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March 16, 2019 - Vol. 13 No. 11


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Govt. protects the borders, natural resources, sovereignty; must remain in place until...

Message from President David Granger

DDL launches $1B-plus - 3mw solar farm warehouse for Diamond

Queen's Counsel presence sparks queries of conflict of interest Landlord allegedly breaks into tenant's apartment, steals phone and cash

Conspiracy charge dismissed against GECOM Chairman, Coalition Commissioners - Magistrate rules charge is frivolous, vexatious and lacks merit


Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019


Message from President David Granger

Govt. protects the borders, natural resources, sovereignty; must remain in place until...


he current political situation in our nation which resulted from the noconfidence vote against the Government on 21st December 2018 in the National Assembly should not be a cause for alarm and anxiety. The Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is sacrosanct and supreme; the independence of the Judiciary and the Elections Commission is respected and the National Assembly is functional. I am confident that, if these institutions are allowed to function without interference, the nation could expect a good outcome to the present situation. I wish to assure everyone that the Government will continue to respect the Constitution, abide by the law and ensure the orderly functioning of the agencies of public administration and the efficient conduct of credible elections. Guyanese, the noconfidence vote activated four concurrent processes, all of which have a bearing on the present political situation. -First, the authority of the legislative branch is unimpaired. The National Assembly remains in session. This is essential because, under the Constitution [at Article 106 (7)], the Assembly could be summoned to expand the time for conducting General and Regional Elections beyond the period of 9o days from the time of the noconfidence vote on 21st December 2018. The Chief Justice, in the case of Attorney General v. the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Leader of

President David Granger the Opposition declared: … Parliament is not dissolved as a result of the no-confidence motion. Instead, it is the holding of elections which will be responsible for the dissolution of such a Parliament. The National Assembly, therefore, is still vested with the authority to provide the Elections Commission with the time and resources necessary for the conduct of credible General and Regional Elections. - Second, the independence of the judicial branch has been respected: The Government’s legal right to appeal to the judicial branch to interpret certain issues relating to the no-confidence vote is enshrined in the Constitution. The legal challenges, in so far as the Government is concerned, were neither frivolous nor calculated to frustrate the implications of the no-confidence vote. The Speaker of the National Assembly was asked to review his decision in light of the legal issues which arose as to the validity of the vote. He declined to

reverse his decision. He recommended, in his ‘Statement’: Full, final and complete settlement of these issues by a Court of competent jurisdiction will place beyond doubt any question which may exist and serve to give guidance to the Speaker and to the National Assembly for the future. The Government’s legal actions, therefore, can be viewed as a means of bringing clarity and certainty to the contentious issues which arose as a consequence of the noconfidence vote. The Chief Justice, in her rulings on these actions, issued certain declarations. The Government, while challenging aspects of her rulings, continues to comply with them. The Government is conducting its affairs in accordance with the Constitution and with respect for the rule of law. The legal challenges have been taken to the appellate stage and a decision is expected from the Court of Appeal. -Third, the competence of the executive branch is essential to the viability of the state. The President and Ministers remain in office as provided for by the Constitution[at Article 106(7)] which states: Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the

election. The Constitution contemplates continuity of the Government. There is no legal impediment that restrains the Government from exercising its functions or requires it to assume only ‘caretaker’ functions. The Government continues to protect the country’s borders, natural resources, sovereignty and territorial integrity and to fulfill its international obligations. Citizens will continue to be provided with public services at the central, regional and local levels to ensure their welfare. Life goes on. - Fourth, the electoral process must be credible. I have written to and met the Commissioners of the Elections Commission to urge their readiness to conduct credible elections at the earliest time possible. I am constrained from naming a date for elections without the advice and assurances that the Commission would be competent to conduct credible elections. Free and fair elections are essential to representative democracy. The credibility of elections, in turn, is dependent in part on the integrity of the Official List of Electors. A contaminated list can vitiate the credibility of elections. The Government side, during its engagement with the Elections Commission, gained the impression that, considering the small size of the national population, the existing list of electors was ‘inflated’ and needed to be sanitised. It is the Commission’s responsibility to determine how efficiently and how quickly this could be achieved. The independence of the

Elections Commission is safeguarded by the Constitution. It is insulated from political influence, instruction and interference. The Constitution[at Article 62] charges the Commission with the conduct of elections. It states: Elections shall be independently supervised by the Election Commission in a c c o rd a n c e w i t h t h e provisions of Article 162. The Constitution[at Article 162 (1) (a)] mandates that the Commission: …shall exercise general direction and supervision over the registration of electors and the administrative conduct of all elections of members of the National Assembly… The Commission must be allowed to function independently. I cannot influence, interfere with or instruct the Commission in its work. I am guided by its advice as to its readiness to conduct elections before I make a proclamation on the date of those elections. T h e C o m m i s s i o n ’s Chairman, in this regard, wrote to me on 21st February 2019 indicating that the Commission did not have the capability to deliver credible General and Regional Elections within the threemonth timeframe commencing 21st December

2018. He advised, also, that the Commission would need an appropriation, approved by the National Assembly, in order to conduct General and Regional Elections. I replied to the Chairman’s letter on 25th February, “…committing to doing everything possible to ensure that the Commission is provided with the financial resources and has sufficient time to conduct credible elections.” I promised “…to seek the approval of the National Assembly to ensure that an agreement can be reached given both the constitutional requirement and GECOM’s capability.” I also urged the Commission to commence preparations for the conduct of general and regional elections. I consulted with the full membership of the Elections Commission on 8th March 2019 to determine its needs and its readiness to conduct credible elections in the shortest time possible. It would be reckless of me to announce a date for elections without being satisfied that the Commission would be in a position to guarantee credible elections. I did not receive, at that meeting, the guidance that (continued on page 16)

Kaieteur News


Saturday March 16, 2019

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Best ecotourism destination


t is worth saying out loud: Guyana is the best ecotourism destination in the world. That means number one; it means globally not regionally, or some limited geographical context. It is public, and that assessment came from some heavy hitters in that field. The Awards Jury lauded Guyana in the run-up and aftermath of the final decision for, “quality of life based on sound education and social protection, low carbon resilient development, green and decent jobs, economic opportunities, individual equality, justice, and political empowerment.” Though this may raise more than a few skeptical eyebrows in some quarters locally, there is some foundation and limited truth to the encomia. In addition, tribute was paid to the keen interest and commitment at sustaining “Guyana’s ecosystems and indigenous traditions.” This is on more solid footing, as both hold up to scrutiny. Now, after a long time, citizens in this country have something to cheer about; to feel good about and be proud about, since such accolades and occasions are increasingly rarer these days. A great opening and grand opportunity is presented on which to capitalize through some very concrete next steps. It starts with a readiness and commitment to develop the sector in terms of scale, strategic visions, and objectives. The people responsible for the development and expansion of this sector have to think big, through a big programme that is about big numbers of capital, accommodations and supporting structures, and visiting people. This calls for a number of measures, which are expanded upon in no particular order in an attempt to flesh out those ingredients that can carry to several tiers upwards from where things are now. Go-Invest should earmark some billions to take forward. From attractive glossy marketing before the audiences that count to airport process to amenities to standards, these have to be functioning in a modern manner and at a high degree. It would not help if the hospitality, courtesies, and character of customer-facing hosts, and ground transportation to in-transit destinations in the city are not of an impeccable order. That’s a start. There has to be more than those barebones utilitarian airstrips out there in the heart of ecotourism territory. That would not do; a supporting sprawl of facilities and people must be in place. Otherwise, that best in the world award would collapse more quickly than a lit candle in a hurricane. From now on, ecotourism has to take wings and soar; no more safe, stodgy, pedestrian moves. It has to take its rightful place as a viable sector in the Guyanese economy; it must cease to being a nice-to-have; or to be content with operating as possessing potential. Potential has to become reality, and the hour is now. One and all have to challenge themselves to design, deliver, and operate a program that makes the nation proud and justifies that superlative tag. What else to do? How to leverage more? While oil monopolizes present thinking about future potential; there is nothing yet in terms of revenues coming in or benefits shared with citizens. It is that proverbial bird in the bush. And though gold has been a crucial contributor in carrying the country, ecotourism offers the opportunity to diversify with some of the biggest bangs being jobs, and imprinting this country on the ecotourist map as a destination of choice. This arrives with a price tag; the locals must get serious about this. Money has to be spent to get more money. Time to stop talking; time to start doing. Now!

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Stop the charade, “mamaguying” and bravado behaviour, call elections now DEAR EDITOR, I respond to this view that is emanating from the President and those on his bandwagon that he remains president until the next president is sworn in. Is President Granger seeking to preach he will be President for life? Because he and his government have not demonstrated any seriousness as it relates to the holding of elections. Article 106 (6) & (7) says the following: a) the President and cabinet shall resign upon the successful passage of a no-confidence vote. Their final day on the job is 90 days or three months after in this case March 21st 2019 since the no-confidence motion was passed on December 21st 2018. b) they remain in office purely for the purpose of holding an election. Article 106 (7) envisages an election in three months at which time the President shall hand over to the newly elected President. To be defeated by a noconfidence vote and not hold elections within the constitutionally mandated time-frame of three months and in bravado style declare to people of Guyana “I remain the President until the new President is sworn in” is pure nonsense. The President’s supporters are perfectly correct when they say that the “President should remain in office until the next President is sworn in.”

However, what they omit to mention is that subject to article 106 (7) of the constitution and in keeping with the ruling of the Chief Justice, elections had to be held before 21st March 2019 and a new President sworn in by that date or shortly thereafter. Their perverse logic seems to suggest that Granger can ignore the Constitution of Guyana, have or not have the election at his will and the people of Guyana must keep him as President. For example, the President can or not hold the election in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, and we must accept him as President. We reject this. Editor, this Guyanese will publicly declare for the President and his merry band, I will not sit idly by and allow this abuse of power, and I encourage all decent, sane, right thinking and independent Guyanese to reject this nonsense and to see this action of the President as a misuse of the trust that was given to him by the people of Guyana in May 2015. President Granger and his government lost their mandate on December 21st 2018. Their only reason for continuing in office was to facilitate the holding of elections and the maintenance of good order. Bill No. 14 of 2000 EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM Clause 5 alters article

106 to provide for the resignation of the Cabinet and the President following the defeat of the Government in the National Assembly on the vote of confidence. Although defeated the Government shall remain in office for the purpose of holding an election. They have done everything to frustrate the holding of elections. We don’t have a date and we are five days away from the constitutionally mandated deadline. The only business that this President and his ministers’ should be engaged in, is ensuring elections are held, it’s not business as usual. Any attempt to stay in power beyond March 21st can be deemed a reckless and irresponsible action by this Government. This claim that the doctrine of necessity kicks in can be deemed an absurdity and to date the most visible act of desperation. The constitution never contemplated a defeated government remaining in office beyond ninety days without a two-thirds majority of the National Assembly - that is to say, the opposition that defeated you facilitating an extension beyond ninety days, because of some reasonable and rational ground. No such grounds exist; it is clear for all to see the intention of the APNU+AFC coalition Government was not to have elections by

March 21st. So whether it was the National Assembly, the Courts or GECOM, they sought a refugee. GECOM with its unilaterally appointed chairman and the three government-sponsored commissioners have provided that much-needed smoke screen. We are not allowing this behaviour from GECOM. For the purpose of all Guyanese, the constitution envisages a GECOM on any of the three eventualities: a) a no-confidence vote b) the president at any time during the five-year term proclaiming a dissolution of the national assembly on calling a national election and c) the end of the fiveyear cycle of the National Assembly. On every occasion, elections are to be held within three months. Stop the charade, the “mamaguying” and the bravado behaviour, call elections now. On March 22nd you are illegal, u n l a w f u l a n d unconstitutional; you will no longer be the President, Mr Granger. Editor, while at it, may I express my utter disgust at the misuse of state resources that fund the DPI which has now become the propaganda and political attack arm of this coalition government. Further erosion of governmental institutions and a harsh return to party paramountcy is evident. Yours truly, Bishop Juan A. Edghill

“Chase them” frenzy is quickly emerging as a saga DEAR EDITOR, “Chase them out” has been causing some frenzy, and is quickly becoming a saga. The truth is, such words/statements are common across Guyana. It is not uncommon for Guyanese, in one context or another, to use such words as chase him/her, chase them, or chase all of them, or even chase it, when they come around you/here. Furthermore, it is a legal r i g h t o f a n y individual/family to chase out animals, squatters, or trespassers from their property. The words can also mean, ‘don’t listen to them, o r d o n ’t e n t e r t a i n o r encourage them’. So what is the hype and frenzy about

Jagdeo’s “chase them out” during his recent Babu Jaan speech? Some commentators seem bent on bumping up/equating those words with “incitement”, with the intent of holding him liable in a court of law. However, ‘incitement’ requires more than making a statement; it requires the listeners/readers to internalize those words and take actions towards fulfilment of the call/message, the outcome of which may be injurious to the public in some way. Before jumping to conclusions, let us tread cautiously; let us reflect on and examine the customary, colloquial and legal usage(s) of those words, “chase them

out” introduced in the earlier paragraph. Most importantly, let us consider the use of “chase them out” to keep out/off trespassers and illegal occupants from your premises or property. It was in this light/context that gave rise to Jagdeo’s “chase them” statement. It should be clear by now, that from 21st March, or thereabout, unless Parliament previously met and extended the life of the government in accordance with constitutional provisions, all the MPs/Ministers who show up at the Ministries/offices would be in unlawful occupation. Hence the call to “chase them”. Therefore, a call/statement to chase/block

the illegal occupants cannot and should not be viewed as incitement.In essence, it must be noted that the “chase them” statement can be viewed/interpreted in several ways - customary, colloquial and legal - based on usage in Guyana. Inciting statements must bring forth actions from listeners/readers that lead to mayhem/injuries to the public. In the context of potentially unlawful occupation of offices by former MPs/Ministers purporting to conduct business as usual/governing the people of Guyana, the words would not amount to incitement. They would in fact be meritorious. Regards, Ronald Singh

Salute to Bernard Celestino De Santos DEAR EDITOR, The season of the Reaper seems to be with us these days. A great, respected and esteemed son of the soil has been swept up with the scythe of the Reaper. From humble beginnings like so many other sons and daughters of Guyana, Bernard rose above and against tremendous odds to become one of the most famous criminal lawyers in jury trials locally. He became Senior Counsel in 1991. Bernard’s skill as a legal practitioner was always in great demand by many who could not be convinced to go to another of his colleague’s chambers. Bernard’s successes in the upper and lower courts were stellar. For more than 50 years he laboured in the vineyards of the magistracy and the judiciary. His labour of love brought him in close contact with thousands from many walks of life, and from every region of Guyana. It was easy therefore for Bernard to transition from legal luminary to politician when he was called upon by then Opposition Leader Dr.


Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Cheddi Jagan to assist with cases that had a political flavour, like the famous ‘Mahaicony Three’ namely Neville Wordsworth, Bhoj Pertap Singh and Vickram Deokarran, all of whom were charged with treason in 1989. Bernard was successful in getting all three of the accused acquitted in 1991 and freed in a case that had captured the attention of Guyanese at home and abroad. Bernard was again called upon by Dr. Jagan to join the CIVIC component of the PPP/ C alliance prior to the 1992 elections. He campaigned with his colleagues all over Guyana until the PPP/C was victorious on October 5th, 1992.Bernard was invited to join President Jagan’s Cabinet and to be a Member of Parliament as Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs. While serving as Minister and Parliamentarian, Bernard successfully and skillfully piloted several Bills and amendments to Acts through the National Assembly. Bernard served in government from 1992 to 1997, and after leaving government, he continued to serve as a Mem-

ber of Parliament on the government benches from 1997 to 2011.During his tenure as a government minister, Bernard was called upon to serve on the Parliamentary Select Committee for constitutional reform, initiated by the PPP/C government, but which unfortunately was unable to complete its work. After serving in parliament Bernard proceeded to continue with his private practice which, according to reliable sources, never faltered in its reputation during his absence. On May 14, 2017, Stabroek News published an extensive interview with Bernard. In that interview Bernard is reported as saying; ‘What we have to do here is behave in such a way as to preserve our profession, to preserve our professional integrity so that the public can have confidence not only in us as practitioners but the system in which we operate’ This statement is unmatched as a true reflection of the man, the comrade and the gentleman we now salute as we bid him farewell. RIP Bernard. Clement James Rohee

We should display maturity in our present circumstances DEAR EDITOR, Many agree that the grounds for the delay in the announcement of a date for elections are unacceptable. Recognizing the growing certainty that the coalition intends to continue in administration beyond the time prescribed by the constitution in the present circumstances, a move that will take us into uncharted waters, we encourage leaders across all civic organizations to evaluate the alternative responses available to us as a society. Many who would like to see the coalition go will continue their calls for their immediate departure and de-recognition of government upon and prior to March 21, 2019. While these calls may be justified, it is important that those calling for the coalition to honour the constitution do not promote an environment of insecurity, hostility, fear and confusion which can lead to a decline in our natural social order. We maintain that the coalition is very much aware of the path upon which they are taking Guyana, and the consequences of the politi-

cal damage they are inflicting upon themselves by choosing this path. In this context therefore, we urge all Guyanese to allow the administration some slack as it ponders its alternatives to address society’s immediate concerns. The critical benefit of such a position is that we retain the confidence we have in our ability to maintain social control, thus allowing social organizations to continue functioning without disruptions, versus alternative unpalatable social and economic outcomes. The DNC rejects recent calls for activism by Mr. Jagdeo, and urges other social leaders, both within the PPP and without, to counter such calls by encouraging traditional PPP supporters to recognize that there are other effective alternatives to addressing our current situation. It is important that other leaders within the PPP do not support or encourage the staging of protests at this point in time. In today’s globalized economic environment, the DNC (Continued on page 6)

Sand trucks at Ruimveldt Public Road a danger to life and limb DEAR EDITOR, Kindly permit me space in your newspaper to voice my concern about a very dangerous situation on our roadway. Editor, as you may be aware, sand truck drivers usually park along the edges of the East Bank Demerara Highway stretching from National Hardware and Torginol Paints on the western side of the road and on the opposite eastern side as well, while they go about their business. My major concern here has to do with the manner in which these drivers park. On most occasions, they are extremely close to the junctions of the road, which poses a great danger to other drivers who are attempting to get access to the highway, where our view is totally blocked by those high trucks being parked a mere metre or so away from the corners at times. From what I understand, it is an offence to stop or park a vehicle within the first 10 metres from a corner. The situation we have here is not only a daily breach of the traffic laws, but also a daily danger to other road users as well. In addition, when these big trucks are parked on the road shoulders they force

pedestrians to compete with the moving traffic for space to walk. What is worse is that the Police are oftentimes right there at the traffic light where they have a clear view of these breaches, but choose to ignore. Why is this? Why don’t the police ensure that at least these truck drivers do not park within that 10 metres distance from the corner? Are we waiting until someone loses his or her life here before we fix this problem? Editor, many times drivers coming out from the junction by Torginol are forced to take the risk of going on the highway with almost half of the vehicle already on the road, but they are still unable to see vehicles coming to Georgetown because their view is blocked by these trucks. We are playing with death every time we attempt to get on to the highway, especially given the kind of drivers we generally have on our road. Coupled with this, there are numerous occasions when potential customers turn up in their vehicles and simply park alongside the trucks to begin negotiating their deal. This is insanity.

My other concern has to do with the fact that these trucks often times are parked on the shoulders of the road. Many of us Guyanese keep complaining every day about the poor infrastructure, and about roads being damaged mere months after construction, but we are failing to recognize all the causes of this. Those trucks are parked sometimes for hours with tons of sand on the road shoulders causing severe stress on the road foundation, which results in eventual damage to the road. There are already huge sinkholes on the western side of this area – isn’t the Ministry of Public Infrastructure doing anything about this? I understand that the truck drivers need to earn a living, but at the same time, we need to look at the issue holistically. I would urge the Commissioner of Police, Minister David Patterson and Mayor Ubraj Narine to intervene immediately and bring some order and safety at this location. They need to identify an area off the main road where they can assemble and ply their trade without impeding the safety of other road users. Sincerely, Rovin Singh

Misinformed or blatant and malicious: Jagdeo’s continuous misrepresentation of what I said DEAR EDITOR, Referring to me, in his Press Conferences, seems to have become one of Jagdeo’s fetishes, when it suits his purpose, to do. He has on more than one occasion mentioned that I said that ‘Granger`s second letter of February 25, 2019 to the Commission superseded the first letter of the said date’. His intention is to use my credibility to authenticate his contention that the second letter contradicts the first, al-

though President Granger clarified this matter and distanced himself from Jagdeo’s contention of what I said. May I therefore, by reference to the confirmed minutes, of February 28, 2019, of GECOM, place on public record what I actually said and meant. I said “Commissioner Alexander stated that while he maintained his earlier view on the supersession of the letters, in his opinion supersede did not mean that the letters contradicted each

other. He said that the first letter urged the Commission to prepare for elections and the second letter requested a c o n s u lt a t i o n on GECOM`s readiness.” Jagdeo has either been misinformed by those who report to him on GECOM’s meetings or is blatant and malicious in his continuous misrepresentation of what I said. Yours truly, Vincent Alexander Commissioner GECOM


Kaieteur News

Open fires are dangerous and illegal DEAR EDITOR, Fires have been lit ‘willy nilly’ by Guyanese people all over the place causing ill health and danger to people’s property, and the possibility of it becoming a natural catastrophe because of the hot weather and also spreading to farms, buildings, and properties. A few days ago someone ridiculously burnt tyres on the East Bank of Demerara causing confusion and mayhem to pedestrians, vehicular traffic and residents in the area. I wish to write again that I am tired of Guyanese people not respecting other persons’ health. Many times I have observed the distressing practice here in Guyana of fires being lit at the back of residents’ homes, with the wind blowing in a direction so that it does not affect them - as what is presently done now by many of the residents in Atlantic Gardens where I live. Some of the residents in Atlantic Gardens light such fires. This action of just lighting fires - which I deemed unreasonable, inconsiderate, and unprincipled - causes untold environmental and health effects on residents in many communities, not only in Atlantic Gardens, but across Guyana. It affects the elderly and children, especially those

with asthmatic conditions. In addition, it pollutes your homes when it enters, even if you have your windows closed - which makes your home hot and uncomfortable, destroying the curtains (which at times some residents have just bought and changed). In addition here in Atlantic Gardens, fish skin and fish scales are added to the garbage and burnt by the residents, which produces a pungent odour. Fires are also lit in the Botanical Gardens where persons cut the grass and burn it, making it difficult for persons in the vicinity (NCN, the Sports Hall, Hadfield Street/ Lodge and the National Cultural Centre etc.) to carry out their daily activities. I have been a direct witness and have also received numerous complaints of persons lighting fires recklessly and dangerously in communities such as Queenstown, Happy Acres, Ogle, etc. The grass in residents’ premises can be cut and used to form compost heaps or buried in the earth where it will rot and form humus for the planting of trees. Fires lit and most importantly left unattended, I must stress again, can cause serious health and environmental problems such as complications due to smoke inhalation, destruction of plants ecosystems (deforestation), soil erosion, air pollution and destruction of the ozone layer. More specifically, unattended and unregulated fires cause depletion in animal species and habitat, can cause the state to incur costly evacua-

tions and destruction costs, take human life, and can prevent the natural process in which soil and leafage absorb rainfall. Inhaling smoke for a short time can cause immediate (acute) effects. Smoke is irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, and its odour may be nauseating. Studies have shown that some people exposed to heavy smoke have temporary changes in lung function, which makes breathing more difficult. Two of the major agents in smoke that can cause health effects are carbon monoxide gas and very small particles. Inhaling carbon monoxide decreases the body’s oxygen supply. This can cause headaches, reduce alertness, and aggravate a heart condition known as angina. Fine particles are able to travel deeply into the respiratory tract, reaching the lungs. Inhaling fine particles can cause a variety of health effects, including respiratory irritation and shortness of breath, and can worsen medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease. During increased physical exertion, cardiovascular effects can be worsened by exposure to carbon monoxide and particulate matter (New York State Health Department: environmental/outdoors/air/ smoke_from_fire.htm, accessed on 15th March, 2019). I am calling on the Government of Guyana through the Fire Department and Fire Chief to issue orders and prosecutions against people or anyone who lights unregulated fires. There must be serious enforcements of laws in this regard. Citizens must act responsibly in this area of concern. Sincerely, Roshan Khan Snr.

Saturday March 16, 2019

Legendary Fr Keith Hardless is no more DEAR EDITOR, A legendary Catholic Priest, Fr Keith Hardless departs from this world to be with God. I write this letter for various reasons, but an important reason is, Fr Keith invariably acknowledged any letter that I wrote in the papers. I had the privilege of serving the people along side with Fr Keith. Mother Teresa of Calcutta says, “A sacrifice to be real, must hurt, must cost and must empty ourselves.” This summarizes Fr. Keith’s life as a priest and as an astonishing human being. He made remarkable sacrifices to serve the people of Guyana. Almost all Catholics in Guyana would have had unforgettable and tender encounters with Fr Keith. His contribution in the Church and Guyanese populace is numerous. He has served in the Diocese of

Georgetown as a priest in several parishes. He has accompanied young and old and has left a legacy in their hearts as priest of the people. Young and old approached him without any hesitation, for he had a knack of relating to people of any age. His kind words of encouragement have resonated among the people that he served. I have vivid memories of his care and concern towards the youth of Guyana. His love for the poor has been obvious in his lifestyle and through feeding of the hungry. He has served in Guyana ever since he arrived in 1971. He will be greatly missed by scores of people in Guyana and abroad. His pleasant demeanour and cheerful words of comfort will be missed. His legacy of love, care, cheerfulness and sacrifice will live in our hearts. Jerri Dias Georgetown

WHERE ARE WE WITH SMOKING IN PUBLIC SPACES? DEAR EDITOR, The year 2020, at least as far as the information provided by our political czars, should be the year that I as a Guyanese will become a prince such as the likes of those on the opposite side of the globe in the Arabian Peninsula. I have already invested in a golden turban for this purpose. Until this time however, I am quite content and proud of where we are and how far we have come. I am proud, as I am patriotic. I love those who have respect and decency for my culture and for my country. I have no tolerance, however, for anyone who may feel that they are above me or superior as a Guyanese, especially in my country. A few Fridays ago, I took my family for a relaxing dinner at a dining establishment in the city. I should mention that I only support local, homegrown restaurants as I am not particularly fond of sending my country’s hard earned foreign exchange towards the payment of international fran-

chises or such. Myself and family proceeded to the garden dining area due to the fact that I have children below the age of four and they absolutely love to run and frolic. Within about half an hour of placing our order, we inhaled the characteristic cigar smoke which was seen coming from a couple who appeared to be non Guyanese. Not wanting to spoil their Friday evening here in my beautiful country, I made a decision to move my family to another table within the inner dining room of the restaurant since we wanted to protect our lungs (forgive me for being direct, but I am of the opinion that this makes it easier for the offenders to understand the rationale). About fifteen minutes into waiting at our new, fresh table, two diners who were seated behind our table indulged in their craving. As the smoke permeated the area, I felt an urge to cough. I thought of gracefully walking over to their table to cough and empty

my lungs over their dinner without the decency of covering my mouth like my mother taught me. After all, I will respect your apparent right to fill my lungs without my permission as you should respect my right to empty them when I choose. But good sense prevailed and the waitress sensing my frustration apparently notified the manager. Not sure of the conversation, but after many “whys” the smokers were relocated. Editor, I sincerely hope that you are not a smoker and if you are, I know that you will be professional in your approach to use the tools that you wield to shed some light as to where we are in this regard. With the influx of persons coming to our country in light of our newfound status, I am of the opinion that once the rules have been established, we will not be motivated to resist to guard our rights. Sincerely, A contributor whom is not a smoker

We should display maturity... From page 5 is confident, and encourages all Guyanese to recognize that our current circumstances can be effectively addressed at the diplomatic level without critical loss in our social and economic stability.We therefore encourage everyone to display maturity and patiently await the unfolding of events which must occur to realize a final decision by either GECOM or the administration to announce a date for elections. Yours faithfully, Craig Sylvester, Democratic National Congress

Saturday March 16, 2019

Govt. contemplates railway to Timehri - four-lane to extend to CJIA Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, yesterday announced that the government will be extending the Ogle East Coast Demerara to Diamond East Bank Demerara Bypass road project further up to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). The government has already approached the bilateral donor - the Government of India, to secure additional funding to continue the feasibility study for the project, which Minister Jordan explained, will be done in the second phase. Addressing members of the business community, other Government officials and members of the diplomatic corps at the commissioning ceremony of DSL’s new distribution warehouse, Minister Jordan noted that the expansion will push further investment. The original Diamond to Ogle project is currently in its first of three stages. Stage one; the Detailed Project Report Preparation commenced on April 13, 2018. The second phase, the Construction Supervision will incorporate the link to CJIA. According to Minister Jordan, the extension of the road will not affect the progress of the project. “This is like a phase


Kaieteur News

Minister of Finance. Winston Jordan two. We are trying to use virgin territory. The money that was earmarked for the project by the Indian Government couldn’t even do to carry out the study when it started, so we had to get some more money.” The government wants to take advantage of the existing resources for the Ogle to CJIA project and

according to Minister Jordan, the “high-speed road” is being designed to cater for a rail system in the middle. He said that with the kind of resources expected from oil production, a rail transport system will become a reality allowing for a free flow from Georgetown to the CJIA. “We expect that as a result of that, a lot of development will take place around that area.” Meanwhile, the government has also received technical assistance from the Kuwait Arab Fund for Economic Development to carry out a study for the continuation of the widening of the road on the East Coast of Demerara from Belfield to Rosignol (Region Five), Mahaica-Berbice. The government has also been able to attract a study for a road from Parika (Region Three), Essequibo Isl a n d - We s t D e m e r a r a t o Goshen, (Region Seven), Cuyuni-Mazaruni.

Queen’s Counsel presence sparks queries of conflict of interest


ho would want to act in a man ner that goes against the desires of someone who can potentially block or support their promotion? “No one, not one soul,” said attorney at law, Sanjeev Datadin. He made this point as he noted that former Attorney General of Grenada, Dr. Francis Raphael Alexis, has joined the government’s legal team arguing in the appeal to the Chief Justice’s ruling on the no confidence motion. The Chief Justice upheld the decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland, that the no confidence motion was properly passed on December 21, last, but the government, through Attorney General, Basil Williams, is seeking to have it overruled. Dr. Alexis is a member of the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission of

Attorney at Law, Sanjeev Datadin the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), having been appointed in November 2015. That is the body that appoints judges to the CCJ. Dr. Alexis’s petition to practise law here was presented by attorney Mayo Robertson before Justice, Brassington Reynolds, in the High Court on Monday.

But Datadin thinks that that petition should not have been granted. He said that Dr. Alexis may appear before judges who have ambition to be appointed CCJ judges. He said that those judges will not want to deliver a ruling that is not in favour of the arguments presented by Dr. Alexis. Datadin said, “He should not appear before judges because the judges before whom he is making submissions will have to apply to him for a job if they want to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice. No person who sits on that Commission should be appearing in court.” Datadin drew a parallel to Guyana’s Judicial Service Commission. He noted that one seat on that Commission is filled by a lawyer who cannot practise. “And it is for the same reason; the inference is that when they apply to you, you may want to don’t them.”


Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Army patrol delivers baby on board Mabaruma-bound ferry The MV Barima

The high-speed patrol craft which took the mom and baby from the ferry The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Medic delivered a baby on-board a Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) vessel en route to Mabaruma, Region One. The Coast Guard also conducted a medivac for the newborn and mother.

According to the army, at approximately 01:30 hours yesterday, Aloma Roberts of Wauna, Region One, went into labour on board the MV Barima. The vessel was en route to Mabaruma, and was some several miles out into the Atlantic

Ocean. On board the vessel was an army patrol who quickly radioed the nearest Coast Guard outpost for assistance. Delivering the baby was the patrol’s medic, Lance Corporal Nickel Charles. It was a healthy

baby girl. The newborn and mother were subsequently transported to the Mabaruma Hospital via a GDF Coast Guard high speed patrol craft. The patrol craft intercepted the T&HD vessel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Saturday March 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

A grave situation Guyanese are highly superstitious. They believe that when you bury the dead that you have to inter them with all manner of things in order to give them some comforts in the afterlife. It is a nice thought that your family cares so much about you that when you die, they will want to ensure that some of your possessions are taken with you. The drawback, however, is that what may be superstition to the grieving is a sweepstake to the tomb raiders. An interesting story appeared in yester d a y ’s Kaieteur News. It reported that the police in Berbice were investigating the vandalism of a tomb at No. 66 Village Corentyne. A relative reported that when he went to the cemetery he found

the casket outside of the tomb and the body removed from the casket. What was interesting was that the police are now investigating not only who vandalized the tomb but also the removal of US$300 that was buried with the dead. Now why in the country rife with criminals, including tomb raiders, would anyone place US$300 in a coffin? What were their hopes: that the deceased spirit would find his way to the United States and would need some spending money? Superstition is rife. People place all manner of things in a coffin. Some of it is symbolical of the love the relatives have for their loved ones. If the person was cricketer or loved cricket, they would place a cricket bat or ball

in the coffin. Archeologists have dug up the remains of prehistoric tombs and found skeletons buried with personal possession and tools. The Vikings usually buried their dead with their weapons. In some cultures it is practice to leave food for the souls of the dead. King Tut was buried in an elaborate chamber which even contained an antechamber equipped with chair, couches and even chariots. Statues made of gold were also discovered in the antechamber. Right now the search is on for the grave of Alexander the Great. Who know what treasures will be unearthed when it is found? There was a time when Guyanese used to bury their loved ones with their jewelry

Dem boys seh ...

One editor want to know de Waterfalls boss man better De Waterfalls boss man in de news. A reporter from de Big Market paper call him to find out wha he building pun Regent Street. De boss man tell de reporter that he should mind he own business and that what he building is he personal and private business. Nobody don’t share dem business plan wid de world. Not even Govts do that. In Guyana de Govt build nuff thing in secret. De Enmore factory, de Cheddi Jagan Airport, De Sanata Complex, de Marriott and even de hydro seed dem was building in secret. Thank God for de Waterfalls paper exposure odda wise all dem men woulda been walking round wid hydro in dem pants fuh pay back de debt. De boss man didn’t plan to tell nobody but since de Big Market editor go pun Facebook and talk he name, he gun mek an exception.He building a 15-storey brothel to legalise prostitution. Every day he notice nuff Guyanese getting charge and place before de court fuh trafficking in persons. He see nuff of de people involve is Ven-

ezuelans. After careful consideration de boss man seh this can be a colourful and lucrative business.He decide to tek advantage of de situation. He also want to mek life easy fuh de Big Market paper editor. Dem boys seh de editor can come when de building done. He will be accommodated just like dem Venezuelan women fuh minding people private business wha ain’t news. Dem boys also find it strange. Nuff buildings going up all over de country—in Bartica, Berbice, Lethem, Essequibo, East Coast, West Coast and not forgetting de big city, GT. De Big Market paper never ask nobody what dem building. It got to be that he got he eyes pun de Waterfalls boss man. A few years ago he went after a man who was building a mall at Regent and Wellington Street. That man has a name like de boss man. Ram Lall.Now he wants to run behind de Waterfalls boss man—Glenn Lall. He want to get to know de boss man better. That is why de boss man seh he designing a room specially fuh him.Talk half and ask if anybody does share dem business plan.

or medals. After the tomb raiders started to break into tombs, this practice stopped. In fact, some persons are refusing to bury their dead in aluminium caskets since this is favorite haunt of the tomb raiders. They would wait until the mourners leave the burial ground and then break into the tomb, empty the coffin of the cadaver and cart off the caskets. I have seen persons being buried with their spectacles. When I asked one of the relatives why this was so, he answered, “The dead man like read.” I then told him that perhaps he should buy a library and place it next to the coffin in the burial ground so that the dead man would have something to read. I have been to ‘soul’ fu-

nerals and see friends of the deceased place beers and malt products into the coffin for the deceased to take with him or her to the afterlife. Little do these persons know that these bottles will explode within the coffin when the tomb is sealed. This is one reason why persons do not place perfume bottles into the encased tombs. Earlier this year, the tomb of Karl Marx, considered the father of socialism, was vandalized. A plaque bearing the identity of Marx was disfigured. Vandals in Ireland stole the head of a mummified dead in February this year. It was later recovered. It is doubtful if the person or persons who stole that US$300 from the dead recently at No. 66 Village are ever going to ret u r n t h e m o n e y. A n d i t

should serve as a lesson to persons that they should avoid burying their dead valuable possessions. But given the superstitious nature of Guyanese you can bet that burying dead with their possessions will continue. Recently, one person was asking whether it was possible to have a WiFi connection in his coffin when he dies so that he can log on to Facebook. Tomb raiders are on the prowl in Guyana. Not even the dead is safe in this Godforsaken land. No wonder so many people are opting for cremation.


Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Are magistrates disrespecting Khemraj Ramjattan? I am repeating what I once carried in one of my columns last year - the description of a con v e r s a tion held in the supermarket named Distribution Service Limited, a subsidiary of DDL. It is located opposite Guyoil gas station on Sheriff St r e e t . A s s o o n a s y o u enter the supermarket, on your immediate right, is the pharmaceutical/ cosmetics glass counter. I was standing there. This former judge came up to me. He/she said (I will not identify the gender) will like to talk to me about m a g i s t r a t e ’s d e c i s i o n s . He/she said that magistrates are overdoing it

with their unreasonable bail imposition. At last, I can quote a famous retired judge. The judge intoned; “No, no, no, I don’t want to be identified.” Last week in my column of March 5, (“Why Guyana, of all places jailing Cubans?”), I quoted from a speech Minister Ramjattan gave at a drug rehabilitation programme. All the senior magistrates were there. I quote from my column; “Ramjattan told the gathering that in his experience as a prosecutor and defence counsel, he would caution against imposing prison sentences on drug accused because they

become hardened offenders when they come out.” Ramjattan gave off that advice on March 4. Since then there have been more than five cases of jail term assigned for less than forty grams which is the legal limit in Jamaica. Two days ago a magistrate named Esther Sam jailed a defendant on that very charge. When I read the name Esther Sam, I was confused. My job as a social analyst is to know these things. And I apologize; I didn’t know we had a magistrate named Esther Sam. My job also is to know the familiar faces in legal society, that is, the practising lawyers. I never heard the name Esther Sam. I hope Madam Sam does not read anything personal into this. I truly have not heard about her. I assume she did well in private practice or in the DPP chambers and then went on to become magistrate. Accused, Bernard Britton, appeared in front of Sam in Anna Regina Court. He told Sam he uses the ganja he was caught with for his asthma. In many other countries, marijuana

for medical use is legal. I don’t know If Sam is familiar with journalism and movies. Out of one of the most popular World War 2 movies was born a saying that is now commonly used by commentators and journalists. The movie is “Casablanca” and the saying goes like this, “Play it again, Sam” From Sam in Anna Regina, we move to one of the “famous” magistrates in Guyana, Leron Daly. Daly did take Ramjattan’s advice (just like Sam didn’t). Daly, a few days ago, jailed a man for ganja. The man’s explanation was that he thought the stuff was achar. From Daly with her daily prison sentences, we go to the birth place of Moses Nagamootoo. At the Whim magistrate’s court, Dinesh Sookram, appeared in front of Renita Singh. The unemployed man was charged with break and enter and larceny. He was placed on $200,000. He could not raise that sum, so he escaped from lawful custody. When I read that incident of escape, my mind went back to the supermarket conversation with one

of Guyana’s most prominent retired judges on the question of unreasonable bail. So is our famous or infamous, Minister of Public Security, Ramjattan being ignored in the magistrate’s courts or is contempt being shown to the advice he gave magistrates less than two weeks ago? Let me end when a weird story in one of the magistrate’s courts that I have never put in print. It occurred in front of Judy Latchmansingh. I was giving testimony in the assault case against Kwame McKoy and others who had attacked me. I told Latchmansingh I was objecting to her presiding over the case since I have been very critical of her performance as a magistrate and that she should recuse herself. She refused to do so and read from one of my columns where I published the lyrics of the famous rock song, “Hotel California.” In rejecting my request, she quoted from that column and recited the lines of Hotel California. Attorneys Glen Hanoman, Latchmie Rahmat and others were there. That was strange.

Frederick Kissoon Here are some lines from Hotel California. “Her mind is Tiffanytwisted, she got the Mercedes Benz She’s got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she calls friends How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat Some dance to remember, some dance to forget” Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before ’Relax’ said the night man, ’We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!’

Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Conspiracy charge dismissed against GECOM Chairman, Coalition Commissioners - Magistrate rules charge is frivolous, vexatious and lacks merit “The charge against the defendants are frivolous and vexatious; it lacks basic human merits,” said Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, yesterday. Immediately she dismissed arguments by

Special Prosecutor, attorneyat-law Sanjeev Datadin, who last Tuesday filed a private criminal charge on behalf of Civil Engineer and businessman, Marcel Gaskin, against GECOM Chairman and the three Coalition

Commissioners, accusing them of conspiring to delay elections. The three commissioners are Charles Corbin, Vincent Alexander and Desmond Trotman and the Chairman, Retired Justice James

Patterson. The defendants were represented by Senior Counsel Neil Boston. However, yesterday when the matter was called in the Chief Magistrate’s courtroom, only Patterson and Trotman were present due to the fact that a summons was never issued for Corbin and Alexander. The charge against the four accused stated that during the period December 22, 2018 to March 9, 2019, they conspired to breach Article 106 of the Constitution of Guyana which provided for the holding of General Elections in Guyana within three months from the 21st December 2018, when the Noconfidence Motion was passed in the National Assembly. However the Chief Magistrate did not read the charge to the defendants.

Yesterday when the matter was called, Boston in his arguments on the validity of the charge said that the court has no jurisdiction to entertain it. The charge which he described as “nuisance” and the issue of jurisdiction, he said, will go in two different directions The first issue of jurisdiction is that there is exclusionary clause in the Representation of the People’s Act 103. The clause excludes the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court. Every court before it embarks on a hearing must be satisfied with itself that it has jurisdiction to hear the matter. And that has been the law since 1939 in Guyana, he added. Section 140 of the Elections Commission Proceeding Representation of the Peoples Act reads: “Except to the extent that jurisdiction in that behalf has

been conferred, and the exercise there of is required, by the Constitution or any law made under article 3 there of (which provides for the determination by the Supreme Court of Judicature of questions as to membership of the National Assembly and elections there to) and save as here in before provided to the contrary, no question whether any function of the Elections Commission or of any of its members has been performed validly or at all shall be enquired into any court.” He added that Article 161 of the Constitution states clearly “(1) There shall be an Elections Commission consisting of a Chairman, who shall be a full-time Chairman and shall not engage in any other form of employment, and such other members as may be appointed in accordance with the provisions of this article. (Continued on page 24)

Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Electrical equipment, wires must meet 25 new standards


Electrical contractors and others at the meeting on Thursday.

overnment says it is getting t o u g h o n electrical equipment and other supplies which must meet local standards that are being introduced. This was made even clearer this week during a forum on the issue. The Guyana Electrical Inspectorate (GEI), an agency under the purview of Ministry of Public Infrastructure, held its Sixth Annual Electrical Contractors Conference on Thursday at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. This conference was held under the theme: “Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Green Energy in an Oil Developing Economy”. The conference drew the attention of 280 electrical contractors from across the country. It was attended by the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, and Junior Minister, Annette Ferguson; the Guyana Energy Agency; National Insurance Scheme; Assuria; Guyana Revenue Authority; Kronoco Safety Solutions; Guyana Fire Service; Government Electrical Inspectorate; Guyana Power and Light; and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards. Minister Ferguson noted that the contractors will be one of the main beneficiaries as the oil and gas sector. They were urged to think out of the box and to adopt to the new technologies of efficient energy usage. Under the new arrangement there will be four categories of electrical licenses which will replace the existing ones. These four

licenses include the Electrical Contractors Assistant License; the Electrical Contractor Level One; the Electrical Contractor Level Two and the Electrical Professional Contractor License. All of the new categories with the exception of the Electrical Contractors Assistance License will be valid for three years and be machine readable. Minister David Patterson disclosed that it is the intention for Guyana to reach the target of 100% renewable energy by the year 2025. Patterson urged that the contractors seek the requisite knowledge and expertise as Guyana has become a signatory to the Green State Development Strategy Framework (GSDS). “Over the years, there has been an increase of fires allegedly blamed on faulty wiring and substandard electrical products. It is for this reason the Guyana Electrical Inspectorate had sought approval to implement and enforce 25 new electrical standards of which was granted by the Electricity Sector Forum of 1999 and Electricity Sector ( Te c h n i c a l S t a n d a r d s ) Regulations of 2008. “Before 2017, Guyana only had one voluntary electrical standard, but, as of 2019 we now have 25 new electrical standards of which are mandatory for all constructors to follow.” Patterson admitted that the standards are not burdensome but designed to ensure safety and protection of lives, environment and property.

Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News


Kaieteur News


Saturday March 16, 2019

Almost 100 hire cars registered in first month of HD series


he Guyana R e v e n u e Authority (GRA) has registered almost 100 hire cars in the first month of the new HD series- an indication that more Guyanese are entering the transportation service sector in keeping with an increased number of visitors and investors to these shores. During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), GRA's Communication Officer, Fabian Clowes, explained that after some seven years of the HC series, “We have now started a new hire car series, HD in February 2019.” As of March 12, 2019, about 95 motor vehicles were already registered under the HD series since it commenced in February. Providing some statistics

- HA series ended after 15 years; HC in 7 years on the hire car series, Clowes related that the HA series began in July 1986 and lasted for 15 years; the HB series started in April 2002 and lasted for nine years, and the HC series started in September 2011 and lasted only seven years. Clowes also noted that the situation is similar to the registration of private vehicles under the XX series. This, he said, is evidence of the fact that more Guyanese are now able to be motorcar and motorcycle owners, thus entering into owning a business in the field. The private series or any other series Clowes

Taxi cabs with the new HD license

GRA's Communication Officer, Fabian Clowes explained, “when it reaches to the ZZ series, we start all over again, but this time you

will be seeing PAB then PAC and it moves down the line from there.” Clowes added out that for any series including the 'H' series, there is a benchmark for registered vehicles within that series. “For the Guyana Revenue to commence

registration of new vehicles in a new series, the total number of vehicles registered must reach a benchmark of 9,999. He explained that all series run in alphabetical order, “we are presently in the HD for hire cars and for

private we are in the XX series. The only alphabetical letters that are not utilised are I, O, U and Q.” A hire car licence can now be obtained from any of the GRA's Offices countrywide; it costs $3,000 and is valid for 3 years.

Govt. protects the borders, natural resources ... From page 3 would have allowed me to proclaim a date for elections. I would be unable to do so until the Commission advises me accordingly. Guyanese, these four concurrent processes – legislative, judicial, executive and electoral – enshrined in the Constitution, are essential to the lawful resolution of the challenges of the present political

situation facing the nation. Public trust in the Elections Commission and confidence in its capability to deliver credible and timely elections will be enhanced by greater consensus within the Commission itself. Attempts at frustrating the Commission’s decisionmaking through walk-outs of meetings by Oppositionnominated Commissioners have been disruptive,

d i l a t o r y a n d counterproductive to the agreement of a ‘work plan’ that could assure the nation of the Commission’s ability to hold credible elections within the shortest time possible. I expect that, with the advice of the Commission and with the support of the Opposition in the National Assembly, I shall be able to proclaim a date as early as

possible for the conduct of General and Regional Elections. I have written to the Chairman of the Commission, again, demanding the presentation of the ‘work plan’ to me and re-committing the Government to doing everything possible to support the conduct of credible elections ‘…in the shortest time possible.’ The Government of

Guyana is committed to support the rule of law and respect for civil rights. The Government will remain committed, also, to ensuring respect for the Constitution and the independence of the institutions of the State. I have written to and met the Leader of the Opposition on matters relating to the political situation. I met the Leader of the Opposition first on 9thJanuary 2019. It was agreed at that meeting that: - the Government would work with the Opposition towards the expeditious conclusion of matters engaging the attention of the court and relating to the no-confidence vote; and -the representatives of the two sides would meet the Elections Commission to enquire about its readiness to hold elections. I invited the Leader of the Opposition, on a second occasion, to meet me on 6th March 2019 to discuss: -the National Assembly’s constitutional role in the present situation; and - the Elections Commission’s readiness and requirements for funding to enable it to conduct General and Regional Elections. The Leader of the Opposition requested that the agenda be broadened to include setting an election date and to discuss other matters relating to the Government’s role in the approach to elections. The meeting did not go beyond the first agenda item after the Leader of the Opposition insisted on the

setting of a date for elections which I was in no position to proclaim at that time. The resolution of the present political challenges requires collaboration. I am prepared to do my part to ensure credible elections within “…the shortest time possible” this year. The decisions which have to be made and the actions which need to be taken, however, are not mine alone. I rely on the Commission’s readiness, the provision of funds and the expansion of time to conduct credible elections by the National Assembly. I rely on the outcome of legal challenges by the Court of Appeal. I r e l y, a l s o , o n p u b l i c confidence in the institutions responsible for executing these processes. They demand political cooperation, not confrontation. Guyanese, it is my desire that credible elections be held in the shortest possible time. I shall continue to ensure that Government’s actions are consistent and are in compliance with the Constitution and assure citizens of a credible electoral process. I urge everyone not to be intimidated by incendiary insinuations aimed at instigating disaffection which could affect preparations for elections. I assure everyone that the Government will spare no effort to protect your fundamental rights and freedoms. Guyanese, I am confident that the path we have chosen is the best for the nation. I thank you.

Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019


World Consumers Rights Day celebrated with informative Expo


ith March 15 each year being slated for the observance of World Consumers Day in Guyana, Consumer Affairs Department of the Ministry of Business and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, yesterday hosted a picturesque and informative expo on Main Street, Georgetown. The event also featured the presence and participation of many other sister agencies of the Ministry of Business. The initiative staged under the theme, 'Trusted Smart Products' was geared at ensuring the public become sensitized to the importance of purchasing Smart Products that are reliable, safe, and of course authentic. Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission's, Allison Parker, noted that the initiative was also geared at ensuring consumers use the appropriate powering mediums for their Smart devices. She said that it was also the intention behind the venture to ensure that consumers become aware of the pros and cons of using Smart devices and also ensuring they secured proper security methods for their devices, especially since advancing technology is rapidly taking over today's society. Director of Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission, Dawn Cush, welcomed the gathering expressing her pleasure at the level of attendance by media representatives, the public and participating entities. She added that World Consumer Rights day was indeed an important feature around the globe, noting that the level of

yesterday's initiative was indeed a sign that the observance is going places locally. Among the entities participating at yesterday's function, were the Competition and Affairs Commission (CCAC) GTT, Digicel, Public Utilities Commission (PUC), CARICOM Rapid Alert System for the Exchange of Information on Dangerous (Non Food) Consumer Goods (CARREX), and others. Participating entities showcased booths at the function, and were all equipped with promotional material that showcased their products and services. Several schools were well represented at the expo and all seemed enthusiastic as was evident from their interaction with business representatives present in the booths at the event. The consumer movement marks March 15 with World Consumer Rights Day every year, as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs. Celebrating the day is a chance to demand that the rights of all consumers are respected and protected, and to protest against market abuses and social injustices which undermine those rights. World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by President John F Kennedy, who sent a special message to the US Congress on March 15, 1962, in which he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. He was the first world leader to do so. The consumer movement first marked that date in 1983 and now uses the day every year to mobilise action on important issues and campaigns.

Former NOC inmate remanded for alleged seawall rape of schoolgirl


eleased from the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) just a year ago, an 18-year-old is now on remand for the alleged rape of a schoolgirl at the Ogle seawalls two Fridays ago. The charge was read to Adrian Suban when he appeared last Tuesday in the Sparendaam Magistrate's Court before Magistrate Rochelle Liverpool. Suban, who was unrepresented, was unable to post the $150,000 bail and was therefore remanded. It is alleged that the 14year-old and two other girls

were in the vicinity of the Ogle seawalls during the daytime last week Friday, when Suban, who was on a bicycle, attacked them. Two of the girls managed to escape, but the accused allegedly held the third at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her. The victim was found in a state of shock on the seawall. Suban was arrested shortly after and picked out during an identification parade. Police said that he had served a sentence at the NOC for armed robbery and was released a year ago.

World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated yesterday on Main Street, Georgetown

Kaieteur News


Saturday March 16, 2019

Guyana to compete in CCJ's annual Law Moot


delegation from Guyana will participate in the Caribbean Court of Justice's (CCJ) annual international Law Moot slated to begin March 21, next. The venue would be the CCJ headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago. The Moot, which is an extra-curricular activity at most law schools, is in its eleventh year and will be heard before a panel of three judges, Justices David Hayton, Jacob Wit and Winston Anderson. According to the CCJ, the Law Moot has been extended to two days for this staging because of increased interes t. Las t year' s competition had eight teams from law schools and faculties around the region and was won by the Norman Manley Law School from Jamaica. This year nine teams are expected to compete. CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders, said, “The Law Moot presents an opportunity for students from regional law schools and faculties to have handson courtroom experience at

the CCJ. “This allows them an opportunity to develop and present their arguments in front of a panel of CCJ judges and to use our court management system, Curia. The Moot also promotes greater familiarity with the CARICOM treaty and the Original Jurisdiction of the Court.” Saunders also paid tribute to Mr. Justice Hayton. “As this will be his last Moot with the CCJ, I want to publicly thank him for his sterling service to this CCJ initiative.” Each year, the Moot continues to attract enthusiastic participation from law students. Tremendous interest has been generated from regional law schools and faculties who invest resources and guidance to optimize the performance of their students. The success and popularity of the Moot is testament to the excellent organizational work done over the years by Mr. Justice Hayton, his committee and the host of volunteers who annually make the Moot possible.” Justice David Hayton,

The Norman Manley Law School bested seven other law faculties and schools from across the region to win the 10th Annual Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Law Moot Competition in 2018 at the CCJ headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago. The winning team comprised Mr. Luke Cook, Mr. Jovan Bowes, nd Mr. Samuel Bailey, and their advisor, Ms. Tara Carnegie (2 right). who has chaired the Law Moot since its inception, stated, “Regrettably we can only live-broadcast the final presentation of the second day. To do otherwise could give an unfair advantage to other mooters. “However, we hope that this glimpse of the competition will encourage others to view the entire competition, which I am sure will be fiercely contested.” Tremendous interest has been generated from regional law schools and

faculties who invest resources and guidance to optimize the performance of their students. The success and popularity of the Moot is testament to the excellent organizational work done over the years by Mr. Justice Hayton, his committee and the host of volunteers who annually make the Moot possible.” The topic of the Moot has always been rooted in issues arising from possible breaches of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

This year's question, for example, centres on a dispute where one country is alleging breaches of the treaty caused by the treatment of a fictional couple in a manner amounting to discrimination on the grounds of nationality. The students are required to present oral and written arguments before the panel of judges, who probe their arguments with accustomed rigour. This year's CCJ International Law Moot Court will also see mooters

from the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. Interested members of the public can view the live broadcast of the debate between the final two teams, as well as the delivery of the judgment and the prize ceremony. Further information, including the link to the Moot question, the Moot schedule and the broadcast link to view part of Friday's proceedings, can be found on the CCJ's website:

Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Govt. welcomes opening of Movie Towne Guyana - 1,000+ jobs have been created Patrons during the opening of the cinema-plex Movietowne Guyana


s Movie Towne Guyana opens its doors, 1,000 jobs have been created within the theatre operations of the multimillion-dollar facility. In the coming months, this figure will increase, as businesses within the Movie Towne mall open their doors. During the official opening of the facility on Thursday evening, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, noted that MovieTowne is poised to be one of the top competitors in Guyana's entertainment sector. Minister Gaskin expressed his satisfaction in having this form of investment in Guyana. “Good business is what creates jobs and opportunities, generates tax revenues, and provides good services, and experiences that can enhance people's lives,” he stated. He re-emphasised that t h e A P N U + A F C Government is positioned to cultivate an atmosphere that promotes growth in the

The décor has been described as being out of this world. (Amanda Richards photo) business sector. “Good business requires an enabling environment.” The Minister of Business also said that even as profit is the ultimate aim, “safe, secure, responsible [and]

legitimate” practices are central to the government's mandate. “We will see [in Guyana] the emergence of both a stronger private sector and an improved public sector that

are better coordinated in their pursuit of common goals”, said Minister Gaskin. T h e M o v i e To w n e entertainment mall is set to open its doors to the public on March 19.


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Saturday March 16, 2019

Urgent repairs needed to Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling - structure poses danger to vendors and speed boat commuters

A section of the floor that has almost completely disappeared on the stelling


he extremely dilapidated state of the Vreed-enH o o p ( We s t B a n k Demerara) Stelling is posing grave danger to speedboat commuters, taxi drivers and vendors who use the facility for river transport and to ply their trade on a daily basis. This was the view of several vendors, taxi drivers and speedboat commuters yesterday who normally traverse the facility to and from Georgetown. One reporter chatted with several persons yesterday, and was taken aback at the fear of persons

using the facility that it may collapse one day while all concerned are using it for whatever reasons. Speaking to Senior Engineer at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Jermaine Braithwaite, yesterday, he agreed that the structure is indeed in a very dilapidated state. He said that a substantial section of the structure may require complete overhauling from the very pillars in the river that holds it upright to the roof, floor and other areas. He added that scope of works intended for the

structure i ncludes also upgrades to accommodate more speedboats since there is an ongoing congestion problem at both Vreed-enHoop and the Georgetown Ferry Stellings. He added that the Ministry of Infrastructure intends to have structural elements implemented to ensure order, and avoid the present chaos when mooring of speedboats occur and passengers use the stellings. A c c o r d i n g t o Braithwaite, the Ministry has already solicited the services of Mott McDonald, a consultancy group from the

A section of the very dilapidated Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling United Kingdom, to conduct feasibility studies for rehabilitative works on both stellings. The consultancy is being funded under a grant scheme by the United Kingdom government, through the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF). A s s t a t e d b y Braithwaite, the contractors' contract which began on October 2019 is expected to conclude within a month. He added that among projects are components geared at flood prevention,

upgrades and much more. He said that environmental assessment and other related studies are also being done. According to Braithwaite, Government has already received funding for the first phase of upgrading of the Vreed-enHoop and Georgetown Stellings. Vendors and taxi drivers in particular are very worried about the state of the Vreed-en-Hoop facility since there are very large holes in the flooring where the wood has rotted. Large sections of the roof seems to be on the verge of

complete disintegration. Some drivers are worried that since they use the facility to park their vehicles the floor may one day collapse under the weight of the vehicles. This concern is even more heightened by the fact that some of the pillars in the Demerara River that hold the structure have eroded and badly damaged by water and other elements of the weather. This facility is also used by pedestrians to park their bicycles and motorcycles and by clothes and food vendors.

All road reserves to be cleared The Public Infrastructure Ministry provided photographic examples of structures/material that will be removed


here must be no obstruction on public road reserves. Anyone found to be in contravention of this law after March 31 will have their structures confiscated from any main access road by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. T his in accordance with

Section 29 of the Road Act 51:01 of the Laws of Guyana, which states that 'Any property obstructing or damaging a road or canal may be seized and removed by the road officer of the district, or by anyone by him thereto authorised in writing'. A ccording to the

Ministry's recent public advisory, it is embarking on a countrywide campaign, starting on April 1, to remove such encumbrances, countrywide. A ccording to the advisory, these are listed as d e r e l i c t vehicle/equipment, immovable vehicles,

hardware store, barber shop, rum shop and bar, builder's waste, roadside shop, car park, sawmill, cargo containers, scrap iron dealership, clay stockpile/heap, sand/stone heap, structure, mobile vending cart, tyre servicing, mud-dumping, workshop, non-derelict, concrete-

mixing (road), no stopping/parking sign, nonapproved sign board, paddy d r y i n g , r a i s e d driveway/property access and other materials. T he law further states that “if it remains unclaimed for fourteen days after notice given to the owner thereof to come forward

and claim the property, and pay all damages incurred, it shall be sold, and the proceeds paid to the Accountant General.� T he Ministry has made accommodations for this aspect of the law, but advised persons to have their material removed beforehand.

Saturday March 16, 2019


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Civil Aviation Authority looking to build new office complex at Providence Six entities have submitted financial proposals to the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board for consultancy services for the architectural and engineering designs for a head office complex and training facility, for the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

Ministry of Social Protection Procurement of Janitorial Supplies Lots 1-12

Director General of the GCAA, (ret’d) Egbert Field, informed this publication that a block of land has already been earmarked at Providence, on the East Bank of Demerara. Field said that the Authority has requested a design which inculcates a ‘green’ sustainable structure, inclusive of wind and solar power generators, and conference facilities. The current Kingston office is not a permanent office for the GCAA, because it is being rented. The following projects constitute the continuation of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB)’s bid openings on Tuesday last. The projects for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure will be made available in a subsequent edition. Ministry of the Presidency – Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport

Construction of Storage Bond and Offices, Head Quarters, Main Street

Amount ($)

(To be continued)


Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

Landlord allegedly breaks into tenant’s apartment, steals phone and cash




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A landlord found himself in hot water as he was brought before the court after his tenant accused him of breaking and entering her home to steal her phone and a quantity of cash. Peter Rollox made an appearance before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer his charge. Rollox pleaded not guilty to the charge which read that on February 11, 2019 he broke and entered the dwelling home of Anastasia Semple and stole one Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and $20,000 cash. The landlord who was not represented by an attorneyat-law told the court he is 31 years old and shares the said premises where the alleged incident took place. Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh had no objections for bail to be granted to Rollox,

therefore, Senior Magistrate Leron Daly granted bail to the tune of $50,000. The defendant was instructed to return to court on April 5, next. Meanwhile, in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, Brian Bess, 31, from Citrus Grove, Port Kaituma, denied a break and enter charge after it was read to him. It was alleged that on March 13, 2019 at Water Front, Port Kaituma, North West District, he broke and entered the business place of Sabrina Johnson and stole $300, 000 cash. Police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield had no objections to bail for the defendant. However, he mentioned that nothing was recovered. Bess was granted bail in the sum of $100, 000. The matter was adjourned to March 19, 2019.

Father Keith Hardless is dead Diocesan priest, Father Keith Hardless, who worked mainly in Georgetown, died Thursday morning at a city hospital. After complaining of feeling unwell earlier that morning he was taken to the hospital and admitted to its VACANCY 1 Male cook to work in interior. $90,000 monthly. Experienced land dredge workers. Tel# 629-8280. Call btw 8:30-5:30pm Surveyor Technician. Must know to use GPS. Contact 2235273/74 Looking for a job & educational services? Contact The Job Centre 43 Croal & Alexander Street or call 5024002/683-8765 Cashier. 2 Shift - 7am-3pm & 3pm-11pm. Apply to: Shell Service Station Providence or Body work Technician to work in Georgetown to spray truck #227-1717 Truck Driver to work in Georgetown. Tel#227-1717 Tutor/Nanny to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Apply at Alabama Trading 65 Robb Street Industrial Sales Representative, 5 Subject CXC Age 25+ Experience in Sales, must own vehicle, email r e s u m e : One cleaner. Apply at Alabama Trading. 65 Robb Street General domestic with cooking experience for East Bank. #614-4358

Died: Keith Hardless intensive care unit (ICU), according to the Catholic Media Guyana in a Facebook post. However, while receiving medical attention he went into cardiac arrest and died. He was 75. Up to the time of his passing, Father Keith was the assistant Parish priest of The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Fatima. Born in Rangoon, Burma, he studied for the priesthood in the United Kingdom. While a student at the Drygrange seminary in Scotland, he was accepted by Bishop Guilly to serve in this Diocese. Ordained priest in April 1971 he first came to Guyana five months later in September of that year. Guyana became his home with his work especially centered on the East Bank of Demerara. His first appointment was an assistant priest at Our Lady of the Mount parish, where he worked with his former class mate Father Michael Savage. He eventually became the parish priest and in fact, ended up spending all of his life as a priest in that parish.

Saturday March 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

Ruling to be delivered against Rupununi bar owner accused of TIP

Duo accused of sexually assaulting underage girls Two men were brought before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts yesterday each charged with sexually assaulting underage girls. Romel Harry, 49, of Lot 11 Soesdyke, East Bank Demerar a ; and Chanderpaul Mohabir were both arraigned before Chief Magistrate

The Lethem Magistrate’s Court, Region 9 Magistrate Allan Wilson is set to make his ruling on a no case submission in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) case against Rupununi Restaurant and Bar owner, Joyce Lawrence, on March 19, 2019. It is alleged that between July 1 and December 12, 2014, at Makawau Night Club,Aishalton, South Rupununi, in the Rupununi Magisterial District, Joyce Lawrence, engaged in TIP, where she recruited and harboured a child by means of threat for the purpose of labour exploitation. At the Lethem Magistrate’s Court where the case is being heard, the child testified that she commenced working with Lawrence at Makawau Restaurant and Bar in July 2014 until December 2014 and that she was 16 years old. The Prosecution’s Attorneyat-Law, stationed at the Ministry of Social Protection, Kevin Morgan, explained that under section 3(2) of the Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act, Cap. 10:06 the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, or receipt of any child, or the giving of payments or benefits to obtain the consent of a person having control of a child, for the purpose of exploitation shall constitute

trafficking in persons irrespective of whether any of the means described in section 2(k) have been established. Morgan urged the Court to accept that the Prosecution need not prove threat as a means of committing the offence. Morgan further argued that the term harbouring is to be given its ordinary English meaning which means ‘to keep’. He urged the Court to accept that the child was harboured or kept or sheltered at the restaurant and bar for the purpose of exploitation. During the child’s evidence, it was revealed that she was asked to work for only three days until she found a job. However, the child remained working until December 2014 with no leave, no days off, was paid below the national minimum wage and worked from 6:00 hrs. to midnight most days. The child’s father also testified that during the period July 2014 and December2014 he visited the restaurant and bar and observed his daughter selling alcohol and food. Following supporting evidence from the laws of Guyana, Morgan concluded that there is sufficient evidence that the child was exploited or

worked under exploitative conditions, which the defendant engineered. In his submission to the Court, Attorney- At-Law Nigel Hughes contended that the evidence of the virtual complainant disclosed that at no time during the aforementioned period was she harboured by Joyce Lawrence at Aishalton and no threats were made to her by Joyce Lawrence. He said to the court that the child was free to act on all occasions and even after it was discovered, that she agreed to work with the defendant to pay for the unaccounted sale of beverages entrusted to her by the defendant. This matter was discussed with the child’s family who also agreed that she would work to pay this sum. Joyce Lawrence was previously sentenced in September 2016 by the Chief Magistrate in relation to a similar trafficking offence but never served time. The Director of Public Prosecutions subsequently appealed that decision which is still awaiting a date to be heard. Following the arguments, the Magistrate adjourned the case and will give his ruling on March 19.

Ann McLennan. Harry pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on August 13, 2018 at Supply, East Bank Demerara, he sexually assaulted a minor by feeling her breasts and placing his hands between her thighs. He was granted his release on $100,000 bail.

M o h a b i r, 46, a mechanic, denied the charge which alleged that between January 1, 2018 and March 20, 2018, he engaged in sexual activity with a seven-year-old girl. He has a similar charge which involves a six yearold girl. Mohabir was remanded to prison until March 29.


Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

DDL launches $1B-plus warehouse -3mw solar farm for Diamond The Demerara Distillers Limited Group is continuing to roll out investments in keeping with a US$50M modernization and expansion programme. Yesterday, the beverage giant, which boasts over 1,200 staff members, launched a 42,000 square foot warehouse at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, for its subsidiary, Distributions Services Limited, announcing that it is readying also to commission a modernized blending plant later this year. The commissioning of the warehouse is clear testimony of the high confidence in the economy, Finance Minister, Winston Jordan said. He was among a number of dignitaries at the launching. Also there were Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister (acting), Carl Greenidge; Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin, and former Chairman of the DDL group, Dr. Yesu Persaud. According to DSL’s General Manager, Bryan Prittipaul, the operations of the subsidiary started 25 years ago, becoming sole distributor of Johnson and Johnson, Nestle, Pepsico and Baron Foods.

Since then, the company has evolved with four Cashand-Carry outlets, reaching 2,300 retailers with products. However, the limited storage space has hampered growth. The 42,000 square foot warehouse is located in the area acquired by DDL from the old Diamond sugar estate, where staffers’ homes were located. A few of those colonial homes are still standing. According to Prittipaul, the warehouse will boast four cold rooms and chillers with four containers’ receiving docks, smart lighting and water faucets- all built by Nabi Construction Inc. for over $1B. According to DDL’s chairman, Komal Samaroo, the project would represent a major step in diversification of the group. He recalled when Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin, visited the Diamond operations more than a year ago, it was announced that the group would be embarking on a US$50M expansion. Already, a 30,000-barrel bond has been commissioned and a blending plant is slated for later this year. There will be major expan-

DDL and Government officials at the commissioning yesterday. sion of the Demerara Shipping, a subsidiary and to Topco, its juice-making facilities. According to Samaroo, DDL, makers of the world-renowned El Dorado rum line, is constantly seeking opportunities to diversify, with a young team of professionals on board. Samaroo tagged the

Despite tampering of bid documents...

System works to counter corruption - Finance Minister Government says it is steaming ahead with an internal probe of alleged tampering of bid documents at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB). According to Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, a report has been completed and is being addressed by the Finance Secretary, Michael Joseph, and Minister within the Ministry Jaipaul Sharma. Jordan admitted that “some irregular activities” occurred. Asked about whether he is worried about the breaches after the Coalition Government had vowed to clean up things at the Tender Board, after being voted in May 2015, Jordan was clear. “You will always be worried. As we said, no


system is fool proof but luckily we had a system here that actually caught some irregular activities.” He said that there is evidence that some “irregular activities” happened at “irregular times”. A report has been produced and is being handled by the Finance Secretary and Minister Sharma. According to Minister Jordan, while he is not sure whether the police are actually dealing with the matter as is reported by Kaieteur News, ultimately that may be the direction. It was reported that a Senior Procurement Officer of NPTAB, who has been there for years, was sent on administrative leave two weeks ago. This was after he was reportedly caught on camera taking bid

documents from a secured room at NPTAB, located at the Ministry of Finance office, Main Street. It was reported that two weeks ago, NPTAB, which oversees the opening of bid documents from contractors and suppliers, processed a number of them. The documents were then stored in a special room. Copies were reportedly also in the custody of a senior manager. Hours later, the staffer asked permission to enter the room, something that is unusual. Rather, under the control system, the officer should have requested documents and sign for them. He reportedly stashed the documents in his pockets and later left the NPTAB compound without returning it. According to officials, an internal probe found that two tender documents were raised by $15M. However, the attempt to tamper was discovered after a staffer talked and checks revealed that a copy of the bid document in the custody of the senior manager did not have the new figures. The contract, a road project, was said to worth over $100M.

planned Diamond to Ogle roadway as key to its market expansion plans to the East

Coast and Berbice. Later, a three-megawatt solar farm is on the cards, he

disclosed. According to Jordan, who gave the feature speech and a message from President David Granger, the investment is a clear testimony of confidence in the climate of Guyana. He said that the real growth rate will go up to between 3.6 -3.9 percent, up from the 3.4 percent given. The investments will come in a world where the hostilities are increasing, and in which new anti-money laundering laws, and political instability are in the backdrop. However, prudent management and low inflation from Government’s policies have helped. He pointed to a recent mining forum in Canada where a packed room spoke of high interest in Guyana. He lauded DDL for an increase in profits by 26 percent and noted that government will continue working on the reduction of taxes.

Conspiracy charge dismissed... From page 12 Article 162 (1) (a) says, “The Elections Commission shall have such functions connected with or relating to the registration of electors or the conduct of elections as are conferred upon it by or under this Constitution or, subject thereto, any Act of Parliament; and, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the Commission—(a)shall exercise general direction and supervision over the registration of electors and the administrative conduct of all elections of members of the National Assembly; and(b)shall issue such instructions and take such action as appear to it necessary or expedient to ensure impartiality, fairness and compliance with the provisions of this Constitution or of any Act of Parliament on the part of persons exercising powers or performing duties connected with or relating to the matters aforesaid.” “This is the function, not what Gaskins feels,” Boston argued. He added that the charge does not disclose an offence known to the laws of Guyana and by virtue of that fact, it should be struck out or dismissed and the four accused be discharged. About 35 minutes into the court hearing, Patterson who was standing next to the prisoner’s dock indicated to his lawyer that he would like to sit. Hence, the lawyer asked permission for both his clients to sit and such was granted by the Magistrate. Datadin in response to the lawyer’s arguments stated that the defendants indeed breached the Constitution

and told the court that the offence is known to law and the court should proceed with a trial. The Special Prosecutor went on to tell the court that it is not a matter of the validity of anything, since at this stage the Prosecution does not intend to validate anything and conspiracy charges date back to the 1960s, when such charges were laid against individuals who breached the Constitution. On this basis, he contended that the quartet should be held accountable for the crime. Datadin added that as it relates to Articles 140 (1) of the Representation of the People Act, it states that, “Except to the extent that jurisdiction in that behalf has been conferred, and the exercise thereof is required, by the Constitution or any law made under article 3 thereof (which provides for the determination by the Supreme Court of Judicature of questions as to membership of the National Assembly and elections thereto) and save as herein before provided to the contrary, no question whether any function of the Elections Commission or of any of its members has been performed validly or at all shall be enquired into in any court.” The Magistrate after going through the arguments of both sides told the court that she is of the opinion that the charge does not create an offence and the charge appears to be frivolous since March 21, 2019 election deadline, is still approaching. She added, “I heard arguments made on behalf of

the prosecution and the defence counsel. The court sees no need to consider any further arguments since the court is of the opinion that the charge is frivolous and vexatious which lacks basic human merits.” Hence, she dismissed the matter against the four defendants. On February 19, the Commission voted on three motions in the name of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Commissioner, Charles Corbin. The first motion considered was one calling for President David Granger to be informed that GECOM cannot be ready for elections within the 90 days that the Constitution prescribes in the event that a motion of noconfidence is passed against the government. Second, the Commission considered a motion that resolved to let it be registered that GECOM is not financially able to hold elections in the short term. Third, the Commission considered a motion that gave direction to the GECOM Secretariat for it to continue with its work programme for 2019, as it was before the passage of the no-confidence motion. The third motion would see GECOM preparing for house-to house registration as was called for by APNU and the Alliance for Change (AFC). In this period, until a contradictory decision is made, GECOM will not act in accordance with any work programme that responds to a call for elections in the short term. APNU commissioners voted in favour of the motions and so did Patterson.

Saturday March 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

Commissioner of Police testifies at PI into murder of Pandit and son Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, last Friday testified in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) in which Orlando Douglas is charged with the murders of a Pandit and his son. The lifeless bodies of both men were found in their Campbellville home with multiple stabs wounds. James, who is the final witness for the prosecution told the court that he was the person who made contact with Douglas in response to an allegation of police brutality. The witness went on to tell the court that on July 14, last, he was outside his office at the Brickdam Police Station where he was then Commander of ‘A’ Division. He told the court after he heard a loud noise outside his office; he met with Douglas’s family who accused police of brutalizing him. James is the final witness for the prosecution. The PI is being conducted before Principal

Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Providence Magistrates’ Courts. The Magistrate after listening to the witness’s testimony adjourned the matter. The d e f e n d a n t ’s lawyer, Melvin Duke, is expected to address the court then. Deonarine Liliah, a 61year-old Pandit and businessman, and his 28year old-son, Gopaul Liliah, were found dead last July, in their Lot 25 Craig Street, Campbellville home with multiple stabs wounds about their bodies. The father and son were discovered after a tenant who lives downstairs made a report at the Kitty Police Station after neighbours complained about a stench coming from the upper flat of the home. Police arrived at the scene and found Deonarine Liliah lying on his back in the living room. He was clad in white long pants and his face was covered with a multicoloured top. Police had also detained

a businessman who was believed to have hired the defendant to kill Deonarine Liliah and his son to avoid repaying a US$40,000 debt. Investigators said that after butchering the father and son, the killers conducted an unsuccessful search for a document that the mastermind had signed regarding the money that he owed. Their actions were reportedly recorded by hidden CCTV cameras in the house. An autopsy revealed that the victims had been stabbed 66 times. Police reportedly recovered CCTV footage, which showed a man jumping the western fence and entering the home, through the northern front door.



Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

Saturday March 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

East Coast win Demerara Cricket Board Under-17 Inter Association title

Sponsorships list lengthens for National Drag C/Ship A lengthy list of sponsors has confirmed their interest in supporting the upcoming Drag Racing Championship round one which is set to launch on March 24. The list is headlined by Mohamed’s Enterprise that has made a significant contribution to the event, according to a correspondence from the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) the organisers of the Drag meet. Other sponsors released by the club late last Thursday evening included, B.M. Soat Auto Sales, Motor Trend Service Center, Delco ice factory, Trans Pacific Motors Spares & Auto Sales, Supreme Ventures, Air Services Ltd, Powerline Automotive Products, Cyril’s Taxi Service, Omega Brokers, E-networks, Prem’s Electrical, Miracle Optical, Choke Gas Station, Super Bet and R. Kissoon Contracting Services. The sponsors will definitely be a welcome push for an event that was postponed by one week and for a club which has placed the infrastructure of racing on the front burner for 2019. Already, the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&S) has constructed new sections of the pit area to ensure that more competitors can be housed during its year end international circuit racing event. The construction of the launch pad and extension of the drag strip were objectives set out by the Rameez Mohamed headed club to complete this year and those infrastructures are set to be in place for the March 24 event.

East Coast Demerara Under-17 Team, Captain Chanderpaul Ramraj collecting trophy from Ms. Kavita Yadram in the presence of his teammates.


Saturday March 16, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) There's a chance you will receive an early morning visitor, Aries. While it's a surprise, it turns out to be a welcome one. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) Aletter, call, or visit from a lover or close friend is likely to bring interesting news your way. Your creative energies are at their peak, Taurus, so why not try writing, music, drawing, or painting? GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Your attractiveness and sociability are at a peak today, Gemini. Don't hesitate to put both to good use. You will shine brightly at any social occasion, whether you're the host or guest. CANCER (June 21–July 22) All matters related to romance, love, and marriage should go well today, Cancer. You should feel especially warm and supportive. Intimate conversations will come easily and naturally. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) A group gathering you attend today could have longterm beneficial ramifications, Leo. Perhaps you will strike up a conversation with a stranger who turns out to be an expert in a field you're interested in. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) It's unlike you, but today you rely on your intuition to guide you through some tricky territory, Virgo. thinking.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) There is considerable grumpiness in the air today, Libra. Everyone you know seems to be in a bad mood. However, you have the charm and persistence to pull them out from under that black cloud. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A recent windfall or good news regarding money could turn your thoughts to home renovation and decorating. You might do some painting or add decorative touches to the house. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Some misunderstandings could cause confusion at home today, Sagittarius. Your natural tact and diplomacy will certainly come in handy. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You're looking better than ever, Capricorn. Don't think your mate hasn't noticed! Even though communication may have been a bit strained lately, all that is forgotten as you delight in each other's company. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Your inspiration and imagination are at their peak, Aquarius. You may want to try some kind of an artistic project. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You're a sensitive and caring person, Pisces. Today you feel especially connected to your group, even those you don't know well.

n the final of the DCB Under-17 Inter Asso ciation competition, East Coast Demerara emerged champions defeating East Bank Demerara by 51 runs, while Georgetown crushed West Demerara by a massive 121 runs. Over at Lusignan, East Coast won the toss and chose to bat scoring a well composed 165 for 8 from 50 overs with Chetram Balgobin scoring 57, Romel Datterdeen 25 and Chanderpaul Ramraj 25. Bowling for East Bank Demerara, Elnathan Sukhandan, Jaafar Prinder and Mathew Nandu took 2 for 19, 19 and 41 respectively. In reply, East Bank once looked as if they had the title in their hands but lost it after they lost the wicket of Mathew Nandu who top scored with a well composed 54 and was supported by Rivaldo Phillips who chipped in with 21 and Taddeus Lovell 10. Reynoldo Mohamed was the most instrumental bowler collecting 4 for 17, while Rudranauth Kission, Ajay Gainda and Edmond Pearson took 1 wicket a piece. Over At Wales, Georgetown won the toss and elected to bat scoring 161 for 5 from a reduced 39 overs due to rain. Brandon Jaikaran top scored with 50, Zechariah Mootoo scored 34 not out while Niran Bissu 29. Bowling for West Demerara, Daniel Roberts 2 for 25 and Nityanand Mathura 2 for 27. In reply, West Demerara struggled to reach their target and fell for a meager 40 from just 21.2 overs. Andre Seepersaud was the batsman to reach double figure, with 12. Daniel Mootoo was the most destructive bowler grabbing 4 for 9, while support was gained from Joel Gilkes who took 3 for 9.


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GTTA names Junior and Cadet Team for Caribbean Junior and Cadet Championships The Guyana Table Tennis Association has named its Junior and Cadet Squad for the 2019 Caribbean Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships fixed for the 11th to 18th April in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As a consequence, the association is appealing for Corporate Support to ensure the teams’ participation. Coming off of the National Junior Table Tennis championships staged on the weekend March 1st-3rd last at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the named the team with a view of having Guyana represented at the April 11th to 18th event in the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean Junior and Cadet Table Tennis championship engages players between the ages of 18 years and 15 years both under boys and girls. The championships will be used as the qualification event for the Pan American Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships scheduled for Cancun, Mexico in June. Guyana’s most formidable

challenge will come from the under 15 years and boys team who have an abundance of talent with young table tennis jaguars in national Boys 18 and 15 years and under Champion Jonathon Van Lange of Bishop’s High School, the immensely talented Kaysan Ninvalle of Chase Academy, the talented St Stanislaus College student Isaiah Layne and Bishop’s High School Krystian Sahadeo.There are some challenges with which the association will have to navigate in the 18 years boys division given most of the players are in the examination cycle, this team will come from newly graduated Immigration

officer and national 18 years and under champion 2018 Nickolas Romain, the talented and determined Jamal Nicholas, Terrence Rausche, Multi-talented Niran Bissu and Yuedistir Persaud. New comer debutant emerging talent Crystal Melville would be participating in the girls 15 years and under category after being named on her second national table tennis team after being named in the under 13 years category in 2014.The GTTA met parents on Tuesday 11th March to discuss plans and support mechanisms for Guyana’s participation.

The following players were named: Boys 15 years and under Girls 15 years and under Jonathan Van Lange Thuraia Thomas Kaysan Ninvalle Crystal Melville Isaiah Layne Nkechi Mc Crae Krystian Sahadeo Jasmine Billinghi Boys 18 years and under Girls 18 years and under Nicholas Romain Neveah Clarkston Jamal Nicholas Aneka Philips Terrence Rausche Niran Bissu Yuedistir Persaud

Saturday March 16, 2019

Pollard, Sammy shine again as Zalmi reach final KARACHI, Pakistan, CMC – Kieron Pollard and captain Darren Sammy starred with the bat yet again as Peshawar Zalmi clobbered Islamabad United by 48 runs, to reach tomorrow’s final of the Pakistan Super League at the second time of asking. After missing out in the first qualifier on Wednesday when they went down to Quetta Gladiators, Zalmi took full advantage of their second opportunity in yesterday’s contest, piling up a massive 214 for five off their 20 overs. Sent in, Zalmi were powered by a 135-run first wicket stand between Kamran Akmal who slammed 74 off 43 deliveries, and Imam-ul-Haq who hit 58 off 33 balls. Both fell in the 13th over with just three runs added and Sohaib Maqsood followed soon afterwards for four to leave Zalmi on 158 for three in the 16th over. But Pollard, promoted to number three, and Sammy – batting at number five – combined to add 32 off 18 balls fo the fourth wicket and reenergise the innings. Pollard blasted 37 off 21 balls with a four and four sixes while Sammy extended his

West Indies batsman Kieron Pollard. good run with an unbeaten 30 off 15 balls, with a brace of fours and sixes. Sammy gathered 16 runs from the last over sent down by left-arm seamer Rumman Raees, including a massive six on the roof of the stands at long on. In reply, Islamabad were held to 166 for nine from their 20 overs, with another West Indies player Chadwick Walton finding the limelight

with a top score of 48 off 29 deliveries.He struck three fours and sixes in adding 63 for the second wicket with opener Cameron Delport who made 28 off 25 balls. Faheem Ashraf chipped in with a 14-ball 31 down the order but the task proved too much for Islamabad. Zalmi, the 2017 champions and last year’s runners-up, will take on Quetta Gladiators in the final.

Team Mohamed’s GTR Ekanoo arrives in Georgetown The much-talked about former-world record holding Nissan GTR, recently acquired by Team Mohamed’s

Enterprise was cleared yesterday morning. The car, a featured attraction for the March 24th first

round of the National Drag Championship, race meet was cleared yesterday morning at the John Fernandes Wharf. Already the buzz around the car is promoting competition out of Suriname with several of that country’s drivers already lining up to take shots. The GTR is the third for the team, which has the current strip record at 7.52 seconds set by the unbeaten machine that is dubbed Goliath. The Ekanoo comes at an opportune time when the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) is moving apace with its launchpad. The pad will allow highhorsepower cars to better put down their power, something the new GTR requires if it is to run at its best. In addition to that, Mohamed’s Enterprise the company associated with the team has opted to extend the strip from 1000ft to a full quarter-mile. The car will also require a full quarter mile in order to attain its fastest times. The tuners of the car will arrive shortly with testing expected to begin once works are completed at the South Dakota Drag Strip.

Bartica Cycling Challenge

History set to unfold today as National cyclists battle for top honours The best of the nation’s cyclists are set and ready for the inaugural Bartica Cycling Challenge which will unfold today from 08:00hrs in the Town of Bartica. Sponsored by the Mayor and Town Council, today’s event which will see multiple races including events for the residents of the Town has over $400,000 in cash and other prizes at stake. President of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) Horace Burrowes and Mayor of Bartica Gifford Marshall have both expressed delight at being able to collaborate for this historic event which will be an annual affair. In handing over the sponsorship to the GCF President in the presence of a number of cyclists, Mayor Marshall expressed gratitude to the clubs and their members for making the Bartica Cycling Challenge,


Kaieteur News

Saturday March 16, 2019

possible. ”I would like to personally thank Mr. Burrowes for the foresight in approaching the Council to bring this event off. It is the first time that we here in Bartica would be having the best of Guyana’s cyclist competing on our roads and I know that the residents are all exited and looking forward to this event.” Mayor Marshall went on to thank his Council for supporting history and is confident that this partnership is the beginning of great things for Barticians. Burrowes in turn, showered praises on Mayor Marshall and the town Council of Bartica for leading the way and exhibiting what can be accomplished through partnerships that will empower the youths in sports. ”This initiative is a great one that will, I am sure see the pool

of cyclists in Guyana increasing. I am told that there will be over forty young riders coming out to be a part of the event and we look forward to seeing them in action.” There will be races for BMX riders Open to 8 years-old; 912, juvenile and females (6 laps on the flat course approximately 5-miles), juniors and veterans will do 15 laps on the original course which approximately 1.2 miles per lap while the seniors will do 35 laps (42 miles). Following is the prize list: Seniors -1st $170,000, 2nd $70,000, 3rd $40,000, 4th $30,000, 5th $20,000 and 6th $10,000. Juniors – 1st $15,000, 2nf $10,000, 3rd $5000.00 and Masters – 1st $20,000, 2nd $15,000, 3rd$10,000. Trophies, helmets, water bottles, tires and clothing will also be presented as prizes.

Exciting animals set for tomorrow’s Kennard’s Phagwah Race meet The stage is set for the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) grand horserace meet which gallops off tomorrow at the club’s track at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice. The annual Phagwah Race meet has been one of the country’s traditions over the years and this year’s meet is being deemed the ‘biggest’ in recent years, according to club President, Justice Cecil Kennard. For tomorrow’s event, the feature race is for horses F3 and Lower, and among the animals set to compete are – Awesome Warriors, Sheriff, Miss Olympic, The Rock, Just In Time, Secret Flyer, Release the Beast, The Cash and Blue Eye Boy. The three-year-old Guyana-bred horses’ race will see the winner taking home $250,000 and a trophy over seven-furlongs. The J&K Class will carry a race, which is over seven furlongs, and will see the first-place winner bagging $200,000 and a trophy. The race classified for L Class open animals will carry a winning purse of $180,000, while the race for the L Class non-winners will see the winner claiming $150,000 and a trophy. There is also a race for L Class non-earners,

and will see animals racing for a top purse of $130,000 and a trophy. According to a release from the organisers, in the event that there are less than five horses entered for any event, the club reserves the right to cancel or reframe the said event or reduce the prize money after consulting with the horse owners. Five horses must start before a third-place prize is paid, while seven horses must start a race before a fourth-place prize is paid.Race time tomorrow is 12:30hrs. Among the other sponsors assisting the staging of the event are: Ansa Mc Al Trading Ltd., Demerara Distillers Ltd., Muneshwar’s Ltd., Republic Bank, Hand-in-Hand Insurance, Dalip Trading, Horse Shoe Racing Service, Nand Persaud and Co., Mike’s Pharmacy, Patsan Trading Enterprise, JP Ghamandi, Mattai’s Supermarket, Kanhai’s Guyana Electrical Agency, Silvie’s General Store, Rice Miller-Kissoon Dyal, Rohan Oditt of M and B Contracting Company, D. Gobin Agri Spares of Essequibo, Goodwood Racing Service, Trophy Stall, Mohamed’s Enterprise and L. Seepersaud Maraj and Sons.

Aurora Knight Riders CC donates pillows to Suddie Public Hospital Maternity Ward

Aurora Knight Riders Cricket Club makes the donation of pillows to the Doctors and other personnel of the maternity ward at the Suddie Public Hospital. As part of its 9th anniversary celebrations, the Aurora Knight Riders Cricket Club made a timely donation of a quantity of pillows to the maternity ward of the Public Hospital Suddie on Thursday last. At the simple handing over ceremony, the pillows were presented to Dr Colleen Adams on behalf of the RHO for the OBGYN Department by president of the club Mr. Reshad Ally. Mr. Ally stated that all the members of the club are elated to have played a part in this wonderful initiative. He further highlighted the fact that many mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces will benefit

from the donation; something that will certainly warm the hearts of all those associated with the club. Dr Adams in the presence of Dr Heavana Budhram, Dr Goolcharan Dyal and two other health personnel, thanked the members of the club for their humane intervention and promised to ensure the pillows are used for its intended purpose. This is one of the many activities planned by the club as part of its 9th anniversary celebrations. The funds were provided by the club and Mr. Awaaz Ally, a son of Aurora.

Troy Benn, London,Amsterdam ... From page 30 hands and went for six with Boodie then on five.Boodie raced to 35 with two sixes and a four before he clipped Gavin Jagnarine to midwicket where Skipper Eon Rodrigues dived forward to take a brilliant low catch. Rodrigues, a one-man Army, was to take two more stunning catches as Dwayne Dodson hit three fours and two sixes in 42 and Troy Benn, who began slowly, changed gears to hit four fours and three sixes in 61. Sahuz Hannif chipped in with 26 as HQ reached 199-8.Doris (3-12) and Lawrence Williams (3-14) bowled well for TSC who crumbled for 111 as only Rodrigues, who smashed Dodson for three sixes and four in his only over, missed a big hit in the next over and was bowled by Boodie for 31. Boodie had

4-12 from three overs.In Thursday, Tendell London (55) and Nicolai Reddy (37) led PG to 179-8 before three wickets each from Paul Tyndall and Joel Chisolm led them to a 54-run win over ‘C’ division who fell for 126 despite 41 from Crisan Grant as Keston Hardcourt and Imzam Nizamudin took three wickets each. In the afternoon game, ‘G’ Division beat ‘E’ Division after Kuali Abrams hit eight fours and two sixes in 50 to take his team to 127.Khemchan Khan, Anthony Adams and Nicolas Persaud took two wickets each before Moore captured three consecutive wickets in his first over to finish with 3-5.Alex Williams made 22 as ‘E’ Division crashed to 83 in 15-4 overs with Wicket Keeper Kemol Savory returning the best bowling figures of 3-8.


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Saturday March 16, 2019

Police Commissioner B/Day Inter-Division T20 cricket

Troy Benn, London, Amsterdam hit fifties By Sean Devers After four matches in two days of action at the Police ground in theCommissioner of Police Birth Anniversary Inter-Division and Branches T20 cricket tournament, three batsmen scored fifties, offspinner Darryl Thompson took 5-9 and off-spinner Garfield Moore registered the only hat-trick so far. Defending Champions President’s Guard (PG) beat ‘C’

Thompson takes lone 5-Wkt haul, Moore gets Hat-trick Division and ‘G’ Division defeated ‘E’ Division in Thursday’s matches, while ‘B’ Division crushed FAPC and Head Quarters got the better of TSU in yesterday’s matches. After a three-day break the tournament continues on

Tuesday with PG opposing ‘C’ Division from 09:00hrs, before ‘G’ Division clash with ‘E’ Division in the afternoon game which is scheduled to commence at 13:00hrs. Thompson’s 5-9 with back-up from Micheal Newland, who had 2-14,

helped to dismiss FAPC for 96 in 18 overs despite 29 each from Reon Venture and Sadiq Mohammed. Led by an unbroken 99run stand, the Berbicians reached 99 without loss in 10.4 overs with 22-year-old Berbice Police first division batsman Kedder Amsterdam hitting two fours and five sixes in a shot filled 51 and Berbice Police first division Captain Philbert Wilburg reaching the boundary four times and clearing in twice in an unbeaten 33.

Troy Benn goes over the top in his entertaining 61 for Head Quarters yesterday.

Andel Dorris (3-12) watches as Kevin Boodie (who 35 & took 4-12) is dropped off his bowling at Eve Leary yesterday. (Sean Devers photos) The right-handed Amsterdam finished the contest in emphatic fashion by hitting fellow Berbician Rocky Hutson over the Police Sports Club Pavilion.

In the afternoon game HQ were off to a ‘flyer’ with Andrew Lyght jr (11) and Kevin Boodie scoring 37 in four overs before Lyght hit spinner Andel Doris to cover.

Boodie was dropped by Doris off his own bowling and next ball by Lennox Williams at long-off when a powerfully hit drive burst through his (Continued on page 29)

Agard in Haiti to officiate in National Championships Head of the Guyana Boxing Association Referee/ Judge Commission, Ramona Agard, is in Haiti to officiate in that country’s National Championships. Miss Agard, one of three AIBA One Star referees in Guyana, departed here on Wednesday and will return on Monday. Her trip to Haiti was made possible following discussions with the Boxing Association of Haiti and GBA president Steve Ninvalle. According to Ninvalle, the GBA has embarked on a systematic approach to exposing its accredited officials.

Ramona Agard “Miss Agard is one of three AIBA certified referees that we have. The intention is to have all three exposed

to more international tournaments this year. Plans are also on stream to have at least one write the Two Star exam this year,” Ninvalle said. “Guyana has an excellent relationship with Haiti when it comes to Boxing and the request for Miss Agard was accepted immediately,” Ninvalle added. Agard and Richard Braithwaite were successful at the AIBA One Star exams in Barbados in 2016. One year later GDF Warrant Officer Lawrence Assanah became the third Guyanese to receive the coveted badge.

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Saturday March 16, 2019


Guyana Lawn Tennis Association holds AGM and Elections The Guyana Lawn Tennis Association held its Annual General Meeting & Elections on Thursday March 14th, at the National Racquet Center. The AGM commenced with representatives from five tennis clubs and the Guyana Coaches Association in attendance. The clubs represented were Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club, Sheltez Tennis Club, Roraima Tennis Club, United Tennis Club and Non-Pariel Tennis Club. Mr. Ivor O’Brian past General Secretary of the Guyana Olympic Association performed the duties of the Returning Officer.The election results are as follows: Samuel Barakat – President (Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club) Re-Elected Unopposed Cristy Campbell – 1st Vice President (Roraima Tennis Club) Re-Elected Unopposed Nigel Niles – 2nd Vice President (Roraima Tennis Club) Tina Ram – Treasurer (Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club) Re-Elected Unopposed

Shinessa Thompson – Secretary (Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club)Andre Lopes – Committee Member (Coaches Association) Alvin Doris – Committee Member (Sheltez Tennis Club) Annabelle CarterSharma - Committee Member (Sheltez Tennis Club) Romela Forde Committee Member (Roraima Tennis Club) Newly elected members are Nigel Niles, Shinessa Thompson, Andre Lopes, Alvin Doris, Annabelle Carter-Sharma and Romela Forde.Grace McCalmon and Ramesh Seebarran are Life Members and Shelly Daly Honorary Member. President Barakat reported on a successful year. There was certification by ITF for Level 1 and Level 2 coaches, Junior Tennis Initiative programme in several schools sponsored by an ITF grant, and formation of the Guyana Coaches Association. Plans for 2019 are strengthening the clubs organization, working with the government and

upgrade the National Racquet Center and National Park tennis facilities to an acceptable standard. The main hindrance for tennis in Guyana is lack of facilities. The country does not have a regionally approved facility. Clubs, coaches, players, parents and GLTA executives are driven for further development of tennis to a world class level in Guyana. The association will continue their successful programmes with the support of major donors and sponsors of tournaments; GBTI, Bakewell, Trophy Stall, Bounty Farm, Mr. James Samuels, Mr. Amar Ally (Guyoil), Exxonmobil, Power Producers & Distributors Inc., Guyana Olympic Association, National Sports Commission, P & P Insurance Brokers & C o n s u l t a n t s , To o l s i e Persaud Limited, Engineering and Construction Inc., John Fernandes Ltd, Massy Industries, PAS Cargo, Rohan Auto Spares and Hassan Tractor Spares to name a few.

Sitting from left are: Shinessa Thompson, Samuel Barakat and Cristy Campbell. Standing from left: Nigel Niles, Tina Ram, Annabelle Carter -Sharma, Andre Lopes, Grace McCalmon and Alvin Doris.

Berbice Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition

Bragging rights at stake as East vs. West collide

-massive turnout expected from both sides of the river

The action promises to be keenly contested in the Berbice Zone finals of the popular Guinness competition. With the reality of East versus West, Berbicians on both sides of the river will have the opportunity to see which side of the divide will come away with bragging rights when the final of this year’s Berbice Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition climaxes this evening at the New Amsterdam Ferry Stelling. Defending champion Trafalgar are still the strong favourites to retain their crown, but East Berbice teams New Amsterdam Kings and East bank Gunners will want to have a say in disrupting their reign at the top. Champs Trafalgar will first have to get past Lichfield in the first semi-final, while NA Kings will face East Bank Gunners in the other encounter with the winners to meet in the final. All four semi-finalists have displayed impressive form to date and while predicting which two teams will survive the respective semi-finals, fans are virtually assured of two riveting games, before the championship showdown. Trafalgar have players the quality of

Kevin Layne, Olvis Mitchell and Delwyn Fraser to lead their quest for a final spot, while the same could be said of Lichfield whose pursuit of victory will be spearheaded by Allan Garnett, Shelton George and Carlos Grant. In the other semi-final, the Kings will be hoping that Quinn Hazel and Jamal Butts produce the kind of performances that will result in victory. Conversely, East Bank Gunners chase for a place in the final will depend on how well Sherwin Nicholson and Joseph Giddings combine in offence. The winning team will receive $300,000 and the championship trophy, while second, third and fourth place finishers will take home $150,000, $100,000 and $75,000 respectively. It is expected that a number of Banks DIH officials along with media representatives will be on hand to witness the finals of this year’s tournament. The other sponsor on board is Colours Boutique of Robb Street.


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Saturday March 16, 2019

Toucan Distributors Junior Skill Level Squash Tournament

Wiltshire cruises to second win, Cadogan triumphs again By Sean Devers


Shomari Wilshire cruised to his second win on Night 2 by beating Gianni Carpenter.

Abosaide Cadogan defeated Lucas Jonas in Night 2 action. (Sean Devers photos)

ight two of the Toucan Distributors Junior Skill Level Squash Tournament at the Georgetown Club on Thursday produced another night of compelling Squash and when the dust had settled, 15-year-old Shomari Wiltshire again stood out at the top of his group. Wiltshire, the Caribbean U15 Champion, barely broke a sweat as he calmly cruised to a 11/4, 11/2, 11/2 triumph over the left-handed Gianni Carpenter as he dominated the contest from start to finish with an array of clinical shots. In a competitive five-game match in Category 'B' Ethan Jonas and Mohryan Baksh produced long rallies and wonderful shot selection as the youngsters went point for point with a 21 shot rally, which was won by Jonas, being one of the highlights of their riveting match-up. The first four games could have gone either way with each player retrieving difficult balls and extending the rallies before the final game, which Jonas dominated to win 11/, 9/11, 9/11, 12/10, 11/5. Abosaide Cadogan remained the top female and won her second game after getting the better of Mohryan Baksh on the opening night, when she defeated Lucas Jonas 11/7, 11/5, 11/7 on Thursday. Samuel Ince-Carvalhal fought a tight five-game battle with Michael Alphonso that had spectators

holding their breath for a 12/10, 11/9, 8/11, 9/11, 11/9 win. Ince-Carvalhal came back twice from a 9-5 deficit to take the second and then crucial fifth game. All four Category A players executed some outstanding shots throughout their games, but it was Wiltshire, who has not lost a single game in his two matches, who again dominated the 'A' Category. Beau Fernandes put the pressure on Joshua Verwey when she played a solid second game to overcome him 11/9. Verwey regrouped to push through the third game despite Fernandes heading out to an early 7/2 lead, which he eventually claimed at 11/9. He finished strong in the fourth to earn an 11/5, 9/11, 11/9, 11/5 victory. In category G, Brenno DaSilva, despite a 2/1 defeat, true to form, stole the show with animated court movement and an acrobatic dive to retrieve a drop from his opponent. After a game apiece, the third was a real battle that ended at 13/11 with a win for Singh much to the delight of a fair size gathering which is expected to grow as the tournament heads into the weekend. Play was scheduled to continue last Night at the Georgetown Club before all day action today and the Finals tomorrow. Night 2 Results: Category A Shomari Wiltshire defeated

Gianni Carpenter 11/4, 11/2, 11/2 Samuel Ince-Carvalhal defeated Michael Alphonso 12/10, 11/9, 8/11, 9/11, 11/9 Category B Abosaide Cadogan defeated Lucas Jonas 11/7, 11/5, 11/7 Ethan Jonas defeated Mohryan Baksh 11/9, 9/11, 9/11, 12/10, 11/5 Category D Nathan Rahaman defeated Teija Edwards 11/9, 11/7, 11/4 Joshua Verwey defeated Beau Fernandes 11/5, 9/11, 11/9, 11/5 Category E Aishani Persaud defeated Angel Rahim 11/8, 11/7 Dhiren Persaud defeated Arvin Seelall 11/5, 11/7 Rayad Boyce defeated Lucas Persaud 11/6, 11/5 Category F Grant Fernandes defeated Matthew Spooner 11/2, 11/3 Christiana Fernandes defeated Noah Rahaman 12/10, 11/7 Kaden Pynaendy defeated Mailia Maikoo 11/6, 11/7 Noah Rahaman defeated Safira Summer 8/11, 11/9, 11/9 Category G Abhinav Singh defeated Brenno DaSilva 11/8, 5/11, 13/11 Tristan Seereeram defeated William Escarraga 7/11, 11/8, 11/6 Category H Tianna Gomes defeated Nicholas Sawh 11/1, 11/0 Shriya Persaud defeated Jnae Singh 11/6, 11/4 Solomon Ince-Carvalhal defeated Eli Gouveia 11/7, 11/6

a ni hskaB nayrhoM taeb sunoJ nahtE .thgiN yadsruhT no hctam evititepmoc

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Saturday March 16, 2019


GRFU 2019 season opens today with 15s Busy year ahead for men’s 15s and 7s teams clash at National Park With at least two matches against international teams slated for April and May, the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) 2019 season officially opens with the President XV playing the Vice President XV at the Athletics Track in the National Park tomorrow at 16:30hrs.This game will be followed by the commencement of the first round of the Bounty Farm 2019 XV Championships next week that the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) are the reigning Champions. Guyana is slated to host debutants Guadeloupe on April 27th in the RAN South Zone Championships final with the winner playing Bermuda for the overall championship honors as well as the right to play the loser of the Mexico vs. Cayman Islands match later in the year for promotion into the Americas Challenge Championships. Should Guyana defeat Guadeloupe they will host North Zone winners Bermuda (who defeated Jamaica 43 - 14) at home the following month of May.

Following the International Game(s) vs. Guadeloupe and possibly Bermuda, the Bounty Farm XVs competition first round will take a break in May to commence the sevens preparations with the Banks DIH Sevens commencing. This will be followed by several corporate sponsored sevens competitions building up to the 2019 RAN Sevens Championships which will run from July 7th - 8th, followed by the Pan American Games Rugby Sevens championships July 27th. Guyana qualified for the Pan American Games as runner up to Jamaica in 2018 following an extremely tight contest similar to the 2017 result.Following its recent loss to Cayman Islands by a largely inexperienced development team, the GRFU has called up a number of its more experienced players to ensure that the Nation is well represented. This weekend’s game will be used as a yardstick towards identifying the best promising players in the run up to April 27th scrum with

The national 15s side undergoing Intra squad training last week at the National Park athletics ground. Guadeloupe. A possible list of players called up for this weekend’s game has been released by the coaches and GRFU President, Peter Green, will be meeting with all players after the game. Teams: President XV: Jamal Junior, Keifer Lopes, Jason Tyrell, Kevon David, James Osbourne, Grantley Williams, Jamal Angus, Rondell McArthur, Ryan

Jumbo Jet Triple Crown’s second leg International commentator for next Sunday’s showcase The Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee’s Triple Crown’s second leg will gallop off next Sunday at the Rising Sun Turf Club in West Coast Berbice (45 minutes from Georgetown), and according to chairman of the organising committee, Nasrudeen Mohamed Jr., an International commentator with over 20 years of experience will be flying into Guyana to announce at the anticipated event. The announcer is Nicholas Chadee of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) who has been plying his trade for over two decades, not only in the Twin Island Republic of T&T but across the region. Mohamed mentioned to Kaieteur Sport that, “This is a big move for us to have an international commentator as we look to raise the standard of horse racing locally not only via prize

T&T’s international horse race commentator, Nicholas Chadee will be in Guyana next Sunday to announce at the Triple Crown second leg. money but by the quality of the competition.” So far, almost 70 entries have been registered for the second leg and it was shared by the organiser that the track is in good condition and it

will maintain its standard once the good weather upholds. Mohamed hinted that, “Turfites can expect to be fully entertained with a few surprise entries in the feature race.” Over $20million in cash and prizes are up grabs over the three legs of the Triple Crown event with the grand finale slated for Easter Sunday, April 21, at the Port Mourant Turf Club. Next Sunday’s feature race will attract a total prize purse amounting to almost $2million with the winner of that C Class and lower race pocketing $1million. The winner of the threeyear-old Guyana bred race will pocket $400,000, the F Class winner; $350,000, H Class; $300,000, I Class; $250,000, J class; $230,000, K Class; $220,000, L Class; $200,000, L Class and lower; $140,000.

Gonsalves, Lancelot Adonis, Godfrey Broomes, Michael Barrow, David Garrett, Junior Darrell, Tyrese Prescott, Patrick King, Ryan Dey, Dwayne Schroeder. Vice President XV: Phibian Joseph, Glenroy Poole, Cyon Kitt, Jose Felicien, Walter George, Sean Phillips, Kurt Hunte, Cloyd Prowell, Daniel De Abreu, Peabo Hamilton, Avery Corbin, Claudius Butts, Elwin Chase, O’Neil

Charles, Lloyd Anderson, Rickford Cummings, Tobe

David, Selwyn Henry, Daniel Anderson.

Guyana vs Belize 9 Days to go

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History set to unfold today as National cyclists battle for top honours

Bartica Cycling Challenge P. 29

Mayor Gofford Marshall (right) hands over the sponsorship cheque to GCF President, Horace Burrowes in the presence of some of the cyclists.

Team Mohamed’s third Nissan GTR has arrived in Guyana ahead of next Sunday’s race meet. (News Room photo)

Team Mohamed’s GTR Ekanoo arrives in Georgetown

P. 28

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