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SUICIDE-a national scourge Guyana has been attracting global attention for the wrong reason. Most recently, an international agency concluded that Guyana has the highest per capita suicide rate in the world. Guyana has a population of less than one million people so this means that its population is more prone to self-destruction than those in any other country. We know that the rate of suicide is high, so high that a private citizen, Psychiatrist Dr. Frank Beckles sponsored a study. The findings were far-reaching and should have formed the basis for government action. For one, the government recognized that it did not have many mental health practitioners and there was not going to be a change in the system any time soon. To compound the problem families were slow to recognize mental illness among their relatives with the result that they only sought help when the situation had reached a critical stage. People are reluctant to even talk about mental health. Families with a family member who is mentally ill fears the stigma and discrimination that has become commonplace. We are not known to be kind to people with any aberration. Perhaps this has to do with our own embarrassment; but then again it may have to do with our lack of understanding. Whatever the reason, Dr. Frank Beckles’s research found that suicide was most prominent in the agricultural communities. Reasons proffered ranged from the ready availability of pesticides and insecticides to the frustrations that could accompany those relying on farming for a livelihood. However, the study finds that there is more to suicide in the agricultural communities of Black Bush Polder, Parika and other parts of coastal Guyana. Farmers tend to be heavy consumers of alcohol and the findings suggest that alcohol plays a very significant role in suicides. Newspaper reports on suicides have been quick to point out that the victim was a habitual drinker. The average of suicides was between 18 and 25. This suggests that the young people are not prepared to tolerate frustration. Many of them chose the road to suicide because they refused to adhere to parental rules or were victims of denial. Perhaps they wanted something that the parent was not prepared to give. Then there are those who believe that they are in love and when questioned, end their lives. For these reasons and more Guyana is said to have the highest suicide rate in the world. There is also a factor that contributes to this. Most Guyanese feel that for someone to seek psychiatric help is to admit that the individual is stark raving mad. The result is that people are not quick to visit psychiatrists. In fact, this category of medical professional is virtually unknown. What Guyana needs are more people who would be trained in the field of mental health. A few years ago the Ministry of Health sent eight nurses to train as psychiatric nurses. Only two remain, the others have left for those countries where their skills would be better rewarded. Then there are the religious leaders who unwittingly contribute to this scourge. Certain diseases carry with them a stigma. The result is that people do not talk too much about them, sometimes not even with family members. HIV/AIDS is one such. Some religious leaders refused people from the Ministry of Health to conduct seminars with young people on the disease. In the end when the disease reared its head in those communities the young people were so distraught that they killed themselves. Admittedly, this has changed for the better but there are still people who are so traumatised by the disease that they opt for suicide. Some feel that the economic conditions, for example the lack of jobs, contribute to the rate of suicides. People are too wrapped up with their own plight that they cannot take the time to look at another’s problems. Those with their serious problems feel neglected. Guyana may wish to set up community counselors but then again, such people may not be readily available.

Saturday June 21, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Freddie Kissoon and the column of the street DEAR EDITOR, No Guyanese newspaper columnist in recent times has personified and combined the impulses of social activism, and figure of controversy than Freddie Kissoon. He has contributed more than any other individual in the media in consistently and flambouyantly exposing corruption, Guyana’s foibles and the nature of contemporary Guyanese society. The moniker “Freddie” supports the iconoclastic image and symbolizes the everyday friend of the man and woman in the street – and this acts as an entry point that takes many forms. In the process, Kissoon appears as the public’s neighbour, and friend. He is the shaggy Wortmanville boy and concurrently the comforter in chief and critic in chief. Surprisingly, in spite of his everyday presence in national debate, there has been little or no independent reflective assessment or acknowledgment of the content and effect of Kissoon’s column over time. It is no surprise there is a degree of silence about his journalistic contribution in Guyana. Part of the reason derives from the nature of the columnist himself – one who does not take prisoners from any political corner and has no permanent political friends. The other reason is the development of a much broader cynicism to things Guyanese and the simmering social rage over decades manifest in despair and a weary retirement from engagement with the totality of a crisis that is Guyana. Nonetheless, the scale, focus and response to the columns, letters and the public activity of Frederick Kissoon over the last two decades deserves more contemplative analysis than afforded by

the trenchant dismissal of his enemies and the uncritical praise of his followers and friends. This modest effort to probe the content and impact of the contribution of the controversial columnist is designed to both acknowledge Kissoon’s contribution and open up conversation about the role of criticism and debate in contemporary Guyana. Kissoon first started writing publicly for the weekly Catholic Standard in 1988. This sojourn was followed by a stint with the Stabroek News and now the Kaieteur News where he pens an almost daily column –a remarkable output by any standard. His daily and then five days a week column in the Kaieteur News has been at the crosshairs of political and social debate in Guyana and a recourse of many readers, local and abroad to current events - especially those that contain the sharp edge of Guyanese politics. And his column exemplifies the public’s frustrations with the failed modern Guyana state and defines the current Guyana era unlike any other singular journalistic contribution. His column’s bravura depicts and updates with fresh analysis and boldness of the existing state of affairs in Guyana – subjects that other interest groups and media outlets either fail or “fear” to report. Kissoon, in his own distinctive style and approach, frontally addresses the follies and foibles of this society with an earthiness that both attracts and repels, depending on the reader or recipient in all corners of the Guyanese political and social environment. His column content and style is effusive, direct, and iconoclastic along

with other significant markers. His garrulous writing style may not enamor him with the writing purists and there are ups and downs in his analysis. As with any regular columnist he makes errors of fact and at times contradicts his own erstwhile positions. He has also been accused of ranting and giving delusionary attributions to people, persons and events. The evidence of his column suggests there is a measure of truth in this perception of the material in some of his pieces. His tendency to personalize (judgment of people and their motives) is useful but always courts the danger of being unfair. Kissoon often repeats an angle of analysis or fact. Yet repetition is inevitable and mandatory in Guyana given the stifling recurrence of excess and the failure of movement and progress. But again these omissions have to do with distrust in legacies of rule in Guyana and commensurate wariness with the long history of opposition failures in and out of protest and negotiation, especially with the PPP state. These faults aside, the fact is that Kissoon’s unconventional prose works in the Guyana context. The evidence lies in the columnist’s popularity and continual responses from the aggrieved government official, private sector spokesperson, opposition politician, or as seen not so long ago, a representative of the government of India. Forgive the occasional stumble, the fleeting element of self-righteousness, Freddie Kissoon, among current columnists, is in a class by himself. To use a mechanical metaphor, he is not in neutral. If he were we would have no use (Continued on page 5)

Does Guyana have justice or rule of law? DEAR EDITOR, The Police Department in Subdivision “B”, New Amsterdam, Berbice, has no regard for the rule of Law and Constitution rights. On the 19th of June 20, 2014 at approximately 05:10pm, I was sitting in my parked car in the corner of the east side of Main Street of New Amsterdam. Suddenly a female cyclist came and hit the side of my car. She then rode away along the said Main Street. I came out of the car and inspected the side of the car which had a small scratch. However, about 30 minutes later a traffic police corporal (name and badge number provided) came to me and told me to go to the Police Station because a

report was made against me. I complied and drove to the Traffic Section of the Police Station. On my arrival at the Station I met a female, two other police ranks and the Corporal. The Corporal instructed one of the ranks to get my documents which I immediately handed over. All of my documents were in order. The Corporal then instructed the rank to seize my car. I then enquired why my car had to be seized. No response. I had to walk a mile to my home on a dark street with the possibility of being robbed. Editor, in the United States and other democratic countries, cause has to be

established before a person’s private property can be seized and taken by the police, but in Guyana a policeman can seize a person’s private property without justification. My car was taken from me and I had not committed a crime, and I was not even charged. I do not know what the charge is so that I can be defended against it. Does Guyana have justice or rule of law? I would welcome if someone would debate me to establish the premise that Guyana has democracy and is not a police State. I can advise anyone against coming to Guyana because there is no legal protection against police abuse of power. Vincent Loncke

Police harassment at the Harbour Bridge DEAR EDITOR, On Thursday, 19th June, 2014 myself and family attended a wake in Georgetown. We crossed the Demerara Harbour Bridge from the western end around 20.30 hours. When crossing the police patrol stopped our vehicle, looked in and told us to drive on, as we were a family together. We spent about two hours at the wake and were returning t o our home, when once again, the said police stopped us. My son was driving and he was tired after a hard day’s work.

Lo and behold, the police stopped us again, and demanded that we get out of the car. He told my son that he looked drunk and he would have to go to the Leonora Station for a breathalyzer test. Then he said he wanted to search the vehicle. My son told him that he is not doing any test, because we passed there less than two hours before, and he is not drunk and his family is in the car. The argument went on for quite some time and the officer in charge did not even intervene to see what the matter was.

These police look into our vehicle every day and always want a change. They are frustrating and harassing commuters all day long. They are even demanding money from persons, once they find you easygoing. How much longer do we have to endure this police harassment? What is the Home Affairs Minister doing? Can somebody put some sense into these money hungry people? I guess traffic ranks are the richest public servants around. I am fed-up. Concerned citizen

Saturday June 21, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The PPP/C cannot easily be defeated at any new elections DEAR EDITOR, I recently read on the internet, a letter written by Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh, which was published on May 5 in the Stabroek News under the caption “PPP Government cannot win a majority in any new elections”. In that letter the authors stated ‘‘we can say with much certainty that the PPP cannot win a majority in any new elections. For one reason, the AFC has changed the political dynamics/landscape in Guyana. For another, the East Indian population on the Corentyne which is the PPP stronghold has been drastically reduced by 22% due largely to migration. ‘’ My opinion is that this shows lack of knowledge on the political background of this country. Everyone knows that the AFC (Alliance

For Change) does not have the support base to win an outright majority at any elections for two main reasons: (1) elections in Guyana is more about race rather than party ideology and (2) East Indians, who represent 47 percent of the population, vote en masse for the PPP, regardless if the country is being poorly run. This Government cannot be easily defeated, as ethnic voting remains entrenched. Guyana is a nation that is politically and racially divided. The is primarily due to the split of the PPP (People’s Progressive Party) along racial lines, due to differences in political views between the two main party leaders, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Mr. Forbes Burnham. The split resulted in Jagan continuing to lead the PPP and Burnham forming the People’s National

Congress (PNC). Racial considerations have since dominated elections, as the PPP became an East Indianbased party and the PNC derived its following from the African community. Some politicians use racism to gain political millage which destroys the country. We as Guyanese cannot represent our nation’s motto ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny ‘ because we don’t live together as one. Everything in Guyana is about race and this is why the PPP Government which is being supported by largest ethnic group of people in our society - regardless of the high cost of living, high unemployment rate, high crime rate, poor health care system, poor education, bad governance and mismanagement of our taxpayer money among other things - can never lose any

new elections in Guyana. There is no doubt that race was effectively used to construct and sustain the PPP/C Government’s dictatorship for over twentyone after the 1992 general elections. Had Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh known different, they would never have said that the PPP cannot win a majority in any new elections. We must remember when

and dialogue that would otherwise dissipate in London, Rio or New York, is alive in Georgetown. In sum, Kissoon has brought the people of the street into his column and has taken his column to the streets. The state and the PPP are not the exclusive targets of Kissoon’s unwavering and roving pen. His column and the regular letter to the press attack the contradictions and follies in other parties, sectors and individuals, including the PNC, AFC, WPA, trade unions, police force, private sector, and foreign diplomats and interests. His range of topic is expansive: elitism, garbage on the streets, the PPP’s corruption and intractability, politically-linked drug culture, PNC irrationalities, opposition weaknesses, conditions at UG, egregious or criminal behaviour of individuals; his ice cream choices, the “ugly” Berbice bridge, sycophancy in the Republic, Pradoville, the African-Indian divide; the follies of leadership, former President Jagdeo’s power excesses, private sector ‘cowardice’, Cuba and its contradictions, Dr Luncheon’s ambiguous language, Clement Rohee’s performance and public statements, the horrible disparities between rich and poor, his (Kissoon’s) own taste in music, and the new “drug and money laundering” rich and many other targets. Only occasionally does the column digress to international events or some philosophical issue off the shores of Guyana. His criticism exposes not only the dislocations and crimes committed in the society but the lack of response

to them. The nature and frequency in which state officials and PPP pundits take to respond to Kissoon’s column, either directly through official sources or through unofficial sources like the phantom letter writers is a sharp indicator of his effectiveness. Indeed these letters and blogs in the Guyana press are legion. After an earlier tendency to engage these phantom writers, Kissoon’s newest tactic is to ignore them. Political pundits, opposition and government supporters and followers in the diaspora avidly read Kissoon in spite of their social or political position, because at some level they know and have experienced in real time, one aspect or other of Kissoon’s interpretations, reflections, or conclusions. The force of Kissoon’s day-to-day critique of anything to do with the abuse of power, crooked officials and contradictory existence provides a crucial service in a society where traditional means of protest have subsided or dimmed over decades by the rash of immigration, undemocratic practices, broken trade unions, political bribery, corruption and fear. But his other credo is controversy. His courageous exposure of the regime’s character has led to action been taken against him in various forms including open and subtle attacks in print on his character and employment. He has also been the victim of physical assault, and these

Guyanese are mostly about change and voted beyond racial grounds while others refused to do so, resulting in another PPP victory. As such, I do not see that the ruling party will ever be defeated. The end of the PPP/C Government will depend on whenever the majority of my Indo-Guyanese brothers and sisters say enough is enough and put our country first. Rayvonne P. Bourne

It’s time we stop the beating of children in our schools DEAR EDITOR, It is good that the Government has decided to table legislation which would stop the beating of children in Guyana’s schools (Stabroek News 20 June, 2014 “Corporal punishment

Freddie Kissoon and the column... From page 4 for him. The technique he employs, whether strategic, instinctive or reactive, involves short, direct sometimes hyperbolic attacks on organizations, policies, events and individuals. In performing its function, his column incorporates some of the classical attributes of other outstanding columnists: irony, anecdote, mimicry, analogy, comparison, passion, repetition, metaphor, humour and satire. Bolstered by a formidable memory, Kissoon challenges authority at every corner of the political spectrum but retains a high preponderance of his criticism for the current government and party in power since 1992. Correspondingly Kissoon’s column engages a device of identifying friend or colleague on location that has proven extremely effective in bringing his readership closer to the “action.” So for example, Freddie met so and so in Fogartys, on the picket line or court corridors. Irrespective of whether this is a tactic or an instinct written into the writer’s DNA - the identifications of select friends or colleagues in this form in the column serves to place both the recipient and the columnist in the zone of contact from which a kind of situational equality emerges. In a small society accustomed to “who knows who” the naming of associates provides them with the temporary halo of meeting a prominent and controversial columnist in Guyana today. It also defines accessibility to Kissoon and highlights the “local” nature of the discourse in Guyana. Guyana’s capital Georgetown is a small place,

the AFC was formed and contested elections in 2006 under its slogan, “Vote for Change Not Race”, everyone was expecting a turning point in terms of ethnic voting. In the end, however, the AFC got six seats, with the majority of their votes coming from Afro Guyanese communities. The birth of the AFC confirmed the existence of ethnic voting in our society, but also showed that Afro

assaults are not accidental. One strategy employed by Kissoon’s fiercest critics is to place the popular columnist in the category of a mad, crazy writer flailing at everything under the sun. But this depiction of Kissoon fails overall because he employs a sharp intellect, academic discipline, historical perspective, psychology and philosophy to penetrate the veneer of social and political conduct and keenly interprets the irrationalities of Guyanese society like no other. A fact not lost of any section of the society is the fact that Freddie Kissoon is an Indo Guyanese gadfly and iconoclast who reserves the majority of his critique for those political and social forces that unwittingly or strategically, receive their support from the Indian Guyanese electorate or public opinion. In more than one sense his advocacy provides hope to the other sectors and racial groups. In the course of his advocacy and criticism he has offered a bold reassessment of Forbes Burnham and a fearless re-portrayal of Dr Cheddi Jagan, and their respective political roles and legacies. Once what Kissoon frequently terms the “asininities” in Guyana continue, his column (and regular letters) will continue to expose, illuminate and encounter reaction from those fearful of his caustic and roving pen. Nigel Westmaas

dropped from new education bill”). Many persons had thought that the reason Guyana is in a mess is that children were not being beaten in the schools, but this was not true - children get licks in school and at home, like the adults before them who litter, sell liquor to them, drive wildly, play loud music, don’t hold local Government elections, etc. What is true is that many children were no doubt fighting back and refusing to accept what they perceive as injustice, unlike many of us who take licks in its different forms from authority. Previous experiences with progressive legislation in Guyana, especially those which could invoke the wrath of God, have shown that the National Assembly found ways to dump the issues into committees etc. There is a Special Select Committee which has not reported any conclusions on the beating of children issue.

We can only hope that the National Assembly does not convolute itself between the Education Bill and the workings of the committee, and that we will liberate ourselves from this bit of our violent colonial legacy. This time around, the National Assembly has a chance to show that Guyana’s children have the same right to a life free from violence, as the adults who are permitted to beat them. At the same time, the National Assembly should provide resources for the students, teachers and parents - to be able to counter the violence in schools which is intensifying in the same way as in the communities of the schools. One troubled school, for example, had to suspend some of the interactions with the police because there was no space or facilities in the school for all the students to assemble for the duration of the interactions. Vidyaratha Kissoon

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Land giveaways… “Highly improper” and “the height of dishonesty” were phrases used by A Partnership for National Unity’s, (APNU) Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge, to describe the gifting of two prime pieces of lands to the China Railway First Group (CRFG). Considering the fact that National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL), which is headed by Winston Brassington, seems to have a history of “gifting state assets,” the former Finance Minister made a strong call for the Chinese government and its Embassy to insist that its companies refrain from secret deals. They should consider the implications and consequences that will be had from “colluding with agents of the government in disrespecting the national laws of the country.” The gifting of the two plots of land was made known by the government holding agency, as it sought to justify giving away one acre of Turkeyen land to the Chinese company. “The price on the contract with CRFG was executed in September 2012 and expired in June 2013. Given the expected delay of postponing Financial Close until the latter

Kaieteur News

Saturday June 21, 2014

Opposition urges Chinese Embassy to get companies away from ‘secret deals’ “Chinese government, embassy must look at this because it establishes for these companies, a reputation for disrespect of our laws, you cannot go to China and do this. It would not be possible,” Carl Greenidge part of 2013, it was necessary to have the EPC price extended.” On the second “negotiated” matter, NICIL explained that the completion of the access road was a prerequisite to starting construction of the main project; local contractors were unlikely to complete the most difficult section of the road (Section 7) in 2013 and it was therefore considered wise to engage CRFG to complete the road, but at a reduced price to its tender. There was a reduction of the amount of its original bid of US$11.2M to a cash contract price of US$8.5M; along with the transfer by way of Deed of Gift, from government of two lots of land. This, Greenidge said, was a most improper and unsound deal much to Guyana’s loss. He said, “This deal is the height of dishonesty and I don’t want this to be treated as though it is an overreaction because it is highly improper. If we had to depend on NICIL and the People’s Progressive Party we would not have known

this. “It is only when one stumbles upon the gifting of lands then they decide to come out and justify. That is not good enough.” NICIL had said that there were key matters which were discussed with the Chinese firm. The two matters were in relation to the Contract Price and that of the Amaila Falls road. Greenidge said that the holding company was never established to serve as a conduit for hiding the transfer of state assets to private individuals or companies. “That was never its function. It was established in the context of holding, and managing assets arising from privatization. It is not meant to be an entity that is involved in bribing companies which seems to be part of this exercise.” NICIL said that in early 2013, with the expectation of the Amaila Falls construction project starting later that year, “negotiations were held with China Railway First Group on key matters related to the start of the project.” This, NICIL said, resulted in two pieces of land being committed to CRFG. The two pieces of land were one acre at Liliendaal and over seven acres at Friendship, East Bank Demerara. The latter is in the process of being transferred. CRFG would use the land

Carl Greenidge, APNU’s Shadow Minister of Finance

Winston Brassington, Head of NICIL at Liliendaal for building its Head Office and the land at Friendship for a materials marshalling yard and also a fixed price contract in preference to a measured works contract. Greenidge said that NICIL has been involved in a number of instances where it handed out millions worth in state assets as gift. “It has a history of this kind of behaviour.” He added, “I think when we come to examine, properly, the full extent of the transfer of the lands we will find that no time in the history of this country have state lands been transferred on this scale to private individuals or companies. “No time in our history has this happened at such a scale and that is what we are witnessing.” The APNU member said that when it comes to this recent revelation, there are several things which come to the fore. Greenidge said that government has misrepresented the facts as it relates to the change in the arrangements. “So we not only have a misrepresentation of the facts, but we also have an abuse of office when we take into consideration the functions of

NICIL,” Greenidge explained. “The Chinese Embassy has to look into this and see what impact these side agreements or secret agreements and improper arrangements between themselves and agents of the government of Guyana have on the image of China and its companies. “And I am speaking as someone who was part of a political party that welcomed the Chinese into this region, and had very close relations with them and it is sad to see that the officials would sit by and allow these types of arrangements and deals involving gifts to go on.” “All these arrangements infringe our national laws pertaining to procurement. It has to be something that the Chinese government must look at, because it establishes for these companies, a reputation for disrespect of our laws or rather, colluding with agents within the government to disrespect our laws and you cannot go to China and do this. It would not be possible.” The Parliamentarian then urged the members of the Chinese Embassy that however irresponsible the government of Guyana wants

to be, “be responsible with what you are doing so that relationships established in the face of hostile political reactions from the west are preserved and not undermined or lost. This is an unacceptable line along which to go.” He said that Guyana’s laws do not apply for these secret deals. He reminded that the Parliament passed in 2012, resolutions 14 and 15 which said that Government must report to Parliament on the transfer of lands but even up to this date, the government failed to report on these matters. He added, “We see lands being handed out by the PPP without reference to communities to which either these lands have traditionally belonged to or the communities have a special interest in that land. They never consult the people in those areas….” “One has to draw the conclusion that Government has embarked on a deliberate policy on handing over state assets to three sets of people; Indian firms, Chinese firms and Caribbean firms with special political interest to them,” the former Finance Minister concluded.

Saturday June 21, 2014

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Unions plan second street demonstration against government PORT-OF-SPAIN,Trinidad - CMC – Trade unions have announced plans for a second major show of strength against the Kalma Persad Bissessar led coalition People’s Partnership government within a month. President of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) and president general of the powerfuil Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), Ancel Roget, said the labour leaders will lead “thousands” in a march to the office of Prime Minister Persad Bissessar next Friday. Exactly one week from today, next Friday, June 27, at 5 pm, we will assemble in our thousands at King George V Park in Port-ofSpain. From there we will be going straight to the head of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the one who has ultimate responsibility for our government. “We will go directly to the office of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. We must not give away our strategies, we must maintain the element of surprise so when we reach there, we will announce our next move,” Roget told a “May Day” rally of trade unions here on

President of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) and president general of the powerful Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), Ancel Roget Thursday. Trade unions in Trinidad, unlike their partners worldwide, celebrate May Day on June 19 rather than the traditional May 1. Roget called on the government to name the date for fresh elections in Trinidad and Tobago as well as to dismiss embattled Sports Minister Anil Roberts, who in the past has denied he is the person seen in a video where

a man is rolling a marijuana joint. Prime Minister Persad Bissessar has said she has accepted Roberts explanation that the video is a fabrication and that he is not the person many say is him in the video. But Roget said children were aware of the video and called on Prime Persad Bissessar, “If not for the sake of our young people and the future of our country, fire Anil Roberts now.”

Saturday June 21, 2014

St Lucia Labour Party supports Anthony’s move to cut public service salaries and freeze wages CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC – The ruling St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is supporting efforts by the Kenny Anthony government to reduce the EC$76 million (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) fiscal deficit by cutting public service salaries and introducing a wage freeze for the next triennium. Both proposals have been rejected by the public workers last week, but the government has been seeking public support for its initiatives to deal with the financial situation. SLP chairman Dr. Julian Hunte has reaffirmed his p a r t y ’s s u p p o r t f o r the government’s proposals saying the move is necessary to rescue the country falling into worse economic strain. Hunte told a news conference that government’s actions were an indication of its commitment to the country as it seeks to save it from “the economic crisis it has inherited” and other

contributing factors. “The simple and harsh fact confronting us is that if action is not taken at this time, to reduce the deficit in government’s finances, then the economic situation will worse and St. Lucia will be forced to implement unpalatable and even more austere measures imposed by insensitive, soulless international institutions. This must be avoided,” Hunte said. “The situation facing the government is not difficult to understand. It is comparable to that of the head of a household who has recognized that the household expenditure is surpassing the total income earned by the household, and that as a result it is in deep debt. “It would then be natural to remove the debt and discontinue it from incurring it. The minister of finance, as head of the household, which is the public service, must therefore

Dr. Kenny Anthony cut down on the areas of expenditure which have and are pushing the government into further debt. The largest of these areas is public sector salaries and wages,” Hunte said. He labelled the government’s salary cut proposal as both pro-worker and pro-country measures which were “forced upon the government” by circumstances, adding that it is important that the population sees this move as a sacrifice which workers have to make for themselves and country.

Saturday June 21, 2014

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THE TWO WAVES OF BANNING OF FOOD ITEMS I recently went into one of our local supermarkets. My assignment was to pick up a few pints of split peas to make some split peas cook-up. I was directed by one of the attendants to the shelf where the split peas were to be had. When I got there and looked at the shelf I was momentarily transfixed. There were so many different brands and packages of split peas that I did not know which one to select. I now had a choice, quite unlike back in the day when split peas was placed on the restricted list of commodities. This meant that its importation required an import licence. And this in turn translated to a virtual ban of the product since the absence of foreign exchange meant that the then government of the day was reluctant to have valuable foreign exchanged used up to import this most basic commodity.

As a substitute to the imported split peas, the government encouraged the population to use locally produced pigeon and black eye peas. The Guyana National Service was supposed to pioneer the mass production of the latter as part of the country’s drive to be self sufficient. Well this is what the population was told. If the truth be known, then the people should have been told that the drive for self sufficiency was not the reason for the virtual banning of split peas and flour. It was the acute shortage of foreign exchange that created import restrictions and in order to justify the bans and restrictions on food items, the government came up with this idea of self sufficiency. This was in the 1980s. But the bans and restrictions had begun just after the oil crisis of the 1970s and were not necessarily as a result of foreign exchange shortages.

Dem boys seh...

Guyana getting just like China Brazzy practising a new kind of economics. He got de government paying fuh goods and services wid land. It don’t matter if de land that people living on. Dem boys know that he run out of money to pay de Chinee contractor because he spend wha he had pun de Marriott. At first de Chinee contractor offer to cut back on de project like a tailor who does cut cloth fuh fit. That would mean that de hydro road woulda stop long before de end. It woulda really be a road to nowhere. That is how dem decide fuh tek de land. Dem is crooks like Brazzy suh dem understand de language. Dem know that a new crop of Chinee coming and dem got to live somewhere. Right away Brazzy decide to mek a swap. Dem, boys hear when he tell de head of de Chinee company that nuff Chinee coming and dem got to find somewhere to live. If dem get land dem can build couple house which dem can sure when dem move on. That is wha Brazzy tell dem suh de contractor gun mek money because he gun sell back de land. Some people already live pun de land at Friendship and dem been living there fuh a long time. Now dem boys seh that dem waiting to see how Brazzy gun put off dem people. He gun be doing wha no other government gun do to its people. In China, Donald can’t get people to move off de land fuh de couple Guyanese who gun want to live there. In fact, if he try that is de firing squad fuh violating Chinee principle. But Guyana ain’t got that principle. Brazzy looking to see how he can cut a corner. When he tell de Chinee company that it gun get land instead of money, de plan was to mek sure that de money put up fuh later. Now he got to tell dem people how to move off de land. But don’t expect dem boys gun sit and tek it easy. Talk half and prepare fuh deal wid Brazzy.

The problem then was that Burnham was badly advised by two individuals who are now both deceased. They are no longer around to defend the advice that they gave to him, and which he adopted, to place import restrictions as a response to the oil crisis. This was horrible advice. The banning caused great unease within the middle class. They were no longer prepared to stay in Guyana without these basic food items. Many of them including the traditional shop-holding and business class began to migrate in large numbers. When they left, they sold their properties and they converted the money through a series of ingenious ways into foreign currency and left with it. The country was emptied further of foreign exchange. This exacerbated the crisis The two gentlemen that advised Burnham to ban food items and restrict other imports had panicked. They felt that the rise in fuel prices would eat up all of foreign exchange reserves and so they advised him to ban and ban and ban. A long list of items was banned just after

the oil crisis in the 1970’s. It was a faulty logic as the PPPC showed a few years ago when it too was faced with a fuel crisis, one that was far worse than what the PNC experienced in the 1970s. The Jagdeo administration did not go down the route that Burnham went. It did not try to restrict imports because it knew that in order to get out of any possible crisis the wheels of industry and commerce had to be kept turning. If the economy contracted, there would not have been any money at all to import the higher priced fuel. And so instead of restricting imports, they ensured that industry was not affected by foreign exchange restrictions. They dealt with the problem by expanding imports thus allowing the economy to grow out of the crisis. Burnham had taken the opposite route. He tried to curb the use of foreign exchange. This led to a contraction of imports including spare parts which were needed for industry. Without these spare parts, industry grounded to a halt, the economy contracted and

the crisis got worse. But you could not have told that then to the two men, now deceased, who advised Burnham on his strategy to deal with the oil crisis. They believed they knew it all. At times even believed they knew more than Burnham himself. In the 1980s when the second wave of import restrictions took place, Jagan pointed out to Burnham the futility of banning flour. He indicated to him the general policy that you do not ban something unless you have a substitute to replace it and unless that substitute is available in adequate quantities. There was no substitute for wheaten flour. Rice flour and cassava flour are not suitable substitutes. Jagan pointed this out to them but they would not listen. But even then they could not produce sufficient cassava or rice to make enough flour in the mill they imported from Brazil. It was the same with split peas. There was not enough

production to compensate. The much anticipated glut of production of split peas from the Guyana National Service never came. Burnham had once again put the cart before the horse. He had restricted an item without first assessing whether he could produce a substitute in adequate quantities. In those days, Guyanese who desired split peas could not be bothered what brand it was or from where it came. It was so short in supply that people took it wherever it came from.

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Saturday June 21, 2014

US condemns Guyana again on human trafficking - cites little money, poor prosecution For the fourth year running, Guyana has been placed on the Tier 2 Watch List of the US Trafficking in Persons (TIP) 2014 report that was released yesterday. In a scathing report on Guyana that is bound to again elicit a dismissive response from Government, the US said that the country is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour. Released by Secretary of State, John Kerry, the report said that Guyana made minimal efforts to prevent trafficking. A Government’s ministerial taskforce that was designated to monitor and assess the government’s antitrafficking efforts did not report any results. The report was also critical of a delay by the taskforce to allow the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO), a “leading” nongovernmental organisation, to be part of it. GWMO which has actively been highlighting cases had requested to be

part of the body but has not received a reply. GWMO President, Simona Broomes, was honored by the US for her work in highlighting incidences of human trafficking. The annual report of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons which falls under the United States Department of State, is designed to record investigations and create programmes to prevent human trafficking globally. The office presents the report annually to Congress and is designed to raise awareness about human exploitation and trafficking, and to prevent it. According to the 2014 report, while the full extent of forced labour is unknown in Guyana, there have been reports of forced labour in the mining, agriculture, and forestry sectors, as well as in domestic service and shops. MININGATTRACTION “Traffickers are attracted to Guyana’s interior mining communities where there is

limited government control, but Guyanese and foreign nationals are also vulnerable to trafficking in urban centers and elsewhere in the country. Children are particularly vulnerable to forced labour.” Guyanese nationals are also subjected to human trafficking in other countries in the Caribbean region. “The Government of Guyana does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government’s Ministry of Labour, Human Services, and Social Security demonstrated concrete efforts to assist trafficking victims.” Despite these efforts, the government did not demonstrate evidence of overall increasing efforts to address human trafficking over the previous reporting period. “Guyana has an adequate trafficking law and achieved three trafficking convictions during the reporting period; however, all three convicted

Simona Broomes, President of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation, during one of her campaigns. traffickers were released on bail pending the appeal of their convictions.” The US report said that the Government of Guyana did not provide information regarding the basis on which the defendants sought to appeal their convictions or on which the court determined to grant them bail. “The inability to hold traffickers accountable creates an enabling environment for human trafficking. Trafficking victims have accused police officers and other government employees of cooperating with traffickers.” Law enforcement officials did not provide data on the

number of trafficking investigations they undertook during the reporting period, compared with two labour trafficking investigations and 16 sex trafficking investigations the previous year. The TIP report disclosed that according to a statement by an official from the Human Services Ministry before Parliament, authorities “brought before the courts” six trafficking cases, one of which was dismissed, compared with seven prosecutions during the previous period. The government confirmed that a police officer was accused of trafficking, and the Guyana Police Force and Office of Public Prosecution were reviewing the allegation. DISMISSED CASES “For many years, the majority of Guyana’s trafficking prosecutions have ultimately been dismissed. A high-profile prosecution of child trafficking covered in the media was dismissed late in the reporting period, with the magistrate citing a lack of evidence.” In that case, the US said, NGOs claimed that trafficking victims willing to testify were not notified of court dates and were not allowed to present evidence. The government did not report any additional action involving prosecution of a high-profile child trafficking case investigated in 2012, and there were reports that police

did not investigate all alleged incidents of human trafficking.” “The government did not report that it provided any specialized anti-trafficking training for law enforcement in 2013.” While Guyana made efforts to protect victims of trafficking, the continued lack of accountability for perpetrators further endangered victims. “The Human Services Ministry reported identifying 23 victims in 2013, among them 10 children, five male labour trafficking victims, and 18 sex trafficking victims, compared with 19 girls, two boys, three women, and two adult men identified the previous year.” One NGO reported rescuing 29 victims, mostly children, in 2013 and additional victims in 2014. “The Human Services Ministry reported that 16 victims consented to be referred to care facilities during the reporting period. Government-provided services reportedly consisted of psycho-social support, basic medical care, transportation, and some assistance for victims’ reintegration, but sources claimed that government resources devoted to victim protection were inadequate.” There were reports that authorities failed to provide assistance specific to the needs of trafficking survivors, and that victims who had (Continued on page 23)

Saturday June 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Death of fourRevised Education Bill year-old at GPHC... Mother suing gets attention in Parliament hospital for negligence

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, tables the revised Education Bill in Parliament on Thursday. Designed to address, among other things, the quality of education at all levels, even within public and private educational institutions, a revised Education Bill was on Thursday tabled for the first time before the National Assembly. Presenting the Bill was Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, who spoke confidently of the features of the Bill that would allow, once enacted, for the improvement of the education sector. The Bill is therefore intended to repeal and replace the archaic Education Act currently in existence. It was crafted following consultations with stakeholders across the country, and seeks to reform the legal framework of education in Guyana and provide an effective system of education related to the needs of the people. And since Article 149H (1) of the Constitution mandates that every child is entitled to free primary and secondary education in schools owned

or funded by the State, the Bill makes provision for such a realisation which is however subjected “to available resources of the State and the availability of educational facilities to all persons in Guyana.” Also contained in the Bill are provisions for ensuring free education to all persons and a component that speaks to quality education at all levels, both in public as well as private schools, and other educational institutions in Guyana. Further still, the Bill is outfitted with a component to cater to the strengthening of the existing school management system so that it allows for the maximum participation of parents and teachers in the management of schools. The Bill which also provides for the disciplining of children in the school environment, is being touted as a mechanism that contains measures that will “ensure for the benefit of children,

enhancing their talents, mental and physical, and ensuring a rounded education in all schools.” Moreover, it also touches on the administration of the education system; rights and responsibilities of students and their parents; categories of schools and the stages of education; the management of public educational institutions; employment of teachers; curriculum assessments of students, and even inspection and review of the education system. Of note too is the fact that the Bill entails a component that deals specifically with the delivery of education to students with special needs. The Bill outlines that “The special education programme may take the form of an individual education plan tailored to suit the specific or individual needs of the student concerned.” It also contains a clause that empowers the Minister of Education “to make provision for distance (Continued on page 24)

In what can be described as an unprecedented move, Nathalie Caseley has retained a lawyer in her quest to be compensated for the untimely demise of her four-year-old son, Jaden Mars, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). This publication has been reliably informed that the 29year-old woman has been able to retain Attorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes, to represent her as she pursues legal action against the GPHC and the Attorney General. Hughes yesterday confirmed this development pointing out that “the deceased estate will be claiming exemplary damages for negligence to the tune of $40 million.” Caseley, who has been very vocal in calling for justice to be served since the passing of her son on December 10 last year, earlier this week, staged a solo picketing exercise outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to amplify her distress. Mars was admitted to the GPHC on December 4 last year to have his tongue sutured for a minor injury which he sustained when he fell at home and hit his mouth on a five-gallon bucket. The child was initially taken to the East Ruimveldt Health Centre for medical attention but was transferred to the GPHC where as part of attempts to treat him, he was administered at least 50 milligrams of Ketamine intended to sedate him so that his tongue could be sutured. However, since the anaesthetic medicine was not

Nathalie Caseley wearing a T-shirt in memory of her son’s passing stands outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. effective in putting the child to sleep he was referred to the theatre to allow for controlled sedation. The process should have taken about 15 minutes but it was not until one hour later that medical personnel emerged from the theatre to inform Caseley that her son’s “heart had crashed.” He remained in an unconscious state until December 10, when he died, in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Caseley is convinced that “by no means, at all, my son should have ended up dead for the minor injury he sustained…I feel as though I’m now being pushed

around and taken for granted in my quest for justice and closure.” According to the woman, although she has been getting intermittent information regarding the progress of her son’s case from the Ministry of Health, she is yet to get word about disciplinary action although she was told that investigations just over a month ago were in its final stages. In fact, the woman has disclosed that she will not be able to find closure until the relevant personnel are disciplined for negligence. A Ministry of Health Committee tasked with (Continued on page 23)

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Saturday June 21, 2014

China Railway Group awarded contract High operating costs contribute to low for $8.7B E.C.D road widening project gold declarations

Of the four Chinese construction companies vying for a major Ministry of Public Works project to widen the East Coast Demerara (ECD) public road, the contract was awarded to the company with the lowest bid: China Railway First Group Company Limited. This company is also the contractor for the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon announced recently that Cabinet gave its no objection to the award of US $42.7 M contract for the road widening and upgrading of the ECD road from Better Hope to Belfield in Region Four. China Railway actually put in a bid for US$46.9M.

China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd, the contractor in the US$150M expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, submitted a bid for US$60.4M ($12B). Meanwhile, China National Machinery Import/ Export Company Limited, the company that was involved in the construction of the problematic US$200M Skeldon expansion project, submitted a proposal for US$55.6M ($11B). The highest bid came from China State Construction Engineering Corporation for US$71.4M. The Engineer’s estimate for the project was US$57.6M. Apparently there is a disparity between China Railway First Group Company

Limited’s bid of US $46.9M and the US$42.7M which was awarded. Chief Works Officer (CWO) of the Ministry of Public Works, Jeffrey Vaughn pronouncing on the issue said that the reason for this difference could possibly be because “there was a change in the cost because they have to do cross checks and they realized that there were errors in the bill.” He said it is obvious that the price was reduced from US$46.9M to US$42.7M (8.7B)”. According to Vaughn, evaluators have to cross check their figures. “That’s how evaluations are done… the first thing that has to be done you have to cross check tenders to make sure that the bills submitted by the contractor is correct, all multiplications and additions have to be done correctly, if there is any variation we would put the variation and put what is the right amount.” He outlined that the Chinese firm is doing the complete project from Better Hope to Belfield “of that you will have a four lane road from Better Hope to Annandale and then there will be an upgraded road from Buxton to Belfield.”

Upgraded, according to Vaughn means that there will be sidewalks for persons to walk on, “But if you are to do a four lane you will have to remove the people who are living there, therefore you will have to be taking in private land from where persons have their private property which we don’t want.” According to the CWO, “we will do the four lanes up to where we have space.” He outlined that this will not affect the flow of traffic since “we have four lane roads that merge into two and there are no hiccups… it’s just that you have to do a proper transition so the road would not have any fault to create a buildup of traffic.” Vaughn said that the works that are currently ongoing on the E.C.D road by local contractors such as Dipcon Engineering Services and Courtney Benn Contracting Services are for the drains and not the road, which will be done by the Chinese firm. “The contracts that you are talking about were temporary works to the drain so that is preliminary. This is for the drains which are ongoing but no contract was ever issued for the roads” he said. The E.C.D widening project will be one of the costliest in recent times in terms of infrastructural works, after the ongoing CJIA and Marriott.

- REGION EIGHT CHAIRMAN Several theories have surfaced since it was announced that gold declarations have declined for this year, but undeniable factors pertaining to ground operations and sustainability are being overlooked, Region Eight Chairman, Mark Crawford believes. He is of the view that numerous issues affecting the industry itself might be playing a bigger role than is being considered. The Potaro-Siparuni Regional Chairman explained that operators, specifically the small miners in his location, are finding it hard to keep their heads above water for several reasons; high cost of operations, worked-out lands, poor security and improper roads. This, he said, has been of great concern to many operators. The government recently announced that gold declarations dropped by 20 percent when compared with the corresponding period the year. Allegations of hoarding and even smuggling of the precious metal to neighbouring Suriname have surfaced. Crawford says, however, that smuggling has been occurring all the time and it is likely to continue if conditions of sale are better elsewhere. The theory of hoarding seems a bit farfetched since currently, miners are having difficulty keeping up with operational costs, he added. The Chairman added that investigations in his region revealed that many miners were shrinking their operations because of the limited work areas. He said that the lands are worked out, and government ought to release more closed lands since, “A lot of the miners have parked their operations or minimize their size to stay in business.” The Chairman continued that given the growing contribution to the economy, Government should step in to assist just as they do with the sugar and rice industries. “More than 100 excavators were repossessed from miners last year because they could not pay their installments; I propose that government has special loans and measures in place to help small miners.” He said that operators are finding it hard to sustain operations when they have workers to pay, limited land to work and high operational cost. Crawford commented on the roads. Getting around is

Region Eight Chairman Mark Crawford very expensive and time consuming, he explained. The interior areas have many poor and unkept roads. The Bartica/Potaro Road is impassable, so to get from Region Eight to Region Seven, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, people have to travel an extra 200 miles, which includes two ferry crossings to get to their locations. Crawford did not leave out the poor security which he said miners are becoming more mindful of. “Persons are telling you straight up that they are not going and work nowhere where people will rob and kill them.” Crawford told Kaieteur News that for his region; mining district number two, which covers from Ayanganna Mountain to Omai; (the entire Potaro River) the police are very restricted in their mobility. He said the location covers a vast piece of land with a number of locations, but there are about eight officers with one All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) servicing the area. This, he said, is inadequate and the government should seek to supply more officers, at least one boat, more ATVs and an enclosed land cruiser. He disagreed with claims of hoarding, saying that these utterances “are discouraging the miners who are already facing hardships. This shows the disconnection between the government and what is going on the ground.” Crawford said that it appears as if the government is interested in the small miners only for what they can produce since nothing solid seems to be in place to assist them. The Chairman said that his region is heavily dependent on the mining industry for its economic existence. Investigations, he said, have shown that business has declined since gold production is below usual.

Saturday June 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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CDB assessing achievements of US$ 9.6 M TVET project After plugging the lion’s share in terms of funding into a Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) project, which was implemented a few years ago, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is currently undertaking a process of evaluation as the project deadline nears. Moreover, CDB officials yesterday convened an ‘Enhancement of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Exit Workshop’ for the Ministry of Education. Venued at the Hadfield Street, Georgetown, Regency Hotel, the forum was attended by a modest gathering of education officials and members of the private sector. Speaking at the forum was CDB’s Dr. Idamay Denny, who disclosed that the project was one designed to assist Government in expanding access to, and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of TVET. Recapping the genesis of the project, Dr. Denny disclosed that the Board of Directors of CDB, on December 2008, approved a loan of US$7.5 million for the implementation of the project, a sum that was matched by US$2.1 million from Government allowing for the project to secure a total sum of US$9.6 million. The terminal disbursement date for the project is December 31st, 2014, and according to the CDB official, “we need to evaluate how well the project has assisted Government in achieving the objectives it set at the outset.” “We need to critically evaluate the originally stated objectives and whether they have contributed to the expected outcomes; we need also to identify the strategies and methodologies which were successful in order that we can apply them to other interventions in the future,” Dr. Denny asserted. Added to this, she said that it is necessary for the CDB to determine the actions that contributed to the meeting of the goals, the achievements of the resulting outputs and impact and sustainability of the outcomes. Understandably too, she spoke of the need to identify the challenges and pitfalls in order to avoid them in the future. “Examination of these issues is the primary purpose for this Exit the end of the day, based on the feedback we receive from you, we expect to have a good perspective of issues around the design and implementation of this project and the lessons which have been or which can be learned in order to enhance the design and implementation of future projects in both Guyana as well as across the

From left: Permanent Secretary, Ms Delma Nedd, (standing at podium); ACEO (Technical), Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike; CDB’s Dr. Idamay Denny and Mr Stephen Lawrence. Region,” said Dr. Denny. In highlighting her conviction that “we can only improve, if we have accurate and constructive feedback, Dr. Denny yesterday urged the gathering to participate “very frankly. Nobody is going to be offended if you say something that can be misconstrued as negative because in the final analysis it will help us to do positive things in the future.” According to Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO) (Technical), Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike, the project which has had some revolutionary impact must be regarded as a “game changer

for the education system in Guyana, particularly for the TVET system, and work force development for the 21 st Century Guyana Labour Force.” The project, according to the ACEO, allowed for the construction and furnishing of two new TVET facilities, in Regions Three and Five; the provision of equipment and learning materials, teachers training and the development of an appropriate TVET

instructional framework and maintenance plan for TVET institutions. According to him the intent of the project was to produce significant social and economic benefits with an initial target of 400 students from the Regions Three and Five institutions, being able to access TVET courses and therefore have an opportunity to acquire skills to improve their employability. Currently the institution

in Region Five alone has a student population that is close to achieving the total target. And according to Onwuzirike, the results achieved have positioned Guyana to be considered for a second phase of the TVET project. Chairperson of the forum yesterday was Ms Delma Nedd, Permanent Secretary of the Education Ministry, who told those in attendance “your presence here today is an

indication of your desire to partner with the Ministry of Education in its mandate to provide our youth with the requisite life skills for the world of work.” According to her, the project has been a very timely and appropriate response in meeting the demands of new work patterns evolving from purely industrial to being more knowledge based, high technology and service oriented. “Today I am looking forward for fruitful and productive deliberations throughout our activities...”I look forward for quite interactive group discussions,” said Nedd as she highlighted that “we are at a strategic point where this project comes to an end.” As such she noted that the forum was an opportune time “for us to review this project and we still have a few more months to make whatever necessary adjustments we can make all towards the betterment of our young people.”

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Saturday June 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 23

US condemns Guyana again on... From page 10 been rescued were retrafficked or became homeless after they did not receive adequate protection services from the government. LITTLE MONEY “An NGO operated a shelter for victims of domestic violence, as well as a “safe home” for children in the capital that reportedly provided assistance to trafficking victims during the reporting period. The shelter received a government subsidy of the equivalent of approximately US$14,800.” The Government also paid the equivalent of approximately US$1,452 for alternative accommodation for three victims. “The Government reportedly provided specialized care for adult male victims. Donorfunded organizations provided much of the support for victims. In areas outside of the capital, NGOs provided shelter and assistance to trafficking victims, often in dangerous conditions, without any funding from the government.” The US report said that it found longer-term shelter and protection was not available in Guyana, putting victims at risk of traffickers’ reprisals, as the government also failed to

punish most traffickers with incarceration. “Stakeholders reported that there were still no clear, written, government-wide operating procedures to guide officials in handling human trafficking cases in coordination with NGO partners.” While Guyana’s law contains incentives to encourage victims to participate in the prosecution of traffickers, including protection from punishment for crimes committed as a result of being subjected to human trafficking, in practice, victims often did not testify in court. “Media reports indicate that many trafficking prosecutions were dismissed because victims, many of whom were children, did not appear in court; the government did not take steps to ameliorate this problem. Guyana has not adopted methods of allowing children to testify that ensure their safety and officials reportedly did not inform victims of court dates nor take them to testify.” Under the four-tiered ranking system Tier One is a country that is meeting the minimum standards of fighting human trafficking. A Tier Two country is one

Mother suing hospital... From page 11 investigating the matter had recommended that three doctors and one nurse be disciplined. The findings and recommendations of the Committee, this publication was told, were handed over to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who in turn referred same to the Medical and Nursing Councils to mete out the necessary actions. Thus far, this publication has been able to ascertain that the nurse involved in the matter has been sent home. But according to Caseley,

the Ministry is yet to update her on the current status of the matter, although she was given assurance that efforts will be made to keep her informed. The woman, who is mother to two young children, disclosed that in her quest to get justice she has been unable to work, pointing out that “I cannot go on with my life as normal until I get closure.” Caseley said her aim is also to ensure that another family does not endure a similar ordeal. “In my son’s memory I want change to come about at that public hospital,” the woman confided to this publication.

that is not meeting those goals but is striving to do so. A Tier Two Watch List is a warning that countries are in danger of falling to Tier Three, which says that there is not sufficient response to the trafficking problem. Last year, the Government of Guyana made it clear that it will not be responding to the yearly questionnaires on trafficking in persons as requested by the embassy of the United States of America in Georgetown. This was following another unfavourable US State Department report on Guyana’s position on Trafficking in Persons. The Ministerial Task Force on Trafficking in Persons (MTFTIP) had expressed deep concern that the 2013 US State Department’s Report on TIP in Guyana has not reviewed Guyana fairly. “Consequently, the Government of Guyana wishes to make it clear that in the future it will not be completing and returning questionnaires on trafficking in persons to the US authorities.” the MTFTIP said in a statement yesterday. The task force, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the Report contains several inaccuracies and misrepresentations with regard to the scope of trafficking in persons in Guyana and therefore attracts little merit on the part of the Government of Guyana.

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Page 24

Kaieteur News

Saturday June 21, 2014

Police officers graduate from FBI interview courses

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt (seated at centre) with course participants and other officials during yesterday’s graduation ceremony Proper interrogation is one of the keys to crime solving, and the Guyana Police Force has been greatly enhanced in this area after 35 senior officers received specialized training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The ranks were presented with certificates yesterday after completing the FBI Interview and Interrogation Course and the Basic Criminal Investigator Course. Training was held in Guyana and began last Tuesday. This training is part of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), which was launched by President Obama in April 2009 at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.

United States Ambassador D. Brent Hardt attended the graduation ceremony, which was held at the Guyana Police Force Training Centre, Eve Leary. Addressing participants, Ambassador Hardt noted that the initiative was part of his Government’s commitment to work with Caribbean countries to combat transnational crime. He said that to ensure a safer and more prosperous environment, the US must “work with all stakeholders within Guyana and the Region to develop the capacity to counter international threats. The Force has been dogged by recent allegations of subjecting detained individuals to inhumane treatment during

interrogations. Several high profile murder cases have also collapsed over the years after judges tossed out ‘confession statements’ that appeared to have been forcibly obtained. Last month, the Guyana Police Force also received a significant boost from the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) after Ambassador Hardt formally handed over a sophisticated Automated Fingerprinting Identification System (AFIS) to the Guyana Police Force. Police said that the fingerprinting technology has already helped local lawmen solve some 63 cases, including three murders, 53 break and enter and larceny cases and four robbery under arms matters.

Revised Education Bill gets attention... From page 11 learning education programmes at pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels” and yet another that enables the Minister to make

provision for continuing and adult education programmes.” According to a statement issued earlier this week by the Education Ministry, the Bill is one that will cater to the

Guyana open doors to... From page 19 that it hopes to perform as a substitute flag-carrier for Guyana with hopes of earning that title in the long run. Flights will depart Guyana on Fridays, Sundays, Tues-

days and Thursdays at 12:30 am, while the return trips will depart the JFK Airport at 9:00 am on the same days. The airline is expected to enter the Guyanese market before month end.

Local Government laws... From page 13 services according to the felt needs of the people in local community.” “There is a difference between the needs and the felt needs of people. We might assume, for example, that Charlestown needs a bridge or that Albouystown needs a lot of drainage, but the felt need of the community is a day care center to put their children when everybody is going and looking for work.” According to George, “If you have a local government that is not free to run its own affairs, then

you have problems, because what is actually happening is that you are treating the M&CC as the arm of the State. “The M&CC is not an arm of the government, it is an autonomous body; it acts on behalf of itself and the citizens, that is why you have local government elections because the people who are placed in office are elected by the people as is the case with government so they have the same rights as the central government albeit at the local level and that should be respected.”

provision of adequate frameworks for the delivery of high quality, contemporary education, to better develop each student’s potential and maximize their educational achievement. It is therefore noted by the Ministry that “This new Bill comes at a most opportune moment in Guyana’s history, especially since the current Education Act utilized in Guyana came into being since 1876 with its last amendments being made sometime in 1976.” “The Government of Guyana in recognizing the misalignment of Guyana’s education legislation with contemporary regional and international education benchmarks, decided since 2005 to set about drafting a new Education Bill that can adequately address the modern education issues and challenges currently experienced by the sector,” the Ministry had pointed out. Against this background, Ministry officials are optimistic that the Bill will garner “unrestrained support of the full House in getting this…made into Law from which all of Guyana, particularly her children, will benefit.”

Saturday June 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 25

Gunmen shoot, rob money-changer

Prison officers detained after ganja found in Camp Street jail

Popular America Street money-changer Wendell Liverpool was in a critical condition at around 22.00 hrs last night after a brutal confrontation with three gunmen in West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme. Eyewitnesses said that Liverpool, 44, of Lot 453 West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was shot in the back, buttocks and last shoulder after three gunmen attacked him in a shop on the West Ruimveldt Front Road. A man who identified himself as

Liverpool’s brother said that he was drinking with the money-changer in the shop when three men came up and immediately began shooting at his sibling. He said that the injured Liverpool ran outside but collapsed on the roadway. There are reports that the gunmen fled with some of the wounded man’s cash and other valuables. Georgetown Hospital sources listed his condition as critical and he was still undergoing surgery up to press time.

Prisoner attacks robbery victim in city courtroom Security concerns were once again raised at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court when a prisoner facing seven robbery charges, attacked one of his alleged victims during a short adjournment in a courtroom yesterday. Around 11:10 the prisoner, Wesley Griffith, 19, of Mackenzie, Linden jumped out of the prisoners’ dock and proceeded to trash 50-yearold Derek Halley. He reportedly dealt him several kicks and cuffs about his face and body. It was another hearing for Griffith who is accused of robbing Halley of $200,000 in cash as well as $77,000 in electronic gadgets at his North Sophia, Greater Georgetown residence almost one year ago. Halley, who spoke to Kaieteur News as he was awaiting the arrival of paramedics, said that he was sitting in Magistrate Judy Latchman’s courtroom during an adjournment when the prisoner lunged from the prisoners’ docks and knocked him to the ground. The man explained that Griffith dealt him several cuffs and kicks about his body, rendering him unconscious. He noted that at the time Griffith was not wearing any hand or foot cuffs. Halley said that it was Police Prosecutor, Inspector Joel Ricknauth, who was present in court that came to his rescue. He stated that the Prosecutor pulled the defendant off of him and ordered the prisoner back into the docks. Griffith was then hand cuffed and taken back into the holding cell. According to the victim, there was no other police rank present in the court at the time of the incident. He claimed that “two civilians” lifted him off the ground. Halley told Kaieteur News he has since made a formal report of the incident at the

Victim: Derek Hally

Brickdam Police Station. The victim who is now fearful for his life believes that there should be more security measures in court. “They need to keep the prisoners hands and feet cuffed. This situation could have been far worse. There should be more police here.” “He came to my house, beat, robbed and almost killed me and now he is being held in prison but it’s the same thing. This court system is a joke,” Halley said. The victim said that he feels very insecure coming back to the court for the next hearing. He said that he fears that he would be attacked again when the accused is out of the court system. Halley was treated by paramedics who arrived on the scene shortly after the incident. When questioned, the police had a slightly different tale to tell. Ranks claim that aside from the prosecutor there were four other ranks within the precincts. They said that while the Prosecutor was sitting on his bench, another rank was in the Magistrates’ chambers, another in the prisoners’ chute and two plain clothes ranks were sitting in the courtroom at the time. Recently, a few city

the washroom, a senior officer went to the area and allegedly found the two paper bags of ganja. He then confronted the two prison officers before contacting the police. The accused ranks have b e e n d e t a i ned at the Alberttown Police Station and charges appear likely. But Kaieteur News understands that one of the detained officers claimed that he decided to bypass the security check because he was late, and the rank who should have searched him was on a lengthy phone call. Denying that he ever went to the washroom, the prison officer reportedly stated that he went to an office where he changed into his uniform. He claimed that it was shortly after this that a senior

officer showed him a paper bag and subsequently had the two ranks detained. The smuggling of drugs, cell phones and other prohibited items into the Camp Street prison appears to be a lucrative business. Prison officials are particularly concerned that some ranks may be endangering the lives of their colleagues by smuggling guns and ammunition to dangerous prisoners. Last December, prison officers found two 12-gauge shotgun cartridges stashed in a pair of Nike sneakers that a civilian had brought for an inmate. The inmate is one of the individuals accused of the November 4, 2009 arson attempt at the Supreme Court and of the murder of a civilian.

Robbers slash painter’s throat, steal jewellery Bandits left a 30-year-old painter battling for his life yesterday evening after slashing his throat and robbing him of a gold band and chain. Police identified the victim as Shafeek Mohamed, of Lot 133, Montrose, East Coast Demerara. That attack occurred at Agriculture Road, Mon Repos. According to reports, Mohamed was at a

drinking establishment when a group of men attacked him. They then relieved the painter of his jewellery before slashing his throat with a broken bottle. A brother of the wounded man took him to the Georgetown Hospital where he underwent surgery. He was still in the operating theatre at press time and his condition was listed as critical.

SOPHIA TEEN STABBED BY COUSIN Accused: Wesley Griffith litigants who spoke to Kaieteur News had expressed concerns about the security measures in the courtroom. The summary court, they complained, had the prisoners sitting too close to the gallery. Griffith is also accused of the $5M Amelia Ward’s armed robbery, which occurred on January 31. There were six victims in that robbery. He was one of the four, who on February 4, trailed their way into the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate to be named on several charges which included an armed carjacking, cash, jewellery, and electronic gadgets robbery, as well as gun and ammunition possession.

City Council continues to spend money... From page 3 where the corruption lies.” Meanwhile, the council has also initiated several legal proceedings against Sooba for arbitrary deductions of monies from the councillors' allowances. “Sooba does not have the authority to reduce councillors' allowances. The municipal

Two prison officers were in custody last night for allegedly trying to smuggle over 500 grammes of marijuana into the Camp Street jail. A senior prison official reportedly found the marijuana and a lighter, stashed in two paper bags in a toilet at the prison, shortly after the two accused ranks came on duty. It is alleged that when the two ranks arrived at the prison, they failed to present their bags to be scanned, as is routinely done for anyone entering the penitentiary. This reportedly aroused suspicion, and other ranks who were alerted allegedly saw the prison officers’ head to a washroom before changing into their uniforms. After the two ranks left

and district council act Chapter 28:01 section 45 says exactly how those allowances should be allocated. She has no idea what she is doing. “When she claims that she is plugging a pin hole in this council she is opening an anchor by spending the unapproved monies without the council's consent.”

Matthew Jacobs

A 17-year-old Sophia youth was in a critical condition after being stabbed at around 23.00 hrs yesterday. The victim, identified as Matthew Jacobs, was stabbed to the left side of the chest and in the vicinity of one of his eyes. Hysterical relatives alleged that Jacobs was stabbed by a cousin after a sister accused the suspect of

theft. The sister told Kaieteur News that she left the cousin at her A Field home at around 10.00 hrs, and when she returned, she found that a music set, a new pair of sneakers and her cosmetics were missing. According to the sister, a heated argument ensued after she accused the cousin of stealing her belongings. He

then stormed out of the house, and when her brother, Matthew, went to calm him down, the cousin pushed her brother against a wall and drew a knife. “He (the suspect) say ‘who want do something, do something, then he pull out a knife and stab he (Matthew), she said. The suspect was still at large at press time.

Page 26

Kaieteur News

Saturday June 21, 2014

Iraqi forces ready push after Obama offers advisers BAGHDAD (Reuters) Iraqi forces were massing north of Baghdad yesterday, aiming to strike back at Sunni Islamists whose drive toward the capital prompted the United States to send military advisers to stiffen government resistance. Iraq’s senior Shi’ite religious cleric issued a call for unity, saying Shi’ites and Sunnis should rally behind the authorities to prevent the Sunni militant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant from destroying the country. Already, ISIL has started to enact its puritanical vision of Islam in Mosul, which it captured 10 days ago as it swept across northern Iraq. Mosul residents said ISIL members had destroyed symbols of Iraq’s rich heritage, razing statues of cultural icons and the tomb of a Mediaeval philosopher. President Barack Obama offered on Thursday up to 300 American special forces advisers to help the Iraqi government recapture territory across northern and western Iraq that ISIL and other Sunni armed groups have seized. But he held off granting a request for air strikes to protect the government and renewed a call for Iraq’s longserving Shi’ite prime minister Nuri al-Maliki to do more to overcome sectarian divisions that have fuelled resentment among the Sunni minority.In office since 2006, Maliki has disappointed Washington by alienating Sunnis. Obama has called for a more inclusive government in Baghdad, although he has stopped short of saying Maliki should be replaced. There has been

speculation Maliki may also have lost the confidence of allies in Iran. Tehran and Washington have both spoken of cooperating with each other after decades of mutual hostility to prevent antiWestern, anti-Shi’ite zealots controlling swathes of Iraq. In the area around Samarra, on the main highway 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad, which has become a frontline of the battle with the ISIL, the provincial governor, a rare Sunni supporter of Maliki, told cheering troops they would now force ISIL and its allies back. A source close to Maliki told Reuters that the government planned to hit back now that it had halted the advance which saw ISIL seize the main northern city of Mosul, capital of Nineveh province, 10 days ago and sweep down along the Sunnipopulated Tigris valley toward Baghdad as the U.S.trained army crumbled.

Governor Abdullah al-Jibouri, whose provincial capital Tikrit was overrun last week, was shown on television yesterday telling soldiers in Ishaqi, just south of Samarra: “Today we are coming in the direction of Tikrit, Sharqat and Nineveh. “These troops will not stop,” he added, saying government forces around Samarra numbered more than 50,000. This week, the militants’ lightning pace has slowed in the area north of the capital, home to Sunnis but also to Shi’ites fearful of ISIL, which views them as heretics to be wiped out. Samarra has a major Shi’ite shrine. The participation of Shi’ite militias and tens of thousands of new Shi’ite army volunteers has allowed the Iraqi military to rebound after mass desertions by soldiers last week allowed ISIL to carve out territory where it aims to found an Islamic caliphate straddling the Iraqi-Syrian border.

KIEV (Reuters) - Fighting raged for a second successive day in the east of Ukraine yesterday, a day after clashes in which Ukrainian government forces said about 300 separatists were killed. The casualty figures for the pro-Russian separatists could not be independently confirmed though a rebel commander said on Thursday the rebels had sustained “heavy losses” when they were outgunned by government forces backed by heavy armor. The government forces said seven of their own number had been killed in Thursday’s fighting. The new fighting yesterday was about

100 km (60 miles) from the border with Russia. Fighting broke out just east of the town of Krasny Liman early on Thursday after pro-Russian separatists refused to lay down their weapons in line with a peace plan proposed by President Petro Poroshenko, the government forces said. The government forces have been gradually squeezing rebels in the area though separatists, who rose up against central rule from Kiev following the overthrow of a president sympathetic to Moscow, still control the strategic city of Slaviansk. Vladyslav Seleznyov, a

spokesman for Kiev’s “antiterrorist operation”, said about 300 separatists had been killed in action around the villages of Yampil and Zakitne which included artillery fire and air attacks. Heavy weapons had been seized from the separatists, including an armored personnel carrier, a truck with a high-caliber machine gun mounted on it, a shoulderlaunched missile, grenade launchers and small arms, Seleznyov said on his Facebook page. “Losses to Ukrainian servicemen are seven dead and 30 wounded. Military action is continuing,” Seleznyov said.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces take their positions during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the city of Ramadi. REUTERS/Stringer.

New battles as Ukraine says 300 separatists killed in fighting

Saturday June 21, 2014

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Ukraine’s Poroshenko declares week-long ceasefire, warns rebels KIEV (Reuters) Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko yesterday ordered a seven-day ceasefire in the fight against pro-Russian separatists, but also warned them they could face death if they did not use the time to put down their guns. In Moscow, the Kremlin, whose support Poroshenko needs for his plan to end the insurgency in the rebellious east, denounced the ceasefire as an ultimatum to separatists rather than a peace offering. Poroshenko, installed only three weeks ago as president after seven months of turmoil in the ex-Soviet republic, ordered government forces to cease firing to allow his peace plan for the region to take root. But after fierce fighting on Thursday about 100 km (60 miles) from the Russian border that apparently caused heavy losses for separatists and some deaths on the Ukrainian side, Poroshenko backed his declaration with a warning to the rebels. Interfax news agency quoted him as telling military officers in the east that the temporary ceasefire would give the rebels just one week to lay down their arms, after which “they will have to be eliminated.” The ceasefire “does not mean that we will not fight back in the event of aggression towards our military. We will do everything we can to defend the territory of our state,” his website quoted him separately as saying. The ceasefire will run from 10 p.m. yesterday until 10 a.m.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko (L) talks to servicemen at the military camp near the town of Svyatogorsk in Eastern Ukraine, June 20, 2014. REUTERS/Mykhailo Markiv/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Handout via Reuters on June 27, it said. After announcement of the ceasefire, Poroshenko launched a 15-point peace plan to end the insurgency in the Russian-speaking east which erupted in April after street protests in the capital Kiev toppled the Moscowbacked Viktor Yanukovich. Russia subsequently annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Kiev’s new authorities quickly saw the hand of Moscow when separatist groups took control of strategic buildings and towns in the east, declaring “people’s republics” and declaring they wanted to join Russia. In Donetsk, the main industrial hub in the region, the rebels remained unmoved by P o r o s h e n k o ’s c e a s e f i r e gesture or the unveiling of a peace plan yesterday. “What kind of reaction do you expect? When they (the Kiev side) pull

out their army, then you will have our reaction,” a spokeswoman for the selfstyled Donetsk People’s Republic said. The first soldiers for a people’s republic army would take oaths of allegiance on Donetsk’s Lenin Square today, she announced defiantly. A spokesman for government forces said about 300 separatists were killed in fighting on Thursday in an eastern area about 100 km from the border and fighting continued there on Friday. Ukrainian forces lost seven servicemen, he said. The rebel casualties could not be verified independently. Earlier on Friday, Kiev said government forces had regained control of the border with Russia and could now stop supplies being sent to arm pro-Russian separatists - something Poroshenko needed to hear before calling a ceasefire.

Iran says Obama lacks will to combat terrorism in Iraq Tehran (AFP) - US President Barack Obama lacks “serious will” to combat terrorism, a top Iranian official said yesterday after an Iraqi appeal for American airstrikes went unanswered. Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian’s comments followed a statement from Obama on the Iraq crisis in which he pledged to send military advisors to Baghdad but stopped short of further action at this stage. Fighters from the Sunni extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and their allies, have made swift territorial gains in Shiitemajority Iraq in a push that began last week.

ISIL considers Shiites, also a majority in neighbouring Iran, to be apostates. “Delaying the fight against terrorism and ISIL and putting conditions on it have fuelled suspicions and doubts about the United States’ objectives in Iraq,” Abdollahian said, according to the state broadcaster’s website. “ O b a m a ’s c o m m e n t s show the White House lacks serious will in fighting terrorism in Iraq and the region,” he added. On Thursday, Obama had warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

and Iran against promoting sectarianism after Tehran vowed to help Iraq against the fighters and defend Shiite holy sites located in its western neighbour. “Our view is that Iran can play a constructive role if it is helping to send the same message to the Iraqi government that we’re sending,” Obama said. But Abdollahian accused Obama of fuelling sectarianism. “Instead of focusing on fighting terrorism and national unity and strengthening of government institutions, the US is spreading sectarianism,” he said.

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Saturday June 21, 2014

Saturday June 21, 2014

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England v Sri Lanka: Stuart Broad hat-trick puts hosts on top From page 30 against India in 2011. In between, Plunkett, bowling much fuller than on his Test return at Lord’s, produced a brute of a bouncer to have Dhammika Prasad gloving to a leaping Prior. In all, Sri Lanka had lost four wickets for one run in nine balls. That wicket gave PlunkettTest-best figures, but having last man Nuwan Pradeep caught behind gave him a first fivewicket haul. Swinging the ball at pace, he had earlier uprooted Dimuth Karunaratne’s leg stump and, after lunch, had

the chance for a hat-trick of his own when Mahela Jayawardene was well taken one-handed by Jordan at second slip and, from the next ball, Lahiru Thirimanne fended to short leg. England were set in motion earlier by Anderson, who began swinging the ball as the sun burned off the clouds to have Kaushal Silva caught behind and, later, captain Angelo Mathews edging to third slip. If Sri Lanka had the worst of the batting conditions, England were blessed by evening sunshine to allow

Cook and Robson through to the close unbroken. Noticeably cautious, Cook was reprieved when an edge off Eranga fell just short of Sangakkara at first slip. He will return on 14, with Robson, in his second Test, unbeaten on 21, as England have the chance for the first-innings advantage on a pitch already showing signs of slow turn. Scores: England 36 for 0 (Robson 21*, Cook 14*) trail Sri Lanka 257 (Sangakkara 79, Chandimal 45, Plunkett 564, Broad 3-46) by 221 runs.

Saturday June 21, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You may be looking forward to talking on the phone with someone dear who lives far away, Aries, but circumstances beyond your control could get in the way. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Although business and money matters continue to go well, some rather unsettling news regarding either your finances or the economy in general could reach you today, Taurus. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You may have been looking forward to a social event, group activity, or perhaps a get-together with a lover today, but circumstances beyond your control throw some unexpected obstacles in your way. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Although you've been feeling especially strong physically over the past few days, Cancer, today you might feel a little under the weather. You could even experience some giddiness.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Today you might take up some sort of occult study, such as astrology, numerology, or alchemy that seems like Greek to you at first, Libra. As a result, you could be tempted to abandon it. Don't! SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A friend might be in such a dour mood that you wonder if this is the same person you know and love, Scorpio. During the day you might be tempted to try to analyze what's going on, but this is apt to raise more questions than answers. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) A friend or romantic partner might need your advice, Sagittarius, and want to discuss a few things that you don't really understand. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Today you might read a book on exercise or nutrition that seems a bit unsettling, Capricorn. According to the book, you're doing everything wrong!

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Emotional matters could hit the fan today at a social event or group meeting of some kind. Those around you are apt to be feeling especially stressed and volatile, Leo, so be prepared for anything.

AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) YMemories and emotions welling up from the past might excite your creative impulses today, Aquarius. You may not quite be able to understand what all of this means, but the pictures should keep coming to you nonetheless.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Stress might be getting the better of a household member today, Virgo. This person feels emotionally volatile. The least irritation could set off a temper tantrum. Try to ease the pressure by staying out of the way.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) A subject you're researching, perhaps for a class or workshop, might prove more difficult than you expected, Pisces. The resources you consult might be very scholarly and thus difficult to read.

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France put five past Switzerland BBC Sport - France all but secured a place in the last 16 as three first-half goals against Switzerland helped them to an easy Group E win in Salvador. Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud broke the deadlock with a stunning header before Blaise Matuidi blasted the second 66 seconds later after poor goalkeeping. Karim Benzema had a penalty saved before Mathieu Valbuena added a third. Goals by Benzema and Moussa Sissoko made it 5-0 before late consolations from Blerim Dzemaili and Granit Xhaka. France’s dominance was every bit as emphatic as the scoreline at Arena Fonte Nova suggests. Les Bleus, seeking to reach a third final in five World Cups, annihilated a poor Swiss team and sent out a message of intent to their rivals. Didier Deschamps’s side move to six points at the top of Group E, with a match against Ecuador on 25 June to come. Having self-destructed in South Africa four years ago,

Rafman Ali softball continues on Sunday The Rafman Ali softball tournament will continue on Sunday with several matches. Games will be played at Guyana National Industrial Corporation ground, Everest, Cyril Potter College of Education and Better Hope. Teams who are yet to pay their entrance fees are asked to settle their accounts before their next game.

the French are clearly enjoying South America. They have scored eight goals in their first two games and the way they dismantled Switzerland suggests they could be serious contenders in Brazil. The Swiss were not helped the ninth minute loss of defender Steve Von Bergen to injury. But Ottmar Hitzfeld’s men were no match for their rampant opponents and were left humbled and humiliated. Switzerland had overcome Ecuador 2-1 in their first game and, despite the loss of Von Bergen, there was little evidence of what was to follow. Giroud’s goal, the 100th France have scored in World Cup finals, set France on their way, the Arsenal forward leaping high above the Swiss defence to direct an unstoppable header into the net. They doubled that lead 66 seconds later when Matuidi fired home after Velon Behrami had conceded possession carelessly soon after the re-start. It looked all over when Dutch referee

Bjorn Kuipers pointed to the spot after Benzema was brought down by Johan Djourou. Goalkeeper Diego Benaglio kept out Benzema’s penalty, though, and Mathieu Debuchy smashed the rebound against the woodwork. But that let off only briefly delayed Switzerland’s pain, Valbuena connecting with Giroud’s cross to make it 3-0 five minutes before the interval. Benzema did manage to score his third of the tournament with a clinical finish after good work by substitute Paul Pogba midway through the secondhalf. Sissoko made it 5-0 in the 73rd minute after more shambolic defending before the Swiss scored two late consolation goals. First Dzemaili beat Hugo Loris from 40 yards with a remarkable low free-kick, before Xhaka beats the French offside trap before finding the net. But it was too little too late for the Swiss against a powerful French side that looks determined to make a serious impact.

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Entries close on Monday June 23 for Trophy Stall minor league Entries for the Trophy Stall minor league softball tournament will be closed on Monday June 23. The tournament is set to commence on July 2 under lights at a venue to be named. The competition, which is open to companies and associations, will be contested in two categories; open and over 35. Organsier Samuel Kingston told Kaieteur Sport yesterday that major

league teams such as Regal, Trophy Stall, Farm, Wolf’s Warriors, Speed Boat and Memorex have been debarred from the tournament and participating teams are allowed two guest players. Entrance fee is $12,000. Teams are asked to register as early as possible since only the first 16 will be accepted and can contact Samuel Kingston on 614-9536 for more information.

Christine Sukhram to defend Lusignan Golf Club’s Stableford Tournament title today Golfers led by defending champion Christine Sukhram will be in action today when they compete in a competition using the Stableford system at the Lusignan Golf Club ground. Winner (2006 – 2013) of the Guyana Open Golf Competition female players, Sukhram will be drawing on all her skill as this year’s first Club Tournament. The peculiarity of the Stableford system is that the winner is the one who scores the highest total points and not the lowest total strokes as in the normal competition. In this system points are awarded for the play at each hole and not for the strokes to sink the ball. If strokes exceed a limit no point is awarded, if strokes are less than the limit points are

Christine Sukhram awarded – the lesser the strokes, the more points. The

golfer’s final score is the total points earned for the scores on each individual hole. As a format for club tournaments, Stableford is popular in Europe, the U.K., and South Africa, among other locations. “With careful and skilful play I just may emerge champion again,” Sukhram said of the event. Over the years, Christine has competed and won golf tournaments in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada. Current LGC President David Mohamed indicated that he looks forward to a keen competition as has been consistently observed this year. Up for grabs are 1st to 4th place winners, Best Gross, and Nearest to the Pin, trophies or prizes.

Costa Rica through to knockout stages BBC Sport - Costa Rica produced their second stunning upset in a week to beat a poor Italy side and confirm England’s exit from the 2014 World Cup. The Central Americans fully warranted their win at Arena Pernambuco, which was sealed by a Bryan Ruiz header shortly before halftime. The former Fulham striker watched his effort hit the crossbar and bounce over the line. Goal-line technology confirmed the decision. This result proved Costa R i c a ’s v i c t o r y o v e r Uruguay in Fortaleza had been no fluke and they might have won more comfortably had they been awarded a penalty when Arsenal striker Joel Campbell was clearly fouled in the penalty area. Italy were a shadow of the side that beat England comfortably in Manaus and now drop into second place in Group D, behind Costa Rica. Uruguay are third on goal difference. The result confirmed what England had feared after Thursday’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay in Sao Paulo and means Roy Hodgson’s side will be eliminated whatever the result against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday.

Italy face Uruguay in Natal at the same time. History was not on England’s side going into this contest. Italy had failed to win their second group match at any of the previous three World Cups. One man who had been present on all three occasions was goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. Having missed Italy’s opening game against England, the Juventus captain was passed fit to play in his fourth World Cup, becoming only the fifth Italian to do so. On his return, there were signs of rust as Costa Rica controlled much of the first half. The Italy goalkeeper came for a corner but missed, only for Celso Borges to head just over. Buffon got down smartly to save a low shot from the excellent Christian Bolanos but the real drama was still to come. The half burst into life shortly before the interval with two key incidents. In the first, Arsenal striker Joel Campbell checked back onto his left foot and ran at the Italian defence with his typical vigour. His run was ended in the penalty area, as defender Giorgio Chiellini cut across the 21-year-old as he prepared to shoot.

It looked a clear penalty, but referee Enrique Osses from Chile waved played on to the disbelief of those in the Arena Pernambuco. Costa Rica would not be denied, though. Within a minute, they came forward again. Bolanos swung the ball wide to the left flank where Junior Diaz curled an inviting ball towards Brian Ruiz at the back post. The former Fulham forward connected with a header that first struck the crossbar and then bounced down, beyond the dive of Buffon, and over the line. The Costa Ricans exploded with joy. It was no more than they deserved. Italy could only get better and but any improvement was marginal. Andrea Pirlo tested Navas with a free-kick that wobbled and dipped, while Matteo Darmian thumped a rising shot that was tipped over the bar by the Costa Rica goalkeeper. But their best chance had fallen to Mario Balotelli much earlier in the game. It went to waste. The opportunity in question came after a majestic lofted pass by Pirlo. The former Manchester City striker controlled it but could only loft his shot wide with the goal at his mercy.

Saturday June 21, 2014

Over 50 entries received for Rising Sun $8M Meet Preparations are moving apace for the Rising Sun Turf Club/Inshan Bacchus ‘Hard Runnings’ Trucking Service one-day Horse Race Meet slated for Sunday June 29 at the Club’s facility, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice. To date, over 50 entries have been received for the eight-race meet which will have at stake over $8M in cash, trophies and other incentives up for the taking. The feature event with a first prize of $1M and trophy is for animals classified D1 and lower over 1500m. The co-feature event over 1400m for three-year-old Guyana and West Indies bred animals, will fetch a winner’s take of $600,000 and a trophy while the winner of the F1 and

Lower (1400m) will pocket $500,000 and a trophy. The G3 and Lower event is once again expected to be competitive as the animals will race over 1000M for a winning take of $400,000 and a trophy. The H1 and Lower horses will run for a top prize of $400,000 and a trophy also over 1000M. The event will likely see the introduction of Two-year-old Guyana and West Indian- bred horses and they will compete over 600M for a first prize of $300,000 and a trophy. Horses running in the I1 and Lower 1000M race will battle for $250,000 and a trophy. The final event for the day is for animals classified J and Lower for a purse of $200,000 over 1000M.

Top individual performers including jockey, trainer and stable will receive incentives compliments of Trophy Stall and the organizers; entries will close on June 23. Interested persons are asked to contact C. Ramnauth on 337 5311, Fazil Habibulla on 657 7010, Inshan Bacchus on 629 9419 or Chandu Ramkissoon on 232 0633 / 624 9063. Race time is 12:30 hrs. Meanwhile, among the sponsors on board so far are Trophy Stall, Banks DIH Limited, Mohammed ‘Nankoo’ Shariff, Inshan Bacchus Business Enterprise, Chester Fry Chicken of Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice, Rising Sun Cattle Ranch and Jumbo Jet Business Establishment.

England v Sri Lanka: Stuart Broad hat-trick puts hosts on top BBC Sport - Stuart Broad took a hat-trick and Liam Plunkett Test-best figures as England bowled Sri Lanka out for 257 on the first day of the second Test against Sri Lanka at Headingley. Vindicating Alastair Cook’s decision to field first on winning the toss, England’s bowlers swung the ball prodigiously, even in the sunshine. The hosts could have bowled Sri Lanka out even more cheaply had they taken their chances - Kumar Sangakkara was let off on four occasions in making 79. But when he became the first of Broad’s three wickets in three balls, it sparked a collapse that saw the tourists lose their last five wickets for 29 runs. England’s good day was completed when Cook and opening partner Sam Robson reached the close on 36-0, 221 behind. For all the strength of their position, England were starting to come under pressure after tea as Sangakkara and Dinesh Chandimal, in as a replacement wicketkeeper for the injured Prasanna Jayawardene, shared an increasingly fluent sixthwicket stand of 67. In conditions offering enough for the bowlers to suggest a score in excess of 300 would be competitive, the tourists had pushed on to 228-5 and England were in danger of squandering the five wickets shared by Plunkett and James Anderson in the opening two sessions. That was when Broad had got to work. Sangakkara, scorer of a century and a halfcentury in the drawn first Test

Stuart Broad claimed his second Test hat-trick. (Getty Images)

at Lord’s, was far less fluent in Leeds and the beneficiary of England mistakes. He would have been run out without scoring had Chris Jordan’s throw hit the stumps, would have been caught behind off Plunkett had England appealed and offered a very difficult chance to Moeen Ali at point on 57. However, the biggest mistake belonged to wicketkeeper Matt Prior, who dropped the left-hander on 27 after lunch, a simple chance that lodged in his chest then fell to the ground in his

confusion over whether he had caught the ball. Despite those let-offs, Sangakkara’s driving through the off side was looking increasingly dangerous until he loosely went after a wide one from Broad and was well taken by a diving Ian Bell, in his 100th Test, at gully. Broad then had Chandimal caught at first slip by Cook and Shaminda Eranga held by Prior to become only the second England bowler to take two Test hat-tricks after completing the feat (Continued on page 29)

Saturday June 21, 2014

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Gayle powers Windies to 10-Wkt win after NZ tail and rain frustrate By Sean Devers in Trinidad In association with Digicel, Stag Beer, John Fernandes Ltd and Cascadia Hotel An explosive unbeaten 80 from 46 balls by Chris Gayle totally destroyed the New Zealand bowlers’ confidence and led West Indies to a commanding 10-wicket win on the last day of the second Test yesterday at the Queens Park Oval. A record 99-run eight wicket stand between 28year-old Bradley Watling (66*) and 27-year-old Mark Craig (67) from three hours and four minutes, helped set West Indies 93 runs for victory from 61 overs in two sessions when it seemed on Thursday that the contest would have been done and dusted in four days. Kemar Roach (4-74), Jermaine Taylor (2-73), Shannon Gabriel (2-66) and Suleiman Benn (2-78) toiled long and hard on a slow pitch to eventually dismiss the visitors on the stroke of Lunch yesterday. Two stoppages due to rain meant West Indies had to wait much longer than expected to notch up their first win since they beat Zimbabwe in Dominica last year. This was also their first win on this ground since they trashed Sri Lanka inside four days six years ago. In between their victory yesterday and the last of their

six consecutive wins in Dominica, the Regional side lost twice to India and thrice to New Zealand, the last in the opening Test of this series. West Indies have gone six Tests without a win and although the few in the stands, which included a ‘Black Caps support group’ with a huge New Zealand flag, anticipated a much easier win for the home side and maybe an early day to go to the Beach in celebration of the victory on the second consecutive public holiday here, a win is a win. The Hosts, who galloped to 95-0 in 13.2 overs in the runchase, now go to Barbados for the deciding Test with the series locked 1-all. Gayle, the Jamaican powerhouse began the run chase like a house on fire. He hit Tim Southee for a boundary, first ball and clobbered him for two more fours in his next over after he had pounded Trent Boult for four through mid wicket as Southee dug one in short as Gayle ‘charged him’ and it whistled past his helmet and it could be sensed that the pugnacious left-hander was targeting the pacers. Three consecutive sixes by Gayle off Boult were as stunning as they were brutal and with the destructive Jamaican in T20 mode Ish Sodhi was introduced. Gayle brought up his 50 and West Indies’ half-century in the

eight over. Gayle, who seemed in a hurry to watch Switzerland/France World Cup Football match which commenced at 15:00hrs, reached the second fastest Test 50 by a West Indian behind Shane Shillingford and sixth fastest of all time. His 50 took just 28 balls and he celebrated the landmark with an even bigger six in the same over. Gayle hit 7 fours and 6 sixes. Man-of-the-Match Braithwaite (14*) was the silent partner as Gayle decimated the hapless bowlers. A flat six over extra cover off Craig was simply murderous while a crunching cut by Gayle reached the boundary like a bullet and finished the game in empathic fashion. Earlier, play resumed in gorgeous sunshine with New Zealand on 257-8 and aided by some deplorable catching by the West Indies, the partnership prospered as the handful of West Indies supporters watched in disgust. The left-handed Craig, in only his second Test and picked for his off-spin bowling, reached his maiden half-century from 121 minutes, 126 balls with seven fours. Craig was dropped off successive balls from Taylor by Gayle at first slip and Benn at Gully before he had reached fifty and Kiwi rode his luck well. Watling is playing as a

specialist batsman, but yesterday Craig looked the senior batsman as Watling, who has three Test tons to his name, continued to struggle to get the ball off the square. But the important thing from a New Zealand perspective, the partnership was gradually building. Taylor produced a nasty lifting ball that Craig seemed to glove to slip while taking evasive action but was given not out. The review confirmed the Umpire’s decision and the lucky Craig lived to fight another day. Craig has three FirstClass half-centuries to his name and took most of the strike on a track which was still very good for batting but when Watling got the strike he stylishly clipped Taylor off his pads for four before picking up a double to post his eight fifty at this level. His painstaking knock lasted 306 minutes, 162 balls and included four fours. Watling looked more confident once he passed 50 and along with Craig closed in on the highest stand for this wicket by New Zealand of 136 against India in 1990 made by Ian Smith and Martin Snedden. The 300 was soon posted and the West Indies batsmen could learn a lot from the application and commitment shown by New Zealanders. At the first water-break the score was 303-8 and just nine short of a century stand.

Covent Garden advance despite spirited... From page 34 last ditch effort from a free kick failed to make the right impression and when the final whistle went his team was left one short of the equalizing mark. Meanwhile, in action from the Essequibo, Charity completed a comfortable 3-0 triumph over Wakapoa in the opening fixture yesterday. An own goal in the 29th minute by Wakapoa put Charity on the score sheet. They then added two for good measure; Richard Correia booted home a double in the 31st and 34th minutes for Charity. The second game resulted in a 6-2 victory for Cottonfield over 8th of May. The losers got the scoring off in the 2nd minute through a D’Angelo Pitman effort, while Rafael Cook evened this up in the 10th. Star of the game Hosea Peters opened with the first of his five goals in the 33rd only for Ronsville O’Neal to respond in the 35th minute. Peters then went on a ram-

page scoring four unanswered goals in the 55th, 63rd, 70th and 75th minutes to see his side comfortable home. Back in the city at the Police Sports Club ground, another goal spree was recorded in this year’s Digicel championship. Morgan’s Learning Centre (MLC) did better than they did last year, when they were booted in the opening round. Yesterday they hammered the Business School 7-0 to move to round two. Wayne Murray was on target for MLC, booting in a hat-trick. He opened the scoring in the 17th minute, added two more in the 24th and 69th minutes. Sherwin Haynes (34th), Travis Brandis (59th) and Bobby Vaughn (76th) scored for the winners, while Vaughn Pilgrim did not help the Business School’s cause, tapping in an own-goal in the 28th minute. Over at the Education Ministry ground on Carifesta

Mervyn Squires

Avenue, Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC) came from behind to beat St Winifred 6-1. Stephon Reynolds put St Winifred ahead in the 22nd minute, but GITC rebounded, firing in six goals on the trot. Shemar Wilson scored a double in the 41st and 83rd minutes, while Joel Pollard

(33rd), Stephon Hopkinson (52), Shane Morris (74th) and Egbert Nedd (78th) completed their team’s tally. Meanwhile, the lone game of the Region Four zone saw Beterverwagting needling Golden Grove 1-0 at the Victoria ground. Osafa Campbell scored in the 22nd minute for the winners.

With the partnership on 99 (highest against West Indies), Craig clearly edged Roach to the Keeper but Umpire Ian Gould inexplicable asked for the review. Not surprisingly, Television replays vindicated Roach. Craig’s resolute innings spanned 184 minutes, 167 balls and was decorated with nine fours. Two balls after Craig’s demise, rain sent the players rushing to the pavilion and after a delay of 20 minutes the action resumed and the first session was extended by 30 minutes. Trent Boult and Watling share the record New Zealand last wicket partnership against the West Indies with 58 last year at Wellington. Boult rocked his head back like a boxer evading a straight right when Roach pounded one short and the ball almost removed his helmet. He seemed more at

ease against Benn. Gabriel peppered Boult with another bouncer which he fended to second slip where Bravo made no attempt to catch the ball which went for four as the mediocre slip catching by the West Indies continued. Boult (8) then backed away and swished at a short one from Gabriel and was taken by Ramdin, leaving the subdued Watling stranded on 66 from 387 minutes, 216 balls with four boundaries. The rare victory was an auspicious start to Ramdin’s Captaincy on home soil, while the young guns (Bravo, Braithwaite, Edwards and Blackwood) all fired. Gayle’s explosion towards the end must have also psychologically affected the Kiwis bowlers. However, it was a far from a clinical win. The defensive strategy of Ramdin and the sloppy catching must be a cause for concern.

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Guyana joins rest of the world in celebrating World Olympic Day The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) in association with the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) will be hosting a day of fun beach volleyball tomorrow from 10:00hrs on the Beach volleyball court in the National Park, Georgetown in observance of World Olympic day 2014 which will be celebrated on Monday. This activity is open to anyone from the public regardless of age, level of play and level of fitness. This outing is to promote a wholesome friendly environment and at the

same time encouraging people to get involved in a sport and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it. This activity is just one of the events that would be held locally to promote and celebrate the day and will see 3 males and 1 female making up a team. Over the last two decades, people the world over have celebrated in several ways and sports have been very instrumental in this regard. It has helped to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world. Novelty prizes will be up for grabs.

Jones Birth Anniversary tournament set for June 22 Wayne Jones 53rd Birthday Anniversary softball tournament will be played on Sunday 22 June at the Demerara Cricket Club starting at 09:30 hrs. The teams that have so far confirmed their participation in the Masters category are Floodlights, Mike’s Wellman, Bel Air Rubis, Industry Super Kings, Parika Defenders and Uitvlugt Warriors. Blue Divas, Trophy Stall Angels, 4R

Lioness and All Star Divas are the female teams that will battle for supremacy. Entrance Fee for the Masters is $3,000 while the Females are free. Trophies will be up for grabs while take away lunch will be on sale. Sponsors on board so far are Trophy Stall, Mike’s Pharmacy, Bel Air Rubis, Dave Doobay, Ramchand Auto Spares, Reaz Hussein and Petama Enterprise.

National B/ball team is one of Guyana’s best By Edison Jefford National Senior Men’s Basketball Coach, Mark Agard, believes that the team that will represent Guyana at the upcoming Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, July 1-12, will be one of the country’s best. Agard, who will be making his debut as Senior Men’s Coach at CBC along with assistant Darcel Harris, who has been the most successful locally-based coach in the last year, was giving insight into the quality of the team at the Windjammer International Hotel. “We are sending one of Guyana’s best teams out there and hopefully we can come back with the Championship Trophy. You are just seeing me, but I have a whole lot of people working with me to ensure that we get the best result,” Agard said. The former national point guard and Coach of the Pepsi Sonic Basketball Club believes that the addition of the five or more overseasbased players has lifted the game of the locally-based ball players to the point that

- says Coach, Mark Agard

Mark Agard Guyana is getting to its true potential. “The locally-based players have stepped up their game and we’re getting some great basketball,” Agard said, adding that with 24 players looking to make the final cut, there is a lot of offence on the roster, but that has to change over the next two weeks. “We have to be more defensively coordinated, we have to get stops, but I believe we will be well represented

this year,” Agard assured. He believes that local basketball could consistently benefit from such exposure and exchanges with the support of corporate Guyana. Apart from former NBA player, Rawle Marshall, who will no doubt lead the squad in the BVI in two weeks, Guyana has recalled its international players from the Caribbean, North America and Europe in an effort of putting its best team in Tortola. Asked when he will be naming his team, Agard said that this weekend 12 players will be named along with three standbys for the 15-player squad. Marshall was especially interested in the team being reduced as soon as possible to narrow the focus. The team is visibly overwhelmed with a lot of quality guards and small forwards. As such, Agard was asked if the absence of a true centre on their roster will have an impact on their performance and he assured that Guyana “will be looking to exploit advantages”. The male team leaves for BVI on June 29 and will be headlining the night of July 1. Practice has been intense these past weeks in an effort to deliver Guyana’s first Men’s CBC title. Guyana was second to Barbados in 1994 when that country hosted the event.

Saturday June 21, 2014

PMCC management cries foul at non-inclusion of U-17 duo Despite having several impressive performances for their Under-17 side in the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB)/ Memorex Inter-Club competition, Port Mourant Cricket Club (PMCC) player Vivekanand Jagjit and his skipper Daniel Samaroo, still found it hard to break into the Ancient County’s team. For this, PMCC President Vicram Seubarran is crying foul at the ordinary treatment being meted out to the players whom he felt should have been in the squad. “What is the purpose of the BCB hosting the Memorex Under-17 tournament from which players are being selected to play in the Inter Zone competition?” asked Seubarran. He added, “All match reports were submitted to the BCB in a timely manner, from which they could have seen that both Jagjit and Samaroo had consistent performances for Port Mourant, thus guaranteeing them a place in the final 11 for the Inter-Zone matches. To my mind, this whole selection process that is being used to select the Under-17 team is a fraud, because while some may say playing in the Inter-zone is the criteria for selection, the BCB selectors picked the team from one match and there are some players who did not perform creditably in that match, but were selected.” Seubarran, the sole sponsor of Universal DVD Titans, cited as an example the preferred leg spinner chosen by the BCB Junior Selection Committee, ahead of Jagjit, who is way above the preferred individual.

- calls on GCB to intervene

Daniel Samaroo (left) and Vivekanand Jagjit “Jagjit played all the matches for us and performed well with the ball and bat. In fact, in four matches, he has taken 32 wickets including five, five-wicket and two 10wicket hauls with his best being 6-20 in the match where he took 11-46. And when you look at his returns with the bat for the same period, he has scored a total of 103 runs with a top score of 44 against Whim. So are they saying that such overall performances do not guarantee him a place in the 14 man squad for the Inter County tournament even though he did not play in the Inter Zone, then something is wrong with the procedure of selection”, he argued. A disgruntled Seubarran said he is calling on the BCB’s parent body, the Guyana Cricket Board to intervene, since several players not only from PMCC are being treated unfairly by the BCB Selection panel and this has to stop. In an invited comment, BCB Junior Chairman of Selectors Leslie Solomon said that never before was a junior

player selected for the Ancient County without playing in the Inter Zone tournament and he (Solomon) would not go against such precedence. According to Solomon, both Jagjit and Samaroo, who amassed 204 runs with a highest score of 59 not out against Sand Reef and took 18 wickets with a best of 7-7 against Whim, in a match where he ended with 13-29, were both selected in the Inter Zone team. “Unfortunately for Samaroo, there was another off-spinner who played in the Inter Zone competition and performed creditably, while in the case of Jagjit, he did not get a chance to play in the Inter Zone, while the other named leg spinner did play,” said Solomon. Amidst all the fuss and fight, it was understood that even the BCB President was unaware of the selection or ratification of the team when contacted by PMCC to intervene on the matter, prior to the Berbice team departing for the tournament.

England knocked out of World Cup BBC Sport - England were eliminated at the group stage of the Fifa World Cup for the first time since 1958 as Italy lost 1-0 to Costa Rica in Recife. It is the first time the national side have been knocked out after just two matches, with Roy Hodgson’s side beaten by Group D rivals Italy and Uruguay. They needed Italy to win both of their remaining games to stand a chance of reaching the last 16. But Costa Rica’s defeat of the Azzurri ended England’s involvement. The England team watched Friday’s match from their hotel base in Rio.

Hodgson had picked a squad with an emphasis on youth, and was hopeful they would be able to progress out of a tough group. Costa Rica were supposed to be the weakest team in a pool containing three former World Cup winners, but the Central American side were the first to secure their place in the last 16. Despite E n g l a n d ’s campaign starting with a 21 d e f e a t b y I t a l y, a promising performance gave them confidence for Thursday’s game against Uruguay, who lost their opening match to Costa Rica.

However, Luis Suarez’s two goals gave Uruguay a 2-1 victory which left Hodgson’s men relying on other results. In the aftermath of the defeat, Hodgson insisted he would not resign, and Football Association chairman Greg Dyke said his job is not under threat. “We are supportive of Roy - he came to do a four-year cycle. I already see people asking the question, ‘Will he stay?’ The answer is yes,” said Dyke. “He came to do a fouryear cycle leading up to Euro 2016.” England finish their campaign against Costa Rica on Tuesday.

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Saturday June 21, 2014

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Howard Eastman bows out of Wray & Nephew Contender Boxing Series Guyana’s final hope of clinching the top prize in the Wray & Nephew Contender Boxing Series evaporated after Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman surrendered a unanimous decision verdict to Jamaican Tsetsi Davis, when the two clashed in a semi-final encounter in downtown Kingston, near t h e Tr a n s p o r t C e n t r e , Thursday evening last. E a s t m a n h a d successfully battled his way to the semi-final slot and was highly tipped to clash with Jamaican Sakima Mullings but will now return home after dropping the decision to Davis. Nonetheless, unlike his other countrymen who exited the tournament at the early stages, Eastman is expected to pocket J$200,000. Judge Keith Brown scored the contest 78-74; Lindel Allen saw it 79-73 and Clifford Brown had it 79-72 for Davis who now awaits the winner of the other semi-final bout next We d n e s d a y ; a n a llJamaican clash between Sakima Mullings, the top seed, and Donovan ‘ Police’ Campbell, to decide who

will fight for the winning purse of two million dollars. Meanwhile, Davis had earlier hammered out a unanimous points decision over Guyanese Derick ‘Dangerous’ Richmond in the preliminary round. The win over Eastman has now pushed his record to 11 wins 14 pro fights. M e anwhile, reports out of the Jamaican Gleaner said that Davis, still harbouring dreadful thoughts of last year’s cruel loss, soared above himself with a command performance that propelled Team Jamaica into a dominant 4-1 lead over their Caribbean counterparts after five rounds of hectic competitive boxing. The report said that Davis started watchfully against Eastman and eventually exploded in the later rounds to surprise Eastman with some heavy punching. Neither boxer showed signs of being hurt but some real heavy punches were thrown and landed like an arrow that winged to its mark from both boxers. At the end of the bout Davis admitted that he was able to take control

Jamaica’s Tsetsi Davis (left) and Guyana’s Howard Bomber Eastman pose off ahead of their semi-final clash in the 2014 Wray & Nephew Contender Boxing series. (Jamaica Observer) from the opening round. “Guess what, not everybody you can knock out. And if you chase and become careless maybe you in turn can get knocked out too. One time he caught me and took my foot away, but I did not show it. So ‘nuff’ respect to him, I have to come to Guyana to beat him one more time,” Davis concluded. He then vowed to

Doolchand to represent Guyana at Indoor Volleyball Course in Puerto Rico The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) in association with the G u y a n a Vo l l e y b a l l Federation (GVF) has selected Mr. Jadeswar Doolchand to be its representative in Puerto Rico at a high level Indoor Vo l l e y b a l l C o u r s e organised by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee from June 22 – 28, next. The course will attract participants from across the region and will take place in the municipality of Bayamon located on the northern coastal valley of Puerto Rico. W i t h recommendations from t h e G V F, h e a d e d b y President Mr. John Flores, the President of the D e m e r a r a Vo l l e y b a l l A s s o c i a t i o n ( D VA ) Jadeswar Doolchand will be attending this very important course and upon

Jadeswar Doolchand completion would be strengthening the human resource of sports in Guyana. Doolchand, once a national player back in 1998/2000, has been very involved in the sport from then to present. After his days as a

national player would have been over, he has become a National Coach up until last year. He now coaches the University of Guyana Volleyball team. The aim of this course is to introduce new theories of sports training and the progress of applied sciences in sports, promote the professional development of coaches, representative of the National Olympic Committee, through the training of specialized human resources with high level athletes and last but not least to work together to raise the technical level of the coaches for the benefit of their high performance athletes with a view to participate in the Pan American Games in Toronto and the Olympic games in 2016.

replicate the performance when he tackles the winner of the Mullings/Campbell

match. “Trust me, not because Sakimo is my team mate, it is going to be a good

showdown,” added an elated Davis. Porter Reid, who has taken over coaching of Team Jamaica in the absence of Carl Grant, who is on an overseas boxing assignment, said that he was satisfied with h i s c h a r g e ’ s performance. “Tsetsi did his work; he went to school and did what he had to do,” said Reid. He also commended Eastman saying that he has an iron chin. “Tsetsi caught him with some solid combinations and straight jabs and he did not waver a bit,” Reid added. The winner takes home two million (Jamaican) dollars with the runner up earning J$500,000. The boxers finishing in the third and fourth places receive J $ 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 a n d J$200,000 respectively.

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Steve’s Jewellery sponsors trophies for Police Athletics championships

Steve Narine (right) of Steve’s Jewellery hands over the trophies to Corporal Linden Matthews. The Guyana Police Force will be holding its 5 9 t h a t h l e t i c championship as part of celebrating its 175th anniversary. Steve’s Jewellery has

come forward with support for these championships i n t h e f o r m o f sponsorship. Steve Narine of Steve’s Jewellery handed over the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies to

Corporal Linden Matthews for the 100M police A class race. The Police Athletics championships will be held from July 20th to the 24th at the Police Sports Club ground Eve Leary.

Saturday June 21, 2014

GCF National C/ships set for next weekend The Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) marquee event, the National Championships, is set to be contested on June 28 – 29, 2014, according to a release from that entity. The event entails the Time Trials which would be held on Saturday June 28 on the Linden Soesdyke Highway while the Road Race is set for the next day from Georgetown to the Linden Soesdyke Highway and back to the place of origin. On Saturday, cyclists are required to be at the starting point, Long Creek at 09:00hrs for registration with competition getting underway at 14:00hrs from that point to Kairuni and return. The road race on Sunday will see riders competing in five categories; seniors, juniors, veterans, ladies and juveniles. The starting point for all categories will be Homestretch Avenue at 07:00hrs, registration will be done one hour earlier. The seniors will proceed to

Raynauth Jeffrey crosses the line unchallenged in 2013 Kairuni; juniors to the Police Outpost at Yarrowkabra (Linden Soesdyke Highway), veterans and ladies will turn back at Kuru Kururu (first parking lot) while the juveniles will pedal all the way to Coverden on the East Bank of Demerara. The finish

point is Homestretch Avenue. Defending senior champion is Raynauth Jeffrey; Michael Anthony will seek to maintain the ascendency in the junior division; Junior Niles (veteran U-45), Ian Jackson (veteran O45) and Naomi Singh (female).

Digicel Schools Football Championship

Covent Garden advance despite spirited display from Camille’s Business Institute L a s t y e a r, C o v e n t Garden Secondary School (CGSS) carted off the honours in their zone in the Digicel Schools football Championships but was eventually forced into third place after losing to Waramadong Secondary School in the semi-finals. Notwithstanding, they went on to defeat St George’s Secondary to end up in third

place. The lads of the Covent Garden Secondary returned with a vengeance and started their trek to championship honours with a hard fought 3-2 victory over Camille’s Institute for Business and Science Studies (CIBS) when activities in the above mentioned championships continued at the Grove Community Centre Ground

EBD, yesterday afternoon. In what was a determined display, CGSS went ahead in the first session with three goals off the boots of Kevin Agard (5), Mario Campbell (19) and Arson Galah (33), in what was basically a one sided affair. The lads from CGSS played aggressively and after the first goal, went about their task with vigour

and vitality. It was during a goal scrimmage where both teams battled for possession that Campbell extricated himself from the bunch and delivered a flat drive that screamed past the goalkeeper to send his team 2-0. The third goal was indeed a stunner when Keith Agard sprinted down the right flank and crossed the ball onto the boot of Galah

who swivelled and pasted the goalie to send his team i n t o t h e a s c e n d e n c y, comfortably positioned at a 3-goal advantage at the interval. The lads from the CIBS came alive in the second session and their passes were truly a thing to behold. Mervin Squires had been very quiet during the first half, but he suddenly sprang into life with a stunning shot from halfway down the field to score his team’s first goal

in the 56th minute of the game. He was to repeat this feat 8 minutes later from a free kick from an identical distance as his first success. Thereafter, the lads from the CGSS ‘marked him for death’ and after an especially ferocious tackle, he left the field limping. He returned later in the game but was met with an aggressive defence line-up from the CGSS that rendered his efforts inconsequential. Squires’ (Continued on page 31)

The scorers of the winning team (from left) Agard, Campbell and Galah

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Saturday June 21, 2014

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MCYS/National Sports Management Workshop

Minister Anthony urges participants to continue the job started

Facilitators and participants share a Kodak moment with Prime Minister Samuel Hinds (seated 3rd right), Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony (seated 3rd left) and Olympic silver medalist, Grace Jackson (right) following the conclusion of the workshop. Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony brought the curtains down on the inaugural National Sports Management Workshop which was deemed a resounding success by all. The workshop which was facilitated by Jamaican Olympic silver medalist, Grace Jackson and held at the National Sports Resource Center, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown attracted a total of 42 participants including representatives from the various sports associations and federations.Anthony encouraged those who benefitted from this inaugural event to not just let it be another activity that they attend and allow the

knowledge gained to fall by the wayside but seek to make a difference in the entity or organization they are from. “We want you to take this passion back to your organization so that you can change things. We all want Guyanese sports to do better and I think we would have been given better tools to work following such a powerful workshop, we are very pleased with the outcome.” The participants were divided into four groups and were required to work on plans in the following areas: Group #1 – Participation in Sports Post High school; Group #2 – Building a Sports Culture in Guyana; Group #3

– One Day Single Sport Event; Group #4 – MultiSport Event. They all presented their plans to the other participants and facilitators including a panel of judges. Group #2 was adjudged to have made the best presentation and was duly rewarded with gifts compliments of Digicel. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister Anthony presented the gifts to the members of Group#2. Anthony urged the groups to continue working and to make the plans that they presented a reality, positing that in one year from now more activities can be added to the sports calendar. He told them that the Resource

Centre is always available to be utilized by them as well as the various associations to further advance sports in Guyana. Minister Anthony also urged that more time be allotted in schools for physical activity, noting that the current time allocated is way too limited. “We now need to make sure that we have a change of policies that have been barriers so far. I know there are lots of resistance to policy changes but we all have to work together to make sure this happens.” The Minister informed that they will continue to work with Ms. Jackson in the future with regards following

up and doing more programmes recognizing that Guyana has a lot of catching up to do. “You’ll be seeing a lot more programmes like this; we’ll certainly invite Grace and her team to come back.” The Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO) Minister Anthony informed will be hold their meeting in Guyana in September this year and his Ministry would be conducting a number of seminars to coincide with this event. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds also addressed the participants and encouraged them to be the agents of change in their respective entities.

He also commended Minister Anthony, Director of Sport Neil Kumar and their staff for bringing off an event of such importance to Guyana. Ms. Jackson in brief summary remarks said that the group of persons she worked with over the threedays during the workshop was really heartening and she believed that they {participants}got the message based on their high level of active involvement. Among the facilitators at this historic workshop were Trinidad & Tobago’s former athletics superstar, Ato Boldon, Olympian Cathy Rattray Samuels and a number of local persons.

t r o Sp

Gayle powers Windies to 10-Wkt win

after NZ tail and rain frustrate Chris Gayle was in a no nonsense mood. (WICB Randy Brooks)


Kemar Roach celebrates a wicket. (WICB)

BJ Watling resolutely defends. (Associated Press)

Costa Rica through to knockout stages


Bryan Ruiz header shortly before half-time sealed the game for Costa Rica. (Getty Images)

France put five past Switzerland


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