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Wednesday March 26, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

A minibus driver who knows the law DEAR SIR, This is my first letter to your prestigious newspaper. I must take the time to congratulate you on the excellent job you always do for the nation. I am the owner of a minibus which I use to take school children to and from school in the Westminster/ Number One canal area Recently we were harassed by the police not only on the West Bank but around town as well for not having a physical conductor on board Why I say physical conductor is because in addition to my drivers licence, I have a valid conductors licence as well. The police

claim that once the bus has more than 14 seats (mine is a 15 seater) I cannot work without a conductor A copy of my road service section 9 (b) says, “The prescribed authority may at his discretion, if the seating capacity of the vehicle exceeds fourteen (14) passengers required then a licensed conductor shall be carried in addition to the driver and if no conductor is carried the driver shall be licensed as the conductor.” It is my understanding that I can work without a physical conductor as long as I am licensed. Could you shed some light on this? Wade Daniels


DEAR EDITOR, I read with much interest a letter/tribute by Eric Phillips, executive member of ACADA of one Laurence Clairmonte Clarke “a loyal life member of ACDA at one time. My pores stood up-his accolades, outstanding athletics and illustrious academic achievements are stunning. As Mr Phillips informed us; “his legacy at Queens’ College was carved into the school’s history during Queens’ College golden age of sports”. He will go down as one of the architects of excellence in both academic and extra curricula activities at QC.

MPs must stop toying... From page 4 continue to imperfectly ape after nearly a half a century of Independence. What about the various committees? Would the majority opposition continue to have both the chairmanship and the majority of members on committees, thus ending the PPP debilitating domination of Parliament during the past 20 years? What are the mandates of the committees? Would they have the required authority and resources? Would the opposition MPs have offices, staff and research capability to make these bodies effective? Would these committees have power to summon public officials to a

hearing? And, as has happened, could officials disregard such summons with impunity? Could any minister refuse to answer questions of the committees without penalty? And if any official tells untruths would they be charged for perjury and jailed as happens in the US Congress, counterpart of Guyana’s Parliament? And what would be the outcome of any hearings? Could the committee recommend that criminal investigations be instituted against any minister or state enterprise chairman or CEO over whom there is abundant suspicion of corruption?

Would any Governmentchaired committee with majority members from the Government recommend a ministerial colleague or one of their appointees be investigated for corruption? Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Here was a life full of luminary academic performances. As a scholar extraordinaire he was fluent in three languages: English, French, and Portuguese: A PhD in Monetary Economics from U.W.L A Masters in Business Administration from the University of Windsor in Canada, (in Finance and International Business, first class); A BSc in Economics from University of Guyana and a Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Windsor (special honours); eight O’Level and three ‘A’ Level passes at QC. He served for many years at the World Bank where he was an acclaimed Economist, Chartered International Banker and Director; was one time Resident Representative and Country Manager for Zambie, Angola, Ethiopia and Sudan; Director of World Bank in Mozambique. At QC: Head prefect; Table Tennis Captain, member of the Cricket Team, Editor of Q.C Lictor and magazine; a

Sergeant of the School’s Cadet Corps; President of Y.S.M in Plaisance/ Sparendaam; headed a fiveman delegation to the World Assembly of Youth at the United Nation-1970, indeed one of Guyana’s brightest minds. What more can one expect? And Eric Phillips further enlighten us that along with other sharp minds - Dr Kenneth King and one Clarence Ellis— Laurence Clarke played an important role in ACDA’s evolution. He was certainly one of ACDA’s heroes and role model for kids at the school. I’m always enthralled when reading about people of such remarkable cerebral/ brilliance. One never just glosses over gifted and distinguished personalities par excellence without pausing for a moment to imagine and ponder upon the creation of such profound spirit, soul-whet ever. And the heights, achievements of these personalities are deserving of

spreading, not only to students at ACDA but beyond - why not!? It is the very first time I’m hearing about Mr. Laurence Clarke any way. I often wonder how often we transfer such illustrious academic career to impact on our youngsters as real role models. It’s amazing the number of high profile Guyanese like him who are scattered across the globe, serving and working assiduously in senior capacity in various disciplines but for whatever reason we have lost their talent to other peoples of the world - our lost, their gain no sweat, but still they should be made known and as we say in street talk “big up” before they are removed from the planet, since no one knows the hour, the time of departure. The tribute by Mr Phillips was very informative and I was touched by it, especially when he posits that Clarke’s greatness was beyond his academic and athletic achievements, but more so in his humility, the deep loyal friendship he created and sustained. Frank Fyffe

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

PM’s son testifies....

CPC to ‘reformulate’ third draft of “She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife…and I pulled out my gun” APNU’s proposed amendments The Parliamentary Select Committee on the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Amendment Bill, met again last evening, but failed to make any positive headway as A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s proposed amendments continue to be problematic. According to Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill, the entire meeting was spent “looking at what can best be described as the reformulation of Mr. (Carl) Greenidge’s proposal or amendments”. Minister Edghill said, at the previous meeting the draft amendments were looked at,

Juan Edghill by the committee but Mr. Greenidge asked for some time to reformulate the proposed amendment and to submit that to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPC).

Logger blasted to death with unlicenced shotgun A logging concession owner died on Monday night after accidentally shooting himself below the chin with an unlicenced 12-gauge shotgun at Oku Backdam, Cuyuni/ Mazaruni. Police identified the victim as Eldon Gaime, of Pomona, Essequibo Coast. According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, Gaime, who is in his thirties, was preparing to go hunting at around 21.00 hrs on Monday when he got into an argument with one of his workers. A source said that the man struck Gaime with a stone and another worker was forced to intervene. Kaieteur News understands that Gaime then clambered onto a tractor with the unlicenced shotgun clutched between his legs and with the barrel pointing upwards. Sources said that it was then that he accidentally discharged the firearm. He was reportedly blasted at close range below the chin and died instantaneously. Police ranks brought the body to Bartica last night and were still taking statements from three of the dead man’s employees at press time. Gaime reportedly only bought the concession about eight weeks ago and had employed several close friends from his community.

“The Chief Parliamentary Counsel having received those instructions and that formulation put out a new draft, and today we looked at that draft, but again there is still need for another reformulation of that second draft,” he said. “There is still need for another reformulation because he (Mr. Greenidge) is still thinking and while he is thinking it seems to be an unending open-ended process of trying to put some administrative structure in place that will satisfy the requirements of the international standard which we have not yet gotten right”. This, the Minister said, will make the third reformulated draft of the APNU’s proposed amendments which will be brought before the committee. In addition, he said, interestingly the tone of the committee has changed, as there is more willingness on the part of the opposition to listen. “They are listening after they would have discovered that their amendments as proposed are in the original format …they are proving to be extremely troublesome and the practical working out of it has not been properly visualised and contextualised and reformulated.” In February, APNU submitted two proposed amendments to the Parliamentary Select Committee which have been very difficult. Apart from posing a problem with being drafted, the proposed amendments have been rejected strongly by a wide cross section of Guyanese. (GINA)

As the trial for the Prime Minister ’s son and his teenaged sister-in-law continues to engage the attention of a city Magistrate, both parties accused of attacking each other were called to detail the encounter. Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond again heard about the argument over a missing cellular phone that escalated to a fight and landed both parties in court before her to face charges. The trials for Samuel Hinds Jr., 33, and Tenza Lane, 18, are being conducted at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Hinds and Lane are both accused of displaying threatening behaviour to each other at their 83 Duke Street, Georgetown residence on February 27. Lane, however, is also charged for using threatening behaviour towards her sister, Cadet Officer Sonia Herbert. Additionally, Hinds faces one count of unlawfully and malicious wounding while Lane is charged for assaulting him. Hinds is being defended by Attorney Peter Hugh. Lane has sought representation from Legal Aid Clinic head Simone Archer. Both parties are being prosecuted by Lance Corporal Jomo Nichols. As the trial against Hinds got underway, Constable Samantha Garraway testified as to the part she played in the investigations. Garraway explained that she held a confrontation between the two accused and also escorted Lane to the police doctor for a medical examination. During cross examination,

ACCUSED: Tenza Lane

ACCUSED: Samuel Hinds Jr.

Garraway confessed that she did not note any observed injuries in her statement but claimed that she noticed red marks and scratches about the teen’s body. Hugh successfully made an application for the Constable to return to the court also with the station diary for him to continue his cross examination. Lane, who had an emotional breakdown on the previous occasion, was once again called to take the stand and continued giving her evidence. Lane told the court that she did not give Hinds any reason to attack her. Hugh requested for her to be called again for cross-examination. Soon after, the trial against Lane commenced and Hinds was the sole witness called to testify. He explained that he had misplaced a phone on February 26 and insisted that Lane was the only one at home at the time it went missing. “ We had a misunderstanding on the Wednesday, and myself

and her sister asked her to leave and find somewhere else to live and she refused to do so.” He indicated that he held onto her hand and attempted to have her removed from the house but she refused to comply and attacked him. “We both ended up on the ground. After we parted, she went into the kitchen and hunted for a knife. Fearing that she would try to stab me, I moved ten feet away and took out the firearm I had on my side.” “At that time, she said she was going to kill me and her sister. I was a bit afraid because I didn’t know what would have happened.” “Her sister Sonia Herbert was there. After I pulled out my firearm, she (Herbert) approached me and said that she will deal with having her removed from the house.” Hinds claimed that he then left the premises but was later asked to report to Brickdam Police Station where he gave statements about the stolen cellular phone as well as the incident between the two. Archer cross-examined Hinds and the Prosecutor declined re-examination. The trials are scheduled to continue on April 2.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

West, Russia signal line drawn in Ukraine crisis THE HAGUE/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia and the West drew a tentative line under the Ukraine crisis yesterday after U.S. President Barack Obama and his allies agreed to hold off on more damaging economic sanctions unless Moscow goes beyond the seizure of Crimea. Describing Russia as a “regional power” and not the biggest national security threat to the United States, Obama said Russian forces would not be removed militarily from Crimea, but the annexation of the Black Sea region was not a “done deal” because the international community would not recognize it. “It is up to Russia to act responsibly and show itself once again to be willing to abide by international norms and ... if it fails to do so, there will be some costs,” he told a news conference at the end of a nuclear security summit in The Hague. After scoffing at a decision by Obama and his

Barack Obama Western allies to boycott a planned Group of Eight summit in Sochi in June and hold a G7 summit without Russia instead, the Kremlin said it was keen to maintain contact with G8 partners. “The Russian side continues to be ready to have such contacts at all levels, including the top level. We are interested in such contacts,” President Vladimir Putin’s

spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told Interfax news agency. Obama said he was concerned at the possibility of further Russian “encroachment” into Ukraine and believed Putin was still “making a series of calculations”. He insisted Russian speakers face no threat in the country, contrary to Moscow’s assertions. He urged Putin to let Ukrainians choose their own destiny free from intimidation, saying he was sure they would opt for good relations with both the European Union and Moscow rather than making a zero-sum choice for one against the other. “Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors, not out of strength but out of weakness,” Obama said. “We (the United States) have considerable influence on our neighbors. We generally don’t need to invade them in order to have a strong cooperative relationship with them.”

Brotherhood head, 682 others tried in Egypt after mass death sentence MINYA, Egypt (Reuters) - The leader of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and 682 others went on trial yesterday on charges including murder, a day after more than 500 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mursi were sentenced to death. The mass trials and death sentences - the biggest in Egypt’s modern history - are signs that the crackdown on Mursi’s Brotherhood is intensifying ahead of presidential elections that army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is expected to win. The Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, 70, and the others are being tried in the same court that a day earlier condemned 529 members of the Islamist group to death, a verdict condemned by foreign governments and rights groups. Defense lawyers boycotted yesterday’s court session after complaining of irregularities, and reporters were barred. “We refrained from attending ... because the judge has violated criminal law procedures and did not allow the (lawyers) to present

Mohamed Mursi their Defense,” Adel Ali, a member of the Defense team, told Reuters. Protests erupted after yesterday’s trial began, with police firing tear gas to deter hundreds of demonstrators. An Islamist alliance that includes the Brotherhood has called on Egyptians to stage nationwide protests today. The U.N. human rights office said Monday’s mass death sentences contravened international law and the ruling was also criticized by the European Union and the

United States. The United States escalated its criticism yesterday. “The imposition of the death penalty for 529 defendants after a two-day summary proceeding cannot be reconciled with Egypt’s obligations under international human rights law, and its implementation of these sentences ... would be unconscionable,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told a news briefing in Washington. The death sentences on Monday and the start of the new mass trial yesterday “represent a flagrant disregard for basic standards of justice,” Harf said.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

CARICOM renews call for end to trade embargo against Cuba Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation - The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping yesterday renewed a call for the United States to end its decades old trade embargo against Cuba as the region reiterated its desire to main a close relationship with the Spanish-speaking Caribbean country. “CARICOM knows well the value of unity on the international front given that co-ordination of foreign policy is one of the pillars of our integration movement. We have, as a bloc, joined with like-minded states to both advance and protect our interests and support causes and initiatives of priority concern to us. “This is why we have consistently supported United Nations resolutions aimed at ending the US embargo on Cuba and will continue to do so,” CARICOM Secretary general Irwin la Rocque said as he accepted the credentials of Cuba’s fourth Plenipotentiary Representative, Julio Cesar Gonzalez Marchante. Washingt o n i m p o s e d the trade and economic embargo against Havana in 1960, two years after the former president Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime. The embargo is enforced mainly with six statutes and the United States has consistently voted at the United Nations against the removal of the embargo.

Irwin la Rocque In 1999, then US President Bill Clinton expanded the trade embargo by disallowing foreign subsidiaries of US companies to trade with Cuba and a year later he authorised the sale of certain “humanitarian” Us products to Havana. La Rocque told the ceremony that the relationship between Cuba and CARICOM is unique, forged over several decades. “In fact, since the historic day of 8 December 1972, which saw the establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba by Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, the bonds of friendship and solidarity between our countries have grown and deepened significantly,” he said, adding that the day is now celebrated annually as CARICOM-Cuba Day.

La Rocque said the relationship between Cuba and CARICOM has been a trailblazer in South-South cooperation highlighted by the summits held every three years and the meeting of foreign ministers every 18 months. “These high-level political encounters provide our countries with the opportunity to discuss areas of mutual interest and identify areas for co-operation. That co-operation has also extended to the practice of mutual support in the hemispheric and international arenas. “ La Rocque said the last summit in 2011 had identified nine areas for technical cooperation, four of which are at the regional level and the others bilaterally between member states and Cuba. He said there were other possible areas for collaboration and cooperation on the international front making reference to preventing and controlling noncommunicable diseases, climate change and implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. “These are areas which lend themselves to us working together regionally and joining forces in the international arena to promote the search for the best possible solutions, given the potential of these issues to hinder our social and economic development. “

GRANNY, 83, MAULED TO DEATH BY PITBULLS Trinidad Express - Three pitbulls yestereday afternoon attacked and mauled to death an 83-year-old woman. Sylvia Roberts was savaged by the dogs after she stepped out of her home at Archibald Street, Tunapuna to check on her mail. Her screams brought neighbours who called the police. However, although officers arrived within minutes, the woman was already dead in the front yard. Officers, who got the distress call at around 1.15 p.m. shot and killed all three animals. The dogs are said to belong to the woman’s 43year-old son who was at work at the time. The Express was told that the dogs are unleashed during the day and allowed to roam about the secured compound. Last August 26, 84-yearold grandmother Lillian Bunsee was bitten to death by a pitbull which escaped the family’s kennel at La Seiva

Road, Maraval. No criminal action was taken against anyone in that case. Last week, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said Government would be moving for the immediate proclamation of some aspects of the Dog Control Amendment Act. The Act was passed in the Senate by 15 votes for/ 8 against/ and five abstentions. All 15 government senators voted in favour of the measure, while all six PNM senators along with two IndependentsSenators Elton Prescott and Ian Roach voted against and five Independents- Senators Subhas Ramkhelawan, Helen Drayton, Rolph Balgobin, Dhanayshar Mahabir and David Small- abstained. Ramlogan said he gave instructions for the regulations to be prepared in consultation with the Ministry of Local Government. “I also intend to proclaim with immediate

effect, some aspects of the law, for example the criminal offence for those persons who abandon their pitbulls in the streets. He said this action would put at risk the lives of innocent citizens”. He said the Minister of Local Government is working assiduously to address the capacity issues at the various dog pounds. On the fact that the Independents did not support the bill, Ramlogan said the it was clear that they were not against the measure, but had reservations about the breed-specific policy behind the legislation (which only targeted pitbulls and two other breeds of dogs). Ramlogan said to “criminalise” all dogs would be a “social disaster” and to subject all dog owners to the onerous conditions and restriction in the legislation, the financial costs and severe penalties was impractical, unrealistic and harsh.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

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Will the AFC extend its walkout to the entire debate on the budget? The Alliance For Change (AFC) has joined the theatrical bandwagon. Its representatives in the House have introduced their own brand of parliamentary melodrama, by walking out of the National Assembly just prior to the reading of the 2014 Budget Speech. What inspired this walkout? Well, the AFC’s latest histrionics was a means of protesting the lack of meaningful consultation over the Budget. In support of the action taken, the AFC is contending that Article 13 of the Constitution states that the objective of the political system is to have an inclusionary democracy, and this objective was not heeded by the government. Article 13 has become a refuge of those who feel that the government should do what they want the government to do. The government itself is also guilty of using Article 13 as a political rag. Just recently it claimed that the consultations it held on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill was consistent with the process of an inclusionary democracy. The AFC has accused the government of violating the Constitution by not having meaningful consultation on the Budget. But how does it know this? Is it not the very opposition which has contended that it is only the Courts which can rule on the

constitutionality of legislation? So are we to assume that the opposition is now saying that it has the prerogative to pronounce on the constitutionality of acts of the government but it is not for the government to do the same in relation to acts of the opposition in the legislature? The AFC is contending that by not holding meaningful consultation, the government is violating the Constitution. But in the same breath, the AFC is threatening to do the very thing that it is accusing the government of. The Courts have ruled that the National Assembly cannot cut the Budget. It can approve or it can withhold approval, but it cannot amend. This is the decision of the Courts. Any act to therefore cut the Budget would be an unconstitutional act because the Court has made a declaration on this question of amending the Budget. It is quite ironical and barefaced for the AFC to in one breath indicate that it will be cutting the Budget, an act that would be in contravention of the Constitution as declared by the Courts, and yet in the same breath, to be accusing the government of violating the Constitution by not holding meaningful consultation on the Budget. It is instructive that the AFC has referred to “meaningful consultation” and not just mere consultation. The government in its defence can

contend that it did consult and did invite the opposition to be part of the consultation. So the opportunity for consultation was afforded. APNU did not take up that invitation arguing that the invitation came too late for any meaningful discussions to take place. Article 13 of course does not speak at all to the question of meaningful consultation. In fact the word “consultation” is not even mentioned in Article 13. So it is hard to hazard a guess as to just where the AFC gets the idea that there exists a right to “meaningful” consultation on the Budget. Article 13 states as follows: The principal objective of the political system of the State is to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increasing opportunities for the participation of citizens and their organizations in the management and decisionmaking processes of the State, with particular emphasis on those areas of decision-making that directly affect their well-being. The AFC by its histrionics in the National Assembly on Monday is inferring that this provision creates a right, that of meaningful consultation. Never mind the fact that the article in itself makes no mention of meaningful consultation and never mind the article in question refers to increasing opportunities for the participation of citizens and their organizations in the

Dem boys seh

Donald mek Jagdeo get fever, Bobby run wid Limacol Power is something that when some people get a li’l bit dem does think dem can walk pun people, talk anyhow to dem and even kick people. De Cabinet full of dem and Donald didn’t know that. Is de other day when dem boys clean out he eye after Jagdeo throw powder in he eye that he see de powerful people who deh round he. And Jagdeo throw de powder in he eye because he start fuh see too much. He see who does thief and how much dem does thief; he see who does gie way and who dem does gie it to; he see how Jagdeo pushing heself fuh tek way Donald chair. He mek people believe that he was running things and that Donald was he

puppet. Well dem boys seh that Donald let loose and let him have it. Even Rohee get a dose. He was de one who seh that he don’t believe Jagdeo thief. He change he tune when Donald done wid ee. Donald cuss Jagdeo and mek de man get fever. Bobby had to run wid a dozen bottle of Limacol fuh revive de man. Up to now Jagdeo still smelling of Limacol. Irfaat get fever too. He tekking taxpayers’ money and putting it in Bobby pocket. He tek two whole page ad fuh World Water Day Saturday. He give dem other paper, but he refuse to give de Waterfalls paper. He adopt that attitude from de Jagdeo administration. Donald hear bout that and

he let loose all dem cannon. Dem boys love wha dem hear he tell Irfaat. “Is not you mudda money; is not you fadda money; is de taxpayer dollars. Y’all have to stop this effing nonsense and give de taxpayers value fuh dem effing money.” Irfaat call right away and complain to Jagdeo who tell he that ‘we push de man button too far. De man wake up. He clean he eyes, he clean he ears, he clean he face and all about de place. I can’t help alyuh no more’. That is wha Jagdeo tell Irfaat. And that is why Irfaat now calling de Waterfalls paper every hour fuh beg pardon. Talk half and expect fuh smell nuff Limacol.

management and decisionmaking of the State. The AFC has within its membership sufficient legal expertise to appreciate that like any Constitution there are provisions in Guyana’s Constitution that speak to goals to be aspired. These are provisions relating to the social and economic objectives of the State. They are declaratory provisions, they declare objectives; they do not create rights. These provisions, such as Article 13 are not-justiciable. They are not the subject matter of legal challenges, or in other words, they are outside of the realm of judicial review. They merely speak to objectives; they do not create legally enforceable rights. Any first-year Constitutional Law student should know this. There is therefore no justifiable reason why the AFC, with its repertoire of legal knowledge and experience, should not be aware of the legal standing of Article 13. There are other provisions of the Constitution

which create enforceable rights. These are usually referred to the fundamental rights provisions. These provisions create negative obligations for governments. Thus, governments cannot do this or that in relation to these provisions. With respect to provisions such as Article 13, there is the creation of positive obligations, but not rights. Thus, the government is encouraged to do so and so, unlike the case of civil and political liberties where the government is prohibited from doing certain things such as suppressing free expression etc. The AFC, therefore, is

hanging from a weak limb when it seeks to defend its walkout of the National Assembly on the grounds that a constitutional right to meaningful consultation on the Budget exists. No such right exists. But since the AFC feels this way, it should not just stay away from the Budget Speech, it should stay away from the entire Budget debate and passage, and file an action in the Courts for constitutional remedies for the failure of the government to meaningfully consult with the opposition on the Budget.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014


Does the PPP honestly believe it is innocent or is it a deranged group? Every year I would publish an analytical review of world politics. I did so for 2013 but it was never printed. And that is because I never submitted it. On the occasion when I was about to send it, Guyana’s depraved exercise in power got in the way. It has been like that for many other columns. I did a review of a new book on Guyanese history that painted a pro-PPP position on the troubles of the sixties but never submitted it. The runaway train of depraved power got in the way. I rushed to my keyboard and analyzed a piece of mouthing-off by Mr. Jagdeo in Essequibo at a PPP meeting to celebrate twenty years in power in which he said he, Jagdeo, took away the young lover of a certain media owner in Guyana. I didn’t get the opportunity to send it off. Recently, I looked at the

inherent weakness of an observation by a certain weekly independent columnist in another newspaper in which he opined that the RACE thing exists in all countries, so why do we concentrate so obsessively on it in Guyana. It ended up lost somewhere on my hard drive. This week for sure, I will look at Fazil Khan. The reason why these columns remain invisible is because of the tsunami of power madness that gets in the way, so I rush to do another column on matters that need more attention. There is no letting up. Every day the Government of Guyana or the PPP does something that is so awful, so terrible, so undemocratic, that you have no time to publish an article on world politics or review a book on Guyanese history.

The exigency demands that you look at these waterfalls of political depravities. Today’s column should have been on the need for Guyana to suffer the consequences of the sanctions for the anti-money laundering lapse, so it can drive home to Guyanese that they have to be less selfdestructive and confront their heartless government on the desire for good governance. But here I am doing a different column. And it was motivated by the anger generated in me when I read a statement by the PPP rejecting an editorial by the Stabroek News, in which it opined that Mr. Jagdeo presided over some of the most disturbing periods in modern Guyanese history. Unbelievable would be the adjective that would come out of the mouth of

anyone who read the PPP reaction. The PPP let Stabroek News know that the more troubling days in Guyana’s history were under the Burnham Government and it cited Walter Rodney and Father Darke’s murders, and the shooting death of two protestors during the 1973 general elections. As you read this sickening denial of the PPP horror story since 1999 and including the reign of Mr. Ramotar, you wonder to yourself; are these people sick? Do they know what they have done since 1992 to this country? It is impossible not to ask yourself if the PPP is not a psychotic organization, in that it lives outside the mainstream of reality. How can a government be in power for twenty-two years, in which time, people were remanded for long

periods for treason and sedition; people hauled before the courts for libel; people murdered in suspicious circumstances, including a Minister, and directions point to a centralized hand; attempts made on the life of critics; the press hounded down; civil servants dismissed under circumstances even the colonial government would find too tyrannical. I could go on and the examples would fill volumes of books, not just newspaper columns, but my concern is not the mountains of depraved and abominable acts of tyranny committed against democracy in Guyana by the PPP since Mr. Jagdeo became president. There has been the constant need by the PPP to publicize the sins of the Burnham Government, with the specific desire to fool Guyanese into thinking that

Frederick Kissoon Mr. Burnham was the bad guy and Mr. Jagdeo was the good sermonizer. Two questions face you in dealing with this macabre situation. One is that the PPP is truly a psychologicallywrecked collective. It has no mental awareness that it has been and is a terrible government, the members of which cannot avoid prosecution if the PPP loses power. The second one is that the PPP is fully aware that it has virtually collapsed, has lost all moral standing in the eyes of the world, and its only hope is that in telling the young population of Guyana that the PNC is the bad guy, it can survive in the future. I doubt it.

$338M budgeted for critical works on Harbour Bridge Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, declared on Monday during the reading of the $220B budget, that the feasibility study for the new Demerara River Bridge is complete, and as such, the government has already invited expressions of interest for public-private partnerships for its construction. In the meantime, Dr. Singh said that given the poor state of the existing Demerara Harbour Bridge, some $338M has been budgeted for critical works to be done on the structure to further extend its life. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge, in an invited comment, said that while an allocation for the work on the existing bridge is welcomed, he will make a request for the feasibility study on the proposed structure to peruse its content. “The (Harbour) Bridge is in a very bad state and I welcome the allocation for the time being… and I am happy that the Minister recognizes that the Bridge needs to be properly maintained. As it relates to the feasibility study (on the proposed new Bridge), I would wish to see it first and after careful examination, give more detailed comments later on.” In the budget presentation, the Finance Minister indicated that the

government had started the technical examination of the options for constructing a new bridge across the Demerara River. The Minister also stated that $300M was budgeted for the rehabilitation of pontoons, buoys, sheaves and shackles, anchor chains and cluster piles to improve the structural integrity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge. Additionally, Dr. Singh, under the heading; Roads and Bridges, reminded that in 2013, Government invested $11.3 billion to continue the construction of the East Bank Demerara and East Coast Demerara four-lane highways, Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) access road, rural, community and hinterland roads, additional street lighting, and the rehabilitation of the Demerara Harbour Bridge. This year, $13.7 billion is budgeted to improve roads and bridges - $12.9 billion and $844.2 million respectively. He said that the four-lane access road to the CJIA and the East Bank Demerara fourlane highway are expected to be completed this year. The Minister informed members of the National Assembly that work is also expected to start on the West Coast Demerara Road. It will include pavement rehabilitation, pedestrian and cycle lanes in selected high traffic areas, and street lighting.

Also, the widening of the East Coast Highway will continue, and road reconstruction works for the upgrading of Better Hope to Belfield will begin. “Construction of the Parika/Ruby backdam roads will begin, thus opening up access to over 330 farming households and over 2,000 acres of mixed crop farming. Engineering designs for the Canal Polder Nos. 1 and 2 roads and feasibility studies and designs for the extension of the highway from Diamond to Timehri will be undertaken.” “On the East Bank Berbice, studies and designs will be completed and the complete reconstruction of six kilometres from Stanleytown to Everton and upgrade of 11.5 kilometres from Belle Vue to Light Town will commence.” He added, “We will complete a financial feasibility study for the construction of a bypass road from Ogle to Eccles which will open new areas for development and investment and create a second route to reduce the congestion for the East Bank Demerara traffic.” This, the Finance Minister expressed, will constitute the first phase in the development of an alternative route to the CJIA, thereby linking the two international airports and opening up a new (Continued on page 15)

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

Six entities bid to procure lab equipment for Solid Waste prog. The Georgetown Solid Waste Management programme received six bids yesterday for the procurement of laboratory equipment. The bids were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street.

Meanwhile, the Audit Office received bids for the procurement of auditing services.

Under the Citizens’ Security Programme, the Ministry of Home Affairs opened bids for the supply and delivery of computers for the Guyana Police Force management team.

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development received bids for the procurement of a tipping trailer and slasher for Herstelling/Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) region four.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

$500M for City clean-up is an election gimmick - City Hall By Zena Henry Already, arguments are brewing over the budgeted $500M that will be pumped into the City for its rehabilitation, with the government saying that it is doing what is required of it in terms of cleaning up Georgetown, while the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) claims that not only is the allocation a “election gimmick”, but it is also “a teardrop in the ocean.” Mayor Hamilton Green told reporters yesterday that “this is clearly an election gimmick or ploy as the runup to either Local Government Elections or as we suspect, National Elections.” He said it is clear that this $500M will be used for propaganda purposes and even though he has not seen the details of the venture, there is no suggested sum of sustainability. The Mayor suggested that local polls are being delayed, while the government is ignoring the M&CC and taking it upon itself to pump money into the City while depriving the Council of what it needs to perform those functions. He highlighted also that as the

“…a teardrop in the ocean”

Mayor Hamilton Green

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green

Local Govt. Minister Norman Whittaker

governing body of Georgetown, the Council was not consulted on this initiative. Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green described the $500M as a “teardrop in the ocean”. She explained that while the Council is being ignored and the government is seeking to submit the amount for rehabilitating the capital, it is grossly insufficient. The Deputy Mayor pointed to the 1996 findings of the Council’s engineer, that to overhaul the drainage

system alone would take more than $1B, keeping in mind the continued deterioration of the city. Chase-Green touched on the sustainability of the project and indicated that cleaning the city is one thing, but its maintenance is another. Minister within the Local Government Ministry Norman Whitaker is however unmoved by the Council’s comments. He told Kaieteur News yesterday that the government realized that something had to been done about the growing issue of

solid waste. “This amount of resource is being made available because there is recognition on the part of our government that something drastic has to be done early/quickly to address the solid waste bid. We thought when we engaged City Hall last year, in discussions as to what are the priorities and what will be done, that there would be significant improvement at their head; that didn’t happen.” He emphasized that at Cabinet level, he asked for

considerable increases to resources. He conveyed that, “It has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with environmental and sanitation concerns.” To allegations of the halfbillion-dollar cleanup project being an “election gimmick” and “party elections campaign”, the Minister said that political parties, groups and for the first time, individuals, can represent their constituencies. “These persons have a specific interest. The government’s interest in terms of elections is ensuring proper readiness; not because the Constitution says the Minister shall; it does not mean the Minister will blindly and stupidly call elections. This thing is not about what a political leader wants, my position remains the same,” he stressed. The Minister also pointed out that he did not consult the Mayor and his team on the use of the money, but the Town Clerk, the City Engineer and the Council’s Solid Waste Director were brought on board. Kaieteur News understands that none of the budgeted half-billion dollars will go to City Hall. On the other hand, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in a joint

statement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) welcomed the $1 billion that was budgeted for the nationwide ‘Clean-up Campaign’. “The Ministry sees this move as an investment to ensure a clean and healthy surrounding, and one that will deal with the problem of improper garbage disposal across our country, particularly the Capital City of Georgetown.” The Ministry said it is however “disturbed and baffled” at comments by the Mayor where he allegedly said that the budgeted sum is “unnecessary”. The Ministry said that the initiative will build on the ongoing ‘Pick it up Guyana’ Campaign and other recent efforts, such as the recently passed Litter Enforcement Regulations to tackle the problem of garbage and littering. The Ministry, via the Environmental Protection Agency, will enforce the Litter Regulations, through the hiring of Litter Prevention Wardens, and an aggressive ongoing public education campaign. “These initiatives are being rolled out in collaboration with local government bodies, including the Mayor and City Council.”

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

Eccles residents benefit from medical outreach

A nurse interacts with a resident yesterday at the Eccles/Ramsburg NDC. Residents from the Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) community were yesterday afforded the opportunity to sit and explain their health issues with members of a small medical outreach team from the Agricola Health Centre. The team comprised a doctor, two nurses, one pharmacist and a medex. The outreach was organized by workers from the Eccles/ Ramsburg Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) in collaboration with the Health Centre. According to Oswald Quamina, a councilor from the NDC, the outreach was organized in an effort to ease the “strain” of residents, primarily the elderly, having to go to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) or the Diamond Diagnostic Centre just for a checkup. “Sometimes persons would go to the GPHC and if they are not lucky, they would not get looked after the same day, and then there is transportation cost too,” Quamina said. With that in mind, he added that representatives from the NDC decided to have a medical outreach programme for the Eccles residents once every six months. According to the Councilor, the Ministry of Health assists in providing the medical personnel and drugs while the NDC raised money to foot the transportation bill to take elderly residents to and from their homes. Quamina explained that the money the NDC has to arrange is not more than fifty thousand dollars which also includes meals and

Oswald Quamina transportation for the medical personnel. “At the end of the day, our expectation is to satisfy those persons within the community that are ill or need to see the doctor.’ If a person needs further medical intervention, he or she will be transferred to the main referral hospital which is the GPHC. Asked how the residents were informed of the outreach, Quamina stressed that the workers from the

NDC went to each and every household in the community and gave them a slip. This publication was informed that residents were tested for High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and High Blood Sugar among other illnesses. They were also given medication. At the next outreach which will be held in six months, Quamina said that the NDC is expecting to have two doctors along with a dentist since the turnout from the public is massive. A resident, Tom Henry said that it is a good initiative to have health care workers visit the NDC twice a year. “Some people don’t like to go to the hospital often, even me. If I get a little headache or so I just take a pain killer and that is it because I ain’t able go till to the hospital to get a checkup and have to wait for hours, so this here is really good. You come and less than 10 minutes you are seen by a doctor,” Henry said. Last year more than 100 residents were seen by medical personnel and given medication at the NDC.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

MARAD/US Coast Guard seminar…

Implementation of improved port security codes highlighted Recommendations were made yesterday for the implementation of international maritime

security measures, which will combat global acts of terrorism and preserve Guyana’s international trade

and export markets. This was done as a threeday training exercise between the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) and the United States Coast Guard got underway. Several high-ranking officials of the local Maritime Department, including Chief Port Security Officer of MARAD, Dwayne Nurse and Director General of MARAD Claudette Rogers were in attendance at the seminar which is being held at the Regency Hotel, Hadfield Street Georgetown. According US Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander, Jonathan M. Mangum, the capacity building session is aimed at providing strategies for the implementation of international shipping and port facility codes, which will further strengthen Guyana’s defence against acts of terrorism and criminal activities at sea. He explained that from time to time, best practices on methods of preserving border safety paramount to international conflicts have been exchanged between the two Governments.

Mangum pledged the United States’ commitment to improving port security in Guyana, noting that periodically the US Coast Guard unit will carry out theoretical and practical drills to strengthen the discipline. “Owing on from the terrorism events on 11 September 2001, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreed to develop security measures applicable to ships and port facilities. These security measures have been included as amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea Convention,” he said. According to the US Coast Guard Commander, the code has two parts; Part A is mandatory while Part B is recommendatory, and which basically is aimed at establishing an international framework between contracting governments, government agencies, local administrations and the shipping and port industries to detect/assess security threats and take preventive measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade.

The objectives are to be achieved by the designation of appropriate security officers/personnel on each ship, port facility and in each shipping company, to prepare and to put into effect the security plans that will be approved. Meanwhile, Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn noted that the activity is critical to providing local maritime officials with strategies, which further improve Guyana’s economic capacity. “These events provide opportunities for us to assess and identity our training needs and therefore implement methods of screening, as well as maintaining a clean marine environment which will ensure the kind of culture and setting for business opportunities and improved economical development.” While noting the importance of working to ensure maritime industry has improved security measures in place to combat global acts of terrorisms and preserve the export market and economy, Minister Benn said that the issues of port

security training and maintaining the environment and the culture must be treated with continuous emphasis. Noting that there are a few incidents where Guyanese were found in unfortunate circumstances, in foreign territories, while at sea, the Minister stressed the importance of MARAD being aware of all information to provide assistance to international law enforcement agencies, whenever Guyanese vessels are held overseas. “We need to have a seriously improving, robust maritime industry. It is vital for officials overlooking the security of the ports to know what is on board…who is on board. This is critical in the everyday operations of the shipping industry,” Benn told the gathering. The Minister said that the Maritime Department must remain focused on ensuring the improved border integrity and urged officers to continue to maintain the actions which promote sustainable port security and facilitate continuous growth for the future development of Guyana.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Remigrant rice farmer claims sabotage

Pawan Pharsi Pawan Pharsi returned to Guyana in 2013 and invested in excess of $10M to set up a 25-acre rice farm at Wash Clothes Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. But after months of substantial monetary investments and intense labour, Pharsi claims that persons have been sabotaging his crops and land. “I can’t say for sure who it is, but it is not right at all. I

personally worked hard to prepare the land and plant the rice…for months now. I paid some people and together we set up the land n i c e , nice…but now somebody like they going there night time and they digging deep, deep drains and so on the land.” Pharsi said that the perpetrators, whoever they might be, have also damaged a structure which he erected for the purpose of camping in the fields when the need arises. “Is a 12 by 16 piece of place, and they even break that down and all too. It cost me ah lot ah money to set up the place to how it was,” Pharsi told Kaieteur News yesterday. He said that he became a lot angrier after the person(s) responsible for his losses went on to damaging his actual rice crop, which was almost ready to be reaped. “After so much time and effort, somebody like they go and spray the rice fields, damaging my rice crop… a whole 25 acres…that’s no easy thing, I’m being

- estimates losses in excess of $10M

A section of the damaged rice crop at Wash Clothes, Mahaicony, ECD. sabotaged, I don’t know what to do. I came back to Guyana to set things up so that I can move back, but now I might have to replace and rework everything,” Pharsi lamented. “Is barely a small piece of the rice field lef…like two feet or so,” he stressed. The Mahaicony resident told this newspaper that the

$338M budgeted for critical... (From page 10) development corridor for the East Bank Demerara. An amount of $7.7 billion is also allocated for the improvement of rural, community and hinterland roads and for street lighting from Belle Vue to Patentia. Further, Dr. Singh said that negotiations have advanced substantially between the Brazilian and

Guyanese technical working groups as it relates to the preparation of a design study for the construction of the Linden to Lethem road. “The technical assessment for alternative transport options, including the cost benefit analysis of a rail link to ultimately connect with the deep water harbour and container port on the

B e r b i c e R i v e r, w i l l b e completed.” Also, the Minister said that government has teamed up with the Surinamese government for the construction of a fixed bridge over the Corentyne River. “Resources are budgeted to upgrade the road link from Springlands to Moleson Creek and to prepare the bridge terminal facility.”

police have already taken samples of the damaged rice plants, so as to ascertain what chemicals were used. “I don’t know as yet which chemicals were used, but the police gone with the samples, so when they

finished testing that, I will know.” The Mahaicony resident pointed out that he has sought the assistance of authorities at the MahaicaMahaicony-Abary/ Agricultural Development

Authority (MMA/ADA) but nothing has so far been done. “Is heavy machinery going on the land and messing up all my earnings, but nothing is being done. I don’t know what else to do,” Pharsi said.

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Cuban cancer medication registered in 28 countries HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Nimotuzumab, a Cuban monoclonal antibody humanized to treat cancer, is registered in 28 countries, mainly in South America, Africa and Asia, in addition to Cuba. Specialists at the Center of Molecular Immunology, an institution of the BioCubaFarma Business Group, said that the product has shown its effectiveness in various cases of malignant tumours. Indicated for tumours in the head and neck in advanced stages, brain tumours and of the esophagus, Nimotuzumab is also used in other oncological ailments of the colon, rectum and liver, and in lung cancer among other locations. The monoclonal antibody and its results will be the focus of the three-day eighth global scientific meeting on Nimotuzumab — Nimomeeting 2014, which got underway yesterday. With Havana’s Convention Center as its venue, the forum brings together over 200 experts from some 20 nations, as well as about 20 international

biopharmaceutical companies interested in sharing experiences about the medication, the therapeutics of which are used in the medical specialties of oncology, oncopediatrics, radiotherapy, pediatrics and neurosurgery, among others. Meanwhile, Cuba is trying to take its diabetic foot ulcer drug known as Heberprot-P into the European market. Heberprot-P is a product based on human growth factor currently being administered in some 20 countries, mostly in Latin America.

According to the marketing director of the Havana-based Genetic Engineer and Biotechnology Center, Ernesto Lopez, the pre-clinical stage of the product, known in Europe as Epipropt, was carried out with good toxicological and safety results. In Spain, with an estimate 40,000 patients needing the Cuban drug, tests were carried out with no negative toxic results. The product has been developed since 2012 for research studies in other European nations. According to studies, amputation of lower limbs was reduced fourfold, with the surgical procedure in Europe currently costing over 50,000 Euros, and treatment of the condition some 20,000 Euros. It is the amputation of lower limbs as a direct consequence of diabetic foot ulcer that the Cuban medication avoids with a period of treatment of only six to seven months. Along with the therapeutic action on serious ulcers, the treatment has demonstrated a preventive nature in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Anti-Money Laundering Legislation…

Opposition ignoring the voices of the masses - PPP The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has cast blame for the non-passage of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML/CFT) squarely at the feet of the opposition parties and has expressed that their actions are affecting the people of Guyana. The PPP said that it has for some time now been conducting consultations across Guyana where its members met with residents and had discussions over the ramifications that the nonpassage of that Bill would have on Guyana. The party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee in a public missive related some of those concerns and frustrations stemming from those meetings which he outlined that residents related. According to Rohee, their engagements demonstrated how well Guyanese understand the issue at hand and that “they are well aware of the dire consequences that the non-passage of this Bill will bring to their lives and to the economy of our country. We saw our people speak directly to the Opposition, many of whom who would have voted for them, calling upon them to support this Bill; and informing them that they were placed in the Parliament upon the people’s vote, to act in their best interest, and not to play

puerile political games and using the people’s vote to blackmail them.” Rohee outlined that it was “revealing to hear the problems and difficulties that the people themselves explained they were already encountering” and the “suffering they predict they will have to endure, if this Bill is not passed.” He related that a woman from Anna Regina in Essequibo “explained the delay she faced to bury her dead husband because a remittance sent to cover funeral expenses was delayed at the money transfer agency.” He further said that “a gentleman from Greenwich Park, who claimed he voted for APNU [A Partnership for National Unity], asked Mr. David Granger directly on camera, why is it that he wants to punish his supporters. A resident of Bartica voiced the opinion that hundreds of Barticians will become criminals and their cash and gold seized, if the Opposition’s amendments are enacted.” According to Rohee, the people of Linden expressed fear that the foreign investors in the Bauxite industry will close operations and Region 10 residents will return to a state of joblessness, if this Bill is not passed. “The residents of Lusignan and Mahaica demanded mass protests and

fresh elections” Rohee said. He then articulated that “the people of New Amsterdam, many of whom voted for the Opposition, called for the madness to end and the Bill to be passed. A young man from Albouystown articulated great consternation, at the International Convention Centre, with the constant obstructionist approach of the Opposition on matters of national interest.” Additionally, Rohee made mention of the rice farmers, who he said asked “how do t h e O p p o s i t i o n Parliamentarians expect us to acquire fertilizer, machinery and spares when all these can only be obtained from overseas and the nonpassage of this Bill will stifle international trade between Guyana and every other country in the hemisphere?” APNU had previously said that the government should be in consultation with the coalition’s representatives in the Select Committee as opposed to going around the country spreading propaganda; as such APNU had refused to take part in the recent AML consultations held at the Convention Centre. Consultations over the AML/CFT Bill with the opposition and government are scheduled to resume in the Parliamentary Select Committee today.

$4.4B for housing sector Some $4.4B has been allocated to the housing sector this year with Government targeting 5,900 house lots and 4,100 land titles for distribution. According to Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, during his 2014 National Budget presentation on Monday, the focus will continue on developing new housing schemes, consolidating existing ones, increasing the provision of ‘turn-key’ homes and more construction of core homes. Last year, a total of $3.2B was spent in the sector with eight One-Stop-Shop outreaches held during which

4,417 lots were allocated and 5,326 titles processed. “Several new housing schemes were developed or consolidated with existing ones benefitting over 30,000 persons.” Through the publicprivate turnkey housing initiative, more than 90 singleflat concrete houses were constructed and under the Young Professional Housing Programme, 55 homes were completed, surpassing the 48 homes targeted. Under the Core House Pilot, 127 of these were completed, benefiting an additional 580 persons. An additional 153 subsidies were

disbursed under the Coastal Home Improvement Programme valued at $30.6M. Another 130 Hinterland Home Improvement subsidies valued $107.2M were also granted for the most vulnerable communities. According to Dr. Singh in the $220B budget, housing schemes development will continue at Eccles, Diamond, Anna Catherina, Uitvlugt, Bath, and No. 77 Village, among others. In addition, through the continuation of the public-private turnkey initiative, another 100 houses will be constructed and an additional 50 police officers, nurses and teachers will be allocated land to construct their homes. The sector will also see the completion and distribution of another 176 core houses, disbursement of 134 coastal home improvement subsidies valued at $26.8M. Some 54 hinterland subsidies valued $54M will be processed as well.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

Second phase of Energy and Resources Institute study completed - Report submitted to participating agencies An audit of Guyana’s potential for energy efficiency has been completed and findings and recommendations handed over to key stakeholders by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). The reports were handed over by Associate Director of TERI Dr. Rudra Rao on Monday during a simple ceremony at the Guyana International Conference Centre. Agencies which participated in the project, included the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA). TERI over the past few months has been spearheading a two -phase component project which gives technical support to the Guyana Government in the areas of climate change and energy. This second phase of the project was aimed at improving the output of the rice, sugar and manufacturing sectors. Dr. Rao said that the studies were conducted with rice mills, sugar estates, sawmills and manufacturing agencies to promote energy management and conservation and increase outputs. He highlighted that energy efficiency is the main method of fighting climate change and its global impact,

since unclean energy is the main contributor. He added that a three-year plan has been completed for the sugar industry and recommendations which came out of the study are expected to be adapted in the daily operations of the industry. Rao explained that some of the recommendations can be categorised as short, medium and long-term, so as to prioritise efforts to improve energy efficiency. Already other rice millers have expressed interest in being a part of the pilot project. Head of the Office of Climate Change, Shyam Nokta pointed out that some of the recommendations have already been adapted in various agencies and improvements are already being seen. Nokta further lauded TERI’s efforts and their commitment towards the project. The Climate Change Unit Head also announced that this project will be extended to a third phase, which will see the expansion of the focus on energy efficiency in social and productive sectors of society. Nokta said energy efficiency should be seen as a lifestyle and behavioural approach, a concept that is also advanced under Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). Meanwhile Minister of (Continued on page 26)

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US$2.5M Veterinary Lab scheduled to open Friday A number of persons have already been identified and trained to carry out operations at the US$2.5M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. In an invited comment, Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that the facility will have at least 22 staff members. He maintained that the lab, which was supposed to have been completed in November 2013, will be ready by Friday (March 28). The Minister said that the completion of the structure was dependent on the arrival of an air conditioning unit, which recently arrived from Texas, United States. “We had to install the AC unit before we could fully complete the building,” the Minister explained. He said that an additional contract had to be awarded for the installation of the equipment. This, Dr. Ramsammy explained, was inclusive in the lab’s overall cost. Once the air conditioning unit is installed, the final touches to the building will commence, and after being fully equipped with the necessary tools and technologies, the Veterinary Lab will become operational. Dr. Ramsammy recently expressed pleasure with the construction of the facility, expressing confidence that it will be beneficial to the livestock sector. The lab will have the capability to test, detect and diagnose diseases affecting

Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy animals. It is located on the site where the Animal Health Laboratory once stood. That building was demolished and redesigned, since the facility was hardly ever used, and had not been functioning as a full-fledged laboratory. Dr. Ramsammy explained that the Animal Health Lab was operating as a sample holding facility, and that tests had to be done overseas. However, with the new diagnostic lab, the resources will be made available to allow for testing to be done locally. When the laboratory is commissioned, it will be equipped to test for brucellosis which affects mainly sheep, goats, pigs, cattle and dogs, as well as bovine (cattle) diseases, leptospirosis, and tuberculosis, among others. The Minister noted, also, that his Ministry is working to have the laboratory

accredited, so that the tests done here can be recognized abroad. Earlier, Dr. Ramsammy had said that the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab is critical as Guyana moves towards consolidating its food security and lowering its high importation cost. It was further noted that soon there will be a database on the Veterinary Practitioners’ Act, and a Veterinary Council will be set up to register all veterinarians and veterinary technicians across the country. He also made mention of the Animals (Movement and Disease Prevention) Act, which is intended to address the wellbeing of animals. The Agriculture Minister said that wanting to improve the quality of meat produced locally; especially for export, would call for healthy animals, thus, a credible animal health lab is necessary. Once fully completed and functional, the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab will be handed over to, and remain under the supervision of the Guyana Livestock Development

Authority (GLDA), which is headed by Dr. Dindyal Permaul. Meanwhile, in the 2014 budget presentation, Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh announced that agriculture continues to be one of the sectors that offer brighter prospects for diversification of productive activity in Guyana. “Whether it is other crops or livestock for meat production, the potential exists for Guyana to meet considerably more of our domestic food requirements from local production. In much the same manner, the potential exists for a much larger share of the Caribbean’s food import bill to be met from our domestic production.” Singh pointed out that, to this end, an expanded effort will be launched by Government to promote increased and more diversified food production. This includes the distribution of materials to farmers…”which purpose, a sum of $200 million has been allocated,” Singh noted.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

East Ruimveldt man Controversy over Ukraine’s shot in stomach Tymoshenko ‘wipe out Russians’ leak

A 25-year-old man was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation at around 22.30 hrs last night after being shot in the stomach and leg. Relatives identified the victim as Kevin Rose of East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme. However, Kaieteur News understands that the wounded man identified himself to hospital staffers as Jermaine Otto. An individual known as Jermaine Otto was incarcerated in 2009 for escaping from lawful custody while on a charge of receiving stolen property. According to one report, Otto was in the vicinity of the East Ruimveldt area known as ‘Warlock’, when a man with a firearm shot him. He was rushed to the GPHC and was being prepared for surgery at press time.

Second phase of.... (From page 25) Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that to ignore the role of energy and its efficiency would be reckless having taken into consideration the potential in this area. The Minister said no responsible country should ignore this issue since energy efficiency adds to the development trajectory of Guyana’s LCDS. Minister Ramsammy alluded to the fact that Guyana is determined to move beyond the label of “underdeveloped” and towards becoming a highmiddle income country, an advance that can be supported by increased focus on energy efficiency. He underscored the fact that agriculture is the largest manufacturing

sector in the country and noted that, when it was being developed, the focus was on food security. In addition, the TERI project was lauded by GMSA President Clinton Williams, who highlighted the need for focus to be placed on the multiplying effect of the work in improving energy efficiency and the involvement of additional stakeholders. TERI’s energy auditing was part of phase two of its work in Guyana, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government, which was signed in 2012 and has seen the Institute providing technical support to assist this country improve its energy efficiency across the productive sectors.

Kiev (AFP) - Ukraine’s former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was plunged into fresh controversy yesterday after Russian television broadcast a tape where she is heard urging the “wiping out” of Russians over Moscow’s seizure of Crimea. Tymoshenko, a hugely controversial figure both in Ukraine and Russia who was released from jail last month, confirmed the voice was hers but said some of the comments had been manipulated. “This really crosses all the boundaries,” Tymoshenko is heard to say in the leaked phone call posted on YouTube and broadcast extensively on Russian television Monday. “One has to take up arms and go wipe out these damn ‘katsaps’ together with their leader,” the voice said in Russian, without mentioning Putin by name. The word “katsap” is a derogatory Ukrainian term for Russians. During the conversation, Tymoshenko is said to discuss Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking peninsula of Crimea with Ukrainian MP and former government official Nestor Shufrych. Tymoshenko, who spent three years in jail on what her supporters say were

Yulia Tymoshenko politically motivated charges of abuse of power before being freed last month, said if she were in power Moscow would not be able to take the peninsula. “I am sorry that I am not able to be there and am not in charge of these processes, they wouldn’t have had a fucking chance of getting Crimea off me.” “I would have found a way to finish off these bastards,” the 53-year-old leader of the 2004 prodemocracy Orange revolution was heard as saying. “I am hoping that I will use all my connections and will get the whole world to rise up so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia.” Discussing the fate of Ukraine’s eight million ethnic

Russians with Shufrych, Tymoshenko was also heard as saying that they should be “nuked”. ‘Apologies for expletives’ “The conversation took place but (the part) about 8 million Russians in Ukraine is a montage,” Tymoshenko said on Twitter. “In fact I said: ‘Russians in Ukraine are Ukrainians. Cheers to FSB,” she said, referring to the Russian security service which she clearly believes were behind the bugging of the phone call. “Apologies for the expletives,” she added. Tymoshenko is heard speaking Russian. The expremier puts huge emphasis on speaking only Ukrainian in public even though she grew up speaking Russian. Tymoshenko is widely seen as the most charismatic figure in the fractured Ukrainian opposition movement. However signs have emerged that she would have to fight hard to claw back support to return to big-time po l i t i c s a s o p p o s i t i o n infighting intensifies ahead of a presidential election in May. “Yulia Volodymyrovna pissed on herself,” Crimea’s pro-Moscow Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov quipped on Twitter, referring to the ex prime minister by her name and patronymic.

P u t i n ’s s p o k e s m a n Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on the leaked phone call. “Timoshenko conceded that part of it was genuine but I cannot say what is the truth and what is not,” he said. Russian officials did not mince words however. “The old death cap (mushroom) is trying to keep up with young toadstools,” tweeted Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, referring to a new generation of far-right antiMoscow activists in Ukraine. Two lawmakers with Russia’s Communist party have formally asked investigators to conduct a probe into the leaked tape. In February, a leaked phone call was posted on YouTube and broadcast on Russian state television in which Washington’s top diplomat in Europe, Victoria Nuland, was heard swearing about the EU’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. Washington has said at the time that Russian special services were behind the leak which was accompanied by Russian-language captions. Russia sent troops to Crimea after a popular uprising ousted Tymoshenko’s nemesis president Viktor Yanukovych from power last month and last week formally made it part of Russian territory.

Qatar dismisses Iraqi charges that Doha funds ‘terrorism’ KUWAIT (Reuters) Qatar signalled its irritation yesterday with Iraq’s accusation that it backed insurgents fighting Baghdad’s rule, saying it was not appropriate for countries which failed to preserve national unity to accuse other Arab states of supporting “terrorism”. The comments by Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, were the first official

Qatari reaction after Iraq’s Shi’ite Muslim Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, this month accused Doha and Riyadh of funding insurgency. Maliki’s relationships with Sunni-led Gulf Arab states are strained, and they in turn see him as too close to Shi’ite Iran. “It is about time for Iraq to get out of the cycle of rifts and violence and that cannot be achieved by sidelining segments of the

population, or accusing it of terrorism, if they demanded equality and participation,” Sheikh Tamim said. “It is not appropriate that those who fail to preserve national unity to accuse other Arab countries of supporting terrorism in their country,” he told fellow heads of state and government at the opening session of an Arab summit in Kuwait. Saudi Arabia has already rejected Maliki’s assertion this month that it and Qatar were funding Sunni insurgents fighting in Iraq’s western Anbar province. The United Arab Emirates summoned Iraq’s ambassador to protest against the accusations, while Bahrain called them “irresponsible”. Iraqi forces have been fighting insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Anbar’s two main cities since the beginning of the year. Violence in Iraq has worsened in the past year, with ISIL launching a particularly devastating bombing campaign mid-2013.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

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Supreme Court’s three women question religious argument against birth control The Supreme Court’s three women closely questioned the argument yesterday that employers may opt out of providing contraception because it violates their religious beliefs. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — all part of the court’s minority liberal wing — expressed deep skepticism as to whether Oklahoma-based crafts chain Hobby Lobby has religious rights as a corporation, and whether its owners may opt out of providing some forms of birth control to employees because of it. “How does a corporation exercise religion?” Sotomayor asked Paul Clement, Hobby Lobby’s lawyer in the case. She raised a spectre: Could for-profit corporations seek to get out of a host of federal statutes, such as those guaranteeing a minimum wage and forbidding discrimination, by claiming they violate their religious beliefs? Hobby Lobby says the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) protects it from having to provide the “morning after” pill and intrauterine devices to its 13,000 employees, as

required by the Affordable Care Act. This case is the first time a large for-profit corporation has claimed protection under RFRA, typically thought to protect individuals and nonprofits. Clement dismissed the slippery slope argument and said he did not believe large for-profit corporations would bring such suits in the future. Later in the argument, Chief Justice John Roberts agreed. More companies like Hobby Lobby, closely held by the Green family and which closes its stores Sundays to observe the Sabbath, are the only ones that would bring religious claims, they said. Ginsburg said she did not believe the RFRA would have passed Congress with such overwhelming support if members had known it covered large, for-profit corporations — not just individuals and nonprofits. With the court divided between the liberal and conservative wings, Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court’s conservative-leaning swing vote, appeared conflicted. Kennedy asked Clement whether employers’ religious objections “trump”

employees’ rights under the health care law to obtain contraceptives via health insurance. Clement answered no, but said the government could directly provide contraceptives to avoid a clash with religious beliefs. Later, Sotomayor criticized this logic, asking what would happen when employers objected to providing other medical services for religious reasons. “Vaccines, blood transfusions … the government has to pay for all of the medical needs that an employer thinks or claims it has a religious exemption to?” she asked. Clement said the government may have a stronger argument in the case of vaccines, which he argued is more vital to public health. Kennedy’s question about employers’ religious objections trumping employees’ rights suggests he may be concerned a ruling for Hobby Lobby could quash individual liberties. But Kennedy also asked pointed questions about why the federal government decided to provide accommodations from the contraceptive mandate for religious nonprofits but not for other groups, apparently annoyed

Thai protesters hope vote for Senate will tee up PM’s impeachment BANGKOK (Reuters) - Anti-government protesters marched in Bangkok yesterday to drum up support for a rally at the weekend, just before Thailand holds elections for the Senate, which will play a central role in their aim of removing Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The demonstrators led by Suthep Thaugsuban disrupted a general election for the lower house in February, which was annulled by the Constitutional Court on Friday, but they have no problem with Sunday’s vote for the upper house. “We will not block Sunday’s Senate election, because we need to reform the executive and legislative branches and the Senate is key to our reform plans,” Wittaya Kaewparadai, a protest leader, told Reuters. Thailand has been in crisis since former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck’s brother, was ousted in a 2006 coup. The conflict broadly pits the Bangkok-based middle class and royalist establishment against the mostly poorer, rural supporters of the Shinawatras. The turmoil entered a fresh phase in November, when anti-government protesters first took to the streets, with 23 people killed during the political violence over the following months. Sunday’s vote is to elect 77 senators for the 150-seat Senate. The rest are appointed, and a government attempt to make it a fully elected body was one of the sparks that set off the latest unrest in November. The non-elected Senators are picked by judges and senior officials from agencies such as the National Anti-Corruption Commission

(NACC), members of an establishment whom government supporters see as viscerally antiThaksin. The protesters appear confident that Sunday’s vote will deliver a Senate majority likely to impeach Yingluck after an investigation under way by the NACC. Yingluck has until the end of the month to answer a charge of dereliction of duty over a ruinous rice-buying scheme that has run up huge losses and left hundreds of thousands of farmers unpaid. The prime minister is unlikey to attend the NACC hearing, and Yingluck’s lawyers will probably present her defence. “The NACC can’t put a timeframe on how long it will take to decide whether or not to charge the premier. We have to wait until March 31 to hear how she defends herself,” Vicha Mahakun, a commissioner and the agency’s spokesman, told Reuters. “We can’t rush these decisions,” he added. The NACC is one of seven nominally independent agencies that belong to the executive branch but function outside the cabinet’s authority. It has the power to investigate and impeach senior civil servants. The impeachment process for Yingluck could take many weeks. Any decision to remove her would require the votes of threefifths of the senators. In a setback for the prime minister, Senate Speaker Nikom Wairatpanich, whom protesters accuse of siding with the government, was suspended from his post last week pending a Senate decision over whether to impeach him for cutting short a debate on amendments to the constitution.

Margot Riphagen of New Orleans, La., wears a birth control pills costume as she protests in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, yesterday. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) that the Obama administration tasked itself with deciding who deserved religious exceptions and who did not. He said that if the government decided to exempt some groups from providing contraceptives, the coverage “must not have been that important.” Kennedy also asked whether Congress could pass a law forcing for-profit companies to pay for abortions, under the

government’s reasoning that no for-profit corporation has any claim to religious rights. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, arguing for the government, said no such law exists. “I thought that’s what we had before us,” Roberts said. He pointed out that Hobby Lobby’s owners sincerely believe the “morning after” pill and IUDs cause abortions, since they may prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

Verrilli countered that millions of women rely on IUDs and do not consider them to be causing abortions. Along with the “morningafter” pill, medical professionals by and large don’t either. But Verrilli acknowledged that Hobby Lobby’s belief that they do is what “makes this case difficult.” The justices will issue a decision in the case by the end of June. (Yahoo News)

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Letters... Where your views make the news

SOME NIS DOCTORS BEHAVE INHUMANELY DEAR SIR, Please allow me space in your paper to have my views expressed in relation to the operation of the NIS. I attended a Medical Board examination of a number of patients at the Croal Street office, in Georgetown, a few months ago and I was amazed at the way people were treated at that meeting. The quorum was four doctors and a senior nurse who, I am sure, are paid to attend these interviews. My client was also a friend and he had suffered ‘back problem’ while at work at GUYSUCO, Rose Hall. He was offloading manure bags, a job he had been doing for many years. Let me say that this man who is now about 50 years was a national athlete. Now he can barely move his legs

with enough strength to carry him around. His name is Parsram Ramnnarine (I have his permission to use his name). Ramnarine was examined at the Medical Board sitting by Dr Soni who did his four minutes examination and concluded that the MRI report was not consistent with his, Dr Soni’s findings. Ramnarine was placed on continued disability. Prior to this Medical Board hearing, Ramnarine was not paid a cent for about three months because the NIS nurse, a Nurse Brushe had said that he had to wait on the Board’s findings. What was this family man supposed to do while he waited on the Board to convene? How was he supposed to feed his family? Then the meetings of the Medical Board are always

held in Georgetown. Why can’t these high flying doctors travel to Berbice and save the dependent persons some bread and butter money? There was a meeting in Berbice at the office in New Amsterdam and again I attended with Ramnarine. There was a Dr. Hussain who did not even look at him. The doctor simply said, “You have to go back to the medical board.” I am not medical person but how can you as a doctor simply conclude that a person is even remotely well enough to travel without looking at the person? I was there, in a seat next to my friend. He was called a few days ago to attend a meeting at the Medical Board and –guess what? Ramnarine was deemed fit to go back to work. The man cannot walk

straight; how can he lift manure bags when he cannot lift his grocery bag? While I am at it I might as well make mention of the number of persons who have ‘missing contributions’ and are deemed to be not qualified for benefits. And some of these persons will have worked for thirty years and more at GUYSUCO and other companies. To add insult to injury when these persons complain after their claims are rejected, they are told to appeal. The whole business of NIS needs to be revamped and the management of the pension fund re-structured. All in the interest of hard working Guyanese. I wish to suggest that more care is given to the people who have to receive benefits. Charrandass Persaud

The other side of a land dispute DEAR EDITOR, I, Margaret Abraham, am once again trying to resolve this long and frustrating stalemate. Previous Councilors and residents of the Santa Rosa Village who are knowledgeable of this issue, had given me their full support at a village general meeting in 2007. There were forty seven votes to one cast in favour of me getting the land. The majority present at that meeting is still alive and they are willing to testify on my behalf. We can prove that there is no transfer of land document anywhere in the village office stating that the land was ever given to Mrs. Garrido, I can further prove that all the planting on the land was done by me and also that my

grandmother died in my hands. I had never seen Mrs. Garrido. The accusations that Mrs. Garrido has made against me of being abusive are false as there are witnesses who are around to testify on this. I am therefore calling on the present Village Council to investigate and settle this problem once and for all without any outside intervention. I also wish this to happen in a timely manner so that we can all live in peace. In a recent article I sent to Kaieteur News which was published on Monday March 10, 2014, I saw a lengthy response to my letter by the daughter of the woman at the centre of the dispute. It was an open letter to the Minister of Amerindian Affairs dated March 12, 2014.

This letter contained a pack of lies. I would like to know why I have never seen any document to justify this claim. I need an investigation and a solid proof that this land belongs to Mrs. Garrido. I remember clearly when a piece of the land was taken over by the village council to build a Multi Purpose building. As I was residing on the land already, the Village Toshao,. John Atkinson, (now deceased) said in front of Councilors, some of whom were Penelope Atkinson, Donna Henry, Theophilus Domingo, and Maxima Chappel, that “this rest of the land belongs to Margaret Abraham”. Because this land was taken without consulting me or anyone else, I proceeded to lay claims to the land as I was scared that more of it will

be taken away. I was stopped by Mrs. Garrido who claimed ownership to the land. All the while I was looking after Grandma, I was not aware of any transfer of land was done. And if it were done then why I was not being made aware? Next, I felt humiliated to see that I “had started telling Grandma to leave the land to me.” I am also being accused of being “above the law” and I have “no merit!”...As mentioned in a previous article, I am a mother of seven who has to struggle to provide for myself and children and this is not making it easier for me or them. I am calling on the authorities to step in and conduct a proper investigation into this prolonged land dispute. Margaret Abraham

We have lost a politician with a sense of humour, a sense of duty and remarkable ability DEAR EDITOR, I write in the hope of expressing some little sense of the magnitude of the loss of a very dear friend, colleague and mentor. Debbie’s life, as I knew it, was defined by several outstanding attributes. Her sense of humour and ready wit immediately spring to mind. Her courage and indomitable spirit as a conviction politician are also legend. By all accounts she was a formidable attorney-at law, but I knew her best as a

political colleague whose radiant personality often brightened otherwise dull, directionless political meetings. As a conviction politician she understood the importance of service to those who looked up to her and looked to her for a genuine understanding of their problems and their longing for better life chances. She was indeed vested with a unique insight in to their problems and the political solutions required to improve their lives.

She had no problem articulating her views as she fully understood the public interest, and mood along with her role in meeting it. More than most, she had the common touch. Debbie crammed a lot more into her short life than most people ever will, especially those who chose

the benefits of lifestyle and spend their time aimlessly on the cocktail circuits, drinking and lamenting over the quality of political behaviour. Yes, Debbie did her part and made her mark. She was a truly remarkable woman and I will never forget her. F. Hamley Case

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Sales representative for the distribution of groceries/ beverages. Send application to Maya @ Lot 24 Saffon Street Charlestown Taxi Drivers – Apply at Gems Taxi – Call:667-9013 One live in maid for Georgetown preferable from country side-Contact:699-5359 Cook & female bouncers. Apply in person @ El Club Latino, during 4:00pm6:00pm (Tues – Sat) @ 57 Hadfield & Lime Streets, South Cummingsburg Salesgirls & Porters. Apply with written application at Lot E Dennis & Middleton Street, Best Buy Food Supplies. CHAINSAW LUMBER: Kabukalli, Shibadan, Silverballi, Simarupa, etc – Tel:653-9752 Live in , live out babysitter Tel: 225-6070 Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978 Experienced driver & dispatcher @ Princess Hotel Tel: 265-7075; 265-7076; 6165419 One experienced welder to work in interior – Call:6816044 Urgently needed live in waitresses to work in Bar. Offering reasonable salary. Tel: 259-0574 1 general domestic to cook, experienced cashier, counter servers, pastry makers, handy-boys Apply @ Hacks Halaal, 5 Commerce St. Live in assistant caregiver – Tel:664-8150 One experienced excavator operator with minimum of 5yrs experienced. Apply: Lot 10 Barima Avenue Bel-Air Park Attractive female waitress, dancers and cooks to work in bar – Call: 610-8269 We buy land in Parafaite Harmonie – Call:675-7292 Live in waitress. Must be honest & courteous, with free boarding and lodging $50,000 per month - Call:6105043 Pump attendants between age 21-26, preferably persons living in Georgetown - Call:227-3567 Graphic Artists, Layout Artist, Typesetters & Proof Readers, great pay & good working hours - Call:6221957 Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Arms for Syria war dominate Arab summit debate Kuwait City (AFP) Syria’s opposition called for “sophisticated” arms at an Arab summit in Kuwait yesterday while Saudi Arabia said the military balance needed to change to “end the impasse” in Syria’s civil war. But UN-Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi insisted on the need for a “political solution” to the three-year conflict, urging an “end to the supply of arms to all parties.” Opposition Syrian National Coalition chief Ahmed Jarba repeated calls on the international community to supply rebels with “sophisticated weapons” as the two-day summit opened. “I do not ask you for a declaration of war,” said Jarba, urging Arab leaders to put pressure on world powers to fulfil pledges to supply arms. Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, whose country is a key backer of the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad, said the world was “betraying” rebels by failing to arm them and leaving them as “easy prey.” A solution to the conflict, in which regime forces have recently made significant advances, requires a “change in the balance on the ground

Egyptian President Adly Mansour attends the 25th Arab League summit at Bayan palace in Kuwait City yesterday. (AFP Photo/Yasser al-Zayyat) to end the impasse,” he said. National Coalition spokesman Louay Safi said rebels urgently needed “antiaircraft missiles” to defend against barrel bombs that regime forces have been raining down on fighters and civilians alike. The conflict in Syria, which entered a fourth year on March 15, has killed more than 146,000 people and displaced millions. Meanwhile, Jarba said a decision not to hand over Syria’s seat in the Arab

League to the opposition sends a wrong message to Assad, telling him to continue “to kill.” “Let me say quite frankly that keeping Syria’s seat empty... sends a clear message to Assad that he can kill and that the seat will wait for him,” he said. The government’s brutal repression of protests that erupted in March 2011, which led to the war, resulted in its suspension from the 22member Cairo-based Arab League. Brahimi urged a revival of

peace talks. “I call upon Europe, the United Nations and the United States to take clear steps to reactivate the Geneva talks,” which broke off on February 15. “There is no military solution,” he stressed. On the humanitarian front, the president Lebanon, one of several Syrian neighbours dealing with refugees, told the evening session his country was overburdened by the influx and called for help Michel Sleiman said

Lebanon was no longer capable of accepting more Syrian refugees, who now make up 32 percent of the population. He warned without elaborating that, if Beirut does not receive help, “we may look into legal ways to stop their influx.” Meanwhile, a regional rift over Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been kept off the summit agenda. But Egyptian President Adli Mansur called for interior and justice ministers meet before the end of June to activate the Arab counterterrorism treaty. Mansour made no specific mention of the Muslim Brotherhood of his ousted predecessor Mohamed Morsi, which Cairo designated a terrorist organisation in December. But he told the summit it was vital that League members extradite and not give shelter to “terrorists” wanted by fellow member states. That was a veiled reference to Qatar, accused of harbouring fugitive Brotherhood leaders. Relations between Egypt and Qatar have nosedived since the army’s overthrow of Mursi last July. And Qatar’s support for

the Brotherhood has strained ties with fellow Gulf states — Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — who withdrew their ambassadors from Doha earlier this month. Kuwait’s emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, told the summit these rifts are threatening Arab aspirations and insisted that “we are required to resolve these disputes... and achieve unity.” But Kuwaiti foreign ministry undersecretary Khaled al-Jarallah said the dispute would “be resolved within the Gulf house,” not at the summit. On the Palestinian issue, Arab leaders are expected to call for $100 million (72.5 million euros) in monthly aid for the Palestinian Authority and to reject demands by Israel that Palestinians recognise it as a Jewish state. Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas, fresh from talks with US President Barack Obama in Washington last week, told the summit that Palestinians “reject even discussing the issue.” He warned of Israeli plans to divide Jerusalem’s AlAqsa Mosque, highly revered by Muslims worldwide, between Jews and Muslims “which we totally reject.”

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

Electric saw used to dismember kidnapped T&T businesswoman, says prosecution PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Nearly seven years after a prominent businesswoman was kidnapped and murdered, a court has heard that her killers had used an electric saw to dismember her body, possibly even while she was still alive. “They cut off her legs up to her belly. They cut off both arms from her shoulders. They cut off her head. They cut up her belly and chest. Her body parts were then placed into black garbage bags for disposal,” Senior Counsel Israel Khan told the 12-member jury as the murder trial of Vindra Naipaul Coolman, the chief executive officer of a supermarket began on Monday. Twelve men have been charged with murdering the businesswoman, who was abducted from her home in Central Trinidad on December 19, 2006. The defence is expected to address the court when the trial resumes today. During his four-hour presentation, Khan said that even while the woman had been murdered negotiations were still ongoing with her kidnappers to pay the ransom and have her released. The body of the businesswoman has not been found, but Khan told the court that according to an eyewitness, “about nine days after her kidnapping, Vindra Naipaul-Coolman was sitting on a pool table in an unfinished red-brick house located on a hill at La Puerta, Diego Martin, west of here, late evening time.

Vindra NaipaulCoolman “Her hands and feet were bound-up with silver-grey duct tape. Her mouth was also bound-up with duct tape. Blood was running down her left foot according to ‘eye see’ witness Keon Gloster, and she was crying.” He said one of the accused, Lyndon James, who was armed with a nine millimetre black gun, was demanding money from her. “Mrs Vindra NaipaulCoolman with her feet, hands and mouth all bound up with silver-grey duct tape just sat on that pool table crying, crying. Lyndon James shot Vindra Naipaul-Coolman in her chest from point-blank range with the nine millimetre black gun. She fell back on the table.” The prosecutor said that three other accused men — Shervon Peters, Marlon Trimmingham, a man called ‘Raphael’, who later died in prison awaiting trial, put on

whitish rubber gloves and took turns in cutting up Naipaul-Coolman’s body with the red-and-white power saw. Khan said that “all this was done in the presence of all the men who now sit in the dock. The prosecution is unable to say whether Vindra Naipaul-Coolman was actually dead or alive when she was dismembered. “What I can say on her behalf, whether she was dead or alive, the ancient scripture from the Holy Scrolls, “The Dhammapada”, applied to her in the agonising conditions she was placed in due to no fault of her own,” said Khan. Khan told the jury they would be hearing testimony from several civilian State witnesses including NaipaulCoolman’s husband Rennie Coolman, her daughter Risha Ali, and their live-in housekeeper Rasheedan Yacoob. Khan said that less than three hours after the abduction, NaipaulCoolman’s family received a phone call with a male voice at the other end making a ransom demand. He said the following day, a ransom of TT$122,000 was paid, but the abductors kept calling and making further demands. “Nine days after Vindra Naipaul-Coolman was kidnapped, no further ransom payments were forthcoming and thus she was eliminated, deliberately killed. She was murdered. And even after she was killed, attempts were being made by the caller for ransom payments,” said Khan.

Former government freed in “Cuban light bulb” trial

KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – Former junior energy minister, Kern Spencer was freed on Monday after a magistrate’s court upheld a no case submission on charges of corruption and money laundering in the so called “Cuban Lightbulb” distribution programme. Spencer ’s personal assistant, Coleen Wright, was also freed in the trial that began four years ago. The two had been accused of creating several companies to funnel money out of the programme in 2007. But when they appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Monday, Magistrate Judith Pusey upheld the no case submissions filed by their attorneys. Spencer has consistently

Kern Spencer denied the allegations. Last week his attorneys argued that government prosecutors failed to submit any evidence connecting him and Wright to

money laundering and urged the magistrate to throw out the case. But in her rebuttal, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, dismissed their arguments, urging the magistrate to call on Spencer and Wright to answer to the mountain of evidence presented against them. The DPP had also insisted that sufficient evidence has been presented to show the two accused were involved in an elaborate scheme to take money out of the lightbulb programme by creating several companies in breach of government procurement guidelines. Llewellyn described Spencer as a “puppeteer” who pulled all the strings in the lightbulb programme.

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Chinese families clash with police, slam Malaysia over lost plane

Family members of passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 attempt to push past policemen during a protest, near Lido Hotel in Beijing, yesterday. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon BEIJING/KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Dozens of distraught relatives of passengers on a lost Malaysian jetliner clashed with police in Beijing yesterday, accusing Malaysia of “delays and deception” a day after it confirmed the plane crashed in remote seas off Australia. About 20 to 30 protesters threw water bottles at the Malaysian embassy and tried to storm the building,

demanding to meet the ambassador, witnesses said. Earlier, the relatives, many with tear-stained faces, had linked arms and chanted “Malaysian government has cheated us” and “Malaysia, return our relatives” as they marched peacefully and held banners. The relatives’ grief and anger was unleashed on Monday night after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished more than two weeks ago while flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Citing satellite-data analysis by British company Inmarsat, he said there was now no doubt that the Boeing jet came down in the ocean in one of the most remote places on Earth - an implicit admission that all 239 people on board had died.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Andy Murray beats Tsonga to .... Pacquiao more motivated From page 35 to dominate, making over 70% of first serves and looking especially impressive on the forehand side. Tsonga had lost eight of nine matches against Murray, including the last seven, and he could not cope with the constant pressure exerted by his o p p o n e n t ’s r e t u r n i n g . Murray attacked the net to guide away a high volley

for another break at 1-1 in the second set, before breaking the Frenchman’s serve to love at the next opportunity for 4-1. Moving freely, the Briton reeled off 15 of the last 16 points to set up an enticing repeat of last July’s Wimbledon final against Djokovic. There were surprise defeats for Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka and fourth seed

David F e r r e r, with Wawrinka losing 6-4 3-6 61 to Alexandr Dolgopolov and Ferrer going down 7-6 (9-7) 2-6 7-6 (11-9) to Kei Nishikori. In the women’s draw, Maria Sharapova battled past former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova 75 6-1, and the Russian will face Serena Williams or Angelique Kerber in the semi-finals.

Wednesday March 26, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): A business or romantic partner may seem a bit preoccupied with some very serious matters today, Aries, and not be likely to share them with you. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): Some rather extensive and annoying paperwork might need to be dealt with, Taurus. It will probably require all your attention, so if you can, take care of it first thing in the morning when you're still fresh. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 June 20): A fascinating article you read in the newspaper could inspire you to try to create a mystery story of your own, Gemini. Today your mind is perfectly suited to devising plot twists and interesting but complex characters. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): An important lost object, perhaps a paper of some kind, could command the attention of your entire household, Cancer. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Someone or something has disappeared, Leo. Gossip could spread like wildfire as everyone imagines the worst. Listening to rumors probably doesn't appeal to your sense of fairness; nonetheless, you're wondering, too. (mostly) solved! ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): You could have some paperwork to do today, Virgo, which could make a big difference to your financial future. This could be a contract, settlement, or agreement of some kind.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) : The study of psychology might be especially appealing today, Libra. Some new discoveries that you may have heard about in the media could have piqued your interest and might propel you to the library to find books on the subject. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Occult sciences, such as alchemy, phrenology, and astrology, could be singing their siren song to you, Scorpio. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): A group activity could lead to discussions of famous unsolved mysteries, Sagittarius. Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the truth about O.J. Simpson, and other intriguing problems might capture the interest of everyone present, and might lead to some animated debates over possible solutions. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): A young colleague could leave your place of employment under strange circumstances, Capricorn, and this could come as a shock to you. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Spiritual occurrences could lead to a very powerful healing experience, Aquarius. Repressed past traumas could come to the surface and be processed and released. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20): Do you like detective stories, Pisces? If so, you may find them useful today as you play the role of Sherlock Holmes. A missing object, intellectual problem, or mystery of some kind could have you curious enough to search for the truth.

after Bradley’s taunts

Las Vegas (AFP) - Manny Pacquiao is taking extra motivation from taunts by unbeaten Tim Bradley that the Filipino boxing icon has lost the hunger and killer instinct he once displayed with great passion. Pacquiao, 55-5 with two drawn and 38 knockouts, will fight Bradley, 31-0 with 12 knockouts, for the American’s World Boxing Organization welterweight title in Las Vegas on April 12. The fight will be a rematch of a controversial Bradley victory by split decision in June of 2012 in which all three judges scored the fight 115113, two of them for Bradley in what was seen as a robbery from Pacquaio. Bradley has noted how Pacquiao has not stopped a foe since Miguel Cotto in 2009 and has not won a fight inside 12 rounds since dropping Ricky Hatton nearly five years ago, helping rekindle the fires inside the 35-year-old Asian southpaw. Pacquiao said he sees no more need for a knockout than usual even after the

Manny Pacquiao (L) of the Philippines and Tim Bradley controversial loss to Bradley in their first meeting. Roach says Pacquiao relaxed late in the prior fight after dominating early rounds, he thought, on the judges’ scorecards. This time, there will be no coasting as the 12-round fight goes on. But, Roach cautions, that does not mean seeking a knockout to appease taunts by Bradley and forget strategy and planning.

Pacquiao said he does not feel angry at the judges from the first fight. Pacquiao also said that his US and Filipino tax issues and political life would not be distractions. As for his role as a lawmaker in the Philippines, Pacquiao said, “Politics is really about the nation, the small people. You cannot compare politics to boxing.”

Airline Etihad to sponsor MLS Reuters - Gulf airline Etihad Airways signed a long-term sponsorship deal with Major League Soccer in the United States yesterday building on its involvement in the sport in England. The Abu Dhabi-based company has raised its profile in Britain by sponsoring the shirt and stadium of leading English Premier League club Manchester City. “Etihad Airways has a growing portfolio of sports properties that cover the globe and we’re delighted to now add Major League Soccer, a leading international sports brand, to this group,” Etihad CEO James Hogan said in a statement. City, owned by Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour, have joined forces with baseball’s New York Yankees to launch New York City Football Club which will play in the MLS next year. Middle East airlines are spending heavily on sports sponsorship to supplement their marketing. Dubai’s Emirates sponsors Spanish soccer club Real Madrid, while rivals Barcelona have the Qatar Airways name on their shirts.

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Badree, Santokie, Smith floor Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh – West Indies eased concerns about their defence of the World Twenty20 title when they shrugged off their lethargy, to stroll to a convincing 73-run victory over Bangladesh here yesterday. Sent in, they tallied 171 for seven, with Man-of-theMatch opener Dwayne Smith blasting a top score of 72 from 43 balls while his partner Chris Gayle scored a strangely sedate run-a-ball 48. The pair added 97 for the first wicket but once Smith departed, the Windies failed to find a meaningful innings, as no other batsman passed 18. They were held back by a brilliant spell from young seamer Al-Amin Hossain who grabbed three for 21, with all three wickets coming in a superb last over that cost just four runs. Leg-spinner Samuel Badree then picked up for four for 15 while left-arm seamer Krishmar Santokie claimed three for 17, to cripple Bangladesh and send them crashing for 98 with five balls remaining in the innings. It was Santokie who delivered the fatal body blows early in the innings, however, striking twice in successive deliveries in the fourth over, to reduce the hosts to 16 for three – a position from which they never really recovered. Only captain Mushfiqur Rahim with 22 passed 20 as Bangladesh fell victim to sharp work in the field from West Indies. The victory moved the Caribbean side into second spot in Group 2 behind leaders India, with two matches still to play. Following their weak showing in the loss to India in their opening match last Sunday, pressure was on the West Indies to respond and they did so strongly, to reignite their campaign. While Gayle appeared out of sorts and struggled to get the ball away, Smith carried the Windies innings with an

Krishmar Santokie © Randy Brooks/ exhibition of clean hitting, mostly hefty leg-side blows as he counted ten fours and three sixes. The first three overs went for just seven runs but Smith broke the shackles in the fourth over from offspinner Sohag Gazi, with a pair of swept boundaries to get the Windies going. Smith then swatted Al-Amin Hossain over mid-wicket for the first of his sixes in the seventh over, and Gayle followed suit in the next over from Sohag Gazi, depositing the bowler over long on to notch his first boundary. Gazi suffered again in the tenth over this time at the hands of Smith, conceding boundaries from the first four deliveries as West Indies reached 74 without loss at the half-way stage of the innings. Smith was beginning to raise the tempo of the scoring when he top-edged a slog at off-spinner Mahmudullah and was taken by Al-Amin Hossain at short fine leg. Lendl Simmons was then bizarrely stumped down the leg-side off a wide first ball off left-arm spinner Shakib al Hasan but Gayle and Marlon Samuels (18) then held the innings together in a stand of 53 off 37 balls for the third wicket. Neither were fluent and Gayle finally succumbed after striking three four and two

sixes, brilliantly taken on the ropes by Tamim Iqbal at long off in the 19th over. Darren Sammy (14 not out) collected boundaries of the next three deliveries – surviving chances off the first two – to ensure the penultimate over cost 16 runs. However, the final over was bust for West Indies as they lost four wickets. Samuels slapped the first ball to Sohag Gazi at cover, Andre Russell holed out in the deep off the second delivery before Dwayne Bravo earned his second successive firstball duck thanks to a stunning catch by Tamim at point off the fourth ball. Sammy’s attempt to scramble three of the final delivery ended in Denesh Ramdin’s run out without scoring. When Bangladesh batted, Badree shrugged off being hit for two fours in the first over of the innings to have the dangerous Tamim (5) taken low down at mid on by Bravo at 14 for one in the third over. Ramdin’s brilliance in the next over accounted for Anamul Haque (10) stumped off Santokie and champion batsman Shakib lasted one ball, deceived by a superb slower ball that jagged away and rattled the stumps. Though Bangladesh recovered to 51 for three, West Indies went for the jugular with Badree adding three more scalps, and the hosts lost their seven wickets for 47 runs. Summary: West Indies Innings: 171/7 (20 Overs). Dwayne Smith 72, Chris Gayle 48, Marlon Samuels 18, Darren Sammy* 14*; Al-Amin Hossain 4-0-213, Shakib Al Hasan 3-0-21-1, Mahmudullah 3-0-27-1, Ziaur Rahman 1-0-16-1. Bangladesh Innings: 98 All Out (19.1 Overs). Mushfiqur Rahim 22, Mashrafe Mortaza 19, Mominul Haque 16, Sohag Gazi 11; Samuel Badree 4-015-4, Krishmar Santokie 4-017-3, Andre Russell 2.1-0-102, Sunil Narine 4-0-17-1. West Indies won by 73 runs. (CMC)

UCI head suggests track cycling for Winter Games London (AP) - The head of cycling’s world governing body would like to see track cycling in the Winter Olympics. UCI President Brian Cookson says moving sports like track cycling to the Winter Games would take pressure off the crowded Summer Olympics. The British official suggests other indoor sports

like judo and badminton could also be switched to the Winter Olympics. The idea of moving some indoor Olympic sports to the Winter Games has been floated for years. But the International Olympic Committee has a policy of restricting the Winter Olympics to events held on snow or ice. Cooks told Britain’s Press Association

‘’if we moved track cycling to the Winter Olympics and that allowed us to have more track cycling events and more medals then that could be a pretty good outcome.’’ New IOC President Thomas Bach has initiated a review of the Olympic program, with recommendations to be considered at a special meeting in Monaco in December.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

FIFA President Blatter hails role of football in Kyrgyz Republic

Blatter with officials and children at the Bishkek’s Technical Centre FIFA President Blatter concluded a two-day visit to the Kyrgyz Republic yesterday, marked by the inauguration of Goal project III – an artificial turf pitch at Bishkek’s technical centre - and a meeting with the Chief of State Almazbek Atambaev. D u r i n g h is talk with Atambaev, FIFA President Blatter reiterated his commitment to support the development of football in the Kyrgyz Republic, particularly at grassroots level. Since 2000 three Goal projects have been

implemented in Bishkek and a fourth – the national football academy to be built in the southern city of Osh – was approved by FIFA’s Development Committee on 19 March. Further assistance has been channelled through Performance, and additional funds will be granted as part of FIFA’s Programme for Less Privileged Member Associations. “It’s quite remarkable the extent to which football is bringing progress to the Kyrgyz Republic,” said FIFA President Blatter. “Besides the initiatives that have been

implemented so far, the upcoming Goal project that will be located in the southern city of Osh will become a great platform to promote development in a region that has been affected by ethnic tension. “Once again football is bringing people together. Every Goal project inauguration is a victory for football.” Since 1999 FIFA has supported 668 Goal initiatives in 202 member associations. The Central Asia journey of the FIFA President will proceed in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Directors approve 19 historic changes

St John’s, Antigua – The Board of Directors of the West Indies Cricket Board approved a menu of 19 changes for the development of West Indies cricket with a goal of establishing the West Indies team as the number one performing team in world cricket. The decisions were taken at a meeting in Port of Spain held on Friday March 21 and Saturday March 22. At a media conference on Saturday, following the meeting, President Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron announced that the Board of Directors approved 19 of the 20 recommendations which formed part of a comprehensive report on the West Indies Cricket System prepared and presented by Director of Cricket Richard Pybus. The Pybus Report holds ‘West Indies First’ as its guiding

principle. The 33 page Pybus Report follows a comprehensive three month, region-wide study which he conducted between November 2013 and January 2014. Additional notable changes are: 1. The West Indies Head Coach to be added to the Selection Panel and will have full voting rights 2. The West Indies Captain(s) to be added to the Selection Panel as non-voting members 3. Structured year round cricket programme for all West Indies and all First Class contracted players 4. 15 full time annually contracted players to each Territorial Board 5. Double round matches (home and away) for minimum of ten matches a season for regional First Class teams 6. Professional

administrative and coaching staff for each First Class team 7. West Indies High Performance Programme to cater to the ‘next in line’ West Indies players (effectively the West Indies A Team) 8. WICB to appoint Coaching Manager to implement and oversee coaching programme throughout the region 9. Implement ‘Elite Coaches Pathway’ programme which will identify current and former players for accelerated coaching training 10. Establish West Indies Cricket Captains Council to utilise the cricket knowledge and experience of some of the world’s greatest cricketers, tapping into the cricket wisdom of the former great West Indies Captains to inform cricket policy and implementation. (WICB Media Release)

Wednesday March 26, 2014

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Cricketers equipped by Western Union Bayern secure title with Hertha win RHTY&SC Junior Ambassador programme Several cricketers from the Ancient County of Berbice have received assistance from the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) /Western Union’s Junior Ambassador Programme, which was renewed on Tuesday last. Six cricketers namely Akshay Homraj, Shimar Flats, Kevelon Anderson, Plafinna Millington, Shebika Gabjani and Daniel Lewis were presented with equipment to aid their development at a ceremony held at Western Union’s Office on Water Street. Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, Hilbert Foster said the company has been supporting the venture since 2009 adding that they have injected in excess of $500,000 worth of cricket gears into the programme. Each player will receive a bat, batting pads and gloves, a helmet, a cricket bag and a set of uniform. “We at the management level of the club believe in the development of youths and a great effort is made to improve our cricketers at all

levels, be it educational, personal or on the cricket field. We want our cricketers to be positive role models to every youth they meet and also to be perfect ambassadors for every team they represent”, he stated. Foster added that all the beneficiaries of this year’s programme have excelled in their sporting endeavours over the past years. ”Your contribution has enabled Motie to represent the West Indies Under-19 while it has also played an important role in ensuring that Pereira, Loyden Lewis, Daniel Lewis, Millington and Linden Austin played for Guyana. Motie and Pereira have also played for the senior Berbice team.” “This year’s investment is extra special because of the involvement of two young promising female cricketers who are following in the footsteps of our national sportswomen of the year 2013, Shemaine Campbell,” he added. Foster said the young cricketers of the county have benefited tremendously

under the programme and expressed gratitude to Western Union’s for their continued support. Marketing Manager of the company, Natheeah Mendonca, said Western Union is proud to be associated with the development of the young cricketers’ over the past years. “We are proud of the RHTY&SC for the work they have been doing and have seen the benefits of investing in you. We are happy that we can help you young cricketers to develop,” she said. While the initiative targets players from the RHTY&SC, this year the club has include a player (Simar Flats) from the Blairmont Cricket Club. Each year Western Union injects hundreds of thousands of dollars under the programme, which is being used by the RHTY&SC to mould the next generation of cricketers with the aim of having them represent Berbice, Guyana and ultimately, the West Indies.

Andy Murray beats Tsonga to set up Djokovic match in Miami Andy Murray will face Novak Djokovic for the first time since the Wimbledon final after the Briton beat JoWilfried Tsonga at the Sony Open in Miami. Defending champion Murray saw off the Frenchman 6-4 6-1 to set up a quarter-final against second seed Djokovic. Despite an impressive performance, Murray requested pain relief tablets for his back during the first set. He went on to claim his first win against a top-20 player since undergoing back surgery in September. Djokovic beat Spain’s Tommy Robredo 6-3 7-5 and Roger Federer defeated Richard Gasquet 6-1 6-2. Murray faces a tough task to retain his title and avoid slipping from sixth to eighth in the world rankings, but he looked sharp from the outset against Tsonga, breaking as early as the third game. While his game looked in good order, Murray pulled up and grabbed his left hip after reaching for a backhand in the fifth game before gesturing towards his support team at the changeover, saying “It’s been three years!” Murray called for the doctor and asked for tablets to ease the pain, but once back on court he continued (Continued on page 33)

Andy Murray

Bayern Munich, 24th Bundesliga title winners Bayern Munich wrapped up their 24th Bundesliga title on Tuesday (yesterday) with seven matches to spare thanks to a 3-1 win at Hertha Berlin. Goals from Toni Kroos, Mario Gotze and Franck Ribery popped the corks of the champagne bottles as coach Pep Guardiola added the German league title to his already extensive list of honours. Hertha’s consolation came through Adrian Ramos’ second-half penalty. The German capital seemed an ideal backdrop as Bayern looked to secure another championship on the road: seven of the last eight titles have been sealed on rival territory. Guardiola’s champions suffocated Berlin in the opening exchanges and the chaotic defending brought some misery for the hosts.

After six minutes, Bayern were in front. Thomas Muller crossed for the late run of Kroos, who finished with aplomb at the far post on his right foot. The records kept tumbling: it was the 64th match in succession where Bayern have scored, matching the record held by Barcelona. Eight minutes later, former Bayern keeper Thomas Kraft was picking the ball out of his net for a second time when Gotze headed in Bastian Schweinsteiger’s sweet delivery. The woodwork kept the score at 2-0 on 42 minutes when Arjen Robben’s cutback was met by Muller, whose header smacked the crossbar under pressure from John Anthony Brooks. Bayern’s immense depth allowed Guardiola to shuffle his pack on 54 minutes, with Mario

Mandzukic and Ribery coming off the bench. Schweinsteiger the record-breaker Later, Schweinsteiger was replaced by Thiago as the German midfielder - the first player under 30 to win seven league titles soldiered on with another ankle problem. The home side had something to cheer about on 67 minutes with Dortmund target Ramos cheekily finishing from the spot after he was shoved by Rafinha. But it made little difference to the overall outcome as Ribery tucked home from a tight angle after Gotze lead a brutally effective counter-attack. In addition to securing another league title win, Bayern also maintained their 51-match unbeaten run with 19 games won on the spin.

Indian cricket boss told to step down to ensure fair betting probe

Maria Sharapova

India’s Supreme Court has asked the country’s top cricket boss to quit so there can be a fair inquiry into spotfixing in the Indian Premier League. A two-judge panel said Narayanaswami Srinivasan’s position as President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India was hampering the investigation, which involves his son-in-law. The court said if Srinivasan does not step down, it will order his removal. Srinivasan is regarded as the world’s most powerful cricket administrator. He was elected chairman of cricket’s world governing body, the International Cricket Council, in February and will take up the role in July. Srinivasan’s son-in-law, Gurunath Meiyappan, was indicted last month on charges of betting and passing on information to illegal bookmakers.

Narayanaswami Srinivasan

The investigation was opened after several cricketers, including Test bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, were arrested by Indian police on suspicion of taking money to concede a minimum number of runs. Sreesanth, a fast bowler, denied any wrongdoing but was subsequently banned

for life by the BCCI. Confusion surrounds Meiyappan’s role with the Chennai Super Kings. Local media claim he was Chief Executive of the IPL team, but the company that owns the franchise, India Cements, said he was merely a member of team management. (BBC Sport)

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Registration commences for UAW Championship

U-17 WWC: Mexico falls to Nigeria, quarters next

Nigeria’s Aminat Yakubu battles with Gabriela Martinez of Mexico during their FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup match at the Estadio Nacional

Standing from left are Mark Ferriera, Hugh Ross, Dustanni Barrow and John Ramsingh (PRO) at the launch of UAW 2014. Registration for the much anticipated inaugural Ultimate Arm Wrestling (UAW) Championships commenced yesterday. Forms are available at the 7O4 Sports Bar and leading Gyms across the country. Each competitor is required to pay G$1,000 upon submission of their completed registration form. This competition is open to anyone 18 years and older in

the three (3) categories; males Over-200lbs, males Under-200 lbs and female Open. Closing date for registration is Friday April 11 at 24:00hrs. Ultimate Arm Wrestling will run for approximately one (1) month. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category will receive $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000 respectively along with hampers from sponsors Fitness Express, Diesel Craft,

Pure Guard, Golden Brook and ATS International. The championship was launched on Saturday last at the 7O4 Sports Bar, Lamaha and Albert Streets, Queenstown with representatives of the sponsors, organisers and Patron of UAW Hugh Ross attending. Mr. Universe Maters 2012, Hugh Ross said that he is happy to see that the sport

has finally reached Guyana at such a level and congratulated the Sports Bar for the timely initiative. Dustanni Barrow, Project Manager for 704 Sports Bar said that they wanted to bring LIVE sports to the bar thus giving birth to the first ever UAW. While manager Mark Ferrier stated that for such an event it was easy to convince sponsors to partner with his company.

Prosecution wraps up case against Pistorius in murder trial Reuters State prosecutors wrapped up their case on Tuesday (yesterday) against South African track star Oscar Pistorius, who is accused of murdering his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year. Prosecutors are seeking to prove that the Olympic and Paralympic athlete tried to kill Steenkamp deliberately by firing four rounds from a 9 mm pistol through a locked toilet door after a heated argument. Pistorius, nicknamed the “Blade Runner” due to his carbon-fiber prosthetic limbs, has pleaded not guilty, saying he was deeply in love with 29-year-old Steenkamp and that he mistook her for an intruder hiding in a toilet at his luxury Pretoria home. Defense lawyers spent much of Tuesday going through some of the thousands of text messages the pair sent each

Oscar Pistorius other in the weeks before Steenkamp’s death to focus on their “loving relationship”. A day earlier, police expert Francois Moller read out a series of retrieved messages that painted a picture of a volatile, stormy relationship, with Steenkamp accusing

Pistorius of continual jealousy and outbursts of anger. “I’m scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me and of how you will react to me,” one message sent by Steenkamp on January 27, 2013 said. Moller said despite the arguments, 90 percent of the messages were normal, often loving, interactions. Defense lawyer Barry Roux pointed to an exchange on January 19 in which Steenkamp sent Pistorius a photo of herself blowing a kiss into the camera, followed by the question: “You like it?” “I love it,” Pistorius replied. Roux also showed CCTV footage from nine days before Steenkamp’s death that showed the couple kissing in a convenience store, followed by another text exchange between them. “I miss you one more than you miss me,” the message from Pistorius read. Pistorius’ lower legs were amputated as

a baby but he went on to achieve global fame as the “fastest man on no legs,” winning gold medals at the Beijing and London Paralympics. He also won a battle against athletics authorities for the right to compete against able-bodied men, becoming the first amputee runner at an Olympics when he reached the 400 meters semi-finals in London 2012. The court adjourned until Friday, when the defense will start revealing its own argument and evidence in support of Pistorius’ innocence. The 27year-old is expected to take the stand in his own defense - a high stakes gamble that could backfire if holes start to emerge in the version of events he submitted in sworn testimony at his bail hearing a year ago. If found guilty of murder, he faces at least 25 years in prison.

San Jose, Costa Rica – Nigeria struck for two goals early in the first half and defeated Mexico 3-0 on Sunday in the Group D decider at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. With tickets to the quarterfinals already booked, both teams entered the Estadio Nacional pitch on maximum points from their opening two outings. The Africans took a 1-0 lead in the 12th minute, when Rasheedat Ajibade powered a rebound into the back of the net off an initial save by

goalkeeper Emily Alvarado. The Mexican response was swift, but Jacqueline Crowther hit the post after nearly catching goalkeeper Onyinyechukwu Okeke out of position. In the 16th minute, a cross from Aminat Yakubu found the head of Uchenna Kanu to double Nigeria’s advantage. Kanu returned the favor 13 minutes into the second half, crossing for Yakubu to head home and complete the scoreline. On March 27, Mexico and Japan will square off in the quarterfinals in Liberia.

Canada advances to quarters with win San Jose, Costa Rica – Marie Levasseur scored a pair of first-half goals and Canada defeated Ghana 2-1 on Saturday at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Ayma to seal a berth in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup quarterfinals for the third time. The Canadians, who went down a player following Bianca St. Georges’ 50th minute ejection, finished second in Group B with five points – one behind Ghana – and will meet Venezuela tomorrow for a place in the final four. As it turned out, the CONCACAF runner-up needed to win due to Korea DPR reaching the four-point mark with a 4-3 victory over Germany in a match played simultaneously in Alajuela. Returning to the line-up after missing the second group match with an injury, Levasseur netted the opener in the ninth minute. Defender Adu Agyemang blocked the 16-year-old’s initial attempt to cross from the right side of box. The ball sat up for Levassuer to run onto and curl a left-footed shot past

Marie Levasseur goalkeeper Azume Adams from 16-yards out. Levasseur completed her brace five minutes before the break, heading in Marie Mychele Metivier’s left-sided cross at the far post, just inches from the goal line. St. Georges’ dismissal early in the second half provided anxious moments for Canada, but it held on admirably, only conceding a single goal to Sandra Owusu Ansah with 18 minutes left in regulation.

Wednesday March 26, 2014

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Official Points Guyana no longer in semi final race Standings after Round 4 Skipper Johnson wants to win remaining games

By Sean Devers in Barbados in association with Star Party Rentals &Payless Variety Store

With just 17 points from four matches, three defeats and a draw, Guyana are at the bottom of the points table and with just two games remaining are no longer in contention for a place in the semi-finals of this year’s Regional four-day cricket tournament. But 26-year-old Skipper Leon Johnson’s aim is to register consolation wins in their remaining games against the Leeward Islands in Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago at Providence. “Our performance in this tournament has been very disappointing, especially our batting and even if we get maximum points from our next two games we cannot qualify for the semis. However we have to win for Guyana and for pride,” Johnson stated. The left-hander, who missed the first three matches due to a knee injury, scored 70 runs from his two innings and heads the Guyana batting averages with 35. The GCC player hinted that Guyana could use the remaining matches to give some younger players some exposure. “We have a very experienced team here with seven players playing International while young (Tagenarine) Chanderpaul has just returned from the Under-19 World Cup so I don’t know why we are doing so badly” Johnson wondered. The Captain who looked the most positive of the batsmen on show said that although the game plan was to try and rotate the strike more he did not feel that the first session of the match

St. John’s, Antigua – Following are the Official Points Standings after the fourth round of matches in the Regional 4-Day Tournament ended on Monday. Abbreviations: Pts-total points, M-matches, W-won, L-lost, D-drawn, Bat-batting points, Bowl-bowling points

Leon Johnson chats with fellow Guyanese and CCC Skipper Steven Jacobs at the 3Ws Oval. when the openers laboured for two hours to score 44 runs was a major reason for CCC winning their fourth consecutive match against Guyana at the 3Ws Oval. “We seem to beat CCC in away matches and in the last two years we got the better of them at Providence and in St. Kitts but I don’t think the first session cost us this match. While we would have liked Tagenarine and (Assad) Fudadin to score a bit quicker the ground was not cut until the second morning and the lights made it a bit difficult for the batsmen to see the ball early. But that is not an excuse for our batting in this match,” Johnson, a former West Indies youth Captain, explained. Apart from Shiv Chanderpaul who missed the first two matches, Narsingh Deonarine is the team’s most experienced batsman but the talented left-hander is going through a bad patch and has scored five ducks in the four matches so far and his confidence seems very low. Asked why were the batsmen batting so defensively, Johnson opined that when you are not getting runs you sometimes worry about staying in the side and you could unconsciously

take less chances and play less shots because to want to bat long and don’t get out. Guyana’s bowling has been decent if not destructive this season but in this game Johnson feels the opening bowlers bowled too many ‘four’ balls which allowed the openers to build a solid foundation for their team and score at a rapid rate. “We allowed them to score too freely but you can’t take anything away from the way (Shacaya) Thomas and (Chadwick) Walton batted,” Johnson pointed out. Fudadin is the only Guyanese with 200 runs (249) and has two fifties but he has batted eight times and his six other innings have produced less than 100 runs, while Wicket-Keeper Anthony Bramble (192) and Tagenarine Chanderpaul (146) are the only other batsmen with over 115 runs in the tournament. Left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul (27) and fellow West Indies Test spinner Devendra Bishoo (13) are the only Guyanese with more than seven wickets. The Guyanese draw the bye for this weekend before travelling to Antigua for their next against the Leewards.

Shane Shillingford: West Indies spinner clear to resume bowling West Indies off-spinner Shane Shillingford has been cleared to resume bowling in international cricket. He was reported to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in November for a suspected illegal bowling action. Shillingford’s arm was found to extend more than the permitted 15 degrees for his off-breaks and doosras, and he was suspended from bowling in December. After retesting, the 31-year-old’s offbreaks and arm balls were deemed legal, but his doosra remains banned. Having modified his action and

confirmed that he will no longer bowl the doosra in international cricket, the Dominican is now free to resume playing for West Indies, although he will continue to be scrutinised by match officials. He returned to first-class cricket earlier this week, taking 4-61 and 7-116 for the Windward Islands against Jamaica. Shillingford and Windies team-mate Marlon Samuels were both reported during India legend Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell Test in Mumbai and sent for independent analysis. Allrounder Samuels, currently

with the Windies squad at the World Twenty20, was permitted to continue bowling, but specifically banned from bowling his quicker deliveries. Shillingford had previously been suspended from bowling in internationals because of an illegal action, but was permitted to resume after undergoing remedial work and further testing. He was reported after his international debut in November 2010 and banned a month later when his average elbow extension was found to be 17 degrees. He was cleared to return in June 2011. (BBC Sport)

POINTS SYSTEM Scoring of Points – As below plus any points under the bonus points system Completed match Outright win 12 + batting + bowling points Tied match 6 points each team + batting + bowling points Incomplete match No outright winner 3 points + batting + bowling points Abandoned match In the event of a match being abandoned without

any play having taken place 1 point each Abandoned match due to dangerous pitch Home Team 0 Visiting Team 12 Referee awarding match Team Awarded Match 12 Other Team 0 Bonus points awarded only for performances in the first 110 overs of each team’s first innings only and retained whatever the result of the match. A maximum of five batting points will be awarded based on runs scored by each

team as follows: 200 to 249 runs – 1 point 250 to 299 runs – 2 points 300 to 349 runs – 3 points 350 to 399 runs – 4 points 400 runs or over – 5 points A maximum of three bowling points will be awarded based on wickets taken by each team as follows: 3 to 5 wickets taken – 1 point 6 to 8 wickets taken – 2 points 9 to 10 wickets taken – 3 points

Dzeko double downs United Manchester City snuffed out Manchester United’s recent revival and closed on English Premier League leaders Chelsea as Edin Dzeko scored twice in a 3-0 win at Old Trafford yesterday. United had been encouraged by wins over Olympiacos and West Ham United, but Dzeko needed only 43 seconds to put City ahead in the 150th league derby between the teams and the hosts never threatened to respond. Dzeko claimed his second goal early in the second half before Yaya Toure added a late third to leave Manuel Pellegrini’s side three points behind leaders Chelsea, with two games in hand, ahead of Saturday’s trip to Arsenal. The BosniaHerzegovina international’s brace gave City a third consecutive victory at Old Trafford and prevented United from avenging their 4-1 humiliation at the Etihad Stadium in September. Defeat left David Moyes’s United 12 points adrift of the top four. Eager to avoid a repeat of United’s recent 3-0 loss at home to Liverpool, Moyes stiffened his midfield by deploying Tom Cleverley alongside Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini, but the hosts were behind within

Edin Dzeko a minute. After Rafael da Silva had thrown himself into a block to deny David Silva, City worked the ball wide to Samir Nasri on the left and when his shot came back off the near post, Dzeko tapped in. Momentarily United looked dazed, and their sloppiness on the edge of their own box only invited City to attack them. Jones had to slide in to block from Silva after Carrick lost the ball, while United goalkeeper David de Gea produced a superb one-handed save to thwart Dzeko and atone for a loose kick of his own.Gradually the hosts began to make inroads, but City goalkeeper Joe Hart was able to save comfortably from first Wayne Rooney and then Fellaini, while Juan Mata lashed over from a Rafael cut-

back. Fellaini, meanwhile, was fortunate to make it to halftime after being shown only a yellow card by referee Michael Oliver despite appearing to catch City rightback Pablo Zabaleta with a deliberately raised elbow. Moyes introduced Shinji Kagawa in place of Cleverley at half-time, but it was City who took the upper hand. United were given warnings, Fernandinho heading over from an offside position, Jones producing a last-ditch tackle to deny Dzeko, but they did not heed them and in the 56th minute it was 2-0. Nasri shaped a corner towards the near post from the right-hand side and Dzeko left Rio Ferdinand in his wake to steer a right-foot volley into the top-right corner. There were opportunities for United to reduce the arrears in the latter stages, but Hart saved twice from England colleague Danny Welbeck and then boxed a deflected free-kick by Mata over the bar. It was left to Toure to apply the coup de grace, collecting a deflected cross from substitute James Milner in the 90th minute and drilling a low shot into the bottom-left corner to notch his 21st goal of the season.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Milo quarter finals start today at GFC Adventure thump Golden Fleece - Second round set for tomorrow

Part of the action in this year’s competition.

By Rawle Welch Following the completion of the Round of 16, quarter final action in this year’s Milo / Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition will commence today with two matches, at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, starting at 16:00hrs. The change of venue from the customary Ministry of Education ground is to facilitate students writing examinations and the previous venue not having floodlights to host the late fixtures. In the opening encounter, Dolphin takes on Charlestown and while both teams enjoyed narrow 1-0 wins against St. Mary’s and Kingston respectively in their previous matches, all those who’ve witnessed they play know that they have lost more to offer and this could very be the game that they both exhibit the talent resident in many of their players. Dolphin will be relying on Samuel Hunte, Dequan Matthews and Lenroy Forde to lead their attack, while the prolific Aroydy Branford and Omari James will spearhead Charlestown’s quest to progress. The feature game between Queen’s College and Lodge is rightly billed as that since this clash has all the characteristics of a entertaining matchup with the former marginally favoured due to the unrelenting form that they’ve displayed so far in the competition. Once again, Jayadev Mana, Ashmar Angel,

Michael DaSilva, Aftab Crandon and Stephen King expected to lead a starstudded line-up, while Lodge, a team with a rich history of producing some of the best players at the junior level will have to be at their best to stave off the rampaging Queen’s College unit. Tavel Jonas, Shemar Smith, Orlando Gravesande, Jarel Grannum and Ryan Hackett, all looked menacingly potent in their previous clash against a solid South Ruimveldt team and that performance should give them enough confidence for today’s battle so an interesting contest is envisaged. The following day, defending champions St. George’s spring into action against Bishop’s High and this has all the markings of a bruising encounter. As usual, the champs have no equal when it comes to determination, this has been their strength from the inception of the competition and they will need such against an improved B i s h o p ’s H i g h t h a t h a s shown enough resilience and skill to not be taken lightly. Joel Morrison, Davin Chan, Nathaniel King and Romario Gonsalves are all in rich form for Bishop’s High, while St. George’s will be encouraged by theirs as well after having at least eight players on the scoresheet in their round of 16 encounter against a hapless Tucville that conceded 11 goals. Quincy Lawrence, Okeri Codrington, Ozeal Small,

Adolph George, Seon Taylor, Joshua Williams, Jamal Brown and Niante Northe, all got into the act and should be oozing with confidence subsequent to their individual performances. The Christ Church versus Queenstown affair is a hard one to choose a winner, but judging from past performances one would be tempted to pick the latter. Queenstown eased past the highly favoured Carmel in an impressive display with William DeSantos, who netted a brace and Nicholas McArthur, the players on target, while Christ Church, though, they prevailed on penalty kicks against another highly touted team in Chase Academy. Andre Trotz and Kadeem Blackman seems to be the marquee players for them and they automatically will be relied on to lead them to victory. The two days promises to showcase an abundance of talent and scouts from inside and outside of the Capital City are being advised not to miss the spectacle. Please be reminded that the venue is the historical Mecca for football, the GFC ground. 16:00 hrs Dolphin versus Charlestown Secondary School 17:30 hrs Queen’s College vs. Lodge Secondary School 27/03/2014 16:00 hrs St. George’s Secondary vs. Bishop’s High 17:30 hrs Christ Church Secondary vs. Queenstown Secondary

to take Regal SCC softball title

Nandevi Sookdeo of the organizing committee hands over the winning trophy and cash to Adventure’s skipper Govindra Sharma while Mahendra Hardyal (2nd left). Adventure romped to a commanding nine- wicket victory over Golden Fleece to capture the inaugural Regal Stationery and Computer Centre softball cricket title on Sunday last at the Golden Fleece ground, Essequibo Coast. The hosts were bowled out for a meager 65 in 8.5 overs, batting first. Shivu Hurrilall scored 14 (2x6) while Leyland McDonald 3-22, Ravindra Baljodha 2-3, Govindra Sharma 2-10 and Selwyn Greene 2-17 did the damage with the ball for Adventure. Watched by a large and vocal crowd, which included Chief Executive Officer of Regal Stationery Mahendra Hardyal and Vice President of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. Lance Adams, Adventure responded with 71 for 1 from 4.4 overs.

Adventure took home $100,000 and a trophy while Golden Fleece pocketed $25,000 and a trophy. Baljodha was given the man of the match award. Earlier, Die Hard lost to Adventure by seven wickets in the first semi final. Die Hard batted first and scored 124-2 off their allocation of 10 overs. Jainanand Lall smashed 91 (1x4 12x6) and Khalid Baksh made 27 (2x4 2x6). Adventure replied with 126-3 in 8.3 overs. Shaz Grovesnor struck four fours and a solitary six in his topscore of 46 (1x4 2x6), while Brian Mangal and Baljodha’s scored 21 each. Sasepaul Deodatt took 2-33. In the second semifinal, Cotton Field Wild Oats went down to Golden Fleece by six wickets. Cotton Field batted first and posted 134-5 in 10 overs. Dion Wallace led with

an unbeaten 52 (1x4 6x6) and skipper Ramesh Narine made 48 (3x4 5x6); G. Singh snared 2-17. Golden Fleece reached 135 for 4 from 9.2 overs in reply. Shivu Hurrilall stroked 35 (4x6) and P. Singh made 22 (3x6). Ravi Singh had 2- 22 for the losers. Meanwhile, Regal XI of Georgetown defeated an Essequibo Select XI by 29 runs in an exhibition game before the final. The visitors took first strike and rattled up 117 for 4 off 10 overs. Patrick Rooplall’s scored 41 (1x4 4x6), Chien Gittens made 28 (1x4 2x6) and Safraz Esau 24 (3x6). The home team responded with 88-9 in 10 overs. Grovesnor slammed 38 (5x6). Ricky Sargeant and Esau picked up three wickets each and Mohamed Ayube 228. Esau was named Man of the Match.

Left arm spinner Hemchand Persaud picked up 4-36 from 8 overs while Kevon Boodie stroked an unbeaten 66 to guide East Bank to a convincing ninewicket victory over Central in the final of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB)/Busta 50 overs festival on Sunday last. Central were bowled out for 141 in 25.5 overs after

taking first strike at Imam Bacchus ground, Affiance. Anthony Ifill scored 29 (4x4) while Yougeshwar Lall made 28 (4x4), Narendra Persaud 16 (3x4) and Herell Green 15 (3x4). Brian Hubbert and Jason Heyliger supported Persaud with 2-11 and 2-27 respectively. Boodie then slammed nine fours and one six to

lead the chase while Heyliger scored 32 (2x4) not out and Kemol Savory 22 (1x4). East Bank received a trophy and $75,000 while Central collected a trophy and $25,000. Boodie was given the man-of-thematch and best batsman in the final awards and Persaud the most outstanding bowler prize.

Persaud, Boodie guides East Bank to ECB / Busta title

GCA/Hadi’s World City Mall 1st Div. 2-day

MSC humble TSC by 10 wickets Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) defeated Transport Sports Club (TSC) by ten wickets when their Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) / Hadi’s World City Mall Inc. first division 2-day fixture concluded on Sunday last at MSC ground. In response to TSC first innings score of 163, MSC

resumed on their first innings total of 208-3 and were bowled out for 287 in 70.3 overs. Hackeem David only managed to add two to his overnight score before he was dismissed for 56. Medium pacer Shaun Massiah grabbed 5-82 and Kevin Ross 4-73. The visitors

were sent packing for 141, batting a second time. Jonathan Alphonso made 25 and Joshua Ram 22; Kellon Carmichael was the pick of the bowlers for the host with 440. MSC reached their target of 18 without losing a wicket. Scores TSC 163 and 141, MSC 287 and 18-0

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

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GTTA names team for Latin Leonora trounce Stewartville American Championships NAWF Girls U17 Inter-Secondary Schools Football

in final prelim match Leonora Secondary trounced Stewartville 3-1 in the final preliminary game of the National Association of Women Football Under17 eight-team Inter Secondary School tournament on Friday last. In devastating form was the leading goal scorer of the tournament so far, striker Mandy Dainty who netted the hat-trick for Leonora taking her tally to 9. Leonora’s win has earned them a date with St. John’s in the first semi final on Monday next at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground. After putting her team {Leonora}in the lead with the game just five minutes old, Stewartville

responded in like manner in the 26th minute through Lashana Paul. Dainty was on target again in the 36th minute which gave Leonora the lead again and this time, for good. The game was put beyond the reach of Stewartville when Dainty hit the network in the 57th minute. Despite the loss, Stewartville also made it into the semi finals where they will take on Uitvlugt next Wednesday, April 2 for a place in the championship game. Both semi finals are slated for the Den Amstel Community Centre ground kicking off at 15:30hrs. The organisers are

- Lowe, Edghill, Lewis to battle region’s best

Mandy Dainty extending gratitude to the New GPC for sponsorship extended to the tournament. This is the second year that New GPC has contributed.

Trophy Stall sponsors all trophies and medals for HRC The Trophy Stall with branches at the City Mall, Bourda Market and South Road and Bourda Street has confirmed that they would be sponsoring all the trophies and medals for the fourth edition of the Hugh Ross Classic Body Building and Fitness Show that is set for this Saturday at the National Cultural Centre. A t t h e c o m p a n y ’s South Road and Bourda S t r e e t b r a n c h , Manageress Mrs. Devie Sunich, wife of proprietor Ramesh Sunich handed over the Overall winner Trophy to Hugh Ross stating that Trophy Stall was pleased to be on board and had no hesitation in sponsoring all the trophies and medals. “We at the Trophy Stall are happy to be supporting one of the more prestigious body building shows in Guyana. We have been supporting before and we have seen the kind of positive progress it has made over the years and we will continue to add our muscles to this event.” Ross in response thanked Mr. and Mrs. Sunich for their continued confidence in the event while assuring that come Saturday, it will be the biggest and most competitive event to date.

In an effort to increase her chances of winning the Senior Caribbean Women’s title, become more competitive internationally and improve Guyana’s women’s table tennis team chances, Trenace Lowe and Chelsea Edghill will be competing at the Latin American Championships, April 1-6, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) made the disclosure earlier this week, adding that Edinho Lewis will also participate at the competition. “Lowe’s participation, while geared toward matching skills with the region’s best and gaining valuable exposure, is primarily focused on reestablishing a world ranking, which is critical to her seeding in future Championships,” the association said. In addition, the release continued that her ranking could impact Guyana’s chances of medaling internationally. “With a full international schedule for 2014, which includes the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland

Chelsea Edghill July 23– August 3, Senior Caribbean Championships, Cuba June 30–July 5, Pan American Olympic Festival, Mexico in July, Central American and Caribbean Games, November, among other key international e n g a g e m e n t s , L o w e ’s preparation will commence at the Latin American Championships,” the release noted.Lowe is resident in the United States of America (USA) and has been training and playing competitive in that country. The association said that Lewis is also training and competing in the US with a view of “raising his level”.According to the GTTA, both athletes had

Trenace Lowe secured their own sponsorship. Lowe will compete in the Women’s Singles, Mixed Doubles and possibly Doubles competition with Edghill, who will be participating in a Youth Olympic Games event, March 28-30 in the same country before the commencement of the Latin American Championships. Lewis will compete in the Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles with Lowe. The G T TA f a c i l i t a t e d t h e accreditation of the players and paid their entry fees. Players from countries such as Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Peru are slated to participate.

EDFA U-17 semis on this Saturday at Buxton Ground Manageress of Trophy Stall, Mrs. Devi Sunich hands over the Overall Winner’s trophy to Hugh Ross.

The finalists of the East Demerara Football Association (EDFA) Inter Club Under-17 competition will be decided on Saturday when both semi finals are contested at the Buxton Community Centre Ground. First up from 14:00hrs will be the clash between BV Triumph United and Golden Stars and that would be followed at 16:00hrs with Buxton United enjoying home advantage against Ann’s Grove.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Guyana Independence T20 Cup 2014 launched The third edition of the Guyana Independence T20 Cup cricket competition 2014 organised jointly by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) has been launched. The theme this year is “Togetherness and Unity in Everything.” The launching was held on Friday at the Chamber’s Officer at Chapel Street New Amsterdam, Berbice. For the past two years the two organisations have been teaming up to successfully host the one day cricket spectacle which is held on Independence day 26th May at the Albion Sports Complex, Corentyne, Berbice with the finals being played under lights. This year the competition will be held on Sunday 25th May beginning at 10:00 hrs. The competition is expected to be played using permanent lights which are expected to be installed at the Albion Sports Complex by then. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Senior Vice President of the BCB Roger Greenidge stated that the BCCDA is honoured and happy to be partnering with a prominent organisation such as the BCB to do something tangible like organising the prestigious competition. He said that the BCCDA and its members recognized the importance of sports in nation building and blending and see the joint venture as worthwhile. Mr. Greenidge said so far the activity has been successful and see no

Members of the organising committee of both organisations at the head table during the recent launch. difference this year with even more success envisage. Vice President of the BCB Anil Beharry chaired the proceeding and expressed pleasure on behalf of the Board that after two years of success the two Non-Government Organisation can once again come together to organise the competition, which he said is one of the most sought after and better organised in Guyana. Also speaking was Public Relations Officer Imran Saccoor who highlighted how the programme got started and has grown to one of the most anticipated tournaments in Berbice and Guyana. The competition this year will also be played to mark a number of significant landmarks and achievement in the history of Guyana

including the observation of G u y a n a ‘ s 4 8 t h Independence Anniversary and the 75th Anniversary of the BCB. The organisers have promised an even more exciting tournament this year, featuring the four top T20 teams in the country, two of which will be from Berbice and two from Demerara. A feature softball match is also on the cards involving two of Guyana‘s better softball teams with Memorex taking on Universal DVD. The organisers have also identified a number of projects that will benefit from the venture including assisting with the development of Sports in the Region, assist two first division clubs, assist two orphanages, two schools in Berbice among other

ventures. The organisers have also decided to put aside some money to assist in some needy cause in case of health. The budget which was read by Treasurer Chris Hicks is pegged at $2.1M. The winning team is expected to pocket $350,000, the runner up $150,000, the losing semifinalists $80,000 each while there will also be an incentive for the man of the match in the final. There will be a formal mid-evening cultural opening ceremony which will also see fireworks display during the night. The two semifinals will be played first with the winners clashing in the final. Live music is expected among other entertainment packages. The event is also expected to form part of the

M i n i s t r y o f To u r i s m , Industry and Commerce yearly events. A committee chaired by Beharry has been put in place to oversee the activity with the other members being –Secretary Cosmata Lindie, Treasurer Chris

Hicks, PRO Imran Saccoor, Cricket Coordinator Huburn Evans. Other members of the committee include Roger Greenidge, Gyandat Marray, Mark Roopnarine, Ramroop Rajnauth, Shabbir Baksh and Hilbert Foster. (Samuel Whyte)

GCA / Noble House Sea Foods 2nd Div.

Belle (80), Crosse (77) highlight final day’s play Kwame Crosse and Martin Pestano-Belle stroked half centuries as Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) and Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) played to a tame draw when their Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)/Noble House Sea Foods second division 2-day game ended

on Sunday last. With a lead of 63, host GYO resumed on their overnight second innings score of eight without loss and progressed to 213 before they were bowled out. Crosse stroked 77 while Derek Koulan made 31 and Wazeer Mohamed 30. Khemraj Jaikarran and Tariq Dharanlall claimed three wickets each. Set 277 for victory, GCC closed on 156-3. Belle slammed 80 while Jaikarran made 30. Scores GYO 166 and 213; GCC 105 and 156-3.

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

Fitness Express maintains support of Hugh Ross Classic

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Three amateur boxers for St. Lucia Goodwill tournament

- in store 2 hour visit and interaction with fans on tomorrow

Bert Braithwaite

Manager of Fitness Express, Jamie Mc Donald (centre) is flanked by Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham (left) and Hugh Ross. Their commitment towards the continued development of sports in Guyana was once again expressed in tangible terms when Fitness Express Manager Jamie Mc Donald welcomed Hugh Ross Classic Guest Poser Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham to Guyana. Fitness Express sponsored the ticket and fees for Beckham to be in Guyana on the invitation of long time friend and buddy, Hugh Ross. Yesterday, at Fitness Express, located at 47 John and Sheriff Streets, Campbellville, Ross extended gratitude to Mc Donald for his unflinching support to the classics noting the significant part Fitness Express has been playing in the growth and success of the show over the years. “I am humbly grateful to Mr. Mc Donald, fitness Express and staff for their partnership over the years, the Hugh Ross Classic Committee is really appreciative of your largesse a n d w o r d s o f encouragement.” Mc Donald in response thanked Ross and his

committee for allowing his entity the opportunity to be on board once again. “Fitness Express, ever since it opened four years ago have made it a priority to be deeply involved with body building and powerlifting and the strength sports in general in Guyana, so any time an opportunity comes up we are always on board to help out in any way we can. Mc Donald noted that he had no hesitation in agreeing to bring Beckham to Guyana especially since the IFBB Pro is very knowledgeable about the sport, nutrition and fitness. “In addition to him guest posing at the HRC Show, on Thursday (tomorrow) Jeff will be at our store between 14:00 – 16:00hrs and will answer any questions that customers or members of the general public poses to him about fitness, body building and nutrition in general. We are very excited to have him here for this as well.” In brief remarks Beckham expressed gratitude to Fitness Express for agreeing to sponsor him. He noted that this is only the second time that he has

traveled out of the USA and a l r e a d y, h a s b e e n experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the Guyanese fans. “I’m having a wonderful time here and would like to thank Hugh for inviting me down here. I would like to encourage everybody to come at Fitness Express store and ask whatever questions they want. You can come punch me in my arms and have your photos taken, I’m cool, I’m just looking forward to see and interact with all you guys.” Tickets for Saturday’s show are on sale at the National Cultural Centre at $1500 each. Show time at the same venue is 19:00hrs. Weigh-in time for athletes will be 10:00hrs on Saturday also. Saturday’s showdown will feature defending champion Kerwyn Clarke whose quest to retain the overall crown will not be an easy task as he would have to get past the likes of old rival Devon Davis, Marlon Bennett, Alfred Jordon and new Novice King, Sylvester Andrews. A mouth watering show is in the making.

The executive body of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) has intensified its efforts to expose local pugilists to as much international competitions as possible to maximize their chances of procuring lucrative international accolades and subsequently, that coveted Olympics gold medal. As such, close on the heels of the locally staged Tri-Nation Goodwill tournament in February and a similar venture in Barbados early this month, the GBA will field a three man team to compete against a strong squad out of St Lucia in a three nights Goodwill tournament from March 2830 next. Those selected for national duties are Ron Smith (69kgs), Bert Braithwaite (64kgs) and Delon Charles (56kgs). Dennis Thomas (75kgs), Eon Bancroft (69kgs) and

Theresa London (75kgs) were initially shortlisted to be a part of the squad but have all been side-lined for differing reasons. London was deemed ineligible after she was stopped in her last international outing, the South American Games, and will have to conform to a three months rest from competitions while Thomas has been cited for indiscipline while participating at the very games and is slated to appear before a disciplinary committee soon. Bancroft’s performance over the past few months have also come into question and President of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle said that his patience is running thin in relation to the poor returns of some of the boxers, thus his omission. He said that Bancroft has had a long run in Cuba at the Macedo Cardova championships, the

Ron Smith Tr i N a t i o n C a r i b b e a n championship and quite recently, the tournament in Chile. A visibly upset Ninvalle said that he could no longer tolerate the below par performances of some of the boxers. He said that he is tempted to place heavy concentration on the nursery project since the elite boxers are either incapable or unwilling to deliver the goods. “We are investing heavily in these boxers and they don’t seem to understand that when they under-perform it makes our job of procuring sponsorship for them very challenging so I think that the time is right to employ stiff measures and criteria as a prerequisite to their selection at international games,” Ninvalle declared. The team participating in the St Lucia tournament leaves Guyana tomorrow morning and will get into action one night later.

t r o Sp

Badree, Santokie, Smith floor Bangladesh Samuel Badree’s 4 for 15 were the best by a West Indies bowler in World T20


Dwayne Smith pulls the ball strongly

Cricketers equipped by Western Union - RHTY&SC Junior Ambassador programme P.37

Marketing Manager of Western Union, Natheeah Mendonca (3rd left), presents a set of gears to Akshay Homraj while the other cricketers share the moment. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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