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BLACK PANTHER – A UNIQUE MOVIE For centuries, the images associated with the representation of blacks have varied from specific periods of history. During the transatlantic slave trade which lasted from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century, blacks were viewed as sub-human beings with no rights and as property who could be bought and sold. This representation complemented the white European slave trade narrative and its accompanying establishments of plantations and chattel slavery. In this period, white Europeans up-rooted blacks from their accustomed environment in far-off Africa bound in chains and brought to work on plantations in the Caribbean, Canada, Latin and South America and in the United States as slaves. The work assignment of blacks depended on their gender. Men were portrayed as strong muscular creatures that needed to be tamed and civilized through flogging and beatings and by working long hours on plantations. Certain women were deemed to have little use other than to procreate or tend to the needs of their white slave masters and their families. The enslaved blacks were portrayed as a mix of joyful labourers and lazy, or laissez-faire characters who had to be regimented to work on the plantations. The depiction of blacks as savage creatures had its origins in the slave trade and centuries of political thought that produced the 1789 French Declaration of the Rights of Men and of the Citizen, and the American Declaration of Independence of 1776, which declared all men as having certain “inalienable rights. But this did little to adjust or change the lot of the enslaved blacks who were neither seen as human, nor men, nor citizen, but were continuously viewed as beasts. This trait of blacks spawned centuries of racism and the acts of atrocities that visited upon them. The film Black Panther is an answered prayer, a landmark adventure for people of colour who have longed to see a superhero who looks like them. Black Panther, though fictional has shown that the blacks can function positively on multiple platforms. The film smashed box office records with ticket sales over US$1 billion. It has shown Hollywood that a largely black cast and a black director can produce a movie that could attract large audiences to cinemas. It has ignited the imagination of people, mostly blacks, all over the world, who crave a positive and exciting portrayal of people from Africa and of the continent itself. It also countered the narrative of a backward and savage Africa. There has never been a black superhero since the dawn of the modern appearances of superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. Black Panther has produced one. Without getting into the details, the movie is already being hailed as an astonishing installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with top-of-theline performances and stunning action sequences. It is a truly special cinematic experience, and here is why. Every performer in Black Panther is a college-trained experienced writer and/or director with theatre resumes. One reason for its stunning success at the box office is because the ethos of Black Panther goes beyond super heroics and offers a deeper meaning. The characters have made the connection with Africa which many African-Americans and blacks elsewhere could not do. “Wakanda” which is the fictional East African country is the home to the Black Panther. It represents the unbroken chain of achievement of black excellence that was never interrupted by colonialism. And the Haitian-American Narcisse described the pride of Haiti’s declaration of independence from France in his portrayal of the Wakandans’ pride in their homeland.Black Panther is a truly unique movie. In a politically charged environment where President Trump has disparaged people from Haiti and Africa, Black Panther has made blacks proud and provides the opportunity for them to see a black superhero who is smart and noble. Granted, it is fiction, but superheroes have always had an aspirational aspect to them.

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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Mr.President, political old talk will not work on the ExxonMobil contract DEAR PRESIDENT GRANGER, You continue neglecting my calls for decisive action on the oil contract, but because I love my country, I will not let you hide. During many years as a top soldier, you learned that “political old talk” does absolutely nothing to solve our problems. You, Sir, to your credit, detest the habit, or at least you used to. In Chapter 9 (Guyana’s Gangs), of your fine book, “Public Security”, on page 64, you said: “If the police want their crime fighting strategy to have any credibility, they have an obligation to be objective and to base their plans on a sound evidential foundation rather than political old talk”. Well Mr. President, your government now has to heed

your advice, and stop bluffing Guyanese with “political old talk”. We messed up badly on the ExxonMobil contract, Guyana is mortally wounded as a result, and political old talk will simply not do. Minister Harmon is of the view that the contract with ExxonMobil is “final”! Oh the brutish, ridiculous arrogance of that man! How reminiscent of Lord Bharrat Jagdeo. When even ExxonMobil itself may be expecting you, Mr. President, to soon make a firm announcement about the need to revisit an illegal contract that has been so widely rejected by all Guyanese, Minister Harmon arrogantly says that the contract is “final”! Is he your boss, Mr. President? Instead of doing a little research and seeking

to provide intelligent responses on this utterly shameful issue, Harmon chooses political old talk. Take a minute, Mr. President, and ask Minister Harmon to give you just one reason why the contract is legal. If he can’t respond intelligently in 30 seconds, fire him! Minister Greenidge has said publicly that all Guyanese who criticize the contract are mindless “jokers”. Even ExxonMobil is amazed; or are they? Is there a perfectly rational motive that Minister Greenidge may have that we are ignorant of? Time is the great detective. Here again, Mr. President, is no less than your Minister of Foreign Affairs, choosing political old talk over more appropriate behavior, on such a crucial matter for our people. And of course Minister

Raphael Trotman is on record as saying that Guyana got quite a good deal with ExxonMobil. He knows better than all the international oil experts who are saying that Guyana got absolute garbage and wasted uric acid in that Contract! Instead of taking responsibility for his blunders as the subject Minister, he went down the road of political old talk, describing that cesspool of a deal as a good deal. Minister Basil Williams is also guilty of this same silly political old talk. I guess they have not read your book, Mr. President, to know your philosophical and ideological attitude towards political old talk? And to add insult to injury, Mr. President, your Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, recently took the (Continued on page 5)

Needed; guidelines for reporting abuse DEAR EDITOR, On his Facebook page of March 9, Malcolm Harripaul made the following post at 7:06PM; “WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? on seeing a big man fondle a young lady’s breast. One of Puran Bros trucks was turning into Bella Dam from the public road. There was a girl crossing the bridge. The driver forced her to the edge. She had to stop. He leaned out of the truck and fondled her breasts as he passed. I saw this sexual assault. The driver is also a

Puran employee known as “Blackboy” and he lives in Bella Dam. “I remonstrated with him. And off course coming from a Billionaire family he issued threats to me. I really felt like pulling him out and administering the 100 lashes that he deserves.” Like Malcolm, many Guyanese witness such abuse and harassment but are at a loss as to what should be done. And not many would confront the abuser as Malcolm did for fear of being subjected to the similar threats or worse. So what

should be done? One suggestion is that the witness should take a photo or better yet a video of the incident and then report to the police with photo/video as evidence. But what if that person is fearful of the perpetrator and/or if the police do not take him/her seriously? After all, this does happen often enough. Perhaps such individuals can go to the media instead? But, can a witness be charged by the police for not going first to them? So The Caribbean Voice strongly urges the relevant

ministry and government agencies to publicize guidelines for the public as to what actions victims and witnesses should take in situations like this. Meanwhile Malcolm should be commended for bringing this incident to the public notice. We hope others will follow his example. As well we hope the police can act on this info so the victim can get justice and the perpetrator reaps the consequences of the law for his abhorrent action. Sincerely The Caribbean Voice

DEAR EDITOR, Since May, 2017, when the Minister of Finance, reported that only 20% of the country’s ‘Public Sector Improvement Programme’ (PSIP) had been completed, I started to do an analysis, though not as in-depth as I would have liked to, of what might be some of the fundamental problems for this lower than expected delivery. Here is a part of that analysis. At the recently held ‘Public Policy Analysis Management Training Programme’ for Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Budget Agencies, Regional Executive Officers, and other senior public servants; the Minister of State, in his Address noted that ‘Ministers of the Government lay out policies’ and the senior public servants ‘as decision-makers and technicians’, are responsible for administration. The Minister further noted that these persons, ‘plan, design, analyse and

execute the projects and programmes identified within the various Government departments and Ministries’. The Director of the Project Cycle Management in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Tarachand Balgobin, pointed out that core concepts which are emphasized in project and programme implementation are: proper public procurement; progress monitoring and variance analysis. He further noted that ‘public policy analysis is designed to teach government officials and public servants to read critically; think analytically and write concisely in all sectors’ The training was being done through a collaboration between the Ministry of Finance and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and some 2000 officials across the Caribbean are also being trained with 200 coming from Guyana. I gather that other Caribbean countries are experiencing similar challenges as

Guyana with implementation. Additionally, the CDB has recruited a training company out of the United Kingdom and the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) based within the University of Wolverhampton to assist with training in public policy

analysis management. The training programme is geared towards building a cadre of professionals who are efficient in sound public policy analysis and the planning and execution of strategies and projects. The Government has also (Continue on page 6)

Making the Public Sector Fit-for-Purpose

Slackness at Fisheries Department DEAR EDITORS, Guyana will no longer be able to export hassar, gillbacker, and cuirass to the U.S. These fish are a significant part of the export basket of fishing products to the US. This loss will add to the ever shrinking foreign reserve earnings of the country and to unemployment in the fishing industry. Guyana was given 18 months to revamp its regulations and inspection manual to confirm to the new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements. This grace period ended on September 1, 2017. The Guyana Department of Fisheries was unable to comply so the Guyana economy will now take another blow. Chief Fisheries Officer, Denzil Roberts, was very evasive about the reasons for the non-compliance but I suspect that the Ministry of Fisheries was asleep at the wheel. In other jurisdictions, heads would roll. Mohabir Ramjeesingh


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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Parkland Shooting—Gun Debate vs Racial Fate DEAR EDITOR, The reaction to the students of Stoneman Douglas High has revealed the truth about how the trauma of certain groups are perceived and received. Emanating from the February 14, tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has been a group of tenacious teenagers who are determined that schools in America will continue to be places of learning and not be converted into killing fields. Prior to the carnage that left 17 people dead, an incident which will undoubtedly haunt the American psyche for years, shooter Nikolas Cruz was yelling to the entire world his intentions to shoot up a school. In addition, the FBI was also contacted by an unidentified caller and supplied with pertinent information regarding Cruz’s gun ownership, erratic behaviour and disconcerting social media posts. Such

information to the intelligence driven and security service of the United States should have been evaluated as a “potential threat to life”. Sadly, the Bureau neglected to follow established protocols regarding following up on the tip. The head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, later apologized for failing to act on the tip received. By now many people have noticed the difference in reaction between that of the Parkland students and that of when Black lives are lost. The support system is so unequal, although there is a general dislike when such a fact is brought to the fore. The crux of the matter does not lie in the fact that the students of Parkland are all white and well off, for this is not so, not even the wellphotographed Emma Gonzalez, but that the survivors have been welcomed with both open arms and open wallets, in the center and also much of the

left. Cash have been donated towards the students’ goals by several well-known celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and George Clooney. When announcing her $500,000 donation to the March for Our Lives, Oprah Winfrey, tweeted that “these inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the ’60s who also said we have had Enough and our voices will be heard”. From Day 1 of the shooting the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High have captured and held the nation’s attention, joining with peers across the country to demand a change in current gun laws. Both their displays of protest coupled with their cutting statements to politicians, have made them a force to contend with, drawing considerable media coverage and the backing of multiple. Their organizing is only in its embryonic stage with two national (Continued on page 6)

From page 4 cake for shameless apology and posturing, when he was literally spitting into his own hands, and into our faces, and dissing our gold industry, with political old talk! In a vain, clueless search for comparisons with our gold industry that could possibly favour this abominable agreement, Minister Gaskin ended up being the laughing stock of the entire oil Summit. I hope you read, Mr. President, Nigel Hinds’s brilliant analysis of Minister Gaskin’s incredibly ridiculous shenanigans. Oh, how ExxonMobil must be laughing at us, Guyanese. ExxonMobil never had it sweeter anywhere in the world. They are amazed to see Ministers of government, big men, big university graduates, former seasoned diplomats and Ministers of

Finance, a Minister of Business, a top lawyer and a former Army Major turned top lawyer, singing for their company, louder than any ExxonMobil CEO, louder than Ms. Brasington, who’s paid by ExxonMobil to sing its tunes. I don’t hear Ms. Brasington singing like our Ministers. The time for political old talk is over, Mr. President. You said so in your own book, many years ago, during the disastrous, evil presidency of Lord Jagdeo. There is work to be done for pay received. Your Ministers are very well fed by the taxpayers and do not pay house rent, electricity and telephone bills and transportation costs, that every other Guyanese citizen, except yourself of course, has to pay. We Guyanese would have thought that in exchange

for such luxurious living, that the very least your Ministers would have done was to properly read Guyana’s first contract with the world’s most powerful oil business corporation, ExxonMobil. Kaieteur News warned your government with countless letters. Our heroes, including Burnham, Jagan and Walter Rodney are turning in their graves at this abomination. I am in Russia these past few days, pining for my country. In New York, two weeks ago, I had to hang my head in shame. You made it very clear in your book that “political old talk” is foolishness. The time to end the political old talk has expired, Mr. President, and, by the way, it is now long overdue that you deliver a proper address to the nation on this matter. Sasha Persaud

Mr President, political old...

Dr. Harold Drayton has passed on DEAR EDITOR, Dr. Harold Drayton, the individual who was tasked by then Premier Cheddi Jagan to establish the University of Guyana (UG) in 1963, passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, March 11, 2018 in the United States. He became ill on Friday and was rushed to the hospital where he died. He was my Biology professor and close friend. On behalf of me and my family to whom he endeared himself, and his many friends in the now dormant Ontario Chapter of the UG Guild, I extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Vonna, children, Alison and Richard, his grandchildren, and his siblings. We are deeply saddened by his passing. Harold Drayton was born in Georgetown, Guyana (then British Guiana) in 1929 and grew up with a doting mom and step-father. Of them, in his memoir published late last year under the title An Accidental Life, he writes “together and cooperatively (they) made it possible for me to survive, to grow and develop both physically and intellectually, and gave me my earliest insights into the world, beauteous and hideous, that mankind has made”. The book was launched at the UG through the office of Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning and International Engagements, and supported by a number of organizations. A Toronto launch by the Ontario Guild is scheduled for May 5, 2018.

This event will now evolve into a celebration of his life. He was one of Guyana’s most brilliant sons and a Caribbean intellectual who has not received the recognition he so rightly deserved. Both the PNC and the PPP-led governments have not seen it fit to recognize him with a national award. For the sake of the historical record, this article repeats some of my previous writings on this outstanding, patriotic Guyanese. Upon learning of his death, a fellow UG alumnus wrote “He was an icon”. Drayton received his secondary education at Modern High School where one of his classmates was Sir Shridath Ramphal whose father was the founder and Principal of the school, and later, at Queen’s College. In 1948 he won an open scholarship to the University College of the West Indies, Jamaica, now University of the West Indies, but was soon expelled because of his left wing political activism. After a stint of high school teaching in Jamaica, he entered the University of Edinburgh, Scotland where he completed his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees before taking up a lectureship position in Ghana. In December 1962, he heeded Dr. Jagan’s call to return home and take

on the “university project”. As Technical Advisor on higher education to the Guyana Government, he worked feverishly and under difficult conditions to transform the government’s vision into reality, thereby creating a national institution which, in 2013, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Starting from scratch, in less than ten months he was able to get the UG operational with classes commencing in October 1963. As if getting legislation in place, recruiting students, hiring staff, and finding accommodation were not challenges enough, Georgetown was paralyzed by an eighty-day general strike, including a strike of civil servants, from around the middle of April to the beginning of July 1963, with ensuing disturbances and violence. This was the environment in which members of the first batch of students, were interviewed in an old building on Brickdam by a selection panel comprised of Dr. Drayton, Mr Eddie Gilbert, a secondee from the Ministry of Education who became the first registrar of UG, Dr. Gyanchand, a United Nations advisor in the country at the time, and Mr Fred Case, Chief Education Officer of the Ministry of Education. He was instrumental in (Continued on page 6)


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Dr. Harold Drayton has... From page 5 establishing a core curriculum of compulsory courses to provide a well-rounded education to students in all faculties. The benefit of courses such as Social Biology, which he taught, and Caribbean Studies were later recognized and promoted by older and more prestigious universities. And his initiatives in the Biology Department such as the training of medical technologists, etc, subsequently evolved into a full Faculty of Health Sciences for the training of health care professionals. Undoubtedly, he was one of the most popular lecturers and one of the very few individuals who lectured to students in all three faculties of the UG at that time.After leaving UG in 1971, he joined PAHO as a consultant in Human Resources Development, stationed in

Barbados.During this time he worked extensively to improve health education in the region while still maintaining contacts and providing advice to UG and the Ministry of Health. In 1989 he moved to the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA, as Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for International Health and Professor of Preventative Medicine where he remained for ten years. Again, he visited Guyana frequently providing advice to the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Ministry of Health, occasionally securing funding for various projects. He spent his retirement living in the US, however, his heart remained in Guyana. He was very excited when a chapter of the UG Guild was established in Toronto in 1993. In 2002, he contributed the largest chapter in the

book University of Guyana – Perspectives on the Early History, published by this chapter. During the more than twenty years of the active life of this chapter, he visited Toronto almost every year to attend the annual dinner and dance and reconnect with his former students who loved him dearly. On those occasions, over dinner and drinks at my home, we would spend many hours chatting about Guyana and the UG. Until just before his passing we kept in contact on a regular basis, spending hours on each call. Harold Drayton is gone but his legacy will live on. The UG which was derogatively called “Jagan’s night school” when it was established, is now a national institution and expanding still. Yours faithfully, Harry Hergash

Parkland Shooting—Gun ... From page 5 events being planned— — the National School Walkout and the March for Our Lives. From ones children in Black communities have been under the threat of the gun— being shot while chasing a ball in front of their homes, riding a bicycle, while walking to the store to buy candy, while playing in their living room or simply playing in the park. Although there have been no mass shooting of predominantly Black schools or children attending them, the violent deaths of Black school age children occur on a regular enough basis to numb the mind of any safety minded citizen. Say what you may but the inequity is blatantly noticeable. When children die in the Black community, local media will conduct town hall meetings to talk about the violence, but that is about the extent of the actions. National media support is nonexistent. The children return to the same halls, the same homes and the same streets where the trauma occurred and continue to occur. Long-term mental healthcare and help with healing are rarely if ever a part of the children’s future. If there is outcry about the shooting, after the candlelight vigils, and after

county officials throw a few hundred thousand dollars at a study or some after-school programmes, then it is back to business as usual. In pointing out the inequality in public reaction, the Parkland students have also fallen prey to public criticism. It has been claimed by conspiracy theorists that the students are being manipulated by liberal groups and by Democratic billionaire George Soros. Later newspaper reports stated that while George Soros support the efforts of the Parkland students, in no way is he bankrolling them. However it is highly unimaginable in the light of current affairs that students from a predominantly white middle-class Floridian suburb would be classified as “thugs” or “extremists” for their displayed actions. Of note also is the rapidity with which the students have forced a conversation, and the changes that have already been brought about as a result of the conversation. Unfortunately, the converse holds true as Black people continue to be criminalized for their moments of courage, their moments of mourning and grieving. Blacks face heavy police repression when they protest, go out in the streets or demand for Black Lives to

Matter. Police have met them bedecked in full riot gear. In stark comparison, the largely white (non-black) student activists have been invited by CNN to a town hall event with lawmakers. The very actions that Black families have been criticized for doing when there is disruption in our communities were embraced and encouraged by the media and politicians.I remain in full support of the student survivors of Parkland, and the attention being received as they continue their drive towards effecting social change as it pertains to guns. One person shot and killed is one person too many. A point not to be overlooked is that this sudden national attention on a group of newly- arrived activists, may bring about a diversion of resources from grassroots work that has already made some inroads. However, present facts viewed through reveal that a system that was inherently racist has also become classist.—a stark reminder that America has not really confronted her racial demons. Once the gun debate issue is satisfactorily resolved on all fronts and sides, then the issue of activism and the type that he public responds to should be brought to the fore. Y. Sam

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Ministry apologises for dust nuisance

DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to a letter published in the March 12, 2018 editions of Stabroek News and Kaieteur News, under the headlines, “Canal No 1 project causing thick dust” and “Why was it not possible to find a better way to undertake this project? Was no other option available?” respectively. The Ministry of Public

Infrastructure wishes to first apologise to the writer of the letter, Mr. Hubert Roberts, and to the other residents who have been affected. Residents brought to our attention the issue of dust pollution and since then the Ministry has been working to ensure that the situation is mitigated. As Mr. Roberts noted, we have taken steps, such as constant wetting of the road-

From page 4 taken measures to ensure efficient disbursement of public sector improvement programmes, funds and the effective monitoring and evaluation of these projects. through the regular statutory meetings between Cabinet and the PS and technical officers of the Ministry of Finance. Another system that was established to assist with more effective implementation is, the in-field support provided to permanent secretaries, REOs and heads of budget agencies in the form of PSIP clinics by the Ministry of Finance. While I understand that these interventions are all in an attempt to make the public sector ‘fit-for-purpose’ and as the Minister of State anticipates, there should be an increase in 2018 delivery; I am of the view that some other fundamental aspects should be examined. These interventions may result in more activities within programmes being done and budgetary allocation being expended but with little impact; what is really needed is more than activities being done, but more impact. Hence, the CDB, the training institutions and the Government may need to go back to the drawing board. My analysis is that the ‘purpose’ is not that clear to the senior public officials and others too, as such, they are not getting the ‘fit’ right. The ‘purpose’, in this context, is the policy, the strategy, and I still think that that needs some more work in its articulation, as well as mechanisms to implement them. This is where interna-

tional organisations can assist the Government to make clearer, the policies and strategies; the next step will be for the training institutions to work on the ‘fit’ – making the public sector fit- for -purpose. As I have mentioned in another article, the overall vision for Guyana should be to become the ‘Singapore of South America’. The purpose for this vision will be ‘for Guyana to provide access to the 422 million people in a 6.5 trillion economy in South America’. The macro-economic development focus or the national development policy will be built around six pillars – Green Economy, Blue Economy, Agrarian or Agricultural Economy, Oil and Gas Economy, Natural Resources Economy and a Service Economy. This will allow for a development strategy that is not political party-specific and can be the national development focus for the next 20 – 30 years and even beyond. In my view what is lacking is the bigger context, these pillars present that wider context. The international development and finance community could then focus on developing these economies (policies, strategies, etc.) – the purpose, and on making the public sector and the country fit-for this purpose. Investors seeking to invest in the country would then be clearer as to whether to invest in one of more of these economies. Our development focus, so far has been essentially activity-oriented, whether it be education, building new airports, or deep water harbour, tourism, etc. Additionally, there are


way, to reduce the amount of dust. We will continue to undertake measures that will lend to the improved comfort of the community. The residents are further assured that the situation will soon be resolved as the project moves into its paving phase this week. Best regards, Desilon Daniels Public Relations Officer Ministry of Public Infrastructure

Making the Public Sector ... two other important aspects which the CDB and the training institutions need to focus on. One is developing more systems thinking (thinkers) among public sector officials. Another key gap is the absence of positions in Government institutional structures for Strategists. For many decades in the development arena the term analysis has been used interchangeably with strategist. My view is that while Analysis may be more appropriate for the structure of international organisations, Governments need Analysts and Strategists. An Analyst is someone who analyzes while a Strategist is someone who devises strategies. As one examines the implementation of policies and programmes in Guyana, one identifies a major gap and hindrance as strategic thinking, strategic planning (systems thinking, etc.). While the Government should have a central strategic planning unit, every Ministry should also have positions for Analysts as well as Strategists. Offices of the Presidency, Prime Ministers as well as Ministries need Advisors but I believe even more importantly, they need Strategists. This is by no means a mere criticism of this Government; it was also a gap and hindrance for the previous Governments too. One gets the impression that there are lots of ideas but there is need for expertise to take these ideas and strategies so that there can be profound change or real impact. Yours faithfully, Audreyanna Thomas


Kaieteur News

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Mercury emissions at Gold Board compromise workers’ health By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell If mercury vapour is inhaled, it is easily absorbed by the body, where it first gets into the lungs then into the blood and the brain. The nerve poison can cause sleep disorders, agitation, and paralysis. Effects of sustained exposures to high levels of mercury emissions include disturbances in vision, hearing and speech, numbness in fingers and toes and lack of coordination and muscle weakness. Mercury also proves to cause a serious health risk to unborn children whose mothers have been too exposed. It was recently discovered that workers of the Guyana Gold Board Guyana and the Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), have been exposed to levels of mercury emissions, and mercury levels detected in the blood exceed amounts that are considered safe. Kaieteur News understands that the situation is not considered serious, but the affected persons are being monitored by medical officials. The Gold Board has a facility at GGMC where burn-

- necessary safeguards being put in place

GGMC Commissioner, Newell Dennison ing of the amalgam is done. This is basically a process where the gold is burnt to get rid of the mercury that is used for mining. Of course, quantities of mercury escape during this process. A few years ago, GGMC sourced equipment to test the air in order to determine the levels of mercury emission in the compound as well as minimize the levels of emissions, so that it would not be a threat to the persons in the compound. Weekly tests used to be done. However, the

equipment was down for some time. Kaieteur News understands that only recently the equipment was fixed and is now up and running. When tests were done, it was found that several employees operating in the Brickdam compound that houses the Ministry of Natural Resources, GGMC and Gold Board, have more than acceptable levels of mercury in their blood. GGMC ACTS RESPONSIBLY GGMC Commissioner, Newell Dennison was contacted yesterday for a comment on the matter. The Commissioner was somewhat hesitant to speak, as he opined that a comment would have been best sourced from the Guyana Gold Board “because the facility that creates that particular risk exposure comes under the Gold Board not under GGMC, even though it is in our compound.” Nevertheless, Dennison admitted that officials are indeed concerned over the emissions of mercury into the environment. He said that it

Guyana is ideally placed to become a ‘solar state’

President David Granger said that Guyana’s ‘green’ development thrust is not merely about environmental and economic security, but that it is also about energy security. Speaking at the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Founding Conference and Solar Summit, which was held Sunday in New Delhi, India, the Head of State told world leaders about Guyana’s strategic equatorial location, which puts it in an ideal position to become a ‘solar state’. “Its (Guyana) strategic location in the Tropic of Cancer, and a mere 6.8 degrees north of the Equator, makes it suited for solar energy generation. It enjoys an average of 12 hours of daylight, all year round, with consistently high levels of solar insolation,” he said. President Granger told the high-level forum that Guyana’s low population density of 3.5 persons per square kilometre, and the fact that many of its hinterland communities are small and isolated, make solar energy a necessary response to the challenges of its demography and geography. He explained that the development of solar energy generation options, by reducing the negative

- President Granger tells world leaders at Indian summit

President David Granger meeting with Indian PM, Narendra Modi effects of the use of fossil fuels, will ensure improved air and water quality while mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. “Guyana has begun to transition to increased solar power generation and use. Solar farms are being planned and established. Solarpowered street lights are being installed and Government buildings are increasingly being equipped to use solar energy. Incentives are being offered

to encourage this transition to solar technologies. Guyana has the physical conditions for increasing generation but needs technologies to develop capacity in the solar energy sector. Much more needs to be done in other fields such as education, communication, transportation and housing,” the Head of State said. In this regard, he called on the ISA to ensure that sunrich states such as Guyana (Continued on page 23)

is an issue that needs to be monitored continuously. While this newspaper was previously told that the equipment was down, Dennison clarified that there was a “malfunction.” He said that the malfunction was detected and “I have been assured that the Gold Board has taken all the necessary steps to have that corrected so that any exposures that may have been occurring during that time are now no longer a risk to us.” Dennison said that indeed tests have proven that some persons have more than regular amounts of mercury in their blood. He said that the Commission has taken a responsible approach to the matter, and is seeking to ensure that all affected persons are taken full care of. “Those persons who have been found to be exposed at GGMC are being taken care of. I am working with our industrial nurse to determine how we can afford them the proper and necessary evaluation and, if necessary, treatment. Gold Board is not the only facility that does amalgam burning. Dennison confirmed that “there are other licensed

dealers who would have to have that in their protocol, and I know these jewellery establishments may have to do burning as well”. The Commissioner said that GGMC regularly inspects the premises of jewellers to ensure that the manner in which they treat with their gold and premises is in accordance with regulation. Dennison said that there is usually minimum need for burning at these facilities. “If they buy pure gold from the gold board it doesn’t have much mercury, but it will have mercury if the gold is bought from miners, but we try to make sure the necessary safeguards are there. The government continues to promote the abolition of the use of mercury in mining. However, many in the mining industry are still to abort mercury.Addressing the National Assembly last December, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, noted that mercuryfree mining has been embraced by President David Granger as an urgent goal in achieving a Green Economy.Trotman said that GGMC will need to invest in alternative technologies.

Trotman said that some of these technologies are already familiar to the miners from previously staged settings. Trotman said that those measures and the Ministry’s work in collaboration with Conservation International, the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) and the Guyana Woman’s Miner’s Organization (GWMO) are anticipated to “provide credibility and acceptance of our efforts.” However, the GGDMA is on record saying that it will not support the complete discontinuation of the use of mercury, since it will have significant impacts on the sector and, by extension, the economy. The GGDMA said that though significant efforts have been made to reduce mercury use, no better alternative has been demonstrated to replace the widely-used substance.The gold sector employs more than 18,000 persons directly and supports the livelihoods of more than 100,000 persons indirectly, and is the country’s single largest foreign exchange earner.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Govt. takes oil revenue projections as gospel, while Exxon adds disclaimer – Jagdeo Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has highlighted that the government is talking up the oil and gas sector when even ExxonMobil is very careful about financial projections. At a press conference last Thursday, Jagdeo held up an advertisement ExxonMobil posted via social media that depicted a chart showing government’s revenue earnings from phase one of oil production. “ExxonMobil puts in a caution statement even on their own graph, yet our Government sells this as gospel,” Jagdeo stated. In the fine print of the ExxonMobil ad, the company noted that ‘crude prices used for the graph reflect the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s forecast as of February 26, 2016’. Further, ExxonMobil points out that the cash flow profiles depicted in the chart represent a scenario for illustrative purposes only, which may be very different to actual cash flows from future developments.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo holds up an ExxonMobil advertisement that depicts revenue earnings for Government. The company urged that the figures be used with caution as ExxonMobil cannot make representations with respect to the information. The Opposition Leader noted that the Government has nothing else to sell about the oil and gas sector other than revenue earnings.

“They have one thing to sell remaining, that is the hope for a better future with oil money, so magically in 2020 our lives will be transformed. We will all be wealthy. We wouldn’t have to work anymore, we will have free gas from the Government, and you wouldn’t have homeless any-

more. The streets will be paved with gold. That is the promise they are telling all their supporters. Wait until 2020 when everything will be transformed,” Jagdeo pointed out. He noted that the reality of the numbers do not support such conclusions.

GCCI throws support behind Butters-Grant as - as PSC clarifies its UG Council member The appointment of Chief Executive Officer of Global Seafood Distributors Inc., Ms. Allison Butters-Grant, as a member of the University of Guyana [UG] Council seems to have evolved into a media frenzy. But this unprecedented attention might have been unwarranted. In fact, the Georgetown of Commerce and Industry [GCCI] has not wasted anytime in making this clear. Coming on the heels of an article headlined ‘PSC objects to Butters-Grant on UG Council’ published in the Monday edition of the Stateowned newspaper, the Guyana Chronicle, the GCCI, by way of a statement, has made public its take on the matter.The GCCI in its statement said not only does Butters-Grant have its support, but it has taken note of the recent negative press regarding her appointment to the Council. Highlighting that ButtersGrant is the immediate past secretary of the Chamber, the GCCI made it known that she has laboured for the Chamber in this very capacity as well as a past Councillor. “She has served the Chamber in a positive way and has distinguished herself as a member of the Chamber. As such, we have full confidence in her ability to

discharge the duties of a Councillor of the University of Guyana,” the GCCI statement added. Further the body sought to amplify that based on the University of Guyana Act 1963, Section 13, subsection 2 [j] speaks to ‘four persons to be nominated by such non-governmental organisations as in the opinion of the Minister are most representative of the interests of Women, Farmers, Amerindians and Business.’ Based on the current law, the GCCI noted, the Minister is within her authority to select a person that she sees fit to serve in the capacity of Councillor of University of Guyana representing the business community. For this reason, the GCCI underscored that the statement purportedly emanating from the Private Sector Commission [PSC] was unwarranted. In a response to the matter, the PSC in a statement issued last evening explained that “in June of 2017, the Ministry of Education, quite properly, invited the Private Sector Commission to nominate a representative to serve on the Council of the University of the Guyana.” According to the statement, the PSC submitted its nomination but was surprised that, on the

response to appointment

Allison Butters-Grant announcement of the composition of the Council, its nominee was not included. The PSC went on to note that as a consequence it decided to write to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, asking that the matter be corrected. It was further stated that the Commission also expressed its concern publicly in a press release issued on March 9, 2018. However, the PSC made it pellucid that its press release raised no objection to the nomination of any person on the Council, but emphasised its disappointment that its nominee had not been

considered. It moreover pointed out that “this has been custom and practice over the last 25 years and (highlights) the importance of the business community’s voice being represented on the Council as is required by the Constitution of the University.” Even as it underscored that it stands by its position, the PSC noted that the manner in which its press release [issued on March 9] was interpreted in the state-owned newspaper is unfortunate and regrettable, since it did not seek to raise an objection to any person on the Council.

“For those who believe this wild promise of APNU [A Partnership for National Unity] they will be sorely disappointed in the future if they buy into this. It is not going to be a magical kingdom as they are making it to be with these numbers,” Jagdeo noted. Government revenue from oil has to take into account cost recovery claims from ExxonMobil. Exxon has already submitted a bill of $460M covering its pre-discovery phase of operations in Guyana.Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin at a recent private sector forum pointed out that the Government is expected to earn US$300M in revenues in the first year. In contrast, the Government earned this amount from the gold sector over an eight-year period, which is described as ‘chicken feed’. Jagdeo stated that the Minister ignored the contributions of the gold sector over the years that go beyond revenue earnings for Government.“He did not look at the impact of the gold min-

ing sector on the lives of perhaps one hundred thousand people; that it provides income for them, provides taxes outside of the royalties that Government collects and the linkages that the gold mining sector provides for Guyana and other sectors. All of those things were not factored into his presentation…just to point out once again that all the Government thinks about is how much money it can collect in taxes,” Jagdeo stated. Experts have made it clear that Guyana was robbed billions by accepting a 2% royalty when the coalition administration negotiated a new contract in 2016 with ExxonMobil and its partners. Some experts have pointed out that huge chunk of the earnings will go towards funding start up operations under cost recovery. There have been repeated calls for Government to renegotiate the contract for a fairer deal. The Government has resisted those calls and decided to stick with the current contract.

Mayor tosses no-confidence... From page 2 vires; hence, is not a business required to be transacted at a meeting. He pointed out that the Mayor, presiding at a statutory meeting, has a duty to prevent any business that is ultra vires the Municipal and District Councils Act (Chapter 28:01) from being transacted at such a meeting. According to Edwards' advice, a vote of no confidence in King is in substance and intent, a disciplinary measure or action. The attorney stated that a Town Clerk cannot be disciplined by the City Council, only by the Local Government Commission (LGC), which became operational on October 23, 2017. Duncan disagreed. He told the media that although the intent was to secure the no confidence vote for the LGC's consideration, the motion in itself, made no mention of disciplinary action. “A no confidence motion is what it says; you have no confidence in the Town Clerk. The motion never called for his dismissal. It never called for his suspension. It is plainly stating that you have no confidence because of his performance on the job. We called for no disciplinary action in the motion,” Duncan stated. He explained that if the no confidence vote was secured, the next move would have been to approach the LGC, where King would be heard.

“Before that could happen, the Town Clerk is heard through his legal advice, and that is bizarre. The complainant is heard before the mover of the motion. It is a bizarre day in local democracy and all that we have fought for on the 18th of March, two years since local Government elections were held. This is a slap in the face of local democracy where the complainant is heard before the mover of the motion,” Duncan stated. King, as head of City Hall's administration, is facing a number of accusations, including undertaking millions of dollars in works without adhering to proper procurement procedures. Jaikaran shared that he is not convinced that Georgetown has the person who is best suited for the position of Town Clerk. “On too many occasions our Town Clerk has acted impetuously and without the mandate of the council…our reputation is in tatters. The citizens are furious with their elected councillors. We are not doing the job we have been sent here to do, and we cannot do that job unless we are all on the same page. And this is why I supported the no confidence motion,” Jaikaran stated. Duncan stated that he will seek legal advice and that the motion, if it is brought back, will be in its original form.

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

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Kaieteur News



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Govt. Ministers visit Exxon's ... From page 13 the previous discovery. Minister Trotman also wished the captain and crew well in future endeavours. “I have no doubt that you will go on to greater things, both this vessel and you Sir, and we would like before you leave to pay homage to your service,” the Minister said. Guyanese working onboard the Stena Carron shared their experiences. Brady Trim, who hails from Berbice said while his job is challenging, “it is a wonderful experience being offshore.” His colleague, 24-yearold, Ganesh Parmanand said, “the standard of safety is the highest I've ever worked in and I advise young people out there to get certified and come out here.” Another Guyanese crew member, Gavin Lutchman described his experience as a beautiful one, “nice people, nice food, high standards.” He too encouraged interested Guyanese to get themselves certified and apply for the vacant positions on board the ship. The Guyanese crew members were recruited by Guyanese oil and gas services company El Dorado Offshore (EDO), working in partnership with Trinidad and Tobago's Ramps Logistics. They underwent the mandatory Offshore Emergency Training as arranged by Stena Drilling before securing the positions of painter, steward, and Radio Room Administrative Operator. The Stena Carron is a Harsh Environment dynamically positioned DP Class 3 drillship,capable of drilling in water depths up to 10,000 ft. PEN PAL You deserve a relationship with love and excitement. Over 50 yrs. Call Harmony Singles #676-6312 PROPERTY FOR SALE Lot 15 Public road #2 Village. West Coast Berbice. 49ft by 10,314ft. $20M. Contact:6487109/686-4818 Located at 8 Field Cummings Lodge 30M. Serious enquiries only Tel: 619-0673 Yorrowkabra, Linden Highway, House, Chicken pen, New foundation, Land 200' x 100' Fenced, water & light. 6.5M neg. Contact: 6867180


Kaieteur News

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Int’l accreditation for UG Dentistry programme on the horizon Moves have been set in motion for the international accreditation of the Dentistry programme at the University of Guyana [UG]. In fact according to information coming out of the national university, an evaluation of the programme is set to commence as soon as next week. This development has been confirmed by Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Emanuel Cummings. Tasked with accrediting the dentistry programme is the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions [CAAM-HP]. The Jamaica-based institution is the legally constituted body established in 2003 under the aegis of Caricom. It is, moreover, empowered to determine and prescribe standards and to accredit programmes of medical, dental, veterinary and other health professions education on behalf of the contracting parties in Caricom. Currently, Dr. Cummings disclosed, CAAM-HP has been catering to three main programmes – Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry. After suffering a loss of its accreditation for failure to ensure that requisite measures were in place, UG was last year able to regain international accreditation for its Medicine programme. It was even then the Dean had shared his hope that UG would continue to benefit from the preparations that were undertaken for the accreditation of the Medicine

programme. Moreover, Dr. Cummings in an invited comment to this publication said, “we have learnt from the experience of the accreditation of our Medical School, and so we are putting that into play to ensure that the Dental School is accredited too.” Dean Cummings revealed that already UG has completed and submitted a self study to CAAM-HP. This has allowed CAAM-HP to timetable a physical evaluation date for the university’s facilities. The date set for the commencement of the evaluation is March 18, 2018. “We are confident that the evaluation will be positive,” an optimistic Dr. Cummings told Kaieteur News. Among those who have thrown their support behind the efforts to prepare the

Dentistry programme for accreditation are the Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith, who, Dr. Cummings said, has been very supportive, and the entire UG administration. Government has also been very supportive, and this has manifested itself through the input of the Ministry of Public Health, to ensure various facilities met the requisite standards, said Dr. Cummings. The Dental School, which was established in 2006, has been graduating about eight students on an annual basis. This development, Dr. Cummings said, has had a significant impact on the delivery of health care since, according to him, “we have graduates who are practising in most regions across the country.” Currently the Den-

From page 7 have access to the necessary solar technologies. The President also urged the international body to ensure that small states benefit from investment, innovative technologies, photovoltaic infrastructure, information-sharing and the dissemination of scientific and technological data. He said that the ISA represents a leap forward towards ensuring that solar power becomes more accessible and more affordable to more people. “Small states are limited not only in size but usually, also, in human resources, technology and capital. Small states need support in the form of investment,

innovative technology, infrastructural photovoltaic systems and capacitybuilding in order to close the technological gap with larger and richer states. The International Solar Alliance, from the start, should support the energy ambitions of the small, sunbelt states by promoting investmentfinancing mechanisms for solar technologies,” President Granger said. Guyana signed and ratified the Framework Agreement of the International Solar Alliance on January 30, 2018. The President described the ‘Alliance’ as an essential element in ensuring energy, economic and environmental security.

The ISA Framework Agreement was launched on November 30, 2015. It is an action-oriented international and inter-governmental organisation that aims to maximise the harnessing of solar-energy potential, modernise energy systems, universalise access to energy, accelerate economic development and alleviate poverty. This Solar Summit was hosted jointly by the Governments of India and France. On February 27, President Granger received a formal invitation to the summit from Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Venkatachalam Mahalingam and Ambassador of the French Republic to Guyana, Mr. Antoine Joly.

- evaluation to commence next week tal School is headed by Dr. Shameer Ali. But according to Dr. Cummings, there is still need to have dentists trained and dispatched to Regions that are still in need of more of these skilled professionals. The regions that have exhibited a need for dentists are: Regions Four, Five, Six and 10, according to Dr.

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Emanuel Cummings

Guyana is ideally placed...

Cummings. Recognising the need for the programme to be internationally accredited, Dr. Cummings said that a number of key persons, including himself and Dr. Joanes Jean, who has been lending monumental support to the Dental programme at the tertiary institution, were in the forefront

of putting needful measures in place. The late Dr. Ovid Isaacs, according to Dean Cummings, was also instrumental in setting things in motion for international accreditation. “The Dental School has come a far way and we are hoping to have it also accredited in the near future,” said Dr. Cummings.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Bahamas “disappointed” at EU move to blacklist it as tax haven NASSAU, Bahamas, CMC- The minority opposition Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Monday accused the European Union of shifting the goal post and urged the Bahamas government to develop a financial services growth action plan (FSGAP) to deal with the threats of being blacklisted as a tax haven country. Finance Minister K Peter Turnquest said that the Hubert Minnis government is “disappointed” that the EU is moving to name the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country as a tax haven later this week. Turnquest, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister said that Nassau has learnt that the EU Code of Conduct Group (COCG) will be making a recommendation to the Council of the European Union this week to include

The Bahamas on the EU List of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. “Throughout this process, The Bahamas has consistently been engaged with the OECD (Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development) and the COCG on the EU listing criteria – including as late as last week. Therefore, this latest move is particularly surprising to us,” Turnquest said in a statement. DNA deputy leader, Arinthia S. Komolafe, in a statement said the recent announcement by the EU “is both surprising and disappointing. “In the aftermath of the recent efforts made by the government to avoid the blacklisting of our nation, it is clear that the age-long practice of international and multilateral agencies continu-

DNA deputy leader, Arinthia S. Komolafe ously moving the goal post is still alive. The Bahamas dodged the proverbial bullet when the initial list was published in December 2017 due to the devastating storms that impacted the Caribbean in

Teachers stay away from classes over salary increases KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – Public schools were affected Monday as teachers, upset over the unwillingness of the Jamaica government to meet their demands for higher salaries, stayed away from classes. The Andrew Holness government is offering a six per cent salary increase for the 2017-2018 period and despite the teachers rejecting the offer, is going ahead to make the payments at the end of this month. The Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) is accusing the government of engaging in “union busting” strategies and insisted it “has not agreed to any such payment

plan. The public school teachers have rejected a 16 per cent wage increase from the government over a four year-period amid speculation that they could embark upon island wide industrial action in support of their demands. The teachers are asking that instead of a four-year agreement, the authorities revert to two years and in addition, they want the special allowance of protective clothing be increased to $20,000 per annum, up from the current J$18,504 (One Jamaica dollar=US$0.008 cents). They also want teachers to be paid J$2,500 to mark research papers and J$2,000 per

2017,’ she said. She said that since then the government has signed on to the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters and the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement and also joined the Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) in December 2017. “However, these actions have been presumably deemed inadequate by the COCG. Having addressed the criteria on Transparency and Anti-BEPS Measures, it remains unclear how the government intends to address the issue of Fair Taxation as highlighted by the EU.” She said that it is unfortunate that external pressures “have put us in a position in which we are being compelled to address our system of taxation and chart the course for

the financial services industry going forward. “However, we have an opportunity to carry out comprehensive tax reform with due regard for the introduction of a more equitable and progressive tax system for our people,” she said, adding that tax reform should not result in an increase in the overall tax burden on Bahamians. “The overall net effect of this reform should not complicate the ease of doing business or increase the cost of doing business in The Bahamas for Bahamian businesses. We are already burdened by several taxes, fees and levies without the necessary prudence, accountability or improved infrastructure to show taxpayers. “Due consideration should be given to the reclassification or modification of

existing taxes. A prime example is the business licence tax which is currently assessed on gross revenue rather than net profit. “The evolving and shifting goal posts for compliance with international standards have nurtured a reactive rather than a proactive approach to our nation’s financial services industry over the years. We have found ourselves in survival mode rather than being strategic in planning for the repositioning of the financial services industry. It is time to turn this around for our own benefit.” She said the DNA stands ready to assist in the formation of the FSGAP so as to “ensure financial services growth inclusive of the crafting of a fair and equitable system of taxation for Bahamians”.

Fund launched to help in reconstruction of National Palace

student for supervising teaching practice. The government has already rejected both demands. The government has offered the teachers a four year agreement covering the period April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020. It is also providing them with two options, six per cent in year one, no increase in year two, five per cent in year three and five per cent in year four.On Sunday, the government said it had activated contingency plans to deal with the industrial action by the teachers and Education Minister Ruel Reid said the temporary measures are to ensure the safety and security of students.

Grenada increases alert level as underwater volcano shows signs of heighten activity ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, CMC – The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) Monday said it had raised the alert level for the underwater volcano, Kick ‘em Jenny from yellow to orange “due to increased activities”. NaDMA said that it had been working with the Trinidad-based Seismic Research Centre (SRC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in monitoring the situation and “with this increase in the alert level, ships and other marine operators are asked to observe the exclusion zone of 5 km/3.1miles”. “NaDMA in collaboration with the Uni-

versity of the West Indies Seismic Research Center will continue to monitor the activities of Kick em’ Jenny and will update the public as necessary, the statement noted. In May last year, NaDMA warned Grenadians that they should expect more eruptions of the underwater volcano, noting that volcanic episodes at Kick em’ Jenny, since 1939, usually consist of several eruptions lasting over several days before returning to repose.NaDMA said it would be useful for those in coastal areas to be on the lookout for unusual material that might be ejected from the eruption.

National palace Haiti PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – The Haitian government has issued a decree establishing a fund for the reconstruction of the historic National Palace that was severely damaged by the magnitude seven earthquake that hit the island in January 2010 killing more than 250,000 people and causing widespread destruction.. The decree, published in the official newspaper, “Le Moniteur” outlines the mechanisms for accepting voluntary contributions from individuals and institutions under the Solidarity Fund.The decree noted that the fund will allow for the voluntary contributions “in cash and in kind” from citizens here and in the diaspora as well as foreign nationals. It also states how contributions in goods and services, including the provision, free of charge, of heavy equipment, premises, mate-

rials and equipment, means of transport and intellectual services. While the Presidential Commission for the Reconstruction of the National Palace, created last April, is yet to indicate the cost for the reconstruction of the Palace, architect Daniel Élie, a member of the Commission, said recently that the project could cost between US$40 and US$50 million. The Commission has said that the financing of the Palace could be spread over four fiscal years to avoid putting a heavy burden on the local economy. Élie said that the reconstruction of the building should draw on the work of the late Haitian architect Georges Baussan, who built the National Palace in 1918, and considered at the time as the most successful Neoclassical Palace of the Americas.


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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

CCJ hears opening arguments in Presidential term limit case A team of lawyers representing the Government of Guyana has presented arguments before the Caribbean Court of Justice, (CCJ) seeking to overturn the decision of the local courts in relation to the Presidential term limit. The action, which was originally filed in 2014 by Cedric Richardson, a private citizen, saw a team of attorneys from the Chambers of Attorney General, (AG) making submissions before a panel of Judges at the CCJ yesterday. Richardson had approached the High Court challenging the two-term restriction created by amendments to Article 90 of the Constitution. The amendments were enacted in 2001 after the bipartisan Constitution reform process.He nonetheless argued that Act 17 of 2001, which was passed by a twothirds majority of the National Assembly, unconstitutionally curtails and restricts his sovereign and democratic rights and freedom as a qualified elector to elect former President Bharrat Jagdeo as the Executive President of Guyana. On July 9, 2015, the then acting Chief Justice Ian Chang had ruled that the presidential term-limit was unconstitutional without the approval of the people through a referendum. The amendments to the constitution had seen the insertion of two clauses to allow for re-election only once. The Court of Appeal had subsequently ruled that an Act which amended Article 90 of the Constitution by introducing new criteria for eligibility to run for the office of President, indirectly breached Articles 1 and 9 of the Constitution which gives the electorate of Guyana the right to elect a President of their choice. Appearing before the CCJ yesterday, the team representing the State of Guyana - Attorney General, Basil Williams SC, Solicitor General, Kim Kyte , Barbadian Queen’s Counsel Hal Gollop and Attorney Ralph Thorne - sought to convince the panel of judges that among other things, the amendment could have been made by Parliament and not only via referendum. Elaborating on this point, Queens’ Counsel Gollop noted that the Court of Appeal, specifically former Chancellor (Ag) Carl Singh, adopted a faulty definition of the term sovereignty Referencing Article 9 of the Constitution, Gollop noted that the law clearly states that

Trinidadian Senior Counsel, Douglas Mendes “sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it through their representatives and the democratic organs established by or under this Constitution.” Gollop told the Court therefore that the constitution gives the people the right to have their representatives in Parliament exercise that sovereignty on their behalf. He noted that the Appeal failed to show how that power was contravened or taken away from the people. The QC asserted that that sovereignty was never taken away from citizens but rather transferred those who represent them. In his submissions, Attorney General Williams noted that two essential issues that should be considered in the matter are sovereignty and democracy. He noted that the Act 17 of 2001 was passed following widespread consultation and a unanimous decision in Parliament. In fact, he noted that the Act was assented to by the then President Bharrat Jagdeo, who is the subject in the matter. Responding to inquiries from the Judges in relation to the background of the amendment, the AG told the Court that the Act was drafted following post-election trauma in 1999. He explained that there was agreement between the two political groups towards the de-escalation of conflict pursuant to deliberations and consultations undertaken by a CARICOM Mission. Williams explained that the Herdmanston Accord (agreement) was birthed as a result of the consultations. He noted that the accord led the way for among other things constitutional reform, from which Act 17 of 2001 was formed. Attorney General admitted however that no docu-

Sir Dennis Byron ments were filed in support of these claims. CCJ President, Justice Dennis Byron, noted that it was regrettable that the AG did not see it fit to file the documents in support of his submission. “It is regrettable that all that information is coming from you now….Had you not considered it’s being useful to the Court.” In response, Williams said that he will pull out all stops to get the document filed. The Judge therefore advised that the AG meet with lawyers of the respondent Richardson to compile documents about the genesis of the amendment. Meanwhile Guyana’s Solicitor General, Kim Kyte made presentations on the issue of delays. She noted that while there is no limit in Guyana’s Constitution to bringing constitutional reliefs, other courts in the Caribbean and the CCJ itself could not wait even as little as five years and in this case, against the constitutionality of term limits. “This court has an inherent jurisdiction to protect itself from the abuse of process. The consequence is that it can be seen as an acquiescence to the validity of the Act,” Kyte said. The Solicitor General urged the CCJ to consider, too, the negative impact of upholding the Guyana Court of Appeal decision on the establishment of the various independent commissions on ethnic relations, women and gender, indigenous peoples and human rights. “It will whittle away the various constitutional commissions,” she asserted. In his representation of Richardson, Trinidadian Senior Counsel, Douglas Mendes, noted the importance of fighting the case on its merits and delay could not be raised as a defence. “The delay cannot effect or cannot constitutionalise an unconsti-

Representing the State: Attorneys Ralph Thorne, Utieka John, AG Basil Williams, Kim Kyte and Queens Counsel Hal Gollop tutional statute.” Mendes said delay cannot constitutionalise a void act, and it should not be used as a basis to throw out the case, because it would be unfair to use it to protect unconstitutional law. “That is wrong, it is wrong and unfair and it is contrary to the rule of law,” he said in reaction to the decision by the Attorney General Basil Will-

iams to raise that as an issue now instead of in Guyana’s High Court and Court of Appeal.At the Court of Appeal, Justice Carl Singh, Chancellor and Justice of Appeal B S Roy, ruled in favour of Richardson while the then acting Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards dissented. But the AG, supported by Minister Raphael Trotman,

filed the case with the CCJ citing a number of errors they believed were made by the local courts, including that the alteration of Article 90 of the Constitution of Guyana by Act No 17 of 2001, diluted and diminished the democratic sovereignty and the sovereignty of the people under Articles 1 and 9 of the Constitution of Guyana, respectively.


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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

49 dead in plane crash at Nepal’s Kathmandu airport The crash site

Delhi (CNN)At least 49 people were killed when a plane approached the runway from the wrong direction, crashed and burst into flames while landing at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport in Nepal on Monday. Flight BS 211, which belongs to US-Bangla Airlines, a privately owned Bangladeshi carrier, was flying from Dhaka, Bangladesh, police spokesperson Manoj Neupane said. There were 71 passengers on the plane, including the crew, said Kamrul Islam, the

head of public relations for US-Bangla.Forty bodies were recovered at the scene, nine died in hospital and 22 survivors are receiving treatment in hospital after the crash at 2:15 p.m. local time, Neupane said.The passengers were mainly Nepalese and Bangladeshi with one from China and one from the Maldives, Tribhuvan Airport general manager Raj Kumar Chhetri told CNN. All four crew members were from Bangladesh, officials said. The plane approached the runway from the wrong direc-

tion, according to Chhetri. “The plane had permission to land from the southern side of the runway but they instead landed from the northern side. Authorities do not know why they did not land from the southern side,” Chhetri said. The aircraft’s two recorders — the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder — have both been recovered. Nepal’s recently elected Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli visited the crash site to take stock of the situation.

EU ‘will stand up to trade bullies’ (BBC) The EU’s trade commissioner has said the bloc “will stand up to the bullies” over protectionism as tensions continue over US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium imposed by President Trump. Cecilia Malmström was speaking at a conference in Brussels, following discussions at the weekend with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.Those talks are to resume this week. Ms Malmström said protectionism was being “used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate us”. The EU says that its exports should be excluded from the measures. Mr Trump’s announcement of import tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium has sparked fears of a trade war. He signed the measures on Thursday last week in a

ceremony at the White House attended by steel and aluminium workers. In another development, Mr Trump tweeted on Monday that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross would be speaking to EU representatives about “eliminating the large tariffs and barriers they use against the USA”. “Not fair to our farmers and manufacturers,” he said. Without specifically mentioning the US, Ms Malmström said: “In some places, trade has been to blame for the pains of globalisation or they used it as a scapegoat or they think we can live behind walls and borders. “Recently we have seen how it is used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate us. But we are not afraid; we will stand up to the bullies.” The EU has threatened retaliatory tariffs on US goods,

including iconic products such as bourbon and blue jeans.Canada and Mexico will be exempt from the tariffs initially, and Australia is optimistic that it too will gain exemption. Mr Trump has linked this to a new security agreement between the US and Australia, which already have close military ties. UK Steel says 7% of its steel exports go to the US, worth £360m. There has been strong opposition to the tariffs from Mr Trump’s fellow Republicans, who traditionally favour free trade. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that no one will win a “race to the bottom” and said the tariffs risked “hurting everyone”. Mr Trump says the measures will “protect the American worker” and fulfil a campaign promise.

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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

‘Highly likely’ Russia poisoned former spy, UK’s Prime Minister says London (CNN) British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday that Russia was “highly likely” responsible for the attempted murder of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in the English city of Salisbury on March 4. In a strongly worded statement to the House of Commons that is likely to plunge UK-Russia relations to a new low, May said the “military grade” nerve agent used in the attack had been identified as Novichok, a substance developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. May said the Russian ambassador has been summoned to the UK Foreign Office to explain whether the attack was “a direct action by the Russian state,” or the result of the Russian government “losing control” of its stock nerve agents. May demanded a response from the Russian government by the end of Tuesday. “Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom,” May said. “Based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world-leading experts at the Defence Science

and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down, our knowledge that Russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so, Russia’s record of conducting state-sponsored assassinations, and our assessment that Russia views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations, the government has concluded that it is highly likely that Russia was responsible for the act against Sergei and Yulia Skripal,” May said. “This attempted murder using a weapons-grade nerve agent in a British town was not just a crime against the Skripals. It was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the United Kingdom, putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk. And we will not tolerate

such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil.” Exactly how Britain might respond to evidence that implicated Moscow in the attack remains unclear. Possible options might include the expulsion of Russian diplomats and UK-based pro-Kremlin oligarchs, financial restrictions on figures linked to the Kremlin, and diplomatic efforts involving EU and US allies. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders described the episode as an outrage, calling it “reckless, indiscriminate and irresponsible,” though she refused to blame Russia for the attack. “We stand with our ally and fully support them and are ready if we can be of any assistance to them,” she added.

Stormy Daniels offers to return ‘hush agreement’ money to speak freely Washington (CNN) Adult film actress Stormy Daniels is offering to return the $130,000 payment she received from President Donald Trump’s attorney in exchange for dissolving a so-called “Hush Agreement.” Last month, Michael Cohen said he paid $130,000 of his own money to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, ahead of the 2016 election in exchange for her silence regarding an alleged sexual encounter with Trump. Both Cohen and the White House have denied any sexual encounter between the President and Clifford. Clifford’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, sent Cohen a letter offering to wire $130,000 by Friday to an account designated by the President. In exchange, the settlement agreement between Clifford, Trump and Cohen’s company would be “deemed null and void in their entirety.”The exchange would allow Clifford to speak publicly about her allegations of an affair with Trump, and according to the letter “use and publish any text messages, photos and/or videos relating to the President that she may have in her possession, all without fear of retribution and/or legal liability for damages.” By sending the money to Trump, it would involve the President — who has never acknowledged the agreement or the affair — in the case. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said last week that “arbitration was won in the President’s favor” regarding the case. The statement is an admission that the nondisclosure agreement exists and that it directly involves Trump. It was the first time the White

Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, talks to CNN’s Nick Valencia on Friday in Pompano Beach, Florida House had admitted the President was involved in any way with Clifford. A message left with Cohen was not immediately returned.Avenatti told CNN’s “New Day” last week that Clifford would “absolutely” pay back the $130,000 if she was allowed to speak about the alleged affair.



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Tuesday March 13 ,2018

Huber venc hy, F h Hubertt de Gi Giv ench Frrenc ench fashion icon, dies aged 91

(BBC) French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who created famous looks for Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, has died at the age of 91. His partner Philippe Venet, a former couture designer, confirmed the news. The enduring appeal of Givenchy was showcased a t t h i s y e a r ’s O s c a r s , where Black Panther star

Chadwick Boseman wore a custom design. But the designer is best known for the “little black dress” worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “It was... an enormous help to know that I looked the part... Then the rest wasn’t so tough anymore. Givenchy’s lovely simple clothes [gave me] the feeling of being whoever I played,”

Hepburn said of their partnership. The friendship between Givenchy and Hepburn endured for 40 years, and helped cement his place in fashion - and cinema - history. She became his muse, and he designed her suits and woollen dresses for the musical Funny Face in 1957, and the light-hearted heist caper How to Steal a Million in 1966.

House Republicans say probe found no evidence of collusion between Trump, Russia WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - House Intelligence Committee Republicans said on Monday the panel had finished conducting interviews in its investigation of Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, and found no collusion between President Donald Trump’s associates and Moscow’s efforts to influence the campaign. “We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” committee Republicans said as they released an overview of their probe. Representative Mike Conaway, who has led the panel’s investigation, said the

panel had finished the interview phase of its probe. “You never know what you never know, but we found no reason to think that there’s something we’re missing in this regard. We’ve talked to everybody we think we need to talk to,” Conaway said in an interview on Fox News Channel. Committee Democrats had no immediate response to the announcement, which was expected. Panel Republicans have been saying for weeks they were near the end of the interview phase of the probe. Reflecting a deep partisan divide on the House of Representatives panel, Demo-

crats have been arguing that the probe is far from over. Representative Adam Schiff, the panel’s ranking Democrat, said last week that there were dozens more witnesses who should be called before the panel, and many more documents that should be subpoenaed. Democrats have accused Republicans on the committee of shirking the investigation in order to protect Trump and his associates, some of whom have pleaded guilty to charges including lying to investigators and conspiring against the United States. Trump has repeatedly denied collusion between his associates and Russia.

Tuesday March 13, 2018


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Greece suspends fixtures after soccer boss takes gun onto pitch ATHENS (Reuters) Greece indefinitely suspended its Superleague soccer fixtures yesterday after the owner of the club PAOK Salonika was filmed wearing a gun holster as he strode onto the pitch to protest about a disallowed goal. Photographs and footage showed Ivan Savvides, one of Greece’s richest men, joining a pitch invasion in the closing minutes of a clash with Athens side AEK with what appeared to be a handgun strapped to his waist. “We have decided to interrupt the championship ... It won’t start again unless there is a clear framework, agreed by all, to move forward with conditions and rules,” Greek Deputy Culture and Sports Minister Georgios Vassiliadis said. Greek soccer has been

plagued by pitch invasions and violence on and off the pitch. Authorities have repeatedly promised to clean up the game. There was no immediate comment from Savvides or PAOK Salonika. Vassiliadis said the suspension was indefinite until all involved agreed on a code of conduct and rules; “On our part much tighter rules on issues of security,” he added. The minister said “all necessary provisions would be taken” to make sure the suspensions did not affect the national side which has friendlies against Egypt and Switzerland later this month. BODYGUARDS Savvides, accompanied by bodyguards, walked onto the pitch at Thessaloniki twice on Sunday, once wearing an overcoat, the second time with the coat off and his

holster in plain view. He did not pull out a weapon. He was held back at one point as he and others remonstrated with the referee, who had disallowed a goal from PA O K ’s Fernando Varela in the 89th minute. Up to then the match had been a goalless draw. PAOK Salonika went on to be declared the winner after the referee reversed his decision two hours after the game and allowed the goal. Police said they wanted to question Savvides for unauthorized entry to the soccer pitch. The police statement did not mention a weapon. A police source said the PAOK boss was licensed to carry a firearm. Savvides was born in Georgia of Greek heritage and is a former member of

Ivan Savvides, owner of PAOK Salonika, invaded the pitch with a holstered gun during a match with AEK Athens. (Reuters) the Russian parliament. He has holdings in assets ranging from Thessaloniki port to tobacco and media

companies. A derby between PAOK and Olympiakos Piraeus was called off last month

after Olympiakos coach Oscar Garcia was hit by a roll of paper thrown from the stands.

Russia: British threats to boycott World Cup over spy attack hurt ties, sport - Ifax Tuesday March 13, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Be prepared today, Aries. A longtime dream regarding your career may finally become a reality. At first you might not believe it, fighting the news in order to avoid possible disappointment TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) You tend to be your own worst critic, Taurus, and today you're more likely to be that way. Recent setbacks on the job might find you harboring doubts about your own capabilities. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Today could be a strange day where money is concerned, Gemini. You might not be sure exactly where you stand financially CANCER (June 21–July 22) Unsafe conditions could exist around the house, Cancer, which may result in accidents if they aren't rectified. Some may not be readily apparent, so warn family members to be careful. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Leo, one or more of your coworkers could appear to be rather upset or depressed on the job today, and this is likely to affect your own efficiency. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Profligate spending in the past may come back to haunt you now with regard to money, Virgo. There could be blocks in receiving funds you were expecting or an unexpected but necessary expense could come

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Boredom and restlessness may plague you today, Libra. You could feel the need to break loose from the ties that bind you to mundane affairs, to run away and seek adventure, although you aren't certain what kind of adventure! SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) This is a good day to read, study, attend a class, or otherwise acquire new information. You may discover something new about a subject that really interests you SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Worries about money could be uppermost in your mind today, Sagittarius. You may have suffered some financial setbacks and wonder how you can muster enough funds to get over the hump. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Setbacks on the job might have you a little depressed and worried. Don't worry, Capricorn; all will be well. Think of this as a challenge to overcome. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Sudden events that come to you via TV, newspapers, or the Internet, could shake up long-cherished belief systems today, Aquarius. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) A task that you've been working on for a long time could come to a standstill today due to circumstances beyond your control.

MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia’s foreign ministry said yesterday British threats to boycott the 2018 soccer World Cup over the poisoning of a former Russian double agent in England would damage ties with Moscow and hurt world sport, Interfax news agency reported. Prime Minister Theresa May said earlier on Monday it was “highly likely” that Moscow was responsible for the attack and some British officials have suggested boy-

Rabada takes... From page 31 Kock.Lungi Ngidi (2-24) had Nathan Lyon (5) caught by De Kock, before Tim Paine (28 not out) and Josh Hazlewood (17) added 28 for the final wicket as Australia were dismissed for 239. South Africa lost wickets regularly with opener Dean Elgar (5) going cheaply to be followed after lunch by Aiden Markram (21), Hashim Amla (27) and AB de Villiers for 28. “We were outplayed in all aspects,” Smith said. Australia won the first test in Durban by 118 runs. The final two matches in the series will be played in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Scores: South Africa 382 (De Villiers 126*, Elgar 57, Amla 56, Cummins 3-79) and 102 for 4 beat Australia 243 (Warner 63, Rabada 5-96, Ngidi 3-51) and 239 (Khawaja 75, Rabada 6-54) by 6 wickets.

cotting the Russia-hosted World Cup later this year in response. “We want to emphasize once again: such provocative statements, which fan anti-

Russian hysteria, only complicate relations between our countries and are blow to world sport,” Interfax quoted the ministry as saying in a statement.


Tuesday March 13, 2018

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‘I can’t keep doing this because I am letting the team down’ - Rabada ESPNcricinfo - Kagiso Rabada recognises the need to relook his on-field conduct, because the rate at which he is being charged for code of conduct violations is affecting the team. Rabada maintains he did not deliberately make contact with Australia captain Steven Smith when the pair brushed shoulders on the first day, in the incident which earned Rabada a Level 2 charge, but conceded that he needs to reign himself in. “It’s going to have to stop. I can’t keep doing this because I am letting the team down and I am letting myself down,” Rabada said. Even before he knew whether he would be found guilty of the offence in the Smith incident, Rabada was also charged with a Level 1 offence for his send off of David Warner in the second innings. Rabada screamed into Warner’s face after bowling him, after yelling into Smith’s in the first innings. Over the last nine months, this is the third time Rabada’s send-offs have come into the spotlight. At Lord’s last July, he told Ben Stokes to “f***

off,” and did the same to Shikhar Dhawan in an ODI at St George’s Park last month. While captain Faf du Plessis does not see swearing as part of South Africa’s style of play, it has featured in Rabada’s send-offs, and may yet do so again, though he will direct his expletives elsewhere. “I won’t change the way I express myself but I just will get far away from the batter,” he said. As far as physical contact goes, Rabada was insistent his brush with Smith was entirely accidental, which was the reason he opted to contest the charge. “There are a lot of grey areas but rules are rules. The reason why we went for a hearing was because we believe that there’s not a lot of consistency. If I knew I did it deliberately, I wouldn’t have gone to contest,” Rabada said. “I didn’t even feel contact in that moment because I was so pumped up. If I did it deliberately then I wouldn’t have contested. It’s the same as with Lord’s - I didn’t try and appeal because I knew I did it.”

Kagiso Rabada was pumped after removing Ben Stokes. (Getty Images) Though Rabada was speaking before he had received any official confirmation of a sanction, he appeared resigned to his fate. “It’s bittersweet. I would have loved to be playing in the next game. Actually I don’t know whether I will be playing or not. It’s not looking good,” he said. “Especially coming

Thakur, Pandey fuel India’s revenge against Sri Lanka COLOMBO (Reuters) Shardul Thakur’s career-best 4-27 and Manish Pandey’s mature 42 not out helped secure India’s comprehensive six-wicket victory against Sri Lanka in their Twenty20 triseries match yesterday. Paceman Thakur led India’s disciplined effort with the ball to restrict Sri Lanka to a below-par 152 for nine in a rain-hit match which was reduced to a 19-overs-a-side contest. Pandey combined with Dinesh Karthik, who made 39 not out, in a 68-run partnership to help India overwhelm the target with nine balls to spare. Having avenged their loss to Sri Lanka in the tournament opener, India top the points table with two wins from three matches and they take on Bangladesh in the next match on Wednesday. Leading the side in the absence of rested regular skipper Virat Kohli, India captain Rohit Sharma elected to field after light rain caused a 95minute delay to the start of the match. Sri Lanka got off to a blazing start, milking 24 runs in the first couple of overs before Danushka Gunathilaka became the first of Thakur’s four victims in the match. Kusal Mendis hit three

Shardul Thakur showed excellent control and variations to claim 4 for 27. He was instrumental in keeping Sri Lanka to 152 for 9 ©Associated Press sixes and as many boundaries in his belligerent 55 to register his second successive half-century in the tournament.Sri Lanka, however, could not make the most of the start and lost wickets at regular intervals to squander the momentum. Upul Tharanga made 22 and Dasun Shanaka contributed 19. Thakur dismissed Shanaka and Dushmantha Chameera off successive deliveries in the final over of the Sri Lankan innings. Spinner Akila Dananjay denied India a strong start,

dismissing both openers, Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, cheaply. Suresh Raina hit a couple of sixes in his breezy 27 but India looked to be in trouble at 85 for four in the 10th over. Pandey and Karthik then took over, largely shunning risks and playing with calculated aggression to get India over the line. Scores: India 153 for 4 (Pandey 42*, Karthik 39*, Dananjaya 2-19) beat Sri Lanka152 for 9 (Kusal Mendis 55, Thakur 4-27) by six wickets.

off a performance like that. I felt really good in this Test match.” Rabada took 11 for 141 in the match, the second-best figures by a South African against Australia and the best by a pace-bowler. His scalps included five of Australia’s top six - only Cameron Bancroft did not fall to

Rabada in either innings - and the two big fish, Smith and Warner, for whom he reserved his most explosive celebrations. When asked what goes through his mind when he lets loose like that, Rabada could not quite pinpoint it, but put it down to passion. “I don’t know what I am thinking actually. To be honest, I just let it out,” he said. “It’s a big series, there is a lot to play for. There’s a whole lot of emotion and pride. You don’t want to roll over. You want to get them out. It’s competitive. \There’s a history of South Africa and Australia playing against each other. You’re playing for the No.1 spot. There’s a whole lot that you’re playing for. Also playing for personal milestones and team milestones as well and it just comes out.” Du Plessis understands Rabada’s emotional approach to the game and even offered sympathy for the big-brother approach the broadcasters now take. “If you look at the way KG plays the game, he is a competitive fast bowler and he works bloody hard. He

runs in and he bowls quick for long periods of time and when he gets big wickets, that’s celebration, that’s energy and it’s pure passion that he shows,” du Plessis said. “These days, the attention has changed so much to what is allowed and what is not allowed, what is in the spirit of the game and what isn’t. I just think that has changed so much over the last year or two that you’re getting a lot more incidents happening than before.” But now, Rabada had really realised he has to be able to stop it from happening again. “I’ve let myself down and the team down. I have to move forward. If I do get banned, I have to see it as a big learning curve. And not repeat the same mistake. I have repeated the same mistake in the eyes of the umpires. I am not happy about it but time moves on,” Rabada said. He indicated he will use his time away for reflection and to get away from the game. “It gives me a chance to do other things, it gives me a chance to think about things more,” Rabada said.

Rabada takes centre stage as South Africa beat Australia PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa (Reuters) - Fast bowler Kagiso Rabada took 11 wickets in the match but may yet turn from hero to villain as South Africa beat Australia by six wickets in the second test yesterday to level the fourmatch series. South Africa made heavy work of reaching their modest target before captain Faf du Plessis (2) and Theunis de Bruyn (11) guided them to 102 for four. The victory, however, is likely to be overshadowed by a ban for Rabada who was handed a new charge from the International Cricket Council (ICC) yesterday after already having a disciplinary hearing on Sunday. He will no longer be present in the series after match referee Jeff Crowe announced the outcome of a hearing into a level two charge against the seamer for brushing against Steve Smith after dismissing the Australian captain in the first innings. He was found guilty and Rabada, who has 15 wickets at an average of 16.80 in the series, will miss the final two games after accumulating eight demerit points to trigger an automatic suspension. Rabada was also slapped with a lesser level one charge yesterday for his exuberant celebrations when he dismissed David Warner in the

The fourth day began with this, Kagiso Rabada rattling Mitchell Marsh’s stumps early on the fourth day ... ©Getty Images second innings. “It’s a disappointment for the series because you want to have your best players in the series,” said captain Du Plessis, suggesting he already knew the outcome of the hearing which is due to be made public later. The 22-year-old Rabada was the outstanding performer yesterday as he ripped through Australia, who started on 180-5 with a 41-run lead. He completed figures of 654 and a match aggregate of 11-150, the fourth time he has taken 10 or more wickets in a

test. “Australia were never going to give in easily so you had to go to the reserve tank and give of your best,” Rabada said after being named man-of-the-match. UPROOTED STUMP The tourists lost Mitchell Marsh (45) in the first over as Rabada uprooted his middle stump before Pat Cummins (5) was well caught in the gully by De Bruyn. Rabada got his third in quick succession as Mitchell Starc (1) edged a drive to wicketkeeper Quinton de (Continued on page 29)

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Federer takes care of business, Djokovic crashes out Indian Wells (United States) (AFP) - World number one Roger Federer finished off Federico Delbonis in a rain-disrupted match on Sunday to reach the third round at Indian Wells as fivetime champion Novak Djokovic was toppled. Federer returned to stadium court on Sunday afternoon and needed an hour to close out his second-round victory 6-3, 7-6 (8/6). “It’s been a long time since I have been interrupted at night and have to come back the next day,” Federer said.His title defence got off to a soggy start Saturday night when play was suspended because of rain showers with Federer up a set and tied 22 in the second. The clouds rolled in just before the start of their match on Saturday and after a short delay to start the first set they managed to play until the skies blackened and the heavy rains came in the second. After another 90-minute delay organizers suspended play for the night. Federer is making his 17th appearance in the California desert and is assured of remaining world number

one if he makes it to the semi-finals. He extended his 2018 win streak to 13 matches and has only dropped three sets from 34 played this year. Federer hit five aces and won 74 percent of his first serve points in the match which took a total of one hour and 41 minutes over the two days. He will face 25th-seed Filip Krajinovic in the third round. Federer and 10th seed Djokovic both came into the tournament seeking to become the first six-time winner of the event. But Djokovic fell at the first hurdle with a shock loss to Japanese qualifier Taro Daniel, who sent the out-of-sorts Serb tumbling with a hard-fought 7-6 (7/ 3), 4-6, 6-1 victory. It was another snag in the return for world number 13 Djokovic, who admitted he lacked composure while playing in just his second event of 2018 and first since having surgery. - ‘Very weird’ Djokovic said it felt like the “first match I ever played on the tour.”

“I mean, I just completely lost rhythm, everything,” he said. Djokovic is making a cautious return to the ATP Tour after stopping his 2017 season following Wimbledon due to a right elbow injury. He lost to Chung Hyeon in the Australian Open fourth round in January before undergoing the surgery. Djokovic scrambled to win the second set on Sunday but the rust from the layoff was evident as he made 62 unforced errors overall. Djokovic had four aces but served poorly overall, making four double faults. Federer said he understands well how even a champion like Djokovic could be struggling to find his game so soon after having surgery. “To me, it’s not that surprising,” Federer said. “When you go away from the game for over a two-month period, it starts feeling a little bit that way. “When you do come back from injury or when you haven’t played in a long time, it just takes extra effort. “It is still early stages for Novak coming back and the first one after surgery. He’s only going to get

Roger Federer needed an hour to finish off his rain-delayed second round victory over Federico Delbonis 6-3, 7-6 (8/6) at Indian Wells (AFP Photo/ADAM PRETTY) better from here.” Daniel, who is ranked 109th in the world, advanced to the third round where he will face Gael Monfils of France. In other men’s matches, Juan Martin del Potro steamed his way into the third round as the sixth

seed needed just 69 minutes to beat Australian teenager Alex de Minaur 62, 6-1. Argentina’s del Potro, who is fresh off winning the Mexican Open title in Acapulco, hammered five aces and broke de Minaur’s serve five times.

The win sets up a third round showdown with Spaniard David Ferrer who defeated Tennys Sandgren of the US 6-2, 7-6 (7/3). Wo r l d n u m b e r t h r e e Marin Cilic also won Sunday, defeating Hungary’s Marton Fucsovics in straight sets, 7-5, 6-3.

Top seed Halep battles through, Kvitova cooled off Indian Wells (United States) (AFP) - Simona Halep took pride in rallying past 19-year-old Caroline Dolehide at Indian Wells, while Petra Kvitova’s remarkable win streak skidded to a halt against another US teen. World No. 1 Halep came from behind to beat Dolehide 1-6, 7-6 (7/ 3), 6-2 in the third round of the WTA hardcourt tournament, while twotime Wimbledon champion Kvitova had her 14-match winning streak snapped as she lost 6-2, 6-4 to 149thranked Amanda Anisimova on Sunday. The 26-year-old Halep is trying to repeat her success in the California desert in 2015 when she lifted the trophy. “In the end, I think I was stronger in the legs,” Halep said. “Also when I had to finish the points, I did. I’m really, really happy about this victory. It was tough down there.” The Romanian improved to 16-1 on the season and said her confidence is what keeps her going in tight matches. “I didn’t give up, which is the most important thing,” she said. “I never thought that I would lose the match. “I just wanted to stay there and to see what is happening. I’m really proud that I could manage this match. “It was really tough. And for second match of the tournament was amazing match, amazing level, in my

opinion.” Halep hit two aces had no double faults, and broke Dolehide’s serve five times in the two hour, five minute match. Halep said she likes use the word “proud” and is trying to maintain a positive attitude. “I haven’t used that word before because I was tougher with myself. So now I’m trying to change that and be kinder with myself,” she said. “That’s why I just give credit to myself and it gives me confidence for the next days.” Halep booked a round-of 16 clash with China’s Wang Qiang, who defeated 14th seed Kristina Mladenovic, of France, 6-1, 6-2. Despite her top ranked status, Halep is still seeking her first career Grand Slam title. She reached her third Grand Slam final earlier this year at the Australian Open where she lost to Caroline Wozniacki in three sets. Halep and Wozniacki have taken turns being No. 1 this year. Wozniacki took the world number one ranking after winning the Aussie Open but Halep regained it just prior to the Indian wells event. With her win Sunday over Dolehide, Halep can keep her top ranking unless Wozniacki wins the title. - Streak stopped Elsewhere, Kvitova had been playing some of the best tennis of

Simona Halep (Getty Images)

her career so it wasn’t the kind of third round statement the ninth seed was looking for as she lost in straight sets to the youngest player in the draw. The 14 straight victories tied her previous career best which she set in 2011-2012. The 28-year-old Czech came into Indian Wells having won the last two tournaments she played in. She missed Indian Wells last year recovering from hand injuries inflicted by a knife-wielding burglar at her home in December 2016.

Kvitova committed four double faults and had her serve broken five times. The 16-year-old Anisimova, who received a wildcard into the draw, is making her Indian Wells debut. She said it was the biggest win of her career. “It feels crazy,” she said. “She is the best player I have ever played and it was the biggest court I have ever played on.” In the fourth round she’ll face fifth seed Karolina Pliskova, who

beat China’s Zhang Shuai 7-5, 57, 6-3. Elsewhere, US Open winner Sloane Stephens cruised past wild card Victoria Azarenka in straight sets 6-1, 7-5 in a second round match that was postponed from Saturday night because of rain. German 10th seed Angelique Kerber and Ekaterina Makarova of Russia stretched their match over two days because of the showers before Kerber prevailed in three sets, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2.


Tuesday March 13, 2018

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Woods produces old magic at 17th hole, but falls short of win

Woods needed a birdie on the final hole to force a play-off at the Valspar Championship, but could only make par. (Reuters) PALM HARBOR, Florida (Reuters) - Tiger Woods fell short of an 80th PGA Tour title on Sunday but still gave adoring fans a thrill late in the final round at the Valspar Championship. With victory apparently out of his grasp, Woods stroked a 43-foot birdie putt that broke perfectly into the middle of the 17th hole and took him to the last with a chance of a playoff. The old-time roar faded, though, and his bid to force eventual winner Paul Casey to extra holes also petered out when his long birdie putt stopped a couple of feet short at the par-four 18th. Still, finishing joint second with Patrick Reed at nineunder 275 at the Copperhead course at Innisbrook Resort will further fuel belief that the 14-times major champion is back in business. Building momentum from 12th place at the Honda Classic two weeks ago in his third official tournament since undergoing spinal fusion surgery last April, Woods was treated this week like a returning hero. Thousands lined the fair-

way at every hole Woods played and his galleries dwarfed those for the rest of the field with attendance at a tournament that last year drew 112,000 soaring to more than 150,000 for his first appearance. As Woods waited to hit his uphill 185-yard, seveniron approach to the 18th, fans pleaded for another bit of magic. “Tiger, this is what you’re meant for,” shouted one spectator. “Do your thing!” yelled another. But Woods, a bit off in his iron control on Sunday, left his approach 39 feet short of the cup and his two-putt gave him a closing one-under 70. It was not quite the climax fans wanted but that did not keep them from cheering him to the skies as he walked to the green. Woods lifted his golf club into the air and touched the bill of his cap in response, before raising his hat fully off his head and waving as the ovation grew louder. “I felt very comfortable, actually. I’ve been here before a few times,” the 42-year-old said when asked if he had felt

any nerves. “My game was quite solid this entire week. As a whole, I felt very good about what I did this week.” Right from the start, Woods was serenaded with shouts of “We love you, Tiger!” and “C’mon Big Cat!” One man told his friend standing off the second fairway: “I’m here for one reason. Tiger.”On his way off the course, Woods stopped to sign autographs, showing a good deal more patience than he had during his heyday.”Wow, what an amazing week ... people, atmosphere, adrenaline, back nine on Sunday, man I’ve missed this,” Woods later tweeted. “Getting better. Thank you for all the support!” Woods hopes to build on this momentum when he journeys next week to a more familiar stomping ground - the Bay Hill resort in Orlando where he has won the tournament formerly hosted by Arnold Palmer eight times. “It’s going to be good for me to get back,” Woods told reporters. “I’ve had some great memories there.”

England’s Stokes denies affray charge, faces August trial LONDON (Reuters) England cricketer Ben Stokes yesterday pleaded

not guilty to charges of affray following an incident in Bristol last September and he will face trial on Aug. 6. All-rounder Stokes, 26, was not present at Bristol Crown Court and denied the charges via video link from New Zealand where he is on duty with the England squad. Tw o other men charged along with

Stokes also pleaded not guilty to the same charges. E n g l a n d ’s s e c o n d test against India at Lord’s starts on Aug. 9. The Bristol incident and the legal process that followed kept Stokes out of England’s Ashes tour of Australia but he returned to the team last month for the one-day international series against New Zealand.

Kares Guyana Fitness Challenge 2018

Three-times champion Mahadeo aiming to be among the best in the Caribbean He has conquered the best local soil has to offer in the competitive fitness industry and is now aiming to be the best a notch higher, the Caribbean level. This is the plan of the reigning Kares Guyana Fitness Challenge champion, Dillon Mahadeo following his all conquering performance on Sunday evening at the National Park. The 22 year-old athlete who has already competed in Trinidad and Barbados with encouraging success and has also represented Guyana at Weightlifting said he is aware that he has to work even harder to conquer his peers in the Region. At the Inaugural CrossFit 12-12-12 Throwdown in Soca

Land – Trinidad &Tobago he won bronze in 2016 and took silver at the Island Fit Games in the Land of the Flying Fish, Barbados in 2017. Speaking with the media following his domination of the opposition, including long time training partner Timothy Mc Andrew who ended with 408 points to Mahadeo’s perfect 500 points, which came as a result of him winning all five individual events, Guyana’s Fitness King said that coming into this year’s competition he tried to work on all his weak areas but is still some way from being perfect. ”But I have to keep working just as hard and try to maintain a level and standard that would be competitive

throughout the region.” Mahadeo noted that the completion has become more difficult but he has been able to adapt to new training methods which allows him to keep in line and relevant with the sport. He expressed gratitude to a number of persons and his sponsor for helping to fuel his winning ways: “My training partners, I’m happy to win alongside Timothy Mc Andrew, he has been pushing real hard over the years and he pushes me as well. To my sponsors Fitness Express and all the people in CrossFit592, they have all played a part and I’ll just keep pushing and try to be among the best in the Caribbean.” (F. Wilson)

Windies A falter in whitewash bid as Lions win final match ST JOHN’S, Antigua, C M C – We s t I n d i e s A failed in their bid for a second successive whitewash when they went down to England Lions by seven wickets, in the third and final one-dayer here Sunday night. Chasing a modest 167 for victory at Coolidge Cricket Ground, the visitors reached their target in the 32nd over, to complete their first success of the tour after losing the two previous matches in the series and all three four-day “Tests”. Sam Hain, in only his third match for the Lions, led the run chase with an unbeaten 54 while Alex Davies got 46 and opener Nick Gubbins, 34. With only a small total to overhaul, Davies and Gubbins ensured there were no hiccups up front when they posted 87 off 70 deliveries for the first wicket. Davies struck five fours and a couple of sixes off 36 balls while the left-handed Gubbins faced 39 deliveries and counted six fours. Off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall (2-26) got the breakthrough when he had Gubbins caught in the deep, pulling a long hop in the 12th over and it triggered a slide where three wickets went down quickly for four runs in the space of 12 balls. Davies followed in the next over, caught behind attempting to reverse hit leftarm seamer Raymon Reifer and captain Keaton

Roston Chase … top-scored with 67. Jennings completed a miserable series when he was lbw to Cornwall without scoring. With their side stuttering on 91 for three in the 14th, Hain and Sam Northeast, who finished 12 not out, came together in an unbroken 79-run, fourth wicket stand to deny Windies A any further success. Hain followed up his hundred in the opener by striking five fours and a six in a 63-ball knock while Northweast faced 51 deliveries and struck two fours. Earlier, Test batsman Roston Chase top-scored w i t h 6 7 b u t Wi n d i e s A could only manage 166 all out in the 39th over. Jahmar Hamilton got 29 but was one of just three batmen in double figures and along with Chase, was the only one to pass 20. Opting to bat first,

Windies A slumped to 28 for three in the seventh over before Chase engineered to two stands to prop up the innings. First, he put on 38 for the fourth wicket with Kavem Hodge (13) and when two wickets fell for 10 runs, he added a further 66 for the sixth wicket with Hamilton. Chase, with scores of 0 and 9 in his two previous innings in the series, struck six fours in 89 balls at the crease while Hamilton faced 36 deliveries and belted a pair of fours and a six. The right-handed Chase eventually perished in the 33rd over, bowled missing a sweep at legspinner Matt Parkinson (426) and when Hamilton top-edged to cover in the bowler’s next over, the last five wickets fell for 24 runs.

Tuesday March 13, 2018


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Lewis, Samuels ensure Windies clean sweep HARARE, Zimbabwe, CMC – Both Evin Lewis and Marlon Samuels found form in time for the all-important Super Sixes, stroking halfcenturies as West Indies beat the Netherlands by 54 runs under Duckworth/Lewis to end the preliminaries of the ICC World Cup qualifiers unbeaten here yesterday. Short of runs for the tournament, Lewis top-scored with 84 and Samuels, an unbeaten, 73, as West Indies piled up 309 for six in a contest reduced to 48 overs per side at Harare Sports Club. Rovman Powell followed up his maiden hundred against Ireland with a cameo 52, while veteran opener Chris Gayle struck 46. Faced with a mountain of a run chase, Ryan ten Doeschate lashed 67 and Wesley Barresi, 64, but Netherlands found themselves on 167 for six and short of the required par score, when the rains arrived in the 29th over. West Indies will now carry four points into the Super Sixes stage where they face a tricky clash with Afghanistan in their opening fixture on Thursday at Harare Sports

Marlon Samuels assisted with a half century for the Windies.

Club. Chasing a clean sweep of their preliminary campaign, the Windies were given a strong start by the lefthanded pair of Lewis and Gayle who put on a rollicking 85 off 51 balls for the first wicket, after being sent in. Lewis faced 92 balls and

struck half-dozen fours and four sixes while Gayle blasted a pair of fours and five sixes in a 31-ball appearance. Gayle appeared set for his 49th ODI half-century when he mistimed a stroke of seamer Paul van Meekeren (237) and holed out to Roelof van der Merwe running

Kagiso Rabada banned for rest of series

The incident between Steve Smith and Kagiso Rabada happened on day one of the second Test. (Reuters) BBC Sport - South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada has been banned for the rest of the Test series against Australia after being found guilty of deliberately making contact with the tourists’ captain Steve Smith. Fast bowler Rabada brushed shoulders with Smith after celebrating his dismissal during South Africa’s sixwicket victory in the second Test. It took the 22-year-old to eight demerit points in a 24month period, resulting in a two-Test ban. He was fined 50% of his match fee.Rabada, who took 11 wickets in the match, also accepted a second misconduct charge of sending off

Australia batsman David Warner on day three, taking his total number of demerit points to nine and resulting in a further 15% fine of his match fee. The International Cricket Council (ICC) rejected Rabada’s claim the contact with Smith was accidental. “I found that there was contact between Rabada and Smith, and in my judgement the contact by Rabada was inappropriate, and deliberate,” said match referee Jeff Crowe. “It is also disappointing that this has happened the day after the pre-match meeting I had with both teams, where the importance of re-

spect for opponents was highlighted. “I take no pleasure in seeing a player suspended, particularly a young player of Kagiso’s talent, but he has now breached the ICC code of conduct on a number of occasions.” Rabada was suspended for one Test against England last summer following an altercation with Ben Stokes. Australia all-rounder Mitchell Marsh was fined 20% of his match fee and given one demerit point after accepting a charge of using offensive language. The four-match series is level at 1-1, with the third Test starting on 22 March in Cape Town.

around from mid-off. Lewis then anchored two small partnerships, putting on 38 for the second wicket with Shimron Hetmyer (10) and another 41 for the third with Samuels. He raised his half-century off 41 balls in the 14th over by depositing 21-year-old

seamer Shane Snater over the ropes at square leg but perished to a one-handed stunner by Pieter Seelar at point off pacer Peter Borren (2-55) in the 28th over. Three wickets fell for 41 runs to leave the Windies on 205 for five in the 36th over but Samuels and Powell posted 99 from 69 deliveries for the sixth wicket to reenergise the innings. While Samuels faced 84 balls and counted five fours, his fellow Jamaican Powell needed a mere 38 balls for his knock, slamming two fours and three sixes. Netherlands, needing to win to stay in the competition, were quickly in trouble when they lost two early wickets to slump to 29 for two in the seventh over. Scott Edwards fell in the sixth over for one, run out after being sent back by Barresi following a mix up over a single. And in the following over, seamer Kemar Roach removed Ben Cooper’s off-stump as the left-hander missed a booming drive for two.

Ten Doeschate and Barresi then revived the Netherlands’ hopes in a 113-run, third wicket stand, which kept the game open. The 37-year-old ten Doeschate struck four fours and a six off 62 balls while Barresi faced 77 deliveries and counted eight fours. However, the partnership was ended in the 24th over when Lewis threw down the stumps at the non-striker’s end running in from deep midwicket, and found Barresi short of his ground scrambling to complete a second run. That wicket was the first of four to tumble for 25 runs in the space of 30 balls, as the Netherlands found themselves way behind on Duckworth/Lewis when the rains arrived. Scores: WEST INDIES 309 for six off 48 overs (Evin Lewis 84, Marlon Samuels 73 not out, Rovman Powell 52, Chris Gayle 46; Paul van Meekeren 2-37, Roelof van der Merwe 2-46). NETHERLANDS 167 for six off 28.4 overs (Ryan ten Doeschate 67, Wesley Barresi 64).

Bartica Easter Regatta

Small Business support from Eon Stephen Trucking Service With action in the 2018 edition of the Bartica Easter Regatta already getting underway with the Top Model Segment of the Pageant at the Aruwai Resort, the business community in Bartica continues to lend support. The latest entity to get on board is Eon Stephen Trucking Service of Third Avenue Bartica, they approached the organiser of the event, Bartica Development Business Association (BDBA) to support. In handing over the donation to Member of the Organising Committee, Eon Williams, Nicola Stephen said that as a small business entity they are proud to partner with the BDBA in support of the Town’s marquee event, Easter Regatta. ”We would like to play our part in making the entire event a success however small our contribution; we know that it can assist in the overall objective of success.” Williams expressed gratitude to Eon and Nicola for their support pledging that this year’s event will be the best ever, noting that they are working very hard to ensure same.

Mrs. Nicola Stephen hands over the contribution to Eon Williams in the presence of Eon Stephen.


Tuesday March 13, 2018

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GFF Elite League Season III

New Amsterdam’s first win and Hubert Pedro hat-trick highlight last weekend’s play Defending Champions of the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Elite League, Guyana Defence Force Football Club (GDF FC), defeated Victoria Kings 2-0 on Sunday evening at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, in a much needed win in their season III title defence bid. In that feature match, Delroy Fraser (31st minute) and Carlus Adams with a stoppage time strike, sealed the victory for the army men. In the first match of the evening which began at 17:30hrs, New Amsterdam United Football Club recorded their first win of the season with a 2-1 edging of Linden’s Milerock Football Club. Jeremy Samuels (59th) and Jomaul Butts (65th) both scored before Colric Beckles

(79th) scored a consolation goal for Milerock. Meanwhile on Friday, Hubert Pedro’s hat-trick performance for Western Tigers secured a comfortable three points when they came up against Cougars United at the same GFC ground venue. Pedro netted first for the Tigers in the 13th minute then

doubled six minutes later. Pedro’s teammate Colin Nelson supported with a 39th minute goal as the Ruimveldt based club enjoyed a healthy lead at half time. Cougars scored a consolation in the 83rd minute through Mark Wronge before Erwin Johnson took the score to 3-2 in the 87th minute, giving Cougars some hope of securing their first point in league this season but Hubert Pedro completed his hattrick in stoppage time and Tigers won the game 4-2. Prior to that showdown, Fruta Conquerors needled Den Amstel (1-0) as the game saw the winning coach, Sampson Gilbert, use four subs, while O’Neal Heywood, used a handful of substitutions.

Indian Wells BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament

Sachia Vickery suffer third round loss to meteorically rising star, Noami Osaka After upsetting world third seed Garbine Muguruza 2-6, 7-5, 6-1 in a second-round win at the BNP Paribas Open in California on Friday last, Guyana’s, American Born Sachia Vickery fell to the in-form 20-year-old Naomi Osaka in the third round match. The young Japanese player, Osaka, had scored straight-set victories over both former world number one Maria Sharapova and Agnieszka Radwañska, to reach the third round and she continued with that impressive form to sweep Vickery 6-3, 6-3. Vickery who began the tournament

ranked at 100 was heralded around the tennis world. Sachia Vickery after coming back from being down a set and three points to defeat 2017 Wimbledon champion Garbiñe Muguruza 2-6, 7-5, 6-1 in the Round-of-64 matches at the Indian Wells, one of the premier tennis tournaments in the World. Osaka proved too tough to handle and Vickery failed to find that recapture that fight back mojo she used to defeat Muguruza and lost in straight sets, in the battle of the rising stars.

Carragher suspended by Sky after spitting at girl

LONDON (Reuters) Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been suspended from his role as a Sky Sports pundit after video footage emerged of him spitting towards a girl in a car, the television company said yesterday. Carragher has apologised for the incident, which took place after Liverpool lost 2-1 to Manchester United on Saturday, calling it “a moment of madness”. The 40-year-old former England international was summoned for talks with Sky Sports who had earlier described his actions as “unacceptable”.Carragher was driving home after summarising on Manchester United’s win over Liverpool

at Old Trafford when he apparently became involved in a conversation with the occupants of an adjacent car. A video taken from the car, released on the website of several British newspapers, clearly shows Carragher spitting. In the video the father of the girl can be heard shouting: “Unlucky Jamie lad. Two, one”. “Totally out of order and I’ve apologised personally to all the family this evening,” Carragher said on Twitter. “I was goaded 3/4 times along the motorway while being filmed and lost my rag. No excuses, apologies.” Carragher, who joined Sky Sports after retiring as a player in 2013, has become a popu-

Jamie Carragher appeared on Sky Sports News for spitting on a 14-year-old girl. (Sky News) lar pundit working regularly alongside former United defender Gary Neville.

Calvin Ming record valuable championship points in Russia

Calvin Ming in St. Petersburg, Russia over last weekend. (facebook) Young Guyanese racecar driver Calvin Ming recorded valuable championship points over last weekend during the first round of the USF2000 championship this weekend in Saint Petersburg, Russia to be in fifth place overall after the opening round. Ming noted that he had a tough qualifying round on Friday, posting on his Facebook page, “Another tough day in Qualifying one today. Will be starting the first race from 14th position. Still one more qualifying tomorrow to sort out all the

kinks…” Ming finished the race on Saturday in fourth place after starting from 14th position. He again posted after the event and another qualifying session; “P4 finish in race one at Saint Petersburg from a P14 starting position....One more race tomorrow starting from the same position due to an unfortunate situation in qualifying again. Aiming on improving on the position today to aim for a podium spot tomorrow.” However, things did not go fully to his plan as the young Guyanese speed ace

had to settle for an 8th place finish. While not the desired result, Ming had valuable points after finishing in the top 10 on both occasions to be fifth in the standings. “Scored some decent points this weekend with two top 10 positions. Finished race one in 4th and race two in 8th. Leaving the weekend 5th in points despite having issues all weekend and not having the results we wanted. Now we have some time to regroup and focus on the things we can improve on for the next round,” he wrote on Facebook.

Casey wins Valspar as Woods finishes one stroke behind (Reuters) - Englishman Paul Casey surged to victory at the Valspar Championship in Florida on Sunday as Tiger Woods came tantalisingly close to ending his five-year drought. Woods, who finished one stroke behind Casey, lamented a “couple of putts here and there” that could have led to his 80th PGA Tour victory. His solid performance, however, provided further proof that he is a force again after last April’s spinal fusion surgery on his lower back. “Unfortunately I just didn’t quite feel as sharp as I needed to with my irons, played a little conservative because of it,” Woods told reporters at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor. “It showed in my amount (two) of birdies today. “I’ve been here before a few times, so I felt very comfortable. As a whole I felt very good about what I did this week.” The old Tiger magic was mostly missing on Sunday as the 14-times

major champion tried to record his 80th PGA Tour victory, and his first since 2013. Missing, that is, until the par-three 17th, where Woods perfectly read and then executed a 43-foot birdie putt, his ball curling deliciously into the centre of the cup as the gallery went berserk. But Woods could not replicate the magic at the par-four 18th, where he missed a difficult 40-foot birdie putt that would have forced a playoff with Casey. Woods carded 70 and had to settle for second with fellow American Patrick Reed (68), who made an embarrassing bogey at the last when his first putt, through the fringe, failed to make it up the hill and rolled all the way back to his feet. When the dust settled, Casey, long in the clubhouse with a 65 for 10-under 274, could finally celebrate his second victory on the PGA Tour.

“Probably not the most significant win of my career, but it’s certainly one of the most satisfying ones, the quality of the golf I played,” said Casey, who has also won 13 times on the European Tour. “I know I made some errors yesterday — I hit it in the water twice — but as a whole I would say it’s one of the cleanest weeks I’ve ever had from kind of a golf course management point of view.” Wo o d s , m e a n w h i l e , kept his eye on the long game as he prepares for the April 5-8 Masters at Augusta National. “I believe my game is progressing,” he said. “I had really some nice building blocks at Honda (equal 12th two weeks ago) and I’ve had a few tweaks for this week and it paid off. “Just a couple of things with my set-up and I was just trying to get my posture organised a little bit more ... little things (that) just make for better passes through the golf ball.”

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