woon-a-Tai, Vice Chairman and Deputy Chief Instructor Maureen Woon-a-Tai, Shihan Keith Da Costa and IKD Executive Treasurer Bernice Hughes 6th

Dan. The tournament which saw the participation of Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana was of a very high standard with competitors taking part in individual Kumite (fighting), kata (form), and the application of karate through team kata, team bunkai, and team enbu. Today, the second and final day of the championships, will see the official opening ceremony taking place from 10:00 hours and all of the final events being run off.

8 Black Belt promotions, over... From page 67 and teenager Shaqueel Amin also put in a clinical performance to be promoted to Nidan rank. In the quest for Sandan rank, lone Assistant Instructor Sensei Marvin Singh was also tested and also made a great impression on Sensei Nagatomo, gaining a pass. They all had to be successful at the 3 facets of Shotokan karate, namely; Kihon - ability to demonstrate correct application of basic techniques, Kata - a series of offensive and defensive movements against multiple opponents with good interpretation of the movements and Kumite - free sparring. This is where the students are put to spar against another person of equal rank or higher and had to demonstrate the ability to defend one’s self and launch attacks whilst maintaining composure, control and strong spirit. Following these, the KYU ranks (colored belts) were tested and performed exceptional having been tested on the same 3 facets - Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

However, Kumite in their category is done in a pre-arranged format which are basic, one step or semi- free style sparring depending on their level, but with the same idea as mentioned for free sparring. Promotion results for these ranks can be viewed on JKA/WF Guyana website The parents and head teacher of their newly added Dojo - Mae’s Primary School Annex, Millington Street, eagerly waited to see their kids perform for the first time and were pleased. They were impressed with the organization and the way everything was conducted. Members from the Port Mourant and Canje Dojo’s and Craig East Bank Demerara all travelled to Georgetown to be graded. Sensei Nagatomo expressed his continued satisfaction with the membership of JKA/ WF Guyana for keeping and practicing acceptable JKA standards and applauded their efforts made thus far and spoke of the potential of this territory.

In the evening, JKA held a social with its special invitees, its members, parents, friends and Sensei Nagatomo at the Guyana Olympic House in Kingston that was well attended. This allowed for further interaction and better acquaintance with each other and just to celebrate and have fun. Meanwhile, Regional Director and Chief Instructor for Guyana, Sensei Christopher Chaves along with the JKA committee announced that preparations for their attendance in the annual JKA/WF America 2014 Karate Camp & Goodwill tournament to be held in Panama City, Panama this June will commence immediately. Thanks was expressed to the Honorable Consul to Japan Mr. Kashir Khan, Mr. Ganpat Sahai, Mr. Bashir Khan of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Mr. Garvey Harry of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Hector Edwards from the GOA, Mrs. Simone Nurse as well as all parents and friends for their support that made this grading the success it was.

Lodge to meet in Saturday’s final

- Christ Church and Kingston to contest third place Reigning champions St. G e o rg e ’s r e m i n d e d a l l aspirants to their throne who is boss when they inflicted a crushing 3-0 win over Christ Church in the feature clash of a semi-finals double header in this year’s Milo/Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition which concluded yesterday, at the Ministry of Education g r o u n d o n Carifesta Avenue. In the other semi-final, Lodge defeated Dolphin 31 to set up a mouth watering engagement against the current champions next Saturday, at the same venue. In the feature clash, Ozeal Small set the tone for the afternoon with a rasping shot from about 30 metres out that beat a surprised Christ Church goalkeeper in the 19th minute after the champions had to withstand an early onslaught by the opposition. This came after Christ Church had squandered two clear opportunities to take the lead with Lonsdale George missing from close range, while another player had also muffed a clear chance of scoring. The half came with no addition to the scoreline

and St. George’s clinging to a slim 1-0 lead. On the resumption, Orin Moore Jnr, who had deputised between the uprights in the previous encounter, coll e c t e d a clinical pass from the left side and he unleashed a powerful strike into the far corner in the 57th minute of play. With time running out, Christ Church tried to push more players forward and this ploy backfired as Marlon Duncan fired in from close range to seal victory and a place in the final for another year. In the earlier fixture, Lodge scored an impressive win over Dolphin. Orlando Gravesande opened their account in the 16th minute of play when he reached on to a perfectly lobbed passed from the right flank and he fired a left-footed shot over the keeper’s head into the roof of the nets. The prolific Shemar Smith then added another, five minutes after the break when he trapped a through pass from the left side and he controlled it superbly, before dinking it over the keeper ’s head. It was a finish with sheer

composure. Shortly, after, Kingston won a penalty, but Leon Richardson missed it, firing his effort straight at the goalkeeper, who made an easy save. H o w e v e r, the effervescent Job Caesar, easily one of the more skilful players on the pitch, pulled one back to make things interesting when he curled a free kick past the outstretched hands of the opposing goalkeeper into the goal. That strike came in the 56th minute. Gravesande then completed his double with a simple finish from a Ryan Hackett’s pass delivered from the left wing in the 74th minute and the scores remained that way until the final whistle sounded. In the day’s full results: Lodge Secondary3 vs Dolphin Secondary-1 Lodge Scorers Orlando Gravesande16th and 74th Shemar Smith-50th Dolphin Scorer Job Caesar-56th Christ Church Secondary-0 vs St. George’s-3 St. George’s Scorers Ozeal Small-19th Orin Moore-57th Marlon Duncan-88th

Primo Memorial Dominoes on today Compton Primo Memorial King Dominoes competition will take place today at Smash Hide Out, Sophia commencing at 14:00hrs. The tournament which is being hosted by Black Stallion

Sports Committee is for players from A, B, C, and D field Sophia, Plaisance, Vryheid’s Lust and Georgetown.Entrance fee is $500 per player. At stake are trophies and medals donated

by Johnny Barnwell, Trophy Stall, Chetwin Moriah and Joseph Harmon. The competition is being organized by Johnny Barnwell and Chetwin Moriah.

Holder of ticket #2302 wins trip to... From page 66 Barbados round will be the first event of the 2014 championship and will set the scene for Red Bull GRC’s most exciting year yet. Top Gear Festival Barbados will be the only Red Bull Global Rallycross event taking place outside of the US this year. Red Bull Global Rallycross drivers represent some of the most talented action sports athletes in the world today, including gymkhana icon Ken Block, championship skateboarder Bucky Lasek and former Grand Prix driver Scott Speed. The legendary line-up also includes Tanner Foust who co-hosts the US version of Top Gear. But it’s not just the driv-

ers who are the stars, the Red Bull Global Rally-cross Supercars, specifically designed to produce the most dramatic and exciting racing in motorsport, will also be a highlight for the tens of thousands of fans expected to attend the event. They’ll complete an incredible line-up of cars all in action across the two days. Chief Operating Officer of Top Gear Festivals, James Cooke-Priest, says of the collaboration: “This unique partnership enables us to once again push the boundaries of live motoring entertainment. By combining our knowledge and experience of running sell-out motoring events, with the talent

and high octane spectacle of the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship, we are able to create this ultimate action-packed motoring weekend. It’s going to be a mindblowing event.” Top Gear Festival Barbados, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will offer a full-day festival experience with live on and off track action. As well as the Red Bull Global Rally-cross Championship, visitors will see The Stig and the Top Gear Live Stunt Driving Team in action. Stars will take to the track in a series of Top Gear style stunts and challenges for a thrilling weekend of rip-roaring motoring action.

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Sunday March 30, 2014

New Building Society 2014 Second World Twenty20 2014: England Division Cricket launched in Berbice crash out as SA reach semis

Over 85 teams registered so far

New Building Society Rose Hall Town Branch Manager Rana Persaud (left) hands over the sponsorship cheque to Vice President of the Berbice Cricket Board Hubern Evans at the Bank’s New Amsterdam Branch Office as executives and staff of both entities look on. By Samuel Whyte The10th edition of the annual New Building Society (NBS) Second Division Cricket competition organized by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) was launched on Wednesday at the Bank’s New Amsterdam Branch Office, New Street, New Amsterdam. At a simple presentation ceremony, NBS Berbice Branch, Senior Manager and Vice President of the board, Anil Beharry, chaired the proceedings which were attended by executives and staff of the board and the bank. The 40 overs-a side tournament will be played throughout Berbice. Beharry, who is still an active cricketer and a former Berbice inter county player, in his remarks stated how pleased the management and staff of NBS is to be associated with the BCB in the ongoing venture which they have been doing for the past 9 years. He said that his company will always try to put back into the community from which it garners its support. “At NBS, our mandate is to house, but we also recognize the importance of sports particularly cricket as it is a unifying sport in our society in a country that is as diverse as Guyana. We would like to see the development of sports throughout the country and we are prepared to play our part. We have upped our sponsorship this

year to the value of $680,000. This competition is one of the largest in the Caribbean and it helps to keep person in the villages active and the grounds in shape. Cricket is part of Guyanese culture and we are happy to join hands once again with the BCB,” he assured. Manager of the Bank’s Rose Hall Branch, Rana Persaud, who handed over the cheque, stated that the bank is pleased to be associated with cricket in the Ancient County and is happy to be able to give back to the sport. The manager said, the support the Bank receives from Berbice has been tremendous and they feel compelled to give back in a big way and noted that cricket is a good way to do so. He stated that cricket covers a wide cross section of the population and involves persons from all walks of life. He gave the assurance that his bosses will agree to further sponsorship, because they are certain that the competition will once again be played with the highest standards and conducted with good accountability, which he said the board is noted for. In accepting the cheque, Vice President of the BCB Hubern Evans stated that the board is grateful to NBS for their continued and unstinted support over the years. He is pleased that such a prestigious company as NBS

continues to show faith in the board and has once again come forward to join with the BCB in sponsoring the competition. He on behalf of the BCB is honoured to be receiving the cheque to solidify their ongoing and growing relationship over the years. He also thanked the NBS on behalf of the BCB. The BCB he assured will put its best foot forward and make sure that it delivers a competition of the highest standards. According Carl Moore, Chairman of the competition committee of the board, so far over 85 teams have registered for the competition with entries expected to come in from the Berbice and Canje River areas. This competition is one of the most eagerly awaited and the most challenging on the board’s cricket because of the number of teams and its vastness. Moore, who has been the competition committee chairman for a number of years and considered one of the best in the country, gave the assurance that the competition will be well organized since the board is second to none in its organizing abilities. He said that the area has been divided into 16 zones covering the length and breadth of Berbice stretching from Abary on the West Coast of Berbice to the East Bank Berbice to Crabwood Creek in the Upper Corentyne area, including teams from the Berbice, Corentyne and Canje river areas. The competition will get started today in most of the zones. Competition in the River areas, Canje and Corentyne River, are expected to commence later. Since sponsorship began in 2004, the competition was played once at the first division level. Young Warriors Club of East Canje are the defending champion.

BBC Sport - England were knocked out of the World Twenty20 in the group stage as an AB De Villiers-inspired South Africa booked their place in the semi-finals. De Villiers, standing in as captain for the banned Faf du Plessis, hit 69 off 28 balls as the Proteas scored 55 in the last three overs to reach 1965. Alex Hales (38) gave England a good start, but three quick wickets for Wayne Parnell turned the tide. Spinner Imran Tahir then took 2-27 as England fell three runs short on 193-7. England’s final match against the Netherlands on Monday is now academic, while Sri Lanka and New Zealand will play off for the second qualifying spot from Group One. Remarkably, at 144-5 after 16 overs, England were actually 13 runs ahead of where South Africa had been at the same point. But the Proteas’ innings was given a sudden catalyst by the brilliant De Villiers and a wayward Jade Dernbach, who conceded 26 runs off the 18th over of the innings. A further 29 followed off the final 12 balls as South Africa posted the highest score of the tournament so far and set England a target they were always unlikely to reach. That they came relatively close owed much to a spirited late 31 off 18 balls by Ravi Bopara and a six off the final ball of the day from Tim Bresnan when the match - and

E n g l a n d ’s c h a n c e s of reaching the last four - had already gone. England lost to New Zealand on the Duckworth-Lewis method in their first match but rebounded to beat Sri Lanka as Hales hit a matchwinning hundred. But the defeat by South Africa rounds off a miserable winter that featured heavy series defeats in all three formats in Australia and an indifferent limited-overs tour of the West Indies. Put in to bat under floodlights that twice f a i l e d i n t h e first hour, causing short delays to proceedings, South Africa raced to 85-0 in their first 10 overs as a pumped-up Hasim Amla made his first T20 international fifty. But England fought back gamely with 3-36 in the

From page 65 Homraj, highly rated by coaches and is being touted as the next major cricket star from Berbice. Last year, the diminutive player made his debut for Berbice at the Under-19 level and performed so well that he gained selection on the National side. He gained the attention of all at the Demerara Cricket Club when he dispatched the first ball of the match against Essequibo for a straight six. An attacking batsman by nature he is well known for using his feet well against spinners and is hardly contained against any type of bowling. On debut for Guyana he scored a brilliant century against the Windward Islands in the WICB Under-19 regional tournament. Homraj also has several vital innings for Guyana in the

few matches he has been selected after being bypassed for the earlier rounds. Secretary/CEO of Homraj’s club, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club who has been involved in the administration of cricket for the last quarter of a century, Hilbert Foster, stated that the highly talented Homraj is the most exciting player he has ever seen. Homraj, the veteran cricket manager notes, is a naturally gifted player who has the potential to develop into an all time great if nurtured properly. The RHTY&SC he stated has invested heavily in Homraj’s career and would continue to do so while expressing the hope that those at the helm of the game in Berbice and Guyana can do the same as he is a special talent. The 18-year-old Homraj

AB de Villiers smashes a six. (Getty Images) next five overs as Amla (56), Quinton de Kock (29) and JP Duminy (5) all perished, the latter to a comical run-out when his bat slipped out of his hand as he dashed for a second run. De Villiers wrenched the game back in his team’s favour with an extraordinary display. He reverse swept a 92mph delivery from Chris Jordan and somehow heaved a low full toss from Bresnan over midwicket for six on his way to fifty off 23 deliveries. And there was more to come. Two sixes were bludgeoned off the unfortunate Dernbach, who was also hit for two fours by David Miller and sent down two wides and a no-ball in a disastrous 18th over as South Africa gave their score a crucial late boost.

Ashkay Homraj - the most exciting ...

was this year appointed Captain of the RHT Pepsi Under19 team and last week copped the Berbice Cricket Board Most Improved Cricketer of the year award for 2013. Homraj, a very discipline and reserved individual, expressed gratitude to the management of the RHTY&SC for the confidence they have in his ability and for nurturing him into the player he has become. He singled out for special mention, Club Secretary Hilbert Foster for being a positive role model to him and for guiding him along the correct path. He also thanked Office Manager Moonish Singh, Club Coach Winston Smith and teammates Shawn Pereira, Assad Fudadin, Delbert Hicks, Royston Crandon, Khemraj Mahadeo and Brandon Prasad for their support and encouragement.

Sunday March 30, 2014

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Ashkay Homraj - the most exciting GABF officially rewards Ravens young batsman in the Ancient County - Kanhai is tournament MVP

He burst onto the scene when he blasted a brilliant 75 off just 33 balls for No.70 against the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club Pepsi team in the Neal and Massay Intermediate tournament two years ago. At the time Ashkay Homraj was relatively unknown in Berbice but today he is viewed as the most promising and feared youth batsman who has the

capacity to destroy any bowling attack. Last weekend he blasted 150 off just 84 balls against a hapless Big Star team in the Elizabeth Style Under-19 tournament, hitting the boundary boards 21 times whilst clearing it nine times including four in one over. T h e n e x t d a y, h e continued where he left off by scoring a magnificent 180 (16x4 8x6) off 82 balls. The

Ashkay Homraj Area ‘H’ ground was packed with spectators who turned out to specially watch (Continued on page 64)

Dexter Marques out to blunt ‘The Cutting Edge’ as Jamaica invade Guyana April 5 By Michael Benjamin He has been somewhat inactive but former local bantamweight champion, Dexter Marques, has been training ardently and is ready to throw down the gauntlet when he goes after Jamaican, Rudolph ‘Cutting Edge’ Hedge for the World Boxing Council Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBCCABOFE) flyweight title over 12 rounds when the Guyana Boxing Board of Control presents the ‘Jamaican Showdown’ at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH), Saturday April 5. The card comes at a time when four other Guyanese boxers are currently in Jamaica competing for honours in ‘The Contender,’ series against their Jamaican and other Caribbean counterparts with Barbados based Guyanese pugilist, Revlon Lake suffering a 4th round knockout to Jamaican, Sakima Mullings; Marques would be out for revenge against Mullings countryman, a tough customer who has so far compiled a 7-1 record, albeit with just 2 knockouts. One of those losses was against Elton Dharry in February last year and boxing fans will remember the high level of determination and grit demonstrated by the Jamaican that made Dharry dig deep to come up with a points decision. Ironically, Marques also had a stint in the ring with Dharry in May 2011 and

failed to make it to the final bell; Dharry took care of him in the 7th round. Using that scenario, one may be tempted to predict an easy victory for the Jamaican but with boxing history replete with similar situations where such analysis hardly held water, fans ought not to be surprised if the homeboy shrugs aside the perceived advantages of his foe and go on to win. One thing could be said of Marques; he is a classy fighter and always enters the ring in tip top condition. Should Hedge enter the bout in similar shape as when he opposed Dharry, fans could brace themselves for the treat in store. The undercard will also provide some entertainment when Guyanese, Quincy Gomes oppose Jamaican, Toriano Nicholas in a 4 rounds lightweight bout, while local pugilist, Romeo Norville, fights another Jamaican, Kemahl Russell, in a 4 rounds super middleweight contest. Junior/middleweights, Mark Austin (Guy) and Devon Moncrieffe (Jam) will then battle over 8 rounds and the former fighter will want to use this bout to return to the spotlight after losing to Clive Atwell and hindering his progression somewhat. The card gets underway when David Thomas and Richard Williamson go after each other in an all Guyanese super/lightweight affair over 4 rounds.

Ravens’ Marlon Rodrigues receive the team prizes from a GABF Representative Friday night at the New Palm Court.

Dexter Marques The action gets underway at 20:00hrs sharp and the battle lines have been drawn. While 4 Guyanese pugilists battle in Kingston Jamaica for honours in the Contender series, a similar number of Jamaicans will throw down the gauntlet on their Guyanese counterparts in Georgetown for prestigious accolades. Fans will want to come out in their numbers to cheer their countrymen on to victory. The battle is truly on! Admission: Ringside $3,000, Stands $1,500. Sponsors who have assisted in the successful staging of the card includes: – Fly Jamaica, Digicel, Banks DIH Limited, Guyoil, Courts, Giftland Office Max, Guyana Tourism Authority, Top Brandz Distributors (Corona Beer).

By Edison Jefford The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) officially handed over the Championships trophy and prize money to Dyna’s Ravens at a cocktail reception that was held at the New Palm Court Friday night. President of the GABF, Nigel Hinds opened his remarks with the famous Barack Obama quote: “They said this day would never come...” which was a direct quip at the fact that the new GABF Administration managed to host a successful National Championships. The GABF Nation-wide tournament, called ‘Road to Mecca’, was played over five weekends at local basketball’s Mecca, the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall with Ravens emerging Champions from the 16 participating teams, winning $400,000 in the process. “We held a successful National Championship and we plan to hold on to the momentum; we have a lot to be thankful for and it is important that we continue to raise our game and improve the level of basketball in

Guyana,” Hinds continued. Admittedly, he said that Guyana seems to be in the deficit when compared to countries in the Caribbean, but if efforts are made to continue lifting the game, then there is no doubt that the country will be able to compete at “the highest level”. Vice-President of the GABF, Michael Singh indicated that the players shortlisted to go into the training camp for the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in July will be known soon. He said that the three sub-associations will provide names. Among those that also received awards were Raiders, for finishing Runner-up, earning the right to be the nation’s second best club and Akeem Kanhai, who was unanimously adjudged the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament. Ravens guards Dominic Vincente and Rodwell Fortune shared the Finals MVP Award while the Colts guard, Shelroy Thomas was Scoring Champion. Colts finished third in the

tournament with Amelia’s Ward Jets finishing fourth after losing to Colts. Raiders’ Dwayne Roberts won the award for Most Rebounds with Kanhai also picking up the Most Assist prize. Meanwhile, the forum at New Palm Court was also used to officially announce ‘From Mecca to Mackenzie’ Basketball Playoffs that will be held at the Mackenzie Sports Club Court in Linden this Saturday, beginning at 7pm. The tournament is aimed at giving Lindeners an opportunity to see what they may have missed at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall last Sunday night. It will feature return games with Ravens taking on Raiders; Colts battling Jets and Kings coming up against Pacesetters. Georgetown’s three best clubs will play Linden’s top three clubs in the return fixture, which will bring the national rivalry to Linden. Sports Management Inc. is hosting the event that GABF has sanctioned. Stag Beer is the official sponsor of ‘From Mecca to Mackenzie’.

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Sunday March 30, 2014

St Lucia Tri Nation Boxing Extravaganza

Ron Smith, Delon Charles register victories; Braithwaite loses first of trilogy By Michael Benjamin in Castries St Lucia with the compliments of Mings Products and Services Ltd, Vision Sounds and LIAT Airlines A scorching display of power punching earned Guyanese boxer, Ron Smith a close 2-1 verdict in his 60kgs elite bout against St Lucian boxer, Ron Bastien when the curtains went up on the Tri Nation Boxing Extravaganza here in St Lucia at the Vigie Multipurpose Complex, Friday evening last. Elite 56kgs contender, Delon Charles, also kept the Golden Arrowhead fluttering high when he dug deep to defeat another St Lucian, Joshua Duberry, to cart off the honours in that division but the Guyanese suffered a setback in the 64kgs elite category when Bert Braithwaite, despite a spirited performance, surrendered a unanimous verdict to his nemesis, Lynden ‘The Russian’ Marcellin, in a bout that had all the ingredients of an Olympics encounter. Charles was the first Guyanese to box and he threw a range of punches that pushed his man on the back foot and into the ropes where he (Charles) reeled off stiff combinations. The bout developed into a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ affair in the second stanza as both

pugilists lashed out with vicious combinations, each attempting to seize the initiative. The Guyanese boxer demonstrated admirable courage and determination when he weaved inside and backed up his man in one of the neutral corners and unleashed a flurry of punches and though the punches rocked Duberry, the referee inexplicably refused to institute a mandatory 8 count. This was the case on several occasions when Charles unleashed vicious combinations to his opponent’s head yet the referee refused to at least issue a count. If there was anything that could be said of Duberry, he demonstrated immense courage and though he was on the receiving end for most of the preceding rounds, he entered the third with renewed vigour and forced Charles to work overtime to stay in front. But the Guyanese was up to the task and unleashed several combinations that rocked his man and kept him at bay. It was also around that time that the effects of the gruelling encounter started to take effect on Charles and he was punished with several looping blows as Duberry launched a late assault. H o w e v e r, C h a r l e s refused to say die and though his punches were less penetrative, he nonetheless battled right down to the

Guyanese Ron Smith (left) poses with Ron Bastian shortly after winning their 69kgs (elite) encounter. sound of the bell to cart off a close split decision verdict. Braithwaite started his bout aggressively against the southpaw Marcellin and landed some telling combinations before the St Lucian got into his act. The latter boxer landed some long range blows that disturbed Braithwaite’s rhythm as both pugilists enjoyed bright moments in the first round. Braithwaite stayed in contention for about one minute into the second round before Marcellin turned up the heat and scored with some vicious blows that had the Guyanese in some trouble, Braithwaite attempted to match ‘The Russian’s’ aggression but Marcellin was more tactical and staved off the attack with several vicious combinations. The two pugilists then engaged in a delightful exchange in one of

the neutral corners and though Braithwaite attempted to match his opponent’s aggression, it was clear that he was not having things his way. With the crowd on his side and to their chants, Marcellin turned up the heat as the second round wound down, and forced Braithwaite on the retreat until the bell broke his flow. A resurged effort by Braithwaite early in the third round rocked his man but the St Lucian responded with a vicious volley of punches that pushed Braithwaite backwards. The two gladiators then engaged in a wicked exchange of punches in one of the neutral corners and for the first time Marcellin appeared to feel the effects of the gruelling affair. Notwithstanding, he had worked hard in the preceding rounds and the general view among patrons

was that he had done enough in the early stages of the bout to earn the verdict. The judges concurred. Otherwise the St Lucians dominated their opponents from Martinique with only Gervais Capron breaking the monotony with a points verdict over St Lucian, Heslie Joseph in the 56kgs elite category. Other decisions read: Juniors 64kgs: Ian Aubert prevailed over Jamal Mitchell in an all St Lucian affair while in the 64kgs category Luidji Michel (Martinique) failed to get past Adrian Louis (St Lucia). In the Novice, 81kgs class, Gregory Heloise (Martinique) suffered a knockout loss to policeman,Yatil Roberts (St Lucia) in 1:25secs of the 3rd round while in the 69kgs Elite category, Nyron David (St Lucia) prevailed over Yancy Megange (Martinique) in a fight where the latter fighter felt that he was ‘done in.’ The decision sparked controversy with M e n g a n g e ’s t r a i n e r s vociferously debunking the judges verdict and forcing the intervention of IABA referee, James Beckles to quell the dispute.. All three Guyanese boxers were expected to be in action again last night but up to press time we could not determine whether the second encounter with Braithwaite and Marcellin was on. The organizers were mulling the wisdom of the encounter

after the gruelling first fight and were contemplating just one more encounter between the two tonight. Meanwhile, President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle arrived in St Lucia a mere hour before the card got underway and made a first-hand assessment of his charges performances. He said that he was heartened by the performances of the boxers and feels that they are responding nicely to the developmental programmes of the GBA. Mr. Ninvalle said that though Braithwaite had lost, he had given a good account of himself but was undone by a superior boxer in Marcellin. Notwithstanding, Mr. Ninvalle said that Braithwaite still has the ability to overturn the decision should the organizers decide that it was safe for him to engage the St Lucian in the remaining fights. The GBA President lauded the executives of the Saint Lucia Amateur Boxing Association (SLABA) for their hard work in making the tournament a reality even amidst the many challenges. Ninvalle also had kind words for supporting members of the corporate community including LIAT Airlines, the proprietor of Trustees Pawn Shop, Monty Braithwaite, and the Permanent Secretary (MCY&S), Alfred King, for their unstinted support towards the development of the sport.

Holder of ticket #2302 wins trip to B/dos Top Gear Festival The Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) Raffle was drawn on Friday evening, at the club’s Headquarters on Albert Street. Holder of ticket #2302 will enjoy a trip for two to the Barbados Top Gear Festival where hotel and transportation costs will be borne by the Organisers. Holder of the winning ticket could contact the GMR&SC for further information. Meanwhile, Top Gear Festival Barbados will host an international round of this

year’s Red Bull Global Rally-cross Championship adding to the already impressive line-up of motoring entertainment taking place at the festival on the 17th & 18th May this year. The action-packed weekend, which takes place at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit, Barbados, will be the first time both parties have partnered on a live event as well as their first visit to the Caribbean. The Top Gear Festival (Continued on page 63)

This is what the action will look like at the Barbados Top Gea r Festival and two lucky Guyanese will have the opportunity to be there.

Sunday March 30, 2014

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JKA/WF Guyana Karate Grading

8 Black Belt promotions, over 100 students graded

Participants of the JKA/WF Guyana grading exercise pose with Sensei Yasuaki Nagatomo and other officials at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The combined Dojos of the Japan Karate A s s o c i a t i o n / Wo r l d Federation Guyana held its first grading exercise for 2014 on Saturday last (March 22) at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall where a total of 112 members were tested for promotion. Twelve (12) students

were tested for advanced ranks; 7 tested for Shodan (1st Degree Black belt); 4 for Nidan (2nd Degree Black belt) and 1 for Sandan (3rd Degree Black belt). The grading exercise was conducted under the watchful eyes of Japanese exponent - 6th Dan - Sensei Yasuaki Nagatomo who is

also Chief Instructor of JKA New Mexico. Sensei Nagatomo arrived in Guyana as Guest of JKA/WF Guyana on the morning of Friday 21st from the mountain state, Santa Fe, New Mexico. JKA/WF Guyana members present, were part of a training clinic done by Sensei Nagatomo prior to

them being graded and a second clinic for all Black belts subsequently. Both clinics were filled with insights and covered much of the JKA’s syllabus and technical knowledge. Sensei Nagatomo’s charisma didn’t only resonate with the students but also the spectators present.

In attendance was the honorable consul to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Kashir Khan, Mrs. Simone Nurse (Headmistress of Mae’s Primary School, Annex) and Mr. Ganpat Sahai. As the grading commenced, the Dan ranks were tested first. Those successful at the Shodan

promotions were two adults Abdur Kellman and the lone female Christina Chaves; teenagers Jordon Denny and Andy Sam-Reddy from Berbice who both became the new inductees to the Black belt fraternity. Marlon George, Shermon Best formerly Kyte (Continued on page 63)

t r o Sp Milo/Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition

Defending champs St. George’s and Lodge to meet in Saturday’s final - Christ Church and Kingston to contest third place P.63

Action in the clash between Lodge and Kingston yesterday, while (inset top) (from left)- Shemar Smith and Orlando Gravesande, (inset bottom) (from left) Marlon Duncan, Ozeal Small and Orin Moore Jnr were on target.

Inaugural Star Party Rentals 11-Race Cycle Meet

Godfrey Pollydore rides to victory in feature

Dexter Marques out to blunt ‘The Cutting Edge’ as P.61 Jamaica invade Guyana April 5th St Lucia Tri Nation Boxing Extravaganza

Ron Smith, Delon Charles register victories; Braithwaite loses first of trilogy P.66

P.52 Experience outduels youth as veteran Godfrey Pollydore (right) noses to victory ahead of Michael Anthony.

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