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Wednesday March 14 ,2018


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It’s better to call a spade a spade GAWU seeks good relations with would keep our Union abreast tors as expressed by the workthan an agricultural implement the SPU of its plans. In response the ers and take this opportunity DEAR EDITOR, The media carried two letters side by side yesterday (13/3/18); one was forthright in its description of the public servants whose incompetence, aptly described as “asleep at the wheel” resulted in Guyana losing ‘a significant part of the export basket of fishing products to the US’. The other was a long dilation on management theories using sophisticated language (typical of Churchill calling a spade an agricultural instrument) to describe the various stages of managerial action/inaction in the public service, which lead to suc-

cess or failure in spite of the massive inputs of training provided to the public servants by high-powered local and international training providers. It is patently obvious from the latter that the public service is bogged down by its own indulgence in ‘splitting hairs’ over the meanings and application of various aspects of public policy with an overkill on ‘strategising’ (whatever that omnibus term may mean!) rather than focusing on effective, timely implementation and service delivery. What I think was even more surprising/disappoint-

ing was the notation that public policy analysis is designed “to teach government officials and public servants to read critically; think analytically and write concisely in all sectors”. I was always under the impression that these basic competencies were necessary pre-requisites for entry into the service. If scarce resources must be devoted to providing public servants with these basic skills and competencies, then one has to question the initial selection criteria and decision-making on selection for entry into the service. Nowrang Persaud

Education Ministry responds to a number of issues in the press DEAR EDITOR, These are responses to a number of issues that would have been in the press recently. 1. New Amsterdam Multilateral School Regarding the recent matter concerning two teachers at the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, the Ministry of Education had intervened and the outcome of the situation is that both teachers have been transferred to two different secondary schools within the education district. 2. Zeeburg Secondary School A fact-finding exercise was carried out at the Zeeburg Secondary School following a letter that was published in the Guyana Chronicle on Thursday, February 22, 2018 entitled “The nonsense at Zeeburg Secondary School must stop”. The team that conducted this exercise comprised of the

Regional Education Officer, two District Education Officers and the Senior Schools Welfare Officer. Both the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher were actively involved in the process. Firstly, there was no barring of students from attending the Career Day activity at the University of Guyana. Secondly, regarding the takeaway-lunch activity, students were not required to pay the exorbitant prices for lunch and a drink. The prices quoted in the published letter were grossly inaccurate since the children paid far less for the items. Another inaccurate allegation made in the missive is that the Headteacher of the school uses her office to run a lucrative ‘cook house’ while at the same time demanding and squeezing monies from parents to sustain this industry at the school. However, investigation revealed that the Headteacher

usually assists the school in the preparation of food whenever there is an activity at the school, which was always done free in order to ‘cut cost’. In some instances, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supplied the ingredients and the Headteacher prepared the food. Further, as it relates to fifth form students being barred from writing their mock exams if they did not ‘pay up’, this is completely false. No student was told that they will be debarred from writing the Grade Eleven Mock Examinations if they did not pay. Every child was given an opportunity to write the examinations. Another inaccuracy was that the decision to change the colour of the school’s uniform was made by the Headteacher. The parents made the decision in September 2017 to change the colour to lime green. There was e (Continued on page 6)

DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) has noted the contents of an article titled ‘ExRose Hall workers refuse to take up jobs at the estate – SPU accuses union of undermining interests’ which appeared in the March 10, 2018 Kaieteur News. We found the comments that are attributed to a senior SPU official as unfortunate and surprising. Our Union during an engagement with the SPU on March 09, 2018 raised the concerns of the Rose Hall workers. During that meeting, the GAWU told the SPU team that it was unaware of its plans to re-engage workers. We reminded the SPU representatives that the Unit had previously committed that it

SPU team informed that, at that time, no contract/s were formalized to engage workers and the Unit undertook that it would advise the GAWU when such arrangements were finalized. It should not be forgotten that the Rose Hall workers, like other workers, have a right to accept or not accept what is being offered to them. In fact, we did share with the SPU that there is a point where workers would choose to stay home and starve than to work and starve. It was against this background that our Union’s President expressed the workers’ concerns as the Kaieteur News reported. We must say too that we have urged the SPU to take account of such fac-

to publicly urge that it does so. While the GAWU recognises that the Union and the SPU may not always see eye-to-eye, we sincerely believe, we both must be frank with each other in the interest of promoting good and positive relations. We were, therefore, disturbed that the SPU did not express its concern, as was outlined by the Kaieteur News article. We nevertheless look forward to strengthening and improving the fruitful relations we have with the SPU as we work in the interest of the sugar industry and the thousands dependent on its operations. Yours faithfully, Seepaul Narine General Secretary GAWU

Our generations will not put up with this plundering DEAR EDITOR Everyone is giving an opinion as to what total income is to be derived by way of Oil and Gas exports. We see an enigma of calculations coming from conjecture. Has anyone seen the Government’s official statement of real income projections based on actions with ExxonMobil? Based on published information where ExxonMobil will pump half-a-million barrels per day, this works out to 182.5 million barrels per year. Sale of this at US$64 per barrel would amount to US$11.680 billion per year. Royalty at 2 per cent gives US$233.6 million; equivalent to 3.65 million barrels.As we consider US$7 billion over the 40-year length of the project on a pro-rata basis, the yearly amount is US$175 million. Putting these

two rates together results in US$408.6 million. As we know, this figure is not a constant, going up and down with the vagaries of the market and affected by inflationary pressure values that are unpredictable. On the lower and lower price of the product, it is important to note there is no Stop Button on this oil discharge, so we will have an oil diarrhea condition producing great losses. Oil and Gas are interchangeable assets absolutely crucial for the Capital developments, sorely needed for the country’s progress, and should not be sold as though we are Fur Traders of 200 years ago. Nowhere do I see 37+ per cent gain for Guyana as recently published in Stabroek News.Sight of the above is seriously depressing and nau-

seating. Our generations will not put up with this plundering. Guyana does not need a one-crop economy. Indeed our agriculture capacity far exceeds the paltry sums displayed above. We’d better get cracking in this direction. Norway has a Trillion dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund surely made possible by a vast scope of Industries greater than the 5.7 billion barrels of oil reserves detailed in The World Almanac and Book of Facts. Some indications for Guyana Oil & Gas reserves show many times that amount.If ExxonMobil and others cannot come forth with respect, there is no need for them to be in Guyana, or we will be cursed by all future generations. As we can see, our wealth will make us more enemies than friends. John De Barros


Kaieteur News

Forget the losses, keep the sugar must be increased and the But America subsidizes workers cost of production must be its sugar industry; maybe DEAR EDITOR Please permit me the opportunity to respond to Intiaz Mohamed letter “Guyana can no longer be held ransom by Guysuco” (KN, 11th March 2018). The problem with the sugar industry is that there was little reinvestment (if any) over decades to lower the cost of production of sugar and to increase sugar production in Guyana. The Skeldon Sugar Factory was supposed to lower production cost; it failed to do so. For Guysuco to be profitable the amount produced

reduced. This will require investment into the sugar industry not “downsizing” the industry to allegedly “save” money. “Downsizing” Guysuco is the lazy option taken. Why should thousands (about 5,000 so far) of sugar workers suffer because of mismanagement of Guysuco over the decades? Clearly, it would be better to keep the workers employed to earn foreign currency for Guyana and to prevent a socio-economic catastrophe. Yes, I agree that Guysuco needs to be profitable.

they know something Guyanese do not know. The PPP/C managed to subsidize Guysuco and grow Guyana’s economy; so too can the APNU+AFC Government (so, it is not a case of money but lack of political will).This APNU+AFC Government of President David Granger seems bent on focusing on putting profits before people. What would they do should the gold, rice, timber and/or oil industry turn unprofitable? “Downsize” these industries? Yours Faithfully Sean Ori

Mr. Burke’s silence in this regard Court of Justice, Sir Dennis The timing and the posi– comments that can tion taken by the CCJ Presiis puzzling Byron be viewed as an emboldening dent is curious, since in the

DEAR EDITOR, Firstly, the Guyana Bar Association must be commended for taking a position on indications of a possible appointment of a Chancellor and Chief Justice of Guyana by President David Granger, without full compliance with the provisions of the Constitution, as the Guyanese people have seen in other cases. With that said, the recent comments made by Mr. Rickford Burke merit a response. It is interesting that while he has criticised the Guyana Bar Association for making a move that helps to guard against a possible unconstitutional action, he has been silent on comments (or more accurately a position taken) by President of the Caribbean

factor for the David Grangerled regime. At a Guyana Bar Association event, last November, the CCJ President stated that if the right framework to appoint the Chancellor and Chief Justice was not being used, now would be the opportune time to make regulatory or statutory changes. He noted that there may be a basis for judicial intervention – that the most appropriate authority for resolving this situation is the court system. The CCJ President essentially took a position on the matter – one that was stated a mere several weeks before President Granger named his nominees for the post; and it can be viewed as a position that emboldened – as I said earlier – the Granger Government.

years he was head of the CCJ, under the former administration, he was silent on the lack of substantive appointments of a Chancellor and Chief Justice of Guyana’s judiciary – the fault of this state of affairs lying squarely at the feet of the former PNC and APNU Opposition groupings, according to reports that have been in the public domain for over 10 years. The timing and position taken by the CCJ President is also curious, given his frequent visits to Guyana and comments made about ‘close’ relations between Sir Dennis and the Coalition Government. Also curious is that the Sir Dennis has never clarified his role. It could be argued that Sir Dennis’ comment amounts to political interference. Here is where Mr. Burke’s silence is puzzling, since he seems intent on making arguments about the Bar Association. I say all of this to say, simply, that if arguments are made about the credibility of an individual or group, the critic must at least be credible and consistent himself. Regards, Todd A. Morgan

Wednesday March 14 ,2018

A personal disappointment DEAR EDITOR, To learn of the suspension of columns in the state-owned Chronicle written by Dr. David Hinds and Mr Lincoln Lewis was a very big personal disappointment. These gentlemen along with Freddie Kissoon and others, risked their lives and the safety of their loved ones, to highlight the atrocities of the previous administration and in doing so, paved the way for the current one.It was my strong belief that with a new government, Guyana would have ascended to a level where our leadership would have moved past pettiness and intolerance of constructive criticism. I wanted to believe that most of the critics would be seen as patriots with differing points of view, recognized for

their knowledge of the history of our country and their desire, sometimes desperation, to see Guyana place itself in the position of respectability which it so deserves being blessed with its human and natural resources.Editor, we need a government that takes us forward, not backward to vindictiveness and the ‘us against them’ mentality. Leadership must understand that in doing the people’s work, praise will be limited and criticism will be in abundance. That is what they signed on for, and if they can’t handle the heat in a dignified and open-minded manner, then in the minds of many, they are doing a poor job. Yours respectfully, Keith Fraser

Education Ministry responds ... From page 5 evidence to show that a wide cross section of the PTA was consulted in the selection process. As it relates to children being asked to remove their socks if they weren’t black, the school rules clearly state that the girls must wear white socks and the boys must wear black. Any other colour is a contravention of those rules. The letter also mentioned that certain ethnic groups are being targeted because of their hair and being told to cut it low. An investigation revealed that no child is being targeted because of their hairstyle. Students are simply being encouraged to follow the school rules. Additionally, the names of the students that have outstanding items for the school were placed on a board at the last PTA meeting. However, this was done in an effort to recover outstanding raffle sheets (for audit purposes) and textbooks from students who have books from previous grades. The letter said that parents cannot voice their concerns; this too is furthest from the truth. Parents are always encouraged to voice their concerns. At the last Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting, parents were encouraged to come forward and speak through the microphone so

that everyone can hear their concerns. Lastly, concerning the allegation that children were seen climbing and clinging to walls to clean the school, this too was disproved by the investigation that was carried out. Students had assisted in the cleaning of the school for Culture Day, in keeping with the Standard Operational Procedures. No student was seen climbing and clinging to walls, as they were closely monitored by their class teachers. 3. Cottage Nursery School The following serves as a response to a letter published in the Kaieteur News on February 13th, 2018 entitled “A most dysfunctional school.” The author of that letter states that the Headteacher of the school believes she is above the law and has been attending the University of Guyana for years now. However, since her appointment in 2013, the headteacher’s administrative guidance and supervision are conducted with directions from her senior officer at the Department of Education. Also, it is through that office that her attendance to the University of Guyana was processed and forwarded to the Ministry of Education and approved. Moreover, the headteacher has not been collecting cash and gifts from parents in exchange for additional attention to be paid to

specific students. The letter writer said that there is a teacher at the school who is a Jehovah’s Witness and enforces her religious practices on students. However, this is furthest from the truth. There are three prayers recited daily in the school, all of which are found in the school’s manual. Further, the school’s song, pledge and motto are recited and sang on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. Additionally, any administration of punishment that is against what is prescribed by the Ministry of Education has been addressed in the past and no longer persists. 4. McKenzie High School As it relates to an article published in the Kaieteur News on March 6, 2018 entitled “Region Ten still battling with education issues”, an investigation was carried out by senior education officials and the allegations made regarding the situation at the McKenzie High School all turned out to be untrue. The Ministry of Education had discussions with members of the Regional Education Committee (REC) and members informed that they are unaware of the issues that were articulated in the KN article. Public Relations Department Ministry of Education

Wednesday March 14 ,2018

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‘Positive discipline’ being promoted in public schools ‘Positive Discipline’ was the main focus of a training workshop held yesterday at the Kingston, Georgetown National Centre for Educational Resource Development [NCERD]. Dubbed a ‘cluster approach’ workshop, the initiative is one that was brought to fruition through the Ministry of Education’s collaboration with the United Nations Children Fund [UNICEF]. The Child-Friendly Schools Programme of which one of its components is ‘Positive Discipline’ has had some successes over the years. To enhance the programme of ‘Positive Discipline’,several interactive activities were done such as jingles, debates and workshops for teachers and parents. In the pilot stage of this programme, many children across Guyana became advocates for the use of ‘positive discipline’ through their participation in jingles and poster competitions. UNICEF Education specialist, Ms. Audrey Rodrigues, speaking at yesterday ’s f o r u m s a i d that her organisation is pleased to be associated with the i n i t i a t i v e a n d p l e d ged to continue to support the Ministry in similar and other programmes. Rodrigues said that it is UNICEF’s vision to see every

child happy and willing to participate in whatever is happening in school and she was positive that the workshop will help in this regard. “We want happy children in a safe, inviting warm environment,” Rodrigues asserted yesterday. The workshop is one that was born out of the recognition of the importance of discipline in schools. Moreover, the cluster approach is training designed to aid the monitoring and implementation of positive disciplinary methods across schools in Guyana. It is envisioned that the ‘Positive Discipline’ will provide greater respectful and caring interactions among all stakeholders in the learning process. Addressing participants at the workshop, Assistant Chief Education Officer [ACEO] Primary, Mr. Owen Pollard, said that the intervention is a timely one for the education system. Pollard charged the participants to reflect on what is happening in their schools and how they can work to improve discipline. The Education Officer noted too that “we are living in a modern era and modern approaches should be adopted.” He said that there are other approaches that can be embraced t o i n c u l c a t e proper disciple among

A section of the participants yesterday

children and that corporal p u n i s h m e n t s h o u ld be relegated to the annals of history. Pollard said too that it is important that children are fully occupied when at school so that mis-demeanour can be mitigated. Further, Pollard noted that teachers should constantly walk the schools and corridors to know what is happening. “Make your presence felt, if the children recognize your presence this will help in tackling disciplinary issues,” he added.


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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

Catfish ban to US a ‘big blow’ to trade “A big blow” is how Veterinary Public Health Director within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Ozaye Dodson, has described a ban on various catfish species to the United States [US]. He noted that while the banning of Guyana’s catfish species from the US export market is just a temporary technical barrier to trade it is very impactful. Dr. Dodson said the move by the US Department of Agriculture [USDA] is a “protectionist measure” by that country’s public health system and the catfish farmers who have invested heavily to develop the industry there. Guyana’s Veterinary Public Health Department has been mandated, under the 2002 Fisheries Act and the Fish and Fishery Product

Changes to Fisheries Act will help Guyana comply with export requirements - Ministry

Dr. Ozaye Dodson, Veterinary Public Health Director Regulations of 2003 with guidance of the inspections manual, to monitor, inspect and certify vessels, landing

sites, fish processing establishments and fishery products for the local and export markets. According to Dr. Dodson, there are daily inspections and certification of the catfish products to guarantee their “wholesomeness for human consumption.” For this purpose, the US Food Safety Inspection Services [FSIS] has requested of Guyana to provide relevant documentation to verify its inspection system is equivalent to the US standards or that its public health system is an equivalent degree to that of the US.Guyana, Dr. Dodson said, complied with this

request. However, the country fell short of the US standards in three areas. Firstly, there was the short fall on the issue of the presence of inspectors; secondly, there was insufficient documentation detailing verification of each step in the sanitation and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point [HACCP] process, and thirdly, there was insufficient documentation specifying how the industry manages adulterated catfish products. Moreover, new US standards for import of catfish species demands the presence of inspectors on plants for one-hour during an eight-hour shift, Dr. Dodson explained, even as he revealed that Guyana inspection pursues a “risk-based approach” which is in fact a European Union [EU] standard. But the Veterinary Public Health official disclosed that Guyana’s HACCP and documentation of its inspection frequency will be upgraded to satisfy the new US standards. “Our [Fisheries] Act is broad covering all species of fish. The US has specific regulations for the catfish species [and] there have been no changes to the local Act since 2003. There will have to be some adjustments to the Fisheries Act Inspection Manual and Regulations to bridge the

gaps,” Dr. Dodson said.He said changes to the country’s Fisheries Act and Regulations will be taken shortly to the Attorney’s General [AG] Chambers and published in the official Gazette. When this is accomplished, US officials will conduct an audit of the local fisheries department and other relevant agencies “to pave the way for the country’s likely re-entry into the American catfish export market,” Dr. Dodson said. Guyana was among several countries which were banned recently from the US catfish export. Others were Bangladesh, Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria and Pakistan. Only China, Thailand and Vietnam met the new requirements demanded under the new standards outlined for the export of Catfish, Cuirass, Gilbacker and Hassar, Dr. Dodson revealed. He said the Public Health Ministry’s, Veterinary Public Health Department is working assiduously with the Fisheries unit of the Agriculture Ministry to realign Guyana’s legal framework with new US fishery export demands. As such, he urged, “Let us not panic because of the new changes [by the USFDA] it is just a temporary technical barrier to trade.” Guyana was notified in

November 2015 of the new requirements regulating the export of all Siluriformes fish and fish products [catfish species], according to a US Embassy spokesperson based in Georgetown. The USDA has instituted a ban on catfish species from Guyana, inclusive of hassar, cuirass and gilbacker that took effect on March 1 after Guyana failed to comply with the new requirements. Amanda Cauldwell, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown told Kaieteur News that the U.S. notified the Government of Guyana of the pending changes in November of 2015, more than 18 months before they were to go into effect. “We even gave Guyana an extension until February 3, 2018 to comply with the new regulations,” Cauldwell explained. According to the embassy official, the U.S. offered technical assistance to the Government of Guyana to help fishermen and women to comply. “Our offer still stands, but it cannot be accomplished overnight,” Cauldwell stated. She pointed out that the U.S. Government takes very seriously the protection of the world’s waterways and marine life and is constantly updating regulations and processes to ensure that waterways and marine life are protected. According to Cauldwell, most countries in the hemisphere have now complied with the regulations. She believes that Guyana eventually can and will comply as well.

Breaker short-circuit at Sophia shuts off power in Berbice, Demerara The Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) yesterday said that a problem at Sophia caused the early morning outage yesterday. “At approximately 03:58 hrs yesterday, the DemeraraBerbice Interconnected System (DBIS) experienced ser-

vice interruptions as a result of a short-circuit within a 13.8 kV breaker at Sophia,” the power company said. Service restoration efforts began immediately and at approximately 05:30 hrs, all areas were repowered; except Kitty, Subryanville,

Alberttown, Newtown, Queenstown and Bel Air. “These areas were repowered at 12:48 hrs following the completion of remedial work to resolve a localised fault on Vlissengen Road. Additionally, customers from No. 54 Village to Skeldon, Berbice who experienced similar outages as a result of burst conductors on the L23 transmission line, were repowered at 09:30 hrs.”GPL said it sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused.


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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

The ExxonMobil deal smells too foul to be perfumed The government, its acolytes and the misguided are attempting to shift the focus of the debate on the oil industry by urging that emphasis be placed on what is to be done with the revenues. Well, if the people have had little say in the manner in which the deal with ExxonMobil was negotiated, how much of influence are they likely to have in terms of how oil revenues are to be spent. So arguments are to be made that Guyana’s economy is going to be doubled or tripled when the 500,000 barrels of oil per day are produced. Never mind that when it comes to Liza Phase 1, we are only projected to produce

120,000 barrels per day, but we are told that 500,000 is in the works. Many decades ago, when workers were striking for higher wages and shorter working hours in industrialised America and Britain, they were told that if they worked longer they would earn more at the end of the day at the same low wages. In other words, they were being asked to sacrifice higher wages in order to obtain longer hours of work. It is the same choice that Guyanese are being asked to make. Guyanese are being told not to bother with the fact that ExxonMobil is underpaying us on every barrel

of oil. We should not be worried about that because with more production, there will be more revenues overall. In other words, to use the previous analogy, if you work harder and longer for the same low hourly wages you will end up earning more than if you work shorter hours for higher hourly wages. Guyanese are being told not to worry about the low fiscal take on every barrel of oil. They are being advised to concentrate on how many barrels will be produced or to put it more subtly, is it okay to be shortchanged, once at the end of the day your basket is fuller? That line of argument has

US$18M AG granted extension signing bonus to file response Attorney General, (AG) Basil Williams S.C has been granted an extension of time to file an affidavit in response to the action which brought against the State to force the transfer of the US $18 M signing bonus into the consolidated fund. The matter came up for hearing before Chief Justice (Ag) Roxane GeorgeWiltshire. During an in-chamber hearing the Chief Justice granted the AG time to file the response based on a request presented to the Court. Williams was granted until March 20, next to file his response. The Judge also gave a timeline for which lawyers from the opposing side can file a reply to the AG. In this regard, lawyers representing the Law Chambers of Nandlall and Associates were given until March

Attorney General, Basil Williams 26, 2018 to file their arguments. Both parties were also instructed to file their written submissions on or before

April 20, 2018. According to the Court’s timetable, all documents are expected to be filed by May 11, 2018. The matter will then be heard on June 14, 2018 for further arguments or decision in the matter. The litigation to force the transfer of the US$18M signing bonus into the Consolidated Fund was brought against the APNU+AFC Government by former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.. Nandlall is seeking a declaration from the court that the deposit of US$18M received from ExxonMobil as a Signature Bonus, into an account within the Bank of Guyana, designated in writing by the Minister of Finance and not in the Consolidated Fund, is contrary to and in violation of the spirit of Article 216 of (Continued on page 31)


Today is more important dan yesterday and tomorrow Every day people does sit down and plan how to rob oddas. When dem sit down and plan dem thinking about tomorrow. Dem boys want to seh dat two days in every week people should not even think about. Dem is two days dat should be kept free from fear and worry. One is yesterday. Dat was when people mek mistakes, had problems, see dem faults and blunders, and suffer aches and pains. Yesterday, pass and gone forever beyond our control. All de money in the world you get or not get from Exxon can’t bring back yesterday. We can’t tun back a single act we did nor can we

erase a single word we seh – yesterday gone! De other day, we shouldn’t worry about is tomorrow! None of we ain’t know what is in store. You might end up wid more enemies. Exxon and dem rest of oil company done vex wid de Waterfalls paper. Dem boys vex wid dem too. De only difference is dem boys vex wid dem yesterday, today and tomorrow fuh dat lopsided deal. Tomorrow got promise and poor performance. Dem boys seh, in fact nobody can control tomorrow. Tomorrow de sun gun rise either in splendor or behind rain clouds - but it will rise. And until it rises, we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is yet

unborn. Dis leaves only one day - today. Any person can fight the battles of just one day. It is only when we add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow dat we break down. And Exxon gat every Guyanese breaking down. Dem boys seh is not de experience of today dat does drive people mad - is the sorrow of bitterness for something, which happened yesterday. And now people frighten what tomorrow will bring. Dem boys want Exxon executives and Kimberly and Henson to tek note of dem words. Talk half and remember to live one day at a time! Dat is how dem boys does do it!

never convinced the working class who struggled successfully for higher hourly wages and shorter working hours. It is not going to convince Guyanese that they have been shortchanged in the negotiations with Exxon Mobil. Oil does not spoil but it also does not renew itself. Like gold, it is a non-renewable resource. So the more oil that is extracted each day from a well, the shorter will be the lifespan of the well. There is little comfort therefore in producing four times more oil per day than the daily projected production of Liza 1. The faster the production the quicker the wells will end and more wells will either have to be found to sustain production. The second line of argument is that Guyanese should concern themselves with how the oil revenues are going to be spent. Guyanese are more interested in what share of the money will go their way. There is no guarantee that the monies will trickle down to the

small man. Venezuela has been producing oil for over 100 years and yet has always been widespread poverty in that country. Guyanese know that when the government speaks about using oil revenues to improve infrastructure that not much of that money will come the small man’s way. The PPPC spent and borrowed billions of US dollars during the era of reconstruction and who benefitted the most from that spending? The contractor class… They are ones who benefitted the most. Public servants still are not being paid a living wage despite Guyana now being a low middle income country. The third argument being made is that Guyana had to accept what it got from Exxon because of the fact that we were under a threat from Venezuela. In keeping with this argument, ExxonMobil was taking a huge risk and therefore had to strike a hard bargain. The argument is contra-

dicted by both ExxonMobil and the government. The government has always said that it was confident of victory in any juridical settlement. If the government was so confident, then how come it is now saying that ExxonMobil was taking a huge risk by investing in Guyana? One month after the government signed the oil agreement with ExxonMobil, a top government Minister said that Guyana was not worried about Venezuela taking action against Exxon. ExxonMobil itself has said that it is not too worried about any threat to its operations by Venezuela. That however, has not stooped its apologists from trying to convince the Guyanese people that the Venezuelan threat created a high-risk investment climate in the oil sector.


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Wednesday March 14, 2018


Six cases for court on stolen assets from the nation’s resources In the entire world, except Guyana, the exposure of corrupt politicians who were in office or are in office brings extensive disgust from the citizenry. Humans feel that they work hard, do not get the pay they deserve from their government but the politicians they voted for end up with luxurious mansions and enormous bank books. Even sexual misconduct does not bring out the anger in citizens as corruption does. Financial skullduggery in the PPP Government began as soon as Cheddi Jagan took office. Jagan and his wife were inflexibly doctrinaire and shamelessly undemocratic in

how they ran the PPP and the PPP administration but they were not venal politicians. They refused to countenance financial depravity among PPP leaders. But they simply could not do anything about it because the fulcrums and the foundations of PPP rule rested upon cadres who couldn’t be moved even though Cheddi and Janet Jagan knew they were corrupt. One just example such suffice – Pradoville One. There was a house in Pradoville One financed by kickbacks from the OMAI gold company. Both husband and wife were corrupt and

when Mrs. Jagan entered the home, she was so shocked at the opulence she announced that she would never return. She never did. The presidencies of Jagan and wife were burdened by gargantuan corruption. It was Jagdeo who on assumption to power, knew he couldn’t stop it, joined the bandwagon and used it to cement his hegemony in the PPP. Jagdeo saw as both finance minister and president how corrupt were PPP leaders and he saw in their venality his weapon of control. He actually encouraged corrupt patronage so he

could buy support and he literally bought out the entire PPP leadership. What was frightening about the rapacity of the PPP administration 1999 -2015 was its encompassing tentacles. Families, members and relatives were involved in enormous skullduggery. AT GWI and other state entities, rather than charge their supporters for massive theft, the PPP simply allowed them to leave. When the identities of people that SARA will place before the courts for restitution are made public, the nation certainly should not be nonplussed. These persons are known to have accumulated vast wealth. One of the beneficiaries of PPP corruptibility has more than 120 properties in Georgetown alone. For the third time in these columns, I am repeating a repugnant example of how PPP cabals stole the wealth of this nation. Here it is. A prime piece of real estate on which once stood a Ministry under President Burnham was in a terrible state. Overgrown bushes had devoured the lot. One of Mr. Jagdeo’s intimate pals thought it was still state owned land. In fact, it was privatised by the Hoyte

presidency. J a g d e o ’s s u p e r r i c h friend sent his workers to clear, clean and fence the land. The private, legal owner turned up and asked the labourers what they were doing on his property. They duly informed him who sent them. That was the end of the matter. Now just imagine how many instances you had of such a situation where this gentleman took prime real estate that was state lands and state buildings and simply used his Jagdeo connection to claim state assets. SARA has a waterproof case against this fellow. The SARA court cases have come three years after the APNU+AFC coalition took power and it had to be protracted because tracing stolen assets from the state is an agonizingly long process. When you steal state money and bank it under the aunt’s name of your wife’s cousin, it will be traced by forensic financial investigators but it takes time. There is the infamous case where a PPP official made billions and said he earned it from selling phone cars. I knew a neighbourhood shop that sold more cards than him

Frederick Kissoon and the owner still cannot buy an expensive car. Many layers of international investigators are involved. SARA originally had advisors from the UN. PPP leaders have perambulated the territory of Guyana speaking on behalf of sugar workers and low income classes but if only these poor souls know the stolen resources these people possess then sugar workers should demand they help them. It will be interesting to see the reaction of these very strata of the Guyanese society when these cases hit the news. A former minister is willing to pay market value for his Pradoville 2 house lot. Where did he get that kind of cash from? Another Pradoville 2 beneficiary sold her house for one million American dollars; yes, one million. Under the l a w, y o u c a n n o t s e l l a house lot from the state until after ten years of purchase. Some persons are trembling.

Wednesday March 14 ,2018

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Wednesday March 14, 2018

Kaieteur News

CARICOM on course to address challenges affecting women – says Minister Ally Although Guyana and many Caribbean territories have led the way in enacting specific legislation against Trafficking In Persons [TIP], reports suggest that trafficking of women in the Caribbean is still on the increase. TIP, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean [ECLAC], has deduced that TIP has been associated with illegal migration. This state of affairs was on Monday amplified by Minister of Social Protection,

Ms. Amna Ally, when she delivered remarks on the progress and gaps relating to gender equality in the Region on Monday. According to Ally, “Migrants are specifically at risk to trafficking, becoming victims of international criminal networks and of sexual exploitation in the tourism, logging and mining industries.” But she boasted that a recent achievement for the Caribbean has been the elevation of Guyana from a Tier 2 to a Tier 1 country in the United States Department

of State’s 2017 Annual TIP Report. Further, the Minister said, CARICOM is working both collectively and individually to achieve gender parity and to address the challenges of women. Minister Ally is currently representing CARICOM at the United Nations 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women being held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States. The Commission is the principal global inter-governmental body exclusively dedicated

Minister of Social Protection, Ms. Amna Ally [extreme right] to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. Slated to culminate on March 23, 2018, the forum is being held under the theme: “Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.” Women in rural areas continue to be exposed to a plethora of issues that causes them to be subjected to vulnerability, Minister Ally said. According to her, often they are forced to earn a living through the informal economy, embrace cultural norms, work with little or no benefits, migration and TIP. Noting the importance of Women in Rural Society, she said, “In Belize, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Guyana, indigenous women play a fundamental role in sharing knowledge; including the historical memory of villages and

technical expertise such as agro-ecological management, seed selection, plant reproduction and medicinal uses of herbs. It is also important to note that rural women account for a great portion of the Agricultural Labour Force.” The Minister further highlighted “In countries such as Jamaica and Guyana with large agricultural bases, efforts to meet the challenges faced by many rural women are realised by micro-credit programmes to offer persons grants to initiate small projects in their communities” According to Minister Ally too, “The Caribbean Rural Network of Women Producers, with chapters in seven Caribbean countries, promote strong business models for rural women who use locally sourced materials, low-energy and sustainable production processes and traditional methods for their

economic empowerment and broader national development.” Promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women has been a central priority for CARICOM States, Ally said even as she maintained that budgetary allocations must cater for the development of women in rural areas. As such, in delivering her remarks on Monday too, the Minister noted that “despite the challenges affecting the region, CARICOM continues to progress in achieving Regional and International Goals for the empowerment and advancement of Women and Girls; noting the value of literacy and education.” In achieving the goals that will help to empower and advance women, Minister Ally stressed that the provision of education continues to be a strong focus in all of the CARICOM countries.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Bar Association condemns editorial attack on Oil and Gas presenter The Editorial published in the Kaieteur News of Sunday March 11 contained a number of inaccuracies according to the Guyana Bar Association. “If the author had sought information from the offices of the Honourable Chancellor of the Judiciary or the Honourable Chief Justice or a member of the planning committee of the Guyana Bar Association, such comments would have been clarified.” At issue was the contribution of Ms Alicia Elias-Roberts to the recent Oil and Gas Law training Development Conference. The forum was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel, Providence. Ms Elias-Roberts is the Deputy Dean in the faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus. In that capacity, she had specific responsibility for the oil and gas programme, which she developed in 2011. A highly qualified woman, Ms EliasRoberts is a specialist in Energy and Environmental Law. She is pursuing a doctorate in that field. The Guyana Bar Association said that she has been the convenor of two highly acclaimed international conferences on oil and gas hosted by UWI. Ms Elias-Roberts was at a conference in Scotland immediately prior to coming to Guyana on this occasion, the association noted. Due to her expertise, she was recruited to facilitate a session at the Annual Judges’ Conference in 2017. Because of her excellent presentations at the Judges’ Conference and her experience in planning large conferences, it was considered by Chancellor Yonette Cummings-Edwards, that it would be fitting that she plan a conference in Guyana for the Bench and Bar so that it would benefit a larger number of judicial officers and lawyers, who may not find it possible to travel overseas for such a conference. “It does appear that the informant or the editor (of Kaieteur News) was only present at the conference in its last hour of the second day for it is noted that the comments about


Kaieteur News

Mrs. Elias-Roberts’s presentation spoke only to this session. “The editor clearly drew conclusions without reference to the programme content, which was as a result of a collaborative effort of not only the conference training facilitator, Mrs. Elias-Roberts, but of the judiciary through the Hon Chancellor and the Hon Chief Justice and the Bar Council of the Guyana Bar Association.” The member of the Guyana Bar Association said that excellent presentations on areas related to the legal and regulatory framework, geology, engineering, taxation, petroleum contracts, Guyana’s petroleum sharing agreement, sovereign wealth fund, local content and good governance related to the oil and gas industry were made by Mrs. EliasRoberts, Ms. Indira Rampaul-Cheddie, MBA, LLM, Senior State Counsel in the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Helena Griffith Geologist and Upstream Energy Expert and Executive Director and Consultant, Kronus Geological Services Ltd., Mr. Trevor James, C.Eng., MIChemE, Engineer and SeniorConsultant, Oil and Gas Project Development, CADPEC Limited UWI, St Augustine, Mr. Roderick Edinboro, LLM, Attorney-at-Law, Senior Tax Attorney, EY Guyana, Mr. Nigel Hughes, LLM, Attorney-at-law, Director, Guyana Oil and Gas Association, Mr. Sanjeev Datadin, LLM (Aberdeen), Attorney-atlaw and Mr. Charles Ramson, MSc., Attorneyat-Law, Oil & Gas Consultant, Partner — Abercal Guyana Energy Agency. Most of these facilitators came at absolutely no cost to the Bench or Bar, he said. Over 125 lawyers and judicial officers attended the two-day conference, which was deemed a success by participants. Benjamin Franklin, former American Statesman, is quoted as saying that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The conference can only be described as having been a sound investment and the feedback received confirms this.

India commits to sugar and oil cooperation - PM Modi to visit Guyana later this year

President David Granger and Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, have pledged to strengthen the historical ties between Guyana and India through increased cooperation. During a bilateral meeting held in New Delhi, India on Monday, Prime Minister Modi told President Granger that India is willing to do whatever it can to support Guyana’s development and pointed out that there are many areas for cooperation, particularly in the sugar and oil sectors. The head of state visited India to attend the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Founding Conference and Solar Summit. During the meeting, the two leaders reviewed the scale of Guyana-India relations and agreed to continue discussions when Prime Minister Modi visits Guyana later this year. President Granger also used the opportunity to update his Indian counterpart on the developments regarding the GuyanaVenezuela border controversy and expressed

India’s PM, Narendra Modi his appreciation for India’s support for Guyana on this matter, for which a final resolution will be sought at the International Court of Justice. This meeting follows closely on a visit to India, last January, by a delegation led by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge, during which Guyana and India signed three cooperation agreements-one on renewable energy, one on cultural exchange and the framework agreement on ISA. Meanwhile, the President,

on Saturday, met with the Minister of New and Renewable Energy of India, Mr. Raj Kumar Singh, and he iterated that Guyana remains open to investment in solar energy. He noted that Guyana is keen to become a model of solar energy development. The Minister, in response, indicated India’s willingness to send a team to assist Guyana in developing its solar energy plans. The President also met with Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who he briefed on plans to establish an international institute to help catalogue Guyana’s inventory of its flora and fauna and to undertake biodiversity research. President Granger responded favourably to the Minister’s request for a delegation from Guyana to be represented at World Environment Day celebrations in India on June 5, 2018. The ISA Solar Summit, which was held on Sunday, Continued on page 14


Kaieteur News

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Wife, female accomplice guilty in US citizen murder

Hemwattie Abdulla, called “Anita Nazeema Khan,” and her accomplice, Surojinie Tirmaul

The two women who are on trial for the 2012 murder of the American citizen have been found guilty. However a probation report have been ordered before sentence is passed. The two women are US citizen Hemwattie Abdulla, 43, called “Anita Nazeema Khan,” formerly of Albion Corentyne and of Ozone Park, New York, USA; and her accomplice, Surojinie Tirmaul, 49, of Belvedere New Housing Scheme, Corentyne, Berbice. They were convicted of murdering Abdool Shakeel Majid, called “Shakiel,” a citizen of the USA, between April 23 and April 27, 2012 in Berbice. There was an

arrangement whereby Surojinie Tirmaul called “Surojnie” and “Usha” paid money to a third person, Pooran Jhadoo, at the request of Hemwattie Abdulla called “Annie” and “Anesa”. Tirmual was reportedly paid US$5000 to hire somebody to kill Majid. They were on trial before justice Sandil Kissoon and a mixed jury in the Berbice High Court. Abdulla was represented by prominent attorney Mursalene Bacchus in association with Arund Gossai. Trimaul was represented by attorney Nigel Hughes. The state case was presented by Special Prosecutor Ganesh. Earlier caution statements reportedly made by both women that implicated them both in the crime were admitted into evidence. The defence had objected strongly to the admission of the statements and a lengthy voir dire was held. At the conclusion of prosecution case both women

gave unsworn statement from the dock proclaiming their innocence. Justice Kissoon had deferred his summing up to today after both the defence and prosecution had addressed the jury on Monday. The judge took a few hours to sum up the case to the jury after which they retired. The jury forewoman when questioned on both occasion by the registrar returned with separate unanimous verdict of guilty of murder. Mr. Bacchus stated that he would abide by the verdict of the court on his client Abdulla. Mr. Hughes made a stirring plead of mitigation on behalf of his client, Trimaul. He begged for mercy and asked for leniency. He said his client has never been in any problems before and from the evidence, his client would have been minimally involved. Prosecutor Hira in his address said that the women’s actions were ruthless. He

India commits to sugar... From page 13 brought together solar resource rich countries in order to help achieve the common goals of increasing the use of solar energy in meeting energy needs of prospective ISA member countries in a safe, convenient, affordable, equitable and sustainable manner. The ISA has a potential membership of 121 countries located in the tropics, with 58 of those countries already signing the Framework Agreement establishing the ‘Alliance’.

said from the autopsy reports Majid would have endured a painful death. Hira lamented that from the women’s caution statements, they were equally culpable. Their actions were well planned. He asked for that the maximum sentence, either death or life imprisonment. The prosecution case was that around 07:40 hrs on April 27, the body of a man was found with his scalp missing and other injuries to his body on the No. 56 Village, Corentyne foreshore. The remains were only identified on May 16, 2014, when a brother visited Guyana after becoming suspicious about the wife’s behaviour. Police was able to crack the case after the woman, who had returned to the United States when the man went missing, returned to Guyana from the United States and reported to the New Amsterdam Police Station to identify her slain husband’s body after he was found. The state called 13 witnesses in the high profile murder trial. After calling the respective attorneys to bench, Justice Kissoon order a probation report for March 29, before passing sentences on the women. It was also reported that an official from the US Embassy was present in court.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Kaieteur News


Berbice hotel threatens to dismantle wind turbine, ship it back to India Owners of a Corentyne, Berbice hotel are upset over the delays by authorities in giving permission for the operations of a wind turbine. The $1B five-star Classic International Hotel was opened last year April, with plans announced at the glitzy commissioning to install a wind turbine to reduce energy costs. However, almost a year later, permission has not been granted. The runaround would fly in the face of the Coalition Government’s statement intentions of greening the economy, Classic International Hotel said yesterday in a statement. Insisting that it is supportive of the Coalition Government’s thrust to create a “Green State” in Guyana, the hotel said it backs the strategy in principle. “Also commendable is the national objective of creating and utilising alternative sources of energy. As such, we are very perturbed and dismayed that we have not yet received a response to our offer to the government for the supply to the national grid from our 250 KVA wind turbine set at Skeldon, Corriverton, Berbice.” The hotel said that it had sent out correspondence to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson; officials of the Guyana Power and Light in Region Six and other stakeholders. The correspondences made it clear of the hotel’s ability to contribute to national development and stable electricity supply, through the provision of excess generated energy from a state-of-the-art wind turbine. “It has been set up four months ago, after being imported to Guyana from India over a year ago. However, as the situation stands right now, apart from feeling deflated in our

A white elephant? The wind turbine at Skeldon. quest to be supportive of national development efforts, we are contemplating dismantling the turbine, which is already set Continued on page 25


Classic Hotel is upset over the delay in permission to hook-up a wind turbine on electricity grid.


Kaieteur News

Cow Dam Hustlers get lengthy prison term

Four men with a long list of misdemeanours who were part of a notorious gang called the “Cow Dam Hustlers” that wreaked havoc in the Berbice area have been jailed. Including among the lot is a 66 year old grandfather. They have been jailed with armed robbery commit on a teacher at Budhan Scheme, West Canje Berbice. The men are Narvin Gray, of Angoy’s Avenue, who was jailed for five years; Delroy Joseph, called ‘Barney’ 28, of Levi Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam was sentenced to four years in jail; Michael Embrack, 32, called “Duck Man” or “Mike,” of Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme; East Canje, who was sentenced to four years jail; and Leroy Albert, a 65-yearold grandfather, of 509 Angoy’s Avenue who was jailed for three years. The other man, Seon La Fleur, of Berbice River is still at large.Those convicted appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore in the New Amsterdam Magistrate Court on a charge of Robbery under arms. The charge against the men stated that on February

Still at Large: Seon LaFleur 28, last, while in company of others, and armed with guns and cutlasses, they robbed Esther Reid at her Budhan Housing Scheme home. Around 01:32 hrs on the day in question, the woman was alone at home when she was attacked. During the ordeal, four masked men, armed with guns and cutlasses, broke into the house. Three of the four bandits barged into the house and into her bedroom demanding cash and jewelry.

Delroy Joseph Reid was assaulted as the thieves made their demands. They put her to kneel down on the bed as a gun was placed to her head, before ransacking the house.. Her security guard was brutalised and sustained injuries about his body. The men escaped with two gold rings, a DVR from the security cameras and an E-Networks control box and cash.After the robbery, a number of persons, including some women, from the Angoy’s Avenue area were arrested at a house in the area. Several items believed to be stolen during the ordeal were recovered. The men were nabbed after relentless work by the Police in ‘B’ Division.

Wednesday March 14 ,2018

Extreme caution needed with companies bidding for future oil blocks - Goolsarran The Coalition Government has signalled its intention to consider competitive bidding for the remaining oil blocks, but a dose of extreme caution, is what critics like Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran, are recommending. The former Auditor General made his sentiments known in his recent writings. The columnist reminded of the government’s announcement that nine companies are interested in the allocation of the remaining oil blocks and that it is exploring options for both direct engagement and selective bidding. Goolsarran reminded, too, that the Petroleum Advisor to the Government, Dr. Jan Mangal, had advocated the application of competitive bidding procedures to avoid the risk of corruption. Goolsarran said that he fully supports this approach, which includes conducting detailed background checks of companies bidding for the oil blocks. On this note, Goolsarran stated that one of the interested companies is Petrobras, a Brazilian Statecontrolled company, which was embroiled in the largest corruption scandal in the history of that country that led to nation-wide protests in 2016 and contributed to the impeachment and

Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran subsequent removal of the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Goolsarran noted that the scandal, uncovered during a money laundering investigation nicknamed “Operation Carwash”, involved inflating contracts for construction and service works and “kicking-back” the difference, estimated at US$3 billion, into the personal bank accounts of senior executives of Petrobras, certain political figures, and the ruling party to fund its election campaigns. The Chartered Accountant said, “We must therefore be extremely careful

in our selection process and ensure that the terms and conditions of any new agreement represent the best interest of the country.” In addition, Goolsarran said that in going forward, the Government should endeavour to not repeat the mistakes made in relation to the Production Sharing Agreement with ExxonMobil. “We must also ensure that the related legislation and regulations, including our Procurement Act, are revised or amended so that any decision on the allocation of the remaining oil blocks is supported by legislation.”

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Tear Drop freed on robbery charge

Social media sensation, Leon Clarke, popularly known as ‘Tear Drop’ was all smiles yesterday after City Magistrate, Faith McGusty dismissed a robbery charge against him. The charge was thrown out after the Magistrate upheld a no case submission by Clarke’s Attorneyat-law, Keoma Griffith. Kaieteur News was informed that some of the prosecution’s witnesses were a no show. The evidence of some of those who testified was in some instances discredited. It was alleged that on September 8, 2017 at Independence Boulevard, Georgetown, while being in the company of others he robbed Vincent Howard of $980,000 cash; $175,000 worth in GTT phone cards; $50,000 worth in Digicel phone cards; and $80,000 worth in scratch tickets. Clarke, who had been working at the Georgetown Public Hospital as an attendant, had denied the allegation and was out on $75,000 bail. According to information, Clarke allegedly broke into Howard’s home where he stole the articles mentioned in the charge. It was while Clarke was leaving that he was recognised by Howard’s daughter. When given a chance to address the court at his

Leon Clarke called ‘Tear Drop’ September 13, 2017 court hearing, Clarke who was seen and heard crying throughout the proceeding said: “I’m an entertainer on Facebook. I don’t thief, I am very popular your worship. I does fetch them break foot people at the hospital. The police just show up at my workplace and beat me; they ain’t even find my fingerprint.” In an effort to secure bail for Clarke, Griffith had told the court that his client is a rising entertainer and a social media personality, who has thousands of followers on Facebook. The lawyer said that his client’s objective is to encourage young people to pursue their dreams.

Berbice hotel threatens... From page 15 up and operational at tremendous costs to us, and shipping it back out of the country,” the hotel said in its statement. It was made clear that the turbine has become a “white elephant” since its primary purpose of supplying the new multi-million-dollar hotel with electricity has not been allowed. “So we are still part of the national grid, but would also like to supply the grid with affordable surplus energy from our wind turbine operation. We are calling on the government to pay heed to our efforts in supporting its green thrust and utilise all available alternative energy sources.” Officials of the hotel said it has written and met with the Guyana Energy Agency and the MPI and have been following up and calling. “It is highly frustrating for us.” The turbine is located miles away from the hotel. It is the intention to have the wind turbine hooked up to the electricity grid with a system in place to measure how much energy is being generated and shared. However, GPL has been saying that it needs specialized equipment and meters to take electricity from consumers. In fact, GPL is currently studying a proposal of a mega-wind farm at Hope Beach. One of the problems it is facing is that East Coast network is unable to take more than 15 megawatts. In the case of Classic Hotel, the delays are upsetting the hotel owners. Late last year, the hotel would have also introduced a 100-seat state-of-the-art movie theater, in effect bringing back a loved era to Berbicians. It is the plan to build another. The 100-seat theatre has the capability of not only 3-D and 2-D movies, but also Blu-Ray. It will be the first of its kind in Berbice, with the last of old, beloved cinemas in the county closing its doors just over two years ago. The hotel overlooks a huge parking lot, the Corentyne River and Suriname, with adequate lights and security in place. In April, HNS Property Development Investment, the company which owns Classic, officially opened its doors. The Sugrim family also controls GuyTrac, which deals in heavy equipment and spares. The hotel would have been a gamble for Berbice. However, Sugrim was confident that his idea would work after thinking about it in 2014. The four-storey hotel is being powered by a wind turbine, one of the first fully ‘green’ businesses in Berbice. It boasts presidential suites, luxurious rooms, a restaurant, bar and pool area. With the Berbice Bridge in place and plans to bridge the Corentyne River with Suriname, there has been renewed hope in the county, which has predominantly been a farming area. A number of applications have been submitted to Government for hotels and casinos. A spokesperson from MPI said that it is aware of the issue and a statement in response, will be issued shortly.

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Wednesday March 14, 2018

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Region urged to scale-up response to...

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One person to work in office must have Math and English #672-8705 Now hiring new reporters & advertising representatives. Tel#622-1957 Experienced Shop workers & handy man to work in the interior. Age 18-40. Call: 2310363 ( 8:30 am- 4:30 pm) Security guards needed for night & day job. Call: 612-5739 Senior Diesel mechanic to work in Georgetown. Tel# 2271717 1 cook to cook vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods in the interior #699-4718 Male/Female, knowledge of computers, drivers’ licence an asset. Apply @ Lot 4 First St, Albertown.

SALON Make-up Courses with Mac, Bare Minerals, etc. -CosmetologyCourses: $90,000 Nail Technician Course: $35,000. Call: 647-1773/688-0009

(From page 23) blood and passion – not just red for anger in the face of injustice,” said Dr. Forbes. She added, “The AIDS response must prevail beyond party colours, such as in The Bahamas where fortunately HIV has been a matter that our successive government administrations have consistently supported.” Director of PANCAP and Chair of the opening ceremony, Mr. Dereck Springer, highlighted that the meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the Region’s progress towards achieving the 90-90-90 Targets, to identify gaps in the region’s response and discuss strategies for filling the gaps. He noted that the meeting was being convened at a time of declining resources therefore the region must ensure greater efficiencies and effectiveness of HIV programmes. The curtain is expected to come down on the meeting today with NAPS Managers, Chief Medical Officers, Permanent Secretaries, Development, Regional and Implementing Partners, including civil society organizations that work with people living with HIV and key population groups [including youth], embracing an agreement on approaches for integration as a key strategy for sustainability of the HIV response.

CAR RENTAL DOLLY’SCARRENTAL-CALL: 225-7126/226-3693 DOLLYSAUTORENTAL@ YA H O O . C O M / W W W. DOLLYSAUTORENTAL.COM PROGRESSIVE CAR R E N TA L : S U V F O R RENTAL- $4,000 & UP PER DAY- CALL:6435122/656-0087, ,EMAIL:PRO_AUTO RENTAL@YAHOO.COM Reliable rentals. Cars, SUV at low rate and security deposit special rates for long term. #227-2322/601-2622 AIDAN’S CAR RENTAL:PICKUP,9-11 SEAT MINI BUS, GOOD FOR AIRPORT & FAMILY OUTINGS, CHEAPEST RATE . Call: 698-7807 WING’S CAR & PICKUP RENTAL: LOW DOWN PAYMENT, CHEAP RATES,SPECIAL OFFERS! . CALL: 690-6494 TOLET One fully furnished apartment to rent in South Riumveldt $25,000 weekly. #694-7817, 668-0306

Lot 15 Public road #2 Village. West Coast Berbice. 49ft by 10,314ft. $20M. Contact:6487109/686-4818 Located at 8 Field Cummings Lodge 30M. Serious enquiries only Tel: 619-0673 Yorrowkabra, Linden Highway, House, Chicken pen, New foundation, Land 200' x 100' Fenced, water & light. 6.5M neg. Contact: 6867180 3 story commercial building,land size-120ftX60ft Building size-62ftX30ft Location-Lot 1486,Plot B Herstelling,EBD.Contact:6093777/697-4557 TOLET (1) bedroom apartment, living room and bathroom 294 Fourth field, Cummings Lodge. Call:222-0401, preferably UG student.

Wednesday March 14, 2018


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Mother on trial for killing children told cops she had family problems Hofosawa Awena Rutherford, who is on trial for two counts of manslaughter over killing her children by poisoning had, days after, told detectives that she was experiencing family problems and that she was unable to support them due to being unemployed. This is according to Detective Police Sergeant, Lawrence Thomas, who was called to testify yesterday when Rutherford’s trial continued before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12member mixed jury at the High Court in Georgetown. Rutherford, 25, of Supply Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara is accused of unlawfully killing her two children 16 month-old Jabarie Ajoya Cadogan and four year-old Odaceia Juliana Cadogan on March 27, 2014 at her residence. Rutherford, who is being represented by Attorney-atlaw, Adrian Thompson, has pleaded not guilty to both charges. Presenting the state’s case are Prosecutors Tiffini Lyken, Abigail Gibbs and Shawnette Austin. The state is contending that on the day in question, Rutherford killed her children by giving them a poisonous substance to ingest. Jabarie

died while receiving treatment at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital. His sister later succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Sergeant Thomas testified that he interviewed Rutherford one week after the killings at the Beterverwagting Police Station, East Coast Demerara and she volunteered to give a caution statement. Sergeant Thomas, who is stationed at the Central Police Station and attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that at the time of the killings, he was stationed at the Mahaicony Police Station and attached to CID. The policeman said that before taking a statement from the woman he cautioned her in accordance with the judge’s rules and notified her of her right to have an Attorney-at-Law, friend or family present to witness the taking her statement. The police witness said that during the meeting Rutherford told him that she had been experiencing some family problems and that she was unable to maintain her children because she was

Hofosawa Rutherford

Odaceia Juliana Cadogan

Jabarie Ajoya Cadogan

unemployed at the time. According to the detective, Rutherford also told him that sometimes her sister, Monica Sealey, who had testified on Monday, would refuse to give her children anything to eat. Sergeant Thomas said that Rutherford told him on March 27, 2014 she had asked Sealey to keep Jabarie and Odaceia, but she refused. He said that Rutherford told him that instead, she took her children by an aunt who resides at Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara. The detective said that Rutherford related to him that she travelled to Georgetown where she bought three

greenish tablets for cold from a man who was selling at the Plaisance Bus Park. Rutherford told the cop that she stopped at her aunt’s residence and pick up her children before going home. Sergeant Thomas said that the alleged killer recalled that when she arrived home and told her sister goodnight, she refused to answer. The police witness added that Rutherford recalled giving half of a tablet to both of her children before ingesting the remaining two. Rutherford, Sergeant Thomas recounted, said that the children began vomiting and Sealey inquired from her what she had given them to

drink and she told her it was tablet for cold. Earlier on his testimony, the police witness recalled visiting Rutherford’s residence where he found what appeared to be vomit inside a chair in the living room. He said that he also found a creamish powderlike substance concealed in a plastic bag on a barrel in the bedroom which Rutherford and her children occupied. He added that a drinking glass was also found on the floor. According to the detective, on April 4, 2014, he and other police ranks accompanied Rutherford to the Plaisance bus park for her

to locate a man from whom she claimed she had purchase rat poison. He stated that he contacted several persons in the area but none of them were aware of anyone selling rat poison. The court was told by Sergeant Thomas that he saw two men in the area selling rat poison and inquired from them if they had sold any to Rutherford. The men, the Police Sergeant related, responded in the negative after which he escorted Rutherford back to the Beterverwagting Police Station where she was kept in custody before she was charged and taken to court on April 7, 2014. During the crossexamination by Thompson, Sergeant Thomas admitted that he is aware of Rutherford being hospitalised for about a week. He said that he is also aware that police ranks visited the hospital and interviewed the woman. Quizzed by Thompson as to whether it is normal practice for police to interview persons who are hospitalised, the detective responded in the affirmative and disclosed that when he saw Rutherford she “appeared fine.” This trial is continuing.


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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

Local Content must be free from political influence and corruption to be effective

The very point of a Local Content Policy is to ensure that the oil and gas sector of a nation significantly benefits native businesses and citizens. But in order for this desirable and attractive Policy to work, certain conditions must be present. In order for Local Content

to work, Attorney-at-law, Sanjeev Datadin, says that it must be free from political influence and corruption. He said, too, that there must be a watchdog body to ensure that the policy is enforced. The lawyer made these statements, among others, during an oil and gas seminar

- Requires watchdog body to enforce it – Lawyer that was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel last weekend. There, Datadin said that Local Content is desirable and attractive because it has the potential of facilitating the oil sector wealth to per-

meate through a nation. He said that this is mind blowing in its promise. He said, “The challenge with Local Content is that it requires a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework and then it must have watchdog body to enforce it. It must be free from political influence and corruption to be effective.” “It may create bottlenecks because of poor local capacity and may chase away potential investors. However, with the oil finds off the Guyana coast it is unlikely any operator would be scared off …Our potential is simply too large.” The Attorney-at-law said that Local Content has worked in Guyana before with Omai Gold Mines and Barama Company Limited to a lesser extent. Datadin stressed that the concept is not new to Guyana and with some wise choices; it may be the vehicle by which every sector benefits from the oil wealth. Datadin also cited several countries where Local Content Policy was able to provide extensive benefits due to a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework. In the case of Norway, the lawyer said that there exists a

combination of legislation, regulations and contract clauses. He noted that Norway created a compliance office by law and it enforces the Local Content Policy and law efficiently and speedily with imposition of penalties if necessary. Datadin said that the Policy there ensures Norwegian companies are chosen based on several factors, one of which includes prior use of local companies in licensing awards. The Guyana Bar Association Member said Norway had legislation that requires substantial monies to be spent on Research and Development and further requires that half of all that money be spent in Norway. Datadin asserted that Local Content in Trinidad and Tobago is supported by the nation’s Petroleum Act, its Regulations and their Production Sharing Agreements. Additionally, Datadin said that since 2004, a permanent Local Content Committee was created in Trinidad and Tobago for the specific purpose of developing policies, ensuring compliance and reporting back to the Energy Minister. The CARICOM Member said it has regulations, which

Attorney-at-Law, Sanjeev Datadin state that under ‘the general obligations of licensees’, foreign personnel can only be employed if local employees cannot be found after reasonable advertisement of the position in the country. It also mandates that salaries and benefits of foreign employees shall be the same as local employees of the same category. Further, Trinidad ensures through its regulations that operators are required to prepare training in the industrial and technical fields with the approval of the Minister.

Cops knew who killed Lindo ... (From page 3) some individual? Can you say who owned that concession?” Police Commissioner: “Investigators reported to me and subsequently to (then Top Cop) Henry Greene, that information from Forestry suggested that the concession is owned by one (former treason accused) Philip Bynoe.” Persaud said that they picked up Hicken at Kwakwani, and travelled to the right bank of Christmas Falls. The following day, Hicken led a team to the left bank of Christmas Falls, while Seelall Persaud and others remained on the right bank, which is separated by the Berbice River. “Shortly after, we heard a series of gunshots, including rapid fire which lasted for a while, the Top Cop testified. “Using the same boat, I crossed the river and observed a body of an individual who I later learned to be Otis Fifee, known as ‘Mud Up’, with what appeared to be gunshot injuries to his face.” He said that the ranks seized nine firearms and a quantity of ammunition. According to Commissioner

Persaud, Hicken later told him that they came under fire when approaching the camp. They had then returned fire. Asked if there was any sighting of ‘Fine Man,’ he said that Hicken also indicated that the fugitive was seen. He was informed that the gang had fled north over a bridge that spanned a creek. Looking at a map of the area, Persaud told the Commission that he saw Lindo River on the map. “It is north of Christmas Falls, so it would have been in the direction towards Lindo Creek (that the gang fled).” He agreed that the Berbice River separated the two areas. He conceded that no other boat was seen in the area. “After being briefed by Hicken, I called Commissioner Greene on his cell and reported what had transpired. He called back and instructed that I withdrew and indicated that the Joint Services will be deployed to the area (on June 6).” He insisted that no police ranks were in the Lindo Creek area after he returned to the city. He said that after learning of the Lindo Creek murders,

Commissioner Greene informed him that a team, led by the head of the OPR, and comprising ‘E’ & ‘F’ Divisional ranks, would investigate the matter. He also confirmed that the police had received information from the owner of the Lindo Creek mining concession, George Arokium, that Joint Services ranks had killed the miners. “Arokium went to the press and told them that it was members of the Joint Services that had killed his employees. As a result, I received instructions to join a team, headed then by then PM Sam Hinds.” The team went to a South Ruimveldt house and then to Tuschen, where they contacted Mr. Arokium and took statements from him. Commissioner Persaud said that the Army later sent out a statement regarding Arokium’s allegations. Commissioner Persaud told the Commission that the distance between Christmas Falls and Lindo Creek were “not far.” He conceded that the area was hilly, but said he had not gone to the area. The public hearings continue on Thursday.

Wednesday March 14, 2018


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Company bids $160.2M for Ministry of Health Learning Kits The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board open several bids yesterday, as is usually done on Tuesdays. The Ministry of Education, with the aim to strengthen the Nursery Programme in Guyana, is seeking persons for the Supply, Delivery and Sorting of Nursery Kits.

Repairs and Maintenance of the South Ruimveldt Primary School:

The Ministry of Education is also seeking to have repairs done on several schools in Georgetown. Repairs and Maintenance of the Bishops’ High School:

Ministry of Public Infrastructure is seeking consultancy service for Road Safety diagnostic and action plan for Guyana.

Repairs and Maintenance of the Dolphin Secondary School:

Guyana Power and Light (GPL): Demand Forensic Capacity.

Ministry of Public Health: Supply, delivery, and installation of radiology machines.

Ministry of Public Security: Procurement of steel Bunk Bed for the Guyana Prison Service. Repairs and Maintenance of the Carmel Secondary School:

Ministry of Public Security: Procurement of Equipment and Furniture for the Guyana Fire Service.

Repairs and Maintenance of the Richard Ishmael Secondary School:

Ministry of Public Security: Procurement of Equipment and Furniture.

>>>> Continued on page 31 <<<<


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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

Wednesday March 14 ,2018


Kaieteur News

20-plus large companies in same boat as Guyana Stores It appears that Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) is not the only company that will soon be coughing up billions of dollars in owed taxes. According to GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia, more than 20 large companies have taken note of the fact that the tax authority has been able to win more than $3B from GSL in taxes owed and as such, are looking to come forward for negotiations. The Commissioner General said, “Taxes belong to the State and if they are not paid, then there are various forms of redress you can seek. You can go straight and seize the property. The revenue authority has a first lead and is first in line to all the creditors… so you can go and seize property but you don’t want to do that.” “You would want to ensure that the business stays in place so it can pay the taxes. So seizure of property should be a last resort. It is better to have a negotiation as to settlement and a timeline for it. But don’t for-

get, in negotiations you want to see effort...” The Tax Chief added, “The problem with Guyana Stores is not an isolated one. There are many companies, which have found themselves in a similar position. Many of them would have been affected and I’d be writing to those companies. There are some large companies included in the lot.” Statia said that there are several companies in Guyana, which have sought to go to court instead of following the steps outlined in the law, as it relates to tax payments. He is elated that there appears to be a change of behaviour in this regard. THE GUYANA STORES MATTER The appeal of the Guyana Revenue Authority against GSL was before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) for some time now. The matter involved a constitutional challenge to the two percent minimum Corporation Tax under the Fiscal Enactments (Amendment) Acts. No. 16 of 1994 and 3 of 1996.

- Ruling paves the way for millions in revenues - Tax Chief The company had received a demand dated May 2012 from the Commissioner General of GRA for the sum of $3,811,346,397. GSL instituted proceedings in the courts of Guyana, and the matter was subsequently appealed to the CCJ after rulings in favour of GRA. The CCJ has ruled that the minimum Corporation Tax as enacted by the National Assembly was not a forced loan, as argued by the company. “The court has upheld the GRA’s submissions that the minimum corporation tax is constitutionally valid. The CCJ also ruled that the company should not be permitted to invoke the constitutional jurisdiction of the courts by arguing that an alleged misapplication of a law is unconstitutional. The CCJ stated that the Income Tax Act provides a specialised procedure for challenging assessments and

Company bids $160.2M for... >>>> From page 11 <<<< Guyana Defence Force: Procurement of greenheart timber; hot mix asphaltic concrete; crush run; ½ ‘aggregate stone; machine made concrete cement pavement blocks

Guyana Defence Force: Procurement of Stationery, Janitorial, party and ink supplies.

Guyana Defence Force: Procurement of Medical consumables and device, dental, laboratory and X-ray supplies.

the company ought to have utilised that procedure.” GRA, in a statement, said that the decision is a victory for the authorities as many taxpayers attempt to avoid the specialised procedure under the Act in order to delay and evade the payment of tax. GRA was represented by attorneys-at-law, Ronald Burch-Smith, Mark Waldron and Keoma Griffith. Kim Kyte-Thomas, Oneka Archer-Caulder and Judy Stuart-Adonis represented the Attorney General of Guyana. Attorney-at-law Stephen Fraser appeared for GSL.

GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia

AG granted extension to file... (From page 9) the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and Section 38 (i) of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, Chapter 73:02, Laws of Guyana and is accordingly, unconstitutional, unlawful and illegal. Nandlall also wants an

order directing the Minister of Finance to “forthwith” transfer and deposit into the Consolidated Fund, the said US$18M. The grounds of the application are that Nandlall is the former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs and that he is a Member of Parlia-

ment. This is second court action filed over the $18 M signing bonus the S t a t e a c quired as a result of its dealing with the international oil giant. Previous efforts were made by Transparency Initiative Guyana Inc. (TIGI).

Canadian diplomat accused in interfering in Barbados internal affairs BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – A senior government minister has accused the Canada’s High Commissioner to Barbados Marie Legault, of interfering in the internal affairs of the island and that she should be asked to leave immediately. Education Minister Ronald Jones told a meeting of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) attended by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart over the weekend that the Canadian diplomat and others should refrain from getting involved in the country’s domestic affairs. Jones told supporters that while he liked Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “I ain’t going up there and tell anybody to vote for he”. Political observers said the comment was directed at Leqault even though he did not name the Canadian diplomat and was also in apparent reference to Legault’s direct challenge to political commentator Maureen Holder over the readiness of Barbados for a female Prime Minister.Holder, regarded as a supporter of the ruling party, has called for a national debate on whether the country was “seriously ready for a female Prime Minister”. But as she addressed a function here last week, the Canadian diplomat said the Caribbean had already produced four female heads of

government and five heads of state, including the current Governor General, Dame Sandra Mason, and there was room for more females in top positions. “Given the history, I have to say that I was taken aback when in January I saw political analyst Maureen Holder asking if Barbados was ready for a female Prime Minister and advocating for a national debate on it. I think every country is ready for a male or female prime minister. Gender does not have an impact,” Legault said, referring to progress made here and the Caribbean on women in politics.But she also noted that women’s participation continued to be limited. “In terms of women’s participation in politics, Grenada has led the way with 33 per cent women in parliament and Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago at 31 per cent. On the opposite side of the spectrum, currently Belize only counts with 9.4 per cent women in parliament, and St Kitts, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines, between 11 and 13 per cent. “In terms of Cabinet, Grenada, Dominica and St Lucia account for 27 to 36 per cent, while Antigua, Barbados and St Kitts have seven to 11 per cent and St Vincent has no women at all in their Cabinet,” she said. But Jones in his fiery ad-

dress to supporters said that diplomats residing here should respect the sovereignty of Barbados and refrain from demonstrating any particular leanings that could influence the political process. “To think that you can come into my country and because you want to cuddle and cunoodle, you want to have nostrils clean or clear, you say to the people of Barbados to vote for that person. How dare you? You should be asked to leave or your government should tell you to come home because ‘you have interfered in the domestic political affairs of Barbados.“Pack your georgie bundles and go,” Jones said, suggesting also that “there is a wicked and deliberate attempt by one or two forces in Barbados who have the honour representing their country on sovereign soil in Barbados” to interfere in the country’s political process .But he made it clear that “Barbados belongs to Barbadians and those we welcome to our shores. “But I become seriously offended when somehow your garters pop, everything expose and in a demonstration of your proclivities and because you are functioning with some knowledge that I don’t have, you decide to make certain utterances,” Jones said.


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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

President re-affirms leave for embattled Chief Justice

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley

President Anthony Carmona

Chief Justice Ivor Archie

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says he is studying a response by President Anthony Carmona “reaffirming his decision” to grant sabbatical leave to the embattled Chief Justice Ivor Archie. Archie was due to leave here for the United States last weekend, but deferred his departure after then acting head of state, Christine Kangaloo, last Friday said she had been able to convince him not to leave the island after the government raised questions about the matter. In a brief statement, Kangaloo said that she had been “in communication with the Honourable Chief Justice and invited the Honourable Chief Justice to consider deferring a departure from the jurisdiction prior to the return of His Excellency Anthony Carmona to the country on Sunday . The Honourable Chief Justice has agreed to defer such departure”. But in a brief statement yesterday, the Office of the Prime Minister said that in response to the March 7th letter requesting “an explanation of the authority by which the President has purportedly

granted sabbatical leave to the Chief Justice…the President has responded reaffirming his decision”. The statement said that Rowley will be “examining the situation and will report to the country in short order”. Last week, the Minister in the Ministry of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young, told reporters that Prime Minister Dr. Rowley had written to the Office of the President seeking clarification on the matter “since that (sabbatical) term doesn’t exist for judicial officers in the Salaries Review Commission’s 98th report”. Young said that the matter had been raised during the Cabinet meeting last Thursday but noted that Prime Minister Rowley had only become involved in the issue when he received communication from President Carmona, dated March 2, which sought – under the consultative process – appointment of an acting Chief Justice. The letter, which he said was received on March 6, asked whether the prime minister had any objection to appointing Justice of Appeal Allan Mendonca to act as Chief Justice while Archie went on sabbatical. Young said Rowley subsequently wrote the President

last Wednesday querying the basis for Archie’s sabbatical. He said Carmona’s letter suggested the SRC’s 98th report had a term for judicial officers to go on sabbatical leave. But he said the SRC makes recommendations which are laid in Parliament and can be rejected, modified or amended by Cabinet. He said Rowley had immediately consulted the SRC’s 98th report, “but the report didn’t have it (sabbatical) as a recommendation for judicial officers” even as he acknowledged that the S R C h a d “something to the effect” and had been suggested to the commission, which thought it was a good idea in principle that sabbatical be added to judicial officers’ terms. “It wasn’t put forward by the SRC as a recommendation to be laid in Parliament and Cabinet deliberation,” Young said. “So the prime minister asked President Carmona where did the issue of sabbatical arise and why was he being called about the consultative process to appoint an acting CJ, as there’s no basis upon which to have the sabbatical leave. There’s no such term.”

Jamaica intends to continue to build on strong ties with US — Johnson Smith KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade said it has taken note of recent changes announced within the administration of the United States of America, after President Donald Trump yesterday morning announced that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has been sacked.Tillerson is to be replaced by CIA director Mike Pompeo.Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith wished Tilllerson “all the very best and thank him for the frank and wide-ranging discussions we held here in Kingston. We look forward to meeting Mr Mike Pompeo, the new Secretary of State in due course and wish him the very best as well.” The minister continued, “Jamaica and the United States of America have always had strong ties of cooperation, trade and friendship, and we intend to continue to build on same.” (Jamaica Observer)

Kamina Johnson Smith

Wednesday March 14 ,2018

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Lawsuit filed against US government SAN FRANCISCO CMC – Fourteen people, including five children, have filed a lawsuit here seeking to get the United States government to reinstate temporary protected status (TPS) for people from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan. The latest lawsuit alleges that the decision to end the programme was motivated by racism and cites President Donald Trump’s vulgar language during a meeting in January to describe African countries.The lawsuit names the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a defendant.More than 200,000 immigrants could face deportation because of the change in the programme that allowed immigrants from the four countries live and work legally in the United States.The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California and other immigrant advocates argue that more than 200,000 American children who risk being uprooted from their communities and schools as a result of the change in policy. TPS had been granted to countries ravaged by natural disasters or war. In the case of Haiti, citizens were allowed

to enter the US following the 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people in the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country.Last November, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Elaine Duke said she made the decision to terminate the TPS designation for Haitians, with a delayed effective date of 18 months, “to allow for an orderly transition before the designation terminates on July 22, 2019”. Duke said the decision follows then-Secretary John Kelly’s announcement in May 2017 that Haiti had made

“considerable progress, and that the country’s designation will likely not be extended past six months”. “The decision to terminate TPS for Haiti was made after a review of the conditions upon which the country’s original designation were based and whether those extraordinary but temporary conditions prevented Haiti from adequately handling the return of their nationals, as required by statute,” Duke said.The NAACP has also filed a separate lawsuit in Maryland on behalf of Haitian immigrants, who received TPS.

BRUSSELS - CMC – The European Union yesterday named the Bahamas as a tax haven with the Hubert Minnis government saying that it had done so ‘without discussion”. Finance Minister K. Peter Turnquest and the Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigra-

tion, Brent Symonette travelled to Brussels ahead of yesterday’s meeting of the European Council of Finance Ministers “in an effort to engage the Code of Conduct Group and the EU Council directly”.A government statement issues in Nassau noted that the Bahamas had taken note of the comments

included in the EU statement “indicating a lack of commitment at the highest political levels; which is regrettable. “The Bahamas government through the Ministry of Finance has consistently been engaged with the EU’s Code of Conduct Group and has responded to its requests.

EU lists Bahamas, St. Kitts-Ne vis as tax ha vens Kitts-Nevis hav



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Wednesday March 14 ,2018

Wednesday March 14, 2018

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Manniram’s brilliance sets up easy victory for... From page 41 stroked a well composed 48 (4x4), Rohit Latchman 23 (1x4)(1x6), while Kayman Latchman made 22 (2x4)(1x6). Bowling for Masters, Gurdeen snared 3-36, R. Bishop 2-26 and B. Seepersaud 2-21. At the Imam Bacchus Cricket Ground in game one, Bacchus Sport Club defeated Golden Fleece in a last over thriller. Golden Fleece batted first and posted 98-7 in a game which was reduced to 15 overs. P. Singh snared 214. In reply, the home team reached their target in the final over. Neelan Codogan made 23. In game two, Jaguars overcame Hibernia Sport club by 76 runs. Batting first, Jaguars made 175 with Feizal Mohamed strok-

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Kaieteur News

ing 65 and Javid Ally 54. Hibernia in reply could only muster 99 all out with R. Serran putting up a fight with 31. Matthew Pellew claimed 2-12 for the Jaguars. Over at the Reliance Cricket Ground, Young Wa r r i o r s s e n t R e l i a n c e Hustlers packing by 7 wickets in game one. In the afternoon fixture, Crown 11 got the better of Reliance Masters. The competition continues this weekend with Aurora Knightriders squaring off with Invader Masters at the majestic Imam Bacchus Ground, while at the Reliance Cricket Ground, Young Achievers will face Jaguars and Cotton Field will come up against Jaguars Over-40.

Vurlon Mills Appointed Technical Development Officer Georgetown: The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has appointed senior national player, Vurlon Mills, as Technical Development Officer (TDO) assigned to the GFFScotiabank Academy Training Centre (ATC).This appointment will make him responsible for ensuring the national playing philosophy is instilled in the players of the Georgetown ATC. Technical Director of the GFF, Ian Greenwood, said Mills’ appointment is part of the technical development strategy of the GFF: “Engaging current and former national team players is a key component in our coach development and recruitment drive. Their understanding of regional and international football combined with GFF

Technical Department training make them ideal candidates to deliver at the nationwide Academy Training Centres. Not all players have the ability to transition from player to educator but Vurlon certainly has those attributes. He has the temperament and enthusiasm to inspire a new generation of players from grassroots to senior football on the GFF player pathway. We feel he is a great addition to our ever growing bank of licensed and qualified coaches.” In an invited interview, the attacking midfielder said he is happy to contribute to the development of the skills of the young players: “It is an honour to serve as the Technical Development Officer assigned to the Georgetown GFF-Scotiabank ATC. There are very talented players around and I believe with the right technical guidance, they

Ian Greenwood welcomes newlyappointed TDO Vurlon Mills (left). will realize their potential. I have skills, which are transferable and can help them in their development and ultimate selection to the national squad. That makes me excited to serve, knowing that I’ll make a long-term difference to their life.”

The ATCs are a pathway to national team selection where players learn the necessary skills and attributes by certified coaches assigned. Sessions are conducted on a weekly basis in the nine Regional Member Associations (RMAs).

Patentia, Mae’s ... From page 42 made 34 and Alicia Davidson 18. Crystal Melville had 1-24 off two overs. Camille’s Institute posted 147 without loss in their semifinal game against Patentia Secondary. Bibi Sofeena Rahim scored 79 (11x6s) and A. Davidson 48. Patentia Secondary were restricted to 1191 in response. Quedada Freaser made 56, Sasha Lokram 20 and Kenoino Martin 16. In the second semi-final Mae’s Secondary posted 1551. Afruica Gentle slammed 96 not out (14x6s) and Crystal Melville 28. Cummings Lodge Secondary made 129-1 in reply. Staysha Reece got 62 and Sarah Amin 38. Other awards went to highest opening partnership Jos-El Educational Institute 198 between Joel Gilkes and Denzel Forte. Best Uniformed team Kuru Kuru College, best bowling figure in an over Joel Gilkes, Sprit of the Game East Ruimveldt Secondary also each umpires received a medal. This years’ programme organised by Alistair Munroe attracted 40 schools, 78 teams more than Eleven Hundred (1100) participants, and also had the Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary School playing two exhibition games verses La’ Grange Secondary girls and Sophia Special School boys. Meanwhile the organisers would like to thank all the schools, teachers and parents for their support in making this year’s programme successful.

Wednesday March 14, 2018 Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 19 Your energy will light up any room you enter today, Aries. Feel free to take advantage of this incredible magnetism by initiating and encouraging others to join you . Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20 Optimism and enthusiasm for the months ahead have you feeling confident and strong. The sky's the limit! A male visitor could have some surprising news for you. Gemini: May 21 - Jun 20 Some interesting information could come to you from another state or country, Gemini. This could induce some pretty deep thinking, leading to decisions that could alter the course of your life in some way.

Libra: Sep 23 - Oct 22 Other people are the most important aspect of your day today, Libra. You'll find that things might get a bit difficult and unruly alone Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21 Don't be a pushover today, Scorpio. This is your time to lead. At least get your opinion out in the open and let it be known to the people around you. Sagit: Nov 22 - Dec 21 You have a great deal of power at your disposal today, Sagittarius. You should keep in mind that just about anything you wish for will come true. Don't waste words or actions.

Cancer: Jun 21 - Jul 22 You should wake up feeling strong and confident, Cancer. Expect to receive some good news today, which will only heighten your mood.

Capri: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Be careful of getting into fights today, Capricorn. However, if a squabble or altercation of some sort seems inevitable, don't shrink away and hide. It's important that you face the source of the attack

Leo: Jul 23 - Aug 22 Other people are the most important aspect of your day today, Libra. You'll find that things might get a bit difficult and unruly alone

Aquar.: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Issues regarding freedom are apt to come up today in more ways than one, Aquarius. These issues could be connected with opportunities for adventure and travel.

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sep 22 You may feel anxious today, even more so than usual, Virgo. Your nerves may be quite jittery, and there's a feeling that you may not be on exactly the right track.

Pisces: Feb 19 - Mar 20 There is a great deal of startup energy working for you today, Pisces. You may feel as if you're walking on hot coals. This isn't a good day to sit on the couch watching TV.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Devers encourages former players to assist in Berbice former Berbice team mate and cricket Guyana Youth Selector Julian Moore, who I played with at Former National U-19 and Berbice Inter-County offspinner Sean Devers is encouraging other former Berbice players to contribute to cricket in his adopted County. Devers, who represented Demerara at youth level and both Demerara and Berbice in senior cricket, on Sunday last made a donation of a pair of pads and gloves to 14-yearold Berbice U-15 batsman Chandra Saffie. Saffie, who lives in Blairmount on the West Bank of Berbice, is a right-handed batsman and has been selected in the 20-man National U-15 squad preparing for next month’s Regional U-15 tournament in Jamaica. “I have had the honour to represent Berbice by virtue of playing for Bermine and I wanted to make a contribution to Berbice cricket by donating cricket gear to a young player who had talent and could not afford to buy gear,” said Devers. “I asked the Berbice U-17 Coach Andre Percival, my

Bermine, to help me find someone. I saw Saffie batting during his top score against Demerara on Sunday and I was told that he fitted my criteria.” With this new board there is an injection of life in cricket in Berbice with many sponsors coming on board including former We s t I n d i e s C a p t a i n Ramnaresh Sarwan. Berbice has the most competitions in Guyana and while new President Hilbert Forster is fantastic in getting funding for cricket competitions, there are many young players with plenty of talent but with little means of sustaining their cricket careers financially. That is an area Devers feels needs urgent attention or else a lot of talent will go to waste. Devers said that he knew that his former Bermine and Berbice team mate Luke Latiff, who now lives in Trinidad, has plans to help with uniforms and gear for Bermine, while Anil Beharry,


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Paradise SC and Ogle SC advance to semi-finals The quarter-finals of the Enmore C.C.C.C/ D and E Tent Rental sponsored cricket competition commenced last Sunday with two matches at the Enmore Community Centre ground. Ogle CC defeated Better Hope CC by 13 runs, whilst Paradise SC got the better of Golden Achievers SC by five wickets. In game one, Ogle CC posted 85-5 wkts in 10 overs, with Andre Gomes hitting an unbeaten 34 and Khemraj Dindyal 25. Better Hope CC replied with 72 for 7 from nine overs before failing to provide any more eligible bats-

Former Berbice off-spinner Sean Devers present pads and gloves to Berbice U-15 batsman Chandra Saffie after his top score for the Nat U-15s at Bourda. a former BCB President who he played with, plans to

provide some gear to the Rose Hall Canje players.

men in the final over of the game. This resulted in Ogle CC winning by 13 runs. In game two, Golden achievers amassed 74 for 6 wkts with A. Samad hitting 25 not out, whilst Akeem Andrews took 2-16 for Paradise SC. Garfield Douglas then led Paradise SC (76 for 5) to victory from the final delivery with an unbeaten 44. Meanwhile, the next quarter-final games will be played this Sunday at Enmore Community Centre with Enmore CCCC facing Lusignan CC at 10:30 hrs and Enterprise SC doing battle against LBI CC at 14:00 hrs.


Wednesday March 14, 2018

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GFF/Pele Alumini Frank Watson U-15 League â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Berbice

Corriverton, NA United, Arsenal, Cougars and Monedderlust earn full points The top four teams in the Berbice Football Association leg of the GFF/Pele Alumini Frank Watson U-15 Intra Association League are all locked on 9 points each but separated on goal difference and are the only unbeaten sides.When play continued last weekend in the Ancient County, Corriverton Links sealed full points without kicking a ball as their scheduled opponent, Young Strikers did not turn up for their Saturday engagement which was scheduled for the

Scottsburg Ground. In the first of three matches at the Esplanade Park on Sunday, New Amsterdam United needled Hearts of Oak thanks to a 48th minute goal off the boot of Orin Glen. Rosignol United forfeited their match to Arsenal as it was discovered by the BFA that the former defaulted in their registration which gifted Arsenal three points, their first of the league.Cougars then took centre stage and drubbed East Bank Gunners 8-0, thanks to a second

half hat-trick by Tyrese Tim (40, 42, 46), while there was one each for Gary Nurse (8), Collis McAlmont (18), Keron Hamilton (26), Simeon Jones (54) and Jorden Layne in the 60th minute to seal the big win. Over at the #5 Ground on the West Coast of Berbice, home team Monedderlust managed a 1-0 win over Hopetown United Rangers, crafting the win was Shamour Johnson who netted in the 65th minute of an intriguing encounter.

Cougarsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tyrese Tim (2nd left) along with the other goal scorers following their 8-0 win over East Bank Gunners. Team Orealla Falcons N A United Cougars Corriverton Links Monedderlust Hearts of Oak Young Strikers Rosignol United Arsenal Hopetown United East Bank Gunners

P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 2 2 2

Latest Points Standing W D L 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 2

GF 20 11 15 9 9 1 0 0 0 0 0

GA 0 0 0 0 1 5 6 5 9 13 17

GD +20 +11 +15 +9 +8 -4 -6 -5 -9 -13 -17

Pts 9 9 9 9 6 3 0 0 0 0 0

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Nathoo stuns Drayton in Sasha Cells National Chess Championship The Sasha Cells National Senior and Junior Chess championship got underway last weekend with a major upset highlighting the first three rounds of action at the Windjammer Hotel, Kitty. In the senior category, Loris Nathoo pulled off a major heist, toppling one of the favourites,Candidate Master Anthony Drayton, in their head-to-head showdown. Drayton has a FIDE ranking of 1945, the second highest by a Guyanese behind Wendell Meusa’s 1967. Based on those numbers, Drayton entered the clash with Nathoo as overwhelming favourite. However, Nathoo, with a FIDE ranking of 1669, took matters into his own hands and dropped Drayton, whose tournament has not been going according to plan thus far. Drayton was held to a draw against Meusa, and has

recorded his only win after three rounds against Glenford Corlette in the opening round. After three rounds, former champion Taffin Khan is leading the points standing with 2.5 points, earned from two wins and a draw. Meusa, Nathoo and Ronuel Greenidge are stacked on two points apiece, followed by Drayton on 1.5. Saeed Anwar Ali has a solitary point, while Corlette and Maria Varona Thomas occupy the cellar position with half a point each. The junior tournament is sizing up to be a very competitive showdown for the title with two players locked at the top of the table. Table-toppers Joshua Gopaul and Ghansham Allijohn have so far accumulated 2.5 points each, with two wins apiece and their head-to-head clash producing a draw in round three. Jaden Taylor, Roshawn

Washington and Ethan Lee are in a battle on two points each, while Nellisha Johnson has one point thus far. Dwayne Bess and Sasha Shariff are languishing at the bottom of the table, both yet to score. The competition will wrap up this weekend with action in both categories at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown. Guyana Chess Federation executive member, Irshad Mohamed, said another intense two days of chess rivalry is anticipated as the battle for the prestigious titles of Junior and Senior chess champions of Guyana for 2018 continues. Mohamed also noted that should there be a tie at the top of the table, a tie-breaker with the players in question would be held on Monday (March 19).

‘Screw’ Richmond Linden Schools U-18 Football at Wisburg Ground

LFS face NSS, LTI clash with MHS today This year ’s Edward ‘Screw’ Richmond Memorial Linden Secondary Schools Under-18 football championship will finally kick-off this afternoon with two matches following a brief ceremony at the Wisburg Secondary School Ground. Organising Secretary of the Linden Chapter of the Edward ‘Screw ‘Richmond Foundation, Kevin DeYounge said that the two games to start the championship will be preceded by brief talks on the history of the tournament, the person whose name is being honoured with the

tournament and remarks from officials from the Education Ministry here in Upper Demerara/ Upper Berbice and the Upper Demerara Football Association. According to DeYounge the rules for this year’s championship includes the ‘sin bin’ factor where a player who gets a yellow card will have to sit out for seven minutes of the 70 minutes game duration. If more than seven minutes remains then that player will be allowed to return but should the player getting a yellow card with less than seven minutes left then he automatically will miss the remainder of the game. Compton London, a


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member of the ‘Screw’ Richmond Memorial Foundation in New York, who grew up watching ‘Screw’ Richmond excelling in several sports and become Linden’s first ever senior national player will give his views on Richmond who is rated as among the best all round sportsmen ever from the Mining Town of Linden. The first game will kick off at 14.45 hrs but the brief ceremony is at 14.00hrs. The first game will feature Linden Foundation Secondary against New Silvercity and the second at 16.15 hrs is between Mackenzie High School and Linden Technical Institute.

GABA 1st, 2nd and Open Divisions knockout tournament 2018

Plaisance Guardians undefeated, Eagles wings broken The Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) knockout tournament involving 1st, 2nd and Under-23 teams continued on Monday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) with two more matches in the second week of play. The matches were contested in the Under-23 and Open divisions and Eagles Basketball Club both featured in and lost. After already being knocked out in the second division last week, a tougher fight was expected from the club that lost to Plaisance Guardians 76-68 in the Under-23 and 64-60 in the Open division.

In the youth game began at 19:00hrs, Eagles led the game throughout the first three quarters but a final quarter blitz by the Guardians saw them being outplayed 23-16, squandering a good opportunity in the process. Terrence Daniels was the backbone of Guardians’ win, netting a game high 25 points, being assisted with eight points from Anton Fileen. Meanwhile, Shamar Huntley (19 points) and Patrice Agrippa (14 points) turned in good performances for the losers.Plaisance Guardians are now undefeated in all three divisions. In the Open game, it was a similar fourth quarter blow-

out that accounted for Eagles who led the game throughout the first three quarters eventually losing to Nets. Travis Belgrave returned for Eagles after serving a half year ban and the prodigy scored a game high 15 points that wasn’t enough to prevent Eagles Basketball Club from being knocked out in all three divisions of the annual GABA tournament as Nets outscored them 21-13 in the final quarter.The tournament continues throughout the week from Monday to Thursday with two matches at the same CASH venue each night from 19:00hrs. (Calvin Chapman)


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‘March Madness’ Malta Supreme Basketball continues in Linden tonight Raiders tackle Falcons, Flames face Jets The Malta Supreme ‘March Madness’ Open basketball championship organized by the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) continues this evening with two more matches at the Mackenzie Sports club hard court. In action will be losers in the opening game Retrieve Raiders against Bankers Trust Falcons at 18:30hrs, while the other game on

the night is between Block 22 Flames and Amelia’s Ward Jets. Raiders suffered a heavy loss to Victory Valley Royals in that first game in their group play 83-58 as Harold Adams led them with a game high 24 points, while Yannick Tappin netted 20 and Daniel Lee 14. For the Raiders, Coel Winter had 20 points and Shamar Anderson six for the losers.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

‘Superman’ Lewis and Keeve Allicock qualify for CAC Games Guyanese amateur standout boxers Colin ‘Superman’ Lewis and Keeve Allicock who are in Tijuana, Mexico competing in the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) games qualifiers have made it to the semi-final stage of that competition which has guaranteed the duo qualification for the Barranquilla, Colombia games this July-August. In the quarter-finals Lewis dispatched Carlos Tobar of Guatemala, while Allicock rolled over Leonel Gutierrez of Panama. According to a correspondence from the head of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle, the fighters are confident of winning their respective matches, which will guarantee them a medal from the competition. The pair of fighters along with Coach Terrence Poole are delighted to have qualified for the CAC and they will be looking to continue their impressive form of recent and will look to take things a notch higher and overcome sterner competition than in the Caribbean. Colin Lewis will come against Eduardo Sanchez of Costa Rica today while Keeve Allicock will box Robeisy Ramirez of Cuba, tomorrow in the semis.

Colin Lewis with the Golden Arrowhead after his victory at the CAC Qualifying tourney in Mexico.

Keeve Allicock proudly displays the Golden Arrowhead after his victory at the CAC Qualifying tourney in Mexico.

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