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Friday June 20, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news Kaieteur News Money to clean Le Repentir should not Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


The height of inanity It is the height of inanity to direct that a police force employ 50 persons as cadet officers and not have a plan to deal with their advancement through the ranks from assistant superintendent upwards. Briefly, the situation facing Guyana Police Force over the past four years, is one where having employed fifty young Guyanese aspiring to serve their country as law enforcement officers, the organization is in a quandary as to what to do with them, especially in the absence of a Police Service Commission. It would be interesting to know what criteria were established which inform the cadets’ performance after some of them would have returned from the Guyana Defence Force’s Officer Cadet Course. It would therefore be manifestly unfair if it was to be determined at this late stage that any one of those aspirants to a police career is unfit to be promoted to the next level, especially if the current system does not provide for ongoing evaluation of their knowledge, attitude, performance, competence etc. It means, therefore, that the cadets must be tasked to develop their conceptual and other skills to deliver, if they are to justify government’s confidence in their capacity to be future leaders. Notwithstanding the intentions of the government to address this longstanding issue, if there is no monitoring and evaluation of these candidates as the Alex Griffith shooting suggests, then the GPF must be held accountable for a gross dereliction of its duty to ensure that only the best are selected to deliver highest quality service for the safety of the Guyanese people. In light of organizational politics which arguably reflect the practices in the wider polity, there is absolutely no guarantee that the system to select the favoured cadets for the created positions will be free from bias and other considerations unrelated to professional policing; but that remains to be seen. But there is another downside to this, with respect to the many persons within the rank of inspector, and who would have had reasonable expectations of being promoted to the rank of assistant superintendent, if not further up the ladder. It is not beyond reason that if the upward mobility of qualified inspectors is affected by the special advancement of cadets; this is likely to result in demoralization at the inspectorate level and below. It therefore means that to compensate for loss of opportunities, the administration will have to develop in consultation with the Police Association, a mechanism which seeks to address improved job satisfaction and staff morale aimed at improving the overall health, and work life balance of the workforce. Ultimately, it should be noted, workplace morale rests on each individual, since when they believe they are in a job which deals fairly with issues, they are satisfied. In the case of the police this will help them in their interaction in the communities they serve. Thus it is evident that morale should serve as an indicator when identifying roadblocks to a smoothly functioning police force. Without wanting to delve deeply into the current imbroglio between the police administration and the Police Wives Association, would it be asking too much for both parties to exhibit some decency and refrain from flaunting their dirty laundry in our faces? The Commissioner of Police has to exercise some consideration for public opinion, which more often than not questions the seriousness and sincerity of public officials’ words when faced with contradictions in actions. Picking fights with all and sundry is never advantageous for a leader in a high profile position like the office of commissioner; it only serves as a distraction from getting the job done to the satisfaction of all. On another note, the public could be excused for wanting to know where the patrols were - which proliferate in the Albouystown area - when the recent murder took

be doled out without a feasibility study DEAR EDITOR, As much as I question whether it would actually cost the taxpayers $100M to ‘clean up’ the Le Repentir Cemetery, based on discussions with experts I’m advised that the entire project should not exceed more than $30M. Thus, I reserve the right to wait for the verbal promissory note issued by the President to distribute one hundred million Guyana Dollars to clean up Le Repentir, to be honored before jumping and clicking my heels in a surfeit of glee. At the same time I wish to offer conditional commendation for this seeming fulfilling of an obligation to our dear departed who lie in repose in that cemetery. It is unquestionable that one can determine how civilized a human society is from the manner in which it treats and honors its dearly departed members. The jury is no longer out on this with respect to Guyana, because over the past two decades or thereabouts, the conditions Le Repentir Cemetery have been allowed to descend into represent a national scandal, and suggest that even

the most basic element of respect does not exist in our national psyche for those who lay in final repose in that Cemetery. My reservations with respect to this current promise, are products of past experience with similar previous promises. It is always easy to be magnanimous with promises, but they are worth nothing if they are not kept, and when made with no intent of making good on them, it evidences a blatant disregard for the feelings and concerns of those to whom it is being made. We in Guyana, as a national collective, have become jaded and disillusioned over the years from our experiences in a society where, as Ray Davies points out, and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep......”. I would urge the President to ensure that this contractual distribution does not follow the trend in which such projects are undertaken. The

communities in proximity to Le Repentir should at least reap some economic benefits from their tax dollar investment in a project to clean up a landmark location in their community. I would further urge that one hundred million of the tax paying public dollars should not be doled out without a feasibility assessment of the cost to get the job done, and if the amount exceeds that which is fair and reasonable for such a project, the remainder be applied to similar affected areas like Tiger Bay, Houston, Agricola, Alexander Village, Industry, Queenstown, Alberttown, Kingston, Kitty etc. The cleaning of these environs, including the Cemetery, should not be seen as a one time obligation. There has to be periodic maintenance that ensures that these places, including Le Repentir, is well kept and tidy. After all we are, as a collective citizenry paying for all of this, and at the very least we should receive satisfaction on how our money is being spent. Mark A. Benschop Independent Party

The silence on the Curacao Gold Smuggling case is deafening DEAR EDITOR, I would like to have my say in the ongoing discussion with regards to the gold fiasco. Can the authorities say what is the latest status on the vessel that was seized and detained in Curacao with 10,000 ounces of Gold with a street value of USD 12 million? We all know that the owner of the vessel is one of the prominent and wealthy businessmen in downtown Georgetown. What about the investigation? Where are the crew members? What about the two persons who were charged? Where is the gold? Where is the vssel? Is this the first time that this amount of Gold was smuggled out of Guyana by the same individual? I say a resounding NO. The silence on the Curacao Gold Smuggling is deafening. Something fishy is really going on there. Can the relevant authorities get off their haunches and work for the tax payers’ hard earned cash.

If the Authorities look in that direction they may well have all the answers to the so called low Gold production and supposed hoarding. In the Sunday, June 15th Stabroek News an article was published under the heading “Lower production, not hoarding main cause of 20% decline in gold declaration.” The reason was ventilated by Industry Insiders. Mr Edward Shields, a consultant of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association said “There is a crisis in the Industry which started since last year” He further said that “I am aware of many people who closed their operations”. Mr William Woolford, Retired Commissioner of GGMC, also stated in the Stabroek News “While the reason for the drop in declarations is anybody guess, he does not believe that it is due to hoarding by miners.” In the Sat June 14th Stabroek News, one Mr Malcolm Perreira wrote a letter stating that “Sales of mining equipment

in the gold industry have dropped drastically. He further went on to say “With the insertion of Brazilians into the mining industry, it is a known fact that they are some of the smugglers and that some of them do it on a large scale.” Mr Editor, after all those “Experts” had their say, there may be a plausible reason for the shortage and I list them as hereunder. 1. Complete the investigation of the Curacao vessel and let us know what happened to the Gold. 2. Worldwide reduction of the price of gold 3. Lower production. 4. Miners closing down their business. 5. Minimum hoarding by unscrupulous businessmen. 6. Brazilians smuggling of gold in a large scale. 7. The closure of the Bartica Office & the selling to non-licensed dealers. Gerald Sanichar Gold Miner

Follow these procedures while appointing Senior Counsel DEAR EDITOR, I read with some consternation a letter written in Thursday’s edition of Kaieteur News seeking to promote a particular lawyer

for the promotion to Senior Counsel. It is clear that that letter was an orchestrated one and I am sure other lawyers can use the same method to promote his or her

place over the last weekend. Flooding a community with police does not necessarily address residents’ concerns if it is not done in a systematic manner and monitored and evaluated for effectiveness. The commitment by corporate citizens through their financial contributions to that initiative is to be commended, but care must be taken that we are not seduced by form which lacks not only substance but just even more importantly, sustainability.

cause. Why should someone go to such low levels to beg for the award. One must earn it regardless of one’s office. The Editor ought to have refused to publish such letters when they seek to promote a particular person as other lawyers, I am sure can get phantom writers to do just that for them. However, in an effort to bring back some respectability and transparency to the process of appointing Senior Counsels I would suggest

that the following procedures be followed: 1. Let the Office or the Chancellor short list the names of 20 lawyers from among the applicants. 2. Send copies of the applications with the full resume of each of those 20 applicants to the practicing Senior Counsels of the Bar for each Senior Counsel to recommend from among these applicants. Each Senior Counsel shall have (Continued on page 5)

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

No respite from Sheriff The inaction will then Street noise nuisance force victims into silence DEAR EDITOR, As I continue to battle for my health where noise abuse continues to be the order of the day on both Sheriff and Seaforth Streets. I wish to expose two recent acts of this cruelty. At 02:00 am on Tuesday June 17, 2014, I was disturbed from my rest, I went out to remind the offender who was parked in front of my residence the time and also asked him to turn the music down. This was not done. He then removed the vehicle to the Budget Supermarket area, a place that has become the noise abuse and drinking spot at any hour of the mornings for some time now and he continued with this brutal assault. On Sunday 15th June, 2014 at approximately 02;20 hrs a minibus pulled in at the Budget Supermarket and a drinking spree began. When approached and asked to turn the music down one of the offenders claimed he was on the road and was within his rights and the music continued regardless. Shortly before the arrival of the bus, a

black and silver car pulled in at the Supermarket. At 02:00 am that morning all I managed to get from the number was PNN. Editor, it was like this idiot was just being spiteful, the music blasted off suddenly, awaking everyone from their rest. The person left shortly after, and before a patrol that was summoned arrived. It is a trend; the noise stops for a while whenever one speaks out and then it is business as usual. I am calling on the authorities to do something about this troubling development at the Budget Supermarket at those unearthly hours of the mornings. These people bring their liquor, drink, speak loudly and cruelly disturb people without a care. Our very young school children are being continuously exposed to this danger and it seems as though nothing real serious is being done to curb this sickening act. And there is no cut off point for the big ones. P Lewis

FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WHILE APPOINTING... From page 4 the right to state whether he agrees that any of those 20 applicants ought to be elevated to Senior Counsel. Each would have a maximum of 10 votes. Each Senior Counsel reserves the right to refuse to vote for any from amongst the 20 or he can vote for one or two or three but not more that 10. 3. Follow the same procedure with the Judges of the

High Court and Court of Appeal. 4. The names of the 10 applicants who secure the highest number of votes to be sent to the Chancellor. (This list should be made public in the interest of transparency). 5. The Chancellor in his own judgment decides on the number who he thinks deserve to be elevated and submits those names to the Presi-

dent for his approval. If these simple procedures are followed then the accusations of political and other interferences would be removed and only then the dignity and respect for Senior Counsels would be restored. Let us return to some form of transparency, decency and respectability. Let us start with the Judiciary and Bar Association. Others will follow: Jameel Hoosein

DEAR MR. EDITOR, In recent times there has been one sex scandal after another allegedly involving high-ranking government officials. With the exception of the much publicised NOC affair, none of these officials were called to account. The public is therefore forced to conclude that the President and his Cabinet will not cause this to happen out of apparent fear of exposing the deviant nature of many who grace the halls of power. The inaction will then force victims into silence who are made to feel insignificant and worthless in the face of that power; and the perpetrators will continue their nefarious behavior, knowing there is tacit official acceptance of such behaviour. For the public perception to be reversed the President and his Cabinet must act condignly to stamp out this scourge in his ranks. I will provide him with his first test case: There is a senior official who has impregnated an under-aged girl from a SouthCentral Rupununi. I can provide the name of the girl, her parents and the circumstances under which this sick official committed this act. I can also prove that this is not the first such encounter of this official with under-aged girls. I can also prove that this is not the only

officer who is engaged in such acts. What is troubling is the fact that this officer was placed in a position of trust to protect the rights of Amerindians. Instead, he took advantage of their humility and meagre means and violated them. I am promising the

President this: if action is not taken within a reasonable time, I am going to raise this issue as far up as the United Nations. I am also putting the organisations that represent young women and girls on alert. Carl Parker Sr. Regional Councillor Region 9.

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Friday June 20, 2014

More than $91M spent on overseas trips for Ramotar By Gary Eleazar President Donald Ramotar and several delegations have, to date, taken a total of 26 overseas trips since taking office in 2011, costing taxpayers in excess of $91M. The information was supplied to the National Assembly yesterday by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, in response to a request by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Desmond Trotman. Trotman had asked for the Prime Minister to supply the number of official trips made by the President and delegations, as well as a breakdown of the destinations, and how much was spent on transportation and accommodation, to which the Prime Minister supplied a detailed response. It was discovered that the President and delegations took at least four trips to Suriname and another four to Trinidad and Tobago, one of which was completely funded by that Government. Other trips included two visits to neighbouring Venezuela, one to Colombia, India, Cuba, Peru, the USA, Chile, Sri Lanka and Canada among others. Former President Bharrat

“Assigning direct value is too simplistic a way of assessing overall benefits”- PM Hinds Jagdeo accompanied Ramotar as part of his delegation on at least two occasions. Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett accompanied the President on a number of occasions. Also accompanying the President on his overseas trips were members of the State media. Trotman had also requested that the Prime Minister inform the National Assembly what were the immediate and medium term benefits to Guyana associated with each of the trips undertaken by the President and delegations since taking office in 2011 to February, 2014; what benefits Guyana stands to gain in 2014 from each of the overseas trips undertaken by the President and his Delegations in 2012 and what benefits Guyana stands to gain in 2016 from each of the overseas visits made by the President and his Delegations in 2012 and 2013. According to the Prime Minister, “visits to foreign

countries and attendance at international meetings by any Head of State or Government are an integral aspect of the duties of that high office.” He said that concerning the quantification of the gains of the President’s trips overseas, there is a danger that seeking to assign direct values in specified time frames to agreements reached, may be a too simplistic way of assessing the overall benefits to the nation. According to Hinds “the opportunity to advance broad national interests and specific foreign policy objectives and the goodwill resulting from Presidential visits are among the big benefits to the nation and future generations of Guyanese.” He said too that since taking office, President Ramotar has made several high level visits to friendly nations such as the United States of America, Cuba and India. “Our President has also attended the United Nations General Assembly and participated in the meetings of the Heads of State and Governments of CARICOM;

the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR); the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations (CELAC); MERCOSUR; South American-Arab Countries (ASPA); the Association of Caribbean States (ACS); the Commonwealth; and the European Union-Latin American and Caribbean (EULAC) integration mechanism, among others.” According to Hinds, each overseas trip provided an opportunity for Guyana to advance its national interests in not only seeking cooperation programmes in key areas such as the development of agriculture, trade, tourism, energy, social development, interconnectivity, small and medium enterprises and

human resource development, but equally important, demonstrated by its participation, Guyana’s continued commitment to the several mechanisms and initiatives of which it is a part. “These encounters also provide an opportunity for His Excellency the President to build important relationships with Heads of State and Government and other high officials in the context of cementing Guyana’s ties with several countries.” He noted too that other benefits include the continued consolidation of the regional integration movement of CARICOM. Hinds pointed to increased support for national programmes in the area of disaster risk management;

agriculture; small and medium enterprises; tourism and social development through, South-South cooperation programmes, especially within CELAC and the EULAC. The Prime Minister noted too that the overseas trips also improve interconnectivity with the nations of South America through the UNASUR physical integration project. “It will be recalled that the Takutu international river bridge and the upgrade of the Linden-Lethem road are components of the broader framework of this project.” He said also that development of Guyana’s hydro resources is being pursued within the framework of the broad regional integration framework.

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Obama sends U.S. military advisers to Iraq as battle rages over refinery Smoke rises from a oil refinery in Baiji, north of Baghdad, in this picture taken through the windscreen of a car, yesterday. REUTERS/Stringer

TIKRIT Iraq (Reuters) President Barack Obama said yesterday he was sending up to 300 U.S. military advisers to Iraq but stressed the need for a political solution to the Iraqi crisis as government forces battled Sunni rebels for control of the country’s biggest refinery. Speaking after a meeting with his national security team, Obama said he was prepared to take “targeted” military action later if deemed necessary, thus delaying but still keeping open the prospect of U.S. air strikes against a militant insurgency. But he insisted that U.S. troops would not return to combat in Iraq. Obama called on the Shi’ite government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take urgent steps to heal the country’s sectarian rift,

something U.S. officials say the Iraqi leader has failed to do and which an al Qaeda splinter group leading the Sunni revolt has exploited. “We do not have the ability to simply solve this problem by sending in tens of thousands of troops and committing the kinds of blood and treasure that has already been expended in Iraq,” Obama told reporters. “Ultimately, this is something that is going to have to be solved by the Iraqis.” Obama, who withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq at the end of 2011, said the United States would significantly increase support for Iraq’s beleaguered security forces. But he stopped short of acceding to Baghdad’s request for the immediate use of U.S. air power to fend off insurgents who have overrun

northern Iraq. The contingent of up to 300 military advisers will be made up of special forces and will staff joint operations centers for intelligence sharing and planning, U.S. officials said . Leading U.S. lawmakers have called for Maliki to step down, and Obama aides have also made clear their frustration with him. Some U.S. officials believe there is a need for new Iraqi leadership but are mindful that Washington may not have enough clout to influence the situation, a former senior administration official said. While Obama did not join calls for Maliki to go, saying “it’s not our job to choose Iraq’s leaders,” he avoided any expression of confidence in the embattled Iraqi prime minister when asked by a reporter whether he would do so.

Questioning Iran’s nuclear program lands professor 18-month sentence DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran has sentenced a prominent academic to 18 months in prison for “spreading propa g a n d a a g a i n s t t h e Islamic Republic” after he questioned the utility of its disputed nuclear program. Sadegh Zibakalam, a political science professor at the University of Tehran, confirmed to Reuters yesterday Iranian news reports of his conviction, after he questioned the wisdom of vast state spending on a nuclear power program that the West suspects is a front for developing weapons technology. “I was the first one to publicly ask critics of the Geneva deal, ‘What has the nuclear program done for this country? How will an agreement be a problem for the country?’” said

Zibakalam who is free pending an appeal. He was referring to the interim deal signed with world powers in November by which Tehran agreed to limit some of its nuclear work in return for the easing of some sanctions imposed by countries concerned Iran is seeking atomic weapons. Iran has one nuclear power station and has plans to build many more, saying that would free up more of its vast oil reserves for export. It denies any secret weapons pro g r a m a n d a c c u s e s t h e We s t o f trying to stifle its technological progress and of using the nuclear issue as an excuse to impose sanctions and make military threats against the Islamic Republic.

Hardliners in Iran have criticized President Hassan Rouhani’s decision to enter the nuclear talks - which are under way this week - saying Iran s h o u l d n o t b e compromising with its adversaries in the West. In newspaper articles and speeches, Professor Zibakalam said the money spent on the nuclear program would be better spent on education and health. He was hopeful his sentence would be quashed on appeal. “I don’t think this decision will be acceptable under the (Rouhani) administration because they are doing all they can to solve the nuclear issue,” he said. “Moreover, Rouhani asked universities not to leave the government alone and to support their work to achieve a nuclear deal.”

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Friday June 20, 2014

Rowley seeks to link murder of prominent Trinidad attorney to government social programme P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad - CMC – Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley has sought to link the murder of prominent attorney Dana Seetahal last month to the government’s controversial Life Sport programme that was recently placed under the portfolio of the Ministry of National Security. Seetahal, a former law lecturer and special prosecutor, was gunned down as she left a casino for her home on May 3. No one has yet been held in connection with the murder that sent shockwaves through the legal profession. Rowley, speaking at a public meeting of his main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) on Tuesday night, said the murder of the 59-year-old former president of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago, had alerted law enforcement agencies to wrong doing and corrupt practices within the Life Sport programme that was then attached to the Ministry of Sports. Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar has since ordered an audit into the programme and many speculate that the outcome

could determine the future of the embattled Sports Minister Anil Roberts. National Security Minister Gary Griifth had in the past warned that criminal elements were benefitting from various government projects including the Life Sport programme. Rowley told supporters that the programme was a plot by the government to fund criminals ahead of the 2015 general elections. However he said the plot was foiled when Seetahal was murdered. He said the controversial programme shot into the spotlight immediately after the killing. “Th a t L i f e S p o r t monster cancer that grew like mushroom overnight was not accidental. It was a deliberate plan by the UNC (United National Congress) to fund criminal conduct in the east-west corridor with elections in mind. “The plan fell apart with the killing of Dana Seetahal, because you see with the killing of Dana Seetahal the shock to the country and the shock to the agencies of security have put the spotlight on a programme which the prime minister was

turning her face away from. They were funding it”. Rowley is also questioning how come the programme moved from an estimated six million dollars (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) to more than TT$130 million in a short period of time. He asked supporters to imagine what would have occurred in 2015 and the country now understands why there’s much talk of officials within the programme being targeted. “The arrangement for spending that money was so loose that even some of the public officials started to feed in the trough. So today you are hearing public officials saying that they are in difficulty with criminals because they all did not measure to what you expected. “And that is why you are being told today by one of the public officials that the real issue with the money is that 34 million dollars was paid to an individual, who is now unknown to you, and no work work or service was provided,” he added. Rowley said no one is being held accountable for the monies leaking out of the programme.

OAS urges Caribbean countries to take advantage of Panama Canal expansion WASHINGTON - CMC – The InterAmerican Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States (OAS) wants Caribbean countries to take advantage of commercial opportunities offered by the Panama Canal expansion. Addressing the opening of a three-day meeting on Wednesday, Executive Secretary for Integral Development of the OAS, Sherry Tross, recalled that more than 80 per cent of world trade is transported by sea, and noted that the redevelopment of the Panama Canal will increase traffic and maritime trade worldwide. “This increased capacity not only implies savings for world trade, but has the potential to increase trade between Latin America and the world,” she said. “The impending expansion of the Panama

Canal presents both challenges and opportunities for the entire region,” she added. “This expansion has the potential to stimulate trade in the region and, as we know, has already spurred infrastructure development designed to increase port capacity for large vessels post-Panama.” The OAS official also said the increase in maritime traffic requires OAS member-states to modernize their laws, guidelines and regulations for the implementation and enforcement of international safety standards. During the meeting, OAS member-states are expected to discuss the prospects for strengthening regional port dialogue in order to promote competitiveness in the sector with the imminent enlargement of the Panama Canal.

CXC to use electronic marking for seven subjects this year Jamaica Observer - THE Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is utilising electronic marking or e-marking for some of its scripts for the 2014 May/June examination sitting. The council, in a release yesterday, said it will be marking 11 papers in seven Caribbean Secondary Education (CSEC) subjects using the e-marking technology provided by the UKbased company, RM. The seven subjects with

papers being e-marked this year are Biology, Chemistry, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Physics, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business. “As part of the preparation for e-marking, 22 chief examiners, assistant chief examiners and team assistants had their final training session last week at the CXC’s headquarters in Barbados by CXC and RM to use of the emarking tool, called RM Results.

The 22 persons were taken through the steps for the standardisation and scriptmarking processes using the RM Results e-marking software,” a CXC statement s id Wednesday. The council said it will open the system for markers to commence live e-marking this Friday and markers who have been trained and who are approved for e-marking will have a four-week window to complete the scripts assigned to them.

Friday June 20, 2014

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President’s College was part of Burnham’s plan to create a school of political indoctrination President Forbes Burnham created the President’s College after he returned from an official State visit to the USSR. While there, he became aware of the existence of elite schools which pursued not just standards of excellence, but also instilled a strong dose of political indoctrination aimed at deepening loyalty to the State and its political system. Guyana had no need for an elite educational school. Burnham himself had been a graduate of the country’s top school, Queen’s College, which had a history of producing top students, many of whom, like Burnham, had assumed the mantle of leadership within the public sphere in Guyana. What Burnham was concerned about was indoctrination. He wanted to create a stream of students that would have been wholly devoted to him. Burnham understood that to sustain his undemocratic, repressive and ruthless rule, he needed a group that would be trained to become the future leaders of Guyana. But that task could not be

left to the traditional school system because the purpose was to create a crème de la crème grouping of excellence and not mass excellence. As such, Burnham needed a separate school, one that he could brand a school of excellence to give it legitimacy and attract the best students, but one also wherein which he would be able to undertake his experiment of political indoctrination, moulding the minds of Guyana’s future leaders they way he wanted it to be done. There is also another view which has been offered as to why have a special school of excellence. It was said that Burnham was rebuffed by the then alumni association of the country’s top school, Queen’s College, and therefore the decision to establish President’s College was an act of political spite on the part of Burnham in order to punish, Queen’s College. Whatever grain of truth there may be in that perspective, there is no doubt that at the time President’s College was established, Burnham faced serious

opposition amongst the intellectual class in the country, and he understood that in order to perpetuate his rule, he needed to have the future brains and leaders of the country devoted to his preservation and the political system that he was seeking to implement. Thus, President’s College was born. It took away from Queen’s College, students who would have otherwise gone there. But it must also be credited with providing opportunities, small as they were, to brilliant students from rural areas who, without the residential dormitories provided by the school, would never have been afforded the education they received. Many students from the countryside received the best education they could have had locally because of President’s College. Their parents would have been unable to send them to town to attend Queen’s College because they would not have had relatives or friends willing to take care of the boarding and lodging of these children. President’s College was

therefore created as a special school. So special was it that it was created by statute. This was to be no ordinary school. It was situated on a large piece of land and a great deal of resources was pumped into the institution. So much in terms of resources was pumped into this institution that after the economy went into a tailspin and the government was forced to its knees to go begging to the IMF and World Bank for a bailout, it was discovered that a disproportionate amount of public expenditure on education was going to President’s College. When the PPP later came in, the World Bank found another troubling development in the education sector. They found problems with progression rates in the interior and they recommended in a report, which is now publicly available, that the country

should try to build dormitories that cater for hinterland students. This is how the PPP came up with the idea of using President’s College to educate hinterland students on a residential basis. This was not an idea of the PPP, as is being so maliciously presented today, to destroy Burnham’s creature. It had nothing to do with the PPP, which, like the PNC, had surrendered policy-making to the IMF and World Bank. The decision to have President’s College take in hinterland scholarship students was based on recommendations of a study done by the World Bank which looked at the goal of universal secondary education. The study itself did not specifically recommend that President’s College be turned into a residential school for hinterland students. But its overall recommendations did

point the government in this direction. It was a wise decision. The raison d’être for a President’s College had passed with the death of Burnham. And it certainly did not exist by the time free and fair elections were restored in 1992.

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Friday June 20, 2014


Forty-eight years of waiting in vain I read a published letter this week by a supporter of the PPP administration since 1992 on the horrible wait one of his employees endured at GPL. So painful was the lack of attendance that he called her to instruct her to get out of the waiting area. He further explained that he sent her back the next day, but as they say in common parlance, it was the same “buddups,” meaning the same thing all over again. This gentleman got a taste of his party in office that has

held power for the past twenty-two years. It is nature all over again – who feels it knows it. You never speak out against the boss that pinches the girls’ backside but one day he squeezes your arse and you shout down from the rooftop telling the whole world that he is a pervert. And if the world could yell back it would ask you where was your voice all this time. Do you know how many persons have said to me – “Freddie, I now see how these people are,” meaning

the PPP that they voted for. I hear these sentiments expressed to me all the time. In every instance it is a voice from a person that had experienced a grievous wrong from a governmental department. Our country would have had a future which we all could have enjoyed if we had opened our eyes long, long ago. And to think of it, the PPP believes it could get back a parliamentary majority; if it can, then this country should be the subject of a Stephen

King novel. The man who penned that letter about GPL has no memory of what it is like at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital. And this is because I am absolutely sure none of his family members ever sought treatment there. If the letter-writer thinks the waiting is in vain at GPL, he should visit the A&E. You can bear the GPL foul-up for days. But you cannot bear the impossibility of the Georgetown Public Hospital because when you are dead, there is nothing to bear up. You are dead, that’s it! You die while waiting at the Georgetown Public Hospital. I saw death while waiting at the Georgetown Public Hospital. My Chinese neighbour was robbed and shot. He died from internal bleeding while he waited for over fifteen hours at the Georgetown Public Hospital. And to think the Chinese Government never ever protested to the Guyana Government over this senseless death of one of its citizens. Give me the Americans any day. Had that happened to an American, a protest note would have been sent to the Guyana Government the next

day with a demand for an explanation. Here is a joke I would like to share. Two weeks ago, Moray House sponsored an evening of Eusi Kwayana and Father Malcolm Rodrigues in conversation. After the programme was over, CEO of the Georgetown Hospital, Michael Khan went over to where Eusi was sitting and produced a large number of books authored by Eusi to be autographed. As Eusi signed away, I went over to Eusi and asked him to put the following words in one of the books; “To Mike Khan, and please improve the service of the Georgetown Hospital.” Eusi looked confused then he caught himself and began to laugh while Mike and I were laughing our heads off. It was a joke, but there was a Freudian motive in me. I believe the Georgetown Hospital is an indictment of the total failure of the PPP as a party in government. Did the gentleman that penned that criticism of GPL live under the regime of Forbes Burnham? If he did, he would be honest to admit that in 1980 onwards the Burnham Government ran out of money; foreign exchange dried up. The public utilities

Frederick Kissoon were not performing. The lines at the GPL were long and winding. Those exact lines can be seen at the GPL today, as one of the PPP’s biggest supporters wrote in the newspapers this week. The question that every decent person must ask is why is this so in 2014 with a government that has hundreds of billions of dollars, when Burnham didn’t even have millions? The answer is politics. I have never seen less than three tellers serving about ten persons at the GT&T bill counter. That is the truth. When the crowd builds up, two more tellers come on board. The uncivilized lines at the GPL and the Georgetown Public Hospital will remain because we as a nation will remain stupid after 48 years of Independence. And we will wait forever for modern life to come to Guyana.

Dem boys seh...

Guyana pick fare wid dem Chinee Eye pass is something that don’t done. And the government encouraging eye pass. If a man from Guyana go to China and he want to buy a piece of land or some property, dem boys gun bet fuh sure that he ain’t gun get de property. In fact, de Chinee Government might expel he from de country fuh trying to rob de Chinee people of dem rights. But de same Chinee people can come to Guyana and buy wha dem want and nobody can’t seh nutten. Now dey got more Chinee business in Georgetown than dem got local business. Is only time before dem Chinee people buy out Ohh Pee and all dem government building. Things reach de stage wheh Donald, Ash Knee and Brazzy, even pick a fare wid dem Chinee. Guyana behave like a prostitute. De Chinee call dem shots fuh wuk pun de road and de government throw back and give dem land that most people woulda give dem heart and soul to buy. Dem boys seh that de eye pass didn’t stop deh. Ash Knee soo soo wid Donald and then

continue to insult de rest of de country. When was de budget, dem put in some things that de Opposition decide to cut out because dem feel that de money is to use fuh runnings. Ash Knee tell dem up front that dem ain’t got no power and if dem think that because dem got de majority dem got power dem lie. He promptly spend money like if is he daady lef it in de will fuh he. Then he got de nerve to go to Parliament and tell de Opposition that he done spend de money and that dem got to pass it. If dem seh no, de money done spend and if dem seh yes, Ash Knee gun spend more. But dem boys shoulda know from de time de Lunch Man talk bout restoration. He claim that Ash Knee and Donald waiting pun de vote before dem spend. He lie. But then again, is everybody telling lie. Brazzy tell lie bout two Chinee man come and buy out de major share in Marriott when is some big ones in Guyana; and Rohee lie bout dem security camera. Talk half and done de eye pass.

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

$$M in damage after fire at Ophthalmology Hospital - facility closed By Leon Suseran

The explosion of a Nitrous Oxide gas cylinder as a result of an early-morning electrical fire resulted in massive damage at the Laser Room of the National Ophthalmology Hospital (NOH) at Port Mourant, Corentyne. Completely destroyed is a multi-milliondollar piece of equipment which performs cataract laser surgeries. Up to late yesterday afternoon, a team from Associated Industries Limited (AINLIM) was working feverishly to secure the remaining gas cylinders in the building, so as to prevent any other such occurrence. The eye-care facility is currently shut down until further notice. Regional Chairman of Region Six, Mr. David Armogan and Vice-Chairman, Bhupaul Jhagroo; Doctor-inCharge of the Port Mourant Hospital, Dr. Vinashri Khirodar; Public Relations Officer of the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA), Mr. Michael Itwaru, a team from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Cuban Medical Brigade were at the site gathering information and

The National Ophthalmology Hospital trying to get a better understanding about the fire which reportedly originated from an electrical circuit at the facility, around 05:30 hrs. The entire laser room was engulfed as fire tenders from the Rose Hall Town Fire Station arrived on the scene. According to reliable reports, the security guards noticed sparks from electrical transformers in the compound sometime after 04:00hrs and raised an alarm

to Dr. Khirodhar, who immediately telephoned the Guyana Power & Light Inc (GPL) to disconnect the electricity and the individual who answered, “said that he would not start working until 07:00 hrs.” “Had he responded promptly, power could have been cut from the building,” the source stated. According to the reliable source, “This (yesterday) morning at 4 o’clock, they had a problem with the

transformer at the back and the porter called us to inform— GPL was informed and they came until seven… they switched the power off.” The source stated that some of the equipment were “burnt to some extent.” The fire, they stated, was

contained…”and we are currently assessing the damage.” The source went on to say that the cost for such equipment is, “very, very expensive, one of the more complex laser equipment and very vital to the functioning

of the facility and services offered.” Since the NOH falls under the direct purview of the Ministry of Health, all queries and questions into the incident were directed to Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. Speaking from Parliament yesterday, Dr. Ramsaran stated that his Ministry was notified about the incident and teams from the Cuban Medical Brigade and MoH were dispatched immediately to Berbice. They are in the process of assessing the extent of the damage. He would not comment further. Kaieteur News understands that all surgeries have been put on hold because the facility “has been contaminated.” Investigations into the fire have begun and a massive cleanup exercise is expected to commence today, “and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we will go back to doing surgeries, minus this equipment,” the source revealed.

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Former NBS headquarters transferred to Govt. The former headquarters of the New Building Society (NBS) has been transferred to the Government following a sale last year. The property is reportedly earmarked to house the Land Registry, currently located across the road in the Supreme Court buildings, on the Avenue of the Republic. The NBS building was reportedly sold for over $100M, according to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon. NBS, the country’s leading mortgage financing entity, had moved further north on Avenue of the Republic to its spanking new offices on North Road. That piece of land was bought for $141M. The old headquarters had been advertised before the decision by Government to buy it. NBS had decided to vacate the old building, citing space problems in face of a growing demand for mortgage financing. The Land Registry has been sharing space with the Deeds Registry at the court building for years now but an October 2012 audit had found space and other constraints, hence the need to move. The audit found the Land Registry to be under-resourced and there was weakness in its functioning, particularly in process management, which has a great deal to do with transactions.

Kaieteur News

Friday June 20, 2014

Govt. spends US$22.5M that was not approved by Parliament By Gary Eleazar Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh submitted a Statement of Excess yesterday in the National Assembly, outlining that Government has spent more than $4.5B of the $31B that the opposition had disapproved. The move was a departure from an announcement made the previous day by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, who said Government would initiate an exercise to restore the money that was axed from the 2014 Budget. Dr. Singh yesterday requested that the Financial Paper, the first for 2014, be debated and voted on when the House meets again. While several of the allocations distributed by the Finance Ministry for the period ending June 16, 2014, dealt with salaries and other recurring expenditure for Office of the President, several of the allocations fall within the ambit of what the Opposition deemed contentious. The National Communications Network (NCN) was the recipient of a

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh subsidy from Office of the President of $32.6M while the Government Information Agency (GINA) received $66.4M. The political opposition had also voted down monies allocated under the Low Carbon Development Strategy, but the Ministry of Finance expended in excess of $424M under this heading. There was much hue and cry about the voted down Student Loan for the University of Guyana, but a sum of $225M was supplied. The opposition argued a lack of transparency when it voted down the Amerindian Development Fund, but this has not stopped government from spending more than $306M. The controversial expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport

which was also denied money under the 2014 Budget received just over $359M. In total, the Statement of Excess tabled in the House by the Finance Minister amounts to $4,553, 721,991 that would have been spent in Current and Capital Expenditure for the period ending June, 16, 2014. When Dr. Luncheon made the announcement on Wednesday last, he told members of the media that the Finance Minister addressed Cabinet when it met on Tuesday “on his resort to the use of restoration of expenditure beyond that which was voted, that was appropriated, and indeed it was the focus of his presentation and the basis for the use of the restoration of

APNU’s Carl Greenidge Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Carl Greenidge, in responding to Dr. Luncheon, reminded that in April the National Assembly refused to approve funds for a number

“No constitutional means permit expenditure not approved” - Greenidge the appropriations.” According to Dr. Luncheon, the Finance Minister “relied on constitutional grounds and on rulings of the constitutional court, to initiate his exercise of restoration of appropriation in the 2014 fiscal year.” Meanwhile Chief Financial Spokesperson for A

of agencies because they were dissatisfied about the appropriateness of the requests. He spoke of a failure to disclose or adopt adequate tender procedures, false description of uses, unacceptable priorities, premature requests and abuse of taxpayers as being (Continued on page 16)

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Page 14

Kaieteur News

Friday June 20, 2014

Law students spearheading forum to address legal education concerns In light of the fact that a local law school could help to significantly bolster Guyana’s economy, a call has been made by students of the University of Guyana (UG) law programme for Government to direct keen attention to such a development. And not only would the establishment of a law school effectively put to rest concerns faced by students with regards to their acceptance to institutions like the Hugh Wooding Law School to complete their legal studies, but it would encourage entry from foreign students as well. Speaking from an international student perspective, Glenfield Dennison, a Belizean, who is currently in his second year of the law programme at the University of Guyana, the obvious financial benefits can be easily doubled with the establishment of a law school. He disclosed that each international student undertaking the local law programme spends a minimum of $2 million per year which translates to $6 million

at the end of the three-year programme. “That doesn’t account for a law school. A law school would see that figure at the minimum doubled because of the increase you’d pay as the tuition that to me is one of the benefits that would come besides the educational benefit of having students from different parts of the Region,” Dennison posited during an interview with this publication. Supporting the theory of a law school here, too, was local final year student, Sherod Duncan, who insisted that “one of the things that we have to contemplate is whether a local law school solves our problem going forward, because it has been known for some time that UWI (University of the West Indies) cannot effectively educate all of the persons who want to study law”. The top 25 students of the local law programme have over the years been able to benefit from automatic placement at UWI based on an agreement between UWI, UG, and the Council for Legal Education. But since those

eligible for automatic promotion usually amount to just about half of the graduated class, a request was last year made for the number of students to increase to 40 and 10 places be made available to 10 international students. However, the placement offering had come under threat in recent months but was only resolved a few days ago, following Government’s intervention. Currently there are three law schools catering to the Caribbean – UWI, the Norman Manley and Eugene Dupuch Law Schools in Jamaica and Bahamas respectively. Moreover, Duncan is convinced that serious consideration should be given to whether a fourth one in Guyana would be feasible. “This is one of the things that need to be on the table in a comprehensive and meaningful way, not as a fleeting thought,” Duncan intimated during an interview with this publication yesterday. In sharing his concern that over the years a number of students have not been able to complete their legal education because they were not accepted at a law school, Duncan highlighted the need for a task force to be put in place to examine the matter comprehensively. He pointed out that consideration must be given to the fact that the legal profession, since it is in a wide market, can address a range of issues ranging from

Members of UG’s Moot Court. From left: Sherod Duncan, Erica Cappell, Murtland Haley, Nicklin Belgrave, Glenfield Dennison and Carmalita Jamieson. fashion to the environment. “There is a market for law not only on Croal Street...” said Duncan who went onto stress “we aren’t asking to study law cheaper than it is being offered in Trinidad, for instance. We just want an opportunity to study law and finish our legal education.” Both Duncan and Dennison are members of the Moot Court Guyana Mooting Committee of UG’s Department of Law, which is putting measures in place to have a wide range of concerns surrounding legal education in the Caribbean addressed. Moreover, Moot Court Guyana in collaboration with

the University of Guyana Students’ Society (UGSS) and the University of Guyana Law Society (UGLS) has plans to convene a symposium entitled ‘The future of legal education in the Caribbean Community’. According to Co-Chair of Moot Court Guyana, Carmalita Jamieson, the planned symposium is in fact one that is very timely, as it came out of the situation regarding the uncertainties that had shrouded the automatic admittance of the top 25 law students to the Hugh Wooding Law School. “We saw in the media, but we have not been officially

informed, that the 2014 batch (of students) who were initially not sure whether they would be accepted to the Law School, have now been given clearance. However, as the situation stands the 2015, 2016 and future batches are still uncertain of their position as to whether they will be able to go to law school or not,” said Jamieson yesterday. As such, she noted that the symposium is designed to bring together key stakeholders including: Chairperson of the Council of Legal Education, Ms Jacqueline Samuels-Brown; Attorney General, Anil (Continued on page 15)

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 15

Govt. remains silent on Jagdeo’s benefits By Abena Rockcliffe Questions as to the extent to which former President Bharrat Jagdeo has benefited from State resources have been languishing on the National Assembly’s order paper since April, but government is yet to provide answers. Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman had cause y e s t e r d a y t o remind members of the House that all questions asked in the National Assembly must be answered in accordance with the Standing Orders. The Speaker said this as he urged the government to answer written questions posed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Desmond Trotman. Trotman’s questions were directed to Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh and focused specifically on “the unlimited benefits being enjoyed by former President Jagdeo by the sweat of taxpayers”. The questions were published by the Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs since April 7, last. The answers were to be provided

APNU’s Desmond Trotman during the sitting prior to yesterday’s, but at that time, the House was told that the answers would be provided within 12 days. Trotman told the National Assembly yesterday that he did not receive the answers and that the 12- day extension previously sought had long elapsed. The Speaker agreed and told Isaacs to use his “good office” to “ensure that the Member’s questions are answered”. Minister Singh, who was present at the time, told the House nothing about why the questions weren’t answered. Trotman’s questions were along the line of the amount

of monies paid so far for electricity for each month since Jagdeo demitted office in 2011 up to the end of February 2014. He also wants to know the total monthly health expenses/claims met for Jagdeo and his dependents during the aforementioned period. The Member of Parliament asked too about the cost of transportation (local and overseas) inclusive of cars bought, driver’s salary, as well as air travel. The monthly cost for personal security and security for properties were also queried. Jagdeo is able to have all these benefits and more

without any limitations based on an Act passed in 2009, during the life of the ninth Parliament. The Act ensured lifelong financial security for all former presidents. It has generated numerous debates and has been deemed “a robbery of the people of Guyana”. Parliament is now set to debate the Bill to remove those unlimited benefits even as the government has stated its objection. APNU Parliamentarian Carl Greenidge took a Bill to the House last year intituled Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill 2012 - Bill No. 29/2012. This Bill was

passed by the majority, but President Donald Ramotar withheld his assent citing the Bill as unconstitutional. Greenidge’s contention which urged his piloting of the Bill was that the Act intituled Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Act 2009 has given “unlimited” benefits to former Presidents while the resources of the State are unlimited. But government said this Bill was “extremely vindictive” and includes a level of small mindedness. Thus it was voted against. Assent to APNU’s Bill was a criterion for the passing of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo the Financing of Terrorism Bill. But President Ramotar has held out that he will not sign.

Law students spearheading... (From page 14) Nandlall; Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag), Justice Carl Singh; President of the Bar Association, Ronald BurchSmith and Senior Lecture within the Department of Law, Christopher Ram. The forum slated for Tuesday at 16:00 hours will be convened in the University of Guyana’s Education Lecture Theatre,

and according to Jamieson, while members of the public are invited to attend; law students are the primary target. “Proposals can be put forward, questions can be asked and questions can be answered; at the end of this we are hoping that some form of solution can be tabled or some form of solution can be arrived at, whether it begins

with short, medium or long term, we are looking to have comprehensive solutions

regarding the future of legal education for law students,” she asserted.

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Friday June 20, 2014

Guyana has testing facilities but lacks trained personnel - Health Minister Chikungunya virus...

Since the Chikungunya virus reached these shores a few weeks ago, the Ministry of Health has been relying exclusively on the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) laboratory in Trinidad to ascertain the status of suspected cases. According to Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, just over 200 blood samples taken from persons exhibiting symptoms of the virus have been sent to CARPHA for testing. Symptoms include high fever, joint and muscle pains, headaches, skin rash and nausea. This publication was told that the entire turnaround

Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran process to get the samples tested takes about five days before the Health Ministry is in possession of confirmatory results. Initial reports had suggested that Guyana has been dependent on the Trinidad laboratory because it lacks the facility to conduct tests for the virus, which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. But Minister Ramsaran says that Guyana has all the necessary equipment in place at the National Reference Laboratory, which was established a number of years

ago to be a Centre of Excellence, intended to improve the country’s capacity in the area of clinical lab testing and specialised reference testing. However, a crucial factor missing and thereby hindering the utilisation of the local laboratory to test for the virus is that of trained personnel. Moreover, the Health Minister has belatedly started putting measures in place for Guyana to test for the virus. This is in spite of his disclosure that his Ministry was since last year, preparing to deal with the virus as it was already present in the Caribbean. According to him during an interview with this publication, “I knew, and I was being advised again that we have all the materials, prerequisites...except the training.” He also disclosed that “I have instructed the head of my National Reference Laboratory to give me an analysis on the status of our competencies, capacity and skills to do the (Chikungunya virus) tests here.” As part of the efforts to get things in order, Dr.

The National Reference Laboratory is said to have the necessary equipment for testing

Ramsaran said that he has officially approached the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) which has signalled its willingness to support the local training need. “They have indicated that they can probably look to people to come and do training. So we would probably not have to send the samples out and the reports will come in more frequently.” However, the Minister was in no position to share a timeline with this publication by which training is expected to be completed, thereby allowing for the health sector to take full advantage of the National Reference Laboratory.

Dr. Ramsaran has indicated that a total of 19 cases have thus far been confirmed by CARPHA. He has even insisted that all of these cases originated in sections of Berbice. However, reliable information reaching this publication is that at least two of the cases have not been linked to Berbice, a notion that the Health Minister has categorically debunked. The Minister informed that at least the case of an infected resident of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, has been classified as an “imported” case from Berbice. The Minister’s argument is

that the infected 28-year-old man “most likely” had interactions in an affected section of Berbice and returned to the city with the virus in his system. Dr. Ramsaran has however, not divulged any information about another out-of-Berbice case but rather has insisted that “our epidemiological surveys have not shown any other cases outside of Berbice.” The Ministry has thus far acknowledged that cases of the virus have been confirmed in Canje, New Amsterdam and Port Mourant, all sections of Berbice, Region Six.

Guyana barters prime land in deal... From page 3 for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project and established as a much more experienced contractor. The satisfactory completion of the road was also, at the time, a critical component in meeting the deadlines specified for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project.” NICIL also said that in the first quarter of 2013, the CRFG agreed to and got Cabinet approval, for the construction of Section 7 of the road and extension of their price validity on the EPC contract. There was a reduction of the amount of its original bid of US$11.2M to a cash contract price of US$8.5M; transfer by way of

Deed of Gift, from government of 2 lots of land --1 acre at Liliendaal (completed) and 7.5 acres at Friendship (in the process of being transferred). The CRFG would use the land at Liliendaal for building its Head Office and the land at Friendship for a materials marshalling yard and also a fixed price contract in preference to a measured works contract. “The CRFG would extend the price validity of (EPC) Agreement for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project from June 2013 to December 2013. (Ongoing negotiations for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project have resulted in the extension of the EPC price validity being extended to October 2014).”

Govt. spends $4.5B that was... (From page 12) among the reasons that gave rise to the non-approval. Greenidge questioned if the Executive has a power that allows the Minister of Finance to simply ignore or override decisions of the House with regard to Budgets, what the point would be of seeking the approval of the Assembly. “Many people have given their lives to ensure that this does not happen, and today, a People’s Progressive Party government with the implicit assistance of elements in the judiciary, are set on ensuring that those lives in Guyana, and elsewhere, have been sacrificed for nothing.” According to Greenidge, the Assembly is not without powers in this regard and will have no option but to use

them condignly against those of its members responsible, even if action against the Executive, as a whole, is of necessity limited. “Elsewhere, when officers and Ministers spend without justification they are surcharged and sometimes prosecuted.” Greenidge said that Government seems to feel that simply reporting that they have overspent is all that is required, hence the new approach of submitting Statements of Excess. Statements of Excess, according to Greenidge, need to be approved and monies needed to cover the excess expenditure found. He is adamant that the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act makes provision for prosecution of

both Minister and officials – Section 76 makes mention of the minister or official being personally liable for these amounts and liability does not end simply when the person ceases to be a Minister or official. He notes that Section 85 speaks of fines of $2M and imprisonment for three years. “We clearly have to enforce this provision if the headlines about contractors proceeding with work, and Ministries making commitments in spite of nonapproval of funds, and if the members of the Executive are not to be telling the public that they will spend by Constitutional means… No constitutional means permit expenditure specifically not approved by the House,” Greenidge stressed.

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 25

Mexican Embassy, UNICEF Brazilian jailed for stealing $2M in jewellery from roommate host Int’l Drawing Contest

Students drawing as the contest proceeds What started as a lone venture for the Mexican Embassy in 2012, has evolved into collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) this year, as the Mexican government’s annual international drawing contest was launched on Wednesday, at the embassy’s compound in Brickdam. As November 20, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Rights of the Child Convention, UNICEF has partnered with a decentralized agency of the Mexican Foreign Ministry known as the ‘Institute for Mexicans Abroad’ to participate in its annual “This is my Mexico” 18th Children’s Drawing Contest, held internationally, in order to promote the rights of children worldwide. As part of local participation, the Mexican Embassy in Guyana and UNICEF representation here, have organized children aged 7-11 from selective primary schools around Georgetown, to draw something under the theme, ‘Children’s Rights.’ The invitees were from Marian Academy, St. Agnes Primary, St. Ambrose Primary, Smith’s Memorial Primary, St. Gabriel’s Primary, Ermsville Primary and the Joshua House Children’s Centre. With the 32 children

present from these schools, a morning of learning, drawing and interacting was supervised by officials of the embassy and UNICEF, as part of the embassy’s ongoing effort to promote Mexican culture and UNICEF’s children rights initiative. Among officials present were the Mexican Ambassador, Francisco Olguin, Deputy Head of Mission, Maria – Elena Alcaraz, Administrator, Adrian Lopez, Cultural Representative, Alejandro Martinez, UNICEF’s Communications Officer, Jewel Mbozi and UNICEF’s representative of Guyana and Suriname, Marianne Flach. In the introductory address to the students, Mexican Ambassador, Francisco Olguin, welcomed them to the worldwide competition, and said “children around the world including yourselves, are invited to draw something that reminds us of Mexican culture and as much as possible, children’s rights”. He explained the importance of their rights and urged them to remain informed about it. He said that the embassy intends to continue the annual event here. Maria Alcaraz explained that the Mexican embassy

had involved local participants in the global contest since 2012, and with the new UNICEF collaboration, a wider awareness of Mexican culture and children’s rights will be initiated, along with more local schools participating in the future. And Marianne Flach told the gathering “as time progresses, the older people step away and you are in the forefront… this is your country, and you have to develop it.’ She encouraged the children to maintain their attendance and discipline in school, so that they can become good adults. “UNICEF feels that art is a great way for children to express their thoughts, and both sports and arts need to be stimulated in a child’s development, as an alternative to videos and internet...although we currently have no long term plans, we would welcome the opportunity to further partnership with the Embassy for the benefit of children in Guyana.” The children were shown drawings and films depicting Mexican art and culture, which was used to help them generate ideas for their art piece. Certificates of participation will be awarded to them in October.

A 23-year-old Brazilian man was yesterday jailed for twelve months for breaking into his roommate’s bedroom and making off with over $2M in jewellery and electronic gadgets. Jonatas Santos Ferreira appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. He admitted that he broke into Marciel Coelho’s apartment between April 13 and April 14, last, and stole $2M in gold and diamond jewellery as well as one $180,000 iPad and $100,000 Hewlett Packard (HP) notebook. Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru stated that the two men shared an apartment but had different rooms. He said that Coelho had left for work but when he returned he

Jonatas Santos Ferreira found that his room was ransacked and the items were missing. The matter was reported to the police and an investigation was launched. Mangru revealed that the accused (Ferreira) was nabbed at the Cheddi Jagan

International Airport while preparing to return to Brazil. The charge was subsequently instituted against him. The Prosecution revealed that a ring costing $180,000 and a $150,000 pendant were the only items recovered. During mitigation, the Chief Magistrate indicated that she had considered Ferreira’s age, the prevalence, as well as seriousness of the offence. She said that she had given thought as well to whom he had stolen from and that the amount was in excess of $1M, whereas only a small amount was recovered. The Magistrate indicated that she had also considered that he was caught by police as he was attempting to leave the jurisdiction. He was then sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Weed cutter charged for swiping gold, diamonds during fire

Ronald Sookraj A 47-year-old weed cutter was yesterday charged at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for stealing $1.3M in jewellery during the fire in Delph Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, which rendered more than a dozen homeless on Monday, last. Ronald Sookraj was read the charge by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-

Beharry. He allegedly made off with $1,260,000 gold and diamond jewellery as well as $100,000 in silver jewellery belonging to one of the residents, Odessa St. Hill, on June 16, at Delph Street, Campbellville. He pleaded not guilty and submitted a bail application through his lawyer, Paul Fung-a-Fat. The lawyer claimed that while the house was burning, the owner had asked Sookraj to assist in removing the jewellery from the premises. He argued that his client had no intentions of stealing and is not responsible for the items that were lost since some may have fallen in the fire or out of his pocket as he transported them. Fung-a-Fat asked the

court to consider that all the items were recovered and offer his client minimal bail. His application was met with no objections from Police Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru. The Chief Magistrate granted bail to the tune of $100,000. The case will be called again on July 11.

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PlayStation2, PlayStation3 & PSP games – Tel: 644-6012 Pluck Chicken - Call: 6273484, 253-3246 One Honda Pressure Washer -$120,000, - Kubota 4CYL engine - $420,000, 1- 4 and 6CYL engine Perkins together -$900,000 – Call: 666-4000, 613-5878 5000 gas fuel tank – Call: 6013194 Pluck Chicken for Sale: Tel: 656-3479

Spares for washing machine, microwaves, fridges, stoves, timers, gearbox, pumps, etc call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Fluffy Dachshund pups, one pure white available – Tel: 226-9548, 670-2653,6181706 G- Touring Wagon in excellent condition – Flair kit, mag rims, air condition, etc - Call Pablo: 641-1303. Price $1.1M negotiable Canadian rebuilt Perkins Duetz engine, Lincoln generator welder, model M with winch, 320 excavator – Call: 691-2921 300lbs 3 inch green nylon seine – Call: 649-0045; 2593155 A fully equipped sawmill operation at prime location: large land space, plenty suppliers & customers Contact Swamee: 614-1466; 678-1421 Yamaha outboard engines, various sizes, tundra wheels, boat trailer - Tel: 2201981, 690-1945 One 48V 3000W inverter, 1 snow cone cart/machine – Tel: 621-1549 Original Slate Pool table – 8ft American Made – Tel:6605309, 622-9917 300 HP Yamaha Vmax HPDI outboard engine: 30" four fin propeller, excellent condition, foreign used – Contact: 621-8612 Three caterpillar engines: Model 3406-$1,6M, 3116 $1,1M, 3208- $1,1M. Contact 650-0402; Serious Inquiries Only





24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl, office assistant & handyman- Call: 670-8893/684-2838

1-2 storey wooden & concrete house with 5 bedrooms, upper flat & lower flat 4 apartments located@ Shell Road, kitty - $38.9M Tel: 642-7898

Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

2006 Blue Nissan Titan. Fully Loaded GSS Series. Contact: 604-6108. 2009 Red Nissan Titan. Flex Fuel GRR Series. Contact: 604-6108.

RA Soda Factory at Good Hope Branch: vacancies for sales clerk, bond clerk and drivers – Tel: 330-2399, 3302772, 623-5920 RA Soda Factory at Rosignol Branch: Vacancies for Accountant, Bond Clerk, sales clerk, Drivers, male & female workers – Tel: 3302399, 330-2772, 623-5920

Craig Street - $32M, David Street - $40M, Thomas Street $65M, Sheriff Street - $150M, Etc. Contact Sonja: 225-7197/ 623-2537 One 2-storey wood & concrete house, 3 bedrooms with one self contained with A/C @ Parika E.B.E – Call: 660-3118

Experienced person for new Premier Supermarket: 3 Subjects (Mathematics & English), police clearance, two references Contact: 231-2307

One house & land for sale at good hope E.C.D – Tel: 621-1722

Maid: 40yrs & older. Must be able to read & write, living on E.C.D & to work Mon Sat 7AM - 2PM. Call 2202319 between 9AM – 3PM

Two houses and land for sale at Agriculture Road – Tel: 678-8526

Two sales clerk to work mobile & two kitchen assistants – Tel: 679 - 9449/ 231-3059 (People’s Choice Café)

PlayStation2 gaming system and PlayStation3 Controller Tel:644-6012

Friday June 20, 2014

North Ruimveldt - $14M and $25M, Annandale Scheme$6.5M - Tel: 603-9593

1 Two-storey roadside, concrete and wooden house (45’X20"). Located at 57 New Road, V/Hoop - Tel: 624-0779


One 3 bedroom house to rent at Lot 43 Blyzeight Gardens Tel: 652-6565 One bedroom apartment $30,000 per month – Call: 6578335


EDUCATIONAL Now enrolling for a Diploma in computers (9 courses) special discount for 2014 CXC students at MicroGraphics, Vreed-EnHoop –Tel: 264-3057

1 wooden & concrete twostorey building; two upper & lower apartments – two bedrooms each, big yard space at Enterprise, LeguanTel: 231-5768, 693-9260

Now enrolling for summer computer classes – Ages: 514yrs, certificate course at MicroGraphics Technology, Vreed-En- Hoop –Tel: 264-3057

One nail station available $5,000 weekly – Tel: 223-4238, 602-7960

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Exists for a Store Attendant; apply to Reliance Imports Tel: 231 - 6854 PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620

Earn a certificate in cosmetology, wig designs or nails alone, limited spaces Call Abby: 619-7603, 666-5241

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Canadian School of Arts & Science, Third Avenue, Diamond: CAT Accounting Classes begin on July 1, – Call: 216-6921/22 to register


WANTED Experienced roti/puri Cook, curry cook, handy boys Apply at Hacks Halaal, 5 Commerce Street, Georgetown

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One Lancer Motorcar: PJJ375, fully loaded rims & music – Price Negotiable $750,000. Cell: 644-6999 One NZE, female driven $1.5M negotiable – Tel: 6449356 (Continued on page 31)

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Female taxi driver’s murder…

Sand pit labourer committed to stand trial After four months, the 23year-old sandpit labourer who was indicted for the murder of taxi driver Savitri Parma was committed to stand trial in the High Court by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry when the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) concluded on Tuesday. Sylvester Bristol also known as ‘Rambo’ will be called before a Supreme Court Judge and Jury for trial at the next sitting of the Demerara Assizes. The charge which was laid against him alleged that between February 15 and 16, last, at Dakara Creek on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway, he murdered Parma, a mother of two who resided at Loncke’s Avenue, Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara. The victim was reportedly raped and strangled with a bootlace, several hours before her body was discovered in a clump of bushes about one mile from Jubilee Fun Park and Resort, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, in the wee hours of the morning of February 16. She was said to have been murdered by the accused, whom she offered a lift to Loam Pit after picking him up at his workplace on the night of February 15. While Parma’s body was

Victim: Savitri Parma reportedly found face down with her head “pressed to the earth,” her nine-year-old son was found sleeping in the rear seat of her abandoned taxi hours later by her husband who decided to search for his “missing wife.” Investigators who probed the case were led to the accused, who was reportedly found hiding in a wardrobe at his living quarters at Bashir Sandpit, Linden/Soesdyke Highway. On February 19, Bristol was brought before the courts to face a murder charge. The case was prosecuted by Corporal Bharat Mangru who is attached to the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions. During the course of the

PI, the court heard testimonies from the widower Kamal Parma, their nine-yearold son; her father-in-law Kissoon Parma, her sister, Sharon Gangadeen, Detective Constable Mark Gaspar; Constable Ze Bartholomey; Constable Shawn Beharry; Detective Corporal Osmond Semple; taxi driver Quacy Major; one of Parma’s passengers Damian Dias; Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Anthony Vanderhyden; sandpit owner Basdeo Mohammed; Bristol’s workmate Rabindranauth Latchman and Timehri Police Station’s Sergeant Moore. Bristol was unrepresented by legal counsel. Yesterday, at the final hearing, the Chief Magistrate ruled that the Prosecution had established a prima facie case of murder against the accused. When presented with the chance to testify in the witness’ box, provide an unsworn statement from the prisoner’s docks or remain silent, the accused said he was innocent. Attorney-at-Law Adrian Thompson whom the court had asked to appear amicus curiae, informed the court that Bristol will reserve his witnesses for the proceedings at the High Court.

(From page 30)

VEHICLE FOR SALE Toyota Premio; PRR 909, PRR982, low mileage in excellent condition, $2M negotiable – Call: 231-8694 or 670-1638 Mazda RX8 Sports package, full aero kit, 18" staggered wheels, racing exhaust system & more - $2.4M negotiable – Tel:231-8694, 670-1638

Murder Accused: Sylvester Bristol

Toyota Allion PPP 6146, low mileage, excellent condition - $1.9M negotiable – Tel: 2318694, 670-1638 MASSAGE The Gent’s Spa: Come be pampered by beautiful attendants. Check our monthly specials - Tel: 6575979

Bus conductor to face judge, jury for drugstore owner’s murder The minibus conductor accused of killing popular drug store owner Harold Rachpaul in 2011 is to now face a Judge and Jury. On Tuesday, Orin Kevin Roberts of ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, was committed to stand trial at the High Court at the next sitting of the Demerara Assizes by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after she ruled that a sufficient case was made out against him. Roberts was charged for murdering the drug store owner in Georgetown between August 18 and 19, 2011, during the course of a robbery. The victim was found gagged, bound with electrical cord, and strangled in his apartment, located behind his drug store. On that day his killer had apparently forced him to open a vault which contained close to $1M in cash and phone cards before murdering him at his premises. Rachpaul had been operating the business at 75 Robb Street, Lacytown, for close to 50 years. Despite the efforts of investigators, it was almost three years before Roberts faced the murder charge.

Dead: Harold Rachpaul According to the Prosecution, it was the newlyacquired state-owned Automated Fingerprinting Identification System (FIS) which landed the accused in court. He was brought before

the Chief Magistrate on March 4 for his first arraignment on the charge. Roberts was represented by Defence Attorney George Thomas and prosecuted by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru. During the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) Rachpaul’s son Leonard; grandson Vincent; neighbouring security guard Ryan Kissoon also known as ‘Dhal Belly;’ neighbour Ramchand Sukhdeo; Cadet Officer Mahadeo Singh; Fingerprint Expert, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rafeek Ali and Detective Corporal Roopnarine were among the ten persons who testified in the pretrial matter.

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LAND FOR SALE Diamond - $8M, Atlantic Gardens - $15M- Tel: 6039593

One Toyota Rav4, PMM Series, fully loaded, good condition – Price$1.9M negotiable. Contact: 669-6499

La Parfait Harmonie - $1.2M, $1.4M, $2.5M, (100ftX50ft) High Income, Grove - $2.6M (with foundation) – Tel: 2185591, 675-7292

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One cook for home in the interior – Contact: 681-6044 One experienced canter driver - $28,000, 1 porter $21,000, to work in Tushen Scheme, E.B.E – Tel:684-8231 One experienced diesel mechanic to work part time Call: 684-8231 Hire Cars at Atlas Taxi Service VHF Network – Call: 661-3043 Property to purchase between $8M and $10M – Tel: 603-9593 Male & female to work in factory between the age of 18 & above – Call: 223-0090 for more information Wanted to buy: 18 months coconut plants; any quantity – Tel: 223-5273/4. One Carnegie trained cook; 4 days per week – Call: 6144358 Couple to work at resort in Essequibo River - Tel: 624 8694 We buy all low income lands in La Parafaite Harmonie, Herstelling, Eccles, and Non-Pareil – Call: 218-5591 or 675-7292 One live in maid or domestic $60,000 per month - Contact: 664-5199 CLEANING LADY TO CLEAN & COOK. GOOD MANNERS. MUST KNOW HOW TO COOK GOOD MUSLIM FOOD. E.B.D AREA – TEL: 231-8529 Over edge, straight stitch, button & button tack operator to work at garment factory – Call:222-2541 Live out domestic babysitter and live in babysitter – Call:225-0188, 225-6070 (Monday to Saturday ) (8:15am-4:15pm)

Dolly’s Car Rental - Call: 225-7126/ 226-3693 dollys www.dolly ProgressiveAuto Rental: Cars & SUV for rental- $4,000 & up per day- Call: 643-5122, 628-2284 ,Email:pro_ autorental

WANTED Pacific Development Construction: foreman and office assistant must have driver’s licence – Contact: 227-8274/ 223-6035

Silverballi and Kabakalli logs - Tel: 653-9752 WANTED One canter driver/salesman Call: 222-3927, 649-9876 Live-in waitress to work in a bar – Call: 603-6301 One experienced general domestic. Must know to cook a variety of dishes; pleasant & trustworthy- Tel: 656-6388

Mature couple to live and work on resort – Tel: 2310363. Office hours - 8:30AM - 4:30PM Children feeding program continues. Celebrating any occasion or just want to partake? – Call: 696-7467 One part time cook, must know to cook local meals well – Tel: 216-2502

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Kaieteur News

Ukraine rebels speak of heavy losses in battle against government troops SIVERSK (Reuters) Ukrainian troops and proRussian separatists were locked in fierce fighting in the east of Ukraine yesterday and a rebel commander acknowledged big losses among separatists heavily outgunned by government forces. Even as President Petro Poroshenko and his team prepared to unveil their blueprint for ending more than two months of rebellion, government forces, using artillery and heavy armor, said they were tightening the noose on separatists near Krasny Liman, north of the main regional hub of Donetsk. Government forces said the fighting erupted in the early hours after rebels refused to lay down their arms as part of Poroshenko’s peace plan. Both Ukrainian government and rebel accounts of the fighting suggested a major battle involving armored vehicles including tanks. One military source said 4,000 separatists were

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, right, meets with acting Ukrainian Defense Minister Mykhailo Koval, center, in Kiev, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Mykhailo Markiv, pool) involved, while rebel sources in Donetsk said Ukrainian infantry supported by 20 tanks and many other armored vehicles were storming the village of Yampil, about 12 km (7 miles) east of Krasny Liman. A top rebel commander, Igor Strelkov, reported “heavy losses” in equipment and arms among the separatists, faced with a

huge superiority in heavy armor on the government side at Yampil. “We beat off the first attack and destroyed one tank. But it is difficult to take on 20 tanks. The battle is going on. Our people are holding but we can’t rule out that they (government forces) will break through,” Strelkov, who is also known as Girkin, said in a videoed statement.

Friday June 20, 2014

Crime fight needs regional approach Barbados Nation - Greater levels of cooperation among policymakers and those responsible for implementation is the ammunition needed to battle crime affecting the region. Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite made a call for cooperation and unity among regional partners, while addressing the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative’s (CBSI) Technical Working Group on Law Enforcement Matters at their two-day meeting at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa yesterday. “As a region, none of us individually has the resources that it will take to deal with these matters, and it is therefore important for us to get together like this, from time to time, and sit down as regional partners to discuss what we are doing individually and collectively,” he said. Noting that the CBSI had pledged $260 million to assist with various aspects of the crime fight in the region, the Attorney General noted that the onus was now on all regional partners to ensure that they were better off as a result of the US intervention. Brathwaite pointed out

Adriel Brathwaite

that countries in the region needed to pay attention to the issues of trafficking in persons and narcotics. “Trafficking is an area that I am very passionate about. As a region . . . we should accept our responsibility to ensure that we do all that is possible to remove trafficking from these shores. [But] as a region we have never sat down and discussed how we can tackle this issue collectively,” he noted.

He suggested that there be greater collaboration between policymakers and those on the ground in the development of effective policies for the crime fight. “From time to time, we really need as policymakers to sit down with you on the ground and ensure that the policies that we create are the most effective policies to accomplish what we are trying to accomplish in terms of reduction of crime in the region,” he said.

Friday June 20, 2014

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Rodriguez and Quintero give Columbia... From page 38 - except for a golden chance spurned by Teofilo Gutierrez in the 28th. Rodriguez’s left-wing cross fell perfectly for Gutierrez just outside the six-yard box, but he miscued his volley and it skewed wide. W i t h Ya y a To u r e s e e m ingly anonymous and Didier Drogba again starting on the bench, Ivory Coast threatened only through long-range shots in a first half marked by a comic moment when a large inflatable ball bounced onto the playing surface, causing a brief stoppage. Juan Cuadrado lit up a cagey opening to the second half by bringing down a long pass, shimmying past his marker and rifling a powerful shot that was tipped onto the crossbar by goalkeeper Boubacar Barry. Inside a stadium named after 1960s World Cup star Mane Garrincha, it was a piece of right-wing trickery that even the Brazil great

would have enjoyed. Drogba entered on the hour, to a mixture of jeers and applause, but he was found wanting in the leadup to Rodriguez’s goal four minutes later, the playmaker beating him to Cuadrado’s corner and heading powerfully into the net for his second goal of the tournament. The celebrations had hardly died down when Ivory Coast midfielder Serey Die was dispossessed inside his own half, allowing Gutierrez to create a chance for Quintero, who made no mistake with a side-foot finish. In a frenetic last quarter of the match, Ivory Coast - driven by Drogba - finished strongly. Gervinho’s goal was one of the best pieces of individual skill so far at this World Cup, the Roma winger skipping between two defenders, cutting inside a third and beating David Ospina at his near post. But there was to be no equalizer.

Friday June 20, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You're a very active person, Aries, but today you'll probably be disappointed. If you ask those around you to help with your activities, they most likely won't understand your needs. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Nothing much is happening today, yet you seem worried and tense. You'll have to use this day to your advantage. Think about your life. You'll also think about the needs of your relatives in the years to come and how to attain those goals. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You often need to thrive on personal emotions. Today will be no exception to the rule. For instance, you could try to captivate the attention of people you admire. The only problem is that they might not be receptive at first. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You might pick up some rather disturbing thoughts from a friend, neighbor, or relative, Cancer. This person could be upset over something and not communicating his or her feelings. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You'll be lost in your thoughts today, analyzing your life and relationships. You'll be asking yourself if your existence is meeting your standards. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Today you will have all the energy you need to deal with long-term family problems. Indeed, you'll probably clash with some of your relatives.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You enjoy caring for others and you intervene regularly in their lives to guide them. Ironically, today you're the one who needs advice. You'll probably need to get away from it all in order to get a clear view of your own life, Libra. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) We all have to make compromises in order to live in contemporary society. You may have strong beliefs, but it's difficult to combine your ideals and a social life. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) You've always felt the need to free yourself from society. You need to feel independent at any cost. You may need to face certain relationship problems at this time. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You may feel annoyed about the attitude of some of your group of friends. Unlike these people, you're very open-minded and you can deal with situations as they arise. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Today, Aquarius, you'll be submerged under a lot of emotions. In a way, you'll be revisiting your childhood. You may be very edgy. This is a good disposition in which to analyze your life. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You really know how to seduce, Pisces. There is a spark inside of you that spreads naturally to those around you. You have a big reservoir of sensitivity and emotion that could grow today.

Friday June 20, 2014

Jackson calls Synthetic Track “great investment” By Edison Jefford Renowned regional voice in athletics, Jamaican 200m silver medalist from the Seoul Games in 1988, Grace Jackson, believes that Government’s investment in the Synthetic Track and Field Facility at Leonora is “great” for the sport’s development. Jackson visited the track yesterday that Trinidad and Tobago’s multiple Olympic medalist, Ato Boldon was expected to grace with his presence. Both Jackson and Boldon are in Guyana as a part of a Government-backed Sports Management Workshop. The popular former Jamaican athlete began her brief insight on the track with an apology for the absence of Boldon, who she said was not feeling well and therefore could not make the visit. She then went swiftly into her thoughts on the facility. “This is a great investment,” she said, adding “as I spoke about the paradigm shift, this is a great way of showing that vision is coming into practice.” Jackson believes that the facility, after what she called “community development,” should be the ultimate place for the development of local track and field. During her opening remarks on Wednesday at the workshop, Jackson had said that the paradigm in sports in the region has shifted and Guyana was left behind. The Minister of Culture, Youth & Sport recognised the reality and acknowledged the need for the forum that will conclude today at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue. According to Jackson, the model should be development of communities

across Guyana where a synthetic track is not really necessary; following such impact, she said the synthetic track should be the final place of competitiveness, coming out of communities. “What can happen here is what happens in Jamaica where we cover the entire island,” she said, speaking about the need for decentralisation of competition before the synthetic track comes into use. Jackson said that Guyana can learn from other Caribbean countries. Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King, told the media

that the plan is to have all basic utilities at the track in place by year end. He said those will include, lights, running water and basic seating. The facility, which commenced construction in 2010 had a number of delays and setbacks over the years and is expected now to cost US$5M to complete. The construction of Guyana’s first Synthetic Track and Field Facility was included in the budgeted amount of $392,500,000 million for four areas four years ago, but it was unclear then how much was specifically budgeted for the construction of athletics facility.

Friday June 20, 2014

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Super Suarez makes the difference against England Uruguay forward Luis Suarez did something which he did not manage to do in the Premier League this season – score past Joe Hart – as he netted twice in the South Americans’ 2-1 win over England in their Group D clash in Sao Paulo. While Roy Hodgson named the same 11 as the one which started against Italy in Manaus, he gave Wayne Rooney the role behind Daniel Sturridge up front. Following their 3-1 defeat by Costa Rica, Oscar Tabarez named no fewer than five changes to his starting-lineup, with the talismanic Suarez fit again after a knee injury. Indeed, it was Suarez who created the game’s first real chance. His whipped, low corner to the near post looked to be swinging-in, catching Hart off-guard, but the ‘keeper recovered and parried the ball behind for another corner. England’s best early chance also came from a set piece. A goal-bound effort from Sturridge hit the arm of Diego Godin and referee

Carlos Velasco awarded a freekick in a central position. Rooney stepped up to take it and curled it just off-target. Both sides traded periods to enjoy spells of possession and territorial advantage, without creating much in the way of clear opportunities. However, Rooney was just inches away from scoring his first World Cup goal in the 31st minute. Steven Gerrard’s free-kick was swept into the box, the Manchester United man rose with Godin and saw his header rebound against the angle of the post and crossbar. Then, just as the Three Lions began to find their roar, Uruguay hit them on the counter attack. The tenacious Nicolas Lodeiro won possession in the middle of the park and found Edinson Cavani. The PSG forward produced an inch-perfect chip to evade the head of Phil Jagielka and find Suarez, who headed the ball past Hart to put La Celeste ahead in the 39th minute. Just as they did against Italy, England’s response was

Suarez nails this shot past the outstretched hands of Joe Hart almost immediate. Rooney fed Sturridge, who beat his markers for power and pace and fired a shot which Fernando Muslera did well to save at his near post. The start to the second half mirrored the first, with another in-swinging corner almost catching Hart and the

England defence out. Cavani had a great chance to score but flashed an effort just wide as Hodgson’s side struggled to cope with the South Americans’ emphatic start. Yet England refused to give up. Leighton Baines found Rooney in the box and he forced Muslera into a fine

Japan-Greece stalemate sends Columbia through Japan face Colombia, who have already qualified with six points, and a win could still take them above Ivory Coast, whose current tally is three points. Fernando Santos’s Greeks must defeat the Ivorians and hope that Japan’s result gives them a chance to finish in second place. Whatever the permutations, a second goalless draw of the tournament offered little to suggest that either of these sides can qualify for the last 16.

Although Panagiotis Kone threatened when he surged forward from halfway and forced a low save from Kawashima, Japan were in control of possession from the start. Yuya Osako curled wide from 25 yards and Keisuke Honda’s free-kick was thwarted by Orestis Kanezis’ scrambling save before Yoshito Okubo headed over from Yuto Nagatomo’s cross. Shortly after recalled Fulham striker Konstantinos Mitroglu

had limped off with an injury, Katsouranis was sent off for a lunge at Makoto Hasebe. That seemed to spark Greece and defender Vaileios Torosidis’ powerful effort was pushed away by Kawashima before the same player missed with a header from a Georgios Karagounis free-kick. Georgios Samaras missed narrowly with an effort straight from the kick-off for the second-half. Despite being a man down, the Greeks continued to have the better chances and Kawashima showed real quality to push a

Gekas header around a post from a Georgios Karagounis corner. Midway through the second half, Japan should have moved in front when Atsuto Uchida’s fine cross was driven well wide by Okubo from just a couple of yards. Uchida then stabbed wide after the Greeks failed to clear and Maya Yoshida almost diverted a driven cross on target. Yashito Endo had a free-kick saved in the final minute and Santos’ side were able to hold out for a draw but neither side looks likely to make it beyond the group stage.

low save, although the forward will feel that he should have scored. Just as it looked as though his World Cup curse would continue, with 15 minutes on the clock, the England No10 prodded home Glen Johnson’s cross to equalise. Rather than settle for the draw, both sides went for the winner and given the football which had been played previously, it came from a direct route. Muslera’s goalkick was flicked on into the path of Suarez and the

Liverpool forward ran through a static England defence before firing past Hart to settle this topsy-turvy encounter with five minutes to go. The fit-again Suarez was hoisted aloft by his teammates at the final whistle, as Uruguay’s hopes of reaching the Round of 16 were boosted. The Three Lions still have a chance in the final round of fixtures, should they defeat Costa Rica, but must now rely on other results going their way too.

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Friday June 20, 2014

Digicel Schools Football Championships

Forde sparkles as St. John’s whack Sophia Special School 7-0 Belgrave scores helmet trick for NOC Forward Tyrese Forde completed a helmet trick as St. John’s handed Sophia Special School a 7-0 drubbing when the Georgetown leg of the Digicel Schools Football Championships continued yesterday at the Police Sports Club ground, Eve Leary. St. John’s dominated the contest from the onset and Forde put them ahead in the ninth minute when he converted from the penalty spot. Tafari Persaud doubled the advantage in the 15th; he collected a pass from Forde and tapped home from inside the 18- yard box. St. John’s continued to press forward and after a few short passes inside the penalty area, Tyrone Arthur

made it 3-0 four minutes later before Forde blasted home another penalty in the 29th minute. Sophia Special School made several attempts to reduce the deficit, but failed to find the back of the nets sending a number of shots wide. Forde slotted home a cross from the right side of the box 10 minutes before half time to complete his hat-trick handing his team a 5-0 lead. St. John’s continued to dominate after the break and Arthur made it 6-0 seven minutes after the interval, firing home from inside the area while Forde netted his fourth in the 86th minute to complete a well deserved victory for his school. Meanwhile, in the


It was reported in yesterday’s edition of Kaieteur Sports that St. George’s lost on penalty kicks to Dolphin; rather it is St. George’s that won the game on penalty kicks by a 42 margin following a 1-1 full time score. Kaieteur Sport regrets any inconvenience caused.

Essequibo leg, Aurora Secondary thumped Abram’s Zuil 4-1 and New Opportunity Corps (NOC), led by a helmettrick from David Belgrave mauled Johanna Cecelia 10-0 in a double header played at the Walton Hall ground. Khalid Thomas opened the scoring for Aurora in the 35th minute and extended the lead five minutes after before completing his hat-trick one minute later while Alec Wolfe pulled one back for Abram’s Zuil two minutes to the half. Rahid Thomas handed Aurora a 4-1 win four minutes before the final whistle. Belgrave started the goal spree for NOC five minutes into play before Ossie Dey slotted home in the 10th minute. NOC’s dominance continued and Stephen Apple gave them a 3-0 lead in the 25 minutes on while Keyoma Pilgrim extended the advantage five minutes later. Belgrave scored his second in the 35th minute before Apple netted his double a minute later to give his team a 6-0 lead at half time. Keston Brown and Shemar Davis added their names to score sheet in the 52nd and 69th minutes respectively. Belgrave scored his third in the 76th and his fourth six minutes to full time.

South Ruimveldt crushes Christ Church 9-1 to move on to next round As the Digicil Schools Football Championships continue, individual stars are displaying phenomenal talent thus inscribing their names into the books after top goal scoring performances. Keith Caines added his name to this growing number of stars when he turned in a classic performance and netted a quartet of goals to lead his team, South Ruimveldt Secondary School to a convincing 9-1 victory over Christ Church Secondary when action in the aforementioned championships continued at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Ground, Carifesta Av e n u e , yesterday afternoon. Joshua Ali supported by Shamar Carrington saved some face for Christ Church when the former player singlehandedly took the ball down the right wing before crossing to the latter whose firm r i g h t f o o t strike breached the South Ruimveldt defense and goalkeeper in the 58th minute. Otherwise, it was all South Ruimveldt as Caines netted a brace in the first half (10, 25) with support from Ixavier Scott (8, 25) that sent the South Ruimveldt squad into a comfortable 4-0 lead at the end of the first session. Abdul Edwards joined

Ixavier Scott

Keith Caines

the party in the 38th minute when he spooned a left foot shot past the Christ Church custodian to stretch the lead to 5-1. Nine minutes later, it was 6-0 when Jermaine Beckles latched on to a ball from the right flank and ferociously butted it past the Christ Church custodian. The leading team then wrung a change and substituted Ixavier for Rickwan Chester and soon afterwards, Kevin McPherson stretched the lead with a vicious offering in the 54th minute. That goal prompted some action from Christ Church and Ali’s cross was

intercepted by Carrington who sent in what eventually turned out to be the lone success for Christ Church Secondary. Caines then ensured that his team stayed comfortably ahead when he sent in the last two goals of the match to send his team onward to the next round. The action shifts to the We s t C o a s t a t t h e D e n Amstel Community Centre Ground this afternoon w h e n We s t D e m e r a r a Secondary takes on Institute of Professional Education while there will also be keenly contested matches in other regions countrywide.

Friday June 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Digicel Schools Football Championships Tyrone Khan nets 6 as Soesdyke swamp Electra Institute 15-0 Tyrone Khan turned in a clinical display and netted six times to lead Soesdyke Secondary to a crushing 15-0 humiliation over Electra Institute on Wednesday last in the Digicel Schools Football Championships at the Grove Community Centre Ground. Khan’s successes occurred in the 20th, 22nd, 24th, 33rd, 40th and 47th minute against an Electra line up that failed to create a favourable impression for the entire match. Orin Bourne was also on fire and netted a hat trick in the 8th, 13th and 30th minute while Fizal Mohamed (21, 55) and Ernest Mclean (3, 60) netted doubles and added to Electra’s misery. Those

scoring one apiece were Cledwyn Williams Jr. in the 52nd minute and Stephon Steele in the 55th. McLean sounded his presence from the first whistle when he waded through muddy terrain, averted strong tackles from two of Electra’s defence and slammed in a fierce right foot shot that left the Electra custodian fumbling in thin air. The second goal occurred after the ball slammed into Electra’s goalpost and rebounded into play for Bourne to clean up the play. Thereafter, the task became simple for the Soesdyke lads who enjoyed a field day after vicious attacks to the opposition’s

berth. Goal flowed freely and at the end of the first session Soesdyke were 7 clear goals ahead with their adversaries yet to score. During the intermission, coach of the Soesdyke unit, Cladwyn Williams, urged his men to grind home the advantage. “I want nothing less than 20 goals,” he said. His players went after the task with gusto and once again the goals flowed freely. Khan added two more to his first half tally with Mohamed, Williams, Steele and McLean heaping on the misery. In the meantime, the Eletra squad fumbled around while Soesdyke Secondary enjoyed unlimited possession until the final whistle saved Eletra Institute from further embarrassment.

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Laured Stewart leaves for two year Australian boxing stint The lack of frequent boxing cards has impacted negatively on local boxers and many of them are either throwing in the towel or attempting to procure activity in other countries. This is so true of Lennox Allen, Gary St Clair and Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore among others, who have sought to improve their fortunes in the USA and Australia. Another boxer, Laured Stewart has recently decided to follow the trail of his predecessors and is scheduled to leave these shores for Australia on a two year stint that will see him attempting to procure meaningful bouts on his way to international acclaim. Stewart leaves Guyana early tomorrow morning on a stopover flight to the USA

and subsequently continues to Australia where he is scheduled to commence his boxing sojourn under the wings of Peter Metriviski, a former three-time Australian Lightweight champion. Kaieteur Sport spoke with Stewart yesterday morning and he said that he is delighted to have received such a chance to improve his boxing prowess. He said that former Wo r l d Champion, Gary ‘Acid’ St. C l a i r, n o w r e s i d i n g i n Australia, has been instrumental in his fortunes. He said that he will be trained by Johnny Lewis, best known for working with six World Champions, most notably, Jeff Fenech and Costya Tszyu. Lewis is one of A u s t r a l i a ’s most

successful boxing trainers and in 2006 was inducted into the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame. He currently trains three top Australian pugilists, King Davidson, Leroy Brown and Luke Helm. Lewis currently operates at the Corporate Fitness Centre in Sydney, Australia. Stewart is a relatively young professional with a 2-0 record. He won both, earning a lopsided points decision over Anson Greene in his debut fight July last year while stopping Eversley Browne in the first round in September of the same year on debut. Before that, Stewart had amassed an amateur record of 37 wins with 8 losses.

Guyana Amazon Warriors determined to take the title of LCPL champions

Coach Roger Harper says team is ‘on a mission’ Kingston, Jamaica: Having reached the finals held at the Queen’s Park Oval in the inaugural Limacol CPL last year, the GuyanaAmazon Warriors are heading into the 2014 tournament with renewed vigour and determination to walk away with the title. Head Coach, Roger Harper, spoke exclusively to about this year’s squad, key players and the party that is CPL. Looking ahead to this season, Harper is thrilled to be back for another CPL experience; “I am truly delighted to be back again. Last season I would say

was a success for us, we topped the group stages and then finished second, so now we see the areas we need to work on in order to improve.” Harper (who coached the West Indies during the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa), also said he is more than happy with his 15-man squad for the 2014 tournament. “We have seven Guyanese players in our team, in addition to a few new players like, New Zealander, Corey Anderson, who is making his name on the international cricket stage,

and Navin Stewart from Trinidad and Tobago who is a solid all-rounder.” While he is disappointed not to have one of the Warriors’ most influential players from last season, James Franklin, he feels his team is one to be reckoned with. “James Franklin delivered the x-factor last season and I am very disappointed not to have him back. I do however believe that we have a squad capable of giving any team a hard time.” When the 6’4" Harper spoke about the CPL as a whole, he was positive; “The

Limacol CPL is a massive hit in the Caribbean, it truly has elements for everyone to enjoy. The fans, the players, the media, the entertainment – it is just a great atmosphere for public enjoyment.” In each CPL squad, a team can have up to four overseas players – something Harper believes is positive. “I think four is a good number as it allows local and regional players to shine on the big stage and because it provides a good, solid structure, competition for places will be stiff.” One player that

Harper and the Warriors’ fans will be looking to see is Jamaican, Krishmar Santokie, a player who Harper thinks has only got better in the past 11 months. “Krishmar Santokie is a hugely valuable asset to my team. He is an intelligent and determined player and I am very happy to have retained him. He deserves all the success he is reaping and it’s great that he is now in the Windies T20 Team.” Finally, Roger had a message for the fans of Guyana to; “please come out and support your Warriors. We are on a

mission and we need you to help us! We promise to do our best and make you all proud”. The Guyana Amazon Warriors will open the Limacol CPL 2014 when they take on the Antigua Hawksbills on July 11th in the National Cricket Stadium, Grenada.

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Friday June 20, 2014

CBC challenge looms for Guyana

GCB Inter County U-17 Tourney

Essequibo, Berbice game abandoned due to rain

- Hinds says there are battles to be won

GABF President, Nigel Hinds (fourth, right) addresses the media yesterday in the presence of both local and international players, national coaches and other stakeholders. By Edison Jefford President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), Nigel Hinds told the media at a press conference yesterday at Windjammer International Hotel that Guyana still has major battles to win to get them to the Caribbean Basketball Championships. Hinds said that the federation is doing its best to keep the local and overseasbased players’ minds focused on playing basketball in the midst of some financial challenges. He disclosed that GABF is still in need of US$35,000 to send both teams to the competition. Guyana is expected to send male and female teams to the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships, July 1-12, British Virgin Islands. Hinds was aware of the magnitude of the undertaking but believes with corporate support it is possible. “There are battles to be won. We have funding issues

and while we are better off now than we were before, there has been sort of an ebb and flow. We have spoken to corporate Guyana, and we are awaiting a response,” Hinds told the media. He said that the male team is expected to leave on June 29 while the female team leaves on July 6. According to Hinds, Guyana’s participation in CBC Championships goes beyond winning the title. It is a first step toward holistic basketball development. “I can say that we are in the BVI but we still have some outstanding expenses and we hope some sponsors will come up,” Hinds related, adding that Office of the President has shown the biggest support thus far. He still believes Government can do more for the team. In addition, he said that the Guyana Olympic Association, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Co., John Fernandes, Ansa Mcal and Windjammer International Hotel has also

show great support for the team., which Hinds believes, will make Guyana proud. According to the GABF President, the skill set of the international players, which former NBA player Rawle Marshall leads, has had a direct impact on the improvement of the local players. He is of the view that the current positive spinoffs are immeasurable. He urged all stakeholders to get behind the team, adding that schools and clubs should visit the practice sessions in the afternoons to see the high level of basketball on display. He said it is one of the biggest learning experiences the sport has had in recent times. Hinds told Kaieteur Sport that Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony and the Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, were invited to yesterday’s press update on the status of the team, but did not show up. The final team will be named shortly.

The second round game of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Inter County Under-17 50 over tournament between defending champions Essequibo and Berbice was called off just after lunch yesterday without a ball being bowled. Heavy overnight and constant morning rain left the outfield at the Wales Community Centre ground in a soggy state while sections of the pitch had seepages due to porous covers. Following several inspections, the Umpires decided that play wasn’t possible since the conditions didn’t improve. In an invited comment, Manager of the Essequibo team Nazeer Mohamed said that his players are

disappointed they didn’t get the opportunity to play and had to relinquish the title in this manner which wasn’t expected. Essequibo lost their opening game against Demerara by 10 wickets on Wednesday at Enmore and Mohamed uttered his displeasure with their performance. “We have some talented players in the team but they didn’t perform as expected. Our batting let us down, the guys didn’t apply themselves and it was always going to be difficult defending such as small total taking into consideration the strength of Demerara batting”, he added. Keemo Paul stroked a fluent half century in their opening fixture and

Mohamed commended the allrounder. “Paul is a gifted cricketer, he played well against Demerara and has a bright future”, he said. Manager of the Berbice side Leslie Solomon said his players are upset but are looking forward to their second game tomorrow against Demerara. “It was a similar situation last year when our last game versus Demerara was rained out and it prevented us from possibly winning the title”, he stated. Solomon is confident that his players will do well in the final round, adding that Brandon Persaud, Adrian Sukwah, Matthew Hardyal and Ritesh Omrow are some of the players to look out for. (Zaheer Mohamed)

The pitch was in a soggy state yesterday

Rodriguez and Quintero give Columbia another win in World Cup Group C BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) Colombia scored twice in six minutes in a lively second half to beat Ivory Coast 2-1 at the World Cup yesterday and move to the brink of the knockout stage. James Rodriguez’s powerful header from a corner in the 64th minute was quickly followed by a low finish by substitute Juan Quintero, securing the South American team’s second straight win in Group C in front of a partisan pro-Colombian crowd. Gervinho reduced the deficit in the 73rd with a superb run and shot inside the near post, but the Ivory Coast could not find an equalizer despite a strong finish. A point against Japan in its third game will definitely seal qualification for Colombia.

Ivory Coast still may need to beat Greece if it is to progress from the group stage for the first time at a World Cup. There was a sea of yellow shirts throughout the Estadio Nacional as Colombia fans arrived en masse to the Brazilian capital, giving it the feel like of an intimidating away game for the Ivorians. The crowd roared with relief at the final whistle, with their team in touching distance of the second round of the World Cup for only the second time. All this without star striker Radamel Falcao, who is missing the tournament through injury. However, at halftime, the noise coming from the stands was not so fierce, with Ivory Coast holding relatively firm (Continued on page 32)

Columbian players celebrating their first goal

Kaieteur News

Friday June 20, 2014

Schools Football Academy semi-final stage

Berbice Educational Institute team members pose for a photo op shortly after overcoming Charlestown Secondary by penalty kicks. Following two scintillating matches in the Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football Academy competition in Berbice last weekend, the action will switch to Linden tomorrow morning. Uitvlugt Secondary will come up against Wisburg Secondary in a female encounter in the first of two semi final matches starting at 10:00hrs followed by North Georgetown Secondary males up against their counterparts from the Wi s m a r / C h r i s t i a n s b u rg Secondary School. The final is scheduled for Saturday June 28 between two female teams at the Ministry of Education ground commencing at 10:00hrs while the male

match gets underway at 11:30hrs. East Ruimveldt Secondary females are already through to the finals after defeating Berbice High School 4-2 in the first semi final at Scots School Ground, Berbice Saturday June 14 last. Meanwhile, Uitvlugt Secondary female team was specially invited to take part after emerging victorious in a tournament contested on the West Coast earlier this y e a r, w h i l s t Wi s b u r g Secondary was victorious in the Linden leg. North Georgetown Secondary also qualified though they lost to Tutorial High 5-4 in their final group match. Administrators of the former team had protested, claiming that Tutorial High

had fielded an over aged player. Further investigation supported the claim resulting in the disqualification of Tutorial with North Georgetown being reinstated.

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Friday June 20, 2014

Windies in sight of first win in T&T in six years By Sean Devers in Trinidad in association with Digicel, Stag Beer,John Fernandes Ltd and Cascadia Hotel West Indies were in sight of their first win in Trinidad since they beat Sri Lanka in four days, six years ago when the penultimate day of the second Test ended yesterday at the Queens Park Oval with New Zealand on 257-8 in their second innings. A frustrating unfinished 45-run ninth wicket stand between Bradley Watling (38) and Mark Craig (29) gave New Zealand a slim 18-run lead with two wickets in hand and ensured the contest goes into today’s final day after they joined forces at 15:41hrs yesterday. Kane Williamson (52), Tim Latham (36) and Ross Taylor (36) all got starts before Watling and Craig made sure West Indies bat a second time despite a marathon spell from 6-feet, 7 inch left-arm spinner Suleiman Benn, who bowled 49 overs and took 2-62. J a m a i c a n A l f Valentine, who bowled 92 overs against England at Trent Bridge in 1950, is the only West Indies left-arm spinner to send down more overs than Benn in a Test innings. Pacers Kemar Roach (3-53) and Jerome Taylor (2-46) were also impressive on a flat track. N e w Z e a l a n d resumed the penultimate d a y o n 73-1 with Williamson on 38 and Latham on 30. The Kiwis scored their first run of the day 30 minutes later when Latham steered Taylor behind point for four. Williamson chipped at Benn and miscued a big hit, one bounce to mid-on while Taylor, operating into

- New Zealand take game into final day the wind in sweltering heat, went past the edge on a few occasions on the placid track. A small crowd on a national holiday here to celebrate ‘Labour day’ watched as Benn got one to ‘kick’ alarmingly out of the rough to take the glove of Latham and lob to gully as the partnership was broken 50 minutes into the day’s play with the score on 84-2. L a t h a m ’s l a b o r i o u s 36 took 198 minutes, 138 balls and included five fours. The 85 run stand between Latham and Williamson was as exciting as watching paint dry. Not one to be tied down, Ross Taylor got going with a sweetly timed cover driven boundary off Taylor but after the first hour only 21 runs had been scored. Roach replaced Ta y l o r a s t h e We s t Indian bowlers were made to toil long and hard for success even as Benn plugged away unchanged for the entire first session from the other end. The 23-yearo l d Wi l l i a m s o n s o o n reached his 13th Test fifty before he was caught behind to leave New Zealand on 108-3 twenty minutes before lunch when Roach struck with a beauty which bounced and left Williamson. The right-hander hung his bat at the ball and touched a catch to Ramdin, whose captaincy remained surprisingly defensive. Williamson’s 52 came from 215 minutes, 178 minutes with five fours. Five minutes before Lunch Benn held a stupendous righthanded caught and bowled offering, low down, to get rid of Jimmy Neesham (7) in the

Sulieman Benn penultimate over of the opening session. The towering Benn, who had at least three catches dropped off his bowling in the first innings, made sure he did all the work himself this time and Neesham was gone at 121-4. It was an excellent session f o r t h e We s t I n d i e s , especially since the pitch offered little help to their bowlers. The level of discipline and hard work displayed in the session were refreshing features of play yesterday morning. New Zealand only managed 56 runs in the first two hours yesterday and lost three wickets in the process and even at that stage the hosts must have been scenting victory. From a position of 129-4 at Lunch, Taylor, unbeaten on 28 and Wa t l i n g , c a r r i e d N e w Zealand to the 150 mark as Watling tickled Shannon Gabriel, who started the attack after Lunch, for four.

GCC congratulates Johnson The President and Executive Committee of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) have congratulated Leon Johnson on being selected by West Indies Cricket Board for the team competing in the current series against New Zealand. Johnson is an active member of GCC and is the Captain of the first division team. He started training in t h e c l u b ’s K i d d i e s programme and has

benefitted from their experienced coaches over the years, the late Ivor Mendonca, Harold Dhanraj and most recently Monty Lynch. “I want to wish Leon a successful international career and would like to thank him for his enormous continuous contribution to cricket at our club”, said GCC president Lionel Jaikarran. “Leon’s on-field achievements are a

testament to his exemplary work ethic off the field and GCC’s success over the years, which have inspired many talented young cricketers across Guyana to watch and play cricket”, he added. The President and Executive Committee would once again like to congratulate Johnson and thank all those who have contributed to his success so far.

Kemar Roach celebrates dismissing Kane Williamson Gabriel produced good bounce in a lively spell and tested the batsmen with short balls on a track which made fast bowing in hot conditions hard work while Benn continued to bowl in tandem with the three pacers. Taylor and Watling batted in watchman-like

fashion before the Black Caps lost the usually attacking Taylor who tried his best to restrain himself but lack of patience got the better of him as he drove impetuously at one that left him from Gabriel and clearly edged it to the Keeper. Taylor, who hit six fours in his 88-ball 36, was given out and incredulously asked for a review which only confirmed the Umpires’ verdict and left New Zealand on 153-5. The review was influenced by the non-striker even as Taylor was in the process of walking and it proved to be a wasted review. Hamesh Rutherford (13) edged one from the impressive Taylor, who had reached his 250th FirstClass wicket in the first innings, just short of Gayle at slip but then opted to play no shot to Taylor and was LBW at 176-6 as the West Indies tightened the screws on the opposition just before Tea.Benn, who bowled 23 consecutive overs on either side of lunch, was struck on his fingers fielding at slip and was forced to leave the field for an over. But he was soon back in the

attack and at Tea the visitors were on the ropes on 181-6, still 57 away from making Ramdin’s men bat again. West Indies took the new ball after Tea and Roach struck by removing Sodhi (14) to a wild swipe which he edged to the Keeper as New Zealand sunk to 193-7. Tim Southee fought fire with fire and scored two fours and a huge six off Gabriel before an absolutely stunning catch by Kirk Edwards at cover, diving full length to his left off the pumped up Roach to end Southee’s entertaining innings of 15 at 212-8, leaving the tourists in danger of an innings defeat. Craig joined Watling with their team needing another 26 to make West Indies bat again and Benn was brought back to finish the contest on day four, but the pair defied the bowlers to ensure the hosts spent all day in the field. The final day today is another public holiday but this is the middle of the rainy season and scattered thunderstorms are forecast for Port-ofSpain. Scores: N/Zealand (221 & 257-8), WI

Kaieteur News

Friday Jun 20, 2014

Busy weekend for East Bank Football

Leagues and Coaches training on Following the postponement of both the CULT Under-17 and Stag Beer division-one leagues last weekend due to the inclement weather, the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) is bracing for a hectic weekend beginning tomorrow. Apart from matches in the CULT league at the Grove ground tomorrow, a Coaching Seminar will held at the Timehri Red Ground sponsored by the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport and organised by the EBFA. Clubs are invited to send two representatives each to this seminar which would be facilitated by the Guyana

National Football Coaches Association commencing at 09:00hrs. At the Grove ground, CULT Under-17 league action kicks off at 14:00hrs when Timehri Panthers take on Kuru Kururu Warriors, the feature game brings together Agricola and Herstelling. On Sunday, the second and final round of the Stag Beer league will continue with two more matches. A humdinger of a battle is set between home team Grove Hi Tech and old rivals Agricola with opening play at 13:00hrs featuring Diamond and Timehri Panthers.

Historic RHTYSC/Republic Bank Scrabble tourney The inaugural Republic Bank (Guy Ltd) sponsored Scrabble tournament for Secondary schools in Berbice is set to take place tomorrow June 21 at the Port Mourant Secondary School from 09:00hrs. Organised by the Sports Development Committee of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, the main aims of the tournament are to promote the game among students; to enhance their vocabulary skills and to boost literacy among pupils. Competition will take place at three levels, junior (forms 1&2) and senior students (forms 3&4) as well as teachers.

A total of 17 Secondary schools would be involved in the tournament including New Amsterdam, Berbice High, J.C Chandisingh, Port Mourant, Line Path, Tagore Memorial, Corentyne Comprehensive and Canje. The winner of each of the categories would be rewarded with $15,000 while the runners-up would receive trophies and educational packages. Secretary/CEO of the Club, Hilbert Foster and representatives of the Rose Hall Town branch of Republic Bank would declare the event open and also assist in the distribution of prizes.

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t r o Sp

Jackson calls Synthetic Track “great investment”

Laured Stewart P.37 leaves for two year Australian boxing stint

P.34 Laured Stewart

Jamaican 1988 Olympic silver medalist, Grace Jackson, a renowned voice in athletics regionally, speaks with the media yesterday at the Synthetic Track and Field Facility. Permanent Secretary, Alfred King (right) and Parliament Secretary, Steve Ninvalle flank Jackson.

Tyrese Forde (3rd left) celebrates after scoring his third goal for St. John’s College.

Digicel Schools Football Championships

Forde sparkles as St. John’s whack Sophia Special School 7-0; Belgrave scores helmet trick for NOC

Windies in sight of first win in T&T in six years P.40

CBC challenge P38 looms for Guyana

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